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? Preservation or Manors. S. A. Law,
Esq, in his address before, the Delaware
county, (N. Y.) Agrieultnral Society, makes
tha following sensible remarks in regard to
the preserTation manure.
While the full value of manure is admit
led, how few farmers have their yards so
toprepare and reserve the greatest amount
of fertilizing compost. Instead of barn and
stable yards made lowest in the middle to re
tain those liquids which chemical analysis and
actual experience have shown to be more
valuable, and to contain in a more concentra
ted form, farm yards are on sloping ground,
as if constructed purposely for waste and
not unfrequently with a rivulet near by, to
trry away all that may wash into it: instead
of yards, in the fall of tho year, filled with
compost from the swamp, or from ditches, to
be converted into manure, we see them emp
ty, and usually provided with a ditch to car
ry off all moisture. Farmers who mean to
be economical who indulge in no unneces
sary expense and who would hesilato to
spend a shilling for the gratification of a de
praved appetite, by such practices as I have
referred to, throw away dollars. Swamp mud
turf, leaves, weeds, and in Chip, all the refuse
of a farm, useless as manure in a natural stale
when placed in tho barn-yard or pig-sty. and
thoroughly incorporated with materials there
becomes the best of manure, amply repaying
the farmer for the time spent in collecting
Taw-bark for Manure. I have been in
tho habit of supplying my hog-pen liberally
wilh tan-bark, which enables tho hogs to
manufacture a largo quantity of manure. Tho
bark absorbs the liquid part, and is also a me
chanical benefit in keeping the manure open
and loose, as it naturally has a tendency to
harden and bake ; and if put into the cornhill
without sufficient enre in planting, sometimes
proves a positive injury. A day or two be
fore usinsr the manure I incorporate with it
ashes and plaster ; and by putting this mi.v
tore into a hill, I raiso corn with good suc
cess. E. R. Hartwick.
Trotiction of Bees. Bees in their undo,
mcsticatcd state, havo sufficient protection
against the frost of winter in the thick sides
of the trees which they inhabit. A like pro
tection was afforded by the straw hives for
merly used j but the ihin boards of which
hives are generally made, leave the bees so
much exposed, that multitudes in almost
every hive perish with cold, and not a few
whole swarms. Burying them in the ground
and carrying them into cellars, have been
practiced with good success J but these meth
ods are inconvenient and not often adopted.
A method which I have for several years
adopted, I have found very convenient and
successful. My bee house is so broad as to
admit two rows of hives, one fronting one
way and the other the opposite. I place my
hives eight or ten inches apart, and fill the
spaces between and about them with straw
leaving the mouths of the hives unobstructed
1 leave the straw about the hives late in the
spring, till the old bees and the young brood
will be secure from injury from late frost.
I have generally used pea straw lest mice
should enter it and molest the bees ; but I
have used clean threshed wheat straw, and
have uever sufTerod any injury from it:
E D.
Strawberry Runners. These should be
treated as weeds, and kept hoed from among
the regular rows of strawberry plants. They
have precisely the same effect upon the crop
as the same quantity of weeds, and cannot
fail to lesson the amount, as well as to dimin
ish the quality. A writer in the Gardeners'
Chronicle remarks, "So convinced am I of the
propriety of cultivating this fruit in separate
and distinct plants, and of cutting off the run
ners, that I have this season taken out a plant
between each of my plantations, thus making
the distance between each plant four feet by
Tiir. Miser's Prayer. Among a variety
of curious papers of the' late Mr. Ward, of
Hackney, was found the following, in his
own hand writing, which may appropriately
be called the Miser's Prayer.
"0, Lord, Ihou knowest that I have nine
estates in London, and likewise that I havo
lately purchased an estate in fee-simple in
the county of Essex ; I beseech theo to pre
serve the two counties of Middlesex and Es-
sex irom fire and earthnuake nnrl n. T 1,-,, ,.
amortgngoin Hertfordshire, I beg of thee
15 ' e 1
likewise to have an eye of compassion on
that county, and as for tho rest of the coun
ties thou mayest deal wilh them as thou art
pleased. O, Lord, enable the Bank to answer
all their bills, and make all my debtors good
men. Give a prosperous voyage and return
4o the 'Mermaid sloop, because 1 have en
sured it and as thon hast said the days of the
wicked are but short, I trust in thee that thou
wilt not forget thy promise, as I have pur
chased an estate in reversion, which will be
mine on the death of that profligate young
man, Sir T. L. Keep my friends from sink
ing and preserve ie from thieves and house
breakers; and make all my servants so honest
and faithful that they may attend to my in
terests, and nover cheat me out of my proper
ty night or day."
An ingenious Yankee has invented a ma-
clune which is destined to come into univer
sal use. It consists of the attachment of a
cheap, simple, and durable alarm to a lock of
almost any description, so arranged as not to
interfere in any. respect with the action of
the lock, aud so connected wilh the bolt that
tha latter canot be withdrawn, or even the
attempt made without giving an alarm, at
once distinct and sufficient to awaken any
person in th vicinity and which may be dis
tinctly heard at the distance of 20 or 25 rods.
The expense of this lock la no more than
those in use, and it con be applied to the
common lock ; the improvement will ' no
doubt be scon applied to almost every lock
that is manufactured. Farmer and Mechanic
Ths Kma or Bavaria has abolished pos
tage on newspapers, and thus takes one liber
al step ahead of this pattern republic.
Ettabli.hcd 18 years apt, by Dr. K1NKELIN.
The olilex, sureel and test band to cure all fbtms
of seoritdissise,dieeaeesof tbsskiosnd ,
. , ; ( solitary habits of youth, la
N. W. earner of 3d and Union its., between Spruce
and Pine, 1 1 squares from the Exchange.
YOUNG MEN f If yon valus your life or your
health, remember, the deity of a month, my,
even a week, may prove your roin, both of body
and mind. Hence lei no relet modesty deter you
from making your case known to one mho, from
education and respectability, can alone befriend Too.
He who places himself under Dr. KINKELIN'8
treatment, may relifiously confide In hie honor ae
a gentleman, and In whoe bosom will be forever
locked the secret of the patient.
Too many think Ibey will hag the secret to their
own heart, and cure themselves, Alaal how of
ten it thia a fatal deluaion, and how many a pro
mising yoong man, who might have been an orna
ment to society, baa failed from the earth.
finding it Inconvenient to make persona! apptit-a-
ti n, can. by etating their caw explicitly, together
with all their aymptoma, (per letter, post paid.) have
forwarded to them a direr, rontotnir.g in. ft. a nie
dicitie. appropriated accordingly.
