Sunbury American. (Sunbury, Pa.) 1848-1879, November 18, 1848, Image 4

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    THft srrr iolohed oat.
A few years ago, Mr. ami Mrs. Sec, re
nted in the vicinity of Hanover Square.
' They were regarded as among the happiest
-'people in the neighborhood indeed, the
5 happiest of tho harpy. They sincerely
-loved each other were prosperous in lite
i and their days passed along brightly and
tevenly, apparently without a cloud ol sad
ness or a shade of care.
With tho pride of a true woman, Mrs.
See admired her husband as tho beau Mail
' of all that is excellent ; and justly thought
, lhat, in aid of his natural attractions, propri
' ety and neatness of costume were impor
. tant. She delighted to see him not only
Well, but becomingly dressed. To this end,
among the many contributing accessories,
bhe considered colors as essential ; and, in
colors she knew no medium some she
liked, and some she disliked, to excess.
Though desirous of pleasing her husband
in all things, Vet, in this department, she
considered Unit she had a special right to
' exercise her taste exclusively, and that it
, was emphatically her duty to see that he
appeared to the best advantage. Therefore,
she was ever good naluredly suggesting to
him what Would, and what would not, he-
, come him; and he, usually, with equal
. good nature, agreed to her wishes.
.. On one unlucky morning Mr. Sic saw at
his tailor's a snuft-colered cloth which
pleased him. 1 le directed a surlout coat to
be made from it; and, by singular inadvert
ence, did go wil'mul cjiir.iltin hi wife!
' It was made in elegant and fashionable
style. It suited him 'perfectly bethought
it very handsome but, alas ! the color was
' among those w hich Mrs. See deemed ugly,
and on his putting on the garment, she
lovingly, but decidedly declared that it
would not nnswer, and she would not con
sent to his wearing it.
A little fond rising of opposition, even
'in an afl'ectionate spirit, is sometimes excu
sable. Mr. See fell lhat, on this occasion,
he might indulge in some resistance, lie
liked the coat he had paid for it he
thought he had a right to wear it that he
ought to wear it ho wished to wear it, and
he therefore said very gently, but very ci'.v
tinctty that he would wear it.
A sigh of disappointment followed but
nothing more was said; love still reigned
triumphant, and unniflled happiness still
surrounded them. But it is in the nature
of the weaker vessel to yield a point, where
the pride of her heart, her husband's good
appearance, is concerned ? A determina
tion, silently, altnort unconsciously, was
formed, to clear the house of the cllensivo
article as soon as possible.
A few days thereafter, tho coat was mis
sing : when, how, where, or by what means
it had gone, was an untold mystery.
The usual surprise, chagrin, vexation and
regret were expressed: search and inquiry
were unavailingly made. As, in most ca
ses of such kind, it was the household won
der of a few days the affair past over a
coat of unollier color, a color agreeable to
Mrs. See, was substituted, the former one
was apparently forgotten, and the happy
Mr. and Airs. See loved and lived on in the
pleasant tenor of their way.
One summer afternoon, about two months
after the occurrence here mentioned, Mr.
See was silting at his front window, looking
into the street, absorbed in a train of pleas
ant thoughts of things, that were and had
been, in one of those tranquil reveries of
mind which, after a day's toil, are gentle
and sweet, like eventide hour, when a
well dressed man, who was passing by,
caught hjs attention. He looked and look
ed again, before seemingly realizing the
truth, for there, before his eyes, existed on
the back of that man, his own lost snuff
tolored surtout cord.
In a moment he rushed out of the house,
and, taking hold of tho collar of the article
so singularly placed before him, demanded
from tho man an explanation, why In wore,
and how and where and when he got t hid
coat t
Such a sudden gripe and emphatic salu.
tat ion, however natural, were not calcula
ted to awaken kind feelings, or friendly, or
favorable sentiments. The wearer was
surprised, shocked and embarrassed, and
answered at first evasively, and next angrily.
Finally, he linished by a Hat relusal to tell
anything about the matter.
The mind of Mr. See was soon made up.
He. had lost his coat mysteriously it had
been stolen no tidings of it had been re. j
ceived tiH now WiU f('""d o.i the back
ol this man, and he refused to say how lie
came by it 1 The case was clear he w as j
the thief the crime was written in his i
countenance it was prod beyond all ;
doubt. j
The accused was taken to the police j
ollice, where Mr. See made an affidavit of j
the circumstances: a commitment was pre-
pared, the magistrate was in the act of I
signing it, when a person hastily entered j
tne omce ana haiuleit Mr. bee a litkr. Ik
read it, and surprise, pain and mortification,
in rapid succession were expressed in his
countenance. With much confusion of
manner, he suddenly turned to the supposed
culprit, took him by tho hand begged his
pardon, and openly declared his inno
cence !
This strange turn to tho affair struck all
present with wonder and astonishment.
A pause ensued. All were silent; and the
eyes of all expressed the idea that they
waited with intense interest for a solution
of the mystery.
It wiu given. The letter was from Mrs.
See. Therein, with many expressions of
alarm and regret, she stated that the unfor
tunate coat had not been stolen, for that she
herself, in order that tho good appearance
of her husband should not be marred by
the u'ly col ire I garment, had given it
The intended culprit then made known
that lie had bought it of a pawnbroker
that, though he apparently was well to do
in the world, yet, in fact, he had but little :
aud on that little, was obliged to make tho
best appearance ho could, wherefore he
bought tho coat at a second hand price ;
and though he haJ done nothing wrong)
yet, when first addressed, ho was not will
ing, by stating the facts, to disclose to the
world his threadbare circumstances.
Ho was released; but the memories of
Mr. and Mrs. See, as well as that of the
poor man, for many yeau afterwards, were
not released from the vivid recollection of
the angular consequences of Mr. See's ha.
Ting procured a siiufi colored surtout coat
without consulting his wife.
Tift:.. new fountain on Boston Commou
hrowt a, large jet of water to the height of
ainety feat.'
Jerr i t v.,'- JFVtS
Scrot'tiln or King' Kvil, Hhriiiimtimn. fHtiiiato Cittaiiea.ta
KtiipiHHiit. l'liupli'ft or iVMtilcd on llir hire, nftnchcif,
liilt B, 4'lirntiic rtrp KyefT Iti lift Worm or Trltrr,
tSrtikl lltntl, Kiilurftctnntt ntut Pain of the
JJi -ih-s mill imnlH, Sluiilrn I'lcrr. Hyptii
lit if Symptom. rVmlitu r iJinitmjjo,
di-ujU'tMirijMnpr t'nnn mi injuili
CJmtiffti til Meicury. Drop
ey, hxpofitreor Impru-tU-nrt!
in iiirj iiInu,
Clrmiiir Cuiftti
tnli'Miiil liu
m't.ern, la this iik-ilU-mc rvvcrtil minim il I nit ery p'Hent nrttchu
ni the vi-L'i'tiiMc kiiitlom nru niiit'tl, lortninir cotiiwmml
iitin ly tlillrri-nl in it I'imnirtcr unit pMprrtirii from liny
(jiltrr n. nml nnmnilnl iti it opemtitm m the
s tt;m wticii latmniitf uihWt dijM-iitv. It slum hi lie ill tli
li;ni'i o every piTi"H, vh, hy 1iiFinrtfi. or in'in-nil wmr
it' liii', in prtiiinpiwil to the virry nutny nilimiHim tifflt ren
tier liiu ucuiti'. iimtciul ol u I limning, uiid oottcn result ill
rem scKoFir-A.
nr. Ilniltr- Ptumccn in rM'mitnriii1nl n certain reine-ty.
i't nm iurtnitceoi lin rvr ofriirn-tl when trer
ly unr-4 ! It fiirc lw 1iinifr nml tit tlirNinie time imuirtfl
viiftr to tin wliolv nvPtfin. HcroiHlouii Mrwin cun nevor
pii'v t'w much nttmti'W to tin ftntu ol their bloorl. It pn
iiti.-nti.n lioUM lie thnir flrt iiim ; for rr'vcrniKo will
iuenniplilt a cure of evkx iieukditaht diwasc.
fi'iinn-, Hcorlmtio Affrrtion, Tiimorn, White Swelling.
