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ra:nusyzu fly
Corner Sixth Are; and Smithfield St
F. B. rasmm.AN, /MIA/ [lna,
worroes AND raormarois.
, ,T[11,11111 . 07 THZ
TV mall. per rear
Dr 11.11,4 Dr curler. per week 13.
Tne widoir of the hie uulortuuato
l'ilarrytiie of Hastings is to be married this
A SUBMARINE velocipede Ilan been in.
rented In' Perin. and they are now trying
to find a mermaid to ride it.
A L.\ NDOWNER near Birmingham, Eng.
land, has notified his tenants that they
must not use mowing machines this year,
because they disturb the game. •
A PARLIAMENTARY conundrum—What
is thedltrenince between the Ministerial
and Opposition benches WO have Lowe
here, and you hare Lowe there (Lothabi•
A traaqtrin Paris lately committed nub
cidc after building it thick brick wall in
the doorway of his lodging room, :which
bad to be taken down before his remains .
were discovered.
A Fiturten bociety of a hundred persona
hare each, by arterial"
quenthed their bodice to the dh+aecting•
room to forward the progreaa of the ace
coca of anatomy. •
IT in nnid that within a circuit of one
hundred and twentrfive miles around the
White Sulphur Springs of West Virginia
there in more iron ore than in the whole
-of (freat Britain.
THE Spanish authorities are proceeding
with great vigor against Free Masons in
Cuba. -All lodges there are prohibited by
statute, and they are proceeded against for
the violation of the law.
Tot London Globe believes thai if a
poll could be taken of the wives of En
gland on the subject - of legalizing um:-
tinge with a deceased wife s sister, th e
reettii would be largely against it.- •
A oniti:YED man in Perin gets his liv.
leg by exhibiting the lost eye, which he
haspreserved in- spirits of wine. loot
it when a child by an unsuccessful attempt
.of his father to play William Tell.
FRANCIS JOSEPH has conferred upon
Baron Anselm von Rothschild the Great
Cross of the Iron Crown, cat-Vying with it
the title of Excellence; which has never
before been enjoyed by Austrianllebrews.
Tem latest story from Paris is that a
werkmkn; drinking with a companion,
offered to bet that he could kill him with
a single blow of hie fist_ The b e t was
accepted, the blow dealt and the man fell
LosinoN pickpockets have a habit of
engaging jugglers and fire-eaters to be
gin their performances in crowded thor.
onglifares, and thus attract crowds on
whom the light.fingered gentry can op
TUE Spanish autbbrities in Havana are
making a brave warfare on women. La
dies of Culture and refinement are hand
cuffed and led through the streets to the
Home for fallen women. where they are
LOUIS NAPOLLON having orclered the
importation from Kentucky of a few, bar
rels of old Bourbon for use in the imperial
household, a Parisian wit remarks that it
is only the "spirit of the name" that the
Emperor likes.
SUNDAY and Saturday, the two favorite
days for marriages in England, are blank
days for marriage in `Scotland. Friday in
the day on which the English do not mar
ry, but in Scotland it is one of the favorite
days for marriage.
IN the square of lit.:3lark at Venice.
there Is a clock, and two bronze -men
strike the hours on a bell. Ono day - an
inquisitive stranger put his head between
the hammer and bell, and the bronze men
knocked his brains out.
Trig system of towing hoed by n3ettnn of
ropes laid on the river bed to to IX. intro
dwell on the Neckar. between Munniodm
and Heilbronn. A committee. composed,
et aldernweersand commercial men: have
the undertaking in baud.
A PAltltikl: ariesbua well goes down
NO metres through chalk, 448 metres be-,
low the sea level. They haven't found
water yet, but are bound to strike it or
disturb some Chinangin's domestic ar
rangements in the attempt.
Russia, which hitherto has been in the
habit of buying her artillery abroad, par
ticularly at the German works of Krupp,
at Essen, is now in possession of a factory
of war material at l'enn, in no way infer
ior to those of other nations.
THE French Society for. the protection
of children otters a prize of from ;POO to
$2OO for •the best answer to the ques
tion: What are the causes of the exces
sive morality of children in the first, year
of .life, and what means can be applied to
its decrease.
TBE Franklin Agricultural Club hits in
duced a number of Swedish laborers to go
to work " the farms around that city,
where they give entire intlsfaction.
Every laborer carries a, Swedish German
dictionary with him; and every farm own
er is provided with a German-Swish
TILE Japanese are quarreling over two
forme of religion. The Government says
the people shall not be Budhists, bat that
the national religion shall be-Shintoism,
The SidraOs ore more tolerant of - Christi.
anity than the . Budhieta, consequently
foreigners approve the declaration of the
Government in their 'favor. -
' A Partufter: lady recently called on her
milliner to inquire the character of a ser- I
rant. The morality of the latter was be
yond questioning. But is sho honest r' I
asked the lady. "I am not so certain of
- that," replied the milliner "I have sent
her toou with my bill a dozen times,
and a e has never yet given me the .
money "
N LEON, while visiting a carriage
Al f
manufactory in Paris, the other day, was
approached by a workman, a native of
Cortice s :Who remarked, with — familiarity
enough. that they were cousins, since a
Bonaparte married one of his anceatiesses
in the hum century, "My cousin." said
the Emperor. . . " I am': smogniro-rbe you
equally so l' "
TEE four hundredth birthday of Albert
Darer falls on the 21st-of May, 1871. It
has been proposed to celebrate the day by
an exhitation of his collected works—
paintings. 'sketches, engravings, wood
cuts, etc.. which at present ar e 'scattered
over the whole'world, in his native city,
Nuremberg. The proposition has been
to send photographs of such pictures as
could not be forwarded.
A. rsanrrt. ride on a bell was lately
taken 1.1-a lad in the village of Fully,
canton Valois, Switzerland: Be was seated
on the bell 'When the ringer commenced
to pull it. Not able to hold on, he fell
from the tower, and was picked up sense.
lees about thirteen . feet from the church.
In Ida fall be had broken two wooden cru
cifixes. Strange to pay, he was hardly
hurt, but could relate.his own adventures
a few minutes after the event.
An American traveller in Italy has
dumb-founded the government by seri
away propseing to lease Mount Vesuvius.
Hu says he will make roads and lay out
as.sure grounda upon its rocky sides,
build hotels and set up soda fountains on
its summit, and help visitors up and
down by machinery. To pay him for all
this outlay, and amass a fortune besides,
Lewin charge a small IaMDII4OII fee frim
all who wialt_to step up and we the shciw.
- A DUEL has recently taken place at
Athens between the French - Minister, l
• *rem Banda. and M. Demetrius Sentra,
emadlltary commander of the city and
brother of the late-chief of the Depart
ment of War. Bands, at the funeral of
Mr.Herbert,one of the Marathon victims,
'made lit insulting' remark which was
overheard by Soots*, who 'dared the
Trench representative to repeat it; this
he did, and • boodle meeting ensued, but
It did not lead to any serious result:
Thu wickedness Is circulated in Amer.
• law circles in Rome: "Our Father who
art in the Vatican; Infallibility be thy
mme..Thy temporal sovereignty come,
thy will be done, in Europe and America '
as it is in Ireland. Give us thbt day our
tithes and titles, and forgive us our tree.
pas 'S "we give Plmn7 indulgent.* to
am , who MY =U u ltly unto tun and
' lead us not into cal Cuncils, but
deliver us from thinking; for thine iii the
aceler, and the keys; the tiara, Rome
'Without end, Amen."
- - .I,l A pp Lemon, the editor of Punch,
' sow deceased. was an extreme'? coypu.
, : list man -. so covalent, that is lately .
hi e b
-1111Thil Commercial and Fatally Newspaper
( farmer meehaale men:bent *herald IA
SVC! ftZb.". 111111
113 f
.playel the lutrt obauf without using,
'padding" or stage F •• devices of any kin I.
lie made Ma own obesity a constain sub.
jest of jest, in common witla what he W.
pleased to describe as his other chief pe•
Culiarity—an incurable .impecuniosity.
Some • hallf unny, half sad versos of his
appeared in one of the thristmiu, annuals
loot year, tut the subject of his fat figure
and Ids lean pun...
A eficuri.vrrAranch of industry flour.
Idles in the Nloldenthal, Germany, be
tween Zwickau and filanclm. This is
the growing of willows for basket-makers.
The dearest kind, the peen osier, gore
chiefly m Bavaria, and is. there used for .
basket work. The coarser sort are made
into ordinary basket., etc., in the valley
where it is grown. The acre of willow.
brings in about a hundred dollar., but re.
(fuire. a great amount of earn and work
in its cultivation. Thi,, industry has been,
carried 1111 there ever since the twelfth
. .
THERE is it great, incurnblo and increas
lug deficiency in the Roman finances. A
yearly deficit of tidily million francs has
to I;! covered, and' the Peter'a pence,
which in l ttl amounted to 'fourteen mil
lion francs, have conk to about eleven
million francs, although collections are
made twice, a year: No farther assistance
be expected from loans, but a grUlit
rise in the amount of the Peter's pence Is
hoped for. In Rome hopes are entertained
that when the Poir has been pronounced
infnllih le. Inmer aunts will be subscribed
than hitherto.
Tae Board of Trade of (treat Britain.
in an official communication to the Foreign
Office. etaten.that the Board is of opinhin
that the sentence of Copt. Eyre. hy the
English Court. at Yokohama. to a suspen
sion of six months. is. "ihndequato to the
gravity of the offence. The Board thrum
not consider itself justified in COMM.,
Ong criminal proceedings against Captain
Eyre, but rays- that the Fnited States
t:overnment, or those who suffered loss
by the death of relatives, may bring suit
for damages against the owners of the
Bombay, to settle the question of the bad
navigation of that vessel.
