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Car. MO irrOve aid imllkfidd rtret
T. P. notreTos,
}IT mall: per year
ellycned by plantar's, per yeti
Itithrift Skit
A two foot rale—Seep your kot oft
tho cualdone—f Commercial Balletln.
Tan Latest marvel in the petrification
line is the discovery - in Montana of a
mine of petrified mud turtles.
Twiglag from the Iron blut Pm** hi
now tiled frafrusaels and Parham am
g. and surpasses the beat natural ston es
in strength.
Jimmie varied the- monotony a :little.
wean he wrote of the Colhdlon it
lady's reception: "Humanity found am
ple and aubstantial saipprt in her
A cotosam doctresa of Lake City, Fla,
marts that a pine knot over which a cart
w heel has run, If grated and boiled two ars, will cure the worst cases of intLun•
oratory rim:melba.
Mn. Wass, In the Anthropological
Society of London, his lately read a
piper suggesting till the original seat of
human civilisation was probably- the
bland' of gvisgucar.
Tan West •Virginia Republican Con
vention will be hthrat 'Parkersburg
Jaw 22d. It will nominate, candidates
tor the Tallow State OfaCel whlcli are to
be tilled at the October .election.
"Now, my little boys and girls," said a
wait% want yenta be :Very qtzlet.
so guise that you can bear a pin. drop.l'
In a minute all wee silent; when a little
boy shrieked out, "Let her drop."
Thum were very recently living in a
small town in Vermont four widows all
eighty years old ormore, all totally blind,
highly respected and each tenderly cared
for by an unmarried daughter. One. of
the quartet died last week.
A Natant:Luau Jest week conceived
\ the Idea that he could fly, and Climbed •
ham. waved iwuutsrardly, andaaruck
out: 'Somehow . the ground 'sprint up
and Idt.hini, and he crawled into the
hoax) convinced that flying was not his
offered for sale the estate of ' the late
Albert D. Richardson, at Woodside, N.
L In her adverthememt she styles htx
self ..Abby 'B. Richardson." and a
gaardian for Itirluidsorea. mirror-
1 IT sow trawl:tea that the numerous
Chlorite women of the town in San
. t Francisco are decoyed on board American
I ships' to , Clans ports by their brotaryi
I near drugged , and brought to Wiforiiiii
where they era sold at auction to
keepers of dens of infamy.
- t. A. Moarrawtt. paper says that es eaten.
dva maanfactsferen in Canada ; SM. able
1 . to pay all their household and personal
~ \ expanses out of the discount on Silver,
..-.1 -, which they purchase to pay at par to their
- t employes, It is natural that they should
I ~. be strongly in favor of the. present de
-i. preciated currency.
A WAIT= In a New Bedford saloon
looked la bleak amazunent'lrhen I. party
of New Yorkers asked fora wine qua,
and protested he knew not what they
_ meant. "Well," said one of the party,
- $ • impatiently, "have you'atty Dry Sill ay?"
tr - "I think not," replied the.ater prompt
.-t• la, "but we, have some cold cabbage."
- - - 1 A Rl:Parlr of Dr. Livingstone,' he far.
1. famed - Ablest traveler, resides fat the
4 - South Clutha district, Africa, in the vi.
deity of the large bush stretching from
--„ Port Nolyneux to the Mstanra. ,He is
reported to be ono of the bestbushmen in,
the locallty, ,and manifests considerable
, peeehent for isploration And Power of
physical endurance.
. . "Prursoz, Ihad moth Maker hear you
.i,I 'I said a bathed, swindling horse
:iti , "than see you Interfering in bar
-41 gins mac andmwt." "Well,"
said the parson, "If you had been where
youtsight to have been kit Susulay, you
:75 would have heard me preach," "Where
welt F' 'lire! the parry,' "In
the State Prawnqn," u
replied thedergymen.
' Tait British Museum - has - ecat • the
'-' Govenunent nearly $20,000,000, and It
now coax nearly $500,000 a year to
r maintain It, or more than a dollar for
every parson who visits It. But the
f , North Kensington Museum, which costs
0 mach 'lees, is visited by three times as
0 ntesty people. The difference Is said to
1 iber - WitM management -rather thastin the
• i attractiveness of the collections.
" _Tax scientific apparatus of Dartmouth
College has just xeceived an additiorain.
4 the 'gape of a new induction coil, *bled
5., • Is said to be the most powerful instill
it_ meat of the kind in the United - States. It
wee kalit in Boston, at an expense of
- $7OO. Though no battery yat been
I 13114
connected with it sufficient to Idly ban
ont. Its power, a spark nineteen and a half
l' tnchee long bas been got from it. „ r
' A. ILLIf who was once a member of the
t, State Senate of Ohio, died tat- Indiana
$ Penitentiary a few 'days ago. Watts was
- $ Ids alma, and he married. after arriving
at middle age„ - a young and beautiful, bra
, Iwitrj ; rain and extriVagant woman. She
was not a fit companion for him, twiddle
rapidly "went to the bad," dragging her
husband with her. In • drunken apreehe
Canwiattled the Crime frir which hef was
. Tax New York World eabnates 1
lumber of persons, of all degrees, Who
• live at -restaurant' and sleep at lodging,
• houses In that eity, at not less than
150,000. The number who take the mid.
die meal of the day at down town eating
bowies is about 200,009 more oft the
-' average, made upoady of
so clerks and
business men,
__. whi c h gives aggreg ate
of et imat7oo,oooncrals pit day • • -.•-•
there by 300 restaurants and eating
A TUT senotrt objection is made to
the New York City tax levy. 'Bad&
being aitmm with the usual extravagant
appropriations four counsel fees, salaries
Sre 0 who hare done no work end
fir religious and charitable institutions,
there Is a clause by which the Commis
sioner of Public Works is authorized .te
put water meters In all dwelling houses,
storm &e. As the Commissioner. can
Wert the pattern of meter, it makes a fat
lob for that oißeer.
Two Now York Crodergrotind Railway
ears are to be lighted lit gains of the
lemon burner. A smell piece 'of a crgs.
*line mineral succm—esy a quarter of
an Inch long and oneeighth of an inch
hi diameter--Is placed in a burner, and
against it - streams of condensed oxygen
wad hydrogen are rude to impinge, and
-e t zug Imlay) a brilliant and needy fight,
which will bunt seven boon without ad.
jostmeat, The bit of zircon, which acts
stir • wick, will last for some threstenzahs
TAX North German correspondent
saye"ln the approaching summer half
year Zainitillterature will be wealthe
subject of several courses of lectures in
the 'University' of Berlin. Professor
.31tillenhoff will reed Anelo-Bexon and
Interpret the Poems of Beowulf, while
Mr. Bolly (Lector) will treat of the Mod
ern British Poets. Been English sten
ography will furnish materials for a
Ispersra murk In English history
Peofewen Erdmaraudorfer hu chosen the
B s olutkin se the subject of his summer
Tun :arrival In favor of the rod m a
EMU' maintaining discipline in
schools, which Is making such prograur
is England, has readied thin country.
The female Welchers in the New York
public schools, bare united in a petition
to the Banda Bgncation to restore cor
poral punishment. They declare that
while the muse of the children are amen.
o hm to gentler Madan% certain unruly
boys cannot be - hrousitt Into subjection
without the rod; and only a few of these '
children are sufficient to demoralize a
whole school.
T E E new planet antionneed bizeirEcf.
ronenn dimmhes to have been discovered
by Profaner Borah., at marseilles, c r a ms
the whole number of primary one
itamboongi eighteen. Only sir of these
were known when Blr Willimeg eme m
glimmered Uranus in the year vrei .
Mace then • a systematic searelthmese w
gdanetabas beat kept up among ansonli.
. mun o i t replay organized observatories.
Qr. this Maher- twenty-feu bun been
M it
,V lq L -z y t
Al 11.00
discovered in this country by the follow.
lug named astronomers: Searle, at Al.• bony, one ; Tuttle; at Cambridre. two;
Ferguson, at Washington, three; Peters,
at Clinton, nine, 'and Watson, at Ann
Arbor, nine.
Aasremsvvritten at Rome at the be
ginning. of the mend: rays the winter of
1869 70 will be fraught with painful asso
ciations to many American and English
fernlike. There has been .an extraordi
nary development of Roman fever In its
two regular forms, both that of an inter
rnitteat and that of a lower typhoid der
ider. An mutual Dronortion of Ameri
can Melton hive, this letter says, fallen
victims to the acoBrge, and a gall greater
'lumber have been compelled to leave the
banks of the Tiber, and beaten to Florence
with the seeds of low fever or malaria in
their constltti tom "At the present
Moment," adds the correspondent, the
hotels on the Lung Arno present the
appearance of so many hospitals—the
patients being 'almost entirely prostrate
or slowly recovering from the effects of
this ruthless Roman fever."
