The Somerset herald. (Somerset, Pa.) 1870-1936, November 13, 1872, Image 3

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The Somerset Herald.
wi;nEI'AV. -
Xjt,VtU. ISTi '
3,000 KEC!
Of Butter Wantea.
V.c arc in want of Gladi DuiS.r to su'.
, .t,r lieiiiand of oar itnni-rdiio'e trade,
saJ ; all kmier? w ho w ill ship to us, wt
r earlv tvl;;S at ro-jJ r :kvs.
c i.iir.v for f.-nier jtatr, .lire,
v :;' aiiii'ti yur li'.vrsl sbipiues..
Very K-;Htfii;v, Ate.,
ihe stores.
.1' I.'.i.
... .,
a l-rr' i
'r.- ;.t :.t r
,rt-rf .r T si
(.!' fink A
f-- t. I'a..
a t-.
' 1 .r : MT!
.::r I:;
at Sue
i:.-i rits
in.' :!
i .;.!:
.:( i ;.i-.r title
C k .
t .j le's 1 r'j-r t re." i set
i;( TjT t f ki t I.x-ks. I'i-r-
j.:i kinds titi.ti.-n-
:.ev (..-.
e 1 a l;ir-e ,- k of Hardwig'f
k Ai'.'ur.iS; thesi- a'.l'-n.s are tiie
l- .i.jht to this market. Sold
rciisk. t.t "Pe DniL-Store."
."7 "tVt.i ili'.n C'.vin.- Flat
' h ..-t.:e ra-le c-is.-inieres
N'iM, r.r.twi-; :. t
Iavisi Bro.. anl bur a - f Fi:-f. ;
1I;to.n".s Xox-EsPLtVnE La vp Fow. ;
T-Ei.a. It j the wonder of the W'irii ! It j
ta:.; i!.:tive!v t rerf tit vour !aiL.;s fn-jn ,
s.t 1 .'.inc. a i; 1 v:i ;r la-ap cl.iiar.eys fro:
Ant tirs,rs in r.e.-d of F .:r- "Whiie
.' IT:.x St-i il. rtw an.! Uii!l. ol-
Faint, of ail kit; Is. Faint I5n
:- ;' TT'at, ril of nil kinds, v. i'l
r. -.'. ! v e.,'.:;n; at "Ft t ie's Irj; Store,"
: " j i reha.-ia; el--w here.
ii: - r it l- io:e the ,;;e ihat ut Aa .
;t A Urallier's is Ihe t- btty
Th- v have ju-t rvied the thirJ
- . :; rt V I-i,'.i.-s' drt-s i.-,-ls for the
."saa a their lnotio is ' j'la k sah s
. -.. '7! j'' the le w iil do well
.-.ii - r, an-! cxsiiiiae theirt.ick. whieh
:. -a o ;;.;-'.vte. Fr,-laee ttik-n ia ti-,:;-fT7..k
: IV. Nov. . '7 it.
i'-To; s. astiaabie rr a
1m ..Te t-Ce. The bct
.-.t i:-'-rs
e w..r.l Sn
crv low. i 4 K.l
'..-r Knives. r-;aw
t-. ts of Ii lies,
rt M'-; an-i In;r
- 1 .7 liUikels and
if. r-. ("i-r.d F'Jek-
Sa.-iils. Fnrki.
Cutlers Korse
r-1, -;h Ik-ib Al
ii Holders. Sf.j
Tu'-. F.- Ttt
ne rrh-ii.'os. Wire
I . I.-:.n t;,
: Lill'-S. La-ki ts.
::' joti v, ant an;, l!
. r an iine, pt to 1
Neti I.
ia s:t fd! in
1 Hirer's r- re
I, v. 1.1
. s 1.
-:c- t i t.jT.ite in
.tl.ii t: " r i f., s
.' h Aej.-e. Cn:..''
' Vi'oit .
.. It t-.-nt.;:r:
i. a-' 7'ai
:. i'Lt-.
or tie
-r Miner-
- i.'ii . ! "i-luai nor Al-'h I t ut is
. . ." .a'ei- j-n-j ;-. Ti'eftly
- . , . a'aive ail. J e-sa'it to Like.
.; :ij s .ths an ! q'liets the ft st: m,
i - s . i.t;:ral slot ;.. It is aw- n-
: t i as-iii:;late the bid of chii-
vent ti: ni JTi m t -r ii;cr
! i tt:- V S.elo
e liiarit ,.,'
die work :
i. -rs'lills.
a f.iiii-
Those in want
al f.r any
i,e 1 urninc
ste.,ri tr'-n'-ratinr. li;:
'..n c s ;: ;iiii-l at Alel t
:..:-iv t John NefT: la-.i.k.
"f '...
i. Mr. I'av'is. a j.ratii-ai
3.-V r, n. docs the brinjilisir
it'.ria is now filled with
irt lro-il r-".-h f-ml. No
'. ail i tiie
'.tlful iu;ii',i .
' da tr l.-a
Inv;- jour
tirders at
lit : :n.".."- briab'ts us they uke their
'- ' '.. Tiie t !.i t of Hi-smuts is p.ivel
ka ia whkh r.othiii; i wi.nk
hj'ir.;. it is a'wais av'-ret iate-l at its
rJ-ie z'-.f-t i: i l-et.'bKt. ii ..ften.
t t ' f ri'. Ive i ioj-i-rly, ani enrrt-i-t
- rit- i- ; they l-c4!e waled. For
- -s of the liver, kidnet. skin,
-. a;. 1 ali r.rie'.iii si!'i iri); ure or feehle
lr. V.'u'U-rV California Vin'-rtr
' rs are a s-;re aai fiKttlr r.-tnody. It
: v, r yet t.!2-d in a 'li-'ii iastanee.
T.tE Vin:--erk.l and fuaday Sdi-d.
:.e r ; l,rirt Convt-ntl-n, Llvan.atli
oa. A iati r, et.nven'-l aeei r iinrto pre
v - arrarre'i'-rr.s. in the I.k utv tuurch,
'' 172. Ii. v. J. L. AV. S il-ert
-"ktt. J nt : Ib-v. i. A. Dur.lap.
"i T- a.ry. The r-z ;kir tsex-i' m w ere con
I ar LiV. Vari iuf qtn.-stions of vi
'a. i;.ranfT. were 5ira-ed. ilreaysand
on (iltTerent rooRil and rvlicio'is
- .'"--wire rervl and nharj-ly criticised,
j itter-s; -a ih. wa i:iali--lv
chari'y. si thst all passe, i )imz
'--"-iy ar;,l j.k-4x.atir. n r-ah!ath
'"t-r. iU v. 14. I);:!.. "fr;a t lerelan,!, ,
! :..-i the ti'.i si 'i.ary s win : the con-
"..u- f-y ileripti'n an.! ea-h. exreeJ
'' bat Ike tk and !.i-crl sua tif
I ' ;' t-Liii. ox a IhK a 1 TLe'lLet;irii;i;
T., v-";rT"r5 who bat e front ti:: to time
a-brv t-l run tlieir jnnions
'' I'Take's I'iaut.aJion Fitters, tett
-i. 'b y e.inni cn lervusd what a lo:m I
a i-e tj.-re is f it arr.irin; i"ijmlaritr.
i; ai-ia'.i in is situ' le ts,.'h. The
") a the w crrl.1 r- now ntsl tonic is
"d t.i.a a r-at-k. the Iiock of Exj-4-ri-A.i
i' inaT-t'iien:s sre rure and
t.v. H.-iw. ;h.n. c.11 tr.. ksters.
ri'tr, to ritr.l il snii ciu-
"t -l,
t -t .
c.-ip. and n-.'U'e li'jtjor.
- tra-h ia a state of aexlous
tf cotinse the tL.-.ria'-in.".
ait, r,
ot a to pief. Their liule cam e lias
s- l L-:r titctecttit fir the sa aa ity of
V 1 U1:;!y ba irra tllT Jiuni-lieir
- 'fi t..e lljntation lidters it-em io lie iB
i ;-, ,S li.n....". . I
.-tr toeuicaj iirrparatioa iu. lOiktl is M '
L-1 T - :! ' 'oBf. Ia etcrr tate
- i'..!i.,ryof the 1' it Ls, r-vAsv, -
- -t;ilWl t . ... l.-s-"t
c.T'-al i,., r.r :
a. v A4a BL1 it. a II . M. Tti.1 1 l-ZIU IlTT
,;: rr.n tic nux :.l 3.
, ,.r .id. r . 'iica'ar st I Wis i Rr .
,.!;;. 1 lis, l.JH-k-iO.-tS. r, &c,
. TM! i- i : .1.-ca, li. ui (,'uwk A. lW-r-
'. .; ts l'a.
1 t ":'. r a thrasher or horse
- -;-.,r.t -t'ly ''k . t.t-'rs.t 1 ...:;lry.
: :. r.-'j.. sorted fx I!.-,r:N-;
M- n t:r.;rniriir. t to take
:., 1 n:.l C onv r.'i'-n.
v fli-: v-i lu u.-rdtr 'i -t.
-. - I'T A..
. 7. : V ilit :;: r t'a.nn cter before, at
v --j- . i'ai t"rr. 4 nli-.-r wot-'len
v.. -.ii riot.
il. II. n.4i.:.oftho "Fe .;-".-.--Iru!r
,; . ' ;. :. aUth.irijM i azet-t f. r t':e sale .
t,-.. -'- ir. '. Pr. .Tavni-'f t'..i;,ilv i:iidur.-.-t. -t-."-.
it f-rull the ji-ul-r latent .M-.-Ji-
, - - f-.iifl '..
1' li-.-t tjjj c!.'.t;i-st irn-cf-flif. eon-
: riis:. c tions, tjtl.-cery, i'ltct'v?,
r-. -.i. -i-v. j--. Koiiewfire. v.k-iiw ure. '
. ian.-d fr.:i:s. crack'. thee--. Ac..
. :l -r..(- ry of Cook A r.i.ritr-.
.- it. i-t. r'K-1 ;
Sci?i..i:. D.icK- '. '.
i ...ii ..Minci tt at Mllkr's lrr A YUi. I
- - . Ai-iiii'es. liyiiin V. -ks i.n! til :
kir-.l.- of il'.-iik !. Vji.
olvicg a Ueiickwj uf makinj: it tao Hork-s, would be required. .
: Take twenty -f mr feet frotn tbt lower story
OfBelal Erlnrsta ef SuorKrl (en
Xaseruaer CtH, ITC
S i! I
: ! : :
A J lien ira i 07-1
Alinta-ny ; -i W !
b"t un tr j 33 j as j
ll)jiiiTT!l-y ! l i
C--0'-:nUirti... K4 Si .
Ijit'i: tT ' j t . as :
i;.kii-k 94 T-
' rm i. It ! '.
J f T- -l - V "i i Aj .
.icr.ncr ' . 2 i &
Leaner ' t '
l.-,w-rTarkt.. J'-'1 44 i
: i u t--r. k ti ; '
V ;.i..r I lis ' V '
.tC.T.:r-.).!(l"f 1 ' in i
V rtfcttaipt'T or ' 6.1 .
P.-at: ' ' 143 '
il;. ,hjN .uic.' ; l 44
err in.r : ;
St. tee 14T ' 4' '
S.iw!Ut .145 11 !
NiCier; ! .- 114 1
S.;hjU.J.; o 67 :u
SUtvrrrv ti ' IT1! ' 4 '
:;jM.iiil"T 1 ' :rj :
uTnn'.i li f-
X I tT Turii".. i4 ' 3 ; : 1")
t ri. I- t M 24 '
WtlMKiii- U.
T ;jl ' U'. !'M ;
A Cbf.atei Ki eli ar. Yi-stt-riiy
i:nT.!n ti b:tr jl-.r tn'iltii an entrant in -
t" .': 1...UM- f Mr. J.ihn y. S! ". !?ry on
iVati . .. in tu-- ct;y. sjii k .- & itiJ
in th: f iiv.
'v .5 'II
in ' .'. Tiio Lurj!
Tip tKti ;.rii I s V. I;
.( '. Lmiki-r- hit is.
e riU'in or a li-ntue
r. in thi NrT-". ; ik
li Ls- Jtij-osc-i w.7e
s. ! ut Ui i;
vvrv H"vr l-a! ';-s.
tL-Si.- --sin?ia
n us ti, V-jf.-f.
As tln.-v l.-d ii it
.-Vh "
it ias'i
:c lh:it
waii, and :li-tiiii-t i:;s s-iOie-
ii ushsm his if.;kt !kt-r-
. were-l.-rt in ih- jurl. Thi
- - ..-. ....... . ... . U . ...
"All is rift t.-' l ih:- r!i:ter."
- . . .
Ti:k Si,;r.l..rar.rst
! at wtrk a!-i:ir t!ie :
T-e i f ili? t.r.n;-!2M il'c
Vi Lit tliev ,ci l a t:
........ .. TI ., Nijl
it to Y.s-elhiia?..
:r. lM,i::i:V r;:
. 1 t 11;- 1 11, ...1
i". :j-r' v. ... :?i: cnlere 1. ta silver watvb
.:r d vv. i lve d 1'i.iis 5n t--li s:..icn tberefrons.
