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    " I
Tallmadgc, formerly
a Uuited States Senator, is out in a sec
ond lengthy communication substantiating
his belief in the truthfulness of "spiritual
communications." Ho has had commu
nication with the spirit of John C. Gal-;
houn who conversed with him, moved ta-
- - til. r 1 i i i n . t ..
?r.fc... oca ior mm, cniracu pens in most beauti-
Thursday, June 9, 153.
MOSES I'OVVSALL, Lancaster County
ALEX. K. iracCI,BRE,FrankljnCo.
Another Mexican War.
The following letter from the New York
Journal of Commerce is copied by the
National Intelligencer, with the remark
that " we know that its statements are
substantially correct, so far as they relate
to Gen. Garland's departure for the Up
per llio Grande, and tho strong force of
l 1 1 . . - I ' -
tui Harmony, played on the guitar a most an arms whicu wni be there under his or
i t .
ueavcniy symphony, without any visible ucrs; it is scarcely possible that we
agency, well, there are some strange ahall not-get into another war with Mex
unngs in tins worm or ours, it tuese ico by this imovement, unless a want o
things arc true, tbey are certainly more means shall prevent Santa Anna from rai
xl 1 1 1 J -X 1 !1 I f
wian uave oeen urcamuu oi in our pnuos- gin an ft xQ c jfc Qn jf such a
ophy j and if not trne, it is strange that Calamit shall CQmc the natj a
i . m ii i . i it I " r
sucn men as lanmaugc can do so cieiu- good citizeng may have cause to regret it
It will not be the mere disaster of a war
Round the World, It is estimated that th a weak and impotentnation, which can
when the PaciGc Itailroad shall be com- offer no formidable resistance to our con
Borough of Strondslwrg.
We jive below the Decree of tlie Court, at
kst Term, subjecting our Borough to the pro- pleted its ultimate, nay early construe- quering armies; but the infinitely greater
visions of the Act of Assembly passed at ses- tion, being now a matter of certainty a calamity of a conquest of the vast tern
iion of 1S51. entitled an act "Regulating jaunt round the world can be made in tory and the semi-barbarian peoplo o
Boroughs. The Court struck out the section ninety-three days as follows: New York Mexico, and their incorporation into our
empowering the Town Council to furnish a to gan lrancisco 4 days gan j7rancisc0 government, that we may fear the conse-
buppiy oi water, 10 esiaunsn a niguuy waicn, to jjong K0ng, 25 days : Hong Kong to quences of. But we hope no such evi
a f k f i hn " r 7 Calcutta, G days; Calcutta to Bombay, a? befal us'
..t-r-.-j 31 days: Bombay to England. 35 davs : ASIIINGTOX, Wednesday, June 1.
act, nuu orj"iiiuiuu tuiiiu uiiiiumuuu iiiereio. " ' " - ' n i j i i 1.1
T.,ose w wH. caref,,,., oxamio ,o Ac. o, New Tort, 10 da.s-tota! 03 JJ
lbi4, incorporating tlie liorougli ol .Mercer portant command. lie arrived here in
(to tlie provisions of which Act wc were sub- AlTaHlIUent Of a Girl for tJlC lUUcl1 leSS time than WaS esPcctetl) after
jecicu vy vinuu oi me aci oi xoio.j ana the iVfiivflM' f F 'n summonea to tins place.
provisions of the Act of 1851, will discover CF L0VCr He has received his instructions, and '.
that the Borough possesses but little more A?ncs A,'e young woman charged conjecture that they embrace both diplo
power now than it did under the old Act It wUh lhe mur"cr of Ir- Taylor, at Augusta, matic and military powers. He is un-
true that the Common Council may more Ge,,rSia' was lately broS,lt UP for trial.- doubtedly to proceed forthwith to New
.ni nfTt nortn;,. MM : Ti'e court room was crowded on the occasion. Mexico, and to march into the Mesilla - VVIUIII V Jill in u v i;-1 I t c 1 lt t , t .
