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Penes* leaving the city for the summer.
AM 'trishaw to have the ::134tzrrrs: Pent to
tbein,vfll pleasti send their aildretlee to the
'-°IS6L. Prier bTmtul. 75 teeter., month. .
..n:glatteg west 'win be held the regular
=nuttily meeting of Celina,
" Haider. of eaciaelltallle Railroad land. will
'lnd an agreeable notice concerning them on
oar Lot page.
:.. L. H. Roseabarh, the rMnular Youoß,drol:-
Fet of this city. hog left for New York to ow
s! a new Ftock of g004i..
Mae praetor., the fare of o walnut bare
made there appearance In market, and selling
two for twenty-flee cents.'
'Minim—Oar thanks are, doe to Captain
Wm. N. Dalitielob, the official Postmaster of
the House of Representatives, Washington.
- 1) C., for esteemed floors.
Harper' s ?dew Monthly, for July. Is out and
toll of capital reading. Harper's Weekly and
[lirPer's Uazaar. continue to, come regularly
and to grow 'in popular fa r. Tbelr popo-
, lAlitY Is but c Jost tribute o their genuine
Worth. .
Bade Found—The body of an unknown moo
was found floatlng In the Monongahela Inver
near the City - Farm loot evenin It w° o
brought to the city and left t t h e station
-house, where It remains, awaiting. the - nett.°
og the Coroner. The body, from appearances,
ban heen-IYlng In the water a considerable
length of tams. -
Temperance. Mectlnn.—The Fifth Anniver
sary of the Allegheny 'Temperance League
will beheld this evening at .Y o'clock in the
the Itandany street Baptist church. Ad
drenes will be delivered by the Rev. Gen. P.
Hays. of the. Central Presbyterian church.
Rev. C.. W. Smith, of the Denver •street 11.
church. and the lieu. Joseph King, of the
• Christian church. The annual report 'will be
read by the Rev. Elliot E.Swift. Swett music
will be discoursed by the choir. This meeting
Is Intended to be a grand gathering of the
earliest friends of temperance reform. and
promises to be one of special interest. -
- --
Seri .111 y Injured
John Hensler, a stone cutter employed. :11
the new City Rail building, was seriously in
jured yesterday, morning. , lie was working
In the Custom Rouse yard. and the brick lay
eik were engaged removing the scaffolding
from the side of the building, and - one of the
cruel:maces fell and struck Hensler. who.
when picked up. wag found to he badly In
jured. Ills rialit arm tent (rectum' and he
wanton severely bruised on the shoulders
end beck. The Injured man was taken to his
home on Fountain street, Allecheny city. and
medical attendance summoned.
Fa•hionabin %%eililsor
Turner Hall. on fllnhiltenue. was nn Wed
nesday night the scene of n brillinnt and fash
ionable • event. the marriage of Mr. Morris
Morganstent (son of our esteemed citizen
Joseph Morgenstern. }'sq.) to Miss Pauline
lioffheimer. of this cit T. The affair was con
ducted in elegant style. The hall was bril
liantly Illuminated on this occasion. and tt e
guests were among the most prcimlnent of our
citizen. • An excellent band of music dis
coursed to the Terpsichorean devotees. The
entertainment Was closed with a grand ban
. gnat, at which some two hundred Invited
guests participated. We wish the happy
.couple a long and prosperous life.
On Saturday. June 2.5 th. at threee °Week,
at . the above Park there will be one of the
grandest trots which has taken place in this
vicinity. outside the well remembered Dexter
trot. The following horses bare been enter•
ed by their respective owners, VIZ: Annie
Watson. Latham; Meg and Oakland of Davy.
The. well-know reputation of these hones
will no doubt draw a large crowd. and Its the
best of order will be insured, and no failure
of the horses to put In appennnce. the public
Min be afforded a rare oispOrtrinity for enjoy
lined. The admission is nne dollar. and with
:• good day and good track. we expect some
teellent time wit be made. Let all attend.
• The lovers of billiards will be pleased to
learn that a new and handsomely fitted bil
liard hall will be opened on (Sat
urday) In the Excelsior Omnibus Company's
building. Liberty street. opposite' the Union
Depot. The hall has • been fitted up in first
etas style the fixtures being new and of the
bed qualities. There are eight newstables from
the celebrated manufactory of 'Julius Balk.
which are provided with Phelan's patent
combination cushions. The hall is well
/1111110 d and well ventilated. and by far the
handsomest and best in the city. Mr. Joseph
Matthews, the manager. has had extended
expenence in 'the business. and no there will
be no bar, and as match games for money or
betting In any way will be strict prohibited.
we bare no doubt the Exceisir Billiard 11011
will be the most popular in the city with
those who enjoy the game, and who does
The formal opening will take - place to-mo,
row, at two o clock. at which time Messrs.
' Jolla* Balk and Phil. Tiernan.
_of Cincinnati ,
will be present and play the opening game
and rive an exhibition. The manager would
be pleased to Newsome of his old friend. and
customer+ present.
city, stopping at the Motionfehels Howie.
A 1.1.34146. F./OMM aellurrans, • melting
Democrat, whose name mysteriously got on
the third party call, announces that he has
neither sympathy with the move meat nor the
Republican party. Knock one off the
Poor. Dims, of the High School. has t
eotumeted with it since its drat existence.
.COL WY. Ptolairs will tote Gov. Geary to
Putters Landing to-tiny be special train over
the Allegheny Valley Railroad.
/mu B. Luang. Big" is the retiring .d
globert.D. )(Wee. Esq..
Alumniomi Presi
dent of the High :School Association.
wt., °WHOM D,CexOtt has been reengaged
for next season at tne Opera House. •
Ray. J.AmEsit. Mita. pastor of the North
avenue M. E. Church. Allegheny delivered
the animal addreu before the Phi Hanna Ni
Fraternity of Allegheny College, Meadville.
last craning,
Ott WroximoAr MonitioO Engineer Kum
- Of No. EQ. run the Pules expos. train on the
Pennsylvania railroad from Altoona to Har
risburg. Intim bons era Ilfty-four intrudes
R. R Cousauss. ESQ.. of the - Seeund ward
is sold to be the author or framer of the cal
for a new party.
Ift.'be the Re (oral
era' candidate for Connie...
- .
/MOE PAIME, of the Fifth ward. Allegheny
CUT. is spoken of as &suitable man for County
... .
3000 Fboro. Eat.. President of tar Ameri
cas Bank.' is one of the ablest bank. President
in the city.
Hal }haw. whose name appears on the so
called Reform Call published in yesterday's
issue. says he never authorized it to be there.
MA.t.Nialoonims. of the Western Univers
ity is the best drilled taint err officer in the
HIOUT G. HALE. the well known merchant
tailor. whose establishment Is at the corner
tot Pena and Sixth streeta. left last evening
for New York, whence he will sail Saturday
on the steamship City of .London for Europe.
We had supposed Mr. Hale should be satisfied
with the distinction already attained, beinq.
at the head of an establishment unsurpaased
by 'stylus the coutiter. east or west; but his
ambition will not rest until he has vhdted
London and Paris. the greatest metropoll In
the world. He exoects to return In Septem-
Mann n
ot m d wi
ake and alsoll bring mithof m ateria l , l an the very d
Wore troDlisbed arrangements with foreign
linwitifacturersof ouch fabrics as are suited
Haleis Dome traos
tooch enterprise aa Mr.
exhibits Is sure ba appreciated by the
Adams of customers for whom be delights to
cater. We wish him a safe sad Provtmmuis
enrage And speedy return.
Nome Boehm for Money
The present management of the Oakland
Park, have from the outset given notice that
the place would not be used. ns a gambling
ground - but for the legitimate purposes of
horse racing without attendant betting: It
seems that In pursuing such a coarse they
tune excited the ire of some sportimg men
wilt have laid the following complain
n ts
tT a ryag p m = r o s f b fi f e o s; e Y W o Nc k , e f x ro ' t r r n i trt
we quote:
"Some four or are week s-ag o there , Vni ,
match made for two races between Sam Hill,
a gray pacer owned in Pittsburgh, and (Bogey.
a roan pacer owned ben. The lint race was
to came of over our track here, and the sec
ond over the track of the Oakland Driving As
ian:lon at Pittsburgh—the second race to be
just one week later MID the ant, fair day end
track. The Inn nee come off overour crack,
sad the gray bor.e-won the mein three
straight heats- -While returning to the city
after 'this rate, A beta LI that the roan horse
will not taken heat at the Oakland track. the
race to take place that day one week. Nose,
here is the trouble: The Oakland Driving As
sociation is composed set of getlemen
who end neonsary to - continually n remind
ineanlalic that they - resin ore gentlemen , -
-bencethey gladly grasped this opportunity to
convince the doubtful minds of tbe public that
they do not countenance horse racing,
sad therefore would not allow this
race to come of over their track, losing
no chance of telling every body that their
testir. is s gentlemen*o track. Nevertheless,
some of the knowing ones intimate that the
real reason Is petty jealousy of some: of these
• aeltanted gentlemen against the owner of the,
Vag kone.• Had that not hien: their gentle.
,sesely cOnsciences would have been can
~angk to store the race
11°.`rit ov)
race GO not come off, and A et once called on
the stakeholder, and celled the bet_off, the
stakeholderpaying over the stakes A had put
• up. B never came near the stakeholder and
• kiew nothing about A calling of the bet.
Ilabsecnentlythe owners of the horses came
together and agreed to go the race on the Bea
' von tracir.,,son two weeks Inter, In order to
get tbe roan Into better condition. At this
nee the roan did win one heat Gad B now
• claims that he Is entitled to the bet:' while A
claims that be called the bet off co the day It
was originally to come off. and that arise run
race m ade
nothing whatever to do with
race made to be. run at Oakland. 2. On the
day the match for these two races was made.
C bet D that the-roan would not win a heal.
• C claims the money, ,00 that ee the rose
• did not take a beat at the trot race le Bearer
and the second race sever mime off at Oak
land. he is entitled to the stakes. Who wine?
1. Tbe bet Is off. ye oeooo
gene non mo onily a newrace. The conduct
. of those who manage °Weed Park is the
most ennordiasry that we ever h ear d of.
We rather think that the members or Prospect
ruk, Narragansett Park, the Itosteas‘why.
tints. Fleetwood Park, Iftlialo Assosiett,
• Dexter Part. heart quite as much rem,
. me* as they ere; and none of them wane
kart tbought Of objecting to each a rue.
• The bet Is off. The roan - might have won a
'will the second race. as Made. bad been
Netting of the Pittsburgh Opted of the Re
- oohed Presbyterian Chards—Pim Viejo
The members of the Pittsburgh Synod of the ,
Reunited Presbyterian Church met at ten
o'clock yesterday, in the Pint Presbyterian
Church,',.Wood stmt, (Rev. Mr.Scoyeltrastor).
Thiimeettng was called to order by Key.
John Stockton, D. L. and opened 'with prayer
by Rey. James Alexander, D. , s •
Itev..John Stockton, P. lE. then preached
the opening sermon.
Act of the General Annembly of I We Ile
inited Church creating the . Synod 'mai then
read an a basin of action, after;wl ich the
roll of member; teal made out and perfected
en nearly an possible.
