Sunbury American. (Sunbury, Pa.) 1848-1879, April 29, 1848, Image 1

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TUItlrlS OF '11112 AMERICA.
THE AMERICAN It puMished every Saturday at TWO
Aflf LbAnr, per annum w uc pmu nan yearly 111 nuvance.
No paper diK mtltiueu until all arreamgea are paid.
All cormnunlcatiuns or Icttera on buniiicNi relating tj the
office, to insure attention, must be TOST PAID.
Three copie to one address, Ski 09
Hcvcn i lo vo 10 00
I-'ittc-n Di Dj so 00
Five dollars in advance will pay fur three year's sulscrip.
ti n to the American. ,
h Squnre of 10 linn, 3 times,
' Rrerj eobBeqeenl Insertion,
'One Squnre, 3 month!:,
'Stk m mtha, t .
One Tri
llusuicae Cards of Five linen, per annum,
Merchant, and others, advert ising by the
year, with the privilege of inaerticg dif-
. ferent advertiaementa weekly.
17 Larger Advertisements, aa per agreement.
Rusineea attended til tn t he Covin1.. es of Nor
thutrt errand, Union. Lycoming and Columbia.
. heftVtoi
'P. & A. PoViil'HT,
i.owm A lUnrto,
foxf.Mii A SnonflBASs,
ti solus, Mc Karl mi & Co
fcrsatso.Oooii & Co.,
5 corse J. Weaver,
No. 13 North Water Utreet.Philadelphta.
HAS constantly on hnnd. Rcnernl nssrl
mrnt of Cordage, Seine Twines. &.C., via:
'i ar'd Hope, Fishing Ropes, While Hopes, M.inil
n Itnpes, Tow Lines for Hosts. Aim, a
Vomplete assortment of Seine Twines, Ac. such as
Hemp Hhad and Hcrriiia; Twine. Hest Patent (iill
.Net Twine. Cotton Sha.l and Henini Twice, Shoe
Th-inib, &e. &c. Also, Bed Cords, Ploutrh Lines
Halters. Tract. Cotton and Linen C-irpct Oh iii.
'ic, ait or whieh he will dispose of on ti.json .lile
'let ma.
Philadelphia. November 13. 1117. !y
(23- 133 E2T -CP S3
W light's I ml Inn Vegetable I'llls.
Ilenre YIiss.t. Suntiipy.
E St J. Kiuffmn, AltaVista township.
John H Vine nt, l.'lilliiunque.
K:ise ft Bcigi'i'ei'ser. Ely-hu'i).
S.innol H ili. LuiIp Msiion.iy,
William l)ipi n. Jnrk 'n.
Iielin.l aid liny lie. MiK. nilli'. Hpiiimi & llroilier, Milton.
l'oi,)th. Wilson iV Co., .Noitliumlieilntid
.dimi's ll.ed. I'olts'jmvM.
O. VV. Scott. It.i-hville.
W. A. II Ffi lv. Sh'm.ikinlmvri.
If hoilo- & Pairow Snydrratown.
Amos T. B'is.-lt, Tnilin'uvtlle
tLnnpvil'e Holshue, Upper Mahonny.
J. hn G. Itenn. ilo d j.
E. L l'ii', W'atsontown.
Whole'iilc, .it the ollu-e m il Reoer I drpot, 1 fi!)
Rsce at.. PhiUdeliihia. L. e. I. IS47. ly
CtiitAP New k Second Book Sioiik,
North West corner of Fourth and Arch Stnclv
Law Books, Theological and Classical Cooks,
Scientific and Mathematical Ro ki.
Juvenile Books, in great vui'hiy.
Hymn Books and Prayer Books, Bibles, all ie
and prices.
Blank Books, Writing Paper, and Stationary,
Waal- ' anil Kit all,
tV Ova pricrt ore muoh I iwer tlinn the nE'.ri.AR prices.
(V l.ihrarini and sm:ill naroi''.ii of b inks puri-teiscd.
If H'ika imp irterl 1 1 onlfr from ImwIjii.
l'hiladdphia, April 1, If 1 y
nnd Dealers in Sfeds,
Constantly on hand a general nsortinint of
To which they respeclfiilly invite the attention
of the public.
AH kinds of country produce taken in exchange
or Grocerii! or solo nn l ommimnn.
