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JJI 'fliiLUL.'.
il ' "" '" ' ii.un-uiijAitULm.jijLjyE it m: uuJJmmiii,.?ljn i ii--t.ii "
JDcuotcu to politics, fitcratuvc, Agriculture, Science, iHoraliti), ani " tncral intelligence.
VOL. 14.
NO. I;
Published Iy Theodore ScIiooEi.
TERMS Two dollars per annum in advance Two
dollars and a quarter, half yearly and if not paid be
fore the end of the year. Two dollars and a half.
No papers discontinued until all arrearages arc paid,
except at the option of the Editor.
Xy Advettisements not exceeding one square (ten
lines) will be inserted three wrcks lor one dollar, and
twenty-five cents for every subsequent insertion. The
charge for one and three insertions the same. A liber-
al discount made to yearlv advertisers.
inr ah letters addressed to the Editor must be post-
patJ', . -.
iivinp a general assortment oi large, ciegam, piain
am nniampnlii T-ni. ui are nrenain
to execute evciy descuption of
Cards, CircuUrs. Bill Heads Notes, Blank Receipts, L.rgai ami tuner jumiks, rampniets,
pnnica witn neatness anu
despatch, on reasonable
Days Gone By.
The days gone by 'tis cad yet sweet
To list the strain of parted hours;
To think of those we loved to meet
vnen cnnaren, miu a mousand powers !
Thc scenes we roved romantic lone
Ere vet onr hearts had learned to siffh
The dreams of glory once our own
In days gone by in days gone by !
The days gone by Oh, is there not
A charm a feeling in those words
A music ne'er to be forgot
Struck out from memory's sweetest chords,
With many a tone to wake a tear,
And muny a thought we fain would fly ;
O! still to every heart are dear
The days gone by the days gone by !
The days gone by they have a spell
To burst the corements of the grave;
And from oblivion's depest cell,
The forms we loved and lost to save;
Time may not fade those locks of light
Still beauteous to the mental eye,
As the first hour they blest our sight,
In days gone by indays gone by !
The days gone by Man's best essay
One fadeless work to leave behind
Before their mirth hath passed away,
Like dust upon the desert wind ;
The very mountains have grown grey
And stars have vanished from the sky
The young the fair oh! where are they!
With days gone by with days gone by!
The days gone by fom shore to shore
Their ever lengthening shadows spread,
On on 'till time shall breathe no more
And earth itself be with the dead ;
Each brief unnoticed minute bears
The mandate of its God on high ;
And death and silence are the heirs
Of days gone by of days gone by!
EJitdlcy lUnrray.
It 13 not generally known that this
"prince of Englisb Grammarians" was
an American, born withjn the present
limits of Lebanon county, Pa. lie was i
born in the year 1745, on the Swartara, I
in East Uanover township, then Lancas- j
ter, now Lebanon county. His father !
was a miller, and followed that occupa-
tion when Lindley was born, but after-
wards devoted his attention to mercan-
j -i j r,
, , r -r '
tortune, oy trading to the nest indies.
Lindley was the eldest of twelve children
and when about seven years of age, was
sent to Philadelphia, that he might have '
i fi r I jj i x xi 11
1 ,
be bad at Swartarra. He studied law in
York, and at the age of twentT-two was
was composed in Jbngland, m and
published in the spring 1795, many mil-
lions of copies of which have been sold.
Hfi resided fortv-two mnrs in Bmrlnnd. !
j ... - j ... e ,
most of which time he was an invalid.
He composed many other works besides
bis Grammar. He died in 1S26, in a
village in Yorkshire, bein upwards of 60
years of age. He is represented as a '
ni. -i- j t)k:i4i it ix
legacies to a number of relatives and
friends and sums of money to religious
societies. He also directed that the resi-
i e x fx i
due of property, after the decease ot his
r r
wife, (a JSew I ork lady, his" beloved and
affectionate Hannah" who had been his
companion for GO j-ears) should be devo-
ted to pious and benevolent uses. He
, , . .
