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Penes. teavjue the city t i c the summer. wishing, to have the Gazrrre:eent_to
them, trill plenee pearl their addresses to the
ot6er.) Price by. mall, ili cents per inputb•
Fee le—ltcate..—Ttro Rood routes on this
paper trill be sold very low to good. energetic
carriers. None others . seed .apply. at GA
MITE Ceetiting 'ROOT. - .
Eibater. oat of 'emplortncat...will and an np
portunlir to Mirage In (0.13) a paper, nailer
the bead of Ward,
Daqtc—The attention of the ILVef .100 oda.
ordr ir D i gest. the ordinance on page 24.1 of
the 'City relative to dog,
gases. •rg sk Lasereirrevllle Wider , Co.—
The stoc holders ot Ibis Company will hod a
notice, CI neerulne them Into.lny's yelper- ,
first pas. ,
Pleats Diod hogs and burglars. The Street
Coto otters haul the former off the streets.
add the 1 tter take Care of themselves. There
Ist° one o "ferry" them oat.
Thirty ^yr.—Jett - es a. Clark was arrested
and take lt Deputy Mayor Otrtwright.
.Of Last tborty. Yeste;day. on' a charge of
'vagrancy and. COMM/ . ttil to the Work
house for tetirts doss.
Young h4tes Bible liinelety . .The regular
monthly meeting of the Youug Men's Bible
Society of Allegheny County, will be held , this
(Thursday) ereuing. at 7X o'clock in the lec
ture room of the First Presbyterian Church.
Borety, Jpplla A. Smith inside information
before Juatite Helsel yesterday against John
Bonnet). foraurety of the peace. ette alleges
'that John came to her 'residence and threat
ened to take( her - tire. A warrant woo Issued
for the arient Of Bonnier.
al uf. Henry I)oren.
lien on 'Fore.
we published yester
wed yesterday. Cur
lest on it last even
a verdlet .of :mei-
dLo lan
ay. an
day gnat
:e that ibe directors
twrenneeille Bridge
to rebuild an trots
. burnt stew weeks
c'given out nt once,
lost in having it nu
grtuid'ulatch game or Wee ball
win come.ell IleitSattirait3atteroool2 at three
o'clock. between Vise Unknown vs. Oceoln.
The celebrated nit her (rum Californin,-Ileary
Mertz, W 11 1 .151100 fur the - Unknown. The
gaure will Cattle oft et the Old Fair Grounds.
en etching game is expected.
of the 1
so that
The members of Equality Temple of Rona
No. dl. are requested to askemble. [ht. morn
Ins at Templar's ltdll. GT rourta :tne
From thence at 1_";{ 'clock, kharp, theyoil
proceed to juin In the funeral procession n
their Into Ansnelate Brother Wm. E. Holmes
Mater Lodges ore also Invited to partlcipalc
tinnelt.—A little girl, about ten years of
White playing In front ut Dr. Dickson's
omee on Pena street,-Tuesday afternoon, was
Inn struck. She was carried into the Doctor's
office where she received medical attention
• - and In an hour afterwards was able to be re
moved to the resioenee of her parents. in the
Tenth ward. •
• Flooded. The tunnel of the Panhandle
Railroad under a portion of the city iallooded
In consequence - of the break In the Try street
newer. which is noticed in another place. The
-flack wan .submerged in. about two feet of
water. and owing in the drift- end rubbish
which floated into the tunnel trains were pre
vented from passing_through
Obstructing an Ofnrer.—T. Nancell and N.
Laughlin, have been .obstructingi Constable
• John 11. ffehren. of Aldermen Thomas's race
111. the discharge of his duty, armed with a
' - warrant to arrest a CCIIRIrt petty! ob
structed Wm, and by their efforts the defend
ant escaped. Ile Immediately made informa
tion before Alderman Thomas. preferring the
above ettrge Warring issued.
telt Against the A. .V. It. R. Ca.-In the
• - United State[ Circuit Court. e
yesterday morn.
ing,Disttiet Attorney Swop a suit
against the AllegbenY Valleyinstituted
Railroad Com
' • pony to recover for failure to comply with the
• ' =Maio= of the revenue law requiring
' terns to be made of the amount of interest
'paid on bonds. coupons. to. The penalties
need for aggregate twenty-four thousand dot-
late. • -
. .
The Flee Commlaslen.—The Fire Commis.
alocters held a meeting:a their office on Fourth
avenue yestertr The only business of in
, terest transac t Was the election of a Secre
tary. Mr. Ellie tt tendered Mt resignation,'
which was accepted, and Mr. William .1. DWI,
s'who has been connected with the Sheriff's of
fice for a number f yearc. was elected to fill
the vacancy. 31r. Diehl Is a practical man,
and will no doubtlnta ke an efficient officer.
• ------- 51 — al - 7c as -.8'.------L' ..1....5,,,,, 5 ,,,..
. 1,,L,,
. - fore Alderman -ff owns yesterday..rtt rc
- • Nicholas Feinting r for surety of the peace,
• alleging that he tent to her house and threat
ened to kill her with a tumbler. A warrant
'was issued for defendant.who was arrested
and a hearing held. Dail was finally en
t o
for Court The same prosecutriz also
' made an Information charging the same de
fendant with assault. Bad was entered for
ithwunies Award4.—The Commissioners for
Penn avenue • extension yesterday evening
" awarded the grading and curbing of said
avenue to that well known contractor, K.
. . Bracken.F.sq. In this gentleman the COM.
missloners and all ipterested can safely rely
- ' • on the work being Well d quickly done. As
. gridence of his indefati able energy, at nine
• ' o'clock last night his b was accepted and
{tell d
slx o'clock this mo ng over thirty arts
- and bones were at work on this end.
Assault end Battery.—Caroline Fell apps d
beldie Alderman Thomas yesterday and m de
an Information charging John Fell, her s
tand, with:assault and battery, alleging t at
. he beat her with his lists and otheru se
abused her. Aarrant was Issued and t e
defendant arrest ed and- a hearing held.. . t
the bearlikg the defendant claimed that 's
• , wife .vas insane. Afterthe hearing ball was et -
' . tered, and the matter has gone to the con a
for anal adludicatiout The parties reside I
. - •Frankstown. I
' )
. 1
"all the Night Long their Mournful Watch!
they Keep. - -A chronometer, or pocket time-1
to be of valu mug t be correct, nod fall-
Kg in tlds. it will; e
be but a mournful watch.
and demand constant watching by its posses
sor to keep it goltuint ell. • To avoid any ouch
annoyante procure your watches front W.
Donseath, jeweler, lit Fifth avenue, who Yells
the celebrated Watch w hic hches.
both key and Pendant windersre un
doubtedly the best watch( In the m7 k et
for durability and correct t me.
Moralerly Condon.—On gorday - last There
appeared before Alderman Teaming, of the
Stith ward..llrs. Ellen Fannan. who made the
deposition.that one Anna Levin did act to a
grose disorderly manner,, by calling silent
crameroos bard neunes add lmting in Often
,f1 :1
ways not sanctioned b law. all of which
tended to make rip a disci erly conduct ease l '
n Patinae feeling atter eyed, appeared be,
fore the Alderman and m de the informatioh
as above stated. Mrs. Lecill was arrestal.
sad • bearing had in the case. when the de
fendant was discharged on payment of costs.
'Mew 11 1 1rns.—As will be seen by referen c e tb
their guard, Messrs. Johttli'Klrd.r ned Weans
der Taylor. botirof who'll are well known 14 1
commercial circles, have formed ace-partner
ship, with a view of conducting a general .
commission business. It Is also the design of 1
the new 11,n3 to opernte Hour. grain. feed,
seeds, etc.. etc.. on thei own account, nnd we
have no doubt they will r
soon build up a good
trade. Mr. Taylor, as in 'well known. Is no
novice to this branch of business. having been
actively engaged In It for several yeare. nut.
his partner. Mr. WKlrdy. le an energetic
yeast man well versed In bnainess matters.
A Fereetests Dog.—A correspondent muds ut
the following: On Thursday, July 2lst; Peter
Spigher. a farmer of Conemingh Township,
• !Somerset county. Pa., had been off front his
— premises, and upon returning. his son, echo
was lathe house. mid to a large mastiff dog.
"watch him," (of coarseof meaning that he
should attack his father. The dog sprang at
the man. and caught b ni• by the band and
arm, breaking some bones In hit hand. and
- caught him by the throat; and could Illot
be extricated until the son struck an tar into
• - him. The wounded 'mistime killed the dog
and retired to the house. The doctor was
sent for Immediately. end the wounds of a
dangerous character properly dressed.
Dergiery.—The residence of Mr. John U.
McCune. N 0.248 Pena street. which had been.
closed for some weeks, Mr. McGleaned fami
ly bat= absent. was eatered by burglars due-
Instiseir absence and completely ranmekedi'
but nothing carried off so fur as can ,be as
certained. Every lock on cupboards, bureaus.
arc. wax broken. and severed pieces of fine
aditnituee were damaged. and their contents
strewn promiscaously about the house. The
thieves were doubtless, lrching for money
or Mate and !lading none eparted' without
carrying anythlnd else st,e• • with them. An
iiiidar of
and thrall,
entered um
noted the
other day, - ititady
the house formerly occupied by FLOP & Sher.'
bed, where they . arlli be glad to see their
L'lttetedl4 eiyttcrilHrlys L aar i MISS
Ikisides dealing to antic, they operate
taciadoed,ri ours. White Lime. and are the
agentitiOr the Johnotparn Hydraulic
Mro i nlavlttle Cement. We take pleasure In
commending this arm to the public, feeling na
mood that they are both energetic nod tells
- Ida Minton" men ; and that all Ds/daI:SS trans
actions so tar as they are. coneethed 'trill hd.
done - Oa the square::
, •
'Unit Irtitstee Nom of Temperance; •
_ The quarterly session of this organisation
;will commence this (Thursday( 'afternoon at
.. tkree • o'clock., In TemoersamiAlall., No. 67
- ' ' Poitrth - avenue, and will no doe be the lar,
- .; gest quarterly meeting that has n held for
Zi n r i s s Ert of the O. WA., oho C. Ma
: of Phllf*lrilla. MTN that the
Order la e °Tinge sfi . eof mon al prosper
'itgiregitTrethDtteralresedUrt:(l 0.1 . 2 7:1
..'• working order.- -siorti 't teen 2.00: 1 mom
bartrbeen Initiated. making the total mem r
.; - ship of the order 1e Oils
d oing over WACO. The
. . - good that this order in doing does not hi nor
means wholly smallest Itself In an hicrease of
for at over four bundled white
gagetbm held dming-the last ; nind months.
-• . SMUT affeca the total rihatlneuee pledge who
; •••, -.. -': did 91nect themselves with. the order as
•• .•''' - nit fit .ha nt divisiont hareurranged
. ; • toes =meetinf: Vii.tie held Ode (Thera
at If o clock, In flew. Alex.
; . Clarra church. fifth a
with short
• addissmisie by prominent and,-eloquent mem
, bell Of . the wider. ,
= •
, 4 1;
• ' -
• "- •-- .
