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Consfr Sixth Ate. and Smithfield St.
Tara or .rate DAILY, •
By 0u4.1, oar year 18.01.
Deliver.' by burley, my week
SAN FRANEIACO 11811 t elliurate
HAIR.PINN an , now called switch tea
THE. London Mara Lax had a favorable
rritichun upon ''Shoo Fly."
Du. AniniN, once of Pittsburgh', luta
ectrled down in San Francisco.
(iYPSIEW aro hanging nroundbode
Island and Spraguo'n ifrnid they wiltii Pal
LAKE wt glorified by Mark
Twain, la to have a iteamer upon its ho-
Atm. , • - •
Lira Inaucanee humblesa has been very
brick in Illehinond attire tho fall of the
thetr. -
IN Louisville, prisoners are taken to the
work-house in what they call the Black
'Welt EFOItT receives at Sr. Peingie , every
day, upward of fifty hoquets from. Dem.
Wm. N. EvAare has Leen paid by the
tiovernment ffeSi,s44 lawyer's fees during
the 'mat all years.
Ting hat Member of the family of
Euguene Sue, au Abbe at Beeson - In, died
on the . 2oth of April.. L
FIGARO considers tobacco to be not only
a "plow, poison," but one of the slowest
poisune in the world:
Leantu RotAAN, the great Red Republb
eau leader, .114 building himself A magnifi
rent villa at •Fontesiay.
Tug King of Pruteaa hex, at the garden
at Babelsburg. fifty white mice, which he
often watcher' for hours.
Tasononm THOMAS and his fi ne orches
tra gaveitheiropening concert , Central
Park Garden ktoaday. •1 • t'
Usintom BAKER, of Carroll tnnnty,
killed five, hundred and eight snakes in
plowing an elghtyacre field.
A 3/.4.N, supposed to be Diek . Sires. from
Caddo parish, La., was found murdered,
near aco, Texan, last week.
B. tilblm, of Mitdasippi, belongs
the distinetion of being the ugliest man
in the University of Virginia:,
MRS. MARTHA OWEN, cha rged S with the
murder of V .'. H. Baldwin. was acquitted
at Huntsville, Ala., Friday last. -
In the great Philadelphia hail storm,
Mr. &int the well -known horticulturist
had slo,oo33rorth of property destroyed.
ilMsnom, the "beaver trapper"
of the Coma, died In Calhoun county: Ala..
- recently. in the eighty-third year of his
timmens million bottle. of champagne
were produced lu France lent year, of
which more than three.fouirtha wets ex
ported.' - z ,
BALT/MORE is trying to get a $300,0011
Academy of Music, and already luts.tnere
than half that aum subscribed for the
A NEW Yong lidy goes toParis yearly
and expends $230 to be enamelled. But
It save* her the trouble and °spermse of
A MIRSIONAUT in Rio Janeiro says that
nearly every Brazilian, who wishes to be
thought respectable, belongs to the Ma
nonic order.
Tun Ea• Queen of Spain failed to secure
the crownjewels, and is in poverty. I. e.,
she ha. only her fandlyjewels, and about
$2,000,000 besides. • •
TuF. parties trim have been trying to
blow up 140110 Napolo.n were evidently
"going in for s rise in governments. - -
Commercial Balletift.
A eAws:nnozatt, named Peter J. Doyle.
. . .
in - Chicago, shot 1 wounded, probiaily
Wane. his clerk. J hn Schneider, on Mon
day night. eau jealousy.
Ozos of the 0 10 excurniuniKts says
Chaae wan as rude a s a boor. We never
before heard lila supreme----courtlinens
doubt/M.—Lou, if: w rier Journal. .
- in the Philadelp tie Ledger we And this..
.s, woman wishes i situation to go by the
week." The advertiser is evidently hyp
ped and thinks hetslf to be a clock.
MobrrAcmcs are going out of fashion.
- so are full beards. Smooth faces are 'now
the rage and a mutat inn must now shave
every morning just like an Englishman.
1104. 13oxnEen has declared her in
tention to paint, hereafter. only wild
• beasts. She Is negotiatitig for (he fair.
chase oft lion, a tiger, and wolves and
A RF.SIDENT of lisrows writee to intend•
jagerrklirrart_ta that tliey moot expect to
have of month. sliakfog with Chi &rile to
begin With, after' which they will
At: Omaha damsel is subject to fits of
vonanibullem, during whirl. elle gets up,
saddles her horse. and gallops it throligh
the streets, where she has Leen taken for
a ghoot.
Titivrir Cuußcrt, New York. is continu
ally frequented by male and female low
', - era, who go in there to read, rat luncheol
\ nurse tables. Av.', and It is the same colony
every day. • 1 .
• , PATER napkiim for table use LAW, jIISI
been introdulnto the restaurants o
Oermariy. They answer every purpose
for one using. Three of them cost less
than a mut.
CILIRT.EB ROWEL a Chicago butcher.
on Wednesda l y stabbed _Adam Keller. a
cattle drover., Keller called Sorger a liar
and he wrized to prove the contrary.
. Keller will p Lally die. - ss
i d
A womsz I . Providence , whose ' only
.wna, ia imbed „wax seized with , typhoid
- fever, and aft several days illness died,
totally apostle ed and mitered for. her
son refusing a+ mission to the 1.400 to all
Twir.Unenvil e Courier says: Mr. John
Welch, of Falls township, today sold two
Oar steers whir weighed 4.14,4 pound..
ai l ,
The prim. he ' iced was IMO M. These
were the Ur and finwt cattle- we ever,
remember to e wen.
'A TOLIIO ma wag found dead In his
hod at the Manilla watereure establish.
must. a few mowing* since, having corn,
`. ittitteel suicide. According te statmnents,
' the demised was a victim of consumption
and became despondent on being told that
his recovery was impossible, --r. , i .
Tltg Wisps and Means fkrinmittca 'had a
protracted scselon on the Tax'l4ll, They
do not consider that the Senate Commit
tee has any authmity to bring. in the mea
sure, and will not madder it when It
trachea the UMW, but will report and
press their awn revenue bill.
_lLtnalf K. hlsrnminr and Charles Mei
eemer were both probably drowned in the
canal at Harrisburg on Monday. Their
parents missed them both on Monday at.
wmoon, and after long search; on Tuesday
the' body of younOlayberre was fuupd in
the amid, but no sign of his comtlidon
SATs the Hmhester rnion - : The water
ad ' Lake Ontario has been rising steadily
for a month past, and dose not appear to
h ave reached its head. At ( harlotte,
akmg the shore and in the IWys, it is all of
two feet above the high !rater mark of
'bet year, and it was then higher than ever
• :before known.
. ,
.107, :Huntsville (Al
- depe ndent Ind
• ' - looms f row every ,quarter' of thSte '
• • that there was never a Warr stand -of
~.gala and cotton: . Them) :la e . ' : greal .deal ,
• atom land in cultivation tide median any' .
lansirem year since the war. , ..SO; far the
- • astioncre aro doing well. , or the most,
• Part land la cultivated on Jute&
latoettur %Slog of Belem, hes It to '
• • stated, an lattnible repugnaoo to sign
, ... tug a deativirarnint, and ' has," therefore
meetly eommuted to hard Mbar the sere
.once to the gallants, of a ciindial viho
• -- bad murdered . Three cattle dealer!, brtith
' ere,"iiinl secreted ' their Midiri.lalds awn
•, court -yard, and had also poisoned Ids own
tart faildosi of having reading stoma
•• for Americans has lately sprung up all
• ' over the continent. Today at Rome or
Constantinople they can find all ' the leek
j a g papers of America on the tables of a
prominent banker. Throughout Oemtiny
*erne of the seamiest of German firms
have engaged in American banking, and
have this most elegant apartments. At
. .
... . .
.. --
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:,- - '-, , , '..' -", .`. ~'-`- , .-,:',: di .“-: , --,i'd .-:-.:----,-,-,', '''-',-“..:, -,,-- '--,, '.- '-'• --, ;-"-- • ---:.,-,:.,-,.::. ` , . - $. ,- -Z --, VP , ~,,..' ."-tl,4,Zi-1e1,..,,,::','"4-,-,',-,.11e:',,,,-X.5,-,-0-tc:V,',ll:6l;--,V-.-,--tr• -,. , 5'''' , %` -..., :-i'q ' .e- * ',;,',''' '''''''' I'-',..'''''' , . : 'S , ' ,,- l' Pre'', '.?".':,:i4,:''','-r...i.,....,,,--.-;":..-,":-.,,-_,1,-ikelir'.,,4-,y4..- ~ - , ,, ',7^....- ..-,--,- ~,,- , --, •
...A . , , ,f:77-%. , .;-I ' L' ; ',.,!„, '4, - - . A. , ,. '..V...-' , 71 . -' , 41 4 , `if.,, ,,z ,,:' , - , f,l--:: 4 r 4'' , , , -:?%. i- - , , ,V.',7 , - . 4.'E't .!•'- -7. t.:-.;,...)(',--2.;1:11:-'4,-.0,7'1":":,'i -4 :F?::;.1`.1 ,9- I ,,,, ,liiir , Agct, e';' -- 7:Xa:/ai,V l- 3=2:::,..„ ,^-, ..4. , 541it....a.i.--1W,4--k7„,,, ...f,...!,,5n_..,,,,,...-;-,,,r,-,-;.,,,,,!y,w,1-,010.--.-.0,..,...:41v,,,,..T.0,,,1/2,..0.,:i.g3-,..1--..,•',.,_,,,,,...57.,c.,..,4it•.-4.-,,,....*,-...,., ..,..,,, ...,i , i , .... , -,.. , --, , ,-, 7 ,..-.- ... :,....-77..?, ,, .- , ,,...-....... ~,, ~ ~ ~. . ....,. , _; , ..r.: 1 '. -:,
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,-7..%; ;,t4,7.11 LMT , '`...: . :? I X : ' ;'"f'. -Z
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,- 1
h b
Berlin and Dresden these firms publish
doily market reports, and talk as much. of
State and railway loans as do those of
-Tut: Cincinnati Conwarcial discourses
glibly upon Count Reust's - failure, and
thinks that- it was the-muse of Bissmarcks
remarkable convalesence. Meantime Von
Benst still guides the Austrian ship of
State, Von Bismarck is still ill and the
Cincinnati papers reputation, as a roman
cer has been increased.
fJ.t: the slat of January, Mr. Wm, P.
Angell disappeared from Providence,
where he bad been collecting his rends.
On Sunday last two young anglers found
his Inaly in the reservoir at North Provi
dence; with six bullet holes through it.
James i'agirs, a servant of the Angell fam
ily, has been arrested on suspicion of be- I
ing the murderer.
THE lashuethod of combining sCyle and
economy occurred at Albany not long
since. A own went to an undertakent to
borrow a valuable casket, to witr at the fu.
neml of his brother. pmpoeing to take
the body out after the funeral, place it in
a plain pine coilln and return the casket
to - tho undertaker. The undertaker was
near sighted and couldn't.
Toy project to connect Ow Mississippi
river and Lake Michigan by the Sac and
Wisconsin rivers, will bit reported favor
ably by the Sub-Committee on Commerce
to the full' committee, and probably by
them to the !louse. It will require an ap
propriation of upward of four millitins to
completetlie - work , so that there is not
notch chance of its completion for some
year! to come.
Anorr num are to Is• dischorgssl
front the Springfield armory immediately;
orders having Iseen received to muspetid
the repairing of guns as .011 RN those now
In hand tine noisiest. The alteration of the
511.000 Springfield muskets into the ins
proved breech loader of Ititki will be cone
plettsil in July, and there is only one other
order, for 10,1100 Remington guns for the
use or the-navy.
