The Somerset herald. (Somerset, Pa.) 1870-1936, December 25, 1872, Image 3

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Somerset Herald.1
Si-iciif. r.r lUsoisr.. Tlie liirM-nt- . Mr. Yv. Hrprtr. a ho Imt a few vrrkf
, Imrc . ttinfi teivw the Ml'in2 rt:fti- a-ru vns tttiuiftfii to iirietiee law in this
, lnm of a rtiiek'.e nt Mount I i.!y : Kir liarj ' nnisity. on J liitrvlav evrninrr entere.l tee
I . . . 1 t. ... 1 l.OI.. .. - 1 1 .. . ,
- -7s - '7 ' uiiyce in one of tin- iiajier mills uf thai ; name on the lianrter of Matrimony. Tlie
. lare, a. found ueiui wine of tne juris s .rioters were kimllv reiuaiufif red ty Mr.
tTiflf) K.ECS ' inr1',J in t,c,"' 0!i Mduy nn.rn- jltitptdV and hi Ciir Tjririe.. and it i tlieir
SjKJyJ ;iiiclat. The ilitrasv.l i-.iiii!iii;t(.il the act wiji that tlie stream of his mirru-'l life
fasten in 5 a r-ie v a m im? in un open tipiv run s surmnniv aim iiievniiTiu wa
near the usiiiny' ' iull, uih! when s ilie ne liresentetl, sweet and delightful to
nI in a Riuini :ure, with life , inn taie v ..
extinct. His delernimalion to destroy hip '
life fa anreut (runt tle fact tluit when! Biuxixo Laiim all ioni Many
p,ic.,ttMn imri.iit ti m... ' persona in tltf vicinity, says the Lne 06-
....... .. . - :..s..i t .1." ....
Mbankaillle Items.
Of Butter Wanted.;
.i...i.-. frt Knn-1 tiitm
riria-i Inane, over i and rV lf rij, (she i
Th protracted nieei'iui L: lirotrrcs fur S ' heroin c.r-ttv; an 1 "lory, uiiuk-
;e i several wcekM at li. i!aoe, lius leen con-, tested, until a short tn-ie a elii-mis! nnil
eluded and lU v. C h:iTtiell has taken hatve iiBii.Hni oy. jii uu raunuea. anil i
of hi charae.liaTinj linishetl his ye.irVs la- ""''' wl!:l1 wn mutter wish ln
bom. ' . na'i fthi-w.t.:-r atBitn) and in two Iwarn af-
J. AMmch. of (thio. he, U-.ue a i "l:j,',1"r ,!,e "u,r
V..ri4 . ilfV V l VAj'll l tf.lil.-, 1.1-
lr. Uctith, nietniBtand Oe-.ilOirist,
103 Arch St.. rhiUlelphift.'" The
X:r At'i'rrli nprrtl.
WV S mlml. of our imindfate trade,
"jU rsrW Bales at pod price.
I l.hL.i lor former putronage.
Wi.U n' liheralshitwienu.
Yen W-I-eetfuny, 4c..
-,t fan Ik- haU at i "e "ores.
i:arut lavfa & Dn.
lfl,w,mirl l risel's for $7.
fr 10 at Pisel'B.
)cent a can. every
1, at Sami-el hurrER 8.
emirclv slack. i reason waa riven for , indulge in the np-jom habit of
.i. :u . tl.j ..i a : la!i eotu oil lamna burnm? low all
dijeet-d for the lust two week and fre-l'.w- The reaultins; nak is two tdd.
Uent1v made the inquiry of his f llow;- a lamp w turned down n dcadly
workmen as to the crwest manner of di-s evolved, trom Uie inhalation of which
tr.-vinc life vet no one anticipated that he ! i th has resulted in a number of lnntan
then o .niemi -lated felf d.-st ruci ion. Se v- i d. second, -when the oil is burned out
eral dollars in monev aad a uiiieoiT FMform,n tbe mPy chnmVr, nd the
note for one hundred dollar were found on. dnger of its catching fire fa imminent.
this iK-nxm. The deceased was a uueful Munvjwort intni vicinity tnauigr in tlie
man, and leave a ile and one child. i c praciicc. m ueiuer tlie uanjier irom
a., burglars is preater tluin the dancer from
Ax'Esextial of Loveliness. To Iw fi"" is q:ieiw for the interested partk-
entirely iieamiful the hair should be abun- hemslvi8 to decide.
dint and lustnws. This is alwoliitclr w- '
seutial to eompleie lovelinesa. The iik1 OorMrTtvF.s, delay xo Moke Do
repular features, the most, brilliant Coiu-, 3"0J. lsh to wait unliI tlmt fi!ul d,flcase
plesion and pearliest toeth tan of their due
atM f v r "O'1 dIlt"criil prevail
v ia portions of C'auilria county.
r . . H l.. ..on
,'!uvM i t!iif -a-
buiei.bapNet8, rope &C,
., ,r.' Niinersei. i a.
:lv of
if' 1;
JtT r.
x i .v. no on hand a larje sup;
... l!;ikand judgment note.
"7. kJ Lu-liel of coal at StutzmanV bank
" ,ul,,,v a-mr barrels T sale al the
1 "' I .i-f,.! store of Cook & IWritt
.iii'Tl a" . ...
which has brought death and disorder into
families, and filled many hearts with Bor
row, has completely neat'-d itself, before
you do anything r it T If not, eo at once
and buy half a dozen bottles of pr. Key
ser'e Lun Cure, take theui, and stop the
disease. It will do it without fail. It vou
effect if the hair lie thin, drv, or harsh. On
the contrarv the pliael f;ice, if n bo bat
sunnounted by luxuikiutamlmlkefifirfises,
is apt to impress the lx-bolder wi!h a sense
of actual lieauiy. That eniwnins orna-
nif-nt if li.r uv !c lisiiMiilt- u-ilhin tli
reach of lore! woman, and lieinc as dU- j rP Ao "V? ani1 wnrolt the Doctor at his
riminMii,. w L,r..K- el: l..n,r . office, and have him exauime your lun.
discovered Uiat Lvon's Kat'hairon wal the 1 lif is thortjughly educated physician, of
sure means or secimns it. Xo preparation cspenence. wid has proved Ly his
f..r ih it;r,.v,.r ni,.v..,t. i!ti, i iien.iv ;cures that what he does not know in the ui v. iiiiii. .iipraiH'R ui aiij iijiu( . -i . I .- cllnii it lirVtillltot
'fT i 41 l.l 1 I . , mill H'l AAtI , Plllt V . jnoiliiiv.e
v 1 at Davis A: L.ros. a i"en-' ufJ ifvinz results- Aplkd to the
'jaecJ x tiars. waste and liarren ila-s of the scalp, it
Iructifics and enriches them with a new
and ample growth. It fa not, of course,
pretended that it will do this if the c-.ipnci-ty
for reproduction is extinct, but so long
as it remains that wonderful rehabilitanl
ill assuredly progatc the perm of the
hair into life and activity.
N: t r ss si riii....
.- it.
t oui a; nuiiuutu e
K, n;di of-1
4 ccnt6.
6 cents.
8 cents,
T,,- faiiiih- flour, corn meal, oats, chop,
d j'r'ltd ci'rn lor cashonly at fA i
. msh f-r ai
hidicst marktt jrice jwid
:nis of native furs sd the
) rii. i-
.f Mr. Lawrence Murphy of Cam
.hi;i. a few days ago lost rhe sight
,. vbile cuu-airil in ei.ipiu;
Fikk. On Monilay night last, the
dwelling house cf Mr Saitiuel Mauoker,
ntyr Mount Zion Church, in Yoder town
ship, alnnit two miles south of this city,
and on the fmuorset turnpike, was com
pletely destroyed by he. The lire w:ts
disrwered by Mr." Manoker almut half eight o'clock, after the children had
lieen put to bed. He discovered the ceil
ing alwve where the slojte pijie enters the
flue, to l on fire, and on examination he
found the greater part of the upper jortion
of the building on fire. He gave the
aUnu. slid the lieighlnirs rallied to the
rescue, but too late to save the builJing, a
large porti m of household goods, howe
ver, was saved bv their effort-. The
i I'lii'Miuir. was entirely cansumet.1. Mr.
is hanllv worth knowin?.
Dr. Keyser's office, 167 Liberty street,
Pittsburgh, IV. An essay sent free to all
who order it. Price of Lung Cure, f 1.50,
or f T.50 per lialf dozen.
i- rt ,r t-t u,i.l t L- in tr In iii tn i. . . . -.. u liMvi t ruviiifi
. ... , tk uu. ii an" ' 1 ' . ...u. . 1 ..r a I...-.! r L ' ti : r nun sin.l find -
tiomrnrl Aeademy.
The second month of school closed on
Friday December 13th. Number of pu
pils on list 4'J ; average attendance 32. The
arrival of our new organ and curiosity in
duced more of our friends to visit our school
room than cheered us w ith their presence
last month. Fifteen visitors let their pres
ence shine ujxin the rows of eager laces
that welcomed them. However, but one
director and but one parent were union g
the number.
During the month, we have finished
pnisody in grammar and reviewed etyuiol-oiy.U-sides
passing "Bingen on the
Hliine." We have juid particular atten
tion to punctuation and tlie use of capital
letters. In history we have leeoine famil
iar with the period of settlements the
French and Indian war, and are now
deeply interested in the exploits of the
heroes of '76. In our geographical tours
through tlie states and
Ei.tmin 5 is i K, of Siimnicrhiil town-Hillii-rirht
haad torn olfbva thresh-
'"i " " . . . .... . I. TI... r .....
,iDe List MeeK. i ue ami n ain-
a the tlliow. bv a eurireon.
:s hrrn-crnt.
. I.'-
N lioi't. IVmiks !
Si iiool lbtoKS ! !
