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EDITORS AND . ritorrusirons.
Tra or Tlllt DAILY
by mall, my lev -
tb , lt rere4 by c•rrlar.M
THE Czar is in Warsaw.
10,000 ora l gcno s. left Liverpool for
. America last week. .
Pnizcz ".;At POLEON didn't go to Cochin
China; but to Norway.
THE Cable connecting the Land's; End
with the Scilly islands is completed.
•. IN the would week of June 131,943
rsons were receiving parochial relief in
- Zoodon.
M. Novo:oFr, the Riussian Ambassador
at Athens, Is to take the post of Prince
Orloffat Vienna.
Qvrizz Viuroaus pays liberal passions
to seventeen old servants of Prince Al
bert in - Germany. .
Tut new Counters of De'rhy_ has an in
come of £lO,OOO derivedJ equally front
her two husbands.
TUE Ottoman Goverment has appointed
Chakir Boy to report on the navigable
capacity of the Euphrates.
AT the police courts, in Bosnia, no oth- ;
er pedalty is known than flogging. .and
sentences are immediately executed.
THE husband of Queen ' Isabella, of
Spain, is said to have gambled away his
. whole fortune in two successive nights.
SENOR FuIaNIERE, who was recently
appointed Portuguese Minister to Wash
. ingtori, hal Isen transferred to St. Peter's
Tux opening' of the Lima Industrial
Exhibition, announced to take place in
Decenther next, is now postPoned to May
id - next year . . • - •
TUE • 'Emperor :Capolletac will wear
'mourning for eight days,out of respect to
the memory of lerome Pattertion• Bona
parte, of Baltimore.
Sias. Warkuss, the English "baby farm
; er,' hislseir found guilty, try a coroner's
jury. - oftolaiming and Marring several in
fante left In key charge. • . •
- THE ..3fhentrons says Mr. Weiner is n.
execute by request, a boot of Mr. Clots.
; Dickens; he Ins the advantage of a mask
which was cant for the purpose.-
; Two was of General- i'rquirs,Wal.
; dire aud Jester Cipriano—have shared
their falter's sad fate, and have been ex
eeuted hy.order Of Lopez Jordan.
Tics German critics aro making fun
• over the German translations of some of
:,- Ansinsw Jackson Davis' works wbichhave
recently wented in .that country.
' ' THE modification in the naturalization
laws of England is exciting attention on
the Continent, and Holland will probably.
' mato similar alterations in her laws,
-• rui. Sultan, it is said, will visit the
' Ring of Greece, in October next, at
Athens. Be will hardly meet with a
. kindly reception at the hands efllse
Greeks. ...- .
SOME papers relating to the removal
knit suspension of colonial judges have
been laid before Parliament. This has
treated quite a "sensation "in certain
THE Empress of Austria is again so
. ' suffering, that her physicians have ad
vised her to pay another yisit to the is
Land of Madeira, where she recovered-her
.health once before. •
THE Swiss Federal Assembly was con
yoked for the 4th of July. The treaty
concluded between Switzerland and Italy
' for the piercing of the St. Gothard is to
be sudruitted to It at an early hitting for
ratification. ' '
• tromp, the Paris publialter of engrav•
ings, was run away with the other day.
Illa horse wasyfrightened by a dog and
took the whole establlshinent into the
river, when M. Goupil jumped out and
Tut Doke de Nernonnt has finished a
• . pamphlet deloaaatrating that the Louse
- of Orleans, since the revolution of 1783,
has rendered France more valuable ser
vices than any of the other dynasties and
• regimes since that time.
FOotrr-torn poor sinners were wait
ing to have their heads L out off in the pris
ons of the North-German. Confederation
when the new penarcixie was adopted by
the North-German 'Parliament. Their
. lives will now be spared. .
. .
THE Greek government Is receiving a
largo number of brigands' heads since the
- rewards •• were offered; -but the horrible
suspicion is current that the brigand's tut
. off the heads - of their prisoners and send
them in as a 'speculation. 1
- ; NEAR 'rroppan, Aneuria, is the-Catholic
-village of Gilachwiti, Inhabited mainly
by rich farmers. The village has risen
en maws and declared its intention of
turning Protestant should its Archbishop
persist In opposing its independent choice
for parish priests, ' • - -
- SCBacnIPTIOrts have been - opened in
. --Italy to raise, monuments to Savonarola,
the great' preacher of Fern, and to Dodo.
ni, printer, who published- at Parma, at
the end of the last century, splendid edi
tiCala of the classics, now much sought
after by book colleens.
' TuE Bourse Gazett of St. Petersburg
states that a report made to' the 'Czar by
the Minister of War, shows that Russia
possesses at present 366,2,T2 needle-guf,
- ani that the fabrication of metallic -
. fridges has reached 300,000 a day, girt g
' a. total in hand of 15,000,000.
Tar. Rev. Antonio Ignacio Fern, who
, was named by the Pope to.. succeed the
late Sr. Vasquez as Bishop of the Church
of the Isthmus of Panama, has refused to
accept-the appointment, onAr plea of ill
health. The ArchlAsholi,§enor Arbelaez,
has recommended the Rev. Jose Menne]
Vlocris,er Crwthagena. .- '
THE london' - police have a new head
lid rose, which somewhat resembles the heL
met worn by the soldiers of the Prussian
iarmy, but is not surmounted by a spike.
A peak in front comes's:loan so far as to
cover part of the wearer'snose,- and a
peak at the back will proteM the neck
from heat or rain, as the case may be.
THE Gaulois reports . 'short converse
r tion which took place the other day at As ,
' cot, between the Princess of Wales and a
French attache, who was overelated at
ths victory of Sornette. "That admirable
i race, Madame," said he, "revenged'us for
' Waterloo." "True," answered the Prot
ease, "but at Waterloo you- ran better
- still."
Tug excessive heat of the Iwcather in
' ` England, - combined with the - exposure to
the glowing heat of the furnaces, caused
la number of men in the iron works in the.
SonthStaffordshire district to leave their
work recently. his stated that a num.
'Per of the puddling furnaces will be let
down till the weather becomes cooler
. - Tim Government of the Grand Duchy
. ' I - Mecklenburg-Schwerin has just pur
lased all the railroads in that State.
hese . railroads have been in operation
• or twenty.four years, and yet no pasactv
er -has ever been. killed On theßl daring
hat time, nor hive any employes of the
cods been injured in the diseharge of
heir. 'duties. •
is life, loat.his hat and Walking cane A
ople of bullet. which. the bandits sent
cliTi Fth ri e n Z hQ r day, i D s uk in e wt o htra f e
Le M v sk i. l i e n n o r fta n N r l g y. ;
les and barely escaped being Captured by
m g of bandits. He He - Jig:Lon] , y a
i s n in g g; o e ;
after the two gentlemen did net take et
Two monitors, the Athaalpa and Mart
eo CEPEC• have arrived safely in Peruvian
I Waters. hi government decree has beets
ii.aed granting promotion to all the oft;
'r. thereof, and preening each of the
n with a aunt of mon. These two
- v ]shave attracted a goodly number. o . visitors , and the opinions. expressed
- - Ur regard to their utility and worth are
. e
. .
. - T ug exiled Orleans family duriag th e i r
e yin England have been noted for char
, I ble acts, and the Princess Marguerite
s . ell Orleans has laid the first stone of the
new buildings for the Towerhill Indus.
l t. 'lrilis'e'rdistrirtlsinthwelch great Prescott
p r rovi in d t Ern all be t rse he lf wide is
rungt,- t
the h
t o s
nwe C og lo4Ma rst
THE Press of, Berlin recently held their
• aalleft, which closed with a perform-
Knee at the Theater Royal. An excellent
prologue was written by Carl Frermel,
and delivered - by Herr Rt.rudal. Tire play,
by Fred. Sidelhitt.en, his first attempt iu
.drantatic literature, was called •'flans and
tirete." Afterward a dinner was given
at the Hotel,de Rome, where the drama,
poetry, and the press fraternized over
RlttMish wine.
THE railway works throughout Peru are
progressing rapidly, and the appearanceH
of Mr. Meiggs' American locomotives in
.raused a. sensation of 'admiration
and surprise among the Peruvians, accus
tomed to the very different dasa of en
gines employed on the English roads to
Callao and Chorrillos. Several railroads.
undertaken by private individuals in the
north of Peru; are also pushing 'forward.
IT is now stated that the long lost Sec
ond Decade of Then Sirius has been
found, and. in• a perfect condition. The
librarian of the old Monastery of Leig
nits, Saxony, writes that he had long sus.
peeted its existence. front the fact of liar -
144. found it marked on an old catalogue
of the library. All the 6.ISMS of Gertuany
are hr n state of excitetnent over thin dis.
coven. Investigations thus far - are said
to have proved its authenticity. .
Som.: Bolivian invaders, a few we . eks
ago. entered the territory of Peru and
shot a number of Peruvian Indians. EN•
tevan Mamani, a Peruvian, on coining out
of his car to eiwak to the invaaers, was
shot down. Manuel Mamani was captur.
cd,dragged at the tail of a horse and had
Lin tongue cut out, because he claimed to
be a Peruvian, and his head Was taken ott
On arriving at the dividing line between
,the two. republics. Vet Peru and Bolivia
ate not at war.
Tut: Federal Council of the North Ger.
an Confederation hare received with'
ror a proposal which is worth of the at
ntiou of all maritime 112/Itloll/1. The idea
Armies front the old Haney town of
remini. and is to the effect that tallow,
tiermans. or foreigners, who 8.
silt a North.tierntan vessel in distress,
shall be rewarded by the Confederation.
The taskof nrranging . the matter is to
lie evafiderito the Fore ign Odin , ..f the
TIIE1:1: in a za.i.,vartlty Lioinulanieation
u iii Ertinon 1%4 which anticipates the
euort of the ParisAligh Connell of Lour
terry on international coinage. The.
)rrespondene states that thirty oat of
itiity-seven witnesses who appeared W
ore the unwell urged Siiongly the ado',
ion of the iwenty-tive franc sill as the
nitary gnl I piece, and the discontinuance
I the live.frune silver, piece. The coin,
it will ieconsmend that these views be
arriell into practical effect.
- Account's° to the city article of the
Timex, American railroad mortgage Ism&
at Frankfort, rennin! , to attract buyeEs.
city and State bonds are being tried.
