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Corner Sixth Are. and Smithlletd St.
.:'. b. I!ENZSLM6X. 34111.11
1:11011iTON, if. P. - FEED. An . roitE row Paortturrom 1
- •
TIMIS oP s ilus Daum'
.8/ n.. 1. ptr year. .......... .. . : ...
r.i l br cartlar, per 'reek
R.J3lli h. 4slnytled Ilya 10014r1
THE prospects of the harvest in Eng
land improve daily. - \
AUSTIII.i! will prohibit the Worts : wok,.
s of Papal Infallibility.— \ 4 7 ---
ALH . H./ir tram Cape :roan, Africa, an.
noueee, the distieverym"'Nf :View . diamond
fields ' i
Vivi: .11,3111 i. Ponta:it expects to
spend August wi th his family. at Narra
gansett, R. J. - 1
.. .
I'HIIIE MINIIER tit..tp9E Down
cchw a salary' of trhooo #., , arid iliiii•
'lsto be raised tO am . •
- • Tin: Af - aniiiiiiiertleendirifictiy, - a demo.
cratic ' organ, assails; the Hohenzollern
family end Count Bismarck. , \
THE Bev. Mr. .14 - ofilitt, the celebrated
'African missionary, hai arrived lutondon
'front the Cripli of t : ',' ii, -,
Sr. Pgricitsncati; Bilissii. buil& 'it the
stre for the people, which is to cost *160,-
00(1,---R is to amtunisofate 2,1t1.10 petwous,
'. at te:Lx•nts admission , • -
TI H are now buttilkapitai offen ces
in the penal cane of 11 mat Britain. In the
laid lialfeentury there were one hundred
• -and Seventy capital offences:. •'' '''
_ TILE Machttoeli Oil Work.;, m Leith.
Scotland, were destroyed by fire on MOD
. day night. Three men were killed &lid
one badly injured by an expleslon during
the fire.
PHI.NCE 1.EQ14314/ of:Hohenzollern, says
' a Berlin dispatch of jolly 14, whose pees.
centresidence was unknown, is staying
at the wateringsplate of lieichenhall, In
' Bavria. . '
THE .Paris Alottrlt says that Could
Bismarck has promised to assist Har
land Prim In acquiring tiibraltar. by
- force of 'anus, lu ease Prince Leopold be
• 1 mune King of Spain.
THE. largest trout e'er caught in die
Tay, or probably in - any Mlicr river, was
landed with die tuyl on one of lady
Gray's fishing's, near Perth recently. ft
- weighed fifty pounds.
A litsuunts company is engaged ha es
tablishilnavigation - teal the Dania and
Armor lit re and rapids of Pigawat, with
a view o promoting commercial inter
• coarse with Central-''Asia,!. • •
Tor. war preparatioes' at Cherbourg
and Toulon give evidence of extraordi
nary. celerity. It is reported that forty.
five vessels of war and transports were
armed snit fitted foe active sersiee in one
slky.., -;
Tor. France claims that France line act.
ed openly, but that Marshal Prim and
• Count Bismarck surrounded themselves
with mystery. They wanted to plice
1 France In presence of an accomplished
', fact.'
TlPlltb fever is_ ui the, increase In
Liverpool.; lit - was reported Art a Inieeilttg
of the workhouse - committee th'at there
are now 185 fever patients to the hospital,
which contains neecnimiedation for 102
i, CAidt - ret. t' dal:weal- to Het Fleneit
papnie ofJuly 14, says : '" An earthquake
has 'occurre.l 'near Tillie, mid !ma part
ly delltroyed the ielegraplic lines. Com, :
monitticui is expectodtts6e remand very
As one of the 'strongest ineentimii to
war, the - French journals said that if
France bad , once more sabmitted to be in
' '- salted and outwitted be Bismarck,- no
woman of character would haveconsented
to be seen on a Frenchman's arm.'
The Paris r Sit'efe enntains an address to
- ' - the "workinen of all .nations," with nu
atous signatures. protesting against
bl bei . 'shed for the isliomt satisfac
tion of va nity, or sett/eve, and of wound
ed and - ensatiated monarchial ambition."
TH-E full extent of the loss of" life
caused by the firedamp
.explession at the
Silverdale Colliery:in - 1 , ; Oath Blaffottlablre,
as now known. - Nineteen bodies have
been "brought to bank;' and it in tatted
that most of them iestribiletil traces of In
secure suffering. , _
'Tut: . moniaiheid. 'to King :.Robert the
Bruce, designed by tietirge Craikslank,
which in to be erected at Edinburgh, will
represent the King in chain armor,Mand
ingorinimck .pedestat.' The statute will
be In bronze, 10 feet in heights. the pedes
tal gray gnu:ate:l2"feet high: '
VIAKI3OI:S at a Paris curiosity shop:
...You ate wrong, MonEleur; - not to take tis sleeping bacchante: the Marble
very istantifhl, flualli It fn.' I?fCles.
Inger.'" rig L. traeless thing i ?Ter
baps en, Monsieur, but consider bow welt
ft will look in case cif a sale after. death."
'plc lightning recently struck the
Peryfrr magazine of Santa Bpirlto, at Ven
ice, where 600,000 peande of that material
areatored'astar The-cOnductor receieed
the electricillechaege, and..lte tOl, liter
ally melted away, and ~.t.a Whole length
twisted, - buitme - ruiner abage wardolfd.
at. iribbla ocet tlieldt. Godard 0101111-
taiu ie nt•great interest in Europe. Italy
has voted -ISPOOPOO -frantic toward it;
Swifcerlaud cotes 20,000,000; North Ger
many-10,000900 tracki/uld'Utlls Baden
voted 3,000,000 francs for its construction.
Franca has commercial reasons for Toting
nothing. •
The' new ..Pleeleil engine of war. of
which we here ,already heard by 'cable,
calbel the 14 itrqilleuic..csipablti of throw.
ieg a shower of bails at each discharge.
has recently beef put to the test. , Three
hundred horses were killed by the fife of
two of-tbent within the space of three
_ .
ltEculaLi huge pokers appeared on
the walla about Woolwich announcing a
public nieiiirig in favor of woman suf
frage, butiat.lhe hour} appolidid the hall
contained' flee Iranians only ont of a popto
lotion of i2,00t1 souls, thin andienos com
prising one boy,the hall•keeptir,4ad- three
old women.
M. Untie Blanc asks will ••riirfaiiti; ,. ai,'
frightened at the image of ■ republic in
stalled In the European nation beet adapt.
Jed. for one. spfolK flq. the lessons at the
current troubles?" "Forget not,'Nte sava,
"men of the Bourse, the absurd ,neceselty
of haring a king et all price eornethuee
Costarvory dear.
• Tux Emperor, says Ltt Libertc, 18ransoli
ally inc li ned to war. Be does not Ire
Prussla for the attitude else swum at
the time of thepteMseirte. M. de Blamer&
had determined,tad the Emperor knew
It at the time, an declaring war 'against
Napoleon 111, If the result of the popular
vote had been less favorable. -
TUE Franleloter Zettung, ma lr;reoon ,
citable adeeesary of the new regimi. in
Germany, says "There is MUM. to despair
of civilization, progieirs, Hberty and tight.
The . battles about to take place will not be
combats for freedom ctr patriotism, and
tlie victories. whoever may win them,
will In the end profit only for military des.
Tun Retri4 cvalains a protest with, rev.
era' hominid signattur, which says that
the intrigue of General Prim neither
menaces the interests nor honorof Frame;
ths,t a war tuidertaken 'on that proton
agabut \ German or Spanish brothers
would be iniquitous, ndnons, and deserv
ing the atm:rations of mankind: and that
it can only be profitable .to deposits d
the . foundes of dynasties." ,*- •
Batottra;- which Femme to
annex; has an nrea of nn-.,
.miles, but barsr;population' of .4,BietliHg.
being thus the moat densely inhibited
country in Europe. Bite has a standing
army of 40,000 mon, end when on the•vrar•
footing her forces, number 100,00(r.:
side She standing army she Las aliational
Guard..repreeenting, about :: 4 00,0
.00 Men.
Belgium has an •
.retensive Commene....nid
her. thutneet, at.. In, vavY'aati,ltatlerY
of itheMish Fringe' Writes to
M. Granter' e Oragsgramilint Ake Gettptui
people on , thirlidtbsztt of the... Rhine do
not desire - annetation to France, and that
'-before' conquering that section the
French linnet destroy destroy the armies and pro'
pie of German Confederation—s rather
difficult: mitter.".. ,M. Alo CAmsagretc n
ines that theme ira. choice of only two al
ternitivee—“eitlieiFreon,Win .iird to the
thne; or • lartussin , will go to the Pp
, .
linter dated f6,luus the
. - ,
' . .
r r
-- -i... i e .
i 1
- -
following "The death of Lord Clarendon
'lFoo tel but did they say whit
killed hint: It was the Greek brigands.
While the fate of the prisoners was still
pending he could neither eat nor sleep.
Night and day he Was sending and recei,
lug messages urging Mr: - Eckstino to do
everything in his power to save theta.
and when the triers itf their death Mile,
he was prostratell by the blow, and never
rrcet leered.
A Bommt v. dispatch of 13, sayer
Accounts from Nankin state 'that serious
disorders have take!. \ I place iu consequence
of tasea of child stew ing in which foreign.
Cr,. are said to be imtilieated., Several
nese under torture Rio reported to have
acknowledged the pirtittipation of aliens.
An attack on the Frealeh missionaries Was
expected. . (heat agitation prevailed, and
on the demand of the 'Englit4 ConsuLldr.
Medlntrat, the British irtlebYet 'Tore had
been ordered to - Nankin to protect tha
catholic prieras.
Tilt: Kingdom of the Netherlands,
whfelt has been brought ; into question be
the secret treaty, has an area of 13,4.4
square miles, a pipit ation of 3,733,1382,
and an army of 60,000 man. It has a navy
of 00 steamers, with 041 genii, and 7 - 11
sailing vessels with 57 guns. The king
ra .
dont has n moderate re ainue, which in not
exceeded by the curront expenditures.
The eolonial possessione ‘ of the Nether
lands embrace an area of 651,267 square
miles, with an estimated population of
18,371,000. Jas',, is the most important of
these colonies.' .
THE London newspapi.s contain the
following advertiatinent : '• Gods , Hill,
Place, Ilia/Jon, near llneleeter. !i.e.—A
verm valuable anal beau Hid Frt.ehold
Residential Property. delightfully situ
ated,-only one and one-half 'miles front the
Ilighain Station, two tul , Lone-half from
Headwater, on the South ern and Loia
dolt, Chatham_ and Dover ailways, and
within an hour anal a half of he metropo
lis, comprising in the whole a mt tics:pm--
six acres, for many. yearn . he favorite
home of Charlen • Dieltens.
Messrs. Farrel. tio , r,3 A. ea . o. 00 Lin.voln's Inn 1:eld, "
Tan.: Puri , ' Pay:. details tbergrievan.
ces - which Fnuice has, to coMplain of
it,. -- rtift Prussia, since 1803 alont.4! iStki,
Convention with Russia during the Polish
war: 18114, Violation of Jutland and cap-.
tare of lippel: "It i iri,,lnstallation of Prince
Charles in Hountania; istiti. Sadowa; 1807,'.
Luxembourg ittlidr,- Hilary treaties with ,
t So
he uth ; liiikl. Cust ens Parliament;
Non.execution of Article 3 of (lie Treaty
of Prtguei;•• Annexation of liarmatadt '
mull, of the Maine) to Ow Confederation
of the North ; 1569, Military Convention
with linden, Belgiaerailroad uflair : 1870,
Mount St. (iothard rtllntild affair, Spanish
throne question. .. ' \t. •
A LETTER from Etutigives 'the following
account of the interview between King
William nod Ihmedetti : A review took
place here to day MI the ground near the
promenade. A,, his Majesty was about
to move on, M. Benedetti approached the
King, and - seemed on the point of address
lag's him on the subject apparently' of
certain papers which lee held in his hand.
