The Somerset herald. (Somerset, Pa.) 1870-1936, September 25, 1872, Image 1

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Publico uoi j.
ks Sosisrsst Herald
f v"c,neJ"T Morning -
"'Tnail in '!'"'--'': "!lorwl',
hi. mini, n I 11
irnin? at 2 (l0
! utmi. ii 1
fclT!i.t ' 1 ,,i0ll,,,Urs l-tlnK to
"'rlaWHO.. not .,Wo.;u,..,.-.r
V"1 . - ,.n oil'' lOSIOaieV IW - r'-m f t;,f f,,n,.r an
1 ill. 1' f
iit ni.v
i il ft
kJvAll u 1 ioU lb
I 1.. M
I . .1
t ,!.. .-I'.H" :l
f 1.1.1 A 11
1 i..,.:!ief-
11:. ini- '
Printing Company,
Hiimik'H Manager. I
v,-.i 1.1. wl'l continue to practice
1. liiK itrolcsi-'ioiial servi- .
. ,.f Somerset and Fa7r.m11.lina !
r . .1 iiiacr.
NO. 15.
" ? ... -in ,.Ke i.roinnt attcn- ;
t-4'. I . i.,...r.t 1
41 M to ins !.- ... .- -- - j
4 irtlOC Ill ." "' i
jy 6-11. I
... ,,, , irvkl U tenders ins pro.o.. .
. H. Hl.1 ,"v?:' ,, t Somerset and vteiu-
,5 n .- - " '; " ',',', .Lr we ..f the Bar
f iiKli. a"'-'1 tan. 1. 7u.
u-... I
11: l, i.irninienllr located j
li.-r ill !rl" 1 . . .
I L'.Uin-.ltl..-T:..-ll
tti his irl-f -tim.
John F. Blymyer 1263 Liberty st., Pittsburgh, pa.
A full and mmiilrte Stiwk ff A xn, Shnrrlf,
! Si-ythin, Snth. Saws, Irk, Hl-
, gc, iuiiF. una
I!a rc-..H.!ied Ms rtniv
ui.ii r II. 4iir.Kii
.1 lw 111 NilWl KHU
in tlic Ucwnttr". otticc.
s. ,-..i.:mkn. attkn!:vs at
",ii,.m-t I'. ni l.-n.-e l
' ' ' JlUJf. tilj.
. . . . - . mv 1.' T T V W
, ... ....I ......i.. S..m.wl I'll.. Will
',1 I U-HI.-0. miru.-lcJ lo liin-are itli
1,1 v. mug.
Few Doors Above the Old Stand
And i.ll.-r. to MururtunH-ni and Irii-nd; a full lino
ul iri"i- t the very lowest irii'fl.
II ard ware of Every Description,
iBIacksmirhs' & Carpenters' Tools,
-at:-! "1
will pr:irti'-- in rm
I t
.1 H. U HAKIt,
i i ,.inrr.l. 11. .
V. . . All l.ilOlM'lill I.U-
in will lo i.r..iuj.;ty ati.n iol t"-
- I.1
vu 1XIIJ.IXS. l'KXTlT. S-micm-t,
l.inoe in tl..- Ht lrt ;f u(. irtalr.
,n :it .11 tllmi- -u-
I work, "i.-li u fillinir. mrul.tinir. c-, iiircrlcd. All H-r;iti.ii wr-
fc..-.. I III. t 1 1UU.M.1 A 4 A. ..'-''
P . i. i. ill i.n.uiPiU t:.u.l i.iull l
,. t.. Iiim.
.:(:.-. i;i l.i
.Muiu-y :uK ;inv.l in r..llccii..n
i.U iui-, iu Mil iu xirt. t.
Mocx! on Ware of All Kiii!,
Agon!? ff
i:a;m: fim: ivoiiks;
(lualiijr of Files rXSl RPASSEII.
s i: x n sa m I l i: o n d k k s.
S. mi. m l iinU .i..iiiiiii; .-..uu-
i..rul t4 '-4 li: v. H m -urt
rS TT F M lU Ll- A 1 I.Flt-M.1 A I 4. 4 .
liiui.l.' :iii.' i ' 'i''".. 4--i.
" " ' . . .... 11. .,... ll 11-11.
i - - -
J. M l 1!"
T,. I p.l!!lv inf.inn tli- I u'i
I tlii w-'ll Vnown li..l. l iii tiie
.r It if1 lii in't-nti-.n to k--i
m ii- .H h will (TiM- :il:s.:H-tiou to
l,"...r I..m vltn iii'-iren-oMii.
A:i.l ivtT.-.l.iii Wi.-azi.$ tu tin- trade.
"! I
i !..-:
f 11 I,.' I.n- )'
J ..,..! S-1.1
a . i f,: '
fj;i s
: i
i i
: i
. 1. I'ii.. will (Iiv
. .. .-iifrult-l to hi:
ei.uutiri.. Orhi-e on t iiion sirvot,
r. ii.l.-iii- of td. S' uU. J-
AT LW, j
prompt i.. ihioiho D , , KTr pc' r.rnr 1 N r,FN' FR A I
;in? Ill ..IU,'m-l Ullil I 1 ! il I L-1VJ UVVLU ll, V44.4, 1.hol
i tim u lMivul.'lnii and ItentiKt. Herlin.
w ill icive proiiiti aucr.iioii i. H.i , r ,
to hi" re. i iltn e one !. wesi .;t the i
II. .u-.'' urae as wiipli-d liervtoion- ' j
MusT. j
.MII.LLJi, filt.-rtwt-ivc
v.. urneih In SiiunLfvillc. liac '
.-.ilrd lit S-lii'TM-l t'T the pme- J
rl i.n l.-i It is ;,r..l .--l..ii:il wt-
t SouiTt.fl rn.l viciiii-y.
..p lorm.-rly im-upi.! l.y '. A.
.-all le r.insulte.1 t all tiin. s.
i.p .1. -I' to' enirnie.'u.
. 'i' . pn-uipT ly ui.fwcr-
. U :i ly.
A lanro. pLik-U ul
Table linlvex and Forks.
in- : i'i ' :
(ii id. (
In III' uii
,-. W (..Tl1
iVi H NS.
,- I
m l.iw. Shukta t. l'a- l-roh-l""! l-u.-i
r'.-'h-' !:iiny l..U!le mil iua.m.ui. n.i. o
.1. l.uiisFK.
S.-liorM:!. 1'.
i'.CKLHSdllLL, LYONS k Co. j
Lam r.vcu i!Ki;s & nr.ALF.iis in
ani sfissfi:s.
rti!:ci::..MN lini:i kktit.i!. tit., .e!