They next lip ike into J--: h llartrii.m's
ki'U.v- sr.d it Is a Bt w julr of K'tst!..U be
l. ; 1 revt-r worn. Tl;e r.-.-'ul-" ".t thi'n" to
- t i.:'.;;7 u.-v- : tl.t r in.; 1 drk 1 n'om5 of
1 1 : -rti ! ly cit;ii; i-Tthe ieet sn.I iilc the
le.'s. t'.ie lez was f j'.ir.d with a candle in
it." They -. into 3 third b.itise. b'.it were
heard, uai e;i:i s: :e f the in mules luak-
- ti,,
;!:i. !:
v !lt-l. It v.-as disc-ivercd
the preniis-s wbere the
:. lh:it th" thieves were
!'. its-'i rinis i n
cnvjn'i Wii. s-ift.
luref-ait. No arre
C;rr!.;:,!f .Yctr.
s have 'fen insde.
tt 1 T t 1Ti-ir-n A". 1 'o - . ; n f
- . . . ' .If 1. I . -. . . . I.. . V ' . w ' , ' ' . 1
3 oTlxk a fri.'ht'u! tcx-M.-at oe
furred at
:he Kr,l!in- Mill in ihi-chv. TI.,
nv. n at one of the furnaces Lad about f.n-i-heJ
their day 's work, the Li.t "beat" was
throttzh. ii3 1 tlieywerc cleaninr out the
fiirnu; of dr or t itriricd cinders. These
tsLiih are ciiii::i -nly -lled s! whin of
ar.y size are pluetd in the iron trucks Ukea 1
.its: ie t;,e rji.I r J il irjlva. 1 he pud
lier 1 Mr. JtiK-s Ori r. i and Lis le
Mr. IViir S:ri;.;l-.i'-k : riiieJ with
-i.:7s uv.i were it out. as iscti;-w-ury,
w hen s . tne wait r was thr.wa v.;.in
. tie of she Ur. -st eLi.-s wei.'bin. p-. rbaps
4 'i iiis. The CMllse j tt LC W:s aa t-Sjik-s'-ia
SiterriTlo ts Ui shake the Hiiil and
i::ar.y of the Lous-.s in she rc:.:liV rh'ud.
'ri.V was kninked down by the tlyi.i; fric
ir.en's .if oia-b-r. hi f.; n:t in s veral
;!:..' and wis :i' s.l'.el very severely
ia the fv. nef k. atd art!i. Strlcziifk
was i aill jrfttUed in the Lv aai amis, ;
his eves s'.tiTerin j the w,r. In a q-.arter
in b --r atler the
-.t he w
i :tn.l ! itt 1 t. r in l'.e .
t 'V l),e cii-i'.in,- In...
c..tae s na'-what reiittf.i! and he could see
a littif. T"vo tther ciitl.yc-s of the.
u.l'.l. t h-. were in the vl init v cf tlie es-j-Visi.
werem-aldtsl sli.-btly." I'r. Mi-iii! at ,'Hif s-nt f ,r, and iij-.-Jl;'-! relief al-ford-d
the surli rers j r-.-ar,.;!..-. As tvvn as I
seihle thi' two youn; r:ea wire t-invey-;
.-J to their Lories, tirier is a voun; in-:
! n..ti:iei ::i.-.ii . . ...ii .e r. i. ism i.te.tiie
: aire, and has a tatailv. The I 't.r thinks
ihi-t notwithstanding their severe injurk-s j tJetieml Meade, and directing Jen
will ?.t wciL if iTor tare is lak. n t.r-l Mcl.uw. 11, at Xcw York, to make
, .ia 1 attenn ,n is j:o. taeiii. ! . , - .
1; is 'there was a dt-P crevice ! -rTM-CCivatS for tLe faueral ,
in the slaz, into wl.deh the water f-ii. and '! dirt-tt'n? that at ad ic.itary jttist on
the stejr.i s s idilt-niy ere: ted rar.ed the ; tlat day be d's Idyed at Lalf
ts; 1 s- a. t o.. ; mast tad minu:e sruns fired, and tLat
j oSeers wear the usual badge of raourn-
A S.-.n Case. M.ire than a year ajojin?.
Pr. IL !!. Fatl.s ra, t-i this tow'a. a L:,le. , u:ider.tood thit c-itLer GetKT
be,rty fne I. .lyar. man. well ; a- A A Tt.rrv. now coiuniandin? the
!u.. In. ili S.S lt-rr LB lieiht. Ce7:t.t tiian- . t c t V i c
It in mariners asd anpearaDee.atKl on a rreat 'i-j'-artliierit or the S jutb, or fc. U. .
ii.any s-j) jei-;s t.-.,v than ordiuarlly intelii-1 Cani.y. C"i).r.iar.d:rjrr the I 'cpartriicnt
rrent. IK-(-iiL,e bore t r the p;:rrse of of tLe Columbia, will be appointed
ierturin ' c;,n "Ti.e Il-'rse." Le Jiavias I
itiiitia a ii eiiiir 'ii liir c a - j '.i v. t i.ii at
Ii- i ;.,.:i-,l on sale in the lic-k store, w a ai-':
' the Ver.d C of one of the W-t h i7s ;h,s
f. , r ltia le. He bad ii:r.'ir..enl le a; t'arat-
u- in the v.-ay f ill-stnti.e 1 riviles bits,
iiri-s. tra;-s. shot . te.. wbkb he 0 J in ;
hi- b-etartT, an-1 seemed to ! a H-riil '.
iiaaster of LLs ; rot't-s-joa. lie raet with
slice- and Wiisfast CTowinr in the ":;- i
Kiao. n oi ail w tio w ere ii!t',or--eta in that i
rK'.,e r.n:i:ial.
the Lorse.
'!Via in
. ,
re-r.rd to the di-''
-.' 1 e
v iiiar.v
Kmm of their burses, and fr..ia one of ,
ilo-se c-a.-1-s he reci ived his dca'.h lie was i
i. d lltto-a LV 3 lunit -r to tiUtke a .. .n : a Iii; tlait Lai
i. lily, w liieh w as done, i nd it was
,1 that ih'- lior- Lid die-! t-f that
C: --..- -. the : Un it rs The day
-i-e'v warm whea tiie elrunina
' . I '5 1 4t is s i; r..i ;, H-.
i.'h thL iie-tiiiui of lae iiiii.'-in t.if .;-, eir-.:ii.hd frot:i!l.e heat.
' died S
terrii 'e
v. t y.
a' s r!tl 'Le .; Ily iri fr.H.i the animal.
I'cv.-. sn..: ailed tM iinliie.llattiy, I ;n
' di.e tin-.e !--taa to fori t! atl'itt o;' the
ls m in hi- s. -tern, v.Lieh in
'"t-t" set to '
s ich an etw-at lliat liiuillv Le
a- T
l-.l !!, '..-.:r.,-. ... 1.,.:r l...-
. t m t tk-M.t..t"ii l ti.-t , . lit . i
i ' I. til . '. t .
lie ri- at atti r,;. aasi ii. l it. such ii t ne - 1 . - t . - j.. -. -t- ..nut . , . .. . . -i-
- cfii - -,...,. , SPWlFlCliOME.PATHlCilEMCiXEi 0
-. a.-: t art of ii,e -unntu r. he rallied ec-ak r, Xew Y-.-rk. nov. li
to ;r.:t L.hi la walk ,at oerstsionaliy. I a-E.-s.ic t-r K. H. Marshall. S iaaers--t. Pa.
Uttt w aat sn a-.i'oarane Lad cuaie over
: tne sia.wan man : ne was a skeleton, ai-
iit-ist, dnioj.injr and sad
Arrtiin. be was i .
iiken w.tii at
.u - .... ..i.- ... i .it i i int. r t .i i i
lie ioUr
i.f the 1 r. ::ae ilLseasi-. and not wishinT
to T-e a burden t'm any. ti'k rcfitre at!
the Allies iltjsa. Here he lingered until J
a week or ten day sk-e. whtn d-ath came ;
to Lis relief. At one tiriie iuin; ulcers ' "
... t ...1 .rt .""te.t...,,, ,.,r.l,-i. r.t i,:. I., v !
ten strjip-e to say, ;
Lis ctiOition thev
Lin a ehiirt time of i
liail IksL-iI Tip ont-!
ward, iae Lad the service r.f three or
He Lad th.
1 fmr of our N-st 'hvslciariS and the atiec-
tioa of a ri jniUr oi" oar citizens. ! ut w ith- i
r of oar citizens. ! ut w 1th- i
Lis death bi, f-5R,-rjl s- r-!
ntut-ti-J it- Kev. tt alter
ont atsik and at 1
: vict s were con
;yii;i:el. rcd'ir of Sl John's E3-is..;al
f Lurch of this lace, and he was I.uried
in '.he ravevard of thai clttm h. The cr-
'. rui-s(,.f ill the iiverr etal le kee; rs I-
i .. .1 ... . t . . . . .i r
-mm- tiiie-r sis o.ners. wire '.acxii at uv , a-Uisee1 ? bm ).
t rviet. r.f thus;' w hi superintended the tslt- i U-iri. V
s-iuies, r.r. J quite a minder of jerin at-: A.-wtner. red sole, y a.,
t-n.::-.:. Th- nr-st sin.-ular rrt of this' Z l Z "
sad a'iiiir i tlad no one in this vitinity iOata. T ba..! '..
knows where ha ct.ine from, as be la-. n - '-. V ' ---- ---
c,.t:.mrinkated u-.m tfc-.t ,,t ....r Y.'-"n- f -
: ... ... .v. .A :' v- .
i miu u- iiau leit-.itt- in nentutsv, otit
t'hst he did not wi-h to tr ici.le lhei:i w i;h
know icd re of Lis r.isf irttines. Dct-,
the wtn.e tune ft Lis m.Ter.n.
h are S tid to 1 intense, to word of
ootnpiaint wa n;
t red. l-arin; all wiih a
b ,n M u-ae
l-vcir.l exjircssii
A Sana 1 1 Caeeae I'ac-try.
follow inz ankle we ti:p from
The follow in z ankle we ci:p from the '
riaLiiiKire Anic.'.'.ir.. anti etnuriit nd it to
th' careful rerasii! t.f or.r niany rtaders.
In the different oouritie in New York,
w here the celeh.-atetl Ckedien butter is uwie
there are great nuniU-rs uf Unu larrrt and
tduall cbeese faslvries aod this clierse Las
even a rr eater rer'Jtati. n tlian tbe I'Utter.
lathe Western lleserve district ia Ohio.
rreal onantitim of chetaeareiaiaiit.sTadii is
i . it .t . .t .
aareCM 4-n ad skiea Ijat the rnaaantet jre of
cii-e-e LsDVrel'roTltahietlain that of tuitor. !
TLere is 4xrainlv no
i rea n w Jit la thi
.... A .. - , ,, ,
crtaa oiiia r iaiiriii c suihoj oh itbec.
laclurc tii.l sh:p as man v rsitintls of cheese lnr
to the eastern taairket a we now tlo btauc-r, !
and ttiet teir ;n Tease tae income o; our
Mr. J. H. IL-irt ey, who is Iar;e!y inter-cs'-.I
in the traile. will no doui-t with
i let-tire ft.ra'L-L ail tbe infortuatioa desired
Iit tzT n-Mj or rtrso Ta whomav ai ii
- " a
to i-r?ue to the business..
i All
At a ria ol rrtic-aun'; w La: we la::T
Lave heretfare BabJ, as v thd CkU-Cse of
es-a!d:ii;n; tL eese Lacturr. we cite the
ir.' eriiuiate td i!r esl M' a si nail
f-liees :
at !i t i
Lrrrtirreonld erect
slLine or sn !i s r,,' -it f-tiii.'i.! be
evtrai l".-.i iier, ttruiis a joint
ctipsrtht f;:r w furiiVuiatr the m
tatit;?Ei. - :of tbes.Uk.k:
. a a - ..a..
k '
rwracnaAi(w. aLuiaJ n?
I K( Tt TT I I-? V I, a.- a-'.j, w :t. ran,
' i'r a "make rinm," k"vin tle remauidpr
.arJ the tipp- t.-rr for curin roDms."
' Tl . 1 t 11 - .
i u- ujijitT twjr Mi Kiiu peniiKuoJ tue '
'same a tic I.wtr. Tbe twenly-foar forx I
. - - - . ...... ' j i i 1.1 w 1 r- ;
I dcpenin opon ilic pricf of ltmitr and la-j
1 Jr, nebk U differ in localities. A roceh
, uhstantial building. n-Ltch anw?r in
r every rt-sitct in most kxlhie would ont
SI lfnnicli.t n.;t. l l 9.'...
! j It mld be furtiUhod with rat tank, prcsces.
.. j boor, ftralos, etc. for fiJTO, makinc ia all
5 tl.W tmilJine and for
the finished one. Tor two hundred cow,
.. the same sizrd building wockl antwer.
-j ror rat and fiitcrt making in all'
'i $l,r,fn fjr roc-h and tr 'tinihel
. . ) liil.lijs?. Thi i the wze of ajny tbut
j v. , r? biii'.t ia thU Sl.itc Vi;is ycti.oin.
' ' i ck fmifiauit are lornn-d iy in-:
.. i t rvs-i trikiu? np -r r.:urr har, wiiif h j
j mIAJ 1 f V) of $ Ii c.ti. b. A c. t:uu:ife L J
.. (chosen by Xlw timrt lididors bo 6iiicrLn-
ju-n l the lm:M:n-f the Ciiiory, hiring fj
'.help, etc A dairy of ne hundred ewr1
-- jvith aiili'ic-r. tl b-!j. ncho could bt-hirt-dat
- , t wo tu thre- dollar. r day itn J Kurd. !
. I i rirto hcadrd os be n-tu!d nv33t nn ,
-- add;t!0Sal bind, nrh:cl niibt K- a wmun t
and iacsjxTii-nnfd. 1
j The was often a-ked : II-j- !
; r.iar.y c-w s :i.u-t a fat-torr nainlier to jar ? i
'. For en iadivKiual u Uoild a fatlorv to w.rk j
1 qj tniik f r iniK-m. at ir hunilrk
t Lirh is the common nrif-e of iiiakiiir and )
, fartut:.4 tjf chew il 1 xtd and read
5r i
i"'ir ti.:irkt't. he w-ti! 1 Ur,t three
r -tvs or more ! tsiskf rt a p- in-j lii:sii?(--s. t
AsViiL un iiioivkluid : iih a m--k c ni
v.ny. t' :hc t;k j.y t.ifd divi-1
dend. By the jilaa pven." the firnit-ra i
build the llutorr lucijisi'IrcR for the tnjr- j
i jviseof workiui up their own milk, which
U a jrrvat w-ln to Jhcia over the H way,
. Uth ia eiiier.M- -nd quality of chees'j. Ifj
( n,v j.( ,1 c u.u--'i n . i; v.;i t cKi
' invrpet a h jurt tr the eklnldT," the
' jirice J liiakicr fLoul.l lie stdvanced. A
the jxi' urr she own.Ts cf the liirtt.rv.
