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r. B. pErnivai, 7OSIAIi KING, •
Triolx or Tax : •
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1, 4.11,ml 07 annier.pezveelt • 15.
r ten t rnd,• in London in
ntrawbnri7 staiiqn in FinTidn iw
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; A INT. 11 , trying to attract licuutlinicrian
ACP, 6(whmt lai] Cinrinti atmomaul tel
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A sNui:.; •fif. port r otper 9re lis
ntl in Nctiorou rodnty, town.
xI: 1, V:il.161.:0 is titling I.ix 11100,m - A
• • , C strawberries psi •
Ni:•Xillt • h about to wit iro
to Stiprolu kt Bond i of Now Ilautp.
'VIII; 114 . 4 , m1. r-t that Califoraht
fruit. i.n.podi are 14eabing,antloly man
' , vile. . •,1. t
~.:1111,1.AN' YEACKICR nurpebler whop;
'..;•S:" lastis, was btanie4l NI M,.,Jay.
r,,, ~ :•:!,100.
Tsii. hook lu•t•pt'r of
dri,zer, ht St. Louie, daligerollsky
f'iiiLIDELP/11.1 end New York !aro hav
ing iht•ir l'owk eeer••rt,.. \Viten will Al
l. Login':
Cot: dinolg, to *Pill Lr tht• meeet tr,ltl
wel weather lu Nortlti•rt:
ynno ve . i 7 y . •
♦he. Wiwi ;it - ember, is
. tt I who, hi,
.11•• 1111.4 pcin!mi
v•n h WaS.
I...tVESWWITIL tho nit.l
and hob% laid out city between
J.,:j3 Una the l'acific
i r io tlantljrut tlu• earn on like Dubuque
mi c;ionx. (IV Railroad will lie running
Nioui yby the middle of 3une.
N.IIW judge couldn't see what
rims• Nieves scanted with lies - en and a
pairs of Ames, so he 174 , 111111 it tlll.lll.
\ I 11;!: an Indinn ennip is captured by'
Shelohin's troops the loose scalps are tit'
tho. bop, Kati sent--cast fur dill!.
t • BRUTl(Litr; . pniwr tonnufart ,
ra of North Amherst. '3lass.l" hako
payment with small assetts and
. I . J.kiNnttion has it man nim hina
.h,rty yi.LTR ~r a - ahlab!e Itt In jot!.
nw_na, inn ocenpatiou Ito rincit,a
Fat, lirtlo Detruit hors found r knife
• f“aldn't agree which should baca it,
the other, •aud there
tedy 0110 h•f: t•• divide among. ,
Tuesday l'slward .11unty irivA ,to
,cu 'himself in the canal at Itufthh..
wept all that stood between
!dui anddeath; bat they were sufficient.
it 1 , thought Mr. Oladstone would net
ran ice a usual, if Mrs. rall'aql or'•,nay
tea:, r 4coatan tainald take a seat in !the,4 Commons during his talln:nitra
. .
IN eXIrOI'INIVIIIIIIg In 1 , 4111 1 /111efl'Inly on
I .'ll'grafl/V, lil,Nittlgl, w • n. fleor to 1, .. 1,.
ran, in. lcritia, a dimanee of 3,700 miles,
aml ,nmAcers wire received 'in thirty
A nnn•irdmeut at Atboth applied,
a few Ilnym ago, to liave bin bride of au
ovioillig bound river fill ln• could grt 0
livorre. • She was mmn 11. 1111 t nerd a skil
l. r cannily.
at W.' had l' iusme 1:1 , 1r
.r.•r' t btu we let Ittnittien like• Ge..rge
Fravet, Train icnnde•r around 1 100 14 .. :or i,
I t nay ten.pors7 nut uternal insanity flint
s tlangerotus?
Rtcluxos singe Shoo
in the opera of Crown Diamonds, and
bus delights that cultivated population
Charhistom S. C.; of which we 'have to much.
MAN named Cook in Chandlercille•
111.. threw 'n brick nt and broke the bend
~ 1 a ninn.itnnied Serf. Cook left, before
the perfnruninco wan - over and line not
roirne Intel: vet.
A Pit I:sqtrrEtt Fes' Female Collegr Is to
he started at Indiana. The
, .
~usl Church building 'and grounds,
worth about $14.000, have been devote t•
fur the.purpase.
ONE of the largest autliences ever no
enaided in - Providencr, H. L, greeted Sen
ator Bevels on Monday, when he lectured
upon flu- "'Framer 'of the Age." (loc.
l'addleforil introduced
Tiir. young King of Bavaria is at prea.
enigiged in thoroughly studying the
hint.,ry of tliC Catholic Church. They eny
in Xtutich t h ut hr let going in write n
aetriangly anti.ultramontane book.
Two large . brink Intildirign are being
premed in 31onnlout h. 111., by Messrs.
Iviziatanifing the eltortE
fulli - np to Ilia average, if not a little
in adverse.
Ir ie thought that :llcrarland . might
nuke, catnall fort:inn by truceling over
souni:y nominally -to lecture,
l'eolir to exhibit himself ; not that heb,
. , .7 : :
there deifies the, right of the male paroren
gets to smoke. - This gentle,
comlstent, mildest, retiring;feminine - in
neater clothes recently snatched n cigar.
from a gentleman's 'month in a Ti•xste.
',making car.
1': anme place's is Maine commercial
have:ere find a hard time in getting an
interview with merchants, who are dis
gusted with .the drumming system. ht
Bangor the merchants, as a general thing,
e ill have nothing to do with drummers,
r ad thei re:rumple is being imitated hi &tiler
places. .
• -
Sur. relebmwd RuralanPpera troupe in
I leveln nil J nroslaw liajudl is the tenor;
Liennomdcy the barrmone, Janjewlez the
elir rionet player, and Itudininedd the Lamm.
These murderous would have, without
route, beer. among tha•Mortt renowned of
day if it had not been impostrible
remember their names.
GENERAL LoNowirn.err 'one Atarthal of
the. Day for the Fifteenth _Amendment
celebnition In New Orlennt.. hongatreet,
(Vintage and gallantry on the field
cannot be gainsaved even by. the rear
guard and rtay.mholue Democracy, wan
Otter braver than when, on the nth. of
APO' last, he. met the allied foriwe of
.Soichern prejudice and puwion. His last
, liarge is his be.t:
THE Salem (Oregon) Stateigitan Nays -
Ilmt, au effort is being made by some of
the citizens, and especially some of the
ladies of the churches in Salem, to Inet
the lugghen Who are la our midst. There
is a night school in auccesaftd - operation,
meeting four - nights In the week, where
the Chinese are taught to read and write.
it friend, who vialted.the school, informs
un that lie found , about twenty out of a
total population of twenty•fiee of theta
singular people, ' hit intent oa learning,
- and that their teachers repert
making excellent progces, .
coaltmroleprzer who bass statistical
turn. thinks that Mr. Bryant's translation
of Homer would be a very good lxiok fot
children just leiirning to read works of
one wrlluble. At the beginning of the
third Look, in the ten lines containing the
famous figure of the cranes there are
vighty words, of which there are only MX.
~9'rs;~ y
. r
1 , ~I ' •': / . ...... * .
. . I
• . s 1
- I- •.1%. .. ' .
'• 4 - _ I ..5 ; ~ 1 Sr
, 1 .. t . ,-Ab c • , : . ...1.; ,
1 7 . _ . , "':'-•
: t .'- ::
. -„ ( .._ , ''.. 10 .1111 ).: ~. \ .
..• 7 ,4.
- 4
~---- •ix 1 1 1;1
- ''' '."•4
. .6 ~.. ,
1 •
• li ~ . ## .
~...4, ' • - . \ ,-7 11 . : - ..#
' ---••• :N. ' \ 1,.;,,,......
4-..- ...,..,
. . _
teen dieihtlyle 3 nod one tryßyllnble. The
o, ' X , , om lift, , , in • whidt the movement of
1115 Trojan host iA asmtpared 'to
,vapore on
the mountain top,'\ them kre eigittpone
w•ortltt, df Muhl. titer— me only thirteen
dit - ttY 11311 1. , , and n word. of mon:than
two •v l lnbleit. ht Iwk five, linelt fiet:l to
1.4.4 , limre arc fifty-f-hoe words, of which
but fiat are more thins, one n9lnbh•.
ottAcErui, storm, tel Lemon ine.
tlin! useq it pentviler, Man of letters called
upon hie, nod._ informing him of his
ncetly tirtnition. reque.tell the luau. of .11
,111 114 , 1..1111/1.1. clllll lif. money. Lantartitle,
who 1v: to morli moved Ity - the recite!.
oponetl — the tlrnwer end zivb hihi I !gt
111111111 M. lie then rontluVied his unfortn.
ludo outer the season
turn It U 11111.14. and in LAnlAtiizie opened the
irs• , :t door, the tinfortnuate author Illtiver ,
eti in itic At:dotty cool. A sodden idea
4trn, - 1, Lenteratine. end piling 11111
" Ittltrittor, con are fortr,itin4 your over
nn;: lot tittiekty took thite.llll • A . 1 . 11 - 4111s
111:11.. WI, it:sag:Ma In t 11.1, 1111,:lge And 110
.11 , 14.4 i. he, vkitor to put it on with
't:o In:, It Illee anti grace that the poor 1111111,
nit know how to re
fuse witielt was co 110k:111'1S Oireit'll
1.1 16111.
AN old in Troy. New York. his,
fora Iring tliar *drawn ft
it thit.
clovernent tho ground "hat by a gun
shot 50011101 ho lad loot tho use of
ono of Itio hands. The and thumb
appeared pi be SO rigidly clos e d that i they
could not bo (lout,: of lib: own volition.
nnr hy nnothor tile application of
gtont owrr, niul of eovere pa %i
miloin.l., an no
osilo.tio II.• ialunitted. with groat re.
1., dos, 11i other. When it lie.
, L em it, hell/r11.,', ;11 1 / 2 1<dt,
Vl•litXl,l 1114.1”1111? 11111•110•4
allt! 1:1•` . NMI :11111111, ,ruight
nut MS etit.ily and tharni t ehLy te ,
though Ito injury had ever boon inflicted
to iwpnir , in the belle!, the perfect power
and nynintet ry of the nteniberl The ',Alaz
inner nortlon of the hand exhibit,' halls
putable :ovidenreri that It had been ap
plied, and
,that 111014 tII.OIIIIIIZIIIY. 10 lb,
•piirpoiirs of sever,' annual labor. The
pensioner gius no l
on, ltiOnoy front Uncle
A St:w irum:.l:o: letter says: "When
the North has a mild and open winter, Its
past, the prOdlirtion of leo hr hrtili.
~ a ge nling is important to everybody.
It is always important here. N . Vith clover
in ht aims, and the mercury tit seventy•
eight degrees, ice is made every day at
the fair. A tin cylinder on trunnions so
rr-volvo is jacketed with felt; within
Gnat hes tin, with tithes of differ
lo.?iiing like
r. M.ndlc;mold.—
The tohr, are filled w:th water; in the.
Tare f,T, - ,1:11i them is plitelkt water and
the sits of ammonia. A cap or lid is
fitted tight, and•the 11 . 11(110 revolved ten
mirtuter. Upon roittnving the lid the wa
ter nn tic ic,j•to ni the molds i. froz e n in
a !oh alit: !dipping the cavalier
into tit', larger a cylinder:of ied to formed.
Thy wa:i•r tont , duing alumni:in in evapo.
