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Corner Sixth Ave. and Smithfield St.
By =II. per tame...... ........
11e11ver.4 by curler. pu'eweek
TENAfI il/4835 pohtmilitresse
TrwitE eggs ropt $7,60 •
lIENLIT CLAY DLO; in 0 / 0
Free Trader clew.
Tun new talon Ilotel at 8
poses to accommodate USX)
PET= Ilassanthass and P
were both drowned in the rive
on - Monday.
Wurg an eastern college al
to. Now York ho becomes no
andWeara glasses. •-'
Os Monday, Henry Vernon, of Brooklyn,
•' fell from the bluff at Fort Lee, N. J., and
was fatally injured.
I • Jr is estimated . that in Monroe, Mtchi.
I! gan;hundreda of tons of grapes will be
I harvested this.year.
Fixers:can is the home of the first. man
I fined. for refusing to guess the census
taker's conundrums.
Tilt:Tart Commissioners of Brooklyn
ask that city to issue bonds. for ilrAisioo
~ for park improvements.
; Mns.i.lrYti, of Nailing, has gone off
• with a stranger, leaving a disconsolate
husband anti several little sons of Bolas.
. • THE Western Fniveraity is in a gour
-4 ishing condition. It never had •so maw
:: students before slurs itsorganization lit
": 18.111. •
1 .tAmr.4 rt.TN. aged twenty•four, and
I teeorp,o Sarl, aged eighteen, wert`dro‘riell
on Saturday night, while bathing. at
Dation. ,
i The Telegraph holulg,s in a umnber of
; sketches from day to day, of the gentle
', men who are the "Favorite Aversions" of
.....' earl other.' -
THE new Constitution of Illinois allows
• every one naturalized before January Ist,
. 18;0, to vote, which, it is thought, lets in
:' some women.
• „
nitIODE ISLAND has heretofore voted in
_ April, but its Inst Legislature changed
• the time of holding elections for Con
gressmen to November.
A; I
ON Sunday afternoon a skirl - containing
• tvai men ana two women capsized in the
• Delaware river at Philadelphia, and one
• of the women was drowned. -
. 0 IIi•NT'S gentlemen's furnish.
, log store on Chestnut street, Philadelphia
wan broken into on Sunday night and•ntl
• bed of V• 1100 worth of goods.
• A l'onn paper'. has discovered "one
. . • _ . . ..
. - •
the few specintens of modem, flap doodles"
which tprried nut In Int a Doctor who huts
tensed to subscribe to the paper.
1 Hcv. W. A. Iir.NAD6 of this city has
been elected a member of the EiOcutive
' I Committee by the Swedenborgian Conven
than now iu session at Philadelphia.
i i A IFOCR SEMI old boy in Hartford tor&
such a dislike Whitt baby sister, that, in
1 . the absence of his toothier inc took a poker
and killed her by striking her on tbehesd.
j A rAttry of-roughn In Chicago set upon
• man named Dennis O'Connor and beat
- • him so that death is almost inevitable. be
muse lie declined to go on a hatter with
THE New Yuri: Pes7, in considering
womari.'s rightaasiTl woman's capabilities,
announces that - Ahern. are, on tie whole,
few things a won= can do better than
marry. •
AN lowa paper says a: wedding took
place in the Harrison county poor house . ,
a few days ago, n gay old pauper of •68
summers •mameing a lively lady pauper
of 50 blushing years. .
, •
THE loss be the burning •of the (tool
hresyery In lislilliaillphis oas but little
. . i'mll
t.tso .T f U nt°°° E tha ßofl nf Wi to n n "7 / 7 7 :16: ;! 7 y ll s 4 : 7": I f 'h " e ca n th2 t . te e,." 7:n d :d lno' :
_, engage the services of Ah Sing. one of
,". the Chinese at North Adams. to asnist at
the Beethoven Festival, ' was, like the
ARP Festival, unsuccessful.
• . 1 A NUN In New Hampshire hail become
.., 1 so used to matrimooy, that on the own
,.. sion of marrying los fourth wife, when
.! the minister requeeted the eatiple to stood
up. he said: "I've lisually set."
A ewormocc, school is being built in La
Crosse. When the world progresses a
little farther In eiellimtion, no village will
be without' one, and every boy and girl
•willbe obliged to learn to swim.
TUE Chicago Poet says the Go vernment.
may as well give up making treaties to
confine the Sioux tribe to their reeerma.
lions. The only reservation, they will.
ever keep is a mental reservation
lowa now has two lady County Super.
Intendents of Schools. Miss Addington.
of Mitchel; •was • elected •by the people.
'and Mrs. (Inge lino just been appointed
by the Supervisors of Black Hawk county.
IN New Orleans. rosy•cheeked peaches,
black grapes, sunny pears, liquid water
melons, black cherries, red plume, soft
figs, early apples and perfumed eante.
lopes are plentiful; but prices are aril)
sk y -high. ,
• TUE window glass made at the glass
works at Alton, 111., in claimed to be clear
er and better than any Sale being made in
the United States. It In owing to the re
markable whiteness and purity of the lime
and sand used.
.She went to church; fo
pled; cushion on seat; t.
the:congregation rose t,
reached over, took the .
ft under herself. • . .
TIE commerce of Philadelphia seems
to be falling off very fest. Cart year in
the month of May 4,037 coastwise and,l4B
foreign vessels arrived at that poei, In
May 1870 there arrived but 2.704 coax
wise and 02 foreign vesels.
Tat result of the re ent war in Para
guay is that there are fifty women to every .
man In that country.. If - Brigham Young
contemplates moving'. 'here is hie chance'.
to accomplish the flitting with eclat and a
' fair prospect of making converts.
A est.u.stitg horse was killed by a hog
in Bloomington, Illinois, recently. The
two animele were .grating in the same
field, when the hog,',lncorning enraged,
rushed upon thelsorsa and inflicted such
injuries that the owner had to shoot the
A 110 ST terrific Mono passed over the
Eastern States on Monday, At Boston,
Worcester, Springfield, Lewieten. Bangor
. and • Norwich, its effects wens particu
larly disastwete. Churches and: houses
were struck by lightning, and much glass
ILLINOIS has a preacher who gels j)lin
congregation in the church, locks the
door, and preaches at them until the dea
con wil, a specified amount. lie
. preached three hours last Sunday. before
they camdown with $lOO he was anxious
to moiled.
ON Tu av last. flee colored convicts, I
working n - the railroad near. Minor.,
Bath con ty,Ya.,ettempted to Make their
escape, when the guard, his gun beigg
loaded with bnekshoWfired upon them.
killing one and ,wounding two. 'The other
TUN Philadelphia Ledger says four
; ships, three barks and two schooners sail
ed from this port last week with 1.0213,00 0
gallons of petroleum, making- the total
exports 16,609,000 since the Ist of January.
Six shipa.twenty.sir larks and eight brigs
are nriw,loading.
Lima( JONEs, who recently murdered
his wife In Newmarket, is gradually sink.
lug into his grave from want of nourish.
went. The gash he made in his own
throat Is still open, and out of every pint
of gruel he swallows only two tablespoons-
ful reach his stomach.
The Times observes that Smith has
Alban his accustomed wisdom by appro.
Miatirtg to himseleone of the least flat
tering characters Sketched in Lothair,
and adds public curiosity would be much
‘ II • rellerent the prototypes of Phoebus and
Pinto world also reveal themselves . I
A BAN named Connor, working near the
. !War at Charkestwan. Marts.• ' has gotten
into the had habit, when disturbed by
boys, 'of 'seising the nearest offender and
throwing him into the river This heliu
done frequently until last Saturday he
threw Benjamin EOM= in. and lie was
'drowns& Thy Weser e7dtement over
x :7
~:» ;
I '
:. 'r- ''
, 1
. .
. . -
. - . . .
. - . . •
. • r. _ , .
. . . •
. .
, . . • -
. . . .
. .
..I ' .
.. . '. # 1 ,
- . . , • ' "
, r , • , .. .
. . . .
. •
J, . . . •
. , . / ....' . . •
. .
:-.. . - . . . • •
..I . .
\.. . . .
. -
) 1111) . . • '
• b r e\ __ Tii.e. WEITELY GAZETTE
.. . .
• Commercial and Family Newspart
• Lb'i ... 1 . ._ . .
... 11 . ..
1 . r ,
l i 1)-11 c." 1. 7k..... Zit- tit :IC 4. •
w P ie Ll;Ll ut a it, lll:ll.l3 K ES . L , P3 m t: TY:NESTLE ASIA
, \.t facet mechanic. or unistS•at iniiiiii 3 a
. F'"
V.1.:'.--....'.Single subscribers
1.4 g. I,'
- • --a. - Oaks of eve
Slow of ton 1.13. '
._ . . , ll'
• _____ __. ____ . A ", ty fp milibod gratuitously to the get ,
- -.----- ' - '-' of • (]oh ni Uni. PoAttinstersi sr* monads.' ..'•
.. . . If
the matter in the nillgithorhood, but t
.ours Is said not to realize at all the gravi•
'ty of his action. 1
IT is reported that Bishop Whipple, of
Minnesota, has not axperienced the bene.
fit which his friends expected from a visit
to Europe. It is said that consumptive
symptoms have deVeloped themselves in
his case, which have been aggravated by
his residence abroad. •
THE Boston Post in speaking of the
late Jerome Bonaparte, of Baltimore, Bays
his father was the, youngest son of Napo
leon I, This may be regarded ti.s new
light thrown upon the page of history as
the Duke of. Iteichstaidt has commonly
Levu regarded heretofore as Napoleon I.
youngest .
