Sunbury American. (Sunbury, Pa.) 1848-1879, April 01, 1848, Image 3

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Our young friends, Porter & English,
Commission Merchants, No. 3 Arch st.
Philadelphia, inform their Wends, through
our columns, that they are well prepared
to supply them with articles in their line.
They are business irfen of the right stamp.
Wm. G. Maso, Engraver &c, 46 Chest
. nut st. has may useful and fancy articles
for sale, that cannot be found every where.
P. R. Mc'Ncille, 103 Chestnut street,
ofl'ers to the public, great inducements in
the purchase of clothing, of which he al
ways has on hand splendid assortment.
Charles Adams, No. 19 Arch st. Phila
delphia, has a handsome assortment of staple
goods, particularly linens and furnishing
goda, and a number of other splendid ar
ticles, as descrsbed in his advertisement.
His establishment will well repav the
trouble of a visit.
Watkinson & Hall, No. 7J south 2nd st.
also advertises an elegant assortment of
spring dry goods. They are well prepared
to accommodate the ladies with the new
est styles and of the best in the market.
D'Aubigne's great History of the Refor
mation, with 18 handsomely illustrated
plates, 4 vol. in 2. Having received the
agency of this splendid work for this and the
adjoinfng counties, from the publisher, we
will be able to furnish it in a few weeks.
Daniels & Smith, North-west corner of
4-th and Arch sts, offer a handsome assort
ment of new and second-hand books for sale.
Their establishment is, emphatically, what
hV style it, the " Cheap Hook Store."
LCFThe Fkencii Rkvoi.i tion. We
publish this week a full account of this
great P.. volution, as more important than
any Ining else we can give to our readers.
Tliat France was destined ere long, to bc
.ome a republic, was evident ever since the
Revolution of 1830. Louis Phillipe, who
then ascended the throne, as 'Citizen King,
instead of pursuing the wise and liberal
policy which he promised his friends,
nought alliances with the despots of Eu
rope, in order to perpetuate his family on
the throne, from which he has been so sud
denly expelled.
!G?s"Arroi.vrMEXT nv tiii: Po.-t Mati:ii
(Y.nt.ral. Mr. Charles Leisenring has
ircn appointed Post Master at Paxinos, in
place of Mr. 'Wasser, who has removed to
Ihe Broad Mountain. Mr. Leisenring will
make an excellent and obliging officer.
CP" On our first page we have plattfd a
most excellent and well designed wood cut,
representing Don Quixote the "knight of
the Rueful Countenance," rendered famous
the world over, by the pen of Cervantes,
and as giving the death blow to knijrht er
rantry. We are' indebted for this, and
other favors, to the kindness of a friend in
The Susquehanna at this place, was
v.losud by ice five times during the past
winter; the last time on the 15th ult.
Lvmiikk. The Susquehanna is now in
good rafting order. Quite a number of
rails passed this place, within the last few
Daviii Tagoart Esq., has been appointed
delegate to the Whig National Convention,
for this district.
RExnnn unto Cesar, &c. It has been
the opinion of many, hitherto, "that Gen.
Taylor's letters and despatches were writ
ten by Major Bliss. We observe that Mr.
Prescott Hall in a late speech in New York
stated, by authority, that these important
papers were never Been by Major Bliss until
he saw them in print.
A French child said to the papish priest:
"Why is it, father, that we ask every day
for our daily bread, instead of asking our
bread for every week, for every month, or
the whole year ?' "Why, you little goose
so as to have it fresh."
An Incredulous Mother. Old Ben
Franklin's mother-in-law wouldn't believe
that he could live in America, when he
started his newspaper, because forsooth,
there was "one paper in America already."
Etxa and Vesuvius. The last accounts
from Italy state that Etna and Vesuvius were
both vomitinst forth flames, and an erruption
of lava was daily expected.
No wonder She's Sick. The Queen of
Spain has sixteen physicians in attendance
on her! In England such a jury meets on
the body after death, not before it.
Preac-ii axd Practice. A wine mer
chant advertises for a partner "a teetota
ler is preferred."
"Time is money,' said Franklin. It is
very true, and some people take plenty of
it to pay their debts !
A Jouhnt.vman Printer Promoted.
William C. Tobey, better known as "John
of Yoik," has received a commission as sec
ond lieutenant in the 4th Infantry, one of
the oldest regiment in the regular army.
TitY it, Ladies It is said that a bowl
containing two quarts of water, set in an
oven, when bakine, will prevent pies,
rake;, bread, etc., from being scorched.
Loui Philippe. The amount invested
by Louis Philippe in New York citv is said
to be between ten and twenty millions.
Qui.ik Travelling. The newt of the
revolution in France was carried bv an ex
press locomotive from London to Glasgow,
472 miles in 10 hours. The average run
ning time being 52 miles an hour.
KF"On, these Women! A man in
Cincinnati last week, had his cheek bitten
severely by 8 girl whom he was attempting
to k-k-kiss !
Mr. Webster has been suddenly called
from Washington to the bedside of dying
and beloved daughter. On Thursday he
addressed the Senate on the war with Mex
if i, and immediately left for Boston.
A Swuisiim or Tim Hiad, litre every other
disordered motion of the blooil, ii owing to cor
rupt end stagnant humors which, when floating
in the general man of the circulation, ere tan
cause of headache, giddiness, palpitation of the
heart, and many other unpleasant aymptomi and
when thrown upon the various parts of the body,
re the cause of every malady incident to man.
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills are always cer
tain to remove headache, giddiness, and every
complaint, because they completely rid the body
of all morbid humors, and everything that is op
posed to health.
WriRht's Indian Vegetable Pills also aid and
improve digestion, and therefore give health and
vigor to the whole frame, aa well as drive dis
ease of every kind from the body.
Caut'on. To avoid counterfeits, purchase from
those nhly who can show a certificate of agency,
representing the landing of Willism Penn : and
compare the laliela on the box with Ihe fac similes
on the. certificate. To be genuine, they must be
etictly alike, signature and all. Bo ware of coun
cils and imposition.
fXj" The genuine for sale by Hxxht Maim,
sole agent for Sunbury, and other Agents, publish
ed in mithcr part of this paper.
Corrected weekly by Henry Master.
Wbkat, .... srj
Rra, 76
Cons, .... SO
Oats, . 40
Bdtteb, 16
linos, .... 8
Pom a, ... 5
Fr.Axs.nitn, ... . 125
Tallow, ... to
Bskswax, . 25
Flax, ... .8
IlKCRtitn Flax, to
Uhiiii Arri.Es, 73
Do. Peaches, ISO
WrdnrsiiaT, March 30, 1818
Wheat Fuir sslea of Western nt 133
Rye Is in demand ut 85 a 8e per btmliel.