Packages of Midicinea forwarded to any part ol
the United State at a moment's notice.
(0 PnT ram litter, addressed to Dr. Ktir
hum. Philadelphia, will be promptly attended to
OC. 30ili, 1817. ly
No 199 Cliewiut Street,
South East Corner of Eighth it , Philadelphia.
PORTRAITS from the smallest breast.) In to
the largest site, aingly or In groups. The
Proprietors are warranted in siying, that their
work baa gainrd s reputation second to none io
the world. Extracts from the Press :
Life-like in the expression, chastly correct in
the shading.- Ledger.
"Tho sit has arrived at great perfection, and
none understand it better than McClces & Oer
tnon." Baltimore Iris.
"Admirable! nothing exceed their exquisite
delicacy." V. S Gazette.
Extract from the report of the .Indues, at the last
fsir of the Fnnklin Institute "Daguerreotypes
in this department them arn some very excellent
specimens in the exhibition, and the. Judges think
they sco a progressive, improvement in thia branch
of the art They have not r commanded ana
ward in fivor of any of the competitor, but ate
ili-psed to rank JirU in order, the collection of
McCLEES & GEHMON, as containing tho lar
gest number of superior tpeeimm."
I hllridelphljl, I'trD IS, IB IB. tlm
No. 60 Market Street, live doors below
Third, South side,
Hinpoifots & Whol'.-italo Pcalrra In
WATCHES, Watcli (.lason and Muterinla.
Jewelry of all detentions qualities and
s'ylee, enmpjising all the articles connected
with the Trade
Dixson St Son's Britannia, German Silver and 8il-vcr-Plated
Sheffield and Birmingham Dated Fancy Articles.
Kndgers & Son's and Woati nhnlm' Cutlery, tu
tors, Scissors, Erasers, Desk Kniiee, Jce.
Iorv Handled Table Cutlery, of the fine!, medium
and common qualities.
A large assortment of Gold Pens.
Perifocal Spectacles.
Papier Moche and Japanned Trays, varioua shape.
and qualities, at reduced rates
Gold Waich Cases, Dials and Hitrer-Ware, of all
descriptions, manufactured to order.
DICKSON dr. CO., having recently removed
into the Urge and commodious wsiehonsn formerly
occupied by Messrs. K. AsmiunsT dr. Sons, and
more recently by Asrhuhst if Rkmihotos, beg
leave to inform Watch Dealers, Country Merchants
and other., that they design having at all times a
large s-sortmciu of Goods, of their own importa
tion, which they are determined to sell' at the loweat
Cj" Every attention will be paid to the Packing
of Goods, snd in the execution of Order, lliequili
tic and prices will be fully guarantied against all
competition. .
Philadelphia. June 19th, 1847. ly
riIHE children began to cry for Sherman's Ln
JL Jtenges. The noise wa not a.) loud at that
lime, but it has kept increasing ever since, and nnw
has become so great that the mouths of the tittle
ones can scarce he stopped. Dr. Sherman sympa
thises with the little sufferer, and viry much re-
tre a that any of them should be disappointed.
Knowing the vast benefit which has been confer
red upon the community by the introduction of
htt infallible
h ha entered into srrartgemente for enlarging bis
Manufactory, by mean of which be think he will
be able to supply the demand. And the same pains
and care will be taken, that there erlehrated Ln.
zenge be made as they have always been, in or
der that tho who depend upon them, may not be
disappointed in their Imp, He knew when he
commenced the manufacture of the Worm Loxen
get, that ihy woulJ eunerarde the use of every
other vermifuge, a the Lozenge ie very pleatnnt
to the taste, speedy in its effecta. a well ss certain,
and the quantity lequired to effect a perfect cure,
iuvery stnill. Theae properties in connexion with
the f ct that ihey are sold for 25 cent per box. thus
pi King them in the reach of the poorest man in !
the laud, lias not only caused them to taLt tue
place of every other vermifuae ever offered, hut al
tn remtereu tnein popular io ine community.
Dr. Shermnn'.
continue to cure Cough. V I s, Gonsumpfon
' .1 """'i '"J1 u"ey ' "reaining. anu
i other of th. I.iini.. wilh the same facility
they did on their fust introduction, and the ptople
have now become persuaded by actual experience,
that on the secession of a flight cold, they have
only to step to either the Dr'. office, or one of the
Agent, end obtstn a box of his Cough Lnxenge,
wh'ch are very convenient to carry in the pocket.
end to take a few through the day. By purauing
Hits course a cure i olien enecleu to 24 hour, and
tbe patient about hia busin' . 8o great i the ce
lebrity of the l.oienges, that thousands of persona
who have used them, and become acquainted wilh
their effects, will never he without them.
haa cured more eaae of Rheumatiam, Pai i in the
Back, Side and Chest, Lumbago and Weakness;
than any application that ha ever been made. Aa
the celebrity of the Plaster haa increased, bsjdreda
of unprincipled rascal hav attempted to counter
feit it, ami palm it off upon the community as the
genuine. (TT Beware of Deception. JD Remem
ber that this true and genuine Plaster i spread up
on reddish paper made for the purpose,
and in every eae the eignalureof Dr. Shoiman ia
P'inti d upon the hack of the Pka'ci, and the whole
secured by Copy Bight. None other are genuine.
Therefore wl en you want a real good Shrrman'a
Poor Man' Plaster, oil at the office, 106 Nassau
stieol, and you wi I not be disappointed
Remember the number, 106 Na aau at., where
all Dr. Sherman's Lozenge i sold. Hi Agent
re Mra. Hay, 139 Fulton slreet, Brooklyn)
Hineaon, Williamburg ; and Bedding cV Co.,
Uoaton, and JOHN YOUNG, Sunbury,
M. A MtCA Y, Northumberland
September 1 1 ib. 1817. ly.
Another Farm
QPCEIX3l Ksqvrtv,rpv-
THE brlra of John Yocum, doe'd., offer fur eale
all that Farm of iheira eitoate la Shemokin
towoahip, Northumberland couoty, near BnufC
town, and adjoining the old Stambach etaod io
said township, containing about two hundred eeres
mora or lew, in a good aiata of cultivation. The
Rail Road tram 8unbury to SUaaaoeintovjHi passes
through It. Per rn noire of -
HUGH H. TBATtt. 8aoftoa,.
or JOHN FARN4W0RTH, attiabary,
Dsc. 1 1, 147. a any of lbs beira.