'Lainniso >b Coom—A. - new - mania'
has sprung up . among the Edinburg
ladies—not quite _a useless one—a fancy
to learn to cook. Eeveralef the leading
confectioners advertise.tooking hinghter
and have large kitchens and bakeriea
fitted up for the purpose. Until recently
the claim have only been attended by
young ladles who wlll probably find the
rise of the practice when they become
wives and mothers;. but lately the desire
-to - achieve wonders in the culinary
I department has spread to those who, In
all probability, will never see the Inside
of their own-kitchens when they come to
rule a household, and dainty damsels put
off their silk attire, their rings, and their
adornments, and, donning linen dresses
and white aprons, become for the nonee
amateur .woks. One confectioner goes
to the length of having blouses prepared
fOr his ,students, exactly similar to the
costumes worn by eccentric artists. '
A Bad tileuivy
. -
Mr. Jefferson has written a letter to a
good Philadelphia Democrat, now going
the rounds of the veils, denying the
statement of Senator , Cameron that be
once told Hails that his seat In the
Senate would one day be occupied by a
colored man. We print-the letter, and we
publish it not to refresh the memory of
the ex-rel-el, but to put on record ailittle
matter of history:
Manyntrs, Tenn., March W, 1870.
HT Dian ft: Yoars of. the 2d franc
reached here - daring my absence, which
will explain the delay to this reply. Sen
ator Cameron made • • no such :statement as
that 'quoted by you. He made no re
marks to me at the time of my with
drawal from, the Senate other than thd
expression of his good wishes for me..
His relations with tee had been Ind itermly
those of personal kindness, and'l have
expected him, as a duty to himself and
to truth, deny having made - such re-
marks affiari been Imputed in the news-
P?f ie e rt
had not them reached the degree
of andtHniatlon which cased the with
drawal of States from the Union to be
called "rebellion;" and the only remark,
so far arai know, made by any State Sen
ator, which had the least powdble bearing,
was ttie expression of Mr. Hale, of New
Hampahtre, that he expected us all aeon
to come back.
Very reepectfally and truly yours,
hcrirsaaozr Dkrza.
In 1881, about two weeks before Dayis
left Washington to join his fellow.h.Mt
ors in the South. Senator his_
Mrs. Davis on Pennsylvania avenue. In
reply to her question as to why he did
not andsee Jiff," the Senator saki,
"Why does not Jeff. ask me." "Well,
/ask you to come and breakfast .with us
to morrow morning." "At what howl"
"Nine o'clock." "I will be there."
At the time mentioned Senator Came.
ron made • his appearance, and alter
Maddest the conversation naturally
turned 'open the then latitude of the
South. Davis was, as usual, outspoken
in ills secession views, and threatened
that if It came to the worst, and blood bad
to flow war would be waged in the
States n orth: of Mason and Dixon's line.
As may well be supposed, such words
were not pleasing to the Pennsylvania
Senator, and he answered in effect that
the rebellions section would - be brought
back into the Union, and that he firmly
believed that, if the South persisted in its
course, not only would the slaves all be
s2t tbee, but that "Ono day a colored man
ball occupy your mat : Mr. Davis, in as
Vatted States Senate. '
Davis, in great anger, pointed to
Senator Cameron, and said that -the
North, nuthe South, would suffer from
the coming war, and that he himself
would "lead a party to burst to the
ground your property, Mr. Cameron, In .
' Of this incident Hr. Davis appears to
lieu forgetful as he has been of his oath.
Rhea- the invasion of Pennsylvania wu
attempta by the rebel army, one of the
!Generals received orders to destroy, If
possible, the property of Simon Cameron
and Thaddeus Stevens. They burnt that
of the latter and went on their way to
destroy Gen eral Cameron's, when they
turned upon their tracts.—Washington
A Queer Duty= In Naples.
They have a singular =tom at the
foundling hospital of the Junninsiata,
Naples, on the 25th of March (Lady day),
or the Fest& dell, Annanziata. The
building is thrown open to the public,
laid any gonna man who wishes can
provide himself with a wife in cue ho
can prove to the satisfaction of the
governors of the Institution that- he can
maintain her. We have, unfortunately,
wirer bad the good fortu nei to be nresent;
but the business is, we hear, managed
pretty much as follows: All the girls who
have arrived at a marriageable age are
drawn up in a line In one of the large
rooms, where the cavalier, are allowed to
enter. A regular inspection then, we
suppose, commences, from left to right,
front and rear. Baroo prefer dark
beauties, of course, and others blondes,
and each' is allowed to suit his own
particular taste or fancy. When smitten
the main drops his pocket
In front of the lady of his choice, and if
his salt is accepted she picks it up and
they walk off arm-in-arm to signify their
intention to the authorities and make the
necessary preliminaries previous to their
marriage. - The bride receives a small
sum oamoney by way of dowry, and a
few necesiaries which comprise her trous
seau, a few sheets and a blanket or two.
These marriages, contrary to what one
would naturally suppose, generally too
out happily, as a man must have - gnat*
felt the want of a woman's soothing in
fluence to enable lum ta - muster up
courage to undergo such an ordeal -
Oevionsly to entering the happy state.
This is what one might almost call mar.
riage alight, or marriage a 33 eotilios.
A Wow:terra Plower
One of the most exquisite wonders of
the seals the Opelet, a flower resembling
very much the Getman China Aster. /t
has the appearanxt of the • large double
ester, with a quantity of petals of a light
green color,
_glossy 111 silk , each petal
Upped with rose color. These lovely
petals are never stUl, bat wave - stoat in
the water while, the flower clings to the
rocks. •Bo innocent and lovely looking,
no one could suspect it of eating any,
thing; certainly—if It did, only a bit of
rainbow or drop of dew. Bat those bean
tiful waving petals have other and mom
material work to do,—to provid e
food fo ra large mouth, which !scanning
ly hid deep down among %bent. To Ito
their duty (=wilily, for as soon ass slily
little Ash comes in contact with those
rosy Bps, he is struck with a poison, fatal
and quick as lightning. •Bedieshistantly,
and the beautiful arms wrap themselves
around him and drag him In Itulttrees l 7
mouth.. Then . those °wily petalsunelose,
float Innocently on the water, just like
our own weber Illy. The flower was long
o g o - l i ak e d of, but Its existence 'Wm
doubted until the list century. Now the
()paid is known to be a thing that really
NEW 110Itli CITY.
The McFarland Trial--Erldence
Not Yet Concluded.
(13/ Telegraph to the PltUberah Gazette.)
Niw Tonic, April AIR%
Upon the opening of Court this morn
ing, the jury being found In their Beats,
the trial af. Daniel McFarland was re.
J. C. Howell was agate put op the
stand. Had been a dentist, • dagnerree.
typer, a newspaper editor, a Fair pin
manufacturer, alarm hand. and • drug
clerk; had been in the Government em.
ploy; have mold my own patent rights
and - brie been Inspector of Chtatomaln
this city; now consider myself ati
Witness—Called on McFarland In the
tOmbe, as I had promlMd Lhim I should
do so If besot into trouble; I looked Into
bla . cell from the outside. I first knew
I was to be a witness for the prosecution
on the 18th of this . month. Mr. Sinclair
was the tint person to speak to me of it
I went down to the Tribune Mlles and
offered myself as a witness.' I wrote to
the District Attorney that I had been
acquarMad with. McFarland alms IMO
and could give information on tho sub.
ject. I received no answer, and then
applied to Mr. Sinclair.
Nothing now was allotted front the
testimony of this witness.
Heldridge Davis testitied—l have been
saqininted WWI . * airland dna 1681;
when he was a Commissioner of Enroll
manta. McFarland had • pistol, which
he showed me, and salg he was going
to shoot Itlehardien with iL A Mr.
Knapp, or such name. had given him
the pistol for that purpose. Have seen
the prioners drink ardent lig:Mite; knew
him to be in the glbk of drinking wbiln
I was acquainted with him.
To Mr. Graham McFarland chow
grief when he spoke of his troubles. I
did not consider it 'eery, extensive grief,
I never told him what I would do under
similar circumstances. I spoke to sev
eral persons of the threats made by Me.
Farland. I never believed McFarland
would execute his threats.
