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(Fium the PhUadHphla Udger.J
WssHirtotcm, Sunday, Jan. 1.
TheDelegleaqr,iHe Caucus of Southern
members hers .adopted tha report prepared
by Senator Berrien, and rejected tha repert
offered by Senator Calhoun. Senator Be rri
q'a ,feport ia legal in character and mild in
Highly f aipariaat Iran tke SeM ttegtoa UMm
to ths
Waihinotok, Jan. tl.
The Union of this morning publishes let
ters from Lieut. Larkin, received at the State
Department, and dated Monterey, Nov. 16ih.
He states that the gold ia increasing in siae
and quality daily. Lieot. Larkin further
states that he has examined several pieces of
the precious metal weighing from one to two
jMundseach, and has heard of several lumps
being found weighing sixteen pounds each,
and of one lump that weighed twenty-five
Many men who were, comparatively
speaking, beggars last June, are now worth
twenty thousand dollar?, accumulated Uj' dig
ging and trading with the Indians. One hun
dred dollara is considered on ordinary day's
work. From July to Ootobitr nearly one half
of the diggers were sick with fevers, though
there had not been many deaths The Indi
ans trade an ounce of gold dust for a common
calico shirt. Others sell it nt ten dollars per
ounce for specie. The gold region is known
to extend three hundred miles, and the pro
bability is that it extends to the distance of
one thousand miles.
A letter from Com. Jones slates that things
are in a deplorable condition. Anarchy pre
vails. Even his oflieeis are disposed to do.
sort for the gold regions. Several petty offi
cers snd seamen have already deserted his
ship. He says that the Indians are selling
ruU dust at fifty cents p-.-r ounce.
A-Mltlearat Calllernla Ow. V. S. Vre.ele Drarrt
ed Scarcity ol Provl.lene, arc.
Baltimore, Sunday Night, Jan. S I.
A number of vessels that have arrived
lately, have been deserted by captains, cooks
and all hands. The captain of the ship Isaac
Walton offered discharged soldiers 850 per
month to go toCallao, but they refused to ac
cept it. The captain was finally supplied by
government sailors. All the United States
vessels at San Francisco and Monterey are
short of hands. The U. S. ship-of-the-line
Ohio is one hundred and fifty hands short,
and sailors continue to desert at every op
portunity. The population of Oregon and the Sand
wich Islands aro rapidly pouring into Cali
fornia. Nearly all the soldiers, and some of the
officers of the Third Artillery, have deserted
and set out for the gold regions.
. Provisions are very scarce, and almost any
price is paid for them in the currency of the
country gold dust.
Board cannot be obtained for less than four
dollars per day. Washing is six dollars per
Merchants' clerks get from two to three
thousand dollars per annum.
Washington, Jan. 21.
The Whig Congressmen of Pennsylvania
held a meeting in the Capitol, on Saturday,
and adopted resolutions, asking from Gen.
Taylor the Treasury department for Penn
sylvania. They also fixod on Andrew Stew
ar, Esq., for Secretary.
Electlea mi Gen. Caee to the V. S. Senate.
Cleveland, Jan. 22.
A report has reached here, pretty well au
thenticated, that the Michigan Legislature
has re-elected Gen. Cass to the U. S. Senate.
Th Virginia Leg lalatare a ad Slavery.
Richmond, Jan. 23.
The Legislature of this State have adopted
a series of strong resolutions in favor of Slave
ry, in order to counteract the feeling in the
Iaaagarattaa ef Feveraor Ford.
Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 23.
The long delayed inauguration of Governor
Ford took place here this morning, in the
presence of a large number of spectators from
the surrounding country.
Ilea. Henry Clay Noniiaatrd for Senator.
Louisville, Ky., Jan. 23.
The Whig members of the Legislature of
this State have met in caucus, and nominated
Hon. Henry Clay for United States Senator.
The Mcetlag between Geoerat Taylor and Mr,
. Baltimohe, Jail 22.
The New Orleans Delta has the details of
the first meeting of General Taylor and Mr.
Clay. They met on board the steamer Prin
cess, and as the General passed by the din
ner table, he recognized Mr. Clay, and bowed
to him ; but Mr. Clay not appearing to recog
nize him, a gentleman at the table remarked,
"Mr. Clay, that is Gen. Taylor."
"Is it !" ejaculated Mr. Clay, with surprise
and pleasure in his countenance ; and imme
diately leaving his dinner, walked into the
social hall, and with that warm frankness
and earnestness characteristic of him, extend
ed his hand to the General, who grasped it
very warmly, and shook il very energetical.
.After the first salutation, Mr. Clay re
marked',, Why, General, you have grown out
of my recollection." "Yon can never grow
out of mine' replied General Taylor. Mr.
Clay then congratulated him on his election
to the Presidency, and hoped that his ad
ministration would1 be as successful as his
military career bad, Been. The General
thanked him and said, "I am not President
yet." The interview was most social through
out. Mr. Clay appears to have recovered his
The Cholera Js still rapidly abating at New
Orleans, and the city is filling up with citi
zens and strangers.
Cheating the Wosms.S, William says
that a farmer it Seneca county, N. V., finding
the worms destroying hit newly planted crop
of corn,' planted again between the rows.
The worms confined themselves to the first
till, and he harvested a heavy, full, and even
Insanity. There are in New Jersey, ac
cording to the statements of Mies, Dix, 442
insane persons being 1 to every 844 inhabi
tants There are a greater number Id pro
portion to the population in A State, vii:
Maine, where there are 1 to 798 J New Hamp
shire, 1 to 663 ; Massachusetts, -I to 580 ;
Rhode Island, 1 to 508 j Connecticut, 1 to 572
Vermont, I to 710; and Kentucky, 1 to 790.
In New York the proportion isonly 1 to 1,038
while in South Carolina it is only 1 to 8,158 J
in Louisiana, 1 to 8,624 ; in Michigan, I to
8,263; Iowa, 1 to 3,919; 1 to 2,081 in the
District of Columbia, &e. Without stopping
to remark upon the fact that thero should be
fewer lunatics in South Carolina than in any
other State, it is noteworthy that the propor
tion should be greater in the New England
States than in any other part of the Union ;
we might say, perhaps, in the free than in
the slave States. These statistics present a
subject for interesting inquiry. The propor.
tion of lunatics to the whole population of the
Union, according to Miss Dix's tables, is I
to 977 ; by which it appears there are nearly
18,000 lunatics in the United States.
Wonderful, ir True. Mr. Henry M.
Paine, of Worcester, Mass., informs the "Sci
entific American" that he has discovered a
plan of generating light, by "mechanical ac
tion," from water and lime. Mr. Paine says:
"I have continued tho experiments at in
tervals, and I am now enabled to announce a
successful result. I have produced a light
equal in intensity to that of four thousand gas
burners, the largest 'bat's wing1 pattern, with
an apparatus occupying four square fet of
room, at ti cost of one mill per hour, the cur
rent of electricity Using evolved by the action
of machinery wound up with a common lock
key, and the only materials consumed arc
water and lime.
"I am now engaged in making an appara
tus for public exhibition, which will be com
pleted this winter, and all its parts submitted
to public inspection, except the interior of the
generator. . This apparatus I shall exhibit one
year, at the termination of which I will make
public the mechanism of the generajpr."