menu, but they will in fact only accomplish A& had. " a b,ack ai,k drcss' a bonneH JI enable him
directly what they had the ability to accom
plish indirectly under the old Act As the
matter of paving has been deemed an impor
tant desideratum, in canvassing the merits of
ihe new Act, we will for the purpose of illus-
imd airrefin vml.nru tanked fhtiirnp.1 nti mrJto. encounter Gov. Trias, who is there be
worn. When called to the bar. she advanced rC 1Um ana. 13 FePared to. csPe
, , .... ...... Mm or any other American intruder.
from her seat with a steady step, but when t i. ii n w -n i
J r' lit mnv hf flint (fnv. rms will rntirn ha
.1.- -I I 1 - . J '-
me c,urK reaumg me ma.cimeni forc Gen Garland, and that Santa Anna
and the finding of the grand jury, her assumed WJH suffcr the United States to take and
tration, advert briefly to that subject. The frlU"de gaVC way' and before lhe doc,nen, teep possession of that disputed territory,
old Act authorised the Common Council to
levy and collect a tax not exceeding one cent
to the dollar upon the taxable property in said
Borough, for the purpose of keeping the streets.
&.c. in repair. If the Council had exercised,
in its amplitude, the power thus delegated, in
assessing and collecting a tax at the maxi
mum rate, a fund approximating to the sum
of SHOO per annum could have been raised.
A judicious expenditnre of said fund would in
a. very limited time have graded and paved,
substantially, every street within the limits
of the Borough. We are informed that it is
the intention of the present Board of Corpor-
was read she became terribly agitated. When But such is not the apparent intention of
the clerk had finished reading the indictment, the Mexicans.
he put the usual question, "Are vou cuiltv or ur Executive Government have deci-
not guilty V to which she replied, "I am guil-K tltat tllC territory belongs to us
ly in self defence, and I wish I was hung and T , , -! ana,.WOUl(i 1)0 ours SUP'
,w wi.i, i I'll ,iin rr i,;m. r w ,;.. PPsinG the boundary line to be run from
r r-t-v'. - i: ' " P0,nfe immediately north of El Paso'
aS. """a iwi "i uuu "int iu nve Yvesfward
in chains. Her language here became in
coherent, and in the midst of the excitement TnE Virginia Election has resulted
of the scene, the Judge very properly ordered in the choice of a full "democratic" dele
the officer to remove her from thecwirt room, gation to Congress one member being
elected as a volunteer candidate over the
TiieModel Legislature. The Lee- two rcSulaTS- -the Whigs gamed six
I t . t -r-r .
islatnrn nf liWlrt Tcind rlmimo,! uct memoers m tlie House and one m the
- ""j""""-1'
ate officers, to require only, the owners of weck after a SCSion oi four days. In Senate of the State-there being ample
this time, the new State officers were in- room for Sains in tQOSo bodies
property on Main street, to pave at least for
tlie TirOSnnt: nnrl tllP nnvintr tn ho Annn
, .. , v..v- . , .
nnderthesupervisionofacommitteeappoint- cu a llte states .Senator tor PeimSVlVaiiia Senate.
ed lor the specihe purpose, which will effect uiua Thc terms of the followin(T Senators
more uniformity, we hope, than has charac- re Psed for holding a dosed the e .. q
vufiiuu fruuiu Miiiuar zig-zag operations in me wu.vumuu w iuhcw tuc uuusuiuuuh, uuu
sion of tbo Info T.rtfrIlitTirn
There are some other provisions various other important measures were a- , pj m j i t- n,' n.XT
uuytcu aunum, us anouier paper iruiy 2. Philadnlnliin nnnTr'n.mnt
II-.. I " 'I sw.'MM WWAJWJ U. VI -
we woma say in conclusion, timt upon due sarS "for some Legislators to have wran-s?th.
a-..: j . .i ..... " i " . . . '
reiiecuon. we ao not esteem uie requisitions gled ovcr through a six months' session." H- Adams and Franklin-Thomas
of the new Act as onerous exactions upon thc Carsou.
ritizen, ns we hold that every judicious sys- JSSThe Common Council of Xew York 13 Cumberland and Perry Joseph
- 7
Cambria and Huntingdon-
of human society; it is the stupendous ther" his price.
lever tuat moves tue moral world, and hc
tern of public improvement, nurtured by con- city, have been guilty of another most SailV
inbutions from private property, correspondly atrocious piece of corruption, viz: Ma- -r 1?' ?p Jf'
z:zn tn?TmeDt co:tra;-tfor srrr r
v when parties were standing ready to do C. IL. Buclccdac.
