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Ttiut'Mluy, July 21, 1853.
FIOSES POWHALL, Lancaster Count;
ALEX. K. MrCl-UUE, Franklin Co.
SSr Judge George R. Barrett will
we learn from the Honesdalo Democrat
hold the fall courts in the several counties
of this Judicial District, he having deter
mined neither to accept nor reject the ap
pointracntof Codificr of the United States
Kovenue Laws until after the first of De
cemher next. The Democrat states fur
ther, thatin consequence of the most press
ing solicitations from leading democrats
in all parts of the district, Judge Barrett
has reconsidered his former decision, and
will take the nomination for Judge if it
shall he tendered him by the Democratic
Conference- of the district.
Judge Hubbcll) who has been on trial
at Madison, "Wisconsin, for a long while,
on u charge of high crimes and misde
meanors in that State, has been unani
mously acquitted.
A City Destroyed. In the foreign news
by the Atlantic it is stated that on the 1st of
May the City ofShiraz, in Persia, was destroy
ed with twelve thousand of its inhabitants,
by the shock of an earthquake. This is the
t?econd city in Persia, and in former years had
a population of 40,000 persons, but an earth
nuaKc in io;u neany destroyed it. it was
formeriy a place of great beauty, and is cele
brated by the Persian poet Hafiz, who was a
native of Shiraz, for its beauty and fertility.
Since the earthquake of 1S24 it has greatly
declined in both, most of its public structures
having been ruined by that calamity.
Monument to the Captors of Andre.
The Fourth of July was appropriately cele
brated at Tarry town, X. Y., by laying the
comer stone of a monument to Paulding, Wil
liams and Van Wert, the three patriots by
whom Major Andre was captured at that
place. It is to consist of three blocks of mar
ble with a shaft between thirty and forty feet
m height, with an appropriate inscription.
Some G000 persons were present on the oc
0The largest plate of glass in America,
10 by 9 feet, was broken on Tuesday, as the
workmen were setting it in the window of a
Broadway Restaurant, New York. It cost
Political Quarrels.
There is wrangling and quarrelling among
the Democratic party. At Washington the
administration cannot please Mr. Buchanan,
the minister to England, who modestly wants
to assume the management of all the ques
tions between the two governments, and write
his own instructions! In Missouri a contest
is going on between Benton and Atcheson
and their respective factions. In N. Hamp
shire Mr. Burke is still carrying on his war
against the administration and its organ at
Concord. In Ohio a feud has sprung up be
between rival parties ; in Pennsylvania there
arc various elements of discord ripening for
an explosion; in New York the old war of the
Barnburners and Hunkers is revived, and
throughout the land there are minor squab
bles on local issues, which excite the bellig
erents to an undue degree for such hot weather.
Judge Biyers The Whig Candi
date for Surveyor General.
Do the Whiga know, or feel that they
have a candidate in the field, for the of
fice of Surveyor General a man of great
moral purity, integrity and uprightness
a man every way competent and worthy
to fill the office one that would he an
honor to the State and to the station ?
Is the Whig party 'dead' as its enemies
declare, or is it only sleeping to awake
with energy to resumo its labors for the
country, with increased vigor? Or is it
to remain under the ban of proscription,
trodden down with the iron heel of its
Horrid Murder in Ulster Co. N. Y.
One of the most brutal and revolting mur
ders erer perpetrated, says The Kingston
Republican, was committed in the Town of
Woodstock, in this County, on Friday after
noon last, and that, the murder of a wife by
her husband! George A. Wentivorth and
his wife Harriet had some dispute on thatday
as was customary with them. Wentworth
left the house, a short distance from which
he waited the departure of hi3 son, when he
returned, entered the house, approached his
wife from behind, seized her by the hair, and
drawing her head back, cut her throat, with
a razor, from ear to ear, nearly severing her
lead from her body. Their daughter, aged
about 10 years, was present, and in attempt-
to rescue her mother received severe
wounds on her arms. Wentworth was imme
diately arrested, but suffered to witness the
funeral of his victim, on Saturday. He was
wholly unmoved. On Saturday evening he
was lodged in the County Jail in this villiage.
Wentworth is about 50 years of age, and his
wife was a year or two younger. They had
eight children, all of whom are living.
