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rum irtCATAN. . .
U' . By n'ini from tUd, th O.K
t has dotes W th-a list oh., and has fclsd
- eohfefsed with David ti. WiMs, passenger
''fori"'!' M officer of Iho 13th U. 8. Infantry,
r who eamca to iho United State empowered
by the Government of Yucatan to raise troops
"' with which to make head against the Indians.
", 'The design is I form a regiment of Ameri-
bans. v There are about SO Americans now in
Itenial service in Yucatan, and 150 more have
gone thither under Captain White ; but a full
regiment of at least 600 men is needed. From
' Merida, the capital, the whites aro operating
in five distinct lines radiating from that cen
tre, towards the torrittfry in the occupation of
' the Indians, whose headquarters and general
L rendezvous is Tiasuca, a town far in the inte
rior. , In the third and fourth divisions are
" n 'the Americans serving, of whom we have
! ' lately heard as being engaged with great cre
dit to themselves. :
. The city of Valladolid is in the possession
'of the Indians.' It is a place of of importance
and formerly of wealth. The fourth division
: was pushed directly upon that city, and hod
advanced within sight of it by the route of
Izamal, Tunkax, Oitax, Tinum nnd Pisoy.-
Having reached Pisoy the news of the taking
' of Yaxcaba by the Indians arrived, and the
,' division was ordered to fall back. , Its head
quarters at last accounts were at Izamnl, but
. a considerable garrison was loft in Tunka.x)
: Cilas and Temim. The last news is that the
" Indians were in force in the neighborhood of
all these towns, and had made several at
tempts to carry thorn, bnt so far had failed.
''.They are so numerous that a repulse does
not dishearten them, and they are now
. threatening Ixamal. With skilful loaders,
they would overrun the whole couutry at
once. . .
Gen. Kcarnkt was buried at St. Louis on
the 2d inst. with funeral honors The mili.
tary escort consisted of two regiments oi
U. S. Infantry, one company of Dragoons,
and five volunteer companies. There was a
very large concourse of friends tind citizens
From Central America. Our advices
from the city of Guatemala are of the most
disastrous and deplorable kind. All govern
ment and order are at an end within the city,
and without it is surrounded by the insur
gents, under command of Serapio Cruz. The
insurgents demand four days' sacking of the
city, or one hundred thousand dollar?. Fifty
thousand had been offered, but it was refu
sed, and it is feared that unless the whole
amount demanded is given them, they will
put their threat info execution, ns there is no
authority or power to prevent them. Hondu.
ras Observtr.
California The California Star, of April
1, says that large numbers bf Chinese are
preparing to emigrate to that country, which
is considered a favorite climate for the nilk
The Hillsboro (O.) stage, while cumin;; in.
to Cincinnati on the 20th ultimo, was rubbed
of three trunks, which tho robbers cut out of
the "boot."
The venerable Geoige Washington Pink
Custis adJressed a meeting of the friends of
Gen. Taylor in Baltimore on Friday evening.
Tin: President has officially recognized
Louis Becker as Consul ad interim of Nassaui
for the State of Texas, to reside of Galveston-
The Legislature of Rhode Island adjourned
on Friday last, 3d inst. to meet again at Pro
vidence on the third Monday of January
Robbery. The jewelry store of Russell
& Clarke, at Woodstock, Vermont, was bio
ken into on Monday night, and robbed of
S 1.000 or 1,500 of watches, jewelry, &c. No
(race of the robbers has been discovered.
994 immigrants arrived at the port of New
York on Thusduy the 2d inst.
On Tuesday last, bv the Rev. R. A. Fisher,
Jicos Trivelv, to M.ssSibilla Lerch, both
from Shamokin.
On the 5th inst , by the same, D. Walii
sciiMinT, to Margaret Eiselv, all of this
A vaht-thlerV-tentifte Work, npnii the etihiect nf Gestation
aid Child Uirih, by R. ti. GuniirB, M D., hue of
tar, inst publish in New York by I lie Author.
Mire Twcnty-Flvc Cents.
rT,HIS WORK contains reoently discovered
information upon a subject of the highest
importance to Married Persons, or those con
templating Marriage.
It will be found of special value to those
whose means, health or other circumstances,
do not permit them to increase the number of
their family, without great inconvenience,
Buffering, or perhaps risk of life. A met ho J
of avoiding these troubles and dangers, ut
will, (recently discovered by a celebrated
French Physician,) is fully communicated in
this work, so that any person may avail him
self of it at once, without cost. The means
of prevention here set forth are therefore
within the reach of all. The process is new,
safej infalliable, convenient, simple, and can
not injure the health of the most delicate.
Some speculator has clandestinely (under
anotVer name) published an .imitation, (bear
ing the same title,) which .besides omitting
the credulous out of
One Donai-,
When the price is
Tweaty0ve Cents,
For the genuine, full, and complete Work,
Conies of this work will be sent in a close
envelope, single letter postage to any part of
:ne uniiea mate, lor iweij-ino kuh acm,
-ust-naid. to Dr. R. G. Geissuer,
Jog 2456, office 127 1 2 Liberty Street, N. Y.
N. B. No Bookseller allowed to sell this
work. :
November it, 1848 5m
Dissolution ofCo-Vartnersltip
r HE subscriber hereby gives notice, that
ik. rti.-irtiM.rahin enitflred into lha list
y of Majchj 1847, by Anthony Denpler,
acob Haas; Daniel B. Haas and Peter Haas,
. . . . . i i eK l .a. a
as dtaaiVcM tue 14to uay oi r eoruajy, 1049,
tha withdrawal of aeob Haas, from said
.na.rti)Hitr - the remaining partners a-
remnar to pay all jtiat debts ! tha firm of
he- Or-
'Itia unnersnrneo. armofnled It theur-
M. phans' Court of Northumberland County,
to make distribution to and among the heirs
and legal representatives of . Thomas Grant,
dee'd ; hereby notifies all persons interested
in said matter, that he will attend to the du
ties of his appointment on Saturday, the 4th
of November, at his office in the borough of
8unbury. - CHARLES J. BRUNER. !
i i- - - ' r Auditor.'
Sunbury, Oct. 28, 1848. - -, j
' (Late Relit r Oraenough.)
WaahlnctoR, D.
DRAWINGS and papers for the Patent
Olfice, prepared and all the necessary bu
siness, in relation to securing patents, trans
acted, and promptly attended to, at their of
fice opposite the Patent Office.
October 28, 1848.
Is ANDREWSt-Rn-icr to Tilt Bict!-
VT-tt-t. 'Health to the Weak!! A
ylJQ J H.M.M is found for the
roue Human Hece in An
This Is mi entirely vegeta
Me eomp. und, mp,ed of
Twenty-FivedifTrrenl ingre
dients, nnd is en internal and
External llemedy 1W the va
rious ilia that human Been ia
heir to
ccs AS,
Coughs, Colda, Paint, Nervous and Sick Hcnilnchr,
Rheumatism, Cuta, Sprains, Spinal Affections, Hummer
C'nmplainte, Cholera Morbus, T.mthnche, Eruptions, Coma
Piles, Fr-zen Parts, Burns, rVakls, A frue in the Face and
Breast, Painters' C Die, Bruiaea, nkl frves, lias of ap
tite, General Debility, Asthma, Ac. Put up in buttles foi
1, 9 t 4 shillings per tMtle. Fur further imrtieulars see
Pamphlets to he had nf erery agent gratis, containing a
brief history of the origin, discovery and goods effects of
Audrews' Pain Killer, Ceiti&catea of Cures, directions, fte
The triumphant success of Andrews Pain Killer in re
moving the causes that produce death, the untimely death
of millions of our race, has induced t ime men of whem il
may be truly anid, their viilnin -ua rM-cupatioiis manifest
their villainy, to attempt to put in circuloti -n spuri ait and
counterfeit aiticlea called "Pain Killer," using fictitious
names f,ir the pretended auth rr, I'nrgni certificates, Ac.
9 ana have appeared, and others no doubt will uppear. let
all remember that Andrews Genuine Pain Killer has lha
written signature of 1. Andrews on the bihel of each bottle
in hafck ink. D n't aimply nsk f t Pain Kilter, but ask for
Andrews' Pain Killer, and h.ive n" "ther.