was a Quaker, and is interred in the bur-
rying ground of that sect, in the city of
JNew lork, "far from friend and father- t
"Dear me,5' said Mrs. Partington, "here
tbey are going to war again over the sea,
i w i i . ,
and only for a turkey, and don t say bow ,
much it weighed, either, or whether it
svas tender. And Knockemstiff has gone
uto a miff, and the rushin bears and Aus-
inches are all let loose to devour the peo-
pie, and heaven knows where the end of
it will leave off. War is a terrible thing,
60 destroying to temper and good cloths : ,
and men shoot at each other just as if
they were gutter purchas3 and cheap at
tlipt ,
called to the bar. where he pained for him- ' auu customs against an usurpers or tne i -xue ioiks nave all gone away this eve-i" "c 1UJUCU LUU
self the refutation of an honest lawyer " Leretical authority whatsoever, especial- ning, and we will make the best of our! Uutl1 slceP closed his eyes, did the roar
7r 1 T J ' , ly .against tbc new pretended authority ' time,' said she, squeezing his hand. i of laughter ring in his cars, and when
v" uiu j.iiSiu auua, and church of England, and all her ad- i 'Yes. bv Jove, we will ' wna the renlv. sound asleep, a vision ot the
Singular Military Discipline.
A rather singular case of military dis
cipline Las latel' occurred in Dorchester,
and has caused considerable excitement.
There is it appears a number of bovs in
, , .
that tOWn WllO liaVC Organized themSClVCS
I - , - jt ,
( nito a company tor the purpose of "play -
ing soldier," a lad about 14 years of age
and the son of a respectable citizen, act-
1nfin A fnro
IlJff tlb CJpiain. A. ieW
ing as captain. A few days since our
minature captain met one of the soldiers
. of his command about 8 years of age, and
charging him with misdemeanor in rnili
j tary duty, arrested him and marched him
to headquarters at his father's house.
The young recruit was taken by this cap
j tain to a chamber, where with considera-
; gagged, had his thumbs tied toi
together and
i v ! ( :i f i f 1 1 iin mrnr enrnro enormia
1 1. - J A -j 1
' a' l' xi i j .,
j Mictions, the captain stripped the person
r. Muuuuoiu -
; ui uis viuiuj, auu laning a lighted lamp
held it to his flesh until two large and
deep sores were burned.
The soldier was then dismissed and
fled to his home. By threats he was de
terred from making known the facts, and
in a few days the captain again arrested
him and gave him a severe whipping with
a knotted rope. The facts afterwards
came out, and a complaint was entered
by the father against the captain, who
was brought before Justice Draper, and
obliged to pay costs of Court, and placed
under bonds for good behavior for six
months, his father beinff securitv. fBos-
ton Tray.
Served him Riht n old lady in
... - '
. , -. , ,
bittcn on the end of her nose by a rattle-
?nake. The old lady recovered, but the
snake died ! Coroner's verdict: Pois-
own. whi ft rooont v in ihn wnnris -croc
oned by snuff."
A Jesuit's Oath.
The following is the oath taken by ev
cry Jesuit priest. The motto of tin
formidable society (for it has spread it-
self over the whole world) is. 'the end
j i 1 ' r,i n
justifies tne means,' and a rule of the Or-
J , . '
dens, tuat every member 'ought sincere-
ly to allow himself to be carried, ruled,
placed, displaced by Divine Providence
through his superiors, just as if he were
v. 1 re 1 t n
a corpse; or, like the Btaff which an old
' '
man holds in his hand, and which serves
him as he pleases.' Each noviciate, af-
ter years of the strictest descipline and
1 a 11
7; r""" 1Wi, lUU IOU
01 l nesthood, swears :
l, x. i., dow m tne presence ot Al-
mighty God, the blessed Virgin Mary, the
bT apostles, St. Peter and St. Paul, and
the Saints and the sacred Ilosts of Ilea-
ven and to you, my ghostly father, do
dcciare from mj heartj wituout U)Cntal
reservation, that his Holiness, the Pope
, is Christ's Vicar General, and
IS c true and onbT nead or" tue Catholic
church, throughout the earth; and that
bJ virtue ot the keys of bmdmg and !
oosinr iven to his -Holiness bv Jesus 1
Christ, he has power to depose heretical
kings, princes, states, commonwealths and j
governments, all being illegal, without
aivntu kvnui iuuuuu. auu mat nicy
may safely be destroyed; therefore, to the .