Tat Gazzetta di Torino ftunonnces from
Rome that the Bishop of Nlayenee called
hitely . on . Cardinal Autonelli and protein ...N.l
against the arbitrary seizure by the
man police of a work front the pun of it
learned German theologian against the
dogma of Papal Infallibility, copies of
which had been forwarded by past to all
the Fathers 'of the Council. The Papal.
Secretary of State begged for time to
consider the matter, but Bishop Ketteler
declared that it the seizure were not re
yokiml within two davit he would set out
for Naples, get the work reprinted there,
and distribute the copies in Romp him
IN Paris every theatre has a- foyer at
tached to it, that is a large hall with in
laid &ion and walls ornamented with
statues of authors and actors, and herr
the whole audience promenade betweer.
the acts. As nearly every great opera and
theatre has two complete companies, the
actors. on off 'nights, mingle' among the
habitues - of the theatre in the foyer, and
thus become thomughly known and [demi
ed in the course of a few years by every
body. Elegantly •dressed they are the
venires of admiring and spirituel crowds,
wherein all that is new and striking in the
intellectual world of Europe is generitily
A ItEMAKABLE centenary Bill Abortly
celebnrted in Saxony. Profeasor Dr.
Traugott Krug (born on the Zhl
of June. 18704 xras one of the noblest
O w n of Saxony. K ..
Krug was the one who
as representative, of _ the University: of
Leipaie, at the Saxon Landtag, gave the
first impulse toward the emancipation of
the Jews in Saxony,sod during its whole
lit.• he latmred for this end. In rennnu-
luts leeen attained.) n C011111iilti••• lan.. }Well
formed to organize a Krug Ftunl, from
which ntudents at the University of Leip
rio--,eithout . difference. of ontlemsion,
though with preference to nearer, ers.
religioultur,nhallbe supported by atipenda.
Considerable rums are said to 'More been
already beecived. The committee are
Chief Rabbi Dr..Landen end Advocate
Lehman. tkr.. of Leipsie:.
Attaeli on a Jail.—The A 5141411110 Re
[From Knoxvillerress and lierald.lday 31.)
We kern the following particulars of
a bloody affray which occurred last Sun
day morning in Williamsburg, Whitley
county, Kentucky.
It appears that a man named Owens
was incarcerated in the jail in that town.
About daybreak on Sunday, the father
of Owens, with thirty armed --reen, - inade
an attack on 'the jail for the puTose of
releasing Owens. The guards,' nine in
number, resisted, and, after considerable
firing, drove the assailants off. and suc
ceeded in capturing eight of them. Our,-
ing the fighting. Owens' father, who is a
very muscular metn,_seized one of the
guards, whohad ventured too far from
the jail, and swore he would murder him,
and dragged hinr down to the river bank
for that purpose. His murderous inten
tions were fruatrated, he wever. Another.
of the guards witnessing his comrade's
peril, pursued and fired at the old loan.
the shot passed ihrougli.the coat of the
first guard and struck the elder OWIIIIII in
the face. In the confusion the guard
made his escape.
One of the eight prisoners was severely
wounded in the side. A mask was found
In front of the jail, after' the asaallantri
had been •driven off, 'which bore the
marks of having . been shot through, and
it is supposed tee wearer of it was mot.
tally wounded.
The affair created the most intense ex
citement in the town. Pursuit was
mediately- giVen by the citizens, and it
was expected that the greater lica.ll,,T4tt
the desperadoes would be caught. One
of the prisoners was hung, with the in
tent of getting the names of the as
sailing party, but ho refused to
tell, and he was cut down befo - rii life
was extinct and recovered. • A com
pany of military is expected, to prevent
further attacks on the jail.
During the latter part of the pant and
all of the present week the oil excitement
in this region hue been very high. This
has all been brought about by the ntrilsa
log of several new wells and the Improve
ment of arme.older ones.
A well on the land of John Marshall, in
Lawieneeburg, the Chance Shot, which
on Monday flowed at the rate of one hun
dred barrels a day—was the subject of
much talk and speculation.
The Priscilla, a well in Lawrenceburg,
which was torpedoed several weeks ago,
and has since been pumping some fifty
barrels per day, also has a tendency to ex
cite the feelings of capitalists;
Another new well in Lawrenceburg, the
Central, owned by Wilson Taylor and
others, 'makes so excellent . start, and
destined to be, one of the best wells
in this district.
The Forgoer, No: - .1, on the hill north of
Church ruir,which seas recently torpedoed,
in now actually pumping one hundred
barrels, per day, would alive go to show
that the oil la not being all exhausted in
this region. Parker's Landing is novrthe
principal oil district out of the whole
number. Not only in there more oil pro
duced by the wells, but the capitalist is
more certain of receiving a handsome In
terest on his investment in this, than he
is in any other oil region.—Lairrentr
burg Independent.
,Ownvo to the energetic measures taken
by the Administration in suppressing the
Fenian raid,. Minister Thornton lots re
ceived instructions from London to sound
the Government as to Its willingness for
renewing the negotiations regarding the -
Alabama claims. The Gladstone Cabinet
appear to be exceedingly desirous to have
this vexed question settled at an early
day, and is now.more disposed than ever
to listen to any new proposition from
Washington. .
A nAtarKriu well has been bored at
Michigan Centre. The well is 285 feet
below the surfar'e.- The Jackson Citizen
of the let says: "Eight days ago Mr.
Pangborn suspended a common darning
needle inn bottle of . the water, and the
needle immediately beinme a magnet,
and is now covered with iron. of consider
able thickness." A .chemical analysis of
the water is to be made.
l'uban News—Yellow Fever—Tele
irnph Con4oWhitton Dramatic
Feast —Hull road Smash•np—Teacher
sultan :nail afiVicem to 24th May say that en
the"-titt May an expodit ion sent out by General
.tlortinn front Nassau arrived tot the coast.
large quaut it y of sulphur and ether material
sr:Assent out by the vessel. The tivaniards are
mow upon tho defensive, shut up in lodine:l
-t ions by heat. rabts and Insurgents. Nit , t , of
Vaboaseda's ramps wen. by
;nu riots In u single dist riot of [layouts. Val
snaseda ontleavored to aid the 6nfribt.ll at
liaytnitt, and in noodling thither he lest (lb
men. Antonia lArdn. Cuban Minister of War.
died tlll the tAitli of sunstroke. Ilembet la tr ay
mulei orders to occupy (antenna.
A Preach corvette which put In here with
viellowi (ever aboard. contracted at Pont Au
Prince, has gone to Miquelon where the crew
will be put ashore and the vessel thoroughly
fumigated. BOOR sick men were felt
Quarantine. Our health officer states the dis
vet., Ili epidemic at most liaytian poets, exists
ut various Cuban ports and is so tetelble at
It lo Janeiro that half the erre, vessels
tinier died.
it is announetallhat In the consolhlatlan vt
certain telegraph linen the Union and Central
Pacific Railroads are assigned three millions
each of stock. the Atlantic and Pacific
fAIVOJX:I. and Irtutitlin Line g1.n00,010.
Marl, the pecetal telegraph man. in spoken of
an Itteneral Manager.
It is ruintwed that Hamlet will be produced
st the coming dramatic fund henclit, with
Fit win Booth, Fechtet. J. W. Wallioth:Ds , en
oort. nroschant ' Jefferson, Showell, liarneY
Williams. • 3ltss Charlotte Leclerc, and tits.
J. W. Walinck in the COB.
it.i.tutOan SILASII cr.
A heavily laden coal train ran Into the rear
of a passenger train on the Morris and Essex
Railroad tide morning. demolishing the ber
g - age and smoking cars._ The wife of Rev. Mr.
Hepburn "en slightly Injured. Other Can.
sengers cecaped.
Two hundred and seventy teachers front
California. on an excursion to the Atlantic
States, arrived this afternoon. after a journey
of seven . days. The excursion is tinder the
auspice, of the San Francrsco Board , of Edu
James Smith, who attempted to walk one
hundred !Mica In twenty home, gave up the
Job, after making_tifty-dve mile , In twelve
hours and thirty -night minutes.
The Workingtnen'i Union propose to estab
lish. In the fall s n dnily paper here. to he de-
PICIi to the interests of Unions throughout
the country.
To-day the corner-stone of the new Masonic
Temple in this city was placed to position for
the grand ceremony of lacing On the Bth. to-
Tweed's, bill for the trannariatieti LI the
Fenian army from Vernaint was $5.7511. which
was yak,. •
Ile immigrant arrivals for the
_past week
numbered 12,a(X1.
The north-eastern Saentrerbund hold their
picnic to-morrow. Thirty social les will take
part. -
It is reported in Cuban circles I bet two
members of the Cuban .lonia lire in the em
ploy of the Spanish spies.
General McDowell hits returned from the
Citnadian border. Two hundred of the Culled
States troops sent to watch the Fenian* did
not return. having been untried to Leaven
worth for duty on the pining.
uspleion Is nrouseil that the sudden death
elate Schott int:L-3410,d by pol•on.
lii Ito. interegt of a former partner. in a - base
favor Seta." HP' Wa, ho.3silv The
ph .lei .et. •ttended the i• .uspe.•ted.
'Pa contributed laa , , at Ma
01,0100 of the new rating park at b a it
Mrs. Ann Bred; was dangerously shut by
los. Farrel. In Ntrtt Forty-second street. lat.t
night. The mad bait was said to be Intended for
man nam ries.
Atklnaon's bobbin factory. Paterton, N, J.,
was burned last night. Low. =MO.