-Charles G. Stone teatifled he knew Ma
Farland since 1883; knew him to re 11
drinking man; under the influence of
liquor he was morose, unpLiamint and
irritable. He mune to my office sod
showed was letter, saying if he saw any
more such letters he would shoot Rich'.
lb Mr. Uratiam—l was a warmed for
boat Mr. and Mr. McFarland In the
habeas corpus proceedings. Imes &clerk
in the enrollment office under Mani,
land ; waa discharged and - conaidered
hlm the cause of my displicemene. I
avowed publitty mv,hastility to him.
do not think .It we. in consequent°. of
(Mal was called on by Mn. Randle to
be witness in the habeas corpus proceed.
legs. McFarland did not drink may
more than other men In responsible,
positions. ' • .
Mrs. Sarah Lane testified she boarded.
In the house with prisoner la Jane. / 9 38.
it No. 5011ixth Avenue; had • float roma
on second floor; McFarland had • back
room. I heard a noise In his room and
went in; saw McFarland In We room on
the bed; asked him if he wan nick; he
said ono." I. think I took his little boy
Into my room. / thought he wasdrunk.
and I.went tub him room and saws pthea,
of abed to his hand. Never heard Wm
make oily throat. towards Mr.-.Bialawdr,
To . : Onibatio--A lopeariin o es
in fitiParland were symptoms of being
under thein annum of liquor.
ilrabam--Do Icy know that eosin
Rugs of Insinally are unable to be diatin.
*iked by phyalefans nom drunken !
Witness-41e matter what I know; I
know. he was drunk.
Mr. Davls—We now offer the decree In
the habeas statedr
The decr that both father ana
other would be allowed scum to the
i tliildren, and further that thetiother
are' Daniel and the father Piney. , This
was dated October Slat, 1867.- • -
Mr. Davis effected other evidence, but
Mr. Graham objected, saying winters
should be brought up, and that the time
up to twon!cdoek abould be occupied by
living Witnesses.
Mr. Darla sold Mr. Grahang ehaniknoh
Interropetn Mlle =moor.
Mx. tihem replied, comtneantini -
Invorably on Itzto letteetsiot of the prose
The Recorderealdine aould nee-Inter
fere with the District Attereey.7and
ehoutd allow Idea to Introduce !di tad.
monist any Dom. or In anyaumner he
PUN* diooda In his OPiolon , he could not
change the order In 'which the evidence
'wasßeeved's. _brought by the prosecution, The
aiserstiferred to Diortik
whiek. Wyss the wont of seniorcoututee
for the defense to make on every oppor-
Mut tj he. markt. ;
Mr. Graham said he objected to this
testimony as not enffklently
Mei Greeley mold not swear to proved,
deuce prop:wed to be read , which was a
statement of McFarland ley
for publication. given to Gree -
Mr. Davie thought It was proved.
The Recorder ruled It Inadmbeible.
Mr. Davis then offered to read the
Maiement of Rithardaon In reference to
pia Intended marriage with Mrs. McFar
land. Mr. Spume In his opening spoke
of this as of sock a harrowing chamfer
that It Induced the Insanity of the per
Mr. Orin - am objected bit ms not being
In evidence.
Mr. Davis oxuddered that as the de.
:cense had spoken of It In such terms the
PrOsetutton should be allowed to prove
its real character.
Mr. Graham—No one referred to this
but the counsel who opened the casa,
and every one knows anew:tingle never
fully proved. An opening Is intended
show everything connected with the
case and should not be 'confined to a
mere-statement of facts. The pailtiOn of
the prosecution Is or tenable. • ,
• Recorder—l do not think the counsel'
fit:Mt-defence should be held to any
ementaenade Witte opening. - onleas
is ru
betantiri le tedlty prbof. The testimony
d out.
.Ths Recorder-asked how long the
prosecution was likely to butt.
Mr. Garvin said he thought one day.,!
Court then adjourned to Monday
to give an opportunity to attend Judge
;Russell's funeral.
While the room was oleering almost a
gab% oappsd betweint Mr. Unload Mr:
Graham, the latter lean speak'
to to Dula in a f loa t d
am; angry
an not without oaths. abakinitlitila dal
in h face and telling theillteoorder, who
'came up, tni , Ought notes have tacked
him up. Others Interfered and the
parties were separated.
CUSTOM 110116 18•IID8.
In the Investigatlon of the alleged
frauds In the Inspector's departmeino a!
the custom house, It Is understood en
dears was additaed justlfylicg she dia.
missal of ten or twelve Inspenten Ib;
receiving bribes.'
D 29014.11021 DAY.
The General Committee of the Grand
Anne of the Republic to-0q designated
May Mb NI aids) on which the soldiers
plum would be decorated.
The annual reunion of the Third Amy
Bove Union will be held
at the Putter
House, Boston, May Oth.
- Upper River!. .
(Br A. P. T irob ColnanTa
GRIERBIIOIIO, April 29.—Ittver station
al''', with mean feet and throe Inches
water in the channel.. Weather 'Olean
Thermometer 80 at 8 r.
Bnowsiturazotpril PD.—Elver rising
Dielanllll6 storm and chair feet irattit
In go chatimeL Weatherelear....Tber?
sttrouter 68 at 6 P. "'""
Mol.a.urrowL‘Apill 29.—ItIver its.
tlo . with thirty-one Indict water in
4 °°°. C aaller clear, • Thai.
Om_.C7///,, April 27.-321n0 .6.111mr,
With two Lest Wu !aches vats/ ha the
ohaanel. Weather aloody. Thermometer
70 at 6 r.
SENATE: Portrait of Gen. Thom
as—Railroad Bills Reported
Claims of Southern Loyalists.
OrSE: Land Grants to Rail
roads—lncrease of Banking
Facilities—The Tariff Bill.
(By Teleneph to the Plttebergh Gaeettl.3
WuNII{oTOX, p.x., # pru 29,1870
The Vies 'President submitted to the .
House the concurrent resolution provid
,for_ a painting of tho late General
Mr. HOWARD eulogised the personal
.worth and dmportsnt services of the de.
Oeneed; ; hilWato averse to the etiolation
aa eltabllshing a general precedent for all
Mr. DAttilinade r maths eta similar
taper. He thought if n. Thortias were
alive he would be the drat to remonstrate
against the PrMwedtlon•
hir.4IOWARDWiId-Oen. Thenitas and
his acheivementa would be recorded on
the most important page of the country's
htstory;lind no picture would add any.
thing to his great fame. While mewing
this much of Gen. Thomas, he could not;
nor could other Senators, forget that
there were other dlstlegulehtid Generals
who tuidt 'tendered: Inestimable services
In the same wise: He would not, by
singling out Gen. Thomas, furnish the
slightest occults:l for rivalry between
the great 'men to whom' the country ,
owed so much. •
Mx. 2dORRELL moved to refer the
resolution to the Committee on Library.
Agreed to.
Public N:BEoY, po rte de Committee
oat Lands, rwith amend
ment the — bill Ater the - oiler Of pre.
emotion scoters in - Nebraska.
Mr. WILLIAMS, from Committee on
Pacific Railroad, reported with %mend
mentlhe authorise the Southern .
illotteeotoßidiroad Oompany tooonnsct
tta line with the Northern Pantile Rail
road; also, with amendmenta, the bill to
aid the aotatiuotlon of the Oregon
blanch of this Patine Railtoad. _
Bills wenrlbtrodooed as follows:
By Mr. WILSON: Providing a mode
for the selection of camas to the military
and naval academies.
aty far. idaDORALD: For - the settle.
inant ciao:musts tw ee d the Bontbern
Railroad corporations and the United
States Government; also, to allow the
aohool trustees In Arkansan. to enter
lands Gar school porpoises under the
homeatead law.
By Mr. MOBRU.L, Maine: Relating to
Indian reservations selected by Peace
Gatnadaaloners. - .
By Mr.'RO:..IS: To anthories the settle.
went oration of Sarum for seryleas of
troops under the requbdtion of Omura!
Mr. COLE offered a resolution to pro.
vide fora standing osentulttee on torelau
posteg and telftrapn'Ookimunleatatne.
BIS: SUMNER objected and the reeo.
lotion went over. -
The Moneejoint regainalon, appropri.
skin is,cloo to pay for experiments to
- ventilating the nails of the Capitol was
paseed_ , ,
Mr. FENTON called •up the bill
.authoritteg QM appointment of an agent
to enquire rehillve to the state of trade
betweenthe: United States and British
North . Ateetima which, alter some dee.
°canton, was referred to the Committee
on Finance., •
Mr. WILLIAMS gave notice . that he
would °Beet bill relating to the
of gold Intl Silver huh Ice at - the mint of
the United States and branches, as an
amendment to the !exudative, executive
and judicial appropriation bill, on the
ground that It tended to reduce the ex
penses of the Government in the coinage
of mensy. Upon his mOttOti the bill was
taken from the calendar and referred to
;the Committee op Appropriations.. .