utmost of my power, I shall and will de-
fend this doctrine and his Holiness' rights
.1 a .. It I
herents, because she and they are hereti-
cal, opposing the sacred mother church
of Rome. j
l do renounce and disown my allogi- ;
ance to any heretical king, prince or state j
named Protestants, or obedience to any
0f their inferior magistrates. I do furth- 1
er declare the doctrine of the church of j
England, of the Calvinists, Huguenots, i
f,nd other heretics to be damnable, and
tlinsn fn nn nnnmpn who will nnf tnrsn rn
" " ,
wiH help, assist and advise all or any of
his Holiness' agents in any place wherever
1 sha11 be5 ai,d do ru3r utmost to extirpate
the heretical Protestants' doctrine, and to
, . ., . , , ' ,
destroy all their pretended powers, regal
or otherwise. I do further promise and
declare that notwithstanding I am dis-
posed'to assume any religional hersey,
for the propagation of the mother church's
interest, to keep secret and private all
hef agents, C0UISelSj tbey tmst mGj
and not to divulge directy or indirectly,
by word, writing or circumstances what
ever, but shall execute all that shall be
proposed, given in charge or discovered
unto me, by you, my ghostly father, or by
tbis saered1 convent. All which I,
A. 33., do swear by the blessed Trinity
aud bjesged SaCrament, which I am now
to receive, to perform, and on my part,
to keep inviolably; and I do call all the
heavenly and glorious host of Heaven, to
witness these my real intentions to keep
this, my oath. In testimony thereof, I
take this most holy and blessed sacra-
ment of the Eucharist, and do witness thc
same further with iny band and seal, in
the presence of this convent, this
da,y of, &c,'
Gelling iuio the Wrong House.
" For me, I adore
Some twenty or more,
And love them most dearly.
his rmnrrli'nn- linnet
The character of thc air suited well
with the appearance of the young blade,
for as he turned into thc court the litrht'
Such was the light air hummed by a 1J accelerated by her teet, which she ap -
young man one evening in the month of Pllerd lulto heavily to his side,
September, between the hours of seven! 'Thunder! what a plantation she has
and eight, as he turned into a court lead- fi. Gusasitcaino in contact with
ing out of Washington street, where wasW8"Ds- jf iT
of the lamp 'illuminated' him; he was tall, Jlist ! thcre thcy come one two ultimate prosperity of California, or any eration were noted as weather prophets;
and somewhat slender, but finely formed; tbrec daughters, the old man and woman,' otlier gtatej rau9fc bc influenced more by aud tll0g science in its pedantic and o
his pale and handsomo features, large and two Senfc3 fiends of the ladies, I , its adaptation to agricultural pursuits than macular boyhood laughed at their prog
bright eyes, with dark circles around su?P03e- -Uere thcy are down on the bv any or aU the geld mines that have nostications, and at best gave them credit
them, told of late hours and excitement, sofa- IIow 1 would Iikc SrasP one of been or may be found therein. There for beinS onb' shrewd guessers, their
His exterior frop.k-nnnf.. Wrnnrrl nt tbose delicate little feet! Gods! she , Mn nn nn snrf. nf -Jnnijt, nIlt .u-t, n, ffPI!at. weather-signs rarely failed. Now scien-
the top by a single button, pants of snuff
i r-t. i t.: r..
' ed at lts lowcr hole, attached to the
knows what in his pocket, boots, hat, and
i r I . M
!,., . 4, . - ,
uiLttvjf ui liiu jatesi tusiiion, ana swiicu
1 cano. Slirmnilnfnri uv a rlnHr.ofolv nnrvnrl
lady's leg in ivory, completed the rakish
' tut ensemble of our young
uuu x uuicii
As we said before, he was humming a
! tune as he went into the court. Passing auu wcu P UPJ aua not Knowing nowyiel(i of goid from ti,e California mines 1U Cli5 anu pianis. xms essay was
: up, he ceased; and his thoughts, if they lonS llc wouId he compelled to stay in for the current year win reach thc enor- ' of facts and scientific explanations.
