Sunbury American. (Sunbury, Pa.) 1848-1879, December 09, 1848, Image 4

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Pleasing Reminiscences of the
We find the following in the Blairsvillt
Jlpalachian :
In the summer of 1821 1 boarded a few
weeks at the hotel now kept by Col. H.
Buehler, in Harrisburg, then ealled Mrs.
Buehler's, as the mother of Col. B. was then
living, whose kindness and amiable dispo
sition will be remembered by all who fre
quented her house 5 and more especially if
they were on the sick list, or required any
attention to increase their comfort.
At that time Gen. Heister was Governor
of Pennsylvania, and Andrew Gregg Secre
tary of the Commonwealth ; Mr. Gregg also
made his home at Mrs. Buehler's.
It often occurred that gentlemen who
stopped at Mrs. B.'s sought Mr. Gregg's
company and got him to speak of the early
fathers of the Republic, almost all of whom
he had seen and known, and to me his re
lations of matters and things of "auld lang
syne," were very interesting. He had
been a warm JefTersonian ; was elected to
Congress at an early day by the anti-federal
party ; was an intimate personal as well as
political friend of Mr. Jefferson, having
messed and lodged with him several years,
after he was a member of Congress. . ,
It was on a Saturday afternoon, in Au
gust 1821, that a particular friend of Mr.
Gregg's, Mr. J. M. Haldeman, dropped in
at Mrs. B.'s, and in the course of their con
versation Mr. Gregg related the following
little story which impressed me so favora
bly that I have not forgotten it, although
twenty seven years have since elapsed. It
occurred in Washington city, while he was
a member of Congress, and Jefferson was
He had just risen, he said, from the din
ner table when a servant announced that
two persons on horsehack were at the door,
who said they were from Pennsylvania,
and wished to see "Andy Gregg," Mr. G.
went to the door and found a German,
from Marietta with his daughter, bound to
Virginia to buy land, but who desired him
" to accompany them to see Mr. Jefferson.
Mr. G. was rather at a loss how to ar
range matters, and requested them to alight
and have their horses put away. This
they declined doing, but said if it was not
too far to the President's house, they would
get off and lead their horses there, as their
call must necessarily be very brief. The
German's tone was positive, and he would
take no other course. They did dismount
and all three walked up to the President's,
taking their horses along. Mr. J. must
have occupied at that time the block of
buildings near the capitol, that are still
pointed out or were a few years ago, as his
residence whilst President.
There was a pailing around the building
to which the horses were hitched, and the
party proceeded to the main entrance. Mr.
Gregg took the lead. After applying the
knocker, a colored servant opened the
door, but contrived to place himself so as to
obstruct the entrance. "I gave him my
shoulder" said Mr. Gregg, "and sent him
out of the way, so that we all got into the
hall. He then told us the President was
at dinner ; I knew the house well," added
Mr. G., "and I opened a room door on our
right and invited my friends in, and found
teats for them."
"There were folding doors between this
room and the dining room, and I heard Mr.
Jefferson ask the servant who it was that
wag in the adjoining room ; I also heard
him reply that it was Mr. Gregg and two
other persons, a man and a woman. Mr.
J. then ordered the folding doors to be
thrown open, and called me to come in and
join him at dinner, and to bring in my
frienris with me."
"I had dined, but my friends had not
so we all sat down to the table, the old
man on Mr. Jefferson's right, the daughter
on his left. Mr. Jefferson had the faculty
of making every person at ease in his pre
sence, and soon had the old man as well as
his daughter, perfectly at home. He was
ever fond of mixing and conversing with
plain unsophisticated men, and could un
bend to them in the easiest imaginable man
ner. They talked of farming, of the use of
plaster of paris, of raising clover, and of
stock ; meanwhile after dinner, the wine
was circulated, it was good wine, and our
German was not a bad judge."
"At length he said to Mr. Jefferson, I
am going to such a place in Virginia, and
would like to know Ihe best stopping pla
ces. As you are a Virginian, you can tell
me, of course. Yes, said Jefferson, I know
the road very well, and will give you di
rections. Then turning to his private sec
retary, Mr. Cole, he said, Mr. Cole just
take your pen and note down what I am
about to say.
; He proceeded to name the places, ob
serving to his guest that in Virginia he
must not expect to find taverns, as in Penn
sylvania ; but, said he, I am giving you the
names of planters, at whose houses you will
be kindly received and well entertained;
but they will take no pay. This is our way
in Virginia, and you will have to conform
to our customs." He went on till he
named a lady "by such a day you will
reach Mrs. Dandridges." "Mrs. Dand
ridge," said the guest ; "is she the Mrs.
Dand ridge who had a child at our . school
in Litiz, that took sick and died at my house
in Marietta, on its way home. Us mother
was with us two weeks. I shall be very
glad to see her ; she was an excellent wo
man." "It was the very same," said Mr.
Jefferson, "and I am glad you think so well
of her, for she is my sister." "Your sis
ter," said our Pennsylvanian, "is it possi
ble !" And forgetting that he was not in
his own well stored house, or a Lancaster
county tavern, he smote the table with his
fist, and cried out, "come, by George, we
must have another bottle of wine." "Cer
tainly," said Mr. Jefferson, and it was
brought, and the President and his guests
chatted till near sun down. But our Ger
man said he must be at a certain place that
evening, and arose to start. Mr. Jefferson
accompanied them to the door, but their
horses were gone. This was soon explain
ed, the republican chief had even attended
to them. They had been sent to a liverv
stable and fed. They were brought to the
President's, and there, after cordial shaking
of hands and kind adieus, the company sep
arated, pleased with the Xree and social in.
tercourse they bad enjoyed; and as re-
Sarded our Pennsylvania friend and his
aughter, delighted with the kindness and
urbanity of the great democratic chief, who
in his intercourse with hit fellow men was
plain, as simple, and as free from artless
nest or thara as the humblest man in the
nation. .,
W )
Scrofuli or Kihs's Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutaneou.
r- . : n: . I . 1. - (
Biles, Chronic Bore Eyes, Ring Worm or Tetter,
Scald Head, Enlargement and Pain ofth.