!!:'.y can always tx a price t!:at will do
ju:;.e to ill p.iriic-?."
Tayetfe f'eeinlj Xtetaa. J
On thi- riL'hi of the th ult. the sTeaia
sawmill (tf t'ol. A. Stewart, at Stewarton,
was destno el ly t re. A roal-pit in close
trosimity imi;x! a Urre u'1-.nnty of eoH
wik an f before, it v.i-.s tllser.vercd. La!
i-.tineil such hea.lw.iv t?ut it cm! 1 not l.el
extiniruisheik thourb tlc cioa valuaMe
portien of the machinery was saved.
A C.l J kerosene dlsij-ter rwxatly befell
John (."ktrk. Kq., toco a resident of this
oi.tiiniuitiiv, but lateiv (if Bridiiei-ijrt, j
Mi. I'ivsJnt, Fa. Mr. Cbrk undertook I
Lil a lunip w hile burning t. ca'tis-d an
i'spkion ; the conK-ijuence was, he wus
liurned to death, and wrk.'Usly burning
another cf his faniilv.
Dii'theria Las made its sj-riearunee, Mr.
! 31. Cramer l"st two children by. that ci
' s-.-ase.
j The RepuMicsna of Springfield U)wn
ship fsve Gen. ir:int 70 of .1 mnjority.
: How is thai for US'" hioh 5reeley pot
a hi trier 1 vet iiat; thi. time than be ever
raiseil at Chpi-aqui ; be it now oa the
"lion.e -stntcb" i.eri, and will lie placed on
thi" re i; red list.
Si'iiic -f the Henmerats wailins is de-
l .irable, indeed, and are caotiirh to enlist
lae sya:;
r tlitrs s.i
thir-s of the uios: olxiurat-?, while
it is n il their funeral.
ilLAI tLI iii A, IVtivt-mlxT
ere tt Lu'f cia.-toa tLe.
i.-eaiid l ulilie buiidin?, in rospect
to t!.e tiiotiHry oftLelatefJca. Mead.
At a ineetic? cf iLe CoKiiiicrcial
irxi-lace to-daj aj-iirojiriatc res..!u
tt'ji: were passed relative to the
death of General Meatle. TLe May
or uba.ItteJ a nios.-a,: to Councils
ri C'.daniiT.d'.nr that ajjir(piate action
bn taken.
WisTirv;iTov 11 f Vovetiilir-r T
; 'jenerai SLerman Las issued a pen
1 erd! order, revieuinjr id feclinrr lan
1 jTiiae the life and services of the late
Malc-r f; ?a t.Liee ,,f Cenerf.l
MaVr fler.era!
Meade, Iett-a.eL
JciT. Iav:s La I one vote ca.-t for
Lii,i i:i Iiaurdiin county f.-r President
whh Horace Gne'cy for Vice Presi
dent. Cavtiox. II
J-.vcrv rn riujif Ijox ol
re f.l ivrv
T l IMI I i
11. .'1 VI .... A.I t i.l. A 11. 1 . .
ar ,t!e ra.tire i f ILLMIXx
I' nUN I ittsbsirh, la., and tue;r
private I. niled State
taui!). '"Take
r. . . 1 ..TI c, ! I
1st. on.
Xerveu Debliity. i
tv i a i . ? -tHiTTiT ..t'-n-ianis. k.w ft tiepr e ;
lisa iov iu.-i:ary eti);---i?. i ss tl e ixi-n. i-pr:ua- !
ti.Trba-i. 1 . it ji-w.-r. oixry hi-a:i. 1- s- t-i uMLa.t-
ry. aii 1 iLn-aUTii. 1 i-r.,n-ten'-e uni iirt'ic- iii y. ;:d1
a piT-r-: ii.-i cur-- io Uarfipbreis' li -i-i-ti.iia.ta.: ;
)tef.6c Xi i am j-EiLt. Oa.ic-si vl tbe'
in t vaiua. ic mtiti to-: ptmi t era . 1 1 1-. th-y
einke st ire at tlier ol tbemrter. t.-ce tip tne
rcr.eai. an tit the di hanres. aa i iiepart viz.r '
aal eacr-rr, hie snd Tii.iKy to the entire tnaa. !
Eliy ban- eortil tln-asanis-d cas.s. Price. IO j.--r !
jnCa - IiffP 1 hVC nt'Jk a als'l lar.'P V. iai. M il''Q If
" - t . . , T t 3 . .
It T .
Fiiiiir i-a. . u -i u. an l i it. z i W - : t .
. . . I- i .. . ..' . i.Lth... .1 1 Vl S- Ii I. O ' .
ot I rT
MAKTIXA. NoveraiVr Sd,
at New Centreville, l.v Rev. A. K. Tnii-
al. Mr. John A. IVarl to ML- lb:-bccca
Maniua, both of Soinerset township.
Crreeied wc-k'j 1-y A. J. Ca.srrrr.2 a Co.
. , . . '
a I
Ll.iTA.. .17a,,t '
l v ai ..."
Eo' kwh-at ft ln-hei
anii- f
- sides. -
iac ou
Ci-rn. V lm-h-1
4's-n rr, -al y
caui rkms. r a .
Ijrs. j lins
...1 3
...aiu ao :
... 1 w j
li;-e i
Ksir. r' i"i
wac i
c '
.' 1
-t i
Bsas. 5
- eCi-a ...
- Ahba. - ...
5utr.r, y-;-iw f- a.
- w!.ite r- .
Tatti w. a
, Vtiirct, f b
i -fa
..'..rr.J- !
iSMt-kie i
3't'ir Ad crr'.ifcmcntf.
i ICE.-
KaTirsr tH dr s ! the to. !s sa l stick rn baa-1
, la to cwrriare teto-y. ka- wa as !'J.': kninrts
, tnsfrolaet'-ry. to H. J.'lloraer. the st-rae is tiiis day'u) bim. W. J. iiAEK.
tKT. 12.
:;iaili'oiuij.tiuii:. E I'c. r
I'trrat a -a, Xicmier a 1S72. (
xcitice r srncK h lpees.
irr" , . . .... ... i
iiiraimu, i.t-t-in , t it . . . . tn -t ..... ut 1 11 . .
ri,:,.r?k i eo- iisrtiie Eaiini Comint.
wiil be be'hi at tbe iiaeof tbe Ctirnpary. in Ine;
"7 :BTTh 'f10-? lr?1 1
das) of Ln-ur-.tiiir .: 13 'rl.-k a. t i-r tiie
,Mnm, f eirninz iwclee lere-titr-i f ; the
. 1 i" X ELL Y.
Cue I and 4t fO Hare Entice,
- as -
T? 1 1 1 T n 1"- Taninl- AaVf If'L" An ! ie
avsiav s.-itasatv . aaavsa
.... i . - . a a. a A u. I
fwJtnjrir?. . UTp r C CaU. .Xaarmrw t
W. TT. 5irKAIO k SOX. j
WiT. IS, "72 tt.
I 1'ITOIl NOTICE. . iniBw water: .is, swartent w.t-r power br saw I
Hatinr been appointed 1 the ftrt haiw' C.wrti
of saacrset CMWOtr. ao-tit to aaikc aai report a :
rfiertiaittia of ibe'ratsrs ia the hands of V ll'.ijra
lienor, administrators John Shoemaker. 'd.. -
i . .i nUr. iitttM L.ea!lr miitlerf lavoMii I wiil .
aiurai to tfce doties i tcy .(iiiointmeat at lay of-, al
safT 11 ' tat Iti r-wolf ft IH W atrat fttaI aTtltfl i
k(Xvtz. I
a iadace.
Xcw AdccrtiemenU.
Pi os. 13 and 3S.
expcrtaawcaii entire ranw: fctreple Prnmpt
IMriaA aad BrtUble. I hrr art tbc oclj lledi
rines perftanly adapted to popaUr ar to timpie
that nitttake caa not be Bade ia ana them ; ao
luraileot u to be ttrt from oarrT, d4 eo efljeient
a to be ahriTt reUabie. They hare rawed the hitfft-'
eat eoauaeooatioa fnua aJ, sc4 wiil alwaja ira
der aauaiacttfja.
FeTertv.Cnri-Tt!"fl. Irflsmmartot!. js
Weirota, Worm Fever. Worm Colic. S5
" C ry lua-OBlie or Ttsrthine of Inlmt. its
" Durriura, of Children or Adolt.... SO
" IreBterr. Gri4in. Bilirai Coiic H
hoicra-Mortm. Votniling St
fotisrln, Coil. ltroDcaitifi f "
M 9ienUata Tooritarbe. Faceacbe... tS
ilradiube, P;rt Ueadacbe.Vcrtiso 25
" Irspepta. liilioo fto!!ifh
Snpprtf J. r.r Painful Perioda... . 8T
- M'hltea, too Profuse period 45
" C rooii, Cooffh. I:flimlt Breathinr... 5
Halt Khram. Errrrpelap. Ernptkttia 5
" Kbraaitiua, Ixoeinnatic Paio... S3
" Fereraarf AKmeXttUiFeverrABea M
" Pllea. blind or biredin; SO
- Ophthaloir. and Sore orWeak Erea 50
atarrn.arnteorehro(iie.laaeiiEa. 50
'kMptBfr-Cah.viilttiteoDgba U
litkra, oppreaoed Breaibinr U
" l-r IMackkrae. impaired hearing. SO
- P-cf ofni. enlftrred flaad. &welliaga SO
" faraaIebiiity.i'CTcaiWeakiicsa SO
Unpmy and acaaty becretion SO
" teaiekiaa. tjckoee from riding 68
" Ki4Ber.lMarae. GrareL 69
" Servooa Oebjlltr. Semlaal
EmiaahiBa, icioiszitarjr Ii-
cire 1 00
Five Boxea, with oae ti vial of
Powder, Tcry cecemary in serious
ea S (O
" Korv Month. Cacker. M
Trlaary WkacM.itIiii;tieil. SO
Painful Periods, ariia SpuutS ... SO
" aflrrtns;s at change of lif I 00
Kpilesair-pamii.b'.Vitos'Dtaoe..l CO
" IMpatntrim, okerated sore throat.. 50
Of 33 large vials, eoctainine a rpeeiS:
fur e-ery ordinary direase a fastily is feb-
(ect to. with bock of directions $10
n't vlais, with book. !iroo C-e. 6
Veterinarx 8jeclnc (flaidl. for core of
dieases of all Uonirstlc Animals, with
direction 1
Taaipleta Case, with lartre Miaul. 10
Larve Rasrvraod Case of 611 -rials,
coti'.ainiii all ocr Speriftcs, inrituilae Vet
erisary and others not esomerated aove.. 3
Cares Barns. Braises. Laaieaess. Sare
Bess, Sore Throat. Kpraia. Tsstksche,
Esrsrhe, Xearalcla. Kheasnatlsm,
Laasirs, Piles, Bella, Mlaajs, aora
Kye. Bleediac t the Langs. Xose,
" Momarh, ar of Piles; Coras, llctrs.
" Old sores.
Prter, 6 50 cts. Pints, $1
Qaarts, 1 1.7 3.
tW Tbeee RttEedi-s. exeept POND'S EX
TRACT, and sirsrle vial of Veterinary Medkine.
arc sent by the ca-e or sickle box. to any pan of
the coaotrj, free oi charge, on rectipt of the price.
Homphreys Specific
Homeopathic Medicine Co.
Ofi-e aad Depot. No. S61 BaoapwaT. Xxw Tokk.
Far Sale by aU Dreg gists.
Mi-Tur I t E. H. 5!srhaU. S. taersct. Pa.
br b-r next friend. A. Zl'CK. 1
No. TI. XTcra-
ber T-. t7i AL j
Suh. fcr iiiTuree. :
- We eitoimnd voa that ail wun-t'rof btifincts , tjeoeral Jad lielivery. dr the mil ef .11 capital
andexewse beica' set sn.le too be an-1 r"TJ-r ia i J hertHcnJem in theOunty e-i S-anerset. Lai, e
ti pr rper prso befirre oor Jo-iiris at Somerset j bwued their precepts aai to nie direcul. f,r hfld
al lmt count c C urt of t'oainK-n Pi-. there to le I a t-nn of I'Msrsa Piees. and (ieaeral uuar
heid a the 4:h M-avisT of Xevcmber next, to i b Iscx-os of ttie Peace, srei iJer.eral Jad lieiir-
showeaa-ar. if at,v t.o hi,e. wbv Tr wife. H-v
ur Ann 4fn. n.ni3 nut I dicuretd !na the
bvjo'ls ttf matrim'tOT.
S.1-ri8 '.. JOSIAH fHAFKR
Xtrr. e,lrT j Sthenir.
Ssmael R Kc;.Il?!e 1 X..-
0 X'Trni':r Terra.
Margaret Ana K?f lnt'c. b, r
AL Sab. tt Li -
We e'4!imart'l yin that ali mTtin-rof l-a.inrss
and ex,-ae tin? lrfl atide. you lie anil spjvar in ;
Tur prvT'cr f'rt.-n l-f-re ,-ur" J i: at s-.jaeret i
at c.oxe-4iity C'-ort f Fie. there to i :
ht'1.1 on ihe Miay t.f Xvcmiier n XL to .
srHwrnnie. if any i'.i tav?. w hv j,ur hu-r-aii-'. j
s: .mnel R. Kii-i.tffi. sh-ci 1 tu A i dirt-ceod tnitn '
the twit ef iaLri!ii iy mbich b Ls'.h oir.:rcted
with y.u tee sail Jlsnra.-vt Ana R-;l. Trie saree -
j al ly to the prayer of the ftiii and iriel eahib-
ited arums: von oei.tre t-or sai l CotirL
and this !
y-o ftsM in n wis- emit st t -nr o-r.!.