Thos of the city of Savannah' have been
introduced, and others of the city of New
York and the State of Illinois are to fol
low to the extent of a few millions at 7
per cent. interest. The writer adds that
the transactions of the Erie Railway Com
pany and the bribing of the courts of law
account for the fact that New York city
botics can find no market.
FABER . 4, spenking.ruachine is attract
ing attention in tiertuany. It pronounces
each letter distinctly, and even
laughs and sings. Germain philolo
gists have heretofore declared•it to be ine
possible tointitate the letter 1 (ss pro
nottneed in German> by artificial means,
but this Machine spealiatlie woad Missis
sissipi very plainly. During a perforn•
neve at Belllo, a slip of , paper, containing
the words, - Long live liing William of
PRISSia;: was handed to Mr. Faber, and
correctly pronounced by the machine,
whereupon there was a great deal of ap.
Tile two Russian pea:suits who tour
dertki the Austrian Prince d' Amu:Lent
have been sentenced to fifteen 'rears' hil..
iripinnruarit, with Lard labor, inth.• mines.
of Siberia. During the examination it
acne elicited that the murderers before
going to their horrible work - . ,tepped into
a little eltarel, near the pain., where the
unfortunate Prince resided, and most. de
youth. implored a blessing from the Vir
gin afar y on the • guilty undertaking.
&hong Itunsian thins-ea the custom is
pieValent of kneeling before the statue of
the Virgin (one of which is found in every
Russian household) on entering a house,
and saying a harried pniyer, after which
something is thrown over the face of the
statue that the Virgin Mary may not wit
nese the , crime that is about so be coin.
To Bishop Pie of Poitiers must forever
belong the great glory of having dis
covered a new and absolutely unanswera
ble argument in favor of infallibility.
Said this holy, astute, intellectual and
learned prelate in the midst of his com
peers of the fEcumenibil Council: "As
St. Peter 14119 crucified head downward,
thus supporting the whole weight of his
body on his head. so:Pio None, his Suc
cessor, bears upon himself the whole
weight of the church, he being its head !
Ergo, he who supports it is infallible, not
that which is supported." This wooder
ful ada convincing argument was received
with immense enthusiasm by the Italian
and - Spanish prelates. But there were
divers holy fathers from - other countries
who looked eomeivbat glum, in comic ,
. tti e s ' 'e ve n o ! logical i i' lt7otoolianprt.scia:ie..
TOE Louden Noes ones: "A proposal
has been started at Itoclester—pmbably
cousepient upon the reported early sale
of the thrdshill house and groundiv—hav
htglor Its object the purchase and pres
ervation of Charles Dickens' favorite
abiding-place as a national momenta of
of this popular author. It is suggested
that the house should be retained by Mr.
Dickens family for a term. to be named.
by themsekem, at the expiration of which
with their consent, the place h ill ealeg••
1 , trustees. Dickens passed the morning
and afternoon of his last day an earth in
the chalet, presented to ltito by u few .
twine ad two y tato , XillOC, which is
erected in the shubl;try opposite his resi
dence, and approached by a tunnel under
the turnpike road. This chalet, mho
soured in the foliage of some very fine
trees, stands upon an eminence command.
lug a Magnificent vice. of the mouth of
the Thames.4and the opposite coast bit
the Xases. It ens a . favorite retreat of
Tire. speech of Cardinal Prince Salver
zenberg in (Ecumenical Council in said to
have caused it sensation.: He began in
this remarkable manner: "Pope Benedict
XIII. once instrncted Ids College of
Cardinals always to tell hitu the truth, no
matter how disagreeable It might be, and
on this request of a predecessor of his
present Holiness, I base my right, as a
Cardinal and a Bishop of the Catholic
Chprch, to speak as I stand here, the
.whole truth, without respect to persons:
and to reveal my own convictions without
reperve. And I molest inadvance against
arid noisy marks of disapprobation from
those who may hold different opini o ns,.
wit as the withdrawal of the floor by the
P sident, to . which I shall not submit."
F m(o
this .it may be inferred that the
to or of his talk was not altogether satin
factory to the Papal .faction: but his de
ternained attitude had the effect of produc..
ing a rare silence among all parties while
hedelivered a speech of an hour and a
half length.
ONE evening recently Victor Emanuel
'meat the Politiama Theatre in Florence.
In in box adjoining the royal loggia, some
ladies, who had a fancy for the near at
mosphere of the King, and a possible
sovereign smile, had established them
selves. One of them, so far forgetting
the proprieties of the place, and the re
apecit due to royalty, from behind the for
tress of her fan began to let tly at the
King smiles, familiar glancim. and finally
words of sweet and winsome tone. This
royalty is gallant enough, as all the
world knows, but never was royalty any
wher4 subjected in public to be no out
raged The King'a face became red, pur
ple and black with rage, and the order
was given for the boi to be cleared. But
the 6 tficer was unable to execute the or
der lwithout a scene which attracted the
atteh lion of the whole theatre; for who
eve knew a resolute lady not disposed to
..a d up boldly for her real or supposed
Its? This -one left the field with a
ty air, stamping her. protest with m
ulls upon the floor, and beating it upon
\ wall with .her abut fan. The box has
N beewbought by order of the King.
JANAtt•CILECK is back in this country.
SENATOR 61U:int linsVtignged lodgings
• t Long Branch.
MoNTREALIms a new agricultural park
.1 -twenty-one acme.
Mr. Srui £U writes that he imam idea
of visiting America.
Tut: Freihrits Errand calls the -Third
Party" a - still-born child." .
:.5.t.01.F.t.);; three and a half is - ivint;
leigirro mile the Prince Imperial.
.1(1112i BULL WWI - run over and lamb ,
beef of by the earn. in Albnny on sntur.
W O]tES are now employed as clerks
nd hark-keepers in the Rudnimt Castoni
I louses.
AiAtost the driest of the dei
ieb in named FliShe and no Dan Bryant'
aa plagiarist.
• Wit. 'EVERETT has, 4:to:needed Ids
father, the late Edward Everett, ns Boston
Fourth of .Italy ominr. •
HUE iIiEENWooD tun columns
tf per.nal roniniseenro, of Chas. Dirk.
'us is the N.Y. Triton,
NEW YORK paper suggests that the
pera of. Crixprito g. fn Ctqwer• might he
Atpropriately pptyed in North Adams. _
Tilt Boston Pod says'. .1 petrified eat
has been found under at' o ld e h tt reh b e i ng
lemolished Newton. Gann. It was
trobahly the Carditrs yet mouser.
WM. 000OWIN, of Westinore:Vt., has
deserted his wife and, family to elope with
Mrs. George Bishop, i3Oto leaves a happy
husband and two children behind.
AyAnitEN Outlay Republican nontina
tiohs are as follows: - Congress It. W. Soo.
lick!: Assmnbly C. W. Stone: of Warren.
and J. P. Mcjunkin 'of Venango; Presi.
dent Judge 1,. Wettmore.
_ •
Mr. IiwAIN having started the Philadel
phis flccurtris not likely ever to forget it.
although suoli thingsaie possible, for in.
stance the Pittsburgh Cumin< milt has for
gotten its record of only two weeks time
cid, editorial page in to•day's flArritTL.
Tor: Montrval Sem. •• a ' s• o ur iiiereu r
affliction here ai
an inao• prtdinlice in
favor of Thirty-foot Art:110 -and avenue,
W o have land in profusion. but we can
not rise• to the level of tl• KunTeau told
American mind, and adopt a broad es
THE New York Irma publiehes a Het
of twetity,,nto tiro-work iiceidents in Now
York on 'the glorious itli...lwsides omit
iNty which it .tys were not of intport•
•Ince enough to partirularizto. SCVPIE per
mn mon. or iris severely shot, oth•
'vs were burned or injured by the explo
ion of rations or the terror of.
THE \Varndr Mae save: Some vear
RV there were cone promising oil devel
opments at tirland,- but the search teas
not continued. The (!orry Daily Repo!,
tiCifit now learns thai's wit barrel oil well
has been struck an the llosmer lino, four
miles eouth of Garland. The well e+ befit
iltq fe•.t deep and has :17 feet of send
dotes C.. B.t at: the. Dentoendie.poet 01,
Meta' to the celebration of Decoration day
in memory, of the .4oldiers because when
icing they were "robbed - all the days in
he year." The 11.115011 of this aSS ., IIIOIII
lily become apparent when we learn that
le had one line written ending with
•memories dear" and a t rhyme was abkn
utely 111.4.`VIValry.
Tim following drtradfal Mee of lied, -
dental shooting. in thus told by the liss,
ton Pest A careful Pennsylvanian waited
till his wife scent to the barn for -hen's
eggs.and then'tried his new gun with a
load - of buckshot and the side of the barn
no a, target. lie doctqr picked the shot
out of her, and the husband will have to
wait the slow pm: ass-of divorce before
lie ran marry the woman of his ChliCe.
THE INutav tut,teanites made by the
wild Indians of the
cat - from those purchased at Niagara Fall.
audother points nn th e eastern 'frontier.
The latter ore of Wst,il J ail,or. profhtela
covered with beads, while the nuvrasins
made by the Skinx squawe are made of
Aisle white buckskin, beautifully tanned
. and dressed_ The instep is anurnantental
piece or variegated 'porcupine strips, set
itiand braided together as basket work.
The sestina are all in the upper part, the
sewing being done with fine selected sin.
'ewe of the deer. At the ankle is attached
a high encircling flap, in which buckskin
thongs are inserted to wind about the leg
and tie in front. The moceisins made for
the Indians are market' with distinguish.
log characteristics, en that the trace tali.
catea the . tribe to which the wearer be.
lungs. Thus TWO little tabs, wide, apart,
on the heel, indicates the Dakota or Sion:;
one marks the Winnebago, and three the
Chippewa. Moccasins are extensively
worn by the whites in the far west, by the
women AS slippers, and by he men in long
journeys on -foot? The Somx moccasin,
cheap and durable, is contilered the best
for service, and brings I in :in cents to
$1 trO in FpeCiC.
UNDER data of July let the Washing
ton correspondent of the Roston Sunday
Herald Will.", 1110 among the political
movements incubating there, that con
trolled by repreiiinFatives of the work.