Iryitl, I'lrcr, rnrer, Itiumiiiff ftin, Hcl ami
Miff, lr. Intkf I'nnnrm fimut le tH highly extolltil j
it ovmrhca tntl the very ntot of the dintaao, and permanent.
NoriiPilirtnn perliHi hn vwr U-cn discovered which
iiiw mnrh tone ti the tNnoch hihI niumi the Mt're
t i-Mi of n hintthy gnetriv juice to dtr-iniiH: the fuod at Dr.
Dtake Ptumctu
Tr. Dmku'fl PimiiruH i iimiI with the grrntent tiiccem in
llht'Miiitilir i'mpliiint. ptiinlly wirh iiKrhntiiic. It riirea
by ttriv iiijx out nil iiiiMiritir :md foul ImimHire which linve
iitriiniiil:ttiil in Hip syMlcm, which nri' I ho ciiiine of Rhu
uifitiKin, tiont, mid Swcllinpiof lie )i.iitt. Other rrmoilim
unciinic vtve tumponiry relief; thin entirely enulicutcs
the (liiifc from thcyteuit even when the limbs and Unv
nru itremllully HWtilk'n.
('onI'mi tio?c cmr ri BEn. 'ouh. Cntnrrh, Bnm
ehiti. Spitlini; of :.nh. Afllimn. Dilliciilt or profue Kx-pcet-'nitmn,
Uee:ie Tlufli, Nii;lit SwetH, Pain in the mlu
V-e. h:ive liecn cured, mid emi l with n mnrh ecrtniiity n
;uiy other dicne. A tpeeitie h:i l-'utr Iwn mninht for, but
in'viiiu nnfil llie discovery of Jr. Driikc'a P.-miieeii. Iti
inilil nml Kile hut ecii:iiu mid eilie;ilitu in itn (ipeinticii,
nnrl e.iuuot p'iltly injun (lie nnwt th-tirrite rinxtitnti n.
W e would e:irni!!ly rcei'iniiienil lhoe ntllieteil to ptve it n
t- inl mid we h: lieve I hey will n-'t l:ive oce:isii-n tt regret
it. The tetu if elemisepj nnd 'treityllieiic il. the nlerr on
the hiifrsiire tu'sli d, vnd the (mtit'iii vithIumUv legniii their
:i;iu:!l heultlitind atrengtli. IU-jkI the 1--U .vin'y :
Villi .. Dee. Mill, 117.
rf- .i: S-tt Iii reply t your fpieti( n respecting tlie use
i Ur. Ir.ik"s r,i:ire;i. I will ii j, Ihut iitth"'iij;ii n perfect
i!..'!u!iever in the existence of a Pax.m k., or vnrv for am,
ilifciit-'c. however vhiiilili; it nmy ! in ci-rUtiu ondilioim
nt'tiie y.-ieiu, 8iill 1 h ive hetiei-ed th:il n cure foi 0hunip
ii u W 'ul.l he diseovereil inner or hter. uml cuiincity led
i-iotttiy your imlichic in iw.t Very invelemte cusih.
They were prnti'-ut I hy the nttuidiii; phyici:m to be
t'C!.MoAKY 0.lVI'TIo mid I'lvind med hy them It IN
t ritAiit.K. i iii- of the persons lrd been under the trettt
iiuitt of peveml very nhle pnietitinneta lor huiiiUt of
yetir, mid they Niid he hud '.'M ftifliionl Consumption
euiliiie with Scrofulri," unit that she miht linuerfor idiim
tiiue, hut could ii"! lie permanently relieved. In lt.tlietiie
the ed'eet rf the J;m:ieen h:w been mKt prtitifyiu. Only
tonr or live hot t leg were iwtl by tmn of the pefsitus lieforu
Mie iM jrjin to improve mpiilly. The othr took about ten.
I will only uddlhat its I mil with consumption hy
iiiheritnuee niifl by exlensivc ofiservntion ns a study, uml
kuim inif ills i the injurious effect in nine ruses out of ten
of tnr, l'iicm-t, mid other vejieUible tonics, as well n of
many ol the cpeet'rii!ilimd sedative), I hotild never have
recoiunieiidt d the life of Orake's Pmuieen if hail not hceu
ucrpuiinted with the ingredients. Hnihee it to say that the
me leei'inmeiMlml by tmr lmwt n-pokir and scientinc phyfi
rinii. nnd in their pnwnt eomlined state, form probuMy
Hie ltet nltenitive that has ever Iwen niiide. Tlie cure is
in uee irdance with u theory of Conuiuptiou brnnched in
I'm nee n t'rw yearn uo, hy one oi' hT iiiont eiiuiieut wri
ler on medicine, und now established by fuels which md
mit of no ilifpntc.
Very Respectfully Yiwrs, h. C. GUNN.
To use I he bn-fiiiuje of nnotlier, (,l)r. Drake's Panacea hi
iilwnys salutary in ils effect never injurious. It is not as
Opiiite it is uot nnd pectornnt. It i not intemled to lull
the invalid into n fatal security. It is a greut remedy a
pmnd hi-tttiiitf nnd curative eimiHiiHl, the great and only
remedy which medieiil scirnce uml skill lias yet produced
for the treatment ih this hitherto uncoiifuered malady. And
no fHTS-m atllictrd with this dread disruse, will be just la
hiuwlf nnd his friends, il he po d-iwn to the prnve willntut
l.'Ktinp it virtues. A siiifile (Kittle, in most enses, will pro
duee a favorable ehuiiye in the condition of uuy iwtieiit.
h iwevcr I 'W.1'
Indies of p.-de omplexiriii uml CNmumpiivc liahits. and
such a arc debill;ttetl by ihow r.!-IrileIoiH which If males
nirr liable lo, are nlorcd bv tin; uu of a hoi tie or I wo, to
bloom vi-r ir. It is by far lite ben remeilv ever diseoverwl
for wittkly children, nnd such u luive Ual humors ; being
pleasant, they take it. It iuuuediutely restore the uppellte,
rlrenpth und color.
.oihini etiu U- mote Kurprifhur. than ils inviomliii(f cf
fect on the frame. Persons, all weakness nod
Kttude lieiore lakiinr it. at once U-enmo robust mid full of
eneryy muler it? iiitlnence. It iinmediulo counteracts the
iiervi lef-Mits of the feumlc f mi ue.
'.M'TIi IV careful ami fee that you pet the ppim
iue Dr. PliAUK'rt PANAI F. V it lia ihe M'Jli tlure o IJko. I'.
Sr.-ruj on the wnippcr mid nl t the mine -Uu. Pkaek's.
Paakv. Piulv.'' I I ivn in Hie ul-'K.