. ..nnieiit at Miller's Drug 4 TxK'k
AHiUiblt. Hymn lJooks and all
. lihtr.k lJooks.
t .i i. f : i w....i
but recently (inK-hed the payments on his "-mit-ries JS -"--
... &niirij-ii anil arA nmv Tt-,iir n tuil lu'VAtifl
proiiertr. lie lias ouite a tamilv or chil-1 , J : JY.
hen d.-iH n.ling on his daily la!or Sor .up- Atlantic. No Utav has been sjtared to
iiort. He is a iudustrious man. and a "':lke mrked itnproveiuent m selling,
hristain gentleman, and deserves in this Kl'jt lessons have been given and essays
lione." "Camphor," "Indian RuWht,"
"A Business Letter" and "A Letter of In-
calamity a helping sympathy. Ai.7.;i.r j
Anothkk Township 1Ii:a;u Fk-m.-
1 1 litr-pronged buck, on laurel Hill,
hviijiiid, hen dressed, two bun
! a:: l iwe:itM-ii:ht pounds. Uully fr
! v . 'j '( t iir! u rg Trib i M.
ii V"i:r Exri.osioss. (in to V. V
Lviru. Uto.. and buy a Ikix of I'uor
!r-Tt.N V Nos-Exi'LusivE Lamp Iw
1 troduolion." The essays were correHed jsEct,os i. Be it enacted by the Senate
t anil returned to the writers In arithmetic Iind Uow of Representatives of the Com-
and Catharine Trout man. of Imdonderry " "i-; - nin wealth ol rennsyivaina in
. .. . iue nuiiioi 11 v ui uic nauiv, i jiai on me
,-l,een tlow. but the uieinbers of the class third -rilli,v : March, one thousand i-l.t
claim that they thoroughly understand the hundred and seventy-three, in every city
..1.. iir nam J iti .in.l -i'"1 "- ' it 11 il Con ill v 1 a ronimon WC:llt iL. and ill
, in , J" , ' ; ; ..." , , r 1 uljebra to aritlimetiC and the funuameutal ,1.,. ..,;...i i.w;,... ........ ,i.:..i
WClllS lllW?.niS Ol IWO 1 Ul l .1ll Itouillll; , ... . . .. ..... , . . iuu .nuu-u wuuiii w milium, uni
ay. irduio s, still lives with h. r h ,e Imve lK-en rt-ading "Pickwick UiercalUr. in every such city and
UeorWinlTondonderrytp. The ten cldi- . , ..e 1 i.'" Ln..A":r ,f j county, it sliall le the duty of the &,n-c
it, ?nr i.,l... -f-,ir-i i "uuuua..i Jk... vu. ... u- t()ru and iud'es of elections in t!i 1 es
lnnks" to the tune of two thousand two : ",r ' ' V'T.V , and counties to receive tickets either writ-
The German class has 1
and daU'ril ' 001 I" l-! tier t ii uuiiiwei. itariRius
jlers. embleeo. 1 be lateran J eight oltne
children bave' jr.ine to that Ijmrne from
. I.r. i, I n lr..n , . . i . -t-i. 1.
,...""," "r,. '"'.,- VI i " iienee m, u-a, e-r .. ,Uer Uve trell; the relation of
Iter. .
eitizrn of this toi. n. and has lx-en iustaded , , .
a pastor of ths charge of the Ilc'ormed ; v 1
VMU. I u.
He cominenced his labors and his t
twir.1,1 l.n 1.. 1. .. i .:,!.. . uot.iir.
minister, are mucU pleased with hi work j proton nnalyzed the water, and found
in behalf of the uiiicrenl cn-riwation. in lll:l.t U contained invaluable medicinal prop-
., . . i7 a
ii ip ne ia ox in Dor.
ertiei amine of n hicU are lound in very lew
. Aue ounuay ocaow neia in me uiweran ; Thg si,uatiKl in a lovely valley
. . ... i . . . i j u Ninus is Biiuaicu lu a ioeiy vanry.
church will d.e iu present organiwtion j in lhe and ,mi8t fertile part of Soi
on C hristinas eve. The ht.l opened dur-1 rn(ct Count and fa TOrr,nind4 ,,y mun..
uig m utuHiu oi .tiay. turner uie supenn
UsJldcncy of Jonatlian Woy, and lias U-en
m; b.coch ran & co..
," " .?'ef rli?r mrr--
121 JAhvrty titre
Pianos anQ OrpsJ
succcasfully conduded with increasing in
terest to iu close.
The school at this place is taught this
term by Y. 11. Baruhart The school is
large and. not being a graded school isdilii
cult to toauli; tut the experience of Mr.
Barnhart enables him to teach it success
fully. r
Mr. Charles Shank fa nuttini on Oiree
weather boarding front on his house, alid
will undoubcdly put on his house the best
and most lancy tinisb in the village.
Mr. J. Speicher has entirely clianged
his house and it now standi second to none
ia the township. He has gone to heavy
exjH'nse and has Lis house finished in tijv
top style.
Rolicrt B. JSmith has erected a handsome
dwelling for his mother-in-law, Mrs. Hunt-
mid, and he has taken jmssewion of the
iiDiniiM i mansion. ,
fcliantsville has an emglg house some
thing new iu its history. The trouble on
hand now to its owner is that there are
three fcuuilies each claiming the first chance
to move in. . v .
The factory building or Sliank k AValk
cr has been weather boarded and fully lin
ished for the comfort of winter. Work in
abundance and the hands on double duty.
Mr. Henry Sohrock has erected a hand
some shoe shop Albert lioas builder .He
will commence the erection of a house
The warehouses put up by Stull, Schrock
Sc Brant are quite an addition to the burg.
Mr. Samuel Spaugler had the end of one
of his fingers badly and painfully damaged
few days ago, by a cirular saw. Samuel
expresses the hope that the wound will
heal before his wedding day.
David Keller, who was nearly smashed
in the till, by a swing around the sliaJV of
a horse-power, has tully recovered, minus
three fingers has moved to this town and
is welcomed us an old citizen.
Local Option. For the benefit of
many of our readers, w ho will lie called
Um to vote next March, on the question
of local option, and so that they may fully
understand the intention of the law, we
publish the act of the Legislature relating
thereto :
AX ACT Ut permit the voter of tn'n com
tHOHtDcullh locvU tcery 0trt year on
tte qiuftioH nf granting litenst to trt!
.willy and is surrounded by moun-1
tains which abound in mineral resources.
Nature lias particularly favored this spot
and all that . fa now required to have it
rank as a first class watering resort fa the
expenditure of a little money in erecting
the necessary buildings and other improve
ments. Dedford Giiiettt.
y.y j I ne iw.' 01UUIIUUI.J jumu. uui uiteu-
jwo : linn mas cu le i to uiam iiiuis inn in me
hundred and fifteen pounds. The rcsiice- '"" . ,u'"" Un or printed, from the lecal voters ol
live force of cravitv 4 each, accord in- t: u'JSnir '1'"!'" uenuan c ass lias , Silid c.Uicll aad t,inmkfl j., on tne (U,
fiecensu i a f.t'llows : ' I nr"'r.a :,"! t.rt ""d PIear much inur-1 bi(U "accuse." M(j n the inside, "for li
h i the wonder ot the world! ill Ueorgc. Mho lives in Ix.ndonderrMT-T i' .? V . , T cense, "or "against lii-cnse." and to Ucpos-
fiiively prevent your lamps Jrtun ir, iunds ; .Toseph. who holds forth M ! r"- , 7.. ,t ., i T i ' " fciul ueU ln a prtvidtl lor the pur
Fair Hoih". Simersit eiiiintv. iJvl pounds ; " " " " . , . pose by sun! inspectors and
sta o. Jndiaiia, i . .1 T :.V.' : . ... . . W., 'l
iiiv' lanir oi 'Hiu.ii ui itie tituiH: ti iuouiwiii
the mini's ol' iieful men and women. Two
intlnences jiroducc this effect. The first.
iaia inu iestoa u.e pan o. ,.are,..s ; , ,he wufl wf MeT sessions of the ace
th se imd a direct result t the first, a wav-, .,,ntr H..,v .r-ifi .
dence of the bride's father in Alleghe
ny township, Bomerset Co., on the 12th
of December, by the Rev. W. Hupp.
' Mr. Samuel Walker to Misa llenrietti II.
. Ilillegass. . '. . . , -.
DIED. ; '
COLEMAN. On the 15th insL. Alvin
Grant, son of Samuel ami 1. Coleman,
aged 4 years 1 month and 21 days
IIOtSAPPLE On the 13th of Decemlier.
Mr. Jonaihanllulsapple.jiearStoyiitown,
aged 34 years and 28 days.
Mr. Holsappie served in the Union Army
during the rebellion. He belonged to tlie
otxu regiment ol rcnosyivanta olunteers
ana was uonorawy uisciiareed. lie was
also a worthy member of the Stoystown
congregaiitm (iuineran i, and a very re-
spectauie citizen.
"A few aiura (trejrgie here,
A few DKjrr parting o'er,
A few more tolls, a few more tears,
i All ft th&ll wwp ne more :
Then, Omy lVjnl prepare
51 j Kml lor that blest day
Oh, wash me la thy precious blood.
And take my elnsawaT!" '
. -A.iid ZManulact
Hre in rture a full stork of UKAN E STKAM
VUOH MAt HirSKHV, fc, Avx . Hepairliut of
Cavtiov, Kverv penuiiie box of
Iwars the signature of FLEMING
KKOS., Pittsburgh, Pa., and their
private United States Stamp. "Take
no other. "The market is full of imi
Willi tu gloomy attendant, low sulrils. ilriircss
lii. invUunlarr eaiimilunii. ls of srowa. upt rm
torrliwa. ks of power, ulrry bead. Inssol memo
rv, ami tlirraletieil inipoirnne ami inilwrilitT. find
a surereiKii cure in Humphrrrs' liomunjistliic
Sleclne No. Tweniy-fcixht. (Vtnised of (be
mt valustilo miid and intent t 'uralires, they
sirilinat acioe at tkermt of the m.iBi-r. tone ar the
STSiem, arrest the din-hanccs. and lmiart viRor
nd eneriry. lite and TitalitT to the entire mas.
1 bey have rared thonsandsof eases, l'rloe. aiper
packaire of five boxes and a lante 42 vuU. which ia
very important in otisiinate or ol-J eases, or 1 frr
puiKic iwi. rHiiu iit an I'rujrvisT. anu seni ny
m.iil on receipt of price. Address H I'M PH KKVS'
Ilniadway. New York. no. IX
-i'or sale ly E. H. Marshall, Somerset. Pa.
Corrcete.1 weekly liy A- J. CASKBEca A Co.
;ihd your laiuji chimnets fron.
pUii- wa visited by a fearful sn-.iw
. mi "ii alURli.y night ol last w(i-i, lltit
stinui-d to raire violently until Monday
The Iheriuouieter in the Iwicf stu(x
' tlree hours fell twenty degrees and on
-jay morning the mercury rttrntl at l'J--ri
ih-gree below zero.
Os Lrt Wedntxlay, at IcKee Gap, in
.;r county, a butcher named Burr, slip-
-.J mJ rolled do n a ir of ste in lruut
Is h.'Use. As he tumbku headlong a
aul'l f.' Iroiu his hand and in us
nri course struck him in the ne-k,
ventif lii jurular vein. He bled to
r-ath in a ft minutes.
