Sunbury American. (Sunbury, Pa.) 1848-1879, September 16, 1848, Image 3

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' -'"'In Dahville, fiii Ihe 7th Inst.', f'v 'the ReV.
Mr.Boee,Mr. David Cftcm, to Mwa Ellen
J'WoTooMMr, pota oiiivjiic.. f . .,. ,
, di k d; " :
In 'flaiW.l.e on the 9th insi., Miv JAMES
; K.iSTEBBINS, formerly of New .York city,
agxl your. r , ... -
In LocVpert, Michmn, on the 30th ult.,
"J. Mm. CATHARtNE O'ASKINS, .wife of John
v,Gigkin7 aged 8 years, formerly Point town
. ship, this county. " ..!.
,.. In Danville, on the 6th inst., Mr; WM.
, HEBERLINE, aged about 24 yearn.
. In the same place, on 5th inst., Mr. JOHN
FIELDS, nged 55 years.
In tho name plnoe, on the 6th inst., Mrs.
'! ANN GR1FITHS, aged 62 years.
-v i In the same place, on the 7th hint.)' CLA
!' RENCE F., son of Benj. P. Alwood, nged 9
( months and 'i dnys. -t
In the samn place on the 1st inst, Mr.
; ANN MORGAN, wife of John Morgan, aged
59 years. ' ' ' '
In the same plnoe, on the 8th inst., of con
'"""sumption, Mr. WILLIAM MURE, nged 87
years and 5 months..
., . : , TUESDAY. Sept. IS,' 1848
Wheat la in demand. Southern red sells
"at 125 a 126 ; prime white is held at 130 a
, 135c. .:
. Rte Ponna. is worth about 70 a 71c per
''tasticl. '
'i' ..Corn U held at 72 a 73c for Southern,
sand 74c for Penna.
.Oat. Are selling nt 35c. for Southern.
1 thkkiv Sales in bbls at 29c, in lilul
.' ' ; "-ftm teetk'y by Henry Manser.
',' WW.
"A Kta, . . . - V
Coast. .,,.. -
tU'TTil, - - ,
), . .
Pon. r
Rt.KHWAK, - .
Vikx, .
Hi il F-.. .
t JIhikii A mats, '
Do. Pkacbkr,
' JTNELLOW CITIZENS. Encouraged byma
: 3r ny of my friends throughout our county, I
wtSW mvse'f to" your consideration as a candidate
for llie' ot?ice of .
- -.-and Clerk, of the Orphans' C'ouit,
t the next fiiera! F.lection. Should my (ellow
.-itixvn tavor Hie with a majority of their votes.
I ahu'ild epate no exertioi: to nilill the diitii-sol
: utdofiice wifi' lidelity and to the natislaitioii
.. "f all I ' MARTIN IRWIN.
- Snnbury, 8pteifierS, 184S.
' : In the Orphan Court of said Couuly.
' Term, 1848.
N he matter of the Partition ol the r.tnie ot
II ANN ll UEBU. own. Ai'Rusi n. isin
The court grant an al ut rule on me n-iiaai
Heeal representatives to be and epjit-nr on th
first day of next term to ai-ref or lefiiee the
late a' the valuation or shew ciine why the eiime
Shall not be sold, and Ihe reiirt d.reet Unit er
vice of thi rule be mal peisonally all the
aVire and li.'al representatives resimnu in ine
Aiuties of .,.".huiiiberland himI Colmiiliia ami
HintU others K publiahina the fame lor f-.i.r
-ntwive week :' b 'Su.ih.iiy Ameiican,' u
SwWner nublisbe-' at Simbiiry.
per riirimn
j ("ertiCed from Ihe reennU of
5tA . t nur a' Smibiiiv,
SF.'A'L. V' thlt ml, day or August.
A.D. IS18
. .... EDWARD m'STER. Clk-
per .'l.'O I'msel, Dep.
iiiilmry Anniwt 10. ISIS 4t
WtntctisT Cafltsivlnc nuiirce, t"cM.
"VOI'lfK isleehe then, ihst leltfe-'
niin-tr i i n have lieoii isrmi. d l.i th. ll"'
tier, on le la'aic of O tharine Hoar e I Su' "
diiirv, dee'd. AH pe a im iinle'did to sj d ma.
'"I'ninir ill ma lesiuet ihe nqueetec. o
". o . tin aii.sitiiwr for eeil.-m n".
J '.H.N HOrnXB. Aj n'r.
t'uiiliiiey. August 28. tS4R ni
He .the IJeclora ol Nortuumberlain ( ounty.
AT the -olicitation of a mimher of aov friends
I ofl'er m)elt as Volunteer C-ndidate lor
4he olfice o(
nf Northumberland Comity Should 1 he elected,
n i-.i. m,.lf lailhfi.llv ton-rlorm the di(T,e
,..,' u;iunn . s-AVinnft.
' hi I' snid office
Augusta township, August 3
T'HT tsrest National, -Old Favorlte.fcnd St. r
1 tin Remedy'.!! of UIGHTKHN VAHS
iTAKDING atill unapprosctied in its wonder
fill success, certainty, and taf. ly, ill the cUKk of
- wfcs.TCHKD coain-siNT ! ! ! '
. fjy If you would ettape the irsenica' (pu'mn.
rMM) counterfeits take not bottlernn any one.
ihai ia 0''t guarded by t' e ' written $!gnature"
. f the original inventor and proprietor. John R
i Kowamo, on a paper label, crottitig the nnulh
vnd enrk.
. , This remedy has never been bolstered up by
false and decei ful puffs, but lias won its way to
' the confidence and univt'sal adoption of the in
habitants of Fives and Agiisj Districts B Y ITS
- which all tha amenta, aod every peraon who have
jised it, welj Ifsiity.
143 Arch Htreet Philadelphia.
'Aaarrs for Kui.kary Ira T. Cler.ent, J. W.
Frilint, H. M sier and Gee. Britht.
Auints for Northumberland Forsythe, Wil
Ua &Cs, R M. M Cay.
August 3, 1843 eow
raorsnsoa or diseases or woman. -Ristb
KillU HU lHllki. pp. 50. Priea t
83,090 Cuples sold lu Three Menths t
Years of surTnring, uf physical and nuailail any uih to
' Many an aAVjclKHiale wife, and pecuniary dirbeulue lo ihe
buabaud, ought -tisea kesa spared by lonely piaseisuon ol'
los work. ....
It is intended especlairv for the married, or wise ooutwi
platiiHr ninrrinee, as it discloses inipiiiunit socrcu which
. .should bs Kism a to tnem psruouutriy.
Truly, luuiwuxlgc u power. It is beeUlH hsppmcss, afflit
criee. . ,
Tha revelations ewitained in iu paaes liave proved a
bhuMng to ih'iuani.ila, as tiie inuuuierable letters received
by lbs author will sliest.
Here, au, evury feauale the wife, the toother, the ene
eiiaet buddUaji btio wunianhoorl or the one in the decline uf
jrears In whom nature aooMuiplates an important chaun
.vau diauovw Um uauses, ayuiptoioa, snd ibe utast eaViuH
ranwdics, and mist eeiuiu nt ids U' cure, iu every oow
plsiirt to wlooh Iusr mn is sulijeet.
4,epiea will sw aesil aaastl free ( pasUf M Ike par
Over tM UumuisikI e-ioles uuve bsea sul by mail wiliua
'(are months. wMa perfect s;ueiy and ecruumy.
k On lh receipt of Una I4lar. the "Married Woman's
Private MadieaJ Cooiiaurian" will be sent (hailbsi raaat
to aity pan at Itte lulled Hum. Ad icuere miul h post.
saud (ejuaoi tleiM enntainlruj a ranlitaaec) and addmaed
to Pr. A. M Mawicsau, Bos I'M, New-York City. Pub.
UshiAf OaVa. Isei I itsrrr st . New York.
Tke ' Muned w Piivau Aledical Cneuiiaiiioa" u
okl ky.keakariMj througtiout tU I'oitul butt.
J,&V.L. WARDi-i'
, , No. 100 CIIESNUT Street, Phlladelebla,;
- . . . Opposite tht Franklin. Houh, J,
IMPORTERS of Gold ana 8ller f atent Le.
er Watches. Mid Mantihcttiret f Jewelry
A food aortment slwiyi on hand. Gold Pa
tent Leeet.- 13 Jewels. 38 r Silver do SI8 to
$?0; Gold Leplne, 3: Silver do. I9 to 15:
Ol-eks and Time Piece, Gold Pencil, 95.
upward I Pttnotid Pointed Gold Tens, l.5(;
Gold Bracelet nd Breast Pias, in -rM trariely;
Kr Rlnti I Miniature Ce j Cuurcl Chains,
13 to a5 ( l lafed Te Pets, Caitora, 'ke
Baakets. Candleeticki, ttritannia Ware. Fine Io
ty Handled Table 4 'nttery, and a.tenerel asaort
mrnt of Fancy G-oda.
J.&W L WARD, No. 106 ;HrNUr tt.,
t'hiladelphii. - oppoait the Franklin Hnuae,
Manufacturers of all kinds of Silver Spoons.
Forka, Tea vet. Lartlpa, Ac. All work madp
by in ia atamped with nur name, and warranted
to be made of purely A meriran t nin.
Philadelphia. August 12. 1848 6 mo
IN I nreosnr. (if an nfiler of he Oip'ians' O l
of Nnrihumloland mnnit, will he a ld at pi: I'
ll.' vendue ,.f nu rry, on Mnndsv the 2.1 dy ol
Oct. brr, A D. On the premiaon to wii I '
A Certain Tract of Land
PituaieJ in Uprr Augusta t u iiehii, in enii'
CMiniy. ailj .ininn UmU of Pl.iiip Mil', P ier
O'artlo.f Uenj min Killerman anil oiliera. Con
tainii g about One Hundred Acres more or ls
Wh. ie. hi me erecJeJ Log H.iu-e and I.oj ll.irn.
&e '1'l ere ia. alfo en excellei.t Orchard, ai.d a
uoitJ spring nf W iicr on li e elove promises.
Lote llie ctilite of I'aac Vansick'e decM. Sale
coinn.eni'O nl II o'clock, A. M. if raid ly when
the t run otale will be m.ide knnnn h
JOHN HAlJt.HAWOUr, Ai'm'r.
By older of the Court.
Au usi SC, 1848 U
Attorney at
m:v bi:uli., pa.
INFORMS the citir.ens of Norlhiiinbrrland
county, that he will hereafter regulaily at
tend the courts of said county and wil promptly
.,ltend to any business entrusted to his rare, lie
may be consulted at the Hotel of Peter Lazarus
iIumiik court.