"rated,_and the salt, „hen dry, may be used
again and nmau. lee in re,,oktin it large
scale by this pmcets. Bat a revt-Iviog
mil:, with the can be fitted up
by it Linnet., and painted, at.o cast of fir, :
dollars. te..d-a few portHs of atimioni4cal
,a 1 to W la-A a faniily a heawn..
Eu , nr: in Sew Jersey anti
Sod Vett: ore rejoicing titer dirk yrixal
fortune. havii, j.t t "Wien heirs'' in an
emide in tzoiiiatol. tnrimi=lr eNtiniated at
fr.un i some 1.1 hi: ty iaillious of dollars.
The pet sell who ;rave tits information t o
the "heirs" W:IS is 111 7 :11/11:11111q1 Smith, who
makes it his hitsiues4 to look after and
'Z'Alect vial., of this hied. t;-.11/11• of the
Lein.; Sr.' in eee , l . .ircililistalle,:e, but unisi
iif them are pi,. and when the 'nee,: of
theinvied.iiiheribinee re . aeheii their ears
lo.licre it N,ls fi11.% and for
a tithe ,othing was done, and the,ulot ter
was dropped. - One 94 the party, however.
wmte a letter . to a Prnmineut metnber ttf
the lionise of Lords, Englund, tanking in ,
iptiries as it, whether-any such estate had
1nwn.1,ft...• Ls. air r,iitror et two:.or thee.' .
montitalteirmeived an amitaer, stating that
such an estate had been left to William
Innis, aml that if the heirs could prove
their claims dove Would he lint littlef
limits' in getting their nielleV. Since
one of' the heirs has visited 'England, and
found that both the statement of Smith
AIM that contained in the letter were true.
- Aldo counsel were consulted:Who state
that if the claimants mold produce the
old family. Bible, with Alte records, it would
be .the hest evidence the title. The
gentleman returned home and ominuenced
pion - eking for'the key to the rant estate—
the old Bible. A few slays ago the sacred
%Value, in a double Bernie to the heirs, was
found its the hands of an ,Innis living in
Pennsylvania, with the family reeonl coin
plete.the Bible was prink - 41 . in Edinburg
in 17,12, and is in a good State of pres.wym
tion. A number of persons named Innis
hate heretofore laid claims to.tho estate.
which arevif course set aside by the dis
cover,' of this old relic.
h rI,
, ILET FtiVkilt is spideLiiie in Carlisle.
;•'Dailt Ali , :torta Sun in a new • paper
Pt., it liken, a worker in the Scranton
migs, ttis attached: und o numenti
',--itten by a gang of Itis late fellow.
because. he wo.ild'id strike.
annual meeting of the
ucrves will L. held at -Lock Haven,
ilth inst. General Meade- will be
there. anti Colonel William B. Mann trill
be The orator.
, THE barn of John fluzendort of Sum
mit township, Butler county, teas struck
by lightning on Friday lust, the flth inst.,
and hurtled to the ground. • What is
'worthy of mention is, that it had light •
exis upon it.
: , c'trlay last, a son of Dr. Dinke,
was thrown front a cast iron
• - oiler and instantly killed. The
stteck one of the horse.,, causing him
and throw' hint in front of the
Ilien it crushed him, prtaluclng
;:ntiteillatelyl—Bragfertf .(leporter.
heart-rending occurrence mars
re, ..,rd of the past .week. The wife
vi r. .E. - W. Reynolds wars cleaning a, recently purchased, and had a
bottle of corrosive sublimate - standing by
Ler, when a little child of fonrteeh months
picked it up anti drank the contents. The
ditt meted mother started for a physician,'
and a neighbor piclted up the little
acdfellowcd, taking it up to Dr.' Mayers.
Whitt a of eggs were pumped .11110 its
brit too late. The terrible poison
InuLtaheu toe firm n hold to re.: dislod g ed,
and the child died. It is u severe blow
to The parentsolemanding the sympathy
and cauSelaCiat friends.—Watabarre
Rerord nr Ulc .71,0 k
is to have n Boman Club.
Ue clinrch. •
. TUF. Strap Firenisn's Convention meets
at Cnt, lino on itic ;1:11 in t.
ciot . u.tiN'on HAY , ' is to ddiver nn ad
dress in titotthenvilto nu pecorkticnktlay.
Tun Carroll Frec. Prcar has nen , type
And looks to he almost nq gum! , njixper us
it hi.
ir,itt: Coshocton Age, I itn now type, is
neat and elegant as the belle or a ball .
nor prisoners escaped n few Jars
since front the Scioto county jail ut Ports.
THE people of Minerva, Stark county,
'rote on the 16th inst., whether they trill
hare a new school house built at u fuet of
$10,030., .
Tin: Alderney Chem, Factory, New
liyma, is now.making:3s to 40rherse of 60
pounds each daily, will Kan double its en.
Buitor.Ans abound in To ern. $7O
were stolen from James . Shleide berme
and other attempts are reported: All his
money, stos,his wat611,,,&e... were taken
.from the house of Rev; W. F.Wllson,the
3lethialist preacher, and a popttlar done-
Bon party is to repair Ida loss. • .
—The barge Sheridan. laden with\
sis thou
sand three hundred and eighteen bushels of
wheat belonging to John 'Robson; of Winona.
'Michigan, and dect Wed for fit. Louis. WM
sunk near Hastings WeditesdaT heal collision
with the steamer Bannock tlty. 1: wheat
will prose a tow loss. Insured.
- -
MST Elllilt
11 11) N TG HT
The MeFairland CIiSC ..1;4171 Depo-
Mllon of Vire Pepsiillent Colfikx—
IVenorti - litifenze Society So.
ciety Anniversacy—Tiirak CAW
Cuban I.eogne en the Vi
ceotion of CciCecil 1; 01C6Ilill—Salu
anal AnneNntion—lNtrailitiou Re
ro,e(l--renion V n Connell.
illy Telegraph to the I•ittsburgli
Yong. Muy 1., 1 s_7o.
•rile American !title Society held Iln Ree l':
sary to-day. The receipt. of the ere
sGated to he 'miner than any !nictitte ear.
Itcsolutlyas wcte iidopted that the
Bible is the tan , latu.•utal and higher !am tf
the Republic.. and Lb:tithe retiscat- ciorlittim
of the nation cults !uremia:tacit and Increase:l
zeal in its circulation In this country AS well
as the rest of the world,
TIIK 31CFAULANI. tirdiocox.tosi dr s. fug
iltst,tinier efilfax's d: posit ion. offered and eX
citified in the McFarland trial. it publitlicil.
It ilet nil. ninny interest init. circumst :moist ism
'witted with the affair. r.peeiallr the Indiana
sliviirce. Mr. tiolfit, says: I hall no agency
commis ion. directly. or indireetiy. in her .,
licat lon for or procuring trout Me.
Fart:old in Indiana. She applied to um by 'let
ter. about a year I think atter the septic:Wen,
fin letters of Int rodifetlon to persons in' In
ianian:di, As It id, been my-daily lie:let',
for ytilik to give letters of Introductlon to all
peespnitl'lriends. and believing her then. as I
lonnns, worthy of. uch lett misfit intraluct ion.
theta her wo, Ono addressed to a former col
league in Congress. Hon. fi Porter. and the
other to tin 'old friend. T. I . ..DUI:Ct. 1 can
not recall the cAntents of either of
these letters. except I think 1 spoke of
her as a lady in sleep distress. andworthy - of
esteem. Itut although I supposed, from hoe
ing heard her sepatution front her
was final. t hat she went to Indiana to obtain
a divorce. I ginte no testimony In these lot
h., on the subject, as had knowledge of
tie own idiom It , and knew ft must he decided
by evidence submitted in court when it
cane on for trial, if ollrh , Nllll W.
COllllllOllC.i, Mc. Richardson never once
asked me for any letter of Introduction.
et Indiana thin I remember. .1 day nr two af
ter the first inputting of iliehanitowhy Menu.-
laud. I was passing through Sew York. I
called at t, i residence, where Richard-
Found Richardso
laid and ntiparently in pain. I told him how l
it saddened tie to finilliitu involved to such n
matter and suffering the contequenees. It,
relied by asset tiny; there hail heen not !ling
Duin hell in his relat lons wiell Mr.. 31er:film:ft.
ring, pan of the coitssitisat ion. which lasted
probably halt an hour, ' inn,. 31eFariatts1 Was
preient. Site t iok no part iu the conversation
and wilt weeping part of the time. In the
eiotrersai ion Ilmitardsott stilled to nie
if . t he obtained a divorce from her husband
intended to _marry her. if she would. accept
hill,, le believed she would make his life a
haptiYo e• ask me tn aid In prior:tiring
a divot. and 1 supposed front the reference
he tumid nod its lairs that a
divorce would be applied for In that State by
her. She never at r u n- lime at ated to not that
- the coutfontilisted marrying Itiiiiinrfiron after
obtaininig a divorce. Think she inert: present
and silent when he made the remark. I hat It
the obtained adirorce he intended to marry
her if she would accept nisi. -I was never
instrumental ill premirlitgemploytneut for her,
with or without etimlement. nor was I a s ked
Iry her, or any penon la her behalf. to do so.
I Aid not know she tiontemplat.i going In
diana, until I read herb-tier itsking lee letters
of lute aluti ion nt our State Capital. Neil her
Albert 1). Richardson. Ilur t.V. r went
to Indiana in all crimp:my. at any time. or for
nor I to do with tit
snit torsi is ev• mei IV, 0 , 0 ask.: by to 0111.
10 interfere in it. I did not know
no t which it is as to lie conuminveil. wits not
present. seas not a witness. and did nes ,
what testimony Was to IP.. cis en. i.or I
know t Will, ..r Jikige ri• i fee
Azgeo /can Momati's i , olTri,te
morimeat: emol Inc it... /•//iI/
hia/oltiesta /mai, Mc trumids -an
to work in all pep., g..c igs .•
mem. reinomamtem atamnst the moves/Li/it
Pending in the - Unit ed "tales Simalc ///
franchise the women of Utah at a numelyset
in aid of polygamy ail'almst justice, nod cm:-
cratulat Inn the fel/aids of the cause Of vareena
sularagy upon itunexampled Imuaac , . dutaM
the year. Specelliassvere made to- nto 1.
Powell. gr.. Gremwood,Julia War A d puree.
Oliver Johnson. Mn,. Ihmlett. Miss Cathatino,
Beecher and Miss Cutter. MI. 11.4.snicr. In
remarks Ortilest woman suffraCe• asse/1 , 4 the
rtaison her trorher/ si as here e'm ilmansc Its
culd not .y no to :myth/Li" a woman chills
him to /1.1.
A tmknquet wAggiTen tu-night t et, oneral.ln,
dna. late conanalaler of the Cuban tray. Se
nor Ablates was present. Cieher-.1 Jordan
made cm effective speech. The Cubmi only
-wnnted arms to obtain their Ilber; If they
oeuld liurchnse them in the Unit edf. , ..nt 1, they
would be free In threwmontbs. Horace Gree
ley and Chas H. Dana spoke forcibly In Savor
at Cubrtnerdeucc and argil t Ameri
min people ts s the eau•e..
4 1-41lAN ANSILT -
A large meeting A
was held to- ATION.
night at Cooper
Institute to urge upon the NVashiln. , ton au
thorities the importance of ratifying the Pa
tna. treaty. Chas. 11. Russell presided.
:Speeches were made he Moses 11. Orinnell,
Iron. N. Banks. lion, Thos. Fitch and Judge
Feitheir. Resolutions mere adopted expres
sing the sense of the meeting as to the annex
ation of Pomona.
