The Somerset herald. (Somerset, Pa.) 1870-1936, May 30, 1900, Image 4

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    i Somerset Herald.
R.SCCLL, Editor.
- .lm reoairea uy ,
lhal born
w suffer from
3- night, Itching piles. Don'8
i" cure quickly nd permaoeot
; drug wr, 50 cent..
vrry "Sreijruiy.
f lb at Urd are heavy
biued weight beio 1314
ir(j in the hute.
Mass, the other day a
. , : i -, Mum-d out of bw nana.
? piece of paper just the sise of
t liberated it at me place where
i' b'J 1 bis money. The paper
y tbe street aud aroood into an
T'ad Heie the man found the $3
;r com
1 , i'P"re water dr'W tam"
? f.,,0 ibe up at uigbt, pot a piece
K luP ""e1" in "nd Placeon
r'nmanilesbeir, or in anyplace
J temperature will not be under
"IS Fahrenheit. In the morninz
" ifnuir, w ill be perfectly clov;
.lllfl, v , , , , nlk.r
,;ustca vj
the water will be rmiKy.
. i luat -a!1 known
i . simple " -
'.,1.-Baltimore Herald.
I rmas Adams and Mia HatUe
" lr of Stoyestown, were married
evening at St. John's Roman
j .'couruh parsonage, Johnstown,
Father John Boyle. The best
Mr. P. F. Sagerson, and the
-aid was Miss Margaret Adams,
v"fthP groom. Mr. D. B. Specbt,
vfesiowu, was the only person out
! "niie attendants to witness the cere
f yr. Adams is a son of Mr. and
t n.'.rd K. Adams, of the Custer
f, wd bis bride is a daughter of Mr,
William U. R.eisi"B"i
f-,h Lautfhroy has purchased rrom
? KwWinltJa;re9 of coking coal on
f jt.n run. In Fraaklln township,
X ouiity. fr ?35,00(X This is a
;f tbe l.wv acres, owuou iu u k-'
.morrianu, ojr
! i , tbe organization of Fayette coun
? J'-ifltbe land, which was known as
; Vjlaadow." Washington erected a
C-ist niiu, which Lawrence Wash
I ! VaDd rarlous hired men operated.
t snds u day. On the new tract,
- tj.K7 i-1 erect 100 coke ovens and
i asiiiitie Tillage.
-jj hoae or represenUUres last week
-1 Unauimous vote passed the eenat
1 I ,b:cb increases materially the pen-
:. l Tlie new law provides forag--Z
i-upg disabilities under the act of
Without regard to aervice origin, and
4 x.resi.theneti.icomea widow may
Uaiibout dertroying her right to a
J Uv, from r to f-JM- Commissioner
:1 enions F.vans estimates that the bill
:ll i iii 2D,vO pensioners and
-7 i-npenditures J.OO.0' Tear'
i-eiM, it a aata, wm go
5; its of soldiers.
largely to
Friday. May ISth, Governor Wil
is A- Stone granted letters patent tc
1 pmisvlvania Hawkeye Publishing
J -4anv. a corporation with a capital
1 i of tlO.(KKX The incorporators are
L Uwrence M. Colfelt, D. D., James
t A. Brooks. J. Etnory Cleaver. F,
Jwwthit. and James P. Colfelt.
. officers of the new eorporaUon are
k.-.w Rr. M. Colfolt: Vice
k,:deuu James U. A. Brooks ; Secre-s-i.
K. Cownerthwaite; Treasurer. J.
i,r!ivr. This Comany will do
l atral printing and publishing busi
at Bedford, it is announced. The
?I -rkeve is Congressman Thror p's per-
'C Br. W. P. Spangler, of Lambertsvllle,
- ?-jtret county, was in Johstown a few
- t.rago with a unique relic in the shape
i 1 mold knife plowed up some tntrteen
:" i-junwn years ago on the site of a fort
I rf !h banks of Clear Unn. ner the
. I'mil! of Daniel Berkeybile. The fort
rf I built by the Americans as a defense
J Vnst the British and Indians about
i h,nd it is probable the knife in ques-
-! ia ahnoHt a centory and a half
"1 l i. Tbe handle is curved and about six
a ia length, while the blade is an
i h lwirtir. When uneartbea It was
.v. and was apparently little more than
i ias of ru.-a, but after being laid in
-rueue for several days, it was opened,
iiun btine filed down the blade was
Kail to enntain the finest of steel, capa
S-ofUking a very good edge. Apart
ihe handle. Dossibly of wood, has been
'fin away. Tribune.
li decision of the Supreme Court of
la interest to Road Supervisors
i.nuehout the State has just been band
: down in a Blair county case. Miss
l -wie Kooher, of Snyder township, was
i ari bv her horse taking fright at a
J.eifxewer pipe piled along the high
rrnd throwing her over an embank-
'Mt fifteen feet hiih. She sued for
..V" damages aud secure.! 12,000, but the
v was appealed on the ground that a
.Mrl-rail was not necessary in such
The Supreme Court affirms the
'i.-meiit of the lower court, thereby de aain that guard-rails are neces-
;r. such dangerous peaces along pub-
h eh ways, and that townships and
tesponsible for such daogerous
f -Jiti.ius of roadways will be compelled
I respond ia damages when accidents
::r the result of their negligence. A
:V dollar of prevention iu sucb cases
i r be ttter for the township, however,
M: sevtral thousand dollars of this kind
t cure, and road officials would do well
fn-ern theiuselves accordingly.