Tcginc meets the approbation of a major- the workj quite as for about 350,000!
ny of the citizens of Stroudsburg. It The Ma YeU2d A - b . fc
cannot be otherwise. Improvement is passed nevertheless; then followed an in- T 19- Mercer Venango and Warren
the order of the day; it is the watchword iunction-but that too is disrerrardL- , f fit.. w T
heard throughout the varied ramifications 'Thc contractors of ,mir5ft . . . A -f Lawrence-
, vuvu iU- p.t.llUlUUlU HUUUMUUi
22. Allegheny JTames Carothers.
25. Armstrong, Indiana and Clarion
acts unwisely, who essays to resist the Cuiious Calf. 3Ir. Levi Griffith, of Christian Myers.
mighty, the overwhelming impetus. Canonsburg, owns a calf which is quite a Those in roman are Whigs, and those
.May 28, 1853. The Court of Quarter Ses- curiosity in its way. It is a beautiful in italic democrats.
f, 1 k-. t ftiT -n P. re P iU in 0De' PerfectlJ Mtoral in its structure, but The 1st, 11th, 15th, 21st, and 22d dis
thc inhabitants of the Borough of Stroudsburg, , ' 7. , ' ' T, .
in said County, decree that the said Borough bas two taiIs or rather an excrescene, tncts are decidedly Whig. The 25th
iftiaii nereaiter ne deemed Eubject to the re- wnicn protrudes Irom the breast, and is thougn a democratic district, was last rep
SZJZZZTlS'Z threefcet leS. It was somewhat bj a Whig. The party prcpon
fembly passed the 3d day of April, 1R51, en- JonSerJ but by the calfs tramping upon it aerance m the benate depends upon the
miea an aci -regulating ornugtis," except occasionally, ltnas Decome a little shorter result in the doubttul districts. The im-
tiie 20th article of section 2d of said act: and prcSents a curious spectacle. portance of holding a majority in one
tlie powers and privileges of which nrn nnt r v r b "jwi'jr iu out
extended to said Borougfi. The Court fur- branch of the government, at least, should
ther decree that all the provisions of the ori- Jniargcmcra.-t is stated that arrange- induce every "Whig to feel a deep interes
frinal act of incorporation of said Borough or inents are now being made to put new in the matter, and do his dutv at the nx
with the act of3d of April, 1851, are hereby 1 10 tllC Chesapeake and Delaware election
Wash fou tiie Head. " A mother
asks, "what is an efficient remedy for re
moving dandruff in the hair, as she has
has an objection to using an ivory comb?"
This objection is well founded, as it in
creases the evil. The following wash
applied with a small piece of flannel, to
the roots of the hair, will be found excel
lent. Three parts of oil of almonds ; one
part lime-water; to be shaken up well, and
can be procured of any chemist'. Lady
A woman named Sarah Mood sho
John Mackenzie, at Savannah on Satur
day, killing him instantly. He had giv
en some offence to a young son of hers.
JJjThe Wehh have a saying, that i
a woman was as quick with her feet as
with her tongue, she could easily catch
lightning enough to kindle the fires with
having enough left to heat the oven once
every weck.