It hi stated, that notwithstanding
ing the heat, the climate of Bmzil Is so
danth that it iii necessary to air one's
wearing apparel ewers few days to protect
them from mildew. :Boots' left 'Wending
In'thr warmest plait' In a room for three
days, will bo covered with a blue m o uld.
The houses. however, with all this damp.
tens, err uncomfortably hot. but at the
Same time, healthy., •
ONE of the many stories Boating about
Paris in connection with the ravages of
the smallpox, Is that of a lover who had
taken-the disease from his lady and had
became frightfully pitted in consequence,
-while she escaped with an unbroken skin.
At their first me e ting, after both had re
covered, he• dropped on his knees before
the lady. and, pointing to his fare, thanked
her fur on many marks of love.
Tim}' played, the_ - 'other day, at the
Tuileries the so-called game of definitions.
The question watt baked, "What is n
usuretV' tine of the Ifenemls present re
plied, "A banker who acts illegally."
"But then what is a tanker!• was the
next question. • There was much merri
ment, among the distinguished persons
present when the same itividual unhesitat•
ingly' replied. "A usurer who acts legally.
Tug St. James Episcopal congregation
of Philadelphia:aretting up a $200.000
church nn 22nd and Walnut streets. and
Bishop Stevens laid the corner stone on
Monday. In the wall of the new church.
will be illneed the corner stone of the old,
which bears this inscription. -St. Jam.'
Church, Juno e3l. 1807. This atone was
laid by lit. lies - . Dr. Wm. White, first
Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Penneyl
Tut" 'ill whiell hm, passed the :senate
for the Letter security of life on board of
vessels noqielled by steam. and which is
now on the Speaker's table, will lie no
sidered by the Committee on Commerce
thin session. The aulecommit tee who
have charge of it will be called this week.
It codifies all the steamboat laws since the
Initial-act of BM and affects almost
every - tiding entering into the composition
of a steam vessel.
MANAGER C. 1) Bus received a grand
complimentary ix nefit in Chicago on Mon
day, during which he appeared for the
first time upon the stage as an actor • tak
ing the role of Captain Smith in Po-en
borottas, and acquitting himself creditable.
Be was presented With a handsome gold
chain and a large rnli of bills. lie was
greatly surprised 'and affected, as Mr-.
Canning no doubt will he here, when he
in astonished by the silver net which is to
I be given him.
A MILD poisoning ease. involving a
number id ignorant negro.. was before
a Mobile court the other day. All the
witnesses swore that the poison was an
old nutty nail, in the head of which three
little decils_were confined, one of which
was to charm the mother, the second to
pat oft the light, and the third was to
strangle-the child with the future of nut
phut from his lii. All this nice arrange
ment was fru mted by tile burning of
the nail with iol. devils.
. -- a,
TILE following are the prodarls 'for
April of borne of the Lake Superior capper
mines: Calumet, 311 time, 1,015 Ibil ; lice
ha, 463 tons. 11 8 0 Ibi; Franklin. 70 tons. 6;7
Ilia; Pewabic. CA tons, 257 lbs. The Port
age !Ake Mining Garrfle Rays: " The Cop
per Producers - Association has finally and
ioneluitively decided to export 3.000100
11.11,3(10 hump: ingot nipper, to be sold
on general account, A -correspondent
nays: "This done, I shall look for a new
lease of life to our copper Mince.'
A likmatonit old lady. a wasberworniri
by occupation. had 11114/111 in arrape to
enough men a to - build a snug lit.
tle house and barn n the country. One
linvelY afternoon in s ly. mon after she
teascomfortably Wished in her new
home, a ttnihie tornado .swept through
her little ploperty,Acat!ering the timber
of her mull barn, Mel put et the house
in every dirertion.- Coming out of her
kitchen and poring the devastation the
stn./ /OSI made. the old larly t at first was
at a Iran to riplialli ''her, indignation. but
at last elle subleak "Well, liere'ii a pretty
burineas. No matter thonith—l'li pay for
this-4'll wash an Stnulaye I"
Tula diamond is only found in the Its.
columite rock frilled flexible or elastic
N mdatone.) which Is only found in a half
-litiddix_kallittiMin thdlnirld,,tind the most
extensive axittpertocintystallzi:!!" , of thi s
Aientilar rock is found Imventing upper
tieorgia, from Atlanta through Hall coun
ty, near Oainevillle, to Virginia, on - which
line of formation numbers of dianionde
have been found by accident by permit',
who were totally Ignorant of their nature
or value. Some of these diamond,' are
worth' from $100,.4300, ir,1300, re 5,000 to
$2,000,000. Several have been lost, and
two broken to piens to asp whence cab l e
their brillianey. When examined by the
diamond miners Beorgpt will yield (mott
le. millions of dollar,' worth of diamonds.
Lawi!zits and .Fisher, two .notmions
Texas dieperedoes, have received their
quietus. After their escape from the
sheriff of McLennan county and lease
they made their way into Coryell county.
Learning of their presence, the citizen.
determined to capture them, dead or alive.
Raising a company they wonted the coun
try and nuns upon them, in a thicket.
After a desperate fight they , were .cap
haul{ effghtly wohededg' Trit‘ 4 o l l{
towards Waco, Fisher suddenly jumped
mini his horse and rensowiuxis a thicket.
He wtor-fired - :upOnAindf leU 'dead when
about sixty yards distiut. Meanwhile
Lawless, taking. edvsmago of the excite
ment, thought to make his recipe and
thumped, from the horsehpnfaxriding., lie
was shot end
A St.sonT liiiitrann.—When hoop skirts
came Into hishion there lived in the city
M-- on excellent physician who kept
a dreg store. • dioup skirts then, as now,
were often tidied skeletons. - One day a
lady stepped into the store and inquired
of the Doctor if he had any skeletons,
meeting boil{ skirts. TIM Dne mi
pr !lts:
'tingly replied in the affirmative. whereat,.
on Ake lade ilesirivU IP !gee them, Site
W Invited to step dohn trite back end
of t as
he store, where the Doctor h opened two
folding doors to n closet, and disclosed to
ware s. ie two tuman skeletons hung on
wire The lady screamed, turned pale,
and fainted. • The. frightened Dotter ap:
:piled #estonitives..atidne • the lady.caute
to she, .exclainteti, in a Anne pf leaver:
'"Skeietoi, notlhat kind?' - -It - -was
a longtime before:the Doctor, heard . the
laid of 'skeleton.
The McFarland-Richardson ease
Statement of Mrs. A. D. Richardson
—Her Separation from Maurland,.
Avgnaintance with Richardson, In
diana Divorce, ke.—Drigres Ro.
quest of Ills Friend, Junius 11.
ity Teleirroph to toe Pitt%burgh t;:tzette.l
Nrw rOlll,. MAy 11. /Cti.
Mrs. A.ll. Richardson haft ltad publighed itt
the TrUntne the story of Ter married life.
Reviewing her acqualutace with Richardson
and his connection with her case. she says
that up to the time of her coming to room at
the same house In Amity street...their acquaint
ance had been very slight and formal. They
had met occasionally at Mrs. Sinclair's and Mrs.
Calhoun's. and up to the iaah of January, latC.
bee acqualatanee with Richardson emulated
solely of two calls, at the request of her hus-
band, to solicit his (Richardson's) slid in get-
McFarland a altuatiou In the employ of the
Pacific flail Road Company, Of the Amity
street lodgings she says: ..If 1 had any feeling
about Mr. Itiebardson's coming to tare a rOOlll
no near Mr. McFarland and myself, R. wall one
of aversion. front the fact t hat be could not
be there without knowing something of inY
unhappy life. I saw him then often. and he
. _
prior to toy leaving Nlegarlond, n wool. or
even n look. passed between us which I
should not be glad If all the world had seen
and heard. - On the tiny of the separation.
Feb')'. 21st. Mr, Richardson told Mrs. McFar
land 'V& Is a matter In which I cannot
advise you; but what ever you do, I shall be
glad to help you in." On the evening of the
separation. as Richardson was leaving Sin
clair., he bid Mrs. McFarland good bre. say
ing “I wish you to remember., my child, that
any responsibillty you choose to give me, in
any possible future, 'I shall be eery: glad to
take.' and two days after made a formal
avowal of his love, counselling her to toll her
friends all be said ,and take their
counsel. Richardson was nest shot on
• • • . _
• .
... .
the lath of March. 'M. and then Mrs.
Mernrinnti says she heard of theintercepted
letter for the rat time, toot never saw it ur
knew its cunt Efts until * it appeared, in print.
After the sh ting McFarland , ruffed sill his
wife's corres ndence. ma unmet - lots. private
apers. etc., pproprinting the letters from
Mrs. Sinclair rol Mrs. Calhoun, which were
rend on the ill I, . .
Mrs. Rlchn wm incorporates iti this por
tion of her nn rive a letter from Richard
son. dated M. h 31. 'C. continuing in the
most earnest terms the affection avowed In
. ..
the Intercepted letter. and which alto says woo
the key note of the absolute love and trust in
which Richardson held her- for three years.
which passed till his death.
The history of the holoas corpus case and
the Indiana divorce are ntso given. Of the
latter she says: .The itlit, there, as I Rama on
consultation. permit a ditore for drunk
eness, extreme cruelty and tenure to oupport
n wife. I knew beyond a doubt that Mc-
Farland had commlUed adultery while I lived
with him. I had been offered proof that he
had committed that crime agninst marriage
since I had ceases' to live with him. I was
told that adultery was the only grounds on
which a divorce In New York was obtainable,
but I repent now what. I said then, with all my
soul upon my lips, that I considered his treat
ment of me. his personal abuses. his ter
rible profenity, his mangos of all kinds.
an Infinitely greater sin egelust one and m,
womaneoodi than If he had committed again
and again, unknown tome,'crimes against the
, marriage vow, which is the only cause New
' York courts hold as Just grounds for divorce.
My opinion In this remalto unchanged, even
,vhile I write. During the loug time—almost
throe years—that ensued between nw formal
separation from McFarland and my legal dl• acquaintance with Mr. Richardson
had been most rarendly planted. During all
my !nay In Indiana, and in all his frommit
journeying: west. I never sew him once. ;tail
he carefully avoided passing through the city
where I stopped, to give no abode id a cans,
for sca h nda e. onn l. o
November :list o IT. Mf Octks,o ber. 3lr. teal.
ardor om
n come on to his mother' , house. In peed.
way. to 'riot nksgi v ing. On Thanksgiving ve en.
log I met hint at the railroad stailon. and he
came from his aged mother whose youngest
son he was. For the first time since he wa.
lint. In led. I walked with Mtn In the et reef
In all that titan we had entered no place of
amusement together, and had only once awl
weeldentalir at en eveniar party at the howl.
of n minuet friend. On the day -nfter Thanks
giving Mr, Richardson went heck to New
York. NMl:dug definite:weeSlimmed abou
our future. Just a week nftet he' left, a die
patch came that he welt mortally hurt, and
canine to. ete York toinurse him till he dice
When I emote he askull me. If there shim! ,
seem at any time to be no hopes of his rem,
ery. If I wbuld marry him at once, and I raid
would. We decided to wait till he recoveries.