I A team of horsex, attached to a beavy
i'1a and standing uuhitched in front
? Uie business bouse of K nepper 3t Good
tbe owner was in tbe store making
f parcliaxe, Friday afternoon, suddenly
f"ed up that crowded thoroughfare.
sumln-r of persons realizing the daa
not only to life and limb, but to valu-
i vehicles and property that might
I ', rushed forward to intercept the
n, but did not succeed ia doiug so un-
j tier the wagon bad come in contact
-i a buggy and turned
it over on its
I'-'- We note this apparently trifling
r 'dtnt in order to direct attention to
Ivtir, w hich if continued, will ulli-
-:' j- caute the lose of human life and
-'destruction of much valuable proper
f Aiti.ost every day in the week Main
; v.rt-et from the public square to the
' National Bunk corner, and Main
.'M from the public square to the Soin
?H House, are crowded with vehicles,
t ti buggies and tarrtages, to auch
'lUiatihat a passing tam needs to be
? fed l y an ezperiend driver in order
I ert j ccidenta. At times the streets
tiuuei are so congested that it ds im-
i wibie totraverae them until after the
I have been drawn as close as pos-
i Clothe sidewalks. Some owners of
are wi careless and indifferent that
J-?lave their horses standing for hours
I Pitched, while others secure their aui
is wita heavy ropes parsed arruud
5 -'ir nocks to posts provided by the tner-T-aau
for that purp we. Farmers aud
lr who make a practice of leaving
horxes aud vehicles on the streets
tbued, as well as the people of Sjm
lean congratulate thetnelve because
;-?outil ibis time no fatal or serious ac
letu has occurred from this sou roe, but
-9tjtiuued it is only a matter of time
i il it will result lamentably. A runa
VJ or unmanageable team on Main
j street any Saturday afternoon in the
1 r would cause the loss of probably
drtrdaof dollars and the live of sev
women aud children.
A festival nnder tbe auspices of tbe lo
cal Grange will be heid in the Grange
Hall at Husband, Saturday evening,
June 2d.
Miaa Mabel McKinley arrived from
New York Monday e7en'ng and will
remain throughoot the summer at the
McKinley residence on Main street.
W. Horace Rose and Frank J. O'Con
nor, Ksqt., of Johnstown, were in attend
ance at court, yesterday, where they pre
sented petitions for clients living in the
north of tbe county.
Repnty Attorney General FleiU last
week rendered an opinion in which be
holds tbst County Commissioners, under
the act of IS;", must appoint detectives
to ferret out fonfet fires.
Ehlen 4 Read, of Baltimore, who .v
cently bought a tract of 121 10 acres of coal
land adjoining the vilUge of Caseelmao,
are developing the four foot vein under
lying it as f!l as possible.
Tbe contract for tbe construction of an
electric railroad from Johnstown to
Windber we l t last week and it ia an
nounced that cars will be running over
the line by October first.
Mr. Charles H. Walte- and Miss Min
nie E. Griffith, both of Meyerdale,were
united in marriage at the home of the
bride's parents in that place, Wednesday,
May 23, by Rev. J. H. Knepper.
Judge Longenecker arrived in town
Saturday evening for the purpose of pre
siding at tbe regular term of criminal
court in session this week. Mrs. Looge
necker accompanied him and is speeding
tbe week at the Hotel Vaooear.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Bruoe Coffroth, of
Washington, 1). C, who spent last week
with the farmer's father Gen. A. 11.
Coffroth at the Markleton Sanatorium,
drove up to Somerset Friday afternoon. '
They returued to the National Capital
Saturday and expect to sail for Europe
about June 1st.
.Former Associate Judge Jacob R. Mc-
M illan, of New Lexington, was ia attend
ance at court Monday. The Judge will
celebrate the seventy-ninth anniversary
of his birth in July. He is one of the
best preserved citizeni of the county, and
might easily be mistaken for a man of
sixty years.
EzraGiffin, former well-known cltl-
sen or this county, aiea ouuusy, oiu
inst, at the borne of his aon in-law
Daniel "Vingst in PltUburg, aged 8S
years. Mr. uimn resiaea in mis pi ace
for a number of years. His second
wife was tbe mother of ex Sheriff Martin
II. UartzelL
Owing to the enforced absence of Coun
ty Superintendent Pritts, who was Invited
by tbe State Superintendent to assist in
the examinations at the California Stats
Normal, be has been obliged to change
the dates set for a number of teachers'
examinations advertised last week aa fol
lows: Sonierfield, June 12; New Ceotre
ville, June 16; Sipesville, June2l; Stoyes
town. Juris 22; Berlin, June 23.
Venerable William Houpt, accom
panied by his two grand-daughters
Misses Laura and Elsie Zufall left yes
terday for Johnstown, where they will
visit for a week at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. T. R. Marshall. Mrs. Marshall
is a daughter of Mr. Houpt's and ever
since she has been a resident of that city,
a period of some twenty years, be baa
spent Memorial Day with her.
George Gehris, a young man, and a lad
named James Diamond, were lodged in
jail last week to await trial on a charge of
larceny. The defendants are accused of
Uking J1CT from Mrs. Mary Dulricht, of
Scalp Level. Tbe prosecutrix alleges
that the defendants visited ber bouse for
the purpose of selling potatoes and before
leaving stole a pocket book containing
the sum of mouey mentioned. Young
Diamond is ssid to have mads a full con
fession to the officer who arrested him.
Thieves stole tbe mail pouch prepared
at the Confluence post office Friday even
ing from the crane at tbe railroad station
before the East-bound express arrived.
The route agent reported that the pouch
was missing and an inspector from PiUs-
burg visited Confluence Saturday when
the stolen mail bag was found in tbe
woods a short disUncefrom tbe station.
The pouch had been cut open and tbe
mail matter carefully assorted. Several
registered letters, containing some fJ6,
were missing.
Mrs. John H. Benford died at her late
residence in Mi! ford township, Wednes
day night, May 23d, from a complication
ofstomacbe troubles.-. She was born in
Berlin sixty-four years ago, her maiden
name being Garey. She was a sister or
Dr. Henry Garey, of Berlin. She is sur
vived by ber husband, who for many
years was a prominent contractor and
builder in Jobnstown.and seven children.
She was a consistent membsr of tbe
Methodist church. Interment was made
at Berlin.
Amos Shank, whose home is in Shanks
ville, while fishing In the Stonycreek one
day last week felt something tugging
away at the bait. Waiting patiently un
til bo was satisfied that he bad the fish
safely booked be gave his fishing rod a
jark, but to bis surprise found that he was
nnable to land the fish without breaking
tbe rod. Catching the line in bis hands
be pulled away until be pulled out a carp
measuring tweuty-four inches and weigh
ing six pounds. This is claimed to be
tbe largest fish ever caught in Somerset
county waters.
