The Somerset herald. (Somerset, Pa.) 1870-1936, October 02, 1872, Image 2

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The Somerset Herald.
October ltn
J. F. HARTRANFT, of Montmorr
ULYSSES MERCUR, of Bradford.
Gen. LEMUEL TODD, Cumberland.
WM. M. MEREDITH. Philadelphia.
GEN. WM. LILLY, Carbon.
L. BARTHOLOMEW, Schuylkill.
II. N. M'ALLISTER, Center.
W. II. ARMSTRONG, of Lvcominf.
GEO. V. LAWRENCE, Washington.
DAVID N. WHITE, Allegheny.
W. II. AIKEN, Lehiffh.
JOHN 11. WALKER, Erie.
An immense meeting was held in
Thiladclphia on Thursday evening
last in pursuance of a call issued by
several hundred of the leading and
most influential merchants and bank
ers of that city. The call published
by these gentlemen set forth that
" We have faith and confidence in the
ability, integrity and honesty of Gen.
John F. Hartraxft, and believe
that his election w ill be for the best
interests of Pennsylvania" and there
fore invite the people to assemble to
take measures to secure his success.
In connection with the proceedings
the city papers publish the following
letter from that eminent merchant and
gentleman George H. Stuart :
" Philadelphia, Sept 23, 1872
Edilot Evening Bulletin : I observe
bv the morninr papers a call for a
meeting of "Business Men"' who arc
favorable to the election of General
Hartranft I regret that I have not
had the opportunity of signing it, and,
if not too late, will be glad to have
vou add my name to your list.
" After a thorough "investigation of
the case. I have been convinced that
the charges against General Hartranft
are totally unfounded, ana that it is
the dutv of every loyal citizen and
friend of General Grant and his Ad
ministration, to support General Hart
ranft as Governor of this State."
" Yours, respectfully,
"Geo. II. Stuart."
FOR congress,
HON. JOHN CESSNA, of Bedford.
E. D. YUTZY, Lower Turkeyfoot.
Subject tothe decision of the District Conference.
HON. S. L. RUSSELL, of Bedford,
J. W. CURRY, of Blair.
J. R. McMILLEN, of MiddleereeL
E. M. SCHROCK, of Stonycreek.
J. ROBERT WALTER, of Milford.
VAL. MILLER, of Quemahoning.
JOHN H. SNYDER, of Stonycreek.
JACOB SPEICHER, of Stonycretk.
Rememdfb that the repeal of the
state tax on real estate was a practi
cal relief that camo instantly home to
every owner ol a house or farm in
the commonwealth. It was recom
mended by General Jons F. Hart
ranft, Auditor General of the State;
and not content with advocating a
measure of general utility that, be
cause it had no particular body of ad
vocates, had been neglected by his
predecessors. General Hartranft
personally urged the wisdom of his
policy upon the Legislature. He did
so as a matter of expedient legisla
tion for the whole state, and with
such ability that his recommendation
was adopted. He was the first in his
office who worked to repeal the spe
cific tax levy. For such action that
benefitted every one but himself, he
is the creditor of every taxpayer. Is
there anything in Bickai.ew's record,
on etato politics, at all comparable
with this ?
Republicans of Somerset county
the preliminary work of the canvass
is now nearly over, and it is time for
individual exertion. There is scarce
ly one of you who cannot make, or
save a vote for the party if you will.
Let every man feel that it is his duty
to be at the polls early on the 8th day
of October, and to see that his neigh
bor is there. Vote early, and then
devote yourself to getting out and vot
ing, every Republican in your district
In not a single township of the coun
ty lias our full vote been polled nincc
the war. This was not because of
disaffection, but simply through care
lessness caused by a full assurance of
victory. Now, it is important that ev
ery vote should be polled. Traitors
and apostates in our ranks have shook
hands with our ancient foes, and un
tier the shallow pretext of reforming
the partv, are laboring for its over
throw. Some good men, blinded by
their own egotism, and mislead by
their ambition have deserted our ranks,
but a vast proportion of the recalci
trants v crc mere bummers, and camp-
followers who preyed upon the party,
and subsisted upon their filchings.
These men good, bad, and indifferent,
all combined cannot carry from our
ranks as many voters in the State, as
we yearly fail to poll through inat
tention and want of proper activity.
A full turn out will show no appreci
able loss in our ranks. Like an ad
vancing column, the enemy's pickets
may bring down an occasional man,
but our line closes up and we go for
ward to certain victory, scarcely not
ing the life of those who have fallen
by the way. We want a full vote, to
prove to these bolters their utter in
significance as men, when weighed In
the balance against principles. Penn
sylvania is the battle field of the cam
paign, and her vote on Tuesday next
will determine in advance the result
if the Presidential coqtest
The late elections have broken
the backbone of Greeleyism through
out the country, and the sole remain
ing hope of the Democratic party and
its Liberal allies, is to carry Pennsyl
vania. If they can beat Hartranft
next week, they hope to carry the
State for Greelet in November, and
"Anything to beat Habtranft" is
now their battle cry. Never in all
history has any candidate been so
vilely, so monstrously slandered, with
out the shadow of cause, but solely
that by his destruction Greelet
might succeed. But the game will
not win ; Hartranft will be elected as
surely as he Uvea until the Sth day of
October. Intelligent Republicans all
over the State scout the lies of the
thieves, forgerers, and villains who
have assaulted his integrity, and will
work only the more tenaciously to
vindicate his fame by his triumphant
election Republicans of Somerset
county we call upon every man of you
to do your share of the good work.
Andrew G. Curtin, under the
manipulation of Alex McClure, has
written a letter announcing that he
has gone over to the enemy and will
vote for Buckalew. This is no sur
prise to us. We have known since
the day of the passage of the ' bill
commuting the tonnage tax," that
McClure owned Curtin and -yielded
him at his will, and when the question
was first mooted as to where Cubtin
would stand in this contest
we proclaimed in these columns that
McClure carried him in his breeches
pocket, and the result proves that we
were not mistaken. It is but the
loss of a singleVoter, by suicide; Cur- j
tain will find as Sumner did, that he
will sink into utter oblivion. When a
man plays false to principles, and dc-st-rU
the party that made him, be be
comes an object of disgust and scorn,
harmless for good or evil.
The people of this county are just
on the eve of realizing the hopes of
long years, in the development of
their coal and iron ores. Railroads
have been built and are building, and
others arc contemplated in the near
future, for the purpose of reaching our
coal and iron fields. Our poy ulation and
wealth ere increasing, our mines are
commencing to be worked, and every
thing looks fair for our future prosper
ity. This is the result of Protection
to American industry, whereby skilled
labor receives remunerative wages,
and in return demands the product of
the mines for its consumption. The
! " 1 ? . 1 Tf
man who votes for B. F. Meyers for !en """u msp.reu ... uie u.rec-
tion it now takes, l ou cannot get
During the progress of the war of
the rebellion, Mr. Justice Thompson
of the Supreme Court of this State,
now a candidute for re-election, deci
ded that the act of Congress provid
ing for the forcible enrollment of
troops was unconstitutional ; that the
act of the Legislature authorizing
bounties to volunteers was unconsti
tutional, and tried to make every
measure needed for putting down the
rebellion unconstitutional. The effect
of this rulinar would have been to
have made the rebellion against the
country and its Constitution constitu
tional and valid by preventing a sin
gle measure in defence. The consti
tution and laws of other States are
very similar to those of Pennsylvania
upon these points, but the Judges of
Massachusetts and Ohio did not find
the same acts unconstitutional when
they were indispensable to save the
TnE most amusingly impudent
thing we have seen for a long time,
is Alex. Coffroth's spread-eagle
hand bills, announcing that Andrew
G. Curtin, Tom Marshall and
Alex McClure will address a Dem
ocratic meeting at Dale City, on the
2d inst Coffrotii knew very well
that not one of those speakers would
be present, but with the hope that he
could then get together a crowd that
would be compelled to listen to him,
he put forth the ' flaunting lie."