Philad April 1. :18
Cottons, Needles, Pins, Sewing Silk,
Steel Brails. Ba Clasps. Sieel Tnssi-li, Steel
Purse Rinsi, Purse Clasps. Pla n and Shadnl
Purs Twist, Trimmings,
Fancy Gooils, &c,
Cheap for Cash to Whdcsule Dcnlcrj, 0 the
New Thread and Needle Store.
No. 3 Nirth f,Ar:h fr- 179 Chestnut Street,
' n.iir. . Ur.1 nni i
April 8, 1818
fi-llK SUUSCUIHF.R has bc-en appoihlfii agHiii
r- . l. . n i hi L- V Ll r 'C I ' L r L.
. IS lur me sail Ul IU.ll.iu .toil r. a ui.ui,-
Lt iki. U.. TL... D. ...... fiaud a ii'hiii mm.
r. ... . - .... .....
aive aim uranium exterior iihisii. nno. iui hc nn
pi tone, anil eiegdiice ot wnraiiiai.utp, aiv nui
nrpated by any in Ihe UmteJ Stales
ihese inslriimeiitsare htslily approved of Uy
tha most eminent Professois and Composer
Muain in this nnil nlher ritlel.
r 0
. For Qualities of tone, touch and Beeping in
tone upon Concert pilch, llo-y cannot be autpat
ed by either Amxrnan fir Km oilman Pianos.
, Suirica it tossy that MaiUme Caslellan, W. V
Wal ace. Vieui IVrtipi. and his aiati-r, the cele
a at I Ail Pi Atl tail ami idkuia nl I U al mntt itlM
tmonisheil neifonners. have itiven these mstrii
mrnta preference over ii oth-rs.
, They have also r eeived th nist notice of the
three lat F.xhihil ions, and ih Ust Silver Medal
to mem. wn'i-i, w -. ,nV nu w
sameourre. may be seen at Ihe ware room No
S3 .oulh Kourlh at.
t- fry A not her reiver Medal H awarded tn C
Meyer, by Ihe Franklin InHut, Oct 1815 lor
the best piano in lh exhiuilmn
Anain at the eihilrlioil of the Franklin Intti
. tnle. O.-t I81B Ihe firl piemmm and medal wa,
awarded In V, Meyer for his Pianos althiiujh it
hail been eerilel at the exninninii yeai
before, on the irnund
er improvements in b
hi. Insirumeinawithinth
past 13 months,
i.iiu at the last
exhibition of ih. Franklin
In.iitnia. mif. another Premiurr. waa awarded
to C Meyer, for the beat Piano in the exhibition
At their last exhibition. Spl, 1817
f. M.ver raeeived the Hist silver Medal and Hi
lomt. for the beat square Piano in the e xhihitidn
l'k Piaena will be sold at ihe txannUctD
swr'a lowest Philadelphia prices, if not somethina-
lower. Persons are requeattvi to can aoq exan.
iA M ttiMI.Vta. l lb Jlltlm
erlW. MASE.
turbary, kf A
Mr. City. Wkll, Mastf-p. John ; now she if yot; know yoi'ji lhsson.
Mister CttlhoTit. Yesmdr "Rbsolveii that to conqi'eii and hold Micxico either as a province or uy incorporating it
into Tin: Union u inconsistent with, hie
Mr. Clay. That's a coon coy, Johnny
Management. Set'i. Slok'. Ca-irlsuip.
I've hcar.l folks say that tho wimmin was
contrary. V ell, they is a lt'etic so : but it
you nianaTC 'em r'i9;ht haul in hoiv, and
let 'em out ther."1, you can drive 'em uIoiil;;
without whip or ppur, jest which way you
wuui t'lu 10 110.
When I lived down at Elton, there was
a good many fust rate gals down there, but 1
I didn't take a liktn' to any on 'em Xn j
Squire Cummins cum down there to live.
Hie Squire had a mighty purty darter. l
sed some of the gals was fust rate, but Nan- i
cy Cummins was fust rate and a leelle more.
There was many dressed finer .and looked
grander, hut there was something jr.,,) ai,out
il a. il 1 1 .. 1 1 v.
Nance, that they couldn't uold a candle to.
If a fellow seed her once, he couldn't look
at another gal for a week. I tuk a likin'
to her rite oil, and we got as thick as
as thick as
thieves. We had used to sow to the same
nd sot in the same pew. It took
me to find sarms and hims for her : and we'd
swell 'em out in a manner shockin to har
dened sinners ; and then we'd mosey hum
together, while the gals and lellarj kept a
looking' on, as though they'd like to mix
in. I'd always stay to supper; and tne
way she could make injun cakes, and the
way I wood slick 'em over with molasses 1
and put 'em away, was notlnn' to nobody.