Lamps will have a lessdisagreunble smell if
you dip your wick yarn in strong hot vinegar
and dry it.
KF Another fire occurred in Danville
last week. The Hotel occupied by Henry
Weaver, took fire on the night of the 13th
inst., and was only subdued by the timely
and active exertions of Mr. Weaver himself.
The furniture in the room where it' caughti
was nearly all destroyed. The Democrat
says, this second fire has so far aroused the
energies of the citizens, that they have ac
tually procured a ladder to reach ' the old
Court House bell. Where is the "Big In
gine," friend Cook?
Tvksdat, Jan. 23, 1849.
Wheat Red is worth 110 a 111 cents;
white is held at 113 a 115c.
Rve Pennsylvania is worth 68c.
Corn New Penru. yellow is held at 61c,
while 58e., weight.
Oats Southern is held ut about 30 a 33c.
Wiiisket. Sales ia hhds at 23o and in
bbls at 21 cents.
Corrected weekly ly Henry Masser.
Water. .
Com. .
Oats. -Bums.
Hecklid Fla.
Dm ed -Do.
DOCTOR D. JAYNE would respectfully in
form the public that he publishes annually for gra
tuitous attribution, by himself and all his Agents,
an Almanac, called
Jaync's Medical Almanac,
The calculations for this Almanac are made
with groat care accuracy and for five dilTcrent La
titude and Longitudes, so as to make them equal
ly useful as a Calendar in every part of the United
State and Bitish North America. They ore
printed on good paper, and with handsome new
type, and are neatly bound, and beside being the
neatest snd most accurate Calendar printed in the
United States, they contain a large amount of val
uation, information, suited to the wants of all, and
of thnt kind too, which cannot be found ' in books.
mark and direction for their removal if really
invaluable, and make them welcome visiters in
every house they enter- Every family should
possess at least one of these Annual. Hi Alma
nacs for 1649 is now ready for distribution, of which
he designs to publish at least TWO MILLIONS,
and in order that they every fumily in the United
States and British America, may be furnished
with a copy, he hereby invites
to forward their orders to him as early as possible,
and they shall be supplied GKATLITOL LY with
as many copies as they may deem necessary to
supply their various customers. They are also in
vited at tha same time, to tend a copy of their
-BUSINESS CARD," which will bt printed and
placed on the cover ol the Almanacs sent them,
also without charge.
They are also requested to give all necessary
direction how the Almanacs should be forwarded
to them. By law they cannot be sent by mail un
less the postage is first paid so them hare.'
Orders, (pott paid.) directed to DR. D. JAYNE,
Philadelphia, will saeet with posnpt attention.
VT FAMILIES can obtain (boss Almanacs
Gratis of WM. H. THOMPSON, Sunbury,
Agent for the sale of Dr. Jsyne's Celebrated
Family Medicine.
Sunbury, January 13, 1848 3t o
A XE8 of a very superior quality for sale by.
. H. MA88ER.
Sunbury, Dec J, 1848.
TAISIN8, currants, citron, choree, pepper
- sauce, tic,, For sale by J. W, F RILING.
Bunbury, Dee, i, 1848,
--- j ri '' ; ' t "
ULASTER, Salt and Fish, ifet received and for
Sunbury, Dee. 2, 1848. . , . .
BLANK B00K8. Ao assortment of Blank
Books, just received snd sale by '
H. MA8&ER.
RunWv. Per. 5, IMS. i
Why will you luffer your Horn to die, wktn
kt may bt of times turtdfor trijlt 1
A new era in Veterinary Science Is tbout com
mencing this is needed, for it is s most lamenta
ble bet, that the science of Veterinary Surgery
scarcely has existence in this country, while in
Europe there Is a greater improvement in the
knowledge snd practice of the art, than has ever
taken place inhuman medicine.
. The undersigned has spent much time in the
study of this branch of science in "London and
Edinhoro'," end has witnessed the practice of sev
eral eminent men in Hie treatment of diseases of
Horses snd ('utile. He also availed himself of the
of the researches of l.ieliiit, and other celebrated
men, who have contributed so much towards s ju
dicious and enlightened treatment of the Ilorne.
Tho object is, to treat the ilixcasc of Cattle nn the
same fundamental principles thnt guide the practi
tioner in human juedicine, and to make uso of
those therapeutical agents only, that when given
in small quantities, are capable of exciting
snd increasing the natural functions, with
out diminishing or destroying their power. The
undersigned will devote himself to the manufac
ture of the following articles, yet every Medicine
used in regular practice may be obtained at short
notice. Pamphlets, describing the different di
seases, msy be had gratis.
O. II. DADD, M. D.
A Llt ol Horse and Tattle Mediclil.-,
Physic Ball Tonic Pow
der, Alterative Ball,
Fever Powders,
Powders, for heaves,
Diuretic, or Urine Pow
ders, Cordiol, or Colic drink.
Chlorine Solution, for
foul ulcers.
Liquid Blister,
Ointment, for promtting
the growth ofhair,
Wash, for inflamed eyes,
Healing Balsam, for
saddle galls, wounds
and bruises,
Ointment, for mange,
scratches and old
Embrocation, for sore
throat, catarrh, stran
gles, snd common
Hoof Ointment, for
sank crack, brittle &
contracted hoof,
Horse Liniment,
Distemper Powder,
Worm Powders.
Sold by GKEEN & FLETCHER, No. 28 South
SIXTH Street, Philadelphia, and by his
Agint Henry Masser, Sunbury,
January 13, 1848.
Bargain to he Itntl!
'T'HE subscriber having purchased the stock of
GOODS, formerly owned by John LWar, in
tends selling them o(T at City prices and under, for
cash or country produce. Persons in want of
Goods w ill do well to give him a call, as he is de
termined to sell.
Sunbury, Jnn'y 1 3, 1 SS 9-lf
Tl J ILL be sold on the premises, on THURf?
W DAY the first day of FEBRUARY next,
all that
and tenements together with the lots attached
thereto belonging to the estate of Catharine Ross,
dee'd., in the Borough of Northumlierland. Sale
to commence at 10 o'clock of said day at which
time terms will be made known by
Northumberland, Jan'ry 0, 1849. ts
VI 7 ILL be sold on the premises, on Saturday the
tenth day of February next, all that Farm
containing 150 acres, more or less, situated in
Lower Augusta township, Northumberland Coun
ty, about five miles from Sunbury, neur the Centre
Turnpike road. About one half of which is clear
ed and on which is erected a good STONE
HOUSE, a large LOG BARN, anextensive Tan
HOUSE, and out building, In-longing to the estate
of Catharine Ross, dee'd. Sale will commence at
10 o'clock of said day, at which time terms will
be made known by
Northumberland, Jan. C, 1849 ts
THE subscribers assignees' of Denglcr, Haas,
& Co., will expose to sole by public vendue,
on Thursday the 8th day of February, 1849, on
the premises,
known as the Paxixo Fliinalk, situate on Slta
mokin Creek about 11 miles east of Sunbury and
within one fourth of a mile of the Danville & Potts
villc Rail Road, together w ith coal house, two
dwelling houses, saw-mill And other improvements,
and with all the necessary implements, necessary
to work said Furnace. There are also, cut and in
rank, two thousand cords of Wood, which will be
sold at the tame time. The location is a fine one,
and the country it well turrounded with good
The Furnace is built on a perpetual lease at a
rent of $300 per annum for three years from April
next, after which time, the rent may be raised to
$400, per annum. The Furnace will be kept in
blast until the middle of Jan'y next. Any persons
wishing to view the same can do so by calling on
the premises. For further particulars apply to the
subscribers. W. & R. FEGELV.
