Sunbury American. (Sunbury, Pa.) 1848-1879, June 24, 1848, Image 3

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In our advertiiing column this week will
m found the advertiKinent of Charlei Oak
ibrd, No. 104 Chesnut Street Philadelphia.
Mr. Oakford haa one of the most splendid
itablishmenti in Philadelphia, and knows
how business should be done, as his great
successfully proves.
F. H. Smith, No. 51 1-2 Chesnut street
Philadelphia, advertises for sale a large as
sortment of Pocket Books, Purses, &c, ma
nufactured by him, and sold at the lowest
Our friends S. J. Meoaroek & Co., who
have for several years past supplied us with
paper, arc ready at all times to supply edi
tors of newspapers and others, with every
variety and quality of paper. Soe their
Ropes, Cordage, Twine, &c. Persons in
want of ropes, twine, carpet chain, cotton
yarn, &., will find a great variety of all
articles of this kind in the extensive estab
lishment of Geo. J. Weaver, No. 11, Water
Street, Philadelphia, as will be seen in his
ArstNCE or Mind and Babv Yesterday
a man and his wife took passage in the cars
at Auburn for the west, and came away for
getting their infant child at the depot in that
place. Before reaching Canandaiirua they
discovered their loss, and telegraphed back
for the missing "responsibility," which was
brought forward in the next train by the con
ductor. They are a young and inexperien
ced couple, who evidently have not learned
the value of children. Rochester American.
Broom Corn Superseded. A man at
the Ramapo river has invented a machine for
making brooms, which according to the Jour
nal of Commerce threatens to exterminate
broom corn. It takrs a billet of white ash,
in a trice cuts it fine like the Manilla grass as
used for brushes. The broom can be made
for two cents each, and are said to work quite
as well in every respect as corn brooms and
to be much more enduring.
A Valuable Dead Letter. A letter con
taining a remittance of $3000 in Treasury
Notes, was opened in the dead letter office
in Washington a few days ago.
Monday last was the longest day in the
year. The sub rose at 4.22 and set ut 7.39.
We find the following superlative descrip
tion in a Western paper ;
They fit, and fit,
And gouged and bit,
And struggled in the mud ;
Until the ground,
For three miles round,
Was kivered with their blood
And a pile of noses, ears and eves
Huge and massive reached the skies.
raorx.sos of diskasksof woman.
Sixth Edition. IBino. pp. 2.50. Trice M
33,01)0 Copies sold in Three Months
Venn of Buffering, of physical and mental aucuis'i to
many an afl'eetionate wife, and iecuniarv ililheuli its 1 1 the
hnabaiid, might have been spareil by a timely irvoninu i.f
hit work.
It ia intended especially for the married, nr those mutrin-gm
plating marriage, aa it discloses important secrets which,
ahould be known to them particularly.
Truly, knowledge ia power. It ia health, happiness, afflu
ence. The rerelntimia contained in ila pages have proved a
Messing to th umnd, as the innumerable letters received
try the tinth will attest.
Here, aim, every female the wife, the m illier, the one
either budding into womanhood or the one in the decline of
years in whom nature contemplate an important ehnnjre
ran discover the cauaea, eyniptonts, and the mNt clli.-icnt
remedies, and ni'iet certain m de of cure, in every c mi.
plaint to which her aex la attuiect.
t'apiea will be sent wall free of postage U the pur.
Over ten thmunnd e iiie have been aent by mail within
three montha, with perfect anfetv and eertaiutv.
m the receipt of One Dollar, the "Married Worn
Private Medical Coinfiaiiion" will be aent (mailed fkle)
io any pan oi we imea piaioa. ah leuera must ne ikmii. j
naid eieeot thoae eniuunimr a remittance) and Airi-d
t Dr. A. M Maurieeau, Dn New-York Oily. Pub- j
IlKliina Office, lflo Liliertv-at., New York.
The "Married Woman'a Privnte Mediml rnnipuui.m'
aold by hookaellera throughiait the United rMritca.
June 3,
Bilious Fsvrr geneially begins with yarn
ing, stretching, pain in 'he bones, languor, gidili
ness, swelling about the the region of the s o
naeh. bilious vomiting, and olhei uiipleataut
Wrrffht'i Indian Vegetable Pilltttt one of th.)
best of medicines fur the cure of Fevers, became
they purge from the body those morbid hum rs
which are the caose of tvrry malady incident lo
Ia cases of fever, from four to right of
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills should I e takni
very night, or. if the symptom are violent,
night sne morning
Thi plan, if pr brly ear. 1
ried out will in a short time, subdue the most
violent attack of fever; at the same time, 'he
digestive organs will be restored to a healthy
tone, and health and vigor given to the whole
Caution. To avoid counterfeits, purchase from
.those only who can show a certihcale of agency,
representing the landing of William Penn ; and
Kvtmyare the labels on the box with the fae similes
.on ilwi ertificate. To he genuine, they inusl lie
sMActly alike, rigniture and all. Beware of coun-
oite and imtiesiiinn.
(3 The gt-ie for sale try Hxaar Masskii,
ole agent fur CarrUury, and oilier agents, publi-h.
rd in snotties ipart tf this per.
In the city of Wheeling. (Va.) on the 6ih
inst., by toeBev. Wm. litlfay, S. I). Jordan,
Esq., of t5unlHiry, te Mis Elizabeth Ann
TiUntj ef Mifioa.
. At WilHamnpoTt, en Wednpsdav last, by the
lev. Mr. Hebeiton, MiiOR Wm. L. Dew-art,
if this, w Mic Roseita Vanhoun,
ditightiff b( tie late Ey Vanhorn, formt-i ly
a rhepiber ef Congress from fhic district.
Id Miltcu,, en tie liti .nL, fcy Jno. Mill.-r,
P. B.Marr. Mr David McCohmick ofSchitvl
V ill county, to Alius CAttUBjiit, daugsU?r of
Rev. Joseph Mart, of Canada West.
In Harrtsburg, on the ftth inaU, by the
Rev. Mr. Cooper) Mr. tiivav I. Sucirea, of
Milton, te Mim Amem'ca,. .duugkter ef Na
thaniel B. Wood, gsqt, of Harrisbursr.
On the 8th inst., bv the Rev. Dr. Veemans,
Mr. Josiah Rtce, to Mim CiUtsTUNA Louisa,
daughter ef Maj. W. G. Scott, all of Rush
In Cattawisaa, on the 1st inst., by Rev.
Wm. J. Eyer, Uavik Clark, Esq , to Mies
Desdemoha Wadswcrtii, all of that r!a?e.
d 1 1: u.
In this place on Tuesday last, MARY, wife
t fcamuelClemerrs, aged about S3 years.
In Milton, on Thursday the 15th innt., after
tifVZJZt il,ne8' Mr- WASHINGTON
HAMMONtt, m the ?31 year of his r.
in Alllioo. an luh siBailu, uv 4liu. Jfiiiii-r. ;
Kan Air Thomas f'iaoTs.ERS. ta Miss Sf. m0 aupertor and lashioaable sty e. t'ersons
fcsq., Mr. IllOMAf CAoteii, w Alias , i who buy to sel'. will find a large and excellent
SAKHAit MAtifiyw, U ef Liberty touneh.,,, , ock atrtbe lowelt elty icM c ,"",'.,..,
ohimbia county,, ! ..p to order, io. superior style at the shortest
In Lewmburir. on 6th Jimt. bv the Rev. , ' '
Wbdiusdat, Jans 30, 1848.
Flour Is inactive, with sales at S3 88 a
15 87 i for common Penna extra $5J, 6.
Corn Mial Is steady at 82 37.
Ktt Flour Is quiet at about $3 60 a S3
Grain Wheat Prime white SM 27 a $1
30 ; red is worth $1 22 a $1 S3.
Rtb Small sales Penna. at 70c, per bushel.
Corn Yellow is worth 51 a 55c; white
50 a61o. , . .
Oats Are dull at about 37c for Penu.;
Southern 34.
Whiskey Sales in bblsat 221c, in hhds 21
a 21c.
aarinoRE maukkt.
Office of the BitTinont Ahsrivan, June 19.
Grain. No Maryland or Virginia Wheats
nl market. A lot of 4000 bushels from New
York, quality not prime, was oilcrcd to-day
but not Bold.