She was dreadful civil, tew, always gettin'
somethin' nice for me. I was up to the
hub in love, and was goin' in f r it like a
locomotive. Well, things went oa in this
way for a spell, till she tho't she had me
tight enough. Then she began to show oft'
kinder independent line". When I'd go to
meeting there was no room in the paw,
I got considerably riled, and thouht I
, w s i 1 . i
mite as well cum to the end on it at wunst;
so down I went to have it out with her ,
there was a hull grist of fellers there. They
seemed mity quiei uit 1 went in ; men sne
got talkin' all manner of nonsense 3ed
aa'IIT 1 . il -
i . . , , , ,. ,, . T
nthin M m. nnd tiarneu IlUie Ol l at. 1
-.I.l.4 T
i - i 7 i i
tried to keep my dander down; but it warn t
Qn,r us? j evA inovnr aoout as it I had a
pin in my trows?rs, and I sweat as if I had
been tnresnin.' luy conar nuns
if it had been hang over my stock to dry.
I cduldn't stand it ; so I cleared out as quick
as 1 cooa ; lor l seca iwi no usr u j
nomin' to ner; i auaic iu -
thought the matter over a speit iiiiiin.3 i,
.... . .n,UI I
that gal is jest tryin' of me : Hain't no use
0r our niavitl 0SiUm : I'll take the kink
1 , . J" ' if T . fptpL hpr out of that
I " n ' ,v " , . .
I heard tell of a boV WUnst. that got tO
skewl late on one Sunday mornin' : master
1: , , .. ... . . i ,
"You'tarnalsleepin'cnttur, what kept
ill an Int. a
youso iatof ,
"'Why,' set the. boy, ut'sso evenasung
slippry out, I couldn't pet along no how;
- ",. I"': ' t ."j . . ',: L 71,.
waU ' " "
Now, that's jest my case. I have been
nuttin' ater that o-al considerable time.
Now, thinks I. I'll eo tother way she'd
been sli'tin of me. and now I'll elite her
what's saw for tha goose is sou for tha gin
der. ',,.....,,.
Well, I went no more to Nancy's, Next
I Sunday I slicked myself up; and I dew say,
j when I got my fixim' on, 1 tooVthe shine
when she'd cum and she streeke off with ' V, ,'.'',',;., v r ,
anotlier chap, and leave me suckin' my fin-, ,f l v.e. tak,pn a, 1,lk,n tor i(.'r' mn 1 her fU '
gers at the door. Ir.Uead of stickin' to me ' .1 'f 'c've taken a l.k.n' to one another,
n..h..,l r,A, .borrnt niiiin' or.-.n,l ta"1 ' your fault ; but I ain't so almighty
with all the other fellers, jest as if she cared tak?n w,,h h'"r a"d l1 hpr ral
a nn'-n,,,,.),,!,,,,,., nie; so you hadn't ou'httogitsivae about
.,'' 1
avowed ou.iect or the war contrary to
who knows r.UT what you'll de President
c'.oar ofl'of any spi-cimen of luiman
of Iitiinan natur,
n' li;n , oil" I put j
in our iiirls. Al'.i it ni.cfii
toK'.th ini DjcIi-.-'s. Palienco Dxl
wis 1
as nice a ia as vou'J sco 'lit iK-n? a'ui i
yoiidor, any mora than she wasn't jiul like
Nancy Cuaimt'i?. Epliroim M-.iis.'v h-v.l
:iil tl) '1 tO S !i) 11 -r ; n
ler, but lv wai ti re.i i:tl
was a clover
ii'lus. Wo!
I, 1
went to nu'tjliir witn l'a'.u'iice. anJ s
t rili;
'.r...v . . T .i:.i,. , 1,..-
V.m nrw mtin'-. shs had n i'eller with her
w)0 ha(i a blazon' red head, and less like a
pjj. 0f compasses; she had a lace a i long
as a thanksiiven' dinner. I knowed W10
shewas thinkin' abon-, and 'Iwasn't the
c, with fte fvi heaJ mlh, Wej, j
n)mill . ,mh kw 1V
n M,n ., ,,,v ' , woo
"i:,i,,' . uf i, ,i:,i ri,i
' 1 OtH UIV4 11). -llt, niiUlll Ml' ailV, 111 VI cut
ii.,i ,tr ,i,.lr11i , thoM n-io l,r BW
,.' i. ,i iin T imj ;t till I
lo liavt. ol in a lll(.ss about pati(.nCt.;
-n,., .:.,. mmwld I m,in -nrtw Lor
for good, and got as proud as a tame turkey.