Sunbury, Nov. 23, 184S
t3?" The Philadelphia Bulletin and Harrisburg
Keystone, will please publish the above, once a
week, till sale, and send their bills to this oflice.
The Pupil's friend and Teacher's comfort.
- work is already introduced into some of the
best Acadamies and a large uumlier of Schools,
where its use ha given decided and universal sa
tisfaction, both to teacher and pupil. It is purely
American in its character, based upon our own
beautiful decimal tgtltm of currency. It contains
more, the arrangements are better, and it it the
easiest and cheapest work pf the kind now in use ;
snd it is so considarel by hundreds of the most
competent teachers and men of science in the Uni
on, who have recommended It, It is the book,
particularly and expressly prepared for our Anu
rican Scholars : By Atmoii Ticinor.
Tax Yocth's Coli-mhiii CiLtrLATos. This
volume contains 01 pages, with about 900 exam
ples for solution on the slutc. It embraces the
Fundamental Rules, Compound Rules, Simple
and Compound Reduction, Single Rule of Three,
Proportion, dee.
Th-kmor's Arithmetical TssLts, is destined
for the use of younger classes in tha Schools of the
United States. A beautiful little book and pleas
ing to children, and the only one of the kind of any
There are Keys to both Arithmetics bound sin
gle or double, for the convenience of teachers, in
which the solution of the questions are given with
much extra matter for the black, board. These
Keys are the most complete works of the kind ever
published, and contain, in addition, about two
hundred example in Mensuration, eVc, for the
use of the Teacher. All that is wanted is to have
the above books examined, and no teacher who it
acquainted with th science of Arithmetic, will
hesitate to pronounce them tha beat works that
have ever been published in this or any oilier
country. - .
Although issued but a few months, they have
already been introduced into the Night Public
Schools of New York City in all tha Schools
public and private, except two, Jn the . City of
Reading. Also, in about twenty Acadamies in the
State of Pennsylvania 4n s large portion of the
Schools in ths City of Wilmington, in the City of
Lancaster, and in ths Boroughs of Harritburg,
York. Chambsrsburg, Lebanon, Doylettown, Potta.
ville, Orwigiburg, oc ckc, t
For sale by Hissr Masssr, Sunbury, Agent
for Northumberland County.
punhtrry, IV-. 1, 1 848.
THIS Powder is warranted far superior to any
thing in use for imparting a keen, smoothed ge
to Raters, Surgical instruments, and all kinds of
fins Cutlebti it msy be applied to any kind' of
strop. Also superior Rssor, Knives, and Perfu
mery, wholesale and retail, by
Depot of Fine Razors, Strops, Brushes, and
Cheap Fancy Gootlt, No. 1 8 South Fifth ttrcct s
bove Chestnut Philadelphia.
TESTIMONIALS., Feb. I Oil i, 1843.
This moy ccrtil'v that 1 have i.srd ono of the
Strop prepared with 1IAYNE' MAGIC DIA
MOND POWDER, and can at ct in the most
unequivocal niunner, thnt there in nothing con be
found that will produce the same effect in my opin
ion, nnd must say to others, try it, and you will
find it superior to any hejetoforc in use. I can
truly say that I never knew wlint a sharp razor
Was before.
JOHN SCOTT, Iron 8afc Maker, 41 S. Third st.
pHiiAnr.i.riiiA, October, 134S.
A very hard beard and tender fucc has compel
led me to seek and itt many contrivances design
ed to make shaving easy and pleasant, but with
indifferent success, until I made use of the Magic
DIAMOND POWDER, sold by Alfred Bennett,
and Rouasel's Shaving ('ream. Their united pow
er art like magic, and impart a power to the Razor
to rcunV.-? most stubborn bearj, without irri
tating the skin or temper of their owner.
J. VOX, 49 South Fifth Street.
For s.ilc at this oU'rc Price 2.'i cts. per Box.
Novembers.1, 1SI8 Cm.
The largest assortment In Town,
Jolin W. Friling,
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and
customers, that he has received the
largest nnd best assortment of goods ever of
fered in Sunbury. Consisting of
Groceries, Hardware, Quecnsware, Liquors,
Drugs, Paints
nnd a great variety of other articles.
The public are respectfully requested lo
call and examine his stock before purchasing
Sunbury, Nov. 13, 18 IS.
lies to the Sick !
llculth l the Weak!! A
riAlM is round the
Wll.'te h;""!! lU'e in An
drews' 1'AIX KILI.K rt.
ht ir t
Cumin", CoMtt, Pninn, Nerv-itis nnd Hick HV-iuIjcIkn
Rhcuiiiatinn, Cuts, Sirinnn. Spinal Aflcrtiont. Summer
Complaints, Cliolfra Mnrlu,TnttliorIi?, Kruptioits, Corna
Pile. Frozen Purl, Hurtm, Sculiis, Ague in the Knee Hurt
Breait, Paint eri Collie, Hruiftm, tild Sored, fxitw of appe
tite. General Debility, ABthtrw, Ac. Put up in bottles (ot
1, 8 or 4 lulling per bottle. For further partieulnrt nee
Pamphlets tube had of every apent gratia, containing a
brief history of the origin, discovery and from) effects of
Andrews1 Pain Killer, Certificates of Cures, directions. iVe
The triuni limit success of Andrews Pain Killer m re
moving t"9 causes that produce tleuth. the untimely death
of mi I linns of our race, mitt induced s me men of whom it
may be truly snid, their villain us occupations miinuent
their villainy, to attempt t- put in circulatr n spun tun nnd
counterfeit articles called "Pain Killer," using; fictitious
name I' r the pretended auth r, forced cert ilu-jle, Ac.
S me have upptnred, and others n doubt will npcar. I t
till remetnlrer that Andrews Genuine. Pnin Killer has the
writtfii siiruaturc of J. Andrews on the IuM of each bottle
in black ink. i m't simply ask f r Pain Killer, but ask fur
Andrews' Pain Killer, and have no other.
S id by M. A. McCny, Sole Atreiit. Northumberland ;
J. W, Friling, Sunbury; John II. Raw, Milton; Jobu R.
Myyer. 1)1 muwliurs; ; Will. A. Mnrray Jr. Co, Danville;
Davenporj A Smith, Plymouth; Andrew Yolir. V ilk ca
lm rre ; Hays fe MeOon'dick, McKwensville ; ScharTIe St
Chamlrerlain, l-ewmlmrg ; (ieorge McAlpin, Jersey Shore;
J. M. Judd, Wiltiamspoil.
Oiders addressed to I. Andrews, inventor and only Pro.
prietor at Itheca Tompkins county, N. Y. Will receive
prompt attention
September 30, 1848. 1y
Henry Masser,
II AS just received at his store, in Suiibury,
- an assortment of tho cheapest Goods, that
ever catnu to the place, consisting of
iinv ooons.
French black Cloths,' Cas.-inctts, Sec. Cali
coes, of excellent quality and colors,
price 6 to 10 cts. Good Muslins, a
yard wide, al 6 J cents.
