Sunbury American. (Sunbury, Pa.) 1848-1879, October 14, 1848, Image 3

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... w ' PKteiltrM. :;' ( ' . ; , , ,
1otWMlW rwrecirollj lii'tiU etta-nilon to hie eupeiv
nyteoThaU for euiamit. 1648, which will he
Toond 111 most rittjrt tpr b. fyre offered in ihe
' Vommonliy. lit peculiar forms tender. K th more
1 Hi IreM , H It onmbinee til lha eettentieU tif dure.
" W17 kndneatnesa, requisite in that article of dress
""Jwhlltg hi Incraaetd f icilaiea In in manulaclarine
erl h ill ihe modern imprnvrmente. enablee him
" ' T11 Cutting ti Woiti In produce betti r
CattnatVa Fscr Hta Car or thr
('1LsTrai Mona. Tbeaa goods hava been selected
' m th rtvI c .re, and will be round nrnal lxntifol
" and ehi'e In Hinr iytas, .
,v"' Labi as' Ilimsa Hats n Caps or En-ring
(t R tw Pattxhsjs. Greet care tins l"n bestow,
ed in constructing three article, ihut they may A
' jeificll esuy and futm a graceful npp.r rice,
J 04 Chestnut at. a lew doors at ove Tiitd
' Philadelphia.
rje.rnter3fl. 1SI8 cb June 34, 18)8 ly
' In the Court of Common Pleas of Norlhum
- btrland Couniy, Pennsylvania.,
UMLLlAM J.ORLbiNOI OH v.;.li. ,J llv
.. . Ely, hi. Rex .n.l !.'" ""
.In rant ot.Md l.ydia, Inhti Toot""'"- rI "V"'
.ol IcVneeia J ill trtcU ' I'" ,'"c' "J'"',
' iviatr.i i.h ihe l.Tm". J"' M ". " !
',irsuf I'h.w. MvbNrvdrM.i Rebecca Mi.mi
.. Warxn J E n.h-'h h' "''. " "h1"
Wrtid Elite 11 Widimn Hlr mot Aim
tbifcttif., in fihi.f eul A"'i( Hin.
nml M.4..I hi- wifr. i" r'ghl o' 1 ''"" I ''' 1
"Umd and 4ne hwii.. U'-l '
:Sr h Ann Vljhu.y. Whi.b tnl It 1i-te. E i
an rtii An, Hui-.n, Jstie i.d rah Ann.
, iheiftf Wilouathv M hnrv, dw.'d !
...f In hera.f ftaim M yl'U'V cM;--'
Aoiiu I 9ih li40, :uirl grunt 11 Kule 11 ii
-'irie lult're-teil. In ip et' hv fi"" ''v ot
next T. nn ami are pi th verl pur..iiia at (hp
'ilu itmiorr fune ihr aanir, or hw caoiw why
Ih lame a'innid not bi naUi.
Kttnie nl tram 'he reoidi and ei-rtified 8ept t i
. i J. P.RNM WORTH, Piolh'y.
Notice la licr.''.i n to all peramia int re-tcil
in the F r"g"lnij procrcilinga in ixrlilinn to U
iear by Ihrfirat Monday nl 'November nett
Shr'ir.ifiice, Sunbur, I
,( ,SBit. 23, 148.
THAT.rMl National. d Jrlo..wl Wor
1 1 n( R-medy !l M EIGHTEEN t-'ARS-rTANDINO
till tinappfhefh1 I wonder
lu aurceta, ferfainiy.iav f ty, itilht etiK or
BTca VUT III ;'."; ", '','"
If yo woald earn the araanlra" (poimnt
out) couM'rffila take net a battle from ny anr.
tha laD'tcuWtrf by t 'written ilgalur''
of hi-original Inaenlorand proprietor, .Toe a R.
RnWANb, en puper label, trotting tkt miiulh
nntf ark.
Tbia rerheity hat nefet beeh bolatftred bp by
ralaenr!rierei Till pulfa, tut baa wdn Ilk way to
the vonfldphre arid Univaal adoilion nf the in
habilantaof FfeVita A Kb Adur DtnTaicT B V 1 7V
which all theairenta, and every perittn who have
used it, well teetii
.143 Arrh Ktraet Philadelphia
AnariT for u bury Ira T. Clenr.ent, J. W.
Friling, 11. M er and Go Brieht
AatNTa for Northumberland Foraythe, Wit
aon A Co, R M. MTay.
Atigtitt 5, 1844 eovr
A T. F. N I' R
rp'i CiNVAs !-() some M'W "U
I P! PL H Wi t,( K, r iirv'-y
'iriiiltiliOlll It.o I'l. ilp,l M .t.v.' ',' Af.-'i . If.e
lll'-el l.hrMI (!"' llBHIIHi'l ! i.ff ''l - v -ill V
n .H nt r.t" --,." r , 110 . V,. r. n.Tr..l.
vti fpl.i an ic r.iit ' mil- fr..n fi I (1 t J '2 5 (m
vri'k, Kr fiinni . p ik un n,ti i- (. ip 1
: ' WM. V. t.KiliV.
N . IiS ,ir.ti ; "OX I n.l
i'hila I iid 1 .. ei.. 9. IHlH -r-fim.
r1alo oTC atliat'liir' Honriio.
BJOTK'E la l.e el.i
i i havp
V L-t'Pn. !hat Ip'ti rt ! Hi
ve be.'n f r m, d ! t iiii
1-r, t(-e .e'a'e "I IJ thar ne H -u' e I le o' fit
tniM , .tpe'd. A"ve nain'e t-d tnerd pmat -r
having idma lonilut he a m , am 11 qilrlnl tn
rail 4m the an f.-firr !.! aetl- m m.
JfiHN BOI'RNE. Au.i.'r.
WgnVAiry. Aujual 26, I84H fit
240 AND 413
" -Gold and ilrer Walclics
'(old Levera, lull j- welbd, 18
' e e $30 and nvrr
Silver T.eve a, full jewrlled SIC and nvrr
4 I., pin. a . " $11 and over
' Qua t. ra, $ iu $!
O-.l.l I'.m i'e I 5.1
Silv. r T-- Stionna, qu -I 10 coin. 4 fit)
it 1.1 Pe a, ailvei hoiilr ami prnril I 01)
U nil a vf 1I1 1, diil navnr m.nt .! all kind- f
'A'aicie. buttl ff..ld and ailvi-i ; iii h .lewel.y. ik
On! 1 (Jiia ii o' the I 1 mm if cIhic, ami in
'ni t m y II inu in Hip atrh . nil Jv. lrv '!
nt iiinoh Itaa p ice llian tan ba b unlit in ll.i
ciip "r ,ela hrH. , j
I'leaje a ve tbi advrina ment, and rail it ei
,h.r , LEWIS L UOMU.
No 413 , M ABKE I arte, lee E venili
i.or h U. ir .t , Jl'0 . LMD1Lri.
tlH MAKKET at. fii-lan-r- liei..iv Kub .wiuili
i.l-. .. ,
C" We hue (! J and Si'ver Li-raatiil . hea.
-ei ihiin the above wr-cc a lib r..l ili--.-.unl m.i.lf
' ' i ihe ir.nte.
fi'ji'ein er 23, IS4H-3m
"kFa aup -lor qualm, h.nila mi. ly c I'nie.t. a. it
'"f nm up in Iw-iu'iful M. r ii e . (Ja-e cmpi t. ,
,i .mh, 1 l.N E Til ILL A R, at "PI EI.E KM C H E A
)A.UBRUEAN tiALI.ERY N .. 8u 1.2 WAI.
. U ' l ei l. h Inw Foiiilb, Phila.'elphii Al
lit ire mail. at this e-labliabinei.t will ou Was
" ixrm pauracT.
'. i'hd .drlphia. Mp,t. 23. 1848 6m
' . , ; In tbe World.
' ' ' . import en a of ,
Pa ed and Btttermft Wa.e, CaHerk. and
Fnne - Ooi-tla. and Mai uf.eiora of Jew
elry and Pt vrr Ware. Itl Cnea. ul atreH, I'hila
delphra: havreried bv late arriv . a la te and
hend.rne t o, k of Englih and P.e. eh Wetehaa.
and Marrile. I'.ireeiatn and.Faney CliH-ka.
Plated Urna. Caatara Cke Haaketa, Huh an-l
ChnrobrrOandleatirka Moop Ladlea, M.mmu a d
Prki AIm oid avortment ' of Hit '
Waretcd Fin Cdil- r. - -" '-' I '
Their a'.-rk of JEWELRY le large and nftne
mnt fa-h itilek h.l. nd iey are well mpplled
. iih Milver S.mnne. Forka. Muie, N.pkin Rini-.
Unite. Knivea dec , and wl hoi tn king any I) a
p'av of piirea in ihe puMie prima, ihey -are pie
narpd tnaelt aa ..w a Ibn.e Who do, mid invite
pi tanna wiahint to purrhaee 10 rail.'
