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Corner Sixth Ace. and SmithdAd St.,
P. annluses, fogies limo,
Ay 11111t1. per year
Delivered by .Sryi.r. , per. week
PIIII.4IDELrn IA h. ripe peaches.
THE Etna India cotton crop is promising
(IA LVIATON Imo thirty t !lowan,' dogs
LOTT.‘ is to apen.l the awnmer in Eng
land. .
A lIEVITAL now agitates the '
. .
• PAREFA and 11:.r !manul are to aall for
Enrope•today. . . ..
. •A J Clair. Illaw Lars found in Indiana win,
r4used ittilvorce.
311101Inin the Linit.l States 'OIIItA are
to receive $3 • d• 3 • •
p .4.41 for New York.
A BOARD of fetnales if to iultpert 1111
prinorts ofritioxle
- PERSONS nattering from gout are now
Wi warned ngatnal. et rawberried.
tt A SOCTIFERN 00VESMOlt vetoed n bill
• i for bnd ►polling and grammnr.
A FIVE.STOMED hotel in Ontonagon in
to be taken down and rebuilt In Duluth.
CATETICITA,AIIS are very destructive in
the orchards of Sonoma eonnty,galifornia.
- TEE President dries tint smoke more
than a third nn uturh an did General
SErTEVISF-Tt 79th is the advertieed da)
for Chriatinelmen's first appearance in
New York,
BOOTH. Adains. the Iwo WeHacks.
Chnntrau -and Maggie Mitchell are to
spend tli;'eurnmer at .I.nnes Branch.
'fin: Cincinnati Enquirer has gotten o'
a great joke on the New - York .6th: It
enlist that sheet a "Itudiwil Journal.
fIEN.CANIIV is now on his tray to San
Francisco. lie Is to relieve Chen. Crook of
the command of the Departme.nt of Co-
Ten tents worth of Chicago whiskey is
said to be as good as a dose of corrosive
sahib:Elate, looking at it from a coroner's
point, of Viv'. . .
IJONO-Sa Ken is thought to he the only
Citinn-man In the lecture field in this
,odntrv. Lecture committeee elmoild keep
their r:Ye on hint, .
IN Philadelphia on Sunday night final's
Brewery was burned together with a large
stock of malt, hops and malt liquors. The
loss amounts to about *200,000,
A. FRMtiCII PAPER published in New
Orleans Says: "Charles Dickens, the great
American romancer, died yesterday of
apoplexy. Ile was the Walter Scott of
Americw:": - - ' .
THE frogs in those lakes which occupy
, the site of Sherman avenue, Allegheny
city, cobalt - eery well for their age, and
I must be quite a source of distmction to
$ their human neighbors. .
A yot•No American lady, Miss Anna B.
Starbird, of Portland, Me.. has just made
1 a successful debut in a grand concert - at
Florence. under the direction of "the Phil.
I harmonic Society of that city.
1 - Tue . Fourth of „Jule eelebration at
Wocdstock, Conn.. will have for orators
Senb.tor Buckingham, Ben. Butler and
Henry- Ward Beecher. and for distirt
gaished visitors President (tram with his
, family and staff.
JOHN SAIDLE, la Herman by birth, but
..: for some forty years a resident of Sugar
Creek toWnship, Montgomery county, In
diana, a soldier under Napoleon, and a
i participant in the bottle of Waterloo. died
on the 11th inst. • ,
WE have received a singular little
sheet, Nix inches by ten, called The Boyi
Telegraph. It seems to be edited by boys,
Is pnloffilleki in - that curioue . village, Econ
lomy, and promisee to appeai• monthly at
. the aubscriptiou price or 'Weld,' copra a
~.—. • -
• •Pissi;sispson.s...4l.. ...
had a relay. of the
story of-John Hart:Wish sons wont straso ;
000 in'oll lands, but spent it nil, and hadn't .
• enotighqeft to buy a "chew " of tobacco.
A. western paper adds: •"Blit. we aren't go
.:" ing to shed env tears abobt it until we
find mil ono thing . Perhaps hedidn't
'.. t want any,tobicco: 1 -
1 Tan Germantown Telrgroph says: Mrs.
• I Stanton. wife of the late seeretary of War,
;'has rented the Churchman mansion, at
-' the corner of Wintyr and; Chew — ntreets.
• : The pure, wholesome. air of Germantown,
- we trust, will is! the means of restoring
her health, which, we imderstand, is
.... ,. I . somewhat impaired. • 1 '
. ' Tun 107th anniversary of the Old
Swedes Church in. Philadeitthin;was cele
bested on Sunday'.. The pantor, Mr. Sims..
the Rev. Mr. Burk and Bishop Stevens of
..... ficiated 'and a number ofl persou.s were
.. , confirmed. The sermon was • from the
•' same text used at the dedication of the
. church July '2 . nd 1700.
; A WELL-KNOWN citizen of Dubuque has
I . i an appendage something like a tail pro-
.. jecting from hie backs just below the
, 1 waist, and his physicians till him it can
. . not be amputated without ;danger to his
'.." .1 life. It commenced growing three y.irs
.., since from a protuberance which has ex.
1 , Sated since his birth. He i about 40 yenrn
', lof age.. - . ,
A WHET(II.who had atop ri his master's
.. t ; . wine was thus made conscious of the epor
•...' mity ad . the offence by Lord Kenyon, in
passing sentence. nth:ad Id ever;' claimof
..• '. cuttuml affection, and blind to your' own
:.'lnterest, *you have burst through all re•
-: '
stralnts of morality sad religion, and for
hare many years been feathering your
1 nest with your mnster's betties. -
Wn,stx. Cotizrss is engaged in Prepar
:. lag, for the English ' end American stage,
; • ... dramatized version of his novel of "Man
.....• and Wife." An agenthas already been
,ti . appointed by Mr. Collins to represent his
interests in negotiations with American
%.. managers for its production. Charles
4 , Reade's "Put Yourself in His Place," has
. • been dramatized and played In London.
THE literary criticisms of the New York
. :
lima are probably unequaled in America
-,,,,, but we think the recent critique in that
; paper upon Bryantb Homer is open to ob-'
1 jectiona.' it is four columns long and has
I copious quotations in Italian, French, Ger' I
man and Greek, obliging any one win,
reads it understandingly to be a polyglot.
2. Pedantic and tiresome are adjectives ap.
; pliable - to it.'
I' THE Baltimore Arnerimn gives an Etc
: ; count of some magnificent charities con.
~., tenipiated by John Hopkins, an esteemed
'. citizen of Baltimore. An university, a hon.
'., OW, free to nil, without respect to 'race
or color, and an asylum for colored orphan
i chlldreaste - the imnitutions .tha4. - ba_ in.
t sends to mike the eLjeets 'of iis benevo
-1 leans. " The amount which Mr. Hopkins
... intends,to expend in the building and en-
&Yemeni of these institutions will be sees
. eral millions of dollars. .
.1 THERE are complaints in the vicinity
• lof Franklin, La., - Or the prevalence of
the Spanish dies, The insect Is descri
bed as half an inch in length, striped,
•,, :. with long legs. They aro not inclined to
I dy unless there is an Immediate prospect
of danger,th fact, they prefer the use of
their. lfge to their wings. They travel in
large swarms, and will eat up the tops' of
a row of potatoes in a night. It is not
-.' stated whether they are of the sort 'that
. 1' will draiv blietefs, but they are quite
... 1 skillful in drawing the jltice not of to.
t' matoei.. • .
1 Pr ins: so pleasant during one nt these
sweltering, hot day" for the hard working
man toznetlect that after the sun' goes
i down liff can.go to the . Allegheny
. com.
1 mons, ail upou comfortable benches . and
‘,• listen to the coot splash of the water In
the fountains. And when, full of these
ideas, he snits till the sun goes down and
I goes to the Commons, he finds that' the
- emptybthare teethed enes ethed for ladies . and
1 the water don't ripple after half past
. .,1 seven,-and that the refreshing thvnights of ,
the day were a delusion and a snare, and;
that the saddest of words are "it might'
Ihave been."
. THE !Burgin Michigan Journal of the
i . leth says: "On Friday kat Mr. George
Mallow, while engaged at work In a field
t adjoining the village of Ontario, was ap.
P Proached by a man named Jenks, a cooper
1 .
of thatplace,. ,, revolver and
without weani ng,,g.
,i five
times, killing him. After the shooting,
Jenks returned to town, told what he dud
1 done, and gave himself over to the an
. thorities, who took lam to LaGrange, and '
after a preliminary
exaddnation, lodged
'• b t u in the county ail of that place. The
-~ ~.-~
~ .
~l ~ ~.,.us':-~:r.a:.~'s .s a ~ r :K'sas~.f~ .s -+.N...'^. ~_S i yam' .eJ ..s ea , :ti>.
,;,yY',Y;±pe,rii✓i. .~,r}yt4a;: ( r~~h~Y.W~~;141+ h.'k>-:,f:4 .
(i4l fit vtt4 uxol ztt
„ s e 4,f the shooting we hare not learn.
ea, more than tluit Jenks accused Mallow
and several other's of the place with Inter.
fering with his Uri Cat - 'engines..
A ItEgAituani.te story has circulation
in England In regard to the publication
of “Lothadr” bv.Mesars. Appleton of New
York-city: It is l- Mated that these gentle
men desired to enter into an arrangement
-with the Anglo-American TelegMpli Com.
- puny (or telegraphing the whole of
"[Abair" to New York in forty-sight
hours, evident lc convinced that the ten
days' start which would thus be obtained
over Americanpublishers would amply
repay the cost of the experiment; but the
l•chle corn any . declined, their facilities
not being sufficient.
Ne'w York Trait/tie -ways n lllYUflft•
erie was exhibiting -in Saginaw City last
WeiluesilaV: life moving tale of n monk
ey then and there. is short. Leaving the
protecting arms of its maternal parent, a
simious infant roved front cage to cage.
clinging to the wires with grindrnmanous
agility and prehensile grace. With -the
dexterity that the trapeze performers
vainly emulate, the infantile phenomenon
sprang upon the haM that guard the calm
Of n lioness. The, latter. not Appreciative
of circus gymnastles. or perhaps en nnyer
with having seen so •much of them since
leaving Africa. put out a paw and pulled
the infant into her mgr.. The rest was an
affair of two bites and two sereams—one
of the latfer from the unhappy mother
who looked out from her distant rage.
THE SAcire.N.iv FIRE.—The official re
port of the recent extensive conflagration
along the Saguenay. in Canada, states
that 555 families were left homeless and
entifely destitute. and that l 4 other fami•
lies 1. - d lost houses And other buildings.