Bone, and joints, Stubborn Ulcers, Byphi
. litic Bysiptoms, Sciatica or Lumbago,
diseases arising from an Injudi
cious use of Mercury, Drop
ay. Exposure or Impru
dence in life; also,
Chronie Consti
tutional Dis
orders. tn this medicine several innocent but very potent articles
of the vegetable kingdom are united, forming a compound
entirely different in its character and properties from any
other preparation, and unrivalled in its operation on the
system wnen larjoriiig tinner disease, it snould De in the
hands of avarv nerson. who. hv business, nr otirM
of life, is predisposed to the very many ailimeuta that ren
der life a curse, instead of a blessing, and so often result in
Sr. Drake's Panacea is recommended as a certain remedy,
ut one instance of its failure has ever occurred when free
ly used ! It cures the disease and at the same time imports
vigor to the whole system. Scrofulous pemwa can never
pov too much attention tn the state of their blood. Its pu
rification snouid oe tneir first aim ; for perseverance vill
accomplish a cure of avast hereditary disease.
Srnryy, Scorbutic Affections, Tumors, White Swelling.
Krysipclas, riccrs. Cancers, Running Sores, Scabs ami
Riles, Pr. Drake's Panacea cannot be too highly extolled ;
it searches out the very root of tho disease, and permanent.
V. i i , j- i .
i-,.. lui-iMiuii iFi-iuupn mi. cfn ucen uiscoverea wnicn
gives so much tone to the stomach and causes the secre
tion of a healthy gastric juice to decompose the food as Dr.
Dr. Drake's Panacea is used with the greatest success in
Khcumutic Complaints, especially such as chronic, it cures
by driving out nil impurities and foul humours which hnva
accumulated in the system, which arc the cense of Rheu
matism, Uout, and Swellings of the joints. Other remedies
sonielitucs give temporary relief j this entirely eradicates
the disease from the system, even when the limbs and bones
are dreadfully swollen.
Cosscmptios caw BR ctjrbd. Coughs. Catarrh, lirnn
chilis, Spitting of Mood, Asthma, Difficult or profuse Kx
pectonition, Hectic Flush, Night : Sweats, Pain in the side
vc. have been cured, and can be with as much certainty as
any other disease. A specific haa sng been sought for, but
in vain until the discovery of Dr. Drake's Panacea. It is
mild and safe but certain nnd efficatious in its operation,
and cannot possibly injure the most delicate constitution.
We would earnestly recommend those afflicted to give it a
trial and we believe they will not hnvo occasion to regret
it. The system is cleansed and strengthened, the ulcers on
the lungs are healed, and the patients gradually regain their
usual health and strength. Read the following :
PurLA., Dee. 14th, 1817.
Drab Sir : In reply to yonr question respecting the use
of Dr. Drake's Panacea. I will anv. ilitit nltKonr, - na.rnn.
disbeliever in the existence of a Pakacka, or cure for all
diseases, however valuable it may be in certain conditions
of the system, still I have believed that a cure for Consump
tion would be discovered sooner or later, and cuuosity led
' ' in .wo very inveterate cases.
I hey were pronounced by the attending physicians to be
PULMO.f ART CONSUMPTION, and Blsuutoruvt hv I ,
cl RABLE. One of the persons had been under the treat
ment of several very able practitioners for a number of
yeara, and they said she had "old fashioned Consumption
combine with Scrofula," and that she might linger for soma
lime nut coiiia not he permanently relieved. In both cases
the effect of the Panacea has been most gratifying. Only
four or five bottles were usnt hv nn. of if.. h.r..-
she began to improve rapidly. Tho oilier took about ten.
I will only add that familiar as I am with consumption by
inncrnance aim Dy extensive nliservation as a study, and
knowing also the injurious effects in nine eases miinfm
of tar, boncset, and other vegetable tonica, as well as of
uiuijr v. me cAntAjuHuuui mm Bconiivcs, i should never have
recommended the use of Drake's Panacea if I had not been
acquainted with the ingredients. Suffice it to sny that these
are recommended by our moat popular and scientific physi
cians, ami in their present combined state, form probably
the best alterative that has ever been made. The cure is
in accordance with a theory of Consumption broached in
France a few years ago, by one of her most eminent wri
ters on medicine, and now established by facts which ad
mit of no dispute.
Very Respectfully Yours, I C. Gl'NN.
Trt n. 111. lm,m.n nr-..All. i 1 Tl n 1 n ,
... H.v .., all,IICI, -xji, untKeu j-nnacea in
always salutary in its effects never injurious. It is not as
Opiate it is not and Expectorant. It is not intended to lull
Ihm toimlirl i,.,n a .....:.. I. : .
. .......... . (nM.. Bcvumy. ii im great remetty a
grand healing and curative compound, the great and only
retnedv wltie), n,pf1inl m-uhm. .....I -i.,i I ..... .
e , , . " ei pr'Ktuceu
for the treatment ol this hitherto uneonouercd malady. And
nrt twkro, nfflint.! ...itk .1.:- A ij: . . i .. .
"r i nl,H "", "'"w "iKHw, ma oe nisi to
himself and his friends, if he go down to the grave without
- '""i n Biiigiu ikhuc, in most enses, will pro
duce a favorable change in the condition of any patient.
Indies of pale complexion and consumptive habits, and
such as are debiliateil by those obstructions which females
aie liable to, are restored by the use of a bottle or two, to
bloom vigor. It is by far the best remedy ever discovered
for weakly children, and such as have hnil I.,,,,...,. . ir.
pleasant, they take it. It immediately restores the appetite,
strength and color.
Nothing can be more surprising than its invigorating ef
rects on the human frame. Persons, all weakness and Ins.
situde before taking it, at once become robust and full of
energy under its influence. It iminediute counteracts the
nervclessness of the female frame.
CAUTIOV Tin Mr.r.t nr.A tl... . .1
- ....... ...ii. .im. jvh fiKi me genn-
tne Dr. Diake's Panacea it has the signature of Geo. F.
Storrs on the wrapper and also the name "Dr. Drake's
Panacea, Piula." blown in the glass.
siS'W Co., Druggists, No. 21 North
oixtn St., Philadelphia.
Agent for SunburyH. MASSER.
Sold also hv Ww A VT ....... . -.. Tl III a.
n, Milton; Marv McCot, Northumberland : E. P. Ltni,
Bloomsbuig. '
April 1, 1848 ly
Seal and Letler-Copyinp; Presses, Patent
Slate-Lined Uefri'enitors, Water Fil
ters, Patent Portable Water Clo
sets, intended for the Sick
and Infirm.