Pn-tvircd n!v bv StouiMA: I'".. DrutipufUi N'o.'JI N'orlh
SiMli M.. Phil iil. lphia. ' - '
A-ent i':r San' nre H. M SSi:.
SldaiViby Wm. . .MriiK x i'o . Danville II Sua Ft'
i n. AH'oii; .MlCim, SorihuiulK.rliind: K. P. Ixts,
111 lolll.s! Uljr.
-Mail I, !ly
i iiii: ami i ii'.iii' i'himif i in-:sr,
i-ii;i:.i'i:our dooks von hanks and htohks
Sc;i! nml I.etler-Ciipriii!! I'rcsH'fi, 1'sdt'iit
MmIo-I.iim-iI Ki'li lU'i'lJifiiis, Water r il-l.-is,
l'iitt-iit I'mtiililrWiiliT t'lo
si'ts, intemli'il lnr the t?iek
ami Infirm.
70 South Third Street,
Mlllltlf'tliliire ftlul keenruitliiit
h' h luitid, o lurtre wnnrtiuiriil (
iti' ' mrarwvB unHiL'i, v fmncr Willi
l;,'!;!!,JiJt Ihrir lWnt liiiinrlS:ilaiuaiHK'r
liA HKK-1'KOOF tAFKM, wliiih
T'lTC lire au MMwtniiMl a, til ut Ml
inaiinrr 14' duulK tu their
lltrictlv fira-nrooR ajid liuiL
tlicy wiu mi the 6re of any
UUiLliiiv lli rating. MM. "J
lluoe Kulin are uiailf nOniiler iron, the iiiiide cnaeof" map.
lour, aiirl lirtween the imtetaiH ami inner eM ia a apace
l a ue tlKee iiu-bra Ihirk. and ia tiled in with indeatruc
liMr iiuitrriiil, m aa lu nnke it au iiuiMiuiity lu burn any
4' Hie ciHiU'Ula inside ol this Cheat. Theaa giainauaie 8a
fcinuiiMlers we are prwrwl and do ehalletuie the world I.)
pp, luce any article in the alwpe m' Bonk hales Unit wili
sliiml us much hrait, ami we hokl ourselves ready at all
limes lo luive iIifiii lairly testnd by puUic btaihre. Wi
uUicoiilinue to inanuliiclure a larirc aial general assort.
mi'iil of our I'rciiiiuiii Air-tight Fire I'reuf Bttfeaof which
tli.-re are over Hiu ihiw in iisc, awl ill every instance they
Ii;ivi eivoil entile suhs.iictinu lo Uie purchasers wf whurb
will refer the iiuliliu to a lew geulluucu who have
lin-iii lu ime
lliiw.l 4 Pnviler. l'ntm'illc; Joseph 0. Iwton
I'oltaville Mi. Wiiluim Carr. Uoylesuiwn, Pa.
N. A O. Taylor, north 3d St.; A Wright & Nephew
Vine st. wlmrf ; AIcxiiikUt Caror, Conveyancer, corner of
Filbert and th sli.; John M. Ford. M norlh 3d si.; Myers
lluah. -Jo n .nh Oil si.; Jiiiih'S M. I'nul, lul iulhllhst.;
Ur. Ikivnl Jlllie, H aiilllli Ud tt.; Malhew T. Miller, )
s tilth ;U si.; uiid vu cmkl muiie mie hundreds of' others
II il wcrcuccexnury. Now we invito I lie ulleiilion of the
public nml purliculurly thane in wind of Fire I'roof Hufes,
to cull ut our store liet'ore ptirchuiiiii eluewlicre, ami we
cnu sitim'y theui tliuy will get u better and cheaper article
at our sbire lliuu at any other cmahlulimcnt iu the cily.
We alni liiuiml'iicture the onltunry Fire Proof diets, at
nt very lv priec. chciiiH-r tluui thry can be bought at any
ntlier sloru ill liiluiUlpluu.
n.wiu v.vANs,
riiilailclphui, April 9, 1PIS ly
f.coffe J. Weaver,
A'o. I'J Water Hired nnd Ka, It Norlh Wharvet
AH constantly on buul, (eneral sssort
mcnt of (JorJaee. Seine Twines. 4o.. i t
ai u Kopes, Ftsbing Kopec, Wbile Kojjoj, Mtoil
U Uois, 'low Line for Uanal Ooau. Also,
corrjiilele uaoftutant of Heiiu) 1'winea, 4c, lucb
lleuiu SbaJ arwiWun Twine, Deal PaUot UUI
Net Twine, Coim-wliai end Herring Twine, Shoe
1 hrcaJa, ete. Ax. AUo, Bed Cords, Plough Lines,
I Inkers, Traces, Cotton end Linen Carpet Chains,
itc.,m "f hkh he will dispose of on r-eooabie
rhiladuljibia, June 31, Ills. 1
i lrmd I -
MLMm bei
P H I L A D E L P if 1A I
EttabK,htd IS year vn, by Dr. KINKELltt.
The otrieet, so rest and beet hand lo ear ell Cot mi
of tecrrl diseases, dieeeeet or tne akin and
' solitary habits of oath, la
N. W. corner of id and VnUm $t$., between Spruce
and Pine, 1 j tqmtrei from the Exchange.
YOUNG MEN! If yon lo youMlfe or jroof
health, remember, the delay of a month, nay,
een a week, may prove your ruin, both of Inxly
and mind, llenre'rrt no fnlne modesty .leiei yoo
from makinn your rase known to one who, from
education and reswclaliility,esn a'one id irmna you.
Ho who places himeeir under Ur KINKBI.IN'8
treatment, may ielifjlonly confldn In his honor is
(len lemin, and in who-e bosom will be forever
locked the serrct of the paiien'.
Too many Ihink Ihey will hug the secret l. ineir
own hcartH, end cure iheinscW' a, Alas! how of
ten is this a fatal di-luaii.n, and how many a pro
mining youi'g man, is ho ni'Rhl hnve been an orna
ment to society, has failed from the earth.
finding il li cnnvenienl lo mukr) peiaonul applica.
li-'n, can, hy slating their case eiplitilly, tnceilur
will) all their symploma, (per l tier, post-paid.) Ime
forwanled lo ihem a clier-t conintn r.g Ur. K'a me
dicines appr'pristed accnrdinnly.
Tarkanea nf Mi diciuea forwarded to any part ol
the United Stale at a mnmrnt'a notice.
(TJj VnT -Atn trrrrR, aildieahed to U. Kia, Philndelphin, will be promptly a lemlid tc
Of. 30th, 1847. ly
No 19S Clie-nut Street,
SrioA Eaitt Corner of Eighth it , Philadelphia.
PORTRAITS Iromlhe smallest liresal in to
the largest site, singly or in groups. The
Proprietor are warranted in ayinp, that
work has gain' d a reputation second lo none in
the world. Extrscts from the Press i
'Life-tike in the expression, chastly correct in
the shading. Ledger.
The ait hss arrived at great perfection, and
none understand II hettcr than Mct'lees & Uer
num." Baltimore Irit.
"Ailmi'sble! nothing can exceed their exquisite
delicacy." U. S Gazette.
Ex'ract from the report of the Judecs, at the lst
fair of ihn Fr ink I in lnaliiute Uagueircolvper
in this department there are some very excellent
pic:mrn in the rxliihiiinn, end the Julga think
they sie a progressiva improvement in this branch
of the art They huve not r commended an a-
wnr.l in fivor of any nf tho competitors, but ate
iii p sed to rank as firyt in order, the collection of
MtCI.EES & UKKMOIN, aa conlaining tlir tar
iffs ii it 'i, her of mperior rpieimrm."