These are not the low priced trash articles
usually sold. Muslin de I.uines. of fine qual
ity and patterns 18J. Haudsomo Terkeri
anil other Shawls and various other articles.
The public are requested to call and jud.'0
for themselves.
Sunbury, Nov. 18, 1848.
Wruli! rr fctfully ii.vile attention In Ills superior
slylo of lists fur nntumn. ISIS, which will he
found the m.'t (iptleri c ier In fre oir.-rej Id ilis
Ciimiminity. Il ppouliiir firm n-mlrr- il ths more
il imlil , s il cmntiiiir ill ths of Jura,
hiliiy uruliicatnrss, rrqnisita in that article of ilrcss
wli;u his increaKiil f.irililio in in m mulacturinii
ih nil the niodi ru impnvemi nl. rnnhl.. him
To CitALLisos thi Wobld tn pf. dues a belli r
Chiiiisss' PiKcr Hat asd Cam or tss
Latkrt Mods. These good hsve Wen se'rclrd
with great and will he found most heistilul
and ehnie in their style.
Ladils' lliniso Hats asd Cam nr Gitiii
lt tw Pattshws. Great rare has li n brstow.
ed in ronstiurtii'g thrse sit idea, ih .t they may fit
pei ficlly easy and foim a grscrfnl sppe innre.
101 Chestnut t. a few dour above '1'ljnl.
September 30, 1818 ch June 21, 1818 ly
JL P()Fi;LR WORK, in sery COUNTY
throughout Hie United In Agents, the
must Idirral enrnuiagement is cflvred wilh a
small rapiial of f'!f ti $100 A chines is pff -red,
wherehy an agent can inakn from $10 In $29 per
wei k, For further puliculma sddie (iMp iiJ)
Ni. 158 Nnrih HKt'ON 1) Kirei-t,
I'liihili-lphia. frpt. 9, 1848 -6m.
(Late Keller & i-eeiiuugli.)
Washington, D.CV
DRAWINGS snd papers for the Patent
Olfice, prepared and all the necessary bu
siness, in relation lo securing patents, trans
acted, and promptly attended. tp, at their of
fice opposite the Patent Oflice.
October 28, 1818".
ri'EAS, from ths New York Canton and Pekin
X Tea Company. For sals by
... J. W. FRILING.
Sunbury, Dec t, 1819.
J i";T 71 cnipounil, composed cf
r?- 'V' v! Twenty-Five dillcr-rnl iuqre-
M tienls, imrl is nn int. runl pud
rjrfsTTO Kxterisil Kemtsty fnrihevn-
n ns lis mm unman ii.-hji is
I writing and indellible ink, Cotton ysrn and
Ihlis, just received and for sale by '
funbury, Dse. , 184S.
SAKSA.PA1.1LLA ... .
THIS Extract In put np In quart bottle. Il uta Htm
chaaper, pitktaaiitcr, and warrant?. Mprfor to any
lM. It enrol riiscnitri wit! tout Vomiting, purging ck
naaa, or debibtnting tlin paliout, aud la paxtieuarly adapted
Tha froat baanty ind uparioiity uf thia Sartaparilb ora
othar reroedina la, wbiiM it emdicatcadiaaaar, - j
il invigorate) the bdjr.
Consuinpti u, cured. . . - ' ,'
Clannna and Strengthen. - , v
C.nnnptiii. etin bo cured. '.'-.
Bronchitis, C mftimtijti.Hi. I.ivnr Omiplulnt, CoMn, Omgl;",
Catarrh, Asthnvi, Spitting of HI wd, ft irnnom in tha v
Cher, Uiviii- Fhih, Nihl frweatf, Uifli
i tit nii'l Pntfitr'c I ,XKf toiaticii, ' -anl
l;n in the Hule.
L'lVr; jntj c-.tti Ik: r tircd. v .
Pr1iH tltrr nf vr wr a remedy rhnt lcn ar-
eewinil in ( otfvs ol roiiMunpli tn i lhi j It It .in
tra and a'rrMifi.V:i)fc tiif: ti'M?tiii, fin-1 itppcms ti lies I ilic til-
health mi I a:n;iih.
Cl.'ltioi;.- C;K OI- CONSUMPTION.
TJiire is rtflrcrlif n day pjrw Uit llitro nre a uutiitK-T of
i'iki'S of ( ttwimirtion ie;jjru:d cured by the no ol" Dr
TownMii'a Santtpniilu. Tho tillowingvaa racautly re
eel ved :
lir. TowNHFtv Dcnr fton Fit tha hist ihrra ycara 1
linve, brjii ofllijted wnli gcnerul debility, and nervou con-suniMti-tn
(if the lust Htntf'j. and did not uxpcot to ever ftin
tny fie iltii nt all. After going through a euurneof medicine
under the t;iie of aotne of lliemjai diatiiiKiiiabcd reitulir
I'liysicimm nnd membura ol the Bnnrd ol licalth in New
Voik nnd t-xr where, nnd spending the tn wt t my mrninc
in attempting to raia mv htnllh, anil after rending in
i mie piiper of ynti irwiparilki 1 reaolvetl to try it. After
twiiif aix battlea I fmnd a d me me priait p.jtwl. nnd called
to nee ynn at yonr oflice i wilh your mlvice 1 kept on, and
do moat henrtily thnnk you lor yuur advico. 1 perMvere in
taking the tferanparilla, 'nnd have been able to attend t my
umial the In at four months, audi hone by the
blessings of U'jd nnd your Hrtranpnrilla to continue my
health." It helped tnc DC ; .J exoectnlions of all who
k tevv my ense. CHARLKS 4Ui?iftaV
Orange, Ksacx no. N. J., Aug. 3, 1H47.
J:n'eof New Jersey, Kssex c.tunty, as Charles Quint
by being duly swirn according to law, on his ottlh saitli,
tint the f irejf .jnrr utatmicut ir line according to the best of
hUknowhnhrennd belief. CIIAHLK3 QL1MUY.
Sw.m nnd subscribed to bef ire me nt Orange, the id
Ajgust, 1817. CYHL'ft BALDWIN.
itutiee of the Peace.
Rend the rilknviiig, and say that conaumirlioii is in Incn
rable if you can :
New York, April f), 1I7.
Dr. Towimeno : 1 verily bellera that your Bsrsnparills
hns been the me;tn, thnugii Providenee, of mving my hie
I have for several years hud a bud cough. It beenme wrse
nnd worse. At last 1 raised large quantities of bkvwi, had
night sweats and was greatly debilitated and reduced, and
did not expeut to live. 1 have only used your Hnrsoivanlla
but a short time, and there linn a wonderful change been
wrought in me. 1 urn now nhlo to walk till over the eily.
I raise no blood, nnd my onh hns left me. You can W 'll
imagine thnt I am thankful i r thee results. Yonr obedi
ent servant. W.M. IH SI-'.LI,, 65 Cutlmriiic St.
The mmcxed crtificntf tells a simple nnd truthful story
"f suifering and relief. Tlmro are th Mimiuds of similar ea
sis in this city nnd Jlro-'klyii, and yet there up th msinuls
of jwt rents let their children die for fear of being huiulxitrged
or to save a few shillings.
Uro k!yn. Sept. 13, 1RI7.