Tbk Beit Congress will stand 1S7 Itc
:':lii5im.ter7 lKliKicrats. Considerably
rt than two-thirds. The Republican
ii'irify ia the last House was only 27,
iiinci net gain if 73. This was rob
tin greatest "tidal wave" known in
. LA'Tx ufour country.
.Tuhn?. who resides in the
' ili'i pounds in his shirt sleeves; Daniel,
! wh'i lives in Kansas 2ii jsmnds ; Adam
win i a resident of the "Smoky City."
Pittsburgh. C4d lumnds ; Sarah and Pollv,
who n-side in this countv, ".'4 and
iitise by said inspectors and judges as
required by law in the case of other tickets
received at said election ; and that the
tickets so received sliall be counted, and a
return of the same niade to the clerk of
NawVwlM.iiv.-erliii"ini'Jtw,.!,a U,e J"1" f VTtv u,
..fa: IVteev. who "11 t"d rtiueuir lhat "Wealth
IMHi. 'I , UUl .IHlHill UI'iilTPUUrHl
ptunds rt speliyily.
Man land, 2Utl poun
in .mis lee n:ivief' in uie i:i:iieniin oni1. i
ley and "gone West," 2M pounds. The i txt Eiioa list.
father weighed 18 pounds and the deceas- j Attkmiance : CarloIU Scull, Xettit
i ed children ranged in weiffht froui ! to , HdUev, Parker KiciuieL Olive Colfroth,
225 I xhi in is each, if ainlmdv t-oi U-at Mamie Scull.
this let him rise and speak
(emtlh i1axis, face, rough skin, pim
v riarwonn, salt rheum, and other cq-
.:i'i affections cured, and thefkin made
K.uni wiiooth. bv using the JrKtrhK
..t aP. made bv Caswell, Hazard 4
it. New York. lie certain to get the .ha
7r Snap, as there are nuiny worth
iaitotions made w ith common tar.
Peter Troufman, son tf .los-idi, weighs
i alxiiit 2111 piMimls. Some time since, he
and his father were out hunting and shot
, a large buck. At the crack ot the rifle the
' buck fell to the ground, and Peter ran up
'to it. supposing it dead, got astride of it
! and was in the act of cutting itsthroat when
it sprung up and attacked him ; he grabld
, it by the horns aud held on to them. Then
j ensued a desjierate struggle. The father
I who was not at this time near enough to
f assist his son, could not shoot the buck for
fear of shiMiling his son too. He hurried
to lhe scene, leelel Lis pn afrt his
i son's Lreast and firml. killing the- buck in
j slantly. He then found that the buck b id
I gored Peter through the thigh, causing a
I very severe and uglv wound, which has
; caused him to keep his U-d ever sim-e.
' Jitdf'ird luqvirtr.
Judtre R.s of Montgomery county re-
, , - . Icentlv defined tlie iiowers and duties of
holv Christmas tiMirning when j . ..t.i.t
ithimaiuii. as uie in in leiauiiii v 1 1 HIT
j fa the same throughout the State, its publi-
Coxui tT : ' Annie Bt nfonl, Bcckic
Kooser, Nellie HelUey, Rujiert Kiiumel,
Jessie Ben ford.
Srr.LUKO : Olive Coffroth, Lucy End
sley. Aunie Iiciiiortl, Mi ra ScIh-11.
Wettiso: Lucy Endsiey, Annie Cea
ford. Sue ScbelL Jhie BenfonL Beckie
Grammar: Parker Kimtnel, Olive Ctif
froth. Beckic Kooser.
' Geogcakuv : Beckie Koosci, Olive
Coffroth, Mamie Scull.1,
HToLr ; Olive C-ofTrolh. Carlotta
SeuiL Lucy En faley, M.nnio Seuli, Beckie
Gebmax: Parker Kimmtl, Olive Cof
froth, Wni. Picking, John Knable.
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? 7' n f", ' The otuW .f caUe fa one ,-ng
'; wl,',1Ve UirJ n1"1 ".U common law large .wers. and vcsteTi
-r.K,a of this orlds pNN. w i 1 not forget , n- if duties ,w Li are
T,; -v'i;r "Pbb"rJ'"f. ?,u.t ' . Important to good order and C.kk1
f..led with love and . ban y n.a,;e v - u
m the hearts and homes if those to . :. .
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ua fUih jovs seldom come. ' ... . . i i .. . i . .
l lirst and eenenJ di tv is to keen the
- . - . .
jt-ace, an l lor mis purjiose,' he may
into cnstoily, ftnn may t-c
I., I. ... ,1...
f . g- I U 111 1 1 "1 A. U lUC Vll.
vijiiTm. hi ciiiiici imwerb iiiuuti wi
Kltstal My Dispatci.
niosrEcr us foil
E received a few day ago from Mr.
su Viek one of his beautifully illuslra
ecn lireak tiien
i hut any act of authority.
Tho of our readers who desire a first
class riaily paper should by all means sub
scrilic for tlie Pittlitirg IKilt Dispatch,
one of the largest, liveliest and cheaix-st
papers in the United Stati-s.- The Dis
rATCH has lieen ctablihed over a quarter
mmittojail, andlof a century; fa iadcpxudent in politk.
mr til houses in dvocaUng always; - those measures
which fa not of! which promise me grettiest iosAit)ie good
'irntw-s. We have knr enioted a . ... ... . . i to the Urtt iMimiiib' numlter : ciy dailv
. . , . , f . i uscii iiicai, uiav oe utw iun unuc o s , . ; " 1 . . w
-ygirden raised lr.wn seeds from Mr. i mJu; v."L,r,. m ,,rM ri, ',-. T ' thirty-six columns of. matkr, emlacing
if n'lrserv, ar.d we heart; v n-cun-1 , . , .,,.,- i.
r oi i.....'f . j i...-ir..i a 1(. bitty st . I L'Uto.i. 1 P,:ac. (om.
".'I i"ir.'i i.i.,-. mil iR-niiui ii mi.,- ....-
- v. st-nrl tn Liiu for seeds and bull, leel
; Assured they can not select from a U t
" t rtiin til or from a nnre tetiijiting
A lit of (.ssoiisMu g.rvlsat B'- mver's
it".iin -sui-. The Ik-s; Meat "C-itters
ikf-worM. fetRia Stuflers Ctial Buek-i-ry
low.) t'nal Shot els Forks
Kniu-s. Slaw Cutters. Horse
hitrts. S t, f LUes, Sh -h Bells M
Khiii J,T an,i Hr,.), Hl(lers S.ap
li'J' kets and Tu!. Pont lain
Ifta Sund, Stone Sii-dgt-s Wire
'AW LL'ies,!;.-Ls, M-p Iiddi-rtt in
X u a:it HI,vthing at all in the
-'-n uiic, roto Bit in ver's Su ire for
j the ljlcnt news by telegraph, tlie most reli
j able market rejKtns the latest cable tele
gnims, the freshest Legislative nes tlie
ipiired by law ; which certificate sliall be
laid before the judges of tlie said court at
lhe first meeting of said court after said
election shall bo held, and sliall be filed
with the other reconU of said court ; and
it shall lie the duty of the mayors of cities,
and sheriffs of counties or of any other
officer, w hose duty it mav be to iH-rform
such service, to jrive due public notice af
1 such special election alove provided for
i.i . i,n ;..,u..r k..i.i;..
tlll.A. l. V-M. iii tivunw mi Him ii hii.iiiii;
the SHUie, anil also three weeks nefore such
elt-ction every third year thereafter : Pro
ridtd. That this att shall not lie construed
to rejieal or atrect any sjxtial law prohibit
ing the sale of intoxicating liquors or pro
hibiting the granting of licenses : Provid
ed, That when tile municipal ami township
elections in any county, city do not occur
on the third Friday in March, the election
provided for in this section sliall be held on
the day fixed for the municipal elections
in said county : And prended further.
That all licenses granted after the first day
of January, one thousand eigld hundred
and seventy -three, sliall cease, determine
and liecouie void on the first ky of April,
one thousand eight hundred nnd seventy
three, if the district for which they shall
be granted determines against the granting
of license ; and the treasurer oUbe proper
county shall then refund to the holder of
such license the moneys so paid therefore,
for which the said treasurers shall lie en
titled to credit in their accounts with the
Sections. That in receiving and connt
ing, and in making ret urns of the votes cast,
the inspectors and judges and clerks of
said election, shall be governed by the laws
of this commonwealth regulating general
elections ; and ail tlie penalties of said elec
tion l.iws are hereby extended to, and shall
apply to the voters insjicctors judges and
clerks voting at and in attendance npon
the elections held under the proviaiuci of
this act
Skctiok S. Whenever, by the returns
of elections in any city or county afore
said, it shall &p))car there fa a majority
against license, it shall not I e law ful for
latest v oiijrressionai repons. me luiiest 10- joiv court or Umrd of licunsc commission
cal rejtons w ith all the news by until, in- -rs to issue any license for the sale of spir
i ut his ov. u peril ! eluding the most interesting personal and i; jius vinous mart or other intoxicating
i 1 f there fa a reasonable ground 1 or us i
cin he may arrest without Warrant, and
bold the otteiider for examination : but his
'action in this regard fa
for he mav not make arrest unh-s Uie facts I Ph;.l items lud Ulegraihie market re li,uors or any admixture themj; in said
and circuiustiiH-es would justify a prudent ! I",rts ,r",n !"'' 'f iinpi'rtanee. east I t-ily or county, at any time thereafter, until
. . .1 .. rt nn.l l1,. .... 1 1 v . T u .... 1 . . . : 1 .1
man in assuming tiiat the gpninils ol suspi- j " "- "i io a.. at an election as ainive prut itieti a majnuiy
cion were reasonable that fa, cxhitiited I tenainiug aim insiriicine eiutraeier, n is
probable cause to believe that a felon v had 1 "!e (My ,x:i. TV-r in 11k-U-cn
omuuilUd. 3 W. ii S., a. W. ." i outside o Phiiadeljihia, us daily cd -
1 Lie lata lurtacr 4Kwer la arrest, without I " U iaf '' considerably over M.OO).
warrant, lor a breach of the tice tMiiimit, ! """J "" "'Z 'vt'r-T da-V ,K'!n.1;
ted in his presence: after he has 1!liUle j aiiocn to us lists, i cms per .t ear to iiuu
Apples, itrird. fl IK
AppleliUIK-r. f
riulier. Y I.
iiurkwheat. V tusliel
Ilerswax. fi
Haeon. shuaMers. "
- fides. -
Corn. Tp buph t.
(V.rn meal 'f .
t .an bk: .s, f ai. ........
Karirs, dox
Vlut. sr1 Idd
flaxsee I fl Ihl, (j t).