The French clergy are now throwing diffi
culties in the way of mixed marriages between
Protestants and Catholics. Most of the priests
rrfusc to pronounce the benediction on these
iin.'ont. unless where a formal engagement is
Viken to bring up the children in the Romish
nth. The church is no longer contented
with the common compromise, according to
v. h'ch boys are educated in the father's and
girls in the mother's belief. The consequence
is that several mixed marriages have lately
been celebrated by Protestant clergy.
Tlircc Hundred Dollars for a Prize Es
say. ihe Tract Society of the M. E.
Church in New York, offer the sum of
$,300 for an Essay on systematic Benefi
cence, with particular reference to the
philanthropic finances of the Methodist
Episcopal Church. The length, it is sta
ted, should not much exceed one hundred
pages duodecimo. They must be sent in
previous to the 1st of January next.
Frost. On Sabbath morning, the 26h
June, says the somerset (Pa.) Visitor, a
sharp frost hung upon our neighborhood,
and on it3 departure, left rather a with
ering mark upon the vegetable kingdom.
Potatoes, and many of the more tender
from their native green to a more dark
some hue. On the same morning there
was frost in Indiana countv. freezinz the
Opening of the Crystal Palace.
The ceremony of opening the Crystal Pal
ace tit New York, took place on the 14th
mst. President Pierce, attended by Messrs.
Guthrie, Davis, Campbell, and Cushing, mem
bersof his Cabinent, and Sidney Webster, his
private Secretary, were present. The open
ing prayer, by Bishop Wainwright, the open
ing address by Mr. Scdwick and the response
by President Pierce were all appropriate, ex
pressive and eloquent. Vocal and instrumen
tal music pealed, at intervals through the
vast aisles with a grand, inspiring effect.
The general effect of the Palace seems to
have surpassed all expectations. The arti
cles for the exhibition are not properly ar
ranged, still all is in a greater state of for
wardness than could reasonably have been
expected. The Tribune finds fault that nei
ther the architects, designers, laborers, exhib
itors, or mechanical inventors, were repre
fceiited upon the platform the seats of honor
at the opening of the exhibition.
As regards visiting the Exhibttion, the Tri
bune makes the following sensible sugges
"Let us say once more to our Country friends,
Make no haste to visit our great Exhibition.
Come at your leisure and come prepared to
epend two or three days in systematic obser
vation and careful study of whatever may
strike you as most worthy. Take your time
in coming and try to have time at your com
mand when you do come. You will probably
want a Catalogue in hand, wherein to pen
cil your observations on what you may think
worthy of note; and no complete Catalogue
can be ready for some da3s yet. By-and by
we shall doubtless have Excursion Trains ar
ranged to bring in and return their hundreds
and thousands at reduced rates of passage ;
the weather will be cooler and all circum
stances more favoring. The Exhibition will
richly repay you the cost of attending it, but
take your lime.
EST" The Annual Commencement of
Lafayette College, atEaston, will be held
on the last Wednesday of July, inst. The
Annual Address before the Literary So
cieties of the College, will be delivered by
the Rev. Gardiner Spuing, D. D., ol
New York. On the preceding evening,
the Rev. Wm. Henry; Green, of Prince
ton, will deliver the address before the
A novel dental operation was perform
ed at Allentown. Penn., by two of the
resident physicians one day week before
last. It was the extraction of three fangs
from the mouth of a large rattlesnake.
Before commencing the extraction, chlo
roform was administered until the snake
was wrapped in slumber, when the teeth
were drawn without difiiculty.
Gold Attaclwd. A lump of gold, said
to be worth 312,000, the arrival of which
at Trenton (N. J.) recently created some
little sensation, was attached in that city
on Friday for a board bill of thirty dol
The Proof Thickens.
Tbe Johnstown Eclvoi a locofoco jour
nal, makes the following disclosure as to
the management of our State improve
ments, which are well calculated to startle
tho honest Locofoco taxpayers of the
Commonwealth, and should induce them
to go to work in earnest this fall, and se
cure the election of Moses Pownall, to
watch and correct the misdeeds of the
Locofocos, whom they have aided to
put in power.
