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    THE Gi7XITE.
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tor. Sixth 'IITOIIIO iid Smitkfleld otrett.
P. B. l'EnTithr; ,TOBIAII ZUG,
T. P. HOUSTON, " d . P. SEED,
roprronsA:l(D ra.ormizom
,1 Tiraucirris Tax minx.
1 " 1 61 4 per rellr
.43.11tp54 by eurien, p.ronelt
,ttff aittrajotts,
FLORIDA =llls tiallelln Out. .'
Ax anierostie crolle—the cradle of the
.-•- • .
{Fannon moms a poor maple sugar
. ; T B * doge at Bt. • , prey
;on tender
• Tam best mothers for ballet girls—step.socalrenk, s• . • •
Yozetit f l ab; is haipy in Canes with
N r tc "Zurrranto arlfress"—Ashy manner.
Haw. Downes policemen sleep In dry
' Hoes talks t datteatng tale to Georgia
corn planters.
Toms Meraphians are earning $lO a
clay catchfak .
Ten Info' at common taught.ology—iteo•
• : 1 0117e. —Lovooll GrorHsr.
lite at -
Montreal, lifay ciAirrittra la Med to receive a
Viennese la $l,OOO richer for raiding
on its gamhkoa LOA rmrk.,
~. •
Tan Risalisippl planters are going
"". their pile on ;Mei this year. ,
Ponenxisnre is getting along as well
as it can without a John Smith.
EUROPEANS are successfully working .
the Tak asthma coal mines in Japan,
lIITLIZING the savory and salatory
-Kangaroo for food lea Paris notion.
, . Tan woman suffrage movement iri,llan
' - Francisco lereported "petered nut:"
- Cerro:mon oil, bleached and relined,
extensively used for salad purprisea
Gaial'erm?a itaW sicam` • jetties unload
vessels at a rite to atteant the natives.
Cortaro hia:aiolfed to' Elizabeth. A.
• good place from which to write "Elia"
A TrIOI7ISABD dollar quoit match is the
- •
fart outtuesk'Of the stareploiaahlo mat&
Lrrrxboy. at St. brick each
other to d eath instead ofLouts
rocking to sleep.
A Lone Isz.arie,graveyard was mliv
reed the' ther morning by a prize fight.
Tear call it a rough joke on a friend at
'Bt Louis to smash his skull with a slung
Two Indiana doctors decided their
claims to a young lady's band by a prize
Km Peke, of Virginia, peelk4 Into
the other world lag week by taking land.
A Lrrnia St. Loafs boy has jna l
of base ball on the brats. It fraetnred
Drew,' after.dhiner;reehes are to
be published and I ll ustra —Tith plates,
Tax R 902111 41661 it Coustantina,
Algeria, have diigorged a statue of Her.
cules in marble.
"thrmxtrro dui', mod mid deep ow n
are the' delights or travel in . one New
Hampshire town.
A Micareo.vinarn struck a man In a
Ztthe dtherllif, with lila °per; lm,
ke his neck.
thrown& frult.growers are indigruint
chat they have been buying young ponto
on for peach treed. ,
Drumarra too much water in his arisen
_ le was the - cause of a Cincinnatian's
decease on a recent evening.
A wonky with a. beard two fief long
Wasfecentir one of ilia gelds at, Toulouse,
boa the only lived 105 years.
-- : ,- /acinansVizzat Ileitolonsm
ing with wonderful success in camellias
. and fattening nog, for market. - • ,
Incoscravnuarre Induce .en impel
' sive Nashville lady to pummel her
husband to death tbs. other day., '
:Raiervoiro &lei of hifiLonsfiew Song
of Bigher•Water,- and pines for County,
ticut ever shad.-lEforiford Tima.l
A Nine Orleans policeman got dninli
the other night, and made it warm for the
'citizens henna, sliwthig them on!aight..
• Mn. RAJUILEIGII rashly drowned him
self but west the other day because his
wife went to lectures with - moil= mon.
A listooxaver man magnanimouilly
refuses to prosecute the man, who shot
him, hecause he meant told?. another fel.
WHAT I. the difference between a don
' key and the only empire in South Ameri
ca? The one brays well; the other
Taw Sultan's family consists 900 artist
and 1,400 other people, at meld tfmes,
p in he
g. is thinking of gising up house
An Snelni fsperPol‘sly, "a
mowisar, bombastic ruffian; 'who seld his
mother's only cow to bny himself 'flashy
nab-rm." - -
A TINSILEAS . II dentist has made himself
- beautiful new set Of teeth. The others
; were Impelled, dawn his .throat by his
mule's heels.
Tharan.thr Yonne has just got home
front his tour of the Territory, and was
~received bra proadthowpf several hun.
dred of hut children.
13131331 DI GIBARDIN Is opposed to
traying criminals at aIL ,He thinks they
should be left .to the pangs of remorse.
• That's what they all think.
A Cameo° bartender married a couple
-- land who confidingly thought him
had hi
They havarrested. e found out their
avor and m
Jsai.ousr impelled the vengeful
carving knife which piercedthe vitals of
• New Orleans wok, a few days since.
The other woman Is in jail.
TER loyal leaguers of Robeson county,
N. 0., are again raiding on the disloyal
• of that section, and all night long the soft
notes of the pistol are heard.
Two compthiesof Canadian volunteers
that 63 the front at Bt. Armand, were each
snail boys and they boohooed so, their
i,celottel kindly'sent them hums
Foul, expecimentors in a new Illuraln•
--- sting gas at San Francisco assembled the
other evening to test It. Each left the
room with a window sash brag monad
his neek. •
Pumas= Churres mother is drier
bed as "a weillyraertrat, old lady of 70;
rattler below the medium height, with a
dam 0 11 ;P eye. and neatly yet plainly
. .
TS heathen emblem of the snake bold.
hag his tall in its month has always been
. explained to mean Eternity. Bun Ukiah
the emblem typical of Life, rather. is in
dialing a continual effort to sake both
ends meet.
The Pope's. Precaution itoten Pesos.
At the finte of mass. betas the Pm*.
entice', ife box containing the hosts is
placed on the altar, from which the Holy
rather selects three, which are placed In
a row. The Pope indrcates one, but
relvistny from Mucking it. This the
dews takes to Monsignor Marinelli,
Who consumes It a OnOS, being careful
"to look info the rya eats Peps." The
Pope then points to one of the remaining
two, which the deacon at once consumes,
looting at the Pope. The third is used
by the. Pope himself, no ens being allow•
al to torch it, safer pain of szcormnuni
wan- The deacon ..then takes the cru
ets containintr the wine and water, and
miaow wiping as cAaUcs , pours a little
each Into it. This is drunk by the
semistan, looking at the Pope as before.
The deacon then does the same. The
remainder ID consumed by His Holiness.
These precautions pre tupposo that if the
or guilty
collof isoning. either
paniontaly by usioa , he will show
itymptoms in his countenance when he
by to consume the elements. Hence he
mast leak at the Pbps. Then the deacon,
who is a Cardinal, generally, Is Interest
ed !is the sacristen's good faith, for he
sham the mime tisk. If the chalice is
poisoned, It will probably be by same
mixture rubbed malts tides. Tide Might
•be removed, if as is usual, the chance
Was first wiped. This is much more
than a efferiony, and Mamma% Pontiff
mots every tittle of it.
tit, „ t 4, h
_ I • Z t,
LIM Insurance substilates a remote good
or a present exigency.
A man who labors to purchase an !n
-uisance on his life for the benefit of his
future widow and orphans, : cannot com
mend the energy be would feel were be
laboring for present affluence, distance of
time operating on man's energies like
thstance of space operates on the attraction
of a magnet. This reed of &titmice
every man feels when, in the midst of
health, he [italics hie last will and testa
timid. Aware of this natural difficulty,
when an English Judge wrote his own
will, he took ten guineas from bls purse
and laid them on the table, to stimulate his
intellect by the semblance of present In
terest •
And, still more, Life Insurance is
obstructive of ; present interests; A
man's earlyssvings are ordinarily small;
or whether he is to grow affluent or re
main poor, depends^ usually od whether
he employehis small savings in process
of increase, or extinguishes them In an
nual premiums of Life Insurance or some
other my. Imagine, now, a father, who
shall keephimself poor by the annual
drainings of his savings to some Life In•
surance for the remote benefit of his wife,
He dies, and she commences a like pro
cess for the benefit of the children. She
dies, and the children severally begin the
same proceed for the benefit of their de
scendants; i
and thus like a cat In chase of
her tail, the world s made to revolve
around a Life Insurance, is pursuit of en
always future competency, instead .of
present affluence. Whereby a less mo
tive is continually substituted for a great.