T.w-iMT w i'.h many aril, les i nuim roiii. to luen-ti-.!i
in an mivoriis.-iii.-iit. He it ihl.Tiutued t
soil at the vory low. si pri.-v.. ili.e him a i-alL
June '
mm gla;
Mantle mid I'ler Looking UlafA;f JuJ
Pi. lure Framed Sie,-tality.
b viHiHMi;LtT.ririm i;. '-
) M K K S I"!' I' L A NI N G -M 1 LL
;00D & JONES,
For Business Men.!
Tlifo Rrmrdp lian xen In nxc ovor yrert
r.i''lo ly the i'n.lsim. It h m wA. fnikil lu a fia
cafe U rvMvt if nut I'Mirtly cure.
It n4iiifu!arly rnuiiU'DJeil in the fo lowing
Ui any ilfranir.'Tnent of the Wood. In nil Hreac8
jM'cu.iar to Iriniilt - it fi ft rurc nnd Soremgn Krm
rty. In fhort. It bolnar Rrmrdy nctlug thntuvh the
(trculuiton of the Wood yi all the imvruiiit or
zav. anil oiuunctorif of tlw tM)y. il will cure nl-un-5t
any cira' le dioasr.
Furw.lcl.y MKYKKS H AN" A WALT, IJcrUii.
P:i.. anj by dcukrs in ':ituily Io.lUim every
wlifrv. July ft 71 .
j Grain Separator,
i CI.KA XKR & 13AC.G E!I,
I And Improved
jTriple Geared 1RSE FOWER
At a tiinf like thr jnwnt. when InNir if inrer.
j it ii iiitiN.rt:int thnt tnniierfl who re infrctMl 1.1 irive attention ttmrv imf intvi-nii'itt tlmt will
tfiitl to thfir it'ltrf. Iu tin; tiiwr SfjBirntor the j
hminT will not only ImJ a (rirn-Hy l:itxr-rtavinx '
uiachtTie. hut a. " j
Great Economizer,
As can lie Ptil't2ntiated ly thousand? who n;iw
have them In siirresdful oiMnTitina.
As . Til KFSHFK, It ireiual to the Jict :
As a t'LEAN Eli, it It snjvrior to any other n:a-
Il is the iiy maeliln that ran, by ns orcR4
thin, thoroughly tl:ri'9li auJ eleiiKrain Sit fin-market.
KE1M fc 1! AY", Klkllek. S..mer t o., I'a., arc
the suit atjrntt. and Sam'l Horr is not.
Splpmlid Ylniliratlon or Ueu. Hart
n . pp-iian-d to do ail kinds of planin:
ii.l.u". unit;; "I I' niaterials.
v. i;.t:u:i:-I!')Ai;i'1NO,
-ll AXl) IHXiKS.
WINim'.V St L'txHi-FKAMl-S.
IlltAC KETS. ive.
iMivil.ii.4r e. noraliv used In housi l.liii-1-
All kln.:.
- r . in.
...... ...
. neraliv used In hous..
rh done to ord.T.
;miI) ft .itixi-s.
ff .v sii:i:i:t, someuset, pa.
ir. ; r. i in-d to inannfaeturv all kinds of
lie will also .ritnitly attend to
l utthc Uli-T MATi:iiI VLwIlI IuhI.
:k done In the Litest anl m..t approved
at the
it-. !. 1:nvh 8th.
S A. 1 KS,
)f all kitvl. lie earelul to l uy
miy the if. ii.ine.
sVjilos r,-paired .n.nintlv. '
"Als.i. l!:iL"aLre llarrows. Ware.
Trucks. Itiipn..'.! Mom-v drawers. Ate. -
FAllilUNK'S M'lKSK k (H.
1' SoooiiJ Avenue, ll!trouro.
"Tho Eescrve Fund Policy."
ISM Ll 11Y Til E
p I i
O j
! o
Strun-s Sjm t-Ial l'mlortSon to
Every . Policy Holder.
For example: Supie you are thirty-flvr years
f aire and take a "Keservo Fund 1'olii y" at or
diuarv lile r.t.-M.
ne annual Myin. nt will Insure you I years and
3 days.
Two annual payment wiil Insure yon 4 yean
and 12 .lays.
Throrannmiliaymcnta will Insure yoaOjftara
and -7 day..
Fix-animal iwyin.uts will iusuro yun 10 years
and M days.
Six fiitni tl luyio-ntF will Iusuro yon 12yars
and 11 dav..
This Protection AppIiestoanyAge,
An 1 is expressly stated In every Policy.
Ti! i. a nv a nt a ; e t F sr :ii ru Tix"Ti x.
Ml ,
lie sure to rail ar.d see, and lie eulivine-
vd, as there are too ni.uiy uril. lvi kept fur
C? i
i-H !
July 17 A. W. KXErPF.n.
M:vnlis, stkkx c
l'!IYKIAX AXI slliia.oX.
1 '.. "71 6m.
! Thi is to rt-rtify that mr late lin'lmnd. Daniel
j 11. l'honi.son. was injured In the hTkshire Lite
Iio-uniiH-et'ompuny, 1'ittsfiel.!, Mas... lortl.wsi,
I Iien-ml.-r l'Jili. 147. pnrniluin pnyal.le iiuarterlv.
'That two iavim-nt' were made iip to June lw'h,
. 171. tii.t (M.iIht l:nh, lour inmiilis after
f tie tailed to make his uiyni.-nt.
! The usual proofs f death were f.inranle.1 to the
I Vitnpany. and the full amount of the pi-tiey. lw
i the two quarterly payments due at the time of his
1 death. wa jwld to me hv their 'k-tieral Affent in
I'hiUd.-li.liia. W. II. (Jraves. at their ulUce, S. W.
comer t'heslnut and Elevnlh Streets.
W. H. reene. late of New Y'ork. insured a lew
vi-ars sinee in the llerkshire IJte InmiraiM-e i 'om-
liiiov l..r iLl Issi- l.m owiior tu ndslortune In ln-i.
. iks was unalde to make any ayment to the t. p 4 T
t 'oiupauv duriuir one vear and live m.inths prior to i 1 lit. I I - I '
ln deo-as-. 1 hare this 1ar iM (at the New
Mr. rrcniilritt and Fcllnc-Cili
zchs: I rogwt cxtroiiiPly tuat I aji-
ppar In-fore you upon this cx-casion ex-
cwilinjrlv rrostrutiHl. I have boon
very ill, and I nmv porhaps lie uiulr
the nt'cessitv. bfftire ffoiir' vt-rv far,
to crave the indulgence of takin?;
?cat upon a chair. It will scarcely
be expcctei! of nie to-nijrht, after the
exhaustive, eloquent, logical and con
vinein discussion of national ques
tions that vou have just heard, that I
should attempt to enter upon the
great subject of national politics.