Pliilad.,.hia. June itl. I4. 6-n
Wardrobe of FuMhloiitUile
j. W. & Ei D. STOKES, t
A'o. 194 Market Stertf F-rt CtotVtitt kf..reAf
-, . ' .'oro Sxtfi. "
Ht'RR the? ar ronatanilv niigid in g"
tin tr11.11 Ih- b at Frenrh l.r ian u"
1 1 tin
menran r nth r nthnig ru! anil nmde up In 'id
nin.l a.ip. rmr and I'a.hionahl- aiy e t'eraoiia
Mho lHV to a , wil find a urge and .-ire n'
atni katlhe ot C'ty pneei t nthmg made
.p tiiord-r, ma nunor iy e at the ahotteat
no'iei. ' ' ...
pf 11 O.I.I F':nw Rega ia. a arge aaoit-
in-iil a 1 wave 01. hand Ordera Irom Lodges and
liuliviiliia a pinmpt'y attended toon the moat re
aonah e ternia
I'hiladephia. June 3, 1818 It.
ItllE Publiahera ot the trientific
rHtneetfullv give notice that Ihe FOURTH
liARLY VOLUME of their Jnurnal will be
ijUim-iu-ed on Saturday Sept. '-'Sd. Tbia pub
rjim diff-r entirely fiom lb' many ninji.
ivl.auj papers which Hood Ihe country It la
Vt;'kl.V Journal of Alt, cienreand tlorbanira
.una lor ita ohjicl the advanteinent nf the
ilKUFSI'Sol R HANIt'-. M N U P 1
iiitister! with Ir.iiii live to i FN original l.N
','N "ICfcTSS nearly all of the b-t inventiona ,
l.n h ao patent d al b'-nig illua
atvd in til- SlMltln. Ante lean It a ao eon
una V. k'y.Ln' of Ameriran Hal-nta t no
;e nl Ihi ptogreaao) I Meohamra and -ci
rific Irnprnyetnenta ; piartiral directiona on
e cunainirtinit .management and ua- ot all kiiela
ti HINFRY. TOOL, fce. Eaaava Uhiii
prhani.-a rherr.iatty and Aicbiteclure ; ar
unta of Fnreiga invrntiona advice to Inven
ra; Rail Ruad utei nre together w. lb a ve.t
inunt nf other inlereting. valuable and ut fl
tarnation The SCIENTIFIC A ' e'RI1 N
the mnar popular journal of Ihe kind ever puh
hed and nf more importance to Ihe intereal ot
it'H NICS and INV'-NTR than anv
eg they could pnaaib y obtain ! It ia printed
th clear type on beautilu paper, and being a
pted to binding the auha.-riber ia poeJ-d
the end of the year, ol a large volume of
Illuat ated with upwards ot
Fir Uuodrtd Hrrbonical EngraTingi.
TERMS : Two dollars year, in adva ce
if deaired. one dollar in advauee. the remain-
in fl months . TO CLU B : 5 copiea. S8 s
eopies. $13. Those who wish to subscribe
e ohlr to encloke' the amount' in a' letter, di-
ted to -
TuWisbara of tbe Scieatttic American
. New York
'Al tTMR THIRD bound. $9 73. or in eh ets
.r. r a.le. They ms be sent safely to
hart of Ihe country Patents aecured and
Pitawinea axeented at the cbeapea
.. .1 ibe office of the CIENTIF1C A E
AN.'" ' ! '
ppternaer '. I48 4t
T. & W L. AVARD,
No. 106 CHEKNl'T Klreel, 1'liilndrlpliin,
Opposite the Franklin House,
M PORTER of Gold and Silver I alent Le
ver Walchea nd Manulactnrers of Jewelry
A cond aasortmeut a'wkvk on hand. Gold Pa
ent Leve.a, 13 j-vVela S38 : Kilver do $18 to
$20 ; Gold Lepmes 8 TO; ilveV do. SI2 to li5:
til cks and Time Piece) Gold Pencils, $1 S-l.
unwaids: Diamond Pointed Gold I'ena, S'..Vi!;
Gold Rrareletaand Breast Pins, in gre t Variety;
Ear Rings; Miniature t asea ; Gu.rd Chains,
f 12 lo $J5 ; lated Tea fels. Caalors, ake
Baskets. I.'andlestirks. Britannia Ware. Fine vo
ry Handled I able u lery. and a general assort
ment of Fancy G oda.
J. & W L W ARD. No 1 0U CHE-NIT t..
I'hilailelpbia, opposite the Franklin lloiiae.
Manufacturers of all kinds of Silver -pnnna
Foiks. Tea 'eta. Ladles. Ac AH work made
by lie is stamped with our name, and warranted
lo be made ol purely inerican coin.
Philadelphia. August 12. 18)80 mo
I'nl'iit tir-1 iht
rpilF.iib hi- Si vo, wliiili is equally wi-ll nilniiteil IoW.xhI
1 -T C. !, Ima rit'L-iveit ailv er umUla at liic laiia ii the
Anii ric ill hwlitut-, N'i-W York ; of llur Machnilira' ll.B'.l
litte. 1) at. hi; -.1 tlw l-'ninklin l:wti:uio, l'liiliiilolj.ltia ; 1111J
nl' tin.- Alti-lnuics' liuililule, V'iliiii i(rt hi. Uclawnrc.
It is cji.itilc, if prinieily useil, nf d.'iiiK in .ru work, with
!.. I'm.!, ilmn iinv 1 ither tl ve vet uTered t the uulilin : in
winter it will warm Hie rarer t, while in ajiunioi.
Willi t'10 annum dreaa iittaclinl, it throws wt il l in rc
lionl thun n eluire nl I u r I lac t ; und for luiliiu. brniUiur, ba
kiiie. r rnai in. K nuinut be aurpnaaed by uny . ulicr tt n'.',
iMwu Am, iw brick 'ven.
CiikTiFiCATB or the JuDcsa of the MicuAXica' Insti
tute, BoaTon.
We, the auliseribera. Iwiu ch aen Jnrlea by the Muraa
rliuaetta Cliaritalile .Mecliniuca' ill 11 hi. al
at-area, funyicra, nuarea, Stc. w .tiki iuf-inn Ihe public, thai
nUer teatine hH the otikimr stoves that weru put into the
Pair fur exhibili m, and lettiuir each man niaiuiire hia own
Live ii-ilh the aaine kind nf c ail. in order to naeertaia
which w-nuld dn tha Kline work with the leuat fuel in the
nne time, nail do it heat, we find Hint Pu-wurt'a Pntenl
Bummer anil Wmter Air-'llglrl Cnokirajt tt n-e, ninunfurtur
ed bv the rvltenleo. .if Truv. N. V- to be Hie bear, aa it took
liiit ta miuntea tn noil two aallmia of water ami laike liisruit
ui ihe.mne time, and broil beef eteak, and all d aie in the
la-fct manner with aeven p-auala of coal, in thirl v minuu-a
Irom tlir time the fire wis put into the atove. 'i'o which
weawanle.1 Iheaili-etmcnal.
JAMKf oni l.U, WALTER roHNKI.!,,
The aiibaprilara ri-apeelfnlly invite the attention of coun
try dealera, to one of the largest and heat eeterlcd al-H-k of
etovea, ever offered in this city, am nig which are the fnl
lowing !
Bases. .
Screen Cj lenders.
Oven Stovei
Washington Ail Tight Cooks.
o S. U !S A l A IU L LA . .
'pillr Extract fs pat ap la rroati bntttea. It Is six times
X cheaper, pleaaanter, and warranter! super! ir td try
sikl. Itcnrca diaoaaaa without vomiting, purging-, irk
ncaa, Ot deWatating tin patient, and is particularly ailapted
The great baarUy sad super Writy of Uim BaraaiariUa over
other remaHies is, whilat It sradioataa diaaaae, ,
it Invigiiratoa tha k-jdy.
CeAMamuti.iaaarar..' .., . - .. ' i
Cleanse aud rMreugthaa. . .
Consumption can hi cored. .
Broiwlutis, Couaumptlon, Uvsr C tnplemt, Colds, Cnsu,
Cstarrh, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, B-iraoesa ia the
Choal, Hectic Flush, Nial3weala,Au- .
eult and Profuaa KxpecloraUua, ,
and Pain in the Side,
. Ac;, Ice., -; ii -...'
have and can be enroa".
. Probably there nevsr was a ratnedr tliat baa beea So soc
eenful in deaperate eaasa of eonsumptiiai aa this ; it clean
ses and etraugihaua the syatatn, and appears to heal tha ul
cers . the lungs, and pauenuj gradually rsgaia their aanal
health and atrenath.
There ia aiarcely a ilay poaaes but there are a iinmher of
caaes f cinaumption reiiorted aa cured by the nae of Dr.
Townaeu's rJarsapaiilla. The following waa recently re
ceived: . - . . " : : - .
lir. Towmyxd Dear 8ir: For the last three years 1
have beou aillicied with geuerdl debility, and nervoua con
Suuipli m of the laat atnge, auiTiJul expect to ever gniu
my health at all. After going Ihr nurh a e nunc of mctlicmo
under the care 'if k me iT llfl tn diatingniaked regular
phyaiciana and members of the U u-d ol Health in New
York and elsewhere, and spending the m at of my earnings
in attempting to rcir iin my healih, ami after reading in
B me piper f y ur t-..rviirilla I reeilvvd ti try II, After
uing six b it lea 1 i' und it d na me grent g airf, and called
t see y m at your iflice ; with your ml, ice 1 kept iai, and
J i m .a: heirlily th ink you for your advice. 1 peraevere in
Utkiu-r ttie Su.aaimriU t. and have keen aHe to attend to mv
nijil lahiraf r the Imi'-ur innUis, audi hope by Ihe
hleBsiiiga fit" o d nud y ur Siraajarilla t c nliiine my
heahh. it helped mo beyjiidthe expeefatl iiu) f ; "It who
knew my case. . Li,..i.i r
Oratujis, lisacx ci. N. J., Aug. 8, IW7.