IT otherwl e. I supposed he wished to be mar
. tied that ; might hare a firmer right to take
charge of t e rearing of his three orphan chil
dren. and emuse he would die [Mire peniCe-
NUT bails mole me his wife. As for myeelf.
if I had ten houttand liver, I should have given
them up for bits, who wee dying for the crime
of having It ed me. and hie highest wish in
the matter would bore Weighed with me
against all other ermt Ives let the world, So
when It me plain that he 11111 , 4 go - away
from all lb hearts that yearned to
t imid him
be lt " 41 r rnr is :es . . Ricleird ' sdn's eitete
meet of the general ion from McFarboad, un
avoidably omitted in the report of not night:
. . _. .
On the °Truing of the lath of February,'
hen McFarland came in from the enamel
House, where' be bolt beau cuiployed since the
tat of Felsnary as clerk in tlic office, proeured
for him tliflulgh ihslllßUchr.Spf fb.e hineloirs.
I sins ttendlog et Mr. Riche , iou s door, In
the front hail. and he , res agar 11 4adiMt• me
Rome manuaetipt• which he hod offered to
lend me to make use Of. If I could,-in some
literary work. Mr. Richardson's room WOO
used as bit working room, and at thin time, es
at all parte of the day, he had a stenographer.
measenger boy and artist. who were engaged
In 61. literary work.. When McFarland carne
la he obleMed to my going to liteherlames
room, to which I replied that I had not been
In, wan not In, had not been la the habit of go
ng there, end even if I hod been In there.
It was not a nrivate room but an Deice,
In the day supposed thin the matter drop
ped, mart I this wa. all of it. Rot In
a few' moinema gal orient! commenced to say
Rome thing agin on Ole situjeat. I sow he
won in 111 humor,o and I oupphae be dished to
111141. Anythle the' ,pretext for one of . his
posafitas, god cil ti l little or nothing. I. root
this ha Fmk, 6 scif tip lulu a great lure.
is 'la".l I. b " 1 16 trl all once
work alt e theatre. li e continued in thin
rage through the night, and f spent a. terrible
night with. him. All through the next day,
the Alth, he remained at home, abusing and
lamenting to Me. Ile used to the expresaiona
Which I never could forgive Or' en
dtu...' littit RIM harping on the fact of My be
ing at Ilicharlson ,- room. asked me before
Percy. who ints all ihe tints fousent, MI Rich
ardson ever Ids. you) Haveyou ever been in
hie room alone with him? and other& Which I
considered Insulting and nOliardenahle. :lie
was under the influence of liquor all day. re
maininget home or going out every little
while to the neater' bur room to drink, and
coming In • litnl moreturimit.. -, At l o st
he declared he WWl' Telltlple ta 1.,e aeflorated
front me. and that I might go home *wow
father's and leave him.. When Resented
to thin.. TM Wanted tp Wag In Rome of
my friends to talk the, matter 1, before
thenbldif I rarefied tfiliikt: vOtiosel !dig any
tut to ...ier °mild L 4 sent fur. and I Only pre
vent 4 hie, fru:: ' ni nikin.ll 4 * 04 roiling in
some of my !Mende, by n nanlntilifitlif i ii i
that bo was so intoxicaied thri: nin
~,-inili . ,!,
wollild be prejudiced by that fact. On tu.,
evening of the 21th. before going to the thew:.
tre,) secreted bhp razor. his pocket knife. InT
seri. and all artiales I considered dam/Tr
ona na I frequently did on Ruch coca:lone, and
left,him. .When I came home be Was still
f n-,
ging. Ile frequently had made threats of ,
committing suicide. often going .out .Of
docks with that avowed purpose. On thin
occasior4 about midnight, he bade me nn am
mofil ly solemn. eternal farewell. and told me
thl time he semi certainly going out to de
tro himself. Ife had done this ma many time.
this field nothing and made no effort to de
tain him. At the door he hesitated. and asked
If abut nothing to say in this last parting. I
said. "I col only say that I am hopelesnly
sorry for you." Ile wen; out mull:in fave,min
etas returned, as I knew he would, coolefll . neh
sobered by the cold night air, and then, It loi
IPM. P itry lr e - gi o ro i twii Ig 4 :llir Ili elif,t t ?)., ° i
himfdeci.edis. I should cave nim for
ever; that I tad borne irlttiptlllenee for Upiny
Yeasegreat outrages from him; that Ate hod
midis my life miserable and hnd often put me
In great dread of my life; that I Could not en
dure It any longer; that bit' outrageon. ,sou
duct for the two day. post. and by the.lan
- Mc o giiivi h s e onVl,Vtrrn i e 17, : i h d e a n ciTC,I f' ge m l i ari 4
to my nano( endurance, and I should gin away
from him at once. On thin he grovelled at my(
feet In the most abject penitence; he wept
and sobbed and begged ore to forgive hint;. be
cord muted he had wronged me; 'that no *o
men would have borne with him as I had
done, and about daylight went to deep, ex
hausted. Next morning I did not allude (DOW
gir. e ittliti r M i g, k i 4 4,77 to the st
and placed znyseif under the proteo ,
Mon of his roof, and never nfterwards saw
McFarland, except once or twice in the ples,
, .
ant erof others.
ructrAUnfirov's uxqtrrsr or A Magri.
Albert. D. HJekardsop, In a letter to Janke).
Henry Broke, dated tie. let, lag; eve
"Should the madman, Who has once attempted
my life, and who shows symptoms of renewing
his attempt. 1.11CC6 In .. .killing me, rts he has
threatened. please set forth some of the facts
fee tbe nye 'etr the lady they involve and of
myown ehlldrern so that they mar see that my
conduct has left, them nothing to blush fur.
"Barre of the MIS ant Wit, that:66ldd lithe,
ited a taint of madness In his Med, audi sec
ond, that before: he had been married two
years be struck ids wife violently, melbas fre
quently abosegker, besides threatening vio
lence to he ark 4 himself with knives end pis—
tols. Third, that from pride and deliener slat
iblekledblakind kept these things secret, sad
madly explainedgelly to two Of bet friends
her 'Hunt - ion and asked their counsel: ,?..4 let-
ter to one exists and can be seen. Fourth.
That all this suits before I knew her. or had
an ti ything butmost for cqu
mal aaintance: *
chardson further says that she sepatated
from :McFarland. sent for her father. and in
the presence of him and other f Heads had no
Interview with McFarland. in which he con.
rented to a separation. and left the children
with her father; that after this final separa
tion she had taken steps for it divorce. Rich
ardson was thrown much into her compan
and his interest devellmed into a wanner y.
ing. and it became understood that they
would be married when she should be legally
free. lie declares that before thn separation
no such thought had ever entered hls' heart.
and she had never uttered one word which
the most loyal wife might not say to any gen
' Remelt she knew and respected. RlChard
son sold lie dill not prosecute Maar
landafter the first emoting'. because he
wished to avoid public bee:lute he
knew McFarland was a half mad , maps arid
because he felt having done wrong totnhntion
marriage sn soon. After mentioning arnwige
ments ttbout his children. Richardson says-he
did not want the blood of anv man. especially
of this. on his hands. and tie :vas determined,
If attneltd again, to nut great risk rather
than do batllr harm to McFarland. its' could
have E a tena McFarland's life In the Ilrstlt
tack: w always glad he did not. lie
commends his children and the lade he has
loved to the care of the friend to whom the
letter is addressed. and says then both have
faced deal h ton (Men. and seen sweet sleep
nil the perfect rest it brings. to have lily
ear of It.
CHAS, A. mettAittaa)A's wr.yringt:AY.
Boston. Mao P.-- Si I many misstatements hate
been made.about my lute brother Albert
Richardson: estate. that I deem it necessary
under the circumstances to say that his entire
estate Is not worth. at the highest , altte.moro
than tool. and that. his widow,
Mr, Abble S. Ric C2s,l hardson. has refused any
part of the property except that required to
rear and educate 'Mt orphan rand
following n eons' of thl, tnemorantin. which
have been anoded to by the counsel for the de
feaee as the will of - my late brother. tie died
Made at the Astor House. before my sister-
in-law's arrival.
[Signed.) Cu.. A. litellA111.1N:
Administrator of A. U. Richardson.
'Memorandum of a will dictated to Mr
Nicholson on the night after he was shot
lot. I owe It. Nicholson tau...M. Mr. Johnsot
. .
will umlerstand about no" house. I have paid
him ttlis) interest Within 'the hunt few days. :41.
I want or Tribune shares. Ifyossible. kept for
my children. 4th. Of my Kansas lands; the
three Marshal county tracts antral in tor name,
so does the tract near Topeka, now Shawnee
county tract. fOrrnerlycMled Jackson comity.
The )lama county tract stands an undivided
three-fourths in toy name. and an undivided
one-fourth in Junius'. ly Spring Hill Into
stand one undivided half In my name and; the
other _undivided half In Jutting'. Of all the
Kansasproperty have the pro
ceeds nf one. I think. of the Marsha count Y
quarter sections. That would be n faisettle-
Ment bet ween us. All the rest should he sold
for the benetit. or mv children. The taxes on
none of them have (wen paid for BOP.
• •
--IA dkpatch I: said to have been receive.
idthe city. laat, eight,antiouncing that Mr.
Itlehanison bad enmmltteA guidde. A cci.
sn (11At.ITION
The Union Republican lie:ter-al Committee to
nlght.after protraeted and eat it midebote. de
chief! not to Jobt the cnalitidu Retinal Tam
snotty. and noinhented.tha followlogt leket for
'Judge of the Court. Ort:otamcitt Ileac, J. Solis
Ritterbond. Richard S. Emmett. Vrot, M. Rich
ardson. Elias A. 11.11. Marine Court Judges,
A. E. Tromaine. Benj. A Willis. Wm. Kircher..
Among the Aldermen nominated On !feta,.
Clews. Chart, T. Tiffany. Charles K. I:rainun.
W. H. Raymond and other prominent clthres.
The Moran Hall Democrats to-night adopt
ed resolutions endorsing TatninanY and It.
ticket nod doe/axing the place of any member..
on the general Committee refusing to abide by.
this action be considered mount. lien. Wood
has subscribed one thousand dollam for po
litical uses of Movtrt Hail.
Tha American Home Missionary Society
elected Hey, Dr. Woolsey, of Tote
President. -
The first New York Presbytery of the United
Presbyterian Church.nitting at Pat tersdn. N.
J.. granted a petition severing t be pastoral re
lations of Rev. Charles It. Smythe with his
church In New York. Smythe preaeho,'t here
for the lust tiler On Sundry next.
The strikers of Patterson cotton min bare
resumed work nt waft., twenty per cent. less
thnn before the strike.
A intieting of tho Cacholic clergymen of this
.-ity wow held la.nlifittato consider the 911 P-
lioll Of In the pablte .e hoo c h shit the
t&tutt or lien. Dr. Mr. Illynn. pixtdur or St.
tepheu& and , ftev.-31r. Farrell, of St. Jo.
geph& who-are 111ns:tett by their Ilk-
ROCial era, too liberal on thk. sub
ject. The reading of the bible in the
hoomlß cvnileonned, and I r. Sot: orro
I en. Generni lb/ 1 Intoctoome. Will LP naked t:
renown the two obJectionnble trvrto, to
country dirt.rietw, where they cuunot, t 1 nu.
grent extent. Indut.nklirtely int opin
ion. The Vial- Llenerti but WI-M. fit Arch
bi.ahop Me&'tuuky for Instruction..
The American Woman , Sun.., Ayumia.
lion assembled to-dae. Henry Ward Item-hal
was chosen Pry-anima of the National We
man'a Suffrage Societe. Ile exptened bin
hearty good will and wishes for rani nal emote
emit Itm. Speeches Wen. made try carious per
sons In advocacy ith., caus.