[groin in
Id mouthed
toga pro.
trick Ryan
at Chicago
.tudent goes
car nighted
A wt.:mut:a in Bridgeport, Conn.. Was
interrupted fora moment. the other dal,
by - an apparently sane gentleman. wlio
stepped up to the bridegrooiu at the altar,
tapped him on the shoulder. and said in
an audible trhisper "Before" this little at
fair goes ant' further, 1- would like to
know one tliing—whe will build the
Tug Lakes on Sherman avenue are
to be drained and pipes are already on the
ground for that purpose. The Society for
the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
should attend to this and see that the
frogs are carefully removed. perhaps to
be added to the collection of f urious an:
.iquities on Stockton avenue, -
- 'rite Marion county, lowa. Di mocrat,
says of a new disease among the cattle:
'lt makes its first appearance In a limb of
the victim, either on the shoulder or thigh.
awl in a short time the spot attacked tame
black and becomes swollen, and within a
few hours mortification takes place and
death follows. No other part of the nni
null swells or seems affialed.. -1 ' '
Tut; people of iholluien. Alalanna. are
in a fever of eXeitement over the hill that
a party of some twenty' Cherokee Indians.
descendants of the tribe of the celebrated
Chief Kuskovy, are on their way to Gad.-
den, the object of their visit being to
make knewn tht; locality of certain lead
and silver minee....edid-- - tf4be within one
mile of tfie'Deuble Springs, just outside
the corporate limits of Gadsden.
'l'd r. June number of the Coll, ge .Irn• mat
s before us. It is the' concluding 'mut
ter of the first tolume of this paper. and
we take opportunity - to congratulate the
editors and students in general of the
I uiversiiy upon the success of this ven
ture of theirs. `The paper is neat, men.
prehensive, well printed and well writ
ten, end we hope long lived. The editors
are about to take a two months holiday,
which we hope', they will enjoy.
LEONTINE, a handsome blonde
of eighteen, was crowned the other day
at Nanterre, as the mostvirtuous woman
in France. It was Abbe Helyot who
founded the institution at Nanterre, in
consequence oft which evert - year a prize
of Virtue was awarded to the woman de
tinted by is jury of nobilities to be
entitled to it. The reign of terror in 1193
'interrupted theidistributimilf the priies.
but it wan resumed again in 1804. •.
Tile. letter of Profeeeor floldwin Smith,
replying to Disraeli's tmonymous assault
upon his. character in "Lothair.' has rm.
ated a very decided sensation in London.
The papers of June Bth, without excep
tion have something to say of it. The
News says coward le a word which is not
ordinarily applicable to. Disraeli. but he
has earned it in tide tome, and writhe and
wriggle as he may he cannot escape the
strong hand which strands him with it. .
Tug Louisville Courier of Monday says
yesterday's Nashville Banner says: "A
band of unknown men, In full Kuklux
garb. approached a freight train on the
Nashville -and Decatur road, yesterday
morning, while it was at a water tank be
yond Elko:amt. Ala.. and told the entuine
ior that if the engineer. Monte, continued
to run cie the maid he would LA killed.
Fortunately Monte Was not" - on the train.
. vre are Rua the outrage did not occur
this side of . the State line :. - t ,
ritkrz \Vim:MA sew. of Brunswick,
Gel-ninny, has Inv nted a machine for
making Ice without any chemicals. The
process takes place a cylinder, where
the air la.first powe fujly condensed, then
cooled by the admission of water, and final
ly expanded till its pressure is about
equil. to that of the- atmosphere. This
sirdple profess lends to astounding 4-esulis ,
for it lowers the temperature of the air to
about 30 'degrees Celsius. so that after the
latter has been conducted in moderate
quantities Into a place through which
water flow., this water is almost leamedi•
ands turned ititoice, of yid& enormous
flocks may be thus obtained, -if desired.
THE electric fluid has been playing a
number of fatal freaks during the poet
week. Mr. Williim Johnson, of Mont
gamely, Alabama, was killed while stand.
log in .his house on WednestieY night
last. The current, it is conjiictured,
calm in through a window .pane,' which
was covered with paper. ilia watch chain
was melted by,the heat. Hirsh Hutch
ins, of - rnikville, South Carolina, was
also killed while resting against the door'.
of his house Also, little Willie New
ton 5505 killed near Marietta, Oa. lie was
leaning against .chimney. and. although
all the rest of the family were around
him, none were hurt: .
nit stony which comes to us from the
great - fire at Constantinople of certain
Turks who resignedly shut themselves up
in their-houses, believing that their hour
had come, and so-burned piously to death,
is fairly capped by the recent sermon of a
French priest. This excellent man, a few
Stindays since, selected "Insurance against
Fite" as his theme, and preached a die.
Bourse against it, an a flying- in the face
of heaven. "To insureone's property." he
said. "0, my hearers, is &crime! Calami
ties of all none are chastisements from on
high. If you insure your property You
ttivent God from punishing , you should
lei see fit to do sot" This patron of Prov
idence clearly got himself born - in the
wrong century,
Tne-introduct'on of Chtrumen into 31as.
sachuaette to wo k in the shoo factories,
the Boston Post rtels directly brought
i t
about by the vio ant . measures which' the
grade organizati nit have seen fit to take
to force respect f r strikes and compel the
regulation of bu iness according to their
ideas. The Post addle "Combinations of
workingmen fo mutual assistance and
improvement e worthy of encourige
ment and approbation; but when trades
unions degenerate Into bands of ruffians
organized to bent innocent men who are
As Ming to work when the union commando
a strike, the sooner employers fill - up their
factories' with non•union workmen, the
letter It will be feria' parties. It is um
deritood that the North Adams Chinamen
are only on trial; but the experiment prom
isee well." -
female strategist.
tad her neat
k nest seat bank;
Ping and the lady
ninon and plaWd
who visited the United States about the
year 1841, and wrote a short history of his
stay. is still alive, haringjust celebrated
his ninetieth birthday, in the full enjoy
ment of mental and physical health. Since
the year 1811. be and Professor Leopold
Non Itanko have been the chief lumbut
riea in historical lore at the Universities
of Breslau and Berlin. Among the . nu.
memos distinctions and congratulations
received' by Prof. Dr. Raumer on the above
interesting occasion, was a personal visit
from the lion. Mr. G. Bancroft. His:Ma
jesty the King sent him. by the Minister
of instruction; Herr Von Meuliler, the
decoration of the Eagle: the Crown Prince
telegraphed from . Carlsbad, and many
deputations waited, in the course of the
day. on the distinguished veteran savant.
Di Roston, the organization has been
effected of a society called the "Women's
Garden Homestead League," and a con
vention is to be held in a short time in the .
Melonson. The purpose of this organiza
tion is to secure a practical benefit to the
workingwomen of that city by offering
such of them as prefer more healthful and
congenial occoptition, homes and land,
outside the municipality, which they, may
and cultivate. e property it is
proposed to'obtain, eith T er h from • • a gift of
the State, or from private liberality, and"
certainly there is no object which_ more
thoroughly commends itself to the pltil- '
anthropist than this scheme for the ame
lioration of the condition of needy work
ingwomen. Our shops and factoiies are
now overstocked with girl operatives and
at wages whicb barely seem to support
existence. To open up a healthier and
more appropriate way of earning a Rein
will be a blessing to a vast number, and
this is the above avocation's purpose.
er "Runt a Muck."
i 'Enquirer sap.; 4 4 is do
A Texan St!
The Cinch=
itt every t,% : n I:authr.
bovine from Te as gets on a spree in tho
city and creates a big Sensation. - Teeter.
day morning - one of - these long.horned
gentry bad a high old time, and cut some
pranks which were tin hopor to his spe
cies. The indications are that he broke
loose from his pen out beyond the lirigh.
ton Hourte, as the first heard of him was
in that locality. He took things very
quietly, however, in that locality. b.ut as
he advanced into the city his ire became
aroused, and by the titue liv,had circled
around and struck Fifth street. in_the . !
neighborhoril of Walnut. W 31.1 worked
op to a fever heat. -Ile came plunging
along the street, his eye in a fine frenzy
rolling, and at th.spoint above a. , signated
ran over a little'girl and gored her con
sidembly. She Was picked op and taken
to Keeshan's drtig store, where prompt aid
seas rendered Iter and she wain sent to her
The infuriated beast . continued on hit
course, encouraged to madness by the
shouts and jeers of those upon the streets.
At the Vine street crossing he made for a
latly whose gaudy colors attracted his at
tention. The woman screamed and ran.
but the beast ran her down and made an
ugly thrust at her. The'pursucd lady
-threw out her parasol in her fright, and
his-uteership caught it on orient his hems
and carried it MT as a trophy. The lady
escaped without injury. Ott went the
gentleman from Trans. At Hare street
he ran over and trampled stpms nn add
man named John Saunders, injuring him
considerably. The animal then seemed to
lake it into his head• to go down to the
big plenic`at Short's (trove, and he started
at once for the landing. lie retraced his
steps, and down Main street he went with
the speed of Is smarter horse, cleating
every thing before him. An int.
slums, crowd stun at the landing
waiting embarkation. The crowd saw
him coming and cleared a passage for
him. One or two persons were knocked
dawn and run over, and it is related tkat
one man was caught on the steer's horns
and tossed several feet into the air. The
ferocious bruto headed straight for the
river, and reaching it, plunged in ur to his
nose. There he stood glaring anti froth.
ing and slashing his tail, apparently enjoy
ing a bath. Tile greatest excitemimt pre- •
railed in this emirs!. A Lumber of .trove
men wanted to sistsot him at once, but
were prevented from doing so out of eon.
sideration fur the crowd. The mad steer,
leaving his pleasant quartets; in the river,
headed for the shore and :bushed - down
Front street, making things lively as he
went. rpoMreaching Central avenue he
entered the river again. and started for
the Kentucky shore. The current carried
hint down. lon he swam nobly and landed
at Ludlow. Here a crowd was .1,11 col
lected and the truculent brute WAS ended
after a gentleman had empties! the can
mts of a revolver in his carcase:
Garroter , . onthe Railroad
The Cinci anti Enrsirer gays.
