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corner) Silth Aye. and Suilthllld St.
./10 It"' 'Os
ITC 11, .5.:;1; PRO N P . II . P LETCH RE /tEL ED
T. P.1.13.005T0N,
TL.III OP Tie DAui'r
T 1114: DAILY GAZin
L CuLL i a confirmed. Mel
lit IN TOM 19 rive Mating at NVarren.
Sut I.N_Prri,ii•tl at: operettr in
Ai I t I n. Inrgn ountbrre of
.4:11• U.tcry i+ at tilt. Mite Snin
I 'N6oi 1114: in a 111 1/1 1 / 1 01:1 min., in 1E:
.Inn 4 nniv.
.31r..0.1.En art tlw disonoo in Sn
' -Vranciscu now. .
LADY FRANKLIN is no* In l'intionSrA
, 11 meet Captain Hall. • '
• Pony:: Ike are depreciating the value
of the tleorgia cotton crop. • .
THEOregon Bulletin is a new daily
publiaked•in Portland. Oregon. • i,
n i m
9 , lN ; P:iitonatintl dnd two. mniidrantaii:
rived at the port of New pork last' week.
Lumr. - vineyards of tie n. vines gre
w MI ,planted by a (Jena ny colony it
ONE of the hotels at Pal
guests, 340 servants and u
Ice pac day. .
trturttoE FictNcts THAI
- the hi of August on VI n)
aroun the world.
NElktAbliA is Said to-be t
that had a completed rail
-, milted , to the !'lion.
'rift), Germane stabbed t ,
in two ! fights upon two
and Sunday, in New York.
' TirElNew lorkli
ing - ag international relief
tido! thMwonnded of eithe
' . Etmres - l'Ans; aged 4:1,
iseCondr, story window of hie 1
adelphla on Sunday and wd,
A ilk:molt potato broker)
his contracte for ths !re
68,000,nsbela to be shipped
4.1. NiN
ta - Att is jubilant of
frightful defeat of ;Le Wltil
by tlieNlutuals, in Chicago
9 to 0. , •
A SHARK that was caught
Nanl recently, his caused
think that they are about ti i
CiNcis:Nsti had another w
ing through her sireets on Su
was killed before any very
age was done. .
E. BOYAST. 3f East Uxcbias, J .., while
attempting to nui\-C - r liesyy ; a few
days ago, tows Stedj,ood in be von the
cock - rod aril] and crushed tot silt.
liiii. flaunts has torn . eil ton t I be nu
myth. busa real live dealt and bl. . se 0.
man who has recently distiu. 'shed \her'
self In London as a female hi liwayata.o.-
E. , has rd4red t un
inspection to be - miule 3f •the' zit.l , bat
tery in iloboken, built by th Eby th
Stevens, and totpttothed to th 'tate of
New Jersey. . ' • F '
TUE Cartideri and Amboy lholtinvi his
400 fruit Cars ready for Ilse duenifsthe
fruit season just hi:gine:Mg. Oit Fr iday
t ,
eleven car Toads of peachhs and. ',en 01
3.oorries passed over the read. . ! '
P.6snol. is the necontfifpreign ; • Mister
wholes committed - suicide in Ibla r lanintry.
the only other caae beingithat. of.a:Span
isli'Minister, who killed himself at Wash
ington about fifteen years alp. I .
A >t ax in Chicago actual!} tried tosteal
a copy . of Toppers Proverbial Philosophy
the other day, and the • court Ifentencell
him to six mouths in jail instead of com
mitting hint to n lunatic asylum.! 1 ••
I $25,001.1 in gold every . year and hi+
board in the salary of tlie Runniad Aliniy.
ter at' Washington, no that it is scarcely a
miracle that Madame de 'Calaway , is the
moat elegantly dressed woman in "14-arili
ingto_sit . • "
„, ~
ofl ilaittmore; was - telegraphed for"ta-intr
niediately rejoin his regiment in France.
He dbey..esl. , and th'e_ children of Parsidol
were pisFed.iinder his care •or board the
steamer. L
has at t two public
bath house in use. It is built like the
Rabe baths here and floated on casks. It
is thirty-eight by forty-eight feet.' Al
trinate days are set apart fr its use by
men and women. . -
Tae Viscount of Tellhardl issiecessorflq
thtlate,M. Prevost Paradol t is at present
Minister resident at Chili, and Was in 11365
Secretary of she French ILegation in
Washington. His wife, the Visconntent.
was a Miss Hoffman of New' York.
, 1
1043 was the number of d nabs in New
York city hint week; I This as an inmate
of . 341 over the preceding-week, and in a
terrible ratio of mortality4The increase
moot, we presume , be a unted for by,
the debilitating heat of theiweather.
As ecchange thinks the American IWO:
ple cannot-fairly be accused- of Waulyism
since many of them -have decided not to
travel on the Rhino this summer. just as.
soon as they heard Napoleon and Ring
William had decided to summer there.
Dn. At:OI.7BTV4 C. HAMLIN. of Bangor,
Me., bas been notified be the Surgeon
.Cteneral that in the case of actual war in
Europe he will be appoiitted special- coin
mismoner, to'report upon the hospital and
medical systems of the armies of France
and Prussia. Dr. Hamlin is a nephew of
Senator Hamlin.
• IVE are glad to sreicolue back - to our ex
change list the Oil Oty ily 7lme:. 'tin
the 4th of July its MEM', preen and mate
rial by fire and this is its
first 'appearance since , that - calamity. It
looks very fresh and vigorous since its
three weeks' vacation. ,
Vox Sfinzim 1s cleicribed AS a roan
'who smokesand says n king, yet the op
position editors of Prussia have never had
gfniUs or refinement enongh -to call him
a'ndumb idiot" or any fuller complimen.
tars epithet. of this sort on flutist...bunt.
The Democratic' editors of thin .
ran teach them much in this respect.
AMONO the marriage licenses grunted
in Evansville last week, -as one to Ellis
Butler and Zekiah Butter an aged adored
man aqhfrife, who •hare lived together
for man and rained a family, who
are iikall grown up. Ilearing that their
stare marriage was not a legal one, they
procured a license and w re married ac.
cerd Mg to law.
,;Tric. mortality frein s trokee In New
Yorlteltr during thelast-ten daja its with
out partite'. deaths in a sin
gle day from this cause elo partially in
dimes the,trtiense heat, or the:actual
number or recorded dent s traceable to
A° heat, represents only a ruction of the
injury to health and life which the hot
weather has occasioned. i I .
-- '
WIIY make poison whe by 4o casual
nate files? You may kill to pests, but
unless you annihilite-them they come to
life again. The resthicliatl nof Ines is a
well-known fact. Frank jri told • ho*
dead Wee, drowned in it the of wine
that had been corked' tip f r many years,
were exposed by him. to the sunshine, and
soon flew off as lively as or r.-,N. Y. Er
, TB.E•second son of the K
gal Alfonso-fienri.Nappleo
d'AlcautaraCharles- Hum'
Ferdinand- Antonio ..?dlche'
mg of Porta
ert -Amadeus
- Raphael.tla
:taco •d'Asalae.
;axe-Coburg et
Ito la-now five
as a Candidate
briel•Gonsatta-Xavier •Fran
Juan ..Attguste-Julla•Volfan
Gotha, Duke of Oporto. sr)
years of age. is spoken of
for the Spanish throne.
Coggregattee of
si r ass W 11 —The Fresco-Pm-
I (Hy Telegraph to Pittsburgh Gazette.]
few Tong, July 28.—flen. Dennis P. Purim
'-undated. of the Legion of St. Patrick. Joseph
Paull formerly Head , Cent le a di n ge Fenian
Brothertoxid, and other Fenian's.
left for Boston. to be present to-morrow at
the gathering at East Cambridge of the Fenian
military ' organization of Massachusetts.
fineecbes are to be delivered on the Franco
,Prussian war and the duty of the Fenian in
ease opportunity offers to Welke at England.
• Niro. OIuSAIFs, Jul' 211.—Flour — lower•
isparaniss,Z. duntde extra P. treble extra
Egi. ( mix i tual o iower,i,matt ,welt"
~..„ . _.
i i
I ,
;t, • , 1
1....... : 6 _,,
. -
- ,
‘"--t• ....--.," ,
.• '
"T".•••• •
I - \ I • ;:'., - - 1
- I
----- - - 7:- --- I - , - ' --
Profound SYUSIIiiOII Over
the Alleged Franco-Prussian Treaty
—lts Authentieity .1 dinned by the
Louduu " Titue.. " —Press Comments
—France Must Explain—French
Sympathy In Ireland Due to Catho•
Deism—Dist rust. Not rnt htisiusut
In Pat : ls—Prussian Ileconnohisillnee
Repelled—French 1 . '1E9.1 Mpvciil.e4t,
!May hue 9IX)
es four Unix of
illy Telegraph to the Pittsburgh litinette...l_,
The Feeling in England Concerning the if.
leged Pranco.i . coselan Treaty.
LOSltsva,Jitly '25..10 P. M.—English feeling
has berg profoundly-moved by the on bl testiuu
this morning in he Timis of the proposed
treaty between Fr... nod Prussia. The
grave urgency wills Which I)lsraeli in the
Clouse t hi s knfternouu nuestloneil the over,
meat justly red., ed•general emotion. COn
tern:alien among the.rtinanbers tamed 'O. M ,-
other topic. Gladstone's reply, while dtO./Its
lug absolutely to commit the Government to
any opinion or declaration- whatever, betray
ed in manner more than words ; an unmistaka
ble anurehenalon that the document might
prove authentic. His answer wns given' with
pale face and hesitating lies. When he sat
down the House felt t but Engin/10 relation,
with the I roteJle had ;frown I to a
010. e. if not alarming. To the notation of I
Itelgittni the House with an'fos
winded t brill of svmpathy and a clear re c..
1100 of England's Ignti. to protect her.
It is understood that communtentions were
made - by the Government to its agents at .liet
lin and Paris. and the French Government
will have instant opportunity to admit or
deny its responsibility for the alleged treaty.
It ls.belleved here that if genuine, its propos
als are French. while its rejection is due to
Prussin. The copy of the Thars is thought
tit have been supplied from Heel. It is cer
tain the ihttc would nut have published It
unless on 4:visit., deemeu conclusive. It
was sold privately this nfternoon in 'toe
House that the copy was originally offered to
Earl Granville, hut Ise refused it, the English
Government preferring its suppression.