76 South Third Street,
Manufacture and keep constant'
ly on hand, a large assortment of
thealsive articles, together with
i'! ' "le'r ''"tent Improved Salamander
ViftjJQSf a" ""tuner of doubt as to their
ti.-iisb being strictly fire-proof, and that
ney will resist the tire ol any
buildillff. Thrt niilHiilM MUt Mf
these Safes are made of boiler iron, the inside cuseof soap
stone, and between the outer case and inner case is a space
of soma three indies thick, and is filled in with indestruc
tible material, so as to make it an impossibility to bum any
of the contents inside of this Chest. These Stxtpstone Sa
lamanders we are prepared and do challenge the world to
prudiicc any article in the sliape of Book Safes that will
stand as much heat, and we hold ourselves ready at all
times to have them fairly tested by public bonfire. We
also continue to manufacture a large and general assort
ment of our Premium Air-tight Fire Preof Safes of which
there are over duo now in use, and in every instance they
have given entiie satisfaction to the purchasers of which
we will refer the public to few gentlemen who have
them ui use
Haywood fc Snyder. Pottsvillej Joseph O. Lawtoa
rinuviuo, mi. .v iiiuim tarr, uoyresiowii, ra.
N. t G. Taylor, 1 north 3d st.j A Wright Nephew
Vine st. whan j Alexander Caror, Conveyancer, corner of
Filbert and oth sts.; John M. Ford, 34 north 3d st.j Myers
Bush, 911 north 3d St.; James M. Paul, 101 south 4th sl.
Dr. David Jayne, 8 south 3d st.j Mathew T. Miller, 90
south 3u st.j and we could name some hundreds of others
II it were necessary. Now we invite the attention of the
public, and particularly those in want of Fire Proof Safes,
to call st our store before purchasing elsewhere, and we
can sill inl y them they will get a better and cheaper article
at our store than at any other establishment in the city.
We also manufacture the ordinary Fire Proof Chests, at
at very low prices, cheaper thou they can be bought at any
other store in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, April 8, 1848 ly
George J. Wearer,
No. 19 Water Street and No, 1 1 North Wharvet
PAS constantly on hand, a general assort
ment of Cordage), Heine Ttarinea, dtc, vii t
Ropes, FUhlug Ropes, Whlla Kopea, MinU
ia Ropes, Tow Lines for Canal Boats. Also, a
complete assortment of Belna Twines, eVe, such as
Hemp Bbad and Herring Twine, Beat Patent Uill
Net Twine, Cotton Shad and Herring Twine, Shoe
Threads, tVe. dus. Also, Bed Corda, Plough Lines,
Halters, Traces, Cotton and Linen Carpel Chains,
dec., all of which he will dispose of on reaaonable
Philadelphia, June U, llii. ly
jw Ta
Plated and Britannia Ware, Cutlery, and
Pansy Goods, and Manufacturers of Jew
elry and Silver Ware, 1S3 Cheanul street, Phila
delphia; have received by late arrivals a large and
handsome tock of English and French Watches,
and Marble, Porcelain and Fancy Clocks.
Plated Urn. Caatora, Cake Basketa, High and
ChamberCandlesticki Soup Ladles, Bpoona and
Forks. Alia good assortment of Britannia
Ware and Fine Cutlery.
Their stock of JEWELRY is large and oflhe
most fashionable kind, and they are well supplied
with 8iler Spoons. Forks, Mugs, Napkin Rings,
Butter Knives, dee., and without making any dis
play of prices in the public prints, they are pre
pared lo aell aa low at those who do, and invite
persona wishing to purchase to call.
Philadelphia, June 10, 1848. 6m
Pictorial Edition of cVAubljrne's
great Work on the Reformation
published on nr about the 1st of April, 1818, by
JOS. A. SPEEL, No. 96 Cherry at. above 6th,
hit splendid 12mo edition of the above named
work, with 18 engraved illustration! from ori
ginal designs; 4 vols in 3, bound in extra cloth
and library sheep.
The publisher respectfully calls the attention
of the trade and the public generally, to this
work being the only illustrated edition published
in the United States He trusts that the beauty
of its embellishments, the strong and substantial
manner in which it is bound, in conjunction with
the known popularity of the work itself, will be
a sure recommendation lo public lavor.
JOS. A. SPEEL, DO Cherry st. above Clh.
J. A. S. has also lately published, a new and
beautiful .f.dition of Sergeant Bell's Raree Show,
a suitable book for children, neatly done up in
extra cloth.
Philadelphia, April I, 18-18
rare. tMuiwmmnm
Ml "iC-XM 11 1 SH 1 1 1 1 1 r. s
Tn presenting the public with a remedy for the treatment
iuiii urr ui r KVK ahu AitiiK aim oilier uuious oisensca,
uo apology is nestled. Vast numliers in the Tinted States,
who suffer from these affections in their vnried forms, are
compelled to seek relief from other sources than the imme
diate prescriptions of the regular physician. It. becomes
therefore an object of humanity, as well as of public inter
est, to bring liefore them a remedy prepared ftom much ex
perience, and which may always lie relied upon aa safk,
such is th true character of the INDIA CHOLAGOGLE,
is amply attested by the universal success with which it has
been employed.
tW Kilrnot from a communication of the Hon. Wil
liam Woodbridge, of tho U. 8. Senate, late Governor of
Dxtboit, Oct. 21, 1S10.
Doctor Charlks Osooon,
Dear Sir, I have read with much interest, yonr little
trakatisi upon the '-causes, treatment and cure" of the
febrile diseases which have so extensively prevailed in our
country during the Inst few months an interest incrensed
no doubt, by the fact that I havo individually suffered so
much from them. Though 1 feel myself very' incompetent
to judge safely upon a subject so entirely professional, yet
your theory seems to me well reasoned, and vour conclu
sions just, and I think withal, tliat your pninphlct is calcu
tated to produce much practical good.
Speaking of the medicine he says :It fully justified your
nattering expectations, and as a safe, convenient, nnd popu
lar remedy, my own experience, so far, induces me to lie
heve thnt it will prove a great puhlie benefit. I am plensod
to learn lhat you hnve recently established several iiceiicies
for its disposition though I regret thnt, with a view to a
more general disseminnl ion of it, yon should hnve found it
necessary to remove from your present residence among us.
With much respect I have the honor to be, sir,
Vour obliged servant,
ff From lion. Stctiten V. H. Trowbridge, of Michi
gan State Senate, to the Agent at Detroit.
BtRKiNonAM, Oakland Co., Dec. 13, lSlt.
Sir you wish me to inform you what I know of Dr.
Osgood's India cholngogne, or anti-bilious medicine. I do
believe that if the virtue and emeacv of this medicine were
generally known, the rrvra and aocb woukl disappear in
I procured a bottle in the spring of 1R4 1, and have good
reason to lielieve that myself and family escaped the ague
last season in consequence of its use.