The . receipts of Corn to-diiy were very
late. Sales of white were made at 40a42
cents, and of yellow at 46u47 cenls. These
prices could realised lute in the
da v.
Wiiiskev. Is very dull. Sales of hhds.
at 22 cents, and ofbbls;at22& cents, now
held at 23 cts.
Corrected weekly by Henry Manner.
Whkst, ....
Cosh, ....
Oats. "
Eons, .... .
Pork, ...
Tallow, ...,
Flax, ...
HsrkiKii Fi., .
Dnitii ArrLca,
N extensive Slock of Packet and Table CUT
I.ERY. fur sale by
Not. 32 and 83 AKCADE. nml N J Korlk
THIRD Street,
C mp Ling 5000 dozen Penknives, 8ciss,rs ami
R i ira.
Alio, choirs assortment of Ro Igars & Sons,
Woienholm', Grraves W. & 3. Butcher's and
Fonney's Cutlery.
Also, Spanish, Dirk and Hunting Knivea.
AIo, Guns, Pst'i'i. an I Bowie Knives.
Ala-, Tlit American Rotor Strap, a uprrioi
article, woity the attention i.f Dealers
Cann Deulrrs in Cutleiy, will find the abive
Stock worthy their attention, ai the 8ulrcriher'
chief bus ness Is importing and filing cutleiy,
PhiUlelphia, June lOlh, 1848 ly.
A THotrsAsnDoinna Sittn !
ASHBV & ROCAP, and Cap .Tlaniiraclurers,
South Fast Corner of ilk and Market Street,
nnwment story.
! rTAVK c. natalit y on hand a full anil cnnplcte
j 11 as.irnviit of HATS, CAPS, ami KUISS.
I At inn elegant iiesorlm.Mit of nicn,1 unlhova
Leghorn, I'.inama, nml P...n I. af Hale. All of
wi ic!i liv a savin., of $1000 in rent, will lie ..l,t,
I wliole-ale ami ri tail, nt the vi ry lowest price,
j Co it n i ry dealer would dj well to call, os ly e.
j cono.i.v on I low it-ni, wo mc en il'lei lo .ell ut
I vctv low tatrg.
June IOiIi, 1843. ty
FELLOW CITIZENS. Encourae-d by ma
i.y of my frienda throughout our county, I
olfer myself to your consideration a cnniulate
for the office of
at the next General Election. Should my fellow
citizen lavor me with a majority of their votea,
I ihould apare no exertion tofilfill the duties of
aid office with fidelity and to the satisfaction
Sunhiiry, June 3, I84S.
ESPECTFIJLLY announces to her frienda
. l, and
) eatablithn
id the public, that ahe hai removed her
ihment to the building recently occupied
. r. - i i-. i -it . ,
by Daniel Druckemiller. (hoe store, nearly
opposite Mra. Bolton's Hotel, where the will be
belter able to accommodate her numerous friends
and I'ustomers with all kinds of Millinery, fancy
articles, and other dry goods.
June 3. 1818 3t.
I Mill In Session at the
105 Chnnut Street.
The session of this Convention is conducted
with unparelleled harmony, and the amount of
business done is immense. The President P.
R. M'NEILLE, assisted by numerous Vice Pre-
udents, presides with great efficiency and the
Treasurer is kept constantly busy with receiv
ing money Thi Dii.eoatis to this Convention
are in fits of delight, and have unanimously con
sented to nominate P. R M'Nsilli, at
Of the United States. If every one of the 100,
000'pstronsofthe Philadelphia Wardrobe, should
vote for bim P. R. M'Neille, ifcjll prove a most
troublesome rival toother President..! compe
titois. We are happy to say that at this convention
- all sets or Delegites are received, ami no-nartv
men's money is accounted just as good as any
body's money. This magnanimity is highly ex
traordinary. June 3, 1S18 2t
Wardrobe of Faaliloiiatile
J. YV. & E. D. STOKKS,
V. 104 ,tiirc Street. Firtt CUhiog tture be
low Sixth,
A HERE they are constantly engag 'd in get
ting up from the best French, l iitflith and
merican c oth. clothing cut and made up in the
I liv. '
N. B Odd Fellows Regalia, a large assort
ment always on band. Orders from Lodges and
individua's promptly attended toon the most rea
sonab'e terms.
Philadelphia, Junt 3, 1848 ly.
I RESPECTFULLY inform yon as a' citizen
of Northumberland county, that my friends
ia the four lower townships, made a solicita
tion, or call, these three years, to offer myself
to the eitixens of our county, as a candidate for
tka olfice ot
and I flatter myself capable of fulfilling the du
ties of said office aeeoiding to law. As 1 am
disabled to do any thing else but teaching school,
which I followed seventeen years, and under,
stand both English, and German, which is ne
I'pp'r Mahsney, May 3f, 1818
fTELLOW CITIZENS : Encoursged by ma
I' ny of my friends, I respectfully offer my
self aa a candidate for the office of
and Clerk of llio Orphans Court,
At tbe approaching election. Should I be fa
vored with a majority of your votes, I will spar
no exertions to render general satisfaction.
Delaware township, May 13, 1848.
Brush, Comb nnd Variety
iVo 9fl North Third, belmo Rate St. and Nirtk
E.ul eonnrr nf Tliird and Marht ttrrel,
WHERE they offer for sa'e a general assort,
metit of all kinds of Brushes, Combs and
varieties which they are determined lo sell
Lower then csn be purchased e sewhere.
Country Merchants and others Purchasing in
the above line wil find it to their advantage to
call before purchasing e'sewhere aa the quality
and prices will be ful'y guaranteed against a'l
Thiladelphia, June 3, 1813 ly.
French UEVorjJTioN. "
TYRANTS as well as Monopolies, must fall,
so must prices. That this is a fact ran be
proved by calling at
No. 72 Norlh 2d street, above Arch,
Wholesale and Itctalt
The stock consists in part ef Gold and Silver
Levers j I'Epines and Quartier Watches j Jewel
ry of the newest and most fashionable patterns.
' SILVER SPOOKS, J-c Particular attention
paid to these articles, the quail v ofwhithit
Ko. 1, ami workmanship 'IHto. The establish
ment or LE HURAY has been well known FOR
has made a character w hich needa no puffing.
Silver TEASPOONS as low as 51,50 per sett-
ran be made for less if wished.
WATCA t;t.ASSF.S Plain, 10 cts; Talent,
15; Lunette. QOcts; other articles in propor
tion. Remember, you can buy here below any pub
lished list of prices in this City or New York.
Watch Repairing particularly attended lo, and
warranted to give satisfaction
N B. Old Gold and Silver bonaht for rash or
taken in exchange at (don't forget the No 73)
North Second Street, above Arrh, Philadelphia.
Sept. 23, 1817 ly C May 6, 1818
'plUS l'.xlr:at i put tip in qunrt hot tit-. It i mx titrim
.1 choniHT. pi:) it iter, and wtirnintttl miprrj r t any
r rM, It run-H ilu'e'iKfi wil bout viuuitintz. purging, irk
mKi, or liVlfilitutiug the puliml. ami in jMirticulitrly uiluptt'd
for a
'I'hc rrfvit li.nity anl miporinrity t thia Sarfctpurilla over
tlir rfniHi.'y i. whilKt it rnticati'difK ;ian-,
il invi'tratm tb b ny.
CuiiKiiinplioii cuntl.
CkanKc tun) Sirctigtlicn.
(''lixuiu;ti mi r;m In ctiretl.
Irii"liiii.-t, ('oiiemtiipii.Hi, I,ivir C uiiplrtiut, C'Ms. Conglm,
Cnlnrrli, Aniiiun. f(ininc Itlnl, H Tciicfw in tliu
rW, lltviir Kluuli,' i(rht Sweatrt. Dijft--nlt
a mi I I'mi'iiKc J..Mctnmtu:ni.
mil Puiii in tfiu Siilff
Ac, Ac.
li.ivt tint) cut i 1; curcil.
l'rnlnJily thtTi' nrver wan u rnm-.iy that !i;ix Uen h nttc-f'.-innil
in cli..t-rat nwn ot rnttiuip1i'it an thix : it rtcati
fttiiuvi ftit'iiyJlii'ii-1 the nyMt-iit. aii'l nppeni n Uv:l tlie ul
ccrH on thv luiijif, aii'l ratiticntf piMtlnnlly regain their uual
I'tMiTu nun "Tivuyui.