A decision was given by Judge Brad , • of the
Supreme Court, to.tlav, In favor, of Pitt Cooke
nguinst the State National Bank of Boston, In
which the hank contest,' Its liability on ex.r
tbleation of cheek when the drawer bad to,
funds to nuiEt It. The amount involved
over $tkUSiJ. Proceedings were stayed, how-.
ever, lot a review of the case at the general
The Cohan League mionted resolutions de
nouncing the murder of fionicourin as a crime
against humanity, which should receive the
emphatic condemnation, If not of the Dovern.
meet, At least of the people of the United
States. and requesting the President to tithe
measures to obtain the 'body of Goulcourin for
interment in the land of his adoption.
United States Commissioner Osborne has
dlschargeol Johnston, charged with murder
aboard the brie Morning Light. whose extra
dition,rn. claimed by the nritish Cinn.inl. on
the ground that the 'extradition treaty does ,
not corer the crime of manslaughter, which
was all the evidence showeilllnt edam to bo.,i;.
rr."GAS VfATI .
The Fenian Council or War hettlt o-slirt, it IS
reported. agreed that the Generals leave to
morrowmorning for the North, and that It
blow will likely be struck neat week.
:tlessr, Taylor. Phillips, Ottendorfer and
Jerome declined the Tammany nominations
fur Aldermen at large. Others will. be selec
ted in their Owes. •
lieu Peters Want has been chosen Presi
dent of the National Academy of Design. •
The steamer Helvetia, from Liverpool, Ima
Base Balt Gaine—Roßroad Arrangement,—
Lour Theological gesulgary—Cully Bed
ply Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
CINCINNATI, May IJ.—The game of base ball
today between the "lied Stocklngs,'• of Cin
cinnati, owl the Fore. 4 Gay, Of.Cleveland,wa.,
'one of the best ever played in nil city: A
large audience eves Present. The Forest City
distinguished themselves by line fielding. The
result by Innings was as follows:
Red Stockings. .....
Forest City 0--O—U-1-1--11-11-4-.41-- 2
Mr. Allison, of the Red Steel:lnes, had his
right thumb split open by a ball in the seventh
innings, and his place was taken by Mr. At
water.. 'rho former will problbly not be till
aided many days.
Jay Gould Is here again Urvlay and leaves
for Cleveland to-night. He says the relations
with the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton
Railroad are entirely satisfactory. It appears
the object of his visit lo to lay it firm bold on
Cincinnati and perfect notmectlons here with
the west and smith. The Impression prevnlls
that the energies of the Erie will henceforth
be powerfully expended in Lille direction,and
that emigrants to the west and through travel
generaltv will as far- as possible be ',rimed:
here and scut - over the Ohio and Mississippi
Railroad. '
• .
The Lane 'Theological Seminar .Leif com
mencement exercises to-day. Therm Nvcre
eleven-graduates. end an unusually hart! at
tendance. lime friends of this inAitution ore
very much encouraged In tegurd to its future
The rmidence of George C. Knight. at Col
lege 111.11, burned at noon. Loss $511.070: In
sured for fao.oo. •
Methodist Protestant t:onferetten.
ply Telegraph ttithe•Pittsburgh gazittia)
BALTOIOIIE. May 12.—The General Confer
ence of the Methodist Protestant Church re
sumed the consideration of the report of - the
Judiciary Committee. disapproving of. re-bar ,
tlmu. A motion to postpone the subject in
definitely was lost, sixteen ministers pal
melve laymen. voting for postponement. and
twenty ministers and. twenty-three!laymen
against it. Adjourned.
At the evening eesslen Use report of the Ju
diciary Committee xilexpproving se-hapthstn,
was adopted.
North Catalina Republican Convention.
tRY Telegraph to the Pittsburgh (gazette.)
IIALEIGU, 11—The Republican Coureri-'
tion re...entitled to-day. S. F. P oI lip,. of thl
city. accepted the nomination for Attorney
fieneraL iteaolutions were adopted codondo,
the administmtioes of President Grant and
tjov.)liolden. pledging support of the public
meh inviting Immigration from all see-
Ilona of
the country and Europe. and encour
aging mechanic, arts, agriculture and other
productive industry.
• ~
_ . -_-. :-.:i.:•,-...; , ,51-,-,,-.., ,- -, :1- -..- - ;:.-1 , -.:.:-:k. wi? . 0....,7.- L . z ,, A s fz ,--r .s , : - 4 1.7 2r . k.;4:7& .4 - . Y-.' - ' ,. ::; , .. , -•_e , :• l4t;i4,-si -,- 1, , , v., , 4 , -, - 7.-i..i.,t , -',. '- , -,,,;:z•- -,-:-.., :,-',- o.- --, --...,
- , •-z. ,. ..._ •--_ , -- . ,, , 1': , {;4 , 4.,:,--,---- . - a4. - Ik , i=vq .- w''' --,..,---,-- - - - --rt.q. ' - --' ft,e , - -, - - .- -.z?----,,,..,-:i-..e. 1 ,-„.. , ,--
... - ...;,..v...4,-„,,z,„N4 A t. 6 -,-,- z. , • ~, , ,•1 / 4 1 4X-4.,,, ,, ,,,'1, . ~....- .41 - .:. , • -migotaril,-;-• - 3 / 4 -2 1 44-000-- t it4,, ,, .4f15i-: , : - t . ?*4.. - - -- 11.`;'? , 'er - v. , 4 - ,-p , ,',...-p,.
Z;-.. ?i 1: "' 441 :4+.1-xt - :: 4 ' , '---- - ” . - • - -:rte
- - -
-- '- -- ..' - t-.„ , .0.."....,,, ,, a,,,z -,, , a. 4" y` "fh----,-Tr*, ..4. - iwal,a , xx , oo , .. - . i s'* 4„.t., - 17 ,,, N.A-- - - -.?,,A44.,,,,,,wf.
[ll. - I'ekgreph fo the Pittsburgh 6a.e.itte.l
WtsrirriGtos, Msy I.
The report of the Conference GAmnitice urn
'the rkravnas Hut Springs liesemtiont Ira 3
cnncurrnd . ' , .
Mr. MORRILL offered . revolution s tfitliinn
upon the Presrdent for information Concern
leg 04,1:Ezell hands of rsonr at Cheyenne,
Wyoming TerritorY which was adopted.
iir., c r oilucOl bill granting the.
riglt!L; ony to the Oven tine
Mil Lake Superior Railroad.
Me. SHERMAN gavernottee his/ intention
to rad up the bill to 'redetk , tannffion imme
diately after the ; , ending order was dispowd
of. ,
Thu Army bill tots taken up, nod t ond ion
by Mr. POMEROY to amend the' flrstttiteetion
be fixing the reduction of the 'ern* at thirty
founded instead of twenty-tivethOusand was
agrecti to.
Mr. FERRI' moved to cirike milt the elev
nth section, toseviding (or I. board to retire
army ollieers reported inefficient by the t le
part meet eonunanders nod chiefs of stair. tie
was opposed to the compulsory retirement of
wounded offieerr and these dirabled by ,lek
ner.s. Ile preferred to provide for thh. clue::
se Man they rather than they vleteld
b, diem , ongrotto ...miry tool turned them
but talon the cold charities of the world.
Mr. WILSON regarded the intention of this
proposition to examine , only such officers as
were reported malt for that . : it was mere
practicable than that of the I foule bill for a
toner - ti eSalliiliat ion of all 4414,1, of the alloy
e.,yeritig some three years of lime.
Messrs. astd HAMA N enneurred
In the belief that to the rdirintrpnwess diserint
illatio3l:ollght •to. he made bet wet. those who
ought to bo.absobozotiolissuiwt front the see
aice heellatio 'of' their, - rendartiess and those
ho had become disqualified for duty hi .
WOUtizi, Or disease.ll(M:tea the Service..
After discuislon. Mr.. WILt4ON offered an
antemlntent to providd that officers to h. re
ported to the board shall be only those unfit
for duty from any r other than injuries
incurred in the thou444 ause 7..
M -
.•• - •
r. TifiltMAN sotteste.l to thohoto.
oi‘obioo try d0,e,,50„ , •. '
The stmesultneinf was ,::rah; to, and alio an
amendment be ;qr. HOWARD to Insure to .
every °Meer reported fur rctlotinea. a hearits6
before the board.
Ferry'b 111011011 wsts bust,
Diseilseisin then el shah upon emend-,
silents by Mr_ siIIERM. to allow' retired
:trate officers to hold eiy ,Iftlees: loy Mr. CAR
PENTER, repealing the art of January
10:11. relating to retired °dicers, and providing•
upon their own application. for assign:mint so
dots, except service withlrooll, and of jinn,
(W.,' In collages—no colopensaltint to be
'Allowed daring snob,orcice, .studs
111111 11111eN10. -
. •
Mr. Canto:titer's amendm a
ent seas ndoptiitl.
Mr. Siltilf.MAN ridiculed the. hka 41:nt the
pooplo military
the rnited. Stitt Cs wercialfrAhr of
midge military intlUenee' in their. Illinirir,hy,
the election to orifice of rift iced linny (11,1r:fa
fie thuticht that In tliti Clise of sattrieruis•
Sickles. Fecientimi andotherg. who hod lost
legs in the service. no prohibition in 'law
should be emit inuoil whtch would prevent
t heel holding utiiiie. Ile knew of an Mlle,
that had stlutost lost his life. who isms now
breathing through one long , and who would
i.e homed be tap people or .tlioo with:my
°Sat lot wrialdrim bl.,tiCifuttl . la: bo ilunied
thv Heti an' liold oltiti`lfterely because 'llO
was wounded in ill • service of his-country? -
. Mr. TlWilltl , l.l. imiarked that Inn s must
ilia made of a genertil character, though hat it
ship. might be done In Individual vas,. If
retire.l talkers were tilloweil to hold 'civil of..
fie., the law Would be tivadiul alli.l persons
woulii he plata:iron the retired list as in the
eivil screice. Ito did not believe in adminis.
t erinicivil &flees q.t.-military inahmityi• t •
Mr. THAYER thought if the Men was n 1 dei
justice to all. that all the rank and file who
met danger in the front i.hould not he birgot.-
A bah:the dist...ion 10.11,m - ed. .
Mr. Sherinim's amendment wns finally roiceS
I oil,
Mt. Tuumuul.L. moved to arid the I worr
ty-tirst •ieelioll.o to to prohibit any otlicer
of the urine. either .in the - active or relitimi
list. from Colilini chill 0g1e...
Mr. phi lialMai's i.nid army officers wore Ire.
iMent IY deinil tsi as indlin ageuts, And this pro
hibition ..weld. reverse the practice of tie
( in I [di 'respect. lie t hunt:hi It
Muted as u reproaeb• to the President. who re-.
l e i app,ollacl arta) . obirers to Mil posi
tious. It wsmlti eload the Tresitleut man
ia:. liluticlf of the ,periellett sif militniT iif--
qeson is 311) . civil rMlliti4lll.S. - It o'olll.l have
urerented General Schofield. or. even theocrat
,rent. front titling as Secretary of War. awl
flon. ,iekle , from going to Madrid.
31r. SUMNER I hone slit there was It clear dis
tinction lu•t ween °threes on the retired Its!
UPI retired (Whim, and that-the latter siu4lit
no: lo In• excluded rival civil xervire.
31...Ni1/ETON saki tho ainenitineut wiiiild
me otT every obieei lotto . I.,tigtleti 1., •1?111.1i
ditty on t he plan's, t he private So,. t :mos . f
ihe I.t.siatint ..4 num} o th ers. Ix ientild lull'
Teri - much liken dieser Mine at hi'- ,Eilleill , .•
:ration IMO ,Vi.u!.! :1, ... .........,,,I 14 lII'
• • .