Mr. FergG. Parker, of Johnstown, ar
rived in town Friday evening and will re
main for a few days nt tbe family resi
dence on 'Union street. He spent last
week in Washington altendiug tbe annu
al conclave of tbe Sbriners, and while
there enjoyed bu first ride on an automo
bile in company with Mr. George J.
Krebs, of Somerset Both gentlemen
were bishlr uleased with the horseless
wagop, the Utter being so favorably im
pressed that he U now talking of purchaa
lug one to convey him on bis daily trips
to and from the Listie mines.
Court convened at 10 o'clock Monday
morning. Judge L ingenecker presiding.
R. 8. McMillon. of Upper TurkeyToot
township, was appointed foreman of tbe
Brand jary. The first esse called for trial
wis one from Somerset tjwuship, in
which W. W. Young appeared as prose
cutor aud Cyrus Uamm'.ngtr dsfaadant.
The dfeudaul is alleged to bave misap
propriated a amall amount of money be
longing to an estate of which he was ex
ecutor. All of tba p iriies ooneerned are
among the ni'i't prominent people of the
towusbip and tbe case has excited a great
deal of interest. The testimony was not
all in when court met yesterday after
A charter was granted last week by the
Sute Department to the Wiln Creek
Cwl Company, a concern promoted by
I) B. Zimmerman, or this place, and in
which a number or Philadelphia capital
ists are interested. A branch road is now
j-ing coustrui-ted from a point about one
mile north of Rick wood to tbe company's
property, three miles east of that place.
Tbe smin of coal they will operate is nine
feet thick and is said to be of an excellent
quality. The Wilson Creek property ad-j-ains
a large tract owned by the Philip-
pit. Two miles north of the confluence
of Wilson Creek, on tbe farm of John D.
Baker, tbe Miller Coal and Coke Compa
ny, in which Altoona parties are interest
ed, has a fore of laborers employed for
some time past in opening the coal and
erecting a tipple. They wilt likely be
ready to bepin ab!pplog coal within tbe
eomfoe few wjoks. One mile north of
Mr. Baker's, :t Mil ford Station, the Lew
is Supper Coal Company is enlarging Its
plsut and will greatly increase iu daily
output iu tbe near future. It will be seen
from tbe above that tbe territory between
Somerset and Rock wood is being rapidly
dveloiwyL. and that iusload of tbe one
concern, the Somernet Stone Company,
which was for many years thsonly active
operatiou aloug that section of theSoraer-
Htro of Many Senaatioaal Hewipsper 8ta
riea Arrestee: by Ssvsaas Ofioara.
"Bill" Pritts, the notorious moon
shiner, and alleged murderer of Youey"
Hostetler, and for years a figure always
referred to when the daring deeda of the
Illicit distil'.er of the mountain were men
tioned, was capture! at tbe home of a
neighbor iu tbe Laurel Hill mountain
Friday afternoon, and is now in the
band of the law, which be evaded suc
cessfully for 20 years. Tbe raid which
resulted In the arrest of the veteran
moonshiner was organized by County
Detective Alexander McBeth, who is
making a re-nrd in Fayette county Jn the
breaking op of epeakeasiee aud moon
shine establishments. With McBeth was
Revenue Officer W. J. Dickson, of Pitts
burg, s
The party having Pritts in custody ar
rived In ConneUaville at 5:30 o'clock Fri
day afternoon. A great crowd gathered
at the lock-up and tbe little place was
taxed to its utmost capacity. Pritts was
dressed in a pair of tweed trousers and
wore a large yellow canvas coat and a
skull cap He looked like a patriarch
with bis long beard of saoy whiteness
and his eyes of most iuteose brilliancy.
He has been very large in bis day. but is
slightly stooped now. When be was
placed in the cell here the handcuffs were
not at first removed. Later his supper
was brought In. It was not of tbe lock
up far, but a fine spread furnished by
oi.e of tbe hotels for bis especial benefit.
Tie old moonshiner, like Diogenes,
tamed to tbe people crowding about the
brr aud said: "You don't worry me,
but I would like more light to see what I
am eating.
It bad been learned that Pritts was in
the moousbiue business more extensively
than ever, notwithstanding that be knew
tbe o Dicers bave always been after him.
He was a perpetual outlaw, always want
ed but never taken. His still, it was
known, was located a mile from his
bouse, in tbe very wilds of the moun
tains, and there the grain was hauled and
the brew made, principally at night.
The mountaineers always admired
Pritts, for some reason, and aided
him many times to escape by giving him
notification of tbe presence of tbe officers,
who could not put in an appearance any
where in tbe mountain district without
word being carried to tbe ears of the old
But Friday the officers operated with
out detection, and after they had arrived
at Prills' borne they found that be was
not there. Without any chance for tbe
intelligence of their mysterious visit to
get across the bills, they started at once
to the bouse of John Tinkey, where It
bad been learned Pritts bad a habit of
biding when tbe revenue people were hot
on bis trail, be sometimes having been
known to remain at this place for weeks
at a time.
Aa the officers neared the Tinkey house
they came to a little open field. To their
surprise, they saw "Old Bill" sitting on
a stump at tbe edge of tbe field. He was aa
keen sighted as the officers snd divined
their purpose without a second glance at
them. Without pausing a moment be
bruii away at a hot pace, the officers
chasing after him.
Pritts was too old to maintain the gait
long, and after be bad run about a hun
dred yards, which made the officers quite
weary, notwithstanding that they are
men in the prime of life, Pritts stoppd
and stood at bay. Although unarmed.
be refused to put up bis hands as tbe
officers approached. Tbe handcuffs were
placed on him, and then the officers
started as fast as possible to get the pris
oner out of the mountain district, lest the
mountaineers might gather and rescue
the old moonshiner, as was d ne before.
With much difficulty the old man was
brought to tbe house of II. L. Sparks.
From there McBeth telephoned to Con
nellsville for a rig.