• -
A SQUARE ON Fill • ,
--..-- '
Another Lightning ,Bolt—A Bat Ite the
Klahlb Ward, Allegheny. truck—Three'
Tanneries and Your Dnrelllng• In Flames--
Families , Turned luta the ntreet—Thelr
linnets DentreyeC—Loco s72,oo6—Partially
The seal of the electric fluid has beet, get in
a fearful. manner upon thin section. Storm
after ktortn in quick sticcennlrin bare visited
this vicinity, and .each visitation hat beea
marked in a
_way which will nerve to keep It
In terrible remembrance. Indeed. so fatal
and alarming bare been the uniform results
of the storms. that now• even - dash villein is
looked upon as a precursor of. if not vengeance
itself, and the first inquiry after It has passed
away is to discover the resultant damage.
which Is Aways sufficient to indicate the
power end appalling character of the agent.
Yesterday we ctionicled a lint of what
hag Bern done by the latest advent of the
lightning. This morning we have a atilt more
fearful record.
About clue o'clock taut evenlog
paistiii - nier this vicinity. hovering overhead
however. Just long enough to deluge the earth
below with rain, and furnish another dioplay
of warring elements. The storm continued
about ball an pour, but in that time caused
damage which. will require many months to
repair. At the time it was fiercest the light
ning lit up the whole earth mound with a Ono
cling brilliance and the thunder roared and
cranked and rattled and then died away, as
though intent upon keeping up Its terrifying
reputation. All expected another bolt to hill.
md in this they were not disappointed.
Shortly after nine o'clock
and struck the tannery °Chin James CallerT.
located In the Eighth Word. Allegheny. near,
Ileres Island. Mr. Chllery resided across
from his establishment and a few minutes .
Previous had been looking out of the window
facing the worka. Ile turned nway as" the'
lightning because inure brilliant. but it was ,
not long before a dash and a crack. more
terrifron than the rest, was followed with
lurid light which shone into his room, Look
ing out he discovered fire Issuing in a large
volume from the roof of his tannery. it
seemed but an Instant before it WAR •,:-
And the work of destruction , in full progress.
The building was located earner of Mc-
Paden strict nod the Western Pennsylvania
Railroad track, Iron, which it extended to the
river. It'swas of frame 'turd burned like
nowdcr. The drat story was occupied for
tanningpurposes by Mr. (Iler.r, the second
as a trunk manufactory by Mr. W. J. Gilmore.
la the second story, northeast corner, the fire
nest broke out and soon the whole structure
. . . .
its in flames.
Next to Calletwls, westward. watt the tan
tulfy of Mr. John Itobenstein, which also ad
joined the works ot the Pittsburgh Tanning
Coinpany. The three establishments had a
frontage on the Western Petinsylvanin Rail
road. extending from Pine to McFadden
streets—a distance of one square. 'they niso
occupied nil but a small portion of the square
extending tit River avenue.—the excepted
part being taken up with three dwellings.
The ere spread with lightning like rapidity
:Ming all three (none buildings. mot ill a very
few nioinents they were eawntpped in Ilamei.
So sudden was the conflagration and so ex
citing tv:vs the scene, that for seine t line nu
endstruck an alarm. All seemed Intent upon.
eavoring to save theinselve4 or ProPertY.
Amiss 31craden street was 'located. Mr.
Callery's house. oullosite Alm tannery. It was
Itwo-story brick with frame bock buildings.
t was on bre almost 89 soon An the tannery.
and the Inmates had some difficulty in e“mp- ,
lug the flames and smothering smoke. One of
the family, alma bop , was sick at the time,
and bad toile co . to a house some dis
tance away from t e scene of danger. Ef
forts were then made to sure the house and
goods. which were juirtially successful.
Simultaneous with te tiring of Mr.Uallery's,
the dwelling of Mr. ',Jacob Hoerr. a carpet
. . .
weaver, ca ught. It Its , located on the north
east corner of the lot coupled by the tangier,.
and'vrds closely adjol ng that building, ll ,
wan completely itestroyed.the Inmates satire
a portion of their goods only.
The next house on nee was that of Mr. Jan.
G Bland. fronting on MtFadden street. below
the tannery and near the river bank. The in
mates bad time to get out of this themselves
anfl secure a portion of their goods. It was a
two story frame and was destroyed. ll
land was employed in Rabenstein's tannery.
Within a few yards of Oilland's was the
two story frame dwelling of Mr. Rubenstein.
fronting on River avenue and just at the rear
of his tannery. It burned so rapidly that the
family could secure nothingof value and lost
nearly all..
Thug the whole square! was on tire at once,
and the flames shot up skswants, sandlot oft
cloudy pyramids of black smoke:and reflect
ing a brilliant light upon Troy Hill. above the
dashing waters of the river, up and down and
across the river far up the rugged sides of the
opposite hillside. The scene attracted thou+.
ulds olapectators, who, like bees upon a hurl
ey comb. lined either tutnk of the riven and
estled along the hire of Troy Hill on the
Allegheny side, and perched upon the house
tops all around. frockwhlch a good view could
be obtained.
For halt an bout the flames contitued to
burn with great fierceness and yet no alarm
was struck. In all probability the Depart,
meet would not bate been called out, but'
that the Chief Engineer,. observing a light.
and thinking it to be a flee near Lawrence-'
case Occarn;EZt.t: r h o9S...! 'r !r•
exertions were at once put lona. Loma a up
for the delay. The Department was ailed
not and In very short time responded In full
bine. Once upon the ground
was f ,
tad to retard operations upon the up.
per si e of the fire, but the engines Hope and
Frien hip pumped from the river on-the
lowegaide, and thus supplied In a measure
the deficiency Seeing that the whole sonare
must go, attention was directed to the oaring
of the otlier property adjoining. and to the
preventio experienced sof the flame.. Great
difficulty s e as ln this as the hose
bursted several times and then the supply
was not sufficient to extend form the enMues
at the river. [which bad been taken down
At the only feasible point] to the upper end of
the fire. A new supply, however. was brought
from City Hall. and this difficulty u - as thus
overcome. The people on the hillside opposite
d e ' fl . Xt7g the e L
e b i n
t " a n k e t
t h ' u ' s D p ° r n e t r h e e n i fe t li ' 7.llft
fro igniting. At one time a strong gale
spru g up. pad it was feared that all the pro
pert above ItcFaden street. the eastern ter
.. of the fire. would go. but active exer
tion. prevented this. In about an hoar after
the remen had arrived the Lames were in
Ow , and no further danger was apprehend
ed.l he lire continued to barn all night, nod
Kill. oubtless smoulder for t eral days yet.
Tb re *as. of course, grea confusion .d
exalt ant during the conflagration, hot after
it had tub:Wed emnewhat the sufferer, begun
to figure up . ..
me LORA,
%%121014. based upon the intuit careful esti
mates; will not fall far short of 1i12,000.
The principal loser is Mr. James eallerp.
11., estimates tils loss upon his tanners and
stock at x,oo¢ upon hls house VAX. Upon
t Is he bas an insurance of about $lB.OOO. Ile
o e n d
s he xt a e n n ne ve
na m uart arnedr s W
1 the srestern part of the State.
. ,
The Pittsburgh Tanning Company will lose
abOut MiTIO. with an insurance of near 117. ,
onn. This Company was organised two years
as?o, and is columned of ten person,. of whom
are Megsra M. lie Lange. Geo. H. Anderson.
J. Herman. August Headley. James Cal,
lett. John E. Downing and others.
• myrat.Lose—MPURANCL.
- r. W.J. Gilmore estimates his entire loss
at $3.1X0 with an insurance of 14.000. He had
Just received it new stock of trunk bosea yes
terday which makes his loss come heavier
thnhit-otherwise would have been.
• • . . . •. . -
. .
3le. Roberusteln's loss consists of his dwel
ling and tannery—about $lO,llOO. He Is lest red
1 7.000. -
M . James (Mend lost his house valued at.
41 • , Insured for $1.1:10.
ftv lioerr's house was worthl/4,00, this is
a to al loss.
The Insurance is the various companies.
could not be aceurately ascertained. So far
as could be •procared last night, this record
.shows as the sufferers. the Lysoming of L) . .
coming county. 110.00; Cash of Pittsburgh.
fin.Orri Enterprise of Pittsburgh. $l.OOO 41-
c ty. tretilit Artisans, UAW; York,
-borne uterprise of C.lnclerintl, $1.1%10. The
home 'sweeties it will be seen by this lint
\ iik
cameo very light.
of the fi e was the - subject of general conjec
ture. an several rumors were rilloatin regard
to It. T e only properly authenticated one.
bpi/vete was that It malted from the light
clines st ke. Is gentleman who was sitting
In hi. ho se, n Aloft. aistance away, says he
sow ast -am of Ore descend from the cloud.
and as It havered over the building suddenly
separate to forked tongues of flame and db.
up:~ to an open window of Callerv•s
tannery. a a moment the flames shot out
*rain and the building was ablaze. 'This
statement Is corroborated by another eye
witne3 Who stood on the Pittsburgh side of
tee rie r. And Is altogether the only one which
can es &lathe rapidity of the conflagration.
\ 1 '.. neginmerg.
One ci ,
_l' Hie workmen 'in Callery's tannery
bad secreted the savings et . ten rears In an
obitruak la Usireffksee. Hawes frantic In the
prospect 14 hid lOsse.and during the proven
of the ffs.W.s Wall hardly presented from leap
ing In after 61. treasure. Hell try a better
savings beak the nest time.
There were eighteen barrels of varnish in
011 mores trunk factory. localityontmenced
toLueb the beat. In, that 'permed
and for a. time It was Impossible to stand
within several hundred yards of the spot.
The cross pieces on the itelegraPh Isal@
were burned and the 'wires dragged.sto the
ground. Workmen, 'however.'. reptlried the
damage as soon as the heat perMitted.
A switch which had jut been complete:toll
the Westeen Pennsylvania Railroad was do-
Mroyed, b i tthe maid track waa,tudelar , xl; -
.Atloget er it wooa canflagratipnwhtc ha In
Its origin d the resultant dam , Still Mark
... 601 .rja iiii the Watery agony. and
I add another i to that . 1. •• d
'at destructio which bee, ahead • • El ..,
stroying elect °pad hereabouts , witire
f the house
relars both
tioloNa 1144,1 Reg
This titterer= Rev. if. E. F. Volnit and
wife, of Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland
parents of Mr. P. 'ff. Voignt. qf the !inn !,i0
Volgbt, Plaburd keg., :f r. Liberty ntreet,
celebrate the iftlethannlveriaryof their mar
nue by a golden wedding, The wedding
win tnr given at the reskleacerof the venerable
couple at Mt. Pleasant. They were married
on July =MIKA and are now well advanced
in years. Mr. V. having reached the age or
eighty-eve, while his estimable wife Ix in her,
neventieth year. Mr. V. was the ant miesion'
ary neat to the Miami Mania. la 'Olt' and
wax mg earnest and faithful mlnist . The
marriage of • the now venerable COPPIe bag
Proved to be a mathannonlonn one. and We
trust many year, of happiness_ le skim Inhale.
"opericd: lade
A fatal ottiroad Ident
Tuesday morning, at Palestine, Ohlo. It np
pearl that Mr. datiaa.l3tusacill, :a lankelnan In
the employ of. the ?Utilitarian Fort . Wayne
and Q . T.:, UallWaS Company, us. coupling
cant at Q.T.
mine. Just over. thet.Ohlo
when he slipped - I.W seas eatightbetancen the
•bunipeTs of two limorflrloaded freight ears,
.and soserionsty lislured that death ensued
a few hours. Ilia deceased was about swan.;
ty-four years of age, sad leases mile , who
was at the time of the accident ou n visit to
some friend. In Allegheny. She was tele
molted to and immediately left for home.
Sheeting Affray In Birmingham- Ailed ' el
Murphy !hot hp Joseph ablehlge--stlx Set.