The Notional Wtionm - te suffrage Association
dlacossed nod mien eul a resolution 10 tnyor of
the equalization of he pay of Women und men.
Resolutions fgrorin the extension or int/rage
to women were ref wed. •
The American Tract Society celebrolcil the
ISthannireraary toulay. Ite , ellri 4 of the
year tilStOtili'halance in treamry V. - in. The
old officers were generally re-elected- (River
Kingsbury was {wouded to be treasurer, Mee
Moses Allen declined.
Tammany nominated Motes Tay it 11i,),1i
Phelpa, Oawald Allendorf mid Lawrence It
1 Jerome for aldermen nt large. .
Arrangements ire making to orgaill/e
society of pincers commanding colored troop
daring the war.
The neon Qt the viclory of the FutppitO
created finite a seqsat Oonetate.latail tele
grams scene sent to her rarer.
. riot occurred at Noreislann. Monday.
ing 11111 election rot Members Or the I/corm:noir
General Committee. Many persons w - ere
stabbed. one fatally.
The Presbyterian Home for Aged Witte.
was dedicaesterday. .
...Jas. laudW. declinel the'. an 'Yanimatty
nominatirl or'Jnolge of Cottonton Fleas.
T. W. Thuntan, broker, who absconded in
April with fif‘t,issi worth of Kansan Pacific
bones belonging to - ,ltnbner. Morgan S Co.,
can arrested rooterdnY,
The Bremner. )41miesota nml I yof Cork.
from Livetpool. 'nfol• Under.rom 4113YROW,
have arrived.
The Trlhafir i•fettll di:Pelted Of =extra edi
tion Of IAIYnIY-thrtte thousand copies' of Ar...
Itichardson's statement. tinier« for It con.
linue. and another edition will bu issued to
General Coatereare Sil lb. Alteloollet Eptneo
pal Ithareh Mouth—This Wathieet or Unitas
telth the Church !north. '
( Ity Telerrnith to the Pit taterreh•ti :wet tel
MFlinitlK. M.Te11.. -- thnhot. ' Jnanw Daniel
Curry, Levi . Scott end others of the .Northern
Metlowtint Church. sohnt'eted .n•topourlel .to
the Shutlierripeneral Contereoca an follower
.; ., .. ..
"Illgsio by f 11C114:
• - BY theactlon anddettiority of tha fitment
Conference at ClOcago, In May, 1808, we were
nppointed a' conurdsidon to co-operate' with
like comminnlortern from the Church Fandlt .on
the subject of : union. At IL meeting of the
commission Ind Philadelphia, November , 23,
leak molutione weep .adopted eppeoelek or
the action contemplating the onion of the two
churehen; but Iti Is thought proper to make
thin further communication. The aliPtilidiurni
of thin COMIDIII6IOII shows, lathe judgment
of the Northern Church, there Is not sutillelent
I renew] why a union may no he affected an
ataturabla terms. , Hoping that you maY.aleW
the subject In the name light, nod that you
may appal:4 . n similar committee to confer
with tin pre% lOUTto the next (knell Cinder
ence,itt 1172010 d raying that chUnti IM Prea"
1 0
mired In all that iertnlnn to the wel areOf the
chrbillan Chore nd desiring your prayers In
b 'biir flf W. F we represent. I fint we
may ',Mare site prosperttY, we no, kc."
The I4ninitttle of pine to which thin memo
gist In r :fred consists of 'the strougent men
in.the I feyeptie herd. It in tiglleved that the
- --th,nttlith Wlll not he 14 , proved, . i . : • .',
- - —.----, 1
---• , t ,
• (!•ANAD - A.
I . •
• . •
The Witinfraaal of Urtilas Troop•.
Illy Telegraph to the . Pttlaborgh ilatittp.l
Ottawa, Mar the linume of CUM
:von:4 lamt night, the Manitoba bill permed.
Sir George Cartier announced the prorogation
would take place to-morrow.
In the Bennte, In reply to a Quest ion relating
to, titirithd4wairog r t t in tif Mr.
q!run I the
he 4 . :r nittf
1W et Th ore
1 aga not f. cobt ill it . pol Of the
Imperinl Government. e might FN', him
ever. the view of the home government was
that In ordlrmrg tlmeot of ponce, Ganda was
JdolaiotllOXlO art be he oxpaploof fence len
the mother . cnuntry! Tbe home g ernment
proposed to garrison Halifax told similar fOr
tlncatlens, but It wan expected the luldnd
fortMentlono, If.garrisoned ot all, would b .
°erupted try Canadian volunteer*. • ,
•Pelllion fur Prow..flow from Indiana,
Teksreeptr b the Pittaherpb Claret tn.)
CIIICAOo, Piny 11.--A petition wne receircat
nt (len. Sherldito . 4 henilnianrtern In thin City
to..4ey. ',lvied by two Puodreit und ttigisteen
nettlera in the Sweetwater dintrletr ttyoming
Territory. ,rneatly nitters. urging the necessity
glen7lft tharr t egr u ltrgli t geis f Viie
.that there are about VW inhabitants In that
country, a large proportionof whom .nre
women sad ottildien; that theghlet , abject _of
the men tb develop the Sweetwater mines.
which are very rich, b ut hat they arc In con
giant danger Of de neon* fr om roving
hands of • w o infest: that 'Motion of
country. L
edeeoua a . s i t t f i Lzo w n numerous om th r tr e l n i n4l m .
daiia 'upon minera, and they, tarn mason rto
naPrehead ' , Mae tremble tram the kalneAtOUnre,
daring the prevent luituann uhiese efficient pre
ventive measuree are promptly ndnptrd.
" - Serious Blot by Coal
Telesimph to the Pitteburgd Gazette.)
IfAucnMar - nefroun
tint necunt e ryeterUar among the wallet" nt
}lngeltou. Three .Initn, were Oak Aut. not
nttetp btalf belie.. rolmilitary'
of under arms. but not use thaw, The
miner. - were eelebrating_the nmslrerrem of
Ifseertruttlzettei pt thi Minnie 7 Union.
The Great Yacht Race The American
entft, Sappho, Galna an Easy Tie
tory—University of London .
Opened by gneenThe Tur
moil In Ft:awe—Tranquility Main
tained by the Bayonet—Amirican
Railroad Seonrities in lierntany.
Telegrapizto the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
LoNow:, May 11.-The great yacht nice be
tween the American yacht Sappho, owned by
Mr. Douglas, and the English yacht Cambria.
owned by Mr. Anhbury, which took place ye.
turdaY, off the Isle of Wight, has resulted In a
complete victory for the Sappho, she having
reached the point of destination far 'ahead of
the Cambria. The course taken was a antall
encterly one from the Nab-light, the distance
being sixtyhdles. Great enthusiasm prevails
among the friends of the American yacht, so
complete n victory having been hardly ex
pected. •
The Cambria returned to Cowen without
rounding the umpire's' boat.
The Prince of Wales has offered a challenge
sup, to be competed for by American and
British yachts of a hundred tons and upwards.
The crw., distance andslato of nailing Is to
be published soon.
' The member. of the Royal Yacht Club will
meet on Saturday next to arrange n race for
the Prince of Wales cup, to be contested for
by the American and British yachts over
ninety-nine tone burden.
The Queen In state to-day opened the new
building of the ColvernitY of London, in Har
lington Gordon, Little Interest , woo mani
fested by the people gathered In the grounds.
but the main hall wan crowded and among the
einent persons resent were Mentos. Glad
stone, Disraeli and leading members of the
Goverritnent and Parliatnant. Earl Granville
and Messrs. George Grate and Robert Lowe
received the Queen rat the doors and presented
an address tojler Jfaje,uy Inatend of read
ing the reply which bad . been furninhed her.
sloe said nn clear voice: -I decinre this
building to be opeue.L" The queen -WM
loudly cheered. and cheers called and gledwin
succesnion for the royal family. the Premier
and Disraeli.
The Gammons to-day_ held nhert session.
exclusively devoted to local measures. '
The first of the series Of three race. between
the Auteritatti yacht Sappho and English yacht,
Cambria, sixty milts to windward and return;
which commenced yesterday morning, ter:
minuted this morning . In tt decided victory for
the Sappho. which bent the Cambria at the
.tart. nt the latter's best point of sailing.
namely. turning to the windward. The yacht;
were towed, very witty on the morning of the
10th. to n point sixty miles south
east of Cowes' Itoadn, as •it strong
...trey wind was blowing, and the
'race wits to eastward. or no the than
net. The Aniericau yacht Dauntless, and the
English yacht Pleind, made number of English
eraft and steamer; accompanied the contest
ing yachts. The scene at the stet( was very
exciting. It watt sarranged by the umpires
that a flying start should be given on the . tart
tack. by which the yachts would gain a grant.
oiling towardsmid channel la ears of a change 1
of wind. The Cambria having won the toss.
took the weather position. and than hind
the advaittnge at the start. The Sappho car
ded thirty-two hands and a cloud of mown..
including. with her fore and aft sail, a main
top mast. stay Fall and flying jib: while the
Carnbrin only set one Jib In addition to her
forest el and other racing . WI, and tarried
twenty-six hands. The signal to go was given
at 841 a. a. The Sappho took the lead from'
the NUM. mid by the time she Was off Ileachy
Hend.about rift; mikwifrnin titentartingiseint.
fully ten edit.. to - the windward of
the Cambria. The letter. seeing It Impunalble
11l win. nave op the race, and without round-,I
log the umpire,' atermer, returned to Cowes,.
where de• arrived at four o'clock this morn
, Mg. accompnnied by the Inpultie.... 'n.
• Sappho, which at the time was OW of sight of
the Cambria. returned to Cowan about two
hours later. Mr. Aslibury frankly; admits bin
lefeat. The Wand race will be-ailed' on Fri
ol:ly.: _
i DUllitl N. May IL—During, the Progresn of
the' election at Longford, gestertiny. titer< was
some rioting. Order. ,ras, rumored withont
calling out the troop,. 4t L
. ---te--
Fit %ACE.
suss. May D.—The follow - In.! official re
tries. have been received from some of. the
principal cities: Paris. yea. lit:eel; no. Irst.ind.
Nantes,' yes. =9le: Marseille,. pee,
Is.stei no. as-Rm. Line. Yes. .5.187; rad, 01,411.
In...dean, ye,, lu.bri; no. 14. M% Tolsuse. ye.
9,112; no, '
The troubles throughout the city last even
ing were more serious than woo nnilailpated.
The euthoritiea were forced to make n display
of tho 'raillery to estore oilier In the dis
turbed portions of the city. The barriced.
in thelleilvllle district u ere stubbornly de
fended, though subseunently carried by: the
soldiers at the • point of the bayonet. There
were several killed and wounded on both
sides. _During the night other eturagemente
.moaned and a noisier of soldier. Po lice...
and sit trees were killed.
The French oppositionnd clerical organs
question the result of the election. They main- I
min that while the vote may have numerical
value. I. Is sailboat social. pont keel or religions
, ignlecenes, • •
The police arrested Oyer taco hundred per.
I sons lagt night • and starcbtal many house.'
the disturbed diet rhaa. Artists dont 'nue tobe
made to-day.
vre.o trtet i ap,ts feared to-night. finials of
people arab - Faubourg Ile Temple, •'
Large numbers collected In frost of the Bar
racks,but were dispersed by the malice, and
the guards aratanditeloldlerst quarter. have
been intomosell. .. • .
Desperate altenlpta 111..relie..Wellainade by
the inmettm of the prison of a Roquette yes
terday. The prisoner.. while at work In the
shops. attacked the keepers. ad a niece strug
gle followed. The revolt was finally quelled.