'We have not heard a single statement
put forth in the above address contradic- corrupt and tyrannical opponents ?
ted. In tbe community, where the faots What participation have the Whigs in
are known, no man will have tbe offron- the Government? They are but the mere
tery to deny the truth of this address. rhcavors of wood and, drawers of water'
We are credibly informed, that instead of tbe payers of taxes for that use of their
sixty thousand dollars of claims having onnonents. Of the FIVE MILLIONS
found their way into the State Treasury, Laid out of tho State Treasury annually
without passim; through tho hands of the into whose hands does it go? What Whig
Superintendent of the road, the amount office holder or agent receives a dollar?
swells to the enormous sum of Eiglity- Excepting the State interest, the entire
four Thousand Dollars! The manner disbursement goes into the hands of Lo
in which payments have been made unon aofoco office-holders, contractors, o.
tho road has long been tho subject of u- Not a Whig in any walk of life is allowed
niversal complaint. Our merchants and to. approach a dollar of it; although the
mechanics are all more or less dependent Whigs pay much the larger portion o
upon the laborer, and when the State the taxes, and bear much the greatest
does not meet her engagements with portion of the burthon of government.
those who toil for her, how can they But the Whigs are a proscribed class,
comply with theirs? That a great State although composed of a large majority
should thus treat her operatives, is most of the free born population of our coun
disgraceful. Robbery of tho laborers has try. They are trampled upon by foreign
been reduced to a system, and tbe only aid, and disponed of all participation in
individuals to whom the system has proved our Government, lbey are pronounced
a blessing, are a few of tho cheok-roll 'dead' by those who are feasting and riot
speculators along the road, who somehow, ing upon their substance, to alloy their
have always plenty of money to buy the fears of retribution. But will they rise
time or tho laborers at a discount of trom again? will they tamely submit to the
10 to 15 percent. Where do these cheok reign and vengeance of foreign enemies
roll sharks get the money they employ in against whom their forefathers fought
this unrighteous traffic? How comes it and bled and triumphed.'
that the check-rolls purchased by these Will the Whigs so disgrace their Rev-
speculntors always find money to meet olutionary sires as to suocumb to the de
them at Harrisburg, while those for which scendants of thoso who fought against
our merchants have given a fair equivalent our liberties, slaughtered defenceless wo
are never paid ? Why is it that a few men and children, and armed the mur
individuals are in favor at tho Treasury derous savago in a relentless war against
of the State, who receive thousands of us?
dollars upon check-rolls, when the labor- Who and what arc the Whigs that they
ers are turned away without a penny? Is should be thus humbled down and per
the Treasury a partner in this infamous scouted by those in power? What would
shaving ? Are speculations in Schuylkill our country have been but for their valor,
coal lands profitable? and must money patriotism, self denial and energy? Who
be had to carry on these, and the specu- fought and bled and won the liberties of
lations in check-roll ? It is said that one this country? Who were they that stood
individual on the Portage Road purchas- with Washington and his compatriots in
ed check-rolls to the amount of fifty thou- 'the times that tried mens souls?' They
sand dollars ! Where did he get the mo- were Whigs and nono else? The foreign
ney ? Was it his own, or was he only an influenco that sways the political destinies
agent ? Perhaps, if an answer was ob- of this nation were then armed against us.
tained to these questions, and a few oth- Whig patriotism, Whig valor, Whig
ers, information would warrant us in ask- treasure, Whig heads, wnig Uoarts and
! i 1. . 1 "! ii. T) ..A T!1 I n ilitskYTorl fl,o ,nr?nrnnlnnAn nf
road, who had been fleeced of the nroceeds this country and all the Dlessings that
- , W
of his labor, we would soon ascertain have followed from it ! Does any one
j "' 1 -
where tho blame lies.
SFTbe wool crop of Mercer county,
Pa., for the present year, is estimated at
two huudred thousand pounds, which, at
the prices which have been obtained, will
be worth about ninety thousand dollars.
Prices .here varied from 42 to 48 cents.
- . r- '
D. L. & W. R. R. Soutltern Division
We learn that the Board of Managers, in
view of the large business which is antici
pated over this Road, have unanimously
resolved to furnish it with a track of the
most substantial and durable character
the rails to weigh not less than eighty
pounds to the yard, beveral of the con
tractors have already commenced opera
tions on the line, and the work will be
pushed forward with unremitting energy.
Lackaxvana Herald.
Serious Accident.
On Saturday Oth inst., as Mr. Benja
min Treadwell, with two young ladies,
was returning from a pleasure-ride down
the River Road, tbe horse took fright near
the lime kilns of Mr. Uhler, and ran into
one of the pits, which is on a level with
tbe road and much exposed. The pit
was fortunately half full of lime, which
prevented a serious catastrophe. One of
the young ladies received considerable
injury from the fall, from which there was
at tho time some doubts of her recovery.