.u.i.-ii-XJ.J s-t-t-i-X-i I i i ' I iLL-oiUi . i?i l'i
T has power (fi cause ill txTSRHAt SOKES,
POISONOUS WOUNDS to discharge their eu-
Iriil matter, and then heala them.
It is richly termed All-heeling, for there I se re
ly a disease, external or internal, that it will not
benefit. I have used tl lor the lt louttoen year
for all ditease of the chest, consumption and li'er,
involving the utmost danger and responsibility.
and I declare before heaven and man, that not in
one aingle cm has H failed to benefit when the pa
tient wa within the reach of mortal means.
I have had physicians, learned In the profeinn.
t have had minister of the gospel, judge of the
bench, aldermen, lawyers, gentlemen of the high
est erudition, and multitude of the poor us it in
very variety of way, and there has been but one
voire one universal voice saying t "M'Alliater,
your Ointment is GOOD."
In Scrofula, Old Sores, Erysepelaa, Tetter Li
ver Complaint, 8ore Eyea, Quinsy, Sore Throat,
Bronchitis, Broken or Bora Breast, Piles, all Cheat
Diaeaate, such as Ailhma. Oppressions, Pain
Alao, Sore Lip, Chapped Hand. Tumor, Chil
dren's Culsneou Eruption, Nervous Dircase.s,
and of the Spine, thero I no medicine now known
ss go, d.
SCALD HEAD We have currd eases that
actually defied every thing known, ea well as tho
ability of IS or 20 doctor. Ore man told us ho
had spent If 300 on his children without any heno
fit, when a few bojea of Ointment cund them.
BALDNESS It will icstore the hair sooner
than any other thing.
IIKADACHI The salvo has cured prison
of the hcnd.iche of 12 jear.' standing, and who
hid it every week, so that vomiting often
took p'nee Dxirsiaa, Eaa Acaa, end Anus in
the Fack, are cured by thia Ointment wilh like
RURN8. It i one of the best tiling, in the
world for Hums. (Read the direction around the
RHEUMATISM It remove almost Immedi
ately the infl imalion and awelling when the pain (Read the Directions around the Box.)
COLD FEE P. Consumption, Liver Com
plaint, Pain in the cheat or aide, falling off of the
hnir, one or the other alwiys accompanies roll
feet, (This Ointment is the true remedy.) It is
a Mim rign of disease to have cold feet.
TETTER. There ia nothing belter for the
cum of Tetter.
PILES. Thousands are yearly cured by this
CORNS. Occasion! use of the Ointment will
olway keep Com from growing. People, need
never be troubled wilh them it they will use i.
Head the following Communication,
R'Ceivcd from an old, repee'ed an J well known
cniaen of Phi:adalphia. and then judge for your
self: rhi'adelphi. 10 mn., 13th, 1840
To T. B, Peterson, Having been rrque-tid
to ni my opinion on the merits of M'ALLIS
TEH'S SALVE, I am willing to rrumcrntc some
of the hi in nta which I have cxpviienced in the use
ct the ariicl'-.
In ti c soring of 1 845, I hail nn attack of Ery
tipeld in my which became very painful, and
extended into one cf my eyes, being attended with
fevi r, my distress was great and I began to bo fi-ar
ful of l.isii g my eje.
Although not much of a believer in what ia
commonly called quack medicine. I purchased a
box and made an application to my face. To my
uipiise the pain soon abated, and in a week' time
it wa entirely rured, and I firmly believe that it
w. the anise, under Providence that cured me.
From that time to the present, I have used the
article a occasion required, and in every ease where
I have used it, I have found a decided benefit
At or.e time, on going to bed at night, my threat
was so eore ihat I swallowed with difficulty, but
by an application of the salve I wa relieved lefore
I have usod it in rase nf burns, bruise, sprains,
end fji'ah ruts, a'l with the happiext effects, and
one ease of poisoning by a wild vine in the woods,
h is been dried up and cured by a fi w applications.
From my own expeiince, I would atroncly re.
commend it to all, a a cheap, convenient, family
I hive become o partial tn it, that I expect to
keep it ennvtantly in my family.
Though out ami itious to appear in print, yet I
cannot refuse to have this cnmmnnica'inn made
public if judged best to serve the c .use of humani
ty. Respectfully ihine,
No. 26, Old York Rojd.
CAUTION. Xi Ointment will be genuine
unices the nam'- of Jame M'Alliater, or J:inie
M'AI'ister & Co., are written wiih a pen on eve-'
ry label. JAMES M'ALLlsTEK,
Solo proprietor of the anve medicine.
Vj-riilCE, 25 CBA'7'S PEIl B0X.2
Aorvrs : J. W. FR1MNO, Sunbury,
Dr WM. M BICKLEY, Danville,
J. O. CROUSE. Selinagrove,
P. C. SHFM.ER. Lewi.hurg.
WM. F.NAGI.E. Milton.
Feb. tOth, 1649. towly
W TABLE COMPOUND, for the cure of
dec. Thia Medicine ia offered to the public under
tje assurance that there is no article in existence
having rtroncer rlaima to their c mmdoiation. Be
ing comiX'iimled Ty a regular Graduate ol J. fl'er
son College, Pliiladelph , and a practising physi of twenty yers' lartdirg in Phibidelphin. hi
long experience has confirmed him in the opinion
Ibat a compound medicine vtaa required to preterit
and remedy the debilitation pr duced by residing
in lo-v, r.iiji'ninlic climates, end to counter ict the
pro influence of many nervous disorders
with which the human family are afrtietcl.
UK. Al.I.t iN la a well luiowu I In sii i ni, ami
has usod tho aheve medicine ini his practice for 8
year wi.h tl e most s-tonishing effect, having tes
ted ill quabtiea in above
No medicine ever received more flattering re
commendations from pbyfician nf eminent stand
ing than ha btn bestowed on this.
