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con., sixth Ace. and Smithfield St
By mxll, pet fear'
li-briired by carrier. par 'rock.
An After-Dinarr Preeriation
nr 01.1.1 nut Air,
'balk ta, the Mas.attoaftta Nock', at their
pat taw ta•ut 3Vao nut,
1110 Rlp p N .: an Wpl. , ltanitl Vundaqn. It p.
)f the
H., lam nia gra:Astra, ttakt mighty nap.
rt the $
u•ry I p1,11%,44 .6 tell
In two brief canto, II You nalun
Tin" lime, weredutrd when Rip to manhood grew
Cher always will be when thare's work todn;
lie tiled at farnune—fomoi it rather slow—
An d then at teaching—what ho didn't know ;
Then hem to biog./Intend the tat . ..wham,
Te frequent. toddies and lone-nlno cigars.
Till latate Van W 014 4 patience, mixed
wan preaohlita hotellie, hat
for their text
- Am p, a brOolll3{lol.—au,ht that might amll
To polut a moral nr adorn n tale,
lixelanned— . 4 bare : f•ow Shea StrV.!' . •• ;.
Ileagaud fi4 }cunt...Ml.lg -Jliake elm e n If. fl.'"
The din was rapt : the youngster woe content
They potted hie shirts
nf end h e 7'"` .
shAx2 ct t 1
lie uroweed through Witter : nodded over 8011,
Slept sow:. with Cooper. enured aloud tin Good; •
Heard heap, of leetures—doubtte. understood—
A cousteht listener. Sro ho dill nut fail
To carve his moue on every bench .4 rail.
Months grew Winkle at last hn counted three
And lop Van found lilniaolf 31. D.
Illastrlnne Otte I,ln a gilded triune
Ito let lha aneepskni with his Latin name.
Van llliskheni,queni—wo
Montan...ear—to do viand no
He blend an odico-soon its walls displayed
Ul. new dtploina and his stock In trade, -
A mighty enema to 114dtte climate
Of Tartans nettles. whereof I mention these
Lancets and beadles. KIWI and little squirt.
Rhubarb and Canna. iinakeroot and Thorough w ott.
Ant. Tart, Vin.Colch., 111.Onelilm DIM Wank DOM.
Tinctures of Opium. Gentian. Henbane. I lop.
Pair. apemen:4rib te.whloh for lack
Of breath to tiller men tali Ipomic.
ramphor and Fine, Turpentine. Tofu.
..(oyeevey," Vitnol-w htte - and blue.
Fetinel and 11.1alseed.Stlphere Elm and 000111.
And roots of 8:olles(ras and ”ItasSaf'nll. -
itrand)-f. rclies-l'inkrtioL death on worms-
Must a A n S S c S a l.medr
r of t hhe sntencoqsuirms,
Named Intel Ito Odor-WOO. It does small some -
Jett p, that worts not wisely, but too well,
Ten poundauf !tiftrh and Ali Of t.,..111101taW1.
Foru m ut.nnl griefs ho had an ampl e store..
Sometwenty lare and gatilhOta, more
Cerotion shapler-bOubowtvna Often compile
Tile .I.lme at Immo, and call it,war entitle '
f "natieni ton ihnaish.ton-cluanan Int name,
Tee drawled imlre of nosey an ancient dame
A4OOll Nitr... also Spanish tnad,
Whose lilacs make. the water Idadder rlwe -
gnome say that spread upon toper's seta
They dn.' ho water. only rum or dln)-
Leeches. sweet r eon in ! don't they charm the sick:
And stick Ing-tiluter-bow It hates to stick!
E.nptesfetini cri-dllOi PirLa Plich
%Cashes and Powders. Brltunione for the— which.
Stablex or Nom, Is thy chosen name
. Since Ilahnentann'a di ease quill pcnitched thee Intii
tame. -
Proved thee the source of teary nameless 111,
Whose Pole s Nellie Iss moo/1041m pill,
' Till saucy acience , with quits unrin.
11010 up the Avarua. cnialltur on a pin
-Mountains hare labored and hare hnontlit forth
The w ell theory hatched brood of-twice
rve well nigh said them-words untittlnd quite
For these lair precincts and nara polite.
‘' Tliti est loot may chanat last to
And en *W
at length It proved with D.tor M Nitb
One all-oiled bottle stood upon the obeli
Which held toe teedielne that he took himself
What'er the cocoon. It roust he obrefelded
Ile Oiled that bottle oftener than the rest
What drug it held I don't proonme to know -
The glided label !bald - MLitt - Pro:.
One day the Doctor found the battle fall.
ftgeac " n t Allit:l t r tt' UrT., '": grt " .lV l ll .
And bad old Dobbin utddled and brougat round.
—Yon know ltione old-time rhubarb adored nags
That Co rsie.l.ll.nd or* and their aLddht bait.;
tiggs°"bliltrd's";O,'r'e'VtitVtitlad.'r' every, Vgfatt
iduilted up and thought—the belsy's In a di—
ned' stool hat long—hell si e di t a i through with it
But shook their heads before the Lnoekered dik
Where Immo old lady.tuld tao story o'er •
Whose endless sterile 111 tritittlutligi hues
For Chilli(' grlefsan•lluotstallle woes.
What Jack di lanteru led him Imito him way
And where it led him. it 'rem hard to mar
, . .
Ennub that smolt:Ong many n weary ml l o
Thenugh paths the mountain sheep trod single nl
Wereonse tip feelings such as patients know
ho dose too tree' with "Ella It Vett. - '
He totnel.—disninunted. allnhlle Inn heap,
reeleenens, lapped In balmy eleep.
Night followed night. and day succeeded day.
But Snoring still the slumbering Doctor aq..
poor Dobbin. start inn, thought upon his BAH.
struggled homeward. seddlmbags and ail:
as Mtlege peopi• boated all around. •
I 7 . 7 gip wa• missing —never could be found.
•, 7 •
waded - they guessed 7.—for more than half
r 3 ;:gt anil eche did asste UnCUSILII dUeer ;
1... said of spine brandf--others some .
strong flavor of New.irnitiend rant.
r. -p, a IrI.•11 learn a fellow, dead
.W4l. of dOelort Tao pre*. Oa:lor
t0 !. * 0 . 71_!9 . . "
Infill Mina. lelaPer.d. 50.n , r.. 6 /vw..“
Tan best ot lanlbandsCreboect Mr.. Van,
A,lfeL bar csp to cntcli another MAO.
-4, ends Ills Cantu—lf lt's quantum sad..
'Sallied slap here and say we're bad enonah
dant leave poor alp to sleep for thirty years;
:mad the organ—kr You lend root ears
hear my seam.] Canto.after that •
ell send around the monkey with the bar.
d, thirty years had iamb-but tint a word
toil that time of Hip was heard s
T., *mid mined on-itlioyer does go beck
widow Van was now the widow Bac-
APd..nce was an litomire--Atillrew D ie as dead,
nd Abraham L. wits reigning in stead.
Scar murderous years had passed In enrage strife.
el•etdi the rebels held the bloody Mlle.
•-• MG one morning -who tenant., the day
was, the black Monde of 'ear di iced ewers
riw doyen. Win gsspread War land mil sea.
1", teillon dune for ! Grant has captud L.! .
Tu every dislrstatt Gorses Me Stars an d litripelt
at rushed the llamas. wild with mammoth typos.
D - son went the laborer's hinythe schoolboy, book
!•. he cried -uthe rebel =MT', t M ook!"! whet a time! the felts all mad with y:
fond. pal,' Mother thinking of her boy:
.Ival . trX l l""'at:;MVVZ'atT,'„?•""` ° '
' rat all sua Ha g den,. not less dear.
. 'rambling poise between amide and tear : .
II:or Bridget thinking how shall stuff the Moms
hat bin cake fur Johnny when he cornea
pain afoot-rheumatics on the Jump.
girls so Mainz /bey eould fort hezum P.
gaZelatf tam iLetrfaf:3”,ette:Nitsis•
• ,
',awe the picture hoW a man appears
been asleep a more Sr two of years:
1 oa all have floe. It to perfection dram
Joe Van Wink-I slime Rip Jefferson. .
No It was-old flip at Islet mime back,
"t trued lilt old wife-the present widow him
;• his hid regilded. and MI..
.'• practice phy.le On the tame old p/an. •
weeks went br — it was not long tn watt
k.od -plea,. to call' . grow frequent on the slate.
o had. to tact, an ancient. mildewed air.
:toe Sou; musty ton y that be Id ways , • plenteoed lrecommend s ack of hair—
your sant old Doctor to ids ailing friends.
-Sulk of your science! after ell la said,"
there's nothing like a bare and elan, head targ,lttet?rug',4".nf,,li,W,lttlf.ll4 •
fin Rip began to look at people's tnngues
!Old' thUMp. their briskets tattled It - sottud th
lungs. -
limsbel up Cullenowledge smartly as he Mold.
Head In old and Doctor Good.
The town was healthy: for a month Or tw..
list gave the pollen little work to do.
Ahout the time when dogday heals been, • _•
V. eagles and main pa and millillrruhs tot hi:
•. - .11.11 autumn evenings dye... U.....
Id dusky typtinle lit his smouldering tame
'ere blastula - Ith ailed—the carpenter war damn.
i• rid half the childten alckened In the town.
in sexton.s face great anorter than before—
: ke sextonlawtte a brand-new bonnet wore—
T'ulngn looted guile serious—Death had gnt • grip
• old and young. In spite of Dr. Illy.
And now the Sateen nes teken with a .111-
d ire pow - hot drone-et 1,144 t tan
~,,gesgorning, feverish-bedtime. Fatting *0
• .41 Of Ma heal-beg an to rare Mel cu •
a Doctor sent tur--.leable quiet he came:
aV. Dirt. Ora n den. and repeat the name
': , no ot..terst. Third der - nothing
ovreussed bit thorax -get b.
rasingg. too itta-teai theolatentria - semo Ot the
l• with tha lancet-Sat htni blood-a otters
.: n tones. next-then blisters to his side
pgias or calomel-lost then be died..
Tau Empress Eugrmie a few &aye since
rid a deputy. a. little anecdote; quite a
, endant to the history of a similar episode
. ... ir the life of the Empress Josephine.
con Desoto nest required the Doctorla cars- Said the Empress : "One day in the BUM .1.1 br sitting to • draught of air- mar of 1850. bein g very fond of the Py
eosin tho back. but what the matter Is
.-.7 M. spit° rio clear-era calla it -rheumatic'. _ renees, as my wont annually . was, I was at
' r:VaisitiO I= l Tf•Tit h* "'
attgs.t.l... the Eaut Bonner , when I was met in the
./ dare
_ n
n, tor little ma eoc
n: - country by as old woman named Mari.
„natal the 0... •ciid• rt. Doctor Can. nett., Who wee universally considered to
,-. D o ctor mn o-percomiun as baton,
• ribs were aota- ' be crazy. She begged, and I gave her.