Suiihiiiy, July 29ib. 18 IS i
'J? Uii J& 02. nt Air-Tight
rrtllKtili-ivi' St 'Vf, which incquully well nitnpifd liWiXl
1 or C nl, hrw rrcr-ivwl nilver Mifi'lnls ot the (hint of ihe
Amuriruii Institute. Nw Vorki of the Mtvlumirn1 lniii
t ut it, K'flon; of the l-'mtiklin Juxtilttte. 1'hilttiletphiti ; mid
of Ihe Mtvii:micn' lnftilutt, Wiliiiinittou, iX-lawim?.
It in fipntile, If pntrwrly ujwhI, of d iusr in ro work. wi:h
vw finH. tlian ony ther tt 'Ve yt irfliml 1' the pul Ju-: in
wiiitet it will wtirin the Jjirce-4 Uitehen, while in fiin:n:L'i.
wiih llie muiitiuT dreew uttiiclietl, it throw out no in re
henl thnii n ehnrcMil luninee; mid for hoitinir, limilinir, Iki
kiiifr. r n Misting, it cannot be Kiirnaitscd by uny other Stove,
open fire, ur bri-k nveu.
Ceiiiiiicate of Tin Jcnum or tiik .Mix-hash'
We. the Fiiltfieriliere. liein cli m-n Jllilnei, liy (lie AiiiFKil-cliiiw-tle
rlinrital.le .Mi-c-bnnicH A.-m M-i-iti n in R et .n, on
siiives, tiirnneint, rtitiiren. ,Vck w mid int'.nii l!P piihlie. iliat
oi'Iit le.-:tiiiff ull the eii..kiiii; ittuwri llml wci'e put iitt.illic
Fair I'.tr exliiliili u. nml li-tliiijr eneli nun liniiiinie IiIkowh
whieli would ill Ihe riiiii- work ith the lot in -4 in llie
e imc I ime, niul iln it Inn', we Stewart' 1'iilfiit
r-iinnie-r iiiel iiid r A ir- J (.-lit ( iNkin rii n'e. iiuiiiiiiui'titr- I
eil liy the isitenti-e. of 'IV .y, X. V., t.l he the heft, ns it t'k
hill ill iiiiimli-s lo Imil Iw-t irill'itis of wilier anil kike hincnit ;
in lip. Kline time, iumI hruil iH-el' eteuk. nml all il 'lie in Ihe I
heKl mnnie-r Willi eeven ii'iiiikIh .if c.ffll, iu thirtv llliailleii i
i Irum Ihe lime the lire w.i. put into llit et-ivc. T.i whieli '
weuV'ir.lMl iheeilviTUlillU.
JAM IIS (ll)t 1.1), WAt.TKtt CtlltXKM,, i
i TI1UMAS MUtT.TO.V. A. IJ. WKIllIl;li. unU
j JAM KM I'AOi:. Jl.lxm.
The eulttierilierii r,iiec:i'nlty invite ihe attention ofe-nni-
I iry lie uere, i'i one 01 uie inri-ei linn w: Kfi.-,.ci e-.ieu "I
et'iyee. e ur oflVrt ilin tl.i eity, unpng i liii !i me the li.U
I lou'inn :
I l.'uej.
Screen Cvlet;ders.
' Oen Stoves
i Wahir2lon Ail Ti;
lit Conks,
Vu'can do
Kuieka do
Lars? Oven i'o
Alhany do
Willis do
Mctireenr Mammoth
rri-iniiims Conk Soves.
,ahniiiil ir littht C-oks.
Pal lor Stoves.
IPO f.ouis Aii Titht Tailor Stoves.
I.'if) Chiireslhe let Ai -Tinht do
SIM Lady Washington. Air-Tight I'ailor.
130 Wai-himrlnn Air-Tiuht do
.1110 Mi-Cregor's three days Parlor AirTuht
Coal Stoves, burning three days without atten
tion. For s!e wholesale nod retail hv North. Hnrri
on .V Co. No 3!'0 Mark.t street,' hilu!el.hiu.
Philadelphia. July 18th, ISIS
1 i;quU.blc'e Insuriinc', 4caiill)
i .iml Trust ('oitip-.iiir.
: ori'irn rt waiam t KniF.r.T. piiii.aiiiu.piiia.
I Capi 'At. 6JVUHK1. riiAiuta I'tuimi AL.
! e J 1 i: iin.ili)' lire ii-iw prej-nfiil t' trniiKtrt bnnines
1 Ihe i,K in 'ibenil ami uilvitiit-eje -im l.Tiiiv. Thev
' fire full?! irixed by tin ir elmrler. (.-.i-l. 11) "l' In ike alt mill
. every iiuuraiiee'iip, ei "uininff t i li;e ris i" whatever kiltil
"l niture, nml t n-a ive. iinil execute Iriifts, nuke en llw-ui.-ale.
miJ I erant n.iJ purchaee nniniiilce." The r-iu.
I nnnr ni-11 nunuitieii and ei-dowments, awl uot us i',-iitcr
I i'ir iiuu rs uud ucim.
; TaUi! of Prcuiluins requirex' " th" Aur.uice i" !?1IIU
the whole I.tii: m wic.
I l'rcui.
3 M
3 4n
8 77
3 ,l
4 II
4 3-i
4 ftl
4 71
5 IJ
S 7f
0 011
The nretniunui are leas tlian unv otle-r cnirvitiv
'1 the
polii-iui afl' ird (rreuler udvmititiree. 'IWilee i lnll-yt-Mrl'
and quurlerly premiums, liulf ertnltl tjXat ul
lenn., joint live-, .urviv..ri,i nun e ..wi.ieui.; all .,
loriu nl Application (I winch thore are hiuiik lieelr) lue
to lie bad on applienti ut ihe ollice, of by letter H In
J. 11. 1'1'ltm , Sunbury.
Kates ru usvuinu ?IU0 on a aiugie I.ue.
Prim. I Aire. I'reiu. Aire.
1 50 .'II Uflij
l ii &i a tj "
1 Ail ::i -j so J1
1 5B nt 4 -n 'n
1 oo aji.ti .iu
I 0:1 IHI 1) 411 . . St
l iu a: a 47 .'.a
lii,, nn a. it ti
I j-j :in !
1 ; (ii 7u .vi
1 K5 41 3 l M
Ihn 44 Sn-1 5?
ll 4il 11 111 -Vi
l ry. 41 3 W -N)
a ot ii 3i uj
Fur 7 veais.
- l,:J
For l.ii'e.
I'.x imi-i.e A persm end 311 years next birth day, by
liuyins: the Coinnny mi cents would secure lo his family
or 'heirs WIOll houlil he die in oue your 1 or for ?fn.o0 lie si
cure to Iheui 61UU0; or for 81:1 aiiinuilly for scveu years
he secures to lliem HIIIKMI liould he die ill seven veers ; or
! 'JU,4U paid anuually during life ha seeuice eouu lo be
iiaid ii.'U lie dlcl. The insurer seeuiiiut bis own bouus,
liy Ihe diiri reuce in uiiv.niitol nreniiunu irnui ih isechurod
by Hlier ortiees. For Sftn.Vl the heirs would nveivc Sjouii
vnouio nui. m j .
Kc-riu ol apidicaliuu and all panicokira inav Iw had nt 1
the uiTko. J- W. C1.A110IIN, President.
."' ii. Tuckett, Hecretarr.
Ck-Ns"""10 Hiivsiciasi l)r. J. B. Masaer, funlsiry.
J II PvCi, Sunbury, Agent for Northumberland uoun
. . .a.a : . . , . 1
mnuHiry, juiy r,
X "0 C2S 33 e
" aied and Britannia Wr, 4-utl.ry. ano
Kane. Goods. and Maiittfatiln'on
Iry and Hileer Ware, l Cbeanul eife,'. rnn-
Age. For 1 year.
3i el
:i w
4U , l,J
M 1,M
59 3,W
delphia; have received by lata arrivals als'ge anu
handsome arxk of English and 'reneh Watchi'.
and Marble. Porcelain and Fancy Clocks.
. Plated Urns. Castors Uaka Basltela, High ami
RhsmberOandletiieks Houp Ldlee, 8-oous a' d
Kirk. Ala a good assorlinsnt of Biliannia
Ware and Fine Cult r, t
Tbeir stuck of JEWELRY ia large and of the
most fs-hionahle k'n.l, and lhay aie well .upplle.1
ith ei Ivor Spuona. Forka. Mage, Kapkin things.
Duller Knives. eVc , and ri hnoi in ikin any dia
play of prirea in ibe public prints, ihey are pie
pared lo sell as' Inw - who du, and Ibviie
p, tsnos srishln tO V'l'B (" csill. ' ;
lbildil bis, Juilb 10. ''
i Wftrdrobe of Fanhlonublep v
, ... TJ. W. & E. V. STOKES, . '
JVo.,194 Market Street. Firtt Clothwg tturtbf
. '. !t, ,, ,. ..W Sixth, .iY mv.,;,n
i - . . , , Pnil.ADELrlllA. , V .....v.-l
VHERE (hey are constantly enft-l In get".
ting up from the bt Frenth, Kn ih and
American c nth. c'othing cut and made up m the
moat superior and fashionable sty a.' L'ersens
who buy to sel , wil And a large and excellent
stock at the 'owest city prices. . Cothina made
up to order, ia a superior style at the shortest
notice., ', . , ,
N. B Odd Fel'ows Resra'ia, a larte asrtrf.
ment always on hand. Ordera from Lodges and
i ml i vidiu s promptly attended toon the most rea
son hie terms.
Philade'phia, June 3, 1918 IV. v .
TYRANTS as well a Vtonopoliesj mut fall,
ao must prices. That thia is a fact can be
proved by calling at
No. 72. North 2d street, above Artih,
Winlrmle end Itelaift
The stock consists in part of Gold and Silver
Levers J I'Epinea and Quartier Watchea ; Jewel
rv of the newest and most fashionable patterns.
SiLVBU Hl'OOM. iVc Particular attention
paid to these articles, themiV? ofwhuhi
An. I. and workmanship iVij. The establish
ment ol LE II (.'RAY has been well known FOIl
t'OVRTY YE A US, in SECOND Street, and
has made a character which needs no pulling.
Silver TEASPOONS as low as $t,00 per sett
can be made fur less if wished
WATCH GLASSES Plain. 10 cts ; Patent,
IS; Lunette. aUcts; other articles in propor
tion. kriiiMiitiei, you can buy here below any pub
lished list of prices in this City or New York.
Watch Rp.nrina particularly attended to, and
warranted to give sutisAiction
N U Old Gold and Silver bought for rash or
t.iken ill exchnni'e t (don't forget the No 72)
North Second Street, above Arch. Philadelphia.