There is sepposed to be an allustors to the
same su , ject. In Mr. Cardwell's answer to a
question in the House about brcech-loadent,
saying that great luipsirt ante was attached to
the last sans being immediately supplied to
all the troops.
The Daily Netts sat's: - It is impossible mut
to admit that the gravity of the present Eu
ropean crisis bins for neutral nations been Ito
tuensely increased hr publishing the proposed
treaty. It completely expresses what every
body believes to be the favorite polies and
cherished design of the French Empe.ror. ft
IS Also a secret treaty' agninst • England it its
offer ofro league offensive and defensive. ...xs
to Its genuineness the public may be asked to
suspend their judgment, since Gintistone and
Earl Granville 'twitnt the two Governments
concern. will be cod /felled to speak. slap
posing that it was renal" . proposed br France
: to Prussia, our Imperial friend and -ally: is
presented In no aSpeer Ift:calculated to win
back .English tntinitiy, -, With his course.
Napoleon wan senile i/ only to throw
over our tsillance los betterm hilt
to break it env snotsseurisy culinary ad
vance lota Belgium. not , . only in tiara
Infraction of our friendship, but in defiance of
our power. It Is difficult to believe there was
so mach bad faith. Did Prussia oho listen
to ouch n proposal? (There in a certain Inso
lence of tone toward Prussia In the document
suggesting that if sent it was a kind of Uhl
-malls.) Nu real inducement was held not to
.Fascia. In the meantime the whole politirel
-interest of the oment is concentrated on
this publication.' a weshoulft_be glad to here
the completes: assurance that no such pro
w seas known to eit her govvento.l. Pub
!,eitinstm In this count ti Is already sullicl
entiv tech:tat' In Prio"ia's fan- daft:hie:may
woonl make our neat ran o- diflicuit. If nut hit
puteible. Earl Graa, :It, vs ill make a state
ment In the House of-Lords ou Thurdae as to.
the diplomatic negotiations -fehlth - preCteled
the outbreak of war cod the pin/ the English
Government took in the name. • '
The Loodtm Post and Stu/taunt unite in
ridiculing of the secret Prussian-French treaty
of ISCrs, of—which the Tim, published what.
Purported to Ili: negotiations Game. Napo;
loon and Ditittarck concerning it. The whole
paper Is prunoaneed n fernery and is charao
retired as tai French writ ten by a German.
The Times, however. ognin asserts Its antis. ,
licit) . and promises that proofs shell he forth
Nearly all th«journals of London have
editorial remarks this morning on the secret
treatyausl all similar In time. 'France :mod
explain this offem/ve treaty." are the words
of the Tim. and the burden of the London
preen. The Times particularly is seeking to
tnake thistreaty a pretext for the Interven
tion of England In favor of Prussia.
The mnekets spun the stock exchange are
depressed and businris is stagnant. 'tumors
of negotintion of the secret-treaty between
France nndetz Imes Imparted an unset
tled feeling In the market and dealings arena
an exceedingly .ft.'•strieted scale._ Consol s
opened at nOte X.:5. Hoods at hie. ,
' is to start on
oty days trip
unly Shit
l ay when at
o Frew:lnen
tam are rain
fatal for the
fell from
. mune in Phi
n.:. mplvted
• curwring
In 130 1011
•r the• re ceu
e Stocking.
by 6 MWin•
t New lia.
he bop'to
ed going in
'll.l bull tear
lulay but be
k nous duty-
• • Catholicism.
The attitude of Irelano is also contented
upon, and after giving details of many meet.,
ings recently held in Ireland, and of toe rest.
utions of sympathy for France which hare
been adopted, the Mars asserts that. the sym
pathy Is altogether due to Catholicism ' and a
consequent hatred of German Protestants.
Napoleou'illlners—War Opriations bill Not
be Delayed.
The Dotty Tries publishes a special from
Paris confirm Mg the report of Napoleon's Ill
ness. and announces that It Is note very doubt
ful if operations In the livid will be
for his preserr. ' .
More Dlstruit Than Enthusiasm at Paris.
A Paris specie)mrrestmndent writes to the
London News On Sunday evening as follows:
Never has war been undertaken by France
with less etithusbutu or more distrust of suc
cess. The crowds on' the boulevards, who
were ready to die for their country. have dis
'appeared. p Troops are marching through
Park to take trains for the seat of war, and
lacy traverse the streets witheut eliciting a
single cheer. - Soldiers Joining their regiment s walk about flu groups, almost al! o! them
drunk, and the bourgeoise stare ut them and
shrug their shoulders. The aspect of_ Paris'
could not be more melancholy It the Prussians
Were at the gates of the city.
Proalan Recon.inimmtere Repellrd
• Pants, July M.—The Juortia/ 0/11riel of this
Morning. says: Marshal Leboof late last
night telegraphed the Emperor that General
- flernis had repelled a reeorinolsoance of the
!theme near of Neederbroom twenty
six miles northeast of Strasbourg. One offi
cer. a (Nearing., w. killed and two madii
prisoners. The float , . In Its account of the
affair insists that the officer who wan killed
wan to Englishman.
' French yrigates Paf,stng Eastward. I
• .
Dovta. Preach frigates pev
this twlet eastward Into yesterday after.:
• non. A great. Crowd of .4ml:stars assembled
a the bluffs to wttnevs the exciting ecene.
Italy Will Not ald•Praner
FLULIZZO.T. July - M. — Minister' Venni has
punned the Italian Monte of DelmalEY-thitt
011), will not yield to pre.aura from
The Prince s? Wales has gone to Denmark
for the puepote of Influencing that country to
preserve strict neutrality.
The Pnasslan authorities. at the earnest re
quest of IlisMarck, hare granted permission
to newspaper correspondents to follow the
The latest news itram tterna In th a t t h e
Prussians are concentrating a powerful forte
at Mayence.
The Prussians are netog balloons for obser
vation.. at the recommendation of American
afflcent In.Prunslan camps.
A large number of workmen ore engaged on
the fortifications of Paris.
. .
The Moraffilaisi has suspended. So . tne of its
editors and revolter, have gone Into the
French army.
Switzerland ii full of German emigrants,
whO tied from the country to escapee:Lllltary
duty. •
The Bank of France will probably soon pal
pend specie payment. It already -declines to
pay out gold, and redeems only in silver.
No news of a battle yet.
German sailors continue to leave Liverpool
for home..
The denser or a Carnet rising In
not yet over. The Government la doe!) lug eta
precautions. '
The Paris press complains of the extreme
rigor with which Frenchmen In Germany are
treated. while Germans In France are in no
way molested or reacrioted.
Lee Libole reports that the Empress has said
the only end the war can hare to, victory for
Femme residing under the walls of Paris
havabeen.notined to. nit their houses, as, the
space Is required for the phy.,,of
The French force St Thionville Is estimated
at eighty thousand. The imperial Guard is at
The earlY evacuation of limns by the Freheh
troops is almost certain.- France takes this
method of securing the friendship and alli
ance of Italy.. ' -
The French reportritheicavalry skirmish
near.Metz.and claim t e Prussians were beater!
and lost three o ff icer .
The London Globe, Speaking of the project
ed secret treaty. says; ns it embodies propool-
Lions made at the clove of war of lend. its pule
Ilcatlon at • the nreSent , moment to Conte
quern ly unfair and ndschicrvoug
A dispatch from Paris announces that the
Emperor leaves to-nleht for the frontier.
The environs of Ceologne have been cleared
of Inhabitants end the buildings and trees will
b• levelled In preparetion for a siege. •
The government exempts coal from
ertleles r Antraband of war. Furtheradvance
is th e of the bank of Frascati enlnlett4
;IN 1786.
E CA L. •
t BY Telegy.sph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
NAvv_TO ne. PttOee ,
Admiral Porter it to he for Ali
the limited appropriations or the
present hseal rear will pe svy
to he played on a war 'fool hacc
pate forward from the - Na 'at 1..
the commandants oft he Pr
telrno o w ly t n and
pPo,adle p s ha e u r repar uam
oontpletion of every vessel that eau he placed
hl commission. If these maim are fulfilled.
the departMent tit be able to pot at lewd
,dif a dwell vea,els In European water, be
for the middle of Septemb,. Tnis oofden ac
"'"in the bary Yards of eourat-Ime no other
attulattott than the very remote fear tliat the
European bituation tear presentlollllC
ado. of Interest to the l'olted State, ad
miral Porter and Sreret.iry Itota,ott think the
nary ought to be increased to fount:cis Imo
and acumen • hot t heirm.ent complement can
of be Increased without farther legislat low
IRPAT('II T, itanos ohnour 1.10.
Baron Gerun has received the followlug
dispatch (rm lilt Government:
"Publle opinion In England is favorable to
I North Gernotey'. The Government is not fpppppp
~•vorable. Ohs eels with the uentrality ,n•
North Germany as she did twat
• America w ate
ith'the Atabn. -
The Irthen rernived a letter from Se -
retort Fkil. expressive of the pleasure of the
"United Staten rrnvernment at the adherence
of the liermau Government to the prihcipldor
exemption of Private ProPerly fnan sorter.
on the htgh Menlo. -
• SEW NAI lONM, HAake.
continue from the soot h 111141
nest for authority to establish National
honks. .1 large number of aoppeathsus com e
from the in bet. Probably four or fire hun
dred men banks wilt before bang go into oper
dtion. The Comptroller of K'urrenev Win not
raw upon the east until the I ti•enty-live
Inilllons provided he late for the Fatah- and
we'st have been taken.
• ' • •
.A nuinber of elzuree were reported to the
limunhisioner 'pf Internal Revenue to-any.
They amount let value to $10.972, the most es,
tensive one . being a rectifying place' in The
.ighth Tenneseee bislo , st. valued at $15,090.
N E - W
11 1 5 "I' ti, 1111. I . ll.taburg4 finlette.l
The lir n 1 ¢r Mr. .11ott.t a. Mlnt.ter to
England. •
I. • t
tl l• At.
(131 • tle
I 13
Mt tier
1 teleg
uld D.