King M illiam, - *le.t. did not appear in- a
very amiable mood, replied very briefly,
and-making a polite movement, as if-to
excuse hint:self- for not hearing the tun.
bassador at that moment, went on rapidly,
followed by his staff That scene cast a
disagreeable feeling on the minds of
many atitialing by; but ituinediatelv after
his Majesty's' brother, Prince Albrecht,_
separated lauwelf„ from the group round
the King and eltnYeroed - with M. Benedetti
most affably. • .
Mk. !Aeele giveS an account of a clever
system of sheep Stralittg,'which hasbeen
lately diseevirerLln Paris). Several. pii
collsiinite to, buy a little Hock of ten or
twelve ali . e . sl.oo'n a .ularket Bay; they then
place khenfar-ra on the high road at a
spot there it en - Rises-a copse or is inter.
started lay ditches. As soon an a distant
cloud of dust announces till uppninch of
'Ma of the-larger finck a at tram' twi , lt, to
lifteenlaimired sheep. which are often at-,' . ,
by a single shepherd le the caltital, they
histen to teaks• certain arrangements pre-
Tinny concerted., The twalvealieep are
placed• at the edge of the road, where
they browse on the scanty herbage. Ex
tzuded carelessly on the ground, one of
the thievat pretends to watch them, while
his accomplices are Lid in the ditches. As
soon as the large flock 1 , 3611e5, these seize
the sheep within their reach, and quickly
mark them in red with the initials of the
association, and-push them into the little
!lock of twelve cheep. This trick is re
peated as often sea 'nark passes, so that by
the end Of the' tiny the twelve have be
come a hundred. . It is so cleverly done
that the _theft* is eulv discovered at the
slaughter. house,- when the number is
found wanting.
'fun Paris Correspondent of the World
says •.' The legislative chamber has been
filled by a dense and excited crowd, which
overflowed the falaceand insndated Place
•Lkmigdyne and the Taint in front of the
former. The sight here was curious, es
pecially Tne,sday, when 11. Emile 011ivier
read the letter' announciim Prince Leopold
teas no longer a cundidatip fur the Spanish
crown, and expreased his belief there was
no further 'question of the,maintenance
of Peace: , there was a racfr to reach the
Bourse, the like of wit, has-not teen
seen aincetite Credit Nl° Bier. Pereire, '
and:Vireo were in their palrhy days, Ido
nut believizq exaggerate When I state
there were 1,500 hacks racing front the
- Palah_q_Ztourbon to the Beene. The pas atreachzere panting,-to be first
- at the great mart That they might be sure
of selling their informaiion. 'Down to 3
so Nt, war had seemed inevitable. But a
rebound was certain; and to be sere the
threes wont tip-to 1.00, 'cow thole stock
jobbers ninat regret their lout e! One
hundred thounaxid l's at '6B. The Prig„:
elan Arnbassadoi has, received his pass
port an .
leaves by special train in tall
hours. gilte lueldted Bank of France
at @,800.. Franc:A Oleo Rome to Italy,
Austria Well the fyrol. French troops,
In - Bo ..recalled. 'Fwp ' hundred
thousand 'Turkish at 43.40. At stria
Denmark, Sweden, arid Norway • jOin,
1 . .1 \
France. Autrey receives Dahithian prin
cipalities. (Denmark its °id, frontiers.
Poland 18 reccuzstrected. One hundred
and fifty tholtsand Credit F . der -at I ;;
175! • \Thule Hartle Mobilo rdered to
cony at (haloes. hyena arm on march
to • Straabotag. Oeneral Dona • to enter
Luiembourg . to morrow at th head of
60,000 men. Three hundred iNiasand
Italian at 56. -One hundred tho Sand dol
lars at 102.' rive hundred the sand it
Leans at 94,7.7 . Then the hacks gin id
. 1,..
rattle igfrbut 'the Legislative Chen/Mg.
The drivers get a Napoleon; pay iourself
mad keep the rut fig - mails !' Tbeßriven
cannot believe their ears.' The stockjob
ber is breathless, but he contriveertagup.
"Peace=Prigee r de Hohenzollern ‘ won
d rawri---Prusain'ti note satisfactory-'-.Prue
' elan Ambassador leceivial by the ' Ens
perosi-ihe incident is a thing of the - Test."
Wild hirzzas ; --- wlldei clapping of liana
aril stamping of feet. gverybode ..tdes
to' get into the Exchange,' which is ilrially
crammed full. The galleries themselves
are crowded. %What a IKCJIO is bel i e, !
The thousands of people:are in knots,
fiercely gesticulating anellawling at each
other, as II theyrererghtlng. The great
mass sways to mll fro and. from side to
side. What torn bits of; paper are con
stantly fallihg to the floor!' What' excite
meat there, , is around the "basket" (the
place wherMtlmatock brokers stand) is
everythirig Klima:on the great flood-tide of
peace. - I___:_ . -
... t
: "hoer tie teilyou, s says ..aratoga woe
iespondent of-Lite New York ii - drid, "of
a pretty little mink . ; In. aqmtner milk, who
had put on her Lioops before coming to
the Columbian timings b.lan filled: Ohs-
Spoke the ;Biocrlifyn • diet ert; which .is it ,
litmus, and she was at: mpanied by a
fast-looking man who are a apurting
velvet coat and one of Iliabsurd glos
sy hats vihicharVgest th hußosaible Idea
of polished veal, . 'Clive e another, dear,'
said ahe,in I . ' awdit: hub Bug volts that
had a tdeasant. plash t it.' 'Odd' more,
darling; .1 dizan,'lnve ilia, Ethic acid! deg(
bout' 'Yes, trip',,.asruier,'lle replied. mat:
ly, bending over T ier, , 'but you promised
me to stick to•thp - fluoride of calcium tan.
zit we arc marrled."Well, what's, the
difference; you were gging,to take the
chloride of potaasinut for - "my_ sake. but
- .you've been mining iodides and bicarbon
ates for a week. You know it,'nowr and
Ake dropped &little hot tear Into the ben
tumbler. 'l'hen they went slowly away In
earth of another puddle."
T 1786.
WA - .N . E-.11 , TS
The Secrtil iiytity Sot Propokeit by
France, nt 1.4•40. t Sol St!ritiii.l.r --The
Contrary' Weiniupgratell at Berlin—
Spain 1111143111111 i anif an Ex.
planation from the Freud' War
ister--The Loyal( of - South Ger
many Itkarritte•eq' aintleon't;rhino
.--11n4sian Pres. (.'mument% on t
I Hy Tel,niph I 0 Pitt.LurKL
1 . 4.11111 e 1)enlal,
.144 1 / 4 'X.- -M. 4 /111rter. to n letter t,
3 friend here. den ion the negol Jai hal by France
of the alleged secret treaty•with P11111S111.: Ike
Fiend, )(Inkier
. of Foreign Affairs inedtWely
tlenien that France entertained the idea.
Juts::.-All the French organs rep
resent that the secte4treaty wee nut ...erional3-
proposed by ' , ranee, hut nether as an attempt
to teat Bismarck":
The Original Bran' of, thy neeret Tres,' y„
t'Punt Ton Dittmar& yesterday publicly melee
nettled the 'original draft eiT tine scent trmtly
prope..mi betw 'France and Prussia, lu the
handwritingro 31. Benedetti. to the itectut ley
Tr all the_ l'orepfll .V1T11.1.15.d01,1 atKernel.
he affair lat. created a great nunnatlem. .
being a complete refutation of the miniature ,
meat that fitmearrk. and not Benedetti,. aye,
the eteethee' of the treaty.
eipatn %tnnta an Explanation.
irox, iy 2i.--TheSpanish tiOvernment
has demanded of Duke Onunmoht En explan
ation of the asseetkun Inc his address ton the
Corps Lexislatif, that the Cortes ace, tri
surprised into crdine fur Prince fluhennadlem.
the Peeling la klain,-tieserniment,Derreulti.
to P uf-Pranee. • ' •
Ltd:min:, July 2. 4 .—5 t special. curresimndent
writes from 3laririd on the Xith - that.the feel
ing of the Government Was secretly ih favor
f_ Prance. bused on satisfactivlii, licenture
l'rututia-and not Spahr witeattnekest. The'Re-
Publican ucwimupers dentmused this tenden
cy. and warned t he' Cloceinment thee theirs's> ,
file tic not endur e . base — submission to 0
French alliance ntiriner'suMt eirMtmstanceS..
The same sentimeat. is partly shared.
runny. The order ex veiling - lien r uCarloir from
_France was purchased through intrigue be
°tureen. 'and with' humiliating' etnleeA•ilette.
The Spanish partiesyach retpual the 'war with
reference to their dynlnstic interests. 3lont
imnsierists hope that France be too busy
to oppose their candidate. Ren. Prim keep/
silence. The Iteisiblicans ace hnnuocabld fur
in Republic.
Napoleon's lespemation• Disappointed.
spechil coepondent of te Trilnutt, op
der date of
!thrre s
X4th Inst.. midnight. h ' sep ta
!rein Bents: sal. Prussia's hend9uarters'uny
still inntltik city. 'Prince Frederies Charles is
is Cimino:and of the army of the !thine. It
considered as certain iu itreliis that Napoleon.
counting uu the disloyalty of part •of Saithers
Germany, planned a sudden More:Rent Reno,
rite Rhine before Prussia epull concentrate
CollSlderable force: that lie Sole. bit -
terlY -- disaturnointml •be the unanimity
of all Germany, and not airing to risk a niece : -
went north, with - the:South German army
tra bin (lank. bas certaiintrlnched. lint
baps altered the tur , i , linst "plan :of -t he' eon+ ,
paten. It is belie, that on advance
- can
now be made at. ,auj - yois .writil
nut a genend , en a enfeepnint 4 . Fruetiug. though.
ready for tthck; 1 realtp every where defense.
. .
The brolonged 'tux ut headinarkrters. Wind.
ug• the King Rad liett!tyl HOMY, 4t. lie lin,
- howeeordideitc'ettilt the 7 Provilpal line.. oot
ot anywhere be sudderdr forced.
The Moeda.. PreesConoento. - --
The sl.Petursbarg - lhirt fir blames Cr.snee
si hulls . . .1111 h tht Grizeth ' and Cc_
c 7, S . :curter blamei'rrein. Tz, Sb.. was at
-I tor Yrub , iAl: b. isnew
, iti,ihinSt her.
rn ft'o f
ar r the piheial tt . a
lint attached Prteous p.
strong's [h ape the
Prussian Charge d'Affairs complained.
New ..unenarl
An Immediate and decisive movement-of
the French army is exoected. The objective
Point! have not trans need, but a aituultane
tus and formidable:advance of the army Imam
he Rhine will pit beibly tuiropfnce.
The 3fon (Icor Ides that the Incitements and
concentration of }Tenth [COOPS PLALL to im
mediate and decisive action.
Danish neutrnlitv le note reckoned a% nu-
•• . •
Austria Iv now sidin7 with Pri'6sil
than France.
The French are purchasing arms Glace.
pretending tbry. are to solids American
The Russian (internment at tempted to Inter
feraby persuading Prusela to make to Elfg
land the declaration demanded by France:but
failed. • -
The Russian - rep In Poland has .been In.
ast( to 20,), . men. Inrhallit?t. he regiments
of the Imperial ' • •
1!..e reeneh ti press he.; e evittratulti
torr address tLe sailors °fi l th° Baltic
Prussia in exe - ring the Paris6eelaratlon.
also exempt& fret: aetzure the ....ems'a toot
chantmen ne4 car Ina contraband of tear.
The Hank of Eng. red haa'ruised. the rate of
Interest to nye per att. I!.