Life Insurance is unfavorable to domes.
tic purity. In England mothers have
been .known to murder their infants to
obtain some petty sums, which certain
clubs bestowed for funeral expenses en
members whose children die. Not long
since a man in London killed with strych.
nine his wife's sister; after having In.
decal her toget her life insured, the-ben
efit to go to his wife; and several similar
cases have wcurred in our own country.
Such cases, in time of pestilence may
occur when none suspect, and thus the
gutity may elude detection. In the mists
nary to the sick ion.
one's death could be hastened, with.
out being noticed, by selfish expectants.
Savings Banks are conducive to thrift,
as Life Insurance is to unthrift. The dis
advantages of Life Insurance proceed
from oar organization, and, there
fore, are Inevitable. The advantages of
the Sayings Banks are equally organic,
A boy who makes snowballs will throw
them away as fast as he makes them; but
should he chance to roll up one of more
than ordinary,slze, it will excite in him
an ambition to enlarge It instead of
throwing it *fray, and the biggt: It be
comes, under his efforts, the atom ger will
become his desire for its further increase.
The principle applies to money. The
day', earnings ot. a poor man are cast
away as soon as earned, a man's reckless.
seas being as great as his poverty; but
should he deposit any of his earnings in
a Savings Bank, an appetite for accumu
lation is immediately .produced by the
unusual possession of a surplus, and the
appetite growing by what it feeds on will
add an impulse to the industry and fru
gality of the depositor. His maxim will
be, refrain from expenditure to-day fast
he may add to the deposits to-morrow.
He rejects the maxim, 'Eat, drink and
be merry," iitc. ;
Accumulation is a more salutary Tell
twee than Life Insurance. An agricul
turist will receive a few grains of an im.
proved. peclesof corn, which he will not
eV- Wm 11, /Qat them, aid replant the
trituct,' until die few - grains become
undrade of bushels If a man, from his
; earnings, at the age of twenty years, can
nave twenty-six cents pertlay, and annu
ally Invest the aggregate at. compound
legal seven per cent. interest, he will, at
the age of seventy, possess $32,000.
Many men who resort to Life Insurance
can save several times twenty•aix cents
per day. Nearly all large fortunes are
the result of such accumulations. To be
In baste tp become rich by a few great
operations is a direct- road to eventual
poverty. Every hundred dollars ex
pended ky a man at the age of twenty
years., fa an expenditure of what, at our
legal rate of interest, would, by com
pounding It annually, 'become $3,000,
should be.lare at the age of seventy.
This -.lesson is practically taught by
Saving& Banks, and counteracts the fatal
mistake of the young that old age is the
period -of accumulation, and youth the
period of expenditure. if any persons
should take out Life policies, It should be
only ola persons.
To teach the poor self-dependence, Is a
better charity than alms. "The poverty
of the poor is their destruction," says the
Bible; but Savings Banks correct this evil,
by enabling them to accumulate their
savings, and become rich by the means
which ordinarily mate the rich richer.
Nature Idndly.alds the Improvement by
the organic mode by which' every man
-estimates his .possession—not by com
paring himself with other people, but by
comparing his present possessions with',
hls former. Thus a man may be pre
served from becoming an inmate of a pen
itentiary, enable him to cook his own
soup, support his family better by his life
than by his death, and be independent of
the community. --
The slow accumulation of property pro.,
ducts better moral effects than sudden
acquisition of property. A man's-self
respect, and the respect of his wife and
, children for itim and themselves, will
Increase continually as his savings ang
' meat. The gradual increase' of wealth,
which attends the accumulation of a man's
Mints, is also more favorable to its pres
ervation, and to the possessor's equanim
ity, than any sudden accumulation of prop
erty. A family who succeed to the slowly
acctunulated property of a deceased father,
know his modes of investment ( a knowl-
edge almost as valuable as the property
,left them). The „family will bo more
likely to retain the property permanently,
,than a widow of orphans suddenly en
, riched by Life Insurance, which will be
paid them la money, of whose proper
use and Investment they will be
Ignorant Beside, the parent whose
savings are safely - accumulated, feels
not the anxiety which sometimes
attends. Life Insurance, lest he may be in
capacitated by sickness, -inadvertence or
dleeppointtheat, fronf paying his burden
some and insidious renewal premium. He
le, on the • contrary, master at all times
of his sayings, and can recall them all or
in part, as his necessities may - require.
Not is a Sayings Bank depositor a sort of
prisoner, under bonds not to travel In
foreign countries, or beyond any defined
longitude or latitude, without the consent
at some Life Insurance company; this
freedom nor money is lost to him; nor in
case pf death arehis deposits liable to be
arrested from his - family, by the qiibbles
of the law. The general system of Life
Inenranee Is oppressive In Its effects,
- takes away all incentive to progress and
Improvement, and a sense of self and
-moral dependence, Imagining a future
, good In reserve, without using legitimate
means, now, to lay the foundation of such
A. B. L
Yinto-Wa's and Bea Yur's rival
Donations of Celestial cigar makers at Ban
Francisco have shown their ill-feeling
towards each other by a bloody battle
with Chinese swords, Iron bars, pistols
and ladvea
A Gnome. town greatly enjoyed the
spectacle of a negro &A!µ td►lng. a migra
tory swarm of bees the other day. Re
sprinkled the crawling rams with water,
rolled it into a moist ball and scooped it
into a box.
A Wzarsai youth who tried - is the
guise of s ghost to frighten his rival frni
wa iting upon the young lady to question,
has a fractured knee in proof of the other
ckip's marksmanship with a pistol.
rwams. alligator's post mortem no
sealed several buttons, marbles ands top
to his stomach, ands neiihteriag badly
thinks it knows whim its missing little
boy went to.
- .1117D.7rIGHT.
The Funding and Army Bills—
Troops Ordered from 'Virginia
and Kentucky to lowa—En
forcing %Nth Amendment—
Nominations—Western River
CET TeleKraptk to Hie Plasburet ussette)
WAcmiNaToir. Aprjl 25, 1870.
The Ways and Means I..sammlttee has
agreed to some important amendments
to the Funding bill, the purport of which
Is unknown.
The Senate .t>ammittoo on MlMay,
Affairs has eubstantlally agreed. to all
the provialons of Mr. Wilson's bill,
excepting those relating to the pay of
Officers. • On this subject the Committee
will probably recommend the adoption
of the schedule of the House bill, with
certain mocliticalons.
A special order has been lammed
from the War Department direct
ing the Seventeenth United States In
fantry, now in Virginia, and Fourteenth
inThnirY, mow in Kentucky, to proceed
with all possible dispatch to Sioux City,
lowa, and report thence to the General
commanding the department of Dakota
for assignment to duty:
The following nominations were made
to-day: Commodore S. P. Lee to be Rear
Admiral; Capt. Enoch G. Parrott to be
Commander; Commander Wm. F. , Spear
to be Captain; Lieutenant Commander
Edmund 0. Matthews, to be Command
er; Lieutenant John McGowan to be Li.
Commander; Frank Burnett to be Super.
visory Inspector of steamboats in the 4th
Telegraphic dispatches 'have been
received from Toronto professing to state
the informatioit given by the Govern
ment of theynited States to the Canadian
authorities with regard to the Fontana
Is not to be relied on, but they
appear prepared with a design of invari
ably misrepresenting this Government
and are generally - pure fiction.
0 ==
Goys. Merrill, of lowa, Butler of Ne
braska, and Fairchild of Wisconsin, had
a bearing before the House Committee
on Commerce to-day. They are urging
Congress to give the people a free water
channel between the Mississippi river
and Lake Michigan via. Fox and Wis•
cousin rivegbableh will cause a redur•
non of freiglinharges between the grain
growing and grain consuming States.
There is every possibility the bill pending
will beat owing to the strong desire of
the -west.
The War Department order removing
the 17th and 14th' regiments of infiintrY
from Virginia and Kentucky, and as
signing them to duty to the Department
of Dakota, removes all troops now per-
forming duty In those Mates. The
understanding Is the move has some
thing to do with the condition of affair.
in the Red River country, and refers to
the neutrality of American soil during
the existing trouble. There are already
In the Department- of Dakota 'three
regiments of Infantry and• a battalion of
The bill to enforce the Fifteenth
Amendment, reported in the Senate,
provides that all citizens of the bowed
States, otherwise qualified by law, shall
bo entitled and allowed to vote at ell
elections without distinction of race,
color or previous condition of servitude.
