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Corner: Slzth Aye. and Smithfield St
r. parrantAlt, 7031A11 'aro,
Triorr o• Tat DAILY
Per milt. per year '
v.. Ir. ernd DT wrier. per reit.
- 1 - -----
Decoration Ceremonie
County Monument.
1 , 0 B,eininary Hill.
) . •. •
Tho Day Elowhere
As the Fourth of July is 'set spurt to com
memorate the birth of uur Independence, the
50th of Mar Is destined:, for igen, to be con
secrated-as holy h0116.y, chosenas a mem
orial of those who have Indelibly sealed the
freedom won by their sires. with their life
blood. flit such a day it Is not appropriate to
ere Chinese erackers.and discharge fire works,
it to toll a day fin pyruterihnical rejoicing: but'
one which the tcanger inemoey Shahid mois
ten. Yet not alltigether one of s'oe, for we
can net but remember. even while gaziogon the
masoleumsrif our fallen braves, that, besides
as Intmortality for themselveth they hare send
loran glorious heritage. and fur liberty. a
righterara victor': A day when the nowors of
differlbg religious and poiltical creeds ahuuld
tr. forgotten, and all men, and women should
cease to remetabeeertirsthlng butthe glories
and virtues of those who hallowed and enriched
our land •with the bright bloat; of tmerneit
Rom OM Gulf of Callfornla to Albermale
sound. and from the Potomac and the Ohio to
the ltio Grande. d .3. When flowers and
evergreens Immortelles shoal toe,
scattered on the mlltium of humble.tdflocks
which show whereoirivate soldiers Ile. as well
as 'hung upon the sthtely urns or martial stat
ues which mark the spots Where rest the other
heroes. whose names stand forth like capital
letters on the great and glorious page of one
National history. As the drat thirteen States
of the• Ferletntiott united • after the tedious
Years of war which followed the 4th of July.
Cat, in rejoicing -us er_ the Freedom won. so
they now loin with their younger sisters, a
noble hand of free governments. in glorifying
their sou• who fell In perpetuating the exist
ence that was there achieved. And the infaut
Nevada joining hand, with the stately and
. imperial Pennsylvarda.covern with flowere the
ground that is made holy by blood which has
welled op mutually front their bosoms. We
can not [turn cut In strains of unmitigated
Joy now, no we shall a month Inter. for no
oceans separate lIN from the fors whose rrido
Wag humbled ur tho herues whom wo now
unite to honor nor Is thelililiuph which new
tills our souls untainted by sorrow. that It la
Our brothers, erring and rebellious, but still
uur brothers, who have cost us in emelt of
grief and peopled with untimely dwellers the
cities of out dead.
Of commemorating in marble the heroic deeds
of the four thous.' Who found soldier,'
graves whiles battling for the entice. was
fire suggested by ben. Pchrson shortly of ter I
the clog of the. ear. ft one immediatel.e_
acted upon by a dumber of gentlemen. and
on August 5,1905; a nuance Committee. con
silting of Miura. Pearson. Gormly. Brown.
Sellers. Watt, Jones and Turner met at
NextVe Leaking house and organised the
!mulching campaign. Wounded soldiers were
at first employed to. canvass; receiving a
alight percentage on eouttibutioin. They
were sided by appeals from the pulpit and
individual efforts of the committee. but after
hard toll for several menthe the minuet only
-netted *l.lOO. '
A new plan wee thee considered. the ladici
were Interested, and the Monmeentel Assci
elation, with Mrs.Samici McKee se President,
was the result. Our readers arc familiar with
the Fair which followed and the Ilaanalal quo
. vele Which attended It. oausing the treasury
to be replenished to the amount of $26,800.'
This eras pot out at intereat. Mr. Junes Part.
Jewbedg chosen Treasersregaticay
nen enatodian of the tenths. ,
was the next cerunderatkm. sad there were
many who supposed this could he settled nod
the work commenced finmediately..
required,about two years to settle this
matter. Allegheny Cemetery was the first slte
selected. The people didn't want that, and
expressed themselves so decidedly that the
Ides was abandoned. Then Seminary' Hilt
Argestod, and met with great favor. The
lit of this belongs to Mt. Charles Davis. of
Allegheny, who advocated this in a series of
'letters, one of which, published in — the
°Anew, indited the course to be pursu
submttling th eematter t oo aof thetieople.
Inds was done, and In October. INV, the peo
ple decided In favor .of the] Rill with great
- The difficulty was thus settled, and prepara
tions made for the laying of the corner stone.
The foundation Was commenced about two
months ago.
Whelgenuipleted will be 1n every revert an
elegant nod appropriate tribute of a grateftti
maple to departed heroic patriotism. The
fends now. in hand iunount. to flni,ooll, which
.11/ be towered b7'11 1 4 1 1100 from the Park
Commissioners, tesciustve of the foundationl
soul 0,000 Irmo flte.Countr Coassahm
that' appropriation haring berol authorized by
the Legislature. With near 11404000 spent upon
It. the staty monumental pli will
should be—b el oormable alike to Its e
Object as
Its halide,. . .
A correct cut of which we herewith prevent,
le the production of Ur. f.. Murganroth -a
Pittsburgh artist. Thug 'it has been all
throught the leen was carried out to make It
- in deeten, orkmanallip and materials, as far
as possible. of Pittsburgh origin. The orie6
nalplan wits ought!' altered so that the ped
estals, to be surmounted .by eagles, will hare
statues repreeenting - the four arms of the
serrtee. infantry,.artlliery. cavalry and nary.
stntneof frame tell! alsotake theplace of n
soldier on the top as crown. The entire
helgtob of the etrnetstre nil! be seventy-flee
feet. The haleouv. to which n winding stain
cesewUl ascend,Mll be thin)" feet uhere the
foundation. The • monument itself. will
be constructed of beautiful yellow whe-
Malos. end the figures. Weeny reliefs of pink
assillon stone. n contrast which will materi
ally odd to Oa appearunce. Upon the
base the name, of Allegheny emintq u four
thousand gallnnt dead will be Inecri and
thus numbered tnthat list which shall Greyer.
hereafter silently. but tone the rem 'lament
ly. tell of that devotion and patriotism and
sacrifice to which our beloved bind owes' its
.exieteneei .
The work will bu corapicted one year froth
to-day, thWer multitudes in the 71 - crice
Of anothe annlrereary may either
around the emblem of their love, once
again consecrate it with team and crown It
with flowers.
The beautiful ceremony of decorating the
Moffallen performed
Then with while, and ladened-.with the pure
O.=of fragrant epringtlmeore gathered
the tombs of the departed and. en
- shrouded them in the vernal testimonials of
living remembrance.
a Hat yesterday had an mipecial sigulllcance
to us. Not only would we unite le coveting
our 'cherished tombs with flowery, but we
would lay the foundation stone of an endur
ing edifice, which. resting on the eternal
reeks and pointing to the Illimitable heavens.
should show that our soldiers who bare put
' eft the mortality of earth to reach a higher
life. have left alerting and Imperishable mem
ory behind them. This was uur purpose. and
Heaven and man smiled upon it. As the day
dawned, a fhbbath-like stillness reigned over
this great ale of industrv; the workshops
and the warehouses were closed, and tt cosy to lee that, though the laws of the hind
. had not. decreed It, laboet was suspended, and
some especial purpose filled the; minds and di
rected the steps of the POIMI{Ce. who soon
began to • throat the thoroughfares whence
commerce bad fled.' Himont -laden bands
could' be seen wending their ways to tbe
cations cemeteries , which. - long before
the hours when business usually Sus
the streeta. , bloomed with hummer
• able. tokens of the love laid tensor with
which. their silent denizens .are regarded.
The day Itself was clear. and seemed especial
ly suited to the occaaion, for the son was yelled
Avith thin grey mist., which. while threatening
. .
. •
. . .
1 . . . . .
_ 7--......1
. . . .
. . .
. _ .
. . . ~ . . .
. .
. .
... . . •
. . . t
. . . . .
. . . • . .
. .
-- .. . . . , , .
~ , , .
wf,..._ • .. • THE Arany OA7ETTE
. _ .
. _
. ... ( . . .
. ~
- --)
r ir li) . 4 ,
'' 2 #
, ole . •
'ile 40. . • , _ IS. THE BEST AND CDRATIIRT
Commercial and Family Newspaper
Nu tamer. orochimle. or wercbml .bould be Ilir
. ,
( ilj
. h r.
; 1 ' 11111 1 At .
• I
.., .
. . ,
\ s\
.., . 11 , ' C s
. .
; . '
- .
• u about 11.
1 . • . . ... • .
' . SlV2l b ff e ..
in: ..
. .
. •
^ •,... of ton
no min, mercifully' shielded the thousands,
ho were in the open air for hours. from the
intense heat which others ire would undoubt
edly have been their lot. At an early hour
shades of music could be heard. and bands of
.musiciansbem' to march through the city
towards the ir various rentletront, heading
, thelongdelerationn Onthey began to - lose their
individuality in the ratiour divisions of the
memorial prose-Alen before it ?darted on its
Wit torte gtva ton the guinmit of 140.101(4n
01 the da'y which attracted general attention
war-the crawl pc...l:vision. The divislonr
enuamenced forming quite early and With
great promptitude avtnmed their places in the
lino w - hich•moved off at tea nod ttlialf o'clock
in the fonuteing order :
Headed he n detachment of the A leilieny
police end thn lron City Brash Ban . Then
-- me the nfllcerl.
A. P. CALLOW. Chief Marshal
GEO. S. Woon. Chief of Staff.
. . .. • • . •
--AIM r•VITER. , :(I.,. A. (..i . . -
R'. P. linzleP. L.. \ . Montoot h
w: a. Harrah, . John Horn,
apt. 11. Gellisath J. T. Forrester.
has. Ilerkert, JRZIOR D. Palmer
fHeenan6lnier. A. Ro . wley.
John noodle. -John A. Zi...twart
11. W. Loohhordt. John ll.Ketr.
J. C. Dnrtipy. • Jve Brown.
Curtis Haven
1 . 1 . ,- ..rus7lkl. 11. A. Heller.
I>:M ti=l
C.. Prixler..lamen P. 11r9wn
Felker. lohmon McGee,
• .
Martin Schaller,
Wm. Cooke,
IVm, N. Yeager.
John Neeley.
W. W.
• 1t..1. Young.'
Jnnies BrAm in.
C. B. Drennoil
T. 11. IMseramell
1). linller.
