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EN N 1M AN,, REED & CO.,
Oirner Sixth Are. and Smithfield St.
ny mmi. cer rear
Debtrreci by culla.per week
It is worth while for every vzod citizen
to lend the subjoin' tu'ernoriel, prenenteil
tot'ongrene, by a delegetion of our opera.
ti• c...0n Wednesday . lent. Thefto are the
Citizens whom our free trade printe,looking
Pit them from the . F.timpeen 'dant:lpoint ,
n. bon pt to Pincer at WI sheen"and
• r uend lentos. -
We copy from the official report in the
Congreeeionol Globe:
'Mr. Negley—i rusk llnatrimoua consent
to present and have printed in the Globe
a memorial of the workingmen of Pitts
burgh, irrespective of party.
The memorial was received and or
dered to ho printed in the (ib,be. as
To at , . lionorable Sc,nton , and Reps.. rui
otirca the people of (hi Coifed .States,
in flonrirese niqemblerf : •
111 .:5TLEMILN The Utith•rt•ig not, tie
),10.41 by the iron-workers of the city of
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and vicinity, to
visit Congress for the pnrpone of pleading
against the reduction of the tariff' upon
-- iron, beg leave to present to 'our honer.
able bodies the inventive that induced our
vtivrnit hero, together with the interests
ittvolyett_ -
The gridual decline In iron during the
last ear, nudes a natural consequence a
eorrespontling reduction in our wages,
have erlatonkleel ns , end ith us our fel
low.workere,"of the neet-esitvef arousing
anti outaelvi•s lu defense o f th e
great fraternity of labor, that fraternity
through which the framer ion of our mt.
t 'oral wealth is only gtutranteed, and upon
whout the maintenance of the honor of
our nation in time of pent feat only ' Le re.
I 'pon a consideration of the present ren
dition of the iron trade, viewed by the
light of all the intelligence we can aim
mend, we aro lett, to the cent:lesion that
our employers, under existing circum.
ampere. are 'tealiaing . scarcely, certainly
toe more than a fair and reasonable profit
atom the iron manufactured, and with a
positive ' realinsi knowledge • that the
wages new paid no are scarcely more than
adequate to defray. the necessary expendi
tures of. our families, to soy nothing of
natural afford our children the
Ket mesas of education. Contemplating
too, the probably, nay, the inevitable cer
tainty. lof a still further reduction in pur
wages, brought about by foreign comps.-
tine through a reduction of the present
lut lea upon foreign iron, we are constrain
ed tontine our emcee in opposition braying ;
Congress to protect, above everything elae,
American labor, and thereby the Ameri
can people; for labor, by virtue of its
numbers7tonstitutes the people.
To that end we were delegated to come
to Washington city; but finding 'that
members of Congress are too busily en
gaged in their respective duties to give as
the hearing Personally that we desired,
and the expenses of living here being too
exhorbitant to allow us to remain any
_length time, ,we aro compelled to return
to our homes, and in lieu thereof adopt
thin method of presenting our cause. •
To at length enter upon en nrgument in
(aim of a pmtective tariff we deem at
this time unnecessary, inasmuch as the
representatives of that interest in Con.
greed hare already presented the subject
in such a light that our efforts,perhaps,
*mild only darken , with an ability truly
exhaustive and, and in our judgment, in
What tvc ask is that the Mon interests
of our country shall not be placed in jeep.
anly by any intervening act of COIIRTV.,
but oirthe contrary that you will extend
such aid by congressional enactments as
will continue to infuse vigor; activity and
prosperity. 'Should the foreign manufac
turer desire to enter into competition in
our market here with our home prodncere,
let them pay for OW privilege In the
shapeof a duty upset their products, which
will 'not only bo a source from_whenes our
National Treitattry will receive supplies,
but will also be effective in reducing the
•price of iron to the coniumerbv virtue of
a healthy competition.
Since arriving here we have frequently
been ram with the assertion that during
the last few years one emplevers have re
sliied immense fortune, and that there is
Ate justice Ina demand that will, they say,
continue to sender fabulous profile.
To this 'we reply, that during the war
nut - iron manufacturers did realize' enor
mons profits, and with a selfishness by no
mesas commendable, launched them en
tire into theirown coffers,' avoiding sue
reasfulle a fair distribution with the labor
that produced the article Fold; but we beg
leave,to remind you that in this great re.
serve of llberty,labor Sn the iron-works is
daily growing in intelligence, demanding
and receiving to a greater extent today
their proportionate share of the profits de.
rived lons the manufactured article than
I ever before in thin country.
The labor of ten years ago, in point of
intelligence, dignity, and manhood, can.
not 'possibly be compared with_ the Inbor
et today.
The preservation of that dignity. the
source from which that intelligence is tie.
Heed, um only be maintained by our abil
ity to work, and the remuneration we re.
ceive therefor.
Strike at the iron interest of the .roun
try bv 'a reduction of the duties
upon tile foreign article, thus reducing
the price and consequently our wages:ona
you strike at the comforts of our firesides,
cripple one energies, and dwarf an atnbi
ion to elevate our posterity to. the high
est plane of American citizenship.
To forever be -hewers of wood and
drawers of water - is a condition foreign
to every precept in the history of our
country and its people, and doubtless
there are-many who are toiling today in
oar iron-manufacturing establishments,
aspiring, by their meager savings, deri
ved by no means from overpaid wages, to
.) be some day not . only workep, but 'mit
ewners in establishments yet to be built.
if the business be not protected from
excessive foreign competition, their .aspi.
rations can never' be realized. Protect,
then, that interest, and you create an in
centive that will be conducive to the erec
tion of iron works throughout our entire
country thus opening up new avenues for
'. the toling and down-trodden millions of
' the earth, creating a prosperity here, the
influence of which *ill ramify favorably
throughout every descriptive Interest.
When tee aro reminded of the fact that
101 l a Int. years ago,, when the Witte in
volved was one of free and slave labor,
new emphatic the free labor of this land
declared, through the;that the
• soil of our tree Territories should not be
Blighted by the damning influeneen of
slave labor, and how nobly that principle
was defended by the arm labor
upon the bloody fields of the late war, we
feel justified in pleading in the interests,
end' in behalf of at least a large portion
el that labor.
We, plead not in the interests of our
employer exclusively, but in the combined
interests of employer and employed. We
know if he is enable to successfully run
. his works we cannot receive employment,
and without employment at our 1:111441 TO
cations we will be compelled to seek new
ones. spheres to' which we would not
probably be adapted, thus proving detri
mental not only I to us, but possibly to
others 'alto. '
We pray, then, that you do not dectease
• the .present duties on iron, and in our
prayer we desire more,especially to ap.
peal to the representatives of the great
party that has been so Instrumental in
wiping out human bondage and elevating
all labor to a free and common level, and
that DO., when the cloud of war has dis
appeared, leaving our country once more
ii united and in peace, you exert yonnielees
tl with all the ennobling eltaracteristicsAf
_the dignity and
• comfort of that labor,- and through your
,wisdom such laws will be enacted as will
tend to enhance Its pmspierity.
M. S. liourengss,
J. D. EvAse,
- B.A. McGinn :
• Committee.
1 Wain:won& Crrr, D. C., May
.14. IEOO.
llxase Pommy. Nelson'a stained.
enameled and embossed glass is certainly
!quarto tho best made at homo and
abroad. ,Esamine it.
j tit •V .
1111 A ' \s
- I M I,tit
<*#, F
iii 3
THEY have Confederate pieniesin Metn
Tn in f rom -Nr.w England—Shoo fly &nap
.—ux tall. •
Wkit:At ti ready for the tickle in Mte
• THE eats luirvent in in begin in - (inorgia
ilext wenk.
A .I.aanan: maia and fnmain_crdlegn is
a Ttraan Meet.
Tilt; intilodelpliii Bec coils every 1.01.
tun nn edition. "
PEACIILs and apple., pronnae 1.1 I.
drug in Georgia.
LITTLL Roo:, Arkanans, Lad n alight
earthquake last week.
JUDIJIMI by our exchangek the country
iv swarming with 'crcuses.
- .IonDAN Iwo done runcli to make Do-
Hoda a hard to travel no possible—Boston
Toe employes of the North l'amlina
Railroad are to wear nnifortna idler next
Tun Nevnila titate House will be ready
or occoputiOn by the next netiaimi of the
.egislat ore.
Tut: Boston AdvertiArr sAys,.No•patiets
were pored to make the Philadelphia
,Imilidonn successful."
PILINCE. IjEOROE of • Prueniithas joined
the ranks of royal authors under the 110111
dr plume of Cl. Conard.
Ton A toolsa, a jeweler in Blountsville,
Alabanta, wan shot dead while. Standing in
kin own doorway last week.
SlNct; the 'AleFarland rial,content's,.
rary thinks ()tin must hare Mum morally
insane when he killed 'Abel.
1. - MITA:ENE:RATE youth at 'Frisco call it
to pot clothes -pins on dog's tails. and
them - level the human race.
THE New. York Times says that the - re•
peaters" were great travellers at Tuesday's
election there: "they journied train poll to
No Chinainen having been stabbed.
shot or run over at Sacramento within the
prat two days, the Bee Thinks it in dull in
the city.
A DROWNED man picked up at New
York n dm. or trim ago. graxped in one
habd n lifelese dog. Hie bark wan One
down forever.
So far as is known but one Philadelphian
wlitt woo asked, refused to aid the Rich
. sutlerers, and he is reputed to be
worth $1 4 .00,000.
iNDIANA le about to receive from the
United States $.111,000 as an indemnity
kir looses sustained by her citizens by
Morgans rebel raids.