Penalties of tine and imprisonment are
provided for failure of officials to allow
opportunity to perform any necessary
prerequisite of State or territorial laws.
Persons, deprived •of any
except that of - members of Con
gress or State legislatures, by
reason of the vioLetion of the previa
loos of the act, may recover txmaesaion
through the United States courts. The
United States District courts dull have,
exclusively of State courts, cognissnee
of all crimes' and effenses against the
proviidons of the act. AU officers of the
United States are required, under :pen
alty of 11,000, to institute and enforce
proceedings thereunder, and the Presi
dent is authorized to employ the land
and naval forces, or militia, to enforce
its execution.
Message of the Principal' Chkf.
W.IIIPHIB, April 25.—The messy.° of
Allen Wright, principal Chief of the
Cherokee Nation, concerning the special
session of the Council, Is an able state
paper. He warm them by the fete of
their territory in blharisalppl, and in
view efthe proposed establishment of the
territory of Lincoln, says. "It is Idle
to talk of things remaining as they are.
The great change la approaching, not
such as we wish, but just as it is, tester
than we are prepared to meet. We
moat, meet the change whether pre
pared' or not, and let us meet it mac
fully." He then advises that the
lands be surveyed and held in severalty.
and then that "we organlee ourselves at
once as the State of Okulusharns, and ask
for admission u one of the States of the
Union, and if it Is the honest desire of the
United States government to have as be
come citizens of the American Uttionothe
will acquiesce in our petition," He also
recommends an Immediate protest
against any territorial government, and
tt doption of resolutions asking the
government to settle the status of freed.
men, and recommends the encourage.
ment of railroad'.
The Council subsequently Famed en
act submitting the question of dividing
their lands ao as to be held In severalty,
or as heretofore, In common, to a vote of
the people on the 4th ofJcily next.
The Revenue Revenue Deraleatlon—harpehm And
IndianaUon at the Removal of Raper.
visor Mare.
. . .
(Gy.Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
Lawns:sworn( ' April 25.—The an.
nom:moment of the action of Commis
sioner Delano in removing Supervisor
Mare from the District of Kansas when he
had but Just commenced to unearth one
of the greatest swindles ever perpetrated
in the Revenue Department, was received
in Kansas with surprise and indignation.
Col; Harr, however, aecertslned that
Speer's defalcation extended through
the whole of his administration as col
lector of this district, and amounte to
over one hundred and , sixty-two thou
sand dollars. The most substantial
men of Leavenworth, Junction City,
Topeka, Yort Scott and Mound City, men
who are worth twenty-live to three hun
dred thousand dollars, who never failed
to pay their tax, have been reported by
Speer •as dead, absconded, _run away,
failed to find, no property, etc. The re
tention of Supervisor Harr, at least until
he can complete the examination
of Speer's case, is demanded by many
of the most prominent and influential
Men of Kansas.
• gumboot Engineer Murdered. ,
(By Telegraph to the PlUstetrght:lasette•)
.lidultrams, April 25.—A terrible murder
was perpetrated three mftee below here
early this morning, on the towboat Mary
Aloe, from New Orleans fOT Pitlaintrgh.
Benj. Kennedy, the engineer, being an
noyed by two negro deck hinds named
Anderson and Henderson, ordered them
to leave the engine room, whereupon
they i seised him, and, after stabbing him
• sheath knife, threw -him over
board. The watchman, who wu • tet
ras* of the mons; attempting to MVO the
*DP:Meer, was knoftked down- and
brutally beaten.' An dick& was made to
save Kennedy with • yawl, but he muik
befontssaistanos could be rendered. On
the arrival of the boat here the nerves
were* brought before' • raligUltrate and
oommitted to jail for trial for murder in
the drat degree.
' • ' C , 1 S AY, APRIL 26, 1870.
SENATE: The Louisville Canal
Enforcement of "Xlfth Amend
ment—? he Calendar Taken Up.
HOUSE: Large Number' of Bills
Introduced—Fining of Absen
tees—Remains of the Late Gen.
'Rawlins—Tariff Bill.
Br Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
WABILINGTOIf, April 25. 1870.
Mr. SHERfdAN • presented a petition
of the. oard of: Aldermen and Council
of Cincinnati ielative to the ; Lottlaville
Canal, representing the injury ,t 0 oom
mord from the new bridge • senate the
Ohio river opposite the tells and the ne
orwitity de greater promptness In 01 com
pletion of the work of the enlargement of
the Louisville Canal. Ho asked hit refer
ence to the Committee on ApprOnitationa
and hoped they would report an appro.
.priation to complete the work. =
Mr: STEWART, from Judiciary, Com
mittee, reported a bill covering , the sub.
ject of the enforcement* of the FlReenth
A Mil wax introdueed by M. SHER
MAN, amendatory of the liar fer the
disposal of coal lands, etc., on Me trate
domain. • • • •
The Senate insisted on its amend ants
to the Income tax bill, and Means. Sher.
man, Williams and Morrill, (Vt.) .were
appointed a Oommittee of Conference.
A similar Committee, consisting of
Mears. Conkling, Carpenter and Bayard
wax also appointed on the Census WM
Mr. SUMNER, from the Committee on
Foreign Relations, reported a bill mak
ing an appropriation to carry into exec:Li
tton a recommendation of the President
of the United States, In pursuance of an
award made by the joint,ommission
between the United States and Peru
The calendar was then taken up and
only these bills to which noyobjectlan
was made were passed. They Included
the bill extending for. three ears the
time for oopsolidating the statu pf the
United States, being a substitute for the
House bill; also a bill giving priority in
courts of the United States to cases to
which a State is a party or where the
execution of revenue laws of a State may
be stayed by Judicial order or process.
The bill to authorize the settlement of
accounts plot:Beers of the army and navy
wits referred to the Committee on
The bill to make the importation of
Immigrants under labor contracts nn•
lawful was referred to the Committee on
Education and Labor.
The hill specifying Regulations for the
foreign coasting trade in the northern,
north-eastern and north-western Iron
tiers was palsied,
A large number of private hills wore
also paned. •
• . Adjourned. -C
A large number of Mils wero Intro
duced, Including one to charter the
American and Holland Ocean Cable
Company, also granting land, for a rail
road from Ontonagon to the Michigan
State line, for • railroad from Lake
Superior to-Vermillion Lake, and for
the Omaha Ind Northwestern Railroad;
also for the survey of the Minim' PPI
river from the Missouri to the fderrimao.
Also the following by Mr. SAILGENT:
For the relief of the people of the United
States, by reducing taxation, providing
that on the Stith of June next there shall
be a general reduction of 15 per cent. on
Internal taxes and ten per cent. on import
duties, except on Writs. . tobaccq and
cigars; that no income loom or derived
after Decettiber Met, 1889, shall be taxa.
ble and abolishing all special licenses
except on distillers, brewers and menu.
lactstrara of tobacco, sung and dims.
Mr. AYES' offered a resolution that
the tariff, bill ought to be indellnitelg
The House reftised to seoond tho pre
vious question, and the resolution went
Mr. GABON offered a resolution in
structing the Secretory of the Treasury
to duke an inquiry into the relative trade
between the United States and SriUsh
North American dependencies.
The Hones refused to eecond the pre
vious question. and the resolution went
Mr. McKENZLE offered a resolution
calling on the President for a statement
ae to the moneys paid - Luta the treasury
on account of property seised and sold for
taxes due to the United States under act
of June 7th, 1862.
The Home refused to second the ore.
Timm question, and the resolution went
over. -.
Mr. BOOKER Offered a resolution that
the honor mid good faith of the Govern
ment are bound to the payment of loyal
clUsens of the Routh for property of
every description taken from them for
the use of the Government.
The House refused to second the pre.
VlOllll question-89 to 90, and the resolu.
lion went over. •
. Mr. CESSNA offered a resolution in.
structing the" Committee on revolution
ary potations to provide for all surviving
°Marrs sod soldiers of the war oflBl2.
Mr. STILES offered a resolution • call.
ing for Information as to the army °fa
oers on duty to Wuhluaton.
The House refused to second tho pre
vlons question, and the resolution wen.
The morning hour having expired the
question came up as to members absent
on the call of the House on Friday night.
Mr. SCHENCK offered a rerolution
fining all not yet excused ten dollars
each, &acmes, hOwever, to be allowed to
be submitted.
The previous question was seconded—
109 to 22.
Several members proffered excuses,
which were accepted.
Mr. CULLOM moved to suspend the
rules and adopt areeolution remitting all
fines imposed.