`commissioner appointed to , 'examine
druo the facts reports that the newspaper
accounts fell short of the reality. Ani
mals, houses, fences, growing crops, for
ests, had wholly disappeared from the
"burnt district, — Seven persons were
burned to death..ands large number were
seriously injured: • The survivors only
escaped death by hiding themselves in
wells, collars and - . deep holes in the earth,
or by taking refuge in boats and pushing
out into the streams. The burnt district
commenced * at the laver the
homrof .I,ake St. John, and extended to
Ha•Ha bay, a distance of seventy-five
stiles. lathe parish Of St. Jerome, on a
road built up with farm houses for a dis
tance of nine miles, nothing was left
standing but two of them. •
'nip black and raspberry crops will be
very tarp, dila year on the mountains
abort Uniontoiffn . ..
THE Uniontown Genius says: The wheat
crop in the "Tangle' region will be a very
heavy one this season. . The corn is short,
but it hrnilt good color, and with favor
able weather will makes full crop yet. •
A PARTY of gentlemen from Pittsburgh
visited Dawson's Station, Fayette county,
last week, for On; purpose of selecting a
site for a steam saw mill, and spoke and
hub factory. We are informed that they
are pleased with the place.
A vxmat the Johnstown ore Ito feet
. .
thick Lan been disememi near Wharton
Furnace. Fayette county. It has been
tested in two plates. one and a half miles
apart. Tha discovery was accidentally
made by uninterested parties..
A MAN working on the railroad near
Uniontown says that seven copperhead
snakes crept into his bed rixim the other
night; and a man in Somerset county says
be found eleven black snakes, the longest
of which measured seven feet. in his bed.
The Uniontown Standard says this is
bought by be n Kona year for
A HAFT belonging to Martin Flynn. of
Clearfield county, Harr II Alnnev rnrrea.
imndent lu the Wlfliamapors Aimed**. .1
Bulletin, containing the Owner 4I the
idiot went over the Manor data hat Man
i day morning. drowning the latter. whoae
. .
name is unknown. The owner 4..4:aped
without Injury. The pilot' had considera
ble money and a valuable watch an his
persen. . •
TnE.Uniontown Snindard says - a short
time ago. near Pile Falls, some boys, by
some swans, procured some powder, next
promired a little benxine. next acted the'
fool with tire, got fire Into the Pocket and
was blown up. The boy to noteonsidered
dangerous, but is consitleraly hurt." That
is just the sort,of boy are doubt consider
Stn fintowr ALFRED CREIOI/, L. L. D„
of- . Washington, has been appointed re
presentative from the grand conclave of
England and Wales to to the Most Emi
nent Orand Master and Grand Encamp
ment of Knights Templar of the United
States. This is said to be the first time
that this order has appointed a represen
tative to the United States.
TOE Mercer Disputed says - . Mr. Joseph
Islicklin, of Lake township, this county,
was fatally Injured. on Wednesday of last
week. tie was attempting to hold a cow
by the head, when the animal became
restive, rushed upon bins and forced him
backwards, through the bars, and jumped
upon DIM with her feet, causing internal
injuries, from which • -he died on Friday
roonaing. et eight o'clock. .
_ -
Tin:Ldercer Dispareetiays: Just as we
were, patting our paper to press hint week
we were informed that Lantea Armstrong.
of Worth, hati r been thrown from a bug
gy and killed. Since then we have re
ceive.ti true following particular: James
Armstrong and It m: Snyder, came to
Stoneboro about noon on Wednesday of
last week. 'On returning from the Lakt
blouse the horse took fright and threw
thein from the boggy, causing congestion
of the brain the in case of Armstrong, and
severely fracturing Snyder's cnllnr bone
TUE Brookville Republican says' On
Saturday afternoon last, Mr. Alanson
Felt, of Brockwaysills, was drowned •in
Little Toby, about one mile below Blue
Rock._ He was engaged in rafting at the
time, another gentleman being on the raft
with him, but It is not definitely, known
how he was thrown Into the water. It is
supposed, however, that in dipping his
cxtr it was caught whit the current—
winch is very swift there—and threw
'ina oil satbe AMC rimaatunning him to
such an aslant-that he could make no et
tort to Race himself. • ,
'l'BE - hotel keepers of Indiana bound
themselves under penalty of $OOO to close
their Iniusea during mutt week became
the courts had refuted to license them to
sell liquor. . Much inconvenience waa at
first felt bythe crowd of country people.
who came into attend court, but the hos
pitable citizens of the town opened their
houses'and accommodated them all. In
the evening a public meeting wan held
and between $B,OOO and 0,000 ware rale
ed to purchase or build a hotel.. Much
indignation-against the hotel keepers is
felt by the citizens who vow that not one
of those who entered into the comblna.-
6111 shall ever have a license again:
TIM. Lock Haven ilepubliron my*: "On
Saturday morning last about three o'clock,
a heavy land slide occurred about one
mile east of Hiner, on the Philadelphia
and Erie Railroad, and within about fit
teen- feet of the mountain, calmed. evi
dently', by the heavy and Incessant rains
Artie Thursday. covering icily two hun
dred feet of track at that 'Ant. We are
credibly informed that the trees, rocks,
etc.. of the mountain were shoved down
with the slide,'and are now standing In as
erect and natural a position at they were
before the occurrence of thin slide. The
company sent to the place immediately
some three hundred men, when a new
track was laid around the obstruction, en
abling the trains to pass by at 8 o'clock
that evening. The land which gave way
from the mountain moved froma space of
several acres in length" • • -
Tun Denmeratic State Convention has
nominated John J. Jacob, of Hampshire
county. for Governer: John M. Phelps, of
Mason, for Secretary of State; E. A. Ben
nett, of Marion, for Auditor; JOhn S. Bur
dett, of Kanawha, for Treasurer; Joseph
Sprim. of Hardy, for Attorney General.
and C. P. T. Moore. of Cohen, for Supreme
Court of Appeals.
AT the Commencement of the West
Virginia University, W. E Jolliff de
livered the Salutatory - and M. H. Dent the
I Valedictory.
‘'tertot Hoot.' has a new volume of
po!ma In press.
SEVEiiTF.F;N duel', were (ought in or
near Paris in the month of Mar
'.fne. Empress Carlotta is in the. last
stages of insanity. Iler death, it is
perted. will occur at an early day.
year one hundred and fortv.three
pleLadnits its Pram, importuned the E at
perm- to eonfer titles of nobility 111.11
Tll E ,t'rqwn Prince nr.Prtisdin is said to
nve entirely recovered his health by this
se 111 ' the eelelellteil Spred el Wet er it
NAmot.y.4,N l Third refuses to ...meetly
Dr. Nesltou any longer. Ile says he hint
more confidence in Dr. t 'onnelp than any
Tlll.l Sla TWilis returned on the
'2lAdmf Mar limn St. Peteliburg to Berlin.
They trill neit go to. Ha n and join
Benz's Circus in that citv.
• •
TICE most eminent physicians in Paris
declare that all the Andrea of Prince
Napoleon (dying arrofuloun to a high de.
greet are hound to die at an early day. ladies' summer hat in Paris is
called (happens Watteau: As the mune
indicates. the Park of 1870 has returned
to t h e a hundred years ago.
mtbseription lists to- the monu
ment to be erected to Voltaire have been
. . .
. .
Igried by 'Zi.05.000 yeranns, wino rontrilint•
il to the fan,' about tortyllinusand frames.
I..tittitl.aYg tilted tears, the other day,
client the students of Paris insulted hint
on Indignantly. Ile then complained of
the course of the police. which nn ener
getically calked by him to interfere. had
persistently refused to do an.
3/1 - ruso the presence of the Emperor
.Alexander at Russia. it was observable
that more than ever his countenance bore
a trials and somber expression. attributed
be some to . serious indisposition. which,
however, allowed itself but little in his
stalwartlorm and erect bearing.
MOST of the Paris papers are disaidia
ned with the appointment of Prevost- •
Pamdol an French Ernbassatior to Wash- -
Wigton. They are much surprised that a
man who has so bitterly attacked the
Emperor Napoleon the Third should ever
accept &prominent office under the Second
THEY have a new criminal crate in the
North German Confederation considerably
more lenient than the former • penal laws,
and ri Prussian jurist. who niust have hid
some spare time. hascalculated if all the
convicts now in the Prussian Statoprisons
had been tried under the new code. their
aggregate terms of impririOnment would
be by three thousand years lens than they
are now.
lending member of the Austrian finis
tomer, and noted for the fast manner in
which helived in Vienna, has kft that
city between two days, and left a host of
creditors to mourn over n deficit of half it
million florins. Reside that sum. the
noble Prinre got through with his own
fortune of tire :
finning in n rent
short time. •
A °raw; antiquary, Henry Schlis-
Mann, writes from the'village of elphtik.
fireeee, on the plains ofirTray, near New
[ilium, that in the course of some exava.
flails made for hia own private gratifica
tion. he has discovered the of
Priamus. where Hector sacrificed to love.
where Xerxes offered up a Itecatoinb. and
Alexander the Great his armor. Ile in.
tends - transmitting a report on the subject
to the Academic Francais..
TIIE following little adventure in re
ported In a' Pali. paper. It occurred- to
Itocilerer, the celebrated champagne deal
er. who died lately.. A joker or a real
Inonr dad) WNW to him: hive run
it lam in the Nw”rld.and I adore champagne
s 0 be good enough to Pend me a harket
of your divine Isltt le.. Thank s I. 1111 . 111
I elan forget my micery. - M. Roeder.,
did not Rend the basket. but replied: ''Sir.
ti our remedy for forgetting your inlaery
Is had, for the ineelkaant and obstinate
presentation of my bill would: remind yon
every moment of rout unfortunate- . 100
Mitchell•. Neer Geographic.
Thin community has been nommitat
agitated on the nubject of the best text
hooka in tieography: w „think there
need be no excitement about it. More
than thirty years ago the Mitchell series
was introduced in the Reboots throughout .
-rite Statc. They Were thought to Le
great improvement on anythjng tllnr had
. prec . eded them. Teachers amt acJudars
were alike pleased with them.. The map.
were comprehensive and distinct. the let
tee press clear mid well suited to the
learner.. 'rt.. nueresiverdltions.that have
followed Irout time to time tdrord eviden
that the Mitchellft were determined
keep fully up to the times. Every new
feature and fact was fully brought ,out.
