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The Somerset Herald. VP
Novem'ter , 172.
Of Butter Wanted.
y. a-. it vat;! of Glad- Ilutte-r to sup
. , ,. t. mai.ds of our i:n:n-sIiaU- trade,
!V: !;',;' i.,n:it:rv!wi:! k!p to us. we
"r',; ..';... csrlr stiles ut t7""d prices.
',. ,n. -r. thanks f.r lornu-r I alrou.::-,
" 'i.-:t vottr li-nt! k!uit.i-Ss.
v , rv H'uiiy, &c,
. . . ;t - viuvi-irat Dsvia & Brc.
Ibvi-i rn-
.. ,.v.:.;.a-5 fr rash, at Cook & IJeer
"... i ,-. S iiii-rM.-t, l'a.
. ... ,.k:: bcv eiiher a thnw-hcr or horse
',r 1 ':! ly at liic SmicTM-t Foundry.
.. ,. ,r,;..s u:ul Dye-SiuJT, got. MiSier "a
Those in want 01 coal lor any. can rroctUifiu the cuke to 10 shinned to SeTiT-1Vn.sT Railway. The track in
rtCJ'.lil pner.itir.-r. bine imrnill .the East and SoUlll. On the lands of this l:ti.l. r, ml tin. r-n-nnea nre running on
i r-tipplied l AU-X htutzmin'8 ' Co:naav are established lar-re. work fur ! this nil .limit tw-n mite fmr-.i tlie. inter.
(tortm-riy tnejoiiii .sow hhhk, - me maniil.icture of lire-brickf. for w hich , Fret ion of Jack ' Bun. Wire it not for
of t.n lioroii.mi. -nr.
r-.iii.-r fro'i .lohr.stown
.', a!i 1:10 I'lawii.ia i now xtn-.ii v. itn jioiii'z.ii & Mockin?, Iiavc already e.v ; Joniiei.svilie"
iv-atti.tut i.o.ii buu jj-Kfi in ., is coai. .,o , p-jiuje-J over tinny tiioussml dollars in
state i"T i-i'.iui. l.tttve jour orders at : pr.-parin; to m-iuiifacture nre-bnei
the I ..-iu!r.-.
AVw Aevcrt i.-cmcntx.
. Davis, a pnietica! I suitable clav is found in rrl abundance. tl. ilifl) nlti-..f miitiin-ttot !. ir . -V- ,,.!.! Var-i I ml i I i
. loes ttio briiitr'n;;: Those cnterprisint: rentlemen. Messrs. J have Im en biid I'V litis tini? hull' wav t. . I!e
on a '
On l-a TlmrsJav wm!:ie, tiiflKur iu
l.i-.l of
laru.- scale. IVir kilus are ulrt adv hi:;'L tlie Stcsm Mill Ulonin to Adam Bair.
nd tvo m:.rc w ill be t-roc tcd without cie-. at,tllL' fAf the hill, on .Main strtt-t, l.un.;-
:is thev lake thtir! lav. hnni'iiia the concern to a capacity of f". one pari papsing cnuwihe tl!rou;;li tUe
t hz will, KUtn MH', li liiUJ OIHH.U'
UcaWa, wVhoiit whu U nothing is worth : dav. Tiirv nre now niouUlniir twelve ; cn?cns ad anovUcr portion Utmolislnii?
... . a.'.. . .I.uamIi h. 1.....-. 1 I. . 1 t
::ie iiavuvi; a i? alwavs apprecia!sl at ita tliouwtnd bricks a !jr. Jn qualttr these 1 -M,"y .gi.w au uic .wmu emi
lr:.c v.iliis a'l. r it w I.kj. Ii.h rr i ll.-n. ' bricks are eoual it not'snrwrior to liie U t ' of he mill. The l.oilcr was carried about
l.i ve l -roperi i
not !;!"!
and corret j English brick ever ir.iiK)ned into America,
liihiiviits before ihev NfMiuc .'a!eJ. For A short time Bincc nine cars, laden with
disease cf the liver. kidnevF. skill, stom- j forty-five thousand of these bricks, were
in h, and all sris;n;r from impure or feeble sent to Pittsburgh in the same train. Thev
blofKl, Ir. Valkera vaiiionna Mnepir : fiii reaitily there at liih priccc.
Iliiters a s::re and Kvcdv renieilv. It
has never vet l:i:h-d in a sinjrle instau'v.
(Jiia.s, Io;,'t Talk lano.
don't talk s'.'.nT ! If it is ncccssar;
. anv one of t!-r l'i:ni!v should do that
be vo;:r bis brother, though we would
vise hici cot to use "pigeon Fnirlish" when
' there is an eleirant, sysioinied language
tli-the csuju.--t us will us;-. But don't
. vou dj it, Vou can have no idea how it
This Company will complete within the
next thirty dins their threc-fixit gauge
railroad, five nib-sand a half in length. A
iris small engine, named the " Kevstone,"
i built exi-nx-lv for this road. U alreadv
U t it ; runniai on ilie tinisbed fart. It draws
ad-i fitly t us ur) the heavy crude on Fhuiirh-
trty l reek. 11 is a urst-cuss Little "
Here a'. ztc fourid la inexhaustible
o,iihntities a wjurior fiivs sand and lime
stone. Kre kns these aluable materials.
Z id l;-iv'- a fai'RU- j which sh
;.:,reo i cigar?. ; p ;
n- on hand a large supply
,- r.r.d jisdgtr.ent notes. j
sounds to ear uzius-'d or averse to it, to
h '.;r a young lady w hen she is asked if she ' hidden f long in the lxisom of Mother
v. i:l pi si.:.;-,-place with you answer, "no! 1 1-arili, w ill be- brought forth for the uses
much :" or, it requcsicd to do soinethinz' nuturo intended them, thereby irivinc em-
d xs n:t wihh, tJ sav, "ran t
Ox Thursday k-t Jhn J, Murphy, tner of this city, received a w:i)ed cnvel-
ployment to thousands of the sturdy arti
sans Hiid l.ilion-rs of the land.
Throuch the kindness of Mr. Brace, the
Migiaccr who has charge of the construc
tion of the milrtmd, a few persons were
n:r barrels for sile at the
! i' ire of t'ook tV Bcerits,
., rvir.u rs.-t. Pa.,
,nvi P-"V'-ry
, Pr-.!g N-'
r.-jin t- go t- Hie
n-.v for an? ihing they
; I usi!
:u v i
;. -ir,5 have !e n for s-mie days
' i.:.-t:nl cn the foundation of
..'T-: church.
:,;, :!!( iif Mr. Cyrus Meyers and
'a I-tr.., are now ready for
o; o pet;. marked (. aiiulen. . J., enclosing i taken Ironi 15uH-hle srille to tlie briek
a snmlier or.e aud within the latter he found j works on the narrow -gauge. If any
?;!) ."id On the back of the doted rnvel-1 doubts ore entertained uiiout the value of a
pe ws writien "jiy wile stole f ;t tiiree-toot gauze nuiroad in a mountain
country, let the doubter Lake a ride on this
r.etd, with Mr. Anderson as conductor,
and that r--ni;d geatb.-mnn, the Ixrd Chief
Justice of Dale City the '-daddy" of all
the 'sipi'ires in the resion round about
'Sf;uire Mider ; then if this road is not pro
n:)iaiccJ a tucce&s and the very thing, we
wiil never prophesy again. Vismin.
j frcni you in 1. God forcivc her." On
'.iie louowin-r iav, .nr. panics .nurpnv.
.,eu:s of butter are slill veryi
f.,:,v to fifty kegs ere sliipjfil !
f clothing dealer m Clinton street, received
la siniiiar letter, containing thirty-seven
'dollars, and Mr. John Gets one enc'osintr
i some dollars. These were also niail
i ed at Cuiiideii.. 'either of tlie three gen-
tU-men named have any recollection ol los-
ing any money at the time mentioned nnd
! we have no doubt hut that they would be
1 p- rIVetiy s;itisiied to receive yuch favors
: ircotr'utlv. Er!(, John:o n.
vi.a t.i: 1 anv oeou.
ri c.-liil at once.
cx-intine thei
U not Tit-i
r title
. n.'itr. core ir.-ak -ats. chop, ;
...'. '. .i.ii 1 r -.:.-hoiily at Cock & .
C..:.T ::uA u-.-i! store.
. ....,.,;,. Itruj Store," and -e
;. - .rtti.i t;t of Pit ki't Books IVr- i
ii 1 N'otior. of all Uiads, Station-',
Stantcx's Mi i.i.s.
NovemUr 1st, 1M72. )
Dear Editor: Sometime at:o 1 wrote
"Can't ro Withoitit." This is i hat ; a comntunicatioi:, desci ibinu Stanton's
the stride and horse car compMtics, liverv-1 town, tivir.g the nundKT of its inhabitants
suMe k cpers. luemN-rs of the t :rf, and Vc. I'll now give the reader sonic idea of
rd ercom and trainers say ol Mitang the morality ul this town. It is perhaps
Liniment. Thi v "can't do without it." j the most peaceable town in the C.ountv of
And why T Because it iutahiiily reduces Somerset The reader will at once agree
the external swcl'inL'K, Ac, which, tinder with me, tliat a place where there is no
n hundred f'.M:t into Mr. Biter's garden.
Fortunately u cue was near the engine
house, when the occurence took place, ami
Itenoe no one was hurt. By the energy
and promptness of Mr. Iku-r and those in
the immediate vicinity of the mill, a de
structive lire was avoided.
A young nmu named Frank Holey, a
painter by occupation, vn la Friday, fell
through the hatchway, from the third story
of Dr. Iyimison's new brick building, in
which the Kefiubliean and Democrat is
; published, to the basement, breaking one
of his legs and spraining tlie other. The
woncier is that uc was not killed, lie was
handling the large rope or cable and was
bantered by some of the boys w ho were at
the bottom, to slide down the r;i-e. He
concluded to try it, not knowing that the
rope was loose at the top. The result was
as aliove suited. "Hoi, ling on u the ropes"
that lime was not a success.
Two persons were killed oa the railroad
this Tuusday, Oct. ttth i mcrning, one east
of ltodebnngh's tunnel, and one near
Carr's tunnel. The names of the persons
killed we did not learn, nor the circumstan
ces attending their death. It is astonish
ing that people will walk oa the railroad
track w here the danger attending it is so
well known.
Caution, Kvorv g-enr.ine box of
bears the signature of FLEMING
BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa., and their
private United States Stamp. "Take
no other. "The market is full of imitation.
various names, impair the, usctalnc-s and nuaiTciiiitr, no rthling, no lav
value of the king of quadntpeds. i:nd also horse trader, no cheating of an-.
alls and
because, tor sprains strains, gaits and oili
er injuiies to w hich lmrx.- iksh is liable, it
i the m:..-t trustworthy preparation in the
market. Yet tin sc n-eommrndi.tions com
juisennly a portion of i!3 claims t public
conlidence. During a pcri'vl of lv.on- lhau
M.!e-n years, it has N-en recognized as a
spceitic for many ol the mit agonising
Suits, no
kind lie-
teen neighbors, in short, w here every body
sticks to the eleventh commandment to the
letter, viz: Evcryliody minds their own
business and lets others do the same, that
such a place is like a heaven on earth, no
one w ill deny. All this may be owing to
a good school house near this town, and a
first -class teacher. 1 elo not mean one that
t a largest
.'.bums; these ii'li-.ims at
:ght to this market,
h, a! "People's PrugSt
e the ' such
disorders which atiiiet the human family I holds a first-class certificate, but one who
s rheumatism, gout, neuralgia, luni- understands how to teach a school moral
hago. tie-doloreux. sore thr.tat, earache, ly as well as mentally from A to 3. I'p to
toothache : and likewise as a peerless an- the pre-scnt school te-rui, the directors in
;, -TVI TTKtl WtX!.KN Crl!)S Pl.AY-
A'.', v 1 -homo m:iib" cass'ir.( res
! . i i t :.p-r than ever W fore, at
, I'aHorv. tt!ier woolen ol
;ts. of
r. Th j-.,tJ d Cerent studei.ts have
th.' I a t "r.y College, Pi'.tsburh.
i". No u'.'.c-r bu-iness t.'oi!e in
-v ; it: rlrov su h a record.
three story hx
Main str;tt and the
ti to tl.- svar--. A;
-ation for cuts, bruises, burns and scalds, charge of this school have nlwavs leen
very strict to have the school kept accord -
Till: Novrm'KT mttiibcr of the I-if.le ing to law : in fact, a few years ago, w hen
rporal. fully su-tains the reputation id- j they hired a teacher for this school, they
a civ won bv this eA.'e Dent .Magazine. It ; aske-d of him to obligate himself not to use
opens w ith a Thanksgiving story, by Lucia ! any profane language during tiie term,
t has? Bell, followed by an instaliiu -nt of ! which he promised and also kept, and says,
Vnra, llelen C, Veeks' Mipular ; hud the scluxil term lcn longer, it would
"Aunt t-ilva's Bro-vsing." one of a scrii s j have e-ure-d him altogether from swearing,
'f inimitable sketches e' Sjutliern lite ;the I!ut the prese nt board e,f directors l ave U
vj ry best summary ye-t published of the, kn a eliiTe rent step; instead tf keeping
work of th ycur since the gj'-at lire, by .1. 1 1' ve inouihs, they ha e unanimously agree-d
B. T. Marsh": and the Ilrst chapters of a t to teach only four miilhs, and thus openly
new scrialcnfitled. "L ncle Dick's Lcgncv." I violate the iiw of the State. What there
g w e ither v. ill i'.nJ it 1 Tl.