On s oount by tellers the vote stood
79 to 88. but
Mr. DAWES having called for the
yeas and oars, the rules were not sua
pended—yeas 68. nays 64, two-ttardenot
voting In favor thereof. -
Mr. SCHENCK gave notice he would
daily, atter the reading of the journal,
move a call of the House. The matter
here ended.
Mr. FITCH moved to suipend the
rules to give next Thursifiy to the.con.
alderatlon of business of the Committee
on Public Linde. :Rejected.
Mr. DIXON moved to suspend the
rules, lOU to consider a substitute for
the Senate bill to prevent the extermina
tion of fur.bearing animals of Alaska—
you 111, nayss9, less than two-thirds In
he affirmative.
A. petition was presented by Mr'
EBIONof ninety-four butanes' firms and
companies of Cleveland against the pee
sage of the handing bill.
Mr. LOGAN, by , unanimous consent,
Introduced a joint resolution appointing
(leveret Giles A. Smith, General Johns
Smith and General Ell R. Parker, a
commission to procure an appropriate
burial place for the remains of General
John A. Rawlins, late Secretary of War,
and that the cost of the same be paid out
of the contingent fund of the War
Mr. COX suggested a modification to
provide for • the erection of a suitable
monument over the grave.
Mr. LOGAN modified the resolution
Mr. VOORHEES remarked the remains
of. Gen. Rawlins were lying in • pnbll6
vault in a graveyard In Washington. , -
The joint resolution tis modified was
Mr. PETERS moved to suspend the
rules for the purpose of reporting from
tho Committee on Judiciary and passing
a joint resolution to enable the Secretary
of the Treasury to collectlwrecked and
abandoned property, derelict claims and
dues belonging to the United States.
The rules were suspended and the Ant
resolution passed--p 8 to 47. -
The HOLM went into Oommittee of the
Whole on the tariff bill. -
The paragraph relative to Iron In slabs,
btooma, loops,' eta, was verbally
To that relative to Iron bare, rolled or
hammered, several , amendments were
offered and rejected..
Mr. BROOKS., New York, moved to
make the duty eighteen dollara'per ton,
Instead of one cent per pound.
Alter a general discussion, and without
Map:slog of the amendment, the Um&
minim rose.
Mr. DIGERI3OLL introduced e joint
1 ~.
resolution donating . four Mews of-con
demned cannon to the Ledies Monument
Association ,of Peoria, Illinois. Famed.
Mr.SCIIENCE.gaye notice he would
ask for night sessions to-morrow and
Thursday for the tariff bill. •
Mr. BURDETT, from Election Cam
mime, • reported on the election case
from the Fourth ,Thatriet of ~ L ouislana.
that Michael Rysys not entitled to a
seat and that J. P.. ewaham la.
CALKIN o red a resolution call
ing for Information Of the amounts ex
tended . in improvement of Boston and
New. York harbor*. 'Delaware break
water and mouth of the fdleslasippi river.
. •Adjouirneil.
McFarland Trial Resumed—The
Fenian Raid--Murderer Con
signed to an Asylum.,
By Telegraph to the I.ttttburgb 64ietto.)
Iprw, YOUR, April 25, 1870.
The McFarland tafal was again resumed
to-day. Publlo interest, which had
ceased for the past few days, broke out
again and 'tilled the court room with
crowds of both sexes. . -
The first Witnen 4 called was John Orr,
Assistant Warden of the city prison, who
testified Chop/limner - was accustomed to
read In the night time in his cell; noticed
he could not sleep.
Reuben A. Vanoeephysician of Bellevue.
Remittal, testified be visited prisoner on
the Bth, lLth and I.llh of March, In the
city prison; on the ith of March con
versed with him on his family, his his
'tory and everything connected with
him; examined his heart and lungs In
the ordinary method of physicians; his
sensibility was decreased ;. found con
gestion of the brain
ined his pulse; when he commenced
his examination,it was 112 to the min
ute and at the conclusion of his
interview It was 115. On the 11th wit
neencame with solve other gentlemen;
lalepulse at the oommoncement was 107
and at the end 128: Oa the 15th yeitnena
remained an hour with prisoner; exam
tried him again with same result as be:
tore; coated McFarland as to his neneibil-
Icy; found it normal: there was no organic
disease; the apposnince of prisoner's eye
Indicated tho presenoe of congestion of
the brain.
Mr. Gerry here showed the witness
some diagrams of the brain, on which he
explained the condition of the brain
when affected with congestion.
Witness teldilled that a person may,
under the influence of congestion of the
brain, commit violent acts. In congas.
Con of the brain the whole character of
the man le changed; pious men may be.
come ungodly, a prudent man . a spend.
thrift, and so on, exaltation and delves.
Con of mind altegliating. The witness
had heard all of the testimony, and be
lieved the pannier to be insane at the
time of the ahootieg, and not aware of the
consequential. of 11)11 deed. His state of
mind was such that the witness' did not
think him morally respOnalble. •
Mr. Graham at his point stood up and
maid that some of the city papers had
reproduced an article from some western
papers which stated that he (Mr. Gra.
ham) hid gone to the District Attorney
and disavowed his conduct in the -trial
with regard to Mts. Calhoun. He wished
to state that neither to the District At
torney nor to aulother human being did
he make inch a !statement. The District
Attorney corroborated Mr. Graham's
statements. •
The Court then adjourned till to.
morrow ruornl:4 l .. x -,
Chambers, the murderer of Vootheea,
has been committed to the Utica Lunatic
lusyluru. He eaye there ie nothing the
matter with him, and that be will be
back In Brooklyn In a month or two.
Rumor says 'Sunday next has been
definitely fixed by the Feulan leaders
for the commencement of the raid on
Capt. — Wm. ',Hemmer, commander of
the first battery put lu the field by New
Jamey, at the beginning of the war, inset
—Pechter, the actor, is seriously 111 at
—The !teenier City of Brooklyn ar.
died aVTew York yesterday.
—Freeknal funding bill has boon algn
ed by the Governor of New York.
—Dr. L. P. Grant, an eminent phyal.
elan of Memphis, died of apoplexy
yesterday morning.
—The General Conference of the
Methodist Bolero* Church South will
meet at Memphis May 4th.
—The New York Senate passed a bill
yesterday, appropriating 1600,000 for the
State to erect and lease elevator, at Buf.
fain and Oswego.
—The home of 'Mrs. Martha Kean, in
East Mansfield, Massachusetts, was
burned yesterday. A young man named
Frederick Ames perished.
—Wan. Jambs, Chief 'of the Six Nation
Indians, writes to the Torontb Globe, de.
eying that any of his tribe ere to form a
part of the Red River expedition.
—The new hospital of the soldiers'
home at Dayton. Onto, will be dedicated
on Thursday. President Grant and Gen.
Sherman are expected to be present on
the occasion.
—A collision between two schooners at
'Baltimore, - yesterday, uccattoned a per
sonal encounter between the crews, In
which one man was killed. The mur
derer was arrested.
—Among recent arrivals froth Europe
aro 'Rev. 'Wm. Arnett and Dr. Blakie,
deputed from ihe - Free Church of Soot.
land to the Aeaembly of thePreebyteriaa•
Church of the United States.
—Andrew Keetteckner, a compositor on
the Dubuque /reread, fell dead at lila
case yesterday. He bad been a printer
for fifty-one years and net type on the
first newspaper published in lowa.
—At a meeting of the American Colon.
!ration Society at New York, Sunday
evening, Rev. Dr. Northrop, Secretary
of the Society, gave some very interest
ing details regarding the present 'sato of
the Liberian . Republic. Since date of
organization the Society has received
from all sources the sum of 82,424,761 22,
and has colonized In Liberia eighteen
thousand persons.
—A special dispatch to the Louisville
Courier Journal Indicates the election of
Gera. J. H. Lewis. Democrat, to Congress
from the Third Congressional District of
Kentucky, by a rrnsiderable majority.
The negroes voted. In Bowling Green
the negro vote with one exception, was
cast for Lowry. Republican candidate.
A disturbance recurred. J. S. Golladay
spoke at Bowling Green and announced
himself a member of Congress at pees.
ent.. He bad a large piatol at his waist
and indulged in abuse of newspaper men.
It is probable he will contest the seat of
the member elect to Congress. •
—Dispatches from Poughkeepsie, N.
Y., say: Reports of disasters by the re.
cent freshet are still coming in. Greene
county has suffered greatly. Bridges,
factories, mill dams and entire roads
hive been swept away. In the town of
Dunham two persons were drowned
—one a girl named Powers, fourteen
years of age. Fifteen hcnes and twen
eight bead of cattle-wane drowned.
Dwelling houses were destroyed, and
one man had the greater portion of his
farm destroyed. In Ulster county the
low lands are flooded, and many families
residing there were compelled to flee for
their lives.