S-pt. 2-5. IS 17 ly c May 6. 1S1S .
. io. IOJ. Chestnut Street,
Bet item Third a,td Fourth Sis.
1HK Advertiser has constantly on hand end
innnt.tncturins. evel V description ol tIAIS
and CAPS, ol'thrf latest mid most approved fash
ions, consisting of
In i-arioty, ainiinn which is ne,v at tV
ect. made acennlini; to the Arm v am! Navy ie
Kiilutinns and lor superioity vt finish and mate
rial, have never been surpassed
For snii'lemer). conoistini! of Fine Ro.-key Moiin
tain Reaver unci Cosamer Hats, (very licht.i
P.inainns. I.euhi.rns Fine Colpouras. ect , ect.
AIo fine S'raw. llraid. and Hair Cloth ,ipj ;
Ladies Ridiri!! Iliits snd Caps of entirely new
sivles. in fact Ihe laru-st assortment ever before
offered t- the public ; beim as low in pi ice as
V r.s aini.nilieill lo ine roiuiuy ,.,.
llerrielliher ( ' II A Uf.KS O A K FO 111),
Y. 101, Chrtmut ttreri. bdwctn
Tumi ami Fo trth fw'
i'h hdtlph t
Jiint 21, ISlSly
rocket llsvoli aa 31orucca fas;.
B Sllccee.lei! I! P. Si STY, at the Old Stand
h CilKSNUT Street, t hiladelphia'
; I'ocket Itookn. liallUel' (".lies Bill ' Ol I lol IOS III'
I every description, I o. I .M.iiiniire, txory I uOlels
Card Coses, i)iesii.c Cases. S.'iar do . til ng
do., liackitaiiiiiioii lioanU Hi Chessmen, (,'old
Pens, Snyder's. Chapni.iii's uud Sauuder's ILiznr
Strom: Fenuv's Tallv ho Itaiors, UoitJ.-rs s
Wade Ac Hotelier's .Ijcknon. Chinese and l-u
tain R,iziiis. Pen Knives and Scissors, of every
de&cnplioii, Ho.vie and JJirk Knives; aUo. a
laiie u'lmrliiient of Fancy Stationery, a the
lowest rates.
Jiihhin-; -lone wilh i. "allien and desiatch.
I 'htlitdelphia, June ai. ISIS 3:n
HAVE RF.WOVE0 fiotn IB3 Vaikel Street
at their New Splendid and immense Ktub
luhnieiit to be known as the
toiver Hall (10111111? IJ.t.uar.
-Vo. ISi .Varict Street. b.Hiree fifth If net h,
The "roprietors feel a reluctance in proinul
Katitif what in uny way might appear like the
usual lioiiilMniic rxangeratinn of some in the
trade, but will Deji l-ave to tpinte the tullowiu
notice Irom one ot our city papers:
-One oi the ai .-ai- t curiosities that our City
aflnid lo Ihe ktiaiKr. is BENNETT ci t'tl's
aiet clothiii store. No. ISJ Market ftreet, be
tween Fifth and s'iKlb, which has iieeii styled
- Tower Hall," liuin the peculiar finish of the
front, 'i he build. hi; is an immense one, con
tiiiuiiii seven capiicious looms, all of whK"h ate
storked with every variety nl eannabl K-ir
ments, arruiiiied in Ihe most perfect order and
regularity. The pioprit tors take area! pleasure
in shown. their buildine and contents lo Ihe
citizens, narticiilai ly struiifeis, and to those co
ming limn Ihe coni.tiy we know of ns place
more worthy of a visit.
Philadelphia, May 57th, ISIS 3m. ,
A Tiiui'kand Domm Svn I ;
Elnt nnd np .Tlaiiufhrlnt'ci'M,
&.II.1 Eait Curnrr f ilk and Morltet tHreet,
Hn-meat traru
TT AVE c. ns'ntify on hand a full and complete
) tl' ,..,. , no
L1- aaor'm nt of M . 4 ft, CAPS, and rUUS
Als n cl-aaut ussorinfiit if anu-' sn I twvs
.eehorn, I'anaiiia. and I'd. n leaf Jlnln. AU
vl irh hv a sarin:: of JldOU in r, nt, mill he aold
whole-ale ai d reiai' at llie v.ry Inwesi price.
Ciiiimry dealer woulJ d i well to call. aa. by e
eonnniy an I low len', we aieeuildel lo e!
t-eY l w r.nca
June IU h, ISIS ly
Ji M VvlJi'iiil
I'ST received, at the store ol Hkmv Ms,
tK. a choice sssortnient of URY GOODS,
Untctriet Liiuor: falmteiif and other hutt St
all of which will be aold at tha lowest pricci.
Sunbury, June 3, 1818. -;
Na 293 .larte Street, fleoio Eighth, North tide
Keeps constantly on band all kind of old Li
quor, vii : Superior old rye whiskey auperior
iiranuy, vin, ace. Also white biaoily for preser
ving. v ua nerry and Blackberry biandy.
Philadelphia, June 3, 1848. ly
And Dttderi in Paper, and Paper Manufactu-
No. n Commerce st., PHILADELPHIA
KEEP constantly orl hand a large assort
ment of nrintinr and other paper. News
papers in the country, can be supplied at all
tiroes, with paper of any lis and quality, at
Ik. UdMtl ......
fhiUdelPhta, Jan 17th. ,98
Dft. TOWHSBHD'8 CfllPUlB EVrRilT Oi'i
rpiUS K.xtmct is pat up Inuart Kittles. It is six tiifi -s
X cheaper, ptexsiinter, siid ' wtitninte,! Snii,.rl'tT to any
M. It cures diMMnrn .sriHevit vomiUrorj furtftiHTt' sick
ue, t tlobilitaUiii; the ceMeut, aud is (itruculiiiiy adapted
for1 -p Hu;kiit'm& MWwrtNti.' v'- ;
Tho grant binnty ftiia superiority "f thts) rsiilHa ovet
it hiviirnrntes the b ly. !
' V1W1II1(KI...IVU..-. 7 -I
a 1 CitYiiiiw nntl Htrcmrlhen.
' Mi AA.t la. i,lf.i-.t. I
lTrurreliil is. C'.insiinintinu, Liver V JtiiiJ.-iinl, C-'lils, I'-iiiliSi.
uaiarrn, Asinum, tpittiui;i,r Wo .,reiiese iiitne
V.IIOSI, tlerne rlllsli, lpht pweots, Ulllr-
cult end Profuse Kxa(tioraiiunr
and Pain in tho Stile. ... ,
' fte:,fte,
have ami can-lf fr-J. - ' ' '
Pnitnlily there never was a reinolv llml him Ixhw so mic
eesi'iil m clespi mie esses of ronsiiniiti.iii ns ihis j it clerin-
nml rtrtufj
ccra 'iu iho liiiisn, atKl patieittuTHCnalfjr rrffiitt tMr usiml
health and mrt'titih. w
(X'KU)i;i cask or coNscMrnox. .. 1
Tliort in Kvarct'ly a il'iv nuifii litif tln-ri: nrt a ii!tniht.i oi"
use of f!!jn.4iiiiintion rnnirrtfif an nnit-tl hv i!i tm nf Dr.
Tuwiirom, irfcinanlla. The Umiiiir vti rfiuii;lv t.
ci'ivcd :
Dr. Tw.vTixn DVar Siri For itr lnrf vrnn I
u mill ion of lire faiAt ntnirc, mu iliU not uxytxt to uvur piiH (
my health nt all. Aliar K'jiiw itruiigli in curse of mnliiiiie
uiiiler the eare of s ene of llie m niuffiiislicrt nauhir J
fl New T
ink aiid elsewlicre. arid siietsUiiir Ihti iu sl ni inV uHrnrt'i's
in atlnuitii'ir to rraun my heilih, mid autr reaOaiir Iu4
smie inper ofyinir I fm lie. try ii. After i
using SIX bottles I iim. it l oil.! me irmt p .Oil, end enlleri f
i seo you at your oTie ; with your udvice I kept on. end
ili tiitist li('.irlil llumk yun Vr ycir uij, c. I pffavt-re ii
uiKing uie Miwinu.t, mi'l linvo Ik -ti nnic V) nncivi i my
tmutil litlum f -r tlm hsl lonr nnntlir. nml t hf- hj lli'f
NcftHings of O'kI niul vmr to Cv iilimit ury
liwtlili. It helped in a bcytjtid Uie e.ii'iTfn!i-ms ( nil who
iw inv raw. niAKM::s OUI.MUY .
S;;ihjtl -New JrA'V. Kwwx i-ituutv. I'ltnrli-rt Ui;im-
hy hcinp duly nwurn acninliiiff to law, m lti x t ti nlib.
tli it tliu fniliri ftntcinotit in tciw nt-r mKnz t t1i" l"t qi
r.irii ninl nalift ribtMl lo tch're me ut Oraiui, iImj'JI j
iV.-gust. . I'VIUJS t.AUAVIX. j
.nif;ii-u iji iiic i'l'a";. .
Ttittiil the rtviiii;. tm:l wt UinL c-'iiUiin t i-mi lb ut i.irn- ;
ml le it' yNi c;ni : .
Dr. ToNi : 1 viilr hs-KiTi thit vur Sartinnci !! !
Han brn Uie itni. tttnh Frorlitvin-e, ul" pivw;i iih li.r
1 Imvi'l-ir At'Vi'ral yir hud u bint cmk. ll li-.rfntti;: w 'ifr
mill wrtrfei. At lint I r.iiwd l'ir' qn tuiili- u-l Ul 'J, tori-1
night mviiitu ntf.l un jrirry ifchilitntod mid rodi.nMi, -if1
(ul n 'I ixcct to live. I li'ii'i- uiily twcxl y ur f.iranxiriila
hut n nlfiri timi", mid thurt Ins n wi:id rnil fh.iii f I .'.
r mifiii in me, i nin imwuhi- i r-.iibi mi n-tr un ci: v.
niine n Nornl. nd niv r n?h Inr !-t! m. 'n r.m
iin tjfiiic ihM 1 at& tluii'krtil I -r th) rnHtihn. otr ohedi-
!itt .fvaal . WM . H 1 . SSlil , tj.j l ullinnne ut.
HIST 11 Kit SlKKt:iI.