. ..,
!lai . , , '.' • '
Illy Telegraph t..., tire Plifshirreh 6uette.l •
Cirreano..July Cs.—T.4.o hundred flanbrar.
lane held a meet her last; night to take nation
in rcltartor the news rrived by the French
cable thatShrte hamlet. tfanorerjartst. had ell
tered the French : rebel c. atter discussion,,
the following dispatch as sent by cable: I
D, the Proddent Nary I. German l'arlf amen?.
IkrIln: Report reaches rout Paris that three
hundred ilanoittriana r tasit catered - I'renett
service. The %Armors any of Chicken. In
mass mtettng. trust t Is to be an Infernal
falsehood of Napoleon. i ('or deepest spank.
thy Is with all lierninnyi May our arrny noon
enterParle. ~.
The !Vet. !IleakW , (fold fluet.Eutraerginefire
coefirew .
Illy Tetuan:4 to the tleberith Ciaseltte.l . ,
Dexven. Col.. July • ..—Thelf:llrabethloWn
(N. W.: Pre... report, e tmordlnary tureen, at
the Memo Gulch, tuftme,for the ,nast two
weeks. Oaq dluhn pnLagt Chan.; trargitig
three men, cleared up three pounds of gold in
twenty-four hours. .)len from one claim 1n
se:nn days 1:: GrOuse (IMO cleared up fift)-
fouronnees and eighteen pennyweight.. The
:nines In all the , gulch,. are doing (their;
water abundant.' The, gold ahlpmente nye
larger than e'rer before.
The atichtaan Legisleture.
Illy Telegraph to the Plttabwrgh this4tte.l
ligniotT, Julyln the Legislature to-day,
In tne Senate, a remonstraXwe was (relented
from one thousand citizens of !ferried - county
lumina any railroad; old, amendtrients tOghe
constitution. In the litilleen stieciatinelitige
ems received from the Governor, recommend
ing legislation necessary to secure the collec
tion of social statistics ih the census; 21.1 to
legalize tax . rolli lucertatiVeounties.:
ll 2 ( 11 : 1.
orrarm, July 25. , --It hittlemarket ul
'Ave; quotations unchanged: 700 lead c angell
hands: $8,50 for extra Ohio. $0.25 for good
Kentucky, $7 for fair Illinois, $6 for ponnufin
Missouri; receipt, for the week Mt cars; *Ilk;
cars over we e k' s t week. Sheep tolerably
active Ulan decline: sales .1.1:01) hem!
at ,76.57 for choice to $0.5.5 for fair Oanada
lambs, and sheep lb; one lot of 2.11 Ohio lamb.'
sold at $4.122(. Bogs firm operations con
fined to selected lots., - , ; ,
-- • -
Dr, Dehoeppe OQen lo Volunteer for Pratsela.
(Hy Telegraph to the Pittsburgh puzUtte.]•
ILLiuusscno. July 3..—Govirruir (teary yes
terday received s letbecilrom.Paul Schocidits..
doted Carlisle prison; oplieultng t ti, tt t
v;vo! -
, , lta,re., .) i .• .
11 BALTI:iOtIE, .11.1It e .---BeeMei tiilil at
lower: qiiotations. JaCi -receipts for week.
1,=.; min. 1.125..11 gs fictive: receipts light.
and quotations well maintained at 1.1117.13,4 c;
receipts 3,100. Sheep dull with a doWuward
tendency at nirnslici lambs f: d: receipts of
sheep and lambs 0.4311. •1 '-i •. • •
might. Illinols,Weitneiday a ft ernoon:
.the P. Alhilenniliacliipigr. IF.CinkAistlin ;
t om er no barrels of Itlniikr,Olarora Ma
tilini. th 2.000 barrels of whisky. Mattes'
. onoper . op and,Reynolds &CO's. pork home
were d royegiby-fte, LUVOIViIIf a loss esti
mated ' t s6l3,ooo..,Handreds of men were
thrown ut of employment. , Th u term minims
led in t e ratting machine of the paper egg..
it bee° log heated by the friction with tne ..
- 3 publican Convention of Snail:aro
r eh met fit Columbia WednemlaY area
i hunted Governor Scott for reelection.
lacier, colored, was nominated for
;ii fit Couvenrnor. - .A Lump mkjortty: of
1 the were colored:lP. F:Whitthimorg
. 3 rman of the
Plaft*lii.,Vbl4* .
, eform party _are ,sturnitiog !ifs...
tat: piroallsell to . be' . the m antis.
—The =incline of Potter . -Palmer, Hut u . xi ,
wall. k own Chicago millionaire, with Miss
'Bertha wore. darldn l eVot Henry Honore.
wag ce i e r un yesterday afternoon , as meal.
oasis a vertised. The marriage ceremony
rook pla at foi o'clock. Her. Mr. Sweeney
of the F Christian Church. of whleh toe
bride an . groom are .members, othspating
The rece Mu Lasted fume Ai to eight tet s ii, '-
Mr. and : .'Palmer left 'the hew Pork.
whence hhey• will nil for Etlrlopela a few
days. Th4woras no display of bridal gift!,
Ilan. lel
Ing, non
A. J.
the del
tens eh
tittle At
The cot,
ever kni
Ole Telegranh to The Pittsburgh Gillette.]
:cm YORK. July
• .
The bailing master tbd Calabria aye that '
yacht. never Ohlial the
,Ituntless after
the night ut the ititri;l iilhe reached Cat* liati
in eighteen days and hail Leary tugs and .1U
IR;1.0) . tee burgs. The greatest run any one day
ttal itvo hundred mid eight lid 1,1 ape puce ( '
'Sandy }look I.ight s4lp ;hyttrUhil
' ahead • or' the Dauntless.
The eailhib thalaer also save the Cambria
bleat I tt?:t night. and that the
%blunt leas passbili the .1011,1,..8,1 1 which hat)
uwnuhleA abOot stationary for about twelve
~ .. • .
111 ItV r.tll.,"rhg;clvolPhiriTh:l.g:t'ZUgge'l'ortj're,
'boa ' .1. %i ' l'il spent over two hours and a-half In
ivit u eff•brt to pick them up. :
Itl u hest.o the nice caused Intnse exc
meat Thu salvers/it tooling is that the
retif Do speed of the Yachts is as yet untie
ridei 11 hen tbe rumor reread. early y
day ',noon. that the Dauntless was Winner
t Ite e.
pr ,•. slotni otjubllation'were unboundorl,
hod fbe ruplsion • tusscarrespondbight itrthit
when it wi 4 learned t at the English .yecht
as a, utet.o Furl. Thet: fe t ing un each was very
hotr..y. r.q . tally on n II street and among
the rousts f the Fifth . venue Hotel. Among
all chisses , the. number who invested their
ittr.ey On 1 he .Vnierican yacht WaSverange.
T 1..• Impression Is inieVat nt that the sailing
unt.ter of the Dauntless t ok n less favor ble
oup. than the Catiltnitt dopted.
.rflie log of the Cambrl showily Jul sth.
,ratfol mile.. heavy sea: 6th, weather ;soder
:at:l7P miles: 71.11. clear. 12 miles; Bth, lost
fore lop toast. fore top unit nd jib top sail, all
•handa employed clearing ureck; Nth. 2;..11
mile., moderate weather: 10th, 47 miles, light
airs: 11th. 131 mil., heavy sea, uhipped large
quantities of water .t times; ,12th. 140 miles;
hit h. lii: 11th. 171: 15th:, 214; 16th it::
17th. CI miles: IPth. 19U - miles; idtexed 'Cape
It:me six P...M.: ltith. PH stiles; lights lost fore
top mast; alth. 114 mi1e5;,2114.• 1611 miles; 224.
:ir s 'lnlies:2ol. 75 tulles: 24th. 85 miles:3lth, t 2.1
alles; 17th passed Sandy . Houk', a:11 r, a.
ilth•itorth latitude during voyage 54.'., tin
nlylth.Which Only decreased 1 degree: on
It.II .to 52; on 11th-to 1P.:01: on loth14: on Ihnli
:nd 290,411 on 35th. --- _ -
The Dauntless. though tier-coupe vlirled
v9th tucks. ran down latitude from-the mart.
ler log shows: July fith, run ltki miles, fresh
vleaerly wind, hasty; tith, PO miles. variable
dads. heavy head swells, cloudy: 7th. 161
„ii,„ i„.,,,, gales 0, 'l'., lost Clan:. Shalt Mill
Ihert Demar ' overboard while furling
be flying jib:- hove to I ten . hours. gtd out it
end and reluctantly etruspelled to give them
IP: eth. - 41 miles, fresh gales. rough sea, which
~,,lerated to aoderate breeze and a
moot', cc ,. : , : alb. 1:11 m miles, variable weather;
it It, 0:2 1. i 1., right squally with it
easy head - sea, split forestaysall, broke Jill
into, hove to over an hour; 11th; 1.56 miles:
L Ml, MI miles:. lathl 130 miles 7 lithe-1M miles:,
10h, 144 miles; 16t , irk mite.; 17th, 50 miles:'
lath, 66 nines; lath,. ;s miles. , vi.ntim; lath,
115 miles. squall, 111th. 17... - 5 miles. pleasant
u' ather; 21st. Min Iles: =O. WI tulles; h1d.12
~,iik, calla. foggy: 24th..120 miles, .varlithle
weather: x4b; gg.talies, fogad - 1....11ia e. N.
lounded la forty tathells: lillth, - 10 miles: rth.
alltinilev, passed Suede Hook, light ship 4.47
The Clonbria came up IQ the Brooklyn Navy
inn' thismorning and *lir CU on - the dr)
(luck Immediately. receiving a thorough over
hattl log and, repairs Preparatory to entering
inn, in ,Nincrlcan *Ater,. fur the Vagegiesinii
held by'thi America. The New Yong ar4
rheb unfit give Ashbury a complimentary ben.
enclit-Ltelntonlco's. , .
T111:1,1$1,1!, COMMISSII.SEIts,
The hoard of Itidinwllommlasiodere held a.
eetlng lo it
lost lerenlux lad-re-illeeted. Mr.
d l, rimot :La l'resldent end Mt. Coleertta Secre-
Lary. Garwell, Long mill Colyer,were•
eppolnted Citniti ft teea to imoault with - thel
tisagea„ eopera se the payment of the Potto-.
wattoinies, etc.,, nod dolt the Indian
Territory: M. 43111.131111.101. nod' 4.'ampbell are
to attend to the. Sioux, • Itiasre. dcomet,
:Dodge, Mal .Catuptiell: macict etautnlaaluner
rParkee fir the purchase of Mullah 'goods.
Po:ad:wit have. beon..eCureti hen, for
the atornge of goods which will at
0000 1., :itiVertiged for It is hoped all will
he forwarded withiu twenty dais. laupplier,
aricultural ludildtueuts. seeds. Abut :Gam
he will be inirch:ii.ed at the weal. * Thide for
he roast kill by purchwaed 10 Cali
f.,. 01. 3lessrY., Farwell CdPier will s
readeratlons on the Paella:: afore,
infludinr, Arizona. in :let:ten:her.
Lag.: Ito ely iltasolt ea the iiijunctlon for
biditinir th. regi,tratiou of ,Ilrie atork' In the
- Immo tit 11,1;11./1ot:bad :I, Co.. I LQ10011..4
refUSC - sloteeift ltaberta . e.ekagak Wesh cud
tialavey.oMei:o4 of the seelebevethe Pre, en
ti , :o of Go -
-The 111.t.oni re,tlpt. ' , lSt Werk Wert fa.
A. . , , , 1 : / : ‘ , 71 . # ; . , {1 , ...ree t i .11. A 4 . It;iry
.t.itairal 'Carragutia ilaiikeroto,ll in •.t
o• :lima Porommath, N.
