The Somerset herald. (Somerset, Pa.) 1870-1936, December 11, 1872, Image 1

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Ins S:n:r:ct Herald i
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i he name the ,
! t-r.
.arc. Adtrvk"
-.jmerset Printing Company.
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i i M . L '' s;lue l-racl
' ' and mro-unlm;
1 r':i' oic" i.S !r"
,. k,..r- ATTORNEY AT
I i lAV V l a "ill eive l""l "-:
.. .-a J,-J t. biMtaiirr-
ii i-tl.
ii i v KK tcn-'-m w I"""--
. , -It. iViln-ih tut
Jchn P. Blyxayer
Ha re-.teued bis Mure a
- Few Doors Above the Old Stand,
lair in Nitwnxi u
, li in t! Kw-urUcr utuce.
, I. a.
ATTii- r-l a i
ItdKC iu re.i-nee vi
an:. U-ly.
AnJ offer to bi mtx.mcn an l frkiKlf a full Un
M frk.i at tlic rrv ttjwevt itrkvA,
Hardware of Every Description,
,u " i , to bt ore witfc
. . ... 'u-'1" auz. llv.
uij f'' 'J-
Lv ;!,:ToJu1;:. ah !!
kIv atuu i-i
! J (HI N S T O W X. P E X X A .
l n il IiraRnrcutlalle In all jrtofth t'nl
, tf.1 SItc aikl Caiuulan. ami In Forrtirn ontrt?.
! Hot tfciM. CVMinma and tiintt UkU at
I hucta-M luarcrt prim. Ivaa nvwr on amTrtl
urtty. Inn and CImk L na cthrr tanks fa n
! rL Mooey rwi txl on dcU -a rUt oa dvmaail
! IntereM at the rate of Si per cent, per
Annum hi! on Tune Dt poit.
! KvrrrtMne la th. Itanklni Line rearircf our
mmiift aiientlua.
Thankful tu our frimlf nl cntmT fur thflr
uit patnoure, ullett a wotinaanr. m the
A!n. ani tiivit tfthcrs wan hare lw!ni in uvr
Iiik tu rlrt a a IrUL anirinr mil. that we hll at
all timet lo all v can to irie entire utif lacti.
Feb a Te JOHN 1'lUKbT fc Ct l.
T."!,1li!Ii..'-. 'l t "J lrvoreJ to do
: '. h .!. hliuie. r.-coiatina-.ei-
n mi .-
wl tvtb
All n-rati Jar
june 7, "Tw-
. i -tti i:N KY AT L V V. S M
! a. " "' '.. ' ...l. .we.l cllt-ctim
..a MainrtlveU
l t.. allt'Uiw eo--t
an-1 'lt"ni ""
itMi-.v. av in;irl
l.-t.. IV u ly.
Mootloii Ware of All ItindM,
AB'l eri rj thing l ki-iii(C to the Lamp tra.!e.
Thi Krmri ha -n in n.e over firrafe yeari.
i and ha cureJthiNinuf rf eaM. eunMiierwl lnra
' raMe by tbe rlemi.. It lia o. failed in a ia-
jfle eaue to ive relM if n4 entirely eure.
! It It 4tlirol.-.rly rnmroWl in the follow in
, tlotiii.Uuiu:
'."nll. J.n.ll-t.
wll kn'wn ii"-i m
hi? i:iuuii-,n i i
illicivenatlfiinti"1 1
: . u ii
In anr di-ran-rment of the Bl9od. la all dt
preuiiar to KnuUt it i a rare aaJ &rrrm?a Hem-
! In H.Tt. It hrtnK a krmtiy amine tlin-osh tbe
( irrJuftm Mr Mood tm all tbe imunrtant or
mni and emuw-tortrt ul the lly. It a ill cure al
Ba4 any eurai4e tlbeaje.
J Foralebr MEYERS It AN A WALT. Berlta.
' Ia and by dealer in Family JtfeJirtnra erery-
' aht-re.
i 4.
itertoGrrat Britain, -when
Wasuixuto.v, I). C, DcwmWr 2.
To the Senate and Ilmse of Rrprc
xrHlaticet :
In transmitting to you tLis, my
fourth annual message, it is with
tliankfulucss to the Giver of all (rood,
that as a nation wc hare been blessed
for the past year with peace at home,
leace abroad, and a general prosperi
ty, vouchsafed to but few people
tbe con-i been dulr wodaimed.
! struction now pronounced unfounded
i was Gist advanced, aad m the ajent
and representative of the Govcrniiieat
to pres4nt the case and to receive the
award, he has leen Associated with
the question in all of .its phases, and
at every Btaire has manifested a patri
otic zeal aim earncsule in tbe main
tenance of tbe tlainv of tbe United
States ; he is cnt.Ucd'to much credit
for the success which has attended
Congress, at I recognition of right, and was bailed
lU last nession, having matte an ap- jas tucn and exiiibited a barniony
propriation to defrav the cxpeascs of; with the sentiments of humanity and
the Commissioners on. the part of the justice, and a sympathy with the
United States to the International jotherpowers of the Christian an civil
Statistical Congress at SL Peters-.ized world. Withhi the last few
ll'JiL al . l! ll . 1
v an u.e ccepuon oi ine receni ue- j , Lt. suumiS!,ion. ,
vasiaung ure, wntt n swept irom i no . Aftor a partia, inre3ttgatioa of the
earth with a lirpnth aa it uvre tiiill-; . r .l J .r t
. .. , -- tease, anu oi me siawmenis oi cacn
ions of accumulated wealth in the j partr Hu MaJesty tfce Emperor, on
City of Loston, there has been no . da f October last, 9irncd
overshadowing calamitv to record.