ITHUM'S ASi: UK ruNsrMl'Tlo.N.
Thon- is ncarcctv- n ilny p:tstn hill ihcru it r- a tiiimlu r i-l'
en;.'. f cuirtuni tiiin reimrhft iin cMirtnl bv thn tint n Or. .
T'lWiiMfii'n r:utpjrill:t. 'I'he ll wing was rcccnil) ru
niffl r
Or. Tnw.NsKsn Orir Sir: Kr the lart throe yoar 1
have lf.ii alfitt'tfl witli K'ncntl debility, and n,rvttii' run- !
mntipti n f i lie Itrt Uuiiti. ond did ii'it oxjxx-t to favcr f:uin
my ha!th nt all. After yoin1; lliroujih a rounwol' itHHliritit
utidor thi rare t-l' 'ine ui' the m hi ilmiiiifrutKhH rostdar t
t.hysiri.iui- antl iiiciiiIkt-i i 1 the It mnl ( lift 1th in New :
S'ork and elrU whoro. and Mprndiiai liit? i nl my ftriiinf ,
in attempting t rvuu my htvdih, mid alter iiiili;.; in '
itnv stipcr of y-mr Sincijuii ilia 1 rtnt lved t try it. Ai'iar 1
using kix b 'ttlt8 I l "in id it d ne urn trriMt p xil. nnd calli-d ,
lo Mfy you at voar otrifo ; with your advice I kc;tt t u, and
do moKt heartily thnuk yon lor Viur advice. I persevere in
taking lite Mrnajianua, ami nave ik.oii awe in uilcnii ut my
itoaal lulxtrn f.r the tant lour mintlm, audi h pc by the
hlcMrUiigi nf ti d and your Kir na pari I la to viiiniie my
henhh. It me beyond the cxprclati mih ( nil who
knew my cane. C'llAKLKS Ql'lMUV
Oromce, Khhcx co. N, J., Aiig. 'i, 1M7.
Suite nf Jermiy, Kwx county, . f'h:irlei (ajiiim
by iH-ing duly worn 'accordiu; to law, ou hi cmth Kiitli,
that I he foregoing Htateiuout in true according to the Wat of
bin knowledge and belief. CI1AK1.-.S Ql'lMHY.
Sw rn nnd Hubferild to U'forr me nt Orange, the -Jd
Angiint, 1K7. CVUtH BALOWI.N.
Jmaict: of the I'oace.
Ileail the f 'llowing. and wiy that consumption in in incu
rable if von can :
Now York. April 1, t7
Or. Townknu : I verilv IwlieVA lliat yMir Sarivipanlla
haa leeii the means, thrpugH rrnvidtiieet of Having my life
t have f r nevernl ycr had a bud cugh. it became worite
ml worne. At taut I raikvil large rpiautiliei of hi-nil, tiud
night iwcuta and wan greatly debilitated and reduced, and
did it l expect to live. I have only uited your Sarmiptinllu
Init a Mliort time, and there him a wimdefful clmnge been
wrought in me. 1 am ii-jw able 1 1 walk all over the city
! raitte u t bi t xt, and my congh Iihk li ft me. Yu viui well
ini:igtn': that I am thankful for thexe rcnid'H. our obcili
cut tn-rvant. WM. lU SSKM,, ti. Catharine t.
1.0ST1IKU SJ'IOKfif.
Th annexed eertihVale lelln it mituple and truthful atory
of nuderiiiQ and relief. There nr th iiiwtndK of iinilarea
koi in this city and Hrooklyn. and yet there are thiusiiib
ut jitreuiH let their chil.lreu the tor fear vi U'UighiunUigui-d
or I tcivc a few Khilluigit.
Urn lyn, 13. 117.
Dr. Towyr.ND: I tHke pleajaire in ntHtuig, for the bene
fit of tli'Hte whom it may concern, that my daughter, two
year and ix ninitht old, wan aiflicted with general de
iiiliiy ami I pan of n ceeh. She wan given up a pant je
c tvery by our family physician; but fortunately 1 win re
c tiumeuded by a friend to try your Sanaiatrilla. lifore
having used one bottle ahe nvovcrcd her ajteetdi and waa
enabled to walk uloiic, to the aru uilmieut of all who were
acquainted with the circuinnttuicea. She ia now quite well,
and in much lietter health than ahe haa been for H immthi
naat. JCISK.PH TAYUHt, I'JH York at., Unrnklyii.
Very few fainiliei indeed in fact we have n-H hrard of
one that uned Or. TowiineiHl'a Sarttuparilla in time, loat
any children the mt Suumier, while thoae that did u t,
aickened and died. The cercilicate we publuh Iwlow ia
conclunive evidence of ila value, and in only air t her instance
of iti aaving the liva n( children :
Or. Townkno Oear Sir : 1 had two children cured by
yw Saraaiairilln of the an miner complaint and dyncntury ;
one whi only 15 nnMith old and tlu other 3 yearn. They
were very much reduced, unit we expected they would die ;
they were given up by two respectable physicum. When
the doctor informed ua that we mut lone them, we ruaol
ved Ut try your Kirnaparilla we had heard ao much ot but
had little ctaifideuce, there being ao much alull' adverliftcd
that ia worthiest: Imt we are thankful that we did, for it
i itml Hibtcdly aaved the lives ot both. 1 write thia tlial irth
' era may tie induced to ua- it. YtHirt. renKctftillv,
Myrtle-avenue, ItropUUn. StMt. I.;, Itl7.
Ok.Townskmu's SKatAPAiiiLL4 is a aovermgu and peedy
cure for incipient u iistntiption, uut for the general pr mrru
tion of the yi'tetn no matter whether tbe remit of inhr
1 rent FJiuttu or cauaea, pnalnced by irregularity, illueM or at
, cideut.
N iHhing can be m ire Kurprixing than ila invigorutiug ef
1 fecm on the huuuiti frame. IVrtviua all werikuena umT laa
j aitude, from taking il at once become r thuat and lull of
i energy undor ila mlluence. It immediately counteructa the
nervcieaiiueda of the ft-malc fruuw, which u the great cuuau
1 It will not be expeted of tin, in cnaea of an delicite a ua
lure, to exhibit certitioHtea of cure perforniod, but we cait
uuure tiie ainicted that nunqretta ot vacs tiave liceu repor
ted to ui.
Dr. TowiuB-fD : Mv wile lieing greatly diitrcaaed by
weakneaa and general debility, and eutferiiig CAMliuuaUy by
paiu and with other ditlicullic, and having known caaea
where your medicine haa effected great rurea; and alai
heart naj U ieeMnnieitdel for Mich caaea aa I have earribed,
1 obtained a b-ttile ot your Kxtraot of Haraapju-illa and fol
lowed the directiona yu gave me. In a abort oeriod ft
removed her cmplaiuti and reatored her to health. Being
reatl'ul for the Iiene6ts aha reoeived, I take nleaaure in
thus aekuowledgiug it, and reoowiuending it to the public.
M U. MUOHti,
Albany, Aug. 17, 'tt. eor. flrand : Lydia ala.
Ne Auid or mediciiw haa evr beeu discovered which so
nearly resembles the gastric juice or saliva in decomposing
food and strengthening the organa of digestion aa thia pre
paration of tsarasnerilla. It positive cures every case of
dyspepsia, however severe or chronic
Bank Department, Albany, May 10, 1RI.1.
Pr. Townsend Sir : I have been afflicted for several
years with dysiienaia in its worst f.wra, atlended with air
nesa of stomaeh, loss of appetite, extreme heartburn, and a
great aversion to all kiuda of food, and for weeks, (what 1
eould eat) 1 have been unable to retain but a small portion
on my stomach. I tried the usual remedies, but they had
but liitle or no effect in removing the osnplauU. I was in
duced, about two mouths since, to try your Kxtraet of 8ar
sanarilla, and I must aay with little confidence ; but after
using nearly two bottles, 1 found my appetite restored and
tha hearthnra entirely removed; and I would earnestly re
commend the use of tt to taoae who have been afflicted a. I
have been. Yours, e , W. V. VAN 7.ANPT.