figg-Tho Goshen Whig is responsible
for the following exceedingly brillian
article :
Having recently heaid much of there
ported good fortune of the ltev. llober
Armstrong of Newburgh, in purchasing
among other minerals, what he supposed
was a topaz, but which turned out to be a
diamoud, we have taken pains to get the
real facts of the case, and find them to
be there :
Mr. Armstrong, who has, for some
time past devoted much of his leisure
time to minerological pursuits, purchased
a lot or minerals, some months since, o
an Englishman in New York, among
which was supposed to be a topaz. Upon
an examination of these minerals a con
sidcrable timo alter their purchase. Mr,
Armstrong was struck with the close
resemblance of this supposed topaz to the
real diamond, and was led to subject it to
a test or its real qualities. This test con
firmed his hopes, and the opinion of others
acquainted with the subject, was sough
and given in favor of the valuable char
actcr of the gem. Mr. Armstrong has
been offered 500,000 for one half of the
brilliant, but has declined the proposition
Its weight is two and half oz., and if a rca
diamond, its value will be more than $2,
000,000. Mr. Armstrong is now taking
measuses to have the character of the min
eral put to the severest scrutiny, and we
believe he has but little doubt but that
scrutiny will result according to his wish
es. it a diamond it is the largest m the
world. It has passed in disguise through
scverel hands, its valuable qualities no
having been discovered by the person who
originally took it from the earth, nor by
any into whose possession it subsequently
passed until it tell beneath the scrutiny o
the preseut possessor, if genuine, it, wil
put the Rev. gentleman in possession o
immense wealth, and this wealth, we have
no doubt, ho will use in a commendable
way. Goshe?i Whig.
JSST The wheat, oats and rye crops in
Allegheny county, Md., are said to be
very promising and unusually forward.
annulled and rendered void.
Canal, over 200 feet in length, and 26
feet in breadth. These locks will
The State Appropriations, made by Sreatbr facilitate business
Singular Plicnome?wn.Qn Walnu
two boats at the same time, which will Dill, near Cincinnati, Ohio, excavations
are being made on the line of the new
the last Legislature, amount to the cnor- nurnr.' n ; -n
e- nn nnn i i California Overland Emigration. Up
Short Line railroad. The workmen have
moussum of 5,500,000, of which up-L. fJl(1 nM u ., , , ' m excavating passed through layers of
ards of two millions are for repairs, &o. : ' , J,rL crystalized lime-stone, and soap, or slate
r ' ivearnov. en miif.f fnr nilifVm;o s haq . . ... '
Ac, on the State Works. At least half mcn g(g . on-Ti l - 7 ' alternatel3rJ wjiich very little wa
a million of this enormous sum will be sto- ' oT!' C J 7, ter was found- few days since, howev
Wagons, d'l.lni hnnrl nf notflo 1 ROl . y 1
len by the State Robbers. So darincL - er wlien they were about one hundred
, , , . I acs, muies, ana i,ijuu
have these robberies and official rascality Lo sickness anion Miom
become, the so-called democratic press, in earth, the flame of a candle or of aburning
many sections of the State, is forced, by Dangerous Couittcrfeit. match accidentally came in contact with
popular sentiment to direct thc attention A man tas been arrested in Harris- a 1!qui1 supposed to be pure water, that
of the people to it. The Easton Argus, buro bJ Capt. Jacob Bennett of the City bai gathered in one of the holes drilled
a leading democratic paper, cites the fol- Policcj for passing counterfeit 10 notes in the rock. Much to the surprise of all
lowing : of the Cifc aDk nof Xew Haven- Psent, the apparent water instantly took
rWcdoubtwhetherabifgersetofras- tl , not after the manner of inflamable
agamst tuem, we publisli the following de- b w.,j,B,ug)UCWldUttbH.a.
vultures who are constantly greying on scription : d y flame, as if it were composed of some
the public works of Pennsylvania. They f(Q fi k kind of oil. On applying fire to the li-
Lave spread over the Commonwealth like q 9 We g Vj quid which was in the other drill holes in
many highway robbers, plundering and P Thegeneri SS the vicinity, it also burned in the same
Btealing whenever opportunity offers, and ' . S r 1 .a"n" manner. Since that time lamns and can-
n T 7 oornen enclosing the denomination, wffl tS aTe been entire disPensed th in
TrtZlrtteJfZ DOt bear a criticaI examination, the'line the subterranean apartment, the substance
tect their interests and guard their Ireas- formi fche soroils and flowcrs' bciVe ir! continue to burn steadily, and emit an
Irerrular and coursp.. Tho. v? ;0 c excellent light. Many persons whose cu-
jCSrThe fowl fever is prevalent in the well done as to be almost entitled to be ri0Aslfcy 13.cxcl!d visit the spot daily to
Western part of the State of New York, called a fac-simile of the genuine. The TfJrT'
. -j , . , . y- i . engraved writing is irregular in donth Slvel. 110 unpwasant odor while
At Rochester, last Monday, 'one Brama wch ia nofc a W bnrning.-alni Sun.