Ltesruo il
1. ord., tt
a tzt t [rut
Fm r t
s icrr this
It r. mho
li tstn.tre
rrxy r
for Isets
tad Hell;
lees fru
75 , t,
finister 1 Ud telepialicti that the dispatch
l Otairlirl the proposition of NallOietal en,
tiled ln be treaty ralstfal In Count Ben,
!ctti's us ihandfriltiug.
Mr. Otax f'. Under' Foreigo S. de
-1 ned do akr any couonanicathin or_o ocrotary xiaoss
dr uplufb on the propd,l otatl2 . hrpoloon
d annex II 'Heald.
Taw !Health or John Urhrbf.
The Odd/IN.-up sayp that Mr. lic.g hi 'a health .
.ndlnutot iin;r - c - i;est;ry ro.
:on to think hrwin re.o. placeon tht
Conoco. una.h. session. Whether it ts pro.
dent that he .chusil.l sidcl oftleint .d
loborn Isnot rcrocin." ntoto, hind.
The cause
.4 histrn , ll-o,y cHpll
-0: tin" lmon. uougeot. Can
tiou.: Mr. Ifrlpht i . 1.0 refrained 40111 shing
effect hsthertu to hsossish to resign -- ffilt. Oak,.
Pno deference to Strongly PILIVS,,Ij,.
hi _
tutu, July .15 ..ltytia .11,,-
pateh has leteu reeelved . (tan, tTiu Freneb
CharXe at Pekin. datlat June thhl.. It Ap.
nounta. the admit al .1 a Illench •guntt.ett at where the Ent list,
t:hat- f fe.l with the careof , Fr. rob in-
Nr.fiits. On • the .trtival s 4 the -0 .el the
Fre eh flair teas ..alftted Dv f. o t,
.. `o ,• ~•
I co,. •
• •
~ i iie , ...e re of rourooor Ifundre.t Ver...,
. A brief di..p.itel: ,ii, rcrolved Nto Pout D.
..lalle. report:. n insurrection in the Niue:pal.
5). or Ara. lit4ln..roollt log in the In.sacre a
fourteen hundred tenons. Further details o
the affair have been asked. _
The Alebsomit blatnn. Cotten...l.
1.050,15. Jul" 26. In arlirn
ctuons I, might
Mr. Gladstont , . in benle it, a question of Mr
Torrent, shid the neguitat foils for the . settle
Went of the Ala at:la-El:anis 1100,1 where they
stood a year — Fii a halt ago. The f7nite,
States having relined the .4Ter wade tos
England. then ' , t Mean, Sac was front t h
American gocerSlml , lli ;• . •
Damage 4 Lightning-- toplitui lien Mowers
Lonpon, July I .—The' El ,nter of the chord
of St. Xavier ., n North wail, u ru
as• struck by
last night.
Rain fell In torrents In many place. through
out England last night, in booed eaten acct.
panied by nioiallghttlin.i The weather hat
teen dry and hut. but Is 'sensibly cooler t
day. The crops, will be Licatly benchtell by
these copious showers. g .
• Eulogy en Pres.! Pseadol.
Pains, July t);—.ln eloi!leut.qdaßY tal tit
late Prreoet. at.pelirs in the Sirrlt to
day sigated by T nil De Lop!.
.The tnnnrreetl n In rube:—Decent Battle.
II seas,. July ,11.-Ditrink a recent engarre
ilent between Si apish troops and Insurgents
10 - t he Juristtlet ou of liniquin and Pue-tio
Principe over at ri hundred_ ad Ilfty_Pt the
latter wore killed.
lanbon. , July 2 • 01, 5 it n.—Co sots at,.
American .car ties dull; 'otra. RI, AZ's. el;
'll7O. Ifitsi.. Ten- orties. 111.k:ries 15. fllluois
102. Great Western 21, Stu - s dull.
' LlVeneisot. July M.—Co:tile irregular: mkt
! illineultand-13, 1 1t.esid;OrleansliSenNdt sales
of noun ales; Nix cloister miirket heavy. Cal
ifornia , late wh Lat Its tot; receipts of wheat
during last thri:/, days 1040 quarters.:_eon
American: reilti,estern at ; white Ans. Tdit.
10,0,1, IWestFritillotir :got Odstr. dd. : COrn—
No 2 :nixed 35,1.,._ 1 !flats 21;x1. !Barley ts cld'ads.
Penallai. Pori:lllmi at 1111
ss" Heel' Ibis r.,1
Lard 7(s.' Cheese. Gas. Hero - 9,0 ad for CuTit
berlad cut, Cm for short rib Tallow 4 dd.
fiermu, .1111,01. -Tallow, dull at iss. Cal
cutta floored brio at no. nail Hated • cakes
quiet allO. Iliips dull at 5,Q :is rid. Linseed
oil dull`` Splette of turpentlnb quiet. -
l'Altltt. July Si , it P. st. —lto l tme firm; rentes
Vaunt, Jut) . - ,tn.viiiii i f.- - floir i iii .elosed
otrouger: rents UN Nlic., •
itsynr_ July i.—Coition nom Imt quiet at'
linf 'On spot._ . l- .
Indian Oudragen_ I.
In Texas-A Fite Hours'
i If I ht isllk a:aisles.
. .
1 kly Telegraph t o the Pittsburgh Gaelic.]
tiAl.vrAttnt . . J ly Ink- Jvilispatch from Aus
tin. of the 25th, ars reports from the frostier
detail serious outrages In the country occu
pied by the Indians. Gorses arr. carried off
by.droves, pad scores of families tire abandon
Ineltheir Manes.- and In many Instances re
.duced to flestitutinn. The Indians are break
ing Up everything In the tictriltV of essmiahn.
A dispatch frrini Waco. Texas. says Capt.
Itallentinufrinw Fort Ith:benison. meats on'
the; 11th nat-_that '3lnJur NlcClellan, with M
members Of the•sixth cavalry, while *muting
met a baud of Indians numbering (AO, who
gave battle. (order the cavalry back eight
inilbe,_ kfiling .t.Wo nod wrimuding 'eleven,
among whom was Surgeon Ifatch. They
also Itillilid taut...aid wounded two:ate-One
horses. The flehtlinsted . tire: hernia. Fifteen
Indiamfwere seen Lir fell., Tao tasalr)' were
ceinvelled to call nraleitance from the fort to
get I hack. The Initlaus were armed with
:spencer rifles. sly shooters. and conintanded
by able Chiefs. Thur are believed to ho on
a. general marauding expedition ad are all
warriors. 3lajor :McClellan says the were
the lest appointed body of warriors he ever
saw.l It is believed they are ;Crnanches and
}Milts from - the reservation.
Gieor Fire ut Philadelphia- •Nine Ingrown
[By '4legraph to the Pittsburgh bluette.l
PIIIi.ADELPITIA. July al.—The lost' by the
lire this ,enjpg in roughly estimated 01 pre
hundred thouvond dollars. The Nugur rtlin-
M* or, Messrs. Newhall:Doric& Co. waniseven
s . 3 .rlez t iltad t f o l c idr e th iln v e o d lghlo
l 4 g . he firetr tilled with
on gu ir fttfjoitilrur
building, crushing It nod corryloir.duwn nine
firemen, 011 fit whom are believed to be killed.
Ali the surrounding buildings ore touch dam
aged. The rout of the leather store of J.. F.
Huisetnon. rvvu blochoon, tonight' flre" froth
sparks and corned up. The or factory of
Meskey,Merrill & nhocknrd s oul glass-house
of whim! MlJolning t he euiror.ioluse,
were'on lire but saved.
Martial Jam I. North Caroni.,
• .
',graph to the I'lltNburgh Claxmte:l
, of 1 , July tE—Governor !Leiden refused
1. der to Chief Justice Pearson the Olt
-4,llatnaeca county arrested and now
.I. Kirk, thread. the Governor's or
irk has now aver one. hundred Mil
ls said Oorernor Boldn basordered
r commission to assemble at Ynner
p the prisoners under arrest: '
By Tql
to IT
ral of
G by
a rollita
wftnt td
froa •
tant .
will at t
Ale and
direct WI
tan:. tie
.. IS. Jul :el. -A correspondent I cle
i elect. he announcement of the re
,f 3littlel manifestations of regret bate
rSt OHM erous nll , l intluent 141 antong
erleanin and fricuil4 of America In
I .
111. it-muval gate.pleasure to our
lee here. but. 10 nn others. lam tisk-
I .wlaith.iir It le not +till in itielble that
on rental!r. If reel Initituyeen decline-.
,`ttfilted Itonletir. Motley, restoration
cordially welcomed.
Parliament and the .ttleged hernia
July -Earl Granville. hi the
aln , referrvil to the draft of . the se
y riltrZed to have been prono , ed bY
, it,sta. Ile sadd he had an Inter
:then:Loon with the French Antfonsfwt
bild hint the treaty orlelnated watt
that It never had a serious pas. and
ted by both parties.. The 4mb:test.
r“.l France was tivtually detdronv of
ng pen, with - Belgium. Triatland
1s tone Inforthed. the House that tot-
Berlin nettling . the nuthenticity
ntormatiou rt:k;trdipithe• altr , goe
Peuri} expected. The
Coal :Hiner.' Strike Ended.
lb the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
ent - Nit. PA:. July, 20.—The miners,
• rk at Nesquehoning to-day and rr
,unimit Hill to-morrow on the Lehigh
'a ternis.
Sherman has Issued another order
dutuirters ut Chicago directing that
be absence of Lieutenant General
department commanders, of the mill—
lon obeli report direct ttrhlm. They
• same Hem deed to headquarters for
cerd chide/ OT - All — tuitters they send
the General of the army so that the
ay be continued unbroken and cora
1, 0 utual routine of official business
the issue of SPeCitti orders,' etc.. will
Ito be performed by Assistant AdJa
ranHartsuff, _ ; • -
- - •
T E - IVA R.
Later Intelligence,
liouboals for thelikine.Truzi4- ..
ported Iherruntl—Deninark Pro•
Staten:Anil Iternled by (4raluntopt—.