Vired.—TheWminded Man's Statement.
Mirmingluttn. which within a fine non hs
past has become notorious, on account of iI be.
frequent murders mid rutting affrays col ur
ring there was the scene of a bloody trnn' ac
tion last evening. Aleut half past Sig u'e lick
au kffray occurred at the Mechanics E inn
lionse on 13th street. between Joseph .
e. 1d
ridgand .3lichael Murphy, boOrmentbet, of
the engine company, which In all probability
Neill prove total to the latter.
.• Oillolo Or TEE IlligletlLlT. 1, ...
It ISO tifilleult matter to nscertaln t 'Etife
cause of the dlMculty. nn the only learn' who
appear t to o know anything •nbout it nr. . dis
posed bo reticent. and not only decline to
give the information desired: but endeavor to
r e
s en t/ye party who did the shooting. St' i
far as taisreporter could ascertain, the facts
are n. follows: Aldridge and Merril, hall been
drinking together during the da-rint ere
, a short time before the shooting tarn , both
drunk_ While In one . of the many 5 hisky
dem: It ith which the town is cursed, th r ma
into a quarrel. which terminatml in a fight.
Meting the fight, Aldridge. it is ntntrd, truck
Murphron the-nose. causing the blood i glow
freely. After the first fight they hot came
to the engine -house together. and A !ridge
laid down to take a sleep. while hi nrph • went
mane and changed his clutters. returning
'silly after nod sitting down in a chair in
'fro t of Oleo:twine-house.
• A Ihn. moments beforertht• shoollntlpcctr red One of the members 'of the company came
Into the Engine Muse '!lntl finding Aldridge
lying nitleep on the dour. aroused him and told'
him he had better go haute and get his elipper.-
On getting up he disetwerett the man sitting
In n chair none the door, ',asked who It was..
anti when informed. that lt wax Murphy, lie
said he would give him a' ducking before he
left. Ile then• attached the small hose to the
hydrant and turner. the ktream nil Murphy
, who immediately got up and Wade n rush for
' Aldridgei when a scuttle ensued for the hose.
Murphy it apneas.. rut possession of them.
when Aldrld,Te stepped back five Or six feet.
drew his revolver and 1 ,, . '
. rums sta.:Mora. •
Two of theshnts missed Mnrphy and atomic
the InYing',if tile door, the other four entered
the •ffily of Murphy. one on the right side, :
I. trilling the nloiontittill cavity, two in the
left breast. tual, penetrating tile le, nnd
the other, in the eznahr Intrlele 01 th e left
:arm, penetrating in, the bone. ..., 4 7" . .
)i TUE D .1
WOUNED talet l ,- q '
The shooting had the tendency:' , to attract
quite a crowd of persons aroundillor engine
house. and when it WILt ascertained fhplur.
phy woo shot he tea. nliteed upon *sett • and
removed to his residence tin Manor treet.
near the howl of Sixteenth street. whette he
wail attended by Drs. 1. W. Riggs and Mc-
Dowell. 7
Ay heJ our' repo u rt i' e7lXXe ' r . esid l ettre 'of the
woundld roan at a late hour lost bight. he was -
still lining. hut the attending physicians e,n- -
tertaii no hope' of his recovery. and score.
of the opittlOn that either of the -three shuts
in the body were sufficient .to prodfineMenth.
_ • Orffiffial.. , ll.7/.1011',1
sns atlOTli - stated but 1. low minutes had elay
red titter the shooting until : there:was n large
gr o ow.'" fir womma assembled nt: the engine
lins, n:non;; wham bete seeertil of the
Southsile police amt otherlnflihiala. whose
duty it Was to arrest the .perpetrator of the
gieVit. yet, t hr,ugh their st upid it y. he was
maturrrEn TO gsy,y Pk. t,..
All, Ilrlegalie in.: ,last (wan fill re, olver.
Aldridge quietly replaerd- a in , Id , rocket.
picked up his hat and walked horn, wer two
attuned tm te ene oue, WM. e
a a s ro uffici h ent l g en in gthh s
of time t ehmege
Iris clothing, after which he returns I to the
engine hous among the crowd 'n eititens
and otheers, e,
and talked to them: out the
bloody affray. lie remained there laud tlf
• teen nil nutilW and then quietly sod sl away,
going In the direction of the Di iilligliain
hridge. and as soon as he had dep . NI officer
Eirbly got on a car nod came to' tin Mayor's
office In this city, related the eke, istances
and a neward of twenty-0 • dollars
for the arrest of Aldridge. .
inn MG, . I I •
Aldridge. the tuns whin litifilhe.ilvoting, is
it coning limn twenty or thirty. liter
and When ' , Aker, is said to be a very tqwetn
tile, qutet. f eat:table man. and DA, the re
vers.. when drunk. His relatlvel, f whom
he bat oaten number lnthls city; an in Iltr
mlnghatn. are highly respectable two' e.
Of Murphey's cbstarter we are u aide to
say much. as . he does, sot appear .'t be well
known by those ulth,sehum we co erred.
•He if a young nian. not over twiesit -2eren
years of are nod Is inarrled. WWI eteri
to strong drink. but had not been int. ated
for about a'year until yesterday. slag
-swona to abstain f rout the use of. Intoxicating
liquor fur a year. and t to time expirwl yr.ter
ilaY. ,• I I"
itl , I. STA E. ENT. '
Atter Aldridge had Imen perrnittoffi in 4,- even ,tit ,;test baring been wade
to arrest hit. 3 JUAI it . .1 the pesoe stsited
the wounded man. w ho. alter help[,. whrn.
made the following statement
... lye were Oar , InCJlllttoget her, had s
li ever- 1
al drinks:. interubin ,;,,r;10 ;.IC-Ole; nt t, t hat
I went honor am! changed my clothing: f sent • .
eitgina house: found ,itle Aldridge ly Ins ou the
than: picked Mtn up and put hie, on the, hairs:
In l
at the " - ark. of theengine house
op elf: after lachy, 'roar Vail came in and I
said. 'That Ls a goat attor, Joe then got up und
asked who was sleeping la the yard: 'Vail told
him It was IP• then Joe :said. "Let t put the
y.,......_.,,,..„,• end hi started to sq irt optic
when ud; wbebeidid this.] ow in loffiPtd, and we
both had hold of t he'd's - yule; we We're. attain
ing round: he let gce Sao did L. I laughed: he
.14, you Irish s- • of a b .-. YOU can't do WE you
did this evening: don't know what he mom!: he
Pulled out a pistol and started to tire at me; I
said, Joe, what do you mean? I ran, he fob'
towed me. , .d ' , but 'me.: raying, I'll fix you:,
then I ran out of: the house, he pointing a pis
tol at me: then It ran back again, and he fired
at me again: I think he hit Int, ;every tlmellat
tired: after he tired flee or six stmts. I ran be.
hind the stove, and some of mn friends took
-e ton doctor." • : .
Rescued by a Won
A thrilling lacldent In which nGertnanw
man. whose name we ss.ere unable to,ohinin.
'displayed a spirit, of true heroism, occurred
,on Two Mile Mon. near Cartwright's . Woolen
'Factory, yesterday afternoon. In conse
quence of the heavy rain which fell during
the afternoon the tattle stream was swooien
into a small ri and Mrs. Mclloiland. wife
of John 3lctl °nand. who duet business at 175
Smithfield street and tresides near Two Mile
Kum lo the Sixteenth ward. saw her • I,ld.
little boy flee years of age, on the site
side. , The firealn wmerising rapidly an. runic:
lag 'down therallev in a perfect tor •t,
sweeping everything before it. It had Oren
approachhd to within a few feet of where the
child {Ma Sitting enscied at O.V and appa
rently Insensible of the approaching danger.
A slight foot bridge Spanned the stream in
front of the house and the seething waters
were by this tinse within adevr inches of It.
The mother's only thought man the safety of
her rhild, and to think.with ' her at this Mo
ttled. mall to act.. Like lightning she sped
nein the frail structure which spanned It
sire and seising her darling laity
atartinl In return to x place or safety.
She 1 reached • the Midge, which in coo,'
InallleaCn of the rapid rise' in the stream
dal the abort interval, Inas now partially
Satan rged In water and must In It,feß .
Man,. to the force of the current.
Withtt heeding the danger she started on the
patotage and had reached gavet
of the bridge when the 'structure way:
. .
submerging both mother and child in the tur
bulent *treat°. In her struggle to reach a place
of safety her child became separated from her
and wimcarried down the stream twenty o
thirty feet, when it caught bold a fen •
:aid was rescued by a man who witnessed th
thrilling scene. The mother WO strug
gling fo the water unable to reach 'either
shore. and two 'lnflows" mat worthy to be
called nom) stood,,! and serer offered her any
assistance. A Gentian woman wills resides
... . •
near. seeing thee there was something wrong
hastened to the stream. and seeing the woman
lu the water hastily divested her. (Ad such
cont°. of her clothing ns Might •an in
ombrnnee, plunged Into the water, seised
hold of the drownrwoman and drew her to
the shore. Such true courage Is deserving of
the highest commendation.
iofl6P/I FOitsrniz. Esq.. of the Pittsburgh
bar, has gone to the mountains to rusticate
for a short reason. '
Ileany M. Loan. Esq., and family left for
Chlcaeo Tnesday. whence Um ,
.veUl, leave for
the west Ina few days, . '
Hex. tt. 11. IiMVAIID, accompanied by Jahn
Y. boy. Em., left for Bedford springs a few
days ago. • ' •
5111. Wm. J. &MIMI, ' Mh, Mary sawyer and
Miss Mary Gray all denarted for Cape May
yesterday afternoon. - .
11. MX lira Swore., U. 11. District Attorney.
left the ear yesterday. for Medford Splines.
lie will be absent for about a month, nod slur
log that thee will VISIt.CMPII May.
Joni Poet lionarre, Esq.; one of the ablest
Irish Ireton,. of Mg counter. arrived in the
city yesterday truer D akota Territory. Ho is
President of th e "Notional I rip h Colonization
Association." chartered by Congress. and
comes hereto indoooorie Irish citizens to emi
grate won end. make settlement under the
provisions of the Homestead and Pre-emption
IRMO. Its •wII I a lecture an Pricey
evening., - • •
In Trnalilli_.
James Porter, trim Is somewhat notorlosis
and figures frequently in [Mice reports; has
.Ccaite ,trsol' :strolled .4tid taken'
before Deputy Mayor Nichols. Tuelday even
fa'sirlitikeniess and
- dleorderli conduct, add In' default of n floe of
, - Sil a commitment wits made out Lotstsremty
four hours. and the Milner slott ed to take.bins
to jell. Ha pmceeded quietly melt they 1 . 1,'
rived In the Tmth tuurds where 'he hee , e he
h of friends whom• be expected
/I • • erfeee find-reel:llc him from the , oft
, • Atilitittfltrattdirlttilatiolgbltitt'lef go no
further. /sideman Koenig wits called to the
assistance of the odium/ and Porterecized him
hy.the leg Kith Isle teeth and bit.tdm soyetalYs
'A dew raps with. the mace eausests.KlM ltd let
go bit hold and a few more hod a tenddecry to
PPing him to his senses end lie ecided to - go
ith the °Maur. , ito.srps lodged d In Jolliet the
(meaty - lons Miura:bud tic information :was
made against him by Alderman Koenig for
assault and battery.and by placer Casten° for,
resisting an attlPer.' A commitment for a heat ,
ing. which will wake place to-day. wan 10.11)
lodged agrelost him.