I hil. dt'iplmi, l'tb 10. 1818. Gin
N i x li n-ive Slock nf Poikrl and Tab!c IJUT-
LERY, for Mc by
AW. Si and 33 AUCADE, ami 8 Nn.lh
Till lit) Streif,
Ci rr.p iing 50C0 dozen Penknives, Stins.ra ai.d
I! 'Zor9,
Also, a choice nesottmcnl of IJivlr"r ct Sons,
WoaicnliiilniV, (irraveti's, V. & S. Uutchcr's and
Penury's (y'ullery.
Also, Spanish, Dirk and Huntiim Knivis.
AUo, Onnn, 1' atols, an I Uowi.i Knivi s.
AI ', 7'e Aiiitricun liuznr Sirup, a sup riot
article, woily the attention of Denlrrs.
Cn Urolera in Cullety, wi! find the shove
Slock worthy their attention, a the Subrrrilnr'
chief I'ua'iies I importing anil selling, culliry,
1' hia, Juno 10th, 1848 ly.
Commission and Forwarding
iV. 18 Commerce Strut Wharf. BALTIMORE.
Will receive and sell all kinds of Country Pro
duce Flour, Grain, &e.
N. B. Particular attention given to the sale
of Lumber. And cath advances made on con
signmenta, when required.
April I, 1818. 4m
. John W. Friling,
RESPECTFULLY informe hia friends and
customers, that he haa just received and
opened a splendid ataoitment of GOODS, conaia.
tins of
DRY uoons,
Groceries, Hardware, Queensware, tVc
The public are invited to call uml examine for
Kuntuity, May 0. IS IS tf
The Grand Purgative
Heaihiche, (iililine.s,
Measles, Salt Rheum,
Heuit Burn. Worm,
Cholera Morbus,
('outthn, Qitin.ey,
Whooping Oouvh,
Consumption, Kit,
Liver Cnmplnint,
EriBipi las, IVafness,
Iichincs of the Kkin,
Colds, Ooiii, (iravi l.
Nervous Complaint",
lilirumniMii, Piles,
Dy.pi p ii, Sciiiiy,
fin ill Pox, Juumlice,
I'nios in the li n k,
Inwnnl Winknes,
I's'pil.t on of the Heart,
Kieing in ihe Throai,
Dropsy, Amhma,
Fever of M kind,
Female ('otnplaints.
raoM iMpi-aiTirs or th bloom, akb or.
STSPCTIOSa II ths obsaxb or ni.
Experience h proved that nejrty every Di
eaae originates ftom tmpuriiiea of the Blood or de
rangements of the Digestive Organa j and lo secure
Health, we mual remove those oln-lrurtion or re
store lha Blood lo ils natural slste.
The aversion to taking medicine ii most efTec.
tualty n moved hy Clickb-ib's Visjktab.b Pub
a stive Pills, being tnmpkttty enveloped with a
confine of pure while Sugar, (which is ss distinct
from the internal ingredients! aa a nut shell from
the kernel) iiu aura no tsste or midicisi,
But are aa easily awallowed as bits of csndy.
Moreover they neither nauteate or gripe in the
slightest degree, but opeiate equally on all ihe dis
eased psris of ihe system, itistetd of confining
themselves lo, snd racking any particular region.
Thus, If tl e Liver he jll'ected, one ingiedient will
operate on particular orgn, and, hy cleansing
it of an Excess of Bile rratoro it lo il nsiur il
stale. Another will operate on Ihe B'ood, and
remove all imimiiliea in ita circulation ; while a
third will effectually expel whatever impurities
may have been discharged into Ihe stomach, and
hencn ihey stkiki at the hoot or iiwew, re
move all Impure Humors from the body; own
the pores externally snd internally j aep irsto all
fore gn Slid obi oxious particles from the chyle, to
thit the blood may be thorough'y pine thus secu
ring a and healthy a.-tien lo the Heart, Lungs
and Livei and thenby they HKnTnaa health b.
The entiie lrub of the above ran be atceitained
by Ihe trial of a aingle box j and their virluea are
so positive and certain in restoring Health, that
the proprietor binds himself to return the money
paid foi them in all caaes where, ihey da not gi
universal satisl action.
Retail I'rlce, 35 eta. per Box.
Principal office No. 66 Vesey at, N. Yoik.
Bold by JOHN YOUNG, Sunbury,
M. A. McCAY, Northumberland.
. Ij Remember Dr. V. V. Clickener is lha In
veutor othe Sugar Coated Pills, and lost nothing
of lha sort was ever heard of until he introduced
Ibetn in June, 1843. Puicbaeeie should, Iherefors,
always ask for Clickener's fchjgar Coale-I Pills, and
Iske no others, or they will ha mads the victims of
a fraud. tVpt, 18ib, 147. ly sow
od u jar sxi aa jesr "CP
WT has powsr lo esosa alt eiterbai SOREB,
I 8CR0FUL0U8 homors, SKIN DI8BA8E8,
POISONOUS WOUND8 lo dischargs Ibeil pn
Itid matters, and then heals them. , . . '
It (a richly termed All-healing, for there ia seara.
ly a disease, external or internal, lhat it will not
benefit I have used It for lha laat fourteen yea re
for all diraaaea of the chest, consumption and liver,
involving the utmost danger and resporiaibility.
and I declare before heaven and man, that not in
one aingle caae has it failed tn benefit when the pa
tient was within the reach of mortal mean.
. I have had physician. Irarmd in Ihe profession.
I have had minister nf ihe gopel, judge of the
bench, aldermen, lawyer, gentlemen of the high
est erudition, and mull initio of the poor use it in
every variety of wsy, and there has been hut one
voire one universal voice ) ing I "M'AHiaier,
your Ointment i GOOD."
In Hcrofula, Old 8nre, Ervnencliis, Tetter Li
ver Complaint, Sore Eye, Quinsy, Sore Throat,
llrnrichnia, Brokm or Wore, Rresst, Pile, all (nnst
Disraar, uch a Aihma, Oppression. Puin
Also, ooro l.ipi, Chapped H un's, Tumor, Club
dnn'a Cutaneous Eruptions, NervoUa Dirnes,
and of the Mpine, there is no medicine now known
as go. d.
BCAI.U HEAD. We have' cured eases lhat
actually defied every thing known, ss well as the
ability of 15 or 2U doctor. One man told u-he
had spent (300 on hi ch Idien without any bene
fit, when a few boxes nf t liniment cur. d ibem.
BALDNESS It niil restore ihe hair soonei
than any other thing.
HEADACHE The snlve has cured peisoni
of the headache of 12 jenr.-' standing, and who
had it regular t vety week, so that vomiting of' en
look place. Dr.jir-rss, Ear Acs, and Ant'R in
the Face, are cured by Ibis Ointment with like
RURN8. Il i one nf the best things in the
world for Burn. (Read the directions around ihe
RHEUMATISM. It removes almost immedi
ately the inflsmation and swi lling when the piin
cesre. (Read the Direction around the Box.)
COLD FEET. Consumption, Liver Com
I laint, Pain in the chest or aiile, falling off of the
hair, one or the olher alwaya accompanies cold
feet. (This Ointment is the true remedy.) It is
a sure sign of disease to have cold feet.
TETTER. There is nothing better for ihe
cure of Teller.
