Sunbury American. (Sunbury, Pa.) 1848-1879, February 03, 1849, Image 3

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For mi Ammicah.
Iieebythreportoftli orrfceedinga of
the 8ente of tfentuy.Tania, that certain of
bar Sonalort endeavoring td effect the
repeal of the act Incorporating a company to
tnake a rail toad from the town of Erie, on
Lake Erie, westward into the elate of Ohio,
under thealledged reason, that it will benefit
the trade of Philadelphia. 1 am disposed to
give thos Senators credit for sincerity of in
fmrum bat I can go no further. I think
they hare entirely mistaken the interest of
the state at large, and of the city ol Philadel
phia, in particular. Let ut see how the mat
ter stands. By the valleys of the Schuylkill
and West Branch of the Susquehanna, the
distance to the Town of Erie, on Lake Erie
Is about 400 miles, more or less. A Rail Road
'I the Reading and Pottsville,) extending about
100 miles of the distance is already made,
and in profitable operation. From Pottsville
to Sunbory is about 49 miles, 20 of which are
made, and in operation. From Sunbury, at
the confluence of the North and West Branch
. es of the Susquehanna, to Willinmsport, in
Lycoming county, on the West Branch of the
Susquehanna is 42 miles. Here the Sunbury
fc Erie rail road would meet the Williamsport
and Elmira rail road; running northwardly in.
to the State of New York From thence it
would continue on its own route up the West
Branch and the Sinnemahoning to pass the
Summit level of the Allegany and onward
to the town of Erie, before mentioned. A
short distance above Lock Haven, about 70
miles west of Snnbury, commences the tim
ber lands which are pretty well timbered
almost to Lake Erie. These Lands abound
with streams for water-powers with Iron
ore and with bituminous coal, for 140 miles
of the route. The whole line can bo made
without an inclined plane See Miller's Re
port on Sunbury & Erie Rail Road. and also
without damages for land, that fruitful source
of expense elsewhere. When the whole road
shall have been made, the Pennsylvania and
Ohio Rail Rond, is but a continuance of the
same into the State of Ohio, in order to lead
the trade of that State into the City of Phila
delphia. Hove tlien tan that road injure its
trade The people living in the country
through which thi road will run, have at all
times cheerfully paid their taxes to the State)
for the purpose of making improvements
elsewhere, without reaping any benefit them
selves while there is no part of the State,
whose yet undeveloped resources will more
richly repay the expense of such an improve
ment. Whatever trade can be brought fiom
the West on to the valley of the Schuylkill,
Philadelphia is sure of, which is not the
case with any trade which is brought lower
down the Susquehanua than Sunbury, which
must always be shared with Baltimore. Can
it be possible that our legislature will sacri
fice the interest of the whole Northwest part
of Pennsylvania, by thus repealing any part
of a well considered . system of internal im
provement. Yours, &c. W. M'C.
Counterfeit Ten Dollar Notes on the Far
;j oners' and Mechanics Bank of Rahway, N. J.
are in circulation in Philadelphia. They are
said to be so well executed that the imposi
tion can hardly be detected. The word "ten''
is across the left hand end, and the head of
Washington on the right. The vignette is a
female figure, sheaf of wheat, sickle, &c,
with a figure of a ship under sail between the
names of President and Cashier. It bears
the names of "Rawdon, Wright L Hatch,"
A new and dangerous counterfeit, says the
Albany Atlas, has recently been pet into cir
culation. It is of the denomination of 3s,
upon the Freeman's Bank, Boston, Mass.
Look out for counterfeit Ss on the Hudson
River Bank.
Look out for Is of the Courtland County
Band, altered to Ss. They are so ingeniously
xeouted that they are well calculated to de
ceive, especially at night.
New Orleans, Jan. 25, 1849.
, By an arrival at this port we have intelli
gence of a great battle fought in Yucatan in
which the American volunteers principally
fitted out in this city were completely suc
cessful. There were eight thousand Indians
and five hundred Americans engaged in the
The Indians were driven back with great
loss. Forty-three Americans were killed.
The Indian town of Tula was captured and
burnt. The Americans then marched to
wards Basalaa, where, it was anticipated, a
decisive battle would be fought.
Attemftbd RsvoLTTioN.-Tbe party known
is the Puros in the city of Toluca made an
ttterapt at revolution on the 2d inst., by uni
jng with the insurgents of Temascaltepee.
The plan was to declare for the dictatorship
f Santa Anna, and, in the mean time, to in
ital one of his partisans in power. The Go
rernment got wind of the conspiracy and pre
rented its execution. Troops were ordered
rom the capital to Toluca, and Generals Al
arex and Pinzon directed to co-operate with
ha authorities of the State in preserving or
(er. FatsiDENT Polk's Message. All that part
f PresioW Polk's message which relates to
he acquisition ef California and New Mexi
o, whh their mineral treasures, is translated
l the Mexican papers) and remarked upon
l bo enviable frame -of mind.
A fciWs Estimation or Hoasc and Mam.
-I once heard George the II. say that he
ould much rather forgive any body that had
turdered a man, than any body that had cut
wa one of his oaks, because an' eak was so
tuch longer growing to a useful size than a
tan, and consequently, one loss would be
toner supplied ibau the other : and one even
g; after a horse ran away and killed him
.If against an iron pike, poor Lady Suffolk
ying it was very lucky the man who was
m him received no hurt, he said, ' "Yes 1
p lucky f 1 have lost good borse, and 1 have
it' a booby ef agreom 0f ill to keep." Lord
criwy's Mtmoirs." :
There is a convict in the Indiana State
Prison, who is now serving on his sixth sen
fenced to this same prison. r
The thermometer at Quebec, L. C, on the
18th inst., stood 20 below xero.
Ex-Gov. Young, of New York, has been
presented with a tea service of silver, by his
friends in New York city, which cost $1,500.
There are now 92 pupils in the deaf and
dumb asylum of Indiana.
, CAifNCL Coal is found at Tuscaloosa, Ala.
The Mississippi boatmen have united to
build a church in St. Louis, for their special
use. . ' '
The State debt of Illinois is 16,000,000.
TtrtsniY, Jan. 80, 1849.
Wheat Red is worth 112 a 113 cents;
white is held at 115 a 118c.
Rte Pennsylvania is worth 68c. -Cors
New rma. yellow is held at 6tc,
while 58c, weiLat.
OAT8--Southern is held at about 30 a 33c
Whisket. Sales in hhds at 23c and in
bbls at 25 cents.
Corrected weekly by Henry Master.
