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• ,`II,F,ED eiCO '
Corner Stall' Ave.' and Smithfield St.
T. P. iIipIYSTON,I 'lf. P. HEED,
or TLI. ULU,:
NJ wail. Vet law
I 6.llTercl ......... 13.
NA14111 . 11.1./C 110# a doable-twitted gamut
snake. L-
SAVANNAH is re ported.:to Very
STREET railways are to he laid preluite
ALL watering place. complain ?la
city of beaux this season. ' I' I
Roma state; Professor
h ax tw ig-nail his chair at Yale.,
Tim only disease note epidemic tu 51a-,
coo, Ow., is the base ball fever. •
MORWOLD, the Fat Contributor, da
start a weekly newspaper in Cinc h i i trotti..l
A CONVENTION of Southern, p atera .111
irposken ofiobtke place at itlemphiti; in No
' THE second installment of five I undred
Chinese were etpitcted. MChattrottatifi. on
Saturday. - •
ANDREW. JOILNSON driternlillo4 to ,be in
some Amite before the public, Is auhAtio.
THE birds within the city limits,'
Prleatut are now protected by Intl
.. being killed. t
• NORFOLK, Va., has voted not
scribe a million to•the Norfolk 'and
Western mad.
Italsivrox CoLLrAs. has roceiv
000 by the will of the late. Mrs
Clailds.of of,
Gas, Ow. om
O. H. Twaa' . t - vidow 1
feceived $15.500„ .the amount of It
hushand's lifeingurrume:
enft.or-oba Is wing Infeits Ne
street cars sow. We hare Bostonl
Ity for stating that irlatever it is i
a MR. GOODFELLOW, Of . 14,1
has invented a tifachhie for eutil
bias so that there *H rd.l he no Wash,
terra '
fins. O'NEIL tidal, lie line
money out of the_keuian Brot
He says be Lama enough to buy
Cent stamp with.
To lIEE Counts at Newport andj.wo ka
glish horde at Long Branch Infider tl;
season bearable thin year, -by enittisp; a
leonine sensation.
Tun tiernum ladlee of Chieng 3pratione
to bold a monster falifor the benefit of
the Void for the aid of (term:tit Sick and
wounded soldiern.
CI:WV:NATI presents no Hue a Het of
'r sun strokes, that thieves prowl about and
rob the' victims ortho orb of day as they
drop about in the etreets
IN South-Bend. Indiana, there are tt7
families without the Bible, sod lof these
refused to receive copies of it from an
agent of .the Bible Societi., I
BordOia drinking saloon it Iwo; been
found necessary, in order to maintain
order, to post tip a pitman' assorting that
no religious discussions are allowed
. here." •
ALEE:4 Loxuanu propo.. , to present to
the city of Augusta, large house
which he has purchased and fitted up, to
be used as an asylum tor old fill,' indigent
women. '
CINCINNATI has a dog hermit that has
lived in a cellar for ten years, without
companions, never coining out until Into
at night, when he forages a little for pro.
visions. •
HALF an ounce of strychnine. as a prii
phylactic, administered to a dog every few,
minutes, till be no longer . pays attention
to you,it is said. will prevent his hydro
THE Walter Ileywood chair factory, at
o t
Fitchhu , Mass., which was destroyed
by fire o Thursday last, involved a loss
of /40 , over non above tin.. t.'it.!,500 of
MRS: GEN. BROOKS, of Ruutsvills, AL,
hams, w Ile returning from the funeral
of her h band the other day, was thrown
from he carriage, and she and her infant
badly h rt.
TAKE our wife by the ankles and. start
ing at th garret, rush wildly down stairs.
hauling er after you. An Ea rlialimen
'by so oo ng rendered a residence in Indi
ana of sr account whatever.
DAVi KENNIARD WAS robbed and
murde a few days since in Warren
*aunty, - entucky. The crime is supnosed
to have en committed by some negroes,
one ofwhom named Harkins has been ar.
. ' ON huroday evening last W. Dozier ap
proach a countryman named Jas. Ander
son; in "noxvillo, and accosted him rough
ly. and ook hold-of him, when Anderson
:: .. shot en killed him. terrier was drunk e:
the tiro .
Pharaoh. • . .
PETE KINCER tried to swim across tht
Fox rid r, in Wisconsin,. last week with
his clot res on. They were very heavy
and re tiered the duty of dragging the
corpse t shore much more laborious than
it other ise would have been.
Tile C onnereinf sneers at Mr. Wall=
• because L.: is virtuous. This is taking a
moan unfair advantage of Mr. Ore
ham. for it would of course be impossible
for Mr. ti ham or any one else to sneer
at the C mercial for anything like that.
A TORN woman was recently seen sit
ting bene th the shade of a large maple
tree on B street, Philadelphia, solicit
' hag atom, witlithe following placard faste
Limed around...lei neck: :.Bliod for fiftv :
years,and the lat. .
...:::r of eight small claii
A rinsecukroin Is York, infuriated'
at the reports of hie . ; talons, called the
reporters ...Le . tan set of dirty
newspaper liars, - :fro the pulpit on a
recent Su y, which: ey offset by call
j Big his lb Chu ' .:o the Infuriated
k Prophet. .
CtsmiNnAl‘ ai
per 'MO inform their
readen that y F lain wears a wig,
and Miss Crier° t 1 niece is "fat, fair
and forty." They fo d the poor old
lady to hold a reception and then filed in
upon her; shaking her hand violently as .
they went by.
' Ta Ca thedral -at Cincinnati was enter'
. _ ed by a 'Jingler on Moriday night. Ile
a number of valuable and sacred
• 4 ', trends of silver and gold, but left them
la a h on the door when he heard the ,
steps o a policeman„ who came in to see
I with,t. hP . ...vflaAhß ut •
A: T. BrEweirr, of New York, has or
! -', • dared - quentlty of the best make of Cal.
, - Monis lankets, from the Mission and Pa ,
. : cific mien Mille of Marysville. The'
: --, order 11 fal.lllo capacity of both mills
: • . until,. and will amount Sir ,
. abou sixty caeloads, or 000 tons. :. : "
.... T r. Louisville Courier ,TouVrial, :Eno
' srs John Hartsell Young's object in "tat
:t 6 '6#Tiokkiemddratwo bilux.6
. •
-.• ~, • , 1T . 1 1 ,,xc , s4 -4.i). - , Xt ae•
• •la ... eaontitryinen, For a
iiilf 1111,49.161R.caluttictr.Lidopi the
. - ~....r. "irAdtiinotbir :totalorice. ,of the
- -----:::2,An. :'.' ''.''.:::".; : ...: `.;'!;-.71` ' .1..
r : TrIE,OI4, Mailattliet - Mgrift'never
. -• r tenni litelursiune place noel: hold
l.;,..oinn We 1411 r Instant the
A , .. 'UM OUW::'11. , Norman, , of ,Dwitonntr.:
;*/ 4 - .*__, W.preidset7; tb4LsictFie' spot
; er4
.1 - 11 . r.licrnmwi,Bhoermaqdliocorrgelfon r
:Tthi WANE' ka Attie,Piiiil , .l4 2 4o . .
...- done -ettherease, -, ~,.... .. y- -
'. IN e trouth rou.ersaresinekni. :uon
• :,VN.,44 002t/hZ/R.34440. 6- 4 1411 e.
„,,,v, 1.0n•T66.60,1.4-,wdeentitty
earn hi_ I,yearturgAt,:igliiien Nit ,
r;.:1 CO. Rlo 6o )Pfr sel'lkletetieJoh4 slid
mildlileb '.:whiele fed In the
. 4 . 1 10 , hthis.l o T l4 MOlPt` !"A'llt! , .1 0 , ind .
kg Of ehit_Whibieb..-. ..., <rileta 1.. ` 1 ..
~ 1 . , -Th ; young men ILllihrijriniehing,
Z.yrent,-- out,: nth :blackberry.
' 4 Pit* Let 33unday and .iiii, limb, : 4,,,
...,..1 : thip x , fi l ,huneepr , , , eoe'4l' dead.
t aw
. , '.. ... moral neither don't ant bleckLiwories.
•', ' Anil elifier.,ilienton Repie.Y. The
' ' ' cosiethrea «edema hiring -paid
t. t stuir:Yiwr tiny nth Tcli.Chhin- -::::.
. . 45<ixr'3 0 niglais In .Aettice, 34". , ''''''''
• '... . nnprvatared alunrser,.trand - an iron
•-: = - ibis colifidaHr4 $4.04" Afentier , It Mit
placed It In V warrrkr:- But 'whilst
;Ley were hitching a horse in, they be
q'came alarmed, and departed, so that the
lOSTAIThr tribe pr indiums 'sr,
. .
• e ither.Phaiaoh or Wright.
. Pharaoh In their King and the
of- State consists of - Elision
Jeremiah S. Wright and George
. :
Ijtr - 4111111 ovziat
owner of the safe loot nothing hut gained
she trouble of unhitching. his horse and
eonveying beck his safe.
' SenisersElti, Livingston parish, La., io
;excited he the appearance of .wild negro
in that vicinity. He Uses in tho woods.
goes entirely naked and does nut come
pear any dwelling. - llr subsi.ts principal
11 on roasting-ears, motions. etc. No one
a ipearn to know who he to or from
s hence he came, he does not remsin In
nee place long, hut seem' to Le roaming
nbout from one plantation to another.
'A DREAM , UL accident hap ned at Profit
Island. four miles below Port Hudson.