Pootra crower and two hens,' sold for Toppan, Carpenter, Casilain & Co., New
S150 : chickens four weeks old. 1 ; eggs York and Philadelphia, engravers "
F( AATlf 3 AO nil I I
JESrA World's Temperance Convention
is to assemble m JSTcw York ,on the 6th
rJ The rftnt, nnid hv PrnKhnrv find I no
r j j i.iiv.iiuj nuiw;, i uwtu iu jLiiiuyia
"Rf.'JintrK fnr fJirn'rrl I'fniico PlirTndoI. I ?, nrr,rA I : j;.. xt
h i v.w, u.v.wi .u,v, nygijuu wit, uitu arrivea iu iNew
j.Lia, is -S'2fi,500p(!r annum, to be exhibited at the world's Fair.
An ox, weighing 3,500 pounds, and of September, to continue four days the
ana a oDjecc Demg to promote the prohibition of
York the traffic in and use of intoxicatinp bev-
intpxicating bev
erage to al ;c9untriea of thworld, 1
A Xew Peacemaker. Mr. Mesmytb,
ot the great iron factory at Patncroft,
Jbngland, announces a wonderful discov
cry. He lias invented a mortar, against
which no vessel can stand for an instant.
You have only, as he asserts, to plant a
couple ot these mortars in each port and
harbor on the coast, and you may then
dispense with all other means and apnli
ances of war. Let an enemy's fleet ap
proach the harbor so protected, with a sin
gle match the tram is fired, the shell ri
ses in the air, and, falling on the doomed
vessel, shivers it into splinters, and sends
it to the bottom. Never was invention
more complete at least on paper. A
correspondent of tho National Intelligen
cer, commenting upon the probable influ
ence this engine of destruction is des
tined to exercise upon general diplomacy,
aptly remarks: a We are not sanguine,
but we really hope that Mesmy th's mortar
may bo successful. If it were possible
to sink a ship to destroy a regiment at
a single blow to do this easily, cheaply,
rapiuiy, at ail times and in all places
mere would be no more wars. Men would
not dare to make war. No victory would
be worth the blood it would cost. It cer
tainly is not so at this time: but with
these wholesale destroyers, the price of
i ill i
victory wouia dc incalculable.
Geology of California. 'Me, oh, I've only jallcn a martyr to tne
We have received from J. W. Coffroth, gallon law, that's all.'
Esq., Secretary of the Commonwealth of
California, a copy of Professor Trask's
report on the geology of tho Sierra Neva- A novel funeral occurred in New York
da, or California range, which contains a few days ago according to the lnoune.