LTDIA Tuogrsoti, Alex. Henderson and
Archibald tiordon were fined V.VO each.
and Pauline Markhant $l5O for their at.
tack on Story. the Chicago editor.
A OL ERGS - X.34i of COWL. recent
ly married a couple on the care, without
the other pasmengeni haring Inc knowl
edgeOr sunplcion of the transaction.
PII sent nearly' twice as
mu ley to relieve the Richmond euf.
fetes Id Neu- York. - From the Witr
city the amount collected Is r ael $7 Az.
TUE Wistonsiu papers .are waxing
warm in debating the question whether
or ntd women shall be admitted into the
state University on an equality with Ito
male students.
A 't.ty named Raiford loadetl n 'nuke'
.hot 1111 Thur.lny.nwl fired into
a gang of boys who were * tainting iu tle
river near his residence in Aagm.ia. tea
He brought down tkree. •
A '4A . Lin; hail storm visited tirrenvill
and Laurens counties. South Carolina,last
week, doing considerable damage to tlo
growing crop. The bail covered TI ground
to the depth of three.. inches.
TUE, Troy 1174 has. novel remedy for
foolish marriages, proposing that the
clergyman phonic' Fe better paid, no that
they will not to. under temptation, for a
paltry fee, to of lemitize them. - t
Tux New York .Commercial wants the
Board of Brokers of that city, to follow
the recent esample of the Berlin and Lon
don Stack Exchange* and strike off ones
tionable securities from the lists.
°Wftv." asked a go mess of her little
charge. -du or. Fray Uod to .give us our
daily bread?. V. by don't we ILA for four
dors, or five days, or a week!" "Wel want
it freshr replied the Ingenious_ehild.
Tut Lersui 'Herald states ediuiriallY
that unless Mr. Soutz.o. the Cheek minns
ter)! War. is slandered.his relations with
the brigamis are more intimate and reeip
meal than be would probably atm t o ,
SENATtni Ft.tinv, of ronuedicitt, is go.
ing the war of all baCksliders. He has
already got - beyond Mr. Footer, whom he
superaerled because he proferiaed to he
more radical. and is rapldly overtaking
• Mr. Dixon.
TUE Southwmg Virginia Mormons are
congregating at Wrtimrille, preparatory
to their transportation in a bode to tin.
Kingdom itif Brigham Young. 'Seventy.
fire or a liondrod of them had aanembled
at lent rcports.
A TERRIBLE hail-storm -occurred at
Wilmington. North Carolina, on Friday
morning, and extended some. distance up
the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad.
Some of the hall stones were said to be
an large an ben 's eggs.
THE friends of the San Domingo treats
give up all hope of its bring ratified bj-
Ole Senate. there being more than twenty.
four votes against it—the number nem,-
sary to secure its defeat. The protector
ate scheme will now be tried.
A I,TRAN(Ii: epidemic among evergreens
is prevalent through Central Illinois. In
some lovalitleie not one has been left.
Fine trees, apparently healthy, arc struck
with the blight, and in ten days are with
.ered and dead. The cause is unknown.
Mu. LAKE 1). CilAnwicK, a young man
of Charleston, S. C.. was shot and almost
Instantly' killed by his brother John Chad-
Wick, Jr., on Waamaian Island, last Week.
The two young men were conversing to
gether, when u pistol which John was
placing' with was accidently discharged,
will ouch fatal result.
Tut: beautiful milieu,' at Ridgovray
North-Carolina, recently built by. Prof
Dodworth,of New York, and occupied con
jointly by Meecre. E. Ford and J. D. North
saa fientroyed by fire nn Thursday las
The occupants Mul barely time to escape-
with their lives, losing nearly all their
clothing, furniture, dc. No insurance.
The fire was accidental.
OMAHA has amen who lives with his
family in one of the law iron tubes used
In the construction of the bridge. lie
was too poor to buy or rent Oven the hum
blest frame cabin, so he adopted this sing
ular expedient. lie has constructed a neat
stone fire-place in bistros house, and here
the wife and children manage to liveand
got their frugal mends.
The following advertisement was re
oontly published in the New York Herald:
"Degrees (U. D., D. D.; &e.) wanted. An
English gentleman of position is desirous
of obtaining Honorary• Degrees for some
of England's bent authors and distinguish
ed men, whom he could conscientiously
recommend. The presidents of chartered
colleges or universities will oblige by im
mediately annniunicattng with Dr. —.
- street NeW York."
Tim Houston (Texas) Union says Dr.
W. H. Famer. editor of the late . ./Fews-
Letter. "is the rightful heir to an estate
in (lemony. said to be worth several null•
lions, of pounds sterling, which estate,
when obtained; will oonfer upon him the
title of Duke of Ihulen-Thulen. This title
he cares nothing about, as he would not
give up the title of an American citizen
and the pride of being a Texan for all the
dukedoms in Germany," but he in going
after the money.
Or Mies Abell. formerly with the Rich.
ing's Opera Troupe, the Holston fast says:
This young lady, who Is Boston born and
a great favorite kith', our people, has
reached Milan, and is already under the
beet musical ad e. , Bite la at pros.
ente a pupil - of Sangtotitnni, one of - the
first masters in Italy, who la full of faith
and enthusiasm as to g her future. He has
ofibred: her two - enagements Withra,
which she will probably accept. this
view she is to study "Faust," "Favorite,"
.Trariata," Trovatore," ",Berbkm..
:P•Semirainide" and other standard owes.
These who know her best will not doubt
of her success. Of the many lady vocalists
who have gone to Italy front Beaton none
"have given more promise than Alit% Abell
A.TItAXELEII; wbn demanded his trunk
at a Baltimore depot before all nthent, anti
was told by the Irish beggage.masier-that
he must have patience and wait his turn,
turned upon the baggage-toaster with,
"You're an impudent dog." To which he
of the trunks rejoined: "An' faith, To are
a monkey, and it's a great pity that when
we two were made bastes, ye wasn't mad,
■n illiphmq . so that ye could have vet
blasted wank ander ver noes 'all the
11F. New York Iroad re-
fors to the McFarland caM•, and denitunces
McFarland as one of the meanest and most
despicable cowards. whose baseness in
publishing his wife's hitters altar the
trial was Over displayed an ohnsual depth
of degradation. It soya:. 'Vie anti unt
sure that hanging would not have.been
greatest merry (lint could be shown
tint, for what can life be 'worth to a mil,
•trmnt to thormighly despised and loathed
hind's side before and during the trial..
and pnblinhi•d dump u the private fetters
it refers. to,
A Pm:plc - mit Etnrinit.sabi.—An old
miner recently returned to San Francisco
front a region two hundred and fifty miles
north-east of Fort Mohave, \where, accord
ing to his report, he found,gold dust and
nuggets in abundance in the Streams. The
3Johave Indian's, whileiumnitting him to
help himself to no much treasure as he
wanted, forbade him to b 'lig other white
men to assist Ida, in gat wring it. lie
claims to be the first white. nan who ever
visited that region.. As a s iecial favor the.
Indians introduced him to t wir priestess :
an aged woman, a hundred. - ears 01,1, and
he was surprised to hear he describe San
Francisco es accurately ic!, i she was well
acquainted with it, and still noro startled
to hear her predict the city could be swal
lowed up by au earthquake in 1878.
WE find in the Philadelphia Milletin
the following:
Thoughowf a belated pa.seenger on the
North Penntsylvania milk train:
Ought not the milk to come down by
the Whey Train.:
Is the detention owing to something
that bas n.curtl'!
At what distance can we hear the
motives.cream? .
That engine stns tiro hullers ahcad and
noun butters behind.
We should get to town sooner if they
euld bring the milk udder-wine.
Ought not the ismsengers much town
mer thou the milk can •.
compelled to Aide 4in the cow catcher'!
' hat dairy is best adaped to a sandy
,mill The drotnedniry,!
torn the conductor make a milk pond
•ry time, he taken op a ticket on th .
Ik train'
Tax Douglass monument at Chicago is
a ruin and a failure, and it is now pmposed
as the land upon which Mt. Douglas is
buried is valuable, and as it belong to the
State, to cause the monument and the re.
mains it covers to be retuoved to larg
er adjacent grounds of the Chicago rni
vnrsity, the prep...tit burial place,
and, with the 1110111`y gotten therefor—a
sum, variounly ,timated at t-10.000—romplete the monument on the
original, or n still more elaborate plan.
The grounds of the University *ere given
by Mr. Dr.tlg6ll. SO it is fitting that his
remain• should repo, there. It is under-
eoaal' that the Trustees of the ritiversity.
Mr. Douglas's widow and bans. his atrong
est personal friends. and indeed every.
Mole to whom the plan has been sal
ted. are in favor of what is proisl;.ed..,
Tut. tioneral Assembly of the reunit e d
Presbyterian organization will embrace
het seen fit e and sin hundred delegat
and will he the lot,e,tt ever cretvened ie
Al',wring. Three illiportant Presbyterian
Indies in the British Islands have tent .
men of high reputation an mrreopontling
delegates. The Free Church of Scotland
sewn, Bev. Wilitani Arnot and Professor
Blalkie, of Edinburg, both well known on
this tide of the Atlantic an authors. The
rnited Presbyterian Church of Unit
Britain sends Revs, Dr. Edmund, of Lon
don, and Dr. Macleod, of Birkenhead, near
Liverpool. The !Hall Presbyterian Church
sends Rev. Prof. Wain', of Assembly'n
• .
('ollege. in Belfast, and Thomas
Esti., a leading citizen of the same place.