One day Ephe cum down to our place,
looki.ii' r.s ralhy as a maliihy ollicer, on a
trainiu'.day. ...
"Look here," ses he, "hetll blokes," as
lmui a3 a smull thunder clan, "I'll be darn.
i uTrnlln . T whni. ln-nke "
! uvuv i,., t ral,1(, to have n
slt;sfacl;mi a.)()u, pati,.nce Dodge. Here
i,ve b.,pll C0I.ti:l, h,.r 0Vt.r sillc0 last vc,ar .
aml shu xvaj u ,,t a. ooi as 1T,iiio till you
cum a guar arier ner, and now i can't
toiich her with forty foot pule."
"Why," s?s I, "wln'i 0:1 carlh ore you
talkin' about ? I ain't got nrfthin' to do
with your gal; but s'posj I had, there's
n jthiu' lor vou to git wolfy about. If the
tiW'n u,, r-,,i,w .i.i ,i,.. dT
" nil o,j ihj iiuuiu ) J
nm ,h 11i,.i.-;i M,T.r in rii,- r
went t'other day to a place wher:- there
, , , orth,uota or .na
sueh dUeas(1 amJ they wefe gl
.h;,,. Well. ther. t a th
' mf
thuuderiu' bi'
c ' ...
..1.:. . r 1 11 ,r -11 ,i ..r 1 1
tuii ui uraniis, mu ui utisjrtsui itui:iv,
., T KhitM if and thought T had mode a
ln-l m.ifln i
. u... ...l,.,,, t rtitntn Irvik nt '.mti then,
warat nothin' in it worth a cent, except an
old s her thimble, and that was all rusted
Ulj g0 j j jt for jla3 than j gavp jljr
Well, when the chap that bought It took it
m,m he nearci SOmethin' rattle broke the
old chist. and tound lots ol id n . m a
' r , , .. .fT
taise Doitom i naan t seen, now u i naa
)ase bottom 1 hadn't seen. JNow it 1 had
tuk the chist hum, I'd never found that
nmnpv nnr if T Ah thpv'd bin all counter-
t.:. 'j tu v:. ...i
ril..Tm anA IpH m n darned fool."
, 4,v , jjnne. tuai u narcj . but
never you mind that -jest go on you can
u and whpfl youJ dew git her, vou
i1! .. a;i - u j iv : t .
1 can tile the rough edges off jest as you
pjeaaew -: " .
I Th ' t- . , i J j i, j-, nj ..vav t;
Now. think. I. it's time to look after
Nance, Nexl day' down V went. Nancy
i was an no.,
laiM. sed be wasn't.
'Cattse,".sayi I, (makin' beleev I want.
ed him.i "our colt sprained his foot, and I
cum to see if the Squire wont lend me his
nmra to go to'town." . .... . , . .
She sed she euessed hi wood better sit
down till the Sduire corned in. Down I
; sot ; she looked sort o' strange, and my hart
the settled policy of our government
one of these days?
felt queer a'.l arjunJ the edgos.
wliilu s.-s I :
Air you 20111' down to Uctsey Ma'in's
1 :
she "JiJu't know firsirlin'; air you
roin ?
R.'d I "retkoned I wood."
S:s sho, I s'paae you'd take Patience
S.'d I "mout and a'j'in I mout not."
Ses she, "1 heard you're sroiu' to mar- I
;'s I, "shouldn't wunder a bit Patience
is a nice gal."
I looked at her I seed the teers cum
Ses I, "may be she'll ax you to be brides
maid." She riz rit up, she did, her face as red as
a biled beet. "Seth Stokes," ses she, and
couldn't say any more, she was so full.
"Won't you be bridesmaid ?" ses I.
"No," ses she, and she bust rite out.
"Well, tlien," ses t, "if you won't be
bridesmaid, will you be the bride?"
She looked tip .at me I rwuii to man I
never se.ed anything so awful putty I tuk
rite hold of her hand.
''Yes or no," ses I, "rite off."
"Yes," ses she.