She is now, however, out of danger, and
doing well. As tbe accident occurred
late in the evening, the horse and car
riage were left remaining in the pit until
Sunday morning, when they were taken
out having received little or no injury.
Easton Argus.
Blackberry Cordial is made by adding
one pound of white sugar to three pounds
of ripe blackberries, allowing them to
stand for twelve hours, then pressing out
the juice, straining it, adding one third
part of spirit, and putting a tcaspoonful
of finely powdered allspice in every quart
of the cordial, it is at once fit for use.
This is very valuable medicine in the
treatment of weakness of the stomach and
bowels, and especially valuable in the sum
mer complaints of children.
The number of deaths in the city of
New lork during the past week was five
hundred and thirty-eight, which is an in-
crease of one hundred and thirty-three on
the preceding week. As usual, a large
number of deaths was caused by cons imp-
lion, fifty having died of that fatal dis
ease : and there were three hundred and
seventy-two under ten years of age.
Ihe deaths in the city of Washington
e n. j: ii.- orsit r t " "
ii luy uuius tuU oulu i ouu nthe Mexican war had it not been for the
were nvo hundred and sevonLv-rnnf nf , -i , . . m ,
,. , . ,. " .i wisaom, vaior ana roresignc oi xayior
wnicn eignty-nve were ot consumption, and gco'tfc? noble song of ilevolution'ary
ttUU ""v """"' "'""JL UUUU1 fathers Who will dare to sav that the
ffiotr linon fioon fTin r r rr nn n rl tt r i i 1 rl nnf
vorably known to the press of this State Ld its honor? Prom what trials, diffimil-
deny this? This then is the key to the
secret why the foreign legions and their
friends are so anxious to have the Whig
party and their principles die !
Whig in the land that does
not burn with indignation at the thought
of the foreign influence that is used to
trample upon the descendants of the he
roes of the Revolution to proscribe and
villify the patriots of the war of 1812-
and to calumniate tho men who won im
perishable honor and renown for their
country on the plains of Mexico?
What would have been tho result of
New Use for Cotton
Invention, which goes far to make use
ful almost every production of nature,
has found a new use for cotton, in which,
without doubt, a very large amount will
be employed. We allude to the mattrasses
now coming so favorably and extensively
into use in preterence to any article here
tofore tried. The writer of this has used
one for some six months past, and has
found it to possess every requisite and
desirable quality of a mattrass, without
the objections so frequently urged against
moss, curled hair or husks as the busks
moulding from damps, bad smells from
the ourled hair in summer, and the lum
py mating of tho moss. The cotton felt
ing, prepared by a pattented process, has
none of these annoyances, is always elas
tic, and will, with ordinary care, last a
life time. Our friends "way down on
the old plantations" will please make a
note of this, and consider that the inven
tion is a feather in their caps, or rather
money in their purses, as tho demand
for the raw material at home will doubt
less materially increase the price. We
feel sure that if the real qualities of this
mattrass are over mado known to the
public generally, five hundred thousand
bales a year would not satify the demand
for its manufacture. The article having
been thoroughly tried on the principal
steamships and approved by their own
ers, as well as by physicians who have
tried and strongly recommend them, we
doubt not the Pattentee will make a for
tune on them. The agents for thia city
and the union generally, are Messrs.
Dorcmus & Nixon, 21 Park Place and 19
Murry street. N. Y. Day Book.
Desperate Riot at Ilazletoii on the
The Constable, Christian Court
right, attempted to arrest the brothers
Bnnnen, and in doing so, was knocked
down and dreadfully beaten by the Irish
crowd, who would doubtless have killed
him, but for tho interference of a number
of citizens who came to the aid of the
While this was going on, Dingman
Courtright, the brother of the constable,
came in contact with a portion or tne
mob : was knocked down with a stone,
and while being held down on the ground,
an Irishman stepped up and threw a large
stone into his face, breaking his jaw-bone
m a horrible manner, he was also stab
bed in several places about the body.
We are pleased to learn that he is doing
as well as could be expected. Tamaqua
ten years of age.
as the Chief Manager oH . B. Palmer s tieg and da was the count eyer fiX.
