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Omer Sixth ►re. and Smithfield St
By mail. per year
Imilrerc9 b 7 circler. per ,reek
Tnt. iioinersel county flepuhlican pri•
marc elections arc to take place on the
.. . .
- TRE. Republiban Primary Election Wlla
~ held in Indiana county. on Saturday lasi.
Dr. Thomas 3l'Mullen, and Daniel 'tram**,
*cry - nominated for Astiembly. , •
A BUY named Daniel Shaffer wait killed
by lightning, in a barn, iu Si tea ille. Som
erset enmity, lam week. None - of the
horses or cattle in the building were inju
Anuetroug county, at . the Republi
can primary elections, on Saturday, the
following gentlemen were nominated :
Congress (subject to decision of conferees,)
Ron. Darwin Phelps; Assembly. ,Steele;
Sheriff; Elwood; Associate Judge, _Ken.
ner4; District Attorney. Barrett; Commie
blotter. Todd, Col. P. Templeton,. Rand].
tod l elly, Esq., and John Ralston. Esq.,
are appointed conferees.
Tot Pottsville Jouinal- elavi, the dissat
isfaction among the miners ie beginning
to develop itself each duo, as the auspen
aiMa grown longer, and that if the work
ingmen were to exercise their own judg
ment, without being- overawed by the
leaden', they would go to work to-morrow
at the wagre offered. At a meeting of
the St.. Clair Branch of the W. B. A., the
tienuan element openly declared their de
sire to go to work, eseorting that they
"preferred working to going around beg-
Tor: Washington filporier thus Re
counts for a few of the niissing rebel
spoons: were shown the other day
four spoons captured from General Lie
at the time his wagon train Area surprised
and overhauled in front of Richmond dur
ing the scenes immediately preceding the
eleae-of the war.-. They are unquestionably
pure silver, awl each -bears the. initial of
the distinguished rebel's name. 'They
were captured bye soldier of Company
let Pennsylvania Cat:air:et . •Mr O. W. L.
Johnson, now a resident of (7 irone county.
Oa the Miner road In Butler county
there is a yellow frame house - the. neigh
borhood of which seeing td he fatal to
boys. Thirteen yeara ago a boy named
Campbell was killed by the kick of
horse there. One year later • boy named
Brill died • there - from a wound received
from a scythe and last Wednesday a boy
named Gutektutst.wam lending a colt to
water, there, by a rope, Which he had tied
to his .wrist, when the animal ran off
dragging the boy nptil he got.tairedt in a
mud hole.: Mr. Outektinst li
-who rest , in
the yillote house, aforesaid, cut his son
loose, but Le died in few minutes.
Tim. Kittanning Free Pre... .vs: A
very serious accident °enured on gunday
morning last, near the-month. sit, )I.ahon
itig, Armstrong counts., by the running
kway of a team attached to a spring wag
on. The occupants of, the wagon were
D .M
Drs. James Steele.rsi.KAMlNM.Bech
tel, Miss Ilingamen, and the driver. In
.a hiltthe luirsea ;beguile
frightened • and" started °Vat njfearfol
rate, upsetting the wagon and thmwing
themall out.. They were all mote or less
injured, Mrs. Steele having her collar.
bone broken:, And, receiving some Severe
cuts aboutithe fare and bead. Mrs. Kurtz
had her cheek-bone broken, her scalp very
much torn, and the heel of one foot cut
threugh mid crushed: 11er — injuries are
serious; and her recovery is doubtful. Mrs:
- Bechtell had her collar-bout-Ibroken. Miss
Bingatnan had her collar-bone and two or
three ribs broken.
Tut: Washiegron Reporter ea y:' On
Wednesday evening , net. John An derson.
a young 1111111 residing in the upper end of
town, was shot by Mum. D'Alcinzo in the
taller al4:spnf the later,on Chestnut street,
the hall entering his kip asse. nuking en
ugly tlesit wound. From what we have
been able to gather of the alarm it seems
that Anderson was passing e- shotitist
D'Alene° on the evening in qn loo,•eiten
the'latter called to him to e in, and
immediately' beipm queetionin him ns to
his courage, asking him if het ought be
war brave enough to . lead aco pan' into
battle. Anderson replied that he did - nob
think he was. whereupon D'. onus pro
pounded the query as to trheth f - he Was
bold enough to stand up and let a man
shoot at him. Anderson again replied in
the negative, when D'Alonzo wi , an oath
declared he would try him, an, immedi
ately picked up a pistol and fry ,
Anatol:lan ainouumental fair.
Kinagas *cuts ere 'bait:lWO; Shim . .
110:5. E. H. Mcionr., of Athena, dedines
a rtselectionto Congress:
JLIDOE M. G. Mercar.r.a., Director of the
Ohio Penitentlars, long n public spirited
citizen, died Soap-
In 'Knox county eixteen !sheep lying or
der a beech tree were killed by lightning
Flat Amok an 96k-tenuity. nein stny.
.70itig..A.Vinnis , Jong isightlinditur.. of
tie Enquirer...bus bnoght Vallsindiginun's
shire in ths•Dayton Ledge" sail assumed
—. • ,
Ohlo . Colording-ion ,bk,dlety has been
formed, with the object of aiding in the
civilization and redemption of. Africa,
through tho cooperation of Liberia. Pre*.
ident,-The Rt. Itev,Cluirles P , ~iciloelne,
Dayton, Saturday, P. twelve,years' old
boy while bathing, was playing tag with
miter boys in the water, and was climbing
np on the C. S. &C. It. R. bridge when a
kcomotive struck him 'crushing his skull;
De cannot recover.
OF Tuesday a little girl in Steubenville,
tried to light a fire with a mn of pee>
leant. The almost superhumaxeffortsbf
the nalAhbore prevestodlite complete de
struction of the house, and the child, li
fe thought, cannot recover.'
SCNDAt 310RFT511 Ml= Mary E. Stein
.Laugh occupied the ,pulpit of the Wash:
Ington street Methodist Church, Spring
geld. Miss Steinbaugh is a graduate of
Oberlin College, and is a regidaiiy licens
ed preacher in the Methodist Church,
laving a chsrge at this time in the Ohio
Muskingum District. •
Is Zanesville, on Monday, the horse/
drawing a large band wagon frill of young
peonlo returning from, a
. plenie became
alarmed and upset the wagotiV Several
of tho inmates were more or less injured,
the driver had hie spine seriously hid%
and Miss Mary 'Freeman, it thought
cannot recover from her Injuries,
AT the time of the discharge of sobilers
who, by the casualties of war, - liad lost an
arm or a leg, the Revenants:it supplied to
each an artificial limb, !Artie which time
no.provision has been made for them, and
the limbs are now meetly worn out Or on.
serviceable. The Rouse passed a hill
giving such • soldiers every five years an
artificial limb, or the price thereof, which
is rip fora leg or 00 for an arm. The
Renato pissed the bill, but struck out the
provisionlgiving money Many awe. The
Continence Committee of the two Rouses
agreed upon the original House 'bill;
rihieh will now become a , It la eati.
that the law will revise an 'ppm.
priition of #4OO/100 every five years.
Till majority mad minority reports of
the House Committee on Foreign Affairs
ea the Cuban question will be made putt.
Ile. The committee have already decld
ed,as statetl,to report a resolution to favor .
of &altar - atrial neutrality on the part of
this government between Spain, and Cuba,
thus giving the latter the same 'privileges
now - An additional
rsioltitkot vrillifrohably be -ordered, call
ing ott both parties In Cuba to wage war
lon the basis recognized by civil nations,
Ptlae"tioff against the execution of
pri"onere-of war,
AT Munich they have tev4 "--7. ed.the old
Ink** Plays , sad 'ire - now . reprtw ai ng
who milled the "Passion Play:' A
iaiesporsierit writes that "Me pin of the
d i n e tt e, that of Christ; is entrusted to one
.7. 061 h Mayer, rho le a we/I jr444,44,/,
pityakally as any . nitre mortal tan'be,
Petted to be. He i t a thoughtful looking
-Man; *with thin - features, a serious
mold. ma voice is musical.and abundant
messes of rich auburn hair fail on his
atiouhlars, while a moustache and board
of somewhat deeper hoe conceal his lip
and chin." .
• 3 -
14 A ta -
( 1 4 1 tit - *e oPik 41,0-tite
SENATE: Ohio 11her Brikvs—Rep
resentotiv:;. Apportionment The
Franking. Privilege. HOUSE: Ca.,
bxu Bonds Again—Duty on Coal—
Cann ful Certification ur Checks—
Senate Currene'y Bill Report:oi—
l:idiom System or Nattinilization.
Re Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Glizette•l'
Mr. DAVIS gave notice of a bill to idiot,: ell
Indian nations and tribes baring rights under
existing laws and treaties to sue in the molted
i4ites Courts, vith the right to either party
to go to the Supreme Court upon a writ of
error orappeal.
Mr. RICE Introduced a bill to carry Into ef
fect certain treaty stipulations withtheChoc
tew natioii. Referred. •
A resolution to make the bill relating to the
length of spans of bridges on the Ohio river a
special order was debated.
Mr. MORTON remarked there was actual
d o a n n i te o r o t i ll i z o kt ri o v u , T r ift y s ly n n or r . o p ul .. d b b r T d destroyed
Mr.DRAKE favored the resolution, believ
ing the Interests of the whole Mississippi
valley wen, Involved-in legisintion on the sub-
Icel, lie hoped the bill would receive the
weeedence to which it oem entitled,
Mr. CAMERON urged the importance Cr the
-sure in the Interests of commerce on the
He said that at Pittsburgh the people
ontributed outof their own pockets
ul - Induce the Baltimore and Ohio Rail
. to lengthen the span of their bridge.
Ar.IIOItEMAN sold a compromise had been
greeted' with the Pennsylvania coot interest.
a hick was pressing the bill, by which the
man of bridges was determined. That props
I.ltloll now was to tear down not only bridges
in process of completion, but those already
completed, and to refund to the Parties , re
ferred to by Mr. Cameron the money they hod
Mr. SCOTT said he hod submitted as on
tonendment to the proposition, the bill re
ported at a previous session • from the Postal
Coinini t tee. adding thereto the principle that
comperumtiou shall be made for change of
bridges built ander the net. It was for Con
gress to say whether It would authorize new
obstructions while making annual appropria
tions to clear away obstractions to the com
merce of a river.
Upon a division the restitution was rejected.
only 13 Senators rising in its favor.
The proposed &intendment to the mien seas
debated and tabled.
The special order. being the House bill for
the apportionment of Representatives In Con
gress among the several States, was taken up.
The tint of the Senate committee's amend
meats, Increasing the number of Representa
tives from 2:5 to 3UO. was agreed to.
The bill WAS then laid over.
. The bill nbolishiug the franking privilege
then came up. the luestion being an Mr.
Drake's amendment. allowing newspaper ex
changes,. to . - pass free. to Mr.' Sherman's
amendment for the free circulation of weekly
n ewspopers within the comity of publication.