!ia- : hv Ve editor. Emily IIuntit;g'!on Miller.':
few-: Tiic illtirtrati.ins arc choice and profuse. I
it w ill be, is r re-dieted i
:t.l-,ofthe "Feoj '.c-'sDrug
i.c authorized agent for the sale
it's an 1 Dr. .tayne s l.imi'.y medicines
; r.t for all the popular IV.rnt Meiii
in th; United States.
publisher announces all new sun-
;; ri''ers for next year, beginning now, w ill
receive the !;;.-t two rrc.inlK-rs of this yearn-",
together w r.h the beautiful chronio,
Cherries are Kiie. Terms, ! (' a venr,
Repablirna Jlrfllntii.
"r. Ucrnll: The meeting at V
na on Tlmrlav, October Gist, was called
(hi. 11 go.
to order bv Dennis Meyers, t liairman ol
E. Mll.l. i.n Little Corjra!, ! the County Cmiinittce, at half just ine
! o'clock P. . The following being the of-
- - I 0wr eV-vsen vi? -
ird ! President Alexander Ilanna, H-'.., of
;!." be t and cheat K'st rrcx-erics, eon-
:i::ii, nit ions, stationery, tolwcos. i in
. tiasswaro, stoneware, womler.v.are,
canned fruits, c-rackers. cheese, Ac.
Ti;;; f.-rmal opening of the
IIc'.im-, at I .-sina. on l::st Weilnesi'ay even-
of real merriment i-.tid
Lowe r Turker i'oot tp.
was a tin
Vice PresYu-iits Thomas Kvler, e f Ad-
; much g nuine pleasure. Atoi.l two hu.i- disi n, Noah l'.rd. of Ad'bson, tt. A. isiiuth.
i'.red persons wen- present and artiepat.-d . .f CptxT Turkey foot, V. II. Berger, Ur
i ia the festivities of the H.csio;i. (uile a ' sina lor., Thou-ns Ib-at.-i, of Lower Tur
I iiuiiiIkt v.i-re in litteiii'.aiii-e-from Cumber-, keyf-M.t, Frederick Duil, of Lower Tur
! land. Conni-lUvillo, Mt. Pleasant, Somcr-1 key!.xt.
i set and the fctirroundintr countrv and Ml- Seeretr.rtc- -1 lthoarts, Lnwer l ur-
lages. i kevfixrt, William iialina, of Milford, I-cvi
l It is cuile a f, -aiher in !li hit of L ri- 1 Snyder, of Middlecn-ck, Hiram loun':in,
' na to s-tv that the Bedford H.iii-i.1 r.mlts 1 of Fpptr Turkevfoot.
; among tlie ln-st l.oti :s iti tne ciiiiniy. w lieu ; Aiile auun-sscs were inane iy i.on. Ji.
n that mii cat hay has m-t yet j it is known a reputation this county I B. Burner F. J. Ivser, Es.p, and Hoc.
1. 1 ut one that can cat rye straw, J has for public houses. As was shown by ! W. II. Kexntz.
dcifort.-ible houscnot many miles j the handsome manner in which the guests j The Mt. Pleasaiit Comet Band dlscours-
: :w n. li1- jias ceen know n to ; v. ere cntenaine.i. ;ir. rei).i jiusn, me cu s-. iei nr.isic tor me iniasion
ti c rroci-ry of Cooi A
Sciiix'i. Books !
Si tiool. Books I '
:. i ss,rtnitnt ut Miller's Dntg A Book
. : AlsoBilTe-s Hymn Books nd all
. s.f Illatik BiKiks."
,r a i".m rr lr! Airmis wnl ! Ail
!' O'' clHfn ef wurklnir ivi4r. of
i-Ii hr S!-. V'mnff r ll. ma k" nirf utitnt jr st work
I fur u In thilr finire m i!l ratl the lime Iban
lecrlvH. tut (jt fonirln. r-.l-:. tv.rc tttrxtt. . at mivtliltar elw. P.irii ulin tree-. AJitrctsO.
lnifricr.e-! aaJ Uubcbial dittimlUcs, w only I STINsJON CO., FurtlanJ, Statue.
WorlM-5 Imliatt-jni are '.m the mtirkel. hit the
only peieiiiiti? nrifirnll'iQ tf t tarlmlic Ari l ler
Fvitt f!i-rk nml
ll.OULLlil.NO MltAM, 12uUal IS. 1.
J nir-nlniit nn .-jrn nt iif. ll k m.-!W,
I..:.... ... o.i.., ,i.,..,-ii -i,i..i i,k i 'li s .t i..rt.iu.ii
oiltT we!l kmmu n-inItr, at in thme Tntite-li. i
ami all j-ariit-s nre rAalJiLej ugi.iiit uini uriy
ot her.
la alt Fjm-i if ln-il.tll "liof Ihc maf-rm nitnetTaiie
thrne Tahlein iboul.l It Irct ly uvil. thrirclrau
inir aihl lu rilintf frp ri- art nsuMmi.
lie w:trrl. nt-v-r D''tclect a eol.l. it ii enffilr rnr
e1 in in iuripient Malr, mlicii it beTiimn chrtiic
the mre li neeeillnKly difficult, nso Welti' Car
hclie TaWiu ai a tnieifle. i
JOHN O.. KtLX.Ot. 1$ Tlatt St,. X. Y.
Sulo aic-nt Fr the it. S.
Trii-e S5 eents a box. Send for circular.
r THE WOUKISO LSS. male or female.
1 a week imaratitee!. Hi icetnhle emplcty.
nent at homo, ilay or eTentn mi capital re-quirci:
full iaitmetUmi aii.l ralunhle packaie" uf icn-ii tu
start wlih. lent frre 1-jr mall. Ail'ln-m, Willi Occat
return scamp, M. YOCNU k CO..
1 CounltlanJl StM New York.
lent. twuliri,l t r,-,M-ii,l f t.
W. HtlOlAN T. I hl KAI. i'F, Kaul'.cg, Pa.
AEenis WantsJ Eveipln
T' le!l the belt h.w-iTir.l I'cirn Miiil-r ever jmt
ene1. L-t Ir-.rmen and evcr!W who hasorn
tn thetl ir-int fer circular t i A-SlILY COKX
SHiXLUW CO.," Aarri-Lur(f, l'a-
1 4 I
B LACK LO i I It. October 21th, lTi. at
the residence of the bride's father, by
Bev. J. P.. Biicker. Mr. Franklin,
of Bedford county Pa., to Miss Barbara
I.idir, tif Shade township, Somerset Co.
I.OIIB fPAXGLEIi. On the 31st ins!.,
bv Bev. John Tomiison, Mr. E. l.ohr to
Miss B.
toiell Protean button liele Cotter. 2icn'.
Hiiiton 11. ile worker. SO cti. : Nee.Uo Tlirumlinir
Thtmhlt!. ttt cue: Morocco Nc.-dle book. 60 cel.. (4
larvre, ami paper tmall N'cc-llcj. ii per day
lure: israpl, free to any one at ariove price.
C. THOUXTON t CO., OM Broadway. X. Y".
Fare Chlnewe Ten.
fhc BEST TEA Imported
W arrantcd to init all Init-i.
Put uii in our tra-ln mark Half
1'iuixl an.l Pound I'n. knifi l on
ly. SO and t Pound Ilexes.
Kor isle at whole mile ontv hr
TheOreat Allaniic and Pacific
Ti-a Co., P O Hot. 5409. N. York.
will .li-iwol lot) PIANOS, .MEUOIiKONS, and
t (KUANS, of aixtinit elans m:i ken. Inclmlinir W a
tem, at very low price! for eaih. or part caili. and
t-.ilanc iu liuntl monthly Installmcnri, New-7-oc-tve
nrntctnis Piini'-i, modern iiniipivcTnnti. for
l-.Ts oisli. Now ready a CONCERTO PAKEOK
OHO AN. the mot beautiful Kyle and iiert-ct time
ever made. Illustrated ratal. .guo mailed. Sheet
muitie and music merchandiie.
U' 1' V'l'ti w'-nted for the (treat worker
TJii J. the year, by the author ot
'el in lllstery ;" handaomelr Illustrated by tiuit
tnvo Here, Nasi of llarjM-r'i W eekly, ami others
;nd'inei1 bv eidlee preildenri and eminent ili
vinei. Itin'lle and eintenti will eniure for it lliou
wnidi of readers why ? JJeaue nothintc like it
hai ever tecn putiliine!. For proof of thi". lend
t'aiirp and loe rin-ulrs nnd term! before ena-atrinz
eitewher:. K li. TKEAT, Pub. SOi U way. .V. Y.
FUEE to ijook agents.
fur the bct and cheaeit Family Bible ever pub
lished, will be lent tree of charge to anv hook nit't.
It eiiutulni nearly too tine. .Scripiuro ihustratiuiii,
and arenli aremeetinKwitbunpreeeilenteiiiucee-i.
Addrem, ratinz experirtiee. etc., and we will eliow
v.. n what iurairenti are deinz.
N ATIONAL. f t UElSIUNel CO., rhllad'a Pa.
A. Spaiigle r, Imth ef Somerse-t
BOSIL Mr. "William Bosh, near Stoys
town, aged Si rears, 8 moniiisand 17
days. "
BF.NTOX. Imle -Benton, son cf J.
S.nno A.rNTS.WATri AT ONCE for
turni-w luk. tlie life ol the treat Explorer,
And his KESCKKECTION rroraalivins death bv
Knr foil deserliitlon an 1 terms addmi Immedi
ately HCKBAKU B!OS., Publishers, 1'lnU.or
Agents It Sells Quick
II. Snyder, aued 3 years, 0 months and t Amor. all claries o:.l people, tb-mid.lle-arc
l'J davs tlne who aro just enteriint lite, and youlh of bol
; r. A.-o uu nu, l . n.i wiiii iitr Kirj.cri iiuiii.
The lore of miy henna li clc :
The Yi'ui of many cyn ;
U!i little rjee cn er.rth Is ma ;
His home beyond the skh-s.
rcliert w.ii hii lufTerln tiia:
And womirous hi nwarl ;
His Soul Iias gone fustaine l by criiu -To
at jn j liefure the Ird.
I'l'i LEWIS' lust and best book. It i meeiimt
wiih ihe sreateit taceem: and there'! .MONEY' in
it. Send for our circnlars, etc.. wbieh are lent
fre. U E . -M AC'LEA N, Phila.
f " REAT CURIOSITY! A 5.Mairiiiine of
I tin hln.l ordi:r l.-r el. A scut wanted in ev
ery town, on a jierpetunl lnmie. Send l(i". lor
ilN imen to "Smith' Vol'.cr Mayan'.,'' 11 Liber
ty it reel. .V Y".
.HimiPFT 1873
Xeiv York Observer,
Tlie licit rtl!j:!oui and aemlar Fanilly N'ewsjoptr,
A3 a Year with the JUBILEE YEA It BOOK.