Inl, 1,
Leather, red sole, I..
" kip,
Oats, ha
PotaUirs, hn
Peaehes. dried, '
Kt y l.n ,
h'asts. V ft ,
Salt, No. L ? bid
Asht.. ,
Sny-ir, yilunf A.,.,
Tallow. V
W hert. i t
wool, y
4U-i 50
si oo
..... ..0c
1 00
10 50
l S3
12 V
'. Tuc
, 1 Oil
b tie Eictty-SerenLli Year of j
With Inrrt'iMd Fitrilitfo, Ditrr mi 'nation
and UfH'Urcrt, la Make ihU 1m ug
Kttablixhed Jurrnul ir
More Welcome Visitant
Than Ever t (he Business Places and
Heme ef the People, the
Enters upon a nw year, which it will be the aim
f in proprietors to make the brightest an J most
oclul in Us hi-dory.
Increasinir tmsinr ss la all its departments has
recently made additions an 1 lmprotcmenis noees
saryln lis mechanical arrancmcnta, n that bow
The Gazette fa the Largest Dally Paper
Printed in Pennsylvania.
With this bis eome added efficiency to Its editori
al, commercial and news depm.linent, fully keep,
init it abreas'. witn the irreat joarnals of the coun
try in all the essenuaLs of aa interesting and la
st ni -tire newspaper.
Its Ucueral Purpose.
This will 1 iu taleliiirmtfr discuss all put lie
qacsuuns irom pricree:v f uni Ipuinu it will
lllrc a n.f euiiKhtcned support to the or
yiuiizatiott, prludples and represrutailves ol the
lieiutilkau I'artt , as the vest means of msinlain
iiK umiiotul nnity and the eqtul rights of all ua
der the Coniiiiuiiuo. Tue iiaxetle doc not le
lieve the million ol thai iarty accouiidished. with
lhe eneoess of its KTeat elemental principles. nr
lhat it ruoulj hoaUowad m fall Into the drf-rot uf
Jiuliticai decay, or made a mure machine lor per
sonal promotion. It has other and higher duties,
in tosirriiiK an exalted Pairiolutin. prouolini( I'ni
rersal Education, makina; LVuom and r'sleliiy
the WaUhworia of lne public service. Slate and
Natlnal, and advancinic all Political and Social
Piofrress baaed on the theory oi t belt rean test aoul
to lue icreaiest numbers, iiilievuiit titat all need
ful Itclonns are pussilde within the Itepuhlicaa
Party, the Gaieu will seek to promote them
llicrcin, ralher tlian errata schitas ami disors-ini-aation:
but to be efleclite in tliis respect, it will
bnkl itself free Iu criticise awl ooudcniu where cen
sure is demanded by the iulerestsof the party of
lhe people. Independent of cliques, Unulersiiip or
oomhinalions, U will asfiire to represent aad ait
vise its aral constituency with frankness and
booesty. 1
IUXcwn Department. 1
In resiwrt to lhe early ladi.nllon of News, the
G let to will have increased aitrsnbises (luring
tlie year. The lik.lie Is now rm-in-lcd by the Tcl
esrra.h. and lis mrni hers hip ot tha great Press
AHSirialim eT oouiniiia; liitellirre fruiaeverr
quarter of the WiirM. places the .itctte on an
equality with the .Mclrepr.htin journals of Ibis
cowntry an l r.nmtie. Its t v.mmcrvuil n nons.
Dome ami aiiru,i. are nme.i tor men- a-caracr aiKl
aliftilote freolnm from rpe-ulatlve innuen-es. u
LVicr.l lnieilia-ence is at hered by a ourps ol active
ana rename reporters, secunnw to our readers lhe
nrst news oi most important Home Lrrata. Pur
invtheaessions of (Vaurress. and the Lmtishunre
and Constitutional (Vairrntlon of Pennsylvanis
Special Oorrrstamdenu at Washiiar.iaa,ilarris
bara; and Philadelphia will srap la attractive
kirrn the sullent feature of their pruceedimr.
The hiabest aim of Journalism is now the speedy
ana eurrec iransmissioa oi news in all its imperii
ant details. The Crazette accepts this as the only
iimu in ua enterprise.
urerH' Suij)lies,
all kinds promptly attended to.
The Country' Gentleman.
Vol rime for 173.
TmEf'ri.TivaT.uiaiOirxTBr r,Trrii. f-ir
the jiast lorty years, has rankoil, A hi Ibis conn- I
try ami ahrosif. as th Standard Journal of Amer
ican Airrkullure. The Editors anl pririetors,
in wtditioo to their own rsonal bilxj-ii. are rra-o-larl
assisted by a very ianre numlier of Siwi .1
ttorresisindents ami Itoatriiiutors, iimmj )
PITTS ilunon,
YnT IU! III a-at s w - w s trim H t.
- i
Valuable Real
Brrinu? of aa ar b-rtof .l m..-.. h, 0.-...
Ih-M, Cotrt ol Somerset 0ou.1t , fm.. t as t't
! !. we wilU-ll by fMMIr oau rr, onthprvfeises
iiaSuamitsmt A.irluier.tira'ajhips.on '
Thursday, Docember, 2G, "72,
The 4l .wmj;ri1ui4c ml '.:Ie the p.
erty ef Mfiru.-I Ui'tn-r. ,iT
NO. 1
' i, ' 1 1 -lJ hi tw pari. M t
; IMS inler- w .4 Die ea:e. tsm jartof uSTacre. .
, wi a u areerweteaa tmrxelwo-n-a-r dweliins boose
j new siiruijt h' ose, iarze barn, stable wi other oat
I buildlna. 114 are f wKi-h am clear, ami w
: ai re in meadow; oa the bale) there hi jex!
! ttin'irr. with a larys or-harl of apple. pemr. peacii
al rhcrry trees, that pm! tme fruit- The
. - m " aujaesi sia-e of canivs'i..
anv. 20.
... aere..'al! clear, imrt brlm. jj,re
1STO. 2.
whom are Included many Lead inz AirrirtiUurlsta. I
In all parts of iImi Country. Last su I Weso-aiid i RanatolDh. a.i Utrawzas taualy, X. Y.
by over ore hundred Occasional ami Voluntary
Writers, directly in the ranks of the Krst Fanners
and HolticulturistJ of nearly every Slate iaths
t nli. With the co-ojN-rati-rn of so lantc a corps
of practical men, this Joaraal is Intended lo pos
sess exccptktal value as the chosen Medlnraof
Iiiteroomnitniication anions all clashes lntercsUMl
in the Products nnd t'crtility of the Land those
who Cultivate awl those who Consume the Bayer
ami Shifiper, as well as the first owner of the I 'nip
ilreedcrs of Improved Aunaals and their Cus
tomers Mannnlacinrers of Itnpr.iTed Machinery
and those who pnrrhaaa and eueduy it Narsrrv
menand Fruit ltniscrs and. espetuhT, to sufifilr
fuller and b-.tter data as to the jirrress. prospect
au l rHumi of each sucreseive Season, as Uimw-
ine lik'ht upifD one of the most important of ail
questions vt nea lo nay ami wuen to aeii.
The new r liue-halL f w-,rlh l realty i
for oecopaney. This fJoardiur-aehuol for twth sexes j
ha sn ample eniownr-nt, spacious buililins. ex-1
tenslr. jrruund. and ahamlant Sf-hi".! appHMlus.
TlM Winter Term opens lire. X C'ati.kfljues sc-nt
free on appliia-.iii to
KKV. S. T. EnWAHPS. A. M.,
Not. ft. PriiaipaL
r.mtaiu ;i a.-rc. K of which are clear, 10 In
wteadow and the remainder weU tUnlTed with
nniMinir toerc,, ti .
i p'a j" Somn township, f&omersrt cmnty.
f." f '"4d", trf Emannel Uchtv. Wl.l-4
ZZlZl;.it'r . pit"f-nth
r', other withio I.i miles of Mey-
rri Kti"j:Jt'ti'bn'.k. murkj- ithiaii.iof
L.? 4? tT' D'' Ir" '"inpnr. now beimr
worked. These farm, are .nderiaid Wlt. mU are
n UaU,or- ,0 qa-n-il a.
I bimbtrtbsri, Paw.
With awtrile (Jroonds ami eb irint Ilull iinirs. soSf
eod up astaioa asaawtiK aeei attract l
i tituippcd for lhoroui(h educational Wiirk. will open
NO. Q.
Wa!n J aere. anl t siiautel in Larimer
tftwn-hip. In aaid osaaty. ad; daio Ua-.s , A
Herd -y, Keystone Coal Co.. Merih hrt Pitts.
Imr.'h a Connell.ville Rallnavi Co an i ott ers.
(Ute the pn.fierty of Absalom B"r.) 1 jo a r. .,'f
whl' h are rb-ar. 13 acre in meayluw; tie balance
well timbered with pine, oak aw! chestnut; tt
hue fruji tree, ami i aivirrhikl with areolar
limestone an-1 otherminenls. It will be sold as a
wlnde, or lu Irt of atxwi liS acres each ti,
ipor-hisera. These lands are raioshie tor farminx
I porpies.'-and Sit the minerals they cin'-ain. aot
und ar.Il , r . miiisniu aivumi
-i'1 1 wr'l MfTcr, MiU. P.e.ia .iikn. ..... . . .
. -- . - ' " ..... V . ..l.lflT llll.
Tin:-Tint'otSTir Gutluis is publish-! n hndTenu of the next Academic jear S.-ptc:
, when paid "eratn. m.i, xortnrmiars. apply in
uxt. ti. c . r
en wecitiy. tne s.iinwintr terms, when p
strictly in advance; (me ropy, one year, tfi 'M; I
four copies. an 1 an additional ejiv lor the 1
ear free to I he sen ler of he clnb : Ten e"tles, J
tuu, and an ade.itajoal copy fur the year free to the
sender of the c!ut. j
a VSiecimeB csipie free. Address
LL'THEn TUCKER k SON, Publishers,
Aug. 7.
i th,
the t'nited State. .r the Western Ditrict fif
l . : .. 1 1 , i . i
niwjinuu. naitj oaoaxup. un- j
uer ioc ac oi t i;reiis oi aiarrn i. iwi, navtaa;
applied for a disehante from all his debts, and oth
er claims prorable under said act. by order of the
Court, notice is hereby (riven to all creditors who
hare proved their debts and other person interest
ed, to appear on ' 10th day ol January, lrjTX at
10 o'clock a. rs . ucfore S imnel Ilariier. Fj.. Keg
istrrin K'-ei.ruptey. at hi nlttc. Ko. S3 Humil
street. Pi jibanth. lJs., to shtrtr cause. If any they
hare, w.iy a fiisi-hsrxe shld not tie xranted to
the said bankrupt. S. C. SIcCANliLLSS.
dec IS Clerk.