Perhaps in no summer since the settlement of this fine
peninsnln, has the fever and ague been so prevalent aa the
nst. 1 have recommended this medicine in numerous in
stances, and when the disease had liecome fixed and hadled
the skill of physicians; and I have never known it fail. I
has universally produced the most hnppy effects, and I liet
lieve it has never been exceeded by any' medicine in remo
ving the bilious diseases of the climate.
Yours, reapeolfully,
Agent for Siiubury H. B. MASSF.R : Northumberland,
WITiliXGTO.W Co.j Milton, 1. II. RASKtt j Selias
grove, MAY It KLOSK.
May 6, 1HI8 tf.
AN extensive Stock of Pocket and Table CUT
LERY, for aale by
Not. 32 and 33 ARCADE, and 8J North
THIRD Street,
C. mp ising 5000 dozen Penknives, Scisaors and
Also, a choice assortment of Roilgers & Rons,
Wosienholm'e, Greaves's, W. & 8. Butcher's and
Fcnncy's Cullery.
Also, Spanish, Dirk and Hunting Knives.
Also, Guns, 1'istole, an I Bowie Knives.
Al", The American Razor Strop, a superior
article, woity the attention of Dealers.
Cavii Dealers in (Jutleiy, will find the above
Sloik worthy their attention, as the Subscriber's
chief business is importing and selling cutlery,
rhil idtlj.hia, Juue lOtti, 1848 ly.
Eilabliahed 15 yeart age, by Dr. K1NKEL1N.
The olilest, surest and best hand to cure all forms
of seen t diseosci, diseases of the skin and
solitary habits of youth, is
N. W. earner of 3d and Union ., between Spruce
and I'inr, 1 j equurei from the Exchange.
YOUNG MEN ! if yon value vour life or your
health, remember, the delay of a mnnih, nay,
even a week, may prove your ruin, holh of body
and mind. Hence let no false modrsly Jeler you
from making your case known lo one who, from
education end respectability, cm alone hi friend you.
He who places himxelf undor Dr. KiNKEI.l.N '
treatment, may religiously conflje in his honor aa
a gentleman, and in who.e bosom will he forever
locked the secret of the patient.
J on many Ihink Ihey will hug the secret to their
own hearts, and cure themselves, Alas! hoar of
ten is this a fatal delusion, and how many a pro
mising young man, who might have been an orna
ment to society, has faded from the earth.
finding it inconvenient lo make personal applica
tion, ran, by stating their case explicitly, together
with all their symptoms, (per letter, post-paid.) have
forwarded lo Ihem a chest containing Dr. K's me
dicines appropriated accordingly. t
Packages of Medicines forwarded to any part ol
the United Slates at a moment's notice.
OCj" Post rata lsttibs, addressed lo Dr. Kiar
.sua, Philadelphia, will be promptly attended to
Oct. 30th, 1847, I y '
And Dealert in Paper, and Paper Manufactu
rers' Materials.
No. 33 Commerce at., PHILADELPHIA.
KEEP constantly en hand a large assort
ment of printing and other paper. News
papers in the country, cas be auppiied at all
times, with paper of sny eize sod quality, st
the lowest prices.
Philadaljihia, Jn 17th, 1848
CE 11 S2T 'Q1 3K5CE OB "CP
IT has power to caoos all liTtstit SORES,
POISONOUS WOUNDS to discharge their pu
trid matters, and then heals them.
It ia richly termed All-healing, for (hero Is scare
ly a disease, ttlarnal or internal, that it Will not
benefit. I have used It for the last fourteen years
for all diseases of ihe chest, consumption and Her,
involving Ihe utmost danger and responsibility,
and I declare before heaven and man, that not in
one aingle esse haa it failed lo benefit when the pa
tient was within the reach of mortal means.
I have had physicians, learned in Ihe profession.
I have had ministers of the gospel, judges of tho
bench, aldermen, lawyers, gentlemen of the high
eat erudition, and multitudes of the poor nss it in
every variety of way, and there haa been bat one
voice one universal voice saying t "M'Allisler,
your Ointment is GOOD."
In Scrofula, Old Sores, Erysepslas, Teller. Li
ver Complaint, 8ore Eyes, Quinsy, 8ore Throat,
Bronchitis, Broken or Sore Breast, Piles, all Cheat
Diseases, such as Asthma, Oppressions, Pain
Also, Sore Lips, Chapped Hands, Tumors, Chil
dren's Cutaneous Eruptions, Nervous Diseases,
and of the Spine, there is no medicine now known
as grind.
SCALD HEAD. We have cured eases that
actually defied every thing known, aa well aa the
ability of 15 pr SO doctors. One man told us he
had spent ( 300 on his children without any bene
fit, when a few boxes of Ointment cured Ihem.
BALDNESS It will restore ihe hair aooner
than any other thing.
HEADACHE The salve has cured persons
of the headache of 13 years' standing, and who
had it regular every week, so that vomiting often
took place. DasrirKss, Ea Acna, and Anna in
tui Fsck, are cured by this Ointment with like
RURNS. It is one of the best things in the
world for Burns. (Read Ihe directions around Ihe
RHEUMATISM. It removes almost immedi
ately ihe inflamatinn and swelling when the piin
ceases. (Read the Directions around Ihe Box.)
COLD FEET. Consumption. Liver Com
plaint, Pain in the chest or side, falling off of the
hair, one or ihe other always accompanies cold
feet. (1 his Ointment is Ihe true remedy.) It is
a sure sign of disease lo have cold feet.
TETTER. There is nothing belter for Ihe
cure of Tetter.
PILES. Thousands ate yearly cured by this
CORNS. Occasional uso oflhe Ointment will
always keep Corns from growing. People need
never be troubled will) them it they will use it,
Jiead the following Communication,
Received fiom an old, respected and well known
citizen or Philadelphia, and then judge for yout
Philadelphia, 10 mo., 13th, 1846,
To 1 . B. Peterson, Having been requested
in give my opinion on Ihe merits of M ALLIa
TEli'ti 8ALVE, I am willing lo enumerate some
of the benefits which I have expeiienced in the use
of Ihe article.
In Ihe spring of 1845, I had an ettack of Ery
sipelas in my face which became very painful, and
extended into one of my eyes, being attended with
fever, my distress was great and I began to be fear
ful of losing my eye.
Allliough noi much of a believer in what is
commonly called quack medicines, I purchased a
box and mmle an application to my face. To my
aut prise the pniasoon ab .ted, and in a week's time
it was entirely cured, and I firmly believe that it
wa the salvo, under Providence that cured me.