Th annexed ri-ti;hnttt t'lin n fini:d? tvi'l trrtttiTm Morv
f turfV-riiHi nifl rclift. Tlcrre nrn Ui.uiMntt ot' tttmi'ar c.t-
in thisritv vital Hn kU'n. nd vt tlierv are tlmviMids
t nrmtfi let their rhiMreu die t r lair t. b Miig luimbiivged t
ur tl IMVy & filW SliitlllltTM. t ' ;
Uroiklpis ert. 117. 1
Dr. Ti)v!K.n t I t:ikf nlt'afture in aLilitw. tor tin; hfi'- '
fit of th isc! whtirn it tuny e nrern. that my thin? liter, twti '
Ttunt nnd nit nint hj oil. titllirtid with ?tirrnl ite- 1
btlitv nud 1 -iw of ;M-(r.i. lSir umh irivt u u: h p ifl ji"
iverir bvoiir lainilv nhvun iau : tit i. riiiii.ti. iv I w.m rt-i
cmtnndetl by a lii't-inl lo try yum1 S.i,-..i(inrill i. JJ f re
hi vi 11,7 uwtl otKJ Imttlc J"!: fee. ii fffl her ittfh mi i imi ;
ei in bled walk alfjne. to tW tmumw it" n.l wit were I
ocipiiiiiite.i with the ciivtrwlanct p. .S!ie iiuni qui n w-'ll. )
and in mU'h better heil:h than hfio 1mv,i fir W to aMw i
ikib.. Jt?fl.rll V.W AH. il nT ut., Hr kly.:. '
J'Wu ( llil.MU-.N riAVtil).
Very few families indeed in fiet we h .ve u..l,li "ai l of i
one that use;t jc, j tvii!i:'ii!i r-irs-ipjim i in laiie. i m
nnv ehihlren the ntih1 trimmer, v i.ilc th p-.' th it tfr.l R e
sickened nnd died. The ivrciiicalo w-e. punish lr-lot is
1111'lui.ive cvidetiee nl' lid ..ulm-. nu:l la '.ul, an iluer lii'
of its teiviutr Ihe liv.-a of ch.:! Veil '
Ur. TmriKxD li'iir Sir : ' : i wi emeir.-ri e ir.-i ny
eirHirmparilla of the ftutim-'r tvmpliiut nnd il-ntir i
one viis only f inonth ul.l r.trt i Iu ol In r :l.-ard. l , -
were very iirieli re lue,-,l. i,.,,l n-e e: ,.,' v.iH di.' ;
Ihe;,- wvrc given llj by tv ri'-''-elnhh- jh sielntlr'. Wi:Mi
Ilie'd.H.tor infonii".! lis lint we lutne I .. I'.- ni. wr
I lo Iry y -ur Sara iivnitli we iiaJ llearti s1 t in ich rl, hut
h-nl lil'le e mlidrnee, th..,-.? hiu;! , inn -h v I, ertf e.i
llt-il is wortltlrni hut we are ttmnkful Hint ve 'lid. lor il
umlniilitciltv paved lie.' liv.'M of bull. 1 wi'iic Wi.'s .bat e:h-
ul iy he illfliiffl to uv- it. Y mr. rvjw-ll'il.v,
Juiix v,'ii.yj:;, Jr.
.Mvrtle-aveilllc. Hroo'tvn Sent. IS. If-l"
T T'lIK I.AIlt:s.
fiRKA'l' I'i:.IAI.K .MKUlt'lM'.
Plt.ToWXSF.XD.. SAItl'lllkl-l i?a a i .-rriu.i .nui '
cure for UH-ipient e .tieanipli'in, nnd lh- fri-tt,?r;, ;,f .fl,a
ti in of lliesvstenl no mailer whether the rer-alt of inhi- cause or causes. pr.nhieed hy iri'i-jjiilai ity, i.ine- t r :..c
uii.-rp vnir iiicdirtu.
hui. -frrift grtut i-iina; n:n. &!''
u i r wich ;u.-- as j Il-u.' dtsi! ,,
lttM-1 a h 1tte nl v mr i:xlrj l 1 1" S r.iui iiiu tin 1 I 1
I 'W'iJ Ihe dir,li,,m v-n ffavt rn. In n n!i rt iv.iil il
rt-iivivfd Imt einiliiiutii nnd ntnn1 h..r t if iltli. Ilfini (
pri-.ttml ( r tliu biM.1iis kIiu rw'tfi'wU t tnlc iti :
HniK ttckn 'wlcvling it. mid ricoiimicii(Ui'i it 1 h ntiMic. .
AlUiuv, Aut- 17. 4 I. r tr. (I rant! X IsycUa a'n. I
1YS1M.1IA. ;
i fluitl or iiiii1i-in.i han ever :k ii :-. vrrtl wiiit-li 1
iwvirly nM'iiililt-H tin: tf:iirii' jiiift; or Kilivn i:i tlnr 'i'i; .Mittr
Um iu airfmrui.'ntnv tin- tjrjw 01 ilirrMi iti this .r- -tKiruli
hi ol' S.irn:in.uill:i. ll ur-mtivclv cures every 1 1
linns UHtnnmnif, Aiiinur, i;y in, i jr. 1
Dr. Toviiwik1 Sir: I have btrn alHi"'n lor wvi-in! I
year 11 with iIvKeeuiim in ila wtxat t'.rni1 nl't'iulrj wilh n mr- ;
int.?. o nt .mftrii, ijmh nl nppfUtt;T i-xir.-tm Im irihurii, uml :
iti'-'it nverm-m iu un KiniiH 01 hi hi, onu i"r wt'i'iiJ, i aai I
c hi Iti eil) 1 liavtf Imh iiirihic ft r'-Eain nnt a pum'A ).ir;i in
on mr Hi-wuacb. 1 iriwl tho usual r.-iimlit-v, Uit tiiy let J ;
hut hillt 'r li i -fit in miin tug th.; n tiijil ttn!. I w m tn
iJiiiutl. nhnil Uvn iinniths aiiit-r, t i try ymtr I'x'.rart vt S 11- :
StUKirilli, unii I inuft nay wilh litllt c iiitiil.-nco : Im; iti'ifr '
iimnti' iie-irly tw u -IMi-h, I i tiui'l my aptwMiV r?l i ti . i nnd l
tha h:'fihnrii rutirt-'lv tvut v'i-il; tin! 1 w uiJ t-Trii'.-riU- i.-- ;
(tinuiiMvl the um ol it I hone wh- havo l nil! -.'-t r 1 :
have Itecii. Y atm, ite, V. V. "A 'ANIVT. !
Ai.'.vit fur JOHN V. KUIU.ti: .ir-,
thnmN'rt-mtl, MAUV A. McCAY ; limiviU-. WM. .
Ml "It RAY ft Ci.,
Apiil'-fci, IMS. ly i
r2iIIuM ;toaUcr, ami t'oUv2Slo i
Eiittl Ko:td.
gsp $m m$ .
11ANGK ul lltiu.'v. mJ twoTrauis) Uiiiiv
J t-uch way, hxchiiI Sun lays.
On and after MiimJaty, Muy 1-1, IS IS. two
Tram will run rath way, daily, btit Aevu l'hila
aim Poftsvitle " '
Ltavt Phi 1adf1h ;n ut 7j A, M duly excopl
Pdssei Rfadins at 10 43 A. M '
Leaves PolLv.ll at 7 A.M. dally '.-u.-iit
Sunilava. I'awscs Ki-ail Lsr at 0 10 A ,
The above Line stops uf all way stjtions tin
the roatl a formerly
t'i Train. j l)"W i Train.
L'avea Philaili-liilila atjlavi-a I'ottsville al 2
2 I M .daily except P. M , daily exenpt
Sunday. . Similnya
Li'ave. Phicnixville 3 ISLeavesSi h Haven, 2 57
4. IS
Port Clinton, a (ll)
" Readinir.
" Port Clinton,
" Srh. Haven,.
Arrive at l olls-
c It)
0 20
.1 pil
4 'JO
" lotlslowii.
" . I ho-uixville,
Vrtives at State
3 (iu t
3 ,1(1
The rtrnonn train will stopnnly at the ab ive
named stations. I'assetigei for otber oints
must therefore take tlia orrtinn Lin"
Depot in fhiladelpliia, corner of Uroail and
Vine Street. No Passi-ntei can enter Ibe Car
unless provided with Tieket. .--(
NOTIt-'F- Kif'y p-iund of Ufgage -will bs
allowed to caih patseneer in tlirae line: and
passenger are prohibited from Ink inn j
anything as baggage but their wearing apparel I
which will be at tha risk of it) owner. No 1
freight will be taken by thr lines.
By order of Cviard of Mansiers , , -
, , ' s S. BIUin'OKD. Soctatary
.'..Mny 0 848.1-1 -. W.
ricforlal lidlllo'u or l tu!ljrnc'i
great Work oil llie lli-l'uriuaiiuti
published or, or about Ihe lit of April, IBIS, by
JOS. A Sl'EEL. No Utt Cherry st above tih,
hi iplendid I'i mo edition of tha above named
work, with 18 engraved illustrations from ori
ginal desiges; 4) val ia 9, bound ia extra clotb
and library sheep. -
Th publisher res)ie.tfully call tb attention
of tha trad, and that public generally, to this
work being the only illustrated edition published
in tba Uoltfd State He trust that the beauty
of its embelliahmeats, the ttrong and aubttaiitial
manner ia which it i bound, 0 conjunction wilh
tha kuowp popularity f last wotk itself, will be
a stir recornaienilalion to nabUo feir. 1
JOS. A SPEKL. 9S Cherry st abov 0th.
