Sunbury American. (Sunbury, Pa.) 1848-1879, April 01, 1848, Image 4

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tax ktuulVq .
Bf J. O. Wkittier.
feapkiffcltearant wintry bcmf :
II as taa th fUa tnta !
iU gift be aotatrs posnd
ricam Wr Itviabrsi bora !
Utisfts- leas), cnl gtan
" Thkln trtoatae,
Ttecnnf iU soaty pn
T i I ri.l baa the via.
W tctasr am Ifca kardy u
Tj rftnr aa rhea the atona and drift
Ova knol Seaf witst eow.
Ami arasaua fnra ad rnf,
Aa) aamr Dotsink la ttaa wwal,
Wa aVerTed ate arcd o'er hi3 and phi in,
Bmaarta ake u of May,
Aad frtyairaul froea out tpruotiiif aimin
TW r UBamniT.
AJ1 throak lb bnf brigM daya of Jun
Its leaves ar w gmai aad lair,
ad waved at k.t nuiteunzner! Bona
ha suit and ytB-wksur.
Ami anw witst Autumn's mot niirfit cyca
luaamt bote amesae.
Wt srk away the buatcd taaraa,
And bear the treanere toe.
Their richer fan the tabled girt
Ot" f-jfcka aianren of usd,
Fair basal, the br-jken grata aholl shirt,
Anrl knead its meal of g-jU
L rapid alters LA in (ilk
Ar mad (hat stly btanl,
tstvt- aa t!:e b ivri of aimp ami milk
By kmuasyoa fceaaty p tared.
Where'er the wide cij kitchen hearth
Seuda ap its sm jfcey carta,
Who wig a thauk the grotty earth,
And biesa car euro-fed girl..
TTam ahmne oat att the proti and vain,
Wk toBy bogha to seirn
The tsi i saiMf of the Yankee's grain,
flis wealth ot' f -kk-n corn.
Let earth witliuU brr goodly r out,
L.t mikfcw blight the rye,
wire to the wuru the orchard's fruit,
The wheat fidd to the rye :
feat let the good okl crop adorn
The hilla oar Cthcrs trod ;
StiB kt as fur Ilia f-riden cvau
Send ap oar thank to tiud:
ZSJit anlf 3? urn or.
Wobkixu a Traverse. Tlie following is
the ainguktr history of Mr. Labouc'iere. al
present a utembfr of the British Cabinet :
'In 1S21 he was a cleik in the blinking house
of Mr. Hope, at Amsterdam, and was sent by
his patron to Lord Burin?, the celebrated ban
ker of London, to negotiate a loan. He dis
played in this affair so much ability, that he
attracted the attention of the English bunker.
lAhV aid he one day to Lord Barin?. mou
hare a charming daughter, will you not uc
codJ me her hand !'
'Young man! no pleasantry ! I like yon
much, but how could Miss Baring become the
wife of a common clerk !'
Butr eaid, Laboucliere. "if I were associa
ted with Mr- llepe
'Ah, that is very different, and wou!d most
materially lessen the inequality between yi.u.'
Mr. L. returned to Amsterdam, and said to
his patron. '-I must be your partner!'
Ofy friend! da you think ot" that you are
withml ffrtitne I and '
'But if I were a member of Lord B.triair's
'Indeed ! why, iu that case I would sivo
yoa a partner.-hip on the. spot !'
Ou th::. strength of these two promises, Mr,
L. re'urjed to E. gland, and two mollis after
wards married Miss Baring, because he had
the premise of Mr. Hope to make him part
ner as xn as he was married to her. and
became associated with Mr. Hope bec.uiiw
he was married to Miss Burin".
Pit axd the Oysters. Pat. who had just
been transplanted, had been sent by his mas
ter to th quay, to purchase half a bushel of
erystere, but was absent so long that fears
were entertained for his safety. He returned
at last, however, purling under his load in
the nuts! musical style.
u Where have you been all this time V' e-
claimed his master. have I b.-Ku ? why wh'm sl )i,:.l
1 I ? but to fetch oysters !"' I
And what in the world kept you s Ion?;
Lon! by my sj'.vI, I think I have b.-en ;
pretty qniri, considering all things.''
Kocisidering what things?
,:Ciusi-.I jring what thing ! hy, consider
ing thT guttiug of th' fish, to b? sure."' '
"Gutti tjr wh it fish
"What fish ! why, blad an owns, th- oys
ters, to be snre f
fcVTwt d yoa mean ?
"Whit dj I mean why I mean th-it as I
was resting myself down foment of the Tick
letl II -rring, and having a dhrop to comfort
me, a jintleman asked me what I d got in
ray sxci. Oystsrs,' sii 1 I. 'Let s look at
?em,' aays he ; auj he opjns tlie b;:g. 'Oeh
thunder and praties,' gays he, who sowld
you these!' It was Mick Cara.-y,' sivs I.
smack ! 'Mick
Camy, the thuief oT tha world ! what a
blackguard he must be to give them to you
without gutting,' -Ain't they gutted V says
J- Divil a one o' them,' says he. 'Musha,
thsn,' aays I, 'what'll I do ' 'Do,' rays he,
I'd aooter do it myself than have you abu
"d and srt he takes 'em in doors, and guts
'em nate and clane, as you'll see,'' opening
at the tune time his bog of oyster-shells that
were as empty aa the head that bore them to
the house!
Fcsst cairiiT. X Lent Fonograffik.
Oigrime ceaded, that gudol sole,
Wenere shnlsey im ore ;
T. azd 2 ware anole gra cote,
Oilbut n'd dmm b4.
UA. Few More Left." Why is a poor de
crepit okl man like music ? B -cauwi his
wanU are sharp, hit energies are An', his
shake are natural, ha is often alur'd and obli
ged to rest, time bids him pause, he rkf and
faila, and tlh grave in his finale.
What taction is it deaireable to have pte
sloninaat in 1 34a ! Satis-acioa.
Why ia a troy-wright like a thief f Because
m Wpoeoa to hare no ecru plea.
V.Y does a duck put iu bead under water ?
lfj a young worsan like a due biU
i- ti -! wiht to be "'settled off aa trvn
, "t-i lii t'u-irv.''
UP 4Qh. iv3r CS3 Q
THIS MrJreirta it wnrrmtrd, on oath, tu
contain a panicle f Cnl trial, Corrittive Sub
limits, Ararnie, Cblorkle of Gold, or any delete
roiia minorala.
The principla apon which Ihii Medicin acta, U
be aasittini and harmoniMng with nstnre it
ilrirra out all foal acrimoninoa bumora from tha
blooj ami body, and by aiinilatlng with and
IrengtheninK tha gaetrie juica of tha atomseh, it
aaaitta difeaiion in ahort there if not ain, arte
ry, mnaeia or nerve in tha human body, thai if
nt Mrenfthened by tba PANACEA, and it also
prmansa the maarkabte property af removing
mercury from rhe Lonea and joinla.
Scarry, Scorbaik Affeclions, Tumors, Bcrofula or
Kinas Erl , Whit Swellints, Erysipelaa, Ulceri,
t'anrere. Running 8ore, 8cb and Biles, lima
ami a uYtriminrd peraeserance in D . 8WEET
SER'S PANACEA, will effect a cure.