Wm H. Jehmon,
Vaal mune Toeigo's baud. followed by
the drum _ rp. of the Washington Infantry
null the if Lb tuuuvr,
.Aftar ti folloWed lieut. Col. J. Mel...
n ball. in eg.mmund of :Slaj.oen. ilenrson'a staff.
These ollicers wete on hoisebark. and wore
the ccguh't ion uniform. .
.After t h . 11,11.11, the Washington Infantry.
mall, col 1111111 A of General T. A. Rowley.
clamin o the I lompany. The Company nun,
bra - ,1 slst:h-four men. and made II serc line
optlearance. '
toy'The wore ur
iform. cousiating
of dark blue run .sl I leht bine pants. end in
the cent :1. of the ranks was boron the hand-
name flag presented to • the organization tin
Saturday by the Indies of the Fourteenth ward.
Following these came the Heath Zonate...
In fatigue uniform. under command of Lieut.
Batchelor. They nuMbered sixty tacit, and
bore a tine flag. •
Next came the Pittsburgh Zonaves, num
bering tlfte-two. men, under command of
Capt.•a. hllgore. uniformed in red Zoutne
pants, blue jacket and red caps. The!' Pres..-
td a eery flue appeurante. They also carded
a beautiful ;Mg.
A cnrringv foilifir ed. inn which rode Gem.
whitely. et the Allegheny Arsenal, nail Major
Marcel if the Coiled States Engineers.
After these were five carriages. In which
note the tail
11 of the Monumental Associa
tion. and nest these carriage containing
.lodges McCaw less, Sterrett and Collier.
Treente other carriages followed, contain
, Mg - members of the Park Commission and the
Monumental Building Committee:
1. as composed of delegations from the b....r
-oughs on the South Side. It formed on Car
son street and marched to Pittsburgh, taking
position in the lino nutter the following otn
cell preceded by the Washington Cornet
Commander 6EO. B. VAN FDION.
Chief of Start—S. A. Darr.
A. A. G.- .1. D. Thomas. •.
F,..W W
.illock. 31,, .100. Walter,
.IV. Kerr S. to Met. 11. .1. Hart:ell.
. - . . .
E 4. Keane. Aditatruit. in.>. C. Stevenson
H. C. natth.,,, Alex. Hunter.
Jos. Fisher, , Harvey Chess.
T, W. Miller, _ rtval Maul,
.1. P. ha. der ,
Jno. Nutier.
J. P. Hetsel.
. ilnrt
or I ol r,
Jno. H. :ttainbert
W. J. Cpf.tey.
Hobert Scott.
T. Le.
- -
If U. 31111
Geo. Fon I
Fred. FAMT
nen. Slannin,
S::1. Chamberlain
Jas. Duncan.,
. .
N. Miller, M. D.. !Cie. Miller. •A •
M. A. Arnholt. 31. 11. • Sten-art McKee.
•--- Illackburn. M. 1) . ., Jas. Chamber".
.1. J. McCord, M. U. dm. St night.
1,. P. P.illeitt. Inc. M.R. its. McKnlght..lf.. •
la. . McLeap. . . Jam. Patterson, Jr.,
Prof. Munroe. Wm. 31*Combs. •
Es q. Marker. lno. M'Gnaulgle,
Ins. Chanel,. .. - Jno. Arnow. Jr..
Jno. Redninn. Peter Kuntzler,
Milt Varner, Wm. Doyle.
Jas. N. Kerr. l'as. Bent•
-.Tenn Crump.. -- Ed. it ref en.
.1. 11. (Meer. oehert Greco.
.1., I). W.1k.,,
filllncliiettly niter c.eine rust No. lii G. .i
R., of hreninzt /M
oon. numbering oat one han-11
tired illet:. I Thou came Cost N,.. IM 0. A. it..
,1 "broth:mein. numbering De men. "mien
euimnaud e I J ohn J. I fertrog.
Collotrin • the Posts of the Grand drily of
the Reptibl c. NMI. the Mechanic. Hose Com
pay of 11 nalann. ender command aboutap
tain Conway. 'reit-own. moubering one
hundred. ware red shirtek black belt. and red
Are bate. The bore reel was tastefully dem.-
rated' with the .lenerican nag and , a photu.sion
of natural flowers 'rho Turner Rend of RR
, mingharn, led by Louis 'lletenich. was at the
head Of the company. A very striking bitten
of the I:untimely'. turnout. were two little
buys, i brothers: Suomi and William Miller,
on horseback. In rear of the hose reel. They
were dressed very neatly. scaring rmi shirts.
yellow low leggings and blue caps. and were
the centre of attraction. - .
Seat cnmutho walton lion. Company of
East nirrnlnglkam. with. about arty men in
wearing wldteshiria black pants. black belts
nod black }lre hats. Captain James Charlton
was in command. Their hove reel was also
beautifully decorated •ellh flowers and small
American flags.
The Mount Oliver Hook end Ladder Com
pany -came neat In the order of procession.
and nresented a tine appearance. They num
bered about eighty men, under command of
Captain George Goldbach. and wore black
mints. white sbirts. blue caps and black belts.
The lickk and Ladder -Truck sena fairly hid
den by flowers. tastefully arranged. Quite a
number of fire buckets- were hanging on the
under side of the truck. covered with dowers.
The next organization in line was the nr
ihnrer Section of .Cadets of Temperance. No..
11... in full reealla. numbering fifty members.
11%T. Powell, Worthy Governor. was to con:i
..._Washington Temple of - Honor. No. 90. of
Birmingham. Glee la full regalia. In charge of
Worthy Chief Templar William T. Phillts, fol
lowed the cadets.^. They had some thirty men
In line.
Immediately folio:: lug came the Atlnatic
and American Base Ball Clubs. both bops' or
embens. numbering about thirty-five
' m
The Union Executive Guards of Birmingham
(colored/ turned out ten men on buneback,
under command of Captain Richard Kemple,
Th e y sore blue abirts, black penis and regi
mental bats.
The Ladies Decorative Committee, to nine
- t-irriages occupied the rear Of the division.
The fedlosrlog arc the officers of the Commit
tee: President. Jennie MeCtitcheorn
President. Henrietta Sootobury; Treasurer.
Min Hamilton: Seen:4o7i !Mlle Ham
Thls division was conintanded.b,.
OEN. J. B. SIVEIT7.I:I , .
COI. Wm. A. Itobinsou.
AMItTANT ARirrara,
‘3la4. Geo. M. Laukllllp Cnpt. W. H. Huai.
Capt. D. S. Shields. neut. C.
Capt. M. W. - Felker.lL jAeuteM. A. M. Leh;
Capt. A. G. Lucas, Lowry,
Capt. W. J. PAtterowsl, Lieut. It. B. Parkingun
Capt. P.A. H. Krepv, STAFF
tillrgegnl M. D.
Joni. A. Philllpo
Alex. Speer,
A. 11. Oros,
1 •
Caul. Robert Anderson. Cul. W. S. M. Normal.
Col, W. G. I . lrantliess, Col. Robert T. Nevin,
Cut. IN% L. Nicodentus. Col. Jam. Collard,
Col. J. J. Nerln. 31t, nr Jos. M. Knati. •
Mel T. B.Swearingen. Ile or Jas. A. Low le.
M or J. J. Dawson. Ma or Wm. litorh • • .
M. orJ. D. Duncan.' . F. W. Hayek .
Col. Was. Phillip. . Wm; N. Lvon,
Fleltshoore. SfeD. Crossett. Esq.
3,11. McCune. Feat. Capt-Tfteo. Ibtpley
IMvidttobineno. 1- Cant. Goo. Edwards.
Wm. A. Ilem t, F.I. 1.. Drown.
Sarni 31eKee, Esti. Ca pt. Joim
John Stewart. Esq. Capt. S. P. Unable.
Thos. Ford. Esq. Capt. P. Morrison.
Thos. W. Davis. Cnpt. (hyt. Mom...
Capt: IMviti Vetch. Capt. J. ..
Joy. S. Morrison. Esq. Li eut.J. D. ilstuter.
J. II:Oliver, Esq. Lieut. IN W: Strickler.
It. C. G. Sproul. Esq. Lieut, J. G. West.
Capt. Was. Kennedy. Lieut. S. L. Vera.
Gapt..M. G. Oorry. Lient.J.. E. „Metbrd.'
Capt.: Hartley Howard.. Limit. Jam: A. Floyd.
Capt. Robs. 'Patterson. Lieut. Rohl. Finney.
Capt. P. F. Itohrbacker. Lieut. Wtn. Ander..
Capt. - Wm. H. Irwin.
The Great Western Band followed the ataff.
commandm a detachment of the pollee under
of [denten:int Emmett numbering
one hundred and seventeen strong.
After them come the Duquesne Gray lltdets.
from the Fourth ward school, numbering
thirty young military •aspiranth. under com
mand of Capt. J. B. Moore. They wore all In
uniform, marched like veterans and ettrneted
universal admiration.
. •
Next the Duquesne Greys, under the cotu
mond of Col. Campbell. bnetalion cum
prined companies A.iL C and D. omnroanded
respectively by Captains W. D. Beeper, Fut l
wood, Lieutenant W. it. lls , ed, and Captain H.
The appearance made by the Greys was msg.
tilficent. They marched splendidly, and won.
as they always do.%lnherent admiration. A
bannethorne in the %links was draped with
mourning. Color-bearer Harry Alden bore
the nag of' th 3 reglment, as usual. 'Dr. Jackson
supplemented the battalion and was gorgtcous
with gold lace nod plumes.
. .
The . Turners followed. headed by the Olytn
plc Brass Band. of the Sloth ward. Allegheny.
The appearance of the band. dressed In their
pecullagunlfonn, was striking. The Turners'
delegates numbered some forte men, waiting
appropriate badges. Eighty Pittsburgh Tur
ners followed, then fifty-two Allegheny Tur
nery: sixty Illratlnghtun Tamers. land eighteen
After these cable a wagon. two carriages
and an omnibus.. containing thirty wounded
soldiers from the Home, under charge of Dr.
The Junior Base Ball Club of the First ward,
Pittsburgh. numbering twenty-two hove.
Following came the Pittsburgh Fire Depart
ment. tinder command of Met Engineer Mc-
Elroy.. The appearance made oy the depart
want was exceedingly fine, nn d did the
m i t ir temithe utmost credit. The Niagara.
pt. Duquesne. Independent, wren..
an Belief had their engines and car
rinses In the line, and turned on the fall com
plement of uniformed men. The apparatus
tens MatitifuliF decorated. mod oue or EWO Of
the ermines ten gimped in rnournlng.