Agent for Punbury JOHN W FRILINrt: Nor
rt.imberlnd, MARY A M'CAY; PanvUH, WM. A
Af"l Vi, 1M -Iv
A History ( the RevolatUa and Lltes nf ike
Heres of the War el laepeaanc.
An tltgani volumt trith 18 fine Steel Plates,
and nearly 200 beautiful Wood Engravingi.
This is a splendid book. A valuable addition to His
Historic Literature of our eountrv. We are niuoh mills
ken If it dues not take rank with 'the works of Irvine and
Preseott." Frank ford Herald.
It stiruaasea any similar work yet offered to the Anieri.
can public." Neal's Uasetie.
"It may be properly considered a popularised Military
History of the Revolution, extremely well and judicious
written." N. American.
"The present work on the Itevolutlon and ita Heroes, is
superior, both in extent and design to any that haa hereto
fore come under our not ice. H I no.
A well connected History of that eventful period. Led
ger. "Decidedly the be popular Histnrv of the war of the
Revolution and its Heroes, that lies ret been given lo I lie
country." Sitnrdny Kveiiing Tost.
ty AOF.NTS WANTEtf to rouran the nlwve ele
pant Work, in every County siM Town in tire l.riltrd
. " U 1 " w 1 1110 mn iioerai iii'liiceineills will I offer.
eit. Price only
Aiklrtss (post-paid) WXt. A. LEARY.
Xo. 153 North 8KCOND St.
,,,,,. 1'HIIjAUKI.PHIA.
rliilaclclpliiii, M.iy H), Hf Hin
wixe axu Mquon uc4I,i:r,
A'. 293 ,1nrn-t Street, lieUo Eighth, North tide,
Keeps constanlljr on hand all kind of old Li.
quor, via : Superior old rye whiskey superior
Brandy, Gin, tie. Also white biandy for preser
ving. Wild Therryand Blackberry brandy.
I'hiladelphia.'June 3, 1818. ly
TTAVE RKVIOVED from 193 Market Street,
L1- at their New Splendid and Immense K.lab
lishment to be known as the
Tower Hall Clothing Bazaar,
So. 182 Market Street, between fifth if sixth,
riiir.ADEi.i'Hi .
The Proprietors feel a reluctance in promul
Baling what in any way might appear like the
usual Bombastic exaggeration of some in (he
trade, but wiil beg leave to quote the following
notice from one of our city papers;
"One of the greatest curiosities that our City
affords to the stranger, is BENNETT & CO s
gteat clothing store, No. 182 Market street, b-.
tween Fifth and Sixth, which has been styled
'Tower Hall," from the peculiar finish of the
front. The building is on immense one, con
taining seven capacious rooms, all of which are
stnekpfl with tu.rv if.,itu j 1. 1
--- v, .ra.uiiauiR Kr- I
ments, arranged in the most perfect order and
it-gummy. ne proprietors take great pleasure
in showing their building and contents to the
ciliiens, particularly strangers, and to those co
ming from the country we know of t.n plate
more worthy of a visit.
I'liiladelphia, May 27th, 1 S 13 3m.
I'hlla., Itcadliis, and t'oOxvllle
tall lloail.
("i HANGE of Hours, and two Trains Daily
J each way, except Sundays.
On and after Monday, May 1st. 1818. two
trains will run each way, daily, between I'hlla
au! I'ottsville.
Leaves Philadelphia at 7 A. M daily except
raises Reading at 10 4.1 A. M. -Leaves
Pnttsville at 7 A. M. daily except
Sundays. Passes Reading at 10 A. M.
The above Line stops at alt way stations on
the roud as formerly.
Up Train. I Down Train.
Leaves Philadelphia nt Leaves Pnttsville at 21
2.J P M , daily exceptl P. M , dally except
initio y
LeavehPhOMiixville 3 l'if.
avesSrh Haven, 2 37
" Pollslowti, 4.1
" Pott Clinton, 3 00
" Rea,llll(, H .10
" I'ottstown. 4 30
" I'lia-aixville, 5 00
Xrrives at State
" Heading.
o so
" Port Clinton,
" Sch. Haven,
Arrives at I'otts
ville, Road, i,.10
The afternoon train will slnpnnly at the above
naoied stations. Passengers for other points
mii-t therefore take the Vorning Line
Depot in Philadelphia, comer of Broad and
Vine Streets No Passengers can enter the Cars
unless provided with Tickets.
NOTK.'E. Fifty pounds of baggage will be
allowed lo each passenger in these lines ; and
passengers are expressly prohibited from taking
anything as baggage but their wearing apparel
which will be at the risk of its owner. No
freight will he taken by these lines.
I Hy order of Board of Managers.
! S. BRADFORD, Secretary
M.iy 0. 1818. tf
j UOKGE I. GREEN," Pboimktok.
' Windsor, Vermont
1 ! n ntVLTi'iuu mnMy fir 11VS1KISI A, in many ut' il
j X iiiruii, Hurli bh uiiii in the ttuuuK-'li, HitiirtLuru. h .hilual
j Ciwtii'cixMM, Acid Summon, Hi'iuiJiet lt ol Api-etttr,
Pilcnj Niht iSweatii, and rvru Ct-iuumnliiJa l)ai;elitic'
I I'liiliiiic,) and A' hum, or 1'hlhUic atleiulcd with dcrnnye-
input ot tlie TH-ininrn (-r Uyn,! lie AMiiuui.) iiiiucuii
Ureal In i ig, M-hich uileii ruiilu irmu uuiMtrlect dij((jrliu (r
t)ymptii: Sys'iita-a,) is relieved by I bene It) tiers. Iiis'i 'il,
their um Iiun Ikhii irovud hi the rctiri' tH luiMt oil the
yiiiptivnni that pnKwd from a debilitated iir atonic CHuti
tiiot' the Citoiuarh ; alsa in Keneral debility ariwiut irMii
age or (Vhh the t-itifU i4 Fever, wrtieulu'rly Kevcr and
Ajue. Keuulea Muttering under any uterine derail): email
aruiiic iV jiii weukuew, will tiud the OxiENArhn Hit
tkrs an exoellcnl remedy, and not Mirpuiwcdby any inetli
vine in uie.
The Innlnry of thin medicine ta peculiar. It luw made its
wny to public tiivor aulely by the l'rce oi itauvii intriiuiie
merits. .No artificial meaiw have been used to viva it mv.
toriety and thruat it Umu imblic utteiitini. It nna never
beli re even been advert ivA, but liaving Drat nh.ivvu ill re
markable elficttey in the lumily tl the proprietor, and by
him atterwarda administered tu his alUicted friends and ae
tjuaiutanceii with a like result, its repuluii m raduully ex
tended until it js known iu the iitoat di stunt jmrts a( the
1'iii'hi, as a meliciiie ol' unrivalled virtues in the cure ot'
DyN(Hpsia in all ita different t'orius, and al ! the cure ol'
Asihnisi or l'hthisir. lis only beruld and its only etil (,
lias been the atory of its wm-drrt'iil etficay, aa told i n mi
in-ml b to mouth or by Iftter frnn t'riend to Vrieud. In eve
ry iustaiire wht rc these Uittera have been uanl, and tlie re
sult made known t Uie prourielor, they have proved a re
metly. j Aunieroiis certincnira, uttrstiiifr me singular tmcary ii
the "O.wtiCNATKD HiTTKUis." are in the p aatwi'iti H the
1roprietr ; mtuiy ot' them siguol by pcramis already with ly
iiiowu to the public.
r.KO. B. OH KMX, Proprietor.
WINDSOR. Vt., ilvrr II, M&.
The lulltiwina tertitieutes buve recently been
received t
Washingtos, D. C, Jrxi 10, 14.
Iluving made uae ot' the Oxygenated iiitlers" pretartil
by Dr. (ie t. H. (ireen, ot' Wiiwlsor., Vt. and iruiu k'W
lude oliiuiiM'sl ot their eifnucy in other cn-s, wecheriutly
ree tinmeud the m to the public, believing that tliey will fully
sustain the ree aiiineiabititiii til the I'rojirict . We hope
that thia valuable remedy maybe so generally diilused
throughout the cmnitry tlial il may be ucit:asiblc to all the
MAMl t:t. 1MIKI.P", ) B a,.,.