The puLlisliers always evinced a detrml
nation to maintain the high stand
ing they had acquired and as one
new edition followed • another the
patrons of the Mitchell Geography were
left without any felllolll, to complain. eve
rything was added that was of the slight
est use. The mechanical execution was
umught up to the highest state of th.
art. Every new political diviainu wawa
once intryiduced, every new discovery lva
liure to to exhibited. and the descriptive
Matter in each successive edition made to
conform to the most improved methods of
instruction. rendering the study of (frog.
ropily at onceensy and attractive. The ut
most care has been bestowed upon the
pronunciation of geographical names,
equal circumapection bas been observed
in the elementary as in the higherdepart
meats, and in every way the publishers
have spared neither labor or expense to
earn and maintain the just pre-eminence
of their geographies.
Rival , publications have sougheto
percedethem.. 'Wherever they have been
tried the teachers and .the schools upon
which they had been foisted were gener
ally dissatisfied with the change and
longed to return to dlitchelro.
tude of-teachers all over the country have
testified - in ormialltied terms to the la.
triode Merit* of Mitchell's; nearly all the
teachers in..Allegheisy county have re.
corded their sentiments -on the same aide.
Indewithe only reason Mitchell's Geogris.
pities have ever been objected to Is that'
agents of rivaf works have here andthere
succeeded in inducing a change, but
have utterly failed to demonstrate
wherein-any other geography . a single
particular, surpassed shem. The -fact Is.
that Mitchell's new series comprises a eye.
tem of Physical, Political, and Descriptive
(hog-raptly, more complete and better
Adapted to our schools than any other, and
comprehend everything that can be de:
sired. They are indeed. a remarkable pre•
duction, and the skill, enterprise and libe
rality of the publisher' richly deserve the
preeminence awarded them ih nearly all
the schools in the United States. Our
Central School Board .have faithfully re
flected-the prevalent choice by restoring
them to the High School.
Within the past two years the Mitchell
series has been supplemented by a "Hand
book of Map Dramng," which will prove
A meet invaluable aid to the student of ge
ography.' 'This Handbook is :adapted to
the maps In Mitchell's new Series. It is
not intended to supercede, but to accom.
piny the aeries as a meats of fixing more
indelibly. In the memory the facts eon.
tamed ht the series. 'When a child, or
student, has once sketched the entlinen of
a state or country, - traced the mountain
chains and watercourses, located the prin
cipal cities and towns, be will • have
received lasting impressions akin
to those derived from an - actual
personal visit to the places. - Inatruc
toes will find this land-book a rid aside aid,'
and students will, by Its aid, attain to
greater proficiency. We esteem Ira Meat
valuable adjunct of the series, and cordi= -
ally recommend to those' having 'the :di
rection of our public schools the Mitchell
series, with the hand-book of map draw
ing inclusive, - 4a a complete compendiuni
of Physical, Political and Descriptive
Geogisphy, prepared with consummate
skill and peculiarly adapted to the ele
mentary, medium and more advanced
classes in our schools, and without a rival
in their adaptatkin and completeness.
iSF:COND NE 1u:11.1
SENATE: Now:Conenrrenee In Anaend.
'lnputs to the Currency Bill—Post
'Mice Approjniation4 Passed, Aftel'
itt;jectitni of Franking Privilege
.i,IIII i
Plllill entn—Navy Appropriationu
-Tax i ul jTariff Bill. HOUSE:
Mr. Wil tititnore Not sworn In, and
llin Credentials Returned--tinndry
Ili 11 Expetineg Bill—Review of Alt.
prouriatinil))' Br. ildwe.i. ,' •
Teleeraph tijlhe Pitt.burghthaette .l
I . , stuateraros..Tune 21. WO.
Mr. STIEIiMAN, frointhe Finance Commit
tee. reported unanimously recommending a
non-concurrence In the amendments of the
House•to the Senate Currenry 1,111 nod the al.
pOint Ment of a emnutittec of conference.
The Muse 1.111 to pave Pentegylvanhinvenue
was prt.ed.
Mr. SHERMAN, front the Finance Commit
tee, reported a joint resolution to determine
the count rortion of the Internal revenue act
so as to exempt IndistrEnatable sums mitten to
contingent lands of Insurance companies,
Passed. -
Mr. BAYARD presented a metnoritti of Wm.
F. Smith, Pregident of the Int ernnt tonal Ocean
Telegraph Company.•proposlng. for $300. 1 1 1 .0
year paid by the rolled. States for twenty
years. to establish and malntalc. International
telegraph cables rrotn San FranClico to Japan
and China, and a third from the Vetted States
to Europe, conditional upon never consolidat
ing. trim :my exist ing Tram-Atlantic cables,
never nov charging more than five dollars
gold for each tnesgage of ten words. Ile-
„,..The Flom”, Tax and Tariff bilks made the
special order in sonic as the eonmdarnppropri
ation bill i t titspo.ted Of. •
The Sennte loc.:, op the Tat..toglce appropria
tion bill.
Mr. 'rrumbuli , . amendment. limng the
franking privilege hereafter to departments,
star rejected , ll to el..
Mr. Itanisev`.. proposition to repent the
franking privilege was amended by Prohibit
ing any nilownnce forstnmps or lnereaxed pay
to itenntont or fiepresentativra in cattle
quence of the repeal nt the franking pririlege.
Me. Ramsey's amendment W. hett.rejected
—26 to 2S.
nos—Messrs. lloreman. Buckingham:Cam
eron. Casserly. Catlett. Chandler. Conklint.
Cragln, Davis, Ferry. Hamlin, Harlan. Howe,
Howell.. McCreerg. Horton. Pratt. tianosey,
Schurz. Scott, Sherman.SPragne, Trumbull,
Willey. Wilson and Yates.
.'ea—Messrs. Ames, Bayard, lirownlow.
Carpenter. Cole, Corbett, Drake. Fowler.
,fi ilbert.lDimilton. 1 Md..) Hants. McDonald.
Morrill. tVt... Nye. Osborn. Pomeroy. Pool.
Mice. Itobertson. Itoss, Sawyer.. Spencer.
Stewart, Sumner. Theyer, Vickers. Warren
and Williams. • .
The bill Irat thee plated:
The Senate then proceded - to the consider
ation of the Consular and Diplomatic MIL
The amendments reported by' the Commit
tee on Appropriations were adopted.
Mr. snucedt. from Committee on Foreign
Relations, reported amendments providing
fore Consul General at Liberia. raising Minis.:
ter to Japan to an Envoy Extraordinary and
Minister Ptenipotentiarr and increaaing the
appropriation for contingent expenses of
foreign Intercourse and for missions abroad
from taft,ooo to 1110.150. Adopted. •
The bill was tben reported IS the Senate.
The Senate. in committee. tool. up. the
Nasal Appropriation Lill.
Among the amendments reported from the
Commit tee on Appropriations and agreed to
were the tonne - lee'
Ordnance Department— increasing appropri
at lona for fifteen Inch guns to/Mk...WM for gun
Lowder. Int labor at navy yard*. PC
In the bureau of conetruct inn anerepairs
For labor In nary yards and, on foreign sta, for purclialte and preserva
of bombs and general maintenance of the
navy, taiLoPo.
To enable the Secretary of the Nate to dis
charge the liabilities provided for by con.
triads made previous . to March 4th. 10/,
S.Mi... •
In. Bore.. of Steam Engineering-Fee
pain 1...-ssorhiono . . I VW....
Theelk me ow the
that isi I 1,, ,•I h..
thin inettiAt b n .e mode het wren the
line and .itsg scasagreed to.
• ate. °RAKE. mole the Naval Conunittne.
reported fume.eel. Tretsone the eeOrf Pee
lint of the neer. reel:antler nroteotlons
CO, tie.
At:, o'clock the Lill us laid ankle. and the
Tax and Tariff bill taken up. when the Senate
Messrs. Sherman. Warner and Sprague Were
appointed Is conference Committee-0n the
' Senate currency bill.
.14r: UP SON Inc rod u ced n Joint rivolui
donut log four condemned cmnou to the Wil
tion.loughby. OhioMiinuinent Associa-
Among the bins reported woo one by Sir.
ELA,citing that tevc it
ei: ss due hr the
Called Suites to the State of Massachusetts.
for interesron expeadltures during the mar
nt 1512. that one-third of it bad been assigned
to Maine, and that the claim *of both 'States
had been assigned to the European and Narth
American Railrond Compnny. and directing
certiticntes to he Waled for the same to that.
Mr. PALMER, from the Pacific Railroad'
Committee. rePorted a bill authorizing the
construction Of a bridge across the .Missouri
ricer, at or near Council TIMM, IN the "Zebras.
kit and Missouri Hirer Railroad eonmetfiy. lie
asked unanimous consent to put the bill on its
• .
obje ted. but cab
w ithdrew the c
ohJection, when 34•'.'Irt:I.Lore
neared It. alleging as rt reams that the span
provided, for ..between the piers was too
STOUGHTON*, from the Committee on
Military Affairs. rerun - N.l an not to Incorwr
altned the
•I t S e o f c er ey o
to t J he d i A ci r a m ry
Mr. WASHISCIIN reported an act to pay
loyal entre:et In the States let My in rebellion
for services in taking the eighth census.
Mr. LORAN offered a resolution reciting the
action of the Committee on Military Attain
and the House In reporting a resolution de
claring • Mr. Whittemore. by selllngtollitary
and navatundetehlos, as unworthy. of a Peat
in the. -House. reciting bla election and the,
presentation of d e clin e enis, and resolring
that the House to allow and Whitt,
more to be sworn In 50 a Itepreeentative
the Forty-first Congress, and dtreetlng cm
,lentials to be returned to hint.
After diecnesiou Mr. POLANDendtavored
to obtain a reference of the credentials to the
Jualciary Committee, but Mr. LOGAN de
clined to admit such revolution and moved the
previous question. under the operation of
which his resolution arras adopted-131 tole.
The Nays were Messrs. Arnel;"'Ayer.
iMass3,Dutler. (Mass.) Cessna, Cobb, CC C.)
Coburn. Eta. Farnsworth, Hoar. Jenckes. Kel
ley, Knapp, Maynard. Morrell. (He.)Newsham.
Poland, 'Loots, fiawye i r i 4 ,, mt n t, r (Terin.) Toile.