Con Yellow.
51c weight; lair sales ;
white 49e.
Oats Are selling nt 38 a 3!U
Whiskey Hull in bhh nt 23c
rather dull,
hhds 22 a
Clovkrseed Sales at 3J a S3J a
' .n .1 ts ts i n n ,
In Luwishiirs, on thn 23.1 .. by R--v. P.
H. Marr. Mr. Joskpii V., "und Mis.-;
Ass EuzAm-.Tii Khkmi:u.
aKanaAwent vrtmnrgan.T.a'rrT.'VT-E.-arjrjji
d 1 1: u,
0:i Saturday, thri 1 l:h i::.-t ., at liis rt'sidi'iiff.
in Coluiiibiii couiily. th i I Ion. Lkunahh 1l
I'uitT. in tin; 83lh year of his n .
In Lt-'wisljiirsr. o;i Vn.h v r.iorr.i;t:r Rfv.
Thomas Hood, aired nbtiut G3 vears.
For Hie public ation of IheSUMU RY AMT-StK V.
Greatly Enlarged an-l oilier u-isc improved.
The subscribnr having assmni'd the pub
lication and pnlirc control of the Sniiluiry
American, will coiiinicnce the publication
of the same, on Saturday the 1st of April,
1848, in an enlarged form and with entiivly
new type. He designs to make the Ame
rican a valuable, as well as a handsome
family newspaper, worthy of the patronage
of the public. It will oe published every
Octlurday on good whitt. pajjor., at pop
We make the following oilers:
To any person who will send ua live
subscribers and 10 in advance, we will
furnish a copy of the American one year,
and also a copy of either of the following
excellent publications:
SpeePs Ilhistra'.ed cditi ll of D'.Aubiiriic's Hist rv of the
ttef .rmati .il. elegantly lemiiil, 4 vol. i.t price Woo. (f:t.e
The j iltn Uonkey. ( me year) published weekly at
per annum.
tiodey's LiUdy II ok, ( inc yeui) puUii-hel m 'utlily ut S3
per nunuiii.
H mgs for the Pe plc, (one year) publi.hi-d mou'.hly nt t-i.l
tier annum.
The Nineteenth C'elitury, (one year) published quarterlv
ut t1;! per uniAim -
Any person senilinp- mfire responsible
subscribers, will be entitled to a copy of
the American one year.
Or, any person sending usen subscribers,
with 10 on account, shall he entitled to. a
copy of the American for one vear, and
alsj a copy of either of the above works '
jor me same tune.
April 1 , IS IS. Editor and Proprietor.
Time and OlHtancc Saved t
THE subscribers having leased the Sunbury
Ferry, beg leave to inform the public, that
Ibey are prepared to convey Teams, Pleasure
Carriages and Foot passengeis across the river
with safety and without delay. They have pro
vided themselves with new and commodious
crafts, which will always be attended with able
and careful bands.
Persona travelling to and from and through
Sunbury to New Uerliu, Lewisburg, Hartleiuu
and other places, will rind it greatly to their ad
vantage to cross at this Ferry instead of the
Bridges, as they would save from two to four
miles in distance. JOHN SPEF.CE.
Sunbury, April I, IStb
tub ciieTp mwstoreT
Chiaf New & Second hand Book Siokb,
A'orfA Wttl corner of fourth and Arch Streett
Law Books, Theological and Classical Books,
Scientific ado Mathematical Books.
JuDCilUe Books, in great variety.
Hymn Books andPrayei Books, Bibles, all sizes
and prices.
Blmtk Boohs, Writing Paper, and Stationery,
U.iota and Ittlail,
n" Ora prices are much lower than the aBGixAK prices.
Lsr I aluMnea and small purccU of Ins iks purcliaseU.
llooks iinrsirte.1 to order from liiulou.
PhiUMlclphia, April I, ll y
Mud Dealers in keeds,
Constantly on hand a general assortment nf
LIUUOllS, tie.
To which they respectfully invite the attention
of the public.
All kinds of country product taken in exchange
for Groceries or sold on Commission.
fbilad. April 3, l-18
Wholesale Druggists and Dealers In
I'oMt, Uimdiu Ulatt, Otis, Vun Uktt,
itgt Stun, e,
A'o. 133 North 3d Sreet, earner of Branch,
Respectfully invita the attention of Druggists
and Country Merchants, to call and taamias
their lara and wall selected assortment of the
abovt articles, which will be sold at lb loweal
market ratea.
April I, 1818-31
207 Main street, Buffalo, N. Y.
Vrgrtatile Lilhontriptie lUixtnrr.
TIIIH celt-United rcmtily Jr mrtbtuntly increasing Its fnine
hy the ninny cure it 'i tn iking
It tins now lieeomMlie onlv medicine for fmnily use, and is
purtictilnrly recommended ior
nit stage rf tlijs e. ttii;iliiint immediately releived, no matter
01' h v long sumilinr:. rVe l'hnmnhlet lor testimony.
nwt tilt (Hitnnneg of the nrhinrv nnmns: for Ihwe ilirtrcM-
fng C it Hnt xl nlnne ; tv tlier nrtirif win rclirvo
y 'U ; niul iliff cm-en trcfifkfl tn will convince 1 lie nimt keji
tic:il; fwu rvimphtrr. Isivrr CViiiplHint, Iiillioun diiscti;,
To the firntit West epcinlly. nmi wherever these CJtn
plaiutft priTtiil thin tnolirine is'nfleretl.
m dHeteri tin coiiipriiiHl i n part nf thin mixture, it
ciiri-M theiK tligcnncR with eertninty nnrt eclnhy, and ci cb
ii t leave Ihe senium t'trnnl. See 'Pouiphlet.
a cmn; Ini,it nt' n m -nt p i nihil chnrnrter, i
mid n cure follow by a fnw rlnys use of this artirle ; it is
fur Iwloru Buy ottn-r pr(nini1jn iir this (lisrnso, rr for nny
ollu-r iliscnw) origiimling from impure IiIoikI. See nniu
weuk lfk, wnikoess nf ihe Kidneys, Ac, or inflnmmn
II mi ol wimp, is iniTiiedi;tt.'lv relieved tiv a lew duys iisu of
lliis medlrine, und a cure is" always a result of its use. It
stands as
for sik-!i compLiiiils, no. I ulso for derangements of the fe
mule tnunf,
tviinfiil mcnitrimii 'lis. Nunrlide hns ever been orTered
exicpt this which would touch this kind of drr:iii.i-mcnl.
It inny he relieil Uwm as n sure and ellcelivc remeily, and
did we feel permitted t il t h i e ild f ;ve
ns proof of cures in this distressing cluss of r implaints.