Lo' uisana, on Friday last. It appears that
Ihere are on the island quite , a number of
those deadly missals which were known
during the war as lamp poets, and which
'were probably thrown there from the gun.
boats. tine of them a 150 pound shell, a
number of men and and boys took it into
their heads to investigate, drilling at the
vent with a steel hatchet and. chisel... The
result was that the shell exploded, killing
outright*.two men and two boyk and
woun4ingitnother boy. Mr. Fremaurivas
standing near at the time but 'escaped un.
harmed. He states that the four persons
killed were literally torn to atoms, being
an indistinguishable mass of human flesh.
A oItRAT chestnut crop is expected this
year,and It is thought this will go tar
towards supplying the deficiency of the
corn crop.
' PO,
S Lk.
URINgt au operatic irerfortuance in
set, the tenor hissed the printa donna,
the basso wan applause by mining
m by the throat.
Duni..vo the celebration of the recuucil.
tion between the Vienna master and
urneymen bakers after the late "strike.
me of the old leaven again fermented
it biter.
og rill
of ula
. .
most unexpectedly, and, In the midst of
the festivities. n number of journeynie
.rushed out to demolish the doors and
windows of n shop kept by n neighboring
c three
IN a late letter to the Rev. L. W. 'Bacon
Father of Hyacinthe says that his poti
lion now is just what it wan when he iv.
here: In order to obtain, at the Pre."
. .
time, the privileges of being relieved from
up=monantic eugagemeuts, and re-instated
in the secular clergy, I should have
to 'pass under the yoke' of the party don,
Want at Itume, and renounce my deepest
and holiest convictions.' In regard to the
action of the Council on the infallibility
question (not then taken), he says; "What
ever may be the event on this particular
point, a profound movement of
agninnt Papal absoluteism has Leen rous
ed in the heart of Catholic Christendom,
which. sooner or Wei., most have import
ant results."
Berlin hal . 4 been formed a -SoCirly
• - - • .
for the Prevention ,of Poverty . and Beg
ging," which undertakes to &RI with that
partictilar nuisance. and to rid rich and
well known persons of benevolent, die.
position of letters' from all professional
beggars. Such letters are generally writ
ten by public scribes. employed by the il
literate, and the society proposes a' com
mon receptacle for all such written ap
peals. By examining and comparing
. 17140. W. it is hoped that they will be
traced to the secret workshops from whirls
they have proceeded. The managem of
the society undertake to investigate the
' condition of the senders of the. letters.
audio deserving cases, to distribute any
alma. which -these appeals May draw
forth. .
TnE remarkable fact was elicited by the.
investigations of Dr. Clanton. 88 stated by
him at,Wmeeting of the Clinical Society.
London. that men engaged at the
copper works iii that city always escaped
cholera and choleraic diarrlwes during
great epidemics. Dr. Oaston's statements
hove lately been confirmed by N. Burg.
iu w statistics communicated to the
French Academy of Sciencew. Barg .
states that during the epidemic in ielv",-ti
in France only one out of 1.270 workers
in copper was attacked, the total 'number
"Of persona thus engaged being 37,000.
With workers in iron and steel,. OD the
other hand, one out of every 200 was at
tacked, and of those engaged nn other
metals than copper or iron one out of 17:1.
Ilamburgh Borv,shiale reports
that on the evening of the 29th of June
the masons and carpenters on a strike pro
ceeded to several new buildings in the
suburbs, where they . threatened and ilb
Used the men whom they found there. A
worktium returning from his day's labor,
woe also attacked and daugerdualy beaten
on the LombardZnirkr. In the preceding
night great damage ma dons to a house
in course of erection In the Niffeharg, the
having.been torn up and the tools
broken or thrown everywhere about. On
the 30th ult. the tradesmen on strike
marched tlrfourrlt the city in procession.
in defiance of the proclamation of the Sen. I
ate, and stopped before the police:office
to sing the ilarseillcrise. '.As they refused
to disperse at the summons of Senator
Peterson, Chief Officer of the Police, i and
even attempted mischief, they re
attacked and scattered by the 'police
force and constabulary, who made use of
their sidearms. A god, many of ,the
ringleaders have been arrested, and five
persons are said to be woimded.
Ix Saragossa. the wealthy capital of t h e
ancient kingdom of • Aragon, a sale of
meek:trial relica was niade recently, which
at first blush might look like sacrilege;
but which, Unlike . the sale of Dickens
treasures of att, was justified by necessity,
and by au appropriate. used the proceeds.
In Saragossa. is a superb cathedral, the
Nuestra Seuom del Pilar—the Church of
t.leir. Lady of the pillar—the principal
altar of which is built entirely of
alabaster, In the purees Gothic sly le. and
which,&mtalnit a figure of the Virgin on
et marble pillar, that l believed by the
faithful to be the wins on which elm is
-supposed to have made her appearance In
Santiago.; In the : depression of the
Church, Incident to the ecclesiastical corn
motions and civil' revolutions •of Spain,
the treasury of Onto Lady of the Pillar
was exhausted. anff it beams neceenary
to dispose by public militia the works of
art which have frosja time to time, during
the lapse of centuries, been given. to the
church as sacred \ memorials of devo
tion and votive offering of faith
ful worshipper.. The articles sold.were
jewelled ornaments of every kind. some
of them very ancient and curiouit—from
diamond crosses, which cost three thous,
and guineas, to humble rosaries, worth a
shilling. There were diadems, given by
\queens, and little rings, presented by the
humblest peaaants.. It appears to have
been altogether the moat remarkable col
lection ever offered fur sale.. There mere
gorgeous reliquaries, enamelled pendants,
meth:Mons covered - with preedonistones,
and millers, some of them the gifts of
persons of historic fame, such as Phllllpe
IV., who lived,six - hundred yearn ago and
was celebrated for; bin avarlcefir which
te,ih e Church, perhaps, were to
tiaistino Bim.rbou',
,Ourrles farillianktipmy,
formed of diamonds, sold ' for P for
Voixtrult, reputal,ailsithe work:Of Cillini,
a the Sixteenth' . ce,rirtU7; " for :4IP 5 . 0 0 0 ; a'
watch ;an Plillli me IV., for'
$ 700 ;;'tcentrOg many
days and, ceitsiatisicc44. ve,.kittared.
7 : 771r t : 7,,`,A11tin
• TheAtti ty T Voice seys: ,
it.nsw; well lota nSen struckroot , -barley .
I min', liefoix Oil Cith . alidiiiiintrlintpi n g
thein444-iFTGTV terdity. It
I. 10 ,4 4/ l e*a il .
wetland etlietenMor . pi!y „
bstrg. hetletkl: lines. Yesterday,
morning, It pumping tell,llve bunk , tart
-hour. She started-ofrat seven bailllo.
oilbOss Rut, which wags ptrip-
Itig elltethet—coitnts4e.,blinalti days
• ' The ffrettn Fent; ITheterttve pee, is
the locality of a new welt which pump
fog at the rate of seven barrels daily. If
is owned by Tarr Farm parties.
A new well was struck near Kano city,
lestAtioek: whith in nowpainting eight'
,ftarsels ditty: It Is Owned by A. C, Smith,
ot7Cana city.
EAcii - DAT'Afina Pak -CA - Arm thmt
ming wholeaome of drinice. Pier, Doomle
& Ccr'e memo
The. Secret Treaty Sensation—Bis
marck Accused of Daplicity-4;rent
Military Preparations in England
--Organization of flip French Navy
—Defenses of Cherhourg—NapoVon
Not Yet With Ills Araiy--Wheo, H.
Goes Ile Will Bo .quickly—tireat.
Battle to be Fought in Rheinish
Provinces—Pruesin Prepared to
Curry the War Into Tranee—Euge ,
nie, Declared Regent of Fruoce—De•
part meats in a stuti• of tilege: '
ply Telegraph to tile Pittsburgh Gazette-I
The Franeo-Prussaan Seer. Treaty.
IsiPoOS, July 27. 7 -M. It. Lavaßette. Friawit
Minister at London. waited upon Earl Gran
ville nt the Froieign Ohice, and had an Inter
view. The subject was the secret' treaty pro
potted by France to Petunia. Lavallette at
that the' plan and outline of the treaty had
been originated byCotint von Bismarek, and
b at. the Proposition had been the subject of
• a conversation with M. Benedetti during the
tatter's residence in Berlin, bat that It had
been rejected upon reference to France.
The Journal //Mart Inman ankle thin morn
ing on the pretembat treaty recently ;titbits),
in the London 'Times, having few Its object
the acquisition of Luxembourg end Belgium
be France on condition of France not ono.-
sing the union of thy States of the Smith's ,- ith
the North German • Cenfederation. After the
treaty of Prague. In halo, several conferences
Were held at Berlin between Count von Bis
marck anti the French Ambassador on the
subject of the projected alliance. Seine of
the ideas set forth In the Voss were then mi
need, but the French
had any knowledge of the project described,
and as for the propositions, which were dis
cussed at the Interviews mentioned, the Em
peror rejected them. It can escape no one
that this publication nu the part of Lon
don Times Is designeil'inerely to influence pub
lic opinion In England.
Banos, July _,.—The Berlin corn-spotlit
cites of to-day publishes the secret treaty be
tween France and Prussia. It declares that
the treaty is In the Prussian archives in I lice
General Benetti. .Alrea.
before the nar of IMP. Franc ed e had offered a den
alliance with Prussia. with the promise to de
clare warand attack Austria. provided that
Prussia .oonsented to cede - •to France the
Ithelnish provinces upon the left bank of
the Rhine.' • • •
Bittntarrk lithrltrd with Dhrititit -
The members of the. French Embassy in Lon ,
don warmly accuse Count Bismarck with du
plicity W seeking to -excite England and
America against France by the simultaneous
publication of the proposed secret teensy be
tween France and Prussia in the columns of
the London Times and New York I frrohi. It
is understood that copies of the treaty were
u eti to the representatives of the ribose
nrnals at the headquarters of the rmsslaa
Embassy in London on Sunday last. to be for
warded to their re.listFtive Journals for mild'
o .