Dr. Townsfxd : I take pleasure in staling, for the bene
fit of those whom it may concern, that mv daughter, two.
years and six imnths old, was afflicted with general de-,
bility and Iwsnf speech. Siie wiw giveu up u pust ic
c very bv our fumily physician ; but fortuiuitclv I was rc
c 'inineiuled by a friend to try your HTirsiipari'lln. Kefore
hnving used one bottle she reuoVerud hur speech atid whs
cnol.ltril to walk Mime, to the rtnt'ijin1irn!nt ri all vh ) were
ncquai;:'! with (he cireuinstMiiees. She ts nrnv quite well,
nnd much !eMT hwlth thnu she hns been for IS months
pas:. JOSEPH TAVLOH. 1 York St.. Hrkrrn.
TWO vix.lMVX SA V KI. " '
Very few f.miilie indccl in iu:! have iH beard H"
one thai used J Jr. T-iwiiRi'inrs Hitrsapnrn'ii in time, Iv
aov cliilJreit tin put Smniii'-r, while Ihos: tli-d dirt iiVTY
sii'kepcd aiu di' d. The eiTeitiente wo uuldish bel"W U
e'liiHusiv? cviildi'-y of its vnltie, ntU id unl) u:i tli uisfaucCj
t'i irn n inc; ; uf'i ii'.iiiii-n ; ,
Dr. Townr,c UenrSir: 1 had two children cured by
ynir Sirnpnril!n of ;h unni.ner etHupIaiut nnd d eiitnry t
MiewaKfidy 15 motitti old and llu oilier '.i years. They
were very m i h re hu-ed, ni,' we expert et I the v would die ;
they were pi yen np v Iwi renpcC,al1,! physicians. When
the doctor infrm"dns tlmt we must ,''' them, wo rem li
ved to try jnnr S:riainrilln we had heurtl " much of, but
had little confidence, there being si much stuff' ."'dveriused
thnt is worthless: but we are thankful that we did, frr it
undoubtedly anved the lives of bh. 1 write this that oth
ers may be induce! to use it. Yours, respeetfuMr,
Myrtle-avenue, Brooklyn, Sept. 15, 1817.
TO THE LADIES. r ,.. .
Ln. Townsenos Saksaprilla is a sovereign enJ speedy
cure f r incipient c msttinption, nud for the general prostra
ttn of the system no matter whether the result of inhe
rent cause or causes, produced by irregularity, illness or ac
cident. " - '
Nothing can be more surprising than its invigorating ef
fects on the human frame. Persons all weakness and las
situde, from tnking it at once become nhust and full of
energy under Its influence. It immediately counteracts the
iiervciesMicss of the female frame, which a the great C4Use
It will not b: rxre'ted of lis, in eases of no delieatc a na
ture, to exhibit certificates of cures performed, bnt we can
ass'tre thy ui:'.el thnt h-i.idrc I? of c?scs hare bie:i repor-ti-d
to nn. '
Jn. Tow.mkf.nd: My wife being greatly distress! by
weakii'.-MS and general eU biJ.ty, and sinlerin ronii:ua!!y by
paid nnd with other diuVuh'ies, and having known casea
where your nicbriitc b'.s cITeeteil gr.-it cures; and filao
hearing it recommended for such eases nn I have descried.
I o Warned u b ttle ot yt-ur Extract v Sarsapuritla and fit
lowed the ibreeti -us ytntgive me. In a short p'Ti-id it
removed her r-a:pl liuts and restored her to heil:h. Utility
great fill f t the lien, fits she received, I take pleasure i;t
1tuaukiivy!i;d'nn'' il, aaJ rtvui.tnaidiug it to the pu !Ic.
Albuiiv. Aug. 17, M 1. c r. Gr.uni k Lydlu s;.
No fluid or medicino has ever been discovered which so
nearly resembles the ynstrie juice or saliva in decomposing
food and streiitrtheiaiiu the organs of digestion as tins pre
parati n of SiirKipiinll.t. It positively curwj every cusc of
dyspepsia, howe or severe or chrome.
Hunk Department, Albanv, May 10, 1RI5.
Pr. Towusciul- Sir : I have been atlhetvd for bevcnil
years with ttysjH psiei in its worst form, utteuded withsur
liens of nt lu ieh, Ions of ap;tc:it:, cxtreiuu heaxtbiiru, aial a
great nveraiou U all kinds 'f fojd, mid for weeks, (what J
could eat) 1 have been unable to retail, but a small portioo
on mv siomaeh. I tried the- usual remedies, but tliuy kid
I.... i . :.. i. :
uuv nine u- s.'-i tiiwi in rruii'ivmg ijie cmpiiiini. i was in
duced, two moullis since, to try your Extract of Sar
sapnrilln, and I must say with Utile coufidcivce j butufiar
using nearly two bottles,'l found my appetite restored and
tha heartburn entirely rcni'ved; audi would earnestly re
commend the use of it to those who liave been atHieted aa 1
liave been. Yours, &c, W. W. VAN ZANDT.
Agent for Sunbury JOHN W. FR1LIXG ; 'Nor
thumberland, MAKY A. McCAY: Danville, W.M. A.
Aprils, l&
246 " and :
Gold and Silver Watches ,
Gold Lrvera, full jeweller, 18 carat
Silver Lovei. full jewillej
' I.r'llilir .
GolJ I'.nriU.
Sllvt-r Tea S(H)i. rqu .1 Iq coin,
liuld Pe , ailver ha'Jrr ami encil,
Wilh anlrruliJ aoorinnnt nf
(30 snd evr
$6 and urer
(II nd over
( fito (10
1 6.1
4 60 "
1 00
.11 kind i.f
Waict e., both kdM and ailvpr i lii.h Jwhv. Vr
Slc, (Jul I Cham ol the Iw.t menuf..ciuiei, .di) in
iat'l rvviy lliinn in tliu. V stcb nnil Jewrlry line
st much Ira fici than ran b b uglil in thi
city r eluAlitiH.
Please (.vi) thi. advrrii -me it, anj call at ei
ther LEWIS L DO Mi; 4.
No 413 M AIiKEI" re-. abrv B veiith.
r.onh at JAt.'OU LADOMUal,
246 MAKKli l' .i.'.fir-l alore kcluw Ciiih'.aouth
CTJ" We h'e (ii.Ul anJ fi!vcr Lei i'rj!l cfipa
er ihiin the above j.r.te. libi-r uiicwu t m.Je
to I he lr le. ' ;
Meplcmler 23, I H IS Cm ' 1 j
HlUl rAAtl Ulli tVH LADIliS,JVfi.VR.
Furrier: " i
Xo. IOI, ClicNtiiut Slreitv' '
J few doors above Third, Philadelphia
wtiubl invite the Indira t call; and o.iuiue, li
uppiinr kt .rk i.f Vuir. 11.'., Tipiwir t
eve.y vaiiely, eiuiaiHiin or It t h HoMU,ri.ble,'. U.y M.rtin, Norr.j M wtirv 1U..W &A
, B.uin Martin, Stone Martin, Krni"i, fyithi
l.yni. Ac, &.c, Tbei kiu..a. b,vnx'a.tad
Willi greet, Jul r,t nnly the ltAltn;kmrii
in lliecjunliy. I, uliqi in-,? fHttt.MureJ lii.t
..rticle vn.ll l DrTr.d for HtU in thi )uulllk4tsij
in.i i. not ierievi in r.ery 4'Recl, ,. i,f
As. 104, CAei4 taWv eVuxett
Third and FowtkMrtU
September 30, I81-dm , ' ,Tr "
p otton Vsrn, CottAl Csrpel Chsln, CouionlKi
snd Wsddmg, Cotton Outlines, Besdr snkis
rsntsloons, Udy mads Vests, ConjTees Kspi
Porealein lined preaerring kettles, juat received
for sale by " -. ' H. MA8SEK. ' ,
Sunbury, Dot. 1, 1S48. " -
- , .. I, ' (hi f in C j
GUM B1IOZ8 for Gentlrunen knd ilakgU
rsesi snd for sele br H. MAl'i.M
I Honbury, Vf. 9, 49. ' ' " 'J - "
207 ylatrt slretfi Buffdofjf.. Y.