This buncomb announcement is on a
par with similar announcements made
throughout the county that a number
of ' leading" Republicans in this place
were for Greelet, and opposed to
Hartranft and Allen.
The Philadelphia Press is fight
ing our State ticket with a frantic
earnestness that would be admirable,
were it otherwise devoted, or were
Congress, knowingly votes for an
arowed Free Trader, and against the
interests and prosperity of the coun
try, for without protection our manu
facturers and mechanics cannot com
pete with the cheap panper lalior of
The Republicans of Blair county
are making a noble struggle, with the
certainty of success, to redeem their
Congressional district, and send Hon.
A. A. Barker to Congress in place
of their present Democratic member
Speer. In this.good work our candi
date Col. Jonx A. Lemon is taking an
active and useful part, entrusting his
canvass in this county entirely to his
party friends. We hope therefore,
that every Republican voter will con
sider it his especial duty to see that
helofes nothing by this sacrifice of his
own personal interests to those of his
Republicans 1 go to the polls and
vote a clean ticket Vote for every
candidate of your party. It is a safe
rule to assume that they are in every
respect more worthy than their com
petitors. Vole forprinciples.notmcn.
All personal likes and dislikes should
be sunk, for the sake of principles and
party. Remember that the Demo
cratic candidates who are now seek
ing your votes, would see you see in
Tophet before they would vote for one
of you. Stick to the ticket.
the Forneys, while bitterly denounc
ing Hartraxft, to remember that
they, by their own confessions, have
$G,000 of the State's money, and by
Paine's declaration, that they have
$50,000 of the State's money in their
possession. Tkey do not pretend to
return this ill-gotten gain. Yet these
are the people who plead for virtue
in politics.
About the time Gen. Hartraxft
stormed the bridge across Antietam
Creek with his gallant command, and
held his position on the other side,
Buckakew was holding his in the
entrenched camp of deserters and
traitors on Fishing Creek, in the
mountains of Columbia county.
Which one of these distinguished
soldiers do the people of Pennsylva
nia propose to make their Governor,
Gen. Hartranft or Gen. (?) Buckalew.
Don't vote for a Democratic candi
date simply because he is a clever fel
low. Every Democratic candidate is
by force of party association a free
trader, and as such is opposed to the
best interests of our county. Every
vote for a Democratic candidate is. a
vote for free trade. Vote for protec
tion by voting the whole Republican
BREECHES pock et.
Bellefonte, Sept 25. Editor of
the Evening liulletin : A Republi
can mass-meeting was held in this
town on Tuesday evening last, Sep
tember -24. Over three hundred
Wide-awakes paraded the streets.
Generals C. E. Carr and Lemuel
Todd were the speakers from abroad.
While Gen. Todd was speaking, pos
itive knowledge was received or
Governor A. G. Curtin's acceptance
of the Liberal nomination and his de
claration for Buckalew. When the
speaker concluded, Col. W. W. Brown
editor of the Bellefonte Republican,
a prominent politician and popular
stump speaker, was loudly called for.
A letter had just been read from Hon.
Samuel Linn, late President Judgo of
the district, denying the slander that
he had declared for Buckalew, and
when Col. Brown came to the plat
form he was loudly importuned to
refer to Curtin's actions. After re
ferring briefly to some of the issues
at stake in the campaign, Col. Brown
spoke as follows : "I am proud to
sec so many of Centre county's
voters here to-night here, where we
twice met to ratify the nomination of
our own fellow-townsman for Gover
nor of this great Commonwealth.
Here we met and planned and work
ed for his success. Here we celebra
ted the victory of our party in his
election the party that always stood
by him, and made him what he in
the party that gave him fame and
wealth. But I am here to 6ay to
night that Andrew Gregg Curtin,
our Andt, our boyhood's friend, our
townsman, our great War Governor,
has sold himself to our enemy, has
nullified the principles he was once so
proud to declare, sundered the tics of
a life-long friendship, and has gone,
begging to the Mongrel party for of
fice. Alexander McClure carries
him in his breeches' pocket ! And I
say here to-night say it reluctantly
and with tears in my eyes, that in
this act Andrew G. Curtin has
damned, yes, doubly damned the hon
orable record which the Republican
party gave him. Applause. And
let the memory of him who has thus
betrayed and basely insulted the
party that gave him place and power
be hereafter and forever damned,
damned, damned!" Immense ap
plause. Col. Brown Bcemed to express the
sentiments of every Republican in
the audience. Curtin's brothers
and other relatives are indignant at
his course, but they say not one of
their name will vote with him. His
influence will amount to simply
nothing in this county on the day of
the election.
Sept 25, 18T2.
is an independent, self-exalted man,
having faith in the principles and or
ganization of the party itself, and de
termined to maintain its integrity.
Because, in this respect, he repre
sented a large and increasing body of
men who arc resolutely bent on put
ting the party itself above all factions.
Because he belongs to no ring, per
sonal or political, and was nominated
solely on account of his force of char
acter, his eminent services, and his
marked ability.
Because his opponent is a man who
held traitorous conference with the
rebel commissioners in Canada during
the civil war, as is proven by the offi
cial report of J acob Thompson to the
Confederate authorities at Richmond,
now in possession of the Government
Because he represents the heroic
achievments and grand revolutionary
changes of the civil war and recon
struction, which reactionary dema
gogues and incendiary leaders are
now seeking ro overthrow, by return
ing to power the incapahles who al
lowed the war to be organized by the
Because his election would be
Trlbntw to Ifartntnft.
Keio Advertixements.
In the course of a splendid speech
recently delivered by State Senator
Strang, he made the following con
vincing defence of John F. Hartranft,
while alluding to the aspersion of his
character in connection with the
Evansinvestigation. Senator Strang
is a bold and outspoken man, who
would not say what he did not think
to please the dearest friend he has on
earth, and therefore what ho do-
, ... . of l.ewls IN. t ran, H in. alsh, John luii
ciares as loiiows ot llartranrt mar he , others,- u-u twcnty-nre acres r which arericar-
Confident I V nrwntoil ni l,ia mwitivo I nJ ,,"te of enltlvntion. with a (me
lunuiitnm nce pit a as ins posiu.e,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ulll() lerc,w erected ; there
i!y virtue of an order of tli Court of Common
Pica or SomeriK't County, to me directed, an t 'otn-)
mlttee of Sylvester A. Topper, a lunatic, there will ;
be exposed to puhllc sale, on
A 1 10 o'clock a. in. of n il 1 day. in I he town of New
lialtim-ire. In said county, all the right, title, inter
est, projierty and claim of said Sylvester A. Top
per, being the undivided one-bait part or tntorest,
of. in a ii' I to the billowing real estate, vi:
' No. 1. A tract of land situated In Allegheny tp..
In said county, containing forty-nine acrca and one
hundred ami twenty seven iierciies. adjoining lands
At' to Aeverlivmcnt..
' ffloiil '"liar
For preparing yuan? men fi.reullege and for the ed
ucation of teachers, will e.inicn.e It next tern
death-blow to the prosjiects of the
Greeleyite coalition, and render the
re-election of Grant certain.