A few days ago a party of gentlemen.
residing in Newport , gaihered themselves
together and went down' the fiSntucky
Central Bitily3lnd as far as Butler upon a
fishing eXttlillioll. They were jolly goal
fellows, fond of fun and frolic, and tunas
was the prank they played upon each
other.while beyond the reitraintsof social
life. After several ditya spent in enjoy.
men s. of which linking was the least.
the party started, upon its return. One
member of the crowd. a practical joker
and wag. named Winston. had laid him
solf out to such an extent during the trip
that his fellows determined to get even
with him in some way.' Juste before
retching the long tunnel bark of Loving
ton. Winston wan observed to be Bitting
in the forward part of the ear, either
asleep or wrapped In the :'solitude of kin
originality." SOlllO one proposed
that when tip•r .adored the taimel it
would be-a good idea t. garrote him .
The eugneetion met with a prompt sec,
on& and as noon OK' the 4..titeette of the
long hole ocershanlowed everythlng the..
boys got ready to awry out the i r boner.
lent design. But Winsten was too smart
to trust himself to them under such dr
cumstances, and MO quietly slid out of his
stet and took a position in another part
of the car. The "boys - hunted about
matil they thought they had reached the'
neat where they hit saw him, and finding
hint all right, as they supposed:proceeded
with the fun. But it happened then, as
It Lae often happened before, that they
' got the wrong :porcine by the articular
pendage—it was a quiet, demure, - old
' Christian gentleman upon whom they had
laid their hands. They jammed the old
man's hat over his eves, choked him vio
lently, and went through his noekete
with great dexterity . . Of course be Ft s
alarmed at the v iolent treatment, and
elloufed lustily for help, but the boys
kept it up grandly.: The whole car was
in an uproar. When the train shot out
iota open day again, the true stalk of at,
fairs was revealed to the . practicaLjokers.
They saw the mistake which they Lad
made, and were profuse in their apolo.
glee, but it took'a great many explans.
'ions to satisfy the poor victim and make
-• thing clear In Lin mind.
. •
The New York Standard speaks as rot
lows upon this subject with the recent ad
dress of the 'Bishop of Pittsburgh ai text
Bishop his address before the
Fifth Annnsl Convention of the Episcopal
Diocese of Pittsburgh, pointed to some
excellent results springing front lay min.
Istrations. and said that In the.visits he is
making in his diocese he Often wishes to
have some laymen with him. The Epls
copal Church in Pennsylvania. espCcially
in V. cistern Pennsylvania, occupies a very.
peculiar position, and in many planes its
services are unknown and its formula .a
tradition. lus trained ministers are few,
and the small number of persons In; large
communities; who prefer the Episcopal
worship are badly served if served at all.
Lay ministration h as been a source of
great benefi,t in that region, an the good
works of good laymen are beneficial eve
rvwhere. No one can ovet•estimate the
good he may. do If be only trims to . do
Proselyting may not be a pursuit
that Many-of as could commend, bat.
works that are really trod, especially those
In which laymen .= eruipige, are far above
proselyting. Lay ministrations have a
higher significance than even Bishop Ker.
foot gave them—a significance that we all
ought to see and feel more and more eve
ry day.
In tide city there is much misery and
needless suffering. It seems needless' to
offer men church services and tracts and
and good boots while they want bread in
waiting for work. An empty stomach
seldom takes kindle to doctrine. Even
institutions like the Young Men's Chris
tian Association fall of good in themselves
to the classes that most need help, unless
their ministrations extend out of theta
selves, and reach the internal wants of
the sufferers by supplying the external.
What we neod all over this country are
better organised efforts at improving the
condition of the poor—a more earnest
out-look lest capital trample upon
labor and the degradation- of the
laboring man follow with a train
of worse evils than •we Lave
ever known. We must make men good
by making them.happy; we must make
_them happy by giving theixf work to do
and teaching them how to do it. In thin
there is a field ~for lay ministration un
thought of by the good Bishop whose
-words suggested these things to us, : but
quiteas important in their way AB the lay
ministration he commands.
TEE Portland Argun says: After a
slight - shower in the town of Cumberland,
on Tuesda s v of last week, standing water
was observed to be covered with a yel ,
lowish scum; resembling Hower of. std.
phut in color and appearing like soap or
grease on being rubbed in the hand.
These appearances were observed through
nut the neighborhood, but to what cause
to be attributed is not known. Mr. A.
- Gretly of that town brought us a phial of
the scum, but we cannot decide what it is
composed of. If a volcano was near, we
should think it came from thatit may
possibly be the pollen of flowers floating
in the air, though it seems hardly crediblo
that it could be abundant enough to pro
duce the effect observed. We have not
heard of similar indications in other
places, which would be quite sure to occur
if the latter were the cause.
Berthold Auerbach has just published
au interesting reminiscence of travel. Olt
Austrian. borders some quarter of a ern
tury ago. N'ith a large party' Auerbach
was traveling by coach, in the year 1115,
front Adorf to the Bohemian baths. On
arriving at the border Custom . Bonn ,
their passports acre found all right, and
the travelers were asked If they had any
thing about them liable to duty. Auer;
habls declared that he had brought with
him only a lmndred cigars for his use due
ing a four weeks' sojourn In Marienbad.
Me customs official looked at hint -with
large eves." stroked his moustache. right
and left, between his forefinger and
thumb, and 'hardly knew what co soy
twat. A Prussian officer, one of the party,
joked Auerbach about his houortible con
fession. but lie replied that it was the
tirst time he hail crossed the Austrian
borders, and lie \ neither intended to smug
sgle or bribe. '4 Ise o ffi cer shrugged his
shoulders. enstonss official catue
again to Anerba its and asked bins, in a
very good humrired way. "Shall we open
your trunk?" necessary," Ise said;
•'Lliave a hundred cigars; I have five *icif
them here in Inv pocket, and will pay
duty on've times their weight."
tihat will lie n long job." replied the
official, "and in that case there will have
to be so and so many official papers filled
ant" 'The Prussian officer then stepped
I up, paying to Auerbach, -rem let in us;
I kfiow you will refund me the • nit ney,"
and then placed a coin in the nil eters
hand: 'Auerbach's trunk was then used
But the official did not forget his a
nor, and hinted. "It 1..10 custom ry to'
give the Ilerr Inspector inside soma sing."
stir then went into the Is rents.•
Tiler. stood Ilse official writing t- his
desk, and smoking a long pipe, e mpla
centiv. Jost beside bin papers the stood
ai wooden hovel, tilled with very fin sand used all over riermany I stead
of binning: viper.) Into this each
,now laid a pie, of money while
thellerr inspector wrote and smoked just
as if ho 'sew nothing. ThO party then
passed on Mite Bohemia. Auerbach wan
then publishing leis oiling*,entitled
'rs. ilevatteramann,' which was Printed •
anti Carlsruhe, in tint Omnil
Duchy of Itadinn and to this he pent the
story, as it was fresh on his mind. lie
sissified slit' this and place, and vouched
foSylie truth I,li what he related. At that
time the press was subjected to strict reit.
sorship. and Anerbach's story had to pass
under the criticism of Ministerial Coun
cillor Zell, who struck the whole story out
(nun beginning to Mi. 3letternich 'was
thrill in power In Austria, 'and to have'
published it would have caused great dis
pleasure. Auerbach never forgot the im
eident, however, and be gives it now as a
characteristic of the pre.lB.lB period la.
"Si Pacem Para BeHum."
At n meeting held in Monroeville, Pat.
ton township, of thin county, the "old eel
diers" with quite n number of young men
who "heard not the roar of battle in the
late war," organized a military company
for the purpose of drilling and generally
preparing for any "onpleasownes." which
may arise in the course of events in this
section of the nniverse. The company
- will he known as the Allegheny Zouaves.
and following is a list of tire officers
chosen . Captain, Wm N. Haymaker.
• formerlY of Col. I laya',sPrd Y-third Pennsvl
vania Volunteers: Fitt Lieutenant. -Alf.
'Joh. a veteran of Dick Coulter's "Old
Eleventh," who after being severely
wonaded in the battle of Doi Wilderness,
was captured and confined for eleven
months antithit • the horrors of An
dere, Second theutenant, Aaron
Trelir.firrmerly of the One Hundred and
Seventh Regiment of I h.nnrolvnnin Volun
Orderle Sergeant. )ohn Swager.
formerly of the One Hundred and Fifth
Regiment of Peimsylrania. Volunteers.
Mt. Swatter io 4. general - 1....01AL with fl. ,
members. and should any Y ea occur '
in the ° shoulder strap ° ..,Orti ta of the
Company, he will soon be in i sessionof
n pair of those articles him self.
I'llh Company is filling up st, as the
character and ability of the otti ra chosen
1 warrant a pleasant time to tine a who
may enroll themselves therein.
It has been proposed to vole - n no few of
the old citizens of 014 , section honorary
members of the Company, aiell as the
CIAZETTE has been our stand \by; for the
last twentyfise years, we shall take pleas
ure in making her one of the number.