JAMK.H V. MIM.MO.NS, 17. 8. rMt
iial r from Venn wt.
r from R. Island.
J T. MOHKllftAD, 1'. 9. Senator tfnd LWimrtY iovera-
or of Keutuckv.
I,. II. ARNOLD, Member of Congress and formerly Go
vernor of K. 1.
WM. WOODIJK1DGK, V. tf. Senator snkf ftrineriy (ie
venior of Michigan.
M. 1.. MAKTIN, Delegata iuCongreaa from Wisrnsiii
From Hon. II D. Fostkb, Memlier of Congret from
Fanuay I vauia .
, Wasuinuton. D. C, Jcxe 10, lftia.
Pear Air, I have beeu a dyspeptic sufferer for about ten
years, and have resorted to various medieinea for reliel'
witiKait sucoeaa, until 1 made use of your "QxyniiMed
Bitters." 1 hava used about two botilea, and 6$a myself
restored to uerfect health. Tha forma in vhicM .thfe dis
ease ahs.wea itself, ia my case, were, great acidity of tha
stomach, loss of appetite, aatreme (Uiulenca, severe eonati
pation of tha boweia, and violent--headache. Feeling deai
rona that a knowledge of your valuable remedy may reach
others similarly afflicted. 1 take great pleasure in record
ing mv testimony to ita curative power ; and would aun
remark, thai while on a visit at home a short time si ace, I
administered part of a bottle to a number of my afflicted
frienda, with great sticcas. They are desirous that you
ahould esiamhJish an agency at Piltsburc , or inform them
where the medicine cut be obtained. With an ear neat da
aire for your prosperity and happiness, I subscribe myself,
traly your friend H. D. FOSTER.
, Doct Geo. B. Gaawt AVindsor, Vt.
Riid Wholraaie, and Retail hy Green 4 Fletcher, N4
SElouth fiutb Street, FhiLaderpbia
Afw for iHunNirv H MAWKR
Agents for MUtwiMACKAY HA AO
Ar"' 1
Caa ears Irani IS te S per Cent.
fiV rmrchssinf their OIL CLOTHS direct
from the Manufacturers.
Haee opened Warehouse, No. 13S Norlh Third
Street above Race, second door South of the Ea
fie Hotel, , ,
where they will always keer on hand a complete
assortment of Patent Flattie Carriage Oil
Clotht. 88, 38. 40, 48 and 64 inches wide. Fi.
gured, Painted, and Plain, on the inside, on Mas
Iin Drilling tnC Linen. Table Oil Clotht of the
most desirable patterns, 36, 40, 46 and 34 inches
wide. Floor Oil Cloths, from 88 inches to 81
feet wide, well seasoned, and th newest style
of patterns, all of their o vn inanu'aclure. Trans
psrent Window Shades, Carpets, he. All goods
Phila. May 27, 1318 .Iin
John W. Friling,
B KSPECTKL'LLY informs his friends and
Ja.cusloineis, that he has just received and
opened a splendid assortment of GOODS, coiisis.
ting of
Groceries, Hardware, Queeiisware, ic.
The public are invited to call und examine for
Sunbury, May 0, 1818 tf
slft i
tiik dm v iMiiir.M, rini: imii
S-r.mila or Kill's Kvil. Itlieuin-itimn. (JlwtiiiKte Cutiiicoiia
Kruj tkun. l'imi'l. s nr 1'. utiili-s rn the MMi luw,
Uilcs, Chiwnie S re Kyi h, King Worm ,t Teller,
ai-nlil l.:ail, J'.nl.u K-ui'.-iit ami 1'uiu "I 'the
it 'in s unit j 'iuls. S'tilili irn I'leer.i. S.-phi-lilie
Symptiiuis. S i.iliea or l.llliil.ii; ,,
iliseuses iirixin I'r.iin en injutli
ej lis lue ol Mulcury. lr
ly. Kxp.eure or lm;,ru-il'-upe
ill lite; il!. ,
t.'lir-Uiic Ciaisti
luli .ji-iI Did
onltT!. In tliM tiie.licine sovenil inn sreiit but very pitoul articli-s
ol" ihe vei!'lnlile kincl iii nre uniliii, iV.riji' a c .mp-iund
entirely Uiflercnl in its eltuncter and pniperties I'rom any
otlier prenanitton. nnil liiirivntlcil in its itperjti-.ii un lite
sysleiu when I iKiriii( umlei ilisraxe. It ah .n!d he in tlie
Inii'ts of every per. si. wh , by bnsinena, or eeiicral course
oi liie, is pruliH.ifed to the Very iiuuiy ailimeiils Unit ren
der lile aeiirac, niKtcail ol a l.l. TJing. ami s miteii result ill
I'Olt !L'lOIU I.A.
nr. Dnku's l'luniiM ii is ri'i-.iiniiieudi il us a rerluin reiimly.
.Not one instnilceol iimiillurf has ever oecurreil when frei-.
ly used ! It enres the disease anil nt IheKime time impurts to the wh-.le system. rVr .ul ms j-rs ns eau never
iy Lui iimrli nltenti 'li to the state in their litest. Its ini
riUKlti l slnnld lie their lirrt nilll; fir perseverance will
eve 'lupiish a enre ol kvr iilrkuitaiiv disi-nee.
S-uriy. Se.irlmtie Alli-eli.-ns, Tuiilim. White fwelliiw.
i:ryislas. fleers. t'niuerK, Itimninir S-ircs. rValM and
lilies. Dr. Urake'e Puimera csauii.jt I t.- liijjhlv ext A.ei ;
it aeari'lim out the very r sit ol the dimnise, und penu'iiicut.
No mcdirine ptThrips hits ever Ih.-ii die.tvcril which
Kives i iniuh I me to the nt in:ich mid c.iiiws the secre
ti"ii ol'u htnillhy KiiMiie jtiieu t j ihr"int.'sc the t' us Dr.
Drake's l'miui-eu
Dr. Drake's Pameea "'d ilh the (ire ,t.-.-t nu'eess in
Riieiunulie C'ouilaiiils. eaieei:illv surh aaeiir.Hiie. It eures
by ttri vintr iut nil iiupurilies mul t jul hum uirs which have
aeettriluliiteit in tTie hysuon, which me the cuiine ol' Ulieu
liuitisiii. Gout, and Swellings of the j,,inta. Other remedies
s iDietiue. give teniHirary reliel'; this entirely eradicates
the dieuse t'nmi the system, even when the limb and bones
lire ilreadl'ully mvuIIcii.
CoxsiMl-Tlux ai KK cram. Couehs, Cntarrh, Itroi.
chilis. S,miiit of I1I...I. .Vthma. Dimcull or profuse Kx
peet'irnti in. Ilce'ie Klush, Niiht Sweats, l'aiu iu tlie side
&c. have beeu cured, nnd can lie with as much certainty as
any other discuse. A .(ecllie bis .iv been snuplit for,' but
iu vain until the diseovery of Dr. Drake's I'uuucea. It is
liukt and ante but certiiin ami etlicutious iu its oiemtiou,
and eminot possibly injure the in ist delicate constitution.
'e would eurncslly recommend those iifHirled lo give it a
trial and we believe they will not have occasion to regret
it. The system is demised and strengthened, the ulcers on
the lunirsure heded, imd the ni1ieu:s 'prudimltv rcirtiin their
usual health ami trrngih. itcait the f. Mowing :
1'hila., Dee. Mill, IW.
Dku Sib : In reply to your restiectiug the use
oi Dr. Drake's lanacca, I will aay, that idtliouali a perl'ect
dislielievcr in the eistctiie oi'a I'AXACliA, or cure lor all
dtsiSfeH, bttwevel valuable it nmv lie iu ccrtmn c imlitions
of the system, slill 1 have believed thai a cure l ht (JotiMimp
lioii wiiiikl lie disc ivcrnl s t-uicr or biter, anil cmlosily leil
me to try your medicine in lvit very inveterate case.