The Calendar truant., ed:with.
and a number of noose passed, in
cluding the following:
• Auttierlslng a `Amply of arms for
Instrtictlen arid Peeettce to certain Vol.
lapel and -Ifolvertillee. •
For the return of evidence of the
nottoratde discharge of officers.
The bill to pay the claimed Cowan e nd.
Dicklmon, of Knoxville, Tenn., WY ob
jected to by ',liar::: TRumariLL, on the
grimed that It Involved' the principle
whether the Government should pay f,r
cotton used by, our army In erecting
fortifications. Be could see no more
reseenfar this than paying for lumber
and earth need in such • work.
Mr. WILLEY said half en hour had
not elapsed since the Senate passed en
emu, similar claim, and that the only
reason for Ito assent In one ease •and re
fusal in the otherwas that one claimant
lived in Missouri and the other In Ten
nessee. He thought the Government
could not much longer afford to deny
jollier to loyal men. *imply because
they lived In the South. A few paltry
dollars might be saved, but the credu
and honor of the nation was threatened
by yersistentre In such a policy. -
Mr. FOWLER, Itr support of tbe
elder, Mated that Dlekiriaonome of the
Slaimante, publicly refused to take the
Oath of allegiance to the Confederate
Mr. TRUMBULL said the bill which
bad pained Involved the principle pre
sented by the ooe now pending. It was
0 4E 141 4. ,9bieClMPa f tle. He therefore
*aired . tMenitlitner 'velment enters
motion for It* recall from the House.
DAVIS urged the telection of a
cue and the diestuatiou of the gen.
sal question as ■ means of determining
the future paler of the Senate, with a
view to the guidance of members.
Mr. Trumtnill'a =aka was then
After a abort. 'executive melon, the
Sautee ttjeuil Monday.,
• • rned 'ma -
Mr. - LfKiAN. from the Military Com.
Minim, reported adversely gp the bill
permitting army and navy onlcem to
bold civil odloes. •
The bill donating condemned C/11112021
to the McPherson Monument Amoolation
Was peened.
\rations other private bills were pared. .
The House refuted. 43 to 88,,to.take op
the Lordshina contested case of Darrell
akid proceeded to the bus.
Weft on the Speaker's table and disposed
Of a large ntunber of nahnportant
The benate bill legalizing certain loos.
Was orogrtenltural scrip hi yobsconiun
Senate MG granting lands to ald the
construction Ma railroad and telegraph
from Portland to Astoria and Mouton.
Oriden, melted long debate..
Mr. HOLMAN said 1111, bill appropria
ted 910,000 sores of public land. He had
Mated on a former
ohu o
nineotlyo,bli o l o lwbendlng, apprOpriating over
learnedtheth m mateWas
for below
the reality, and that the number of bills
pending- was - over one. hundred and
seMinty. appropitatlng over 250 1, 000
semi. 810 the establishment o the
Government there tied been given away
for purposes of ed u anion 78,000,000 Wes
Of public lands Mid 1 85,000,000 to build for.
tunas for oraft_y and unscruplaous men.
No leo than M 0.000,000 acres bed been
granted to corporittons within the last
ten yoga. If that policy wereoontlnued,
It would not be long till there would be
no public lends left for homesteads and
preemption purpOsm, for which over 10,-
000,000 sire* had been taken last year.
Kr. Holman oontlened to argue at long*
against !recta.
EST' replied for five
minutes Pa' Mama's , . isignmen
gating that the opposition to rellroil
grannialionld not have come from Repro.
emdadves of Mates that bad their Internal
improvements built y such means.
M.r..FlTOlialso replied up.b to Mr Holman.
Be declared the policy of railroad grants
had been prollga of great national ;bens.
fits, and of but few abuses.
Mr. kV:COMMIE spoke briefly In
favor of railroad ;gents. ---
Mr.. BbIIII3I, - of Oregon,- argued la
favor . th e.idilea Mktg In the:line:rest
of imettlare, or prospective menders
further dlacmaion Mr.1101.,14.11.11
moved to Wee the bill to the Committal
mo..Pablle bead& Ziegatived—Yeurni
ke bil nisi' puled—yam 97, nays s 68,
ae own: _
yina r . Mama Allison, Amos, Arm.
Strang," +Upon wood, Axton. *Toro
BarrY. .
Bs. , .i3snesli,
Blair , BocliFer, ka, (Mask) Bock,
ammai t o
le=tiniloliNkillar (Tem) Ooks,
i Caw - (T,Oxia vitae,
)DawC:nacener Dor'Eldrld
Parilw l ' orth, Ferris. Irisheir, • Pitg,'
tit baon, Hamilton, (Pia) Kuria. HIM
Heflin, Hoar Hooper, Etoichlthot, Inger-
nod. Jenck s , Hoar,
ReUoag, Knapp,
Logan, Maynard, McCarthy, OleCormlck,
McCrary. McKee. McKenzie, Milner,
Moore all.), Morphia. Morrell_(Pa
Myers, Kegley, O'Neill, Peck, Pierce,
Peters. Poland, Pomeroy, Porter, Pros.
ser. Rogers, Roots. Sanford, sump,
Surge?, alchemic, Sheldon (LL), slur.
Wood,- Smith (Wagon), Smith (Tezu),
Smythe • (Is.), Starkereather, Stokes,
Stoughton, &radar, Strickland. stra w .
Tanner, Tillman. l'on_rtai.o.d,. Voorhees!,
Washburn, (W. , ), welts. Wheeler
Whitmore, Wilkinson, Maxi (htina.): .
- Nays—Messrs. Adams, Anabler. Arch.
er, Amen, Benton, Milts, Bird, Noffftl•
ton. Bernhard, Comae, Cleveland, Cobb,
(W 11.) ,, Cowles, , Vos, Dickinsea, Feu
kolabergPox, Gets,lnnen, (ilrlaircdd,
Harableton, (idd.). Hawley, Hay, Bill,
Holman, Joao', SKr). Judd, , Kelasy,
Kerr, Betcnum, knot,tawrence, Lough
ridge, Mayhem, McGrew, McNeil/.
Mercer, Moore, (N.J.) Morgan, Niblick,
Packard, Packer, ' Phelps,4tandall,
Reeves, RIM% Scofield, Shank Shiber.
Snllth, (Ohio), Stevens, St venom,
Stiles, Swazi, Sweeny, Taylor,' Tyner.
Van -Ankeny .Van Tromp. Van
too, (O.), Miners, Winchester, Wood.
. A. large number of Senate bill. were
referred to appropriate committees.
Mr. GARFIELD, from Committee
on Banking and Currency, i re .
ported. bill
to increase banking Raman;
The House took. recess. .
Evening Bedlioll.—The Tariff bill we
considered in committee. '
The whole paragraph relative to hob
wire was amended .by a proviso that rail
road iron Intoilenot over thresaixteenths
or an inch in diameter. railed or square,
shall be &object to the Name witty u
. .
The .paragraph tatting iron or• steel
Wire rope was atganded by reducing the
daty'to fwo and% half mitre per pound
and twenty per cent ad valorem for No:
1 'in le; three and a half cents and
twenty per cent. ad valorem for No. le to
Wand four cents and twenty per cent.
ad enforce* above Na .48.
no agraphs taxno wire, cloth
and ir p on ar spiral furni i tu g
re ir spri n ngs, Wen
not amended..
The Committee rout and the Benue
'ate and. Celli Daues—The Red Ilya
Troubles—Planer camproader.
(By Yeteinkett to the Pitteberett Ossetia.)
OTTAWA, Aptll 29.—1 n the Bettie of
Commons yesterday the motion pet
coke and coal on that/Free list was de;
tested by a large majority. . •
Mr. Cartier announced that the Rad
River delegates - had been consulted 'by
the Government. Donald A. faplith'a
m e l.rfolon
use. i ftal River w as
Is e r f t erire hig th
Strong military force be sent. I :
The following is the reported plan of
compromise to be offered by the Govern.
meat; first. to organise a small province on
both aides of Red river, about fifteen
miles square, which will cover the settle.
moot., of the half breeds; second, the
Legislature shall havo control of the
pit blie,..lands of the province; third,
subsidy shall be grunted by the dominion
for colonial expenses; fourth, the bolance
'from O the Be*
ttawa. territory shall • be governed
TtleGeorgta Legblatere.