Ptn e if New Jereev. Eh ;x oountv. as. Charles Qnim-
kv duly sw rn ace inline to law. on hia oath anilh.
th it Ihs f ireg 'i.aar ststeinenl ia tme according to the heat of
a Kit .Wledgaaiid belle!. CJ1AKL.W IUIMUl .
pwirnaim auuecriueo lo veiore me ni iraiixe, me n
Ajguet, 1847. CYRUS BALDWIN.
.insiieeoi roe rence.
Read the f .11 iwiua. and anv that consumption is hi incu
rable if you can:
iiae YiirK, April sci, iir.
Dr. Townsknd i I rerilr lielieve Hint vour Surannarilb
Ivia jieeii the inefina. Uirouarh Providence, of savina mv lite
I have f ir aevernl yoara hud a bud c-iuirh. It bectunc worse
and virac. At laat 1 raiaed larare minutitica of ltli.jl, had
iu:ht aweuta und was irre:itiv debilitated and reduced, and
did ii t expect to live. 1 huve only uaed your Sura-uiairitla
But a au rt time, and there ina a wundertul cliongo licrn
wr mght in me. 1 am now able to walk all over the city
1 r iiae no bl id, and my c mcli Ima left uic. Yon cun well
im iguie that 1 ain thankful t t theai- reanha. Your ohedi
ent aervaiu. - KUSSKI.l,, 8.1 Catlmrine t.
The aniicxal certificate tells a aimnle aud truthful atorv
f aiiiTcrina nud relief. There are Hi iimmla of similar cu-
aea in thia city and Rro .klvn. and yet there are th inanuda
f pareula let their chuilren uio for fc-ir of being humbiirrgeil
ir u aivo a icw aiuiuugs.
liro ikivn, pent, i.j, 117.
Dr. TewxsKND: I take pleasure in atatiin. for the bene
fit if th ae wh-mt it may concern, that uiy iluue;hter, two
ycara and six 111 aitha -ill, waa utnicicd with general de
bili y nu.l 1 ss .ft .ecch. i!ie wus uiven 110 us nasi jc-
e very by our family physician : but r irtumlclv I wns ru-
e iii.ueii iei uy it irieu i lo iry y ur rsirs-inriui,. rici .re
haviiur useil niie bottle alw recovered lier f-jicct'li ami was
euatilej 10 vrtli alone, to ihe usl iniahiucut - f tall who were
ur4ii:iinted with the ci,'euins:ances. tilie is now ipli:ewi'l!, ;
an l lu much lietter he-thli th-111 she hns been t -r ! months
pas.. JOfT:i'I) TAYLOK, lii Vork St., Brooklyn.
Verv few f uuilies in. teed in f.tct ive liavc 11 t licnr.-l of
Hie t lined Dr. T wnseniPs S.rsnnrilla in time, i si
any chil.lren ;he past Summer, while til ae thai did 11. 1!,
sickened aii.l itieil. The cercilicate we publish below is
c aidutive eviilence f ia value, nud is inly an itlicr iuaiauco
uf us aiviiig the lives of cliil.lrun :
ur. 1 ow.-kiid tJe-ir Mr : 1 luid two children cured ny
y ur 8 iratimrittn f the auinmcr complaiiU and dyacnt irv
le V.ia nly 1.1 mouth old and ttu other 9 ynra. They
were very much rcdilcwli ami wa exiiected they w.mld die ;
tlicv wero aivcn mi bv tw 1 rca icctalile tihvaicinna. When
the'd-ictor iuf nncd tia that we must l.ue'tlieiu, wercS'il-
veii to try y air noranpariUa wo linn heard e inncn of, but
had little conndencei there lieing s much otutl' odvertiaed
Inal ia worthless : hilt we arc thankful that wo did, fur it
undoubtedly anved the liven of b ith. 1 write this that oth
ers may be induced lo use it. Y'ours. resiiecifnllv,
it'll wn.w.Jr.
Myrtle-avenue, Itrooklyn. Sept. 1.1. 1M7.
Til l llf. I.AIMI..
CHEAT f EM ai.u itii:i)ii-ixr..
Db. Townssnd's rtAtisAt-AUiLLA is a a-iven-ign and epecdy
cure for incipient c inauiiiption, aiul lor the general pr ietra
ti n of tlte ayateni no matter whether the result of inhe.
rent cause or ciiuaca, produced by irregularity, Uiucss tir uo
rroimnir cm i. tu e.npiiiiiit nun ita in i( irru.nx er
ferta on ihe human fvitme. Pi-rsona all wcikncas anil kis
bitnile, from tikint: it tit orire tice nne ritmst mid full of
enetyv miller lfa mtl'.lenco. it imtui-Mliali'ly e illuteniets tl-e
ni,rv.:l--s.ineaa of the fonialc frame, which i the grent cause
hnrrciite-es. . .
It will 11 l I expected of us. 111 cim' ' t s i d icate n na
ture, to extiitiit ccrll i-a ol curca ierl.inne., but we caul
UHnitie the uliiictel Lltut hiluJreilr, of cases havu been ropor
te.l 1 1 lis. . ..
Da. TowxtExn? My wife being prit'.y uiarcrse:) by
weikncas and aeuemi utii:ityi aim auni-ruur coiuum-tny by
paia und with other dithruUies, mil-, hdviiar kniiwn cute
wnere y air meiiiciiie tins luecieu Kieui vurea, unu nip
hviriiiu: it ree wimended for aueh cn.M as I hove described.
i nutauieil a b 'tile .4 your Kxirnrj of fVumrnrillu and f.a
I iweil the direeii na y -u gave ir liV a aliort ucri-at it
reirioved her c anplaiuta aful restored lior to health. Ueiug
arelttut t r tee ucneitta ane rercivcn. lake pleasure ui
thusackil itvletlging it, and rec iinmending it tn tne,r.ttJte.
1 Ol. V. MUUKL,
Alliany, Aug. 17, '41. e " Oraud t Lydia ate.
No luid or mcli ciiia has ever been diaroverH which so
. . t . . , ncnriy r,einiiic hik kjj,. iic juim m puiivu n, uviriiHNiM.qt
V tn-i Jlfnriri-f Street, between fifth K SlXtli, I 0a and atrenethrninir the 'iriruua of daceati m aa thia nrn-
. I dyspepsia, however severe or chrome.
The ! roprietors feel a reluctance in prnmui- 1 iinnk Department, Aiitinv, May to, into.
migtii appear nee . e ... . -
' I ..r .-..1. 1 ...
lirrui in iiihu.u. 1 its, wiijpiti itc,
TVR 1NT5 aa well aa Vonono!
I an must nricea. That this is a fact ran be
proved hv railing at
No. 72 North -?i tstreft. above Arr.h,
i.r, urn 4 y,
U'i.'.ranO ' iff M.lflf',
The stock consists in pait ol Gold and Stiver
Levers ; I'Epmea ami Qi.artier Wau hea ; J-wel
rv of the' newest and ttio'l lalnonable patterns.
" SILVICIt SPOOX tc Particular atleulion
paid to these articles, ihe (juat tj nflvh h
,V I and workman-b'p '' The establish
ment ol LE IIFRaY ha" been w II known FUU
l-lilllllV YE Mi. in Mi OND Street, and
has made a character which needs no
Silver TEASPOONS as low as 84 50 p
can be made I'm leas if wished
WAT II GLASSES Plain 10 cts;
1.1; Lunette. SOcts; oiher tlrticles in
Rrmrmbn, ton can buy Here b-low any pub
lished list of prices in this City 01 New York
Watrh Repairing particularly attended to, and
warranted to give satisfaction
pj R Old (iold aim Silver bonaht for cah or
taken 111 ex.-hnnge at (don't forget the No 72)
NtlHb Sert.nd Stret-f above Arch. Philadelphia.
Sept. 25. 1SI7 ly e May 0. 1818
r s-tt
( OXYGENATED ' ; v ( !
' U2 a hes icsa m ;
- V-''aDITSPaPSIAj :
, . , puTiiisic: - J ;
.,. 1, . i - AND -:- 1 " "' '-..-
' ... . asxrsRAL pxBTLrrr.
.' GkoRGE B. GREEN, PoT.rKToRi .
' '. Win&tor, Fgrtitorif." " "J '' ! -
IS a sovereign remedy for DYSPEPSIA, In many of eit
forma, aueh as paia in Ihs Stomach, Heart born, taaMtaal
Coativeneaa, Acid Blomaoh, Haadaehe, Loss of Appatile,
Piles, Night Sweats, aud even CunsumpUoa IrDyapepUe
PhtMStc.) aad Asthma; or Phthisic attended with derange
ment ol Ihe Stomach (ar Dyapeptia Asthma,) Dinkull
Brealbing, which often results from import 001 iligaation (ur
Dvape4ic Sysratosa,) ia reliavad by theae Biltsrs. lu ahort,
their uae has been proved in tho relief of aluioat all the
Symptoms that proceed fnn a debilitated w atiaiie eondi.
tiou of tha atomnch ( also in geueral itubllity arising iron;
age or from tha effects f Fever, particularly Fever and
Agoc. Females sull'criiig under any uterine derangcuient
eiiaing Irom wcakaeaa, will finil the "Uktoekates Bit
Teas" an excellent remedy, and nut surpassed by any medi
cine la use.