! had been uttered, would have been some-, such uncomfortable quarters, caused him j mous 8Um of fifty.flvc or sixty millions of Jfirds, it is asserted, invariably show, by
' thino- like this : to anathematise them most severely. lie dollars! An enormous sum truly; and yet thc way txcY bu,ld their ncsts whether a
1 'ifyron was a hard one; one of the V-'"11? become worried to such a degree, we vcnture to say that the value of the steason is to be dJ, or otherwise. If
hovs. decidcdlv: han me. if hc wasn't
the very personification of his Don Juan
,o imnf. nn iho rini.in1n ,. whilrt
vou're younr.' and he did 'go it' with ajthe others heard nothing.
vengeance' j Jcsu Maria!' thought Gus, what a
During these cogitations, he reached, narrow escape. If any of the others had
fas he supposed,) his boarding house.
Ascendimr the steps he sent his hand on
nn nvnlnn nvnil! nr. , 1,,'a r,nl'nfc
nnrl Pvt,-; nn inmmont. rmhliiw
j a portable poker with a joint handle. 1
j Inserting this instrument into a round,
' hole in the door Iie effected an entrance.
Ononfor nn- ho wn5 snrnr cnrl of ir
' - 0, ""'rAwv" "
disappearance of the hat tree, and a ta-
bje jts pjace
j 'Where the deuce is the hat tree gone
to now, I should like to know?" he men-
tally exclaimed, throwing down bis hat
1 'IIow awful quiet it is just now,' he con
i tinued, proceeding towards the sitting
binding it in total darkness, he
mnrn ciiTTiT-Icnrl
, was still more surprised
'Juno: is everv body dead. I wonder?
' I'll have some light on the subject,' and
, mth thafc determination hc crossed the
room to a mantle piece, to search for a
TT , , . , ...
match, lie placed his hand on something
that made him utter an exclamation of
'-J everything that's blue, a lady's
' suoe ' . extraordinury events must have
transpired during my absence a sofa
1 .t, , , . 0 , . . L
, here! ' he exclaimed, striking against one
unaer tn0 mantle Diece TheY bave been
pitching the personal estate around at a
terrible rate. Ah! a baby's shoe! Oh,
mein Got. as the Dutchman said '
j Charles, is that you?' whispered a soft
. xq1cq afc th(j moment and a warm hand
eiaspcd his own.
1 'Whew! what the deuce is to pay now?'
he almost ejaculated in surprise; but re-
covering himself he answered, in a whis;
per, 'yes, dearest, it is me over the left,'
he said to himself,,
! I see how it is; I'm in the wrong box,
and this damsel thinks I'm Charles; no
matter, I'm in for it now, and might as
well put it through.'
bo thinking, he seated himself by her
side, on the sofa, with onn hand clasned
in hers, and an arm arouned her waist,
'Charles,' she said, 'what made you
stay so late? I have been waiting for you
iuis uau uuui,
'The deuce you have,' thought he.
'Indeed, I am very sorry, but positively
I could not come sooner,' he said.
fill f 11 li
as he embraced
kissed her several
'I wonder, who I am kissing in the
dark,' thought hc, during the operation.
'Why, Charles, I should think you'd
be ashamed of yourself, vou never did so
'This Charles must bc a very bashful
youth,' thought our hero.
'Charles you musn't do so!' she ex-
rlriimrn ' lint-, fin vnn mn!ini'
'I'm making the besfof my time,' was
the innocent reply.
( cnnli nv.a flin n hhri n f inn onnnan-
rial of our hero.) 'I would say imraedi - -
fifnlv' tlm.irrtif lio 'Knf elm mifrlif. in!3. !
trust, and it would be no go.7
The time, dearest,' he replied, 'shall
be when it will
be most convenient for
'Oh, how glad I am,' she exclaimed.
1 -ntrtlrln 1 tirMil 1 a in if fln
i - j z i
l llou remember tho last time 1 saw nercorus were in nowise inclined to come
jwuj juu oam juuu iuji lu-uiguu u uuu jortn. x -i-in-iuis p-po-pupper-uox, ue ! f , , 1 W
vp shmild hr mjirrioi.' snid sle. Lvl,tm.,l mil. n fo...;r..,a 0 110111 the branches.