Shtr:2"sora.v. J' il AIt M4AFF.R.
Xtfr. 4, W. J. i Sber.lL
1 ti par:n-r-hit) fcen-b.fjre cxlstini between S.
J. M:.iir an-! O. AV. Cas--, utler tae r.ara anj
fim of S. J. Will-r a Co.. a tanner, at Lisle Ci:j.
is tais day. by muloal pos-nt. ditTd. llie !
boeks are "in tile hao-i of Samuel J. Iidi-r frcJ- j
Icli where ail iciereftei are a-.w iiivito-i to call
on huu at tne ! 1 tanucrr. at Iac 'ity. ,.r at h'j j
K nu m. rttV ,tn'hv.t, ir.m 1 1 ' . I ' i " r 1
S. J. MlLi.EE,
Cirt.tS.2. U- W- 4."AF
H. The ta-isiriit bn."iins here. iter will be
earri-l ito by Micliiiii H:yat tiieiid stand. w acre
a-'i i-itrr,--:ei ar? hrartiiy laeiieti, ai he wiii make
fcia! eCjrl to j lease ail. Bjt. a.
iTTjf awciiit limTe fifM r-.j'U.'r. wJ that lix
ftiin ill l-f fiiv-iitnl i-JT fjaLrTD'.i an 1 i,oir.
jt- it - rrj'fsAii' . urt. t i- btrl-i &( taiTs t,
Kir? aai t;n-il a"t:T,t of Jx- b 31. TT-Jter. JU t
Firn m&i flnai mxk'i of Henry I-ar, paariUn of (
First b4 CU3. rr"t of J.ha B. aoi Iteclrl S.
Firt i5 t-il i t cf Wklliiim S -.rt. a-iin'r f
7 inf . Srwtt. t-W-'i.
I ir: and nnal aer't f Hrrarr I ?3TJcr. gTiari
iin A Jamei Sail-r. iirliiur.
FidaI nev't 3Ii.4. A. Iv. xIm't vC !lce
Fini af't of Jha Itir-n art.1 Nal aM :Xeul
mm'r. I-injfhiin MrNraL 4--:J.
Final cc't v( Ji.hD 1 t'uiaii. a-:to r or Isaac
I ..l. I
Final sec t of B. S. FWk st! Ilaciel FViT. X- I
ecntiTsof Aiara I
A-,cnt trf J.oa.han Eittucr. sdni'r ef Gp,r:; i
Tn-rer. dec'-E
AcciKitit of J 'tn E. Seese. atai'r of Joseph IE
IV'rk"T. tity'.i."tof J.jsL,L Siitan.da aim'r'.if J.iLaGw-1
er. dee d.
Aeo.nt of Jvan Lieseck'
Beta, dee'd.
A-ont of Peter Pr u:
poariiaa of Anni; E.
IlcTi tr L min r.
Am-i-oat ef J.-vA X. aiia'r ,f liatau-l
Hart Qiao, tltx-'d.
nl..-,? lUrt n.nrt Tni'nt ..f Frv.'
en k fciewker. -v d.'
aaira w s.!biim j. j;i,,w.ih uttiuoii-
tcr LWrkiey.
li. J. liul.X ER.
. Ps X jr. . Ti liCirh-T'-r.
City Cun Works.
T . , , .
snt-e- i
ri rr sara oi til XS. Call r sea 1 . r a pri,-e !i-t.
. . , . . . .
S3 Us tsai; I.n,- Iat.-rvlSh
- in .t . " - v
iu:i. a to STi. itrtca lyia-brs. Ksi to ..: Eh
-S 412 to Ti; Uevotrers, a to aA- A !tlrr.
IE li. sa HI LTE.
S30 Ljitcrty s rect Pitts! anrh. Pi.
Xov. 6. e
At Private Sale.
Th? tsa imumed '-ff.-rsbi Crm at ; rirate sle.
simated ftcrmii-" nnbea-; oi Lioier. ic Lhr-
ier ttwc?hip. Vt'cs.m .relaal o ti v j, J'a,,
Contemn 103 Acres,
Ata TO acres etearetL Ca arcs In rn.J rocitrw,
.11 well watered .ml has the iwrt timit-r oa it.
F"tT further jankeolars rail on t"A McFariand.
LjtieT. s-the Tmierrir-ied "n the piretni.
ort. iaVim. THtiMAS MiJIXKlXK.
;CantT. I wiil sc!! nt the prcmi-.. ia the b. rar h J
; ot .m-s t ctitmiiie. rn :
at lOo'ct i p. nt tie TA si-i i!cs-ri'-; rals t-
We rsd es a:e. jte the pr-perty of James M. !
jsivi:. rtfcntr '.. rz'. line ia a rrttai i-intaiin- i
- . fir-T-ildit le-rlies ocriet n.:acrvi on whi. h '
....,mi eu,- iratoe b. use aad siaidr. sua- ;
W! aid the s o;h si !e of Main s,.rert. a-H-iainc !
....' WJ rf Xr)L i-be! Waiter. Siasn Y.m -hi and I
...! l J,.a SWL ka wn t-lsa of joA '
T ran mile kn wa t d.T of sale 1
' ' li 4' STfrrT !
a a ;i ,. . ,-' .
. 1 .
T7XEcrT()i:-s notice.-
EeW.c of Wiiiiaa Iinb-.IT. he of Betiia tor arX ,
den-weed. j
Lt-tfers tetaincntiirT oe the arr estaae harmz ;
heea (-ranted to tbe aadersiined by tbe mtieT aa-
V ti:t It .l-.i I -1 . utl i ' t iiit iinttTi .
is herebr srir,. to th-e hrlefted to 1 -
aoiiite paymmt. aai tL hariaa; '
taiTity. aotit-e
li to make trame.:
i claims iriint it toprcstct rhcai Only aathcnti
eateil tt settlcsaesjt a; tbe residence of Iianiel J
Brniaker. ra itrnth'
!l-y town-dan, i Sainr- .
4.t. taeTtk-iatoi" ln.en'cr. lTi
IHXIE1. J.PK. HAi-E2. ' l
JliSEl li 1MHOFF. '
oct fci-
.Ik'TT; c .".
I Jb Is salt. .N.lLt
J. . . .... ' , . ..
Iir dirretpTi cf the Ort.ha'.s" Vert ef Stire-wt
' e ir.tT. tt. t tc , i air! of Samuel al.t,iicr"s
j ctii irra. will seii, i the jirt-ffiiscs. oa
At o'ektrk. p. tra, the t.Uewiiur real estate: j
M A ptanLitl -n and tract of land sitaate in i
S'fTCTk t-wniip. eotitauana ii aerr-r a'st '
Its) acres clear. an-rcs in swi... with avae j
i bara lacrear; cm-its;: uiere are on ire prraa- :
aa orchard of IKarnie tr.-es. a raw orchard !
Wiwa t,, ait caiapand krufes w i-nk-r aar :
'..a t L. . aa-.saa - - - t
CUain - i s(ar aa , sli., s rf i ai-a-, u -sa;-:. " 4J vtjt: ;
- . . .
asm in arfVaw. wita 1-uc--- wi-.- tt vtuzmr ;
a a i tl . 1
mill or eardinx aaartine. with Henry of Hastier. t
Ttraas 4ite thir-C after oe-'.ac.iriT exivi.-s af
S ;
lie '
sale, to remain a lien.
I be interest thereof to h
lull ancwaiiy to the w clow, and at ber death, the
innctial b t uiiiln-n of deceased: oce-thirl
LaauL Anril 1st. l;i: balanee in three eoaal .ana-;
payitsrata. aitb ul ialertat, w t sheared ca tbe J
ort a.
i. '
livlnr fxB ai-p 4ni I aa-lit.-T 1-t th t v.nrt to
triot the furvtl in the swrifT liao. ariij.r 4
j frca thr !-f lite xaii tUl of Mary A. Mirt-!
i ft n1 S. Mrrltoaal aroor.a thjse'le-iliT eo- j
ttllel tberrki. I will aiten-1 to this date at nirof.
br la twwiwrs-t. ra. ca tveiiaesJaT. tbe uth day I
ef Norembt-r. 1X71. at 10 o rkica a. in., iut.ll au-i j
where ail iulerenuxl ran altenc'. i
it of Jfwlih lvarr, lite of Berlin BT Dah.
Letlers of a-iatisKratlVin oa the alxe rrale
ha-rina 10 priated to toe aaderrijrDed. notK !
hrtvlir riven to t!xe la lc4-J to It tu auke iciuie
rtrve jtsjmrnt. an1 tirade havm? claim ae-.iir if.
ti.rr"Mt thet;i.;lT BB'liatkwK-d fr iiIvoipnt.
Im' the 1 in r-i
I it: 14.
f i l-irtr;-!.ini s.j;nr 1st.
ii. J. I.KI !;;;kh
' 1 A K It'll P t Nmil" MtLlli
! S(ot. tierfe-rtl aew. I'attbjrr vra-e. UTS. Aij
j number of IStrou&J-UaB-l ilri.irti.j kui oran.
: nuarir.ff la unr-irca s.i ami u;ri. t..rrfiit:
1 . i f&iai.. r-i --.'I ..4 . . -; t. .. . t.. .i
; si; rvMi vt
) No. 1: Sixto Avtmne. Pi'.Uiurg l'a.
! Sole i jetrt for Prince a cs"s Or.-u.
l"h nu .Vrhro-l e.nci.lre ef La wU k Frti J-
line, irf jTt!ct4i ttensiij, will .fir ir sle on
j SATt.'RlAT.thei day of )T f.M BEIt, Ti
The a-Kirjrei Ucl if well 1131 .rr l. T.-rn.. r-n.
s-xin-ie. JUtlXFKlIZ.
j ml 3D. CH-icajKK-e.
I berc aid I a-M at puMie faie at the rr. 'ewe
f.r Jt-ha Itaoch. lite 01 irj.hrrnrilli,y u,wutiii.
OX THi ESUAT aod FK1DAT tha Kih and
ith of tiVEKBEH, IV.Z.
thefi-tk.Win properly, vix: 11 n't. e...i;s. eo. j
jtai collie, bvgi. wa jut, lityr.i k.w. t.irru!.. I
lU-umiT. cay rase, oira-i.ii. hisetiioe. rrxprr
au-1 mower, csithyr bur. burse gears, labiutig ttiiil.
oe fc-t ot blarfc-uiiib t,.-i, han.erM. aea;. r
oa.t and evn i-y tbc burfctt. bar by tie
I ta ttie frcn.i. A bsi. tsi. nr..,i,f. tatirs.
: U.ain, sntce. np;rtl. t arenas. t:M an
! clucks. eaqi. ru-.klo-f and h-adr suites aai
, pipe. ana l"xi ktkiies. bee-. a larir ra-
; rir'.r -t una itni.lejieais. a-j2eat.l.i aoi kuchrn
lumitare too naiuemas to aeii:iin.
aisle lue i-Mk-f st 10o'ci k on tfcs U'.h aa 1 to
e. r,iino- lr.n day to day ttntll ad is M 1. ixis at- 1
U nla:, si4 s reasba-ie ere lit wiil t eirea by i
HEXKT HA ft "It. (
as'jx r. errrxEB. tt
jvu.i a. ti j 1. 1 Htuu.n.
! Ja;'es ot the uyer aul Terminer. srl
ery and Courts of Cij er anj Tcrxiner, at SjmerU
On JlsmUy, Xatrmber ath, 1173
T.mra krrety yrea to al! the Jaii-e of the
! peace, the t'-irvaer sad Cosaldes within the said
t'ocnty of Si.njerec that they he then anltheretn J
their prater persuns, with their iviU. retrdf. irjai-
, . exati.jnatitrf. sol other rcEeraLiranci.i to
; doth-.e thtcsn whk-h to their offl'es and in that
behalf .pp-r-atn to he it(e: SD-t th;y wfco
will pnfv.ate sruinstlbe priMuen: that are ,,rf hall
lie in the jail ol Siraeret (Vvaaty. to tie th-o and
there, t-.i w-i--!e axrainst tle-ta ls riail h it.-u
tjrr (irnri!. i JMS1AH SiiAFKH.
siuiaere'-, tert. ;-). ( her.2L
!.., . .
: V U I J l i, I.N I'ltUIiCE.
i I w
Tfcs n3.rf:ed duly a;...i'iteJ I t tie C-tin
d (V iii ci. a fi-JiJ S.imenrt 4"actT.ia to take
, ii;e icim.viy. rept.rt ttie tacts islin.nitsia
; the matter of the ; p!i,-aii. of He:cr Ann 4ts
i l-irae by her next fnea-1. A. Zu'-fc. vs. Ldiis M. 41 a
; bt me. f-r a diicrse. h-.-n.d-y races n itic-r thit be
wiil. oa Sarorlay. the 14ih!ay of XeTi-aatter. lETi
J at bis otUoe in &"Oa?rsrt, diyl-hirire liie ttuti.a id
I bis ai pt.e .OMBt. when and where ail pcrstts ia
i tt rtjted i a aiuni.
! K. L. F.AFR.
oct. 35. Oinai.c- r.
Esawof Bcnjamla Lwry.tale of GreenritJ? tp
tfeT.e L
Letterf jf adisinisiratuaontbe.beTecs'.&ieliaT
fc been rranted theaa-iersirie.! by the pr-wrac-tbvritr.
notice Is hereby giTtn to tb'jse in-ieMe 1 to
it to make imtniiate payment, an-1 tlae kacui
claim a?amM It to present them, dalr au:l.-en:i--ted.
bir settieiucct to the rjn-lrr?ined. ai the late
rei-Hience ot the eeceasel, on ?ltiay, the lsih
day oi XcTetur. IsTa.
