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Cotner Sixth Ate. and Smitilleld St;
Tn 11111 07 2111.
By bleb. per year
• bebeereb by carrier. per eeet
Tou Tflt D ill In Austria.
Mut LINC'OW. Is at Marienbad
o racs i th liTEß talks of resigning.
A Bnooetors ceirietery is to be sold at
CO-OpIULATIVE cottages eXiet lit Long
Branch. •
Tits Empress of the French fancies
A :NEW London street In to bo called
- CREIKOHNE and Niabile are called Hop
6.618 irpmigrants reached New York
hart week..
PAILS raisers aro bngi
p ning l. gromb
down the peach crop.
• VEnin brings out a new opera at Milan
and Naples next month.
Rot save the prevalent journalistic
complaint le rumor—tlem.
BEN HALLIDAY now controls tile entire
railroad system of Oregon. , '
A FoVBTU of Jule couple were Wade
one In a balloon in Chicago.
FOURTEEN * Japanese pobletuen are
studying at Ruttger's lollege.
THELMENY, one of II latest novels, will
probably be followed y Killafesi.
MINISTER OLLIVIER lives economically
and says by money out of his salary.
A comer WOMAN. predicts, the death of
the King of Italy within six months.
Aa exchange calla carbon oil lamps par
lor magazines; Weenie of their exploaim.
8817 stills a rc registered in the United
dtates for the distillation of brandy front
ON Thursday Martin Worm killed Ma
thias Fisher with a sledge hammer in
lieW Orleans. . .
TEE first Erie Railway freight car has
just made, the through trip from the Hud
son to the Pacific. -
POOR Marfori Is forbidden to nettle in
Lisbon, and so has to leave his satire
peninsula altogether.
TILE decomposed body 'of an unknown
man was found at the Battery in New
Tork,.ou Wednesday. ,
Pnortsson AnAestz is very ill, so ill
that he cannot leave home for the sea
shore. as he intended to do.
TEE steam communication between Eu
rope and the United States now costs more
than : a million dollars a week. , _
ON Sunday . week Edwin Booth became
the father of a son, but it died next day,
and Mrs. Booth is dangerously ill.
ME Boston Post says the Emperor of
Morocco is to send 'some of his bronzed
kids to Paris for educational polish.
. "Ws all owo something to our country"
sail the man who went abroad without
havlfg paid his income tax.—Punch.
Tft.. New York Custom House, it is said,
always•gives a President More trouble to
govern than all the rent of the country.
TUE Pennsylvania Railroad Conipmy
is .fast getting ready to start a line of
steamers between Philadelphia and Liver
A Sco - rtm woman, Elisabeth' McMillan,
drowned herself at. Cincinnati •on Thurs
day. She had been but six weeks in that
atm erroneous idea, that Englishmen
never can get rid of, is that Americans
always speak of 'their country as "the
A speaker in Boston said th
question before U 6 Is, not what we will d
with Johm i ghltlittmtn, but what will he th
wlth W.
REVICOLD6 & CO's color factory h
Brooklyn has been declared a nulianc
and its 'removal authorized by the V. S
RECENTLY, while on a berrying execur.
elm, three ladies of Danbury, Conn.. kill
ed the largest rattlesnake ever seen in
that vicinity.
Is Wilmot, Ohio, on the 2.oth ult., a
boy with the agonizing name of .1 ranzo.
Cieeri. Deal, was dragged to death by run
away horses. ,
ON the ith in the British Hons., of
Lords the 6111 providing for the revision
of the lessone in the Bc;ok of-Common
Prayer passed.
• 1100En." . .A. Roosn's son-Theodore gradu
ated atprinceton-thhs year and took high.
er honors than any other man since Aaron
Barr graduated.
THE 'limit tailors in Cork struck and
their employers brought orer a kit of Ger
mans, who have joined the international
union and struck too.
Tin. Hall and . Norcross Silver .Mining
Company Imo declared a dividend of five
dollars per share, for the month of June,
payable last Saturday. ,
TEE N. Y. World says: A young lady,
of Illinois, though not repulsive in appear•
mice or manners, puts all the mails to route
from llannibal to Naples. • - •
THE Adrancc has followed the lead of
its more progressive brethren in the east
and has "gone Dickens, and says he
drank too much good liquor. •
A MoNraEivr to Professor kforne, iron.
lasting of a white marble statue standing
on a plain . block of white marble, is to be
placed in Central park, New York.
- ENGLISH papers have been grumbling
terribly about the heat this year, and yet
they only had the mercury to about 88 de
grees in the shade: and that only on one
CHIEF JUIVIILT. Cn.tnE is announced to
be at Pat In Bay, Gettysburg and a sum.
mer resort in klimiesota, He seems to be
capable of occupying several positions at
AN army of belligerent floes made a
sudden attack on the lawyers and wit
titter-wt. in a rase in the Court at Easton,
Md., a few days ago and put them all to
Right... .
TIIE Lyman gun, made at Reading, l'a.,
for the French Government; and whteli is
to throw a ball ten miles, has, been satis
factorily tested, and will now'be taken to
England and tried there.
Li. Lebanon county, I's., there is et
chestnut tree 26 feet„t) inches In einem.
forence,One foot from the ground. The
chestnut tree on thazzounds of the Beth
lehein Iron Compant is two fret lees in
circumference -
Tat New York Erprerr says: ••While
talking herebouta concerning a monu
ment to Dickens, let nd itaptire how many
comer atones of monuments to great men
lie buried in the United Staten without
anything above them r
Two lowa bops of tender yams lately
Aimed of on a campaign against the
Sioux, armed - with a little Wass pistol and
a bow and arrow. They were captured
four, miles from home and returned to the
maternal mitigation.
AT the Citarleitowit, Mau., State , Pris
,the - convicts were 'regaled on the
Fourth with a banquet and oration on
-Liberty." All aged convicts remarked
that thn,plam pudding was rather nice
but thArontion was out of place.
Ai erring Indiana hog was recently
found in the back part of a hardware
sore, whore the misguided fowl bad
struggled for three weeke,trying tohatch
ent half a donut white vorodaln door
knobs.. She was very much reduced.
is Rochester there dwells a man, or
fond In human form. This creature In a
mad lit-of jealousy at his wife, seised her,
and with unparalleled barbatity embed
her best bonnet, and dung her chatelaine
braid &rout of the
_yawning casement.
A Captain Peter 'Slater,
who was one of,the party who threwover.
board the tea in Boston harbor on the
night of Deeeniber 16,1773, has beencom.
pleted, and was set in its place In Hope
Cemetery, in Worcester, ldassachusets,
'Dix It. E. Lee has after all no right to
the deer Hitler she has received for , irsay.
in made !miter time than the steamer
Princes, dld sixteen years ago, for the
distan. Is now' very much shortened by
cut off, being forty dive mile* less between
;New Orleans and Natchez. • • •
Mn. A. 3iINARD, of Morristown: :N: J..
who has built a fine Orphans , Home at
- - •
, .
I ,
I • . ,
(4 1 t L*l .
. • - • . L
that place, has deeded the entire build
ing., folly furnished, together with the ea.
tensive grotuidx adjoining, to the. Bishops
of the Methodist Episcopal (lurch of the
United States, to be used by theta for an
Orphans' Horn.•.
NEXT winter young luitlieut are not to
Went chliMi steeples On their:leads as
obey now do, butt, instead, befit skin hats
each an grenadiers tarry are to be all the
rage. It will 'be a singular freak of
fashion'that will send the women of the
highest tone out into inclement December,.
in their beer skins.
A FitENen shotykeenetzecently gavelt
in evidence before a committee on the
Anglo. French treaty, that there is no
. , ..
market in France for , English stockings.
Tho resent, assigned was that Alto French
ladies am so much more finely shaped titan
the English, that stockings mode for the
one will not tit the other. '
()LIVE 1,00.\N evidently considers her.
self a foreigner having liyed ao long in
Faris, City of Luxury where her unspeak
able advantages over mere common Amer-
great that Ate never ceases
'Vriting of theta; and now she
•ttinir naturalized and naps
entlK were .1
olkini, tool
hinko of ge
Tot: Chinese embassey, at last accounts,
was in Florence, Italy. There it attract
ed very little attention . , save from the cw
rhino rubble. The importance with which
it wax accredited evervwheta_ while Mr.
Burlingame was at its Mead 5 , ,1118 to have
foiled out of sight. It will e” home
shortly by the nearest rout.,
ON the 20th of June the town of ('oven
try had its yearly parade, but the princi
pal actreas iu it. personating Lady tiodivu
wore a petticoat. as otherwise—she would
not have been tolerated in that town.
We think the sooner the unpetticoated
blondes and brunettes of our modern stage
are sent to Coventry the better..
ON Wednesday last, Levi
. 11arris. just
arrived from Oalifninia, intrusted his
trunk. containing tiventy.fiye lummls of
dd dust • valued at if.. 1.000.10 James
nod, who pretended to be a carman. to
• delivered:it his residenve in New York
_The trunk was not delivered. and
Ila - rul Was arrested and held to answer.
AN English countess, who made the or
quedtitance of some American Orison the
Continent; is said by the Rerolution to
have eXpraNsed great istonishinent at the
fineness and costliness of their under
clothes. She did not believe that the
cambrics, linen anti laces of the Princess
Royal exceeded i tie those worts by our
American girls.
ON Tuesday night in Milford. Conn.:
Mrs: Nathan Fenn awuks her husband by
telling hint. there was a man in the mow.
lie sprang up. saw a burglar, pursued
him to the next room and grappled with
him there, when he was shot, expiring in
fifteen minutes. The burglar and an at.
complier escaped, it is thought, in a var.
riage to New Haven. .
LYMAN AN. a steady young
pun twentyneven years old, six feet high
with 'blue eyes, light complexion and
brown hair, and dressed in .a water-proof
coat, dark vest and . brown trousers has
disappeareil from his home, and any in.
formation of hini will be thankfully re
ceived by his wife . Ireo,•Jitiae Vaughan and
four children, who reside at Wellsville,
Ohio.' •
TILE United - Presbyterian Presbytery of
Philadelphia, at its recent session, passed
resolutions stating that lice. Dr. Saunders
lord informed them that at Courtland
Saunders Copege, he pr0p09,4 to educate
the sons of ministers free of charge; ac
cepting with thanks his generous pulite..
shion, and expressing their beet wishes
for the
. prosperity and • euecobss of the
college. • •
"A ci,EaticAl. impostor. calling himself
"Rev. - F. Whitcombe, Itan been deceiving
the people iif Springfield, Mass. lie ults
allowed to preach in one of the Methodist
chord., and aided hh adminiNtering the
communion. Ile WON lINOKIIiZed KS an
impostor by Mr. Shone, of Claverack. N.
Y,; and arrested. in his traveling hag
was found about $2,500. two $l,OOO green.
hacks, a few smalls 'and a draft of OM
on a Neer - Fork bank.
ON . Thursday a ComPany of tiertunn
target.shootero in Newark were practicing
for a bottle of wine-after the tegnlar
firing was over, when a little eon of Frank
Marvine, of Bloomfield; entered an out
house in the rear of theltarget. No soon.
er, had it entered thin a ball passed
through the side!of the building, striking
the boy in the temple and coming out at,
the back of his bead. He died almost in.
stoutly. It was the . boy's birthday, ripfl
be was celebrating in consequence..' , l
i f
Tug Flksbliff says it takes no intensst
or part in the fi ght now going on between
the pmp 'etoni
of the Freiletita Freund
and are ntly dischargedemploye of that
journal; . et it bas published neveml col
umns of f vective and abuse already, and
is determi ed its protege shall have the
'the last w nl. ',All of which is amusing
enough, if they did not draw outsiders in
to the rum .ine— They have, however, now
attacked he new editor of the Freund,
and have made a vulgar parody uPon a
paragraph with which we recently wel•
corned that gentleman to the proles/don.
This we think is going too far, but there
is no acconhting for Izalco.
• Th Ametteme Cemetery.
.. . . . ....
The Antricit Cemetery in the City of
Mexico h n recently been placed in
perfect onfer, by directions of Secretary
Belknap, who, it in stated, obtained-the
. 1 ,
necessary .unf.,of money for thin purpose
out of the contingent fund of the' United
States W r Department.. - The Two Re
publica," journal published in the City
of Mexico says that duripg the French
occupation the troops tilled up . the ditch
which surrounded .the we.,:t.,“ and
. ..
..- • . •
southern orders of the
Auserit ai, I 'erne
tory, dug a ditch further out, and cut em
brasures in the walls for (=non, The
present'Jdesicatt Government, upon the
representation of the above facts, re
opened the ditch aed restored the former
boundaries: Under the supervision of the
United States Consul, the walls have been
repaired and mimed to a greater height,
new, gates, doors' and windows have
replaced the old ones, . the grounds have
been filled in. shrubbery has been planted
and walks Jaye been laid but.
Thirpodestal erected in 11147 over the
remains of the C. S. soldiers, now defaced
and nearly demolished, in to be replaced
by another 'monument, the tablets of
which have arrived nt Mexioo. 'rho old
pedestal bore the following defective in.
iscription. "The remains of 7:io are here
Interred, under the net of the American
Congress, Igri3," but the "new monument
will have inscribed upon one tablet, "To
the memory of the American mildierswho
perished in this valley in ,1747, whose
tomes, collected tee their uniintry's order,
aro here buried," rind upon tire' opposite
tablet, -.Contreras, Claurabusco.ljno
Del Rey, Menlo'." IThe cemetery, It . Is
stated, now presents a moat remarkable
contrast to its former and and neglected
condition, when in addition to its dia.
graceful appearance, it was the constant,
resort of animals and' night marauders.
The representatives of the Pnited States
in Mexico derorri - e credit for their care
and attention In restoring and adorning
the cemetery.
The Khedive end -Gen. Beetarepird.
The Paris corresponnent of the the Er.
prat , sends to that journal. the following
paragraph of contemporary hlitory
rieneral Beauregard, of Confederate
memory, was on the eve of being rip.
pointed to the high position of Common
der.iri.Chlef of the Egyptian forces, with
the privilege of bringing with him a staff
of fifteen officers from America. The
arrival in Cairo of the new American
Consul Osumi, George 11. Butler, put a
summary end to tide. Mr.' Butler, as I
am told, intimated that as General
Besuregard was is yet - an "unpardoned
rebel," and as be had betrayed the coun
try which educated him, there , wnd no
reason why, the oiqmrtnnitv offiTing, he
might not betray the lifiedive. These
representationshad their effem, and Urn.
ersll3. will not have the influential posh
tion In question, To many the course
pursued be Consul Butler will, perhaps
seem hatell, - but is considered
that Beaufegard issued the famous Booty
and Reality opoinuneitunento . against
General Butler, uncle of 'the young Con
sul, the 'affair assume a different turn.
Yon will remember that Beauregard
Glared-Butler an outlaw.
ALEX IS the Prince of Waleri pet nitine
for his Princesii. :
BIIADIN..!, is wt.'', again nll.l ni
work Oil n new Nentilttion book.
. . . .
Port:, an American, and formerly a
resident of St. Louis, committed suicide
in Paris on Wednesday nigbt.
Mo. FoLEY, IL A., has been 00101010.
sinned with the execution of a memorial
statue to the late. Earl of Derby.
THE Convocation of Canterbury pro..
poses to create apermanent Con:Mint, to
watch the proceeding:4 of the Vatican.
MR. - WOOLNI:it and Mr. Millais are mak
ing arrangements for reproducing a
worthy likeness of Mr. Charles Dickens,
'CUE arrival of the ship Ceraates. Capt.
Brunton, oh. of the racing, clippers from
San Francisco March 14 '1 is reported at
THE appeal Of the Duke of. Newcastle
to the House of Lords against a judgment
rendered in favor of one Morris, a money
lender, has bees 114.6,441 adversely to the
Mn. THOMAS LAI/STONE, a m'phew of
the English premier, was thrown from
his horse and kicked to death last March,
bear Melbourne, Australia. Ile was only
20 years old.
THE most refractory of the galley
slaves, at the flagon de Toulon, is an ex
lieutenant of the Imperial uhutrd, con
victed of murder, lie behaves so badly
that the bastinado has repeatedly been
administerod to hint.
L'Ernms of administration have been
granted for the estate of LOngworthe on .
the ground that Teresa Yelvertom one of
the claimants, absent in America,
Ohere her address is unknown, and she
umnotlie communicated with.
WHEN the Russian Minister. DeCata.
may, paid a vitiß to Cotta works in Hart
ford last week he visited the widow-of
John eallalier. whm,. was killed some
months sincetvt,il 's ing in testing
till' Russian arms: bd lier tlmt
his government hied settled on her A pen,
siren for life.
FnueuE, the historittn, was lately pre,
vented becoming a candidate for I"arliw
mem' be the fact that he had once taken
clerical onler, although he immediately
retired from the clerical 'office. Rut the
law, which an attempt is making t,
peal, makes all clergymen inelligihli•
- cjvil offices,-
THE FENIANti are greatl• ineensed at
the refits:Ll of the government to give up
the body of the convict Thontpson. 'who
died at 7Porthuni, They proposed to give .
the remains a great funetal, and - to take
them from Portland to Ireland for the
1 , 1111 , 05 e ., The government 'considered
...It a demonstration inutafe, and will
hoes the body quietly buried in England.
THE means of fixing designs and dratv
ino executed in charcoal-and other fugi
tive material of Similar character . has
long been sought after ih the_ art world,
but are now tompletelv supplied by the
discovery, by M. Iloug - et, of n
which is .blown from a vussel in the form
of spray, and renders every ironing irn&iugi , to
which it is applied. whatever the material,-
PIRETOsi P.% RA DOL, tin. newly appoint
ml Minister to Washington from .the
Freach Court, who is exceedingly poptilar
among the American residents of I
will bring - with him to Washington hia
daughter and his Young soli. Tbe coring
lady is excemiingly engagin g . Tim 'lad
is to go to school in the -United States. M.
Paradol speaki and writes English
Id.' 1,4 a- widower.
TllgY'any in Paris, that at' a meeting of.
the Imperial Cabinet, at which the Eu
; peror presides, Inc hardly ever num,' any
thing else except the words -Eh lien,
.11,,..4rirar Ile Iv,: the >tini,;er, ull
al long Int tlwy wIto:. but hardly
1,11 . gie . es his I,WII opinion. • Ile does that
only at the private interviews which he
bide with the various Ministers after the
Cabinet meeting ir over.
JANIT has informed the prmirie.
tors of the Journal die Delman that, sakes
they immediately consent to doable his
salarw, he will no longer write for the
.I. , ailhlon of that piper. :lie received
heretofore five hundred francs a week-.
Bot as his contributions form the - most
attractive feature of the Jullrhal des Dc
fate, the proprietors Of the paper will pro
bable accede to his demand. •
AnoLeng predicted the other
day in theiobby of the Corps Legislatif
that a great European war would 14) err-.
lain to break out In less than sixmonth's.
HO his vaticinutions do not find any more
believers. Ilr still insists .that the beat
i terests of :lb French people require it
t t is to war with Prussia in Order to de.
rice her of the advantages which the
me derived front the Sadoent campaign.
THE old puke of Saldaha, . the present
'rime Minister and virtual ruler of Portu
gal, is a very wealthy man. Neat to the
dethroned old Duke of Brunswick, he
owns the finest private collection of pre
'doss stones, which he keeps in a strong
Sron safe standing in his bed room. fir
Idiamonds are said to be much finer than
those of the house of Breganzu.. Ffe owns
two rubies, valued at seventy - thousand
dollars, and an emerald, for which the
Empress of the French some time ago of.
reset, him mike thousand francs.
Tun Memorial Iliplomatigne states
that when Count Bismarck, who ACCOIIV-
I ,
amied his Sovereign -to Ems, took the
and of the Czar, and wan lifting it Bolds
ips,lhe Euiperor Alexander anticipated
the action by saluting the Prussian stuten
man on the clieek. Front this gracious
solution it is inferred that Count His.
inarck is in great favor with the Czar.
The Memorial ' addit that - in diplomatic
eirctes it is still helived, notwithstanding
the denial of the semi-otliCial journals that
i n th e interview bttWeell the two Soren
elgtes plans have been agreed await' fur.
erance of .the. work of disinte'gration
which hat for some past been carried
on toward Austria; en the part of one
power, by secretly inciting the Czechs to
refuse all compmmines with the Court of
Vienna, and of the other by propagating
find -encouraging Pan-Slavist ideas
Itronghout the countries under the Aim
rian scepter which are inhabited by a
lave population: . The Presse of Vienna,
lOSVOCCT, announces that the object of tb.
loyal usetinkrati'Ems was to arcingo
ninnlaire between the -second non of tin
Czar, Prince Wladimir, and a youthfu
Princess of the Prussian Royal family.
CABAltill:l4 narrated once that after
. .
the revolution of It l 3o bin mother came t
Paris from er-country bons. out of curl
_unity and as alio wan walking down
Boulevards on her son's 01111 Mopped
play bill on which. wan
a new piece, ra li nberpierre;" the same
Robenpiette she -'et well remembered.
- Ohl' said she; aunt go, lel id like ,
to nee thin play,land positively there In
as actress who iii going to play the part
of vour own mother, Mme. 'Ninon."
Cabirrus entiled!and took ticket!, for the
performance, but for some cause er other
both reachisl.thil theatre after the piece
had begun, and as by a strange coinci
dence they entered their hos just as the
actor throwing Mick a curtin in • Robes
pierre's study on the stage, announced in
a loud voice, "Mine. Tellico The real
Mine. Tallies cant a glance on the at:truss
who was to impersonate her, and fainted
away. -Much dintrenned; Dr. enbariun
carried his mother out of the Leland hart
her driven to .their hotel. -Re • believed
for days and Weeks after for recovery
that some siftwistitions notion had weak
ened her nerves, on hearingan uneonacionn
actor titter her name just as Clint appeared
jn a public place of entertainment after
so long a retirement front scenes of gay.
etv. One day, however, a third rainy
, being ,resent,[ Mute. herself re
lated the incident. j . When she had done
site exclainted,'"Alul what a horrid fright
actressthe 'was who acted me! 'lb e w
badly her clothes were pot on! The idea
of ever . cutting). - such - a - 4mi - before
Robespierre quite took-my sennes away,
and so I fainted.l
—At Chicago, on Saturday. during the ',re
arms of a game of 'base ball. the raised seats
on the west side of the park gaveway. pros
trating some five hundred people to the
ground In terrible confusion. Three men and
two ladies were considerably Injured. Mr.
Brewster. hatter under the Sherman House,
was badly hurt In ;he spine. I. C. Kate, com
mission merobatit, was badly hurt internally.
Dr. Cleveland we. hurt Internally. Miss Mary
Cline had a leg broken. The game was inter
rupted by the accident bate few minutes.
. .
SENAT : CiOde Comm:ideation with
Rest Indies—Legislative, Judicial
and Executive Appropriations Pass.
ill—Chinese Coolie Trade—Pension
farltMrs. Li rob—Civil and Misccl.
cons Appropriations—Army Hill
Ocean Mail Steamship Service in
the Pacific. HOUSE: Consular and
Piploatle Appropriations ‘assvd—
Sell* Amend ents to ax and
Tariff Hill All Considered and His.
posed Of—lncome Tax Mt allied al
No and Half ('en
511ip Line to India and Chi la.
ty Telegraph to the l'ltlnbirgh Els
MY. SUN:IER prenentel a petit) 'I, from Mr.
Cyrus W. Field, sett lug forth hls desire to fur
nish Cheat , and Increased facOltles of tele•
graphle.communl6ation through the Vatted
States and West Indies. and to this end asking
authority td lay' a cable from Florida to
Cuba. and the repeal of the Intent loyal
Ceimpany's exclusive crlellege to
have a cable between those shores. It woo
referred to the Committee on Foreign Bela-
Mr. )1011RILLtNiniael from the totthnit tee
of Conference on the Legislative. ',ay.:valve
oul .I, , ii,unpitroprintlon bill. ntatle a report,
whichlt av sloptiA. In reply to specific lo
onier. he ek.p . alni4,l that the Senate amend
ment relating to the effect of pardon or inn
tiesty in the Court of Claims was retained:
that the Senate attiendinent fur the estenslon
of the Capitol cutouts and fora new State
Department buillling were stricken out, nod
the appropriation of one hundrvul thousand
dollars for u North Pole expeditioti wv duped to to fi fty thousand dollars. Upon a the
geneeal proposition for on increase of official
: ere hail
then• was no incremte in th
Judges. The Senate nn
clerks In ilepartmeoPi nod trio
departments had been stricken
t lie latter a proposition having
g r o ins all
the appointment Of f
m of clerkship.
t ieredo a rixoltil
log the President raus the a
are IP. leas to prohibit the coolie
strictly enforced. mid for that In
Anna the proper civil °Mews u
:[at , n+ to prosecute all violations
awl directing Investigation whet
roollesnre being trensported to
elates in violation of law.
constant tab
• sal rie 1
te relating to
alt. cle ke in
int. In en of
Men In erttel
Huller to any
ton ref: tr. I
of brit
trade. to I •
to In
the Unite I
said act.
r Chinese
the United
. .
Nleshm. TRUMBULL and
d to the resolution as anitnputatl
TThethat he did not petform
he resolatlon•WAK adopted as
r,vide for a shapla.lnqulrs Into
oese importetiona. •
motion of Mr. Sl — M.NEltetb
pension to Mrs. LI oculn milm taken
A distooislon followed.•during
AI , iItRILL. Vt., moved to redo',
clper!lav• ••
Ar. MOM ELI. regarded the ill
fraud nn the pension laws, and. ,
charged that Mn. Lincoln and I
family had been In sympathy with
waswhich was denied by Mr. HO%
A :notion to lay on the table,
was regnrded ae a test, was to.
;;;L:mel the bill awn laid over
iil The civil and iniscelimenoua ap
bill was reported from the Conon
.11 n /trose
her YA TES .
tho reboil
blob vote
yen. 24.
tee on hp-
The army appropriation WI wa
and the amendment of-the Comma!
proprtations. diminishing . the ap ,
for the pay of the army 6N7, 0.
Mr:WM:ION muted to an *men
principal features of the army la
tabled, reducing the number Of mil
In the army to 10.11 Al. but rontlnul
i.l General. Lieutenant General.
lii Trate r Ueuernis and making n
pr”virlon In relation to rupernut
err,: leaving Itallseret binary with
dent to furlough or discharge nit
dment the
I recently
I led men
ifwthot.r Kn
.11 II o
One 3 ear's
(ereof the
.her pros,.
ri and the
Meier% re-
• - • •
such as are left after the provl
ate enrried Into effort.. The o
dna refer to the tilling of rotator
Ilscharge after elimination' of
cuted unfit fur duty.
The amendment 'was InOtlifirti
hoeTtffirers unfit for duty shall be
he board appointed for their eon
odic for duty by the fleneral
done. instead of by military mat
ides of staff.
A new tteCtion was insetted
et of January LI. In). and allowl
on his own application, to
military duty, except service.
The pay of chaplains was Inert.
The seat ton relating to superman
was amended to provide that an
after the provisions of the act had
rind into effect Shall ho furioug
pay until assigned tti till vacancle
or on their own application they
charged with one year's pay and
The amendment was fu4er
roglaetteotttlelmh'rama honorably
land Instead of on eighty area a
col by law.
The amendment of Mr. Wilson.
to miotre
reported to
loatinn a
it the lrtne
antler, and
Minx tan
n retired
!ett to $.l
j rT offit era
,• remaining
been c tr
,d -without
hnll he dls
allow nee..
modllled to
oldl n. and
n of public
now allow-
. . . .
'as then adopted, and the bill p.
lull• were passed net follows:
On illation of Mr. ItAMiSEY, granting to the
Ev.sville and Southern Illinois Itrdirond
Company the right to build abridge across
the Ella river. t•
On motion of Mr. TRUMBULL.. the hill
amendatbry of the bankruPt aw est:ending
the operation of a part of the to brokers.
inanufacturen and mlners.l
Mr. CAMEROS explained that he did not
dodge a vote on the income tax, but was
. . . .
mired off with Mr. Sprague.
The Senate then went Into executhe
The evening session of the Senate wee de
voted to the consideration of the bill authori
zing the establishment of ocean mall steam
hip service between Sea Franciseo and Aus
Mr. COLE spoke for one hour in advocacy of
n subsidized line, as proposed, and upon the
commercial importance of the enterprise, af
ter which the amendments reported were
ngreed to.
At SAO the Henateadjourned.'
Mr. KELSEY, from tho Conference tom
mittee on the Consular Diplomatic ApprOpri
at ion bill made a report which was agreed to.
Mr. CAKE offered the following resolutions
which were referred to the Committee on
Education and Labor.
. . .
Whrrrds. eine° the emancipation of Ameri
lin dint:Hand the elevation , of our humblest
. . .
laborer to the full rights , of citizenship. un
hcrupulous speculators In human flesh have
demonstrated the prartleability,of fastening
..laver} upon the nation to another form: and
whereas, to take a step back Ward is Oontrary
ton sound and healthful public policy. tend
ing to a betrayal of the people and subversion
of the Government; and whereas. the United
I±tates having conceal to be' the home of the
slave or the held in which' the slave driver
may pursue his trade with Impunity; and
whereas, danger may be anticipated le the or
ganized Immigration of bond Chinamen;
• •
Repoirrd. That while thepeople of the whole
world arc Invited to come as voluntary free
men to share with us In the protection of our
laws, in oar frte instltutioror and in the wt,o
derfut advantages of our wonderf al teed. tt is
against the genius of the age to bring them
here in Londe fora SMITS of years.OS even
months: that thin traffic In Londe,. n le degrad
ing to the lond, will out be tolerated he a na
tion of freemen Had nowt be checked In its
inception by prompt action on the part of the
representatives of the people.
And further resolved. That the Committee.
&Mention and Labor are hereby Instructed to
investigate the subJect. includlngthercontruct
r e tu di o s ystem orneticml In varlons parts of
the country, llOd to report a bill no POOP as
Outelicable prohibiting the Introduction Of
headmen' from China or elsewhere. providing
for the. protection of those who voluntarily
seek our shores In quest of. tree tunas mad
will all speedily as meet lenble adopt the halt
Its. manuen and customs of our country. nail .
making It a criminal offense, punisha ble by
tine and Interisoutnent. lobe a party, direct or
Indirect., to nay prat etTtending to perpetuate
the barbarism of slavery.
Mr. SCHENCK. front the Committee of
Ways and Means. reported back the :Feuate
amendments to the ins and tariff bill,and
moved they nil be nun-concurred In nod refer
red to it Committee of Conference. and said
the Committee of Ways and Means did red pre
tend to say they would recommend non-con
currence in the amendments in detail. There
were some of them the Committee thought ,
ought to be concurred in..but the Contufittee
were satisfied that If they reported back the
amendments, recommending concurrence In
some and nou-cculeurrencet In others. running
over the whole eomellented questions In an
variety, so much Tune would be consumed as
to render it likele no bill' reducing tag..
would be plumed this session: • s . •
Mr. BROOKS. New York, opposed the mo
tion, and argued the House should have an on
portunity of voting on each remandment. He
oducitted the majority of the Committee of
Ways and Means had authorized the motion
lobe made, but It was a ban majority wily.
On the Committee there were but two revenue
reform moo, en that they must have had the
cooperstioh of ammo member. of the majority
The amendments• made In the Semite were
mainly John.
SCHMICK thought himself Justified in,
saying thd minority did net want. any bill
passe that would reduce taxation, toid that
there were gentlemen on the other side attic,
House who, If theyshought there was an In.
crease of taxation on likesemer .steel to the
Vet% u goltlneggi l ;11::tf:1"agla.
to offotte. or 5100.000401
Mr. CIAKFTELD Inquired whether the qumt.
Moot income tat.would go to the conference
committee? •
Mr. SCHENCK. replied It would, as that was
still an open question between the two houses.'
Mo p esAIELD Inquired whether !twee so
far o Mr that the conference committee
• could abolish the tax altogether? .
Mr. SCHENCK replied that he did not Go-
Here In the right of a conference non
to do that.
Mr. SCHENCK moved to suspend tb
rconcur in tise Scutum amendments
r committee of conference.
Tile motion Mw rejected.
Mr. CULDOM moved to concur in the tiro.
ainendmentrof the Senate. which strikes out
the drat thirty-four /*Huns of the li use' bill
. elating to soecial thacs. regulation as to
lc.. and to lubstitute (or t em five
slew mentions.
The motion was re jected and tit amend.:
me non-concurre d
DAVIS of Aye Yor k, moved t suspend
the rules and strikfrom the bill ni relating
ru income MS. Nee:Laved—yeas 67. nays
rots—Messrs. Ambler. imam. A her,
tell. Banks, Barnum, Bennett. Beggs. Bird,
••Brooks. T.) Buffington. Bur
Mass.. Calkins, Covtale, o w lee C n. Davis,
Dickenson. Dirma. Flick, Garfield. Getz, Oil
lan, Griswold . Haight. Hill, !footman - . Jencks,
Judd. Kelly. Kellog Ketchum. Lynch. Mae
3Fearthy, 11'henrie, Mines. Moore. IN:
J., Morrell. Pa.) Morrissy, Myers, Negley,
Niblack. O'Neil, Paine. Putter, Randall,
Itoeves, Rogent. Sargent, Schumaker,Seolleld,
Slocum. Smith. (Oregon, Starkweather, Ste
venson. Stile!, Stone, .Shrsing, Swann,
Tw Rebell, Vpson. Vanwyck .Winchenter,
and Wood.
Nous-Messrs. Adams. Allison. Aruell. As
per, Atwood. Ayer.ilaillY. Scatty, Benjamin,
Denton, Booker: Boyle.
Brooks, 01:1..0 •Ilueker, Buckley. Hurchard,
Bailer. ITenn../ Cake, Churchill. Clarke, Cul-
Darrell. Dawes, Degener, IlickeY. honk.
Duvall, Dyer, Eh, Farnsworth, Perris. Ferry,
Fiukehiburg, Fisher, Hale. Hamilton,
(Bawls, Hawkins, Hawley, Hay. Hoar,
Ingersoll, Junes. (Ky.., Kelsey. • Knott,
Lash. LaWrence, Lewis. Logan,
Imighridge. Marshall. Maynard. McCormick,
31cireary. -McGrew. McKee. McNeely. Mer
cur. Moore, IGhiuJ Morph's, Orlin Packard,
Packer, Palmer. Peek, Pierce, Phillips. Po
land, Porter. Prosser. Rice, Roots. Sanford.
Sawyer. Schenck. Shanks. Sheldon.
atia, , Sheldon. ,New York,. Sherrod.rsanith;
Smith, t Vermont./ Smythe,
Stevenson. Stokes, Stoughton. Strickland.
Sweeny. Toffee, Tanner! Tilman, Townsend.
Tyner, Venal] ken, Canhurne. Ward. Wash
iWls..l Washburne, Shari Welker,
Wells. Wheeler, Whittuore. Wilkinsint. Wil
lard. tClllinuis. Wilson, (Minn., Wilson.
and Woodw &rd.'
31r. SARGENT indeed the Senate 4inend
lucid reducing the Meow' tax to two and one
half per. cent be condurr ad In. Agreed to-te
31r. SARGENT moped to concur in tine Sen
ate amendment providing that the income tax
be collected and levied during Is7l and
and nu longer. I
3lr. SCHENCK opialsefi It its requiring to lie
further amended.
Mr. SLIDFIEI.I) moved 111 reconsider the
vote rejecting Hui first. initendulent of the
Semite. • I
Mr. SCHENCK moved tunny t belmifiontu
reconsider on the table. I Negatived-it to lUP.
Mr. SCHENCK opposed the sotimelinent us
sulking out firs special ti.x on bggfrer t .s,
enti , rarises: .co.. abolishing the
.IDtilletion which the House desired to make
bet worn wholesale andiret all liquor dealers.
I bellOUSe making 'the ist Mellon to onisist
In the character of bust ess and the Senate In
the amount ol sales; also striking on , rrg
ulirtfonastostamps. I •
The vote aria teconiidered and the tint
ninenillnen riv
tof the Tan k , •' concurred In-yeas
kV. nays •
The Senate amendment striking a clause out
I the House hill Whichr limit,. the allowance
rent In live handredl dollars cone,.
el ill.
The Senate nnientinient striking .•tit the
aratirrni.ll taxing chlekory, succors . . tin-
Zollon runt and all substitutes for colt, live
eats tier pound W/15 non -oaten rred In.
The Senate amend taunt In rehab.° to sugars
The n Senate amendment striking out the tax'
n spices, wines and brandies. and unbutitta•
tig it Inc on corsets. eyelets and ultra-marine.
is nonscone.urred In. . .
hputt t hert-
• to Ant,
e tu
on jute buts from ten to Nli . dullors I t ton
u nma-cuuturred In. p .
The Senste umendrnent reilueluir the duty
si deet railway bars Iron, one-hall t./ One
t borth cent per pound seta concurred. In -yes,
119. paFs 71.
hi!FI r
hick Mr.
tun mut t
.The Senate amendment reducing the duty'
on railroad bars made in part of steel (mu
one and,tt qarter to one eent.ber pound was
c‘meurre4 l u n.
The amendment plating' the dote on crino
line wire. grindstones. betiding end menu
t coral marble, hats, hair pits.
anodyne. dies. buttons a ornaments fur
dresses. a Illelate of soda-and gun wads. wax
non-coacurred .10—naes enA none
The COMM ittee'uf and Moans had rec
ommended non-couctirrence. but Mr. Oil
'insisted en having the record by yeas nod
tin a, and tnerefore moved to concur.
• The Senate amendments striking out the
paragraph. le relation to nickel. albatc "tier
tame sneer soul like mixed metals were non-
The amendment entering e reel lu—peas a.. ,paregraph ax
ing watch jewela ten per cent. ml rabor In was
nu-eoutatrrelP in. •
Tie amendment at ik , nit V.. 1,1,01
•,e chrcri. , -Inttr, te.ent)-ni., per
,•em N , 101 non....muurrvd In
tak u up
tee on op
-1 regVirtilt%"
. . ~ . ..
'ho ornentiniont reducing the Arty' on live
ninth, from chlrty to twenty per rent. %el.
onoumol tn. - .
- . .
touentintent allowing the Itotetrtittion,
roe of duty. of animals for competition or
•shiliition was cencurrtel in.
The nutenitutent *Liking oat the inieng . rnph
in to oranges, gam apple..grapes tens on-concitreril in: .-
The ntnendinent striking out prune. , and
items tars non-concurred in.
The amendment striking .nit the paragraPhs
toting to hooks: fun. opium and morphia.
Ind reducing the duty on smoking opium from
went v to six dollars per pound was non.con
urred In. • . •
4140. striking out the paragraph putting on
Im free list oxalic nod sulphuric acids and
i3ugh diamonds. and inserting kyrolite.
The amendment putting on the free list the
ousehold effects of persons and families re
netting or emigrating from foreign countries,
114 intended for sale and not exceeding in
1.5a1. was concurred in.
The_ amendment allowing machinery for
team towage In canals and steam plow ma
tiincry to be Imported for two yeas free of
1 Er was non-concurred in.
The amendment construing saltpetre to
nean the clement of nitre, to be used fur the
manufactnre of gunpowder. wan non-eon
urred in. .•
The amendment in relation to tonnage tax
WAX non-concurred In. •
The amendment relating to Kt.& to bonded
a Firehouse, Wll4 non-concurred In.
••• • • .
The amendment repealing the taxation of
bequest., or devises fur literary. educational,
or charitable purptnies tons n -concurred In.
. The amendment no e putting up of
tobacco in metallic packages,- mitt conenr
'eed In.
The amendments allowing the transporta
tion 'of Imported articles from ports of de
livery to other ports of enter In bond were
consorted In.
51,111/LES ...Iced consent to have Little
Rock, Alkonsas, added as. ono of the places
to have %be benefit of the new regulation, but
objection Was wade..
• • • ..
The last amendment, providing that three
latter provialaoa shall take effect on the and
. . . . . .
of October. Pral. was non -concurred in. I
Mr. CORM Wircuusie, from Committee on
Military Affairs. reported the Senate bill ex
tending the time fur presenting claims fur ad
ditional bounty fur six months. whjch passed.
Mr. DA WES. from Conference Committee
on Legialatite APerePriation bill made a re.
nun and. pmcce.led ' -to explain It., On
the question of snlailen the Senate MI
rejected 1t entirely. with one- or two
unimportnnt exeentions. In regard i to
female clerks the phraseology in Ihe Mo,
ninemitnent lind been changed without
altering Its infest one iota. 111 regard to the
proposed building for the State Department
the Ornate conferees had yielded.. They had
slop yielded as to the enbirgement of the (lap
; i i e n a t o E r r ( 4
d d e ' ita ' r n tli:e " tif. " . "VV:`',,,,ortfqirtfrunlYnnri
the expedition to the North Pole seemed tO be
the tot ditch of the Senate conferee,. end on
that, the }loose conferees ))ielded. lint reduc
ing the-amount (tote flatala to $.10.0011. The
House conferees bad also been Induced.! for
the sake of other parts of the MIL to yield mir
tially to the Senate the nmenilment • In refer
ence to the Court of Claims.
Mr. CONGER Inquired as to the salor ' y of
Mr. DAWES replied that the tenate ree'illed
from Its position In resent to all salaries ex
cept twenay elOtlitte additional to the, asSist
not nicanengern go as.,to conform their , sal
elle, to that of InbOreri. and eteeet as to that
of two or three Senate °Meals. As to! the
sainryof judges the House 'conferees offered
to rabic the salaries .of the Supreme Court
Judges one thousand dollars ch,bitt' the of- I
fee wag declined on the part, of. the erases
conferees unless hit Judges ealarlea Were ra- I
creased: therefine the salaries of noun were
Incremwd. As to female clerk,' the phniseology
or the amendment was altered so ns to read.
"that bends of departments are hereby be
thorlsed to nppolnt female clerk* who may be '
famed competent and worthy to Mt any of the
grades of clerkships In their respective d o _
partments. with compensation belonging to
Clint class to which they niny benppointed.
Intl the number or first. second, third and
fourth class clerkships shall tint to, increased '
by this section." He could not cam:elven :
shadent difference in the Meaning Wien
that nod the =ointment adopted be th e
House. '1
Mr. porrtit inquired what boll en done
'about the Semite clerkships: , . '----- 1
Mr...DAWES replied that the Were we et the
Journal clerk, who had been there t. Irty-four
rears, to four thousand dollars had !Med to
hen matter on which the whole ente hnd
set Its heart, and finally the Conte a agreed
to the addition of one thousand do lars com
pensation while the present incumbent tem
pled the plate. hot no longer. 1.
Mr.RIBLACK. ono Oahe cOnferect.Oheosed
the report on the ground of-. Its excluding
from the right to sue in the Courtont Claims
Men living In Southern States have
claims against the Government. ev e n though
they pleaded pardon and atones . He de
nounced the immure as a breach of faith on
the part of the Government.. ,
3tr..IIECK entstained the same view of the
, question.
1 Mr. DA rot stip6orted the prorbilon.
The Conference report was agree to—yens
/19. nays 40. n , %
Mr. NEGLEY Introduced shill 10 nconragb
the establishment of n line of sten ships me
auxiliary means of notional detest and for
the conveyance of U. S. Man to ph ports no.
Europe. India and China, and for t e promo
elution of Immigration from' Eft e. India
and China and for rte promotion of mmigni-
Mon from Europe to the Southern St teg
Referred to the Committee on Commerce.
Adjourned. • ' .1 .
The Big Born Espedltion.
cogyrziNg, Wg..July 9.—The Urn
tnd_publkhee the following in rega •
Big Horn expedition.: Judge Jones 1
us thnt but little was known of the p.
they left cutup Bronco and struckl ou
wilderne‘s,forther than that they we
reach or heeling of friends. among he
dines. end the Judge expressed the
not one of them would ever get
• • • •• .•
Judge Joan. woul d not airman sue .1
lon If there were not the beet ground,
Prehension or the seorst
, rake
ling or
rite Impending. War Between France
• and Spain—lireat Excitement and
• Military Preparations in France—
. So .tner Yet from King- William
to (he French Note--A Speck of War
in Egypt.
Tvirgynplt L. , the Pittsburgh Gil/Otte.]
P.utts. July B.—The Spanish Minister Olu
toga hat left fur Madrid.
The French fleet is concentrating at Brest.
Paris in considerahly excited to-day by ru
mors that Prussia is actively tinning at - all the
Battle ports. The Corps irarnic, note trperh.
Hog against the rebels -in Algeria. lota been
. The Paris basal, do France says the Duke
de Gramiont's declaration In the Curia Leg
labstif recently is equivalent to the French
ultimatum. the urtsent situation fn. the re
sult of Ilismareles Intrigues. -
'The Paris Journal are &hat: says: The
Spuller of the French Goverment the
panish question t hretttorts to make all Span
iards unite with Hohenzollern.
The French Minister Of War has issued an
order to-all Generals comfit:aiding. requiring
theta to report to the war office Immediately
he coedit inn of troops, arsenals, ammunirloti,
In their respective departments.
011ivler Informed the Senate that he did not
believe the offer of the crown to Leopold was
an act of the Spanish Government. He ex
pressed a desire for peace:
The press of this city Is very warlike. de
nouncing the affair us a conspiracy
between Bismarck and Print. . -
Circulars have been issued recalling to their
outman& all officers HOW soldier, absent on
Large quantities of powder- and war stores
of all kinds are being conveyed to the strong
holds on the modern frontier.
The Government authorities hove plans of
all fortresses. roads, canals and other nubile
works In Prussia.
• • .
The overt eunent has taken ntensures to opt
the u tcaate ~ott 6,,,5tc Mahar on
war. toot
Agents of the French Government now in
Hangar,. arc purchasing horses and hay for
the tmcalry sercic,
Th, 11min, Is pint excited but closes. at r.
m.. n 41m,1, (rants and
1:31. , P. a.—The VeLl ,. n, et cu the streets is
111.-V:1511W :it this hour. Tlic Beerse isierY
meek exeltrd. Itentee. are deellintig. The,
LW 5,,1, were at Hr francs isl centimes, or ,i'•
centime- beton- the opening and fi: entimes,
tower to ant- figure made during the crisis:
'There Is great activity at Toulon and . dlier
Treed It ports .fli the 11editertstnean. A large
inituber of transports are beinF, fitttsl up,
enough to bring /mole the entire F reach inner
now in Algeria.
6 P. Nl.—The, seems no doubt that die
overnment is in receipt of . nu answer fru ii
the l'lllhtilall lint ernment no the sialect , If
the Spanish throne (141ficulty. It Is intitinit d
that Prussia inakes- - the following is,ln at'
Pint. Disci:diningall participation• in Ole
camildaev of the Prince of II olienrolletn.
riecteel. that the Prince ,uf II ohenrollern' Is
not even. n relative of the roval family I of.
Pritssin. Third, That Den. Print negotiated
with the Prince of ilohenrollern. not Prussia.
leis iiiinin4 certain this answer is nut satis
factory to Trance, and that the Duke de Dr:mi
niont bat forwarded allot her dispatch le Ber
° r, so divisions of the army - of Paris
have been ordered to Chalons. ,
, .
I._ 11l r..m.—The Duke de Or.mationt, Hin6ter
1 of Foreign Affairs, announced to-day that he
had ;,t 1.15 t heard from Prussia. CAint
nedetti. French 31inister at Berlin, infortned
the Bono . Government that he had an nter
\le with K ing William at four ocloe k this
eitcraoon. The result of the Interview. the
Duke says. shall he made known .to the
Chanther. .
The dfoodrer this afternoon .Ys the aban
donment of , the Hobenzollere project on the
part of 1•rd... - Y1 is not enough /Low; rntnee
°dist ptevent the' Ottnnu.. , z.: - ...:=Va of A ft.,l
- ;, and en the port of Prussia demand
the entire fulfillment of the treaty of Prague.
I Namely: Liberty of South Germany; the raze
nation of the Fortress' of klnycnce: the te
mancl3tion of edlitare 'lnfluence beyond he
3trittl.:ol/i the settlement of the , Schley fg
-1 Doisteth questlen with Denmark. , . .
1. 0,1,1.0 I . .thotar. .:.domander-Id-fltle of
the Fourth Army .forps, arrived to-M* to
witnes• the marrlaßeeeremony of his son. lie
ve.m inatently ordered to return to his Punt at
Id uns, and not to leave It. ,
11 r. v.—The offleen. of the French Mediter
ranean ionadron have reeelred orders to he
in the flay of Palermo on Sunday. July 10. to
reeeloe Instruction, , _
Tile Pair* !MTh the Declaration of the Duke
Grano:mint In the Corps Lerrislat ['produced
a.inott profound sensation in Denmark.
Troops in can p at }NMI and the garrison at
lehura had 1, grand ilitonlontion'in honor of
the Duke. •
II :al e. n. -The J•strnnt this eveningb• taps
Mondaye .ilence of Prussia is prolonaerl until
then, he a move of French
troops to the Rhein on Tuesday.
. PAHIS. July la--1 n. u.—:t this hour there
:ire no new developments.
Pants. July la a r. st..-The excitement on
the Bourse is unaafted. Genteel continua to
,and me quoted at M. 25c. Accord
ing to the latest news negotiations continue.
but it is Faitacssible to say with what result.
A ruttior,to-.llty states that Hohenzollern hal,
nettled the whole question by withdrawing
his acceptaatle of Prim 's offer.lbut the Constf
totOntne/. ha nu .. extra. - contradicts the m
inor. adds the following comments:
"'Toe Prussinn Journals say their Govern
ea hat been a stranger to the - can
dldkey of the Prince. If this were so.
the Prussian Government should now prove
Its sincerity by forcing the Prince to renounce
ahe offer. The Prince is under the authority
of the King of Prussia. nod the latter thus
has the peace •of Europe in his hands. The
answer of Prussia In expected to-night or to-
Ittorril, If this Is UtiSalitifactory. the twee,
tare measurei to enforce with arms the rights
Franco will Immediately be taken. Already
the Garrralnenl i. Preanring fur the diner-
A telearnm from HMS tinys C4unt Benedetti.
French A Intntssador, before his Interview with
King William. sae• the Boron Werther, Prue-
. . .
Plan Ambassador at Paris, who had come to
Ems to cousult with thu liioß. The Baron
told the French Miukter the Government of
Prussia was profoundly surprised at the at
titude of Frame; It could not co:mat:head
this haste to *sumo hostility except as s
verification of the belle that Frauce had fore
. .
corm time desired war on the 'thine.
A Vienna dispatch otates the Auatrinn Min
later of Foreign AINIrs recei:ved ivith
• • • •
• .
neat K coutrunnication trout Spain relative to
to the candidature or Leopold, and In his re
ply the Spanish Minister dwelt upon the 111
effect such ft surprise COUld not but produce.
The Belgium Journals pronounce as a •cal-
Inlay the statement that the King of Ite/glau.
had any part In procuring the .offer of Print
if In Inducing Its acceptance.
The (faalohi report that Prince Napo
leon haw gone to Copenhagen to wake a prop
osition for a treaty of alliance with Denmark
- •
nod Sweden.
While negotiations are going on with great
activity. the French Government makes no
attempt to einceal Its warlike prepnratlons.
The Etnpero remnins at cloud and It is
tinnonneed s 111 not go to the mineral spring,
Couriers arrived all tine and far into the night
at the Palate. The Emperor opens the dis
patches Ithrotell and directs Or Mantes an
swers. •
The . deporten• of the Prime Imperial for
'haloes is deferred.
The journais' soy Marshal 3lacmabon has
. . . . .. .
been ordered to be ready to more nt the first
signet. and orders sent the commandant at
Cherbourg to prepare a fleet of tranasports for
MAO troops. A large number of army and.
noval officers. who were In Paris on leave,
hove disappeared anddoubtless were quietly
ordered to their posts.
The report that Marquis Lavalette. Ambas
sador to Great Britain. hod resigned .1s con
lop. W.— The excitement on the !Inures Is
Inter", Itonten have fallen to 67f. Pte.
It Is reported the Government will wait a
reply from Prussia until Monday evening.
ToniAnr.'.lttly n.--Sll war ships now In the
harbor are receiving tannsments and being
put .10 condition for 'nom:diet° action. Sail
ors who are absent from their posts on fur
loughs have received orders to hdlil theta
selves in readiness for duty.
pints. July IL—A general strike among the
operators at Sti!house, a city near , Stritsburg ,
occurred to-dnv, This city Is one ofehe most
immirtont. ninunfacturing molter, In France.
According to some accounts the strikers num
her sixty t houslind. The government has sent
;I body of troops there to prevent illsorder.
The trial of !the members of the Interna
tional 6ocietv I of Workingmen Ness brought
to an end to-day. tieven were convicted of
belonging to a secret society, anti were con
demned to one year's imprisonment had n fine
Of one hundred francs. Twenty-seven were
convicted of belonging to Illicit
and were sentenced to two months' Imprison-
Meat and - n fine of fifty trance. The other
four were acquitted.
Ittatun, my o.—The report widely circu
lated for t past day or two that the Prus
sian Amba ardor at Paris tale been recalled Is
not true. official circles here the situation
Is thoughttree from danger. Bismarck had
nelthaf as sted or allylecd Spain to the Ho
henzollern matter, and Napoleon's attempt to
hold him tqq any responsibility le therefr re
garded as mere pretext.
Balmer, my 10.—M here pilitary men pear
exalted ab ut the Spauleh Imbroglio. it Is
not thought possible war will remit om It.
The Prussian CrrusGazettc, a ministerial organ.
disanproven of Grammonts declara tion, to
the French chamber, and ante he mean know,
as every ore doee.that the King of Freesia
and beanie of the confederation are all indiffer
ent to the elevation of - Leopold•to the Span
ish throne: lie had no right, in. the absence
of evidence, to charge another power...with
deepotiern to disturb wantonly the Eisropean
equilibrium. Since Hohenzollern is a free
agent and may or may not accept the crown.
hie decieldn will rant affect Propagate leutral
it y. . •
to the
rty since
Into the
attic In
. Het that
I t nitre.
nu opin-•
for np-
Jlmmue, Juno lu.—ltefrent S rrnno 14. de•
!erred his Intended depierture from Mid;ld.
It le reported the tlnlonlato In thej Cortes
VOL: LXXXV.---NO. 1:59.
will .vote against Hohenzollern. unless the
question becomes an International one.
The Imlxriel publishes an account of the in
terview between Minister Sagosta and 831-011
Mercier. French ambassador. Sagosta' com
plained that France opposed all nominations
for the throne, save that of Prince. Asturias.
He denied that Spain was under the Influence
of Prussia. and regretted the susceptibility of
the French Government.
The report in the Paris Goadett that Espar
tern • had pronounced against Ilbhenzollern.
and called on his partizans to support Prince.
.Astnrias, is utterly. f misc. The contradiction
in el yen on the best authority.'
boNnuN. July . The Impression on the
Stock Exchange is warlike. Conlois friISEE
The general excitement does not seem to
have nhated. while the better opinion seems
to be that war will be nt sost avoided. The
dispatchc received from some/ quarters ale
'Er excite the gravest appre
e government It preparing to
form a permanent camp neap the Prussian
frontier. She Min had this In contemPla
t ion for a long Inn.
Il.tyAaA. Jul , P.—The principal slave owners
of the western section of Cuba will meet at
the Ooternor seneral's palace Monday: and
.lisenss the rts .st feasible plan for the early
tad gradnal bulition of slavery throughout
tho.lsland. gt ring even snore than the lase
rt.cent ly pass .0 by the Cortes demands.
11AVANA..1 sly 10.—On Friday and Saturday
evenings cl liens living near the Captain
General's palace were alarmed by laud let
-1.10,10n5. The wildest rumors prevailed. but
!Many It wan dlscot erect that foul air in a
Se.", 1,101,01 tr the palace hod Ignited and
exploded. •
July 10.—Soveral member;
tmenleal Council desirtug to leave
the promulgation of the dogma
and Infallibility, the rove has
there be no invenclou of sit-
Rom. ;
of the 1:11C11111
Home beford
,r pelmet-3'
;rdered the
Ling .
The 4'; •1111
Prdateq nfl
aitlun to the
C(lialcu, olhetel journal. denies
''hare been made ageingt the
unicury for their persistent emu"-
ew dogma.'
- -A body of Egyptian troops
mbarked •nt the bay of Ashab,
sidered Italian territory, at
lenient. and utter ashore fight
ion and tore down the Italian
TUan vessel sailed from Suez to
wah on a secret mission.
sly p:--Ecr inn.--Cousols ftir
uttl toPrican n
c ecu
^o}': I G-4,), b 0 SW.; :WW,
11111los. @7',: G. nv., •
%int, Ju
recently. di..
hick itc I
tacked a ',et;
took posses
do, or Mem
la, tots .1
llelit ii el •
.• il ie t •
hip I
t •
Is 144 it I
C s
le.) bale
aliturela l IN
t r I II
I Oat •
Mellc EV tt I
lb kl
tert r
LON lie s. Ji
the • t 5 15.
Ayr, rut..
Fray b.l
F 11104,01
as is t 11
, . . .. . - ,
July P.—l'ottun doll rind Irtegns
''' %Vt ', :t d'° i r e i t: "n en g llrori ' a d' „l . llt . e '
NI: red western No 20s rid: win
:ern 22s ltd. Corn; No 2 mixed
i. honey :A. Pens Xs :itt. Pork
I. liver 111 s; Lard 71e. Cheese
for Comberlond and Ns lid for
:Id. Turpen
dy P. Petroleum quiet.
—Cotton quiet at 1151.11.
July IL—United Staten bonds
July 10.- 15. S. bonds deellulunl
y 0 o‘loted at 91.0194%.
\ outlining s Sent In and Considered
ondeuce • Concerning Out • ,
tageA C mu American Citizens in
Cubit— publican National Com
mittee anizu tion—Red Cloud and
Ills Till es In Council..
MT 'reform{ h to Pitthburgh Gazttte.l
'Ch' Presh ent kris nominated Charles W.
Webb ns I.yltwl Statel Attorney for the
'We ern District of Wisconsin; James C.
lloriiiros. Judge of the District CoUrt, West
ern District of Wisconsin.
Pmdumicrs—Cyrus 5f.. Baird. ut Lincoln:
Nevada; John Robert* Hosting... All ..clikeam.
:.. 11. t , teln. Ironton. 0.; Moses )lessor. Rod'.
null. 0.. JOhn Gibaon , Carrolton. Mo.; Emma
Delman.; Toledo. la.; Wm. S. Wiles. Waal,
. . .
'ninon. Fa.: Fred. Heaney. Nebraska City:
John H. Iteßoni. Omaha: John Hopley. Bucy
rus. U.: E. H. Scott. Mcg.tesPorr, Pa.; B. V.
Wright, Charles City. lAA J. J. Abergy.
Brunswick, Her: 0„fl. Richardson, Hamilton,
In the Senate eXCCUtiVe session this after•
noon Mr. Conkling moved to take up the nom- .
Illation of Mr. Murphy to be Collector of New
York. but at the instance of Mr. Fenton ac
tion noon it was post;umett until Monday. •
The Senate confirmed the following nomina
tions: Jas. C. Hopkins. Judge of .United
States District Court for Western District of
Wisconsin; Roger S. Green. Associate Jristice
Superior Court. Washington Territory; F.
troorly; Marshal for the Western District of
Wisconsin; Chas. M. Webb. Attorney for
Western District of Wisconsin; John D. Pope.
Attorney for District of Georgia, in place of
A. T. Akertnitn; John-T. blobisson. of Tenney'
see. Consul at Leith, \lee J. H. Fish. recalled.
Postmasters—Asa S. Allen. Berea, Ohio; W.
Lewis, London, Ohio: A. G. Burr. Ashland,
Ohio: C. H. Winters, Yellow Springs. Ohlo. .
.orTnaills4 PrON AMERICA:4a tit Ct.'SA.
The President sent' to the Senate to-day
a mass of documents concerning the seizure
of American vessels add imprisonment and
execution of citizens of the United Stated
during the hostilltlei in Cuba.
The State Department furnishes a letterof
Secretary Pith. June fah, to the Spanish Min
ister. carting his attention to the regular and;
:arbitrary manner the pertains and properties
of our citizens are taken end .held by the
Spanish authorities In Cuba. Mr. Fish recalls
'to Mr. Roberts' recollection the protests of
the President last year against Velma
soda's. mode of warfare and against
the Captain , General's decree so far
as regards American citizens and other
leaves which followed extending Its provis
ions. He Continues: 'The United States
Ciovernment with regret feels forced to say
It is Informed thatthe provisions 011ie treaty
of 1795, on this head, have not been kept In
mind by the Cuban authorities during the
present struggle. and that the decrees men
tioned have been put in operation against the
property of American citizens in violation
of the treaty agreement... Robertsr. PM R
encloaed to Mr. a list. of
complaints made of Inch violations. and pre
sents a claim for Injuries our citizens have
suffered with the confident hope that the gov-.
erament of Spain, recognizing Its justice and
milking some proper. and suitable provision
for ascertaining the amount which . should.
rightfully come to cacti claimant, will also
order the iminedlatewstOtatlon to citizens of
the United States of their properties which
have been embargoed. and the release of those
citizens of the United Steles held in custody.
or their Immediate trial underthe guarantees
and with rights acceded by the treaty. As to
the future It is confidently expected steps
will be taken, to Insure against further elolll-
lion of Om tre.tY,
air. Roberts. Jisne 24th. In'effect replien that
he bad no power In the matter, and Mr. Fish,
day, sent a cope of his letter to Mr.
Roberts tel Minister birkles at Madrid. The
latter is Instructed to ask for the restoration
to citizens of the United States of their Ore
bertles and estates so far as the same have
een isrhitrurilv enibargoed in violation of the
provisions of the treaty. He Is also ordered
to endeavor to secure some mode tor the
early HMI equitable Indemnification - gad satin
!senors of the severest parties whose rights
have. been violated of the amounts which
should rightfully come to cash claimant for
illegal detention of properly or person. He
will say the suggestion is made to the interest
of peace, of justice nod of good will. In order
so secure a measure of damages in each case
which shalt bejust as between the two sor
eminent s. he also Is to say it will be extreme
ly desirable the investigations ho conducted
lu this country, and request Mr. Roberts, or
some other person, be given the necessary Ml
tbority on the. part of Spain. •
The Republican Coligressional Committee
has completed Its organization by making an
Executive Committee consisting of Senators
Wilson,' Cameron.Cbandler.Savryer. and
Representatives Sargent. Logan and Ketchum.
Senator Wilson Is made chairman, Congress
mll3lll Platt. of Virginia. Secretary, and C 01..).
11. t'lendcnoing• Treasurer.. Communications
for the Comusittee are , expetted to be ad•
dressed to lion. J. 11. Platt, M. C.. Washing
ton. D. C.
The Committee of Wetytl and Mese, today
nßgrrccM by
th ?n f l i a ' sel l adlug t e * t ' ll o th r' e c AlT:2:l
Tariff ° to g a committee of conference:
Scae-3lceers. Schack, Chair, Kelley. Mc-
Carthy and Maynard. Naus—Meesrs. Ilrooks
IN. Ti;
o w
ever. , Hooper
Allison. The
House; however. preferred first acting on the
Senate amendments.
The Commissioner of Indian affairs has re
ceived a telegram from Col. Chambers, com
manding tort Fetterman. reporting that Red
Cloud and the °patella Sloan had gone up
the Powder Riser country to hold airener
council with other Sioux. Powder kilter Is
within the hunthur country reserved for the
Sioux and It Is understood Red Cloud will ex
ert his Influence for peace.
The Senate Committee on Commeree have
agreed to recommend the conllrmation of
3furphv'ea Collector and arinnel as Naval
Ofricer of Now York.
'The celia balance In ltreaanry Ie SIIB.73SAM:
egrmtly balsam* ta6.1197,88.% coin certificates
oLTZtrux rtsoltrlTS. . •
The lutenist reienue receipts today were
086,iii1; for the month, 17,5 .31 7r:
—At Indianapolis, Sunday forenoon, Mr.
lulu. Merchant. Jr., tired a shotgun et a dot
'Which was abesing n flock of geese along the
banks of White river, when the batty of his
father rose from the water. The old gentle
man, who bail been suffering Irma cancer in
the throat, had committed suicide by drown
ing only slew hours precious. •
—Sixty-Ore hundred (+migrants arrit cd due
Ing last week at New York.
--Hear Admiral mumson has called for E,'
rope to take cumin:old of our squadron.
--The deaths in New York last week weer•
Nit, belng'Uti less than the previous week.
—The open surer of the Five Points, New
York, is this week to be laid out as a nark.
—lion. Hiram It. Herein will deliver his law
titre on "Tendency of Our Age." this evening,
in Cincinnati.
—AceMints from all parts or New lima
wick and Nora Scotia speak of injurto the
growing crop, from long continued dffritlit.
—Garret Smith, living on the corner of Ilith
street and Second avenue, 'New York, beat
his drunken wife to death on Sunday mogning.
. —The nailer mill spend Si. Crouse. at. Fay
etteville, No York, was destroyed by ere on
Friday night last.. Loss gii:soUo; insgrauce
t 14,000.
altering figures on gold cheeks nt the
Philadelphia sub-Treason}. on Satunlay.
English ewindler obtained ti 5.000 but leas
—Chinamen are being e tem ively introduced
as laborers by the Union Pacific Railroad. cre
ating considerable ill-feeling among other
• .—The salt block h Syr:tou.e, New Voik.
owned by Charles Franchntte k lb.: was
burned on Saturday , morning. Loss t. 15,04
nu insurance.
--Grandsire Farnsworth. of the Odd .
Nailed on Saturday fur Germany. A
large number of the order accompanied him
down the harbor.
.—.l.lderumn Florence Scannell. of Newinrk.
died yesterday Ir wounds received rom
Thomas Donahue at the time of the municipal
election in December.
—Three murderers. whose terms had nearly
expired. wore released last week by the Jer
sey court of pardons. in consequence of the
crowded state of the prisons.
—One hundred and twenty teas of -liver ore
were last week shiped to Newark, New Jen.
cry. and eighty tot aeramento: . from the Cot
ton Wood aline-,near Salt Lake City.
-One of the - buildings of 'the California
Dpowder works. at San Francisco, was blown to
on Saturday. One white man was kill
ed and two Chinamen serionsik wounded.
—Joseph Dion made theunprecedented run
of seventy-six at the French fame of billiards
Saturday. evening. at New York, on the oc
casion of an exhibition in company with his
--The Chesapeake 11131 i Ohio Railroad hare
purchased from the ,grate of Virginia the
Blue Ridge tunnel on that road. paying there•
for six hundred thousand dollars in bonds of
the State.
—Thu,.Tennennee I.eglslature adjourns to
day till next. December. Neither House hnd
quorum ou Saturday. many tnembem having
Indio aunt.. 3faeh nut , .ntant iegb.latt..ll goes
over lintll next tart:;.•
' --The New York Yacht Club IC making at--
arts, toe the reception of the Daunt
less and Cambria. Fools sold Saturday night
at one hundred &Mari , 00 the Dauntless to
sixty dollars on the Cambria: • .
—The wooden suspen,lon bridge over the
Morris Canal. at Jersey City, gave way whllt •
crowded with people. on Sunday afternoon.,
Forty were precipitatiol into the canal. but
all were rescued without serious Injury. • •
Adriccs from Lawrenceburg. lad. sag
that Blinn. echo killed a boy andattempied to
outrage a woman idniosite that place In Ken.
lucky. on the sth. was. arrested on the oth,
near the scene of his crime, and lodged in
American Organs
Are made of careful') tl2wll mote•
this. by well•trutned mechanics, with
the std of ingenions machinery; are
constructed in Mccortiance with acous,'
tic principles ' , with the dictates or
long experience, and with the sugges,
Mum of refined musical taste.
The toatoufncturerit Intend to gecuro •
APriend in Every Purchaser;
sine they put the atone thorough work Into every
Instrument—each beteg perfect of its kind, and
rol4 at a price correepottd lug with ha actual value ;
Beeldes a tame variety of tweet toned InatiiL
menu; ter the Parlor, the . manidacturers offer a
retie, of powerful thhuna,alth • •
Pedal Bitss and Double Manuals,
other public uses. xi well lut for CIIG/LIW STU
an Illustrated Circular. containing full dererip- ;
tiollS and pricer. trill be sent port-paid. on applies
S.D. & H. W. SMITH,
Boston, Mass
Olt SALE Bt .
Nu. 136 Smithfield Strict.
Fine Watches & Chains
• .
• .
W L%
Al b[ e lOWA steles of CHAINS and VINE .IEN.
ELKS' on Rind and fureale et low peke*. ..
Nor Roelof SILVER SVAREIor wedding pre.
sole Piet reeeleud.
I • .
101 101 nun Avenue.
. .
Fifth Avenue Market House.
SEALED PROPOSALS toll be received osntil
.FILIDAY Et - ENVOI. 22a. 18 ,8 ; ler the
enrctlon of the Path Avenue Mar tot flues,
sheet,the corner of 111 th ..: ,, epuo end Miltenberger
Pitteburgh •
Pl.• can eeen'end printed eneelerntione can
be had •t the office of SAMUEL W. RICHARDS.
Architect. N 0.33 Bunk Block. third door. bight
The Nlarket rommitiee reser..e the right to re
Jeet all bids.
Security feu tilted for fulfillment
The 1T.5t..,514 will ho left al the Oleo ..f
.13/.311.1E1. KILtiORK.
Soperinlenilvnt Itarkets.l2lty
SIONS of Allegbehieohhtlf.
en In the aho•e use. was I:emoted to Coon and
Itkd:Juir 7. 1870, amt. conflrmed 1144, to beeo.o
absolute nodes exceptions nee tiled thereto withi.
• •
• ' • E. SLAGLE,
. .
• Illy Atioirtinr_
TUEDDA EVYLNIAIi. July. 18th, at 8 o'clock.
will Do nn ueeond door of Stellwalne's Auction
R VAl3?tr=;Vl:=l
.1 1 Owes Deck ok Attsbursti. g'
Mures Beeman lintlonai Bank.
A shuns rint. National of Blairsville.
~.... • • • ..
The 1 per alio hank of Illainiviller h u de.
dared 19 Pont. per ammo atom Its °musics
lion. and Its atteplua fond it japer cent.
loll' A. Mel I.WAt NE. AtifitOrWer.