R j.'ction of food, N.iucs. Vomitings, Nervniti af
f. rtinna. Billions complaints, Head arle, PaVnrf,
or Frmnle Irreguiariliea. Dr. SWEETSEII'S PA
NACEA will soon elTtct a mrn ; but if obstinate,
or attended with eripine, flying pnlns, the doeo
rhnnld be increased, and the cure will toon be ef
fected. Iel not the paiienla frightpn thcmsi Ives
w'nb the idea that thry are too wek to take much
mfdHne; but bear in mind that thia miMly opera
ting med cine put not weakness into the frame, but
mutt certainly drawt weakn a out, leaves etrcngih
in its place, end by giving composed sleep at nig'it,
and an appetite to relish any food, re-animaiee the
whole frame wi.b vignmus action, clearing the
J mind and improving the tight,
i Scrofula is taid In be hcriJilary, the infunt re
' reiving from its parents ibo sfejs of this discos ,
i which increnset with its yenis, if neglericd and
I not aubmitied to froqiKnt purification with Dr.
I SVVEETSER'8 PANACEA. The glamla are p!
I ced in the corners of the body, and out of tho way
I uf direct rommunirntion ; their real use i a subject
' on nhrch much diflervr ce of opinion prevails; it
J sufncea us to know th it when in a diseasd stale,
! they are capable of l elnp ( nr fird and cleansed by
i a hng emme of Dr. SVVt'.ETSER'S PAN A
j CEA, which resiorca thi m tn sound end prupT
' action. Scroful us persnns i an never pay ton much
aiteniion to their blood, it purification shuu'd be
I their fir I thought, for aft' r a lng course nf perse
I r. ranee, ihry n ill ever curthrteditiry disease.
In esse, of JACSDiCE. ASTHMA. L1VF.H
SWEETSER'S PANACEA cannot be loo hinh
ly extolled ; it teaichct out the very toot of the
diabase, and by r moving ji f,,,m ihe Blood makes
a cure certain and perm inenl.
Fur disetea nf the Iltaditer and Kidneys, Stric
tures. Gravel. Stone, Piles. Fitlula, Urinitri Ob
stnictitint and Extreme Coliveness. Dr. SWEET
SEK'S PANCEA is Ihe best remedy ever tr e l ;
it removes all ihojo acrimonious huinon from the
niood which give rise to Ihe above diseases, and
by keeping the blood in a j ure condition, injures
Impurities of the Binud, Mercurial Tuint, Weak
nest of the Spine I'luw of Wood lathe Head Gid
d'tiess, Siiging and r.uzzinz Ko'se in the Head
nnd Ears. Dr. eiWEE TSi.K'.S PANACEA will
give certain relief; in all si e-e m il chronic catoi,
the p.'ient. ennnot be loo nft.-n reminded that nr
fffr doses and pe severance ill M et a cine.
In Chills and Fevers B limit Fevers, A ffections
nf the Eges r.nd Ears, -'O'lr and Bleeding
Gums Bri.nch tis and Coughs and Colds,
Dr. SWEETSEU'tS PANACEA will b f .und
peifictly sure and cert ii i in it3 e fleet j.
Thorc comp'ain'e are genoially atlended i h
the most fatal onequcrees. ninl nre ec-lJnrn or ne.
ver cured by the presi nl modi- of treatmrnl ; lli'y
u ujby accompany the pitiful t tho grave, afier
suticiing the motl escrm iating pain and turiure.
The cause of there ompbiu s aro the same as ail
i llicit, ihe dross i t Ihe biooil I ecomeo cneru i'e.1 rn
the (in. st narrow pasag's, whence nr. 8' 5 i el
re.'ietior.t and ttoppagu of U'ino. Vou vtii! find
iho m st powerful d ur. lies of no use, ns tl.ey oidv
increase the qumtity if ur'ne end do not ii:i!'y
nnd streuslhen th'' pr:rt-. Bv purifving the blued
with Dr. SWEETftEM S PANACEA, ou re
move the cvuse id Ihe diso ise, consr qucnt'y it can
not exist any longer, a In r tulhcient peiseterauie
in ita use baa deprived iho blood and body of all
acrimonious humors and incrustation.
Thia it a wry prevalent and fatal disease ; it re
sults mostly from neglecled coughs, colda and bron
chitik, also from impioper trealmeni in many utber
eases, such aa measles, fevcrt, intlammaliont and
small pox, and a host of other badly treated diseases;
where the cause, instead nf having been thoroughly
removed from the blond and body, have only been
palliated or removed from one part to hre.ik nut in
another. By dive.iing y our bodies of all foul hu
mors, through iho medium of Dr. SWEETSER'S
PANACEA, the cure, is at onre rendered certain
and lermauent. H. collect, while there it acrimo
nious humor, fl iating in the ci'cu'ation, it U an apt
to tettlu on the lungs ai any of er part of the body ;
I hi j it the reason thjl consumption it to prcvahu',
Which you tee on the ex'erior, come front and
h ive their source in, the interior, end might yiM as
well have i cried on youi lungs, liver, or any other
pait; which we know I h- y frequently and pie)
duee most violent inlljimnainiy disorders. The
humor which occa.-ioi s tliee .ore. it of a highly
acriinoiit. ns burning mlire. We know it from
the pain it gives in lor e. ins, nnd ufti risariU it ra
pidly ulcerating and coir l the flvsh and skin
of the part where it break" out. Thia thowt the
necessity nf frequently puiifviiig the blood w:l!i Dr.
SWEETSEII'S PANACi'.A, ond keeping nuch
aialignanl bumora in su j ction. should you h ive
a bile or ulcer, be ihinkful tint nature lias taken
trouble to warn you nf the danger your life and bo
dy it in, fir it it a warning tl at li e blood ii foul.
Had ibit time acrimony s. bc'ed die lungs in.-t ad
nf the surface of your body for iff scat, consump
tion of ihe lungt wou'd have, been ihe'cnnti quem e.
D by not then, to puiify and cleanse with Dr.
SweeUrr's Panacea.
Ppinal afTeetions, inlargement of the boees and
joints, white twellingi, l.iji joint complaint, rup.
luies, falling of ihe bowels nnd wnm'i diseare, will
find a speedy oure in Dr. SWEETEU S PA
KACEA. Where the di-caso haj been uf long
aunding, the time required lo make a cure will be
longer; but tha patient may real assured that a
determined perseverance wdl effect it.
Three diseases proceed from the eeriotity or
corrupt hnmnrs of the blood, having settled itself on
Ihe throat and lance, and stopped them uu, to that
, they cannot draw sufficient air in foi respiration,
i Dr. SWEETSER'S PANACEA will gi.eimme.
diate relief, and to make the cure perfect and ear.
I tain, it thou id be continued tome lime after, tu
I free iha sytlent of til bid bumora.
Find a anfe and speedy cure in Dr. SWEET
SER'S PA SA CP. A. It cures by tetrching every
blood vet-el and artery, and driving out all impu
rities and foul humor accumulated therein, which
a ihe eauae of rh uinatinn, gout and twellingi of
the joinla. The de'elerous elfcets of calomel and
elher mineral poison, r adily yield to it sovereign
influences indeed, when it valuable propertiea lie
come fully known, the use of til minrrrl poison will
be consigned to 'the tomb of all tba Capulaia,' and
only be thought of at a by-gone custom of the dar
ker eges. Dr. 8veeter'a Panacea t also a ture
cure for, pile, cosliv.ue.t, vertigo, head
ache, in in tha bredtt and titer eomplaiut.