[Dr. Dill, of I.ndooderry, wan appointed
chairman of this tlelegation, but the table
has since announced his decease.] The
growth of cordial feelings between the
Presbyterian Morales of the Old find
the New Wotld, within the last flee years.
has been eery marked end to eid, ■nd in
more than one cmarter proposals ate heard
or the organization of a Pan.Preabyt erian
Is4enthly, to represent and unite allthe
hatches who adhere to the faith and
.olity which .Thlnr eatabhnhed
here hundred yenrll ago in Geneva. •
TniThwer rolling
^ars is now olfi•red
THE State Deinaert
held at Columbus
mill, idle for two
(or sale:
title Convention is to
t Juno Ist. •
$lO,OOO in stamina coverml a *104100900
inotgage at Colutnbus Saturday.
SPRINGFIELD'S $9.0,000 for the (*ohm.
boo, Springfield and Cincinnati ltailrnnd
is made up and the road is to be built.
DAYTON is trying to form a mammoth
oint stock company to inanufacture agri
ultuml implements and secure clam'
MR. AND Mn.N 30UN TREAT celebrated
their golden ...eliding on the 10th Mat.
at their Koine in Vernon, Trumbull
Mao. KIMPFIAN who failed to get a di
vorce from her husband in the. Akron
courts on the Ilth loot., hale eloped with a
young man named Forderle, taking her
.two children with her.
SATURDAY the Cincinnati, tiallipolis
Pomeroy Railroad incorporated with el,-
900,000 capital to run through ilamilton,
Clermont, frown, Highland, Pike, Gallia,
Jackson and Meigs counties,
. .
PROF. E. li. ANDTMWB, of the State fie.
ological Corps, has just returned from a
tour through the Licking County gold
fields. lie found j,v9,1 in small quantities,
but thinks It would pay better to work a
gravel bank.
Or last Friday morning Mins Mary
Powleson, of New Philadelphia, was found
dead In her bed.. She was a Yfunag lade
against whom no one mold speak a word.
quiet In liar demeanor and a earnest
christian, ahe wastighly ?rape ed by nil
-who knew her.
A m:owl' to $6,000 dam ges wan
( I
rendered last week in the Licking musty
Common Pleas Court, against Ole Balti
more and Ohio railroad, in favor of a
brakeman, named Cornell, who had his
leg broken and nn
arm crushed by a col
lision on the read' last Winter.
EDITORS oASETTE: As It has been an
nounced in the OSTRITE and Republie
that I ant a candidate, for the State Sen
ate, to succeed Mr. Reward, In answer to
numerous inquiries allow me to state that
1 am not a candidate. 1 pregame the re.
port originated from the fact that I have
been Urged, by a number of my friends on
this side of the river, to submit my name
for. the Senate at the. expiration of the
present term of olliceF of the lion. James
Omhant. JAMES Mullitltm.
RIAAXiIf ENV, May 19,1870.
IF YOE EAT half - a "dozen Mares of
bread you won't get as much nouriiihnicnt
au you could from 'one glass of Pier
Dannala & Co's Cicam Me.
Mclinneroirr.—Thu fourth great male
of those beautiful lots is advertised to
wine off on Monday. 7dd, with the metal
free incur/don. See advertisement.
glass staining establishment was founded
fourteen years ago. Now located at 23
Market street.
WELL Buovris.—The fact that Wm.
N,._elson. 28 Market street. produces the
tined work to be seen In the country. It
beers.the closest inspection.
RAXE Won:.—This is the exclamation
of all who examine Nelson's stained glass.
It beans sorntiny. No 23 Market street.
Foittisr (minty has a new coati house
vitich met t_2 3110.
Is Scranton a man named Piety mis
ook arsenic tor golnine. The Pine of the
unreal was to be ;m1 1 °1111(441 in the Mein
t.g papar.
THE Forest Rcimblitan advocates the
re.el'etion of Hon. li. W. Scofield to Cnn-
greys front the district of which Forest
county is a part.
'THE iro.tnasters of Columbia, Pa., at a
meeting'Fridac. expressed a determination
to stop the proanction of pig iron, claim
ing that the current rates were utipmfita.
Tice Venangn t 'omits* Ibtpubbean pri.
'nary elections' will be )aeli, On the 281 It
is . Metrarn.llfillan,and Galbraith are
the candidates fnr Congirss and J. D. Mc
Jancklit foi• Aentbly..
Timm: will be a intuiting of the D. U. !'
O. M.'s and P.-D. C. of Erie, Warren. •
Venango. Mercer and Cmwfonl counties.
at Meadville, on the 30th inst.. at 2 o'clock
P. M., for the purpose of fixing on a place
in one of these counties for holding the
proposed Odd celebration on the
Fourth of July.
iIIIrNSTQWN lens excited by 11 11111 d 1 , 1111
last tuesday. It rushed about town deal
ing destruction. A man named Bowers
and a little girl ayes both badly injured,
and a number of wagons were demolished.
On the same day. in the same place, a
cow went mad and tossed and frightfully
gored a Mrs. Samuels. Evidently the
cattle can't stand Johnstown. •
YORK has a haunted house. where an
invisible but heavily shod visitor tramps
through the rooms eiew when lightid.
and tilled with people. Groans and sighs
are heard anti the hed clothes are pulled
from a certain bed. The kitchen table
moves about, and everything occurs just
the same whether the house he dark or
brightly lighted. The . ghost who tuakes
the most noise is thought to have a wood
en leg.
Tut: Uniontown I:ruins sage On Tiles.
day last we stopped fora few moments at
Jackson mines to watch the worknien who
were engaged in grading the gt4nd for
1 ..
the Cochran Bros. new ovens. NV the we
were standing there, a blast was put o ff
which was placed in what they 11 th_
top plate shell: and was not n hea l / 4 •Y one,
but it' sent large tunsttes of rocksl hying
into the air. and threw two pieces Weigh
ing almosra hundred pounds clearlacross
the railroad track,one of them falling upon
the roof of a one-story house which stands
there, and crasht4l through it, making the
shingles By in every direction. The other
struck the weatherboarding . of an adjoin
ing inmost% and knocked a , hole in it at
least a foot in diameter. Directly under
the spot where the stone hod struck sussl
a bed, and quietly sleeping thereon lay
two young children. A strong ceiling of
pine boards had stnrpett the stone, or they
would surelY hare been crushed to (tenth
Francis Yernt's malt him% at Philadel
Phi:. w burned on Frblay. Lots MOO/.
—The spinners at Clark's thread factory, at
Newark. N.. 1.. have resumed work at cmplo
er's terms. after a three uzeks' strike,
—tleOrge Ilrmitnno knitting mill. at
Iteanjngrun, It.. was burned yesterday after
noon. Ltnis, /ZOO; covered by insurance.
--The German Theatre In III:ean, west di
vision. was destroyed by arc at I o't:lock yee
tcrday morning. together with aconsidetable
muscat of theatrical property
--At Cleveland, Thursday night,'thc ware
house of Freeman k Crumb's lubricating oil
works. was destroyed by are. Loss estimated
at $40,000; covered by Insurance.
—lt la Wain relnrYd.thit 14.
Pa t en pc otailed In *a nirton
City, with a capital of $15,000, to take the
place of the Nit:lomat Irdrlllwrirer.
-Thom. Ilamenn. wife noinaerer. han been
themeted at Morrinionvn. of murder
.:ecod degree, and will probahl err
%sent cuce of twenty years' imprisonment
A special from Iles Minn,. Ito, sa%
here have been copious rains through Central
%era duriturthe past three clays, , ve hid% hate
yee f rent benefit to the crops. all of which
reloot i ngi first rate.
—The Butted :States Insurtst grand Jury of
Tylor, Texas. hns found !MT-tout' tr e e Unix
for Internal revenue frauds against Horace
Broughton. ux-assessor, and Thos. Browning
and George It. Stunning, ex-assistant
-Extensive pre rations are making for the
:fleeting of the internaffounl Typographical
Union in Cincinnati. to begin 6th Soar. Delo
gates• will be present from. all parts of the
United States and Canada. Too ladles will
i.e present as delegates from New York.
--Red Cloud and twenty other Indian chiefs.
.momOnnled by the notorious renegade John
Richards, are expected to reach Cheyenne
Tuesday next. They wlikbe furnished by Gen
eral-Augur with en escort at that point to
conduct them.on their way to Washington.
--Judge McCann. at New York. has dis
charged two children trout the control of the
. . . .
Commissioner. of Charities and Correction.
holding that they could not be detained until
the,pnyment of a board bill incurred under
au agreement with their parents or guardian.
—The New York Mudniene Sodety held
their thirtieth annivensery on Tkursdny.
Mr, Thomas Hastings, the head of the lost I-
. . . .
baton for twenty years past, resign w ed the Po
sition.' The receipts last year ere ft=o.
and the Inmates one hundred and Ilftiy-three.
—Mr. Susisky, the defaulting treasurer of
St. tools. fulled to give brill In SIO.CuLI to
answer an Indictment for embezzling $140,00.
and has been committed to prison. Three of
his bondsmen have made known their readi
ness to pay their proportion of his bond, and
the fourth will probably pursue the name
course. •
—A cooing has been issued ordering the war
dens of Trinity Church,New York, or their
representatives. to appear In the United States
Circuit Court and' answer a complaint of
number of heirs of Anek Jens, whose prop
erty Is In possession of the church. The serv
ing of the writ created considerable excite
ment among the magnates of Trinity.
—There lx considerable commotion among
the Peale. in Chicago. over the expected ar
rival on Monday evening next of Gen. O'Neill.
who goes to complete arrangements already
nearly matured for sending a force to old
Melt against the British expedition on Its
way to the Red River country. He Is expect
ed to make Chicago his headquarter..
—Oen. Po telegraphs to military head
quarters at.