Tile French Occopatioo of Rome—
liolieuzidleins In Bad Order at, her.
lin. foe Precipitancy in Ile II
bar the Spanish Throne—Prance tio,
Hie., fib. Antbent lefty . of the Merril
Treaty—The Address head by Euge
nic In the 'French Fleet—The Forriti4
at ltrashourg—Move to the Fron
tier Founingired; z -The Plan of the
Freneh—ltetaikd Account of the
Cr at hering of Troops on the -'llorder.
(Ity Telegraph to the Mtt.hnrgh I.ln/ette.) •
French Gunbnat• l'Or the Milne "I'rnniapurted
In Section. Mr,land.
la, July 20.--The French gunboats t
overate on the Rhine end caber rivers ii
PruNsln are being t rnm,m.rteil from Mnrrellle.
in stet horn overinnti.
rretreh Crulmoror tort the trocoliols 1'130.1
I,ON iwIN.-verti French cruiser
pre reported oil Wick, Se
Scotland. to-day.
No Neu. ream Berlin—Telegraph. Watched
News rl3 14 very ntearre. which 1.
tine 10 the tortalt•nea t.( the Pritsrina Govern
meat. Thr te!egraphs are tk.ely watched lit
the It ettstan :tut horitlea. Frankfort-on-the-
Malta h:IA been ittg,ignated as the Prumplan
netalquarter,, In Enalbat Dark V•rtbo.
- LOONline Ii universal nevi,-
Ire In all the do. is yards ofl nglsiud
Denmark Proelanum
Cm...Mit:N. July 2.t. TIM Government o
Danmark has Iseucj a proinmat ion or non
[ratite bet tree° Prursia and France. Sailor
sod Illiott...Nreto neloWirk,.ro warnedltrnhist rentieronm Assi-tiancv , to the hellier
fuunAl of Ministers, Napoleon Presiding.
PAM, July :41.—.tenineitnt Ministers sea
it Si. to.thiv i
.ttie,,,linipentr pre
Prmalam tstateminl Hefute4.---
The. Journol trubliltheel tlhquite
!nun ttramniont. addreaxed to the dlitionmt lc
rtlaresentrat Ire* of Frattee, refuting the>tute
meat made be Huron Werther. that tie men
tion had beets made of the Candidature of
Prince Leopold prevtOttS to the late offer of
tit... Atria, The Duke.mppentla a letter from
t2ount Ilenedenl, dated 'alareh. 'WU. !dating he
as gummed by the Cabinet. of that
there tea. mgt tan& serious In the retorts that
it woe p00 , 11.1e an afterof the throne of Spain
might In, made to a Hohenzollern.
!Hurl Rochefort was arrested ut Blois to
and put iu charge of gene Warms,
- The French Oessopirlon of Home. •
Liherfe.nanuMlCCS. that the Journal Olt
e..i will publish to-morrow the correspotid
•i nee between the French and !Witan govern
cent e, lu rehleh the fret step le taken fur the
-idution .if the p ne>ren of the oectipattiod of
dome. ',Gou
k,. the ilochmeut
will eti.dhe criltatioll. it shoot shot the
Italian avveronti.Vl has not vied uObed for the
withdrawal of the French troops, but leaner
has ; taken the initiative to that end.
'Some of the French-journal.* report mune
German deserters nn re dally Into French
territort . . •
t•ub..ciiptioto. to tile t.triotie and
ftoldA etttlrtue to be Ittbermlly Rtrord.
I °ramie.... It. Pro.i.ln at ht eat
blare c. July :M.-A Provincial corrvaniiiii
dvnt say., t h ,, r - tt,l and vttit prep:ll,l , A. fur
Ilr :ln ilia recline' of no
•.• t•t•tit•tt tt• t tutt I:tt anti•tit.
ttrt••••t. •••••••• fr.ii It.. ( . 414111i .
,•f tar.
!.:rwlatl I raged to Prepare tor War.
LAINI, JUIY •The Pall 3(0 1 70.itite.
WI% that the real dealdne of the French But.
ililrur are revealed. counsels Brucland to Make
very preparatinn for rear.
lu Bed 'Order •I Berlin,
Pa w+. July Va.--The Monde ur de S. dr Napa
it 1,11 . 114 from a good acairce that Prince Leo
old ut fliihensollent and father are. In bad
Burl at .ri in on account of the renunciation
‘or the Straniah 'throne.. It adde that Count
Bismarck reproached Mein for their precipi
tation, as hien enabled Spain to keep clear of
the quarrel nodpenults France to put tuure
troops on the Rithr. an there in au need to
Tim Tremy of 1,611 Proinmord by Proodo
'Fbe.lioniteor !h. tsttir notices editorially the
treatyproposed in Wet and ”tys It never had
the adhesion o( the nniternr. The 3fealtehr
adds ' , lnch projett did exist. but it prtr
posed by Itrossltt, not by France.'
The tddreaa Read by .
the Empre. to the
July 9i.—The Empress when at Cher
bourg -read to the sailors of the fleet an ad
dress from the Elms : roar which says
Though not Mum* you. my thoughts rol
low yen to those.seas where your...valor
1.. clisplayett. !The Freueb nary • has
I glorious posteritr. ,- 4Tun will be worthy
-repat. Willis' front . of the
eagnsy_ ember -that. ,•Fratire- wilb
-Yoe. and voile theMotectiott of HartuCti non
3 - 111 41, While you fight on the sea you
brethren. tight on the field fur the - mine pause
Go and show w pride the national stand
ard.• When they IL, It, the enemy will know
that it enfolds the honor and genie, of France..
- .fitter the delivery of the n.lewe address., the.
Empress ,wee merman° with emotion. The'
effect of t u the fleet la sold to he great.
Tbs. French Force* U Strasbourg
LoNION, July 23.—A dlsmtelt from area
boar, mars: Toe ride of the Frencharm, Is
nom concentrated at Strasbourg and flelf r ort.
The Algerian forces. consisting of Laolves
:tad Turco, antitllling_elgtdeen railway train,
reached Strusbours on the 24th :and to-day
took up a position at --ftelfort, close to the
.linden line. Sixteen squadrons Chasseura 0'
Afriquearrlked to-day sin Lyona. '
Nosy to the Frontier Cototeesstell
Dlsaate!tes from Thiamine. Merck Siarold
3tetnitl che state the army has coat
Ili!!MIA 10 11100!to the frontier.
Th. Finn or the French
It I's' now regarded certain that the Emperor
designs closing In noon the Prussians between
Ttilonville and IC temenherg. throwing the
army under litc3lalion on the German side of
thelthine: led, army Is composed of three
Corp, commanded by ()ens. Fallly, Dons; and
.Nlac)fahon. -
An attack will he made by the Battle fleet on
Stralsund. immediately north of Berlin. •
. • .
. France cleniei a
the adthonticity of thereret
trenty,-Wd to hare linen offered to Pravda.
• • -
The 'Penne!. Pennine and Ptans—Another
- T _ ! Ateollllll. .
LAiatnia;.lnly 20.—A specialcorrespondent
of the New York -Tribune at eta. Sunday
night sent the fe,illowing Important letter.
containing the trot clear statement of the
French position and plans:
I left fingernail on the taking the train
by the,line which lends past Bitchy and Barr
gilt:minis to Mai.' Along this" line warlike
preparations •werll to be seen. I purses held
batteries, parked complete, at different Place.
until I got tired looking at them..
Although the French curry their In
fantry and artillery n good deal" over
the railways, they seem- Inclined, to allow
cavalry to march along the roads. Wt.."
more tlmn a single party ofhorsemen and In
se a whole regiment Walkingalong the
highway whirl...lust before-we arrived at the
Vosges, ran pantile' with the rails. The regi
ment seemed' In • the highest 1. spirits,
a.) they waved their hands add slum
red their somewhat jaded steeds Into a
trot In answer to salutations from the foot
soldiers In our train.
Aland four o'clock we reached the Vusgm.
This range of hills which take. It. rise near
Ilelfort' rune - tolerably parallel with „the
Rhine until It slopes come to the' lowlands
about Coblents and Mayeuce, where the Stras
bourg, Mitch° and Metz lines pleree the range.
u military obstacle the VOSKUS bare
always • been considered 'the sucoud
line of defence . oussamed by France on the
east, ...till the thimwee of the range, the
breadth of which near Bache Is under
tweuty and the largo number of val
leys which cross Win n' transverse direction.
prevent it from forming is very considern-
Me military obstacle. There is a society,
eallt‘l the Franca Tireur. of the Vosges.
which, on a small scale, bean. some resem
blance to our volunteers. As u self-orgualred
forte It seems contrary—to the military
genius of France. They , have always
been considered In an , umusing light
by. French Journals, which are, however,
mite beginning to express their astonishment
at finding the betide of too Vosges are serious
ly itinaudlng permisglon to elect a General.
and to cooperate with the regular force..
After %Judie. for some time through a de
file, and before we had aitcafetberdeSecreled
the western slopes Of tae VO,ges. we
anired at Bache, a small fortified
place with a strong citadel. the strength
of which seemed In Ile in the. high and
slarped sides of the hill , upon which it wee
perched. From Bitche to harreguembsis we
passed camp after camp. 'True. many of them
were small, but everything Connected with
them unMistakably revealed Abu these were
the ontlying , parts of n huge force.
From ii to a orrguitaluls Is about
twenty miles. and throughout this distahce,
fur twenty tones west Of &arguers:day, forty
miles in all, the Gee constantly appronehel
within an few tulles of the frontier. Iktween
Melo, and Saargueminbs their rthmbers es t.
dently inspired the French with 'confidence,
but beyond the latter post It was clearthe Moe
which, as It leads from Metz to Bitche
' Is Just
now _or extraurdirusry importance, was cars ,
fully picketed. Of course I only sew portion.
of the precautions taken. but Icotgg see that at
Iroportair maims,' mph as when rpsilll ems.
r I
. .
ril the-line. there- are camps of
artillery combined. evitieutly t
Port the Yidettes and plakett
watching the frontier and to i
from being interrinited•
- When we got about thirti nines west and a
,little south of• Sarrgumnin s i the aspect of
• affairs became tamer.nti 1 Child not se, a
camp oftner than one in ten miles, and only
passed at the stations occasional trains laden
with supply material and ps \ :sonnel. lint the
line from Strasbourg t ionic distan ce
tevond Sarrgtelnild. ha. left slumped I
iron . rev brain impressions not likely
Over to be effaced - by stronger antes -of
the same kind. I fear I cannot reduce these
impressions to writing, but home faint idea
mayro be conveyed by Wl:wining a cranone w d
railad •
lino. .in which 11 the trains ere
tilled with soldier,' cheerio 'and being cheered:
snit lons lined with spar: tithing Spectators:
trucks laden with • gun • In each Mini-
Ic, that one ceased to to take an inter
est in them; the roads. ii ran they could be
seen (ruin the trains. enrol bared With canal
'Ty: and lastly, for the tWe ity runes bet weeny
Ititehe and lila:imam:ink. ents So thick that
I entild hardly make nut n iether 1 was i,ss..
big through inn- or severe camps.