The history of this medicine Is peculiar. It has made hs
way to publw favor aolely by the lores of its own intrinsic
merits. No artificial means hare been used to give it no
t riety and thrust it up .11 public auenln n. It has nover
before even been advertised, but tuning first shown ita re
piarkatila etgcniiy in the family nf flic proprietor, and by
hi in aiicrwnius adiniiuatered to hia aBiictod Irlends and ac
quaintances wilh a liko result, Us reputation gradually ex
tcmled until it ia known in the most distant parte of the
tui 11, aa a medicine of nnrivalled virtues in the cure of
Dyspepsia in all iu different forma, and els for the cure of
Asthma or Phthiaic. lu oulv herald and ita only eulogy
lias been the atory of ita wofulcrful efficacy, aa told from
ru mth to minilh or hy letter from frieial to friend. In eve
ry instance where these Hitters huve beon used, and Ihe re
sult tnatle known to, Ihe proprietor, they havo proved a re
medy. ' i
Numerous certificates, iitteeiine, Ih aiugot-tr efficacy of
lie "Oxvoekatrd Bittkrs," are ia the leaneasipn of the
nr oprietor ; many of them signal by pcraoiis olrcntly Widely
tniwu 1" the piiIiKc.
CF.O. B. OREEN', Pmptietor.
WINDSOR, VI ., Oct. ivr X 1M.5.
The following t.ertlficntes have recently been
received 1
Wasiiixoto!!. D. C, Jrxa 10, IMO.
Having inaile nae ol' ihe "Oxvgenoted Diitera" prepared
bv Dr. Seo. B. Ureeu, pf WiniUnr., Vt. and from krenv
leilge obtained of their efficacy in other cases, weclieerfnlly
rec anmend them to the public, believing Hint they will fully
amrtnin lb reeotililiendnti Mi ttC the Pronriet r. We hope
that this valuable remedy may ba 1.1 geueraily dilTuard
throughout the country tlutt it inuy be acciuWe to all the
J. T. MOKKIIKAD, 1'. S. Scintor and farnurly Govern.
nr ill' Kenlilekv. '
L. II. ARNOLD, Mvuilier of Congress ami formerly Go
vernor f K. I.
WM. WOOnnitlDGE, l. S. iintaroiul lonneriy Go
vernor ot' Michigan.
M. L. JIAll'i'i.N'.DoJi g.itc in Congress Ii. an Wisconsin
Territory. . .
From Hon. II. D. Foster, Member of Congress from
Wasuisoton. D. C, Jin 10. 1P10.
Dear Sir. I have been a ilvsncotic sulieri-r fir iibollt leu
Ycara, mid have rca to Vsri ,ita niclicinea for relief
without auccers, until I made uae of your "Oxygenated
Itinera." 1 have used nh mt two b ittlcs, und liuil myself
restored to ncrfuel health The fonns iu which the dis-
caso sh iweil iteelf. iii my case, w. tc, (rrca: aci.liiy of the
rt .tinch, I m ol uppctite, t-xtreuie U ttilieuce. severe consii
inti in of Ihe bowels, nu.l violent Iniiutaeiie. I- ccling desi
rous that a kniwleile of y uir vuluatile remeily may roach
others similarly nttli -te.1. 1 take great pleasure in ree Til
ing my tcstiin uy 11 ita curative power; mid w ntld sls
rctn uk. that while on n visit nt h imc a short time since, 1
sd-ninistercd a part nf a h ltle to a numlicr of my atliiclcil
frieinle, with great miacs. They are desiroua 'that you
sh nld establish an uiteney ot I'iUabunr. or inlem them
where the ine.licine can be oblained. With an earnest dc
eiro fijr y mt irt-'speritv and happiness. I subscribe mvsclf,
truly y air friend ' II. D. FOSTER.
D wl. fif.o. B. liREKM.Wiisla ar, VI.
S .Id Wh .Icaale and Retail by Green k Fletcher, No.
SB S mth fixth Street, Pliiftulelphiii.
Aacnt I t Hnnhnrv-'II. H. MASSIIR,
Agents fir Milton MACKAY & I1AAG.
April 1.1, 18IS-S.
SAMLF.L niELPS, I .. , ,r Vc
WII.1JAMI l'HAM, J L S-"' "'
J AM KM F. Si.MMOXS, I.". S. Senator fnan R . Is!
Uai Mt ..k.J I . . - ' ,
1 Cr--'-.ait iawNe-J
rocket lloffk mid Morocco 'nst
i.creeded B I. SI STY, at the Old Stand
C11ESXUT Street. 1 hilailelphin
I'octel Hunks. Bankers' Cuaea and
everv description, I 01 1 Mannare,
Ha sue
ort lolios of
Ivdrv Tablets
f it- ii. ......... s.var no. wrinns
do . Backtianiiiion Him ids k Chessmen, tlrtld
I'ena. Snyder's. Cimpniati'e und Saunder's R.itnr
. . 1.-. -ivilv hn Uzora: Urid-jeia's
- -
Wade & Butt-here Jack-on. Chinese And f.iivp
tniu Racnra. I'en Kmvea nud S.-i.sora, ol every
1,..,. Howie and Dirk Knives; also, a
1....... ot Fancv Stationery, at
lowest rales
Jobbing 'inne with t.eatness and desnritch.
' i'biladelpiiia, June 21. l8lS-3in..
HAVE REMOVED fmin 192 Vaiket Street
at then New Sp'emlid and Immense Estab
lishment to be known ss the
lower Hall Motliintr Uazanr.
Indian: Vcfco tu hie IMIIft.
This aMdiclne hcnpotnded Oa general tifineieni. from
Ike pure, uiatdulterated herbs of the Indian. Alibrmgh
there rs many medicines taner4 by tht same aaine, avary
c is aware tnStttlere las ery' great difference among
these. Tboae of tBsea that are called "Indian," have etoleei
ha name freata ua, who were the first to IntroeMee a prepa
red Indiaa rrsidiciaa to Ute Arnaricaa kuHle. Of conns a
sisuleritT of aaaaa aeee not create s stauhrity m tbe ciau
aststathtraleirai.e a - .
Wright's Indian Vegetable Puis are dlatbienisher) rc
their per fact adaptation to tha ktiaaaa body In their oper
ation, they do exactly What nature does, and nothing trwre.
They bars a rocn-rota actior, npoa the Innge, akin, kid
neys and bowels. IlerMKIheit rieenllar rxrenr rjrta-dtaeaaa.
ny promoung perapiraiton, they break ap Colss Coeoae,
RaancAtte CoatetAUiT, Paii ir rtn Bacx, caotrtrLa,
CtTAttoos EaspTioHs, Pixrua, BtOTcmis, Paxsaxxi,
The aetiun of Ike Pills De the kidneys is such as to reeks
them a valuable Kthontriptie. Smmt, Oravil, and 11
Mali Complaitits, atising from obstructions at ccrtalo
periods, are speedily removed by their nac.
A free ExrccroRATtos: from Ihe Innga is excited by die
Use of Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills, Ihns removing
Pulmonary Complaints, such as Astitxa, BaoscBtTts,
Sdafcxtss ARB TMnTsEM or the Bbsast, Coughs, Sore
Throat, c. . ,
By their action on the Stomach and Bowxl. the PiHs
cure DraPErsu, Lrvxa Complaimt, Paipitation or tu
Heart, FtATttLRxer, CosTtvxxes,, Fevers of all kimle.
Pleurisy, Headache, Giddiness, Dysentery, Piles, and all
disorders of the Intestines.
' Taken ill small doses, Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills
tieeome Sn Alternative medicine, of great aoxrchiug ef
ficacy, for the ure ofSdRrji of all kinds, Tettee, Titmors.
jAtrXDirs, Lowkeas or Bpintrs, Neuraloia, Rash, pAraa
These Pills also thoroughly break up iNrtxfZA, in
Which eomplaint they are extremely valuable.
Trt BiMove CoMTLArxTt, these Pills exercise a complete
mastery. Hence Fever ad Aove is speedily cured by the
use of them, In the Western anil S iiilhern Suttee, where
this disease mostly prevails, these Pilla go like an Avalanche.
While tliey are cheaper than the fever and ague remedies
in general, Wright's Indian Vegetable pills have been
pMnouncnl superior to all of them. Indeed, it would Bp
pear that If there Ia one complaint over which these ritps
have mure power tlian another, it la Fever asb Aoce.
For destroying ond expelling Wonjii, 110 Vcrinifiige is
superior to these Pills Although we hnve nol taken pains lu
make this fact public, the merit of the medicine Ii self Ins
acquired fir it an extensive reputation and sale for the re
moval of Worms Administered to adults or children, the
effect of the Pills is equally radical end decisive. All M ho
suffer from Worms sb-mld by all means, use Wrighl'a lu
dinn Vegetable Pilla.