• Mr. f frunibutrs ainendfnent nag adopted -
y If, nays :U.
Prriding a (land enin
penuntion tor each grade ••t fulleern in the
stmt, wan unfendud t•c Baffle,tt the part
refuttrefo the pay of the General. Lieutenant
lienerah, Uajer Gener4l mad Brigadier
ItVCKINGIIAM moved to strike oattheinie:
suld the Chairainn of the
Committee had stated this nou
of Kate, would mince tho
errl6 r,f the !Army, while the Chairman of
the eenete Committee 'believed the expo:l,s
weuld be inere.nedl Ile believed the prop.,
sition to he nue that could do away with the
commutation system. nad fik the specific puy
of eilicers Wyly and intelligibly. In order to
'eel - ire a Proper graduation of pay: withal
inert:acing the - aggregate cost.c.Whleh could
only lye done Ly a Committee, lie tweed to
commit the hill. Lost—le to 21.
-. , .
After further unimportnnt amendment.; t fie
hill ww. reported to the :lennte from the Com
mittee, when motions were made to strike Rut
the first no e leventh sections. and to adjourn.
which wer.Wererallrejected.
In reply tri Mr. Stewart.
said the bill would - not go into effect for n year
and a half. .
. . .
oxpresscni-n cont MIT opinion. Le
tiering the bill would nctuhlly go into
Hon deli= the present year. in consequence
of the explrat lon of the terns of enlistment.
The bill then passed; vhen the legislative no.
PrOPlation bill came up In order. -
At il:10 the Seurat, adjoutmed.
3tr.11.11 - 8. rising to a person.' quest ton, en
lplained aivay the strictures upon him pub
ished in the Sew York Star.
Kelsey. Butler of Mas'sachusett,i,
itrul Niblack, were annotated .tt Conference
C.uuniftten on the Pension Appropriation
Mr. JONES, of Kentucky, offered a resolu
tion calling on_l.hq Secret.nrY of the War for
the recerrt rePhrt of Colonel Albertiof the
survey oft he Arkansas River. .Adopted.-
The !louse resumed the consideration of the
bill reported yesterday. by. Mr. LYNCH to re—
vive the navigation and commercial interests
of the United Stoles.
Mr. ALLISQN :withdrew a point of ardor
madeyesterflt`; - that the bill most drst be
considered -4n Committee of the .Whole.
on the understanding. that amendment and
discussion would:be allowed.
Mr. WELLS advocated and Mr. ILNKELN
EURO opposed the bill. .. •
At the expiration of the looming hour, the
hill trent over to Tuesday mut.
. _ .
Mr. DAVIS M. Y.). introdpeed a Intl to pre
vent and punish election frauds. tteferrect.
Mr. BO WEN introduced a bill to equali - Le
bounties. Referred.
•• . •
Er. SARGENT intrudocOd ii bill to cit.:ld
provisions of the preemption, laws tu Colern
do. .rni.seti.
Mr. SCHENCK 11303 , n1 to go Into Committee
of the Whole on the tariff bill. AS •
Mr. WOOD. before the ques7l.o.l was put.
eked Mr. Schenck trhether in rim of the
facts that the bill had been three and a half
months before the House, that only twent y
one pages ont of flfty. had Yeett dispOsed 'ore
thnt It was now late In the session, thattnanY
appropriation bills were yet enacted open,
thnt there wore many questions of great lin.
Portance yet undetemdned , nod, that even if
the bill should puss the House it could not
possibly onus the Senate, he would gnat let
tilt bill either be recommitted or bald aside
an the House codld go to pructfealdeffislation?
Mr. SCHENCK' replied if the bill were fatrlY
considered, nod no amendments offereooo
- such as were substontial In their clown,
ter, and offered In good faith, with a view to
mice or lower duties, he believed they could
get through with the bill in the next three or
four days easily. He Insisted on his motion to
gm into Committee:which was done.
Various amendments were offered to !the
nlokel paragraphs and rejected, less than a
quorum voting in each rase.
On a motion to close the debate on, the pant
graph relating to.ti
Germn silver de quorum
I voted. 11tH reit - Skewed present one latallred
I and Ilftv-font Members and on a recount aim
the moilon woe agreed tn.
An amendment offered by Mr. BUTLER,
Massochusetts, to the smne paragraph, to In
sert the worda . nluminum and its alley... was
also offered. No quorum voting and roll call
being repeated one hundred and fifty members
answered and the amendment woo Weed to.
Alike atrantdmnut to ; the. next Porag ra ldr
was to. ' • • •
The peromph taxing type two cents, per
pound me, struck out.
. .
The paragraph taxing,tive animals twenty
per cent. wits amended by raising the duty to
thirty per cent.. adding a proviso that met
teams, not exceeding one %citron and
two animals for each family, be atimitteopfree.
Several amendments were offered to the
paragraph taxing oatmeal and cent per pound
and dour of wheat, rya, cons .or buckwheat
one-lialf cent per pound. and the paragraph
gave rise to considerable discussion. -
Without disposing of the question the cons—
mittee rose - and the 110111.0 took aII:CCU, the
evening session to lle for business from the
Commit ee on Invalid pensions:
The Lill to .dgfine the...duties of pension
agents end prellettbe the mantles' of • paying
pensions was discussed, - and nil the amend
ments having been rejected. was passed.
A large number of hills granting pensions
were passed: • • . : ;
Lpper RiVieM
1 . 13 y .5t A. Telegraph.]
310EUTAINTOWN. May .12.'
reet.tentet , In the Amalie!: • Weather cleat
Thermometer C 3 at I L. U.
linotexfirndx, Irtlfintrorltb
'7feet Uinehee %lam` In the eliantieLl - Weather'
cloudy. Thermometer It 7 at IP. Y.
GIIEMSEO.IIO. May Ile.—Rlver ntatlonnry.
with 7 feet 'venter In the chtinnel. Went her
cloudy. Thermometer t 7.
ow crnr. may falling, with Ati
lather trhter In - the channel. IVentber clear
Rod plement. Thermometer CI It eP.
SECOND 11111011.
Pay of Contestant Ceugrebsmen--4.
Encampment -*ohm o . 6lllcers
—Naci a:6
[flo elegra ph to the fltGeburgh (bazette.)
Wa , tii*i•riaN,,Zi.Yl . 2,lB7a.. •
PAY or t551t ., ..*.ti% a. .
The Clinuitittee on Lfidofti lips air . er i d to
report a resolution itypig: the: tolhiWing
sums to tinsuccesSllll eo l tirbr seats front)
Louisiana: Sytther t ,O . ..
inJ4h92g Mitlf-'
.gy. /20.10: )IcCaitle, rf,Otilitateal Mut al.ti.f);
. .
r .,
.GicAND xn,ry or ir,..rtnsut.. , '
The Notional Encamp w ent: of the G. .1. it.
eleeted ultieert for the . , Ing year this otter-
Moll. ' Tie vote for - ail Commander-In-
Chief resulted:tot:3l;ot .; useassary choice,
. • . ~
at: Gcaeral Logan. Ad; leatention 13— 11. tr.:
tranft. II: Dennison. it; henckg 1. General
Logan was then thighred nounitoonsly
_The other oatiern tioeted. worn:
Gov. Lucien Fairchilds, Wisconsin, Senior
. "fee Commander; Gen Lewis Wagner. or- •
Pennsylvania. Janice I Commenderg Dr.
Samuel A. Green. of fa sachusetts. Surgeon
General. and Rev. Dr. L 111er, of Ohlo, Chap
lain General, with a her. of Council of
Atimini..t rat ion (roma. State.
Major Poore. of M na httiott... Clmirman .
of the Commit ' , e'en , I Int ihns.. reported it
series •which were 0114 . They deplcre the
death of General- lit., ; reCOullll.lll lb I .
Ob. , CrVitilCe of "Deco on Itzty;” coal ein
the opinion of Attune's en. Roar, rcituirin
the general gi,vertimen ask from the South
ern States sovereignty er tuitional gemets
ries; .ecuitleitid the 0 lislitneitt of Stan,
:;,,ges for soidie,' orp. ..?. and nit toylu 111 at
Ile south I,: ed; I' ans; su., , gest c10ne
.:.”,; Of Into to v:.litnt . end thong riot:
Wat,hing;”.l eon. rotes litezpit a iit ins.
To-mgt.; ti:' encamp; nt I evismi. the, toh A
old r4guintams.maltati. vend change,vitien
it is thought will he \ :i 1,11.4:61,1 to 11.1.
order.. ' • . .. '
...• mi , :ctcar.s .?.....t.nCTION.
The regular liennt:ll4in Nominn: ::g coo
m otWm. which had nottileuttrd Mo). Itteliarila
for Mayor. to-night mcereed Richard's le:1 rr
of. Withdraw:O. 'the Cignention 140.111i.11011,
le nominated Matthew ;G. DUTY. hen:M(OM
in the Auld as Reform gaudidnte.. nnery a:-
.ended. 'r
The S. stenmera Mgr, TllPCrtrforfl. Nn,
toeket nod rtener la Asinnwnit; arrived
at Key West. The Sc n erns golue. to Ito
min ;cod the Nnutrulr would return to St.
Deanna., The 9olune tug is retunnm; home
from brazil neat ton. r,
.tegatex to the Nrinehal Encampment G.
J. It., beaded I.p Gesentl big:m.ll:o4 their
respects to the.Ereshlgit to -day. There tree
go formal speeehes..
• •
AQUI' 'MOM. W. - S‘rn.ty, .44.5:been retired
the full nAnk Brig. Gent Cl. o
K. Thiwe.ou.l.,:il 'Pared uu the retired
I kt.
ONITHE 113.11.
111000 of Train. oti I . lfissouri
Railroad, T11T0...11 Atiasovarelololcos 14 Or
arra—CO,. PersotO Killed—Mao) Vound
oma of the Vicilao. •
air 'Telegraph to thti ISttebttrgh Gaztte.]
Sr. bouns,;3lnll.l.—.4t air o'eloels thio morn
ing di.. night °lorers on the Ml.,souri Pacific
Railroad. which left Atehison.Raneas. rosters
day evening. collided pear. Eureka, twenty •
eight Mile/ frolli here 'fhb an extra freight.
going weit, 1.1 whirl, sixteen persons were
killed out tight and twenty wtottnitslAr which
two , ill tile. The wounded car ITlng I. , Ught
hire, and timber partienlars will be _ btained
when they arrive. Tusk ..lead will Is. nought
here at soon an the Cotner reache, t\ •
;,3 the lii , ,ter and ho san Itique-1. • '
A special I rain lett %Qt. mei, - .1.1. is n •raing
with physician+ and sat tho net:essa , hvidi
anre, for t la- teller of As, wonaded. For the• of slit deft allot r train wall 1t.:”.. it
0-4 , :l wit It the i'vti der, relent., tool another
~.Iter ~..13.... •
' !Lo th ol Ow 4. , ..-0u41.., vv.....r. < , ,, , p- t,',.
ss ~..•L•1 mid the train itatfit. , •,..a‘!”..l. vrio ,
,•.:;,..ios, red tht*.ogh the Wk.:woo-hen
-,..:) of .0........ ~-it on , p: ..,m111..1.,... 11,1,.qt
it. It. itl,:c, PreAdent. and 'Floe., Mt.K.e•.”-:1,
an. on the spot doing everythtng possible to
relieve the sufferer..., and clear the track.