Soe p.onphlct. All broken U iwii. debilihited c instiiuiions
Ir nn tin- effect of mercury, will find the lirncinsr siwer of
luis article lo uct iiiiin. Ui.iK ty, mid the pxim inua mineral
crudieatetl from the mmi'i'i.
win find tl
nitemlive pr perties of this article.
and driven such diseases fr -in the system. See iiimrhlct
for icRtimony of cures in ull diceuscs, which the lirfnls of
an advertisement will n it permit to he immed here, Agents
lin e them away i th"v emtaia 33 pup s of certificates of
mjn i-ii-uueici, nun a Ftr niger
; oi the virtues ,.f n medicine, never appeared. Il i one of
; the peculiar tenures of this article that it never fails to
I b-ncPt in nny ruse, and if bine and muscle arc left to build
up ii Iji the euiieiuled and liiinerintr invalid.
j un.i k'-ep t.ikiii!! the medicine ns 1 ng us there is an im
pruc.aeo!. 'I lie r.r ipricl r w il!d
: nriinst a iimiiher of nrtic! -a which c 'inc out under the
head of
n" cures fir lr psr, lirjvel. e. : They are g nil form
lliiiy, und cjiic ict.' l I i mill Hi . uowarv;
Thrir invent ire ncwr Itianht ot' enritiff mi"h tl till
I i:i1,1 earnestly s lu-i.i-.i
nil.- nrtK tf li i.l il n.' it. a n:irticu tir tlw v o ttie inn-
ii'.s and all v !io n-:i the nrti.-le are
:-"-atuit wlv. Put up in . VI og. bottles, nt f ; 19 "z. float
1 each l lie larger Ii tiding Ii ix m ire than two small bit-tli-s.
1. nk out nod gel imp -sed ipsin. Kvery li ittle has
"Vannlin.s VcgclaMe l.i:h mtripic Ntixtiire."' blown upon
the gh,ts, ihe writttal signature of vi(i. t.'. Vaughn'' on the
ilireeli mis. mid "0. C 'aiii!ni, HatVal i," stamped on the
e rk. None o:her nre fieiinine. Pn;sired by Dr. ti. t.
Vainrhn. mid s ld nl the Principal Ortiee. SI? Main street,
llull'd . at wholesale mid retail. Xouttcnti n given to let
ters llnli ss (ost paid T.leis from regularly ous'.ilnlcd
Agents excepted ; noKt siid lellers, or verbal e t!mtinic4
tiot.s s ilieiling lidvice. promptly attendial to gratis.
Olliecs dev ted exclusively to Ihe silo of tins article
Nassau st. New York city j SyS F.ssex si. S ileiu, Mass.;
nud by the priu -ip il Drmjisl's throughout the I'uiteil IStulcs
Bud Cimnrla, as Agents.
List of Airents. rb.rrs tc ca., Wholi nile Affent Philadel
phja J. W. Tilling. Sunbury Isaac tteailmrt, Selinsgrove
f. A. Wvcth. l.ewisbnre;-II. I.Sheal'er, Milton Haves
MeCjruilck, MeT.wens ille .Miss McCoy, Nuriliuniucr
laud. April I, Hr y
18 Ciestii I . 3 d a t at ore 2nd at., d.lphUi.
KiHi-avcr of StMMlMS tc VISITI.XR t AIH1S,
Walch papers. Labels, Door plutcs. S-als and
Ftnaips lor OiM Fellows, Sons of l einp-'iuiice,
&c , &c. Always on band a gene-ul assortment
of Fine Kuney (Joods. liolil pens of every quality.
Dog Collars in creat variety. Kngrjvets tools
and materials.
Am iipy for the Manufacturer of CUziers Dia-
Orders per mail (postpaid) will be punctually
attended to.
Philadelphia, April l,l4S y
IUCY atnl STAI'I.tJ nisy goohj..
.It the New Stork .Vo 70 An.h tlrect.
Uluccen Vduiid 'Id North t da
PI1E siibsrriber invites particular attention to
A his l.trije and splendid assortment of rifle and
c.Wre s'ylemif Dry Gjid comprising a t;enernl
variety of the! most desirable kinds of Drew Ma-
lentils, Shawl. Gtiren, Holier y. Cii.'irmlciitlt
Plnnnrl. Vorltrd Vollm-s. Camire. Jurniel,
Mull Ntiiitmk. and Piiiil Mii'tiiif, Linen Caiw
, ft-it and jf Ik t'nthel Hdkfs, IS lick Cra
! vih. others too numerous tn adveitise.
Particular attention is given to Linens and Fur
nishing Goods, generally the stock is large, and
the prices will be found much lower than usu-
! al, having been purchased at Auction at sacrifi
ced rates 1 he fabrics are warranted pure flax
and fioin the best makers.
P. S. Persons wishing Plain and Medium
stylet ot Drtss Goods and th nvlr, will rind a
choice variety
Philadelphia, April 1, 1348
IVciv Spring Iry Goods.
No. 7J South Sh ttrett, Philudrljjh a.
HAVE now in the store and are djily receiv
ing in addition to their assortment as they ar
rive in the New Vork and Philadelphia Maikets,
new Spring Dry Goods consisting in part of
New Styles Spring Mos. deLaines. New Styles
Bareges in Stripes", Plaids. &c. Choice Col.
ors, mode Bareges, New Lawna and
mode Mos. de Laines, Paul da
clierves, a new article, new
style Tissues See, Jtc.
Fukncii and Scotch Ginghams. In store one
of the largest assoilinent in Philadelphia, from
the lowest price to the finest qualities, much
lower than last season.
On hand at all aeasons of the year a large as
soitment, both of Linens and Muslins, at greatly
reduced prices, also Linen Damasks, Counter
panes &e. Shawla, Gloves, Laces &c. High
Lust i tt Black Silks, for mantillas, Visiles. Dres
ses &c. Mens & Roy's wear of all descriptions
Ladies and Gentleman visiting the city are in-
vueu in can arm examine our siock.
A liberal reduction made to those who buy to
sell again.
Philadelphia, April I, 1818
Commisiiion nnd Forwarding
Ni. 48 Commerce Strett Wharf. BALTIMORE.
Will receive and sell all kinds ofCouutry Pro
duceFlour, Grain, &c.
N. B. Particular attention given to tba sala
of Lumber. And cash advance made on con
signments, when required.
Apiil 1, 1848 4m
H my daughter CAROLINE hot thought
1SL proper to hate my house and provide for
i riaclf, all persons ara hereby notified not to (mat
l er on my account from ibs data bsraof. as am
ui. willing ta pry anything of bar contracting. uu
less compalkd hy law. JACOB KREB3.
1 oarer Augusts, Manh lb, 1848. 3t
OP Northumberland County, for A pi. I Term,
A. D. 1848. r
Grand Jiii-or.
trlnuiart. Samuel McCarty.