The Synod then adjourned for one hour. in
oriler tct ellon. the members to pert-ate of a
sumptuous dinner. which had been prepared
and was nerved In the lecture room conven
ient to the church.
At half past nne'clock the Synod re-as
sembled and trancal o led to order by the pre
siding otner ca l l ed Dr. Stockton. niter which
the roll mph with ft
slew to perfecting
The chairman announced that the Synod
war non - ready to receive nominations for
Moderator. . •
Dr. Marshall said that he desired to present
the name of Rev. IV. It. MCII,IIII D.I D., an u
candidate for Moderator and hoped that he
would he elected by acclamation.
Dr. Mcilvain hoped that the Moderator now
occupying the chair world be permitted to
keep the chair during the deliberations of
this bodr„
The question•upon the election of Dr. Mein
rnine wan called for, and he was elected by
Dr. Stockton introduced the Moderator
elect, who brietly addressed the Synod.
Dr. Eagleson offered a resolution designa
ting the officers of the Synod tubes Modera
tor, Permanent Clerk. Stated Clerk, Temp.;-
rary Clerk and Treasurer. The Moderator and
Temporary Clerk to continue In office one
year; the Permnnent Clerk and Trensurer two
years, and the Stated Clerk three yearn.
D.. MeEiney and Marshall opposed the res
Dr. Eagleson mnde a lengthy nrguentdn
pport m
of It. - •
br. Stockton moved to amend the resolu
tion by striking our the lntter clause, widen
refers to the tenure of ofnee.
Dr. Jacobus milled tar
divon of the
question; which was sustained. nod the ques
tion recurring on the first part of the resolu
tion It was ndnpted. •
On motion tar latter clause was laid me the
✓Phr Synnd then went Into election of tare
rltti the following' result :
Slated Robert , Carothers.
Prnnanrnl Cleric—Her. P. S. Davis.
Temporary 17erk—lter. John McMillan.
On motion of Mr. Jacobus Dr. W. 11. M
loran was elected treasurer by a unanlitun
Rev. F. J. Collier offered the following:
!tanked, That a committee of fifteen be ap
pointed, to whom the 'whole subject of the
reconstruction of Presbyter'es within the
bounds of the Synod of Pittsburgh, and all
papers relating thereto. be referred and that
thin committee report to the Synod this after-
non. if possible.
Considerable discussion ensued on the ref
Dr. lirownson muted that the matter before
the house be laid on the table.
The motion was adopted, and Mr. Hill pre
sented the following:
ReAgred. That a committee-of twelve mem
bers be appointedto divide this Synod into
Presbyteries and denne their boundaries. and
to designate the legal suocessor to such Pres
byteries as many lose their present organiza
tion by this new organization.
Rits;leed, That in order t6ettable this com
mittee to discharge the duty thus devolved
upon them, the :4ynod with immediately after
the appointment of said committee enter a tree
conferencein reference to the changes which
it mar be desirable to mike in the existing
boundaries at Presbyteries, the members who
may desire to speak being limited In their re
marks to three minutes each.
The resolutions were adopted and the Mod
erator appointed the following gentlemen on
the committee: Dr. Hill. Dr. Jennings. Rey.
Graham. Dr. Bownson. Revs. Flanigan. Reid
and F. A. Noble. and Elders Jos. Reed, W.
Dishy, lion. N. Ewing. T. 1.. Patterson and N.
J. !loop,. • •
Dr. Eagleson offered the following:
ReF.lred That the net of the loot Assembly.
passed on the of last, bywhich the
Synod of Pittsburgh was constituted, be
• Bra.lerel. That this act of the last Assembly
be recorded in the minutes of this meeting,
and that the following paper be recorded in
connection with It:
Witintras, The territory of the Synod of
Pittsburgh, which lies In Western Pennsyl
vania. is described In part In the foregoing by
the lines of the Synods of Hanisburgh and
Erie: therefore.
Braolred, That it he recorded In the minute's
of the meeting that the territory of the Synod
in Western Pennselvania is bounded on the
east by the eastern boundaries of Somerset
and Cambric counties: on the north be the
northern and northwestern boundary of Cbm
bria county to Black Lick creek, nod thence
by said creek, and by ,the Conemaugh. Alle
gheny rind Ohio rivers to the western line of
the State; and on the west and south by the
western and southern boundaries of the State
to the place of beginning: including the coun
ties of Washington, Greene, Fayette. West
moreland. Somerset, Cambria and the part of
Beaver which lies south of the Ohio riven of
Allegheny which Iles south of the Ohio :Ma
. Allegheny rivers, and of Indiana which lies
1 south and east of Black Lick creek.
• . _
Rrsolral. That according to the action of
the Genera Assembly the Synod is found to
consist of:the following Presbyteries and
parts of Presbyteries. namely: Redstown.
Ohio. Washington. West Virginia, Blairs
ville Pittsburgh. lately of the Old school.
On motion of Dr. acobus the paper was
aid on tho table.
Considerable discumion ensued on tbe
mission of correspondening members. and to
who were and woo were not members of the
In accordance with the resolution of Mr.
Ifill..emealook wee watettenee In the diaeo.-
slon of the boards of Presbyteries, and the
universal feeling appeared to ho tat the lines
of the Presbyteries be retained its they now
On motion of Flev.Rr. Rill. Reel. Dr. Stock
ton and Macferron were adiled to the Commit.
tee on Pmb ytettal Boundaries.
Rev. Dr. McNair moved that the committee
be instructed to divide the Synod into floe
Presbyteries. After considerable •diseussion
Dr. McKaig's motion was laid on the table.
On - motion the Committee on Presbyterial
Boundaries, were requested to retire.
rrtc $.5,000.000 =ND.
The Moderater presented a communication
from the Committee of the Ge n Assembly,
on the nye million memorial fund. containing
copies of the address of the committee to the
Dr„ Jacobus offered the following:
Beater. That a Synodial committee of tail .
ministers and one eider be n i crt c ed om n t e t e e t
' ort r he t ten wit e b ral he Asl
Rospired. That one ministerfrom each Pres—
cMie I i ' tfir=ll ' . ` „, he m i tg prosecute
the collection of the Memorial
ve Fund in the
churches within their respecti bounds.
The first resolution mu adopted.
Dr. NlcKaig amended the second resolution 1
by making it :enjoin upon the Presbytery to
appoint a committee to prosecute t he work In
their respective Presbyteries.
The amendement was, aftersome discussion.
withdrawn end the question recurring nn
the resolution it was adopted.
Dr. Jacobus, Rev. Mr. Noble and Elder
David Robinson were appointed on the Syn
odical Committee:
Dr. Jacobus moved that fifteen minutes be
spent in derrOtional exercises.
Oa motion, a was taken until seven
The Synod m6i at seven o'clock. and a col
lection was taken up among the members to
defray the expenses Incurred. • •
The CoMmittee on Presbyterial Reconstruc
tion reported as follows: . •
The committee appointed to divide the
Synod into Presbyteries, and designate the
bohndaries. respectfully recommend:
That the territory embraced in the Synod
be divided into five Presbyteries, as follows:
On motion. it was resolved that the Presby
tery of Blairsville consist. of the county of
Ctunbriapso much of Indiana county as Iles
south and east of Black Lick creek; no much
f Westmoreland county as lien north of the
Pittstm e r i th and Bedford turnpike. and so much
of All eny county es lies east of a line
drawn row the mouth of Turtle creek to
Turtle Creek village; thence along the Pitts
burgh and Greensburg turnpike to where It
crones a run at the:eastern side of Wilkins
burgh; thence by a direct line to the mouth of
Plum creek on the Allegheny river.
On motion It wea resolved that the Presby
tery of Red Stone consint of all. of Somerset
county. and that part of Westmoreland
county smith of the Pittsburgh and Bedford
turnpike, and the terrlrory aut. of a line
commencing on the Monongahela river, north
of West Elizabeth. and running west of said
town Or the Pittsburgh and BeaSaville road
to the National road at BeaSaville, thence by
a line welt of Jefferson and Cannichaeltown
to the Virginia line.
I 111!
The Presbytery of Pittsburgh to consist of
the following line: Beginning at the mouth of
Raccoon creek and running along the road
front Georgetown to Washington, not Includ
ing tho latter town, and thence along the.
national road excluding_South Strabane nod
Somerset township, •in Walibltigtoti eonnty, to
the of Berryville, and from thence along
ths most frequented road to the town; of
West Elizabeth. which Is not Included In said
Presbyters, and thence aerate the kforlOngo
beta river, opposite the mouth of Turtle creek.
- nd from thence to the Allegheny river, no as
to Include the Churches of Arriswale and WU
kinshurg, and excluding Beulah .Church. and
thence no
vel:ale Allegheny and Ohio rivers to
the place of beginning.
The Presbytery of Waohington, to consist
of the following, Beginning at the mouth of
Raccoon - creek, and run along the old road
from Georgetown to Washington. Including
South Strabane nod Somerset townships, In
Washington county thence.along the Nation
al .road east to Boonevill, and thence bT
line running midway between Waynesburg
and Jefferson, in Greene county, to the State
line. or Meson's and Dixon'. line, extended to
the Ohio river, and thence along that river to
tho point Of beginning.
The report lees accepted. and a motion to
consider It oorluttra adopted.
The presbytery of Watt Virginia to consist
of that portion of he Btsta of West Virginia,
lying west of the Alleghey Mountains and
south of the Pennsylvania We, extending to
the Ohio river.
Mr. Hastings offered nu amendiskot chang
ing the boundary lines of the IllalrMlie pees_
by t ery as follows
The western Woodall . of the PreskYlvsT of
Blair . .. Wens follows." Leaving the Mourn
esthete river at a point one mile below the
loge of Braddock 's Field, thence northward
to the township road, along skid road to
Swissvale station, thence along Pennsylvntila
Railroad to Wilklusbarg station, thence along
Wood street to Frankstown road, thence by
township road to Ireland station. on the Alle
gheny fiver."
AfWr some discussloo. the nosendtiledf was
carried and the resolution as amended
stone .was cUrj r a t a h e a e tir b it i P ti7 P im ned
ment Commencing' In the fourth line. attar
the words "Plttsbusth and Bedford turnpike"
the tis t rugr arrilegornfriVe
'~g,":,'+u~;,,: ~,;;:::gas-~:°..--.,~.~-._.~,•
neuter!). thence by the township riled to
Crooked Ran. thence by said river to the nat
ural:road. and thence to Beallmtlim" and
etrikeing• out the balance of the {resolution.
excepting the hut thirteen words.
The line of the Pittsburgh PresbYten at
changed so as to follow Thleepen l Creek to
Hickory and then to GeorgetTrfi commutes
Mr. -Marshall here Staled t so? .
hove the itante
had changed the "Ohlo - to the Pittsburgh
Presbytery." HA desired to ,
Oblosetalned for the p
1 " 1 e
A n vas adopted.
The time for the meeting e .everal Pre,
The report. me amen , .
o i ih
byterieq ten. then Announced.
PlaSurrritLAl. orIMMITLZ.
The roliowing Presbyterial Committee was
ywinted to correspond with the Synodical
Coinmittee on the Memorial Fund: Pittsburgh.