• The steamers Weiser and town. front Eu
rope. hate arrived. 1
Maw rona. Janeo. WU.
The Israelite citizens are much disturbed
by the unconfirmed rumors of wholesale
butchnies In Roumania. Telegramiggent to
Sir Samuel Montetiure, In London. and M.Cre
miens, President of the Jewish Society in
Paris. begging the fullest and latest Informa
tion. have not yet been answered. The Jew-.
ish Rabbis preached on the subject yesterday.
one of then, expressing the hope that the re
ports would prove incorrect, and another
stating ns a feet that Instead- of the Jews
mom - moil/log trade In itonm.da end becom
ing very rich, they are no heavily taxed se to
render it impossible. and that they are nut
omitted to own even a foot of land or a
use to live In. The absence of further _in
formation tend• to augment the quite general
Leiter that the report. art at least greatly ex
B The 411111
Llver P. Starr,. of thegi Black
all Line of packets. belo h alt -past to
C. 11. Marshall & taol
caught flre at half n -past
10 o'clock Lo-nlght at her pier. EMS After.
The flreoriginated in the hold. The car gn
eonslets of lard. grain, cotton. ke., and will
all, to present appotrances. be destroyed.
Loss about $lOO4OO. The are Is still raging.
The Bev. Charles F. Lee to-doy. on the ram
tenary of Universalism, cold there are non
over one million Univenallsts In the Unite.
States, end In IL century from now Universal
Ism would he the religion of. America.
Reunited Presbyterian General Apsembil.
Ms Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
PEULADELPUIA. Juno t.—At the final
aloe of the Presbyterian General Assembly
this morning, the report on publication was
The docket was cleared of various reports
and overture., being referred to the next
General Assembly, to the Committee of
Twenty-one, or indefinitely postponed.
The Board 'of Pnblication was authorized
to meet on the second Thursday of June. in
Philadelphia. . • •
lienolutions were adopted calling the alien.
Lion . of parents to the catechising of children.
The pay of the stated clerk was fixed at
WIS. and the salary of the permanent clerk at
per fl ume. The payment of fifty dollars
each to the permanent and stated clerk of the
last Assembly at Pittsburgh, for extra work,
tr. ordered..
The. overtUre from t the Walnut street
Church of Lonbreille, Ky.. was discussed and
recommended to the attention of the Com.
millet. A resolution was adopted authoria:
lag en appropriation for the purpose of ami
cably settling the case. The balance is VAX).
The report of the Joint Committee on MM.
tsterial !kite was adopted with slight alter
The business of the session Was closed hp
the singing of the doxology. The closing
hours were occupied with speeches - by several
prothinent commissioners.
Resolutions' of thanks to the Moderator,
Committee of Arrangements, citizens of Phil
adelphia and others, were adapted, ;and• re
plier made by the Philadelphia ishaisters.
The Moderator officially dismissed the As
sembly about half-ping twelve o'clock. 3fany
of the commissioners Imm:di/Rely left fur
their homes.
Ex-Mayor Cahoon el al. Indleird for Forgery
ant Comp!racy—Derision by Chief Justice
[By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
Iticonoito, June 4.—The Grand Jury to-daY
indicted George Cahoon, ex-Mayor. fur-for
gery, and Johnson H. Bands and 'Unbent S.
Blaney, two et-confederate °Cheery. for con
spiracy to defraud • the Mate of $7,000, the
nawiunt dao the state from the estate of
Jacob Hornstein. It is charged that these
parties afterwards eppropriated the estate to
their own tate. (Moon was arrested this
afternoon and balled In $10,t;13. The others
are not In custody. Officers were sent after
Ina suit originating in the United Staten
Circuit Court, Chief Justice Chase
organized decides
that the Government of Virginia,
at Wheelingend subsequently established in
Richmond, having been gecogalud by the
United States, thtm constituted as valid the
act. of sald government. Consequently a suit
rought stalest the authorities of the town of
Harrisonburg. who were nut superceded by
United State. authorities, for alleged false
impiisonment le discharge of municipal du
11.,,Nrc=t trensferrod from the State Co
eerie= Fire to Philadelphia.
[By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh lissette.j
PHILADLLPHIA. June c.—Lute . night a Ire
broke out in a building situated oniki street,
below Market street, occupied by a paper
box No e .Th Dames spresiV to a double
buildielf. gm and 17 South ad street, the
Upper stories of which were burned out.
Tr ueßg
and t , fl-oro k • werass: ocecc u on d
story rh y r on a
, Cor an . g m an and
achur e u pop adtord eby
trimmings, whose entire stock was destroyed.
Loss heavy. The Are reached No.lll.l . Z od ui%
roof.M.Mus. and others, ant d
No. 19,occupted on the first floor by t es
W. idelyarl as a law office. was also damagrd
about the roof.
- The railroad bridge 31,1 - 0,01• the connect
cut at Lynn. Musa., i• completed.
--It wna a new comet. nnt. planet. that wan
discovered by Prof.- Mauldin. at Cm-Bruhn.
--It 1 .reported the Prince Imperial of
France has-been affianced to a daughter of
ex-Queen Isabella of Spain.
--Whit Sunday and the Feast . of Pentecost
were closely observed yesterday by the lipb•
collations. CathOlics and Jews.
The new steamship At/pi/dela. from lAver
pool 2fit
in of :tiny. and l'aminia, from Loudon.
arrived lit New York yoiterday evening.
—Alexander Jones, colored. wan murdered
in Nnshrille.iinturiliie tuhrnlng. Idelyind Rog
en, eh., colored, 'Witting his Atoll with nu
- LPnit. r Soott. of V.wit Newark. N. J..
I:titoruitt,d for trial oil the trlbilnrlt of l hix
hotghter. eleven r I", old, charting him %,
-The ettterler on cc in i:nst Snginnw. Mich-
IKan thannttn by. tire :Sunday morning
16.1.1 n. Inpturett. I 'twill not Interfere with the
—Dr. Landon O. fives, it lihyvivian of thlaY
non zztamting at ineinnnti, once prominent
ly vontzectell , •Iz I Ito College 1 , 11,1
CtillegezztiOlito, will biz burled to-day.
The dry spelt thrudghout the Northwt , t.
which had existed tor two week, Will bruit.
Friday night nud Sutordny by tine shower..
Witleil Pet. - t0 have Oltet/aed ov ,, r n large
Jone, of Nov Market. N. IL. aged
fifty yenta, rut his wife's threat Saturday
.mornlng. causing Instant death. and then cut
Ms own; u mortal walnut. Cauue.
—George E. lingua, eit.F editor of the
Umnha firpordirah, itool formerly eiinnectral
with the Neer York and Chleago
Simi ykuotentely ;if Oman* of °congestion
of the lodes.
-The Erie Railroad Cone our nu dome, a
i . 4•4lll:SiOn 11,011 t. I wenty Per cent. "” r"ti'g
01 tare on and otter Juno an and will carry
1 1 .10CCII.SC, trine New York to Chicago for
t went dollars.
-The eighteenth annual meeting of thea
.tei national Typographical Ucton begins at
toalay. Two Mies will be preh
eat from New York. The meeting will ',robr .
able last until Friday wanting,
The Michigan Central and tireat Western
Ind Michigan *Milani nail Lake Shore Rail
roads have reduced their fare to twenty dal
him between etiliago and New York, and
twenty-tle Jollata and a quarter to Boston.
witeht ell. the famoustenor, has resigned,
In essted..menee "fin charge made by Paul or
undue Istauliarityslusing . no , Opera.
torY 0.{.13f01t made. howeveis.bytWasstdell
Olt an end so assPrehensions et 0 duel - kith
- Hen. D. As bre. made a mains-AI
. . _
- .
, pelvis at the Court (louse in Intilunispol Is, on
Saturday esening. Ile discussed the F itteenth
A WAMPUM:In. ROM. )I lesion question,
:Mow' nuances anti. }lade ifallruild bill.
a nut.ntaed his Igtentlob to make knt one
3 ure race for Cougreas.
—Michael Dyer wim foitdd dead in Ida house
t Natht lllc too Saturilari—having committed
Weal.. by shooting himself through the head
•‘th a pistol. the ball entering above the
ight• ear. It in supposed he committed the
red Olt Thtu-sdav night whilst Intoxicated.
arms, Ural toady 'driven his trite from home
cloced the holm,
new edifice eructed by the First Con
gregational Society. at Chicago. KIM dedicated
,terdity. lt,. S. C. .thirtlett. Rec. W. W.
. _ . ... .. , . . . .
I 'emu and Rev. 1 , .. P. Goodwin. took part in
he services. The edifice Is cruciform. 150 by
il.l feet. built of Joliet .stone, with Ohio sand
stone trimmings. It lass a seating capacity
f 2..1al and cost .181001
--The extensive foundry and machine shop
of Dennis, Long & Co.. in Loulscille. Ky.. was
entirely consumed by tire Saturday afternoon.
The lieu originated In ti e.pattern loft from
sparks from the cupola. Loss on buildings.
machinery tools, and stock. Minn patterns,
galls , X). insurance. Vti.VAL Six hundred
hands ore thrown out of vinploynterit.
--A large m eeting of Israelites was held In
Plum street temple..Cintionnti. last night. to
take Action in regard to the Massacre of Jews
In Roumania. Resolutions were adopted ex-
. • •
pressing horror and indignation at the out
rabe. thanking the government for prompt
action and appointing a nom:Onto to tele
graph to Europe for authentic information.
--A cable dispatch reports the French Gov
erittnent has received a telegram from the
Commander or the French troops announcing
"st battle with the tt arlike tribes of Morocco.