Milton. John Go. dlsn lit.
Chillitquatue.k&m Kid er.
Point J- W.8tamm.
Northumberland. Daniel Brniitlfiiim-
Sunbury. Gideon Maikol, John P. Purs. I,
Uoorga eiser, Esq.
Upper Augusta. Samuel Ilun'ct, John Durns.
Shamoftin. Ocorse Slsitirl. Frederick Mutch
ler, Aaron Kelley, Wm. Mc Williams.
Huih. Jacob Gearharl, Samutl Ely, Isaac
Cool. Dsnlel Kerstelt. t.
t'pper Mahonoy. John lltckmm, Edwanl
Ijtwer Mahimoy. Clirl-thn Allert, Drrjimin
HelTner, Joseph Tre-jo.
Little Mahonoy Wm Ko'hcrmel.
Tr.ivcrse .Tiirors.
Tiirbut. Jsnira Marr, 1'eior Dutikel.
Lncis. Philip Knup, John Foi.
Delatoare. Henry Keader, Dm'cl Smith, Geo.
Gray. Solomon Tiuckemtller, Huch Keed. 8ol,s.
mnn Oyster, 8nmuel I ece, Wm. Hayes, Itobeit
H, McCormlik, t?olomon Demlcr.
Milton John W. W. oiN, F. W. Pollock.
Michael L itnm, J. II. McCormuk.
Chillitnuaque. Samuel ttichcldrrfer, William
r?symsn, llen-y 8hre . 1'homaa Pordoe.
Northumberland Charles Vaus.
Sunbury. Frederick Lazsrtia, Jcsae Ilnsiian.
Vpper Augusta. George Fasnld, Isa -c Fish-
r. James Camphell, Mark Slack, J.cnb Evert.
Lower .lugnnta. Joei,h Unas. Hem? Drown.
L Shamokin. John Huff, Esq., Ohadi ih Camp-
Rueh. Robert Quick, Wilson Meltler.
Coal. William Freely.
Vpper Mahonoy. Henry Snyder, Polomon
Lower Mahonoy. Elijih Byerly, George Har
ris, Simon Lcnki r. John Measncr. jr.
Li'(e Mahonoy. Jacob Itsker, Jonathan Dun
kcllerger, Samuel Wagner.
-icfon.--Aliiaham Trout man, Joscj U fiatt
dotf. Pel it .Furoi's.
Turbut.- Philip Billmvr r.
Lewit John Clspp, John Wilson.
Delaware. John Mengas, Wm. B. Irwin, Ssm
ui I
Mill on. 0car Hnn:mind.
Chillis'Hague. John Murray, Chnilea Gale,
William Mu'i'o h.
Point.--Michael Bnrtihart, Joi n Vsndi vender.
Northumberland. James Dirirciibucher, Sa
muel Cm.
Sunbury. Jacob Matlin, Andiew Durst, Dan-,
i.l Unas, Geoige liohrhnch.
Upper Augutta. John Cooper, Holier I Purse!,
tSamutl Culp.
Lower Augusta. Jacob Bastian, Pctrr M. Uec
ser. Sinmiik'n. Daniel Miller, Win. (1. Knse, Wm.
F'iriiw, Fmli rick Adams, Henry Ki-ply, John
Frnnk, David Mar I.
Upper Mahonoy. iSainnel Ris-ler.
Lower Muionoy.iuuaihju fpaii, John B ide
al m.
Jack'on. Daniel Oyster, Piter Cohie, John
IOR trial in the Court of Common Pleas of Nor
thumleilnnd County, at April Term, 1848,
commencing the first Monday, being the 3d.
Beijimiii W Richards va Franklin W Plstt et al
J VV Seitzinger, alienee of (iarvcr vs J Garver'a heirs
William Simenlon va J Shipman fV E Greenough
Peter Kichter's exr's vs Dodge & Bsrret
benjamin Kohins va Valentine Ktsie
Charles H Frick s William Frick
Henry Maser vs H li Masser A Joseph Eisely
Jacob Keed va D N Lake el al
HuletSmi'.h vs Augustus & John Hucy
Freeman H Clark vs John Schriner
D At P Railroad eo vs Hy wood 6c 8oj dcr
Wm A It Fegely & co vs George Hockeri
T H Wilson v Abriham Siraub
Harl. w Prior vs Hugh MrFall
Sarah H Comley vs Win II Frymire h CO
I -hartes Pleasants vs Lewis Dcwart
William Murray vs zer Gamhrnt
Robert D Fordsinan vs llotj min Fordsmin
George 0ier ss John (i irnhirt et al
Fletcher Mathews vs D ii.iel Wmiliar
I -r if I Giitclius vs John I'mtcr
Kamm l Ried vs Geo ge 1 1 lli itz
fcth I Comlvrtnl vs David M rr A Isaac Uioivn
V m D (rearhart vs Chailes (,'a-r
Daniel Miller and nife vs Phil p llcrk ri
John W Peal vs T A Billina'on. late conslallu
S m-' va Same
Mjrr & Bat'on u Lrwis Kpplesheiiner et si
J .icoli Leisenring vs William Depuey
Denller & Mont iue vs t'h.i tain Gush jr
IliiSjh Bellas vs II & W Fegoly
Elijah Crawford vs M & P Ilillmvrr
Win II Fryn.ire , va Samuel Hendrr-on
Will. cm Siaika s .lhu M.fiinms
Brautigsm & Wapp'es vs t H si d Win Frick
Herry Keiter s Henry Voxtliemer
Hank of Norihumbcilund v Philip H smliaili
(ii.leon Msrkel vs J .Im J Waif, rl
George Hiltmnn vs Mur in A. Win Rand.U
John Diehl rt al vs P. ler Lizirtis
Mich.iil Batrihart va Win Mor U's sdnirs
Freileiick Keetier vs V. it ism Ayr s
Forsythc, Wilson A co va J C Bryant A I T Cle
ment Wm Patiessnn's assi'neo va W M Csy'a adin-a Ac
Malian for Himoiitjii va Hackenlieig A Riahel
Hugh Hellas vs J on I! i-s et al
John Girner's heirs va Leuh Stro. cker
Anthony Garner et al va Same
Jacob II Rho'jds A wifa vs James A Win Rosa
Rohoit M CI rk a Usac Urown
J P HackenbetaT vs J mas Cueh
Andrew Emens'a va David Stuh'nerk-r
Hmry II Uuir
va Wm McCav'a adinrs
Danul ingst
Thomas Allen
Charlrs DochcMy
John Wolf
Win H Strickland
Jacob Swenk
John McGinnla
Dr. Uanhnin Geathart
Geoige Ri ed
John O Montgomery
va B ,l zer Gjrnhart
vs J imes t'ummings
vs Samuel I'aldwtll
va Charles Kussrl
vs Auioa E Kapp
va Samuel Henderson
va William Starks
ts Charles Gearhart
M John Lauhaw
vs Thomas Lloyd
va J A 8 KeMeiter A ro
Samuel Younl
School Dm dors nl Rush tshp va Wm H Ka.e
Francis GiLaon va John M Housel
Daniel P Caul va Demi. r A Montsgue
JOHN FAUNS V Oil 1 11.
