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Cur. lath tune and ,Imithfield ►treet.
By nW. Pa-Tgar
Delteered by carriers, per week
Ete littsiragt tt
T. Trrcomit to to Pam
:lituaort refuses to many.
OIN. O'Nan,haa hls Fent= eyes on
Lox Dom pad Dickerut ;50,000 for his
"f arc Vtll.'
- Tunas Meissoniervictures sold in Paris
for gismo.
B=t-nunt rabbits are a home prodne
of Montana.
— Onsmarca has a now opera in hand
!'lhatatuito." • • •
_ .
PAWS is to haw) only ten nights of
'Comm% (la:, has 20',000 spindles
twirling cotton.
Pm HTACUITIik'II paper is called
"I.w. Concorde."
Hamm HOGYILII 13 Chiselling the .
Queen of Naples.
Lituran Enisawron is to be pitted
against Anna Dickinson.
Muscat's success in "Robert' le
Diable" astonishes Paris. -
Texas Is a jealousy of church aping
in monumental Baltimore. •
Tam MEbile Begiiter bu reduced Its
price per copy irons ten cents to five cents.
Mn. G. P. Tune hu had a book dedi•
cried to hist. It laths Omaha Directory.
_Vitt handacmest prince in Europe is
Incoming bare next summer—Alexis of
• -
Tumuli but one bachelor in Blue
Grass county, in Kentucky, the girls are
Cue. Dime, of Marshfield, Mass.l
cared himself, of consumption by cutting
his throat.
Tux debt of the city of Portland, Me.,
is larger than that of the State of New
Ilampshire. -
MAIIVIDEII says he loves the Southend
will stay there for ever. Who has urged
him to move?
A not in Fort Wayne, Indiana, ate
fifteen worm lozenges, and was seized
with violent spasms. .
AN Indiana lover was rejected by the
mother of his adored, and to be revenged
he set fire to her torn.
Eaceim.'s brother is to take Hortense
Bthnelder on a "Grand Duchess" tour
through. Great Britain.
Ate Illinoisan wants a divorce, because
his father threatens to disinherit him if he
retain, his present wife.
TILTING to read, a paper in bed is what
made a Mobile man wear swig. His hair
took firs from the candle.
A terns New Haven girl In a frolic
with a sister had a croched needle stuck
into her heart, yet she will recover.
THE capital of Misaluippi, at Jackson,
has only been on fire three times this sea
son. Vicksburg wants the capitol.
?mimic' 'jimmy and stolen money on
a man Is sufficient cause for his arrest as
a auspicious character in Philadelphia.
Bosrren supplied 103,603 indigent peo
ple composed In 21,490 families with free
soup during two months despensation.
Tux North German postofilce for
warded 241,400,414 letters in 1869, eleven
per cent more than the previous year.
SIENTLICET has its champion old- man;
"116 years of age, and able-4e thread the
finest needle" In eight different languages.
Roximu In Detroit have time to break
down a door, robs shop and rummage it
hontieW sallow before the police arrive.
Thew Outgun Itundce IS Melt( itseir
not entin,ly blind, by raiding on on •
licenseditittery wheels and other "skin"
itsiAlbany suicide hung himself to
limb so low that Ms knees nearly tone
the gonad. But he perseveringly held his
feet up. _
Tux lock of John Wesley's hair deposi
ted in the corner stone of an English
church is now said to have been cut from
his wig. '
WACINEN'S "Meistersinger," with
seventeen pages of libretto erased, re
quires four hours for its production In
Exotica:. supplies Hamburg with coal,
and sent her 376,000 lasts in 1869. A. few
Cargoes of Bohemian coal proved a losing
A FARM grocer, of Imperialist views,
ornaments his shop windows with a Mutt
of floctdort, 'done in lard, with prunes
for eyes.
A CINCINNATI sneak thief tried to
avoid serest by rushing upon the roof
and jumping off,' but was secured in
fragments. •
Tax workmen under water In the
caissons of the great Bt. Louis bridge are
dying off rapjdly from the effnla of the
condensed air.
A Prutuorarnia
Identified by his cap, which he dropped
on the scene of his achievement. He'll
tie it on next time.
AN English viar berry refused to bury
the untsaptised child of dissenting parents,
but an Independent minister was found
Who performed the service. • _
iNnin thousand seven hundred d 01l ars,Vic
clear of all expenses, Rae undr realized in
chits City, Nevada. by the late Catholic
fair in aid of the new church,
. Ax Indiana Gentian drew a big crowd
bj his strange ections last week, and then
Main himself through the heart. flume
pehple will be tragic or perish.
Monsoon um PAWS was one of Jules.
Bitoon's audience at his lecture in favor
of abolishing capital punishment, but did
not defend his pet tUttrellikellt.
A MKDINA, -Ohio, paper offers six
months' subscription to any body who
will bring it back a number of its issue
of thirty-five to forty years old.
PROT/DI:NCB ..bOOtblACkA delegate ono
of their number to kick a peanut vender,
and while the latter Is pursuing his assail
ant the others dean out his basket.
be deprived of his
liberty cause he knocked his wife and
mother htlaw down with a brick, and
broke up all the !unitive and dishes.
Gtr MIGOCICiti the postilion whose skil,
ICI riding saved IPA:vane from being cap
tared by the Conchs at his evacuation
from Moscow, has just died in Russia.
A.-Funinu negro was two years ago
so terrified at the cars that he bad to be
blindfolded to get hit:reheard. Now be
AB a Senator and a director of the railroad.
Tan end of t Bin Donato sale is
an injunction lai he d by the Princess Ma•
thilde upon the millions which her bus.
band, Prince Digoldoff, realized from it
Mn. listewrox, the new Senator from
Term. Is said never to
ki have smoked a
cigar, titan • drink, or seed AWOMAD.
_The lobby think him a delightful curl.
A ineunnx gentleman of 108,1 n Bohe
mlai limpet been cut off In the flower of
Ms youth and beauty. He appointed his
funeral, sat down, fell asleep and never
woke. .
Tux mourners eta New Zealand native
child'ortnnerat drowned their grief in a
couple of hogsheads of ale and thirty gal
lons of spirits. They were drunk two
days. .
A YALE , orator at a woman suff rage
-meeting In Ban Francisco made aneffee
nee speedy offering himself in marriage
to the chairwoman. They sled ho was
. _
• , - i t
1 ,
T •'i
S Lrefl.ll Albany boy would have been
punished by a young man for snowballing
gone off prem.
&Wi t had not the pistol
lat ely and taken the young man's hand
with U.
Bow; ANTEIONT is down on mm•
Tug.service,. because she once 'saw •
•gii, queenly looking woman" given
away to a "little, feeble groom." .mgr e h,
sour grapes. :
PLUCICT Illinois boy split a burglar's
. h ea d w ith a hatchet, who would be&
:he d down after due warning, and
d Cherobber failed tau secure anythim
ps • cold chop. •
Eippyusou keeps Ala Bock of 4,200
1 -
__ „ ; . i!.._
- ' =
. . . ,
. .
. . . . . .
. _
. .
. .
. . . .
... . .
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. . . . . :
. . .
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. . .
' . .
. . . . ,
. . . • .
_ . . .. . • - • .. • - •
. ..
.• : .
. • . , . • .
. 41 -L. .
. - . .
. ,
10, ; ': V , ,,i, , ...... : 5 . 5 .. , 41 7 .
,;4-. 1 ~ - 44, , 41 ~ ' r' l
7,1 1 1: 1 13 IM ILII
Vi d ES\T Fainil EßN.P Y ENN N sy e L w v: P s a tA r . er
:,,, ---',
. 1 ) ''
' • I-''' ..
1 11‘'l: ' . .t iiiipp-) , . \\ - -4
. Comme rc i a l
. . . 1 ..'-. -
, . ..c , ...... '''' .4 . :• .. 1,. 7 ' ' ~::::,.. ''''', ..„r,...' , ' :./ . f . : ii, _
. . •.__.,-, 4 • No tamer. suchsote, or merchant. li/wild ht
.qal VT,
- t:4; I : .:v. . . ._ :: .:.:...,,.. ._4 , ,s l :i .
„.. t . 4 .4 %....., VithOnt It. 1
i ‘
1 11 1 .
.;;•- •1 1 4 .7 •
~.„. .. t.
-,••=t . 1. -- --- -- f -, -- -... - -, 1 11 -, .=. -4 ' \ ,ra s' :- :, . ...,1* ''' ,1. 41 ,j-,-;„ ' '''
...;-.••__......• t - L -3 . - /-t d --1. 111 , - • ~. .---i '
, . ...,_
. -,
.. .. T z,amll •
Din it nbeeribers...l c ................1 . :0 3 , ..
!' . 113
.. 1 . . .