Mown's organization attracts no inconsid
maid, attention.' It in stated 'that it has
nine hundred thousand enrolled voters
who are about evenly divided between
the Democratic and Republican parties:
that they . do not intend to support either
the Republican or Democratic candidate
for the Presidency, but to 411 a National
Convention in ndrazce cif the political
conventions, and to nominate in it a Pres.
idential ticket. This coluile, it in main
tained, will compel the Democratic party
to . 11bandon making fuiminntion and to
take up the nominees of the AVorking;
more i:onvention, who, it in ansumerl
with considerable confidence. will Carry-
every. SAM.. iu the Union: 'Pli. , new party
proposes to go before the country on a
progressive dcii service platform, ?Sid/
reduced taxation, reduced ; expenditures
- and reform and retruncinuent generally,
with the elevation and protection of
American labor, and especi lly " opposition
toAho Importation of Chin ...The writer
avers that there in mind kably a solid
foundation for tier movem nt, and that al.
ready nevend Presidential eaodidatea are
mentioned, tiny. Geary, of Pennsylvania,
being the most prominent, With Mem,. to.
gun and !'wing for Vice-President.
Plain Words to the '1
? , lessits Ferrous ttAZtTT
through the columns 'of
bring a few facts to tits not
: Penult me
.ur journal tt
Ice of - tatle fel.
low comrades. •
In 1802 awl 'l7il some of t to mune gen.
Rouen Who managed the n ,called Inde
pendent Regubliclui Conrail ion of yester
day, held out the inducelne .
;that all men
who enlisted •in' their ea mtry's saute
should on their return Iron the army be
selected to fill the various 'Aces within
the gift of the people. ,Ve all know
these doctrines were procdai ned at every
meeting held to raise volunteers, and re
iterated again, and agaln,y by all Re
publican conventions. Now, sillf, I would
inquire what did they do for us yesterday
Did they nominate one, tuna who had
nerved his cotmtry in the latt struggle for
the nation's life" No, sirs. When some
two or three of their brave boys who have
lost their limbs in their country's service,
and carry other battle sears on
their persons, were suggested, to
the convention. yesterday, as suit
able persons, what was the result 1
One received IS votes, the other 12 votes! .
When one of the delegates, whose name
was often .referred to as ono of the
"heavy" signers to the call, and who
gave his presence to the Convention the
entire day, was reminded of their insult
to the soldiers, and was told the genuine
Republican Convention would nominate
soldiers, remarked "The soldier element is
played. They are no better than anY other
citizens." Such wasihe feeling at•theso
called Republican Convention yesterday,
But Messrs. Editors, we will show these
"'Sunday Boys" before the fight is over
that the soldier has rights, rights he has
fought for and dare maintain, Comrades,
your duty is before you. "Up guards and
at them," was the orders of 1801, '2, 4
and 5. Let it be the same in 1870, add
we'll show these so-called Reformers that
the spirit of those days still live.
Trial of Agricultural Implements.' -
[Special Dispatch to the Pittsburgh Garette.j
MANSFIELD. 01110. lr 6, Iti76.
The great trial of held 'machines continue,
wit h unabated interest. The entries now
number one hundred - 41nd one machines.
The trial of noweers r consnmea , the entire
day. The no chines are all in readiness fur
the reaping c ',latest. which Is expe6tell to con c
mence tuMtorruw.
There are' powerful influences lilt work t
fact, certain machines, but nothing can alley
on of the Committee. 11 ,
Pitt burgh is well represeed t
Knox, of agricultaral notoriety. a
arrivild this morning. 11. 11. Long
phut' celebrity. Is expected /0,111101
The Interest Increases on the
gresses. Much will depend on the
the ipialit y of the grass rot
was twit each as to make
te , t horse wheeled hay rakes. It
unit other harvest hoc :Ind barn rim
t roil lierd and tried to-due. A non
,il.l [tiering and hone ing hay sla
originality. Enquiry tine mule r
Harper Fuck. but It was not prone
TO-111UrrOW will develop grin
Anil l shall particularize by letter.'
d J. Itec 1
of • Clam
• triip
tenpinit. a
mou Inn
• moiler,
were in
device for
O"..ed great
or It. 'gee.,
k'occiiii Corrertv.ndetiet. to Pittmiurch Garette I
. 31 &NM ELI, Ohlo..litly 1. Inn.
When Skillet. 'conceded to Itulltin corn the
llottlittieal halite of sett make, froth the Greek
word taii to live -he could not have selected%
more upliroprlate haute for this the runt lin
port ant of all groins I hen the mum modern util
itarian philosopher who styled the reoperni cl.
r . doutelffilleff ittecatte.i In confirpk
lion of this I need only . refer pot to the dill
test Pwility hr horse lawyer- and 'tile
exhausted comlitiup of is pan in on
adjoining field w ieldiug 0 scythe. hio field
cons ciiimic.• or labor saving inPention has
li T
...' 11101 , IN , ',m it the la • pr the
fernier than the !mover an I realer.
This trial has been inougundis to find
out whose =chines ate the best end
there is no man willi has entered In romped
t ion but has confidence of the vapaclly end of
the ability of his tuftehine. to both mow unit
reap. I reel contideot there is amt at mochinc
on the ground but will do better wink then
can be done by bond; also. that the labor to
the team is lighter than ploughing. or 'most
ens other farm work. To-,Soy's prograustue
is the saute its indicated In my diSpatch. end
the process of testing and examining the
different tunchines will probably contictie till
todnorrow. Ever, machine Is token apart
mot its snechanicet construction carefully ex
amined. eriell piece and part closely serutin
t ed. as is also tests of side pressure, drift
in null . mit of grass. starting o ithout
locking, Sc. The clOse Wive arrange
ments and the reticence of the Comulittet
prevent our vlmoulatlon as to points of merit
an remwded In t heir examinations and no de
cislotFwill be awanied until the next annual
State Fair et Springfield. to September. V.I.
currespontlent Is stopping et the Pacific ;louse
near theArpot. kept by Samuel .Sangst. 0
quiet, orderh - S well conducted place. and Fs
both rouvrhieutnail 'comfortable. The IF I
ztirec is looked after with. Interest.end the
extra thousand imperil weer sold before they
reached the trial painful. I subjoin a refer
enee to some of the beading mach:lies.
This machine Is manufactured by the
Ala:infant uriug Cuumitay,t•alent. (this, and tw
cuples :t prominent posttion in the field, , and
Lands high with farmers who have used It.
It Is the invent ion Of Mr. Rank. President of
hp company, Mild pailkeS•CS loony points of
a:Unseat, and superiority. It is the truly ma
s :tine In use that has a complete changeable
gear. and which can be altered at. pleaaure to
osine or fast motion without stopping the
team. This device is not only simple. hut effi
cient, and the value of such it combination is
too apparent to need capitulation. The'..Etna
Nn two-wheeled machine. with stubble cutter
at-. la.botis a resocr andnarsegver-sza Tradlly
changed hum' one to nip other.' • It ean
be thrown In .and mit of gear • when
motion • aits-r - Vii 1 , . nor b rig ht at
...option of the Ilriver.
nd managel. and ran by. no usage
get not of order. It co: a neat. ' , moot h. wide
swarth.wlth little drift and ease to truth man
and teum. All alien were put to trial in UMW
iu,t, and the machines as well as the wurk
were highly complimented. The .gist Is a
condensed machine, and I shall refer to its
Met Its as a reaper hereafter, as well as Raok's
new self-rake, which will be tested In reaping.
' This rake has created considerable interest,
and its 'working Is W1;1011813' looked after.
bolls by manufacturers and farmers. It Trworn
iscs to supertede anything In use. For light
ness, simplicity, strength
nox. Plttsbergh. and geneml adapta
bilequaityL to Sold by W. W. K the purpose Intended It has hm. no
Although built at Canton. Ohio. thin is em
emphatically a Pittsburgh machine. as the ha
ulmse factory and machinery Is owned and
controlled be °continent Pittsburgh business
Jaen. The t iUe of the company is the E. Bali
Manufacturing Company. Among the pried. .
vat- stock holders is our genlal.. good
lcoeott a
i .a T df t th e
rer. The World!. the Invention of Col. Ball.
a Veteran in the cause of promoting improved diger, from other. frod the fact
thst the gearing is cut instead of cast. and the
movement in sniooth and noiseless. The entire
ro'lltin/t is
andn V aed Inn neat coarsitdirionogLiV,
readily thrown in and out of gear and it
easliy,managed. It has met with favor and
received a large •number of premiums, among
which were two medals at the late Louisiana
Stale fair over all competitors. Mr. Miller
and Or. Williams. the general vents. are
Present, and the World is receiving consider
able attention from farmers. It is sold In Al
legheny city by Messrs. Price .b Stewart. -
Nomore appropriate nam ul be given
this valuable neld machine, a n dall who wit
nessed Its workings today` mmeede It to be
- The king of the Such become the
demand for this saleable labor, time and
money eating invention that three Immense
factories, at the city. of Springfield have been
unable tent /Ply the demand. The Champion
Is a model of mechanical skill Cud the perfee
dun of the best inventive genial, and has
never failed to meet everychallenge whenev
er and wherever offered. It Is Unlit
for all countries and adapted to all
kinds of grain and grass, heavy or
.light. lodged or standing. wet or dry. on rough
an well as smooth ground, level or hilly: all
sidadMft as well as weight's on the horses'
neck. Is avoided. and the machine Is ofper
dnent and substmdlal construction, The
rft is light. and It Call be made ft. Oat as luta
:ur desired. no altered tony height at plea
sure. No machine In the a field has received
mare favor from the labile. R9n. Whitely,
of the Om of Whitely. Fasskr S Kelly. is
present, add Ls congratulated by hosts of far
mer.. JIM Champion Is-sold in Pittsburgh by
11. fl Lang. agent for western Pennsylvania.
This machint has occupleda peimanent pa-
Mon bane field fur the past ten years and
been extensively and profitably used. The
mein features of prominence are the Inyen
dun of John F. duakerllng. of "dropper" auto
rlety. The dropper is the most simple of alp
tenets fur self-rakes and Is used on more
than fifty different patterns of machines.