After the department marched the Union
Seaton. No. C. of the icadets of Temperance,
under command of N. Holmes, W. ti. There
seere Ofty-elght of the hoys.
They were followed be the CrysLai Spring
tiortlon.No,a. mothering sixty. toider•chnrife
of refer lheel.
Next enniethe Lincoln end 'root:Hy Lodges
of the Temple or lioum. mined, lug MM' Oily
One of the ntost noticeable features' of. the
proc ewsboy, follow
wits w
hig the the delegationther, The t of rit Y sit num urgh
',bored net enty little renews, and oil hod hold
of on luntiense flag . , which they carried herb
faultily. They w ere tinder command of Cal ,
lain Con. ileunc , see. and though their died
pane 'night hare been more perfect, they did
well, and attracted great attention.
They were follqwed he twenty-four Fret.
.Liberty Cadets, tinder command of Hobert.
Guthrie. They wore black pout, white shirts,
blue caps and red hashes.
The Duquesne Gray Cadet No.:. from the
Miuceocihle richml, eatne next. They wore
black pants with red stripe, white shirt.. end
red cape.
'Brought un th u rear .4 the column. It ell! ,
commanded le ,
Asst—Oit. Gen.—J. H. DAUM.,
11. Leasure. 4r'j
lienrr Spangler.
Col. T. M. finrtnurrar.
Major W. 11. Ropy, W. rent teint.
firodel, I.en. W. Dranp,
7lne Coe.
P. S. De.,
11. P. CaIII.
A. Hollinger,
Chas. Hartman,
Jos. It. Oxley.
Te division formed on Penn street. It con•
shoed of nil the doleentions north of the
rivers. including several cis lc association..
'rife ills Ision wits !waded by the House - of
1:(111nO nand, fonSildina of twenty-dee pieces,
fdliowe.l be Post G. A. It., Sixth svard.
IMa nehester. Allegheny. under command of
captain fllnkeley. 71ir Post turned out see
enty-tlve men, nil seeming badges of mourn-
Inc. 00.1 bearing dna .1.11f.d In . o .r:dog.
Abe I.lneoln etre No. di. Temple of Honor.
ppeared In procession. with forty-sit men to
full recall,
'rho Po rah :C,111.1 vonskting
of sixtee nboy, in white riiirt, Vain('
next In order.
TIM Vrotestaut A sociat Ion; at.-
henna- six hundred men. outdo the largest
turnout of any orgnuiratima to the procession,
and consisted of tie following, lodges. Meier
command of IL Bork: Nos. 1, 1. It. iL 57 and
:Z. of Pittsburgh: 12.21. n:.l and 80. of All,
glaly, and SL of Dirminghdui. They. made a
handsome display, nod one
eredit able to themselves:lnd the organization.
The Tilghman c1ub...1 Alleghenr. compOsed
of colored seventy-five men:
u curing Lave, and cops made a creditable.
:s ext ed.. the Allegheny FireiDeparttnent.
tinder rommdmi of Chief Engineer !'rote,
headed by the )litionle Brans Bend. of Met:lore
township. Since the organization of the Paid
Fire Department in Allegheny the tame no .
thuslasui Is not manifested min former days,
nod none out of the regular Paid force Parod
yestertlny: the Hope Engine nod Hose Co..
(len-Grant Engine awl Hose. Friendship co
gine and Hose, Ellstrorth Hone CO- Good will
Huse. and Columbia Hook nod Ladder Co.
were out. All the engines and hose carriages
were beautifully decorated .with Bowen and
flogs. and presented a very neat tippenrance.
The Colombia Hook eel Ladder 'Thuck de
serve, special mention for the handsome dis
iday made bydliet... the truck presenting the
appearance of n moving dower garden;
A noticeable feature In the processfott was
the pnnoptitade with whip., ~eip us
shit,os assumed their positions. In this res
pect the stoic was it decided impivvernent
upon anything we haye had hereabouts in
miny years. There NVJO4 hut little noise end
confusion. and at the desigadtted hour, half
pint to o'clock. the commend Was given and
or the 'prescribed route proceeded from
meter street up Smithfield to Second; up See=
ond tai Grant: up Gnat to Fifth avenue; down
Fifth avenue to Market ..treet; don - a Market
to Sixth: down Sixth to the bridge: acme" the
bridge and at rodent Greet to Itobinson: up
Robinson to Anderson; up Anderson to Church
enue; up Church avenue to Cedar; up Cedar
to North At roue; down North avenue to Web
ster street. where it defiled WO the broad
carriage w ay of the Part and moved round to
Phi° street: then Passed down Ohio stroet to
Irwin avenue; op the avenue to the foot of
the hill. where the coldunt halted. The main
pat of the proceksiou proceeded nu further.
but the Wa.hington Infantry. Pitt :.burgh. and
Heath Zonaves followed the chief marshals
lied bluff to the rite of the toonument on Frond.
nary HUI.
All along the line, of ,ears-,lon from public
molding.. nod talent , . dwellings f l ags nod
trennotr• and (1 , 11v,r wrentlia tonolfrlttnl
the enthtmlnhat and evoing unit whteh tho
Wll% 1,0111/i1,10.1,,i. The 1114 In a a e 1..,
of both cities Avers empfetally brilliant in fedi
day antra.. NitiatF of The houses, to addition.
adorned mitharltropristo motto, and:
emblems in evergreen. The renneta made by
loomt anagers of the exerctse• in regard to
decormin wee heart or tat tnnondtta to. and the ,
eitltbileve 11,17 troll exhlbltett In
n r ,
brighter. more fragrant or more Instant Sir
From the summit of the hill who Inexpressive , -
ly animated and beautiful. taanding on the
site of the monument the observer embraced
In a glance two Cities. renowned for activity
whose Industries :were as silent as n Sabbath
scene. To the right rolled the river u - bleb
separates a historic laud. in the pest from that
which soon to be a historic land in the future;
within his sere were these Innumerable land
marks which exhibit at once the wealth and
honor and glory of our people. There.
are churches lu front of him. and all
mound him lifted their spites heavenward
and scattered here and there among the put.
Ile seboed houses, seemed to bear test Imonv to
those elements of free religion and krmwlidge
.which have been the stability and grandeur.:
the nation. Over tti the north loomed up the
grim walls of the stone mansion. the embodb
meat of the sternums nod majesty.~ of
hi law,
wch those:who were to be remembered had
died to maiMalu. On the distant Observatory
Hill came outlirrellef,surrounded by stately
dwellingamuluhnost hid beneath trees and
foliage and dowers. the institution that stihdli
as an irrefragible -proof that our people are
nut alone engrossed In the marts of trade. la
front was the railroad track Over which the
wealth of the cities and land had been and
still will be carried. while over all seemed to
rest an air of prosperity. betokening progress
and security and peace.
Hut there vrere other and softer lines tolbe
scree. (lathered upon the Hill, from base to
summit. were the young and old, plentiful as
blossoms lathe springtime. Childhood. fresh
and pure; manhood. strong and trilled: woman.
lovely. dependent and yet directing;Add age.
feeble but revered and cared for. mingled in
the shifting kniadeoscopeOthunimdty . Which
every - changingpresented n continuous suc
cession of beauties. Gay scarfs, andrfhtions
and handkerchiefs fluttered in the breeze.
All the coidemer's art had been lavished epos
that whlcirlormed the warp and woof of the
scene.. Laughter. cheery sad chlklisir and
heartsomemingied with the undercurrent of
subdued and it - raver voices which were borne
to the ear. Here and there a figure in black.
bent with years, mutely told the story as it
mowed amid the throng. There was Joy and
grief, resignation and hope, happiness and
sympathy. innocence and crime. intellect and
ignorance, muttering and crib - reuse. beaming
from the sea of faces which greeted the gore
of the observer.
The beauty of the hurium alone callused the
loveliness of nature to this brilhait panorama.
Delon . lay within night n portion of the Park.
over truth therenonurnent allibereitfteetigils
lees.. Its dotting fountains - and' hiolnaing
flowers. and winding avenues and vutoothly
slinven lawns, under the influence of the gen
ial sun and diversified by happy throng% con
tinually moving, famed of It it perfeetiptetrire
of enchantment.
B. H. Tlndel,
Frank Lc Mop,.
The whole Juane wns .e which the city hat
never looked upon .td which It may not look
upon for many years =tin. •
of the behinds, who formed the choir of Prof.
pinch, were arranged on n ellht eminence
nhore the. corner stone, on t he west aide.
They numbered about one hundred and, fifty,
and. with their bright young tams. and pure
white raiment, In which nil were uniformly
arrayed, and childish eagerness to-begin and
inipatienke at the slight delay In the exer
cise., formed at group planning and -Tinter
eseite,btrid fair to look. upon. •
The people assembled at the hill-top 'a
very curly hour, anti waited in patience for
the nfipearanee of the head of the column.
In preluiretlon for thin event n battery of
S. Gunn trim. the ..Iracual, under crow:land Of .
Capt. Geo. 11. Ramsay. was stationed. on the
western bide of the bill and pre p ared for
Which was to open the ceremonies around
the monument. Shortly before one o'clock
the head of the procession came Into view
near the Humboldt Hone meat Ui the Perk.
and: simultaneous Nrith , the 'exeltunothuts of
delight with .sehiel this 'slicn wan halludi . the
boomed and the solute . began. Tiler
now continued firing while the colutnn moved
no and halted at the foot of the Hill. One
hundred gum. were tired while the preUtnl
nary ortmarations far the exercbms were be
in made. •
s aving their curringel at , the foot of the
descent, the ladies of
Escorted by the members of the Wing
Comm Mei. slowly ed' up toward .the
summit. Along the tineof the road the
Itan - companies had been .stational. and as
the ladies passed up thni Were received with
the accustomed military salute. They moved
forward to the
_platform which had .beep.
erected for their accommodation at the
north side of the foundation, and reMoved
from It abont ten ygrds. The following_ladies
comprised the patty: Mrs. Samuel . 3dicEee , ,
President of the Association: Mrs. Gen. A. L.
Pearson, Mn. John Watt, Mrs. R. Rubinson.
Mrs. B. Preston. Mrs. John Barton, Mni. 1.. S.
Johns. Mit. A. Chambers ' Mrs. A. flutchison.
Mr s . Q. A. Scott, Miss Annie Stewart. Miss
Ella 'Paisley, Miss Maggio Armstrong 311 n
We Armstrong. The members of the Build
ing Committee and members of the press were
also provided with necummodations within
the circle.