1 1 7 1 1 1: e ll T ou ' s l e " tre i t i t rent Initothroctedt tee On the
wintry civil expense* bill.
de m e an the Committee on ,
Appropriations, demr.ed thin proper mow:
it being the last general aoProhrietk m
hill, to review tbe work of the Conunittee and
the House in regard to public experatltUree.
liereMinded the House of the rework' made
by himself in the early pert of, the as .10X4
comparing etetimatee for the next year
estimate. of the Met adminlatratkal for the
Present year,and showing that the balanee
waa alarmingly against the former. ;These
remarks of Ms were much oommeotedo4 and.l
no two gentlemen bad since been able
to Itgree upon ,the nom for either
year. The ^Treasury Departineat ,bad.
however, employed one of Its ma t s
skillful accountants to review the esti
mates forte:oh mum ar nw laid before
the House. to be trrinted I n cthe o Oldie the re
port of that havestlgation., It Mowed a bal
ance handsomely In favor of the estimates.
made by this administration. This stimMal7
showed the estimates made for the next year
to he 7&01!71.3 Ins than the maim:Wee for the
present reef; That difference was found by
the Department cotrect log Its owe teazle
In estimates to the =mon of about' .
off), all made agatnst itself, and correcting the
estlihates made by the last administration for
the present year to the amount of Shout aye
millions, nll mode In Its men favor. •
The Committee on Appropriations hod a.'
dressed Itself to the work of redeeming the
pledge •it made, to cut down the aeOrrierl
utConly below the estimate for the
next year, but also below th e a ppropriations
made for the present , yese, , Me toot Some
pride In submitting the. result to, the - /I ' m "'
The estimates ,for the Year ending lane 30,
1071, exclusive of What ArZzlied I,ermenent
appropriations. were $ The COM
tnittea had .
reported 4OorePriations antonol
rdjkr4Tbe.. 84 71;. th roh g R a t_ onT au lDr t:e
present year were g.,, a ,7,1 1 , 4 •4 b e i ng gofff,tua
more than for the ,next year. • These
filtOrei 'did not include permanents POrr.,
nos, such , na for the payment M lo
tereet on ' the' public ' debt, collection of cus
toms, &e. If these I were added the result
void .estiln ites for Hie coming year.
s2oB.3lo.6l.4 . aPerOpriatiOns recommended by
the committee. S2B4,SINAD : appropriation ,
for the present year, Including permanent a pp ,
ens.l l l4g ot i lln i arl
fortes n mom
ext dierAr. lati° , n . -
The Monte then proceeded to the considera
tion' of the bill In detail. It appropriates $1, 1 .-
1 778„IN). loolddlng the following:_egerrili,7,,,
inspectors of steam teasels, Ilsoom• "
saving stations $21,803; n e vunue cutter
serrice; $1.331,400; loans and treasury notes,
Valo,ooh exemmell on public lands, sm.ciA
expenses for collection of meant from tittles
u m
bra, met r opolitan pollee
District of lumbia, 21106 gcrremment
• hospital for Isane, 1130,000; deaf. and dumb
institution. Is4o.rlfc Columbia hospitel and
lying In hospital. $10. 1 301$ soldiers' and sailors'
orphan home, P7,mt smith,,,, n ian Institute,
SOO • botanical -garden. $11,000; _public
tamping"! übder treasury departmeror 0. 4 41 1;
includes $300,0M for the New or
=trance, =o.l:l3o_fer Bolden Poet oats and
,13enrfor, the BO Francisco mint ight
e eto, - IIeIOGNIXIN armories and areenall,
SU/o,olllh survey Of northern and northwestern
riven, SSUJO)O; continuing the construction of
!tuck Island bridge, s3oo,oote, public works In
and around Washington, 5142.0001 Washing
on aqueduct, *144.000; navy yards nod naval
$4114.000: public buildings in Wash
ington, Mite: light house establishment, $l.-
MINOi Coast survey, SWAM: mireering Pub
lic lands,g44B.lllo; tntseeilnneous mntters.
WM expenses of Fhited States Courts, gl.-
Mr. ,tffered an amendment re
heating the law which rettnirek cutters on the
lakes to be 1T,1,1 Up. and authorizing thelrem
ploy tnent for life saying purposes on the token
After dlselision, The amendment was re
Mr. BEAMAN moved to strike nut the Item
of tat,taa for the crimplett onlof the main cen
tral building for the 'Olurnbian Institute for
Deaf and Dumb. '
This gave rise ton long discuesion. In which
Messrs. and DAWES, of Mae,. took
prominent parts. the former condemning the
ettrayagance or approPtintician for that Matt
tutlon, deelarin/ It eost $l5Oll to eduade
ench.deaf and du nll mtpil..lll. ridiculed the
attempt to allow; they can do what God Al
mighty never Intended they Mould do. It we.
verr well for Barnum, but not well for a Leg
islature. .
Wit hilllt diSPOilirl le of tEu.yuen ion. the Com
mittee rose and the House adjourned. •
Cmupulsory UO.llllOll Quevilou In
England--Canado and Her Relnitonq
to the Mother Conntry-Proeerd
illgi Iu PariiIIMMIt . — SPTiOII 4 4 Rail.
'way Accident—Ml.litary and Pollee
Squabble In lielaium—llealth .of
Napoleon—lnternational Working,
men's Society and the Consplrae
Plot—Slavery Question In Spain.
ly Telegraph to the Plttiburgh Gazett e.l
I.oNPoN:Jone 21.—The Bishop of ,Metnebe
ter delivered an address Inst evening to the
Educational AM SOCiehrOf his diocese on the
Education Bill. and aPpethed generally of the
new bill pending In Parliament. but hoped an
amendment would be adopted making eduCit
tins compulsory.
The Iron-clad Inconstant is ont,' generally
admitted a failure as a Pea-going vessel.
Advices are received giving details of a con
diet of nut bority at V eerier, a • town of Bel
gium, near Liege. The police nod militia had
been called uponito suppresa the disorder,
when, bccorning:jealostatOf each otheett nu
t hority, they begun to llghtnatongt hemaelves.
The polite being nenrmed WOW quickly driven
off. many of them battle hurt.
In the Lords last night Earl Russell moved
a commlanion be appointed to inquire into
means( whereby, the 'anion between Eng
land and the colonies may he perpetuated. lie
considered the great national armaments note
on foot and the vast improvement. made In
nevi. made the question of our relation,
with the colonlea one of grave moment. Ile
argued In favor of maintaining Intact the col
lonlal eintilre .and dwelt Particularly on the
preservation of union with Canada. lie de-
Scribed the Canadian climate. pointed out the
want of communication. and abowed what
obstacles there were in the way of ready re ,
ittforcement in case of entergeney: lie re;
q retted the withdrawal of the garrlron tram
nebec as imprudent and Impolitic. Earl
(trey spoke in support of Ike motion. for In
glary. Without gallon On the subject the
House ndjoutued.
The Committee of the Commons tal i
the in
vestigation of the Diplomatic hervice of Great
Britain wereto-day LnfOrmed by Lord Claren
don that the government had rettaon to believe
the United States Intended to raise its mission
to England toonenf the grist rank:. and this
must be reciprocated by the estnblishment of
an embaasy at ,Washington hl lieu of the pees.
ent mission. .. •
In the Commune last night th e Postmaster
Omttral promised nu early MC 3310 of facili
ties for telegraphic commanientlon with Ire
laadl cablea will be laid and Un
proved connection established. •
Mr. Forester, In reply 19 a. tleest ion of Mr.
Mayfair, raid achnol accommodation would
be provided at soon as the education bill waw
passed. :
The house then scent intocommittee on the
'Compulsory Education LEL
Mri., Richard moved. and Sit . C. W. Mikes
seconded, an antendsnetUo strike out the
elaulut making grants dmmtninat Iona!
echoed*. Nears. Richard: a nd Ditkee main.
lifted that while the attendance on achoolt
abotild be made compulsorit.t he funds for then
support should come fromiewal and v.:dueler , '
wink,. and not from the piddle treasury. The.
'Leann/mu forthe maintenance of the aldhority.
oft tie church beeame geneeshilernefOrd Bone.
sir. Paklngten end- esthete aupport Mg the
Amendment. Mr. Forester , oblected aen the
amendment 44 Impairing without making any
...tropenant ion tn the valite anti y of I he
ernt.. A• MI: stmal Ism, the
edmialmn was likely 1,, Ix raCrared. f,:r one
mat. might snatch advantage frost- an,.,1 her.
At died.... of ants Farmater , l l 4.Vol. t he i 'out
,altses retired e , Itnase adjourned,
At an early parla4l in the proceedings of the'
Commons to-clay Mr. Ferries Rave entire he
abould propuee the Insertion In the extradi
tion bill of a new 024440 guarding 4/4MOSI the
surrender of NOM e.t, where a criminal
rbarire may dliftilae it political marinate lathe"
'demand of a foreign Koren:intent.
In Lire evening the Howie. in Committee. re
sumed the debate on the Educational bill
Me. Neall opposed the clauses which dealt
with religion. Mr. klacarthur reprobated
granting public, money foe denominational
schools. In coming oat of - Committee, _Mr.
Beaumont moved for leave to bring in is hill
relieving Bishop. from attendance in Parlia
ment. Mr. Itemunont thought the presence of
Bishops there useless and unpopular.
Mr. Locke King seconded the Mr.
alariatnno saitlihe Government crallit not 451-
sent to the Int raluct lon of such measnres. Hr
considered it an 111-mit Isedand gratuitous at
tack on the Conat itut ion. The !douse ,fivided,
trill leave to introduce was refused by Id! to
The Rouse of .Lords to-night took up the
married woman's property bill, and after a
brief debate referred ft too select content tee.
A lively senantion wits caused In the lower
Haute this evening by s false alarm of are.
Whitlam's 'extensive cotton factory In 'Rol
ton was totally destroyed by are to-night. A
large number of hands are thrown nut of ern-
Obyanent. •
Dispatches from Athens announce the exe
cution. of floe toorrAbirothon brigands.
The ens say, the Canadian agent reported
on Ike way to England tot the purpose of cre
attest 111-feeling against the l'ntted States
government on account of the late Feninn
raid. Is on a fool, emend.
Letters from Paris generally ropreeent thisf.
France will not push her claims for control in
thelit. Outlined Railroad and will assumes
passive attitude.
Vice Admiral Sir Robert Spencerllohinsori.
controller of Navy. and Edward 3. Reed. chief
naval constructor. have resigned.
The Shindocil thinks no upward movement
in the money market Is probable before Sep
_A terrible disaster occurred this afternoon
°t the Great Northem Railroad. A large ex
cursion train was run into by a freight train.
several can thrown trim the track. and three
demolished. Thirteen persons were killed,
and thirty to forty Injured, some fatally.
A meeting was held last night to promote
Christian unity. Lord Elliott occupied the
chair. Speeches urging harmony among
[igloos sects were made, and nppropriate res
dation. adopted.
The differences between the Scotch Iron
muter, and workmen are in • fair way to be
Psras, June 21.—The Emperor's condition
Is much Improved. Ile suffers little NSA now
from (rmt and the swelling of his foot has sub
sided. The F.moeror and Court went to St.
Cloud thlsaftenwon.
