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Eftbut Ga
lubecribers changing their real. epees
or please of business will consul their
convenience and our own by leaving
word foi the carriers at our counting
room, corner of Sixth avenue and Smith
field street.
lifeuly all the loading. taverna aro pay
leg out apecie In email change.
The lobby attendance at the meeting
Of counclut •oatordav wee unusually
largEC - _
Attention itdireetrd to advertisement
of "pocket book", lost, widen appears in
the proper colnnin.
There was no meeting of - the South
Pittsburgh Councils lest night, no quo•
rum being present.
lacuna returns at this the elevelith
hour are pouring Into the U. S. Amateurs
office in a hasty manner.
t• SUMO' Arnold Is very contented in
6fe new quarters at the penitentiary and
ls ranked among the more docile prieon•
Pentenal,,—Theruany friends of Maj.
A. M. Brown . will be sorry to learn, he
Is seriotudy 11l with congestion of the
In !Ronny Marra Weather Pier, Din
nate d Ox'a cream ale to indispensable
to "peace in the ramify" and "happiness
at home."
• The Invalids of the Mercy Hospltal,
were treated to a very fine concert, an
evening or two ago, by the BC, Paul's
Orchestral Band.
Ladies are . invited to the opening or
wing millinery to-day in tho rotail de
partment at T. H. Warner's, 55 Fourth
avenue, corner of Market Street.
The Water Commission elected by
Contichs yesterday, cannot fall torgive
satisfaction in the discharge or Important
work to be entrusted
into their keeping.
Deputy Mayor Nichol. yesterday twined
warrants for the **Teat of George Yerger
and John,Deltrich for disorderly conduct,
Peter y. Smith prosecutor, all residents
Of LaWrenorrille.
We abierre that telegraph poles and
tree boxes In various parts of the city an
being need for bill [nicking. The prac
ties should be ended by making exam
ples of a few of the Indefatigable posters.
Yesterday Nicholas Hoffman was before
Alderman Allen charged with selling
liquor to the minor eon of Henry Cause.
Sy, of the Seventeenth ward. • He gave
ball for a hearing.
Two children out of a family residing
on Cherry alley, were yesterday buried,
flaying died of scarlet fever. Physicians
report that this terrible disease prevaiie
in some quarters of the city to an alarm.
lug extent.
Tnese who desire fashionable, neat
'fitting, wall made and durable clothing.
for men and boys, at the lowest cash
prices, will call at Urling,'Follanabie
oo.'s Emporium, corner of Fifth avenue
and Wood Street.
------- •--..-
Fanny Kreble made Information before
Alderman Butler yeeterday againet
Jerry Roberta for adultery with Rachel
Kenney. The trio are colored and re.
=, 'aide In the Fi ft h ward, Allegheny. The
1 ' ionised gave bail for a hearing.
Utllnt, Follansbee & Co., e3rner of
Fifth avenue and Wood street, have io
addition to fall lineeof mans and boys
clothing, a very elegant stock of gents
furnishing goods, which they offer at as
reasonable pricsa'as can elseWtous be
Mecovered.—A few nights ago a man
. •
•:•„; • . ,;,
P3llOO, where it - can be had
The person who borrowed without
leave a volume of tho GAZWITE for 1819,
on Sunda* lest, from our Me room, will
please return the same at once and no
questions will he asked. A failure to
comply with this request will result In
same trouble to a known party.
Yesterday Deputy Mayor 7'l,-
tamed a warrant for the arrest
Evans on a charge of attenst:;:.g
nose of 61N goods to derrant;
The Information was ct c
Mcilwaine, to whom
be Indebted thlrtem
reside In the 9K -:,,u
We advt.. • r
kw Moo'
she b•.,
-doe et the .. Weed."
bleasni. John Biggert
are in exhibiting their
.ay are satiated that they
wants or every one. Call by
. and examine the Weed.
,ue Biblical Tableaux Vienne, after
costave Doris, Illustrative of the opening
of the New Testament. as presented by
Mr Tamer Society Jest evening, was a
grand and particular success, surpassing
all the previous. aketchea from
the Bible by the accomplished intorpre
tern. The attendance was very large and
Coronsr'a I equest.—Yeeterday after
noon Coroner Clawson held an inquest
upon the boy Daniel Whalen, who wu
run over by a train of can at the outer
depot, of the Fort Wayne Railway, on
Sunday afternoon. A number of wit
nesses were examined but no new facts
developed nuttier than published yes.