Because he is a friend of the protec
tion of home industry against the ru
inous competition of foreign pauper la
bor and capitalists monopoly, while
his opponent is a free-trader.
Because he is in favor of measures
for securing to the valuable home
market, by the creation of manufac
turing concerns all over tue country.
Because his election would intro
duce the civil service rcfom into Penn
sylvania, by promoting to the chief
magistracy the officer who has r;iith
fully fulfilled for six years the duties
of the next highest and most impor
tant office.
Becaase Pennsylvania has need, in
the ensuing three years, of her best
practical talent in the office of Govern
or of talent trained in her own ser
vice and familiar with her affairs, in
order to keep up with the spirit of the
times in the fierce competition to
which she is subjected by other
Because his election would take the
office of Governor, for one term at
lc ast,out of the sphere of mere person
al and political ambition ; prevent
its being used to makeoT unmake Sen
ators or Judges or Congressmen, and
devote it to its proper sphere of use
fulness, as was the case with the Au
ditor General during his six years
Because his stern integrity as Au
ditor General furnishes assurance that
as Governor he would be above re
proach, and would bring to the per-1
formance of his duties a knowledge of j
affairs sufficient to enable him to keep ;
at bay the corruptionists, and defeat i
many nefarious schemes.
Because he is identified with the j
In consequence of the death of Dr.
Stanton after his election last fall as
Auditor General, a vacancy would
have occurred in the office on the ex
piration of General Hartranft's term,
which it was necessary should be
filled. The people could not elect an
other officer In-fore the term would
expire, and there was some discussion
about the Governor's power and
right to ujipoint a person to fill the
vaeauoy. A proposition was offered
which seemed to meet everybody's
approval, to continue Gen. Hartranft
in office until tho next election. On
the 18th of March I called up a reso
lution which had been offered for that
end. There was some doubt whether
Governor Geary or the Legislature
should appoint, and there was some
debate on the resolution. Some
prominent Democrats made remarks
on it. Remember that at this time
these charges against Hartranft had
been made. There i3 no charge now
brought agaiust him that was not
well understood at that time. Yet
upon this question of continuing hinij
in ofhec every single Democrat in the
Senate of Pennsylvania voted aye.
Senator Dill said he thought .it wan
proper to vote for that bill, and every
Democrat did vote for it. I submit
to you voters of Tioga county, who
are to be so soon called upon to say
whether this gallant soldier and
faithful officer shall be Governor of
the Commonwealth, if within the
range of your political experience
there has ever come to your knowl
edge a case where a man holding for
six years an office likely to call down
on him the maledictions of the pow
erful has been so triumphantly en
dorsed, sustained and vindicated as
has John F. Hartranft. I predict
that when, on the second Tuesday of
next January, he takes his seat as
Governor of this grand old Common
wealth, the people of the whole State
will rest secure that their financial
policy and material prosperty will be
as safe under his care as Governor as
they have been under his control in a
subordinate capacity. Durning his
term there will be no Evans swindles
render lth departments.
xi, I
worthy of public pafronngre. Tie I iir:" to
to pal
piM rM to
ricir to
nnl cfun-clrtijy fh'Mt ilcfiiriiix l-'a.'Mlli al
elu.i rn'ci. arc reusate to give uaenr'y n-iik-c. K'r
ur.ncr nil. rumtloo apply l
WM. KWI'. or W. K. Ulto W S.
V Ml I.
rjpilK .-:o.IK!tSKTVn:.;
DLSTKOYEfj J! vv . .
1 tic owner I hereof niKwM r,
l-U,c,"!,7 IT." "'I 'l'1' '"at .M.,w .
liI.ANkKT.Sarethii" :.
The Krirular llaptl chun-h of Turkey. haa j
jrl,;i4 hit; i wun M 1 iuni"n I OI ineriCl
County, for a charter of l!c.ri..r.,tlo-i. nn-l unlet
dilfi.-i-nt catiie shown toniliti 'ourt.oi, Thnrn Iny
Neptctnlwr the Mih, H7J. the unwaiu I. rnnu-.l
by Ml'l Court. KhN.N IS I K V I.kS,
auiftf I-rotii-.i.t.,ry.
iil Asrcn
tar New Im
Banner Hie Sewinr Me.
tloM Aarrnta everywhere, to the L'ht lion-
nlnar New Iminnrel
He hat al) a very larjf ; .
sro KISl.
I In hor, any kiwi of Woor r.- ,.,
' may he wjnil. ' ''' ;
la afau a C"1 apple on-hard on this tract.
Nv X A trait of liin'l iltaMrd In the township
aforeaiiM, adjoining no. 1, l.imli of Adum (Iconic.
F. A. I.u kona ami other, containing hunlre!
and eighteen an l nne-tourth acres; aliout acventy
nveoi which are cleared and in a nl atate of cul
tivation; there are a large tw.-t.,ry log Uwelllno;
hoiiM, a large bank barn, and other oul-lmildinica
t hereon erecied ; there it almi an applo orcharl on
thin tract.
No. 3. A tract of land adjoining no. 1, land o
1. "". 0tl"'" "''?' twenty. I sim,,0. Durable. Substantial. The i-jM.t to sell !
and in a g.-J state of cultivation: on which la! itayANT MiOAW k Tt.. Oen 1 Agm:,
erected a Urge and eomple.edls;il. ry In complete j " VJ,!. 1 Sixth (late St. t ir'irj I?"
ruuuiiig unirr, wiiu un ine neecssury nziures and ui I'lii-I ur-h Va
appliances lor distilling liqwirs. " !"
TrRvs; alOfl M of the purchase money of no. 1 AUF.MTH tVtVill) loll
to remain a lien, to tie secured by mortgage on no. n r r-miii r-r.o r. rvr- i- iimnu
1. the Interest to be paid annually to Win. Weber I rUnLLnd UnCH I nUrr!-
r.Ui?i"."'.Bhn'1Sthl"i,,l?th "? Prlnr,Pai !nm ! MAXWHiH. WOM AMU N !. an.l their I CLAIM AGFVfV
?.,Bil'i ,3.tbo k'K1 .5elr" B ,TP'etativ fi Mutual Inter n lations: Ive. iml.i. ! .ncr.fcc. ! " l Jr'-M-l ?
nd lrpcclmcnpiicnndclr.-iil;ir.rl:hicrui. i """ In f he? "Im. - SA1H.AL1'L itl.ISIU.Mi ( t.. i B. F. BROWU i .'
I l lillitll ! II, 1'a. Ilia fimf,l,l.M o. -r, . ..
w v. wid iumo njumrj ui nu. i w remain , wuaaliluvxu ot., i-t -u ) ,
a len on th Inml t I,, r... ....... I n: . . . I ' "UIUU
to Mary Toptier. widow of Peter A. T,,ni.r. .iw-.f i W LliLw CAIk Jw.w i.A2.
during her Iilclime. and at her. leath the r.rhMiil , , . ; I .To. . , " " i
fuiuiu or uHin ouin neirs ani ieg:ii repreacnta-I j. um,i- i '
uvea oi Siild Peter A. loper. deed; one-third of j There TabMt pr.-set the A- Id In (Vi i! inallon
balance in hand, and remainder in two juol an-1 with other etll -ilot remedies, in a . mi !or j
nuiil iHivments, without interest. the cure ot all llir-nt and I.nug
me third of purchase money or no. 3 In hand. ! ness and I'l.-eralt. n of the 1 lir nt in lin-ne.ll .tc- i
and balance in two eual annual payments, with- j ly relieved, and statement, an- c..ii. n -ly ldng
...,...., ...,m, nt,uicms io le sccureu ; sent m ma proprietor of reiiel in eases ol i
j iKwawiiHi, j en per cent, oi nan'l moiirv uimciiitlea of vc.irs stnnnimr.