14711111:go flattem4oT. more vlatsrOultrapal WAS. to her astonishment • a piece of gold
:Veer-that's caain-plenrier. Wan.•
:ii. quart of blood Mb mum the palm no doubt, , utain which she looked in my face' fixedly 1
I. immbre post will neth to th at it oat . . for a moment, and then sold: 'They SSC
Pat clan a muter Oa the palatal part- -
Dot erst tare snot. of Anfimoulunt Tall: I am mtul, I know, but I am not mad,
tAlt o rt i tr . ..aam , gricrultgrZgrl th „, . though I speak as alien do imt; arta
. otw. proof remember this: One day, and soon
Now Ism a- doctor's patlenVre perplex.: too, you shall be an empress.' tier Ma.
Oarigeortliart=l:l wail; piths jesty said : ' At that moment, a. improbs.
ieet certain dnetors t 0... a ciao ble, as a S i naniard, woo any each a profi
led other =anemia:eau weathr. crop.. '
totem., terropleas. lager beer aria hops. _ . pert that Only entertained It as a wild
l'or what's the use-thanes little to be thin
- Ai. times la too l o or met r o . do .. d ee d- raving, but on the very day. that I became
At twat stalk (the moret to Matthaei • an empre s s the fact reverted vividly to
Ih".' l ' h"° m " v "" ''''' "'"'"" `"'" moo_ my mind, and I canned inquiry to be made
fur slarianette 'With the desire to grant
:co s ''''''''' "'"""4
re -"h"'""-•• life,butl d with
VaDOOM' Omen an shrewd old Doctor Misr - h ere pension for came ,
• Th., ..... na1'.. 0 17 -- "Blaell " . r ......... regret, that ehe had died two days before."
"That.* downright amMer! cut It th roat: TM , ' ~ ' • '
t.eammal the manes? Wite,TuroltiV ether' • - Ai : English panel; mays:"Tlierti ran' be
_Mr,Alearor • rattlesnake? , ~.. no question of the adulteration of beer 1
near ssaT6tlZTZie"Grtiatirrietr° la w - with water. 'Thin am hardly be eaid tend
rartrate of anithiony: Mae of Lute: • an 'amnia:pal evil: Those who contend ,
it:macho tOrn Weal Mimed of anch rbate!
-en. portal @Mem! Neut . & the man about ? - that the more .. aeriona adulteration with
g . ,..5.5. 4 „„ e,7",..'"'"i u'uousi • 14 .r. 1 °." total/fur ;Indiana is rare, should remember
' iiiiiime-aUriltiwmett- Neap away
that the amount of rondos indivis iiiiport.
. "soar tri th r., o ,..,_; .- ad Into England is sufficient • for - the .
. Ter. story to you dept. forfeiter Mime: ' adulteration of three.fiftlis. of the 'beer
wan mother Grebe I °trot/at ft appear
You must bore slumbered moot amemlas totted s conaumed in tho rotted Kiffildem• There
I ‘ . ~at orr en alt.rioCral l ,l%,l„'=!:,„ , _ma e o ns:..; -Le no other known use for the deleterious
°L.U.:riiiiiiiiifittstm mamma now ,fir m i th „,", ~ , drug, It is utterly useless and never em
ir r t ,r ts t s 'a r tirir gi n ertit n tr2Z:=F .. r .. . ployed in medicine, and Is equally useless
' and unemployed in the arts. Neverthe-
Poor atazinia:M.l s r H. 8.. Y. M. ' ' less, while the quantity Imparted in 1657
W. troirtgrZaue l iggratr4etheo . amounted to 68 cart., it 'Mounted hi 1868
. ' *l at e s"°efi",,Mr' i ll,:,l%. al„, . - $o 1,061 cwt. It may also be stated that
17---ire---t"o-illise. bat er:-.:....... .. -
't lith bthaCtliste tn the Iron aw..... r the use of coeculustindieus, to give a ficti- ,
• „M a .... m il auto. same to, Tar e -, tious strength to beer, isnot by any means
rant owe" Il=ftrg7: ts ' assls -. , confined to this country. According to a
. ' ` 1, 4 1 .,„.. 1e P' U. ' th an fa may ease larleeloqiee• ffigernent of Professor Draaendordi' for
'.."WeW La DOCIAM matt sad 1 Malt ao. it,;,-. chemist --tve SC' Petersburg pt.
. P" - • - • tine, the rinclple •of
- ' le4 '''.."" th.DlVenumbsud's twee, romans irraactwA , ltire7
- firsos so„ m ,usi e•re,.. Mt ta ut Min thtlike.) . tenting beer in Miss 0.. 6 Iris is tidal
': e ° Wee:awn:au Atom for xtru so ward! occ , imice .tbiliire.
fined . f
v ... 5i,..... r ,....,, v . 3 ,y ri gt 4 z d tr- - account, and the beer tenti l l eatea. 86U
-111., aim. I hammillitanweer
7On'd 4r:era IL iin b• Malay. U.*: hart, 01 Warrhurg, also states that Emir
rbtri brier is very often adulterated with
somas roan&
A% re l ifrertull7l7o4 is 01,117. f mute. rOCCUbte.ftelietiS. . . .
~~ ~
.. 2 = ~•'
it a
LtburiJb ^mrttt
lull quickly teen him by ins naildowed air.
The hayseed •pritikled through Ws went hair,
The lichen. grovrlng on his misty welt— .
I've seen a toadstool sprouting on Ills boot—
Who says I Ild? Does any mail presume—
Toadstool ? matter quill It a mushroom.
Where If his neat? Ile moves It every year:
Rollelook. you'll Mut blrol-, he Is always here—
tel you'll traelt Min by a whiff pm know—
A rennin flavor of "E'lltir Pro."
Noe - . then. t give you -es you seem bo thtuk
IV° can drink health without a drop to drink
licalth to the mighty eittelwr -long tiro but.
Onr brother Alp, SI. M. b...A1.
Tut: professional ineopie of Dr. Nein..
the eminent French surgeon...accord
ing to the Paris Orodnix, teseeeded last
year, the sum of 400,100 francs.
A NEW daily prtpV, will be begun in a
few days, in \ Montreal, to be ealled the
bodrpcncirefl which will in, devoted to the
cause of Canlidi fin o.lllloXlffifill to the United
'• tes.
A Ilessoo: miiliouii re has just died in
Paris, nip famous •for having once
given a banquet to a select party of eight,
and fed them with parrots' tongues stewed
with trvalleh.
WURTEMIIF.IIO saves two millions of.
florins mutually be the reduction of-ther
army. from 34,0f4, as it formerly nuin
tiered, down to -27,000, as it now is. A
further reduction is-spoken of. •
Wy find the following in the Toronto
:Canada) Globe: "At Sunnidale,Outario,on
the 19th itf June, the wife of Jeremiah
O'Keefe, of :two soon and a daughter.
Mdther and three children doing well."
Ur is reported that tint Prince of Wales
went on a bender-in Liverpool t withsome
friends, the other night, and was put into
the police station bya policeman who had
no idea of tile size of the tihlt he had
caught. , .
mtived as doctor at the Ecole de Medicine,'
Pont.itaking ns her thesis the hubject of
41eadache," which she treated , in so bril
lianta manner that the board atoncognye
her a diploma. .1
'Puy Emperor of Morocco fins decided
flint a certain Mauls, of younk men be•
longing to the firSt families of the realm
shall be hoot to Paris to he eduatted. -Ile
has nlts, conMuded to arm the infantryin
MN dominion, as soon as possible.\ with the
needle gun.
Tits. Roman Correspondent of the
Spot,.Nehe Zeifung reports the energetic
WORIM of an American Ilisheti in the Coun
cil. “111.111 n Republican, - he exclaimed,
-and reject absolutism in' the Church as
in thesState. According to my views the
king exists for the good of the country,
and ant the country for the king. • In the
same way I believe that the Popodom line
been 'established for the sake of the
Church, and not the Church for the Pope
dint:' • l
rue North tierman o,rrexpon dent says
a new law on the eras is, at present in
course of preparatton in the .lilinistry of
the Interior. whirl f, it is 'expected. will
be ready in time tr be laid before the
neat Lauding. Thai suppression of the
stamp lin newsptitirs is under considers.
Lion. and though t in administration of
finance will
,proliably have . some objec.
liens to urge. it is lwiped that it may be
fo ml consistent wale...the plans of •the
M ulster of ;hat depirbuent to satisfy the
pu Me wishes by removing the lox in
tpa ~tt ion.
STEAIIiilla now plyinZlie
tween the United States and the north of
acroolilei to statistics recently
collected, number 125, with an aggregate
measbrement of 254,2al tons - , represeet a
capital of .$75,004900 gold, and employ
24,000 men, including crew, dock lab orci4l:,_
stevedores. &c. The cost of running these
steamers nit a round trip is placed. at $411,-
000 currehey,and eleven round trips are
made every year, so that for the entire
125 steamers over $25,000,000 per annum
are expended to maintain communication
between Europe and America. It in also
stated that nub use of these steamers sails
ender the united Staten flag.
Tilvarrangements Mr tile international
- wean yacht race are complete, and a-tw
ice was published on -Tuesday addressed
o Atlantic steamship companies, captains
nd owners of vesselavizt The American
- techt Dauntless, Bennett, and English
Yacht Cambria. Ashbury, will start from
insale; Ireland, on the 4th day of July,
ib the transatlantic rice to the light ship
at Sandy Hook. In passing vessels at
night the Dauntlette will burn blue signal
lights in the bow and stern and will throw
hp three blue rockets in quick succession.
The Cambria will burn red signal . lights
.and throw up red. rockets. Vessels fall
ing in with . the yachts will confer a favor
nu the owners by reporting the fact fur,
pnblication on their'arrival in port:. • %
Sous of oar readers may recollect that
from the,
time the Peelite secptilupur
chased the Morning Chick, a ntly
for the purpose of writing Mr. Disraeli
doWn, there were published in that paper,-
year after year, invectives against that
gentleman which farouterripped all the
limits. of political ; diceasaion. lino
kneic the time who wrote them; they
were ascribed at the time to, various indi
viduals; but at - last it came out that the
slashing writer was (lold - win Smith, theth
a man comparatively nekpown outside
the walls of Ballot. Surely the Oxford
professor must have forgotten in his irri
tation at the "venomless story" of "Lo
their' for hew Tow yeara he libelled
Mr. Vismell imppnityand aziony ,
inously Contort Sfaradmvf June 15: -
. • Ttiv: North German Correspondent. the
nunit..valnable meat. of obtaining an in
eight into the intiltaci es of Herman poli
tics. contains do important statement with
reference to the contemplated action of
the Anstro-llungttrian_flovernment in re
gard to the dogma of infallibility. The
Hungarian Bishops who favor infallibility
have bean threatened by the government
with the has of their temporalities In
ease they waist the Jesuit party in Bono.
.or if they attempt to promulgate the in
fallibility dogma In their 'dioceses. 'ohs
liougut Cdria has 'also been informed be
• the Hungarian Goyemment that it will
sanction no mearrunt the 'Curia -may feel
called upon take against the anti-in
fhllibilist of Hungary. These
statements bate created considerable ex
citement lettbeja.Dermany and in -Rome.
. . -
.... .- , . . • . ~
. .
...,:a.??.....:. -
_ . .