Dr. 3frEinney: Bed Rolle. Mr. .1. M. Darrett:
Ifin irsville. Dr. Hill: West Virginia, Dr, Young,
and Washington. Dr. Dronson.
It wan moved that when Synod adjourn, it
be to meet on the Friday after the second
Tuesdny ha October. in the Second .-Church,
Pittsburgh. at three o'clock 1,.N1
rote of thanks was then tendered the
tern and people of Pittsburgh for their
_ -
hospitality to the members of the Synod.
On motion of Dr. McKinney. Dr. Hall. Dr.
Stockton and Mr. Hastings were appointed
a committee to have the report of the Com
mittee on the i'lleconstruction of t he Presbyt
ngrocsed aid property prepared for
The minutes were read and rorreetrd. after
•hick Synod ndionrued.
The Commencement Exercises Last evening.
The Pittsburgh Central High School, the
college of the people, has through years of
contest and strife, enmity and opposition,
persevered till it has secured a dun 'resting
place in online estimation. 3111.1 its class clay
exercises and commencement performauces
are awaited with as much nnxiety and ex
cite as much Interest as similar oce.tons -in
the lending and more pretentious places
of education in this vicinity-. We con
fess to a partiality for the noble High
School. An Institution where sons and
daughters of the rich and poor, exalted and
humble, gather together to receive a high ce
der of education. equal to that imparted In
the very - bent colleges and universities al the
land, tut the cost of n willing people in worths
the admiration of nil classes. We can trace
the career and history or many of the past
scholars. We and them occur - MI(1110 posi
tions . iii I society. exalte. - places in
the trades and prnfesnions.. .d there
are none led who reflect honor to the
Alma Mater. The High. School to-day, with
Its accomplished faculty toil full quota of In
telligent knowledge seeking Minden, Cleell
plea no Inferior minition among the leading
places of education hereabouts. and we trust
Its mission in but commenced and that year
after seer It any grow stronger in public es
teem. and may he more tuneful in imparting
solid, practical and ornamental education to
the youth who nee ambitious and worthy
enough to gad seats in its clues molua.
Opened with an eloquent npneal to the Throne
of Ortice in behalf of the scholars and institu
tion. after which Prof. Dean, the veteran al
though not age," principal, made a brief nil
'dress. at the conclusion of which he intro
duced Mr. Albert iterknwitr. of the gradual
hoc chum who denoted a neat oration on
's Future Advaneeinent.'. Neat fol
lowed a Very pretty essay on " Kind Words."
rendered in fine style by its authoress, Miss
Bessie It. Evans. -Cents and Nonsense." a
peculiarly rich and pleasing essuy by bliss
Ceville A. MeClaren. followed to please anti
entertain t huenudience. It wan a fine and
scholarly - effort. relleminiug muck credit to
the ympig lady who wrote and rend It.
..Popular Ideas." an original oration seas de
livered with „power. force and brilliancy by
Mr. Raphael Sergeant. quite a young gentle.
man. His ideas were good. his language cor
rect and eloquent anti his delivery cool and
almost faultless. - Night brings out the
stars." a magnitleent essay be Miss Ella T.
Wardaff elicited much penise, while a happi
ly conceived essay On the odd topic of "Lore
anti times" by Miss Mary It. Bowes electrified
the audience. We expected little Irani
the caption of the latter effort, but the
young lady developed rare powers of
composition and made the hest possible use
of the character of the theme, furninhing a
brilliant soil pretty treatise on the subject.
Mc. Abraham St rnsborger delivered an mat inn
on the *Hidden truths of nature." in the
course of which he showed that he was no
idler In the class room but hail trained hi•
mind to tab it well and eorrectly, and had
perfect control of language to give proper in ,
.terpretatiOn to his ideas. "It takes all sort
`of men to make a world." said Miss Atmie W
Donaldson. in a bright and smoothly wonder
essay, and Miss Alabama McNeely urged those
listening In most eloquent words to - De 'not
.weary In well doing. ••Is :natter deed" was.
a metaphysical and yet clear and condse ar
gumentative oration delivered In rood manner
by Mr. Henry Herr. Miss Sarah F. Wright rend
an intensely Interesting essay on the "Idols of
the Land," which abounded in keen satire and
humorous hits. `Tinier the Shade" was on
the programme nn an essay by Miss Annie E.
McClelland. but Prof. Dean feelingly announc
ed that owing to the death of that young lady's
mother the graduate line not present to con
tribute her share to the evening's entertain
ment. -Truth," a good subject. seas admira
ble h.dled in an oration by Mr. Thomas S.
Bell. A brilliant and sparkling essay en
•Wrenths and Crowns. read in sprightly man
or, by Miss America W. Wallace. see think
was the gen, of the evening. reflect - I." mach
.lit to the young lady whose head and
contributed the production .-The
•of the Age." a patriotic and
conceived oration hr Mr. Frank
_ P. Swindler wan a fine effort. Miss
Flora D. Covert, evidently nn independent
thinker and a lady of very decided ability.
read a peculiarlysingular essay entitled
“The life beyond." Metaphysical and yet
•platn, pretty end consoling was the style. and
the writer read her timductlon with much
cam, grace, dignity and feeling. The valedic
tory address was next delivered. in a truly
eloquent and feeling manner. by .Mr. %rm. 1..
Smite. We have seldom listen.. to finer
picee of oratory. The speaker entered with
feeling into his subject. nod In bid
ding adieu to the faculty and bin
fellow .rholnr< Arre.lnped n degree of telt..
nod Impn•slonect rloqr.tener....l4-111 nttalnell
by college SebOlarn. The egercitg, ttarongh
out were very interesting. and reflected credit
to orch estracars an t the .alms
attendance to break the monotony of the en
tertainment at curious sting. of the pro
gramme with exquisite and enlivening music.
After the distribution of diplomas, the vast
audience-ndjourned, much pleased with the
entertainment and more than ever impress.
Ith the usefulness and high character of the
Igh School. This evening the Alumni Of the
stitntion will bold Weir annual re-uniod.
Quarter tiesslans—julge Stowe.
TRetUmaY. June the cue of the Com
monwealth vs. Phillip Durand. reported yes
terday. the jury returned a verdict of not
guilty. cud directed that the defendant pay
one half and the prosecutor. Victor Zeinger,
the other half tne costa
Caroline Schubert. indicted for Isrcenr. war
arraigned, and the jury returned a verdict of
not guilty.
Martin Gannon, Indicted for receiving stolen
goods. was placed no trial. The defendant
WOO charged with receiving iron stolen from
the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. yerdiet
of not guilty.
John Showalter. indicted for house breaking
.on-.oath of John Snyder. plead guilty. The
Court sentenced him to' nay costs of prosecu
tion, and undergo an imprimement the
Western Penitentiary for a term of two years.
Smith Elkins and Wm. J. Graham. - tridicted
for the. larceny of a pair of boots from Wm:
Sample's, Allegheny, were arraigned. Gra
ham plead guilty, and Elkins not guilty. The
latter was placed on trial. Jury nut.
•Court then adjourned until Saturday. • .
2 Coto. re. Barrett.
10 Joseph Robinson.
14 " Josiah Foster and Aware
15 A. T. Taylor.
Peter lionrbso.
Thonias Jackson.
125 Robert B. Gordon.
179 Jobu Moss. -
lel Elizabeth ..9trasshereer.
zitlaL Llsr ron ilcdstar
318 Com. va Patrick Welds.
157 " Charles Fritz.
lA6 " Ellutbeth
Thomne Disaet. c.
Al " Charlea Carter. et al.
. " Ed. Phillips, et ni.
106 11,.race
139 " Elijah Travhla.
119 Thomas Dleten.
134 " V. Deabard.
tEI - Pl. 31 1
reap Price.
156 W. Wessell.
Agnes Patterann. •
irk Mira Strasberger.
con. es John Nicholson. et al.
ar: James Grant. et
ffls C. It. Davidson. •
Ann McLaughlin.
sg. Henry Hackman.
ffin John N. Rlillanpa. •
L. Ritchey.
Common!' titerren.
TIMM/MAT, June. ,—ln the ease of Alle.
ghoul county ye. the Pittsburgh & Connell.
vine Railroad Company. The Jury found for
plaintiff In the sum of =5,5731. •
TRIAI. LOFT TOR riltillor.
315 McOreggor vs. Sibley e al.
304 O. L..) Reed vs. Clark.
343 LlvinEstOn and Bro. vs. Clerk.
344 M. /k M. Ina. Co. v. Haigh et al.
MO Neely vs. Walker.
Wit' Kennedy rt. Allegheny Not. Bank.
XO Amin v. Appel.
.T. 4 Commonwealth vs. 'Berger.
352 Commonwealth vs. 61er. .
Wel Roberts vs. Krum.
3501 McClelland vs. Day et al.
359 Anton, Zeigler Sawyer et al. VI. Haan
Board of Health vs. Warne 2 cases.
' Conrad 2 cases.
••• •• •• -• Schmidt 11 cases.
••• •• flier 'Deans.
•• •• " • Taylor 3 eases.
•• •• •• •' Morgan Ii case.
• e •' Friend 3 Cases.
New Paper.
We hare received a copy of a spicy and In
teresting paper of ratter small proportions.
entitled the Lilac Chief, published In this city.
by the following enterprising and talented
yontbs: Masters T. P. Best. Charles W. floes
ton. J..llest and J. G. Canfield. The paper Is
made up of thrilling serial stories. contribu
ted by the juvenile edltors,and a general mis
cellany of literary and news matter. The lit
tle journal Ps the result of amateur labor. the
type setting, press work, editing and story
writing . all having been performed by the pro
prietors As the projectors grow older we
hope their paper will expand into one of great
Importance. and for the present trust that the
enterprise may be encdUinpfed. and that the
Little Chief may prove a brilliant addition to
the eltY press and a paying inrtltutiOn
to its
Stators claim Rasette: As the warm weath-•
er ha: commenced in earnest, and a pleasant
walk ant log cream being favorite subjects
for eonvematiOn, Permit me to suggest to
your numerona readers •on this: sine of the
river a promenade over the well lighted wide
walks of Band ingot tninge to the beautiful
Parks of our doter city, stoptag o f coarse at
Mn,. Idtkelleldn for lea cream, at the north
end of the bridge, on' the coyotes of River
avenue and Andetson street. where the moat
delicious article is dealt oat with a.tooral
hand every evening to large numbs. who are
always suer to call again.
Pittsburgh - Female College—Closing Eaereise.
_.forth Graduating Class— Essays. Addresses
and Songs -The Prises Awarded—An Even
leg Delightfully Spent.
Otr literary nubile are indebted to . President
Pershing. of the Pittsburgh Female College
for Many an hoar of instruction and pleasure.
Thaentertaloments; which under his dire.-
Don have been given by the pupils of title ex
cellent Institution, have always been of such
a Character al to remove them outside of the
ordinal"' pale of local college gatherings. and
make the occasions delightful to all Who can
appreciate literary excellence. Thus It Is
easily explained why upon every return of the
entertaltunents, an audience is assembled of
which the' brilliant, intelligent and fa,hion
able gathering la the Mount last evening. war .
but en illustration.