Occupied a position to the south of the stand:
It Was built "lustre in faint with four buttress
es. In 'the northwest buttress the corner
stone was located. .o flag gloated over the
site, but a tnillitust basket of the rarest flow
ers, the contribution of Mr. John Harper.
served as n decoration.
When the ladies bad become seated, the ex
ercises were
When the officers of the day previously se
lected. were announced as follows:
l're.ddent— Barclay Preston, Peg.
Vice Presidents=lion J. K. Moorhead F.
Brunot, Lec 8. etulth,.Pamtiel McKee. Jam.
11. D. Lyt n
rh. Stranb.
%% F. Gruhnw
Wm. 'nlnto.
C;hdh. nal i
Pork. Jr.. John Wait, M. S. Brougher, Wilitnat
Conin,, Mi li an Thaw. John W. l'ltkock,
Murdoch. Olnkelev. Shadborn
Prtninoter. James P. Barr. T. I'. llown on. J.
T. Stoekdale, B. Clmbers. • •
At ten minutes Inuit one o'elotk General
PenrsOn grace the word, and tho nntrthd
band, strgek up The Spangled. Bonner::
The President introduced the Rev. C. W.
eolith ol the Denver street M. V. Church. Al.
legbetly. delivered the following eloquent
(treat nn Thou, 0 Lord, and greatly to Joe
' , raised In the cloy - of our God. In the mountalti
of Thy holiness; for Thou, Lord. bast been one
dwelling place In all generations. Before tio•
were brought forth. or even Thou
Midst formed the earth and the world, errn
front everlasting to everlast leg. Thou art God.
We humble ouracirce - In Thypresence. for
we are weak end eland hr Thy eight, yet we
r u m, with gratitude In our hearts and thanks
giving IMPOII our lips at the remembrance of all
The nutolfest sod boundless mercies.
Smemlded on this sad memorable occasion.
e ars called upon to thank Thee esp,tdally
for what we are and what we have so • xma
th.. Thou but given us this glorious herit
age of nuisintains and hills, rivers nnit lakes.
prairies and trtiltful gelds. Thouurt the God
of nations. and.we ttumk Thee that Thou host
shown Thyself the God of our nation. by
striking and oft-repeattul displays of Thy w
dom and power, in guiding and defending so.
Thou didet lead our fathers to this glorini ,
land. and establish and defend • them In It,
Thou hart been, our constant defence. Then
knot gone forth with our erode, 4111.1 caused
theurnlways to triumph over foreign rot . s and
dottieldie enemies. • .
Thou .Las directed the formation 'of • thin
highest form of human government. semintig
to us and cure the greatest earthly blessings:
social, civil and religious .liberty. Under Its
fostering care education. science and religion
have erected their homes and temples.
After years of War and strafe. We thank
Thee. O. Lord: fee Mace—riglotens,image -
lasting penee—peace Which. sees the founda:
tints of our lota ernment Inid oleep.r • and
bra cuter in truth not Kph ice then rase
.511.1 now.. Lord. or un. nos y
MI cab
imprenolre ...motion. grunt 00 Th bim,sia.:
for Jesus' sake. .51 we : alt tw emus... Mama
and commemorate Id monumental pile the
pdtriot dead. who bravely fought and nobil
fell for their country. awl s nvoke Th goneg
0 Lord. on the...use to h they gone their
0 !47.41hu,,!2- "Z r 4 'a priVt?i;27l ' . l ‘
Keep us from m o tel
inisundeassmtungs mot
wars, and from internal dirn:ord and strife.
Preserve, 0 Lord. especially from the foe and
.t spoiler our roman and religion, institu
tions. Help us to transmit them unimpalral
end Improved, as the brightest heritage of
earth. to our children and children'schildrea.
lii Lord, we earnestly beseech Thee to kind
ly regard. tkrtnitifully provide tor. tenderly
idmicrah and lead the widows and orphans of
the men to whOse memories we eruct this
monument. Thou art the 00,1 of the widow,
and fatherless,. and we commend them nil
to Thy tender fuereies:
Tow. 0 Lord. bins us la these, exercion..
May we here.' amid these solemn surround
logs form high and holy resolutions for the
future, and go fee asi this plate to be better and
truer patlitits.and thristkina thin ever be
fore. Aa -see lay deeply and gem:rely the
foundation of this monument to the memory
of the heroin dead. 0 may it he aTittbditt , of
the laying broader und'ifeeftel - in our hearts.
and in the hearts of all the pen the foun
riallonlnineples of this '
VW , Liberty. Elkiaitu., WIWI/. And long
as the earth shall stand.and rarely foundations
last, and the towering granite endure., may
this monument remain to tell Its sublime story,
and with It. oAord. preserve Thou tinhorn',
ed and untarnished the Institutions unit fame
of our itatireland. , • -
43 God be-merciful nnto - us. and bless
"and cause Thy face to shine upon cos:; that
Thy way may be known upon earth. Thy %%r
-ing Iteri . h among elf nations. Lot the people
prat. Thee. 0 God; I'l4ll the people Praise
Oh let the nations f egind and 'sing Pie joy ;
for Then Shalt jud the_people righteottslr
and govern the eat ens upon earth.
Let the people Prance Thee 0 00,1; l ot
the people co lts
ehall the earth yield her increase { and
God .rren MST qtrni GO. shall !Ideas Gel'
shalihiless as; end nil the ends of the , earth
stud feat Idles."
Grant us these Merclea and blessings i)(te"al,
for the sake of Thu Pon. our Lord and Saviour I
Jesus Christ. Amen.
The President_PM Introduced ; the. lion.
Thomas if..MarsbalL who had been selected
to deliver •
Ae be came forward he was •grolcal with
cordial good will end Spoke ak tolfov w '
It Is a grand and megniti,ntspeet,le that
greets the eye. ; This alumberiess multitude,
thieve together from ,
their homes, their em
ployments and their daily duties by-Telecom
mon. holy purpose.. ,•
In this sea of henna * fac es mayise found all
classes tunteenditione of social life—the old
and the young., the rich and the POort the
- scholar and the unletteretteltizett; the student
and the active worker the venerable elergY
"4l4d,ttgeTne'rellnt6t. t o t d b: h ilje n ;u " ge f . Vire
laborer and the professional classes.. and es-
Pecially,a4 ever, wemen—a help-meet forman.
whilst be memo strtless In the very "image of
It was eminently appropriate that the me
morial memo:des of thle day should be trust;:pice;tirt.d t o tte e hn e ud ni o . l
ministriee of mercy—est and omit unselfish
la all the duties of love. her ,relelsirY •" . " t "
with the helplessness of infrearl. travels along,
1 1e5 Sleek- sad troubled chervil+, and Only
moves with the final struggle - or expiring ex
istence. Wu to the man, wo to the memory of
that man who forgets or denies that Woman.
In her near and dear relation of wife and
meth,. neat to Ood, deserves the lore and
adoration of the human owe..
In the earliest hub of nittukltto we have
teases of the efforts .of lode - to preee". Cod
perpetuate the objects of affection. Falling
11, preservaton of the very wit h .
mind and heart. i unwilling to part their
'idol. strive, by the arts ofscience, painting
and statnamtb keep - fresh . and present the
nmtreet , soclations to the real presence.
This sentiment of our nature 'honk' bo oh"'
letted raid cultivated. We cahoot - rsther the
dust of our dead heroes from the hills and val
leys of Virginia, the mountains of Tennessee
or the other hundred bottle 'fields of the, war.
We cannot distinguish the dust that com
posed their bodies in life from the kindred
debt. ' Hot we may ureusble as we have done
today to lay the corner stone of a rOl
diem' Monument 'le commemoration of
the heroic dead. Our noble county gave
more thanten thuntatid; of her sons to the
battle nod. Where are thee? You who listen
can beat answer. Mourningand bereaved Ps
rents, widow" and orphans answer:. where
are they Hundreds sleep without am tle
burial on the battle grounds' wen by their ve
valor.Theesands passed to their long' sleeP
without the Ministries of wife, mother or
friend. -Where are they nuns care rind Pc ,-
sooni love have gathered the bones of come of
the loves. gad they rest la the silent city of
the dead, amongst their own peorle. In
the 'cemetery repose furs, the brave
and lion-hearted. Itlayey, youthful, gift
ed. and eloquent. Black - 1 may be per
mitted to pause a moment at that name.
lie was Matti misunderstood. Ile was - a
' V e t M i '""l" ' collregeone and gallant eel
' l. witty, Persnasive and brilliant orator.
But I must not attempt to same even those
. familiar to the Publle ear, Too often we per
mit our applaase to dwell - Upon the officers—
the prominent, names—roxtting the ensu e- wnxd host .
• eirrnint.a r u 'r d i =lro l l i a l t
l e - en - l e tt t iom: a4 - t o d • ---- ,..agaei s"." br L rPeak t - h g a lo w i n t th h : g mi eri plus t e h glu pa t m he ?- 4 Wh ivin n e
gift, shall tellsof the belghth and depth, the
They ehouldered the musket and ma t e r Che t ti l' t ‘ o .
the front without the promptings of ambition:
without the hope or expectation" of cart hly
reward. Their namem were not In the news
bulletin or dispatch. tel their reteard insure.
The rank and composed of the ironer.
the mechanic. the taborer. •the widow's boy,
PITTSBURGH. TUESDAY. , MA' -31.\ 1870.
hitnlting into early 11.111100 d ; fre•ltly
tt.nol with-the hleletings prnyeniatul
ttiy Mises of the ttestte't. I,ollov ed Avail
the ...lone, of gentle sisters. louring nil the
pure and sinless delight. of his young tido ,
Imial {amt. yea. Inspired with a love for the
tight - tears hlrnordf its. ay from all there ties
• pre,ent o his young' life a willing snerllice in
defence of his impoclllett country ' s unit:: and
honor. These were our private auldtere - lot
Ines, their measles. Thu of filstory
fornhill no parallyl tit the mighty conflict
through which tido nation ham {e
tv het her.coneliteted Ist the are:. of the
eiinfilet, the number. engaged, the self oncri
ni, or thv rartirip.l, or the treniendour
- force and violence of the collision. Well
might foreign p0w...,.. lilttlesli
it %tvettifil and POllllOlll. /I h lit and ProPh
e. y an ignominious failure- They could
neithercomprehend the or ap
preciate tho power vim.. citizen ooldiery.