There was immeme rejoicing at London
over the careenof the parbt Cambria.
- The .tramtoblA Calabria; for 'Sarum
terdsy, timpin7i4lll,lrl anti l quatter oped.
-(letieral the Pjalaki. will he taken
to Windsor, Vt.. (Pao flnrlingt un. to,lay, for
. . . .
. .
. .
—Jefferson Davis !irritant at New oilcans
yesterday afternoon. un his w-ay to New Vera.
tt hence he-will salt for Europe. '
' - I toe of the IV 'Heston tu Ills at East new
ton. )1:14.:, was partially burned un Tuesday
night. Loss C - 15.010. InsaretL
rt . ,
- The sales tit the Unlon Pantie 'Lit -De
pament for the past year aggregate - .531.
The ntles_tin Thursday ...amounted. to `over
!.users. ' I ,
. ~
--la -Tiattbriore yesterday, n colored iqan
named Charles Casten uninlered his allifi, by
e ening her throat velth a razor. He w,sal ar
- Jullstldeitatalsonhas. assumed .tite iluX . r ..
4tt l T ll l)l4ltl r rlttl4t i tii h i ' i
e r as - e f 4 Or V i l if 14tta
. pliettS.
1,-.A die/ach truss Pang rays Edmund Abbot
will replace the lets Prevost Parade] ie. the
Fiend , A.dentY , and possibly as 'Minster to
Washingtork . •
-- IkticiCell ,freit .Ilinnesota say . thin the_
hartest.ll wtlll Snider, seep. hat t aliumit, thtllYl
thunder showers \ prevent the curing and
stacking of grain. . I
—The tteannir It sing Star has atilt ed, from
ittit i l , tir , a, e ui d theultlet between Pena an 4
t,h n anra . ~ .1 sharp
1 13taky'oecarrf 114 Ilna. ."0 damage. , 1 1
1 1,
-The Intl raid . •venue collections for - hr.
t atta moans prier to the to JIM, first amount
-,1 to $27a, , t2,,/14.1 an increase of tatvei4bes7
cotamt red with tit/ prelim:a:slit (40141ty
All the Seater pristatert lOdgeiV tit the
county Jail at Onin a Wen, yesterday taken tO .-
i Lincoln. Nebraska to be put to work on the
taittlir latildinga In rooms of etaction there.
bit oney's k 'ro',... three story brick grist
aithoutatilll, ati,Al -wbutyport. Ifftlata savedln jestetAlitk. bit g three - men, who - were"
rescued alive burl.. ty Injured. Damage Cu
Daum Curtis'. a servant In the house of
- Mrs. Hoecerits, at 1' Iladelphla. has been ar
restelnmateheft, and rmtectiot• to antOthar nil
the l t, tUnti eh hirthe gait flailtaft.
In the lower storle,..
• . , . .., , .
. , —The treater i por jog illr tii , e4,3lt:
irorics of It n. A. Sw t . 1 / 4 1i., 1 octal I
olt Lair Steel. faCei sirings...! . c., at Syracuse.
N. S i . acre Infra r ed y Vrd ni
ee, orning. !is. ,
f.itti.kl; iti rill 11 : $ ~- 1:10.1. t ,
•-Dlhei red. fedi dt L4,filenn. 6 d
quarters nay the Simla lain:tor:ore collecting
for a grand peace'cut, cll. A ligother pf )ted
Clond.antned - Telrosc' gle..nitithhnlitiVOlll
a mule and k Wed ,a fe - days ago.
, :rir gv . fp i 'an beliirelltte4 roil
service at ' l ey yard: 9rocctl-f
cat, Illancontni ph. , sl.ifirra;oregint.. erimiel-l . itihnsvnef, I , l.liii. Hheca - &ask, Tiron-`
dernen. Virginia, Wali sh and Worcester.
—Chief Justice Pcarstin of North Carolina
lion declined to attach both Governor . Holden
end Col. Kirk for refusal to give op prison
era, and says the application for relief rbould
be emle , to the Chief Justice of the I:silted
• totes.
-A vomit man named Mink 'Bard° at
tempted to commit aulaide In a saloon at CM
/Monett, Wednesday. Hisclothlog prevented
thpistol ball from enteri^g beyond the flesh.
Ile Was entry from the effects. of continued
• • , - , the Democratic conientkin' of Colored()
monocled Geo. W. Miner. of Denver. for.
Delegate: to Congress on the Moth ballot.
General Cassius speak at prom' ,
nent.dtbsees in the Te too - in behalf of ,the
Republican party.
—A • littlechild of 4in es Cubler.
noothi old, fell from le ff(th tofy wfadoW, In '
Cincinthal, yeaterday,,an waren instantly
killed. It {V/111fileepine on :Chid close to the
wlndoW. awoke and•dressied , otit - while its
mother was asleep, „
meeting of the session And members of
Ife &Toad Presbyterian Clancti; Cindinuith
ISMS held Tectoniay morning: ,Driet hnlidend
and bre,membere withdrew themselves from
connection wiLithe cll. The ' affair ere
op m
atucii,eot Cdt., • • 1
--Judge :hi he kintubuti Picks
Court, has enjoined the Mayor and Council of
Mentsvllle, Indiana. fromituakLug the three
Modred thonsitrul Substription to the
EMISVIIIe and Indianapolis. Road, authorized
by election on Wednesday. •
—Pembina dates to . the - lath say reliable In
formation has been reechoed that thoillack
' igi L p l oet i" n ' ttrlo,... C fstnu l art ' rttlt '" C i :t .
Olander . teDonalu among the sailed: Forts.
:71111 :Ind Edrctetodwisre also.attuefted.
Cincinnati, thurtultii mortilig, this
Queen Cite saw and planing mills, a dozen
h estroyed hydroidouses and alarge Nuatitilar. tat , gi oarood ber, %se V.K. Afngll ra
d The inlll4X b 3
m were worth " A dozen.
!families lost their houses. Loss $llOOO.
• - , lnfonontlair has been yeceilTed. at' nab
'ineton fromlien Legendre. Consul at Anl4.
tbstthe Chinese
.goverement, has limited the.
exportaflostoif Chinese laborer. to vessedsof
the treaty bowers. had the , Commit seems rot
the opinion that the effect will be to decrease
or prevent this kind of emigration- • .
_bands of Utes from Middle and
Goak i'M'n are et•Peevee to have a talk lain'',
overnor M'Cook. They deny being !be per
p_etretorsh.k ofthe recent ,
murders in North
Pork. critut ur the Che
Arraphoes. tiarernthem
or po Wets:dr-hay enuess
just and
re- ,
turned from the scene of abase depredation.
end belieseirdhe•Utem itutorent. :
, , •
—On the 9:rth of 'August tbo general sod
aperlai'deputies of the National Orange Pa
trons of Husbandry In the States of - - kora,
Illinois. 'Tennessee, , Nivaouri: Knows, Ne
braska and Cblifornla will be convened In St.
:Louie. The State Orange Of Missouri Is to
be °ram:tired at that time. and it le anticripat-,
ed steps will by taken at this meetlag, to fully
,perfect the organization of the order In the
Pesters States.
i -,,,,,,,,,_. '.•••.•• ••` - r 4 -- • . .....--„ " ' 'x" _
~ _ r•- 4 . 4_.- -- i- • •-•1_2 - ,4 .. .i . . , z - s - .4 a•- ,, r , t, ,,— :v , -,,-: -- 614,-. ..-z ',;,,,ii6--,,V..01...A,.W0-Aqii&.V-• i-i M 7 • m 0•414..A t , P-,--, A
, r 0
Later . Intelligen7
NAI.I)LE(» . ‘_l' THE FRON f,
Battle finminemt Within
Three Days.
Pfiksian , 4011,000- Trend 300 J WO
A not lwr •a(..,2 Ultintn
Illy, Telegraph to the Pittstn-1h flarette. I
Napoleon Locale. tor the .Intly.•
Exult , . July The Emperor loft tit. Cloud
to-day by otpreial train for the minty. lie was
aelnampunied by Prince Nalusteon. 'l•he Em
press parted wit h them at toe railway station.
oan deeply ',bayed. anal ns Snot, , th•: train
disappeared returned to the tale,.
The Suainlsh Analseceialur had, an int, a haw
with the Emperor and Enatatiesnjaist befor e the•
departure. and the .ion item. Dv Suit, remarks
on the extreme friendliness of their conversa
tion. The Amtanosndor says th•' Emperor un
learnt] 'mite well. fcs the crowd gathered
31'01111d the IMpetial car the Emperor 110 Wed
plemantly to all.
Represent:lll4n of furiiign er, tat lineas
transmitted to their respective got
notice of the Euitaerora departure.
i The Empress, ittendini hi the- ladies of the
Court, proceeded to the .Chapel of Notre
Dame Des Tictoires, and placed there a votive
lamp. similar to the one she placed In the
sates chapel at the beginning of the Italian
The temper. teeter. at 31mr. • '
theta. July ei.-Alie Mehl.. The Emperor
etched at four ties afternoon at Met, where
the imperial headquarters aretaaliehed.
Tile proclamation , a the army will es be f.llO
to-InOrrOtt. .
A, lintel. Imminent %TIMM Three lia.4 The
Opposing Fore.. t
Los Pot:. July rs l .lfhlstighl. -Es erj.thipsi,
It itates an important engagement town lake
place_eithin three days. The Prussians are
' l'OnCClltrattrig br.tween Troves and Merseiti.
ort the river Saar. They have four hundred
thousand men end - rather too much Cavalry
to forage. The opposing -force of French
infrobers about three hundred thousamt. '
Ignalaage snide. to she War Annonneest.
1.03.., July 9C--The door, galleries ~,:-,
bade of the Mere .of Lonly were cruweled
jodelght with spectaters to hen the• stale
event of the Government's posltion.ite the
ed - esent war. Granville said the Government
was endrerrassed ely the eagle:seise enat mild
lying round It, with nineties ready lighted,
efforts to extinguish while had been usele....
Though Lord Lyons had Isemesebie to hold
hack t he: eleelteration ~C war live day , . It'd la
r eleset at' Mai krt. trVOll Count Iteeedet,, and
the King. se Pleashe , Wall ntuirkable_ hut et,
insult was Intended, All Observant, or I Ilr
,Paris protocol, which provides for the settle
ment of el it toe . by mediation, was ' , ed l
ated by both rank, In the presence of this
war Englnfd bad hie One eat,', and that was
to reirserese Mriet seentemlity. -
3beltueslosry and mina approved the attl
tattooed action of the titverument. The war
Is as wholly- needless un l inexcusable. Par
liament u meld certainly sustalu the Govern
'meet la AS 1,0114.1. Or neutrality. and :0, :0, .1.-
1-..1 I 'salty for inters euem. -.-
- 'Me- nat Na
e, nets.'.„'
' , te -Card,. els, 1y air ve!cre tare. des lined to
Judie any ettAt.-nerie4 the t ieu . vf Ow Lice -
erneuent aboarplocing the may me a u isr
footing. The Attorney General tagged the
„rulturber ,, tee cease put GT que,t ions of d
n oter
ubent liewousd proles -singalnst being e•s
...oted at list Present 'U le -to answer toes
tens of on much delicacti and moment,
The Foreign Enlistment; Act Ira. latto.reil.
After dismissing Ise Cocoolittee of Steele the
sundry nespropriation IsiDs. the Commons ad
The Peeling at London,
I..ospris, July ES.-Earl (Iranillle s see P
erot ja the House - of Lords to.night. though
meagre. Is noteldered - feaSspring. 'Nothing
a us sald.of too secret Uri-trim! uf Illsmark's
telegram to the Prussian Ambassador bele.