The occasion was the commencement exer
cises of the College, or closing performance
of the graduating class, and President Persh
ing's rare - tact and faculty In this - direction
were never more bappily'exhibited than In
the aogramme which had been arranged and
the fatale. crooner In which it was suttee
(meat ly carried out. All who were present
were delighted. and all were equally as frank
In expressing their pleasure.
The graduates. six in number. arrayed in
white., occupied seats upon the platform.
which was furtherrendered attractive by two
unique rustle stands and a pair of vases Ailed
with ferns and fragrant flowers which
pervaded the chapel with a delicate and sweet
perfume. The audience had all assembled at
eight o'clock.lllling the root in every availa
ble space and earnestly at lilting the com
mencement of the proemial le: M
The exercises of the eve g were coal
menced Ileitis "Union," an i strumental duets
by the Misses Bowman andaairrrah, arited
and exceedingly well executed perfo , truce.
Prof. Mesmer played the accompaniment on
the organ. . .
The Rev. C. W. Smith, of the Ben ver 'Street
31. E. Church, then led the audience In tinier,
Mien Inca Ft ennedy, the-talc young vOcalist
who Lore iiway the prier for vocalization at
the annual- contest. suit took the platform
and again levered the audience with "lima"—
the selection with which hhe gained the high
honor upon the previous occasion'. t -
After these pleaaaat opening - preliminaries,
the regular programme began - with the Salo
tatory by Misa - 11.5. Purviauce. of Pittsburgh.
who spoke a few words of kindly welcome
to the audience, visitors, friends and Almeria I.
and referred fittingly to school life anti Ito
pleamires and Joys, cloning with a 'neat and
happy peroration, which was the signal for
appinuse. ...Life a Ifoinatice'• woo now treat
ed of by an Marcher graduate. Miss Mary J.
Buchanan. of Allegheny, !who inn brief essay
.developed the Ides that men. In the pursuit of
fame and wealth. and Int",e. too often assumed
false Ideas, and falling In their designs, has
tened to pronounce life a hollow sham. The
essay comainml many sharp bits. which elicit -
ed laughter, nod at the close hearty comers.
"Ix Mettle," an Imo rumental duets by the
Misses Ake and Dermitt, diveralthal the Pro
gramme et this stage. and was followed by a
Latin essay. "Quite tun Corona." by Mine
Sigourney- Trask. of Youngsvilie. ' The Indy
reed In nu excellent style. and greatly to the
satisfaCtion of those who understood and ap
proved her sentiments. Those who didn't
looked wise and said nothing—the oared ap
propriate Act ion order the circumatauce.. At
the close she wait heartily applauded. -Noth
ing Lost" Bruited the strldeet of the 'mat es --
may by 31150 Bessie 11. 'Mercer, or Allegheny.
The lady ' rend unustrally ovell, and her pro
duction, terse, piquant. and sparkling with
logical thought was quite enthusiast Bally -
curved: She contended that nothing In th re e
economy of nature Wa. lost. This idea Whs
developed With won ch... sometimes watt'',
sometimes beautiful and always happy Illuatni-
Goes, which marked the essay as a literary
production of high merit: As she sat down a
rhower - of fragrant offerings, together with ii
brilliant dinmontl ring - . testified the approval
of her hearers. - • w • s
The programme was here. changed. and
Wattle' of a song anti chorus r - hi ck wits ex ,
Missby Miss Maggie .t hat m`and class'.
1. ,
Miss 3lary Bowman song that onik ballad:
"I'll be nd Submissive wife." wi r a spirit and
ex pi-motion. and correct vocalise which elicit-,
ed the heartiest approval from t re audience.'
Miss Kate Brewster presided w th rose anti'
glare at the piano during the anj g.
--Voices of the is was th title of the
fifth essay, by 3lisa Emma Nicols of St. Paul,
- 31innesota. The coney was a at rt of .lard,
mysterious, yet withal. ant cree d g method of
reviewing the changes which ha come over
our land from the commencer ea .to the
close or our great rebellion:each atm
cessive change being bo a e Nam the
winos to the rear of the pa e watcher
faraway, yammer and interested in the re
sult. The subje
subject was happily worded. and
the peculiar vein in which mwastconimenced
and continued throughout. added to art
ful Motown,. made It nee of the hest per
formances- of the evening. Minn !Jule K.
Pershing daughter of President Penhing ,
was the last essayist en the programme—the
valedictorian. The sailed of her essay wan
"Echoes." in which the idea was emanated
that - ita in the grand old woods, each echo was
but the return of OM voice in exactly the
one manner as it had gone forth. -.So in the
world. all would recelav Just sorb treatment
wethey . c,'ave to others. If front theta
nt fort h for all kindness and syrup,
thy and charity, so sr - Mild these influen
ces return to bless and encourage and cheer
their lives. in language chaste nod beam Bid
and elegant the fair essayist a:online-it this
original thought• and then turned Trout the
theme to ..try it few valedictory Wont, to Ibe
Trustees and in.stractors sad companions dun
lug the years winch had marked the scholastic
lite of t hose wao were now to say farewell or
those FCC.. of happineas, of studs and or
Improventeut. The closing Al Cada to her Ma,.
mates acere exceedingly beauttful, and the
moat attentive Interest was manifested by the
audience as she said: . \
Dear Schoolmates. long have si - e walked.
hand in band, united by a , bond of sync
the and lose: which is hard to sever now. Is
a few brier hours we must separate, and Gen
will other. take our - place, and Maim rout
But may we not hope there is molar in your
hearts for them and as, too,—that we God
not be forgotten? And nose would Too beak
music ' itllvera, would Wu snake yen:
life andbring sweetne s s; 'trice in ale anti her
mono Into lives which are shirr off tram Ni
CIA Vll/., , tender idiett,
thew.° wh6 are art, L .
taned to hear only harsh
voices-such notes of joy and comfort into
lives accustomed only to mournful dirges.
Teach henna now uttering cries of sorrow to
chant anthems of Kill4e to God. anti these
shall be echoed back to you the Melody 'lf
thankfulness ant lore from grateful beans.
With the hope that. your liver may b,
full of berme* we lid you farewell.
My Gass-mates. roil look. Lack to-nlght over
the Teen of my school life. memory twinge
before me many bright pictures to which your
forms and your faces lend much of the charm.
We have spent many happy hours together.
and It is and that soon their memory onlr will
be left to as. We have reached the border. of
that sunny future land. to w Inca' we hose no
long been looking forward.- I wonder whether
It will always look so lovely as it , does now:
or if It Is pordble that that fair sly will some
time grow dark; those snowy 'gold tinted
clouds become black and threatening. Can
it-be Glatt he bright flowers of hope which
are , just springing up. will ever be
be beaten down by pitiless StOttils? But we
may not atop to dream now. There is nothing
left for uc tat to pay farewell. and enter upon
sour different life- path And Unif What
ounds shall ring In ri m ii o ars? What Abell our
liven he? Light, trifling songs/ Oh! aix let
us make them gloricaut allthenitbrell of melody
and grandeur Let us have no dirworde• but
all hanunny. Let tot an live that the, echo
shall bear to our glad ears only erceefloyf al
notes. grand strains of music. But we mast
hasten on; we would .fain linger, but there is
no charm to stay the hying beans And now
In loreote We Lanai part; but. my clam:nate.
in a little while will be our meeting. in-tbat
land where we shall hear no groans Or Wall
ing. no harsh-or discordant notes.; but In
stead the melodious Grains, of the angel harp,
era and the grand harm ny of Jehovah's
A piano Nolo. "Darmstadt, -- (which secured
the prize at the contest] wit next on the pro
gramme, ail*. Basle Patters n performing—to
the evident sat !election of t c t , audience.
This closed the regular xerciees of the
Maas. The 800. John A 'ray. muster of
Christ M. E. Chitral. now ascended the plat
form. and addres.erl the graduate. Ina brief
laddresa; one of those vigorous efforts, full of
strong thought. eloquent. terse• scholarly
diction and practical rontreels for which the
reverend gentleman le an peculiarly dieting
ulshed, and to which no Gmlrams .oast do
Followin the address came a cong.. - Tvro.
lepe," by ails, Emma Sawyer, Mls“ Kate
Brewster Maytag the accompaniment.
President Pershing then delivered the iii.
Illontaa to the graduate+, with the tetnal cere
monies. After the diplomas had been given.
he explained to the audience the examine
thine, attaches! to which wag a prize to the
pupil exhibiting the greateat proficiency In
the various atudiet. He opened the sealed
envelopes and read the reports of the Judges
The entire lint. so completed, was then read,
showing. Milian the year, the following:
entzrit awenorn. .
I. President's prize for 1.,,t way- Writing
Desk-to Miss Link. K. Perthlog.
:..;McKee prize-liolden Menai -Superior
excellence in int.trumental music -M1.51 Susie
11. McKee prize -Silver Medal-Instrumental
music-M1..31ms 1.. Fleming.
4. Mellor prize -Volume of Music -- Vocal
Muale. to Mimi Inez KennedY.
5. Mr, Margaret Darld.on prizu-Silver Cup
--Rending, Misa Alice C. illnllong.
a. Mary Kidd Fosterprize-Sketch Boa--
Painting. to Mi. Kittle Wood..
7. Mary Kidd Fosterprize-Drawing-
Mathematical Instrutnenta. Miss Mary Mart
land. • .
O. Holmes inrise—Excellence In lAtin—
Steven's Histories of M. E. Chesi, and !Oita,-
dims; 7 cois.,3ll.,Blgowrney Tutsk.
Mrs. Bishop Simpson prise—Mathematics
Gallery of Famous Potts. Miss F. H. Jones.
The delightful entertainment, one of the
most pleasant tee .have ever attended. scum
appropriately nod fittingly alosed with no ex
quisitelygirl's beautiful part
ing Song, - The llehool-
Farewl," bv the Misses Wal
lace, McCoy and 3fapel. followedßowman.
by the Ben
ediction by the Rev. W. A. Davidson, with
which the audience was dismissed.
The class thus graduated is looked IPSO as
one of the most promising ever honored with
the diploma of the College. An the 'Company
retired they were Surrounded by friends and
schoolmates to exchange congratulations and
good byes. and thus, with minds _trained and
cultivated. With the pleasant memories of for
mefsuccesses, and with the kindliest wishes
of friends and teachers and companions, they
step forward Into the active duties of life
solth the assurance that with them rests the
duty of after years of worthily representing
their beloved Alum Mater.
Fatal Accident—Peon Men Killed.
(Correspondence of Pittsburgh GAZEtte.I
• Testerday afternoon widle some men were
at work In Mr. DaNISOE'II coal bank, to the
ontskirta of Denver Falls, and near the P.. V.
W. dr C. R. W., part of the bank fell in and
killed two men, father and son. f have not
been able to get their named. It Is said theY
were recently from England. The father wan
about forty years old, and the don about tin
teen. Coroner Cori:me - has gone to hold an t in
quest. „
KConedy's this everant
POIIIIIII, gaDrrs •I Popular nit..
Atheneatim Sauces.
Luchnow Sauces.
Worcestershire Sautes,
London Club Sauce& _
Kin's Royal Sauces.
Lelcratershire Sauces.
Bearar Chaney Sauces.