Inner their government the saltier is ase,
isnt o d,oo often the -slave of a power which
lo thy field and It 1113 ). he
ille for tHe propagation of principles and
t 0 the convlcttono of los juilg
th •n
it. Not so n ita. The Cl. 111, w
ed orld
en sod. ricken nail .amazed i wit
n•_,.hogttnillwn. ofrum. .preaslng foments!.
solunteeritur to fight the Mondlest battle, of
history.. Toistay the homy hunt .if hulas( ry is
rut heard in our chit,. The slit with Ito
beicliinere it lilt, •111,1. 71114 or snor
t handl, and stoves are viol.. The . litotes
sigm m
a' an foroalms h, Ailing, Of pub
lic loot lee stand adjourned. and tuts grotst
isiiiiii i errates this a. .r. 1 1 ,1 holiday.
We in - , gat bored. .0011 one liew r isig milli' vet
proudly thelitt.l4llf of those...lon, sPiino
,11.1 , 1` tnetnorinl shall eoon Inattsnonted on
. . .
ezt...t ern elope et :seminar) 11 ill. t, lien he
haft ko, p, defined int he sunlight the artist
•na chisel their four thethand names on its
are. -Their wunrit. mothered. nrycloti,
111.1 ...T.,' in our hearts. Their fume is toe
-are. It depenti , not on the monuments built
no - the void of M. or thpentinlugatf the art i
, oat • •:14., storied tint Mi.:A.4qt Mist - eau
kid to or detract from thele `glory. Their
tem,. will be cherished tte - 1 , :n: tit th.. nation
whi,•ll their valor lened from the
mg grits , lit 1111111M11 .I,no• se ry.
-till It i, to o., appropriate that on thin
•• ov.i.••••••• •Itoutd raise amen aroma to Cow
,bad It in lint oto -elm e ,
otot 0,5 te....• in. shalt hter
merlean cauteitelaki.
f r om received ton unmetf S,Jli
, Hal from the circumstance that i religious
1 1. b a d a seminary eflustructlott erected on
o"tro . lre•Wgi 71; " e ' alti l l " ttTo r 1:4 10 ‘fr ' or i ll ig g
lie: ert hetet, from this toy forth let this 11111.
prg•sed by foot of student, and Drefessor,
• Oinge It , name. Hereafter PA it be knots +as
h e ut Jul.''
• Th ladle, having charge of this' •atterpt ise
tatottrol st omit to the sacred purpose of e••ut
alsolnrating the dead hero°. . who cited for
It..llgion mot liberty-their God nod their
It Is t apprtipriate that the onotuneat should
he erected hero. 1./uking ea,tward, each
nt 'ruing son w with bathe It nn early bent Here, overlooking two cities, the trot
eibr by rill roar look up Ilk he dpeeds hint on
loLpoirticy. and lee reminded that sec elaitn
t 15 ,- prlvile ft , of cointnemonitlng mu tort in
the stupendous struggle for liberty •auil law.
tot the other hand, the trat tiler on the bread
1.0 , 0nt, of the Allegheny nod Monongahela
otac front-the craft _or_ Spamer, discern that
aol'olkt the nothitlost. tad enteltementn of
'mitts hairiness life, AV., have •nrit forgotten
lint the pence and prosperity which dwells
fver . the bind wan Purchased tbo priceles s
•ost of thentrulds Of ourrirtmst and i, r hog.
11hi4 monument will haven still higher Oftice.
t crawl as a l'itness between the t irinn
he e witness agsiliSt as If
provarecrenrit to the solenni trusia coin
itted to our keeping. This grand Inheritance
.1 frermt.n, to be ntraiverd from the reek.r.itpd
f fht 4ihie F Oxen to sir wgiirtislierre
thr rubes. it In cotta lntrasf. Nevprbefore
did the 13 renter mint a heritage en momen-
. .
tons to the frailtyof human
einlinscing within Its boundaries over Jolla
millluns ol frre mat. The huoirdless rfches'of
mint. the wealth of water, lo lakes and rivers;
bolla sorted, rich. deep and fruitful; Witold and
Inioxplored wealth of metals; gold and silver
et the hand of labor for the milling. MI this.
many times tuld. would still leave our stealth
nod moor., tindescrthed. •
Shave all we have huntrrl freedom, with
room oat verge enough for the exercise of all
her newers, freedom nf, , person, freedom of
st ill, freedom of action; not nu acre touched
lir the foot of ft slave. No man need call an
other man muster. How grand the thought: .
ILnc lininenro the trust American citizens,
do you comprehend Its tongnltude• Tiro ene
mies of thought open wide and boundless.
Fathers: Not hers: What nn Inherltanre for
our children.
. • .
• Commensurate with the trust is the refl..-
sibility. .• • ,
tcc InUfit pro've ourselsee worthy of the. in.
herltance, or It will . by n_aure law pees away
from our keeping. Sluggard hands can never
grasp oust ho ld the Ott, The sleepless vigi
lance of our highest powers is demanded for
the preservation of the grand domain. •
it is our duty to teach our children by mon
uments. by precepts. by example, by all known
',me, of instruetion, the value of this inheri
tI is well toplaee on this eminence a menu.
rid SO remind coming , genenttions that this
inheritance Wag purchased by toil, struggle
and death. ' •
Nine years ago Treason oplitted its hellions
form In the Southern States, mowing boldly
that the charter of mw liberties was a false
hood; that human slavery-sheet.' be mode the
corner stove of our national fabric. Minty
doubted and feared, some' (Muted, more arm
patldred with the transom the Nrlsest, the
bntvest and the best paused—the brightest'
vision could discern nu clear way In the petit- .
lent heavens. Nine yearspast, .gone and en
corded. Their history Is yet unwritten; their
scenes and events are too fresh for the pen.
of Itnientini history. Many of the actors in
the tragedy are still alive; it would be unwise
nod discourteous to set forth my Judgment.
Treason discornfitted. overthrown and soh.
Motet!. seeks In vain for her idol. Whore In
the slave Where Is the down-trodden. on
pressed African: , The answer comes frinn the
Senate chatnhor of the nation, from the Legit."
!Mite hulls of the Southern States-,Where is
the oPPrasam ,
Though those that Ore betrayed
Du feel the treason
' tile traitor stand, in mores case of
Sine court ago human eves could 4101.
trnte the untraveled darkness of the future.
To..lne the tend is breathing - 1n full getter..
"Here the five spirit of mankind at length
throws Its bud fetters off., Whit shall place a
lto the ginnts unchained strength, or cttrb
Ids swiftness in the forward race."
to this commentoration of the dead, let as
for s orget those left 'with us. Many familiar
face and well remembered forms. who pass
ed through the storms of bottles, have return
ed to the disehorge of life's quiet, peaceful
duties; they, too, hare claims upon the jet:til
ted', of their countrymen. Let us not planet
the maimed soldier, and soldiers' orphans.
Let not our patriotism exhaust itself In out
ward show—in flowers 'dad -granite columns.
Let no revenant on this holy ground to feed
the hungry, clothe the d uties knod fulfill faith
fully xtul tenderly oil ottr d to the litlng
and the dead.
During the delivery of thn address the
people gathered around the platform reserved
the moot intense and thrilling allenee. which
W. only disturbed by the martini manic
wafted by the breeze from the foot of the
bill, where the bands were engaged In playing
solemn dirges. At it conclusion. a cordial
round of applause broke in upon the exer
cises which woo Interupted by 'a dedicatory
hymn sung by a class of 150 young missesi from
the First. Second, Fifth and Sixth wards, un
der the leadership of Prof. W. B. Slack, as.
stoted by the Allegheby Quartette. Tbefalr
young choir oeemed•.perfectly drilled and
feelingly touohed . every heart no they sang
the following beautiful song of • •
“TIIE ti0L11.11:103 NICM)111A1. OAT. -
Rev. T. N. Boyle, or the South Common M.
ehmeh, Allegheny, Iran then Introduced,
id In a clear, btrongvice ;Ind very In.
essis e manner read t ledmeatory ovanu of
. •
On this blithsome, mih May morning,
have conic with owers at
To honor those who, 11 e seornink•
. .
a . .
• Fell mid the - deadly fray`: .
Fell for Freedom stricken gory:
Fell brace youth and nrandl , ire hon rY
Who, alas: coo toll your 'dory;
Shout ImAber-Murned to clay?
Ilv the rolling Mississippi
'Fell gr at NV1L1.1.6.15. , tried rind true.
And oUT own proud huitrtlal, BIPPEY.
Where the rtntelf.ndr Oaks grew. •
BLACK'S heart'. blond hu left ut flalneis
At real !arbor :%IcIi.WAINES In.
And nt . Idlolt graceful LANE's is.
Bu rle 'nenth the silent retr.
•mia the din. and roar, and rattle.
Un that dreadful July day,
Lest of ses'en days of battle.
Pohmit• passed awar
Ilyln 'init the cannon's thunder.
A s.t.l • rebel fla g went under.
As w tore their ranks asunder.
As he Blue - swept back the Grgy
Hark: I hear the steady beating
Of it dialect spectral arum. .
Now n 41,1.111 4 .. now retreating.— '
A.h I at last they come, they come:
Seel from out each dell and railer.
now the serried columns sally. - .
And round their lenders rally.
Wit no ery.nor shout. nor hunt. -
• .
Client r they conic lo avoid el.
Fru 1 010.1 beyond the tido:
NI. lb to smile tunow they meet ....
Falb r. mother. mister. bride:
A b.! thls shade nor noblest, best la :
.Loole. thereJacaStaresbloothstnined bres
There where. Moon Y's courtly crest Is.
Nodding In Its rammed pride.
Uere. before this stieetnd legionti
tltrew ye :lowers rich' tel -
F3irest offerings of oneregion.
lireathlng Intense on the aim' •
Tiwense for the reliant-hearted,
Oar darling dead—war dear deponent
Ye from whine we sadly parted -
'Scatter rose and lily tam
er !hem •Issiiing in their itimine•s.
• tt the inwir st.t.
Vhere Ire laid their forms lii satin,,
fly trinc to thr Father'. rod.
! t 1 , 0.1 With litidlity
ihry who'brimily did their tint y.
thrir only booty,
'rh , •i,",mnnnutfer Vhrist. MIT Go.t
. above i lie Miele i , ere•
il the ell les. darkly grim
where The sioillidit sottlr quiver ,,
no,edo.eortli nod near to Filo.
Cane t he 11111110 Of il.Arg, the soldier
Neeer'llred their warrior bolder—
hi, memory with him molder:.
rir rimll TATTEI,ON . S‘ row
Ht i.e re. nut,' the lofty column'
To the good. the true. the brave:
Peal ye forth the ad [keg. eoltden--
-Where's thy victory nnw. O. grgrg
Firmly lay the btonif foundation. • •
Fit work for a grateful notion;
Ortillans' tears—a 'Trot libation -
hall this tits..onrt . lave.