. . . .
''''',-,40..,.;-.,.4'12/74.:i..,P..=:;.-`,,,,,5=6..•..''''''- . -.--
'• . . - .
has reached Seat
KEN CH ILER UM decimates !atria
LUCINDA WHITE died on Saturday of n
take bite in Savannah.
Pan. METER, of
trowned on the Tith ult .
Ix Memphis' uni block nt iirreetionar.dy
ailed halfarre.
Viekhburg. was
Octimt.t.r: bah just begun to agitate
,question of a public park.
. JOU:: G., SA P. is to read nil original p”otil
,tads? at Tninmany Hall. IN
LAUDON and Offi.olakelt proikaw ron
ointly to produce a superb buriesinv.
AN excellent Spanish proverb says, Mk.
• -
id" is worth twn I linait.
A MAINT cork is said to he Ilte 'best
know combined tooth bash and denti
CUL MORMSI is sdniinistered by Chi
nese pi. lies to their prisoners, before Ito
!mirth is begun.
~ AILD P. FRIT.. ill., I
by the iepublifans of the Second Main
iiihtrirt no successor to lion. S. P. Morril
.ux outrages are being penning
d farmers in Vanderburg County to
ore, th qu to discharge colored laborers.
tint. I.F. wlllnot leave Erdzlund own
ke, bus completed the revislon of his
vorks, nt which he tuts been rol• two years
mgaged. I l
Fbuntet.: MARIVVAT - ' lVritten n
newel eal ul the "Poison of Asps," but it is
°thing to the moral poison of MM e of the
FA venomously entitled novels.\
ANorunte huge building is about to lie
invcd in • Boston Boyleston' llnll
weighing t1.,700 tons. It in to be moved'
baf4r eleven feet; to widen Boy . lesion street.
TitE TURKISH bath is an hist Whorl to
II avoided by right-minded philantbro
p ste; for there money in es.pentletl , not
co the lour; but 4 , 11 the 11116111,uN1r.--i
ti, has 11 47.1..1 mama
. which ought to be amusing. as i
be managed in au anvil manner. trill
y nt helix, but not, however; ivithou
A MAX named Mcßride attempted t,
s loot Ids partner, unit ed Harionl. in New
Wally, on .Monday evening. lie made
ti e mistake 'of •shooting hitt.*lf—proint.
b r fatally.
TRE WESTERN papers are circulating
Ie unauthorized MIMI that Oreeley's
',Chat I know Rislut Farming," is beiau
Irmuntized be Mr s.
. Stowe for the Lydia
llompson blonde*.
1E: managers of NteVieker's Theat rt
ago : advertise that they tvlll pa
.entptive rents each for oile hundre . ,
i,•r cats, to perform in . a nee• senarttio
'The Shower of Pats."
NCINNATI in claim Ina ni in the fourth
i ntitacturing city in the. Union, sciSs
the t only Philadelphia, New York and
134t0n excel it. NN e should like to know
where Pittsburgh conies In.
Wisconsin lead ore has been dis
orn+red on the farm of James Halted:.
near I llsego statinni- The one. is pronoun,
eti•io be ninety-three per cent. lead, and
is maid to exist fa oonaidergible
Tut: rtgon'of SUFKIId“ , is - over in Mass
valmsetts. The Governor has signed the
bil • amending the Probiltitory law, and
thti sale of eitittr, ale, porter pamng leer:
and lager beer lit otrieken from the list of
crimes. .
MIN. MARV. STUIE'. Nviarlw of John
StOkea, living near Dry ri ver, Docking
bant county. rirginia,has been committed
to( jail, suspected, of having murdered
some of Ler child-Ant. She is supposed to
Le instaiie. • ' • •
Tnr. servant girl• of the Mayor of In
dianapolis lately took a fearful revanke
on him for orlolding her. She left his
shirt lanonorm 'and limp... ...dowel),
and marched the lower euremitiea until
they resembled card lsurd.
A DENOVN , ER of tobacen declares that
smokers are invariably topers, and are in
jurkius to the influence of religion. ' The
only suitable reply 'to such an assertion
seems to be a sigh over the fact, which it
makes 'patent, that all the foyds in the
world are not yet dead.
A Lyscitnutot min, arrested its n va
- g nt, protested that he had a regular
t dY, and that was smoking glass for to
tal eclipses of the sun. Ile remarked that
as hese occurred so seldom it wax not to
be wondered at that he seemed out of
employment a good deal.
'Tug Harp that once through 'f am's
hall," still hangs over the door of the
present mansion, which is occupied by
Cardinal Cullen's brother, Garrett. - The
site of the old hall is still preserved in
an open field near by. The ancient kings'
of Ireland used to be crowned there.
Tug census of Doniphaii county. Kan.
*as, two years ago; reveal about about 15,0 M
population for that coup . Tin, ninth
decennial es nuns, now being taken by the
United States Marshals, has been com•
pleted in that county, and shows a popu,
liition of 2AS/00—nearly doubled in'two
?years. . ..
Tor. Green Bay Gazette tells of a little
accident that occurred at the 'rircus on
Tuesday evening. A kerosenv lamp was
upset ID the ticket wagon and set fire -to
a prip - of curtpnoy. Beforr, the twee
were extingufshed about • 050 wan
burned. 'The government is ahead suet PO
Me.; was a good natured man. Ile drowned
himself the other day, and in order to save
all unnecessary trouble in finding his re
mains, he, before taking the last and fatal
plunge, tied one end of slang rope to a
post and the other end around hie awn
waist .
The Albriny '..4rgitriaya: "Ca'Scott has
served out his time In the Penitentiary
here, under bin sentence. The Court, In
addition to Imprisonment. imposed a tine
of 1110,0011, and a United States - Judge
decides that (*entente cannot . be released
until the line la paid, pnienspurdonecl by
the'Prealdent." • • •
tiENERAI. JEF)I TIIOWnwx rece.ntl
told the Board of !.Trade of St. Josepli,
Missouri, that he began life as a clerk in
a stare in that city at $BOO a year, and
thought it a good salary—good enough
to get married on, and he did get married
on it: but meat was only two andone.half
centa a pound, and potatoes fifteen cents a
.WE'VE lIIRAHD,7 irreverently,- says
Memphis paper, "et people %the get, 're
ligion: but religion got the negro who
stole the valise of an itinerant Methodist
preacher at Holly Springs , . Ile selected
it from among a number of , •there, on. nc•
ccaltit of ita weight. Ile carried it, Petit
lug and sweating, in a scorching run, eight
nines before he, discovered that lit con.
talnNl nothing but Bible's,"
.TOE New York San of June 2nlll says:
'•Terrerday morning at 2 o'clock, • tee on.
knottut ratliann forced an entrance int. the
Inuits, of Mrs. Catharine Burhans in • Rea
dout. They went to the anartnient where
Mrs. Buihan. wan in bed with a young
child, and the startled and helpless woman,
was dragged kith And hurried from the
house with her infait in her acme. In the
reckless haste of the ruffians the mother
and child were thrown down an embank-
Mira and the child was killed. Thu tea-
tilliony . taken at the Coroner's inquest
showed that Irrs. Burhans owed eighty.
five cents for. rent, and for this she was,
• • - .
ejeeted Isom the kouse in the inanner.sta
tad. arreitte."
.Tng East Brady Independent' earn :
There is but little toasy,this week in re-,
gard to the itimsticgig.well." It ib pump.;
ling but smillquindity`of oil.- The causes'
assigned for the sudden decline are many
=and we have neither apace nor 'Patlemel,
to enumerate therri.' &Mee It to say that;
in our opinion, the owners of thin oncek
splendid well did a'veryfoolish thing,
when they undertook to drill it deeper. ,
The fate ofttil wells that, have than been
tampered with, is again illustrated in the
Armstrong. It may be possible that with
proper manag ement in may be :restored to'
something like its original yield. A num
ber of operators in'that locality are drill-
rag away, and though the 'Pioneer" has
extent failed; yet there le no
terr i tory. • the superior qtudity'of the
paying we ll s ~ .• tisfled that food
excitement runs Meter t re
-. an the
The Co Yacht Rare—Fourth of
• Inly In London—Thr Cork Strikes—,
Entieraticw—The Position of the
(tricot's PrintesLenban Slavery—
The Chol'erit n Hat ana'. ete.
Illekulegr3A . to'ti e Patteburgh (Wen,'
i NDI ON. July 2.—There is much interest.felt
in C
be intertsational yacht race between the
Ca bria and Dauntless; all the .details were
filially fixed tn-day.l Thu stut is to be from
Dannthemi Iluoy, within a short distance of
Cork Harbor. - .
The.Americann herr will celebrate thei4th
of July as usual. Mr. Motley,. the Amencan
Minister has made arrangements to entertain
Americans at n banquet. -
The Manehester Examiner appinuds the Idea
of the American monument to Chas. Dickens,
but assunied the project will be dismissed when
-Dickens' oh eetlons to such honor are fully
The cloth' rs of Cork-are still Importing
German ope Oyes to take the place of the
striker, Fe rs are consequently felt of a re
newal of the Isorders. I , . •
The roof of Faneett's foundry, a?,iverpool,
fell to y
da. One workmen was illed and
several seriously injured. .
The funeral of Fart Clarendon occurred at
Watford le-day.
tar 4l'LlitrrioTaicltitrill!eut'lg4l:;, - ,
k ,
bill becomes law.
The Pall M II Goolle applauds (I rant's mes
sage on Cuba altar, i.
The coronelfs inquest developed the fact that
Mrs. Watent, the notorious baby keeper Is
guilty . of poisoning nod starring several in
fatitn left in cr charge.
IANIN.ill)) - 3.—The moillficatlon In the
naturalisal I, ulaws of England Is exciting at
tention on t e Continent: Holland Is and to
follow In th matter and will Probably make
similar alter ii ions In herlaww.
The (Mr , . r says the ocean yacht race fatly•
to excite the interest In England that was ex
pected. It is reimrted that the crew of the
Cumbria beerunc 111”ithillied and Ashbury was
obliged to .hip n new one at Cork.
. .
. I.tVlClikel.l.l .lady 2.—11 y the stnt ist les pub
lished this :doming it is shown that eighty.'
one thousand emigrants left this port during
the month orilune for -- , the various American
ports. Nine-tenths, of them went to New .
PARIS, July 2.- Generni Steer :ids and Senor
Armor Coign:des, the Cuban agents, were re
ceived today , inn kintilyfinanner by the Em
peror's Prime Minister...Nl. 011Ivier.
The Committee of tits amps Legislatif, to
whom the umtter wets referred, have required
a modification of the insulting tone of the tie-.
titian of the New Orlenns Princes before con
sidering the subject.
Minister WtoMburne has left Paris for the
Getman centering places. Colonel ‘,Roffman
will net his absence. 11
The discussion of the petition of, the Or
leans, Princes, for restoration, was opened In
the Corps Legislatif to-day.. •
After a very long discussion the hamber
rted Mu petition-18 against 31. -
e Pditor of the Rercl/ was prosecuted to
log repreduced' false anecdottt of tiv
perm. mot P:arl Clarendon from thd
I the editor-In-chief of the /Inuit tent ',en
'ett to thirtern 7 tnontlii Imprisonment
.I'OlllA. July 3.—The Emperor wears mourn
ing for eight days to consepmenee of the droll
of Jerome Bonaparte, of Baltimore.