In fact, no one can g.) amiss hi the use of this medicine.
They ore natural to the body na food is. A trial will
convince the skeptical that Wright's Indian Vegetable Pill,
far from being a common "quack nostrum," nre decidedly
the moal valuable medicine ever offered to the public.
15c ware oCSUTiir f'onlcd Oountcr
IVIIa. Remember that thu origiim! and only genuine Indian
Vegetable Pilli hove the wi itten aicnaiure of Wm. Wright
011 the ).ip label of each bo. .. -
ro n
Wi ls!l' Indian Vegetable iMlls.
Henry Maeker, Munhu'v.
E &. .1. KaulTinui, Atladsia township.
Inhn H. Vine nt, Ctiilliii(iib.
Esse dt Deigslresaei, Ely-lufrij.
Sumicl Herb, Little Mahon.iy,
William ITeppen. Jiirke .It.
Irelirul aed liaynea, MrEwrnsvllie.
William llein.n A Brother, 1ill..h.
Fuieythr, Wilmn & Co., Noithumlterl unl
Jellies li.eil, l'otlsjroVe.
O. W. Senit. I.ihville.
W. 04 R Fii' lv. Plhstnokiiitiieii.
Hhodi:,A.F'r,iiw Snili'rtovti. . .
Anios I. Lcia. II, I urtutievill.i
Hi tinevil'e Ho!el.iie, lliipcr Maliotioy.
J. hn tr. Keiin. i'o do.
E. I. I'll c, V'i,tpniitiiivi.
IVIio'cs.ile, -it tbe oiru'C in d general depot, 169
Rue si., I'hil.d, Iphia. July 8. 1S4S. ly
-3r-sU oT'--K jd-irr .
Scrofula ot King's Evil', Rkurnatiani. Obstinate Cntoue jua
F.mptiona. Pimples or Pcatulea oa the face, Blotches,
Riles, Chronic Sore Eyes, Ring Worm at Tetter,
Scald Head, Enlargement and Pain of tho
B ws and Joints, Stubborn Ulcere, Syphi
litic Symptoms, Sciatica or Lumbago,
diseases arising from an injudi-
cious use of Meicnry, Drop
sy, Exposure or lmpru
dchce in also,
Chronic Conati- . -; - r
lutiriinlDiA- .
. ' , orders. ' .
In this medicine several innocent but very potent articles
of the vegetable kingdom are united, forming a compooud
entirely .title rent in ita character and properties from ang
other preparation, end uuriralled in ita operation on the
system when laboring uinlci disease. It should be in Ihe
hands of every perm, who, by bnaiiiese, or general conra
life, is predisposed to the .very many ailimcuta that ren
der life a curse instead of a Wcs'jlntr. ahd so oltcli result in
Sr. Drake's Panacea ia recommended as a certain remedy,
ot one instance of its failure has ever occurred when free
ly nsed! It tuies the disease and at the some time imparta
vigor to the whrde svstcm. ScnHulous perna can never
pay too much attention lo the stale of their Wood. Its pu
rification should be their first aim 1 for perseverance will
accomplish a cure of f.ves iiereditart disease.
Scurvy, Scorlaiilc Afleetlnna. Tuinnrs, While Swellingi
Krsiieliis, Ulcers. Cancers, Running Sores. Scabs aisl
lilies. Dr. Drake's Panacea cannot be too highly extolled ;
il searches out the very root 01 the disease, and permanent
No medicine perhaps hae ever . le:e!l dlaoovered which
givea a 1 much lone t-i the rtritniu-h arid caneea the aecre
t i m ol a healihy gmiric juice tu Ucc.hiusijc the food aa Dr.
Drake's Panacea
Dr. Drake's Punaccu is use.1 with the grmtcst aucctsS'in
Rheiuiialic Coinplaints, esieci:illy such aschnmic. Itcures
by driving out nil impurities and'foitl humours which hnve
aeciuuulated in the system, which are the ciuiae of Rheu
matism, (l int, and Swelliiura of the joints. Other reruadire
aiiuetiiiica (lve temporary relief; litis, entirely eradicates
the disease from tiie system, even when the luiius and bones
arc drcneYully swollcu.
CoNsiMt'TtoM tan Br crRKD Coi'giip,' Catarrh, Bron
chilis, Spitting of HI l, Astlime, DltSciiltor profuse Ex
pecl nation, Heelie flush, Night Sweats, Pain in the side
,Vc. have lN.-eii curcil, and can be with its much certainty aa
any othcrdiscrise. A specific lias long hern sought for, but
iu'vaiu tiufil the discovery of Dr. Dmke'a Panacea. It Is
fnilil and safe but certain rind tMncutioiia iu ita operation,
uiui ciuiii it pnuibly injure the most delicate constitution.
We would earnestly recommend thoac ntliicte.1 to give it a
trial aunt we believe iliry will not huve occasion to rvgrc,t
it. The sv.lcin ia cleanse. I aial airniUhened. the Itlccra on
Ihe hunts are healed, aisl the patients rrradiinlly irgain their
usual health ami strength. Rend t)ic lollowiitg :
PniLA., Dec. 14th, 1SI7.
Drar Sir : lu reply to your question rcsiecting the nsa
of Dr. Drake's lauacea, 1 will euv, tlutt although a perfect
disbeliever ui the existence of a ('axacra, or cure lor all
diseases; however valdebre it mav be ill certaitl cuiditiona
a' the system, mil 1 have believed that a cure lot I phfuliip
luai would be discovered abater or later, aial cuuoeity led
me to try your medicine in two very inveterate cue.
They we're pronounced by the attending pliyaieians to be,
pci.monauy I'oNst'MPTi.iN, ami KlwuuKaied by them as in
erff ini K. One 01 the iferrtoiia IliiI been under the treat
ment uf several verv able pntclitioneia for a uunitier of
years, and they anid site had "old fashioned Consumption
e iiuliiuc wilh'Scrofula," and that she might linger a-aiu
lime, buteiailil n-it l; pcnieimaitjrch
!rHiifof-tive b.iVilea'vcrc used hy line m' the p-fs,is bcforti
eatiuf what in any way
usual Bombastic exaggeration ol some
, extreme heartburn; ami a
1., ..I- In, t u ill bee I. ave tn Quote tne lonov. 111a 1 nversi m to all kintla of fo h1. una fir weeks, (what I
c mm enij I nave neen uniinte 10 reium out stuau puttion
on my atomacb. 1 trieo the uauui remeui-a, nut mey nan
.r no etiuoc in rcmovins; the c imninmi. 1 wns in.
I.srgv Oven
D iXi I3T 3t 5 -S3
- 213, Market Street,
Pit. (hu. Ci.s, Dta -Ttrra,
' sia is-'Vsaiaisa e c. Ac.
ill M'dii'l"". M dirina Cheele. piurgieal a
rt.4iil Chemical Ta ia, tVe,
tr Orda a from M .etama -r Pbysietsea, by
r or oioarwiM piorrtly aitnj,d lo.
j. 9, Utl-'na
Mt'Gregnr Mammoih
r-iniuins I'nuk S ows '
N il 011,1 1 lir 1'iglit C ..lis,
I'ai l.r Stoves
100 a A T'tjht railnrStovs
1 .10 Char a tt. 11 At' Tight do
anil Lady Washington Air Tight pallor.
Till Wa-hiiiniii Au-Tigbt . do
3H0 McGngur's Ihr- days Parlor Air Tight
nal Stoves, burning three days wiibonl atleii-
on. ...'. ''
For sa'e wholesale and re'ail by Noilh llarri.
son & Co. No 3!)ll Mark-1 street. Philadelphia.
P i ladelphia. Juh 18th. I K IH
Kqiillawie I Ife lniirnnrp, tiimiK)
HUH irtl iieiF1"!
Capital -iMi,uisi. 1 hartkr i-EaeaTeAL.
rllE C .niiAiiv are renv preiiatBO ls iraus-iet nnsiuea
ilie m st liheral and advoiltnce us ternia. Tl.ev
are auth wised by their charter (seel. 3) "t nvfce alt an I
everv iusuraoee artperteiniaa to life ris's "f w'enerer kind
.tr tiBlllM. HIM, I , rOCnVC BIHI r,l. ,,UB. ilwnw w.e, -ww-
..... mnA to arrant and nurchnse annuities." Tl'e Com-
nanv aell annisrtiea and endowments, and act as Trustees
f'ir minors and heira.
Table of Premiuma required fisf the Aesurouco of 9100 for
. tne wmae term 01 i,ue.
...... irnm nne nl our CUV rwiiets;
..n... ni ih ureateat ciriositiea I lint our City
affords to the.tianu.-r. ta BENNETT & t'O'
,..i elothnii, store. No. 1S2 Market street, be
I ween Fifth and r-imh. w bnji lias been styled
'Tower Hall." from the p-ruliar finish ol Ih
r-.... Th- ho. LI 1... ia an immense one. con
tainina seven nmins all 01' which
...... 1...1 u ith euetv viirielv ill sea-on.i til gar
.,r........l 111 the most 11 -1 l'.'1'l llld -r Slid
Hiiiuntv. I he piupri.tors Like steal pi a-or
in showing il.-ir liinl.tnig ainl cinii"ii' m
ritixeus, paitiriitai ly s'rai'iceis sun ui " li.'tri th- ronnti v we know nl no
more wnrthv "I s vip'l
htladetph-a, May 27th, I IS 3 n.