Mr. RAMSEY' addressiM the Senate at
Ie M g .DR AKEwo ay ot f .
the bill unless
a proviso seas Inserted In compel Senators
and Representatives to pay their. own poets
,1(./itItILL. of Vermont, and Mr. FOW
LER submitted amendments to the bill. ."
Mr.SUMNER gave notice of an intention to.
close the debate by advocating his peOPOSIIIOII
far the abolition of the franking privilege.
with one cent postage for all.
At four o'clock the Senate went, into Execu
tiecaession and sit FIX .llonnwd:
br,d •
The House 11.51 at 11 okiock. The hall was
dark owing to II heavy thunder storm, and,the
gam was lighted. . •
In the midst of rwtfusiun Mr. MuIIMIMICK.
who had been mentioned in the norrespon
deuce or the Ennuion lout in reference to
Cuban 0000
s. denied entithatientlY nti know ,-
master. 'He rolled no the tit:Or
n Of 011111.7.OMV:Itee. Mr. nutter. or •Iteot..
to state wndt her any vs 1 , 1..11, to ....It
ituPricating him.
Mr. Mutter was not pent.
The Speaker proceeded. res as the lossinest.'uf
the morning hour. to call committees bur re
ports, commencir with tint Ways and Means.
No result being - made. -
Mr. wAnn called attention to atm rreoln
tlOn adopted by the Rouse last Mot:lay. di
ns:ling the ,Comraittee to report as soon as
practicable It 4111 abolishing. the dole dircoal.
Mr. HOOPER. acting chairman of the Vote
mlttee. remarked that If the resOlatlon had
been simply such ai stated, the Committee
would nave had no dildculty In reporting the
bill immediately. 'The resolution instructed
the Ckunmittee to report a tall abolishing.the
tariff on .mtal. so tut to-secure that Important
talkie offered to the People free of all taxa
tion. The latter part was supposed by saute
members to gu farther than simply admitting
cool from abroad free of duty. One member
had taken the ground that all direct and indi
rect taxys were to be taken off from CORI.
Mr. WAILD—II,e. resolutiou wan perhaps
somewhat crugie, but it-seems very explicit.
Mr. CESSNA made the point of order that
under xbo cull nothing but reports from
Committers yrere In order.
- . .
The Bpealter sustaiutd
The Committee on Banking and Currency
eported o bill to punish unlawful certificates
(cheeks by officers of Nntionalhanks. which,
irier a short discussion. was passed.
It provides that any °nicer, clerk or agent
of any honking association who shall wilfully
violate the imurisions of the act in reference
to certlfring cheeks by. National banks. ap
proved March 3. lhM. stud! br . deemed guilty
of misdemenuor and on conviction tined
not over IMO or - be Immisoned not over five
Tears, or both: provided nothing to this act
bah relieve any banking association front any
peaalties prescribed lathe former.
Mr. tiAIfFIELD• also reported back the
Senate bill o provides imtional currency of
coin notes. and equalise the distribution of
circulating notes, with a substitute therefore.
The substirme was rend; being the ninty
five mnlion currency bill velth.funding nod
other sectlont struck hut.
The omitted sectismt art , o.l, Sl t h i fith.:th,
schnittoad 12th.- -
r. COX made the smintiol order that Mr.
Garfield MR, not ItlltharlZed to woke the rt.—
The Speaker ruled the point . of .order
Mr. COX annealed and railed' for the ayes
and nays:
Mr. RANDALL inured the House adjourn.
.d called for the yeas and nays. adding they
would filibuster on the bill every morning
hour froth now till the end of the session.
During-veil call the morrileg hour expired
and the bill went over till the monitor hour of
Tue.daynext.the appeal from the iieeikli.n of
the Chair having been withdrawn.
Mr. UPSON presented a petition of citizens
of Cleveland. for the passage of a bill to In
corporate the international buddy for the
Protection of. immigration.
Mr. DAVIS. of Non York. from the Judi
ciary COmmittee, reported a bill to establish a
uniform pyatem of naturalization and to regu
late proceeding, under the same.
The bill makes the following conditions of
citizenship: Three years' residence in the
Unload States.. with intention to become a
citizen; six months' residence in the State
. . •
and thirty days ln the county or perish before
application Is made) epplicatiou to be sled
twenty days In court; proceedirtos for natu
ralization to be had before the I_ tilted States
Circuit and • District courts; In counties or
parishes where there are not oVer two Mated
terms of theac courts, preceedhigo may he had
In any State court of general Mirlediction hav
ing a Clerk's seal; the naturalized citizen is
not' to exercise all the ogee of citizenship
till after the end of eta months frdm the date
of Judgment; aliens enlisted in the United
States army or navy, and honorably dis
charged therefrom, may become citizens upon
one year's actual residence. The bill consists
of seventeen 'sections. containing provisions
f sz i =if
, i , t i, . , s i l e a r t and penalties for heeds!.
The bill was advocated by Newry.
Ward and Stevenson, and opposed by Mean.
Eldridge, Cot. Sargent, Fitch, Antell,Oortgers
Plakelnberg,'MeNeeley. o f
I n d" to
was finally tabled be n vote of ICC to IC
rtes—Nears. Adams, Allisou, Ambler,
Archer, Atwood, Antall, Barry, Beatty, Beak,
Eflrd. Booker. Brooke, (Mass..) Brooks, (N. T..)
Horatio& Dnrdett. Burr, Conan. Clarke,
Collect. Dais, Degener. Don, Dyer,
BldHdge, Flukeinberg, Fitch. Fox, Getz, Gib
son, Griswold, Haight, Haklemzuz, Hamble
tem Morrie 'Hawkins,
Hawley, Hay, Heflin, Holman,
Johnson, Judd.• Kellogg. Kerr. Knott, LAW
rence Lewis.. Logan, Mershall. MaYball. Mw"'
Corm McNeely. Hilnee, Moore. (Ohio)
Moore, ( linole,) Morgan. Morrissey. Monica ,
Newebam. Niblack. Orth, Packard, Potter.
Randall, Beeves. Mee. Rogers, Sargent. Saw -
Yer. Schuman er, Schofield. Sheldon, (1IA.)
Reber. Smith. (Ohio,) Smith. (Oregon) Otee.
GllllOll. Stiles. Slender. Swann, Sweeny, Taffe.
Trimble, Tyner. I:peon. Van Auken. Wash
borne. (Mute.) Welker. Wells. WilklinKub
Wilson, (Ohio) Wilson. 'Minn.) Winchester,
Naps—Messrs. Ames, Armstrong, Arnell,
Ayer. • Bailee. Henke. lienhonen, Beaton,
Buigham.Bialr„Bales. Buck, &witty Buffing.
tom Dotter . (Tenn.), Cessna, Churchill. Cobb,
Coot: Cowles. Dawes, Dicker. Dixon, Donley
Ferris. Garfield, Glifillan, kale, Hoar,' Bel
13e1YA ba
McGrew, X' l ?clic
phis. Morrill (Pa.). :drew'. Melee.
Packer, Palmer. Pick, Platt. Porter. Proeser.
Roots. Smith ITeen.i, Stoughton, Strickland,.
Tanner, Tailor , T
Vaahom rod. Whi tmore,
Mr. DAVIS voted in the aftirmativneo so to
be able to move reconsideration. Widch!me
tion he made when the vote was announced.
Mr. JCDD moved to lay the motion to re
coneid er at the table.
Without action the House ed)ourned..:„...
, ,
West Virginia Demowatleyansveatkia.
[By Telegraphto the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
WiIELLIIiO. W. V.. lune 10.—The Detuticrat
le Convention met at CharJester: s tile new cap
ital of the State, yesterday, and was largely
attended. The platform adopted demands the
taxation of capital, the expunging from the
statute books of every form of test oaths, de
mends the restoration of the ballot to the tiler
franchised. arid declare. the white race the
ennerier and ruling nice of the country. John
J. Jambs. of Hampshire county, wits nomina
ted for Governor.
We.trruNorinl Sarum .Inlerlynn
In,ul tor iallontenpot.
[lty Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.] •
CHICAGO. June o.—The Western Social SCl
cnce Association reassembled at P:3O this
morning. Judge Walker la the chair. The fol l i
lowing OtliVerii were elected for the a tag
ear: Prtaddent— 7. It. Brockway. Detroit;
R ecording Secretary—O. Chicago:
Corresponding Secretary —Rec. Frederick Il a
Win,. Springfield, Illinois: Treasurer--W.
The Atnericau Institute of Homeopathy :as
assembled at 11l o'clock. A paper prepared by
Dr. Halcond , . of New Orleans. un the uses of
I leela lora, ws read he Dr. Cole. The Chair
man of the Bo a ard of tOIISOIII presented the
names of Chitty new members and they were
elected. Dr. Morse read a report on tbe Pres
ident's :mnd address. - recommending the
adoption of his views. After discussion a
compromise was made by referring parts of it
to the Committee of the Board of Registra
tion. Dr. Helmuth, Chairman of the Bureau
of Surgery, rend the titles of ten [Wert The
Institute then repaired to loath at be . St.
James Hotel.
The Institute reassembled at I o'clock. Dr.
Siebold. of New York, read a paper on forci
ble a...tient an n means of arresting arterial
hemorrhage. Ile also exhibited three oyes that
he had taken from human beings in New York.
the pectin:Aril yof which was that bony
substan, had formed in them,
The International T”rographleal Coureuttoa,
[By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
CINCINNATI, June o.—The International Ty..
pogrnphical Okla adopted a resolution favor
ing a regular system cif - ..Pnroak.hiP w hen
ever the Influence of talbOrdlllAlr 11/11011f , con
...The practice of printing newspaper out
sides awnv (mu the home other was disap
proved..bit no remedy suggested.
Resolutions were adopted protesting
against the use of public moues by the Port
nsier to print. business cards on
stamped govertuneut envelopes.
The nest Convention Is held In Italtl
. .
The project of establishing a home, for disa
bled printers was considered impracticable.
resolution declaring this Union the highest
authority in the printing business, having
power to establish a general rule In regard to
the qualification, for admission to Rubor;
dinate Unions. was offered. This had refer
ence to the admission of negro. printers. un
der the rule adopted yesterday leasing the
subject of admission to subordinate Unions.
It was churned one Union might admit a De
pro, and if hie...card was refused by others
their charters would be forfeited. Mr. Bates.
of Memphis. said it was understood In the
South that-no neat." would be admitted to •
Union south of Mason and Dianne line. The
resolution was lost. so this subject rernains as
left by the action of yesterday. '
.1 resolution was passed encourngiug female
compositors to cooperate with male printers
Uherl,l•T employed together. -
The Outlet. or Nall Lake. Dlaroterni
(By Tele:mph to the Pittaburgh Gazette.]