The Daum New., inn leader for to-morrow,
says the chief iinpertagee CrAte sPeeeh 0-4 w:
Its reference to one Position as it neutral te
flon, bat the purport of English neutrality
most be Judged less tram Grawenee's guarded
than from the. line of 'Parliament.
fillaCt,nod Prussia cannot tub clearly -under
tined that If we are not in . the fight, ii
Is becaose we are not In • the quarrel.
No statesman on either side In the House of
Lords is nowidlletegel to Nay that -ander eels
circumstances would England light. The tope
of the press dad Parliament alike shows that
.. Peace at aler price." Is not the national
motto.l•flur interest and obligations on the
continent'," be.,
jr as binding and important
114 ever, and eve Shall newer allow herto make
Antwerp another Cherbourg.
Mill Nape. of Peace.
' Tile Donn Nees current...m.l4ot set Part, on
WOdoesslsev. irrltet, there are Still some bopes
her peace.. Negotiations of some sun &repro
, reeding :rarely. • 'Lord Lyons Is ronetrintly
with Wake' De Grammout, The Emperor it
reported hesitates', fearing n coalition 11Vtlind
him, The European cabinets are seder N
.trOlig ltapreSPloll i that. peace Is' possible.
Probable :lends is. s sourer gives it to eight,
lilloseinaup of Ilse Held Bridge a Mistake.
, Oar PIOTIXI - correspondent: writes from
Metz, Tuesday: A Prussian ° Meer soya the
Kehl bridge was destroyed by telegraphic
otiktake. After the eXplosiOn 0 second tele
gram was received from Berlin prohibiting
the destruction.
Coun .
In -
At het Ilsearek
sp A a b t o c u h t
to F rahme eN..
geroun ibm ba ek olor a to i England, t cnfir o m r
d h
the kdtheptlelty of the secret treaty publish
-ell in the Lond , u Timm Ile sirs that mince
'loll France has Incessantly leseepted4 Prussia
iaet th
hegexp of lerritorlit aggundircuent
of Belgium and &moth
Germany'. lie is rentlelent France will
not obtain are enlargement of territory,
Is e elo b s y ort i t i' dl li; r e
ge Vg l iA ' .b ." ,, t l: a ltal,2l:
France, thoefer fedly armed. would Main re-
Mated her offer of neam at the cost of the ex
tinction of Belgium.
Pieces* Illoyal of Prussia Cluing to England .
mßfon a gr , f tY,4o,l.VrfniComir shirOjar t e e i ' f ' ,. 'n ei - f
the Crown Prince 4.Preueska; to England. ,
Prince NatColeore tieing to Denmark.
PAHltl, July :M.-Prince Napoleon in going .
intently ttiCepelltellett4 ~ • .
The Fleet Airangeneenis at Cherbourg -bider
• - Expeditionary Corp.-, _
.erritaind A4terdel Writes tram. CherboUrg.
to4lay; that the second division of the Baltic .
Beet is still in pert. More Iron clads will ar
rive.trom Brest, had the 3ihditemtneen fleet
under Vice A dmiral .FoUrishon, comprising
seven skirt. Prince Napoleon will command
the Ihdtie, Ealteditionary Corps., All troops
for thaVearghonrill not be In Cherbourg fora '
week, by which time the two main divisions
of the neat Will begin an attack at POlMpOinl
on the,PrusallanMnrit... ' • • ',, •-i .t: •
\ 6, mit , tivipteig emi;Th.l Treaty.: • 1i •
INDON. Jury 93.-The Mart , continue, its
conentents on the Secret treaty proposed by
France kr Pfugaia. : 'After carefully weighing
the evidence, the Times thinks themuthentiel
ty pf the treaty Is fully . eitahlished. It is
clear both parties were inrolvetf In a conspir
acy. touching which they shoul d note make a
. I T% b n, r* treeliat.itnt 4I
man Cmalederatiort is sett peete, den:Meant I
lag the authenticity of the treaty usid reriting
other smellier overturn from the Freet Em
Parlous *vie Mall Interferener."
p ,A p
le In
sin intercepts French aediEnglisle Journals.
'Denmark Femora . Prance; Through Ilse. of
Prussia, .
,The Timm Imes that Denmark's good onder- -
standing with kranee is doe only to • lsatreel of
Pr "" 1 " 4 , ' I '3,g s ie; tam . ran... ' . ' . • ' '
'lle war p t ,
remium on French bottoms ii ou
half-per cent. ' ^,'
French Cruiser elf she Brithe Coast.
IC ,
LODOR.;uipt.`l.-it •Fnench reelect Is 'oft
the Isle Of 'Wight and Is said to be beetling
all'enerchaestmen. .
The Preach ,Amer imen Legion.
PARIS...I4IYVt..The American Legion now
forming he is to have • French couttneeder
nominated by the (irrternment• . .- ~
.:' ~ griptlegitre.airests of Chores- r
' Tire Monitrar reports three Important prie
nent taken at Me x.-Tula were °facers of the
Baden army and have been 'released on parole;
4'tibe.e::,n!ratttreetr'rint.erl'avik.,rirber . •
, War Demometratidem Foredelen..
a ti reo l g t v o i r p;er ‘ i "i d hi d : l ‘ L ,
h m::..T. 4- laf — '''O tit ertua*anrydoethe Asett "th' esei
: Venial. Eqemplains of Engles& •
LeMects. Julythe.-Prusse complains diltair
land for furnishing coal and arms to France.
New 'Light About that Treaty,
un t rogng, July :s.-The indq..ndemr Beige
publishes a letter from a Berlin correspondent,
which throws; some now light on the ' , secret
treatrproposed to Prussia by Frazee- The
ebrresPondent says he saw the original draft
29, 870
of the treaty in the archives of • the war office
atßeetle. and certifies to the accuracy of the
copy recently printed lie , the London Timm
Fescue has repeatedly am:mottled thin docu
mel from the Prussian Government through
her epresentat lee at Berlin, Count Benedetti,
hut wall cases has been refused, and now that
she is satisfied that its recovery is impossible,
ussnence a hostile attitude toward Prussia.
Napoleon and the Garde Nationale.
.P. tits, July . 2a..-The Journal (OM pub.
liedies the following letter front tl Emperor,
dated July Nth '
Counnander-hbefilef of flask tioaale of
Paris-'-flear General: beg ) - ou to express on
my part to the Garde 'Nationale of Paris how
much I count on its patriotism and devotion
at the moment when I am about to set out for
the army. I have to testify to the confidence
which brepose in Ite wilrand ability to main
tain order m Paris end to contribute to the
security of the regency of the Empress. It Is
becoming to say that each- one. according to
the measure of his ability, .:hall :old to the
safety of the country:
' The Journal alto, contains theserretpen ,
dunce from St. Petersburg, In which It Is said
Itnbsia does not sympathize with' Prussia.
it11.11:l wishes to,utke a - Prassurn lake of
the and attacks the Independence of
Denmark and that of half of fiermany. The
eurreapondence says furl he r • The Dar trtsita
the French,Atubassador here with much die=
• • Fete Funds for the Army.
The Patric [inbilshet a circular from the,
Minister of the Interljr, annhuncing to the
Prefects of departments that the Emperor
desires the lauds usually appropriated fur
public rejoicing at the fete of the 15th of Au
gust to be given this year to the army. •
French Haying Arms Under False Pretense
IlclibtF, J ttlyjq.—The French employ Amor ,
lean agents to thy arms at Liege, under the
pretense that (her are int ended for the Fluted
Great Eitiltement In Turkel.
Liman:, July 2,...::Great • excitement Is
caused In the Danubian principalities by the
breaking mat of the mar. The people are pre
paring to make use Of theopportunity to ob
tain their Independence: Turkey Is arming to
Foreign Omura Aut th
French army,
V.v.. July tie.—lt having been- reported
here that eel oral American fift:erg desime
follow the French army In the monnaign
inntinsl Prussia, for the Parlmse of making
observation+ for the use of the American
ernment, petitions Were lately filed with
the government for the necessary lierndskinn.
The retard was declined. the highest military
authority of the empire repeating that no
foreign ollicer. however high his reek. stilt be
permitted near the French teeny.
1'ond1111loo• ulth
The Ifde loti. 'publishes a report that aeon-
diticazal alliance has been concluded between
France and Italy, and that the :lung treaty
stipulates that In cold of certain eventuali
ties France is to pity Italy sixtytnllilbtl francs
ofd leave her free to make Runic the 'capital
the kingdom.
Maier, frond Rome - resent tht the
Pone accepts hien Rattlere p
the evacua a tion uf
ihene iby trench tramr.
Indignopun la 'vain. •
• •
oitto.Julyt.k , -Itali/oat ion at 6r/tumours
:lapel - shit, •or the Cortes , unabated and
tenth to avert the vytnitathies of mutt-Irani
rr "7" . ..1%h r are me Prtasalang
1..1 01, July 4.—lteporta front the soothe
torder of Baden state that•no Prussian trout
to tu.he tree along the Rhine from Baste t
Conntarge. A tonal! corns of infautry le pun
ed near ,IthelAcelten: The troops of \Willi.
burg .11. tnivArds the fort ran,. of Ha
indt. .
IsetotA.,Jult - --TLe Belgium camp ot
der brukeu uto and the troops dlstrit,
u toil e among the frontier fortresees• All work
to the fort Mentions lo toting . snottily hurried
fittiwaril to conipletton.
Able Kotler tot t olontecreil to •erve • to tho
French army.
lIW hinefnide runner; nre !wing snit! tne,
VII, in the Main.
..teutner Darien too changed hood.. :rod
leT name altered to Gehl:,
Thr Tr.!,
.q.iptnuull,,t , e cervarres Hie ;Mem pl of
u•ssio• to orterfere'with the eon' trade of the
Italt le. and has moon to expect that her next
move will he to pronoun, cool coutratromi of
...ern Treaties or Norpleott. -
111:11Lis,July -Count Ilinight's drigt of the
secrettrentybemseen France and Prnstia is
not the only inemitent or the /dud which tig.-
Ott. Sapoleon at one time opened thntlar en
gagement,, pretending bin clown with regard
to Switthiland and Intimating he did not
know where Prune.: ended and Italy begin.
Papers pro, log this statement. It is 111141,
'good, will soon he produced.—
Premnitt %natant, %bout her Coss, Premium
' lot the Ilrrintrtlon of Frew , lt %eq.+,
. . . •
Cr:iltln tor vortitmcgr mitrusra to prutrq
cwt., vatious
ft., ... , rte of then, a, high x. nifty thousand
4 , ll:trs, aro tAT••red roc the .le.truct lon of 1.,
The Coati/oration In the Common..
In the eotimiong to-night the Government
'tangked All V order.: prohibiting the expo,
apon COni bad ne out. The Attorney
tomeral replied that n goo
such order W.I. Issued.
and added that It would he Mani/sande to
legally set, and detain roal'unleve on re-elide
Its greet., of belligerent., .
.• • •
(HI. .
The .thhtel, on Forrlgytr. .t Prkha
LoNIS,N. July :11.--Advlcr from Shurwhal
it; 'July U. ehult. t trtt. the at ick eu forrlgners
mt . Palo iy:is directed. 'HIV “gainst the
',French, tbourh other foreigners Were
cientally kllJed. Thb house of the 81sters of
M'erty ne. %lest ruyed nod i lly Intt,nt,yrrtylYhecl
$.1.1 . 1f.t July .".18 The I.teati !hr
men, from New -York. :IrV,eittbis too lug.
' The steamer Baltimore'. from Balitta
rived y.t.erday. • . 11
VUE. , '"e" ,,, WN. J 013" -ThO atenzughW lfor
hod. from New York. merited to-111‘5".
. ~ .
o,NDON. July Couspls fur muhey I:6Si
A inerloto 6...cu11l les .6u ieft '6f. f`' '65. 1f2:.'81 61
10-40.. ` .1 6: Erie. LW; Illitaata 710; Great Woot
ern 21. ....tucks lint. . .