Peter A. Topper, dee'd : one-third of tho balance
in nnnn, ani tne remain ivr
payments, without interest.
. II, ow .Will Bll LT-MM.I, Wirr . .
the best w inn-rand from pan s'., '
Kumlne his ,,'oods before r ar-hi.
ter Clothing. l-rcl!)it;v
WM t,
Stavtov, '
(Pbce of ba'inrfu I miio wnt.i '?
i oiic-i i-rnsions. Itountbs Prize
Special attention imil n, . -
jc..luis. Applications by niaii
uutoc in pcron.
J?I- wi..m-t sr. ,i-,i ' lu
"op. ncTfcrtly new. y. i;., n .
number ol S.on l-b.,n. .M, .ioi J.l '.
to be puiii
Sept. 18.
as KK-n as
r Ui
riles are knocked down.
JL. . ! ltit4"A !tTII
uy virtue man onicrnfsale granted by theOrtdi. i ul,, Kevd'h
Caution. Iiont be ilecvhcd bv w rb!i s invita
tions, (let only Wells' Carbolic Titdi :. Price
i':pert.T. Send f. r clr ul ir.
J'fll.V t. Ktl.UNi. II pi,tt s;.. X. Y.
Sole agent for ti e U. S.
" " ... i an au 1
sic room ol
Sde Al
No. 1 Sixth Av-nu- p,,,"
"tit for l'riu-e l o. j i,ri(llt, '
Wlihe Hat
s and Tai,.:
We will supply Catnpulgn ';,.,. ,
, lower rates you can obtain tti i
Canipaign Supply Co.. pjv
en.'ily mad'. Kin, Stencil
wL lii.., i i...i...
ans' Court of Somerset County. Pa., the'uo l.-r-ii-n. ' o,t sunn. I.-, i s; m ,.,.i . ,:.
ed will otter for s lie on the premises, on I - . ' . " " .....
SATlTtDAY, OLTOUKK l.h. 172, i 41 "i " ,,HT '" Agents selling Camp-iigti ihi.lgrs
At one o'clock n. m.. the real estate or John If. ' ' ,.' '"''l " an, K" ? hr ,rl ""'
tv PaTd:;.! 'r- Iowns"lP' Samples mailed fr-e for , .Mr K V 7',.: ! I'LI RSAXI) IiKALKKSSI
Two bits in t lie town of Ivtcr.l. .,ti,,ii., l e.lar S reet, ew ork. Address,
lands of W. W. Haritell, lots r Samuel right ' ZTidiVWi-r, - . - . ....
and William Hticman . u.i. i.. ,....! HORACE CREELEY and FAMILY.
thereon a ih-w store house, dwelliRg house. An eb-gani llngnu mg -rl.Tt iik o -..,, in. Pftrnvlvinifl Fprmla f-n
a g.KMi stable, and .Aher out buihiings " sent by mnil ! : .N..C:,mpai-.-n-..-.. S, ktir.nt ' rWHSJtVMld remai3 C
T...:-'rw,,.aT. per rent, o, pun-b, ! or",' 1 ""t Bf.lI. Pt '
money in hand, an 'fjf "'' ,!. ver, m. iiroaoway. .. Y. - , a MMiM,t onrtjUp '
Sep,.lc. ' Adi'r.ndlruitec. " IJV If f t Y TZ IVVVr! P r PC fT ! ZtiXrX1 Hl.
' I iVUUl 1 UU.11U UUltUil, ' t.-aehiii-rn.l - ' " ...
no noil' i i i. :.. '. muz anl cf.Tniion-epjr mana-'ec
UK lTiliAIh SALE. Utris new and zrettri w. rk Is an i!.itcn ' Ne.t term willoien WFIi r, sui v .
i. , n tnousan i in pre... Age,,., deiigbt. . tun. orc-ta,n(iiean. tortb oUr. '
X...1. A tract of land adiolnin? lands of S.m'I !rl 1 r,',m:,T.'.'"''.' A' '.f'.' " N ' fl' ev- Kkv. .1 AM IS iif.ACK. I, I.
J. and Jonathan Rhoads. s'amudl lierkey. David j 'r " '"'r''- " r' . " '-t- " ! ,r- . Ibcteis-.i,,,,,,., tciughlin. Kcv. V.
ami ojners. near .viuier a tanncrv. (lonuerlv ' "," 'i . '' " -"o-..- j. r. .-.icrrei. k-t
1. A tract of land adjoining l.i
I Jonathan Rhoads. Samudl H
ind oihers. near Miller's tanne
KIhsIcs'.) coutainlmr acres, with'a new bunt
barn uxso feet, a large frame house, with a kitch
en, wash-house, au l oihtr out-buildings attached ;
two thriving apple orchards and other fruit; thiv
acres In meadow, ten acres well tlmis rci, and the
remainder well waterol and liineil .uuj bushels
of lime put ou it within the last four years; coal
and limestone convenient, and probablv on it.
No. i Wuhln 80 rodsoi no. 1, ail well timbered,
containing 10)4 acres. ;
t 'nivciilent to saw and grist mills schools, and . i
linptist Lutheran, Itelorined, and Kv. Association
Improvements Insured at tti.ono. ,
For lurther particulars, apply to or address i
NtiAll S. M1I.LKK. '
Sept. IS. Sijieavilie, Somerset co.. Pa.
e l an I coining inon-v. A' ; K.N'TS W A i'Kli ev- 1
ery where. iK'. l cI.;a. I'ii .-:, r.
mI San-on, St.,
.11-. King. M. II.. Ili-v S V a.-
f' r cir ui .r an I srmdal ! W llson. I. !.. Hon Kolwrt MrCm.
term" lor "Met "it-1 i a'i's K.t.u'i. ' Jacobin. II. Ii . u , n..u..-7n '.' :
At.t NTS! li.-anism in Atne, i";..." T!ie ' head. Her. John . Brown, D I 11
fastest selling Iks. k out. '
J. M. STODDAHT et Cf.. P.iiili.-hcr-", I'bilad'a.
POWER FIT., enl I'.f t XOM It 'A L HKATKUS. ,
Janice A. I.'iwson Pati-ntec.
I)UBLIC SALE 1 FtXLElt, WAUKLX fcl' Wat. rSt. X. Y.
l-"'lL,t.' rn nam' i runTrt i
jiy yinueor anorder ofsnlcmadeby the thpl,-. 1 1UUIV .HI,.ll.
ib i ouri io roii,-rsci fuuiliy t .. Io us mrectiil. J
Ji:wirrr A i.ooion,
! u, tin in ' a t r r, : . ... ... n . . . . a.
we will exnoae ta sale hv nutiib onrcrv ih. c- ,o "..'. i ; i- - .... . : M " B SS i m ,
for anvbodv tO be mixed Up With, or j " the following valuable real estate, line the : lish-l. will Iw snt five ol eharire to'anv l.Tk ' fl 5 h"T H X ll
t.i...j ..ii. procrty of Beniamin Friedline. d.-e'd.. lyina in i It c mains nei.rlv ,.,.: irl, ,.. ;. I.' B H O U B r l
S,.iuer.-t and Jetlerson tuwnshii. on , mnd ageu's are meeting wPhuni,rece.ten;e.i siVwil i 'all
nil liMiAt , iHTIUlItK 3, lhTi a. litre-s. stating exs rti ncc. en-., ami
A certain farm, containing acres, more or less, i 'ic'iV ITiv'Vl' pri i IiI'vT i
adioiiiinir binds of Jxul. M.n.r A v.... ! R Al ION AL. PI I.LISH 1X K f ..
iui. rneonnc, r.a A.iams, John Bowman. No
for anybody to talk about.
niaatras Fir.
n,ri t,ivn n ' t, I Mm. i,.K'ii.Vw .' ., " r . ";'."
advancing progress of the Kepubli- Xorthlrn ollio Lunatic A,vIuil) situ- tSIXftia St,.
can party as represented m the tenets j a.e(I gt New, ohi fieVen miles ! i- o.-Vj &?JlAUiJX
ofthc I hiladelph.a Convention, and,from cit h hl Crc at one' lJi
hiselection would be an indorsement! .... , . -i;? the premi.s.