Proihonotarv 'a office, J Pruth'y
Sunbury, March 4, IS48
SlicrHF's Sale.
Y virue nf a writ nf fi fa , will he eiposed
al puld e sale, al the couil house in Sunhurv.
iorinumnerlaiiil county, on Monday the 3d day
of April next, the following properly, viz I
A curtain lot nf ground in the horouvh nf Sun
bury, marked ill Ihe general plan of said borough
No 38, bounded un the north by Ma ket street, on
tlio east I y Short street, and on the wi at by lot
..... ui, coiimiiiiiin g or an scrii nioro or less.
Seized, liken in exec u ion, end to be sold as
the property of George D. B. Keiin,
SheriT'aOfnca, ? Sheriff.
Sunbury. March 18, 1848.5
Screen & M ire Cloth Rlanurnclory,
No. 48 North Front itreel, between Marht und
Arch street;
TIHE Subscribers bsViug msde great improve
1 inents in the slio business, ara now insnu
f.cturmg, . f s superior qusliiv, all kinds nf PLAIN
Sirvea. Kiddles, Screens, Ac, for all kinds of Grain,
See's, Sand, Ore, Snuff, Starch, Biickdust, At.
Founders' Sieves of superior quality constantly
oi. band. Al-o Safe, Wiie Dish Cover. Sofa
Springs, Twilled Wire for Spark Catchers, Ac.
Ornamental Wire Works
Such as Cages, Nursery Fenders, Garden Bolder
ing, Flowar aiends. Trainers, Trellis work fui Grape
Vuiea, Ac. Also Wire Fencing f every descrip
tion. rj Orders thankfully receiad and urompt
lyeiecuiedhy V .TSO.1 A VOX,
Feb. Ith, Ili8. 9m.
W TABLE COMPOUND, for tie eu-e of
Ac, This Medicine Is offered to ihe public under
the atsursnce that there ia an article iri eiistenca
havb g stronger claims to their consideration. Be
'tig c impounded by a regular Graduate of Jeffer
son College, Philaili Iph a, end a practising physi
cian of twenty yrsrs1 standing In Philadelphia, hia
long experience has confirmed him in the opinion
that a compound medicine was required to prevent
and remedy the debilitation pr ducrd by rest. tmg
in low, miarnvtlit climitts, snd lo count)1' act Ihe
pro trsting Iniltifpca of mnhy nervotil disorders
with which Iho human family are afllicled.
DR. ALLEW la a well known phjs'.clin, and
has used tho al.Ve rnedicine In HI prsctlce for 8
yeara wi h the most a.tonishing etTect, having les
led its quslilies in above
No medicine ever lenived more 11 iliering re
commei'dali ns from phyticiina nf eminent it Hid
ing th in has b en bestowed on this,
ITS CONSEQUENCES. An eminent Prof.s
sor Siys: "Il chiefly aiiara in persons who losd
either a very sedentary or irregular life. A Ithough
not regarded as a futil disease yet if neglectid or
improperly Ireared, may bring on incurable Me
lenehnly, Jaundice, Madness, or Vcitlgi, Palsy
and Apoplexy. A gr. at aingularity attendant i n
it if, that It may and often does contii ue a great
length'uf I'me Without any remission of the symp
toms. CAUSE . (jrief and aneainesi of mind, in
tense study, profuse evacueiione, eices. in venery,
excessive uae of spirituous liquors, tea, tobacco, o
pium, and other narcotica, immrxlerste repletion,
over distention of the stomach, deficiency of ihe
secretion of the bile or gre'ric juice, exposure to
cold end damp air, are Ihe chief causes of Kis dis
ease. SYMPTOMS. Loss of appetite, nauaei, aeart
hum, aci'lity, and foetid eructations, gnawing of
the stomach when empty, uneasiness in the throat,
pain in the aids, coslivenres, chiilness, languor,
lowness ol spirits, p ilpititliuns, and disturbed
TABLE COMPOUND has never failed In afli.r.
ding immediate relief, and a radical cu e for this
fXj" This Medicine can be had of H. B Mas er,
Sunburst J. C. Maitin, Pott villo , Medlar A
Bickcl, Orwigshurg ; and of Druggists generally.
ALLEN & WARD, Proprietors
Philadelphia, Nov. 27, 18d7. cq ly
Improved Hydraulic Pumps,
I'or Wells, R'llHrg Mills, Furnaces, or other
rilHE subscriber respectfully announces to Ihe
JL public that he. is now prepared lo supply or
ders to any extent fir his Patent Double action
Suction and Force Pumps. These pumps are
m ule of cat iron, nnd the water is sucked or for
ced through lead pipe. For simplicity of construc
tion and durability of action, they are ratty supe
rior to any now in use. They have mary sdvun
taues over ihe c amnion pump, among which are
the following :
They are a i constructed that mischievous per
sons cannot spoil ihi ir action by introducing nails
or spikes or any other sub-Ounces among the valves,
aa is often with other pumps, thereby render
ing them useless till overhauled. They ere war-
ran'ed to he perfectly secure from frost. 1 hey are
so arranged as to afford ample pr . tec! ion against
r ire about the premises on which they are erected,
by aimpty attaching a piece of hose, thro' which
they will force waler to any pari or, or over, a
three alory house. They are particularly adapted
for very deep wells, aa the leverage can be so re
gulated that a chi'd of til yeara old can with the
greatest eaae draw waler with them from the dee
pest wellr. The objection ao justly urged by ma
ny, that wnter ia spoilt d by atanding in pump loga.
ia entirely obviated in this pump, and fresh waler
can always he aa surely obtained as when drawn
with a bucket. In situations where it is necessa
ry lo raise or force lar;e quantities of water to great
di-lances for auppl) ing boilers in mills, furnaces,
Ac, these pumps ara invaluable, as thry can be
made i f any n, and capable of throwing from
15 lo 1000 gallons per minute.
And to crown all, they can be sold aa cheap as
the chesiiesl.