Pritts is now charged with making il
licit whisky. The warrant for bis arrest
was placed In tbe bauds of County Detec
tive McBeth some tltne ago. It Is impos
sible to enumerate the number of timts
special posses have been organized to
arrest Pritts. He either could not be
found or escaped after a fight. The last
raid was made last fall. Detective Frank
Campbell and Pittsburg officers went
after Pritts, but after catching him un
awares he escaped. Tbe two eons of
Pritts, who are now in the Allegheny
ail for making illicit whisky, were ar
rested at that time. Two large stills, of
60 gallons capacity each, were destroyed
aud the worms kept aa evidence agaii st
the prisoners.
Pritts' career has extended over a peri
od of about 20 years. When "Yoney"
Hosteller was murdered about ten years
ago, for giving away secrets to the reve
nue officers, and divulging secrets held
sacred among tbe moonsbiuers, it wa
openly stated that Hosteller's death was
due to Pritts' vengeance. Pritts was
wanted for thij crime for a long time, but
was never caught.
Pritts is now 63 years old. He says tLat
bad his sons been with- him in tbe moun
tain be would never bave been csugbt.
because they were always sharply on the
lookout, and besides, were always pre
pared to resist to tbe last.
McBeth and Dickson worked a clever
scheme to mislead tbe mountaineers.
They knew that they could not tbrow
theiu iuto the belief, that they were any
thing but detectives, so tbey plainly
stated that tbey were seeking a tblef who
bad stolen a horse at Fai reliance. When
the officers arrived at Pritts' botne tbey
did not make their presence known to
any person, but remained abrmt the
bouse in biding for several -hours and
learned through conversation, which
they overheard, that Pritts was at the
home of bis brother in-law, John Tinkey,
There are two active charges against
Pritts at prssent. One of these is dated
May 21, and Is on information sworn out
by Messmore Cramer, who alleges that
Pritts shot at him and threatened to kill
bim at tbe first opportunity for giving
away mo jushine secrets. Tbe other war
rant was issued October 26, 1399, by
United States Commissioner Lamble, on
information sworn out by Revenue Offi
cer W. J. Dickson, of rittaburg. It
charges illicit distilling. "Yoney" Hoe
teller, referred to above, was killed in
tbe spring of IS' A and Pritts was sup
pose l to bave been implicated from tbe
A charge is banging over Pritts in this
oounty. where the murder of Hostetler
took pie. At that time Pritts was in
dieted li-r tbe murder, (1 . with Wil
liam Miller. This Indictment stili stands
on the docket, and Pritts will have to
stand trial on the chi.-ge if it la revived
Pritta entered bail before the United
Slates Commissioner at Uuiontown yes
terday for his appearance at the next
session of tbe United States District
. 6hoet.
Uaving bought the shoe store hereto
fore known as the "Shivler place" in
the Mammoth Block, Somerset, Pa., I
shall endeavor to carry everything of a
desirable nature usually found in a first
class shoe store.
Th? reputation of this store for carry
lug reliable goods will be fully upheld.
Many new goods are already in and
others arriving daily.
: Fr.vsk N. KIstskr.
tt A Cambria branch, there are now
? AU tbe hwilini? baliuimir virtu nf the ! half-dozen freieht producers. The Stone
rVay pine are concentrated in Dr. ' Company, ty the way, is doing aplendid
4 Viod, Xurwar Pine Syrup, naturt'a business under tbe capable management
jaremedy for coughs and oolds, of tbe Murdoka,of Johnstown.
Wool Growers Attention.
Farmer and wool grower. Do you
intend having your wool worked np this
season T If you do, write or call on us.
We will card, spin, twist and work it up
for you much cheaper than you can do it
at your homes.
S. H. Ka.vtxcr A Co., .
Somerset, Pa.
Th Qatttioa of Coaiai QneitioB.
The objects of the federal census are of
three kinds: To furnish a baMs for the
apportionment of Representatives In tbe
lower bouse of Congress ; toasoertain tbe
growth of tbe United 8tites in numbers,
wealth and industry ; a d to investigate
tbe social irganizalioua and institutions
which determine the growth of popula
tion and wealth- The first is a constitu
tional necessity, tbe second a study of
facts, and the third a study of causes.
Probably no social institution is so in
timately connected with tbe growth of
population as tbatcf marriage. In inves
tigating marital conditions the law re
quirts about ftch person a statement
whether be cr she is single, married,
widowed or divorced. If married, how
many years tbe marriage has lasted ; if a
mother, bow many children she has had
and bow many of these children are now
From the answers to the questions it is
possible to determine tbe birth rate, the
prevalence of marriage, the proportion of
women and children to the whole popu
lation, the duration and fruitfulntss of
marriage. So far as tbe power and im
portance of nations are dependent upon
the size of the population, to that extent
is the accurate determination of these
questions a matter of public necessity.
In the United States there would seem
to be little danger of a decline in tbe pop
ulation. Be t even when we are sure that
tbe population is growing, it is still neces
sary to know bow it is growing. Tbe
millions of India are increasing, but it ia
by a process of many births and many
deaths. In good years millions are born;
in times of famine millions die, the
population increasing becanse a
few more are born than die. It is growth,
but savage growth. There is a more ex
cellent kind of progress, that resulting
from tne combination of a moderate birth
rate and a small death rate.
The marital statistics collected by the
census are in many respects very inter
esting. Thus the extent and power of
the anti mariul forces can be estimated
in a way by ascertaining the proportion
or people between 5o and Ct years of age
who have never been married. Census
statistics show that the proportion of un
married females between these ages is
greatest In the East, in North Carolina,
Rhode Island and Massachusetts, for in
atance, while the proportion is smallest
in the West, South Dakota, Utah and
Oklahoma bringing up tbe rear in tbe
order named. Men, on the contrary, are
far more likely to -remain single in tbe
West than in the East. The proportion
of unmarried men between i and 64 is
lowest in tbe Southern States, e. g., Ar
kansas, Alabama and Georgia, and great
est in tbe block of-W extern States west of
tbe Mississippi. In Nevada 3S.2 per cent,
of tbe males between 55 and Of bave never
been married, Idaho coming next with
32.S per cent, and Montana next with
29.3 per cent., etc.