Ftwr it elwayt etuaad by a ditordeily move
ment of tba blood, struggling tofiea iierlf of some
thing Ibal aueumber. it ; in fact, every kind of fe
ver is nothing mote than a struggle between the
el j d and conupl huuuts, and J soon a. tha cui-
rot ! humors are rxpeped, you have no more fever.
When patient with fover submits lo be hied, or
have hi blood poisoned with mercury, it we.kent
hit frame lo such a degree, thai if ho survives the
process, it always leavea him subject 1 1 distressing
chills, whrn 9 time nut of 10 be retort) to au
pills, powders, ot tonic mixture.; lids is goln ; from
had lo worse, at these vegetable pills, powder, &c,
are nothing but mercury and quinine in disguise,
which may for a lime drive the disease to fir into
the body if not to be perceptible, but very toon it
will break out again with featful violence. To cure
ague and fever, tha eauae of the disease mutt bo re
moved out of Ihe blood and body, which ran be ef
fectually done by ueing Dr. SWEETSER'S PA
NACEA, which purifies, cleanse and strengthens.
It contain nothing that can possibly injure, and ita
use i alwayt a safeguard agnin.t chilli and fiviir.
In t.t Cxtra of Pitu, Dr. 8WEF.TSER!
PANACEA will efTect a very tpr-ei'y cute. It re
moves from the blood, stomach nnd bowel, till
those foul acrid burning humors, nhicli n the
cause of Piles rind Cntlivcnes', and Ivy attrinl!ii n
ini; ihe diget'ive organs, improves every pan i f ll.e
rnliie body.
These re cau-ed by Ihe slomich ond
bowels being choked up with viscid tlimy ma ter,
the air which enters thi m cmnnt e eipe uniil forced
by tome contraction nf ti e f oinacli to expi I it;
beree tho eauso of pain. A few dofei i f Dr.
SWEETSER'S PANACEA will coi.vimc liie
tuR'eicr that relief is attained.
Parents will find Ihe PANACE a v.dii.ih'n
mciliiinc fot their children, keeping Ihr ir hodiea in
a henlihy endiuon, thereby tfsisting their r o-.v h;
rhildren or grown pets ins, after taking it. nie not
liablo lo be attacked with an epidemic as hi f ire, ns
it always Icavrs the blood in a J me e million, and
the i mire syalcm in strengthened sine ; it drives
out al kinds of wc:'ki;fS4 from the b, ij and Ic.ives
nil heal liy n itMn.
Will find Dr. SWE ITER'S PANACEA a mrili
C ne purely nd ipled to their use. Most ladies du
ring Ihe period nf pregnancy are affl!rted with pile".
Dr. Sweeiser't Panacea, by regulnting the bowils,
will enlirily nbviate this, mid its purifying proper
ties on the blond and fluids, injures to ihcin heal
thy clT prir.j. No one who is a mother sl.oul l bo
without it, nrd those who nrenursirg will find it
of R ent benifit to Iho heahh of their infants.
Fot barieni.eie and all disease of t!ic vsnmb, it
it without a rival in the entire hittmy and c. il.d-igue
of medicines; by its extraordinary ttretnrlhei iug
power, it htitnulatet ond etrcnglhens the womb, a
weakness of which it the cau.-o uf l.iiluro to have
Under this head may be classed Palpitation of
the Heart, Tic Doloreuux or Faci'Hi he, Neuralgia,
Indigestion, Toothache, Melancholj , Hysteric. and
in fact, every disease caused by the aharp, I iltng
acrimonioua humors irritating the nerve ; the
nerve receive tho morbid inipieerion from the (lo
mach, or rather from tho blood through the agcn'ey
of the stomach and Uiee tive orcatis, nnd nl'lionah
ether parts of the body ere appircnlly the feat of
the disiase, tllll it is cnnseil by Ihe rnorlMil nun ra-
sion conveyed from li'C blond bv 'h" nerve- lo that
pi t. ii w ib tea hi Dr. c W 1. ii I ? yj u S I'.v
NACEA ill snon ossnro the piticut th. t l.e has
lilt: euro in his posters ;om.
This it nu ii.fbminalory di oider, nUv .vs nt'end-
fd with m-Te or leas pain. It proceeds fiom lbs
foul, acrimonious humors lodged in the blood and
fluids, settling rn Ihe I ml a end fice, ciin:i g rx
Ireine pain end fivers; all applications on too sur.
face ore worse than useless, ns they on'y I ml to
tliro.v t';e disease in some oilier part, nnd pnhins
taus1 deith. Bleeding it likewise impMi er. To
euic the di-eise you tuu t g.M rid of ihn ciinc ; n
ly maiiafe 1 1 get the foul hiimirs ojt of y nr blend,
and vou will be well in a tbiy. Dr. KWEETs
SEH'S PANACEA, a thorough purifier nf the
blood, will :Brch cut i vcty impurity in the more
remote p.ris cf the body and ixjul it tlirimg'i lite
medium nf the bowels. There ii rt i v-in, ittc-
ry, mt'sc's? or orp,au of the enlirj framervo k nf
nun, that Dr. Saeetsrr'e Pana.-ci does not im
pruv.. 'I'n tike it wlm nu nre ne l is tu keep
vvc'l ; and when uick't i b come well.
poeed id a vi gelnble mailer nr noi.lic .1 tiei ! ,
cud vvnir.oited, on oith, ai coriti'i'iir not oro' pjr
ticl.i nf, ininernl, r eliiniicil,iicoJi,
ia fout d to La erfeclly liattuless 1 1 ti. mi 1 1 io! r
ago, or the weakest frame, under anv H. '40 1 1 hu
man suffering; the most pleas.. nl nnd benign in its
o emtion that was eicr oiUrid to the word; nnd
al the tame lime the most certain in sein hi.'c nut
ihe loot of any complaint, however deep, and of
performing a core.
Price $1 per bottle, or eix botil. for $5. For
sale, wholesale and retail, at ihe corner of
CHARLES and PRATT Street.. Baltimore, nnd
also by GEORGE BiUtiHT,
Nov. 6 1847. .'y r:unbuiy.
its woiiKS rit issr: it:
Burns, Scalds, and all kinds of Jnjiumcd
Sorrs Cured.
JL the most comp'e'e Burn Aniidoleever known.
It i; stanily, (and as if by Magic) stops pains nf (he
mo-t desperate Burns uo 1 Scold--. Fur ul.i S res,
I):u sea, Cuts, Spruins, &e on man or l i
ihe best application thai cm Im made, Tln.ue aids
have tried and thousands pnise it. It it the in ft
puf. ct master of pain ever discovered. All who
ut? recommend it. Every family should bo provi
drd with il. None can tell how toon tome of the
fuiuily may need it.
fj3 Observe each box nf the genuii e Ointment
has the natno ol S, Tocbey writ tin on J he outside
label, To imitate ill tat is fnrjery.
Bo linen, Livery Men, Furine s, and all vho ue
Horses, wiil find this Ointment the cry liri ihinj
tin y cm U'e for Collar Gills, Si-ratifies, Kicks, &e.
die., on tlnir animals. Surely every merciful man
would keep hi ni iiuala as frro fiom pain s possible-
Tnusey's Uiiivercal Ointment is all that is re
quired Trv it.