Yours. reSpectfull .
Alt 011 Romance. '
There fits young lady in tileveirn.i. t
only child of a bankrupt Syracuse, N. Y..
merchant, who is now supporting her
parents in affluence on a Pnlaii fOrtline
she made in the Veuango oil region.
When misfortune overtook her parents—
that was in 186 G—and she saw her father
whom she fondly loved. bending under
the weight of want and decliningttealth,
she secretly resolved that with her own fair
hands she would earn a competence for
his declining years. With that thought
pervading her Whole being and in full
possession of her faculties, she provided
herself with male attire, severed the beau,
tiful locks which had been the pride and
the admiration of numerous beau!, stain.
ed her hie and hands to the bronze color
of a former boy, and with a small sum of
money which she realized from the sale
'of her trinkets, she made her way to PV
outer run, where; under the name of Billy
McGee she soon ingratiated herself into
the good-will of r i crew of drillers, who
first learned her to turn • a drill,.and then
secured her a position on a drilling -if
From drilling for wages, she went tn
drilling for small working interests, by
which abe became owner of Interests in
several fair wells. Having accumulated
a little money she vents ed to putdown a
well on het own account. succeeded, tried
anOthar, again Dncceeded, and at the end
of two years, she left Shamhnrgh with
$lB,OOO, retired. to Cleveland, provided a
gcoil.cme for her profits, renamed female
attire, and now, with hands and feet en.
larged by toil, she passes in her prorilC
. nada the worthless butterflies of fashion,
. .
with t proud consciousness of bet super
ior wor th.—Pleasastrille (7aslighl,
jThe street Trees 13 Perl'
All the. boulevards of Paris are Planted
with trees, many of which were,however,
destroyed during the revolution of 1848.
New trees ware therefore planted, and
their growth fostered with amount of
skillful attention that has produced aston
ishing results, when the natufal distuivan
taus are taken into ;consideration. The
trees are planted in loam that has been
Previously .XlllXed will said, and trams
ported. to the city. This is contained In
large receptacles, lined with Mick, sunk
below the surface of the Idol waY. and
coated over with cement, so so to render
them impervious. They form In fact.
gigantic flower pets. and, into them are:
conducted the roof-drains Of each hone
block, from which the earth .ddrlves Its
Neater supply. These basins' or flower
pots are built of capacity sullicient to ad
mit the roots of the trees. Au othamen
lid circular iron grating, set . flesh With
the footway, it placed over these basins
and around the trunks of the trees. This
admits air for the proper s upport of the
roots. The roots of the treen-itre thus re
moved from the deleterious influences of ,
escaping street gas and the poisonous
emanations front sewers, causes which are
weiVicnown to have destroyed thevegeta.
tion In -the streets 'or many cities.
- -
Tun Philadelphia Press lakes the right
view of the cue, when it sap:
A strong movement is being develop'
ed in the western counties of the State,
having for 'its object th e creation of a
third party. It claims ostensibly to be a
move for the reformation of the Repub.
UM, party and the nominatioa of an ITT:
est ticket. if this in reality is its aim.
the means used to secure the end are not
those of honest reformers. To be sincere,
the effort must be made within and not
outside of its limits. The Republican
party, unlike the' DemocracY, Is not 80
corrupt as to require outside 'inhumes
for its puriftention. .Nor does it move to
wards reform on the principle of sues.
SENATE: Tariff and Tu3 8111, Con
sidered Wittaont. letton,HOUSE:
Organliation of Departatest of In
,ternal ilevenue—lntereifk Eta:
%tide Between Mr. Parutilforth and
Ir. !Idler.
Y Teh , graph tg the Pittsburgh 4.l.3zettel
Mr. SUMNER, from Committees. Foreign
Relations, reported favorably thdhill to facil
itate telegraph communication tJetween - the
ratted Staten and Bermuda islands: also, the
bill to‘ authorize a. direct sub-marine cable
from the United States to DeWitt.
Mr. WILLIAMS reported, with amendment.
the bill relative to the unlawful certification
of checks by officers of Nattonal Banks.
Mr. NYE called apt he bill amandite the act
granting Louis to . aid the construction of a
railroad and telegraph line from tli States of
Missouri and Arkansas to the Pacific coast.
by Southern route. The bill is knOWn as, the
Atlantic and Pacideltallroact bill:add extends
the time fur the construction of the road so
the Company can ootain the right of way
through the Winn Territory. "Th ' bill was
discussed and laid aside. - • •
Mr:SHERMAN called up the bill t o reduce
Internal taxes. etc. The emendate is of the
Senate Committee on Finance were read.
The proposition of the Committee 'to strike
out the nrst thlrty-four sectional ImPria
leffnMist3rili vee.apli agreed
!4!i30 it.. had
.provided for keeping up a portion of, the spe•
lei tares, while the Senate cOmmit tee pr: po.
See to repeal all of them. except on splrit sae
bocce and beer.
The next three sections of the"bili...inserted
by the core mfftle in lu of th pa rt re
out, we ren il c d. They ie provide e
for the repeal.
after May tat,
we e of all special taxes. except
those upon brewers. distilled splcifis and to
bacco:also. that the several taxes on sales be
repealed except .1101 as en, by law now paid
by stamps; also. repealing text/A on sales of
Ice and manufactured tobeeCo, muff, cigar..
foreign and domestic distilled spirits; also. re.,
pealing the tax article.: in act...dale Aand
special tax on boats. barges. .11ats.on legacies
sod stleeesSinns , on pas.poris end on groan
Sections were arreed to repealing, af
ter October Ist, igiii. the stamp tax imposed
in sch Mule Bon promtsiory notes for a less
sum than one hundred dollars. on receipts for
any's= of money or In payment for any
debt, and also stamp tax Imposed In achednle
C on canned and preserved rash: farther, that
no stamp Shall he required upon transfer or
assignment of a mortgage, except when made
upon a sale thereof, or when tritneferred as
collateral security: also, that commissions
shall be allowed In the purchase of pmprietarr
stamps. Also. allowing the removal of Inc
fee or friction matches. clear. lights - and Wax
tapers from the place uf maanfacture for for
ears'itparamatiiisrs unbent
TarTe.ngtul'alblnasn or
~,tbaCommlss‘oner. o Internal Egvenue.
"Mr. SHERMAN offered a new (cotton, whirl:
as amended by Mr. SAWYEILIcas adopted.
mendinge the time withlo wig stamps may
he affixed to Instrument! of Sr tag melting
stamps and executed in the litte retrainees
States, until June 13. Int. tanking the penalty
double the stnoust of tax and in no case less
thaajlive dollars. • .
The - income tax sections tare then ilk
cussed. t
Mr. SHRUM-A N tmoise lu favoa of the reten
tion of the tall and
Mr. its
against 'lt.
The blll•was laid ON er es of
for Tharsdiv. i
Mr.POSIEROV offered it reiolntion reentst
lag the President to transmit Mar miltildnntil'
cotton and proposals he had reeetred for the
Constmictine 'of (Wan steamships for lbs
trans-Atinotic mill service. eiti_
• The Senate took a recess. • ~,
Th o R iz EP g R E th S e ß N c TiT .r i t l ie E in a t •
bridge acres, t h e r Mis n issippl a oM oun t c/ B
i loutff as
waspessed, with no ameadmeVlrtagthit
constructirm - of span s three ed feet In
width. -
Mr. WILSON. of Mammies. from Committee
on Public Lands. reported n bill authorizing
the claim of the State of 3finnesot a for lands
for tbn •.plOl. Of the S nlvtrsit 3..
Passed--.NI to le.
Mr. S.CHENCE, from Commintm ou wave
and Mean.. reported a bill to onranne the lie
fpaa Internal liesenue and to rewninte
the collection of the and moved that it he
printed and made t h e n special order for Wed
nesday neat. The bill changes the Bureau of
Internal Revenue into a Department. the Com.
tnissioner to be the head. at a salary of s9l_ol
-per annum: also allow" an Assistant Commis 54.5 , 111: three. heads of 'flew
salaries PAO: ninety-eve male and
fifty female clerks, tem:dr-five super
visors, salaries CLOO4 and emistant su•
pervlsors not exceeding twenty-eve at
not over eight dollars per day. The
bill also•provides for revenue gauger.. asses
son and collectors. /he number of assistant
asSesSoes employed s all be permanently re
duced by the discharge of nil agoras assigned
specially to the essessment of tiny taxes
which have been abolished hr law, and the
Commissioner Is farther required to reduce
the number of o.ssistant ItilgeSSnr% In propor
tion to any reduction of service ot. rimiest
meats which have been made or may hereaf
ter be made by the repeal of soy portion of
Internal taxes. The bill reduces the employee
about one-third, repudiates entiren the aYs
temMf infonters. spies, moieties. 3c.
Mr. SCheners motion was agreed to.
The bill to pay the European and North
American Railroad Company fragaiti. interest
due the States of Massachusetts and 3lalne on
' money expended in the War of 1612. less ME
cussedr. urg a hill bond the
construction ot a narrow cana, mountain line
of railroad from a point on tthhe Union Pacific
Railroad, near Fich C ity to e mouth of Cot
jrlittn h r nre" „ el
e,VAltfr l SteA Committee .
on the resolution for the expulsion from the
r eporters" `alters of Sr. Scott Smith, corres
pondent of the New h orkNmnino Post =Me
a repon and asked It be presented end slit
resolution told on the table. So ordered.