. , •
Liveneol , L, July 7.a.- Cotton Irregular; mid
dling uplands TV: New 'Orleans s; salesof
~..sat bales. California white wheat lie 41:
lrgiStort. Na. 2- &Kens Pd; winter •Ids Pd.
Flour :Pis. Corn—No. Mixed als 6d: Oats es
1. itirlek as. Pens ates PAL , Pork letis. , Beef
I Ins Gd. Lard Its. Bacon---Ptla tor Cumberland
cut, GOt fur short rib. Turpentine 31a is
Tallow 453 Nl.' I.lnsetal oil dull., Retlued pe
troleiun easier nt Is rd. epirlts of'tarpeut Ina
1.461105. July 2r...-%Vetklyl returns of Book
of England' show a decrease ,Of f1.14t.0113 but
!km. fiellSrlil f 1,1111,3 of stuck brokers In
Liverpool and . Manchester are. announced.
The results of the fortnightly settlement In
London pre not so disastrous us anticipated.
July 29. — entton—Spotr francs.
PAIIIM. July 2.4.-. The, Frontb' Government
has reeelsed_officlal notifleatlotrof Aka decla
ration of neutrality by Denmark. II arse
heavy: rentes uw,Tur,
.I.s - cwitni., July 57.-•l'etrpleum
at 47.248 f.
FitANKVIART. July it.--I . .:lrnfolvtl'nited
Sullies securities closed at TaV. i t • !
Nervy Ont.E.tas. July entrerllue
t.-1 , :l5; doubly extra 11; 'treble: extra fK3751.
Core treat! fur ullxidl $lO/10x.,.whlte. Oat.
lower; St. Louis sreooc,
. -
Rochefort on' the iVor
Mr. Henri Rochefort ban oddretwed the
following lotto to his constituents: .
..' SAINTE l'xiatmtu, July lith.
' Iles Eterrotts: hardlj - know Which.
of the recent ministerial, pieces •of brag.
tpnlocio should be received, " and which
taken no notice of, but had I occupied my
seat as Deputy on the Occasion of the
warlike declaration of the government, I
should certainly have mOtested against
Alit unwarrantable right] whici, the cx.
(menthe power assumes of unchaining
another scourge on our aiuntry, already
fuenneed With famine. , The dynastic con
flict, Which is at present troubling busk.
nee's• and time public minds, is the. moat
terrible condemnation of the monarchical
principle: If, instead, of expelling the
Spanish republicans who had taken refuge
on the French soil, the Cabinet had favor
psi,' the establishment tm,
av f a republic in
,We 'should not nrlnow ; he hid, to
upset 'it, king'wlime - tietlirouentent will
perlumpem coat oceans of blood , and years of
misery, Nor should we either hoe bacifo
fear the'sitdden formation of those secret
alliance.; the combination Of, which is 're
pugtutni to' the straightforpard character
of republican institutions.. And it is at
the moment when the interests Of all an.
tions are fused together: And mutually
coiljoirit when„ from 4hpepd of Europe
.to the Other, the woiltinguieim' are trying
torneet. ninl coalesce, without distinction
of langbage or country, against.that other
exit which is called capital—it is this con.
jOucture which is selected disports)
with gmpemalmot those who are only aux.
loos to make common Amuse together.
Every moor the o ml bjectlpf whlch goes Ire-'
your the strict &knee - Vt . the' frontier in
hpt a series of murders., 're reconstitute
the etonge of Charles V to restoee Olaf
of Napoleon. I, may- lte fir.° tonere:4l'or
menarche': bat we' who .. are aware what
sovereignweoet no; knowtiso'frkat 'their
. day.tirtmatuslwing . as"prbflt. Tiled is
what I shouldfiave said in the Chamber;
'or rather what I should. have attempted
to nay, for s ilty voice would have been
dr.:robed, as manual, by the labghter or vo.
ciferations of file'majority who cent-your
deputy to Ste:Pei/4de. But bere'or'elsi.
- where it is to you alone that I address
myself, to yon who see the ftttnro of the
populations.elsewhertm than in - their ester.
mination. and who anew. alaal to-day the
true value of those crowned philanthm.
piste who take. the destruction of tint poor
for the extinction of pauperism.
The Popular War in France—Great
Excitement on the BoulecardG
[From the Paris Figaro, July 1t1.7
'Never was there an . evening of greater
excitement, not even . in the worst days of
of hum or January, was the crowd more
1:01'111ract and more evened on th e bottle
varda. From 9 o'clock along the whole
line of the Faubourg Poissonniere io the
Madeleine traffic had become impofdirle.
The hulk of the movement was contrail
zed before the little BORESe. The route
'of.' the public conveyances had . to be
charged to 110!01111.11(X111 1 / 1 the crowd for it
was impracticable :tit work a pinsag
through this ocean of human benigs.
1 he agitation had nothing of the char
acter that churacterizee They were
innnifestino not against the . order but
against a hostile nation, whose insolent
attitude irritates French lidsveptibilities:
This sentiment was dimple:fed by shouts
of -To Berlin:" "Down with the.'Prui
shine—now and then, "Down with the
Cabinet"—then again strung bands de.
filed, hinging . the "Marseillaime" and
shouting, "Death to . Prussians."
While the crowd was waiting at the
doors of the Corps logislatif some artil
Tery wagons went by; immediately ovine
cries of "Vise Empereur!" •!Down with'
An ovation of the Annie - kind was given
the Emperor himself' when he quitted the
Tutßeties to return to St. Cloud.
At 11:30 n band lbOOstfoug. in blouse
passed alOng the Boulevard waving , for
trbeedors, and singing in thorns. .
Mourirt,our la Patric.
.onerre nun tyrant., -
Jntnais en France,
Jatnais le Prussien uo regneru
They were received everywhere with:
texhonationa by the assembled crowds.
The Name baud went along the Rue de In.
Pena, and under.the Windown of the Min
ister of Justice .and !Marshal .Canrubert
they runic to a halt tar peat the cries of
- Dowd with Prussia!" "Vice la guerre!"
Another hand of 1,600 went nya. and
down the Boulevard from the Placcrdelit '
& .
'Bast to the Madeleine with a stand et
adorn, "Down with Bismarck'" ttTo
Berlin t - "Vice la France!" There two
Lainds encountered on the Boulevard de,
Strasbourg. and brigaded - .
'Another strong party, marching along
with their colora, were interrupted by a
sergeant de culls , who arrested the color
bearer :and marched him to the police'
Tbe • . .
..ue brigadier on (bay, having
he-elthrne.4lintuidded IU; and him
night .net thedifender and replaced
ilk his colara iii the ranks. The
be officer ties received with'mhouts
'Etnperear. - •'A bas Bieninrck."
'with Preedin.' and the crowd in
Itebel'ance nearly Kt:tethered the
t.r by their embraced. •
mar I t
:elf brr
Isn't xi
btu. t
The (
th, qua,
lunette den Litas, the famous dunce
f the students. had n full attend
-11.11,11 in their amusements the
is manifested the war spirit for
hills of-the Landwehr. danced-by
it. ladies. Was hissed off the Hour.
Forttneations..Defenser of
°alien—The West Point.
[From La Libtrte.July 18.1
ouferleration of 'North 'tit,nnan
nini,:otrougholds of the tiro
. . ,
t f ,,
chats. hey nre• On the Rhine. Mayence,
roblen ~ Cologne; on the Elbe. Koenig
stein,M nlgebuirg.: on the ()der, Stettin;
on the N itrtlin, P0..,n: tier the mouth of
the Vie eta. fbuitzick; n o the l'regel.
.111 pleeep-are .ni Prinniinn ground.
except Ileyence.aleitse) and lie . t.liyhtein
. ..
- heirT are fourteen strongholds of the
aveoral doss: On the rfier Sarre.Saarlouis;
.on tie Rhine, W;4el; on the Weser; Min.
den; on the hunt, Erfurt ; on the F.lbe,-
Foruan• on
the Spree. SPaidan: on the
odes,ii oyan; on the Seisse,Olatz ,:seisse:
on the Baltic, Sonderborg-Dwppel. Kiel-
Friedri listadt, Struloand, Colberg. '
The strongholds of the third class are:
Ott the Elbe, Wittenberg; on. the Oder,
Hoes]. linstrln : on the Vistula, firan
denz: oh the Baltic, Swinetawnde, Pillau.
Besides these, there are also the fol
lowing fortified posts! •The earthwinks
stoat Dresden. the bridge at Dusseldorf
the bridge of Marienburg, the bridge of
Dirschau, the month of the We,ser, the
fort of Memel. . •
Liberte concludes that: in order
to enter biermany, the beat way for them
Was to pass out between Strasburg. ana
Basle, for tlaire is no. fortification there;
then to , silence the fortifications of Ra
sta& with n dirision, and to. march on
Berlin by way of Frunkfart, fraftel and
..... , - ....
'URA 1)
't hors I Witt I o \ Cotoplhanntary Berton to W. 11.
( nnow 4 r. BUWlNntendent on
Friday Even'g, July 29, 18 70.
AIuMIFsION. ... .t
Mush: br turstrt 'Stand. Figures bj 4 1 , 61 - . - 9 , se.
Christ. .. ' 1 . Ju9l.s.hi
--- 1 —
surcr.,isonsTo FERCEVAL kiIiCKETT,
(Tell. Mining and subsoil:di Engittoers •no &Mal
in -sot Amerienn 4 d Forahni Patent*. (Mess: No.
39 Fuderst street. Allegheny City, Nu, 79 Water
strtuit, Pi ttsbutgh.
N. 9,—Broody Ini est Office. Washington. D. C.
;Ir Eveniug nrioring Ouse for tilechwiles on
mT?inr+.7 , A, '-- - ' Jute
Jistrs Mrlimbr.. , . k. TArl Crit.
Jim. Me - 'dy& Co.,
General Commissitn Merchants,
Flour, Grain, See*, Feed, , &c
Nur.:3sl Liberty :Street
ORDlNANCE—Permitting the
ar4 , ll,lVVel.'PrVe'eg rt b n ultlit r D e;
nehnol.purpses. •
Sir:vx 1. Be It ordained ens Coasted by the
Sokol md Common Council et the CRY of Pitts.
burgh and it in hereby enacted by the .athority of
toe name, not the:School Dlreetors of the Opting.
Held Hub-gavot Pistils, are hereby imitated au
thority to erect a one noel wooden building lath.
13th ward. between 79th and 30th etreets.•asid
building to be axed temporarily for school! Put
bEr. 3. That all ordinances or Hansa onitnimme
in conflict with the and the mime are hereby
repealed sn far.ame *gest this ordluance.
tained end ea:toted into a law to Councils this
513th day of Joly..t, D. 1870. •
.1A31X4 McAULEY.
Presl.lo,lllot &left counclL
. •
Afl4st: Y. N. MOIINOW.
! Clerk of BeIect.CIPYIKII • ' •
. W. A. i'O.III4.N.SON.
Piontdeol. of COMIIIIOII Council:
Attost,if: MeMmwfx.
Stork of .t7oftormo Cum Juit.
A_d In Bnehnann I'ostoMee.Ds7y liSth. I WO:
A lionsven DIRVI Morley Mtn K
Admm h Thom, Darts George Moudorph J A
ton ' . Derby Miss H MernerJ C
Motel Athls A
lltzrAlvk Anal \ ElietAna John Me .
Beek A 0 . V McCoy E A
Kunkle. ThhinierVoile ' Mclntosh Itm
Ilroan Rush )lellen:MeXet: 11,W a,
Moan Joseph Forbes Wm C • H
Ilmnnemsart) :Fremel :Rankin MI. A
Fos 1111,11 A illateek
Camp Thonsm, G :Roberts Jimmy
Camp Mn M A:Graham Dr U It Rohm* Mn. H
ampbell Deem U . Reese Even .