J. A. 8 ha also lately published, a new and
beautiful Edition of Sergeant Bell' Rare know,
a suitable book for children, neatly done up in
..... .Ulk - - ... r
f-oM ,r litHiiiu iVuii--. I'.rMtnH nil w nMi-fK .,., ! . WXN: rA??.Tl-t.ti 1 nn.-ri.aiie anr i; .MrnMitc n,vrv.ii n k-a m Mu-ly. , j, m vVin ; . q da. , '
..rvWn,...f Hi;- f.-m-iJe fj.mi". w'.i.-i. U ' T---'''j: O? tCi? ' sT -XrVj! i wayi. Uirr;ev uu I .:n -t J l. ukl -rvi- huve , U-C-Io, M tho ntlue unit general ol, I
Inrrt.uir-Mi. - t toAV 5 VVVil i re,-Ht)m.-m!--l j ir-r.-. h. Vt,,. :ir..-,,i a I ht u -t len ' R lfP M.f PhiLnlrlirliia. July 8, 1848. ly
Ury. tr. 4v.-lil.tMtr -t rui.v ht. . i-.r..i-.. lut v- riii ' "-UV "r,; r-'(' '!i;' M-.- ,;i ft -'. i ' -!;' W'V- that Iiuii.W.nU .l h.tve h.-tii r-;Mr- X ' . th.;f p.f. nt.C pr .b'.L-ly ,
lit) l. usi. ,!i!i- t!- ywllu- -'Hi n r.-i: -Hv h-r fh- lr.-n1m.-nl . !" ui:-'"'ii iiu. v.-. t.-v. iy..jt llu run- i.- ' JV- V,v-f t ' W JtrA
J)h. 'I'own-kmi: AW l-einjr irr.::iiK tlictn h-1 .v f 1 aiiii t.:ro ol l-' m Ar,-K :ul -nlier Uili -s ihftwii. I oec-e int lKi' ... M:,i.iT:r;i lr r.u in i V4 W't r" 'TY ( TJ i
vikiw nnd p-iirni! d.-hiliiv, tuid uuir.-rittV i- m -iinutiw l.v I ii: - l :-.n . V;tu micuiir. in u MtuuA .HUa. a uv ).visi ., U; .. i-t-r m;t VaJ;i,t vi:- , - V V --AkJ. 14H.A Vj
..ooiiiiu ,-.i,i I." ill Mil uiFiir- in. m , .tiv'.- -r. ii :;i'- 'a- : I
Pblladalphia, Aptil 1, 164J
-. -, ee. QENEn A aV DEBILITY t
, CjORGfi B. GREEN, Propiiietok. i
I rrsorereisn rerrterly t-rt JVYwrEViSIAtH many nl sn
' tormii, each M rMinln the Stoirel,r Ueartbitrn, laibitual
v-osm eiieii", .low Bioinacli; lleadjebc, laws ol Appelliej
"lie"; NirjM Hrt-mts, awl even Coiiauuliitinn mvupeptic
Phthiela.) nitrl AM limn, or mhten aHeiKl,4l with rWomre
mit oi the fi Hiiaeb Hue Lrynreiptic Anliina.) Uillfcult
Brenthtrio;, winch "lien reenlts from imperi'uct ui-cstiou (of
JJ-s(--ic S? piire,r is r. lieveil l,v these Di'.lers. In Slnat,
their eae Iws Imen proved In tire 'n-rlcf of almost ell the
tyuipt mis that proceed from e iti lnuiaieil or etoaiecoiiili
tiunof the M uimih ; elio in general iluulliiy aruiug Ir an
niro or, froui Uw elfe-tn i f Kever, pnrtrculnrly Kever end
Aem-. f'efiNik-H setrerle! nnnefeiiy meriue rlefaneemrnt
ariii, k fr?in wofitote. rill fiml Hie '-OxTcruMTED Bit
i mis' ' an xieliu4 i'ei..'i, msl aA eaqiuuul uj- any nicdi
cinc in use. ' . i
The hint rjv of tin's mrvlicine fs pficnlhir. II has mails its
nv 1 1 pulilii- Iiiv.t Solely h- the force ol its cavii inlrimie
nierilK. ?, uriifieisl bieau ln .-c been used to vice it ih
t rii'te ami Ihre.Ht i! oil ii pu'.liu ftit.'uii. n. 1! leis never
heiore ien le-en niveritperl, Init finrm lint lh'tm ns re-
inniknM.i eiiiraey in the limit)- of the prepri.-ior, and by
liim iiilmvuiils a4uiiun4.!rcd l. his alliicn d Iriciuls and nt-
fjieiinlmi.... u i!li n il . K.m.':i fi M-vl
i. it.ln.l n..iii it l..,h iV.. m. i ,) W ii..
I nijn,- a am.. heme of miriitiliVd virnnsi In the curs of
DyspciiSia in ail iuditiurvM I'-mua, ondaui lor iliccure ,f
AsiIiimi or l'hlhisie. lis onlv herald nml lis only cuVny
I reis heen flies s;orr 'If its w-iiderfnl elienev, ns told from
lil 'UIri lo in nilh tir l.y I. -tier livan I'lienil 1 friend. In ovu
ty iiiHluiii.u where dunu ltiMt-m have Liii used, nnd the re
sult tiaidc kiwvii to the pi.pritfir, they bnve proved a rc-
.Niunemiis certiilentes, nttestins; llie riiK-nlsr ofiicncy of
the -tuvoK.VAiEB Hittkh," lire ill tli-j insi'snoi, of-Ihe
prprii-lor : nimiv of litem k:K j,il l,v pcrsvu: nlr..".nly widely
kiKWi 10 tin puhtie.
...,v . ..'.,. tiKri.RfiiiKKN, proprtctor.
WIM.Son,Vl.M.e.ra,Hl.i. . .
The fulla-.i liiij rcrlincntco tin e reeenlly liccil
received i ' - ;
Wa.iiimito.v. 1). C. Ji-x. lO, 18li.
i!.Hllii UU.Ui- lies oi the ' OsvueinV il lliltnrs" prvuared
b. Ik.r.i . II. (.wii. if Viih r, VI. mi. I irom loi-w
. hn'e oiwaiii-ii i.r ne .r eiii--.--y te t?cre,e.-. weehi-'-iinlly
I re.- -iniil.-a l til.' in t i 11." pul -u.'.. b--ln-'lii'r! ll.atlhi y will llillv
I s.isl tin liiu ree aii:iiui,.liiin a' llie PtujitI t t. ' We liope
' Pint t!o Vilhinl' e l-iy l.c f. 1 fr.-ii.-iully ihlpMl
l!iri.ti,.;houl the eoinitr tiiat it niav ba nee. liiii-le to all the
W'RkV: I'-f--rfromVer
J Mrj V'MK.Jt (.. mt ve fr-iiii It. !h:
J. T. Mt'WMit-JAi), li
rf irkit aial f .rurarly Ujvcrir
or ul" Ucntui'kv..
vcni T oi ?t. I.
;i' Ct iijri.-' .i;i:l i ifiiiiTly
WM. V(KlHHIl)i;K, '-iiftl t ami t'jmtvriy C
vru 'i ol' iM i--1iir n.
M. 1.. Ai Ail TiX, lAi"t t- l.i C.'iijf. iU;i Wise 'n-tiu
. runn II n. II. 1). I'ihteii, .Mciubci ot' Vnyrc5 from
: ' Wiirvuros. I). C .1 t:te 10. 110.
, Uiiir Sir I ham ivu r dy(rptic tutitrr I iitxmt ten
yt rirtf, unit lmve ri--HHt ;Ui vuriMut iiitili. iii" ) r rIiW
wiMkhm ntli'ccsy uittil 1 lui 1; uma ol y-mr miflU-fl
hn! n
Hitt'T.1 I hnvt hi-mI nh nt twn lottk-y. r;nd fiinf mtft-lt"
fv-mirnd to nertitt hriit!i. 'flirt '.nv? mi m hicti lliu di-
enm s1mv-1 it'-h. in my vnc, wi re, prcnl iicidily tif the
n! nu k-!;, I il api'Vt'te! rvirfiiu Hi'ilen'-e, n-vere tviiKti-
ptt .h of the b hv'N. m I vi dent leiH :e!ie. Kiultiiff fleni
rmu tint kn -wle-hre oi y nir valnnblu ft-uns-ty in iv re-.ieb
iil.ftiH iiaiilarly uUiietul. 1-t dtu great ;!;.itiio in ret-ord-
nr. )- tn:i tr t I!; ue u.uir ; wwkl his
ii-. l'"it while -il rt cifit tit leaue n nh at lime iii.e.
urViaiitienil a iirt oi e tutil-i toe inttiiher of iey iilhicietl
I ri,'ii' le, Willi I'le il stl-en,
1 lii-v urn tlcsir.iu Unit von
rli itl-i!i an a.
rillslmr:-. or niloriu If
where the rtie 'i.-
in In- Vit-iin-.l. A'ili iei e,rui',t de.
yiie for y mr pr -eperit,- nu i h ip ilnvs..
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Iruli' v ne irii ii.l .
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i.-. n:i; ly ;itt,-;:tc.l l,y i!:-.- n c wiih wliich it lias
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" ' ri:r-.oiT, Oct. 01. I MO.
DfWTtiU I'liAKI-k-i (JlstHk U.
lii-ar Sir, I lu.o r-rjl i.a ws-iHi iatnr.r;, y-'U' UlU
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l.'hrils ihwasi-a whirl, haw n rlrnsi(-ly ptvuilfrl iu our
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llit. ..- 1 L. fx-Mlnl I I: tl i' iiull!k- Mtiu'.-r.l k
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1 1 )uJi' aiit-ly ii.wim a mUt-wt r 1 ttiiir -W .r- .1 1u.1l, yt
your ih.1 ..ry s irtinf t rsi- W " l ruisiii'--!. it:l y uir i- it-!ii-ki
n." jii.s;, iind 1 lliiit'i waini ihi! i-ur I'.'iu.liit ib irt-
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S.'. shin? f t;n tnttliritw Is: sny. : It fully jurtiifi.-d vvtu 1
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i-iV 1. tii ' .v , mr t'Wit r;iM-:V;i''i, hm':, iinlii.-i Hi;-1 l.f
iw". ' tin' il will ;-r f a I u'i'ir U'ii l.t. 1 am pli-ap.l
I " l-v:ia th:it V ni linvi r t-ft i1 T i-! I j"-'ornl iiut.-ui-u-.'i
l'tr fHtta;.(t i;t iuuJi 1 rrt-i ihu:, with a view 1- u
m 1 P- :i:r.'I d, inui"Uii tit' it y.u !i'n!(t ttuffouiiil it
lt'-r rv t. i f;u. v i'r-n;i v'uur nrfy.-nl r niil'tu mti'iw! u.
i With nr.ich n s;f:4-l 1 h.ivx Ih-1 liru r tn !.. i:rt
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M'V. I.IAM VViMiOhtmHiU.
I Ct- Knisi II hi. S;;::".ik It. Tiu.w;:hiix;k,u." Mici.I
1 pun t:ilt iiati. 10 the Ap. n nt fMrit.
f HlliMltiMilM. ikbAM O., Vt 1.1,
! Hir-vni w i in-: tj iui'.'i'iu yu wlwi I kinw ol" Jr,
! l.-f "fl hrlri Chl a: .t!L 1 r miti-Uh -11 - r.w lc::nf. I tl
t U-li s"c llml if t. vithi't nml rtifn- nt" th; m - Heine wvrrf
t "' nrtaliy kti w.i, tiic pfvm ejiND AutK wnild Utr-apjefur in
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I pi rai. fl i h tttlt in ilsr stjiimi ut" U il, oinl have ff''il
r-rtsitn (j h-hfvrt lint niywir niiti lan'ily ci--.i;kiI tha tiguti
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ai in n i Miami ( i:a-e (lie svuIciimmi! u( this Dim
ilti. Ii--n '!n- f-v.-e :in I n.;ui, In-oiim, iri.v:tljiil us the
hv,-.-(.i:mi ivl..liMf4 vy-Krm in iv.nw in-
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e!aiiws. nml vn-H ihn dlvMt liatl l-tuvimc ti.1 rtiH bujil-
l I liv u-Jll ot lytttn ii,' itiitl 1 (pvivaJ iwvftr kn rwa it tail. I -'
lian iiniv'i-ri!l", pr .ltirci tV m -i htiui'V tuiJ I hvl 1
lifVw it iipvr In-t-n esceril-ct hv am iiu Jl-. lne in rci:)-
1 ' "' "' ' ine cu.iia;-.