Prince of Walea Salad Snore,,
At, II! Purina street, Alleshrav City-
MESSRS EDlTtlitfl: TOUT notice of a meet-
Ing of the ettiiens of this ward having been
beta at the house of Mt. G. W. Lyons, for the
purpose of nominating delegates to the coun
ty conventions, Is rather,a surprise to very
many Republicans. The usual place foe 'hold
lug snob meetings has' been at the Public
School House, and it has also been customary
to give public potice of such meeting.. Why
the place has been changed to a prirotc h
and why no notice has been given to the till-'
tens at large, than preventing the usual ex
pression of opinion, is a mystery that outsi
ders would like to have explained. Is this
attempt to break up the "HMI that runs the
moll. • likely to receive saPPott from the
honest voters, whilst such unusual ways are
adopted and such secrecy maintained, envel
' opine the movement with the cloak that
Rings are supposed to hide under.
At least three of the names mentioned as
being present, or no receiving annluntions, are
names of persons known to have been connect
ed With n similar meeting, held for similar
purposes some time ago, amt ‘old persons
were rendered duly obnoxious to the honest
voters for each actions. Are they repeating
the old dodge? If not, why sr.. , no nubile
notice given of this concur? Are they really
representingt he people of the ward, or certain
candidates for ofbce'r It looks rather like the
. . ,
latter. or the people would have been invited
to attend the meeting nod express their pref
erences as to who should represent them in
the coming conventions . . The primerY. elec
t Inn will decide whether the prdplr the
First word endorse secret (Ancuses. Pin sibly
called to defeat supposed recp.
ALI-WREST. June 10,1
tension.—Pool-selling for the knee a
Kennedy'a thi, evening:
Rine., lihot Guns, Revolvers, Pistols„ Am
munition and Gun materinl of all kind; At re,.
duced prices, at J. H. Johnston's Great West-
..• • • .
ern Gun Works, 1111SrnIthtteld street. Repair
log neatly done. (Inns for hire. Arm) Mlles
Carbines and Revolvers bought or ,taken I
exchange. Call and see or write to a Prle
•'t iftter—Pool-selling at Kennedy's. lint :We
Woorruad'a Cathartic /Syrup is used in all
cases instead 01:pills, caster oil. cpsom salts.
ks. Highly flavored. Tsventy-llce.cants. Try
It. Sold by all druggists. ; WPM
Vey It le true. that you ean get alit . " Foo
and Gmten Jeilten, nt George Llenven's,
Federal street. Allegheny City. ' :1
Whe Spring Stock of Henry G. Hole, Mer
chant Tailor, at corner of Penn avenue ,and
Sixth street, la now large anti complete. Mon
sieur llonpsar. molt htel; to preside at the cot •
HOERR—BRADLEY—At the Parsonage 'of
Grace Lutheran Church. Blrminehant. on Timm.
day. June 9th, by Rev. It. W. Roth, Mr. PHILIP
littEHR. Of Ittrntlnghatn. and Mts. lIOSAN
BHA DLEV. of W Tell=both. Pet.
FOIIII-011.1.EAME—At the residence of the
I.4lde'• father. In Philsdelphln. if flee. Dr.
ttoduson, Mr. HARRY P. YOH% of Pittsburgh.
ItIMINecA DILLESPIM, td Philadelphia.
nesday evenlne.J a no 22d, at the residence of the
bride's parent., by for. Dr. Mayer., Mr. MOMMIS
lINIM Eft: both of this city. •
MADDOCK—HORBOCH—On Thursday teeming.
.Inne 23d. at the residence of the bride's father.
by Her. F. Noble. Mr. WM. MADDOCK. of Ports.
month. Ohl, and Mts. HOSALDA
AC1111.4 IN—On Wednaaday, June tr.l. I ti 7 0, It
7 .irlock P. .. GEWPREIrg:. daughter . of 31.
aed hoPhle D. Ache.... aged 3 month, •
Trunoral from the parenm' reNdence. No. 21
Nlnnwano , ry . Arumte. Allegheny
21th Inet., a 3o'clock r. V.
MrELELLAND—Wedno.itty. noon, June '2l
.11ms”.• IL M
The tureen! Will teth vltsee 11.71411ty,1
at 3 tielock e. . !cal N". 316 Venn 'tree,
Ftlendn NI
the tamtiv are .re•peetfttlly inched
ITOLNaI Thu . rsdattuorolny. June :23d, a
I ough. g lock. W ed7 ILLIANI TI(OM AS, only ..on of Wm
Ho LllOllOl, •
The funeral will take ;deco from the re•htenceo
his father. N0.'27 Mortyatt street. Allegheny. rat.
Irrlday , NIittINISO. at 11 tielonk. Frivl, of th
family are respectfully In 11l e , h attend.
APPLETON—On Thursday. Jane 123.1. Ur
12011NY:1.1A A. A Pl•ixrus. in the :150 year
tier nye..
The funeral sin take plate arrsit,iniivi at
ij oclock. front the ronldence of her mother.
14 Wylie street. The friends if the family are
•e11n11.1,11,d In attend. '
Made with• cAithtol.l,' ACID. which.. used
. h~a Iloard.ll ny direetlne .4 Eminent PhYalelana.
already ;irOried Itself to be the niostshr , sly and
eff.shati cure for all Mallam.t Sore". sat Meer.;
. . . .
in' 6 fat Huma. CULL W•ouna.s,and all Skin Msr
no equal ltaplit Vara.° Agent ha" , Y• 4
dlscovemd. Pllll'n, 25 I'ENT,.
Henry's Insect Powder,
For the Destruction .4 NOAIIIT.S. EIRD DUGS.
Patent MetlieineDepot,
Bell and Brass Founders,
Made Promptly to Order
Nfade and Kept, on 1-land and llanufirlamrn
M. 6kper'§ Improved Balance Whee
Ono-klitl PRNII STFIZIST. Vnundry-Corner
TILLIETB. Itsbardh
Mountain Hott..m,
Tht. favortta ' , amok has Web inlanfed sad Im
proved Mom last season. Will be open for rue.*
JUNE 1301:1870.. RIM:BRION TICKETS aold
by lbe Pennayfranla Raßrned, at Net York. Phil.
astelpbta. Ilarriaborg and Rittaborgb. A.R tonne
slim, at Creason. ROOMS Ray be seemed fn sun!.
Fltlll.ltitt44 CELlDltAlrlett rr RCHRSI\II/1 h
been engaged for the stow..
For further lorormtlon:addrest •
G. W. MULLIN: Propriep
•ii wood Street, Pittsburgh,
Have on hand a eartipleto smannnioni of MATH
Vot,OILED PRINTINO 'NEN. fAt sale td. :Vete
Fork prie....aarina freight to ourchuen,
o rrl
ort --- lir TUC
r ALLtaliChT Ceri . I crr, PA. ;
rirrhavuon,Jmue t/Oth. 1870.
POSA LS. addreaseil to the - Bo.rd , chr In
spector. of the -Allegheny Comm 141... will h.
revolve.% at this cram until JoLt. bud. I noloalro.
for furnishing the County Primo, with UltßAti
for Mr months from .1 oly 10th. 1870. Mares to
weigh ontnainLe-half laud tiro pound. respectively
onill to tie ot approved quality. Bid! to be roads at
so much per putuid. Bond for two thousand dol
lars will he required for faithful performance of
contract. The name of the iectinty must &mom.
pony the Did. Bills Indorsed to the Warden mid
probotao at this nine, will Veld monthly.
8 7 .1% RY
I. N . l l fflo t Lr.
. . . . .
Shoes, -Boots and Gaiters
N 0.121 OHIO AVENUN, 411.1811118 NY CITY
The undersign. has again taken possassinn
t his old place. and stocked it with a rich assort
. ent nr 000111, SUOMI AND GAITERS.
as well.. prices- will gt. satisfaction.
Orion intro. al. the public are Invited.. visit.
jezzi4 II 'INDY PA LDS.
Livingston &
Mannfacturer Of. LIUITT GRES MON
%Wein of !lenders . Ile were shears on hand.
Office end Works, near Outer Depot. Allegheny
City. 1•1.01111C0 andreee. Igen lion 301. Otte
burgh. Ils.
JLJI —New Potomac Herring In barrels and
Mahe.; new do Shad In barrel. and balm.; No.
Markentl. all alarm of packages: No. do. all Maas
of packages; No. 3 do. all alms of wallies: Loh.
Herring, half and quarter barrel.; Lake White
FLO. half Lamle: Labrador Herring barrel. and
halves; Salmon in kit.; Holland Holding. 100 kegs
eholm. For sale low to the Wade.
task) 170 and 174 Wood street.
Carpenter. and Builder.
ww nroroptle attend to all kinds of jot:A/I:ark.
Oil and outer tanhOnadiato ardor. N 0.17 North
avenue. corner Werater atrort. Allanheor.
County Conventions,
The Republican Voters of Allegheny county are
radiated to meet at the usual elates for holding
primer! elections In the several Wards. Boroughs
and Tomahlns. on
Saturday, August 27, 1870,
and elect delegates from each Election District In
each of the following Convention•. Be follows:
TWO DELEGATK9 front each Electlon Dlitrlet
for the purposo of vornlnptlng athaldatos for
Hon DIAtrICt to the
for the P Onminating ONE CANDIDATE
FOR CO GRIM? In the 22d Congressional Dis
triit. ON . CANDIDATE from that portion of Al
_ ..
leghegy tonntplto•wlt: North and West Of the
Allegheny end Oilier Rlverel which Is embraced In
the ..13d Comerestlonal District.
These Conventions will meet In the City of ntls
burgh, at the COURT 11(1E9E. on TUESDAY
Angus,. 30th. 1870. id the following times.
(.41nws. vit.:
Mon 'lees Court Roam, at 11 o'clock A. at. -
The delegate. , to the CONORESSIONAL.LF.4II.
LAT 1 - 0 CONTENTION from the 2041 Comes
clone restrict will meet at 10 o'clock A.ll. In th:
nfl Insuiet Court norm for the purpose of no.
lasting a CANDIDATIC Colt CONORERS ten.
Yid Wallet. • .
Tht Delegstes from that portion of Allegheer
eohe y which is In the 23d Congresslortal District.
0111 Meet et 10 o'elorg A. M. In the old District
Court Room for the purroge of nominating •CAN.
DIDATF FOR coriant:sa, end electing THREE
coNYERICESI to meet the C o nferees of Armstrong
Red Butler Counties.
And at 11 o'clock A. Cl.. or As mom thereafter as
both the Commeasiorial Cerprentione above deal,'
Oiled obeli have concluded their respective duties
lie !Loeb, they will meet in the old Matelot Court
Room Inc the marl:Mae of nominating
The election of Delegates will he held betireen
the boom of 4 and 7 o'clock P.m : on SATURDAY.
Anwast 27th. 1870, and will-be held ea far as
Pi - amicable br the Republican , members of the
election board. In the different districts, and in
those districts where) the election officera'are
minotity of the red, board the Republlean
voter. are authorize to elect enongh additional
^ ffirTM to complete the board.
The voting in tile cities and boroughs shall in all
faxes be by balint,and In the townships hi marking.