Bl I'ES OP INSECTS. Foi the sting er b to
of poi-nri-iii. Insects, Touscy's ()into ent is unii
va I.-. I. Hundreds tried it nil I found it good
PILES CURED ! For tho I'it.s, Tounej' U
niversul Oin'ment is one cf the best Keniu!:es that
CJn be applied. All who have tried it foi the Piles
recommend it,
OLD SORES CURED. For nil n' urinate
Sons, ihe e is r.O'.hing rqu.d to Toutey' Oint
ment, A person in Munlius had, for a number nf
vvir.i, a soin leg lhal bailie i the skill nf lheiloctnr.1.
Toucy's Ointment Wi.s rec unini nilcil by rna uf
the vi.-iting physicians, (who knew it g: rat virtue,)
and two boxes produced mote benefit limn the pa
tient had received from any and I piovioua reme
dies, Let ell try it.
of eases nf Burns and Scalds, in all part, of the
country, have been curid by Tousey's Universal
Oinlment. Certificste. enough could be bad to till
the whole nf this sheet,
al on testimonials, in favor nf Tnusey's Ointment
for curing, have been offered the proprie
tor. Hundreda in Syracuse will certify to ilt great
merite in relieving the pain of the moat severe Bruise
All person should try il.
SCALD HEAD CURED. Sore of citet of
Scald Head have been cured by Tou-e 'a Oint
ment. Try it it seldom fails,
SALT RHEUM CURED. Of all the remedic
ever discovered for this most disigreetl le complaint,
Toutey' Universal Ointment it the uio.-l complete.
Il never was known to fail.
Tousey't Universal Ointment will always cuie ihe
worst casea of Chapped Hands, Score uf persons
will state thi.
SORB LIPS CURED- For the cure of So e
Lips, there wa never anything made equal o Tou
tey' Ointment. It is ture 10 cure theui. Try it.
It i a scientific compound, warranted not to con
tain any piepiration of Mercury. rj Price 25
cents per box. For further particular concerning
this really valuable Ointment, the puhlio refer
red to Pamphlets, lo be btd fiati., of respectable
Droggiat aud Merchant throughout the UniU-d
Stales. .
Prepared by ELLIOT St TO USE Y, Druggist,
Syracuse. For sal. by
M. A. MeCAY, Nnr.l.ueibe.lind.
Sept, 1 1 th, 1817, ly tow
The Grand Purgative
ron tub cunn or
Headache, Giddines, Messle., Sail Rheum,
Rheumatism, Piles,
Heart Burn. Worms,
Choler. Morbus,
Coughs, Qiiiney,
Whooping Ooitnh,
Dytprpdn, Scuivr,
Xm.ill Pox, Jaundice,
Paint in Ihe Back,
Inward Weakness,
t Mintumplion; Kile,
Palpitation of Iho Heart, Liver Complaint,
Rising in Ihe Throat, Erislpelas, Denfi os,
Dropsy, Asthma, Itching, nf the Skin,
Fever of nil kinds, Colds, (loin, Gravel,
Female Complaints, Nervous Complaints,
ako 4 V A n 1 f.t f nt OTiltn m.tssr. Anistin
rnnst iMrtnitTim or Tim n, Ann nn
sriifrTioKn is th ottiiA. ur m
nraTiov. Experience hi. proved that neirlv every Pis
ease nrigina'm fiom Impmlrii's uf Ihe lllnod or do
rnngentenit nf the Diges'ive llraaus ; nd Insecure
lleiibh, we uniKt reuiuve t!ine nb-.lrtlctions or ie
store tin) Blood lo its sbtln,
Tho ovcrnion (e) t Mng me.l einn is most eftVi'
In ally removed ly t'Lii-KNi-n's Vkii : Ts in.. Pra
nuivp. Pni.s, being cimphii Ii) tnvrhjieil toih a of pure white Hugm; (whiih is nt di-liocl
from the internal ingreilu till nt n nut shell lioiri
ihe kernel) nn h.ivk to tstk or Hvnicivs,
But nie as enn ly s-.vallor.eil n. b!tn nf candy.
Moreover they nnitiici' nntsi-itc or qriirin I'm
slightest degree, but operate equally nu nil the d n
eaned purls of the, s .'em, ef confin'th?
themselvc.a to, and racking any ir region.
Thus, if tl e Liver be nflerlcd, one in iie.lient will
nprrate on lint parl:e.uhr orgin, and, by c'eamii g
il of nn Ejeestof Bile r storo it 1 1 its na'ur I
stale. Another will nperilo rn Ibo U'o:'d. nnd
remove all Impurities iu its c'icul-li-in ; whilo a
Ihiril wiil rircctunlly exje 1 wlntrver impurities
tiny linvo been discharged into toe a'.nmacli. and
hence they stiiikk at Ttts iioot or msr.i-E, re
move all Impure Humnvs from tho body; op n
the p.-rcs exlernnl'y r.nd in'ermlly; s -pirnto all
fuie'gn and obi osious particles fm.11 the rhjle, so
th-1 the blood m iy hi llnironp.h'y pure thus secu
ring a foe and Invilthy action to the Heart, Lungs
and Liver; nnd Iber. by they 111: routs tiuALrti K-
The ki tire tru'h of the above cm hn nsceitnincd
l y the 1 1-i n I nf n sinctli) b ix ; ond their virtue are
si positive and rerinin in rra'nr'ng Health, that
Ihe proprietor bind- himself ti return ihe money
I aid for them in nil cases where they do njt giio
universal s itis'ocrion.
Il?i!T.:i Priff, S5 cfn. per Box.
Piineipd oflicn No. PC Vesi v st., N. Yo.k.
Kold by JOHN' YOL'NG, Sunbury,
M. A. McCA Y, Noitliutiv e I mil.
fXj" nemember Dr. C. V. fJli. kener is the iti
vrtvor of the Sugar Coated Pi Is, ond thut no'li 1 g
i f the . rt was 1 ver heaul 1 f until he inlicjoe. il
thetn in June, I M l-'t, I'uich 'seis slioiild, tin n for.',
nlwnys nsk for Clickenei't ('nate-l Pills, and no ot'oers, or they will bo m n'e tho victims uf
a fraud, fcnipl. ISth, IS17. ly cow
Tit IT
11 It B A 7 1". r.
cor,; 11 ! Tttr.
r;i:ri, Ttts wonK u:- ti:r
liKsTisuvmi It a a lnci'Y,
1 V 1 I' A SUIItl OV 111 1 IU.
A RE YOU A MO HI Ell Your ibtr'inn child.
i yonr idol mid r irthlv j v, is now p.-rb ips
confined to her chnnil cr by a dane.eruus cold h I
pale ehe: l;t, her Ik'n rhrunk 11 fing-'ra, tell the
Iti.l J di case hns alrem'y g iinul iipoii her the
sound nf ,er sepulchral coush b ici s your soul.
YOUNG MAN. when jasl rbont io outer life,
disease sheds a l-.eart rru b nj I liht over the f iir
prorpect of the fntu-e your I -eclic rough nnd fi e
ble llo.hs tell uf your loss and h pe, but you need
not despair. Tliero i a l ain which will Leal tho
'.voumhd lungs, i; U
s rs k n v,i a x ' s
Mr. AT TREE, the v.ifo of Win. II. Atlree,
Tsij. was given tin by Dr. Bew-iil nf W-binrtnn,
1),. Roe ami Mcfli'lhin of Pliiia 1-l,,hia. Dr. 15 ie
and Dr. Mutt nf New York. Her friend all
Ihoitg'ut she must die. She had every pppcir u ce
of being in coiisumptijti, en I v is 1-0 piouuut i'e,l
by tier pliAt-i l.nj-tihcrtiim's Ualsjia was given
jn.l it cured her.