C. T.. June O.—A subterranean
outlet to Orest iralt Luke has been found op.;
poeito Corinn, and between Frenranand
fUnibalnslands.. schailler l'ioneer. Cap
tabu llnnuah. sailing in the vicinity last Tone
day, was drawn into the eueningcsehich is an
Immense maelstrom or stupendous whirlpool,
and the descent and circular motion of the
.. . . . . .... . .
wider were so rapid and violent that the rep
aid was made to spin around in it ritit fright-
NI velocity, and It was nab' by ti 'high...lnd
prevailing at the time that she was enabled to
it low! thelnflueneo or the awful thaw..
t2ript al Hannah `reports th at he has no doubt
hate er that this opening, never before dl>-
gine is the /mind 011th, of the lake.' .1
party ( * scientific men wlll leave here ImMe
tlintel.. on the steamer Kate Conner to have,
tigate his greatest of modern wonders,. The
result Icill probably show how for ages the
neCumidation (rum a thousand mountain
- treamlt has disappeared from the earth's sur
Platte Ina Prospects Pe teopata the V. rot.
i(y Telegraph to tile Pittsburgh Ga trt,...1
- LlucitiO. June 0.--illituuntehee received to
day from various point. in. lowa give Het.,
log repOrlS of the prospects of crops. In Wis
condo yesterday there were mph,ne shoire
plimns,' direction, doing much good. It
est (ruin crop. ail- oil fiiviiruhle.
—General Shnigi.
4l n r`" b g .Ttng..l for ri.resirtiq. a% r ".
- Three thousand and' ninety pill I,l3Str ,
hum foreign ports arrived At :Vete York on
—The Missouri dyer is batik full at .luisha.
and-natal' rapidly. Tht hottrun
probably be flooded in a lets days.
-The annivetnary of the pruniubratiun of th
Constl f anon of Italy was eelebrated at I'M
cap, oft Weilnexlay by Italian eltlrens.
---Seventy-five Chinamen ' , asked east frau
Omaha yesi.oday noilie lov Nia.sanbilsetl.
to elirAge In the - boot and Arm b.lovort
- The New' York Teilatnet London corres
pondent confirms the statement that the al
leged butchery of Jes, in itomimida was sim
ply a student's joke.
--The steamer Viola Belle arrived at Fort
Benton. on the Missouri. yesterday morning.
She bad forty-six pass euders
d nd two hundred
mid eighteen toils freight*.
—G. 1... Ahrens. representing himielf nx
German COlint, and acting in the rapacity of
book-keener and confidential clerk fora Mem
phis cotton broker. has been arrested for em
bezzling Woo.
- Miss Carrie Jiausf, pupil of Oak'llill Semi
nary, New Jersey, driven to des
pair by the cruelty of her whom
the was an object of dislike. committed sui
cide by taking corroelve sublimate.
—At Cincinnati. yesterday morning. George
W. Jaynes. a later, fell tram the steep* of
St. Paulo E. , Obicrch to the droutuitivais-.
ranee of 114 feet. and was killed Instantly.
lie was an Englishman. forte-live rears id tyre.
—The Knikhti TenirdaroekeniuckYPnrnaca
in Louisville yeetcniay. There woe a hirge,
nekraubly anti .vory rho
l e
Instalment of grand officers WOK
In the evening. and Sir Knight Rev. t , I H.
Platte delivered an oration.
—Kenneth White, ' clerkof the Coiled
States Circuit Court at New York. on Wed
nesday . struck with a stick and felled to , the
groand A. G. Grisvrold, a well-known attor
ney. Injuring him sertreie. The It
'occurred In the clerk office
-Anrisxte letter from Moo. W. If. Howard,
datedAnburo. Juno l'tb, too friend In Chica
go. ays: .51y health received a somewhat
sever s e shock coming down the mountains
from Ya=ipm It to, to I y y Itproving now
care nde
than betide :'
—ln t4e Woman Suffrage convention at In
dianaPPV yesterday. a letter wan read from
lion. G. . Julian, 31. C. After. the transac
tion of come business of anunlmportant char
acter. and the election of oflieere for the en=
suing year. the CORTerltloll adjoerned. Lucy
Stone delivered a lecture at Maseake llall in.
the evening.
—Felix Whitworth, the alleged assassin of
Deputy 'Marshal Noses, et Sedalla,3lo.. ht*.
eemher last, was arrested a few din, since In
Randolph cannty. Arkensas. whither re fled
with a widow named . Richardson. deserting
his family. lie was taken to California. 31o„
to await trial, en indictment having already
been found against him.
—The Executive Committee of Ili
m Coalmen.-
dal Colon of tbe State! New -Yip* beret,:
sued atria for a aleiptio of, qomerclaltied
bulginess Men, to be hold Rochester July
Lsth to discuss the whole question of canal
managemmit and reform, the Introduction of
steam on canals nod the general gUbjeck of
cheap tnatiOttotaan! between the Welt eine
--In Helena, Arkansas. Monday. P. IL Bey
mer committed suicide by shooting himselt
through the head. He first aced at li •
but the ball ,truck her waterfall witho la
ut In
juring her. But seeing her fall. and hollering
he bad killed her, ho turned the pistol upon
himself eud fired with deadly effect. Intem
perance was, the putse• of the ranh perform
—The Atooricon Baptist Free Missionary So
ciety adjourned alitknoinuatl yesterday. pen
curates weed appolutedlo attend the coastal
dated American Baptist Xissionsz r Modern
meeting that ailmingto and were tructed
to aware Convention of tie Mier
of title. Society to no- -aparate Fitt ttf ao
soca as Providence shall point out to Moth the,
practicability of a anion.
—The celebrated thorough6nd herd of arts
tie owned by Daniel kle3lulico. of Xenia. Ohio,
woo ~old at public auction on Wednesday.
The herd comprised sixty head of the choicest
• blood. The sale attracted the largest gather.
log of stock breeder, ever held In the United.
states. California, Canada. and all other
points of importance were represented. The
aggregato sales amounted to t 45.000. Two
cow. and one heifer brought 110.000.
....A:pneumatic tube which was being sunk
at the Centro pier of he t bridge at Leaven
worth, wise forced out of plumb yesterday
noon by the current of the river, and soon
after fell with a great crash, crushing and
sinkicj the b. st t et. sr i o n w rce w , ti , ch was used In
M e gTornilseph u bthrsatt and Charles
were killed ambanother wounded.. The cork
of sinking - another tube will he commenced at
-The following gentlemen have been tw. -
imonsly elected elAcers of the National Photo
. vappaA , sio b cAtion forthe ., i:Tin&r„ year:
Albert Morse, Penusylvan am cit Secretary,
philudelph la A large mon ber of Vice
Presidents were elected. Executive Commit
dew; York, (11 2 E4g:Zirtgi." . 44,1ca ;
E. L. Allen, ridston,3lassachusetts.3.lXrbut'
Chicago. The next metsting will be held tr
Philadelphia on the to Juite.
—A dispatch to Cl iongo fiomllfortllePher,
con. states that Lieut. Thomas, with a oolapt-
OY of the Fifth Cavalry, gained a Victory over
fparty of Lndlans.who ranoff horlesnear that
ort. He surprised their camp after a hard
chase of over silty miles. and raptured nil of
the; stolen stock and thltty-three head of
horses of the bulbuls, They woundedeoveral
Indians. ,lestn - tved their camp, end captured
their blankets. Legato robes. saddles and camp
equipage. Llent. Thomas and his command
hail nothing to eat for two days, and lover
constantly on the march.
.Steamer Boehm Not host—The
Privateer Chieftain a Myth--
Yacht:Rime ,teros!, t be Burl IA Chan
nel—Cattle to Boutin, Completed
Spa n Brigand! , it ay laid and
liled—The Monarch titti•stion in
Spain—The Cpnlingration In Con
stantinople -- t w enty-ti e Hundred
People Burned until Killed by
ling Wallaand Many More Missing—
Cholera Bilging In India.
113 y Telegntub to the Pittsburgh Unzettr•l
LONDON. June o.—The Grand Jury hare re
turned true bills against Lord Arthur Clinton.
- Dmlton, Park. Cummings, Thomas and Hurd
sir youhg men Implicated in disgusting prise
tires. Lord Arthur Clinton has fled to Amer
• -
D'lsmell's disease is dinbutes. Ile is recov
. The cable between Fogland and Ireland Is
not yet repaired.
There seems to he no doubt that the report
ed loss of the Daclau Was concocted la Ametl .
ea by designing persons to Influence the mar
ket Price of the neve West India cable .hares.
The insurance on the Dacia and cargo is 2.10,n00
pound. sterling.
Dispatches have been received here from
the I. lilted States inquiring the truth of the
teleinin that the steamer Chieftain recently
sail hence for Cuba In the' interests of the
Insti A icor diligent inquiry no one can
tot found who heard of the occurrence.
The news It the Colonial office eallycon
lirtns tile victories over the rebel. is New
There ws tint, race yesterday between
i . achts cant tie. !loyal Thames club course.
taunt litute...etal acrOss the channel t 0...
ttu , ; coast •of Rolland . and return:: Tho
ti -h - three' strived hart In the followlag
Gloriana, Elfterin and Catnbria. The
time of the winner was nee hours and forty
nine minutes. The Prince of Wales. Prince
Trek And Grand Duke Mecklenburg Strelltr.
were inuongthe guests on the yachts.
The alarm among farmers •continues. 'rho
dry weather almost amounts to a panic.
• Communication with Bombay by the new
cable is complete. Dispatches from India of
to-.lty have already...on) been received. •
The Bight Ron. Thos. °Tanen,lard Chan
cellor of Ireland:has Ten created 'Baron
The female masqueraders recently arrisited
have been indictoi far felony. - •
Itls said Disraeli G'about to retire from
Politico and be raised to a Peerage.
The Iforaing Trhuraph report, that Mr.
Douglas. owner or. the ttappho. declines to
compete for the Prince of Wales cupon the
Ytth inn. The Cambria b. been entered.
The American dollars brought by the steam
er ttouldinarlan were sold at per ounce.
(lina.u.n.kit„Stme o.—The troops sent in pur
,uit of the brigand! , Vitro captured the English
surrounded and killed the
entire hand. The c ape whlchNerta paid for
the release of the ve,. was fouud on the
body of the chief. .
o.—The questiou of it future
monarch occupied the ses4ions of the porter
Yesterday. .1 mottos was Mad., that the
King he elected by a direct vote of the nenple,
and after debate rejected. `the proposition
requiring a candidate to remit . * a majority
equal to half the whole - .number of the linnt
ties" Wt s culled- tod24. Thin is rege. eti
a. utterly destroying the chances ad Mont -
pc:tinier, as well as all other candidates thus
fnr named. None of these will get 179 cote*,
• the minther requited by the resohltion.
There Is much excitement among all class-
I es. Heneral Prim made a IMITOnaI csplnnanns
lion. He quoted from it dispateh of a Phibo•
delphla correspondent in tine London Tintro,
his oonnuctlon with the proposed Lk,-
' Non loon, sod nrdennaneed the dt•pateh mi
-1 invention. • The had hem-coo nego ia.