ITS CON8EQUENCES. An eminent Prof..
or srys: 'It chiefly arises in person who lead
either a very aedenlery or Irregular III. Although
not regarded a a fatal disease yet if neglectid or
improperly Ireared, may bring on incurable Me
lancholy, Jaundice, Madness, or Vettigo, Pamy
and Apoplexy. A gr al aingularity attendant on
it is, that it may and often doea continue a gieat
length of time without any remiaiion of the aymp
toma. CAUSE". Grief and uneaine of mind, in
ten study, profuse evacuation, exr.e in venery,
excewive use of spirituous liquor, lea, tobieco, o-
plum, and other narcotic, immoderate repletion,
over distention of the stomach, a defioieney of the
secretion of I he Hie or g4iric juice, exposuie to
i-olJ and dump air, are the chief cause of Kis dis
ease. 6YMPTOM9. Lo of appetite, naueei, aenrt.
burn, ari li'y, and foetid eructations, gnawing of
the stomach when empty, Uneasiness in the throit,
pai i in the eide, cotivcnes, chillness, l.nguor,
lowncss if spirits, pilpilations, and d.a utbed
TABLE COMPOUND baa nev. r failed in affor
ding iiuuiedialo relief, and a radical cute for this
Thia Medicine ran be had of II. B Maa-rr,
8unburyi J. C. Martin, Pottaville, Medlar tV
Bickel, Oiwlgsburg i and of Druggists generally.
ALLEN WARD, Proprietora,
Philadelphia, Nov. 87, U47.-q ly
A GENI ,0 Naw and Pom
. 2"M iB 7 Count throughout
tbUait4 States, To Agents, the meet liberal
eccoaragemeal is effarad W4th a email rapital
of from 99 to l00. A chares I, offered, where
T Ajit ra make froaa $10 to MS per week.
For farther particulars, address (pt
paid,) , , T , . w. A. LEARHY,
-l . : ,M fior,k S4ch4 '
Pbilaaslphis, April , 1848 3m.
. r .i -t.
, FE!WMirlHrA1lA.
' The following list ehowa the current valus of all
ennsvlvania Bsnk Notes. The moat Implicit re
liant 'may be pieced opon K aa it Is every week
artfully compared with end corrected from Bick
Dell' Reporter,
' flanks In Philadelphia. v
n Lor..
Bank of North America , ,
Bank of tho Northern Liberties .
Commercial Bank of Pann'a. , ,
Farmera' and Mechanic' Bank ,
Kensington Bank .
Philadelphia Bank ' . t
Schuylkill Bank .
Soothwark Bank
Western Bank
Mechanic' Bank
Manafaetnrera A. Mechanics' Bank
Bank of Penn Township .
Oirard Bank ,
Bank ef Commerce, late Moyameneing
Bank of Pennsylvania ,
Country Flank.
Hank of Chester County Westchester
Hank of Delaware County Chester
Hank of Oermantown Germantown
Dnnlt of Montgomery Co. Norrisiown
Doylestown Bank ' Doylestown
Eaaton Bank Raaton
Farmers' Bank of Buck co. Bristol
Brink of Northumberland Northumberland par
Columbia Bank cV Mridge co.Columhia par
Farmera Bank of Lancaster' Lancistel par
Lancaster. County Bank Lancaster par
Lancaster Bank Lancaster pn
Farmers' Bank of Reading Reading par
Uftice of Bank or Fcnn a.
Office do do
Office do do
Office do do
Harriebutcl Theae
Lancaster I office
Reading Tdo not
Eaaton J isaue n.
tank of the United Statea
Miners' Bank of Pottaville
Bank nf fowistown
Bank of Middlotown
Carlisle Bank
Exchange Bank
Do , do branch of
Uarrisburg Bank
Lebanon Bank
Merchant' & Manuf. Bank
P.ntik of Pittsburg
Weat Bianch B ink
Wyoming Bank
Northampton Bank
fieri: County Bank
Offlce of Bank of IT. S.
Do do do
Do do do
Bank of Chamborsburg
Batik of Gettysburg
Bunk of Surquelianna Co.
Erie Bunk
Fi men.' & Drovera' Bank
Franklin Bank
llorirtdiilo l!;nk
Mrmnngaheli Bank of B.
Vmk Bank
no anle
New Brighton
Brown rille
N. It. 1 he notes of those banks on which we
omit quotations, and eubatitute a dash ( ) are not
purchased by the Philadelphia broker, with the
exception of those which have a letter of reference.
Philadelphia Sav. In. Philadelphia
Philadelphia Loan Co. do
!tchuvlk ill Sav. Ina, do
Kenaington Sav. Ins. A do
Penn Township Sav. In. do
Manual Labor Bank (T. W Dyott, prop.)
fowanda Bank 1'owanda
Alleghany Bank of P.
Bank of Beaver
Dank of Swatara
Bank of Washington
Centre Bank
City Bank
Farmers' & Mech'ce' Bank
Farmers' it Mech'ca' Bank
Farmer' dr. Mech'c' Dank
Harmony Instituto
Huntingdon Bank
Juniata Bank
Lumbermen's Bank
Norihern Bank of P.
New Hope Del. Bridge Co.
N'orlhumli'd Union Col. 13k,
.Ninth Western Bank of Pa.
OllVe of Schuylkill Bank
IV Acr.dc Manuf. Dank
Silver Lake Bank
L'nion Bank of i'enn'a.
rstuioielarid Bank
Wilkcabarre Bridge Co.
no eale
Fayette co.
no tale
no sale
Huntingdon no tale
Lewistown nosile
Now Hope
Port (Carbon
no sale
no sale
Wilkcsbarre no eale
fTj All note puipoiltng to he on any Pennsyl
vania Bank not given in the above list, may be set
lown a frauds.
Bank of New Brunawick
Med ford
Perth Amboy
Belvideie Bank
Burlington Co. Bank
Commercial Bank
Sunderland Bank
Farmer' Bsnk
Mount Holly
Farmera' and Mechanics' Bk Rahwa
Farmera and Mechanics' Bk N. Biunawick failed
Farmer' end Merchant Bk Middletown Ft 1
Franklin Bank of N. J. Jersey City
nohoKen vug dr. uiazing t-o iiobokea
no sale
HO sale
leraey City Bank
Mechanica' Bank
Jereey City
Jeiacy City
Mauufacturera' Bank
Morris County Bank
Monmouth Bk of N. J.
Mechanic' Bank
Mechanic' and Manuf. Bk
Mnrria Canal and Bkg Co
Pott Noica
Newark Bkg dr, Ina Co
k u ..... 1 i.i li.:. I
I . T- .1111'.. w, BJII.IC
N. J. Manufac. and Bkg Co
N J Protectoii & Lombard bk Jersey City
Orange Bank Orange
l'atermm Bank' Pateraou
People' Bank do
Princeton Bank Princeton
Salem Banking Co 8alem
State Bank Newark
State Bank Elirahcthtown
State Bank Camden
Slate Bank of Morris Morristown
Bute Bank Trenton
Salem snd Philad Manuf Co Salem
Susaex Bank New ion
Trenton Banking Co' Trenton
Union Bank Dover
Washington Banking Co. Harkenaack
Bk of Wilm dr. Brandy wine Wilmington
Bank of Delaware Wilmington
Bank of Smyrna Smyrna
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Union Bank - Wilmington
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nominations, in circulation.