A Tlll'a" Dll.t-sS- "iVll !
Hal and t op T:.iiufiit,tiirtrM.
Sufi j?n Carner ft 4' nud M.irke Slree',
Bos ment rliirtt
V H X T. A D B X. T H I A
AVE r ne'nitv ' and a full and rn ' p'eie
a...r m nt ..f H A IN. H l-4. ami UK'
Ala en Ifl ea t ssonm rt nf m-n an ns
l.eohnr.i. F.naiMa. a d I'.l n I a' Hits A'l of
irh hv a s.tvi.i .- of 1 0'0 n r nl. v. ill he a !
wl i.le ale a d r.-.ait, l h e re b wea pi re-
Conn IV deal.-r- w iuI d wrl' tn call, as by
m m i r mi i lour en', we a'P. an .l ltS I ui ef l
v.iy lots ra'efi
June 11)'.. I84t ly
but little
daccd. ub iut two inontha ainee, to try y.Htr Extract of Har.
aaHirill-i, and I must any with Irtile c mrtileiK'e ; tmtaiuir
iisinf nciirlv tw ' batlea. I fialnl my uptietite restored and
th-i heartliura entirely rem wed; oikI I would earnesrlv re
e imineud the use of it to llioae wh i have been ufflieted as I
have been. V mra. te., W. W. VAN 7.AXDT.
Alent for SimlKiry JOHN W. FUIUNG ; Nor-
rlinuilierl and. M.AUV A. McCAY ; Dauviilc, WM. A.
Mflilt AY ft Co.,
AptiliM, ltMH. ly , , ,
I'nilsi., Iteasllntr, mid Iollaivllle
Hail Itoad. .
t lllANGEot lliiiifs ' and two Trains Daily
J each way. except Sundaye.
On ami alter Monday, May 1st. 1818. two
tians will run earb way, daily, between Phila
and Poiisville
Leaves Philadelphia at 74 A. M daily except
Passes Reading at 10 43 A SI.
I.eaves Poilemle at 7J A. M daily ettept
Sundays. Passes Readibf at U 10 A M.
The above Line stops at all way stations on
tbe road as formerly
IPS I' received
skr a Ci nice
I S3
I so
I aa
1 M
f 166
Age. Prem.
3 4t
4 1.1
4 3
4 SI
4 71
I Tel
The premiunu'are leas than any other company, and Ilia
,u..iJ T.-j .Hrantneea. Tablea uf hall-yearly
and qtaarurtv pramnmat, half erertil rates 1 pfemuim, short
',e... ... i.;. Ji .nA.vuiM.o siljt
fi rm ' AiHilioati If which there are bhuik sheets') axe
lo be ha apnlieati a al the 'alicri; or by teller to lbs
Agent, J. ta. rvallii FieaWHtry.. ,
For 1 year.
8,46) ...
F T years.
IA4 '
For Ufa.
aavuia Ihe C.snipaiiy an cents sroukl secure to aia lainuy
fTLr. aim sliouUl ti. die in one year I or for oitgl-he eo.
euroa lu Utera SiOUO : l' I3 annually f. seven ycara
he secures 10 thein fHIOOO should be die lu seven, yours; 01
7 . ... ..a .,ii. a.,iiusi kia ka aecaraa AlUiO to ha
uatd wheuaediea. The insurer aacurlng kit own h salts,
by ihe digereuce in aa auaot rrfnuAius ersi
by other .afi.iea. V eMg.X) list heirs would reave fjouuu
abould he die in one rear. . ' .
y of assiuaataua and ag parueulara mar ba had at
TaaAsvRER FgAtseta w. Bawls-
.SrL J. . Sa,bor,
TH-Pm, krdsary, AgaX fog NcitAUkvaa
tjrurf , rury 1, lfalsV-
I al the time ol Haakv Mah-
re sssoita.eiit ui DRY GOO Dm
UrttttncM it ouors Pul'ilftf ami a hrr Aoe At.
all ot hu b-will be sold al the lowest tirires.
Sonbuty, June 3, 18)8
Wlii4i liiqvuuR o.:4l.' it,
N 393 i.arArf Street ttehw P ghlh. Nor4 de
Keeps constantly on hand' all kind of uld Li'
quoi, via 1 (superior old rye whiskey superior
Brandy, Gin. te A Istl w bite biaudy Inr preset-
ving W ild t berry and Blackberry biandy
i niladrlphia, June 3, 18)8.J-ly
And DtaLcrt in Paper, and Paper Manufactu-
. . rcrr Matenalt. 1 .
No. 33 Commerce si , PHILADELPHIA.
KEEP constantly on head a .largo aiaort
men I ol printing and other paper News
paper in the country., ran be supplied at all
timet, vriib paier of any sue and quality, a
ibe lowest puree. -
PbiUdelpbia. Juna 17th. 14I -
Vh Train
L-av -a Philadelphia at
2J P M daily except
Leaves Plicdnixville 3 43
Pottsiowii. ' 4 13
R adinf
Port Clinton
Srh Haven,
' rrivea at oils-
A 0(1
6 101
6 20
D'lWn Train.
Leaves Pottiville at 3)
P. M , daily except
Sundays '
Leaves Scb Haven, 3 37
" Port Clinton. 3 00
" Reading:. 3 30
" I'oltstown, 1 4 30
" I bmoixville, 3 00
knives at Siste -.
Road. 3.30
Tn preseutmi? the pu'.lic with a remedy for the treatment
X nud cure nl p nvRn ano aoce ami oilier nm - ureases,
no no iloiry is iii-cdis!. Vast iiunlbertt 111 the United Suites,
who sudor these all'ectious ill their vuncl forms, are
e .iniielieil to se.rk rclicl from mlior s nirccs ihiiu the iuiiue-
diate nreaoriiSi 111a is' Ihe retrjlur iiltvalciau. It lice nnce
theref ire au object uf huuianity, aa well as -if pulJic intw
eat, to hrhie latfore them a remedy prcimrcd fiuiu inucli ex
perience, and which nmy always tie rehcil 111111 as sit'k,
s.ieh is tl.s true rliinirlor uf the INDIA CIIOLAGOflUB.
Is amply attested by the universal success with which it boa
been etimi,syei. .
tv Kurort rtnrri a eomintinicatiiu of the ILai. Wn..
Li am Woonaaiucu, of Hie U. 14. Senate, late Governor uf
Michurun. . ,
, . ' Ttrtaoit; Oct. 91, ItrtO.
Tw-ron fHitLu
Dear Sir, I h-ive rend with much interest, your little
traeatise upon the "eaus'K. Iresuniciii aial cure" 01' the
febrile diseases which have a extensively prevailed in our
e.vinirv diirinir the last few m inthe an intcresi itieretised
n dou'l, bv iho fact thai 1 have individually Buffered a.
much from them. Though I feel myself very ine uiiieteut
to tdihre safely upon a subje-t a entirely proi'rssi aial, yet
your the sry ei.'ei'i t ine well reaa ateil; and your c Htclti
sions mil . riud 1 think withal, that your rauuulilvt ia calcu
lated lo iuikIucc much pniclicul g xsl.
SneakiiH- of the inclicine he auva : Il fully justified yonr
Hfitterintf ejtoeebiti. ns. and ae a safe, convenient, and popu
lar rciunlv, mv own uxpertenre, a 1 fur, ui.'.iiees me to be
lieve ttint it will nrove u ureal iuldic benefit. 1 am nleaeed
t le-'irn that vm have recently esttMislieil s-veral agencies
f ita ihsp mill on III antn I reyrei inat. won a view is
m re general disaemiuntioii of it, you duuilil have found it
necessary to remove fr an y nil ptcAent residence utu aig ufi.
With lltUCn reHlcei 1 mve ine 11 "li.'i 10 i-i m,
Your iihliueil servant,
rV From D ai. Stkpiikn V. R. Tbuwubiu;e, of Michi
gan Slate Bcrsile, In Ihe Agent nt Detroit.
ItiRMiNntiAM. Oaxlakb On.. Dee. 13.
Sir v-hi wish tne Li iitforiii I know ot' Dr.
Osa ind'a India Choi m ifrue, or aiiti-biliais iitulicine. I do
believe that if the virtue anil efficacy nf this medicine were
gcueially kuuwu, the rvvui aku aucs would disnp;iear in
I piiH'urcrl a bitlle In the spring nf 1H11, aisl have gtatd
reason to believe that myself ami family escaped the aguo
lnt M.B.M, im e.iuaeiiuiMie .M ita uso.
Perlutna iu in suuuuer since, the settlement of Ihia fine
peninsula, has the fever nud ague been so prevalent as tlie
Inst I hnve see amneniled this meilicine III liuiueriHls ill-
ataintea, aial when the disease luid become fixed aial tarried
the skill uf physicians ; nud I huve never known it fail. I
haa universally praluced the ill at happy effects, and I hot
lieve It has never Iwen excenM by uuy medicine iu rer
vtng die biu.Hia disenaea .a Ute cluiauo.