Oct. 9. Admiidsiraturf.
Ft SE.-
loLy-Ua Hod tetkr. wldiw. 1st. Catharine. 1.
tcrararricl with S- lfOS--n HcaL al. AViiiiam. 31, I
liarearr;. inarmameuwrtfii'i tcr.M. Say!.r.4'k
i.iata. luicnaamM Wiin Joel yt. u:tT. ib.
I'rias. fch. HTirv-t. Tta. Elixabrtb. stk, SanueL
. "t'. i-r.-i. r...iu. ii-.ii. .tn. loe tn t
i 'Ur njimeti are miners- .11 lae stx-re named heirs
.reof Xtaer.t aaty. p.lJih.ttrariio, aiw
i' de-vi. M.Tinrnitfechicircn. reitaisr in lou?
las nun;;. liiiiKi, li.a. !-a5aa, i3:t-nnarn-l
wi:h l'clt-r Shui'.r. t-f La
tr,Be ennaty. iMtiisaa. 14th. Le-ri. rci ::t, z to
.Merur;Bcnr.liiir. La Oraaire co i,J li.h. jia- :
ry. laicruian-.n w.:a i-ra i if !,re!!y. el Ai,e.
.any cont.T.iLarTLicl. P. t. Eiiaii;k.'s mt rsi-t
cocoiT, p.:
re appear jt an O-.h-
' L"or -: ! s' -ars-t. on .M !ay. the
2" ,i.T f -N ir'" ." to acct-r or rc.'aec the
1 real esaate ot' Sanrad Hoetsteiier. deseti. at
: the spprais-d price, tr sb-w cactMr wbr the sace
Iui i ot be JtiMAli SUAf EK.
... . Naenff.
SherilTi fiif cc. ie;.Jr l;b, li
i-j i '.t'aanae Vt tii; key. wii'-w. Annie, io'ermar
ne-t wi'a James lisrtzcL livir s In Marshal! co..
t, i-zmia. nviiij ia :araaii
enoritT. West Virriaai. Aiisiioe. ititcnna fried
with Hcis'Bh. H'-arv, Iliialt. in-
tcrrjftarTied with Jacks-a lliatt. the lir. thrve
nj ic is S Tarr-t i !i:y IJa. Pi-iiy inTcrmar- t
ri - J wih J-4irithaB S-tyt.-r. lisir-ir in i"'arr.4l i 'ou, I
lil Jionna. iiunnirri,.: si u iiwaan Mar. :
li i-j in Faysite in. l'a Mania, iivir.s in
Vor .re hr " y a jTirit; ie :.prtnr at sn frj h.ns
iltir.. to be iK-l 1 iii S iie.;...i. i:a Mtalay tbe i'4h
Uya'Xv a : cr :e a t . se.f ;: .j-r. ii'tlxnal
e a-e : J.m.u iVlik,y Wei., at tbe a i,-a,su
jtrti-..'. ttri.s ;atti - wit the ane e- i at.; te
sol I. J t rS 1 4 1 i li A I" -IK.
.-.. ritT.
Sbcrii"s iHLM.lKX;'.'.z 15t!i, t?TA.
A 173 ;, i, .r;!... f u at shritt.
atah ST'ti .a l nrie siBipt1
... .
iiroe. X. r. V-x.. il
CVarthad St X. Y". I
f H AMI STAMPS !, rar!ii'. .rriili7t tw.
A art, wxasted. W. H. H. 1&t1 k lirs.. TV
NaLia f;ivet, . V.
71 J "st'1 stamp fir
1 nPfC .Hailiiirn. A. J.
I!l"d 43takae ee.
L'f. kneil a In, aT
1U1U. u
.rrea SL. X. Y.
i THLS IS XO HfilBt ar
I 1 Uy sew'inz Ja TEXTS :
j wr.b kt. L. izht. o lr of eyes and Imir. y. a wiil i
receiie .r retttm rs. ih a ei.rrset pirtard'of voar
j fntore ba!anl or wi, wiih Bins snd datecf
Msrrirstre. Adin-ss W. FOX. P. O. Lirawcr Xo.
J liz, Faiiunriiie. X. YA
Baltimore, ZMd.,
Aow Open :
Tbe Clinical advantaircs of the Seno4 sre answr- i
passed. V-v. nw-laiitur IiissectK ai.l Huwial I
Tickets. 1
! Ir Caul cm eoitalnirr foil parti-ulan ,p.
j iiaitim-re. 3.L ,
J.'Xm JfAiw X? Ti AiJtsij).
T5 to -"aV per tr- aih. t Terra here, male and fe
' tcaie. tn iiitniti-e the trEXCIXE lPKiVF.U
it..t..,iiv . . V" l." null r . t t -. - it .
at the R - Haas, in fv.4Bra banb. at o 1 ' r-. I ante :-r . Harrio ntvrarr oftr2
w mt - - j . : . i a. etaae a ctr.utia a. wi;n tiv. 3 i tit . m
" ' - 1 i-.t v. 11.-1 n . . tnin 'jc:t Ban- ; .. i.... ... , , , .. J ., .
jdrei sal mi? acres. About 30 sriwclrr.sud i . " V . . V : .. v' " J "
i.Vut 4 aires 1. mit.. fc le 1 T""- rM, sr.; e'r I
I therein creeled, ajctauar lno 'rof John R-biw-k. ! w.'.'STt , M' rf L-V. ! f I';.'riT". -- '
J.tba'iL Giiliar. Litt. .i.. rn I !jrr. !
: - -- krtrtiit.i. rTTac.ii. o-'in? i.i-'iu-. irn w.-r.-i-rii'-wTiei - - - :., - ,esrai.,i.:
j Aostatoeer. oef. A - ,.f 'l.rii-r. l.irz- .tti-.. ;t ,ena. ; t'! r?.-l cbc-ipe F .mJy la: ,e ecr pah. . Vix , A trirt ,.r L.a l ,'1- .--
i A iv. ANliLVEAi It .iiJLd.I.i.'jX.l ; !' t m-r a rwr u- iet j 1. j , h b.jmr.r..l tarsa sa-1 saw.mi'.'trart it
Q0UI1T riiOCLAMATIOX. i.-.-Uu. iv. X
; Present if the ajveral 4 rf tVm-. PhS F1 ' J V Iii. VcULWOr. Philai'aPa. V?1?:?
.f tie Ctuticf eoeupteic tne ssxteen'tt Jo-li-ia! v. are .;. i ! t. ';- s--,r , o-'-tTe-as- rr-k 1 ", T' iT - - 1 ,', " " Mrs-
! Iiiriet.sn1 Ju--u.-e ef tiiet -.r:r ol Oyer aai Ter- f Kijil Ta-b at j H a li-'ie a'-e e. . 3.0sw .-E.TS WiMEB AT OX E s 'fia, hJ'T' ""-'MJL'-' f' ii5
; amner ao-i Oeneral Ji livtisery. k tha trial of Fir-:la. SiPi New Ta !. t..j.leie. tsvo.S-.. B S tar new book, the Ufc oTtne mil kajdorer. aai'wnatV Ij, a ile'i-a' -n'i- Vri
aU capital and other oflt-aJers m the said lnrtnct. j kaa I t-l k tde ovr 1.. w. stas. cija. . A -1- wrmvs mmae-s-s ,,7i -..r"? -"..a-Jt., -rt"
anH I.rttTS A. Tmf FT tn, t4:tn H.,,tt f. .. . . ,t . ... , I 1 I 1 VHIIlin I I L . - It 1
tiuirea. Jadrc! uf tteCVrtf of tXaiccn Pleas.. d Wvsr i Jll V 111 VJO 1 Ull Jj. .,'r.TT j ""!.U&J- "' ln S
:!CKIXIA Thii machine w:U stit-h. hcta. ftU. to-k. I
, t - - -i l i . ... - u .1 n , i. 1. t 1 - 1 .H T-
u .w i;r ao-l tmwirr mi mj! ;
XSXZSSSRw hreTJ?. u7 -fi? ,,JT !
J1 warraatssl W U e aid pay W.isial ,
any Biachina that wul sew a f.-Ftaa-r. o; re ;
?'i-"1- 'r .1,e.,!l,.' 1'.lot'
cla a- lu lh caanot t rallied
aprtwlthontte.ria;it. We pay .zenls frvm T i ;
totaVO ts-r tauath sa.d rijunses. or a commissi n ,
, .I'm .linn m.1 . m aa n invit. ti- .
i . . ui'iiitj ll i Ol li. . . . vt . . . ii...t. :
i l'a.. C'Ltcia-i. EE. r M. Loais. Uo.
Cheap Farms! Frea Homes!
i the line of tbe CXIOX PlCiriC" EA1
Hi. acres of tt best Farming a
, . , . . - ta
iTal Latris te America
-'.' rres ta Stir, ska, in the PUue Tail ITF. ITTtTn rif11I
. A . . ' '
sno-ina . sa-a uimng aa-aT'-ssa
fJ,!r " SUS1 JTi. ... . l
5"t ' hTvablct termj aiceii. ,
wiaa i-oa o. sti.iiM ,
eisewbera (
a a..i
The best bjrali.a fr C-4-dcs S iifft. euti.led
I ta a ltcmenead of tSv' aeresL
isi firtb? st Ucscriflre Pamj!e. with
new siat s. pa'dahed ia fciiiirh. Grrmaa. Swed
ish ani 1 lax. if a, mailed Ire cTerrwhere.
Aldresa. 4i. F. DAVIS.
Iamd Ua'i I. P. K- . Co Umaha. Xcb.
J,Jr 'fai!lr .H V0"5 hakiaa Onue.
I HTf' V I I.I.I- H U ft 1? P t V 1- 111 '-Al
Vatcr StToet. ifcew iork.
CfaauBbrraaarsr, Pa
Wpfc ample Gr-cirls aiyl etr jant Baihiin?!. s-jfit-: .ti
ted p as tn be hots?! ike aa1 attrsrtrce. aad well ; X,:
rqwiTfjed for taoroajta rdacational srork. will opea ' an
Wpfc ample Gr-cn-!t and etr jant Baibilu?!. s-jfit-:
tru up a to t w in -t : .tt ao i mrtc. itr. aasx wcii
the fcrst Term of t c next Aeadeaue year Ssrpust-1
ber 4th. l7i, Fur Cirroiars, tppir to f
An. I. iiir. K. C. LAXE. '
XfW Aiii'tTfiemenin.
S- ;Oil I Azen'J wanted J All;
, If clasnf f wwiiin pe4-le. of;
eita"-r ex. yxtsi !!. wak at work I
t a to tlirir "lore ur U t!ie tmie ttija '
at rtt.irx !. Ir; i-lr tn-e. A-kir-(.!. j
b n.NSt iX tt t. O.. i'onlAO-i. Jiatue. j
IWtf iL-l-l-L-CTVi I a . r-
Krfnr rl-rk iin.l
i ,hlM t ,
B-k iDi tied, f
XL Ul il LllXii ISityAXT, HodaKK. V
Rt'SSHX jj
TAhli. w iMt:ule tola-
ofi n-ti hit 'A 1.
V. HFB.X .
1 1.1 Lit IT, Keafllna. r:
A8n's aa InmM
T"-li Ih-st-rrt l;-frWJ rrn SMWeTrTpat
rtjctJ. Lrf-l lanuer in 1 ererrrWT who h
ti. .-.-it tr-eif-fcur u. -' AMILV i'tiliX
MI!.Lt.i.i: in..- A -rri t arr.
! . . or at C'JSOSIT-l :-A V:
. v.- , - .. .r - r - - ..,.i i
, 'Vi, -auiT-S''iJ'Ve'-l'5il,il
i - '
j . " 47i as a a-w rmr i l
in.'.l .IIIKM r t- f i.3 4.
aw w av B aa aai aai
t if THE
j The Itrit. r:iik-U5 aii! ntiti-.r F
' - "Pl'r'-
i-l a Ye-T the JVBlLEi: TEAK lMK.
MDn,rT r. .a A t..
I 37 I'nrk Coar. .Ten Terk.
. ' Aseals Ti o-ie.1 for t'obMn'a
i Child's Commentator
On the BK'.I.r fortlte IIOIE CIKCEE.
!.SW pr-. sVi tetrrtnzK Tie bel e-)trrpri
of tlreveirtirs -r. .. Kerr l.:Ei:v wid base it.
:lii:.; i;." i'. car c' .ii-fi. i. i.r r!r IiLit s
r rL S. 1 .-:. a i. ' j.JT Psri. Iti.w. X.
Ctitrj Mo? ant3i
H!Tlt price psi 1 tj- jfirae oail:; 1t I t.
riAlMnV. Sa.,S i iVntiie ia niit-i-.urrr. 11
AiarnSrcila i-. 1'tiiaJeiTl.i.i.
BS?r Til? F ! "HMfB? IT I IB ?lTn
I- ar.arp.-t 1 a Printer ofth- Or-wth t.f ifce
Hatr aai AVi.:sk-r. Ii la neither siSckr n -r
trreasv. vet it airtets au-t si.Us the Hiir far
ie. tsr-i a a i ..- I :--.-. ci.- , ; : r -ia-9 li:c
1-n.i.aUa.i ia, W.irrar; -I rr-
!c h5rnil. 1
. . 1 :
la tVAX ACi; : DI t KI K
Cor. Canal and Center Ms.. X. T
., - ,
t HTHJiA!-lilmo A
. t
ttUwi a ?j'-::t cure. Ti crtr a U x. 1;, ruaii.
irmlrti ir-r. A-i-sri" S. I MIA Al . S ath
KiLth Sir.-et.
li-l I'. it l.r ail
I raSereii with f'sisrrh tMrrr yin .ml was
cured t t . iTrj 'r f -ir.r. V. ill .-ri-t n--i iM. t. ,-t- j
aae t -. ail frl:-te"'. IltV. X. J. iKl. I
Iirjwtr ITS. S; racaa X. Y. 7.T. .