Unday. ♦ verdict of accidental death
was rendered.
-1 1
Officers Elected.—At the soint-annual
election of blechanlce' Lodge, No. 9,
L O. 0. F., hold Saturday evening, March
26, the following officerio were elected for
the ensuing term : N. G., W. A.
Mcßoberts' V. G., W. P. .Caldwell;
Secretary, Geo. Booth ; Asaistant Seers).
tem G. W. Shalt': Treasurer, Andrew
Trltee, John A. Prince; Rep.
O. H. A ., J eph Speakman.
Ilimprevements—Plana and •
Bens for the new building about to be
erected by the Pittsburgh flee Company
ei the corner of Sixth avenue and Cherry
eller. were deposited with Mr. Reed, the
b tiding inspocter, yesterday. The build
ing will be one hundred andllity feet six
Inches deep, thirty feet two Riches wide,
and twenty-dve feet _seven inches high.
The front wit be °Hine cut atone, and
Will be two stories higb. MISR& BUT de
Ilene, are the architects, and Wilson 41
Bros., the builders.
The Fifth A eeeee Starlet question
wee finally acted upon by .Counclie yes
terday, and the Markertiommlttee duly
empowered to purchme the Lyon pro.
piny at $65,00n, payable seven years
hence, the entire principal bearing Ural
mtsrea payable annually.! A company
will at once bo organized - to build •
market hense. The plan for the pro
posed bundles Is similar to the 'Ails.
gheny market building, and the met le
estimated at from prow t o 12 5.000. A
market plum in mach needed in that
growing sectionof the city. and we mon
szattilate the people
on the prospect of
its Immediate establishment.
J '.Z
to Jail by "Alderman Rooter of Alle
gheny, for goitiog op a dog fight, thereby
violating, according to the cam mit
the "act of Assembly, approved
W, 1889, entitled an act to prevent
ty to animals." The commitment
farther let forth that the Accused was
deprived of liberty, by Ming to pay •ht
af ten dollars and four dollars and
twautptive cents oasts." The name of
litgrosecutor was not mentioned. The
Elwanger will enjoy 'a season of
repose la Jan, "antil roleased by doe
reof law," which will not be long
commitment commitment la shown to a lawyer.
Peetaince Omegas and Appointments,
The following ebangea and appoint
manta In Penuaytvenla postotdoea have
been annonnond:
paghton, Cheater county, George C.
Greene, vice R. L. Sheler, resigned.
Loyahock, Lycom Ing county, Joseph C.
/Mohr, vine J. H. Hohr. deceased. Horn.
brook, - Bradford county, David Horton,
Vice J. Horton, resigned. Changed,
awn and site of Copley, Lehigh county,
to Biendon, Northampton county. and
appoint J. D. Mertz, vice Rhea ben Dutt.
by the changes. Evansville,
Mratt i county, Wm. M. Mabel, vice
0. Michael, resigned. Limestoneville,
Montour county, C. Hock, vice F. Funk,
reelleaed. Moscow, Lucerne county,
Robert E. Warden, vie* F. W. Horn.
bac kar.rod_ toed. Reestablished—Unlon
rnary, w orthumbsricoul county, Thos.
0. =kw, Padourter.
Regular Meellug—PetlUutte, Communi
calloun and Rt.thillUDS—lteports of
Committer a—Ordinance.
A regular monthly mauling of the Be
lent and Common Couucim of lb. city o
Pittsburgh was held yesterday, Monday
March 20, 1&0 at 2 o'clock P. U.
.Ntomhors proseat—Messza. AM, Ahl
horn, Aiken, Armstrong, Bissell, Burg.
win, CortM, Devlin. Duncan, Edward'',
Gallakmx,i Glenn, Gross, If artmau, Her,
run, Ronne, Jones E. P., Jowls
g,thew, lark, Laufmau, Liddell, Lloyd,
Morrow', Murdoch, Murray, McEwen,
McMahan, Rafferty, Rees, Rub
Schmidt, Scully, Seely, Shipton, Thomas
son,. Wainwright S. J., Wainwright z.,
WHAM, President McAuley, and R. 8.