Yours, reapeclfully, t
Agent fm Sunbury II. II. MASSKR ; Northnmlierlaiat,
WITHINGTOM ft Co.; Mihini, J. ti. RASKR; Beliaa-
gpwe, MAY . kilAttsPi.
Muy 0, lhl8 tf
- .
ilie bt'jnm lo iniriive mpiiliy.
1 will only aim mat laminar u
iiiliiril.iiirr nntl bv fxteiinive
ki)wiiu al ) ihr itiiiirintiB ciTt-rt-" in nine cnie8 qlU
Tim other tpk ten.
I am with routuiaiptii.ti ly
-hsi-rvrtti in os tinty( tyii
in nine cnneB out vt leu
in tnr, Irjiirwt; mul t!ifr vt ct-til'lo timir da AVW!. 'if
ukuiv ol tin; ptllntHlK, mid1 vcV, I VVmld never liavo
ric!iiiiMirtnlu1 thr iiko i( l)nil;li Punnrrn il" 1 luul ii'tl beH
uMiirtintc(l with Hn inirn'iiicnli. H.irtice it to fciy tlutt tht
mic icp MTHnciiJfjl hy our m t TiMlar nml acicutilic pliyvi
ci r.n, mit in thcii pu sriit cimbtnt?l stale, irm pruUilily
ih; IrtTdt iillctnuvf th-jl han ever tiren inrutr. The rcurc
in aci'-mlancf wilh a tiicMry ot' C Niuiiiiiiiun brjclied iii
VraiiP a tew yearn n-, hv cue of her i"it eminent wri-'
tr uh m..icin, niiit u rn esurjlislifd by iactn which ftd
, nut 4.H dispute.
ery Uiiiif;rit'ully Ymirn, L. C. Cl'MX.
G 0 L t. E G ! 1 O P HEA L T II
207 Main street, Bufftioy'KrY.
IVpdrtblc Litliotilriptic Mixture.
T.i;ft eHebfatt,d remeily ix constanlty iiicrmiging ih. iuruo
by the many cilren it if nuking
It bus nmv bee nne the only iiKdicine for t'.idilly u, and is
particulstrly recoDimrndfil i-'r
fit) tii;eii of this c wtila hit iinttie Widely rclievwl, uo nuitter
ol now lintz siunauig. rrminphict tor lentliiuiiY.
nud all dirvetiavfa of thu urinary organ ', for tijesc distrcfaV
iiifi ciitiMimiit h aauincin Minne ; no c article can rruuve
y ui ; nmi the cdrrt test i tied to willc 'iivince the m-m ike
licut; co jtuitiplilct. J.iicj- jupauiiai, UiUitw tlineunct,
t& bit & Awl. r.
T-i Uic Ort.Tt West CHDecioliv. nml wherever thene eaia-
jjlainU prcveiii llnt uitMicijic it iiler4d. ,
nodclcteridua c miiKiittul in n imrt iri' ttm tuixlurn. it
eurc thtiiB dlteaaeii with certiiinlv mul reieiitir. tuid dje
not Ictivc tiie eytteoi torpid- K'e Vumirhltet.
ttoriirvat Mw
INFORMS Ike ciliaena of Nortkuroberland
I that ha will hereafter regularly at
end the routi of as id rouuty and wil promptly
Head to any business em rusted to big rara. He
may be eooaulied at th Dotal of Pur LaM'M
oaring coarr.
Snainit, July Wth, II4
The alternrtnn tram will stop only at Ihe above
named sin'irlns Passengers fnr other points
..Hist therefore lake tli ornutg t ine
IVpot in V niladrlphia. -rniuer of It road and
V ne Streets . No Pasa-ng'-ia ran enter tbeCara
mil . provided v. i h Tickets
NOI'I K Fifty pounds of baggage will be
allowed to each paengef in th Se lines; and
ettscngre.sre epre,ly piphibiled from taking
nyihing-a higgaK but their wearinj apjierel
h rh will t- at the, risk; or ill osr No
neighf wil he taken bv these. lanes. .. .. . .. .1 :
. By order of Board nf Yauage ,. i
; ; , 4. BRADfoaO. 3ertary-
, Mnyo, 1848, tr ,,- .-j - ''''''
Pictorial Edllloa ot d'iiiblfcTne'e)
rreHt Witrai o ttoe UelarMiiallon
' ' MAN.V,. s)WHZIiRLAIO, fcV'. Will be
oublitbgd onorabaail Ihe Isl of Aprrt. 1848. by
JOS A SPEEL. No 08 Cherry at abo've. 4Mb.
hiaanlrnritd 12 mil edit 100 of I be above named
woik, .itb 18 eagravad illustrations ftaen ori.
iinal designs;., vols 16 , bound to eitla cloth
and library abarp 1 c. ' '
Tb"uublisher resspctfully cklll tha ttenlion
of Ihe trade and Ihe public generally, to this
work being the only illustrated edition putriisoea
in tha Untied fetatearje Irusta that the beauty
nf Ma rmbcltishrneatg. iheatroug aad substantial
manner in which a is bound, in conjunct ion w
the known popularity of the work itself, will be
a stir rarornmenrlalion lo public lsor .
JOS. A SPEEIs. M Cherry al above Din.
J. A 8 haa also lately published. .a new and
beautiful Edition of Sergeant Ball's Karea bbow,
a auttable book for children, neatly don uo in
tgira cloth.
rbiladelyhii, April I, Uta-
A HUlory uf the Retaluttdn and liives of the
Heroea uftha Ware! Independence.
An eleeant volume irilk 18 fine Steel Plates,
and nearhi 201) beautiful Wood tne,ravtngs.
"This ia a s.ilendld bsik. A valuahle addition to the
a ciuuiiluint of a most nuinfiit character, ia
and a cure follows bv a lew .lavs use 01 thisarticle t a is i
far before any other preparuii ai for this disease, .s; for any
oilier disease, origiualuig Irian impure Uxnf cb pam- 1
Ut.ClLlH UP ItlbSlclfcill,
weu back, weakness of the Kiduevs, Ac, or inAamma '
ti'Ht ta' suuio, is inuuetliately relttrved by a few ilaya uae 1: 1
tins medicine, aud a cure ia always a result of iu uae. Il :
staoaa us
for suck coruulaiuUs aial alao lor dcnineeiiicitU of tbe fe
male frame, I
lUKEuu lakh ike's, Lf'Ktlu., ;
raiiiful menatruationa. No article haa ever been ottered I
exoepi thia which would touch this kind ol derungetuenta.
It may be relied upon as a aura and etleciive remedy, and
did wc feci nernhitutl to do no could give
as nroof of eeree tn tliia distressiur class of c impiaiuts.
tsce pnmililet. All hoik en down, debilitated eraistltutiiaia
iruin tne eucci 01 mercury, win una tne bracing power 01
this article to act immediately, and tiie p -isouou mineral
eradicated from tlw system.
will find the atti'iaUvcj)r:iJcrtics ot thu ertiele.
and drtvrfn iciS ditwuies l nn the ytriri. 8 rtamnJitct
lot UbUiH my ut eilrce in all ciipciimh, which mo iiiuiu 01
an udveiriaiiieirt vWU ivJt cnuit ta he itnrtiiil hero. Agent
give them uwuy ( taey e uU-ii.i W ii tortiflcalca of' citarjdter, and a . ..
1 null) rtl? TT,fnW
Ti ufi the hnt'iUKrc nf airu'licr, "lit. Trakc'i ratwctA in
tilwiiy:' riliitiivv In it ctlK-trt iwvcr injuritum. Jt in ttt aa
4Jpi;u--it ip livrt and l-tpf' b-rat. It fc iii hiteiulrd u lu)l
the iiivulut into n l.tlnl m cunt v. U in a crtal rrW-dv
( firami hi liiiii nud eurntive c Mnpnund, the grtft nd only
I reiucity which nu-dieul itou'ive and akill ha yet p'f-diifd
j tor the trcntint-nt ol thin hilhert'.i uuctHH)iiered uwtialy. Arfll
j in ptrm afllictiul wilh thin drcid dipeaw, will be just Ul
liuiiwti and hia I rtendu, it he p tl wn to the irrave without
tenting ita virtues. A in;rle b ittlc, in ni ! cnr, will pit
iluren ibvorable change iu Ihe condition of any poUeJit,
I b iwuver lov.'
laOdieaof pale erHTinlcxi at and iiirptmitptive Tubitii, and
u( li a ore dcbiliatrt-l ly tlione ol-Unctionr! wtiich iV-niait'ia
ate liable to, are rest. irctl bv the iikc ol'n lttie or two, to
uki in vior. Il i by tnr trie i4TTi?niifv ever diwrerrd
lor weakly cliiltlrcn, und twich an iiave hud hntnora ; bcitiar
flwraul, tliey tiike it. It nmnctUuU'ly rettcrc the appetite.,
it ren: th and c4or.
INotlrinv en 11 he itfrre aitrphfinff than ita bivie!ratintr ef
iWtKtHi (he hitman tnime. era.tia, all weoJtiieiM and laa- .
mtude Irci-tre tttkiiui it. at once bemie robnat and full of
mercy under In intlucmf. It immediate eiMiiUenicU tho -Ucrve
IcwneM 1' the tcurile fiuiiK'.