A whistle noarlv escanod thc lins of m,nr..snmptl.inff II.Ul-o moir' nvuv ! 110 solution ot this extra
n,.c -cnol, -rxv.Q fl.n nl-.Kr.u.of.nn onnnn. ' 17;) : x,. x J T M t IS Well k'nOWn that
folks should pop in all of a sudden,' he 'to furnish us with a supply of this anti-
thought at that moment, as he had a1 dote to cold weather. For some wx weeks
ff UUU V W1UU.1V J. UUUIU VJ Vy Alia 11 UUV
presentiment. As the thought passed his we have been compelled to steal all the f5Ui,KU "Jiunocr, wuicn, on u;i v,a,v,
mind, a latch key was heard fumbling at' wood we consumed, and now we are tired 80 reminds us of it, we can on y ra
the door. At this omnious sound she' of the plan, not that wc have any partic- gard lt as a most extraordinary addition
sprang to her feet greatly frightened. ular dislike to thc mode but it is too the elass of nutnral wonders. We are
'Oh, dear!5 was the exclamation, 'what' much like work; betide our neighbors are 1,aPPv to learn ;bafc, tl!e contcn3 0 th,s
shall I do? here come tho folks.' getting out, so haul it along. s"akc nut, w.tH shortly be submitted to a
'What shall I do?' was the nuestion of I i c,oso analysis by an eminent physician
Gus, as he sprang to his foot.
'Oh, dear? oh, dear!' abe bitterly ex-
claimed, 'where shall I hide you There s
no closet, r.nd you cau't get out of the i
room before the folks will see you. !
ero, the door is opemna;-
lie didn't stop to look for 'a better
T)!ace. bur, nnnnnrl An ivn nnrl o.nmmonond
crawling under. His process was great-
, . ,
Ale lound the space under the
(luite narrow; so much so that he was o-,
bliSed to lie on his face. ?
'Vhew! they keep a cat in thc house!;
would tbillk tbc dcvil bad ber- 1 wonder
how loner 1 ve trot to sfcav here. Hone
lue conversation win oe ediiying.'
I Ia this manner his thoughts ran on
unucr the sola, it is a high one.
tor ahnnf, nn hour v tin. f.imp. hi''
found "is situation anything but pleasant
. . , .
was o sign of their departure, judging
uuu wclug muvu ai mi. "y11 -
I1 uicir conversation, winch was nveiy
inat ue accidentally let an oath sup thro
his lips.
iiarK. wnat s tuat: exclaimed one, uuc
(TT 1 I 1 9 i f t T 1 T .
, UUttra, 1C' x haoua uave een uiscovereu,
: anu luen a pretty plight 1 would ne m.
1 1 1 1 . . i. I . T Til
I WOUld be takdl tor a bular.
i While thus congratulating himself on
hs f caPe a shavl belonging to one of
th ladies hanging over the back of the
sofa slipped behind. It was soon missed,
"U il, auaiuu UUUiUJeilcea.
'It must have fallen behind the sofa,'
surmissed the fair owner.
'I will soon ascertain,' said one of thc
young men, rising from the sofa.
Seizing one end of the sofa, he whirled
it nearly into the middle of the room.
Gods! what a scream! The ladies
,' faied away at the sight of Gus, lying
I On ill S faCC.
'Burglar! thief! robber!' shouted thc
ead of thc house retreating towards the
'Complimentary,1 said Gus, -looking
The two young gentlemen promptly
seized him and raised him to his feet.
'Give an account of yourself; how came
you here?' were the questions put to him.
'Thieves! robbers! watch!' screamed
all the young ladies.
'Stop your noise,' shouted the old gen
tleman, as Gus commenced an apology.
'Ladies and gentlemen,' said Gus you
havo found mo concealed under the sofa
a burglarious manner, but 'pon my
soul, it was for a different purpose alto-
! T Tr rlm yotrn n liiiifl Arl otiotimi on1
m such a manner that it set the old gen
tleman in a roar of laughter. The girl
was called in to be questioned about thc
'I shall see now, at any rate, who I
have been skylarking with,' thought Gus,
as her step was heard on the stair3.
A moment more, and a daughter of
Ham, black as the ace of spades, strode
into the room. Such an apparition of
darkness struck our hero dumb. For a
moment he was a model of amazement;
but a roar of laughter from all in the
room restored his scattered senses, and
M became fully aware of his ridiculous
'Where's my hat?' he faintly ejacula-
4 ft A rtC'llliielirtl'fVrt v f r. s- v
flitted before him.