Parlor, Library. Chamber
and Dining Room
Bne pn perty will enM ufsin the ndersizned.wh'e
-' ' aooreas is -H -yerl ale, Somerset Cooatr, Pa.
Ti'le ln lisrTital le.
One-thir i oa confirmation of sale, 10 per cent, of
which Is lo be pii l on day of sale: ths balance in
two ennui annual payments from date of saie. with
out Interest, to be secured bv inJxmeot ua the
premises. "
. A 1m m and Trustees.
By directi. of tha Orphans' Court of S.imeret
county, the subs.Tiber. of Samuel
Kuhlmao, deceased, will sell at public oetTT the
followinit real estate, at the btel ol John PhiUppl,
at Mineral Point. 09
at 1 o'clock, p. ra. A lot of cruwn4 eontainina:
aboat oDe-fourih of an acre, with a two-story new
frame house, stable and other bulldinr thereon
erected, adjoining Philip Wolf erslieracr and ot b
ers. Terms cah 1st April. ten fiereent of
the auti.-uut to be pal I or sevared on itsr of saie.
dee 1 Administrator.
Have en hant the Ursvst a.rt-nent f'f Plain
and FasLkmalde forntTure. wtd.-h tbey will sell as
liiw as any reliable H"Ue in thecouutry. CiU
sod see their exiecs ire Ware K'sra-.", at
97. 3 anl 101 m Ayenns,
Ojipisite lli.ittmjn a Wis Wrhol l's t'f.-'"'.''-' rj.
nor. 20.
Leslie of John Ranch, hue ef Brot hem-alley tp..
Letters testamenUry no the a V ve eate havlnaT
lietn (m.nte.1 to the nndershraed by the pronerau
thonty. noti-e is hereby g-iven to those in ief-tci to
it to make Immediate payment, and those hann
claims airs inn it will present them to the under
siimed I . setilement at the late rh.lence of said
debased. on Frslay. theSth davottsiw uiber 1S72.
t""- Execator.
.VfiP AdiHrtifement.
Estate f WUliara F. Kesler, Lite of Summit tp.,
Letters of administration oa the above estate
bar Inr lieen granted the uvlerBlioied by the prosier
auiuiivii. oin is ncreoy ariven u tnose lnueoieo.
to it to make Immediate payment, ami those nav.
ina: claims air iiut it to 1 resent them to tlie nnder
f trued lor Settlement and allowance, at the late res
idence ol m I .deceased, ta Satarday, February
S I""!
dec 2j - Administrator.
By virtue of a writ of Fieri Facia issned out of
the Court ol Common Picas ot Somerset county.
Pa., and to me directed. I will expose to sale by
pul.lle oalcry. at the Conrt House, in Somerset
Uiroush. on Friiiay, the 17 ih day of January, 178,
at one o'clock P. M. the hiilowinr real estate, vix:
All the rhrht, title. Interest and claim of Elijah
Shockcy. ot, in and to th Mkiwino; described real
estate. Tlx: A certain tract of land situated in
Larimer township. Somerset etiouty. Pa., eontaln
irtg 'iu3 acre, more or ltd, ol which there ar about
loO acrr cleared and about la acre in meadow,
with a two story log dwelling bouse aud a one aad
a naif story frame dwelling nouee; also a log barn
thereon erected, adjoining und of Josiah liitncr,
William llitner and Adam Peerbauirh, with the
aiiorteimaer(. Setxcd a n't taken in execution a
the property of Elijah Shocky at the suilol Oeurge
(leigcr. admiuistraUir of H. B. Crosbr, deceased.
Shcnirsofhce. OLIVER KNtPPEK,
Dec. 2a. 1S72. Sheriff.
In tlie (VmiBoa Pleas of
Somerset ( No. 4. Feb.
Term. 1873.. (Partition
' His nios: rtpiias:ii!e
most nelecteu duty.
such an arrest he may conduct the jterwia
to jail, aud Uie j ulor niust receive him to
' lie detain-d in custody until an cxamina
, lion may lie had lietore tin-U..i''itnae '.iLt
i that examination must lie hud without un
necessarj' relay. S. S. A It., 67.
ana 10 oiler, lu
fa to return to the
''-fr'tiie measuremenL aud faaathorig-, wurt ai eaclt and every sese-ioa all tihensc.
tofe luuney tiiercliir. Prom and the Court has jower to en-
' the Ilia iwi,.r .wrs'ins tiiUn quire, try tir punish. This function uitikta
s ' Guanthle id 01 u-niti- l,tiki,.;s him the iusi-cUr of his Imiliu ick the in-
reui.irit n.- ,".!,.-. 1- funuant ol lhe t'o-irt. aud the means of
rar.genient " ' . represbir.:' crime This 'duty ia lo lie
L . ! jci'lonned uader the SjiH-ti"ti of an
rini w.',t..t - . - - .1 t hiay lie laaiiethL' tasis tl'aU-iic'i
111 2 " V V " IU r ' '-ranl and arret.
iuLi..v I want 1I IISOOS.' f ! . . e , ... y . ...
' '.;!. ,.n,:i .1 r . ! 11 11 Pt'rll,r,ll-'o wttii Ciieiiiv an exam
(" M excellent ouaiitv ran
-iJSal t lnoik, a stent distance s iuih
'' ' It lwt"UL'h. II. Hous.-f't-lt mill
u W 1
i uhecriliers S 0. ir it can be ordered
rtirough agent In any town or village with
in on;- hundred and fifty milesof Pittsburg,
it f:iicen cents r week
To those wfahiug a gissl and reliaMe clty
weekly we wuld recicmnend the Pitts
burs Weelt UisrATcn. one of the hand
somert, ttlic3;e4 and most reliable papers
published.- The Vt" ttsi.v Dispatch gives
ihirty-exx oilunin nt' luutter, printed in
dear large type. 413d fa one of the best, un
it has lung lieen otic of lueciictuxst, if n il
the chea,-, -weeklies in the country. " It
contains all tlie lat -st nevrs f the dav
Piilitiual, catuincrtial and cent ral nj as
family joaraal Is aH txcelic.l by any i.-ap-T
t.::r .n '-".'' inaiwn ot the cunriable a returns wouoJ ut : ia the country.
(W.'n,', " 1 "'e;0.ireiaibrm thecutitof theii.i.ral cositli-1 The Wehri.t Distatch is furnished to
it,e , V f'l,a? ,n ; h,aoi a w-lhc county, and lew o.-fenses w.iuld tlnUlf sabscrUicr at Tl Zii a yttnr.. or ia
ar't stis-V 0r u ini.rc!. itl.111' sir! , , . - .i.T c.. 1.1 . i. ..
ain f.e . . ,. . . C" uni'UUJ.'lt.'a, i j- UMHiwreiuiiiioeai. ?i o raui,
a.. l"-is ui m il i:ie:ii i;aeii, . t. ... ,. ..
IT Ku.. -..1 ' .. ... . . I lucscarcoi
vt w-. . 'im viinexi are 111 ;u inuce. uu soiicimi. ouimnia m.i, n-mn w nuia 11,11 urmy.
ate a r '"l '"j "'iVf? !m , fdrrre tw jrlbrtn th-.-m -r any of theni is . either ia money or by P4ota( Order, buikUng id be pretty lunch like theAran-
with a fret
the club.
pspertothe party ?itin cp
shall vae in favor of license : l'roiidtd.
Thst nothing contained in the provisions
of this act shall prevent the inwiing ef li
cense to druggists for the saie . of litjutira
for Ittcdicirtnl and inanufacuiring iHirunses:
Proridcd, The citizens of the borough of
Lebanon shall vote upon the question 011
the third Friiiay of .March, one thousand
eight hundred and seventy three, ou the
same day and time when the townships of
the county of Lebanon hold their spring
elections. m
ApPitovXii Thdjwenty-serveii'.li day if
March, Anar Uouilui otie Vltvoeatid eight
hundred.anU Bereny-lwo.
Joas V. GiiAitr.
Amjtukk ScxixtEU Riu(iitT. A miner
al s;ring ot valuable medical properties
has lately lieen discovered on the land of
Wjn. liHuiuljert, Esq.. at Summit Mills,
in Soincrset countv. Mr. II. has cnc!il.
an etit trtainlnf, trMtrnctire nnd ascejilaMe p,.j u imtuctU itely erect oanBitaiioBs built:
ings and maKethe necessary itiiirovenients.
A short time ago he had an architect visit
Ui.nd inter vie wed tlie Afuhdali :IIouc;
and the Bedford Springs Hotel, and last
week we were shown a draft of the I-ro-
pied bnildln? to be ereeletl at the .rlefe-
l he s'Ie or lhe
A. J. Col bora
lZenben K a Lehman.
iUanasMS Kuu-hman.
awl the widow and
heirs ol tliristian Laa-
dis deceased.
Bv virtue of an order Issued out of the Conrt ef
limine ilea .it Somerset countv, in theatsire
stateil rase, to mc oirectcl, I will offer lor sale.
tiutdie outcry, at the Court House, in Somerset
tmrouirh. 00 r ri lay, the 17tb day of Januarv. A.
li-Ti, ti folkiwing ULserilicd vaUublrreil rs-t-ne.
U'lwU: A ecrtatu tract d land situate tu
t.lkll; k township, Somsrset county, Pa coulaia
ing iaoS acre, warranlod in the naiaeoi Thoma
C harry.
Turns: One-third of the rmrchase money to lie
aid lu hand, the balance ia two e( annual
psymeuts, silt iuterual. . to be secured by judg
ment Oon-1 oa the premises; ten irent. of tlie
pur-hase money must tie jiaid on day of s-ile.
Slieritl'soHicv, ' OLl EU K.NEPPER.
lire. Zi, ls;i . Sheriff.
Ha now arirenlatlon far In excess of anv nolltlcal
journal publtsbe.1 in Pennsylranlv It 'lemanda
and receive careful supcrrisioa tn at its denart-
ments. lu day of publication Is so arranged ss to
snit all ine maiut irom mis city. Its price is fixed
at a fiirure purjsisely low to attract a Isrge sute
ciption list, making it the Cheapest and Ltrgwt
Pair of it kind in the State.
It Editorial, News. tVmmerciat Riser. Finan
cial. Religious, Agricultural. Scientinc aad Liter
ary Hrpartrocnis will be eumtucteil with the aame
earnest desire to eommaaa tne putillc approbatsai.
which has already been conrptcuiiusly manilested.
ana wnicn etmiesseuiy regams tlie tiareue as the
Sciai organ and most reliable reporter tir the
leading interest of Western Pennsylvania.