Abundance of good fon ge and s owl wen
stored along the lines. T s loft ii "led nin
°atilt found that this pa ion of the French
railways are supplied witl Coal from Prussian
mines, which It Is feared h Prussians will
lined—Taifore abandoning Hut one feature
!d m& tie as COnspleUlain by its iibsence.
There was Wit little shown either baggage
or baggage arimals. I,naw 'al. none :A' the
droves of cattle which migh et have been ex
',voted tube seen within large arm. ' '
American Flees Ordered tense Antwerp. .
• v art. I
',La tl `ll
n ,
Web si,
aro thu lixx
The Government of' Belgium beta °Merv!
from the tendon-of Atkverle •t he detachment
of the American squadron (n,Tatropetinneuters.
hlch bad rendernotekell there In order tee
0 arch the progress of is tuna In the North Sea
and Baltic. Thee Conentetudoti has bent inform
ed of the neutrality of Belgium, and t bat the
presence of a forerun simaillon cannot be per
mitted In that •leorletir: The nondipceot hoe
brdkete out let the squadron, and t Peet will
lee obliged to proreed to sere under ron%nier
able difficulty.
snick 'Settlements - peeted Mall
Works Dew° ed hp Etre.
to don IN. Jelly To- norreise to tit
(minted for stock settle: lents, and fa
Tier Macintosh tail tits, at I;
list roped by Ore lieet 111 ht. Three ktllyd ono badly Bei wed by an
The Brit tab troopship Tonuer. free
hen arrived nt Pertenmuth.
' 1 l c loi in 1779 could lit
the flag of the ruited
In. invoked as their pall
the people of Hesse'"
that people or of thei
flag of the I . ailed Sm.(
the air at all. If lIVSNI
could !knee had their w
enttlons ago, then , trot
legation of the United
doe to open its shelteri.
It was a hard saying if Lord t!
`•nutions knew 1.10 chic. re:' On
almost believe it true N 110 peen II
lessly a certain class o' Ameriot
eon.• to think anti to peak oft
I,elp extended to our fa hers in t
it sharpest need by t it. graver, Louie . . V!. and the rill ntryint.
et te. . liut it is. barely rebuked
magnanimity whirl, hrunn
ef tilt. NWT, and' ioripes
grandchildren of th : nmreen
throat- Whoui an Eugli h king G -
tve drew led flint
Mates w
- fety fly
i ll in no fault of
T rulers that the
Yn now rave.: in
and tilt•
y some three gen
id have ;been DO
:•• • tates in Paris to
g do - Orie to thvir
)rey thn
ItIS linen
e baying
eir hour
meat ,:f
br thy
to 'folds
,ry en
n ' id it n)
vativ to in Chinn7int for 1111,
liberty in Wort
I From [tie \%ribunr
We would not tin any means ji stay, or.
! attempt to justify, Prussia for th r way hi
which she treathi Dc , unittrk, Tin ..teel her
treaty in reference, to tMtleoritz. loistein;
and imposed her . )KlWer upon F nitfort.
Th t , action of liisnutrers - govern :dot has
tit. times lawn Ida .1,,,p,1,1•
dod arbitrary. in regard to lurid II 1011.ty
t.ell Its ho. - nia 1 lidtpihistraihill ;lint.
not wil4lst.skii:l,, 14,-ninny
deserve, thi• mond - support of the, stud,'
.in resisting the iggretaiona and - •itite'rfer .
ewe of the French Emperor.
I From the North Ikerhau I,,rrt,plm•lrtl:
. •
In n recent nullifier of the l'or!i , 5 f..:
/irtzette we find tli.• following rt,lonn.liti•
•-•n.,. Itbitui Priii ire....i.,
tt,tlf Fr—s,• li il. 1....,:a1—ta I ! :o. '.• .4; , i
of I.ux.:otiyourg—alf
liOnt• of the il4llltt:ital/IN art, , for ann.-.
t lon to Frunce. - \Vt, are curious to kin,'
licnce our p , otentponcrv . ..kriretl is it
formation, fur it can Ito oily ;la t
accept as.ertiom .0 worrnding to th
ftding. of the- ".• Prunniano witt
. .
/I. something toes - looks like proof. Titi
'ell .11,111 G,rzette CIUMW be ignorant that
;luny of the most uncompromising We.
man patriot.; are MitiVeS of the !thin;
NMIDOM, and we recollect well—for we
witnessed it with our 0.11 ~,,-...tfi, 'al.
moot less demonstrative loyalty of the
Rhenish .reserve and laudwriir ' When
called out for active service In 146.
Among the many journals Publ bawd along
the R hine, Imo,. Dusseldorf to Cobletri,
whirl, tinily meef our eyes: we look in vinfn
for tie faintest lmeo of nench aynt•
puthien. It ;tun part of trermanv - is, 1
more titan another. be ito geogrnOtical
position exported to French induenCe. it in I
the Grand Duchy of Baden, and yet any i
one 1i..a1l acquainted with Germany knows e
tenet O
t P OVerWilehllillk majority in dint it
Ditchelaro Dermana to. the heart's core. 111
Vith . 'regard to Luxembourg, we hai, ti
ilie Ibekt authority, for. ,etying • that the d
giCat 1111.8 bf the 'inhabit:nits deprecate tl
antaixation of any kind, nod,' merely with '
to be let ahieo..
1 - Frozn the Pall Mall Gazette, July . 11.,
It 03 , not at all necessary to 11110,1, 'bill
. lrittisia will gain Anything, by linvitu,•in
distant relative of the" focal f a mily , ,
throned on the other side of the Pyre I
if her object shmild lot ful y
attained the moment that the Prince h 8
been elected ? -What if that object wilts
not something ton,' secured at the riskiif
War: but war-its 117,. It cunnot be raid
that what we have faultily seen of ('bunt
ipinarck's policy, mak:es thin au alvird
opposition. For sonie time hack it, has
seemingly abandoned his original design
elf uniting Southern ILS well as Noriliern
I cranny under - Prussian rule. G. one
who lots. watched, even carelessly!, the
clitinicter and career of this remarkable
i litlciah will pee hi this apparent elinnge
0 porpoise anything more than a change
o methods. It has been too hastilji as.
seined that thin sudden contentment with
tile existing limits of the confcileratiou'
he has created with the result of timid&
ro L very Mitt the South Geri.", Matt ',red
010 be WI/I,ld of I/Oe C., 4 V .• -War crith
Kean,. We tioitht whether this discov
ery made the slightest dilierence ill: MS
initial determination, whether it did More
than modify the iillll. and manner of Car
rylug it into effect. lie may have tweet
ready and willing to light Napoleon 111.,
and yet prefer to tight Idol at his opportu.
city and in his own way. If Count his
mars* had attempted to annex the Soitth
thirteen States in the teeth of ' Prenchlre
moditrunces, Prussia would have been
presented to Europe In the tandninipon
chirnictiir of a breaker of treaties add a.:
wanton disturber of the pear., of Pto'l
C in
ontinent. Pinner, on' the tontrArB- - ,
would hove conic
. forwurd as 'the! de
fender of ttlieseparate existence of dime
small States threatened with annihilation '
at the hands of an overhearing neighbor.
The sympathies of 'the 'Austrian govern
ment would have been entirely on' her
side, and though she'inight have failed
to secure any active support in that guar
ter, she would have been sure of that
friendly neutrality which is sometime no
contemptible advattintriL Now let tech see •
how the MSC stands on (Ito stipposititin—
still. It must he remeintiered, no more than
a suppwition—that Ile Spanish et itas has
been created or fostered • to give oc'Etwon
for a war with France it is evident HiAt.-
Prussia trill enter upon that struggle with
several new I,ollltll in her favor. 'flut
provocation given to Fran, in much leis
direct. PrusSia will urge that she, luau no
interest to -farther by setting a Pnowian
Prince on the" throne of Spain. It Jaime
she 'amot undertake to prevent his be
coming King if he is minded to do no, ]jut
Ulla, she will 'point out, is merely *spivs,
lent to refusing to submit to the Insolent
dietation.ef Fnince. If our should fol.
low • upon this. refusal, it will boa war
which nee had tio desire to bring Shout,
and into Which nhowill enter with regret,
though not witkap . preltension. 'Tho real
cause of such a war, she will add, taunt
be patent to all the world. It has its ori
gin in the irrepressible jealousy with
which France regards the development of
German unity'and the corresponding de
velopment of german strength. She Is
herself anxious to
. do all In. her poWer
to keep the peace 'with France, but she
cannot consent Witty restrictions'on the in
dependent action of the Spanish Curtis,
In order to soothe an Irritation which CILZie
bat be .really laid to - rest except by Ger.
t ..,..,,„-
4,-...%7 K 4i :WV4zWE:zi.g l ? - w_;44 4,,, Z. , ;.; 4 , ,, 4414 , 4..0...t. ,- .A*A5r-, ,,, ,,,-..,, -
' 97.
''or. B, - , M inf.f. , t ,, remain divided.
1. aro inatrrialn
ie circular lying rvail,' t.b' hand, and
...greet of repro . Sehtaliont , tvouid
I•xche n far htronger entiOlSiraqn On
,11 . of Prussia in all parts of t iertuany
If tho grodini Om , 4'inarrel had lain
tee avow.4l rea”lution pursue •it
rof xgrt.t . ..;oti Lliti re,ult
wou .1 be ille•sa'me in b o thlf it
jeCi.:l/ that i.;vory far fetched
thou -v. ice eciti ottly t luit it IS one
with Is !WI:110.11 4 U IVitil ' what it alrowly
knot of Count IhNmareh, and that up
to 11 is moment tine alip:111.11i • attittOh.
of Ille.'`l'rns,ittit t lovetninent has ileen
exsutly what will to ho su pp o .
lag thut this hyvotheei•• is trite,
lihottarelCA great ehjeet would be to kor l .