The rolluvrintr , neeonnt of "nn nocideut
Mnior Thorned Wllll.acni,'ilditit Thomas
Williams. of - Alleelitar clll Horn
that on. At.m4i, ; eveiiini — WFior Thomas.
Willistuis" met with merlons necident. , if.
bad returned from dinner to his mom, in the
second etbry of a building on Emit Spring
.oteee6, Heron afternoon nap. .Wiles he arose
the tOm was dark, and stePPlad Out. as he
supposed. from the door upon the Matt no at
the head 'of. the stalre. - he _vraiked directly
through on open window. extending from the
cellingtO the door. end fell to the droned he
tow. He was immediatals .dhunwered. and
conveyed book to bin room in a Hate of bum.
gibidtg Dr. Varian . eras smirencated. and on
examination'fdlard thee patient's -dollar bone
brolten,ink_that he bad talatilaed internal In
jury. He iniffered timed during - the night and
yesterday, bet last evening 'woo opparently
much improved; end slept quietly. We bone
to give a more favorable report of his condi
tion to-morrow. -
A linen et: th' Ewalt Street Bridge Blown
Down—Tsse . Men Precipitated into the
Mier-Asia of them Injured. .
During the storm with Schick this city was
visited yesterday attenuant. a terrible acci
dent occurred at the new bridge which in in
emirse of construction across the Allegheny
river, known cc the Ewalt street bridge, by
which twelve men were precipitated from the
level of the bridge into the river, a distance
of forty feet, and six of them more or less in-
The piers and nbutnients of the bridge have
been completed for some time, end the work
inee were engaged hi butting op the wood
work. The greater portion of tiaatimliers of
the first span on the Pittsburgk side, which is
floe hundred and thirty feet In length. bad
been put in place, and at the time of the
storm. Mina three o'clock yesterday. same
twelve or, fourteen men Were at work upon
it. While being engaged upon their work.
under the direction of Mr. S. 1.. McCain, the
cant met or, who wan on the epee, gale clinic
sweeping up the river, which swept the tins
: here. from their foundation like - chaff before
' the wind - and precipitated the entire struc
ture into the watery taking with it the twelve
men who were at work limns It. it would be
difficult to iinaglnethe
cooed ar cing GALE
vithout witnessing Its effect. Large timber*,
. 1 1 / 4,
out •of them foot squarrore ve snapped In
wai and oth rs were twisted Into splinters,
and. tn al .gle stick of timber ,311 left
landl in It. place.
The ulster I. ere the accident occurred was
ortnnately s ..110w, and'those who were nut
njurcd by to fall and falling limbers-111.n
ged to recap, from among the deists, while
Were rescued ,by persons who hid been at
work on shoret The Metes of those injured.
R. far as we could ascertain them. were MS
follod's: Frank tin% Injured In the breast,
resides at Torrence Mallow Calvin Smith.
• truck. on the head by a falling timber. and
raw almost drowned before rescued, resider
. . . .
• WI Mani Mel.aughlln
lelds, leg broken 1.-
knee: Hnromit
. . -
in Seventeenth ward,
resides na. lirnddoeks
tsreen the lolkle and
. .
heifer. lives In West Virginia and bon rded ot
Forty-second strectocna slightlY injured h
the .Tohn 'low nixldes un' Redford
nrenne. had his right log broken. "The eon
tractor. Mr. L. S. McCain, and his non Theo
the end of the span which rested on the pier.
they managed to secure a hold on the pier
and saved themselves from falling .Into the
water. The wounded were taken out and re
moved to their respective homes or hoarding
houses. where they received proper rtimileal
MelCsOltun •p thr Monougabcia Is mainly
settled by reptselatives tat the Enteraid Isle
and a feeling a e tyi_ls entertained against
persons af all' other nationalities, par
ticularly imainst? Vernon, from Fatherland.
To' , ltch'itn extent ih't nit feeling carried that
taw Hernia. Itam been compelled to leave
the place. and ante opts' have Moen made to
drive others await, alto, to their credit be it
said, bad too much illuck to be Intimidated or
frightened by the baltstlng and t hthatitaf their
enemies. A few months since Adam Gioia a
quiet, civil anti Ind. trams Berman, lourchased
al lot in theythlalty, erected hitmelf a bottom
upon if and noosed hi, little faintly into it.
lie then engaged work in the neighborhood
anti has been ...Mille employed since. Hy his
leoloostry hp hAri ..... II able to improve Me little
biome, and lothanse it presats a better appear
ance than the hoVels and huts which aurround
It. Jame of Ida neighbors took offence at him
and`aosolmosi tu drive him out of their midst.
Adam resolved Mit to get. paid no at tent inn to
I ,
their boast. aid - threats, tout attended
faithfully to in lowa business. This:
bad .. a tenoleum to Intensify the hatred
of his enemies, rid more desperate means
than mere idle t treats were resorted to tto
drive him front t heir midst. Monday amrn-
Inf. a. he was quietly proceeding to bin work,
at an
„early hour, la bile it waa yet disk, he
teat attacked by two men at a lonely Mi. , in
In the r0:11t. whit threatened him menacingly.
laconsomence of the fact that the enemy out
numbered him two to one, lie was forced to
ilitlbbieict s 'and beat a Misty retreat, andas he
did so the attacking tinny Oared two shots at
him. neither of whith did Piny damage. As
soon as it became daylight, Adam thimble' to
the office of Justice HOW, and made Infor
mation charging John McCully and:. Ignatius
McHugh. with felonious assattlt, alleging
that they were the part!es who made the at
tack upon him. He also made Information
, against them for surety of the peace. A war
rant WA. issued and placed In the hands of an
off : et, who arreHmi McHughee and con
ducted him beforeabe Justice, who corm:id
led hint to the looick-up for a hearing. Mc-
Cully. hearing of ttie arrest of his partner. and
not krom ing that he - wan included In the in
formation. called at the office to enter ball for
McHugh.. warn he was Informed by the Jan
. Vc, that hr would be required to enter ball
for his own appearance. and Could not leave
the o thee Until he halt done so. The heeP4l , 3ll .
loyi U. provided and the:accused were re
The 1 . ..n.y1%
t ton will bold a
in the Court H.
on the loth, 100
rrnteltath annual meeting
In the of tonenster.
1 11th of A ucto.t.
Timm r,ient
yet witttesp.eil
•lexiletie,thb. meetine will
est icalberirrgs nt tee bind
Ise State.
I be of the Root Interesting
reported with the chnieett
LT the - .Codon (lode," of
home of Prof. J. If. . Shu-
Thercise. •
characte exe r, and In
*elect:ions of Mu
t..ltaufbentiounc, I.
Addretnes and
the President. ii
litn. C. Oaten.
Van ilnkkelen
mare. trill be delivered 111.
rot. 11. S. Jone, Ert. Pn.
U. 11., Preeldont Latayett
&loins, Esq. Lanes.ster;lte ,
Sterylned, sad T. (lark.
tete 7111 be
expert and eel orts wit, read upon
following topics: I, Civit Government;
Graded Course of Study for Conntry School.
1. Vocal Music in boots of all grades: 4. The
Preparation of Ho s fora course of Collet late
Study; 3. The Itead'ng of the Miele in the C.un.
mon Schools; 6. 'tate Xid to Permanent
Teachers; 7. school Illustration.
The following topics will he discussed: I.
The Several Report* Read; :.The Grade of the
State Normal Schools; .1, Should the Public
High. School Prep re Dove for College? I.
Should, the Sexes Educatedlogether where
they 'may be Smut ted. as in Cities and .11or
°ugh.? 3. What Ste uld be the Extent of tae
Religions Culture f the School} 11, Permanent
Cent [dudes to Tea hers.
The city of I.anc. Mier In very easy of otters
from all quiwterer. nd the local arrangements
sare such as to turn h the most ample accom-.
modettions at the le lit posaible expense-
The usual Wirral facilities will be afforded
1 ,.
by addressing C.. 111. Harding. Esq.. Ticket
Agent of the Amt {Athol, P... P-3 Oxford street,
Philadelphia. who will furnish orders for
excursion tickets. .
Itetalled Informed( .1 In regard to focal ac
commodations elm hail by addressing Col.
W. L. lk-nr. Lancelet • Pn.
' No effort wilt be 9. red to make thin meet
ing one of 't he Most . ecessful vet held in the
distort - of the .00CIALI011. The topics fur
consideration are among the mint rdoi , and
the friend• of education are earnestly lorded
to come and partlcip•Xclo.their discussion.
The programme. iu bill, will lie found pots
naked in the cations educational Journals of
the State.
Local papers tb out the State will die
the cause of educatlo service by copying or
othetwise calling ate Minn to this circular.
and by giving .peel prominence to the time
nail ahem, of meeting.
ell anus W. DRAM.
Ctsil a r:t e ly ,n E c x b ec or. utir ., z o it . e te . Pennsylvania
. -. .. . . .. ... .
' Piddle *hoot of Detroit.
We are.hidebted to 41 . Robert W. King.
President of the Iloard if Education of the
city of Detroit, for a 100 age panKihlet eon-
Imbuing the Twenth,seve th anemia report of
the president and standi "Committees of the
Hoard. We learn from ids report that • De
troit had one High school \and fifteen auxil
iary or ward school houses' in which one hun
dred schimls are tanght.
Tne population of Hetrol In ISO
.. ... . . .... 1/.0013
Assessed value of real and µermined
property . .. ... i .'1 ... ~.7.!At1.3.14,7
„Cash valuation of real and personal '.
Total city taxes for adpurposes. ..
Money raised for seta.' Purl.... •
Money rained for school betng . --
Curb value of city public School prop
..rrty . .• .. • . .
SOIIOOI census., nges betweenfiand 10 !um
Number enrolled . .. . - . . 10.717
Average daily attendance at public .\
Whole number of sittings . ' 7. 127
Whole number of teachers . . . M 7
Number of weeks in school year ... 40
We regret that we leave not space for I the
able report of the President (who by the-
m a ny
,o native of ad. city and Well known to many
of our citizens, and ilium of the Superintend
ent. which arc drawn up withdeelded nullity
-end would he profitable reading for all en:
meted let the cause of education. whether, elle
rectors or teachers, to nnyof Whom we trade?
the loan ef our copy. commending it to their
.careful perused. . . ,
111 - o - n — rd - hi — ig Hemet/toil-6;i
If Chief Hague and hie•pollce, lnatend of
violating , the on by distributing poison to
harmless cum, would to their attention •to
%bele Idattifirdst datitialcide Stwitch is the
protection of Our cltirrns ngninst thieves,
tome of the many dente( ators.-who outnum
ber the °worthless ..1,” mighthorslbly be
arrested. While the p ollee cry searching for
some poor dolt, and perent I 'Catching to see
?Illt - P e r i ol n angt; 4 roeilfg7. 'l'Vnihr =
kept by Mrs. Wearer, at FA Penn street,
val ue
entered by thieves nod some articles of value,
stolen front romdef the boarders: The rooter .
of Mr. Th o o k uv, t le p kv i ls rens entered amt a
fri stn . l t e ' n ' . Th P e 4 room n gravtat i ,;7ll l .l..ile doi- .
, - was elFilalled, sake trair of sleeve buttons
ati..a. rat studs mottled oL blln.Olegnr
snaky Jest' sa the.thlevirs were lettoing. nod
llemed with a revolver hit gave chase. He fol
lowed the Intruders stir nig the Street, but
fortrMately they sue; ed In =king their
'escape before hitcould ring his ',Walser to
bent upon them. The nuberoade by the rd-.