'cage. that the Indian raid no
the Use of the Kansas Pacific Road seems to
be ended, and thinks the arrangements made
will prevent the re-occurrence of such outra
ges. Gen. Sherman telegraphs Gen. Pope that
he hopes the most vigorous measures possible
will be adopted to capture and destroy the In
dians who made the raid.
—St. Louis has undertaken to get pollees
elan of the gas works, the City Counsellor
having been instructed to Ming suit against
the company to compel the sale of the works
to the city. as provided by contract. The gnu
company . has brought sults against the city
for sums alleged to be due for gas furnished
for three years. aggregating over s3oooo—this
being regarded as an offset to the nit by the
From the report of the Cincinnati Board
of Health for the year ending March 15t.1870.
it appears there has been one death to sixty
nine and one-half, whereas by the last census
In the whole county . of Hamilton, there was
one in forty-nre and one-half. Thedenth rate
Is much less than in London and cities gener
ally in Europe as well on New York, lit.Lonis.
Chicago and the remainder of the-principal
cities of the country. The whole number of
deaths for the year.was 3,740.
—Further 'partlmilars of the Ore which oc
curred at Weriona, Illinois, on the lath, show
It to have been more extensive and destruc
tive than It first reported. Almost the entire
business portion of the town was destroyed.
Including n large block of wooden buildings
occupied by dry goods store., groceries. drug
stores. Jewelry stores, etc., it steam elevator,
owned by Buckingham & Bro.' of Chicago,
Illinois Central depot, freight bonne,. tele
graph and Itarx offices; etc: Loss $140.000:
Insured for principally In the;Hartford
and Xtna o ces.
• ,
—important movensents are afoot at NeW
York relative to the departure of the fithan
Privateer Upton. She Pa lled with three hun
dred men and provisions insuMcient for half
that number. It Is reported that the Spanish
Minister has placed a Spanish man-of-war at
the disposal of a celebrated detectlie, who
confidently affirms that be will capture the
Upton within three days. The Spanish man
of-war is off Cape Henry, within signal dis
tance, and can he warned instantly of the ao
pearunce of the Upton on any part of the
coast. Another experienced detective in the
employ of the Cuban Junta, will probably con
trive to out-wit the Spanish agents.
—The New York World says: "!tome time
since General Hancock wrote to General
Sherman inquiring why he wo not promoted
to the position vacated by the death of Gen
eral Thomas. which belonged to him in the
order Of preoadenoe. The letter wm - shown
to the Presklent, who dictated the substance
of the reply. Shortly afterwards General
Hancock received from the Lieutenant Gen
eral a curt answer, couched in the following
terms: q. am requested by the President to in
form you that there Is nothing In your person
al relations to General Grant or official
otion now, or lend rela
Hoes to Ms adminietratkm that could justifyKour
ereallisr.'' . .
—The officers of the Chicago and Alton Roil'
you to expect If
"ad' have executed a perpetual IMMO of the
Loulelema and Missouri River Railroad which
will give .a Chicago direct line to Fort Scott. Tbe Company will immediately mammon the
construction of the mad • from Jacksonville
or White Hall. IIL, the mitttuipoi
river, where trains will connect hy. a
transfer 'boat with the • Louisiana and Mis
souri River road for KAMAN City and
et. Joseph. Branches win also he built
through Glasgow or Brownsville to See.
della and theta on to Fort Scott. BY this
route the distance, from Cyaago to the re.
firteg t atp ,
. 11 1 111 be a d t. asfollrAt T O,
Scott 140. ILL trahrwill br running
through next fall.
The General is.serobt of the Reunited
Presby team'. Church.
ins Telegraph to ttie Pittaburgh ilakette.)
I's FLA unt..rtuA. Alny 10,15711.
The first meeting:of the tiencrei Assembly
of the Itimulted-Pitesbyterion Church, com
posed of the wholi of the late Old School
and New School hallo, commenced this
niorning in the l4xot Presbyterian Church.
on Washington :time. The building, was
beautifully derorateif with evergreens, hich
were tastefully festeohed iirmlnd the bunt of
the galleries. Immediately over the pulpit
wan the text: "See ore lhry suing larsobox,
ortiout our tr.sly," fu letters formed of ivy
leaves.. On the front of the organ-loft were
the ia4artiatoma 15711." tit., in Ivy
leaves. The pulpit tens Winos' covered with
flowers. a beautiful hOthquet of exotics being
on midi side of the desk.
The vast eillece tins densely crrnviled
the delegates and interested spectators, who •
occupied every available Melt of space In the
pews, aloes, galleifea, pulpit stepti t nirl where
ever else stionting..or sitting room could be
obtained. The galleries.are strengthened try
extra Iron posts, eta inches in diameter, in or
sloe to support the great strain on them ad
to obvinte an possihilitY of Occident.
Many distinguished cli!rgvineu of the Pres
byterian Church are present it this
bible.. and it will be the most importmit delit
erative lusty ever held in the history of the
Church. ' , AlllOllg the delegates ore the Mrs.
Robert Watts, D. It. and Mr—Sinclair. from
Belfast, Ireland: Rev. tin. Arnot end [tinkle.
of Edinburgh. Iter. Mr. Edmund. of
Birkenhead. England: Dr. McLeod, of Lyndon,
and Rev. James M. Priest, a ccilored delegate.
from Liberia. In Aeries.
- Promptly at eleven o'clock the exercises
opened with it voluntary on the organ, per
formed bee. Emmert. Esp.. the organist of the
church. At the. , clove of the voluntary,
an anthem wnn , sung. consisting •f the tenth
Psalm of David. which was rendered by a
quartettechoir. After the anthem, 'pray,
wax offered by Hee. X. W.,incolno. Modemtor
of the Old School Assembly. The ',glowing
hymn. entitled - I)ne." stud written 14timeciAlly
for the occasion by Francis De lines Jointer.
WO. their sung to the tune of 01,1 Hand
-1 rest, l "
while the whole great congregation
Joining heartilt - In the singing: '
Almighty Owl—While. day by day
we falter. talb and pato , away;
Thy etumgelego glory we adore:
Immutable forevermore.
Though prone to err. and disagree,
And slight thy law of harmony;
All controversy we resign.
And pledge ourselves. In union, Thine
'Chine, andThtne only. would w e
One with each other. one with Thee
In Clod the Father. God the Son.
And God the SPA. ever one.
One. In the minion tee (dint;
(too. In tlevotiOn to Thy, will;
One, herr, in fellowship and love;
One. with Thy tsuivolned ehtlreh nbeivc. •
Itet. Dr. Philemon It. rimier, Modenttor of
the hut New ;School Assembly. then read the
leaaou from EJMnsianot I V. chapter. alter which
Dr. Jacobus aptin (Merest' reaper. The 1:111.1 ,
Psalm, Dann the - Church Psalmist."
Lose Thy Kingdom Lord. -
was then sinte.
Or. Herrick Johnsonannounced that the.
Committee of rennrements had flied ht. fol
lowing at the h ours for the fleeting 14 the As
sembly each day
Open at 9A. 111 One hour to he parsed in re
lialoua Take a recess from 1 r. N. to
t. C. N.. and adjourn at Zits. r. N.
Rev. Dr. "'ulster then preached the Modera
tor sermon.
..ThVV! in 1.211,614 Y and not spirit. even to , ye
re ...lied In one hope of your callinp."--Epti,
The !termini, which occupied an hour-and a
quarter ill its deli . was closely attended
I to by She lame . At It 1.7 9 , !th /Xt
it/ tir `ma on
ortho Aeaenittly would be freely open to the
.11111ie. Ile then slall : "The Genonsl Assent
I .lt of the Presbyterinn Chureh in the rotted
Stairs ur America 1,111.! onler."
The Ain:mint' Won then opened with Inver
by the Pee. Pr. Jacobus. Miadernl iit the
ht.t old uttetu nuts nu
rd many', connubial,. 0,1 he.,
fitunit ileteettve. he tenuld ittipilint a tnnunin -
ter nit Connitineions. c,r tposedret. diet. Geo.
r. Hickman. D. 11.. lies. Samuel AL Morton and
Hasid lioltinson. Esq.. to whom als thich com
missions Omni.% be ',lent's!. • t'
At the afternoon session Kw, Dr. J. T.
Parkas. ut Schenectady. was elected Modern.
tor urncclamation. and the Assembly then
Synods will report to-ntorrow. and the lie.
construction Conintittee SaturilitY.
Pitzt.abrzenta. May 9L-In the Presbyteri
an Assembly this morning the Moderator read
a <OIIMMIIItOrY dispatch' addressed to As
senility tw the venerable Th.. Elliott. w ho was
:Moderator of the General' Assembly of
at which the memorable schism occurred.
The reading was received with evident satis
faction. and the Stated Clerk was directed to
rend an appropriate response.
Judge Malloy tendered his resignation as
of the temportuT clerks, because both
temimrary.clerks were from one body in the
West. A motion that the resignation be not'
accepted was tweed to.
The standing committees appointed and the
report of the Committee on Publication were
General osnod of the Reformed Presbyterian
Church of North America,
clarts.sait. May to—The Syria' convened
at p‘ro'clock. and woo - called to order by the
Moderator, the Rev. M. liarshaw, vrhn opened
the esereises with prayer. -
The lien. Dr. Wilson, delegate to the Gen
eral Assembly of the United Presbyterian
Church, reported that he hod not been able to
attend. bat had written a letter in which he
had stated that his Synod desired anion, but
Would Insist upon two things. that that the
name hennaed should be retained, and sec
ond that there should ha testimony against er.
nor as well as for truth.