Arial:my •pril 29.—1 n the Ramie
kaday the only important Anton was an
draft to seat six members who Claimed
to have been elected under the auth ority
of the old orfrardzatton.' A resolution to
that effect was aaoinea—yeas 66, nays
:a. There were many absentees and
notice was Elven for rcormutlderatlon to
In the Senate the resolution authoris
ing the Governor to provide for the pay,
count of the Interest and prlnal palm[ lb* .
ietylle.slebt seorulter prior to ift
d7o;Asas sdopted—yeas IS, tiara 1.L.:4
Joint committee was appointed to inveti
gate the
road affairs of the Western &Attaotio
—The official vote of the Dotniniolans
shows 15,719 for annexation to the United
States to 110 against.
Memorial fen - lees were held at Phila
delphia yesterday in ruesnory of Bishops
Thomism and. Kingsley.
—The long dry apell In California has
teen of great Injury to the crops. In
portlonsof the State they are a .fallum
—Four dock hands of the luesztier
Paul, nametranknown, were drowned at
ss Louis Thursday night, by the aptly
tog or • yawl. t
.'—The county Judge at Los Angelo,.
Cala.. has decided that colored,people
CeinnOt be registered until impropriate
leglalation Is had on the Fifteenth
—The Soprano Connell of the thirty.
third degree of, abodes, Albert Pike
&wen= : Grand Commander, will
assemble at the Masonic Temple at Balti
more on Mondry.
—Ctuis. Smith, of hisetdas,', N.. Y.,
killed his wife with en aie In a quarrel.
cat Mundy. He Is aixty years or age
and for some time lived unhappily wits
We wife. He was arrested. . . .
: —Commodore Vanderbilermen
Barker. a colored man. everal
others Were arrested at New York on
Thursday far fast driving, and detained
at a polio° station for two hour*.
—Wm. MeDoman., who claims to have
discovered obstrnetlons On the • Rartibrd
and Erie Railroad. Thursday. morning,
and saved a train from destructi o n. has
been arrested on suspicion of placing .
them there himself.
' mine meeting of workbag men of
San Fnumlice/
night deolded
-Co oppose the approaching eleetlessjotop•
minion to subsidize, the Southern Pacdno
Railroad, polar the company pledges
Itself not to employ Chinese labor.
--At a meeting of thefts:tom:if the
Dayton and. Otnetntudi Short Line /tall.
toad, yesterday, A. 0. Hodder. OeIlna;
Ohba, and Thomu Wr%Mon, Newipea.
Ky., were elected directors. hir.-Hod;
der was subsequently elected Predditel
of the Board la poses of Same. Cioodln,
—The stockholders of the Marietta and
°lmbued : Railroad'. Comport' , lane
voted to accept the provhcone of the
recent law of the State of Ohio allowing
bonds to be boned with power to vote,
ey also ratified the previous action or
the directors, authorizing the Jaime of
threamillioneof third worliglit• bonds,
with the powers to bondholdani extent.
plated by the law.
—The Triennial Convention of the
Congregationalists of the Northlwest
reassembled yesterday moral , as
Chleama iiroaabittcai wax pro;
p.a." 4aa radar
North-west for the Bay TODD an the
or the BoattM•
Congregational Howse. Bev. & Bartlett
wag eleoteri:!Pnsiddent 'otos we s tern
EAncattatiereagaty. - • Them:mention
adjourned shut die.
—At Chicago, Thursday night. seldom:l
keeper 111 the gee In the rem: part of his
ortormemnent, threw than/atm upon the
floor and dommenced rolling a barrel of
.whisky, when the bang dropped out and
the whisk". Ignited Ca the temmiqg
match and a destructive cmillemmi on
ensued. Six buildings were de= i ,
or badly damaged, indluding a
home. Thirly4wo hoarders were turn.
ed out in their night clothing, m any of
them losing all their personal property.:
Supreme Court of APpeabt of
Virginia yestirdardeelded the enabling
.ace passed by the Legbdature was 0012.
mituticinal; and that Henry& Ra m,
not George Colman, Is lawful Mayor of
Richmond, end that all acts of Zillion Ira
'aocordince with State law are legal end
binding. Cahoon. under his forma
ureement, will retire from the field and
'Zillion remains Mayor of the City. The
Court was unanimous In its opinion,
which is voluminous and corm eirlt7
point named.
' —The . Prealdeit of the St Paul and
Lake Superior Palkuld•lts.9s gists la no
doubt (Jibe ocknoletloa of the po l o to .
Driluth by, the- fourth of J uly. Thais
are about hun dred . met, at
work. The iron is now /aid Nome al: or
llttieayef eight miles beyond Hattie Riser.
Paul. Trains will commence running
regularly to Kettle FUTlOratatknthiety.
cora mike Irma Bt. Paul. in a few due.
„ .I.=lt i portion of the grading on them
fbrty miles in oomplifad.
Terrible Accident in London:
Proceedings In' Parliament—
Political Excitement in France
'permslng—Rebellion in India.
Br ratemob to UM Pltrib97lll OW L 1. 1 41
Loniaotr, April 29.- A terrible aocidetii
r caearred this morning at the city tenni.
tins of the Blackfrlars bridge arching,
th ugh which passes the now Metropol
lean Railway. The northern approach
tot e bridge gave way. The Immense
wel ht of masonry and earth wee prat
Alai ted. into the tunnel beneath, in
whi were engaged • large number of
.wer men. Several porton. were killed
and a large number severely wounded.
The Pell Mall Gazette has an article on
'American affairs, wherein it comments
on the amelioration of American opinion
during the putt few years. It Is now
impartible, the writer says, to dnd ea
American who will admit having op.
posed the right of the negroes to vote.
The Ittib,leet of • ship canal horn Liv
erpool to Manchester has again been re.
virecL - _
The- estulltion or the Archbishop or
Chinterbery Is lore alarming than was
reported vesterd_ey. -
Mu. Buxton. IL wu shot at thls
afternoon by hts secretary, but sot hurt.
The assailant, named White, imme
diately tied. There to little doubt beams
in the House of Lards to night the
Math Court of Justice bill was recommit.
tad. Dint Romllly urged the difficulty
of blending law and equity in case of
Injunctions. Lords Cairn and West •
bury aid sucts diffleal les applied to
procedure not -to pin iples. Lord
Penzance sunported the bill.
rumor circulated yesterday. which,
however, is generally discredited, that
the American Camel at Jeddo had been
killed by natives, use had a very depress
Innintroduced effect on the Japanese loan recently
The Mad. returning from Gremiand
bring eight hundred tons of seal oil
The Weekly Register. recognised organ
Of the Roman Cethblice bore and well
Instructed as to the movements at th.
Vatloati, sags the Ecumenical Council
hew work before It for goer.
LONDON. April 78.—Tfte Esominer says
the Macy pervading the entire debate
In Parliament on colonial affairs is that
looal-ilberty and Imperial solidarity are
In the . Como:ions to-night Mr. Glad
stone anisonneed the debate In Commit.
tee on the Irish land bill will be resumed
on htenday, and; that Mr. Newdegate'•
meth= Ihr bulairy into Monastic Institu
tions would now be ootaddreed - and
The lied river di flimsily was postponed
nail May ffith.
Mr. Gladstone sad this Important prin.
eiplos of the Irish land bill bad already
ants settle" -- able to
resume tb, Ideas-
Uon bill at
The bill
bins bran •
comer topoi
of Greenland
Hovr d,
has arrived
Paine, , „..... were held
yesterday r ....ore matters relative to
the plebiscite, and were more turbulent
than ever. One held by ttieopponents of
the plebiscite in this city was dissolved
by the authorities, because en aceoution
t b E t
of the Emperor wu The
people separated withou t oting, though
they expressed their d on by,
cheering fors EaPtiteci 'lining - the
Mareslialse. Many other ngs were
held in the city, which, however, were
soneralty orderly.
alt At some of these It
wasi ranted tbat UMW in &tor of a
Eepublio souks vote i No."
Ann three hundred reruns, who
had been compromised is the late
rambles In Spain, arrindra Paris pester
dakither demonstrattons on the part of
the students are expected on the opening
of the Piedras' Oollege next Monday.
M. °Men publishes another circular
in reply toe manifeeto Just issued by the
electoral committee of M. Theirs He
brands the . sawn= that &wording to
the new - constitution the Emperor may
do /111 he pleases, as an error too urn to
deceive, and declares It would only have
been pet forward by perms who con.
sidered the electors a peck of kola
M. Waltman% Min of the Inte
rior, hastened setutdar to his constitu.
Inn, Wynn Items to vote "yea: ,
: Mr. Land* who M-s public meeting
last night urged the Impeachment of Ms
Emperor was arrested thin morning..