- ' 1 . . 1 "is tann Is wuirwatcrcd. and is known as one
a Small fumace Used l)V men in tlIl-!of the lcl farms In the county, and is six miles
a ' , c .i ; north ol Somerset.
uuijf me rooi near me tioinc oi uie : Tkr.s: 4.uuo,ai,i io
To(lmony or One who Knows
George W. Brewer, Esq., one of
the most prominent members of the
j Chambersburg Bar, former State Sena-
Uut of Ins own mouth we have tor, a life-long Democrat and culturea
shown that Hon. B. V. Meters is a speaker, has taken the stump in
Free Trader, and deliberately voted Franklin county, against the election
against the coal interests of our peo- of B. F. Meters to Congress aud in
pie, and afterwards boasted of his
treachery. The development of our
coal, by the building of the Connells-
ville and other railroads, insures
wealth and prosperity to the county.
Our people should not forget these
important facts and vote for Hon.
Jonx Cessna, who has steadily stood
bv our interests.
Hartley, the Democratic candi
date for Auditor-General, remained at
home during the war, abused the
Government, and denounced the sol
diers of Pennsylvania as Lincols
hirelings. General Allen, on the
other hand, was at the front with his
life in his Lands, in defence of the
Union, and the firesides of Pennsyl
vania. Voters, choose between these
two men.
W ask every respectable man in
the county, to remember the Senatori
al disgrace we have endured for the
last three years, and then lend his aid
to retrieve our good name by voting
for Col. Lemon.
Evert man who wants to see our
protection policy preserved, will vote
for Cessna, Lemon and,
Cessna will vote if returned to Con
gress, in favor of Protection to our
domestic industry, while Lemon and
McMillen will have a voice in choos
ing a XT. S. Senator who will also
vote against Free Trade.
The name of ex-Governor Bioler
is taken off the Democratic ticket,
and that of ex-Governor Curtin has
been put on. Think of Curtin, the
"great war Governor," being on a
"Copperhead" ticket, surrounded by
"Copperheads" who formerly delight
ed in calling him the "great shoddy
Governor." 1
Let every Republican examine his
ticket before he votes. Look out for
"stickers" and spurious tickets. Ile
memberbow the voters of Concmaugh
township were swindled three years
since with mixed tickets. Be certain
that you have a full, clear ticket be
fore you vote.
"I know. General JIartranft tee,
both at a public officer and a man.
At Auditor General he showed him
tdf a mott faithful, upright, efficient
and accommodating officer. "- Chas.
R. Buckalew. r
support of Hon. John Cessna. He
will lie followed by hundreds of Dem
ocrats who can't swallow Meyers.
Every man who wants protection
to Pennsylvania interests will vote
for the Republican Congressional
Candidates at large. Republican as
cendency in Congress alone will pre
serve the protective policy under
which we are now making such won
derful progress.
Remember, that unless we have a
Republican majority in the next Leg
islature, a Free Trade U. S. Senator
will be elected to succeed General
Cameron, and the coal and iron inter
ests of this county as well as of the
State, will 6ufTer, perhaps lie prostra
ted forever.
Buckalew was a traitor and a
rebel during the war. His conduct
and that of men of his stamp cost us
oceans of blood and millions of treas
ure. Is he to be rewarded with the
the beet office of the Commonwealth ?
"For General JIartranft we have
nothing but praise. He was a gal
lant soldier, and he has been a faith-
f ul official lie is a Radical Repub
lican, and would make a good Gov
ernor." Joun W. Forney.
Piardaa f Yerkea md Marer b7 Gt
rar wearr-RarinaR Tlnwletd
rraa all tk rtutrce. Mava ky the
FaJieEta.aa-f'e)rBejr dla.
Philadelphia, September 27.
Governor Geary to-day pardoned the
banker, Charles T. Yerkes, Jr.,
and City Treasurer Joseph Marcer,
confined in the Eastern Penitentiary.
The pardons were delivered by the
Governor's private secretary.
One of the first things that Yerkes
did after being liberated, was to make
afull vindication of Hartranft from
all charges made by the Paine-Evans-Forney
clique. He made a sworn
statement before Mayor Stokely, es
tablishing First That the affidavits photo
graphed and sent broadcast over the
State purporting to be made by him
before Alderman Dougherty were
forgeries ; that he never made or
signed them.
Second That the account of
Hartranft with him was a perfectly
legitimate account, having no connec
tion whatever with the funds of the
State, and that in no way, shape or
form did Hartranft through him
derive any use, benefit or advantage
of any State funds.
Third That Dr. Faine, represent
ing himself as, an attorney of one of
the creditors, obtained access to
Yerkes' office and purloined there
from his private papers, among them
some letters of Hartranft's, which
have been used to give credence to
the false charges circulated.
Yerkes' statement is supported by
other strong evidence.
of these principles by the freemen of
Because he has no sympathy with
the pernicious doctrines of the State
rights school of politics, and would
not array Pennsylvania against the
National Government, as his oppo
nent certainly would if in power.
Because he is friendly to all well
regulated corporations for the devel
opment of the resources of the State,
and would favor an intelligent system
of State banks, as well as a well or
ganized insuraace system, and ample
facilities for the creation of railroads,
and the proggrcss of externel and in
ternal commerce, while his opponent
represents the narrow-minded preju
dices against corporations that have
marked the whole career of the Demo
cratic party, of which he has been a
life long member.
A Bloody Blot.
we is. 1 1 1 show
PI.!I id'a Pa. !
AGENTS to the Rescue!
Skitter truth' among the l.'K II lili
SH.NS PhiiS AL HlSTOkY fir ti HAN'T
tells more truth al..ut the man than sli th- p:icrs
In the w..rld. II you want toknow if 'inn: is a thief,
liar or drunkard, read this l'k. Azi,ic:.n un;k
larue wLres fi r the next w months selling it. a it
is w;:nte.. an I w L'iv "rerw helming.- tm..ii-ins.
Ad.:n.- AlUJ-lHIf.YX J'l. ItLlSii IN( i I u.
. ii irtl -r 1. 1 'onn.
12S KiuilhSelfi Street.
'tpposlte New City Hall. PITTSEfE
S n 1 for Illustrate lCarar-gv.