Mr-, tl A It HAD ft ANT., of l'odl's Fciry, was
a'.a.i cu e.l i f cot s-tmpti n by this B rsnn when
till olhcr iciiMiios fried to iji'O ri ,f s'le was re.
dii-id lo a sluh t 11. Dr. A. C. O.wilo, D- niist.
Sttl Broadway, l.aswkvilnessed itn li' i.!a in siveral
ca fa where no other medicine nflonled relief but
the 13 ,!s 11,1 upcrnted like a c'.iatm. Dr. V. also
nim?d it wonderful elf cts in curing ntl.mi,
which il never fails nf doing, Spittinn Illon I, nl ir
iiiiug ns it may be, i. effectually cured by this Bal
aam. Il heal, the ruptured nr wounded blood
vess. Is, nod make t' o lune,a s until again.
Rev. HEN II V" JONES, Ilia Eighth avenue,
wis cuitd of cough and catarrhal IV. di ms i t 51)
years s aiioing. The first dose rave him morn re
lief than all the othei medicine he had ever tub 11.
Dr. L. J. Beals, 19 De'atiry strict, gave it to a
si-ler-in-Uw who was laboring ui.dcrcoin-umption,
and lo ni. other sorely afrVct-d iih thn A-thina.
In both cans, its effects were iinmedia'e, suoti re
storing Ihi nt to romf irtnb'e health.
Mrs. LLCRETI WEI.T.fs, 1)3 Ciii.lie e'reet.
suffered fiom Astbinu 43 ystus. Slicra.ti's Hal
sam relieved hir nt once, nnd is ciiin po : vi ly
will, being riiidilrd to subdue eveiy utlst k by a
liinely use nf this medicine. TiiU indeed i. the
un til n irtedy for Cough. Cold, Siiitiing Blood,
E ver Cfiuijdairits, nnd r.ll ti e r II ctions nf the
llirnal, m il even Ast'ima slid Conmmp ion.
Prico 25 cents nnd f I ( er bott.lo.
Dr. Sherman's Cough mid Worm Lezenges, and
Poor Man'. Platter sold as above.
Dr. fc'herman't effiee is at I ltd Nassau st. N. Y.
Agent, JOHN YOUNG, Snuburv.
M. A. M. C Y, Northumberland
Seitember llih, 1 H 17. ly
Vegetable Vsilrcrsal Pil!,
7'hc onti) known Med'ciue that nt the same time
purges purifies and strengthens Ihe syalcm.
Losno, July 7, IMG.
R. LE ROY a Pills am a new medicine
width bns pist appetre.l, and is fist teking
ihe placet if all others nf the san e d iss. These
pills nre composed of many ingredients, but the
two principal one are Sarsipardl i nnd Wild Cher,
ry, so united lint they act toeihcr; the one,
through its admixture with ntbrr tub-tnt-ces, pu
rifying and purging, while the n her is tlrenthctir
iug the system. Thus thoeo pills nie nt the same
lime tonic and opening; a desideratum long and
eagoily ought for by men, but never bo
fore discovered. In 1 ther words lliey do Iho work
of Iwo medicine, and do it much bf Iter thin any
two wo know of; for they remove nothing from
the system but the impurities ; to that while they
purge they strengthen; end hence they cause nn
debilitation, and are folluwi d by no ra-aclinn. Dr.
Le Roy' pill have a wonderful influence on Ihe
blood; they not only purify without weakening il,
bul (hey remove all ipxiuu particle from the chyle
befoie it it convened into fluid, and thus make im
pure blood an utter impoa-ibility. At there it no
debilitation, so there it no nausea nr sickness at
tending the operation, uf thi most excellent nf me
dieines, which never strain, nr Inrturcf the diget
live (unctions, but cau-e thrin to wmk in a per
fectly naluraj manner ; and hence poisons taking
them do not become pub and cm orbited, but the
contrary ; for while it ta the property of thn Sjrs 1.
pardtii, united as it is with other ingredient, to
remove all that i foreign .ml impure, it it equally
the property nf th Wild Cherry lo retain all thul
ie natural und sound; and hence a robut slj'e of
heul h is the certain result of their united opera
tion., txy Price Sft cent, per BOX,
Agents for Le Roy' '"'ills,
JOHN YOUG.$8unbu,3r'
M. A. McCAY, Norihumberl'J.
August 21st, 1817. ly
PERSONS travelling thi rout are hereby
informed that they eta procure through
ncketa," by making application at the Hotel el
Chailes Weaver, Hunbury. A. E. KAPi.
Northumberland, July tiUt, ISO. tf
Walchcv, Jewel I ry nntl Sil
ver Ware,
Guaranteed littler fir the price than al any olhcr
Store in Philadelphia, may be mrV, .
UWrWe rrnrf Retail, at
(f.nie NICHOLAS I.clll It AY'S)
No. 12 North 2d street, nbove Arch,
WATCHES, all kinds, fnlr, ,)W and medium
qualities, among which are,
G ild Lever, full Jewell 'd, 10 to 100
Leplnes, do S5 tu 40
Silver Lever, do SO 10 SO
l.epliies, do 13 to 13
Qnnrtlers, fine, 0 to 10
ljuaitiors, imitalinn, 5 Diamonds, Gold Chnins, Gold
Pent with Gul-I nnd Silver holder, Pencils Breast
Pins, Fi tger nnd Ear Rings, Brnceb -Is, C,i,nms
uf shell, ciiml nnd live, with every other arltcl" nl
Jtwellry nf the riches', nnd in ul f lel.ionniile pel
tern s.
Silver Wahi" Pla'es, Fotk0, Spoons, Clips,
Ac, nf Ktnnd nd i-'ileer.
I tATF.n Waii. Cn-toTfl, Cnkn B okets. Pai n.
Vases, Card Gat es, t nJ nllur Rich Fancy Good,
in greiit vnrii ty.
holes.ilo Buyer will nave m utry by culloif;
here hif ore purchasing.
("p Km p il.ii nt'vi rli em?nl, nn-.l ell nl No. 7'i
You r.ill be sdtiitied the Goods nre really r'ue ipi r
and better than nre nip-red in the city. For sale,
loAV, a handsome p ur i f Show Case, suitable fur
a .Towellry or Fancy store. Apply a abovn.
Sept 85th. 1317 ly
No. B0 liirfcet iSli'cct, five doors buluw
Thinl, K0111I1 sirlo,
Jtnporlt's-si ?t 'yTtiwIfsiitfc ?'S i'.i
WjTA TCIIES, Wntch Gl,i sos nnd Material.
y Jeivclrv of all dc.-ciipli 'n', qu dilie nnd
s'ylet, c. 'rtpti-iiij all tha Mttclcj connecU-.l
Willi the Trade,
Dixenn $ Pon'f Bri'anni 1, G. rm in Silver and Sil
ver-F l.ilcd Ware.
Sheffield and Birmingham r'h'rd Fnnrv Arl'clo-.
Rodger & Sun's nnd Voti nlrn'm's ('iille-ry, llj-
Z.irs, He ssor. Erase-, Derii Kniirs, v.-e.
Ivory II indlrd Table Cutlery, of iho fin st, mi'ilium
ond cotnin-in qutditiis.