The Houle. en motion of Mr. SCHENCE,
proceeded to'businces en the Speaker's table
and disposed/hereof- as follows
Measage from the Senate requesting a C.:in
ference Committee on the Currency hill.
Agreed to.
Veto of the President of the bill for the re
newal of a patent to Rollin W bite for Improve
meat In pistols.
In the discussion which took place on the
veto—which was participated in by Memo.
.Wood. Laflin. Hoar and Kellogg. in support of
the veto, and by Messrs. jenckes and Batter,
(Mass.) against It—an exciting episode took ,
place. arising out of a point orderr. made by
Mr. FARNSWORTH. that. Mr. Butler wise the
paid counsel M Rollin White, the beneficiary
under the bill. Be' dbeilwetlthatit was In evi
dence 'het the member from Massachusetts
-had accepted a fee of two thousand dollars.
Mr. EILTLER asserted there was no such
Mr. FARNSWORTH affirmed there was,
an lt lams conttaned In a commuoicatlon
of the y Commissioner of IPatents which he
bed naked to have read at the C ierk'a desk,
but Its rending had been Objected to. ,
air. BUTLER—There is 'no such evidence—
ne;lree. FenAnßlillnNneollneTTlV—linisbeist. upon Its 'sting
3lr. BUTLER—The point between the gen
tleman and meant Is thud: He charges that a
fee of tf.UOO was furnished me to edvocate the
extension of the patent On title floor. I say I
received the fee for arguing the case In the
SnArre.nfeACTI.VIWORTI—Th' statates . of the
United States declare ,member Of UMIZTPSS
who receives any roe for matter pending be
fore ContrQss, or in any of -the departments,
Commits a misdemeanor, punishable bylndict
meet, and It Is In evidence the member from
Massachusetts voluntarily stated to the Com
missioner of Patents— "
Mr. BUTLER linterruptingl - 1 do not give
away to the abase of a man who has more
beard than braitut.
Mr. FARNSWORTH — That Is a most excel
lent retort—al good its the member Is capable
of making. The member can curse my beard,
but be cannot steel under. the shadow of my
beard. My point of order Is that the Kahn°.
man. the member from 31easachussetts, beano
right to advocate a claim here for a fee , of taro
thousand dollars.
-The Speeker reminded the gentleman from
Illinois thy question of a member's Interest, In
a matter before the blouse is inveriably lett
to that member's own sense of propriety.
Mr. FARNSWORTH urged the reading of
the communication of the Commissioner of
Patente twohow that dollar, tler had received
a fee of thousand ,
The time for which Mr. Butler had the floor
having expired. Mr. ELDRIDGE asked that
the' time be extended. It -was a matter of
gr p H
eat interest and imortance, and the ome
and country wanted to know all about it.
Mr. FARNSWORTH insisted on his point of
The Speaker directed the rule to be read,
which directs that no member shall vote on
any question, In the event of aliNh he is Im.
mediately or personally Interested, and stated
that if the rule was enforced In the utmost
- stringency. It would nett prevent the gentle.
man from Massachusetts debating the- quee
lion. The rule was limited entirely to the
question of voting. It was forth° gentleman
himself to decide upon-his honor and his oath
as a member. The Chair cou o ld not be the
G° 2lr e e . i rgrarErife o vi.lTA b i e .r,t l inutes lime left
,aid he would give it to Mr. Butler.
Mr. BUTLER said he would not ask hail of
It. He only wanted the record to be reed which
would brand the statement of the member
from Illinois as malicious, false and Infamoue.
Mr. FARNSWORTH—Have It reed.
Mr. BUTLER—The entry Is ono of 0400 for
counsel fees paid me in 'January. ISt, when I_
argued the case before the Supreme Court,
where my brief Is filed. It Ives for counsel
fees and nothing else. : •
Mr. BUTLER desired It to he rend at the
Clerk's desk.
The paper lens sent to the_Clerkli desk and
road, from which it appewed Mr. Butler had
written to the Commissioner of Patents, sue.
nesting the patent should aot be extended I
without examinatlo• andthat he had received
a counsel fee of • , I, from the applicant. '
Mr. I.Al:cow H sought the floor, bat
-)3. Itiit).
Mr. JENCEES insisted on the litecho.
The Home, however. beinghumor to
enjoy and encourage the scene. refused to
second the previous question.
Mr. FARNSWORTH obtained the floor. Ile
said there were two facts pro ninent in the
matter. The first wasahat in SC there was
pending an application from It lin White for
c am e etension
his patent; ter the Met be
ce known to the member trim afassachu
sett s. and be volunteen,d to pr., est against
Whether that Was for the pure se of courting
an offer for counsel fees he did not know.
The second faer Wan that when White Bled
his schmlule of expenditures ',train order
to show that be had not made s much out of
the patent as he should, he ntered as one
Item of expenditure that In. Jattnary,loBo. he
paid the member from Massachusetts f2.01J0
for counsel fees.. He woldd • state fur.
tiler that the member Uhl not utter a word
In (lie Sapreme Court In behalf of Rollin
White. though he did the wren' small and
slgullictint brief, so It might appear he did
something la the law court towards' earning
his CIAO. But he (Mr. Farnsworth , would
Irate it to the House and to the country to
determine what the MOOT." of White y
ing the V.OU(I and what was it, if s not the
52410.4 that Induced the sneutber from Massa
chusetts to advocate on thin floor the eaten- •
Mon of that patent! T. member had spoken
of length of bearth'and he (Mr. Farnsworth)
had told him thou, ns he did now. that nag
short, no member or Congress should with tits
knowledge steal under the shadowof his
beard, ho member of Congress should with
his knowledge perpetrate a fraud like this on
ewe,p or the 'United States. whose inter
est!mll he violated, us he (Mr. Rutter) had
sale his letter to the Conmossioher of Pal,
eats by the reissue of this patent. It would
me mb er !loed lust in the letter written by the
meer in
b e, he said the t he
i ra te this pat
ent would be subversive of the interests of
the Gs,veruipent; but ogee of 02.1,00 changed
lits views, and now thchienitim . , forgot in.: his
a n d o
the Interests of the Uni
ted Slates, advocated the reissue of the' pat
ent and advised the patentee to make
an assignment of his interest co the Govern
ment. when she evidence Was bat he had as
signed It long before to Smith o. Wesson, and
therefore he hail right to'
of it to the
Clove mama. And yet the plea of the mein
.ber from Massachusetts wasrat the advice
was worth ta.,o), and that 'bite gave him
12.030 for it. That wee too t in a gauze, too
thin: veil, too shallow a tired:
w e. Ile believ
ed the House nod the country. wonid arraign
theather from Massachusetts' for being on
Loth ides of the question—Urst 'one side
and then on the other side for a fee.
The Speaker here called Mr. Foresworn to
.Mr: GARFIELD remarked that such lan•
gunge ought net to be heard In these halls.
Mr. FARNSWORTH said he had finished.
nail tooted the fireiloll. question.
Several murmurs of disapproval showed the
House did qut relish the 'idea of shutt Mg off
further disc :islet,
The Speaker asked Mr. Farnsworth whether
he Undated Man, demand.
Mr. FARNSWORTH withdrew it.•
Mr. BUTLER replied to Mr. Fatm‘VCorth,
and us lie was speaking the members gathered
round that his. remarks at times were
Very Indistinctly heard by the reporters. Ile
denied havin manifesd any Interest in the
bill before the g
House te the way of forward
sing its passage. and appealed to the chairman
of the Committee on Patents and members
generally to bear him out in that denial. Ile
explained test In Pell lie was applied to be
I certain gentlemen in his town. Interest
ed In the manufacture of antis, and
who thought that in a contract they
war filiolll to enter into with the (lov
erml eat they might interfere with Rollin
Whiles patent, to watch any application that
I alight be made fort. extension of that ma
i ent. nod he had therefore written to the Loin
, missioner of Patents, stating thee. , reasons
which rendered It for the interest of the
Government that the claim for extension
I %Weald be examined before the extension was
ma e • Ile had never - heard of it, nor had
I any king further to do with It. further
net that. But In lad& while he was
, hoar on vacation, Rollin White came
I to. tint and sold there was pending's stilt
Intte Supreme Court of the United States
ten had been once aligned before the Court
and then stood for reargument; that his coun
sel was sick end he wished him to argue it.
He had, therefore. spent four. weeks of solid
time Inpreparing a brief. which he. Bled. .d
which the member from 'lnutile called a weak
and Insignificant brief. The gentleman who
had originally argued the matter bad got
well and reargued .it. He also attend
ed the argument. For that lie bail
on the 29th •of Jammer. IBA aieeelrefi
VIM There hail been then no appllCatlon
pending before Congress 'for extending the.
patent to his knowledge; and lie had not
known there ever would be. Ile could assure
the member frost Illinois that never would he
make such a brief as that, never would he ar
gue a case an that case wan argued. and was
perfectly safe from ever receiving a fee of
52.1151. [Laughter.) Ile further explained It
was after the hill bad gene to the President
that White came to him and said
Ahem semi oppotiltion to It. because
'lt was made to appear It would Interfere with
the flovamment. - and then he told him he
conld obviate that ty tiling in the Patent
(Race a release to the united States. Ile had
beard this tlilag Was (0 lie brought Mt ngainst
'llllO 10 the flowne, l, he had felt that innlice.
ialded byweoknenen. want contemptible. lint
'they.-/ma becn oft , Presented before the
country the singular spectacle of an attemp
ted orraignment. of a member by another
Member who &Stunned Mut 4nlaWareti.