When the reudin of the Poem had hue.
completed. the ladle • of the Monumental As
sofa:triton again form d in Ude: and, escorted
In-. the members at o Bu i lding Committee.
walked f i-oin the {deform through the donbl r e
~,k, of .ohlier, - . • •
To no rUNIPATIte,
a here the tenter Sinn, Wee to be laid- By . a
:Teetsl n•lioldtion of the .I.o.soclation, passed
several days ago. this last and most Interest
ing duty Wan acklAreed to the President, Mrs.
Samuel Melier. Theselection was in the
highest degree titling. The first to take hold
of the work. Mots , energetic and indefati
gable in pushing it forward, devoting time
and unmet' ;Mil peculiar tart to the enterprise.
-It was welt that ?he sbnald he Olented to per
the Mot art whirl, signaled the triumph
of the idea. •
The eXerelsee Were men' Itelde."-nd Yet in
their simplicity were 1 lin - more impressive.
Five ,tandard-bearers•uert , ranged around.
and the folds of the flags, mingling with ejich
other, shaded the spot upon which all eyes
svoie eenterll.
a hermetically-sealed oblong nterneuto. wae
produce], and. after .being lowered into Its
receptacle, the aunonneement at its contents
made as follow,:
l'ope of the' Holy ilib‘e.
Hand-hook of Pennlylexolls.
Liet of the lioiedi of Hetertmetits of the
Vetted State..
lot of the !lend,. or Deperttn.nto 01 Alm of ren its) . IVil111:1.
. .
List of the Otliksen. Alltifhene county.'
I.lq of the ilthceee of the City of Plflobersch.
if.. or the • )171,1, of the city. of:Allegheny.
••I the .I.olge. of .%Ilezhenv C•3untN.
••( .••• Ml.-.•r, ••t.L. Mvittoonnt al As.o
1.1 , t of t h•• Nlent her. of the 'Monementhl
cups' of th , hartcr tie Nlvnuroental , .14
• opy of the Fire.Marelinra Report.
l~lConcex y tho City liimecto* for MO.
ut coin anti currencyje circulation
. . ,
It wet then the stork of but a few moments
to spread the mortar. lower thetone interlts
place, when Met. McKee. with highly pol
ished miniature silver trowel. ernented the
twos in pOsltion. tried It with t e level. and
pronounced the workeemplete.
Quietly and thus simple the corner steno
wes laid of a memorial which in after time will
speak more eloquently than tongue or pen
of a people's gratitude to deported saviour.
,rive aid to the patriot at. every glance a fresh
Irtspiratiou of devotion mid Courage, rand love
for his land. . - . .
The simple exercise, being titer, them. , of
people closely wedged In around the site. re
mained standing In silence, mast - with . hen
uncovered . the "children choir," led
Prof. :deck, joined In agnin In a beautiful
bide to .
Non - the battle din In endeil. and the cictor7
In won,
.4 MI the weary reapers calmly . rest in deep—
On the battle field otglore. where the mighty .
work en f done. •
White the eters their holy welch above them
No. no, no--they'll never. never come.
With victor troPhi. wnviuf Itigh
13,tt the cold and,•llent marble, • mutely
' pointing . to the sky, .
Tells the %tory that trill neyer. never die.
Who shall count the fallen heroes—who shall
count the unknown graves?
Ask the winds of north and .path that Idly
Round the peen and namelees earth . mounds.
o'er the ever moaning waves
Where the missing ones were scattered In
the fray.
No, no. ow-they'll never. never come.
With victor trophies waving high—
not the cold and silent marble, mute ,
Pointing to the sky,
Tells the story thnt will never
Let the storied column tower, till It reach the
ether blue.
And wreath its head in crown of sunlight
glow; .
While the ncroll and chiseled tablet writee the
ntory out anew,
And the river einge the requiem /lout below.
Nu, no, no—they'll never, never come,
With victor trophies waving high—
But the cold and silent marble, mainly
pointing to the sky.
Tells the.story that will never, never die.
As the sung ceased the Venerable Elev. Dr.
Page, of Allegheny, ca me forward and stepped
upon the atone just hild. from which he dis
missed the assembled multitudes with the
solemn benediction.
'rho only event which marred the occasion
In the slightest. came In Jest here, when the
hand. mistaking their time, streak up before
the minister hod concluded. It seemed to bo
one of those untoward accidents which no
provision con prevent.. The people listened
to the "6 rand Hymn" fit late Importation from
the Roston Jubilee). and as It ceased slowly
began to descend the elevittion,—no inure
arSembutmenry. but hereafter to be known only as
mors . but .
The procession.M line, did not march to the
graves of the soldiers, but the members of the
Grand Army and [befriend., of the dead per
formed that sad, yet pleasing dot; well. Early.
to the morning the representatives of the dis
trict between the riversi proceeded to the Al
legheny. St. Mary's end other gmveyards and
adorned each martial grove with deg. and
flowers. /'be-roads and pathways within
the sacred enclosures, were thronged with
women and children who mune to decemte
the hillocks which covered all that remainFal
of some father. son or brother who fell during
the fearful strife. Ou the South Side, at Reran
o'clock In the morning, the members of Poet
151. vielted the four or are cemeteries Pa that.
region. and left behind them aorta tokens of
their visit. Addressers were • delivered by
prominent members, and the
acretiful cae
moniee appropriate to the day there con
cluded before that delegation joined the mon
umental procession. to Allegheny. after the
ceremonies oa the hill were completed, the
delegation from that city marched to Union-.
dale Oetnetery. carrying their. flowers
sedans with them, and depositing them
upon the graves, _many of which were al
ready blooming Witte flowers which loving
hands had placed therein the morning. This
part of the day's remembrance, while not No
formal as on the first anniversary, was yet.
in its spontanalety and quietude. the more for
and tender and netted- While all engaged
in the ceremonies around the monumental
site, yet the interest clustered there did not
prevent loving hearts and hands from recall-'
M g. In a still more beautiful exercise, the
memory and nobleness and heroism of those
whore la td warfare was over, and who slept
the sleep which knows nu waking. Impressive
was the laying of the cornerstone: beautiful
d and bellowing were the scenes around the
istant graves bathe quiet cemeteries,.
It were batter tbus that the Tell should be
drawn over the widow and orphan and the
bereaved one, as with hearts bowed down
with a sacred sorrow they yet found a sweet
for in performing the holy ministries of area
ion and tender rememlymacc.
In the morning, just before the assembling
of the column, an Interesting scene oc
curred at the residence of Mr. Samuel McKee.
Penn street, Twelfth ward. The ladies of the
Monumental Assoeintion. wishing to express
their appreciation of the services rendered
them by Gen. Pearson. decided as a etting
memento of the occasion to make him the re
cipient of the beautiful division flag. which
was borne at the head of the procession. This
wus a white • silk square. bound with n deep
blue border, mounted with a handsome cord,
and tassels on the flagstaff. and bearing ns n
central Inscription thengures Is. It was one
of the most beautiful bannem in the line. and
wee universally admired I; spectators and
participants in the military exercises.
Mr. Barclay Preston. hm behaltuf the ladies.
presented the gift with x few felicitous words,
to which. Gen. Pearson responded happily.
The little incident was one of the most pleas
urable of the day.
at hile the people were coming 11111,11 the hill
after the ceremonies. some .exeitement was
created by the capering of n horse ridden-by
Mr. W. 11: flanker. one of the Chief Marshal's
Staff. The , animal would ensile have been
brought under control but that the rider was
precipitated to the ground by the bursting of
the Saddle girth. Ile retained his grasp.
however, of the headline. and prevented a
serious accident by that means. The. ladies
scattered in affright in all direr.tions. the
children screamed, and the men even felt a
fear. but the skill of the horseman was Burn-
The animal was brought Into subjec
tion Ih n few tnoments, and then quietly. led
away: when the ext.:Lenient subsided..
Wei. Lein 1., n member of the Turner delega
tion, was thrownoil his horse at the corner
of Third avenue and Market street. lift head
stinck the curb-atone. inflicting a painful to
wound. Ile wits taken Into an office In the
vicinity where the wound wan properly ilret,s
rd. Ile leas otherwise uninjured.
nine Lot , •alin orntrdwelW•
l'll.lll lliu CondUsion of the ceremonies. Mr.
Inlin Plt leek. w ash his delegation of news.-
hop , . which wan a prominent feature In the
demonstration, returned to the city. and
.• . •
marching by a restaurant vith his tired and
hunary brigade. provided them with a sub
stantial lunch, svhich was dispatched with
a relish peculiar to newsboys oh similar occa
Innumerable teinimrary drinking fountains
wernereeted along the line of march by minia
ture Aslors Intent upon turning the day Into
orie of - profit as welt to memory. Thee were
well patroillzed;and must have reaped a rich
harvest from the lemonade and other gentle
stlinulants disposed of.
There were many weary ones at the
tact night. but none wbo had not memories of
the dn.). pleasurable and joyous. tempered.
perhapt. with a shade of sadness which will
Indelibly impress it in the remetubrunce of
those ref.lll, which come not too often In aloe
changefol journey of life. All looked forward
to It with peCuliar anticipations; It passes
awns. Into the tomb of the Tears. It foe.
freighted with experiences which once fidt
can never he forgotten. May the remembrance
of the lessons of the hour so Influence. those
. . _
who hate learned them. that in the future,
inore - et mu than In the pest. patriotism will be
male 'stronger. veneration for the • de
parted. who have given all, be more . vivified,
nod one 'e forour,tiear land strengthened
Into a' higher nod holfEr devotion, and amore
fervid.- unquenchable geni In her cause. Three
are the le,son , of Deeortit inn liar. •
Toletroro to tlokPittsburgh Gazette
triimnrown. Mny 31,1'310.
Uur Ile‘V n atloml heiliday WaS rippropriatel,
.anembrated by the decoration pf nn
whiten: graves. The scholars of the tCtlidiers'
Orphan School. ancompauled by calicos,
visited the various cemeteries and laid their
floral tributes upon the graves of our hal
lowed dead. Business was saspeuded daring
it portion of the day.
KM:sail:in. May 30. MO.
To-dny htoe been generally observed by our
itleene.. The woldiers' graves in and around
or townl were decorated with flowers.
lainly by the Indies. Aporoprintb eeremo
les were nl,O held. The day - ' , folioed pleas-
rhfr citizens duly observed to-day in honor
ing the fallen heroes. Business wan generally
suspended. and everything wore n holiday as
pect. The decoration ceremonies were par
ticipated in by our Citizens generally.