The Journals of Paris eicitedlY ne•ert t hat:
the treaty never bad any existence outside of
sundry Conversations between i"bunt
march and N. Ltenedet ti, whim the latter wag
acting as reprnsentative of Prance is the
Conti. Or Berlin. -
Great Slitlitars Preparations In Enslarat. I.
The greatest activity iv inrtnlfesttsl at the
Stunt naval depots and arsenals tlmroughout
England. Great st. deg of munitions and silts.
plies Of all kinds are being accumuldted
rapidly, Indicating a Minh lye policy. During
the past few days the Government has Issued
inuriense orders for war sunlit's, to tor , de
livered at various admiralty depots.
French' Fleet—Wrenn.. of Cherbourg.
Advice. front a .lecial c“rregiontierit
t . i.erti”org. •t air that the uadrim 1.• eon.
ton-a l,' (conned um,' 't Vier
ln ten liar th....hiel cm
mander being Vice Admiral to t Bonet Wil
lamer. whose ngshlp t I in-clad Sur
veillant°, Commander Urinal.
The First Division is under thei er of neat
Admiral Pothonan. whose dagship the iron-,
clad frigate Savoie. Commander Perin°,
Thls division comprises the Iron-clad frigate
Gloire, Coandant
by k.shte i
clad frigate me nu. commanded , I Citeneron-
Y 1
the iron-clad gunnlship lidchanibeau, Com
mandant Wilmer, and the iron-clad Haul Tan
ream. Commandant Duperre.
The Second Division is commanded by Ilene
Admiral Diendenne. It coni prises the Ittm
clad frigate Ganloine. Commandant lie Join
quet7 the Flandre. Commandant Duval: the
Iron-clad corvelt es Thetis, Commandant Sev.
res; Jeanne IFAre. Commandant itchoust.
The Itocharobeau, above mentioned is the;
Dunderburg,bought.of the Culled Staten. The
ilochamberstes armament IN fifteen guns, of
nine and one half a
ten and three-foarth
inches throwing solid shot weighing
four hundred and seyenty-live pounds a din
lance of thirteen hundre The.deet
thoroughly equipped in nilr e s pects. but train-,
ed seamen a wanting. The first division'
was to still On re
Saturday evening, and r
second probably on Tuesday.
The First division doubtlesswas the cm.%
which paused Dover on the 25th. Transport:li
will follow the last embarking cnrf. of ma
rines, now forming at Cherbourg.,
Gen. Dr Valsseau arrived thin morning to
Inspect this corps. Gen. ttehout goes In coin
round of. it. The corps aumt... , 1.103.
Intended to land on the Schleswig; coast to
'Join Gen. Ibarbskie. MOO men. This squad—
ron is to blockade the -Prussian maid.
Troops. are expected to operate from Der
The' defences of Cherbourg hat beep
strengthened within a few days• but had the
Pram'. fleet attacked the place last wee*. it
might have entered through' the western
Pass, burnt the arsenal and towmnd 'return
ed through the eastern pass withou -a t receiving
a shot.
Detachments of infantry and, marines are
Continually arriving: The tranaport fleet Is
composed of large aniline vesaele.witti
a screws, and will be commanded by Vice
miral La Iteneirle Noury. With the
transports there will go a numerous flotilla
With batteries 'and gunbunts, to operate' on
the coasts and rivers, The eapeditionary
corps of the Baltic will no#prise two African
divisions, including two regimenionf 7.euares
and Sonia. and two of Chasseurs de A !Halle.
Journalists as Arms Followers.
A special correspondent of the New York
Tribune at Mete sends adviees the 25th Inst.
that there was then no news from the front,
and there wag no possibility of passing this'
lines. Mn had an Interview with the Secreta
ry of Genemt Basalne and to the repeated re
quests of-a nephew of latter for n balm bin
I.7lfo c e o i s s= " ?:a h t ° ry ir tle n gpered ! 'l r sP l e rr cil r' sl i
desire alt corps g oommanders were to ace the
greatmt vigilance to prevedt all tersons not
belonging to the army from 'accompanying It
to Germany, and - especially Journalists.
Correspondents_urged an exception in
i favor of American journalists.. He replied
, that permission would be granted Americans
I if to anybody. The uncle regretted to refuse.
fife feared the refusal would be misinterpret
ed In the United States. 'The correspondent
thinks that this bag reference to .the general
having been warned out of /Lulea rather
sharply by American compatriots. .The mat
ter wan ended by referring the correspondent
to Le Doe!. He also refused even to lona at
his passports and letters from the American
A special correspondent of the New York
Trienne,As Paris,ntuler date of the 25th inst.,
elates that private letters from the head
quarters of the army say that no stranger will
be respected. Formal orders have been given
to shoot every man attempting to contravene
the orders 'loins; the press..
Emperor Napalm : Ns—A Great Battle To 'Br
',Fought In the lihrialsh !Provinces,
Jllar E.mpeeorf will notJeave Paris until all
preparations are complete. When he goes he
soul go quickly. From Strasbourg, on the "—".d.
there are advice. of a steady concentration of
troops towards Tido nyille. Nothing villains'
at.Strash;irg., 4ppartattlythemto attitck Is
'tn. be e alogg tbdvalley of "'Moselle.
'and the al battle !dill be in e
bovinces, but the Frtnlsinas seem obe [allied,
dark. .
There Is a ruipor the, Lou
-IPotitPelt Escllangsl that , . An bad left:
mace on board the sqUadren d dined for
operating upon the Baltic.
• Prtiemilan• Will Invade France. '•
assert. that
f1..,-The PerlM 44 Far imae ""
asSerts that Prussia, from the, Inhahntutif , ...,f
berdefences and enthuainsm of her Poor. I.
prepared to carry the war Into France. • :
... 1 44 . 4..4 11 IrOlgorously Neutral ~.i i I
81. PrrritaMorrtn,'3ul3 , Ir".. , Litussla Is Mkt=
rlgoroas measnres h gr , the. preshrration of
=WWI i hoeff foga% a ilnli l eV
.1 ,t1b 15 fi e
ri e illigy en cTrglng it teni r aVitti
'Waal, Vofirgitlertatsitmtlz ,r,
hp mi
mg draii alkCide elVirg.
the coming w*li?invelio 4 with that or .ffiii:`.
traadolgt i gigAgi t iiiiTifT '-
'l6pres. Etigenla Deeiorel Sewn— pm
igeli:4:gritßitil46 gent
dortatinloreo4yrros fro tba
sin artinents oNoselle,rAtisoksbilll
Ba bave been declared in a ntate-of le .
A r e. r. 4011 orointrutUshes qothx. ... d
' fo a g n o g f =Xt.= 4. 1 10'? 1 ,V
" oe6diVaßst iiiiiiLeiiiitiiii IV* ,
[By Telegraph do the Pittsbur&Darettf )3; ‘I!
1 . Iciar Toms, Jufsl s Zt.i , rtieCrilibiln' won the
' T ,,chriadif - Stie 'nada: d'''Flindi - TIMAt at .fte
P. Id. Tim Dauntless was signalled off the
Wetlands at 4 P. al.
14'0Ult O'CLOCK.
storMof yesterday interfered seriously
th the telegraph wires, whith trN recount
for the rtiengrenes* of our ttlgpatches • this
morning' I
Later Intelligence.
illy Telegrapit to the Pittsburgh Basetted ..
That Neer.' Treaty—Fruaatan Version. ,-,
BERLIN, Jul, - 27.—The CotTraproutrner prints
the teat of the treaty the French iduiperor of
fered to Count Ilismarek: In Its ,commentß
l 111 , Cin,...q.latllet say the Brinjerorsvalred
altopposition to Bemoan unification. provided
Primila.would abet the French acquisition of
Luxemburg . and. the relit:Wiled, or Belgium.
The minutes of the treaty in Benedetti's
1 .
wz ling are 'preserved lo the War Mine at
Ile lin. :Before the warot Bed, between Pros
si: 11111.1 AUStlift. Napoleon had offer ii aid to
PrSissin %rah 300,f181 menorith which to attack
Austria, as an equivalent for the cession to
France of the territory on the left bank of the
Atmore Rumor Converning Prisoners.
Pont. Italy 27.—Thc . Journal ON-141 aura:
We have Intelligence that a rumor Is circulat
ed on the other side of the Blithe that the Em
peror had given orders that orlseners of war
should he LlTaittl UiLii the Monett rigor and
primed outside the' protection of , the - law Of
nations. ThisVepurt IS abound. On the eon
trary.-the Emperor desires to treat in Wetter.
with the greatest, humanity.
Censorship of Preis.
A etrcular from Id e ollivier. kiting a-Mona
stic.m on the questhui In the •Corpe Lefrivlatid.
Saes the journals arepnly- forbidden to men
tion movements of tretedet or preparations for
active operation, They have a right to
speak of the events oflthe war as necltotPihib
e.l facts. .
The .I...trnint irettilda , non-political news
papers t hitt thei.Lare rot entitled to print any
thing' alive tr. 'wax.
The American Legion !nary Repeated.