.trotting.burglars rais ed he attire hneseheld,'
and for a time coosld le exelteldenr exist
ed-th the tieighborh . There - lye° clue
width:would lend, t o apprehension of the
,FIN It I f o r t o *0 0 01111' tO prepare
poison for the dace,. would suggest the
employment. °teem° ono Ise, so there may
Tune the voles, hr Hllittle'ac 2 PetitheelloO wis
dom In the detective Lundeen; hut It he most
min poison, let us have n chief of police. , .
' Hoer. d; Conferre • •
At the close of the normal examination of
Nebraska College. at Nehrfiska City.. on. the ,
sib inst., the following hOwnrary degrees were
conferred, viz:
The de . of D. JohiMeNa
morn. of , LaCrosse: W 'Rev. Thos.
Crampton; of egteAg.e.M.y: of
N . Fri,T A lynta Peykler, New ,
The iMreskiblat mange , et! Nebraska City
couliksma kille.enatagend. to hanora upon a
Tool e worthy recipient tenant venerable and
venerated Rev. Thomas Crumple°. of our Al
ter city, known among us for his humble
no d. arduous labors la the Christi.
We have no recollection of 4 wwe of more
provoking mulishness than Was presented,
last evening by John Hanna driver di car No..
14on the Pittsburgh nod- Birmingham Rail
way.' The henry. rain storm about eight
o'clock last night flooded the track, on Carson
street, at the intersection of. the Browns
ville • twit. and covered it with' mud
. . •
and sand to the depth of ten or
twave jaches. in consequence of which the
cars could not Pass. ear No. a. going up, Was
stunk in.the mutt, and Nos. 10.d3and 14 were
behind it. John wasdriving chr No. 14. which•
was . next to the • city. anj the conductor of
the nor directed the passengers to change. in
tending to make a trip back to the 'city.
Those going at , got out, and the car was Oiled
with passenger. for town. a large number of
whom 'were ladles, but John refused
another 11e would not even permit
dtis er in hitch his team to the
the nor and take it to the city.
after k..ep•ng the pusengeta wit lalf Im
paiently tor one hour and many of the ladies
had become tired waiting and walked over
the - male - concluded to drive his team over.
The conductor was extremely courteous and
accommodatinKto the paosersgers and had It
not been for him doubtless the car would
have rentaindd:where he was
Such a
- mule" as John and the man who
• drives No. 13, who objected to making the re
turn trip are not at to work with horses
much less drive n street cat, and the anPerin
tendent should get rid of them at the earliest
opportunity. Iteret.ifore we have In variably
found the employ ens na t his road gentleman.
lv and accommodating, but John and the
driver of No. 1.1 are exceptions to the rule.
. The Old Canal &ee,
The told, sewer on Try streei. hhowrr h" , the
idd State or Canal sewer, has ,for a numb, of
years been a lICIMIC a Made and eit name to
the'eltv. to that Its MILOS 41 and the building
of a new vine in its stead has become an ab
solute necessity. Scarcely a year posses f
late that there are not twoor three breaks in
the sewer, and but n few months since our
readers will remember that in consequence of
one of these breaks some twenty or thirty
families were flooded out of their homes and
their penman] effect,. nil destroyed. and. they ,
thrown upon the charities of the city far
support.. Yesterday morning there was na
other break In the sewer, but fortunately It
to not attended with such disastrous conse
quences nit that referred to above. The street
committee should/rive the matter theirimme-
Mate attentiott. as the city would save 11101101
ill the end by constructing an entire new
geWbr. •
lEtatna. Mechanical Engineering act
' • o :
Patent .taenry, • .
It Is with' pleasure we an:m(o3er that
Messrs: Tavlor it 14allows hare taken, tip the
business formerly carried -ou ley Perveval
Ileekett. lb Federal street. Allegheny cItY.
flush ott he above gentleinen having' had con
siderable experlance In that line of business.
are fully capable Of undertaking all engineer
ing work. both .civ It and tilechaniyati, indclud-
Ina surveying' and the ordinurirsoontine of
werking coal cud (other Mil., in connection
with the patent business they are also adopts.
hay tog \ had not only' every possible facility to
nderstand the ordinary continent the Patent
Office. but also the sometimes arresters legal
busluescicoonected therewith. We cheerfully
recommend Messrs. Taylor Fallow% honor
reaolerA (.t. toasters ill their profession:owl also
as court) sus and reliable men.
The' Peenlest Duman in New York. MI.
K wr known in our fashionable socklty
Err ber atipenratire and benutiful
nornplea on, was ones. a unllow, rough-skinned
girl, chagrined at her rtsl, freckled Nee.- She
pitched lulu ilagno's Slitguolla Dalin, and. is
- now as pretty In cumpleatoo as she Is (*lnn
ing in insane.. This article ure.reoltlell !reeks
• .
tanotalion nubs, math-pnt elsex,ring-marks.
etc., and auks one look tra yeam monger
than they ire. Magnolia Claim fora trans
parent constriction, and I. eon liathrtiron ib
make the hair plenitful. luxuriant, soft and
delicate. have no rival. The ICathalron pre-
vents the Isalr from turning gray, cc:nitrates
dtuolrull, and Is the best and cheapest dres
sing In the World. :
az the at Tr:t thhi hot I.titnnter conituhr
• . . .
of fresh meats am ufted. vexed to find what
ttwy bought in the morning Is studied at night.
The remedy for this evil Is to buy frontn skill
ful and conscientious butcher. who selects hit
animal. front the best to be found, and brings
it fresh and sweet to hit MAHN. blltCh-
Is Mr. J. F. Beilatlne, always Judy supplied
h chalet! nit s and Joint* at ilk stall. No. 7$
Pit tnborgh market. or Nu. c Allegheny In 3
ket. u you try Bellntlnee menu once. yt
will try them often. In
.11enrs G. Hale, Merchant Tnnor, har jus
germ] a large assortment of Ilnens and'al
.eetts, also a complete assortment of goal
or, summer wear generally, corner 'Pen ,
venue and Sloth street. tf
)1. Coach Ride..Cltartiere Railroad—
To Erie—lts Hotels—ate Water
Worlot..lte .Bar--To
Niagara.. The Cataract Bou..e..The
Falls..To Pain.ville, Ohio- .Ite
'Beauty..rearbe., Apples, etc.
To lsegin. ' A mach ride from Washing
ton, Pa.. to Pitt;.bor i zi,. Did 3,111 ever
Like it ':' ti rand for liver complain:Aim
Mortal hard On fhOIMMICX. Sired of
:molt remark, bye —a fraction over three
miles per hot r. That
_tries patience in
tbeaestayst of Uremia This reminds 1 . 11.
of that chant re road. Its prisgress is
very Slow. Th r ., seems to lot so little
force on it—not cough to finish 'it in the
neat tiny years. 1 Why it. thin. Niels is
'surely wanted aonowhere. That. road is
needed badly, .rr badly: - People are
s i ;,.
tired' spending a even hours. and . paying,
two dollars and i• quarter, for the misery
of being tranmakted Dyer a distance of
twentyaia Miles. in an Intolerably moan
and dirty old mach. We long 'for the
speedy completion 4 the railroad: That
will put Washingto and Pittsiburgh with hour's rides° earls other. Happy
day., 1
t'ropsja Washington county ire very
abundant.. The corn splendid. Fruit
trill ta , ll.lse picrity.
From Pittsburgh to Erie over the rail.
load is a desirable ride or a pleasant day.
finch a day we. had for it. l'Ut up at the
Reed liousen model hotel in most res.
pectS. Proprietor and clerk attentive 11101
gentlemanly; bill of fare all any tote could
desire; rooms well furnished anti neatly.
kept; nothing lacking-to comfort.
Tit. city of Erie -a quiet place. No
hum sf business; no push and rush. lite
peopif seem to take it leisurely. Met.
chants Wait patiently for (111 , f0Illeill, and
.the street ear MOM regularly, whether it
has passengers or n o t. You can crotwauy
thoroughfare without being in danger of
- hasi lio market house—the streetin
used an a 'substitute. ..
The eay nottr . be justly proud of It
ater worli 'they Imre 1101.11 erected
colt of about a half a million of d
She. may 6180 he prowl of her BaS. It
a a beautiful sheet of Water, co vered
early all the time With the-white nails of
Idearotre boats
On leaving Erie after •tc-aojonrn of n
few day. we lira prepared to nay, that it
dealrahle place to may daring the
heated term:
To [faith, Over the Lake Shore road:
A cltrmins;s ride. Bond tanzo!wt perfectly
etrnight and revel. Cara comfortable.
Rate of • minced rapid. Buffa l o Is a large
and active city.
• Down to Niagara. Potop' at die rat
mart House. A splendid place. It's to
cation to so adminatle; standing an it doe
right at tbs. : Rapids.. The holmr in yea
kept and largele - ttatronized. It in teem
ing with life. People :from t:very direr
tlon are here. •
No wonder sandei annually visit
the Falb.. They are Inconceivably milli.
nificont. To see flint - 11;ln a pleasure that
no words can dencribe.
• Front Niagara to Painetiville, Ohio,
twenty-nine miles must n( Cleveland.
'Mists n beautiful little city. It shows
much cultivation of taste. Tie houses
nod their - nermundinge are charming.
'nitre is a flourishing Female Settliralry.
All the streets are lined with beautiful
shade trees. In „all the region round
about. Poilnenril le ',cache; and applen fire
very abundant. Att
The Piano a. a refitileace,
Piano-drumming is an Loth of the. rid.
tech States, rather than of • New York,ilint
It has, probably, ItAj highest' nolnk et de
velopment ,here. There is no other It
in The, tabitt; where 'the, satielt esti-Mom
nterellesaly run. the gamut' Inoreltripli
ponoeuted, than - in New' 1 - ork.
If' the crusllrtaker , W, 01 4" only Put dowri
thenumber of piattoplaYeri, thee would
gratlfr, ,the curiosity': and. recerve the
thinks of hundreds of invalids. I believe
tjal• Many i Col3o4ettil t 4 6 el m
ne,3' Into A' reittp*i. And the , to: the
grave. Many a moribund has been hp
tentsl to the tomb at a much quicker pace
than he would otliernise hare lAn by
"Daryl)! Absence," executed by one digit,
lifOre tlum,dne brEdir fatter PPAA been gen-
erated by a long course of "Shoo Fly."
There be •nervmut,euffererartho will not
Yitrilye 4 Captairi Oinks, orthe MAisit
rinse," I dare say typhoid has bake
'promoted' brWalkinw Down-Broadway,
and 1 have little doubt that mental' im
-beer'reute. l by an
her' boots:: ..1.•d0 . ,
.tiiu.kwiar-Oxit the
Plano has ever Mike
mums so a muse of death.. but I have
terwaspicions that as nottry die from it
very year en from sunstroke or drown
tug. Yon can not treat it as you welt
a•lnt boiling establishment . , and;
it to a. n otwee.; ,r,rotr,tinery
:the melodious you hike to
Swallow, It: 'irlietti;r' you erill.,`,Ot not.
1 - riu am like the drunkard whew; phyai.
likr! by condemning hit&
to have the ;iota and r enitence of whisky
inserted into everytbing ite'',ertfa and
drinks. With every Mouthful swallowed
Ids disgust
. growe more Intense, until he
frantically: begs to be given hls natural
food 'RlM—Nets York . Correspondence
of the Philadelphia Telegraph.
. NICHoI—SON—NICIIDLSON —A t the presbytnr.
