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Thousands of Parents who use Vermifuge
composed of Castor Oil, Culomel &c., ore
not aware, that while they appear lo benefit
me patient, tney are actually laying the loun
pations for a series of diseases, such as saliva
tion, loss of sight, weakness, of limbs, &c.
In another column will be found the adver
tisement of Iiobensack's Medicines, to which
we ask the attention of all dircctlv interested
" in their own as well as their Children
health. In Liver Complaints and all disordes
arising from those ofa bilious type, should make
Uecof the only genuine medicine, Hobensack's
Liver Pills.
CT-"Bc not deceived" but ask for Iloben
sacks1 Worm Syrup and Liver Pills, and ob
serve that each has the signature of the Pro
prietor, J. N IIOBENSACK, as none else
tire genuine.
"j$TOTI0E is hereby given to all legatees
J- and other persons interested in the
estates of the respective decedents and mi
iiors, that the administration accounts of
the following estates have been filed in
the office of the Kegister of Monroe coun
ty, and will be presented for confirmation
and allowance to the Orphans' Court to
be held at Stroudsbursr. in and for the a-
ibrcsaid county, on Tuesday, the 2Cth
day of September, next at 10 o'clock,
A. M.
The final account of Joseph Frable,
administrator of the Estate of John Both,
late of Eldred township, deceased.
The final account of Dawalt Fisher ad
ministrator of the estate of Michael
Hawk, late of Chesnuthill township, de
ceased. The first account of Charles S. Frantz,
ndmiuistratoi- of the estate of Christian
Singer, Jr. late of Jackson township, de
ceased. The account of Charles Drake, Execu
tor of the last will and tettamcnt of
Joseph Drake, late of Stroud township,
The final account of Elias Donscr, Ad
ministrator of the estate of William Bon
scr, late of Chesnuthill tow'iitship, de
ceased. SAMUEL BEES, jr.. Begister.
Register's office Stroudsbure, )
Aug. 25, 1S53. (
ftlccftanicss Inventors and Mauu
ufacturerst 450. Eh :f;i:riid E'rizc. 450.
Volume IX of the Scientific American
commences on the 17lh of Sontember. It is
chiefly devoted to the advancement of the in
terests of Mcch an ics, Inventors, Manufacture
vrs, and lanners, by the dihusion of useiul
knowledge upon these important branches.
It is edited by men practically skilled in the
arts and science?, and is widelv regarded as
a sound and able journal. Nearly all the
Valuable Patents which issue weekly from
the Patent Office are Ielestkated with
Eng ravings, and the Claims of all the Pat
ents are published in its columns; thus mak
ing the paper a perfect Scientific and Me
chanical Lncyclofedia for future as well as
present reference. The Scientific Ameri
can is very extensively circulated its circu
lation in the last Volume exceeding 1S,000
copies per week. It is in form for binding;
each volume contains Several Hundred
Engravings and over Four Hundred Pages
of Heading flatter, with an Index. The
practical receipts alone are worth to any
family much more than the subscription price.
The Publishers offer the following valua
ble prizes for the largest list of subscribers
sent m by the 1st of January next: SlOU
will be given for the largest list; 75 for the
fecond; 50 for the third: $45 for the fourth;
$40 for the 5lh; 85 for the 6th; 30 for the
7th; 25 for the 8th; 20 for the Olh; 15
for the 10th;S10 for the llth; and 5 lor the
12th. The cash will be paid to the order of
the successful competitor, immediately after
January 1st. 1S54.
Terms: One copy one year, 2; one copy
six mouths, 1; five copies six mouths, 4:
tcn-copies six months, B; ten copies 12
months, 15; fifteen copies twelve months,
22; twenty copies twelve months, 23 in
Southern and Western money taken for
su bscriptions.
Letters should be directed, post-paid, to
Muxx & Co., 125 Fullori-slrcet, N. Y.
Aug. 25, 1S53.