Peace with JUexico !
C2 "Oy S33 SXI U. "CP CS38
SN FORMS the pubi c ihat in order to biing u
bout a peace wiih Mexico, he msnuficture all
kind of Rifles, Double and Single Barrelled Shot
Gone, and Double Barrelled Revolving Rifles, at
hi menufwlory at Hollowing Rua, Lower Au
gust township, Northumberland county, all of
which be will warrant for aig months. Those
who want a Crst rsts srticl ia hia lias, can be ao
commodaled at the sherlel notice and on the meet
reasonable terms. Lovsra of sport, giv him a call
Lower Augusts, Jan. 0, 1848 6am.
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Bogth roURTat HTaararr, Aava CatawTarirr'.
Jan. ?$g?Xm' -
i : l aa
The- Grand Purgative
curb or
Measles, Salt Rheum,
Heett Burn. Worme,
Cholera Morbus,
Cough, Quinsey,
Whooping Cough,
Conaumntion. Fita.
Headache, Giddiness, ' .
Rheumatism, Piles,
Uy.pcp Is, Scuivv,
Small Pox, Jaundice,
Pain in the Back,
Inward Weakness,
Palpitation of the Heart, Liver Complaint,
Rising In the Throat, Eriaipelaa, Deafness,
Dropsy, Asthma, Itching of the Skin,
Fever of all kinds, Cold, Ooot, Gravel,
Female Complaints, Nervous Complaints,
aim a. vttTT emit ntaaaata samara
saoai f ateoaiTtss os Taa ai.oon, ava oa
OtSTIOS. Experience ha proved that nearly every Die
ease originate from Impurities of the Blood or de
rangements of the Digestive Organs t snd to secura
Health, wa moat remove those, obstructions or re-
tor the Blood to its natural State.
The aversion to taking medicine ia most efTec
tuallv removed bv Clicks sn's Vsohtabls Pom
eanva Pitts, being completely enveloped with a
coating of pure white Sugar, (which ia aa di.tinct
from the internal ingredients as a nut ahell fiom
he kernel) ivn rats no tasts or Mimosa,
But are as easily swallowed a hit of candy
Moreover tbey neither nauteute or gripe in tho
slightest degree, hut operate rqually on all the dis
eased parte of the system, instead of confining
themelve to. and racking sny particular region.
Thus, if tt e Liver he affected, one ingiedient "ill
operate on particular orgtn, and, by clean-ii g
it of an Etcessof Bile restore it to it. naiunl
tat. Another will opornle on the B'ood, and
remove all tmpuiitiea in it circulation) while a
third will effectually expel whatever impurilios
may have been discharged into the tomach, and
hence Ihey eraiat at tb oot of hisses, re
move all Impure Humor from the body: op. n
the poree externally and internally ( septrate all
fore gn and obr oxioua particles from the chyle, so
Jhat the blood may be thoroughly pure tho. eecu
ring a free and healthy action to the Heart. Lunga
and Liver; and thereby they assToat aatLTn a-
The entire truih of the above can be aseeitsined
by the trial of a single box t and their virtue are
o positive and certain in rea'oring Health, that
the proprietor hinds himself to return the money
paid for them in all cases where they do not gic
universal sati action.
Retail Price, 33 cts. per Box.
, office No. fi Vesey St., N. York.
Sold by JOHN YOUNG, Sunbury,
M. A. McCAY, Northumberland,
dj" Remember Dr. C. V. Clickener is the In
ventor of the Sugar Coated Pill, end that nnth'ng
of the e rt wa ever heard of until he introduced
them in June, 1813. Purchasers should, therefore,
always ask for Clb-kencr' Sugar Coated Pills, and
Inke no others, or they will be made the victims of
a fraud. Sept. 18th, 1817. ly eow
couoii ! TIIS
irsos tm is n-
DtsTaoYin has ar.iar Bioin,
vaa ceooH or cosecarTio rats
IV IT A SOU 511 or OS4VB.
ARE YOU A MOTHER I Your darling child,
your idol and earthly joy, Is now perhaps
confined to her chamber by a dangerous cold In r
pale cheek, her tkln shrunken fingers, tell the
bold di-ea has already gained upon he the
sound nf her eepatchrel eough pieice your soul.
YOUNG MAN, when just about In enter life,
dieeaae abede a heart crushing blight over the fair
prospect of the future your hectic cough and fee
ble limb tell of your loss and hope, but you need
not despair. There ia a balm which will heal the
wounded lungs, it i
ti II E It 31 AX'S
Mia. ATTREE, the wife of Wm. H. Attree,
Esq. waa given up by Dr. Bewail nf Washington,
D . Roe and McCle'llan of Philadelphia, Dr. Roe
and Dr. Molt of New York. Her friend all
thought she mrj.t die. Sh hd every appearance
of being in consumption, and was ao pronounced
by her physi. ian Sherman' Balsam waa given
and it cured her.
Mr.. GARRABRANTZ, of Bull', Feiry, waa
'ii cuied of consumption by thia B.ilajin when
all other remedies failed to give relief she wa. re
duced in a skeleton. Dr. A. C. Caatle, D. nli't.
2SI Broadway, baa witnessed ilseflecie in several
ca ea where no other mrdicine afforded relief but
the operated like a chaim. Dr. (7. nlso
witnessed ita wonderful effecta in curing A.thnn,
which it never fails nf doing. Spitting llloo I, alar
ming a it may l e, ia effectually cured by this Bat
run. It heal the ruptured or wounded Mood
vewel. end make the lung sound again.
Kev. HENRY JONES, 10S Eighth avenue,
waa cured nf cough and catarrhal affectinna t 60
year a snding. The first dose gave him m ire re
lief than all the other medicine he had ever taken.
Dr. L. J. Seal, IS Delancy street, gave it to a
airter-in-law who w laboring underconsumption,
and to another sorely afflicted with the Asthma.
In both cases, its effect were immediate, soon re
storing them t comfortable health.