The "Excelsior" Is built with particular refer
ence to the drupperattachnient and combines
nil the points of merit known In the best two
wheeled machines. witi,polnts not Pass
ed by others. The principal factories are
at Akron and Massillon. Ohio. The Utter IN
owned and managed by E. ilitylesn, Esq.. one
of the most enlightened business Men In men
and a gentleman who has probably done es
much to perfect and turn to advantage of
farmers machinery that would stood the test
of trial and usage an any mutt In the elate. The
iron clad Itgeelnior is particularly prominent
and popular. and the nnmy Sentimentals of
approval voluntarily awarded It by fanners
•ho ham} used It cannot butt be nattering. In
the nelgifiterhomi of ten thousand Excelsiorn
were amid thin year.
W. W. ICLUSt, lathe Penntiytintnia Agent
This Is ntanufeetured at Martilien, Ohio, by
Russel & Co.. well known as the most osten
sive manufacturers of threshing ...hie,s in
the United States. The Mower Is the Inven
tion of Mr. Miller, &member of the firm, and
has been prominently before the public for
ten years. Rls noted for great strength and
durability, and at the same time is wieldy and
easy on both driver and team. It hoe been
the aim of the manufacturers to present and
keep before the publiu only such Implements
and machines se would stand the test of trial
tnd usage, and no Is certified to by farmers
hemselves with the most remarkable Success.
Their machinery h. been Introduced
Into every State and Territory of the nation,
Cuba Australia, South America, and many
parts of Europe. and Its merits certified to
by thousands of farmer who have used It.
The company have always relied on the real
merits of. their machinery fur Auccess, and
such has become the demand for It .that ad
ditional buildings . 'have from tittle to time
been required to fill orders. They are now
erecting additional shops at the city .1 ettu
ton, to •be devoted exclusively to building.
m o wers and reapers. They build nit COM.
binntions of the latter, including self-rake
and dropper.
Nearly all the prominent rea per
im it ten in the
country are here, among whom I ould name
Lewis Miller, of Akron. the t Buckeye
inventor; Chet-John A. &trishaw. of. reapin g .
driving machine notoriety; John Selberling,
the Inventor of the dropper, an his part
ner and financial friend. Mr. Stiller,
Clettri :Russell, of Russell& 1 Co.: Wil
liam Whitely, of the great Champion
works; Nixon. of the Allia
nce Agricultural
works:Rank. of the RAnaf Kirby. of D. M.
Osborne: 0. Catlin: the oldest machine man in
the country, and who han probably sold more
machines than any man living; Harry Fisher,
an Inventor of some prominence, and others of
notoriety in the Implement line.
The Interest Still condone.. and I shall
chronicle Its progress. Your, &C.
• J. T. F. NV.
E.P;4 I DND SEM 104.)
SENATE: •Itlver and Hi rim Appro.
priations—lteport of onference On
Currency DIII. HOUIjE: Deficiency
ppropria l ions—Business from Com
in I t tee on Publie 174nds—Legislat
the Voting A.pparatns—Appropria
ilons for, Indentnity to English Ves
:el4 Selsedl—Pension' An.
Proprintlons Conference Deport.
Illy Telegraph to the I'lltsb4t . klt tette.l
Tlithill for the ellef c,f the l; ited States
nod Ilrakll,Stentt Navigation C [annoy was
Mt.illtEEß ' asked unanh lons consent
to take up the bill Tor retie of .seventy
live Kentuckians front political
Mr, MAIZE iMected, because the bilVcein
taint.4l the 1.1:11111 . s of oin . sonit who pordstytt In
in Tien:tura t e Foorternth
.Mr. - DRAKE prtninarli a la
Incorporation of cabala' pilot,
°oder the,9nlile of ,%tuericran I
. .
A I.ill to incorporittel,the t:..
null lainVxilstiutt rind vn ou:Ut
ceetlitip in the Territory t
eon,itlered during the 111011 a n
Mr. Mile Err, from the OM
rule Itailronde. reported :memo
GIII lueorporutikur the extensie
Mr. W 11.80"; moved Ito actsrt. Thursda y evening fur the minsidenition f the confer
ence report on the unity hik. lie ;mold lint
agree thnt ritilrond load °timpanics should
further monopolize the time oft:lie Senate.
Alt.discussion the motion' - iut agreed tu.
The 'Vice-President announce's! flue !Ader.
cunt, Committee on the Fundin bill-31mani.
Sherman, Sumner and Davie. t
The House Inver and Harbor klipropriation
bill wits token up.
Mr. CIIANDI-Lit, chairman W it iiiiiiiiittee
on Commerce. Muted melts 4 1111nitorlotiS
amendments had. been 811;ege ter!: but the
Committee had reported (melt t ie House bill
without atnendtlient. lie hoped the S..llatt.
~ mild stand by the Committee. I
Amendments were adopted appropriating
$.5,0111 for the removal of oMtructlipin in
Town Creek. near Charles! bon. ttlatil i talli fur
IlliflroVvnlent of the channel ttt the mouth of
cape pear Meer. iii.lgiiiiti for MlMl:mai Mitre,
sl2.taill (or Susquehanna Wear. SI7.:ZZI fur
Bayou Teche. la.. S 2 4OW for Lung Bridge at
tither amendments were rejected. viz: t..1)0.-
IzollorJames River. and SIIIOOXI for Wlindog.
ton: also an .amendnient Ait . Mr. SQI for
the appointment by the Ziceretary of War of
three engineers to e 2111111111.1, bridges now erect
ed 4or In proceaS errata:l net,. the Milo
river. and report at the next session ti Nether
zuch bridges 110 or will Interfere with the
free navigation of said riser, ohm the eat ent
or span required to prevent., obitrueiltin to
The Llll was reported I u the hettati . . :tad the
amendments made In Committee of the Whole
agreed to.
. The appropriation for James and Appomat
tox rivers was reduced to fAW.ll4.l.tuad surveys
of Narragansett Hay and Charleston Maher
pen hied for. and tile frog, ssml.
Mx. MOItItILL,Me., Conference. Com
mittee on the Curreary bill, made a report.
The bill is. as passed by the Senate, eaeopt
that the amount of new currency was tired at
fifty'-tour udllton instead of furry-five million.
In'reply to inquirietr be Mews, (7011k/lUir
anA Trumbll. Mr. WILLLAAW staled-the
Moptroller of Cant:nee wale to: tovide •Ira
ed lately for the di.trititiou ort ineruas.
«al circulation of lift v.four giving
the western Slates what they wore rat (tied .
to tinder the existing Ink, alai that as soon as
the cereats returns for P7O vilire in, a re
ktrlbut ion was to be made.
31r. Tier.thou g ht it extraordinar
t,.. provide for the ektablishment of hank. for
Ikillir nu the tolditiouid Otte-butr millions
within the nest three mum to , . and then to re
quire a redistribution n few months later.
.•-••. . • . . •
?Ir. SHERMAN replied that under the 1 -
lair it would take ninety' days to or
pain, a ;Duni., end therefore the ren.uv re
urio. avolthl be aseurtalned I.efork an, hunk
enilid en - 111+4 . 1i.
Mr. Tilt Mill' 1.1. toad therewo Itl then
n ,ae
o dist r.liut under the existi Jaw. ft.
The n.port o nu-adopted.
The tvenate te,ornett the contifdenitlon of the
Naval Appropriation bill. and totNrecevit.
kleeniny bill pekkel; iorporut
lair the I. nltod*tates Freelleulitand nontern
non kNtntlinkr.r. and to confirm Certain 'e.g.'s
tire inetitut ions of Colorado and.Neve )lexteo.
r. lit oppu,rti the bill acroa
k,: giFallti.: laud monopoly sn Ibe .1
ate.iiiti nil the
1: 011 of the two territories.
The Oriental Steamship Company bill to en
courage the establishment of a line of steam
ships under the flag of the Union fur the ton
ecyinice of malls of the United States to Eu
ropean ports, lndin and Chinasin Suer Ca
nal, wits discussed and recommitted Co the
Postogleo Committee.
The bill fur refunding Masischuaeits Inter
est on advances to the United Slates during
the seared' 2512. was passed.
Adjourned. . ,
Mr. IIF.IIIC. introduced bill grunting . lands
tot he Herr Orleans and Selma Railroad and.
Emigrant Asaociatlon. Referred.
Mr. FERRY. reported a poet route bill.
Mr. SMITH Introduced a bill to amend (be
net of letH granting lands for railroad PUR , ..
In lowa. Referred.
- .
Mr. DAWES, of Massachusetts. from the
Committee on Appropriations, reported the
deficiency bill, which l,o made the special
toer for to-morrow. The bill appropriates, Including - one million for the
Loose of taking the census.
On motion of Mr- BINGHAM, Friday was
assigned to business of the Judiciary Com
34. CESSNA, from the Committee oil Elec
tions made a report in the Indiana contested
election 01,0 of Reid vs. Julint, that Julian.
sitting member. wasduly elected. and entitled
to retain his sent. and that Reid should be
Laid the expenses incurred by hint.
Mr. RANDALL presented a minority report,
taking oppogite dews.
Mr. Ck...aSN A gave notice he would 'call up
the matter for action next Tuesday.
Mr. JULIAN, from COMPlittet, on Public
Lands. reportedn bill- repealing the net of
June k. WM.-which confirmed the grout of
certain lands to Jos. F.. • Dumingues. in Cal.
Ile made a brief statement of the facts In the
case, showing the claim wile a gross Intuit.
The 1,111 passed without opposition.
Mr. JULIAN also reported a bill defini ng swamps and overflowed lauds.
Mr. SARGENT offered an amendment pro
viding the bill shall not he construed as repeal
iogr any provisional the act of July. lead. or
as abrogating any of the fights collar:tied
. .
Mr. JRLIAN explalued the necessity of the
bill and Informed the Douse thatiThe practice
under the swamp land act has 'been 1.11 have
Inadasagreyed after freshet aid In this way
thillienshf acres have gone into the clutches
of State authorities and been dealt oat to spec
ulators in great bodies without adherence to
any rule or definition 'that would pro
tect the . rights: of, the. United RUCS.
Arkansas. Mitodisdpgi sod I.ouhlana . had
thus got ..1.110.000 acres, mostly dry hind.
California was in the while pivslicatnent.
'Neer were yet several million MATS remain
log not confined as swamp titles, the titles
to which yet remained In the United States.
and it wits the object of the bill to save this
land. lie characterized the war in which Ihr
swamp Mull not had been carried oat as a
.huge. trightfuFronsplracyUgalost tiviii,alion
and the rights of the people.