They were nroitniuecd by the ultetidiuir idivsicians to lie
ri LwAKi i-uAusrui. anil aurtiktunctl Iiy tlieiu as IN
ri SASLK. One ol' tlie Mrsons luid been under the trelit
ineiit of several very able pnictilioneis fir a nunibvr of
years, unit they said she had "old laslil .nod Consumption
couibiue with Seroiiila," ami that she iniuiil liuiterlor a uue
time, but could iet lie ieniviticiitly relieved, iu bjliieasih
the elTcct of the I'linaci-a has tieen moit ;rjtil'viug. Only
imir or five bottles were used by one of the pers ins lielor'c
she began to improve rapidly. Tlie oilier to k ab.iut leu.
1 will only add thai funiiliiir as 1 am with e Jiniuuipli.iu by
inheriluiiee und by exteiive ohscrvuli.ul us a studv, anil
knowiiifr uls-i the iujuri-'iiH eil''ts in uino vanes nut' of ten
of tar, Uuiuset, and other vegetable taik-a, ua well ns of
many ol theexiicctormitsaudsediitive', I i-h aild never liuve
ree.imuiemled the use ol Drake's rauaetta if I hid li.'t lieeu
acquainted with I lie iiit-rcdlcut. Sulliee it I s ir tlial these
are lee-iumieisled by our in wt piilnr and scientific physi
cians, and in their present c-untuned state, f rui pr.'Uibly
the best ulterntlve tlinl has ever been made. 'I'he cure i'ri
ill accordance with a the .ry of CiiKuniptiu broached iu
France a few years ug i, by one nl her m st eiiuneut wri
ters on medicine, and u w esiublished by lac's which ad
mit of no ilisnute.
Very Respectfully Yours, 1,. C. OfXX.
To use the bnpuue ol'aisither, "Dr. Drake's Panacea in
always military lu ila effects never nijori ois. It is not as
Opiate it is not and Kxpuctomul. It is ut iiiteudetl to lull
the invalid into a littiil security. It is a great remedy a
grand healing und curative compound, the great and only
remedy which medicul ai-ienee uml skill has vet produced
fir the treatment of this hilherlo mieoiHUcrcdmalady. And
no iers niHicled with this dread disrase, will be just to
himself and his frieuda, it he go il wn lo the grave without
testing its virtues. A single b 'tile, in m in canes, will pro
dueea INViH-aMe ehuugc iu the condition ot' any patient,
h iwcver l.w.o
TO TIIK l.ADli:.
.. .t , ,i, ,, ,-n,iH.ll,,, r imillls, OISI
such us are debihutisl by those obstructions winch leuiales
nie name i , are resl irnl liv tlie use ol a tutlle or two, t
Ii.i.iui vigor. Il is by far tiie best rcinedv ever discovered
far wiiikly chiklreu. and smh as have Isiil humors ; being
pleasant, they lake it. It iiumediutcly n-stores the appetite,
strenglli und color.
Nothing ran be more surprising than its iiivig.initing ef
leclsou the hmiHiu frame. Perwaia. all weakness ami las
siliidc beliire takiuff it. al mice become rol m si und full of
energy muter ils iurliieuee. It imiiicdiute ivmateracts the
ttcrvclchsiies of the female frame.
r.AI'TION. lie careful uml see that you get the genu
ine Dr. Dkakk's Panacea it has the sigiuiture of f isn. F.
Stours 011 the wruptMT and nls the naine "Da. Duask's
Paxacsa, Pint..." bl iwii in the glass.
Prepared oul) bv Stoku. it Co., Druggi-its. No.tfl Nrt:l
Sixth St., Phibulrlpliia.
Agent tor Sunburv II. M AStiKH.
HAA als.i by Wat. A. Miikkax A fo.. Danville II Suite
ru, MiIkmi; Mahv Mrt'nv, Norlhuuilierland ; K. P.l.iis.
April I, lelHly
.It th' Nw Proaa No 79 Arch ttreet.
httwren id and 3i Nirth t de,
'T'HE subscriber invites particular attention fo
hia large and splendid assortment of new and
eho'ct ttyltiif Dry Goods comprising a general
variety of tbe most desirable kinds of Drent Ma
terials, Hhawls. Glove; Hosiery, Unt.hrinku.btc
Flannels. Worked Collars. Cambr.e. Jatfmet,
Mull. Namonk and Plniil Mtulins, Linen Cna.
tWcaiid&$ Pocket Hdkfs, Black Hal an Cra
vats, others too numerous to adveitisa.
Particular attention is given to Linens and Fur
nishing Goods, generally tbe stork ia large, and
the pruts will be found much lower then usu
al, having been purchased at Auction at sacrifi
ced rates Tbe fabrics are warranted pure flax
and from the best makers.
P. S. Persons wishing Plain and Mrdiun
stylts ot Drtst Goods and thjwlt, will find
raoire variaty
Philadelphia, April 1, 115
207 Main street, Buffalo, N. Y,
Vegetable Liihontrilic IHixtorr.
rpilffl celebrated remedy is eonstently Increasing ita lame
-- oy the many cures it is making
II has now become tbe only incdicina for lumily use, and in
particularly recommended for
all stages of this e inplain! immediately relieved, in mailer
01 how long Handing tce Phninphlet for testimony.
and all iliscoaes ia the urinarv organs; lor thce distress
ing oomplnuits it stands nUie j n other article can relieve
you : and the cures teat iliedtu will c uivince the uiosl sken
tlcal; see pamphlet Liver Ciiiil dnt, llilliolis dircaaua,
To Iha Greet West especially, nnd wherever tliesa eoui
pluliits prevail Uus luislieiua is (.flercd.
no deleterious compound is a pait of this mixture, it
cures thene discuses wilh certainly and celerity, and dies
uol leave the system t r,ad. See Pamohlet.
a coiuplsinriof a hu m j, , imiil character, is
ami a cure toll iws by a few days use ol thisaitielc ; il is
Isr miy oilier prepnrnti m tor this diwase, or lor any
o her disease originating iinnurc blj..d. See laiu
phlet. 1
weal back, weakness of the Kidneys, Ac., or mnaimim
tloil of same, is immediately relieved bv a lew days use of
this medicine, und a cure is ulwuvs a result cf its use. It
stands as
for such complaints, und ulsj for derangements 01 the fe
male Irame,
painful menstruations. N'u article has ever been uHurcd
except this which would touch this kind of derangements.
It may be relied ujiou us a sure and cllective reined v, and
did wo led permitted t . d 1 so c mid give
as prool ol cures in this disiroasiug class of c..inJuint.
See pamphlel. All broken down, debilitated constitutions
Irom the clieel ui mercury, will tind the bracing power of
Una article load 1 ediuiely, mid the uieoiniis iiiiueial
eradicated trim thrsvstetu
will linil tlie n.tinttivt' nntpt-riit-ai ui' tu nriicje
undiliiveu such ilisetmes lr nil the sv.'tem. See t, j ,, .M.l.-l
loi icslim in ,.f cures in nil ilis. as.., which the limits ol .
an udvertiacinent will 11 it permit to be mined here. Agents '
give tin in iiwnv i they c .main aa jsiuca ol eerlincales of ;
inch cliaracter, ami n Mroivjer
ol the virtues 01 a medicine, never appeared. Il is one of
the peculiar lent urea of tin. article that il never fails to j
beuetil in any case, and ir Ismc nnd muscle arc Ir-lt to build ;
upui let the emaciated nnd lingering invalid
Hope on i
nnd keep (nkiiar the meiiiciue as 1 .11 as there is un im
provement. The proprietor would
uai'tIon THE PUBLIC i
against a utiiiuVr of articles which c uue out nnJcr ihe i
head ot 1
as cures lor Dropsy, t;ravcl, Jtc. : Tlicy uru g.nsl ..riio-
iiung, oiiu c incicted to gull llic unwarv :
Their invent rs never thought ol curing such diseases till
this article had done it. A urticulnr study 01 the palu
phlct ia earnestly a olieiteil.