L. personate. Freeport. Pa. on Tuesday. jot,
tHSh.lbl7O. by Rev. Jobts Junkie Stench, T. C.
NICHOLSON. F.5q....1 Frankfort Springs. Pa. to
2 1i1101A R' FItAMCF.S NICHOLSON. Vllltleugh..
ter OTiVICIent &Nicholson...named. of Now He
A DIED: - •
the ___! o'cluelc Wednesday
The funeral Will tete saws Tins iThursdsyl
°USING nt 10 o'clock. Wow she residence of. he
other. Chanten sireet. corner Of Western Ate.
one and Rebecca street, Allegheny CUT. •
W WRIGIIT—fin Tuesday, July .26. 01
7.anesville, Ohio. En. ELIZA, wife of Janine
Wainwright. •
"nen.' will tab. place Irum theti4l.ft„ f II
J. Walharlght, foot of 38th stroetllate'Mime;
of I.awreneeville,at 4 v'eloClE Tills 'aritataoun.
Friendsuf the fatally are sysspeetfully Invitant ht
1101.111iS—TurudaJuly 10. %V N. E. liol/Mgs
.red 13 years and 3 a sp, y
The funeral will take place on Turusoar. July
28. at 1 •. stanne the residence of his father.
Norval Holmes. No. 33 Sixth...num. The Mends
of the family are respectfully Invited to attend
Made vrtat pore CARBOLIC ACID. which la need
In IlivitrAteld by direction of Eminent Physiciana,
bat already Droved IteatiLto be the most moth/ and
•11 tettull mint for all Malignant gores add Ulcers.
and for Borns, Cott, Wounda.and all Skin Mumma
no equal be • Rapid Curative Agent bu yet been
dlecovered. PRICE. 1.1.1 CENT!, , •
• •
Henry's Insect Powder, .•
For the Denructlon or itoACOES. BED BUGS,
A brs. he. PRICE. MS CENTS,.
- 1
L. 11. ROSENBA CI - 1 7 S
Patent. Medicine Depot,
For Material to be Supplied
to the Navy Yards Under
the Cognizance of the Bu
reau of Construction - and
111 , 11HAV OP Colima:cm:: AND HEVAIR,
WASHINGTON, D. C,. 'WV 11, IS:(1.
, Sealed proposnla to furnish Timis, and other
material for the Navy for the fiscal year end
ing June au. MI. will be received at t his Bu
rau until 1.2 o'clock R. on no Pith of August
neat, - at which time the proposals wilt be
opened. - • ••
The proposals must be addressed to the Chief
of the Bureau of Construction nod Repair,
Nary-Department, Washington,d must be
indorsed "Proposals 'for Timber, .hr., f, r the
Navy." that they may be distingulabed from
other business letters.
Printed aehmlules for such clams as parties
deal in nod intend to hid for, together with
instritctiom to bidder., giving the forms of
proposals of guarantee, and of certificate of
Vinrintorc, with printed forms of otter, will
he furnished to such persons as desire to 'Md.'
on application to the Commandanta of the re
spective Nary Surds, nod those of all the
yards on application to the Bureau.
. . . . . . ..
The Commandant or each NAV) . Yard and
the purchasing. paymaster for each station,
Will have a copy of the schedule of the other
yards, foresamination only. In order that per
sons who Intend to bid may 'Judge whether it .
is desirable to thatenpplicat lon for any of the .
classes of those yards.
The prooneals must be for the whole of a
class, and all applications for Information or
for the examination of &ample., toast be made
'to the commandants of the respective yard..
.. The proposalsmust be accompanied by a
certificate from the Collector of Internal Rev
enue for the district In which the bidder re
sides that he has a license to deal In the . ar
tide. for which be propose.; and, by direction
of Ih. Ditgrrtmerit. Mats or °Pro trill be milord
only rom ponies who I Irr Nino fide deakra in,
or. nufacturefs oi. the articles they offer .5.
furnish. The ruarantom must be certified by
the Assessor of Internal Revenue for the dis
trict in which they reside. '
The contract will be awarded to the person
who make. the lowest bid ioul gists the
eunralliee required by law, the Navy Depart
ment. hOWPVer, fawning the right to-reject
the lowest bid, or any which It mar deem ex
• .
Sureties in the full amount will be required
to Mini the contract. and thrir,s•ksponsibllity
mart be certified to the atittlitrizywo Of the.
As additional security tweetY per retßilni
la• withheld from the amount of the bill ,
wall the contract, shall have been completed.
:mil eighty per rectum of the amount of each
bill, approved in triplicate by the Conimandant
of the re.pect be paid by the Pay
utter of the stag ion •Buittnated In the c
r -
act within ten days after the warrant for
the tome shah hare been pamui by the Necre
te classes oftherr' c ':117.7 Bureau are liumberod
and degisnated a, follows: •
Ni.. While Oak Loire: Oak White Ord,
Carved Tttuber: No, 4. White Plank: No.
ti m r,•tio`. 4s l.i;;:*3ll.l. Timber: No.
11. W Yellow Pioe
' hite Plan Logs; No. La, White Pine Mast
Timber; No. 13, While Pine Plank. Boards:
No. 13, While Ark. Elm, Brook; No. Id, White
Ash Oars; No. 17, Hickory: N IS, Black Wal
nut, Mahogany, Maple, Cherry; No. al. Locust
Treenallm N 0.2.... Cypress, Cedar; No. =, Black
Spruce; No. 24, White Oak Stares and Head
ings; N 0.23, Llgnumritat; No. 311, Ingot Cop.
Per: No. IC, Wrought Iron. round and vinare:
No. :11, Wrought Iron. flat; No. 34, Iron. plaid;
No. 35. St
No. Iron Spikes; N 0.38. tro
Wrought Nails: No. N 0.., Iron Cut Nails" No. 42,
hrad..Plpe. Sheet; No. Zinc: No. 41.11 n; No.
45; Solder; No. 48, Locks, Hinges. Bolt., of
Iran. and Iron; No. 19, Screws, of ,brass and
Iron: No. 30, Files; No. 11, Aligers; No, 53.
Tools for ship stores: No. NI. Tools for use in
in card and shops; N 0.34, Hardware; Na., FA,
White Lead; 1i0.51. 7.lnc Paints: No. fel, Colored
Paints. d7eis; No. 59., Linseed Oil:. 00,
Varnish, I , plrits Turpentine; No. 131 Sperm
And laed Oil: No. 04, Tallow. Soap; No. 118,
Glass; No. e 9, Brushes; No. TO. !try Omuta for
Upholstering: - No. 71. Stationery: N 0.13. Ship
Chandlery Acids; No. 73. Resin, Pitch,
Crude Turpinattnet,No. 17. Belting, Packing;
N,'.:., Leather, piWn rigging, lack= No. MO,
slunk; No. O. Charcoal.
, .
f r Thu foliowing are the elaseee, by the num
bers. required at the respective navy yards:
Nol. 8, 13. 15. IG, 17. IL :r.. xi. , t), 44, 48,
49•14 1 , 5 1. St, 57, y 4 51t 011. 1 %/, 118, d4 l , 71, 71, 74. 78,,
Nos. 7. 13,15. 16, lit :L.' 24.25. W. M. 34. 35. 37,
38. 33. 42, 43. 44.48, 40, DO, 51.5:, NI. 54, sfl, 37. :14
(14, 6:4 14, 88, CA, 70.71. 73. 71. 75, 77. 78, 88.
N.. 4. 7. 9. 13.15. 16.1:, 18, M. M. M, MX 34,
37, :IL 42. 4.'1, 41. 48, 49, 1114 51. St!, fa :.1.:14 57. 58.
541. M. GI. 64, 68. 00. 71471. 7:4:4. 75. ~,143, 88.
Mns. 4.7,14 L 1.15. 18. M, 33.46, 71. •
NA/1 7 "1. 7.11. 12, 13. 17. 18,M, Z 1,21. 31, 70...
at. as, 37, :16. 42. 44. 45, 48, 49. 50,11, mt. 51, 57, 04,
34,43771 • 73,74,73,74,04,4.
Nos. 1, 13. 15. 18, Z 7, vt7, 33. 30, 42, 44. 46, 49.
ro, 57. 58, 50, 60. et. U. 60, 70, 71, 73, 77, 78.
NOS. 15, 18. :e. 35, 38.19, 42, 4.1, 44, 48,44
511, 51.51. 54.56 57, 7A, *X 64, 68, 60,70, 71. 714 74,
77.0. N. j 1114211
Plated Bracelets,
Mrs. S. a, ROBB'S,
N0..91 Federal \ St., Allegheny
. •
bid at and below coat for 00 daft
j3akery, • Confectionery,
N. K A v KNTE, Allegkesty. oll!.hatt
goUrr "d Tilltitlee r itd S
110 patronamo t• solicited.
Livingston & Co.,
CIAISTING - Fle. • . •
dike knits,
8111t h e i l• ritiritres.,Msh Pulleys, and °Bete
articles nf Builders' Ilardsmes &leafs on .
Mew and Works, now Outer Depot, Allegheny
air- Pe/doffing. iddress, Lock 800 311111,11tts
' CtrEktiaTcantrUnal,; .
I 5.47 an 4 14:41143PRUCE STREET. Pada.
Oalphia, ea. Itnidlab and Franehant joT i na
Verpffon ll7 . 4 rAWbei ll ii- r lC:L d 'ile
ip tILT 7 PSII.
_u4 WILLISTON SZMINABS.-11aving received
students deenno • thorough pre_ Fora/ion for Be
linen or for none= n Cleaned College.
Board at coot. anal Tuition tree to the indigent.
For catalogue seldress the PrincliW. MARSHALL
HitligHAW, Ent Bannon, Men. JulaBAF •
Stamped Envelopes and
Newspaper Wrappers.
Pooronter. DEI,III,IENT, July 11,187 U.
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received until
12 o'clock 11., On the 11th DAY OF AUGUST.
181 a, for furnishinx all the ...Stamped Envel
...yes - an tt Newspaper Wrappers. - which this
xtelnlrtm of may require during' to period of
four (41 , re, commenChig on the Ist day of
October. 1 , . Mx.:
No. I. Nde by fAi 'lnches —t ...mai-
It les. . ,
No. 2. Hoary letter size. 3 1-In by 54
inuhrg—thr equalities.
N 0.3. Full letter sire, % 1 ; by :5 0 5 1..1.' 4 --
three qualities. t
N0...1 Full letter - Xixe. (for clrculaN,) ton
gummed on ft. 3t: by its Inches--one . qunlity.
N 0.5. Est letter axe. 3.g by at: tucbrq--
three qualities. , •
No.ll. - Extra letter size, 334" by B'l inches.
((Or circularso ungmumed on Hap —o ne quality.
N u b ia Official sixe.3 1.5-16 by 8t: inches Atm
quas. .
No. 8. Extra official size. 4?: by 10,4 Iliobe..
—coo quality. \ •
Six and a five4lghtbs 11.934 incheylriiun,
ut,l--one quality.
All of the above Envelopes and Wrappers
moat he embossed with postage stamps, of
such deuominatlons, styles and colors, must
have such watermarks °rather devices to pre
vent imitailom and hear such printing and
'ruling as the Postmaster General may direct.
The envelopes must be made In the most thor
ough manner, equal In every respect to the
samples furnished to bidders by the Depart
ment. The paper must be of approved qual
ity:specially manufactured for the purpose.