.Moreover, to-day there has flashed
across this continent, making glad the
hearts of loval men, from w here the
broad Atlantic meets its eastern
shores to where the blue billows
the great Tacific dash and break and
di! away a speech more logical
more convincing, more grand, more
irlorious than ever was uttered bv
rhetorician or orator from the plat
form which conies from the monn
tains of the I'ine Tree State ! (A
plause.) Ah ! my fellow-citizens, it
tells vou to-nijrht in thunder tone
tlmt the Greeley bubble has bur.-
I laughter I ; tnat the bastard move
ment has collapsed, and that all that
remains is to burv it in some " blood v
chasm" so deep that the Augul of tin
Resurrection cannot awaken it.
Cheers. White caps usually dis
appear in Pennsylvania about Octo
ber laughter ; you don't see any
them afterwards; but the frost come
earlier in Maine and Vermont, and
the thin? has lieon sadlv nipped in
the bud. rLaughter.l Ami now,
forsooth, this great party this com
lunation of the erood and virtuous
and patriotic of the land, that was to
move on irresistibly to victory this
great partv is m mourning. And
when that distinguished citizen of
Pennsylvania, that model reformer
that magnificent sjM'cimen of political
virtue and high personal character,
Alexander McClnrc hisses, heard
last night at the Continental the news
from Maine, you ought to have seen
him chew his tooth-pick, Laugh
LT.J Iiy, tliey are ready to give
up without another blow. They are
WDrse scared than the I'utchnian was
at the time of the cholera. I hiring the
cholera excitement, when they had
lists of the names of the people that
died of the cholera, a fellow rushed
into the Lrdnr oflice one dav and
said : '"Docs ycr keep here dor list of
der people dot don't die of der chol
era V Laughter. . "Yes, sir.'
"Den dis is der blace where I gits der
list !"' "Yes." "Icn let me see der
list.' It was shown to him. "Xow
will ver read der names ; I want to
see if Curl Hobensacken is der." So
they were read along. There stood
the Dutchman. ly and by he said
"Well, if dis is not the funniest ding
you ever see, bv tamn ; dat is my
name, Carl Hobensacken ; you see dat
I was drunk, and I got scared, and
think I had der cholera and (lit I was
dying 3"' Laughter. Xow I say
that this great party is worse scared
tlian t. arl llooensacken was.
Laughter. But, my fellow-citizens,
it is nothing more than a vote from
those great Commonwealths, as the
Attorney-CJeueral has said, proclaim
ing to the jieoplc of this great coun
try, and to all other lands, that for
four years more a faithful ruler and
an honest man and a true patriot
shall control thedestinies of this great
Republic. Applause. I passtheni,
as you will naturally c.xiiect of me, to
the discussion of the question involv
ea in our Mate canvass, i ask vour
consideration briefly to
11 A li N EI S V II. LI', SUM KliSET C ., I'A.,
The soVerilier inform his friends and the nut,
lie that he is Bow tievutim; hit entire time to hi.
The first one ever staried in the county, nnd Is pre
wired In lumisli promptly all kin d. ol
(i n.hsite St. fharl.-s Hold.)
' York onW of the i 'omiiaiir. -J7I Dnntdwar. comer
, ot I.n iii.1T" treet). three thousand two hundred
I "'"I ninety-nine dollars, this lieinir the lull amount
one i
his widow, alii r dedui-iiiiir the overdue nay
and int.Ti-st.
T it T-rt v"Tin-
.iters of (JllCnWare and JlaiUlfaC-! Xc w York. Man-h llih, -u. Snjierlnt.-n lent.
tiirers of (ilassv.aro.
i waiii:
nnd. Ijmnl is -crcl to manulaciiirt-all
Irad (ho Following
C laims l'al.l.
Fist of
Vines and Plants.
' am siikkt n:ox waiii:.
Tin. largest and m.jt complete In the I'nitcd
I States, enable, him to ruaraiit.e to hi. customers
the choicest varieties ami thriftiest irrvwth. His
Iirh-CM are lower than ever IM-Iiire. 11 i rcolve I.
James Jolee. New Y rk Mty. ai.bou, tiarment I lo 1 nuulone. l.y any in the Stale tu price or
overdue 4 m -tit lis. j quulllr. Thes words will lie Biaiiefroai! lie will
F. II. '. llainie. New Y ork City. &l.uM, ir-1 lvrn4a"y "'licit orl.-rs this la II. Init orders ad
ment ovenlue4 moulks and idays. j dm-se,! a alxne will be prolully attended to.
MB. tt. M. Hart, f -nicaxn, ill. iju..iiuu, payment I inem in early.
. dull i-juii. and
ail kli
In 1. ul
IIoiiko I'uriiUliiit"; ;mm!h
iiy kept in j;,,, shoji one d..r west of
i-er s store. Main txeet. S.m-rset. Pa.
-' 1- 'J- NDAH I ASEilEEIt.
i overdue 7 month, and 16 days.
I ji. r. .-u.Mire. jtoeion. .iam, sjvou, ymcm
overoue a mofiins ana l. .lavs.
I James 11. Aduir. New Mamiile, Ind., $1,000.
Jmvment orenlne 1 month, and 7 nay.
lioniaril '(fraly. iH'troit, Mich.. 40.000, Jiay
ment over-lne 2 rears, lu months and 11 dava.
Jonc. It. lialmak. Utelil.urir. M.siC (il.OOO,
payment oreniue Z year., 1 luonth and 2 days.
June l'J-"7i Somerset, l'a.
I.i:, lUtOOKS : CO.. ! Tho ImrirnvArl
oduce Commission Merchants. i r-. . .. ....,..,r.
LLIK11U 'j.yy..j lAtlilrl t,
r hn-lness suictly IVmiuiisskjo, not Specula-Sl-clal
alimiion glvea
J M. H .l.ernm. Spmenvei.
liewiL M. D. N Uier & Uk, Meyer. Mill.
. """ Meyers a Anawali, H..flin.
"T J,r"k. 1're-idem W trtcrn Na
I ! -i , . ' oi iiMiiin.Te,
71 li
-M:w FLoi'i: mii i.
T1-e new rumt Mm lum lhe Mg lhf
"i-i i.:xxisox MILI'
'Ortl,. 1
V run " il 'UIh," Somerw-l is
" . ', ,u' ""t Improvo-
' "ta.irk?r,"J "u"'h'- -' kind ol w.Tk.
ii 7 t I" Li 11.1 ..r all kinds of emir,
New Draw Feed,
There are snt fsdnts In a Sewing Siaehlne that, rhonld take lutoeon
.ideration, iiaim-ly:
Lluhtncs of runr.lnr.