The latter were COVipletely. routed. The na
tives of Algeria are maid to be hostile to the
Imperial troops. and a. general rising wits
'Feared. Reinforcement, will lie forwariltsi
front Toulon.
-The through freight an the J. M, S 1.11. H.
a t
over /I horse at the trestle bridge unc
tion title north of Columbia. Ind.-Saturday
complvtely wrecking the engine and iii
v3r. mid slightly injuring the englneer. ithr
with. C . the tlerzunn, lIIg Smith. ,Ir
e..k.. u w su o l n t .el,•e aa
r n l, atkheet a
Inlkznee .1_ 1.
t re, lerep.ti,el and r ruis.
rutin.g ma hl (elle
h.mrs trim theAlme Of the dla.h..ter.
--The thermometer ot Bangor. M. 3.ttiir:
stood at ninety. and yesterday at ninety
six. The protracted drought In that section
Is serlousle affecting the limber latermif..
One Alice of Seem million logs bad been
abandoned and another of Mem Milton Is In
danger of being hung up. Another of [men
ty-eight million. In hung up. MI are on tie
tributariesof the Penobscot. Logs urn In
anti, demand and Operators make the mine
for manufacturers.
--Considerable commotion has been created
. . . .
In the Third Ohlo Lnstrlct by recent seizures
made by Collector Williams for alleged viola-
Hons of the revenue laws In Iteki-7-e. On the
11 be seized the distiller)•. of Isnac Hay.
Brookville. for alleged violations while to
charge of Herr._Turner and Hock; also the
distillery uf GeOlge F. Elliott, Hamilton.
while ie charge of Marrnaduke. Ihrisworth
Co.: also that of l'eter Schwab, Hamilton,
while In charge Of David W. flrown.
—Peter Palmer, the well known Chicago
millionaire, gives notice through the public
press that he will on the let of July com
mence the erection of a hotel In Ch i cago,
which will probably be the !urgent In the coats
ire. It will have a frontage of feet on
State street and 252 on Monroe. to he eight
stories high end contain 5.19 rooms. It will
he In the style of the Louvre. , Palace. built by
Philippe. it will cost. Including
grounds. over two and a half millions.• •
—Newe wan received et military head tiner
ters. Chicago. on Saturday. from Major Gltn.
non. at Mays City, Kansan. that about thirty
live Indians attacked Cal. Nelson's mail ate-
Con. de ileac Creek. two private sol..
dim" and wounding Sergeant Murray. A
Mexican Nen ant tit Supply eons also killed
by the Indians:end ditty mules were run off
with below that point; Mrs. Keith. an Inter-
Chter. crone Into eamp.Supply, reporting the•
eyennes and it large number of Arapahoes
had gone on the war path.
—Saturday about noOn. during the preva
lence of it thunder. storm. a barn In Chicago
wen struek by lightning and three men In
stantly 2 - fled and one wounded. They were
at work outside whet. the storm commenced,
and went Inside to get not of thoraln. The
-names of the killed are: Henry 31e7ne. aged
50. Thomas Stark. aged 513, mud Patrick Dolan.
aged ui. all ..of them laborers. .The wounded
an was named J no. Schultz. Ile wet not an-
Hourly Injured. In about .an hoar after
Stark s death, one of his sons, who bed been
sonic time. exulted. He was not aware
of the death of big father at the time.
—For second day. 'numerous . complaints
had been made to the health departmept of
Chicago of a horrible stencil which pervaded
the quarter In the vicinity of Washington and
Wells streets. baturdny morning the-sanita
ry officer went to Ilennett's Medical College.
L./ Washingto street, and although the
owners of that Institution protested that no
stench came from their building, yet the offi
cer pendsted In making an examination and
finally reached the roof, where ho found a
vast collection of human remain. la a 'condi
tion of disgusting putrefaction, Including
hones, flesh, etc. of grown persons and In
fants. Thenttisance of coons was abated at
--On Saturday night Inst.between the NOrth
Branch of the Chicago river and the village
of Itavenswood, the engineer of the night
train for Milwaukee discovered that he had
run over what was apparently a human form.
The to was stopped and backed, and the
mnugled body of ta woman dlacovered. The
bodywas found cold. indicating that death
W)18 Dot caused by the train. At the Inquest.
near the spot where the body was found. evi
dence, were discovered that there had been a
scuttle. and there was a pool of blood. At the
'pot where the body was foilnd there wee no
blued proving:hat be waadead before being
.strlck by the engine. The body bid pet yet
been Identified.
A Jew'. Difficulties.
A very merry affair Is reported to have
taken place near the Jewish Cemetery
near llambergh. It was noticed that the
indestructible race of Schnorrera with an.
eye to profit out of every opportunity, are
not too lacy to undertake the rather lung
journey from 'botchy to the cemetery, and
once. there they plague the mourners by
their importunities. It wan at Ink- .re
soloed to , prevent such scenes, and a Jess
kik-policeman' was engaged to koep .. :these
petitioners ate rcipectable
l'he policeman appeared, posted him
self at the gate of the cemetery—but the
Efc/inorrere pained In like locusts, and
mercilessly attacked the mourners, who
In varn.lookedto.the policilman for aisle-
One of the officers Of the cemetery - at
laid hastened to the pciliceman, and ad.
dressed him hi a not over-friendly tone,
“What are you here for?" Why don't
you coma in and chase off these • "Schnor.
rend' " "I cannot!" "And why, if.: you
please?" Well I am a Cohen, a descendant
of Aaron, and am not permitted to enter
a cemetery."
The officers of the cemetery did not rel
ish much a Cohen is a policeman; nor did
they much like the . Sehnorrere, who, by
this time returned to the city, well satisfi
ed with the result of their trip.
Time Banking Committee of the House
have agreed to a bill punishing officer,' of
National Banks by heavy fine and imprin•
onment, for certifying to false checks,
that in, certifying to, Sunda not deposited.
The committee are determined that this
had practice, which obtains to a large ex
tent In the large eitlea,shall be abolished.
NEWS BY CAB 1. ? E. •
Protests Against Extortion' in Cuban
Ports—New Vessels for British Navy
—Spirit of the. English. Press—Re
port of the Massacre of Je a's In Ron
mnia Probably Cofounded—The
li Ina question in the Spanish Cortez
—Return of Captives by Spanish
Brigands—The French Corps Ugh'.
taint—lndictments Against Regicide
Conspl ra ors—The Ecumenical Coun
cil—Reported Capture of lhe . Cargo
af the Cnban Privadeer Upton.
❑y'l'.•lrgraVh lu . tlici Pittsburgh thitettuld
!Amin's, June I.—The Nhipplim ti.nrtfr hoc
It villtinom lender on the extortion prstrAleutl•
upon vessel. arriving lit Cuban ports under
the pretence of tines for the evasion of cos
too. regulations.. The fhtzellt itivntes *Joint
protest against this outrage on Ate part of
England and the United States.
The Admiralty begins...three new Iron clad
°veseels at Clintbani navy Vivid, immedlat.etr..
one to be could Raleigh. 5.X01 tons beaten.
not to carry t wentyseeven henry rim:, broads
aide. The others will be small light drift
steamers, to operate around the noon nod in
The steninern Cuba and Columbia have Arti
e ed out.
The Spectator asks intlignuntly If the Gov
ernment exchanged (4 nmbin for n worthletis
tract adjoining Sterm Leone.
The Saturday Berko admits the ill !nate and
uselessness of Lindsay's nddress ha tett...nee
to the union of President (Irma.
The Bony News hopes Mr. Lindsay , teldretot
to t he troops has been toisrepreseuttal by the
t:etteral George Napier publishes in
the new simpers a fresh endorsement of Ca
nadian courage anti loyalty. •
Loste ce.:June 5.-18-pateltes'lt out the Uni
ted Stain, 11.111101111, the rt reipt there Of, re
ports Of .massacres of Jews by Christiana In
Roumania. No 10iViC05 trace 'reached Isere 011
the subject, and the continental news agen
cies deny there have been any recent outrages
piton the Jews of Roumania. A dispatch
fr Bucharest sinless+ riot oceurind • last
sevels ttt Itatuschaly, a village In MoldaTia,
tinting a local election. It Is described as an
ordinary political disturbance which • was
quelled without the Interference of troops.
'there Is tench rejoldng here beer the re
lease of the English captives in dpuln. '
Juno 4.-The En/dig - Mown who
wore captured by Spanish brigands neer t)ib
ratter, some tiny ago. have been trucked 'by
an emissary of the Government. The prison
ers were In good health end well treated.
Their anal release wag only a matter of
money. -The Government has already-com
menced negotiations with the robbers, but
the subject is replete with difficulties, and It
is leered no result will be reached fur seVeral
PAR!, June 4.—The pr.:veiling! , to the Span
ish Cortes yesterday were highly Moon:ult.
Almost the entire cession was devoted to the
consideration of the question of a futnre rider.
At length a prat onit ion 0,10 made by one
sewl:tent hat no candidate tar King be con
idered fairly elected unless he receives le ma
jority equal to half the fall nand:atria the dma
ultra lu Cortes. Amid the most enthusiastic
applause it was resolved to take this propiial-
Om into consideration. by a vote of - lint to
in. and the Cortes adjourned. This side is
s-ry slant leant. It Is regarded :la equivalent
to e the defeat of Moutpensier. echo has 01111.
eighty-nine votes in the Cones. and a ho, ff
this amendment Is adoi ted. will requite one
hundred and sevent y-nine to be elected..
. . . .
Maputo. June s.—:F,Lipartero hat written
letter fluting that hew 111 refuse the crow
et a If the Cortesdecree it to hint. •
The Englishole . n captured ,by .Spanith
brigand, have been rrgraed and nriirtnl nt
II s , ‘7, Tem,
eil I,ib. l'lll,llState, fir watr
cop to andcil yr.terd my from key Wet".