Prince Napoleon has sailed inn yacht toil,
Norwegian coast.
The decided cote by which the Corps rel. ,
toe pet it inn of the (Mean+ Princes is eon
, 4tiered final.
nke it rommont. :Minister of -,fisteign tiftnir
I soon toinnotoiente to both chninbers II
correuumtdenee with Ecumenical Cannel
The Arlo,. from lhonto ropre•ent that th
discumklon on the dogma of Infallibility Aril
certainly close this week.
. .
lige - it:A, July:.- A meeting of planters and
wealthy slave owners was held bast night.
The parties were unanimous In the ap proval
of the aboliti of slavery by the . omtish.
Cortes and Indisposition to obey the late, but
they request that they ha eosoottted as ter the
ut.troter of earryttut out the. taw, to ;we're=
cremes hecomtne /*grant+ wet e“et to errs.-
Ice n+, t ent by which agricultural Interests
will be nittintsined. Slaves will remain with
theirlerseat muster.. but be; placed ceder
contrtsets r ind receive the same pay for ser
vices he paid freedmen.
About the usual number of cholera rases sw
ear daily. There wereseven deaths yester
day-. There la nu perceptible increase in
death. from Vtunlto. The small pox Is quite
AltnittD, July - Reports that lde Hodes hat
demanded reinforcements are odic lair denied.
The cora pilmentur dinner to Senor Catttllar,
contemplated by 17. e abolitloniste, has been
31tontn. July. 2.--Gen. Print returned to
day. he gdes to Vidal at the end of July.
]Gunn. July 3.—The coupons on the
Spaulth bonds have been paid. roes . amount
to 1.100010 real,.
i‘r.Pr:rEtteurno:July 3.—The C'zich Catho
lics residing hera, sanonnce their de
termination to adopt the Greek faith, should
the dogma of Papal Infallibility be adopted at
R'At July 3.—The Emperor received
the A reit-Duke Albert of Austria here, and
trents him with exceptional courtesy.
Loitoos—.4fitrooon,—thusole ICE; Ameri
can securities quiet trZslONiiiss old e 0.4 Ms WE;
1 0 -4lss WISC. Stock, quiet: Dales, 11Par Illinois,
Great Western. 2730• ,
laysaroot., July' 2—Cotton dull, uplaudetflit
Orleans, liPi; soles 2.000 hater. Brendstuffs
quiet; California white wbent 101 Mellen tkirred
western. N 0.2 Ms td; winter ist 7,104 s lid; west
ern dour, E. Con, No. 2 mixedlOsE2ol34.
Oats 2s Ott. Itarley 5. Pens Ms rd. dull. Pork
1405 ed. Beef lit, Lard is. Cheese Me.
boom, sel; Cumberland cut tCe ed. P It II spirits
oOtroleum ltd. Refined lal3le 7d. I.lnceed oil
rm. Topentlne t.'7o •
LONDON, July 2.—Tallow 45, Hope quiet.
Fitocx rola, July.—Jtonde Orin, 861,
• PARIS. July! -.Bourse quiet —7?.t 70c
A tonrrato, July 'Z.—Petroleum closed arm.
nAviug• July 2.—(Noon quiet: .
(SIGINVID ilE81110111.)
to Telrgraph lu the PqtAborghtl.llBl2B.l . ..
• WAs11INOTON.181) - 2. 1879.
IiEr.IyIL.SON. from the Military Committee.
reptirted a bill granting condemned ordnance
for "4.ildiers' monument, in taken,' town,
throughout the country.
Mr. CHANDLER, from the Committee on
Commerce. reported ' with amendment the
river and harbor appropriation biii which
was made' the special order fAr Wedneaday
• Mi. RAMSEY, from the Committee on Post
ornoP4t reported with amendumeti thel bill to
estaultsh a Trens-Atlautlc postal telegraph
service by American cables. It directs the
Poitmaster General to provide for the recep
tinned every postoffice rtnessageo to be trans
mitted to Europe by sub-marine cables, the
retail for transmission to any • telegraphic
station In Belgium, Great Britain and France
not It:ceding Ore dollars In gold for u
elTeudic.,,o'gfrleEcdtbh t on words,
slib "H :p r aot '
e n :
. 671 .
order to enable the Postmaster. General to
establish said service, the bill authorizes
iltobeit Squires, Idnum Tremolo. Ernsttor
Corning, Jr., Geo. II orr , any compa
ny organised bythem. the laws of 'err
State us lap y‘a maintain one or morcriele
stpble cables barreta the Staten of Male fold
Georgia:. Belgium, subject to the onnterous
roe+, and regulations which are speelged.,
The Postale° Department. to recate
't weety , three cents for each message sent
through its agency Over the cables rma the
residue of all the receipts tor, such messages.
Mr. NI( ILEY,frotn the Committee of Con
(create on the bill amendatory of the patent
and copyright laws, submitted a report which
was adopted. - 7 •
The Senate rejected, by - ,a rote of 2.1 to,ZI, a
mutton to take n resets' from to-day until
Tuesday.. •
Mr: MORRILL, of Maine, from the Cant
mitten of Conference on the Indian ApPsxPri-
Mien bill, reported thu committee were ena
ble to agree In consequence of Mutant denhtl
of the House of the authorty of the Senate to
make treaty stipulations with Indian tribes.
A. new Committee of. Conference was or
; The report.of the Committee on Conference
on the bill to define the duties of /auton
agents was adopted. ,
: A. Committee of Conference.wati appointed
anon the Postoffice appropriation bill.
- The Senate took up the hill to emend the
naturalization lowa-and punish crimes against
Mr. BAYARD concluded his remarks in de
nial of the power of Congress to meddle with
the elections in the States..
Mr. JOHNSON also opposed the bill. • —;
Mr. THURMAN saidlhe ablest. of the f, ill
'ware, ant, to discourage immigration
Europe to the United States; second. tom e
eater/siltation impossible third, to dls
franchlto naturalized voters; fourth, to de r
naturalized citizens from exercising the etc
-thin franchlit; fifth; to provide for a' corru t
administration of the naturalization la
He proceeded to make goad feast e d th
nesertlona lie said the bill mo
th a n eighty indictable offenses, mrnistm le
by flee and imprisomnent. one section alo e
bristling with more than, sixty, and that It
Would occasion Interminable litigation. is
speech occupied nearly two hours, •
Mr. MClBTONlipoke Of the effort. of a
Stages, through tarcusiaelotiero, to Intrude
emadention and the Strang irldtteetnemt t
foreigner: held out by the homestead lave.
He owe sed the bill as an ob , Muei lon to not
ralitutlen. )
The Senate substitute for the House bill was
farther- opposed, tio, Weirs. Shuete
offered . an amendment for
county antorttlipttron, etmunlailoners to be
appointed by the United States Courts to re
.eMee and report toihe courts the proof fur
nished by militants for naturalization. Ite-
}erred. _ -
. Mr. SUMNEllemoved to strike the word
- white" from the naturalizat lon laws.
Mr. WLLIA3IS• oved to add that. g
a.rt ria be .l construed m to authorize the nntitrall
re t ion of pe rso • 2 born 10 tho Chinese Empire: -
hot • utter dine union withdm - t e amend-
Ir. Samuel . amendment or eleelmi —V.
• ..
The Senate hen rejected t e tunendutent
also proposed .y the Senates nmittee as a
subst Rote for he Home hill, 7to :t..
The questlor recurring on t I .114 use bill. It
was amended, 37 top. to stric party vote) ty
adding the lar two' section • of the Senate
bill. . .
, The section provide for lb. appointment Of
t wt. conimisshmers. one of e pnrty. by the
U. S. Circuit Court, In each el. MI MI district of
cities oC upwards of - 41,0011 I. imbitants. The
commissioners are to supers' e the elections
and challenge any name pr .1 to be reg
istered anti any vote offered, Ste.
Section 130 authorizes t e United States
Marstud, In the District toot °ln/deputies and
Ur-preserve order•nt the poll s.
'' Mr. SUMNER then renewed his amendment
to strike the word “while" (Ott of all nets of
COngress relative to naturalization, so that
there would be no distinction on account of
or Coto,
• amendment wag agreed to--yeas 2;
nays 2.1, as follows: _
yro...—Messrs. Anthnnr, Carpenter, Conk.
ling, Fenton, FoPier, Gilbert. Hamlin. Harris,
Kellogg. Lewis McDonald, Murrell, Viol Pair
tem., Pornertiy. Pratt, Himself: Rice. Rub
ertacin, !toss Sawyer. Schurz, Scott, Sprague,
Sumner. Thayer-and Trumbull.
' Notat.—Messrs. Bayard, Horemnn, Casserly,
Corbett. Cragin, Davis. Drake. Edmunds, Har
lan, Harnett. Jullindon, MeCreery, Morton,
Stewart. Stockton, Thurman, Tipton. N'ickers,
Warren, Willimos and Wilson.
Mr. WILLIAMS renewed big amendment
providing, that nothing in the act shall be
of per
a con-
strued to uhorlie tile naturazon
sons bort. in the Chinese Eintilr li e.ati
. .
Mr. STEWART addressed the Senate upon
the Chinese question. Ile argued - that extend
ing the bill to the Ch hese would occasion 11
popular revolution ugeinst hid Republican
party, which would dertroy It before the Chi
nese n o Iran oitisenstalp,.fwo yen', pre
thulium.). notice being net:ow:an - before na.
thrall:ilium. ,
- Mil howl coucluding. Mr. Stewart' yielded
the floor, nod the Satiate at 7:15 adjourned till
Monday. ,
Mr. STEVENSON presented a petition of
the business own of Cincinnati against •11
change of time when the rednetion of duties
shall take place under the tax and tariff bill.
and praying the date fixed. Dec..,3lst be re
Mr.'l CLEAN ray nod n bill to forbid the
conveyance of Indian reservations by treaty.
to any other grantee Oben the Uted States.
Mr.JULEAN represented the abject of the
bill to be te ratify all tint In on future treaty
are Indian lands to be secure for the bene
fit of railroad companies or other \ specula
tion. but that such lands are to heroine part
of the public domain to be under tts coat nil
of Congress. • 1 I -
The bill passed. or t,
Mr. JULIAN mane ill authori fugal ,
plicant s under the ho &Wart act, when pre
vented by distance, or other rood cause, from
Personal attendance at the District lead Of-
See. to make affidavit and proof before the.l
Clerk or the County Court and transmit the
sno r e. with fees. by mall to the Register and
Receiver of the Land Office.. Passed.
Mr. Jr LI AN - reported n bill for tho protee
lion of settlers on lands of the United States,
providing that when any person entitled to
the benefits of the prowtoption or homestead
has tauten !wen fide settlement on lands
subject thereto, such settlement -shell be
deemed to create a contract between the Gov
eminent and settTer. his claim shall con
stitute it vested right of property.,
Mr. HOLMAN Inquired whether that Iran nut
the late at present. JULIAN -replies.. Every
bodytwlleved so until recently, when a con
'teary decision term delivered biJudge Mellon.
if the Supreme Court of the L nited States—a
dreislon which he denounecti rya monsterous,
and one that would be discreditable to a
Judge of a Western County t.:•olirt,
The 11111 imaged.