much that, is of interest to both scientific lhe deccaseu was uamn jsrown, wnu wua
and practical men. Professor Tr ask states, the husband of Mrs. Fish, so extensively
in this document, in his account of the ge- famous as thc inventor of tho " Rochester
ology of the primary or central district of Knockings." The services were com
thc State, included between latitude 30 menced by prayer and reading the senp
dnr. 30 min. and 40 den-, norf.h. thnt the tures, and the Rev. S. B. Brittan, who is
serpentine rocks, when found in the form known as a writer on "Spiritual manifest
of slates, particularly, are entitled to more tations," followed with an Address. We
consideration than has been bestowed up- quote the Tribune's account of the remain
on them by the mining community, as iug exercises : "At various points in his
repositories of the precious metals. He address, there were rappmgs, sometimes
adds ; apparency on me uuuum in iuv uuuuu auu
Tk is in ii.; olnss nf rnnl-s. flmt. wo. others on the floor, as if in response to
are in a great measure, indebted for those tho sentiments uttered. The rappmgs
valuable deposits of gold which the slate were loud enough to be distinctly heard
contains, as well, also, as the auriferous in every part of the room, but they elici
quartz veins with which they are so fre- ted no remark from any one. 1 rof. Bnt
quently combined. It was on these rocks tan read a communication, purporting to
that one of the greatest geologists Mr. have come from the deceased smco his en-
Dana of the age based his opinion on the trance into the spirit-world, tnrougn a me-
probable value of this State as an aur f- dium wno was not present, auu
erous district, long before the discovery ly intended tor those assemwea. wnneic
of fold, and siihspmionf. t?mo W dnmnn. was beinir read, the rappings were very
strated how correct and just where his o- distinctly heard. At the close of the ad
piuions; and yet public opinion, even at dress, several friends sung the piece, Come
this time, has neglected to take cognizance ye disconsolate," after a few remarks, du
of this class of rocks, so far only as acci- ring which the rappings were heard mose-
dental circumstances have thrown them distinctly than before."
in their way. I think that no hazard
would be incurred by expressing the opin- JLUU ut5C l?a" " " ""; wv
ion that this class of rocks will be found, T t . , ,
inmany cases, the prolific sources of wealth In the ?lt? f ?.ew 1 ' where rento
in the future, equalled only by the aurif- hlgb, and competition in
erous quartz, and excelled by none. This bnameis is so ceaselessly active and ener-
class of rocks, or those known by the 6., almost every method that it is pos-
name ot chlorite, which is but a variety olulc u ''
of this group, is represented in Maripsa sorted to' o tbe. PurP0S? of obtanl.nS
county, at the locality known as Bear Val- c,ustomcrs extending trade or making
ley; and a sufficient illustration of its value mor,e money." ui an tnese memoas,
will be found in the excitement that pre- one of .thc most extraordinary and at the
vailed on its discovery. Moccasin creek, samc simPle J? not effective in its
four miles south of Stevenson's Bar, Tuo- was ls.that b whl,cb 1ihe daguerrotype
lumne county, and river, is also another Pr.occss 13 uiade -J Play a,novel and con;
point at which they may be studied with SP1CU0US Part' " B4eem.a T ST one1.01
"ThfiSft krn hnt twn nf mnmr ?ncf has a daguerrean gallery connected with
in which the auriferous deposits have been bis salesroora or manufactory, expressly
developed iu this class of rocks; and when u.uuu u uu "uvu! iU1 bUC
found, it is asmnnh an intoarnl nf f ho for. tl0n and benefit of his own customers.-
mation containing it, as the thread of gold 0n Purcba3ing a covering for your caput
that permeates the vein of quartz. m thls store' yu are frm3hed with a da-
"In addition to its containing gold as gnerroetype of your countenance tho
an integral narfc. when unsissnfiiatad xcith image large or small being firmly af-
the veins of quartz, it frequently becomes fixcd to the lininS uPon the inside of tbe
thc rctaininfr mem'um of this xvhon crown of the new beaver, so that who-
in contact with those veins. Henc has a- cver wears a hat tbus garnished, is suro
risen much loss to parties who have en- to have tbe .likeness of his own face upon
gaged in that latter branch of industrial lue LOP U1 ms ueaa'
employment, from the neglect of attention T ti xi
to this important point." Inflammatory Rteumalism -A genth-
Tho rock known as Buhr millstone a- !?an l15?? pU -Sh .Te toliowl,ng ,for
bounds on the Pitt river, and also north J"" reiiex r fl1uraa- "Q s3 naf
of Goose lake. Primary limestone covers T"" ,a "umDer o cures maue ny i , ana
much space between the American and a11 of tbem a shor time : "Half an
Merced river. Recent sandstone is found un.C! of pulverized saltpetre, put m half
between the Merced and Tuolumne a Pint. of sweet ? 5 batbethe parts affec-
As regards thc auriferous quartz, l en a sound cure will speedily be et
r Trask suggests : 1 ' fected.-cr- (Fa.) Express. .