. The trait, with the woun,ictl has not ;mire.'
rut, at ;gal it. ti., but the Superintendent tele
graphed the following nooses of the killed and
wounded. , The menes of the other dead wilt
probably not he obtained till the Coroner
holds an inquest. ,
O. It cominetor of the
Western Division of the Hoed.' pactuogcr on
the train; Frock Holt. and daughter of tea
Seim. Sire . r coal:IA . . 41 111o; .L Stuntmen. Pe-
Geo. Washington. tcolored.t train
bey. St. UMW: A. N. Stickney. Patoska;
Wleutdoi-11. M. Half, Sioux Cite. Iowa; A.
Starves, /Calmat.. Mitnn :Holt. Thos. Perittt
Mud Lake, Chatham county, *rill:. Carolina;
Fred. Moister. Vine Grove.. Adman titaulty;
Indiana: T. S. Briggs. New York; Wilson
Little. Hills Dale. Michigan; Henry Welland.
St. Lonia; Jim Mllllll , ll colored. Kansas City;
Theodore Hentieretan, St. Louis; Peter Wil
liamson. East Richmond. (lido; J. It. flicks.
brukentan; J. P. Jackson. engincer; G. J.
Dubois, conductor-41U of the erfrhqa train;
Jacob Rice. Hickory county. Missouri: Joseph
Berry. baggage master, both' legs broken and
arm smashed.
Most of 'the killed are persons reOtrnlng
from Kansas, destined to points in 1,111.1 s and
Ohio. -
Although many of the. wounded are verion.
ly hurt. It Is believed all will recover. They
nre well cared for. .The people and physicians
of the .neighlarhood were on . the jrround
promptly, and have labored Incessantly All
that could he done has been freely done by
every body to make the wounded comforta
A.ugusteg A. Fleming, Chief Engineer of the
Telma) and Neosho Railroad, is reported killed,
but this nerds confirmation.
Later—The trills containing. the - wounded
arrived about three o'clock. The sufferers
were taken directly to the hospital. ‘1... great
crowd was nt the depot. and as the wounded
Mee Were borne on mattresses to proper con ,
vevances inuchsorrow was manifested. •
The following are additional names of the
wounded: Thomas L. Manning.. Evansville,
Ind.; J. I). Carpenthr Cairo , Ill.; Lommtd.Lee,
i , tepliensen county, Ind..; J. It, Ewing, Burn
a. Ili: 'Stettin A. Norcross :Highland roan ,
ty. III.; henry Erst: Bremen, Randolph &mut y.
Ill.: J. C. Courier. St4,nols: Cornelius Short,:
Chicago; Jacob !,.‘bott,..t. Paul; fir. it.Jtyalf
nett lien. Jtenci Connell, Lafayette, Ind..
T. D. Hick. St. Loalsl Wni. J. Hay, Highland
Park, Illinois.
Noce or iheAC were nerlously- hurt, except
Meesee. Ryan and Council, whose collar bones
were broken. Jacob nice, Hickory county.
Missouri. previously reported wounded,
killed. The death-of A. E. Fleming IA con
firmed. Andrew J. Stratton. New Brighton.
Pa.. was killed. There are oineteea person
killed. All-the bodies will be brfAlight to the
city to-night.
Slit/ Later—The following are additional
names of the wounded, with some corrections:
3lnrtin .Idawres, Highland Pork. Lake
county. !nine's. previously reported Nor
croon; wm• it. hay, salon place,• previmmly
reported Kay; Adam Maroon. Jersey
county, Illinois, previously reported •• from
Kansas, right leg dislocated 'and badly
bruised; Henry Nelhollf, Sioux city, provionn
ly reported Mohair, ribs broken and otherwise
injured: Henry. Ohnike, Randolph Co.. Ills.;
Peter Murray, Carondelet, Mo.; H. C. , St ark,
Hyde Park, Massachusettn, nrm bro
ken; Perry iiirkletnan, St. Louis, foot
crushed. nine° =notated; • Wilson Style,
Reading, Mich., proelousty reported Little.
scull badly cut and bruised in various places
on the body.
The whole numberitilled now reported Is
nineteen; wounded about thirty, of whmn •
fifteen are seriously and eight dangerously.
A report that the ,engineer of tho freight
train had not been nocu.sineu- the occident ir
unfouuded. .1. P. jacknon, engineer of the
passenger train. states • his train WWI over
half no boor late at Eureka. Met the regular
freight at that Place, tagging the extra; was
told 'limy had twenty inblutes of, express
train time, ;when conductor Dubois, wir
lemon thefengibe anid..Al "All sgoil ahead 't
The train loft Eureka slowly. nod proceeded
about a mile, when they saw the extra freight
dashing, round o'biett, under headwV,
only frem foot to dye hundred yards
off. Jackson whistled down brakes, reversed
the engine, gavel send, told theebndottor
and (Bement° jump, and nn Instaht after the
, trains came together with full force and op
lolling result. Jankson, In. Jumplu front the
engine“ was OVCt 'n wood
found himself lying thirty feet on _the tither .
side of the fenee.' ire did not losebannelous
liens and sent not seriounly hurt. The collision
occurred on a ell about fifteen feet high.
The train bearing the dead- bodies lout not
reached the city at-II. 3), and no more names
have been ascertained. Tito mute of A.-H.
Sticknev. of Patoka. Maryland, should be
Andren , If. Stuckey, Patoka, Indiann.
The blame of the collision seems to attach
to Wm. Odor, conductor of . the cairn freight
train, who should have wallial at the gravel
switch until, the. express panted; but, mis
apprehending his orders: or thinking be could.
reach Eureka before the passenger train, went
Ohio Odd - Pellowa—Gritul • 4 4 .
Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Oneette.]
Cotramna,Maylll......The Grand Lodge of 1.0.
0. F. adjourned to-night after the installation
of the following officers: it. W. 0. 31. Romeo
Y. Beebe; R. W. D. G. 31.Jamsgu A. Arm
strong;Alexis Keeler;
C.Terf;.l4 W. G.. T.4 • GeOtgega•
Wlrichellz R. W.." G -. .3ohu W 'erter. The
lubject of on orphnon boom tens : distussed' at
ength. The Orautl, Lcdge.:agrethLtn.sepro
•priate $10.10) for a home , provided subordinate
<lEre's apprupthtte $40,000, making- the fond
for the - home eNAIOO.
Thii ;Methodist ConferesteirfSenth.
Clfj!Telegrnpb to Lite 'Pittsburgh Gstrette.]
Mrstrm 9, M 12.-1 u the 'Methodist Confer.:
enee to-day Mishaps:limas and - ff. Trill• of the
Northern Church. _took 'their Imre, The
rpeerhes of thedo gentlemen Were full of the
%Thilllest expressions.- Thebusiness done was
fOrmal and affected no question of great pub..
lie interest.
Paris Tranquil, id the Poineof the
Dayonet—Napoleon Thanks I"ts Sol.
diem—FUJl ti ote on the PlebiScitinn
-Lar..3 . e Decrease 'in 'tuition In the
Dank of France—The Recent Yacht
itare—Scandinavian }migr:tlon—
Inrestl:;ali,n of the Loss oft e. City
of Boston (J" a usLave
ht. Demanded.
(lb 'I clegruph i
the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
£ NLy A. n.—Parts is tranquil.
.thgsFnuoti o tho'retent' disorder nro still
. „ . . .
partly °echo' dby the troops.' •
. . ..
Iggst M.—lTe iri lloehefert'sjonimal,Lra.ifor
,l /Wise., bait be m firoftedfited to-tlay for nublinit
, ~..... ~
ing no article assehing'that the recent riots
were organized by the police..
Tho out fl ow of xpecle from the Bank of
France during Inc present week has been non=
snails heavy.' According to the official revert
the ninount rti hand in two billion four hun
dred and fifty trance lest than on last
Put lag the night large crowds collected at
various 'mints In the city. Thev Were diaper
•sml by the troops-and polies, Withont . lawn! ,
: shed. :Many arrests have been made, told it is
thought that the troubles are ended. .
The ministerial changes will not take place
um it the *tateilletition of tin, plehlncitinn by
the Chambent. ' - .
Minded Canrubert has Issued an order of
the day to the armY , which contains a let ter
'from the Emperor addressed to ut mils's.
The Emperor saes: "Such absurCat d exag
gerated rumors have been retorted hlaall
mg Ihe vote of the army In Paris.- t at lam
inclined to beg to say to you'. memo officers
and noldlers, that my confidence' in - the army
has never heimshaken.” The letter concludes
with thanks to the troops for their rumens
and.smfilinifit during the late trouble intbe
This r.. 11. the Emperor una Empre. , in au
IT. Carriage, visited the quarters of lie city
wfileh have betn the scene of disturb. nee for
Va. Inst few days.
Semptoins et agitation are still apparent in
Fafi'itourg Du Temple. Detachments of troops
are 1101 chiag to lirl!Crilk, o^l , l the crowd In
lion' of the caverns Prince Eigene was ills
-0051 tO-,lly Lt I he wri Ice.
Per, lliatiintl, i., ht. Munich with Ductor
.. . .
x.—The tot ai votn nn the leWteiUrn
hi: Yet. cri
vr:g, !ht.. AriLy- -Yes, z6,-
th l e A sZ n ice ' vTca : n 4 :l;n l ,l 2.— th T e t' Yn i c ' h u t 'a ra l3 te arr a e6 l:;th i clr t .
own way from the Eart. They take the na
tional defeat in goad part.
LOSIiON. May 12.—The Enzilsit Engineers nt
each great siguilleance to tlei speed of the
steatnsi,ip Nemesis, because Of the experiments
which hays been made in the art a or.ement of
her machinery ter set:art:Z . l.l:l: Iltmost ccoim
me of coal. ' • ' •
u.'n,„Til.'r.',r‘,?tooL!'..',•'&'„l', - ;111'....r?, , ,1i 1 ,id (.Ih:lo
jiltuned • .
• Two Mindred matt:mate left t• - •-alay to em
bark for Quebec. 'fits new steamer Caspian,
of the Allen lieu , s j vhi-ch Avas to sv • ,l this week
for nel,e‘t. was , Ntaine,l itt consequence of
the 'sem cry of a defect In her machinery.
The North American'tnites her place.
lit the Commons, Sir J. rat:Kim:l,m gave no
tice of an lOtOtltioll to. WE,' the .
oa t e. into
t he loss of the steamship arty of ff° ,,,
Mr. Maces Home Secretary.
that Her
Matesty's Government had reevived and de
mand from Fiance for the extradition of Gus
tave Flour Vile. Therefore he anticipated the
ismaler demonstration which he had heard
was e nder tkeplage In• Hyde l'ark against the
surre of GA , exile would not take place.
The twoond rtee between the Sappho ROO
Cambria ha phstponed until Saturday. to
enable Mr. A ittpury to lengthen tile Cam
kites bowsprit t wo and a hall feet. -Two tons
tal . . been add, to the Cambria's ballast. Mr.
Abury wish to reduce the distance of the
, 1 1
cent race to th ray tiles. Alessrs.lbmnett and
I tooptias have been invited to meet 'Mr. Ash
bury. and sixty or seventy of the leading Eng
lish trachtmen. at a grand dinner to toe given
in their honor. June gd, nt the Maraud Garter.
Richmond. . . , • '
1-PoislinTtott, Ran 12.—The scoiltnunt rum
n.ills on the swelling Scandinavian 'emigra
tion to America via •Glnagow. The Scotch
ironunusters threaten a lock out. •
••• • . •
• Dumas... May Samuel .Mareus
D. D.. Profennor or Theolnge In Mnell College.
I,ouuenderry. is 4h:skis...—.