That marriage Is still pre-eminently
tbe sphere of women seems to be Indica
ted by the fact that more women marry
than men, snd they mairy at earlier ages.
Thus, only 31 per oent,of females 15 yesrs
of age and over are unmarried, while
among males of the eanie ages the pro
portion is 41 per cent. Taking boys and
girls between 15 and 20 years of age, it is
found that one out of every ten girls is
married, while among the boys the pro-
pirlion falls to one In two hundred.
These were the proportions in 1S90.
Whether these conditions have changed
since then is a question that can only be
lswered by the census of l'.WO.
lfsrihal Leonard Hap' y.
United States Marshal Fred C. Leonard
was one of the happiest men in PiUs-
b-irg Friday, says the Post, when be re
ceived word that "Bill" Pritts bad been
captured. The old moonshiner was the man in Mr. Leonard s district that
was giving bim trouble.
Marshal Leonard has been wanting lo
got Pritts, but has been unaoie to got
his hands on the slippery old mountain
eer. "Bill" knew a.l tne aepuiies, aou
it was necessary to get a stranger to arrest
tbe moonshiner. One day Alexander
McBeth, the county detective of Fayette,
called upon Mr. Leonard and said he
guessed be could pick up Pritts if be was
sworn in as a deputy United States mar
shal. The red tape of tbe Government
occasioned delay. Mr. Leonard first bad
to write to Attorney General Griggs to
secure permission to commission Mc
Beth. The request was granted and the
appointment was made April 21
McBeth never told the marshal Just
how be expected to got Pritts, but was
confident he could land the old fellow.
He kept his promise and completed a
task in a month that other officers have
been endeavoring to accomplish for yeais.
Wednesday McBeth wrote to the mar-.
sbal for a warrant It was sworn out be
fore United States Commissioner Yi.T.
Lindsay. Tbe charge was keeping an
illicit still. The evidence was secured
last October when Deputies Campbell
and Dickson and another man visited tbe
retreat of tbe Pritts family in the bills of
Somerset. They found the still and
waited a long time for the coming of tbe
owners. Finally the otficers aeciaea
that "Bill" and the boys would not put
in an appearance and started to demolish
the plant. In the midst of tbe operation
the father and two sons arrived. The
young fellows were caught but "Bill"
got away, carrying a bu.lut witb bim
Tbe boys were tried at tbe l&st torin of
court and the jury disagreed. They are
now a ider bail for a second trial.
Marshal Leonard said that ha supposed
"Bill" hud grown careless since the trial
of tbe boys and was not on bis guard
when McBeth and bis party swooped
down upon tbe man who has laughed at
tbe law for almost three score ydars.
The marshal thinks it is possible that
Somerset county will now try to get pos
session of Pritts to try him for the mur
der of "Yony" Uockstetter in l&ri Mr.
Leonard says that there was no reward
offered for Pritts and McBeth will be al
lowed only the usual fee and expenses.
Ho Great Unclaimed States.
The Sute Department at Washington
again warns the American public against
the swindling advertisements, and other
publications of schemes relating to pre
tended estates in E lgland and to caution
people against remitting rx oney on such
advertisements to strangers under any
There are no great estates unclaimed
in England. The dormant fundi in
chancery open to claim are very much
less than is generally supposed, averag
Tns. about II. SCO each. Ths statutes of
limitation usually bar recovery, an 1
courts of chancery are reluctant to aid
cltimanta who have allowed a long time
to elapse. Proofs of genealogy are strict
ly demanded and are very difficult t
obtain, costing, in most cases, more for
their Dteparation than any amount
which can reasonably be hoped to be re
covered. In a thousand claims which
have been referred by the United States
Embassy at London to a firm of solicitors
there not one had any validity whatever,
It is also said at tbe Department that
then are no large deposits awaiting
cla'mants in the Bank of England.
How's This 1
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
nirmi bv Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHEN EY A CO., props. Toledo, O
We. theuthiersignec:. have known . J
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
bim perfectly honorable in an Dusiness
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligations made oy their tirm
West A Thi'ax, Wholesale Drugrists,
Toledo. O. Waldino Kisnas A Mar
vi h. Wholesale Uruecists. Toledo. O,
Hall's Catarrh Cure i l!en internally,
actinar directly unoi the blocl and tnu
cons surface of tlie system. Frc 75c.
Der bottle. Sold by ail Druggists. Tesli
monials free.
Hall's Family Pilla are tbe best.
Pain back of your
eyes? Heavy pressure
in your head? And are
you sometimes faint and
dizzy? Is your tongue
coated ? Bad taste in
your mouth? And does
your food distress you ?
Are you nervous and ir
ritable? Do you often
have the blues? And
are you troubled about
Thon your liver ia
But there is- a cure.
Tis the old reliable
They fict directly on
the liver. They cure
constipation, biliousness,
sick headache nausea,
and dyspepsia. Take a
laxative dose each night.
For 60 years years they
have been the Standard
Family Pills.
' Prica 25 feats. Al Drarrlsta.
" I hare taken Ajtt'i Pill! recn
larly for six snonths. They hare
furM ma of a mvore heahu be, and
oa a now walk from' two to fonr
mile wlthoat pettinir tired or oat
of breath, roinethin.r I havo not
been ablo to do for minx vus."
8.E. Wai.o"BK.
July 13, 1S90. Salem, Mass.
Wrllm thm Doctor.
IT Ton tare sny eomil!nt whatever
and oire th bt medical bAt too
Cn ioaslb!y rAflre, write tbe doctor
freely. Inu wli revei-e a prompt r
ply without coat. A1de4,
1K. J. C. A fEk. Lowell. Maaa.
Vait Fay Stats Tax on Diacoanted Votes.