The President of the Cobnly Convention. and
of the CongressionaisLegialatlve Convention. will.
union both Conventions order otherwiee.d con-
Cur in vo doing. appoint a Committee .1' three, the
two Committeee them appointed to meet together a.
anon aa prnetirable niter the adjournment of th
Conventam In appoint a County Committee for th
ensuing Joan
At the request of many llepnbllesins. Awl with a
View-of ascertaining the sentiment of the people.
upon the ilitegthin of the adoption In this County
by the Itepublician party of what Is known as the -
Cmwford County system of holding primer) elec
tions arid making nomination*, he.. ends voter Is
requested, in designating his choice for delegates
to the respective Convention., to Instruct them to
vole eye or nay In the sold Conventions on a prop
osition there to be submitted of adoption by the
port) of that system.. full and eiglicit etPlitoto
thin of which will he hereafter published by this
Committee In the Itegmbliran press of the City of
By order of the Vnlion ilepubllcan Elecollve
Committee for Allegheny county.
W. P. I.I.,IiVIANCE, Chairman.
Witurgit ticCrsig.
Gros F. Id ORO %. •
ty Pith.
.11,K 1.1.1%70.
Slav daplanal a aatqi.annt;al dividend tlf
44 Penn itrnet. on Ind syter Jull 1. 11570
ErPUBLIC NOTlCE—Having been
a:n.11110 GAR red OAS METHS INSPICC,
TOlt for AI leakeoy sonata, notice U herebr Kt ,
that until the neceuary °Mee sad Mechanical Ts
Ina Fter.Dhiery do be provided.] grill be Mond at
AND PIPE WORM,. Twenir.third street. Dear
113 — BO Vl' V.-
$lOO. Bounty Collected
Toe all eoldlers • ha enlisted between May 4th and
July 412 d. ISIS'. who trent ellachanted for dluabll.
Ity before aerrlng two year., and who here hereto
( Mt ...Seed no btAllatT '
The uadarslrned hu retno.ed his °Mee to ad.
Ern . . corner Bluth nventre and Smithfield
street. and lan./ prepared to collect claims M.<
HT and at... Aerate rates. Cal on,or addtzta. with
F; BRDwill
Claim Aram. Oa Prix Bnlldlng. .
Corner filth avenue and roltb Bald Street,
of modulate. for 'adoulaaitai to the High
School will commence S chmi d 01dIAY. With loath
at 9 11. N.. to the Grant Building. corner of
Grant street and Strawberry Alley.
Candidatettlt pnnnt a certificate. algned by
w School Direct ma or that they are actuai tereldents of
the City of Pitteburib.
By order of the rentnil Board of Education.
Ban FJOIth A. SERGEANT. Secretary.
.a .... e310i-ONGA.H EL A INCLINE
rLA'S - r--NIYTICR-The Plane will be
open for thwaernfera and Freight heather. EVERY
MOIINING at 3 o'clock. said will clone at 1 1 e.-rt..
connecting with the Bat car Mon Pittaborgh on
the intutraret awl litrthinghara Pthaenger
Of Marshall Toerrahly. subject to the &dune
the Onion ftepobllsia County OfmeefOtof,
. 1
Of ladle. ultrachic. Is l etndldnts for Catiat7
l'acacchisinaer, in snborialnatlOn to the dericion of
the Itecablieen Cenrentlon. Rat modal In rebus.
tmtwarn N I'. Th e partmorsblp hentornr• "WIWI
D. P. Scott and A. I. Scott
• 1). SCO'l7 & SON,
Ws. Morav O. a.' by mutual com•nt on CO 'at dal' at
Jane, M
. .
heyhe lino will podd lo A. I. Sciilt
Will W.. the debt. the dent.
IT(TRIC6aO.•.IunC 17. 1 f4lO lultyST
Jos, M. Gazzani & Co.
Sonettnrs Eqnity and Bankruptcy. Orrick, No.
616 FIFTH AYENUIL Pittsbunak. la=llß3
The Wilier Pt.. PIM mew Drain. preml)67
WWI(' K. 67 ehe 67 A N DUSKY STREET
Residenee.llo6 element Allesheel. 1.6746
iderchandize Broker,
250 X-.lllERrini writ.woo , r,
,A, t .d.mTot Mink An Idini.l
EIKE lItONa. ko., at
Mcirta b tintirAt
name er ' j. * W. AR.
Pn T. A ir gar I itrbt•l
the Old eland see en We ,
fled be WWI= Speer.
Aog basing
Can gots grad Wring we torpor g 0 Eldnboth, Pa.
No competition. Jolt 438
KINDS to be transacted tn Ptilladslartta,.Nesr
ar-,akeanded to 7 3A.
11•1 atreet.
Good reunmeas Amoy flastred.
CHEESE! Goabeti Chemin
1=17; irManiTELD.
ial Pala avenue
The Empire Mutual
!Waal/event a minces , . almost unparalleled an the
history elf I.lfe Insurance.
Business of the Company
Whole Slumber of POlcle. polund. . 3.349
Total Premiums
107 * st'SViisit'S
Amonpt Insured
Ratio of Claims and Exp. to Total 1nc0me..11.30
Average Ratio of all Companies • . 4,10
For every 8100 Liabilities the Empire has ttdill
• Average Amount of Pollcica $2:198
• $330.000
Total Assete
_91100.900 Cost Capital deposited with the
1 State and tha balance securely invested.
Manager for Weatern Pennsylvania.
omen IS - FOURTH AVENUE, Pittsburgh. Pa.
Illr GOOD AGENT?. both male add temelti
Federal insurance Co,
FFICE : For. Federal nod Laroek Streets
Edward Gregg.i i W. G. Gibelin.
Valentine Baker, J. Rohe:,`!
M. Sheilah!. gamest B. Smith.
Jos. 11. Kurland, W. B. Anderson.
Wm. Scharer.- Jr. B. Suydam.
W. J. Lanett., Jame. Allison.
JeG:itl F..M. LOVN. General Agent
Assets on Jan. Jet. 1870. 52.843.734 . 67.
Capital. 111411/.000 00. Accrued Surplus and
Premiums. • 4!33.73_1 m since
_ 87. toes paid sin
1829, over .300.0UU. Perpetual And Tempo
rary Policies on Liberal Terms. The Company also
lamespi'ilides upon the Reno of all kinds of Build.
I n isti n &0 , iin 0 d . 1 . 1117 t .r g
G. Baker... Samuel Grant.
Geo. W. diehards. Isaac tea. Geo. Vales, Alfred
Fitter, Thos. Sparks, Wm. Grant. Thaws...
Ellls, GURtI.IIII S. Benson.
ALFRED G. BAKER, President,
• GEO. VALES, Vice President. •
Jas. W. McAllister. Secretary.
. T. It. Reiter. Assistant Hedy.
araS Cdr. Third Avenue uld Wodd fit
Of Pitts-burgh. •
M. P. HER E BERT. Tice Preside ide nt.
WM. P. HERBERT ,Secretary.
CAPT. GEO. NEICLO, General Agent.
Office in Water street. Sperm& Co.'s Werehouse.
tlp stale., Pittshilrgh.
Will Insure against all kinds of Fire nnd Marine
Risks.' A home Institution, managed by Direct..
who are known to too community. .d ant.
are determined by premptness nod liberality t ,
maintain th character Mob they have assumed
as offering thr best protection to those who desu
to be Insured.
Alexander Nirnick, '""'r Tbn R. McCann.
It. Miller Jr.. rhea. J. Clarke,
• James McAuley. William S. Erase.
Alexander Speer, Joseph Kirkpatrick.
Andrew Ackley. Wm. Phillip Replier.
David H. Long. Morrison.
L. thins., noT:
The co-partner-
NS{.. u:der tn.
roullirrocera. Elyth
.o." sr ' a gel:1 ' 111TX:: :1
ma of the Isla dna set-
Phelan's Building,
N.J. 13101, I.lrdin Floyd. 'Cupt at. tiallly y
MIA .S.ll.llartautri, A. Chambers.
Jake 11111: 03.31K , 1urk., Jac. N. Halley.
Thomas inalgi on viT i l i. lll i lfter , k,:
re Predderd
JOS. T. JOHNSTO, Sectary.
Vapt. It. J. ((RACE. General Agent.
Of Pit
es •
Insures sgainst all kinds of Fire arid Marine
• JOHN IRWIN, I rt., President.
T. .1. IIOOKINSON. Vice Preodent.
C.O.DONNELL, SecniLary.
CAPT. WM. DEAN. General Agent.
John trait. Jr., ' IL h. Fahnestnek,
T. J. Ilmskinson, W. 11. Reerson,
CU Dosser, . Rotowt 11. Davis,
haves Childs, • II ugh S. Fleming,
Charles IlnyiL . Capt. J. T. Stodutule.
Copt Wm. Deus. ' T. IL Nevin.
A nome l'orupazy. lAklngr Fire end Mertne Mats.
WM. Phillips, John L. lload
John Watt. i fis v amsel . Shaver
John E. Parke. . Clrawles Arbuckle..
C. IL le:me, , Jere® M. Waal,
J W araaa Y r
if . N . :"eP i r' i r i , ,.. .. ip , i 1 ...., F...1 , Ym . t 0 1f1 1 7.11 5'- rickart.
, J9itri WATT, vias rTmla:nlL.
-...--S,-E-S.4I92!"!"!,t4ITV±TY'r _:__.
ra...sato. 5.1. ;,, t;i1v. 41.1. F
W. W. MARTLN. President.
JOHN DHOWNiitt-, Vice President.'
A IHIE3 E. STEVENSON, Secretery.
John A._,111 . 10n 'Jas. hookbass.
Jas. L. Grab am.; Unbent 1.1, C. I'. Bosh,
John Brown. Jr. , Georsra U.T.ra Jamb hop p.
O. ILP.Wllnasna.J no. Thompson bleNanallen
ETE0T:L.".11 . 1..%712. 1 / 4 call ATATt
o. 1-2 Smithfield St.,
! T RlT ... Ottnt. elotblos made to order to the latent
No. 47 Sixth Street
Iforehtult Tailnya. No. 10 SIXTH STREET, (late
electedair./ St e t of
e t a large and nen se.
Steen of Um beat and moot faabionable
Gonda In our ilne, a groat portlon of Ellett are oar
own Importation.
Feeling confident of our ability In eve Portent
a/Planation, reapeotly soneit frumyon an early
eaantinanno of oar Moak of Floe claim, Canal
us, Yeatlngs, de.
enblS No.lo !Rath street..
Cloths, Cusimeres, &c.
ee3 Merchant T1110r,73 Smithfield streeL
Robt, H, Patterson &Co.
Seventh Avenue and Liberty Stree
Horses, Carriages, Buggies, Wagons,
And everything appertaining to the lin. ,
Parties desiring to sell will pinto leave their mi.
tire of ...sign CI it on or before Thursday of emin
and toot
order thr advertising Pro ntion
and nmsl eery 1. 111 be given ell :Moen loft for a sale.
.1011,4 17. PTLW BOUT. it . PATTERROX
Liver - s;., Sale and
Cor, Seventh Input and Liberty S
a , . IR
Machine Stone Works
NorthwestounteLof West Cotonou, Allegheny.
lino° on nnn° W M ° r,',,.. b oTewitlVl.
and Step Mon.. we
V o so n, ltt n a vro e. T0zb 0 H n t0 ,..... 001, dne.w.