In • the manner that'the blower of
e d v e. er ce m n a t de a . ,
sadden' n d nn ' irreh l" e ' m a el e t tie
Speaker's gavel iutimated the limit of porno
mentors- debate was Win encroached upon.
Mr. ItrTLEß.paused. to wed at the Speaket
as if wondering at the Interruption. and In
quired. Ina manner that brought the House
down in roar of - laughter, whether
it iron a message from the Senate. *Re
suming his remarks he said: I repeat that n
prepared blow. alined at a Man unprepared.
the blow of a coward-and an assassin—
everywhere a great truth 'ln %has.
to which I think nobody, not even the Speak
er's hammer, will object. [Laughter,' If
there be any man here aim thinks I have Dena
In any way false to in people, I invoke a vote
of censure from the House. Ile added - that
he had not sought this controversy. It Won
well known there was a rem* great difference
of feeling between himself and his assailant,
but . he (Mr. Butler , had never iateuded
teat dlnerence on the House, and had
never brought his personal quarrels bottler
I the Hop s°. Ile had endeavored to- keep
whet dun said within exact parliamentary
langhaire As to the insinuation that be had
Wed a brief lathe Supreme Coen, manly as a
pretence to obtain A fee, he could onlv say,
arid!! father Abraham! what these Chrlittlans
are whose own hard dealings teach them to
soaped the very thoughts of others!"
Mr. Butler took his Oat and tile House was
grndually restored to order •
The vote was taken en too passage of. the
bill over the President's veto, and it was re
jected—yeas 12, nays 163-
'rile Senate amendment to the House hill to
amend the act lecorporatlng the National
Junction Malin:hi Company, was concur
red In.
The Senate amendments to the House joint
resolution in regard to the suspension of the
sale aver - Mtn lands In California was Collear.
red in-9.1 to OS. ,
The Senate lantendments to the Ilouse bill
for the relief of Chas. Cooper nod others was the Committee on Claims.
The Senate amendments Wt. House bill to
'provide for the apport lonment of Represen
tatives to Congress among the several States
were considered.'
Mr. 3CDT/ mewed t cur.
Mr. SCO FIELD moveo onc
d to lay the bill on the
table. Negatived-78 to OIL
Without disposing of Mr. Judd's motion the
House adjourned.
flepuldloon @tate Cooicution—Proseot °Meer,
Nominated rot Re•elrcllon—Congrculon*l
My ToMirraph to the Pittpburgh Gazette.]
W - LlEEuzso, June Mt.—The Repub
lican State Convention assembled in Parkers
burg this morning at ten o'clock. The at
tendadee was very large, and much enthu
siasm was manifested. General Ruffner, of
Kanawha, was iempoiarr chairman, and Dr.
Chase, of Putnam, Secretary.
Thomas Swann, of Kanawha. formerly
Colonel in the rebel army, but pho has acted
with the Republicans Since the close of the
.war. made a speech of half an hour, appealing
to the Republicans to be magnanimous to the
rebels, mid declared if this was done they
would co-operate with the party. The Con
' vention took a recess till 1:31 P. ss.
The Convention reassembled at Mad P. N.
The Committee on Organization reported the
following pennattent °Weer.. President—lion.
Ilobt. B. Brdwn, of Jackson, and a number of
Vice Presidents from different sections of the
State. Secretary—W. P. Hubbard, of Wheel
ing. President Brown was conducted to the
choir and addressed the Convention inn brief
speech." -
lion. C. D. Hubbard. from Committee at
Platform, submitted a majority report Which
fully endorsed the Representatives in the last
session of the j.cpislature, recognizing the
right pf each individual to alba, speak and '
vote according to his best judgment and the
dictates of his own conscience. •
, Aresolution was adopted far-ring tho re
moval of the disqualifications and restrictions
imposed or the late.rebels in the same meas
ure es their spirit of loyalty directs and con
sistent with the safety of theloyal people.
and.recommending such legislatio wholeay be
necessary to carry it out. Tbe State
.ticket was re-nominated.• Gov. Stevenson
Was called for and made a brief speech. After
a little business was transacted. the Conrin-
Hon at half-past four o'clock adjourned.
The Congressional Conventions for the rural
and Second Districts Arm held immediately
after.. General Goff wits nominated for Con
gress from the nest District RD Mr. McGrew
from the Second District.
Great Base Ball Ear!Velment—Al
. Stucktop.
My Telegraph to the Pittsburg Ormettei
ClwetsaAM, June ne of the AI C.
t ory of the Red Stockings over the Athletics
of Philadelphia produced gre t excitement
here. Duringthe progress of he game the
newspaper cancel: were - Oros - d and as the
game approached a cis , e. the People were In
the streets by thousand As tli returns came
In from time to time plans followed and
when the final result was a nourteed men
swung their hats and cheers went up on en.
thusiastiC an ever distinguished favorable
election returns.
P lIILADELPUTA. June 02.—The game between
the lied Stockings and Athletics resulted as
Red Stockings 2 2 7 5 3 4 2 0 2-27
Athletics 7 4 1 8 11 4 4 0--Z -
Fifteen to twenty thousand,people ware
—Jacob Thompson, a well-known farmer. of
Clermont count)", Ohlo. was accidentallYabot
by a neighbor last Matti:day and will probably
VOL. LXXXV . ---No. 144.
The Neu Attorney General—New York
Canal Enlargement —Mediation in
Caban•Spaulsh Affairs—Committee
In %TM Agricultural Re•
port, &r.,
ly Telegrett.t. to the Pittsburg,lloazet
tV ASIIINOTON, .I nun 2 . 2. MO
A the Senate Committee on Judi
ciary have determined to report favorably
uponJbe nomination of Mr. Akerman as At
torney General. at the President's rerinest no
lion trill be taken until the urrival of that
nt leman. , On Wednesday last the President
telegraphed to Mr. Akerman to come to
}Vashine,ton, but it appears the dispatcn failed
tjo reach him. Yesterday he again telegraphed
rind received a replY from Athens. Georght.
from A kerintin. stating that he would leave
iredintelv for Washington. In regard to
t Ow , statements concerning • the with
ti Justin( Okernmn% name from the Senate.
the Proodent has no suck Intention at pres
ent. In con..emotion, be mentions his
l'eatillieSS to give attention to the state
ments of Senators respecting any Minister
he may appoint, and It satisfied with the force
.of the ob), Mims. would withdraw the name:
hot in utak ing-appointments to till this or any
other vna.ney. would always net Ifidepend
ently. The President has the highest opinion
of Mr. Air .tman's capabil hies for (ghee. After
Alterman arrives he will have aq opportunit y
to make t le necessary explanation. Although
1 there is se me opposition to tile confirmation.
. its at' carnet is great 0* esaggernted, and unless
more I..erVnts objections are urgml, he has
even . prospect of success. According to the
opinions. 1 leading Senators there is DO fell!,
It Iliol/ to most 011 he ea atements of the oppo
sition. , otne of the Southern Senators are
greatly It Isrepre,ente.S.
The Se ate Judiciary Committee • reported
favorribip tin Mr. Akerman 3S Attorney Gen
eral. hut Without any special recommenda
• •
The report of the House select Committee
on the charges made by Smith. correspondent
of the New York Errittou Post. says in their
Cdgtnent Representatives Fitch nod Mc
ormick stand completely exonerated from
all charge or sulpicion or eren complicity In
any scheme for sustaining the Cuban cause by
the use - of improper Influences. While the
Committee consider the correspondent of the
Etylifnp Post not without inch. they nre also
of opinion his fault in not of such a flagrant
character. as to Ju.tify expulsion front the
Kallerr. or Pronto warrant any form of re;-
Motions of censure.
Thi , House Committee on Commerce have
decided to report favorably' on [Sennett's Lill
to enlarge the Erie Canal and ultimately make
'[tree from tolls. The bill Involves a guaran
tee of interest on the bonds amounting to nine
of dollars. with provisions for their
payment, principal and Interest, out of the
tolls,- The Committee trill ask that the bill
be set for consideration some time after the
first 01 January nest.
.ortitAnr-s roe,. AMERICANS ABROAD.
It is proposed to enact tome legislation em
powering the Esecittive• to put n stop to the
outrages practiced Upon American citns
and American property , and - at the samee
Invite the co-operation of other natio nto
seeing that the prosecution of hostilities! be
•cording to the recognized lawn of War.
The Senate Ilitileiary t•ommittee trill report
at the earlieet moment, and press action on it
nt Mee.
AlMlCylrrrtettl. nepvT.
The monthly report. I.f theAsomndssioner li
of Agriculture shows the acreage of , winter
wheat nearly live per cent behind last year,
while the quality of the grain is superior.
Winter barley is as last year and the
spring towing has been Increased. The acre
age Of oats has been, iIICTORM.4. Onuses are
generally flourishing. Emits' promise abund
ance. The cotton acreage la =TATUM' In
creased in every State and the crop generally
growing well. '
The revised regulations concerningdiatllla
from fruit allows the distiller to glee
bond In double the amount of tam on brandy
mill capable of producing in thirty daps. but
the bond shall not he less than 65W. The ills
t Ill4.lmeato taxed fifty dollars annually.
- -
The Cotamissioner-rieneral of the Land
dr, ills cubnilttpd In the dec.:ta r). at the
interior. fiir lipid , . al. a schedule of tracts
end , rscing thio aggregate 141.451 acres, se
lected in the district of Connell Bluffs. as in ,
ining-to the Chicago. flock [eland and Pacific
Secretary Boutwell thin morning Hinted an
order forbidding any person not connected
arith the Treasury Department entering rooms
where money fa counted or handled.