Tlm Gtnibu. reptutts the rumor tid.. an
American Legion of one thmotand men is or
ganising here under the COnlitulllti of a French
ottirer. The report iv still regarded as dielbt-
Publle Pralens Asked.
A nether circular from the Prime Minister
calls upon the bishops to offer public nearer.
to place France. her chief find the noble Infant'
who goes to battle at bob Aglitter nip; ender
of t'protecton of Him who tiold4 In Uhl bands
the fate battles and tlestlnies of people.
The_Emprestio Nominally Regent.
. 'rite Journal Chhcirl publishes the decree con
ferring the'lltle Regent on the F.supress, with
burly to exercise the functions of that of
fice during the Emperor's nlisenve. The ad
ministration wilt be inlided it its POlicY by
houructlons and orders prepared by t
perm- and to be . Inscribed In the Rook orldate
and made known In lire general orders of the
sen ler. The utinistry will have cogniranee of
the Emperor's wishes Rid Instructions, beyond
which the Empreas ;will not he aritheriZed to
linseed. The Empress will preside at minis
terl counsels, but will not have power to
Tromitignte nay other laws than those now
pending before the LegiAlatlve Chambers.. mike, Arreate4.
Pants. July 21. Ertvilop. , Journals report a
Prussian Major arrested la Metz, and re
lemma on ten thousand francs bail
Report of .h En talent-Fiend. Cornea..
POOLS. July R.—At Mayen.. where King
arrived last uight.there is a rumor of
u engagement Yesterday. In which thirty
Eerinans were killed mid eighty made prison
without lose to the Preach...No details Of
the fight orconfinnation of the report as yet
Neutrality of Belgium Seruira.
bOntion,luly Tim. , to-day main
tains ite publication of proposed secret treaty
between France and Prussia had
n ot 8 144 effect. :It. has sar . ed the neutrality of Da
. which. ralthoohthe warning, would be
liable to 1.1(11311°n at any toot:tent.
Ms Kerrie. l'lrdari to Yru.sis. '
tr tr_ana.or.s. July 17.—fhe Duke of Marron
baring been Invited by 'Napoleon to. in the
French army replied that his ieiter are
11.1g.1 to Prussia.
rob Lite to Prrserre Pram,
irl.--Frmsee Inquired thratigh
lt,,a on irnal [ware 'night no
0.01. Pro-.l3pirr Itr•sin
tc4 fru: - wrrd I/ f,, bite." •.
PAW* July :7.—The earliest movement I.
Spain has bnen abandoned. Don Carlo/ bar
inr offended 61s adherents by offering... ,
against Prussin. they refused toulrry out lb
pp.t for ipV,PIOO and rising' In Spain.
_• The•Nluvil.i.r.:Jul) . :7.— Riff/1115r India, fr.
:5 . F.,. York. hiss arrived.
Inlatps.glhly 27-3 P. , N.—Consols .
%American isfsinsrities 32n1..tec %Ws. le;
, 13 . 1.111.. Ten-rorties. 13. 'lllinois
ht. ('.rent Western 21. PLockadull. '
I.lvaisPool., July 27. -Cotton Irregular; mid
dling uplands uW".d; sirleant 111.011.3 NA; sales
of SOU bales; Manchester market henry. Cal
ifornia white Wheat Its ill; red. western' No 3
*NI; winter 10.1 Id gl.lOB 01. We•tern flour
2.1...1.14C.31. dd. (lieu--\o 2 mixed ..ra. Otos
'4.31 Barley 3.1. P.A. ;cl+lwL Pork Arm at
120. Beef SIP. 62, • Lord 81a. Cheese Ms.
for Cumberland Cut; for short
. •
LesDo.u. July 211..--Tallun , dull sit Vis. Sugar
3la Ude:lll9d. Spn
rr trite of tuipmdlue Quiet and
O i) rin dull.. Calcutta
Commollnacedn OrM .t GardSA ad. firm at Me. Linseed
ANTIOrptP. July lr.--Petroleum closed iiu
. - •
xvspON,Julyl3.—To-dayautl to-morrow ar
*rifling , days on share and forties account
atatock exchange. They are the most tuts
- boot settling daym ever known. Many total
/lonal failures will be-announced.
)111rh Legialaturt lie Calm larooloo—Th
taroostilailimal Railroad AI/ L.w,
tr Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
e xtraordinary session at Lansing to-davno
A omorunt of member.: at both house* 'CU
present. .GovemOr Baldwhis nlettaage Wan
rend,' ere exclusively to the railroad old
laws ry declared unconstitutional by
the 'Sine Court. 'rho Governor rococo -
tiontdsan arnentimenl to the Constitution
be submitted• to the people at the Mona
election to be held in Novembernext. midi as ,
will enable the severnl municipalities t o .
ratify all suck railrond nitl bond. as
have been Issued and delivered to par
lien in good faith. Besides the bonds
which': have been .used and are now to
the hands of Innocent purchasers and holden,
there isranother anti a much larger clan
which have been voted but not delivered to
the Uompailes for whose benefit they were
delignml. Of these there Is now In the omen
of. the Treasurer the • suns of - $3,710441).1 11 ,
which might bedivided int...semi cowl. ,
But for preterit purposes, says the Governor,l
shall consider them as of two classes only
First, Such as have been pledged to roods
tt a bing onstructed mid on \ whlch ex
penhaditreurese of l a bor and money to a greater or
less extent have been made in anticipation of
the.atd so voted; Sealed. Such as have. been
regularly voted and detaisited with thd Treas
urer for the benefit Of proposed roads, tae on
which no work tom ;asset beendone. In some
cases the bendseMbraced In the first of the
two classes named Were nearly earned by rail
road companies and had been negotiated and
part of the purchase price advanced befhte
thwdeebdrin of.tbe Court had been rendered.
It Is worthy of your consldemtlou .whether
good faith does not require provislOn to be
utadelor thls class also. Whether it is de
sirable., or the wish of the people, that here-
I after municipalities shouldbe authorized upon
any conditions to aid In .the construction of
milrolult by donations, loans or subscript WS
fur Monk:4May well'be questioned. While It
Is not to be denied 4dat,galiroads whenever
'they can becenstructed and properly main
tained are o 4 f i retd etinvenience and serince to
the people - Add.,lergely to the value of
property, and while It must be admitted that
by means of municipal aid o:eget° somertimes
constructed when .without snub aid, they
could no:: be had. I do not coneelVe it e , Dally
clear that: the ptinelpie I.s. entirely c . et.
ran( lareseribu doqbts, an tO the pre rietY
; l ggia: t: 4. P I AVR4 hghtr tigiskitigt i
snail be placed before the people for a ision
_ 4 .,VlnlnriT e giralT l ==t i o7 .l T ic itl
committee of seven. The House refe ktO
Ajoint.ttosnrrlittee composed of the standing,
committees: on Judiciary ,and Internal im
provementif, 1 :-1.- . , : t
I e
f ncensleaslans In Chicago-4tmM
lol7lsl;h7E'rltPairirt.lLg. alinl err
entrAao, July .. P7.—The Scandinavian d IP&
a rocating.n..fetfHightf AlOqo at.i.he Williams .
1 vg.v..svilv=acrAimagra' b:,.
to Napoleon : •
."TO tkogisilmfOrtqf.}.4o,Erench: The 'Scan
elfogslarth ualal•greettrqns TO Your Malesty,
with earnest hopes of the success. of . GI
rgrerwirantareaoltw,G7..i,..,,,,. ..,,,,,,,,,.....i..
• eletalen Itlit!AltilrnElltrAWakra cued
b t h eF oohs/leg th bi XIII O
thnlielnViTJlMar rn'd ctrly to'
1111teittne of
-3WglOgbiimaTriol ,
,aeati—nl :
. -
~ :it, litilikelphls. AN:
r..Puturosearata , July IllerrViraar, foal filar
saera,reeta 116.Car/Crattra ; km .
tir „ it
- 1 ..w,wh. i . v1 . 4r l iztu i r it.,
iffirit:66.,lit- ir , o r:.E. l a.,
Ic,.dum et w i . ed. - cre
um„ . , 0. I, A .i em
I. .. . laroerlaedr24%.,l, Way Isr7ore; err,
era INri WM.
n rt ps ) • '
1874 011. " Orry 1
in .
Ju a ir '4l . .—Riaet. tieing Slowly
'thlrty.elgit Loden center channel. eatber
cloudy. Thermometer 78 deg. at r. M.
141.%4 beet Floamlal' Market.
Nay - Vone. July 27. 1874.
Th e o re ,t e eins rupeet of affairs in Europe
growing out of the secret treaty between
Vrance and Prussia, and which bids fair to
•draw• England into the struggle, rem to exert
any special influence on the home markets.
which nee quiet nod devoid of notable lea-
The shipment of specie to-doe by tb . Scotia
was iMr,g7457: Wisconsin s7l),ooo—t tot
(tod doll. having 00Id down trot IZI to
1027;6121, on restricted dealings. Th • , Treaty
tor sold one million at 121.?: to 12P: Carry
ing rates; per cent. to flat. Clearan es $59,-
10nu.011. ' •
Mone easy; tali Want sto on st mks and
3 to 4
n Government.
Governments dull but strong. Coupons of
tp.,ti& •1[:.934695;:i11ird. 41 4: '65, ON,Q.
OX: new do Stia,LSY: TT, 9NlE,lstil
c0,„6/7. Currencies 10540.11.
Stato_lainds dull..A.t. Mlasouris,
W.; old' Tennesseel. 64 . neV do. ' 11:04; old
N'irgittlas. 01; new do. 00: old rth Carolinas.