13 bnzeil Fresh Eon Mattel;
10 half banvig •
ForAal• Er . J. D. CANFIELD
• 2 141 I.lnt Avert,
SODA - ASH.-100 mks for-sale by
J. B. CAI/711%D.
~ WORKS - .
a ADAAts,.
167, 168, 169 and 110
ow proparod to furnish VINEGAR at to
VEST 3iARKET RATE7 4 attantion pakten
Extra Aline Vinegar.
Federal Street and Pleasant Valley
Passenger Railway Company
The Right to Lay Tracks Upon' Cer
tain StrePts: in thr City of Pitts-
SECTIOsi 1. BO it ordained and enacted by the
City of Phtstiurgit, In Select anti Common Councils
assembled. and it Is hereby ordained enacted by
the authority of the same. That the csensentr
the city of Pittsburgh Is hereby given to the Fed
ral street and Pleamant Valley Pvseneer Hallway
Company to enter open, lay-ortt end construct •
railway. wl,ll single or double tracks and the tie
camaary turn-oute and switches In, over nod along
the following streets of said city. to-wit: Begin
ning on Ninth street: at the southern end of the
Hand etreet bridge: thence along said Ninth street
to liberty: thence semis, Liberty to Seventh
thence along Bahl avenue to Smltitheld street:
thence along Smithfield street to Fifth avenue:
Subject to the conditions and Ilmitatious of the
Acts of AasemblyineOrTsmating
id IfiVismY Con ,
to the further conditions, an
First- The noel• Company %hall use In the roe.
steoction nf Paid railway. rolls u pattern to be
wlirrill'Pet by the City Pneinerr ot the Cite of
Pittsburgh, and .11,11 lay the •Ittne Mein .10 the
',lore toutm,
notan er L:Psl,/1.1,ti tarn. and pity to
the nattl I•:ttineer. tor the as,. ot the city, reas
utiole entoponsation tor lits serviees to yinneilion
m et limn. Stutters ^`Jil
mom, procure and bet dos n at all gutters crossed
fa, stint railway. Icon CIIIVe. of a pattern to bent.
proved by the City En Mover. winch colrerts shall
be mid under the directions of said City EN0... ,
before the rails are Lid. Said Company then Itmcli
the streets
i n which they pass, front curb to
curb, clean nod In perpetuul gient repair.
71,p1. All repairs which may be Sere
Auld streets. shall Sr done under the directions and
subject to the others ofthe Street Commissioner
of the proper district. and tile aceeptanCe of this
ordinance by the said company sloth be held lobe
authority for the Street Couituissloner of the
inlet at all t when he rimy deem tho same
elpurchase undertals and employ lobo
rem In the name !mil on behalf of mid Comber's,
for e remit!, of veld streets. and an agreement
on Inct part of mut Company tat imy the coot and
' l , 7lf ' rVl. ' l7t% .l 'nenclis of said city shall at any
time hereafter directhen hange of grade of said
streets, ny either of or If IC-shall become
oftat hake tip saint rullyray tor the puypose
of paring or feparing. grading or regrading said
streets.'or either of then, or for 'the Povimee of
construct'.tiny Peet, or culvert therein, nr for
the purpose of laving. relaying or rePalth. tiny
water pipes therein. the mid ralimiy obeli tat tater
up and Wahl by Company or their own ex
;sense, and In cure of their failure ante do after
resonnoble node.. the Street i'enindsoloner of the
district shall take the tonne up `lawful pense of
said Company . , and It shall be unlawful for raid
Company to relay the None while nor or the above
enumerated work Is being done upon Mid !greets.
either of ahem.
t re. That the said Cum any,
, for and during the
that rive years after thee shall core nicotine'
ears upon said now', shall oaf into the City
'Treasury thenum id twenty dollars errt year for
each car ver said streets. shit from thence I
thereafter the t amu of thirty dollen. per year for
each nf their cars not rsaid streets; and the
said Company shall. hi addition to the above. Pal
Into the City 'Pre:nun' the sum of two per centnm
of the dividends or net crocus of their said road.
The non so us
.essed upon each cur of said Com
pany when be told within one month after they
commence to run van over said atreets, and annu
ally thereafter. and it ahalit be,the duty of the
President of said Cidnpany. within one. onth af
ter the end of ono year froth the time they com
mence. to run cars upon said streets. and annually
thereafter, to tile with tile City Controller a sworn
statement of the number of cars toed thereon
during the precedlae year-and n.. pa, shall
be required for cars used only In case of accident
to those in common use. The tun itt.en dividend.
hereinabon, levied upon Mild Company, Chad he
paid the City Treasurer within ton days after said
dividend shall have been declared, and if any die
deed shall be declared In the *toe. of said Com
, pany. the tea shall i.e paid thereon as If paid In
cash. estimanng the stock at Its par rale, •
NUM The thy of Plttsbnnh Mier...With! eight
to went the ape of the tenet laid anon the streets
afrovaalti. or .any portion thereof for similar pur
p,nen, 00 COndllan 14112V0,11.10.4,1 ntz:r.
:,.tragc1n717.4...,,c tithe msg..
S,,nt A. Any Witten peen the Part. or ' , aid Com
the o. et iiiiist v,,eation a ir,
prostiiiies hre' , gr,inteil. (did the said Chilecils
ar e ihrisd , i 1 ssid railatiy, a penile
• . . .
nominee. at tb shall not
be ceortrited ta preve l
nt h the li :Mil vItY from Dorsa
l. any gni all other remedlu ovided by law.
And said erime..or snail commen provided
the wo'
laying triseks within three tniintlis. and remote
the mine within intr. rear from the hissratte of this
bre. Y. That the tamers hereby conferred shall
not he exercised, nor shall this ordinance
ho pub.'
!billed and ret , tded all said Cmin
th pany all Me
with e (lir t'ontrol w ler an agreement under the
seal of Fllitirottli.ny. in such term as the lity At
tomey shall aitiptvve. aceentin e i the Privilege ,
hereby granted upon the terms nod condition,
herein set forth.
arc. 3. The Federal Street and . Pleasant Taller
Passenger Ileltem. Company shall use the tracks
of the ellmburch and Ittrmingbetu Plummier
Hallway since that part nfAnttlateld street named
In the mete aforesaid. shall conform M the
time table of id Pittsburgh and Birmingham
road In running sa their cars rarer the same and pay
their propoe
soffithe cost of construction and
maintenance of tracks upon such terms as
may be agreed Inset by the Companies.
Sec 4. Thal..anv latimanee or part tar part of
a ddipeace gonna.. with the be
of this o
dmanc• at Ina r. tent, tune. be and the name It
hereby repealed am tar as the KWIC affects this or
Ordained sand enacted late u lam in Conacils this
kith day of June, S. 11. IS7O
A. If. GRChhi.
President pro tent.ofnelect Council
Attest' E. S. MOIMMV.
clerk of .Select Council.
President of Common Count
Attest: 11. Mcklkstklt.
JaTI Clark of Comm. Council.
Pittsburgh & R. C
To Ereet a Pas.,enger House or. Depot
•I'pon a Certain Portion of the Mo-
nongahela Wharf.
Szcno% I. 71., it ordained and enacted by the
City of Pittsburgh, In Select and Common Councils
assembled. and It it hereby ordained and enacted
by authoritY of the same, That the Pittsburgh
and Connelist - Ills Railroad Comy be and they
are hereby authorized to erect a Passenger an Monte
or Depot, wltli two tracks and their accompanying
platforms, upo linealportion of the Monongahela
Wharf which tween the eastern aide ,
Smithgeld street and the eastem side of Mrant
street. /Welded. however, and the authority
hereby granted is only to tate egret upon condi
tion that the structure of said Depot shall be sup
ported by piers composed of rows
of Iron pillars
founded asnry. not to eseemt two feet In
thickness: said pier; fa ho ingitildlnally one hun
dred feet apart for a distance four hundrod feet
from the mot side of Grant mrest. and tb tare for
a - diataned of about sixty feet, to be not less than
twenty feet apart lengthwise of the building, and
feetthence for a di,lanea ot about seyentyddx
in the enst side of Siultldield street: and tbe
said rillabnirah and l'oonellnrdle Railroad Coat
eany shall hare the abutment tend the front of
the htlOPenalon bridge that distance 176
feet I by a wall of 11111.0.1. and thence hissimilar
wall at right angles to the amt. towards Water
street, said wallsenclose a space lobe tilled In
and paved as a carriage delve. leering a sufficient
width In front of Water street fOr OM thorough
wi are to tho Hem rind that the sold Company mat
mate their Passenger fronting on maid ear
73:gmdele length, two sries in height. not oreeedlair
feet In tie remainder of gala building
to he one awry: the underside of the structure
mom. hog sold house to be net less than fourteen
feet In clear height front the torture of the wharf
on the upper side of the house at the east side of
• . . .
distance td hundredhan nineteen feet atth
of four feet therefnAn afo .
said. And Praridre at... That the strip or porito
of thewharf eovered by raid straclure shall no
exceed fifty I:501 feet width. and that the rm.
of mild bandied shall be composed of iron orsiatt
. • . • . • .• • •
and that In other respects duo precaution betaken
W.% That the Beamed rinapany is al. re
quired to provide stages to 'meditate the di
fIL7EI 17,1 g ttt ne lTa t et
hereby antliorired to he built shall render th math
ht. 3. That for and In conaidentlion llse
tight. and ptivilages herein granted. the said Ilan
mad Company ball be held and hound to pay an
to the City Treneurer for the nee of the
elty. the own of Three Thoomnd Dollars trt semi
tumnel PwrOlente. the not of said Payment. babe
at the end of nnin months from the time the
odd Company shall Mann work um the Emend.
That LOM online/tee shell be held to ;trent 'kerb
tight. as the City of Pittsbareh may lewallb con
fer...l no emire.
4. Tn....ordinance or part of ordinance
eendictlng with the pasertae of this ordinance at the
present time. be MI the same le hereby repealed.
far . the Pinne affects thin ordinance.
J ee r anac 11110 n lan In Connell, this
20th debut Jeer A. it, I s7O.
President of Select Cuncil.'
Attest . E. S. MOIIIIOW,
clerk of Select Connell.
W. A. 7`O3ILINSON, ,
P .
Tesldent n Connell'
Attett: 11. McSIASTEtt.
clerk of Common Council: len \
opening of Pallas avenue, from Edgerton
avenue to Prankstown eenue.
Ber.l. Ile It ordained and enactedbe the Pite of.
Pittsburgh, In Select and Common Councils as
sembled. and it Is hereby onitilnedand enacted be
antherite of the same, that the City Engineer be
and he is herebj authorised .4 directed se sur.
rep end open Vallee arcane, from Edgerton are
rine to Fraukstawu avenue; and to
Sara and assess tamedts caused thereby,annn c.•
Stewart, Robert T.devort, and Samuel Chadwick
rite here./ eppointiol. In accordance with an Act
Sanons Stroets.sliProrod
e nt. That may 10in.... or las
lance conflicting with the mt.. of this Ordi
nal's. at the present time ba. nad the anon is
hereby repealed. an far as the moue effects this
,crcl. Into.lljay, in Councils.