'Ti::'iii. v. it. Taiju'iiuiDtii:.
-. ii' f-i S i.i',:i.jU. n. MASRIt, X ,r-liiuul-rl-iii.,
WITHINfi ITIM ,v m ; M il m, 1. I!. (t-VSKR; M.-Itiu.
(tr-ivn, MA V 4 ICLIW..
.M iy il, 1-1, ,i ,
(iJUIVT NAilll X AI Wil ll K '
X Hlft.n-y ot Ibe. Iwrvaiiitlnu aui I.Iyh vt the
Hi rue c( th? ur of lu trju-mlrucr.
Ail elfruiit rnlnttt irith fine Strrl Plities.
J '
a. 1 1 urarli) Ha bcwttijttl uud l.itjiravinjH.
Thi in a s,ili-islii bjok. A vulu-jUi iiil,Uiiiii' Ui liiu
Hist rii- Uh-eit-n t.- iMi oar c 'tiuliy. We urw inarh illicit-
ken li 1i il its n it tnke nink wilh 'the Murk, oi' in lug anil
I'resu si." fnui.lonl Heeslo. 1
li siirinii-i-i . uny Miiitinr work y.-t oilrod to the Auitri
V:IU lll-lu-." NiMP. Ii:irfl,-. . .. I
'tl hut lie i,r ie.'lj- c a impiil.iriw-d Militsry j
llistorv otthil(cv-.tluli'iu, oxtremely w-tl end jmuvious '
Wriiiin-V . .mt.-rui:iii. . . .. , l
'Tin- jm-H.-iii work on llie lti-v -l ijloii iiml irs H.-nies, is I
nperir, hoth hi rxtnit nnrl i!t-i--i;ni.l j any tLit lias livn-to. !
t mtc elms-russsr eiu 'lltae.V In i. -
. A 'U1 t-.iuugci.vl Uisl wy ui' Uut eventful riuj. JhiI
g' r.
.'Dwliliiliv the rninlnr 1list. iry of the war of the
Ki-v-.luti in unU ils Ih-r hi, lli:it litis yet bven given to the
juiniilrv." .iturU.V I'VH'iiiia Yul. '
j tV At.KNTs WAXTKl) Ise-wvaas for lln- nlove el.v
I fssnt AV in r-er- f 'nitty unil Tiwn in the l'iiil-a
I Kki, to v, Soul the u sl lilierul iuilu.-enHHita will be otl'er
1 t-U. I'i ico n.iiy tsl. . .... t -
I 'A'llrrs (i'il-iul) WM. 1. I.KARY.
M ' . No. 138Norilt Slit'OMiSl.
! ruiLADtil.i'iUA
PlijlaikHiliia; May l-Jlrt 3m
. . . THE CHEVi.P - ..
H-ul, Cit .Varifly
' - 8TOK.f "
' i BHl-Slf MASl'KACTl'RER!. ,- '
No 6 Kortht JIW,Hifci, fm K oiii Nurth
EjI eoifitr', Third uud Kark4 vj'a . .
WHERE ihey offei lor aie a ganeral asaort.
ment of all kisdaof Uiuhea, I'owb ad
, varieties . whuta -tby r dalstfsnioed to sell
Lower lhao cau be ptittbaaed e litre. -
Country Hetcbsnts ajid other Hurebaaiug In
lbs shove lUtat wil 6uJ it ta their advaotaga to
rail before put chasing o'sewhere a tha quality
and price will be lul'y guaranteed j;aiost I
conptiiion. ;
rhiMelr-h'ia, Jan 9, 1849 ly
! 7-'. . ; ti. II W MtM he dtse. .vre.'l B i 'i,;,. oj- 1 iti ; nail e i losilv led i William Ucppi'n. J.lckon, ' -.,'t4
i rT.-ti .; n"' " ,r"mr "' 'v very isvienite cases. l and llaynes. McE hsvilic. .
. ajs" i, .1 !.-,sj 1 W Ihevwere rmn nnieeil hy : MteiMtme; phVfl' -mns t.i he ,
Z ' 1Y I- 7 iZC1 ' 7 ?i l54 I te..i-v ....i.a.i. itl i.; l y Ihcm ns ix- ; W '! im " Brher. Milton., -
1 1 ' Z.&-?1:r&?.t fiil 'cua viiut. t.ue...fiheperi.1is h. I Li-j, n.i,i',-r the troot- I'm, vibe, Wilaon Co., NoilliuiriherlniJ
' 'fiiSrJleJj, limit ot s.-1-cral -ten oMe p.-.e-i-.i -.., f.-r a of Jatn.'s IJ. cJ. I'otlaiirov...
lis-'.':-"i:'i-j X''i;t'''i-. "'-'Jl.-tj'"-'? eara. na.l l:i--v said idle liail "-.11 hi :i me-l r aiatuiit.liou ... ,. , . ,
Wfiffc-ttfififttTW t wita-tfcr-aina," .sl Him l niht .ijngrrfor i mi : ttulo.
Z Z ,Zm , .r- -z?
i . a --aWI -4k. A .X. " - IvW ' .
Jv , V YIB ONI.V itsntcAl. CURE FO o
StoTnl'iiln ?r Kinjr'ri T-.i!, TtlienmutiHtn, Ohr-tinata CutnMrtiuJi
ti'eriif(i(ni, rimpleaor ertiilin 01 1 ttfc -thctf, 'll-uhfi',
lltles, Crimniu S iro fc."W. King AVnrin or IVtlur.
t; , Stttld Kill iy in "lit qih) Pnin ol'.tlm
' Dmraniid j ntf, S!nMVni l:lTrfj,' S-pln
Ittie 9ytiijlMiii. &uVtr ot I .mulnirnkj '
dirtfniAPi nrisitir trio M. injinji-
w t (ji Altiirnry. l)rvi,
yf . nr Iir.pfil- ; ' '
't-,; diMcfl iit'fil'et alai, 1 ' , f
.t t t'hroic CiiMstiw '-
- tillLnul D 'lAy . t .
' " " " nrflfrsf '
In tin me.lii:inr nereml imincdH hut Very pcttaiit ariirles
01 liiu mrcUihlo Kiu hi wo mutfil, turniin u uMnputuid
fntirelv clirlVir'Mit ju lis rhfini' ltT am proprrtic fivm. nny
Irthr!" Virisntirtirl.M m A a..... it I 1.. I.- . . ai
. r-Mini nui i ,nrti iu (in i i'n t
system M-keH-taNirlad aurl.r disease. Itshmlil he in the j
every Htrui. v, lio, liv le.iiis, i iicnernl coarse
oi h:e. i. protuHvsM-il to the vere manv iiilliiiriits that rea
der Ine a carte, nuttvad oi a Ueniug. cad so oiu n rti ult in
nr. llmkul Pnnae. o is rr .n.mended us a certain remedy. I
.Not i ne mstnneeot ItM'nlnrc has erer imirml when free
ly eiMl ! ll cuits tin.- dieae and si themme time impart !
viJor to the wh ile eyitli-iii. .T..f iil m Mn aia can never
pay t v) Much Attentlisi to Cl.o lisle if their lAnd. lis pit-riliiiiti'-u
h mid be their first aim r 1 a l.urseveruuce will 1
accoiniilisli o euro cf ew.s i;i:Ki.:enAiiV ui8easu. .. i
TOR Lltt PTloSToh- THE MIX.' -
, . .... .
Sewlmne All eel res. TumorK,. Mute fwellmi'.
bs, fivers, Crnicon, J'.m.uii..; Sji-cs, riffiita ami I
lr. llnik.-'a Puaaee-i I'.um ,1 In: t o iiiehlv e vtolletl : .
Ulles. Dr. limit.
il seareUai out the very r Kit of the disuse, and pcmenicn!.
IN'Dinr.PTIO.N t)Tt PVSPr.l'SlA. '.
No ui.; i.erieic ia- e.i r. liaeu diec-iveml which
S3 iS'li-ll l jil ll Ihe k!.m:,., Siif eaiw.-!, llie Mcer...
I n ft.-j.ihy c:ilnc j;U,c . ii..j.ia sc 1 1.1! lo.d LS lr.
praltc's Prjiic
l , ' ' .
- ! . - rlllLf .n PlSAl
ui si, i oiiuei is il.nn Willi Ihe ereulesii mccca nl
I KheuiiKille Lviiij l.iuls. ess'lilK sucji o'ehnn,ie. Il cures
by driviinr out nil imriiirities met f ,l Imiiinura which leivo
eeeiiiiiuiae-u ill tntx yif.-ui, Wlllen -arc lie: cutlee ul Utiett- '
luilllHllt. li.ilil. nnd S.U- Iiiil'koI' the t,,i,ilB. (ll,or r..i,,n.ll. I
s mil linn s give unnunmry relief thia enilnly eriulicatcs ;
the ilimiife irom thcsystiyil, eveu lt--n the liluU sad belies
are dieuih all v euvllen. ; ' 1
c'ox.i!:.ii"riox. ,
rn.t-Mn,oN c5i wt crT,Kii.-f .matin, Catiirrky Br
chilim HpitiiiK'' UtiKnl. Astlinin, l:irlH-ti!t ir pr a'ase lix
tteul oration, lluuliu 1-lueU,..iahl tlnle. Pain in the mile
.Ve. have h-'en cured, iin-l an !h- vilh en Hatch urttailitv aa
rtnv other difise. A unecilii- hir I ne h-,.,, - ,n.-l,i fn-'hut
tiii'vnin urn il ihe diacovdrynf Dr. UKiice's Piuitiera.' Ii is (
laikltutil-aie 1ml c.efl-im nnd coictti ms iu its operation,
awl cann-sl p weibjv injure ine in.xl delicate ejiis'.ttiilin. 1
We w-ailrl nirueslly ree.iinllli'.ld th"Se 1 give it a .
trial and We believe they will not have neenijoti to regret i
It. 1 ne system IS oleauaeil and e'reliclin licit, llie uloerw on I
the Iuiie nre n.-ali.-d, snd llie euliruls -rattjaliv
unal heoliii and stirncih. Head the (jM-wiiiii
gain their
, x .TtXTlMOVY
f ' PtMi !! 'In rc.'.ly !o'y.-u'r .m-ati 'It rM -tii.j iheiiiw
I cf Ur. Drupes I'annne'a, 1 will any. thai .iltln'iurh a pun ect
disbeliever in the eiai'-uee oi a i's.MCKA. ur cure tor u
, dii,.-i!'.!, Il.-.v.-v.-i V'liiuihlc it inav b.' in eerluin e
of the KjHun. niil 1 hnvel.. i iv,li!M; A care 1 ' .i t'oiimiuip-
Ihe lii'. et I fill.' l'ntult'en 1:.: h-til Hi .'-; ;-ra'!(inr. tlnlv
cl:U. ii.ili i...,.fo, r i. ll' 'T.m, . .ll... .. 1.1, Vl,
i win "ni . n i n un i.eiiiii jr mm wn.'i c tiauae Hon hv
mil ef 11 l!