MIL J CLlAN:reported a bat h. prevent the
further sale of labile bands la the Territory
of Dakota. except under the Preemption and
homestead lows, • •re 4
Also. a milar bill applying to Nevada and
Nebraska. -
The bill 'lts Intended by making it SPOT to
California. 'novas, Arkansas and Ptah, and
Mr. JCL VS on e WI disc-taring for
feited to tit tinned etatet .latid granted to
the State of Louisiana In rot the
a .
OPclen so. • teat—Wswtern,flailroad.
said It would open tip to settlement n
ncrvo rich 10/01.4 110 W Irwlard bad
aPitroVnt 01 Ihe meanhent (Nu Louisiana.
The bill passed.
Mr- JIILIAIIi reported to confirm to Jame
M. flinching and James C. laman preempt it
• .
The bill gave rise to cilactiosion. involving
the imeolley of the act ceding the Valley to
the State of flalifornia in treat, to he Preserv
ed 811 a National park, and the absence of title
In the claimants—lt mt. tabled—Tent Ite,
!viva SI.
. . • .
The House proceeded to the con,lderettio
f the reoorts.from the Committee nn Patent •
. . .
• . . .
the question Ming on a motion to reconsider
the vote whereby the House refused yester
day to table the bill to extend the woad
screw patent of Thos. llnn.ey.
Mr. LOGGIIIIIDGE, who made the motion,
withdrew . it.
The hill passed—r to 48.
-Mr. MORRILL. from Committee on Patents.
reported a bill for the extension of the patent
Pf Anson Smith for improvement in ploughs.
lumed. -
Mr. MYERS, from samiCeinuilltre s rePort
ed a bill to {me Mau to tthn daughters of
Jet MI, Wood. Inventor of the cast iron Plough.
Referred to Committee of the Whole.
Mr. lIENCKES, from Conference Committee
to re Ise, commildate and amend the patent
and c 'might lows, made a report, which was
' n 'S re dS t r.t. ' aker informed the If
bee n that the
Indian Appropriation bill had n returned
from Pie Senate with n request for further
conference, the conferences of the two Leslies
haring failed to agree.
M gr SARGENT. on house oonference, slated
the ound on diderence between two bodies.
The ft lase agreed ton second conference
and Messn, Sargent, filbinck and Paine were
nPlat The House refused to allow Mr. 'Maack
counsel far Pratt Wood. under arrest for us
omit on Porter, to'appear at the her of th •
House nod argue the case.
The PudeLana election ease of Darrell
against Batley was taken up.
After remarks by )(casro. Steyenson and
Sheldon, of Louisiana. In support of the ma
jority resolutlon.`and Mr. Kerr against It, the
resolution of the minority was rejected—Seto
IC, and that of the majority, giving the seat
to Darrell adopted-67 to M.
Mr..ItANDALL mooed to adjourn. remark-
ng tint the question was Important, • and
bould be decided by a full House.
Mr, PTEVESSON offered to allow a cote‘oo
. .
the motion to reconsider to be taken on next
Wednesday, . ' •
Thepremosition was agreed to.
Mr: MJI.LOM, by unanimous consent, re.
E4l.rted from the Committer': on Territories a
1 to Incorporate the United States Freehold
d-and Emigration Comtany. and to con
firm certain legislation In Colorado Territory.
Mr, MYERS, from the Conference Commit
tee on the bill to establish an additional land
district in Kansas, made n report which was
ag reed to. . •
Mr. McCREERY, from the- Committee on
Mechoes, called up the contested case from
Kentucky, with n resolution that Adams, sit
ting member. Is entitled to retain his sent.
.Idr, DICKEY suggested the Renee was in no
condition to consider another election case,
nod the matter was left over no unfinished
Mr. FERRIS, reported from the Conference
Cominittet on the bill fronting the, rtahr of
way to ditch and holders over public
fonds- • -
'lmposing of the bill. the }louse ed.
' Tuesday.
- Wit - bout .1
ourned till
The Riectien on notortey—Tt.e Wen eihmil.
tenon Adopted by a. Large. illapartty.
LBYTelegreph to the Pittsburgh Garottel• . •
CIIICAOO, July 3—Of the election of (do IRMO
yesterday. which wail on the adoption of the
new conatltution.but few scattering return.
have been received, but !none% to make It
certain that the coo nation no a whole: and
eacb., , the , eight propooltlons subdill
ted 'to n separate vote, has -been adept-
e alit : in s r lo " ' ' t a ti l le rit iTint !foe:t e lt bets ray,
, queo u tion of minority repreoentatiou.
At this hour, there seems little or no. oubt of
th onocese of that proponition. In this city
II nt [Weld). thrstomnd votes 'acre clot And
ne rly unanimotto for the constitution and
set rate propositiono. . • •
1 this Sixth Judicial District, Wm. K. hfo-
Ali ster,. Independent. hi• probably eleet
•ed ,Judgn of the Supreme .Conn. over
Chate4.llltclicock, regular Republican nom,
Me Booth and Ferwell, Republicans, .1.
Bog Democrat are elected CircultJudgea
in this Circuit. • In the Second Judicial Die
trims Anthony Thornton Independent Is prob.
ably elected Judge Of the Supreme Court over
tholregular Democrat 'nominee. In the That
Jtidliti District. Hon. John IC Scott, regular
Repo !lean. Is elected over 13. W. Terry Ode-
Imndent, and la the Seventh Judicial Strict
Hon.lßenjamin B. Sherdon. Ilepublicah was
elected without opposition.
The Fourth of July will be rceogoVett here
by thentuopenolan of business Including that
of the newspapers. - There will be ro mem
celebration, but an immense minter of fade
ondentand private ones. The der Promloer
to be deightful.
The Great @teemboss Aare, - 4
[By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
Br; Lours. July_ .2 -A dlspatels from Helena.
'Arkansas, says: The Lee passed here at 4:50
and the Natchez at &:i, ne Natchez claims
to have broken a pump last night and laid up
thirty-six minutes. The time to this point is
forty-seven hours. and thlitY-1111 minutes.
The Natchez says her lime here is one hour
and a half faster thus the. last trip to Nash
LOuurvu.xr, July 2.-The western country
Is greatly excited ever the -race -between the
steamers 11. E. Lee - and the Natchez. from
New Orleans to Cairo. Bereral hundred
thousand dollars are staked on the result In
this city slots The The quickest time on record
Is expected. The two boats lett New Orleans
last'nursday evening at five The
Lee passed Memphis to-night It 11:45. Time
New Orleans two dIL TS, six hours and
nine minutes. Natchez an hour behind.
. . .
........ , -.--,..- ---- •' ----- - ,, ...z..c.w.L>.,4.....d...g 1 ..L - „i.---4 .7 ,,,,,....,- ; ,-...t.--;. -
1 : ---- ..• - '-- •- .' ',, - i ,;,....:; , -=-..5:.. , .. - ., „.,:;....v. , ..--t. 4, - , - ,,,,, *......ett.. ,, .. , ......,,, , - 0.7,- ~..,-...,,,,----
1 - -------- , ..-4. - -4..r.,..ta, , ... , :,....:"....5,,,,w.. , ...-, •
Icolul lIJiT OiL.
Position or Indian Affairs—A War Im
minent inol Inevitable—Bad State,
of Attair, In North Carolina—The
Indian Appropriation 11111—On the
War Path—Postal Con ien I lon—ti old
Sales ordered, etc., etc.
ill Telegraph to thcl'it tßburgta tinzette.l
Little doltbe Is entertained at the artmy
headquarters that a general Indian tear in
evitable. General Sherman received later tel
egrams I ron4General Sheridan. %cinch show
that the Indians, both from the northwestern
and southern reservations, are on the war
path In earnest. Several different bands.
Lay armed and equipped, crossed the Pacific
Railroad at Saunders. en Monday last. for the
ostensible purpose of going down to hunt elk.
but neither Sherman nor Sheridan believe this
to be their real object'. They , are already off
reservations and evidently &man misetilef..
Sherman says the whole Indian people seem to
be inn restless condition. end that fitan in
formation he receives from all quarters, he
has no doubt they are bent on war. General
Sheridan reports that he found a number of
bands a thousand miles away from their ten- .
enations. In a number of their villages he
found large
e q : ' ,lll„Te e n ' t. egA t .o. l e;L"er."Err„';,: -
the account. of atrocities perpetrated by the
India. In the South, and says he looks even
May tog an outbreak from the Sioux; He hras
distributed tureen and made every prepara
tion foi defence, but has net force enough to
t tke offensive me.ures, even if a general war
should commence. The General lion no hopes
of anything good from Red Cloud and kin
chiefs, and says they cannot, by any Means.
control the Sioux nation; that no Intilmt third
canspeak for the Yining men who are always
for war. Sherman endorses these views: and
says that he feeto more convent - about the
slate of Indian affairs than ever before. Ile
19 satisfied that the Indians have only been.
dallying- for the month past, and no doubt
they will strike a blow; but be is perplexed
Io to where it will be struck , lie says that
ced Cloud and band should be at Fort Lara
mie Saturday. where some two hundred lodg
es of lds people are waiting to receive him.
and then their actions trill be closely w.lehrd•
Ml 5 he has no confidence in
Affairs in North Carolina appear an Lad an
the most ferocious lawlessness can make
them. The condition of affairs has Leen con
stantly growing worse. as no Judicintispun
ishment has been inflicted for the outrages.
Governor Holden has now nearly eoinpleted
the organization of two foil regiments of
mild in—ono commanded by Colonel K irk. who
commanded the First Regiment of North
Carolina Volunteers In the late war, and the
other hr Colonel Clarke, who served 'with
distinction on the Confederate side. When
General Douglas emit - est at Raleigh some
time ago, having been tailed to take the po
sition of military sill to the Government. ad
dressed the Republican meeting: and next
morning a placard was found threntening
himself and Colonel Kirk with death if they
persisted In attemPting to raise troops. Golf.
Hoiden, now he re. yesterday, Memnon.. with
Senator-Pool. Mid a long interview with the
President. to whom he explained the situation
In the. Slate: The President informed the
Gorennr that he heartily approved of his
course. but thought he ought to hate resorted
to repressive Meaning sooner. Ile ordered
two conumnies of troops to e sent into•the
State at once, for moral effect and assured
the Governor that if the reign of violence con
tinued he might call upon him for troops and
ho would send force enough to restore order.
Hoiden and Douaias will return to North
Carolina on Sunday.
• •
An important error occurred In Thunidiy's
House proceedings. The item for thd Indian
renoreation In Vallforula was $75.000 Which
the Senate lhorcaied to fllll.OOO. thla
amendment that Meas.!. Sargent and Aunt
atmosed? Toe whole sum ropriated by thc
Herm, bIIT In ri,6OO.OUD and he the Senate bl'
a rs . • •
tween the uniteAnnd Ftunce have
been mopened by the French Minister under
instructions from bin Government. • Post
Master General Cremswell has submitted a
modified proposition of liberal . rarneter
bwied upon provisions of the new stal Con
vention with North Germany *Wet will pro
bnbly be approved by the French Government.
The Secretary of the Treasury has directed
he Assistant Treasurer at New York to sell
. .
. .
a million dollars of gold each Wednesday In
July..tho first and third talon on account of
specinl fund, And Necond and fourth on ac
count of. slaking fund; also to purchase a ntll
llon band. on th e fi rst rind third Ilattr.tlllys
on accoltnt of sinking fund, and two milllon.4
on the eoond and fourth Thursday. on ac
to .I.nt 1 .pedal fund. ,
~Senator Norton, of Minnesota, boo been etb
scat from for Itereral *eels. on ac
count of Illnetta.
General Sherman having received °Mein'
news from General Sheri_dan of the Armpit
hoes and Slows along the Pacific Railroad be
yond Fort Sander, replied to strengthed.the
line of the rood as Much as possible with in
fantry so deposed that the cavalry will be on
hand tad ready. , -
tioneml Sheridan hne.also notified General
the vice Von i tu b l iltmbent info rm ation
Intre n to f
movement of hostile Sloan from Wlrtnepeg
country In the direction of Benton. ,%.11 the
friendly Indians have been driven In by these
Indians and war parties of quncpapes and
Yattanckton Sloan in consequence therof.
and attacks on small portico of white men
are already reported. •
All the available military In Washington
and violally Were this evening dispatched to
Gen. Sheridan:
By Telegraph to Pittsburgh Gluette.)
NEW YORK. July:.
RAILROAD comprrrrsoß.
It la stated the competing railway, to the
west have failed to arrangc, tariff of freight
rates, and that the- Erie and Pennsylvania
Central have adopted the following rates:
From New Fork to Cincinnati, $1,00: Cleve
land. Ile: - Indianapolls. Ind., 11, 0 .41 Lenirrille•
Ky., $1.18; St. Louis, Mo., sl,fo: Toledo, Ohio,
04m Quincy, 111., $1.41). Chicago, file., 11,12:
Detroit, Mich., Mc.
There Is much excitement over the proposed
changes In the fedefal Minces here. The now
collector. Murphy. Is eagerly sought for by
hundreds. while strong opposition to his con -
lineation Is being organized. It is not bellet
ed that (I rinnell will accept the naval °thee.
Mrs. inmes T. Barnum died in Brooklyn
yesterday from an over dose of solution of
% l ife% go n d cu iVa d sh ' ln t :tn i n ru live s eu r e e . - e •ge " , r ,
lots been
The contract semyestertlay a ehhe with the
kimeh on behalf of Chr heeeieieg „
New liorkafen,lfera
"care oratorio!, during the
iggr i t2fA eoe.
nun yeu.owsnir ex rignisnyr.
()rand Sire Farnsworth andFranic Banatlß
ornmlsslotnire to establish the order of odd
allows In Oenutuos reached hero from Call
, • .: MOEMPARY.
The dentha for the week wore ;Al, no In
etenne of 44 on latt week.
eteametaropo. from Glancow, arrived
YORE. July , 8, 1870.
pending nomination of Thomas. Mar
or Calledor,nontinues taconite Interest
lefty among the Republican leaders.
; ;low to-morrow Indirectly. opposer
'..prmation and declares it Isnot likely
natant , the Party. It neveitheleas
horte IL/publican& not to fill the air
heir contentions when on the eve of en
,tant, doubtful and decisive struggle.
the c
to at
16 Hatch. whose difficulty with rresi
ez has been before the Senate arrived
•in steamer Desoto tram Havana. Ho
„ . . .
M eft detained In Ht. Thitinumm mince him re.
ei March, andeaeortng _V, effect asettit
.t him affair.
Th . elMmier Aleppo from Liverpool
In enrdanee with the instructions of o
perin endent Jourdan, the pollee• are on the
alert torus to discover violations of the ex
cise I tr. the result is but fete liquor stores
open nd rem few drunken men peen.
...New Me:leo Silver Mhses.
IRs7Telegrarth to the Pittibursh Gazette.l
Drum% .—A July 0 letter to tbeOp Post
from me rant Company. New Mexico. new
slices mines describes the location of the
mines as Lae feet above the level of the sea.
There is a Poratlon at Ralston, • Dew vil
lage. of two midred. It is about twenty-five
miles from the tc..+oet river. Two..handred
and eighty-ave I have bee n . discovered ,
and over fifty in es claims are located.
Many of the claims, not being made In con
formity with - territorial, law. , are being
throws out. but are relocatse about n o fit
no opened. A municipal govertment has been
termed. with a recorder, sad then. Is no doubt
of the Immense matter of • groat @may of the
claim. A canal and rallWar comparo, with
a capital acne million dollars,
theeep corm
ed to take the ore to the mills at river tad
to carry water in the canals to the mines.
The MIMS are lit the hemt of the Apache In
dlex.iacotmtu, and the settlement will be •
se•otity to pioneer •ettlers 'and trace
New and vtiry ch silver mines tau, been
discovered *MUM miles from Fort Lleyard.
He Is Received Everywhere Weirutne
and Enthuslasm-How Con...CAICOS Pays
'Honor to the Chief Meglstrai.• of the Nation.
lily Telegraph t . the Pitt sbuyglt Gazettel .
H.vicrentio, CV July Presidential
party arrived at three Wclock, and were re
ceived with enthusiastic cheers by a large
concourse. President Grant left the Hank
leaning on the arm of Governor Jewell. aalit
on reaching the latter's cat•riage, Jewell in
troitp ed him in the people. ns follows:
I,olr, anti Genie: I have the boner to intro
duce to you the President of the United Slates.
I propose for hint three s cheers. lie Is your
Cheers were heartily given and the carriage
drove immediately to Governor Jewell's resi
dence. many demonstrations of welcimie be
ing le by the ;ample along the route. After
dining. the President was escorted LY the
Governor's Guard told the Hartford City
Geoi mic ee
d to the Allyn /loose, where lie Mid a
mi rept ium In the evening there was n
private n•cepi lon fee which, a large limber
of invitations were issued. The l'resident
aud tannic will be Ihe guests of tins. Jewell
over a y and leave on special train nn
Monday inctruing for Woodstock.
President Grant was received yesterday at
Stamford by Governor English and stuff and
it delegation from the Legislature, who Wele
throng gathered about the depot, and loud
lid long cheers greeted General Grant when
be tonic his appearance. A • stand had been
erected near the rail read track', to which the
Presidentisais escorted by Ex-Governor
Jewell, and Introduced to Governor English.
After shaking hands Governor English de
livered an a ddress nt Weil:tinge. in which he
The eitiaens of C.milectieut welcome you
not only. President of the. United Rates,
bat recognire In you the Commander-In-Chief
of nor army. - who, during the dark days of
the rebellion-when ennuis of darkness were
hanging over this country, when the day and
hour In which R was to be sultPreseed
mainisl In the future.- stood up In our de
tense. and we felt as the people felt, that with
you at the head of her army, and late clue.,
sons and brothers with muskets in their
hands, our Constitution would be sustained
and the happiness and peace Of lie country
restored. 1 ovon as cider of our army and
President of the republic. we tender Our cor
dial welcome. (Cheers.) I
file President in reply Said: . • -
I can only say' Call scarcely find words to
express me gratification at your welcome. I
thank the people of the State of Connecticut,
and the Legislature of the State, for the cor
dial welcome they . have given and expressed
by you. [Ctmers.]
At Bridgeport the President eons loathe
cheered Had the party. under escort of the
Mayor. made a tour of tau city.
At New Haven the President visited the
State House and . ..lei Introduced to the meal
hors of both branches of the Legislature and .
short a address of welcome and response
were made. City Hall wits •Iso visited and
Gen. Grunt presented by the Mayor. In an ad
dress of welcome, to the City Connell,. to
which he made a brief reply. A IdeaStlnt• re-
Cent ion Wat :5100 given ut }fendalai where the
train matte a brief stop. The party arrived
at Hart ford ationt p. N.. when they found
the entire town out Oo welcome them, cannon
Mid 11311119 of wish: greeted then as they
disharked and the entire city appeared to Re
enjoying a gaiaday. There was hnppily no
tspeechonaking. and the President, lifter bow
hngtile clamed, was permitted to enter a
'nrriage with his wife and daughter and
drive to the residence of ex-Gort/bor Jewell
to dinner. At live o'clock the President was
Waited upon - by 'Mayor Chapman. and a Re-
Ception Committee and members of the city
government at ex-Governor Jewell's resi
dence. rim, Mayor • bristly welcomed to
Hartford on the part of the o city government,'
and Gen. 1 0 1 1 lwley 111.0 welcomed Mai In behalf
of the eitill.
I G n e A tir::r: cI P 1 1 .; n 1 , 1 1 •1 1. r d i • y: ; :t n s h e e7 h r r t i F f i e d o e ' r ' n Y' n t t o h n e • a h 3 s:e
r s Y c a o l :ll , : . :Fd:
public reeeplion. Hundreds of nersdns were
presented andlarge numbers were 'utable
gain nem: s le the lintel parlor.
.Is the eveninran olegsnt private reception
was given at the residence of ex-GovernOr,
Jewell. The extensive grounds were brilliant
ty Illuminated by Calcium lights and lanterns
and a band stationed on Mom performed is
on e of music - . The large mansion
was thronged throughout the evening. ManY
prominent meta were present from all parts of
the State. Refreshments were served during'
the evening. the reception was s zir:7bly the
most enema' private reception ver given in
Hartford. -•
To-dot President Grant r ats ended divine
service tn the morning at Park Congregation
al church. Rev. J. Burton. This evening. ac
companied by Gl.e. Jewels and taking HISS
Nellie the President drove to Farmington.
nine miles distant where Nellie ors. imme
diately to be Weed at school, The
peroident dined quietly at Governor .
Jewell,. at six - 'Mrs. Grant, . writ'
retuTtrto New , Yowls Att Monday noos.brlth
her ens Fred. 'find daughter Nellie. U. S.
(front, Jr., Ju st atlnitted to
„1.1a1 . r va-Cett,siv
President :done of
his family will be at Woodstock to-morrowi
At the emiclusion of the exerelies on Mon
day, at Woodstoek, the President will accom
'. pang Senator Buckingham to Norwich and
attend the reception given by OW Senator In
the evening. On TuadaY .q.rutg he F." E.
hew'loth, and there he wili be coned My 3.
•••• Grant ahtPrneeed mt Tuesdnyn s•s •- •
'near's. • • ash-
iforein, Ares destroyed by tire
—New York Trades Union are moving in or.
ponitlon to Chinese labor. •
. . , •- • •
Nfcroole has `, the forelt. and• the fight
bet weep him and Tom• Allen Is therefore off.
—Ono hundred and seeentrAve Chinese
hare arrived at . New Orleans to work on plan
tat lons. ••
—VAX! dollars were derived from 5,77
f l, c n e s s. l wed thus fur, by the Exelselloard
—Phillips on. HiMends dry o
New York. no Mined V 10.40 loss from gre,
Saturday night
There.vrtll e n great demonstration to
day at Denver, Idornd.t. One of the features
ho it 31010 le ball and banquet.
—.l colony b our thousand laborers. wilib
rot to Colorni o next month. by a new Col
ntratlon omr, fly formed In Now York.
—Pred. .E.tl7. n 'missing mysterious of
New York, has ',neared with the old story. drugged and ro bed and enticed out West.
instalfinent of llve hundred Chinese
was expected sit Chattanooga on •Saturday.
They ore to work on the Alabama and Chat
tanooga Itailrond.
„ •
—The distillery and warehouse , of ft. !fair
Co. at Oquawka. Ills.. was struck by lightning
on Thursday last and the building and tine
hundred barrels of highwines destroyed.
—During a thunder storm on Sunday last a
young lady named Oardner,being tour trifles
northeast. of Ottawa, 111., whtle closing a
window, was struck by lightning and Instantly
—J. S. Martin. cattle dealer from Texas, was
robbed on the Mississippi. the steamer • Olive
Brunelv , Thursday night of about .sroat to
drafts 'and currency, the proceeds of cattle
—An accident occurred on the Rock , biland
and Paciffc Railroad outhe Ist near Home
stead. lowa. by the breaking of an rule.
by which ICm. Telford. - of Mares was In
stantly killed, and several others Inj go.
—At Baltimore, several thousand persons
witnessed yesterday afternoon. the Ceremo
nies of Blessing the new eatholic Cemeter,r.
four miles from the city. Bishop Foley of
Chicago offlciated, assisted by other °ler •
F. Fonrowl. ne foot severed
Warren county, HI Der nearly so by the
f „,":1 "1 4 .ng of horses attached to n mow
- . no. 'Hopes are felt that he will re
--At You Wert. Ohlo, on Priam . last. Sebes
-Ban Fit, was In the act of throwing on a belt
with n bay fork handle, when the bolt caught.
the end of the handle and plunged it with
great force into bin left breast, two inches
above the heart.
—The oeenent New Kent C. IL Va., on Fri
day last. at the execution of Lewis K ennedy,•
W negro, who ravished nod murdered Mrs.
Stewart, and afterwttrdu killed John Baker;
her form mounter, Sum a horrible one. Thu
rope broke twig" hod the mblereant died af
ter a prolonged struggle.
--The. Welting Timei of Cinainnati charge'
the trisnufncturem of that clty with having
held meeting's for the purpose of taking steps
for the intruduction. et Chinese labor into
their shops and Inttories: The Times also
publishes several letters tram mechanics ask
ing for information. and threatening ven
geance upon the instigators of the movement.
—The • three hanks in- Denver; Colons/id:
shipped la the month of June $1 . 4,900 In gold
bullion. The business of the United States
Brabell'Slint for the fiscal year ending June
ad, 1R70; Wee $100,576,70; en Incregso of $l5,-
;a4ms over The tented States Land Of
flee, in the month of June, sold 14,338 acres of
land; the business Of the second quarter, end
ing June 30, was 19,353 acres. • • . • • -
—The National Land Company have sold,.
since the opening of the Denver office, April
111 k, nineteen thousand four hundred and
forty-two acres, for seventy-elght thousand.
hundred and thirty-Oro dollars, receiv
ing to fony-four thousand , four hundred
and seventy-eight dollars, 'The Increase In
June over.the.May business is nearly fourteen
thonsand &Mars. The Company also received
nPalicationit for forty thousand sores Kneels
Pacligc hinds, which will soon be ready .for
—The report of the State Auditor on the of-,
deers nod condition of life Insure.* comps.-.
lee in Ohio, shows Chet the whole amount of
life policies In force In Ohio. December Slat.
1909, was t 91,874.911, of which Ohlo companies
her145.488,=; companies of other Stater. 58ft-
M 38,604; premium received in Ohlo by ford,.
companies, $3.7fa'..501; claims pnld in Ohio by
compactaa out of the State . 5475,19 tar, claims
paid by Ohio companies, . The com
panies of other States take out of Ohio yearly,
for premium., about 52.000.0110.
Indian Dermiatlesta—Three Afen•Morderad-.;
flonible Btulnllty.
[By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Ciszatte.l
(.7tintrerm. July. 2.—A letter from South
p en ',ors DIM on :Tune Moth Indians stole
from ttmt cirtnitY ninety-tight braider Porte*
andsoules. The eitismutpunnted. but slither
horses being gone they could not retake their
stock. They found the bodlen -of Dr. Bard.
Iterney-Blaman and per. lissom, they bash
wiped.rW by the Indians. Morgan was
the. klwr bolt of a.mmgon - *riven
k o l u " tior hOwtha;rtierLsVas hie
who °mutated these &Tem:Mb:mu we Arra-
Patio's and *souk.
Dominion Day In Canada.
lily Telegrhph In the Pittsburgh' (Inretle.)
TOttox•ril, nonillion day. yesterday.
w observed ass general holiday throughout
the as
country.. In this city a splendid monu
ment. erected in memory of the volunteers
who fell at the halt le or ilidgeway . during the
tlrst Fenian Raid. In lhts. was unveiled. The
tlevernor General wa.. present and delivered
au elognent address. ren thousand pC}llo[l
were present.' •
Jury 2. IS O.
ti.o.nrrit: The true Republicans
of IlirmithTharut in troth precincts, take
courage front the doings this -evening
concerning the "third party" movement.
The Well known "ring,' whose manipu
lations in the special interest of ifs mem.
hers lut‘t• been . the cause of inhatmon.
lOUs actio n of the pa Fly borntigh affairs
in yeill'rs 'past, undertook and mit through
the farce of. selecting' delegates to the
malcontents Convention. Its baleful in.
tluence, therefore, will not be encottuti•i•
ed in the regular primaries on the 2:th
of August uewt, until 1111 . 111 Reit 1114111113 S
feel grateful for the riaance. The only
fear entertained is that deiegil . eS
lected tuay "take water." disrover their
mistake, and not put. in appearance nn
Wednesday. In any event, the -ring" is
doomed. mid already its creatures man --
, fest uneasinessin their places.
Pirruntltiou,J illy 2; 1870.
Bank have this due declared a dividend of
VE PEll of
on the Cuplllll Stock, out of
the earning. of [helm°. bin month., payable forth
with, free of nil tux.
Ju cs:,4 Assistant
FIRST PittsA, P11,131:1 mpa 1011. PA..
;Late tburgh Trost Cony./ i
The Director. of this Bank hove , this day de
clared a quarterly dividend of -THREE PER
CBST.. /A, he Capital Stock ma °tee groats of
the lan three niunth.. payable fort with. tree of
State and Government
.1. 11. SCCLIA". Cashinr.
1870. Jutaki
Ownler Bliwast Ca
PtrrauCtialt.lcilylst. 1870.1 '
DIV WEN D.—T -President and.
Mummers of the Company for rect.
leg a Bridge over the Allegheny Hirer, opposite
l'itt.burgli, In the county of Allegheny. have Oda
I i.e declared it Dividend of ONE 1/01.1J111 - Alit
FIFTY. CENTS on each glare of thqratiltal Stork.
gt the Company, payable. kir i'reipturer to
tookhosiste or theo legal retireuctitablVitalocih .
W3l. ItObElallll. Trommuner.
Directory nf Dank liner this day decland
Dividend of SIX PER VENT. out or the profits tit
the huit six n ..... ths, tree of Government. tax. pay •
able on demand.
JU nly H. HILL. (Nuttier.
PlTBhrunn, Pe., JnV Y. 11SEIE Jul
• AllEltlrl, BANK. •
PITIaItrIMII. Jul Ist. 1870.
rd the , Bank have this day declared a semi
.nual dividend of SIX PER CENT.. payable to
nvockholder. 00 and alter the 11 lb lust.
WM. FLOYD. Cushier.
Prrrsoroon. July 1. 11470. i
CENT . . free ;4 Token. will tut [slid to the
Stockholders of this F100k...n end. after ITYSt.
DAY, July 13th lost.
1t11:ro1 3011 N O. MARTIN. Cashier.
Pirreernon. July 1.1h . 170.
.of the Beek bare declared a dleldetutut
SIX PER CENT., out of the tweets of the tart it
months. pnythlo4onthnith,ittn %if UM.
J 0271.0 • F. 1.. STEPIIREsos, peehler. SAVIXG4 01 ALLGOItENT,j•
Como, of Fedpral and haroot streetA,
Jnon IEI7 Or • )
Donk bare this INT declared a dividend of
VICE Ptflt CENT. not Of the tenetsof the last
nix 1110110, pantble on net otter Joly lot. TRIO.
free of tax. E. P. IfOUNti.
Jere.; Cashier.
HUN IitAIIAtOAD,O. this deldecisztql
dirldead Onto-or Whi
DAM C o. l: ,e6Fau rfirt hemtri.
, JvNg 4)0.1870. 105225
OrrIVT. nr litTittl. ISE it SUFIANtt
' •
.dkky declared a no:al-annual dividend of
teen of Govarnment Tax, pvynb l a at the office.
rf rt. 423 Porto 'treat, on and alter /Illy 1.11511.1.
1e17:71N 3. J. ALBNITZ Serrel.42v.
fr•NOTICE.—The undoinignio, dale,
chartered the Steam purr) Boat, Copt. W.
C. LIENNY. and will run her Os Ferry ou site
sifter Soty 6th from filarysisurg to Pittabuseb oleo.
mall the Rh ores b urg' Bridge Is rebuilt—.. .:
• W.V. If. CLISET.
Jul: ' ' W. A. SPROIIit.
Ticket,. of wire ivainti, Lncluding dinner. 73c.
• .
Oa..NOTICE.—The Consecration of
. . . . . .
JOHN WF-SLEY CHAPEL will take place
. FUNDAT. July 10th. at winch Drue the Right
COLE!. and other, will be present-
TUESDAY ICTISNIIIO. Jule sth. at S o'clock.
will he told on second floor et Hellealne ,
Roo.. 106 Prolthneld street.
20 ghat. Rank. Pittsburgh.
10shares Gorman National Bank. •
attar. 11. & x. lidtto.l Bank.
Jo h
Jul A. 11c1I.WA INE, Atmglom
Wattles & Sheafer
nave receiveda slice savortvocia
STYLES OF dr:WM.3T, vvider vvrie .•
th AraTit=eire. -
A kerchief }Whiffs,
Rings. (Ilene and Hand Brace'
Opens Leontine and Guard Chains. e
• asstltitAW. 1870.1 '•
From Sad altos this date. thaOrdlostose rohWot
- to Fire Arms. Shooting Crackers...NS ittlettels.alll
be ritildlrentarce& The Pollee aro IniVreaed to
arrest all persons trine • . -
,Pistols,;(i'ori.Firee . raOkeiN or Rockolo,
Oo '
the grooia: Saleysi, or public ground. of the
A.' P. CALLOW, Mywor.
Jest homed. with profuse illuswaliono. rho Jab
umber,. „,
With Fourteen Val oin, Machu.