Campbell Ileart:lropklns Mrs K. •
Craw M. ly MIP Atnirbes Malt 'Steams Km).
Cblllttm All.sjiE T m t Crump ' J Mn A ,
Carlo Horn :Jon. Mrs 1.7: V
Callen Chas iJohns9n 3 Kl•• :Van Dotson Ir .
Co ' • • W
Clark William 11.1rltel R WLltisms J ,
11 :Wslters Thosma
Davls MnE o,M*reMn John W ;Weatten A
Dank& Thorns. Morgan Morld :Wears:gleamy' •
:1111/LIP I.IIJEKII. !I L:
9i! Market street, Pittsburgh
chump DOOR.YROM Flrni.l
Lbws on hand all the latest wren!. In Fine ;leer
ntry: elso.Bilver Pisces and •ellner naiad Want 5
*Mgeral l ilTePrkerign=bn crw '
ilver ass; Both Key sad Pendent Wltion i ria ' an ' •
scantly on bane welt aa_s full variety et the
I nner rade, at th e Batas watch. tnoludeed Jar.
Se A." . . n .l .4,4,, Pevreftaux.and others.
Ivelitt :te nn i rettehtitirllg: tn ' Xeck t enlirtitl
'!ranch of oar bnatneteare pre special cant.
Un.4lo r "m l 4 alit - 4Zr " . no , t:elZe t
r.101.,-8 sacks AA. art.] ve for sale l
• by 1 --, ISAIAH DICEsY:4 Co: \ Btre
VOL. LXXXV.-- NO. it;:
Of Valuable Properly In the Borough
of Beayar Falls and Pat terson, Town
ship. ll4uver eount Y ! Pa. •
~ .
By Tina° of a oleeret, .of the Com, •pt 0 1 ,31[ 1 1,71 . 1
Oran of Heater conntr..lttutt; In wtaltr. the rub
,,,,,,twin otter at 0at0t,..d. ,, ,, zport,i..n the pre
miss, on
Thursday, ,A.ugust /
25 1870
threeo'clock A. m. MI the following described
piece. or pareels tit land commonly known
as the Bor. mud Patterson /ann.. to ant
beautiful ficee Of ground 'Aunt°n the
bank 'a Big Beaver C rock in the borough I f M.o.
ver Fail and lintneritatelf adjoining the Railroad
station, the tattler, Works null other Unproved
muttons of raid town, and directly pposite the
town of New Brighton on the left Lank - of the
creek. of
probe. ty. front Its beauty of location.
a union.. a.lrnnteges br.,rral°T.7.:geet; ter
I;,,,rer of leaver ions : ill adoilrably adapted to bo
und,ray,,n titan lout or for manufacturing
porreder. e e road of Chia ground 11113,
tiseen the thanty and the creek is undo ,
trace end has on It two ose. one of. which I.
limit lino the ether frame t wo old chops and
tot:load of tes ola 1 Ins situperty la
hole hot and di:sr:Meiea s t tosthan Lk:ginning at
I -take .n, the bent of Ilrever cr. ex.. thence
, lend Jas. Ratters , . north 61 degrees. west
1 111 10.1 perches ti the mars of track of the
I' Et, ttt , ;LI ono, aenreersatlen of said
at Se. IS I lime tcret. 11169. Beaver r, attar
Conenn Piee, thence by it. centre et radway
north 37 degrees. IP, minutes. sticit S 30-
1110 iterchow 'tort 33 ditesew2S Intrlutea. west
6-109 fwr roes, north 29 degrees. LL , s mtnotes.
I/41,n 6 6-100 perenes. roam 23 um. tee, 48
minutem, west fl 6.100 perch,. tiortt. 2 1 degrees,
371 minute., west 0 6-1011 perches, north 171
;trees. end allltP. west 6 ft- I 1111perehe7. nortn 16
degrees P . 13 Intim e, west 70 43-100 Perrues In
intent laud lam, Cotters:on a. now tienrirt
Lens: thence by 111100 f .1110 land north RR degree.:
east 17 79.100 p r , huu to at post. thence by lot
note oredeled by Sin. lboss..sonth 17'4 dearemt.
east 9 7:100 perchca to a rbilt, north 77 de
.;:roe, 3.1 minute, emu 121-5 tierehr. loo .44l,
thence by Wein.. Bottum ilUll 000111 -IS eery. a, oast I 1-1 perches to a make, south 10 degrees.
cant 19 1-4 twrebes to a stoke. beath 23 degree..-
.net 2:llwrehes to a stake. smith .1 , 9 degrees.
4t 20 percbe+in the Mg Bearer Clack; thence
said Wreck south degrecs. welt 13 Perth es
the place el heidundh, rottbdulng -22 sores
and 7Pieirelies, subject. however, to the right s of
way of B. Ft. W. ft C. IL W., which Mellpi.
acme an 31 twrclies
. •
11 N e . 1;:;i . ;;41 ' l l ;
on t
This k as. l'u Iva hie Piece of - Land,
being near!, all under fence. &Maki State of eel-
Ilvatten and well mitered by splint, t
'inn/eV:lents are one end a ball story. leg bongo
with frame addition and frame earn. There is a
never falling swing of wet...neer Lli. Indian :mil
a small orrbabd Of grafted fruit. A ilunetilerntile
amenat of geed Umber yet remains on the hlllvtde
PriNien of the farm. A vein lir - ex,e/tent coal of
alio. [nu. feet. In [blot neae. and two velnsiif err
else underlie Llie Part.dlirlY
ink. teeing to their entillinilty Lii a pied
market nue tne [mint iee fiv 'hipping by ILdlriind
and venal.
This would mkt. au Eve Mari. or
.Vordroing Farlu. •
haelng a read}, market ill Bearer Fife.. Sew Itrlgh •
ton and Fallston. with en aggregate Pointlet lon. of
bounded thousand persons. .11sla niece of land
In end descriiied au folios., Contmenr:
Our at a stake In sent. of railway track. dietant
.1040.100 perone. (Pin. the Nest bank lif Big
Beater creek: the,. be land or .taineit Patterson
north 04 demos nett 3te .10.100 pevelies: north
73,: 1 7, - ;:. , ,_.7::, l 2l , ,pelf:nr,Vli''P'zt - south'
3034 o e' eeirece west 17, Peter. to a stake; south
SI degrees went ill perelica to a Make: then . . by
VIVI el kt d eel-Z.'' 4TPTlll'7.:Cr°l7,7it'''!",,,"nt?:
noel 731; d scree. want 14 7 - 10 Perrhes to n
seeee: .e o rth .11 ~.. chotrees west 11, 63-100
Imre... to a . ke: south eighty-nlne tSl9ldegrees
sweat ....P.Npe shes to A nostisthesee by land a
Thomas NI rII . north 1 deg.., west 129 3-10
Yrjgg . l 4 t o ti . r.v.. a t;! . .: ', l " ll ' =:l l .4 l l ' .:4 ' 7l!; ' p_i:
degrees eitat 4o perches to ti teisti aunt& a eV.
Suet MP. perches to. black oak 'tempt SoiS
degree, rant 101 91.100 perch. In rentre fine
of tenet Of Pitt..ll. W.& degree.said
mtreine ot railway Ira. south 10 13
inutes enet 7043-100 perches: south. lite ne.
ee eciii Pt agnates cult 6116-100 p. he.: sonth 31
degree. 3t4 lIIIATICW. east 6 06.100 lures..:.
south .25 avg.,. 48 1:41110 , es yen( 6 06-100 '
nenlaesi south 211 deceits. 3$ 6 06-
100 psichcsi south 33 dein...N..lS minutes east
006-100 noreheie...ll. 37 degrees ISt liil.tVl
cal& 0 30.100 percties to OW, Or bee.nning: con
telnlng 100 mores en/ St pciette, sitbleot how
ever to the rlcie ot aity of p p. w , & r. it. Ne,.
whirls i 'wool PN 2 erre. and 411 ps•rehes.
No. 3. --A piece or parcel - ..1 ha.. In Patterson
Ti.enship. , .
This k a Chpirr Piper of Meadow
but only partlullymoder fence: n spring run
through a mutton of the ground. a vein of coal
and rot Clay sysderlie the place. This would also
mar Dairy er Garden Feral.
bounded/00 tlgsti hied
, as fellows' Iferlnnlngot
: L rrit " tZt1 M ; I :11 ' 1111 - 411_44t . 1 43157:1-g 171: 1
• scam, thcneeb land et Janie* s t attemen lusts
1 degree - east • t perches to a host north 8 . 0%1ti.'
gret , mad. 41 p elms ue u ataltetnorth 1 dentate.
uen .4 perches I n stake: ams h o s m
TO`lPy r rtrocl'/‘ : n t!.% a fta ' att 3b n
thence el Perm of Imul NM 2 " . last a toreeald Mt
3.4 degree. "'lnd a 34v r ,
suske: "ra 73 34 degrees west • 7.
50 estrettea toe take: north 41 1-2 degrees ie..11.
iS 63-400 he bun fit si
I n , multi MA degrees
"eel :112.1.4
_pe Su n blare of beglunteg.
entatnlngillo a tee :Ind 140 rourrhes. •
TERM., 0114 .r .:ne third purcbsee t wo
of to be pall do n. and balance In - one and two
with a t e al Interest thereon. being created
hv bend endear, mum nu the .pr0pe.r.i..1c1.4...,
II On] 1111 es .nu of emulator and preparing
. .
Periions I
thereof, will pie
donee lo New B
" oPi°l
Ibton. q. N. HA ILK Ell,
trustve. •
At Edgewoinl Station, A nose DOUBLE. TWO
STOICS' BRICK ROUSE and nearly' 3 acres of
ground. The house - contains 'l5 rooniii iliu •
'collo! soft Water In kitr.beti• Ant on. to Root of
n oi t r phd Id g y nits i e n w ii ill th d k o e wei ti tit
p atll dud escro w Ins
' ' 1 pof
Pilrmoat If suitable. For further Inftlnnation all
I. . at the• RUM oneianto Edsworth Station, es tim
JOUR air• 1
i 51.3 kzusa.
Products anl Arts P
--Jo - ; - 0 7, -- „ m _„,„..,., •
.. •
ndustrial Exvosition
FN - N
I%rilnesdny. Srptemtirr
.01'TOBEIt lt), 1870
Chamber of
, willow, Bo'ArdrorTrale
erhanics' ilia tr.
AND ALL. ENMAG • 1.1 In the pnaluctlon or Wotan
or Amami Inuenutt eru invited to contribute.
.The Manager. will matte this Exposillon of Art
loduntre••npert. L in pwlnt — ot attraction not!
practical benellt ton I concerned...9_l4 . lly dltNarttf
n skulks nalure:whl has ever been held in this
For full triton:Alit a. l'ln•ulnen.llnlet. Reputa.
Mous. Blank - APVIII 1t , .., for OM, etc., v..,
1 .
.lINCINNATI I. Dl'S'elti AL :r
Exi:osirt4 , .
Now L is lour Chance
Morgatt4tern & Co'S,
Nos. 7S .and so Markel Street
LADIES' cOVTON lITR'VOIt 10 , .1, ' -
IVORY I'ARVEDFANS VOII 73 , 50. T — _ , —...-- , .
MIEN'S '..,"1105E 1011 'diets....-• -- ~,..
ir i , it' 13c11.
..".`tre./e ( 1 0 .14. ,,
‘ T'''ll II fen.,
Puaik i :.z
Skelet 4,11,,
'orset- ,
•Ectgulg. .Lacels
Largest. Assortment
NO.Bl K elp-aka 4%r.. , ii• - r;.-piTrs_B l nto
OMEN DAtILV framl'ocil
11 KEAY EVENING ,ft May Ist brk.'sa
flow to %Jock. from Worember Ist
to May 111 to o'clqck. Interest paid ut tbs
ruts of Ms oar cen, mo. of um. rout ll' not 'Mb
dlimaktompouudr seml.kkormullyrin-Jublult7rau4
July. Books of Ely4Ave. be.. I=lool ut - tke
Moo. ' - •
.11.Mrd Managers—Geo. A. Bcrri.
Hartman. Jas. nat. Vlaa , P,reelatnts; , , P,
1110nley. Secretary and Trrannenr,
Ileadfey, J r . L. Ursbam. 8. Bell,: , Win. K.:
Made*, John B. Illinoeth. F. Ratn, 0. eihmsbee,
Joshua Mnk, JrnE.• Faatt. Reibl. 0. I.l.2ltunts:
Ctktteopher Znir.
• U. & A. EL Bell. &Mellon. . re •
6tee dolonband japan Tea.
Is by tbelmitt bbeb,
, Afresh, invoice ch
mitteed prf
'P0.11.84 tam fay
cor..ubirnrsact Numb
Commercial +I Family Newspaper
1111:1-1SEIED IN li-1-43TY-KN
wit S.. fnmer, mechanic. nr;sll.4ehunt thould
hout t.
brutlu subscriber,— • • $1.42.
' A 0,7 is tUrulshed graraltously to lb, getter-up
cf Club a ten. Postmaster, era raeubrlurt lu
act as Agents. Addrers.
-. ./Phlnling. - he.. not llt(ttliNg
RIVE LIN ES, 3clll be Inserted*, these ehlthnits once
,ter 1,1- EAII'-F/VE CENTS: each aJdttiohht lane
Fil'F. CENT.
'MO Work on Penn Menne Ex
K. MI Ae - KEN.
th . T. U. rill .1. a SUN.
t't.ruer Wan and
111,041 FEET OF GOOD (TIM M;
, K. BRACKEN. ‘'
A enly ut I he(era,,e el T. IL SILL A. SON. corner
Veen and 33,1 street. InSen&l
•AITAN ' I'Ett -- A Situnt ion by a Young
(lert. Arkin.. T it.72 .l.° 4 l AVPl , i n ci•°.` ' hi f,`l' 4 .
.7..',..,•",,,,,,, .Lif , ',„:5.,`,5V,V,!,,,*;,?:.`,.`, 1 ,1:::
Yeah ells. A gent'ennon Well quallned ran secure
Impertnnt ter,ory and n 'Suable , Intract bind.
dression. KW , JrmakSral und references. •
!ale Cons ••• Itl9l. Pesleltice, New Tort
firs, )T—.lLasfesvar
01 31
/ , ..s.- (road !
LI ICI, 111/X
.Itllllediateb, a Dresaor
Si Tem( etreat. • Non*
but all expon. And tlelKi apply.,
_7•1!? ..
C..numlsalan Carotid cnnntry. Apply at Na.
tim:thtlela trert
RECH ITs.—Spyrai
ab tea fvll;efhtrir'Uifitili (37111r.Za
i',L=. 4 ll.4.S.Ftli MVP ' . This tympany la one of al•
bast In the Ltat Anon : Apply- at . tbs 0fic??2,21,_
• •
- S .11001 Teachers,
he Sto.e. Townehly School Ih.tylet. lb.
of DI r ors Will meet tat CLISVERIS
1101 l told low/Ishii, oil J¢ly the
30th lthlO'clor
to7rrkkowl' • 111.
orkl . ward.
lATANTED-Several Men for Farm
Cooking. Choroborwork. MM.-room' wort awl
11,thr work or All descylptivo. Apply at EMPLOY
al NY? OFEICE.Zio.I SLrf,h etrwel.llrwt rigor Irma
12Arapenrlon Ikrldke
30.0(1010 Lunn la letrpto oo as an mr,ont,ta..
at a fair rate of Intertst.
1101. liund'cild Real ratate Wolter.
510.479 Seto.htlto.l Street
Thirty Thonsand'lloilnra to Loan
. .
, -
Itt Pule Irr snip II Am pun la On property IP Aneptplull,
conntj At • Pitt rite pf Interest: ~-..----,,.." • -
. ...... - .
I....:TRATED—Front the premises of the
nhow-Mee lad Monday, a indicant elect
rr: COW with black dank about 9 years old:
rive , milk: both ea, cropped. A ,vita to roward•
will ho paid for her return to P. Clef:MIN
. Corner of Wylie and Roberts streets.
Porket 'Book containing
4bOLIt I/110. The Melee will be ilberallr re
warded lousing It at the O.V/.F.TTC COL NT.
-LNG Ima,m for the
TO:LET.—No. :JO Esphtnade street
AllotheOy.OthfE rooms end Ontshed
attic gas throw:hunt: hot and cold wales , to
kitchen. lhavleialok given Se plot:thee let." Appl7
on preinisea.or to JOIIN STERRETT. Mamma.
1 - 4 " OIL. SA I.E—CIUEA P.--'l'hetst4ek andA it:cruses .1 that old estehllahrilltetstl flres•d:
rtri. Nu. 235 Sandusky street. Allegheny city. •
Lone...qua...lsisotherark; gusr•doterti• gnul•tai.
Slnessigiou.) r selling. Also ter store '
.risini [or • el. Arid, the.prerulses•TA
'.111i111!111"1' 1. 1u'21:10
111; 4 1. ,,, Ai , 1.1.k . : - . 9lll. L i th lt . To h, SitOTl !if/ 1, 5)i ;
aim am/ tivirair. n'n7lijenterii gimr7Z.ltear.trio...
and mild water. bolo* and above •
tair, nearly new and ail La itudd order.: T he lot
la 36 feet front, running nottti one hundred and
twenty test to a wide alley , with astable on thelti.
ley. 1,17 , 11 and Cual houge. SC. The lot I.Weil 0.1
with gripe vines. other small fruits .ond /throb
fiery. Tor further particulars, Int/etreLit John
hammy. No. 01 Beaver N0_1136 wen
ore avenue, near the premises. Jr..ftm
„ . .
Country Residence
r i Ott IiALE—HOUSE. Furnished
L Ni . et 16 First street, ell Io
boardiNrhorise. Terms l°9".d
.3„ row of Lwow and Raul street, wean rooms`,*
7111 Wass wird In front. The bat location In the
wird. WIII sell low, as I wish ttl •0 to thy
Apply ut 00 LOGAN STIMST or ad.
f.l . g•TeSe. N.L. 11.. "ill 00 Lopu street, ' 7-11
1.4 . 0t1 SALE CHEAP.—V,SOO will
1 buy a house with tiremi.. end sieii, eke
Sour lots 2 g feet front by lOU feet In depthorltb
stabiles, fronting on of orty feet Wont, umsliall•Ji
avian, Wel of - Pennsylvania avenue. Twentie th .
ward. near-Rust I.lberty. Apply et 174 s a ves
wrest. near Seventh avenue. Julliwpw
1.4"011 , SALE. ,
tiLlgt74 - M t litTAlY.Pio good onler.'' ' l '
One or Two 11011005.
Ap7 to
JOHN prsii, ”,...., .
c l ig:
h o . f . ;4:,iith tanAl street and i =rirt,
iiFOR` SALT.-D:1000 4 and IlbHers. • ~
,( " ,,
, New and Second Reed. of lik , i kinds, otentrinnlir y„ oa hand
04.* tr.. all AM or the Pointer prompUr at
tended to.
Corner Marton Avenue and P .Nt. W.l e. It W..
itiogai CV, L i nlg4 ll .lci=l;, " Aa w a l ii nui 7 '.''
thereon; one. a line, comfortable and cOnvogiend. , , ,
house t rood water. and one of the best water pow
rs In %rester° PeunsrPranla fora milli
1 10 Wiwi A ..., ,
n= Ole elty. on tho wawa of Turtle Creek Road, .
Aof simile from Stewart's Station. Central Ralts ',-.
road. :Also. tevond ('ad Farms in good logattud• •
nod hd"'.fo"""'
E"'d. 1. 1 13 i . WA /W. '
melt Na /10 Gnint St.. oppwite cetp e d s .y, . •
181,0111. 2 acre sada In orchard of hut/obey- •••I , P
Ing Apple.
, Peach and Pear Trees. • . ,„
92 0 =rigl i ng e a r 'led Or th e cite/. Price
.u r: ANL7I.OT, OWE*/ choice hearth; fruit. ,
Price 973. -
ILA It NNW COTTAGE. 0 11 omss i ds hail • •
front ind Ode porticos. 2 cels.. lane et
prod Well et water at bars door, outlaw strumwod
Mriiri q hrei b a th s ' attnr h ' .4l...l.94 liWlS
rem, opposite wroth uf ..„
itaaret.rl9t. Ww
ferct Illndio ore : i wit: 1 aere. Pri ce
1ge11ig.:11 . 241 Aileen rut lies wallt dchard
of In.,
1 W. LINIIART, on the prwelret, •' • .
WI -arra
_„. _ _ . _ •
VOR SALE.—An elevant tram cot.= " ' '
'l• prtbrne.
m, containing I roams and hallote- - • ' r ili '
irate i n i lot 20 ht 100 feet. This Pow- I .
~-, '
erty i very desirable, both on •econnt of Its
" oow -llPPree ' r pi t . all '* .:II IITodl:fItZoba
1 hid e
e nd beautifully sit listed. 104,00 by 1001 • •--
feet ob 44th street. near Butler,oa be h0e.W.41,,
present for a 'veer' reawitableeonalderatlan Taw ,
will melte a pretty Spot fur a handsome residence. ,
On He dare street-A frame dwell in 2 eliuri -
tontsthlmrl9 pqms. now' renting for g i be. Lot -
'24 bytloo, 511. 000 wlll buy th le, w lch /star-t ,
b. t l irlAral l tr2o by 100 each, pleasattiy sans- -''' -
teen the Pennsylvania italtowd. cm Ise pee- i
rhese OM by applying at the writer of Penn int - ' tan
tiro slaw double house, the Iresldegad of.; d , ' , i.
'lobe S. Ifennedr.lbei . ed/Ohline the Weldenne
of Ai via. Wm. and iter . !niter ... and Ifip,Swier
lu Malure townstilli. on the Rew Blitlitun Reed
*WWI 3 mae. front the •
ciii Thehowl rtirtaine
l 4 waginualso,lee litho:rand' wail Ini mom. win- '
riterklichenandlaundry andout-howe,worenient •':" •• •
to the main building: the holm*, supplied will • •41-
weler!itod psi. , The grnalido, comprisina shone II:row
/Oh acres, see tastefully laid out and we elocke9" ,•.•,-,,,
rithan abundanoa of Scott, nd ornamental 9.115, 1,, 0 , g,d
tonal /rune, de. On t h ePw a11e... !" .41 ' 4 0 4 ., •„-i
mid grap.7. oo t hr.."' '''.' gard "'''' 3 tli'ra4 ••. I .‘
3 mortis. Verner WWI.. on the P., Ft. W.AI C. 7
R. R. In within a few minutes' wall of the /wide . ,
r'r. g rins, siemens at the PEARL 74 trA:lve. - r
(I't - .n4ets,
ALP:..—A new double frame house of Mx
"roe a s oelbur. COMtntatt C 141,111. lot 30 feel •
from Bertha sweet. ?donut Wasblugtoa.. 07 "1/,
100 p. 0...Q....fr0m Qalm. cribs
bid cal tour.aquuruul....b. bdinr
. :,7 TH all a lzll4
,m...."^~gy,.:~:~s3'e''exs-r :cf~.~ r ss..
PEMIIIAN. *Km)* ilk.
P/ 1 . 4 /PUIJI=U/613.
heet Iron Chimney, 24
fin:meter And 2010,0 feet
ntt. Address. stertinext
tientrell. ru—A3r
F.. of 424 olieret
CriAILLS'S 314ligI1Y,
Real rntate Agnt,
' tIR Glint Intent
1 ' `
.. ‘