Morrow, Clerk.
The inlnutes of the preceding meeting
were read and approved.
Mr. White, a petitton for grading and
paving certain streehpin the Fourteenth
ward. Accepted.
• Also, an ordinance providing for the
grading, paving and curbing of. Gist
street. Read three times and passed.
Also, the petition of Martin Tomer for
privilege to erect an iron clad building
en Cie corner of Magee street and Wet.
win alley. Referred to the Committee on
Wooden Buildings.
Also, a petition for the grading and
papag of Bt. Petrick' alloy. Referred
to The Road Committee.
. Mr. Hartman, a petition for a gas lamp
on Franklin street. Referred to Gee
Also. claim of Ilartman and Laro for
ever paid business-tax. Referred to Fl.
fiance Committee.
Mr. AM, a resolution providing for a
gas lamp on Liberty stroet, between
deventeenthimd Twentieth atreets.' lie.
(erred to Oita Committee.
Mr. Liddell, a petition or 0:Moon, Mar
shall it 00., asking permission to clad
s building at Liberty mid Twentieth
street'. Referred to the Committee on
Wooden Buildings. -
Mr. E. P. /Ones, a resolution against
the opening or L3CllBi street.l Rererren
to Street Committee.
_ - - •• -• • _
Mao, a petitiou for opening Brady
street. Roterred to Committee on Reads.
Mr. Murdock, a petition for a road In
rwenty-second ward. Referred to Sur
rey lbrumittee.
Mr. Seely: a petitiou for opening Dal.
las avenue. Referred to the Survey
Committee. '.
Mr. Edwards: a petition from the
Board of Directors of the Pleasant Val
ley R. R. W. Co. for privilege to tray,
arse with their track certain streets from
the Hand street bridge to the corner of
Fifth avenue and Smithfield street.
Referred to the Railroad Committee .
Mr. Scully: a petition for the opening
of Halket street anti Boundary street.
Referred to Survey Committee.
Mr. Borgwin: a co mmunication rola' Ivo
to the rental of butcher'a stalls, and a
resolution authorizing the Market Com
mittee to reconsider the rates of rental
established by them for market Malta
and report at the next meeting of Om a
cite; and that until such report is made
the butchers shall occupy thelrold mends
at the old rentals. .
Mr. McEwen moved to lay the resolu
tion on the table: Adopted.
Mr. Morrow offered a resolution an
thorizing gas 'amiss on Vanbrausi atreet
and alliteaberger allay, and on Milton.
verger street. Referred to the Gas
Committee. '
Mr. Whits preseeteal the report of the
Committee on Wooden Building.. ac
,which was an ordinance
granting Privilege to erect a frame - build.
lug to Einxinel O'Brien dr Bros., en
Liberty street.
Oa motion the rules were suspended,
and the ordinance read three times and
Acoampanying the report was also au
ordinance granting pnvilege to Mr.
lkennelly to make certain improvements
on a wooden building. Read throe times
and passed under a. suspension of the
Mr. Gallaher, an ordinance granting
privilege to Arbuckle Co. to construct
an iron bridge across Cburch alley at a
-.1; •
Mr. Rafferty moved to refer the mat.
tar to the Street Committee.
Mr. latto loom moved to amend by
reterrinn. tt to the Ordinance Committee.
Kod the matter was so ra
te. re,•
:i ...o --, called up an ordinance pre
-c rated granting cartel% privi
-.,e Pittsburgh and Birmingham
Railway Company, and
M its final passage
ar. Hartman moved to amend as fol
mws : Provided that the city reserve
I the right to grant the like privilege to
other railroads to traverse the same
streets whenever in the wisdom of the
Council It may be deemed proper, and
further, that the city reserve the right to
vacate a ty or all ofsaid streets.
Mr. Aiken odered an amendment to
the amendment providing that the 'Pleas.
eat Valley Railroad Company, whenever
the right. was granted, the privilege to
traverse other streets in the city, said
ebnpany shall have the right to traverse
that portionmf laid track . between Sev
enth and Fifth avenuaa.