Clue keeper was killed and tiro utile" pincers
MuegninV.—ManY group* of. spectaton
throng the itoulevenl. but a heavy raM 1. fell
ing and prevent, lay, dengerous increase of
numbers. DellealUe and Fliabolarg du Temple
are held hy the military and tin one Is allowed
to 1144.1 the truants In those quarters. 17p ,to
this hour tranquility is nut disturbed.
Ilmtuir, May 11.—In vmsemsence of the re ,
rein action n( the ;Berlin Baiter In winning
the public aanlimt American secuilt lea, much
Inconvenience and trouble continues . Urllltag
dealers, and the governing committees are se
verely censured for their lack of prudence and
discrimination. The subject ge assumed - such
i ffreralt t liltrA l n if 4. tka 1E p 9 113.1 e I ' to ii n n
tries. thitt. United Stat es : es:Miier thincrott has
teen fit to makes diplonnit lc representation of
the matter to the Prussian Government.
Germany will financially 1191111S1 in the eon
otruction of the Saint flo than% and Switzer
land Hallway..
Sorniaurros. Mar 11.--The steamer Atne
lea haw arrived.
Tho Vuogrd ram.dalp Morocco. *lt h cs
of nupp li ttlmom, tmi M stilled from Llverpooll
o Slber. •
Vttsx,t, May,
ll. , Preparatioyhaveb .
enotserterYheefor t fittl r .ro
the Impitr!th brthdlYV: r
LI/X - DOll. May 11.—Consol; for money, RIM;
945 t • A merican peouritlemulet: 'ft%
twos' WA, 98; 'Ca, 90; 1040 a, MU: pa,lB; li
ning.. Mali Aflantio Client •Wlia era, glita.
Morita qpiet.•
May 11.—Mourse quint at rlf 99C.
' Maximum, May It —Honda heavy.
PVTIIPIKM. May 11,—Cotton buoyant; mid
nUlairds. MAIN: Orleans, 11St anlee Ir.i.-
000Valea. California white wheat , Pe 9d, red
iveatern No t {do winter 9,1. Western dour
Ala tid. Corn, Not adand ads. Oats 21 far. bar
ley fr. Pena 9MI. 6,JMork bisbor. but ringed
doll, IMF, Hoof llla. Lard dull, 00.. Cheese
Macon: Wa for Cumberland cot, Cl. ad fur
abort rib middles. l'roduco appliued:. /Ity
inmate, Nay IL llow rmer; 111 lu-
gar Omar. not hl her. Petroleum firmer.
fi r
arm. .
liavritt, Slay li.-Cotton ntm.
• • . • Pppri
RS P. & A. Telopaph.l.
OIL Om, Mayll:-41lieriallingslowlv.whh t
31 Inch. water in thq channel. Weather
cloudy. Thennometer Witt M. IL tt
011OWNIWILLE, MAY 11illtrer falling elate-
Ir. with letcht M o), c att ifilannel. Weather
cloudy. TherMameter at Ir. v. la •
Weathert G ritr 4s4n t tl id uclier
iinnwer7. Thermometer IV .41,1
Moitoat3OWN. May IL-11.1vor with
ID Inch,. water. in the channel. Weather
Therutemeter haat r.
thdtday observance raPtecianall. •
[By Telegraph Lathe Pittsburgh anzatte.l
ClaCtitNATI. May 11.—Chlet of Pollee Bulkn
to-dar issued Instruction. tu,./14eutenantaof
pollen to notify All saloon heaven that OCT
most keep their front door. closed On kilpdar.
and that they Inuit not one hilndiolithot der
also that confectioners and 'keeper" of cigar
atortstnnat keep their. est abllithmente chimed,
nod thnt bolt plaOnnd standing on the cor
ners must ho stO on the Sabbath. (Hikers
neglecting to en enforce the order db , 4'
chaff*. '
losowl; 111111311elpal ElecUar..
to r TIMI N AIIM - 4! r tiTggiero V 111 4 1.7 1.
Doyle. Itepubllenn. for 2.lkerrt allifrtmlort
over cilia. ,CILIVIII, and. Unna...De.
Tbe Board or Aldermen are In rarer Tifit t nt.•
PIATTA I ggIib . ' l4 ,t'.."l
two Pae*
VREV 4 : I V - TVdg ti ff 10 •4,,,
Wt ia rlr fdt :_VekiaWndote,rtr
Tt. u.• .
B 1 .74 1 1
y Tel egmtph to the Pittsburgh ( et t e.)
WASHINGTON. Mnr 11.1870.
LING Introduc.,
Mr. CONK_ .... Intl —... d nth to est._
.1 oh mall service to •the west roast of Smith
:America. Referred. , .
Mr. SPENCER letroduced ft bill granting
'ands to the Alnbame and ltallroad
POISIDRTIV. Referred. •• '',
The bill to provide artidcial !Mass to die-
nbled soldiers was passed.
The bill relatire to lands withdrawn for the
benefit of the Southern Pacific Ifnitread In
California WAS explained by Me. STEW ALIT as'
making no additional grant, and was then so
peeceded by the legislative appropriallon bill.
The amendment approiwiating $.500,011) for a
new building for the State Department wan
11110004-41 against 15.
Another amendment for the enlargement of
the Capitol grounds, at an expense of $.5X1,11M,
was also adopted.
An amendment to apply the 'unexpended
surplus of $15.000 on account of the Paris Ex
position of '67 to enable citizens of the Culled
States to take part In the London Exhibition
f's 7. was objected to an the entering wedge
for—larger appropriations, and rejected-12
An amendment reducing the appropriation
to the bureau of education by 510.501 war re
jected—le to as.
An amendment was agreed to requiring the
Assistant Commissioner of Patents to be ap
pointed by the President, subject to con
densation by the Senate. to not as commis-
oilers In eon of temporary vacialley.
The Senate refused...into ill, to Increase the
lacy of the chief clerk of the nnvy depart-
Among other amendments adopted wan
one to Incronae the appropriation to the office
Of Comptroller of Currency front $75,01/0 to
A dincunnion ensued upon an amendment
by Mr. WILLIAMS authorizing the United
State. mint to receive on deposit refined
nand silver•bullion tiellver In pa
ment Imported bars, tinder certain rennin
lions, thus providing for the refining by pri
vate parties.
Without disposing of the nubject. Senate
Mr. BEAMAN reported an appropriation of
$r ,000 to supply deficiencies In the compen
sation of mileage of Congressmen. Passed. •
The Northern Pacific Railroad bill was then t
taken up. mail Mr. 0 11 1TH allowed to make an
explanation of the reasons governing Its op
ponents in their filibustering li.gromme.
Mr. WHEELER replied on behalf of the ,
friends of the measure, and then the House.
by "T. to M. refused to orator the bill ton third I
reading, as follows
YrAS--Messm. Allison. Ames, Armatmng,
Atwood r Axtell. Ayer. Harry, .11eaman. lien. ,
nett, Bingham, Weir, Booker. Ltorren. Brooks,
(Man.) Buck, Buckley. Butler, (Tennr.) Coke.
Churchill. Conger. Covode. Degener, Dickey;
Dos. Ferris, Fisher, Fitch, Cahoon, Harris.
Hoar. Hooper, Hotchkiss. Kelly, Kellogg,
Keiwy, Lash, Lynch , Maynard, McCarthy,
McKee. Milnes. Morrill, (Pa..) Myers. Kegler.
O'Neill. Peck, Pierce. Peters. Platt. Poland,
Pomeroy. Porter. Prosser. Sanford. Sawyer,
Schenck. Sheldon sLu .. l Sheldon, (N. V..) Sher
rod. Mob.. Smith. (Oregon,) Smith. (Vt..)
Smyth. (lowa.) Starkwenther, Stokes. Stough
ton, Strickland. Taft. Tillman, Townsend,
Trimble, Twitchell.- Voorhees. Washburne.
(Wis..) Welker. Whitmore, iTex..) and Wilson.
(Minn.) ,
Nala—Mesitni. Archer. Antell,Asper, Beatty,
Beck. BenJamiti.llhtgs. Bird. Brooks. (N. V.,)
finftington. lturchard.lintler (Mass..) Clnrke
1Kv..1 Cleaveland, Cobh, Coburn, Conner.
Towles. Cox, Crebs, Davis IN. Dickinson,
Millar. Duval Uyer. Ebb Eldridge. Farns
worth, Ferry, Flnkelnburg. Garfield. Getz.
Griswold. Haight, Haldeman. Hale. Ramble
ton :linmil. Hamilton, (Fla.) Haw
Morrissey. Orth, Pnckard, Paine,
Potter.ltandisli, flexes, Rice. Rogers, Sargent,
Sehuntaker. Shanks, Slocum, Smith (01, Smith
genn.i. Stevens. Stevenson. Stiles. Stone.
Swans. Sweeny...Westin, Tyner, Colton. Van
Auk., Van Trump Van Wyck. Wells, Wheel
er. Wil liams. Wilson 10.1. %Mans, ,Winchester
and Woods.. •
Mr. WHEELER voted In the negativein or
der to be able to move a reconsideration.
Twenty-fouramendment!. were offered and
with the bill were referred to the Pacific Rail
road Coaimittee. who wereauthorited to re
port at fins time.
The bill to revive the navigation and com
mercial Interests of the United States was
taken up. and Me. LYNCH. chairman of the
special committee on the
. subject, spoke at
le' Ail. h Ai i ltli s .ll ' . p it ' ;rliducei r d a bill repealing the
.net of DOG authorizing the States of Maryland
and Girorgia to levy tonnage tax on vessel,
Referred. •
Mr. DRGF-VER Introduced shill for the bet
ter ptection of the frontier of Texas.
The Housewent into Committee on thu tariff.
The duty rat steel ray wheels ,111.1 fixed at
three cents per pound: steel blooms end ear
and locomotive tires, roiled or hammered to
pattern, twoland one-bell cents; steel car
riage. car, lochinotive and other springs live
The House took a recess.
IlnettinuNeasion.—Paragraphs were Inserted
taxing crinoline and corset steel wire nine
rent• per pound and ten per cont. ad rolorms
sword blades. blades thirty-five per cent. and
rohirem. nun swords forty-five Per re nt. n'i
P'"ed over
la the course of dlseussien Mr.l LI:IVODE
said the Holum and the country-were dis
gusted with the Tariff bill. He understood
the internal Revenue bill was ready nod
hoped the chairman of the committee would
report It to-morrow and lay aside the Tnrifi
bill, and go Co practical legislation, else sonic
- f the members trill have trouble next fall.
The Committee rose at ten 'o'eloek and the
louse adjourned.
—The Hammonta steamship, from Hamburg'
•rrived at New York yesterday. •
—The dorat fah- of the cotton States w
- - - -
opened at Augusta. Ga., yesterday.
-- Monis. Military Sheriff of Warren county.
(la., has been taken to Atlanta In Irons. by
order of (len. Terry.
—Twenty hostiles Joseohlte. Siorrnops.
numherine la nu 01111 btradrrilaCMls. left Iltab
this week rat their QICI Manes In the States.
— ln Om town of Klmhan. Clef county,
Michhtaa. Jiihn Schmidt. a lierman. was fauna
shot throaali the heart In the cellar of his refl.
deface. There Is no aloe to the murderer.
RberMan And Neff Arrived M Con
rinne. us.a. Tale,lday night, And left by A
—The Philadelphia Union League comment
°rated the anniversary of the occupancy of
the Broad Mewl building bra reception and
ball bud evening.