"That's your sort," ses I, and I gin her a
1U"3 and a hug. I soon fixed matters with
t'ue Squire. We soon hitched traces to trot
in double harness for life, and I never had
cause to repent of my bargain.
ANIMAL instinct.
Tlu R'-'V. Cicsar O:vay, in his recently
published p iper 011 "Tha Intellectuality of
Djmestie Animals," gives the follow ing anec
dote, which is bv far too good not to receive
ih ) benefit of a wider circulation :
"At tin Hour mills ot I ubberakeena, near
Clonmsl, while in the pjss3ssion of the late
Mr. H 'wbald, th.'re. was a goose, which, by
some accident was left solitary, wilhout rnate
or offspring, gander or goslings. Now it hap
pened as in common, that tho millers wife
h 11 set a nimib -r of duck's eggs under a hen
which in duo lima wcro incubated ; and of
ccurs ) tlu ducklings as soon as they came
! r.u-'li ivni w l;li n:itiii':il iiK'iuot to th.l wntpr
i ... .... , ..,. , '
ilUll. lllJ lit: 11 VU3 111 U JUJUhtT -ILVt lllillV
J urv,n3 ner lonww mj orooa, ana nt?r
. 'i.. .... . 1 . .. i 11 ... .1. 1 1 . . I .
sellish iess disposing her to keep on dry land
1:1 ,n meanwhile up sailed Ihn goos, with
a noisy gabble, which certainly (being inter-
))a.tcd,) meant leave them to my care ; she
sf am up and down with tha ducklings; and
WU3n they were tired with their anuatic ex.
-,.;. iln ..nnai.rno,! ihm in iv, or ,.r
' O" ".
lhrt k-... Tho, mnrt n ',t.,
the ducklings to tha pond, and thsro whs the
'oosa wailing for them, and there stood the
On this occa-
, 810,1 we Bre ot at " llwt ,nB &000
mvitetl the hen, observing her maternal trou
ble but it is a fact that aha being near the
shore, tho hen jumped upon her back, and
then) sat the ducklings swimming, and tho
gooso and han after them, up and down tha
pond. And this was not a solitary event
day after day, the hen was seen en board the
goose, attending tha duckling up and down
in perfect contontodnes and good humor
numbers of people coming to witness the eir
cumstanoe, which continued until the duck
lings coming to days of discretion, required
no lunger tho joint g-uurdiuuship of the hen
and goose."
the Chttrck of the Pilgrims at Wrookiyri.
N. Y., ha just been relieved of a debt ot
SJ8,000, by subscription
"thfi followingconveiiiant rules for Mechanics
nnd others, although not perfect in their frac
tional parts', are nevertheless Correct enough
for all practical purposes. Thsy were com
piled by a writer in one of our exchanges :
To find the area of a Triangle. Multiply
thn baso by tho perpendicular height; and
take half tho product for the area.
To find the area of a circle. Multiply the
circumference by half tho diameter, and the
product will be the area.
To find the cirenmferance of a circle from
thediameter. Multiply, the diameter by 2
and divide by 7 or to be more exact, multi
ply ihe diameter by 355 and divide by 133.
To find the area of an oval. Multiply the
longest diameter by thn shortest ; then multi
ply th:i product by llvi decimal 7.754.
To find the contents of a pyramid or cone.
Find the nrea of the base, and multiply that
area by the perpendicular heigh', and take
one third of the product for the contents.
To find the solidity of a sphere or trlobc.
Multiply the surface by tho diameter and
take one sixth of tho product for contents.
Anf.cdotk of Mn. Adams. A correspon
dent of lh'' New York Commercial Adverti
ser ffives an illustration of the humorous trait
in Mr. Adams diameter. Shortly after his
e'ection to thn Presidency, while ho was rc
ceivii g an assemblage of his fellow citi.mis
at R iltimnre, a young man slightly iut briated
an 1 who was known as a violent partisan of
Jackson, came up to bj introduced with
others. Taking Mr. A.'s hand, he said, with
mauldin gravity "1 call (hie-up) to pay my
respects to the President, but (hie-up) I'm
a Jacksnn man, sir, and hope, sir, you'll take
sood care of our rreat and tloriotis Constitu
tion." ;lI will, sir," replied Mr. Adams; I'll
do my best to take pood care of the Constitu
tion of the United States, and 1 hope," h?
added in a whisper, still holdinir the younz
man's hand, ! hope you will take as good
care, of yours."