TlWftdsrket Report uf lb Weekly Oaxette re
a stamlard authority to Commercial circles thruug h
out tl.fs region. f:s tile are accepted as an au
thority T refereoee in the Couris ol lhe enwMT in
important issues, tn determine the ralinx-s of price
at any giTcn pentsi in aispuie.
fine Tear S 00
Six Months 0U
Three Month 2 at)
Iielivered in any part of the Cities ami adjacent
Boroughs lor li Cents Per Week, p.ty aide to the
Single Oiv. per year ,
t 'lui of Fie, eau-h copy.
Clul-s of 1 en, each eopy . .
...1 SO
.... 1 2i
.... 1 1
And one to the rrttrr no of the names.
Specimen eople furnished eu ajipiicatioa to tin
the proprietors. Address
Comer Sixth Avenue ami Smithficld Street,
K. K, Ct. SoausMk-T, Pa lire. SS. K72.
Nolii-c is herehy itlvcn tun be Stockholders of the
Somerset k Mineral Point ii. U. Cu., than an elec
tion will he hi Id un Munlay, the 13th day of Jan
uary. lfciO. at 1 o chs-k, at the olhce .d the Cotnia
ny, la Sumersrl, fir a Prcskleut ami twelve pit-colors
mi sane fee ie ensuing veer. - --
d25 Socreury. '
layi4 Baylor. : ef Summit towoshln. hsvlni
made a voluntary assignment fur the bene hi ui hi
ere ii tors lu the uniersigned, aa the 17 th lhsceuv
ber. IsT'i, notice Is herey given to all person in
debted lu him to auie immediate payment, aad
those having claims will present them at the resi
lience ol the .li assignee, unSituriay, February
S 1B70. , W.U. 1L HAY,
;eca 1 :.-. ' s .. ! Ausigae.'
liate of Jacob S, Folk, ot Elklick township, de
. . . oeuaed, i . 1 : .
L-tu-rs of aJuiinlslralioa on the abov estate
bavinii been granted to the undersigiied, notice is (
ncretiy givca ui luoac inoeotci wnw maae imme-
, .liutli i,.,mi.nt Sfwl ihiau haTtiarclulm. .trrftiiaf II
a misdemeanor in the oSicc which could i wliieb is tha.-tmfcr' in.iJr. Postmaster re. )cfa, tbouL'h it will fie modi larger, nnd 1 to i-jecit lian duly autcauVid toravuiuaent;
lcIfii.otrx 7, r . 1 1- ' nd 'oald l pun-shed by the Court u;.on ! ceiving aauscribera fr the Uisi-atch, tuh- will accommodate about one hundred guests l )u' 'fi'"1 . " aturday
-i-.i '- ""J -"! wo, oL.n er liti vor urx.r nm alltnonxisl u r, t ...,...i .i.. n . i.:i,i: ,:ii 1 '
- . . h. . .. , l" ".. , , --..&..1, v 1 .1 kii.m 1 1 11; ne. imuuiuc inn
"iiswicuio CaieriUi XV-ariy 1 n. V 1. . t ' I ...e, r- iv.r vent no tvitiliiorl MM 1. it..:.i..j r ., .
iic T-iei.:inic iiw iufci-i-.i i.n , . i., j.... v j...... i as iiiiisiieti in inn? lor tue next siim-
offi. ial ; for wn;le sulsvr.U-r?, or ten per cent, oa j mer. when we have no doubt It will t? fill-
lour c4uj -r-iW-s.- AdtirVttV A tltL S ; 1 viUh tileavnirrf end laedth
, st. 1
ntAV.n tl,-. tv-.i 1 t f
' w ' . tuuriaiailt. tuLi
- It
put "nc-ht"
l se. o bv the I.Jlm
doc r
. ... .... . . 1 . ; t . 1. 1 1 i . .. .1 c 11 . .. . 1 i ....... '
1 siicoi tuc tairiy ruituies J . , i . i . ..i.n .... .... 1 . . . .
coiisul.lcs bhwuld search such public Imus-' Dispatch f Iispatcti Iron Buildifl r, 67
DtJa IWV tlitw nrinti.f
a. : 0 ' !,1,'r,a? e ce.estial . Und . enu-ruiniiig ti- j and 69 Fifth Arena. Kttsbnrf. Pa.
i' i.i - 1 ... 1 1 ,1 ... ' :. 1 . . . .
r ' w.a,..:,, fc .liier .111 i?unuii , ttl voi.iiiei mtiu ui ua- 1 ' .
r-ssuvi "" Te messengers riorc . ,.rw ,.;,;,. 1;,- ri..u uti.tun .n :i
... . " enilcn tin 11, a I... I " v. . . . . . . ... - . . . . -
t , i at various linn, the constable is rnjuiitji l'rain Uie jf idt pemltnt
'-nr ""af-piiea: -lousiskaywi- totaat-jf a Mum witk-r with as to rU4la-r
Naf.sary I trial.
lti' I-mter i b. k- can never enu
Mr. Jolin W. l;in;ler had a narrow cs-
'x Kitn-nrw! ajulnst The"' or S.--h"ng' Lw capt: from death last week, ia the irdaa on
.have txt-n coiuinilted la his buiiiw ick : ; the faTia of P. i. Hay... Mc li. fa in. the
w hether any bastard chiliren lue been , crtir'kir of C'as:K-r WahL Mr. lUv's tenant.
cut, togeiiiur wiiii i'uq H-x, and ; ar.-l wliile hwisening a mss of coal, a por-
born thcri
every tliiecUon,
' Some two or three months since, accom
panied by a unrulier of gejiilomen. from
iiorlford we rfaited Summk Jlilla. 'After
partaking of a very excellent dinner at Mr.
llutnliert's our party started out Xo view
the spring. had nut gone more than
tw o or three hundred j ard whan our pilot
comBiandesf, Intlt ! and we were drawn up
ty Classic-fearing house the tloor was
tifown open ami wttikd inside and around
a reirular out wooden stock-pipe pump
til T ,
Urr Jj, - vu-nrti,!, uaugnier 01 : toe iiarni o: ttw-ir lnoiticrs ; w ut'iiier tiieiv: : tiiin SUJuleniy leu caicuing :i i crusiiiag
'it -...'.It .lt' ''J live about a mile 1 are anv tippiingh that nsBcvntted b;use ! bis f mt horfiblv. -A few days previous a
W tl omR m'1 beanti-, lor the iliettal sale of liquors or licenaed j ins, cd" coal, rot k and earth w eighing aliut w hich made think of our graadfalher's
i-k iS ..' !'n Wu' "noruinj of last : houses thai Vh.laU; tlie ewidiliohs of their , 2t tons fell, at the pltce bail but aldavs. Wlire tetlle fprin'? we inquired.
v.n uu 11 ii-.t ut ana iitiutr lucre urc any t-om- jew innments wiorc ocen w.oaiu w niui a nine increauiousiv. Auotit istsj icei in
S DilteS t. .... .... . . a . -1 , ... , 1 - , , . . ... .- . - . 1 , I . . . ,. ... . ... 1
canu, repiu-fi. oar mra
ub a glass of lhe t lfer-
indeed 1 said wc. Tes
and he went on to say
mr veaas atro several
the peculiar substance
the rocks in the water
believed salt could be
found in the neighborhood, and forthwith
began to bore tor it that when they got
J ... ..... . I . . .1 f 1, 'w ... . '
juaiDtuiti; tieiuii m ois? itti or more,
Ju . , j tne ; mn, iii-ireverncu aiviiQeriy or p.uttuiuuon : would have neen uu eternal 7iTwiiau ue 1 tne nosvitis 01 inc
1 f twiaiTt1 "n i;,e fc,",u'd-' or gauiUiag baasea. The joustalde mu.-i ' not fontutateljr tjonf to auolher part uf the ! man. as he paasod
'""Hi1 a 1 ""J noitwi and raised up , iurtat r reiura. whether la a index boards ; iLlats. j Jtiha amnoimoes bus iuientioa to ' veseicz water. Ah
1 "-iliit . . . ." ,Li00 examination he are placttd stud maintained at Uie junction ! "l.Kik out" Ix-tler hereaPu-r. r i indeed, aaid lie.
' ,j! 0! th. . 1" hiedc a nest in the of naui whtftbcf thero were any breach-1 W'm. Warner made liis aplearanee cn j that, about thirty -f
ktli?t'bej .. 7i,'n ,1r I'Ullod eof liie peatv nt tlto' election, aad the I Mondar last with a flue deer which be j pera-ina who froa
athi "" " ueau oui ana naimw ta Uie on, n k-rw a betht r within broui:hl down a Uw mile from town ; this which coiiecteJ on
L'ri ... . aujdaoi-ntiy a you please, hi knowWdne there was anv w a serin sr fa lhe fourth for him this season: he left; at that point, and
J lame tlmi it ... 1..
.a M.11,
iMatU-I.1 I.. .1...
his comradus Ix-hind him. who bad shot
and wounded several of the herd and mure
I -itM in ..xea.ii. ' "
oi... .1. .H'.
upon Uie elecu'ia, und the names of the
betters, and a.ii,.in. r ........ .,-. ,.!. hik.
Li7i!l,'? ?" PUI ,0 tlr-stal.le. :n the ekrUvii. - -1, 7
V"iBtaii,e , 11 anmodj All these returns hi. tsl be made ur,dttri That our branch road will ba completetl they came un a solid rock or other hard
iJ,iJi it i'e,.'ru"r u nifcing alsKit I on lb, uid if tch ottaux-t exiet imd be hot ! early in the hnrintt apiieani to be a Bged 1 auljsijince w hich thev could not penetrate
t enerpny s now awapiing ; ana were ooucea 10 pve up uie oo that
f the road will become fix -1 water came aliooting np. tlia ortfkr, that
I they put uie wooden atotk in, built Uie
wee. ,n 1 -
, tkai ,.- V1 ,ning.
'" the r. ,7 r'""" W
rrturm-d. lhe constable know inc of their i fact Many new
existence, guilty ot a tiilJemeanor in i lh completion of
ou. J i.r . 'i.i f institutions.
rtv eirtne ef an ofder of sate tsauflw out nf the
Orphans IVmrt ef Somerset county, to me direct,
etl, 1 will offer at peolic ijlcry, ea the premises, oa
at one o'clock of said day. the fallowing real astaae.
rii -. A ceruua bract ol mad aituate lu Jsiiliiie
ereek townahis ndjomtag Jacob iiechler, Jaoob
Bum ate. Atraaaa Walker. Pl.ilipi heirs, et al,
eaitaintag 34 acre. 3 uerrhe aad alkiwawee; tlu
acres clear, t ot whiidi are k meenlow, oa what-h aa
erected a one etory dweiiiag aous and ataole,
There ia a small urvaard of eaxciieau fruit, and a
nevrr-failimx spring uu the prcmlsci. . A very e
iras'le buaae. , .