'Whenever envelopes are ordered of the
styles known as "Mack-lined" or "Self-ruled,"
n oose lines prited Inside or ruled on the face) the
shall he furnished without aadditiona l cost, the ;contractor to pay all charges for
royally in the use of patentedluventions for
said lined ur ruled envelopes. •
The dies fur embossing the postage stamps
_un the envelopes and wrappers. are to be exe
mted to the satisfaction of the Postmaster
General, in the best style, and they are to be
provided. renewed. and kept iu order at the
espense 14 the eontrnctor. The Department
reserves Abe right of requiring new dies for
any ettimpS or denominations nf stamps not
now used. and any changes of dies or colors
shall be made without extra charge.
Before closing a contract the successful bid
der muy be, required to prepare and submit
new dies fug the approval of the Department.
The use of the present dies may or may nut be
.. • •
The dies - atoll be ai.fely and Recurely kepi by .
be contractbr. and xhauld the uee of novo(
hem be tempora promptly=prm:unbar discon
icol, the y shell toe turned over to the
Departmentehr ite :went, as the Poet-master
Jeneral mayyllrect.
• GUM. • • -
The envelopes must be thoroughly and per
feed)" gummed,lhe gumming on the 11 ap of
each (except for circulars) to be put on by
hand not less than half an inch the entire
length ; the sernppern to be also haud-gummed
not Ices than three-fourths of an inch In width
newts the end.
Bidders are bonded that the Department
will requite, as a condition of the contract.
that the envelopes and wrappers shall be man
ufactured and stored In such a manner as to
insure security - against loss by tire or theft.
The wanufectotT must at all times hes:ab
ject to the inspection of an agent of the Lle,
pertinent. who will require the stipulations
of the contract to be faithfully observed.
All envelopes and wrapper must he band
ed lu parcels of twenty-nve, and pocked in
bound n
or. straw boxes. securely
bound on all the edges and corners wit trout
ton or linen cloth glued on each to contain
not less than two bundriod hundre d e
note and letter 1112e1L, and one each of
the official or extra official sire. separately.
The newspaper wrappers to be packed in
hones; n contain not less than two hundred
and fifty each. The boxes are to be wrapped
and securely fastened in strong . manilla pa
per. and sealed. so as to safely bear transpor
tation by mall for delivery to postmasters
When two thousand or more envelopes are re
•quired to Ali the order of a postmaster. the
straw or pastetmard boxes containing the
same must be packed ih strong women cases,
well strapped with hoop-Iron. and addressed:
but when less than two thonsind are requir
ed, proper labels of direction. to be furnished
by tin • agent of the Department. must he
placed upon each package by the contractor.
Wooden cases, containing eprelopen or wrap
pers. to be transported by water routes. must
be provided with suitable s.ter-prooling.
The whole to be done under . the inspection
and direction 4,1 an agent of the Department.
The envelopes and wrappers must be fur
nished and delivered kith all reasormble di,
patch, conlplete in all respects aye- for use.
and In such quantities as may be uired to
all the daily orders of postmasters: the deliv
eries to I , e made either at the POSLOffiCe. De
partment; Washington, D. C.. or at the of
dee of an agent duly authorized to inspect
and receive the same: the place of delivery to
be at the option of the Postmaster ileneral.
and the cost of dellVering. as well as all ex
pense or storing. packing, addressing, labellug
and waterproollng to be paid by the contrac
Specimens of the envelopes and arn.opent
for which proposals are invited, showing the
different qualities and colors of paper re
quired. the rota and stria of gumming. with
blank forms of bids. MILT be had on applica
tion to the Third Assistant. Postmaster Gen
This advertisement and a specimen of the
sample envelopes and wrapper furnished by
the Department must be attached to and made
part of each bid.
No proposal will be considered unless of.
freed by a manufacturer of envelopeC and ac
cmopanied by a satisfactory guarantee signed
by nt least two responsible parties.
The contract will be awarded to the lowest
responsible ladder for all the envelopes and
wrappers, the prices to be calculated on the
basis of the number used of the several grades
during the lard decal year, which was ne
Note site . 1,16&211
Letter size. first quality 60.1.17,603
Letter size. second quality. • - ...... 8 .id ,6 ,750
Letter size, second quality inn- •
autruned)... . .. . 3,619,600
Eaten letter s i te, ..... quality • . 5.815.750
Extra letter size, second quality
tungutumed) .......... .... I'.l.6 U (halal sire 560,900
Extra oracle' site 3,100
Newspaper )mappers t.A1600
Within tea days after the contract has beet
awarded the successful bidder shall enter MU
an agreement in writing with the Postmaste
General to faithfully observe and keep the
terms. conditions, and requirements set forth
In this advertisement, according to their true
intent and Meaning, and shall make, execute.
and deliver, subject to the approval and ac
ceptance. of the Postmaster General. bonds
with good and thMelent sureties In the sumo(
Two Hundred Thousand Dollars (M 000)
a forfeiture for the faithful performance of
r u a r i o d v u ant o i r )j c e o e ' et o henl ccording to 1
te e
seventeenth section of an net of Congress en
titled ".to act legalising and making appro
priations for such necessaryobjects as have
been usually included in the general uppthpri-
Atkin bills, without authority of law, and to
du and provide for certain' incidental expert- -
ses of the Departments and °Mims of the
Government. and for other Purluwes." Wel
ted States Statutes at Large, vol. 4 page moo
crypt °red August =l, 1842; which act provides
that In ease the contractor shall fall to emu•
ply with the terms of his contract, "he and
his sureties shall be liable for the forfeiture
specided in such contract as liquidated dama
ges, to he sued far in the name of the United
Stele., in any court havingjuriadiction there
- _ '
'elle Postmaster General reserves to himself
the following rights:
I. To reject any all bids. IL In his Jedg
nient. the interests of the Government re..
quire it.
2. To annul the contract whenever the sante
or any port thereof is offered for sale for the
purpose of speculation; and under no circum
stance, will a transfer of the contract be al
lowed or sanctioned to any party who shall
be. in the opluinnof the Postmaster General.
less able to fulfill the conditions thereof then
the original contractor." •
hereo.nbethe contract. If. in.his judgment.
4 shall a failure to yxrform faithfully
any of Its stip lotions, or In clue of a willful
attempt to Impose upon the Department En
velopes or Wrapoeta interior to sample. •
4. If the contractor to whom the first award
nosy be made should fall to enter Into agree
meet and give satisfactory_bOnds, as herein
provided, then ; he award may be ....lied
nod the contract let the next lowest re
sponsible bidder, and so on until therequired
agreement and bonds are executed: and snob
neat lowest bidder stall be required to !wan
every IstitpuhttiOn embraced herein ns if he
'were the original party to whom the contract
was awarded.
Should be securely enveloped nd sealed,
merited .'Proposals for Stamped Encelooes
n Newspaper Wrupperec , and addnessedid,
the Third Assistant iPostmaster.
Washington, D. C.
. JXI). A. J. Cril4% KU..
Postittiatel klede
rov A L1 , UrarT 1 :144704187 O.
r " Fttlrraitr anal,
1,050 FEET
Amble Rivited Leitther 'Hose
ele d h a g:
00, for 150 Baltorles-Zink,", - .
J.7..1. 4 ft1aM:14P,4=.1,1*
Mit.a.„o..4d4.;,.birbiligi then:wives to.ete pi.
the inmol MY NMI
JrNi 7. M. 1 .9 a. coptivo.
• 111 •
dersisued solicit Proposals for their suppti 3 Of,
c.J.frg, thilm 2 ol.4r,7•Wpagi. t 9 4e 0. 11 ", , *
.heelPWoito. orplier'...k6ountrequirsog,..
2.0119 to .2.300 Umbels deli, Proposals
al-4d until August Ist.
12, 11610
(j { .l 4+.!biluiBev,t4.7.llygr.rt4.*ei,,
on hand. of
J. & H.
OCLase , unplUltileled In the
Einr4i.oes:., of t he Company
Whole Number of 101 ms 3.349
Ta,?1, 1 ;:M;:r.17, , ~8 M1,1,13
Ratio nt." alms and 'Eap. to Total Income. .1 7 .301
Average nt of all (Ndapantes... ....... 31.49
For every 9100 Liabilities the Empire hadtB2:ll
of Lanett o .
Average Amunt of l'ollcioa 11111,41/6
Total Assets 9.830.000
0100.000 (Ned, o:want depostied With the
State and the balance seeurely.lnverted. ,
Mtanief for Weatoril
Office 78 FOLatTll A'. KNEE, Pittsburgh , Pa.
UrGOOD AGF—NiTd. both male and te luale,
wanted. '
W. itlit,l IN MI I.l.Fll.S.ecretary.•
'ederal Insurallee Co.
FICt:Cor. Federal and (mock Wed'
IV. G. 471140 p.
J. Rotten,- •
Vu'intim. Baker.
M. Mel!abr. -
J. 11, Borland,
. , .
Sehoyer. M. B. Suydam,
W. J. lAnglitt. James Allinnn.
Jell:y:3 F t . B. LOVE. General Arent
°PPR:P:43S A 240 .137 KTRICF.T.
Assets on Jen.lcl. I ti7o. 012.2115.734 67.
Capital. 0.110,000 01). Accrued Purples and
Premium, 2.423,73) 07. Losses paid since
1820. over 3,300.0110. Perrault& and Tenn. -
rare P 41 olicies . Liberal terse. The Company also
wines Polities upon the Itentaef all kinds of Build•
t ' ET - I'Vl (Mt rTml /. ‘" l ' lel g e ' r * .. damsel ti ran t.
Geo. W. Richard.. Isaac Len. Gee. Vales, Alfred
Fitter. Thuds hearts, - Wtn. 0. Grant. Thomas 13.'
Elite, Uustartin S. Benton.
ALFRED G. it aKEIL President.
...1.60.FA1.L, Vice President.
W. 211C.UnWer. SOCrotFy.
T:11. li4Oer:Aossiont *
Third Avenue and Wood Ot.
(DI: Pittsburgh
WM. P. HERR/SILT. Vice PTexiclent.
• . .
tit •
(Moe tht Water atrec. Sng , . a . to WaYodontoff•
''' N ' ' ' ,ll ) l . l%, l 37e ". ,:gtz.l. - . , i Mods of• Fire and Marine
Risks. A home Institution. munaged by Director,
who aro well known to the community. and who
are ff....tined by Protuptneya and liberality to
Maintain thy character which theY who.ff•
as offering the beet protection ltythosdogrel
to Demented.
1.111110 - 1 - 1.1118:
Aloxander Nicatek. John R. Memos, .
J r!, [Nw. J. Clarke.
Jame...McAuley. !
Alexander Speer.
Andrew Ackley.
Dalid M. Long. . Wee. ?Inni.!°°-
~ SECOND V 1.0014,
PDURtiu, A. .
Will." 7011.111:
Y.J. BlGle ,oho , aPt. M. hialik•
la M. li. Hartman, A. Chas/bar. •
Jake lil I. M. Bailer.
11. KlAl4esldnt..
. I
F. JENNINGp, •Ics Presldous
rpt...R.4.13.1tACE. General Avol_t
Of Pittsburgh.
Insu ...against all kinds of Fire and Mann
• MIN IRWIN. 31, President.
E 1. i.. 1. Vice
37. DoNN
SIAM. irm. DEAN. General AVlnt."
John:lrwin. Jr.. O. L Fahnostoek,
T. J.:llosklnson, V. 11. Everson.
C. 6; IlusseT. ; Hobart H. Davis, .
Ilur~eFChihli. ; Ilugh S. Fleming,
Charkel , I CI ., T,5H 1031 ." 1 .