From that time lo the present, I have used the
article ss occasion required, and in every case where
I have used it, I have found a decided benefit.
At one time, on going to b-d at night, my throat
was so sore lhat I swallowed with difficulty, but
by an application oflhe salve I was ralieved before
I have usod it in case of burns, bruises, sprains,
and flesh cuts, all with the happiest effects, and
one case of poisoning by a wild vine in the woods,
hs been dried up and cured by a few applications.
From my own experience, I would atrongly re
commend it to all, aa a cheap, convenient, family
1 have become ao partial tn it, lhat I expect to
keep it constantly in my family.
Though not ambitious to apar in print, yet I
cannot refuse to have this communication made
public if judged best to serve ihe ciuse of humani
ty. Respectfully thine,
No. 86, Old York Road.
CAUTION. No Ointment will be genuine
unless the names of Jamea M'Allisler, or James
M'Allisler & Co., are written with a pen on eve
ry label. JAMES M' A LUSTER,
Sole proprietor of the above medicine.
U3-PR1CE, 25 CENTS I'Ell flOXC0
AoaicTS : J. W. FRILING, Sunbury.
Dr. WM. M. BICKLEY, Danville,
J. G. C ROUSE. Selinsgiove,
P. C. SHRLLER. Lewisburg,
WM. F.NAGLE. Milton.
JOHN 8HARPLESS, Cattawisaa.
Feb. 19th, 1648. eowly
W TABLE COMPOUND, for the cure of
Ac. This Medicine is offered lo the public under
the assurance that there is no article in existence
having stronger claims lo their consideration. Be
ing compounded by a regular Graduate of Jeffer
son College, Philadelphia, and a practising physi
cian of twenty years' standing in Philadelphia, his
long experience hai confirmed him in tho opinion
that a compound medicine was required to prevent
and remedy the debilitation pr duned by residing
in low, miasmatic climates, and lo counteract the
pro-trating influences of many nervous disurders
with which the human family are afflicted.
DR. ALLEN is a well known physician, and
has used the above medicine in his praclice for 8
yesrs with the most stunishing effect, having tes
ted its qualities in above
No medicine ever received more flatlering re
commendations from phyricians of eminent stand
ing than has been bestowed on this,
ITS CONSEQUENCES. An eminent Profts
aor says: "It chiefly arises in persons who lead
either a very aedentary or irregular life. Although
not regarded as a fatal diseaae ; yet if neglected or
improperly treared, may bring on incurable Me
lancholy, Jaundice, Madness, or Veitigo, Palsy
and Apoplexy. A great aingularily attendant on
it is, that il may and often does continue a great
length of time without any remission of ihe symp
toms. CAUSE. Grief and uneasiness of mind, in
tenie study, profuse evacuations, excess in venery,
excessive use of spirituous liquors, tea, tobacco, o
pium, and other narcotics, immoderate repletion,
over distention of the stomach, a deficiency of the
secretion of the bite or gtatrie juice, exposure lo
cold and damp air, are the chief causes of lis dis
ease. HYMPTOM8. Loss of appetite, nausea, Heart,
burn, acidity, and fetid eructalions, gnawing of
ihe atontach when empty, uneasiness in Ihe throat,
pain in the aide, costiveneas, dullness, languor,
lowness of spirits, palpitations, and disturbed
TABLE COMPOUND haa never failed in affor
ding immediate relief, and a radical cure for ibia
(XJ- This Medicine can be had of H. B Maser,
Sunbury ( J. C. Msitin, Pott.vills Medlar &.
Bickcl, Orwigaburg 1 and of Druggista generally.
ALLEN dt WARD, Proprietors.
Philadelphia, Nov. 37, 1847. eq ly
THE subscriber ia prepared to receive and ac
commodate few tranaient or permanent
Boardert, at ber residence in Sunbury. The lo.
cation ia in handsome and pleaaant part of tho
town, commanding a fine view of tho Susquehan
na, Northumberland and the scenery adjacent.
To persona from the city, who wish to spend a
few months during the summer season, Suqbury
affords delightful retreat. ' '
April 8, HU.-flm
dank note list.
Tho following tiat shows the current value of all
Pennevlvania Bank Notes. Ths moat ImnlleH re
lianoe may be placed upon it, as It Is every week
muuy corrrparea wiin ana corrected Irom utcl
nell's Reporter.
Banks la Philadelphia.
Dank of Notth America ,
Bank of the Northern Liberties
Commercial Bank of PenrrV .
Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank'
Kensington Bank
Philadelphia Bank . . t
Schuylkill Bank
Southwark Bank .
Western Bank .
Mechanics' Bank
Manufacturers' & Mechanics' Bank
Bank of Pcnn Township . ,
Girard Bank . .
Bank of Commerce, late Moyamensing
Bank of Pennsylvania . .
Country tlanks.
Bank of Cheater County Westchester
Bank of Delaware County Chester
Bank of Germantown Germantown
Bank of Montgomery Co. Norristown
Doylestown Bank Doylestown
Easton Bank Easlnn
Farmers' Bonk of Bucks CO. Bristol
Bank of Northumberland Northumberland par
Columbia Bank & TI ridge co.Columbia par
Farmers Bank of Lancaster Lancistet par
Lancaster County Bank Lancaster par
Lancaster Bank Lancaster pat
Farmers' Bank of Reading Reading par
Office of Bank of Penn'a. Harrisburg These
Office do do Lancaster I offices
Office do ' do Reading rdo not
Office do do Easton J issue n.
Rank of the United States Philadelphia
Miners' Bank of PoltaVillo Pottsville
Bank of Lewistown LewistoWh
Bank of Middlctown Middletown
Carlisle Bank Carlisle
Exchange Bank Pittsburg
Do do branch of Hollldaysburg
Hairisburg Bank Harrisburg
Lebanon Bank Lebanon
Merchants' & Manuf. Bank Pittsburg
Bank of Pittsburg Piltebutg
West Branch Bank Williamsport
Wyoming Bank Wilkesbarre
Northampton Bank Allentown
no aale
Berks County Bank Reading failed
Office of Bank of U. 8. Pittsburg failed
Do do do Erie do
Do do do New Brighton do
Bank of Chambersburg Chambersburg 1
Bank of Gettysburg Gettysburg 1
Bank of Susquehanna Co. Montrose 2
Erie Bank Erio 35
Farmers' & Drovers' Bsnk Wsyneshurg 8
Franklin Bank Washington 1)
Honesdale Bank Honesdale ij
Monnngahela Bank of B. Browns i lie 1
York Bank York 1
N. B. The notes of those banks on which we
omit quotations, and substitute a dash ( ) are not
purchnscd by the Philadelphia brokers, with Ihe
exception of those which hnve a letter of reference.