1-jis of Manap-ment.
'.ii.a-ltr to do the Work KequlreJ,
I neilom from Noise, and
Xou Liability to ret out of Order.
; We claim that the IMPROVED EIXIITIC
JsiSM-sm-s all tlieae 4uliita. and that it is
r-A.iivriL-sr machine
Now Manufactured.
And we ivdlrlt an of II. Ajrents want
ed in every eouuty, tu whom we will give the oit
lllieral terms.
EAHJX JlliOS., 19 nth .re.,Pl!ishnrKh, Pa.
A. H. Franciscus & Co.,
iwrom-Kiui axn na alecs is
Twine and Ropes,
Wooden and Willow Ware, &c,
613 Market Street and 510 Cutnmcree Street,
June 10 tf.
JX s
I that have leen made against our can
' didatcs ; and if I have the physical
I strength and your jiaticueti will jus-
! tifv it to n bfit-f discussion of the
record of the Democratic ticket the
renowned and patriotic and distin
guished Iha:Ie-"R. J5uckalew. One
of the first and principal charges that
has been made against the Republi
can candidate for (Jovenior is that he
is the candidate of the King, the
Treasury King, the King that con
trols tlu politics of Pennsylvania, the
King that is under the lead and do
minion and power of that man, who
j if we are to believe all that is said
aoout lum, must ue a demon incar
nate Simon Cameron. Applause.
Xow mv fellow-citizens, 1 have never
been an admirer of Mr. Cameron;
have never In-longed to Ins wing of
the party in Pennsylvania ; but, on
the contrary, as ninny of you know,
have always licen identified with
what is called the wiag the same
that the President of this meeting has
belonged to (referring to Mr. Mann)
what is known as the Curtin wing
of the party. Cheers. I want,
also, to say to you, to-night, just here,
that while that distinguished War
Governor of Pennsylvania is lying
dangerously ill in New Y'ork that
the reports which have been put in
circulation about his being opposed
in any way to the National or State
tickets are lies cut out of the whole
cloth cheers, nnd that if he were
able to raise his head from his pillow
he would hurl them back with scorn
upon their authors. Applause. I
say I have never been an admirer of
Senator Cameron, and have never be
longed to his wing of the party. Dut
some things I know about the manner
in which the nomination of John F.
Ilartranft was brought about Ap
plause. In the first place you will
remember, my fellow-citizens, that for
months, for more than a year, previ
ous to the meeting of tho State Con
vention, Gen. Ilartranft 's name was
prominently mentioned in connection
with the Gubernatorial nomination,
and that county after county instruct
ed delegates for him, to represent
them at llarriburg.
The week before that Convention
assembled I happened to be in the
city of Washington, in the discharge
of official duties. While there I was
present at a caucus held in the Com-1
mittec room of Senator Cameron, in
that the nomination of John F. Hart
ranft the next week at llarrisburg
must be prevented. In that couclu
sion Senator Cameron concurred, and
it was decided that he should proceed to
llarrisburg, and use his utmost efforts
to prevent the nomination of Hart
ranft for Governor. He started from
Washington,' went to llarrisburg,
found the majority of the delegates
were instructed for Ilartranft, and
that he had no power or control over
them ; then left llarrisburg and came
back to V ashington before the Con.
vention was over, and reported that
the thing was done and that he had
no power to prevent it. Applause,
Yet they say he is the candidate of
the Cameron ring. Here is one of his
principal backers, who was there upon
the ground (pointing to the lion
Wm. B. Mann, sitting near him), and
Morris Coates, of Philadelphia, was
another, upon the ground : and von
know that county after county, auti
Cameron, sent delegates instructed
for Ilartranft, and that county afti
county recognized as Lainerou sent
delegates instructed for Jordan.
Now my fellow-citizens, tho next
charge that has been made and I
dismiss this charge about his bein
the candidate of a ring with-these re
marks, liecauso I will have to. hasten
the next charge that has licen made
against General Ilartranft is that he
was implicated In the Evans fraud
that ho nttempted to steal from the
Commonwealth " of Pennsylvania
$300,000 iu the form of commissions
for collecting the war claims of the
Commonwealth against the Govern
ment of the Luited States At thi
point the speaker was interrupted bv
the passage of a procession, and the
discharge of fireworks outside the
building Keporter. In regard to
this charge; the largest portion of
what were called claims were presen
ted at ashington In-fore Gen. Hart
ranft came into office. You will
further reniemberthat there is no such
thing as an account of a State against
the Government 6f the United States
There can le no" claim against the
sovereign except what the sovereign
itself chooses to allow. The United
States Government chose, by an act
of its Congress, to provide that
would, under certain circumstances,
refund to tho States the payments
which they bad made for expend.
tures during the war., lou will re
member that it is 90 part of the duty
of the Auditor-General to audit anac
count between the State and Uulted
States, and that there could be no ac
count, no writings, no . papers, no
vouchers of any kicd relating tot
war claims of tlie Commonwealth
against the United States on Ole in the
Auditor.General s ptSco, or that could
bv anv posibilitvfDass through his
hands. X'ow you will hear in mind
moreover, that these vouchers, which
were asked for in the oflice of the
Here again the speaker was inter
rupted bv a procession and fire works.
I was about to remark that it is
claimed that the vouchers subsequent
ly asked for from tho Auditor-Geuer
al would furnish the account against
the United States. They were vouch
ers of accounts which had been set
tied in the Auditor-General's office
between citizens and the State, ant
filed away, towards which the duties
of the Auditor-General had been offi
ciallv discharged under Act of As
sembly, and which he had nothing
more to do with. When the Govern
ment of the United States saw prop
er to allow the claim to be made
against it for moneys disbuised by
the State, it also provided that
Tlia un.ler.irmO. nronrietor of the Diamond
Hotel, on the sxtut beast ounier of t lie I liamund, le
Inir indaed hr his many friends, would say to the
traveling public that tie U now prepared to receive
and hosidialily entertain aU mho way jrlve- Mm a . , t,- C.M,ae uAB f 4jlft rn. .;,.. Tbern
call. His bouse will t conducted with the beat luc "uu- 'uu "I apHOI. iliere
order and fumitu due acoomniodations. 1 were a number of prominent politi-
st-vrtown, Pa., April i7tis72.tL,ClSTEK' Mians there, and the conclusion was
would recognize in the settlement of
the claim the Governor of the State,
or a duly accredited and appointed
agent. In accordance with that pro
vision, an agent was to be appointed
to present the claims to the Govern
ment, to obtain the uionVy, nnd pay
it over to the Governor or into the
State Treasury, and the Auditor-
General had nothing more to do with
it than you or I. Applause. That
was the status of the claims at the
time Evans was appointed Agent un
der an act of Asseiubry by the Gov
ernor ot ttie Commonwealth. He
made out the claims and presented
them at Washington, and received the
money, and paid it over what was
paid over to the Governor, and the
Governor paid it into the State Treas
ury, and all the Auditor-General had
to do with it was to ascertain by ex
amination of the accounts of the State
Treasury if the money paid had been
properly credited to the Common
wealth, and if it was there iu the
hands of the Treasurer ready to meet
legal warrants drawn upon the Trcas
ury. This was the status of those
claims when it was accidentally dis
covered that a large portion of money
had been received by George O.