PiTTSSi Biia kt'.T-E.jjiViLtx E. K. C-
dean ii7r;i vl .
r:T7see.a.' ict. Iii lTti. j
alter tn Stork holrfrra-Tbe k Trans -
br 1.. as ol the r i'iMxirrri-. a, 4.'.neli-Ule
Eailr'n l HaiiasT i.I cl-,l -n the lith of
XTt-ixittcr n'-xt. sni St uudi afi-M-tiie an -
r.uai nicrii.ia- ot -u Kh.4t.r !n Iicrmt-r next br
the elect Kn el l:rcc:-.r -," i-l t-nr-ta.-iT firtirf
ensint- year. Cits. Ik ' S'LLaVY.
noi'. -" st.-'y aai Tr -ij-arer.
OWs-Vs k .s H.. f t -s t a t s .s .'as rh s i Vi T yj
f' w"a ra aif arf"savsvwsiiiBtsarl( WVe . lea WarsXajQ
"!XJXi,jsOt" BiXsl' sjasijf J"'CXiaAff P.iCXJ'jO,. si.a sri. . asf w a . J ni. .H sf Tm0 jtXKt
imnff tUtt sea o
sjf . RSI aaj
Tj7 f YZS T 4 -WS(AXwia Ma
4 ialS -t- a
V - fasyHXA"Jlj- a t.'a - W.sta a a --TXar s sTsTa ar
Wil! bo more Cratifyins; to .the
w icunz ueniiemen or our uir
(aw axasJ rianaa.Ue.a. (r.a.M
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1 1 sow here than
s.i. A'ajktas'lsVOsrs'4Vir
l.a.-.sf a J sr V st alVa"
"-"O 'T'rt 'aa'4.-a.iaVsft.;alfiItff
-. A vj (Ki wa sKsf anrsi-stsO
Of sfaf st t a at a .H. a
- Loam that Eisner &. Phillies are-"
oa new recoivira enormous instal- oo!
b mentSOf Beautiful New Stles on
uress ana ousincss b jtts o-
f nrl iiwarfsn -e frr KT s It twi !
and Winter oo J r
TO ait vyxf a. .-- JTV if r.j& i
rxv-cic:iywif-xrt "1T ft "f o..Ma-Ks--j
ftbasfrW"iO"sil W -li.tL .4 tp&rp-XMmjfHX) !
Osa-t w-rjt iruf tt av g st"str mjl -rw vr rv.- at j
"t-Thcn call at your eariiost conve-
"o e-nco cn
-'" X aTa.stJ- a .j,. a-sr aaT. ,r-w-W( wLYaUQ I
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I 0T. -U11 .VC. ailU 04X1 4t.
,K( j
lw,Kiir.i, wo'iotw
swuoooo PITTS3URCH.-'-'oworwo j
(-t... ...... . . - ,.,,t. ....... ...... on j i:s.b
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ra-jfsa asla-asfajt )Sy.fy 4i.l a, Ci tW KJ r aKXX a JCaH-K WW
s(asf-ilstT4r-'ri a ' Hitas-itaaaast, av MAX
Xor .
naadalpb. f'attaraasa 4'
X. T.
The new I!. in r
.rUrut-ha.L w,th y.0,s.j i- ready j
This l-oart.ia-rie.4 wr -;7h sexes j
ft ic-urnn
ass aa aa-it. n-Ii u. nt. sica.-K 1 aa .inif . ex
i trjiSiei- -rrea;T!i. an-1 sd..'an..ant s.-t-.oi ai.;iaratBS.
I The W later Term iTas !. 5. talaii jnKS s:-i.t
: free oa a;p'.ir-al- n ti
atl.S. T. E1V. iiil S. A. M..
Xor. .
The 'ciy EeiS i! Ic Gi.l l is rfl o Sea in Iht conritrT:
I $60,000 00
j ala. 1?. lr"a!aiaH
1 h EKt LlE i'jXTIILY"
To I drawn M n !it. "Sr cr 173.
MQ each in Greenbacks! ! 5
j Ta a Priiet
! Five Prise
1 Tea Priara... each
... H-o each
..MOO racn
"' 11 .' i oi.
.i,. fcTe VaP b,- and t
1 Il-Te aa-1 IttuTTT. wiih .. i t r m .c -! t pti hamcs
wool Pianu. wor:h i
achuacs, worth i,ir
bait, w.irth .
ea' h: fcT tftil-I Am ri -a. licatier atebes. w-ca i
1J each: tea Li.iies" CKii i Hiti;irir UiuhiS.
wor.h st: each: tss O 3d aad Si.ri-r lA.-T-cr Uant-
Ina- W aiebes. f ia .1L i w r;h ir.m aai to i-SM each;
Civil Chaitv iifir Ware. Jewelry. i
, i -, r r t . .. . . ..n i
iiwrj,i,wj. i,csjuiiceicaraw,wu. j
Abl.I!( tMllilOMlLTIlhlTS
l"m Li!rral Preuiiaui. .ill be i
CleI.Tiel, et. 8, Ti.t-.t. est.1
Twelve Tickets S !C; Twenty -
Five Tickets 520.
. ... v .... . . .... ........ .... .. . . , ... . .
.-- r .: L m it lii t , m i.. r ,.f . : v ' t , . , K..
Uniiati-i in rctereaee to t'nt I'i-Ti: alien, wiii be
..nt to any uee "risr-aig taita. A U letters re est be
titir'"i :
! UAlXtiFFirV. LI'.S!VF.E,iH
I 11 W. Fi.'.h Sa i'i.taia-.i, C
COT. .
al i
. Harlnr bera sproiated by the rs-,,han.' Ceart M .
.crtAciflniy an f. r b. make at-l r.ari j
- 'i'of thefnodiatbr ham is if Han-
ter. eatc
u,,ai aowxinw l-.-ri:? tc.i:rc-; thereto. 1 will .
9tra4 la toe amies of dI apf-iafmeBt at atv ofr
Bra in s..r.-.r..t ri.r 'o . i s f"v. '
i Temltcr. lra at 10 o'-iv.k a. m.. w iim :a i wucre
ali pcr i ia".?
a je-1 BLav attn-L
' W ai. il. EtXiXTZ.
art. a
1)11 OU
, ; , . . . ... i . , , i , .
Coort ol Sirii to make .al reil a !
! airil'l. oi U-s la-Ki in ti baa is of Ike tnis-
: te-s 4- the S.U-. t the rci . state d ItecryCalde. !
'oereased. to aai aratcir tii -s- b Es en.tJai i
thereto I will at en 1 to the cati- s of my a; p. Ut- i
eaer.t al me ot- tn S .t:. t Thar laT. tiw '
i .vrTTTrrrm
0IFT t
:7 "Z "uS-i
. Kl.MMF.L.
-.. Sa
An.a-. ,
Esvie of Abrahani.Ia.r -tar, lite if S-anrrs t Tre:
Let: rs of AdslaistratLa eo the '-ve etat
iviriz been iTt-r.-;! to the nndcrsunied. bv the Ker. i
isier ot aaM csmnty. 1 ncretiy ire n .tier ttrat I a ill
atiea! at my resi icn-e. oa S;arjy. theS.1 day ,
iioreia - ier, i?. a w . u r i - n 1 t . t i-: ' . . ic
are reqncs:ed to make p-ijaim'. al thoe kaiit;
4jet 1
aaiiai estate si l prt-s.-tit tos tuna
arttietBecU SAMl EL UAEt LAY. '
14. Administraiur.
AVw Al'',r1iiutnri,tti.
' ' '.!- laiiaHnn ar i t'.i tsnrktt. tal the I
jjioaly niiior. prrjiaratiioi irf fartolir Ari-1 t I
o.i-r krx.wa rene-'i'. n in tin e TM-l.
n I ail j'Sj-.i' are natkol siciic.n aisa'aaT
It a't rjL if irri'ti-ai-f the Rst aiTvf-rri-?
f thrso TaM-'A wai l t irrely t!. ir cleann.
L-nr ao-t aaii9 fnprt- are 3v n.-l.iur.
j lie wcrrv-l. n-t rr trir le-i e4 1. it 1 easily rwr-
fe-lia i; iin-ii-i-t mi?, !-n tt l-mmi rhr air
!tter-tr i n!crlT '.iH'Tti:. twWflU't'ar
: t"li ' T.i- ! wii.
; jit.-lN i. Kl.l.LmJ. Ii riU S;.. V. T
SkiJIHtf iiwf..
I'lrtAnSI'tlsl. fw Wi t V. ITiBiJr.
rP' THE 'i:KlX. tLSS. 'eute w'fcmak j
1 ai--nt at har. -Iut a rat4;al riir.iref: 1
' i' n-kKe a ! t
T AlJlf S hi! t::..TI.K.!KN". Ar-uiii wml
: H::..r.
it"- wo. -r. j" - Xsii Tbrv.lns
Tt.iin-l. Ci.-t.; M-T--rti X-c t;- tc. j . t4
Unre. i. i i rn iaaii Xe- i . per day
Sr: :- !-.t- '1!K uii - -t .ti- ei".
t'. TH'JLiV nN a.) n.. :; Wrm ,y. .V. T.
Pur I liinpar Tea.
l A'T"" KT TEA Irnj-r.i
gfcitfXA V.' jrriu'ei ;o !: s!lta;-.
iot n;j ia er tn.e 01, r Half
Ptiiin 1 -in-! J, an ! Pa. kio eo-
ij. 3" aa1 l V
F..r-'leat oL'tiinii iit't y
Th tirei! A'lHotie arj-f P..if;
Tti I -j P t 1 x ia4. X. Virs. :
" UllLnl UrLn! 4l Hiwisjr. ,
! J. l" i" " 1 a ' ,:' -MEW'I''NS. an-l
r J . ! ix3ti class makers. Jaeitaslaa: V. a-
t-r. . st Ti rv 1 .w iirv-'- f.-r rh. r itn
1 1-ali.n ia -ifiaii tr.i.i.iy liiraiifj-ni. Nrw
: tavr trii . ia 1'ik!4. 10 m m iini riT. uii-o . r
l4cTi::,. Novim.'f a 4 1 iX ' El'.T' PA hIJK
J Ol.i i AX. tae ux n WnntttrA yle a 1 pcrfn-t t.
j ever nude, lliatrstt-l estah-zae saaileL Sheet
' Hi 11 -ir arvl rr a-c- niT-rchantiie.
ictr I if r The rrreat w rk f ,
a 1 s j a oe Tear, i.t (e an.3i.r 01
i -1t tu ii:-...r : tubd oieiv iiiast ratal t-r Uaa-
; Iwr- ' .r f JriM-r-4 Veekly. aa-1 ottcr.
eiii'-r.-- i-reiicfm' arl ennneiitdi-
1 'jii i T-rr?n!' w iii eti-'crr-11: ijien-
. i"1 uf rsa-'el iWe 4bmT like it
; 'xr -fi :!... r pr-.i oltui -od
! ! TJ?!"'.. .'T' i T tf
I ' ..",".-. . 7
i t- If I- III I.l!!5k M.KXIS
' l l,r,,Tt,r U.t 1 . 1
as : l. lit.t uKM.iioMr'.B a r.titx
A - ! . . Ii 4 il Ti T' eTTll l f nr.m s'', ir l.
J sa. aaLa. J .Msl A t
I . . .. ... . .
Agents it Sells (uick
Aavezall cafe's, thd ins-t.le. tae mH ilv-sse-l.
th, .e w! re ;as. e.-it.-ri: e 1,'ic. an-1 y- u'.h cf t-th
seats tor ar,d .-ea.1 wiih lae irrfcsiisi'jruu:.
; Mo LKWIS-rt ai tM--t rwa.k. It i rji-in
ir. 5-o-! Kt -ar -i-irmtar. --e.. wbs-h ar.
? o ihel IKu ri-.eioas ttxie fftcjr.jCqi ut
! 'SVJ-i'S"! '""r- " i " t
- -"i-
! TlirJ Yaarii in It ?nn.Trsn.
i .t.i . ... . , . .
. . . . . l .. .i ir. , . t i, r iu.iv wf . . r 9 . i II-
teiid its isaueijv- o.i lurtatr. ao-l eaii ! savre
1 1 to ir:r!o-e i! in eTcrr c-icr r e! eur in-l. I:
LiL-hiy rokw! t-T Ju '-r- liajK-fe. F. H. trae. i
act j.riKir.iti. a Itw erT fr .liI. It j-it itTTfjl'
i;h i;." i.m-i kit i I ivr- r i": m .j, rw-J
in if to Z7 nK-t-9 we tr .n-i J Tot'tT-rit- '
ji-rriaiir Unfv ei?"CD!S. -- j f- r iiia;:r-ir l rir- I
fai r his i trni--. r-i -n"r i.:" j--at Tt a4 '
Wi:. J. 31. H;)IAi.l sV I tkia.
I: ft
fbe irrrat iiia-rraiel lV-W's Wrtkiv. Th- bt t
c'.;t irr jnn.-tr-i. iiiu lew i and
it n aothtr w:ir- ex.ta-i-.-c!T
kr i:. We eiTea cty of theanparaei.-i rur mx.
cTt-rr sni-m-rilT O. k fit r r v .
ice pi thirty names a day. tu.-iiie pas iie r-trr;.i r icras: iul s t are terriltrrr lur this
pr-at tatenrt-. at etce.
iA XtiAS. ST.'.DPARri k 4V..
Tii AiA.a Street, Phiiadelj.hii.