48: new do. 295 f.
Stocks higher. but closed with ft of the
advance lost anttnearl'•
Closinu Price—Canton,
Western Colon Telegraph.33N:Qu ksilver,
31aripbsa, 5: do preferred. 0: dato3 Ex
press, OP,: Well.t. 115 f; Amello9n 42%::
ted States. 434 f: !italic Mall, MN: New York
Centrnt and Hudson. nills Scrip. Erie.
:hr..; do preferred, 40 . . Harlem. do prefer
red. 131; Reading. • fto Michigno tlentrat. 118.
Lase Shore. 897:: Hliaois (;corral, 131 X; Fitts
burgh. 155 X; Norttorestern. 4134:.d0 preferred.
er4; Hock Island. - 11056; New Jersey Central,
N . • St. Foul, NAG er.forTed. 751.„; Wa
bash, 494; do Preferred .4: Fort Way $135:
Terre Haute, :11; do preferred. 52; Hartford
d F.rie.:l3‘; C.C. &C.. ;5: Chlcago and Alton,
110: do preferrekllo: Ohio
Burlington, 11T4 C. Cr L. 1. - C.. 111 S.
Bogor, prices: 46lumet.:5; Copper F 9110,6;
Franklin , 314: QOM , . In.
Stibafeuisury Indancel gold, .$71,09;.313; cur
rel:e n .g.112.167.3(C.
• xtorts for thd week 4..01CM, SLIM.. 4.3,606.
wheat, Includinl.lg
01 29,170
bush. )
of corn .r of f10u44A5 Dbl. and
457,891 bush.
of '
Idn tierces of beet. 274117 pound. of cut meats,
241,611) pounds of lard. 37.gti pounds. butter
and 3.506,91 r pounds of cheese.
--Three failures were announced at the Lon
don Stock F.:change yesterday.
--A slight shock of enrthquithe •ns frit at
Virginia City. Nevada., on 'Tuesday.
—A women moiled Ohl was burned to death
on 'Tuesday at Penile. in attempting to light
a tire with kerosene. • •
—The Orand Division , of the Sons of Tem
perance of Pennayirania met at Ebensburg
yesterday, and will adjourn to Pittsburgh
—The internal tax on spirits In the Chlengo
district during the past year footthou up four
lion Ave hundred and sixty sand eight
hundred and forty-eight dollar,.
—.Mary Lyon a young lady residing with
her aunt. in Chicago, was on badly burnedon
Tuesday night In undertaking to kindle a tire
with kerosene that she tiled at an early hour,
yesterday morning.
—A serious accident took place at Winches
ter. Lila.. Tuesday, on the Rockford. Rock
Island and St. Louis Railroad. fly &collision
of two trains quite, a number of persons were
badly hart, but nOte killed outright. .
- -All the space at the tlielaierd at tbuodieem
01 the Industrial 1:x16104n:to be held at Cin
cinnati In September. he! briendengaged by
xhibitors. Other Wilding" will be erected
immediately to make room for f lure appli
—Caledonian games came on esterday on .
Rene Dined, Michigan. Nearly A e thousand
persons were In el teridimce. a Donald manic.
the champion of Sootland, was present. being
his find appearance id. America. fully
sustained tils,reoutat Lon for strength and skill.
—The base ball game between the Red
Stockings of Cincinnati and Athletic , of Phil
delphia, at Cincinnati yesterday. resulted:
Athletics. II; lied Stockings.:.
Athletics.... . , 0001 4 1 2 I2—ll
lied Stockings' •.. .• .0 000 0 I sr. 2
- -At Clifton, twenty miles north of Muncie,
Indiana, Tuesday, James Gkicane ahot and
allied jamen McCleary. (Mune met McCleary
Ida'Coon. and eliberately fired a bullet Into
breast. killin d g Min Instantly. A trilling
quarrel between the children of the men led
to the difficulty. •
—At the Ore in Pdladelphtn. Tuesday night,
tut firemen were killed. nut reported. The fol
lowingwern injured: Wm. 11. Cook, of the
Ittrrits Hose Compeer; Jos. Williams and
Fanotel Glaprn, oft be :Neat unn Hose Company:
W.ii. Myer... - of the Washington Hose Com
pany; Louis Laws, and four others. Two
thousand seven handtett and forty horshends
Themean gar odd ligoopt.. ware destroyed.
The Ltdper estimate., the loss at Vati.o , 4l, and
the insurance at PISS).000. •
I Erma the Boston ; Yost•l inn
The circular of the French 31initit;r of . tts ,
Foreign Affairs nets forth, the position of bet
Franco with dignity and strength. Prue- wa ,
sin's neglect of treaties has wen • source te
of lIIKLAiItfOI I % to Europe. Which clearly t h
is -repined the intention of that country to an
aggrandize Itself at the f ixiienie of ha own
honor and of ail jruitice. Vie Minister in ix
certainly right - Pi stignottliing each con- .
duct to tiangentits and unscrupulous. The C'
action of Vulgate is rerupittdated,lier ter-
triversatlon exposed, and the Teportsibili .
ty of hostilities placed. upon her. 'file
moderation claimed France will be ad.
mitted by all silimo anal in behalf of her
enemies:and the estemies of Europe, does
Oat overwhelnitheir judgment. The Fiut;
pervi's speech, like thin circular, shown a
national power that it will be . difficult 'to
orercrime. remtiment of. Louis Na;
pideon's remarks is not bluster, but the
reflection of an astute ruler who, know;
ing all the hazards ;and riniponsibilities
of wax. assumes them with a courage
and; confidence participated in by the cu
tire action
(Frowns Burton Pesti
It would prove the bent thing in ~.
world for on if events ahould drag her
iEnghtnd) into the complirations of the
Continent. We should then be the only
mounds utile could do the carrying her;
vice which. the world must still have`
performed.. We are without shipa,! it is
true, owing first 'to the . blow dealt our
commerce by British treachery. and,
secondly, to the insanely stupid legisla.
tiuo of Congresa, that, forbids the building
of attire at boom or their purclumeabrmd
Nor could we expect to . restore in a day
the lost, of the splendid opportunities
which, for the past tic° years, have been
multiplying in our favor, only to culmin
ate in this lateat one of a foreign war. But
something could be done. and the rom•
nierelal community would demand that it
Is' done with 'promptness and a sagacious
comprehension of the situp ion.
[From the IV.hinglon fbroniclel
In the, complex political 'system of Eta.
rope IL fa impoisible fiff - itSo Staten to
even contemplate loiatilitiem without at
the some' time haying open the other
Stales the burden of military prepam.
dons; which would be entirely abrogated
by wiping out thee., linen of hostile na
tionality. The United States, which late
ly had a million of open under arms, has
reduced her regalar‘forw to thirty thous.
anol,antEmoat. ni thy, *ould lack em
ploymerrt if theacm.Vnationalitles'of the
Indian tribes were disposed of peacefully.
' How fatal, then, the policy of permitting
the establishment of a variety of na-
Smut on the Continent ! Surely the Ides
of an occambound Republic 'it an unerr
ing popular instinct of sell-preservation.
If Mexico was a powerful and aggressive
'nation, or if Canada possessed the elm
*tents of an indepeudegt national exits.
'tepee, thejtmeriian pb6ple would be pad
dled with an additional $100,000,000 lases
to support a standing army , to watch our
frontiers. But happily the. former Is
deatlyt.Zplayed out:1 and fife ;latter Is
gruel ng by the. rasistlesa force of am
cittl,apd moral causes Into' the American
Üblestibta 7oreambound Republic" Is,
then,Tibe guarantee — for the domestic
peace ,F Koptifitent, Orpreie'nt
sears% Mt ?maid Afiatieljt demon-.atmtes tie truth, and enhances the appre,
clati2nrif tt . by the public , opinion of this
01Irli!!Ahprideu will. itlcr!-reemeih. l 44:
by going. abroad amt walchling'!..the tom
net in *hielrAh_o ccfol3l2ii'iintlict MA*4ll'
vq.e.w.l44,pip/ 1.. p LARuctL4,
ivbidilesordahae t'beenitiislieuer
tqr =
j uatipp A M. had, practiced - An
aggro Itllayl.l6o.
Neither Nansk.s 3,deltkewillkgw
tiffielie : 6
Y vane? 'esl7Pspling
Still witi,_k!c:
lia•4l6.6nxithastralik.Fo. ;the, FrOZKU
llghi4 cac ,an.
!osheailefirrilli ; ther itiwi h i ntly ., org a nwl.
Syittermet ,bummine.whicksifo
1r4:111 ~Sltetmn lA'+i~ ail to the
gli er ig vh geopahlyAftrtot.,,,epeak either
•FrelietefiFffeMatllle*flrltive to lears
r bYWrliiitte o6e6'amslh 6•by filitricousso
w itluithorgilb ,l6 koWlintf , . , ft he
Wreport of bis observatlOMS, it may
provoke a comparison between it and the
one General tieorge B. McClellan made
when be was in Europe, and to the diced-,
vantage of "Little Phil. - •
From the Chicago
The American mmlogists for the French
invasion of Germany. contend that France
has peculiar 'claims on American sym•
peaty, and good wishes for her success in
her present, unprovoked undertaking. on
11e0Milt of the aid she rendered the col
onies in their struggle for independence.
ninety:five years ago. Without denying
the importance of that aid, or feeling our
disposition, to undervalue it, and while nil
• witting that Americans should alway
cheerfully acknowledge thei rs eense of ob
ligation therefor...neverthle, it . due
to the truth of history to state that the
French Government. did not render that
assistance out of any regard or affection
fur the coloniete or the cause for which
they contended. mattered little to
France whether they rebelled in order to
establish • a republic or a monarchy.