A large iiK--orl rrpTil nftiul-l i'i::s.
bViifocnl fc'-pectticlt fl.
Papier M id c und J .panned Tray, various shapes
nnd qualities, nt rei'in-ed rotes
G 1.1 W'otc'i C.18' s, Ditda nnd Silver-Ware, of all
iVscripti iris, iiiiiiinl'icluted to ordstr.
DICKSON &c CO., havinr" recently retnoved
into the l.tre rind cunituotlious w.irehousi formerly
occupied by Messr--. It. Asiiiiuiikt & Sons, rtnd
more rec it I ly ly Asuiii'Iist c,- lirtAHNnron, bee
have fo inform VVtitch Denier', C unlry Merchanls
and others, tlirit thev design hnvit-q nt oil limes n
l ir;:o n-sortim-nl nfG. ciis, of their own importa
tion, which they ate ditrrminrd to sell nt the loncs' a.
(Z j- Every nl'c'.tion will be paid to the Pi-eMnj
of tin. d-, hml in the ex cut i, 11 ui r.-., I'.c tpi .'i-tii-s
nnd pricif wi.l bcfjlly gu-.ruii'ie-l t 'i.t a:i
l-'iiibiihlplva, June 19 !, 1F17. lv
u'ii'Kt i'rcsniium V'i'isi:ijr
No. t7 Norlh Thinl Sired,
ISTTROM D'. U.ue, ibo eeV-Vrnti d Pr.-fe uor ol
ll Chemiiitry in t'-e I'nivi-r. itv r.l I'et.n'a.
"P id i ad- Ij.hia, 'let. 1 1, 1 , in,
"Dear Sir ITaviio! ttted your Ink. I e. i l thro I:
you to send me another botile, ss I lit.d it to I f
ixctllent, I atii yours, truly,
lulllT H.IKF."
From Pr. Locke, nf Cincinnati, di.-ii (.ui.heil
for his numerous scientific tese.i-cli'''.
Meuli'hl Cul.d- of Ohio, t'ii rir.rtati,
" J inn iry 1", 11-1 1.
Having 11 ur-J Mr. Hover's Writing I .!-, I ii'
satislie.l that it is the lot liie!i l.n.s iut iviti,' to
my linowledue, tuitl csicr'-iily it H'-nt lor I'.t
use 1 f Sice! Pens, and i."::V eor-vi-'f ibeio, err;
in Ion; u?e.
T.Kll I.OCKK. Pl'if. i f ("1 l"'slv.
From a well reicmiile gi tii'einan.
. Philadeli hi-., i- :. '-7, Is-! 15.
Mr. Jovph E. Hover !-'ir: A ns,. ,-f y,.lir 0,-m-nl,
and some pr.ictic-.d t.'.-ts nf i s 111,1.-1.111 ty,
.h-.a it duce.l me to reco nn end it 10 others as mi
in v ilitnb'e ni tie Iu for lueiiil ng I'iiia (, 1 1
Gubitict Ware. CAMi'iir.i.i. Moiin r,
An..!tT l'heu.i-l "
For -alt' nl ihe Mil ufiet. ry, Whohsilo nnd Re
tail, No. 8T NoiiTit Tniitu c-'Tii:r.T, ojiposite
Clieny street, PlnlaJo'phi i, by
May 82, l-s-17.-j.10 ly Mtinufuctun 1
rniHE rhihlrMi begin to cty for Sherman's Lo
a zenges. The noise was not n 1 loud ul thai
time, but it has kept iiicrea-iug ever since nd n w
litis In-come so great that the moi'ths nf ll little
ours can seirce be stopped. Dr. SliCMnin fiyntpa
tltiscs with the little stiif- rers, nnd v ry intieh re
tre s that nny of Ibo rn should be I'i-nppointed
Knowing the vast benefit which has been confer
red upon the community by tho intnductiou o(
hit infallible
he hns eitlered into arrangement for en'nrg'pg l,i
Mnnuf tctory, by mean, of which I e thinks he will
lui able to supply the demat d. Ai d the tune ptiin
and care will be taken, th at t! e-o c. lei riled Lo.
Zfnges bo male ns lhey hivo always, bten, in or
der that tho-e who d, pciol rpon llictn, may n il h
distippoiined iu ll etr ltou's, lie lie.eiv when h
c nniiience.l the manufacture of the Worm I.0-1 li
tres, that th y would supersede the usa nf fvirv
other vennifoge, aa the Lozenge is tvry pleasant
to the taste, speedy in its i lfj-ts, i s well a- certain,
and llm qu ir.titv tequircd to 1 licet a perfect cure,
ivery sin ill. These prop, rites, in coinn lion wi h
the f cl that llipy are sold f r SS cents per box, ihu -pi
ring them iu the reach uf Ihe poore-t man in
Ihe laud, has not only caused Ihetn to t the
place nf every ether vetmifuge ever nil! red, but al
eo rendrretl (hern popular to the conttnuui'y.
Dr. Shermnii'.
continue lo cure Coughs, Golds, Gonsiirnpt'nn,
Asthma, shortness and diiiieully of Breathing, mr!
either ilisea e nf the Lunh'S, with the name f ,c.i:iiy
they did on their fust introduction, ai d the piopl
have now beeonio persuaded by aclu-il esp, lience,
that on the ncccs-ion of a .l glil cold, ;:ey have
only to tep lo either the Dr's. office, or one of ihe
Agents, and obtain a box of bin Cc,in;h L -z 't-gcs,
which aie very convinieiit to carry in I'.e pocket,
and to take a few through Iho day. JJ y pursuing
this cotitso a euro is often ell'ected in "i hours, and
the patient about bis loj-itl ss. So great is lh ce
lebrity of Ihe Lnzi-iigea, thai thousands of p, rsons
who have used them, nnd become acquainted with
their ell', cts, will never be without them.
Mirim ivs
ha cuted more rases of Rheumatism, Pni 1 in the
Back, Side and Chest, Lumbago and Wi.akness,
than any application that has ever been made. A
the celebrity of the Plaster ha incio.ised, hundreds
of unprincipled rascals have attempted lo counter
feit it, and palm it off upon ihe community as the
genuine, ijj" Bewate nf Deception, 0 Remem
ber that tht true and genuine Plaster is spread u li
on reddish paper made expready for the puip. se,
and in every case the onulure of Dr. Shuiman i
piiiit.d upon the back nf the PUbici, and Ihe whole
secuied by Copy Right, None other are genuine.
Theiefore wl en you want a real good Sherman'
Poor Man' Plaster, call at the office, 106 Nasau
street, tr.d you wi I not be disappointed.
Remember the number, lUti Na-tau st., where
.11 Dr. Sherman' Lozenge, are sold. Hi. Agents
ie Mia. Hays, liit) Fulton a'reet, Bronklvn;
H meson, Williamsburg 1 and Redding Sc Co.,
Button, and JOHN YOUNG, Sunbury.
M. A. McCA V, Nuribumbailund.
September I lib. 1817. ly.
"ffiAPlfffiV' GOOEO.
US I received, a bsn.lsoni. Iut of Cloths, fas
timers, Caliaits, Caps af sil kind. Cum
Shoes, for men. women and children, Uioceries,
Queensware, and a viuiity nf other articles, chea
per than ever, by HENRY MASSEH.
Suiibuiy, Nov. J7l!i, IS17,
The following list .how. Ihe current value nf an
'ennsylvania Bank Notee. The most Implicit rn-
linnre may be placed upon it, a. It is every week
larefully compared with at d corrected from Bit k-
neir Reporter,
I!ni:Lsj (1 Plilladclptiln.