Iscws Agency, Philadelphia died in that tricated bufcb the aid of mig3? Wha1
of his age, after a protracted illness.
A fatal accident occurred on the rail
road near Wilmington, Del., on the 7th
inst. The cars were thrown off the track
by a piece of wood which had been mali
ciously placed across the rails. Three
persons got on the train between the ex
press and baggage cars at Wilmington, un-
measure of policy was ever adopted that
resulted to the benefit of the country, but
by the Whigs? And what honest states
man was there ever of expansive mind
who did not award to the Whigs the
highest intelligence and the purest patrio
As it regards the Locofoco candidate
for the office of Auditor General, wo shall
3ay nought against him. It is sufficient
the fare. One of them, J. M. Jones of that 13 J? Taat of VJ t
Philadelphia, was instantly killed-and Pcribes ALL Whigs, and deprive them
tJ, nthera n.d .Tm UMrflp A .Ti.n ?f ever7 nShfc or privilege they hold dear.
Jeffrey, residing in Baltimore, have since
died. Ihe company offer a reward of
So00 for the discovery of the miscreant
who placed the wood on the track. The
Coroner's Jury exempt the company from
Let it be remembered that in our State
Government, not a Whig is allowed to
participate in the least degree! That no
our lines of improvements, created and
sustained by Whig taxes? Not a Whig
is allowed either office or employment !
fio wi.;r, n, .. i : ,1 . l i.: n. .
Iext morning, on tho same road, the j m . -. , lt
e - i i a iu l. i i t rd that smites them, unless they really
freight train ran off the bridge at Bran- ij?j w:n i n i-
, fo. n , .. ,P . . . are 'dead?' Will they allow proscription
r.. and corruption to rol over them I ke a
to the water and drowning the engineer,
flood, without resistance? When they are
a fi.j, n,.; i r uwvu, inn;
: r,i:i.. ' obliged to bear the chief burden of gov
,1 uusc uuuic ia iiiuuaiu jliiuo. I , -j 1 t -i . rf r
eminent aim uave uuuuiuatos ior onice, oi
1 ?1 1 L
Scarcity of hands. Farmers everv-r"?1., aeu oapaouy,
v 1 e ii r t it Will. LUUV lUUlitlll lUUlUUlCUb US LO LUU1I
where complain of the soarcity of hands. . -r. .... ,. " y
It is renorted that as hmh a9 S2 25 w ouua: xi uuo i umu to prepare ior
,i Trm..i A.! te contest, and make ready to meet
withniif aCQ J their focs Wlth tuat umfcy an(1 resolution
that always forebodes success. Uarris-
The Allentown (Pa.) Democrat states burS Teh3graph.
that Mr
Fire in Honesdale.
(x. M. Foering, of that place, in
connection with a couple of gentlemen
from Southampton county, have the pat- Early this morning a fire occurred on
em, ior a new nme Kim or a novel con- Sixth Street. Tfc nsnmrl nnhlnnf.
struction, wnich possesses sucb decided shop, a blacksmith shop, a lanre stable
advantages over every other kind of kiln for the accommodation of boat horsas.the
ao iv piuujioc uuuuiuu levuiuuun iu me building known as Millitary Hall, and
.1 uS uuaiucM. j.o uescri- an extensive bakery. The cabinet shop
-luc ivnii jo micu mm mu-urictt, belonged to ( . i- v. (4-. (1 Vn w h sa
nnA ;n si :v, i n ' , . .7 " w i-;
m6u, mm uvpiyci uu me ana was in the occupancy of two Grer
ton. fifinahle of linlrlinrr ji. lnrnr nuonfifn Ti , m, ,
--tj r - b. . 6 i""UMv xir was hod insureu. xne loss is
otsLone, wmcu Keeps tailing down into not much. All the other buildings be
mo ium aa last ua me nme is arawn out longed Mr. George Britenbacher. Ilis
below. It will burn on an average 200 losa js from 400 to 85,000, while his
bushels of lime per day. Wood is used insurance is nnlv si ann
in burning, and three or four pieces of or- The fire was first discovered in the
riinjirv hlftk'nrw ap nolr wnnn tuill licf linlf .1 x .i ii . rt 1 . - t
...j - - - j " - ."ov sbuuuu aiory oi ine uaoinet shop, ana as
an hour. Two cords of wood will burn no body lodged in the building, as no fire
between 200 and 300 bushels of the best
lnne. ine lime is drawn off everv twelve Tcnn nf fVio imo ; ;a a:pr n i
hours. Ihe kiln is the invention of Mr. for the destruction except by supposing
Scheveder, of Eochester, N. Y. if. fn l1A tl,r wn,v nf ,
t i aw w nuia Vl. AiJl A llLitriJLl 1 ill V
I omnfrn r. I At h mef
A child, of two years of age, fell out i '.