€ol'i. T. I. Nevin.
liome Company, taking Fire anl Murtha •Bilk,
W. Pninips. tt Capt. John L. Rhoads,
IJelin Warr. - I &reseal P. nheirer,
:John E. Parka. t Charles drOneldrn.
le. 11. Love, Jared M. Brach ,
Wm. Van Klrt, Wm. F. Land,
Jame+ CO. Varner, Samuel Menekart.
WM. 1.1111.1.11. j, Prestdern:
• •
M 212
. W. W. MARTIN, President.
JOHN DROWN, J Vine President
Pilo A. M y ter. Up.. Lockhart, LK.. Myer".
.1 1- Graham. nobert Lea. C. C. Boyle.
Room. Jr.:Ga...rpo Gent. Jacob Kopp.
0.1 .P.Williams,Joo.Thosopoun J. PleNougber.
a •
Sunder the right to erect tour two story
twice trelllnts houses without drayntila.
s cc. .Be it ordained and enacted by_ the City of
Plumb rfft, In Select and (mmon Councils en
semble and tt ls hereby Oained and enacted by
nuthon yof the tame. Ch at °remission to erect
four t story brick awetltng houses on 40th
BCreel 7th ward, between Butler street and
reen. be built without Ore IM11•1010Te
the two with a reasonable cornice on each end of
Id hou s. Is hereby granted to Janie. Solder.
fige. M. That any tiommtnce. or pert of Ordi
nance c , nictiro with the PllNnage of this (MM.
mance at the present ti be. and aff ects e 0
hereby pealed. so far us the a c
me this
OrnainAttnil enacted Into isw, In Councils..
lltiatiath ay of. July, A. D. 1870.
-- [Resident of Select Council.
A"e" ` -41 154 - : ' ,1%.
_ I President of Common CounciL
Attest: It. McMsternlt. .
Teri of Coarnion Couneil.
AN..?alt,knltv't!egE.,n — dtttylL.or,i,lisf., - ,,i1i..„
Strom from 'ens Avenue to Webster Avenue.
On-not I. ' he It ordained and enacted by he
City of Pitt: rith, In Srloct and Common Conned,
bosembled, 4it ishertihy onleinedand wanted by
I .
the anthorit of the sante. That the City Engineer
Iv and h e ishereby authorized and directed to ad
verthc far n howls for the Grading,. Yachts and
Curbing of ranville Street, froze Wylie Avenue to
Webster Aran.. and to let the same In tbe man
nor Mrecuni - by . an ordinance , ounoenains street.:
pawed August 91st, 1997: Wm en net concerning
stmete emu - oven Junisry 624 1564.
sw. 2. That wy ordinanceor part of ordinance
conflicting with the Diastase of this ordinance, et the
present time, be and the wrae Is hereby repeeled
so far A. the !fame affects this ortlinance.
Ordained an d enacted m i ni law In lananalls. thl
27th day of June, A. D. 1570.
President of Select Council.
Mien: F.. S. Miatetnr.
Aeleci Council.
W. A. 'l , o3ll.lfinCl
{`resident of Counnon Cou e e l
Attest: H. 11c.11Aurck.
Clerk of Common'Cuunell.n ,. .. lie
VOTICE.---The hssessment for the
.1, grading id CIIAAITTERS STREET fro
Western avenue to Fratikilin alley Is now -ready ( or
rumination. and cart sun at this Mere onto
SATURDAY, July 30t . 1820. when It will be
placed In the hands of he City Controller to .ens
notices for payment of el -
.......--. ...- .......
‘ PITTIIIIIINIM. Jul, trith. 1070.
- V
(nil:E.—The tisso. soment for grad.
/..1 tng, haring and curbing at JIM etre.. Trout
hinter street to that Arent . Valle,' helllYntd. from
now ready Int. rondnina. and rem he area Riad,
until VIII DA Y. I. nT Alb. Ib7o. when
will be returned to ihdlYeatiamei omen for era.
lochon. • li. J. MOORS. ,
__ . 4 • City Engineer.
CITY Ida, LEW, Ornra.
cri, or . At %EU C -". July 217 11570.
NOTICE—The asars.oneat for Cite
grading and p 1 Whig
firm Ohl.
etre.. Loney alley lane reedy PIS.I9I.OIURKI
end ran he even et this nide., until SATURDAY.
August 8.12470, when II will be blames in Me
hands of the laty Controller in eerie worm.
td ,ill h. DAVIS.
• City Engineer. •
Belt arid'l3rass
made Promptly to Order:
• •
r: PARRIrs " mfTAIY . -
Made and lier4.-nitiond.
.mpriinnts aae Mantatmuron of -1
J:ff.Vooper's Imprort4 lUI;m1Y
Irritant natittotp ffT1111301: PftabUth
4a.n.t.ND ZE4IPCSIN(i ,
N ' VAVV : :GOODS::`
;Bootle -
lIENR , V . PAT.TI;;I:W4
.Ltut , ."
a :PlN ' irtia‘Attilt. i llet;ater t !
men?. of BOO;r4 V 9 1 49 Attt a GgSail owtion.
1 ,6 e:prro..4 aio; aegrAttaat.
7 Per Cent. Bonds )
Jeci • lied Interest.
The. Beads ara Seen arby FIRST
, 110 RTGAG.
n est
West through gh
II to th tot e
Ohio Hirer IL
to Ude.
W itt
It has already. en noondr large loetti
sod iaottoit of rapl4 and steady Increase.
No Raub.. God' hu eoromand of Tent.,
r i c h In materials fort:meltable railway tr..
It ects Pittsburgh abd 11.1 more—two ot
the oneslateen. , CM. of the Union.
1 he road Is now earning the Interest.
It alll
t h e complete to January and ought to
command aid and InfilieLloo of the elthens of
Bonds may be had at •
Jo2laltTirtAS •
ccroum. HasWi PirreaChan.
Wrettnes of this Bank will be held at the
Banking House on TUFSDA V. Attimet t" , "
tween the hour, of eleven and one.
]rive IA, Itl9O. J. W. DA PITT.
alhoe4s Cashier,
OIIICC PIPPIMOIIen Aalr 0010000 1110100
Prrrehraolz.leme 22d.1.10 , 0. - 1 7
TIOLDEBS.—Thetp vrw ai 4pm:ha meet
leg of the Stookholdefe of the - I.ITTSBUILOtt
DURGB,.• held at the olkee
. of the Company, '
'the Ciky of Pittsburgh, .:9 o'clock P. sy, on
WEDNESDAY, 27th Day of July, proximo
ilf ord. of the Doer 4 of Directors
$lOO Bounty Collected
For all soldiers • ha enlisted between Nifty 4th and
July 214.1681, who weredidscharwod for diabil
ity heron earring two years. and who have hereto
fore received no bounty.
The underelvied has romo7ed hie Once to CIA
tWTTIL Bulidths. corner Birth evenueend Smithfield
street. and Is now prepared to collect donne reed •
By end et modenoe rate. un.oe atleirese. with
!4.131p. B. F. BROWN.
CO-lm Airent. Owns - tilt Suildius.
Corner Steil avenue and Smithfield street.
Pittabureti. Pa.
113 -.PUBLIC NOTICE.-11using been
appointed GAS and GAS METER IJiC PP , '
Tull fur Allegheny counts. make is hereby elven
that until the nemeaary Mee and MorbsnicidTest.-
nig Machinery cat be provided, 1 win be toned at
AND. PIPS WORK& Twontpahird street. near
Penn, Pittsburgh.
No. dos Llberty ptrom.
PrrissrlioN. July 21. 1870.
f,''NOTICE-1 Meeting of Stock
... holder* of ins Triumph On Company
behold at their °Moe IVEDNIMIDA Ammar
3.1870, rit II:30 P. Y.. for rho pnrinnio of mfllY
injr.tan notion of . tirgrectors In making n . lesso ,
o! ig, 3 ,V mg"" VitiAlrliciisatuß.SenromPl.
rreNOTICE.-The undersigned have
' - s" • chartered the Steam ?ern Thad. Cant. W.
C. DENNY. and trill roe her a. a 'Ferry on and
attar J ell 6th from Sharpabanr trtioirtsbarigh side.
untll the Sharpaburg drift* is rebuilt. ' •
PLANE—NOTICE—Tbe PliMe nig' be
open for Passengers and 'freight bueirmien EVERY
MORNING at 3 o'clock. and nal close at 11 P.M.
connecting editi the last - cer from Pittsburgh on
the Pittsburgh tend Iltradfighasn Passenger Rail
way. 10:716
Mato of the 9th Penna. Ileturyes.)
BM to the deeissote of the ensuing Union Be
an County Couyentlon. fr ts
.lit. Captain Co. G. 8 3d P.. Vol.
Sabi eet to Um deelulon of the tumulus U
publican C0...1C...M1...
Sub Jeff to the dooliton of the ennuisti Union flo-
leseshall Township. set legit to she deastm of
the Union lialsoblicen Cocustytheyention.
of tottmhlp, Is • cm:Meets for Comtr
Centrularloair, b aubordinetion to the dechdon of
the.itetmbllea• Cmventkut. Set melee le rebut
at No. 107 Market St.,
n lV? , rdcamarr t0 r =0 , b211 ,, ,..49:1V PAP=
b.A.A MOSA lC..UV.esobratinm_all the'Nro=
DESIONFIAn Mate and nohow for Aft
- I.l=l=kl3. TIIITE1) and GILT PABllilt
PAP 0110
"Iym.."wlllt .rl. t
MANNA for Ch.M . Or. Alloolell
Cfll.nAaslo. lowest In Itmln
. •
No. 107. Market SI., pear Fifth Amite.
SPRLNII, 1870.
414INCELLS tiallartlda par roll.
SIM - Artl = 4 ll.llll7gii.
' 6t.r()A.NT Prouldt tad Morrie. Paper Ilona
lops. not opeeiteel Mane, lIIINITIOT to •0711.011
=sot. to, . canary. For Went. •
INew Wholesale and 14141 Iltore. 191 Leanly
steset.Plitabansh. . . WO
te.2O;N: /A .4 ijii irli 6 FM :,I:1
tr n . '"Va r x., b risgraiNctrdrart
No. St..
gllONiloot's Clothtog scoulo to ordea to dm latest
• ,I 9
. ,
a. a.x.ralasom; . C. L amaimrsarma.
. . .
Unction% Telitt:No. MI !MITA gni Ear,
=lnix r e 11=1 • 14 rgo.' =lt
waoo n*. Lorna . soation •r. our
s . iz , rze
&lamination of oes stock of :EfelaSittim Pam/
mare& Vtortin ay:a,.
• !ft. - n. 10 4)1 ANBILING,
ho. YBtxtß Street.
N EW : SPUN° 1001).3.;
• siiair4l°Tf*"°ftel
• ,
Ailothsr., Ewinnieres, dr,c,
-.. • • .
JIM recelyim: by -•:ELL15111:111.17Ea.
mar- IfaribibbTallbri 7 i foltbiiklibtrest.
, id:=CiVALS." ,
COx! 1 9Y E7I7THYIBLD to tWlt~Wv~~pOM.
..kosAsiiiiiiT43l blberty..sl4
Above the haul .4.,16V0D STRICXT. itheretlatl
will be iHttmehhtl th los, hit theh. phi frttaufehmt
• •
i". , ..;s:fi.liiitiV4l.&j:-CO •
DRIED PEACHES. -5 bbis for sale,
07 7. B. CA.011177741.,