Jules inn Indorses the manifesto on
tiro plebradtum leaned by. the deputies
of the Left and opposition journalists.
The ftrobblskop of Chambray and the
Bishop of Gap have ordered their clergy
to vote In the &armadas. • •
The Court: It is said, will go to Bt.
Cloud to remain during the week in
which the platter:4nm le taken.. The
tour of the Fria* Imperial In the
!retinae' is deferred. •
ateortas,London, April
formation from the northezn nnevinoe
brings the ;report of a merlon; outbreak
Among the native Thakoora, at Newer. a
town of thevovinoe of Itasi=nu no ro
hundred =ea southwest of
two thousand's( the tribe have rebelled
against shale chiefs and their follower,
And tentblennesseree have taken piece.
The troop" at the nearest sunhat?. station
have been , ordered .to the scene of the
Blenitto„ April 29—Thsjoarnsis of this
dry deny the rumored withdrawal of
Marshal Serrano to make way for the
establishment of • nay, composed
of three persona. OntMealm occurred
last evening st Alm* in the province of
Sat* sod at Santiago, though they were
soon repressed. At the latter place over
one hundred of the lneurgents were
ermated and lmprlaoned.
In withhßooz, April 0. —The Pope MID persists
oldlnern's note from e
Documental Cthl L m Da ell, notalthstandlia
the 'concurrence of the Great
therein. •
Loewe, April 29.—The steastuire
Min and Audi* from New York,
lam arrived out.
14. 1'.° Au Asa A pri l
29.- 11 e. quiet ' : 88%;
.65; St 67. 89%. Ten-Fartlea, 86. Erie.
Mg; Great Weaken. 27X.
Mocks quiet.
PARni, April 211.—Searre 'dull at Tat
t •Fa aw mnarowr, April 29.—Bonds flat at
April 29. -f-Tallow 441 304448
ea and guns and -steady. Linseed 011
and Calatuta Limed easier at abed
Wel Bd. Rom ..dulL Tarpaulin at
Bannan, April 22.—Parolio414u dr at
&hears, 28 groats. - -
Itaissoso, April Y9.—Petroleum fa
Hamm April 21k—Ootton fist' on spot
USW; •
Anewanr, April 511.;-Petrolenm ex
eked, bat unchanged.
Lmenroor., a ri1.99.-Cotton: sales
for thewarn. 07,000 bales: martif9,ooo:
etkamlialon MOO; Mock BM.
ban 368,140. Receipte fbr the week were
125,000, American MAIM amount 91101%."
278,01* Aseencan mom Market
eteedy: Wee M,ooo nptsndy Orissa". 1110. Wheat: receipts ibr 1 11
La three dam 10,000 • quarters
Aniarieen. Oellftrula whine, In MEM
641 re d western No 9 Ala ;14(i8s 29;
winter fie IMMBII ed• Weleicfn.
20a Corn: No 2 ane,ed ses
2e ad. Baxley .15C-POllll Se• 6/1„ Base
Motor abort ribbedinioWer,33albr Corn.
Lowland ad. Perk lOU- Hee 11X00 . 3d.
Wars 70e. -.obses s .74a Common Roth%
sannameriat; pinutroidn MeV*
petrolann Is refined ls daa. Maar
as, Torpmtine Slie Linesee 01l Met
Liaised cake Se linnale 111
The Public Debt—Paraguayan
Waddle Increased Banking
Faellities—The Army Bill—
Nominations Confirmed—Medi
cal Convention. •
Tolo(raph to Ito Plttaboritt °matte.)
WASEINGTON. Aprll W, .prro
. ,
Treasurer Spinner was of the opinion
yesterday that tho publie debt statement
of next Monday would not show much
of a reduction, though the amount oft
money brought In by 'the revenue and
customs has bean quite large, because
the payments on the dl i t t icienoy bill have
been so extensive, a they apply to ' ,
every branch of the Government. This 1
bin Is to supply ttut.deticieney for the
year ending June nex
The House Commit on Foreign Af.
fairs Is In a' hopeless riddle over the
Washburrie-Lopes-Ps gutty investiga
tion. Aim:kb-committee was appointed to
examine witnesses an take testimony.
They examined so man witnesses and
took so much testimon that they have
several volumes of pu is documents to
show is the sole run t of their labors.
The report submitted ro the General
Committee le almost as voluminous as
the evidence of that tom ttee. It seems
they were not agreed. There will prob
ably be two reports—one In favor of cen
suring Admiral Davis, General McMa
hon and the naval authorities acting un
der Admiral Davis. Another thinks C. A.
Wastantnie surlily of conduct unbecom.
leg a representative of our Government
abrcal. A third is of the opinion that the
evidence taken by the Committee estab
lishes the fact that Lopez was s monster
of tyranny. Still another wants to corn •
promise the whole matter by distributing
the blame all around.
Gen. Garfield, chairman of-Committee
on Banking and. Currency,. reported to
the House tads' , a bill to 'increase the
banking facilities. It contains twelve
+actions and proirbieefor the hone of
ramoo,coo of national currency to .the
States having leas than their proportion,
and for the. redemption ind:canoellation
of 645,000,000 of three per cent aerial:l
c:at/1k and for the cancellation of 610,000,-
000 orlegal tenders; atm, that the addi
tional currency Admit be secured by a
deposit - of four and one-half per
cent, bonds, exempt from task.
tlon, and that when 650404000
of the new issue have been taken up all
banks shall receive the same four and
half per cent. bonds as sermilty for their
circulation. It provides for free banking
on a gold bsals and for the redistribution
of p 25,000,000 of national bang notes,
taking that amount from Suites which
have an excess and distributing it to
State!' 'which are deficient; but the re.
distribution shall 'not take Mace until
the 695.004000 provided for shall have
been issued. It reduces the taxes on cir;
col/alien one half on all banks that secure
all their circulation by hew bonds. The
bill was ordered printed and recommit.
Senator Wilion ha determinsd, at the
suggention of toe Secretary of War, to
make a further amendment to his army
0111, so as to six the time for the radon.
Son of the army In July Iturtead of Jan.
nary. The strength of the army at ttds
time, In enlisted men, Is 96,000. In July,
1871, the terms of enlistment of 'lB,OOO
men will ran_ out, and It le therefore
proposed to extend the time sons to effect
reduction In this manner.
istoackt otownwrion.
of of •
I Walt
The Medical Teachers' Convention to;
day arordseal Melt into a Teachers
Aasoetatton. Fifteen .moddnal_ Leach
reported. The Association elected the
followinf permanent oftioerr: Prof. D.
aro.; o Philadelphia, Preaident; Prof.
D. W. Yaodel, of Louisville, Vice Preai
dent • Dr. N. 8. Davis, go,
of Chica
1(011111MTIONS 00AFI81®. .
!MO Omuta this afternoon: aoseArreed
Seel. J. Waters as Associate Jartles of
the Supreme Court, New Mexico, and
Sorm T. Nixon as Judge of the ratted
States Court for New Jersey.
Funerals of the Killed l tbe 'Capitol Dew
aater—The Leottalatare,
LIT Telegram tote. riumotatt Own , t. 3
lizolutortn, Apnl. 29 .—There were. Aye
funeral Ms morning, Including that of
Dr. Brock, of the Examiner, which were
attended by large numbers of persona.
Both houses of the Legislature met In
the Circuit Court building to-day and
adopted a resolution to meet at the Ex
change Hotel temporarily. The Defile.
tratton bill finally passed.
Wier Calvert, ex-State Treasurer, and
W. C. DunhaM, of New York, are dying,
both victims of the Widener. The b usi ness
houses are still closed. • -
The Governor has Issued his Drools-
Con designating the 4th of May as a day
of humiliation and nrayer throughout
the State. -
Late this afternoon all the city property
in the possesalcnt of Mayor Cahoon , was
surrendered to Mayor Ellison
Twelve Annuals of vlctinneaf the dius.
ter took • plans today, imitating that of
E. M. SoNfield, City Ammon and
brother of Mikjerigieneral likkolleld, which
was ' attended by . nearly two - thousand
Wrist arid those of Julius Hotison, Col
lector of CRY Taxes, and Wm. A. Char.
ten, Chief of Eire Department. Theist
ter was attended by an Immense crowd.
Thewbody as conveyed on an engine,
Adlowed by all the tuber engines of the
department, decorated wine evergreen'.
Governor Walker has written • letter
to Goonfal CaohY, thanking him for hi p s
kindness In ftticdshlng surgeon', &a, to
the wounded by the late disaster.