Wheat. .... 100
Kis. . .50
Con. . 60
Oats. - . 37
Better. - . -10
Egos. '- ... 12
Pork. - 5
Flaxseeo. .... 125
Tallow. -y.. 10
Beeswax. - - 25
Flax. ' 8
Heckled Flax. - 10
Dried Apples. - 75
Do. Peaches. - 200
Auditors' Aotice.
THE undersigned appointed auditor by the
Orphans' court of Northumberland county,
in the matter of John Barrett and HughM'Elrath,
administrators of the estate of James Barrett,
dee'd., will attend to the duties of his appoint
ment at his oflice in Sunbury on Saturday the 3d
day of February next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. When
and whore all persons interested can attend.
Sunbury, Jan. 27, 1849
Estate or Samuel Smith, late of
l'olnt township Northumber
land county dee'd.
IV OTICE is hereby given, that letters of ad-
' ministration on the above estate have been
this day granted by the Register of Northumber
land county, to the undersigned, living at Dan
ville, Columbia county, all persons indebted to
said estate arc requested to make immediate pay
ment, and those having claims to present the same
properly authenticated.
Sunbury Jan. 27th, 1849. 6t
'T'HE public are hereby notified that I have pur
A chased at Constable's sale on the 11th of
January inst., the following articles, sold as the
property of Abraham Sarvis, which I have left
with the said San-is until I shall see proper to re
move them.
1 Wagon !j
1 Plough
1 do
1 Harrow
1 Cultivator
1 Cuttingbox
1 Cow
3 Calves
1 set of Harness
6 Pigs
1 Log Chain
1 Grubbing Hoe
1 Clock
20 bushels Com
more or less, at
43 cts. per bush. $8,60
12 bushel Oats 3,48
8 acres of Wheat
in the ground at
$2,50 per acre 20,00
20 acres of Rye
and Wheat 34,12
1 set of Black
smiths Tools 10,00
Sunbury Jan. 20, 1849 St.
DOCTOR D. JAYNE would respectfully in
form the public that he publishes annually for gra
tuitous distribution, by himself and all his Agents,
an Almanac, called
Jaync's Medical Almanac,
The calculations for this Almanac are made
with great care accuracy and for five different La
titudes and Longitudes, so ss to make them equal
ly useful as a Calendar in every part of the United
States and British North America. They are
printed on good paper, and with handsome new
type, and are neatly bound, and besides being the
neatest snd most accurate Calendar printed in the
United States, they contain s large a mount of val
uation information, suited to the wants of all, and
of that kind too, which cannot he found in books.
marks and directions for their removal is really
invaluable, and make them welcome visiters in
every house they enter- Every family should
possess at least one of these Annuals. His Alma
nacs for 1849 is now ready for distribution, of which
he designs to publish at least TWO MILLIONS,
and in order that they every family in the United
states and 11 n tun America, may be furnished
with a copy, he hereby invites
to forward their orders to him as early as possible,
aild tbey shall be supplied GRATUITOULY with
as many copies as they may deem necessary to
supply their various customers. They are also in
vited at the same time, to send a copy of their
"ULSIISESS UAKU, which will be printed and
placed on the cover or Uie Almanacs sent them,
also without charge.
1 bey are also requested to give all necessary
directions how the Almanacs should be forwarded
to them. By law they cannot be sent by mail un.
less the postage is first paid on them here.
Orders, (post paid,)'directed to DK. D. JAYNE,
I'hiladelplua, will meet with pompt attention.
I3T FAMILIES car. obtain these Almanacs
Gratis of WM. H. THOMPSON, Sunbury.
Agent for the sale of Dr. Jayne's Celebrated
f amily Medicine.
Sunbury, January 13, 1848 3t
DADD'S celebrated Horse and Cattle Modi
cine for sale by HENRY MASSER.
Sunbury Jan. 27th, 1849 tf.
WAY RUM. An excellent article for sale
Sunbury Jan. 27th, 1849 tf.
WHEAT WANTED One dollar per
bushel, cosh, will be paid for good wheat
bv in t r n f n I'll L'vm
' inn 1 1 bwinw, 1 1
Hunbury Jan. 27th, 1849 tt
W AR IRON of all kinds for sale low, at ths
MW swre or C. 8. BOGAR.
Hunbury Jan.tOtU, 1849t
JJ LAUTER, a lot fur sale by
Sunbury Jam. tOth, I MIL -if.
W YRUP MXASSESupariot rafiued Syrup
' -' I- 1- - UEVDV ' ' ocnV.
" ' J n s (lASSdft.
Hunbury, Dee. 8, 1848.
t'tAPS Aa sasortment just received. Also.
J .Ilk IT k TO -. o-noi i- i
n w vJ sole oy
euatuty, iv. ,ir.
Why will you suffer your Horse to die, when
he may be of timet cured for a trifle t
A new era in Veterinary Science is about com
moncing this is needed, for it is s most lamenta
ble fact, that the science of Veterinary Surgery
scarcely has existence in this country, while in
Europe there is a greater Improvement in the
knowledge and practice of the art, than has ever
taken place inhuman medicine.
The undersigned has spent much time in the
study of this branch of science in "London and
Edinboro'," and has witnessed the practice of sev
eral eminent men in the treatment of diseases of
Horses and Cattle. He also availed himself of the
of the researches of Licbig, and other celebrated
men, who have contributed so much towards a ju
dicious and enlightened treatment ef the Hone.
The object is, to treat the disease of Cattle on the
same fundamental principles that guide the practi
tioner in human medicine, and to make use of
those therapeutical sgents only, that when given
in small quantities, are capable of exciting
and increasing the natural functions, with
out diminishing or destroying their power. The
undersigned will devote himself to the manufac
ture of the following articles, yet every Medicine
used in regular practice msy be obtained at short
notice. 1 amplilcts, describing the dillcrent di
scascs, msy be-had gratis.
G. H. DADD, M. D.
A Llat of Horse and Cnttle Medicines.
Physic Balls Tonic Pow
ders, Alterative Bnll,
Fever Fowders,
Powders, for hesves,
Diuretic, or Urine Pow
ders, Cordial, or Colic drink,
Chlorine Solution, for
foul ulcers.
Liquid Blister,
Ointment, for promiting
toe growth ofhair,
Wash, for inflamed eyes,
Healing Balsam, for
saddle galls, wounds
and bruises,
Ointment, for mange,
scratches and old
Embrocation, for sore
throat, catarrh, stran
gles, and common
Hoof Ointment, for
sank crack, brittle dr.
contracted hoof,
Horse Liniment,
Distemper Powder,
Worm Powders.