Prevost "Parndol, the near the
United States. Is exceedingly popular'among
Americons here. who are giving him rounds
of entertainments.
..• . .
The International Society of Workingmen
ban haled a manifesto, declaring their organ
itatiOn has never beta a secret one, that all
theli meetings have been public, and that ail
resolations adopted by the Society have been
published in Its reeogniled organ.
festo is issued on account of the approaching
'trial of membentFf be Society for alloged
conoectlnTegni i erFoasplracy against the
••• e Minister of Fine Arts to-day distribut
ed prices to the artists whosepaintings have
been Po exhibition at Palate D Industrie.
LIADON. June 21.—The Kind officially re
volved the now American Minister a few days
axo. The usual friendly *peach.* were made.
On Sunday a monstrous demouetration - wee
made here In favor of General Goddard:mu.
There wore twelve thousand people present.
MAIM in, Jun* 2E—Senor Castellar dellverid
• brilliant speech in the Cortes to-41st. In favor
of the immediate abolition of slavery In the
colonies., , . '
QUEINicTOWN, June 21.—The steamship City
of Brussels has arrived.
Eflatir. June 21.—The' steamship Ville de
Ni 10. from the city of Nett' York, arrived to-
d' &lenortatanny,lnn et steam .
inn, from Portland, has arrived. , -
-• ,
lwartiOn, Jane :tl.—Lasso for money BIN,
account MN. liondo—W, Pak: 'SU, inN ;
10 - 40 s. KU. Moo. 1.0%.
l'Anni, June 21.—Bouroe cloned nt 70c.
Fussicrimy, June :I.—bonds aloseritiat nt
NS. Stocks dull; Illinois Central, 113,1 f; Brie
Sts Orelt Western. N. ' '
LtPatamOl., June 21.—Cotton steady and
improving. sales of middling uplands at Mtge
10'id; Orienna 10.411105 d. Sales I=o Califor
nia white wheat at 10s ltd, red western N 0.2
at Id, winter Pe led. Westernrn
flour 24.. Co:
N 0.2 mixed its 0d43.31. Pd. Oats 21 rd. Barley
Is. Pens 3811. Wheat: receipts for past three
Moe 4AOOO quarters-10,000 American. Pork
IlleS 0d; beer Ills: lard firmer but not higher—
sales at 70s: cheese Wm bacon 55s Oct for-Cum
berland, Igo short rib. Naval :don:adult:tom
mon rosin 501.5, 3d. Bplrits petroleum le, re
fined in exd. Tallow it 3d.Spirit+ turpentine
steady at
Latinos, June 21.—Linseed oil quiet and
steedy at 31 pounds 10s. Relined petroleum Illa
7d4r1111;14d; sugar Mies. Calcutta linseed Ms
ierwastr. June 21.—Petroleum in quiet at
ittorcusarsts, Mine 711...—Markets "qulet an.
Hints,"Suse elOse ' d trregulat—.
spot USX, afloat lia.. • • •
THE tarrum,
eneral Amnesty Kill—The Belgian
and Nen Jersey and. Bahama Cables
—Poreigu Postage, .te.,.ke.
legialth to Pitt Aburgh Gazetiel
WASHINGTON, D. C., 31110. 21. ICO.
AMNESTY 1111.4.
The bill reported to-day by Mr. Butler. from
the Committee on Reconstruction, provides
'for n full anti general gruce,amnectv and ob
livion of certain wrongful nets. doings or
omissions of all ',croons engaged in .the
rebellion. Incurred or forfeited between the
10th of April,. 1661. and the iMtlt of Aumist.
leaf, with full restoration of all rights and
privileges lost or tutored thereby and therein.
The following classes of peroons :nub their
rights and causes are excepted from all the
provisions of this act, anti none other:
First—Those educated at the Military Acad.
emy of West Point. or Naval Academy at An.
s o -Members of either house of Congress
of the so-called Confederate Congress.
Third—Whcwver held the office of bead of one
of the Executive departments of the ("Mica
States, Minister Plenipotentiary.. or Minister
Resident, or Judge of any Court Under the
United States; whoever held either like offices
in the Confederate States.
flittah—Whoever voted for or signed any
ordinance. of Seceaslon. or held the office of
Governor of n State while the same was In re
• Fifth—Whoever while In the service of the
so-called Confederate Stites. treated with
cruelty. or otherwise than according to the
usages of wor. any prisoner of war.
Sixth -Whoever, having charge of public
moneys of the United States' had not duly ac
counted for and paid over Ehs, name, and who
ever embezzled or !mended public stores. pub-.
Ile goods, chattels, moneys. provisions. mill
tory and naval property of the United Slate,
Scciatit—All deserters. from the army and
navy and bounty Jumpers. • • •
Eighth—All property and rights of property
acquired by any levy or judgment made and
exerated upon auv lands or tenemeets, goods,
chattels or other valuable thing whatever.
and any sale or forfeiture by confiscation or
taxation, whereby nay rights or MINI have be
come vested either la the United States or
'hird penee.
third persons. •
Sinth—tivery pleCe and parcel of land. how
- ever it may be described and bounded, which
now Is or has been used as a National ceme
tery. In which the bodies of soldiers of the
Unit sd States are interred. or which Is In the
occu potion of the United States for the pur
pose of a cemetery, which parcels of land are
hereby declared the property of the, United
States In fee by capture in' war and forever
dedicated to the uses uoses of ceme
teries for soldiers of the'Un it e d States and to
be under the sole Jurisdietion of the United
States, inalienable forever, provided nothing
herein contained shall affect or impair the va
lidity of sty act of Congress removing the po
nt 'cal disabililes of any person herein ex
emoted from the effects Of the provisions of
this act.
This act shall extend to all nets or OMlsidolla
by nay °dicer or soldier or other agent of the
Milted States In carrying out the laws of the
Utiltetrntates. known as the reconstruction
sets and other Oar for the government of re
bellious States. .i
The Senate Foreiga Committee agreed to re
port the Belgian Cable bill, It reserves to the
°abetment the tree use of the cable for
thirty minutes each day. This gives the flov
rnment dolly one hundred and flity won
tree. which, at the present cable rates Of se,
irt y.nre cents a word. amounts to one bon
Ired and twelve dollars and fifty cents per
day and for a rear fon y-one thousand dollars
In gold. The i'ommittee also agreed to report
t h 'New Jersey and Bahama Cable hill.
/ i
• ronricos POSITAGE.
Bet : postage between the Boiled States
and the North German Colon and Austria
will soon be reduced to seven teats per half
ounce by direct steamers and to ten cents en
closed mall Via England. .
Full regulations Concerning fruit dlsitllit
t ion were submitted to- Seeretary Bout well
tu•day for approval by the Commissioner of
Internal tbeeetsue.
y The President has slimed the bill d01:1200/
Lang Bridge uner the ientotutte to the south
ern tatentil.ll a the Vertegrlvattln Central
. .
Al,rnoof 14 now toll hi, WI. 10 W0..1.
Ina-t, n. nn.l 0 - ill prolothl, arrive loonormo
The , With& Iltapeattlool to Ille4 Illser—Prob
lame Anotoll Iteobitattee by thoL4blnolpog
_ . .
. . , .
fly Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Garotte.]
. .
Cutrsoo. Sone 21,—The St. Paul 'fire , thin
owning publiaties a letter front Pembina.
v bleb says that In ease the Red River extwedt
ion continues to move westward. Klein' Pro
visional Governmentwlll send en armed force
o • Meet It. In this contingency, Indepen...
knee of Canada will probly be declared.
The Prow also publishes the Instructions of
K Se
ier. cretary om
f dint to Father (Reh.,
one of Wen delegates to the Government,
at Ottawa. in which t o says: “As re
gents the expedition , t is viewed with
much suspicion, and is no at nil acceptable to
ank portion of this peopl . The government
And people of this country cannot view this
expedition In env other light than was the
approach of Malougall as Lieutenant-Gov
ernor last November. And to view of the
peaceful condition of. he northwest sin.
evil spirits left t ie country. both
among various etas a of. the people.
and with anti. IMO gat _lndian tribes ,
and the evident intent' m of entering Into
ronfederation on antisf ctotT. conditions by
the fact hf :you and you co-delegates being
in Ottawa. we deem thin apedition as entire
ly unnecessary and belie e it Is intended to
compel the people to a rcpt the condition!,
dictated by the Cr "-- ' -vernment, which
cannot be effectr - • of 1917. in
reference to the ing Into
(By Telegraph it.
CINCINNATI. Jut. Ime pan
the rates for fret Me and
other points to the E. : become
somewhat demorallt, meeting
Ara. held of General I. ' of the
Cincinnati. Hamilton St. -, oak, & Nfht
slasippl, Little >llama. Pittsburgh. Cincinnat I
.b St. Mots. Baltimore Ohio. ledhinaplla.
Cincinnati & Lafayette, lllnnis Control, Jet
fentonvllle. >lndiann &In lanapols, Evansville
and Crawfordsville, tte touisnile, Chain-.
nail & Lokinten Ball de, at which freights
to NOR York by rail we arranged on fourth
class as follows: From loci:matt forty-five
cents; Loulaville, New-A harry, Evansville or
Cairo fifty-five: lower Oho points. Nashville
or Clarksville. elate-live; The new tariff Is to
go Into operation July 1, co.
Child horded to As County, P.
(By Telegraph to the Pitt burglitjazette.j
ltcaonan, pa, June '2 —Yesterday after
noon. near Boyertown. a 1111 d of Wm. Ludy,
about a year old. had Its throat cut from ear
to ear with a butcher knife, by a girl named
Catharine Hummel. agedabout thirteen, em
ployed In Ludy's family as nurse. After the
murder silo fled to the woods. and was not ap
prehended till this morning.
Pt Buford Woad Choppers /Markel sad
N by lettans—The War Begun,
(Ay TelearaPh to the Pittaburgh Gazette.]
CHICAGO. June Morrow,of the 13th
Infantry. arrived it Sioux City from Ft. Ben
ton yesterday. and reports an attack by eve
hundrettlndians upon the Ft. Buford wood
choppers. killing nearly 011 of them. The
Colonel thlaks this the quinine of the long
meditated War.
[By P.:and A. Telegraph.l
Crt - r, Juno 91.—Rtcer falling with 19
{oaken ot water in the channel; weather clear;
thermometer 76 at 7 P. M. . R.
. . .
Ithoweniriu.s. Suoe 2L—Ricer falllcg x lth .
about 4 feet of water le the channel: weather
clear; thermometer 70 at 8 P. Y. A.
GREtrilliiollo, Jnne failing slowly
with 3 feet of water to the channel; weather
clear; thermometer 70 at 7313 p. x. x. .
Three Children Killed at Elle.
[By Telegraph to the Plttaburgh Gazette.]
RBIS, PA., June 21.—At five o'clook this
:ZlTlC, i llnririUM l TO;in, C . s tv he e ' re Ittito2ll::.lhy Katie
by the falling of an untiermined foundation
mall of an old house on Sidigaf rat ntreet, near
the Union Depot. - . .
Oatzesit, Jitne 21.—Cotton quint and
Arm, pith raddling at 19kc; sale. 1,000 bales;
receipts 1,513; Imports 136; stock amen: - Flour
Oran super double entra 10: XXX 110.611.. to.
Corm mixed s3 white ti. was. Oat.
Inner at . DM. 01,01. Ray Pork
4:1141210%. actin Orin in jobbink: shoulders
isko; clear aide. 171.1th17Xc; clear aides 187(6
lax e, =NO. orhmkr 1161 ,10. Other
articles unchanited•
CAmBRIDOS, Juno 4.--Deet eattlm receipts
421; the market le Improved. but quotations
are unchanged. Sheep and lambs: receipts
1,95; market Inactive; eaten to tote at $3.5^214
extra sB,lsodit
—A Washington dispatch says the resolution
which posited the Douse last creek relating to
Cuba, and recommending the interitheition of
the President to prevent cruelties in that
island hereafter. has gone to the Committee
on Foreign Relations, and there is the best au
thority for saying that it will not be heard of.
again. The Senate hen too much business to
attend to during the remaining three weeks
ofnto session to enter into any long discussion
Cuban complications, and it is not likely
that the resOlution will be constderedby the
Committee. It certainly will not be reported
to the senate, unless It Is dm:winded by a vote.
pa la Om State of Indiana are
as beat and torn look eplendld.
BRIEF :11',L14GlitillS
—.The Ina levy of Cincinnati , for 1 0 i
Red Cloud and 'party nrrived nt 011111113
-.Work has been commenced on the MoQkin
Ruin Valley Itahrond.
sectioun .tnutl, of Memphis report t lte•
cotton and grain crops an flourishing,
—Nearly two Intadrial Immigrants—month -
Germans and Irish—have enlisted lathe Voitett
States Army, at New York. wit bin •a few
bov in Louisville wt.o bad beibitten
two weeks previously by a rat. was attacked
with hydrophobia in Its toted violent form.
and died.
The story of u trAl.uud paid 0D tlfe insur
nee pulley present to President ()runt from
• tiding ltepuldienns of. New York is n pore
vention. ' -
Gov. linker, of Indiana. ha. deelined to
Cppoint delegate. In the Capital Removal
onvention. to meet it Cineinnat inn the tab
ft October next. •
--Turner and Donnelly, pugilists, fought
Yesterday morning at Kushla. 1.a., S; rounds.
Turner was the winner; thee, two hours and
thirty-Os e minutes.
—The New York workingmen.° Org. iaing
In opposition to the Introduction of tl 'nese
labor. Secret .111i01111 of the labor nnioooo l hhhysflare
held to discuss the subject.
—ldaho ntlylces of the Ilth say the-krniYa
hoppers have not mode their appenran ,e yet.
The crop prospects are the best known for
years. Mining news nattering.
—The suit of Dmitri Leone vs. Erie Railroad
Cx.uipany, to recover ssl.i.ißti for personal inju
ries sustained by the Caere stock disaster re
sulted in it verdict for plaint li for MOW.
—The most encouraging reports nave been
received front the North .Park gold mines.
Over six hundred men ate already at work In
them, and the rush there Is becoming great.
' —The general freight agents of the New
York Central. Hudson Sliver, Pentia..Central
and Erie Railroad Companies hare resolved
to restore the old high tariff for freight and
cattle on the fleet of July. •
Judge John A. Campbell and J. Q. A. Fel
lows were tined filpench for contempt. In the
Eighth District Court at New 'Orleans. fur
earring to the a petition thus, their clients
could not get justice therto.
—Judge 'Ratchford, at New York. has
' Issued an injunction in one of the Anneke
Jens sults gainst the Trinity Church Trus
tees. requiring the plaint Iff to show by what
authority he undertakes his eaten.'
--The Chicago St. Louis Railroad Com
pany art considering the question of adding
number of new passenger locomotives. with
six feet driving wheels, and running fast
trains between Chicago and St. Louis. The
Intention Is to run the fast express so as to
make the through trip In nine hours, and con
tinue it as a permanent train. The distance
Is 90 miles.
llenchtful Country Kimldenee
For sale, within twenty-five. minutes
drive of City Hall and only six minutes'
walk from Laughren or Frankstown sta
tion on the Connellsville Railroad. There
are between seven and eight acres of
ground In the very highest state of militi
a-mien and laid out in the most tasteful
wanner. by an expert In that line, in
walks, drives, &c. It is acknowledged,
by persons familiar with this and nil the
leading properties adjacent to the city,
to hove the very finest variety of fruits
in this part of the country. ouch as apples,
peaches, pears, plums, cherries, quinces,
apricots: nectarines. grapes. &c., and an
endless variety of garden - .vegetables,
flowers. kc.. and the great variety of
shrubbery and shade trees, some of them
very rare. Is unsurpassed by any other
plate in this part of the country. The
view of the city, the river, and
the whole country around, is varied
and 'truly magnificent. The house is
a cottage. very conveniently• arranged.
and the gardner's house is very handsome
and well gotten up; also, 11 good stable,
carriage house, Se. There are two wells
and one spring of the very best
lightfUlly cold, and also ri very large un
derground cistern, with pump. &e. The
vegetable garden la now full of fine vege
tables, waist of them now.rearly for use.
There are many attractions too numerous
to mention, such as patent swings. 8:e. It
is certainly the most desirable place now
for sale In this part of the country, and
must h. seen to lea appreciated, for there
are many attractions that are really .too
grand for descript ion without seeing them,
This very property will be sold
low zonil on rowunistile terms. 'hue seigh•
liorhood is won-Dont . anti, in slicer. .etinuctt
he ,surputoonl it, arty Wats part of the
country. For further information inquire
of C. 11. Love, : - 0 4 Fourth avenue.
NIENT.—The Commencement Theorises of
will take place In ISO AVADEPtif OP MUSIC.
THURSDAY EVENING. June • t Tlf o'cloet.
Door* open at 7 ,'clo ck. Ticket*. US Pont.: to he
hod at thii Jell
PITI,I Dro.a . Z3S , C GIUVra.
lICHGII. Juno 21. 1t470.
0:3 2 .A GENERAL MEETING of the
ocour.,•sr, onAys will be held at
at P e'elnek. 'Every member Is requeeted in
be present.
By enteral the Commouding Ofncer.
leitirel J. J. ALBEITP.
TAXES RE)11, •
The loner of :awns rip. 11...e1/mins promptly
execute& -
ILesldeure.lo2 Fremont St.. Allegheny. Dray%
Wood Street. Pittsburgh.
Have on hand a complete moronani of RATH
COLORED riunrso. INKS, for. sale at IS - rts
rock priers, main( Delight to purchasers. 'ler
On Saturday, July, 21
At 3 o'clock I'. M.. wall be offend et Public Hat..
the RESIDENCE of the late Mrs. ELIZABIEITI
TIERNAN, deed. -
The property fronts 70 feet on Stockton sce
ne.. Allegheny, and runs back 2.10 feet to Water
street. There Is crested a most I ,,, nat.tad.
Dwelling. with 11 rooms, antsorooms. bath house.
large attic, dm; cullers under the whole house foe
coal, opting boom, wash house, wino cellars. Ile.
There is alma largo Brick Stehle on itte rear end
of the lot; with every 'eourettlinted lodge;
*owe, earrlages,Ae. . •
Tsiun—One.fourth cub; the balance le on
two and throe pram . 1at1:07
A "iORDINANCE—Mithortzlit g the
opening 'of Mlle. events.. from anamon
7g`iw. targipllfren.eteilto t tSty
rittannrgh, eel and Cominon c Is se.
semblad. and ft Is hereby ordained and enacted be
authty hereby same, That the City Engineer be
and 5. 1 s authorised and directed to sto
rey and open Dallas avenue. from 241011100
nue to Frantalawn avenum and to spends. dam
ages and 0000 /100/014 domed thereby. John IL
Stewart.. Hobart Vandevort, and Samuel .ildsriek.
aOO herob7 .ppoWou. In tutor:tenon nitti arthst
noneerninn Streets: SPeroved JannOrg ei o . l
510.2. That any ordinance. Of part of
00000 moieties nub the manage of this Ora.
nano. at the present time be. and the same Is
hereby rapsalad, so fat es the same aliens this
Onlatood and . enacted Into I , i t r . In Conned.,
d"an 20‘b day '4 "n 2. A.
Pr ,
AtteolC S.H. '4 """*"6l
-Clerk of Select Comoyi. •
: A. TO
of i 1 . XLINSON.
Attplit MellAmen,
• Clerk of Common Council. •
7 - - -
A ORDINANCE—To Authorize the
finding, Pavinfrand . Curbing of Penn Ave
sm. from flitOer street to Forty•Wth street. •
W Mumma • owners of a melosity In In
tenet of the property abutting on Pend Avenue
between Butler street and Forty-drab street, In
the city of Pittabureb. have by petition erpressed
their desire to 00011 themseiresof the privileges
contained lu mi Act of Assembly entitled "An
Act to provide for the iteMovemmt of t
he Ave
nue and other arcades and etreete of the ulty of
Pittesurghr now,
deCrsorr Ile it ordained and enacted by the
City of Plitsburgh. In Select and Common Councils
assembled. and It is hereby ordained and *netted
by the authority of the same. That mild Peon Av
hnue from Butler street' to Pony-fifth street shall
o graded. paved and set with.. curb stones under
the merlsion of the Aet •of Assemblyeforemid.
U. That en election for five Counnissionere,
ao provided in said mi. than be held at such time
and place a* the Meow. herein appointed-atoll
designate, of which they 'hall give d o l l )hoe.b-
Ile notice by edvertisereentin three y*
pore of the city of Pittebergb. and. by hand-0 w
P lro d f tir,4*ettieirgripTvg!"l the
Sec. S. Teat - Tema. Edwards, Joseph Vogel
and B. lichroldt are hereby appointed as atom of
the election herein provided for.
Mx. 4. That any ordinance or part at ordirossece
conflicting wits tbe t= herebyre of this ordinance..
present time, be anne le rWe lOl
ler She lame arrsloolothis ordinance. —, l'!
• Ordained ead erattedinti4 in
00th 0 1 of J.% A. D. 1 0.
Antics McABLET.