, \ . ,
. _. .
Lf.' . .
1. •
sw..-- -
' to o . p AC itl w e a t: b .: :::(,I .. l f u tt b a: :::l' 7 er.: d a r d trrit aaA . : " t7r:: ' a
re ' lt 7; Ire l ' il .' C• •: -
ME mbersln order by giving each a coupon
ticket, which he br she is .bliged to de
positin the eJlIt
tion plate to show at
tendanceat cher h.
Fuoas are easi y pleased. A German
professcx has discovered that if you take .
out the brain , and then rub a wet finger
down the frog's back, the creature will
croak Kith delight- •
A New Yolse !policeman, to prei - Ve the
injustice of his dismissal for.drunken
ness, ran n muck' the other day, knocking
down, pounding and biting every one he
met, indiscrimately.
Tni dwellers on the Rhine are wonder
ing at an old man of 76, who bathes in
the Icy river, and rests on a cake of Ice.
His only punishment is. being called an
Urgesundheitaapostel. r ,
Tex Cold weather which coated west
ern fruit trees with Ice is supposed to have
killedoff all the insect embryos and in
sured a large crop. "It's an ill wind
that gathers; no moss."
NORFOLK grumbles over the high price
of marketing. Lettuce threecenteahead,
chickens a dollar a pair, shad 75 cents a
pair, and sweet potatoes fifty cents a peek
are some of he quotations.
\ Atmen's ehimney took fire the other
night, and h a , was awakened by hearing
the mirror crack into a thousand places.
He got up in time to save his gray bairn
from the devouring elements.
Nuzson has born singing with Duval
ho in opera at Paris, and the latter felt so
bad at being utterly eclipsed by the fresh
voice and wonderful genius of her rival
that she almost fainted in the fourth act.
Tux intense pathos which Anna Dick
inson threw Into the expression, "My
God, let me die," in her Cincinnati lec
ture, is explained by the fact that she
was entertaining a felon on her finger.
A Ntransn of English sparrows have
quartered themselves in t h e garden of
Captain John 11. Wilgus, In Lexington,
Ky. They have been there about four
weeks, but where they came from Is a
A. CINCINNATI doctor's bill of three
dollars was disputed with an adze, by the
father o f the little girl who died. A rival
Galen cased the trouble by telling the
°areas that what killed her was horse
Wx. H. CHASS, son of Henry S. Chose,
of Cornish, New Hampshire, was instant.
ly killed a few days ago. His brother
was cleaning a stable, and acctdentally
hit him with some frozen manure, flung
from a for-
A NEVADA zephyr, the other day,
'whisked the mail cutter from White Pine
to Treasure City, with two men and a
spas of horses, from the road and into a
snow-drift thirty feet deep. They tun
nelled out.
Art old reprobate of 55 at Louisville
has abandoned his wife and children,
stolen some money and settled down
comfortably in Memphis with an elective
affinity. We live In an age of great
moral ideas.
Tux elephant of John Robinson's men
agerie and circus got loose in Tmkegee,
Alabama. and went to the mill of Mr.
Aosms, scared the watchman off, broke
into :he mill, upsetthe hopper, and helpid
himself to the meal.
- Ax attempt Is being made by the ex
rebels in Georgia to return Robert
Toombs to Congress. The Savannah
Republican, one of the most influential
rebel papers in the State, is working en
ergetically in his behalf.
DR. BiIIZIEL BARD is disposed
last, though it cost his friends the expense
of buying out his paper, "influencing"
his appointment to Idaho and lobbying his
confirmation through the Senate. let
they think it cheap enough.
Tur. nurserymen in Illinois say that
the cold weather which coated the limbs
and - bodies of the trees with ice will
cause a' heavy crop of fruit this year.
Trietr-say the ice will kill the bark lice
and the eggs of the apple curcullo.
Txnux HAUTE calls for a manufactory
of agriculturalimplements. One hundred
and thirty. thousand eight hundred dol
lars' worth were sold there during the
past season, and but fifteen per cent. of
the money retained in Terre Haute.
Triu'last number of the New Era states
editorially that there are at the present
time four men imprisoned in Kentucky,
undergoing sentence for having aided
slaves to escape Prior to the war. It ap
pears that one of these prisoners has still
ten years to serve.
CHEMISTRY does wonders. It has
built a butter factory on a wharf Of the
Thames, where s delicious or at least a
saleable article of print butter is extracted
from the mud of that river. Them dla
originally a pure white fat, without taste
,or smell, but is manipulated into well
' flavored butter, and duly stranped` - with
1 the likeness of a cow. _
-- -
Two swindler' in Northern Ohio are
operating in this way. Ono goes to a
store keeper and offers to bay mink furs
at $4 50 a piece, promising to call in a
few hour', pay for them, and carry them
off. After No. 1 goes,No. 0 appears and
wants to sell the store keeper a large
quantity of mink furs at $4 each. This
was tried lest week in Fremont, Ohio, but
the merchants didn't bite.
Five buildings on wheels, with stove.
pipes protruding from the rear, loaded
with women and children until same Di
the houses looked as if they could hold
no more, each drawn by four yoke of
our, passedl through Clinton, Missouri,
the other day, heading for the Southwest.
Each wagon would make a house that
will entitle the owner to a homestead
farm under existing laws.
TOE physical state of the Empress
Charlotte has altered eo much for the
worse that she. can no longer pay her
visits as usual to the Chateau of Lacken.
She has to -be closely watched at the
Pal Be l gi a n s , where tho Queen of
the goes to ace her twice a week.
Iler mental alienation is now accompa.
nied by fever, which confines her to her
1 bed in a state of complete prostralon.
Dianna counrr, Indiana, has a very ,
fatal epidemic called the "cold plague.
A New Albany paper says: "Every se
has proved fatal except two, and one of
the persons who recovered has been left
in spch a crooked_and deformed conditimi
by the disease as to render his life a bur
den, while the other, who, previous to the
attack, wee a lady of intelligence and
rare accomplishments, has been left
almost Idiotic. The disease is a "
fearful one."
IP dressing for photographs it is useful
to know that dark brown, dark green,
maroon and plain black gOods, without
gloss, will make a rich dralscolor. Bilks
of the saute color will take considerably
lighter. Snuff brown, dark leather, dark.
drab, scarlet, cherry, dark orange,
', son and slate will take a very rich dab rab
color. Violet, blue, purple, pink
magenta will take very light, and should
be avoided. The hair should never be
very wet or glossy. ' •
A Billesgon who talked with him on
the San Domingo subject reports that the
President expressed his belief that the
treaty-would not be ratified, and
was useless to continue the struggle to
the Senate. The Senators best informed
on this matter ea* that the votewill never
be reached in the Senate, but that the
treaty will be allowed to fail by general
consent, now that It appears there is no
chanee for ratification.
' Tug President of tho - r.qual Rights
League, William Nesbitt, Esq, has
issued an address to the colored people of
Pennsylvania, informing them that in
honor of the adoption of the Fifteenth
Amendment, Tuesday, the 26th day of
April, has been set apart by the Leagne
as a day of "thanksgiving, jubilee, and
general rejoicing" and recommending
that it be "generally observed as such,
and on that' day all business be suspended
and all business places closed, churches
be opened in the morning for praiseand
thanks given to the King of Kings for His
wonderful deliverance, and that wher
ever convenient the remainder of the day
be devoted to speeches and music end
general rejoicings, and th e even ing to
festivities, so that the day may be Wily
Wanted in each city, town and hamlet
throughout the Commonwealth."
Pennsylvania Legislature.
The Attempt at Treasury Reform
—The Senate Amends Rouse
Bill—Tillsburgh and Ormsby
Passenger Railway—Allegheny
County Fire Marshal.
(Special Dispatch to the rlttsborSit Gazette.]
HICRIIISBORG, April 4,1870.
Little business of importance was done
in the Legislators to-day, the Commit
tees being pretty...well cleaned out of
bills. Some long pending eastern local
bills passed, or were otherwise disposed
In the Senate, Mr. Randall made
an effort to dlepenee with the evening
evselon, the Treasury bill being the order
far the evening.
Mr. White opposed the effort, and said
this would be the last chance to pass the
Treasury bill.
Mr. Randall's motion was defaMed
-- •
The amendments of Messrs. Wallace
and Blilingfelt being carried by the
united vote of the Democrats and Messrs.
Bit!install, Kerr and Lowry,
Mr. Howard offered an amendment
to require the Treasurer to make monthly
returns of places of deposits in detail,
amounts of money in each respectively,
which statements shall be open to the
inspection of all CILIZ9II3. The amend
ment was. adopted. •
Mr. Rutan offered an 'amendment re
quiring the Suite Treasurer to state under
oath at the-and of each year that he hid
never received, and did not expect to
receive, anything for the 11153 of public
money, and for him to do so should
OffiCEl Fuld the fact communicated to the
Legislature by the teovernor at the next
session. Lost.