Philadelphia Sav. Ins. Philadelphia failed
Philadelphia Loan Co. do failed
Schuylkill Sav. Ins. da failed
Kensington Sav. Ins. A do
Penn Township Sav. Ins. do
Manual Labor Bank (T. W; Dyott, prop.) failed
fowanda Bank ' Towanda
Alleghany Bank of Pa.
Bank of Beaver
Bank of Swatara
Bank of Washington
Centre Bank
City Bank
Farmers' & Mech'cs' Bank
Farmers' dc Mech'cs' Bank
Farmers' & Mech'cs' Bsnk
Harmony Institute
Huntingdon Bank
Juniata Bank
Lumbermen's Bank
Northern Bank of Pa.
New Hope Del. Bridge Co.
Northumb'd Union Col. Bk.
North Western Bank of Pa.
Office of Schuylkill Bank
Pa. Agr. 6c Msnuf. Bank
Silver Lake Bank
Union Bank of Penn'a.
Westmoreland Bank
no aale
Pittsburg .
Fayette co.
no sale
no sale
Huntingdon no sale
Lewistown no aale
New Hope
Meads ille
Port Carbon
no aale
no sale
Wilkesbarre Bridge Co. Wilkeabarre no aale
rXj All notea purporting to be on any Pennsyl.
vania Bank not given in the above list, may be set
lown as frauds.
Bank of New Brunswick Brunswick
Belvidere Bank Belvidere
Burlington Co. Bank Medford
Commercial Bank Perth Amboy
Cumberland Bank Bridgeton
Farmers' Bank Mount Holly
Farmers' and Mechanics' Bk Rahway
Farmers' and Mechanics' Bk N. Brunswick
Farmers' and Merchants' Bk Middletown Pt.
Franklin Bank of N. J. Jersev Citv
nouoaen UKgot uiaxing Vo Hoboken
lersey City Bank Jersev City
Mechanics' Bank Patterson
Manufacturers' Bank Belleville
Morria County Bank Morristown
Monmouth Bk of N. J. Freehold
Mechanics' Bsnk Newark
Mechanics' and Manuf. Bk Trenton
Morris Canal and likg Co Jeroey City
Pout Notea
Newark Bkg Sc In. Co Newark
no sale
no aale
New Hope Del Bridge Co LamberUville
N. J. Manufac. and liku Co Hoboken
N J Protecton & Lombard bk Jersey City
Orange Bank Orange
Paterson Bank Peterson
Peoples' Bank do
Princeton Bank Princeton
Salem Banking Co Salem
State Bank Ne.vark
Slate Bank Elixabethlown
State Bank Camden
8tate Bank of Morria Morristown
State Bank Trenton
Salem and Philod Manuf Co Salem
Sussex Bank Newton
Trenton Banking Co Trenton
Union Bank Dover
Washington Banking Co. Hackeneack
Bk of Wilra It Brandy wine Wilmington
Bank of Delaware Wilmington
Bank of Smyrna Smyrna
Do branch Milford
Farmers' Bk of Stale of Del Dover
Do branch Wilmington
Do branch Georgetown
Do branch Newcastle
Union Bank Wilmington
r Under 6a
Q3 On all banks marked tbua () there are eK
ther counterfeit or altered notea of the various de
nominations, in circulation.
Time and Distance Saved T
THE aubscribera having leased the Sunbury
Ferry, beg leave to iuform the public, that
they are prepared to convey Teems, Pleasure
Carnages and Foot passengers across the river
with safety and without delay. Tbey have pro
vided themselves with new and commodious
crafts, which will always be attended with able
and careful hands.
Persons travelling to and from and through
Sunbury to New Berlin, Lewisburg, Hartleton
and other places, will find it greatly to their ad
vantage to eroas at this Ferry instead of tho
Bridgea, aa they would aave from two to four
miles in distance. JOHN SPEECE.
Sunbury, April 1, 1848
Sooth Fovbtr Stbxct, Above Cbestxctv
LP a. .ai C3 SJ .
THI8 Medicine is warranted, on oath, not to
eontaln particle of Calomel, Corrosive Sub
limate, Arsenic, Chloride of Gold, or any delete
roue minerals. .
The principle upon which Ibia Medicine acts, ia
by assisting and harmonising with natural it
drives oat all foul acrimonious humors from the
blood and bodv. and by assimilating with and
strengthening the gastric juice oi ine atomacn, u
assists dia-eation t in anon mere is noi vein, ana
ry, muscle or nerve In the human body, that ia
not strengthened by the PANACEA, and it also
possesses ine ramaraaDie property si removing
mercury from ine nones and joints.
Scurvy, Scorbutic A flections, Tumors, 8crofula or
Kings' Evii, White Swellings, Ervslpclas. Ulcere,
Cancers, Running Sores, Scabs and Biles, lime
anil a determined perseverance in D . SWEET
SER'S PANACEA, will effect a cure.
Rejection nf food, Nausea, Vomitings, Nervous af
lections, ISiMious complaints, Heart acbe, Paleness,
or female irregularities, Dr. 8 WEK THEK'S fA
INAUEA will soon effect a cure t but if obstinate,
or attended wilh griping, flying pains, the dose
should he increased, and the cure will soon be ef
fected. Let not the patients frighten themselves
with the tiles that they are ton wenk to take much
medicine; but bear in mind that this mildly opera-
ling mcil cine put not weakness into the frame, but
most certainly draws weakness ouf , loaves strength
in its place, and by Riving composed sleep at night,
and an appetite to relish any food, reanimates the
whole frame with vigorous action, clearing the
mina anu improving ine signi.
Scrofula is said tn be heriditary, the infant re
ceiving from its parents the seeds of this disease,
which increaaes with its years, if neglected and
not submitted lo frequent purification with Dr.
8 WEET8ER'8 PANACEA. The glands are pin
ced in the corners of the body, and out of the way
of direct communication ; their real use is a subject
on which much difference of opinion prevails; it us to know lhat when in a diseased slate,
they are capable of being purified snd clennseil by
a long course of Dr. SWEETSER'S PANA
CEA, which reslores thrm to sound and pioper
action. Scrofulous persons can never pay too much
attention to their blood, its purification should be
their first thought, for after a long course nf perse
verance, Ihey will ever cure hereditiry disease.