The following epitaph was copied from
a tombstone in a small village church
yard in the north of England :
"Sucred to the memory of Miss neUcy Rlictt,
Who w as a whole tcitn and ;i horse to let."
A waggish fellow somewhat troubled
with an impediment in his speech, while
one day sitting at a public table, had
occasion to use a pepper-box. After
shaking it with all due vehemence, and
it in various ways, he found that thc pep-
' r,x, x J nm'nl
p0or delivery," was the reply
C We annex tho following beautiful
extract for the particular benefit of those
who should read and understand :
WOOD ! ! ! We particularly request
fi lnrrrn nnmlinr nf mir wnndv suhsnrihprs
Watch for little
sure, and put little
opportunities of plea-
annoyances out of thc
Spare when young, and spend when
you are old.
, j
1UU1 . JL - IIUU-
Gold vs, flay.
T'he Ohio Fanner, in commenting upon
tbc lettor of a California correspondent,
i i i i . ...
.inawsb some very sensime remark aooui,
;the mania which has possessed the pco-
ple of thj3 country to forsate the golden
Ms of tbcir own gtate to di (u thc
'..a fields " of California. wWn rhev
o 1 " J
often gather more disappointment than ,
produce. Thc Fanner says:
t has evcr been our OD;n;on that the !
; est source 0f wcaith which California pos-
e ,t : t. ,.n..c, foki.
ianris anri mountain slones so PraDhicallv
' described by Fremont, and now so ably
nouceu uy iui. xvuiiujr. i utu iuksu
i5 oro dnveloned. as thev will bc
..i l... sr. Tru W. il.r-
' ,V,1J tlO O 1
;rock sInk wJth comparative insignifi-
; very soon, the gold diggings and quartz
cence Look afc ifc. It is said that the
-hav cr0D aonc of thc State of N. York
will fully equal it! Six counties of that
1 X
ffp nrnflnnnd in 1850 800 000 tun nf
hajj whicbj at 7 pcr tuDf WOuld be S5,-
600,000. This they do year after year,
witb a graduai increase; and yet, how
jfew are seen ruahinj; t0 the meadows of
Oneida, Jefferson, Chenango, Delaware,
Chautauque or St. Lawrence? c,oming weather. Snans ai-o reveal, by
The wheat and corn fields of Ohio pro- . their liablt whether rain may oe expect--duce
annually more dollars than the gold ed or uofc- Several species ot these am
mines of California. Yet, there is no i mah vanaWy ascend the stems of plants
noise made about it; and instead of thou-! tw0 daJs be&re a ram, 111 order to place
sands rushing to them in the hone of crow-
ing suddenly rich, thousands have been
fleeing from them, in search of gold
gold gold.
We hazard pothing in saying that had
o 10
the emigrants to California, since the dis-
o.nvow of irold there. ne. instead, to the
rich lands of our Western States they inS t0 a aartc,r coIo alsr ram. Lo
couldhave produced double the amount . custs also fortcll rain, by sheltering them
of all the gold duir from the mines of that: fel7es under the leaves of trees, and m
Eldorado. The" capital necessary to ' Hows and trunks, as soon as, by the
place a man in working condition in the ' changes in the atmosphere, they discover
California mines would have settled him tbat rain 13 impending. Most leaves of
comfortable on an eighty-acre lot in Iowa, , trefs arc aIso barometers, for, if a ram is
in a good cabin, with a team, farming u- to J'o1 thcJ tur" .UP so as
tonsils, provisions, &c., and insured him, ! thcir ?H of watcr whli8 for a lonfc' ra,n
instead of a chance for a little cold, the thcy doubIe 20 as to conduct thc water
certainty of an independant position for
life, without the sacrifice of home, friends
health, morals, and indeed all that men
should esteem valuable in life.
Thank heaven, the "gold mania" is in
its decadence, and the time is near when
it will be seen and Known that every
ounce of gold dust dug from the Califor- the causc of thc phenomenon, and rocom
nia mines has cost twice its market value, mended that observation should be made
over the whole country, to ascertain if
. , ! the phenomenon was general or only ex-
The Snake toU jceptiouai.
Among the nisny novelties in the vege- f- One of the signs of rain, observed id
table kingdom which Southern and Ccn- ' this country, is this: During a dronfrht,
tral America have of late years revealed, ' the margins of streams remain dry almost
the snake nut is certainly the most extra- to the very edge of the running water.
ordinary. This is a production not un- But shortly before a rain, the moisture
like the English walnut externally, but -will spread along the surface of the ground
smaller and smoother, although of nearly away frdm the stream,- for a distance of
the same color. On opening it, we find, several inches, or feet, according to tho"
however, not a kernel, in the usual sense grade of the bank, and the porus nature
of tho term, but a small serpent, ox at of the soil. Diminished atmospheric pres
least iu the specimen now before us, an sure is no doubt, the cause of this.
object so identically resembling one, that i
the closest examination fails to present ! Thc man whose conseicnce troubles
any direct affinity between it and the ' hin)) proposes to have it arrestcd for dis
vegetablo kingdom, unless the skin or turbing tic peacc.
husk which surrounds it, like the kernel i
of any other nut, may bc termed such. j A gpiri rapper in Iowa says that Dr.
This serpent is not, that we are aware of, ( Franklin has opened a circus in the oth-
o -1 . 11 ! . ll l. -11 1..-X ' .
touna actually auvc in uie sneii, uuu ui-
istsin a hardened state. It is ot a dark
brown color, smooth, and bound up in a
distinctly traceable coil, having through-
out, in every respect, thc exact dimensions
and proportions of an ordinary snake, e
ven the head being actually formed.
From the gentleman from whom this nut
was obtained, and who has many more
in his possession, all of which, on being
opened, have invariably been found to
contain 'snakes,' wo learn that is grows
on trees found two or three hundred
miles from Bogota, and that he was in
formed by the Indians that at certain
seasons of the year these snakes, issuing
I from the shell, increased in size, and were
i i
e and in numbers
e pretend to offer
ordinary enigma.
many insects de
posit their larvce in fruits and nuts, but
we hardly sec how this explanation is ap
plicable to a serpent which fills the entire
interior of a shell, and is at the same time
so curiously identified with the inner
bark or coating as to favor the supposi
tion that it has 'grown with its growth
1 and
strengthened with its
( 3 f-J
Should I this kernel prove to be simply a
vegetable product like the well known
of tbiii tbc rof ulfts of wl,ich trUat.
o;ny. beiorc our rcader-
ITe who pretends to be everybody's
particular friend, is nobody's.
i ... i to be seen hanging anv
Grace Greenwood,-who 13 now in Italy,-
on asking a poor woman who had placed
ope candle at the iniac of a saint, and
another at the image of the devil, why
she placed opc at each, was told by tho
poor devotee, that "she knew not into
whose hands she might fall, so she ihcr't
she had better be civil to both.-"
Atmospheric Phenomenon!
Farmers and watermen of thc past gen-
ific IneD are beginning to admit the facts
to these old readers in Nature's
book, and to give scientific reasons for
facts once denied.
At the scientific cbnvention,- which re
cently held its session at Cleaveland,Obio,
Mr. William II. Thomas, of Cincinnati,-
1 -I'll r l 1
read iln. essaJ ln wl,lch hc rvkrred to the
01 weainer, as snown uy am-
u,e former, they thatch the nest, oetween
the twins aud lining.
If the latter, tbey
.1 r r -I
omit tiiese precautions, it a dry
' lscm prospect, they build 111 open places,
. If a wet one thcy c5l0Se sheltered spots.
I careful observation of these pcculiari-
! ue.3 W111 auorU iUr- -omas says, a cer
j tain. criterion, early in Spring, of the
tuemseives on a lear, tuere to imoiue me
water, for they never drink. Other spe
cies have tubercles, that rise from their
bodies, generally ten days before a rain,
I there being a pore at the end of each tu
I bercle to imbibe the water. Others urow
' yenowisu. wnue just oeiore a ram, return-
n i t . . i r
Another member, Professor Brookles
by, of Hartford, read a paper, deucribing
a spring, near his residence, whose Wa
ter rose invariably before a rain. He
suggested that the diminished atmospher
ic pressure which precedes a rain, was
, er world.
We should give as we would receive,-
cheerfully, ffuickly, and without hesita-
i tion; for there is ho grace in a benefits
that bticks to the fingers.
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