Valuable Saw Mill and Machinery
The subscribers will sell at private sale
their property, situate in Coolbaugh township,
.Monroe county, Pa., one mile from Spruce
Grove, containing 425 acres, with the allow
ance of G per cent.; about eight acres are
cleared and the balance is heavily tiin-sj
bered with hemlock,, spruce, cheenut,p
beach, birch and maple. There is a -3
lot of young and thrifty ehesnut suitable for
Railroad ties; a large portion of the land
would be good farmiilg. The improvements
consists of two
two stables, a new Bedstead facto-
rv 16 by 21 feet; Saw mill 20 by
r50 feet, three stories high, the low
er stories contain the machinery for manu
facturing bedsteads, and consists of two turn
ing lathes, two circular saws, plancing ma
chine, morticeing machine and boring ma
chine, a vanecr saw 5 feet in diameter, &c.
The machinery is new and in complete run
ning order; the whole is propelled by a twen
ty foot oxershot wheel, and the siream no
which this Mill is situated is a never failing
one. The ivhcel can be raised lo thirty feet
if desired. There arc also four other water
powers on the property, with from twenty to
thirty feel fall. The miil is about two miles
from" the Delaware, Lacka wanna, and Wes
tern Railroad, now buildiug. There is about
1000 acres of timbcrland adjoining the above
property, which can be bought if desired.
The property is a valuable one and worthy
the attention of any one wishing to engage
in the lumbering business; and will certainly
be sold, high or low, by the first of Novem
ber, as the subscribers intend going west. A
further description is deemed unnessary, as
those wishing to purchase will view it for
Goolbaugh, August 11, 1853. St.
Kofice to Contractors and Others.
The subscribers have at their Mill the fol
lowing described lots of Lumber, which they
will sell cheap for cash, viz: 00,000 frei of
white pine, abouX 30,000 ft. siding, and about
40,000 ft. of inch boards; 25,000 ft. hemlock
inch boards; a lot of dry spruce inch boards;
200' set Bedpost, ready turned; Birch plank,
and a lot of Newil! posts for stair-ways, &c.
CoolbaugU August 11, 193. 5t.
W W W W I !iULvrl
Clark's Patent combined grinding and bolt
ing mill, is an invention which cannot fail
coming into general use, turning out as it
does irom the wheat extra Hour, superfine,
miuunngs, snip stutt and bran, at a single op
oration, and in the most complete manner.
inis tiuly scientific null fills asnaceofbut
three feet in diameter, and five feet high, is
worked by a single shaft, capable of grinding
aim Doiung irom three to ten bushels of wheat
an hour, and can be propelled by any power
irom lour liorse, to any which may be desired.
me enure cost ol a mill calculated to-make
one barrel of flour to the hour, does not ex
ceed 400. Those dcsirinir to purchase a
mill, or the patent for counties or townships
m Pennsylvania, are requested to address
Wm. Heilman, or call at No. 41 Brown street,
September 1, 1S53. 3t.
The undersigned respectfully begs leave to
inform the citizens of Monroe county, that he
lias opened a new Marble Yard in the Bor
ough of Stroudsbury. on Eliznboih stront.
nearly opposite the Union Hotel, where he
will keep on hand American and Foreign
Marble, nu holds himself in readiness lo fur
nish Chimney Pieces, Cabinet Marble, Mon
uments, Tombs, and Head Stones, &.c. de
signed and executed with neatness and des
patch. M. M. BUBATETT, Apt.
for Peter Smith.
September 1, 1S03. G.n.
IS the only medicine capable of curin the
HEAD ACHE, in half an hour. Form
erly, several days were required to relieve
this distressing pain; whilst now the use ol
the Elixir will, in a few moments remove ii
entirely. Although but lately introduced
to public notice, this wonderful preparation
count thousands of advocates. It is very
beneficial in Colds and Coughs, checking
the most obstinate fit of coughing in a
minute or two. This remedy is an invalua
ble Family Medicine, in all sudden attacks
of sickness. A single trial will be satisfac
tory evidence of its efiicacy. Price 25
cents per bolile. Prepared only by
Office No. 118 Catharine street, above
3d, Philadelphia.
certificate :
Allcntown, Julv 0. 1850.
Dr. T. S. Prichard Dear Sir: 1 have
used the bottle of your "Elixir for Head
ache,"' which you left with me a few weeks
since, with, I think, decided advantage. 1
have for many years been subject to attacks
of this distressing complaint, and certainly
found relief in your preparation.
' Yours respectfully, M. HAN NUM.
For sale by Dr. Samuel Stokes. Strouds
In rrr
Pa., wholesale agent.