SWEETSER'S PANACEA cannot be loo high
ly extolled it seatches out the very root of the
disease, and by removing it from the Blood makes
a cure certain and permanent.
For diseases of the Bladder and Kidneys, Stric
tures, Gravel, Stone, Piles, Fistula, Utinnry Ob
struction) and Extreme Costiveness. Dr.SWEET
SEK'S PANCEA is Ihe best remedy ever tre.l;
it removes all those acrimonious huniois from the
Blood which give rise to the above diseases, and
by keeping Ihe blood in a pure condition, insures
Impurities of the Blood, Mercurial Taint, Weak
ness of the Spine. Flow of Blood to the Head. Gid
diness, Singing and Buzzing Noise in the Head
and Ears. Dt. SWEETSER'S PANACEA will
give certain relief ; in all severe and chronic cases,
the patients cannot be loo often reminded that lar
ger doses and perseverance will effect a cure.
In Chills and Fevers, Bilious Fevers, Affections
nf the Eyes and Ears, Spongy and Bleeding
Gum. Bronchitis and recent Coughs and Colds,
Dr. SWEETSER'S PANACEA will be found
perfectly aure and certain in its effects.
Those complaints are generally attended wiih
Ihe most fatal consequences, and are seldom or ne.
ver cured by the present mode of treatment ; they
usually accompany the patient 1 1 the grave, after
suffering the most excruciating pain and torture.
The cause of these complaints are the same aa all
others, the dross ot the blood becomes encrusted on
the finest narrow passages, whence arise morbid
secretions and stoppages of urine. You will find
Ihe most powerful diuretics of no use, as they only
increase the quantity of urine and do not puiify
and strengthen th psrts. By purifying the blood
wiih Dr. SWEETSER'S PANACEA, you re
move the cause of Ihe disease, consequently it can
not exist any longer, after sufficient perseverance
in its use has deprived the blood and body of all
acrimonioua humors and incrustation.
Thia ia a very prevalent and fatal disease ; it re
sults mostly from neglected coughs, colds and bron
chitis, also from impmper trestment in many ot'ier
cases, such aa measles, fevers, inflammations and
small pox, and a host of other badly treated diseases;
where Ihe cause, inatcad of having been thoroughly
removed from the blood and body, have only been
palliated or removed from one part to break out in
another. By divesting your bodies of all foul hu
mors, through the medium of Dr. SWEETSER'S
PANACEA, the cure is at once rendered certain
and permanent. Recollect, while there ia acrimo
nious humors floating in the circulation, it i as opt
to settle on Ibe lungs as any other part of the body ;
this is the reason that consumption is so prevalent.
Which you see on the exterior, come from end
havo their source in, the inteiior, and might jusl as
well have retlled on yout lungs, liver, nr any other
pait; which we know they frequently di, and pro
duce most violent inflammatory disorders. The
humor which occasions these son s is of a highly
acrimoniona burning nature. We know it from
the pain it gives in forming, ami afterwards its ra
pidly ulcerating and corroding the flesh and kin
of Ihe pait where it breaka out. This shows the
necessity of frequently purifying the blood with Dr.
SWEETSER'S PANACEA, and keeping such
malignant humors in subjection. Should you have
a bile or ulcer, be thankful that nature haa taken
trouble to warn you of the danger your life and bo
dy is in, fur it is a waming that Ihe blood is foul.
Had this same acrimony aelrcied the lungs instead
of the surface of your body for ita seal, consump
tion oflhe lungs would have been Ihe 'consequence
Delay not then, to purity and cleanse with Dr.
Sweetser's Panacea.
Spinal affections, enlargement of the bones and
joints, while swellings, hip joint complaint, rup-
luies, lading ol Ine bowels anil wom'i disease, will
find a speedy oure in Dr. SWEETSER'S PA
NACEA. Where Ihe disease has been of long
standing, the time required to make a cure will be
longer ; but the patient may rest assured lhat a
determined perseverance will effect it
These diseases proceed from the serioaity or
eorrupthumors of the blood, having settled itself on
Ihe throal and lungs, and stopped them up, so that
they cannot draw sufficient air in for respiration.
Dr. SWEETSER'S PANACEA will giveimme.
diate relief, and to make Ihe cure perfect and cer
tain, it should be continued some time after, to
free the system of all bad humors,
Find a aafe and speedy cure in Dr. SWEET
SER'S PANACEA. Il cures by searching every
blood vessel and artery, and driving out all impu
rities and foul bumora accumulated therein, which
is the cause of rheumatism, goul and swellings of
ma joints, i ne deieieroua enects ot calomel and
other mineral poisons, readily yield to its sovereign
influence ; indeed, when its valuable properties be
come fully known, the use of all mineral poison will
be consigned to 'the tomb of all tho Capulets,' and
only be thought of aa e by-gone custom of the dar
ker ages. Dr. Sweetser's Psnscea ia also a aure
cure for dyspepsia, pile, coativeneaa, vertigo, head
ache, pain In tho breast and liver complaint.
Fever is always caused by disorderly move
mem of the blood, struggling to free itself of aome
thing that encumbers it; in fact, every kind of fe
ver is nothing mora than struggle between the
blood and corrupt homers, and as soes) as tho cor
rupt humors are expelled, you have no more fever
nni nsiui wnp raver suomiia to OS bled, or
have hie blood poisoned with mercury, it weaken
his frame to such a degree, that If he survives the
process, It atw ays leaves him subject to distressing5
emus, wnen v times out or ill ne resorts to ague)
pills powders, or tonic mixtures; this ia going rroml
bad to worse, as these Vegetable pills, powders, Ac,'
..iiiiiig uui mercury anu quinine in disguise;
U,"J me unvs tne Disease ao Tat into
the body as not to he perceptible, but very aoort Is
will break out again with fearful violence. To euro
ague and fever, the cause of the disease must be re-'
moveo out or me blood snd body, which can be ef.
inla dT,b1T Dr- 8WEET3ER'8 PA.
nuuf, winco purines, cleanses and atrengthens.
It contains nothing that can possibly injure, and its'
use la alwaya a safeguard against Chills and fevers.'
In ait Cisss or Pruts, Dr. SWfcf (traf
PANACEA will effect a very s.uTK
moves from ihe blood, stomach and bowels all
those foul acrid horning humors, which are thi
cause of Piles and Cosliveness, and by strengthen
ing the digestive organs; Improves every part of the'
entire body.
These diseases are Caused by the stomach in
bowels being choked up wilh viscid slimy mstlerJ
the air which enters them cannot escape until forced,
by some contraction of the stomach to expel il ::
hence the cause nf pain. A few dose of Dr.'