A ?i u c e a s n t
o d
u .
m en o aAcJ ed ~,-
.A „ 40 , n dor of June. A.l I 7
le AC
I.Er. I
_atte re
a Select Canal:.
Clerk of liele_kt Ceeorti. -
rm. . W. . t i.
Attest: if. Sfelfnerert n-t Of Common
Clerk of Common Council. Jord
CrrY C.0xin0t.1.11.1(,74% 4 0. 1
all holden of Overdue blorder . .Bo t oneO t t .
the City of Pittsburgh. to tannin
Moe for Payment. • hie Interest .111 be allowed on
b Ponds env-July . lM CPO.
_ :4'17007" the " r.r. tcjltaMcoutmu.r.
Allegheny Valley Railroad • Company
The Right of Way over Certain Streets
to the Pennsylvania Central Rail.
SM . . 1. Re it ordained and enacted 14 the City
of Pittsburgh. In Select and Common Councils... '
unbind, and is to hereby ordained and enacted by
the authority of the some. That the right of way
be and Is Mosby
cosh. AllesihenY
Railroad Cetotkmy to pat down mid contr. , .
Angie or doable railroad Mick from a point on Its
track ou Railroad street. above 99th street. by the
most practicable ronnover the intervening atronta
and alleys to point on Liberty street. between
tiTth and :Pith meow tlaence of
ross Liberty
street and along the east sidewalk of said
nutrient distance to grade tip - to the pact of the
yennsylvnia Central Railroad to a point =Rabic.
and Comenientforminnertingthertnlth. And the
void Alin:bear Callen Railroad Company is betOPY
enapnwered toT laydown, camstnict. use—malptaln
and operate a tract from Mid Paint on Ratt
street to said ttolnt last mentioned on the east:l/
it of Liberty greet. over and Ilona the eon
above Indicated. Provided. however. that the tea'
not of the owners of property abtitting on said
Portion of said sidewalk on Liberty Meetshall be
obtained hy ealtisCompany before occupying. and
using said sidewalk for the purposeP herein baron
mvntioned.• prortird Pad Company shall pay all
damages that may be lawfully awardpil to the
toners et private propons Ps. T.'S? ,r, m " r
unto said track may mini
Pony shalt conform to the amine of the other itc
leavening streets over wnich said track chose-
now or hereatt rto be sates lisped bt the
thoritios, and that till work done lu the nutting
down of and tract shall be done to the Inman-
Con of the CRY tuktueer and Street tlon.mtttee.
and wooded further, that saidCompauT too
a Inman to impend the train. , at the crostinde of
the streets over which Its said tract. Mar
Ste. 3. Thopudicling at any enhance or Pm 0, im' . " . "
th tha
Wfntnu ::s.r7eltia::l:Erris'peal“"hle
Qralitined and eantml Inn • taw in Councils Oda
90th day of Jane. R.W , ..1R70.
siAcnt rat Select our 11.
Attest R. S.NOann
Clerk of seloet C.aancsie
W. A.l l / 3 11.INIMN.
President Of Common Council.
Attest , 11. Nell-nett..
Clerk of Coalmen Council. Ps=
ORDINANCE—To Authorize the
13. Grading. Peeleg and Curbing of Penn ATM
MIT. (rem Butler Meet to Forty-Arai 'Owl-
Weigng../a. The owner, ut a maturity In In• •
term of the property enuttlng on Penn Avenue
between Butler streetand Forty-Milt street. bt
the city of lilltsbnrith. have by pytltion y•A-pyy...4
their derelie to avail them the:1,
contalned In eh Act of Asseuatilytlttaa iiAn
'Act toy rovide for the Improvemeet en
Peon low
nue end other avenues and streets or tit , ate . of '
Pittsburgh; nun. therefore,
P[uTion I. Ito It ordained nod enacted by Up
elly rlttaborlM. In detect and ensconce Counale r
and it hereby ordnlned and ennetred
by the enthdrlty of the same. That said Petal Av
bee from Under W Forty-rift] ert to Foy-MO] strret shah
maded. paved and eel with curb nine. under
the provision of the AK of ASOMMT aforesaid.
That an election for aro Comenssione . re.
,ime - The s drt; paid a
be held t curbcu piece as the °Cheer, herein appointed shill
desiknate. of which Sher shall.give dailyai Pub-
lie notice by nilverilsement In three fleet
pees of the city of Pittsburgh. and by loud-Wile •
posted In publiaand conspicuous places along the
part of uld avenue to be hoproved.
dee. 3. That. Thom. Edward., JosePh Collet
and IL tiebtaldt are hereby appointed °nicer, or
the election herein proytded for.
fmr. 4.
ppn n ntenor
or port or ordinance
! `;'1;, ',N"V'".l'll`::,' •
usper's airedUMO suet. • ord and eitneted into a hos. in iCoonglis. this
20th day of Juno. A. D. I S7O.
President of Select Cuthell.
Attest - F n ti. Alottunw.
President of cionnion Council.
Attest: It. Mckgsavni.
Clerk of Common [...until. jell! p
Prrnmr non. June I'll 9 187
NOTICE.—The Assessments for t i e
Construction of the Beard Welk m Wylie
Menne, Somers street,.Old Tounship /hell, and
Francis street, and the OS radius% Paring end Curb-
nue is
la moo menus for
attonoold caul seen cc Me often until USG!
'clock P. h.. on TUE:G./Al .Juno 1.11 1 41,11079
Olen It Phi hCreturnea to the City Treneuror a
Alice I, colleMlon. 11..1. 1I0010:,
lola ' CllpEnnv_mr.
nn* 17. 101.0.1
ell Proomale for Grsdlnn. Pacingand Curb- !
inn the followlng Streets. Mk: GIST STREET.
from Fifth avenoie to Bly.ll._etrect
STIIECY, from 44th to 43th street. will be no. :
mired at this Milos until 3 o'clock P. u.JUNIC j
27th. Ih7o. The Committee reserve the right to ;
reject any or all hid.. Specidaulonit and Manly
for bidding can be had at this ogle, No hide WI I
be received untrue made upon blanks furnished' by
this oMee.
11. J. Afooo3. City Finiimbut
CrTir Orriev,,L
Pirmitcnon. June 20. 1070.
XT OTlCE.—Sealed proposals will
received at this ofilloa till MO:MAY.4I33E
27th. for the use of the City Weigh Salmi. t
meeting JULY 10. 1 e:I7O L Bidden. Wilt state i
what per cent, of. gross receipts they gif t for .
the use. of said :Scales. Finance Commit e re
serve the right tifrelcet. any i' all bids.
It. J. istml WOAN,
At the of businepot,
Jrn. 9. 18,0-
• •• t
Ix.. ma. 411•Counte .... , ... .......162.7 i .
i"••••• ran...
k LI. Ronde to secure drcohill on .......11 N -
gtiaM ' ;lic7l% h ot n ol:k turnip% I . .
Lino from honsernlng an e-
it 9
fit ' o r lento ß . ' ;X:r National liana% 6 . 0 ;
Imo from other Batts & Bunker% :
Hankins House ( 3. i,
Comfit orpectses ..' •
Taxe• Feld ---
Cash Items, ltncludine stamps):.. .
Exchanges for ['Marine Hoax.. 10. .
•Bllls of other Nations Hanks...... T
Hills of Mate Banta 0
Fractional Currency mad Niekela 3. 7
1 VlZl?tr,f - ag."‘ .... ... 123:110 0.4
Capital Stack paid in
4T,:1;111, % )
. s "itTil a
National Bank Circulation Ont-
'`standing • 430.000 00 . -
Stan. BarikarculatlanOutstatol- - I
Dichiends paid a . •
Individual Deanna' . 317 1 ik R 1 ' C:1- .
Cashier's CherJra Outstanding....
Due NaUonal Banks . 0
Due other Bank. and Bankers.. ' l4 r
Tau., Unpaid . 1.
- - 811.031.486
STATE OF IrlesiwsrLynNu
1. B. B. Wilson. Caahler of the Citizen,' Natlonat
Bank of Pittsburgh, doaolemnly swear that the
leiVlTSV, '" 4arta li P. f. I
Subset - UW.l.nd acorn to beton, ma Me four
ieenth day of r tine.
• Ilt. ST
0. % APIS, Notary Public.
C'"l.—"4 llr . ht. P. BISSIST.L,
lINA Directors..
B. L.' rAfiNti,rv,K.l •
Semi-Anitual. 'Report
tli• TUE
gg due Da:portion J un. 15t, 11112.530342
WO "2 C o o gen Fund , Jane 1,1.1t170 Itt.tol
4.747.69 Y 34
Loan. on Hondo and Nocktages..Bl.64ll4ll
Real Estate
Stock to Pittsburgh itanka
U. S. 3.201.10ne5,180.1 an 07 4 UN 2 i
IL Satz pee cent, Ronda. 15261. O.
Bina Receivable
Cloth In Bank, and on band— •. 1' 4: 0 • ? 1
$2,747.092 34
The un.lemigned. Auditinn Committee, mui Wt.
folly report that they bare b• _.
;74.766 ` .1Z, I".:,„ b rglf.trth u ,l'irsgtVll.
Rank. consisting of acads and ktortgamis.
of Real Estate. Certificates of Rank etocir.V4
Receivable, U. R. Fire-Twenty tin per cent. Bonds,
'll.s and 67. 11. R. PIZ par cent. B. 151811. and
Cash in Banks and ou hand. and hind the same to
conwspond with the above. report.
C. YEAGER., 49
J. J. 1311.1.F1iP1E,; Auditing Committee.
A. Tlkil7l.E. 7
June 901.1870.
The Troateca
declared &drible d i nghree
per ea.. for the bola. months, Ater
3114. 11571/. payable forthwith. It n ote raw,.
wlll be. Interest from et lent.
CIIAS. A. COI.TCIN. Trettaerer.
PnTatintob. June 13th. 1870. .1617:773
7 ----
• •
at. No, 107 Market .St.,
• •
We now over 42 the plain° • •toeltof PAPER
RANOLSGS nrmarpissed in the West for variety . _
rintIVA: 4 3IItT litliVEN e gra MI%
IMIONS plisin bitght 5.000. for
PAPERS with an almost midi., variety or
BLANKS tor Chambers. Ire. All of which we wo
rm.. to yell as tow its the lowest In the mama..
MI and sac at
No. ID? Markel SI., atar Fifth Acen'te.
JOS. R. 111JfiliES•& BRO•
- .
SPRING. 1870. 1
40 Motes wide tints at is per roll.
Lieti-„trz=lt°42ll47;ore- •
{I ANT French and AOICTICIII PUper liikt- ,
tutfi bove, superior to say swift, i
twit country. Ft psis st H.
- . W. P. MARSHALL'S \
rt .. p k i l gt i v. .d Retail Store. 191 !,thati
NOTlCE.—Whereas; Letters of 14*
IfINISTDATION or! the estate of MAC.
CellillT. late of Ileldeln toemble.
sae been mated to the annex beet.
Indebted to the veld estate ael to Ake
Immediate Ve et. and to ItZWctilma or ere.
manes yllnu the aptatt4 the sadd decedent will
=ake twee the hul oat deal.
milk= U .
tenon. fi •
- D. W. ffil=l4Mt..