oi a seconu story wmaow in Allentown. WftV-The 3oston Post savs :Naomi. tl,
, . I - - j -
some aays since, ana when picked up was daughter of Enoch, was 580 yeaars old when
ouuu w ue uuuurt, she was marr ed. Courajre n r Is!"
-,. n r j
Supreme Court
The following important opinion was
delivered in the Supreme Court, at Har
risburg, on Tuesday week :
Armstrong vs. Ware. Opinion of the
Court, Lowrie, J.
The law gives a lien to mechanics on
'every building erected' by them; but not
for adding to, or altering tho old build-
ing. liie parties in their contract call
this work additions and alterations; bu
i3 it properly so? Every part of the house
was constructed, except a part of three
walls, and even in these the openings are
There must necessarily be cases where
in it is difficult to decide whether work
done is to bo regarded as the erection or
the alteration, any building which old
materials enter as an element; which
i ii
wouia De unreasonable. A saddle may
be new, though old stirrups, and even
some leather of an old one be used in
matting it. a saw mm may be new
though it has an old water wheel or fore-
bay. Where the structure of a building
is so completely changed, that in com
mon parlance, it may be commonly cal
led a new burning or a rebuilding.
comes within the lien law. This is some
times difficult to decide, and then it must
be left to the jury. Under the evidence
here the court might have decided that it
is a case of 'building erected' within the
meaning of tho lien law, and ought to
have ordered a nonsuit. Judgment re
versed and a new trial awarded.
Starvation in Spain.
It apears that the miserable condition
which Ireland was reduced a few years
ago is paralleled by what is now taking
place in Spain. A writer in a French
paper says :
"In vain the venerable Biahop of St.
Jacques, in presence of more than six
hundred unfortunates, resembling mo
ving corpses, who daily besiege his gate,
has sold his mules and his carriage. In
vain haB he reduced himself and his ser
vants to the merest necessaries, in order
that he might give the rest to thoso who
perish of hunger. All that he and the
other bishops and clergy, all that the
government can do according to the Es
peranza, is but a drop of water to extin
guish the conflagration. When we speak
of the government, however, we must re
member that a last contribution made by
it of 3,000,000 of reals had not been dis
tributed. In the mountains, the starving
die by dozens, and in many places fevers
of the most dangerous character arejoined
to the famine. Hundreds of sick expire
for want of nourishment and medicine.
The streets of our cities are encumbered
with old men, women and children, with
the visages of corpses, covered with mis
erable rags, and even worse, troubling
themselves no longer except to die in qui
et, and imploring with loud cries tho suc
cors of the public charity. At the gates
of the Archiepiscopal Palace more than
a thousand people wait for daily bread ;
and I hear that one day lately 4,500 poor
assembled to receive the alms distributed
in the city by one gentleman."
Jlosquitocs Mode of gcttin&r rid
of them.
Mr. Fortune, travelling in the interior
of China, found the mosquitoes almost in
tolerable. In the boat there was no rest
for him. He was finally advised to pur
chase some mosquito tobacco. The Chi
nese take some bamboo or other substance,
get tho sawings of some resinons wood,
juniper tree or sucn, mix it with some
combustible matter, and cover the stick
with it near to its extremity, then hang
it up and burn slowly. Tho odor is not
unpleasant. The saw-dust 13 sometimes
put up in paper and burnt on the floor.
Various species of wormwood are used,
and the sterna and plants are dried and
mixed with some inflamable substance.
The mosquito has an aversion to the sub
stances, and whenever they are set on
fire the insect leaves. We should have
this introduced for our summer use.
Cincinnati Gazette.
The Mammoth Pictorial.