• linennn, June b:-The Captaill Genf:nil tele
graphs the 111Ibustering crinniltlidt which
sailed train Sew York bit the steamer George
tt iZtiton. disembarked nt PuntO Brit% it. a few
mice. ennt 3furitan. 'llley_were attacked be
Spaninh force ona hundred ...tiring.maged
by two gunhontli and liloperelid. blui :i ng ten
killed. Including Cniitnin if nrrilon. Tiro more
isere drowned and three taken) prisoner.. A
attain launch, Gilder rafts. and the entire
rung,. of arms. admonition hull medicine,
which had been landed. were imptured, with
The SptlnPit navoKeortunander telegraphs
the tounitiotor eitptatted . rowan( of two tone
of powder. over 100,00 cotrteldgeg dud I.IIXI
Ciinerds. who roubnanded the expedition.
had sailed on the Upton with the balance of
her cargo for. Columbia. for the purpose of
bringing baclUan espedition_iq two hundred
The editor of the roar D'enba states thnt
the six tons of gm np,witrt; two thousand ti
tles and entire notterlul:f the Upton expect'.
tb.ra fell Into the hands of the troop, and that
• ••
prisons taken wore at once executed
None of the-dlaratchee state when the land
Ing was effected.
Pastan, June L—ln the . Corpis LegislatiLyes
terday.members of the Left having demanded
the right of public meeting during elections
for Councils rieneral. Nl.t.tilivier refused mak
ing this Cabinet quo allun the notch of the
in; for to-day. The Deputies who ymterday
voted by a large majority against the Minis
try. today unanimously voted In Its favor,
except the members of.the Left, who abstain
ed from voting. The success of 011ivier to
day averts a ministerial crisis.
Benedetti. )holster to Pronto. who recent
ly bad leave of abeence to visit Paris. has re..
ceived an order to return to Berlin forthwith.
The Chamber of Accusation of the High.
Court et Justice yesterday returnedlntlict
merits against it number of persons who had'
been finally remanded before - the High Court
fur trial. Forty-seven are Indicted fur con-
EirArrett " t=o e r ti t t i tVp if t e. " ithe
On safety of the State, three- for pillage of
private property In nundaere and with open
force, one for attempt to pillage, one for at
tempt to murder, one for insemination, two
for inciting to attempt minion the life Of the
Emperor and one for complicity in the same
ROME, June 1. , -Yesterday, upon the demand
of one hundred and fifty of the Fathers in tile
Ecumenical Connell. the end of the discussion
on echelon de primate of infollffillatt was pro
nounced. On 'Monday the discussion of chap
ters will commence.
LoartsrUl. June s.—Adrices from Rome report
it violent scene in the Council last week be
tween Bishop idaret, the well-known Gnlllean
prelate, and Cardinal Milo. during the discus
sion on the Infallibility question. Miter lan.
gunge was need and much excitement created
timiune. June s.—Bancroft await. fresh in
etructlons trout Washington before proceed
log with negotiations with the Plll4,l4llgov
ernment on the rights of naturalized citizens
He has left Berlin on a visit to the South tier
man States. -
Viirmis, June s.—An linpertel 110CYBO ao•
nounees a universal exposition will
here lain!. •
PLvadrru, June 4.—The ateamsbin /Ole
mania. from Neu. York for Hamburg, arrived
Ole afternoon.
•-• • .
BIIVAT. June 4.—The ateomahip La Loulsiaon
of the Bernina and St. Maniere Line. has gen
ashore between this clip and St. Idaaolrre. I
is thought she will succeed to getting ort a
next high tide. • '
1x.,0000. June 4.—Affirnam.--Consols for ,
money 21%; on account M. American securi
ties Illet; BOX; 65's. 88%; tfre 90X; 10-40's,
Wild; Erie., 18.% 11:0; 0 rent Western,
:9Y• Stones quiet.
Ltsetneool... June !.—Cotton dull; Middlins
uplands 1111 id; Orleans 10;4011d; sales 10,000
bales. Whoaquiet and steady for California
White; N 0.2 red western 8. di; winter On 3dr,
Os Id. Fruit steady. Western flour 21s dd.
Corn—No • mlced Cgs 3d. Oats 28 5(1. Bar
iota ad. B l e:r 116•T 1. t. 1 Xj.12. " 41. 816 r d t .
Bacon—Ses ad for Cumberland cut; me ad for
;Mort rib.
LODON. June I.—allaw liens 45..
Sugar dull at 27s afloat.
PARIN. June B.—Bourse °lased exalted at 74f
SM. •
Iftezdtgoter, June I.—Bonde opened arm
but quiet.
/Lynx, June 2.—Cotton opened tint at I TJ
on !pot end ,font.
Upper Rivers
(By P. sad A. Telegraph.).
OIL Cm: June 5.-,itiver rising very slowly
with twenty — two Inches water in the channel
Weather relay; ther. 74 deg• at a P. y.
ORZEMIDORO. Tune 4.—Hirer stationary,
with three feet three Inches Neater In the
channel. Weather showery; ther. 70 dog. at
7 P. M.
linowriallus, June s.—Hirer stationary,
with three and a half feet water la the chan
nel. Weather cloudy; ther. 70 des. at 7P. lit:
Destructive Flecs,ln Canada.
My Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.l
Waage. June 4,--Anot her destructive Ere Is
raging In the woods In the neighborhood of
Trinity Bay on the Saguenay. and still another
some miles up the river. Others are reported
at Point Aux Trembles. Should the present
drought iontinue the ravages by . Are will. he
very extensive. •
Appointments—Wayne MeVeatrii Con
firmed as Minister to Turkey—The
Case of Ashley, Clotentor of :Mon
- lowa—Unall•l'oi Anion4Crots Indi
ans—The Red Mon tisitors—Disa-
Wilily, Rill—'faunes+ee ReconOrac
inn--'flu. Revenue Service—Com
aerie and Navy, &a.. &a,
l'elogyalth to the Intl%burgh tintette.l
tt I NOTUN. Jun. I, 1871:.•
lie President Asnt the fi Ileu ing nominit
us to to-tiny: Benj. N'..l.litiott
13 [N CM' York, Chas. P. Jansen, of District of
Columbia, and Victor, C. Banlnger, of Non
YUrk, Coultnlntlonent to re Ise and consult
date the statutes of the United States; Edwin
enitell States+ Attorney (sr West,
ens Markt of Texas..
Senate tooiny continued Wayne Mc
tuftt as Minister to Constantinople. nod then
knp for consideration the oondnatiot of
Itltninnitit F. Potts. of Ohio, for tiovernor of
Moot nun, vice Jas. M. Ashley.' who Is to he
removed. .t.discussion. lasting nearly two
hours. emoted. In which Messrs. Sherman.
Morton. Mime and others spoke to favor of
the conflrnomination,tlon of the nomination, and
Ntessrs. su nom. Nye. Cameron and others
j opposed h. Without a vote the tiienate ad
II , 92( AlIONli
gneral Sully. Superintendent of Indian Af
fair} for Mntana. writes to Commissioner
Parker from Helena. MD) . 25th, that the Hirer
Crows have the small pus very badly among
o thx ii a nt nei c(. ag t, 7 . lo , A , ryg . i g n eo TT , a a ll 4)7:l a k e s:l
ImlUeement 'to have the Crows vaecinata
but without avail.. they strenuously refuse,
mying it was bad medicine. General Sully
has written the agent to remove the Crowe
ay from the ageney to
mlles..and do alt he
eau to present any Iftleteduarse between them
and sitter Indinns.
SIIfiWINCI THE RED are lUu , Cep,
Red Cloud ant other Sioux chiefs were W-
M:ly taken to the Arsenal and Navy Yard. at
The latter place witnessing some tiring of
heavy Parrott gun, They appeared more In,
terested in, needle rifles rat the Arsenal than In
the cannon. They itemected 'the monitors
vary carefully. but declined to participate In
luncheon at Ur re:Mk:nee of Admiral Dahl
17Iecretr Robeson nd u ient of
marines receiv a ed y
the party, a
at the Na r y Yard.
Senator Robert... Cbalrman of the Select
Committee on Polit lent Menton( len, this morn-
ng reported a bill fur. the relief of more the.
ix thousand persons named therein and de
cribed as residents of some eighteen. diffe
nt Etates and the District of C 011103610. •
• WARIILMITON. Juno 5. lend.=
Ills regarded as Improbable that Congres
will act at this session upon tho question o.
thu reconstruction of Tennessee.
The Secretary of the Treasury has sent to
the Senate a report of n special commission,
n.'n",log op al,Pronrintion of $311,00 for the
constructlon'-of. five new steamers for the
revenue service to supplant five now to use,
but Insufficient, and the si e of viz of the mall-
tag vessels. It Is propose d to have twenty
steamers and three sailing. vessels for the
Atlantic and Gull coasts. three steamers and
two schooners on 'the Pun flo coast. and four
steamers on the Lakes. Tolal officers 183 and
crews S:S.und annual expenditure $
Governor Geary, of Pennsylvania, has ad
dressed' a letter to Vice Admiral Porter
. -
strongly. sympathizing with' him In his dealr
for prompt and liberal legislittion by Congress
and state, that to revive our commerce an
navy be believes In the establishment of Ira
ship building yards by the Government and
the seeking of our revenge for the destructio
of our commerce by British vessels during th
rebellion in the mare honorable driving o
British commerce front the Ocean by the ere
elm) of superior ships.'
The friend's of Cuba say large quantities of
one hove been Ml:patched td the insurgents
ml Win noon be sent.