• tnono, between him and the .Ititernlvtn
bet‘reen bun and Encliah vapitah.ta.
A db.p.rh from ,nnonnre. tint the
brigands Who kidnapped the Englishmen
near Gibraltan. and Inleanndthon only Oa Po: ,
meat of a heavy ransom, hare since been cap
tut.e.l br *be troopa tarrnlon of the ran
sort money renorsered. 7-
Tsnum': • •
• .1 ., ,,,,T..5,r,512L1•t, LIMO Y. \ -The great cut thi
grAtitM I. *mem:hill. The scene of-di...le
nnl licsulatlon Is deplorable. The Is se ,
at tit e million. ' , tell Init. The bodies
all recovered. i.•
Th. loss of lite by the souilagent ion here is
rightful. At gorne points whole hunilleS
were hethuted in be the dailies and ;welshed In
full view of spectators wild could not rescue
t bent. The panio among th e petiole waster
and ninny lost :di -nce of mind and
st ere anaVe to to lit Others in
despair in de pa elfort to sitte themselves sad
were lost: &.Inic Of the TO ks, la the spirit
of fatalisni pecullaf to the tee nod religion.
shut themselves twin burning houses, refused
in...lst:ince and met death without a murmur.
Twenty-gee hundrd persons were urned to
death nr killed by e
failing trolls. M b ane more
are ndedn/r.
Nat& Jane Empicror - attended the
rues at Long Champs to-da, , e.
The corniest for the immoral to be . tried be
fore the High Court of Justice were permitted
to see their clients to-day for the first time.
The Empress sent ten thousand francs to
Constantinople, for the relief of the sufferers
by the lire. Duke Grammont contributed flee
t housend francs, , 1
The Pope has written a letter. addressed to
the recently consecrated Bishop of Forbes,
austalaing, in poultice terms, the 110010 of in
The bullion in the Bank of France has in
creased 11,700.019 fresco during the - week.
The Tiourte "loud firm at 7if. ek:
Howl, Jane inindred and turehtt of
the oppoidtian Prelates protested over Signe,
turns to the Lope against the summary r
lent termination of the discuesion of the dog
ma df
FiArtgirti. June P.- -The Insurrection at
Lucca was surtunsoily quieted. it was not for
midable. The disorder was congaed to tifty
four raglans who seised alms Delimiting tto
thelnilitary'school. The whole party were
soon after captured.
BOIIHAI. June e.—The cholera is ineking
dreedful remtgecin different part. of India.
At ffladrat the.lftelee U intrtiontierly 'rind ent.,
Lountei. June P.—The eteanniain Britannia
arrived at ',Pfeifle teetinf.
1.00000, June_ O.—Ea-rano—Console Itt. Rti
fur money; 10% account American
I. lesquiet; ;ICai
159.:138-A;fdle - 91; 10-40.,
Stockgqulet: prie,lB4; Miura Ill; Great
Wenterm 29. ' ' •
lavratevot. June 9.=-Cotton 10A; middling
upland. 10.W11:nales 10,033 bales. Breudetun
active. Calllornin *heat 10. 4d 0. fiti; red
.Z". : 3 r luZ reLrinter %%Wei& Flour=t
cOn Atiro - retartglrng649 Idvrag g llt
LONDON., June 9—Hops Al 5s ton
ed gaglieb
YnAsitrotinne 9.—Bonde open MU sod
cget. at 96A A
, Agrrimi9r, 4uner9.7l4troletun cleeed quiet
[By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh 6itzot lo,
Ng* yogic. Jose% mu.
i!Ortino IVEtenArEn.
'the Assist - Sig Titmliurer bought one million
ut IsiiTpii,l,,cotily •t 110 1354311ai1l oso3o.
luiroarsn ToiAcco
_ALLarge amount of leaf tobacco Weald to
base been smuggled tato this port, to hogs
beads. /bout lasYmenbor; gm, tr:Per dr t tri,
tel :Zs t
plated by the authorities.
Richard • Scholl Is appointed livaranil'e
Comunlationer, Tine N. 0 Hunt, resignall..
- • L
The steamer Dimino hap arrived Troia • Ole
New Rallroel
illy Tolegrabh to the Pittsburgh &WAWA
Tom" or. June 9.-. The Ohic k Michigan
Midland Rdlway Company was orirrinirod
day with the following etagere: Tre,..riorivr
Hon. • Richa.w t.... S. Walowdeg. Mr.'
Welts. Toledo; John D. Conte,
John T. Huss.
L. A. MaU. Tian. The following Okra
• Prealdeuk Gen. Hiram vir
Vice Prealdont. J. Edwin Coosa:
Henry Clews: licOrotary, Merry. M. . Bishop:
Chief and General iret.-
J. lia Engineer
Sargent. Tho roan is tolinpe catioldrintcad froriv
montergotut cm the Ohio river .to Lesingtoo,
Crestlices.,Tillin, Toledo, in Ohio, Ann Arbor'
'Michigan. said themes to, Owasso and to I.lle.
; mouth of Manistee rlygr on Lake Michigan.
. ,
'• • Eplmeelilk Ortirenstlon of MO. .
[By Telegraph to the Pittsbitrgh afaettc]
COLclines. June 9.—A olrited debate took
Once to-day in the , Episcopal Convention.
Last year's resolutions . recommending 5 1 . 5.1-;
6105 of the Book of Common Prater Mere re
ferred to a committee. .Thig morning the
committee reported against n general * Ol-
pion. but recommending a revision of the
bimptlsmal service by aslight change. ns re
commended by the nine bishops. This report
elicited discussion, nod the Convention neem
ed pretty evenly divided. The resolutions
nnaliy 'vent on the table by an adjournment.
logrmih ti , thi: Pittsburgh Gazettic.i
Iserntivfitw wrrn TILE rim/m.1%
lied Cloud and deleratiaa had nu interview
With the llresidenil tO-day.anil lu effect re
the speech of Tuesdix. The Pre,'ldea
replied belied always and still ded red to live
at Peace - with tire Indian nations. So bunk ns
his official ant horny existed It n mad lie owed
lee the protectioll Llf illdillll, on resexval ions .
and nuttiest the encroachtnents of wild., as
well as for the protection of white: aguish
red men. Fort letterman. lie ex pia tiled. was
fur the-protection of both white', and Indians.
nol inlet,' be used os a-base of supplies. , The
aldwolwintions which would be made by Con
eve,s for the benefit of the India. u oold be
expended consistently. ',Wi , ' is right to be
Solo,' Th e seeollery orthe Interior had pro-
Orr instructions with regard to thS.•
Tine Indiana leaned forward with eager at
tention while the interpreter wasenpiniuing
to them the words of the President. • At its
conclusion anent hand-ahnkling tool: place as
withpassed from the rkn...l Ow council
with the Great Father ended.
'The f o llowing . ninoinntloto. ',ere s'ent I
Senate to-day; 0. S. Gllsson. Rear Admiral:-
AS In. Reynolds. Conittiodoret . S. Nidholsou to
he Captain; h. a. Toll to Int Commander; G.C.
Schultz. to lin Lieutenant Commander; Cgra
Wheeler. Register of land QM., .Irkatocis
Valley, district of ' Colorado; )Intl; C. Brad
ford. Iteceicer of Piddle ?loner - . moon tllstrlet;
0. W. Wilkinson. Register of ;land office. Da
kota City. Nebraska. '
ne President has approved 'the joint resit
'talons for the nPoolntnient Of Illannareisi Of
the National Aeyluto fur. UianLlcd Volunteer
Soldiers and in relation to compensation to
Assistant Marshals for taking census.'
The etiktoals reOelpts last week atoonated to
Thrla Ilan* - Ina 'Journal or 310.,
Leaving Pittsburgh by the 3 p. a. Iltlin 00
Wednesday. ills.Ekeelleney flov. Geary, lion.
Wilmer Worthington. Secretary nod A Nent
of the Board of ChariXtee. and Col. 1,11-For
land. Superintendent 41 Soldiers' orphan.,
R. eked I' Wont OW 11 at SI:30. and .were int , t .by
a bream band composed of soldier.' - orPhan ,,
bOubging to the Cnlont own :not hl
ntuy,"eitlien.,ldeiceourted P. the McClellan,
House. Supper over, the hand eerenaded the
natty,l‘ti r the Governer retowndwi in a yew
neat and appropriale
exi , ning and the next morning'. many prowl
neat citlretns called and paid their respect 6 tr,
iliv Excellency.
At 8 A. u. v.tarday the party started tor
the Altus ifouse,accompanied be-lion.
Btervart and Judge Jno.K.rwing. This
Institution, every part of which Ic as visited.
tes found In n delapidated condition. part tit
the buildings having been abandoned. The
condition or both bnildinga :trot tumid e, and
of the.
NViliCit was next visited. Is such as to renuir
the thoughtful attention ut , the go t peopi
thdarettithy and nruttperoui county of,FnY
. The visit to the ChitirtlV3 , 9 toe pleasant
Oilmolie. toadi the heriti. met floe.
most cordially d preliented him to the
bar nod many rltise there iterenibled. Buei
neer Irmo suspended. d moue time woo spent
ill Stkitll int °moon., .ilid friendly greet logs.
rttoot-roviti ...orritellC ohritA,Weciii,iiii..
• - •
vart y neat vinltidt he t(oldiers' Orphans
Mey..1... 11. Waters Principal. Anon,
the neceedone to tonnhen. NVl!rt , Mon. I'.
neoright. es-Senator.'Hon. Thu,. t(chnetterly
member ut last Felten Wm." of itenrenentn
tit es. and Moserr. Minor. 611000 ;FA. (:(
Millendandnnl,l and:Vier. The hand ploy
ed "Ilait Colombia.' tad the thildren of Th.
reboot were IlraWr Ur . in line to receive th
party. The ((Metal vials reviewed the boys
anA otter a corded reception by Mr.
(Mr. W. being tvintent.4 (Lad the teacher, t h
delude ports paitited tlitotinkli enemy portion o
tie house. examined the btde. Chg. h I
finding In von etidltnble condition. Al
then reit irril to the setiool Mts.
.Tilt EICAItIN ATMS. ' •
After MUSIC. FevorkTlril - e , road. a •la ,
tod in gratilltlar,,i.R., , i,l7. ,Ve.. and lb., to,
ado , wt . n. Thla es.aininati
0t.:61 un.,,aurlir. ) ..t - t.l. Indicated very
t t.
..1 ..f 1114. ehattlto.
then an..,:, awl toblre , sing tiovernor
snld: In behalf of the Princ dna. who is als.
sent. Lam tICIIIII,II by bin gO O4l lady to express
to you the gratitude of herself and the ladles
gad teachers of the selood for thin visit. I
need not express the multitude of these
dam. Their happy (acme:sod beaming coun
Immo,. do this. I tender to you their grati
tude, for your kind remembrance 'of them ltt
• .. • . . .
your annuli' message, They read and they
CA nupreho•ntl,rhat they rend. They have heard
end read of your earnest efforts In their behalf
uhen appropriations were needed for their
support. and they 11/1/TeCiat 0 all.