What France wax specially interested in,
was to secure their detachment from the
British crown, anti the aid she muttered
had for ice sole object this infliction of a
severe wound on her hated rival and
enemy, the'llritish.
[From Galan: al's Messenger.l I ~
The Monde inquires how it collo s to
,I,7artirtehapt.l,;:ujossuin i
rn t a ud h, e iw a r n so l sr: Kg
, t y l i r , t o t writers
or exeunt, lire, and further take how it is
that her defenders give themselves out
for the DMA part as the friends of liberty?
Do they so ./011 forget the principle which
"cumin re tresents, the system which
3ismarck hen carried out, the
h which lie has bent tiermany,
le would like to extend to the
*repel Our contemporary then
these berme : •• I
illiatu has been on the throne
Inthe year following hie ac I
began war with his people;
ears later he started with his
n successive differences which
• since conic to an end. •In 1864
re question of Schleswtgliol.
the apparent pretext of pro
independence of the Duchies.
at secret and brutal intention
two provinces. - In • 1844 he
many in the van, dragged Aus.
reit:, and finished by continent
trolit the contented territories.
bought Leuenburg from Austria
t buys a flock of sheep for
ntouey. e thout aramlting the animals
thonselv .. The same yehr, tunnindful
that he had unide,.war in the interests of
het:many, he signed the ajoventiou of
Gastrin, ceded Holstein
Schleswig to hints. I, and east with
olatein o Auntria, allot
ted Schleswig
the proxpec of the Hol
stein' Staten into t ie waste paper
basket. In . 1866, forgetting the
couvention of Unstein, as there he had
Het acids the proinises made at the com
mencement of the campaign, he laid
hinds on Holstein, Austria tiehare in the
fruits of the, conquest, arid pretended to
arrange every tiring as he pleased. The
Diet of Frankfort having protested. he
sent that body about its business, just as
lie hod done with llolstein. Austria
having joined her protest to that of Ger
many, he paid no attention to the com
plaint, end. continuing ids formidable
armaments, denounced Austria to all Eu.
"rope as arming to destroy the public
pear"-, and one fine day' opened the cam,
atio, and in , 21. fortnigid was at Sadowa.
During: the course-of these event 4 Count
de Bismarck did not cease to defy/ and • to
wound France. lie spelled Denmark,
his former ally, in spite of hertroteste.
lie led Enac e to hope tor cocupe diens
. the "thine, and ended by pr venting
er from treating with Holland or Lux.
,burg. He found it a capitaljoke to
prise us of rho gratisude of Italy. who
•n to its her existence. its negotiat e d
ejut scion of th e German-with the hut
1 Hai ways by St. thrthard, and .put oh
rcles n the way of the fresh agreement
twee the. French and Dutch line which
re in onformity with the wish of the
Intuit ice . Finally, he refused in, harsh
ems re simple right of watching, over
,e ex uration of the' Treaty of Prague.
Id he mixes himself up with the elec.
on of a monarch. In Spate_fer . the par
one o doing us en injury." . •
Sr. uch for foreign affeire, whilst, ac.
ordi to our contemporary, at home the
tore meta of Prussia violated, in 1862,
he ft rty of election in order to get a
eve ble - majority; in 1863, bloke the
,ertattp4 the constitution to recognize the
nrmy et its own will; iu 1664, waged war
without a regular budget and in contempt
of the righter of tire Chamber; in 186.1,
prosecuted the Deputies for having made
xpeecliee in Parliament which were din.
4 .
tasteful to it, and condemned them with.
nut paying any attention to the freedom'
Id deb te; in 1866, prorogued the Chant.
her it If:after two months of an insignif
icant scion, made peace and war ,with
out thinking of that assembly's wishes,
and ended by getting ahnolution by means
of success. • "Such," says the Mande, " is
the nation which our liberals have thought
fit to support."
'The Liberfe examines the nitration of
Parma, and asks whether tire provinces
annexed are denoted.. to King William
and his Minister, Count de Bismarek, 1
The conclusion at which our
. contemPor.
ary arrives is that they are not so. Tire
remarks of that journal are as follows ;
Is Pruseia sure thaf when she shall ask
those soldiers whom slot vlownished yes.
terdayjn now espouse her quarrels, and
the landwehr of those countries to quit
their harvests to defend 'tire proud con.
queror of 1866, they will obey the sum-
mous? An for foreign countries, there is
Denmark, and we have no need to explein
to our. readers why that power and per-
laps Sweden and Norway do not . like
Prussia. England is neutral:Russia sym
F we believe, but her attitude wit
be tlecidutl by that of Austria An fo
Italy; opinions are divided, and we c
understand the 'hesitation. Prussia must,
have tussle large promisee and great efforts;!
She no doubt . touched .n that sensible
point, Rome; but Italy has not forgotten
the remarks made in 1866 by the high
'Prussian authoritieson her army and its
value; things not easily forgotten. Lastly,
there is Spain! We forget nothing, and
we repeat we see not seeking for possible
alliances for or against. We are only
looking for syrapathy. The fruit of con
quest and aggrandizement In. that a na
tion does not pass from twenty-four mil
lions of, inhabitant. • to nearly forty
millionaWithout offending many interests
and wounding ! many legitimate ' sent'.
melds. Prussia is about tomake in a few
days a eupreme trial of Ler antonomy; she
is shout to metrzure the distance' between'
the law written and the law fulfilled,'
the treaty signed by a plenipotentiary and 1
that ratified by the people; the annexation I
imposedton a conquered King, and that ac
cepted by a satisfied population. 'During
Irag the last t
splendidrThf o
y u r , I y e i ni svi : i
i nn : , t
hand, t i, d e e
Bismarckre namely,r active
w t.iii has u talohnuwe:
th ty of which was sufficient to 'gleans ,
all discontent . When . that 'force shall,
i l l opriwt the vanguard,
e i s e t
ii p, u ln 6
0 ' s e , h il ure u e;k s tha ti.
w conclude that, if WI responsibility '
w ch. weighs ` : on.. Count _de Bissiark is.]
L iy,, his endo.rnoiaments are not ll oder,
. . , Inference whic h . thO..l,ibcili, a war
jo ,. wishes, te be,...dniwn..from .tbn
above is at anima Ha r t, as then situation of
Fiala ii unlavorable..,,E4inn would be,
" . ye n :ta;ind: " .„4 1 1:11e il i l t ; t 1ci t t.a4 h it e g 7 7:1zelpt a l:tWi . i . ii t ea t : W .l7o ' th: i co t- 7
41.ot4,:that.theie are treatielOutd*t 4p
, . . ... .„ .. ... , .
crake•. Iwile
'and which
pro, eedi. ii
"King Id
eiinco 1861
c •iosion In
and come
yid hl,ors
have DUYer
lie rsiistd
placed in.'
trio in ti
mg to his
lu 181151 in
'oat as on
tTwo Noises ~ 0,. ,
• .Riv, , il.'svibb3izwr inKlitvi.l. l
'''' t49 ' , ' 44 ' !:14 .1 4i . 4 1 , ?, 0 FiF eat
irrit4m—kke,gieskohlte Ik4igas,l4 Utah;
D: the.; Black Mew: i llaeleree abets; twe
fleets is splii:liillsffividea trite sectiobli:'er
i hdeli three are in . ;lii:\ li #al i ' and.
. . or P e t c
:. three is sr, near.tiie: . .fibielE-ties; to :Sirich
must be added the . smell ..ssusaroas cd
flalloYs. gunboats and similar vessels., .
° According to an official. repert..tim ; lio b.,
sine fleet consisted laat year of 4(4ll , deran 4l
ars,.4aviug3BAolMasee powarvsrith P 205
gnne. besides 20 nailing vessels, with 63
guns. The greater and more formidable
pert of this navy was stat ioned . In the
Baltic. The Black. Sea fleet numbered
4:t; the l':otplttu. 39; the Siberian of Pa
cific, :107 - and 'the Lake Aral or Turkistan
PIIIIIIIII , II. • I i The rest of the
Niiillll were either stationed at Kroustadt
and Sweaborg, or engaged in cruising in
European waters.
irowelad fleet of war consisted at
the commencement of 1868 of 24 ves
sels, with an aggregate of 149 guns, as
:• Frigates, one of 18, anti one IA 24 guns 42
2 Floating batteries of If. 18 and 27 guns.. 2. -
2 Corvettes of 8 guns 10
0 sfonitors of :guns eanh. ....... .12
II Turret ships of 2 guns each 22
Iron elsits with ..• • • .:•.• . . . 140
Theilaigest of these ironrltida are two
armed frigates, the Sevastopol- and Po.
jareki. The Sevastopol nearly equals the
British inin•elads Black' Prince and War.
riot' in her dimensions, and cure& those
of the Fiench Glorhi and Normandie.' At
the time of flotation the Sevaatopel
-measures 300 fret in length - , and her
greatest breadth is:i2 feet 3 inches. The
ship draws 28 feet at 'the poop; and 24 at
the chains. Her, plates are 4i inches thick;
fastened to a doable coating of teak from
•0 to !I inches thick. Iler engines have a•
nominal force of 800•11orsel0wer, and the
is armed with steel guns of the greatest
caliber. Her ;wiw. lots re•betik of a formi•
rhible kind attached to it. The Pnjarskt'n
armament is placed in a central battery.
occupying about 80 feet in the length of
the gonyleek. both sides and ends being
completely armor-clad. The armament
eonsists o f eight 3(41-pounder steel guns,
four on each brandaidei
' The Imperial navy was manned at the
beginning of 1008 by 00,230 sailorn and
marines, under the command of 3,701 of
ficers, among whom are 110 admirals and
Thu Spanish navy., is not Very formid.