President of Select Ombra-
Attest, E. S.
Cleft. of. Belem
ProldenCu fn d A common CO ll .OO
Attest; 14Mer.....:W.
iX X.X ` I . ••- NO. I
Federal Street and Pleamt
Pas.u , Ker Railway Company
The itiqiit to 1.11) Traeks Upon Cer
lain Streets In the• City of Pitts
Smith , : I. lie it ordainedidol enacted by the
site of Pittsburgh. in Select tas.l Conan. Councila
it is hereby ordained marled by
the authority - of floe scow. That tile oraseill of
b et Pity lit' I . ItINIMMI/ bereby given to the ped.
, rat streand Pleasant Valley Passenger hallway
coni,rany. to enter upon. Iny-ont and construct
railway. vitra stogie or &orate tmrke and the ne
ewsnr turn , uts and swltches In.ower and along
the followingstreets of sold city. to.ult: flagra
nt./ on Ninth .1 . 901.. la. the 'southern end of the
!laud at reel bridge: thence Milne 'llllil Ninth street
to Liberty , thence nerds. I.llforts do seventh Me
a:thence along Male rivenue to "'wit Afield street:
toothan Smlthneld street to MO avenue:
'object . e conditions and 11mila-thous of the
,ets of Assembly incorporating said Itrillwayyrora
win., a pproved resuectlY etc February :40th. A. I/.
ltatfal. rind )larch E. and aubject also
to the further conditions. a. follows, via,
nest. The raid Company than une In the con
atmettun of railway. ,ails of it pattern to be
unproved by the City f.nanneer of the rill of
Paltburuhrand shall lay I letame down - In the
place and manner dratma y hint, end pity to
the acid Engineer. for the se at the c.a. it reas
onable errapenasttion fur id reessielorin connection
Sereohl. The raid 'rampartLimn. at their °tenni
petite. procure and put dorsi rat nll getters crostrisi
by glad ruuwar. I,li culverts of a pattern to be ap
proved by the City fingineer. smell culverts shalt
be laid under the 5ll My .Enithieur
before the rails arcdirectio WWI. Said Company shod keep'
the streets through whir It they pass. freer curb to •=1: 1f,%-"'Lle,ie'VeraThi e l. All repaln as ry upon
sold streets. aim.) lie done, radar the thro,tions and
subject to the order. of tho Street Cocritniastoner
or dinance
blithe ill•triet. nod the nceeptance of this
or sale etruinneY shall be held to be
authorttY for tile Street Vunirulssinner of the 01s.
Diet at all times. When ill: may deem the neon no
cansary, to purchase manertula and emptily labo
rers in the name and on behalf of said eornParrY.
Lot the repairs of said Streets. rind en agreement
On the part of amid Company to pay the coat and
Fo pense thereof.
urth. If the Councilorof mild city shall at - any
time hereafter direct change of Smile of raid
pins., or either of them. or If it had become
necessary to take up said retina) , tor the purprasi
of paving or repaving grading or regradiniraudd
streets. or either of them. or for the Puri.le of
conetructlng any sewer tor culvert therein. or for
the mune.e of laying. rdlnylng or reentrant one
water piper, therein. the salt railway shall betaken
up and relent by Mild rrompany at their town
and case ~f their lisliure to do after
re:won:rale hotlce. the Street Commisaloorier of the
district shall take ttha same no It the extant...of
said Company. null It Minh he unlawful for said
Company to relay the rand, while any of the above
enumerated work Is being done upon said streets.
rzlthetrof Own.
either or in. ....
'71.111'. That the said I . l.o l netn r. tor and during the
gist live years after they Shall en. 1111.0 CO running
:tiers upon eald atrects. shall itly into the City
Tertiary the sum OrentY dello , . tor Year for
eh car run over raid streets, and from the
thereafter the sum of thirty dollar* per yeer for
each of their ears Pm over said streets, and the
said Conitiarty shall. in addit Pm to the above. levy
llntn the City Treasury the•snarof two per ceutum
of the dividends or net profits of their mid road.
The •sernan assessed upon inch one of said Com
pany shrill-be paid elthin o month sifter they
commence to run mini over mid ne
street, mail annu
ally thereafter, and it • shall be the duty or the
president Of said Co ra pany. within one rrinnth af
ter the end el one year from tile time they com
mence to min cars Ilion mid atreets. and annually
thereafter. tu file with the City gontrOLler a all'Orn
statement of the number tif cars used thereon
during the preceding year. and no payment Mail
be required fur can used only in ease of necident
to those in common use.,T he ten upon dividends
herelnahnve levied upon said Cnumany. shall he.
rd"ilfsitel:led Cate TeeasUeor within ten days after
deed Abell be declared hi the vine: of reid COW
puny. the Pm shall be paid thereon as if paid in
cash. mtininung the stock at its pm value. -
sant. The City id Pitt-tinrigh reserve. the right
to Leant the use of the track laid upon the streets
aforesalittir• any Portia thereof for similar pur
poses. on condition that the grantee or
e rnt..
of the tote pie a poiportl nate part of th cost Of
construction and matntemnre of the tame. .
Semen, Any failure up .n the pent of sold Com
pany toe omply with any if the provisinne Of this
ordinance. shall. at tiro lit lon of the Councils Of
the City of lburch. emit a reemmtlim ft the
privileges titer by granted. and the mid Councila
may direct removal of mid railway n public
nuleance. florierd. Thai this provision Mall not
be construed to prevent [boast , ' City from Penn
ine any lad all other .remiallee provided by law..
And mid Company shall cod nee the work of
laying tracts within three mont hs. and complete
W e mime within one year' front the passage of this
ordinance:. • . I
• SEC. M. That the Ismaili, hereby tionfernal shall
ant be exert Red. nor shall 1111 ardinant . ,e be .. puh-
Malted and romrded until said Company ahall file.
with the City Controller nn agreement under the
seal of said Company. lu Such form as the City A t
tomey shall approve, necentinx the Priviiege*
hereby grunted upon the terms and conditions
herein ant forth. I
SW. 3. The loderiii Street and Plmastrit Valle,
Passenger Railway Company abeliuse the tracks
of the Pittsburgh and 'Birmingham Paseehger
Railway along that part of Smlthneld street named
in theroute aforesaid...l shell conform to the
timetable of mid Pittelmrchd Birrnitlehnni
mad In running tholr ears over the eame and line
their proportion or ti l t Cost of construction and
tusintenanoeof said Skiers upon Inch terms ay
may he agreed Amin try the Companim.
• Ste. 4. Chat any ordinance co part or port of
' ordinance maillicting itch paYafure of
dimuce at the 'meson! shoo , lie arid the oaTllll
hereby repealed Y'' far us , the saint , 'effects thiy or.
I 1111.1
Ordstood onsmed n in i'.'unellY this
each y nit 1 11,10, 4.1 1 . IST 0
• I A. 11. GROSS.
Presideunprry tem. of-Select (Sinned.
ttelt K. .S. Alonitote.
t`lerkof Select
President of Coninson Council.
Attest - 11. NICAI
• 1.4 noir 01 r ,minion Council..
Pittsb!lrgli SCCounellsville R. R. Co
To ErCCi a rasseueer Ilonseor I)epo
Upon a Certain Portion or the.
notwahela Wharf.
bwrios 11. lie IL ordained nod enacted by the
City of Pittsburish. in Select und COOIIIOII Councils
usembled. and it ts hereby ordained end enacted
by authorny of the anew, That 'We Pittsburgh
and Connellswile Railroad Company be unit they
we hereby authorised to erect a Passenger House
or Depot. with two tracks and their accompanying
Mits‘r7l:itin'erill'elitlePtlrTX their
e th e e asTelr Tfril e iil
Smithfieldstreet ad the eastern aide of Grant'
street. ' Prorldel. flowerer, and . the authority
hereby grunted is only to take effect neon condi
tion that the .trusters of said Depot shall be map•
ported by piers mouposail of rows of Iron Mile
founded en malionry. not to exceed two feet 1 •
thickness: said piers to be longitudinally one hun
dred feet apart for n diSMICO of fear hundred feet
Stomata east side of Grant street. and thence for
tdistance of about sixty feet , to be not leas then
wenty feet apart lengthwise of the building, and
that thence forit distanceof about seventy-six
feet to thereat aide of Snittlineld Sargent and the
said - Pittsburghand Cosinellsville Railroad Com
pany shall hale the tight to extend the front of
ehe Suspension bridge abutment that distance 170
asel by a trailer masonry, and thence by a similar
all at sight angles to the first towards Water
street, said -wals to enclose a space to be tilled in
and paved as s l carriage drive. le p aving a sufficient
width In trout of IVater street for the thorough
fare to the Drell and that the mild Company may
make their Passenger Rowe fronting on said car.
Rage drive, of two stories la height , not exceeding
70 feet In length, the temaincier of add building
to be ono stop - . the underside of the structurn
said house to be not lest than fourteen
feet In clear height from the surface of the wharf
Brante upper side of tho hourat n in e tee n nal
street. and not less than feet atthe
distance of four hundred feet therefrom afore
said. And Prinider n ~ That the strip or portion
of the An
covered y said structure shall not
exceed fifty ((001 fee t width, soil that the roof
of mid handing shad composed of iron or elate,
and that In other ref la due precaution be taken
. n- rc ' . " 3 l .7'hat the Bat road Company is also re
bulled to provide 1. /Lt. to facilitate the dis.. -
atone Of ricer Weigh. tram horde when the
height of water and the Misitlon or the tracts
hereby authorized tote buUt anon render theses:cm
Sex. 3. That for a . WI try consideration of the
rd ptiviloeria herein granted. the 'met Rally
road Company than be held and boned to pay an
nually to the City Try rev for the use of the.
city. the sum of Three Minuend Dollars in sand-.
annual payments. theca W said payment" to ha
made as th e end or al • moat helicon the time the
sald .Company shall gin work on the ground.
That th is ordinance s all ho held to grant each
. . . .
rights ns the City of Pittsburgh may legrillY con
fer. and no more. - •
Eln 4. Teat any ordinance or part of ordinance
eonfiletiam with the Ewan', of this ordinance at the
premnt time. be and the Pune Is hereby repealed.
Ofor ES the eame adepts thin ordinance.
rdained and caused Into a lam In Councils, thin
20th clay of June A. U. 1870.
Preildent of Select Council.
Attest, E. 8. - • , •
Clerk of 8011.
Council, •
Pre dent of Common Council,
Attest: It. MeMearLys. ". - •.•
Clerk of Condom Coanell.
. ORAN .1
. ~
Allegheis rAlley
Thatlght ofWa
to thr Pennay 1
road. '
1 ~
Railroad Company
over Certain Streets
ranla Central Rall.