• BUTLER, PA. -,----
' IMTLXR. May 30.10:1.
Decoration Day ,eretnnoles twain testify
that the memory of our soldier dead is still
green in the hearteM - Butler citizens:. Busi
ness it sunpoi l ded and all seem to join with
rest iu the demonstration.
l lip Telegraih in the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
New Yon May 'X.-Decoration DO) hem
been otigers - ad with more than usual tem
;mons In thisl,city and vicinity. Plage were
displayed itt nit mast un the City HalL•the
shipping in the barber. and on many private
'dwellings. The different posts of the Grand
Army of the Republic. under the direction of
Colonel Marshall. Grand Marahni, formed in
L7nlint Square nt SA. st. The line of march
wan down Broadway to Wallstreet fern'.
Oulmachlng the Brooklyn side the division
was received by the Kings County._ Post. and
escorted to the cars for Cypress HillaCeme
._ In the city procession there were several
large trucks tilled with floral offerings,' and
wagons and stages in whichwere seated
veterans of the into war and pupils of Union
Heine and Schobl.
At the Cemetery the exercises were ea fol
lows: Opening dirge by Governor. Island
band; ode by the Brooklyn Choinl Union, fol
lowed by prayer and singing by the children
of Union Homo nod School for Soldier.' and
Sailors' orphans: the introductOry address:
oration by James B. McKean: choral ode.“My
Country GS of Thee: - benediction; strewing
dowerson the genres:end-axing d irge.
Letters were read from PresidentGrant,Ad
mlral Farragut. Gen. McClellan. Goo. Hoff
man, Vice President Colfax. Secretary' Bel
knap. and others. expressing regret jlt their
inability to attend. .
The celebration concluded thilierenlng_with
memorial exercises at tho Academy of Music.
The graves at New York Bay Cemetery were
decorated •by the military and attic. of Jet=
see Cite. -
At the mernorial Celebration at the Acade-
. . . . . _
my of Music to-night in honor of the Union
dead, resolutions were passed urging on the
Senate of the United - States to constitute
Decoration Dot- a national holiday. •
.WAMIINGION, May 30.—The city wears the
appearance of a general holiday. Cougreso Is
not in session. all the departments are closed
and little secular business is transacted. All
the available vehicles were In motion during
the forenoon and long before noon thousands
of persons collected on the ground, of the sol
dier' cemetery et Arlington. The arrange
ments were more perfect and elaborate than
:The ceremonler commenced at one o'clock,
when a national salute of twenty-on e guns was
Hach by Dupont'. light battery. •
The Marine Band then performed a • dirge.
written for the occasion. The eseemblage was
then called to order atthe main stand, which
was filled with distinguished visitors, while
the space In front-wise tiled with persons for
whom seats had been erected. Major Timo
thy Lubey,
t o o Deprtment Commander, called
the assemblage d. After prayer by Itev.
Dr. Newman, a grand chorus, consisting
of GOO singers, sang, "A strong castle is our
Lord," the full Marine band accompanying
them. Dr. C. C. Cog read a poem written by
himself for the oecaaion. One of Mozart'.
composons was Digit rendered bjr the
choir end Marine band, after which General
Scrim, Commanderin.Chief of the 0 orat i on.
was . Introduced and delivered an
The chorus "Sleepers*, Wake." by Mend
shohn, was sung, d the aswmblageproc -
ed to the tombs of unknown solders, where
Rev. Benj. Swallow. Chaplain •of the Depart
ment of the Potomac , offered a prayer. ,- -The
Children of the Fallen Braves," by Y. ih - 1111ams
was then ming, and the ceremony at the
tombs of unknown performed by orphans
from National - Soldier.' and Sailors': Home.
The chorus and filarinc band then-rendered
the American kr am by Keller. - •
The ceremony of * decorating the - graves
throughout the -Cemetery bylhe assemblage
then took place. eindsoon ream - grassy mound
was covered kith beautiful slower:l, arranged
in wreaths and boquets, creases. are.
The graves of Generabi Keno, Griffin. Mega,
nod Other Unlorctleneinals at Oak Hill Ceme
tery were this morning decorated.
After. the ceremonies closed at the National
Cemetery. the.denorntion of the graves of col
ored soldiers' grave. just north of it took
he. Louts, May s lo.—Thousands of people are
leaving for Jefferson Barracks to 'decorate
the graves or soldiers burled In the National
Cemetery there.'eradL•thousands . more will
start .before the ceremonies are begun. The
weather is pleasant and Memdrial Day prom
ises to be more generally observed In this
y than on any previous ocessiOn.
hr. Lupin. May M.—Memorial day was cele
brated with mirch solemnity. Several thou
sand people of all classes were present at the
National Cemetery; Jefferson Britracks.where
over ten thousand bodies repose. The cere
monies consisted of a very eloquent oration
by Gen. Isaac Shepherd,' a memorial poem by
Sudge Rombauer, oration In German by Major
Itosslear, interspersed with musk by the Hay
makers'. singing club and a full brass band.
The graves were, then prOfnliely decorated
with flowers and Wreaths. nearly every person
on the ground participating In the mournful
ceremony. . . •
MMI ao.—The Cerol3lony Of o.
rating the soldie y
rs' graves was carried out dne
day in accordance with the programme pre
.The more formal ceremo
rnille);atri7,gria. Rose =fill Cemetery, where
there was a very large attedilanee.
In connection with the ceremonies at tick ;
place. the general military monument=4ls4
by Cook county and the Board of it OT
Chicago. and Blidge's battery Motillnenet .
were dedicated. Addresses - were ,deatveled ,
with special reference to ther.nittUirr
monument by General Hasb ro tra Y.
with special referent* to the )battery
monument by flenaral..‘!C„ ,- ,Dnoet.. There
were oleo religious egr o oevi o u t music, both
vocal and instrumeittp„
Dcntotir, May dity_wre otr.
served tbrottggnmarg,7-T::Pgr_
c 'll esil l :n t .tlsmueriong and included Milwy
--NO. P 9.
and civic organitat lan, and twiny nrothinent
men. The formal rerenient took V r l J a ' ch• at
13Itnwocel Cemetery, whrre [hers fully
ten thOnattrid 1. mutt, aeene -
COLUMprli. U.
Cola:,MC& May al. Decoration day was
observed here by the closing of all h as i n A,
hoarse anti-a display of flags at half malt.
Thousands of people visited Green Lau - n Ceni-
Wry where the memorial ceremonies took
place at three o'clock la the afternoon. In the
center of a plot of ground, where there are
buried four hundred and ninety soldiers, a
beautiful floral monument t hirty-ffve feet high
had been erected. The flowers were strewn
by eighty scroll .girls, clothed In white. An
oration was delivered by Rev. E. Cranston.
an old soldier, and a recitation given by Col.
S. A. Norris who lost a leg in the service.
TLIIRE HAUTE. May Decoration- Dar
was observed hem in the most interesting and
impressive manner. The business houses were
closed. and several thousand people went to
the Cemetery. Music. prayer. and an address
h e Colonel Illehard Thompson preceded the
cremony di placing floral wreaths upon the
soldiers graves.
LIICISVII.L.E. Kr., MaV M. — Decoration Day
W. observed here with Imposiag ceremonies.
There was a large assemblage of persons at
Cave 11111 Cemetery this afternoon. Wagon
loads of flowers were token to the Cemetery
and 'grown over the 'mends. Orations
were delivered by Captain Benninger and
General Ell 11. Murray. The day ha. been
Muerte , . May :P.—The observance al Deco
ration da v was exceedingly Imposing. The
Posts of t h e G. A. It. were dot in foil force.
Floral tributes to the brave dead were un
There were similar celebrations at Lowell.
Providence and throughout New England.
Prot.4'xeOtrs,May3o. , -Decuration day - Was
generallyed. The bus rowel
were closed. - er At noon a large crwd of
ns gathered' at-Crown 11111 to witness the
ceremoules of decorating the soldiers' graves.
At Richmond. Knight st own and other points
In the lit ate the day was observed la the same
Hate. l'a, May 30.—The day was observed
by all classes. The officers, marines and sea
of the Culled Statessteamer Michigan.
Strong Vincent Po t G. A. IL. Liedertatles,
not Other local or .niaatioll, were In proces
sion. fag ceremon at Erie Cemetery, were
very Impressive. ' • ration was delivered
by lion. I. It. Gars.
liAttaisateim. May 20.--The memutial cere
litanies to-day were very linoreeslvre. Ad
dresse,Avere delivered by Gov. Ovary am
Fevered clergymen ;
The were itopeeFlug reirtheoules at Mattel
Cheek. Potteevillet Mead itor end other laterite
. . .
The nabbath Sehools t tuned sot en ,sn.mtrrat
at Frankfurt!. led by the Soldiers' and `shore
Union and other civic societies. and :perched
In procession to the Cemetery.
Toesmo,May no: Forsyth 1 1 04 G. A.
It.. alts;ited by a large concourse of citizens.
performed the twee., of decorating the
soldiers' grace, to-dai. Addresses were
node he Gen. Joseph B. Steedman imd M. It.
tt'aite. Eq. itusi+tess woe ge"'""V
de.l during the afternoon. .
Ns.w Vona. May 30.—Decnration Day n as
obseryed in Jersey City. Newark, Paterson.
New - Brunswick. Orange. Camden. Trenton.
Betaken, and other towns In New Jersey,
with processions.. address,. Sc. Business
won generally suspended:
CI.KrCIAISD, 0.. May 31—To-day was ob
served as a holiday, and business generally
suspended. A large number of citizens
ed the different cemeteries, sod decorated.
soldiers' graves. The weather was pleasant:
BALTIMORE. MR; 30.- The cerernotty or decor:
rating the graves of 'Union stainers interred
In London I'nrk Cemetery was observed to
day. The colored soldiers also decorated the
graves of the colored soldiers heeled in - Lattrel
I% •A 1
Ctm.tsxArt, May 30.—Commenthrat ion Da.
WAN more generally observed nt Dayton th
ever before. Genend Sherman was present
Three men were seriongly hurt at the Soldiers
Home by the premature discharge ota can
MEmmitt , , .}laygraN'es of the Fed
ral dead were decorated In the National Cern
• tery to-day. There was a large attendance,
, riecipally colored. The address was delirer
ql by Dr. A. T. shalor.'
• NAsilvaa..r-3tits - 10. , —The Legislature sad
hll the Nashville courts ndiourned to-tiak In
onor of the memorial services.. At tho Na-
. . .