There ore six or eight contested eleetio.
- vises yet to be called up in the 'louse and to
or fifteen to be reported on. •
EX- r tilt StllL4, Jonah 1104,
tell ',CI.' nßcd Ir.
xLisT coNG tEss
h Telegraph to the Pittsburgh finzettej
W•muLenrou. June 1, MO.
Mr. THAYER introduced a bill authorising
he Racine Railroad Company to take up roal
ands necessary R. operate tfie road. •
Mr. 11.kkISEY reported. from the Pacific.
Itaitirmul CoUunitter, a bill t 6 encountgo th
moist ractiou of the I ntersiatietutal Pncla
Railroad Of Texas,cuataininir appropria
(lon of land or money. I
Mr. M* ILLIAMS coiled up ha joint resolh
lion fur the increase of cuuq , ensatlun of manna.
takers. which was diseuwied without furthe
action Mau the rejection of set era! amend
The Indian Appropriation bill came up
he oxpiration of the morning hour.
Au amendment appropriating Sall,ooo for th
purehaeevf wagons, teams. agrlculturalans
{dements, live stock, seals. and (o'r the erec
tion of hous6s fur Indians In the Northern
llnpurlntendency comlnjt• up: the Indian
Qunkei i ollov vne'revlewod nt some length.
The rending amendment tens tinnily carried
— )e4ef 11. mire IS
The Senate at 3:40 tent Into executive se
lon and at six o'clock adjourned.
---- fdI:WINCIIESTER presented a petition of
one hundred and twenty Orson of Louisville,
Ky.. for the reduction of. the tax on manufac
tured tobacco to sixteen rents per pound.
Mr. BROOKS introduced .a bill to proelde
for carrying malls between the Coiled States
and the west coast of South America. grunt
ing o su (ruedf feSIZI) for each round Toy
age. R.
Mr. 1101.1 PER, frum Committee of Ways and
Means. reposed a bill fur the anpointruent of
an Assistant Treasurer of the United States
nt Baltimore.
FINKLENBCIIO introduced a joint
resolution concerning the usenal grounds at
St. Louis.
Mr. BOYD introduced a joint resolution
giving 'captured ordinance tor a monumont
to Gen. Nathaniel Lyon and other soldiers, at
North Springfield. Mo. Passed: .
The 'Louse proceeded to the consideration
of the bill to reduce taxation.
. _ .
The gnat section toes agreed to, and then
Mr. ECIIENCK offered us an amendment sec
tions relating to the tariff. He stated that
. . .
. .
the amendment woo offered on his own. re
sponsibility., and not by order of the Com
mittee of Ways and Means. lie modified the
amendment in various particulars. comprising
the following: Reducing the duty on tea to
fifteen cents Per pound, untron coffee to thine
cents per pound. The date in the first section
Is amended to January 1. ifql. lie stated that
tbe reduction of revenue bychanges
would be V. 11,01.0.000. and that of internal reve
nue /40,000.M0. lie moved the Previous ques
tion on the first section.
• • .
• . • •
kr. ELDRIDGE moved the point of order
het the House had right to vote on each
urairraph In this section.
The Speaker overruled the point of order.
The House refaced to second the previous
- . .
Mr.'SCHENCK then withdrew the amend
ment and moved the previous question on the
passage of the bill to reduce taxation.
Points of order were raised on the question
whether the amendment could be withdrawn,
and overruled.
Mr. SCHENCK withdrew the previous ques
tlou and again moved the amendment, after a
verbal modification of it by making the date
It would gu Into effect the Eth of December.
M, and on that demanded the previous quee
. •
This time. amid much excitement, the p
viols question Wu seconded-80 to di.
After moult, Slibusteriror the nude queen° ,
was ordered-83 to Sp.
. . . .
Daring the discussion which followed, Mr.
ELDRIDGE stated the opposition wanted a
vote on Bessemer steel. while Mr. RAN
DALL wanted 'nu too 'whatever on tea and
coffee. - •
Mr. COVUDE said the free trade men were
filibustering to prevent a reduction of duties,
and charged upon his colleague (Mr. Wood-
ward) that be had made a noble tariff speech
to Influence voters at home and wee now vo- •
Dug with free traders on all occasions. He
(Mr. Covodel had taken last fall 3,000 votes
from Mr. Woodward on the Labor question,
which alarmed him so much that he went to
work and made a tariff speech. His col
league's Position on the tariff question was to
harmony with the position he took when
he wanted Pennsylvania arrayed against
the, _north and with rebels, ind when he
seceded from his Church because hi preacher
was loyal. [Roars of laughter.] Another col
league of his (Mr. Randall) who was slight
tariff Man at homeovas voting to-day with
men who were trying to impede legislation.
He included in his criticisms Mrr. Butler, of
Musachusetts ' wham be had wanted to make
President, and his beloved friend, the Chair
man of the Committee of Ways avid Means.
Mr. Covade returned to the charge against his
colleague (Mr. Woodward) and declared that
gentleman bad made a motion and' a speech
in the • Pennsylvania Constitutional Conven
tion In favor of requiring twenty-one years
residence of foreigners to entitle them to
vote. And was now toadying to the Irish and
Mr. KELLEY made the point that his col.
leagne's Temarks were not pertinent to the
question before the House.
The SPEAKER remarked the gentleman
was proceeding only by unanimous consent.
Mr. KELLEY objected to bin proceeding
anA b .lo r O
Mr. DWA.ED Mae no the Democratic
side of the House, and sold when he selected
a biographer, the Vernon must be a man of
troth, and therefore his colleague had no
chance to be eelected; and when he debated
on Ibis door, he debated with gentlemen sent
VOL. i Lxxxv.
.1 not with a man
I onest man for the
hips. [Laughter.
-the floor to Te
-1 tern objected, and
ed upon.
k.tin g on dilatory
here by constituencies. a
who stole his seat from an
nuronse of selling Cadet
and calls fur the regular 0
Mr. COVODE tried to get
ply.but Mr. WOOD and of
the regular order was laid
. The House returned Its A
MO. consent, reported a jai .t reso tition to
amend the law appropriating s4o,oV.ffor the
survey of the Isthmus of Darien. so it may be
expended under the direction of the War or
Navy Department. Passed.
Mr. SCHENCK sold ho desired to report the
Funding bill, but he t proposed that by
-- ,minions consent the xi Mon be made to be"
sisiderithe vote by whi h the main question
ss ordered be laid on the table. and that
then he permitted to eport the Funding
11, after which , the Hot se should adjourn.
Ith the understandin that on Monday
timing It would rot°
The ' rutuitiltlon hens .
to re r IFK then .
int to port the Fund
'Fhe House ruhsided
111111 01111.5 con.
bill. . •-
o 't tr t glitnees of
. .
voting on dilatory moth,
Mr./AKAN. front Co
Affairs. reliorted back th
log managers to the Nati
nbled colonteer soldiers.
Mr. SCHENCK renew°
...rt the funding bill
mlttes on' Illitary
Senate bill appoint
nsl Asylum for Ills-
Web passed.
Ills proposition to
bane it rend.
. .
I,IIANDALI. object° .
Mr. SCHENCK (puttln. the bill into his
Ocket Very well; this s n very Interesting
ill. and you cannot know what it is till Mon-
he anal vote W. then taken oin adjourn
ment and the itOlibt, adjourned.
Alabama stair Auditor , Cominltird Kir Coo
Dig Telegraph to the f!lterbargh Gazette."
Mogroomxity, June I.—Judge Busteed, of
the United States rattrict Court. has commit
ted Reynolds. -tutor of State, to Jail five
days for contempt of Court, in refusing to
obey w injunction restnilning him from col
lecting the two per cent. tax Ent Ir.. re
ceipts of the Southern Express LoMPunY.
which was authorized by the State revenue
law but enjoined by the District Court. Rey-
. - .
wields seas also tined SI,IIUI and required to re
fond the amount collected. Reynolds is 'a
Jendbig . Republican and an .nspirant to the
governorship. ills friends have called an In
dignation meeting which It in supposed will
help on his claims.
Decoration Day nt California, Wash
ington county, Penn...
CALIFORNIA, Pn.,..May 31,';0.
The Grand Army of the Republic had 'a
glorious success yesterday, the 30th: The
day woo beautiful, and all business
was suspended. The proprietors of the
beat yard, planing mills, coal works, and
the principal stores ant e work shops, sus
pended business, and participated with
the returned soldit:is in the solemn and
impressive ceremony of strewing dowers
an the graves of fallen comrades, and
col= emomt ing the glorious achievements
of our arms in the late struggle for the
About two thousand people assembled
to witness and participate in the cere
mony. The pupils of the Southwosterp
Normal College, under charge of Profes
sors Gilchrist and Ilertzog, and the floral
committees appointed for the occasion,
escorted the widows and orphans of de
ceased soldiers and the members of the
Grand Army of the Republic from their
hall in California to the M. E. Church in
G reenfield.•• where the I grand assembly
took place. Rev. J. G. Uagley preached
a very eloquent and impressive sermon.
Professor Hertzog conducted the singing.
After the services at the church, the pro
cession, beaded by :Captain Merdoch's
'hula Band, =Yelled through some of
the principalstreets to the cemetery, sobers
Captain J 214. H. Bi 'Haply and Sargt. Geo.
P. Fulton addressed the multitude in ,a
masterly manner.
About three o'clock t•. m, the grave of
Capt. Samuel Marchand was visited at the
family burying ground on the Marchand
farm, on the Fayette wide of the river.