American Button-Hole a::
percent, of whk-li shall
building, and the llaiues spread so ZTL'? i.and the balance ot the rt-PKrma ViVpTfrw Viimn'r"rT LnK.iuyn comi-leu
ii . i .i ii . tJ0 on cmirmation of sale. The h.i .inee i;i (our j A GiliNTS I CAiSFrIG I H A .iTl - Pnrirf
rapidly that the Whole Structure Was, e.1Ual auuual payments, to be secured l.v mdgment I - t,, , . ? ( baJiInlU,t na.U r.WJ. QTTTTTTTVT"! It JC i nTTT"'
on fire before the engines, which bad! ( citizkv s .manual. OL VY UN Kj iYJAUllL)
been telegraphed for to this city, could j &u;ri JAWES ESPYt Cen Acc
arrive and stay the progress of the WinciiiaitiieMMth , uen i
Twemty-oe Besaaona Wkr llefthoald
k Elected Governor of Peoaajl-vaau.
Every man, who wants the coal
and iron interests of our county pro
tected, and our abundant mineral re
sources developed, will vote for Hon.
John Cessna.
Make no other calculation than to
vote the whole Republican ticket
Every man on it, from Governor to
Auditor, is worthy of your undivided,
hearty, zealous support.
Because he fought through the
whole four years of the war, and was
in every action of the Virginia cam
paign, distinguishing himself on all
occasions by the greatest trallantry.
and winning the high approval of his
commanding superiors.
Because he has served six years in
the important civil office of Auditor
General of Pennsylvania, performing
its duties with rare administrative
ability, and so restraining outlays
from the Treasury as to render prac
ticable the abolition of the State tax
on real estate, and also the continued
large reduction of the State debt, the
surplus in the Treasury constantly accumulating.
Because he has been, throughout
the whole of his administration of the
office, most vigilant and faithful sen
tinel at the door of the Treasury, and
he saved large sums to the State in
consequence thereof.
Because six years' experience in the
management of the finances of the
Commonwealth has eminently quali
fied him for the performance of the du
ties of Governor, whoso most impor
tant functions relate to the fiscal man
agement of the State.
Because he is an educated lawyer,
and in consequence of his recent train
ing, much more familiar with the cur
rent laws of the Commonwealth and
their practical application than is his
Because he is opposed to the con
version of the securities in the Sinking
Fund for any other purpose than those
designated by law and in accordance
with the provisions of the constitu
tion. Because be belongs to none of the
factions in the Republican party, but
New York, September 25. The
Sun publishes the details of an affrav
at Hunterton, New Jersey. One
hundred and fifty blacks, mostly from
irginia, and over three hundred
whites, were at work on a tunnel on
the new railway from Perth Aiuboy
to the coal mines. Saturday night
the party of whites, who had been
drinking, assailed the party of neg
roes, who had been out serenading,
and were repulsed.
They procured reinforcements and
resumed the attack, only to be repuls
ed the second time. About midnight
the whites rallied in considerable
numbers and attacked the negroes
and burned their buildings. Both
sides were armed with pickaxes and
other implements. Charles Coll,
white laborer was killed during the
fight. The overseer quelled the riot,
but most of the negroes fled in terror.
The whites then, to seek vengeance
for the death of one or their number,
made an organized attack on the neg
roes, and butchered three of them in a
most horrible manner.
The people of Huntingdon county
are greatly excited The murderers
of their fellow workmen have banded
themselves together resolved to resist
all attempts to arrest them, while the
Sheriffseems undecided iu his opera
tions. Many of the negroes have fled
the place.
A C hlrairo Printer Knot and Hilled.
CuiCAfio, September 24. Last
night about half-past eleven o'clock,
James Mc Williams and M. A. Moore,
two compositors employed in the
Times office, were walking along
Clinton street, near Adams, when
their attention was attracted by one
of four men, sitting on a fence in front
of a house, falling backward off the
fence. The young men crossed the
street to ascertain the trouble, and
after exchanging a few words with
the four men, started on their way np
street. They had only gone a few
steps when one of the men drew a
pistol and fired at them, the shot tak
ing effect in McWilliams' head. He
never spoke afterwards, and died in a
few minutes. The assassin and com-
E anions ran off, and up to an early
our this morning had escaped identi
fication or arrest McWilliams was
quite a civil boy of eighteen, and the
murder was entirely unprovoked.
Aeeldent to a Beanalieaa Caadldate.
By four o'clock the main or old
portion of the building was complete
ly destroyed, nothing being left ex
cept the walls, some of which have
already fallen. There were about six
hundred inmates in the building at
the time of the fire, all of whom are
said to be safe. A number of these
have escaped and are now at large.
All those who could be secured were
locked up in churches and other
places in Xewbtirg until better accom
modation could lie provided, which is
now being done by placing as mani
as possible in the house of correction,
city prison, infirmary and jail of this
city. Perhaps four hundred will be
furnished tcmponry quarters in this
Casualties are confined to attaches
of the asylum and citizens of New-
burg. Miss Walker, seamstress of
the institution, was roasted alive al
most within reach of friends who
could render her no assistance on ac
count of the heat and want of proper
facilities. Benj. Burgess, who went
into the building to bring out a rela
tive, has not been heard of, but it is
hoped he is still safe. A boy, name
unknown, had his leg broken and was
otherwise injured. He will probably
die: Several others were badly
burned. It is believed three or four
are lying in the debris, which is fif
teen feet deep, and it will require
time to get the bodies out, if any.
The extreme east and west wings
of tho asylum are not entirely des
troyed, the walls being in good con
dition. They can and will be built
speedily. The culinary department,
laundry, dining-halls.andengine-room,
mostly new, arc not damaged. The
loss is not known, but will approxi
mate to three hundred and fifty
thousand dollars. There is said to
be no insurance. .
tallvcs of the dee'd.
Sept. 13, ISTi
Adm'ra. and Trustees.
Yi,mixti:atoivs NOTICE.
Ksute of Frederick F.lehom, late of Illklick town
ship, deceased:
Letters of adtn inis; ration on t he above estate hav.
ing been granted the undersigned hv the proiier au
thority, notice is hereby given to indebted to
ii io maae immediate payment, and those having
ienicn-. ( Vnycniions and Ptattonr.s. I. lection re- f t Western Pennsylvania and Ea-
imiiMuriiHii -si raires: .s r.nnravuiirs i
Prctl&; sella at fiitht; lu to 3uy easily i O 'Tire 11 T ilrrhi Kt ,'
made. FoM'ircuHr a!dres 1 1 jJ" e 1 1 ''"- -'J I tU0
1H IHU.D ASHMKAU, PuMihrr, Philid a.
K irnnfu T Hf Thrls
"i-V' tJ"un- 6REAT RUSH
For the N ew Splenditly Ilia-dinted hditiuot
i i ..... . - . . . . ' ." " " tM-'-t i.ininiiunz xrri rn"iu:;ir n..-
"L -T ; - . n.r one , prices, just out. am nazes. tinted p
easy worth 3 SO. Is a great hit. sell It
In.r-ni n.'s otfere.l to coun'v 13.
residence of the deceased, on Saturday, the th
lay 01 oopiemDcr, lsri
August H. Administrator.
Letters of Administration on the estate of Mint
Teclrow. late of New Centreville borough, Somer
set County, deceased, having been Issued to the un
dersigned, by the Register of said county. I herebv
i Purchasing Agent
We wid purchase and forw.irl any ir..-
In th.s city at the lowest
Parties in the t'ounfry w:tim to j'tr-:
ati'is, I irgar.s. Sewing .Machines. 1 inr... I:
Nursery Sus-k. Jewelry. Eamitur-.
ll.ird ire. lliii- N'rf,;s. Ii.. ks.S-jt: -
every county 1 dierv. 'rp-iiiz-.. lirv r .is. a,-., a,- w.
Si' 11 olir ttW l..&.ull...., A : 1 t I . ' ; ..