WO. and inAudes only six iron clad
rigates. During the past ten years no
ire measures have been taken for its in,
wovement, but - the embarrassed state of
he finances has prevented .any great pro
resit, It consisted, according to official
eturus, of• the- following Ver4ol l 3 at the
•nd of June, 1,368. • The only important ad
lition has been the gunboats constructed
n this harbor
. .
Serra , Steamer,' (iuns.
d iron clod frigates'of from 11 to 40 guns. .101
1 Ship of the line of 19 largo guns 18
11 Frigates of from Si to 01 guns • 41
.:>1 Corvettes of front 2 to 5 guns . sa
18 (lunhoats, each with one gun • 14
10 Tradtimrts. . ..... . .. ..
- Paddle Strome..
3 Frigates of 14, 18 and 18 gone._
11 Corvettes of from 2 to 10 guns
ni Avlsos, 2 of 1, nod 8 of 2 guns.
24 Paddle Steamers. p
Snafu° Pawls.
fp Frigates of 16 guns ea ch .. 60
I Corvette of IS Runs - 15
4 Naval school ships of from 111 to 311 guns 106
3 Coast-guard vessels of 2 guns each 6
13 Sailing vessels. . . ON
• The six iron-clads of the Spanish Autry
were, with one exception, built in Eng
land. The largest of them, the Victoria,
curries twenty-four guns, and is armored
from stem to stem with 'five and a half
inch plates anti ten inch teak. She is
three hundred and sixteen 'feet in length,
and 4,882 tons burden. Next to the Vic
toria in sloe is the -Numancia, built in the
Boating docks of Cartagena. She to built
entirely of iron, with the eximption\ of•the
teak hacking for. the armor plating, and
Is three hundred and sixteen
feet tong
and fifty-seven broad et the beam. wh a
draught of water of twenty-seven feet
lour inches. The Numencia is complete
ly Incased Jr.' live-inch armor ofboo tone
weight, and is pierced for forty \\ sixty
eight pounders The Arapiles, another
of the irmeclatis, carries thirty-four guns
brvaileHle battery.
The Spanish navy wan nunnerll
-by 12,950 sailors and 7,980 marineit- and
commanded by one Captain.l3eneral of
the fleet and and 1,150 officers of various
• ..
The Flower Languagess-kmbig . s for
the Days and Month.
The floral emblems of the days of 'the
week and the-months of the year are an
Monday.—.l. leaf of the lotun or water
ily, half represented light, half dark, the
otus being considered in the East as
•The emblem sad cradle of creative Night."
Tuesday.—A leaf, half light to signify
the heavens. nod half blue or sea green,
meaning the water, in reference to the
second day's work of creation.
• Wednesday.—A leaf divided into three
colors—light for the heavens, blue for the
waters, and green for the earth. ,
Thursday.—A green lotus-leaf, on which
is placed a flower figurative of the sun,
created on the fourth dos.
Friday.—A leaf oil which en insect is
feeding, symbolizing. "Let the earth
bring forth the living creatures."
Saturday.—The leaf for this-day is filled
with fruit, for "I have given you every
herb bearing seed. and every tree, In
which is the fruit." .
Smiday.—Simply an o live' leaf, sacred
to peaco . snd rest.
January is rekesentid by a robin, en. a garland of sweet-scented tusi
lege; since the one cheers our dwellings
at this' season with its presence, while
the other regales the, early month with
its fragrance.
February has a wreath of snowdrops,
surrounding a pair of goldfinches; this
being the month in which these flowers
appear. and also birds begin to couple.
Starch is distinguished by the hierogly
phics of a bird's nest ;encircled by a branch
of the almond.
April—For this month we.have a linnet
on her nest in the midst of a bush of
..The Vernal furze. with coldeatutakets hung.
May—A hest of young birds, clamorous
for food, lope hawthorn bush' In . full
flower, symbolizes this month.
Junelms a wreath of flowering grapes,
encompassing &branch of ripe strawber
ries. . "
July.—A bunch of red cherries, en.
wrestled with the fragrant purple thyme.
August is represented by a comma of
Wheat, barley and oats encircling ripe
plums.• •
'September bee a cluster of purple
gropes, with a wreath of hops.
October is' represented with various
colored-Chlna esters% and clusters of ha
, relents.
November has a garland ofdewing ivy,
with turnips and carrots in the\ center.
December is weviln with 'a garland of
holly, with its . glossy, green leaves and
vermillion berries, from the centre of
which hangs a branch of mintletoc:• , 4J. ft.
;ngram In Appleton's Journal.. ••
M. Paradol'e Cipiaion as the
ropean War.
The Washington correspotuient.of the
Philadelphia Prep, in his diepatch on
Sunday. has l.he following :
Afiei the late k Prevost Pailidol had
preaented - his credentials to the President,
among 7 those upon whom be called was
Senator Sumner. — of Massachusetts. .
bad a., large number of .letters of Intro
&talon to that gentleman. which Inc pre.
seated in all the form and otsrememy
acterititls of a Frenchmen.. ,31, Paraded
spent, about ~two luau& in . gonalsation
with Mr. Summer upon the situation
'Viuroile, dwelling especially. upon the con.
teal -phial was,then hoevitable Lietweim
pimala., and France. In reply ton
gon fml43i.r. Sumner' as to ; .the duratied
nr Memel', M. Foredo] said "There may
.Inc Va t oppatainly.unt tlee. I
ghoul:lnca be enrprisea if there would lie
but em,. In the present condition of En.
rope,one or WO baqiea,./ailot decide over) ,
queation., To be sure, they will gceat
battles,,greater than:
the . fret :
eser.fOughP, Thaw. will -4°1. 2 490 i men
killed on both sides, but the canteat frill
be deeisivelesaneww 4 he result, it is illuPael'i
;Mhie .The uoofloautk or
, equalJr.,,Aoor4, tagf ,
,bav0,403! Ate yalormal.,pst.Thilierri 'GI
theF.,ll349ktre ir, but it may . .ha:A . lmi thei 1
lal,heateo4 Summer of tiel
opinion that. M4aradid, who wits a I Intm.l
of ztave.,Pereolitltto qualities. asiAtit for „
the firat,timit,.n Napobtaa W
in:}l l 44l;m4,l+ u;i4t-fully.bbi.vival in
Plzt46.Jasatigenit*.t •
_ l ,4rge ,
nien. As a Frenchman, of gmusi , ,,
Paradol believed in the final auccess ai
the French troops, but it wan a belief
ject to poseibilities.
O. 162
Ihnro will he a :twirling of the atocliholi ;
raid the Shsrliehurg and Lawrenceville grid
Company, at the officio of Leah, Relic!.
Sharmiburg. on WEDNESDAY. Anew.% 3. at
3 p. e.te tato setien In reference to the
ro.erection et the bridge. Ily orger of the Doled.
re ' e
•INO. ItKED. iteerniary.
Attention, Six Knights .!
You two hereby requested to attend • im.erliti
meeting of the Conoinedder/
u) enter
The members nf Equality Temple n 1
Honor, No. 31. art Milleged.lo Ten/plael
Hall. No. 67 Fourth avenue. nrer Dollar haring!
Danis, THIS MoltNlNO,.Jult '27, at I%IS
More. to attend tiro funeral 'of ottr late Bro. P. NV
C. T. Win. Holmes. Member. of sister Tern
ylce ern Invited to .!tend. DJ order am.
?then .11! be • Complimentary Iteneet t, W.l
Friday Even'g, July 29, lEl'7 0
by Slounrt Onod. Vlguneft by filglv.
e liE.—A nel double Inane bowie of sly
room* and cellar. cemented cistern. lot IS feet
front en Bertha street. Mount Waxlik/to, by
100 dee. situate out, adieu . ..fro:nine bri Me
bill sae
to "‘""' from inn
• 39 Meth avenue.
Piresliniunt, July 2Sth. 1200.
NOTICE.—The assessment for the
11 grading. paring and enrbin, a Liberty
street. from Hallett street to the (ireensberg
Inge... now ready for elimination nnri nen be
Peen at this omen untII.SIUNDA Y. AUOVET
1t470, when it win be retunied to the City 'Preto.
urers oilier tor eullection. . It. J. MUORE,
City Engineer.
_ -
rum. OF
.11'. 5 . .. 1J A V:l;.',N ,:: (.',\O.,
u2Da.5O • • •
Laing . & loKallip
Ilave removed to 347 Liberty st.. l lately occupied
by Culp & Shepard. where they will be pleased to
nowt their frien&Sand the public genenilly. They
have contently on hand a choice 'assortment of
Family Flour, Grain. Feed. Land and Calcined
Fluter. White Limo, Foundry Fleur. Baled 11.7.
&c. They are also general agents Bs . the celobrat
• -
dlnt&istown Hydraulic and turtlinglle
Jno. IllcKirdy & Co.
;eneral CIIIIIMiSSif II 'Merchants
Flour, Grain, Seeds,Feed, &.c
No. 351 LAbert y St roe
Furimue, - cmunmg
A LEUGATE wll sell at hl. Auction House. No .
139 Federal arson. Allegheny. on FRIDAY. July
29th. at S o'clock. a large lot uf tOOd Furnitun .