" That the value of these veins will be
found in the relative age which they main-
Abolition Blasphemy.
tain to the rocks with which thev are found "lue "or"a ianguage wmch tollows is
innMmn Ain mMin;nj i extracted trom
in connection, being modified as their pa3
X 11 1 ,1 .
sage is iounu io De tnrough igneous or
sedimentary rocks."
Platinum appears as widely distributed
an account of the proceed
ings of the recent abolition convention in
Boston :
"Mr. Henry C. Wright commenced by
as gold, there being scarcely a section of 8JK"!S that.he w,as an atheist toanytbinS
California in which gold has boen discov- Wm , sanctioned slavery. 1 would put
ered that this metal is not also found. It my . "P011 an? c-vernment which
occurs on Salmon river; on the South Pork sanctloneTd slavery. If God sanctioned
of the Trinity, about eight miles from its ,JiTJ 1 ?ould Put m? heel uPon him'
mouth; on Butte creek, near Reeves' Bar: k,1 !ses and aPPjause; 'order from tho
-r-r . , I Ml Q1T ill CcrC nvA lniMl.iA. lL. 1
on liorcutcreek-; andUanon creek of Butte , C -u"wuSul"
county; in the Middle Fork of American t ' ?oma reluse t0 obeJ 8UCb Jt
river! on (T-ilvnms r?ror- nn wnnA Mi. trd 5 1 would put such a God upon the
and at Gold Piatt. Silver has been found atl0n ?lo! and .se,H him llke a beast-
in the Southern district in several of the (Hlss,es-) Mr- "gbt proceeded to say
rivers that have been opened. There is that . vas an atheist to any God tbat
a vein of it at Carson Hill, and it is also sanctloned slavery ; he would spend his
found in the old Dominion north of this money ?na T llle t0 overthrow such a.
in the Relief mine south of it; in thc ew and,such a Government. The day
Xork mine at Eagle Hill ; at the Chilean Vt V OK lo attriDUiea
me, two miles north of Columbia, and U1f "A , . , uuu D, re4ec e name
; Frazfir's mi'no fwolo mi'loo cf It s of "-od in the mouth of a warrior, a slave
- n . . iuiiw vx UU- 111 11 ,1
nora. At all these localities, except Car- holder' or a rumscller-
son Hill, it is generally disseminated nnT,rr TV v-pro VT. Tn,
through the quartz. Copper is found on jjfj ? 'RK.-Iee nrnr-
the North Fork of the Trinity river: on derbavebeen committed m the city of
he Middle and South Forks of Fea her tlT "1 a . Q.s ?ast' .
river between Nevada and Grass Valley T V i i on 1?toxlcate 8 abea
and in many parts of the southern minS aK? . ' ,becaus ?b
flhrominm iB fm,ml in nUu ' Miuaujing laKenim norae. 'lhe young
ATokon nrnoV ife Px 1 lived but a few hours after he was
er river: on the ride between tho iw J Sta,b.bed: ,lhe sccond case originated m
O --vaiVAvU
Tho New York Economist thinks that
tho production of gold is perhaps even in
greater amount than the multiplication of
paper, lhe Australian fields are known
to have yeldcd,m thirty days to Februa
ty 5th, 275,308 ounces $5,506,160 and
there arrived in New York from Califor
nia in the same thirty days, $6,618,319
MM xK- x ' i. ' . 1
x xi uo mu iwo sources supplied to com
merce over $12,000,000 in a month, and
suceeding months have not diminished
tho average, as far as California is con-
cerned. The amount is near 15,000,000
per month actual receipts, or $180,000 -000
per annum. Hitherto these vast means
have been rapidly absorbed by the risin"
prices and increasing wants of commerce
and trade, and this absorption has counter
acted the influence of gold upon tho fixed
property. This process will continue, but
with less force; and a more rapid increase
in property valuation may be looked
The Miller property. We have been
nformed that two gentlemen made their
appearance in Easton last week, who rep
resented themselves as the agent of a la
dy, residing in the interior of the State
of New York, claiming to be an heiress
of Peter Miller. The announcement of
the fact, of course, creates much anxiety
on tho part of some. Whether the lady
will contest the present disposition of the
property is doubtful ; but it is reported
she viill Bclvidcrc Intelligencer,
.i: i. . . . i . , , .