On motion it was agreed that the hours of
meretlng nhould be from 9011 A. X. to 18 3..
and from 3 P. NI. until adjournment on motion.
The Moderator announced the appointment
of the following standing committees. •
Correspondence—The Re, Wm. Wilson, 1).
D.. LI.. D.. Dr. Steele. Peter GThson.
Discipline-- Dr. McMaster. Dr. Clarke, James
Signs of Times—Dr.'Douglas, W. S. Brattnn
Alexander Kerr.
Theological Seminary—James ti:Seott, S. M
tallowy. S. D. W. McLeod. M. D.
I Presbyterial Reports—The Rev. 3f. !far
haw, A. Thorns., John Truman.
... • .
Nominations—The Bei, M. Galley, J. K. Mar
tin, R. Guy.:
evot Iona! Exercises—The Rev. J. F. Mor
to, Sam. Moffett; W. S. Taylor.
Finance—Alexander Kerr, Peter Gibson
Janes N. Gifford.
Auditing-31r. It. M. Mentor', John ',ailer
on, W. liarbeson.
The Synod then took a recess until Jr. N.
The Synod met nt 3 o'clock, and was called
to order by Dr.McLcod. Moderator elect, who
opened the session with prayer. The minutes
were read and approved, after a reference
to the Presbytery nt Saharanpur had been
stricken out.
The Moderator announced the following
ommittnes on Presbyterial Records:
Northern Presbytery—The Rcv. A. 11. (lat
er and Mr. W. S. Taylor.
Philndelphla Presbytery—The Itcy.9.monut.
nd Mr. Dixon Reid.
. .
Pittsburgh Presbytery—The Rev. S. M. Ram
.cr and Mr. James Stewart.
Ohio Presbytery—The Iter..l. K. Martin and
r. John Wayne.
Western Presbytery—The Rev. &Thompson
nd Mr. Robert Guy.
Chicago Presbytery—The Rev. M. Galley and
ti Ir. John Callings.
Eastern l'resbytery—The Ilev. W. EL R e id
and James M. Gifford.
The report of the Philadelphia Presbytery
was then read. The Presbytery was orEesed
to the proposed union with the United Prey_
byterian nend Assembly. . .
The report of the Pittsburgh Presbytery
was strongly In favor of union with the United
Church. .
• • .
The report of the Ohio Presbytery contain
ed no reference to union. but related to cer
tain church property In Xenia.
• It set forth that when the congr c zation of
the Reformed Church In that place Joined the
Xenia Presbytery of the United urch last
year, they took with them, unlawfully, it is
claimed, this church property.
Some ensued, and the matter was
foully referred to. a special committee for
consideration and report,
The Western Presbytery presented 4 report,
taking strong gronnds In favor of Union. They
also presented a memorial asking that a mis
sionary to Kansas be appointed.
The Chicago Presbytery omitted all reference
to the question of union.
The Eastern Presbytery -came out strongly
against the project, and expreased • hope that
all action In relation to that subject would by
Tea reports were referred to the Conamlttee
on Presbyterial Reports, except those portions
rebating to special subjects, which were refer
red to appropriate committees. .
Mny 33.—1 n the Oeneral Synod
of the Reformed Presbyterian Church to-day,
Dr. McMaster. from the Committee on Union
between the Reformed Presbyterian and Uni
ted Presbyterian Churches, reported that at a
meeting of the Joint Committee on this aub
sect. held at Pittaburgh. the third article of
tricken reported for enrulderatlon had been
stout and Nome slight modilicatton.
made In other articles. The rep ort recopy
mends resolettoes setting forth the desirable
ness of union, recommending the name o f
Urd Prrsbutcrian Church." the Supreme g o _
dictators to be called “Orneral Arecrabfy of the
prodivferfan Church of North Amer_
teat" else., that the different boards and testi
tntions of the resßectivo Churches shall not
be affected by the Union, but shall have con
trol of their hinds and retain their corporate
and other rights and privileges until the inter
ests of the Church shall rekulre a change.
The report states that Dr. M wae not
prevent at the meeting and that Dr. M orton
did not vote for the basis. The repo r t . .„
made the order for Monday afternoon.
Rer..l. Cl. Johnson. delegate front the Re
formed Church. presented the fraternal greet
thgft N ' t ' xil k t m c ' T h eh t e h " T=r r eV Moderator
nod Robert I:ruhdin uppointed to receive Ml
ilitional hinds. •
The Synod met in interlocutory sessron to
General .I.embly or the Presbyterian Church
• Mouth. '
aft Telegraph in the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
In lt.•lsvtt.t .G }toy in—The General Assembly
of the Presbyterinn Chnftlt met at nine o'clock
tills morning. nod wits engaged :di day in te
belying teportp, statistics, papers, .Im...di re
ferring them to committees. Among the re ,
ports were the following: ,
Report of Execut lye Contiiiitt im on the relief
fond for widows and °cottons of ministers at
decease. Bead by Rev. lir, wits., ftee,iceo
and referred to Special Committee of one
member of each Synod. The plan proposed,
with some modifications, is the same as laid
before the last lieneral Assembly.-
Ninth. annual report of the Hiccutive-12om
mittee of Publication. It shows the number
of volumes printed during the year .it 44.50 U,
of u hichl2.lll". were unbound or at the bind
ery: catechisms. 2.50(1. book of church order,
2,o(10; tracts of various sizes. IM MO; cata
logue...AßC annual reports. 1.500: church
blanks, 5:451/. 4114 systematic benevolence en
velopes, number of pages of 'minted
matter 12.0(51.11.U.
Diocese.. Convention of the I . `. E. Church.
Pill LAM:LOH lA, May 2.1.--The Diocesan Con
vention or the Protestant E.plaropal Charth
adJourhed rice Ilk this afternoon. 'lhb mutt
intliortant act of the convention woo the CiT
al lon of a uew diocese. comprising five coun
ties amount Philadelphia, mildect to the ap
proval of the General Convent Inn.
Final AdJouniment July I:A—Fif
teenth Amendment Enforcement
lonized Session of the Sem
• atm
try Teltwr.tith to ritisbiirsh 1).0.it4 , 1
WANT' arcerns: MAy tat.
The final adjournment resolut kin come up as
%pedal order. .
I:After:l lone dismission the Senate. lily yeas 35,
nips 31. fixed July 15th ns,the day fo final nil
,The conside ra tion of the Flfteent Amend
eat bill Wog Trimmed. ' .
Mr. STEWART gave notice in re rents to
bailey oblectlons. fie - would mute to the
Striking out of the fifth section, allowing a
candidate depelled of office by Violation of
tine right o of colored cater. to recover posses
-01055 by writ of !Intimlninusq sad l dying the
United States courts jurlsdict on in such
Sta.lloW ARP loaggested the neoe fifty of an
ismendinent to the twelfth section, to define
the duty of the sanitary author) lea when
authority un to execute the law. II thoht
auought to be given to entip themil
itary necessary for the dispeeelon mobs or
assemblages of men banded together to pre
wnt colored men voting. Ile deal rail to knosv
hether in such a contingeney. and th ere the
state authorities refused to Interfere, the Sen
ator frosts (thin (Mr. Thurman) wouls prefer to
stand quietly by and allow the outrage to be
committed rather than supply halt n dozen ,
bayonets to disperse the mobs. .
Mr. :SHERMAN said ho would have all the
white and colored vote without hindrance,
but would never authorize the President to
Surround the polls with troops, whether a
necessity existed or not. As provided by the
twelfth section, the President was to be cloth
ed with snore than Monarchial power, upon
the supposition of a hypothetical case.
• Mr. WILLIAMS opposed the bill, preferring
that of the lionpe.
SR'. STFAV ART thought the latter hOpeleits
ly defect ive.
31,1,...ASSERLY made a long speech agalubt
the bill.
Mr. STEWART replied. and after a ril9m
executive session the Senate took a recess.
I.tvniou Sosiots.—Mr. Warner's amend
ment. to mold re the pertinent of the forfeited
WO for visilnttotts of the law to any Perlon
hoeing for the sante, Intend 'of the party ag
grieved, was rejected without . divisien.
Mr. THCRMAN submitted an amendment
of three sections. which had been prepared .
by a I l onsinitten of the Itonse, the object. of '
which was to preserve the purity of eleetlom.
and prevent a reketitlon of the glaring frauds
committed In New York City at the last.
.114wiriffefftial election. - '
The amendment provides that any peraon,
at auction for memberlsof Congress. Cr elec
tions for President or :Vice Prraident.; who
shall vote. and Is not entitled tot ote. or who
•hall by any ninon, induce or copel an <dra
in...racer to receive unless fully vote, nil
ons• slcvnion Mile, refusing or /mottling toot,,
.1,1 .. ,I la y jtn,o, by this act. hball be Indict
: xbb.. awl ~n1. . ..1t:1i0n elzfrrr Pk n e not ex
,Y..ditig Eill .., itttprllkommyut and ••Ireetthig
tbreifyenrs or both, and pay cost also pro
dding the Nausr penalties for units 'fully reg
istering or causing the reglsteri g of any
person not entitled; also providin the same
To.oalt les for an unlawful Interfe nee with
political meetings. called to diets *National
affairs or eleltus of candidates r Federal
offices. .
At Mk; a motion to adjourn w negatircd,
sad as u vote was Shunt to he t ken s i n Mr
Shensi:snip amendment. • •
Mr. THURMANAid the Senate was asked
at midnight to adopt a scheme which would
r,erse the whole practice of the lovernment
for eighty years. Since its found. lion such a
proposition had meter before bee suggested
or dreamed of by noy American statesman.