PILES. Thousands aie yearly cured by this
CORNS. Occssional use of ihe Ointment will
always keep Co ns from growing. People need
never be troubled with ihem if Ihey will use i'.
Head the following Communication,
Ri ceived fiom an old. respecitd sn.l well known
citizen of Philadulphis. and judge for vout-
Philadelphia, 10 mo., 13th, 1816.
To T. B. Peterson, Having been requested
lo cio my opinion on ihe merit nf M'ALLIS
TEli'S SALVE, I am willing to enumerate eon e
of tho hi m fits which I have rxpetienced in the use
of the article.
In the spring of 18-15, I lui.l nn attack nf Ery
sipelan in my face which became very painful, nml
i xlcmhd into one i f my eyes, being attended with
fcv r, my d ftrefs was gicnl and I bran to be fear
ful nf Insii'R my eye.
Altl ough mil much of a believer in hnt is
t'otnmoiity C'llb d qMnek Incdirine-.. I urtlficl a
box anil rnudc nn npplit'nlioii to my fin e. To my
ui ptise the p-iin soon all teil, nnd iu a wet k'a time
it wus (nl rely cured, and I firmly believe lhat it
wi ihe salve, un'cr Providence thai eued me.
From lhal time lo the pni nt, I have used Ihe
nrticlc a occasion required, nml in every cse whme
I have u-eil it, I have found a den. led benefit.
At one time, in print! lo b-il at nishl, my ihrnnt
was ao aore that I swa lowed with difficulty, hut
by nn application uf ihe ralve I wn relieved lefote
I huve usnd it in rnsn nf burns, bruisra. spniins,
anil flesh cms, all with the happiest riled, snd
one case of poisoning t y a wild vine in the woods.
ha been dried up and cured by a few at plications
From my own experience, I would drongly re
commend it to all, a a cheap, convenient, family
I have become ao partial lo it, that I expect lo
keep tl cnn.tanily in my family.
'Though not ambitious lo spi ear in print, yet I
cannot refuse lo have this commniiicaiinn made
public if judged best to serve ihe e.iusa of humani
ty. Reapectfully thine,
No. S6, Old York Road.
ivAU i lira. r,i uinlmrnt will be genuine
unless Ihe names of Jsmes M'Alliater, or Jumna
M A Ulster ol Co., are written with a pen nn eve
Sole proprietor of Ihe a'uve medicine.
Aiikst : J. W. FRII.INO. Sunbunr.
Dr WM. M BICKLEY, Danville
J. V.. CHOUSE. Srlinsgrove,
P. C. riHFLI.EU. Lcwi.hurg,
WM. F. NAfil.E. Milton.
JOHN tSHARPLES, Caltawi,a,
Feb. I Hill. 164S. eowly
W TABLE COVIPOUM). for ll.e cme nf
&c. Thi Mrdii'ine i. ollered tu the public uniler
the ataurnnce that there is no urtielci in exi.lente
havitig .tronuer claims lo t liar i r C'lii.tdetalioii. He
ing ceinpoumled by a icgular (iradtiate ol Jiller
ton College, Phihnb Inh n, and a nractising .hvi-
cian uf tueuiy years' stnmlii tf ill Philadolplili, his
long ex pi rience l,o roiillrmoil hnn in the opinion s eoini'nund medicine was requ-red to prevent
and remedy ihe debilitation pr docid by rcsidine
in lo'v, miamalic clinmles, and lo counter ict Ihe
pro trating influtneca uf ninny nervous disorder
with which Ihe human family are nllliclej.
DH. ALLEN is a well known phjaicim, and
ha used tho abeve medicine in his piaclice for 8
yeara with Ihe moat a.louishing effect, having tes
ted its quslilies in above
No medicine ever ten ived more fialiering re.
commendations from phy.icinns nf eminent ttand
ing Ihsn hss been bestowed on this,
ITS CONSEQUENCES. An eminent Profes
sor says i It chiefly aiises in persons who lead
either a very sedentary or irregular life. Although
not regarded aa a faUl disease ; yel if neglectid or
improperly t reared, may bring on incurable Me
lancholy, Jaundice, Madness, or Veitlgo, Palsy
and Apoplexy. A gr. at aingutsrily alteiidsnl on
it is, that it may and often do. a coutiuus a great
length of lime without any remission of the symp
toms. CAUSES. Grief snd uneasiness of mind, in
tense study, profuse evacuaiiona, excess in venery,
excessive use of spirituous liquors, tea, tobacco, o
pium. and other narcotics, immoderate repletion,
over distention of the toniit lr, a deficiency of Ihe
secretion of ihr t ile or gistric juice.ufxposute lo
cold aud damp air, are ihe chief causea of thi dis
ease. SYMPTOMS. Loss of sppetitr, nausea, nearl.
bum, acidity, and fujiid eructations, gnawing of
the stomach when empty, uneaainet-s in lha,
pain In Ihe side, eot:venrs, thillness, luiguor,
lownesa if spirits, pilpilalions, snd dis'urhed
TABLE COMPOUND hss never failed in sllor
ding immediate tt-lief, aud a isdical cu e for this
(Tj Thi Medicine cau be had of II. B Mas-cr,
Sunbury J. C. Msitiu, Putt-ville, Medlar cV
Bickel, Orwlgshurg ( snd of Druggist generally,
ALLEN & WARD, PropricUirs. ,
Philadelphia, Nov. 97, 1847. cq ly
THE subscriber ia prepared to receive and sc
commodate a few transient or permanent
Brderi, at ber residence in Sunbury. The lu.
catioa ia in handsome and pleasant part of Iba
town, commanding a Cna view of lbs Susquehan
na. Northumberland and tba scenery adjacent.
To persona from the city, who wish to spend a
few months during the summer season, Sunbury
affords delightful retreat.
April 8, 1818. m
Tba following list shows tba current value of all
'eemevlvania Bank Noxaa. The moat IrnnlicH re
liance may bo plaeed npoa K, as it ta ery wtek
retoiiy compared witlt and corrected from dice-
nail's Reporter. .
nnnka In PhllMdclplilia -
u , Disc, m
Naisr- .-i . LocsTiosi. Pntm.
Bank of Noith America . , par
Bank of the Northern Liberties , . par
Commercial Bank of Penn'a. . par
Farmers and Mechanics' Bank . par
Kensington Bank . par
Philadelphia Bank . . i par
Schuylkill Bank . . . par
Southwark Bank . par
Western Bank . par
MechanhV Bank . pn
Manufacturer' cV Mechanics Bank par
Bank of Penn Township . . par
RirnrdBank ' pr
Bank of Commerce, Into Mnyamening par
Bank of Jennylvonia . par
Count ry llankti.
Bank nf Cheater County Westchester par
Bank of Delaware Comity Chester par
Bank nf Oermnntown Oermnntown nr
ftniik of Monlqomery Co. Norrislnwn par
Doyleslnwn Bnnk Dnyleslown par
Eaalnn Bank Esslnn par
Farmer' Hank of Buck co. Bri.-tol pir
Bnnk of Northumberland Northumberland par
Columbia Bnnk cfc Bridge en. Columbia par
Farmer' Bnnk of Lancaster Lancislei par
Lancaster County Bnnk Lancaster pnr
Lancaster Bank Lancaster pit
Fnrmera' Bank of Reading Reading par
Office of Bnnk of Perm's. Harrisbufg" These
Office do do Lancaster I officca
Office do do Reading f do not
Office do do Easton J issue n.