Agents and nil who sell the article are
gratuitously, t'ut up in .111 oz. bottles, at CS : !!. dial
1 eachthe larger holding C oz. m .re than Iwo Mlllall Isit
lies. I.sik out and gel imposed litem. I'.verv tutlle has
"Vunghn's Vegetable l.ilhonlriptie Mixlure."'bl.iwn upm
the gliuu. the written signature 01 -ti. O. Vaughn'' on the
direction, awl C. Vumrlm, Uutl'al .," stanisl on the
e irk. None other lire ceimine. Prewired In Dr. II. C
Vainrhn', uml s .UI al the Prmciiml I Hiice, an? Main street,
llullulo. nt w liol.vale und retail. Nutittcuti m given to let
ters unless p-ist iaid 'irders t'roni revulnrly coiistitutetl
Agents exeepteil ; vst paid I. -Iters, it verbal' eoiumuuica
lions s iliciting iidvice, pr unptlv intended I uratis.
Olfices devoted exclusivelv t Hie siie of tins article.
HW Nnssaii !. New Vorkcitv: ."i Isex st.S.dem. Mass.:
and bv the prin -ipal DrusiiislMhr .uvhoul the I nitcl Slntcs
uud t'ltuaita. as Agents.
I,isl 01 Ai!.i,t.i.storr ft c 1 . Wh leyal-- Agent I'hiladel
pliia I. V. t'riliiur. Sunluirv Isaac Cearliarl. Selinsgrove
f. A. Wyelh. Is-wishure II. I. Slimier, Milt.'n I'luvea
V McC'ormick, MeKweiiaville Mtsa .McC'ov, Noilhuuib'er
lallfi. April 1, lf y
IMctorlnl rtlitlon or O' Aublsnc'H
prcat Work 011 tlie tti'Corikiutlon
piibliahed 01. or about Uie 1st of April, ISIS, by
JOS A. SPKEL. No 00 Cherry st. above Cth,
his splendid lSmo edition of the above named
work, with IS engraved illustrations from ori
ginal designs; 4 vols in 8, bound in extta cloth
and library sheep.
The publisher respectfully rails the attention
nfthe trade and the public generally, to this
work being the only illustrated edition published
in the United States He trusts that the beauty
of its embellishments, th i strong and substantial
manner in which it is bound, in conjunction with
the known popularity of the work itself, will be
a sure recommendation to public fa ''or.
JOS. A. SPEF.L. Il G Cheiry at above Gth.
J. A. S haa also lately published, a new and
beautiful Edition of Sergeant Cell's Raree Show,
a suitable book for children, neatly done up in
extra cloth.
l'liila.L-lphia, April I, ISIS
In prewiitiiii( Ihe rtil!U- wilh n rniitlv "nr the trratnuiit
ant I euro ii' Fevlk au Auric tun I utlr tili -iu iIiwum.".
lit i ain.i!y ! ntjrtll. tut iiuiuLier in llie I tiittxi Mulf.
who Hiittrr t'min (lietir ulttvlit'iiM in tlu-ir vurutj r-triiu, ur
eomp llttit'i wik rt'lii'i t'r-m oilier Hinri limn ili iuiiiit
dmt prt'i'riitiimii ul' the nKiilar phymt iiiii. It UtHMii' i
Iheri't'ure an object tr huituiniiy, u wtll uml public ii it r
ct, to lrinif ben ire thrm mistily prt'iHtntl iioui uuirli &
IHTimce, uud whit h limy iilunvi be rtli.l um un rrr..
sfmU iu th true rluruvtrr I ho INDIA 4'IIOhAi(il'K.
in amply uttiflrd by the univettuf Twni with wliub it Im
been eiiipii'ed.
ft?" I.Alnut frn n .miMimiiti 11 vf the !I ui V.
I iam WauiiuuiiKiK. vi Ihe I", r. tfenutc, kite liuwrii'-r tn
.M u'liitnut.
i)F.nuur. UI. til. Ihlil.
DHTtU t'llABI-Kj iK:ihD.
Dear Sir. I h;tve re;ul with iiuu-h in!ir-i, your lifih-TBAKATl-tK
up the e;iiimii, treulm-'iit ui hi euff" l ill--febrile
diwensea which luive fMnuivt ly revuile(l in mir
country ilurmg the Lift lew iti mllis ui uilerct iii,rne.
uo tkiuht, by tlie l';it'l I kit I bine iudu i.lutilly uliTcil i
mih t'rni thnn. lnnit-h I teel myttctt very im tuptti'iit
tu iiultfe Ktf'ely it.ii h Mibjrt l1 tt i entirely prtiteMni iniil. ei
ymir the ir te:uu 1 1 nit- w.-U h-h ii-.1, uimI your c ur!n
ciiMiH jut.), ujkI 1 think withal, ifcit yam piiiiii.let in e.iU n
lulttl In nnnlnee much pmeiieiil )i knI.
Sp.i.kmf ol tlie ineilu iite he !':- Mt hilly juslitieil vnir
fluttering exp-elati'iii. hmI " Kite, e iuyrnienr, uiul p pii
liir remetly. my own i pri'me. 1 1 r. iiwlueea hh: t- U
ficvi tlmt it vill pr ve'n !rfl public Ix-iit-ht. 1 am pli .cl
to team ilmt yoirhave reeeuily rilihnl . venU aveiift'!
(H iu tlieip- wimhi th'ii)ih i regret llutl. with u view lo i
iu re p'uei.'il iliMH-iiiiiuitioii ol u, y u slifiild luuetomitl i.'
iin -fa. to remove iphii your prcwiit rtitltMiie tun 'nil
Vitfr irrtw "li renpeet I Imve Ihe lutnm lu Iw. mr,
our oblqteil :r ant,
avi! 1 1 am wooimitiDt.i:.
V IVolll Hi II. TKI'IIKX V. II. TBoWl'llIIHK. Ol Miclil-
gun State S entile, lo ihe A( nl at lHroit.
KtHMiVi il a hi. iitlkm r.t , Dee. l, IMI
Sir you wih uie to inioiiu ytMi whut I kww ol lr.
Ong.krii Initib rhol tp-ague, or nti-hili'niri met) i cine. I 4 i
brliev I hat if the virtue iiuii elheaey of thin inn hr ine werr known, Ihe rVKK and auib would iliiaippeur in
I pKVurerf a bitlle in the vpiiiff of Ifil. ami luive g mnl
reuaoii to believe llutl m avelt' and luiuily t'eueii the ague
Aud atatojl iu coniegUencd til ita ums. .
Perhaw in n-i Kuiumec aiiH tha aett lenient ot thia Ana
peniiMuhi, tuia the fever a nil tittle leti au prevuleut aa tha
I have reonnuAerHrCii this mMieitte in mmieroiit iu.
Ktaueeiis and when the diafae had bmiiiM- ftxeil and Uitfled
Ihe akill ol" pliyaieiana ; wmI I lwva nevoc known il fail. .
haa uuiveriully prmlueed Ihe in t hajipy etf'U, ami I bet
heve it hai a ever been exemxled by any medicine in ret:
ving the bilioua diacaaeauf Un' elunaie.
Your a,, ...
A cent for rtunbur H. II MASHKR ; Nnrthnmhcrtaiid,
WlTlllsN'GTOM k r-o.; Mttt.n, J. 11 KAHKR; rViiiw.
fnwa, MAY 4 KIA6E.
May 6, JH1& ti.
IrST received, at the store o Haaav M
ssa, a choice assortment of DRY GOODS.
tirociries. Liqutrt, PalmUaf and o'htf hats. A'r.
til ef which will be sold at the lowest prices
Sunbury, June .t, 1811
Soul nil J tctior-Cojij (iirr Tress, Patent
Slntti'Lined Refrigerator, Water Fil
lots, Patent Porta bin Water Clo
sets, intended for tha Sick
and Infirm.
70 South Vhi'rd Street,
Mannraeiiits alid keep eMtstsns-
ly on band, a large assiftmeal cs;
me nnove articles, logeiner wnn
their Patent Improveil aakunsmlar
are so const nicted aa to set st rest
all maimer of doubt ae to lhe.iv
being strictly lire-prixif, and that
they will resist Ike tire nf any
huilHitiir Tltn Mlluiala .tf
Jliese Sufi-s nre made oftr-flcr Iron, the inside casenf sosp.
stone, and between the outer cn,e and inner ease is a Span
of sonic three inches thick, and is filled in with indestruc
tible material, so as to mnko It an impossibility to burn any
of the contents inside of this Chest. These rVwmstone (is.