K V. V!A
-i .- tJil. U.U T il 1OrAt. ') nlf .SI
'i (.V I
rptllS ocfoMtr rVnteflj- i-Wrl!rfHy WtfitiViWl
1 hf the tnariy twpt It Id th;hi'' r"-' "'-V" '' - 'j
II haa eotv Imam tin etrty tHedlcitie'ior rewllf sire, wH.
parlkutarly reeemmenrlerl fr. iv - -. u u-
.!,..ii j M .DROPStV i.M wi im'
til nffr rfli blattNtrihsiiisHy rillWtf, JJ7 Wtrjr I
ivl ell tiwneKa aC Ike evaaay. org ! tut-tkm- diellue.
Ing cnniilninl. It ninrid. nlnnn j ir other article can rettere
Vi. Ktad Uoarcte.tifiodtj.wiJIoiiiil.nin.l(ie-
lioal a aea ewiiiUct. Jjvtr Oomptaint. CiUiuae 4iena,J
! Tr-tlieOrM WeW Mtnhilly, arfl WbereVer'tlfV! WS
plmiirapreTalltriia'riKidMne I orefe.' " ; ' - 1
no rluk-tcrioua ompouiid I a part ff thia rnixture, it
enrea UieM dltooM. with certainty and celerity, end doea
not leave Uio ayMera torpid. Bkie Pamphlet. . . , .
Pit TQ .
aemainiirtef a moal jminfal chnmclcr, ia i , ., ' .
anrl cure fotlsw. by a few day ee of thlaarticle :" it la
far before any other brer Hon Cor thia diteaae, or for any
orherdiietno Orlginatm; from Impure hlood.lse. ptun
phlct. r
weak back, tyenknena of the Kidney, Ac, or inBamma
tion of name, 1 Immediately relieved by e few day uae it
thia medicine, and a cure ia alwaya a rewtlt of ita uk. It
atiuida a. ...
f r audi complaint., Siidldwf'ur.deraiigenicnla'ur the fe
male frame.
.painful meiwtrunUonl.-' No article haa ever beer) olforrd
except thi. which would touch Uii kind of ilerana-emeula.
It may he rolled upon a. a aure and cAeclire feniNly, and
uiu we reei permuirft 10 no ao e uira clve
. ... .. v A THOUSAND nIIiCSTV,:",
1'." n.wiip nsjroaMjir rim. compraaita'.
r-i:e punipnmi. vll l.r.iKcn nowil, ilel.i lilnttril C liMitution
i linn ini-vii.mti ui mercury, win nnatMBmclii mwh
lln nrtirle to act irrtmedralcly, and tli rxnsJiwii tuiiierril
erndicated irom thc'atent. . e v-
will find the altctntive properties of ihi wide "" ' '
"'WRrFY tHE-MmrrT-V. '
nnd driven nch Uauu retn-iie !evi IVo pn'mphil'
l ir ti-atnn-niy or enrea in all diacnaea, wliieh til limit of
wwciwianu uiiwi-Buriiul to tM.n.tmort lr. AcenH
l ive them nwny i the)' e uiUiin 31 pngtl i,f certirkalcatif
inyu vuurueier. alio n .tritngof
.. . AUliAY,; OF PROOF -
of the virtue, of a medicine, never oimmreil. limn,,.
lhepee4ili:ineatureaof thia article thnt it nevirfiiil. to
ociienr in nnjr ew. ami it none and muHe are letr to build
upon lei ino eruaciatcu and iirarerluir Invalid 1
I10PK ON',-"-'? .,.'- - -
and keep tnitii the mcrlidiie a. bng '''' there' ia iuiUlA
I rovement. 'nie nfnpriet ir would " ' ' ' ,,rT"
' fiTFi-rnvmrr.iirhvAler'fa
..... y4uiw.viiij, r;Lj)i,iiv-,i
ivtMnA a number, ol arueiee s which cut. ut . under uW
.fUliSAPARILLAS. 'SYftUPfi. &C.v .
Hireiirea for Drni .y, -Omvrr.'fteM They Bfc good for ON
il..-n. nnd ediiCoet. rm aiiD Wie Sntvftrt-: ' .. a ,.jij.;
... , l.ffl r t r 1,, d.. - ,',
TlK;ir mveul..r never; tjtoitthtrfii cuxuig'. such dujcaau Igl
tiua arut-ie- nwiwwe it.A.pactuiAli swwy 44 Jar pauv
v.l.rtU :iu A.tSJt)SULl AV '.nn ,.;
rnttiil'Mle.,prft aslniWrw' ejSr tO- n
?l eiieli the lirecr holulntr S r.. rt rMh tv".mtl
ilea. 1,'iok oul and rmwiaed itponi Everj"-b.l Jiaa
v utigiin-. etfetabnr'lhnrnrlptle SltXtore," browareaon
the sum, the wrilten aitruntnre of C Vnnirlm" oa the
direction nnd "U. C. Vautrhn. IlutVtl ,u etaaipeS oil She
e-WK. .none ttrrer are aenoine iTeparm-uy nr. o. c
Vaitehu, an. Met J KripetMl PiSoe, S02 ilm atreet,
RiUliilo, at wnoloale diiq i'l'h, o alltithai'given to let
ter. nnleu Krit paitV'SdSrS iiOTi treSulaaJy eonatituled
Arreiit. exceptcfl; peat puis letter., or ircrrjei communica
tions . ilieitiitg ad nee. prneiptlyelt.pded to rratie.
tilTiee. devoted rteltiiivety to-the mle' of thi. article
1.12 Nnaam at. Mew jforkverty; aryVEaaexet.&ileai, Mom.;
en. by the prinotpai BAjgi.t.thr1iugrilttbe VnUedBtatea
and Canada, aa Agenta, . ,
IM ft Aaerrta. Store ItM.-.'WIWeente Aeent Philadel.
phin J. W. Fniiiift, ftaauor. leaae Gearliart, Selin.rove
i.. a. v yetti. ixwiataire ii. i.sneaier, Milton iiayea
Jj Mt-CorpuckMc-cn.vUre Mia Mc(jXn-vtittJiuuilH5-
A;il 1, t64f-.iti ttd .(J n:et! n, '
r-T lyi . . o ' 'uj ; 1 1 : ' . . ro i I'Miii
r-pMU ii'uore tMUvawklchia uollv S:iVnpted lb Yttood
!-( C Jul, l:roOc.tliulVLT iu,'kthtu lhalh I44be
American lualtfute, X-;Yorkj otil)ij Mt-clwiiic.'Juiili-tute.