Rank of the United Statea Philadelphia 17
Miners' Bank of Poltsville Potlaville par
Bank nf Lewistown Iwiatown failed
Bank of Middlotown Middletown 1
Carliale Bank Carliale I
Exchange Bank Pittsburg
Do do branch of Hnlliduyebtitg I
Harriaburg Bank Parrisbur I
Lebanon Bank
Merchants' & Manuf. Bank.
Bank nf Pittsburg
West Branch Bank
Wyomir.g Bank
Northampton Bank
Dcrks County Bank
Office of Bank of U. 8.
Do do do
Do do do
Bank of Chambcrsburg
Bank of Gettysburg
Bnnk nf Susquehanna Co.
Erie Bank
Faimcrs' & Drovers' Bank
Franklin Bank B.nk
Moiinngaliela Bank of 11.
York Bank
no sale
New Brighton
Drowns ;ille
N. II. 1 tic note of those, bunks on which we
omit quotations, and Hulistitulu. a dai-li ( ) arc not
purchased by the Philadelphia brokers, with the
exception of those whiih have a of n ferenco.
Philadelphia Sav. Ins. Phil-id. I, hia
Philidelphl Loan Co. do
."Vhuvlkil! Sav. Ins, do
Keii.-iiiqion Sav. Ins, A do
Pcnn Township S iv. Ins. do
Manual Labor Bunk (P. W Dvolt, nrntO
Towandu Itntik
Alleghany Bank cf Pa.
Bank of Beaver
Bank of Swalura
Bank of Washing! in
Centre Bank
City Bonk
Farmera' & Mech'cs' Bank
Farmers' & Morh'cs' Bank
Farmers' dt Mech'cs' Bank
Hsrmony Institute
Huntingdon Bunk
Juniata Bank
Lumbermen's Bank
Northern Bank of Pa.
New Hope Del. Bridge Co.
Northumh'd Union Col. Bk.
North Western Bauk of Pa.
Office of Schuylkill Bank
Pa. Agr.cV Manuf. Bank
Silver Lake Bank
Union Bank of Penn'a.
Westmoreland Bank
Wilkesbarre Bridge Co.
no sale
closed closed
Fayette co.
f ireencastle
no sale
lio sale
Huntiiigdnu no sale
Lewistown nos.ilo
New Hope
Porl Carbon
no tale
no sale
WilkeMiarre no sale
fXj- All notes purporting to lie on ony Pennsyl
vania Bank not given in the above hvi, may be set
lown as fraud.
Uank of New Btunswick BrnrrMvick
Uclvidete Bank lMvioYre
Uurlington Co. Bank Medford
Commercial Bank Perlh Amlmy
Jnnihcrlatid Bank Bridgetnn
Vmi-r' Bi.nk Mount Holly
farmera' and Mechanic' Bk Railway
Farmers' nnd .Mechanics' lilt N. I!iunsick
runners' and Merchants' Bk Middletown Pi,
Franklin Bank of N. J. Jersey City
riunuKen uug ot inuzing Uu ilo'.i.ikcn
Jersey City Bnnk
Jer"V City
Meiiiauiis' Rink
Manufacturers' Hank
Morn County Bunk
Monmouth Bk ol N.J.
Mi chatties' Batik
Micl, anics' and .Manuf. Bk
Morris Canal and Ukg Co
Post Notes
Newark Bkg & Ins Co
New Hope Del Bridge Co
Freeh .1.1
JcrKu'y City
no tali
iio sal
N. J. Msnufuc. ai.d Bkg Co
N J I'loltcion & Lombard bk Jersey City '
Orange Bank Orange
Putermin Bunk l'alcrson
Peoples' Bank do
Princeton Bank Princeton
Salem Banking Co Salem
Slate Bank Newark
Stale Bank Elirabethlown
Slate Bank Camden
Slate Bank of Morris Morrislown
State Bank Trenton
Salem and Pbilad Manuf Co Salem
Sussex Bank Newton
Trenton Banking Co Trenton
Union Bank ' Dover
Washington Banking Co. Hackensack
Bk of Wilna cV Brandy wine Wilmington
Bank o f Delaware Wilmington
Bank of Smyrna Smyrna
Do branch Milford
Farmera' Bk of Slats of Del Dover
Do branch Wilmington
Do branch Georgetown
Do branch Newcastle
Union Bank Wilmington
ff Under 6's
dj On sll batiks marked thus () there sre eit
ther counterfeit or altered notes of the various Js
noniinaiiona. in circulation.
Time und MUtuuce Saved I
rilllE subscribera having leased the Sunbury
jTl Ferry, beg leave to inform Iba public, that
they are prepared to convey Teams, Pleasure
Carriages and Foot passengers across ths river
with safety and without delay. They have pro.
vided themselves with new and commodious
crafts, which will always be attended with able
and careful hands.
Persons travelling to and from aud through
Sunbury to New Berlin, Lewisburg, Hartlelon
and other places, will find it greatly to their ad
vantage to crois at this Ferry instead of the
Bridges, aa tbay would save from two to four
miles in distance. JOHN SPEECE.
Sunbury, April 1, 1818
No . 40,
South Fodbtb 8raarr, A nova Chmtnvt.
Jan. S9lh, 1818
ca rm .
THIS Medldna Is on o.,h Bot to
contain a particle of Calnm.i ri B..u
limate, Arsenic, Chloride cf Gold, or any delete
rous minerals.
The principle upon which Ihta Medicine acta. Is
by assisting and harmonising with nature t' h
drives oat all tool acrimonious numore from the
blood and body, and hy assimilating with and
strengthening the gastric juice of the stomach, it
assists digestion In shorl there I not a vein, arte
ry, muscle or nerve in Ihe human body, that I
not strengthened by the TANACEA, and it arse
possesses Ihe remarkable property of removing
mercury from the hones and joints.
Scurvy, Scorbutic Affection, Tumor, Scrofula or
Kings' Evi , White Swelling, Erysipelis, Ulcers.
Cancers, Running Sore, Scab and Bile, lime
and a determined perseveranco in D . SWEET.
SER'S PANACEA, will effect a cure.
Rejection of food. Nausea, Vomiting, Nervnuaaf
tictions, Billious complaints, Head act e, Ps'eni as,
or Femnlo Irregulnrilie, Dr, SWEETSLR'S PA
NACEA will oon effect a cure j but if obstinate,
or attended with griping, flying pain, the dose
should be increased, and the euro will soon be rf
Teclcd. Let not tho patient frighten ihemaelvc
with the idea that Ihey arc too wek lo take much
medicine; but bear in mind that thia opera
ting med cine put not weakness into ihe frame, but
moil certainly draws wcnknfs out, leaves strength
in it place, and by giving composed sleep si night,
and nn nnnetite lo relish anv fond re-animaiea the
whole frame widi vigorous action, clearing the
mind and improving the sight.
TIONS. Scrofula is said lo be herii'.itary, the infant re
ceiving from its parents ihe seed nf this disease,
which increases wil'n its years, if neglected and
not submitted lo frequent ptirific tion with Dr.
8 WF.ETSER'8 PANACEA. The glands sre plo-
ceil in the Corner of Ihe body, snd nut nf the wsy
of direct communication ; their real ue is a subject
on which much difference of opinion prevails t il
suffices us to know that when in a diseased slste,
they are capable of being purified and cleansed by
a long courts of Dr. SWEETSER'S PANA
CEA, whirh restores Ihem to sound and pioper
action. Scrofulous persons can never pav too much
sttenlinn to their blood, its purification should be
their first thought, for after a long course of perse
verance, they will ever curt heicdiliry disease.