Mr. LUCRE TIA WELLS, 95 Christie atieet,
uffered from Aaihma 43 year. Sbermnn'e Bal
sam relieved her at once, and she ia comparatively
well, being rnab'ed to aubdu every attack by
timely me nf litis medicine. Thia indeed i the
areai rtrnidv for Cough. Cold, Spitting Blood,
Liver C'nnw. Iain's, and all the nil ctinn rf ihe,, mid even Athina snd Consump.ion,
I'tieo S5 cents and $1 per bntile.
Dr. Sherman's Cough snd Worn Lozenge., and
roor Man r taster sold ua above.
Dr. Sherman'a Aire i. at l.'.S Nassau si. ,.Y.
Agent, JOHN YOUNG. Bunbnrv.
M. A. McC AY, NorU.umheil.tnd
September U.h, 1847. ly
Yesefable Universal PillM,
The only known Medicine that al the tame time
purges purijiet and etrengthetu the eyttem.
Losnoa, July 7, 1846.
DR. LE ROY'S Pill are a naw medicine
which ha just appeared, and is fast taking
tbe places ol all other of ibe sm class. 1 h
pills are composed of many ingredients, but th
two principal onra are Sarupsrill and Wild Cher
ry, so united that they act together! tbe one,
through ile admiilure wiih other subrtacce. pu
rifying and purging, while the other ia irenuthen.
ing the system. Thus those pill are at Ihe same
lime tome and opening; edeeideralum long and
eagerly (ought for by medical .men, but never be
fore discovered. In other words Ihey do Ihe work
of two medicines, snd do it much better than any
two we know of; for they remove nothing from
the system but the impurities; so that while they
purge ihey strengthen ; and hence they cauae no
debilitation, and are followed by no re-action. Dr.
Le Roy'a pills have a wonderful influence on the
blood ; tbey not only purify without weakrniue it,
bui they remove all noxious parliclee from the chyle
neioie it ia convened into num. and thus make ini
pure blood an utter tnipoa.-ibiliiy. A there i no
debilitation, so Ihei ie no nausea or sickness t-
tending Ibe nperationa of this most eieellenl of me.
dicines, which never rlrsin or torture the digee
live function, but cause them to work in a per.
fectly natural manner ; and hence pet sons tsktng
them do not become pale and emaciated, but the
contrary ; for while it is ths nrnnertv of ihe Sana.
pardla, united fes it ia wilh other ingredient, to
remove all that ia foreign and impure, it ie equally
ihe properly of tbe Wild Cherry to retain all that
is natural and aound; and bones a robust date of
health la the certain result of ibetr united opera.
iiwii. oj- rnce so eente per dua,
Agent for La Roy'a Pill.
J. W, FRILTNO, 1 nk
M. A. McCAY, NorthuatUrl'd.
AUfuat list, 1147. ly
A LL persoae iadebtee) ta tha aabseriWr, hy
not or hook set sent, ars hereby notified to
call and settle the) earn without daisy, ia order
to save casta. . IRA T. CLEMENT'
eunenry, April 93, 1848 ,
tP x xs x aa rna ,
rnini3 meuicine i warrsnieo, on oath, not to
. 1
eontain a particle nf Calomel, Corrosive R.ik.
limate, Arsenic, Chloride cf Gold, or sny delete-
roue mineral.
The principle upon which thi Medicine act. 1.
by slating snd harmonising with nature t It
drive out all foul acrimonious humors from the
blood snd body, and by assimilating with and
strengthening the gaatrio juice of ths atomaeh, It
sist digestion In short there I not a vein, arte
ry, moecte or nerva In the human body, thet is
not strengthened by the PANACEA, end it also
poasasse tbe remarkable property of removing
mercury iron ins bones anil joints.
Scurvy, 8corbui!c Affection, Tn mora, Scrofula or
King Evi , White Swelling. ErysipeU. Ulcers,
Cancers, Running Moras, Scsbs snd Biles, time
snd a determined perseverance in D . SWEET
BER'S PANACEA, will effect a curt,
Rejection of food, Nsuses, Vomitings, Nervous sf
lection. Billions complaints, He.d art e, P'cnr-a,
or Female Irregular iliea, Dr. 8 W E ET8 Ell a PA
NACEA will aoon effect a cure ; but if obstinate,
or attended with griping, flying pains, Ihe dose
should lie increased, and the cure nil! soon he rf
fected. Let not the patients frighten ihema.dve.
wilh the idea that they ere too we..k to take much
mrdieine; but bear in mind ihat thia nn'iUy opera
ting med cine put not weaknona into the frame, bu
mort certainly draw wenkno out, leave atrengih
in it place, and by giving composed steep al nig1
and an appetite to relish any fond, re-anitnatea th
whole frame wi h vigorous adion. clearing th
mind and improving the sight.
Scrofula Is said tn be heriditary, the infml re
ceiving from it parents the eed nf thi discs
which increase with its yeer, if neglected sn!
not submitted to frequent purrfldtion with U
8 WEET8ER'S PANACEA. The glsnd srs pi.
ced in tbe corners of the body, and nut of the way
of direct communication ; their real u-e i- a subjeci
on which much difference of opinion prevail ;
suffices u to know that when in a diseased slate,
they are capable of being purified snd rlennsed by
a long courre of Dr. SWEETSRli'S PAN A
CEA, which restores them to sound snd proper
sction. Scroful.iu. person can never psv too much
attention to their blood, it purification shou'd be
their first thought, for after a long course of perse
verance, they will ever cure heredil .ry iliacase.
SWEETSER'S PANACEA cannot be too high
ly extolled ; it reaiche out the viry root nf the
diaenhc, nn l by p moving it from the Bio, d makes
a cure certain and perm merit.
For diseases nf ihe Bladder and Kidneit, Stric
turet. Gravel. Stone, Pi tee. Fistula. Uiinari Ob-
ttrvctinnt and Extreme Contirenest Dr. S VV E ET-
EK'S P A.NCEA i the lieat remedy ever tr c:l ;
it removes all those acrimonious humor fr.mi the
Blood which give rise to the above diseases, and
hy keeping tne uioou in a pure comiuion, insures
Impur lien nf the Blood, Mercurial Taint, Wrnle
net of the Spine Flow of Blood to the Head Gid
nea.., bfging ana Hm:ing io'e in the Heaa
and Ears, Ur. SWEETSER'S PANACEA will
give certain relief; in all eevere and chronic rases.
the patient cannot be too often reminded that lor
ger donee and perseverance will effect s cure.