The Prc,ideut sent to the Ben Ate to-day, the
names of, eeveray-three mldshlrduen to be
ensigns, and seventy-one en,lrns to e
anyners In t he nivy.
The question of n change In our mission
to Britain has not been entertained by the
V. c. A
inierittatotonl l'onnentlnn at Indlanapoll4
Telerraph to the Pittitairgh Gazette.]
INDIANACOLIg, June 2'2. The International
Convention of the Y. M. C. A. convened at the
Academy of Music this tuortting at
W. g. Dodge. or New York. the fret Vice
President of the mkt Convention, who should
have presided at the temporary organization,
being absent. Mr. J. S. -McLean. of Hallfaz,
Nova scot la. was appointed temporary chair- I
man. and 11. Beach. Jr„ of Rhode Island, tem
porary Secretary. The liev. H. A. Edson. of
the Second Presbvterisa,. church of India
napolis. led the Convention in prayer.
After the. singing of a hymn and
reading of a portion of Scripture by lieu.
Dr. liolliday. of the Methodist church of In
, Mammon.. special eraser was offered by Rev.
' Mr. liarnitz. of West Virginia, for the Pres.-
cation of the life and health of the President
of the Convention last year. Committees on
credentials, temporary business and perman
ent ,organization were then appointed, the
lathe committee consisting one from each
State and province represented. A resolution
woo adopted making all members of the press
present, all the clergymen of Indianapolis,
and all clergymen present from other sections.,
and members of the Y. M. C. A. present echo
are not delegates, corresponding mmnben of
the Convention.
The Committee on Permanent organization
reported the following otneers, which were
unanimonsly elected President. John S.
McLean. Ha lifax. Novla Scotia; Vico Prost- .
dent s,'Col. S. S. Fisher, of Washington. D. C.,
Rev. C. H. Spaulding. Rhode' Island. H. J.
Cowles, Wisconsin, J. IV. Ray. Indiana. Geo.
H. Steuart. Pennsylvania. .100. H. Chase,'
Ohio. C. E. Chichest er, South Crtrolina.Andrew
Chase, Maine, A. Whitney. California.. B. T.
Jacobs, Illinois, Jon. C. Bertram, Webt Vir
ginia, Bev. Geo.,Douglas. Montreal, and Geo. -
Hargett. Toronto; Secretaries. It. H. Highs . , of
New York. A. F. Bell, Minnesota, C. O. Wan
ly. of Michigan. •
The balance of the morning session was de
voted to 'devotional' exercises. The formal
reception of the delegates will take place to
night, at which meeting Governor Baker will
preside and welcome addressee will be made
on the part of the State and city authorities
and the Young Men's Christian Association of
th lt Vanvention this P. 38. sc a n PrtaelPftliT
occupied In the; dismosiOn of :the question.
"Huse any associations declined,.
and if so,
what is the causer The discussion was par
ticipated In by delegates from all sections of
the country.
The reception of delegates to.oight at the
Academy of Music was the finest demonstra
tion of the kind ever witnessed here. The hall
was handsomely decorated with flowers
and evergreens. Governor Baker' presided
and welcomed the delegates to the State In a
a short address. The anthem "Before Jeho
vah's awful throne," was Outlining bye choir.
consisting of all the leading church choirs of
the city. under the leadership of Prof. Black.
Prayer was then made by Rev. Dr. Dobinson,
of the M. E. Church. and reading of the Scrip-
Cores by Rev. Mr. Sim. of the Presbyterian
. church of this city. sifter which addressee of
;welcome were made by Mayor MaeauleY en
behalf of she city. Rev. Dr. Hamm on behalf
of the tharthee. and B.Brandt
half of the Indlimapolls Young Men's
Oen Association, Responses were tria e Yl3
Hon. J. S. Malian. of Halifax. Hon. G. 11.
Stuarts. of Philadelphia, and ,H.Thane Miller,
of Cincinnati. During the exercises the choir
sung the anthems, "The Heavens are Telling,"
"All Hall shi_rgirOt• of Jesus* Name," and
fie Wel:lime Hymn. ' •
There are between six sad Seven hundred
regular sod correspending delegates Dreamt,
And a nutaber mere are expected to Arrive on
to-night's trains. Western Union and Pacific
and Atlantic Telegraph Companies have
opened offices In the hall for the accommoda
tion of delegates.'
[Fry Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
CAitatelikiOra. N. Y., Juno 22.—The United -
States Circuit Court opened to-day, Judge
Woodruff .presiding. and Wm. Dorsbeimer,
Dlntrict Attorney. appearing •as prosecutor
- or Fenian prisonerk The Grand Jury had be
fore It many army officers nod citizens but has
found no bills. Forty know-nothing witnesses
are here from Malone alone. Marshal Quire.
by's deputies seem to have suboenmd aluf who
knew nothing, and It is questionable whether
any one will be needed except Gleason, Starr
and Thompson. Judge Woodruff charged seri'
strongly against the Fenian*, and dwelt upon
the necessity ..of a vigorous enforcement Or
the neutrality laws, as the raids upon Came..
a friendly power. were villainous and criminal.
Starr, Marmix, Glass, McNeal and Fitzpatrick
appeared for trial. The others are. ee ter,
moodt. It is understood that Starr will de.
an Immediate trial. The others will
waive a trial till the October term at Albany.
ButTkro, June D.— Tbe Grand Jury or the
Court, at bas. indicted Gen.
Starr for violation of the - neutrality laws.
The case Is net forbionda. Indictments will
also be fonnd against De y nnehy, Gleason and
NEW , ! 111 CABLI'
By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh cla,et ie.]
LONDON. June 2....—The Timm says the effect
of the draught in Prance is exaggerated. The
crop is expected to be scarcely one - third short
of the average
The . denths by the accident on the Great
Western Railway rwiw number seventeen.
Thomas Marshall. of Kirkshall, who
badly wounded. died to-day. Three bodies
still remain unrecoenied. All the Injured
are now doing well, except oneocho It is
thought cannot recover.
A collision occurred to-day between two
excursion trains near. New Castle. Several
peesons were injured. two badly., but none
The Baptist Association met at Leicester to
observe the centennial Anniversary. Leading
divines of the denomination were present and
the proceedings wore deeply interesting.
Mr. Peele , one of the•parties involved in
the Boulton and Park scandal. Is dead. •
A crowded meeting was hold at Exeter
flail last night In favor of a prohibit ion liquor
v... June V-.--. 111 the EpanhiL and for-
. •
sign members of the 'Masonic order arrested
for attending st meeting of the lodge have
been released on givit, hail to appear for
trial at the swam.. Write military.
Advises from St.. Thomas to the rah state
the Governor has leaned a proclamation
,placing the Island again under the protection
of Denmark.
Several vlclent shocks of earthquake were
felt at Windward I sland . on the 9th. At Guad
alupe a tidal wave covered a great extent of
I and and auddenly race.'
far to sea.
del in Kingston
Ing lightened.
Domingo Is unim"
. • •
The steamer Dacia graun
(Jamaica) bather. and is bel
News from liars I and St.
portant. .
PARIS, June 22.—New evidence of the con
spiracy agnlnst the State and Emperor Is
coming to light, and yesterday several addi
tional arrests were mode.
Lesseps. builder Of the Suez Canal. has ar
treed lu England and will ho the guest of the
corporation of Liverpool on Friday next .d
minnin in that city 00:II Monday,. receiving
during his stay banquet. addresses nod other
Bostr.. June -.2.—Archbishopi Purcell. n
Cincinnati. and Bishop Connnlly. of Halifax
tearlessly denounce Infallibility In the F.cit
comical Council.
(11.1900W,.Julie steamier eambri•
hag been signalled at Movllle. •
LIVERPOOL, June :IL—Cotton middling
uplands Orleans sale. of 10.0001
hales. White wheat hie rest
tens No. 2.9 , ...1.1ack 2.1; winter. On 111441550 lid.
western flour:Ns id.: Corn—No. it Its 6da.311
Onto 2s 5,1. Barley 50. Peas Us. Pork
lair Cal. Beef 110. hard Ws 6.1. Cheese fins.
Itscon—Zo for Cumberland: GU for short rib
common. Rosin So. Refined petroleum is
Tallow firmer, not higher nt 45a 9d. Linseed
oil firmer no higher. Sugar tin ndrXh!s. Cal
cutta linseed &to 8.141610.
LOOOOO. Juno 'L L .. - -/.:lVllhitt.—Cortsols: for
money. 14M'; on account. 92 , i‘ditl)V, American
securities steadr:l2.9l‘i; M.:: 88; , ;•
Ten-Forties.. B;'.. le! , ;• Illinois. (Ms
Atlantic and Great Western, Stocks
FRANKFORT, June .--Bonds closed firm at
YMS. June 22.—asourse closed declining.
A-VrirEllP. June V.—Pet rolemn quiet.
HAIM:. June 22.—Cot ton flat at lle.
Steamboat Rare Against Titne—Tbe J. M.
White. Time, In 1511, Beaten Oter
• Hour. •
[BY Telegraph to the Pitfaburgh Gazette:l
St. 1.01.10, June _.-The famous steamer
Natchez, Capt. Tom Leathers. which hat been
making a rues against time from New Or
leans to St. tants, arrived here a few minutes
Mier four o'clock this aft en3oon. - The follow
in are items taken frz.m her Ing:
a Natchez. aeventeenbours iifty-two
mea; Vicksburg. twenty-six holtra: Memphia,
two days, nine hours. forty minutes: Cairo,
three days, four hours. thirty-Live minutes; St.