• • •
:nay N.J. cruiner. vice-Couma
ofthe United Si ,1”1.•nily n ,, aulted
na..le by American reaMilm lu Ihla city.
He Wrisre,iew.i.l by the police. nod the ns.ll-
ant. whose name in withheld, arrested. No
explarvitiou was given.
Fronteit. Ma 11!.--Menotti
es:maned' bn,
efore y a
magistrate TGaribaldies terikity• wa.,s
the nuttier of his allegril connect'. wile the
recent Insurrection at Flindellla. lie abso
lutely denied the charge. and no proof to the
dOtdr.rY being roromominc was discharged.,
LoNDONDIaIar, May 12.—The ~ teruslild
lowa. Irmo New ' York, touched Mor Ile to
I AINTON. May 12—Evening.—Qmsol, for
money. IWO: for account, 06M. American So
rorities are fi rmer: art. O17.:01‘;
10-01 , 05!.;: Erie. Itti; Illinols,112: Great West
ern. rt.. Storks quiet.
LONDON, aLay 12.--Tallow. 44s lid. Sugar
Ma ad.
ann. W .,ltosin quiet.hale Oil LI quiet.
Calcutta u Lirmeed Trpentine dactive
ull at
nt Ms. 'Linseed 01l easier at IMAM
FRANKFORT, May U.—Bonds clonal
Asrtwritr. Mny 12.—Petroletun in Ann.
[erne, May 12.—Cdtton firm ut 1311.
Pants May 12.—Bourse dull at 34f. neje.
FRANKFORT, May EL—itonds firm at Wig
QAi .
LIVERPOOL. liar 12.-mutton Ann' at lINtl
for middling. uplands., anti llnd for Orleans:
saLes amounted to 12,000 bales. Wheat: white
California held at %4d; red western. No. 2.
At Id: winter. Os.. Flour: western, Pd. Corn:
Mn. 2 mixed, aft. Out, 20 4d. Barley. In.
Pens, Ms NI. Fork Is excited and held at 104 s.
Beef. Ills. Lord, Gas. Cheese, 755. Alcoa.
534 for- Cinnberland, and Els fid for short rib
middles. Petroleum unchanged. Turpentine
quiet nt 29s ittl.
—Rev. c oa C r . t il d lk a. Vcr died at 11?sto
—The steamship Denmark, from Liverpool.
arrived at New herb yesterday.
—Tii&troopi for tho !led River Expedition
wilt leave Toronto on Monday next.
—The Intenintionnl beat ranee at. La Chine:
(hood. Is arranged to come off. oft the 14th of
—.l. woman hamed E.. Martin. wea found
drowned in the Ohio, nt Cincinnatlyestordor.
Verdict. suicide.
• —The Board for reviving the artillery tac
tics of the United States army Is In session at
Fortress Monroe.
—Peter Geib, shoemaker, committed suicide
Yesterday, by a 100n1 of the Frank
lin /rouse, Colllll{btle. Oho.
—The people of Eransellle, Ind.. hove de
cide:lto build a water rrorke. The Holly syt
tein will probably be adapted:
—At Utica. New York. yestertlay, Rev. W.
8. Fisher, formerly Pretident of the Hamilton
°allege, teas struck with apoplexy, but his rt. ,
cowry is hoped. for.
—The MoMachusette Lodge of Ma one, of
which General Joseph Warmawas t e firs
Grand Master. celebrated Its one h Bred
anniversary yesterday. •
—Memorial service In tommernorat I a of the
lives of Uer. be. Jno. McClintock, Bishop Ed
ward Vlsontsotraud Calvin , Klngsley won held
Wednesday night is Moak ball, Boston.
—The strike nt. Kinkel:L.l Iron Works, Mo.,
Tuesday, was among laborers, not Flailed
workmen, who resisted t here:l:talon of wage;
from :sl,is to £ 1.50 per day, nod desamodod
• .
, —The Grand Lodge of Odd Fellowv of Can
fonda has received to ectablich an Odd Fel
lows college and Howe, and appointed a eon,-
teltreo to take the necessary to !ant
the en u re.
—Captain J. IL Johnson, formerly connoted
with the Louisville Couvier. and extensively
known as "'Yuba Darn, died at Lexington.
Ky., yeiiterdny. ila h a d beeil confined I.lbed
for several months with consumption.' •
• —Wednesday work was commenced on the
central division of the lowa Central Ballromi,
'at Grinnell. A large concourse of rumple as
sembled near the college grounds; where
bands played and cannons Were tired In honor
of the occasion.
—The Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows. of Call
fornia, yesterday elected C. W.,Diuliels Grund
Master. and J. IL' lineman Representative to
the Grand Lodge of the Malted States. Con
gratillatorY messages Were Interchanged With
'the Grand Lodge of Ohio.
was announced In the Canadian Parli
ment, Wednesday, that the money, paid to the
Mason BaY ComPsaY. for thepurchase of the
Ned River Territory, which will ho transfer
red to Canada in a mouth. amounting to $l,
:14140. 1 , had been appropriated for Northwest
-Monis Neville was put off a Terre Haute
rallroadirain Tuesday at Piniune
had thi ck i ticket. Ile attempted
to walk on the to Greencastle, but was
run over bv n freight, smashing one of Malec"
terribly . . lie underwent amputation, and died
Wednesdayy. night. - •
. .
—Senator -Revels lectured at Cooper Instf
tute. New. York., Wednesdny evening:on `The
Teudetiflov of the Age: . He claimed that.l.he
-course of events in this country was toward
liberty of thought and of action. Inwhich
caste., color of akin and arlatocratic. blood
would have no part. •••
qiiELTILIOa correnpoideni, speaking - of
the executiOn of Golcourilf; wire thc - old - gen
tleman , was moved by - the difficnitimi of.
the position. asilmet death with great dual
*Gide and conindtfun..l.lle was, not-given no
opportunity .to make no auteanortem ad
drew,. but still managed to - shout "Irive
üba.".the beating of the drums preventing
nnyttling else he said from being hessid. He
wanted to be shot and not garroted, but the
Spaniards would not consent to this, being
bent upon his soldering the same kind of a
death ea his old friend and companion -In
arms, General Marcino, suffered.
'VOL: LXXXV.---No . 'll4.
A Large Way In 311ehlgarL En Rouse Von Bed
River—Doubtful Intelligence.
(By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Catet te)
CruCAOo,..May E.—The St. Paul P",,,
publishes lettea from Duluth, which says
that a largely body of armed Feninns had ar
rived at the latter place en rook for lied
River to all 11icR. Each man In armed with a
breech loaditierille, pistol and knife. Their
first steoke will his the capture of Fora FM:Mk
on Rainey Lake. which will be guiTisclnell by a
few men.. while the Main'. force will
harms,: and dispute the passage or the Briti,.4
t Mons through . rivers, swamps and mountains
frOut Fort William in Red River. At the
proper time they will march dOWIT and join
Weirs forces. One party has already started
overland by the Vermillion road, another will
soon follow, .d a third Is preparing, to en to
the Name an
In canoes via St. Boris
and Vermillion rivers - . Another large your
is reportetint Superior river, which NC 111 notch
directly wend to Red raver. The fore,
at Muth . nre said to he commanded
by a distinguished confederate Ohm, who
fought General Banks in the Louisiana com
mit.. The men are nearly all ex-soldiers.
Many FrencliCanadbuni accompany them nod
theflorvOsecured the services of several In
dian and ,half-breed guides and one or two
old emicloyes or rho lIMINOII 113‘" Company,
who are perfectly familiar actin the country
to lie operated in. • •
The Prue ducal not- vouch for the truth of
the above Intelligence.
tiverythirip, Is !Inlet at Tied River, riot RIO
is expecting f ivorable nvx, from Canada.
„ .
tion Cott. entiun.
(By Telegraph to the Pit tsle.lrkh Gazette.]
LentANArOt.te, )}fay 12.—The Indiann?4.lii
Young Men's Chrigtian Association arc making
preparntions On a large scale for the lutOrna
tional Convention to he , held here in June.
The Pennsylvania Railroad and connection,
have perfected a through excursion route for
delegates to tlio Convention ns follows:
Bound trip ticket. from Now York i. 31; Plat
tolelphla. Jal;10; Harrisburg. ..MU; Baltimore.
itat.7o;and from local stations two 'cents per
mile each war. I
~, , ,13 , ,,7_,, . -
i1AT.T1310kE......y ... -..,lTerlose, of Leef eat-
lle to-day were abou t ,
01.0. Market. active and
advance, fully 25 eats per hundred resold
Sheep: full supnly and dull with downs aril
tendency in pries, at . ti•ihf:447% ,for t , ieer,
Per head, and (,o ~ ..‘,3.:01 tor lamb, tot , head.
Supply of hogs fully equal to the demand ami
price, unchanged st 12. 1 “,7,111 , ic. Receipts tor
week were bee 6.11111;0nd; 01,1, nail Ine,E., ,
247. - heal; hog, p.99e. Sales for 'the a. Oak.
flss bccres.
• I '
Bonen Workwarnrsl.
There are :30,00 ',Anon iu and n'oeut
Bosfon dello liv•qhy leering': very fr., of
thew e v earn • two dollars a, week ; the
average earning s about O' deilars and
seventy five cult a week. Those who
wok', in shops fu d, loiter .than Slime who
take work home. The price for is «hi il. h f
from four to' SeVell C 0111,; title lassO,Daii ,
shin, ten to twenty-five cents, satin 1 . ..41, !
,tWelltr et3r.t6; pantaloons, fifteen, twenty
and tflirtr.W:ell 'Cents; route, fifty Vent,.;
'French alith eairta, lined melt; hired
,Itiri, twenty centt. 'The tailoreBheg znd
eloakmakem work ten hours in the shop...,
quitting at G P. 31:, sad mane of them lake
milk home and sit op till 111. In good
she.," mot with brisk work, they can earn
a adlar a day,-.5011.10 of the boot machine
girls more; but the machine whrk is verc
wearing, -rind few girls am Iderforra it
more than TWO . years without econfing
(laird:ly ' broken_ down. The firldi , pay
Irons two to three dollars a Week. fo r room
rent, and usually occupy rooms vith.two
or' more double beds.. . in the li Op• Work
41 . 00 girls mu seldom earn Lk re than
enough to pay their room. rent, rad they
Bate to do overwork In order to g. t « >Mk
thing to cat. lit , «lack tune=
their sia.ring is extreme, fila . : : :;
being known to Wait for wet - s
with only bread and dealer 'for fetal, nod
Very-iol4llllkte is she WllO maim - gime Oh
oule,i of • ten; many have been found whe,
have lived for weeks on live cents worth
of bread a. week, while necking work
through cold and snow. Besides, '. the .
imlging house-keepers discriminate
against them, and charge them moss foe
tent than they charge men; . that many
of thou have to sleep in dens Where tb C'
wo1114: Ice ashamed . to lo seen going.
Awl in spite of all their sufferings mai, very few' of these women
break down morally or become untidy its,
&as". Their heroic struggle for life, tool
for ti virtuous life,. is one 'of the mars;
touching things in our malern civilization,
and if hoe does fill, she ought to have the
mempatily .of all .Christian, people. An.l
them to think how unevenly the food and
clothing are distributed in this world!
What is wanted art almost any fiddle in this
city daily would feed one of these serving
woman 51111113111011,1 y. if only' I,ollle One .
WOlthl 'hlVellt il . .I t tle1110(1 of equitable
distribution, the poor in . itiStoll WOIll.l
thrive Ms the 'waste of the'ilek. W'e who
do not know whatifis to he hungry leave
our thricoinn duty undone in suffering
Cite.; woinen to lie so wretchedly under.
paid for work.—ffi rtfo . rd Courant.