Mr. Burgwin offered as a entatitate the
following: Provided, that the Councils
of the city of Pittsburgh hereby reserve
to - themselves the right to grant at any
time to any passenger railway company
the privilege of using said track hereby
adthorised to be laid for like purposes,
upon payment to the Pittsburgh and
Birmingham P. R. W. Co. of a proper . .
Ronate share of the cost of laying the
mime; provided, however, that any cons.
ran) to which the right to use said track
i.e granted shall run their cars thereon
subject 10 and in conformity with such
reasonable time table as may be eatab
fished by - the Pittsburgh and Birming
ham P. R. W. Co.
Prodded also that nothing herein core
eil l
tale - shall interfere with the right of
the ci y to vacate any part .of the streets
over bids the said track shall be laid.
Mr. irk amended as follows: Provi•
dad t t the rights and privilege herein
granted shall nut be cleetuecl an exclualie
grant to said company, but the city re.
carves. the right to grant similar pHy
lieges over mid street.
Mr. House moved to lay the amend.
meat on the table. The motion was
adopted. ,
The question recurred on Mr. Bur.
gwin's substitute for the 115 0311tialSOLA,
which was adopted.
Thin ordinance as amended was then
read a third time and passed finally. C.
C. not-concurred.
I want ot a Be
~ .yr oileonon no
Councils then adjourned to meet with
Common Connell in joint sowlom to elect
a board of Water Examiners.
Mr. Shipton, chairman of the Gas Com
mittee, presented the following report:
GiNTL3SII.3IN: Your Committee On Gal
Lighting have had before them a number
of petitions for the erection of gas lamps,
and would respectfully recommend the
erection of lamps at the following points:
One In front of Hems for the Destitute,
on Duquesne Way; one on Washington
street, between Franklin Street and Fifth'
At the following point 4 where lamps
are asked for, there are no canine,: Corner
of.Overhill street and Hopper's alley, and
on Twentieth street.
The committee report adversely to the
petition for lamp on the corner of Wash.
legton street and Webster avenue, and
change In present position of lamp on
corner of Penn avenue and Milk street.
-Accepted and riled, and lamps ordered
as recommended.
Mr. Isaac Jones presented a renton
ammo against the opening of Arch
street. Referred to the Street Committee.
IMPORT 01 , THE VARLET ooxmtprxx.
Mr. McEwen, Chairman of the Merkel
Committee, promoted the following re.
G ENTLENISII: The Market Cominittee
reepectfolly report to you that In pares
sacs of the authority vested In them by
resolution of Nov. 29, 1869, they have
contracted with Win. ht. Lyoa sad others,
executors of Jobs Lyon, deceased, and
Jam., B. Murray and John T. Matthews,
executor" of Anthony Sheet, deceased.
for the purchase of twenty lota In the
Fourreestb ward In the city, balm, lot.
Is Miltenberger's plea, membered - 1 to
10 Incinalve and 29 to 32 Inclusive for
which they have agreed to pay the mum
of aixty-five theuaaad dollar.. In amen
years foam the let day of April, 1870,
with Interest, to be secured by bonds and
mortgagee upon the premises. That they
have procurred the passage of an ant of
Amicably authorizing the mules of
bends forth. purchase money, approved
February 26, 1870. They request you to
Provide by ordinance for the creation of
bonds and mergers. for the purchase
money In ecoortanee with the Imre:went
made oy old Committee.
The report was aocepted.
An ordinance providing forth' laming
of bonds as sot forth In the report was
then taken up.
On motion of Mr. Jesse Jane. the ordl•
mince was passed finally under •suepen
' don of the rules.
Mr. E. P. Jones, ea led epee ordinance
providing for the -grading of Casson
street. Presented in Common Connell at
a previous meeting and laid over Under
the - rules.
T o ordinanee was passed finally.
. Kirk presented an ordinance ex.
em all liquid merchandise, bought
Ible for
r 00CUr
Mr.Sirrie, from the Committee on Fire
Engines and Hose, presented theit_re
port, with the following Act of - As
sembly :
Be it enacted by the Senate and house
of Itspresenistives of the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania, In general assembly
met, and It is hereby enacted by the
I authority of the same, that the Councils
of the city of Pittsburgh be; and they
are hereby empowered to establish,
organize and control s Pold Fire Depart
ment In and for the city of Pittsburgh.
and to provide fur the expenses thereof.
Cice..2. That for the purpose aforesaid,
and In addition to other revenues, It
shall be lawful for. the said Councils to
assess and collect a epecial tax upon all
Fire, Marine and Life • Insurance Com
panies or agencies doing business within
said city, said tax not to exceed in any
one year the amount of three and one
halt mills on the dollar of the grass
reeetpts of said companies,
Sec. 3 The said Commits shall have
full power to wake all 'neeeseary and
proper rule/ and ordinances for the
government of said Fire Deparment, not
Inconsistent with the oonatltntlon and
lawn of the State of Pennsylvania, and
to enforce Ike same by proper penalties.
Mr. Morgan moved to receive and the
the act as read. Carried.
The following resolutions - were then
WHIKREAS, It will require some lime
to deltberate and mature a plan to organ•
Ise the new Fire DepaiSweat, yourCom
mlttee rooonamend the adoption of the
following resolutiona
P Remised, That the Committee on Fire
• Engines and Hose be and they are hereby
authorized to take possession of all
property used by the late Fire . Depart
ment of Pittsburgh, except the engines
and hones and other property purchased
by private citizens,
Resolved, That said Committee on Fire
Engines and Hose be and they are here.
by authorized to order warrants on the
City Treasurer In favorer Will. Phillips
and James McAuley, Eqpt., for the
amounts paid by them for engines, hones
and other property of the late Pittsburgh
Fire Department, with interest thereon.
Resolved, That said Committee on
Firs Engines and HOl4l be and they are
hereby Instructed to ascertain and re
port to Councils what claima. if any, the
former lire companies may have on
property belonging to or need by them
Resolved, That - said Committee on
Fire Engines and Hose be and they are
hereby authorized to effect and enter
into a temporary organization of as many
engines and hose ear/it/gee as they may
be able to obtain poeseulon of, not ox.
needing aix engines and hose carriages,
and other property belonging thereto.
Mr. Oliver, Jr., moved the adoption of
the resolutions as road.
Mr. Sims moved to suspend the rules
and adopt there:stations. Lent.
The resolutions were then hid over.
The report was accompanied by the
following ordinance:
Be It ordained, etc., That for the pnr.
pose of este:halting a Paid Fire Depart.
meet, 27 authorized by the Act of Assem
bly entithxl "an act to establish the
-Pittoburgh Fire Department," approved
March 23. IWO, a tax Is hereby levied for
the year 1670 , upon all the Fire Marine
and Life Insurance Oompanles and agen
cies doing boldness Within the city. of
(f'.), three and 01113 half Wile on the
dollar of the groan receipts of said com
panies for theyear 18 70, to bo estimated
by the assessors from the receipts of the
quarter ending April 1, 1870. The said
tax to be' awned and collected In the
tame manner as other city taxes are as-
Gamed and collected. Laid over under
the rules.
Mr. Matters presented the report of
the Committee on City Printing, getting
forth that the contract for city Job print.
ing bad been let to Eaves, t Co.; an
additional contract for job printing to A.
A.. Anderson at Co., and the printing of
the "Municipal Record" to the "Com.
mamba Printing Company," at a price of
1780. The chairman ruled the paper out
of order, es It had not been "'good by
and .1d by . weight, from ganging by the
City Gauger.
Laid over under the rules.
Common Council
At ten mit:mum put two o'clock Preni
dent Tomlinson relle.l Sq. branch to
or6ex, when the following members; an
swered to the cell or the roll :
Moears. Arthuro, Alboita, Marker,
Deckineu, gsymer, slack, Booth, Brad
ley, Cameron, flukey, Chalmers, Crs o
gee, Daum, Diamond, Dietrich, Dolls
Edwards, Faxon, .Fedder. Person, D. I.
Fleming, John Fleming, Fulton, (iazzam,
I .
Hare, • Jahn, Jamison, Jones, Koh. e,
Ling, Lyons, Mattern, Moyer, Mitch il,
Miller, Moore, Moorhead, Morgan, M
ley, McCoy, McGann , McKelvy, Mogi y,
H. W. Oliver. Jr., H. W. Oliver, r..
Fender, Preston, Schleiter, School r,
Seibert, SeSerth, Seitz, Shoeb, SI e,
Smith, Saesthen, flood graze, 'Vey r,
Wallace, and President Toinliewm.
, biluutes road and approved.
' .. PETITIONS, he.
Mr. Uazzam presented a resolution for
the erection of a gas lamp on Third ave.
one. Referred to tins Committee.
Mr. Jahn, petition and ordinance.
which woro referred to the Ordinance
Committee. Tho object of Reis ordinance
was not announced.
Mr. Hare, petition for Ruston', oroa
sing on Liberty street, Referred to
Street Committee, with power to act
Aieo, petition for grading and paving
Catharino alley, Eleventh ward, acme,
panted by ordinance. Petition accepted
and ordinance passed to second reading.
Mr. D L. Fleming said he presented
the following ordinance at the solicits
lieu of numbers of those intereeted.
That such a nectasity existed was evident
to every one:
An ordinance authorizing the creation
of water closets for the use of tonente
end occupanta of the Diamond Market
Buildiage, oily of Pittebtirgh :
Scorzora 1. Be it ordained rod enacted
by the City of Pittsburgh, In Select and
Common Councils assembled, and it In
hereby ordained and enacted by author.
ity of the same, that the Superintendent
of Markets be authorized and directed to
advertise for proposals for the erection of
proper Water Closet conveniences, in
amen portions of the market buildings as
may be agreed upon by the Market Com
mittee, for the accommodation of country
people attending market, butchers,
hucksters and all others transacting bus
iness or oriccupyleg places as tenants In
said market buildings
• lilac. 2 That any ordinance or part of
Ordinance congesting with the lineage of
this ordinaries at the present time be and
the same Is bereby repealed,
On motion of Mr. Feeming, It was re
ferred to the Market Committee.
The same gentleman also presented a
resolution for the erection of a gas lamp
on Wylie avenue, half way between
Washington and Congress streets, Say.
enth ward. Referred to Gas. Committee.
Mr. Moorhead, petition for opening
Granville street, Eleventh ward. Reeler.
rod to Street Committee.
Mr. Daum, petition front Dickson, Mar
shill tt Co. for privilege to erect au iron
clad addition to their works, Twelfth
ward. Referred to Committee on Wood:
ea Buildings.
Mr. Wallace, petitions (or two gee
lamps in. Twelfth ward. Referred to
Gas temmittera
Mr. Dull; petition for the repeal of en
ordinance for opening Kirkpatrick
street. Referred to street Committee.
Mr. bleflann, remonstrance against
opening of Locuot street, Sixth ward.
Itsferred to Street Committee.
Mr. Black, minion for grading and
paving Pine alley. Referred to Street
Mr. Mitchell,, petition from • citizen
Of the Twelfth ward to erect four brick
buildings without fire walls. Referred
to the temsaittee en Wooden Buildings.
Mr. Deitrich, pennon for paving of
Main street. Referred to the Street
Mr. Kegley, petition from Casper
Kegley asking far payment of the
amount due bleu (pm of the Indebted
ness of Usi lint township, seemed by the
city at the time of consolidation. Re-(
ferred to the Please° Committee with'
power to act.
Mr. Morgan, front the Street Commit
tee, presented the following buelnees
which was disposed of is noted. An or.
Must:ton for the opening of Arch street to
an uniform width of fifty feet, a remora
stranoe was presented against the patalge
of this ordinance. Bath papers were re
ferred beck to the Street Committee for
consideration; ordinance for opening of
Kirkpatrick street: read three times and
passed tinder ■uepenaion of rules. Ordi
nance for laying of switch track moment
ing their furnace with the Allegheny
Valley Railroad track, as directed by
City Engineer. Passed finally. Ordi
nance for construction of.eewer on St.
Patrick's alley, Eleventh ward; passed
finally. Communication from City Flo
ginner H. J. Moore, reporting that he
had ae yet bean unable to ascertain the
exact amount of grading on Webster
avenue, but would have a full end cone
piece report ready for tee next regular
meeting or Counclistxeceived and filed.
Bill or Stewart McKee for 12d for refund
log aim/mice aasessmeut on property on
W;ylle avenue. Referral to Finance
Committee with power to act.
any member Of the coismittee except the
chairman. That gent emitn was granted
leave to get the eig atures of hie col
Mr. Fleming said he wished to eller a
resolution which he thought due to thp
Printing Committee and Loan concerned.