Judge We.Es filed an opinion Thuisdsy
la which is of great importance to all
private bankers throughout tbe Common
wealth. For the year 14 McKean coun
ty made a return to tho Board of Reve
nue Commissioner of the gross amoant
of personal property subject to taxation
for State purposes in that county, from
which tbey excluded ?193,700 of notes
discounted by the private banking firm
of Hamlin A, of Sinetbport, Pa.,
mm unity from taxation upon tbe amount
of these notes being claimed under tbe
proviso of section 1 of tbe revenue act of
June 8, lSlH, enumerating the subjects of
the personal property tax for State pur
poses, bonds, mortgages,' notes, agree
ments for the sale of real estate, share of
lock, Ac, which provide that "this sec
tion shall not apply to bank notra or
notes discounted by any bank or bank-
rig institution, savings institution or
trust company." The action was an ami
cable ono, brought to determine whether
or not, under this provisc, Hamlin A
Sons wero required to return and pay the
State tax of four mills upon notes dis
counted by their bank. The Court, dis
cussing tbe question at some length, con
cludes that while incorporated banks and
trust companies are within the purview
of this proviso, private individuals eu-
g.iged in the banking business are not,
and must pay a tax upon this class of se
curities, and that llaio'.in A Sons should,
therefore, bave returned the local assess
ors of McKean county the notes aud oth
er securities held by them, and have paid
four-mills tax thereon to the County
Treasurer. Judgment Is therefore ren
dered in favor of the Commonwealth and
against the couuty lor f7o7.05.
Atlas of Somerset County,
4 00 for a copy. Addr
this office.
Farmers' Iaatitutei.
The County Board of Farmers' Insti-
ute Managers will meet at the County
Commissioners office on the second
Tuesday of June, to arrange for tbe places
where Institutes are to be held this sea
son. All 01 our people wuo aesire insti
tutes ought to attend this meeting and
present their claims. This board is com
posed of the local members of the Sute
Board of Agriculture snd one representa
tive from each County Agricultural Soci
ety, the Pomona !raiige and County Al
liance. If you find that you can not at
tend this meeting, adJress a letter with
vour rwnest t Chairman of Board of
Institute Managers, care of County Com
A suitable ball for the meeting should
be provided free of charge by the locality
wisbiug the Institute.
Try Graia 0 ! Try Grain-0 !
Ak your Grocer to-day to show you a
Daokane oftJRAlN-O, the new fiod
drink that takes the place of coffee. The
children may drink it without injury as
we ss the adult. All who try it. tike it
GUAIX-O has that rich -Heal brown of
Mocha or Java, but it is made from putt.
grains, and the most tielicaie sioruaon
receives it without distress. J the price
of coftVe. 15c and 25 vii. per package.
Sold by all grocers.
Wool Wanted !
Cash paid or goods exchanged for wool
al Somerset Clothing House.
parker & phillips:
In Season is tliis Special
Of oar selling Carpet, Oil Cloths, Window Shades, Wall Taper, Mat
tings, Lace Curtain?, Rug?, Portiersat tie lowest kind of lew prices just
when the housewife most necd3 them.
Silks and Dress Goods. -
And seasonable thiog3 of all kinds are heaped np most tempting!, no
matter Wliat jour merchandise need may be, come with confidence and be
prepared to- be surprised by the littleness of tho prices. m Dainty White
Goods, Laces and Embroideries, Ribbons, Ladies' Waists, large assort
ment just received, Wash Goods in Tercltls, Dimities, Organdies, Satins,
riques, Doted Swisses, Marlboro Cloths, Ginghams, Calicoes, etc.
A special line of 23 inch all linen colored dress linen at Sc per yard.
36 inch Persian Linings at Tc per yard.
New Table Linens, Napkins, Towels, Bed Spreads, Ladies' and
Children's Underwear, Stockings, ic. An exceptionally fine new line of
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods in Shirts, Collars, Cuffs, Neckwear
Stockings, etc
Don't Lag Along, Be in Time I
To get a fair share of the grand offerings ; they will not be lacking for
buyers, for hasn't the store been filled for the last four weeks with seek
ers and searchers after moncv-savins bargains ?
Solo agents for P.Centenicri Kid Gloves.
Shirts & Chemisettes
"Tor Small Children, also Collars and
Ties to wear with vhe:n. The newest
things on the market.
In Our "Window
J. Ii. 5ifford & Co.
We Have a Surges tion to Make.
NSTKAD of you being worried as to what joa shall purchase iu tbv lins of dross
goods for this no miner, let us help you to decile. The bt way out of it
would be to corro In and allow as to pull down our stock and show t l to-.t, bw. 1
and cheapest goods that can be found within forty luile of Somerspt.
We Have
Black & Colored
P! :n and Fancy
Black &. Co'crtd
s x
Are you ready for it ? We are. You were in our ruintJa when we
made our selections for the wason and your wants have be?n antici
pated. Every department is ready fir your inspection. You will find
tbe choice of all that ia new, novel and stylish in substantial material
at tbe lowest possible prices.
Do you need a separate Dress Siirt ?
You will make a mistake if you purchase before examining our line of
new things in Silks, Mohair and large variety of plain and fancy
Is it a Shirt Waist?
Then call and inspect the largest and choicest assortment of Silks,
Satins, Taffetas and other goods to be fcund In "the couuty.
Did you say White Goods f
We have a complete line of Organdies, Swiss, Persian Lawns, India
Linen, Nainsooks, Dimities and Pi.iues. Yes, colored wash goods of
all kinds.
Perhaps you prefer a Tailor-Made Suit, separate skirt or a silk or
wash waist?
We have given exceptional care to this department and claim the
most exclusive styles wonibined witfi the best of workmanship and ma
terial that can be found any place in the county, at prices you would
pay for an inferior article elsewhere.
As usual, material and finish are the distinctive features of the large
line of ladies' muslin underwear.
The stocking department for ladies and children contains the best
fast-colored goods at low prices.
Call and examine our line of I.ace Curtains some beauties iu Irish point
and Notlicjrbam. Some very pretty patterns iu sash curtain goods.
Ask to see the line of Tabie Linens, Towels and Hed-spreads, Calico
Wrappers, Ii and kerchiefs. Ties, new Bella, Kibbona and Notions.