NAei LorATtotf.
Hank of North America . ,
(lank of the Northern Liberties ,
Commercial Bank of Penn'a. . ,
Farmer' and Mechanic' Bank ,
Kensington Bank .
Philadelphia Bank
Schnvlkill Pnt.k
Southwnrk Bank .
Western Bank
Mechanic' Brink .
1ir-!irnct!'rrre' cV Mechanics' Bank
flat:!; nf I'ei'ii Township , ,
f.'i'itr -! P:.t-k
I!h k of Cnnimeree, t iln Moyanirns'nr;
IJuiik uf ."cn-'vlvanii , ,
f';sel.y IJ:tr:,f.i,
flai l-, nf CbpBlcT County Westchester
l-ank nf Delaware Counly
Hank of
R.'Tik of o'oiite.otncry Co,
DovlesttHAn 15. ml.
Eas'011 Peiik
Fnrmern' Pnitl; nf Burks eo.
I) ivleslnwn
V. ...ton
It: rk nr isnrlhtnnlierl ,nti orthumlierland par
I'e.lutnl.ia littitl; A- rtrtdtre eo.fobinliii pnr
I tirnioi.s lo-.itU nl l.niieti-Jler" l.ancis'et par
l.ntica (or Cut't'y lJ .nk r Bank
iVtrmeis' 7t.ark nf Ifcnding
Uioee i-f B?nk of Penn'a,
0,'Tice i'-i da
flirra do do
Lrc is'cr
Hnrrisl.nrg" These
Lancaster I nliices
I-'eading f do nnt
Ja-ston J issue n
rtutdi nf the United Plates
Philadelphia 17
Pnt'svillo par
Lp'.viutiiwn failed
Miners' Bank of PullHvillu
Pnnl: 1 f l.ewi.dnwn
ll.anl; . f iil ll-tor.-ri
O.'irli-lr Bank
H-t bai'f-e Bunk
Do d 1 branch of
Httrrhbiirg Bank
Lebanon liunk
Mcrebnnts' iV Manttf. Bunk
Bank i f Pilltibur,?
West Biatirh B mk
Wynmir.g li:u-k
North.itnitnii 11 mk
llerks County Hank
OHicc uf Uank ol U. S.
Do do do
Do do do
Hank nf Chnmbcrsl'iirg
llni k nf GettiRour'
Hunk ni Snsqueliunu.i ('o,
tirie' il o
r-n-t.-i i-.' cc J trovers' Bank
K-tn.klii. Lart!.
M. :h -.!.I, il.ttk
V. t . m; :' ebi Il.n.k nf B.
V. k I t: '.
Middlo'own 1
Cnrliole I
Piilsburr 1
Hollidaysburg 1
Harrisburg I
Lebanon jar
I I'.tsliurg 1
Pi'ls'juig 1
Wiiliamsporl H
VilkePliaire 11
A lo ittown no a lo
Rending failed
Pittsburg fuiled
Erie do
New Brighton do
N. B.
t'tiit qiinl
!:e nnles nf tluitie I. s on which we
i.ns, and snhtiltile
by the Pbil-diiid,
a il.iith ( ) arc not
a brokers, vti.'u ihn
f those mm h l.nic n letter uf 1. ierence
Sav. I .....
J . IT 1 1 CO.
iv. I,;s.
1 oil, n'n Ij. liia
Otl: lllTti.
,'i,n 'i'.,.'
auml L
11 ..-.v. '.ns. A il.a
,. r
v. Ins. i'j
r UMit (T. W Dvott, prop.) ftikd
IV.vai.da Hank
too 1
Mlcr.l.nity Bonk of Pa.
U.'nk ol I'o'ieer
Hank of Swa'ata
Hank of Washington
Cen! re Tank
City iJ it k
FiirV-i-r. ' i'v "ocilt'es' B.tnk
i-' "ii Mceii'es' Lc.'-k
I':.,-,-, or,,' Met h'ca'
!!,irr-',-.y Inmilute
liiottln.riior. Blink
Jim: .ta Bank
Lii!..l-etn;..ii's !';ii:k
"t.'i foitte
V'tivottti i-i.
1 In ctn r.-.t e
t.o s,i!e
1 losed
no .-to
110 sc.'c
1 1 in;iri:;:ln:i im s:i!o Rosa'c
L'uiid-itV '
New Hope
oi itton
'no sulo
no itnle
,1: .f i'...
.'l iv ili.p.a il. I. litii!,;i' I'
'CorthuTit'.'d 1'i.iou Cnl. 1
M.-iih X.'otern Btink .1! I
iCiiee 1 1 rMiuvlkill Bank
i'.i. Acr- M-jiiuf. 1'ief.k
-:ilvn L ike Bank
I tt:uu Bat k of IVtiti'a.
W'esiiiioielartil Bank
WilV.i sl nrre Bridge Co.
I' ri I airiiou
1 rniniitown
ft. tied
Wiikcsbarre nosale
Oj" All notes purpintiiig to be on any Pennsyl
wir.i Bank not given in tho above li.-t, may be set
lown as frauds.
Bunk of New Biunswick Brunswick
llelvideie Hank Bclvitlere
Hutlinglon Co. Bank Medford
Juniniercinl Bank Pettli Amboy
'iiiiiliell.nnl Bank BriJireliin
?nrm.-i' Bt.rk Mount Holly
r'armera' nnd Mechaiiics' Bk Kaltwuy
r'tiriiiers' and Mechanics' Bk N. Bittnaairk
Fiirincrs' nnd Merchants' Bk Middlelnivn I't,
Franklin Bunk of N. J.
Jerey City '
no rale
110 sale
liuli. ken Blu&. Glazing Co llo'o. ken
Jersey City Bunk
Mt cl anks' Bttnk
'.li' ii tun rs' Bank
Morris County Bf.nk Bk uf N. J.
M, rhtiitics' Bank
Mechanics' end Manuf. Bk
Men in Canal and Lkg Co
l'j, t Notes
Newark Lki; & Ins Co
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Jersey City
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N J I'rotectun & Lombard bk Jersey Ci.y
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(jj- On all banks marked thus () there are ei
ther counterfeit nr altered note of ihe variou Ja
iinniiiislini.s. in eirculslion.
05 North 2d St., bet. Arch Ai Uaco sis.,
r h i 1 a 1 e I p h i a .
f "BRADY rV PAKKEIt respectfully inform their
3 friend and the public that troy hive lulien
Ihe above uamed house, recently kept by J, 8,
Adsms, snJ are pivpared la tcconimod its ouslo
inert in ihe most tJlisl'actory nitiinrr end at ret
.01. able piicer.
Their labia will lie supplied v. eh Ihe best vsri
ety the market alfouU their parlors and sleeping
apartment will be in the beat onler. The house
ha been thoroughly repaired and furnishej w ith
view lo (he Comfort of travellers and stranger.
Having had teveial year upcrience in ihe
business, lhey hope to give general satisfaction,
und respectfully invite travtllcr end itranirer tu
give Ihetn a call. BRADY rY PAIlkBR.
rhiUdrlplut Jtnuaty 16, 15 1 ? if
personal SHrtthrs.
Major Bmss. William W. S. Bl
vet Major, was born in New Hampshire, in
the yenr 1S10, of a highly respeelalile family.