.nal Cemetery the eereutotties w very .
pressie, Ektween eight and ten tho ere
•minii ynrtielpitted. • .
CL,CISCSATI:3Iay 30.—The decoration of the
°ldlers' g - rares. 'at Spring Grove Cenietery,
as particinatad In by a large concouree o
Itlcena. Durbin Ward delivered an °ratio•
t the Cemetery. .
I. I,st:ono. N. IL. Mar 30.--ts part of the ex
ercises of Decoration Day; a monument bear.
leg the names of the deceased soldiers of Con
cord wan dedicated In an Impressive manner.
Ora encnnitay lift—The doldiers" National
Cemetery was crowded with visitors and
comrades to decorate the graves of the hon
ored dead. _
AEONS, Nay M.- , The soldiers' graves vrere
decorated here, at litulson. Auburn, Bing
hamton. and carious places of the State. •
('0 I, C.: IBC S
Pittsburgh Press un an. Excursion.
[Special Dispatch to the Pittsburgh Duette.]
• COLt,IIII7II, 0.. Mayan. Is7o.
See eral gentlemen connected With the Pitts
burgh press arrived here this evening, en route
to St. Louis. The party consists of. J. o.l4le
heneck of the.Chnmicir; C. D. Brigham of the
Commercial...los. h. Lure of the Post. and T. P.
Houston of the Go 2etie, and with them were
two Indies. Miss Houston and Mrs. \.P. Reed,
on their Ivey to the Mammoth Cave in Ken
tucky. The excersinnists were providedwith
special car from Pittsburgh, end came by
the Panhandle route. They left at 0= for
.1 . I a
Tuesday _ Evening, May 31,
By the pupils of Miss Ernest, assisted by the N. FL
Church L'hoir and Bustilny School. and several atm
terms. Tickets 30 cents. Resereed seats. 23
cents ens. y ul e had at Matins's Maple Store.
end Drag and htores. Mist Liberty. asy3l
-Hats and Bonnets,
Fresh tueortment FINE raxiccn FLOWERS.
died. end width.
AND COLORED LINED. A new lot Rut received.
ftenh UntinM.
NID Int.. :Evening *had.. and
''' - E - W.....(4001)S
Arriving Every Day.
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. Jas. Park. Jr. nee Presidents; D. E.
. Way, Beeretury and Treasurer.
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A copy Is fonOsbed gratultouly to the peter-up
n Club of ten. rostmwerSsre requested toast
5 *K. U• Address.
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NOTICES.—"To.Let," "For Sale,"
"Loci," Moat:" Fintn d," , Boarding,"
d•c., not creeeding FOUR LINES. will U.
inArrte (7 in there canton. once for TIVEN
r-FIVE turf additional lino
N "" A TED—By aP hi latelphia Cloth
Ilou.e. • brat-class CALFdiblitif tit riald• at
Pittsburgh and tals chards of the trade In that
eitT and its actor.. None bat'. experienced
man who has influence with the trade need IWO/-
Address T. & I. T. bIeCANCE.
Pittsburgh. Ps.
ANTS'S TED.-12 lABORERS to work
In Rolling &I 111 et liberal emcee. germane
re:emelt Ale" 3 litlLLEltti d 4 TOlLliditi
II ELPEILit. APPD to D. d. WAL an DDD.D. Meld
sioWRIS.No. 31 Fourth avenue. Ylu ALICE
WANTED..I. Situation as Boot-
KEEPER or CLERK: • moardocOuthir
o•roblishment volferred. satisfactory reformat
A.M... 708. Pltiaborgb P. O.
. middle aged Woman to take thal . f t vf •
tonal! house and do general hougework. . Of
reference• required and given. Address ; cu.
2131. Omer. giving name. adders* and informer,.
WANTED. --.1 few PEDDLERS and
LIELPZII.S. Noce bul. Mead/. gober hod
good work... gogd OPpif. Addmei. BYNOT:
rintoneront. Bedford. Ohlo.
W ANTED.—Erery body to ,call it
Is 4 I.II3EIITT STREET, will &mans
141 In lane or =All
I•, of loterlet .
Tilo3l/.8 K. PETTY.
rtmd and Real Potato Droner.
N 0.178 Smltheold Aent.
Thirty Thousand Dollars to Loan
Me or small amounts on ro , VOrt.7 Ali*lbloor
•trat n fair rota of In rant.
Real tsto, Aseol,
MS Wont strort.
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OST.- On Saturday night, between
nlno rind tenN'elutk,• POCKET BOOK wv
Tort on.Wylle Ittree . au. No. 4. containing $33 of
S4O. a rani mid' a cheek which belonged te a do
,rated son. Thai dadernill be liberally Awarded
W leaving It at W. A. AMPS DRUG STORM, cor
ner leylle and Fulton streets.
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1 -OST.—On Wednesday e al:4 k m
1...1 gentleman', mortoede earn MM. t•ln •
swan 0111[11 of money. Card and .nr ..7
of value to the ummr. Any mi e it li,mm
a an., tr.! the money and wlll maraca farce nylon&
Inn tho card arse uld ImPnr• to N0.1 1 . 01 ..... 4
Arert.Plttsbunin. ,
Ti LLel . ttl e rt!s . h e,.. ed A lLou b se . o 6
..fAlltEriellEivenue and Rebecca street .5.31
rPtit4—Mh.„lkiagent.° pleasant
Nrstordoo. Addrese M.. GAZE...OMo. • 3t
_L BLEEPING ROOMS.No. 43 Iteaaces
T the Ori i rl ''Ail SlTT leghen lida, {''44 l4 l 7l . (llo O4a 7= 2.*".".
AlieshenT. • }LIS
TO-LET—For a term of y s
dealrable STORE, connected with =a
lve Colliery; In Western Pettnayirenta...=
profitable business. fulucipally guaranteed 7'
this Company. can be secured at this
anent- There is at this time admirable mooch:Beet
Id merchandise In the Mere. which lOU be sold at
their cash ealue. For further Information. alp
lent o.PO WDLreet TO .
N COAL iladelphba AND IRON CO..
st Ph
Fla b. and n TIER with entrance on Tilth avenue.
ay Court Home. Apply to Mrs. M. MoTIBIIS.
to N. NELSON, 1181111 A ovenua 640
The eubecrtber °Cron for reolthal desirable prtp;
rtr•toown es the
Situated at the foot of Craig street. Allegheny
etty. a abort dlsianoe below the Suspension bridge.
7" . e lot on the east side of Craig atreet tsl.lo feet
wide be about 430 fast more or low The lot on
the west side of the street Is 110 feet wide by
aboUL 400 feet. more ur resuming to low
Inter WM; haring one of the best and eldest ham
bong on the neer. The admintages ibis property
presents for soy kind of mannfactioing porpoise.
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some tms.busse carriage. In good
Will be sold at a low price. Apply at No. 113
doing good buslooos t .aod 1004 loomiloo. Ad
VOR SALE.—Engines and Boilers,
New end Mooed Mend. of sliktrads. eonstentM
013 band.
Orden from MI parts of the country promptly M.
tended to.
Coiner . Marlon Avenue arEll P., 11. W; *C. R. W.
A: TAINS 240 ACRES, cum hundred and dant/
amp wider cultivation. bahince woods. Itillwowe
ment-2 dwelling.. very lame barn and Maids.
nod sheep booms. orchard end well wetted by a
small creak passing tbrongtt the plaza. filtnated to
Jennbuni *aunty. 3t( miles Rom Vernon
and Lout:wino &dined: In thriving neighborhood
near to villsges. churches. The farm am bw ow.
chmed at 020 war awn. Apply to
B. hicLAIN & CO. Zia 104Yourth Ave.
I 'MINCE. continuing 20 acres with 8 honest
thereon: one.. One, comfortable and convex:dead
home: good-water. and one. of the best
powers In Western Pennsylvania for a mita
Riles from the city. on th e waters (.4 Turtle
oad, if of • mile from. Stewart'. Station. Castes*
Rallrad. Also. several good Farms In good 100.
Clung and 'terrainr for sale-. Enquire
W of _
moll No . 110 Grant Si-. opposite Cathedral.
FOR SALE.-149 beautiful building
lute near the PcontylreleM_ Railroad._ Them
ate selling very obey -S3Voeacht-41411Memal
and Mimeo to for semi morialipinenta. ATM
the lat of Jane the price. will be o.namod
examine Mane at the MSc, of T. SI • 3.
corner Penn and 33d Went. oe R. S. S ILL.ARM.
at.l.4m,Tle Grant street.
A f ramo Melling containing 4 menot, Afoot t‘ola
handsomep lot .44 by 100 TIM 14 0447
nee of property a ndllsoalt• • Eteal•
ant Dome or any one of moderate mean. R.
bILL et SON.
A frame cottage home contatigng, 4 • room and
tilde.. income on Rain Amt. mar the Omens
•itrgh pikerent 30 by 100 feet. TM la a meg
beautiful place and will be old Amp tf Mien for
anon. T. R. SILL SON.
Thom dad to peortmehomes and lota ad
ntageonaly gin aped' Mc. ,
emaTil a - rraragg eittr,4 etc all
IoN. T. R.
SON. corner Pam md Meets. , •011.1
etAix--11 ,: gri location oo Cut street. ,1
rarvir= o iiP vive . I rv g ll47.=
ba.y. rooms. bath room and maw. gina and
Manic strode tr.& fountalp,whrabbyvy. Of.. mid
111%E41g Met a 'a i?ix•t SIT 41(181trot
west side of COO Meat. Easj of avolisa DV street
an. A splendid view offs. Mtge& rivers and V'
mr23 - • 399 Sixtb
The Safe Deposit Co. -
le now prepared to actin a Getwestrldr , ter7 Ca. •
cl , V ie w i e ... == . 4l . nin c ht f tostor, senitatt,
at. soiliZti• as General Asett= .y
14 . 1 EWAN:
oldosilty or Corporatien. retewstro i ,
Win OF
=rt . IN AN T , rmmr
14:T.T. OF THE CO A.! 7.1•11,a pg.
T YNATOS,9IOtaatk9..INSiIIiNCN ku.
CIIHS ono WILLS rweervid Gads, guarni•• mid ' -
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reeNvkl cm slower Jon period.
Persona leastne the ItltT to co eae. or Hewn/ 4 . ;
utenatter loess, nl2 am • town momentous awl ,
secure Pam of Depatit In the 'Vaults of the Safe
mrieawv• ThILIJIMPaII.