If may he a.digresalon, but I feel authorited
to ex ' , revs the gratitude of the gentlemen
pre.ent. end ofentire people for tour
manly action In protecting our travisurt front
robbery. .1 do not say that you 'were 111,
Preached tita the subject. for do net know
flu feet. bet 1 do - say that If r/011.030 mould
bare secured your approval of the_bill to take
nine and half millions out of the treasury.
. -
. . .
.. ..
thrro were lutluences at work that - wool!
have secured the money. Your veto prorm
you had •Iterre to dil your duty. our anti.
people approve the act.
Returning from thle digression I cordlisll.
trelcume you to our!school, and extend th.
kT , l , l t y=etlnges of these-children nnd and
MONA cloqueutly nod at length. unyolg
subitruk_r : I feel tipitnkful for thu kind to
ner In which von have preiented me tot h
children and Ole people. And I cannot
presi toy gratitude for your vary kind ref
cue,' to uty veto of tile Otnuants Bal
. •
hill. and though It rimy be a dlgretodon 1 zo.
ark your Isaltdgence for brief ,reply. I v
not say that I WAY approached on that'll/3j
But any man who Would have attached
name io that !AIL peeved two weeks befor
Mat presented to the execntive but tWerW
three hours before the final adjournment, could
have securetLeven more than the lam named.
Rut this sum would have been a paltry con
sideretion for felling to do say duty. I oarless
Int« this digress:ern from the -eel objects of
my visit by the very kind allusion you, sir,
have made to this matter.
We trove assembled here today in the In
terest of the greatest cause that ever claimed
the attention of man. We have oilseed
through a trying ireriod. The blacksmith left
Ms anvil, the clerk kin pen. the minister his
pulpit, and the lawyer the forum, to battle for
human • rights. No tore than 516,(00 nano
answered to the call of their country, Of
three 000 were killed, and some .51.0fflirsore
are hobbling around on. crotches and wooden
legs. No one eon estimate the seeders. and
sufferings of these men. Who would take a
thousand dollars for hie heed?. What 'sum
would be eellefl i •'" 1 "
the price of plegt Ask
him who hoe last ripe. And yet thonsandsdld
Mose:they gave their lives. "What will a
Man not give In exchange for his lifer'
• It is good to be here.- I wish every man of
every time. miler and pertv was here to learn
Inspiration. and to note the fact that every
child before us represents a dead father!
Pennsylvania—glorione old Pennaylvonla. has
had it put Into the heartisof her good People
to rare for the children thus Mane orphans.
To her belongs the immortal honor of taking
- care of the orphan. of her dead soldier.. And
she Is educating them Weil—intellectually,
phyelcally. Industrially and morally, Where
ever I go I And the people willing, thli ahould
bedtime, atdi hoof - pledged Myself to .ntand.
by thee - Still every' needy orphan Is properly
prepared for the duties 'of life.
Turning to the children he SAN that thus foe
he had spoken maiel)• to the .oltizens who
come with him; he would now address theirs.
He continued. von see before von two nice
who starved with roar fathers, both of whom
bear on their pertions the clear, of battle, and
though equally exposed. both spared. provi
dentially, no doubt, to protect and take care
Of the Children of fallen comrades. Truly
the ways of God are wonderful. and past
ending out.
I am pleased with your matte, "onward
and upward," which I see in large letters on
yourwelle. time ae Mr. Stewart hes said,'
tho wards end children of the Gnomon
„eine. I want the emallost child'. to tinder.
stand he le not a pauper. lad is receiving the,
bOunty of tha-State. earnd by his father.
Work on then. Look aloft e ;
Keem.yostr urea'
upward :end yon will never MOW - dizzy
through your rise to the masthead. A.l havo•
saldtogive ones life for hi/ aountry. Is the
g.reateet enmities n man tarn make. Fein
father. madethist sacrifice, and our hind is
sprinkled with their blood. 1 wish that each
drop shed in defense of our country wee con
gealed Into rubles. and set in their crowns of
everlasting rejoicing.
The Governor then occupied half an hour
r more In exemining the children in Geogre
phy. library: Arithmetic, ice.. and Inlmparting
useful luatruction•and giving words of en
couragemant to both children and 'teachers.
This resembled a regular skirmish ere along
the whole educational line and will do much
Hon. T. IL &aright then stated that he was
anxistrue to hear ear
his co-laborer end also
eintrin the Senate, lion. Wilmer Worthing
s Dr. W. said lo response, I know that his Ex
cellencra heart Is tulle? this work. Lknow
bow hard he has labored to the came since he
bee been our Executive. I know; too, that
Pennsylvania Is the only. Staid that hen ma
tured a plan end tom therefore done. her DIU
duty to these children. Colonel 'McFarland,
bee pert ected - these schools, has brought
them to. their present degree of excellence.'
lout done his work well and faithfully. The
Legislature has also performed Its shire of
the good work. The Pennsylvania Railroad
Company gave 464.000, end the Legislature of
MR authorised Ito acceptance and Gm appoint
ment of a . tsuPerlntendent: Barrows •
was appointed. nedleaugurated .the systems
successive, legislatures appropriated money
but nolaw Wan' Vaned until t when the
preeent law - was enacted and the Governor
* ca ' r tl rni z l e n d td t tifiCtr i Ailer 11 4.i ;• ' 1 1. 0 " 8 1 61? t MVS
• Foriand was appointed and thie system nnt
tured. In visiting these , schools I am de
• lighted to see that there is a wonderful
movement. And In these chute see none
' that please me t, ber than thin one. Ido not
can it to the bes for there are five or six
cannot well be improved.
s The law was passed in the Senate nasal
• musty, every Senator. voting aye when his
noo , r“11,4. lie Went thin to'show
to i,uro , feeling pr passion prevailvd. fie
challenged ;my one to say this wag n o t a work
of real necessity. Ni, iakable comblalns of
the 'expense tit bit knowledge. - Turning to
Mr. Searight he asked If he knew any man
who did. The 'answer was no.
The Doctor feelingly and eloquently• ad
dress,' the children. w will long remember
fa it h 1.0110,1%. We regret space forbids
their publication here.
Ile closed by calling on Senator Searight and
itetorevent lye Selina t erly. to verify atint he
had said, or eo:reet him If in error
also on - Mr.. Searight,
whento he Laid a merited compliment as
-large' instrumental in procuring tincuecessa
ry le ',dation. for these salmi's when in the
spok latent . . flute presenting a• lengthy
lie appealed to all. who knew him. to
show that his heart Was alwlty4 enlist.' In the
muse; of etlueat ion and loirnilW, whether of
orphans or others.
Ile itomplimented the Colonel for his fidelity
and ability In the discharge of the- duties thi
volving upon him ns the head of their depart
ment: Ile hail served alpon Colllllllllee,fo
Investigate charges which bud been made
again, him. and d afforded him great pleas
ut e to say. tha t no char in
which had been
mole was ever sustained his detriment.
Col. McFarland replied very briefly. as time
would not permit hits to sae much; thanking
the gent lentell presrut for the interest which
was nianlie.ted In behalf tif these children,
and encokir3oog them t 0 diligence In loWf o,-
ilig the opportunities afforded them. The
Es cc ut iv e "of the Mate had traveled hundreds,
Id unites belch them. the Legislature timid AP
proprr t., iat , d 1110[1,, and stony kind friends
Ave earnestly rite`
in preparing them
for useful...
Judge EWIII WIIS called fur at the request.
of several soldiers' orphaus. and reaponded In
a brief but eloquent address. Ile referred to
the condition of this school as highly comfit!.
mentary to •Gal. McFarland. the iiq uierint ca
dent. whole he hoped would long be retained
In charge of . the iichools; to Mr. Water, the
Principal. and hie excellent lady; to the other
ladies and teacher' of the school; !toil to the
children thefflNUlTei, who had, acquitted t hen.-
selves so well to the tryink examination of
Ilia Excellency. the Governor.
The speaking concluded. the Governor hid
faro , ell to the children very feelingly. the
arty visited the dining rooms a moment. and
thou hurried a*ity. The boya, beaded by their
brass band, escorted the party. o t town. The
music and cortege bronght
of Ihe good
eople not t heir 110Meil and the street• were
Med. . I .
After dinner the - party 'took the trnin ' for
Pittsburgh inn : pedal car. itecompanded be
I 'apt. Win. it. Stout. General Agent. and
Messrs- G. L. it. Pater:nen.' Stewart. lialnet.
and other °dicers fed 'directors of the Pitts
burgh A: Connlieollle Railroad Company: The
train belted sometime at Connellsville. tel en
:ibic:the Oenerni to vi •It and examine the com
pany's shoos and shake hands with the pew
110 who celled to see him.
'nil: thdt cannot fail to :tecomplish great
good. The prison and alms house will feel Its
effects, while all connected with the Soldiers
Orphan School will - be encoernsted to work
,01111 renewed energy to fulfil the Just expec
tations of the Governor and the people. It; is
On seldom 't he Executive of a great 'State
leaves the executive chamber to' look In
on public institutions like - these. that
wh up en It In dime. Its obvious e ectli
Is .orresPondingly great. This tour o In
spection marks a new mu In the history: four
Suite. and in connection with .t he earn st In
born of the Board of Clutritics. and their W
:ta e
talible Secretary. Dr. Worthington will
lend : te":a general ImprOvement amt. In
iculw - instances to the entire remodeling of
imrcharit able. corrective and' pitnitis c insti
tutiotis. . • I
• -
After reaching Pittsburgh. the Governor
visited the fair nowln progrwis for titritene
lit of the Orrdinn Home. in Lawrencevil and
rceived cordial Necker. •and greeting. '-
Tr:Aar:thee go with 31,Qair isruch to the
Work House. tile Home for the rriendlow and
other inwitutlrm..
nirikra at Pariire. Landing
A Ile,: well WAN struck tin reldny taut. o
tut of Jas. W. Parker. on the hill south to
Mike run. The well is' owned tie 0. D. Her
• rington. Mr. Lhiyil. nod others. of Titusville
and bus been pumping hoe or Nit barrels' iw
. .
Another well wan struck on land of .law. W.
Parker. on the nil nout h of Mike tam, which
commenced to puma un Tuesday of last W •ek.
and Is now throwing elf. Id or - ton lama of
nil per dali - owned by Col. •Harding, of vie
ninceburg. Mr. Hideo and others.
-A new , well has been struck on hind Of Mr.