-I, ..1. j - . T. , . . . . - - -. . . -. rtri w 10 oe ci:-wn s. ij
ji.,.o.-......rT ju me result 01 a to ec.,noinv, as wel as taste an I fi-;ies ic
jrejra bl-ur. Ly Jam Is MeCai, Jr, the celehra- ' .r packagl. f r.r-k-d ev vtZ'
tes! writer, au. lis entitled ' the country. All oMers proml.Jiv af..t.e. '
Hie G-rnat Rfrmn7ir ! Mtisuwttoo guaranteed. Ad in'-s,
Itccause it i the m .t f.isclnatfngs! pepu!arhooi
111 p. 1111, arm excels an in BK.lL ctegauee atel low
pru ts. Just out. SI'S p-iges.tmted piper, r.nlv fiM.
easy worth 3 50. Is a sreat hit.acl!auuiek an 1 f.,st
T-nnsof this and our new Bibles, agents" Pis-ket
( 'ominion frtt. Write to llut.hari Hr.;a., Pub
lisher, 'Si Sansom Street, Philadelphia.
aryalTln U,tn' ' PITTKRVRCall SI PPI V f
s.p. h; iiTTsnri:r.!!.r
ith day nf Scitemhr neit, when those iudubte.1
to said estate are requested to make aymeiit, and
inose navingciairaa against saw estate will pre- , anv other ts.,k. ncl,. l-ir.. 1.. i, ..ii,
scut them for settle m-nt.
August 2Tth, 187'i
Ifiaauttroa Fire.
Erik September, 20.
At 4 p. m. yesterday Gen. Allen,
our candidate for Auditor General,
while stepping on the cars at the de
pot to go to his home in Warren,
missed his footing, on account of the
pressure of the crowd on the plat
form, and fell under. One of his
feet was crushed, but how badly we
could not learn.
The General was taken to a private
house, where be received surgical at
tendance. He left for home on the
p. M. train, in care of a number of
friends. We trust the injury may
not be serious, though it will proba
bly keep him on crutches for some
time, as his services are too valuable
in the campaign for him to be cooped
up t home. Ilia many warm friends
will not permit his interests to suf
fer while he is temporarily a prisoner
at his residence.
Yesterday morning a fire broke out
in Monongahela City, which sproved
to be the most disastrous conflagra
tion ever known in that city. At one
time it was feared that the entire city
would be consumed, and but for the
strenuous and untiring exertions of
the citizens and firemen such would
undoubtedly have been the result
As it was, an entire square front,
with the exception of one house, was
The loss will amount to aoout
$70,000, $32,000 of which is covered
by insurance, in what offices could
not be ascertained. The cau.-e of the
fire is unknown.
Kbarp t'lfka With Indiana.
Sax Francisco, Sept. 20.
A dispatch from San Piego reports
a fight between the command of Gen
eral Crook and the Indians of the
Pate Creek reservation. It appears
that a party of Apache braves were
discovered on the war path. Gen
eral Crook with a guard attempted
their arrest Four or Gve hundred
Indians fired on the guard, killing
one soldier. The fire was retuned by
a company of cavalry, killing thirty
Indians, when the remainder of the
savages broke and fled to the mount
ains, and were pursued by two com
panies of cavalry.
Fearful Blot.
Jersey Citv, Sept 25. A des
perate riot between colored and white
laborers occurred on Sunday, near
Patenburg villa-ge, Union township.
A majority had been drinking and
fought some time with spades, pick
axes, clubs and a few having guns.
One white man was killed and
many hurt. The whites afterwards
gutted the negro huts, plundered their
satchels, and fired their buildings.
One negro was shot, another brained
and another stabbed. The negroes
have left the vicinity. Ureat excite
ment was caused by tho affair.
rb enteral-im.
I isa.tapteu lor the coming political campaign, and
. should I owned by every voter. It sell better ilmn
I any other tss.k. and pay better to handle. For
lerm awl icmtorv. applv at on-e to WILLI VM !
j B. F.VAXS ntts.. Publishers, Philadelphia
Ci elffeederTTt, A S E
Lslute of William M. Homer, late of Summit Tp.,
letters testamentary on the above estate having
been granted to the undersigned by the proper au
thority, notice la hereby given to those indebted to
it to make immediate payment, and those having
claims against it will present them to the under
signed fur settlement, al the late residence of said
deceased, on Saturday, the 5th day of October next
aug. 28 Executor.
Improved, I nrlvaled and I aequalrd.
Burns any size coal.
FT LI. Fit. WARBES fc t'O., SM Water St. X. Y.
jUl'IlANS' c
By virtue of an order
issuing out of the Orphans'
Court of Somerset county. Pa., to me directed, I
win sen at puniic sate on tnejircmises, on
at one o'clock, the following Real Estate to wit :
A tract of land situated In Paint township, in
said county, late the home of Harbara Klougb. ad
joining lands of llenjamin Miller, (iilllan Lease.
Widow Pile and others, containing one hundred
and elev.ii acres awl seventy-two perches. The im
provements are, about fifty acres cleared, and in a
good state of cult ivat ion. about eight acres in mead
ow, and a one ami a half story log house, log barn,
and a spring-house thereon erected ; an apple orch
arl Is growing thereon, and a spring of gd water
is convenient to the dwelling. The unimproved land
Is well timbered with oak, chestnut and other tim
ber. Terms: One-third in hand, and the balance In
two equal annnal payments, on the first April, 1X74
and 176, with Interest. Piwscssion to be given 1st
April 1x73. Twenty !er cent, of hand mouev to be
paid when sale Is made, and the balance ot hand
money on the first of April itf7:i.
Scqt 11. Trustee.
S. & M. P. E. E.
Fur particulars, inquira of L llcora, Y.
Sept 11th. X.O. KEIM.
Constitnlion tfjtajlraa
Joint Keaolntinn Ir nosing an Am
endment thetnnktitalionof Penn
sylvania: s if Retolved the Senatt mnd fomc of Rep.
rrttniativt f Ike CswIU of Prnmytva
niain General Atxtmbly wtrt. That the following
amendment of the Institution of thin Common
wealth lie proposed to the people for their adoption
or rejection, pursuant to the provisions of the tenth
article thereof to wit:
Strike oat the sixth section of the sixth article
nf the Constitution, and Insert In lieu thereof the
following: "A State Treasurer shall be chosen by
the qualified electors of the Slate, at such times
ami for such term of service as shall be prescribed
bylaw." WILLIAM ELLlorr,
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Speaker of the Senate.
ArenoviEn The twenty-second day of March,
Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and seventy-two.
? Prepared and certified Ibr pnblfcatlna pursuant
to the Tenth Article of the Constitution.
Secretary of the Commonwealth.
Office Secretary ot the Commonwealth, I
liarrisburg, June 2sih, 1H7X ja!3
The undersigned will offer at public sale, at pub
lic outcry, on
THURSDAY, tho 10th day of OCT03ER, 172,
at one o'clock p. m., on tha premise. In Donegal
tp., Westmoreland eo 14i : acre of land, more or
less, adjoining lands of Henry Hoticld. Widow
Peck, lands formerly nf James Jones, known as
"Jones' .M Ilia," ami others, having thereon erect,
ed a Log Hank Harn, Two-story Frame Dwelling
House, Tenant House, fire hard and other Improve
ments. About one hundred and twenty acres are
cleared, and all the fields are weU watered ; twen
ty acres In meadow, and the remaining timber
very good.
1 krms: One-third, 'cash on confirmation of sale;
one-third In one year, and balance in two yearn.
wun interrn rrom oaie oi eonnrmauon, u be
roa oy juugmem nnn'i.