Isuxs One-thinl ia hand upon doilvery of
deed, balance In lour equal annual payaienta. 10 be
secure liy juJnueat insmI; It tear eeat. of the
hand money to lie paid when the property is knock
ed doera. i't seassioa given na the 1st of April, t
OeeU El-icBtorof Jacob laoguet, dac'iL
C'ommlMrston 9I?rchan(,
And ealcr in Grain.
Grain of all kinds. Flcur, Feed, rUlt, Lime II al
ter, end Cement oa band mi turwirhed at short
Cor. Union Street and B. ItO.jtlL,
Cumberland, Hd.
dec 3a. ...... "
"TH E GALAXY' is about cs near prrferlkia as
anything can be.'' Itiily k- fitlrr, f a Bacca,
No Family Can Afford to do With-
out it.
It jiee mure good nid attraetice reading
ituitter for the woney than (try
oUier periodical or t'xot
puUitKed. . e
Tbe best anl Most Ably Edited Ameri
can Magazine.
The Galaxy
Meets the Want of Every Member of the Family.
Jt contain though' fl mrticlei by our allot
It etmtaint fkctrhtt of life and adcenturt.
Jt hat tcrial ttoriet by our bttt SoneliU.
It hot thort tterie in tarh number.
The new department of Sclentiuc Stlsrcllany ap
pear in each Bamher.
What the leading Papers Saj:
"Flrtt of all in attractiuo we place Tbe GaUxy.
SttmJiri, Chicago.
"well sustain lis r-putation icr vigorons anl
racy writing.' . l.Trifrtui.
rhe Galaxy Is always m in amagasinethan
any, and mere varied tn it ncge than any other.'
iaalrpcadrnf. - .
A model periodical: a crolit lo American pert
odicai literature. Pi(. Press.
There is not a dulijaio bciwen its cover. '.
K. K issr. . t ,
"The variety ft ft eofi'.cwt, their a did weiti,
their briillaace, and their great interest make up a
general character uf great exerticuce fur every
bumher." buiou Peat.
"Always ably euiled, and remarkable tuc the
good judgment displayed iu the selection of current
Uipka lor discuss awl, la this way it quite ecliiees
lli wore conservative, pi rnilt-.. Is ut Usiaj.'V
Botton Journal, Alas. . ,
- W axe inclined u believe that more downright
good literature 1 crowded tictwaea lit covers of
t he Galaxy than aay other American magaslne
can boualot." Catceyo iiavrs.
"Seidwa A Uemjaany faave opeaeU a mitt of ia
terral ia their niagaoaw, The Galaxy, by drawing
to it the eummuiiieauoh ui prominent pubile meu
upon question uf general haerest." a, Pliila.
"Toe reported iucraaee ia the cirvuuuion of The
Galaxy Is hardly tube wondered at, fur it hi cer
tainly ibe best of Ameiioaniagaxtnea." Kxprttt,
butule, K. . . -
"The Galaxy tl one of the fullest, and, taken al
together, richest, of the many monthlies which
hare given (Uch aner-vlable name to our American
msganne literature,'. aueoeySrAeal 1 iatca, Phil
adelpliia. 3iow is tlie Time to Subscribe.
Price 35 cents Per Number.
SubKrhitioa Price, At per year.
The Galaxy will be seat (or the year l:i with
any ua uf ta follow ins; jperkitcul at the price
rtaiaod: With Harper evkly, or eHarper1 Ba
aax, or Appleiuo', Journal, ifi; the teguiar price w
PL Wilt Every Saturday, as; regular price (4.
Witt Our young Folk, t AO; regu,iar pn. 40.
Wlih LltM 44vfaS eW reuwUrjirkei, ill.
Alllnadwar, New Yortx.
By virtue of aa order of sale isnolnir ont of the
Orphans' Court of S wtwt county, pa., tn me di
rected. I will offer at j-u' Us .outcry, in Berlin b"T
ough..n SATURDAY, JANUARY 11, 1S71
at 1 o'cl'K k. on ttr? prcmiss. the following real es
tate, rii: The undivided une-half of Iw.i lots nf
irrouad sitnite in Berlin borough, tik Lots -Vi.
M and s7. adjoining Nurth street un the nort h. al-W-y
on the east, alley on the south, and lot of Hew.
Johnson aud others on the west, op-m whla is
ererte'l a Unnery and Its fixtures in gissicoadltit a.
Tenn? nude kn- wn (in dav of sale.
declS" Adm r of Alex Heffl re.
$250 A MONTH, $250.
Hale or Female,
To mske the shore amonnt selling BKIDrrs
MONNAli. Thills an article of absolute vs
stty with every lady, and pays a lart-e profit. Fur
Circular aad terms address
Pittsburgh Supply C, Plttsbanru. Pa.
dee. IS.
and the very bel business ojusirt unity ever effort
ed. is. to be fiund in an Agem-y fur UkiuK ubM:rip
tiors to
with wkk b is riss away the lare-t aad et
Premium PU-ture ever oiterc-l. the new an texui
r ite ligt .
'calle! ''Pet'). I -ie:l (Ol.sarrapLs
I arc the t-noieeat tin el n-uch Art-.rintin ui
oils the jieriecunn ol t il-chroaio . e ai.n a-ire
tne snpcrii 1J pntr of senuioe f-reneh Oil Cups
mos. - W I DE A t A K E and - AS 1 A.Ll.t-.
sut-jeels Lite-sue cbrti.:!ig fc na.ies of oruri.
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cuiation in the word, it will next year lie maife
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thors. L. M. Alcott, EiJwapl t'rtesum. Harriet
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toTS. Illustrated Holiday NnmNranl back re.
ot iliss Alcott story iree. the iinst lakhiK :
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Chans r like
HAAMS A LIBRECIIT. Eoipir) Map and
Chart Establishment, 107 Liberty street. New
Are made by the Sntnrdr.T Poet and the !
L-tdy s Friend. A Dcautitul t bwio of tbe
Worth .A. is gtvea with the paper ffliteripti.
price 3) or wuh the Xieuinr) pric'eAj Ml. Iki
ntt fa ii to examine into thi alter, it is
AiMress fir pirtieulars. umtiles. Ac. Deacon A I made Dec. M by one asent cllicg
Peters-., 319 Walnut struct, I niladelphia. I HORACE CREELEY AND FAMILY.
tiecis t . . . . . , . . ,
A BHV ruiii il'H. r ' - .ii., vrut i, wail i' w.
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N. Y.
Boston Destruction.
A full, detailed and rraprdr arc unt of the orlfftn,
pnwrress. so tiering, lusse aud iucidentsot the vreU
conllagration. A rare chance fur agents, as everr
persim wants to know the full particulars of ttiis
great duaster. Sent by until for iJ cents.
Philadelphia. pa or Cincinnati. Ohio.
Notice is hereby given that appeals from the iis-
sewment of 1875 will lr held al the Comiuidi -er
s othor. Somerset, lor the several districts of the
comity, as foUows:
For Somerset township. Somerset hnrooth.
Shade, Paint, Cs-nemaugh and Jenner en WediKS
day, the 1st day of January. lsTtt.
FiirUaemaboniBxTtow-iiiihlp. SuysurwnhorouEh.
Stonycreek, Allegheny. Berlin boruuitb. Brothers
yalley townslitp, Larimer township,". ellcrst org
borough. Nortbamploa, Southampton and Green
ville townshijis ou Tbursdsy, tbe ii di T of Janu
ary. IS7S.- ...
For Elkikk township, Salisbury boroogh. Sum
mit township. lale City boroozh. AddiN.'n, Lower
TurkeyfouC. t'rsina buruuirh. Vppey Turkevfoot,
Msldlecreek, New Centn.-ville botutigh, Milford
ami Jeffers-in townships un the 3d dav of January.
ls;a. ,
JacebNeff.ellt. JACOB J. WALTER,
CummissioDcr's oSce, In-e. A
Having neea appniuted auditor bv the Om bans'
Court ui Somerset county, Pa., to distribute the
fund tn the hand ef the administrator of Samuel
t. Kounti. deceased, to- and amonw those lenlbv
entitled thereto. I will attend to tlie duties of saki
appointment at my office ia Somerset. Pa.. i
Wednesday, the iith day of January. 1S7A al Kl
o'clock a m.. when an t w here all persons lotert'st
ed mar attewl.
AH claims prcscntal to the adminlstnttir or lis
attorney priie to I he ath of 11 ay last, were des-.ny.
ed by the are la Somerset on that day. and a.mid
be preseuted, with tbe pnpor proofs, to the imi
tor oa the day of hearing aanoumied above.
-. . r . J.,
tlee H Auditor.
Tue uaderslinoil. afrilttt i! fr the Onham'
Court ef Somerset county, le m ike and report a
dlslriliuilii ol the in tne namiao! tbe a t-
minlstrater of Oemve Tressler. deceased, to and
among those legally entitled thereto, beniy givos
notice that he will alien I tn the duties of bfs ap-
poiutmnit at bis office la Somerset borough, oa
P rii lay, the loth day of January, 1S73, when and
where all persons Interested may attend.
- n. t ca
declS AadUor.
OtmoB os BtTSTaui Tiixrr R. Tb. Op.. 1
BkfcUX.Pa., liee. U, Ti. i
1 ne annual meeting oi me ntoeunoiifers er t re
Huftaio Vallry ii. K. Company will be held at tbe
"Bralller House," ln TSrrlin, Pa., ea the second
Monday, (lath day of January nrit for tbe pur
pose ol electing a President aud six liirertor r
the eusumg year.
- i A. at- KUiXM MJMf,
dee IS . , S--c'y and Treaaurer. I
i ue andecsigneJ au.litor, appointed by the Court
of Common Plea of Somerset eouniv.todistribut
the tuna iu (he hand of the "then a arising from
tin sale ot the real estate of F. B. Long among
those legally entitled I hereto, wfli attend tn th
dalles oi hi appoiauaeut at the Court House, in
the borough of Somerset, on Thursday, the lh d
January, 173, at W o ckiek la the forraoou of sal t
day. . . JOHN K. E1.1E.
uec is jsm ui"..