Sold by GREEN & FLETCIIER,No.26South
SIXTH Street, Philadelphia, and by bis - '
Agist Henry Master, Sunbury,
nnrgnina fo be had!
'T'HE subscriber having purchased the stork of
GOODS, formerly owned by John oognr, in
tends selling them olTatCity prices and under, for
cash or country produce. Persons in want of
Goods will do well to give him a call, as he is de
termined to sell.
Sunbury, Jan'y 13, 1849Mf
WILL be sold on the premises, on Saturday the
tenth day of February next, all that Farm
containing 150 acres, more or lcs, situated in
Lower Augusta township, Northumberland Coun
ty, about five miles from Sunbury, near the Centre
Turnpike road. About one half of which is clear
ed and on wlnrh is erected a good Biurtu
HOUSE, a large LOG BARN, anextensive Tan
HOUSE, and out building, belonging to the estate
of Catharine Ross, dee'd. Sale will commence at
10 o'clock of said day, at which time terms will
be made known by
Northumberland, Jan. 6, 1849 U
THE subscribers assignees' of Dcngler, Haas,
& Co., will expose to sale by public vendue,
on Thursday the 8th day of February, 1849, on
the premises, '
known as the Paxikos Fcbsaci, situate on Sba
mokin Creek about 11 miles east of Sunbury and
within one fourth of a mile of the Danville & Potts
ville Rail Road, together with coal house, two
dwelling houses, saw-mill and other improvements,
and with all the necessary implements, necessary
to work said r urnace. 1 here are also, cut and in
rank, two thousand cords of Wood, which will be
sold at the same time. The location is a fine one,
and the country is well surrounded with good
The Furnace is built on a perpetual lease at a
rent of $300 per annum for three years from April
next, after which time, the rent may be raised to
$400, per annum. The Furnace will be kept ill
blast until the middle of Jan'y next. Any persons
wishing to view the same can do so by calling on
the premises. For further particulars apply to the
subscribers. W. Sc. R. FEGELY.
Sunbury, Nov. 25, 1848.
ty The Philadelphia Bulletin and Harrisburg
Keystone, will please publish the above, once a
week, till sale, and send their bills to this office.
The Pupil's friend and Teacher's comfort.
work is already introduced into some of the
best Acadamies and a large number of 8chools,
wiiere its use has given decided and universal sa
tisfaction, both to teacher and pupil. It is purely
American in its character, based upon our own
beautiful decimal tyttem of eurretiey. It contains
more, the arrangements are better, and it is the
easiest and cheapest work of the kind now in use;
and it is so considerej by hundreds of the most
competent teachers and men of science in the Uni
on, who have recommended it It is the book,
particularly and exprcsoly prepared for our Ame
riean Srholart : Bv Mmon Ticlnor.
Ths Youth's Colum biavCalcclatos. This
volume contains 91 psges, with about 900 exam'
pies for solution on the slate. It embraces the
Fundamental Rules, Compound Rules, Simple
and Compound Reduction, Single Rule of Three,
Proportion, &C.
7 ickrob's Arithmeticil Tablt.s. is destined
for the use of younger classes in ths Schools of the
United States. A beautiful little book and pleas
ing to children, and the only one of the kind of any
There are Keys to both Arithmetics bound sin
gle or double, for the convenience of teachers, in
which the solutions of the questions are given with
much extra matter for the black board. These
Keys are the most complete works of the kind ever
published, and contain, in addition, about two
hundred examples in Mensuration, Ac, for the
use of the Teacher. All that is wanted is to have
.i. i i i . .
uid ouue dwu exsmtneu, ana no teacner wno is
acquainted with the science of Arithmetic, will
hesitate to pronounce them the best works that
have ever been published in this or any other
Although issued but a lew months, they have
already been introduced info the Night Public
Schools of New York City in all the Schools
public and private, except two, in the City of
Reading. Also, in about twenty Acadamies in the
State of Pennsylvania in a larro oortion of the
Schools in the City of Wilmingtoa, in the City of
iiancuier, ana ill uio aorougns or llamsburg,
York, Chambersburg, Lebanon, Doylestown, Potts
ville, Orwigsburg, &c, &c
For sale by Hisbt Masssb, Sunbury, Agent
r,. .i 1 i i ...
Sunbury, Dec 2, 1848.
LfAlsINS, currants, citron, cheese, pepper
sauce, otc. for sale by J. W. rKILINU
Sunbury, Dec 2, 1848.
pLA8TER, Salt and Fish, j
ust received snd for
Dunburr, Dec S, 164S.
11 LANK BOOKS. An assortment of Blsnk
- Books, Just received snd sale by
. . H. MASSER.
Sunbory, Dec. 8, 1848.
AXES of a vary superior quality fat sals by.
8 anbury, psr. 1, Hit.
THIS Powder Is warranted far superior to any
thing in use for imparting a keen, smoothedge
to Bator; Surgical instruments, and all kinds of
fine Ccti.sri it may be applied to any kind of
strop. Also superior Rntor, Knives, snd Perfu
mery, wholesale snd retail, by
Depot of Fine Razors, Strops, Brashes, and
Cheap Fancy Goods, No. 18 8outh Fifth street s
bove Chestnut Philadelphia.
Pntnr.xi.HitA, Feb. 15th, 1848.
This may certify that I hare used one ef the
Strops prepared with HAYNE8' MAGIC DIA
MOND POWDER, and can attest in the roost
unequivocal manner, that there is nothing can be
found that will produce the same effect in my opin
ion, and must say to others, try it, and you will
find it superior to any hejclotbre in use. I can
truly say that I never knew whut a sharp razor
was before.
JOHN SCOTT, Iron Safe Maker,. 41 3. Third st.
FeiiArELfinA, October, 1848.
- A very hard beard and tender face has compel
led me to seek and lest many contrivances design
ed to make shaving easy and pleasant, but with
indifferent success, until I made use of the Magic
DIAMOND POWDER, sold by Alfred Bennett,
and Roussel's Shaving Cream. Their united pow
er act like majjic, and impart a power to the Razor
to remove the most stubborn beard, mthottt irri
tating the skin or temper of their owner.
J. COX, 49 South Fifth Street
For sale at this oflice Price 85 cts. per Box.
November 25, 1848 Cm.
The largest assortment In Town,
John W. Friling,
W ESPECT FULLY informs hisfriendsand
customers, that he has received the
largest and best assortment of goods ever of
fered in Sunbury. Consisting of
Groceries, Ihrdware, Queens ware, Liquors,
Drugs, Paints
and a great variety of other articles.