The siihsciibet hss rpenl the last veer in asp.
imenling upon and perfecting his pumps, and now
brums them before Ihepulil c with Ihe fullest con
fidence that they will he found to answer his de
scription, lie Inki s p!ca-uie in referring to the
follow ng romp niics mid individuals, upon whose
pnmiseahis pumps hsve been erected, and who
have expos ed their satisfaction in the highest
The Montour Iron Company. Dinvllle, H. Bra-
voort. iigenl; the liloomsbwrg Railroad Irnn Com
pany, Bloomburg. Col. Paxton. agent ; the Rough
ud Ready Iron Works, Danvil'e, H mcock. Foley
A Co., proprietors; the town Council of Berwick;
fimnii P. K ,s", Emj , and John L. Wataon, Esq ,
He could refer lo many r there, who have lei ted
their qiinl lies, but Ihe above lespcctuhle firms and
individuals are deemed sufficient.
f An assot'inent or LEAD PIPES con. tint
ly on hand, which w.ll be sold on ihe most less n
able terms. All rde a addieaeed lothu subscriber,
at Moore A Ilidd'e'a Foundiy buildings, or Mnn
tour House, Danvil'e, will meet with pr. mi t at
Jan. 1. 1848. tf.
IS hereby civen tn :11 legatees, creditors, and fa
ther persons iiitcrestid in ihe estates of William
Wo dveiton .lee'd, a Hied hy hie admra Wm. H.
Muench and El t F Wool vert on ; nf Wm. Shan
non dee'd, settled by hisadmr Thomas Pa dof; of
James Teas d.c'd, settled by Wm. R. Smith and
A. Jordan, exraof John B. Boyd dee'd, who waa
Ihe admr of James Teaa dee'd; ol Jumea lemon
dee'd, settled hy 1'homaa Lemon and Hugh Mo
Willi. ms, ears of Wm. Lemon dee'd, who was one
of the exit of James Lemon snr. dee'd; f Abr
ham Kia-inger dre'd, settled by h e exra John F.
Wnlfinger and John Kissinger; nf Catharine Ro-a
dee'd, settled by her i xr James Taggart; if Jacob
Tchopp dee'd, ai ttl. d by hit admrs Jacob Wertz
and Casper Tchopp; of John Eisrnhsrt dec'
lied by hia admr Joins Eisenhart; of Jacob Hun
sicker dee'd, tett'ed by bia adir.r David Waliei;
of Jamea Lemon, jr. dee'd, settled by bis od ur
John Nixon; nf Freduick Mulchler dee'd, settled
by bis ndinr Malhiaa Lewis; of John B. Boyd dee'd,
s. tiled by his exra Wm. Ii Smith ui.d A. Joidan:
of J. hn Yocuni due'd. sealed by his admr David
Martz; the account of Abishun Shi man, a unli
sn nf Elizalu lh Mendrnhall; the arc unl of Jamea
( aldwell. euaid aii i f Robert, William and Ltiza
hetb Ru.kman; the acrount of Win. S Montgo
mery, guardian of Th "mas, Sarah, Rachel, Elea
nor, llelercs, John. Heater and Ma' gan t Kui k
man; the arc n nl f Frederick Lrus, guardian
of Simon and Margard Seasholiz; the account of
IVter Fersli r, guaidir.n of Catharine and Adam
Ferst. r. Late i f NouhumbeiUnd county, dee'd ;
lliat the executors, adiniuiaiiatnrs and guardians of
the said deceiaed e-lates have filed their accounts
with ihe Register of ih e county, and ibat ihey will
be preaented lo the Orphans' CoU't of sa'd eounly,
on l uesdsy the 4ih day cf April, next, for cn
firiuulion and allowance.
Register's Oilier, ? Register.
Sunbury, March 4, 1848. J
Peace with Jllexico !
INFORMS the pablie thai ia order to bring e
bout peace with Mexieo, be aasuufsclures all
kinds of Rifles, Double tnd Single Barrelled Shot
Guna, tnd Double Barrelled Rtvolvlng Riflee, at
his manufactory at HnHowing Run, Lewer An
(ustt towoabip, Noftbiimbtrlead eounty, all of
woicn o win warrant lor til alionita. Taoae
who wtnl list late article m kit hoe. caa L as).
oommodtied si the -hortsst sMstice nd osi the moat
ressaoaable terms. I .oven a spotl. live him call.
Lower Augusta, Jan. 8, 1848 - 6ns.
IT hst power in eauae all xirsaaat SORES,
POI60NOUS WOUND! to discbarge Ibeh pa
lild matters, and then heals them.
It It richly termed All-healing, for ihere la tesre
ly t disease, external or internal, that it will not
benefit. I hsve used it fir the list fourteen yeara
for all direaset nf ihe chest, consumption and liver,
Involving Ihe utmost danger and respot,aibility.
and I declare before heaven ai d man, that not in
onr single case hat it fatted to benefit when the pa
tient was wiihln the reach nf mortal meads.
I have hid nhvsieiana. learn, d In the nrnfitsMmt
I have hsd miniaiere nf ihe gwepat, judges of the j
bench, alderman, lawyers, ecntlemen of Ihe hiuh. i
ret erudition, and multitudee nf ihe poor Use it iu
very variety of wy, and there haa bee., hut one
voice one ui iversnl voice aavii.g t -.M'AIIisler,
your Ointment I. GOOD"
In ScroMa, Old Sue, Eryrtp'claa, Teit. r Li -
yrr Complainti 8ore Eyea, fi iin-y, Sore Throat,
D;i'er.,.:.'i.i,:h0,,."n a I""" U,T'U V U?'"
Uiseas.-s, such as As hns. Oppressions, Psin
Also, Btre Lips, Cbapi el llan.'s. Turn. r..
drm'a Cutanerus Kropiions, Nervous Diseases,
ltd ofthe cyno, ll.rre is no medicine now known
SCALD IIED We hsve cur.d eases
actually defied evi ry thing known, aa well as I be
ability . f IS or 20 One mm lold ua be
had tienl (300 on bis h.ld en without anv bene-
fit. wh. . a few boxes of Ointment rund them.
BALDNE88 It will icituns the hsir sooner
than any other thing.
HEADACHE The salve hns cured persnn
of the headache of 1 eir..' standing, and who
hid il regular every week, a.t Dial vomiting oftin
took p'hcj. DuraKss, En Acna. and Aoce ix
ths Facr, are fund ly this Ointment wilh like
RL'RNS. It is one nf the best things in the
world for Burna. (Read the d.rteliona around llie
iiierriii'i iovi r. r I finisive poveraintut. t'rtiversyj suCr-t? and
RHEUM A I ISM. It removes almost immeii- ' . , T n . . ,.
alely the infl.malion ami selling when the pvin j vo,e b-v l,allo, nro 1a ureliU-rty, evilly (Read the Directions arourd Ihe Box.) 'ami fraternity to France. It is quite clear
COLD FEE P. Consumption, Liver Com- j that the pood working people of Paris will
plaint, Pain in the cheat nr side, fulling efT nf ihe , . . . . , ,
hair. on. or the -ihcr alwny. accmTianiea rol I hne ,he vast majority aa Ihe neyr,
feet. (This Ointment is the tru- h is . and leavins thnir more or less profitable occn
a suro sign of disease (o have cold fee-. ! pations. will try th?r anJs at rtati-smurshp
TETTER. There ia nothing Letter for the! ' 1
cure nf Teller. : Dreaiifnt Sntreriaia; S Waal I.m atfOsi
PILES. Thousands ate yearly cured by this j Iluurlr.d and Firitcm Llvrs.