Evans which hud not been paid iuto
the treasury of the Commonwealth.
Immediately after that discovery the
State Treasurer and the Auditor-
General applied to me, as their
counsel, residing in the city of Pitts
burgh, as their private counsel, to
know what remedy they might have
and how they could force this man
hvans to disgorge the money. I dir
ected that the State Treasurer and
the Auditor-General should settle and
adjust the account upon such data as
they might lie able to obtain, and that
they should call him to account and
demand the payment of the money,
that they themselves stated and certi
fied to be due. Accordingly the ac
count was settled, and he was called
to account, and the money was de
manded. What then? Why, he left
the State. When he was gone, they
came to me again to know what had
to be done now. I advised that a
When this requisition Lad been ob
tained, officers were sent to New
York, but failed to ascertain the
whereabouts of Evans, when Gen.
Ilartranft and Mr. Mat-key came to
me again to urge something else to be
done. I found authority under the
United States Government, as an at
torney of the United States, to pro
cure the interference and assistance of
the secret service of the United States
to ascertain tho whereabouts of
Evans, and succeeded in finding him
and procuring his arrest. Applause.
Ho was brought back to the State of
Pennsylvania and disposed of, as you
know, on a hearing at llarrisburg.
At that time I was sick lying in bed,
and couldn't attend as their counsel.
They were represented by Hon.
Wayne MacVcagh, and the State by
Attorney General Brewster. To my
great surprise and amazement the
charge Iteforc J udge Pierson was en
tirely different from that which I had
advised and had intended to perform.
He was discharged, but the civil suit
remained. Now mark, my fellow
citizens, during all this time,
and recollect that he had it in his
power to stop the proceedings at any
moment. If the Auditor-General and
the State Treasurer had differed the
State couldn't have proceeded to re
cover the money ; if they differ the
Governor is umpire, and his decision
is final. If General Ilartranft had
desired to stop the proceedings, if
there had licen anything in his trans
actions with G. O- Evans that impli
cated him in the emliezzlenient, all he
had to do was to differ with State
Treasurer Mackey, and the whole
thing was squelched in an instant.
But no, he was firm, vigorous, un
yielding, persevering, pressing to the
lust, demanding that the State should
have justice, nnd that the money vif
tho Commonwealth should be paid
over and placed in the vaults of the
treasury. Applause. One step
further. They charge that he bor
rowed $7,000 from Evans. So he did
and he paid it back and redeemed his
note like an honorable man, and I
bear testimony here to-night to the
fact that though George O. Evans was
his creditor for $8,000, vet that didn't
deter him from bringing Geo. O.
Evans to justice. Applause.. He
paid him the note, and paid him the
interest, every penny tf it, for every
hour that he had held it iif Jjis pos
session. And rmW can you s1-sany-thing
in all this that reflects discredit
upon" General John F. Ilartranft.
anything upon which these charges
can be based that arc daily reiterated
in the Liberal and Democratic press ?
But I shalLhave more to sav about it
before I jfet through.
I pass now to the next charge, that
General Ilartranft and Mr. Mackey
and the Treasury King have been
peculating and using the public
inoiit'V in the Treasury improperly.
In the first place they allege that it
is entirely wrong that these moneys
should be distributed about the State,
deposited with various banks and
bankers throughout the Common
wealth. Well, it may be wrong I
have nothing to say about that but
our forefathers, as far back as 1811,
passed a law which provided that all
irtsoiis who held money due to the
Commonwealth should deposit in
such banks as might bo designated by
the State Treasurer as far back as
1811. And again, in 18o", the same
thing was re-enacted, and it was pro
vided that the Auditor-General
should, at stated times, examine the
accounts of the various banks and
bankers, to ascertain that the money
may have to -be an examination of
your books and accounts." Well, Mr.
IMackey, assisted by his friends raised
the $105,000, and placed it to the
credit of the Commonwealth ; and it
is there to-day, to my personal knowl
edge, every dollar of it, ready to be
drawn upon any legal warrant.
Applause. I came on to Philadel
phia to sec what could be done to sc
curo this claim, or any part of it, ont
of the assets of Mr. Yerkes. I found
he had made voluntary assignments
of what property he had left to a
lawyer in this city, and I discovered
that before his failure he had given
preference to a large number of banks
and bankers in this city some of
your very first bankers and some of
tho largest and most powerful corpor
ations in this city, the First National
and the Kensington Banks, and Mr.
Drexel. Xow my dutv as counsel for
Mr. Mackey and Gen. Ilartranft.
who had nothing in connection with
this deposit of public money was to
direct them what was best for them to
do. I knew if I went iuto a Court of
Bankruptcy and instituted proceed
ings against l eikcs, to force these
people, that I would be fought at
every step. 1 knew that lerkes'
books and all the account and data
would have to be brought into the
public tribunal, and passed through
the hands of the Marshal ami the
hands of the Kegister in Bankruptcy,
open to the inspection of all the cred
itors. Did that make them hesitate ?
a moment t Did I hesitate J I went
into the U. S. Court and filed the pe
tition in bankruptcy and provided the
proof. This money was the personal
indebtedness of Kolx'rt W. Mat-key,
every dollar of it, and has all been
paid to the S.ate every dollar of it ;
and is there now. Applause.
What I say can be proved by any
body who examines the record.
There was nothing illegal or impro
per in the transaction with Chas. T.
Ycrkcs. Applause.. There was
nothing improper or criminal in either
Robert W. Mackey or J. F. Hart-'
ranft. But thev say there was an
we are paying that off at the rate
two millions of dollars r annum by
the taxes collected from the corporations.
A voice "Just what Grant has
made England pay."
Now, my fellow-citizens, look at
that. At the same rate of pavmeut in
nine more years Pennsylvania will
hare clear and clean books. She
won't owe a dollar in the world. No
other State of the American nation
to-night can show such a financial re
cord as that Go look at Xcw York,
which has been under Democratic
rule. Laughter. Contrast our
condition with theirs. Ah, my fellow
citizens and yet they talk alout
speculating with the public money.