Mr—JOHNSON described, the hill itself as a
untestroux attempt at robbery.
The hill Was further unposed by Mel“dal.
['anger. Rogers and Allison.
Mr. HOLMAN indeed to table it. Rejected.
On motion of Mr. JULIAN, the bill was post
poned till the third Wednesday of. December.
Mr. WINANS. from Committee on penile
Lands, reported 111411 to eede tne State of
Ohio Unsoldjmuls , ist-the 'Virginia- Military
District brMlid.
user explanation by Messrs. Winans and
Vilson. o[olllo,oe hill passed.
Mr. HAWLEY. seine cononittee, retorted
bill conhrining the title hi St. Clair county,
Illinois, • to certain - Roiled States lands.
,r. ti reporte.l a MD rrllnfinlohing
to the curinirallun.ot Fremont. I , hlu, n uer
tahl unreel. of irrolloll In Fremont county.
Aloe, A hi hot °fixing thebitithig to
eteplien filarxton. of Mart fool, Conn, a patent
for certain Intl& In Mlettign. hoiscd.
on motion of. Mr. MYPIIO. the bill to Puy
V..S.UUU to the dlnighters of Jethro Wood. In
ventor& the coot Iron plow, win, by unmoor.-
Mon of the nick, punnedllo.. MISS M.
Mr. FERRY, from (he Committee VII 81111,11.
reported it ivxulution directing the leglsintive
voting lipparittox Invented hr W. M. r , pringer
to be plAren in the hull of the lionna diming
It rece.o., con not exceeding PIMA
On motion of Mr. ItICH EX It WI. tAbled—
if.A to Po. . .
Mr. IHAWI.u, from the ConnMttee on A pm
priations. riliorteil set oral bins carrying into
effect the decrees of certaln• Imrts In cities
of English veinclo wur u d by United
States critillero.
Dimino the rending ul t
the bills Mr. HUTLEH
(Plan.) expressed no uuwitlingnerw to vole
for them while within the last week six
American Orhitur vessels had lame captured
by itritioh war vessels and curried Into Cana
dine porta. ' • • •
Mr.CAid. declared himself opposed
to the payment of these Molina until indent
'idly WlNgiven by the British Government for
damages done by the Alabama.
Mr. IJAW ES•stated thereby which governed
the Committee In these miles was that the
American GOVerriligint should do tight 110011
nod thus be stronger in Its demands en other
governments to de right. t He should he sorry
to follow the eintninc of the British Govern
MA YNAHD naiad Itr. Hawse whether
he did not - seriously think It proper
to let
these claims be deferred and come In as a
credit to the large Clain, Of the United State.
atrninat the British government?
Mr. DAWES repliad be not only did not
think well of each proposition. but he thought
that lo the:face of the negotttWous. put by.
the United States government on toe high'
ground ofjustice. it would be suicide mid the
height of folly for the United States govern
ment to m s)) ..We will do tbesame to you that
you have done to us." lie should be ashamed.
were he to be a negotiator to be backed up by
retaliation. of that klad. It would be un
worthy of arrest nation to undertake to en
force it. claim on another government. by any
such small method of retaliation. He also
stated that the aggregate amount. appropri
ate.] in these bills wit.: tal.i.f.V. with interest.
Mr..S42IIENCK offered a resolution calling
on the Seeretary of the.TreasUry for a btate
ment as to the Public debt since the organita
t ion of the government. Adopted.
Mr. SCHENCI . from the Commit lee of
Ways and Means, reported a bill relating to
moneys paid Into the United States Courts.
Recommitted. -
Also • a bill authoriting G. W. 15lek. of But
ler county. Ohio. to import from Kurland
free of duty a 0000000 road steam locomotive
for experimental purposes. passed. .
Also, a bill to allow the t,iecretnry of the
Treasury t o ineremie the pay of Dispel:ton: of
Mr. HOOPER: from the name Coutinittee.
reported a bill to construe the act of March
111 st. BC& chapter 41. so as not to prohibit the
'drawback provided for by section six of the
act of July 13th. 1666. chapter ISt. of cs many
cents per pound - of Cotton cloth. yarn. thread
or knit arleles inamffactured exclusively
from cotton,. exported Prior to May let.
With ns shall have been assessed and paid, in
the form of tax upon the raw cotton entering
into the manufacture 01 such dull, and other
articles. Passed.
Mr. POLAND introduced a bill In aid of [tie
.tetterican Cable Company. Referred to the
Committeee on Foreign Affairs.
Mr. PITCH reported a bill to make the Ter
ritory Of Arizona 'a SeiMrate .UrVOYInr dis
trict and establish the office tff.Surveyor Gen
eral therein... Passed. . •
Mr. SMITH. of Iniva. reported v Ida toy-
Cate Fort Dakota military reservation in Da
kota. Passed. .
. .
The Senate bill to create:, port of delivery
Et Doha lywas reported back bb .11r. FINK
LNIIIIIn, Irian Ole Committee on Cot:oiler.,
hy attaching Duluth to the vollevtion
district' of Lake Superior, instead of. Nut Or
leans, andisissed.
The 1110tM11 t 0 reconsider Oa—, kite on Satur
day In - the Louisiana contested elect km vase
nr tabled-05 to :Ind • the oath of orifice
administered to Mr. Dornill.
Lilian for II
eveeltoltl Letel
certelu pro-
Colorado was
toittee on Ptt-
E'olteetst to the
of the rell-
Mr. KELSEY. from Conference Committee
Alin..lodation bill, made a re
port. which waii agreed To. The gneation in
ilkonte was us to LilV, NiIVY pension fond.
whieh it be Mouse wauted to have covered
into the Treasury mid to have the
Naval paid an all others
are. A compromise' woo agreed upon to leave
the fund it Is. but Al rearing that no pay
ment he made out of Tt excidit Inn appropria
tions made by Cougreas, and that the Secret,
•ry of the Nary chaff annually visbnilt to Coo
gr est limites of claims and demands chargio
ble upon and parable out of It. •
11,. rave or Vat. Woods. • who • asraulted
Minim/lent:a iveVoirter. was dismoised without
net ion till :hittl. when the I louse adjourned. '
it! Tri , irrhPii b, the, Pittsburgh Ga.:e11..1
lV.tutit.StiTor , ..itily h.
name , f Janiee',C. Hopkins, neininated
a...Hig...0f the new !JiiiHead ilistrlct in Wis.
eons In. has. been althdran by the Preiddent.
H. (Nola. Jodge iit ihe Supreme:Walt of, will probilily appaintial.
gyytito, t ons. nowattm
The Home committee whieh has he o f In
imstirrating the charg, , El niust teen. Howard.
having timed the 'lnvest .Alld.r.'aro now pre
paring. their report, to he made this week. It
will tie exculpatory of that onto,. far as he
is indlvidnalls" concerned. Itenresentatlye
[toners wilt ingsent the hors of the minoritS,
strongly goniemnatury of Gen. Ilowanl.•
..bulge Pasant., at Texas. lute indited
•r: liw!xi to the Prebillent for the hard.n of an
hersolls tocareentted In the rebel States by
min Lir). CotiltnlcsiOns• The arponenl, will he
yreatated tin the President ou his return.
. .
inventhrations by the Internal Itr•cnne
Bureau of (ht. aaeount of EI-COUNIOr 11 , 111 VS
shun' hl,lletlelt to he out not
In..en reported.'
Colonel Alterman will gtmlifsi and enter
'll,O the rmhe of AttorneY"uu , rza wI Fri,
reit:try rish..i.vhil has been ithsont in Nrw
York live Anr.v. ryturnei ti>-nwirrnu .
NEW YORK {.l:n.
ity.Telegraph to the Pittsburgh liaSette.l
NOW Vont:. July 11, UM.
Pt,iclent Grant imssed the day he, and
left tu-night ter Washioirtod.
The second annual reunion of the Society of
the Army and Nary of the Gulf will be held
at Boston' Atipist oth. Admiral Earragut
The Gen. flanks delivers the onition.
steamers Holland and Caledonia. (taw
Europe. mad totted States store bid'. Supply.
from tist../Hedlts.srassean.sadsiened. from Da-
Hen, arrived to.daY.
,We..t awl Galway. oilier ri of the Society for
t he.Pr..vent ion of lrmnblingsrere surrender-
by t tale hon.lstoon today..and are Outs' is
orison i . .lofault of I.:A, bail exch.
General David. Rot terachl and Giro. Jones,
publisher of the Times, sailed on the Russia
• for Liverpool to-slays
The supplt. of Cretan Water is running short.
tillti brders have been issued [or economy In
its use. It Is estimated .that tY tuiliious
gallons are wanted daily.
At a meeting of the Board of Education this
evening, Mat) ten, appropriated for build
ing u new High School. A communication
was received from the lady teachers asking
their —salaries to be Increased to eq ;al the
male teachers.
Chat. IL' Dnn, edttor of the Sun, has com
menced a , be t suit against Gahvay, West /c
Co:. the .t ft-Gambling Societe. for alleged
libellous s;atements used In their affidavits
in the Poll .e Court. An order of arrest was
issued by tidal: Barnard.
Latest Information of Elicit iDosesnents—The
Design. of lied amid.
[fly Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.?
Wv.. July O.—A teleg m from
Rawlins reports the return of Capt. Dews.
Ile round 14 cane of nes one buridred miles
south of that point on the warpath. The evi
dence Ps that they are responsible fur the re
cent depredations committed in that vicinity.
As they claim to be at peace with the whites
they were not molested.•
• Information from Fetterman nays the Chey
ennes ore reported to have killed three white
uma at Sweetwater river recently. The Ara
voltam; stole forty head of stock near:Youth
Pass. One Arapahoe chief was killed in the
fight. All the Northern Cheyennes and the
Arapahoes, who have hitherto Ewen peaceable,
announce their Intention to- go on the war
Red Cloud-and band are camped on Tongue
river. north of Fetterman. It is believed out
side of the Indian ring that ee iu collecting
Ids tribes for the purpose of Aver .ou the
Thomas Hughes. M.l'.' Ei ilbtllll. to make a
three mouths' visit to the United States.