The public are respectfully renuested to
call ami examine his slock before purchasing
Sunbury, Nov. 18, 1848.
Rkmep to Tin Sick!-
Hclth It the Weak ! ! A
BLM il found fnff the
Whole Hummn VmC iu An
Thin w an entirely vegeta
ble r tmpomtd, c inpniit'tl of
Twenty-Five different ingre
dients, nnd ia an internal and
Kxtenml Remndy lor the va
rious itis that human flcah ia
heir U
aunt t,
Cnitfflis, Colrta, Faiiift. Nerrnu nnd Sick TTfdnclie.
Rheuiiiatimn, Cut, ft .mil is, Ppiiml AflWtiniift, Summer
ComplniutH, Cholera Morbus, Toothache, Kruptions, Corns
Piles, Frozen Farts, Burns, Senilis, Apue iu the Face and
Hrcast, Painters1 C 4lie, Bruises, old S ires, I turn of appe
tite, Genera! Debility, Asthma, kc. Put up in bottles for
1, 9 or 4 shillings per bottle. For further particulars sms
Pamphlets tohe had of every agent gratis, containing a
hriel history of the origin, discovery mid gixxl effects of
Andrews Pain Killer, Certificates of Cures, directions. Ac
The triumphant success of Andrews Pain Killer in re
moving the rouses that produce dwith. the nntiuiely death
of minimis of our race, mis induced s m men of whem it
may be truly and, their villainous orcnpations manliest
their villainy, to attempt to put in circulation spurious and
counterfeit articles colled "Pain Kilter," usiiijr, fictitious
names for the pretended author, forged reriincalea, &?.
gome have appeared, and others no doubt wiil appear. Let
all remember that Andrews Genuine Pain Killer has the
written signature of I. Andrews on the label of each bottle
in black ink. Dmi't simply ask for Pain Killer, but ask for
Andrews' Pain Killer, and have no other.
9 -Id by M . A. McCay, Hole Agent, Nonhumberrsnd ;
J. W, Fnliug, Sunburv ; John H. Baser, Milton : John R.
Myyer, BI'KHnflhurg ; wm. a. Jtlnrray Uo, Danville f
Davenpnri A Smith, Plym mlh ; Andrew Yohr, Wilkes
Imrre : Hays & McCormick, McKweusville ; 8c baffle fc
Chnmfterlatn, Iwisburfr ; George McAlpin, Jersey Shore;
J. M. Judd, Willinmsnoil.
tjfdera atMreasen to i. Andrews, inventor ana only pro
prietor at Itheca Tompkins eouuty, N. Y. Will receive
prompt attention
EKpcemoer ju, itno. ly
Henry Mas see,
XT AS just received at his store, in Sunbury,
an assortment of the cheapest Goods, that
ever came to the place, consisting of
French black Cloths, Cassinetls, (to. Cali
coes, of excellent quality and colors,
price 6 to 10 cts. Good Muslins, a
yard wide, at 61 cents.
These are not the low priced trash articles
usually sold. Muslin de Laines, of fine qual
ity and patterns 181. Handsome Terkeri
and other Shawls and various other articles.
The public are requested to call and judge
for themselves.
Sunbury, Nov. 18, 1848.
Wrulti respectfully invite Mention lo his superior
style of his for sutumn, 1846, which will he
foun J the must fi ferl ercr brfre ofll-rrj In the
cmmiimiy. lis prruilsr l.irmt render, it thp more
disirsM ss il combines sll the exsulisls of Jure
liiliiy sndneslnms, requisite in thst srticle of ilreas
wliills his ineressrd facilities in in mmufscturing
wl h sll lbs mooVru improvements. rnsblts hi in
To Can. uses tbs Wobld to pruduc a better
Cuiidsss's Fiwcr Hits sas Cirs or tss
Latest Moos. Theae goods hs Uren selected
with greet er, and will hs found moat beautiful
anil chus's in their styles.
Limit r Itimse Hits aid Csrs or Ertibs
iv aiw Psttkuss. Grsat rare bs I. n bestow
ed in constiurtu g these sitieles. tbey msy Gi
peifrctly esy snd form s graceful appear ncs.
104 Chestnut st. s few dour tos Ti.iid. .
September 30, 1848.CD June 21, 18t8 ly
throughout ths United Bistre. To Agents, ths
most liberal rnrnuisgement is offered with s
small capital of 15 to f 1 00 A chance is offered,
whereby an sgenl esn snsks from 910 to 35 per
week, For further pellicula's, sddieaa (rxwlpaid)
No. 168 North 8ECOND Street.
Philadelphia, Sept. 9, 184s. 6m. t
(Late Heller Js Ureenougli.)
vVashlugton, D.C.
DRAWINGS aud papers for the Patent
Ottice, prepared aud all the necessary bu
siness, in relation io securing patents, trans
acted, aud promptly attended to, at their of
fice opposite the Patent OlHce.
October 38, 1848.
rEA8, from the New York Canton and Pekin
JL 1 ca Company. For sale by
Sunbury, Dec t, 1848.
lraATENT Trusses of all kinds. Harrison's
U writing and uvkllibk ink, Cotton yarn and
laps, lust receivsa snd lor sets by
. J. 'fr. FRILITO.
Cuntmry, Dee. t, 1848.
THIS Extract Is pat p In quart bottles. It S sis limes
cheaper, pteeaaiiter, and warranted superior to any
4d. 11 cores dinaiia without vomiting, purging, sick
neaa, or debilitating tha psUeiit, Slid is parllcuarly adapted
Ths great beamy and superiority of this Sarwnarllls orer
uiner remeniea ia, wmisi it eradicates aisaaae,
tl Inrigneatea tha body. .
Conaamptlon eared.
Cleanee and Strengthen.
Oonsnmpttan eon be enred.
Bronchitis, Consumption, Lirer Complaint, Colds, Coughs,
Catarrh, Aethma, Bpiltinf of Blond, Boreneaa In the
Cheat, Hectic Flush, Night Swenta, Diffi
cult and Profnae Etpcctoratlon,
and Pain in the Side,
- tie., he.,
have and can be cured.
Probably there never was a remedy that hw been en sue
eeeaf nl in deaperate cnses of consumption as this It rleun
aea and arretiKthena the system, and appeara to boil the ul
cer on the luiita, snd patienta gradually regain their uaual
health and strength.