rt'rton; t.fthe r-rattklih Infli'ntei'VlillJdelphia: and
of tiit; MovhuiiH-V Institute, Wiluiiivjton.tMlawHie..' a.lua
It in ciijuible, il properly ncd, yt i.ns,iuoce,York, f. itli
lesit Uu-I, than any uthtir Stove yet oll't.-rcij lo Uie public: in
wiu'.er it will wunii llie lurqi nt kitchen, wkilo. in auinmer.
with the aiiuuuer lrea Sttacbeil, h tlrtJWa.ont iiio more
hout thmi a charcoal, lumuvc; eiut,iur b-tiiiier. broiluifr, ba
king, or roanliutr. it ennnot be aurprnrfed by any other Stove,
oi on 6fe, or bm k oaamr v r v -- m t
it - KW3onynan.ttnyXa
- . o i ' 4DM(f b.i U'eiir'
toTicvt 0 ,tiik rus JJiwxwat R-
j . , JtT,.C...T0X .. . A
We, the VurWribrjiV. beiny ehonen JrtdjrM t ff.e nftar
bniiett C)rai'iuM.'Meehaaice''AaaeiatioruWBaie'an
wovm, fnriawea, mnfraa, Ac. would iui'jruA thaAMtUiCt lfiat
alter teitiiig all the; c,xkiiii stove, that wrc put into t'ie
air t
or f,ihibtttou, and letting each matt manage hi. own
tors' with ehe
analr in aeBer to
tvleVb wnuiS (l.Au-.ane woek.wita.Uie lean fuel ia the
Sunirtief Bnd'tV'iiiter Air-Tirtt CoiiVliw toVe, miiiaifnrti
muue mite, ann no il neat, we iuiu inai mcwart'a rati
we nnd that Stewart'.. Fata
eil bv the natenlce. of Trov. I. Y.. ti uallkilidMlaanSnk
hot 10 imi:tbotWo:gaa of y,'aei aadiwiu IHScuir'
in the auine tpnid briyQieci .teak, aadalidoiie iu the
U thirty jninnt
from the timB the Cre waa ym iatoihOA..-T which
wemvm-iian uejuu-er aoetiaai h
w'fljt rjfl i
r. wi:nirF,R. Lid '
The u,wribcr.iTi-aily1oiaaterteV.a..i
try ilCTkrn, to one ol 4 lernet and-l eleeed,atok oP
novea. ever offered in' thia city, ammg V-jiieh are Th fol
lowlng: " . 1
t Ov
. uaaiiiiiatoa ni ii(-Ai -,- v. r w
1 Mi&hWWk-kttft -at. AsJ:,UilMml'k
. - y-r.-aTW.V.. V Je W1
Nstional Air-l'ltbL Cooks. . . . , ,T i; ifl-St
m -tastTrrcAi''TS.A
,130 V'a.htiilon Air-Tight Jo"
' 300 McGregor"'-. Hvv. dys PsilstXir-Tit
Coal Stoves,' burmaf three, day iho Uea-
tion ' t i.-i e..-mei. akftii mjj- v.c-.'.
VI-For iife oWnle 'ijifj reVairt'SoJlltl UsTrrl-
on m. im aau4iaraa.aveenj niretiripBiau
.mi , i:.2.l3. RKET Street, "f--
II fUftf ,lfWlU
b.wltJfAlBi. Oil, 0aeaD-8trfTS,. 1
:- a-rt rmmmks.'aVer' &c m-"
Pa! MrUuiieXrli UW!;hTtS'Ml
AhH)St I. Its iM mm Uiw ai nuu
' ilii-' t ,r r '"' '' -T 'r Ttly
411 ystrOlal tWtHI JWISP H SMIIf rtaMsM m 'MX
..T riiA49C'cif6fSa.ojr O. Bagley ft Co )
I'WlWl' Ammm m as
lffs).ta WrtetageaT Csjsj WW-York.
f taVS.raiil fSSSioeV jLfMmLfU4
of 4ioU resMs-srkaiS) se ej)rsmaiedieSleBr art tin,
CLrtVf.ioAn,bj ue!, sad s(sl a( btlsraflbi
lIwwMssvs( sne.stWs wU..HistMi
erreeil fcililire fti ejasnyfislejii 4a j' 4m.
seribsrs, ill baasssAsMa. br aaietassnOl
to. ,tvM.k J'ttn i 1
St- trtcti IryitfWtSef,., tr 1 T :
SUisrMli)rwtes rauraai4kleMt d aurwn ul .
t .1 X i 3I9ff LYk ITUOTED I
WCewZilf it r2i fl;f , , ;
s a? coi
ihta 'eiilebniteit medicn.e '.itunilr. the'
nJfiM of k tiMTtrtntM, and every year adding to the tone
oVajtef ks liiMipaat .S -j.-.l inf . ft L"v- "1
j mu-t!i OP noXlWaerdittribntelwinually whb
but filly rm.iuig th ikTtta:ilt.yr ame lime peat, IU
hale, have beetj liinUcd .tfle- fa-, want of .facilitre of sup-
ply. Truly' Hit ii a imlve'raat (ei"lj -1 V'nheraW, lliM
pill. haV6 founS their Tiy Intd rh reinoteM eoniera if th.1
Union, everVwJlere proving tlielr litnj a tKe awe ana'f
friene uH Bran' hope the marvel tni iiir of aie
ge.: ; :' :-! '! ! "; " ,
For a tridiug turn, every individual and every family m.if
havelIF.AI.TII INSURED to them for an indefinite p
riod and what i life without health but e niiacrable vxia
.tence : .',
It ia toepreclonaa boon to be tampered with, by trying
all eon of experiment upon lt. Th lie k should uae IhoM
medicine, only which experience haa shown to be the bnt.
From 1'nl.kill, ftrecn County, New York.)
Dr. W. 'Wright Dear Sir : I have found your Inah.n
Vegctnble Pilia a vuluuhle remedy in caaeaof General Do'
bility nf the nyatcm. and In all Billiou di.ordera. I am alto '
in the h tbtt of recommending them to tVmsle in peculiar
rane'a. J '
I observe ihem to upernle in the ayatcm without priKtucint
debility or pnbi, leaving it in a healthy condition.
. 4nc ! ', IMS. . . Joiui Doa.m, M.D. .
- (From Norton Hill, Gref County X. Y.)
,Dr. VV right -. We have uaul and .Jd your Indian Vegela Pilta for three yeara pa.!, nnddj n. herimte to reeenv
mend them til our frti nda and tu!oinete an the beat Family
MrrSciiie In iipc. :' .'- : N. ft L. Rtxumxr..
., .' ? 'J. ' From Marhie Ilali Ta .
T Dr. V:'Vri(ht Dear Sir i For the tout two yean I
hare hail the agency for Hie sale r.f your lndinn Vegetable
PiUa at tlri. plwe, and have anld annually large quantitie. at
retaij. 'fhoy h:re i every matance given entire aatisfitc
lion. Many Janulira ill this aeclionkecp tliem. andewaidee
them invaluable us a family medicine. There i no rnedi
Sine ild Ik-jp, lint can be n tmivcreally recoinmetuled s
Wrfjlif'alntniiYegc'.nhlc Pilli. ' Terr 'truly your,
;Arunry f. li1.' . - M .t.KX, :
5c -: ':' . . - -
T!ie following letter ia in reply to a note, from our agent
asking Dr. Ortilon'a opinion of liiia medicine:' '
'I -'' Ouiq J-! , TcMtn.vNWCK. Atietut S9, IH48. "
rrMrAvPitrlmin DoarBir: In reply to your note of yee.
teidey, 1 WouUl ai'ale. that 1 lava occauonally found it eon.',
veniet lo llc'ti.e vari us 'Tatcnt rill-' vended in the ahops ;
andwjiilui am imwilltug tj say nnytliiug todepreeiate thi
value of yTliets. I rim Tree to Mi'ifc. tliat 1 consider Wright".