—A Indite for Mabee wager , oocurrod Mon
day among the workmen nt HingaLand Iron
furnace. to L'arondelet. Mlaeouri..nmPleur
tending "t 4 itr. qcp
—Ftkl' purr, bl ood f miswold Tama intro been
aold !It tic, Maas., to ifO to Ari
zona. ThttY lOU ho d v naroas ale country
from the termitnnt of the Ramat', Nolan Rail
road. •
—The board of trustees of the Ohio Agricul
tural College met nt Colombo. yesterday, fif
teen members attending, and elected V. It.
Horton ns President. IL C. Anderson as Sccre.
too'. and Joseph Sullivant as Trensnrcy,-.- '
—At New York, Sunday evening, Paul Du
Chidllu, de great African` traveler, wee
presented by President Daly. of the American
ileographical and Statistical Society, with the
silver medal awarded him by the Imperial tle
ogrephlcal Society. of Peri..
—The North Carolina Republican Convention
Met nt Raleigh yesterday. and consumed the
day In diecussirM cduterning a permanent
chairtnan. Between 5101.0111eidelegatetr were
present. two-thirds colored:' 'Unit night there
a tarcblig4 PrceatlOA. to
t — n
I e4 l
"Lt e Fitt r more, of b
3.1 g
port Of la' Joilivif, •"Ccantnittee. Involving
Chi t ydet fon' of cebkPllstri. wee diececcotii
without actlein. Tip revert an the Besot Gm
cern was made and adopted and the Book
Committee selected.
—The bonded warehouxe of Murray & Co.. nt
Prorin. Illinois, containing a large quantity of
whiaky, was broken open on Tuesday during
the temporary atomic° of the storekeeper, ,
and the entire content, removed. No clue to
the robbers. Government detectives are In
veatlgating the matter. • '
report, stunting that tho amount 'of "nation
ty and lamp drawn by the member. range.
from tea to ninety dollars. They also report •
gnat (startle t beatifies charged by the Slide
°facers tor the stationery.
• 7 , Th. rr , !. logs. in 'pens attac
an helia
i s i r 4 A ° Virtree‘r7singillfp i' rtt
hogs ware ralitrtl gralro.• and ° Min:l to
Miller Co.: the pene, belonging to Colt
CO. were rallied at MOON T4g, ficolpah
shocking Otte! aplyohla
IMO pnq it 11tU. •
Ohiohe iiiirrihor or lollies year 'Panthe r § In
liforeasea during las trom MB Jo
M. This deans of ttcholrah if - reported to be
proaperots,an4 Increasing. The timid LoAro
secretory repotts the general fund to be
ter:. widows. and orphans' Baia
WS. • Horace Beebe has beenplarted N. W. G.
N. _tor the earth[ year. • .
—Win.:Dermody one of tbeplasterem em
ployed bathe west wing of the Chicago Do
Mum. and who was under the ruins of t e
fallen Mof for an boor and n half. has brou ght
an notion of Igor ,agfilnst the eity b to h r i a-
VlVlMPhotothe n r i ttrklln who Irl ' go.
Jared in the building will bring Regan. to re
sarteT.lll case Dermody succeeds.,
—A wriest of a RaMan Catholic Church lathe
outskirts of Cincinnati has been quietly dim
missed .10 a discovered Motu l communication
with n female member. Slate hie departure it
has been nactittained that' ire'or Tonna.
giiikof the congregation UM' been mined be
tam, natl. isithougn the citeutastanoes were
known in their ftwinctiee families. the Somas
Dined to Make oomplaint: owing to a finely
caliteated fear of divine wrath. •
—At the menthol' of the National Woman's
Snarage Association - In New York; Tuesday:
hitht, a union was effected with the Path de
ntine Woman's Stating° Societe. The Mated
orgatilmtion will be known au the Union -Wor;'
matis SaffrageSeelet . Theodore Tiltoterwad
elected President. Wit- coalition does not
fully unite allthe Woman Suffrage 'pooge, as
the floston branch, oil which- Henry - and
needier Presiom, Wattle distinct ottani
Wilton, dad to Wlllsposedto Join NeW.York un
eee large sqamslons, 'remade., •
VOL. LXXXV.---NO. 113.
Revenue Collector Robbed by HIA E.
eort—Grand Encampment G.l. 1
—Various Items.
[lty Telegraph to the Pittsburgh G arett
WARtILNGTON, May 11, 1870. -
Collector Kerney. of Corpus Christi, to
graphs theSecreinry of the Treasury he was
violently robbed on the sixth inst. while re
turning from tUe Grande, by a portion of his
united States ugllttuy escort, of $12,810 to
specie. eustoms furub4 coneqed by his deputy.
The matter will be referred to the War De
The Grand Encampment of the Grand Army
of the Republic commenced its fourth annual
session to-day. Thirty-nine States and Terri
tories are represented. General Logan de
livered an address. in which he took occasion
to say the organization woe not aolitical one,
and to state briefly Grandejct e
also urged that the Armypermanently
an "decoration day' and enjoin Its observance,
and opposed any change in the plam or ritual
01 the organization. Various reports ware
submitted and committees appointed. Air ,-
journed till 10-tnoreow.
The Superintendent of Coast Survey asks
an appropriation of $41.000 for the survey of
Alaska and Alleutlau Islands.
Admiral Porter has written" letter in favor .
of the projected China telegraph. '
Lewis Kingsley has been appointed Deputy"
Naval °nicer at New York, vice Franklin, to
A large.reductlon Is to be made on the first
of July In the force of clerks and employes
of bureaus In the War. Department. Insole
a monthly saving of over *SOIL The medical
Department Is to be discontinued.
Mr. Bowles, banker in Paris, will appear be
fore the Committee of Waysand 'Keane to
morrow. It la understood he will argue a
loan can be taken In Europe at four per cent,
The object of the proposed caucus of Repub
lican Senators is to select the usual Congres
sional munpaigo committee,.
Nrw Depot—Tem prraner —Weather.
ceorreipoodence 'of the Garette.l
.SKW ii)41011TON May
‘ The new railroad depot is now:it
The buildings are line, and well nd•
but it seems au ;awkward arrangem
have it SO far from the business pa I
the town, The Sdd depot Is beeomi'
nuisance, being used as it loafing pis!
Ther.Tentp•rance 'sague met last n
in First Methodist Church. The
mitten on Remonstrance ugainht lie'
for the Borough, report.' success.
lieenst granted for Brighton. •
Falls, or Fallstown. .
A romntigee Was: appointed to arrange
for a County Temperance Convention, &c.
The weather is cool—has been raining
for seYeral days.- No frost this morning.
though we luta, severahlays since.
I think the fruit has nut been ktllei
-Vegetation coming on -
country looks beautiful.
More anon. Yours, &C., C.
Ilioibmetaid • Beggs, •
A Paris letter amps: Our lot our news
papers related a few days since that the
Late Baron James de !Rothschild, visiting
Jay Schetier's studio, found the eminent
artist in a towermg rage. A model, a
Jew beggar. harti failed to keep his ap
maintment. and the artist, who felt in the
est mood for painting, was, of necessity.
idle: The Boom gaily exclaimed. "Let
toe supply my absent brother's place?'
Scheflbr habiterl hint in picturesque rags.
and Dives looked every inch Lazants. A
visitor came in. He was touched by the
wretchedness . depicted on the -model's
countenance and clothes (could such rags
be wt dignified?) he slipped a napoleon into
the pauper's hands and received thanks in
the professional whine. • The visitor, in a
letter to the newspaper which related the
anecdote,' says ho received four or five .
years after the occurrence, a note front
Baron tbr 'Rothschild, reminding him of
Ida generosity and informing him his
money had been put nut or judiciously it
had grown to he VAIL whieh awaited his
orders. The visitor called on the Baron td
express gratitude for; and at the same
time decline, this munificence; but the
banker proved by his hooks that the $2,000
had been fairly earned and was the right
ful property*of the visitor.
A ...111toeraftivrthe .as DkappolutmeeL
The Worthington Tiwrx " A abort
time since. Caton Fletcher. who re
sides In the neighborhood of Spencer.
was In pastes/lion, near his residence, of ii
spring of fine mineral water. Chemists
who examined. and analyzed the water,
pronounced It to be posaeised of very rare
medical eirtuto for the care of many
climate disessea tiltielt our country le heir
ibi Ttterr Welln grandschetbe au foot of
establishing a Watering place at tilt
spring, for the summer re-art of all the
fashionable who might be athletes!. to be
fitted up with a hotel, infirmary and all
the neceatutry improvements and fixtures.
whereby they could be ettied - bi virtue of
the Wafer, and qt the same time have all
the Pleasures of an eatikblishmenj of this
kind. ''SVdtitotetioutuutattetitl . digging, to
improve the spring. After taking out a
few wagon leads of black meek, and ex
homing a few 'old saddle skirts, beef
bones, horns, hoop skirts,. pieces of
iron', and a brass kettle, the mineral quali
ties of the spring disappeared, leaving a
spring of pure fresh water. Violent; of a
magnificent watering place at Spencer
have disappeared."
SIIOP.A. SHOP-A, 4110E.5. SWlf-4.,§111AS
I.V!ttiall oak t 4 aeaaonable
k"P.PA I :%til galtoPi will be held at
AuctiLlA lail Federal
street, Allegheny. on Friday. tub bolt.
Sides at 9A. M. and 2 P. z. The entire
Mock of a retail abire • having to be sold
that day. nire • Rind bargains may ho ntt
peeled. Heads of fandlies SO it
profitable to attend.
11, a. - riVioartf, Auctioneer.
IVF.u. KNowx—The fact that William
lactu. 23 Market tfireet. produces the
fineat work to he wen In the uttatty. *lt
lasua-the , clauturt Mapcolom
Penns, COAT, WORKS.—Schnabol& Wal
ker have on hand and deliver daily to
any part of Pittsburgh and' Allegheny
Coal, %Nut t'oai and Slack at the lowest
wish prices. Special rates to regular cur.
touters and for large orders This coal in
the heat offercA In :the city. Office and
Yard, corner of Sanditsky street and West
Ponn Railroad, Allegheny city. Tra
.AN 01.11 ERTAULINIRMENT. -leon'a
glamiataining eatablielnuent Aran estab
lished fourteen yenta ago. Now located
at 33 Market street.
099 Itxlinr.xice. fri at.r.nottENT.—A
first plYezini; dkeilLug on Sheffield street,
In tar nitre at agreatly reduccal price. An
early application to A. Loggate, ,auc.
tioneer, 159 Fedlllll will WN'
• . . •
tho eiclamettb6
of 1111 ahn fxoruinO staltifkl klOge.
it beafi fierldior. No. 23 Market street.
No rosort ahould buy 44.h:11 :for
men or boyetill they htve examined the
large glad eolinitie stook-on. hand at the
extenalTillouso of Urling,'; Follansbee &
Co., N 0.121 Mood street. rooter of Fifth
BFARA SCRIMINT: = Nelson's 'Mined,
enameled and'emboased glaas lacer:4loy
equal to the beet made at home or abroad.
Examine It.
Tag demand • forit -preset; that Pier,
Danaals &Co.'s cream ale is the' best in
= —The' National Temper:wee • Poelety. held
their fifth naiteentary at New York Tuesday.
mated. During the ;year ending , Alwid an. h
the Soclety..haa stereotyped and Publinned
thirteen new bookaand pamphlets nridAhlrty
tww totonnl',.9B,6ooeopledot the "Youths'
Tdrapentsee - Thinner!' tare - been:printed, Its
clltuOtinnbetadl3o,lloolmonthty., riftyyhowo ,
and copies' or.the - Nittiowd Temperance At.
manse' and" Immo copies of the ..eNational.