Faahlona—PaneT bkrlch—Ekunethlng We
Should Laugh at If Ikea to Africa.
. •
We might hare thdfaht• it absurd if
Dr. Livingstone had written three years
ago that be Imal found in Africa a tribe,
she women of which dress AS' follows:
"'fhe Dayous are beautiful women, With
exquisite complexion and fine fonmi, and
they dress In the most perfect taste. They
wear short dresses reaching the ankles.
Upon the forehead in perched a small hat.
the frost of which rest's upon the nose.
They take large bags of hair and wool,
saturate them with butter,andthang them
on the 'back of the head,' cheering the
neck. Upon the small of the back they
tie a bunch of cotton cloth, colored mol
cut into strips. Their shoes are beauties,
coming ton point at the toe, and having
the long and sharp-pointed heel placed
under the middle. of the 1040. This
makes the foot very small in appearance,
but they:mu-or would tip over forward but
for the bags on the head and bad:.
Each woman, When she goes out ; car
ries a barge plantain leaf to keep oil' the
sun, which she holds by the stem between
the thumb and forefinger, crooking her
elbow, up from her body_ at rm angle of
ninety. !: The eiTect is More beautiful than
you can imagine: The gait of the women
is particularly admired. The heavy ones
have difficulty in keeping-their balance,
bat the light ones pick.' their way along
as prettily as bens walk over• hot ashes.
Young girls go
.pnrCfooted. For tome
years after they arebfage to put their
shoes, they_ suffer with tameless • and set
feet—after thud their feet become perma
nently deformed; and they have no more
pain. Walking is, however ; not a faro
rite practice with them, and rnunitig
impossible. . The Government of the
Dayous is really demoeratie, the ruler be
ing chosen annually by vote of nll the
people;.yet It is said the wtoucu do not
want to vote. All they care for in plenty
of hair and little Shoes. The men are sat,'
jailed With thiadbrlnion, and- the elate
quite iimsperous; thOngh the society is
rather vffigat'and. rinintellect nal." •
A Man's Head Sacred On.
From the Fed dean ;Kentuckian.
On Saturday evening last. about half
past two o'clock, a young man by the name
of Brown, who was'Cmployell Whin uncle,
Sainuel Brown of 13rooklyti - , - Ills.. to help
him about nij,ll, met' Stith .an or„
eidenl Whicl4rOFedlnStaistanclitislv fatal,
He was arsrnth at' the Milt, hied;
fell egainsr rt - 'saiv'Whfcli Waria' , 4 - cubir
nue. It caught hint by the arm end drew
line down until It - touched his check,
Brown made an aint to escape, but with'' .
Ourdatrall. t saw Went crashing
thralrgh his skull, cutting the top part of
his head 'entirely 'and scatteringthis
brains in every direction. An inquest ivan
held and n verdict Was rendered in se
cordanee with the above fade.
a man of family, and a teri
deht of Golconda, ills. li'ewt;' of his death
was convened to his wife; and the 'crime
down otV the Idleirild, Sunday, and re
turned home with the boily. yesterday
morning. - • •
Ttitnn great auction sale of loth at Mc-
Keesport, on Monday 16th inst. Lots of
original plan sold and are already being
improved; Adjoining tenet is subdivided
into 60 equally beautiful building , sites.
all of which- will doubtless . . bo 'sold on
Monday. McKeesport is going - ahead.
See advertisement. • . r-• oic
0001):Rmitkr.XCE - 41:7 AT:rEGIIP.NV, 4 —k
first mu' ceirklielling - on Sheffield. stri ., 01;
is for Nil!, at d glitlitlrroduced - price: •• An
curly apllicatioio to A: Legote,
1541 - Fedora street, will eocure
adivuitakeone termiVi" • •
' OE'rn.kmrs . who gear good tfOrifishirsg
goods 'will • find R splendid. assortment et
Udine' Follansbee & Co.'s; \0.121 Wood
street, corner of Fifth avenue. _
,Y.,.ILL-I..PLE. l'i; . fjztra •
Mcy. at.
111111 o'clock V. • it:, on the prom see wl3 i , c.
• Sold that valueble three story Mich hofl o'
N., 31 'Pittsburgh Diamoml, 'adjoinin g
•Edw. Heazelton, Esq.'s into warehouse.
'n,t• lot ha, a twenty feM front on the
Diamond and_extendiug back in depth one
hundred and twenty feet to' Decatur. Pan
ties desiring an • investment or liusilwi" ,
koperty will find it to. their advantage to
attend this sale. Terms at sale.
STEWART, Auctioneer.
H. B. S3ITTIf SON, . . 5
A.verylge of seasonable
.on:. shot,and . onitets o':11 Is o held at
Leggnti•'s :not ion noose. 1.%! red;ral
street. Allegheny. on Friday, I:itls must,
Sales at 9,3 t. and '2 P. M. The emir ,
stock of a rrtail store having to he sold
that day, rare, good hart.inins taav be ex.
ported. •!lestls of fautilirn . Brill lied - it
profitable o..:Attentl.
MI ti=Ell3=!
thir-ty for Datumls &
Co.'s I•rvnui sir, .All tiN, dass .saloons
keep it.
•. • -
HOLDEI'S of the I , l}9'it VI-iNVE DANK
of Pitt.burgh will 1.0 bold on I'VE:WAY EVEN
!NG, June 9th.o S in THUM'S
N0.:2•i1 Fuca n'ooo'.
iii , proviti of Ily-Lart...
inyl3:wBi •••
la-DIVIDEND.—The Board of Di
RECTUMS of the A v,..nne
11;7 na7 deolared n dividend of $3 per share. fro°
if :;07 , 2111teent end Taxes. payable on end
eftee June let next.
: - )
end..ndstng tri ntsta utensil. ns !duple It.n std
let••••44lilde4 less than 'hive islands, all the PRIN.
..C/PLL's :•11•NE:1.4 TM:
.t .44
Perfect Broiling a Meats.
it rendurg 14444d1Ing.Lerettd,a Sr
dwelt. 'and enslest of all ntodascr cao;aln,t, and
;neat 14,11nd Syit ;este
Palatal.)lo anti Aittr itious
; by nnynttle,n4•l•4 en4.kles. 1,11. r.equlret
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Wo• .1 ret4,lns 41t1 41 Id. jni4•44 sad daps . ,
the tan. 4444 d Its sell,: tender tdndh weal.
tender. 14, nsaly with all- ;
Smoke and - Smell Of Burn-
In 110 tr•onl. din nll .1 , ,t nancer.T.On
Ins, Is
Beefsteak - , Ham ar.d. Chicken
Oho3A, Pish and Oysters. -
naln llnnn, I,n, by 11.
AND ST ,, VII , 11,Elt.:1.1.1". •
. . .
. .
'no% r.•;4•,-.1.
PRICE ~`!2:,00.
Liberal Discount to the Trade
(lIEII . CO.,
62 and 64. Third Avenue,
y I
In Buchanan P05.117,3117131.11.15T0:
Udlnulden ertne , Mclntire&llrand
11111111 GOO X •Ilaillne , Mb, L 31 : Mellefinn Frank
11°11311.0 A , 1 r •
Buckler Thor .I ,, ner . I . ll,l;3rinr!re .Inlin
; J
In.. SII,N I. • 1, - , • • , ; -
Blaney Win Kelly 1/I 11 • . Pritchard Kuril
:Kerr3-Je n • It
C1111.1:111011,111 ' I. . I , l.llJohn
Coelt Geo Laughlin Mich , 11 . 1 .1.n:1.1.11`
Crueer J ad., II: I
moul , ler, Miller Cato.. Slipper)
P mn 3,, ..*;;;Tlr,t , ' l,l', II i'4 . 7..tVrt,' - ..;, L
Church .t I'd ,31erriT31, 1 : U Stem llolir
Davis Nrrs II • ' !Mag ' il::4!lZZ ) St o rer,,, yg , , , ,r.
F • , Morgan I old . ;IX
l'unnlng. , Tl , l tat one cutter Wallace Mita '3IIJ
/I ' Moore It , NVllllanna Res IR
Hughes KIIIO , . 11l ..Woods Mrs n
Malden Michael McMillen AVM. , Wltltcsldey Tlll
nlyl3 . PHILLIP. nosmlt... P.M.
_ _
Fon •
The above well known tel desirable property.
Cl? anted on Fifth erum. Ihnwiddie street.
140 be 195 to strrot. on which there Is n
large double two stotT rubstantlally built brick
ditilling, containing 14 rooms, with valor. Ms.
banter. .S.e. This It undoubtedly a ost desira
ble pruperty_t or either residence or butters, pur-
Pot,. being tmntediately opposite to the proposed
new nftk avenue market 14olles.
If not sold soon In wholti. will be thrided. For
t"n r' "- "q"1"' mrrtycorf.
inyytold ; 11.3 St•oonth avenue.
44 .• - vELOAtv; , • ,'
r ere.ln,a to titte-eqt n tut buy :One but
te a ‘Ve:ta.tke “.“.1 4,1 I,kr, It Ike
4 , pnblort ;n •a.d Iwo In a ex
It 1,36,” lino uther: lowa,
tbk_CULLIIOOO 1,11k,a bl. a cltild 7
yew, Oldl Ir Tl:t. reaa d deo
neatly w,ra eaa 111 mnran backward
nwk. volq wb,,lea On or rela(l,lc at ale, nmi
Mal LUILIVT al"1ILIT,11111b11r411.1.0..b)
21A 11,11.1Y0i
I: nun, 1:1171 . 1.7f 'ryiyh.F. DEAUTIFTIT.
? r s• „ " :I ‘ l._•Pian tF G
trot oil /At. Or MR' ,ftrtOri 11r, kW been pur
chase:lml the Tint and
4- the proprie
tors here imistientisi t sit ?slur Ir:, of the
nano el:7llJc !and. for BUILDING
to and ta
meet the Increased iinuo,aetetinice to hare a
Third Sale. Pe, `me'l't. retell:lT-role. are
riady tiol; n s7 ituproved . . Thirr.Nsh.in7 . ,.%?n era
ar t
e dal-
I h.. Years. nith Interest secured bY
.nr , r0 . ..c.. Stu. as part cosh pay:neat. to he
amid each I, when sold.
TRE heretofore.
iollt /Carn e
Depot. Pittsburgh. at
Weinet precisely on .1 y. of Caner,'
crown .. iirailee and gentlemen) to n sad from
he Solo FREE.
EE. stopienit at Itztlons on the route.
and returning at (1 o'clock. No eine under Drent
Oar years of tans adowed GO Die Trnin. No tickets
required. - • A. YPILWALNE.
myth Acttlanee
:1r. , . 61 rovirnr A T7IN CC. PUTS111:60II•
ItTER/11) IN 169`.1. • .• •
oplIN 11.t11.Y from 9 [IA ne. t o
or. P-I.T.
CIIPAN 67•• !NG tee!. ltny let to Nnvember
let. try. 7in 9 tee!
n from Nov. n•lrce let
8,1,1.8 to 8 Interett ;cad nt the
rate of alt percent.. d. free of tax.. an If not‘ltte
drawn nompounde cent.,
In •lontenry end
.8117. !lonia of Ity-Lnr
ue, Sc., Attnletlicd nt. the.
it,ott a 01 Mon agors,lleo: A. terry, Itrer'dent; S.