There is euaiwly s day pemea but there are a number of
caeca uf citiaumpiion reported as cured by the use ot' Dr
Towneen'e gempaiilra. The fill-whig was recently re
ceived :
Dr. Towio Dear Sir! For the hst three yenra I
have been alftleted with renernl debility, and nervoua con
aumniirm 'f the bit "tae;, end did not expoct to ever gain
my health at nil. After gning through a eourne of medicine
under the rare of some of the in t diatinffuiflhed regular
physicians and member of the H"-ird of Health in New
York and elsewhere, eml spending the m r1 of my enminsa
ill attempting to regain my hcnllh, and after reading in
a ime paper uf y.m, Saraemrillfl I Irs 'Ivcd to try it. After
using aix bottles I f mod it d ne me qrorit g'md, nnd called
to aee ynn at your oflice ; with ymir advice 1 kept on, and
do inoet heartily thniik yon for your advice. I pcreevere-in
taking; the Snrafipnrilh, end hflve been ohle ti attend to my
nsiml bilxira f it the Inpit four m ntha, end I hope by the
blessings nf Q"d end your Pnrsapnrilla to enitimic my
health. It helped mo beyond the expectntinns nf ell who
knew my etiso. CHARMS Ql'IMBY
Orange, Kssexei. N. J.. Aug. 8, 1H7.
Staletef New Jersey, Ksscx county, vs. Chnrlra Quim
by being duly stvarn aconling to luw, on his oath sailh,
tint the fnrrg ting statement is true according to the best of
hHknowlclge and belief. ril.HM;S Qt.'IMHY.
Sworn and Subscribed to before me at Orange, the 2d
August, 1H47. CYlltS BALDWIN.
Justice of the Peace.
Read the Mowing, and say Hint consumption is in incu
rable if you can :
New York, April 93, 1M7.
Dr. Tow3kd: I eerily believe that your rVirsnparillo
haa been tbe menus, through Providence, of saving my life
1 have for aeveral years had a bud cough. It became worse
and worse. At last I raised large quantities of blood, had
night sweats and wns greatly debilitated end reduced, and
did not expect to live. I have only used your Saranparilla
but a abort time, ami Uirre hua a wonderful chnnge been
wrought in me. 1 am now able to walk all over the city.
I raiae uj blood, and my e.nigch hna left me. You can wi'll
imagine that I am thankful ir these results. Your obedi
ent servant. WM. rt( SSF.1,1,, Gi Catharine at.
The annexed certificate tells a aimple and truthful story
of suffering and relief. Thcro are thousands of similar ca
aea in thie city nnd Brooklyn, and yet there arc thmsnnds
of parents let their children die for fear of being humbugged
or to save a few shillings.
Brooklyn, Sept. 13, 1 17.
Dr. TewssKxo : 1 take pleasure in suiting, fin- the bene
fit of thnee whom it may concern, that my daughter, two
years and aix moutha old, was afflicted with general de
bility ar.d anja of speech. She waa given up as past je
eovery by our family physician but fortunately 1 waa re
commented by a friend to try your Saranpnri'lla. Before
havi s,aed one bottle she recovered her apcerh nnd was
enabled to walk oli.ie1 to the aeloniahmrut of all who were
ocunainted with tbe circumstances. She ia now Quite well.
anu lz much better health than she haa been for lb months
uoat. JGTkI,H TAYLOR. IS York at., Bnioklyu.
Verv few families imteui in fact w have o H heard of
one that used Dr. Townsend's eUrwrnrilla in time, lost
any children the post Summer, while those that did nut,
sickened and died. The cerciheate we publish beit.W la
cmcmsive evidence hi us value, anu ia only another uistance
of ita snvuig the lives of children :
ut. lowNsKNO Uenr rir : I had two children cured by
your Sarsanarilla of the summer cnnt)l:iitit nnd dvseutarv;
one wnsimly 15 month old and tha other 3 years. They
were very inucli reiluceil, and we exeeted they woultt die
they were given up by twi respectable phy icinna. When
the doctor informed us I hat we must loselliein, we resol
ved to try your Sjreunarilla we hud heard an much of, but
had little confidence, there lieing s i much stud' advertised
that is worthless: but we are tliunkfitl that we did, for it
undoubtedly saved the lives of b ith. I write this that oth
ers muy be induced to use it. Yours, respectfully.
Myrtle-avenue, Brooklyn, Sept. IS, ls7.
Dr.Towssfxd'sSarsaparilla is n sovereign and speedy
cure iiK'ipieut consumption, and fur the general prostra
tion ol the system no nrati'.T whether tne result ol inhe
rent cause or causes, produced by irregularity, illness or uc
cideut: Nothing enn be mire aurrirising than ita nrignratine ef-
fecta on the human frame. Persons all weakness ami las
situde, from taking it at once become robust and full of
energy under its influence. Il immediately counteracts the
uerveleaaueas uf Uie female frame, which ia the great cause
It will not lie expected of ns, in cases of so delicate a na
ture, to exhibit ceriiticatce of cures performed, but we con
assure the afflicted tliut hundreds of cases have been repor
ted vi ua.
Da. Towxsexv : Mr wife being greatly distressed bv
weakness and general debility, and Buffering conliiuuilly by
pain and with other difficulties, nud having known eases
wnere your meoicine nns enecteu great cures ; ana auv)
hearing it recommended for such cnses as I have deacribed.
I outlined s bottle of your Extract of Sarannarilla and fol
lowed the directions you gave me. ln a short it
removed her eomttUunta and restored her to heuhh. Being
greatful f.a the benefits she received, 1 take pleasure in
thus acknowledging tt, and recommending it to the public.
m. u. .nuuKb,
Albany, Aug. 17, '41. cor. Grand as Lydia sis.
No fluid or medicina haa ever been discovered which so
nearly reoerablea the gastric juice or saliva in decomposing
fond and strengthening the organs nf digestion as tins pre
paration of Snrmparilla. It positively cures every caae of
dyspepsia, however severe or chronic.
units uopartmeni, Aiuonr, may iu, ima.
Dr. Townaend Sir : 1 have been afflicted for aeveral
years with dyspepsia in its worst form, attended with a iur
oeaa of atomach, loaa of appetite, extreme heartburn, and a
great aversion to sll kinds of food, aud fur weeks, (what I
eould eat) I osvs been unable to retain bat a small portion
en my atomach. I tried lb a sual remedies, but they had
bat little or no effect in removing the complaint. I waa in
duced, about two mouths since, to try your Extract of Sor
aaparilla, and I must aay with little confidence ; but after
uaing nemny iwu wines, louna ray appeuiv restored ana
tha heartburn entirely removed ; and I would earnestly re
commend the use of it to those who have been afflicted as I
have been. Yours, c W. W. VAN KANDT.
Agent for Suulairv JOITN W. FRIMNU : Nor-
fhnmherlaiid, MARY A. McCAY : Danville, WM. A.
A pill l, IMS. ly
24G and, 413
Gold and Silver Watches
Gold Levers, full jewelled, 18 carol
caaa D0 and over
Silver Levers, full jewelled $16 snd over
J.epines HI and orer
" Qusitirs, $ 6 la CtU
Gold Pencils, I 61
Silver Tea Spoons, rqu i lo coin, 4 60
Gold Pei.s, silver holder and pencil. 1 00
With s tplr-udid sssormrnt of all kind' of
Watches, both rold and silver s Hi. h Jeweliv. Stc.
Slc, (Jul I Chsm of the bet mennf ictuics, snd in
fart cveiy thing in ttie Watch and Jewelry line
at much less p ieee than rsn ba b tight io this
city or else here.
Plessa sive rhia sdtTrnsme it, and rail at ei
ther LEWIS L DO MUa.
- No 413 MARKET s rre, aleve E'eventh,
norib side, nr at J AC'O'J LADOMU3,
84 MAHEET st. fir.t store below Eigh', south
fTj" We have Gold snd Silver Levi rs still chea
per ibun the above pr es. a IiIm iuI dincuaot made
la the trade.
Hepiembet H, 1B18 6m
X: 104. Chestnut Street,
A few doors abovi Third, Philadelphia,
sroukl insit ths ladies l.i call and eismins kis
snpeiinr stork of Mufls, Doss, Tippets. cVe. of
sery eaiiet, ronsi.iinf of It rh Russia S.ble,
Hudson's bay Martin, Norsrsy M "tin, Mink 8s
his, Bsum Msnin, Kinne Msnin, Ermine, Filch
I.yns. Ac, 4.C. These skins hses ben scl teil
with rial caie, -nil are m ids tr the liest workmen
in IbseiHintiy. I.iilie m y r-at aseareil that no
article will I s offered for sale in this e-tsblishm-nl
that is rot prrlrcl in eei tevnerl.
' ' Kb 191, Ckemut street, belwetn
Third n4 fturth streets
Septemhar 80, IMS orrr -
Cotton Yarn, Cotton Carpet Chain, Cotton Laps
and' Wadjin(, Cotton Outlines, Heady mad
Pantaloons, Pnody snails Vests, Congress knives,
Porcelairi lined preserving kettle, just received
for sals Wy H.MAS8EK.
Bunbury, Dec t, 1848. .
dpi CM SItdfiS for GoQtlowsr. sjwj Ladiaajus.
4JT mervsi us. st se ! tl. I.BBXK.
BuBBury, I. t, 1848. s
Tf EiTEiui hew York.
S07 Main street, Buffalo, jV. Y.
frgetible Llthtatrlptic MtxttUT.
TILS) celebrated remedy is eomlontly incrssaing It fame
by tlie many curee it is making
It has sow become the only medicine for family use, snd is
particularly recommended for
all stages of this complaint immediately relieved, no matter
oi now long snuiuing. see rnampniet lor testimony.
and all ditessea of the srinarv omrat : for these distress
ing complaints it sunns alone I no other article can relieve
von ; ana tne cures testified to willemvlneethe most skep
tical scs pamphlet. I.iver Complsint, Billi iua diseases,
To the Oreat West especially, nnd wherever these com
plaints prevail this medicine is offered.
no deleterinus e mnvrond is s nart of this miitnre. it
cures these diseases with certainty and celerity, and doea
m, me njKcin torpia. re irampniei.
a complaint of a most painful character, is
and a cure follows by a few days use of this article ; it 11
far Iwfore any other preparation for tins disease, or for any
other disense originating from impure blood. See pam
weak back, weakness of the Kidneys, Ac, or inflamma
lion ol same, is immediately relieved by a few daya uae
this medicine, and a cure is slvraya s result of its use. It
stanas ns
for such complaints, snd slao fof derangements of the fc.
male frame.
painful menstruations. No article has ever been offered
except this which would touch this kind of derangements.
It may be relied upon aa a sure snd elTectire remedy, and
u.u n bvi n?i,,.,ii,, , u., Di , ,-',UIU KIVC
ns proof of cures in this disrrcssins class of eomolai.ii.
fee pamphlet. All broken down, debilitated cmstitutions
fnen the effect of mercury, will find the bracing power of
j T i. pots asms mineral
will find the alterative properties of ths article
and driven such diseases from the sVKtem. See namt,tet
for testimony of cures in all diseases, which the limits of
an advertisement will not neimit to be rnmnl here A reus
give tliein away j they contain 32 pages of certificates of
uign cuaracicr, bihi n srronger
of the virtues of a medicine, never appeared, tt is one of
Ilie peculiar icaiures ui Ml article Hull It never tails to
benefit ill any ease, and if bone and muscle are lell to build
upon lei the emaciated and linccrine invalid
ami kevp takiitjr the medicine dm Img as tlicra ia an im
ntminst a number of articles which come out under the
head of
as cures f 'r Dropsy, Gravel, Ac.! They are good for n '
thine, mid concocted to flriill Ihe uiiwarv l
AVI.V.J1 i UL..U
Their invent -rs never thought of curing such diseases till
this article had d aie it. A particular study of the pam
phlet is earnestly s iltcited.
Ageis aim an wno sen tne nrtieie are
enitnit'tiulv. Pur un in 30 nz. IxUtU', ut f2 ; 12 oz. do a
1 eat'h the larger httkliug 6 az. in re limn twi ainall lt-H-tlt.
Itk cut and get imposed up'n. Kvery lllle hoa
"Vnittrrlnra VeiretiiUo Lith Mitriptir Mixtnrf,"'blt)wn upon
(lie iiIiiim, (lie whiten flip nature i !(.. ('. Vnuhn'' on The
dirTUny and "G. C. Yuuglm, UmT:d atninpi-d on the
e trk. None tlmr ore Bi-nuiitp. I'reianml ly Dr. O. C.
Vanchn, ami aild at the Prineiptd Oflice, 207 Ainin atreet.
BuirIi, ut whnlfsnle nml retnil. No ntlenti n iriven to lel-
tera unlesa p'-at puid ordt-ra from reffulnrly conalitutcd
Aftenia rxrrptt'ii ; post nam leiterfl, or v-ni conmiimica
ti'infl h rticitins: odviee, promptlv nlteiHtrii tu gratis.
OrTieca devttf(l exrluBively t-.i the Kile of this art id'!
N'nsmu W. New Yorkritv: l!o5 ErGnA W.nlem Masa.:
and Itv the prinriiml Druggists In. )UgliouUlie L mtcd Suites
mnu i.annna, as Agnus.
Li tit of Agents. Storra h co.. AVhflra1e Agnt Philadel
phia J. W. Kritinp, Punbury Isxiitc Uturlmrt, 8elintcrove
C. A. Wyctb, Iewiabtirg H. I. Slienfrr, Milton Hayea
V McCohnick, McEwemvill--Mias McCoy, Nurll.Umber
laml. AprU 1, 134f y
523 1S?IS'i3?3ra5b,tX2!;G?8
Patent A tr-Tislit
TUG abire Store, which is equally well adapted lo Wood
or Cteil, haa received silver medala at the faira of the
American Institute, New York ; of the Mechauica' Inati
tut., Boston; of tlie Krnuklin Institute, Philadelphia; and
of tlie Mechauica' Institute, Wilmington, Delaware.
ll la carmine, ll properly uaeu, in doing more work, witn
less fuel, tlian any other ttove yet onered to the public i in
winter it will warm the lamest kitchen, while hi summer.
with the summer dreaa attached, it throws out no more
heat than a charcoal furnace ; and for boiling-, broiling, ba
king, or roasting, it cannot be surpassed by any other Stove,
opeu fire, or brick oven.
CiBTrriCATZ or Tire Jcdois or ths Mscnastcs' IntTi
Tt rs, Boston.
We, the Bubscribera. beiint chosen Judeea hv the Massa
chusetts Charitable Mechanics' Association In Boston, on
stoves, furnaces, ranges, Ac. would inform the public, that
after testing all ths cooking stoves that wars put into ths
Fair for exhibition, snd letting each man manage his own
stove with the same kind of coal, ln order to aacertaiu
which would do the same work with the least fuel in the
same time, snd do it best, we End that Stewsrt's Patent
Summer and Winter Air-Tight Cooking Stove, mnuafnetur-
eu oy ine patentee, oi i roy, . r ., io oe lite neat, es II took
but 13 minutes to boil two gallons of water snd bake biscuit
io the same time, snd broil beef steuk, and all dune in the
best manner with seven pounds of coal, in thirty minnlea
from the time Ihe fire wae put into ihe stove. t wliich
we awnrded the silver medal.
j a mls pace, Jidok.
The mliscriliers respectfully invite the ettention of eiun
try dealers, to one of the tamm aod beat selected stock of
stoves, ever otTcred iu this city, smiug which are t he lot
Inving :
Screen Cy lenders.
Oven Stoves.
Washington Air-Tight I'ooki,
- Vulcsn Ho rlo
Kurekas do dn
Larj. Oven do do
Albany do do
Willis do ' do .
McGregor Mammoth do
Premiums Cook S ovrs.
National Air-Tight Cunks,
Pallor Stoves.
100 Louis Air-Tight Parlor Slovea.
ISO Chsrlrs the 1st AifTight do '
SOOLaJy Washington, Air-Tight Parlor.
130 Washington Air-Tight do
300 McGregor's three days Parlor Air-Tight
Cost Stoves, burning three days without atten
tion. .
For fa's wholesale and retail by North, Harri
son Sc Co. No. 390 Market street, Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, July 18th, 1818
2131 Market Street,
Duress ircDici.vrs,
Paists, Oils, Glsss, rrs-BTi rrs,
Yabsishss. Ac. &c.
Pstenl Medicines, Medicine Chests, furgiral ai J
Ohsli trical Instruments, Chemical To-hs, See.
fl Orders from M. rchsnts i r Physicians, by
letter or otherwise promptly sttenil J to.
Augus'. 9, 1848. 6m
G. & E. MisiVIITH,
(LaU uf the arm of A. O. Uugley ft Co.)
MascvseTcnias or Ooin Piss, l's ttuiDtas
ssb Psscils,
lo. 10 Maiden Lauf, ."tew-York.
WE. the Bo! scrihers ff.r to ! trade, snd
the public generally. . ur tliOiirenl style,
of Ould Pens, which sre wsrrentrd sainst all im
prfienoiis hjr fsir usage, and enw tube supeiioi
in every respect to sny others made. Having io.
creased facilities f r manufjctunng. ws are deter,
mined thai oo pen shall be tleliseied fmoource.
tsbli.hmsnt unless it ia peifrct Wo sUo keep
eonitsntly an band our superior Ould Pencils, snd
Pencils with Ten. which s are ahlsd to ffer at
lbs low set istes. All ordeis sdilisseed to the Hub.
sciibers, will ke carefully snd promptly slteaded
O. E. M. SMITH, NV. Ill isUs Uu N, T.
Ock r, IMS tvr
Lvsry day Is this celebrated medicine satenjing da
sphere of Its uacfulners, snd every year adding ts ths Ijug
catalngns cf Its trlnmpl s. . .-. fn-
A MILLION OF BOXES ars distributed annnalry whV
out fully meeting the demand ! For s-ima time poet, ths
sales have been limited slrVy f ir want cf f icililics nf nip
ply. Truly tliis Is s universal remxly I VnhernM, these
pills hnvo f.mnd their way Into the remotest corners '-f the
Union, everywhere proving their title ss ths poor nan's
fiend sk-k man's hope the marvel snd blessing of tbs
For s trifling sum, every iraliridusl and erery family miy
have HEALTH INSURED tu them for an'.e ie
riod ; and wliat is life without hailtli but s miscrsbls axil !
It ia too prenlimsn boon to he tampered with, by trying
all sorts of experiments upon it. The sick should use those
medicines only which experience lias sliown to be the best.
a physicianTtestimon.
From Catskifi, Green County, New York. ,,
Dr. W. Wright Dear Sir : I have found your Indian
Vegetable Pills s valuable remedy in croies of General De
bility of the system, and in sll Billioua disorder! I am alfr
in the habit of recommending them to females in peculiar
I observo them t- eperate in the system without producing
debility or pain, leaving it in s healthy condition.
June im, 16t. Jons, M. .
From Norton Hill, Green County N. Y.J
Dr. Wright : We have used snd sold your Indian Vageur'
ble Pills for three years past, sndd) not hesitate to recom-'
mend them to our friends and customers as the best Famity
Medicine in use. N. ft L. RimaBnl,.'