Samuel B. Keefer, SnyJersville.
W . S. Deitrich, fcaylorsburg.
John Mcrwme, Merwinsburg.
David Chnstman, Christmansvillc.
II. D. & J. K. Shafer, Pleasant Valley
July 14, lS33-G;nos.
Si ,000 P.EWAEB.
The above reward will he paid for the ap
prehension of any person who will say that
Isaac II. Lodcr does not sell the cheapest
and best Cabinet Furniture, at the Peoples'
gSagft, Cabinet-Ware Rooms, (oppo
g?Jj:r4 site Robert Boy's store, in the
side of New York.
The undersigned, having purchased the
lame and extensive Cabinet Ware Rooms
lately occupied by Frederick Philips, would
respectfully inform the citizens of Strouds
burg and vicinity that he intends carrying on
the Cabinet making business in all its various
branches; and is now prepared to receive or
ders and attend to all calls for every thing
in his line of business. The undersigned
will keep on hand and furnish to order
Good and Handsome Furniture,
as cheap as can be Eold anywhere. The
following articles can be examined in his
Ware Rooms:
Sofas, of various styles and patterns;
Sideboards, Secretaries, Wardrobes, Bu
reaux, of various paterns.
Cupboards, of different kinds;
Card, Center, Side, Breakfast, and Dining
Wash Stands, Twist, Small and Large
Etagere, What-Xotes, Music Stands, Sofa
Tables, Tea Tables, Oval and Serpentine
Tables, Chinese What-nots, Fancy Work
tables, Refreshment tables, Divans, and a
general assortment of Cottage Furniture on
hand and made to order.
("Varnifchingand repairing done on short
notice and on reasonable terms.
A handsome assortment of Gilt, Mahogany
and Walnut Looking Class and Picture
frames, of every description, will be constant
ly kept on hand and made to order.
Ready-made coffins kept on hand
v-and made to order and in the best
style, at short notice. A hearse will also be
furnished when desired.
Lumber and country produce of all kinds
taken in exchange for Cabinet Ware, Give
us a call before purchasing elsewhere. Re
member the place is opposite R. Boy's
Stroudsburg, March 24, 1S5&
The subscribers will sell at public sale in
Stoddardsville, Luzerne County, on
Wednesday, Sepl. 21, 1353, next,
containing nearly Five Hundreds Acres of
land. The tract is known as 'Reading's,"
icing the same on which George Linton has
operated for years, and adjoins lands of Hen
ry W, Drinker David Thomas, Mixsell &
Brown, and others, on which there is erected
a good 5AW iTZtS.Dv, JWs
...i t..:i.:, l JlAS
anu uui j-uiiui:jj;, sum utuiv -'a
thing convenient for the manufacture of Lum
ber. This tract is favorably located, being
near the Drinker Turnpike, which secures a
retail trade for all the Lumber which can be
made, at much better profits than can be re
alized by selling by the wholesale, and with
much less expense and risk, llns would be
'i a iavoraoje location lor a i,eainer luan-
iL ufaciorv, having a good Water Power,
md situated in a heavy Memlock country.
The Lackawanna and Delaware Water Gap
Railroad, which is now under contract, pas
ses within four or fiifc miles of it, whicli,
when finished, will make a chenp and quick
I I. I.. .. V.,.r
conveyance lo marKei, uumg umy a ic
hours' ride from i'ew Xork. Any persons
wishing to examine the property can do so
by calling on Joseph McNeel, residing there
on. The sale will commence at 12 o'clock, M.,-
when conditions will be made known, and at-
tendance given by
Stoddardsrille, Aug. 26,. 1558. . L .
Pive doors above the lJcffersoniatV office
This is the cheapest place to buy Ready-
(Slloti)ing, Soots & Sjocb
in the Borough of Stroudsburg.
Less than City prices! Quick sales and
small profits !
We have on hand the largest assortment
of Ready-made Clothing, Bouts & Shoes
suitable lor all seasons of the year that can
be found in this place, which we arc able to
sell at less than City prices, and at least 25
per cent, lower than the same kind of goods
can be had at any other establishment in town
We buy our materials in large quantities di
rect from the manufactures, by which we save
'30 per cent, in our purchases. The Clothing
we offer are all of our own manufacture, and
not bought ready-made.
We also keep on hand a splendid assort
ment of
Gcnllmcns Stocks and Handkerchiefs,
of the latest style, and a variety of
Trunks, Valises, Carpel-bags,
07" Produce ofall kinds taken in exchange
for anything in our line of business.
Cash or trade will be paid for 2,000 shcep-
July 21, 1S33. 3 mos.
Two or three good journeymen carpenters
wanted immediately by the undersigned, to
whom constant employment and good wages
will be given.
QzjALSO, a boy between 17 and IS venrs,
wanted to learn the Carpenter and Joiner bu
siness. Apply at tins omce or to
Stroudsburg, August 4, 1853.
lYssrsr STABLE.
The proprietors of this cstahlish
f$fy mentare prepared to furnish the pub
il2lic with all the conveniences that
can be required in this business. Having
lately added new stock, it will be found that
our new Omnibus is just the thing for parties
on pleasure trips, marriage excursions, &c.
Yvc assure the public that our stock is all
"ood and reliable, and are at all times pre
pared to furnish every variety of vehicles.
Prices reasonable.
Stable on William street, adjoining Kituz's
Blacksmith shop
Stroudsburg, August 4, 1S33. lv
The next quarter will commence -Monday
August 8th. All the branches of a complete
English and Classical course are thoroughly
taught Terms for boys or girls three dol
lars, pavablc immediately at the end of the
quarter." LEWIS VAIL.
IIkfhrexces: All those who have had pu
pils under my charge.
June 30th," 1853.
F7!FUs I Fits !
For the cure oj Fits, Spasins, Cramps, and
all A'crvons and Constitutional Diseases.
Persons who are laboring under this dis
tressing malady will find the 1 egctablc Epi
leptic Pills to be the only remedy ever dis
coered for curing Epilepsy, or Falling Fits.
These Pills possess a specific action on
the nervous system; and, although they are
prepared especially for the purpose of curing
Fits, they will be found of especial benefit
for all persons afflicted with weak nerves, or
whose nervous system has been prostrated or
shattered from any cause whatever. In chron
ic complaints, or diseases of long standing,
superinduced by nervousness, they are ex
ceedingly beneficial.
Price 3 per box, or two boxes for So.
Persons out of the city, enclosing a remit
tance, will have the Pills sent them through
the mail, free of postage. For sale by Sirrii
S. Haxce, No. 103 Baltimore street, Balti
more, Md., to whom orders from all parts of
the Union, must be addressed, post paid.
June 2, 1353. ly.
Has permanently located him-
t f t . T I J 1
a sen in rstrouusourg, anu movuu
-- his office next door lo Dr. S.
Walton, and nearly opposite S. Melick's Jew
elry store, where he is fully prepared to treat
the natural teeth, and also to insert incorrupt
ible artificial teeth on pivot and plate, in the
latest and most improved manner. Most per
sons know the danger and folly of trusting
their work to the ignorant as well as the
traveling dentist. It matters not how much
experience a person may have, he is liable to
have some failures out of a number of cases,
and if the dentist lives at a distance, it is fre
quently put off until it is loo late to save the
tooth or teeth as it may he, otherwise the in
convenience and trouble of going so far.
Hence the necessity of obtaining the services
of a dentist near home. All work warranted.
April 23, 1853,
The subscriber would hereby inform the
public generally, that he has taken the store
room formerly rccupied by George II. Miller,
opposite Jacob Knecht's tavern, and that he
. . has lately purchased a new lot
fiSf&sH w" wuicn he will sell
X!rlttitfv&&lov for Cash or Country pro
Stroudsburg, June 2, 1853. tf.
T; MtH Wrights !
Eight Mill Wrights wanted by the under'
signed, to commence work about the first of
Stroudsburg, June 10, 1353.
ffifptf Came to the premises of the subscri
btryLber in Coolbaugh township, Monroe
county, Pa. four young cattle, viz: two steers,
one a dark red with while face, the other a
bay : and two heifers, one a brindie and the
other a red, supposed to be between two and
three years old. The steers are about three
years old. The owner or owners thereof are
hereby requested to come forward, prove pro
perty, pay charges and take them, or they
will be disposed of according to law.
July 1, 1853. 3t. Aug. 11.
53 O AP
Fine scented Soaps for wash-
ing and shaving a'so the ce'obrated
shaving cream, for sa'e by
A general supply of Lead and IVon Pipe of
all sizesi on hand- at till limes, anil lor sale
Kastun, )v? 17, 165.1 -ly.
Books & Stationery
88 John st. New York.
Publishers, Booksellers, Stationers, and
Manufacturers of every description of
2SASSr3K 20-2ES9
having enlarged their manufacturing depart
ment. and added a new Sales Room to their
establishment, are now prepared to supply
Booksellers and Country Merchants with ev
ery variety of
Books, Blank Books Stationery,
on the most favorable terms. Their stock
ol BLANK BOOKS, all of their own man
ufacture, consists ofall the various sizes and
styles of Account Boohs, Memorandums,
Pass Booki, Writing, Ciphering, Exercise.
Time, Roll ami Drawing Books, Bookkeep
ing Blanks, &c.
laries fior IS5-S,
raeat variety. '
BOOKS in every department of literature,
suitable for Schools, Academies, Colleges,
School, Sunday School, Public and Pri
vate Libraries, Standard Works in Prose
and Voctry,
Annuals and other books in fine bindings
for the Holidays.
JUVENILE BOOKS, of every descrip
tion. Bibles, Prayer & Hymn Books in all their
STATIONERY. plain and fancy, Eng
lish, French cj- American.
Slates by the case at Manufacturer's low
est prices.
All of which they will sell, at prices av
eraging probably lower than any other Es
tablishment in the city.
Orders by Mail filled carefully and prompt
ly, and at as low prices as if the purchasers
were present.
83 John, cor. of Gold Street, Nav York.
July 7, 1833.
New Boot and Shoe EstabHssimezilt
The subscribers would solicit the attention
of the public to their new Boot and Shoe Es
tablishment, just opened in Stroudsburg, first
door below Barry's Hotel, where work ofall
iinds can be had either ready-made or mauc
to order at the shortest notice and on I he
most reasonable terms. Ladies' Shoes of the
neatest styles constantly on hand.
Long experience in the business in all its
departments, enables the subscribers to re
commend their work lo the public, feeling
well assured that their highest expectations
will be fully realized after giving it a fair
trial. WJTSJSL & 11 IN TON.
Stroudsburg, June 123, 1653.-lf.
Site "iff ui
The undersigned having lo
cated himself in the borough
SSSSlfi Hc and Harness stand of Jas.
iSwli ot oirouusuurg, ai me oiu oau'
N. Durling, on Walnut street,
opposite the Washington Ilo
tel, would inform the public
that he will keep constantly
on hand a choice assortment of
Saddles, Bridles, Collars, Whips, Carriage
Harness, Sulky and Chg Iiarncss, 1 earn
Harness, leather, 'cotton, and worsted
Flynels, Trunks, Valises, Carpet
bags, Curry-combs, Horse
cards and brushes,
and all other articles in his line of business,
which he will dispose of upon very reasona
ble terms.
Work made lo order at the shortest notice.
His materials will be of the best quality,
and as he employs none but good workmen,
he hopes to receive a liberal share of public
His motto is "quick sales and small proms.
Call and see for yourselves.
Country produce taken in exchange for
work. W. C. LARZELIER.
Stroudsburg, March 17, 1853.
N. B. Carriage trimmings for sale, and
Carriages trimmed to order.
New Whole Sale and Retail
it o
SlroEzdsbsars:, Pa.
p The undersigned would inform Land
IVjfejMiords and the public generally, that
tlicy have justopened Ihc above business in
Stroudsburg, in the store house formerly oc
cupied bv John II. Mclick as a Jewelry Store,
and have on hand a large stock of
ofall kinds and of the best quality, direct from
the Custom House, which they are prepared
to sell to Landlords and others on the most rea
sonable terms. Our stock consists of French
Brandy, dark and pale. A'so, Peach, Black
berry, Cinnamon and Cherry Brandy ; -llol-land
Gin, N. E. Rum; Irish, Rye and Apple
Whiskey; Lisbon, Claret, Port, Sweet Mala
ga, Currant and Champagne Wine, &c. &c.
Also, on hand a large stock of Bitters of all
Demijohns, from I to 5 gallons; bottles, and
generally any thing" that can be asked for in
our line.
Landlords will find it greatly to their ad
vantage to deal with us. We have no hired
agents to sell and distribute liquors for us at
great expense, which must he paid for by the
consumer. Those dealing with us we intend
shall be satisfied with the article they get, as
well as the price, and whenever they are not,
we will be pleased to have them return the
tquor, and make the fact known, for we in
end to make it a permanent hnsincss, and
can only do so by dealing honorably. All
orders sent us, by stage drivers or others, will
be promptly attended to, the same as though
the person was present dealing for himself.
July 8, 183-2. P. S. POSTENS & Co.
The Co-Partnership heretofore existing un
der the firm of Pawicr & Piunqs, in the
manufacture of Candles, has been dissolved
by mutual consent. The Books and Accounts
arc in the hands of John Palmer, to whom
all indebted are requstcd to make payment.
Stroudsburg, June 10, 1853.
N. B. John Palmer Son having purchast
ed Peareo's interest in the Stock, ihe bus
ness will, as heretofore, be carried on at the
old stand, by John Pu!m'er-& Son, who ask a
continuation of public patronage.
A great variety of Toys on hand and
for sale cheap at the variety store
Stroudsburg, G, May 1852.
For snTo nfc this Office:
For s.'ilo at this Oflioo. J?
1.00 REWAIiDi
Rmawny from the undersigned on the 22t
of Julv, 1853, William Johnso.v, an apprcn
tice to the Rricklavin-r and Plastering busi
ness. Had on when he left a pair ot over-
hauls or checkered pants, anil, braid hat, ligni
hair, middling lbnir. and is between 18 and
19 vears old, and five feet and six inches in
heiirht. All persons are hereby cautioned not
to trust or harbor him under penalty of the
law. The above reward, but no charges, will
be paid if said boy is brought back.
Stroudsburg. August 11, 1853.
tor's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned,
auditor appointed by the Orphan's Court of
Monroe county, to audit, and if necessary, re
settle the administration account of Rudolph
Weiss, administrator of Henry Weiss, late oi
Chesnuthill township, deceased, and also to
report what amount be deducted from the
Real Estate to pay the debts of the said de
cedent, will attcrcd to the duties of his ap
pointment on the thirteenth day of Septem
ber next, at 10 o'clock A. M. at his office, in
the Borough of Stroudsburg, in said county,
when and where all persons interested can
attend if they sne proper.
August 11, 1853. 4 1.
w,nm Svuk
Just burnt and for sale by the subscriber
These brick are of a large size and of a su
peiior quality, and will be sold as low or
lower according to quality than any other
Brick in the county. A portion of them are
pressed or front brick. Said brick are made
of the best material and will stand the lire
with impunity, thus answering for the pur
pose of building Bake ovens, &c. All ol
which will be sold as low as any in the
All kinds of Produre taken in exchange
for Hi irk. SIMON G RUBER
Stroudsburg, August 18, 1833 ly
The fortieth edition,
villus, showing Diseases
W & Malformations of the
Vj Human Svstem in every
3ff l-A IS shaee and form. To
lics on tlie Ureases of
kr Females, being of the
vVi?Jj TW highest importance to
Vs. .. J7y married people, or those
US c o r. t en i p I a i I n g m a n i a g e .
E3y Wmir.m Ycnng, S3. E.
Let no father be ashamed to present a copy
of the Aesculapius to his child. It may save
him from an early grave. Let no young man
or woman enter into the secret obligations fl
married life without reading the Pocket Aes
culapius. Let no one suffering from a hack
nied cough, pain in the side, resleSs nighs,
riervous feelings, and the whole train of Dys
peptic sensations, and given up by their phy, be another monument without con
sulting the Aesculapius. Have the married,
or those about to be married, any impediment
read this truly useful book, as it has been the
rimeas of saving thousands of unfortunate
creatures from the very jaws of death.
Any person sendinj; Twenty five cents en
closed in a letter, will receive one copy ol
this work bv mail, or five copies will be sent
for One Dollar. Address, (post paid,)
No. 132 Spruce si. Philadelphia.
February 17, 1853 ly.
QoMiers5 IL-jmd Warrassts.
By a recent Act of Congress it is enacted,
That each of the surviving, or the widow or
minor children of deceased commissioned and
noncommissioned officers, muinans, or pri
vates, whether of regulars, volunteers, rang
ers or militia, who performed military ser
vices in any regiment, company or detach
ment in the service of the United States, in
the war with Great Briiian, declared by the
United Slates on the eighteenth day of June
1812. or inanvoflhe Indian wars since 17lJ0
and each of the commissioned officers who
was engaged in the military service of the
United States in the late war with Mexico.
and shall be entitled to lands as follows :
Those who engaged to serve twelve
month or during the war, and actnalh
served nine months, shall receive one hun
dred and sixtv acies: and those who engaged
lo serve six months and actually served lour
months, shall receive eighty acres; and
those who engaged to serve for any or an
indefinite period, and actually served one
month, shall receive forty acres, i'rovuieu,
that wherever any officer or soldier was
honorably discharged in consequence of dis
ability in the service, he shall receive tne a-
mount to which he would have heen entitled
if he had served ihe full period for which he
puiengagcd to serve.
Under the above act, and tlie acts of Con
gress generally, the subscriber offers his ser
vices as agent to procure Land Warrants for
those entitled to receive them, as auove spe
cified. He may be found ai his office in
Stroudsburg. S. C. BURNETT.
October 27, 1850.
jhibian (Queen fjoiei,
Elizabeth St.. SntounsBUUG, Pa.
The undersigned respectfully in
forms his friends and ihe public gener
iUv. that he has taken the above Hotel,
known to "the travelling community as'Shive
lys Old Stand," and recently kept by Geo,
Tlie house h lar.qe, with ever convenient
for travellers and boarders.
Thn vnnls and atablinir are extensive, and
every thing in the very best order for the ac
comodation oltravellers anu others.
rim nro!rietir will use every eliort to have
his table, chambers, bar. and every depart-
ment ol Ins house coniiucieu in sun: man
ner as tU'seeuro ihe approbation of his custo
Tim Stnan office for the Easton. M. Chunk.
tt7i!!rn-lt.irrf While Haven and Providence
stages will hereafter bo at the above Hotel.
Persons wishing to go. or send with ihe a
bove singes, will please- leave their orders
at the. Indian Queen Hold.
These hues leave this Hotel every Mon
day, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 7
January 1 , 1853.
Attorney nt Law,
S'lMtOUDSmJllG, monkoe county, pa.
Office on Elizabeth strcot, formerly oc
cupied by Wm. Davis, Esq. -May
8, 1851. '
Country Produce. '
Butter, eggs, &c. taken in' axctwango for
any goods in my lino of business.
Stroudsburg, Nov.' 18, 182.-
3 ''A
General Agent for Monroe Co. for the sale of
Blake's Patent Fire-Proof Paint,
or iiCifjia! SSafcj
Which in the way of Paint is warranted
to surpass in cheapness and durability' any
thing" that has heretoiorc heeu offered to the
public. In no instance has it ever been .known
to crack, cleave of, or waste by time. ,
He also has on hand a large-and
psirasj well selected stock of
Mm - ids,
Groceries, Hardware, S8ovcs,&c."
which have' been purchased for cash and must
be sold.
Stroudsburg', January 13, 1353.
JO H H V. K U 1 T 0 W
itf 4 fit
On Elizabeth street, one door below Win.
Dean's residence, Stroudsburg, Pa.
The subscriber having just com
pleted a large and splendid as
sortment of the latcst Fall and
Winter fashions of Hats & Caps,
invites the attention of his old patrons and
the public zenerally to the largest Stock ever
offered in Stroudsburg. consisting of Men's
moleskin, fur, silk and Kossuth hats of eve
ry price and quality. His stock of Caps
consists of silk plush, rlolh, oil silk, oil lin
nen, and velvet. Boys hats and caps of
every description.
JLatfic' rfJsiffs.
A superior ariicle on hand. Also, a large"
assortment of Bonis and Shoes of the latest
style and ofa superior quality.
ITIorooos :iml Findings.
Dressed and undressed jMorocoo, Kid arid.