11. Itorttrus..iso. Vico Yrusliteuts.• U
'ACKIaley, fit'icrotnry and Treasurer. •
A. Itrotiloe. J. 1.. lisahont. A. S. Belt, Wt0.,1(.
IStztorth..F.ll.sln. 1,. Fellsnsteo..
Josh. IthoOrt. .tsAt. itolt. C. Schmertz,
Christopher Zoo,
U. W. a A. 0.1001.
Marble aml Slate
311 NILES,
. .
• L 't^.1,°.47ti" . '477i,, 7h',. i , :„:1111.42,,T1
" N I,
. P a
aseethet nte mad, 'keen I. Atarbit scuukr. , ..avuin.
gt 9 f;ll;tr '` ihr ," . " %i7i,Tilt:tkOr '"" ni
the choicest Arantithte. ad all. vedettes anti •eolots.
, SO,l a [Nee' York tlrtee .at 319 and 3:.r. I LIII]JITT'
-tur12.02.. . . . w:ir: i'vetidai:-.-
PEA NUTR- --413 r wils. 00 ,r4) . ita.. a,.rrive
- aCKEY 4 Co.
- I: 7 9ENTUCIEY 'MP.-40 bales Tin
AIL PtOre, for sale try
'sneks In store;for
1: side by IF.IIAII DICKEY Sr CO.*
- '
• • .
- TM; SC.-Fr - AND
COPllliereial and FaalUy Newspaper
mtrrlmot bo
1 ef Eve
A copy 1 faratatOd pat0:p...13 to the Coeta , t l l ,
of a Cob of ten:- Postsrataters coo raataeatardloolati
'•as =tots. Addrota, '
i'E .Nt ttY. lIEED aft CT..
_.~ _ Y(: / ~_..1~~r~....p0r .Cdr
TY•l7 r r I.\ IS; ,teiditiot:al Una
, _ • •.•
tdontr" Tibor
Apply ot.IS NCtil mrert
WANTED: — A Gi !IL to 10 conuuon
, V' 1101451 , nprk .1:111 ram!,
r.roulturo.ted. :,tNo. at Mt/MIMI:1i
STIrEhT. Alirr.hroY try.. 11:1f
trlrtlrcult• or rrnokaurtorlug boUrr.
g...,41 007 i.,..r..renew riven. Mlclrr.. 1 , 1" x S.
Wife., •
NATANTED.—A •Lady experienced in
v mak!. lYuaL, to as.La n journeyme arvl7
. HOUSTON a CO.. corner atliave.and n.
Cheryl ,
al .
- -
Wts ern
It. M., ' • t'g
ANT A NTED.--lii active mid respousi-
Llc ieun 1.. tat, agcnr, of a prlnninent
Inmurzner ComNeY for Al/egh.. ,
Addre,.. reforettres,,T WV A. P t VON 3
Walnut ,t,et. Pelle , ffelphtai; •SS
vir. Nil:D.—Sit Etat ion :pi elp . rk by
rtogle geld Inman of good oduostlon. havlnst
an ex lon I VI. 3,111:1111t3qC1` In talth cities and cram
-1.17. nod tro nrerrion to work.. Would Lake a 1101111
kLr . ..kOod mho - root, AddrensltaX
i 127. I'l L 4.6 I. .
try, to and, In vineynnt.. Also girl: for WI work for
city und country. 'Apply at Eutployutent Mire,
N. I tlxtll ritrcet.
430.0140 to Loan In largo or man mounts. at
a Par rata of Interest. • -
T 1 1031A:1 PrITY,.
11111, Ind a n d Itral Estato
No. 170 Sndtlineld ntro.d.
V or 6 room.. with a large yard. Atha'. born
a geed nelghtaWtoret. Other CWT. or on tine of
ywane Railroad. Any .eie flaring Inch ran hone of
ell tenant witha all faintly, toy applying to or
toldrowtalng sm
/FT 1.1111.1.11., Heal -Estate
Agenta. N0..139 Meath 4, 7 1111 e. 7 te.l
the nesminALE APP.UtATILS' ter ranking
Ku, , unty
ANT NT E1).—.1
Thirty Thous'
nil flotlors to Luau-
In large
onAnty at a lair ra,
Illas nn proi,rty 111 .11:egUeny
f Intproff.
11.L1LL1, 4 . JER.r!.IS",
' Her , nititto Mann.
GS Grunt mtnoc.
Ilr NTED.—.I onda and Murl,zagcs.
1 for S3O.Q 0. haring 3 yerf . nut. 1 I
/Imm. having Our. to rot , . I for f 6.000.
unttng 3 yr,. u. ron. 1 fnr f 5.000.0 ynnth to
ran. •11 tor /3300, haring 3 yews to run.. for
t 3 ,111 04 Intrtn,4 3 Itnutt to run. 1 for t 3.000,
rue. 1 for fl .1100.1aLvalg 3
, h ,',.,`,1P c ,7, gr. for 111.000. nom, 3,years to
ma.. I for 4300. hart.._ 3 yettni. to run. On'etty
nr count:- prota.rrt. ta
h.:ltel,Afltr Fourth Atm
I ()ST.—A dark hrindic con - -tips of
the bora+ eninedul7minglnitet bnle rah-
Shorttell. Aril pripon vedltie bur trill Le libetullY
r ew"'" urn. moclifth.g.
Item! of Littlf,
lOST.—Op WNlnt , silur eventnx. 61,
TV EEN Ilene( Enainn /fol.. and Nation
t i ll be
... 4 ,TItaK T. • f... 4
1.11Q.7 is DIN G.-I'o-14.1.1v it h
11.) ”n o 1100.NIF an OPFICr, mat.-
iao Zr o Doc:, or laont.i.nt 103 Fourth 41,11110.
TIOA 12 DING.—A number of I; entle•
1..) MEN can he fumbled with bearding and
emir.. If deetted, pleasontl; iamtpil, at No. 20
sTILECT. near limal street bridge,
Allegheny t
TO-LET.—Some pleasant rooms to let
No. 31 Fourth even., with use of bath
'MRS.—TIER OF OFFICES on o=4. near
IVO, nr./1 a TIER nitln entrunce on Fifth avenue
rte. , Coon 11Ott.O. .tOttir to Mn. M. McTIGME.
Agost l ch.ce for font
Allrghetlr. 540 t
rro LET.—Tlic Three Story Brick
.11.. WAREHOUSE In Cburrh Miry. roar
or No. ISO Wood street, formerly • ....Wed
by Wm, Mundorl & Co., no a Broom Manufactory.
Inquire of WATT. LA NO & CO.
24 No. 17:1 and 17 Woad Snot.
_ .
rrO, LET Brick linuso of 7 Rooms,
L Ilall, G as. Hat and Cold Water. Ltintn_Sanl.
newly in re d and paintlid, situate N 0.149 'Mar
ket street, ninth ward, Allewheny.
AD, BRICK HOUSE ~t G Rooms, Nn. 13$
Diddle alley. near Sampson street. Second ward;
Alleheny. Apply Do IC. P. PRICE.
_?l ar d
—Curt of the well known property within
11eClinteek. on the PerTrseille Plank Ron&
13 minutes' walk nf City Hall. Allegheny. The
house is ten storied. centulning D,roms. and la
117IgN'grUrg°,1r d .Z:gng===.11V.
ensilage henna and stabling for horse, and eons.
The mond, ore beautifully bald out. 'and are coo.
tu n e d
with fine ("rest trees. rendering It truly a
eiguntry residence with all the ridvnntages of being
Tery convenient In the nity.and Own Its Incision le
one of the most healthy 1N...10ns In this section.
Fur particular", inquire of OLIVER. 31'CLINTOCK.
.0 CO.. Fifth avenue. t s 10.11
The subscriber offers for rent that ileslrableprop
erty known'as the
Minuted at the foot of Craig street. Allegheny
City. o shoh distance below the Suspension bridge.
The lot on the met side of Crnig , street is 150 feet
wide be about 450 feet more or less. The lot on
the weed side of the .strect ti 110 foot wide by
about 400 feet. more or less—both running to low
waterThie: haring one of the bent and safest bar
bor‘ion the rirer. Tho advantages this property
~stunts for ony kind of ninauficturing purposes
are so well known as to render any further desert,.
lion unnecessary. Long Wines will be given to se
''Pr'nVAr'''''. IBAAC
ma ROUTE •the • littriDAY LEADEIL
C 11.21 be bought tox. For terms, apply at the Leel2 .-
mt office.
FOR - SALE.—En:IIm of Four' 'Home
volt SALL—A One Hum Spring.
WAG6N. ATV! Int nLop of I.k T. J.
JlV:rth .lES War on 3nAkers LlucknrrAllob N 0.4 T
- von .smr,-,k Valuable Farm un.
r detinld with n a Tend nolo of Goird ,
..11111onroTed, PrIonai111:4000. E./f.tiCLL
SlcKean's old stand, Wentmo:cland Co
I. Vt. TOTS, on sll (Lc ration. elreets In th e
Into Lnerenceettle Platrlet, an et 'Olen min bowel
andterms. T. It. SILL, SON. corner Penn
lThirty-I . yr.! street.
VOR SALE.—A 1 leo•borse covered
s P RING WAGOIr, neut . & new, will cum two
411111.1tlii to Sold cbeup.
Also beta ten three and flour bounced Inns Of
Spring Water Ire. Imre 3 to 81n, hcs thtrk.welll..
cored Inn good Ice toe. et Sturrpgang on the
Weut Penn ifallroud, Enqurrn et
540 or at the Linton 1101eIrrinunrburn.
.rtpH SA Cann of 37- Dere*. Al.
U,tThyyoA Oil Ilan Motile ., Penn/en
r Deft*, • vvoure surfcer n
under cu cf
ltivation. b ee
goOn Orchanl anArgt nceerrar, banning. 171111,
sold very Icr. Logone of
LIAVIs, AM:meg-at-an,
N 0.13 Omni armor.
IIIC SATA" . .--200
FEET EACIL neur Laitereneetillo &elk.. on
the l'enr•ylcuolti Ithureho. earl 1110 tnehand,
?gaunter tar four yew". Theee lote ere now 1.1411
re toot. no nAor of hcnn , •• rm. ro4or nj.. antei
r this month th o N,. will bet ath For ;earl
tell on T. 14 SILL SoN. corner rgnn
'rhrt3-thfrd street. or to 1“./ lir. P. b ILL, Attorney
- ht1,ir . ,212 Grant street. .
sii...f.:=Fli„.l„n„ and al) lent,
!Cow onel . Sof.ond Mite. of all ktnds, constantly
mt hand.
Orders from all parts di the country promptly at
tended tn.
Corr,cr 3.tarlon Ji.vonue end r., It. W. it C. H.. w.,
ACegheni. I. ' - •
tESlDENCE.contsinirg 30 arses wit S house.
there.: one. a doe, en:atonable and coneatient
house; good water,and one of the beat water
newers to Wesriarennaylesnla for milk 16
Trod.from limo ell tin the triter, of Turtle Creek
Reed. i 3 algae truirCgdewart'w B[4,3mA:en met
Itainced. At..several good Farms In good lons
' lions lioutos for sale. Snqulre of .
~ torn ' NerllOnrant Stroanteen . to CelhadraL.
RAI:R.—A largo boomenentlyirrei
•:thme Mort brick dunning In deslnible hies
llon.nearPlethp.tte. neil built In modern style,
jwlda hall two ors, dining room and kitchen,
I,l,,,ebrunhere„ ath room, kitchen range, miler ,
!tisult.gasend water Mau res. marble mantles, /C'
side shutters. wash house. etc. Itnniedlate. pos.
asetion. 1i0.130 Grant street,
39 Sixth 111•PLI00,