and Middle Forks of American river: on ,rZiln tW TiV00' a S,bt
Bear river, four miles above Anson's Per- s aooea tne otner,
ry;in the Cayota Diggings, near Neva- T " p, x, " a V 7 ? 1
j-rJ - n-?x ' ., , , a fenng. The third and most arsrniTated
uu, auu vu uicuu tu miles DC10WI . i Tr ww
Nevada. Tho report gives a list of 1 Z t0k ?lac? ?" Monday mormng last.
j i -1 , ,t i. i. iuan namea jinomas urno, attacUeo
in which cinnabar, rock salt, obsidi- k:0 ;rrt -xu a t. x- 4kiacu
. . ' . UUWU1 his Wife with nn arn. and hofnro hnr nrloo
an, iron, m
ese, jasper.
agnetic iron emerald, magan- 0f murder4bronght assistance, the ter
, arsenic, Iranklimtc, argon rible wound AadhoonTnflrnf T,in
, " " " J-ui-iuui-
and iet marble, and a varietv of other a- . xt. . J ... ' .
i;w ,.,: 'i x.. i" Tir- .1 i 1UUI,U umuS in lueroonj witn an axe m
- iiw imuuiaw are iounu. Jiuinerai -, l.nnil on i,;0 i: xx,
springs are widely scattered through the pou tbc Too, in dying cd tioth.
country being mostly chalybeate and sul- brcc distinct W0UndUp0on her head fwm
phur. The surphur spring at Jackson. i - a i n
i wiiii.ii in: i i iu uiuuii ;i?s isr. imwi n rr ....
in Calaveras county, is the most important
or all, and, as its waters arc powerfully
.1 1 Ml 1111 J
memcinai, it win pronaoiy become a place
of resort for invalids. Professor Trask
also visited a number of caverns, some
being of considerable extent, in caloaro
ous formations.
Petrified Man. The Morris fill,)
Yeoman states that not long since, while
some men were digging in a coal bank.
near the canal, they exhumed the body of
a man, in a perfect state ot petrifaction.
From the corduroy oloth in whioh the
legs are encased, the cords and seams of
which are truely defined, it is supposed
to be tho body of one of the Irish labor
ers engaged in the construction of the ca
nal, lhe limbs are nearly perfect, and
are completely transformed to stone.
The quantity of lumber annualy trans
ported on the New York canals, has in
creased from $2,814,527 in value, in
1834, to $11,061,345, the value of last
year's business. The total value for nine
teen years has been $95,605,477.
'What arc you down there for?' said a
gentleman in one of the Mississippi towns
to a loter who was lying in the gutter.
which her life's blood was fast flowing.
Means were immediately taken for his
arrest. He made no resistance, and said
that he did the act on purpose, as he had
been informed that his wife cohabited witbt
a grocer living in the store below. Ho
assigned no othercause for the rash act,
Mackey, who murdered a man last fall
in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, was last week
convicted of assaidt and battery! If ho
had murdered two men, it would proba- r
bly have been brought in by the jury as
a harmless joke.
IWary Ann Wheel or' Trial.
The trial of this young girl, for the murder
of her seducer, J. M. W. Lace, at Milwaukie.
Wisconsin, was finished, last week, bv the
discharge of the jury, who could not agree
upon a verdict. The jury were out three
days and not being able to agree on a verdict,
tney were discharged by the Court. There
is no doubt that Lace richly deserved his fate.
and it is well that" there were members of that
jury firm enough to refuse to convict for mur
der. If she is nnt trinrl
- - - mmm wwam W&ll4"IJ(
Court will discharge her on bail io it is
iu . . ------- - ...I ii iiiiMiiiMMMWMWBMWMMWMfcw