Well I Lope Mackey and Ilartranft
will go on until they get the whole
debt paid. Applause and laughter.
It is the kind of speculation that I
like just like the whisky that Gen.
Grant drank during the war.
Now, my ftllow-ci.izcns, it is not
necessary that I should revert to the
I.filliartr in il I n. .r"ifl r.f tltr T-.l.i.
F. Ilartranft. There is one thing he I "."J.T w
i . . a . .-..!:?. ..ti i their "1 ishing Crcc
11443 11. II, It'll lit I..J K yr 11 ,4 Villi; Ull j
over the State of Pennsylvania ped
dling books and documents to prove
that he is a loyal man. Laughter
and applause. Yes, they are paying
the State debt ami Grant is paying
the X'ational debt, and paying it raji
idly, too. I used to think that tho
Xational debt was a terrible thing ; in
fact, if I had owed all that money I
would have gone into bankruptcy. I j
used to think that it was a terrible
thing, but some time ago I read an ac
count of a store-keeper in some little
town in Ohio, who paid $20,000 a
year for eggs. Just think of it ! and
I began toculculate, if all the store
keepers in Ohio paid so much for eggs,
that Charles R. Buckalew fver .orig-. ,? '
inated any measure of great. inicrstv; i
or usefulness to his country, or that
he ever ottered one patriotic, on
honest and patriotic sentiment I
defy them to produce it. As for his
votes, he was always with the Cop
perheads, and he was a Copperhead
of the Copperheads. He voted with
Garrett Davis constantly and consis
tently, uniformly, all through his Sen
atorial career. He voted to Impede
the Government during the war ;
voted to pay the slaveholders for the
liberation of their slaves, and voted
against every measur of reconstruc
tion, and now comes into this Com
monwealth and talk.) about his loy
tlty. Why, I told you, and many
told vou in Philadelphia during the
,(war at the Union League 1 1 out e,
OI ., .' , 11.. I t 4k
1 1 n :u tnere wouiun. uc iw i
Copperheads but would claim, after
j the war had ended, to be a loyal man.
every -one of them ; andourprediction
has come perfectly tnie. Charles K.
Buckalew wa nothing but hig
"snake," and ho remains nothing but
! a big "snake" now. I have neither
the time nor the intention to analyze
his record. At that time I was living
ir? Clear-field county, a county rery
much like Columbia county, whero
it was very hard to live during the
war. You know that in Clearfield
county they continually resisted the
draft, and that finally troops had to
be sent there to enforce it and make
the people obey the laws. Well, they
tried the same thing in Columbia
count v, and with about the same re-
! suits. When the troops were sent to
enforce the draft in Clearfield county,
you all know that Bigler hied away
to California, and that Wallace put
in a subr-titute laughter, and they
do say that he was a "nigger' at
that. Laughter. In Columbia
hat they called
Creek Confederacy"
and the "Xorth Mountain Camp
Meeting," and they published a book,
and I have it, and will produce it,
containing the proceedings of the
Xorth Mountain Camp Meeting, and
the Chairman of the Committee on
Speakers is Charles R. Buckalew.
Applause. And now he is going
about Pennsylvania, talking about
his loyalty during the war. To any
man that doubts the existence of that
book, I will be very glad to show it.
I will leave it at the headquarters ot
the Republican State Central Com
mittee, where any man can see it I
make no statement about Buckalew
which I am not prepared to prove and
verify by irrefutable document. Now
this is the loyal man you are asked to
vote for, that some Republicans, some
"Liebral" Republicans, are willing to
vote for the coming election. Mr
fellow-citizens, it has como back in
Pennsylvania to the condition or
things that we had for years, and
years, and years during the war.
There is no difference now between
and can furnish the roosters tllCse men ancl tLe oM Copperheads.
gratis. Now let us see about Bucka- oa niake them anything else.
lew. r-Ttll us about Forney. "1 Bat i 1 know wt arc toia uiai we ougni to
considering how many stores there
arc in Onio, how many old hens there
must le cackling in all the States,
from the Atlantic to tho Pacific.
Laughter. And 1 concluded that
our national debt would be paid if we
would onlv turn ft over to the chick
ens laughter, and that it would be
account kept in the books in the ini- j paid the easier now, lwcause the Dem-
tialsof M. R. W., and that they re-!ocrats have no more victories to crow
presented stocks bought for Mr. i over,
Mackey and for Air Partranft. Just
at thnr timo nno ff trie firstr. triiiirrc T
did when I came to Philadelphia to von know all about him afreadv. j forgret it and that we ought to bury
collect this monev was to ascertain I there is no. use wasting ammunition i lt avvav Imrn dceP m 901116 "Woody
the state of the" accnunts bet ween ! over one of Andrew Johnson's dead j chasm" or some other sepulchre,
Mackey and Ilartranft I saw the ducks.
mlllola "f T U" " o,..l I inonired 1
tuiiiaio .. v. ii . unit m. iii.piiivu
what they meant "Why," said Mr.
Ycrkes, "they mean stocks that I had
bought for Mr. Mackey as a favor,
and if I made any money out of them
I would pay it to him, and if I lost I
would say nothing about ii." I spoke
to Mr. Mackey about it, and asked
him if he had authorized this thing.
no said he didnt give any authori
ty, and that he didn't deal in stock.
Mr. Yerkes, in the presence of Mr.
Kemble, said the account was iu no
way included in the proceedings in
bankruptcy. But they say that is
not all. Here is an affidavit made by
Charles Yerkes that he did buy stocks
with the State money for Ilartranft
and Mackey that they were sjeeula
ting in State funds. I say to you to
night that Charles Yeikes never
made any such affidavit and never
signed it. (Applaure. I sav to you
Let us see a little nliout Buckalew.
He is a Reform candidate. He is a
man all virtue. If he iselected, there
will be no speculating with the public
money. There will be no money de
posited in the banks. Well, I don't
believe there will be much. Laugh
ter. Everything will bo lovely
Let us look at his record. He has
been m office about twenty years, and
likes it In point of fact, a fellow
does get to like it. I like it a little
myself. He gets a hankering after it.
Well, Buckalew likes it ; ltr twenty
years be has been in office. He is one ,
of the reformers. Well, he is a Re
awar out of sight, but I say it is be
yond the virtue and forbearance of
any ordinary man to do this thing,
and it will take a great deal more of
the grace of God than I ever had yet
for me to to it Applause. I am
sorry to say that Perhaps I ought
to have it; but still I do say that
though I can forgive it I can never
forget it, and it will take more of the
grace of God and pare charity than I
have ever yet got
I have said that I lived during the
war in a country where Copperheads
abounded. We used to go to the
postoffice for our mail, and when I
would look out of mv window and
see the Copperheads all with smiling
of whole cloth, and I have
ment to prove it here in my hand.
At this point the sjtcaker exhibited a
On July 18th, 1872, Charles
Yerkes wroto to General Ilartranft
this: "The affidavit which they
have made out has not mv signature
to it"
And on the 27th of August,. 1872,
"I have been extremely sorrv that
j f l. .-....I T ........ K1,k fV,i
a liatu nvii, .n x: 11 44.0' , 01 4114. 11 u.iu t-
vou to
was dulv placed to the credit of the 1,(5 writes Uiu9 atul ine ,eUeM ro
Commonwealth. Again, in 1S57. it f to lc produced, with his own
was reiterated. Atthat time the bail , signature ami in nisown nanu-wrmng
of the State. Treasurer was only whenever any one wants to sec them,
$0,000. Two years ago. at the in- ,ur ! ,avc Pot iaem- LtvPPlausc J
stance of Mr. R. AY. Mackey, the
nresenf ineiinilienf. it wns inen-ased tn ', ,.d id.. mM..s v...... rnn,,n. tion of mv plans, to assist
V.""',WV, 4-4- " ""O 4V4...4- . -
structed so that monthly returns were y uie mgemous.y comrivru aru-
reauired to be made to show the state : clos amI ,al,H0 statements, mat nave
of the funds deposited belonging to bcen Polished in the papers. It is
the Commonwealth. Now, mark j J"? carnPst dre tH lleviate all you
von. there is not a sino-1.. l.nnk in Hos have suffered by reason of matters in
Coinmonwealth that has to-day $500,-1 mf offit'e- . 1 wi take every opivortu-
000, or anything like it not oik!. So "n? uu,"
what security have you for the de-j . , , C has. T. l erkes
posits made? AVhy, first, the bank Aim tnat s not an ; ana i say nere
1 . - ' :i.a . - .1:-.
itself; second, the personal security of i .' 13 "
the .tate Treasurer; and, third, the tant, ann tne nour is not iar aistant,
bail of half a million of dollars. Is whpn lt w, Xh! demonstrated that
vour money safe ? It is safer than lhls man. connected with some bogus
ever before in the history or the I '"'"ft'-. " '"
State. Our forefathers were wise ini tlDS men wholesale murderers ah
making this provision relative to the j ovr the world that this fellow is a
money being kept tlepositeu in van-r 7 l-i i ---j.
ous banks of tho Commonwealth. ! a.nd !f lu; want3 se anybody for
YYV...U I.OV4. ,r ; ti, Islander. I am reatlv for his ci.. to- yvri uia i v i ' I. aaa . uv- HUii.; . -
of the Treasury at llarrisburg, sub
ject to loss by fire and burglary, or
would you have it disseminated among
the banks in the State, in use among
the people ? But they say that too
large an amount is kept on hand.
AVhy, my fellow-citizens, the interest
has to be paid semi-annually, and the
State debt is being reduced at the rate
of $2,000,000 a year under tho ad
ministration of John F. Ilartranft,
owing to the manner in which the
taxes are collected from the corpora
tions. fApplause.l But, they say,
That may all Ic true that may
all bo true but look at this Ycrkes
matter. Look at that There was
deposited with Yerkes $1 05,000 of the
public money, and Treasurer Mackey
and Ilartranft speculated in stocks
ith the Stale money." ,
"Oh, what an outrage! Let os look
at it. Irwin went out of office and
had a deposit with Charles Yerkes,
then a broker in good standing, of
$2.r)0,000. Mr. Mackey had to take
criminal charge should be made! it just as lie took the deposits with
against him, that a warrant should be
issued, that a requisition should be
taken, and that he should be arrested
and brought back to the Common
wealth to answer a charge of embez
zlement, but which was afterwards
tortured into a charge of larceny as
bailee. Applause. I wrote the in
formation and directed it. My clients
went to llarrisburg and submitted the
documents to the Attorney-General,
who coincided with me, and obtained
a requisition to procure the arrest of
this man. In all this Gen. Ilartranft
was the most vigorous and most ur
gent and the most diligent prosecutor
that I ever had as a client in twenty
years of practice. Applause.
all the other banks aud bankers
throughout the State. Bnt he thought
the amount too large, and immediate
ly commenced to draw it down, and
drew it down, month after month, as
rapidly as could be safely done, to
$200,000, and to $165,000. Then
Yerkes failed just after the Chicago
fire, when he came to me as his coun
sel and placed the claim in my hands
for collection. : The very first thing I
said to him was, "This is an impor
tant thing for you. You are liable
for this money ; you and your sure
ties, and you might just as well make
it good now as at any time. AVhen
we come to collect this money our
claims may lie contested, and there
former, something like Lowrv, is a ' faces- 1 8 tor m.v ma"!
Reformer. He is a very hone'st man, I knew what had happened just as
and went into the Legislature ten well as if I had seen the papers; the
years ago. Heowned a large amount ,,rare J3 in Wuc haJ met wh some
of real estate, the purchase money j disaster, had gone down in some fight,
and the taxes on which were not paid, t antl fr the time being the flag of my
and he hadn't the monev to pav them ; country was not victorioui. But
m ir 4 l ,i. j wbr-ri T rt-pnt tn tri ilrinp anil LutboJ
i . . . . e ,,) I wiui. lie niaveu nine rears in me -"v.iu
here to-night it is a forgery made out . - - . t , those same Connerhe.da
ihn 1 1 ."..'il 1 1. unii . , uiiu.i o. mai , ui few .4 . - rr
111. IIIM (1- ; - , , .4. . ", i : irith fanAa Inniv Ia 4.1 ..I.
year, ami paiu ior tnai real estate ami , " ,l" -"o wSx. c vie uui,
had $100,000 to spare. Laughter. j of a cbarn. thcn I knew that the flag
Buckalew is a Reformer like this ! of republic had floated out tri
man. But Lowcrv is honest. I ' umphantly in the face of the foe, and
. - . 4l .4. A. I 1A 1
not would intimate that he is not'lual lnc succcssxui reoei nosis naa
il.. l..ltrw -
honest. w'c" onven oacK. ippiause.jf
Indeed, I hold him up as an exam-i Can 1 for?et it? Can I forget it?
pie of great honest v. He is Me-' Uan you forget it ? Oh, no ; none of
Clure's right bower. ' Laughter. :.vou can forget it. nor can any of you
Well, Buckalew, when the war broke ! votefor Charles R. Buckalew in the
out in 18C1, was in South America, i coming election. Buckalew con
in some sort of a diplomatic oflice. j nected with the Fishing Creek Coo.
He came home iu a few months after ' federacy and the North Mountain
the war broke out, and, the first thing, -.aniP -lceting : Uh, my fellow-
he made a speech on a Democratic oc- citizens, it is uue to tain aoout Tor
casion, and I am going to read the ' petting, though we may forgive the
beginning of it verbatim et litrrothn. I nien that trailed the flag of our conn
Saul he : - AVhen I landed in New j try in the dust all though the war.
York I heard that Abe Lincoln was j Applause. And it is also idle that
elected President of the United States. ' these men should expect us to forget
and I felt humiliated." Humiliated ! ! how Genera! John F. Ilartranft car
think of it ! think of it ! Buckalew was i "ed the flag during the war. Ap
humiliated because Ale Lincoln, the ' plause. hen in a few days th
rail-splitter of Illinois, was elected . gallant soldiers come from Maine,
President of the United States; vet ! wLere they don't forget from A'er
he is a Democrat of the Democrats ,110,'t, from Oregon to meet in the
and a Reformer of the Reformers. Smoky City, they will bear testimony
And vet he is going aUmt the State : to the manlines. and patriotism of
asking workingmcn to vote for him. General Ilartranft, who leads the
Humiliated because Abe Lincoln, the j vanguard of victory. He ean't be
rail-splitter of Illinois, had been elect- l'"- Beat him ! AVe'll drive them
ed President I thank God, my ftl-l into their holes on the second Tues-low-citizens,
that we live in a country ! Jay in October, and they will feel so
whero it is possible for the humblest niean that they will pull their holes
and the lowest in the land to rise to!'" aftcr them. Laughter and ap
all the higher and nobler positions, i plause.
But now, Charles K. Buckalew, Dem-1' He had teen men from all the
ocrat though he may be, has yet to I AVcstern districts as jurors during
learn the first frrand fundamental I the last eight weeks; he had talked
principles of Democracy, and that is t
tlint th rirnna of uncut tlmt o-ntVii-r:
on the bow of honest toil are jewels . C0UM not find it in forty-six coun
fairer far than the brightest gems in ! tics, and they would roll up a major
jhe crowns of princes. Applause. ! J Ilartranft and plunge it down
Ah ! it was no disgrace to Abraham ! over the Alleghenies to the Eastern
Lincoln that he split rails in Illinois. slope larger than any other man eve
Applause. It was no disgrace to , t in the State. If Allegheny don't
Andrew Johnson that he was a tail-'give seven thousand majority for
or. Laughter. The Lord knows! Hartranft in October you may put
that if there had been nothing else ! e down as the poorest prophet that
but that to disgrace him he would i ever made a prediction. I have been
havn.H e-reut man to this dav. i here for several days ; I have been
laughter And it is no disgrace to i sick ami seen but few ; but I have
Ulvsses Grant to have been a tanner I f,een looking for that defection; and
applause, and it is no disgrace to : find it is only McCIure and Forney!
V -ri'ri . . i t -x-. i M 'tuen mil Films v ' That's arwinf
Jieury nson to nave ui-i-n a .uiiia.-,"4i.. - .
. . .J . . , , . , . i n ,.t ; r.;..o "TL
eobb er. l he trooa ioru Knows tnat i u i i11"
At this point the speaker was in
terrupted by cries of "(Jive it to
Forney now."
AVhereupon he replied, "He's a
dead duck." (Applause and laugh
Now, my fellow-citizens, they al
lege this ; the misuse of the public
money. I will be glad, if I have the
strength, to discuss these matters
with you, for I know a great deal per
sonally in regard to them, and what
I say I can prove. They talk about
their . speculating with the public
money. Let me tell you here to
night that the finances of the Com
monwealth of Pennsylvania were
never in as creditable and prosperous
a condition as they arc in to-night.
AVhen the Republican party took
possession of the State of Pennsylva
nia, the Democrats gave us a legaey
of 42,000,000 of dollars of debt For
years and years it had been over forty
millions of dollars, and never, under
a Democratic administration had it
lieen diminished or decreased. Oe-
. nit li i h.m alwvuf tfiA .!.fojtirm
the in Kcpublkau ranks. He
That's about
"How about For-
if Buckalew was humiliated in 1SG1 j ney ? ") There is no use of wasting
by the election of one rail-splitter, j powder on
liriw much li will lw rnuiiilin ti'il in DEAD DUCKS.
1872 bv the election of a fanner and a I (Laughter.) The Attorney
shoemaker. Well. Buckalew came era! can go back to Oregon an
home and tret humiliated. Thev do: them on the Pacific coast that
say he often got humiliated. I think will get tired of counting
ihorn wpro two oi-rnmns last winter, i majority here.
in tue senate, wnen a certain ".-1
.,7eL..,1 Ar,A4.w .nil a rtront Refor-
- 1 , ' l. IF . I .4 V . .'A
mer snored away during two wnoie; rnuugii. n iuri mougiii n m.
1 tell
The speaker then, amid cries of go
on, said that he baa spoken long
easionally, when the; sessions of the Senate, and when, if make a speech when one was sick,
- . . . ) . . I " . I l 1 . l. 1 it... La.l 1..IU. n,. Vkw. an.) 4W it
would go down a little ; but, as soon
as the Democrats returned to power,
it would go up. Laughter. AA'e
took possession of the Government,
and from forty-two millions of debt
that the State owed, it has gone down
to twenty-seven millions. And of
that twenty-seven millions there are
to-night in the sinking fund ten mill
ions, ready to bo applied to the ex
tinguishment of the debt when the
proper time arrives. Applause.
Thus tho debt is practically reduced
to seventeen millions of dollars, and
l, ..a nr,t ruini bated be ouirht to . tnef hau better come up ana try .
have been, for all his disciples and He submitted tLc questions to the
friends that surrounded him were cer-1 people for decision. He knew the
tainlv humiliated. AVell, it happened j prosperity all over the country was
that "when he returned to Pennsvlva-i not to be frittered away by electing
nia that the Democratic partr was in 1 such a man as Horaco Greeley. The
power in the Legislature, and that he ' people are determined it shall remain
was elected to the U. S. Senate. He ; in prosperity, and the October sun,
took his seat in that body, and I defy when it goes down on election day,
anv man, any admirer here to-night j will look upon the victory that will
of "Mr. Buckalew, to point to a single he achieved as a blessing to as all.
paragraph or anv sentence which will (Long continued applause,
show on the public records of the The meeting then adjourned with
government f this Commonwealth cheers for the whole ticket