French skins. Yellow, pink, blue and whitri
linings, and binding skins. Prunello and
frongee; Boot and shoe trees; Lasts of every.-
description, and a general assortment ot
findings. -4Iso Cotton di silk under-shirts;
N, B. Thankful for past favors and de
sirous of a continuance of the same, he will
sell at the Kew-York and F.nston prices. -
November 11, 1852.
t ItbijiLti.LLZj ill
Boot anu Sljoc
?t The subscriber respcrlfuij informs
'eiJ '"3 custumers an friends that ho hai
""removed his Bool and Shoe Manufac
tory to the store room formerly occupied by
Joseph Sigman, in Northampton street, one
door above Hamilton street, and between
Mrs. E. H. Harmony's rsillmery and Peter
Pomp's Drug Store.
lie has just received a large 'assortment
of Boots a"nd Shoes, among which are Caif
Congress Boots, Enameled CoiigrcSs Boots,
Calf Napoleon Boots, Patent Morocco Na
poleon Boots, Brogans, &c. for Getlemen
and Boys. '
Also on Hand a largo assortment of Shoes
for Ladies and Misses. Women's fashion
ble Gaiters of every variety, made to order
at short notice. A large assortment of Chil
drens Shoes always on hand. GUM Shod
of all descriptions and kinds, which he is
The goods are manufactured of the besl
materials arid in the neatest and most fash
ionable manner. He employs none but the
best workmen about his establishment.
Thankful for the liberal patronage hereto
fore received, every effort will be made to'
merit a continuance of the same.
Easton. September lfi, lS52
Every Family should have a copy;
invaluable book, only 25 els. per copy
Man knoic thyself.
JL' BOOK for the afilicled. Containing
an outline of the Origin, Progress. Treat
ment and Cure of eery form of disease;
contracted by promiscuous Sexual Inter
course, by Self-abuse, or Sexual Excess,
with advice for their prevention, written in
a familliar style, avoiding all medical tech
nicalities, and everything that would offend
the ear of decency, from the result of some
twenty years successful practice, exclusive
ly devoted to the cure of diseases ofa deli
cate or private nature.
To which is added, receipts for the above
diseases, and a treatise on the causes, symp
toms and cure of the Fever and Ague, for
twenty -five cents a copy; six copies one dol
lar; will be forwarded to any part of the U
nited States, by mail,, free of postage. Ad
dress, postage paid. "Box, lf& Post Office;
or the A uthor, 3S Ndrlh Seventh Street Phil
adelphia. TC11FTY DOLLARS Fokfeit. Dr. TImi-t
$J ler will forfeit $50 if falling to cure any
rase of secret disease that may come under
his rare, no matter how long standing or af
flicting. Either sex are invited to his Pri
ate Booms, 38 North Seventh Street Pilad'a.
without fear of interruption from other pa
tients. Strangers and others who have beeri
unfortunate in the selection of a Physician
are invited lo call.
1M POTENCY Through unrestrained
indulgence of the passions, by excess or
self-abuse, the evils are numerous. Pretttn
ture iinpotency, involuntary seminal dischar
ges, wasting of the organs loss of memniy,
a distaste for female society general debility
or conslitional derangement, are sure to ful
low. If nccessarv, consult the Doctor witii
confieence; he offers n perfect cure
RFAD AND REFLECT. The afflicted
would du well to reflect before trusting thetf
health, happiness, and in many cases their
Ihcs, in the hands of Physicians ignorant of
this clas3 of maladies. It is certainly iin-
possible lor one man to understand all the,
ills ihc human family arc subject to.
Every respectable physician has his peculiar
rmmch, in which he is more auece-sstul than
his brolhftr professors, and to thai he devotes
most of his lime and study
YEAPvS OF PRACTICE, exclusively
devoted to the study and treatment of diseas
es of the sexual organs, together with ulfers
upon ihc body, thioat, nose, or legs, wins in
head, or bones, mercurial rheunuitism, slric
lures, gravel, irregularities, disease aiising"
from youthful excesses, or impurities of Uio
blood, whereby ihe constitution has hecomti
enfeebled, enables the Doctor to offer speedy
relief to all who may place themselves under
his care.
Modicine3 forwarded .to anv part of the
United States; Price five and tun dollars
per package. Nov. 18, lSoi5-ly.
The subscriber has opono
liis new Hotel niU is rendj itf
accommodate all who may fla
vor him with their custom.
StraiulsWg, 27j la. 0m,
i h