We hare atway bent 'lenders iu Dress Trimmings and Linings. Our
offer for this season embrace a large variety iu all-over silk nets, spangle
nets, guipure all-overs, laces and embroideries.
- UHL'S.
LINS One of the best
sellers cf to
day. An ele-
" gant article
for wear.
Lots of Wah Goods to be shown, black, whiteand color, nearest stripes an I
figures, from 5 cents and upwards.
Talk about Sblit Waistn, no or.e can cc.ropete witb styles aud prii-es we are of
fering the public to day. It would pay you to look over our Hue and gt lha newest
that can be found. We show none but tba latest.
Headquarters for the
Popul arlVXercerizeSilks
All Colors, 25c, 30c and 35c.
Our Tailor mad Suit Department has been bny. Wo huve onl s few lil.
Come and take advantage f cut prires. We don't believe in curryiuj; ary'Uirs
over from aeason to aaoa.
Following is what you can buy at the new
727 Brehm Building,
Men's 50c Shirts 35.
" 7."jc Overalls, 5X;.
lOu Sot-ks, OGe.
" 25c Ties, 20c.
M 50o Ties. 3Uc
Fancy, Retail
f 1 19
Bost Clothes Wringer, :
25 sheets good Paper and 25 Kavelopes, 8c
25 best Envelop, : : : 05c
Good Agate Dish Pan, : : 2De
Best Table Oil Cloth per yard 20c
75c Corsets 50 cents
' 9i)o M 75 cents
I.OO " ) cents
Full assortment Tinware, Agate ware.
Knives and Fork, Glass ware, Flags and
Fire Works in seasou.
r n
zzi -Lakes- eton jacket.
iU. 1 3. .M, tt. S 40, u.
Total eapgase for tuition,
board and room can be kept
below 1 3.50 a week.
Fait term, Sept. 18-Dee. 19: Winter, Jan.
a-Varch 17; Spring, April a-June so. Snra
mr School, June iv-AukuM 9. 1901. Catalog
The 1900th Centnrr achoo' year, Ihe 55th or the
CollcRe, begins September IS, 1900. Colleiate, Aca
demic, Normal, Oratory. Business, Music an.l Art
departments. Increased equipments and attendance.
AdTantflpei are mrmerooa
and iigiiiticant. The loca
tion, fa Toraoleand healthful.
Jos. Home &c
Shoes by flail
Do you know it's just about as
easy to order Shoes through the U.
S. Mail as to walk into the store
and select them.
Have jou read of Queen Quality
Shoes for Women and Staghead
Shoes for Misses aud Childreu ?
We are sole agents for Queen
Quality arid the Staghead Shoes are
our own, made to our special order.
Queen Quality Shoes sell at one
single price Boots.. $3; 'Oxford
Ties, or low cut shoes, 12-50.
We carry 30 different styles in
Boots and 10 in Oxford. There is
every kind of leather that goes into
a good shoe All the tans and kids
and patent leathers. . .
We Lave every width and every
length and all that is necessary is
, to give your exact size and receive
in return the most perfect fitting
shoe you ever wore.
In Staghead Shoes we carry all
widths and all sizes and the prices
from $1.2 A to $2.00 for chil
dren's and $2.00 to $3.00 for misses'.
All leathers.
Staghead Oxfords for Children
and Misses arc $1.50, $2 and $2.50.
The postage is extra on shoes :
Women's, 25c; Children's, 15c.
.T. It. ULAOT, Dih. Ant.
Mutual Life Insurance Company of N. Y.
Irgftit and bettt Life Insurance Compa
ny in tbe world. Most liberal cash value
and Loan Policies issued. Write for ratea.
Somerset, Pan or Meyersdale, Pa, aad tot far Sale.
A well Improved dwelling home, with
good-sized lot. West sires', Somerset,
Pa. A bargain in this property. Terroa
to suit.
i:. A. Geislfk,
Somerset, Pa.
Writ, lor
Cures Drunkenness.
. Cures Drug
rrrraacu, ra.
Notice I hereby elven to all person ron-
rt'rnl as li-sutev. creditor or oturrwiw.tht
the following account have pwl w-vlsu-r.
and that the mme w.ll be pivsenUd for con
firmation and allowance at an Orphan' Court
to be held at SomcrH't, Pa, 00
Wednesday, May 30, 1900.
N Iff-
BaTHiHu slit.
Now bting otjred at prices beyond coin
petition. Cull and insptvt our .SJtl".I-
bffore nuaking Tour purehasts. Buyiri;
in these quanti. .en enal. Ids us t. buy ui
rect from the Largest Sh-1 Healers in tho
country. We haveSKKlS -f all kind
Tiiuotbj and Clover, Orchard and Ului
G rasa, eti
Mail orders wil receive prompt atten
tion aud correspondence solicit! from
parties desiring to make purchases.
Always well stocked with Feed ai d
(.irain of all varieties. We are c.t!Vririr
great inducements on all our High firai'o
Minnesota Flour. Call and itujuire iu:r
Don't forget "OIL MEAL" U t!
most nutritious feed for stock. Try a sack
at ones aud ste the results.
Baled Straw.
Can load at any point in the county
Parties having any to offer will plea-e
write or call to see us.
We are tbe Largest Receivers ; f
Farm Products fa the County. Farnu rs
having Potatoes, Hay, Wuet, etc., to
offer, call to see ns whrn reaily b
market your produce.
Respectfully yours.
"The Headquarters.'.'
Flr-rt and final aroount of C. L. Raker,
tnintstmtnr of llniamtn rfeiker. deed.
Kimt aud firm! account or Ji. . ami John
Werner, aduitisl raters of George Werner,
Kourth and partial account or Kohert t..
Rons, one of the executors of Musea A. Uosa,
F irst and nnal account or John H. Custer.
administrator of Charles Hendricks, dee'd.
First and Onal account or John ti. tualer.
administ rator of David i'viirod der'd.
KLrsl and final account or James Blouirn
and Catharine HiOtiKh, administrator of al
untine Bioagh, dee'd.
r li account or A. t tiieasner, executor 01
E l (iles-ner. dae'd. .