It is gratifying to note, how like their
fellow citizens of the City of Chicago,
under similar circumstances a year
earlier, the citizens of Boston are
rallying under their misfortunes, and
me prospect mat incir e ucrgy ana cbannei U m0!5t in accordance
H?rse rrauce win oereoiue ail yiia-
cles and i-tiow the same
his award in writing: decreeing that
the claim of the Government of the
United Slates, that the boundary line
between the territories of Her Bri-
Uaaic Majestv and tbe United States
I should be drawn through the Haro
I the true interpretation of the Treatv
prosperity : ....l.,,!.,.! ti. tsj, 0r j ivci
. i . . 1 1,1. i ' '
hwb iuui iney ivouiu, uao uo uu-asier ( oi.jWtfa
tx'lalleu them, otherwise wc have
the Governments of Her
ttrittntiir faioctir aitI f tfi ITiiiti1
i t r. ...,,:i V - .
ueeii tree iroiu jH-Miieiieu, n ur jiju ; a(f.jj ;
ral:iniilic with fiften nvertaVn im-i
tions, and, as far as human judgmeut j
cau ienetrate tlie luture. no cause
seems to exist to threaten our pres
ent jieaec
When Congress adjourned, in
June last, a question had been raised
Copies of the case were presented
ou behalf of each government, and of
the statement on the reply of each,
and a translation of the award, are
transmitted herewith. This award
confirms the United States in their
ibrir ra-t"ln-
JiiHX H 'LL.
t ir r:T- in
,. , t ui. tr.nt. vi-
u,l. J.V-
-j t. a-
I'YX. l'i-i- i
, t1 ivntift. Il-rlin.
i attention t all ra-
, d..r "'e
A lante k I 3
u wii ai Diimiii, nun MU.'iut-n K im-, 1 i r
, . , , ' . . ,' - claim to the important archipelago of
ing, which fur a time senouslv im- , , , . , ., X .r
it i.i ... a i r it islands lying between tbe Continent
perilled th settlement bv fnendlv ar- , ' . , . , . . . ,
I . . . , i and aneouver s Island, which for
bttration of the grave differences N--; , ,., ' . .
... ft . , . . more than twenty-Lx vears, ever
tween this Government and that of . ,:r , ;
i u - u- t. i t. since the ratiucation of the treatv
her Bnttanic Majestv. which, bv tbe I ... . . , , . -
. .. i- i ii with Great Britain, has been coutes
Treatv of ashington. had L-cwn re- , , , , B,,,,- ,
, ,- .. a , , , , .. tea, and leaves us, for the nrst time in
ferrcd to the Tribunal of Arbitration j thc'Li,torv of ,be'rnied States, as a had met at Geneva, in, . wiih of disputetl
erland. The arbitrators, however u mJ
disposed of tbe question, which hati., . - . . ,.
. 1 ,- . A, 1 i , , . . i the possessions of Great lritain on
jeoiiardized the whole of the treatv 1 . . . . r 1 1 .
i ii i.- oiuuiieui. 11 1. in v r.iu.-iui uud
Mil I.KK. after twelve
. , ..ri.-o.-e in Siianknille. na
"; . Ji.1 at SK-n--t b the I-rar-
rl,, ,.i s.ert ''
Tabic Kiiive anl I'orlaH.
V rin t -nulted at all tiun-s '
u...v e.-ifaife-i.
.i-rii-:!y an-"
. . .-y-. 1- I ITV
.rr I a. . ...i
..i;.ilrd act on-."".'
. Itii:cELAIN IJNED KETTLES, a.c, at,;
Iff. OMR'S1
T.ttlHT a ith many artk-lef tu nBtnT to men- j
Ii -n In an aJvertiMiarou He U drtnuined to
n-ll at the rrrv kw-tl rit. Hive biia a ealL i
June li-Ti "
! e
S.H-rrt. Pclini.
fcoOD & JONES,
i T.-urv'. to un
t-'-ja -jl t-ulMin:
nil Lin.i-f nJ
trail-rial. '
For Business Men. f
! la
; ft,
Tbe Reserve Fund Policy."
w:ik iw a imou-FKAMis.
UKAfKETS. fce. j
. ... .,. neratly ! ' 1 ,,ilJ-!
. : .rk.l"t lo.dT.
I lie mrv to eall ami iwe. and be cticvine-
-U ;
aJ- a there are tijo many an fc le ke (ur
and threatened to involve the two na-!
tions in the most unhappy relations
toward each other, in a manner en
tirelv satisfactory to this Government,
to acknowledge the prompt and
s-tontaticoiis action of Her Majesty's
Government in givmg effect to the
burg, the persons appointed in that
character proceeded to their destina
tion and attended the sessions of the
Congress. Their report shall in due
weeks the regulations for carrying
out the law of emancipation have
been announced, giving evidence of
the sincerity of the intention of the
j hire of teamsters, Ac, A.. $'J2I,".V
j. " A Unit t:th)U' lure been -,!-j
let t;d from sifithern r.tilroiuL, during
;the year, hi tin ilnmt i I.immmioi
Mill dm-.
The iiartf-rriia.-.i-r has examined
land transmitted to th accotiting
ofWr, T..r 'tt!eiietit $.J'7,I72 J2 of
taiiu-i l,v loyal eiti.i-ns fr nrter-
ina rs' vtorles takf n during tb war.
i Subr-iftenii aii suj'-ilie- to tfie
; aiitoiiut .f -(MH 12 hre N-en i
i.stied to i h; Indian.-. Th annual
' average main strength of the armv
nas i,ll white, itn.l coloreil
soldiers. The total deaths for the
; year reported were thirty-six white
Y( cytf and Gfty-four colored. "The distri-
' """'btition of the ui.-.liral
BBawaaBBBBBBaa ! surgical history of the
vet to
, , ci , i'"' ordered bv Congress.
v , ' . . , ; There exists an absolute neci-ssitv
auinoruy anu appropriation a.-Kcu - f.
tor to be grantea, care will
to carrv the tjeneficcncc
wuiramw.i. a """""I firty-nii.e vacancies, and the numlxr
essanly or unworthilv liestowe.1. . of tuceCl4lifuI candidates rarelv ex-
expesii- ceeus cignt or ten in anv one vear.
. . , -i luere exisis an aososuie neeessuv
,.t",n 7l'a j for a medical corps of the r.ill number
ill be Uken frtaUillMld br act of CaoimM of
of Congress :Ju, tbefc U()W
season be laid before you. This Con-: present government to carry into tf
gress meets at intervals of about feet the law of 1870. I have not
three years, and has held its session failed to urge the consideration of the
in several of the countries of Europe, j wisdom, the policy and the justiee of
I submit to your consideration the j a more effective system for the aboli
propriety of extending an invitation tion of the great evil which oppresses
to the Congress to hold its next meet- a race, and continues a bloody de
ing in the United States. Tbe cen- structive contest close to our border,
tennial celebration to be held in 187C, as well as the expedience and the jus
would afford an appropriate occasion tice of conceding reforms, tbe propri-
for such a meeting. ic-tv of which is not questioned. lam
deeply impressed with the conviction
that the continuance of slavery is
one of the most active causes of the
continuance of the unhappy condi
tion in Cuba. I regret to believe
that the citizens of the Unifed States,
or those claiming to be such, have
Preparations are making for the
International Exposition to be held
during the next year in Vienna, on a
scale of very great magnitude. The
tendency of these expositions is in the
direction of advanced civilization and
of the elevation of industry and of la
bor, and of the increase of human
happiness, as well as of greater inter
course and good will between nations.