Confipkucf. in the Peoi'le. Wlem the
Revolutionists win won the Republic for
France had forced their way into tlv? Palais
Royal and had reached the apartments of
flen. Atlmlin, one of Louis Phillippcrs aid
tie-camps, they encountered the fJetieral's
lady, a woman of dignified deportment and
stature, whom the geiipral had espoused for
her rare beauty, being but the daughter of a
p.ior!i'i'jrma'i of Granville. "My f.ijud?," she
exclaimed, "I trust you have not come here
to oITlt any injury to liijuulf or rny husband.
I auiuiit cVieof your fine ladies, but a daugh-
ter of the npnnlo'-. T throw mvself then con
fidently on vour protection. But I will not
ave my husband,; ho is confined to his bed
by illness " . Tha band were struck with the
boldness of tho appeal . They repaired to tho
eneral:8 chamber,, placed him in an arm
hair, and heac-'ed by this daughter of the
people, thoy conveyed him toafiiend"s house
i the neighborhood. On reaching his desti
nation the General recollected leaving a sum
f 130,000f. (5,200) in notes and gold in
his desk. He handed tho kev of tho desk to
working niau in a blouse, whom he did not
now. An nour aner ino man rcturneu wiiu
every sou ol tno money, i ins is uy no menus
solitary instance of tho disinterestedness
nd nobility of mind displayed by the peo
ple during these most glorious three days.
A Brvvf. Woman Homicide. An un
known man demanded admittance last week
nto the house of Mrs. Roberts, living near
New Albany, Indiana, on the Charleston Road
in tho absence of her husband. The indivi
dual said that ho wanted admittance to the
premises, which being refused, he attempted
to enter at the front door, then attempted to
force a window, stating at the same , time, ho
intended to gain admittance !:at the ri-ik of his
life." During this time, Mrs. R. had loaded
a gun which shi had in her possession, with
a heavy chirgo of buckshn', nnd taking a
deliberate aim bv rs'nig tin piece upon a
table when tho ruffian had forcad tin win-
low in such a manner as to enable him to
enter tin house, she fired, and tin whole
contents lodged in the riuht side, just below
the nipple, causing ulmost ii's'antaneous
death. A Coto-iers inquest was h"ld. Ver
dict ,:Justifiablb homicide."
Be Firm. The wind and tin waves may
b"at asrainrrt a rock, planted in a troubled sea
but it remains unmoved. Be yon like that
rock, young man. Vice may spread her net ;
the mellow voice may entice, and the song
and the dance may invite. Beware. Stand
firmly at your post. Let your principles shino
forth uncbscured.
There is glory in the thought that you have
resisted temptation and conquered. Your
bright example will be to the world what the
light house, is to the mariner upon a lee share
It will guide hundreds to the port of virtue
and safety.
The Boston papers mention, a Penguin's
egg, taken from the island of lchoboe, fifty,
einht feet below the surface of Guana. A
calculation bassd upon the accumulation of
the guano, proves thn egg to be six thousand
four hundred aiid eight years old.
A perron inquired of Rothschild how he
contrived to accumulate at) large fortune.
"By buying," said he, "when everybody was
selling, and selling when ewybody was buy-
iog" . . . -' , !. . .
It b proved that a pair of akarrows, during
the time lAt they have their jWt to feed
destroy on an average, 3380 caterpillars
At the lime General Green retreated before
Lord Rawdon from Ninety-Six, w hen he had
passed Broad River ho was desirous to nend
an order to General Sumter, who was on the
Wateree, to join, him, that they might attack
Rawdon, who divided his force. But the
General could find no man in that part of tho
State who was bold enough to undertake so
dangerous a mission. Tho country to be pas
sed through was many miles full of blood
thirsty tories, who on every occasion that of
fered, imbrued their hands in the blood of
the whig. At length Emily Goigcr present
ed herself to General Green, and proposed to
act as his messenger, and the. General, both
surprised and delighted, closed with her pro
posal, lie accordingly wrote a letter and
delivered it, and at the fearne time communi
cated the contents of it verbally, to bo told
to Sumter in case of accident. Emily was
young, but as to her person or adventures on
ihe way, wo had no further information, ex
cept that she was mounted on horseback, up.
on a side-saddle, nnd on the second day of
her journey she was intercepted by Lord
Rawdon's scouts. Coming from the direc
tion of Green's army, and not being able to
tell an untruth without blushing, Emily was
confined to n room; and as the officer in
command had tho modesty not to search her
at the time, he sent for nn old tory matron
ii3 more fitting for that purpose. Emily was
not wanting in expedien', and as soon as the
door was closed, and the bustln a little sub
sided, sho nfc up the letter piece by piece.