Upper }liven:
EAT P. a A. Televaph comm.7l
Haowromum, April26.—Ettver fain rig
with ten feet of water In the channel.
Weather oloar. Thermometer 66 at 6
. -
Gitnreennani April 26 . —Elver falling
very slowly, With .ten feet of water
.hi the Channel. Weather clear. Titer.
mometer 67 at 5 w. m. . , ...
./ . 'tit , . F.
broactawfoletC_P 26 .—River falling
with fifty inchee tester in the channel.
Weather clear. • Therttometer 57 at 4
Oa Cur. ADM 26. Lltiver falling
slowly, with three feet and seven Inches
water in the channel. Weather cloudy..
Thermometer 60 at 6 P. Y. F.
'will O'CLOCK../. 011
Resigned Fenian Raid in London
—Massacre of Captives by Bri
gands in GreeceC,--jlritish Par
Bement x. The Great Yacht
Race—Political Excitement in
France—Ministerial Circular=
Ecumenical Council at Rome—
Impressive and Interesting
y Telexraph to the rltteburgh
LONDON, April 25.—The story or a
projected Fenian insurrection in London
Is believed to be a hoax, but a large extra
police force is on duty.
News RIM received here thst the Greek
Brigands, who were closely pressed by
the troops, have terribly massacred their
English prisoners and the Italian Secre
tary of Athens recently captured.
A telegraphic dispatch Butt received
says. that a piece of wood has drifted
Rebore on the northwest -coast of (ken.
wall, containing this inscription in large
letterte.oeity of Boston sinking, Februa
ry eleventh."
LONDON, April 25.—Mr. Otway, Under
Foreign Secretary, stated in the House
of Commons the Government had
received dispatches from Athens, con.
firming the melancholy intelligence of
the fate of the captives in the hands of
the brigands. The Greek Government
mode every effort to save them, hat In
vain. Negotiations having been exhaus.
ted, the troops moved against the robbers
and drove them to a tower on the
rout near Orepowhere they were
surrounded on Frl . day afternoon. Offers
were once more made to the brigands,
but rejected, and at ten o'clock next
morning an attack was made on their
position. As soon as the troops com.
menced to move Mr. Herbert and the
Secretary of the Italian legatkm were
taken out by the captors and butchered,
and subsequently, when the brigands
found themselves hard pressed, Vyner
and Lloyd were killed. The troops finally
carried the Lower, and the brigands,
two of whose leaders had been mortally
wounded, fled, closely pursued bp the
soldiers. - There are strong hopes that
moat of the band will be captured, in
which case they wilt be summarily
dealt with by the Greek authorities.
The British press clamor for the pettish.
ment of the murderers, and demand
Idemnity from the Greek Government.
Capt. Eyre, of the steamer Bombay, is
seeking restoration of his certificate on
the ground that the evidence against
him is contradictory. and inconclusive.
Much sympathy is shown for him berm
It is said the movement in Atlantic &
Great Western Railway stock is owing
to tho acceptance by bondholders of Mc.
- Henry's terms.
Thera le every sign that business will
be pushed with vigor in Parliament.
Another public mouton of the (mmen- .
Ica' Cotincil will be held tomorrow. The
Pope will preside and the Fathers will
vote openly on the additional articles of
The Romeo( Comnconereaesembled to
day. Mr. Otway read a statement in re•
gard to the maaaacre of foreign captive.
In Greece and promised Her Majesty's
Government would lose nojiMe In urging
the authorities at Athens to take proper
The House went Into Committee on the
Budget.' The proposals of the Chancellor
of the Exchequer regarding .newspaper
wad othaelltate duties were agreed to.
The naturalisation bill, after lashed de
bate, was taken up. Mr. Fielder opposed
the 'measure, denouncing It as redolent
of jobbery. Lord Elcbo held the same
views. Mr. Stanfield defended the. bill
In detail. One of Its principal merits
ho • said was to establish control over
expenditure. Sir J . Per ugton general
ly approved the bill a d d confined his
objections to certain odi:lance details.
Mr. Cardwell, Secretaryof War, closed
the debate with a speech In refutation of
the 'objection' offered.,.The bill then
palmed by a majority of 74.
Tholfletropolitan Poor Relief bill, after
a long debate, was passed to second
reading. .
. ..
Cowes. April 25.—The yachts Sappho
and Cambria are comitantiy under will
and subjected to th e severest team under
every circumstance of wind and weather.
preparatory to the find of the series of
three races to take place in the British
Channel.• Douglass and Ashbury Wive
acreed to leave the entire management
of the races to unimpeachable yachting
authorities, whose decisions will be eon ,
elusive. As far as at present arranged
the Nola requires a six to eight knot
breeze for the start. The course hi to be
sixty miles to windward from 'some
point to m of Wight. id-channel off the easkend of
Pants, April 26.—There 15 a reported
disaffeltion In the party of the Left.
Meetings have been held and the meld
berm will all vote alike.
The Journal Official contains the
following circular to the °Moen of the
civil service, signed by all the Ministers:
"The' Emperor addresses a solemn
appeal to the natteu. In 1852 he &eked
power to assure order; In 1870 ho sake
power to establish liberty. Confident of
little which Is Ma by reason of 8,000,000
suffrages, he does riot surrender .the
empire to discussion: He aubmitis to a
vote only its -. liberal transforms.
don. To vote yea,' Is to vote for
liberty. The revolutionary party, se.
crony attacking the nationalsovereignty
and rnisrepreeenting the respect. which
the EMperor pays to that sovereignty to
thus consulting the people, are not true
'frlenda of that liberty. But in spite of
three the masses will march to our
ranks. Gan they Ignore the fact to at)•
stain from voting, or to vote no, will be
to atreugthen those who only combat the
transformation of the empire to order
that they may destroy it, and with it the
apolitical and social organization to which
France owes her greatness f In the
name of the public peace and liberty, in
the name of the Emperor, we demand of
you all, our devoted co-laborers, to unite
your efforts with ours. It la to citizens
we address ouraelves not as ordering,
but as offering, patriotic counsel. Our
object Is to swum to our country a tran.
quit future, to the end that on the
throne, as in the humblest dwelling,
the eon may succeed the father In peace
and quiet."
In the public Meetings held yesterday
to discreet the pleblecitum, the, majoritg
of the audience declared in fever of ab.
staining from voting on the Bth of May.
Signor Usmindri. sn Italian banker,
of well known-republican proclivities,
presented one hundred thousand francs
to the antl.plebiscitum committee.
Prime Pierre Bonaparte yesterday
gave a grand banquet to the Corsicans
belonging to the Guards.
Roma, April 25.—The third public
sitting of the Ecumenical Council was
held this morning. There was a mag.
niticent assembly. The Pope made his
entrance at nine o'clock. Nearly all the
benches were occupied by that time.
Many Bishops heretofore abstaining from
the meetings attended to day.
Alter the celebration of Maas, the non
voting prelates withdrew.
Tne four first chapters of the first
Schema de Plitt, condemning rational
philosophy and heterodoxy, were read
aloud. The Scrntators collected the votes,
which were all In the affirmative.
The Pope, from his throne, then an
nounced and sanctioned the Decree of
the Mune%
The proceedings were highly impres
At the Ecumenical well yesterday
(Sunday) six hundred and sixty-four
Fathers were present. The Constitution
de Fide was unanimously voted for. It
centains four charters, eighteen canons,
as follows : Charter first, live canons on
the Creator; charter second, four canons
on Revelation': Charter third, six canons
on Faith; Charter fourth; three canons
on Faith and Reason. -
FLoarsor. Aprl 25.—King Vlator
Emanuel h as recovered honv enght at
tick of searletirm ,
-Annum April 24.—1 n the drat ittaok
upon the brigands near Marathon chit,
ton of them were killed. The fight
sited an hour, and sararaleoldlers were
also killed. Konit, the chief, and eight
of the band fled. During the pursuit
Lord Nuncaster made his escape. On
the fourth day Mr. Herbert, , attache of
the British Legation, and Count Boyd,
Becretary'of the Italian legation, became
exhausted and were brutally murdered.
The next day Vyner and Lloyd, wnoee
exhaustion also occurred during the
flight, were poignarded. 'The troop, are
still part:deg the bandits. The excite=
meat Is 'terrible. The bodies murdered
will be brought here for burial.
MADRID. , April 25.—The city Journals
mention the continued receipt of memo •
lisle from the northeastern provinces
favoring the • election of Emartero as
future Monarch of Spain.