Sept 25. Trustee,
lviioi.r.s.ii.i: t. not ir.
June S3. 'Ti
25 Horse-Power
With Two Boilers.
Aug. iH. Cnnineriant
we si
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at P
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at Ibc
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and sh
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belts to
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go the ;
quest s
bill, "f
Ir yo
the S'ini
new an
thrash t
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in m y h
please c-.t
A Kimrr
The T.
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from t'rv
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of Mt rff
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as I hare
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they will
of the lat
Ox Sut
WM assei
the issues
xna Jleyt
ring spee
Mercer, i
$10 Ri
27th, 137:
honae am
and ten d.
of newjp
the above
F. C. s,
- "Somerse
Dr. '.Mc
bears th
private I
' no other,
Mb. E.
for aotue t
elrp busini
to remain
day inorni
Tille, wht
same busi
oor peoph
fee, can ;
(formerly l
of this iio
miner from
out, and tt
beautil'iil k
slat (lu;
the Found i
It Is not a phyic which may give temrr.iry re-
lief to the suM.-rer for the firt few d.H'S, hut which
irom continued use hringa Piles and kindred dis
eases to aid In weakening the invalid, nor Is it a
d.s-t.iriNl liquor, which, under the spular name of
liuer," is so extensively palmcl oil on the pub- ;
He as soverciirn rcmeillcs.'hul It Is a mott potrrrful I
T oaic and Alterative, pronounced sn hy the leading
mclical authorities of and Pari.', an.1 has
leen long use.1 by the regular physicinns ol other ,
c un'.ri.'s with Wiin leritl reme.ii :il rcsttlf
Agents Wantec igl.
UefBi v & I!
FtRTHK tomytrient
On and a
books will 1
Kimniel. at
Kimniel. 1
debted, will
wj Ms imm
save trouble
rt'tnin! liii the meiiitMi wnu pciii:tr ! Ihv pi tnt i
and must be taken as a permanent curative agent when-vcr the FLORENCE
I, there want of ,t ,n your L.rer mnd V"""' ; intr-sin.-e,!. it l,:is met with the gr-atcs
f nh-ss relieved at once, the blond becomes impure It ,.,..hT.. .i :.l vZJr. i
hy deletcreons s-H-retKs. pnsiucing a-rofnlojs or nd " .m thJ hUmMA tV
Kmrr,i2,Hel,M' PU"U""' C"n"l'r- ! '".sfeeaud";
TakeJI lit Hr:nAtle.nse.pnriry,u!rcstre!r'- ".' ',7JZr wd! v
the vitiate.1 bhs.l to healthv action. ' h.ef 'V. m?,Z, T, - f- -
Hoveyoum Dyneptie Xtomaeh I t'nless di.res. I !i . :,,lni r''1 benlu"y. Ail a.u-.-
tion is promptly aided, the system is debilitated ' i"' Zf 'rZ ",!.
- - - ,
with K-ss.d vital force, poverty of the KI.whI, Ir.i-
sicni icmiency, iicnerai weakness or LASsltn.le.
Take it to assist Digcstkai without reaction, it
will iniiart youthful vigor to the weary sultcrer. .
Hate you wrakneit of the Intettinei I You are
in danger of Chronic Diarrhoea, or thc.drci.llul In- .
Uammatlon of the Bowels. :
Take it to allay irritation, and ward otf tendency '
to InUammations.
Hat OM teeaknett of the Vterine or Vrinmry'
Organ tf You must pp.ieure Instant relief or vou i
are liable to sutlering worse than death. '
Take It to strengthen organic weakness, or lire !
becomes a burden. j
Finally, it should be frequently taken to keep the :
system In perfect health, or you are otherwise In i
great danger of malarial, miasmatic or contagious I
JOHN Q. KF.LLOOO, 18 Tlatt St., New York.
Sole Agent for the t'nited States. I
Price, One Dollar per Buttle, Send for Circular. ;
apply to or &.M:v
Xo.S Sixth Slrff
riTTiEUfc 12 ;j.
" examintitior
tije-aand p
Dale C ity
Berlin, s
Jenner X
Soot hump
dance by 9 c
at a later ho
class that da
friends of e
I hereby give not
Political Campai
OF lM7v.
v. a Grant
Greeley t
ted Wel-
-nd week
Capo" and
Talk at
maid know
who pave th
fleered hear
aairaathe i
rif ht' that t
With t. l..
. c ea-iA a v ,
cj'.r"ivn fj a. x- ti-
- uieirru-nm n
ilce that I have appoin
ncsday. the 1st h day of Sei.tcmber. (sec
Court i to award the premiums oliered bv me
three b-st colts bv mv imported Fnirllsh Draft
Horse. 1 request every person owning cits by this j
horse to have them on the Fair Orounda. In Ntjn I
erset borough, at 2o'ckK-k p. m., on the day men TILVNSPAKOCIES
iioniHi. ....... , , , .
1 lurther give notice that parties having engsg- w "h ortraits or any device f. r .
ed Cotswold li mto. can pnicure them at anv ! Silk, Hunting and Muslin FLit"
time. I still have a few pairs unsold, and anv per- ' hand or made t" order. Chine
son desiring to purchase can have an onnortnuitv sixes and stvlcs : Pamr Ital.i-ii. r'-f"
ontnataay. i tit.K iii.tiLLl
A Camiiaign Club uiU "
liates at
The nnlilin are hereto- notified not to rnrch:ise
any of mv notes that I gave to Hiram tn.ll.iy, I
Fs.., falling due on the 1st April. ls;:t, 174 aie I j
IH7. of Four Hundred ami Forty four Dollars each:
that the money tor those notes said Hiram Findlay
agreed to pay upon certain mortgages an-l ju-lg- j
nii-nis uniii mo records oi oouiersi-L oouniy, wun i
the three payments alniasly pal I him. each of tho
amount ot 6444; that he has not applied the pay
ments to satisly the liens as he agree,! to do: there- j
furet I shall nut pay any of the payments or notes
yet anpaid, until he satisfies and pays off the liens
as be has agreed and is bound todo. unless compell
ed by law solo do. A HKAUAM tJF.TZ.
V ellersburg, August 2S. 1ST3. septi-3t-
Chnmbensbun;, Psu.
With ample Oruunds and elegant Ruildlnga, a. fit
ted np as m be homelike and attractive, and well
equipped for thorough educatkal work, will open
the hrst Term of the next Academic year Septem
ber U h. l7i For Circulars, apidv to
Kev. C. it. LANE.
4!) South Third Stmt rhi'3
SF.NP FOR Cir.l" LtB. .
July M, TA
Aug. J.
hereliT riven, that on the lTih dav of .Tulv.
1S72, the nicmlcrs oftllomer't Kvangidli-al Lntb
eran Church of Somerset Co,, pa., made applica
tion to the Court of Common Pleas for a charter of
Incorporation, and that unless sufficient reason is
shown to the eontrnrv, the aauio will be granted at
September Term, U1Z
12th Aogtut, 1S71 Prothonotanr,
No. 43S MARKET Sl' n'iLU
July 10, 7L
1a a-
a aim
attendant t
hair are
. rsauii of
o-t univei
as an
"wtlie jew
Cionr of Wo
at before tl
put irritating
tea tlundru
tlie surl
endowing the
tcaaectcd w
ut'l Kefor
; ommenf
The r.A
1 churcl
J ; on f
new ch
ainly 1
ITatiirv s
? v. A. I
"ft -erviee b-
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