Wm..W. Niles. Bishop elect of the
Diocese of Neu- Hampshire, has accepted the
—Two brother.- named George and John
Wondulen were drowned at Chester. Pa., on
.-31 r. Anderson. all aged wierchaut of Pitt
sylvania county, Va., was murdered Tuesday
night and his store rubbed.
—The California Pioneers association have
been cresented the last Mexican flag that
floated over the City of Sun Francisco.
-Between twelve and lateen tliCinsand head
of Testa_v cattle are slow at Schuller, Nebras
ka. or on the way there, for the eastern mar
,3.,,t t.N er ekl n ie
, Nr.ltion committed suiide in Boston
h ol
t F thh in w c h ojt , s h ey h iLl ‘ l e tT i of ml Ott:rt.:Won
whom mite Wan engneed to Inc ttntlirtitsieitOtt°s.
—The . iron [madders 'lnternatloual Union,
composed of dulordLeel from the various tTn ,
Mos throughout the raked States and Cana
da, commenced at Philadelphia yesterday.
-.t Netherland.; exploring expedition left
bat t . ron o3 el , yesterday, overland, for Ore
gonaud Washington Territory. .d thence to
e t
Alaska. Thy expect to be gonntive years.
- A
co nn
titan named Alcorn, at Dennison.
town; cot. Med suicide on Tuesday. He had
written n I ter the day before avowing an in
tention of the Oct Ind stating a girt sees the
cause. .
. Monday night a parte of; roughi. en
tered the store of Anthony Thomas, nt Forest
City. Nebraska. assaulted and fractured the
Tkull of Mr. causing' his death on
linvikeu •lluarrel id Vilu,'Sulton
county.'llle.,un but, II Waif named
Craig shut nindhur mimed Elruwn. killing him
Instantly. The murderer null, but wane alter
wanbi ciipturvi by Brown's' Mends and hung
to x tree.
--It Is reported that the Neu- York Central
Railroad Company, in committer,ce of recent
henry damages :warded in the :Moreau e Court
at Buffalo for alleged extortion in charges
between that city and Tonawanda, nod num
erous salts still pending, has reduced the fare
to a legal rate. •
, --The: Railroad war in notches,: comity,
-New:York, has terminated br the withdraw
al on the ',art of the Hartford and Erie com
pany of all 'proceedlnmi now pending to re
cover possession of the Patches:, and Colum
bia road, lensing the road In the possession
of those who built it.
--The sessions of the Ohio State Teachers
Association, at Columbus, have been largely
attended and were Interesting. The forenoon
session yesterday was consumed by discus
sion on primary instruction and the afternoon
session by a lecture on moral culture by
President. Tappan. of Kenyon College. Guy.
Ilayes clitertainined the Teachers' last night.
—The trial of Win. Whitbeek, bin two sons
John ,P. Whitbech and Deal. Whitbock, hie
Zebulon nil., and William Woods,
Indicted for the murder of Deputy Sheriff
Willard Gregg, • in Oreenbush, Renton:oler
county. New Y ark, soma nine months since,
began yesterday. This came is the famous
Reuss:trier county anti-rent murder cue and
is recanted an the culminating phase of that
• •
Upper Inver.
[By P. & Telegranh,]
On. CITY, July 6.—lllter falling. with 23
inches water la the channel. Weather cloudy.
Thermometer ST nt 8 r.
BROW NSVILLE, J alyd.—River falling slowly.
With 2 feet 9.lnehes water in the channel.
eather clear. Thermometer 97 at 6r.
Onrcisnono. July B.—Ricer fallings
with 2 feet of water in the channel. •wember
clear. Thegpometer 89 at SP. Y. .
VOL. - 1:)(;\
The Spanish King Sensation—Talk of
War—Exciteil Tone of the French
Press—Scene is the corps lA7l3l'oll'
—ltentore4l.- Recall of the French
Minister at Iterlin—Massacre of
Christians in .Pekin—The &nnen'.
cal Council.
Ily Telegraph tã the Pittsburgh Gazett e.I
PARis.. July 6.—Theliitimintf to-day
- sacs: We learn that the Govern , tient would
consider the Spanish enthronement of the
Prince of Hohenzollern as a check and men
act, to France. Bader these circumstances
the gee filament has decided to energetically
oppose the project. • • •
Prime Meister °Hifi, gave a a rami ',m
illet last evening. A great mused of people
tirt,ent. ;mom whom were General Baron Werther. the Pntssian Ambassa
dor. The latter left early in the evening,
wllet: fact give rise to touch comment. many
asserting that France would have a Just cause
of war if the candidature of the Prince of
Hohenzollern:were insisted upon. Late yes
terday afternoon. after his interview with the
Emperor.. Pt. 011ivier ease the Duke of Gam
amt. the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the
Ambassmlur from Spain. The result of these
meet Inge was :i firm and • energetic note to
Baron tVerther. Immediately en its receipt
the Baron departed for Erns to meet the King
of Prussia. There is cOnSiderlible excitement
in commercial circles litre. ,•
In the Corps Leah.half to-flay Duke Gram' ,
mont said it was tree that General Prim had
offered the throne of Spain to the Prince of
HohmezuHero. who necepted it, but the people
of Spain had not pronounced on the transac
tion. and France had yet to know the details
of affairs, which hail been condueted in -se
crecy. The French Government would persist
in its police of neutrality. but under no pm-,
text would it permit the Grecian powers to
place one of its Princes OR the throne 'of
Charles the Fifth. He hoped, however, pre
denceln Germany tool wisdom in Spain would
invert extremities. The Paris Journals union
illlollSiy oppose the project of General P HIS,
An exciting scenecurred in the Corps
After Legislat If to-daffy. the declaration
made be the Minister of Foreign Affairs. 31.
Picard demanded further information for the.
Chanitzer. It seas the first duty of deputies
not to allow France to be--Mtgaged in wear
without the assent of tier representatirm.
31. Creinieng supported the demand, tind
added thatwar now meant war with
lle rope. Ile prolm ted that he and
Id. friends deemed peace imperative unless
their own and the dignity of France retplired
e ar. . tillieier sant Atte declaration of
Grammont -left 110 doebt that the (los em
inent ardeetly desired Peace and he felt sure
that.the declaration wituld secure peace: The
Chamber must know the Government sought
to attain its object in. straight tut
ward manner,' If .it wanted sear. It would
vs. It would not engage Fennce without
consulting the Chambers. The latter should
decide. If they had no confidence In the Calf-
Met they must throw it inside and confide the
interests of the country to others deemed
more worthy. .
M. St. Claire askeillbe;what right Gen. Prim
offered the Crown to the l'riuce of Hohenzol
lern? 31. °Uhler said. he could nut antover
the question as he was not- yet informed of
the negotiation. Some of the Deputies w.f.-
claimed. then, the 31inister of Foreign Affairs
had been imprudent in making his declaration.
Pt. Amp, wished to speak. but the President
declared tine diibate closed. M. Artgo replied
the government melee be afrald of discusslon.
He acelised of hating made a Hohenzollern
Kiug and then deelanugwar.
The President demanded order and endeav
ored In being On the budget Re the question
for debate. but the deputies replied with pa
t elude sentiments. The chamber, tens too ex-.
cited to discuss finances and the 'sitting was
Lc Pam. ingrerinll t, publishes a slo/entur
ticle crying out for n ar. France, It declares.
has recent diplomatic defeats as well as
Waterloo to avenge. :old Frenchmen are
rcadr to take the battle road to "Jeua and
Berlin which their fathers took.
French Journals mill attention to the fact
that the German fleet is now cruising In the
Mediterranean. The Berlin press had repre
sented it was simply an excursion, hat nay
the farThopears portentious toFrench Inter- .
it is reported that Admiral Topete' will
separate from Prim, If Hohenzollern Is pro
claimed a candidate for the throne. and that
he would prefer Prince Alfonso to a Prussian
fur king.
It Is asserted the French Minister at... Berlin
was recalled to-day. The Spanish -Ambassa
dor here was sent for to-.slat by the Emperor.
with whoni he had a long Interview.
Thu French Government has telegraphed to
ft. Petersburg for full details of the massacre
In Pekin.
Loanos. July A.—Th• - Morninp P.. 4 has a
telegram dated at Tientsin. June l'Sth, giving
the particulars of a terrible massacre of
Christians by the natives at Pekin. on the gist
or that month. The Count r Tle Itochechouart,
the French Secretary of Legation, and a nuni
bet of priests and Sisters MMercy were ruth
lessly slaughtered. The cathedral was also
burned, and a number of Russians killed.
E.J. Mm - ris. American Ministry, attended
the festivities in Constantinople on the anni
versary or the accession of the Sultan, and
wore n black dress stilt in accordance with
the recommendatlnunf his government. The
circumstance excited much corn-Went...
. .
At a special meeting of the Stockholders of
the Great Western Railway ofieenada to-day
the directors were authorized to subscribe alt
the .Lock In the Air Line Railway from Glen
coe to Buffalo and proceed immediately - with
the construction of the rood:
The parties :rrested for masquerading in
• motile attire w ill be tried for misdemeanor
only and be released. ball.
. . .
The Irish member. of parliament gill com
,lne to time the purchase of n residence for
.111: Prince of Wales in Ireland.
Ilitcsissa,s, July 6.—Advices received hem
render It certain that no proclamation of the
dogma of Infallibility will be issued before the
lOth inst. Severn] sittings are .vet required . for
taking voice on separate chapters of the
• . .
The correspondent of the Indriirnifrtire BOK
at Rome sup, the proceedings of the Ecumeni-
Col Council ore nil dictated by Lather Dicks,
General of the Jesuits. known AY the "Black
rope. - lie odds that the Jesuits. apprehend
lug the expulsion of their order from Ger
many. will postpone the' execution of more
ambitious project/I to safer Woes. .
BERLIN. July tl.-The fourth of July wrIU 11p-
Proprlately celebrated here. Hr. Fay presided
at the banquet ut which there was a large
Katherina of Americans. Dispatches trout
other German cities report similar (cant:tiles
on the fourth.'
.tattrars. July 6.—There is a crisis in the
Greek Cabinet. The 31Inisters are disputing
about fixing the 'limit of the investigntion of
the Matethon massacre.