Lormost, April 25.—Advices from
Madrid represent violent quarrels in the
Spanish Cabinet and the partizans of the
Duke of Montpensier are gaining ground
outside the Capital. It is also reported
that a rising in favor of the Prince of
Asturias is threatened.
HAVANA, April 25.—Captain Olano, of
the Cuban volunteers, recently pub
lished en article ratiocting on the charac-
ter of General Puello, and there baa
been some talk of a duel between those
two officers. The matter, however, has
been amicably settled, and Capt. Olano
bas published an apology in the
BERLIN. April 25.—The Parliament of
the Zoilverein completed lie organiza
tion. Herr Simeon was elected Presi
dent and Prince Hohenlohe and Herr
Von U.lest Vice President'.
QtrEnnsTowm, April 25.—The steamers
Java and Idaho have arrived.
Lowbort, April 25 —A thin strip of
Wood about a yard long and painted
blue drifted aebore yesterday near Lig
ger Bay, on the northwestern coast of
Cornwall, containing the following in
scription in large lettere: "Oily of Bos
ton sinking, February 11111." Tne wood
bore evidence of having been broken in
two, and the remainder of the inscription
is consequently lost, except the • letter
"M," which followed the words above
given. We have no means of knowing
whether this is a genuine message from
the missing steamer, or a heartless hoax,
but the latter is strongly suspected.
I ==!
LONDON, April 2.5-;.Eveiting.—Consola
for money, 94}; on account, 94%.
American securitlee quiet: '62., 86%; '6se,
87%; '67s, 89%; 10-40 s, 88; Erlee, 1.9%;
Illinois, 112; Great Western, 28. I Stocks
Lorrems, April 25.—Linseed..,..cakes
firmer at £9 10sgi9 188. Tallow quiet at
44s 6d. Sugar firmer; spot Ws 6a. Cal
cutta linseed 60. 6.1. P.efined petroleum
dull at la 7%digla Bd. Oommon rosin
dull at 5s 6d(i)ss 9d. "
Fnianvonx, April 25.—Bonds closed
active and Arm at 95e955t.
PARIS. April 25.—Boarse dull at 74
francs 55 centime's.
Liv Epsom., April 25—Cotton steady:
middling uplands 1.244 d: • Orleans 11%d;
sales 12,000 balm. California white wneat
Be 241 red western No. 27s 10d; winter
7d(pa Bd. Western dour 19s 9d. Corn
No. 2 mixed 80s. Oate2s sd. Barley W.
Feu sae 6d. Pork 9814 6d. Beef 106 a.
Lard 69s 6d. Cheese 73e 6d. Bacon 58s
for Cumberland OM. Common Resin
4s 6d. Tallow 43117 d.
HAVRM, April 25.—Cotton quiet.
ANTWERP. April 25.—Petroleum firm
et 82 f.
O did ye hoar
That clarion clear,
That sounded over land and sea
"Absolve the ban
Of Canaan:"
It was the Trump of Jubilee. -
go, se of old,
Again behold - •
The waves divide amidst the seal
Again tby rod
Prevails, 0 God.
And runes the tide to Jubilee. .
Thy cloud by day • '
Still leads the way;
And naming back across the atm,
Thro' Dark and Dire •
Thy Pillared Fire,
The beacon-blase of Jubilee.
THOU latest, Lord,
Thy living word
Again go forth from sea to sea,
The ExUntie° Committee of Western
Penneylymila held a special meeting-a
every College on Monday evening,April
25th. Henry Highland Garnet occepied
the chair, and S. A. Neale acted u Sec
Toe Secretary presented the following
resolution, which wee unanimously
adopted :
WHasEsis, Through the kindness of a
distinguished gentleman, we have ob
tained the manse of a number of the
heroic men who, In the name of God and
Humanity, struggled so arduously under
the banner of the old Liberty party, to
right the wrongs of our once belpleee,
but now enfranchised race. Therefore,
be it
Resolved, That Mr. Jacob O. Brown be
Instructed to procure three more car
riages, In addition to those already pro
cured, and that the following gentlemen
be kindly Invited to take' seats therein,
Rev. Jas. Rogers. D. D., Rev. Dr.
Sproul, Rev. John Douglass. D. D., Rev.
M. B. Sloan, Edward Allen, Jim. McMas
ter'', James Reed. Alexander Gordon ' C.
Sackett, W. W. Wallace, Dr. John Sc ott,
Dr. Jas. Brown. M. )Maionnigle,
B. Ross, Manchester,' Rev. Jos. Turner
Sharpaburg, Edward - Dltnridge, Jas. H.
McLellan, John B. Siuiderson, James
Alllndor, Wm. Allinder, C. Slade, Thos.
Davison, John Flack, Richard Straw,
Thos. Shields, Sam'l Patterson, Hon. Jas.
L. Graham, Rev. Williams, John
Wright, Aaron Floyd, Thos. Mitchell,
Geo.Faweett, Dr. C.-0. Hussey, Rued
Errett, Hon. D. N. Whits, Chas. IL Tay
lor, T. H. Douglass, John Wallace, Alex.
Wallace, David Bowen, Benj. Bowen,
John White, E. Martin, Wm. Black.
The carriages will await the arrival of
the guests at the Monongahela Howie
until 12 o'clock, and Mr. John Luriley Is
specially detailed from the Executive
Committee to coo that they are courte
ously received and seated.
Manner,. April 26.—The first case that
was taken up wan that of John Schlegee
and wife vs. J. S. Smith, action for dam.
ages resulting from a false arrest of
Dorothea. wife of ,Schlegel, for not at
the instance of defendant paying costa
in a case of [rover and conversion tried
before an Alderman of the city of Pitts.
burgh, remaining in the county jail from
Saturday night until Monday morning
following. Jury returned a verdict for
plaintiff for $2lO.
The next case taken up wasshat of P.
H. Stevenson vs. Samuel C. Little. This
was an action for defendant amounting
tq ;Ili. 13 for coal sold and delivered.
On trial at adjournment of court.
-101. Twain Klee vs. Reed.
125. King vv. Kirkpatrick et aL
182. Lelbler vv. Voelkria.
134. Kerr es. Young.
138. Adams vs. Fletcher
188, Gray vs. Farley
189. Schott vs. Bair et al.
140. Hug vs. &tumor
13L Clark & Co. U. Graham &.
142. Davi., U. Parton et al.
In the cue of Robert Finney vs. Wm.
H. Brown, previously reported, a motion
was made by the defendant's oonmel fisr
a new trial.
From 'quietus Dean, Eoq.,
Professor of Rattail Scien ces , Pittsburgh
High School.—Mesam. L ockhart & Co.
Sirs: I bare examined with care a speci
men of okinnaon's Copper Tabular Light,
ning Rod with Spiral Flanges," sub'
mined by you, and would state that in
my opinion it combines, better than any
other form of rod I have ever seen, the
essential features of a complete list=
protection; it is also worm? of
introduction, for its cotorialss cheap
news and durabillcf • hews features
enable persons of moderate means to ob.
Min that complete security a ga i ns t li g h t _
nlng which ham heretofore been enjoyed
only by the wealthy.
Parham' Dian.
Manufactured by Lockhart & Co., 9134
Penn street, Pittsburgh.
To.,Dols Jubilee.
Common Plese—fudge Collier.
NO. 99.
WANTED—A Girl for Gene.
nl hou'e n O•5-S PPI7 st 75 roone
W F N T . fd I ( 7 17:4 u i u r a l e
'lv% do
a l i t
k t
i t o e
Sixth avenue, rittstnegh.
WANTED— 3 nollers.3 Hook.:
Y.113.1N, 3 men for SUM WOO, 3 boys for
Muslim, to work In vineyard Also Cris fur all
walk for lily and coontry. Apply at itmviuy
meat ()Mcr. No. 1 Sloth Street.
turing or Wholesale Suitor... by a
yoeng man or ,nolerrab e experience. can
speak and Write Airrman. Can Sloe brat city
reference. Address W. Uslsodlee. 453
the Neriery Banteem Address A. H.,
(ucre's Once. 4 22
od mode r ncrEL ac.ind floor, in a new
house, with itoproacments..ln • genteel
aciennorlfooll, convenient le ear, fish ward,
Allenneav, for rent, tarnished, with board. to
or two single gentlemen of quiet habil,.
Apoly at MAHAN'S ART GALLERY. coml .
Peon and blithstreeta. 4.01
h TED.—SIx - or Eight good
bets. en Leaeoek and Robinson, one square from
Feiteral street, Allegheny ulty.