SWEETSER'S PANACEA cannot be loo high
ly extolled ; it scinches out Ihe very root of the
disense, anil hy removing it from the Blood make
a cure ceitain and pcrmineut.
For disease nf the Bladder and Khlneil, Stric
tures, Grovel. Stone, Pile. Fintula. Utinari Ob
ttructiont and Extreme Dr. SWEET
SER'S PANCEA i the best remedy ever tr e;l ;
it removes all tho- acrimonious humnis from the
Blood which give rine lo the above disease, and
by keeping Ihe blood in a pure condition, in.-un s
Impiir tirn nf the llhiml, Mercurial Taint, Weak-
nciiioj the .).?. I outof Uivoil lotlie Head (lid-
d'lirs. Si''iii" ami Buz-insr Noise in the
und Ears. Dr. SWEETSER'S PANACEA will
! give certain relief; in all seveto nt.d chronic cases,
I the patient cannot bo loo often reminded lha! tar-
j ger iiwrs nnd perseverance il i-ll'ecl a cure.
i In Chilh and Fevers, llilioin Ervers, Affections
nf Ihe Eyes und Ears, Spongi and minimi;
Gums Bronchitis anil recent Coughs nnd Cnhh,
Dr. SWEETSER'S PANACEA will he found
perfectly sum and certain in its effect.
Tho.e comp'ainls are geneinlly nt tended tvi h
the most fata! consequences, nnd aie seldom or nr.
ver cured by th piesenl mode of liealinent ; ill- y y accompany the patient ti Ihe grave, uftcr
suffering ihe most excruciating pain and lorlurc.
The cauac of complain' arc Ihe same as all
others, ihe dross ol ihe blood becomes cncrus'ed on
Ihe finest nrrruw passage, whence nri.' morbid
secretion snd Moppsgisof mine. Yon will find
the most powerful diuretics of no use, as they only
increase Ihe quantity nf urine nnd do not puiify
nnd tretirjthcn th' parts. Bv purifying the blood
with Dr. SWEETSER'S PANACEA, ou re
move Ihe cause ol ihe disease, consequently il can
not vxist any longer, sfur sufficient pcreeimee
in ils use has deprived the blood anil b.uly of all
acrimonious humors and incrustation.
'Phi i a erv prevalent and fatal ili-en-e ; il re
sult n.o-ily from neglected coughs, colds nnd bron
chitis, also from iininopcr treatment in many of tr
cases, such n niraales, fiver, iiifl.inimati -ns and
small pox. and n host of ulher l adly treated diseases;
where ihe cause, instead of having been ihnronghly
removed from the blood and body, have only been
palliated or removed from one pari lo break out in
another. By divesting y our bodies of all foul hu
mors, through the medium of Dr. SWEETSER'S
PANACEA, the core is at once rendered certain
and permanent. I!-collect, while there ia ocritn-i
tiiou humor flouting in the citcu'u ion, it i- as apt
to settle on ihe lungs as any other pail ol Iho body ;
ihts is Ihe reason that consumption is so prevalent.
Whi-li you see on the ex'cri r, come from and
have their iiurie in, the inleiior, nnd might just as
well have trilled on your luiiu, liver, or uny nthei
pint; which we know they frequently it s nnd plo
iluco too.t violent ini animator) disorder. The
humor which occa.ioi.e these sons is of a highly
acriiiioni -ns burning n.itute We know il from
the pain it gie in fur, and nfb rards it ra
pidly ulcerating and eoir-dina ihe flesh ami skin
of the a t where il break out. Thi show the
neci :ty uf firquentlv puiifying Ihe blood with Dr.
SWEETSER'S PANACEA, snd keeping such
mslignant humors iu ul j clion. Should you bsve
a bile or ulcer, be thankful that nature has taken
trouble to warn you of tha danger your life and bo
dy i in, for il ia a warning tt at the blood is foul.
Had this a mi.' acrimony shc'ed the lungs in.-tead
uf Ihe surface i f your body for its seat, roneump
lion of iho lungs would hovj been thc'conscqiienie.
Delay not then, lo purify and rtcinse with Dr.
Dwetteer Panacea.
Spinal affection, i nlaigemenl of Ihe bor es and
joints, while swellings, hip joint complaint, rup
luies, falling of ihe bowels and worn', disease, will
find a apeedy oure in Dr, SU'EETSER'S PA
NACEA. Where Ihe disease ha been of long
standing, tha lime required lo make a cure will be
longer ; but the patient may real assured lhal a
determined perseverance will effect it.
Three diseusei proceed from the seriosity or
corrupt humors of the blood, having s. I led itself on
Ihe lliroal snd lungs, and tlopped ihem up, so lhat
they cannot draw sufficient air in for rrspuation.
Dr. SWEETSER'S PANACEA will give jllllne.
diate relief, and to make the curs per led snd cer
tain, it should be continued some time after, lo
free tha system of all bad humors
Find a safe and needv cure in Dr. SWEF.T.
SEIi'S PANACEA. It cures by sesrehing every
blood ves-el snd srlrry, snd driving out all impu
rities and foul huiuoi accumulated therein, whirh
ia Iba cause of rh'umalnai, gout and swelling of
tba i. 'I'l... .uui-. ..r.... i
... juio. i uuicitouus miccis ui caiomet and
olher mineral poisons, readily yield lo its sovereign
influence ; indeed, when it vsiaable nronertiea be
come fully known, lha use of sll mineral poison will
be consigned to 'the tomb of all lbs Capulet,' snd
only be ikougbt uf aa a by-gous custom of the dar
ker ages. Dr, Sweeiser's Panacea is also a sure
cure for dyspepala, piles, cosliveuess, vertigo, brad
ache, pain in tba breast and liver couiplaiut.
Fever ia alwaya caused by a diaoiderlr move
ment of Iba blood, atruaclint to fie itself of some
thing thai encumbers il ; In fact, every kind of fe
ver is nothing mora than a struggle between lha
blood and corrupt burners, and aa soon aa tbe cot-
nipt humors are expelled, vou hava ao mora fever'
wnen a patient wnn lever aunmue to be bled, or
have bis blond poisoned with, fhercury, il weakens
his frame to such a degree, that If be survives ths
process, il alw sys leaves him subject to distressing
cnttia, wnen limes oui oi iu ns resorts lo agas
pills powderi, or tonic mlxtttresj this is going from
had to worse, al these vegetable pills, powders, 4c,
m nntuirrg Dot mercury and qotnlna la dwgater,
which may for a time drive the diaeasa so fst into
the body ss not to be pctcepUble, but very soon is
M.,11 Um.L . . . . . .
... oui again wnn leariui violence. TOCora
sRoe ami lever, the causa of the disease mast bo rV
TZ f iu"! f 't' blooJ nd borlMt-hich can beaf.
ivirpV ":.hJ uin Dr- 8WEET8ER'S PA-
i. Pu"".eiene and strengthen.
fi ' i .'"".cieanse anu aireni
Il contain, nothing that can possibly Injure,
us. is alwaya . ,.regU,rd
and ils'
PlLtlS. f '
In all Caara n Pilus, Dr. QWFP'fqrrV'V
PANACEA will effect a very K
move from Ihe blood, stomach and bows! 'T'
those foul acrid burning humora, which are th
caiian of Piles and Cntivene, and by strengo,."'
ing the digestive organ, improves every part of thr
entire body.