CAl'TUVX. Be earet'ul nml aee tlmt yon pet the jrenu
ine Dr. IDkaki:' I'ahacka it hna the if nut ore itl Geo. F.
troiiHH on the wr.Ml,!" an 11 1 ,he iuuhi L DaAfcB't
IVvMiCRA, l'litm." bl wn in the jrbiM.
IVt-pcirwintilv bv Sroaiu & Co., Liruggiata, No. 1(1 North
feiMii St., rhiaadeihiK -
A pent ftr Hunleitrv tt. M ABSEfl. '- , ' - '
8 ld alao bv ,Wn1. A 'Mt b ntx W., TMrrtiUe, II. Piusr
ra, Miluiui Majv .M'ov, ortbim.lrluiit1; E. P.L.vts,
April I, lWK!y . A . .
1 inK Piioop Dooita for banki and. storks
Seal ttml Iaetter-CopyiiifV Pre'iSes, Pntont
Slnie-LiiiBd Iteffigerbton, Water Fil
torts Paten! Portable Watt r t'lo
oetA, iiilcnili'd for the Sick
mid Infirm. .''' ' ,
76 South Third Strati,
PM Manufacture and keep csaistant-.
'W! Ti",'' 'V ",e.,n"ve articles, togeiher wilh
jl.sweas a " .J t wicir I uiem iiiuuvvcu .-sim.Me.nsG.,
:LE..aJl a.j, viui. Duiu.eini.ui ...k...k
Hist ic t.iierjturc ofour C iniilrv. We are much mista-
ktsi il It d es n it take rank with the works .if Irving and
PrcauiaVwlr ruiikiord Heraiu.
It siiriiusscs auy aimiutr wark yet offered to the Anicri
... ..M,e 1. Veil's lMlLe.
'll may he property eusKirrcQ pupmuueeu miuuiry I ot IDS Virtues ot ntcs.icinc, .icv.-t arpssti ru. .i i. iuiv
History ..I Ihe Kv duli n, sxtraiuery well add Judicious the peouliur leuiurea m' this article it never fails to
written." . . iucticaui. i neneut in any w ww .mmw w
e lite Dreeent work .hi tne rtevoiution aun na names, ia anon lot tne cnuciaicu sin. uiiEvruif uivauu
incri'r, 1 h m exteul and design to any Ibat haa harelo. . HOPE ON
and keep taking las medicine as long as ware issn ira
i'.,rM iui. iimlar isir n.itlea fun
A well eoiuiectea ituumy w wet eveuuui pesni. iw
S . ,'.. - I..- vi;.v nfti,' ,ir.r nflli
"inraiswir w. .-m. . - - - i --
Rev 4nli at and iu Ucnea. laat has yst beau gived tu Ihe
oouiury."' PVilura iT P.viin roei. , , , . ,
V AGENTS WANTED li cnuvaas fur the above etc
caul Work, in every County Ipa
Hales, lo wl'ari tha oiaet liberal uu
ad. Price only S3. .
Adilrcta (poat-paid)
e nrorwrtctof wotfu
Town in Ute l uiuaj
sJn. tea Ninnh HF.COND St.
plulaenluk. May ao, lb4S-3m
No 9 AWA TTii'if. betno Rat ft sviil North
Eft eon r uf Tkrrd and Market tlrttt,
WTHERf thev offer lor aa e a cenera' assort
I meat of al amda ol Biuabes Combs and
against a number of. arUesaa vrolcb ednte out under the
head of . ...V .
as cures for Dropsy Gravel. Ac. : They are good for p
liitaui. ana autteuewn so (run we i
Their iaveaktra neear khougial of crlug each diseases till
. , ' i ... 1 . . . . uiu J ik. unL.
una arucie tetu vs'it huh m p."j I
nhlct is earnestly s iboilcd.
rAgsstiaatat eg vpkosseg the SrUde arc . a.1
araUlanaalw assrudraSOes. bottles, at 83 ; Uoa.doat
sTSaamh ailklf ValtV il eaob tie larger holding oa. avs than two eni.Il bot
f.OniD slIIU r,c,y ilea. Look out aud gat inuxassd atsaj. t.vory kratia has
'Vaogha's vegetable Luhonlnptic Mixture,'.' blow a npua
the glass, the written sisianora of '-O t. Vaughn" oq the
direouons,aad t'O. C. Vaughn, tuaalo, stamped on the
eurk. Nbna other are genuine Prepared hy Dr. 0- C.
Vaughn, SfVt raid at the Principal omoe, gnr nam street,
Bufulo, at wbolcaal and retail. No ausntiou given ta leu
tare unless post pud ordera from regularly constituted
ta"rt It -rt'.'SlE ere a i cotisiructcd aa to set at rest
Si"jtK4rC'Ti'' :-lt all iHaiijier of d.nbt aa to their
AAglrl iLJ '-JiSjt eciilg sirirtly Src-pnsa, aud Usat
ii-f ." ' Taaa - ttiej- will resial the lira uf any
the- will rcsus the hra ul any
bui.diha. The (uilside eaaea ut
three Sales are made of boil" iron, the inauie cuaeoj anups
st-uic, und lietwrm the outer eoae end bias ce si apaca
ot aiaiic three Iftchcs thick, and la hlletl in with iraitsattwc,.
tiMe material, so as to nvikc il an inipoMbmiy to burn any,
nf the eontenU iiiaid lh C heal. Thoae boapatotw bu-.
liinuiiHlcra we are nrirmied and do .chsueure the work) Is;
iir.aiecaaiiTartirft in the shape ot Book Sales that wt
stand aa much heat, and we bos) ourselves ready al s.l
liitiea to have them fuirly . lasted by puMio koulira. .We
alao ooutiuue to roonui'aelurt: a large aud general assort
ment of our Premium Air-tight Fire Pnuf bales ul wkick
there are over H00 now in uae, ana te every, utatuuee ihey.
hav given entiie aati.faclKHi to tha parsliaaera f which
We will refer the publia V a .few gcifihsinau win kava,
them iu uae. - . .
Haywood ft Pnyrtcr. rottsvUla; Joatpli . Xawton.
p.nisiolle ; Mr. William Curr, DoyUMMfiwn, la.
N. h 0. Ta4or, 1 uortb 3d et.;A Wiigbl A NeaW
Vina at. wharf i Alexander Caror, Conveyancer, soriMt of.
Killwrt are! nth sts.; John 1. fotd, Oguorih 3d sl.l Myera,
Bush, OH uorth SdstJ James M.Paul, till enuik 4lh at.; .
Dr. David Jayne, 0 aoalh 3d at.; Matlww T. Miller, at),
south 3d at.; and we could uarrie aomc handreda of other
II it wore neeeaaarv.. Now-we invite Die attention of tuts
public, and psrucularly those in want of Fire ProtU Malaa,
to rail at our store before purchasing aawwkora, and wo '1
can aauafy Uiein they wiUaet a better and chcapet sat lcia.
at our atnre rhafl at any ouTcr caaatbiiahrncnt ia the city.
wa also nwnuiaeiara tea cUintwy rire prors caeats, at
at .very low prices, cateoper Utaa ibey eaa be, brnifbl at any 'J
other sura la raistrptua. . v, ,. .
. DAVID Fsr Arqet . V "
PLisnklptiis, AprU , 184-Iy
Agents axoepksd : poet paid setters, or verbal eommuuioa
tions a siciting advioa, pnanpUy aiuadad lo gratia.
onteca aevoten axeiuaivaty so tea aaia os isaa anicta ..
ue Vusi at. Nate York ciiv : tni Esacx st. EuJera. Mssa.:
aad by the sucipal Drurgtau Uuoaahout ihs UwUdSUus
aaa tnaaa, aa stgssiw. .
uwra. .- r XASi ot axniai.-"Vi s't St. w., ownitw s ss. . niw
variettea which they era deteirtv.neq to ielt nnia-J w . rnung, :'??W
' i. 1 MoCotix, lewyAWUle-vMies McCoy,
Lower tbaa ran be nurthased .
Country Meicbants and oilier lorckasiatj in
the above nne wil (ud it to their advantage to
ra'i before putrhasing e sewhere aa tha quality
and pneaa win b lul'y (uaraoUvd gainst I
Philadelphia -.-
oCotuua. istoE
April 1, 1M y
, Noruunibaw
George J, Weaver, r. t
A'o, 19 VVafrisee4avie Aiu, I AorfA Wkarvet
Philudtlpkim. . ' . .,u
A3 rnnaiantly ou .'a - -agfn i
ment or l.oidasf rjMiaeTirasa, aVtv, Vis (.
Itopee, Fialiing Roves. Whlla Basis.
la Ropee, Tow I juee Inr ' Canal eaVttk . Alao,
ciiuplaia aaaortmei, of Seioa Twiiiaa. eVc, attch Ml
Hemp 6uad and ydnf TwiM, ht I'baavt UUt--Vet
I'wiue, Cotton fched and Herring Twice, 8w ,
Tlireads, Ac aVe. Also, Bed Cort!(, Plnrigll Mnas,
II altera, Treeea. Cotton and Lilian Carpal Chaiiigal
ate, all ef which ha will diaiaaM o( ot) reaorwbls