A telegram was received by the Boo
teary of State today, from Mayor Poi,
of Philadelphia, kasha that. antrarip.
dons were being raised Air the sufferers.
&merchant of Chicago has also advised
the relief committee to draw on .him for
necessary fonds. .
No Anther details!•
Gen. shermaWa Reply to Brig Cloud.
T.leisraph toile iumanablinsada)
emoaoo, April 28.-Gen. Sherman, in
reply to the request of Bed Cloud, the
Sioux Chief, for clothing and, ammuni
tiorittrirt wafflers, and fin pirialsidon
for and fifty , of his band to pro
omit° Washington to confer with the
Preadant. says that these Indians should
be told plainly and emphatically trinities
to the, reservation set apart ' by their .
treaty with the Pesos Commissioners..
and stay there. • The examand 'at 'Port
Fetterman might let them have
• Mlle clothing, but not a parti., l
cle of ammunition. - ita• to their
going - to Washington, be thought the
President would oppose it. Still Os
matter would bare to be laid bedne the
Indian Bureau belbre'• it could be pe l.
lively. settled. Gen. Sherman adds:
"We might as well commence to . deal
with these people Dow ea m a n longe"
Six hundred and twenty of the 1 4th
infantry and three hundred and seventy
eight of the 17th have paased through
Chicago ewrouti for the Indian country.
Malone on tn. Rost
In proposing a 'toast for the news.
vendors; on April Stil t Mr. Dickens ob.
"1 wu vice proem In company
where the question _wu askedt • What
ts the moat absorbing and longest lived
puska. of the human breast t. and an
editor of net experience : . who wu
present, stated..wlth the groan% ulnab
duce, and supported his argument' by
proof, that it Witi the deem to obtain
orders for the theatre. This
psiShrrpresslon JAM
used In, this falth far soinsAhne, brwit
*Venal ow stomir.lache / iniktnaly.
escorted .frant...s. /boas railway -au*
Min to the - town . - which it repro
sootedohrogb spetgtoly an vlonoci
nelistssa. , cTOltint ;1 ritoponnikd ttu
OM= anhalregG along anderasYlnw•
brilia;.-Whots throne absolbteaPoics
of thelonnoi- rant IforeSUA vithcft
ealgtsem nagrenos, that ft oendoly
oaths pardon for getting. yourotewo
Ciallatatc.l , 'Arbor If:Tow Olatl•hired it, •
to haw Is &Root at-rear door at
Pastor, OP LITZ/19.011fraut
t f e r ir :I' Liberty ad iamb etasete.-
itervieeeljeoery LanPe Day at 10.4 IL • emattay
net at 936 r. •
The Debits are eerdiailt Invitee.
- CHURCH. tenter Berne. ° ir lA Z
alt rAil. OI Joaraq
Day) stip . NCII
r OR L W (LOW i
fil A- wad 7 it
..,,,....txraw b r ia i . ... 7 .* aim hm.t.t.
tarriamour n
pzir.mmaetLiez.e", rcly mp Z. RAN
.t £eeeUle! 6.a corner or ".c«ing:«it
arrumu lll c
1 c ._, E DIV
MUNI*, May Ist. Butdent—wfav the ma
tSo naktoll , ag to near and meat gate Gas boo.
Mos of the paw Commit* •,
ClitritCG.—Corner Groat and Wendt;
ther.'7 nomAs J. BaitIELLY. the , irt;
will ...eau. the sarelee in this ehareh TO.IIIIIIP,
'BO W,(117h DAY.) ilaY) let. at the asealliir. •
The Debate contletTy Invited to
1111Laeo k
Nopdudtrd the timiloth ADvearlii; Of th the
111 . 1 ‘li t tliordien i f i ts;Isk:: ta 10,10
(SUNDA/.) Elthalts, et 10aki L . BIUW I
vethell the Word.'. Ether WEND Lt. la sin)
roo d. Come and hear, we will . try and do
roe rood.
(4 v -1 4.b ) -.41. 0 .,
t i a1E7411.11tub : 71,, 21 : 142 e7 141
- Mtanvilazyi TV. - %tit
1...., at M 0.,. Bt.! "" ar e
avenue aad Wood Waal. al C o ra .
&Mar= ' H. J. WAVE Satze
. .
Hrizuenuar Dournerr. . ESQ., .
Of Indians town WO. . • candidate for (leant/
Commission. In xnbartllntlon to the doolSlon of
the nerobilann Convent:on. Nalstodooln rob..
spllnwoldar - .
-12713.--The alma!Eneallag of thsstook•
holders *Ms Pittsburgh Female Cathay Wit
be held la the College
MAX BTRAKORICH raftettolly sumnaces Wit
itta woraf-rezuwaed and aurtuled saststocs.'
7. llkhrt . I. luer dvrtr t ra for Rfo Jumbo, of
Asiterl a, saiit..V . l4o Ore IVIA.VAnOIt
Friday ErAning, Moy 6th, and balarday
Eirealag. may 7th, at fil •
T rats m alwA r rezt
(3 , Ltl- i
rut tua=dx.
Vst-bla Ilracisppeszniace •.•
Th. waillithAValtriagriliWat,
ig• Boman Mellor, and JOSE? WS
"telnel! 11%! Mat
Tka sal.. et seats win Xxemrnes 21:114D•re
rtLy't at ■
IM.l.rays Pianos asod at all Paul. co. taa °'the".
apr:•s7 - - """
SHIT.—The partmerahlp heretofore vi
between]. T. GUYS ant Chas. A. Las
acla( basiaese coder the Arm of J. T. elms
Co, •
wee Weeny dinsolsen by menial eetseat.
T. LA„..„111.
Trtrilenlion; Anti' AIL W I N.' A.
1707 . et
. • ,
CHARLES P. ernionT.
CarPentei. and loader, •
wen promptly Maud .to all Nadi of JobbMilt
work. Oil and water tanks Nude to otter. No.
IT North ayes.% oarner Webster streak. Ail*?
An the but flakes, at the loweet plate.
Vn7Lirge OtO.OC - 11:0New Tork - 101- .
tton., at 10,111, as, so, XL 70,
4311XLT JOB.
BLACk slums,
strzic ewe Gams.
11 . 1 0. itirk $2,111. to .WC wn
at IS suss Con et buyers-
• Iltry (re .1 b. 414.
ALL TUE 4:111010Z MUM,
- ALL C01;0813, AT Tn..
The , finest 'Tar oared 1p tie city. LION an
t.Tltld to examlaii them.
Tn. zinc coauilidiqiiii.ou 'Wins ritol,-
311L3 td. "exastroaties of tie Ibitadatios Ar
the &aiarn itoasisass - trosil 11733133.1% say
Xs, 3, MO. ••
_ .
jAaccsj PHELAN'S
Cold Stand Stkioking Store;
A.:As - Mrs sissros
I inmate Win.=.tli.x Inecklall. • • •
f Isakits. Mat. itntiso
Isfasts. RI ad-Itirit teS, Er,sosrois ikaa
Lalles'atitAa's e.ui Yanio II
!gam- • • -
OLD'6.lll l l, frOC lll l4.lirtr,
114th Liver.
NO. 103.
exactly the same moment as another man
who hired the mime copy and lived four
miles off; and finally, me invincible de
termination on the part of each man not
to believe that the time was up when the
boy milled for it." (1/xlhter-/
Lightning - Meda.
twos, Amherst, Meamehusette,
March 4, 1868.
GE rrunthar: I regard the Munson
Copper Tubular Lightning Rod su_peri , or
to any th ing _ before the public. It Is $
better conductor, and less liable to fall
from any cause to. awry safely to the
earth an electric discharge than an I=ll
welly times the size. It is dimly uni
ted so as to Mon a Continuous conductor s
and from its lightness and pliability is,
when, fastened to buildings, much less
likely to break the insulators and get out
of place than a heavy rod. By order of
our Board, the Munson Rod hair been
attacced to the airs buildings of the Mate
Agricaltu'al College.
W. 8. CLAIM, President.
Manufactured by Lockhart Zs Co., 234
Penn street, Pittsburgh.
srimmgrlgl.l.l. n.7.4caowitriza.r. Pc4')
P t X
7ri b x %IT" 8" " 214 41. / . 914 x•
Bowarr OGEZNY.-.4 •••a••••,,
e w
ra m /a: k=1.1.! itliimb;U:YrecrOi!
. /Santee. been IltkVo` "
SA/Ell3 IL cLaia...
111 le4aul sired
a- 11l ralakielicat
As as carrel.
J. Y CA 2,
• :
Z. M. 1111112.11.'
vm amp
J. M. 04121/..
iiiiiodaral Stmt.