Final account of Henrr F. Pencil adminis
trator of David Husb-inJ, dee'd.
First and final accounlof Jacob Roas, exety
ator of John Lutz. dee'd.
F irs; and fliml account of A. T. GrofT, ad
n!nis:rator (tf I'ntrtck- llognn, dee'd.
First and final account of John O. Itaurh
and Kufu ttauch, administrators of lienry
Kiiucli, dee'd.
First mill flal account of Marr A. Walker
and Herbert F. Hitlner, executors of Nelson
II. Walaer. dee'd.
First and final account of Daniel S. Pchrock,
administrator of -ihivid Mctirock, dec d.
Somerset. Pa.. JOUN 8. SHAKER,
May 2, 1S00. . Re later.
I hereby certify that the following account
La been filed In the Prothonotary's ottlce in
and for the county of Somersetand ih:it the
same .111 ueprrwiiiru iu mo v..tjp. w
mon I'leus of mid county, for confirmation
and allowance, on
Wednesday, May 30, dX).
Third and final account of Joseph B. Miller,
assignee of (.' Miller, of Jellcraoa town-
ahip, Somerset county, "a.
Prothonotary'a office,) M. P. REK.L,
Mcy t, lvuo. 1'roUiouotary
Public notice la hereby tflTen to all persons
to abstain from hunting and flshinii and
thmwtiiK dowo fences on my property in Mil
ford townb' p. Somerset county. Pa. Viola
tors of this nutloa will ba dealt with accord
ing to law.
Ml! ford Station, Pa.
Estate of George Kennell, late of the borough
of Garrett, jinerset county. Pa., dee'd.
Letters nf administration on tbe above es-
fjtte havlne been rmnted to the undersigned
by tbe proper authority, notica Is hereby giv
en to mi persona inoeuieu to ania estate 10
make Immediate payment and those havlnr
claims against the asme to present them duly
authenticated for settlement on Saturday,
July 14, UM at the lute residence of dee'd.
John R. Scot , Administrator.
Attorney. Meyersdalo, Ta.
Estate of Matilda Bowman, lata of Berlin
borough, decoued.
letters of administration on the above es
tate having been granted to the undesigned
bv tne proper authority, notice is hereby
given to all persona Indebted to said estate
to make Immediate pay men t an I
those hsvlm claims against the same to pre
sent them duly authenticated for aeKIi-menc
on Saturday. June 3J. !(). at the resilience of
thejimiuh.irUr In Berlin boroaa-h.
Fred. W. Blasecker, Administrator.
National Bank Notice.
TKF.As.rRY Departs1 fnt.
Office of Comptroller of the Currency.
Washlcgton, D. C, April -X, 1W
" Whereas, by sntlsfac'ory vtdenee present
ed Uthe undersigned. It hns been made to a p-
ner that -t he t irst Matlonul rin iittim
fluence," In the town of Confluence, in the
count v of Somerset, and Plate of Pennsylva
nia, ha complied witb all the provisions of
the Statutes of the L' ni led duties, required to
be complied with before an association tball
be authorized to commence the buslnwa of
Banking :
Now Thereftra. I. Thomas P. Kane.D-muty
and Acting Comptroller of the Currency, do
herehv certify that "Tbe First National Ban
of Confluence." In the town of Confluence, Id
the county of Somerset, and St-iie of Penn
sylvania. Is uutnonseii to commence tne nus.
luess of ilsnklng as provided In section Fifty
one hundred and sixty-nine of tbe Kevlsed
Statu Vs of the L titled Suites.
. ' . la testimony whereof, witness my
4skal nana ana nesti or omce tuts twenty-
c alxlh day or April, hm.
DritLty and Actiny OrmptrrMrT uf Uu twrvnagt.
No. 5.S7.
National Bank Notice.
Treasury Ppartknt,
Office of ConiDtrolier of the Currency.
Washlcgton, D. C aluy P, 1800.
Whereas. By satisfactory evidence present
ed to the und.rsignea. It nus oeeu niuueioa
Dear that "The hirst National Batilt of Roe
wood." in the town of Roc a wood. In thecoun-
tv of Somerset, and Stat of Pennsylvania,
hus compiled with all the provisions of the
statutes of the United States, rwoulred to be
eoinnlied with heforean association shall be
authorized to oommace the business of
Mow Tkerefor. I Thomas P. (Cans. Deputy
and Acting Comptroller of the Currency, do
hereby certify mat "t ne r irsi ii"ni iuns
of Koca-wooa. In the town of Bork.wn1, lo
tho county of Soim-rwH. and suns' of Penn
avivanla, is authorized locommrtirs the bus-
Inossc' Bankings provided in sec, ion riny
one hundred and six'y-nlno of the Kevlsed
Mixture. i,r the 1'niLed rslM'cs.
, ".j-v In Testimony W hereof, witness my
. "ir.s-L tin t stctl of uiSce tii.a eighth
r ' day of May, 10.
Deputy and Aritng Vomiroiler J the Currency,
No. 5310.
Traffic Co .,,
Johnstown, Pa.
Finest Department
Store Between g good3 you n,ed.
Philadelphia and O
f Pittsburg. g
Pay the Freight on
all Goods Ship
ped to
Ten b'g depart
ments filed almost
to overflowing with
Sum me
Doesn't matter Imt tlej are, we can supply
tlicm, and you'll find our prices the lowest in the city. We are
saving money every day for Johnstown buyers, and we v. ill save
dollars for you once you deal here. Out-of-town friends of the
big store get every advantage given city boyers.
"Wc have ten big storc3 under one roof, viz :
When you visit Johnstown make the vi?it coraplcto by q
seeing this mammoth department store. You'll be heartily wel-
coniod, whether you corne to buy or come to look around. Ia
either case yoa'll be in touch with a great shopping centre
famous for its high quality merchandise and rock bottom price?. S
raffle C
Johnstown, Pa.
ScEsaa -KaayaraacKKc Washington strest. csccsaccassa.-'ocEaoS