La W I l-rr I saMW a
t i til j : i it- i v i tt ii- t v
. lULUflLAl A .ti t.niv.a.1
Have t wines eisinectiens
. ., .. ,1
pns-'f CMaa uwi Japan.- aa-1 import thtirTea j
.1 an mt t. lut-iiMi -
mpirt tht ir Trw ,
;rw uiioc u inula. i..ia- hiuij ,.ic CB- I
i-iaee w jrn-wia. i.-a. sa riair i .-ve c ,
i-r ir.n.1 u.;r-at.. It i? rs.w fjstB years ;
r "-; - - -. . i - J- i-t-
'.fX 1 ."LT, r' 'aLT',"7!:'r-i, "
: doc u tb-7 UC1 that we imp-sTt- atl 1 1 oc.j
Tiie Ucst and 1'nrot Goods.1
An 1 diitrit a?i-I them to cor snst. mm in all parts !
- I et the l aitl Sutes. ir ice raia,! prv fit tjr. . I
r ' ... . r 1 ... 1
twee?: t::e Tc.-im.wer ssd toe Ttvii-asomcr. We ,
I ottk imitetl the ytcm i suppl.Tit-r -,e."ainer ia ;
i distant para ot tbe mantry wr.u Teas at Xew i
j Yerk price, oa the C'iub plan. Ani iitae we 1
i aiit'pte.1 this plaa we bar- rursti tbe pe-pie of
wh- 0 ani.- of priim- ts-cWi! .
Send lert htb tlrealar. wl.i,-h ei.'a
tr.:s ciTinirr millions ei 'ittoars aiir.aai . m Lae
taiu fali dbi
i il au i ii Vc i s- reec I
I P. O. U X 93. Xew Yerk l ilt.
j " I
! ryft'lHITt; air-.C evil I i
ttl O S E BEAUTIFUL Lovely Woman, i
'W an i liojiri in I lnTtn:i..:
it r Iai-it ;
' ta . . " .-e-"5
LVJk'? J-'!-r-i
VSl-iV 1 - eW-Jia-cta
THE Arui SPKEEV I-I STI.'a. the nttlr I
I .tumpiete one. l crlr:4a tn Heparin. a styhsii I
I an-1 attractive at oearaut-e tj the nres aai It na of j
i trrerv Ushbst i'eia.:r. Prb-e t!t i
c-naieritit vi -Xatere's Oreatcs: i'hara;. " ti i
piamp ao-1 r un :cu beaaty. irraceful anuaiarizis I
j m-jtK.11. anti traugr of ta-t ia ail its k-lin-. ,
) t
. a,"-, iki-1
'JTl-JAt Si-w
sw .at v - f i
VS.'twSr' "' "a3
THF. I.t rrr.I.t li'r nn .! w-h, nt I
it. A'ktsit. Priee crlr s-d." I
Gives perfect trrsnn while .itache-!. MtAbers !
i .re delighted witaiarbvrntts. Price cniy 1.
1 iuf .a th. e,..m . i i ..1.,. . ,i im nt
price, or samjdes t.f 'd ant oa tcei;4 of ti. We !
want .Millinen. Lirvaaakers. Keepers of Fant-r I
Stores, and Az-ais in aenerai tu m' oiir !
i eeiimfeti iR.:)r la.Tltr ana f t - ! ' t- ttirn.
( tks. In altiitK-n lotae abtTe we maiaar-nre
! tbe Child's Irr-ss Sbi-i-i. I.ub?r (i'r.te.
t 4'nriers. CrimjienL ar-i .ii rn'rrbtr laaey
ar.tclei, h Ln hi sua c tin ir.-n wear exvia-
TTie. An exrra llt-crI t.i.-o n:,t to the Irate.
Send ft lUnsiratted Cabsroe. Afk drtheLa
Pcrlcto. trsis. anil lake no others. See that
r tra-le-mark is stamped oa ail f ooas Onoe
others sre jr-.tnine.
-LA rF.ELE" MT1 CO..
to Cbamtwrs S'reet. X. T.
It is not a phrs.e which mar srirt tcmrrT re-
lief to ihe sun-rer Tthe Srsi few d.acs. l-atw'birh :
out kii .ntti tn-,
eases to .id ta WiakenuiC tbe inTalxl. a-r ts It a
dtfrd litjat.r, which. an.ier tbe pioiar same of
-lattcrs." i ii cxtensiTeiy palmed id oa the I eb- I
lit as stiTcreiira rvawaiia tat it is sa 7trerd i ana .t.trr-j.'irc. rrtonceu so by the leaOEag .
medical .aibriiies of L-arinB ani Pari .sei has
bem Lr ased tn, tbe remilar fT.trfcans of other ;
Cttitri wi'b WtWfl-rNl P-m-.i-.( rcsl's ,
T.IiII- wit. wtta-i-TTji n-m .i-.i resne.. , a,,
... - .... ,.,... , .,... . ,
i Talc relieved a.1 the bi.l bennaea imparw i - "-".
rairtu reiiero.1 ti iiire. the bi,l berotaes imrjarw .
i by deieterwts s-rriyii". tirjdai ir. scrai'ainus or '
be;. -ittii. ta. ir. scra;.;.a or '
- kia di-ases. LU.vhes. FeW Fwetales. Caaker. '
ata liitf-ses. leiusts. twetaies. caaker,
Pimples, ke.. Ac. j
Take Jl LtEEBA toctear.iTirifjLailrrstora !
y. i(.y.cp.'ic Saavsca fciess dice.
ia is hJUbmIv ii.'i7. tha svs-s. I. dltr .t-rf
with Pes of vital hiree. per.T ol the Bl.wti Iirop.
' sie-d Tcat'.eecT. General weakne- or Lawi! i
f Tike rt to Hia' -stin wSNal seaetlea. It !
t' i , . . . i - , ... .. .... . j !
7 .-i.'.i i r ..'" TA . oiiA.i ,Z!7 :
wai iauart y;k al mrr t tae n'in sarfcrer.
Hare rvsiam or tae lAJriti t Y'na sre
h dansn-r of Chr. sjlc ldarrhra, cr the dreadful la-
aammatK sf the Howel.
Take It to atlay irritatijtt, and ward off tea-Jener
i. i. ..
w mn.nftiiit.w.
fJZ T t'.Tr.-.ATI -Lr!i f2
f'L.. vlf ie!T.I it" J
T f " ""r".'!' " "Tj AA IT.- Hf.
. Je.,'.t'Z'?t,,t'ia weakxc. cr life
rT. k. ,,t , k.0 .v.!
"'t-T' "
("'u'lin .-,,.! , x-.- T .i
a. t A,t77', k..7" i less. Aba: ona fcamtr.-d acres rkar srsithe bab
p. ff.'iSlii7a Sdtici.,f" u 'beral. Ficnty of trd litac swae
FTire, Cioe Ir per Uotl.e. Send k 4 irralar . , . . iv waacean.! twadweil.
f TIT! ESt. FX'B CASH, !
m w.
I'a'iLrwhiU St. Wkarl Plui.
aor. S-t ta.
.Vw A'lcrrliiv-Uirnl.
THE (Jit AM)
Ever Exhibite
J .1 , ; STOCK
lanos ana Orcans.
Greatest Variety o
Y 4o a-l r-l'-- u saj , i .1' i rs
ni ;,
We w irran-. rar Pi in an I fmn to be njail
L. r liiaa D7 titier h..u- in ti." fi. t.
ir t -.ii w-u ,r m tii-r a:ni a-: the f-rl
N 1. 1 fcrt'ir-tiUr ni Pr-e Lirf.
y-, ri r- r--- 4 T t
V'"-"" t .1 o.l l.r.
' O
nn$, f rt Fri0 irri Vriet i-.u-J t ui -rf f
pol-it" tiiTT, at ttie " It-iw.." ia -Tjii-rvrt.
Sitsr-'it. the 1 lay .f Tra.'-r. 1-71. a: '
1 ri'ic . St.. (lie .mi-t r- a e' !..-. Til :
Ail 1 he n-ht. ti-:-.
Fit ty. .4. la a;? i u,
inier t si 1 cUioi of Hinci
- f ..i-ntinr dest-rtred real
' witl Hfm. JZt.r2 LiT It -il o: W r;i -h f i..T am ,1. r 1 't
. . : ' ciTrt-;. an.1 aa. ot iw ac-res 13 mea-liw. wjm 1
ja tw irjr awriiios - imi; srl rank It.itj:
i uier .w rr-vr-i; a-:i-ta:iiat i iJS ot JtiBatllall ks- '
j Z. A eertaia tre-t -f iiu siiaa' la Swih- i
J - m;-u m ii-nij-. - acwr 1 v. f
-v-r i -irrr.: sal t'uot 4 rr ia wA.-i--w.ih
f-ie a.) ! a hx',l-:ttri to rav? mn-i 1 ar tt,m tr,,r-B
frv-:ei. mt'.ytmziX t.a..s of JInrr MarJL ItAXiitf
4. Ail ti.? r-il ir & li-j-vTir-'. rsri!.
metisisarri bersii-reri ari zomenl u.- -cv
SyitMf ah-i tttina; lulcr. n;n. or cnlaiced within :
ail that ;"e -jt pjr 1 t lal seane in Sri.'
nTre fal,7od' KnbxT.riviea i;,
i l.tan-iA. r
i I p.:iiian an-1 wie .lated lJtn Ja:r.
. c T. in- .
i t-i w.. vf,M T.,a- t
! X-..S. All thecL ira ore'.' ;imest.e.
: m-tais. an-i nther sn.nerai an., mineral , -airv-t-,
. 1; itx arl iM aa-ltr. .a nr nataige wuhia -i. i j . r , tajT-ri vt ;iii , -I. U . (C m 1. T,-
j an.pun town.h:i. meret t'.i.. 1'a wLn-h i ;
, mi-re m:trai! pirv-Tiiiry
a&i trs:s. car-1
. 'Tinre Kf titrl aDii
s. r- r -v. a ij a Uii-ts '
j rt .laoi i-j tcT. anici a-.ra ai 1 tiicr.i, '
; the aprtarteaan-t s.
X-. 4- A ceruio trs.rt cf facl sirnate !n smf'-T-i I
I i.twn-ui;,. -iiners-i i v c;ii:nir ir a
us -r- i r nr . . ir rricr are i: at.resciea.r-
; ed. a-lr-iEirii aml of E .rt Laatra-ia. Amavjov ;
ur w .u araa j.tHTT. wi-a.;a- ai wpikc.
barr Uir.. S-nn-T-rt
.. ........ vi t - - f. . i in . i .
'-. I . e.:a:r.it2- . aer-.
mure or less, w r. h . lanr? t4 rt.-rr fram. tiwi-li-iv.
z b- nse. s:ai4e aai otnr ic'ltoai iin th-reiB
ens-te-i. an-1 km n -n tttr as-riritl r ian of jiaid
P.wr a M X-i. ii. a: ii,i2 ta X ;. il'tie ;he west.
k X-x. 33m the eit. an 1 -:r-: . ' w crli i&!
on the r-Bth. al by Uni .' Baiticr V: Hm-T.mia
Il.e .i.Tor.-..
1 Xo. s . Three certain tots of arrr.Tand ina tn
: S a ! . i -T t. r -. I I.. .. i
a re en-fa snure or U-i. arvi k-wrn oa ;he sreneral J
t pain os sal i town ss i-xs us. ST. je ami ia. ad
;j-4Btrar M X sa the B-nth. Shirer Uce on the
teast. bn4 laaeon the a a-h. 1 Sraitl.'. av.aae
j as tBe wee', with the t;tirtfase!.
, 'Z. '" i' ?" i.ii.e ;a jaiaaaca
, , 1 - - - : ..i. i r-.
it t nrn. .ij.-.aiai iaa:fii ia-nry iiicii:y
I iJiii sitjitlt. w:.n lae ajijarrcnaacc. i
c:ie-i aj i uat-1 tnex"ro!i i as tte pr.rrtT tjf
......ra 11" L.Ta: t cn.t ..C I 1' U . ..
i jj. s, " "
ATI the ria-bt. titie. mreivst sal c!si-n t fC. Beech- 1
Woit J.,Ln J. Scbeli and Jacob i-sl. aaioecs .
ot v sa. f. 5caeia tan: in o srii tj wi;h J--ha
l'- R"'T-i- r'J the eaaL ire-ore. Ume-
R.nM vi:i.ireiii'irie,:M minerals and min-
t-rai ?-twrr. . . uiif aa i reiu aa !-r. n:rio. or cttrj.
laiaea ai: aa a.i iat
i a nh is. ail ta! piece pare 1 ct ian i. sita,
Saaiuiit tiiwn-hip. S- tne--t t jjcniy p3
W"CB "f. , - " par.moany .ii-ril.t by
mete, an-l tair.iS-ci-or. .t. ; . .ii
ln.-m Wiliiam M. li 7jer aai t'atha:u;e hj wire,
dalci iii Jare. lo4 cn-.-ani:r, IA) acres, aiyvn
inr iaais -A Sarracl ii. Wa:k.-r. J tias Xiii. r and
otners. Kireiher w::b the bcretiitameciis and ap-l-arretsanrrs.
Taken ia eiecntkfl as the it -nertr ef C. lieh-r
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Ail the rta-ht. th-. otcresT. and claim of A ia-a
F c. et in nti to the diiiissjTnl oua.rii:
4nerrt a.nntv. P., near tiie l.'ra-h of ssii-.W i
i-arr. t..wn ie.i tas i ,r stiotn ey jie-aic- sirv-L. t.
n nn ty st Jt. west t-y any. esK ry strse;
wita a titae aAa a cail sarv a ni
r-iiiaa b.'e th-risi
as ps c .-T t.f I
' cr"-;td 1 icet by ft-c. wiifc
I . 1. 1 ..-11 . ' J I . r-.-l n n . I T.-t
A lain F at ite Jail ' . S. Imv. t. '
AL. '
; Ai;
i J. M,
tbi r ziit. ..i i.-. niu-r . s' .-n 1 .-iiinj of S aa-i 1
iiiu-. -f. ia t-t t.. ;.-.r f lasi.-. t -' i
t t- i.-.e ! ;.i,-..'.:--!T.,!