Mr. White enrol to amend by- add
ing a section requiring depositories to
give security and pay interest on bal
ancee of not less than three and a half
per cent., and fixing penalties for offering
canetderation for deposits. Lost.
Messrs. White, Howard. Rotan and
Mumma supported the House Mil as the
brat that could be done at this stage of
the session. Better that than nothing.
Mr. Howard charged that he knew
Gen. Irwin had loaned out the funds of
tpe State and received four percent. from
Pittsburgh banks for the same.
Mr. Buten wild the leading journals
in the west of both parties; and good
men of both parties, were united upon
this question and demanded the pass age
of the !loose bill. He was for anch a bill
before it was known Who would be State
Treasurer, and would support it, leaving
those who wished to continue the abuses
of that Treasury system to take , the re.!
aponsitil My of defeating the bill.
The bill as amended; by Messrs. Wal
lace and Billingfelt I,passed. with Mr.
Howard's amendment .
rirranunou BILLS PLISED.
The House pssiied bills, incorporating
the Pittsburgh ,t Ormsby Passenger Ball•
way Company, and 'relating to the Fire
Marshal of Allegheny county.
Routs neol the Funding Blll—From the
Clal% InOtana—Bahroad Directors—
ommottee to Attend - Gen. Thomas'
Its; T eeeeee se I ,be rdlebtaoa Use Ate.)
CUICAGO, April 4.—Private dispatch*.
from St. Louie deny the statement ,tele
graphed from that city on Saturday lest
that the St. Louis clearing house tabled
the memorial against the Funding bill.
Ono dispatch received here on Saturday
says the St. Louis clearing house had em.
phatically endorsed the Chicago memo
rial on that subject. An Intelligent
blinker from lowa states that every Na
tional hank in that Sole will call in
Its loans and retire its circulation If the
Funding bill passes. Be adds that .1f
Congress Insists upon passing this bill,
It will produce such a state of commer
cial digress as to drive those now in
power out of the capital."
A.dispatch was reed at General Sheri
dan's headquarters tc-day from General
Bannock, dated St. Pant, April 2. which
sas he has received • dispatch from
General De Ttobriand. at Fart Shaw,
dated April 1. It toys : Father hoods
has just arrived from among the Piegan
Indiana. The chiefs are for- peat*. and
send word of submission. ePete," the
murderer of Clark, died of small Pos.
John Cream, Chicago, Lorenzo Black
stone, Norwich, Conn.,Aind John .1.
Mitchell, Alton, were to-day re-elected
directors of the Chicago, Alton d St.
Lords R. It. for three years.
Lieut. Gen. Sheridan has appointed the
following Committee from the Army of
the Cumberland to attend the funeral
obsequies of General Thomas et Troy. on
Friday: Generals Nathan.l G.
dianevalis, JAM Burnett, Cleveland, .
Parkhurst' Detroit, N. L. Anderson,
Cincinnati, A. McClur g , Chicago, John
I R. Brahman, Fort Wadsworth, New
York. Harbor. J no. F. Creston, Paris,
I ity„ T.Gpedy ke, New York, .1. &Fuller
', ton, St. Louie, 'Wm. McMichael, Phila.
1 . delphia, Pennsylvania.
- -
!Routh's Exports—Laborers' Petition.
Governor and Leataataro at Out.,
wan tbego Gold tallies.
Tettroebr tae rt , sboree Ulnae.>
SAN rttAiSCasP3, April 4—The aggro.
gate eXporte of San Francisco for the•
post month amounted to 113,000,003, lar:
which $10,250,000 was treasure.
List night a large mooting of laboring
Irmo adopted resolutions petitioning the
Governor to sign the bill in his hands
authorizing the grading of ,Picon
this city.
The Legitllatare and Governor are at
loggerheads. The Smote threatens rust
unless the Governor signs certain Mlle
to refuse to pnz the genoral appropria.
don bill.
Reports from San Diego mines are fa.
vorable, bet there is nothing yet to j us. •
tify a rush. The production of placer
gold is small. The quartz mince ere
rich, but unprovided with mills - for the
reduction of ores.
The small pox , continues to rage.
, There are a row cases among the soldiers.
Kansan Pae Rettroaa—Bantam Lake
(By Telegraph to the Pltteburgh Gazette.)
Sr. Loots, April 4—The Kansas Pacific
Railway Company held their annual
meeting at . Lawrence today. The fol.
lowing is an abstrad, of the Pieddentfa
annual report, 'bowing the business of
the road. The total receipts from ght
were 111,500,419 27; the total swept' from
passengers, express and malls were
$717,55 1 19; miscellaneme. P,90 9 lOW ,
52.225.1C4 0 11. The total working expen
ses were 51.586.1 W 02- The net earnings
were 5839,640 09; the average length of
road operated during the ear was 368
miles, being 32 miles more than thence).
vious year; total number of passengers
carried was 148,584 increase $7,251, or 34
per cent. over the previoui year; total
amount of
offreight carded 175,518 tons;
increase 5,441 tons, or 41 per cent.
over las; year; mercantile traffic. 153.015
tone, an increase of 61,11= tons, nearly
sixty-elght per cent.; gross receipts from
commercial basilicas, 51,705,4 16 92, an
Increase of #421,638 38, nearly thirty
three per cent. over last year. The
operating wore a trifle over
sixty.two perconnt. of the cross earnings,
an increase of eight per cent. over the
precedlost year, which was occasioned
by the general improvement of the road
and for repairing the damages °cannoned
bfthe floods of June and July, the ex
penses for the latter amounting to over
Thee#lW. to bolmg
road from Klt Carson west
pushed rapidly. The grading sit
under contract, and the iron and other
material provided for, and
the road will
be completed to Denver by September
next. The road from Denver to Chey
enne will be In operation by JulY /11.
Fnu-vmsp cONGRENS.
SENATE: Memorial Service to
Ben. Thomas—The Gem gia Bill
Taken up and Discussed.
HOUSE: 'All Congressional
Elections at Same Time—Sink
ing of the Oueida —Woman Suf
frage Amendment—River and
Harbor Improvement The
Tariff Bill Further Considered
in Committee. '
(By Telegraph to the Pittsourah Gasette.)
W•mitaoregt. April 4, ISTO.
- Mr. MORTON presented a memorial
of prominent members of tbe Society et
Friends of Indiana asking for a deed for
three. hued red and twenty_ acres of land
now hold by them among the Shawnee
Indians, so that they may carry on mid
elonary work. Referred to the Indian
• The Vice President submitted the or
der of arrangements for memorial ear
vices to General Thomas, agreed on by
the presiding cutters of the two Houses.
It provides for thameeting of Senators
and Representatives in the hall of the
latter on Tuesday evening, and the ap
pointment of a joint committee o? Fix
Senators and Raven Representatives to
attend the funeral.
Bills were presented and referred as
Incorporating the `Southern Pacific
Railroad Company, and granting the
right of way from the Rio Grande to San
To continue the St. Paul A Sioux City
Railroad across Dakota Territory to
Yankton and land grants for same. -
- Mr. WILSON, from the Committee on
Military A !Dare, reported with amend
ments the House yoked resolution for the
returner evidence of honorable discharge
to officers.
Alco, without amendment, House joint
resolution authorizing a Replay of urine
for Iredruction • and practice to certain
colleges and unieersitiel.
Also, adveraely, bill granting Preside
reservation Cottle city of See Francisco
far a public park.
The latter bill was indefinitely poet.
Tne Georgia bit was taken up. •
Mr. STEWART moved to wile° out
Bingliama amendment.
Mr. WILSON offered an amendment
authorizing the continuation of the pref.-
eat Legislature fur two years from its
organization in January last, provided
the clause of the State Constitution on
the *abject shall. never be exercised to
extend any official term beyond the reg.
ular constitutional period, and the Legis
lature to consent to this cionaltien before
the act shall take effect.
Mr. WILLEY spoke in favor of a pro
visional government for Georgia. If the
present bill was-to pan, he would move
to insert as a eubltitute for Mr. Bing
ham's amendment a provielon designed
to be a warning to the State that
Federal Intervention would follow soy
attempt to set up a perpetual govern
...ant under the authority of the present
Mr. STEWAR F. agreed that Georgia
should rather be kett ed. under mili
tary rule, or the present loyal State or.
ganisstlou should be given sufficient
time to eatable& itself .and provido
means for a fair election.
Mr. sAlf [AUTRY, tu reply to the re
ference by Mr. ei.ewert to the Ku Klux
Klan expressed a desire to see a Ku
Klltd before be died. This convenient
abuts seauint tables to. appear and dis
appear for the purpose of supplying
political arguments for patty.
Mr. WILsON inserted that since Loo's
I surrender more men had been killed In
the late rebel Settee on account of race
I or color than were killed In any battle
1 during the rebellion.
isMr. SAULSBURY read from a private
letter of a Georgia Rape olieau 'in contra
diction of newepeper reports of outrages
there and' attributing teem to Meister
Mr. HOWARD thought the interests of
the country required the intervention of
federal power to provent e Goorgis Nastier
Into the hands el a pat ty billuenoid by.
revengeful motives towards the union
Mr. THURMAN asked 'whether the
Senator meant to mean that the majority
nC ho electors of Georgia were opposed
to the radical party?
Mr. HOWARD replied, according to
the best information ne had, he wait not
only satisfied a majority of the voters
of Georgia were opposed to the no called
radical party. but were opposed to the
Government of the United States.
Mr. THURMAN—Does the Senator,
then. propose to reject the Foveae!, la
the State Constitution which makes
-these man voters?
Mr. HOWARD did not propose to re
ject any such thing. He propeeed to
nave the State Goveinment in the hands
of a loyal majority, and not iu the lump
of a dtaioyel traitor Ininy.
Mr. THURMAN opposed the amend.
went of Mr. Wilton as a greeter wadi
of power than had yet been claimed in
any of the reconstructed Staten, vie its
purpose was to continuo men in office for
two years, not by ills votes of the peop.o
but by act of Con gress. Referrintoile
alleged acts as a violation of tee s onsti
tution, he said time wag when the Amer.
lean people would have boon canoed
almost to frenzy by any one of heap seta,
' now of almost daily occurrence. , • The
apparent indifference of the country was,
' he thought, attributable to the fact that
we were bow pestling three& that reac-
Denary period of quiet and tranquility
which invariably succeeds any great
convulsion like civil war. lie would not
deny that such orgenizations as Ku Kam
Kiang existed in the ' South. - In
a community where the military
dominates over the ' power of the
I pe ople, and where negro ]ignorance was
made paramount to while intelligence
and virtue, the wonder would bs that
such organizations did not exhit. Human
nature was human nature. It was
naturatto rebel Realest !warning oppres
sten. The Menem of Realest,
human - heart
oouid not be trampled not by any law.
He then went on to show that according
to the admission of leouaters since
the late label States had Pissed
into loyal hands, peace and good order
had been unknown within their borders.
He had held, as a necessary sequence,
that under Democratic admiffistration
lavr and Order did prevail there,
m .and he
advised the Senate as the ouly means of
restoring the former condition of things
to blot out radicalism in the South and
allow the people to elect Glam.:me rulers
and thus reestablish a Democratie gov
The Vice-President announced Sena
tors Wilson, Camellia, Trumbull, Thayer
Warner and Caaserly to be appointed
represent the Senate at the obsequies of
Oen. Thomas.
Mr. SHERMAN replierti at length to
his colleague, whose statements he re
garded as an apology, for the Ku Klux
Klee. He had not expected Ids col
league to appear as their .aeffiettlet.
In answer to that attempt. at an
excuse for that Maim, he would ask his
colleague for the name of one men inehe
, south who had been deprived lef hie 1
rights by the Republican party. Ho
believed the generosity, honesty and
forbearance of the party in power in its I
I treatment of rebels was without parallel
in human history. Here were eight mil.
lions of people who had eilaughtered
three hundred thousand of tee brayeet
and best Of our land end plunged the
GoVeinment into debt. Yet after laying
down their arms no one had been injured
in person or -property. Oa the Other
hand instanoes of outrages were freqnent,
where loyal men had been persecuted
for opinion's sake. In proof of Gila he read
from Ilqen. Terry's report upon alairs In
Georgia and from a pemphlat ilinetratito
of comity towards blacks who voted f r
SeyMenr and Blair. •
Mr. THURMAN, byway of correctio
Informed his colleague he had not song t
to excuse the KteKlux Klan or an
other, but had argued that their exia
sane was the natural result of the coudi
lion of things In the South.
Mr. SHERMAN said the Inference
then was that tee 'Government had op.
tweezed the people, which for one he
'denied. He then gave at length his rea
sons for opposing tbal portion of tbe
Bingham amendment wh ids ex tends the
terms of State officers for two years
Without conclucting his remarks, Mr.
-- ---
Sherman yielded the door. for executive
sersion. •
and were closed fcr tittoon wk.
utes,nat 4.50 the Sorrell adjourned.
Bills wore presented aid renrred as
follows: •
Equalizing salarlea - Of rotted States
Judges of eastern and Western districts
of Pennsylvania.
Preventing sales of public lands in
Dakotatt except underfthe pre-emption
laws, dx.
Extending the provisions of swamp
laud acts to Minnesota and Oregon.
To authorize the erection of a custom
houie at St. Joseph, Idri.
tigantlng lands to Kansas City and
-Memphis . Railroad Company, with pro
vision," for a railroad te Helena, Ark.
ninetieths bounties paid to soldiers.
For continuing • St., Paul and Sioux
Cit Railroad aces D n
akoah Yakt ai on,'
andfor colitirm m ing lend grant la d
Mr...HOGE offered a resolution for ad-
journment May 10:h.
The House refOmd to accond the pre.
violas queation and the resolution went
A. bill pawed fixing the time for the
election of representatlYes and delegates
to Ckmgress In nil Bates and Territories
on the .Tuesday after 'that Monday. to
November, 1072, and s uvery second year
Mr. BANES• moved to suspend the
rules to pot on passage Senate joint
resolution for the appalutment of an Ex
aminer of Claims for State' department
and for additional clerks.
Mr. DA.W.1,13 objected to this first step
to increase the expenditures of tho 0.3 -
ernmept end create new offices.
ThOkulee were not suspended.
Mr. INGERSOLL offered a resolution
instructing the Posited Ilea Committee to
IMplre into the expediency of extending
the free delivery .systent to ell cities
containing a population
,of not leis than
'20,000, and to State capitals Contalolog
Population of not lees than 10,00.
Mr. MAYNdP.D Introduced a joint
resolution lu reference to the ainklng of
the United States steamer Oneida by
collision with the British steamerßotrp
bay, direcdng the Secretary of the Navy
to order an inquiry Into the particulars,
with a view to seiertsin the responelbil.
Ity for the collision and destruction of
life, and report the same to Congress.
Mr. SCEIP.,NCIC suggested a modifica
tion of the resolution, ao as to make the
Invesligatton extend to the conduct of
the Captain of the Bombay. He WAsinot
at ell certain but what the Oneida was In
fault In the but he thouzht
the condipt of the British vessel, after
the collie:on, a much graver offense.
• The resolution was modified according.
ly and imaged. -
lion to amend
United States
SECTION . lat. The right of citlzsrus of
the United Ststes to vote shall not•he de.
nied or abridged by the United Suttee or
by any State en account ernes-
Hee. 2d. Congreee ehell have power to ,
enforce this article by appropriate Ingle.
Mr. JULIAN slid introdimed a bill for
the ptotectiotrof rattlers on public Lunde.
Referred. •
Mr. CONGER Mitered resolution ad
hering to the polley of iv:moving rivers
and har bore, but Saying that in the pros.
ant financial. condition of the country
maly such appropriations should be
made as were necessary to preserve the,
public works already completed or In
process of construction' or such works
as add greatly to the f acilities of aim
coerce, cheap traneportatlen or provide
harbors of refuge oi r such improvements
of general characie or of enamel Impor
tance as would au er from vletpone.
meet or guereneion4...Adopted.
Mr. PORTER. offered le ree.dution d'-
recttot the lixeunetruction Committee to
Inquire into the facts al the preeent
struggle for Mayor of Richmond and
report what legislation is necessrry to
pus deivalebellihanind maintain the au.
Glorify of the National Government.
, Mr. BROOKS objected, and debate
arising, the regolution was withdrawn.
The SPEAKER made report on ar.
rangements for memorial services to
Geo. Thomas, which was agreed to.
Meters. Logan. Garfield. Rinks, bi:o•
corn; •A'ashuurne ( Wis.); Raudall and
Stokes. wera appointed by the House to
attend the funeral.
prosentad a Jolut rosola
tba Confahution of the
by addilig article 16 as
The House went into' Coma:Moe on
the Tariff bill.
On motion Mr.SCHE.NCK, the Item
on raw or Mu.covado auzar was amend•
ed to read: ..Ots all raw or Muecos ado
sugar, and on all other anger not ab ,ve
No. 12 Dutch standard in color, two
cents per pound."
Mr. SHELDON offered an amendment
making the duty on raw auger two and
a half Instead of two end*, supp xting it
in the interest of Louisiana cud Texas
Mr.. SCHENCK opposed the amend.
moot, arguing that the sugar producers
of Louialana were content before the
war with a duty of three-fourths of a
cent per pound and should ho content
now with two cents.
This amendment 'mod a general one
on all sugar Items offered by Mr. A LLI
SON, were discussed at considerable
by Meagre. Allison, Schenck,
Kelly, Sheldon, Kerr, Maynard and
Mr.WOOD moved to limit the rearm
tion of duty on sugar to that which la she
product of countries in which involun•
tary servitude or human slavery duos not
exist. He said the Coumilttee of Ways
sod Means was absolutely offering a pre
mium to slave labor. Spain had been
declaring she Intended to auolush slavery
In (Mho, but this tariff would Induce her
to retain It.
Mr. SCHENCK comuienced his reply
to Mr. Wood by a quotation from Job.
"And last of all came Satan also."
[Laughter. I He admitted there was
some force in the suggestion that the
tariff should be levied with such die ,
crimlnation as not to encourage' elaVer.Y
abroad; He was not di, posted to under- ,
like to effect tile political or Imolai con.
dition of soother country in an indirect
way in reference to elevOry. When they
had had much a hard eon ftlo • with the
Democratic party to get rid of it at
home, that party had stood by slavery si
manfully, ea constantly, as persistently,
in season and out of season, in any attack
upon it, that Abe country halt much
trouble in clearing its vkirta o the great
mime. Having got er r it, f
It waa •
little soon to start out In an attempt to
reform another part of the world-Indi
rectly' through a tariff system: Especi
ally he. toologht It would be welt for
some gentlemen to tarry In Jericho until
their antl-slavery• hearths were grown
before they attempted to fight in that
Mr. WOOD regretted the gentleman
from Ohio bad not accepted the amend
merit in the spirit in which it had been
offered. That gentleman'a reply had
satisfied him (Mr. Wood) that all the
prof. oa of that gentleman and of hie
political friends In favor of freedom and
exlensiou of suffrage, anti of giving
governmental faVars and boons to Afri•
cans,'were confined excluelvely to the I
United States for electioneering par- I
pones, Ho wished it distinctly un.ier-7
stood he Wag giving to members on the
other side the opportunity 'to alum ,
whether they were really friends of the
blact man or not.
A. vote being taken on the amendment,
Dir. WOOD called for' the count on the •
toegative aide, remarking he would like
seethe friends of slavery. Laughter.]
markedegative vote being taken, he re
that Mr. Kelly, of Pennsylvania,
wee a friend of slavery.
The amendatent was rejected. •
Other amendments, • offered by Mr.
Garfield°, of Washington Territory, Mr.
Winans and Mr. Ingersoll, were rejected.
Mr. Sholdon'a and • Mr. Allison . *
amendment. wore also rejected.
The Committee went on' to the next
Item In the bill:
Clarified angel', three cents per pound.
Mr. ALLISON moved to retina) 11 to
two and a halt cents. •
Mr. SMITH. of Oregon, moved to • re.
duce It to two and a quarter cents.
The ant Oct was discussed by Masan.
Alltaon, *Schenck, Smith, Garfield, Judd,
Marshall. Maynard, Logan and Burchard.
Without disposing of the clause, and
with the amendments still pending, the
Committee rose and the House adjourned.
Election in Columbus, Ohio.
(DT Trleo . spli to the 1'1%1013,0 Gottlt.l
Cori:mem April 4.—The electlon
parsed oft quietly. About four hundred
perces voted the Independent City
ticket, withal beats the Democratic ticket
by tiro hundred majority. The new
Council will stand eleven Republic:mato
'seven Democrats.
The New York Upholsters armee/lel
in the indite spinet reduction or wages•
Appointments—Tariff Moditlen
tions'—The Oneida Calamity+
Government Bnildiugs—Army'
Rednetion—Case • of Fitz John
Porter. - _
(Ity Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Rau R.)
The following nominations wore. sent
in to-del: James Hobson, . Assessor
Internal Revenue, Third District. I oWa;
Albert J. Lowry, • Postmaster at Plac r
vitt°, Cala ; Moses Hallett, Chief Just ice
Supreme Court, Territory of Colorado.
The Committee on Ways and Me ns
has egret dto strike out of the T..riff al
the following items:
On 'vessels of cast iron not 'abor Ise
provided for, and on handlrona, sad
Irons, tailors' and hatters' irons, et yes
and stove plates of cast Iron, ono al
three-fourth dints per poud.
Oa and
iron steam, gas or water p pe,
one and three-fourth cents per pours,
On all otter castings of iron not of er.
wise provided for, thirty-live cent all va•
toren. --•• I
Thin will leave the duty on these itesems
the same as it Is now, which is cons' ex ,
ably less than these rates.
' The reply of Fite John Porter to the
speech of Senator Chandler is published.
It has transpired that among the endapie•
mints Gen. Porter hue In his behalf la a
letter from General Georgelli. Thomas,
arguing that the case should be reoperd,
and that if done Porter would in his
Judgment be vindicated.
The Commttte n Appropriation has
agreed unanimdffsly to report rig Ina
making no t ppria whatever for
buildings now in course of construc
tion. This disposes of -the pub' Iktied
statement that ;500.000 were to be ePpro- 1
priatedlfor the erection of public bald-
Inge in gqincy, 111.
The Senate Military Committee this
morning considered Wilson's bill for the
reductlen of the army and will probably
re art It as a suistitute for the Housa bid
with th same title. It Is claimed' that
Wilwon . a bill provides for a savleg 01
f 5,000, per annum while Logan's
would pares° the expenses for rmy
Purposes 13,000,000.
The Secretary of the Navy has nt to
the House all the information relative to
the Oneida disaster. The report aays the
disaster occurred through the bad navi
gation of the Bombay and recklosa I dler°.
gard of human life and of the COESIDOU
Obligations of humanity.
IleFarland-Ricliardson Tr a
Coal Coutrar,ts—Fenian Con
vention—Colored People's Juld
lee—lndignation Meeting!
TetegrApts to the Pittsburgh llagette l .l
NEM , lottlr., Apra 4)1870.
The trial of Daniel McFarlan for the
murder of Albert D. Richardaon, has
begun. The whole day was occupied In
an attempt to preen re a jury. On i n hund
red and sixty-eight, persons ware ex
analned and only six Jurors obtained.
and one of them was excused! on the
ground that hie hinter was at thol point - of
death. The Court room was thronged,
and among those present woro Mr.
Dichardsou'xbrother and wife.
The new contract between the Penn
iyiVanici Coal Company and the 'Erie
Railway for the delivery of a largely in
creased Amount of coal -daily, began
April let. The Dalaware and Huth=
Company have also arranged with the
Erie for the transportation of a large
amount of coal. daily.
The colored people of New York will
hold a Jubilee over the Fifteenth amend
ment on Friday evening at the Cooper
Institute. Addresses are expected by
Wendell Phillips, Wm. Loyd !Garrison,
Frederick Douglass, Senator Bever,
Senator Patton and others.
A large and enthusiastic Indignation
meeting against the removal of the pre.-
eat Central Park -Commissioners was
held to-day, and a committeelof promi
nent citizens sent to Albarlytq ropreeont
the views of the meeting before the
Gem O'Neill has reVoked hie call for a
Fenian convention at 'Chicago, and calls
foi a Congress of tho Brutharliood In this
city Aprll.l9th. He will not attend the
Chicago gathering.
Judge Woodruff. In hie c go to the
grand Jury of the U. S. Circe t Court to
day, was emphatic In relation to defalca•
Ilona of public others. . •
; .
. —.... 1
A Close Vote—Probsbkly el' the Elec.
dots of Eugllstr, Dem., forlCovernor.
ler Tee/raps to the Prtirsarsh tr sretle 4
HANTFORD, April 4.—Thrri electron to
day was quiet. The storm is severs and
healtirned to snow. The following re
turns are received:
800.1 •' SO . ' 40
olrosburg ' 1 - 3 I IC
err orkalo - 73 ' . 733
Orstb/ 101 J. . IM
Belllo - - ' 736 .1 ISO
5001100 . .... .773 ,!! . IC
We attle 0 Oeld• •• •• • ..... :•••CI 1 ' ' N 3
traseorwer as i , C 3
KW. Wolfe. d 1161 l 00
It armlnitult = , II 140
So far as returns Lhave Ibsen received ,
the Indications are that th%State is very
close. Returns from el hteen towns I
show snot Republican lots f 122, mostly
in Hartford county. I
LATIN —The 11:0101031 1 61e 1 ) . that Eng. I
Itch is elected, although fe ' returns have I
ii s i t te b b e i rair e er u ixd
. from , indham and
The Pomocra's make gains in both
houses of the ',miniature" and possibly
carry the Senate.
The following are additin l nal returns: I I
New London eoutty. Jinvect.: Ert.r.l . ll.
Ne Landon NI 60 '
',call .61 to
Clrlswold = • • 140 ,
14001111.0 . 1Z 1511
lash a 64 71
North Stoolos ton C 7 1•N
Old Llano •nrs rt •
Colchester. ....... . .......... ret tit
rat 5
county. ' !
NOO 015 5 e., 796
Wal•oo 1 15 IN
New Canon , ' llta
1tY,1,1 u 19u 330 ill
The latter town electerl a -Democratic
representative for the Oral time In twelve
years. 1 .-t
LATEST.—liartford givea Jewell 2059,
English 3107, and re etisats Charles R.
Chapman, -• D.emoorat, Mayor, and the
rester the c 1 i tioket by dyer six hundred
majority. T he DemoOrata have four
Ens °city In Common Council.
ruttish for Governer ) 6 no doubt
The Legislature will be close, but the
Republicans count on a majority in oath
branch. i
Dam at St Anthony's Valls Carried E wa
by tea Preshat,—Low l3oo . ooo
ny Teieg heti it the Pittethirgb suzette.)
CleteAoo, April 4—A "pedal from St.
Paul says the new dam , at St. Anthony's
Palls, Minnesota, the I construction of
which Wu lately coMmenoed to keep
the water from breaking through the
tunnel, was carried stray yesterday by
rain and the rising water. Millions .of
feet of logs escaped over the falls and
are lost. The water ts having free coated
thrhugh the • tunnel, 'washing out the
heavy work done during the peat winter
for closing up the tunnel and render.
mg the question of premising the'
water power from 'MMs damage one o n ;
gm adinhattity. The Water Power
.piny estimate their tOtal damage fro
the tunnel at three' hundred thousand
delbue,and other parties are preparing
• -tp bring mitt kw damags.
Royal Assent Given to the Irish
Force Bill—Constitutional Re
form in France—Demonstra
tion in Behalf of Rochefort—
German knvoy to China.
By Teleer tph tz the Pltttborgh UszeUto.)
LONDON, April 4.-The Pail Moll Ga
zette aiserte that the French Minister has
renounced the Idea of anbmltting the
proposed constitutional reforme on the
baals'of the •ptebiscitum of 1552.
The Bullion of London has determined
to enforce regulations CO as to moderate
the increasing tendencies to high ritual
ism. . • 1
Dispatchea from Calcutta state that
Earl efsvo, Governor General of India,
L niskitig a tour of the cotton growing
districts of that country, and that be in
urging the necessity of increased culti
vation of cotton, in order to compete
succemtfully, with the United States.
The Times, in noticing the proposed
reconsideration ot the decieton of the
Supreme Court in the matter of the
conatitutionality of the legal tenders,
hopes that the views of the OtnefJustice
will be sustained.
The Prince of Wales presided at
meeting of the Society of Arta, held to
organize an educational department and
make arrangements for several exhibi.
Hong next year. The Prince epoke
warmly In favor of the objects proposed
to the Society. He was followed by Sir
J. Paikinalon.
Iu the House of Lords members of the
Commons - were summoned to the bar
when messages 'were read announcing
that Royal assent had been given to the
!An for the enforcement 01 the laws and
the preservation of peace In Ireland.
4Mr. Gladstone, in reply L. the remarks
of Mr. Delke, said he thought no com
pensation was duo to the widow of for- ,
don. who was executed in Jamaica.
Mr. Moneell, Under Secretary for the
Colonial, Department, said a demand
from the Canadian authorities for regn
lar troops for the Red River expedition
was under consideration.
The Gtasgow Herald has reason to be.
lieve that In Mr. Low's forthcoming
budget the income tax will be reduced
to four pence, duties be-equalized, alter
'attune made in brewers' licenses and
newspaper postage. Tea and coffee du
ties will be loft In/touched end a million
sterling wilt be kept on hand for special
Betting on the University boat race is
very brisk. Tao partitions of Cambridge
aro gainncoati tome and odes of eleven
Weight t on
the 0 sfard is freely taken.
A dispatch from Rome reports the
Pope wishes to promulgate' ,he Brat
achems M Easter, so the second schema,
that on lufalllbiiit, y
ay e b discussed
immediately altar the ho ma lids.
PARIS, April 4.—lt is now tolerably
certain that the solution of the question
for the submission of the new order of
things to a vote of the people will be de
ferred for a lime. A misunderstanding
between the Ministry and the Chambers
on this subject will therefore be avoided.
The strike at Creuzot continues.
No collision has as yet occurred between
the rioters and the troops.
The rumors of the proposed constito
lineal changes in France beteg submitted
to a vote of the people have been gaining
strength and are now generally believed
In the Corps Legialatlf today it was
announced that the Government had
decided to make an appeal to the people
on the question of the new constitution.:
M. Oillvier declared that the Government
- would `accept an interpellatlon of bl.
limy on the subject of constituent
cowers, which list week he had refused
to listen to.
M. Thiere had drown up a vote of con •
Odense° which, though not Introduced in
the Chamber, has already been accepted - ,
by the right centre, but refused by the
left centre.
The discussion on the interpellation of
M. Wary, has been commenced, and tho
result la anztously awaited.
A subscription paper, signed by 20,00
radicels of Paris ' has been presented to
a deputy to the Corps Lsgisla Bach
subscriber contributes twenty five cen
times to go toward' an indemnity to
Rochefort tor losses of hie salary as dep
uty. Similar lists will he circulated
throughout France.
_ •
BERLIN, April 4.—Tha P•uselan Gov-
crnment has appointed Chamborlain
Silk as special Envoy to to return
the diplomatic courtesan exiondod by
the Burlingame embassy . . Um Silk
will also proceed to Yeddo an it will be
part of his mission to regulate he politi
cal and commercial relatto of the
North German Confederation with China
and JapAm
VIENNA, April 4.—The Minietry -hav
ing resigned. the Emperor hea taken
steps to form a new Cabinet.
GLASGOW, April 4.—The new steamer
Italy, for tho National line, wee launched
.to day, and Is said to be the larceld screw
vessel afloat, except tho Great Eastern.
LONDON, April 1, Everring.—tionsols p
for money 93%@0334; account, 93%@
9334. American securities steady; 62.'5,
90%; 65'8,03;4; liTs, 89%; 10 40's, 87; Erie,
21%; Illinois Central, 11434; Great•
western, 28. Frankfort bonds firm at
Broils, April 4 —Bourse firm at 73f 65.3..
ANTWERP, April' S.—Petroleum fiat
at tglr. Cotton Orin:
LIVERPOOL, April 4.—Cotton Bun;
middling uslAnds 11% and Orleans 11%e;
sales 1.300 bales. Cslllornis white wheat
Os 2d®93 3d, red western Not 7s lid ®B3
• and winter 83 9.1®85 10d. Western flour
193 9.1. Corn, No 2 mixed 28s. Oats 231
sd. Pork 033 6d. •Beef 1040 6.1. Lard
Edi. 'Cheese 7006 d. Bacon 56a. Spirits
patroleum is 3d and refined Is 834 d.
LONDON, April 4.—Tallow 44s 9d. Rs.
fined petroleum quiet at 393 3d and
steady. Linseed all quiet at 3255. Lin
seed quiet and steady at 593@593 6d.
Sp trite turpentine 318"
The Municipal Election—The Bible in
Schools Triumphant.
(Dy Telegraph to the Pittsburg.) I: asette.)
CINCINNATI, Ohio, April 4.—The incil.
cation.) are now pretty Char that the
Bible mon have carried the School Board
of the city. It Is estimated that 'anti
thousand voice were oast by colored trim
is the city. They voted nearly solidly
Republican and in favor of the Bible in
Rev. Thomas Vickens, leader of the anti.
Bible movement, was defeated for school
board In the Elevelath ward by Theodore
Bailer, Bible Candi ate. Bauer received
MS votes; Vickers 4., ---.- I
Nine wards SIC beard from, giving
'slowly, but enough
1,300 majority on: t general city ticket. I
Returns come in
have been received to Indicate the 1
election of the Republican ticket.
There will - be a decided Republican
working majority in the Board of Alder
men. and from present appearances an
increased Republican majority in the
city conned. Good men have generally
been elected ea aldermen, and the mem•
hers of city council are a decided im
provement over the former body.
Returna and careful estimates show.
that with the members holding over
lromlast year there will be four majority
for the Bible In the Behead board.
The official returns will hardlYchange
this estimate. . .
The Inevitable Ferd nand.
tsy itlearapb to the Pluebereh Elettue.)
Sp. LIM% April 4.—Georalt Ferdinand
was committed to-day. in 'default of MOO
ball, for stealing an overooat of Judge
Treat, from United States District Court
room. Ferdinand was foimerly a pho•
nographlo reporter In the Canadian pat.
'lament. and le said to-have been an an.
satiate of D'Arcy Magee. He was sub.
sequently connected with the Pittsburgh
press, and is alleged to be the man who
wild Associate Press dispatches to a rival
newspaper in that city. • - •
[Don Carlos, or Oh:rine - 74 now George,
has added ma terially to his biog. albite
he *milked in: Pittsburgh, • few
months sines.] . ,
'lll6 I!sDIANS
Military Organizatiou In. Wyoming Ter-
ritory . to Drivel Attacks.
(er Toler-loth to tticrlttsborgh Uasetto.)
April 4.—On account ct
the . formidable and extended demon
stratione of large bodlei of indium, Oov.
Campbell will to day leone General Or
der No. I, organizing Wyomiug Terri.
tory Into three military districts. Laramie
county wII form tho First Distriet,
Albany, Carbon and Mintah counties
the Second District, and Sweetwater
county the Third Luke Murrin will he
Colonel of the Find regiment and coin-
mend the Fleet District; John W. Don
nollan, of lAraulle. will be Colonel of
the Second regiment and command the
Second District; John •W. Anthony, of
Sweetwater, will be Colonel of the Third
regiment and command UM Third Dlic
trim. The companies at different points
will be formed and mounted u minute
non to repel any attack of these red
devils. The sentiment of our people is
unanimous for Gov. Campbell'. policy.
lllte rllt•buighlu•ti ouipatl%•/
The i/larctors of Itt. Ilauk. hare thi• dt7 de
eared a .11.1. tend f TURKS "Kit CENt. on
the Capltal Stuck out 01 M. pronto of tb. est.
three mouth,. payable forthwith. frerof State
and tiorerumt.itt tan. • .1. D. SCULLY,
Arllll. 4, 1570., Carntar.
ap;tvill. •
Has removed his cakes and residence to the co
ter or WHO and HEAVER SIII TILTS. Alle
'teeny My. • eye
ITS 110 Won .1
Wednesday, April 6 h, at 10 A. Y.,
At 105 Fl CB :venue Ealearcom. two doors below
Cathedral, will be sold one Family Barouebe. lot
Groceries. new and steams band Furniture.
Hair. Hoek and cottoa Mattesesen Father
Bede, Bolsters and Pillows. Oak and Walnut
.itztenlion Tables. riniak Chair., one elem..
ten fool FreCch Flat. Minor. eight of a Medown
aim Alva self-..lading Hat Brunets for chow
wendows. deo crat2 assorted Queenewaro, the e
hundred site Ivor,. Bone nod Coca. llot lit
Knives and Forte, lot 0 . 1 Fort and blowy W ne
In bottles. At 2 o'clock Will be sold new an
second band Bruesels mad Uvula einyp.le.
Barites wliblne to porch.° Cerpets wlll d.
wilt do well to attend tide i ale.
AuciaaciNv.v. EI
"ti race Aguillar W r
Spoke as one Imp
Price $1 per vol., bDual
90, 92 and 94 Gr.
Mothers and Da
Yol,, Ilmo. 386 pegeg.
"likeee Aguilar wrote and ipok:i
she condensed and eptrlteatln
tan ugh. and feelings were sleet
of celestini I Lye and truth. Toj
knew Oct& Mailer, all r nine,
Ler desert', and' she hat left g
to lar walk of literature, will
pe - t to tee tiled up. ”—Pileril
Sarin e. be Mrs. Hull.
“A clever and interesting Lk
to its name. Mutt rating
nice of a wire led hat ch
tee the moat dlverso-i•
Mop nig.
... at eau plear.t. after Irtadlng s hook, to
speak of It In terms of high corendation. The
talc before us le no admirable one, and to erect
tad with taste and ability. T o language Is beau_
l'ful and appropriate; the annlysir of character
' Is skilful and 'ark d. The work might to be In
the hand. 01 all who are Inteiested In the pro ac r
training of the youthful mind."—Poltadtwers.•
••in reviewing this work; we hardly Inow
what words I a the bletlieb tangent. are strong
el:WIWI to express the ansi4ratlon ere have felt
In Its neru al."—Etiek's Cgroniets.
"The object and end of ttio writing. or Orate
Aguilar were to• Improve the beam ova to lead
her readers to the consideration of higher mo
tires and objects than tlitel world ea .a ever of
ford.' `—/iell'ill'etaly X a...
i .
Titll FOLLOW/NCI 1100 Ed.
EA.3ICDST VLF. A.ND xbrar.cro
Will Appear in Rapid 6UCetl3lO2
Mother's Reoompen3e. 1 vol.
Woman's Friendship. 1 vol.
The Vale of Cedars. .1 vol.
Days of Bruce. vole.
Women of Israel. 2 vole.
Home Scenes an Heart Studies.
1 vol. ,
antler of the above will] sent TOOL by mall
to any &dares, In the United States, on recent
of the Peke.
Brackets, Pendants,
. • .. . _ . .
For Ga or Oil.
We are non
PISTIIRES of Oa Latin and Finest Designs,
front 1 to 151 welsh we
over 100 Older
ent Styles. welsh we are • Mug at ItItDUCED
rit101:, Wholesale an BetalL
IPltimbern air Gi. Filters,
117 WOOD STREET, Ear Fifth Anne
air i 3 .dere 00 ' r o Ohning. Oa. and Steam lett
hog promptly attended t•. ' asblo
OPEN DAILY Dore 9 so •ectok. and OR .
SATURDAY EVENING. from May ..Id. to S.-
'ember Ist, from I to 11 o'clock, aad from No.
'ember lot to May Ist. 6to So•cloct. Interest
cold at the rase of ill per cent., ererrof toz.stol
If not withdraws Compounds sera-snorodil t
Jammer and Jsle. Books of By-lams, AA,
Moe. •
Board of Ifsaszers-.13c0; A. ?Mims, ?resident:
Hansom. ass.lPmk, Jr ..Viee Prestdantst
WRlnley, Secretary ssid TreSsurer.
A. Bradley, J. L. firstotos A. S. Bell. Wm. X.
att e. 61 ... .1.311AA n t
D. W. A. BA
rENNuffer& =no & 00,
iffrivoTlClLS—,..taLet." "Fbr sa y,,'
"1-oe," " wants," °Anul," ...Board* ,"
e,ce ezepedjug POUR Wi7/39,
be tweeted iN ille3oCoOnna once p r
titevaL leas FIVE ci*TE.
wall ea•ahli•hed and u 0.4 paying Wm-
A good thane,for a ha. Caput Weart.r.
with kw hundred collar.. Apple as 543 C. nn
near the <ley by iTE,II2POINT.I. I:,
with p er fectly satisfactory seal:sonnets as to 1.4
ln G ye i!n or
searrs°nic :.rat _in JOSIAH Mar a Ins a•
1 "
fr. rpfl , tern to 'ran 0f 24 .
Iptr In • restaurant. A pplr sr Ite Storflatlrl.l
rret. VNU N T erIIKON,! t mutate,
-- .
WANTED.—Fitti Opal •at d
Ore Miners, no °Zee tee tcpay. ald fare
paid to the Zane. nrveral Olen are wanted for
T o T . I nc :l z Apply at Naploymtest 01,,
e L. are. d.r Onfa enopenatoo
WANTED. —IIIOIiTGAGE/3. to Lo bulimia or mall moan's,
at • fair tate of Interest.
• Mil, Hood and Baal Bstato Broker,
NO. 179 lititthgeld wee:.
bOST.—PnI icy- No. i 10;389
CE in
biladelphla, on lint of W.P. MlTtliaNl.l..
Not , . Is hotel Wail that application hub,.
-'"de 4" ttit.
Par No. 31 rum avenue.. Vittsbnzah, Pa.
COST.—On Friday. March 25. .
Ottwael rmt Berry and BeKetsport on toe
tack of the Conoelltelllo liathood, 8008. I'
HOOK. contalnink a bunt $5O LB. muse./ so
Prowl sort Note on And‘OnOn trtilvers roe $ O O.
Any one 11011rir nald •'o 'kit Book will lot Itber-
sae rewarded by writing to BANDA . . 'V ANN
Irwin Station, Wrstmoge tool CO.. Bit. 541
LETLTOFFICE.---filltl.n Water
doo• rent me er .tt •. .K 4, ro .L.
ma ruk be l Crd. 4
ad cold .r.ter. Ats, an. All In good'oenv ,
rr luqulre sc l/11 , 3 Orneury
~ er corner of Fourth Avenue 11.11L14 4 1 , 17
o Amer. BOOM, Furnished
or oriforali be& 6414414 for • gentlemso'ir
sleeping xoo 134 rourru AVE. 46
LET.-1 Story Brick Diva.
LIN W tinntfdr, 11. ackuy (tate 0•13 . 011)
sn.rret. 8, pond wand. All. alleny. Contains d•a
nar.• - aide pod wash, room gas and was.,
Sens low. Apply to
w. r. PEICZ.
Si Dlatito,d. Alleghtenr.
rllO-LET.—Brick • Douse of S
Rama. Hall. ea, Water. No. 149 11a1kat
B'—fte•ciZ Votte ' N ' il Roome. 0
No. 14
Middle near fautpeoo ef, lid era J.
Alt.ghtoy. The above How re
es be rent .1
low rul pos etatots4trea ImmeVetp . y i to
11 llamLd. Alleabe;T.
TO-LET.—A Brick House, con
.i.. Weise . 0 roos.s.No.'l l . hf • , ket streaL Al
leeseny tity.lroryoer.y if ancersterl. oest mod
erste Apply to O. P. ROOS. Pl. Cbarles Hoto,
t IttsOstree• 4-..1
- -
TO LET —A new HOUSE F et 4
. awl Eli acres potted ite lemin
6111 CB r. OM Pttleburh. on the P. r..
W. aC. R. 0., cud r..nt on
15 9
Federal tit .
tlrst•class STORE
ttoo%l. No. 45 uhlo street. Allcsbenc. 2
went • f the Dm ad; also 4 RUOILa oars .
said store mom. WI; he rooted stoscato or 1,0-
pacer. if tired , ecf the best besloars . .o7.
tattoos to the city. .5% tocolWtteciklyoug. ot
4110 Wklo Street.
ote and
"L' l oll RENT. The Three pi:y
12 BRICK WA It ll° 052. f 11 , ! . C e lare o. A 13
571. )' 15 o. u a trorr : 15 • ! '. 55 ' ; '. 5 i T ISA I 555, 0 , 0 1 , 5 5 . t. 4
i'q'n" W A'T ,
' ILT4 Woodlt.
[ 2-5 Is • . IVA and
. _
ryo LET.-0 • good Stare room
;Cid DWELLIN . O. 46 Ohl* street. 3
°ere from Disarm , ' nd next door to Planallo
decode Kant. *Yee f the best locations in the
city. nen; IDoderat Alco, 3 BMWS in the
itragritild "*"31.4.15§..v.-4.,,, ...., •
To LET.—A , Suit of Booms
ereeprltleg Two Lorne, well lighted (tont
m. ou Riad door.. One large, well Where
front elooel on 3ro ficior. One large }at e Ith
two anto.roons on 4th floor. One Store Brom.
ant floor. No. 09. In IlegAsh's new belldlog,
2112.4ierre.. F .7,6".3 , 74T1V ,74,1 .t . 11.
d Street.
& CO
LET.di avern Stand, No.
FIC° --
831 Third ahtnLe. email Dire.llnas on
MI avenue. Fine :fetid...ea on :ft. Washing.
ion. Third avant" lin% Itoznas and emcee GC
/dulcet [tree, Basementhlos. VT and To Thlid
arenas. Alf & Co..
Attorneys at Law.
• Del Fifths avenue.
oil 0,1:11F0ne pair No. 10
it.onialaZiMgr:rd Ord'!'
- • -
• _
ud rt9-11I1LES of atone No. 91 Dimond,
ictienv, •now eccoDied at • none and Dad
mon , Toe most tettlohlo loantlott In the Dia
ond. tiDitug oat to ennane In other bonnet..
Enquire on the ;leonine. Jaen. , wenn yeses to
oth. Price 41
Non !Illr1;117—!Modelt.tFtlIt114.171:
atol auto.4l.Tiga. *NI) A HALF l ittatlts r.l
anon'. Etas. at Belltile d. 41114 Vaal. ad toy/6-
..611.116th waro oft . _F_ittit_m_e_ase. For terror,
• Loottire at 63 Ifirtilti air
4 loAlte J .NES or a. s.
&ens one ' , Mind;
s'ed, and ell her
Fed In the einenee
t nose wh0...1111
t„lum fells short of
ilblenk In ber par
we never el
m/leer to English
'VOIR A LE-LA, Ilegheny County
HotTiE B rI4 $77.070 to
p u nacp: 41.090'0300, rann,alt tar. to •Ix
Yfg, :10 Itgereic at 7 per cent. Free from
le, corietponallllt
m silent, co.toksil.
0 .ate parent O'er
Meta fan Legatee
von. pALEi—Mnainei awl Bon
i: EM. New 2.1 fAeowl 5o d, of all Wads
conotantly on itod.l..
• pram+ (OO all parts at the count:, pforartly
itaa.4. CD..
Corner Statical Aicznue I.nd P., Z. W. i C. S. W.
Allewnertv. Pr.
MN bit SALE.—Elegant BRICK.
C.ll , osktm a 9 ro mmonodere deists.
with Rennel Het .4 Cold Water. Lot Ile
or 137. sttost , on 49. strem. lets fa. rs.o
orlmrtuolty for loose destross bandsOme rest- '•
dere.. It. MILL tlit)ti.
NIT Skl.3.Neer BRICK 110Uolt. 1 rooms
toodtru Out.. dam. on 4950 attest. roes us
sloe Riven Ist 01 /5. pet!.
FOR BALI .— Hew DRAM HOU , It. 0 rooms,
situate auto street, on Muslim. atret t.
PliGt 01,200. Mmes
. 'T. 13. SILL & SON.
s py - I Corner reel and 334 It/001.
• •
IN AT.LEllfileNY CITY.-1 offer for sole
the molt delleghtPit build's.' lots- Mutated bathe
14<0.1war,. Allrecaay. ou Cerryevllle Plank
load sad Otigeivatoryavenue adlottiloft te•
Observio say grounds. These L . ot s are-part, of
dye sod one.balf (hid) acres. A plan of these ',-;•
Lot• can b • toln at store, No. 23 WOOD
wrltitlrr. TO& plan Its, also h rtairded.
Eaeh Lot is • frsot ave nu eldlf on rert7lrellhe
road or Observatory aloe. a* feet wide
byl3l de,p. Toolota opPOlite tbe residence et 7'
Waatdcaton and Weslttr McClintock. Zoos., are
44 tor 126 feet. Most of the I ote are sold. `;'.
floe datum's bale beau erected alreattr•
sons dm taus to leave the low'rounds and
may e.tles rah here nod an opportunity. 2he
locality la one Of the norm fn the two chi... mad
but four minutia , walk from the bead of heaver
street; • board walk leads to the Premlm. The
frstW.f o beauty of Itcent ry and turrcundlnikare
Iota. l•
con 6rieca low. Ens olre Of
010. T. MULL
No 22 Wood street. Pstteburab, or No. btl vo
AVG.c. Allegheny clly. 14
V' CO rt. OS .1361-a
The most Oi l te.ift and substantial Saw Mill
In Allegheny 'meaty. situated In the hum
an pardon or the city. at the fat of 97th
street, Pittsburgh, with iarge Yards and Ford
Water, llsige sad Moat Yard.
Ttie Imptu'remeats are n leased round on
erers valuable terms. belot 11••386 feet along
Allegheny Va'la Railroad. an 'mend. from
seams silty }liver owl 600 fat, wit 0001
feet niter Iseding•
cow ow g party be gaga In large
Aa•prugllable Lumber and Bast baslnese, re•
lairing bat a smen nap
Inc partienlasl enquire at shall
Peot of Ter entp.seventh street-
v 15L1.2.-situated at Ilan.
lan Station. Parthand:e Hatimad. Coshing 100
acres, 10 of arblch ate Liarradt all under good
fence; 80 acre.. of Vogl. The Improvements are
• 3 dtery flooring Hill. with 24 gun of barn, In
gen>d order. 11111 one a large In /tit op.
ege lon. ,Ccoltage House. rooina.Tagant Hoar
awl large Barn. inane Orchard; Partleg wishin g
toga Into the milling widcoal boalogas.the strove
formula a rare opoortantty. Piles t0w.Y0r
.0.4 000 Y • 00013 to itci.ux a Cu..t
104 Fourth weesna.
ERTY V:lit I Pailf..-100 fast front on
Casa., stmt. to $O3 fen.rP , • litAt Cottage
H ~,,, of portico. olds bolt. 003. 0.09 r.
Ole Manila. &Mot rrCii.,,VgA . .aAtt . rj .
tokl'aterahairelbiTiotarrrater. I. .hade tr..;
' gat). artsVZ
:er"" rol:e1;r1sillle Havrrai •
e. OJT LI vl WIT i BON,
39 01%.0 **roue.
wlll save tiro
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B, ',l3eltots
-1111 persons seek
or torrotragou In Beal lir. .
giver:tawny ORATIS
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