Uiainndera we nre prepared and d challenge the world to
produce any article iu th.i ahaue of Book Salei that will
stand ns much hear, nu.l we bold ourselves ready at all
times to have them fairly tested by publie bonfire. We
also continue to Mniml'acliirc a large and general assirt
iiient of our Vreiniuui Air-tight Fire Pre or Safes of which
there nre over Mm now in u..e, and in every Instance they
have pi veil entile siilifliacti.ii to the purchasem of wlncu
we will refer the public lo a lew gcuileiueit who have
them ill ure.
Ilaywxsl A; Snvder. Pettsvillc; J.rcph 0. Lawtun
P ttsviilc; Mi. William I'arr. lylestnwn, Pa.
V.V tl. Tiiyl .r. l'.",p north lid st.l A Wright k. Nephew
Vine st. whan': Alexander Caror, Convevnncer, corner im
Filbert and nth sis.: John M. Ford, aa north 3d t.j Myars
Hush, SIl 11 .nil 3d St.; James M. Paul, 101 south 4th at.
Dr. David Jnyue, $ south 3d M.j Mathcyr T. Miller, 90
a nilli 3d St.; and we eould name soni tliindreds of othera
II it were nnccsmrv. Now we invite the attention of the
pablie. and particularly those in want of Fire Proof Safes,
to call at our st ire before purchasing elsewhere, and we
can satisfy them they will get a better and cheaper article
at our store than at any other establishment in the eitr.
We also manufacture the ordinnry Fire Proof Cheats, at
al very low prices, cheaper tlmu tlicy can be bought at any
other store in Philadelphia.
david f.vans.
JohANnes Watson:
Philadelphia, April t, Iftle1 ly
Time and DiM.aiice Srt red!
I FllilE subscribers havinit leased the Sunbury
i 1 Ferry, beg leave to itifurm the public,, that
j they are prepared to convey Teams. Pleasure
; Carriages and Foot pasienc-rs serosa the river
with safety and witlioufdelay. They have pro
j vided themselves with new and commodious
crafts, which will always be attended with able
ami careful hands.
I Poisons travelling to and from and through
; Sunbury to New Ilerlin. I.cwisburf . Hartletorr
ami other places, will linil il greatly to their ad
viintuun to cross at thia Ferry instead of t,)i"
' Dridges, ai they would save from two to four
' miles in distance. JOHN SPF.F.CE
I Sinibiiry, April I, 1843
Connnission ond Furwartling
iV.i 48 Commerce Street IVhavf BALTIMORE.
Will receive and sell all kinds of Country Pto
luce Flour, Grain, &c. .. ,. ,. ..4 ...
N. B. Particular attention j;iven to the sale
nf Lumber. And cash' advances made on con
signments, when required.
Apiil 1, 1818 4m
stibrriber is prepared to receive arufac,
L rnmmndate a few transient or permanent
Hmirilert, at her residence in Sunbury. The lu.
cation is in a handsome and plensant part of tbe
town, commanding a fine view of the Susquehan
na, Niirtliumberland and the scenery adjacent.!;
To peisuns from the city, who wish to.speitd, a
few months durine the summer season, Sunbury
affords a delightful retretft.
April S, 1818 Cm
j Important liifbriiiatibfi:
j TO all purchasers of ready made clothvne, in.
foimalioii is heieby given that the .wrU known
and much celebrated Clothing emporium, known
as the
Philadelphia Wardrolfe;
P. R McNsttLK, Prrrrfietor, AV 05 Chestnut
street, between 3J and 4tk St., Philadelphia,
Is astonishing Ihe community with his cheap and
lasliionoble apparel, nf every description and va
riety. Vests from SO cents to 6 dollars. Good
black Cloth or Cassimcre Pants, aa low aa J?
dollars and upwards per pair, according to qu&li;
ly. Black French Uloth dress Coats, aa low as
8 dullars. Summer clothing cheaper, perhaps,,
than ever was known heretofore of the same
quality. ,
Wholesale dealers are particularly invited to
call and examine the large and well got upcioth
iug nl this lnri;e establishment, a very particu.
lar attention is paid to the cutting, so that
purchasers at wholesale will be certain,, to ge
iinrineuts when ihey tome to put thetn on .tlie.'r
t'iKlniners, will lit with taste and ease, which
ts a mutter of great importance. We invite one
1 and all to come and examine for themselves be
fore purchasing
Philadelphia, April 1, ISIS 3in
.it i.r.i.s x ui.iuio.vs
o 10s ( licRiiut SlreclV , . . -
.Vtii Font Corner of Eighth tt , Philadelphia,
BJOli'l'UAIIK Iron ihe ainallast lreaal in ta
the largret . z-, eiuclv or in groups., Tha
Piprieior. are wsiranled in axing, .that their,
nuik has iju'ti ) a lepulatioii second to lion in
ihe world. Kxt'arla fr m the Press :
-r.if.-liJ iu the expr'eesiort, Chaiitly irrtrsc fV
the sli id. n. Isdger. .. ,
The ait hia arrived at gie it ip- rfi-etion, .and
mine iii'ilersland i lu ller than Met 'lees A Car
mun "liuttimorr Int. , ,
.ilmi'iilile! not im em exceed ihrir eiq'uierte
li. aev."- U. S Oazeth.
Ktnact from Ihe repuri nfthe Ju'de,at ijy Is'.
Iir nf ihe rruiklm Insii u'e D..guerreolpes-
in I is ,le jrtinriit th ru are some very exellenl
pic riVi ii. in ihe e ' il iilon. and the Judges think
t'l.-v see a pmitreasive miiroemenl iri tha hranrh,
f ihe art 'J'bev hive nut r ecioihui drj' sffftH
w ird in fivnr i f anv of ihe riimpeti'tiMa,. Iut are
i p ae.l t i tank a fint in order, tlif,c,rffr; of
MiCI.EK-S & (iKUMll.N, as e.inianiii.j tbe far.
grst nn n ber nf tnperiar uptei mms." ,
t de'ahi.,, Kih r. I (t 18. ffrri
,1 n tiiju-.. Trft
P II I I. A ti R f;p.H I A
E'tt.hlitfted 15 yeari ago by Dr. KINKELIN.
The nl.levt,' surest and I est hand t i cur all fiirma
nf sccr. I, d ssei of ihe skin ansj
soltt .ry hahila q.f youth, it
k i n k e i t ST ,
.V. W. enme.r of 3d and Vhisjs sit-, tftrecn Sprue
,. Pi"-, .1 J kquart fiuh He Ejdumgt.-
YOt'Nti MEN ! if,.alue sotlr Ufa oyWv
heijih. leini ii.U t, ihe delay of a mhntli, f!ajr,
even a wriki inay Jf...s our rtl'n IkJiIi' if Kidy
and mind. Henre ler nn false modesty .le'isi yoa
from mkiing your cife Snowri' Set' one vVho, from
education sniMeapectabilily ravVona bv friend iu.
He who pUeos bim-alf umhrr Ui WKKIAX
iiealmeni, my teligi.iualy mft4 irj hia honor aa
a gen tern, end lit hrV-e bosom will ba1 foNv'
locheih the aerrat nf rh" patient.
.. T o i m.ny think they, will hug lnaecrY.rtW
own hearla, ami ru'ie ihemrflv s. Alayr! bsssV nf .
fen is this a fst'sl delusii Q, and how nisriy
raising yotfng man, h i m'thi has hery aa orsia.
nient so gocit ty. has faded Irani' the esrrli.
, l-OUNTRY lNVrtll8,
fit.irnlg it iuti.MiVe.nierji Ia raske parenml applies.'
li ii, ran, lv atsting their esse explicitly, together
ilh all ihgir sympioma. (e ! Iter. pnt-pai1.) Hava'
forwarded lo ihein a rhest eonainii. l)r, K's mo-'
iliciue- sppr aeonrdingW.
. Pai kagea uf M diciues forwarded to any" pari or
Ihe United Stutes at a annment'a nmiee,'
Zy Pot ram tkTTsas, add leased to I)'. Kisf
kstia. Phil.deliHu,ill hs urunptly teudstVl1
Oe . 30ib, I8IT. ly