-rr.sin i d irTtfln l i--:aTe
i.-otsay. I da. aa I k-iwn a
lit IJ : U -.i rTu.. ij; a;; :
! real vs a.c. T,r: Xw.
; at li-Ii Li.y. sail
h - ir-o- ri pi in it s
W 1 Jlltf
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.a n ha!. -rr i a ;.-jih t. a :i ir ; -s.x . tip
r t:y f.-.-t le1. w. h - apt afrtia-tss.
S-li-t 1 takn ia execa-a-a i's the i.-.ict t.t
Si-a;Bel J. M :a. ari". a; :he v! Liaai. i a.i.a;ix.
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All the riiht. diie. !utr-si aai claim of Angrtst . ia aaai to the foiii wonr defrr.'ieti real
escate. tia : A certain tr--t ol lawi sit sale in Eik
UJt Wwuhip. Sv rt .utkt, pa., cnaiiciiiir i
acres. n re or Ices, otsti a ta-re are at-ot ou
acr, sclcare-1 an-', la acres In mcaiiow. wiih a oae
hail staifj Ira Me owtiur-ar b n- aiad lara
tnereim rreewj. aJjttrLtcs lanis ol m. t inxfit. ;
rre taair. Hcnrr J4ar&cr. W iltroai. I
John aau arl others w lift tne atitairttnancf a '
Seiaeil and lakea in eaorarion . ihe prufpcrtT of j
Asarttft Frickry. at the suit of 31' a kacay. 1
ol Lan.-iiaa Mmktrnoer.
Ail tbe riaht. tiilc. iatercsi and claim of Mar
tin Werattlc. if. in si i 'o the ddiuwicz real estate.
" " ''- i- in i 1 'o tae ttii.ttwinz ml estate.
tu: A certain two c.ry bt-o.-e siioiate in W est
Salts-'ary. S.iaerset ciuniy. Pa.. n lot kn-'wa as
lt-t Xo. 2-tin the renenl pi.ia of sail West Sail,
bary. sail noase t-jnar smy-srx Ieet frmt. with
tw.j winas. the roe brtaat T feet ni the other
tr irtr iet. Taken hi esea'r"a ss tiie prny of
-i i . .u i, eaeie aa me wit t-l s. . l tu r -i ni
warl Iurt. iamliermcx tra 'iar umier the firm f
. ?. liars; a bn
!,aaairr'slmc,) JiiIAH 5HAFEE.
-t- . lTi j Mitr.SA
Li f- trial at .Wremter Tena.-l"Ti ctaitacnc
iaj ilii'.h X'..Temle-r. lKTi.
est wris.
Waiter A. W. t Shaltt fr-orx-- C rt ol.
Weid TbAitnas Henry as XctI Jota et .L
Mtutlier liaxdei t V'srlieer H...m.-si.
Mt W-fcer John ts Tnmtte Iieurak.
I Siatc Bank ts Lnfirid jt.iin.
) Hi li ind J ian ts J.a. Stain'TT a C.i
! f-heil fc kiurmel TsCUyn mu H.nry.
i ny.t,ramoel P. ts Ei. d! a iir .
I P-crkr-T liaxaeirs Itah J wph.
XctiI eirwrre vs ilti.-.'ia W uiiam.
saotca wxzs.
Sttner Jahn O. vt Scer Chart' a"i?aoe.
kuramd James ts Ut j-.-..;ii r Lanel.
11 . ,-..-l. I . a., t. .,,.) ... 11 .li.
secirer Alam rs B -utT a tu:iar.
Same ts Same
Faaeri-k Jv.than Same.
Kimmel E.iwaM s ase ts Smith Jha M.
Met 'art bv W illiam ts EeUiv k Hcrrinsu n.
sb.lfer A lam vs Same.
SaUiTaa V h-fael ts Same
Sip JacoS, s ae rs Kinase! Sinir'etoo.
a... Satoae!'. mam rm Turmer 1. . I
rent V, uiaim ts Uenhaas. A F a.
5-caft Lewis k f ts CraTer J ar. b' aarri-hecs.
vtti.t eina A. er . l. t , i.r- jim a.
. . aa.i " - . - i
- iw,ar...
M. .tUllt-t.
is ,T. . , , .
M-JA";-Ai " '"
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K io sua? I
Letters testaareBtary iu ine iwhk aarmz :
ntcd to I ft Bftj-r-incl by tne tpera.- ;
-tat-w a orrW-y aoea to las-e indentea to
M to make Immet.Lite payment., aaj te haTir.a
j culms aannast tt w dl present tbea to the aauer
. SiX-arti hr seu'eisHnl at the late n ic! ot sovl ,
i ton FrvbiT. tbe9h ,Ut of liccimber. Ti.
act. 3. tacrotttrs.
' " win ? M at prlratelsal? a tract of land
SrniA2eld8a, Piglw Pa-
coBiaieiiiC tae baastt-st aaa kny aarcs. saurs v
! Anr penwi or ptrsct. w-stma any
!,e'"rB',fc"1t'? a.ldreiB? J.iaatira
We the lath tut ef tTrmber. 1-'
JUalAM liKl.
Vatttatnl .ra asW I a.,.a.ea.
j 4 1 LEU fc. I arcstc
- .-vl im ..La'al loratara.
teoariacte.1 and best swsia.-ed aatiiia4 is i tha
i State. F'r term t-lc, addreM ate. JuHX H. ;
I B&AXEJZTi l'a. D. i
Ae Adrrrtirinrnf.
d Organs
d in this City.
) s
f Styles and Makes
l ot t: ; a r ifv-i-c: ren;, 4j -ists sal
to any ia thv -airk-f. sa! -rrwaatee -rar PrVrcs
' '.rx---Tit cili 'rz as. I jn:L!y p-r-n-'s. 1 Lk"t.
'Purchasing Agency
We pa.-chase aa-1 Jjrwirl inr ari ie
01: SOLD
In tii.f eiij al ti-e t rafs.
Par.cia the r.T5u:iry w runs far-!3.- Pi
ary. ' T.-i-i -w'.-x vi'i.tTfc-s. tiTji,.. ft.r iTi-r.
Xur ry J-weiry. Forniior. rKuo-rr.
iiir si-f. Iir-i.-i X iiSea; xvrt . Sn-
tilr. r;,:i;i . lnj'm'. k-sc.w,:i '.,. J
hi - a-i to as. Ail X'jia
p tn r- kit. . wed and h-nn ar-t
i p-iar-s rwaried ry 1:: nt vi are fta.-t f
the c 5:i:.-r. A.! ..ricrn p,-". a:iea..oi t-j. aol
sti5'-.-:jrn irna ran A ldrts.
piTTsnrniiii sitplt c o
-t - I'ITTSfiCI;GiI. I'A.
sr.rtsAjB to
Ar-h S-r:
. aii-tiil-of th Rt.i. l,-,-a;-j
AXD 3tAXt"FA!;
: Iltaif
FaT5 tr ial Ciillrs'j 73.
Wto!ea!c and EetaiL
' "T.' aT1 J I?? ? -
t-!-rs ti tLi r&I-r t-j eoi . -e il
- "-ti " ar.
a an ieT-rrr iae-1 r., ea
rv-swta.iis to effort
i taE'ra-taVr te S'ct", Tt Ares S' rt. Phil-
' l It
!ie. 126 Sciithfieldtrrrt,
ttai'ir, r tt
C'fr-r an! Sheet I--n
: ware. .--, . i . ,M
I 1. t-t-
iin:xLnas ar. i Kirk T-n U" I i, . i
rt'jurw vi ar. Ki-:.--.'rar.r. 1. f heuj. Wi'-r
"'.iier. Ice fream Freetr. jyird 4'ar-s. as
V.-ir.-s. am II FamiSLiT x-ne-a .t
wbe:,.a an-i reta:i. Pr pri-ar -f lie
iidjauU.Jaij Uiliiu
"The n . fol icTcrtin ef tbe aire. S , art;
-r -ipear woe! i-retK-wne,i r-i mt-ixvrZ
eita HvTsSZ. reaV ,4.
I T'i Tstrab Car. nl Cookinc Sis-re." fijlr-
j i;e si.e is trie innj: 'he day. ani tbe it'.- ar-
trir.ii me kaj iaai sal rue
j Ian' a.
Grccsrs Cwd$ a Specialty.
ort. 2.
r & RUBY
Jaaa-a A. Lawsua. P.irctee.
n. I.;.T"Ti. W AEKEX A CIJ.. 2M st X. Y.
Speedily Cured.
AU Sirrosof Venereal. Prrtate .! Xerr.a? i-'ts-eases.
at tie Ud emabihea tiu-ar-i Jlciical lasti
tate. X-x irj s-. il a-. suae. Itrtweea sin:'. . U: i-i
an-1 Urant streets. Pittahwrzh. Pa.
SeT,ai. It. Ij- n- rra. tsiewt. TJTi-Tre fwKlt,.
! H-ni.v an ! ail I'rtriary are cri in tbe
I saorti'i rit ie time that wiil mesre w-rmanent
,"" -
1S 7-
tn i .te n. t r .nil w-aant-ss . r
tiibc repair ef s. if a.-c-e in o-:a or
iae - i iri malun-r ytirs. a an waa pr.oe . frte
' . - if-wtar c3-.. a rea. U-;o. .i...
"'"-i1- iness. n-nt av.-.. .ir,a..-. cib-.
rts'- l.ia-u.. - ast:;atita. dar-f..- y. r re
j '.. u.c 'i.a. - o-4:
fa-Kic -l i.t-a-. aT-rOjtt
j ao.i e ia, pi w.-r. aa .
ai-i-TT. of x-rr
i-b n ii Ti.-.iai .'r
i i nil a-ua-.i- fT ia-
sn- r-
raiiai.' r,.j? tt - .' .o i
w-- A Br 't ; ttitI -i r a
C.--- a. I ? t-:la4; T la (.
V Dsiirr .iiit-.i ir
a ri-.T It--. r c&rar-i-. a.Trr ;
t-t-XL tiT WiU friik v trll v.
7 Ti-v;e .a
r n-: ,
k znz ' a-a llsT? J- -ii-
Jjrt-r -taali f lat-aTJ.ILa-
t. a.-ft-intr;ir-T
(r riT2 miCT cri4 r.TtTi Ufcty tlif J ;
Fa trpiT-i .rr B5.iU sjr i; irs. rat wLi-re
pi., it ip r-rt w nit tse etj W j:rxii e--r-cL-.'.Ki:
Girard tfedfcal Institute.
No. 172 Second AveiiTie,
5500,000 UST BANK.
Postponed to December 7th, 1872.
in d ot tbe Pat-iic IdTrary ot Kentat-ky. is.
n. uir-e-1 fcr St-r-teiz::e-r its. bas' been pos."i.r.l to
lr-cem:vrT. IsTi bet-aae the aramutit.a of or
der the few day beinre the mavieit pi.y
bliy im;.isFi' ie to a.l them witinot a lew dais
Jr-lay. and a . shvt .stiaaicma&t w.s ineiitaeic,
il was tietcrmiacd at dcief it to a time that w.toid
make . fad drawicg a sre by the aai of aa tne
Tbe aasicy necessary te pay ia fall .'! tfceoff-red
-rifts is n.-w :a depiisit in the Farmers' ami It-w
rcrs" Ku.k. as will b seem by the kiti,v;iig cvrA
caie ol tae Cashier:
FaairEiia" aan Pat.Ttii' Bail. I
LortaTina. ki. Sept. at, Ti J
This is to certify tkat thera ia ra w depcait in
this tank "Ter half a miirita of tntarCTT-iii
of the Iii ft Concert faad. tafsun ,.f whK-h is held
by this tank as Tresisw-rr A the PWiilie La, rary t-l
Kentra ky to pay tfl ad rifs to be swanii-d at the
lira.avjf. k. s. V EACH, Cactier.
E0v Prircsv aoountic to
1500,000 IN CASH.
WEI he aw ir led. the hiarbes prlies beinc a;.u..
isi.msj. tat&Lui. aad k wa a rrymar arrwtaataua tu
a'esi. wfcit h is tbe - west.
j Tbedrwwmar wiil piatrTety aad wnetrai-rocany
j take pia.-te Lier-cmber 1- Arents are perempwrtiy
i retnireI to c!- -e and make reiarcs XoTcm
ber t. in orier to rir ample tiaaa lr tbe anal
! arrmnzemsota. Ortler ft. kickers or appimtii
i J.-circa lars bcasl te sublretwet t-
ti-T. THI rS. E. Hht-ATttLETTE.
A -feat Pwaiie Li Arary of KentnkT.
I (let. IA " Ls-nasraiie. Vt.
'. . .." n r m' . .
A"''""T. ." r?!" .'":
j';' "-.irTiu..
ThUs .al -e awr'e.- r-i
r-J. . TTTh . Jl , ;'?i.
"AkTri .iti ,.. . Tir.TV.T.w ier-e.
wee;.l with it a. ki-rrat. P.t aiTaMderart-
mcnt. n n-odt-i oa a sentafi' mtey ras
Patrre-ae-i I t the s os of iw-rrhan:. Kiak-rs.
Farmers, itleriianirs aai Ba-iness Men. fr.m ail
pans of the I ailed Slates.
ttBaeata raa Eater a aay Ticaa.
a-F-r lanre dcsrriiTa Clrcclara, arrrin; fa
pan K-niars. aadnss
tart M J C. SJIIT1L A. Pnaripji.
OlJrat la ta Staar.
Coiiect Prrt-sais. Bearitv. sso. W aea, ac.
5pec'al atteitfcia pal t sastieadeda'ai seyrTed
riaims. ApaocsaaAa by aai attawa to as if
atjc ia perssa. at-p. la.
wPteifreederTTfc ASE
liuraa ut sir eo&L
niJf'w'ASai-aCAi'S WatrrS-X.T.
i-S r
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1 i.
s f
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