ACJEN"XS Bow is vonrchaooc!
nnira! im m mil
The enlT book on tbe subject that tells the whole
stiey. ilou't be humhugged with ny other. This
has nearly Sou page. "i.7o full p;Mt- Eua-rav-lnr.AA
Price H 40. Tne proeprctus will sell It
at sight. For brsl rfsoioe ol territory, address at
1. ASHHEAD. 7U Saasum st. I'hiU.. Pa.
AGENTS WANTED t.r the Foot prints of
Satan or the Devil
m History: a new hook: by Cry. Hollis Read. A.
author of "Gud ia History.'' Illustrated trail
desims bv Pore, Nasi of Htinicr's Weekly sal
others. Notliing like it ever botor seen or heard
of. an'l ai-lis at sight.
E. B. TREAT, Publli-her, !So5 Broadway, X. Y.
ts W anted Every w here for
The Mothers' Guide.
This Is the hest ojiportunity now cff'Teil toagents
to canvass be a tiva book. Every Miabcr need
and want it. It sell rapeHy. Experituceii ca
vassers pnsioonce it the best selling rusdtintbe
market. Send lor circular and sec our extra lib
rni terms. Address
Cou.iaeaul Publishing Cot, 4 Bond M N. Y.Citv.
Hr rirtne ef an nnter of .it. t.itn r.n. ..r ...
Orj ban's Court of Somerset Conner. Pa to me di-
m.i.1 T will ,.. i ,
rthe premises, the S'lkiwine valmtble real estate.
hue the property of liavil Spang ler, deeeaseo, ly
ing in Sionycreek township, ou
a certain messuage or tract of land situate in Sto
nycreek township. Somerset eountv. pa contain,
ing 10 acres, more or less, adjoining ubos of lia
vi.i K -ss. Josiah Brant. Noah heller, liavid Rav
man. Jiaiathaa Wey and others, ail cleared and
in a fine state of rultivatka. with a one story
house and staVt! thereon erected, with the appur
tenancea. J,
TEast Fir humtred dollars cash, en eon arm -arusi
of sale, ef which lu0 shall be paid whra
sokL tbe baianee lu one year from date of sale, to
be secured by judirment Bote on the premises. If
there is any part of the purchase monev left when
tbe debt and expenacs are paid, th one-third of
the be lance shall remain a lies npon tbe real es
tate, the interest to be paid annually to tbe wid
ow and at her death the principal to be past to the
dec Administrator aad Trustee.
The rreat discovery for the relief of pain and a
sure and Immediate cure for Rheumatism Chnsj.
le and Acute, Sprains, Sore, Bruises. Chil
blains, Pain in Chest. Back or Limbs, Croup. Stiff
Joints, Strains.' UnaniBUthiD. Neuralgia. Burns
and ScaMs, Bunhais, Erosied Feet, Catarrh, ac.
It has a pieasnnt ami refreshing tab-ran I will not
grease or stsia the most delicate iadaV. which
make If Luxury in everr family. Pru-e 25 cents
per bottle. For sale by a li dru?tnsts.
REUBEN HOYT, Fnm-, 2UGreexiwkti st., N. Y
f Jam Rtoyg:
Double Elerateil Oven. Wartr.hi t'hael. Bp.UIng
Djoc, Fender Goani. Dumpins; a Shakisg Grate.
Pireet Draft. Ft LLER, W ARREN ktU,a
Valer Street. New Yura.
There as a PILE of money in it. The people ev
ery where are EAGER tu buy the authentic his
tory ef
jtivingstone'-H ii;1T
year ta Africa, with account of the STANLEY
EXPEDITION. Ovtr Mo par . uf'J Al tu. i
selling beeond paralleL.
CAUTiuN. Beware ef Inferior works. Thin
is tbe only complete and reliable work. Send for
circulars. ane "e proof and great success azenls
arebavrng. A'Uir.-e lit BilAllD Bktntv, Pui
Set arete rironoeala will be reeeivedat the Com-
misitMr'e effic up tu tbe 1st day uf January,
1170, to fumisn the Court House and Jail with
au. wood, aad kiadlirot vroed Kir the eaauineyear.
eummetuang oa tlie 1st day of January, lsti, aai
ending on the lt tlay 01 January, 1ST.
. By uracr ot tne Duam ui twjmissmuers. -
ueeW - Clerk. '
(Tito tkSO m- ntTa. ev.-rvwr.ere, msle n.T fe
male, to wueuure the G EN t IN E IMPROVED
CHINE. This machine will stiteh. hem. fell, tucg,
quill, surd, bin I, braid aad emieteaer ia a most
superior manner. Price only Fully Uoene
and warranted for See year. W e will y d.euv
for a.ny uiachin thai wul sew a stnugcc, -
brautttui. or more elastic aram-.lwui ours. It make
the - Elastic Lock Sutra." Every sound Kitck
ran be out, and still the ctoth cannot be pulled
apart without tearing it. Wc payagents from (75
to t!0u per month and expense, or a eommtasic
from which twice that snwuril eaabemaiie. A-s-
idreasSEltO.uB ACU.. Bosu, Maa.; Pittsburg,
l a. Can-ago 11L, or SU Louis, jin.
Aiiuointed by the Orphans' tVwtt of Somerset
county, an motiou of W. H. Kuwait, Es- au. liter
to distribute tne iunn in tne nanus ol .viosvs .
Horn. Esq- admintstraurr uf the estate at Uorace
Ludlagtou, deeeesed, lo and amongst those enti
tled thereto, I will attend to said duty at the office
of W. H. Kooaia, Esq., e Friday, lb link day ef
. it. r-OT5ii.t.iiir Ail r.
declS ; ... AuOilor.
Cheap Farms! Free rrDines!
fn the tine of tbe VXTfTX PACIFIC? RA IL
ROA1X LXOua.urJO acre et tbe kest Farmine; aad
Mineral Lamls in America.
.iw.m acres ta N ebntka, tn the Platte A alley,
for Grain grow la al RaUuig ansurpajsad
by anr in the United State.
Cheaper as Price, more fkronltie term given,
and more convenient to market than eau be found
rre liana eetraui tier Aetaal Met 1 1 era
Th heat location kr Colonic Solditr entitled
to a Hianesiead of 100 acres.
Seed fur the new lleerrrptlv Pamrttilet, with
sew rasps. pubUahed ia Lugllaa, Garmaa, Swed
ish and lhuiish, mailed free everywhere,
Addreat, .Ik . DAVIS.
Land Cum r U. V. B- . Ctt, Otmsha, Neb.
Th un.!erimed efrrshis farts at private sale,
situated fi ur mnes uaeiheaat of Ligouier. tn Llg
onier towa.hip, Westuv reland coosiir, pa.
Containing 108 Acres,
Atom TO acres cleared, 2J acre ia good meadow,
sll w,-n watered and has the best of ttmher on l.
F.- further particulars call on Co. .MrFkriand,
ir or tar u.iueri'iirncn on in
Oldest ta the Stale.
116 Smithfield St, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Cotle-t Pensions, B, unties, rriie Xoner. Ac
Sieeial at tent ion paid ta suspended aad rejected
claims. Ajiplrealioii by mail attended to as if
made In per a. ep. jj.
Estate of Goorge llostollcr. late of Stonycreek tpt,
Letter testamentary ua the above estate harlng
been zrantoi to the undersiirned by the prtiper as-,
taority. notice is hereby riven to those iniiehted to"
it to mak immctiate "payment, and these having
claims atrtiinst It to present them duly authenti
cated Ut o:lmerit at the late resfcleeee of the
deeeased, on Saturosv, Jnnnary nth. IfTl
dec Execator.
"The Olileft and Bet f the Ecler tics."
With the number Tor January, the ECLECTIC
enters upwn Us twenty-ninth year. It rieans the
choicest artirtrs from the entire field of foreigu pa
raaiieat literature, and a tier
The best T5SATS.
The best REVIEWS.
The ben NOVTXS.
The belt POEMS. ' ' ,
The aim of the FXLECTIC 1 to b Instructive
witbeut being eull, and entertaining without be
ing trivial. Reader w ho eek mstruetioa as well
as amnsemeat sheuld give at trial. Terms. $ a
ear; Single Ci-c-i'-s. S ceota Liberal terms us
club. The EX LECTIO will be sent wilA any
ether ptriodical al lowest club rate. Addresa,
i - F. K. P ELTON. PublUher. '
Ucfll lot Fultua Street, N rw York.
Estate uf Iae Time, f Lew Tarkeyiuut Tp.,
Lei ten ef admrnlstraiiaa oa the above estate hav
ing been granted the undersigned by the proper aa-
'7 gives 10 tnvee umeMea to
TJavmesM. sad those hava-x
riaims against u 10 present tnrm. euiy autneolk
ted. ee srulevnent lo thulersiiraed.atthhe
of Ailrod X. Tifene, la said tp, ea aatarday, Jan
uary Uta. lO..
dec A Administrator.
thorlty, notice i hereby
tt to make immediate pa
lte ef Haas Helnrk-h Merle, late of QBeaaa.
honing tp deceaaed.
Lr-tter of admlalstrttiiai ea the above estate
having been granted to the undersigned, notice la
neret.v riven to those hnieOtert to It to axake imnva.
diate payment, ami thiae having claim again tt,
to present them, duly authemicmied for settlement,
at the late rraidetx of said deceased, oa Saturday,
det Administrator.
Esiei ef Sol men. P. Huroer, tale of Jenner tp.
: eoeeased.
I Letters of i!m tnlstration on the aboes estate ha-
Came treaspasstr-.g ua the 'premise of th sub-1 mg been granted to the undersigned, Botic le here-
scriber. In 1'aint lowtisbip, a-me time in October t by given to IDose UKtet'teil to make immediate pay-
bali. ahvut two Ami a aau I meat, a on too. ninv miei stuns 11 wiu prs-
1 ne un derriirned au'lttor. annolnled by tneCourt
ta distribute the rand In the hand uf John Bel-
secker, trustee for tbe sale of tbe real estate of
Haniy Betx, deeessed, will attend to the ihnies of
his aaid aoiHMnlmcnt at hut utace to Staaenet. Pa..
in Thnisiav. the uih dav uf Janaarv. 1X73. at 111
o'clock a m, whraaad where all panic Interest- j will please come forward, pay charp-s. prove prop-! late residence of aaid dveeaani, ua Friday, Jaua-
4 can atceua. i erty, aad lane aim awsjvr n wiii o suru ecsovw-
T. I. KOO-JER, lug to law. .
deem, Aadiua-. deU A. W. LIVINGSTON.
a dark bnadl ball.
year old. without any mark oa him.
The owner
scal theiu. duly ablttaotwated for aauismeui at Ike
ary lTth, lsri
i :
-. i
i -. .