In vntluana revere, uiiiout r evert. Affections
f the F.vtt and Eart. Soonev and Bleeding
Gums Bronchitis and recent Coughs and Cold;
Dr. SWEEIBEK'S PANACEA will be fuund
perfectly sure snd certain in its effect..
Thore enmp'ain's are gcnetallv amended wi h
ths moat f.tal consequences, and ate seldom or ne.
ver eU'ed by the preaei.t ml of t'oatrneril ; In y
ususliy nccomnany the patient t the Lr.ive, ufter
uttering the most excruciating pain and torture,
The caus? of theae cimplain'a arn the ame aa all
thers the dtoss nl the blood beconn encrusted on
the finrst narrow pasic''s. whence ars- morbid
seciet on and stoppage of urine. You will find
he nvat pnweiful d uretics of no use, a. they only
ncr.ase the quantity of urine snd do not pmify
ml etrenetlirn th- pjrts. Uy ptnilying the l loi i
with Dr. SWEETSER S PAN ACEA, ou re
move the cause id the diss ise, consequently it ran
not exist any longer, aftir sufficient perse eranee
in it use haa deprived the blood and body of a!
acrimonious humors arid incrustation.
Thia i a erv prevalent and fatal disea'e ; it re
aul'a mostly from neglected cough', cold and bron
chili, also from impioper treatment in many other
eases, such aa measlea, fever, inS.mtnsii ns and
small pog,nd a host of other badly treated diaeases;
where the cause, instead nf having been thoroughly
removed from the blood and body, have only been
palliated or removed from one p.irt to break out in
another. By divesting your bodies of all foul hu-
mora, through the medium of Dr. SWEETSER'S
PANACEA. Ibe cure ie at once rendered certain
and permanent. R. collect, while there ia aeriino.
moue humor floating in the circulation, it i aa
to aellle on the lung as any other part of the body
thia is the reason consumption is so prevslen1
Which you see o r the exterior, come from end
have their (ource in, ihe inteiinr, and might just as
well have rettled on youi lungs, liver, or any other
patt; which we know they frequently do, and pro
lluce most violent 'iifhrnmutory disorder.. I h
humor which occasion these or is of highly
acrimnni ns numing nature. e know it Irom
the pain it gives in forming, and afterwards ita ra
pidly ulcerating and corroding the flesh and ski
of Ihe part where it breaks out. Thia shows the
neees-'.ty of fieq'iently punfyiog Ihe blood with Dr,
SWEETsEll'S -PANACEA, and keeping such
malignant humor in sut j.ction. cihoulj you have
a bile or ulcer, lie ihnkful Ihat nature haa take
trouble In warn you of the danger your life and bo
dy ia in, fur it is a warning that the blood i- foul,
Had this lame acrimony ai Irc'ed ihe lung tn.-tead
of the eurfaca of yuur body for Its eret, consutnp
lion of th lung would nave been lbs consequence,
Ueiay not then, to puuly and clean with Dt
sweeter! rentce.
Spinal affection, enlargement of the bones snd
joint, white swelling, hip joint complaint, rup-
luies, tailing ol ih Dowel ami wnm'i disease, will
find a apeedy ome in Dr. SIVEETSER S PA
NACEA. Where the disease be, been of I
ftjndins, tbe time required to make a cure will I
longer ; but the patient may real assured that
determined perseverance will effect it.
Theee itlsess. proceed from the seriosity or
corrupt humor ot lb blood, having eel led Itself on
Ihe thriul nd lung, and stopped them up, ao that
lliev cannot draw sulnuienl air in for respiration
Dr.' SWEETSER'S PANACEA will give inline
duite relief, and to make the cur peifo, I and car
lain, it should be continued some Uu,i alter, to
free Ibe system of all bid humor.
Find s safe and speedy cure in Dr. SWEET-
SENS PANACEA. It cure by erching every
blood veeel and artery, and driving out all impu
rules and foul bumora accumulated therein, which
is ths cause of rheumatism, gout and ewellitig of
the joints. Ths doleteroue attec t of calomel and
othei mineral poUona, readily yield to ila sovereign
influence; Indeed, wba it valaabl properties be
eome fully known, tha uee of sll mineral poison will
be coo signed to 'the tomb of all tha Cspoiaic,' and
only bo thought ef aa a by-goae cuatoaa ef tha dar
ker age. Dr. Sweet' Panacea ia also a sue
ears fat dyapepele, pile, eoetivauea, vertigo, heeaV
eefee, pain in tha breeat and liver eampiaint.
. rever is always esaasai by a disorderly move
steal al tha Mood, atraggling to fine iteetf of same
iMn tksj anmmhaM k i to tad every kind of sa
vor is nothing asora than a struggle between lb
blood snd corrupt aanors, sua ss soon e -
imt tinmnr are rvnel'ed. vou hivs no mora fever.
When a patient with fcver Submit to be bled, or
hav hia blond noiaoned with weaken
hia frsms to such a degree thai If he survive Ihe
procese, it slways leave him Subject tt distressing
chills, when 9 times nut of to he resort to ague
pills, powder, or tonic Miiv-tures; thi Is going Irora
had to worse, a theee vegetable pill, powders, ,
are nothing but mercury snd quinine tn disguise,
which may for lims drive the disease so far into
trie body aa not to be perceptible, but very soon H
wm oreaa out (gain with feairul violence. TO eore
ague and fever, ihe cause nf the dieeaae most be res
moved out of the blood snd body, which can be ef
fectually dime by tiling Dr. SWEETSER'S PA
NACEA, which purifies, cleanses nd strngtha.
Tt contain nothing that can ponikty injure, and its
us is iny a niegasra against cnllls ind fevers.
In ali Casus or Pitts, Dr. BWEETSRtva
PANACEA will effect a very speedy care. It r
move from lb blood, stomach and bowel, all
ihne foal acrid burning humor, which are tha
came of Piles snd Costivene., snd by strengthen,
ing ihe digeitiv organs, improve every part of tha
entire ooay,
These disesae are csued b? Ihe stomach and
bowels being choked up with viscid elimy matter,
the air which enicra ihem cannot escape uniil forced
by ome contraction nf the I'omach to expel it
neirre me causa ol pain. A lew dose of Dr.
SWEETSER'S PANACEA will convince the
ufferer that relief ia attained.