. QUIIED.—Prof.'•M.
i , tiik r gthr.," . PxX O- L 3 1 3 i1;•gt.4,":41C7,_ ? ,i•
b,..g and. iother impedimenta of speech, bail
oon so rem. able, will spend &few week. lii this
city. and wilt irwapemai atlaustlien to th e cure of
an detects in the use of the vocal crane The
subllabisl certcates amply *Gest his .!
thus and
auccoss tn th relief and .112 of person. thus aL
dititaiL P ro f EATON rosy be consulted. for the
primp:A.lU t a ram of SLOAN, KING & CO., No.
HO Sorkin Ak&s eo c: „ . P E l:ts m b s : t ratt.... s fle op e n d
c f r o . r dr
l t ALI.LOGIINI% July 11. 1870.
"MOTICE.—The Assessment for the
11 rnction of the 110AIIDWA.LIC on the
little Pla nt !toad, Is sow ready fur examination
and MA be seen at thin Cake until TIIUKSDAT,
Jul,' 21, 1870, miles it will be returned to the
City Controller to servo notice for payment of the
CRAB. DAV.IN. City Enedneer.
'EAST lIIBERT-30 feet front o n .
ria L rEtritaSl3:l2llL,
maul, weeh room, well 25 , 61cA ur i t x.
b lief L . •
...a by rat. for liam by
BAIC.L for WE . t 7,
i ' s b A siga i NmecwrEFraallmlit.
BARLEY. -284 • bogs
.Now fall to ar
rive, fovea). by
• . Malan" DICICST a CO.
BARLEY. --190 hap New Pall now
b "'"". l " ,al° " MIMI DICE k CO.
l i UgM,
: 1 M Wi g M T: M 1 - . - 4
Commeteial and Family Newspaper
No Iwnher. sirocbwoic. or warwerunt ihoulhAti
Samda sobobrlbers
Clubs of dye
Clubs of tea 3.
A cuff N famished diatalsoasfy laths tatior-ap
[a Clab alter, PligISIA•WrIll are Mdabafed to
etas Aimalla r Ad Mai*:
1 .
It • - •, ,, , 1ci5--11,-. I.- . Zbe Sale.. . Leaf..
1 .
1 / ,
, l , " .- .•. • . 11.un.1,.. rains." de., not rearealln9
p../C/: PINEY. -01 be I rent &saes. oh/winsome
I. '"XTr-FIVE c A - Ps; rock ..ta.tio,..z illte
,FI l'il C." 1: Vri
------ . " L.
13 .1111)Elth.' few
lomtn ~
" no D< ~cenmmoWtW
NAT A NT E 11.-S !i'
a'si;tt °
corner ot Sailttitta
WANTED—lnmedlately, at No. 6
Stoetton avenue. • h Mirth 111784 ono who
pw”Ww`rate upon a Slogot hewing machine. 74.
e ANTED. • °mai Of • -the
whereabouts of los • ANZISS BENNET Istlt
satly reeeherl • y_hat brother's Thumps
d Joseph Reuses. West Elisabeth. Pa. ow
NTED—NTABLE.—Capacity for
r three horses anti two bugies. ilitualla4.
within rive minutes walk of corner of Wein
street and Third seenue. Address ”STAISLI4
11 1' 1'111 1 (TR I ::D — C1 1 1 3 1 1 M i lntA T ILt l ikti — VO41 1
riferenees:at NO. 707 1'1%NX STUN... .3...
• yr A NT EILL—To purcham IL HOUSe of
4or 3 Hoorn, liniburban vt•opmr mgt.-
e ...Andreas. with prlee.trints sod ' ocation, cull.
!I/rmEn once.
IV A, ..p T el l) ors. Ar t tisl i te 3 rs a Tu nnel
tit r tri:
1:1111. of 9 or 10 years of ago, to Ilee Wlth
a t isle. Coen iw.ner non. hoard. Cluthhafr . . rehool.
mgrs. • Melt or reference Orem Adam. rot
two duns. J. 0.. GAreITZ Unice. 64
NAT AII i t: 3 : r 1 1 .
b t
u a o l 8AR
man i understands melt yin and oninporinil
Inn Munn. Hester recesionendetione given. Ad.
drvis It. It. 1.. Pittsburgh P.O.
stout. stole 110,11 cd, met!. of got 4 totodtahl t
tea U , till up .,Ar is halltTly.OUPAN •
beet hi ; the Battellon. Apply at the om en of
T V ANTED:—SOreral Nen for Farm
V Work, 0.4.1..4 Driving. Also, for
Brick.. Work. liorer girl/ trirls kV... for
Cooking, ChowberworW. Thrinf-rooto work and
A Good Republican poper,
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30.000 to Lu.O Id largo or mall amuunte
et a fair rate of Interest. ,
MK Bond nod Beni Betale Broker.
Key 179 KnOtlideldStreet.
Thirty Thousand Dollars to Loan
In :ergo or entail atuountaon pr perty Alleibo.7.
county at a fear rate of It/Merest.
110.1 FAtate Agent.
tIS Grata •treat.
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Mande; 1 tibickamlth: 1 Colored Boy as porter: I
boreo learn dying business: I man to dri forgeo
team: 1 machinist: 10 serrant girl.-
real hounework, dining rl.Olll work and chamber
ork. wage, Irian 82 to 8 , 1 per track: bit nerresii
VA II•I Elry girt, enoas for country. wages from
n, Sit per week. Apple H.
Ninth street. corner of Perm,:
lOUNI).—On Saturdn, eyening, a
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treel. Allegheny. md I. Edifying It.
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3d. A Fultable rewnyd,e , lll be pale [mbar
jeghl . V. 11. EATON . . 17 rlltb avenue.
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public are hereby untilled not to negotiate or
accept • note for $27.4.40. payable to the order of
J. W. 310CA:11.1g. dated ]lay 2tlth. 1870. and
drawn by J. W. McCord.. payment hire teen
areppeO sat.. Jro9
L OST -On Monday eroning last . , a
AII3IOItAN9IJM ISOOK containing • email
anioant of Port 4 Currency. A liberal reward 0111
be paid to tOo pers. returning It to
• 1143 Con Lh and email man Sta. 12th Ward..
~t ) w it h Boarding,
.1.) TWO 13MC•JNI., STOKY BOOM, furnished.
at 163 Fourth Ocnue. 643
_a. or without board. /Soothe at 134 FOORTR
large. Third Story
wy. .. 2 , n izt n n . ,ll.. t ul . table for Lodger!.
1. —A Salta- of Furnished — Team on woad
11.por. IGO Third avenue.
rrO-LET.---A complete DWELL - 1110
A. HOUSE. with Store Room attwehml.
a i tAt t rwAtiler v eat im i , or terms, ke., call at N o .
TO.LET.--No. 86 Esplanade sireet,
Amason... 110 USN of 7 room and althlas4
attic: gal thrtnighlint: hot end cold water l
kitchen. Posmeslon given September Yet. Apply
on premlms, or to JOH:: B7ZltltB77.Distoorld.
Allegheny. • lnLif
A Mat-class STORE 110011 and cellar. NO
IPIE Liberty street. completely fitted UP vita
shelving and counters. Will be rented cheep
called fur soon. Enquire at
7.7 No. 4 VIEWS ALLEY.
I"krainTh .I.= rat °""
r urnish,
.E 1 I
ljtilt SALE CHEAP.-8:,u00 will
btu a house...lib flee rooms and hall. with
tour lute J 4 feet front by 108 feet in depth, with
lebling, fronting on a forty feet street, one-half square back of Pennsylvania avenue. Twentieth
ward. near Emit Liberty. Apply at 174 firent
steel, near Seventh avenue. • Juhl.ettret
'OR SALE. That well•knows
i -1 6 r iirilfAtrifra
To a& proper per ra son desiring o keep a hulk this Is
a rare opportunity. Y j o . e n birla i kerarstldre N e . e
N0..1 Bank of C o mm erest%ullding,
• Platsburgh. ra.
nr9o. eis u immediate on sale. h 4711
j' A 'OR SALE.—Engine . And Boilers,
New end Second Band, of an kinds,ametenfie
Orders from nti pins of the country pro:nett) at
tendee to.
JAMES 111Lts'&,00., • ' '
Cornet Merlon Avenue WI r., Y. W. & C. IL W.
_ A__._ll%&Erty,PlL
A! TAINS 240 •CILT.S. one hundred and MUT
acres under c th Urethan. balance woods. Wpm , .
nient , 2 dwellings. veer largo baler and stab*.
and sheep houses. orethrd and sele . "natered by •
small creak pasidoglithugh the ninth, thiegyggie
Jennings county. India:l2,3u n ll s. fr om Vertroe
and Louisville maimed: In thriving ithiabborboud
near to Tiliatresad churches. The farm inin b•
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ILESIDEIbO3. containing 20 mwew with 3 bongos
thereon: we, a an, comfortable! and consent/an
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en In Western Pennaylvanta for • 1 Were
from the ctt. o. the Inners of Tattle Craw Med.
1(' of • mite from Steward Station Central WO.
road. Aliabarearal good Fauns In good kallitlona
and hawk" for male. Enquire of
my II No. 110 Grant St. iLWAII WARD.
18 JA/TS. h sere each In orchard or him beW-
A pote. Pesch and Pear Trees •
• WWI ...tog • fine slew at the ernes Prim
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.I.TTM/IW COTTAGE. 8 foams. wide hall
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elms Enquire of •
W. UMLAUT. on the prewLesS. •
A handsome
_pleased Brick Dili ; two
stories. contalnlog 7 foormi. Lot 41114 , abr.
ate on 44th street. near Steller street:
well supplied with pure ohnildrery,
while on the seer Is • fine stable. Or sill through
the house. This property ts certainly Mt maw al6
Arable in the 47th ward. Priesmoderate and
long time given. T. IL SILL . BON:
Coy. Penn • ea 33d stmts.'
ON MAIN STRERT.—An elegant Frame °Mu,
Mare. sittinto Klan litient.nenr Ito tinosme.
berg Pike containing 3 rooms: Lot 30 td , SO
Th it • beautiful obtos. and one within of
JOYmalerate means. T. IL SILL a BOX— •
44th STIIRLT.—A beautiful lot are Butts.
street. ISO bylloB. l =to Um Cabal s' P.
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