From MaTble Hut. Pa.J ,
TuDr.W. Wright Dear Sir : For the last two years I
hare hud the agency for the sale of your Indian Vegetable
Pills at this place, and have sold annually large quantities at
retail. ' They have in every instance given entire aatitfae-.
Hon. Mnny families in this section keep them, and considsr
them invaluable as a family medicine. There is no medF
l'iur s-.)d here that can lie so universally recommended as
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills. Very truly yours,
February 1, 161". W. M. Lrxrss.
The following letter is in reply to s note from our sge-it
atkiug Dr. Bouton's opinion of this medicine:
TrxmiAXiocs, August 29, 1P4S.
Mr. A. Durham Denr Sir : In reply to your note of yes.
terilny, I would r.nte, Hint I have occnsionully f.iond it con.
vcuii'l lo use the vari mi "Patent Pills" vended in the allocs .
suJ While I am unwilling to say anything todepreciate the
value nf othern, I am free to cmfess that 1 consider Wright'
Indian VreUible Pills superior to all others with which I
am acquainted. I hnvc used them f ir many yeara both ia
my own family and in my practice generally, and they have
uniformly proved mild, certain and sufe iiftlicir operations
The cure and skill with which these pills have been hitherto
manufactured are, in my opinion, a sufficient guarantee for
likeg hhI results iu future. Very respectfully,
B. A. Boutox, M. D.
Mr. B is a practitioner of long experience, well known
in snd even beyond the lines of Wyoming county. Ha is
a graduate of Pennsylvania, and highly popular with the
people among whom he resides.
Uevrarc of Sugar Coated Counter
feit .
nemember that the original and only genuine Indies
Vegetable Pills have the wiitten signature of Wrs. Wright
OS ths top label of each box .'
. . . ron
Vt right's) Iudian Tegetable IMIH.'
John W. F riling, Sunbury.
Henry Msrser, Sunbury:
Hays ft McCormick, McEw.nsviUa.
F. KsutTinsn, Augusts tp.
Jolm II. Vincent, Chiliaquaqus.
Kase ft Bergstrcsser, Elysburg.
W. Rothermel, Little Mahonoy.
Heinen ft Brother, Milton.
Forsyth, Wilson ft Co., NortharobsrlraeV
Jas. Read, Pottagrove.
W. ft R. Fcgely, Shsnwkintown,
J. C. Morgan, Snyderstnwn.
W.Dcppin, Mahonoy P. O.
Bonneville Holshue, Up. Mahonoy.
J. O. Reno, Line Mountain P. O.
Ben. Heflner, Lower Mahoning P. O.
Amos T. BHasell, Tnrbuttanlle.
O. J. ft T. Piper, Wstsonville.
E. A. Kutzuer, Boonsrills.
H. H. Knsble, Elysburg.
OrTices devoted exclusively to ths sals of Wright's Indian
Vegetable Pills, Wholesale snd Retail, 1G9 Race St., Phila
didphia, -2? Greenwich street, 7T-York, and 196 Trcmout,
Dee. 9;h, I?49. ly. '
rquitiible IJfe Insurance, tnntilty
nnd TriiNt Company. .
Capital P-?0,""J0. :iiiiTEn Put rer cal.
rpIIE Coininy are n-iw pre;sired ts transact bueiues
1 up -ii the in st libend and advautacc'us terms. Thev
are snlli-Tiled by their eharler (sect. S) "to m tke all and,
every iiwiirenee appertaining to life risiis uf whatever kind
or imlure. nud 1 1 receive and execute trusts, mtke endow '
nients, and to grnut nnd purelutse annuities." Tha CorS
paiiy sell Hiuiniiii-s and cjul.iwnicnts, and act as Trustees
for minors and heirs.
Table of Premiums irquurd for the Assuruice of 8100 for
the w hole lexui of Life.
7 M
Age. I Prem. I Age. Trem. age. Prem.
t 1 90 31 O0 40 l' 3WI
17 1 S3 W s is 47 .1 4
18 158 SI t3il 48 3 (hi
1 I 89 34 i 7 4!) 3 77
DO 1 SO 13) SO 3 ftt
it 1 63 3S 40 At 4 l.r,
2 160 37 47 S!l 4 3Ji
S3 16' SU M S3 4 SI
lit 174 9V , 03 54 4 71
85 , 1 70 40 SI 70 81 4 01
' iw 41 a Rt so si
it I b 43 8 Oi 7 S M
W li4 43 SOI M (91
no l ii iu' ss s 7a
30 4 04 45 3 23 OH Id
The premiums sre less than sny other company, and Us
policies anord greater advantages. Tables oi huli'.yearly
and qu-irierly preroiume, half credit rate. a premuim, short
terms, joint lives, survivorships and endowiueuia; slat,
tunu of Applicati.iu (f.c which there are blank aheeis1) sre
tu he bad on applieatViu at the omce, or by letter to the
Agent, J. U. Pl'KOY, Bunbury.
Rats, sob uiscaixo 9100 on a sliajle Lus
Fur 1 year.
F. 7 yeara
For Life
I. an
Example A person aged 30 years next birth day, by
paying the Company at cauls wuasl secure to bis laraily
or heirs ftlOO shoukt he die S one year ; or for 8fl,g0 be ae
cures to them feUOUU; nr fur 913 annually lor seven years
he secures In them KIO00 srenild he die hi seven years; of
for 8,40 paid annually during hie be secures giouO to htt
naid whn he dies. Toe insurer securusf hiaowabsiss,
by the duference in am ainlor premiums fntnthoae charged
by other wficea. For all a, 30 the heirs would receive SiOOU
should he die in one year.
Fornu ot'applioatiou and all particular, may be hod at
the oiuee. J. W. CLAGIIORN, rriueat.
TBiiki crx FSiKcis W. RaWLi.
H, a. Tuckeu, Secretary.
CoNncxTiso I'ht.uiin pr. J R. Msaker, Hunbury.
J. II. PiKBT, rJuuUiry, Agent ftirKnrth'tnibcrlsnd soua-
HuntHjry, July 8, 1IS
wixk Atvu laqt'on DKiLcn.'
Ae S93 J.oref Street, Behw Eitfith, North aaV.
.... . , I'niiifilcisHii.
Keeps fonstantljr on band' all kind ef old Lr
qnor, n': Superior old rye si hiskey superior'
Brandy, Oin, Itc. Also wbits brandy fo. preset
ing, V d t berry and DUckkerry brandy.
I biladeljihia, June 3, 1818. ly