After a while the matron arrived upon
searching carefully, nothing was to bo found
of a suspicions nature about llu prisoner, and
sin would disclose nothing. Su-sricirm be
ing thus allayed, the officer commanding tho
scouts suffered Emily to depart for where she
said sin was bound ; but she took a rout
somewhat cireuitious to avoid detection, and
soon after struck in the road to Sumter's camp
where she arrived in safety. Emily told her
adventure, and delivered Green's mes
sage to Sumter, who in consequence soon af
ter joined tin main army nt Orrn'rebnrg
Emily Geiirer afterwards married Mr. Tbre
wits a ritdi p'anter nn the Consraree. She
h is b"en dead thirty-five years, bnt it is trust
ed lnr name will draennd to posterity among
thosi; of tho patriotic females of thn revolu
tion. Whitfield's Ei.oqit.ncf. Tho eloquence
of this jtis'ly celebrated man was at times
rrpsistilile. The ftccomnlislvd skeptic, Ches
terfield, wns present when this popular preach
er presented the votnryof sin under tin fismrn
of a blind bejlgar, led by a little doer. Ihe
ting had broken his string.. The blind crip
ple, with his staffbetsveen bothlmtid groped
his way unconsciously to the side of a preci
pice. As he felt along with his staff, it drop
ped down tin descent, too deep to send back
an echo. Ho thought it fell on the ground,
and bending forward, took ono step to recov
er it. But ho trod on vacancy ! (pausing for
a moment.) and as he fell headlonc, Chester
field sprung from his seat, exclaiming : "My
heaven ! ho's gone 1"
Sound Visible. In this age of wonders
what will tin world think when we assure il
that a method has been discovered and ma
tured by which sound will be made visible to
the haman eye, its various torms and waves
demonstrated to sight, and ihe power to dis
criminate between the tones of one musical
intrument and another be as complete as lo
observe tho action of water when distributed
by any material caused Tho experiments,
we believe, are likely to tie ere long repeated
before the royal society. Tho exhibition of
effects on fine sand has probably led to this
astonishing issue Literary Gazette.
A Cool Apology. "Oh! exclaimed a poor
sufferer toa dentist, "that is the second wrong
tooth you've pulled out !" "Very sorry', sir,')
said the blunderinz operator, "but as there
was only three wlnn 1 bgar, I'm sure to be
right the next time.
It is said that the owners of tha Lake stea
mers, pav annually to the runners, who visit
lhf hotels nnd procure passenger-, not less
than $70,000.
Il is now said tlutt Mons. Pag-oi, late
Miaister from France in thiscatuitry, has de
cided not to return to France, but to settle
iu Tennessee.
Fighting bv Measure. The usual place
of resort for Dtiblin dnel)bts is called the
Fifteen Acres. An attorney of that citv, in
penny a challenge, thought, most likely, h-?
was drawing a lease, and invited his antago
nist to meet him at "tho place called Fifteen
Acres, 6s th) same more or leu."
Father Matthew says the reason why he
cannot gratify his temperance fried, by vi
sit irg the United Slates this spring, is, that
he has been commanded by his superior to
go to Rome.
1; o 'I " -
rUN-cHis Is there any situation worse
than that of a lawyer's clerk. Yes, that of a
lawyer's client.
A School m ast ca. in Vermont, lately re.
commended to his pupils, a very fine edition
of Comb on the Head.
The i'oii.owitfo may be called a very de
finite answer: "Will you apologize cr .tight"
"Sir, I will." .
Why is the sun lika a good loaf! Re
causa tt is light when it rites. ,
Jfapoiton. A naugnty 'boy who wM put in
a coruer booauso ho wautod the world tfeplay
Suggested by the annouacement that "A Bill
tor the Pi-electroi, cf the Property of Mar
ried Woiiiati has passed both Houses" of
our State Legislature. ,
Oh, ye who in those Houses hold . ;
The sceptre of command I
Thought's sceptre, sunlit, In the soul,
Not golden, in the ltand 1
Was there not ono among ye all, .