As this Exposition is to be the first
large bodies in Cuba of what is there
claimed as property ami which is for
bidden and denonnced by the laws of
the United States. They are thus,
in defiance of the spirit of our own
laws, contributing to the continuance
The money received and conveyed ; have been carried on with energy and
into the Treasury during the fiscal : economy. Though many are onlv
year which ended June 3D, 172, i partially completed, the "results have
were from custom.. $21 77-! saved to commerce many times the
From sales of public lands, $2,575,- J amount expended. The increase of
l I'J. rrom internal revenue,
irO.C42,177 72. From tax on na
tional bank circulation, etc., $6,523,
396 39. From Pacific rail ay coni
jwinies, $749,861 87. From customs,
lines, etc.,$I, 136,442 34. From fees,
consular, patent land etc., $2,234,035
92. From miscellaneous sources,
$4,412,254 71. Total ordinary re
ceipts, $364,694,229 91. From" pre
mium on sales of coin. $94,412,637!
Total net receipts, $374,106,867
commerce with greater depth of chan
nels, greater security in navigation
and the saving of time, adds millions
to the wealth of the country and in
creases the resources of the Govern
ment. The bridge across the Mis
sissippi Uiver at Hoc k Island has been
completed, and the proper site has
been determined upon for the bridge
at Lacrosse.
The able and exhaustive report
! madp hv thp rnnimuinn krirw-iintivi
Balance in the Treasury. June;, ,ncJt;.t . ,, nnJ !..
w u w w. a- w a tuu Bk la va mi wu, uhj
which will have been held in Last-; 0f this distre ssing and sickening
ern Kurojie, it is believed that Amcr- test. In my last annual message I
can inventors and manufacturers will i referred to this subject, and I aisrain
wirnui i'j avail tiii.iii?vii ra oi luc
ISth, 1871. $109,935,705 59, includ
ing $ 1 8,225 35 received from unavail
able sources. Total available cash,
$44,042,573 15
been submitted to Congress.
The observations and reports of
the Signal Office have been continued.
Stations have been maintained at
l he net expenditures by warrants , ejK.n of tlC prim-ipa! hike, seaport
during the same period were: for aa,i Tlvt,r citle!, Ten additional
civil expenses, $16,lS9.059 20. For Nations have been established in the
foreijrn intercourse. $1,839,369 14. I'nitwl Stta n.l Qreano.cma.nta
j Indians, $7,061,72 82. Pension, haVe been made for an exchan?e of
J2H.5.3.4()2 76. For ttiilitarv rstab.l..., ..:i. p i- i
1. , . , i ' ' . . i cirfi t.- nim suBtia, autj m similar
, . r ' . . --a- . I ii.-iiun.uirt, iuciuuiuz loriiiicaiiou?, ; (.vphanov nf oh4rvt nn U
ounoriunitv lor ine iiri'Si-ntainni oi lu
... . , "vi""r''""-i"'"u"i river ana naroor unprovments ana , nljtil with th- WW
their prouuctions. u eneourairea bv 1 irrinr it loxt m ii;
'-7 , flrmallM w .-a.l -k k f l.ll ' I I TUT II 11 V SI I
projeraia ana protection. At itio iat iea citizens from hoklin-? or dealm-f r.wti,KwiKn,nf4 vU fln.r becommexdations or the sccbetaet
session of Conzres-s. autboritv waslin l;rf I;
a . r Allam Ll 1 11 V I V Bil'l lllll'l U t lUt. ilt AL 1IU I : IVUbU
given lor the appotntaient or one or iVar,t, i-iMiqmQi f..p n.i-L: . . "
more agents to represent this Govern- xu i, " v; . ..iiTa. i . Tti j Tue avorable attention of Con-
. c , . . , , i . . ., . , , i laneous, civil inciedmg public build . . .. . . ,
meut at the Exposition. The author- j It is gratifying to-annouce that thei ,;,it ho'usos anj CoHt.ctin the gre3d lnvite,, to t!e following rec
ity thus given has been exercised, but ratification of the Convention, con- I .. i.,,Vomo t. . , omincndations of the Secretary of
i.t. ....t.i: .V.i..' i i -.-v-jn, -. ' " ar
, IUC LPUillC Ut Ul. fill ,'JJ t ,.Jt7 t
Total exclusive of principal and pre-
A discontinuance of the ap-
in accordance with the vrews ana ; , .. . m , r. ,
,. i i ', i a : frui'i this GovernmeBt : and that, Ix;
the iKlicv which it had maintained. , ; k r:, ,k,,
,- i , , i .! fore the reception in the L niU d States
i ue triouna. w men nan ruu.cun. -t , q g. by y
Geneva m Decen.Wr concludea t ,1(r Majmv bad iMtruAion
lalxnoas session on trie I4th dav of, r 4. ' m! 4,
Mpten.ber last, on which day having; 8tatioaed there, and for the
availed itself of Le discretionary tioa of M exerei or daim of
poergneuxou n u,e im. , . juriction, l0 e,Ve the United
aaru a sun. , pruss. u, u .i. u- b exclusive possession of
ra nL.rohl' t WOf.lawl till- Glim fit K
v.,. I'""-' the latelv disputed territory-. I am
fifteen millions five homed thouMnd . . .Ue .nnocc that
dollars ,n gold as the. f'" ? to le,- fop the.WIU0T., of thc
paid by Great Britain to the i ni ted t have cwcuted aml that
aMates, for the satisfaction of all the g . ftQ1
claims reft-rr to Us consideration q fc j auJ he
l u.s ueetMou .,.,... - R)W -B ajJ0 eleculive I09.
session of the United States. It now
Ion? standini difference between the
. k " i ; a:-
iwo ,t,overnments, anu, .u - .-c -u u necessary to complete the another award made by the I .qq
German Emjjeror, under reference -f linc throUgh the by the same treaty leaves Uro CLannelf upo wbidl theCom-
thitcn ttfrt fli-.n! in montw Wit limit H i ..I.
1 J ' r-V- I vj a uaa. iit- r- . w
..U. ak- f.!a.JI.,l.liMlll"K(1011.
which it is mv sincere hone may
which determined tbe re
maining part of thl'ne, wercnnable
i - : .a. m Mun i romwur Ami rn nnninT.
lorever remain eqnauy uneiou.ieu. - f Commi on 4Ct w- a. tminiraon. it is pariicuinriy uesi
XLfejenort.of thent to the United j ff t ""-1 tbat nothin hould K kft
' ITointed torattend theTleneva , MajesVv for that purpose,
nal accompanied by the pro- K dimJculties attendin the
of our admittetl
line of
ilOiilla JONES.
ll:F.KT,S0Mi:i:SET, I A
;.-:-i i.. maiiaU.-tare :ll Win.!
;TouiiOy atu-n-l to
.-.:.. r.EM MATERIAL wiU he aw!
s &i rbuawnstitan.
Si chit Special Protection U
so.MKK.sirr iioisk,
SoaECKirr. rx.
Jaly 17 A. W. KNEI'PER.
' a
i oa
Every Policy Holder.;
A. H. Franciscus & Co.,
,be Uten aaJ a ! Z&2?SJX,
are thlrtv fire year :
kribfte Fna.1 rutit-r" at ur-
mrucTni t ttLBio ia
:tist possible pkices.
'71 iui.
tfinjarr lilt rale. t
I me Wuuaal payment -ill Uire yw 2 year, al COTTON YA HXS, BATTS, WICK,
Two annul payment will inare yuw year ; mm m
''Tbree'aiioaal paymctiu will Inmre yoa yean I WIIIC 3 HQ KOpCS,
anl -J7 data. i
ie animal paymrnu will inaare jam 10 yean ; LOOKING CI.ASSL, CLOCKS, PASCT BASKETS
aa-l Oar.
Six annual paTmeaU will iarare yu Ujcarf,
and 1. day.
I'lurtrt li'ltel.)
PiTTsmuiiii, Pa.,
rtr nf GjiTwarr- and Maunfac
tnn r f (;laare.
" ::ki; ifi-iafiHl t Hi.ittilrc ill
1 i ! ur.t a fiii'iil:" of c-1'!T and ira
'!. -n i all Varlf ot
Ioum- rurilivllillar CiOOtlt '. Yaothee tbe funnany. 71
This Protection AppHestoanyAge,
j And if exinr"!y ate4 is erery Puta-y.
i Tbin b taeenify that air late baataad. IfenH .
j H. 1 huuift. waa nre.i tn the Ifcrk'bire Ijle
i Inrarmnrr IVxnfanr. Plto.ftW.1. Maaau . ,
' lrr.-oil r lwh. 17. vmium iyal4e nairt.-rlv.
i Thil two ne,nMH were wa.fe apw Janelvtb. ;
1:L that be died Mber 13th, aair iauaUiaan-r
. be failed t. make bin payment.
Tbe a-aal jmmt f .irt h were furwarded tn tbe
; Vmpanr. and thmMull iwaiK id the aula-y. k-M
. IIk tauwartrriy peymeMnda at the time of bi
' death. ai paid to me l.y their 'eneral Arent in
Philadelphia. W. H. irraie. at tbeironlce, S. W.
etirm-rt 'bemiiul and Eleienih sire.
i iSine.!! NinT IE THOMPSON.
W. H. Ureene. t-ife erf New York. biMired a tew j
oar ainee In tbe Berkshire Life lnlraDxjtn-!
jam fr 3- lot cwiet t aiil.taoe In l.ual- i
D.-- met snat.le to mvke any layment to te ,
'.! I .r )orrt!S w yearan.1 ire nvaitha prl. tu j
r.m aweaae." 1 tare imp cit r iitr .-ew
Wooden and Willow Ware, &c,
aaxtrarrt kiccs axo jiibbkk or
J13 Market Street and HO Cowmanvc Street,
Jane 10-tr.
roil Sale.
A aeomd- band
15 -Horse Pom Steam E
With JfliSON OOVEKNOK. Keall eumpUle
AddreM W. W. Mi K'AJ a Sun.
Set(. SK Camlieruuid, M.L
rf ttu TirrtiVlin tea nf the Arbi- i
j trators ; the arguments or the counsel
t.T Iwatli r.nrrnnunt4 ! the award of
. . ,
the tribunal, and oicnions snven by i the
the several arbitrators, is transmit-j After the occupation of the territo
tetl herewith. ' ry, and its settlement by those owing
thanks to the arbitrators. j allegiance to the respective Govern
I have caused to be communicated ' nt-s it points to the importance of
to the heads of the three friendly J establi.-hiug. by natural objects or
Powers, who complied with the joint other monuments, the actual line be
request made to T them under thc ; tween the territory acquired by pur
treatv. the thanks of this Government chase from Russia and the adjoining
for the anointment of arbitrators ! !sses.-ons of Her Lnttanic Majesty.
n...ii.i.rtk.Marti1r and The region is now so sparsely occu
mv thanks to the eminent personages , pil that no contacting interests of in
na'med bv them ; and mv approbation , dividuals, or of jarisd.ction are IikeW
of the dijnitv. patience,' impartialitv. to interfere to the delay or embarrass
and great abilitv with which thev dis-j i'nt of the actual location of the
charged their arduous and high func-1 , mcreaseu popu.auou snat
tions. Her Majestv's Government ', er anu occupy the territory, trivial
has communicated to me its armnvia- contests of neigbuora may again ar
..- r. iT- r .:....- nni . .i.tiwe- an.i i rav the two Governments in antago-
indrtiMti.t indnstrv disolaved bvin'- I. therefore, recommend the
on ! apiKiintnient of a CojiiniiSAibn t
.Hi. ..uiiiii mi. aatu.a.w.vm ........ - : ... ... . .
, TFilMIr nnTtPW th 1 10 UeiermiUO me line ueiwevu our
Her Maiestv in this appreciation. It 1 territory of Alaska and the co-termin-
oiutmcut of extra lieutenants to
9erve as Adjutants and Ojuartenuas
ters; thc adoption of a code provid
ing sjiecific peualties for well-defiucd
r.ti ....... . t . -, al.-. : .. T : .. r
fi(, r-o ..- i T,.,1 v " inc iiiciiuam. ui
. w ' a.t . . . iuu uui; ii ucwL.fljj.ji r.-uii.i;i. i V14I a ...
eonsjuorauon, anJ rccomiucna tiiat witu sutimittcu. it h U'roca that i,;. - .... i i : t . sentences aujiidoii iv court-martial
T.... lw-O Hi.l-r.1'1--. ",JJ a"Jni
- . . ' . ' ' 1 Of aoi-nilllL' llliil.'r a, l.n h f-Tiia.n.Iif nroi
'IV.fal xlsn fll- T.:l IT. i 7 1-
are made as a rx
in the absence of auv apiiropriation, ; ducted under thc auspices of this
there is danger that the imiiortant ' Government, between Spain on the
1 f . .1-1 .1. - -r t . i . , ,,- i ,,-
oenenis wuicu me occasion oucrs , one nan anu me auieu liepuoncs on ; . . , jji,,.-.,.