Itinnwif in tho'hae•kgroute l l.ora fo
limit lit, .A
lb, olllyriv
rt lli :1 and to; Illy of
Phrrntl arruyattee. Is there anything in
what' hob taken place itieoteiistent with
.. • .
hit imaginary sketch ? Certainly the
a ngunge used be the official props 'of
lie - Hitt does not clash with it. 'Their daily
, sertiou 1s that no Prussia ha, done noth
I g to cifisile the present difficulty, it is
lit of her power to do :anything' to avert
it. If the 1 e of Count Bismarck' hat,
sui rightly interpreted, Iti, may regard
Ate conduct of the• 'French tiovernmet
with well grounded natinfliction
Lirian the Cincinnati I:ittette.l
1 Itistitnet..ll,l“l4 enchant utent tothe view
- I regard lattice hirtlipliwe more than
. most anything else. 'Fht4e are few who
41 . not Yield to the tender illusion, but
...or still who ott visiting their 'early
ono: are not glad to leave it again, lind
tg maneeverything changed except
tatural objects. We are not surprised
hat our it opted citizens should be inter.
nted in II ear brethren abroad in the int.
sialiteg w a r. I'..t they should rentem
or, boTli tiermans and French, that their
ew home is their. real one; C h oi t h e es•
sting tioverioneni n of the Old NVorld Cr,'
t friendly to the working man, antithat
ey mum 'here for better vages, better.
Ones and greamr privilegcn, All these
try. liner litlned. A regenerated 'tier
i ..
luny or Fntuce may provide such alters.
sus that future generations may not,
are to cross tilt. Atlantic, but the •quar:
dm of Ilohenzollerns and lionapartes,
hether justice lien on tine side to . the
•her. hare nothing in themselves which
tutu enlist the championship of the.
,ass of our a. lo pted vi t i,enn. Tt is Auteri.._
lures Oil
.111firb hr.
en er •
161 that liaa giv e n the latter
ra life, and lint freed theta ft
tires:don of land moatipoly
a riatocracv. degrading raatr
attracted conscription.- Let
a itch interest in their friend,
.Atlantic IN they choo,e, lint le
ft rget the 5111,,t11111ial iu thrir
(CL_the ideal.
t !or t;erman fellow eitire
lice the valve of their nal.
, i, - rittne.t., front the proteetia
rent ion treaty
olnany i•Strnill+ to th a n..l
ry haye a right to declaim
n inatt the United State..
ui r d ::. " I ! h i e s fo ? - i t n i t i „ ' ;'‘ d
In i ‘ r '
hir ~otlll,etiOntl With their
tnneut is without the shah
ill pri
111. i I ill the cow, of dot
ittbrutioutt, the United Sit,
• en.ll,ted in a war with Prim
. . . . . -
1 .
tAliittl.l have to shoulder the r. muskets
i‘ 011111 the rept 411 us to light the. •erypower
i‘itielt they now uphold. Wit n Prussia
ti E st op,;tied her continual. ion with
Print, depositing one hundred 1 illions Of
,kiilars in London in cunsiderati in of - the
I IN.l.exiontte of t uba an soon. a; Leopold
IlOti seated _6r the Spanish thione. she
was dir,l4 ida.auinix o...rugitor.., with the
Patted. Stuns. and it wolld . twto'aly
hove followed. Wonld oar 6erman op.
motion 110% e I"'• in poratitted t0......As
•I o r moin -, r. ne 1,0 lky ,s. i. i 4 l'rain t IO• a
I ho. ,otald , . ii]wrotion w,li ~orv., to .it the dots of obwrving mina
netttrality, not less on the part o • cid om en
than of the thwornment.
• [From
.• thr_New
.lark S.,ad hi
.. 1191fin t • ron oqroou
states t. Ist olthe
~. .wernment has Nsued circuit, s to ail
The Consul, of Nortlt (jet-many it foreign
Staa‘s, reilairing them to forwas Imme
diately ell . tier:nazis liable to military
dtty, paving their passages to theTather
la6d, and famishing then: With such ar.
titles a., n i ny be nereasarT. They are also
et powered to forward on the saute terms,
al volunteers who may wish to light f , ,r
ll "rmanv." t ~
iis n
lids s the most important document
to the rutted States which huS yet been by either of the contending . pow
er . It• directly alfeets oar Naturaliz.,
tic n and Foreign Enlistment Laws. Our
naturalization) treaty with Prussia exempts
'all naturalized. citizens, add . auntie who
have wdetlared their intention - of iyeeoui.
, eitizeint from all a Ileginnee Wally lou
r but the I7nited• States. The forward.
a of "aft volunteers who may wish to
ig at for tiertuanc - is in open contraven
tion of the Foreign Enlnst merit Act. Any
de art urn - from the rules I Id down in
tin se nets would tend to emb dl us with
Fr mee and loWer the justice f our Ms.
la nit claims on England in t e eyes of
the World. The United States. llovern.
not ut has only one anxiety in the present
xv r —to let Europe tight .out her own
•!`n reels. T 11.1111
This .0I be done I f Prussia .
Li 0 recruit liar armies in this. wuntry.
W ! cannot Prevent our German citizens
fr m expressing opinions and by apathies.
11 • have no wish .whatever touts no 'But
w ran and are
.btual , to prevent them
en angling us in European disputes for
tln ! sake of. a power -110 matter how
fr endly-we may to to her—Mies° allegi.
'a ce they have of their own.„ fee will en
d anged foesliat of Annetica. • .
•I'L, Nei,: V" rker ` tit 7 -
ay, bn .
'lie great patriotic movem at treated
by the napalms. against our old fatherland
h' the French Impemter and 1 ta Chasavin.
is is retinue. among our root trymen on
tl is aide of the Atlantic °can . goes like
a stream overflowing its bane and car-_
r l og away everything thron li all °er
n an communities in the rati ait States.
r,nauimortslY the Sharman t'r se "makes
his voles. heard in favor of tl e tierinan
.i . 141,11,1% „ Everywhere mass ow atingi are
',Sing held in order to make lan awn to the
(kernean people in its struggl for self
j_> Minn, independence ant inviolate
tenitairy the sincere anal deep( - .felt sym
! paeldee of its descendants in tl as country.
gv*.plionihuiti s , speeches the a dience are
1 envouraged to exert tbeatmeh as. and, in
their circles, hi order to lighte the Straw,-
. gle of their:brothers of a cot noon race,
by practical support_ of the an lay who lay
the war forced•upoii.them wil of necea
.aity become widows and orp Hans. :rho
meetings are closely followes lav the or.
.ganization of committees that are chiefly
engaged in ezecnting the resolutions of
1110 meetings, aiming at tanking collec
times, and have everywhere: good results.
, ca
Not small is the number . 1
young men
and of veterans who have resolved to re
turn to (Seranauy in ordeet participate as .
volunteers in the struggle or the Father
land. Highly welcome will be the news
to many of them who do but potamsts.the
means to make the vnyag a horse nt tlisir
own expense, that the ov rnment of he
North Otarmait - Union has instructed its
(Animals abreast to pay . th e fare both of
those-who, liable to mint ry service, re
turn to °mammy, in order to fill their
places in the army, and of hose who In
-tend to become volunteer . and, also, to
assist them otherwise. Tit rola, no doubt.
that in this way, (reran y, without re
cruiting offices and withopt violation of
the Neutrality laws, can dri friam'A mer
ice quite a considerable rany corps of
• I from the Chicago Tr
TECIIEN AZ:1) hr.i.
• Th whit side with
their invasion of riermanS '
pains to remind Ameritains
cot a Frenchmen rendered tl
duritig the Inv of the re.
Anieriuto inn ever feel ell
grateful to Lefey
he did for our country .in t
tried men, souls. But, whi
portant services cannot bow I
Justification of Napoleon's
German territory, it may ne.
place to mention the mimeo of
Germans whirxlidervd our g
valuable a ‘Ve refer to
DeKalb. Hariiin Steuben wl
who learned fhb art of war iti
la the Onpittl'ot Prussia.
in Amy rtei the fall of .1: - N, in the
very darkest hours of the war, when our'
seetnellest. Ile was with the-army
during the t tiserable winter atlley
Forge,trod . was appoiutM Inspector Oren-.
oral, with therank of Major fiemerat, and
1 the hi !Oriall lavathat, my his excellent
M all 1:01111,1111 greatly improved the condi.
Lion, ii. 1
f the I tntinental tresms, • Ile pr,
pared a math al of tactics for the army,
witch W. approved:hy Congress. Ile in
troduLed most thorough discipline, and
much of the success of the revolution is to
be attributed to - his sagacious and 'rigid
regtilatilllls, and the better discipline he in
trestle:eel among the American militia. II.!
I noted then] to snec;,ssfullv with.stand the
bayonet charge of the Iriele.English reg.
' ularni lie was a member of the court.thar•
tial oh the trial of Major,Andre.. - In 1 . :To
:- he wastelaced in.conimand of the ,troops
in Vir4inia, tend afterward distinguished
• hints,f is, harassing. and defeating the
Engli' h , Irish, and Tory forces under
, t .
Betted et Arnold. Deleal an important
part at• the siege of Yorktown. and . the,
rupture of the British army under: Core.•
wallis.', . - `— -
' And there was Baron Denali', anoth e r
' ,1 1.11111111 who fought nobly for American
IndepetOence serving for three years in
tip tierr lighting of the war. Ho was
second i tl,lllllllllllll under OenerarOutes.
at the 11 im - Kly but disastrous battle of
'-Conde, uti.l 11.11 . tine Maryland and Vela.
• ware tr. op, The Virginia and Carolina.
militiaw-nverel and gaveway bet re the
bayonet, of the Irish English regulars;
but the troops under Denali, nuatigned
the 111113 nal tight for a long time, and sev•
eual timm compelled the enemy to retire.
At' length Cornwallis concentrated: . his .
whole at'fantry force on front and Hank,
while Ttirleton with hia cavalry misailed
them in! the rear, but they, stood their
ground Until their brave lender had re
ceived elleven wounds land sunk to the.
.g.round tat.hild in his own blood.. lie died
near wit 'so 6 fell. •No braver man fought
in the revolution than this gallaatfler.
man. If France has claims on ..ur grati
tude felOhe services if Lafayette, has not
glen:la:lv also claims - for the services •of
Steubeiti and Delialle
1111.1,5. A1X11W11:1.IANI AND
, A POLEDN 111.
_Lito.l. 4 tatito ZeituDird
."ThereLwill, no war," said lately the
ugtsl widow of Mayer Anselm Rothschild
to un sconaintunee. for my will not
give them the money. - Titio waa also:
donhilessi the idea her,
tons. when he came to Ems
•to induco,the Ning.ol' Prussia to give up
his obstinate purpose and to grant some
small concessions to the longing desire of
the Eqmich monarch. Perhaps lie wisli•
ed to. oar to flo• King that the Rochschilds
would furnish him MI money; afunhat if
Fir did ant take pity on -the -embarrass
-11,4A of the French Emperor, they would
employ all their financial power to the in.
jury of . Prussia and Germany. . , .
om th
1 I. reditan
tetlonn and
teem fr. •l
41. rt he
theta but
nth won al
vu 11,1
St lilt I. ma
vit. North
theft fort ,
try ur. •
tore of all
miler gut
- However ; King William cares nothing
for all the Bothschilds In the world.' He
Isar a well tilled treasury, with more th'un
thirty million as: . f hard dollars, the exact
opposite of the French treasury, wli.e
accounts show nothing except on the
debtor side: Besides, the Council of the
Northrtermanr.i.infederation, relyitig on
the flume approbation of the Ihet r has
granted. hint an unlimited credit. The
King, accordingly, was unwilling to re
ceive the financial negotiation, and while
he himself packed off the impertinent
Count Benedetti with a round answer: he
sent word to 'di, rich Baron Rothschild,
be a serrant, that he was not at home.
49 Wrir to
in and lair
At this Air. Alfonso gets angry and
resigns his otlice as a Prussian Consul
General in Paris. It toner lie• admitted
that this is a very proper act on his pan;
for he will by no means laiM imitable low
er,. t..“.j.Prvecnt the (3.lllllllerehal
of Germany in the Frenelt capital at t h e
present tune. iie ought to be ',Miser'
for Mr. wsratly espousing the interests of
the EMI" lor 'N11.1,01.11. li ratitude is a
',mitt fill Iron not n tore I rellll..llt
Wileit the Prince's fatliet, in - 18.1 H, made
ris the personal acquaintance of
Louis IM"was worth about two
hundred millions. Out of these two• hits.
Ireil millions, in. consequence of the cou
omient information received frost the
Mbinet of the President at the time of
he sup it-tint and since-then from the
'abinet of the I , :toperor, he has made
wo thousand millions; the greater part in
mgaged in nit sorts of speculations and
interprises, which would turn. sal dhow.
rottsly if anything unexPected should
happen to the Emperor. - • ,
ji:rurn the Neu . Turk Tribune.)
The revenue of Denmark is about *13,-
fino,ooo, and the annual expenditure is the
rune mount.- Her public debt was last
year >itt0.i,190360. the annual charge on
which is gradually diininishing. -The
financial atlitira of Denmark are Prudently
managed, but her resources do not admit
of heavy war expendlt
Denmark can place an army of about
511,000 men in the field nn the commence
ment of hostilities. The forces of the
kingdom, under the hew organization,
'comprise 20 battalions of infantry of the
line, with 10 depot battalions and 10 of re.
serve! 5 regiments of cavalry, each with 2 .
squadrons active and 2 depots, awi 2 regi
ments of artillery, ih 12 batteries. The
total strength of the army, exclukirenf
the reserce,is 211,782 rank and file, with
1.068 officers, oh the peace footing. and
47,925 rank and file, with 1,328 officer., im
the war footing. .1 conscriptioglaw,,is in
force. and all able bodied young men who
have reached the age of 21 years, are lia
ble to nerve some years, and be ready
when called on in time of 'war.
. _
The Danish Navy in very muall, aml is
muuntalMv about 1.100 men. It comprises
tie icon-dada, namely:
Butlt. Burse.umwer Guns.
realer Sinm ..11154 mm IN
Danmark . ..INI4I 500 24
1/Nnuebrok • • IfX) It
Holt limbo 1161 12.11 3
Modern). tturret .1768 :mm
Number 54 t4llTret,. .ISLA. 360 _ . 2
The remainder of the nave consists of
of 12 unarmored staniushigs, carrying
from 12 to 43 guns: 6 first class iron gun.
boats, 1 second class and 11 paddle steam
ships. Thu total strength of the navy is,
therefore, 31 steamers. carrying 312 guns.
The iron-clods of the _ navy.
above named, are convened ships on the.
French model, with the exception of the
Rolf Kruk° and the J.indoreien. The
Rolf Krnke, built at Olasgow, is plated
with d t l inch iron, and has two turrets
which carry three sixtylsiunders: she 'Sof
1 ;200 tons bnnhen, and draws 15 feet of
water. The Lindonnen is plated from
stem to stern with five-inch iron, over
ten inches wood-backing, and carries a
Cble's cupola with folding-down bulwarks.
She is armed with two twelve and alialf.
tons filled ArmstroOg cannon: is 21'J feet
long, and 36 feet 3 inches broad, with a
draught of 12 feet fore and aft, and hats
twin screws. The, turret ship Number 54,
is similar in con truction to the. Linder.
Men, but with seven-inch armor, and car
rying eighteen-tons rifled Armstrong
The Danish commercial fleet, two yearn
since, ventilated of 3,132 flips, with a ton
nage of 174,114 tonit. • The colonial pos.
10.581011 P of Denmark MAIM of the Wanda
of Faroe, Icelandmnd Greenland, in Eu
rope; the first named-1: in number—
having a population. in IWO, of 1022:
Iceland, of 191.957. and • Greenland, of
9 550 Bonk 'rho Went India peusesaions
—St. Croix. St. Thomas.- and St. John;
with a number of entailer intends—leave a
population of 37,137. according to the cen.
MX of 1800.
The direct commerce of Denmark with
the Cnited States is trilling. Her estab
lished religion is Lutheriaii, to which
neavly all the• population belong. The
Government Is r a couitlintional monarchy.
, take great
the nen i
le Americana
I t emise than
.tte for what
• The great importance of the Danish a •
'lance Of Denmark to France Is the coil.
man ing position she holds In 'regard to
the end. The Sadie of 55,000,000 per• •
60115 yes throogl time Strait ;it to con•
veye in 25,000 ships, and consists of
grain timber, spare, hemp, and iron. 'the
Datil t territory also gives France an ad
mire le bun of operations against the
Pr inn Provinces of Schleswig and
Hoist in.
e days that
it these im.
pleaded in
Won ion of
' / t be out of
a couploof
I M.:other.
.teuben and
a an officer
dor k redo' ,
He fillired
~ j ..
.. 131,
Prot: I): Alaver
Dec, to Inform friend, and the nuldle in
ghat he hae_enoge.PTiimera for his
Dancing Setio..l. which wilt be opened fur the re
ception ..f the I.( ~ h.q...ber. Clrcut
will be ready in neldeniin,
:The tnentbnre Ehuality Tetnpld of
Donut. No. 31. are rime...leo to meet In their
Hall. curlier Third 41 , ./.110 lend Market etreet•
Till et EVICNINt.:. Jul, 27, ut n'elerk. to make
arrange:nerds to attend tno funeral of Hr.. I'. W.
C. T. Wei. E. Holined. A full attendance re
quested. 3lemtwa ot Fist, Temnies ate Ineited
to attend.. Ile en! r:
It. hindri. W. It. P'.7-a:,
rlrry nrxou. July •27th. I Rio.
NOTICE:—The assessment for grad
ing. thgvinu and curbing of .12d street. from
Butler t to the AlleglienT }oll, ronit.
110 reedy fur 0.1111111%11. , 11, and ten be in-I,ll[oli
"gl l! ee until ritilJA r. AUGUST sth. I ttio..bc.n
It will he returned td the Trensurere ultee fur tel.
eetien. 11. J. 1110011 E.
.1,17 • City Engineer.
rtry F:staNNl:lt's ormr.
lit, Or A $.1.t.itc,.) . . Jolt 1870. i
, far the
zrtictinit ntnt
renhtg alley from OW
street I.; 1.0 alley I. non,of for .Ixamlnathlp
and c or•an nt: tbli °Mee util STUIII.II.
ugti , t I S7o..hen II 1.111 Inc rolto,cl lit the
" 'lti'l7;."lV.tVit‘,.
Ca, Ettionf.or
_ • .
A _
oittnined itt the •kt
11r.S. 1 lAN' EN& ('(
XN „ 0 , 11 ,. /11 ,, N ,o 'A ri N ,r l i : t E; 7 ( , : r r e,.. u t i . 11!n o F t. J o sunr r s y
I:riestleelling houses wide set tife
PII. Ile it ordained unit enacted by the City of
urgh, In helect and 'Common e nac t as
senthitol. and It is hereby iirslalned and enact erer
authority tit the rattle. that
nrondstion to t
tout two story brick aweltieg houses on .10th
street- 17th ward, between Butler Street and
fireensburg l'ike,to be built wlthoutllrewailsaborn
the roof. with a reasonable cornice on each and of
Id houses. I. hereby granted to James hugger.
nn r ro
2. That any ordinance. re pan thisconflicting with the passage lir Unite
natl., at the present lime he, and the same Is
hendir repealed, so far at the swat" alreetil title
Ordinilnr. I
. .
Ordained andacted into a ill, In Council.
tide 23[11 diy. of J uly. A. D. 11470.
PrPtiliPtit of Word Cnnell.
A1t.... ~. Nlounow.
Prealdont of Contmop Coonoll
Attc...t. H. NtoSl,Hyrry.
t N ORDlNANCE—.lntliolzitiz the
linable,. Paving and Curbing of tire:l,llle
Street front Wylie Avenue to Webster Avenue.
SECTION I. Ilc It ordained and enacted by the
(Icy of Pittsburgh. In Select and Cone:non Councils
assembled. and It is hereby ordained lied enacted by
Ternn for proponals fur the Gradini. Paving and
Curbing of tlranville street. front y Ile Avenue to
Webster Avenue. and to lot tile +.131e Illthe plan
ner 1111. ft-fed by an ordinance concerning sCrAets,
pes,ed August al st. 1.537: also an act concerning
Street. approved January Uth,
Ste. 2. That soy onllnance or part of ordinance
conflicting With tile pass:timer thlsordinanee fillip
present time, be and the :untr is hereby repealed
so fur as the totnt. affects this ordinance.
Ordained nod enacted into a law In Couuctls, thni
2711, tiny britty.e. A. D. 1970.
Ilresident of tlelect. Connell.
Attest: E.S. Itottituty. .
TO-LET.—No. 30 Esplanade I . treel l t
Allegheny. 110f1tilt of Troonto entitle:Medi
minim gat throughout: hot and cold etater .
kitchen. PossetTlon given September lett Appiy
I on prendsmi, or
and Mortgages,l— , - , •
DeedsJuitlf I
I'reeidunt of l'ummvn Council
Atteet if.
Writing; Allil .W ra lipiiig Papers,
Writing Fluids and Copying Inks,
BONNKr T 3 <5 . A71 Cr) ,
Record Books and Dockets,
W. S. 11l VEIN. 0
rN,. 255 2ond 267 Penn SI.. P:ttstuirgh. , '
WIII , CroPeII , OII MONI , A T. , EPT. sth. Terms
1140 per s.P.slon Of rn
Ladies' School.
Tenchra-klisge,Wstkins. Liggett. Sackett.
Vreneh- e Prof. Duna, Mit-le-Prof. Dellam.
Prow:or-Mei 3!. Lefton.
S toll course of atmly pursued.,
Boys' School. •
'teachers-Misers. Stacrurn. Burchfield. Sloane,
No can'sC sln German Judy and in Eloeutionilally.
Regularetrarulnatton of els., ...retell; by the
Principal. Rennet reported.
Buena. end College }lntern, Diplomat to be
turned-to 'twee dnervlruythem °SLY. •
bout, from 9 to Inlet ly.
The pant record of thenu afford's pledge
ottlntellhemr. yirn e /rou , r. Talthf n ul work. er7ry rare
'1,.24Z1" . " to "1 Y.",T".447'.:11".W.1.741.
& (JO.,
93 Market street; Pittsburgh.
Have un Land all the latest novelties in lino Jew.:
err; slat, surer Metes and Silver Plated Ware of
new deelgmb minable for wedding rifts.
{raw-tics of all the American makers In gold and
silver cum Oath Key and Pendant Winders
on hand. as well • full variety Cl the
Boer grades otthe Swiss Watch. Including Jar.
gansen. Jac t, Pe rromme. and others.
We call part/pulaghttention to our factlltlew for
repairing ant regulating Una Watches. To that
branch of our business we give special care.
Order" by mall 'promptly filled. Denten, of any
goods sent In denwhhrrby mall at meat.'
Loretto Springs,
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This hummer Resort. i. .1 tulles Imre Creesers,
Adssuluees unexcelled. Ereurelon Tickets by the
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Terms very moderate. ,,, , Circular end roll Info,
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75 Wood Street
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Rase removed to 347 Liberty oh. lately °courted
by Culp t Shepard. when they will be pleased to
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Family Flour. (Rath. Feed. Laud and Calcined
Piaster: }Clete Liras. Foundry Fleur. Baled Ray,
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ed Johestown Hydraulic and Louisville Cement
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la% - 136 SOndstreet
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lee lonpnny. Box 001. Postve., New York
A XT ANTED—Sheet Inm Clattuney,24
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SCIIOOI. 110U+1,. to ”ht townshlP.oe July the
311th tag o' I. M.
11. B. !MASS.
Jim s.l.l:tiaT Sorrels of Board,
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1 . 14 m for Farm
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141: 4 St. A6 Ite
Cooking, Chnuibernork. lanln m ort ana
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-I.IiN•I.I.II,FICIS.No. 1 Sixth Week tire. dour
Suspension I.lridire
• • •
30.000 to Ltousin luxe or amao slOontat• •
at • fair rate "1 lattreat.
Thirty Thousand Dollars to Loan r
In !ergo or small amounts on property la Alneslusar
county at o fair rate of Intereet. • .
' ales) Estate Arent:'
ES Grant /treat.
0 'T-A Pocket Book containing
t J bout $l3O. The finder will to libemOy
.i.ordrd , b, Waring It nt the GAZaTTE COUNT
ING ItOuNt fir the owner fat'
LOST.—CHECK.--On the 12th or
.L..• 13th Inst., a CHECK' for 113.11.2*, Na de.
dated 13111 July Inst., drawn by Wm. /lineally a
Co. In furor of tlenars. Bridle, Inall,ty bear..
The Inter will 'dome lento It at No. IN and VIII
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lolnall A. LI. HAUXAIt.
.1 DROWN COIV. or 1) yearn old. Oer. wAtl
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ENS. Ohio street. near Enst:Lnia MS-Mr
Country Residence.
At Maga - wood Station, lacer DOUBLE TWO
STORY BUICK IIUCSk and mow', 3 was of
rn,tind. The house w al. 18 room° al. •
vrsal of tent water In Fatale°. Any one alma Of
• apletier house will d° well to and fizatnin•
1101 pre rty. Will into City property In pert
eerulellt If suitable. Fot further Information 001
at the 'place, opposite apirorth Station, on - the
P. h. It.
1,015°S .10711334.4133..
I A 711 4: Fc!! " e l ! r °
Il d l Bth!,J~uurµlap rarer. Terms tsdderetc. :• _ ed
.1 bet. of Laren and Baal street, eesen roam
7I th gruel tont In front. The ben loath°, In the
tti were. Will sell low as I wish oto this
country . Apply nt 84 I'AN/ AN STREET,. or MI.
d . ! . e:1 , 1a?11so. 8111.aan Wait. 1.11
buy is house with ten rooms and hall, wiat
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stabling. !continua a forty feet area ca4hall
aqua°, backof rannsylapnis arenue,,Twentleth
ward, near Eset Libertyf....47ply at 174 Grant
street. near Seventh corner.
- L
i.• TAINS 240 ACII.III, nno hundred aid. sale
acres under cultivation, balance woods. Improve
ment—a dwellags, 0017 /arse barn and Wanks.
and sheep alum, orchard and well watered by
sicial ,‘ l , creak passinAt d ltrutip a i the Vree k eltreahe
Lo ng u ' lSTlVlr A g`!..WEb.47ll
. rm r h t., Till:fp and chorales. The farm an he
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Several Seoond-hoefl WAtic , NS.
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Apply to •
Coner e o n , touth Canal str ee t =d / Coup{__- htrte
'FOR .kLE. — Engin nd /.
-.- 'New itud &wild Iland.ul aLlklnde.sonstantlY
un hand.
; Orders irt a all parts of /it -
tended to.
/AIMS ill/.
Corner Marion Avenue and
± iI SOSPI. i. ..!, ~.—. .
140118/LE CHEAP.
... 011.,
ItMIDENCE. constanlns 20
thereon: one. a tine. aunt(
Cr. In Western ennsyle
term the why. on the waters
'V ot • mile DIM Stewart's
road. Also, seven/ good F
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'OR riA 1.--08 8 EARS'CREW'f.
IB L 079.1• acre each orchard of taxis Omer
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9 0 1?(PIrS AND to : r, toil of choice bearlngfritli.
' 17.1 1 111728EW COTTAIIE. 0 room.. odd hall. '
front and side pof2ooo, 2 +lllllnfs, 2 tame odd. halt
gropd well of water at Welt door. ouriag• boom gad
rtable.gmpes bearing. yonre orchard eftring.aneas , .; ,
v . low of the cities and ylvws. opposite mouth of
' p•
.... wl • it. Min fifteen ...Mae walk of•tr ..
cline. Enquire of
' . W. LIBRA T. on th• premise.. '
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I. 4 `dit :%714'..---.tiie eliitiie — iiiit :
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present fora very reasonable oonsideratlou. it '
will mates pretty spot for • handsoon rootdises. • ....
On Boundary street-A Inane- dwell UM (2 MOM,
belowits value.
/800-Lots/0 by 100 Mcli pl.limultly ts. ...„
ted now thn Pentrolvar la Railroad. mar be par. • ' "
elated sts/I by n 1 ,1,10011 th. corner of
Papa !pd . „ ;
334 street. Jyr•
14`OR SALE—PROFER . - ,• - 1
The two story notrble Mime, the residence of
Hobert 8. Kennedy. En.. stljnining the rendestea .
of Messrs. Wm. and Ilny Vitol l kir nod Wen.Coopai...
In Alptiore township. on thelNew Brighton won;
.bunt 3 Wine from the etty. I The boa. contalai •
14 rooms; lin, to. boon and uniting room; sum, -
suer kitebennad laundry ondont-hoose.connel,"
to the main bonding: the Inas* I. .opptled wills. •,••-,
water nod ion. The grounds. comprinag abOUI,
101 i saes. no. tastefully Ind. out and are slanted
nth no nboodance of fruit And ornamental t 0.,., •
'small (Wife. Ac. On the prensisesere a large stable.
cold graPery. bonen and jeardnees hone of
3 rooms. Verner dtadon, oitita P.. Ft. Iv,* C.
It. 11. Is .Item • few mint well of the bond*.
For terms. midair* al the PIAR4 MILL. Abe.
shoo, • j**44.
. 0 TDV.ixtrE iN PI!ICES
lAN Cs DOWN 6.
136 NoIA Writ.
Wattles &Sheafers
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137., Y T" . .
The Advanoo In G01d...
?everything In our line we are Milne !helper
then any other honor In Meetly.
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S F E OE N A YO Y Uhatiiln gMEM.-
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is. Woos odors.
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School Trachero,
Bill. flood Mid Mud Estate Brute.
No. 149 Smithfield Street
country prolurtlyni•
& CO..
C. R. W..
. .—A One 001j/ITII3
acres vrll3 3 hound*
W and convenient
„tattoo. Control Lat.
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