J. Y. 0.11111..
1111 ripflona Direst.
HI RIZ asErr ans) arearrsr
Oommemba and Family Newspaper
No torn;er. orearo L
oild or akerehap t, oho NO N.
...arbour It.
Biagio iratooribers
Clubs of g» .... ....:. ......
Chao of ........
• *map Is foralabsd grataltomly to the sear[
Sp of • PhD of Asa. Postmasters ars soot et
to act es umts.
W,NOT2TII/B— , t2b-Let.' "Ilbr Bate,.
"Los," " Waage? it/tor/id," ..Boarctimg,t ,
est. c wog assedisse POUR r.rxist4 wilt
bst issesreed. its Ow astssmaa owl for
TWENTY-PIPE Cifli.7 l 9; *cleA add&
Nasal Nut 721 7 21 CENTS.
4 „: 4 -c . re coots to kr?
tittarctr, ItAti'Per
WANTED. -six or: Eight good
:BOA.EDEES at No. 1191)...ka.auti 87%,
boyars* Lomat sadlloblamat, on. WM:* :rook
raairal stroll Allegheny; tau. .40
WA TED — 8 MAIO' rs. 8 Hook.
3 me% for firm IrOrk. 3 boy for
coastry, 101.04 MTh:mud Abe errs for ON
work for city and cousin. Apply or X eno.,y
molls Onor. No. 1312th btftet.
In a annfietarlng or Wholnala barlanc by a
roans man or coaaldorab a eantrlarkea. • La
.15aolt aad
Warm Kagilab Sod German
to. via era
beat el . *daress W. ta [Jam
WANTE , ll.—Several men for
farming and grad,. ; al•o rani
girl•fhf Son lionsnerark, .2., in eh] ang
cos etry. .tiler. for helpof kinds lined on.
hnrt4 tlklhlon• ADP,' payment • nlrn.
So. *Sixth street. lermerly or. Clair, tarn door
from bete:ben/dos Bridge, Pittaborgh, P.. •
WARTED;- Baled - proposals
miti°l6" ° lllll VALI"Antt
amok Tor Muriel Wort, to to delivered. 900..
p o
Al y between itare .i 9l lint
lel tbe mune. OVV:illTliNittr "V.
• tortiell.treet. - .
. Onto.
70Ulf Am AS salesman In A Crew, or
Dry, Roods note: Hee 'MAMAS- etperlenee
lbothl•• 'Nears" AO °Wahl a icon thorough Ituolot
Atte of mercantile butts.... No oblootlon to
going to the country. Reference feral former
utollast employer. Addrese W. . OA/Arra (Mee.
Thirty Thousand DoHare to Loan
In largo or maul ontonnes on property In Ala
inony ofonsio at • far me of In t , root.
,o1A:wao E" fnt . l t fes at I.
140.1110 to Loan to 'Ulm. mall =pints,
et a Mx rate of taticrea.
THOMAS K. ' , Rm.
Inn, Ilona awl Rasa istaLe /4004
• No. /19 Saltaleld Moat.
Oooarrar. BOSELDlNA).—.Fur
misled Booms. with lioardlog for Oki
angle giatlctotat, or geaUtlaso •ad Wilt, alll be
obtaLued in • private Wally, to i moot delight:
tat locattott, oat) , taro =butts walk fromiVooor
Etta ntatioa, P. 71. W. t. 0. B. • itteulx•or
oiaddres• A. TAYLOR,
op nib ltd Feder at,u'eat.
- Alleahtsy 13:y.
_ . .
TIOATIDING.--A number of
titatlmantaa fanalthed Irlch Boarding
*rid Boom If de , red, mall) Ittsud at No.
bdidge, All.zbeny My. . . ap2l:tf
LET. --Two pleasaistilleep.
MINS on,r tan
Ls"".1" nr—filYo, l ::;`.*m"l-
. •
.• .
r - LET.—A • pleasant • sleep.
s room, soluble for one or Moscow.-
. Inman ft allilath othou
'OR IMENTTIie • Three''glory
JORLOK. WIELUO - choreal w n
roar of No. owl wood otreet,fonmerly o6rakpled
blairfor.4 Ce.WitrintlW:
, Wo. 11r11 and ITC Wood .
IrG.LET.--IlefellE - Room of
Roogo. HAD. Sae, Bataan Cold Wee Me. WAS
la a' llatt r t Cr e t, d ekrter t . g i • — •= * .
Alio. BRICIrROIueZ 'or le &roma Pro--1121
Kumla Impar Hamm* re Sel alkde
Allegheny. Apply to W. P. PRIOe.
*VW ISt Diamond. Allemeny,
IROX—aree ta
lam t I.lLe
aea aren lama •
teed ' ra i l c a '"6 l . nl
9 zoom, and. minr. 011/11Pruibl sad of eleesur
ereen.erem. led to
Welled win en Mue&
Impeitent. alp, caerisse baw sat an,
bnt.astr bank! sad emu. The Inman. Alf
Wield ese. lied ore covered ernli las
!Vint ems. reede.le, It truly a country
dese• eriln W teasdeukeues of Wee rat" doe. ',sleet tbe cite , . and team nal le. Won la ono
WI UM Mast 111121111, altaavoea fe ibis **Mee..
Per welealeae,
TU C 41., gne-tt
LAOS H./Li of 4hoisl
IV rosMer to reabledordet; V? be sold be.
LIMIT So W. P. rums. o o street, al/e.
B • • SALE.-. 11. • ONE nomer.
PBINB WaGON. Apply at the shop of
g J. /117110111, Wagon Makers .4 Maelt•
gelthe, ale. Ref. Alta), A • ~a . _
Two Bparru.Lot 30x100 teat Prlcellloo.
sILL am. corner Pam 2Nreat7-
%WM miarlats.
I. RING'S/Tn.—Ws bare foe ut• • rail dad• •
we eliaaca " : a : m far tu rl t' p r= rthr . .7 Th relt . i n ai l
rood Tata and cnst•bouta, and sopa taantUnarT.
LAI •119.0n0 ,• trentinit on TWO streets and
attar Valley In Pe n nttowth Net te d.l3.
& CON, cornerand TOIT:Ma:
rat . •4 1 ,1LL11—A Large . Almouzat
damnable poverty. haprose.ll
st Mintrfed.l,l lti• nr.ons ward. qt the [ln.
of ertneb aro offer at um bananas. tha eseall.
- easa . U ., otoneft.ll ward. two asstd.:me bane.
lots. M 5.1.90 feet snob. Bowes .omb/sum. ,
tt4 dangling Dm nasty beim bunt tarabe
mediate vandal, ef these lota. We eller ib at
...Inman II Sallee for aooa. T. H. SILL &SOD,
abr.. Pea! sad Turn-taint streets.
TW ALLZORIEBT CIT 3.-1 olYm for alb
mar gh , tlM , _ 0.1 141.. '.ota situated la Um
= and
. r *T. Zsra P er ara7 Plank
trraz . o ta t i Liot t r . i=l
Lob ran In seen at my dare, No. 53 WOOD
rrYBILIT., Mar Man kb also Al ea reeonhal
Each Lot la a front lot. OnntgAoldegyrn
nso ll , 3l l ll: " Tri r oni. oeta tha raincoat or
Matter Meek. Bab, $
Or life Mat We I
BM dwellings km* bournrame. already. Irarr
=tegaroaa to -Inv* jhe Wm banana mal
loeMojrbee or b :n e e:in La ' Mi l :Ahem. awl
tat roar unman' walk from the poem or Bearer
meat; • babe walk lads baba premises. TOO
t.losemy of beam, and brrazadinga ars Mo
our price. ,
Jul sheeted with ;sawn end
avesitsts. we Are scudded to boy or morn ,
natelrat-clac ehv s nit, 01 [OO4 clts or Wren.
ben usW Ws:Vert? re bre, orsse soma, et
calhrs too el short notice- eti .
T 4-
CM, career Peen sad
Black Hamanle%
• Iron
Flawed Grenadines, .
. Pure 'disks, • - •
BLack Times%
Grei lixtares,
• Wash Poplins,
Plain and Printed Percales,
~ • Puler lantles, -
'l. - • loarnhlG Hoed%
a'mr7.,ampLatex wrocz
: PAR:~f~OLB,
1 -N arirrsszwr Beim= •
lid Hosiery, Etc:
- J ay:se (Tip), a nail ilAss•ix IN
4 ar.i.t.qh..444 4441,4.4
Bar g ain to Bbik:
AT 1111.T6.
arLalis watirot to wadi's fiiraaw4lk.
118 redFalBtniet,
$1 SO
i I 3
1 13