LONDON. July o.—The Government of Hun
gory urges the Bishops of thut 'country ut
Horne to reslgt to the last the flitgnot of Infal
tutip..lol3 I —lt Is nositivelv asl.erted
hot the Connell of Ministers decided to eon
.irke Cortex for then)t h of July. .
LoNuosibenitv, July 6.—The eteatuer St
Dis. trout Qu urrlvedtu-dar-
14,N0m , . July 13.-Fretitino.-Comiola for
money WTI; do. on account tr.l. Americanse
curities q uiet: 'Ws. 90 , Y, '4.1.55. MX; 'Oa, N 19%; 10-
40,M. 11Hauls Central lit; A. A, G. W.,
Stocks quiet.
PAHL& July 6.-11nnnie declining at Mf.
Los - DON. July o.—Tyllow 4.5 e.
ANTWERP. July 6.—Petroleum firm. Fit.tmovnr..lidy 6.—floods opened henry
t 116!.f.
.vnr.. July . 11.—. Cotto n, opened nut ut 11.51.
LONDON, July 0.-I.lnseed OH closed timer
nt ab.Rkl. Turpentine 30s.Gd.
HAVISE, Jizly G.—Cotton closed quiet.
PITA NKFORT, July G.—Hands 'closed bears
•---, - •
th a n! July.
nPe of Pity Water Works tin 011 the
L't„ .3, 1870. fur TWO BOILERS. 34 feet
Inn;. 38 inches diameter. two 14 inch. diameter
tVnter v,antm Olin at the OM= Cit y L
in. Superintendent Pitts. Water Worts.
I~TOTICE—The Fluid which exploded
at East Liberty and caused the 010 on July
4th, erns not W016E38E001130 KEYSTONE
FLUID. which in sold by LOPTHER RTYSON.. ,
No. 34 Stultbdeld street, but another article.
Thera never ills been any explosion of the Key
M. 01710 ju7,06
For - many zoom endued 10 the holm of JACOB
B. IIIiBLE 7.27 and 2111 Fourth avenue, was ad.
canted to Interest, eotarnenelnq Jon 1.
11770. end th e 01,10 of the firm hereafter will be
.oho will continue the old end trelldrnown stand
Jacob B. Hubley &C 0.,•
!7 lad 2!)FOURTII APANUE, Pittsburg!.
ta oratt . o. l o3B 1•1011 g. Uri
orrlrr. or rim 0.011 Ixst•n.tvrr. CoMPawv..
Joy sth. I S7O. 4
ta--1)11111ENIL—The Board of Ili.
HECTORS have thl• day Ileelnred a THTI.
dent of TC.N PV.II CENT emt of the vrwits
the 12.1 ali htont payabla on of
Ju7:42 JOSEPH T. JOHNSON. Sivretary.
Pmts.Urloill. Pa-July 5.1870.1
declared a Dividend of FIVE !Si PEtt
CEN r. out of the earnings of the Mat six months.
payable on demand.
/d6a.VJ. W. N. .110111i.t N, Cashier.
. . • . . .
The Direet,.rsef this Bulk letvc this Thy' declared
Isritlentl 1.1 SIX PER CENT. uut ut the milts
the'lltst six mouth, pnynble folthwith.
• J. N. DA VllltiON. Caehler.
-The Iduard of Directors of this Dank
have declared n dividend of FIVE (3) PElt CENT.
out of Oho prom., of the lest via month , Imr.ble
on and /atm .. .Dili - 12th.
Prrtsdit'ituli. fitly I. 1870.
BANK.—The o f this Bank have
this day declared a Dividend .0 FIVE 1:11 PER
CENT. on the Capital Stock. p..yahle .at and alter
1.1111 fwd., free of tax.
. . EEO. C. kIeI,EAN. c.obler.
Pro nIII . IIII July 2d. IW/0. t 16.0.
iiI.VST,.I.: BANK..
PlTYSOl'unii. July 3, k !CYO. I
Directors of ills
Bank lose' lhle dely declared Dividend
of FOUIt;PER CENT. on the Capital Stock. pay
able to . 4tockholders on and after the I 3th hot..
Judur'.4 GEO. 'l'. VAN BOREN. Csahler.
. . •Plrfont•, July .sth. . .
Tile Dino:toil of this flank hake this day de
cla'red MThlend of YiVErtat t'I:NT. on the
capital eteek out tot the profit,.of the lust Mr.
months. payable on demand. tree ta...g.s.
JOHN ....Ctre'r..lit.. , Cashler.
occult: or TIM l' INst. - it.,Xrx C 0..)
. . . .
• l'lrtsal . noit...lulr :U11.11470. i
^BIi'IBF.SI) No. I.l.—The Boa rd
of Illrcct , r of (rh.fil'fiVaPlHTl.7lXlititPe:
. o
chafe. treef lutes. oral of the earnharn of the
lust nix nionthr. horntaeßlO after the 11111
tollowe Teo Dollars per rthero la enah.
nnd Two I.lllre per share., be credited on Stock
WM. F. II A HIEN icle7 - socreiam
NATIO,jAi. r
Pirrxlit'ioin.July 2. 1970.
flank have this day declared a dividend of
WIVE l'Elt CENT. , at the Capital, St , ck. out of
the earn., ..1 the I.p.t nix inciltipQP , Yahip fcctit:
a oh. free nil tar.
_ ,
0T.1?1*, A Itl' VRI.I" V I DEN!):
NN. ri,111 • 111.. 1 . A..
• t lute Pit...burgh Trust ComtateY.t
The -I)ltectora Bank have thl , Any de
clared quarterly dividend "f• Timm: l'Elt
CI :NT.... the Catutal Intl of the Prohta
the Net three months, namable forthwith. tree yr
plate and Government Tax.
. .
.1. nuttier:
• .Irt.l 4th.1870. tutm.t.t
A1.1.."111,, Huth.:CO.. ,.
rtrrvli'hun dell 10. 1 S 7 0:
1 . 0—..1.) I V DEN 11.—The Prosident uWI
I Managers .1 the Company for erod
ing a Bridge over the Allecheny Diver, opposite
l'lttaboNth. in the county of Allechenr. have this
dal. declared a Maitland .1 LINE DOLLAR AND
IKII.TY CNNTS on each share of the Cacao! Ntock
of the Compony._pavallle Ur the Treasurer to
Stockholders or their legal repreaernativea forth
W.ll. ItOSVAILMO. Treneurer.
RANK OF 0,3131E110E. Colt!elin
Directors •pf think hero Ole flay - declared a
Dividend of NIX PER CEN . r.oottlf the mats of
the loe
biz month.. freo of Goreruluent pry.
oble dnoted.
. .
PITT. PA., July 2.1870. • 1114
' Perrsismott..Toli Ist..lbe7o.
of this Bank have this day declared a semi
annual dividend of SIX PElt CENT., payable to
Stockholder' , on and atter the 11,11 Inst.
Jo'Szta W3l. CLOT O. ea.thlor.
Prrrsuinton, July 1.1870. I
CE-NT, free of Taxes. sill be paid to the
Stockholders id' this ' , lnk. en and at tar. TUE.S.
DAT:llOl.l2th hist."
of this Bank Love derivred n dividend of
SIX PER CENT., out uf tire pronts of the last sin
Tistile forthwith. free of rut. •
Per arn Ir. L. isTEPEKNSON. Cashier.
ran,. SAVINon BANK or Akr.r.nllENY./
Corner of Federal and Larouck otreetn, •
J rnk 23 , 1. /870.
rr — eTIIE i)titEcTons OF Tills.
LA.= Rank bake this der declared a dtrldand of
FIVE PEE CENT. 0ut.,01 the profits of Abe lock
is mumps. payable on and after .7nly lot. 1870.
frce of tax. , • TOUNti.
RUN RAILROAD CO. have this day datlared
dividend of FIVE PER CENT. of Dover..
merit Tao. out of the earnings of the p M
ast r
months. payable to the stockholder, or their lesial
representatives on and uterJuly Ist, tithe office
of the Company in Tempt
_John 27th. 1870. .le2/:= •
J'RIE 1470'
A tirst•Mnse STORE ROOM mid cellar. No.
180 Liberty' street. completely tilted up eit
sbelving and. counters. WM be meted cheap
adiedforeoon. Enquire et
7 7
7':o. 41.3 Penn street. on and titer July 1. 1876. 1 'I N 0.4 Vl/10 L . ( A.L.LEY.
Orand Celebration and Pr6l:eAon
United American Mechanics,
• JULY 8; 1570.
Dep. State Councilor .... • ...S. P. COLLINS.
INtGRATTY . Chief . 'olrarehal.
?I'KEE i 1,. R.
Inv-tmston ion form on *ltt±i .tvetitic, tight
fiestlnk . buottitlehl street, to move . Kt I I
'clock precise!, Vp merror to sonitbrield
strset. along :mint:Meld to 34 ay... up 34 me
". s o Emit street. up ltrant Stn oven.. out
rich avenue to %Cost:lnman street. s: ta ste.
t•.. Wylie street. dinvil krylle to Grant street, Oven
Grout to Liberty street, down Liberty to Wood
I tract, demi Wanni to 9,1 avenue• I low!, Id avenue
I ta ta o r t - g 4! I ra ' l ' 43 . !: ' ,T,f,
Federal street, up' Yoder:ll to North Keen:m.l.min
North avenue to trait: avenue. along lento ATC[IIIC
.10 Western avenue, along %Vestent avenue to Al.
I.heny avettue, down Allegheny avenue to Ite
beet strcet.ultour Rebecca to Lame% street. along
Lacoek to Enders:l street and there disperse.
At Ill:: o'clock P. Rothe lino main be former:
Emil:rat street. In front of No.l6l.lALCithe.7
Council 118114 to move r t 7 o•dua to sprint
ers stand„N. E como liinieurul. where 11.. 4.
W. DUIL'In. mid others. of Philadelphia, welled.
dress the nmetubly. come and bring your friends.
all are fivetted. A merit.. esperially.
Ju le
Ilmssliand of MU. In atleudaneo.
_Masonic Deposit Say
- iig Bank.
• Pan nuntat. July 1. 1370.
Dills Discounted and Donna 91
Cash on hand and due by Liarts — .... 3 :1 7 .