Feather Beda. Pillnwe, Bolsters. fable*, Chant
Bedsteads:and at 10 o'clocA a large Int of Hum
mer and Fall Clothing. Linen Pants, Coats and
Vests, and a general aiwortm floods. Nil kind, and
at 2 o'clock a large lotof Dry Merinos. De
lalnet An .100 httawle of all kinds.
OS A. LEGDATE Auethweer.
(Nos 933 and 26? Penn St., thtburth,)
sessionMONDAY, SEPT Ste. Tame
-940 par of FIVE MONTLIS
Ladies' Sc.ool.
Toeobeea— APatklua. 1, gaff. Sackett,
trynch—Prof. Dante. Music— nwf.
Drawing—Min M. Lawton.
A full course of study pursued
Boys' Sell 01.,
Teachers—Henn. Sacrum. Bu t heleld. Sloane,
Claw. In German daily and In ocutlon daily.
No extra Mange. II
Semler examination of climate(written) by the
Principal. Results mooned .
Butkus, and College Entrance Diplomas to be
temed—to those demmlnirtt em oVL't .
Oince hours from 9 to 1 0 daily.
The paw record of the Institute affords a pledge
of Intelligent. Stavin, faithful wort, every care
Nana taken to Mauro thoroughness and progress
Jr.a.2 J. IL NEWELL. Prinelpal.
To Authorize the Paring of -'a Par
tion of North Canal••Stree
SEC. 1. Be itordained and enacted by the r
eties and Town Connell of the Borough of ghettos
burr, and lb la hereby ordained and enacted by an
thority of the sumo, That North Canal street be
paved from Sprtagatreeisto Liberty street, and
pave sidewalk from Matn street to !Abed? street
un the Oath aide of North Canal street. and that
the smtter be paved fire (31 wide from Liberty
Kiser. to eastern terminus of said street.
BCC. That as moon as the cods and
:of said improvements 'hall be telly
noel be the dutritialle Street Counnisaloaer to
eagle.. and apportion the Milne ausiegjbe several
lota boo:tufting end abattine on said North (Anal
thein said borough, reaperelvely. accoreine to
the rule above 'OM...n(IY and thereupon unwired
to make demand and collect the Sarno accord log to
the provision, of the Act of the General Assembly
of the Commonwealth of Pentillyi”nla. entitled
no Act defining the manner of collecting the ee
-1 grildifyf and pavint , the atreeta and alley!
tti T ts ' Oth 'Lby'SYDritrall' other A
now extended to the boroualrof-fille;ssbard by an
Act of Assembly approved the I.lth liy of March
A. D.. 1870.
etc. 3. That so oracle of soy onlinanCe no May
motile". with or be supplied by the forgolug, he sod
tea Nee Whereby repealed.
Onlalned and enacted Into a law this 1 efe de?
of July, A. D.-1870.
Attest: IMA:.EIS A. KLELY.
jnarsslii . fteretarr.
99 Market street„ Pittsburgh
(THIRD oboii
• •
T Y V ' 111 " 14 " Im l i gglt u mar af.t,
• i ir ..7 l :iurr'w.ustusitt , •
"I•durheo of el tbs " Aorerlean =atm gold and
sllyeratoes. -Both gay =4 imams Wallas too
otaralaner iyAL
We salt pTtlao4n otteotldn V•a• totllltW for
=2 , l t • Mrliggar. =0z....f0 that
Orden by roalrwenaptly 411. Y.
goods sent to dra~ by mall of Mon , •
.:-- A
.• T
• c F
to .3 is l c px 4
'-rlVjra 9 rhff
.g Ett.rrxuol
r i t'p .„ : ' ,
I'C I.- c :
a ' ' v P - .“ . ..
. ; 1 '
..- "V e in'oep , v
LL, k 'CO.
.::,w,,..75 Wood Street;.. 1 I •
..._ I -,-,-.-",----;--.
!Ng ~.OA4.lWtr:e.Vg.F., ,.
..,,vlogrira -.AT: . 1 :4t . i17 q 2,; 4
fi :
- attiti,ve'&lltgalß
.v.aipAClL:Fitglin.,AlrENUE3 i , . ~. ill
''iti . l.."'tiinfoiV ki?,: .46iiifilikr
Ilitfpil!""P',.Lal•te.4 thendiaphob r:
D RIED APPLES.--10 - bble extra
STrainnsua.l4l Sint aviot!.
nuntreial and FAmily NeWsitirt
without it.
• .
tUlubs oule
of UT subas rs
, l It .ri
...bu . ..
llubS of feu t 't
A uOP is fur.uatutt gratuttottulY to theigettor.uo ' •
.f. flub of ton. P.Atmutors Sr. res4usst.l to
'et us Agonta. Adlroas.
or...tmmAni, NEED a (U.., , • :
••• St.. AA 4..rcredili
LINEN. Ira! he florin:ln Mere
P ,, r11 - E,Ty.hvg I'E.Nll 4 y tteth whitlow! H..
rl L'S k'ENTS.
100 Melt to Work on Penn Axenne Ex-\
Wages 12 Per day.
‘i tlYl e ltll
T.g- 14.
it 41451 Corner renn2 . 1 . 3e13314 .treqt,
• .K. BRAIci•EN. ••••
ANA,. at the oat. of r. LL. BILL St tttlN.eortter
Peatt and 33Etst rect.,
, 1- 17,. .A. e lliktutllottly , a lionnz, I
Clerk. Addreaa - 11. 1..:Illil OFFICYC. ' -..rg.... ,
17 \ TINTED—A lOSINESS MIN.- -- ----- ,
II - A general agent la resolired by one of the
moat enemata! Life Inandanee Companies of blew
Voracity. A gentleman well qualified eau wears ,
Important territory and lt s minable contract by ad- ' • ;.
lab Information and references,
dr iTe th jP:pany, fide 891. Coatnitie, New Yore
ANTED—hesSheetetlertilmlfShhin '
I”ng,gnod semnd bond AdOre. 'rutin I e
X: BOX 394, l'lttabura
W ANTED:—lntmaliatelyy a Dream
I' MAKER-et .Nu. 4.3 Third street- Nona
hut an ranenenrrett hold-Mod apply. 74S_
V ,A
tin o Czaggrat . i t n r . r . elLy aud country. Appirpr.
are_ vi .. ant ' a thl
1/I.l2tiniNlY tatILYN. Tills somas.) 1 . on. Of th e
Deal In the Battalion. Apply at the onion of
A. U. BK11:80N.
root of 424 street._
School Teachers,
For the Stowe Township reheat Dietriet. The
Moore of Directors will meet at CLVER'S
PCIIOOI. 11(DIPE. In ad tow:whip, en July the
30th uttil o'clock r. er
WANTED:- -- Several Men for Farm
Work. Gardenbar and,DHattuf Alm, for
bricarkrd Work. Parent! kink (MI Wantod for
Cooking.. Chamberwork. Inning-room work and
light work of an deacrlptlon. Apple at EMPLOY
aI ENTIOF7ICE,No. 1 Math Mront.nrstdoor from
thisfreqlon Drldsta
30.000 to Loan In Woo or mall amount..
at • fair rate of Intenrst. --
Hill. 000.1 a and Meal 1.40010 flrokee.
No. IT9 Smlthde d litrooh_
I •
Thirty Thousand Dollars to Loan
rye or small marinas on property In Allegheny
al a fair Ma of IntereaL
68 Grant street.
OA—A Pocket Book containing \\
J etwat Sl2 The grvimmoiliNT:
'Nu .0. J... 7n71 -
T O.LET,—No. 36 Esplanade street, -
Alingh.). SWIMS nI 7 moss and tinisbell
atom gm thrneehmat tot end mad Water In
kitchen. Pnmentlnn Flame September let. AIPPIY
nn promo., or Is JORN STERRETT, Dlaniand.
Allegheny. • .14.11
Country Residen
At Edgewood BtMlon,. A . lame DOUBLE TWO .
IffoltY BIUCK MUSE and nouns 3 wan of 1
ground. Tbe house contains 13, raw.: also
_ •
.of soft water In Memo. Any one h want of ;
. eplendld bones will do nell to call and *Satan.
this property. Will take clip property In part "
payment if suitable. For further informatton tali • • i
at the place. opposite F.dororth Station, on the
. . .
P. 8. IL ,
juts:.!.lo . llN auizrzn.
1 F °, 44 1t
Ml. 4 A i
i f
i E ;; ; i I ?
U S E ;
• j . Po aM I s h
tot c 4 1 i i
boardln house. Terms moderate. 74
ner of LltL
t nnd Weer. seven rooms
Vti r g e7rl.ll , lll p;11'. intr"'
N .
l iqrio'&l: r igri ll4l . TV'
hoon with i le t tnJ 2 e 9 rl hall7w i ta
tour luta .24 feet front by 100 feet in depth, With
etebnue. fri c loWia ty v rtzgeet etreet . .r u ta
ear Fut L iberty. Apply ae 4Gnat
- Arcot, near Perenthtranue. JohNeON
Folt SALE. • .
Several Sernnd-hand Sr:MONS.
on ;
On e
e LIorM.. tIIIO OSIt CA gRRIAOK, In nod
On Two 118E13.
Apply to
r of tirmtb Canal aroct and Marr secret,
Oen). luiltM-rra
VOL{ BALL—Euglnes and' Boilers,
New and Second Mud. of all kinds, oonstanUf
on hand.
Orders' from WI parts of the tonntn prosiptly at.
tended to.
Marloll AVM. Srld F.. Ft. W. a C. R. W.
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