No heart, that Love could thrill,
To move somo slight amendments there,
Before you passed the bill T
Ye mako our gold and lands secure ;
May be you do not know,
That we have other property,
We'd rather not forego.
' i.
There arc' such tilings in woman'3 heart,
', As fancic, tastes, affections;
Are no encroachments made on these t
Do they need no '-'protections V
Do we not daily sacrifice, ' ,
To our lords and Creatioo'?, . ,
Some darling wish sarno petted whim,
Ah, me! in vaiu oblations!
These "cold realities" of life,
These men, with their intiusious;
Do they not rob us, one by one,
Of all our "warm illusions?"
These highway roliLeis, prowling round,
Our "young affections'" stealing,
Do they not take our richest store
Of truth and Faith and Feeling!
Our "better judgment," "liner sense,"
Wo yield with souls that falter,
A costly, dainty holocaust,
Upon a tyrant's altar
We waste on them our "'golden'' hours,
Our "real estate" of Beauty,
The bloom of Life's young passion-flowers
And still they talk of "Duty."
Alas for those, whose nil of wealth
Is iu their souls and faces,
Whoso only "rents'' are rents in heart,
Whoso only tenant" jra'ces.
How must that poor protection bill
Provoke their bitter laughter.
Since they themselves are leased for life,
And no pay-day till after!
By all the rcjl yPii fcu'lly hope,
When ends this lengthened session,
That household peace, which woman holds;
Tluv.d; Heaven ! at hor discretion;
If a light of generous .chivalry,
This wild appeal, aruu-jes,
Present a truer, nobler bill ! .
And let it pass-tii houses.,
Frances S. Osgood.
Was I a court-plaster, I would be
A patch upon her lip :
To spond a life of ecstacy,
And sip, and sip, and sip !
Was I a pair of spectacles, ,
ilow dearly .would 1 prize,
A situation on her nose, .
To look her in tho eyes !
1, . t
We have read the following wondrous
legend ; and mus,t say that we. cannot now
despair of humanity any more v
Tho New York correspondent of the
Philadelphia Inquirer, says the Mobile Her
all, tells an amusing story of a new inven- y
tion against rogues, called the "Cditibina
tion Lock." Recently a Wall street broker,
of considerable, wealth, and who lives in
great style in the west end of Gotham, pur
chased a beautiful (ire-proof safe, in whil
to secure his valuables against the fiery
elements, to which he affiled one of these
beautiful pieces ol mechanism.. ( XhfJ'.arc
so strangely complicated that you may Jock
them, hand the key to the manufacturer;
even, and the chances are as ono to ten
thousand, that he .will not be able to1 bfc!
them'. The wards and interior awangements
of these locks are alphabetically arranged,
and you select a word in the language, take
the letters, one by one. Thus take .the
word "chair" you lock c, then h, then a',
then , then r. " Now jt must te unlocked
in the same vay and unless you hit upon
the esact word you will never be able to un
lock it. A ell, the broker .in qaestioalo.c.kej
his new safe aacording to the word "toot;, ',
but after working at it for an hoar or more,
tho n:xt morning, Iw could not unlock it,
and gave it up in despair. . '
As his funds were all locked up, says the,
letter, and he had no money with which to
pay h!s nofes.atid carry 011 his business that
day, but n lis credit was good, "he raised
giiiPcierit for the purpose .by borrowing of
the banks. The next morning thn manu
facturer of the lock, according to request,
called to ascertain the ditiiculty. He said
he had no doubt he could unlock the stile,1
if the gentleman would tell him, tho word,
to which he locked iU '89ots,', ,;as,the
word, and to work he set to unlock, it to
"boots." Well, he tried, sanguine of suc
cess, but "boots", w.ould not unlocK the safe.
He tried again and again, and was no
more successful. He tried an hour, two
hours, and three hours, with no success
Finally a happy thought struck, htm. . Ue
wiped the perspiration from his face,' tcolr
a drink of water, examined the key again
and looked at the broker straight . in the
eye, and said: "Sir, allow, me to ati jppu
how vou spill boots." "How do I, spell
boots?" said the other. "Why, I spell it
risht hpw do you spell ft 1" ' 0h, ne,Ver
mind," said the man of epmbioation locks,'
how I spell it; how do you spell it!"
"B-u-t-s, to be sure,'' said tha broker.-.
"The d -4 you do," said tha lockroid y
"and if you spell booU butt, I will unlock;.
th saf to, od ha did unlock it in tb
twinkling of an tyt.