ExPense . 73
Furniture and Fixtures... 144ry
83•t3A93 63
taucir pud in . 00
Ittereerand Exehßoge ja
6423.393 63
We. the untlentsned.4,, certltY 2. , 2 214 ~b 0 ,9
sista °lent le eurrect :
_ utA..s
log _
C°ll I r esidence
On tbo P.. rt. w.a.c. iL
A_ T .AT C T I O,N .
I'o=f7,7I,I*,tIAT UP TA.T .
Joining :ha oatmeal , . oi . ..esars. Semple. Tailor.,
one co hen% • FRAIIE / (OUSE. of 4
18.r.13 fret: 3 acres of GROU =r,tha
are In fruit trees of 01l kind*. doll ender goOd
fonoB b roo d d Irate. on the plson convenient to
:I., ti ttr oj vk ala rg7 . from PltteboesL.
P.lFt. W. C. ILIA: fi daily trataa=huratt;
Netter whaling • Conntsv ftesldeneemill COQ it
fto their Interest In attend tht
r. Jackman still oboe tha o pailsea to slattern.
. A. LICGOATC, Auetlonetr.
Commercial and Family Newspdyel
farmer, and:mule. or more/mat .1/ 4.11
. ,
re • • •
Fingle subeeribe
Clues of Ore I 2:
Clubs of ten 1.13.
3 O OPS ts reretsbed glattuusasly lu the getter•er.
uf. a dab .td.trua..-Puettaastera_are . requested to
p,,, as Agents.. Address, -
.It, ~,coalt sp
Mt' It LINT 1:S. nJLk Imertol in am colupimmmt
!.• rIVENTI , Firt: CENTS; each calltional tIM
WAN TE ii — om A T . - 0
.„,A; gT, 6 5 , , , . ceasa..rner of S N lthltos
the uMee of W. S. It A e & CO.. SI
n le
Wl.,, , Ajje• — A goo!! Watiher 'Rd
pn.,”—d..,:dlzmit7ll . -72,174a. "in'
l` T
z . , t , . , N , T t E ,, p 7 l n tu o nltttAlir 4 at No.
b 5
LIM ”perstat upon Sneer sowlnie Mechlin. 7.13
I ~ jA rYI T I to „ i f 1 :11KN o N I MT t etl
bet oily remind by . her brother. 'Munn
and Joeiebb Bennet. tarn( I,lltabeth. P.. nil
AV ' l . re 'r e l iPors —r s i ntt ll i . t7 -2 :lrs ae ginst f a .
Rhin era minutes sosik of comer of Llbeny
Wert and Third arenas. Address - STAULIS. , '
U.vrrn, oenn, 74
M r • k.7!.1 :1 11 l a 1
3i t A T I
reforrnreT.nt N 0.3117 PENN STREET. k 2
A .INTED.-:-To nnrehuse'a House of
y r 4 .1 - 3 l!nolthl. Suburban prnoruto prole ' re.
od. Address!. with price, ternk mad Itorallon.Lol2.
I.Ltr INTO orhor. •
11VANTED.—At 13 Tunnel . Atreet,
r r • Operntorr. !Inkhorn en!! Ilulttoa -Ho*
Maker, • G.. 21
y(e 1011, with
n Ile.
Cumpennaazon ' .Uonr 4,,, ? 3,...l.
Inote. 110,1 of refemnM for
ANTED.—A• Situation - as BAR.
VTILNDEIL vr In wholesale liquor...v., by
4 T who übslyr. , t up
yndy rectitytng acid compo4-
Trzl .,
V shalt. able bodied men. of d renntallon,
WttTLVi e il d li l i g Y 7 Wis i t t o i gggleiTa i ttist
beNt In the Ilatudion. Apply at the oaths of
Jetitol P.0.1 of 424 aimed.
WANTED.—Soteral Med for Farm
Work. Gardening and Inirlng Alto, tor
Itileavurd Work. Several girls Girls *anted for
Cooling. Cl.nntberwork. Inning-room workand
light wort at all description. Apply at EMPLOY
. 31GliT OFFICE. No. 1010th 112.4125 t thaw fano
Suspension Bridge
A Good Ropoblkon Newspaper,.
s oho Will giro nattastection to his put)
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modern. Address 110 X S4l, Meadrlile.
etAting terms. liiention'and siren/Won. j 01054
. . .
30.000 to I.oen In large or small antoenta
st a fair rate of Interest.
BM. Bond cod Rest Natate
No. 199 Stottltdeld Street
Thirty Thousand Dollars to Loan
:, ‘ wcfrsullru7.v property In AllogbenY lli.nirrt,l4r
Ito,l Eatate Asent,
OS Grant streol.
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DOARDlSG—To4et,with Boardin,
1.) TWO sEcoND STOUT BOOMS, ft:rubbed.
nt 103 Fourth avenue. 0.1
elm strayed from ourpresulses, Centre eats
July 3d. A suitable reward silt be pai d for he
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Public are hereby nutllled net to negotiate Or
a tete for 8274:30. mrabie to the ordeibt
J. W. AIcCAPLIN. doted May 224th . . It47o.nnd
drawn by J. W. SlcCaslin. as payment bas.been
stopped en name. ie3l
LOST—OIi Monday. evening last, a
ME31011A3111.1.1t KOOK containing email
amount of Postal Currency. A liberal reward will
be paid to the person retutalng It to
Cor..24th and Smallman Sts.l2th ward.
II ii•ZI A 2 V 4
TO•LET:—.I large, Third Story
_FRONT ROOM, sultatle for ttnlgers. Ap.
nt 279 Penn Repel. 74
A. —A Sultsof Furnished Booms on monad
Suer. 160 Third avenue. ALI
HOUSE, with Store ItooE attached. Site;
lard nn Wylie avenue. For tame. Sc.. call at No.
TOR SALE.—HOUSE. — Furnished
well. at 70 Fleet street s well' located tor a
boaneln home. Term. moderate. 74'
12 bur a house with
moms d e pt, with
fouriotitt4 feet YYTAIt by 106 feet In. with
trebling. !manta on a forty feet Went on.-half
agues. bank of rennaytranta wrens.. Twentieth
ward, near East Liberty. Apply at 114 thwut
Street. near Seventh avenue. twin-wt.
&„ E irit t i m m. Li - 4; v
Tat proper peraow derdrius to beep a /toter.. rale
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VOR SALE —Engines and Balers,*
Sew and Secmeed ILM. et mit Ideas...4.W?
eXM 111.1 W
Corner Meriog . avenue l and . P„ Pl. ,
W. A C. IL W..
_Allptaleny. In.
- 0111 SALE.-41TOCK FIRM.—Con.
A. - TAINS :140 ,- ACRS% one butelmd end ' ahoy
nuts underculurallon. balance wood*: improve...
meld-9 dwelling. very large barn and 0..b1e.
Dd sheep houses. orchard and well watered by a
ull creek pacsinandigh the . s i nx. Stunt...din
agrl i onliTill " r Lined; rifeighb ront Vortioa
near to vlllekkeed churl:hew. The farm
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Poreheeed at .11Oper aterig
• B. Re to. at cp.. b.o. 104 beattls Ave.
Itehlt)ENCIL coeialnlner9lll lows with 3 bongos
them. ono, a One. ortufortable and convenient
home; good water.-and oust , . the best water Pow
ers In Western Pennsylvania for • mill; ,110 mike
tune the sity. on the eaten of Turtle M. oak Road.
of a inUe Mitt StewarPs Walton, Central Rail
road Farms In good !omitting
and house, for sale. Enectire of
royll Went St. opposite 001tectettl,
- Fbit SALEYSI37
YEA_RtitilililT •
1$ LOTH. kin each to noosed of large beer.
In Apple.yesch and
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11101JOS AND LOT. 0311.4 chutes bearinefrltil. Li
Price 8913.
1 LA IIORNICW •LXYITAtiIIt. 9 meets. wide ball, 1
/runt and side porticos. yellers. 2 large deletes .
good well of enter at boot door, ourtsge holm, and
table. grape* beain. young orehawl o nto rig.Ons ;
leer or the titles and Orem, • oppostte mo of
5 11
0. Weehington, with 1 acre. Price L
wo bas ,3lllo. Orl acres more or One orchard cant. i
tlfteen midi:tee walk, of la- W
Jetyl-w r•rit . LI:ill/MT. oo We brew-tab
• •
• A handsome Jireesed /kick Dwelling, two •
it I V O . n . ` Vt:e . 7 ti wear Boller rooms .
Lo IM " TIN " Ili; I
well supplied wnh AMP. vinu. shrnehery, se..
while on the rear la • One stable. Gesell Rome. '.
?lie h.... This P.uWeel... Is certainly the moot de-
minable in the Igth ward. Prins moderate and
loot time given. ; T. It, slit. it boN,
Cur. Penn end 33d streets.
ON MALY STRERT.—An elegant PrameCottege
U‘use, situate on Main street. hear lee Owens. -
Th in rg Plke
. nometlo4 30by UHL - •
Th Is a beautiful place, and one within meth of • '
all Of moderate means. T. R. PILL & PON.- .
ON 41Ith KTRECT.—Aloantlitil lot near Rutter • 7
'elgeet. 00 by 108. does to the
P.R. PC,
Any one wishing a plesisant spot on whkih to Wald • .
connect/a better glutted. ; T. R. SILL & RON. 7
ii,ir i ljt i t i tMl=biTlaVetrf=rel "W urt I 4 j
helmants. Workingmen should not lot
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nitae llp he. net' never b . aveanother
fadrauugMob dime r P T en! L alig g j3t= e
Parreareall. July 7th. 1970.
IYfICErThe hteesentents - for the
Gthdlag. realm sedate:dna of IaULBSRItir
A Elf. from 22t.h - street to 29th irtreet. end Py
the Orating. Petrunt rot Cetbtof of DIAMOND
BTREET. from Veto. Octet to Liberty Meet. Is
tam reedy for exesematwa. and eat neaten as Ms
dace anal XONDA Y. .1 oly 121thothea It Will to
tettmaca to the. City Ttessorees ofate tee wile.
1100. 11. J. 1.100112.
D siaTirrus.—bo bbls. extra
CAIFIELD.I4I a.v. • p.m
'CHEESE.—'OO_ins prime , Goshen,
f"*th' .l.l.C.ANPl6l.ll.-.141 Irhwl stvensa.
I)RIEA PEACHES:—S bbli tor ule
- .• • • J. H. CATIrtKp.