Louts, three day.. twenty-two hours, thirty
Tile race was.made to beat: if possible, the
thee made by the -celebrated J. M. White to
1141, which was three days, twenty-three
hours, nine mluiates. - and which ass never
-beeten until to-day. although
the swiftsst boat. which run this river
the pan qnarter of a c dttury bare attempted
to do It. There has been great excltemeat
among the steambontmcn and citizen: genre-.
ally all day 111 regard to this race, and when
the Natchez touched the witall this evening
she was Immediately thronged with an excit
ed crowd who were - very joyous over
the great • ' victory' Large amounts Of
money changed hands on the result.
W. S. Pike, a banker of New Orleans,
passenger on the Natchez, who claims to have
kept a careful record of the trip, asserts the
passage seas made Sr:three days, twenty-
One hours and fifty-eight minutes. the differ
ence between Cairo and this point.
Vt2VMMII $01104:)Wne:1=11
MENT.—The Commencement Exorcises of
7111 [ako plane •• ACADEMY Or MEDIC.
TYWRSDA — Janetlad.nt 7 o'elOon.
Doors open Ticket,. 1 .f..1 cents: to td
had at the
fmbeloa to the Hlth
• hoot Buddha corner of
• my Alloy.
ni a oortMEmte. limed by
oy me nomil reolden le of
Sthool ail
al 9
tirant etree
a C
%eh 101 I) audld elt
the City of
Ilv order
Board of Education.
EIMEA Yr. SeeretarT.
AHD. Ihtt,burnn. arc re
1, Juno 23.1. 1810.. Sq
loss of Importance..
arl /I
quested to:
o'clock to
I N omit
Pannsrnon. June` 1.1870. )
--..• DOQUESNE GRAS'S trill be held at
the Armory, on TIIIIRSDAY EVENING, 23d
last., at 8 o'clock. Every member Is requested to
be preseat.
• By order of the Cheraio-arl log Officer.
Je23.,TX .1. J. ALBEITa. Secretary.
no laying of Stone Plpo Kowa Drains promptly
Realdenee.ll.l2 Fremont 5t..., Sophist,. jon:yie
zzani & Co.
JOs. M.
A d I.lodArdptey. OFTWE,NO
Pittsburgh. 70=y11.1
ize Broker,
260 - x-ritio
(Academy of Music It
A fresh suPPIS of
bort Crofters In two you , '
ton Wulf. Mit and (1 re
ri r t r C cf,, u cit r r ' l " iorg . g . b •
Funny Grocer) store of
Jett Verner LI
chaotic. celebrated A).
wafer.Bnd'. 80.
m tot wo pound
Nace:llrllliant and
be pound or can at the
r and Muth atnans.
HOUSE FOR SAL E—Of hall. ear. rooms
mud oellar,three lot• ground 'soh twenty-eve
feet front by nue hundred nod twenty feet In
depth. • • empenter shop. ate. Situate on High
street, Third ward. AllegbOry. c ater 40
street.' Will be sold m • - .Miele or Melded tollit
metomers. appl7lo
6. CUTlllVlgitilsTatie.
On Saturday, July_ z_2
At 3 o'clock P. will be offered on the Vete."
et Pobtle Sale. the RESIDENCE of the late 'N..
The Property fronts 70 feet 0. ',Oaten ere
441a,tleebony, non ma bed, *de feet to Water
sty r. Therehiereeted. them. a moat comfortabla
D.weillna.irlthlll, room., effeb-roolna, bath
lane attic, te,t Callas eeder the whole hour
0001, Opting hoate, twat honey. wine ~Shan
There Brick Stable on the ma
of the lot, wlth'o ^ A c.3.vect " c , l "
Mtn, canaaawd4
,r,j,..-One-tourth cub: the behinco in one
e ed three Years. . lemerg
won Innetwl: oayeatty 1.000 Mils par week. In .
Rona condition, neatly naw. Apply to. or seam.
-H. M. LONG & CO
PENNIMI tl . l, REMO &
To-Let.. ...11n . 9& Lrot."
11%M/1; j , ...Flmll,l: . "'4artilllQ. ” Sy, nn ( rxKAimJ
FOI:/1 LINES. till to these ealumm omit
for TirTl3 - rr-n rt.: CENTS: 44. 100 ^ 111
FZI"E eksrs.
W A TITIM — o rti at i li t Z/Tran a
tt s r art i rn A t
a man Who understands rectifying and comPout‘d .
inn Wol, Beat of reeommendations given. Ad..
Ciii!ta It. 11.11_ lhttaburl h r. o_. — __ ---
lwo liouse Carpenter?.
Nnant NVuhlutou
day bonder. , et
WA.l7,fa n ,:; 7 .AsN'Sgru regent
Third Avenue. From $lB tolgo per vre.k
lAr_ANTEll.—Experienced Agents to
v-v- trartd and Patont Rights Or Collopfa
for an ankle Jolt patented. Will a 4 nted to
every family. Addtete A. M.. DoX a 39.
Wit h STE roe . D n za o 1 g 2A.N r 7: 4: 4?p ,,, T1 n
fur $1,300 ench.t.ll for there
Attorney,t-law, Grunttlroet, l'itt•-
Ina •h. 4.17
GIIn house wnrk. Wimps oblect. A Comfort
able home prel erred. Address C. Pittsburgh
AATANTED. — Operatoro, • •Flnlshers,
V and BUTTONHOLE 11/MD on Fine Unite.
Enquire for one week at No. IE TUNNEL ST.
- VAT k?,i . T_Ej) , _-TIAL MINERS CHM&
ItTgov ' ti " .li! " ItAn?'&ollll l At u Ver.l7t:
rusiPAN Y.
T k ELL—Sereral Men for Farm
Bricsrant e igAti o lirflikeettVii
Cooking. r
Chaninenrork. inning-toom work and
Kent work of all description. apply at EMPLOY
!. ENT Ur FLUE. No. 1 Sixth street, lint door from
*mention Bridge '
Nu i Ladles .
2rr d . I ttgtA r.S.
1.. .bur 5, Pa: 128
WAN'rED.—Expetlenced Ago
Jet tLee4= Witt!)
ever? family. Aliarel, A. ,`•
NITA . NTED--An 01
I GIRL of 9or 10 /cue..
• cnnple. Vompensetlon. board. doing, yen.—
leg. Sc Best of reference given. Andre. for
.two d. 7, . J. C., GAZITre ram sa
tolls to kneel aod eel! patent rights for
an article eat tented. Wilt be wanted In every .
nuttily. t.I rout Inducements offered. Addreaa A. :I
IL, Hoz 533. Plttoburslt P. O. l:4
30.000 to Lotto In Jorge or itch amount,
at a. fair rate of Intereq iumAK
B roker
BM '
nand tg d ltil a hrt=ld Street.
A Aecond-hand
3 w 8 feet tred end 18 to 11 Inch •wine.. Aidreso
tEliftri PootoMoo Box ;TA, Pittollnite .t _r_a,_
Coat and Pant Makers,
kith rifian, Oppenheimer & to.,
Jule. 7A7 No. 80 WOOI2I34REET.
Thirty Thousand Dollars to Lan '
large nr mall intiounta olinrOP•ttYl. AnalibinY
ant, ell lair raw of Intoreat • 1 .
BolllDlNH—To•let,with Boarding,.
at 103 rourth avenue. , C.-13
—A Bono of Plumlabbd • Rooms on stoma
floor. 160 Third avenue. ' • • 6•13
9 1 0•LET.—.1. complete , DWELLING
110116 E. trtth. Store Room attached. Situatod on %PAM avenue. For terms, Se., call at No, _
1t39 WtiLti AVENI:R. 6.9.
7w lere:3lee o ß= wit h
07=0g... . .
Skytil wy 3 ll24=4l g .
Two Story .Brick House,
tad ithise,el',TlVArtri=al‘al-Velll
liar. Wlll be let low to a good tau t. Inquire
t .1. M. FAAS. No. D old Penns Arenue.
A fleet-rinse STORE ROOM and miler, No.
Liberty street. completely =Led op with
eltelrlng nod counters. .Vllll be rented cheep
called for won. Znqulre et •
7-7 No. 4. VIRGIN ALLEY.
TO.I.ET:—A good, two story BRICK
DWELLING. con !dining 19 rooms, 'al mod-
Improvements. Also, large Lot uld g-op:ll3rlek.
Stable, altnate frOnttnir on the Park, No. - 164
Nortb. Arenne. Rent. reasonable. Apply at N.
41 Ohio street. Altremor. .IeSTL,
Two Drays, a Cart, and a Set of Harness,
All In (nod order. Ingrate at office of
.• •
jelltryin N 0.121/ Weer Avenue. hen .
pow SALE „CHEAP.-82,600 will
buy a house with eve rooms and hall, with
zi . f ,i 101 . . , 1 feet front py rt lely let to depth, ilth t .
'Knave tick ' .% o et:sylva i ntalvetue " +:Santliotti
wrd. near east Marta. Apply at 1.74 s tmt
short, near Seventh are n a•. J ul rat
SALE. That well•known
iiicriarlitAßt!* k 4fl L 'ek."`•:rglt,,, ,T .ita
To a proper peruse desiring to keep • hotel, this la
&NO opportmity. r(hr UM., bt. address
J. Denise MeMULLISS,
No.2.llang t;1 . Con;marce Nglidlue,
Pittsburgh. r.. 4.
8311 - IN,4!pu &hob . Itatnedlito on We. j . r;geyi
i t
—Engines and hollers,
New and d Mind, of all kigh.eogatum,
on hand. .
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