•Temaperaamodulatioato ',kneealso .been
MAW— Thastotal receipts tor_ lass slier. wets
.01,1432.: Thc expendleum .uvre Isl.4oose
res/arty overdtiwn - W,BIII. :The' indebted.
nese of the Bounty 'lawyer . • .
gam, Lodge- L 0.0. T: of Onto de--
Med to -bold their next teeettas at Toledo:
on the setoud Mondai to 31217.1871.
—A special from Ailenville. on the Iron
Mountain Railroad, Missouri. givesan account
of it bloody affray there s eterday, between
two Men named Outtming. and Comstock on
one side. anti Johnson. father ands .on the
other side. Young Johnson received cut in
the side, letting a portionof his bow at oat.
after which he shot and killed Ounmings.
Comstock was then beaten with a club by the
elder Johnson till insensible. The affair grew
out nt a disagreement In settling n bum,.
matter. Comstock and Cummings were the
assatilting patty.
egister's Notice,
Notice hereby Il ionhat the following at
cuunbi of A d 112101.11•101, K2PCIItOIII , sad U.,
Mans will he ',repented to the Orphans' Court for
ac hos MONDA P. June 6.
7.°P.1140. -d
No. 1. Find and final account of Jcien Wilson.
Administrator of David IL Sampson, deceased.
Flied February SWh 1870.
No. 2. Account of Robert Potter. Adminhitrator
of J ohs Pollock,deed. Flied February 31.11.1870.
No. 3. Final account of Theodore 11. Nevin sad
Willistu H. Knox, Executors of Junes A. Knox.
;deceits...l. Flied F'elduary 7
W , 1870.
N 0.4. Final acwount of illiam Ilituilltou. Ad
`ndnistautor Of Richard Hamilton., deed. Filed
FFebruary 7, IS7O.
No. 3. Final account of Matthew hiliwford. Ex
eeutor of Matthew. Crawford. Sr., deed. Flied
February 7.1870.'
• No. 6. Account of Andrew Strang. Wr uf
the esti. of John Mueller. deed. Filed February
First nod foal account of Margaret Meat.
rinj one of the Administrators of John Leck.deed.
Filed February 3.1870.
No. S. Find account of S. it. Haled and Mrs.
Mary 1.1100, two of the Executors of the estate of
Thomas Little deeM. Filed February 7, 1870.
No. 9. Mini partial account of General Wet.
Hoffman, one of the Executors of the estate of
Louisa Bitopson, deed. tilled Februarr 6. 1870.
No. 10. Final account of John flenslnger. AAI
- of Georaa llothuan. deed. Flied Feb
ruary 5.11470.
No. 1 I. Final neon:Mot William C. Borland, Ad
ministrator of tho ...tate of Dr. Charles Bayer.
deed. Filed February 1 0.1870.
No. I/. Account of Mary Jaciaaon, Administra
tor of Isaac Jackson. deed. Filed February 11.
1 870.
N 0.13. Mai accountof John 11. Bnarn,Guar
dtan of John and gate W Filed ebru
. anti accuuni of John Geiser,
Administrator of David Kaiser. deed. Flied Feb
;lB7tt a'iftl°`:r Dennisa l,a
aiA,nee:.dce*d. ld nary
. 187
No.l o.
6. Final account .tf F. E. Tyler. Executor
If B 3 . 4alida leeson, decd. Flied February 23.
No. 17. Account of Henry Donaldson. Adminle-
Moir of James S. Kees. deed. Stied
No. IS. Final account of C. P. Biddle. Adminis
trator of the estate of Samuel likddle, deed. Filed
February 21. 1 S7O.
No. 1 9,
.Final account of Jam McElroy, Guar
dian of Mt. Salina Snowden, es
Flied February 2.1,
IS7O. •
F. F I-42. 1- I,l's7i3. inn •
No 27. Account of John it. Ham, Adult:Mt..
our of Fanny Sbauno ~, deed. Filed Febnaary 211.
20;112•Account of Hodson Denneyand Juieph
31. Denney, Fs tun of Eckhart Denny, dec ti.
Flied March 7.1870. •
N t. 23. Account of Robert Walton. Executor of
Wiiligm Jackson. deed. Filed March 11. 18711.
N. 1.24. Account of John Porterfield, Adruinis.
craw of the estateol IL Porterfield. deed. Filed
March 11,11470.
Nu. 23. Second account of Jar.. AL Christy.
tin executor of Charles Bowan, deed. Filed
March 14. 1870. •
N :. ' ;h l .4 L 4t.irel•ltge:ll, n :r4T..
In liki/7. First and partial deem:raid John Huffer.
ed of tbo executors
0. of Mary Aun deed.
Fil March 13.1147
Nu. 98. Mod socount of Henry Heath,
tor of Samuel Heath, who wail executor of Benda
mln Coetonl, deed. Filed
son, Administrator. of the write than. Wright.
deed. Filed blued 18.1870.
N... 30 . Final account of .101.0 Castor. gnardtun
of James 31. Lytle. minor son of David Life.
deed. Flied March . 1870.
No. 31. Final account of John Ramsey,
Intone of the 'Mate of Margaret Hatilltaw. deed.
Filed March .22. 1870.
N 0.311. Account of James H. Dtek.gwaßlian of
,William A. 310'unly. minor child of Aktfloldef
McCurdy, deed. Mareh l 4S, 1870:
Na. 33. Final account of Itol.rt P. Johnson. Ad
mintaragrdoLtlals sl i at; B l,3f o. John M. Johnson.
' h;t: ' ,l. 34. rdrat h ifn ' d final account of Ju7l:
fa o l a at r golarig . 7 4l Hugh Crawford. decd.
01 N ...4,11 3 1ta M Final
artin, !t o r. ' ' eft% M url i l h da vh" . Martit.
deed. Idled Apal 1. I S7u.
NO. 36. Final account t George Warner. guar
dian .of John 'gooliner, minor eon of John Dual
:ter, deed. Filed April 1,1870.
No. 37. Second account of Robert Hard Exec
utor of 11enjamin Patton, deed. Flied Aped 4.
1 r. 0 99. Finalaccount of Charles Norris. Guar
dian of Charfes Unatam. minor non of James Orst
87 1 ) ,i of 9an
now, Adminintratrix of Daniel Koss, deed. h llled
April 3. I S7O.
N .40. Float
l4e of Thomas A nn {rMt,Adminlstn-
No. 4 I.tAccount of David Hendersun md 31.
Fodder. Administrators of the estate of Jacob Ved
der, deed. Filed April 7.1870.
N 0.46. Aecoula John J. Travolli,Ereoula. of
the estate of S. A. Lyon. deed. Filed April S.
• N 0.43. 1.1041 ac oust of Nicholas Schwartz, Ad
minitonstor of Shout: !Septet. deed. Flied Apra*
9 tc 1 0 8 .14
: Final account of John P. and Wm. B. tlamdlon.Rxeniturs of Thomas HaatlltOn.
deed: Filed April 9.187 Hun o.
N 0.43. ACCOUIn of ter Richey. Administra
tor of the estate ca John Doriand. deed. Filed
April I 1, 1870.
46. Account. of John Myers. Administrator
o i Njuo.h.e7M.r"Zi' I ,r 12,ier F"ed 3gralint?;. 1 174 1 :
utor of John McCartney. deed. Filed AP 4 113.,
. 48. Final acconnt of Edward MeGinnoss.
Guardian of James C. Springer. minor eon of Alan, ,
"/Te.hillhgitl*Zadatf tiled
e ke. A r lis l uk 3 ): rat
of the canoe of Orrin Newton, deed. Flied April r
gj. o Flnal account of gramuel G. Brown and
E. It. Trimble : Executors of John Trimble. deed.
Filed .keril 13,1810.
N 31. Final N.CCOUOt. of John Tritaiale. deed.
Executor of Wut. McCuahene deed. hied bY
ne . 4 Cii...4lltrn . sod E. B.Titsble. dee'd. 10044001
1 94.5 4 .7100 neconnt of John Vecialy. Jr.. and
W. Nee s Ad:Mohan:tor. of Nicholas VOOOll.
deed. ?Veil April 10. 1870.
' N. 33. Amount of Thomas Byrne. cum testa
moo." annex°, of Patrick Cramer, deed. Flied
AVR•Attuicempt. MAlltt Latat. Adm
i nt to
in •
Andric of licularithi Whir, Filed ' APrit IS.
A;lrraiut of Jacob Diet, Administrator
or There. Wernet. deed. riled April 21.1810.
'Ea. 30. Fatal account of David Poureal,.4ilniin-
Istreitor of Y'enisison Biggs. deed. Flied April $ll,
No. 32. Final embank or John Ad
ministrator of Chrtstion Dreitcobactier, deed.
Filed April 61,1876.
Mai account of Itarld Stewart. Exec
utor of the estato of Margaret Stewart, deed.
Flied April 43.1870.
No. 39• Second account of Bernard Rafferty, Ex
ecutor of the estate of S'rexcistiassolu.dee'd. Flied
A r!! at: gap. lit Of Bernard art ,Ginar-
Man of Annie Glides,minor child of Jameirtilldes.
deed. Filed April 93 1870.
Na. 61. Account of 'James Wilson. Administra
tor of the estate of Samuel Bennett. deed. Flied
A RT it ii 8 7 1 1.; e tar and di DM Goa
Wr;it r ri g . e dl 7 l l : u 1 000 A. . 6 1 "silk James
No. 63. Account of Ales. Nlmlck and Thomas
Dramprnn. Executors of the will of Charlotte (rnr
r7..idee'd Pilerl April 27. 1810.
No. 64. Account of Alexander 11, Miner. Ad
10ltilsintor of that estate of Robert Wallace,derfd.
1104 April2B. 1870.
No. 63. I , oml of of'llernarn Ilafferty.Rx
ecutornf the estate of Charles tidings, deed.
Filed A b et) ti 9, 1870.
,No. :Partlel account of Dr. A. NI =DT.
ne O 1
des J. VitLierora."4l,44. Jebu
N. by.
No. In, Account of on . ierritt,Adipinlitr lB7 ator
Teliat ri nft d r,
~tr.l ed April 30. 1870.
tur of the estate of xatharine G '~tanhrs.deo'd.
Iliad 'May 2,1870.
No. 69. Account of Robert N. Blackburn. Ad
dministrator of the estate of J. W. Conninglrnot.
eed. Filed May 1.1570.
No. 70. Account of James B tinfoil. fireentar
of John Harrell, dec'd. Vied 3lay St. 1570.
Partin) nccullntlf Georce
, ti e 1; , ; . 1 1 tt1 Z 1L ,1 1 3 1,.1,14 7 ,51,!10 of • Robert £10.41,
N 0.21. Final account of Joseph Raul. -
tor of Archibald McAlliater. lice& 1.1104. Mar 3.
73.-11111 d account of David Reel and 'Miter
17411.hit;r1.!...""Prith.tioc'ti. Filed
No. 7J.
If amount of James. Belle? Ad
niintstrniar Robert Lafferty, doc'i. FilaNlaY
. 11470. •
3 3.0.73. Final account of Francis Wilrort. Guar
dian of Robert Tkomildson. Iltrid May 4.1870.
No. 7.43. Amount. of Merlin Illosohert, Adman's
tnitor de tonic noncestate of William Glass, deed.
Filed flay 3,1870.