37 Park no, Jm Tork.
Xcw Ad 'rrli
A' !' Adft'rl s.r,nrotjim
J A T1 0 M D
Janti-a A. LtMiiin. Ptcr;-!',
FULLER. WAKKKN 4. CO., Z.A "v r :., X. Y.
nOKIENTt"X (X. J.) FE..I ALE C'lf,
L.lAtV Tli'ri.ti '!i li..lrn. tl ,n. I! -Lhrul
and iautiitil fc.ilixn. On of the in- st e;ir iiil'y
eontlucUi and b:il iu.-l:iiiK. 1 ii:M iisii' iii I'-u
St Ate. 'T te-rn., et. a l'ir. Jil 11.
ir Adrrrirm'nf4.
anos ana urgans
! w
Ever Esliibited in this City.
V GENTS Wanted For Harriet Ileerlter
Silone'n campaign tmuk, with live! ol the
e.inlldates and leailiiir men of all paniei.. gi)
Steel Purtmlia. $6 to f ji a day rapidly and eaiily
made. Write an-le. P.irei.-utiirs free.
WOUTII INO TON. VI Ml IN X 1 l).. HarlC r I.Ct.
Good. Coilry
Hluhest r,rle pel l 'ir rci" T-i di'y by L. 51.
r.LKlN'TON". So-'p.ifl l Can-lie Manufacturer. ll
Murzamtta St., Pl:il.ideiibi.',
Ii ucnirpaise I as Promoter of the Growth of the
Hair and Whiskers. It 1 neither atii-ky nor
Kreesy. yet it euflena and imoiithei the Hair fur
U tter and mora permanently than any Oil or Po
made. Cied aa a Hair Uressing. It pnxlucrs the
mit lioautitul and luslniuszlois. Varrante-l per
Icetly harmh'f. In exiiuiaiu;jirfumeis iUite un
rivaled, belli;? liitill'-.l pm the wiirtd-rennwued
lioseiuf Calitnere. L-irje Ixit'les enly So cent?.
Address ASCI1EN BACH h. ;.I1LLEK. Vm S. 3d
St., Philadelpiiia, Pa.
AVe have dnrlded tod t.poie oT our immense itork
of ltilli,irl Tnblee at pri--ea a liilie atniv cont.
First-rlaiaSxlu New Tabb s, cinpli te. .(oo Se,n 1
hand tutih-i made over new. $Joy. if-fy. 4te. A
pent variety to suit ail buyera.' S.nd for Cat a
h'litio. KAYANAun & nr.i kix.
Cor. Canal nod Center Ms.. Si. T.
Area:, T.anleil for Coibln'n '
Child's Commentator;
Oo trie BICI.R lor Ihe nolE CIRCLE, j
2V) i:..-ni lnj. Th 'onenteri.rtce ,
a- it.e t-e-.r nr;..irn. I.v rv lir.illy will Ha-; I'.
Xoilil.r like fl now l uMi-be.!. V..r eln nl ir" ad-
dreis li. s. uixisp:i:iae.o..
hi:iiavk .ow
4 il
il si
Sltiwe'i eniotriiim 1mm k. with in'
di dales and !:d!n- men f all p:irtte. u s: I !
I"i.rtrai;i. (it.ailr r.- l.liv and e it m.vte.
Wriieuni e. rar.i.j.'irs iree. WOiU'lIlN'-.
TON, M ST1.V a C.. Hurtf.-r!, Ct. I i-in utii- ;-'- m
.37 Park, Uuw, N. Y. j g
rIUrriet Hrc-heri )fi p fjl
with lives of Hie can-1 Jt.'l.S tl I J
and Oruans,
coMruisaxi; the
Greatest Variety o;f Styles and Make
I'l vable la New York t"ty, f.r !..!e at pries ttiat 1 i
will pnv iver 12 per cent, on th? lTiviitmeut.
ML NIC 1 PAL ItoNbS of Ibi hib'i irn le at- We do Dotcoc&uc ourjetvs to .-.ny ijie-cUI br.m is, I bat xep a (r-;at a'Sirlnv-nt In tail ai,taeei an I
ways en h ire!. TH' IS. V. ELLIS i. CiI, Ii .t.k- rne-ir.-. j
eri, 14 Pir.e ttreet, N"w Y rk. ! Wo warrant our I'teno an I f to be ;-m! , t any In the tn-rk-t, ai rnanntee ear Price
; ly-wi-r m..n ar.y uan-r n-iu.- in itiu niy. j
Ii yon wiut'to irv newv nn-l zet the heft in I'.rintint e!l on ns. JI.atMy payai'ita taken,
j S n I fur Cir -ular and Price Lien. i
SIM 111!
ran &F mm
sihbs if mm &iako
SStove Gloss !
Unparalleled Success!
Over twenty-fonr Tlnm-nnl Gr.s 11 In lysi
Than Nine Mmithn.
Ii LidicS i Si2?j Sills. Lii SsriLvavJ dx
ASIC Y'Ol-Il STilliBICKF.PF.n FOB IT. I.. . ... ... . .. !
If he (.on t have it. z. to the Bex, store: but , nau rirri l arlat ....j t,rBr, yaria, m r !
i.n i i-e uuiiiiiu.-, iniu i.u.i.ij Keniri i the Court of Common Plcwi of s., Count v,
the old riolwlM'S when you ran gv. j pa., and t.i mo direeti.-d. 1 will exj.. to !.il by
i n jf n j ! pw.iie uu ry. at tin; "icis tiouse. ' In
VSTIIMAt Cpham'i Asthn.a Cure relieves '
the uhisI violent pnroxlsiniiiiilive ininutei and 1
e-iieirti a speedy core. 7 c-ns a N..T. bv niail.
t'in-nlari tree. Address S. C. CPHAM.'lS Svuth
Ehrhth Sireit, l'UUlelphui, l'a. S-.ll ly all
At te Snrr.e Price.
Every arvl Betiill Deab.r iu the t'r,i;e !
Suites has or will have It fur tile.
rmr. wELPiii . v..
rnbieri'vers are .Munur-etneiT's
W. lb-ad' eebbntel ASTHM A
cureii ty a limple renieilv.
i fri-e. to uli alllii-td.
I'rawer 17", Syracuse, X. Y
SCiinlav. tl ta-ldav o Ni.veril- r. l7i ;
1 o'rloek. r. ji.. tbe loliowinz r al estate, vii:
All the right, title, interest and ehiitn of Hiram I
FindUy. ot, iu and to tj following den-.Ti.'nd ral '
t scite, vu:
No. 1. A e rtair. trv-t of Lmd Includinr the de- i
findnnt'i h-rtnested birni and aw-mili traet of!
l.ind. fituate ia Elkli'-k and tiri-i nvliic townMiips. !
Simer.-'t ei.unty Pa., ci.ntaining.lT- aort'S. mi-n or ,
less: of whi'-b there are at.xii lJtl ami cleareit. I
and at.itii ljaeres in ni'-flow. with one fr.imed well- '
in- t:..n. one be .Iw-llinz-h. use. mf frame barn. , TBAiPAIlF.CICS A5D DA55EES,
s:.,i.le and iw-uiill tbreon er.-ete.l; adjoinin: I
binds of Stu:zm:iu's h"irs. Pe:. r 51 vers' h-irs, ' With Portraits or any device for all paniei.
and what is kuowu aa the Grandman iro--t. wi:h ! Sittr Buntinir an 1 51u.-ilri Tt.-nr of all size, on
Airents f.,r ! appurte: ;,i;im. 1 hand it made to order. 4 bine.- Lanterns of all
U.Ir.:-'. c-r-rein inej m nn. smu- in . u-n- files and slyles : P.iir Kil-j.n. Fire Wur. .
Politscai Campaign
Grant & Wilson
Greeley & Brown,
Cap--? and Torche,
I I i H I I: star.t rcii, t er pur'bjse m .n. y ret'uiel- i ' "' ' f h tnere nre s.i-.ut lw , Kates at
"m-"'" - i ti. i... .. -wfti-e.. elenreif . .in. I nr,,;it -Ji In mfoiow .:h '
, , ..... , . , , , en. l lie mojn itie is Tine up in t nree mz-.. w mi'-u ! -
I suffered wuh i a'arru thirty years, mil m . .taji K j ,,i i. persons remitting price a two-en ry ! sr d-.f Ilin-hvu) an I tsoik brirn j
in -H-ii.r rr-.-eiiit. iiosx- ot;:i ,t.. M..t;Mn f... or-ri-'n er,,,.'.i r-iini!' ii:n:s oi .i ntorot tven-
KEV. T. J. SIHAU. j. litaiMmtiiM aUit ire tn'anv wiv, ,te'ip. i "!. 11. T. Weld, Aden Sior.x and others, with tlie
nov. a. V.niiMtitiK. Ti i.r. i; .t i-i u.mi v v
I'lTTsnritoii 4t! I. K. Co..
I'lTTSBriUJH.Oct. ttJ.1
"V'ollce 1 Stoekholilcrs The stock Trena
il ler hooks of the Pittsburgh h. ttonnel'sville
Knilnad Company will tie elowd on the liihof
X'vetntier n-xt, and so r 'main until after the an
nual meetilllf of Slirf-Ltiotders in Ilis-enitwr n, rt lor
' tbe eleetb-n of Iiireeti rs ef s:iid C mtiarv forttie
enminkT year. CUAS. I-ti.NNELLY.
n.iv. C. Se-c'y an 1 Treasurer.
' Cod tjrant that thia vreciout took may fir.d Ut I
I a-y to f re rv fa rally ia inriand. says a pmiiiint;nt
; n lorin'-r. of 1 . -S. Arthi a e last ureal work.
rMr.tii:T n tsiitr.
Cornvtcl weekly by A. J. Caslbumx i. Co.
a as
sever; 1 hundred weight of ! jiroirietor, well knows how to conduct a
' '':!. I-XI'l.osIo.NS. "iO to . .
mV il?i and htiy a hoy. of Pnor.
s - rios-Kxri."ivE L.sMr Pew
. I; i the wonder ol the world 1 It
I-'.:ivt-ly jirevent yeur l.uiijis fma
i . g .-.ti 1 l:'.m; c hiinneys from
The met t'ng held in the ojx-n air, in
i hotel tiutvessfitlly after lii'ulcrn ideas. front of that well known hotel, the Jien
I Mr. lie-sh lktiii-y, of Berlin, nnd several j ford House, and was well attended and en-
lt.eiulicrs of the Ml. 1'icas.iul Bind, fur- ; thudastic. W.
nished most delight fid music, and till cn-1
j joye-d the daib-e until an curly hour tu Uic
i morning.
i Locke
f tlie Toi.?:i)
i-litest sights of this season
v -ir a youn r lii'in who 1i:l wait-
'. I.- tiic church of an e vening until
tt- iscliiii.-d through, only to ace lii
" vith shiiip r.-.scal ho has
i:'. the time roasting his si. ins ;
.t the
sv j.; r-ns in need of Pure 'White
:. Y:. ec.l Oil. raw and hoiled.. Col
I'Jnts of all kiniis. Paint Brushes.
i faVtor lit raid : The nieeting at Ber-
lin. on Saturday November 2d, was re-
- I cede .1 hv the raising of a very handsome
s iVii.r.AR MoNTm.y Mc-sr-. ; rant and Wilson polo, f..r which the Pe
Jone. Tohilo, oiiio, Puhii-hcrs i m,i,ii,ur.s (f JWlin and vicinity deserve
in mi- mi.fiKi j.i. aim. .ilu ,11.1. n ! great cretin. i ue nieeiing w as iieni iu me
; r AitM J-irsNAi, atiiiounce licit nicy win r,.:ir ,,f the hlklior.i liote!, ami was a very
j i tic. .November is, tu initial n -tiii . m r ot
a it--.v Literary Magazine to lie cali'd
j Ioche-'s I) Monthly, with Mr. I). B.
I Locke. . Xi ) us editor. The new
i Monthiv w ill U- in character i:; to the
. stanaani oi lUc u t-.aroiiur apu.n.s ; rnsidei,:-E.Iwaid I
, an lwcl contain forty- i J. lit jiages. 1 t.rsvdlcv
oitjcct istoji tiie-ix-si i.i,-ra..ire :.t m ii ,- irosi.l,.n!KraI1iii11 Korn.-v. of
Berlin. Jacob P. HiJi-gr.s, of Allegheny,
Jesse Slick, ef Shade.
S-crt tar'us John II. Knrt'ier, of BeT
; lin, Jose-iih StulL' of Stonycieek, John Sli
der, ot Ilrothcrsviill'-y.
! Inter, s'.ing stieee lies wire made hv lion.
large and enthusiastic one. 1 ne nie-eting
was organized ly the selection of the fol
io a ing cliieers, on motion ot Dennis Mev-
ery, th
viz :
irinan tf the totuitv
iiiiu-.ell, of Bi'oth-
rales that it will rc:i ii every I.nnilv. 1 uc : ,
!;r-t ntinil-cr w id contain a ivkiii. "lil i
71," I v Mr. D. B. In k-, n-scmlilin-r in j
w liich
t ;.Tir,i"irf.i1 in Ihirr.rr ' Vri
!,'irrit, rw' T.i-.ti.ri'il if iitl Li'lil U ill I
!,v.-,ie.,t "'slr i-'t..rc " ULaracte-r the poem -Hminah Jane
'..ure-lusinz Isewhere. ' W? 'n X'"''" lartMh,-r.
' i lie wnl also w rite mr the Magazine eharac
in of the shavings inene oi" toe rooms
', M:itiiinotli liuihiing were discovered ;
c ;-i..t Wednesday of hist week. Two j
tin :i were tassiiig l.y s.iw tlie lire.
a it out. thus saving the destruction
i- "k.rge,t an. I weed costly or.'tljitig
i s'.nv the lire.
Mr. J.iscph Vthroek has retired fr. m
'Mansion Boit--," New Ccntrevi.L-, !
1 I.t 'iMml Fcrrcl. cstj.. siic-e.-d him.
l.-n. Fi-rn I. iantllord, is tis nint h of a :
' s.s as I n. Fi-rrel. Macksmith. tlie j" will ! jircsitied ovr ly one;
lit, )-,'. s ho. to keen hotel." !
!,ll.Mi.u,.rn, ! ,, m, i- i Kiis-r. t-i.. Dr. S.
;ti. s., and the list authors in the (vtintry s (U) an(, j,,,,, xv j, Kotmi7L
win contriout- t-ss:iy.s, sett .ies. stones, i T,.c II( r,;n i:ra?!l enlivened the
pociits. i:r lh - Magazine will he a(t ,.,.( Ik.Ilt luu.
'Tlsic, aii 1 they well de-served the hetirty
I cheers '.he audience gave them. Alter
three roiif ing cheers for Grant and Wilson,
' the meeting adjourned,
t This was the first Hc;ulilioan meeting
I held in Berlin since 1W04. und from itsin-r-
lect meet ss we think 1'eriin will not be
int.iled to ;.t One Dollar
annum. All whose names are received
hi fore N;vetul:i r lolh will i-cccae the
Mag.i.lne for two ye-ars for the one dollar.
Locke V Jones,
Apj-bn. drietl. ft
Appb-imOi-r. (rsl
Putter. t1
Hu. kwlii aU Jt bushel
Itecswax. fi B.
Uncoil, saolildera, 1 Si
fides. "
P:.rn. f t-usticl
Corn meal V
Call skim. V
y.SKf. V dot ,
Flour. bid
Fiaxsel 'j! bu., it t )
Lir l. V S
Leattier. re-i sole. 5
" kip.
f):os. fl bit
Potatoes, V hu
Peaches, dried, V &
I. vc jl till
K.-tss. V
Salt, No. 1, Vl bl
- tbu
" Ablon. "
Supnr, yellow p I,
white '
Tallow, t ft
Wbeet, V' bu
Wool. -1 a
e ! 00
: Throe YcarB in n Jfan-Trnp.
j tVow!ihf1andirp its Immense sale, we desire loex
; tend bs Influence ftrill funlM-r. and call for more
' aid to Introduce It to every corner of our land. It
t. lustily cndi rsed by-Judire Hla.-k. F. It. Orne,
Nc:il Dow and others. Will do more trood than
': : eny jrdiibiiion law ever framed. It sells iH-yond i
o- ,,,rull..l Av.'l ti.r. n ra. .1. in,i e. I
' .1 11. wi'ih'it I to. baa ..lj'Tioln.,,1.: 1 1. . Oooo-.XviK)o
C'K hiz to iis irreat EUieesji we are enabled to otter e
.he , iM-iaiiy i .rue discounts. Send for illustrated cir
cular an-' wnus. an;l enter Into fi pn-at wor at
nice. J. 31. STOHI) A RT te CO.. Phila.
OH . .liKr It . s - s . n m WI..-0..1OOUl i... . M . tt. X10000U
ooOOOOOr L f PB,BZ W "rtT-J'"";'JU""t'
ooooooosKio ixsioooo
"Yill be more Crntifvins; to tho
o Youno; Gentlemen of our City oo
Averill ChemicalPaint
II-is rj& i'pirlf to t?.'
Sjtt; I of beautiful ! r an I r 't'.i:ir.j n !
atrtiH ir ia t xsn r ul trie Un-t ty1 i. :; .' ia t'ic
AvraiLL riiE.i:uu, iv.ixti"..
S'k X A -rain tnnt nf lan I itaitc in S- nh-
W at-Tt.. iin-rr: or Itr. of whi'-a tl.cre are amt ii i
arfv i-lcar. an-1 aUxit 4 arr- in mcu!ow, tth a SEXD FOIi CIRCULAn
or.? unJ at h-ilt-at'trv iKue anJ ' am tti'-rvcn ! T m .
Third street Philadelphia.
tl OU ;
fit) M
1 Oi
1 oO
n 7s
1 00
: Airentl v.
' tl, a
nted to canvass for the iTi-eat coaihina-
j fhc irreat lllqiinitnl Pcide't Wreitlv. the best
and meatiest mpcr puMisbcd. HUILM', IS and j
.IMOaoi lill J"i,UIIM .O.UOI3 Will- i. 1,1-1, ,1
for it. We K'vea copy of the unparalleled ehroino,
just io nion,
To Tfrv pubsrrilrfr. Aitrcns tak fpimtwimT
ftvr t thirty nam? a day. IVo lu?int pays like
rh!?. Sim.Iit ti'rro?; aut rWirure terriiorj- lor t-a.s
irreBt cut cn Tit1' at om.
Sanifm Street, Jr'hiladeli.iii.u
uoxmMnft'MHmjjmHvuyiiQ ) Mill htm of yiir? an-I 'M yto
o Learn that Elsnor Phillips are
w nun rnijvivinu ernrmnuf.insi.'ai w
rricntscf Rautifi.i Kv Stvlp t t ly fi;niMim !
and Cvercots for Fall oo
nnd Wintor oo
lMWlOUOfOl0'JO W - fj H Of H VW H M K )
t 1 - n uV 4 KRU It Ot M X JO V XX if MlOVfcXt.O-l00ji)
"Thon ce!! at youroarliert ccnvo-
tncu on
rcr-U't. a-1j'in:r:ir l-in.! of rnry Manz, Dack-1 !
4. A:i tl.? ir mi irm on. Iiin m
. rm-t ani o; ii r mirural- art-i min Ttl rt
i h w Hh'i hi iux cmior. o; n. or r"fitjirie-.l within
i all th-jt I'iiN-e or ul "iturire in S.afh-
j 8tn;.i..n tnwM-iiij. S raerft tvtinty. Pa.. w.i rh i
! lii'.ri.' luliy tiU'i punicniriy ieni-t'i by mcfrsan-l
i lMiin ;!, cmrs5 an! ;i.?T,inr' in a !?, fnn V.'m.
j Tr ut:xt:;n aii.l wile tfatei l-'xh Juiy. 1k5. o"-nfa:n-
in? u"rn m-jrv vr l-. a-ijoii.;;. Uixicf lhn
' ! i Kom. Ya."n.:v ly pi.y. t'Kil na 1
i Ir:i ( an l otlitrn with tu; iipturti.anf:.
No. 5. Aii tli iron or. ina"Nn-. f
! nH::ils. an;
! !y:n aati tK'iiii? unier. oj u or rtit;iirHff within
i aU tinit jii.'-n or par vl oi laa-t icui;e in S-'u;li-! t-mnj-hip, S'tiifnM.ti ft.. . which i.
mt 'TV icily an-l -trti-uUr?y 'IcTiNl try ru-tps
t. rturl .l.iilv with .li-rrt-t Shjum'-i.. f;l -!.' 'Vn l r-'""':'1- r.ui-r3 n-i ;i-taprvMn a .pr l fr m
arhf. i..;iLi:jtu.n.iii.iin. fsmur,-i ?. rw tn.-ru'v, ' rutw.U n . m- n? -r i s-. a-! joining ian'r
1v.iet-(;S.:.c..tarTl!.rh?unnr :.-;n.nurj!iri.i. -rr.ivfl. ! i,lt A''um u ?,Ur lJaWl-i an la.., wi:h
Wt'JI IT tioii-k' Ol.n! iii- I. ill HI I" .V.' 1 1. r . 1 ' r 1 1 .11 a. T "I'l'"'1 n.aa.i '
Death! Bad Breathf
Purchasing Agency
We will purchase an 1 forwarl any ankle
la th." ei: j at i? e lowest rtei.
Parses in the O-un-ry wt.ntnjr to por-hae Pi
anos. eraans, Sewitia- Mai-toinea. .runs, H'-volvers.
Nurs.-rv Si'.-k. Jweiri- Furniture. rv.
otti.r niinerats and mioerHl suf-stunees Har.iwur. I'rurfi ot-r.s.,rih-..-ry. Sij-
t iv. I i . ' T. ..J, r. A l ' 3 ""ir, av .. . will UU vw " . I
t' tt u. Ail itr will O rN-'jrVrn with a tipw
to e"ononjy. as w-H artasi-j an-J flT3(-t3. and N-x-
or pi-kaca lorwarlfl my t.zr?9 toanrpar-jf
(ho -t uiitry. All ri-r- pronitlT aitcnli tu, to i
mrliOMttN PAi'KAOUS. Ncv.-r
I N"i. 6. A tnain trart c.f Ian ! i:oito in Milf t 1
I-ITTSm RH srrPLT to.
scp. is. I'lTTSnUP.GI I. I'A.
ir.f Pt4L Di.Tfc.Ti;- your ca?. Cir-
ct.raiiinuT 'Jiju vrrttt i
Xew Ad iv'?'i'ctf ';it'n.
Have business connections with all the principal
j jk i-ts nt 4 'bina and J:iian. and import their Teal
! oireet Iroin place of srrowih. thus itivintr thecon
; sutni r from 4 U 8 probii. It if now abe ul 1J yirs
I linee the Company wasorirwuized an.1 li has been
! a splendid su.-oe.-s from the very first. I bis was
I due to the fact that we imported and Sold only
TtESTru ANNOSHOHX "1 Xo. 71. Xovcm
by her nexi lrieul, A. Z CK, i 1st T.. lsTi A I.
vs. (stub, lor liiv.iroe.
W e command' you that all manner of business j TIlC BCSt 311(1 PHTCSt GO0(IS,
and excuse le. ina let aside you be and anin-ar In ! . ,,
vour i.r.per r.n before our J adct at S..tners t I "' istn.utr incnito our -usenmen in ai pan.
1'leas, tiierr iu "" ' " " 1 "-' ...
at oiirtitua1 y ('nurt ( IVninmn
h-M tm the 4:h Mutvlay of NttTombtr m-xt, to
frhuw riuw. if any a have, why your wile, H'S
trr Amu MciM'niniK'Ull ml e "tiv.rre-i intu ll.e
U;i ir t.f m iriin ny.
Shrrifll!ir. .TOSIAH SHAFKR
Nfiv. . 172. SlttTiif.
Swnucl 15. R
;il.trle i
K.-pJ-irlf. $
w-pu the la-intwtraiifl the ln-c-ou?uni r. We
oriuinatcJ the rjwem of fupplyinc: nnf-umrr in
'H.-iant iarts of" the ttitry Wi h Tcaa at New
Ynrk fri.f, "on th Club plan. And fiwe we
al-ptfsl thU plan we have nnvcd ihf jfjple of
ilia1 country tnilli-m! of dollnrs annually iu the
i.r f this article ot prime neerity.
Sni l rlui Tirrular, which foiiUins full di-
rxU'-.n. prrntiunn. a,r.
CI an'153 Ve v r.ft,
P. f). CjAZ. New Vorii Ci:y,
j Xo. "0 N'-vcni'ierTi-rm,
lnTi Ai. Sa!. t-r Di-
.I.;rj:iret Ann K'-plirlt. J vnrr.
H e v muiunil m u llwt all manner of itiiMncf-!
an! txrue l.iiK It It ariiir. yu h antl apjM-nr in
v.ur pr-it'r i rs.a I'M'forv ur J if lift s at Siut rtt
at i.urf dity C urt t-t CtUiinon Pivati, .here to he ; EXQUISITE AIDS tO render STILL
iic,-i on tut 41 a Monday oi .oviiiivr n- xt, iu
i-lw.w :iaf If any vou li.tve. why y-ur hui.l,
Sjtnu'.'l II. Ropliflo. rii'.ul.i nt e.i;'i.n-'.i In-tn
th Utn-Is uf un-trim ov which he hath eintr.uu i
with ron thtj nai l .Marjm't Ann Km1 irle atrre.-
al'Iv to the travcr of the ttiiti.n an-l liin.-! fj.lif.t-
i;e t c:iin-t yi'U lu'li-r- -ur stl. I'l-un; an i thi.
vn ptuilf in Tio wi?? emit at vmir pf-ril.
oo 1 anl V. iit
tx-y 'eo'KrOO.rtyX'CK jKA, , -1 rv iW'Otx o j a,t W ill berrr P Jti
i Pnvrie
w,,,.wipp,.rr,,.uviiii.w i. ...m.hiim.iomuikI
ZCor. 5th Ave. and Wood St.'
OW-OtiiXMXX'IOO.i p ITTSBUUCH "'f 0-tilOi HlOOfllfO
(KM X A KK.'K m t xjt-hv Mmn k.. h
I towns. hi" SHifrt "o- Pa .
j m- rt t of which ;!n-re iri.U-ut j art ?-ieiir- I ECELSIOn
, a-Ij-'irtirz Iau-tT uf R .trt I-nt;tmr.a. Amhviiy
' tir-'WiU au-l others, with tho at. pur. liamv. "
i N. 7. A rrrtnin.t of srounl citmte in Sal is-1
t ury Nt.. Somerset Co.. Pa., e-'nt-iir.inif -; an. I
... .... , nwreor Iw. with a larir? two -h-tv frame dwell-I
an ' hrM ar.i-.e in f e mir -t f r I iUiS h-w. -tV h an-l othr outhaildin- th're--n
? K''nr.;rp has rrl iw s -. ..t.., kn..r. th -...-e-. i -.i . ,.r i I
rifr T P Tl ime on ihe la',-!, rn i iB r,:i: ur ; i... v "i i . - e,-1 . I
lot No. xs n the east, ani rtn-t on the m-nii an-l i ) Vj"J.-JN J. V JL J X X"
on uc Mdui. an i i-j Liii ik oi iUi;z-T tfaT.wi;a .
For Mk ny
store. ?.i. N -rti S'-e- j
i. s. w ii. n:i. in iKK.
irej-isirf arvl eirocirry. !
G KNTS WA NTED.A tr e n t j
TOuk more money at work for us th:m at'
;,mnniiniioDini life, tiusini imrtt r.n.l t- niriri! nr. ;
oorio J KKCH AN"! T. 1 1.( )1 j Partknlan tree. tl. STIXSOX it e: ., Fine Art '
OIXOoflOOflCltlOl0001lCl.KIOUIMMlUl.S.SS rf00l.10..)l.l0
1XOTI .... H AKIOHWJOt..XOl . Hi OuOOOo, .X. S lO'OO- IOO0
Nov 8.
Publishers, Portland. Jlaine.
r-r f-. T?nise rri
TTholcsalc and EetaiL
s ff-nt '
ir fr im ;
CJIA Ml: E 11 L A IX
Rnntlolpb, Cntlarau
The new llnartin-.'-ball.
foroccujianev. Thin lloardinrr-fchool lorl.ithsex
has nn ample endowm-nt. fp.i' iijns build iiks. ex
tensive ifn.unds, and abtindunt s-h'd apparatus.
The Winter Term opens 1'. i Catali gun tent
free on a.p!ic:iti -n to
KKV.J5. T. EDWAMiS. A. 31..
Xov. fl. 1'ria -a.
713 Arch Street, mid-lie ef tb P.t 'k. between 7;h
Xo. a . Three certain Iuts of arronn-i titnate in I 6B'' a Streets, b-uth Ski. PhiilelphU,
s,;i,i.-;.ury tier.. ss.mTset Co.. l'a., con- ;i:ur.z 1 ; I i
a re e? h. more or less, and Known on the lieneral
plan oi siiri i.iwu a. ion, .-sos. ami wV. a'T-i LCt""? Frr T"t Tise 511
joiniTi-j lot .o. 4j on tne ni.rrn. riirer i.ine on toe j .i -
erft. tlnia l lane on the south, and Niduii's avenue I
on tlie wes-. with the appurteniiuees. 1
Xo. . A certain lot of irronnd situate in F.tktli-k Imr.-rte'l verr larire and .lendid a-
towr.stiip. Soim-rset county. Ph.. n-utainlnir 1 aere. sortme-nt d ail the different kinds of tl Rs fr in
m- re t lest, adjoininat hinds of He-try Oiotfelty first hand in Furi-pe. would r-spectfnllv invite the
an i Abratiam P. Hea-bv. with tbe atil.nrtenwn.-s. l ri-ndera r.f this ir.i-.r to !! in.l,.,mln,ih,.L
'.. i SeiZ'st and taleeii in eveention fl. tli,. i,,in, ..f ..ennt At V.nn- I nrt 1 . m ..- ... .. ,i
Hir.itn Flridiay at the suit id J. C. Uaeberer. j the lowest Casii price. All Furs warranted.
. . ALSO Xo Misrepresentaticnt to etfeet tales.
.-in tner;:riii. line, interest anncieiTT u: c. tieei-h- FIP AITVRrn tttnBrPltsrn
er W..H. John J. sk-hell and J.Kii. Keed. asiime..i t! . AS " K EPA IKED.
tenants in ounu. n with lohn w-Kememocr tno istr re, 7is Ann street, r-tiii-
an I to all the eonL iron-ore. lime- I -t-.; ma. oct.
nis and other minenls and mir.. ;
: emlsui.sMn-esiyinaad tviag under, upon, oreon-j S500 OQO TTsT T? J 1STT-C
' tainelwitiitn-allthntriiei-e orinnlol ln.l .;.. s5vJW,U XiM i31LJl
: at.- In tsnmmit township. S im- rset Ci ur-v Pa.. I . , -. . - r . . ,
PnlrrSliT'"RG 7 A I rteb U m-re lolly an-l Varti. ui-trly .teserfile.! br Q RS D GIFT CONCERT.
J- L -- J-Jl)L.lkU,l V. m.-teS3ndl.,u'H!.,srA.Jan.l.iist:in.--iindeed V 1 XX l.V.ltliill
' I rmm W ilmitn l lli.rnf i v.l " . t . vi a k;
nAfii . agkxts ff.vr:;ti.-s,a
efUUIt lreo l y mail, teii ii terms to c
o bi ftto iif r iLiv. Tw e ttiri-i v eevr -irii
JS TJTL TL :- -r. A l.Ir-ss X. li. vViurE. Xcwark.
COLLEGE, 1 -, ,- er Wolf. .Tot'm J. S
iffnti l onnty, K. Y. t I !PTT.Tn P7 tZVCtt, h OC! of Win. P. Si hell.
. (w. rtl, is readv XJ1 1 ' , . K.b:- of. in an
.ii ..V....I ,h stone, f-tls. m.-tal
Xo. lSrCSaiKhneM ytrrif.
Xi w and Inijiortan i Invvntioni. S-dety for LaiiKt
Sii.-riti's I
Xm-. , ls7i
JU.slAll SllAFF.K.
I be tnit-Iic are heretiv c:.ntr ne I not to r.-eeive a
note against me Ik 1 1 by iliijin Uerkey. in hii-h
In mi I Ilcrxev Is lull, as 1 wul not iwy l.'ie note
Ulliesscolnj.-lled to Co to by Ihw.
IioV. . 11 t.X U . lir.i. a, t. 1 .
writ ixmx rirMMr.r;. i nr- ir-m ... 5 .i, ,.,..,.,... .,.. o. .,.,.
t-i.r it lufnrc the pe-ojile tb it at Ana
' i. li-i'.'iirr'r is the i lutt- tu lttiv '.'ixkIs
"ts. T!:cv have ju-1 n-ocive-d the tl.ird
' - .1..' lit ul' I.:i,','n ' dn ss piiKl-i fi.r tlie--"is.,'1.
an i as tlieir nmtto is "iinick Kilf
-ti-ishon .MJiis,' he jK-oji'.f will do wi ll
'' i-i! sisiii anel rxntiiino tin-ir .-!";. 'uiiirli
-tr cii::iili-tc. prixltfe t '.'.i n ia t x
' -V: f. r L'
I! .vn. l'a., Nov. 0, 4t.
: nii triilcoif f ii-ns, Kivs tlie Ne w Vork li-r-
' .t in 1'n ate-ilia! t are fiiteritii up in tin
j lirii-t; luit e iitiriuiiiir. w ason uf lii'liau Sutn
j lii r. lt;riu its'.inuaf.e-t-, tlie- U atiti
f.;l i.Iiae.f thi? .H t of
i Winter iin. riiiz iu the l ip cf M.iy
; is itsu.i'.Jy tran.'j (!. aibl liavo May
! stniliii "i:i tin- t-iiilirt t-o;' Winter. In tin-
i 1'nite.i State-s tlii1 iwuliiiri liniatc ji!i-tiniti-j W;i8 an exce-ili-nt one, as may If int'e-rreel
; cnnri 1"r.- i tn-rit! v ln-trins aftt-r tin- mieMiet of fr,,ia tiic f.u t we-saw o:tof tin1 "Sm-
ii toU r iiti l last?: se'vcr-il wt-i ks. Its well-. crst.-t t-rwd" cut nt-iiily two ide we-el tr'uick-
known e liariflcri-tit-s a t-tltn. full and : t.n. several l.irire if"-i of Turkey, mid a
liay alniiv ;l:e-r. nil titit.-el t-kii-s, luihl e-,.n(.rotii HirtioiMd tlif otnt-r viands tin tlie
wild pninl ti in x ure and aliseuce l'j .-ll ille-l lmard. and lie claiim-d to U" on-
' licavy rains, drv fos. wiKiky and dust la-: v "an oruinarv (titer" at tliat. U'e are-
in lt tin- Ititnl iiiart-lied down street to tlie-
j iirallii r IIu--. wke-re t!n-y were t'leasant
. ly and Losjiitalily onte-rtained l.y tlie
lililiuiii? l;t, Jlr. llrallicr.
I Your firrcsjionde'iit had tlie jilcasur o!'
j dininz at tbe Klkliorn Hotel, ki .t l.y ti.a!
' t! -rvi-tlly jm!ar lainllord, J t'tir kite !e-l-
low e-itizcii. Sanittel Ferrel. The dinne-r
i lie mr!::: r-: ': .. t.-i-i. re exuttax m-tween .
J. .Milb-r and . W. Cii. under tne name and
nm of S. J. Miih r At Co.. as Hale City,
is ibis .lav, bv eotiseut. die-dved. The
In.iks are "in the hands of S.imael J. .Miller ! r col
lect i .ti. here ell int -rested nre now invite-J to rail
hiu al tl:.- t ill tannery, t l ..i-City, eir at bis
houj.- oue mi.- uu. !.... .r..m Hole t ity.
ct. i9, "72. U- W. CASH
X. is. The tsnninr buiii M herealier will be
carried on bv Michael H i.lyr.t tt-.e-ol I t.and.whcre
ail Interu-'d arj heartily Invited, at he will ia:ike
spe-eial t tlorll to pleate all. "V. .
.-- -'! VS-' 3L.'.
tui. V
S 77 1.
i iiTi-isr, is . an nr., and is ii:e
" of tlie rt of nullify makintr. Sue-iaiivt-rtis'Ts
tiiilii-sitati.TL'ly and srta'c-'1'il.tri-
that thf.v eiwe the Uo-innir.-;
r jiros-icrily and foundation.!!' wialtli
ii ral and judkioiis use of jritit-r'
'li::1 itii-cnuitr ilifjikiyed liy some
'.:'.: !:i-l adveili.iers makes i.dveni--'i"-t
a !':ne art. The se shrewd men
-" to laake- the Must untaillilit: read
I ereiiil.iv itiloriued tiiat the dinner
at the
en air anil the sun. shorn ol inn Ik-uius,
risititrand sedtins like a lull of lire are ; r.r.dn V House- wa.; tviuallv its ikkI.
MiinetitiKS prolonged far into Ie-etiiber. j - '-
This d. li iouh i-:is.ii in found in our imuii- V J. (.;; tl(; f.,yMwhi , AVeMiiiorelittid
try u. lar nt.rth r.- Lake Mtin-rior ll is j ;.(..jS fro ie T(rt!fM.
uiort' uiarKruiiiiii ttiiinin.ui-.i! 1:1 ivans-is
and Missouri, jireiails iu tlie Northw t-st aibl
even tr.msfu-e s its ex'juisite love lititss mid
tui-Uowucst- iiit the Canadaf, l.ut, stranire
to wy, is alintst unknown in the South
ern St.i'e-s.
The Indian Stiiii-.ner, aliliou'li not -on-
t.t-T if si-asonnMc joexUnt I5!ymyer's
' r.. N. .-.-. The U--t Mint 't'lt'ters
- ''i:M. Sat;.sace Stutli rs, Coal I'ttck
rv low, I Citil Shiveis, i'orks,
r Knive-. Maw ':trr. Horse
: - --. S of I -idles, Sleiuh lk-lis Al-.'-'
':t Mo;, and lirusli Holder-. Snip
"'r iliirktts and Tul's. Torn lain
'-.. Iron Smnds. tune r-ledns. Wire
' ' - ill' s. Ikiskets Step Ladder- in
' vmi tni.t iiinti.irt-; at all in the
'-re-line, jru to L!-. uivcr'e Store l.:r
fille-d to the- l idled f-tatt S,- but frt'tpielltly
' o'-.-crv" 1 in Central Kunijiet, w here it lias:
ion;: heert.kiiown under the time-konored i
: iiaiiies of '.. John's" and ''."-t. Martin's" i
Stimiuer, has attracted but little attention 1
from scientist, and its pliiliji!iv has yet
1 to Ik- explained. As the t.ile ed" the earth!
in titht r lieinic-i'iliire is turn-il wny Iroin t-finij tt-teel, t-p.t no niatter wnai peculiar 1
tiie mn after the Autumnal erjuiiiox the ' notini- any may liiive i.Utit tku ni-sity j is her. oy (riven to all jiersv.ns eoneemed
as le"-jteei. creditors or other is.-, that the tol lo w
linr accounts have jass.-d rei-ister. nnd I li-i t the
i;iine will tie pre-Seiitcl (or continual b-n and allow
ance at an Orphans' C -irt. to iw hel l ut Somerset,
in and (or S tners.-t county. Pa., ou Tiiurs l.ty. the
J: li dy if .NeivcmlK-r, ls7i:
First an 1 haul account of Jacob M. IVultrr. nd
mbtistnitor ot S.imuel P. Koiiit. tleo'd. T7
First an I final ae-c't of Henry H iy, K0'1""" -f
Alvin K Wlikev. minor.
First arMl linal 'l of John It. and Ibuilv-l S.
II -ti. adtn'rs of Henry Iletx, dee'.l.
First and html acc'l of Willi 1111 S -eitt. sdm'r t.r
Xaney S.t'11. eli-c'.l.
On Tiu sil i- n- 1.1 n e, !-n Utile L-irl of I-ir-t and final ace t of 11 -nry L. Miy,icr. guard
till liuselj., ). vieeb a luiie .in 01 an r j,m,.. snb.-r. minor.
Si-r.itlel 'iirM-l!ter. n-xie! Salelll town- j ina acc'l id .M.i A. liof.-. aum'r of Horace
while assisliii-- in prindinj: apples, Lidim-t. ;lc-'l , ,
ha.i her hand and aim .-au,ht iu the mill ; JXJl!JVx?X.
the hand was badly Irtee-rat.'el, two of the Unal ot John Hidiuian,"r f Isaac
bom s in the hand broken, and Kith Ikiih-s L.b'na". ..,. , , , ,
e 1 . ! ' . 1...: .. 1 Final re t ef P.. S. Fleek and Daniel Fircre, ex-
of th- arm Iraetur.-el : a. , brtibon? and rt ot Adm l.i -. deed,
injuring tlie ellMiw. Dr. 1- niton, ol Del- Aceonnt of .lnuuihun liittncr, adm'r of teor--.j
rib'lit, assisted by Dr. McNeil, reduced the Tres-br. dee'-l. .
r , 1 , 1 ... ,, i - AceiMtnt of John E. Scete, adm r of JiMeph H.
f.-aotinvs and tlresst-d the w e-unds. "A e jjcri,,,. jeeM.
learn that the t hiid isd'iinas well a. c-juld Accx'.unt of joiiah Siibaugli. a-lm'rof JohnOow
1. f-viu-eti-il ; er. dee'd.
IM 1 . Aee,.;i,;i of John r.i-seck- r, Trcstee of Henry
The new Mtifonic Hail ia now altout t Heir, rti-c'd.
A.1- .U11I nf Peter Err.n-'h. jrn .r tlan 01 Annie 1-Ih-iilonl.
Ac-jiitit id Ja-eh JI. Waber. ndtn'r of I).diiI
complete tie. Pcrlcciion in imjiartLri-r a styliib
and attraenive appen ranee u. the dress and form of
everv la-l.ionil le ladv. Priee onlv -J.
counterfeit d "Xature't Oi-atest Charms.'' iu
piump ami rou ruled beauty, irraceful undulating
iiioti.!u. aud contour of bust in all its loveline-ten.
On be elevclopcd to any extent kt will of wearer.
I'rb-e $d
THE L PEELE. Xo lady can do without
It. Ask to see it. Price onlv 2.
Oiv.s ieneet. ie-uriiy while atrai-hel. .Mother
an- drlii-hted with our Invention. Price only 1.
Any of the aUive articles tent tin recc'ipt of
prn', or sampiet en an sein on reeeipt 01 vv e
want r.Iilliuers. Hressmaker-- Kec.-rs ot Fancy
Storei. and Airintt in -" to introduce our
eelel.r.tte.1. justly pojiubiT. and fast-seilin? inven
tions. In addition tothealiove we manufacture
the Child's Hit. Drift Shield. KuMht Olovcs.
Curlers. Crimi-ers. Garters, and all rublier fancy
art it-1.-), for Lidii s and Children' wear exclu
sively. An extra liberal discount to the Trade.
Send' for lllusirattcd CalaUifue. ApkfortheL
Perl.- Co.'t voods,and take uo others. See that
our trade-mark is stainped oa all (roods aon
uihere are ireriuine.
-LA PEELE" M F C t O..
tu Chamliem X. V.
i-i v imi
- : - I; 1 1! vl s i
;.naf.ictur-r of Tin. C 'i-ir nl Sli.ot Irm
j ware, denier in S:or-. Cl--fh- Wrii:--rri. t 'u
i lt-ry. l.riiannia an i hlik Tin "VVare, Iln:i;nri't
( Ho! low Van-. Kvlrij-rraiort. I e Ch
j CmrliT?. If Crenw Preeirrs. hn
; Steves, nnd )hu Pumi.h::;r (io-ni-
r w!:o!-r;ti..-ar I rvtail. 1'r f i!
i;iie 1 June. i4. enTair;rnr VM ar--. aijuin-
1 tiin lau'tf ii kNiiuuri j. niMT. j"ua- .i iiitT an-l
Postponed to December 7th, 1373.
Patent AslaS Stove
. 1 1 laai-lnf the Pntdie IJhrarr cit Kraruvi-kv an.
,'..;. '.j I Takes in ex.-.u-.i..n a, tho pmr-ertv off. P--ec,rr ?"UIK'' f,,I S'i.',tmhr h bn potP"wl U
no-i'v 1 W.dl. John J. S hell aa.1 J J-.i.'n.-e !. 9 si'.. ..f ! I? "ri 3'?th? -! !"
.n.....y. ( K. Sehelk b-nams in common wit it .1.. mil ' '?v liV t'f-,f;7 the drawn. m.-ue it Phy
. It .! !v. at tne rait of Samu.l A. M ius;. Lx xu-r ! y ,m,-'ltAe. , n'1 Inm "hout . -Ij s'
1 . ,1 j ' r del iv. and as a short r.isToor.em..nt wis ineviLahie.
: 01 I.H.11U .it. ill . . 'i -e!;is- 1
1 Vt WW
; use fill iv..nii n ut i
I Tin m
I t- r St. ,:r' worl.I-rcn-twn
! n e r! ii'-tmnyr S lc
1 T in Ti.u:'.'Car'-n i A Co..!!;i
! t!'- toTr 15 lh- wop ! rof the i.:y
' ticl-'vi th kin i tl.At wi.i ivj
i tac i it.
.1 ir'.
und tli-fitly r-1
y -u tiiurv tutii-;
The onty Ki 11 Gi.t PLstrit ntien in the country!
Is. id. sxev;
To 1 drawn Monday. X'ovembcr 2itb. 1572.
$5,000 each iiKircenlKicks!
Grocers Gcoti3 a Specialty,
evt. 2.
Iron '
f H." A, a-! Lnr1- I w I "I I iJ
w;Is:r iulnit-ii( (-s t.aiiv tleerease, utui ihe- i ptieli nn ortler, vet ail liiusi annul mat :, de.-.l.
art a -r ixdar re-rritreration, with ever-wid- the luiibiioT is an e'lrnamenttoGreinsburir. ! a"rl"t "f Hcn-T Itiu h. Trustee of TrcJ.
1 - ....... ..... . . . ) i,,i.-L- 1 .w j. i-l-i-r. itii.. ,1.
1'. J.
t,'.;:7a a Milthittr? for ,-.i?'or Oil ,
.' -:' v, iiieli d s not diet r ss orprip.-. .
ftite to ojieralc in due lime, anilall
1 ' i t.'ii utly rely upon the Castoria
-clie, 'Constipation, Fk.tu
Crun;., Worms, I'ik-s or de- '
Liter. It enuiains neither Miner-;
"i ii.Me. j:ii:m nor Alohtd, but W
Ve.-. tiil.le JTrparation, perleetiV .
atid i'.ive all. ph-asatr. lo take.
T.a wsithsac'l liuiefs 1 lie svMctu. ,
natural flei-p. It is a won- '
to iii to assimilate the fixnl of ehil- ;
i ' prevent tliem from ervin?. A!
n. i.rttie nilliki the work lor a
f-v.' HiHnvdoctoo' liills.
entn p ritdicrr. makes itseii ie-il in the 1 here is not a ix tier imiPitn 01 us nze, in ;
hih laiiludes." The kameiifc liUiation of. the SUtc of I'ctinsvhani.i. nor one iK-tter
1 latent beat v Lich now occurs duriii" the adal ted for tiie pur, tost s l'..r whicil it bis
forir.titton of new ice, nn.l the Oimlensa.ion - been luu,t.
S, Pa., Nov. , Ti
ef viist ejtiar.ti'.ies of vajnr lr.ins;ortcd
northwa.-d by "the wiiitb ol Suii.ineT." ;
w ill probably explain the pheneiminal in
terval of l"ue and (tiiiaralivc!y warm
weather Rei j:r:tleliil te every Ixniy. 1 be
sifitnilar facts that the Indian Summer is
peculiar in both Hemisphere to tbe middle
and higher latitudes, and that in this cuiia- :
try it is wore marked and lovely in the far
Northwest, r.p'K-ar to esUil.lisii the t urrect
ue of the above view.
It is cotnpl.-tcly fire proof un j
lis internal arrangements are
e-omtil. te. Th? Hall on the
For the llerul t.
The Key atone t oiopcnj.
Mar.v tif the n ailers of the lUruld may
the ou'side.
prar.d and
third story wa elulv elcPwaled or the )l"li-
cers of the (rand aAp, n last Thursday. ,
A Uir-f iKiibliert'f the fraternity from dif
ferent s'-ctions were present cn the oeca-
-o .n "l'1n .Ti.n-i.j: n-i.m c-itil 1t inter.
estint: nnd impressive. There is one of the j . , City Cun W01"3.
'. ... . ,', r . . ... 1 Just (n'.trjrei! and re-ined with a nrwan.t supe-
t.tiest, it Hot tU finest, S.ore rot.UiS on the ri,,r,k & Ot XS, Call or lend f .ra prfc-elist.
fl.t iliKT .f this building, thM tan be : Simrle Sbd tiua.. 3 to ;Jei: Itnuhle Barrel Shot
l'oi:nd ia the StaU outride our lar'-e cities. I "" -s 7i HTrh Ji"''!'!' ? '"'4u' 11U
, . , lit-i W to ili: Uevuliers, t to tx. Addre...
Abrake-smnn on a frei:lit train on the j H. H. schclte.
rennsvivaida lUilroad. named John Dooly. Llrty ttreet, Pii!ibunh. Pa.
wrte found bv Mr. Alb-house, the watch- i ' '""' 8'
" -if 1 1 7 . 1 1 1
l:u u, oa last M inncwiay uioruiiis, tne .on -rrn (-VTi.ittt C 0
iiisL, lvin' fleaa lietwecn me nona ana . vn vw. . .vaam
xnith tracks about one htm ired yards east I
,. 't not be "aware of the exi.-tein-e i-f the alajve-
,. 11 "t. At ( it, i vt J in Mou.l iv lust it ' i. irin.d f 'nMium. in Monierset Colin! v. It
"r Jv-ih I ;,. i,,,,... !.., .' ,.r .1. r 1 1... iir 1 !:.,.. rc .i,,l l ,l,,r ,.t 1I10 tunnel lirtween (irevlisiiurs and
, ---,, ni, i.uf'i,,.... jt nir w tia i 11 nil .1 li. tj . J .e i, -1. inm ..mj... ........ ....... - - - ( -
:;' '. wliot npttred in r'lupliniorpiish 'Alexander Stutman, in connection with F.odolmutih'a etalionR. One oi bis le.irs was ,
'"'-'"'itill.cCj.ndjria fi.'.in .the engine Kaste-ru csioituli&ts. The lands owned by completely cut oir r.nd the other terribly:
' - -li. lm-.l tnobl ol ll,.l Imm iImTi,!,, ifl.lW ,;ii. li. ll,. LmnJiiiic e.i.oieleil Tt IS KttnOOSld lie WHS a.slCCI ;
and ati.ounl tt ant! 1.11 irom me piaiioou en mc -o, u.... ,
, itte m ftmn w ith tbe cars at which of 1 -ILlie-t and bumiiilt.
--oifcing. 1 be jar ticntMoliea Hy m vera! thousand a res. llius met a liorriuie tieani. i.c wu
'"' ' kflll lindert?. oo.. Iintlnin aiol i Tli,J,Iirf In fmi. tlMtfunmBvl'iH I..- i mltlstHollS- Iin l t'XCIUI l.irV VOUlltr
;. """'! lassed over bis left b cruehing to mine the stitntndoas beams of coal' that , inan, whose jiure.-.ts (lied when he wtu a :
i, ..Z '"rr"hii-manner. The Doe-tors Low- have U-en found in the Likliek and 'mere child, and who was raised by bis un-1
i ia. ;iuimonr-d. an finding that am-! Meyers' Miils tnal Irnsin. The ksr-est teiu !e. Jaui s Uka. of I'nily Uiwnship. He j
in vm ihe only means bv w hit li his in 'this liasin varies from fourteen to !t:d been br. a short time on the reiad as a
:.-! V "("rea, ampulnted the limb ei'-liletn m thickness, with an umler- lirakeuian. Ilie train jssti ain-ic I r A I TIMADT Rl r
-lediedafew hour after-' Ivin? vein raniring from ei-;lit lo Un let-t in : was found about two o'cWk iu the nuirn- - A VHJrt., Ill U.
, .wul em eara in. u.iiira i t iiiei. ness. riie imniireii eoLejivens urs i tin mnivi e uuu laiu iiwui
It Is r. d a phytic which may arlve temporary re
!i"f to the sutlerer hir the first few doses, but which
from rtntinucd use brinirt Pile and kindred ilit
easettoaid iu weakening Ihe invalid, nor u it s
ib'-tored liijunr, whirh. under the popular nnnieol
"Hitters," is so extensively (ultre.1 H on the pub
lie s!i ".ivereisra rotnwlies. but it is a hum jtovtrful
I I oitic end Aurrativf. pronounced so ry the leading:
medleiil ainhfirith ! ol London and Paris, end has
i lecn bm? u-ed by tlie rctrular phvsiciani ol other
eontiiri.-s with wonderful reinediiil results.
I retains all lite me-ob-al virtuee pe-ullar tothe plant
and must lie taken ai a permanent curative auent.
it Ihrrt treat of ttiion in your Lirrand Splern t
Cnlesi relieved at once, the blood becomes Impure
by dcl'-tcreous secretions, produeinir terofulous or
skin di-eusc, Hlotchce, FeVini, Pusiules, Canker.
I l'linpb s. ke.. .c.
1 u ke j t m u r.ii a to cieansc. parity and reitora
the vitiated blood to healthy action.
ilre you m Dytpeptie Stomach t Cnlcsa diiret
lion is promptly aided, the tytlera Is itebtlitnted
with loss of vital loree. poverty of the Ilhs.l. Hrop-fb-al
Tendency, Ueneral wtakncsi or Lassitude.
Take it to assist Dureition without reactli. It
will inijeirt youthful vifor to the weary sulferer.
Hart you veefcaest of the alci.'taf Vou are
In danjrt r ed Chronic Inarrbeea, or to dreadful In
fiairimation of the Howels.
Take It to allay irritation, an J war! off ten lency
to Intlammations.
I Hore you vtakntf cf the I ttrine er I'rinarj
I Organit Vou roust procure imtant reliefer yon
9 ' are liable totufierini; worse than deal...
I Take it to frcugihen organ!-: wcakuert, or life
I bee-imi s bonlcn.
j Fiualty, it should lie frequently taken to keep the
svstcin lii iM-rfect health, or vou are otherwise. In
i irreat danger of malarial, miasmatic or contairiunt
JOUX q. KELLOGG. IS Piatt St., New Vork.
Sole Aijeut for tbe Culled State.
Price, One Iollar per Hottie. Send for Circular
330 Baltimore bt.5!AVANTKI) IVLAUun(UAX
It ojSJ U.he-1 long am! 1' to 2' inebcr .Uarj.
KceocJ Door West of Howard,
!lo be put uposfcooa as men a ml money before be was found.
nor. 8.
ik.v. 41 m.
Callowhiil SU harf, 1'tiia.
Two rrlirs .
Five friars.
Ten Prlaes.. riwli
... HiiMl each
...IOO e-m-h
1 Horse and huiriry. with silver mounled harn."ss.
worth des): on tnie'-toneil Kis-w...l Fi.ino. worth
$.'iou; ten Familv Scwinir Mae-liines, worth loei
e;u h: rive 1 Watelu-s and Chains, worth itloO
eaeb; five (told Amene-an Hnntinx Watchc. w. r.h
tdttj eaeb; u-n I-tdie.' tioid llnatini; Watehes.
worth i'i each: Gold and Silver Lever Hunt
ing Watche. (in all.) worth Irom fjl loAAio e-.wli;
tiold Cbainit. Silver Ware, Je-weiry. &c
Whole number gifts, 6,500. Tickets limited to 60,000.
to tttiom Liberal premiums will be
Single Tlcket3, SI; Six Tickets SE;
Twclwo Tickets SI 0; Twsnty-
Flva Tlciirta t;n.
Cin-ul.irs eontalnins a lull list of prltes. a de- i
vriptloii of the manner ot drawinv, mid other in- i
formation In rch-ren-e to the His-ribiiii'in. will lie j
tent to any onj tiie-tu. All lette rs must be t
addn-ssci to 1
MAIN OFFICE. L. I. SI XI'. Ilex ss.
led W. Fiilh Si. Cinvuiuati. tt. i
nov. 8. j
The fanre.t Metal
Frii-e Curreiit in the
World Is Hie Irma
tVaritl ana .vf aav
n.'nrlur. r. Aei
llte l-i.o;::Iii n. ami
- r-t.-rls f sale, of
liioowan- ami Me
la's In rit!'!irrli,
N. w Vol(. lies:, n,
-fi a. li lt hla. t in-
einiutl. st. I.oois
Ctev-TTl'i. II -.lOino--,,!ie, Mrafri etc.
Forelon ni-.-til m.itet. re o.-ti-.l. Ae I m.v iedic-d
st:ind.:il joitnal er tli - m--t:,l ttail-. All the sti-to
treoU.ei-t-i ar eoii-rlooTer-'. 1 onrains rl.olce sel.--tiotis
rrom th- :ifc-iu ii,. n,i:.P p. and M lentitic
piililieation. o' t. is lo riiiiv and Euiotie. Lives
luotatioe and sir,;.m t.t. oi cai ai the lomin. ut
etl eeiitr-. i, i ..i,v Hnnerlal aiiiei. a-ol
ri-i.irts:f raTniii an,! minintt storks. OutyM.OO
r.r year. Xo Inulwar." iVa'er csn rtfo d to ,iu
without If. Eveiy niuliinivt and worker
shotiM tatc it. v ei:-l n.ll.loir mil
roal ofii. ui -r t.a Vhoi.ii r Hill tin. I it :iii.i:n:il.le.
titvea IHu'tratlertis of n-'W-mat blnerv. Inventor.
Hwnld have Ir. sent lour week! oil tnal for S3
rem-. ostat:e raid. A.I ln-
iaix iv on i.n rt iii.i.iii; o
Irom, H'orlti iwidiuy. iitrc,i, ..
A'l the rii-'ht. ti.;.-. iuten-st and elaini of Adam
Fi -le. ol. in and to the loll, win-r resi etate. vu: t
A e-eTtaia loi oi trr-iand situatein Elkiii-k u.wnsliip. !
S. tne-rvt cunty. Pa., near the b-nmtrh of Suli. i
t and nariv.ilei nir.t.nt- ! bury. l.un.:. ..n the tutti by Meettaaic str-.-t. !
nriiiu f-r ll.e : Don a r.y lot .-i. wot t.y alley. etty .Treet. I
.ti v -. This l;r- with "ti-" an I n h-.if story dwelling iii nse the reoa t
cre. ie-1 ! left ly-JSte-. ;. wnn trie aj-j uri nano ...
S ,T"-I an i tMt- n ui exeeu.i. n as r;.- prirx-rry if
Adam totiie al the son ot s.. sj. Huit Li.. :
j All tiie ri-tit. title", interest :n 1 claim of S ima-1
; .1. Mi-Ki-uif... of. in and tothe following de r;tied I
i real estate, viz: Twocertain bns o l situate !
at Hale Citv. Somerset eeuntv. p... and known . n 1
I the senil piaa ef laid town as Xo. V.1 and
I l-il. east of e-i-nter si-u trt". with a two story uwell-
Hii re.uso inereon eree-u-1. navrng a Irmt of tbir
j ty-six feet, and a depth of sixteen feet, ami a one
j and a halt storv tai-k btiilJuit; thirty-six feet deep
by twentv b-t bread, with tbe aM.urtenances.
Seized and t-ik-n in cxeenti. n as the prot-r"y of
: ts.iuiut i j. .iiertenzie, at tne suis ol laniel Miullt.
All the riaht. title, intenst ani cl.ilm of Auzust
; Frii key. ol. in and to tbe following des.rilie.1 n-al
; estate, vii : A ecrtuin tract ol lan.! situate in Elk
I lick township. Somerset conntv. Pa., containing n.i
j acres, more or less, of win, b tiiere are atnt 80
acres cleared and Insert in meadow, with one
' and a hall story lraine dwelliait reuse and barn
i there-on ereeted. a.ij iiniti? Ltuis of Wm. Vonicht.
lr.-nre Hair, lleu.-y Marker. S. lmon Wlltrout.
! J .hu Shan and others, witii tlie antiurtenAm-es.
Seiie t and taken In execution as ilie property of
.-iuiu.-i i ri.-ai-v, at tno suit oi Kneaev.
I ue ol Christian Mink-
, SuEitt rr's OFitea. t
Iki. M. I57i )
Working People.
1 V ' i-ljJ
rtrnn Work in tr ' ' kv
BeOpl is ll ol ( :- r2j
tilt n:if-tt ti il.U.M-1 . w-f.
Iloni In toe world. VrftX-
C eolnmri. r !- iNW'
htemntter.d-iirii.-.l .A.-."
itit.-rests of unrklmrincn. Fh.o llttistnttoa in
eirti .ue. fwm Fnt-crtbers. and
'I to (KM ri-ad -is. , ,..v r ar, or on tri.ll
tiirew iooh.'m for bi rr.lK Wilt., vonr name,
town,; , and siu- ( .an. y.ei.c.i-so the nioa.y.
and aadrea
ua.v wobi.u ft Bi.iNtuxt- o
Iron H orif Untitling. VuttAurgh, P.
.'.An Arent wanted In every eitv. town, and
vlnaa iu in l iilon to ranvass for tliia valuable
month'v. cotter the finest premlams. and alto
ay a caufi comml-au n to lUose who preter It.
lactic of V.'UIiam Imhoff. late of Berlin Is. r.. ugh,
Letters testame-ntary on ihe alsive estate havimf
K-en trranted to the uiidersizned by the proper au
thority, uesk-e ii hereby irtven w tleise iudeotrl to
It to make Immediate payment, and thic havins;
rlaims atralnst it to present them dulvauthtuii-
cited le.r settlement al the re-sideBceor Daniel J.
i Ilnibaker. In Hnithersralley township, on Satur
dav, the 7,li day o! lK-cenibcr, lstTt.
; oct SO. Executors.
or trial nt Xovemt er Term. l7'i ec mmeiie-
ih Xovetutier, l.i
mtiT WE'Jkt.
Walter A. W. vs Sliulli Gcnr C. tt nx.
I Wei. I Tbomtta Henry vs Xert Johu e: al.
i Mi stoller Har.iel v. Casetr llarrtson.
Rius ber John vs Triiupe leiii kk.
; State- Hank vs lnQeld jolin.
i II II in I John v Jones. Shanley at Cn,
j Schell ft Kimmrl vs Clayc nib iienry.
Sav. ler Samuel p. vs Le-op I i JtHres.
H-rkey lhtmel v Hash Joseph,
j Xttii Gc-re vt .Morgan Wi.uaui.
sie-oSD wtrt.
Speedily Cured.
Ilartnir beap!nte.l 1 y tbe Orphans' Court of j
S. merset tiunty au.iitor to make an 1 report a dis- i
tribullon of tne It: ml in the leindr of .Im-'ph Hun-'
ter. eAeeuior oi .iesan.ier i.unier. rr.. oeteas:i. j
loand those b-e-.llv enti bsi ih. ret. I will , All forms cf V tneriil. Private an 1 Xcrrons ills.
atienl to tno tiutleo! luv appoint merit nt mi of. I ease, at the old rw.iMishe-.l Oirard Mclb-ul ln-ll- i Mi t arthy William vs Keiliy at Herriuicttn.
fice in S,imer.-t. on Fribiv, tin- lith dav ot'Xo- , lul. 17'-' Sc.ond av.-nue. Itwein Smitbaeid , Slialler Adam vs Same.
vemts-r. l:TJ. at lo o'rloek a. m.. whea iui tli. re ' an'' "rant streets. I'lttsi n
j Stone r John O. v Stoner Charie's assorts.
Kiir.m.d James vt Mi itollrr l'aniet.
i Wadsw.n-th Joseph vs Stahl an.1 Wile.
. Se;hirer Aeiam vs K'.idy s Fiudlay.
I Same vs Same,
i Enierick Jonathan vi Same.
Hiinmt-1 Etward't use vs Snii'h John M.
it was determined to deter it to a time that would
make lull drawuij ture by the sale of ail tne
The money neeessary to pay in full all theofT-red
eiits is n 'w up.n iep. iit in the Farmers' and Dpt-
vers ecnli. at win lie -en tiy the fulk wisj
ettte of the Cashier:
Ftsnrss' ad Duovttus" BattK. )
Loe isviLL, Kr.. s- iit-SO. "72. ,
Th! j. to cenify that there it now on deooslr hi
this I auk ov.-r halt a million of l-.llars totLecrciil
of th- Girt Coneert tuud. V0 "f whieh is held
by thi, t ank as Treasurer of the l'nblic Library of
kenta. ty to pay ,U ail tjiff s to be awarded at th
drawing. ii. S. VEACH, Caihier.
LOO i Priie-s. amonntliiK to
$000,000 IN CASH.
Will It awarded, the richest prize being: .biO.Oes). --.s.0ie and down in reealar a-radation to
ti". win. h It the lowest.
The etrawintr will p.-?ltively and tmeinivoca'ty
take place Ieeembr J. A cents are peremntoniy
rc.uire.l to laic and make return Xovem
ber'iV in onier ti. j-ive ample time for the hoal
arrangements, t "r-lers for tiekeia or ajipiit-atu ns
lortire-a Ltrs hoold le addressi to
Axent Pujlle Library of Kentox ky.
f let- 1. L..uisvtlle, Ky.
An Institnti. nforthe thorough practical clev-tai.-n
of younir and middle aied men lor all depantueut
of Commercial life.
The oldest, larie-st. ami most complete practi.-al
Pu.incss Coileire in Atoerica. and the oolyone bav
in": c.ine"tel with it an At-rraL Bi ixx9 department-
conducted on a veritable money baii
Patmnizcl by the sons of Merchant. Banker".
Fanners. Meehanbi an I Business Men, Irom ail
parti of the Vmte.1 Stale.
Student rata Enter at aar Time.
-For larire descriptive Circular, givlns; fa II
pan ie-ulars, aa.inss
(MM J. C. SMITH, A. Principal.
h. Pa.
Sullivan Michael vs Same.
all persons iiutres ed may nlt.-u !.
oct. 13. Aulior,
1 lie nmiersiune I ncr-ny jrives notice that nar-
Si(ie Jucoti't nie v k Inline 1 Singleton.
1,1 a:nuol t use vt iumer L-wn A.
Trent Wliliam vs Dunham at Fox.
Senit Iywis a Co v raver Jaeol.'t jraraLsheet.
Getty Sarah A. et al. vs Hr. wn Jamea ii.
i s. pump. ej. wiinra. t,eei, rttneiure. . ip-iu: i.
I Hernia, aud nil I riti.try eiseas-t areiuresl jn the
' ihwest nes.-ilde time that will Insure ticrman'-nt
: re-llef. Sie-rmjtU.rrhta. or Semhial weakness or
1 liniKiteney. as the resnit of s.df al use In v..uth r
j exerts lu malurer years, and whb-h v mine i Prevere Jacon vs Hoblltieil W ill mm.
; id the loUowini; tllm-u, st emissions, blotchis. de- ; Same vs Hotlitz-11 il.uee
' bilttv. .tirrinesy. nerviino.s. ilimness i.l srr'-.r i taA-VTi Mrvri'c
mi; neen ap.iuitei anuitor lo ..istn; ute tbe lund ! couch. Irnlnrestion. const iiatii si. desi. ndetw-v. cmi- oct. 3d. 7i 1'nKbon itai-v.
In the of the Sheriff, arlsintr from the tale of ' fusion of i leas, aversion to mcieiv. loss of memorv I
tlte real estate id' A. tr. Shradrr. he will sit tor the ' and sexnal power, and which nn'ms tbe vl -tim for
se d bis epp .tin: m-.-nt at the tVmrt House in lsines er marrlaiio. and ultunali ly causimr itj. t yp "Ti" J )T H'K
saniiy ana f-ottsu!iijiiion. are trton.uoiiiy an.1 l.-r- I s - -
Soaienei ttoroati, ou Tucsdny. Xovemlter li 17
joa.s U. tPlt.
oel.ta. Au.liuir.
i m.,ni.ntlY enis.1 M...t.-in mtii.liA.1 .1 ,l.l..-rt
: tute. A mclb-al pamphlet n-laiinv to private oi. t-ite John Uam-lt. I ite or ip inersvaurj tp-,
! ease. ent In scaled envelope for two stamp. decease.!.
AUDITOR'S N'OTICt' i No matter how ditrieult or lomr stand intr Tour I- Letters U-stamentry on Ihe above fttale having
... suv.. ease mav lie. Ifcnrabl-, att-r a uersmal exuuiitia-1 been arnnie.i to the underslzne.1 by the pnrau-
11 olnir been .nn,.lnie,l .n tit. h, th o., 1 .n-. 1 ti,m- ,nv iU fakl tell you. Keir.emlwrthev j thority. notkv I hereby Btten to these lndel.te.1 to
o. il . n.',,t"r ,b-T the Oqilitwa t baTe d , , , b , : , nukt ilnIn,autc paymeut. am! these havlmt
Court id "Mtmerset County tn make an.1 r.-.rt a f ,iln. ' . ' ""rI u. , -Lllm, .,, i. will iirese-nt them to the uuder-
distnbutl. of the ruod In the handt e.f the Irut-j j.,,,, treat,,. y r mall or cxpee. I n where tinued lor settlement at the late residence of said j
I " . "iT".r Lh" IT' Tl' ll ry. i " l-fsf I l tl?it tbo eh, L.C:'iT. draeJ,on Friday. the.h dav ,.f
ri.e...,." 1 .in T., .1 ar,i...:.?.. ;y- ; aitation",orautire
ment at my offl.-e In Isnmertet. on Tbunoay, the
14th day ot November, tsTi. when uml where all j
Tiic "Christian (Jraces."
A new -Jul iitnr of rarpa.fine: Gnww an-i Beaut;
6trra Air ay to each t?ut suTilK-r U
Alto's He HapzlUB lor 1813 !
A Mazaiine Ut culture! home. A Matrasine al
wat s up to thca,vaiK-inirih.,uiiht.siK-ial pnirress
atvi siirtt of the time. A Maiotxinc in wliieu the
lot liter literature of the peno.1 i made the vetil
eleof pure and noble scntimrct.
"And nowal Ideth Faith. Hope, aod CTtarttr; the to
threte, Lut the gTcati st ul uieee la Chancy.
it Is a Ion a- time since anvthina- hat appeared tn
Christian art lo lovely and to ex iuisit In detixn
an t execution aa this lanr ami re-irtn. line ami
ttiide steel enirravin. --ihe Chnstutn li.ace,',
size 21x17 inches. The irroupinit of the Ct-ure 1
icraretnl be v., ml eoneepli.41. and th uec of inch
rare and heavenly u'j; that It teems as if the
t artist must have seen them tn a vision. Every suiw
I -.tilier to -Arthur' Illustrated Horn Magazine"
for 1"7S will reiive a ciy of thi splendid ta pie
' tre rancR, Iriceof Horn Maa-atlne. (tl t a year,
j Specituen Copy of Ma-ur.e, u ernta.
IlK tL tri.tT tTATri everywhere
1 to -! sabseriber ft r onr beaatitnl Mairaiine. to
i well known lor the last twenty years, and to ttreat
I a tavorite with the people. Intellivent men ami
women can make lance commits it 41. Send Kr
atri-uls cunO'lentlal e-ireular. Vou can hardly show
-The Christian Orace" tnanv pens of taste and
tin religious teelimts. without trettltic a mbtstriber.
Xo disappointment about pn-mpt iiviivery of pic
ture, at we have nt ie ample arraaitemenu Kr
their ripid product ion.
T. S. AltTHTR fc SOX.
"0 ami 811 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
Octoln-r win.
ierrjoi Jatcr.ite.1 ir.ay attend.
Girard Medical Institute,
oct. CO.
oct. a.
A a litor.
! Ho. 172 Socond Avenue,
itateof Ahrahanultartlav. late of S-4acrct Tp.:
Letters of Administration on the a'stre estate
havina len issued lo Ihe unaersiifned. by the llay-
Ister ol laid eouniy. I hereby i;ive uo(i.-e that 1 j
attend at mv retidence. on Sat unlay. thell day 1
are reo netted to make pavmen. attl the iwvinir I Improved, I'arlalrl and I'oeejwitlerl
elalmi aa-ainst aakl estate will protent tli fc.rnt i - Tilirna SltT fiiZO COftl
Old ia tbo Wale.
! 116 Srcithflold St, Pittsburgh, Pa.
j Collect Pensions, IV unties. Priie Money.
j Special attenilon paKl to suspended and rejeete.1
rniima. Application by mall attended to a it
I made in person. tea. W.
1 i'hrrts will he 1-41 at jfriratftale a traet of bnJ ;
' ilTiaTa It "-I lit. .ft r.iB-ntb n swu.-.. 1 t
advolninw Unds of Jaceib L. Miiier. Ji.huCuui- IVllf f 0 Ililt.S Mli TaiUlPrS.
, .. j
Oct 18.
: mills. Jeremiah S bulla. Jejet.h Sityior aud other. I
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i bciore ihe lith uy of IXovember. 172.
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W will supply Campakm Oteds of all kinds at ,
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