Parents will find the PANACEA a valuabto
medicine for their children, keeping their bodies In
a healihy condition, thereby assisting their g owth;
children or grown pel sons, after taking it, are not
liable to be attacked with an epidemic as before, ea
it always leaves the blood In a pure condition, and
ihe i ntire, system in a strengthened state; it drive
out a'l kind of weaknra from the body and leaves
II heal hy within.
Will find Dr. 8 WE ITER'S PANACEA a medi
ene purely adapted tn their use. Most ladies du
ring the period of pregnancy are afflicted with piles.
Dr. 8wectser's Panaces, hy regulating ths bowels,
will entirely nbviate this, and its purifying proper,
ties nn the blood and fluids, insures tn ihem heal
thy off-pring. No one who ia a mother should be
without it, end those who are nursing will find it
of gieat benint to the health of their infant.
For barrenness and all disease of the womb, it
without a rival in the entire histoiy and catsloeue
of medicine; by its extraordinary strengthening
power, It stimulate and strengthens the womb,
weakness of which is the cause of failure to have
Under this head may be classed Palpitation of
he Heart, Tic Doloreaux or Faceachr. Neuralci.
Indigestion, Toothache, MelanchoU. Hysterics. and
n fact, every diaese caused by ihe shnrp, biting,
cnmonious numora irritating the nerves 1 tbe
nerves receive the morbid impieasion from the sto
mach, or rather from the blood through iheiagency
nf the stomach and dige. live organs, and although
other parts of tho body are apparently tho neat of
the disease, still it is caused by tha morbid imptes
t.i in conveyed from the blood Iw the nerves, to that
part. A few dose, of Dr. SWEETSEIt'3 PA
NACEA will soon auure the patient thit he ho
he cure in bis posse;-sion.
Thia is an inflammatory di-mder, alw v attend-
d with more or less pain. It proceed from Ihe
foul, acrimonious humors lodged in the blood and
fluids, settling on the limbe and face, causing ex
treme pain and fever; all applications on the sur
face ere worse than useless, as they only tend to
throw tne diaeace in some other part, and perhaps
cans- death. Bleeding i likewise improper. To
cuie the di-ess you mut get rid of the cauae ; on
ly manage to get the foul humor out of y ur blood,
and vou will be well in a day. Dr. HVVEET.
SEIt'8 PANACEA, a thorough purifier of tha
loo i, will w arch out every impurity in the more
remote p.rts of ihe body and expel i through the
m. ilium nl the boeta. I here is not vein, arte
ry, muscle or organ of the entire framework of
ni;in, that Dr. bwortaere Panaces doe not in-
rove. To take it when you are well la to keen
wcl ; snd when sick to Income well
pnted only ol a vegetable matter, or me.licat nerba,
and u ntrained, nn oith, as contaiuit g not one par
ticle of mercurird, mineral, or chiinieal substances.
I found lobe leilecilv harmless t ihe mo-t tender
age, or ihe weakest frame, under any .1 igo of hu
man sufTe.ini! ; the mo-t plea-ml ninl benign in its
oerntioii that waa eer off. red to the world; and
at tbe uinn time the most certain in e.ri hing nut
he loot of any c intila'ni, howevor d. en. and of
perf. rnvng a c rr-.
I'uce f I per bottle, or tx bot;lr for $5. For
air, wholesale and retail, at the corner nf
CH ARLES and PRATT Sireela. Baltimore, .nd
-Nov. 6 1847. ,y Sunbury.
Burns, Scalds, and all kinds of Inflamed
Snrct Currd.
the must complete Burn Antidote ever known.
It imtanily, (and a if by Magic) atop pain of ths
most desperate Burns and Scald.. For oki Sore,
Btu e. Cut, Sprain, dec, on man or ia
ha best application that can be made. Thousand
tisve tried and thousands praise it. II I Ihe moat
puftct master cf pain ever diseotered. All wbo
use r commend it. Every family should be provi
ded with it. None can tell how soon some of the
fjniily may need it.
(Q" Olwerve each box of the genuire Ointment
has ihs name ol S. Torsty wrttt n on the outside
label. To imitate thia ia forgery,
Bo linen. Livi rv Men, F.rine'S, slid sll who use
Horae', will find this Ointment the very best thing
they cm ue for Collar G!ls, Scratches, Kick, dee.
Sec. on their animals. Surely every merciful roan
would keep his animals as free fiom pain as pob
hie- Tousey' Universal Ointment ia all that is le
quired Try it.
Bl PES OF INSECTS. For the sting or bits
of poi.onnu Insect. Touaey's Ointment ie unri
vailed. Hundred have tried it and found it good.
PILES CURED ! For ths Piles, Tousey' U
niverssl Ointment i one of the beat Remedies thai
can be applied. All who have tried it foi tha Pile
recommend it.
OLD SORES CURED. For old obstinate
8ons, there is noibing equal to Tousey 's Oint
ment. A person in Msnlius had, for a number of
yeara, sot leg that baffled the skill of tb doctors..
Toucy'i Ointment wii recommended by one of
the vi-ittng physicians, (who knew Its great virtue,)
and to boxes pr.tduced more benefit than the pa
item bud received fiom any snd s'l pievious leraav
die. 11 all try it.
of oses of Burn snd Scalds, in all parts of lbs
roun'rv, have leon cured by Touaey'e Universal
Ointment. Certificates enough could b had to All
the w hole of this she',
.ils on testimonial, in favor of T user's UmtoMot
for curing limine, have been offered the proprie
loie. Hundred in 8yracu-e will certify to ita great
merits n relieving the pain of the moat severe BruUe
All person should try it.
SCALD HEAD CURED. 8oreof ee of
Scld Head have been cured by Tousey 'e Oint
menl. Try it il seldom fait.
8A-I.T RHEUM CURED. Of U the remedies
ever discovered for thia moA disagreeable complaint,
Tousey 'a Universal Ointment i .he roost complete.
Il neer was known l- fail.
TouM'y'e Universal Ointment will always care lbs
worst eases of Chapped Hsodi, Bceiee of persona
will state this.
SORB LIPS CURED- For tha cur ef Bora
Lip, there was never anything made equal to Tea.
aey'e'Oinlment. It is sure 0 eore them. Try It.
Il is a scientific compound, warranted not to eon
tain any nieparetloa of Mercury. OCT Plies ttV
eente per bos. For further penieutare concerning
tbie really valasble Ointment, the pabue era refer
red to Pamphlets, to bo bed gratia, ef twsp4hls
Dviats and Mirehanta throogbowt ttta Unitea
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