'bad I.'Belt ordain and,enacted the City
of Pittsburstin Me • • and-common emboli, as.
seeable& i
end t It hereby ordained and enacted by
the anthority of the same. That the tight of way
be anti Is brraby granted to the Allegheny Valley
ReUrusdlleompany to knit down end enastrum.•
tlngle or dnubis railroad track from a point on It.
rack on Railroad stree,t
ver above '2Bth stnset. by the
most practicable route the Intervening streets
end soils to a point o LibertY street. between
07th and with straetm thence tor.. Liberty
street nod along the seat sidewalk of mid street a
sunicleht distance to vedette to the track of the
Pennsylvania Central Railroad tot point saheb.
and convenient for conneming therewith. Andtt
said Allegheny Valley Railroad Company Where%
rVell ' lniti ` r.frik ` rknr
. ed
to mid point hot m.tined on t...seart side
walk of Liberty treet. over and smelt ji.h.tY. , 21 . 1 ,
sent or the owners of prom./
above Indicated. Prorbit.l, bowers , mme,e..L . ..
PertiOn of mid sidewalk on Lleertr sheet
...hell he
Abutting On sold
obtained by said Comp.? °
anrpoalfVjelj‘ ' r:
shall Pfll
"nir mid sidewalk for
mentlonedtproridcd....t tr g n u r ewarded to the
trpt.7l., th r at ov.r .
" kb " la "" k* To r tWrades of the other in-
Ce,"X al „rree """* . over widen sald track shall pow,
tow nr bor.rter to be establishe by the `net t ingthorities...l Nat DIU wOrk ton e in the
d pad track shall be done to th_p .estialtio
"UgigtrTAPV."thel, Vact.7,:oralar.l : .
sr,:°°"==r4clll:7,47:P.`t`',°=.7 of
Sec. 3. That en! ordinance or part of °rein:lmmo
coullleting with the passage of tbleordlnance at tbe
PrOMot time, be and the none is hereby repealed
so far as the same affect. this tedium:tee. _
Ortlatroad and enacted into a law In Councils Ma
90th "7 of jot.' A.
111 /116.5 MCAITLET.
- President of Select CoenclL
AttMe E. 5.1e07111.0w,
Clarkof SelectSt y runelL
_ _President of Common Cotmed.
Attest , Mciteltrift.
Cie* of Common Connell. t-
'ommereial and 'Family Newspaper
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No farmer, manhole, or merchant should b
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Clubs of ten -
A dory Is furnished grattultously t.t the gatter.nn
.t. Club of ten. Pastssasters sr« rennested
et as Areas. Address.
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I d'NeiTIVEN--.. low. •
Wants." -Found.- nut ♦xrnl.nJ
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\ A . NT . El).—A Situation au BAR
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TIAR) }lolli,,
ATATA --NTED.A few day bander+ al
v 73 Fourth Avenue. •
v _wanted at WIN NORTH AVENUE, All,
T IletcEl.V Ertl Vll
IS TWIN A•CDUC. Prom $) . loslo Per ITTI
will Le pald. •
VlTANTElL—Experieneed Agents to
V 1 travel and wall Indent Wantons - count!.
tor en article lust patented. Willbe_ srant
i ed to
every fatally. Address A. W.. lion 533. ntV
------ --
1 • tn.. morttraTrlt- - nne foritl.ol) 0, utd
for f}1.301) each. Mt for three yattra.
Attornor-at.tat, No. GU Grant Welt. l'ltta-
Winch. • di':
W in ANTED—By a Respectable Mar-
nes initiation to seirend u.
elet honse•work. Wa no otleet. A nomfort•
Mile home preferred. Addnom m m.. Inilsnianth
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WVIT T E . I I )- ‘ 7 . 9? . AL MINERS MIME
0. 0. 31AN.VITtl.IMAI,
CoMPANY. - • 6-9
AVANTED.--Several Men for Farm
v Work. Gardeningand Driving. AIN, for
Brlelivini Work. Sevonil Ririe Girls - Wanted for
Cooking. Chnwnerwore, Inning-nom wort and
I ;l9:!Cl u Ztrge o g.V.l l = aliTirt l ., Y dnt E d M oor
einepenrion Bridge
WANTEIL—A Number of Lodlea
and meta to sell Turkish Print Soap. Crisp
Candy Ilexes. Pries Stationary Package, end Jew
elry. Inquire at No. NS SIIITHeINLD STREET,
Pittsburgh. re. Yid
W Agents, to
isdented. vituu'e. 7 4.nutUd" bi
rryfandly. Address, A. At., BoX 33 3 , Pitts
wjr TED --.n 0 lir 11 NIS BOY and
GIRL of BorlO jeers of wee, to with
.uple. Coompernsalion. board. clotnlog, school-
Mg. Ste. Best of refineries. firm Address for
two dart, J. C., Whirl" Nee. ese
Arnts to travel and Ual Peter. riable for
an article out patented. Will be wanted to every
fatuity. rout. Inducement. offered. Addreve A.
M.: Boz 33.lrittaburati P. O.
30,000 to Loan In large or small arnounta,
at a talc rata of Intere _
MIL Bond and Heal Waco Broker.
N 0. 1 .79 Sontheald Mont.
A wrond•hand
to 6 feet bed and lEito 514 Inch Addr.s.
_Jule: yig Postorb. Box 304. Plttsburqb,Pa.
Coat and Pant Makers,
Kaufman, Oppenheimer & fo.,
Thirty Thousaid Dollen to Leen
In large or small mounts nn property In Allegheny
north at a fair rate or Intoreet. •
Grant Arent.
B •
OARRING—To-let,irlth Boarding,
at 103 Fourth venue. 49.
Tl.l4.F.T.—Three Nice litnoum, nlth
Gar and Water. Suitable tor • ell
l A n Z y l''t a A t
" **6.l". 1 410, i
rnkLET.—Two Story . Rack' ROURP•,
andiltlL. c '.2=4`l4;=4lZ:g:T.',l,l!
cellar. Will be let tow 10 it good tenant. Inquire
ot .I.lf. SAAR. No. old Penne Avenue. I..ti
A first-dun STORE ROOM and cellar, No.
ISIS Liberty street, .couipletely titled 0P- vltlt
*belying and counters. Will. be rented cheap, if
celled for soon. Enquire at
~`O•I.ET.—.I good, Iwo otory BRICK
DWRI.LING, containing 12 room, with mod
ern Improvement.. Also,liage intend goal Brick
Stable, Minute fronting on the Park, No. - 154
North Avenue. Rent reitennable. Applv at No.
41 Ohio street, Allegheny:
Two Drayn, a Cart, and a Set of Hamm,
An In god nester. Inquire at ofhee et
jeltyin N 0.12 0 Meer Avenue. Allegheny.
r . Oll SAXE CHEAP.-$2,500 will
buy a heave with nee rooms d epth . w ith tour lots 24 feet front by 106 feet in with
stabling. twitting on • forty feet street. one-bull
square back of Pennsylvania asenne,Twentleth
ward, near East I.lbarty. Apply at 174 Grant
street, near Seventh ermine. JuW,CI/111
VOR SALE.—That - well-known
ilt;at r alrilU%P.J k :lit i f'dl d la g. ll . gat .
To a proper penult desiring to keep a hoter. tuls Is
- nun opportunity. Yor terms, rell or address
J. DAT= llebtlil4.l2:.
N 0.7 Bank of Compere. Dandier.
Pittsburgh. Pa..
Mon Immediate on sale. jrg 321
FOR SALE.—Engines and Boilers,
New and Second Wend, of ell kinds, constant/7
on head.
Orders from en eerie of the country promptly at
tended to.
Corner Marton and Y., Vt. W. a. C. R. W.,
TAINS 240 ACRES. ona hundred and Asti
acres raider cultivation,. balance woods. Improve
umin—la dellings, very butte band sad stable,
and sheep booms. orchard and well ...Mersa by a
small creek passing throtigh the place. hituated
Jennings enmity. Indiana. 3R antes from ernen
and Louisville Railroad; in thriving neighborhood
near to vilismsne Wburchm. Tbs farm can ea
" )3. kernir;oo., - Idt r .lloonret Ave.
1131:NCR. enntaLning 20 acres with 3 henaea
thereon: dna. ownfortable and convenient
house; Food water. and one of the beet water pow
ers In Western Peeneyfrania far &mill; le mile*
front We OW, on the waters of Turtle Civet ROW.
if of a Mlle WOW Stewart% Station. Central hall-
Med.; AIM. NVOTII good lams In toad lochthrtis
and honees for sale.. Raqviiof
No. 110 Grant filt......sEpoette Cathedral..
_ .
FcIR SALI.f 7 --- ---
A, handeotne
_pressed brick Dwelling two
starlet. conukinnte rooms. Lot AS by 100 .
AM an 44th gimlet. near Butler street.
well intypUelL with dray. tiers. aayabbe l h yt i" ae!
whit. oh the rear le a gne stable. Oas all through
tbe boos. Thie property eertalnly the snort de
lirable In the 17th ward. Pore inederat and
7g time Wen- • T. IL ItILI L DOA
• • Coy. Penn and 4. cream
ON XiIN.WTRERT.../to elegant .Cottage
oute; ritual. on Yalu tenet. near the 0
horn Mae eardainleft 3 romp Lot 30 by la
'ims 'lO • besotum pl•es. ors wflhmr of
Il iltlecelerare wean.. T. FL RILL & 80N.
Ox 44th EITRBET.—A beautiful lot neer But/or
aIZoLgO bylelbl. el.* to the Cilium' P. R. W
Anngtbe . tteliort W er n" ritneelni lid .
imp w in One ...Us near th
Petrol 9100 &Oat sae hal/wee in Jeer :I Pew" '
el/to. Workhors. *home a.=
epeprmeity alto hr. They will never have another
aoadvantegeona., T. IL BILL /a SOIL
_ . R. and 334 streets.
A b795T.42,Af1el
Well located: /MO nest'Veek. In
red COOdlllon, pefalr now. Apply r ...
H. M. LONG & CO.,
Ipit • - PA.
LARS arUl earths.e • neat, well bull, t wo
nory brick elgao i houaa, Blu
to m e e on
griggrey 12 deep to It 4 e inft Lay! FIT:
room and an/lar, well or_Olood water with ramp In
tho we. Term, SUOMI cash: Wanes In lour
eqval annual Temente. el to
A lto srrals= k BON,
Jet 39 Math ammo.
kTerehandisee Broke;
250 xamixtmnr smatTzET.
(AO% yof l[onlc Bonding.) prrrsurnau,
e 1 41.