Dr. Burket and Rey. Cox addressed the
audience briefly, and Dr. Truxel, late
Copt. Company -1," Gth West Virginia
Cavalry, delivered an oration. INS all a
-copy of which we have been favored, but
iwhicb, on account of the croirded state of
our coltunn , , we unfortunately eau not
pohliAl. TIP' 0171[1011 i t self is an eloquent,
uud,ext renoly approj,riato nroduaion.l
• Guns and Boys.
IC o amount of caution will keep boys front
handling guns. It is a fascinating imple
ment: there is a charm about a gun
which bewitches a boy's imagination.
Guns are now so cheap that everybody can
have one. Even if timid persons with
hold towling.pieces from their sons, it will
cot prevent their handling them. . The
town is full of them. And accidentally
or on purpose. your son will fiud out Wm.,
thing about gunning. The military com
panies are to ninny, and the manual ,of
arms en fascinating, and slisrpaihooting,
has become such a fashion, that you may
be sure that an average boy will come be
a gun clandentinely;if he does not. with
your permission. Now, we argue flint s it
is far more dangerous to leave boys to find
out secretly the pleasures of it gun than
it is to teach them its skillful ure. • A child
soon learns caution. After a few weeks,a
lose of tea years old is in as little danger
of doing mischief with a gun as he is of tak
ing poison or falling into the river, or down
stairs, or of stabbing himself with his
knife: We hold it to be sound philosophy
that children are safer by being taught
how to meet danger and overcome it than
by seeking to keep them . assay front .all
danger. It is not the bold and brave lads
that are most apt to he harmed. In
wrestling, _climbing, -swimming, riding,
leaping or ehooting, they who have been
taught skill and self-reliance an- seldom
injured. It is the clumsy hand, - the awk
ward foot of one untaught in manly ex
ercise that courts disaster. The boy that
Is familiar with a gun le not the one who
snaps it at his sister, thinking that it is
.not loaded, and shoots her dead. It is the
green lubber who has not been permitted
to know anything about fire _arms that
Twin that. A wise father should teach his
boy how to load, how to carry a gun safe
le,how to scale a fence, and all the peat
laritiee of the art of hunting. It would
be well, too, to teatlC every girl how to
use a pistol. Many a woman has been
placed in the power of burglars for lack
of that knowledge—Henry Ward BetrAer.
Take one pound flour, one teaspoonful
salt, mix stiff with cold water, work and
wash one-half pound of butter, and divide
it into four equal parts; roll out the dough
to about one-quarter Inch In Thickness,
spread ono part of the butter on it, and
dredge it over with Banner Baking Pow
der; then roll up and out again , and repeat
the rolling, spreading and dredging, un
til the four parts of butter have been
used. One measure of the Powder is the
proper quantity to use, Sprinkling it
lightly over the butter each time; when
it melts it will cause the Powder to offer
veers and puff up the paste; bake In jelly
cake pans, In a very hot oven; when done,
place in layers, covering each ono with
strawberries, which Lave previously been
sugared and mashed.
Each can of the Banner Baking Powder
contains a-small measure to be used even
full. By buying this Powder you will
always get a perfecAly. pure article, and
you will be enableff. to take the exact
quantity, which you cannot do with a
spoon, there being so many different
sizes. Prepared only' by Jesse A. Lippin.
cott, comer Smithfield street and Second
avenue. Pittsburgh,. and sold by dealers
throughout Western Pennsylvania and
, Eastern Ohio.
{'cry Light
FLE.B.—Taka one quart of flour,
two teaspoonfuls of salt, two tablespoon
fuls of melted butter, and sweet milk
esurllclent to make a thick batter; mix thor
oughly; add one egg, well beaten, and one
measure Banner Baking Powder; stir well,
and bake immediately in waffle irons.
Each can of the Banner Baking Powder
contains a small measure to be used even
full: By buying this Powder you will al.
ways get .a perfectly pure article, and will
be enabled to take the exact quantity,
which you cannot do. Where you use a
spoon, there being so many different size,.
Prepared only! by Jesse H. Lippincott,
corner Smithfield street and Second ae.
eau°, Pittsburgh, and sold by dealers
throughout Western . Pennsylvanbi and
-Eastern Ohio.
• Camethhic sew.
Artistic bronze, allegorical rs
dons of the seasons. the beade_e.r en .
ties and other subjects, in.ert e T he otme .
A rich and beautiful article
mentation of rooms. w ill mem,
These goods are Tir.he sae them.
mend themeelew 14, N .. sox . &
Jour Slir na 08 Market @treat.
--NO. 137.
The Re-election of Mr. 'Whittemore.
(By Telegraph to the lilt t Gazette.]
CMARIXSin.M. itne L. -Nearly Yompleto
returns show that Whittemoreis returned to
Congress by about :MK , Inajorlty. The vote
compared with VW.when Whittemore was
Bent elected, was eery light. only one-half the
colored and one-fifth the white rote being
IV . ..solution of the Cmumlllec on Common
Sutton:l Lunde nn the youth /runt of thocltY7
tiding what le known MP Neleon'e Island wad
other jiroporties—are Milted ' to meet with the
In the Cite Building, AlleithenT. They ere else
requested to bring with them abstracts or title
any plan relating !Lynn" they may here to
J. 11;0X-LEY.
Weir Wseselem
E STRAY.---Canie to the residence of
tn. subscriber. "11 Mt. Alban. a SMALL.
DARK 111 LI.. about three year, OA. The owner
replanted to Kora property and take him , war.
hetnla•• he a 1111,ekold IN pay rhargea.
Joe: ' DAVID 'kleKEit.
77 TcleirtgE.—Pmpo.o. for the GRADING
end NIASON RV on the above rood Irillbe rebeleed.
addressed to McDONOUGH FERRKE. one and •
half Mlles front Sharosburg, on sold road. until
WEI/NE:3OAI". June 13th.
31r1RINOI'G II Fricitun,
Prealdent Sharvaburu and 'lntoning:Torben. ,
TIoN co. STOCKS. •
Tur,vAy EVENING, June 7th. at 9 "'cloth.
will he sold ..n Second 11wrof 31ellnaltie's Auction
!Looms, 100 Stulthnold street
shares 'lltird National Bank:
shares lKsebange National Bank:
"to :I:;,";',!:l,l=F,4ll2ri'AlVg•
23 shams 315neliener Savings Bank:
2 shares Monongahela Navigation Co.;
30 shares 31. 51. lioniar,e Co.:
Jer, • 31cil.WAINK, Aurtionear.
st. Nuna.APVl)7lV o it,';:t'Pe7ll7."l',4 l ,o:?"4 a tia )a C rt og.:
mon Pleas of A ileghonT
M. Intonius .from Pai Brnrficia
Niltirl). of Birmingham.
And that sand Charter will be grunted Lit next to
of said Court. It no luniclent re....ons to the con
irony are entered meanwhile.
GEOIWE s. 51CNttlf.
ien , 3lo Attorney far the Society.
A gret-elaaa lot. thoroughly seasoned In th
ugh or planed. at the yard.
91 Sandusky Street, Allegheny Cit
JeCo9 •
Wattles & Sheafer,
• •
Have a yeti nice assortment of 110WA!LD
WATCHES In Gold and Silver Cast.. which will
be sold i.e low as they can possibly bo bought gay
oleos lb the city.
There steno better time pieces made. Every one
warranted by special certificate. Jed
Pert of PUT Abrirgh,
Jrivx 4th. Iblo.
—Notice is hereby given that SEALED PRO
SAS, accompanied by proper uarantlea. a
cordig to forms to be furnished on apnlicatlon at
thin oßice. will be reoelved thereat, until 12
o'clock Meridian no the SECOND TUESDAY IN
JUNE NEXT (14th Inst..) for thenuPPl7 of the
Marine Hospital. near this city. with the articles
of PROVISION. FUEL. he.. enumerated In said
form.. The quantities stated ere estime.d with
Terence to the usual number of patients in the
Hospital; Ina the United States re
the right
11,11;krteit'Xilg to
it et the ttonettal Sc' not. in the lodgment of
the phytectan. of tile beet quality. and adapted to
the hospital. he Will be at liberty to reject the
same. to purchase other artieles In their stead,
and to charge the etattructer with Oily excess over
the contractprtces.
The United States - nwerrys the right to accept
theproposals for the whole-or soy portion of the
ertlcles sprained.
iottyti THOMAS STEEL. Survevor.
Lanais ; . Factories & Mills,
Are Agents fur tbs sate of largo and small FARMS
awl valuable tract. Of TIMBER and MINERAL
Ole States of Maryland. Virginia. North Carolina.
Georgia. Arkansas and Mississippi: They •150
nd FLOURING MILLS at n great bargain.
onan 1
d altar
Jane flth. 870.3 through
Tratesdally noteeptsunda Y )
will leave Inttaburyth Depot, corner of Eleventh
and Fite W fur ants, Franklin, Oil City, BaClllO.
and all ;tenth, In the 011 Region.
. . ..
Day Expivey
Nicht Exprou 7:
9300 A. M. Mi3 o ii. H.
:0 r. m.
Way linsiningei . 9.30 A. x.. 7:Ull A... 11.
Mall Train 600 Y. 9.
Wady). Bend AWE.— 343 Y. N. lOMO A. N.
Sods Worts
'lst Holton 6:40 r. 8. riaiii
A. 8.
. - all A.B.
9:00 -:*
tVigitg: • 11:00 ....: 49 A . 9:
Clinton ll4O t. ii . . litril 1 .. . :I'.
Express traps stop only at principal points. Ac
commodation trans stop at
, n ,tattoos.
Sneer Palace Sleeping Car on oar Night Exprross
tram, both ways between PURIM:tril and Corry.
J. J. LAWRENCE, Rani - rapt
Jed JAMES 11. EIRAY.TIcket Agent.
The Safe Deposit C o ..
Is new pi eoared to act In • General Fiduciary Ca.
as Executor. Administrator. Guardian.
Trustee. Agent or Committee of any person or es
tate; and also as General Agent (or any State. Mu
rildpallty or Corporation, at reasonable rates of
theme. •
CIFD and WILLS received under weginntee and
Cartilthates Wood th erefor.
ELRY received fora year or less period.
waParsons leaving the city to go aba convenient ting
tering 011.Ces. will find a most and
Keefe place of Deposit tti the Vaults of the Safe
Deposit Company.
wrath:sl:lp TRZASUE.EII
nzite attention to their lerhe .toot of
Two Thousand Bbls. Rained Swann,
Two Hundred Bores Havana Wars,
One Hundred and Fitly Ms. P. B. Ph
and N. 0. Sugars,
Syrup 6 and Molasses,
Tobaccos and Cigars.
They oopootolly W • OW for /heir
Fps op' In mak pomd pltsksgis and sratuatod to
es. R Is wowed La a mods to
Inrrn Its thwor sad math Its strength for an
A cool la turntaked grataltosaly to the gettot-ag
t a Club ot. ten. Postmasters an reQeeatedtoaet
agents. Address.
-For Sale'
"Lost;'. -11 - ards," Found," "Boarding" ii
dc., not exceeding FOUR LINES, will 6e !'
inn dal in them rolulann once for TWEE , .._
7 . 1, FIVE CENTS: rath additional lino
T t., Macelne• in the Ot t see_
R117.6N.!4'5V.1 1 ,,Mg",:t ,f;TVVgala
A A N S4 a . ..l . = 3 : !Vtgrrip r nC t!
an artlcle7ns. patented. a ..11.u.i....5zed la gry.S . 7
fUsSIY. rent Indanctunnt%offered. Addrega
M BOY 333 MlthibUntit P.O.
\A T4 A E M D Z -81X.21 1 EY f RS a r i
......59152:1 at MI,, Altl
MOWRY'S .FunnhavAne. 1C
BNTAKllrg — orAcis.ll7,,t°n=.ll" .
17,,V2fg:`,174!;7*-1;17."Sr" ""W'
WAZIE e D -- ,. I4 , O O ME . KiE o P c p.
boupc add do geoend hod.awdrkM , A
fefernneen requtred nnd given. Addrese'g. ti•-
zrinz Oboe. giving name.address nat
yvinNl2.--1•2. LABORERS to work
aron,d. At. g 3"Ait Mrl - „,v , r.grEint
.I.I.ERS. Apply to MS. WALKER, No. 1 WI
vANTED 7 th e ViAßi.TNEuß.;..—Witeh,.. l bundrrd .
annul:inure an article Juititaiteated, • WO"
wanted la every •
Aildresn t. M.. PltGitnirml_
Don Dag.
WANTED—By a Philadelphia Cloth
Ilf mue, ft mut-class SALF.SNIAIi res/4e
If limuurgb W.) Char. - of the trade la that
city and Its vicinity. None bat) an experienced
man aim hem Influence alth the trade need AMAX.
Address • T. a T. fiIe•CASCE.
W .INTElL—Ererybolly to call at
184 LIitERTT STItCiET, and examine
930.000 t, ivan In largo or nuall amountaLai
" tht'"".
• Kedd Eetede
No a l
711 Smithfield dived
Thirtj Thousand Dollars to Loan '
In Pile or emoll . nmennta on property In Alleetteny
county at n lair rata of Internat.
68 retato Asent. •
Vaunt street.
y OST—A. small round Locket, em.
I_4 awed with gray agate t he .he ander 141/
be rewarded by leaving same at wo.
92 Water sheet. Menton ',Nome. Co.)
VSTRAL—Streied from the under.
at 4 MUe Ead.ralr Oaklead BWlee.•
Buten white on her bag and tall; about 6 far. oi4:
fresh In milk. Any Information coneanittig bee
will be re:laded. .
. .
.1.32,131 Foul . . Ma Run. neer Ooldand Statioalll
NIKIED um - LIRSISIIED. Enquire al
170 FIRST AY/Pit:ft, Pittsburgh. Pa. 141
TO-LET.—LA nell•fthlohed House of It
rooms'. Jlat street, near Allegbiny
nue. be gi ven to a good tenant for 25 POT
month. Enquire of CIIAILLM3 PUILSE L. ow
ner of Allegheny avenue and Itabeeee strVet. 545
TO•LET—With Boarding, a pleasant
FRONT ROOM. within firs minutes' waft of
Postordee. Address M.. GAzarrs office. 59
near the Perk. Allegheny. . A . gtil lu e. r . me for " 5 ""
gentlemen tenthly . room. in a genennt Itcr.
itgregE. H. S T31E17.11., 1 7 Federal t=lt,
rrO•LET—For a term of'a
_l_ desirable STORE. connected with an
ego Colliery. to western Penn,y Iva la. nn
~..0. ,1 .:=4. t 0g11nt1, . . plincipally {r n akrantmo by
rognL There le Kilian iltilla de ied il t rat ' ll . "tabl"h tt I:
,g,e7g-;‘,:tdr. In the tare, Which Ittlrtre X "
y0w . 5 4 , 3 . ;. tgr A l . ustber Information, he
i,...„ ;
walnut street. Philadelphia. A IRON
CO "
TEM.-TIER OF oinciat om lima; D
xtr Court Mau. Appll to Mn. M. MCTIUUE
to N. NELSON, 116 Filth a.m.
The subscriber offers for rout that destrebteprop
-17 known as the . -
Situated at the foot of as* street. AlMahan/
Ctty, &short distance below the Suspension Midge.
The lot on the east side of Craig street I•l3ofeet
wide be about 430 fad more — a hem. The lot en
the west side of the street Is 110 feet Plde be
about 400 foot, neat, or less—both running to low
tauter line: having one of the best sad ofeet bar
hors on the river. The advantages this propertf
preacts for any kind of mataufacturhus purposes
aro so well known. to render any further dvealP.
flan mosecesuel7. Long leases will be even len.
Some two-horgo CO RUIN; In good repair.
IVIII*Da . sold at a low price. Apply at No. 2
doing good tiniinims, and good locnilon.. Ad.
FOR SALE.—Engines ad Boilers,
Now and El . wooel Mad, of all kinds, coostaally
on psod.
Orden 4em ell parte of the country promptly at.
tended to.
TAWS 240 ACMES: nos hundred itzty
cre* undor culttaatton. Wane. wood..
moot-9 duchlntra very laraa barnand stable.
nod ahaap houses. orchard and wail watered by •
small creek pabatng through thir plum. Situated In
near to ciliate. Owen,. The 'l birrn o. hl
chased at /IN per Cre. Apply to
B. cLAIN (XL N 0.104 Fourth Ave.
IDENCE, amtalnlng • 8 awes with 3 Imam
.thereon: amp, a dae.comfortabla and oonventeat
house; good Rater.and one of We best
2 73
posse. In Western Pennsylesets tor s Ira :
wiles frOm the city. on the alders of Turtle
Wad. V of a mile from Stewart's Otatlon. Central
Railroad. Also, *wend rood Farms la goal low.
Mons and houses for ale. Enquire of
myll No. 110 Grant St., opposite Cathedral.
18 LOTIL k. I4 nen met In ortbarele bDT•
M?. ti.ilVlNlter of T• treeltfee. Prla
5400 to *6OO each. •
HOUsEAND LOT. full of ado/ • bll***
fruit. Price $873.
1 LARGE NEW COTTAGE. • rooms. nide
ball. front axle side porticos.* oellare.2 Large *s
tem% rood or water at Web door.nerfteee
""%rt=77ll, IT M I • .1 11 .2.7 4 m L r Val
etta tam.
of Penn etreetert—- 1 .
1 so, 5e400.. Coe
orchard can be /.6 etDlll. 11 1 / 1 2 121 14•411Nda•
ni t Vgal f I#. e Mf' ART. on the prentlee..
Fog sAIN,-:-149 beautiful building,
IdalteQ me Pennsylvania Railroad.
agmlgra=g2AVV.o l2
uf . ut the price will De egt. Cort io evi
_a. - plans at the Mem of T. . ivy
ojr Penn and 33d lamed. or IL IL LL.L, Atter:
Law, TR Grant street.
7frattie dwelling ecotatnlpg 4 rooms, situate on
in lot S 4 by 140 fret. Tbls areeT
bandsocesi " ,ece of property mid will male • • gem.
ant home or any one of moderate means. T. R.
A fume cottage house containing 4 roc t. near {he M= l
etair t 4l d eltr3lM . F ... • very
bee .. kwt s e t.u. P Ogled for
Thom heeirtniit . ;:ntnito . utie: and tots ad.
rantegeously VIII a .sand
OW our ILL We bare property Mat we are was
win prose acceptablelnquirer. both % et,
cou SON. n corner Pet of nue.nn a and sorend 334Arton. T. R. RILL £
TUB SALE—In good location on CHIN/eel.
nem Cornell' of Fulton eiresA • huge two story
Heck Rouse with wide po es on th ree Maw:
holl.lo room. bath room and cellar.gas end water
Initures.abade sbnibe.g,Mand
p. 5 lore
Berk 1 1 . arrib Widri677:
weste sift of Cliff street. Illasy of mom try SIZOK
ems. A satendlil Mew of the title. Mere end
maratukuag city.
u.s 4 l ;B7 B. 7..... u r uw ."..4. l . l 7l7 — vm ot rr sT mra r irw w.t ww. M . R wr..... "
Prrmusae. tiny 71.111711 RiCLA