Hall. of Batter county, formerly land of J hn
Marshall. no the hill. near Lawrenceburg: the
.11 in owned by Alfred Sidra. Samuel T rk.
of Lawrenceburg. and others. and coronet ced
to pump about a week Ingo. with a good ah W.
hatow Inn to some difficulty ni Ufa the Jbd
b a , aan onerci bum,. a f
ny car
',don u on bunt o John Man./a:al oil
t.llk Of 111LItVil ran, in a nen cell.
which .70011TIV.Pli I,unic on Saturday Ist ;
h. pumped trim., il anal in Improving: the
well is uwned be Cunningham.eo W.
Chrlatie, Samuel gof Ind ann
county. anti others. .
The Sherman lo ft non' strike on Church run,
on land of John Marshall. which commenced
Lettump about a ineek ago, but has owned v thrown much oil. The well in owned
Iry Jackson Boggs and G.' F. Frinnebts, of
Kittanning, J. L. Chambers. If and
The Moriarty I. n orn 1,11 on the Fowler
tin. which Ptarted to pump last week. and
been torpedoed. It is Pow producing
enlyinve 'haunts per day: owned by Mi.
riarty Bro.. and other,
The Hamilton Is tl new well which has been
pumping fur Poole twu weeks, on the Fowler
farm, and yielding about twenty barrels per
day. This well Is owned by Dr. Hamilton. of
ErnTeuton. and others.
The Morgan is another new stri - e on the
Fowler farm. which commenced ti pump last
week, and has been throwing con e oil. Thu
well is owned by Janie, Morgan. f Parker's
Land ing, nod other gentlemen of 'ittsburgh.
The Smith nud Stewart. So. t, cf. the Fowler
farm, commenced to pump about the first of
last week. and has been producin. about ten
barrels. It is owned by Smith nd Stewart,
of ituthir county, and others.
. . .
The Escel,itir is n hew Neon en hind of
thorch.linivoll Company, owned .y. sr. Huff.
Nesbit. Stale:: Upperrnan. (CI onnell and
others of Pittsburgh; which has . en pumping
for home two weeks, but has not . et pumped
much all.. It Is th•Jught that It • 11l Improve,
however,. by being well PamPM!.
The Charlie is a new well ua lanl of Church
Run Oil Cumuany, which began to pump on
Saturday of loot week, but has to far falledlo
pump cit her - 01l or water. It in thought, how
ever, that It will Improve. Thu well Is owned'
by Fmk Conley, Charlea Duffy. of Butler
county. and others.
The• Emma. it the name of It 111• u well on
. .
the Roblmmo D , om, oath° hill. tovnea by Sa
•uel Itottumn. and ut he., which ie upw pum
25 or 31 told+ per day.
The Leonora well. n latft atrlke In Lawrcn
burg. iron torpedoed laat 'Week, and ban store
been pumningoll at the rate front to to ntl
LI& per dap.
The Brown well, a new lit tilt • on the Conley
farm. which we noticed Ins
panspinfr 35 bbls of oil
The Rotary Law. ,
gently torpedoed, and is now
bbl, of oil per day, an in • el
The Golden Gate Tcell, iu Lawrenceburg,
was torpedoed last week.and is now throwing
oil at the rate of N bbls per day.
The IlidgeWay well. on the Fowler fawn, has
been torpedoed. After being . torpedoed It
flowed at the rate of oue hundred barrels
through the casing. the tubingrvlng dropped
to the bottom of the well. It e now (lowing
;ethble daily. •
The Herrington, Foi. No. 21. has been (mow.
duct!, midis now Sowing Ii bblls per da,f.
The Linn Well, on the Robinson farm. was
toniedoed the other day, end has since been
pumping 01l at the rate of °not hundred and
eighty to two hmtdred barrels. This is the
largest well at its present rate In this region.
We hope It will continue at Its present yield.
A heavy stream of salt water has been shut
off the Smith & +Stewart well, 'on the Fow
ler farm, bylowerlng the caslnf. and its pro
duction thereby increased tothirty barrels.
The Albino well. on the N. Anchors farm;
has been cased and la now pumping nine bar
rels, an increase of four or fire barrels.
The Isabella well, on the hill. en the Fowler
farm, broke the Jan a few deg, ego, in the
.. . . .
bottom of the third sand.
The Mary Emma, In Lawrence urg, was re
cently torpedoed, and has clues ern pumping
forty-five barrels per day. • , - -
The Clipper well, on the Halle farm, Wei
t a 7rAdo r V e la o s f t t i v i - s e V i t;,agi is ls n , o a s n v pumping oil
ten - barrels. . . -.. t .
The Mary Hannah. on loud of , outer heirs,
on the bill, north of Milk run, Is pi mping shoot
thirty-flve linnets per day.
The Darling well. In LENVIV ceburg, has
peen torpedoed and Increased t a twenty
three barrel well.
The Chance Shot, the - large wing well
struck In Lawrenceburg, has bee the cause
of much excitement among of t on In this
region. We visited the well oa •adny last ,
and found It flowing oil, through the using.
at ebonite of 00 or 70 barrel. per ay. Many
think that could the well be made to
flow the oil out of the tithing It would Ina
duce still more: but all efforts to o this have
proved unsuccessful. and the coinpany have
determined not to molest It as long as It con
tinues at the present rate. Vcry good policy.
. i
Reel Estate Trsusferd. •
Th o following are the deeds admitted of
record In the alike of Thomas 1111unter. Re
corder for Allbgbeny county. Thursday, June
oth, 18•Nt
M. McLean, Jr.. to Mrs. A4l Diddle May
ielO 155 perches of land .in East. beer tp.,
with buildings ' •••• ELMO
Peter Johnston to Jos. Flanigan, May 10. Hap;
15 by 84 feet, in Love's plan, Millvale Bore'.
-with buildings , 5 1.001
Sheriff Fleming to Fred. Sehutte. Slay =DM:
2 lily in Boyd 's plait of Allentown, with
tatildiruP 6102
Runes Neely to Samuel Neely. July 2, 1000 . 20
acres of land In Franklin tp lam
Neol T to Steel. Neely, July 2. 1870; - 2 antes
Ind 11 perches of land in Franklin tp....Ssa
John !turns to Joseph Keeling t May zn. ifflo;l3
acrei and 106 perches of bind la llald•rMtp,
with 'buildings 515.500
Thomas ErvinfroMaster, to D. 0. Batianrttn
Guardian, July 8, BM; .5 latch' IMnalaton'a
Erot,LlMertY $l,OOO
.1. - F.'Harekotte. et el., to Christ Keaneweg,
April 1.11r70; Why 36 feet. on Ohio street...Al
John g Diamond to John Dawn. June 8.. DR% /0
acres of land to Plum tp.. lelth buildings.
—The bill granting State old to the Hartford
oo d E r i o Railroad yeeterday iterated the Mei,
sachubetto Senate—'y to 18.
BAYA ILO TAYLOR gives the following
description of a .ennl•mining district in
the heart of the Rocky Mountains; Pe- •
seending to the valley - of Bear Ricer, we.
first reach the deserted houses of Bear
where a few courageous men of or.
der drove off the thrbat-cutting rnilrood•
hummers, t woven!, ago; theft comes Evan
stmt, solo-re. there will aeon • be, coal.
mining town, and, in it few pairs more,.
iron sundries . and rolling mills. The
coarvein is forty fees-in thickness, the
cool perfectly free front sulphur, burning
freely, with little ash, and is probably the
bent in the world for smelting purposes.
Near.atthand there is a mountain of iron
ore, misled with just enough limestone to
make n dux. At this point, therefore, the
rood will lie able to supply all its own
Material. Fortune favors the bold: but
not often so signally as in the case of the
rnion Pacific Railroad..
heetitid Mole or Mr. Batiewell'e Properly •1
• Neville.
Not withstanding the severe min storm
‘esterday there was it good attendance at
liakewelrs sule, and n number of lots
sold: This speaks well for the attractive . -
urns of the place, No wonder, it is really
beautiful; property, and presentg ..more
real advantag!, tint any other. piece o
ground wiglin ease read, of All., city
The balan,o of the ground will b.
• closed out on Saturday (tomorrow)
'niornitrg. commencing at nine oclock.
Frei, train starts from the Federal
striret depot of the P. F. W. & (' R. W.
at S:10 and returns at limn. The lota rt,
staining are as wad ns any sold, each coll
taillhij4 about Mir acre. The terms are
one•..ixtlt cash and the balance. in five
yearly payments. Parties ill finest of a
nice place lo e that Ito more
favorable - opportunity ran jmasibly oecnr. -
Eight trains arrive and depart from Ne.
vi Ile every day, oecnpyi ng twenty minutes,
on the road. • Plans can be had of the
Anti hunger, Mr. A. LEGGATE,
'• MP Federal street, Allegheny.
Houses and Lot• Houses and Lote
The following public Bales are compiled
for special public attention -
Thin day at 2 o'clock, the late .1. Herron
roster's restdence,2o2 South Avenue, 'AI-
legheny. • -
day at 4 o'clock, ten N1y.1141 lots,
20 by 12(1 feet each, on 'the Butcher Bun
Road. beyond the toll gate, late the prop
erly of the Montana Oil Refining Co.
On- Saturday - Ito Morrow), at 2 o'clock,
the property, 120 Sandusky street, Alle
On Saturday.' tiondorrdwy, is 3 o'clock,
the house sad`-lot. 13 Boyle street; AM.
On . Monday next. at 2 o'clock, two ea
nut lots, 22 by I3N feet, on Sheffield, be
tween Chat-tiers and Manhattan- streets,
Allegheny, .
the Toestluv.l4th lust.. ut '2 o'clock. the
fOrmer Otto, ti. Stumble property in Tem
peruneeville, .1 fine suburban residence
with six acres of well improved grounds.
4)11 Wednesday, nth last„ at 19 o'clock,
Orphans' Court sale of six frame dwell
ings of five rooms each; on Federal street,
Allegheny, aboye toll gate.'
See advertisements in extenso, iu auc-
Alen column. LE6(IATE, Sue.
Church Organ at a Bargain
A itf leudid Mahon & Hamlin Church ot ,
gan with double 10 of keys, !.wo octaves
of foot pedals, only a few years In use
and as good es new, will he sold for one
half its original cost. It is fully warrant.
Coll at TT: KLEBEIt S i3no's.
!V, \Vood street..
Til to 1,... , 411e weather that tells what
your alela mule of. If that that vou
1100 does not Five satisfaction; try Pier,
Dannals 3 Co. t, Cream Ale.
Dlttuburgh Commander)
N. I will 6e held for drill nn FRIDAY snit SAT
URDAY EVENINGS. June 10th end 1111.51 th,
A.llum. Fifth riven.,
/ly order of
CRUSIIED. tintuulatol. Cut Lod[
rowdrredo 'WM. nod Erma, c saws for fral,
preym,log. to atoro nod tor nit at luweat Wires,
by the barrel or nt retail. by
jr 'or: Liberty and Ninth Stn.
TAISSOLUTION. —•The co-partner
i.,ship heretofore-a:Mind_ between JOHN
SPNER and IVILLI?rM SPEEH. under thetbub
. .. • . . • •
me of J. A. W. SPEER, retail grneera. Sixth
ant. Allegheny, sae thsaolved h. mutual entuent
n the 94 lnYt. The bush:mt. will be continued at
• be old atadd and all accounts of the late firm act.
he W Illlnm Speer.
JOHN' srEen,
JelCty26 ' • WM. SPEER.._
Orrlei I'ol.l.l,rua or INTIK-VAL RMS. - LE.'
:rad District. Pennsylvania,
No. 109 Sourt seas on,"
CITY ur PiTT4erPOR. June 10. 1870. f
1, the Annual Lint of Texentuv ' .
Incomes, Carriages, Watches,
• Silver Plate; &c.,
And Special Tax are now due. end pa*able,
payment will be received Lt.reon at TIIIIIOFFICIC
front th e citizens residing' in tbell3o Irwin of the
viii of Pittsburgh. borongh of Birmingham, East
Birsulnetlam Urrosby. South fittaburg9, West
Pittsburgh. MononAnhein Tezepenzneerifie, Mount
Washington and L Mon. and thelownshlp of Lower
IN. Clain. The foregoing tales
Otherwise additional expenses will be Incurred.
Deputy Collector
paWM. lIARRISIKW will te
npins Min he tax ere of thse parts of the
Dialect net t included in y the shore o iltnlta, and will
post notice, of the now when and the phew where
hr will be prepared to rewire taxes collectable by
him. Tl w . DAns
jelled-SI Collector Int. Nev. District, Pei
{reek. Is now
burg. vas re
owning about
num of flttten
lttanti battnasa la the Boroughs arid Teiratttlps of
this county. aul ail flea] Estate.'3lerch.dlre.B.t.
change. Stook. RM. Cattle. Alas! sad WI
Brewers, Billiard 31.11, negateHo Kamen, and
Commission Mer!hants
Dol.; busZneas wzrabore within the Malta of
ogler Warr th e Ist day of uly. tO tare oosta oz
suit before an Alderson,
With 'a redartiou of fire por cent. for prompt pay
. .
Treasurer of. Alleghepy County
NEW YORK. Ms] 9d.11910. '
COOPER In dissolved by mutual consent. uld •
we' twee able day footed, Ilmlted partnership
under the 1113110 or
No. 5 Broad St., •
for the trarmantlon of a gineral'Brokarage and II
etal business. negotiating Loans, So.:
As special partner, bar contributed 11 , 30.000
to th e common stoat.
We itiVO ' thisupporionity of thanking the cos
tumers of the ol him f for their pantpatronage.and
of milielting a continuance of thelyfavort.
. Pio els° laer oar .rvices to all. end respectfully
solicit their business In the purchase and sale of
all securities dean In at. the New York Block or
0010 Bachand..
Coupons and Dividends collecteit.
Interest allowed on deposit.
Orders by Dail or Telegraph on/molly executed
TDC01.1... TAYLOR.
linter by permission to !Int 'National Bank,
PlusbUrgh. ' • • 1010.7%
groeitiolnens InrteroCALLl" Llnfus.
Deposits 10 sums 01111 and unlearnsrelve4lL
Interest allotted on Alm. deposits. Petticular at
tention given to collections, proceeds of evident
trill he on:allied promptly. ,
James M. Cooper.. Abothem tiesrbson. •
James F... 1. Allison. Andrew le Robtasop
. Wm. Hinds, e old.
Jos. Fleming. 1 f I . I IOTFor.
roddent—N. SAWYEIt•
enshtsr—JOHN l3. SCULLY.
and MASONRY on the share ebd, O IM .4.1".•
MArodpo MeDONOUGUL }MIME'S, one rind .
wiseculdf4P. !aid rood. until
Preadent - ShOrtri oo ODO ilattS Tu.Pr t. e : '
VOL. LXXXV.--- t i No. 111.
n 17 CI
r C 0.1.1 St R E (
Uhl elm ,ti
Is re.mmendad person.. hating
arestmarits, as ball. congalcormsl7
safe and orentable. It is orminixod uncle
tint stoma Jaundice laws or Wild. alit
Capital Stock to be f rind and levee
or Its equivalent.
Combining both Inflame and experle
at once commend out II:13 shit full of
best Agents through the e eon
llng It to commence oleadlons with et
class pax tog buelnieas. • ,
It will he encored nod managed by sued loon
emenstre nod summed' ul Insurance expellent.
who will devote their time. matey and skill for I
success: and Ito DirCell/1 , 1 to seletted
our most esteemed follow-cinsens.
It Is proposed to hare Its Agents. and all othe
employed a It. peconlaly Interested tuns sae,
thus Insuring nut only large and tetying bathe
from the commencement. but (IrVeiOg that e
orgy us well a economy and vitro In expenditure
Sc essential to its well are.
The Capital Stock It 111 , 6104 Into 30.000 Aar.
of Iterate Winn; ‘13 . 20, each, placing it th
power of rich and poor to becalm atutreholden
vela are placed upun the salvo lair end equltabi
Wo fully Indorse xnut recommend this company
and Im plan. believing Met the.
-11111 J
Is destined to rank at once as a firstedess Arnett
an Insurance Coutpany, andsuccessfullT (Co
and decelop as the business of Insurance to lb
future requires and the erenith of the count , / in
Cincinnati, U.. Stockholders
Charles 11. Wolg A Co.. John Cahill,
J.& A.S.lropkinson &Co.. Aleander L 004,.
James 11. Laws & Co.. Sea songnod.Netter& C
liiichman Broa. A Co, S. Wlldberg & Co.
Ibilscrt Clarke A Co.. Ehrgott A Krebs .
Thomas Murdoch. (1. 4. Frank. '
Samuel LL Tart & Boa. Wm.-Donna. Sr
John Batley. . Wm. /Immo. Jr . .:
Smith Betts. • Wm. P.. 1 1 .: Wiotne
Itobart Mitchen Chatfield A Woods. '''
Snowden & Otte. Smith Stiminel.
John McGrath. Jo.. It. Peebles' Bens
'Ambridge & Co.. ..Thetats 11. Fuld.„ .
Bart A Dicke° t . •3...eph 0. B tier.
Cur Ind 0. Ad,
Loc & Ireland. a V1 ' .1 ' 1?! f' ‘ i - : - .
D. N. ltomlngore. Geolgo Fox.
L. C. Hopkins A Co.. Alfred Gait er.
i ) Z u 3T.IVirr:I V I7II I.. o.. Ut r trS ' l ' ai ' fo...
I. Buchanan & Son. Dune. Clout map
N. L. Bernard. Csncinnati T Pr Your
.1. F. Saunders & Co.. E. S. irunba
W. S. 11ow. E. 3--Strini , ,
J. K. Stone. George 11. T nor.
J. M. Newcomb. John lion.
I.. , M om .li on erl i te . l , .. . NoßtLnens ore.
Baker & Von Pld, P. V. Maley
L. D. Watton. Gomm Sing ell.
l'ane.giros. & Co.. -J. A. linntel . -
Elijah Coombs. W. P. Devo .
B. 11 ben. , John Davis, .
i.. B. 11.17,%'11.. .• . !: - .'1i0.'J,".%.
Won. ~,„. . T. S. Panders.
J. 11. Seattle. .1. J-Llente.
J. B. Bennett. S. Bennett.
M. 31allurpin.James A. Collin..
tlltarlea G. Berne. .. 11. 6. ink.
C. W. Moulton. , ' IV. J. Berne.
A. Cook, A. McDonald. CO..
8.0. Bennett. . . L. Alexander.
J.ll, Johnson.. J. Sit . a , nian...
John IL King.
.k. i ..Y Murdock,l th L a k.r.
llgalsth Reel,
Selves. . rum. N. WollY.
C. S. Wood. , - 3.11. Contention. .
Conrail \Vintner-1i . Dr: /. Wilson.
W. Bard, Christian Moeettti
llolterhorr. it. Illekenlmmer
St. Vogel.. S. Wight.
. Peschity. F. 11. Lawson.
%S. &L.P.', .1. M. Waters.
tinge.. Jos- N. Feeble..
Portsmouth, 0., Stockholders
Moves Lod , .Kt.
John P. Ten,.
A. M. T0...e11,
C. M. am,.
a. B. Cole.
W. Moore.
'A. 1L LT. , .
K. J. U. Lodmil
(I. Mavis.
C. Claret in.
N.. 1 Ina a
. A. McClain
C. r. Tram
C. - tl. Cad.
11. houtslober
Chillicothe, 0., Stockholders
Wm. A. Wiry land. I. Lord,
C. A. Tdrubie. I.: W. Foulke.
E. P. Safford, J. 13. Beearm.
W. J. Ingham. Wm. Carson.
S. Willem. o. 'Frman.
T. Woodrow. Jr.. I .t Bros..
Nathaulkl WIlEm. J.S.. S IlackeY.
Charles Brown. W. Fullerton.
B. A. La...Mu, .14 John D.4ladelm.
W. A. Wueland. . .
Marietta, U.. Stockholders
O. Franks. ...
A. S. Wale .
C. RiVideo.
H. C. Nkinner.
H. B. lama.
M. A Baldwin
M. D. Follett.
W. U, Buell.
E. It. Dale.
John Newton.
Pittsburgh, Pa., Stockholders
W. E. Trimble.
L. Peterson. Jr.
F. tictincer.
E. T.e lso Patterson.
Nn. •.
A. Rethem. ;
U. McNeil. •
It. Fairs:An.
T. IleCance.
M. Steele.
Evangille, Ind., Stockholders
Bamual Orr.
M. lle D liofl
J. A. LeUCke.
T. R. Murano°.
S..W. Thompson
1,1•114 h. Sun,
211 t
W. B. nes
Moll ffr .
E. N. OL:07.,
Columbus, Ind., Stockholders
W. klerod.
B. F. Jones.
And Over Two Hundred
Stockholders at Sun-
dry Other Places. •
- Au accurate calculation, based ou 81.000.000
tago of Insurance
pre e""l t. or e'l litlilr g t . h hts Pe a r iready been as follows.
We l re f s ' muatily expect e
to conaldembir Improve im
that: ..
~ run r
I. a.VT.
th "
th " •
n ::: . •
I Th'
:. ..
1 th .
• th
months .
A' wh en l e talbe G tVt T raprortrasta salon of 3 a l snmiZ
• . L .i. mir coal dividend pastas re" — "• •• -
110. - 01;no. I.ea pa' ytimi siock ft
Mena to determine op to act on seen is mar
RecOgnizing the great Importance of Plllsbumh
as a Widnes. centre. the Committee on organisa
tion have
Openedßooks of Subscription
Andes Insura,nee Co
etr of Ninth and Liberty MaTete, and the
Fanners Deposit Nat'l Bank,
'ommereial and Family Newspaper
armor: ruechante. or merchant ahoUld •
p• If ten
A copy is furnished gratuitously to the gettessuP
a Club of ten. lloynnaaters are requested
as Agents. Address.
PE:III3M47i, REED dg CO.,
Ta-Let," " For • Sol, -
-rl,ll/11i." nab ertehltn.
101'11 LINES. nitt N blurted In tMx coil/m.0,4V
TII - ENTI , FII - 171.1:NTS: aaah a.tdtttnnal Pi"
Ft rte CENTS, ' '„
Nrinther of La pnr dle :
Car. y AnaPectra
at No. /43 ,311t111.1 D arr 1.1 3 6.
14;1 . .1 ' 20, Pa.
1' . ..D . : , - ix , p . t; e rieued Agents, to
fur un article Ju.t oatuntad. Wiji t t,: r .raorajt,
every. fatally. Mires, A. 31.. Bus 533, Pitt.
A‘?...-tr.llEKlTr'Pan)to;tltrt'vottgofiv Land
which leaned utter the death of the warrantor.
Wurrlnte to be umlauted hi the hetta ha ef.
Latent parta of the Montt,: by Administrators ea
Guardums. will ho fully tuttlacd bow to proetod
with thorn
" . n .Mrl:4 e il BRADDOCK a.
hooter,in Land Warra . nts, Mt. Vernon. Ohi o.
v., AT EI.Y.A pply office at • Mlaaa. r oa
Dandle IL It MAN. , IFIELD COAL .A 2 ,1" LIME
NV ' T rt E ti 1 ! . e711CV7 11 71 8 g P11 ° 011141,4
Ct.:manna wanted by a gentleman and wife.
drew S. S. U.. IiAZETI7.
V GIRL of 9or 10 yearn Of nne. 1011, .... 1 th
a revel, Compenoatlon. tovarn. cloth's...o.lo°l
- &C. MAI of reforenco green.. /O&M f
leo dam J. C..ll,AZlrrtit often.
CHLNIST hi% trndo Adds Engtontor. /6
waling to work nt anything. ress F.
zrrr, odic,
\V .t. 1 ' F! . :t . .. -- .! 4 ! i PN . g . 6 I ”kL3 . I
,owitl"S. N... 'Fourth avenue. ,
W T u l: i . i tz m V
, 1 i t..11/IR tLwork
r luahl
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h req..
Odin allf
tltry. tint
lame tint
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W F T , ? lti i tto t A joef1 8
1; — „
r -tonted. Will 1p Ove.7
MGregt Inducements °Bored. Adam. A.
M. Box 333: Pittsburgh P. 0.-
tll fair 30.000 rate to oan in large or small amounts
of Int L ent , t.
Bill BondNo dß 9S F t ae e l ß hee
y —The Committee eppaluted by U We.
tees of the Penneytrellis Feundo College to 'sleet
enable lomtlne Ore Protenhn to . 0 • 100 S.: .
posals 'from the owners of property Its or artmett
the tines of Pittabunat ma tlegnany. As the
C tee deem to ars promptly, yarned bating
Comm!ropert to offer will please communicate Immo.
dletely. Address
Th sty Thousand Dollars to Loan
th:nrye ostli.,ll :mum nu on propertyllt,AlleghtaY
'' ' ''''l7
' q
' fo'r rate
of draTtriS .7111iihiY. •
1 , , Realeirtzte=
E STltA.l.—Cante to the residence. of.
the subscriber. on Mt. Alban, • tiMALL,
DARK DULL. about three Iran old. The owner
Is requested to prove property and take him away.
otborwior he will be sold to vey charges.
ESTRAY—Straiyed from the under.
elimed..C43l:ll, It.. near Oakland StaUoctot
Some white on her beg urn tall; anent (I remold:
(mein In milk. Any trtormettea enarnialter her
will be Tworanled. • • • •
, . .
Four kIU Ran, near Oakland Btalkon.
A Elrst-elass STORE ROOM and cellar. To.
1W Liberty stmet. completely fitted up with r'
shelving and counted, Wilt. be rented citedlPol:,
called for soot.. Enquire at •
• •
_ _ _ • • •
70-I,ET.—A good, two story BRICK
1/WELlANG.tootaligng 12 room,w2h mod
eru Improvements. Also. large Lut.dgoodlrrldi
Mtable, sllusto froni.lo2 no the . Pule. Trt , 1010.'
North Memo,. Root reasonable. ArPIY 1 1 0.
41 Ohio ntrCat, Allegbany. Je11.721.
lb,. B. Brown
J. Fume%
Thnmes Do
1.. 31. Powell
A. Rolls,
L. C Robinson.
F. N. Lodwick.
0.11. PI twin
S. Russell.
FOR SALE. That . f.:ivell•known
.cKwrrisav 211 4 4 4. ELFItnn;...
Tv n pnnpar wroon desiring to keit otel. Min tll
"PP°'"'" .
2/lank of Cotnmeg i tthin . 6lll4nl 6 .
' Orocenpatlon Innnedlnto on sal._ .
w. 31:
Robert Baker.
J. M. Truer .
3. J. Gist. Jr..
S. E. Garner.
0. B. Cotten.
J. T. Miller.
B. Fichelatela
F .
OR SALE.,—k convenient house, 6
ROM.. John street, $l,OOO.
t e ir
A good linnseberooma t terpment 1.04.000.
il one, mas. 46th street. $l. •
Ulnae, • rooms. Sherman street. .
[louse and 210 ts. 43th street. . .
House and lot. Haslet streeel , . -- - •
Lute In Bloontdeld. s soo to 700; tenyearn lo'
par. A number of other hot., and lota for
D. S. WILLIA3I.9. 17th want. Butler netirrlll
FOR SALE.—Engines and Boilers;
Nor and Second need. of ell klnde.oonstentl7
en hand.
Orden from ell puts of the country momytlyale
tended to.
Corner Marion Avenue and P., Ft. W. & C. R. AV..
AllfitLenz t Pa.
VAI3B 340 ACRES. one hundred and elnr
acres nyder coltiration, hallows woods. lmplrow.
4-2 dwelllngs, very large barn and gable.
Ind sheep houses. orchard and wall watered by a
small creek parsing through the plop, Situated In
Jennings county, Indlatia.3i: mllas from Vernon
and Loularllle Railroad; lit thrivimt ighborhood
near to villages
e nd rhum, ba
e form an be
D. peiCs(7.7.:4°lrThne
41 7 41 , 0urt1i Are.
EtIIDENCE, containing 20 acres with S hones
thereon: one, a line. comfortable and oonverdent
honor water. and one Of the bast wallet Dow.
fri n' rielt P 12 mDr
tram t he tth=ol4=
Y or
mile from Stewart's Station, Cmatral
nowt Aldo , several good Farms good localkwa
and LOU... for eale. Fbgalrn of
m No. 110 Grant od• to CatbirraL
W. S. Wash.
I. R. Witten;
4. A. Craii.
R. Bold.
V. A. Hovey,
M. Cords.
George Benedict
.1. W. Aadretes.
B. M. Booth,
W. F. Curtis.
It. It. Nelsen.
.1.17. Nelhons.
.1.0111. Wane , .
W. B. Moen:lce.
M. A. McKino.Y.
W. T. r. Da ,
rma .
4 n 5116.
A B.DThom..
Meows Smith.
18 LOTS. I sere each in amine:lot heal:ow
4 se Trees
tur vi .,,l6:tre view of the clue.. Priem
SOITCV.T. Ltir, folio( choice benriteitndt:
Pr ll k t.AihiEW ut., AGE, 9 reozeo wide ball
front and eldit
at e. 0 1.1%. t
good well of water at tos ma
wets. D ee bearing. young orchard bearing.
' , lett - of the rewegiu=. with
loortjr I nem more oi floe °refuted cakes
had with, It. Within_ fifteen tatuutee welt etf Le-
Glue. Enquire of
, W. LIBII.AUT, on the premise..
Johil.trire • , - •
D. C.
H. r Blown.
E. N. Bixby.
G... tiOnvlag.
C. S. Baiter.
E. B. ROM..
F. F.
Emil Rabm.
Cheri.» E. Marsh
A. Bretano.
X. E. Gilbert.
• • •
- r-, oR SALL-449 beautiful buildhig
L' =gi7ycisTririll l e=l -4 =
and balance In four equal arum 4Tosiluts. 41 . 1 . 41
the Int of June the price will Ds pap
:amine plane at the office of T. tOLL a - Ir.
corner Penn and 33d street. or B. SILL. Attila . .
new at Law, 72 Giant street.
A frame dwelling containing 4 rooms. situate on
44th street. lot 20 by 100 fcet,Thie ewer,'
handsome piece of primwrty and trill make • plow
ant Loma for any one of moderate means.
A frame cottage bosom containing 4 th rooSts sma .
ru tc ric h noir:: ' n . SOMZ,inltrettenbl•els •
beautiful mime end he sold chimp if ooDflf
soon. T . SILL S N.
Thom desiring to.
w e ll bonsai and lots ail
vantageinualy will d o
well to call upen 'nand emus
Inn our Um. We base property
of acooble to WI W
count. of riand hrf
_CAM ,orr. "r• ELS
SON. corner Pe no and
Hamuol Rev,
F. M. Woeli. .
A. Jones.
J. V. 6Uyee7.
Y. J. Crawl,.
Welt located: alp.* .1.000 ladle per weak. In
£O eoaEllloa. nearly pry. Apply to. or .ddr.
H. M. LONG & CO.,
aillii ° P.FSTl ,u 4ll 4 4.l": "m- 4,7114 .0 1 " & " '"`r4.«.
.7 2 . "41 . V.• In Quad orde Portico to l l rtet.A;
Prclet l . o ehoTee holt trees 7 .l °° ° oloes. . ....
4;917 rss . a anlggiaT a sox. •
, au Stzth &MOW .
BANK FOB: sly rxG
ZN DAILY from 9 .4 realoelL .01 On 15.A7-‘.
AY EVENING../rota X. tat to. Noersahm
n. from 7 to 9 o'slock.and DOor - 7/momber
May .1.11.t0 Web.- Intone. .at O.
"le fIX 000 amt.. fr. of ta.t. at. If Dot ,dth. ,
Orson commands s am.asmally,la 3.0.17 aMI
July. Bonk* of /37-1.... famdtkata of ,
Boa. of Massagsre.4.o. A: Hot.; Priattleikfl:
11 puma. Jae. P. 1,1 1 ., VI. Pralldanta; AE..
ArKlrder L. Socrattrr Treas.., •
A. Bradley., J. Gnaw. S. gall Wei. IL
KtDasol...l anaa Abodes. 000 3,110011. h; V. Rehm. 0. Voiltalibee , Abodes.Jug. Bcott. , • 8.01. C. 5eb.41 1 ..,
iVIA.V. g a
L ell. *maw,. I Tr
'11..50 reliable AGENTS
Sewing Machines In the ctt l and
' :1?(V. IMIal
Chairman of Committee