Its adoption would be the triumph of brute
force of numbers over the reasoning powers of
the Senate. In the. nameof justice.orator
the sake of the fist Congress, he asked for an
adjournment until Monday agreeln to have a
vote taken upon the bill then.
Mr. SUMNER asserted his bell that the
amendment Wle pertinent to th bill, and
said It should he adopted.
Mr. Shennan's amendment was rejected=ll
Mr. NA MLIN renewed his amendment toe:
opt prohibition against disturbances of pont
cal meetings. •
At I .t. NI. Mr. N moved to adjourn
Mr. CAStlillitY then took the floor.. -
IA. o.—The Senate Is still In session. It I
morninghe Intention of the minority t
talk till oi to prevent n vote and of th
majority to it It nut.
The Louisiana contested election cane of
Newsham against ltynn was discussed, and
went over till to-morrow.
The Semite amendment to the House ad
journment resolution was agreed to. and n
motion to reconsider tabled, making the mat
ter final.
District of - Columbia business was consid
ered. _The only measure tint gave rise to dis
cussion wns a hill for paving Dennis. avenue,
which NVros opposed by3tr. KNOTT in speech
so Interspersed with witty illustrations and
droll conceits teat it attracted all the mem
bers present In a circle around him, and pro
voked continuous laughter and applause.
The Speaker announced Menses. Logan, Slo
cum and liegley as a conference committee on
.the army bill.
Ship 'Melded at Sea—Check Forger.
ies—Attempt to Rob—Fire in the
Woods—After the Cuban Privateer,
AG E &C.
By Telegriph to tne Pittsburgh Gazette.]
New Vine, May 93,1870.
The steamer South America. arrived to-day
from Rio Janeiro. reports that on April .MO,
le latitude 21 deg. 15 min, South, longitude 40
degrees. she spoke the British steamer Setup
son, twenty-flue days from Gibraltar, who re
ported that on April Zd, she broke a shaft
and machinery, consequently was consider,-
MY disabled, and had made' two hundred
entice under canvas... An offer to tow her to
Bahia, or take passengers off. was not accept
ed, and she concluded to make for Rlo Janeiro
tinder sail. She -bad on board one hundred
and twenty passengers.
Report!, of heavy forgeries on the At'anti.
National Bank hove no further foundatio,
than the fact that three small checks hav
been forted. one of which for $BlO was paid
Of this nmount the bunk recovered $3lO. Th.
police are on the track of the forger.
An attempt to rob a vault in Delaney street,
containing one million worth of Jewels,
was frustrated. A hole had been dug from
the adjoining building nearly Into the vault
when the crntbzmen were frightened any.
A fire has been raging in the Woods between
Lakeland and Balltbtowa, Long Island. wince
Monday. An area of ten miles In length and
six utiles across is burned over.
Several armed tugs have been chartered by
the Spanish Minister and sent down the tout
to Intercept. IL possible. the Ciuban steamer
• Rodney N., Pomeroy. of ,
Cincinnati, charged
with obtaining good■ ion false pretenses, haa
been discharged for want of evidence.
George Ella, a noted burglar and jail
r as p. A
to-d:y N s u e r a icru.m
tencedto . the State
prison for nye years.
The paper manufacturers adjourned conven
tion today organized a National Protective
Union. _.
Upper Rivers.
iny P. & A.'Telegraph.)
BROWNAVILLI. Rt wat e r dead.
with three and; e ball feet of In the
channel. Weather clear. Thermometer 50 at
6 r. 51.
- .
Gaintaasoito. May 50.—Ttlivf falling Blow!).
with three feet three Inches of crater lo the
channel. Weather • dear. Thermometer at at
5 P. la.
• . •
Otz.CrrT.4fay 23.—Itiver at t h e. with
itleeteml Inches of water lnchannel.
Weather clear. Thermometer nat6r. Y.
MOROA3TOWN, 3Lay 21.—RIver etatlonary,
with three feet of water la the channel.
Weather clear. Thermometer :V at 4P. Y.
—Wm. Hall. an ezwteamstdp captain. bail
been arrested at New York an • charge of
haring smuggled a bridal outllt.
VOL. LXXXV.---NU. 199.
Conti de Vita lit Portugal—The llln•
Wry Forcibly liepowd—fiic French
Plebiseitum—Punichtnent . torPrcas
Law YlobitiongLiilares of Cuban
ltistirstents Declared Free --The
Council at Rome—Baron Liebig Con•
[By Telegrsph to the Pittsburgh linsettej
',do'', May 'X.—The Stamford admits the
ory of (he !4nppho. and hopes that there
be no more International matches. Ma they
tithing but foster mischievous Jealousies
Clorles• Kingsley has been nppointce:
Dean of Rochester.
• A Royal Conmnissitm to draw lip a report on
the neees.tity for and character of scientific
education has been Waled and is emtiflogkd of
the Duke of Devonshire. Marquis of Lans
downe and Messrs. Lubbock, -Shuttiewortb,
Huxley. Miller ntld Stokes.
John Henry Parker, P. It. A., publisher, of
London. Is dead.
Nark Lemon. editor of Punch. i$ seriously 111
nts, May 23.—Prover Dnverglerdp Ilan
. - .
eranne, the personal friend of Tillers, and
Xavier Marmler were.elected members of the
French Academy,
Marquis De Talhonet. eg-3finister of Public
P . o7l, l' sl, l :g " lstif i r el l e i c Oult i re ` anti
Ice-I'reuidenl of the
address t h e C ',tubers- to-Morrow. tv len the
vote on the plebiseltlpo Is declared. •The
speech to be delivered by theEmPernv to
morrow Was Mended nt noon Aa-day la the
Imperial printers.
Three prosecutions against the Rappril news
paper for violations of the press laws. were
decided to-dayagninst that paper. and Its etli
tors have been sentenced an follows: In the
first case, M. Vecquerie. to one month's im
prisonment and one thousand francs line, and
31. Ilorbeux. Director. to fifteen days and five
hundred francs; In the second case, M. Charles
Hugo, one month and one thousand ferules
toe, and M. Dortieux. fifteen Is and five
hundred Emote: in the third case. M. Frencels
Hug one month and one thousand francs. and
M. 80 0.
rbee: fifteen days Imprisonment.
The proceedings of the French Commission
on the subject of administration decentral
isation Is said to justify hopes for important
concessions to the local government.
Deputy Itenacker was burnt. In effigy by n
number of residents Of his district, last even
ing. for opposition to the plebiscite.
LONDON. Mop fft—The following details of
the ineurrectlon In Portugal are published to
day: The Castle of St. George, after a sharp
tight, wherein seven were killed and thirty
wounded,: was entered. Tlie palace was un
conditionally resigned by the commander into
the King's hands, who authorized him to form
new ministry. This coup d'etat was partic
ipated In or sympathized with by the people
of Llnhon. Oporto, and other elite.
The following particulars of the coup
d'etat have been received: The movement,
which kits been for some time in preparation.
was confined to the erlor'..atid the object was
simply to compel a change In the Ministry.
The Duke of Saldanhua having great Influence
over the troops. gemmed the support of n large
majority.of the garrison of Lisbon. Teeter
-day morning he IC. ready for action.and
moved against the castle of tit. George. Thin
strong fortification. after II short struggle.
was "corned. Tice Dnke then moved at the
head of a Inege body of troops to the Royal
Palace. The Governor of the Palace had taken
, f t
measures of d tense. and the Duke found
troops posted a d artillery In POMO. n to on
puce him. An tack was ordered and some
shots fired, but he soldier, on both sides were
evidently ill-disposed to fight against each
other, and after desultory thing they broke
rank, and fraternized. The Palace was left
unguarded and the soldiers. voinnteers and
some peasants who accompanied them, en
tered. displaying the popular flag and_ shout
ing "Long live the King." "Long live the Ar-
MV Illitl Salthinhint.'' "Down with the Minis
t Zy.. "
Though greatly excited. they committed
no violence. and contented themselves with
sarching through the corridors and grounds.
inging national songs and uttering patriotic
tries. The Prime Minister. Duke De Louis.
against whom the movement , Vll9 directed.
seeing the day was lost, tender:A his resigna
tion, which was accepted by the King. The
victorious Saldanhua • was admitted to
an audieoce • and was requested by
the King to form a new Cabinet. ' which
task be .cutsented to undertake. it
Is reported that seven men were killed and
thirty wounded during the day. Though the
tune of Duke ttaldanhita has the sympathy of
the eit izerin of Llsbon.Oporto and other cities.
the people took little or no part In the move
ment. The Duke intended It to ben surprise.
nnd relied wholly on the troops for success.
What the effect will he cannot now be told.
Greatagitation prevails in the Pro,
N w
ees. here there ta a strong Puty in favor
of the deposed ministry.
• . --H-e--
HAvA.NA. May LA.—Captain • rieneral Le
/lodes has Just published an order that all
slaves belonging to insurgents in the field or
In foreign countries, or who have taken up
arms or served as guides to . Spanish troops,
or performed any other service for the
national cause. are henceforth free.
The Insurgent captain. Minstrill, and some
of his followers. have surrendered to the
Spanish authorities at Puerto Principe.
LOXDOIf. May 33.—Letters from Rome state
the debate on the cnnztituodr pronollit Is uow
going on in the Council.. The Bishops of
Spires and Itothenburg made speeches against
the infallibility dogma, and at last accounts
Cardinal Schwartzenburgh had the door In op
position. One of the organs of the Vatican
ray however, that resistance is practically
deed s, .
FLORINCE, May 03.—The Italian frigates nre
cruising around the-Island of Capron. to pre
vent the escape of Garibaldi to Naples. The
Government has taken this action because it
Is known that the sons of Garibaldi are with
the insurgents in southern
MADRID, May 31—Anotherdeputation wall
ed on Espartero yesterday. hoplue to prevail
upon him to accept the throne. It is reported
he persisted in refusal.