0CORNS.-Occaaion .1 u-e of Ihe Omtmsnl will ! Thp,b"'lue Auro wportrf by Th? High,
alwsya keep Co-na fmm g ownu. People need 'nnl 'ary. of New orlt, as laling oa board
never he troubled with ihcm il tt.ey wiil use i . pu t of ths passengert of the British tiip O
Itead the folhwins Communication. ,.,., -, r:.....i i ..n v
R, .. , , , , ,
. eiveil Irom ho .. .1 rener fil ,.n 1 well It nnvn
ciliz. n of Phi aJulphu. and tt.en j nlgo for youi
self; Plii'a.!e'p'ia. 10 m.. 13lh. 1818
To T. B. Peteri-ott, Having bien r.que-ted
lo cie my opinion on ihe merits or M'ALLIS
TER'ei SALVE, I am willing to enumerate some
of ihe him fits which 1 h ive i"ctienced in the use
nf ihe article.
In Ihe Bpririg of 184S, I had an attack of Ery
sii.elas in my face which became very painful, and
i Jtendf d into one i f my eyes, I eing attended with
ful of losing my eve.
Although not iniifh of a believer in what ia
commonly called q iack medicines, I purchased a
box and mnde an nppliestioii 1 1 my fare. To my
suiprise the piin soon ub ted, and in a we.k'a time
I was ent rely cured, and I firmly believe that it
as the salve, under Pr. vidence thai cu ed me.J
From thai time In the pres. nt, I have used the
article aa occasion ri quirt d, snd in every esse nhcie
I have u-e.l it, I have found a decided benefit
At oi:e time, on gt ing to bed at night, my ihrnai
waa ao aore that I swallowed with ilidiculiy, but
by an application nf th.
ation of ihe reive I was ril.evcd U-fo e
I have usod il in race of burns, bruisr a. spr.ins,
and flesh ruts, all with ihe happiest efTecls, and
one case of poisoning by a wild vine in the woods,
h is been dried up and cured by a f w arplicstions.
From my own ei-peii'iice, I would atrongly re
comiif nd it to all, aa a cheap, convenient, family
I h ivo become ao partial lo it, I expect to
keep it conlanl'y in my f unity.
'1 hough not am'i'ious In ap;ear in print, yet I
cannot refine In h ive Una eonnii'ii i. a ion made
puldic if judged bet In serve ihe c ue of humani
ly. lliei.eciful'y 'liiiie,
No. 21, O d York Ro.d.
CALTION. N i-Oinlm-iit will he genuine
unless the nam. a of James M'A.lia tr, or James
M'AIIisler &. Co., i re wnlien with a pen on eve
ry lahe'. JAME M'ALLISI ER.
Sole proprietor of ihe a'i-.e medicine.
Aea.irs : J. W. Flit LINK. Sunl.uiy.
Dr WM. M BICKLEV, Danvil e,
J. (i. ( ROUSE. ISel nsj.ove.
P. C. SHU.I Ell. Lewi-burs.
U M. F. N AGI.E. Mi'ton.
JOHN SHAKl'LESS, Callawisu.
Feb. 10th, IS IS. eon I v
l'o 10K Ctimnnt StreM, ,
SdhIIi East Corner of Eighth tt , Philadelphia. !
)(lil K.MIO Iroin the slimiest lireaal-tn lo ,
Ihe larecal slz v. einalv or in ciouns. The
Pioprielors are warranted in, that their
I i . .
wora naa gam. u a lepiiia'iou scrouu lo lioi.e in
he world. Kxtmcts fr nn ihel're-i
-Life-hke in Ihe ev j.res.ion, chastiy correct in
Ihe sh id ng. Lider.
"Tho sit has sr.i.el a g eit p rfec ioi, and
none undorstind i' lutur lhau Mct'lees Sl (Jer.
m.n." BMmere Ins.
Adinbtblr! noli. in; c .n n. ccd ihi it eirjnisite
d. licacy."- U. S Gazette.
bxnaet from Ihe report of the Judjes, at Ihe la-l
fair of .he Fr.nklm I.i.'i u'e .DaBue.reotypes-
in this de ariment ih- re are soma very eicell. nl I
p.c m-ns in ihe x' ilitiou. at d ihe Ju 'g'S ttiii k !
tin y at-e a proe;reaive .in:irovonetit iu this branch
r .i . . 'i-i. v. . . I i '
f llie art 1 hey b .ve not r co-nme dt j an a-
ward iii f ivor ol any nf lb I ul are !
ili p .ed lo rank asfe. in order, ihe collection oi ;
McCLEES Si GK UNION, aa conlai.iii g the Ur- :
gist nnnber of tnperior sptcmens."
I htl. delphia, Feb 19, 1818. 6m
Eili b'Uhed 15 years a. by Dr. KIXKELIW I Aid to th Roman Ca'hjlk Chunk
The ..blesi. aureat and I eat hand to cur. .11 form. nrnaJ.Th. p.ij (ia E.irope) foi th,
uf sec t disease-, , I ictes of ihe sLin and ! t a- t 1 s
solitary haliiia nf yoinh. is t projagatiott or the fajtli. have muted ta the -
D It . KIN Iv K . ' missions ia An.criee, thisyear: SS.OMta tic
N. W. earner of 3d and Union sl:, between Spruce ' BL-diop of Duburue ; f"fi CmjO tp the Bishfjs 'of
Y'lfi I'in'u I WT fr0'" "" Ex?"- i D-'troit 5 ?i.0M 'to Bishop of CinciouMi ; 53.
OUNU MLN I il von valuo your life or your ' .
beilih.remcinU r.lbedelsyofa month, nav, I 003 to BiJiop of rails J-lpliM ; SJ.P9 ts
even a week, may prove your ruin, both of IhkIs iBie'uaond; S4.Crf?v) to fih 'vp !Irr!le. New
and mind. Hence b t n.. false modesty deter jf j Yoik : cl.OCW ta P,i. s:S Cf Merer, X. -from
making your rase known lo na who, trju I ,. . , x- 1
eilucationand re.,cub.l,iy,e.n atone b f..nd y..u. j - 3000 ' "art ford ; 3.0u9 to Nashville: f S.