Na. 77. &wood account of C. Ilasbrouck.Esila
Admlnlstratorof James A.Monastirn,dee'd. Filed
71.23. 1870.
No. 7ft. slue/ amount of Edward Kelley,-Admin
istrator of Mary Brogan. deed. Filed may 4,
Flail account of Jahn Young, Jo, Guar
dian of Thomas and MIT ti
McMillin. mipmehlldra
- FL9d MsT7 6.1870.
of manor shildrilli Of James Steeling. dee'd.
Filed URI 0.1876.
.51a. 81. Final account of A. M.Brown;Guarrilan
of Joseph. lilhabelb D. and Marta Bbtaltstack,
minor children of James Bladtstoca: deed: Filed
May 11..1870. .
Y,io.s',t•PlllL:.(4ltAi' ,.
PirremE , SO., Mar e.lB/9.•
Marble and' Slate
. .
y:dgt . lxg . am , cr e r. sh Lboa s lietz In Wes=
Illelales are madenClogant Marble blari l tV, Ws ,
muting. Conners; Puraitare Tops, krt., Merldelsed
from white =bade and Mate to enmity represent
goldoice marbles et all varieties and colors.
at Nem Tort mires et 319 and 321 taltraTr
STREET. Pittsburgh, Pa.
• rertfmtilteli P.O Xarlilth.lB7*.
Itie. Cty. ottl'ittstarAh. to loamoni to= to the
crake for Pormeat.totereft wilt be idlimml oe
mob Bonds after-July 1.0.1879. •
.117 nraermr too Finance Committee.
rail BileGONTAN.Commiler..
TOM: exl4lp7,_lietween 3OM .11eNTILV"
and DK= Fat B.MAnoN,llolme bathes Mdaruto
mired Or o
nI f Iif.V 4I IIVAM btok t i=will n ak
.yr_atimed Jas ' WeNali.y..irho sOmmig MI Its
ob. arcio be
imv • • - " ' JOllm .eNturT jmul
' 9thaimegl
WitE OOLONg. TEA.. ,-.lnst received,
fresh Sara. of !MIL grade. Wong ln
naddlei. for bunny we: ogee doer In. she parte;
17 Webrthe PgdAdd. cams, 5!.!24. Yamg7 0,0
'7Bl"re!' arrarah,* •
min ('.order laharts end Nlnth aanalls.
l'oinmereial anti Family
. Newspaper
N.. termer. mechanic. or merchant abould be
. of D.
flubs in
A copy Ls furnished gratuitously to the getter-on
of a nab of ten. Postmasters are requested waft
as agents. Address, ,
NOTIr ES-- . To-Let," For Solt, -
d' t.. not exteilliiig LINES, will be
inAettal in these eolnatn. onee
Ft rh; (W 11." TS; tach additional line
\N r houe,•work In a smell onlio:;Txt,tl..4.)r.
well recommended. call at N 0.31, MONTI:Ill .- A
Aheaheny I w I
MAN (1. TRACT-LINT. 10 a
wholefale or tuanutarturlng house. by a releable
uam gOINJellr rvterenee Wpm. .I,l4 . rema n , . s J.
_ _
wANTED. —A Lady experlence4 In
etakinfi_Perds y tnessist•Jounieritoin. Apply
at lit. RV IiSTON ( 0., corner .ith as e.and I 'berry
FD Unfur
..Add..., IL M.. Box 821. lea
WANTED.—An active i
man to to the wren' of h tetweiheht
ireiPii '"."""
C = P et 'Y lePZ(4 MAYO
ress. with
. 0 re ,
Walnut street rhanselpnia
_ •
AVA?iTED.—Sltuatlon as Clerk by a
tingle g entleman of 1 -mod education, tuning
an °cyanotic e acquaintance In both cities and coun
try. and no averalion to work. Would take a small
I .4 l . lt 7 rt l ik u lit . tri t d b v . e il rd reference, Address Box
yvA i r s E . l . L n — fr!. Ro . ,ll :4 B ll ,l . l f oo r..
144 to rl . 2"it !IT Also f.tfr:;:ifig:l7ll`,ller.
No. l a Sixth StreaL
30.000 to hoan In largo or small amounts..
l a ir rata Interest.
THOSIAM K. rrrry. •
Bill, Bond an 1179 Rotate Broker,
No.Smithileld street.
3or 8 rooms, with alasge yard. Must both
• goat neighborhood, In either city, or on line of
some Itallroltd."Azrerill bath[ such can hear of
° 44:P an ty t x110F; s ri=il4l,= th f:Vai:f
Age AIL 139 Fourth events. •
WANTED.—Eterybody to call at
154 LIBERTY STUEET. and atoning
gap. County Neill. for sale. • • 5-4
Till rly- Thousand Dollars to Loan
In large or :mall annionua on property In Allegheny
onloty ut a fair Tato of talon..
• heal Estate Agent.
. ,
• N Grant avrat.
W 1 NTED.—Bands ' and Idertgageg.
11.. 020.000, Amyl sf 3 yearito run. 1
fee #+5,000, hawing 3 yeast run. 1 for $6.000.
having 3 year, to rum 1 for 5,000. 3 Teen to
Nan. 1 fre.53.300. haring 3 ere to run. 1 for
00500, having 3 yews to n. •1 for 03.000.
haring years to run. 1 fo 11.0014 haling 3
Y.s to run. 1 for 01.000 baffialt 3 Nu. h.
run. 1 for 1300, having 3Ye to Nur- op chr
"70311 - Zri r k A A &S! ' 3I:, 04 Fourth Are.
• LQ ST AND rduino.
LOST.—k dark blind' eow—tips of
the horns sawed rail and It radel huh, In earl.
hill. Any person Andras or will be liberally
rewarded by leaving word at
G . MOORE . %
Read dford avenue.
rash) • 11th ward.
LOST.—On Wednesday ,evenlngy be-
TWERN Relief Engine Ron. and Marina
treat, a Fair of GoLD ECTACI.ES. The ander
111 La Ilbersll iewarded- by tearing them nt 7:11
No for Doctor or Den ot 103 euurtb
BOIRDING.—A number of lientle-
MEN eau be furnished with boarding and
Rooms if desired, plessenilY No. 120
ANDERSONSTIIRCY..nosr Mild street bridge.
Allegheny eit, ,
rrO-LET.—Some pleasant rooms to let
A.. at No. 31 Fourth avenue, with use of bath
ns.uf •
81.2NPING 1100112 No. 43 ltelooca Weer
near the Park. Allegheny. A gv.axl chance for fens
gentlaaarn irlahlng
_romp , In • tenant location!
Inquire of E.ll. BUTMETER, 127 Federal tr. I,
Allagheay. '
LET,—The Three Story Brick
WARNIIOI- SE In. Chum* elloy, mom
of Igo.' 1140 Vtoo4l arced formerly *meted
° V,Wtr'n'',.VARITAIETIT" -
ed . • lid 172 end 174 Wood Moot
TO LET.—Briek Ilonlle of 7 Rooms,
1101, Una, Hot aaet Cold Water, Large Yard,
k,tly papered APO panted. alttatte Nn. 149 Mar
'Usti. glyth goad, Alleghepy.
nulco HOUMA of 6 - }toom_ .11 .
90 139
'Middle alloy. near 'Sampson hooDo9.ard.
Alt p egen ,y. Apply to 1%17;y.
, -Rri of the_well known nror.r! „ 7 t ~ l .
house Is two StoricS,
now. comfortable nail 02
Is sepplixi with or I...Strn
eunlare house on tab , D.: tt" .` , 14
The grounds arc.0.r..0 •:.iy takut
ered with One rues ,
country redden. sr..tres ofbelOC
very convenient to the ytty.end Irmo Its location Is
me of ttotroost beefily location* to this seetirm.
IVNIVIILTgrtiV"' '":""Yzawculs;l4`
The subscriber MUMe for re:at:l4 drelrtble pmo
fty known se O:
Situated at the foot of (TAM street.
Qty. a short distance below the floaPetition
The lot 00 tbe east side of Craig stycogi a l4o feel
wide by ihnot 450 fret More or lett. The lot on
the nest side of the street In 110 feet wide by
shoat 400 feet, more or I. -Loth ronntaa to low
Inner line; having nap df the taut and safest har
bor. on the flyer. The advantages QM property
IMMente foe oaf Mild of manufacturing purpoeia
are .4 veil 'morns, to rendes any farther 6itsetip.
tem unnecessary. Long Imam will be MY.] to re
sponsible persons,
FUR SALE—ROUTE.—A rood pky-
Cbi be Weibel... For the
wrms..pcdy et the L ADDER.
= office. -
fon SALE—Engine of Four Mom
yk. pojv lz o u tn g prder. Will he sold Ay-
Ohlo strect.tql,plear.'
TIOR SALE.--A One Herne Sprin.r
Munn 1 414:t
North Allen am/omq... n'
FOB SALE.—A Talinable Finial, an .
4ord .101 ill feet s.oltiond..
old c iiand,'Weittiaorets.d 036.
LNG LOTS. on alt vaiiolis streets In the
Lawrenceville district. all of sr [nth will be sold
OA easy Servos. T. R. SILL k NON, corn. Penn
sod Thirts-thizt street.
. ....5..11;E;ii iit'o•horso covered
ElPstareCl WAGON: newly nee; wni pint ten
nai l ii=i d e
ev re ierlrr of
Shrine I Mar lee. hum er guiles Whir; teen se
en' in good tee helm tr.t. Sherostrerli on the
Went PenalteUrcet4—UnieeittU, n
• or et thoeflikerlllotreAl4olss.
VORliEr-Liktitrai fit 37 acres sit•
iLin'A r aggnirm e ttirn. mtia.VMPZ:
•of COAL. sass or
.4.VPier"ta 4"‘rlr c
,hs •
osoreir tOkIlto:
.94:" 7.! '". ..1AR0VVV15, Attorney-et-lAm
Gnat sr—
sIo. -
APoif - MILIE2OO fAWrs = eoffoi
MTV 10/ICH. mar LaarrancOrine Station on
Ns Pannoilranla Railroad. at 113.0. WO cub nod
balsam in four ) -Throb lota are Wm' *dina
rant. • number of horn. are {Mug up, and af
far Ma maul/fib* paid wlll Pend. For plan.,
do.. nail on T.ll. SILL & BON, corner Penn and
rram. ) ...adas Ana*, to ROUT. P. PILL, AtUrftlar
diLarr. 7,2 Grant street..
FOB SAL Engines,.an. $o [trip
Ye" indgetud 11. d, cif ll kleis;constantly
tteeete moo U pans of the country etottettit
teletext to.
/AUER HILL .4- 01,
Allegheny. PR.
riTNCE. contalning 214 acres with bowies
thereren eine, • tine. comfortable and - ntio:dent
Lou.,: good water. and one of the best water
towers in - Western Pennsylvania for a ndll: ID
yalleatona Rm.:Onion the waters of Turtle (leek
Road. of awn." from Atewarti Station. Central
liatirnad. Alen, several rind. Warm In good lona.
limns told flosses for side. Roar of '
ao.",;t. rt.. l . l l , pljteßteir;a.
*AUG-% - Wm wad . enovsnaitUyarinntid
Ito Wick dwelling house In desirable lots-
Wm. wear aLtin esenele.malltingt windern
wide. hall. two .pitriers, dining rpm and kitchen.
ulna ehicabilsa.haint socim.:idtebss nmarill... eager
vault. gins sad, water, datum. marble mantles. Ir.
• iloeliftmem home, me. Immediate 'Po,
- ~::