31vaten. Stay M.—llaron Llebig. whose con
dltlon recently monied much anxiety, le con
LONDONDERRY, May 90.—The Ammer Otto
va has arrived out.
LONDON. Mny 93 Erenfnn. Conn& to
money PUS, on account PiligniN. American
securities dull; 'a, NM; Yt., SUS; 135, PAX. 10-100
Pa. Erie IPX. Illinois 113 i. Atlantic and Great
Stocks are dull.
Fu pour . May XL—United States bonds
are arm at Mi.:4195N. •
Pants, May 21—Bourse quiet at 24 90.
LIVERPOOL, May al.—The sales of cotton for
the week were 9,000 bales; exports, 0.0011 bales;
21.01Vgl i et ' Of e account, 6,M10 iV:e";reT, rec e ipts
can; stock on hand moo bales, of which Mk
-000 bales are American: quantity afloat 311.000
hales, of which 1= bales are American. The
market to-day was quiet; cairn of 10000 bales
middling uplands at 10,44311 d, and Orle.ans at
114 d. The Manchester market wan quiet bat
firm. Breanstuffs heavy. The receipts of
wheat for the past three days were 27.300
quarters, of which*ooo quarters were Amer
ican. California white wheat 9s Maps Bd, red
western N 0.2 &@,Bs/Et, and winter B.9dOns ltd.
Western flour heavy at ai 3d. Sales of Corn
at 290 (Id for N 0.2 mixed western. Oat. 2e 3d.
Barley Ss. Peas 334 eel.' Pork doll at IBM.
Beef buoyant, with sales at 116 s. Lard an,.
Cheese 74,. BaconMa ed for Cumberland. and
Mc for abort rib. Naval stores dull.
. . .
Loicno ri. May 2D.—Tallow 44s 6d. Linseed
01l easier at W.s.
Mayas. May M.—Cotton quiet at LIOMI on
spat. and L9f afloat.
Airman., May 30.—Petroleum deellaldg;
sales at ttM.
Accident en • Steamboat—The National lamp
[By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
:Cissounazgi. May 3).—The packet Mary
Arnent, met with an sentient near New Rich
mond, last night, that came near being very I
serious. Thelarboard cylinder head blew out,
greatly alarming _the passenger.. The engi
neer's striker, Monroe Fitzpatrick. received
dangerous injuries about the head, and was
taken to New Richmond: No one else was
hurt and but little Injury sustained by the
boat, save what has been stated.
At a meeting of the Executive Committee of
the National Nengerfest to-night. It was finally
O I CWs t4 gie ' sdiry g a n r.A.L 'r tZ3 s t!: n ielts. th. l 7 4
reception of eingers at depots and steamboat
lending. will take place in the morning and the.
reception concert in the evening. Thursday,
Friday and Saturday will be used az announced
heretofore. The plc me occurs the Sunday
following, - but there will be no prooesetion
on that day and no sacred concert a
night. They will proceed to the pie Mc
Mgt . . :Pin sma ll
p=ti% without magic- A
afternoon. The new
satistastory adjostment a , r t.TE 1 em 4,...-f o rts7d
thing indicates a grand moan a
—A aroma from Haa;zia atates. that rut
and It ban not been Milted to the teen& of
the fill of Cuba alone, but even to the Spat.
w ho exinrous obtaatafaction at
the attoottY,
ppolutments Rerrnur Commis
sioner Wells Vindicates Himself—
French Silolllation Clatma—Berenue
Frauds In. Texas—Hostile Indians
. . . . • • •
.eave Fort Snllp. ,"
By Telegraph to the Pitt qturgh Gazette.]
• wAsitmaroN. May 1870.
The following nominations were eta In to
he renste to-dal: Jacob E. Stock. of Mane
:etti, principal clerk of privnte land claims In
he 'General Land Office; Andrew Aken, of
Register of land office for Arkansan
fletrlot. and R. A. Shannon, Receiver of Ptst
lc Money, for the same district.
The majority report of the Committee on
Manufacteres, r.avlen - ing t he report of Special
Commissioner of Revenue Wells. has been
followed by n report lrom the minority of the
Committee. consisting of Representatives
Cleveland and Rice. It embodies a letter at
great length addressed by Mr. Wells to the
ruminlttee, In response to a note addressed to
asking What he had to ow to the charges
preferred against him of [misstatement end
misrepresentation. Commissioner Wells. in
the letter, token up and analyzes the report
of the majority on the questions of pig Iron.
Inland freight, dittos on steel. lumber and
the purchasing power of wheat. and adds a
vast additional amount of evidence In Support
of his position and recommend:along. The
friends of reform are jubilant over what they
consider a triumphant vindication of the Com
The Senate will soon take action on Mr.
Sumner's French Spoliation bill. and In view
thereof claimants in all sections of the coun
try are now earnestly engaged with memor
ials and letters Is their Senatorsoliciting
their support to the bill. The bill s provides
that the Board of CORMOSIOOPCFS shall audit
the .rinima .within three 'years and their
awards to the extent of flee million dollars
pro Info to be paid wiumever Congress shall
make the appropriation therefor. •
The S..tilt,, to-tiny confirmed the nontina-
tints of E. P. Jacob,. District Attorney of the
outhern dktriet of MisOssippl! Gfeo. W.
Dent. Appraiser of Merchandise at San Fran
cisco, californin: .1. W. llntcheldcr. Secretary
of the Tetritory of Dakota; J. E. Moore. Post
master at Oweuslforo. Kentucky; P. It. Haw
kins. Postmngter at Bowling Green. Kentucky.
Among the applications for official numbers
for new American vessels received at the !W
-renn of Statistics today. were those from De
troit fur nine vessels aggregating . Litt tons,
incinding one propeller of RAO tons and another
vessel of 743 tons.
A telegram from Itnpervisor Bridgeland an
ea fins-lire Indictments 'found b 7 the
rand jury at Tyler, Texas, against parties
r violating the revenue lawn, the list In-.
lulling several ex-revenue officials..
- The large party of hostile Sioux. who were
th large force threatening the government
odlelals at Cheyenne agency, opposite Fort
Sully, have disappeared.
A special Cabinet meeting NCPi held t 0.111).
Star 01u.r.a6s.Mar:61.—Flour arm at 64.0234
Q -
.4.K," for superfine. irl2-6615.63 tar. family. 0.7 5
6:01:20 for extra and for-doidde ex
tra. Corn scarce. with sales mixed at $1.2110
1.10 end white at ; 1 1.50 , 6,1.53. fleas $1X41.40.
Meg ItSl (or prime. Pork vneaLso. Hamm
lib° for shoulders. 1714 c for clear rib sides.
and 1814 e for clear sides. llamalll6l2l.bc.
lard larg.l7. l ic for keg and 160.16.150 for kettle.
Sugar: prime tlyrsll,4c. Molasses 6:475c for
fermenting. Whisky $1.6641.15. Coffee firm:
• fair 16'.e.:61!.c; prime 17141:6164 c.
BUFFAL.n. May —Receipts: flour 2,000 Ws;
wheat 10,000 bush: corn 10,000 bush; oats 5,000
basin barley 1.21 X/ bush. Shipments: wheat
1r,.000 bush; oats moo , bush.. Freights arm.
Flour steady and dull. Wheat wank. Pork:
Wnshington $1.0812.1.00 for No. 1; Mllwaukeo
club $1.12 for No. 2; Milwaukee club sl,oe.
Oats quiet: westien 5742.01 c for Canada on
wot. Other articles dull and nominal. High
ined dull at $l.OtP4. Pork firm at $3O. laird
dull :d 17e.
AI.IISNr. Hay . ..11.—Thus fat this week there
have brew received from' the Central road 2.210
bend of cattle. The market is tame, and Sr
per pound. live weight, lower. The quality of
all offerings is bettor than lest week. The
sales effected embrace PIO head of stockers at
while a moderate number of good
butchering steers .changed bands at BXidrc,
d first quality at utialksie. Themarket for
sheep rules dull, and from '.O to Se lower than
last week.
Railroad street. near Divot.) NEW Bum,
vog. P. CROWTHER. Pastor. Preaching
EVERY SABBATH at 1034 X. x and H r. R.
Punllc cnnflallr Invited.
arIEY. J. B; BeBRIDE, Fahan,
Londunderra. Ireland, will preach In the
lOLI.TH I'. CHURCH. Allegheny. un SAB
BATH EVENING, at Ttt o'clock. Special collec
tin will pe taken up.
ri - SECOSH U. P. CHURCH, Sixth
venue. Plltel/orgh. Peenchlog SA TIDATII
t 10S A. JAMES T110)11 1 11413, of
New York. At •3 by Rev. J. kIeCI.II3IK, of
rr"I. O :III.3I.t.NUEI, CHURCH. All&
tottll tnrther utrtlee. MORNING SERVICE
10:30. Sunday Stelttoottst. 3 r. >t. wet. ars •
tha bleseedhupe. theirloriouo appearinlinf
the Great:God and the Lord Jesus, will worship in
quiNcv it ALL. 127 14tcock street, Allegheny.
I,I,DER WO.OlDEbt. will preach TO.3IIIIRBOW at
10:30 and 3 and 7:30 0..01. come and we winter
and d.l you to O.
her Hester street and Montgomery nee
nue, Allegheny City, JOSEPH KING thisto
Presehlng TO-MORROW ibord's Dare. .10M A.
stud 7' P.m.