It will bo just as we predicted Glca
sons Jrictoriat is now triumphant, and
Ja. I
the groat gas light is becoming extinguish'
ed. Barnum's JXeics has reached us
razeed; that is, only half its original size
We congratulate Mr. Gleason. and the
public, who, perceiving at once the intcn
tion of tho great showman, have support
ed Mr. Gleason. This is as it should be
what enlightened man but must repu
diato a system where wealth will seek to
annihilate tho talent and industry of
those who were the first to conceive an d
carry into execution the designs exhibi
ted in Gleason s Pictorial? Honor to
whom honor is duo. New York Picay
Philadelphia, Easton, and Water
Gap Railroad.
We are informed that tho managers of
this important enterprise have secured a
large and admirably located lot of ground
in tho Northern Liberties as a site for a
depot for their road. It comprises the
entiro space bounded on the north by
Noble street, on the south by Willow, on
the west by Front street, and on the east
by AVashington Avenue, a thoroughfare
fifty feet in width; Willow and Noble
streets measure each fifty feet wide at
his place, and Front street is sixty feet
wide, so that this lot will have all about
its spacious busines streets. As regards
the area of the lot, it is 150 feet on Wil-
ow street, tho same extent on Noble,
340 feet in front, and a somewhat less
extent on Washington Avenue. The
selection is convenient to the river, and
whon the depot is constructed there, it
will no doubt give a great impetus to
business in that section.
UjA man named Lauchan, has been
sentenced to three months imprisonment
in Philadelphia, for selling liquor to boys.
A correspondent of the Charlestowr
(S. C.) Mercury, in speaking of Bethle
hem, Pa., 3ays it is one of tho mo3t de
lightful summer resorts in the country.
Ihe same writer, m giving a short histo
ry of the town, says it was founded in
141, by Count Zinzandorf and his Mo
ravian brethren the settlement has re
mained to this day a peaceful, prosper
ous and remarkably high-toned commu
nity. Its inhabitants have preserved in
tact their love of order, refinement and
education, and their puritv of life is pro-
verbial. A fine female seminary, estab
lished there nearly a century ago, has
now 150 pupils, the number, to which it
is limited.
This pleasant little place has been tho
theatre of operations for some of the best
botanists our country has produced.
From this centre the Bev. Br. Schwein
itz made his vast collections, now to bo
seen in the Academy of Natural Scien
ces, Philadelphia, and the science has had
other enthusiastic followers in Bethlehem
sinco hia day. Tho pioneers in botany
and entomology in the United States,
wero Pennsylvania clergymen, such a3
Muhlenberg, Schweinitz, Melsheimer and
Whig Extravagance.
It appears, says the Bichmond Whig,
that there will be some twenty-three mil
lions surplus in the treasury on tho 1st of
July. This is the prosperous condition
a Whig Administration leaves the coun
try in; yet we everlastingly hear Demo
cracy prating over Whig extravaganco
about election times, and telling the dear
people that the Whigs are not to be en
trusted with the publio money. When
did over a democratic Administration
leave a surplus in the treasury? On the
other hand, they have always left ex
hausted coffers and an accumulated debt.
Already the organs of the party are set
ting to work to deviso some plan to spend
the surplus left by the Whigs. As the-
ostensible means of making way with it,.
some of thom propose to plunge the coun
try headlong into another war. Tho peo
ple need give themselves no concern a
bout tho disposition of this surplus. A
Demooratio Administration can spend it.
A novel funeral procession might have
been witnessed in Petersburg on Thurs
day. A negro drayman having been ac
cidentally drowned, he was esoorted to
his last resting place by all the draymen
of the Cockade City. The horses he. had
driven during his pojourn on earth wero
led by a groom immediately behind tho
hearse, and were followed up by the prin
cipal mourners mounted upon a dray.- -These
in their turn were succeeded by
something liko one hundred drays, and
drawn by two horses, making in all a cav
alcade nearly a mile long, and composing
tne noisiest, u not tne most impressive,
funeral procession it has ever been our
misfortune to witness.
The Frederick Examiner states that a
cooper in that city made a flour barrel in
the space of ten minutes, which was con
sidered quiok work, whereupon Mr. Har
rison lvnignt, another cooper, undertook
tor a wager to make a barrel in less tima
and succeeded in completing it in 7i min
Murder Cases. -There are on the cal
ender for the August term of the Oyer
and Terminer, in Philadelphia, the largo
number of thirteen homicide cases, which
;uu to De tried, ah tnese occurred
tortor to the Fourth of July.