Rcfiicauuliy Y I. C. CVNX.
Ti 'i- Iai;:-.-ii;r ofnUMtir'-r, :"lii. P uki. j'aiwwi iu
I alw.iyn try Li il" eflVeff nr-vr Mi-ini ttif. j t
Ckni:ii; it I n t anJ tvipi?i.-mm . it-1 it t in .
! tti iruii.t tut mi latal n. v licit y. Il un Rnril r nnet 11 4
utaiui lit!ffifr mid fsirsttivv c mi,, int.i. Ih.: a-ai uniT ..nJ ,
1 n inetly v' i. !i 'H-'-hf-il 'i',,i -i-riTi-' kif! fi: v-t pr..iKfit
I i'.jt Um trt-.itrnnl of liii" ltiUi iii: me-minff'tin'My. Ami 1
11 t fit n niili 't-'T with thin mwl dixutM'. wlil' bo jimt t
liiiuc-M' imd hi-, i l ien 's, h !'. p'i d . wn U the ravo with-mt 1
' ttin i- virt:i'-n. A -ii:;a h m:!, in hi rnne, will jt 1
i ihu-c a lav r :l;.' s'lujf i;i ? tftjitf n " miy pntit-m. ,
T,'i Villi I.AIni'.rf.
1 I J. 1 1 I ! toll- eomtilrvi u u .us.iKlMtji ,i
a li iljit" uikl
liii-h fnail,-
i soeli as a.'r Uubiliiiietl liv iK'uk- nhstrm Ii ms wlik-h
i sie luibln to, uro ruetoril bv tliu use ul'a ll UUs ur two. ti !
hl ;lll viir ir. ll is hv Iiir l!u lu-t r.-u,...!.- .-.-pr ,li..v.....t
for -iiilv rlii!'ir-:n. nntl nii.-!i i, ln-(. bti.l humors ; lining
. ,Kii.u, uioy nt-n u. ii titniit.-(iMit:!y ri-l Hi.-s theappi-lile,
1 rtrciijnh iiuJ c .lor. . .
A t. .111- can lie uiiiri' suipriMiitj limn iu iin'itr'irauii'r of-l-l
mi t ! hutinii fraliit . lVi' us, l! v.'ukiii'i tiii.ri.'iK-sitiuli-
h'.j' taklnir it. st Dim- Ii.-c-hii- rolmsl nisi mil of
Hierrjy inulcr I s iiulucnr,'. It iuMii-liiilc coiiiitt-rart the ill 'Ale :Vi..jtc t'l.iliu-.
r bTtUM. Be tai iful ai. l.t-.-.- tl- it v m vet tlx- rciu
ine Dr. Du.ikk's l'..,w: it h:n ifn- aij;iintiiro oi'iirai.
Sruuas mi the m-ippcr-uiul l i l!i- inuiiu --Im. UinkK i
l'iNS Ui. I'nti.v." Uura in lint ulitv.
rrr.viri-.! onlv l,v Sroi:t. i"- , Dr.ii;ji4., No -.'1 N'ortlt
Wsth rt , Pl.ilailj4iin.
Asvnl for Rinl.nrv II. f fr'Prt.
H lil ! liv Wsn A.Mi.-RT. A Co .D.imtlli. lT'Smcp
kb,; AIasv .KCov, .ortlnt..ilji.-.Uiitl ; I'i. r.I.-.rz'
li! lOttinliiiii-.
April I, lr-Kly '
IIKIA.NU TUIlif I'll Jill tHIMS,
j I'UtK-PBOOl' DUtliW l'OJ' lUNKtt AXU S'foni'J
u t i r i, n .
f UUd Lpttrtt.4!)l? Fr.'WS. Patent
. Ijta, rmetitlWtubli'Vat.Tf'lo.
ssts, intt-nili'il lir thf ":c!i'
uvh.1 Ir.linn.
7 ?o:tth T'linl S.n rt,
Ot'Pi!Tn'Tl!R P!tlt,,Iij;!tl'Ht.V UXt HANOI-:.
M aa ui-itiro aiulkcpc mutant
1 tn h iu-l. ;i l'ir jo t.4 trtimntl nf
r. IHisAVi ?j. :' V"' t?i fit ah vc iti-iirlt-jt, l apeuVr With
: F-jL 1 1 v. t;;M i'aliart li!i'invrlrikuuuiitrT
iisitti.-t.-U ns t n-t nt rvt
Sr.r 3wftfri ii'-f, rt m:imn-r d -ilt u tu i
Si ii&rn latter i"K l,iKlrj' firo-iir.ii.l, auil
Hi. ir
anil that
Liiil.riiij:. Ti
1 . i. . .1. . u i.iltf ..... il.
: merle of l.aler ir '.. Il-r i,lr- r.l-..r s ..p-
.-t-i-ii the ,.ut--r rti- -i-ivl ine,n-eww.a a simi.-v
ntt-iiile m-s 1.-1
tin,) ttnfe are
slonc. tuul iK-tw.-i-u the iiiil.-rc ii'.- t.n' siui.
ol true threo uiihes Uui-k- aa l is uUuJ ta Willi m.l. :riK
lihle until ml. so as 1 1 iiaiku u iui...-ilnm. W bum any
of Ihe i-ont 'llld iliille ol l!i! t'll. 't. 'I'lies-.- fi ijil im- rU.
kiiannilMH venn- pr;nnM ami ,1 clrilli-iii,- the wnrl.1 t
IwoiiiK-eanvarUeUi-eiiibo sisi;w nl' lie, rtu Hot will
stiuut as lii'm-h heal, end wo h .Id onrsrlvrs rmUy at till
tini' Sto lutellirm l-iirly by inililie Uuuire. We
als'i eontiime ti iistnuf;iinri. s Itirjr.- ttu.1 eennrnl ass 'rt
inirt ot i.ur Hniniuui Air4itht fire t'rc-N'.at aea ,tt wliiih
theru are uvor MJO mrw in iisa-.-aisl-su vveiy iasluiire thev
Live civeli entile aatisl'ti-ti Ul t ' the iniri-hiiturs ol lin-b
we w ill ruler the public? 1 1 a tV-Tr g. iitleimit who have
Ibtmi 111 e. ' - - . ' , ' ,
llayw.iqil Pnvder. l Seville i JoiJi 0. Lav't v
Podseille; Mi. Williun Cnir, D.nlc.loHii, Ta.
N. ft ll. '1'avl , t-Jn li rtli M st.: A Wright & Nephew
Vine st. whan I Alcaaiuler Cnew, ftiveyiiiii-r, eorerr .a'
I'iIIh rt ulU u.; Jobn M, Hi aurm aJ st.; Mien
Il..sri, iu mrth list.; Jn:n.- .l.Vuul, lut a uib 4tb st.:
Dr. David Javue, tl whiIIi al ft.: Mtifhew T. Milcr. 3U
eiuth :W st.i aiiU we e aikl isune a soe bumlrsds ot' .mIuts
II il were uweMory. Now wo invite the mteuliou J ll
piibli", ami purticulertv tluwe in waul ol Kire I' Buies,
local! at our torn a.-1'ure por.hiiig eaw-wlieee, uml we
mn aalisl'v Ihoin they will g.-t a heller ami chewier arta lo
at our store thou at any olhcr establishment In the city-.
e alu ruaiiutucture the nnlitMirv Fire I'nsit t le-sts, at
at yvff low priiu-s. ch.aij.ei lluu lUy oau be buugklal any
olhcr tore in Philaih I.Ata. , K v '
. . i .. . r loHASNliS WATSON.
Plulatklr-hta, Aiuil 8, lW-ly ' ' - ' ' ' ,
Ao, IS Water Street a id NuM I -Vo-M Wharvet
.,- -- trkikdtfkm c ,- i
gTm"AS .conaiantly ou hsod, a getiru-al assort.'
SI maul of Cordatre, atetiut Taiines, du., vii:
sjtopa. Fihie-loe, Whil Rones, Vsoil
la Ro(js, 'J'aar iJsiee kf Usnst boats. Also, s
onsiplet aeawrtraeiit of Seine Tarinaa, eVe, auch a.
tieais) liad asd Herring Tertna, Has fatenl Uili
Nat Twin. (JstUoo 8haJ aud lleriiog Twire, Mho.
Thsvsila, Vc tVo. Also,- Bed Dords, t'ouh Line,
H alter. Tsacaa, Cutton and I jiisuv Uarpet Uhsiiis,
deo. all of which ha etili dieiniee of on r ssonnble
wi ma. . : i ' , . ; "
I h:liefbU, Jane 51, K18. ly , .
AnuGims 5
Indian Vs:clblc lill.
'Ijhisnicrlieine is eossfiHWHiled on ffeneisl principle, from
fE-uiuvlrilleraUd hert ,oi Ihe laulisnl AJthongli
them'.' ,irniMieiiii!S Killeil hy the same aaraf. every
the rrne fnJilr' '""
red In-lian micinel-1',-',,un'"
wmllsrlty of nam d in En " '"red"r' PrT-
1 actor ff llie rucdiciiu,. , . . !l ' '. "7"
Wright's' Indian Vcgelcjilc Pllls'"'
their berfeet arbitration to the hhrnnn birtyS. v '.
ation, they stiexactry irba nattrre ea, and wlKI!
Tlic- have a foia-roLD actios, upon Ihe tune, skiivT
neytniHl bowels. , tlencetheir peculiar power overdlseeseN,
By protnetirig persplratlna, ttrey break opCot.Ds Cocans, N
nnexMstie Comixaist, Pais is the Dace, Crotvla,
CrTA-rvoiA tBrt.Tiosr, Pimciei, BLOTcrtEs, rcXEs,
r.r.v.irr.LAs, tc. ...