He who placea himself under Dr KIN'KELIN'S i C3-J to Lot-isville ; sS.OoO to Biehop of Yin
Irealment, may religiously cmfi lo in hia bonor aa Cannes, and S3 003 to fa.;rt "ilioa of Haly
a gen leman, tod in who-e hfisoui will be fo.eter j r. c v
locked the acrrei of ihe paiict, Cr' Sa!"s' dl lli"es? 3 50JJ 13 Lj-:
Too ininy think Ihey will hug theavr.: t.i their S2:2id to Miluaukiet $3 to Ei&a.rji ct'
own hearts, and cure ibrmlv s. Alas! how of- I Little Rock; 7,5u0 to Bish'ap Qjuntt
ten is thist fatal del.i..n. and how many . pro- j Cllirojro: S3.50o to v- u.h. ..:ia te v.
mising young man, who miuhi have been an prus
uieul to society, hss faded fmm Ihe e irlh.
finding it inconvenient to mala pe e .nl ajiiilica
li n, can, by staling their cae np'icitiy, t 'ce Ucr
with all their ay mplorry). (per I. t'er poet paid.) have
forwarded lo ibera a ctit eoinain Vf Dr. K'a me
dicines epproprisied accordingly.
Pai kagea of M. dicince forwardej b any part of
lb United Slalea tt I moiiK iit' 110 ire.
(Cf Post ralk itrrsas, tddieaMrd to D'. Ida
SLli, Philadelphia, will be promptly a leiiibd to.
Oc. 30lh. 187. Ij
Bocrr MAKER,
No. 40.
Sovra Pouatn BraiBcr. AanvK Vti&vsit. x
Jan. ta.h, irva -
FrajKt Revolutionize!
Ro-jalty atd Pcrrct overiXrvmf.
The Revolution in France isnowm fait mC
i tompli. Tha abdication of Louis Phillijrj,
I the appointment And rerifirnawa of a tvswx,
, . , . , c .v. n
j ,ho C3mP,e,e tnurnph of the Pamaaaa ort-r
, e Army, the establiihm:ut of a Pxorieional
; Government, the erection of a R-pubiic, lla-5
overthrow of th, Iluie of feet, arid tWr of
. . jj
j oHnction, th-; precipitate, abjtct Fight of
' all the mmbirs of th? Orients fami!j- Vitlt
j mAvA minium lo our o-vn Wr
! or ,0 oth:,r P-acp of exile, the imTTiediate rt-.'
. Cognition of th"! new Republic of Fraajr", hv
Great Britain, Bt-l?min. Svri'rerlanJ aal Jhi
t- , c. . ' r - -.
' Lnl,eJ SuX !l4Ve aU fallen u 13 1"
! sticcesvnn that ths evants of "an hour ari
doth kiss the spkef,'' u-h leemunj -Ji iili
i M:no nighty orxurrences sffexin the doc
. tri.ics of whole nations and dynasties.
Already tha decree has gme forth that a
j National Assorubly is to be called on the fWt
! of April. Tha Provisional Gvs-rnrttptit tsHU
rtsigii its authoritv ii.lo the hands of the dc-
... -vu. ..v..u Ltitcunsii. suiissrta att aisuaiaiv. sos
- 7 1-7 -
I Saturday, the 18lh instant, Tailh sevcnty-lhree
j t'f these unfortunate people, having lauded
j ihhty-lhrre at Canso, and the remainder, c
j bant sixty hariag died on board. Many of the
! survivors are mi.Ti-ripg from sieLnt-ss. Ia
j ring the la.-t seventeen days they trt re cm
j b'jard the Auiora, the alkiranee cf fool wis
j limited to two and a half ounces cf Vrea'd.
' and a wine glass of wilier a dav. lo tih i-
Ths British bri? Buibara, Capiia Fkimwi,
from New Vork for Cork, wilh a cauro of
corn, took on board about one hundred aad
lifty more on the ll;h Februarv, aad afler-
: wards liore away for Newfoundland. Oa iht
i 2d of March, the pt"amer Ililvernw, Cajai:
i Sli'tnnon, from New Vork via Halifax, hw
in siirht. A sLrnul of distress was made. '
The vitertmer bore rloun irnbs. rtnet.
I ,., n. ... r , , . ,
the Caplain of the latter vessel acquainted
the steamer that lltey were out of water, suid
further that they were one hundred aad fifty
persons oa board dyinjr for want of water.
To which the Captain's reply rum th- lea
itier was. "there i ihe land ; go there ar'd
Set it "
Thi Kteaiver then passej oa. wilL.-iu? t-how-!
injj any inclit.aiion, or making any iffoit to
i reiuh-r them asMstiince : thouirh the wicd
' was liUnvin' off the laud so slitmgly s.t tle
' tiine.that it was impossible to make it. laa".
, tempting to reach St. Johns, N. F lht-y nuV
I took the land, nnd drifted into a cove ui tha
I entrance cf lVtly Rubor, N. nad weal
: allure : and oa account of 1L? Lsaw surf
s'.nuk a clitT. and stove a It do- ia the s
' b:nv.
i Thii'y-five individuals luiini'ied lo rearll
. tlie shore ; and in alKiut five miiiutes sifter,
' thi; R.i:bara fell ocr and wrnt down. caaTV
iug with her about one kuhdrrd sul jfter
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11 ,s jvob-bly
the Britannia, which vessel was appiiuleJ
to leave New York o:i ;he 2C.h Februajr,
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and not thIIiberui;L, ceiierally renortei
- J 1
The Oriou brought part of thij crew of ths
Barbara from St. JohuV
Amistuke. It wasuodjiibttlisHjlieTuia,
froai New York, February 16tU. The is
John pajers hint al e.une irreo-uhiriu.' oat
bo;ird the Barbara.
Oileaiie; $7,509 to Mobile; s.0 ts'estou ; f-6.000 10 Lisuitt iu tiaeCi.stod
Sutet; i.I50 to Saciety of Jesns. Mo.;
000 to Society of Jesntr iu Rocky Maajctauaf ;
7C0 to Lb.nink-ant in do ; SIOlOO Dr.
Odi.i, Yicar Aj.voatoli3, Tcvm; iJ.OOi) iJe
tuit Missiont in Ametaca ; jsj,0M ta West
Indian and South America JvLrian; ill
000 to the Ajvrhbikhop of Oregon city; $4 x'
000 to Vioar Apostolic, HiidWs Bj;
000 for Britiah Aaerieaa Miaatoot; tijt .
to Obitts, Canada, and Iludsva't Ray ; tt
to Jeruir in Canada. TVsje prauata vKtdsf
d Julian of the people, vLd upLaiala ?
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