T Ink at Watling. Steady tmDloyment the
Year through. Tut best of wages paid to good
men. Gall at corner or Allegheny avenue and
Ridge street. Allegheny City, ra• . 4-13
- -
$30,000 to Loan In lane or mall amount
at a fair rate of Int:rest.
8111. Bend and Real Entitle Broker,
No. 179 Str.lthfLeld atroe t.
LOST —Yesterday morning
J on
Ike way from Boylo to Dr. J . R.
ciallt's Clutch. by way of Feder& street. • LA
DIE,' Y1N1: WA felt CHAIN. The nutter will
receive the thanes of the. owner by leavlner It at
kW ATTI a Tetultri.l3, rederal street, or at
Warren rake. 9-1 S
T OST.—Pnlicy N 0.10,839 in
ur ..alladelphle. on ilfe of VT. ie. AIITCh ELI..
Notice le hereby give. that aprlfeallun hae been
made fur a durilleate. ' •
SOS. TitAVFLLI. Arent.
.-"Ir No. 37 Filth avenue. Pllteburarh, Pe.
iptOAFIDINGT.—.4. number of
rientlewen .n be furnished with Bonding
YU L'IMPAA" 1 1=1 tit;
bridge. lir [betty cl[T•
To LET—ROOMS—Cheap, very
deelrable forsmall family. 41541151 re of
C. T. WE oßlen. No. 51 and 4 151010 street (late
TO .LET. —An Unfurnished
BED ROOM. first floor front: new bowie.
nar the AVegbety Cowman. allable for one or
two gentlemen a bed room, st et. dem. price.
Addrate got 370, Pltteburgli P. p. 4-21
T ° LET.
On the groeino te,. &poly to ED. LIRE &
CO., 1211 Smlthfel I tlreet, opposite the Coat
rro LET.—Two Comfortably
fur - Ma/led Rooms, a n for fear sleuth
men. A few ear warders can be accommodated
also, at No. 75 Fourth avenue.
FOR RENT.—The Three story
BRICK WARP:llooHE.ChuretraUey,
rear of No. POO Wood street, formerly occupied
by WIII. tloadorf t CO. so a droom Factory.
Inquire of W 'LANG &
ill • So. 1741 and 174 Wood lit.
rLET.—one good Store room
ead DWELLIniti. O. 45 Obto atecet. 3
odn from Dtamond and next door to Ftsuallu
sayings Honk. One or the beat Heattosa tu the
at vent moderate. Also, II NOUN In tbe
mor eald storeroom. Indult. a of
arti.Van W. CAltdubt. 46 Ohio .tract.
frO.LET.Brick House of
Rooms. Hall. Lot and Cold Water. large
VT4' i1:40; l'..P ! ,.;," d ebn4-17.1aVe.z. °, 2 7"*.
Aeso. BALCH. nerUele of 0 Ward , Alle ghe ny.
Middle' +lacy, near
street, Ad we, d.
Allegheny. Apply ' D. YRIDF,
spit • Al Diamond. Allegheny:"
HOUSE. oontalstios 0 rooms, with gat marl
water. complete. No. WI LatOck stmt.. •
Also. NOUSE contabalog 9 romp' s, with gas
water complete, at No. 10 Walnut — street, oth
Enquire of A. PATTERSON.
spa 87 Peebles street. Allezbests ell, Pa.
rDEPOIL.—Part of the well known property
On the Perryaillln Plank
Road. within 11:5 attunes walk cf City Hall. Inn
legheny. The house Is lira stalled,containtaff
o anoint. and lemew, eomf triable and of elegant
archtlyeture, •nd Is supplied with all moos=
Improvernente. Ansa carriage house and sta
king for Donnaand covra The around. are
boadtlfullylald out. sad are covered with nee
forest trees. mm 11,11121, It trulya country nal
denc a with all the ad sentare. of brine very con
venient to the elks. and from Ito k ration la one
of tae most healthy &Mallon In this notion.
1 1 : 1Vit r iVi/ 4 .. r i;lll ' S q /Ve ' ng- QLIY" 31;2:11:'
2E I SPRING MU WAGON. 'Apply at/the shop of
N'•EN. Wagon Maker. Lod Black.
at o tihs, No. 42 No Alley, Al 2 gb any. 4.23 •
FOR 8 4LE.—One good DIL-
I 'AIM TABLE; WILL be sot) cheap. at 060
on street, Pittabarah.
FOR SAT E. Engine of 4 horse
.Dowe In rtionlag ordrr. 'Wilt be .old
ADDIT to W. I'. rRICIC, 31 Olito street, elle.
Tao Rooms. Lot 30:100 feet. Pelee $l.OO.
IL BILL a SUN. corntr Penn and Tyrant,-
third street.. ,
RING SITR.—We have!or sale a very dest•
üble location far =emanate...l punpsos.would
be a rare ehattee rrr a. Tannery. It having been
formerly d fur that purpose. There are 48
good vats and 00PbOttatS. end sone machinery,
Lot 110i131/ feet: fronting on two streets .4
near Valle, Road. In u e Fifteenth ward. -'f. U.
SILL & SON. earner Penn and Thlr,y-thlrd at&
t'OR SALE.—A Large Amomit
of wry desirable prop, rty. Itufmwed and
unimproved, In the Tar one ward sof the city. all
of we offer at great bargains. On timall
man sines, Twelfth ...rd. two handsome build
ing lots. Whillso Corr each. Some due sobillanv
tial dwellings bars lately been built In the im
mediate viols it' of Ow. lota.
aar lu I o smi. T W lt e .
,plhl e4r .
them at
horn t
mum ga PeonandT f o r ti-i him! s.meta St
FOR SALE.-111t111.DiliG LOTS
IN ALLY:OIIEN CITY.—I offer for sale
the moot delighiful building lets attuned In the
second ward. Allegheny, ou Perryeville Plank
Need and Observatory avenue, adjoining the
Observatbry ground.. Their Lots are pan of
11, •• and one•nalr 45,K) acres. A plan of these'
Lotscati be tern. at my otore, No. b 3 WOOD
•111.11. ET. The plan hasalso pen recorded.
Each Lot Is a front lot, fronting on Prerpeollie
rood or Observatory avenue- sim.lll* feet wide
by 131 de: p. Toe lots opposite the residenm ol
Wasmegton and Welter Ncelintoet. Esq... ant
314 by 175 feet. Most of thel ots are wild.
rive dwellings hare been erected a head,. Per
son. desirous to leave the low reminds and
smoky title. can here find an Oriiieidlonil , The
locality Is one of the ant. in the taro cities. and
hat tour minutest welt from tee heed of Beaver
street: a board walk leads to the premises. The
beauty of scenery and surromrdinge are de•
ern. easy; prices low. Eneulre of
. . .
ro. r. JHN.
No 83 Woo street. Plttsbn:3l. No. NUlttvf r
Avenue. Alleuhenv ear. 34
3 1 1 eNir gemett: r ?..t,Ve...1.,
borne capitalists, e are cost/len to boy or n go.
slate Sr.. -clue mortgages on good city or labor.
but tee proved property In large or small autos, at
rair rates, an at abort notice. T: BILL •
Penn and Thirty.tal rd sin Cu.
lloivimf.l443:lzvot:iam*oßi v il
-Pittsburgh. The annual election arcane
Directors of tble bank. to serve for the cueing
ear, be held at Tue s day,ltlee, No.
101 /Nth avenue. on lity 10. 1810,
between the boars of n and 5 o'clock, P. x,
tr•A • • P. E. CCEIENCB. Cashler.
1.1 'etters o : . m . L .
TB ATION on the 4 state of him ELIZA.
1 TR SMITH having been gnaw
againstun• missed. sltpartleshaving claims the
Sid eats ts wilt present them for palms:lt. sna
" parties ovular the soul allot. will 41111 sag
SAO Centre avenue.,
sgßksegi Pittsburgh.
tliOTlCE.—Whereas letters of
adminlatrallon cum testateentn annesoto
tata of ANN JANE McCHEADY, late of
tee etc? of Pittaborah. Mweased. have been
. granted to the whs.:ether. al Demons indebted
tO the said mist. , are motteeted to make immeo•
late payment. and thme baring claims or de-
Maxine avant che eaten. of the mid decedent,
willseake known the same, without delay, to
/Ulmer Curls uptamento attack..
- No. 87.1)1amond street,
PrziSICISOU. Abell 23, 11170. av21:74111•T
CHPATRUTIST:—.A ..... an Jan I. IST&
/014100 1 .731 AT. 4400.00.00.
armed Surplus and Prenaturas , is, eseArat er.