Indian Vepetable Plltj attperfor to alf other, withivhich I
anJ Soqualnteu". ' 4 have oaod them fur many ycara both in
my owafamlly and tamy practice generally, Mid they aavs
tuiifucrnly proved rnikl, certain and aafe ai their operatioua
The care and .kill with which iheee pitta have been hitherto
manufactured are,'iii my opinion, a auflicient Riutrantce for
like good remit in future.'. Very respectfully, ' "
S"'' I'''-." J 1 " B. A. Doctor, M. D1' ',
iV. B la a practitioner a long experience, wall knowrt
in and even beyond the line of Wyoming county. ' He ia
a graihiale o renuaylvania, and highly popular with the
penplainong whom he reetde. . . .
fteOTrfreorgiignr Coated Conater-
-i-r-V. sb -. rells."-
t Remember ttmt' the orighnU end Only genuine India.
Yegetidvle VrlH have the wiittea aignatnr. of Win, Wrik!,i
OJAfalAf fasti ko. v. . ......
tiWl'saiki-'e) AvittliaU VogutalrlC i'lllii.
"I Julia WfJ'ryling, Siutbuty, : .; ,';,. v
J J iUf ylAXa. arty Suul ury.,
lla- 4- .Mi Cornitf'f, McKwciuviU. ,
' Y- ItiutfTnian, Auguv.n tp.
SoKirl ff. Vln.-iid, i;Ui)fqnnqpp! ''
" Kaei tttr:.-:'.rc-er,'r.lf-burg
, .'W. ftolheriiiel.- l.iuleMahonoy. tl !
. Itrioen t brclher, Milton. . " i ' - '
Fo-kviIi, '.Vilj it ft Co., Nurtliamlierlrud.
v Jns. Ree l, rottrgrovc, i, .
Y. n. tpgHy, Hnin'jiitiilown
tf. Ttf- rVin'. Siiydcrsthwii" ' " '' '
".'W.Dep'ulii. Mnhmny PI O:- !. '"' t.
I- BeiaheviUe rualiu, l'p.'Mahonoy.
t J. .Heutc Line Mountain F.O.- -. "
Bcnj. Ilefliier. 1jwer Mahoning P.O. ;
Ainoa T. Briimrl!, Tnrbutt.villa.
G.J. ft 7lp.)VwiviUe.,
' M 1 V ,
L. A,uucrfcp oiuivillB. i li
" eSMl-aB Am-tmttLl i.d. h. .id T.V, I.' ...
(SttMe W. SlfMifeUe and RoKail, W lUr tn riuta-
Bt-?tii. ' " r" . ...
f:(iuiluli Lir Insurance, Annalty
.. j,..' ninJCriMt C'fMiiaHy, .
er-iTAi eVMi. CKiaTAVt Panptrti.. ..
'pHE, CMn;iiiyare now preimreil to tuuisaot bil.lnc.
1 npon the nvrnt llherat ann advantaeanna term.. Thev
aneauUiorixed by irteir elrer Ooet- 1 l-to laake. all and
every insttrauce appertainii ff to life rifk. nf whate-er kind
or nature. nal H receive ana execute mat., make endowr
inenta, and to grant aol pim-haar anuuitiea.11 Tha Com
pany eell annuitia and endowment., end art a. Tntateea
fur minora and heir. , . , .
TUe of Prcuiium.i'eriiiired for the Anuraiire ot J10U fur
the whole term of Lite. . .
Pi em
- .. .fr ,rl . . te . .
IT, a.. . saj ...
MSm.- laTfr.'nriii : . . i ' '
IMMit Vi 1 II nitR I d
pill? H'
Age. Prea,
9 40
3 7?
i 71
4 SI
3 -
1 53
as.1 SB
' to Y os-
I 1 of
1 79
1 1
'1 h
SS :3
, Toe premium, are lo truut unv other c 'Ulijeiiy, and Ul
lit-ierT gfeaier aehraulair'e.. Table Of hall-yearly
and 4narU3tiy prtuuftaiuvluiU' credit ratea of premuira, abort
term., johlt livt-a, .itrvlvonhlrs und endowment. : al. .
JvftH Oi Appbo.'iux (M iveih there ere blank aheeta) ea
to' be hid on aiphenU' 'n at ihe tirtiee, or by letter to the
Aksss, .H.'tpY, Hduey..- - - .
: BA)K;iAUn.:"t trtOUaa aiugle Life'.; i,...
' 'Ag.-
20 .
j o ' As" I Prenl'
. at sub
M B 15
.Ik I t aa asn
31 a 47
. "-'' f;uj 33
, BO -i 40
' 37 SH7
: a in-
3t S i3
.-j: o- .tiit .
j . . 11 SSI
. u jot
1 44 a ii
' Fur Life
S.04 '
I-C09 as
Kt. m. jyjod 30 year next tvth 4r, by
for lil-JO.tO uaid aiuiuallv durinv lite be neuM attrkai in h.
rai1d afaen'bS die. ' ThehiaK eeeuriiur hia own biaiu.,
by trie Utrc.jn(UOiitt praiwuuajrorn trWMcb.rtd
by other office For Ho. M the heira would receive taouu
hS'l.o.oneJyoi'.umti- ,:m :ti . .
m apni.eeuou ann ail peniciii.r. m.v tie naa
e-iM" T .1(1. W 'LATJBORN. rnadal
L T-"-''ia W. Bawlsv . .
f" H. Q--lKk!ft,c rcrary.
'ownaweigfiinia. Qt, J.B. ttseaaa, Boatairy.
'J. H. PukdtI TSunbury, Agent for Nnrthumtwrauid ec
Binliurv, July 8, f&tS
n-n ej tod .lti't I, A
-faA-rrun' si
Sa M ':JSt4WaXS'aSMa MstSH. ' T"' ' r '
tiHwrrvcfaiitP'XiqvoB dkalkr,
MsrpM HorkM Sirs sUbw SigkIA, North pf,.
!r-"1 Stilt fni fISlSMa)IAs!,l , t s.
ftyepi eon.tentir on nann,su ateji ,tfi oU -$unerier old rye wh.Uk.y-eue.rnif.
lAMdM Sm. Its.'Afc srbit brandy- fc rear
Ufito W l"SSjiJibwrytWa4dl -
' for l-ear. t Fur 7 Year.
CI . gl
- - Mo -
l.t4 '-11,07
j eA'11..'.: "it. 9' ;
u-1 U. I.
s,'MrrM f'' ouj jj one y , ur tr k. e-
eure. to tl.-m IflbOO; or lor GI3 annua. ly fur aeveu yeara
lBaiirra-tB-ltaeUrlUi.i.iMTa vaani: or
t-..i li a a- ...a
ei-MB: ,1 c