.... i , , . . ,. i.i I, -,. . - ... uiiuiii oil luc uuoiic urui, r-iw..wj,.
will, in a largo degree, be lost to the the Pacific on the other, providing' CQ- &, , ' . '
ciuzhwKs of the t nitetl Matr-. I coin- for an armistice h& lKen exchantMj t , M r - 0 .... m. . 1 - r
111 LI t IUI9 f A l 1 h SLi KJkl- IV ' IIU ! UUta B '!' V VI UC I llKt 1J 19 UVT 1 T f a
t i . i . i , r. I! i t . V v' i 7.j.v ou. ujuoJ'-c
a av4. U4a,. II "l'1 itlivil v tiitltlt. . aa -j aa i jr msx. vtivawa.u a I iuii ui
for the purjHjse. To fnrthty aid . peace with the same parties.
Americau exhibitors at the Vienna t The difference? which at one time
Exposition, 1 would recommend, in j threatened the maintenance of peace THE pi'BLlc debt.
addition to an aivprooriation of mon- betweei Brazil and the Arjrentine Be-. From the fore'ruin? statement it
ey, that the Secretary of the Xavy be public, it is hoped, are in the way of j appears that the net reduction of the ! Antonio, the title to the site being
authorized to lit up two naval vessels ; satisfactory adjustment with these ; principal of the debt during the fiscal ! uow completed ; a special act placing
to tran.-port, between our Atlantic ; States; as with the Republics of Cen-1 year which ended June 3)th, 1S72, ! the cemetery at the City of Mexico
cities and Trieste, or the most conven- j tral ami South America, we continue j Was $99,960,250 54. The source of on the same basis as other national
ient port to Vienna and back, their ; to remain on the most friendly rela-' this redaction is as follo-vs: Net or-cemeteries; authority to purchase
articles for exhibition. tions. Itis with regret, however, I an-jdinarv receipts duringthe year $364.-i sites for military posts in Texas; the
THE Rto urande RUDs-TUE mexic in ' nounce that the government of Venc-j 694.229 91. Xet ordinary expend.--appointnientof commissary sergeants
j zueia uas inane uv suriner pa meuis tures, lncluamg interest on the public ' irom non-com missioneu ouicers as a
! of the awards under thc Convention ! debt, $270,559, 696 91. Total $94,- j measure for securing the better care
. of the 25th of April, 1S66. That Re-1 134 534 00. Add amount received and protection of supplies; an appro-
1 . t . 1. w i. tt: ipuoiieis un-iersioou i ue now ai- from premium on sales or sroUl in priauou ior me puDiicauon 01 the
. . . . : ruitsi 1 nor. finite trannmiiren irn
measure of economy;
au appropriation of the money for
the construction of a depot at San
border commission.
Since vour last session the
guished bv his character
and bv his
services to his countrv
His temporarv successor has now
been elected with great unanimity by
the people a proof of confidence on
their part in his patriotism and wis
dom, which, it is believed, will be
confirmed by the results of his ad
ministration. It is particular! v desi-
r. a" -d-.j hoped, therefore, that it will loose
f 's iC ' ; time in providing for the unpaid I
provunng lor the unpaid bal-
I ance of its debt to the United States,
j which, having originated in injuries
to our citizens, bv Venzeuelan
! authorities, and having been acknowl
edged pursuant to a treaty in the
most solemn form kuown among na.
tions, would seem to deserve a pref
erence over debts of a different origin
and contracted" In a different manner.
This subject is again recommended
to the attention of Congress f.r sneh
action ks may be deemed proper.
Ar.l.l AND C.llNA. . - ,
source of this reduction is as follows:
r relations with Japan re- Reduction in principal account, $99,
inged. An imposing em- 9o0,003 54; reduction in unpaid in
that interesting and pro- J teref?t accoaD;f 3,330,952 96; total
ion visited this country , ini io ; -.n
undone bT"Thf"GorPTnraerittf fit her
Republic to strengthen their rela
tion as neighbors and friends. It is
much to be regretted that manv law
less acts continue to disturb the quiet j
of the settlements on the border be- j
tween our territory ana that 01 Jiexi-1 Qur treatv relation
co, and that complaints of wrongs to ; niaa uiK-hun
American citizens in various parts of j bassv from
the country arc maite. the revoiu-i jrreive nation visited
tionarv condition in whieb the neigh
boring Republic has so long been in-
excess of the premium paid on bonds : catalogue and tables of the anatomi
purchased $245,437,0,9 ; add the 'cal section of the army medical niu
amouut of the reduction of the cashiseum; a reappropriation of the
balance at the close of the year ac- j amount for the manuficture of breech
companied with same at the com-! loading arms, should the selection be .
mencement of the year, $337,134,65 j so delayed by the board of officers as
00 ; total, $99,660,253 54. This j to leave the former appropriation un
stateraent treats solely of the princi-1 expended at the close of the fiscal
pal of the public debt " By the month- year ; the sale of such arsenals east
ly statement of the public debt, which j of the Mississippi as can be spared,
adds together thc principal and inter- and the proceeds applied to the es
est due and unpaid, and interest ac- tabltshment of one large arsenal of
crued to date, not due, and deducts ' construction aud depot, upon the At
the cash in the treasurv, as ascer-! lantic coast, and purchase ofasuita-
j tained on the day of publication, the ' tie site for a proving and experimen
; reduction was $100,544,491 23. The tal ground for heavy ordnance, the
source of this reduction is as follows: adoption of laws which deprive in
ventors in the L nited States service
-' from deriviuj; any benefit from their
total-1 inventions ; the repeal of the law pro
gressive nation visited this country j $103,290,596 50 ; reduction in cash ! habiting pro-notions in the statf; a
during the year that is passing, but :, i,arwi ?ik ia tf.t.i !iui 'onntiniiinr. rf ,k0 .n,t ,
the part of this Govemment.during the t jointly with the one that may bi
protracted inquiries and discussions : pointed on.the part of Great br
m i.m line. Sliip if rniii
Main at-f. Pa.
Iwar. corner
.rf Cbameen Kreet). tliree' thtmaaod tw. bandred ,
and niaety-cine .i.-tlarn. tliia irutt the fall amuant .
doe tj biwl.i.. after deducting th. ewenlue pay- i
Kent and intereau I
New York. March 11th. Tu. Sawrluteadent.
I M 1,
v.i.Vtt- sciweox.''1 Ih '""'TI
Ml RSirr.l.l. Claim. Pa d.
.Mam Sirvet. -4 Ti
-::.. ft r -!:. Krttit Tww, Vlurt
: tii j
S .merMt Cuun'y. Pa.
' Mia at '
r.T ratre t!an td
Tl-.e oi.l and well km wn firm of Letmifi a. Welse,
' PITTS Hl'KUll. I'a., Mannfartnreri of
Calimet Fmitiire aM Clairs.
j Hare Renwred to
lu or. To. Ill Fourth Ave.,
UppuMte tbeiroM aal,
, Where they ctatlnae the bwinca tnallita braaebe.
pt -ii.
WM. BOOSE & Co.,
nmm & mcmsts,
Manofx-tr.rr of al! kla.! or
is due to the agent oi me inucu
States lieforc the tribunal to record
my. high appreciation of thc marked
ability, unwearied patience, and the
prudence and discretion with which
he Las conducted the very responsi
ble and delicate duties
him. as it is also due to
and eminent counsel who attended i
al possessions of Great Britain.
the tribunal on the part of this Oo-jS;
ernment, to express mv sense of the : , u .
i " t - i at I North mencan possess!
talents and wisdom which they -"rlu i
brought to bear in the attainment of
thc resnlt so happily reached.
It will lie the province of Congress
to provide for the distribution among
those who may lie entitled to it of
their respective shares of the money
to lie paid. Although the sum awar
ded is not payable until a year from
the date of the award, it is d.-emed
advisable that no time be lost in
making a proper examination of the
several cases in which indemnification
In mv last annual message, I re
commended thc legislation neccessary
on the part of the Un'tcd States to
. . '. i l.rin.T into oiM-mtioii the articles of the
committed to; ... ,. . -- 0li
the learned rfai-v ? ." '"-:i""f "
15 1 1, relating IO tuc uein-ni-s, anu lo
other matters touching the relations of
ard the British
sessions, to be-
i ,.ma nwMiiro n soon as the uroner
I -..-v-- . .
legiMation should be hail on thc part
of Great Britain and its possessions.
That legislation on the part oi Great
Britain and its possessions had not
then been had ; and during the session
of Congress a question was raised,
which, "for a time, raised a doubt
whether any action by Congress in
the direction indicated would become
important. This question has since
been disposed of, and I have received
notice that the Imperial Parliament
and other legislatures of the provin
cial government have passed laws to
Jamea J.dee. New City. l,l. payment
. vemlae 4 m-tha.
K. H. t Hamne. New York City. Lwaa. pay
ment wrenJoe 4 muotb aad idaya.
Ur. . R Man. Cblrairo, Ui, iiMMK payjneat
mrune T avmtb. and la dara.
H. K. Muore. It-tuw. Ma- fcLtuu. paymeat
Mr.-rlaeamr.:baand ldaya I ...
Jamea H. Adair. New Narprfuc IaI,A.! SALISBURY.
mtwiiI mrenlse X and 7 dayi.
lV-rnar-l O iirady. Iieln it. Mirh 3.M, pay
ment anrerlae t rear. 10 m:h and 11 day.
J.anw ll. It!aheeda. llrhtur. Mw.tlM
paymettt urepiae I year. 1 muotb and Ida a
OiMim UILDa. MALSHALL, Aaentf.
jaue la-It h-TOcm-l. Pa.
. . . , . 1 ., r . i. .
ma v lie due I consequently reeom-; carrv me provisions oi iuc imij ou
mend the creation of a Board of. the matters referred to into operation.
I therefore recommend to you the
same action as neccessary on the part
Commissioners for the purpose.
Bv the
of this Government
thirtv-fourth article of the j The Joint Commission for deter-
Treaty of Washington the respective i mining the boundary line between tbe
a r..r VI :U bo lit i tbe l:e i-f tbe
' Hi: .
a iti . :b f S.aeTct la ea
1 J. It ba. mil tbe Latr-M immt -
1T: e i. i.r al! kind. iA mln.
P-U. Coil roth A C'o
The Improved
New Draw Feed,
tl-t. 18.
United States and British possessions
between the Lake of the oods and
the Rockv Mountains has organized
and entered upon ils work. It is de
sirable that the force be increased, in
order that the completion of thc sur-
Scient ap-
Ml m H5MS.
fO Baltimore St.,
There are oe pinta m a Sewir.)C Machine that
laltc dmring; to 4trrhaM, liuald uke into coo- i
iieraii.m, waaaely: J
Llr btnaar "f rtrnnlnc. !
Laae vf Maaaarwient. j
t anaetty tu'tutne wars Keqnireu, j
tt-'l- rfiwor. ! Furnitur.- Ih al-r Suj-plir-J at Iaac
w. euim that th. ixpROTEU lxjjptic IVhohtale Hate.
pufKaaa- aU tbcae pointa. aad that it ia
claims of the Uuited States and Great
Britain in their construction of the
treaty of the 15th of Juue, 1346, de
fining the liouadary line between
their respective territories, were sul
mitted to thc arbitration and award
f.u-riy manpromt!y.ttcn.'.e.ita. wf His Majestv, the Luijieror of Ger- vev and determination of the line
Addiraw wm. HuoftE a. CO- i manyi t decide which of these claims ' ,na"v be the sooner attained. To thi
.ll.r.n.., a-. a . -u-. .i. . , . .,.,,ll.,n Wllh t .a ma ' i . l.U.a. ...
15 UlVl. Ill aiiuiuaun ivm aan- it aic . CnU, 1 reCOmiUCHII IUUI B
Interpretation of tbe Treaty- of 1$G4. j propriation be made.
His Majestv, thc fcmperor or Ger-i .
manv. having been pleased to undor-f ma "-
I take the arbitration, has the. earnest I With France, our earliest ally;
thanks of this Government and of the j Russia, the constant and steadv
people of the United States for the i friend of the United States; Germa
labor, pains and care which he has f ny. with whose Government and peo
devoted to the consideration of this ; pie we have so many causes of friend
long pending difference. I have j ship, and so many common sympa
caused an expression of my thanks to : thies ; and thewother powers of Eu
be communicated to His Majesty, j rope ocr relations are maintained on
Mr. Bancroft, the representative of, the most friendly terms. Since my
this Government at Berlin, conducted ! last annual message the exchange has
I rui.r iinnrilviilt.! trtt n n.nrpr t. .r t h . a. r . , .! , . , ....
' '".-i . .... ..... . . ... , . . . Bv. : l a i I in r na i.a.t j i.j r na I -i r i t-i nuiiinaAa tiia rono i a-.r rim .nr.
t, ..thU J?r TnU i . ?ntion in th coun-.tobI the8Utment3 thoW a enth section of July 13, 1SC6, taking
bmaS!h.ttTl.Tt i,d m tr-''n0 TC.,UT'. V th:tlJirect,on tion of the public debt from thc 1st from the engineers and soldiers th?
M i throat the P nuMV whh h of Mrch' 0' the time- deim grantetl to the other troops ;
n J, Z tflrlt'nt ' tbu" u tbe, ,n,tcrtltlan?e i .ViaMD j as follows : From March 1st, I -69, to j a limitation of time for the presenU
? L, e T? ut d. f" f tK- ! 1"ch t0k P -w,d7r,n? tl"''r 7 ,n LMarch 1st, 1S70,$S7,134,72 S4 ; m tion of thc old war claims for sub-
r.V.. . :.,r::T,, " I irX:ara! w,,u ' March 1st. 1670. to March 1st ISTI 'bistence and
July 4th, 164, and a modification
the mode of the re-election of cadets
; for the Military Academy, in order
enhance the usefulness of the
Academy, which is inspired by rea-
1 sou of the large amount ef time nec-
With the great reduction of Uxationiessaruy expended in giving new ca-
c a a. a m aa aaaa w.i4 twUr-n aa- T a .i I T . J
-k;..k iii.u;.,,.,! :n ...... , . a ... ., . ... . i ov acts oi Loo cress at its last session, uew a morouu auowieuge oi uie .v .-, ...,aU, t.. 1 na anil 10 iunoer am in retaining i .- .. , - ' , t , i, r t ,
eesfuL The Commission appointed j the good op-mioa of thos j the expenditure of the government in , f tVZ
nnrsuant to the joint resolution f'.tne- t tK- 1n,tA St4tM :(J ruurcuuz lueroeuue iuucu "s, Uv,u.1u..s
complaint is made will cease, the ; preciation of the interests which niav ; c i9Bi0 . fron. M4rh Uta
proceedings of the Commission, under j promotetl, when the revision Jfj ,--J ' tA ,;
ti, r-..nrn;n w.;h f hLi. ... 1 i . i i i81. to Alarm 1st, is. 2, 7J4jo,
... . v ....... ...-. - me ca.isT.iug treat y suaii oe uuuenaa- oia qi. fr,-im Marrh lt m- t.-
1 ith of Julv.lS6S. on thc sebiect oft a.a..; J4' trm -Mj?cb ' lS,
ei;nw k;.. nf.,rt., I r " U- ""......r ... i November 1st, 18,2, (eight months), -U
' r i rt-ui-M 1111 it-niiuiiii-iiuauuii ui uih-i i.-i ai- j-- i . '..o run r.i i
checked bv an obstacle, for tbe
taken bv the two Governments, i matte relations with Jaoan ami Phi-
re- rear m that to trive initio rtanee and , ...
nt.i.-n I ..f . - V-. i . . 1 1 Tiiii-unrj k, rd liatn ' , i". . 1 rt e , , lOl.
"""" nimu uni ' "" IO dll Mine PlalCienCV OIOUT II 11 111 I-
Congress on the 7th of Mav last, to
inquire into the depredations on the
Texan frontier have diligently made
investigation in that quarter. Their
report upon thc subject will be com
municated to you. Their researches
wer necessarily incomplete, partly
on account of tbe limited appropria
tion made by Congress. Mexico, on
the part of that Government, has ap
pointed a similar commission, to in
vestigate these outrages. It is not
announced officially, but the press of j ted, our representatives in Japan and
share of the commerce tbat is des
tined to flow between those nations
and tbe balance of the commercial
world, an appropriation should be
made to support at least four Ameri
can youths in each of these countries
to serve as part of the official family
of our Ministers there. Our repre
sentatives would not even then be
placed upon an equality with tbe rep
resentation of Great Britain and of
some other powers. As now situa-
the country states tbat the ruliest in- China have to depend for
vestigation is desired, and that the 'era arui translators noon thc natives
co-operation of all parties concerned j 0f those "countries, who know cur
is invited to secure that end. I there- lanamaLee imnerfeetlv. or nrocure for
o c- . ' a
the occasion thc scp ices of employ
fore recommend that a special appro
priation lie made at the earliest day
practicable to euable thc commission
ers on the part of the United States' ters.
. ...i i, i
to return to ineir laoors.
ees of foreign business houses or the
interpreters to other foreign minis-
TnE cuban sTRitir.LE. ! renew the recommendation, made
It is not without regret that I have j to a previous occasion, of the trans-
again to announce a continuance of
thc disturbed condition of thc island
of Cuba. Xo advance toward tbe
pacification of the discontented part
fer to the Department of the Interior,
to which they seem more appropri
ately te belong, of all the powers and
duties in relation to the Territories-
has been made, while the insurrecsion witn which the Department of State
" !? .1 a
is now charged by law or by cus
Manalartan-r of and Dealer in
Now Manufactured.
And we a ! I. It an rxamtnatii of it Aarnt want-
la every cutraty. to wbuta wa will give th. a.
eral ti:ma.
EATON KKHS..W FKh ArtPHtarrh, Pa.
No. 100 Third Ave.,
trrirjaita J.
WIwell( Fnsltar Wars
nor. 3U.
the case and prepared the statement
on the part of the United States, with
the ability tbat his past services justi-
; tied the public in expecting at his
j hands. As a member of thc Cabinet
! at tbe date of the treaty, which has
given rise to the discussion between
i thc two Governments ; as the Minis-
been made of tbe ratification of a
treaty with the Austrian-Hungarian
empire relating to naturalization ; al
so of a treaty with the German em
pire respecting consuls and trade
marks ; also, of a treaty with Swe
den and Xorway relating to naturali
zation, all of which treaties have
has gained no advantages and exhib
its no more of the element of power,
or of the prospectsof ultimate success,
than were exhibited a year ago.