Lomas Dalt sines U 99. pier 45.600,000,
Paraiba' ana Tearmrary era Liberal
Company also Panes policies upon
Emsfa 'et all - kbads of Balblinas, Ciround
Esau suellaomuspu.
DIRECTOWS—AIireiI 0. Baker, Banmel Grant,
Geo. W. Risk! s nle Isaac 1 .5 5 .
71012. Thos. eparli F. Wm. B. amt. Thoataa 5.
Ill* Gustavus A Ream..
- ' ALI/RED G. HALER. Preald&L
DEO. PALE& Ploo Presideat. -
Z. W..MeAllister. On A
T. H. Rarer, &Wats. Seer.
ape' Car. Tided &summand Woad Wont.
Commercial and Bluffly Newspaper
No fanner. mechanic. or merchant. &Wild be
Single subscribers
Clubs of glve
Clubs of Leo
• copy Is furnished gratatto.sly to the otter
up of a Club of tea. Postmaster. aro snouted
to act Ailments. Address,
1110 Is the thirteenth year of the imiccessfet
introdnetion or the "MUNSON COPPER TUB- r f
IrLANGES,I• and or the thousands wo latl
et meted, no rod hat felled to protect the bundler. •
This fact sprats more In Its favor tbsn all other
commendations. We may state, however. titer
In nainevius trials. scientific committees have
awarded tie Munson Rod the preference—it wee
never beaten In any contest. It boatmen come
mended by many me• of the Mehemet...dine tU
the selentific world as the fest protection agalnal.
lightning ever Invented. It Is a compltte
oats wbereVer Introduerd. We have bun.les of
ft l
commendatory letters from cur customers es.
tending over the Out decade, embraoltin may
Utley and towns from °mane to Charleston.
Its advantages me that, owing to !Le:retailer I
constraction, electricity it admitted to the tutu
aurface. thus utilizing what heretofore was •
waste, and its spiral Ganges which lead the ear- {-
rent by thogOurse natirad to Its movent nt; the
material. copper, Is the best available sustains
conductor, and, taken altogether. its capacity Is
equal to twenty Iron rode; It never rush. and
never seta out of order.
We employ skilled workmen to attach teems
rods to bonding, In twit or country. The prfw
when pot op Is 30 emits per foot, sad $3 00 for
too. No extra charge, ofskey kind.
Have Jon published
BY Hewers' Banat . .
1 Tot. Sao. Paper corers. price 50 cent*. *i
A new "near of sneaked nos... and originality. 1;
The noyel deplete with much feted the omelet.
gulag on In • England between the Rower of !
wealth and the pride of cane.
The style Is crisp, racy and dramatic—the char
actors boldlf drawn and well sustained.
It Is doe of the most Deletes! and lute:eating
of recent ouldleallons. .
Prtee $1 ;or volume, toandln ' I
I). APPLETON't CO., . r ,
. .•. No. 90 Grand et., New YatE,' .
Patamb U. day: .., 7 • '
A sequel to
"Home Ineneuce. a Tale for Matt r ess sad
BY GRACE A 01111.12..
One vol., Mao. Cloth dI• WWI Wastrallo..
"The writings of °such Aouri.La hats • t
Imam Inseparable Atom productions In which
echoic. Is combined with Intense.; they godl
ct'r to Ins heart. •Home Influence.• theft
riedly popular story to which this Is the sequel,
dmirzbly teaches the lesson tmylled In lia
asr..• , —••kt °ruing Chrozdele.••
"Ibis beautiful story was completed when the
entboresa wel little shire 'the Sheol slotteen,
yelltnai the sober MIMI of middle sae. 'noire I,',
is no she nor sex that will 'hot profit by its para.
ml. and It will afford as much pleasant as knoll
so the reader.—••Critle."
Jun ready:
• IT '
One tol., I.ll¢io. 31111psges. Cloth. Price 61.
• • I!••.
Ntatliready: •
The follow hut Rook;
Wpl appear in rapid gaciusloA
Either of the above 1,111 In real. rasa SY
lam, to any edemas in the 'United &Mee, Oa
receipt et the price.
Fro. 90 Wand street. New Turk.
Papuhaly Hluetrated by ijpleal cpeetes.
WWI 5167 engravings. lval., Hyo. 1606 plot,
Cloth, 85; half calf, $t
By the same anthor.
AND REPTILES. A. popular account j... „
of Maly mantas orderamith a dew:lntlon of the
habits and economy of the moat Interesting By
Louts Fluitax.„ n natrat..d with 307 wood
.ls. svo. Peos.lls: halff. nalf. $7; 5.11,aa1t.55*
THE INSECT WORLD. Edna a Y opnas at. p,
count or the orders of Howls, together with a t,
description of the habit* and acosiony of await j
of the moat Intereaung species. By Loots 4
rionar.a. 'Hutse tad wiih eleven fag-page ea.
cravings, and 503 beautifully orbited wood. 11
Cuts. Cloth, 510; half calf. IT; full calf. $3.
THE OCEAN WORLD. A deaerlotiva /altos.,
of the Sea and Its Inbabitutr . By LOOTS 510 .
visa. Illasuated etufraslngs. loot., V,
13.. Nice In cloth, 45; wor oar, extra. .11T: net
Louie Firms& Containing 34 hal• os.
tratirliss of extinct /infuses and Ideal Land. r d
..apa. of.. Ancient World. .4201 figures of
Animal.. Plaata. and other fault rem.nn and
restorations. 1 vol., Res., 433 page.. Clotn.
haltealt 01, fhll calf. extra .BE.
PIMS. Being a history of Planta... their bo.
'tanical denctiptiona and p culler proPertios.
illustrated wit 444 engt.inEs. and 111 E lull.
Blustrati Cloth. 45; half
oaf, az
ARTS. By enithrrx Burry: Tranalated .4 7!
edited by W. Chaffer. Y. O. A.• aro, with Rap
enErariora• Price.ll3:2lalf morocco, $5.
Either of the above neat free by mall to any
41re. on receipt of Die price.
i=b 1.1.1311.0 El4so.ems•A
On the Cernetety Grounds. begleolag .0 10
o•cicme t, tr.. en FILTURGAT awl contlnuiwg
pp 30th, 1910, BATHED
1070.. • Y ktayllo. 11 90.
cusrtiers cemetery Is situated
the Temper •';
anceyllle end DI Id Platik Road, about 3 111
mile• from the River end ocie•qu.trur of a mile ...
from Cemetery Iltatlin, Tau Handle Railroad.
Toe sround• having bei n muttony plotted lato
section. and ranee., the minstrel. eau offer the
ellsibie lot. at uric. to eel& thew...tie!
ell. and much below the price. now mirrent la the
city cemet•rie.. Alt who hays not let pa ?chased 41 , ,,
a e mall Burial Lot ere particularly 0110.1.0t0
lave.• l on o o . i iro d t ft o
tt o gy e t: * " 1
7:4 .'" k •
' Vlslterstrom the Otte. end p ri v et
remit r •
the Cemetery
taking the seesaw. delJen
•Traln, lensing the Oslo. Depot as 11:19 A, I I
!castes Ilisminstism MU. at 11139 A. ■ .
loving Teta p.m.:m.lth, latiololl.oo A.
d lett WI then un et Cemetery otAtlon• Train; i• .
morn to the aftenma u Sin sad 3130 F. K .
nomwsl •
' •
Brackets, Pendants, •
. • •
For Gas or OIL Li ,
We are now merles our SPRING STOCI OP te
PTZTURZ3 of the Lotest and Tined Dotlitut,
from Ito ISI Lights, *abrades over LOOM/Sr. L,
cot Styles. which we. are at Slag at ILIDIAIRD
PRICIER, Wholesale and Retail. • -
iininalkOPS aUla 431113 illtellrlh
147 WOOD STREIT, ntar FMk'lmos.
air Ord•rs An Plumbing, f/... and Steen TW .- 10,
Drelnutty attended to: 00 °
prinrsnuntin • • -
rßileff PAYING&
fig F.
So. ei irocrErrn ai n rrar B.
Orr B C ,rdi, Aßnag e Me& lad als
sexual:o/zaaol 21.1.
raire tit fir 'Ray try=
kald at the rata of Ma per . cent., apt a umlaut withdrawn composnide wearl•aanaaLlys la
January awl July. Nadi 0/BrialVa. Ben BB'
&Mad PtWOatt
H. yerta r aii. Part,tr..Vllea . Plaaldealst
X.. Wain ley, Beentazy Asa Tea". A
A. Bradley. J. 1.. firahres,•l4 r
Jolla lllera
roams. aboamJaaJlealt.Edbi• 4
ptmm AxV4V.