The action of the Pills oh the VidrVcrs ia suoti ts to malie
,tbcin a valnaUe litbontripiic. tr,oeT, Geavkl, aial Pe
"male Cojii'laints, aiising from nbstnictloua at certain
periisls, are sjieeilily rennvil l,y their use.
! A free ExrKrTons.Tioa from tha lungs is exerted by tin
uro of Wrigl.l s Indian Vepr-tulilc Pills, thus removing
Pulrrlonnty Coni.uiinlK, such aa Asthma-, TIsokciiiti..
S.nitXESj an Tkiiiixe.sop tux Bbeast, Coughs, Sore
I Tht-art, if. . , . .. ,.. ..
By their action oh the stioHACit aikl Bowix, the pilui
cure DrsPErsiA, l.rv CoMeLAijiT, Palfitath or the
i IlKtET, FLATtILr.NCT, COStlVSMESS, Fkvkhs. of all kinds,
1'icorisy, iiiskiache, l.i.klmeM, Vyscntcrj-, riles, nnd all
i . . ....
disordeffl of ihe uitcstiucs,
Taken iu smalt d ipcb, AVrijrlU' Indian VfutnMe pillu
Iweomf; on ALTKRNATlvii mwllpine, or rrwi( (warrliiiig jf.
fii-acy, ff the rure oTvi.itK. of sllkinrli, TirrrEFt TroR,
Jaundice. Lownrmov I? vnt Talnh
1.x THE Hones, dr.. , , . . . u ...
'Ilinse Pills a! ih-iriVgli'y trik up IsFLCESZA, lii
which tfomjiMint tlicry are extremely valunhle.
' In IitLiuu CoMPLAlXTii. llieaa Pillii cieroiac a compli-t
unRif.ry. IKwe Fstsn an Aoi.t: in upcedilj cured by Uia
i ot. them, In the Wustrrn and Southern Siatc, )vhcre
i - VrtS"" lt,tor.eAc.h4Mi
I WTiile they are ehcapur tluui the fever nml awie remedies
., . . .
" Beiierai, rigm s inuisn veiamo 1'iirs nave been
urollLUliced NULcriof to all nl' Ihimi. would at!
,-, tUl If there ia mo coiiiplaint over ivlih-h these rill"
''nvc m"r" lvcr than another, it is Fevek and Aot'E.
: Kur oestiiiyire- and expelling VoRii, ao 'Venuiluire is
. . u;n- . 1.1 ,. , .
. . .. .
uaka this met pui)Ue, the rocrit.oi the medicine itself haA
ur-quireil for it an ctcu?ivo rciuitatloh rind sale for the re-
rh iVidof Wfssts Actiumisleren 16 adults or children, the
cfltct of the Pills U equally radical snd uecimvs. All who
siuTer from Wunsl iihouU by all moans, use Wright's Iu.
c. vMa,al L. mil-
1 o--i"'- "
In fact, no one cm go annas in the use of this medicine.
They ore natural to the b nly (a food is. A trial wil
e -nvinee the skeptical that Vrislit' Imlian Vegetable Pill
far from Lcim? a rommon "quaes' nostrum," ore decidedly
the in ;t v'lluaUe'ineditino cecroiTered to the public.
i BcunreofSngiir Coated Counter-
v:'. i VtisCd ifellst, ..i " ' " 'v. r
. Reiuuiiiher llrat the octghstl and only gemiine Indian
Vegetable Pills have the wi ittcu signature of Wm. Wright
en the I. p label of each Imx. . .
! " 1Vi lylitVr4 Intilati rgctahlC
Hetiry Mssaer. Sunhiuy.'
! K ' Kiult'in-.ti, AuusU t.mhship'.
lohu II. Vine Ul, Chillifqilaque. -
C:ie cV Bi iu-I-Crser Klv-hun
' , ' ,.,,'...'.
" "nuci tu rn, i.ntie ftianon.iy
lllimlr-., &
fti iL.,.tnivt'i.
Ami T.
. j ,
I uihutsvilia
i:i nui v,i:e i.vieuur. t.pper mijismji
207 Main utreet, BirfuitK A'. I":
DK. G.C. VAIGHN S i' "...
Vigttalile Lilhontriptie IBixlinr; v
1 '''P't'8' eeleuraUal rotmity in ciuMuatly iiicreasiiif its fanie
' -1 k' t!,c ,n""V cu"'" " " ""king r 1.
I ATI rtvctj tiil' lrnnrr,.' 1
inc. i, viivirfl.
I lr! n'n' lr nie tlie only moJiciiie for fumily nsv, owl ia
mriiviiUrtv tec iimit-ii.hjii inr
all tfii9 of tliln r mtihliit mmi-dlol.-ly n-Iii-ved, n quitter
. of how 1 im; st.itidiiie. rVr riiuuiiiUlei for testimony.
an t all din. nii. il oftiaV tiriuary oiyuui ; (r tlrwwi distrrRA
i inn Vnittiiinlii il ttam!p hi w ) im oilwr article ran rt'liv
! yai ; mi.I ih curt' t if 1 1 tied t willonvim-i the liiin mkv i
1 iirsil ; jwmjihh'f . iJvt-r l?:mpluiiit. Uiltiou duwaavri,
( . :., FEVKR & AGUE.
To tin- lirt'al -t fK-ri illy, ami whi-rcvcr 1kw ouui-
l)lulnt ucttil I hit! liitilii I im is (ilTervd.
ii i tl.-let.-ri 'UK c tmjMHHHj in a piirt ut llu mixture, Ik
: furd t)ivett''tMi with ri'rtniutr tftirt Mi fitr; tfnd liuwi
i! t Ivdvi: inv tvtt'-iu .rt.ii. See i'ailh-hlel. , ', -
. riii. . ,
. a c iiiipluiitt tn m m-t iwmfnl cfarrnrtcr. m ,
uud ii ciirr It ill w hy u lew liiy uw oi lhi article ; it iti
' mr hfi'tre nny oilier iirriiaruii :n mi Uiih diivutt. ir lor any
. uiIut dsouu originating irom iuipiuts Ujni-w-o fmu-
, wc ik buck, u o;tkiio.4si' ihe Kiduexi, tfce., or iuduiaiiu
I 1 1 Mi ) rtime, is tttimrtliah-ly rclievttl by a iVw duy wmj tif
tl.i hu ilit-i:it'f ami it cure ia a'w.iy a result uf it uw. It
f t .u-h coi.ti lui.iU, mill hhso t'jr dorai'iiHuii of tfV- iv-
' l.tlti. I;!'!!.!-
I mimiil titWirualioii. K tndirlc lui ever btcn otlVrad
it-. 11 thin wtncJi w.M'ld t iiivh Uiw Wind id durauglHiriiU.
1 It nny h
reliril tifioii as a sum and i-llectivu ruuicly, and
lee! otu'iiauul 1 1 tin si ihMtlu triv
. .. A TUOI S.ND NAMES, . '
fiat privtf nl" t-ii re h iti thi dihinititr rUwi ot' c f(Mipliiitt.
I ;-Ve jHuhphW. Ah Uukru U wnf iVbiliuttMj etiiattilulioiM
' ir mi tht tiK-ct uf ni'( ui , vjtl funJ itc bntciiigZ uDWr uf
j'lhiat srlieht I'i ai( iiurfit'tlititely, uihI the inikii 'Qd miuerul
-ratluMU-i live Ihe i.siuiu- ,
I iM Slid Uie '' WI?",? "!',Ih! "'!!;
j iLKlrl Uir.. UJ.tJULI.
mid tli iv ea sui-h tliavt-uM s frun tho ayailein. See snmjbk-t
l i tt'Hliimu' t'f turt- in all tliMMiam, wlm-h the liiuilauf
un lulvtTtn-c.iit iit i ill wt pt-'rtuit lo he Miiiiuil here. Agciiia
uu t-tftMuiwv ; tin y r muin 'Ji '" ccrtilirat ul
of lue virutos'' a ansklsriii". ner appnowd. Iilsntieol'
the tie-.-iiltuife ilnri-s ol' litis urtiek, tliai it tails tu
Ik-ih IIi in uny ease, and tl H lie aial nuisrle arc lelt tu bulk!
linn let the ciiucutcd sail Iliuri-riiiK uivalnl , .
'. ,. . . IK'PEO.N . . ,; t1
ami keep l ilinir the nn-Jieine a. Lu; a there is au im- -erovswi-at.
The pr'i.nrrne wrnild - t . V
r . I'lrnoN TjiEPUBuq . -.
u.aints n nunibei of uruulu w aids oowe tntt aisle the
heal ol " . - ' .
s .-iires i ir l)niy, timvrl, fto. : They are goud '. uo
ihitur, and conc.H-led p, cull the unwnrv ; .
... .TUt til THEM. NOT -v - i
Tht ir invt'ut'ira ut-ver thought ot a4)fiiag. muck tliswvars till
thii arlit-Ui lial dm it it, A urtiCuW atuity u Uta pui
(ihlft ia t-sttiiSt-Uly -vMieitul.
AgetiU aiai all who rAl die artkle arc "
eratuibHule. Put up iu 'JO nx. buulae, at ijat r it am. ao at
rif ench the hirxer KoMin tf ua, imne tlian Iw i smell U
ties, look i Kit and Bel iiurs.'Sl UMS1. Kvery tattle has
'Vauiihu's VcaeuUe Litis niri4i- Mixmre," blown ureas
ihu kI:ms, -the wriiteu siirauinre i '!. C. Vans ha" ou lh
directions, and "li. C. Valiflui, UudiJo," stsOMieil i-u the
o-rk. N.Hie oUisr are aune Prersirod b Br. . t .
Vuuelui, sod ild at the HniKiiaU tube, taul Mam atreet,
Uull'abs at whole.ule and retail Nalielilii given to let
ters unka laiet psei usdess I'roiii regakrry smstiliUtid
Aleuts exeritcd; p-4 paid k-llers, ':rl, "inuiutuoa axil iliug advice, pioninllf MlbaaVil tv fall.
t)fflesdi.tou-d e"iuively l- she sale ol tine artatss-a
V.H NaSMiu . New Vurkcilv! 9u4 Ksex rt. falero. Itsust.;
and by the principal UntggisUthrouglsuuttb I sutod etalea
and Canada, as Ag'-tils. . , .
last ol Ajmis laVrrs A en.. kolaeal Philadel
phia J- w FrtlHu.-. tMnslsiry -Isaee tiawliart. Beltuscrov
tl A. Wvedi. Lewisberr H- I haler, Mllt.m itsye
A sluCuratioi, Mcfweissi sue Must McCoy, NorOsesaocr.
Utiul. ..
AprilM y -- j'--- ' - ' '
"jiysTitbES' blanks"