II-! early rOiowprt such proof of ability Unit
an uppoiiilmcnl as cadet nt Went Point wan
procured for li m, nor had ho been lo- g at
.nut niBiiititioii, ueiis-e ha wn considered 0110
f tho mos.t promiiieiu members of his cIiihs.
'urvroUeiency in tnaCcmnticnl slttdies tin
was especially diHlingui.Vd. His general
supononty over his comra, WB9 evideil,
that n tlie time he rrr,,lmted, M-hirh Wls in
1833, ho vm known nt the Ae,)emv B
pun 011 Ins liniim, (,f 'PnHrF.CT Blis.-
In 1S33 In., received a brevet as ,(.t.()lill
Iietil.'iinii', il,.. oilier menibeie (,l a,
trradtmtinu; el-.trs. I iH3i he wns mad,.
full second li(.ti!e:un;t. He now Wamc nt
luelifd .to llie Academy nl West P0in ns us
sis'itnl Piufessor of Mulliemalicri. nnd c-omj.
lined there in lliiu capacity until 18-10. duiimr
which time he perl'ecled himself in all llun,.
slit lies which lender him now so accomplish
eri. not only ns 1111 oliicer, but a scholar.
Petlttips we litiz-.iid mulling: in snyinu; he
is without his equal in ibis respect, in the nr
niy Th-re may lie others as brave, ethers
as skillful iu the field, but there is not one,
who wi'.li llios - qualities, is also so accuiu
p!i.!i '.1 as Major Bli-.;s.
In is:li. he Wits pt-o-noledto a lietilen
tuicy. In 1837 he received the brevet of Cup
lain, with the appointment of assistant adju
tant in-nera). Saon niter he was promoted to
a full ciiplaiiiey. His foitnnes now became
etiiinected wilh those of G.'iieral Tavlor. li s
accompanied that leader to Corpus Christi,
1111J siibseqiitnlly lo Point Litb -1: nml was
present tit ihe baltles of Palo Alto and l!rS.:
ca de la Palm::, where he received ihe favor
able commendations of the commimiler-in-chief.
He also acted as AJjutuiit General of
the Army of Oeenptilion." and us Military
Seerelaty of tin General.
Major Bliss is the hero of ninny anecdotes
i;i connection with Gen. Taylor: ami indeed
the names of the two men are iiiilis-sohibly
associated, to rt certain extent, iu the public,
mind. One of tin most eelebiat. ri nf these
anecdotes is that told in relation to :! e e:isi-i
at B teiia Yislit. When Cap.t. I'.:;,- s::v the
M-.'xieatts atlvancinu; to their l;:s! i it. ut:!!. h
wast;! lirst,lated by Die Ji.qmj'.- ef
mimb 'rs, and si-.tii to (.'"ti. T-.iUtir uAU-j for
iviiifureomciiV. "Tell tlie Gi.-nei'iil." wi s his
messu-i-e. !-ilit! if not snecored. I she. II Ins"
my aims." ;-ll i back,' sai 1 G:mi. T. lo
.tiid say to C' Braj.-y; l!:at 1
have not a item to send lihn. He must die
where !) slnii.'-i. as we nil must.'' The aid
ytill-p.'tl ol'", at:, I was so,m l-t-;t lhtoe;;h Hi.
i s'luihe. Th ;; eentl look"d al him for a mn
: ttv'.it. and lh ni b"ckouiur to Jlliss. both Intr
! ri'-d lifter the aid, whom they overlook jeitt
! a reached Biwjr''. Taylor pttlle.l in his
rein nml said, "I lnve. briniL'ht you all ihe ro-
s-rvis I li-ul, ('apt. Braar-r '.Ii:y nr." Major
i B'iss ie:d injself.'' Then irat !h-dinl,-j
e:ti:t c.ihtiimn of tin Mexicatts, which were
; fast npproachit!!', lie uddeil the memotabln
wm.-.I.s Give th- 111 a lillle more iti p C'tip
1 ;':tlv At ihe word, thn sens were chucijtJ
J'wl th.! niitl.'h lipplicd. The' lietee coi'.cns
sioti .- htiok th- hills, nml as the smoke lifted,
. th- eoltimiis of lh- enemy .were seen in dis
' order. A second disehar-e cheeked their
! a lvae.iv : and a third drove them Kick. ''A
, 'ii'Ie mo.e Li't'.p.'." had proved belt -r than a
thoai-iiid bayonets.
M tjtif Bliss wtis in every ba'.lla foe-ht by
Gen. Taylor in Mexico. When most of the
ivotikir oilioi'is were drtach-d from th it Gen
cral's aiiny, and sent to join Scott prior to
the attack of Vera Cruz. Wis, continued wilh
his old commander. Darin"; the sprm!, sum
mer and fall of 147, he remained at head
quarters; and when General Taylor returned
to lh i United Slate on a ftiilouirh, Bliss ac
companied him. He is now on a visit to his
native Slate, New Hampshire, which has rea
son t i be pwud of so disliiejuished a so;:.
i..,i .... . .. 1. ..
To SwrxrKS Il.ixcin Bi ttf.r. The Echo
Mixle Sai-ititt says: "An agriculturalist in the
neiyliboihoo.! of B.atssels, rlelyrimn, huvinr
sueeeetled in remnvinsr tho bad smell and
disagreeable tt-.sle from butter by beating or
mixitio: in fresh waler w ith chlotide of li:n-,
he was encotnaued bv this hajipv result to
! continue his experiments, by trying them on
1 bolter so rancid r.s to be past use; mid he
i has restored to butter whose odor and taste
were insupportable, all Ihe sweetness of fresh.
This operation is extremely simple und prac
ticable to all; it consists in beating the: butter
in a snilieient quantity of water, in which
put 23 or 3d drops of chloride of lime to two
pounds of batter. After haviiifj mixed it til
all ils parts are in contact with the water, it
may b.! left in il for an hour or two, after
wards withdrawn and washed anew with
fredh wafer. The chloride of lime haviuu
nothing injurious in it, can with safety be)
augmented ; but after having verilied the ex
periment il was found that S." or 30 drops to
a killoramtne of butter (iwo and quarter
pounds) wen. willieioiit.
A itrop or two of honey well rubbed on the
hands while wet, nfler washing with soap,
prevents) chappitifj, and removes ths rough
ness of tho skin, it is particularly pleasant
for childiens hands and faces in, cold wea
ther. Melt a little isiiiirhiM in spirits of wine,
adding lh 'ret ) about a liflh part of water,
mi l nsiit a gentle heat ; w hen perfectly me!
t 'd it 11 I mixed, it will form u transparent
trine, which will unite) jrlass so fust tluit thrj
fracture will be hardly perceived.
To C'LruN LooKixi;-i;i..ssKs, &c. A pieoo
of soft sponii-e, well washed und cleaned from
every Ihinji yriity ; just dip h into witter ami
spteeze it out nrain, and then dip it into some
spirits of w ine. Hub it over the fzhxes ; dust
it over wi:h Mime powder blue, or .whiiinn
silted throniih muslin ; rub it lightly hihI
quickly oil' again w ith a cloth ; then take u
clean clo'h mid rub it well again, and finitdr
by rubbing it wilh a ilk handkerchief.
To makk WiTr.aSoi T. Add to one bucket
of water wurmcsd, tine oii.ico of carboiuilo of
tsod.i, which tendert it n s'd't ti rai.i water