Snain. on the other hand, has not i
succeeded in its suppression, and the Congress, from tbe begining of the
parties stand apparentlv in the same Government, has wisely made pro-
relative attitude that tbev have
pied for a long time past Th
test has lasted not more than four i ltuliar provision
at a distance i hitherto I
from our neighborhood,
although hu- seamer. It is
manitv could not be unmoved bv ma-itomary with other governments to
reduced for the next fiscalvear. It 'entering the academy; also, an ap
is very doubtful, however, whether ' propriation for a philosophical ap
any further reduction of so vexatious ! par at us, and an increase in the num
a burden upoa any people will be - bers and pay of the Military A cade
practicable for the present At all 'my Band.
events as a measure of justice to the j CBEAI tf.Aw5p,,btat,on to tue sea
holders of the nation's certificates ofj boird
indebtedness, I would recommend;
that no more legislation be had on ! The attention of Congress will be
this subject, unless it be to correct er-: called during the present session to
rors of omission or commission in the j various enterprises for the more cer-
prescnt laws, until sufficient time has j tain and cheaper transportation of
elapsed to prove that it can be done, : the constantly increasing surplus of
and still have sufficient revenue to ; the Western and Southern products
meet thc current expenses of the gov-' to the Atlantic seaboard. The sub-
ernment, pay interest on the public ' ject is one that will force itself on
debt, and provide for the sinkinif fund i the legislative branch of the Govern- .
established by law. Tbe preserva- J mcnt sooner or later, and I suggest
of our national credit is of tbe high-! therefore that immediate steps be
est importance. . Xext in importance taken to gain all available informa-
to this comes a solem duty to provide j tion to insure equal and just kgisla-
a national currency of fixed unvary- j tion. A route to connect the
ing value, as compared with gold, ' Mississippi Valley with the Atlantic,
and as soon as practicable, having 1 at Charleston, South Carolina, and
due regard for the interest of thc 1 Savannah, Georgia, by water, by the
debtor class and the vicissitudes of j way of the Ohio and Tennessee riv-
trade and commerce, convertible in- ers, and canals and slack water navi-
to gold at par. , gation to the Savannah and Octnul-
tbb armt. ' gee rivers has been surveyed, and a
, , o . , - i report made bv an accomplished en-
The report ef the Secretary of W ar r officef A
shows the "Futures of the ar td a third new r(mte
Department for the fi. i year end-!cJ for consUleraUoil of Congress,
ingJufle30,l471,t?be $3o,.99,991 , p an extention tftheKa-
- . ....
James river canal to the
the extension of the
hesapeake and Ohio canaL I am
menu what the
these or other en-
1 83, and for the fiscal year ending 30, it,
11372, to be $35,371,157 20, showing' "Jo andby
' a reduction in favor of the last fiscal t f.. 0l.i.
e occu- j vision for the relief of the distressed I year of $427,834 62. The estimates not pred to recom
is con-1 seamen foreign countries. Xo for military appropriations for the j Goernmentdid forthi
I a. a? 1 W aY .1 '
naa ; next: nscai year, . one ao, I . ri untl. U U 1,- ghoan that
. a. .a a. a - ik. i . ar ara -.- an i . as . aa i r a Afi- - .....
vears. were it seen at a distance uuuo oeeu uiaue ior iuc rvuei ui v "-" the v are not onlv of national interest
: -. - r . . l I . a .... i m u k. i . . ,.r w an . - ...
d, we might be citizens in uisixe aoroaa, omer man "
of a value commemorate with their
mates of the Chief of Engineers are j ,Mt1iAt when completed thev will h
in,t;tT..r.r,t t.n ta r.inlt althmio-b h n. ! seamen. It is understood to be cuM sn"i seperaieiy ior the loruaca- . .rtmiT,a4me..t .;tk ti.-e
uon oi river ana Daroor
t be unmoved bv ma-itomary with
nvof its incidents wherever thev : authorize Locsuls to extend such re
lief to their
might occur.
It is, however, at our
door. I cannot doubt mat tbe contin
ued maintenance of slavery in Cuba
is among tbe strongest inducements
to the continuance ot this strife. A
terrible wrong is the natural cause of
a terrible evil. Tbe abolition of sia-
citizens or subjects in
certain cases. , A similar authority,
and an appropriation to carry it into
effect, are commended in the case of
citizens of the United States destitute
or sick under such circumstances. It
is well-known that such citizens re-
very and the introduction of other re- jPrt to foreign consuls, and in great
forms in the administration of the! nQ,u bers, and though most of them
government in Cuba could not fail to j re au,e to bear the expenses incident
. wv ..... v . . a I l
advance tbe restoration of iace and! to locomotion, there are some who.fproperxy prior w ia.i nave oeen ex-)8Ur(Test that a commiioa beauthor-
buiiuvu iuu uausuiiui-u tu uic Areas i ;-, ,.:.J-- ,ia mrhnta niuut ah
order. It is greatly to be hoped that j trough accident, or otherwise be-
thc present Liberal government m
Spain will voluntarily adopt this
view. The law of emancipation,
which was passed more than two
rears since, has remained inopera
tive in the absence of regulations for
its enforcement It was a feeble step
toward emancipation, but it was thc
come penniless, and have no friends
at home able to succor them. Per
sons in this situation must either per
ish or cast themselves upon the char
ity of foreigners or be releived by the
private charity of our own oCicers
who usually, even with the most be
nevolent disposition, have nothing to
improve-: --.a Tlit nrr!iitirm SnrecM,aaa mnr
ments for public . buildings and idl thau lhc of tran9por.
grounds, and the ahmgton aeque- ( our bai tfeni-
.: , . , . ionatrated by past experience, aad
The affairs of theFreedmen s Lu-ju, tUe precetlented growth ia
reau have ah been transferred to the j lation Jj proilucU cf the whole
J ar Department, and requ.tions , mm adllitional
have been put into ; "ect.on for the j itJ , c, f OM, for more
speedy payment of the boanty. pay,: artide9-of commrce to reach
&c. due the colored sold.ers prorly - mJ a market u dc.
commg under that head. , tn tlu, future. u eouallv
demonstrated. I would therefore
All war accounts for monev and
i . . .. 1 a.rai.Le tliia wrhnlo nriAfitir.11
ury Department for final setUeraent , , to Congress at some
During the fiscal year there has been , future d for iu m
S?1 n-T .a rii,r0,uL$ legislating un this important sub
$1,3000,000, of which, $S0O,757 was 1
over tbe Pacific railroads. For trans- , ., .... ,
portationbv water, $92,373 52; by! The railroads of the country have
stage, $43,675 84 ; for the purpose of, been rapidly extending during the
transportation of animals, wagons, j (continued on fourth page.)
1 '