&oda entirety toot and a cordlal Invitation to
Sunday School at A. O.
where Iter. A. M. Milligan's congregation woe.'
shim , . on SABBATH MOBNINCI. at lON o'clock.
by Rev. D. C. MARTIN. Subject- - Ctirist the
model life... Also, at 731 Re,. D. Olt£6o.
of New Vont. hubjeet— , Cbrlst's call to th
chinch. - Sabbath Sebool at IN. All are Melted
ATTENTION:—An Excellent oppor
tuulty—to lorest In PATENT RIGHT for
Western Pennsylvmis r The article is needed in
every Tangly. Will P T n Loire per cordage. Are
ply to BARTON LOWE. 38 Sixth street. myll
SEALED PROPOSALS will be metro] by the
of Pittsburgh. In neon-dance with the provisions of
an Act.
Supplementary to an Act.relating to the School
Laws of the City of Pittsburgh.
That the Central Boar 4 of Education
Annua l lyree months fru the peruse of this and
Annuathereafter. select from the s an e
or regular exchange brokers , of raid clays Masa
no or place of deposit for nll,OllOOl fund. uder
the control of sold. Boned. and said Rued to give
ten days' mitts by publleatiiin in t
ooted wepa
published in Paid 'city asking for proposals
from raid Paulo or exchange brokers to act as treas
urer or ;lamellar,' of said school funills.and the se
lection shall be made upon the opening of said
o.lr7irettlrfa b Pr z ' ITZglrg aragi ;LT;
woollen by brod, c to no apprised by wild Rood,
and shall pay for th e use of said shoot fund the
highest rate of Interest on careen% balances. and
pny all cheeks. warrants ur drafts of the proper
°Meer or °Motu of odd board on demand.. '
In accordance with share jitet and resolution.
passed by the Board. Sealed Missal. will he .
mined and opened al the nest regular meliting f
the Bunt at their rooms. Yo. $1 Fourth avenue.
on TUIDDAY. June 14th pros.
Bidden also to state on what term. they will Iran
the Board such mono so may be nereaury for
school and school building PnrNee.•
I , rom the Clensue of Wllhelothie Veit HID
Translator of . The Old afism'aelleeZo o: 72 eld
IClrle," “Countres etc. OM O.°. J ....
3:llll47s'lnsCrel.ittbest WM"—
Phila. Pre..
hi a Wtl7 With • 00.0 ., • °°•
forcel am
ible. and Polla•e•O L O Ih r ithmit is oelle t."—
aser Its. • • • Tee too.! lto
Phila. North Americ..un
o , l° '-'"rrea/s can WY. down •rithOi
Tesdhigiincith the superior talent of Ira
lOW ~Vs t hr e. i f...7VlVlTA7 llll. ;" = .l . l 7=
di t ried writers of the and while In the
of "se of i t s Whs. and the mind rtiond le•son is equal. I has t I t o ouperior •ny work of
she character that as for resin tome and"t„,,..
notke."—llittaburgh Dispatch.
oltogUsti Tendons of Glenn. novels Dore be
come popular of late. and no one ha•Melact.l more
phisalar and interesting .d clothed them to
I. uc h awcabla Enshas a. lam Wleter."—Phlhi.
n alter.
I, we by all Boolosellers, or win be lent b 7 eta.
besiege free, upon receipt of the pries. by •
715 and 717 Market St., Philadelphia.
Commercial and Family Newspper
No firmer. mechanic. , merchant should t,
tOnnle subscribers
(labs of Bee
Clubs Of ten
A copy is furnished sTatunously to the RIK
of a Club of ten. rostmasiers are tadassled toned
as agents. Address.
OrNOTICE&--"T'.r.,t," - Far Sale,"
"Lost. - " Wants," "Furind," "Boarding,"
&c., not exCeeding HAM LINES, will be
inlerted in thcie columns once for MEN-
T CENTS: each additional tine
HELPERS. None but pteady. sober mud
good workmen need apply. Adarem J. BETTCON
Soperinterldent. Bedford. Ohio.
Dvet7body to call at
IS4 LIBERTY STREET. and examine
the D6iDERDALE ArrAUATUB Iturmialse
•11.30;000 to Loan In nano or moll
• fair rote of lorcrent..
T1103.1A1 K. PSTTY.
Bill, Bond and Iron! Estate Woke,
No. 179 Sentthrlokl stroot.
Thirty Thousand Dollars to Loan
In torn° or small amounts on property In Allegheny'
county of a fair rate of Interest.
Real FM+ Anent.
BS Grant street.
AATATEll,—llods awl Mortgages.
y I. for $llO.OOO. bweins 3 ye!. to run. 1
for $O.OOO. h. , TF u 3 . y.f7, 0 1....z . w 0 4 . 1 7=
;I'!"ll.M.ll:lo;nh.,ing 3 yeas torn,. 1 few
P 2.300. haring 3 Y.. , to ) for 1/3.900,
.hsving 3 yenra run. I for MAW. leaving a
nrt mn. 1 hatingooo. harrtus 3 yew" to
or. for *5OO. 3 years to run. On nttY
04 Yourlb Ave.
WA:WED.-2o BOILERS at *11. 75
Der ton: no once ler to Par. gime rat
want tam work, gardening. an. Stint
sew . wanted to do molder , hymmiktr a lf i ra •
and ranntry. Applt at londr
No.l State atreeL
WANTED.—A GIRL to do common
housework ina MAE fealty. Mint mate
well recommended. Call at NO.3INIONT63NT
STREET, Allegheny CRY. • . 54111
- 11QOARDING.A nnmber or Gentle-
SINN can ha turolohod wIW boordtrigand
Room% It deotreA,
_o L oioint/y located, ot. No. 211
ANDER/SON BTIUSNr, near 4..1 0iN.N 5.. in . ..
- - .
SLEEPING ROOMS, No. 43 Itesmar ettebt.
seer the Perk.Mahe.) , good ohanle fot*Sh•s
rg:7 E. " 2l43Nallfr " lreketteet.
Al:sheny. &let
YER&—TIER OF OFFICES on Gnat. pear
Cotirt noose. Apo', to tdrs. M. MITIGIIE.•
The subscriber offers for rent that a.lo►le Ref.
rty known me the
Situated at the foot of Crain West. Arienhand ,
City, a short distance below the Sunpenakin bolos.
The lut on the east side of Craig street Is 100 feet
wide by about 4teet more or lees. The lit en
the west. side of e street la 111Irfret wide he
about 400 feet, m or less—Mott running to low
water line; haying one of the best and safest har
bors on the ricer. The ailrantages this property
presents for any kind of manufacturing ournuen•
are so well known as to render any further deecrip
lion unnecessary. Long leaseewill he Orenne
PHOTOGRAPH um.taßyi,
doing • goad boelnosa. and good lonian°. Ad
dr*. M. T.. Had Lion Hotel, Blain Mae•t. 444
`` En of Four Horse
DV tro 7 .l;. th pitrer. IV& 172e'r " A
LNG LOTS, on an the various streets in the
district, all SON, will bemoan
on easy terms. T. IL SILL & oorner Penn
and Thin -third meet.
FEYT SACO. neer Lawrenceville Station on
e Pennsylvania Railroad. at On /KO meg and
Wane, In tour These lot. are now Deaths"
very f aid. a noniber of bomes are going end al
ter this month the price will be Pn plena
Thirty. on T. lt. SILL 'it NB, corner Penn uwg
hird street. or ROBT. S. SILL. Alicia.)
at Lou. 7(1 Grant street.
'FOR SALL—Engines And Boilers,
A- New ...a Second Hand. of all Idtc: 000staatir
on hand.
, Orden trout all pasta of the comm . ) promptly itt.
tended to.
DENCE. containing 20 arms with 3 booms
thereon; one, n flue. comfortable - and eouventitug
house; good water. and one of the beet n
powers In Western Pennsylvania for a milt 1
rodeo from the city. on the waters of Turtle
Road. 2 of a mUe from Stewartis Station. Central
liallroad. .Alsc. several good gams In good lowa
lions and houses for sale. Enquire of - ,
rnyll No. 110 Grant M.. oppftlte Caibedral.
The above well known and desirable property
situated on Fifth avenue. owner Dterrlddle Enrol.
OAkg 103 to Colwell lim. on whids tts7
double two Wei substantially built Twilit
dwelling. °outlining 14 roma with ware gag
heater. kg This is undoubtedly • moat
bin property for either mildew* or bus=
pales, being Immediately opposite le the
new Fifth avenue market bons*.
if net sold woo In whole, will be dilide Tor
terms. go- minim of
Igg Seventh avenue.
avyine and itorl to depth l
ret a11e7.1.0.11 no "TM
ute otee to the Dance
Black Boy Toyota . Arlj4
mlll5 No.
HOUSE wayarani Unica% Sark alibi Roam
,° ° ' " 1 Win.brerlitlrt
SON. owner Palm arta Thirts-thirdstraakor et law
Waal of WEST. S. SILL. .(hone? 51 Law. WS
Grant Meth.
Lattice sad Misses'
!bye sad Youths'
010117 Aesestyttoo.
8 11htAT„ . '
• 81,
l igri
At the LOvrest•Pri?es, at
1.01 14 111111 AVENUE, acne Smithnekl &mei.
TOUNO %1V111,4
hems ore invited to rah and smiles the meek
as quality one price will be for the teleran of the
P /Vici beret. II 111216 and excellent roKirtnieet
of eh Grocerlee. For oale by .
, - • =wimp nraimatra.
nne.xT ofpaatottam•ismi
c.i.f. - VI 148 .. of - FlilimPotioot widow.
Helmpermlnion to David . Alton, Ikon"
Moomer. Mao%
1~. _.l`.<..
_ ~~=~
a t t
1: 13: