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    this, appointment as it ought to be spoken
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or, aitnougu mere are a xew private cm
cns of that party who, Tve are infdrraed
do denounce it in terms of indignant rep
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so far as as it goes, and we hail it as an
evidence that there are some righteous
men yet leit in bodora. oussex Register
Remarkable Physical Phenom
enon A Sleeping giant A Hip Van Win
kle. The Rochester Democrat gives the
subjoined account of a Rip Van "Winkle in
that neighborhood :
Our attention was called yesterday to
a most extraordinary pnenomenon. A
full grown man, six feet two inches tall
37 years of age, has slept for nearly five
ill. i i i r '
j cms, mm umy occasional ana Uriel in
tervals of wakefulness. The name of this
man, subject to so remarkble a suspen
sion of the ordinary faculties of the race
is Cornelius Broomer. He is the son o
a farmer living in the town of Clarkson
in this county, in whose family only this
single and singular instance of somnolcn
cy has ever occurred. The subject o
notice first fell into this long sleep on the
16 of June, 1848, and since that time has
been awake, at different periods, from a
few hours to four months at a time. It
is remarked that when he comes out of
this catalepsy, he appears to have no
knowledge of the lapse of time, or of cir
cumstances taking place while he sleeps
The fit comes upon him instantly, without
so far as is known, any warning. His
eyes close, his jaws are set, his muscles
contract, and his whole frame is nged, so
that if standing, he continues in that at
titude partly bent over : and it is not ea
sy to pull him down. He has continued
in this condition for months together, un
able to speak or move.
Various experiments have boen tried to
restore him to consciousness, without ef
fect. The man sleeps on, lives, cats, re
tains perfect health, with a pulse at 80,
and withiout variation. When asleep, he
may be placed upon his feet, and he will
stand ior a ays togetuer, as lie lias neon
known to do for three days and nights
in succession. In order to feed him it is
necessary to pry open his firmly set jaws;
and in that manner but little food is in
troduced into his stomach. He is not,
however, much emaciated, keeps his nat
ural color, and appears entirely without
disease, excepting that which produces
his strange sleep. When he awakes, he
comes out of his trance suddenly, his ri
i i t t
gia muscies relax at once, lie ass ior
meat or drimk. and eats voraciously. If
asked why ho sleeps so much, he appears
to regard it as an imposition, just as any
active man would receive an intimation
that he was considered sluggish.
A disgraceful Riot took place Sunday
afternoon on the Bellville Avenue, at the
house of Mr. John Donahue. A brother
of Mr. D. who had been residing with him
about a year, during which he had been
ill of consumption, died on Saturday
morning. Mr. D. is a Protestant and his
brother was a Catholic, but when dying
gave no particular directions concerning
his funeral to the family, leaving it to
their discretion and they made arrange
ments with other friends and Fathers Mo
ran and Senez for having Protestant ser
vices at the house, and then resigning the
body to the Catholic friends of the deceas
ed for interment in their Cemetery. This
it was believed would settle all the diffi
culties which had been raised and no dis
turbance being apprehended, the funeral
was going on quietly, Rev. Mr. Townsend
officiating. While he was in his discourse
Father Senez and others drove up and
said according to the testimony of those
who heard it, "is there no good Catholic
here that will stop that babling? He is
playing a comedy over the dead body"
in allusion to Mr. Townsend. The ser
vices were then stopped, the Catholics
rushed in and attempted to get possess
ion of the body and a .general melee en
sued in which the coffin lid was taken off
and used as a weapon by the assailants.
The riot continued for some time but fi
nally the bearers and friends placed the
body in the hearse and followed it to the
grave among much ill language uttered by
the other party. The affair will become
the subject of a legal investigation. New
ttilc Adv.
EST Rev. Mr. Senex publishes a card
in the Newark papers denying that he
used the language imputed to him, and
declaring that there was no rioting whati
ever at the funeral. On the other side a
number of persons are ready to testify to
the use of the language, and the conse
quent fray. In this contradictory state of
things, the truth of the matter will not be
ascertained until an impartial investiga
tion shall be had, which we learn, has
been ordered by the authorities.
Destruction hy Grasshoppers.
A gentleman from Sommerville, in
Lower Makefield township, informs us
that the grass hoppers are very destruct
ive in that vicinity. The fields are crow
ded with them to such an extent that a
person passing over them drives the in
sects up before him in perfect clouds.
Several fields that our informant had seen
were almost entirely stripped of their
crop3 of clover. He also states that he
had the curiosity to count the number of
the insects on a rail m the fence. He
found it to contain between two or three
hundred. On another rail he presumed
there was at least five hundred. If there
6hould come a dry spell, and they increase
as they usually do at such times, fears are
entertained that they will beeome as de
structive as the locusts of Egypt. DoyUs
town Democrat
The subscriber would hereby inform the
public generally, that he has taken the store
room formerly cccupied by George H. Miller,
opposite Jacob Kuecht's tavern, and that he
nas lately purchased a new lot
f$gg&yof Good which he will sell
iSagfiglow for Cash or .Country pro
duce. ' JOHN A. FLAGLER.
Stroudsburg, Jjme 2, 16-53. tf.
Thousands of Parents who Use Vermifuge
composed of Castor Oil, Calomel, &c, are
not aware that while they appear to benefit
the patfentj they are actually laying the foun
dations for a series of diseases, such as saliva
tion, loss of sights weakness, of limbs, &c.
In another column will be found the adver
tisement of Hobensack's Medicines, to which
we ask the attention of all directly interested
in their own as well as their Children's
health. In Liver Complaints and all disordes
arisingfrom thoseofa bilious type,should make
use of the only genuine medicine, Hobensack's
Liver Pills.
(&"Be not deceived" but ask for Hobeir
sacks' Worm Syrup and Liver Pills, and ob
serve that each has the signature of-the Pro
prietor, J. N HOBENSACK, as none else
In Easton, on Monday last, Jefferson
is., lleckman, in the ooth year of his age
New Boot and Shoe Establishment
The subscribers would solicit the attention
of the public to their new Boot and Shoe Es
tablishment, just opened in Stroudsburg, first
door below Barry s Hotel, where Work of al
kinds can be had either ready-made or made
to order at the shortest notice and on the
most reasonable terms; Ladies' Shoes of the
neatest styles constantly on hand.
Long experience in the businers in all its
departments, enables the subscribers to re
commend their work to the public, feeling
well assured that their highest expectations
will be fully realized after giving it a fair
trial. WiTSJiL & HLNTOJX.
Stroudsburg, June 23, 1853.-tf.
George IS. Keller,
lzb iou fjotel,
No. 300 North Second Street,
April 14, 1853. 2m
To Iflill Wrights !
Eight Mill Wrights wanted by the under
signed, to commence work about the first o
Stroudsburg, June 1G, 1853.
IMssoIution of Partnership.
The Co-Partnership heretofore existing un
der the firm of Palmer & Pearce, in the
manufacture of Candles, has been dissolved
by mutual consent. The Books and Accounts
are in the hands of John Palmer, to whom
all indebted are requstcd to make payment.
Stroudsburg, June 16, 1853.
N. B. John Palmer & Son having purchas
ed Pearce s interest in the Stock, the busi
ness will, as heretofore, be carried on at the
old stand, by John Palmer & Son, who ask a
continuation of public patronage;
"EB ESPECTFULLY inform the Mer
that thev have on hand and are manufac
in the Borough of Stroudsburg, and will
keep constantly on hand a full supply,
which they oner tor sale at as low rates
as can be had at any other establishment,
Call before purchasing elsewhere.
Stroudsburg, June 10, 1853.
ISrodhcad & ilohcrts.
f ?dBoots, Shoes & Straw Goods.
2sTo. 135 North Third Street,
April 14, 1853. 3m
Fits! Fits! Fits!
For the cure of Fits. Spasms, Cramps, and
all Nervous and Constitutional Diseases.
Persona who arc laboring under this dis
tressing malady will find the Vegeluble Epi
leptic Fills to be the only remedy ever djjf
covered for curing Epilepsy, or Falling Fits.
i hese Pills possess a specific action on
the nervous system; and, although they are
prepared especially for the purpose of curing
its, they will be found of especial benefit
or all persons afilicted with weak nerves, or
whose nervouB system has been prostrated or
shattered from any cause whatever. In chron
ic complaints, or diseases of long standing,
superinduced by nervousness, they are ex
ceedingly beneficial.
Price S3 per box, or two boxes for So.
Persons out of the city, enclosing a remit
tance, will have the Pills sent them through
the mail free of postage. For sale by Setii
Hance, No. 108 Baltimore street, Balti
more, Md., to whom orders from all parts of
the Union, must be addressed post paid.
June 2, 1853. ly.
5" Has permanently located him-
CUll III UUUUUSUUI) uuu uiutcu
his ofilce next door to Dr. S.
Walton , and nearly opposite S. Melick's Jew
elry store, where he is fully prepared to treat
the natural teeth, and also to insert mcorrupt-
ble artificial teeth on pivot and plate, in the
atest and most improved manner. Most per
sons know the danger and folly of trusting
their work to the ignorant as well as the
traveling dentist. It matters not how mucli
experience a person may have, he is liable to
have some failures out of a number of cases,
and if the dentist lives at a distance, it is fre
quently put off until it is too late to save the
tooth or teeth as it may be, otherwise the in
convenience and trouble of going so far.
Hence the necessity of obtaining the services
of a dentist near home. All work warranted.
April 23, 1853,
Fao. 78, Northampton Street,
MOORE retnrns his thanks to the
citizens of Easton, and the adiacent
country, for their liberal support during
the last fourteen years, and would inform
them that he still keeps pace with the
fashions and improvements of the age.
His ASSORTMENT is large and of the
best quality no seconds or tldrds which
he offers at the lowest possible living pri
for cash. ALSO on hand a general as-
sortment of lirittania and otono ware.
Easton, March 17, 853.-rlnj.
The above reward will be paid for the ap
prehension of any person who will 6ay that
Isaac H. Loder does not sell the cheapest
and best Cabinet Furniture, at the Peoples' s
Cabinet- Ware Rooms, ( oppo
site Robert Boy's store, in the
borough of Stroudsburg,) this
side of New York.
The undersigned, having purchased the
large and extensive Cabinet Ware Rooms
lately occupied by Frederick Philips, would
respectfully inform the citizens of StroudS'
burg and vicinity that he intends carrying on
the Cabinet making business in all its various
branches; and is now prepared to receive or
ders and attend to all calls for every thin
in his line of business. The undersigned
will keep on hand and furnish to order
Good and Handsome Furniture.
as cheap as can be sold anywhere. The
following articles can be examined in his
Ware Rooms:
Sofas, of various styles and patterns:
Sideboards, Secretaries, Wardrobes, .Bu
reaux, of various paterns.
Cupboards, of different kind?;
Card, Center, Side, Breakfast, and Dining
Wash Stands, Twist, Small and Large
Etagere, What-Ndtes, Music Stands, Sofa
Tables, Tea Tables, Oval and Serpentine
Tables, Chinese What-nots, Fancy Work
tables, Refreshment tables, Divans, and a
general assortment of Cottage Furniture on
hand and made to order.
Varnishing and repairing done on short
notice and on reasonable terms;
A handsome assortment of Gilt, Mahogany
and Walnut Looking Glass and Picture
frames, of every description, will be constant
ly kept on hand and made to order;
35 Ready-made coffins kept on hand
SOV-and made to order and in the best
siyle, at short notice. A hearse will also be
furnished when desired.
Lumber and country produce of all kinds
taken in exchange for Cabinet Ware. Give
us a call before purchasing elsewhere. Re
member the place is opposite R. Boy's
Stroudsburg, March 24, 1853.
v I V l . . - .....
Whatever concerns the happiness and
Health of a people is at all times of the most
valuable importance. I take it for granted
that every person will do all in their power,
to save the lives of their children, and that
every person will endeavor to promote their
own health at all sacrifices. 1 feel it to be
my duty to solmenly assure you that worms,
according to the opinion of the most cele
brated Physicians, are the primary causes
of a large majority of diseases to which
children and adults are liable; if you have
an appetite continually chargeable from one
kind of food to another, Bail Breath, Pain
in the Stomach, Picking at the Nose, Hard
ness and Fullness of the Belley, Dry Cough,
Slow Fever, Pulse Irregular remember
that all these denote worms, and you Should
at once apply the remedy:
5o5)e:iacK.'s worm Si'rtip.
An article founded upon Scientific Princi
ples, compounded with purely vegetable sub
stances, being perfectly safe when taken, &
can be given to the most tender Infant with
decided beneficial effect, where Bowel Com-
plainls and Diarhcca have made them weak
and debilitated, the Ionic properties of my
Y orm oyrup are such, that it stands with,
out an equal in the catalogue of medicines,
in giving tone and strength to the Stomache
which makes it an Infallible remedy for
those afflicted with Despepsia, the aston
ishing cures performed by this Syrup after
Physicians have failed, is the best evidence
of its superior efficacy over all others.
The Tape Worm !
This is the mosf difficult Worm to des
troy of all that inJest the human system.
Itgrowstoan almost Indefinite length, bo-
coming so coileu and lastened in tne intes
tines and Stomach affecting the health so
sadlv as to cause St. Vitus Dance, Fits,&c.
that those afflicted seldom if ever suspeci
that it is Tape Worm hastening them to an
early grave. In order to destroy this Worm
a very energetic treatment must be pursued,
it would therefore be proper to take 0 or 8
of my Liver Pills so as to remove all ob
structions, that the Worm Syrup may act
direct upon the Worm which must be taken
in doses of 2 Table spoon's full 3 times a
day, these directions followed, have never
been known to fail in curing the most obsti
nate case of Tape Worm.
K2o be n sack's Lilvcr E'isls.
No part of man is more liable to disease
tan the ljiver, it serving as a nlterer to
purify the blood, or giving the proper secre
tion to the bile; so that any wrong action of
the Liver affects the other important parts
of the system, and results variously, in Liv
er Complaint, Jaundice, Dys'pepsia, &c.
We should, therefore, watch every symptom
that might indicate a wrong action of the
Liver. These Pills being composed of
Roots and Plants furnished by nature to heal
the sick: Namely 1st, An Expectorant,
which augments the secretion from the Pul
monary mucus membiane, or promotes the
discharge of secreted matter. 2d, An Al
terative, which charges lrrsome explicable
and insensible manner, the certain morbid
action of the system. 3d, A Tonic, which
gives tone and strength to the nervous sys
tem, renewing health and vigor to all parts,
of the body. 4th, A Cathartic, which acts
in perfect harmony with the other ingredi
ents, and operating on the Bowels, and ex
pelling tne wnoie mass oi corrupt anu viua-
ted matter, and purifying the Blood, which
destroys disease and restores health.
T o ST e in a I e s .
You will find these Pills an invaluable
medicine in many complaints to which you
are subject. In obstructions either total or
partial, they have been found of inestimable
benefit, restoring their Iractiontai arrange
ments to a healthy action, purifying the
blood and other fluids so effectually to put
to flight all complaints which may arise
from female irregularities, as head ache,
giddness, dimness of sight, pain in the side,
back. &c.
None genuine unless signed J. N. Ho-
bensack, all others being base imitations
ITJAacnts wishing new supplies,' and
Store Keepers wishing to become Agents
must address the Proprietor J. N. Hobensack
No 120N.Socond St., Phlla., Pa.
A ';u ts in ITIvMaroc County.
Dr. S. Stokes and R. Huston. Stroudsburg;
II. Peters, jr. & co. Marshals creek; Staples
& Shivley, Anrflomink; J. Boll, , Experiment
Mills . Brodhead & Bro. Dutotsburg ; H. &
J. K fritz, Paradise; J. Merwine, Mervvines
burg; Daily & Tambler,. Efferty Edinger &
Marsh, FnnnersviUe; Keller & IlQffman,
Kellersrille; and all dealers in drugs through
out the county and Stalfe
-. , '- ' Price, each 35 cents.
March 0, 185,3,, ; ; . UU-
Proposals for Collecting Tax,
The Commissioners of Monroe county will
receive proposals up to the 24th day of June,
inst., for the collecting of the State and Coun
ty the different Townships; for the
present year:
M. DREHER, Corners
June 0, 1853.
What can be got for Fve Dollars 1 !
The undersigned have entered into an ar
rangement by which they agree to furnish
the Knickerbocker Magazine, (monthly,) the
the Home Journal, (weekly,) and the Musi
cal World and Times, (weekly,) to new sub
scribers, at the very moderate price of five
dollars a year for the three publications ; all
orders, enclosing that amount to Dyer & Wil
lis, will he promptly attended to.
Publisher of the Knickerbocker.
Publishers of the Home Journal.
Publishers of the Musical Word and Times,
257 Broadway, New York.
Grand Literary and Artistic Cdmbinalion.
Arrangements have been made to furnish
the Knickerbocker Magazine, the Home
Journal, and the New York Musical
World and Times, to new subscribers, for
five dollars a year! This is cheap literature,
with a vengeance. The Knickerbocker is
S3 per annum; the Home Journal, 2; and
the Musical World and Timesj S3; making
.$8 a year at the usual rates. That three
such works can be obtained for five dollars a
year, is a fact truly worthy the "Caloric age,
which is just now being ushered in. Of the
Knickerbocker Mrgazinc, edited by Lewis
Gaylord Clark, it is unnecessary to speak.
For twenty years it has boen the most geni
al, humorous, and spicy "monthly" in the
world; and the present volume will be better
than any which preceded it. The Home
Journal, edited by Geo, P. Horris, and N. P.
Willis, is well known as the best family
newspoper in America; and the Musical
World and Times, edited by Richard Storrs
Willis, with Lowell Mason, Geo. II. Curtis,
Thomas Hastings, Wm. P. Bradbury, Geo.
F. Root, and other musical writers contribut
ing; and whiah gives, among other things, o
ver 25 worth of music and a full course of
instruction in harmony annually, is the very
best musical journal ever published. These
three publications will post a family up iu re
gard to nearly everything worth knowing;
Art, Sciecne, Literature; Music, Painting
Sculpture; Inventions, Discoveries; Wit, Hu
mor, Fancy, Sentiment; the Newest lash
ions and other attractions for Ladies; Choice
New Music for the Sabbath, the Church, and
the Fireside; Reviews and Criticisms of Mus
ical Works, Performed and Performances; in
short; the very pick and cream of Novelty
Incident, History, Biography, Art, Literature
and Science; including whatever can be giv
en in periodicals to promote Healthy Amuse
ment and Solid Instruction m the family,and
help to make it Better, Wiser, and happier,
may be now obtained for five dollars. Ad
dress DYER & WILLIS, 257 Broadway.
OOEditors publishing the above three
times, aud sending the papers containing it
to Dyer &. Willis, will receive the three works
named, fot one year
The undersigned having lo
catcd himself in the borough
of Stroudsburg, at the old Sad
dle and Harness stand of Jas
N. Durling, on Walnut street,
opposite the Washington Ho
tel, would inform the public
that he will keep constantly
on hand a choice assortment of
Saddles, Bridles, Collars, Whips, Carriage
Harness, Sulky and Gig Harness, Team
Harness, leather, cotton, and worsted
Flynets, Trunks, Valises, Carpet
bags, Curry-combs, Horse
cards and brushes,
and all other articles in his line of business,
which he will dispose of upon very reasona
ble terms.
Work made to order at the shortest notice.
His materials will' bo of the best quality,
and as he employs none but good workmen,
le hopes to receive a liberal share of public
His motto is "quick sales and small profits."
Call and see for yourselves.
Country produce taken in exchange for
work. W. C.-LARZELIER.
Stroudsburg, March 17, 1853.
N. B. Carriage trimmings for sale, and
Carriages trimmed to order.
Valuable Real Estate at
The Heirs of the Estate of Abr'm. Kautz,
deceased, offers at private sale, a FARM,
situate in Smithfield township, Monroe coun
ty, Pa. containing
127 ACKE,
75 of which is cleared land, in a high state of
cultivation, the remainder WOODLAJSD.
The above adjoins land of Henry Eilenbcrger,
Benjamin Custerd and others.
The improvements are a
2 stories high, 14 by 18, and nLogi
House, 20 by 24, one and a half stories high;
a shop 14 by 10; a Barn and other necessary
out buildings. There is an excellent spring
of water near the dwellings. A young and
thriving mmxi
Apple Orcsiarci,
of choice fruit, and a number ol other
fruit trees, such as pears,- peaches,
cherrieS", &c.
The above property is situated in a healthy
neighborhood, convenient to schools, mills,
and places of public worship. This property
is worthy the attention Of capitalists. An
indisputable title will be given.
For further particulars apply to
JOHN KAUTZ, Stroudsburg, Pa. or to
HENRY KAUTZ, Martin's Creek, P. O.
Northampton Co. Pa.
$1000 A TEAR.
WANTED in every County of the Uni
ted Slates, active and enterprising
men, to engage in the sale of some of the
best Books published in the country. To men
of good address, possessing a small capital
of fro'm $25 to $ 100, such inducements will
be offered as to enable them ta make from
$3 to 5 10 a day profit.
rjTThe Books published by us are all
useful in their character, extremely popular
and command large sales wherever they are
For further particulars, address, (postage
Successor's to V. A. Leary & Co ,
No. 13Q North Second Street, Philadel
phia. , . . Sept. 30. 1852
For sale at this Office;
Any good, active and intelligent man, with
a small capital of from $30 to $100. can
make larg profits by engaging In the sale of
the lollowing
Chambers'' Information for the Psovle : or
Popular Encyclopedia of Useful Ivnowl
edge. Two large imperial octavo Volumes,
containing 100 pages.
Peterson's History of the American Revolu
tion. 500 large octavo pages, and 200 fine
Frost's Remarkable Events m the History oj
America. Two large octavo volumes, con
taining lGOO pages and 700 engravings
. The best History ol America published,
Frost's Pictorial Life of Washington. A
Splendid Book containing (100 octavo pages
and 150 elegant Engravings. J he cheap
est Life of Washington ever publisher.
Moore's Histcnj of the Indian Wars. Fine
colored and Plain Plates.
The 7 'rue Republican. Containing the In
augural Addresses and the First Annual
Addresses and Messages of all the Presi
dents of the United States, the Constitu
tions of the most important States in the
Union, &c, &c. Embelifihcd withi Por
traits of all the Presidents, engraved on
steell, and a view of the Capital of the
United States. 500 pages; 2 mo.
Fox's Book of Martyr's. A Splendid Family
Edition, largo quaito, with 55 Engravings,
beautifully bound in morocco, gilt-
Dc Cormenin's History of the Popes. 900
lare octavo pages, with illustrations.
Josephiis' Works Fine Edition, one large
Sturm's Reflections on the Works of God.
St. Pierre's Studies of Nature.
While's History of the World. A Valuable
General History. One large octavo vol
nme, with handsome Engravings.
Lives of Great and Celebrated Characters :
of all Ages and Countries. One large vol
ume ofSOO images, with numeious Engra
vings. Together with a number of other Works
particularly adapted for Popular Reading.
VfTThe most liberal discounts will be giv
en lo Agents icho may engege in the sate of
the above Valuable Books.
For further patticulars, address (postage
J & J.L. GlIION, Publishers,
No. 98 Chestnut Stnet, Philadelphia.
February 17, 1853.
TheJ fortieth edition,
with one hundred engra
vings, showinsr Diseases
fft & Mnlfnrmntinnc nf tlio
If iimnn Sintm in nvorv
-Slshape and form. To
i is added a trer
ng of the
highest importance to
married people, or those
-ae-- coniempiaiinsmarriajie.
By William Young, H. D.
Let no father be ashamed to present a copy
of the JEsculapius'jio his child. It may save
him from an early grave. Let no young man
or woman enter into the secret obligations of
married life without reading the Pocket JEs
culapius. Let no one suffering from a hack
nied cough, pain in the side, resless nighs,
nervous feelings, and the whole train of Dys
peptic sensations, and given up by their phy
sician, be another monument without con
sulting the JEsculapius. Have the married,
or those about to be married, any impediment
read this truly useful book, as it has been the
nmeas of saving thousands of unfortunate
creatures from the very jaws of death.
Any person sending Twenty five cents en
closed in a letter, will receive one copy of
this work by mail, or five copies will be sent
for One Dollar. Address, (post paid.)
JYo. 152 Spruce si. Philadelphia.
February 17, 1853 ly.
SoSdiers5 ILnssd Was'i'ants.
By a recent Act of Congress it is enacted,
That each of the surviving, or the widow or
minorchildrenof deceased commissioned and
noncommissioned officers, musicians, or pri
vates, whether of regulars, volunteers, rang
ers or militia, who performed military ser
vices in any regiment, company or detach
ment in the service of the United States, in
the war with Great Britian, declared by the
United States on the eighteenth day of June
1812, or in anv of the Indian wars since 1 90
and each of the commissioned officers who
was engaged in the military service of the
United States in the late war with Mexico,
and shall be entitled to lands as follows :
Those who engaged to serve twelve
months or during the war, and acinally
served nine months, shall receive one hun
dred and sixty acres: and those who engaged
to serve six months and actually served four
months, shall receive eighty acres; and
those who engaged to serve for any or an
indefinite period, and actually served one
month, shall receive forty acres. Provided,
that wherever any officer or soldier was.
honorably discharged in consequence of dis
ability in the service, he shall receive the a
mount to which he would have been entitled
if ho had served the full period for which he
puqengaged to serve.
Under the above act, and the acts of Con
gress generally, the subscriber offers his ser
vices as agent to procure Lund Warrants for
those entitled to receive them, as above spe
cified. He may be found at his, office in
Stroudsburg. S. C. BURNETT.
October 27, 1850.
3faMan (Sluccn fjatel,
Elizabeth st., STiiouusnuuo, Pa.
The undersigned respectfully in-
ra7)l"l lliiuia ilia liiwiiua uuu w.w ci""-'
llU-ally, that he has taken the above Hotel,
known to the travelling community as 'Snive
l's Old Stand," and recently kept by Geo,
The house is large, with ever convenient
for travellers and boarders.
Tho yards and stabling arc extensive and
every thing in the very best order for the ac
comodation of travellers and othors.
Tho proprietor will useevery effort tohave
his table, chambors, bar. and every depart
ment of his house conducted in such a man
ner as to secure the approbation of his custo
The Stage office for the Easton, M. Chunk,
Wilkes-Barre, White Haven and Providence
stages will hereafter be at the above Hotel.
Persons wishing to go or send with the a
bove stages, will please leave their orders
at tho Indian Queen Hotel.
These lines leave this Hotel every Mon
day, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 7
A great variety of Toys on hand and
for sale cheap at the variety store
Stroudsburg, 6, May 1852.-
Neativ executed at thisgffio..
General Agexd for Monroe Co. for the sale of
Blake's Patent Fire-Proof Paint,
or Artificial SSate,
Which" in the way" of Paint 3 warranted
to surpass in cheapness and durability -any
thing that has heretoiore been offered to the"
public. In no instance has it ever been known
to crack, cleave off, or icaste by time.
tic also has on hand a large and
well selected stock df
Groceries, H;rIivurc, Stoves, &c.'
which have been purchased for cash and must
be sold.
Stroudsburg, January 13, 1853.
76" HK wTrWT 0 N'S
On Elizabeth street, one door below Wm.
Dean's residence, Stroudsburg, Pa.
The subscriber having just com
pleted a large and splendid as
sortment of the lastest Fall and'
Winter fashions of lints & Caps,"
invites the attention of his old patrons and
the public generally to the largest slock ever
offered, in Stroudsburg, consisting of Men's"
nioleskjn, fur, silk and Kossuth hats of eve
ry price and quality. His stock of Caps
consists of silk plush, cloth, oil silk, oil lin
nen, and velvet. Boys hats and caps of
every description.
JLadies' Ifluffs.
A superior article on hand.- Also, a largrf
assortment of Boots and Shoes of the latest
style and of a superior quality.
Moroccos' asitl Findings
Dressed and undressed Morocoo, Kid and
French skins. Yellow, pink, blue and white'
linings, and binding skins. Prunello and
frongee; Boot and shoe trees; Lasts of every,
description, and a general assortment of
findings. .4lso Cotton & silk under-shirts.
N, B. Thankful for past favors and de
sirous of a continuance of the same, he will
selTat the New-York and Easton prices.
November 11, 1852. j
Snot mti S)oc
r-g The subscriber respectfuly informs
H his customers and friends that he harf
removed his Boot and Shoe Manufac
tory to the store rortrn formerly occupied by
Joseph Signiant in Northampton street, one
door above Hamilton street, and between
Mrs. E. II. Harmony's Millinery and Peter
Pomp's Drug Store.
He has just received a" large assortment,
of Boots and Shoes', among which are Calf
Congress Boots, Enameled Congress Boots,
Calf Napoleon Boots, Patent Morocco Na
poleon Boots, Brogans, &c. for Getlemerf
and Boys.
Also on hand a lafge assortment of Shoes'
for Ladies and Misses. Women's fashion
ble Gaiters of every variety, made to order
at short notice. A large assortment of Chil
drens Shoes always on hand. GUM Shoes
of all descriptions and kinds, which he i
The goods are manufactured of the best
materials and in the neatest and most fash
ionable manner. He employs none but the
best workmen about his establishment.
Thankful for the liberal patronage hereto
fore received, every effort will be made to'
merit a continuance of the same.
Easton, September lG, lS5'2.
Cure of Consumption,
Liver Complaint, Colds, Coughs, Asthma;
Bronchitis, and all Throat and Lung Com
plaints. I have published a brief work on Consum
ption, which contains an invaluable recipe
for the cure of these prevalent diseases, even"
in their worst stages, when friends and phy
sicians have given up all hope. The Lung
balsam prescribed in this work Cures withou
the expensive aid of physicians or injurious'
use of patent medicines. In adopting this Sys
tem of Cure the patient knows what he is trj
ing knows that he is not shortenning hiy
pays by the use of anodynes or mercurials,
which may seem to Relieve but never Cure,
He knows when using this Life saving Bal
sam, that he is talcing mild, pleasant, effica
cious remedies, such as Nature prescribed
for the ills her children suffer. The ingredi
ents composing this Lung Balsam are obtain"
able (cheaply too.j wherever consumption
exists, proving that Every ill has its antidote
Consumptive patients may Rely on this receip
(all Lung Complaints are removed by its
use) I'would not attach my name to it, had"
I doubt of its efficacy. The directions for
preparing and using the Balsam are perfectly
plain. 1 prefer selling the Recipe to making
the Balsam, as it enables people to Make
their bwn Medicine at a Trifling Cost. 1 wit
impart the secret of making the Balsam, and
the Family right to use it, for Si, but in ud
case will 1 sell it for speculating purposes.
Proof of its Goodness.
Jackson, Mich. March 21, 1851.
Doct. S.TOUSEY Sir: You wished mo
to let you know what effect your preparation
of Medicine for Consumption and other dis
eases had in my family. After the first ten'
days my wife gained in weight 3 lbs, relieved,,
her cough, changed her countenance, and all
appearances were better. My family would!
not be willing to do without it. It is a med
icine much needed in Jackson there is many
cases simular to my wife's. The Rev .MVIr
Blanchard will write you for a recipe. Res
pectfully yours. 0. F. POOL.
Address, post paid, (enclosing $1.) Dr. S
TOUSEY, 106 Nassau street, New Yur'k.? .
The work goes by mail under seal.
October 7, l851-6m
lTMWli00DS---SPKING 185S;
r?n The subscriber is now prepared tV
7iy exhibit to Merchants and Milliners hfsA
usual heavy stock of Ladies' aud Misses' .
Staw a iid Silk Bouncts,
Straw T r ilium n a'ml
Artificial Flowers
Palm-leaf, Panama and every variety of
Sitmtncr Hats
for Gentlemen; which for extent, variety andf
beauty of manufacture, as well as" uniformly1
cloee prices, will be found unrivaled.
No. 41 South Second street, Philadelphia
February 10, I853.3m.
Attorney at Law
Office-on Elizabeth street fqrmel
May 5, i on i . ,