These disease are touted by Ihe stomach and
bowels being choked up with viscid slimy matter.:
ihe air which enter Ihim cannot escape until forcec
hy ome contraction nf Ihe slomach to expel ii iho cause of pain. A few doses b' )V
SWEE'l SEll's PANACEA vrill convince tha
suffeier that relief is attained.
Parent will find Ihe PANACEA a valuable
meinour ol their children, keeping their bodies in
a hc-.I.hy Condition, thareby assisting their growth;
j children or grown prisons, after taking il, are not
liable to he attacked with an epidemic a before, as
II always leavr me blood in a pure condition, and
ihe i nlire system in a strengthened stale ; it drive
out a'l kind of weakness from the body and leaves
utl heal hy within.
Will find Dr. SWETSER'S PANACEA a medf.
cine purely adapted to their use. Most ladies du
ring ihe period of pregnancy are afflicted with pi Vs.
Dr. Sweeiser's Psnsces, by regulating the bowel.,
will entirely obviate ibis, and iu purifying pmywr
lies on the blood and fluids, insures lo ihem heal
thy off-pring. No one who ia a mother should bo
without it, and those who arenuraing will find it
of great benefit to the health of iheir infant.
For barrenness and all diseases of the womb, it
is without a rival in Ihe enire history and catalogue
nf medicine ; by il extraordinary ttrenulhening
power, it stimulates snd strengthens the womb, a
weaknesa of which is the caue of failure to have
Under this he:id may be classed Palpitation ol
ihe Heart, Tic Doloreaux or Fsccnche, Neuralgia.
Inilige; ion, Toothache, Melancholj,Hy8teiie,anil
ill Pict, every disease caused by tho sharp, biting
acrimonious humor irritating Ihe nerves ; tin
nerves receive the morbid impie.inn from ihe Mo
mach, or rather from the blood through Ihe agenrv
of the siomnch and dige.-tive organ, and althougl
other parts of the body are appircnlly the seat o
the di.sesse, still it is caused l.y thr- morbid iinpre
A m conveyed from the blood bv the nerve, to tha
pa t. A few d. se of Dr. SWEETSEIt'S PA
NACE.V will soon assure Ihe p.ilienl th.t he ba
ilie cure in his possession.
I Ins is on inll'imiuninry dismder, a!w .y attend
,u w,,fl more or Irss pan,. It proceed from th
t u'u' acrimonious numnr lodged m ihe b,,d
flu d-, settling i. n the I in
s nml fnee. causinc ex
Ireme pain and fivers; all nnpln minus on Ihe so.
face arc worse than useless, i they only I. ml t
throw the disca e in some other pail, anil perhatj
cause de;ith. Bleeding is likewise improper. T
cuie the di ease you inu-l get rid i f the cause ; on
ly manage 1 1 rcI tho foul humors out of y -ur hlooi
and you will be well in diy. Dr, SWEET
Sl'lt'S PANACEA, a thoronjh purifier of th
blood, will search out rvery impurity rr the mor
remote p.rl of the body and exp-1 it throngh th
mi ilium of the houcl. 'Iliere is not vein, nrtt
ry, innscle or organ of the entire frarnewo'ik i
man, lhat Dr. Sweeiser's Panacea doe not in
prove. To lake il when yoo are well la to kee
we'l; and when sick lo bcome well.
posed only ol a vegetable mailer, or medical nerh
and warranted, on oath, as ronlainii g not one ps
licb) of mercurial, mineral, or chi.nical suhslaner
is found to be perfectly harmless t. the mn-t tend
sge, or the weskesl frame, under an singe of hi
man suffering ; the mo-l pleas.'nl nr-J heiiwn iD j
0ernlioii lhal ever olf red to ihe world; ar
nt the snow lime Iho moat certain in searching ni
the root of any c.impla'n', however diep. and
perfr.rm'nj a c rn.
Price f I er b..tle, or six horbs f,r f5. f.
sale, wholesale and retail, at ihe corner
I.II AKI.LS mil I'KATP Street Haltiniore. nr
aho by
Nov. (1
1817. .
II II R A I" Ft' r.
ii'ss Ana iv mv
liKATnorsft ha ii:.kx Hint'x,
the roi'ou or toxsi mftius iut
I IT lioUJlin' li t i5','
RE YOU A MOTHER ! Your darling rhil
your niol nnd earlhlv pv, is now nrrha
I .".oior.i in net ciinriiot'r i;y a nanerrous coiu n
i pale che. k. her t'-:ii fhrunkm lingers, icll l!
j Ii "I I iii ease ha already gutni .1 her tl
sound of her sepulchral er-ugh i.-tc. y..ur soul.
tUU.Nti MA A, when just 6h..ul In enter Ii:
disease sheds a heart em h ng I li';l.t over the fi
prospects of ihe fuiu:e yon- hectic cough nnd f.
hie hnih tell nf your loss ai d hope, but yon ne
nol despair. There is a balm which wili hcnl t
wuumlcd lungs, it is
S II ER tl A 'g
Mis. ATTREE, the wife, of Wm. II. Alln
Esq. was given op by Dr. Sewall of Wahtngto
Dis. Roe and McClellan of Philadelphia, Dr. R
and Dr. Motl of New York. Her friend ,
thought she must die. She had every sppearan
of being in consumption, and waa ao pronoonr
bv her physicians Sherman's Balsam was giv
slid il cured her.
Mrs. GARRABRANTZ, of Bull's Feiry, w
also cured of consumption hy this Balsam wb
all other remediea failed to give reliof she was l
dueed lo a aksleton. Dr. A. C. Castle, Denti
881 Broadway, bss witnessed its effects in aevei
eases where no other medicine afforded relief b
the Balsam operated like a charm. Dr. C. al
witnessed ils wonderful effects in curing Aslbm
which it never fail of doing. Spitting BlooJ, sis
ming ss it may be, ia effectually cured by this Br
sum. It heal Ihe ruptured or wounded bloi
vis." Is. and make the lungs sound again.
R. v.HENRY JONES, 108 Eighth ,,..
was cured of cough and catarrhal afteetione o I
years s'.niling. The Grsl doss g.v ujM mor ,
lief than all the olhei medicine be had ever lake
Dr. L. J. 3i al, 19 De'ancy street, gave It to
aisH r-in-luw who waa laboring under consumplio
and lo another aoroly afflicted with Iho Aslhn
In both cases, ils effect wera immediaie, soon ,
storing Ihem lo comfortable health.
Mr. LUCIIETI A WELLS, 95 Chri.tie aue
sutured from Asthma it yeara. fiheiman' U.
sam relieved her al once, and she is comparative
well, being enabled lo aubdue every attack by
timely use of thi medicine. Thia indeed ia I
great remedy foi Cough, Colds, Spilling Bloi
Liver Complaint, and all the afl ctions of I
throai, and even Asthma and Consumption,
Prica 'iS rents and H per bottle.
Dr. Sherman's Cough aud Worm Losengcw, ai
Poor Man's Piaster sold ss above.
Dr. Sherman' rffiee i at loe Nassau at. N '
Agenia, JOHN YOUNO, 8unbury.
M. A. McCAY, Nortbumberlan
September I lib, 1847. ly
A LL persons indebted lo tba (ubteiiber,
note or book account, are hereby notified.
call aud settle the same without delay, in ord
to save coats. 1KA T. CLEMEN
Sunbury, April il, 1818