SWEETSER'S PANACEA will convlHc th5
sufferer that relief is attained.
Parents will find Ihe PANACEA a valuable
medicine for their children, keeping their bodies in
a healthy epndiiion, thereby assisting their growth
children or grown persons, after taking it. are not
liable lo be attacked with an epidemic as before as
" """7" "" oioou in a pure condition, and
Ihe i ntirn system in a strengthened stale ; it drives
out all kinds of weakness from the body and leave.
all healthy within.
Will find Dr. SWETSER'S PANACEA a medi
cine purely ad iptcd to thoir use. Most ladies du
ring Ihe period of pregnancy are afflicted with pile,"
Dr. Sweetser's Panacea, by regulating the bowels!
will entirely obviate this, and its purifying proper
lies on the blood and fluids, insures lo them heal
thy offspring. No one who is a mother should be
without it, and those who are nursing will find it
of great benefit to the heolth of their infants.
For barrenness and all diseases of Ihe womb ii
is without a'rival in theenire history and catalogue
of medicinca ; by its extrsordinBry strengthening
power, it stimulates and strengthens the womb a
weakness of which is the cause of failure to have
Under this head moy be classed Palpitation of
Ihe Heart, 1 ic Doloreaux or Faeeache, Neuralgia
Indigcslion.Toothache, Melenchol) , Hysterics.and
in fact, every disease caused by Ihe sharp, biting,
acrimonious humors irritating the nerves; the
nerves receive the morbid impression ftom the Mo
mach, or rather from the blood through the agency
oflhe stomach and dige.-tive organs, snd although
other parts of the body are opparenlly the seat of
the disease, still it is caused by Ihe morbid impres
sion conveyed from the blood bv Ihe nerves to that
pait. A few doses of Dr. SWEETSER'S PA
NACEA will soon assure the patient tht he has
the cure in his possession.
This is an inflammatory divider, alw.,yj attend
ed with more or less pain. It proceeds' from ths
foul, acrimonious humors lodged in the blood and
fluids, settling on the limbs end face, causing ex
treme poin and fivers; all applications on tho sOr
face are worse than useless, as they only tend to
throw the disease in some other part, and perhaps
cause death. Bleeding is likewise improper. To
cute the disease you must get rid of the cause ; on
ly manage to get ihe foul humor out of y nir blood,
and you will be well in a day. Dr. SWEET
SEIi'S PANACEA, a Ihornutrh purifier of the
blood, will search out every impurity in the more
remote p irts of ibe body and ex p. I it through the
medium of the bowels. There is not a vein, arte
ry, muscle or organ of the entiro framework of
man, that Dr. Sweetser's Panacea does not im
prove. To take it when you sre well is to keen
wed ; snd when sick to become well.
posed only of a vegetable matter, or meilical nerbs,
and warranted, on oath, as containing not one par
ticle of mercuriul, mineral, or chimical substances,
is found to be perfectly harmless to the mot tender
age, or the weakest frame, under anv singe of hu
man sullering; Ihe mot pleasant and benign in ita
o ertition that was ever offered to Ihe world ; and
at the same lime ihe mosi certain in searching out
ihe root of any complaint, however deep, and of
performing a cure.
Price f 1 per bottle, or aix botllea for . For
sale, wholesale and retail, at the corner of
CHARLES and PRATT Streets. Baltimore, and
Nov. 6 1847.-.y Sunbury.
Lrsse AM IS DlaT
liKSTiiorsrt has iris reouk,
i it a socirn nr dkath.
4 RE YOU A MOTHER! Yonr darling child.
rH, y" 'ol and earthly joy, is now perhaps
confined lo her chamber by a dangerous cold In r
pale cheeks, her thin shrunken fingers, tell the
holJ di ease has already goined upon her the
sound of her sepulchral cough pierces your soul.
YOUNG MAN, when just sh .ut to enter life,
disease sheds a heart cruhing blight over the fair
prospects of the future your hectic cough and fee
ble limbs tell of your loss and hope, but you need
not despair. There i a balm which wili heal the
wounded lungs, it is
Mrs. ATTREE, the wife or Wm. If. Attree,
Esq. was given up by Dr. Sewall of Washington,
Dis. Roe and McClellan of Philadelphia, Dr. Roe
and Dr. Mott of New York. Her friends all
thought she must die. Rhe hsd every appearance
nf being in consumption, and was so pronounced
by her physicisne Sherman's Balsam was given
and it cured her,
Mrs. GARRABRANTZ. of Bull'. Feiry, wa.
- consuinpiion py tnis lijisam when
all olher remedies failed to give relief she was re
duced lo a skeleton. Dr. A. C. Castle, Dentist,
281 Broadway, has witnessed its effects in several
casea where no other medicine afforded relief but
the Balsam operated like a charm. Dr. O. also
witnessed ila wonderful effects in curing Asthma.,
which il never fails of doing. Spilling Blood, star-
ming as it may be, ia effectually cured by ibia Bal-
asm. It heals the ruptured or wounded blood
vessels, and makes Ihe lungs sound again.
Rev. HENRY JONES, 108 Eighth avenue,
waa cured of cough and catarrhal affections ol 60 '
yesrs standing. The first dose gave him more re- '
lief than all the other medicine he had ever taken. -Dr.
L. i. Seals, 19 Dalancy atreel, gave it lo
sister. in-law who wss laboring underconsumption,
and to another sorely afflicted with the Asthma.
In both cases, its effects were immediate, aooo re-'
storing them to comfortsble health.
Mrs. LUCRE TI A WELLS, 95 Christie street,
suffered from Asthma 44 years. Sherman's Bat .
asm relieved her at once, and aha ia comparatively '
well, being enabled to subdue every attack by a
limely use of this medicine. This indeed ie the
great remedy for Coughs, Colds, 8pitting Blood, '
Liver Complaints, and all the affections of the '
throat, and even Asthma and Consumption.
Price 25 cents and $ I per bottle, ,
Dr, Sherman's Cough and Worm Lexenges, and
Poor Man's Plaster sold aa above.
Dr. Sherman's office is at 106 Nassau at N. Y.
Agents, JOHN YOUNG, 8unbury. .
M. A. McCAY, Northumberland.
September 11th, 1847 ly
A LL persons indebted to the subscriber, by',
note or book account, era herebv notified to'
call and aettle the same without delay, in order
to save eoata. IRA T. CLEMENT
Sunbury, April 13, 1I4S