30 eento per Port: 0340 per
With eleron entonaining and Inr 0 . 01 ". 000 .•
44 oema par PM- OtUr 11r443 Per Ann
Good' Words for the Young.
• With
. ten entefrinttuf. =molars and
03 canto por port. 1113Fpor opomi.
WYE...WO br penod Wrier,. For Pros
pector liberal Club Raw. ate., atillrees ' •
w 4 • • +l3 AND 717.11ARKET 81%. rum*.
OF ALLzoris:i - r.VouNrc. •
'No. 813. September Term: 'I '
' Marto Bann. by tier nest friend, Henry &sier.
es. James P. D. Bmtck. In Invorne, •
And now. June 1 lab. 1870.'0n motion of Jobs
P. Penne: Sm. tbe Conti aneant IL auranorr.
Nap. Comselsidoner to toil testimony on behalf,
of libeller. In the sbore nub. ,•
sv TII coOrr
At tett : JACOB IL WALTEL Proth9ll.l=7
Notice Is hereby alventhat the andetslira ed
Wenn to the duties of Ms appointment at Ma ed_
nee.lio„ 0..401440a. Tomei:LAX, ebit7 le.
1870. at o'cio4 *riles
- •H. • • Casiatisakmer.,t
13 A . at
br .67 L4141./ClititCO.l
Commercial and Family Neivspigiet
tti,,.. - ... .
No far er. mechanic. or merchant ationig be
apt/tont I .
reit.: .
MillrOTlive th. . " .... : ....... '..
:' ..... 1ig:
A Ng, m furnished gratuitously In the getter tip i
of • nob a ten. Ptletsoasters are Lrequieled to ,
'eel as Agents. Address,
PICNNVII1:11;,R616:1) & ell
•• Mor Loot,
11.1• It LINES. will be itorrted , n ar0...1411111ns ..... - r
rn - snrry- rt:Amt
err ,iss r rn,
A Good Republieun Nnispaper.
fly pop, whn will ;lee aatislacttoa to his port?
and readers. Address BOX M4l. Moadville, P...
stone[ torus. location end circulation.
reference, at No. 967 PBNN orange.
I V I V - 1
, N , T 3 lFia.zTo s ratase a H ona7 of
ed Address, with ' , Swarms and localrorl.ol2 . .
111,7.177 K odleo.
NTED.—AI 13 Tunnel Street.
Jy Opvrou•rs, Finisher. rpol Button itOI
tors. 6-11
,t 'on he paid fora centrally hi.
Store r o o m. Piosession wanted soon. Adder.,
11, tdriirre olds,tcZ
Witt of 9 or 10 years of mce, to live with
couple. Compensation, board. Clultklest, school.
In[. .4c. Best'
referent* [lvan Adder foe.
two J. V., of
otnte. U.S
ANT A 43N1, — .,!,. 8, kr t 1. 0 r 27.RA1;
a roan whounderstands rectifying and cocapoune-
Ind liotaten. Bost
se a
om e n
dress It R. M.. Pittsburgh P.O. f-tt
'N T E N . ro — odi ,
are wanted . to up the
DUQUE:SNP GISTS. This onoparty is ono or the
best In the Battalion. Aptly at the oar. of
. *Be el Feed of 4111 a street
.WANTED.—Secenal Men for Farm
Work, Gardening ant! Driving. Alert for
liricovard.Wiwt. Several atria GIS. Wanted foe
Patting. Chattaberwock. Dialnitetletu, Wu*. and
Halo work of ail deseripiOn. Apply at MIMIPI.OI*-
M EST MTH'S. No. 1 Sloth fittOet, Om door few
Suspension Bridge
30.000 to Loan In lone or aman automat
at a fair rata of Intercom. •
and Hest Xstats tiroliar.
N 0.170 Stolibasl.l Woos
Thirty Thoinand Dollan le Loak
ran or tinnll amounts on progeny In Allegheny
my ate fair rate of Intercom.
Real *tate
BM Want. otreet.
o.lll.DlNG—Taidmith Boarding,
_La TWO 88COND STOUT ROOMS, famished.
at 103 Fourth averilla 4211
bertiby notglednot to negotiate or
Went ..ntn roe 1472.40. payable to the order of
J. W..2deCA4LIJ, dated May 2*.b. INlo.and
dawn by J. W. payment ha been
•topped on owe.
LOST—On Monday' Orening last, 4
MFSIORANDU3III()O6 iNintalnins • mall
amount of Postal Currency. A Intent reward 0111
be. Pad to the pence returning it nn
• . fIPEXCEA, AIM& A Co..
f.J Coe. 24th and SmalletgAtito. 17th wool.
1"0-1,ET.—A complete DiVELYANG
A. ROUSE. erlth Store Room attatthea;
tml {
9 tmltrite avenue. For terms; t.e., rail at No,
rO•LIFT. —ROOM. , Witt! RD
—A Mite of Y - at:ltheni Rooms on mend;
EMir. 780 Thlrttlienoe.
A first-olars STORE ROOM spOTPellar. No.
ISM•Liborty street, P 6,230004 MM4 up
shelpLup and counters. Wlll 7 o* rentad ettun
Mlledforsona. Enquire at •
.._ _ .
IPOR SALE, - 110USE. Furnished
.......,,..... ....... well loreted for •
!Jardine horde. T v erate.7.2
VO SALE 11EAP. - -$2,500 will
n_ boy, house ith fiv• rooms and tinitorith
four lots lad feet f tby 106 feet IA depth, with
Inghlinffrnntlng non :OM . In. stalnrl,ollo4ll/If
eenere t act nf l'nonnylvynEn avenue. nrintistb
verd neer. Sett Liberty. Apply at 174 Grant
Oren.. neer Seventh avenue. • jultberre
OR SALE.— That well•knotra
! latoling,Penna....TLlZ
T ft/I'M? ' atuunr..” with all Its zarnltan. etc.
Ifu • Paper p.llloli darning to Dap a basal. OW la
ran ODPortunity. For terial,call or addrese
J. BATHS 11.11ULL111.
• No. B Dank of Commerce Balldlna.
rir o.apntlon Immediate on sal ln et Ut 2rlift hL iZ
VOR SALE.—Engines and palters.;
Nair and Second Rand, of all kinds, oonitantly
nn band. ' •
Orden from an parts of We anntry AvaiPtlT at.
JA11119,11113. ti C 0 .4
Corner Mutton Avenel:, and P., It. W. 2G IL W.,.
Allciarl,De.. ' • '
F°T atsaeosl l ittn i l "e iktio Wr n.l"4s:wand. ImproX
rcerta-2 &rehab, my - largo - barn ind , MM..
smallap boust ig orcharc and MI mend by •
creek pus Moue+ the Om. httude4 In
If; fraturga, =AA utis - cie r ark 1M74
•esy so eillaird chu rc hes. 'rue Wm can be
purchased at
_per sere. ' Applycn
_ r . IN A L'O.. No. 104 Youth Are.
DRIVER, containing 100 atm 3 house.
thereon; one, • tine, oomfonable and converdent
house; good Inter. and one of the best water pow.
fromWestent Patinaylvania for a will; lb mike
from the My, on the waters of Turtle Oat Road.
tj Of • wile front Btewarls Ittnalon, Central Reli
ned. Also, several good Yuma In volt locatives
and Brows for We. Enquire et , -
etyll No. 119Grunt.M.,0PPosiW ErithedreL
A hindsowe wowed Brick .011: two
stories. andel:du 7 roams, Lo 4113
t by I %U.
ate on 44th street. near Butler aulost: tau
well . ..POW nllll snipe vines, ahrobbery. lta. '-
Chile on the merle aline 00111. 0. ell
tbe Pecan This properly le certainly the rere
slrable ln the 17th Ward. PAM inoelarsAm and
long time Oren. T. B. BUJ. it BON
Cor. Penn arse 3.31 Wm&
ON MAIN STUMM—An ~r.t IfventerottegV
Ilbanur situate on ylkalm'rnm qt. 0.121-
R 7, th,:,:".Zw4...114..10.17, L' 7 .1774
all of - b.,Taillgit.`
by lON. clove to the eithrertg P. W,
Any t=bingmlessent %aye ;Alp to Italld
ILO w BI purchase line T.B.
neer ilhe
It. atkiall aBI In/ancein louver/ eatitinwat
payments. Workingmen amid not IM OD grand
oppnrturilty ellp by, They will never have...their
." o.l ""'thge'". owner
ROUND DOWN; orj..lie *Lei.; Posei . 611 Dee. ' A
N.Frrol..llltoe. Flue elan.
A. re mailtible Y.NeffliStp rail.
'An Inter s
Ors• dom.:rale suety. which will be
perused with Pleuute trout begiunhis to •
Prning Bolurin.- -
.ro , KorloN OF NONNN. 12ut0., no.
Mies. 4.1.k.„.r
Teri able. outdid and convlieuef arionseat.."
e. Jountol.
- Keen biNlsearehine."—Phdet. Prrsheffilon.
TUCKS'. witti Inn heirs:Map Details of theft..
lee. Fishes. Brrsi PostWOon 11.• D. - D. ,
lustreituL Mom rat" 112.4.1.
..D r . deeelipuirse are pep le;
itelentideated Uie reverse of tedious: —Old. Prom.
A v ., • mier..gthi u well us reliable book..—
1 0. ViAltrle Poems, By Nail . '
18r.0.1C AS 'fluted piper. Mtn
"Kviden r the prodietlon of • bligtilyeultivelest
toind."—Pclo. Press.
••. • .
•Addiatt "Wax. of poem. all lodleaUngesdqui
d taste id the writer.—S. X.
CARLIN°. A Novel. By the euthoe ; , 11=
tonto,'' "Loesman Bedoal:n. 'eta • 11l
tlva - Paper cover. 33 rents.
nfitt Mo
Stran w ge and deeply Intereettne."—N. T. /Muff
- A capita/ Utile strwl."—lffwiLiwor Zoo*. '
ONLY A 111111.- A Jtrowisacra. Fran the
of Yiltllttallio I Coif 1111411 Zia By Art
Wierialatnuwaarow f the - 010 Mao
"' 112 mo. Coat
A Phan:slog wort, ti Ora oarminglp irrtlitont-7-4Or•
twu*kD4MlrA. -
"77mey.Sardble .M
potreesing fra mom thaw
ordinary merit.."—Pirtort. Sort'. dour/am •
nir,r&LSVI "i&FAA`ef I. T•1110V4
.. Tba t o . 812 -
Informal= loran In M aid
voluntea-of the aria Is Of jut thali
that ordinal roam wtki bob..icoamtr —
Err. Tavel&
For sale by all Bookiabas.ra beast to =yob ,
drewrues pale.ape. r•oalia. ol the Flak IN,
woixer. trnio.
Pittsliurgh and
Cepnellsville'B` R.
4,4 i» t,oswepttt.emith sad
• (vl%o7ll'o' .1; War toe is -
role ants arpret)est . .7l7LT.ltlG mid WM Jul/
1L , A.N41111.....
• : :.... -. •;-L',i' . ; . ''' , '2i .
18111 E