8 Id by M. A McCay, SJe Agent, N Ttliuinl-crlnnil j
J. W, Friling, Sunhury ; J hn H. Rner, Milton ,- J hn R.
Myyer, Bl omenurg ; wm. A. Mnrray .V Co, Danville;
Davenport A Smilfi, Plymmlh; Andrew Yohr. Wilkes
barre ; Ha-a & McCoruiick, McFiwensville ; Skhnr7le A
Clinnilierlaiii, lwisliurg j George McAlpiu, jersey Shore;
1. M. Juild, Willinnisp iit.
Orders addressed to I. Andrews, inventor and only Pro.
priet'ir at Itlieca Tompkins county, N. V. Will receive
!eptember 30, 1S4S. ty
300 PliUSONS W ANTED ! ! !
riHK Subscriber would respectfully inform
1 hit frirntlt anil the public generally, that he
hat just received a large an l inlenJnl assortment
r the
Very best 5 loves,
consisting npwanls of 300, among which ran be
round Cooking Stoves of iliff, rent sizes una pat-
term. Parlor Stoves, Stoves suitable for Offices
Shops &e- ll these Stoves will he solil chean
Irom $.1 and npwanls Lk-wise on hand, a large
variety of Stove Pipe Zinr, T n ware, liraas
kettela of ilifft-rent sites, ike
The anhtrriher returns his thanks for the lih
eral enroiiiaKernent received, and invites the pub-
icto call ami a-e his present ninety of Stoves kr
fCV Old Iron, Tasting, Capper. Pewter and
Gruin taken in exchange lot Ware.
Snbiiry. Sept- 83, 1819 3m
A persiif s basins cla ma against li e Rrm
Uei gter. Haas & Compatit, of Hhninokiii
ownahtp. No ihninhriland coiiniv. ai rqn, leil
to 1 re.ent ih-m, properly authentic I d, to ihe
ub-crii-e-. wit. have turn i-i' ml a. gnee of
ihr fnm. fit sett' ni-n ; anil 'l iio'e' te-i
l n ,n, rrque-leil In make p-Miiem 10 us
w ihout I'elsy,
Assigni ra of f ng'er, Haa At Co.
We will alleml l our nirii-, in 8u" bnry, on
Monday the 30th of October, for ihe i.u'o-e nf
meem gaoy prrsone who mav have ai tiunirnt
to m ke.
S.n.tiury, OclclicrtUl 1S48 3'
JSo. I04. Chestnut Street,
A few doors above Third, Philadelphia,
would invie the ladies to call and rt .mine bis
upeiinr -I 1 k i-f MulTs, II. .as. Tippets tic i f
eveiy vaiii-ty, rom-isiing of It ch liu-ia 8..ble,
lluiuon Hiy M irtm, IVorw.iy Martin, Mn k Sa
le is mm .Marlii., t,,ne Mariin. Kriniio, f'Ull
.vug. 6lc. &r. These skins haw b en eel cted
wit. 1 gr. at cue. nd r mule bv lha best w -rkmen
n thee .utitrv. 1, .die 111 y r,si atwured lint no
.rlicle w H l e-fT. re.l for rah- in 'his e-ublishm- lit
1 1 I ia , ot i rlei-t in --very ieMerl.
As. 104, Chrtnul ttrtrt. Oe'wtm
Third and Fourth ttrttti
1'h ludtiphia
S. Mini., 30. 18H-6m
G. & Tt. IK. SMITH,
(Late 01" the firm of A. C. Bagley Co.)
Mi men nana nr finiu Pi.aa. I'isi
.o. 16 .Maiden I.aue, Xew-York.
IM'E hi-Ku si-nlier- ft, r 10 t'-a ami
ihe 1'illitic cem-tall" nr differ, ni slvle
f tiold p.-ri wli'rh ire w .rren'. il an iibi l .n
p rl r o. . ' v fi" iini!e. aii are, I be suiei,r.,
In ev. r. re e.e: I . .10 mlir . mad . H ivn I 11..
r ' I 1 1 11 , af.i . a of I'lirom w,- ar- deier.
in-id t 11. jp. iar .ll li- .'eliverra t fiommir ea.
..till-llilie.:! 1.11" H 'i a r l rl also krfSp
nia .tl mi I (. 1,1 o n -u rror liold I'mcile l.d
''irt 4 - lh 1 en. h-h We ,rc enst leil 10 (Tt al
h low, t at, . All o d. r adilea. il lu the f uiw
ctitiers, will b rarefHlly ami prmii.y attendad
ii & E. M HMII II.
No. 16 Mai.len l.anaN.V.
Oct. T. IH48. 3m
raoriuoa or suusas or woaua.
SiaiB Kdititw. lNino. pp. io. p,lca at
83,0.(1 C.elea said U r Three Mealhs t
Years of aurreriiig, of physical and mental anguish In
many an aOecliniaue wife, and pecuniary difficulties to the
husband, might have beeu spared by a timely r nmuu of
It is intended especially f. la married, urtk aontenv
platiua marriage, aa it diseluaes iiupoiuM aaereu wkieb
should be known to them particularly.
Truly, knowledge ia power. It Is health, happiness, afflu
ence. The revehuiraw c nlained la its page have proved a
blessing to th -u sands, as tha iiiuiimaralila tetters received
by the sulk will atteal.
Ileia, als every female ..tha wife, tha as-Hbar, tha one
either budding into or the one ui the decline
years in wh-an nature eonteinplatea ail imp r'a.u chaiute
can dieeover the eauaes, sympt -nia, and ihe in et eihcieot
reinedias, and m eertaia aa ate a eurs, ia every emu.
plaint Si which her sex ia aubjec(. .
Captes will be seat aaall (ree af pas'lag a to ik awl'
Over tea thousand conies have been sent by mail withia
three nv utha, with narfcet safety and certainty.
Oa the receipt Una, lha "M,arried Woman's
rrivata MoaMai.i-ranpanMMi--wui aa sens (mailkb r m tl)
lo aay part of tha L'uiud Stalaa. AaJenara araat ea pnet
aaid Qssssl aViaa enntaiiiing a remittaoea) mat addrtaaiid
In Pi . M Maalraaa, Ut list. New-York City. ia-
liaaiug unlet, lag jtamy-si., new y org.
The "Marl I
anuiiaa w
a PrivaU Madaaal Caaaaealoai" la
Patent A Ir-Tight I
,. . STOVES.' l
rpHE abrtra Btova, whleti la equally well artapted Witrat
A Cail, has received silver meoaVa at lha falra nf the
A marina Institute, New York) nf tha Mcchanica1 loan
lutej B reton 1 nf tha Franklin Institirte, Philmli lpliiM 1 and
of the Mechanics' Institute, Wilminrton, Delaware.
It ia aaaaWa, 4f aenperlv a art, oftloiaa; aver, work, wtlh
leas fael, than any other tst.rve yet laTered to the pulilici in
winter II will warm tha largest kitchen, wtilla In siniimei,
with the summer drees attached, it throws out no mjn
heat than a charvwl furnace and for hoilin'g, broiling, ba
king, or roasting, h cannot be surpasssd by any otkar Stuva,
open arc, ur DTira oven,
CaariricATi or taaJvraas or nrs Macnoiics' Irsti
totb, Boston. -
we, the sshscribers, being ch en jnrlgea try tha Massa
chusetts Chnritahle Mechanics' AssoclstHai In Boat n, on
stoves, furtnees, ranges, Ac. would inform tha public, that
after testing all the 00. .king stoves that were put into the
Pair for exhibition, and letting each man manage his own
stove with the same kind nf nail, if) order to ascertain
which would do the an me work With the least fuel in the
some time, and do it heat, we And that Stewart's Patent
Bummer and Winter Air-Tight Cooking St ive, mnuafactur
ed by the patentee, of Tray, N. Y , to be the best, as it took
hut 1,1 minutes to boil two gallona of water and bake biscuit
in the same time, ami broil lieef steak, and all daie in tha
best manner with seven pounds of onal, in thirty minntcs
from the time the firs was nut into the store. To which
we au-arded tha silver siothd, -.
The subscribers respectfully invite Ike attention of coun
try dealers, to one of lire largest Bird best selected stock uf
stoves, ever offered in this city, among which are tha fol
lowing t
Bases. - - '
Screen Cy ler.ders. ' .1 .
Oven Stoves. : - 1 :'
Washington Ail Tight Cooks. '! -
Large Oven
do -
McGregor Mammoth
Premiums Cook Sorea.
National A ir-1 iitht Cooks.
Pallor Stoves.
100 Lomt Air-Tight Parlor Stoves.
ISO Char es the 1st Ai'-Tight do
20(1 Lady Washington. Air-Tight Parlor.
130 Washington Air-Tight do
.100 McGregor's three days Parlor Air-Tight
Coal Stoves, burning three days without atten
tion. For sa!e wholesale and retail by North. Harri
son Sc Co. No. 300 Market street,' Philadelphia.
Ph ladclphia, Jul) 18th, 1818
No. 106 CI1ESM T Street, Philadelphia,
Opposite the Franklin House,
1MPORTKR- of Gold and 8ilver I'alent L . nd Manufacturer of Jewelry
A good assortment always on hand. Gold Pa
tent Levers, 13 jewel $38 : Silver do $18 to
$20; Gold Lepines. $30; filver do. $12 to 15:
CI cks and Time Pieces, Gold Pencils, $125.
upwards; Diamond Pointed Gold Pena, $1,501;
Gold Biacelets jikI Breast Pint, in gre t variety;
Ear Rings; Miniature Cases; Gu.ird Chains,
$12 to S'lS; lated Tea Kelt, Castors, Coke
Baskets. Candlesticks. Britannia Ware. Fine Ivo
ry Handled Table ' u lery. and a general assott
ment of Fancy G ods.
UW L. WARD, No 10b ;HK-N(?i- t..
Philadelphia, opposite the Franklin House,
Manufacturers of all kinds of Silver noons.
Forks. Tea eta Ladli-a. &e All work made
by us ia stamped wilh our name, and warranted
lo he made of purely American coin.
Philadelphia. August 12. 18480 mo.
bv miwuirs tunic mixture! ;
'I'H T great National, Old Favorite. and Hter
I mg Rem-dy!!! of EIGHTEEN V "ARS
STANDING st si I nnspptoai lied 111 its wotnler
ful sorcets, certainty, a it auf ty, in the ct si or
flT" It you would rtcnpe the arsenics' (po'tntu
inn) counterfeits take not a hottlermn any me.
tha ia not gor,cJ by t e ' written signature"
of Ihe original inventor and proprietor, Jonn R.
Row no. on a paper Inlet, croising the motiA
i.nd erk.
Thi-i remedy has nevr r been bolstered up by
false and deret ful puffs, but baa won its way to
ihe confidence and univosal ado linn of the in
habitants of Fkvf.r n Anrsj DiktsictsBV ITS
whit h all the agents, and every person who hvr
used it, Wall testify.
143 Arch Mtreet Philadelphia
Auknts for bury Ira T. Clement, J. W.
Friling, H. M ser and Geo Bright
Agknis for Northumberland Foriytbe, Wil
son dtCo. R M. M'Csy.
August 2, 184 cow
A li E N T 8
A Nit
X PDI'LL H WOKK. in ..ery
'tiriMiglioiii tha United Mt.,t,-. T,( Agri-te, the
most l.hrral riii-oniaKemenl ia offi-ml with
small rapiial of $i& to I0 A ch i.flerrd,
whereby an agent can make from $1(1 In $35 .fo
xerk, For fuilhei pailirutara aJilie.. (1.., -lp.i l)
WM. A. I.E AltY,
No. IS8 North HKCO.ND Kireet.
Philadciphia, tert. 9. I84H. 6m.
run. - n ten a
CJ old and filter Watches
(old Li-vers, lull j- well. d, 18 caial
tw , (30 and over
Silve- l.eve s. full jcw.lli-d tit and over
' l.r piura $ and o, 1
Qua I 11, $ 8 to fid
(old P. m ils. I 6.1
"ilvr Tea HHwo", 1 qu .1 locoin, 4 60
ti Id I'e , ailvei ho'der and irencil. I 00
Willi 1 spli ndid aaior.menl id all kind nf
Wali-I ea, h.'1'l gold and ailver ; Hi, h Jeweliy,
cVc, (i.. 1 Chain ot Ihe Iw-i mrn-if Ouian, and in
tad every tl iim in it.c W atch and Jewelry line
al much Irs p iora than ran ba b tight in thia
cily or elaeahere. .
Please a. vr lh'- aJveil's merit, and rail al ei
th-r LEWIS LvDOVtUi.
No 413 MXPKEI aire, al-e.e E vemh
tronh aide. or al J ACO 1 LUIOMIN
J4B MA It I: ET al, fir-tsonr below Eigh ,uil.
We h .e G. Id and (Silver Lev, rsaiill hea.
per ihuo ihe above rr te a lib, ral iir..unt m oti
10 1 lie irarle.
Hepirml cr S3, 1818 6m
21 3 Mabket Stieet, .
uiii .h sc. neiicius
PiaT.. Una liLtsa, lis .-'Ttrre.
VaaisHta o r, 4tc.
" iiei.l Mnli. ir e. M-d i-nte I'-heeia, a d
Ian inrai Instrument. C'li. miral Ta a, etc.
dj-i lid, r. fi.,111 M i t s .is .r ")yaiciaD. by
ten. r -,r o r er-i.- pi ,,tv a lend J to
A s.. 1848 a
l kr supaiior uali".. ii -nda-m-It colored, end
pui ihsiii be . Hilt Mor-a-S i Cakia. coropl -,
fo- ..aivi IN K !' ILL K, ai P ELBH'M CHE A I'
1 m,eM. b-low reuilk. fbila elohu All
I'Ulure. mad- al Ihl. .ubliabasetil will ba Was.
asevas esaracT.
Pkiladelphra. Bept. 9, IMB) ... ,
jt o? era act uca so
P'atsd snrl Briiarmla Ware, CairSrs. ami
fanes Gomls. and Msnuficirr' nflew.
eiv snd HHver Wars, Itfl Cbeanut etrwt. Phila
ilelphia; ha T.l e.1 by lata rrll a Is-go and
hamlaomt) , k of English snd Frsi eh Watches, Marble, I'oteelain and Fsney I'lork.-'
Plated tlrna. Caators Ba.kets. High an.' tt.ilidlea'li'k Moilp l.lle. -K onus a d
Prrif. Alan good aasortinent of Bil annis
Wars srd Pins Cotb-ry.
' Their s'ork of JEWELRY Is largs snd of ihe
most fa-hionaMek'nrl. and ibey are well .opplled
ltd Silver 8,Nion. Fotks. Moge, Napkin Ring",
Unite. Kuivea Set , ami wl hoot m king any dn
p'av nf piicea in ihe pitbltc prima, ihey are pie.
..arerl lo sell a I.. a. il.o-e who do, nnd invite
(i. larins wiabl-ij purehaae in call.
Plul.l.lhia. Iiii.r Id l4. 6n
tjTnrdrabn f rlloimble
J. VV. & E. D. STOKES,
Wo. 194 Market Street. Firtt ninthivg slure be
low Sixth. 4 '
i"HFR V. thev are constantly enmrd In get
' ling lip (rom lb" beat French. English and
niencan t oth r othing cut snd made up in Ihe
most anterior and fashionable sty B. t'eraous
who buv 10 set . wil find a ran snd exes lent
stork st the owest city prices. C othing made
up to order, ins superior style st the shortest
N. HUilil r eliows rti-sa ia. a 'aire assort
men! always on hand Orders from Lodges snd
individua s promptly sttended toon the moat res
tonab'e terms.
Philsde phis, June 3, 1848 I jr. -
A Tsnitaswo D.iLia Sivrn !
Hat nnd Cap Manufacturers,
Srnh East Corner nf 4th and Market Street,
Hat'tnenl story
U AVE c-rna'ant v n hand a full and eo-nplele
i- assor'm.-nt of HAT. C.W. and KUm
Ala - an el- gant esoMm-nt of fli'-n.' an I hoys'
Leuhnrn, Piinama. a .rl f .l 11 l. af Hnta. All nf
wr ich bv a aaviu . of $1000 in r ni, will he s it. I,
whole-ale a d retail, al ihe - ry lowest pure.
Coun ty dealer wool d 1 well to rail, as by c
eonorny an I low rent, we aie eti .t ie I to m-'I I
v-ty low raiea
June 1841 ly
"new ANT) CIIEAr
JPST received, at the store ol IIknrv Mas
sks, a choice assortment of UltY GOODS,
(Jrneeries L"nr. Palmtenf and o'hrr Anf 8c.
all of which will be sold at the lowest prices.
Sunbury, June 3, 1848.
witKASu LiqinnuKiiA:n,
iVr, 29:1 i.tirA-ef Street. Beluio Eighth, North side
Keeps constantly on hand all kind of old Li
quor, vix : Superior old rye whiskey superior
lliandv, Gin, ke Also white biandy for preser
ving. Wild 1 berry and Blackberry biandy.
I'hilailr-lphia, June 3, 1818. ly
And Dealers in Paper, and Paper Mannfactn-
rers' Materials.
No. 33 Commerce at., PHILADELPHIA.
KEEP constantly on hand a large assort
ment of printing and other paper. News
papers in the country, csn be supplied at all
4imes, with paper of any size and quality, at
tjie lowest pricra.
Philadelphia, JtWB 17th, IS 18.
Attorney at Law,
NFORMS the citizens of Northumberland
county, that ba will hereafter regularly at
tend the courts of said county and will promptly
ttend to any business ent rutted to hia care. He
may be consulted at Ihe Hotel of Peter Lazarus
luring court
Sunbmy, July 39lh, 1848
KqultMUIe l,lie Inaiiranro, Aniiulty
nnti rr urn lempngr.
Capital wi V10. Charter I'krpctcal.
PI'UB C 'inimny are now prered to Irnumct bustnes
1 np ai the m el liberal and advuiitaireouB terms. They
are auth-iriaed try their charter (sect, ft) "to mike all anil
every insurance appertniniiif to life risks of whatever kind
or nature, and to receive and execute trusts, make eialow-
menta. aial to smut and oun-linae annuities." The tym
pany sell annuities and cud.oA'menta, and act ns Trustees
for minors and beira.
Table of Premiums required for the Assurance of 8101) fur
Hie whole term of l.ue.
Age. I Preiu. Age. Prem. Age. Prcm.
IS ISO 31 ling 48 3
17 1 S3 31 SIS 47 3 to
18 1 66 33 9 an 48 3
Ig lSg 34 47 4g 3 77
50 1 110 3S S 33 SU 3 p4
51 1H 3S S 40 51 4 13
3 I AS 37 S 47 131
43 I Sg 38 1 54 A3 4 Al
SI 17S 3gS3 M 4 71
Si I 76 40 g 711 ii 111
IM 41 9 HI &tl 111
97 I Sg 49 ul 57 3 .13
98 I o4 43 3 01 58 5 54
9g I of 44 3 19 Sg 6 7S
91 IM 45 393 006U3
Tlie premiuins are leas than any other cnnpoiiy, and the
policies at' rd greater advantages. Tables of fialt-ycarly
terms, oint lives, surviV'irshipa and endowmeuta; alai,
form 01 Aptlicati ai (f.rr whicli there are laank sheris) are
to be had on appliruti-ai at the orhce, or by letter to the
Agent, J . 11. ruaui , nunuury.
Ratss sua iisscbiso 8100 on a single Life.
For l.ii'e.
F.XAMrLI A per Hi seed 3u years next birth day. bv
m-uw the Comnanv on wiuikt aeciire In hia Inmik-
or heirs 9100 should be die .5 one year j or for tVyD he rv-
cures to tnem vimai ; or tor eia annually tor seveu years
he secures to them 91001) sh ukl he die in seveu venrs; 01
f. 090.40 paid annually during life he secures ttlhno to be
paid wheu ba dies. Toe insurer aacutii his own trnuis.
by the digerenoa In am -unl o' nremiutns fr au th- ae charred
by other dices. Por Ho,) the heirs would receive 80000
sh'Hikl he die iu one year.
Forma of spplicatiou and all particulars may be had at
the office. . J W. ('LAGHORN, President.
Trrascrer I- ramis w. Ha xi.
H O. Tuckett, Secretary.
Coa.VLTixa Pavncutj 1, J. B Meaner, Sunhury.
J. H Pvrdt, Sunhury, Agent tor Northumberland ooun
Sunbury, Jury 8, 1848
W,'uli! reai rcifully invite ailrnlion lo his superior
lyie of i-sia i--r auluinn. 1848, wh-ch will H
found ihe m.wl (iei lei-i eer h fire off. rrl In ihe
r -111 .1 I p--i-o'iar f rma r.-mler 11 Ihe more
Age. Fur 1 year. For 7 years.
9U 81 gt
30 ng 1,30
40 l,9g 1,64
SO 1,M 9,07
6g 3,48 3,g7
rt eiri'.l , i' ronilr . esal. the eaa I'ia'a ..f du'.t.
i iiiiy .ih oenni . r- qn aila in lha" article of . r--e
a I la hia n.rnra.'d I ililiea in in as -nufaeltirHig
wi b .,1 he . ,mI in rmpr eem-nia. enabl.-a hnn
I o L'u t sa a 1 VV uaia to pt' duee a bell, r
II 1. . - -.
Chi 1 fAgcv Hsts Care or raa
l.tTAsi Mtirif fl'iv, goixla have Iweai ssleeud
lh gn-ai e -r. and av; be found moat beautiful
and e.' re in heir -lyle-!. t ,
Labiss' Itipiae Hara ssa pars, or Eavias
l asw I'aTTaaga. Great rare bea,ley8 bestow,
ed in rouetiui lu g three alielae. ih-4 Ihgy sssy tt
, ri(iciljaaif and foiat f graceful eppsai.Doe,
104 Cbeefaut at. a taw aVaxe aboe Thiid. .
- -1 PhiUuVslphUl'.
BeptsasbwM.lill tbJliasSe, U4 ly
TITtS F.itrert II pot ar) m tjoarl bottteS. II e' sit times
ebeaper, pleaaanter, and warrant rd au perinr lo any
ad. It cures diseases without vomiting, purgring, sick
ness, or debilitating tha patient, and Id partku arly adapted
The great beauty and superiority of this "raranpnrllla over
, ether remedies la, whilst it Sradiflatee disease,
It invigoratea th body.
?. - Consumptioa eared. - " 'f .,
' Cleanae and 0trcngthen. . ,. t
' ' ' Coniaimptlon can be cured.
Bronchitis, Consumption, Uver C'lmptaint, CottM, Couglia,
Catarrh, Asthma, Spitting of III001I, rVircnras iatha
Chesl, Hectic Flush, Night Sweatn, Dill
cult and Profuse Kspeetnratlun, -.,
and Pain in Ihe Bide,
Ac, Ac,
have and can be cured.
Probably there never was a remedy that has been an suc
cessful in despemto eases of consumption as this t It clean
ses and strongOn-na the system, and appears to heal the ul
cers 011 the lungs, and pntiinls gradually regain their usual
health and etrencih.
There is scarcely a day pasaes but there are a namber of
cases of consumption reporti-d as cured by the use of Dr
Towneen's Sarsapaiilla. TI10 folkiwing was recently re
ceived :
Dr. Towssaso Dear Sir : For the kuS three yenrs I
have heeu atHictcil with gcueml dchihty, and irervoua enn
aumnlion of tlie last statre. and did not expect to ever sniti
my health at all. After going thnnigh a canac of meilit-ine
uinler the care of srnie of Hicmost ilisiiuiiiiiifacil rciniUir
physicians and members of the lliril of il.allh in New
Yolk and elsewhere, and speialing the 111 t of tny curninas
in attempting to rr-irnin my hcullh, and nfli-r reading in
s rtne paper of your eViraajairilla I rea.lved to try it. After
usin six bottles 1 f-nind it none me grout gooil, and called
to see you at your office; with your artvicc 1 kept 011, and
do most hcnrtily thank you for your ndvire. I persevere in
taking the pVirmparillt, ami hove been able ro attend to my
usual labors for Ihe last four months, aial I bop by the
blessings of G and your Karaupnrilln to continue my
health. It helped me beyond the expcitaii ais of all wlio
knew my case. CH AKLF.8 CIU1MBY
Orance, Kesex co. N. J., Aug. 9, lf)7.
Stateof New Jersey, Kaar x ivmiily, . rhnrlcs Quim
hy ticing duly aworil according to law. lai his oath unillr.
that the forcg -hit statr-mcnt is true aecnnltng to IIk beat of
hitknowtedxeaiHlbi'lir-r. t llARLIX ql.lMBY.
Sworn aial sulnrcriliixl to bt-firc me nl Orange, the id
A.lgust, 1S17. CYH I S BALDWIN.
Justice ,,f the Peace.
Renrl Ihe following, ami sjy that coiinmiiplititi is in incu
rable if you ran :
Xi w Y.a-k, April 41, 1817.
Dr. Tov.end : I verily Mieve Hint y.air S:iraarrilla
haa been the menus, lliroueh i'nrvirleia-e, cf snviiia my life
I have for sevemi years hail a lad c xirh. It law-ainr w..rao
aial worso. At kist 1 ruined lurirr- quaiilitir-a of liloral, had
night sweats nnd was gn-itly debilitated mid reilucrl. ami
did not expect lo live. I have only user! your Suranpnrilla
but a shirt time, and there has a ' tvnii'lorl'iil i-tcnnre la.-en
wr'Hiictit in inc. I am now utile to walk all irver the city.
I raise no hloral, and my c mall has left me. V,at cnu well
imagine tint I am thuiikful 1 r thrwe nnulia. our obedi
cut sr.-rvaul. WM. ItrsSKI.I.. 0,1 Callmrlne at.
The annexed eeriillcaii ,-ll a simple un.l trulliful story
of siig. riiiir anil relict. There nre Hi ninrmlir of ximilnr m
scs in this city anil llro,tklvn. aial vet there nre thousands
of imrruts It their eliiUr.-n for i'e-ir of b-.-iii; humlnigged
or to save a few shillings.
liroiklvn, Sept. 1.1, ISI7.
Dr. Tov.NKn: I take plensnre in muling, for the bene
fit of th we whom it niny i-oiK-crn. that my il.iiiithler, two
years and six mail lis old. was afflicted with g.-ncnil de
bility ami lorn of a;ieech. r-lie 'aa given up aa pnst je
c il-ery by our family physician; but t'ortriu-iiely 1 was re
c rmineitrliil by a friend to try your Kinvijairilla. Before
hrivintr used one liottic she recovered her speech nnd was
enabled to walk al ine, to the ust uislimcni of all who were
acquainted with Hie circniriataiicea. rMie is now quite well,
ami in much U-ltcr heallh Hum she line Im-u fir IS mniitlia
puc. JOSKI'll T.WLOII, IX York a'., llr joktyn.
Very few families in.leoil in fiu t we hat e 11 .1 heard of
one Hint usr-U Dr. T. wiiaciid'a Snranirillu in time. I rat
any chililrcn the lanl Summer, while th we that ilul n.S,
siel,.neit aial died. The oercilicate we publirih Mow is
c rm-luaive evidenr-e of its value, nurl is only uu "thor instance
irf ils savins; the lives ol'cliilrlrell :
Dr. r.nvNKu D.iir Sir : 1 had two chililrcn cured by
your S iraiwirilla of the siiiumr-r eonlpl riiil ami ilyseutrirv ;
one was only IS month old and th.i irlher 3 years. Tlicy
were very much n-duceil, nn.l wc exiM:cled Ihev wonH die ;
they were given up by tw.i r- ieclalrlc physicians. When
the doctor informed us Hint we must lose them, we rrnol
vcil to try y.air Kiraunnrilla wc IkiiI heard so iimeh of. liut
had little conli,leiiie, there lieine; aj inui-li Htulf arlvurtised
lhal ia worthless: lait wc are Himikful t lint we did, for it
uialoulanlly saved Hie liver of b -Hi. I write this Hurt olli
crs may be iuriueed to use it. Youra, rcaiMN-ii'iillv.
Myrllc-avenuc, Brooklyn. Cent. 15, IKI7.
TO Tilt-: I.AIMKS.
Db. Towxsenu's Saiiaapahu.l. ia a arverciuu and sieeily
cure for ita-ipietit c aiNtuuptirai. aial for the gr-uenil prrrstra
ti ill of the aystein no mutter whether the roiilt nf inhe
rent cuiiac or i-misrv, pr.iUui-cd by irregularilv, illness or ac
cident. Nothing can be urire stirpriimiii than its invigorating ef
fects 011 tlie hiiiiiuu frame. Persona all weaknr-ss anil liie
sitiale, fi-,an Inking it at once hecome ribuia nnd lull of
energy iinrler ila iiitliu-nee. It immediately c niiitcmcts the
ucrvci.-sHiicss nf the female frame, which is the great cause
It will not he expected of uu, in cusrs of so di-ticute a na
ture, to exhibit ccrtiheuli-s irt cures performcl, but we can
assure the ahlicted ttiat hundreds of cases have been repor
ted til us.
Da. Towri: Mr wife being greatly distressed liy
weakni-as aial gcueml ik-ltility, and auQering coutiiiuully by
pain and with other difficulties, and having known rases
where your medicine has roected great cures ; iuhI ale 1
henriiar il reciamnended for niK-h cases as I have described,
I obtainM a h ailc of your Extract of Snrsarurillii ami fol
lowed the direcli.ais you (rave me. In a short period it
removed her compluiuis nnd rest. .red her to hojilth. Being
greatfttl for the laments she receiveil, I tiiku pleasure in
thus acknowledging it, and rednimcndiiie it to the public.
M. 1). MOOR I-;,
Albany, Aug. 17, '41. r r. Grand e; Lydia sla.
No fluid or merlieina hns ever been ilimvivererl wha-h so
nearly resembles the gastric juice or suliva in decouipiisiug
food aial strciifftheiiiinT the orKana of diecstiai na this nr,--
parati ru of t-turKipnnlta. It Mitivety cures every case uf
tiyspepsia, nowever severe rrr c itronic.
Bank Depnrtmeiit. AlUinv, May tO, 143.
Dr. Townaend Sir : I have lieeu alAieterl for sevenil
yenrs wilh dysieisia in its worsl form, nltcmleil with a ur
neas of st.rmarh, V iss of aHH-titc, extreme heurttium, and a
great aversion to all kimla of fo rd, and for weeks, (what I
c-aild eat) I have been uiaittle to retain hut a small portion
on my stomach. I tried the usual reiucdica. but they had
but little or mi effect in removing the complaint. I was in
duced. aUait two months since, to try yiair Kxtmct of Sar
aimrilla. nml I must aiy with little caihib-m-e 1 but alter
using nearly two bittiea, I found my appetite restored and
tha heartburn entirely removed ; uikI I waild ranitaiHy re-e-anmend
the use ol' it to those wlio luive bf-ercnrhii-ti-d ns 1
have been. Yours, Ac, YV. V. VAN JCANIM".
Agent for Huulairy JOHN W. FRILINO ; Nor
Ihimilrerlnml, M AHY A. McCAY : Danville, WM. A.
Apiil-J--', 1K1S. ly
Plilln., Hciidltis, nnd t'otl.ivlllo
II 11 1 1 ItORd.
sumvikh arrangemknt
CHANGE of Hoots and two Trains Daily
rarb way, except Sundaya.
On and after Monday, May 1st, 1818, two
trains will run earh way, daily, between Phila
ant! Pottsville
Leaves Philadelphia at 7 A. M daily except
Passe Reading al 10 4.1 A. M.
Leaves Pottsille at 7.) A. VI. daily eicept
Sundays. Panes Readily at 0 JO A M.
The above Line stops at all way stations 011
the road as formerly.
Up Train.
lnwn Train.
Leaves Polliville at 2
P. M , daily except
Leaves Si-h llaven.S 37
" Port Clinton, 3 00
" Reading. 330
" I'ottstown, 4 30
" riitenixville, 3 00
Arrives at State
Road. 3.30
Leave Philadelphia at
2J P. M .daily except
Leave. Pha-nixville 3 43
" Potutown, 4.13
" Reading. 3 00
" Port Clinton, 3,43
" Srh. Haven, 6.10
Arrive at I otti-
ville, 8 90
The afternoon train will stopnnly at the above
named stations. Paaenera for other points
must therefore take the V orning Line
Depot in Philadelphia, comer of Broad and
Vine Street. No Passenger csn enter the Car
unless piovided wish Ticket.
NOTI- Fifty pound of baggage will be
allowed lo earh pasaenger in these lines ; and
paiaenger are expresly prohibited ftotn taking
anything a baggage but their wearing apparel
which will be at the risk of it owner. No
freight will ba taken by these line.
Hy order of Board of Managera.
S. BRADFORD, Secretary
Mny fl. 1818. If
Flclorlal r.tlllloii of d'Hiblfrne'g
greut Work nu iho llefoi matluu
' MANY, SWITZERLAND, &'. Will be
published or. nr about the 1st of April, 1818, by
JOS A SPEEL. No 88 Cherry t. above 6th.
hi plenrfid IS mo edition of th above named
work, ith 18 engraved illustration from ori
ginal design; 4 vols in 9, bound in extra cloth
snd library sheep. , ,
The poblisher respectfully cells the attention
of Ihe trade and Ihe public generally, lo this
work being the only illustrated edit ion published
in tha United States He trust that the beauty
of its embellishment, the Strang and subsiantial
manner in which it ia bouad. in conjunction with
tha knowa popularity of lbs work itself, will ba
a ure recommendation to public feor.
JOS. A. 8PEEL, 06 Cherry t above 6tbv 1
J. A- 8 has also lately published, new and
beautiful Edition or Sergeant Bell's Raras Show,
suitable book tor children, neatly doa f ia
estre ebjth.
rtriladlyhi April I, t4 ' ' 1 '
CD IX ti? CTt J3U 3X1 fS3 a
: A -sOVEnetCJcF rlEKtS'DY FOR
GEORGE B. GREEN, Proprietor:
Windsor, Vermont.
Pr.""?" T 1VSPF.WIA, In many OT
A forma, such aa pain In the fHraoaHi, Ueartbum, h-JHtual
pCSTS Headache, I, ,a Ap,lit
Piles, Night Sweata, and even UiaiaumiitiiHi (l)yiieplic
Phthisic,) and Asthma, or Phthisic attended with dernine
ment of the Htomach (or I)yaaiptie Asthma,) Ilifhcult
Hreathing,- which often reaulu fnan imperfect digestion (or
Dysnetitlc ftrsnmrja.) is relieved hv iheae Hin.. ln ah.,..
their use has been proved in the relief of almost all the
symptoms that proceed from a debilitated or atonic condi
tion of Ihe Stomach t also hi general debility arising from
age or from the enects )' Fever, particularly Fever and
Affies. Females saflrinfr Under anv nlerine derniuremeot
anshig from weaknras, will find the '-OxTnr.'rtTKii Hit
tbbs" an excellent remedy, bih! ivg luriCT-aeil by any tncdi
cine in use.
The history nf this medicine Is necnlinr. Il has made its
way to public favor solely by Ihe force m' its own iulrinsic
merits. No artificial menu have been naed lo give it n-i-toriety
end thrust it upon public attention. It lias never
before even lieen advertised, but having lirst shown its re
mnrkalile efficacy in the family of the proprietor, and liy
him aiterwatda adminislercil u his alllietetl friends nnd -(luiiiiitaucn
wilh a like result, ils rcpiiltition arndunllv ex-
teiHied until it is known in the most distant parts ia' the
Inl 'n, as a medicine nf unrivalled virtues in Ihe curs of
Uyspcpaia in all ila different forma, and also for the cure 01
Asthma or Phthisic. Its tmlv hemld and Its only
bns been the story of its wonderful effienev, as told from
month to month or hy letter from friend to friend. In eve
ry lnrtanee where th-ne Hitters have been need, and the re
mMv kl,"wn 10 ,lw pr-iprietor, they have proved a re
Numerous ecrtinentea, attesting (he sinmilar efficocy ol
the "OxroMATED Hittrrs," are iu the possession ollio
nrrairiclor: many of them signeil by person, already widely
known tn the public.
UKO. tl. IlltHKV. Vronrietor
VINDfOR, Vt., Octr-r :i h43. ' r"',""'r
The fallowing I'ertlricalea have recently been
received t
Wanisniox, U. C. Jiwr to. 1SI0.
Ilnving made use of the Ixveenuteil Hitters" nreiaircil
by lr. Ovt. H. Oreen, m' Wimtaor.. VI. anil from know
ledire i4itainei1 of their etlicury in other cases, waclieerlntly
ree rmiiieiMl llicm to tlie pul.tie. believing lliat they will full'v
sustuin tha m-.aninenilnti.iii of Hie Piopriet .r. We h rpe
that this viiluablu remeily may bu so geuerultv Uitiitiriil
throuiihout the country llial it mm be ucci'saible' to all the
HAMITf. P1IF.LP-5, )
J.T. MORKIlKAl), L.r"
or of Kentucky.
1. H. ytr-iMt'-r from Venn-rut.
H. Senator from It. Inland.
Senator ami I'oruirl) Ooveru-
I.. II. Alt.NOLD, .Member in' Congrerui ami 1 -nu rly O
venerr of It. I.
WM. Wt)t)l)imll)UE. f. S. S.lator lr.l fomieriv
vernor of Mii-liii-nu.
M. L.'l'l, Pvlcgji,. iu Ciugrcrs fi-uu Wisconsin
From If n. II. D. Fosrr.H, .Mtni'jei of C.rugrekn i'iuiti
l"l-llllr. IvtJllUI .
Washington. U. C. Jusk 10. I SIB'.
Uc-ar rir, I have been a ilyp,-plie audr-rcr for nbout ten
years, nnd hrive n-s-irted to 'viui.rus miiliciiii-s for. relief
without soccers, until I made use of vour Oxvtfcimtcd
Hitters." I have unci about two botllca, and hiid myself
restored to perfect heillh The forms iu which the 'du
ctule showed itself, in tny enfte, were, a rent acidity nf the
stomach, l ias of appetite, extreme flatulence, severe conili
pntii in of (lie bowels, ami violent henilnclie.' l-'er.-!iiiir dusi
rons that a kuowlert-fe of y .nir valimhlc retried;,- mny reach
others similarly I take ecat picas ue in rcc .rrl
iug my testim my t i Ils cnrallrc power; oiui w nilrt tils',
retiault. that while on a visit ut home a nhorl lime since. I
administered a part of 11 b.nile t,r u iiuiula:r of inv ntHicinl
friends, with great Mines.-,. Tli-.y nre ileniroio. that von
sli-mhl estnblish an n;.,-ucy at 1'iitsUirir. or inloiiti lljeiu
where the medicine run Ire olrluin.-d. Willi 1111 ninu-nl de
sire for your prosperity ami tiuppim-.s., I sulnu-rilic uivneli'
truly your friend n. 1). rfifTl-!H.
l).k-t. ko. H. UEKx,Wiisls .r, Vt.
!.UI Wh l.nale aial Hcltii! hv tirecn ,t fl-tchcr. Xo.
56 !Klth tixlh Street, Philadelphia.
Affcnt for Soiilmryll. H. .MASSLIt.
Agents for M1II1.11 MACKAV A HAM!.
April IS, ISIS
I SA I BiUS'jIli ti 1 f I fsJi t sfsi 11 a.
!Si; Cmi;aiii'!irM
In presenting the public wilh a rcincily for th treatment
aial aura ot Kkvrb ard Aoi-r ati.l .rtlier Irili aia disensca.
no apology ia needed. Vast uuinliurs in tlie I 'nited (Mates,
wlio sulfur from these anvtinis iu their varied forms, are
c Hiipellrd to seek relief from other s-Hireca than the imme
diate prrscriini.insol the regular hvi'.?uni. It liecomea
therefore an object of humanity, as well ns of public inter
est, to lirine before them a remedy prepared fioin much ex
perience, nnd which may always lie relied upon as svfk.
such is the true character of the INDIA t'IKII.AIJIKil I-.,
is amply atiealcd by th universal success with which it has
been enipl. aed,
tfr Kxtract form a of the H.m. Wit..
ham Woodbuidoi, of ihe V. S. Hcnate, lute Uovcruor of
Detroit, Oct. 91, istu.
Doctob 0ooon.
Dear fir, 1 have rirad with much interest, your little
trakatihr Umiii the --musr-s, lriitmr-nt and cure" of the
febrile diseases which luive ai extcimively ircvuilcd in our
country during the last few inailiis an interest increased
no doubt, hy the fact that I have iiatividuully sutTered ai
much from them. Tlnaigh 1 feel myself very UKompetent
to jurlite Rifely upon a subject so entirely professional, yet
your theory seems to me well reasoned, and your contu
sions just, and I think withal, tliat your pamphlet is calcu
lated to pnahicc much peict teal -git aT ........
Knenking of the medicine he says : It fully your
gatt(-ring rxpeclatenia, and as a aife, convenient, and p'rnu
str remeily, tny own experience, e- fur, induces 111c bilie
lieve that it will pnive a great public beuctit. 1 am pleased
to learn iluit you have rii-ently cstalrlinhcil sr'venil nureneies
for its disrsition tin .iiIi ri-grct that, with a view t a
m re ireneral dissemination of it, you should have baind it
nccesmry tn remove from your present rcsideia-e aiu.iiur us
With much respect I luive the hon ir lu be, sir,
Your olrlii;,il servant,
WIII.1AM WotlDllUllXiK.
re" From Hon. Stephen V. It. TnowruiiKiE,of Mir-hi-guu
Stale Senate, to the Agent ut Detroit.
Hm vi v.iiak. ('AHUM, Co., Dec. 13, I'll.
Sir yrru wiah me lo inform you what I ktarw of Dr.
Osuood's India I'llotnj .ue, or anti-bilious lunlieiue. I d 1
believe tliat if the virluu ami rllicucv ol'tiila mcliciiic were
generally known, the rrraa amiai-i u would diaippear iu
I pna-ured a bittle in the spring rrf l-U, and have g.MHl
reason lo baliee that myself and' family cscapiil the ague
last season iu consequence of its use.
Perliups in no summer since the sr-tt lenient of this fine
peninsula, hns the fever and atfue been so prevalent as tlie
last. I luive ree aiimetided thia medicine 111 numerous iu-staiK-ee,
ami when the disease had bectatie fixetl and iKiltliit
the akili ot' physicians; ami I have never known il fail. 1
has universally produced Ihe in wt happy etb-cts, ami I bet
lieve it has never lieen exi-ecbil by any medicine iu rt'CKi.
viug the bilious disease. of the climate.
Yours, rcspcelfiillv.
STKl'lir.N V. 11. THOWHUIDC.i:.
Aceutf.i, Sunhury II. 11. : Norllmuilierlaml,
WITIHNr.TtJM A fo.; Milton, J. 11. ItASKIt; Sellas.
grove, MAY h Kl.OSK.
Maytt, Intw tt
A lllhstory of the Rrvo.utloii and LItm of Ihr
Ilrro-ps oftko Wur of Indrprudfiu?.
An elegant volume trith 18 fine Steel Plata,
and nearly 200 beautiful Wowl Eneravings.
"This is a splendid Iss-k. A valuable nddition to Ihe
llist'Ric Literature ot our country. We are much uiiiila
keu if it ras take rnnk with 'the works of Irving and
Preseoit." Fmukford HeroUt.
It suriaisscs any siuiilur work yet od'ercd tu Iho Ameri
can public." Neul's tiuzetle.
"It may be pr.rrly e auurh-rrd a popularised Military
History of the Hevolutirai, extremely well and juilicurus
written." N. American.
-The present work "u the Revolution and its Heroes. Is
suierior, both in extent and desiiro tu any tlrut has hereto
fore c'liie umlerour mrlicc." Im.
A well coimected History 01 thut even, ful period. Led
ger. -Dechleiliy the best popular History nftho war of the
Rerolutiou and its Hint has yet been given to the
country." Sitiinkiy Kvening Post.
ITST AOBNTO W A.NTKJJ to couvass f.rr the ulxn e ilc
gnnt Work, in every I'oiinly and Town in the L'nited
Slates, to whom the in llberul inducements w ill be ofVer.
ed. Price only gs).
AdVlres (post-paid) WM. A. I.KAKY.
No. 138 North SEl'OND St.
Philadelphia, May CO, IS48 o
Briisli, Comb and Variety
' " " URlalf MAM FAt TI RKKS,
No 06 North Third, below Rate St. and North
Em! Conner of Third and Market street,
TTTHERE they offer (or ! general anort-
' ment of s'l kind qf Brushu, Comb and
varietiea which they r dtgimiril to sell
Lower than caa he purchased a sewhera.
Country Merchants and otuers Purchasing ia
the above line will find it to their advantage te
rail before purchasing elsewhere aa tha quality
and pfieea will be fully guaranteed against
Philadelphia, Jum S, 11 18-1 y "
Indian Vcgetttlile rifti.
This medicine la nirnpoitmlrst on gwerdl prmciple, froa)
the pure, bnaduleratl heit of lb -Indhagi .AHkoegh
there are many medicines called hy lh some earae, evsry
one Is aware tliat there it S Very great rmTererie SBiong
Ihcni. Tlwae of them that are eaHed "Indian," hers' stolea
the name from As, who were the first tn Introduce s Steea
red Indian frienicine to the American public.' Of eoeVsi a
similarity of inline does mm create a sinUarity la the char
ecler of lbs medicine,. r, -s -, jtt
Wright's Indian Vcgatalrla Pills are dietinguishsd for
their perfect adaptatina 10 the human body' In thslt oper
ation, they n f laclly wlul nature duet, sad nothing were.
They have a actios, upon the lungs, ekia, kpV
"! and bowels. 1 lence their peculiar power over dlrrasf
By imanotlng perspiration, they hrKak upCof.BS Coteat,
P-nersuTic Coxpla,it, Pais is Tns Bars, Csereu,
CtrrAMeoci Eaunioaa, Pihplcs, Blotcsss, reseatae,
KtrsiPUAs, SVe:
. Tha action of the Pills on th kidneys ia each aa lo atake
thcia a valuable lithonttlptio. paorsy, Oravrx, aud ft
mai.r Comtlaimts, atising from obstruction at eertaia
perirall, nre scerlily reinoyed by their use. -
A free Exrct-roRAttox fmm the lungs ia excited by Ihe
use nf Wright's Indian Vegetable PiHs, thus removing
Pulmonary Coinplaiuts. inch as Asthma, BRoxrmiia,
Snnixcss axd Tiuht.nrss or raa Bsrast, Guughs, Sara
Thrreit, Ac.
By their actual on the toir and Rowal.s, t).a Pias
core DynrxrsiA, Livir ronPLAlNT, pAt-eiTATUiB or Tax
Pleurisy, lleadaclie, fliddincss, Dysentery, Piles, aud aH
disorders of the intestines.
Taken in small doses, Wright's Indian Vegetable Pill
become an Altrsxativk medicine, of great aearchiug i-fii-ncy,
for I he euro uffiara of all kinds, TftTta, Tyxoas,
jArxmcE, Ixiw.M!soKf,rii!iTs)Ei.RAUiiAI Ras, Pairs
i?t the Bones, Ac.
TheFS rills sl-r tlioroiirtlily hrsnk up tRrt-vanZA, iu
which complaint they are extremely yalualrle.
In Hit i..c. Complaints, these Pills exercise a complete
mastery. Ilenen Fkvkb and Aut-s is speedily cured by lh'
ite of them, In the Western and Southern States, where
'his iliaeanc mostly prevails, these Pills gojike au Avalanche.
While they m e. chouicr than the fever and agn remedies
iu general, Wright's Italian Vegetable Pills hay beau
pr niouneril aiia-rior to all of Ihem. Imtenl, it would ap
rear lhal if there is one complaint over which these Pill
, have more power than another, it ia Fever AscR;
For ik-Hirojiug ami expelling Wotixs, uo Vermifugs is
I superior to these l'ills Although we have not taken paint te
j niukc this fjet publte. the merit of tlie medicine iuelf lias
j acpiircJ fir it an cxl'tinlvs nputaii..n andtule for tha re
in ival of WuttMt Adtnlnistcred tn adults or children, the
! etlcet of the PilU is equally radical and decisive. All whe
' sully I'lom Worms sIk-uI'! by all means us Wright' la
' iliaii Veget'ohlc Tills.
I lu fact. 11 1 one can go p.ntisri in tha use of this mediciue.
' They nre natural to the Ifxty as food is. A trial wil'
convince the skeptical that Wright's Indian Vegetable Pill
far from being a c.-anmon -'quack . nostrum," arc decidedly
the moat vu'..isb!e ineuVinc cvt.-i c.Tered to the public.
netsarc orsiignr Coated Conutcr
ftlts. Uftneinir Oil urieinul ain) uniy guiuin !uJiu
V:KHnU' Tills Ikivi; lli" wiittensisnalure of Wra. Wriglt
Ja. ClLl-133 'JTJT 5j? 33
sVrlpIit's Imlian Trgctable trttii:
Henry Mrisser. Sunhti'V.
E St J, Kautt'in ui, Augitala tiinsliip
lolin H. Vitic nt, Chillisqusque.
Kate & lleignlrrseer. Elv-liurg.
ti imuel Hetb, Little Malioiuy,
William Urppen, Jarks-rn.
Iirltnd and Haynes, McKwi niille,
William Hcinrn & Brother, VI ill, .n.
Fotaythe, Wilson & (','., Noithuinberlaod
James lieeil, Hntlegrnve.
t!. W. Scott, Kjsliville.
W. rSc R F- Ri ly, Shimokintown.
Rhodes &. Fuirow. tSnydcratown.
Am 1 is T., TuThutile.
Hinnevil'e Holahue, Upper Mehnnny.
J, hn G. Kenn, do do.
E. L. er, Watfonlown.
Who'e-ii.le, si the office ai d general depot, 16
Rare tt., PhiUdi Iphie. July 8, I84S. ly
'V -r-, --a.
207 Main street, Buffalo, N. Y.
Vegetable LilkoDtriptie Hixtorr.
rpilltl celebrated remedy is constantly increasing ito Sua
J. by the many cures it 'is making
It has aow becme the only medicln for family use, ail i
part-'cnlarly reciaiimended for .
all sttiippg of tlii r iulaiiit iminetlinicly rrlievH, no maKo
ui h v I hik ttiaiKliiw. Phauiphlet for tcatiiuunv.
nnti nil tlinrnam nf the uriimry orpuiK ; for the diitreM-c-anpUunU
it slumhi aliiie ; no othr article can reliovt
you ; uml th enrv iceiituti to will C'Uiviitre the innt
tieal ; itee tnmplilit. Livor CVniibttiiT, BUIiona iliaoooM,
'V thn Orrnt 'ei enpci'itly, hih! whererer thM ootn-
iiluintH 1 ire vu 1 1 thin iiitxliciiin in tun rrtl,
li t tl- ldori mi c inpuird irt part if tlu mixtura, it
tnirra tUftu dirnac with certainty and celerity, and duaaj
iM ItMVC I lie Urtll Inn Mil. Sr FaitllUikl,
a Mii.tttitit nf a rn rt rvt infill chnrnctrr. if
ami a cure fvunvt ! a lew tluya mte ot thuarticla ; it ta
inr ltr any other tirfinniti'iiitir thia diteane, nr for any
itl(iT dfihttujic uniuatuig froui iiujmrc WjoJ. Sea pum-
vt ak bcu k, weak ut ot' th Kultveya, Ao., or iutUinma
ti 'ti n' wiine, ia inn tittl lately rrlicveU by a lew iaya uaajt
thin nu Uieiiitf, and a cure ti alwuvi a result U it una. li
Ktaittlif r.a
f tt ik Ii coiMluiiitit, ttini ulsu luaT ilenuigciueutai ol tka- fa-
HLilf fr;im.
tmiiiful mciiftriBili iiik. .NounirUf tvn ever been oTereJ
rtinl tliiA wliii'li Wtuilil tmn'li thi kind ol drrHiuPiiiriiU.
It nun lie rWiixl iiu tw a auira aial eilecliva rfiieJyt an4
tlitl we ft't l iM-fiuiiiiil U ii" s-i cmUl give
a nrNf if en ret iu tin ilutrcauuiifi daaa m etajiipIaiBtP
St iiniijhlft. AH trktii down, deltilitaird cmbtitutiona
fr nu tin t ileet of mercury, will tint! tlie binviiiK (MweT oi
tliiK urtii'U tn ut iiuuutluilel) , iuhI tliu piMHiiie. uuj.afaJ
erutlicuttxl frm th stfin.
u ill find lh alleiutivc ocoM..rtirs of this article.
H.i.1 ilnv.-u such dincuiM-s fnan the system. IV pamphlet
l' Ullin.Miv 01 cures ui all dinejiaea, wli4 ae liual wl
un artverliiK-inciit will J cniill to lie isonnl 1 10 re. A -tula
una them away ; they craituin JSI pugee vt ecrtiacates 01
Inch cliuructcr. aial a stronger
of the virtues ol' a medicine, never appeared., h ss on nf
the peculiar 1,-alures ,H Ibis artlciu llial il never lu. W
beuutat in any case, ami if tn.e and muscle are 1 to buiJg
loron k-t the eiuactalcd and liuKurma uivaUd
awl keep biUiuc ttr medicine as ther ia an lai-
liroveuu-iil. Tne nr .nrietor i.-oukl 1
aeiiiuat a uu-ulr 01 articles which coin cut aoder tk
a cures lor Dropsy, Uravrt, Ac-: They are good tor i
tltUig, auJ coiiC'rctcl to full the uuwarv :
Tlrrir inventm never though! of etiring eaoh dism sss tig
tins article had done it. A paiticuau study of th paat.
ihlct is earnestly Brlicited.
Ageuts aial au who sell she article are
gratuitously. Put up in 3n or. bottles, st Si ; IS na. oe a
SI ear li the larger holding S ox. mnre Unn two erwM Sm
iles. Uaik out ami gel imposul upai. Every boM See
"sushu' Vegetable lthoutriiaic Mixture," fuowa uaoa
Ihe glass, the written signature of -ti. C. Vaugaa." on the
dircctiraia. and "U. C. Vautihn, Bulralo," stainpcd oa the
cork, Nona oilier are seiuxine. 1-rupsred by Dr. O. C.
Vauthn, aial s .UI at th PriiK il Orti.-e, 7 Maiu atraet,
lludalir, at whuleaiilr and raiail. No atteuiioa given ea let
ters unless post paid onlers fnaa regularly .cwiautniaS
Afreuta-eieepted; pnat paid letters, or verbal CoimmlRiC'
taais sulicitiug sslvK. rrouiasly sitaiKted su gmu.
ttfces lie voir. 1 axeJusiSelv ui lb sale at tin ertirhm
lJ .Niuaau at. New V.msciiv; SgS EsseRat.talsai, Mass.;
aial by the pi incipol Druggists Ihe Cuited Ssatae
and Canada, aa Agents.
I Jet f Agent -taorrs & ta., Wk-jaals Afaul IAuilt..
phis J. VV. Friling, Saiabury Isaac Caarhait. aBiisTiaa
C. A. Wyath. U-wisburg-el I Shafrt M"a Uayea
St MoCcenkk, McEwcvuie-.4a wWUaiaket
mild. ABtai,W-T
Ebantoiin if , Oct. 28, 184S
aaatby WsksisrstarooaoarbaUaitaatea.
ua.l, S(.