It wee alleged that the awarding of the
contract for "Pd.uniclpal Record,". had
not been done as the ordinance required.
The gentiTman was -proceeding to read
the resolution, when ,
The Preaident ruled the paper out of
order, ee it was not the time to receive
Mr. Morgan, fro gs the Spacial Commit
tee appointed to ascertain if any member
of C. U. had beau instrumental in fram
ing and forwarding to the Legislature
the "Ding bill" !creating a Paid
Fire Department in Pittsburgh, re
warted that . Mr. !Seibert, of the
Eighteenth ward, tuid boon present at
the meeting, happening by accident it,
the building where held. The Comtnit•
tee excused his participation. Mr. Two .
litelon, of the Pow tie ward, wee present
also and presided at the tuDsing, but ex
he went to the meeting unaware of lie
object, and also repeatedly refused to
wealth], finally being] prevailed upon to
accept the place, ho was excused for hie
participation. 1
The report we, read,
dared to be printed. I .
Mr. McKelvy offerer
the division of the 'Di
burgh into two °tomtit]
lug the Mile° of Std
street, the polls of I
The ordinance was r 1
passed under seaplane
THR mrsioie.
Tue report of the
properly tigued, was
Mr. Srusigraas off
setting forth that L
rumors afloat to the e
of the ''Muucipal Rex
let; that therefore a
of three from the Cot
Select be appointed
vestlgate the matter a
la , before them at Ltd
The contract In the in
Mr. Fleming—l um;
the resolution.
. Mr. Morgan I obji
has bean let, and we
with It now,
Mr. Mewing—The Tc
the contract until tie
Mr. McKelvy—lt's
contract hie been let.
were Ina:rooted to at
done tsa. We cant get
Mr. Moorhead—l in
lutlou do the table.
on this last mittion, w
The report was th
id an ordination for.
lwelftli ward, Pittit.. ,
In di:dile:B. Mak. i
Aunt Mqßoo,
q Pann
° Re'ziut Product.'
• Ad'threo Limo nod
f low of tbo rules.
.41. RECORD.
Irioting Cooonitto
sow preseutod and
rod a resolution
tare were curtain
lord that the letting
I.rd" was not fairly
b " r 'itaa c i i t l
r t o o p l o l r r..
i pedal Om wide°
mon anti fw., from
ler next meeting.
eantinia to beano
o the soloptien or
ct. The contract
an% do anything
matter bin boon
no use. now. the
The Committee
t and they have
hack of that.
ye to lay :Le reeo
vote rya. taken
loh wai carried.
/.0 received and
Mr. Morgan offered
atructlng the Commit!.
and HO3O, to report 1
a paid tire departalei
prepared for coindile
sesaion of Council nu .
April. 4th. 1570,—the i .
printed. and a copy lair
1 .
each member.
Mr. Doll, prbsented a revillution In
structing the ordinanco Committee to
Drapers an ordinatioo providing for the
payment of alpettseq of pollee, while to
search of criminals from the city. Itead
throe times and passed.
-- - '
I a resolution, in
: on Fire Esigtne.
an ordinance for
roriho same bo
scion in spovial
daY ariorno - in,
ordinance to he
id on the desk of
Mr. Lyons; potltlon from Newtons Val
ley Passenger Hsilway. Company wain.
for right of way from Natal etro to
Poatotllco, by way orriavouth avanuo and
Susithdold stmt. Position accopscal.
Mr. Arthur., offered', resolution le.
structlng the Street or 'Road Comma
ginner. to hero the toll gate. on the
Frankatown Piankroad removed outside
the city liming. the officer■ of the city
being authorized to bring action against
the company unless the 101 l house, wore
Mr. Morgan Said thin could not be
done. No power could take swsy the
rights of ao locorpors•ed company In
that way. •
Mr. Burton mold the company had the
tight to that mad and could collect toll
there perpetually unless taut portion of
the road wan. purchased. The only
method of arranging the molter Would be
to settle tacos term. with the company
and buy the road. The olty could get
poisessionln nit other way. Ile
offered • resolution, as au aturoadinent to
the original one, providing for the ap
polntu,.ut gal a committee of three to
confer with the oftioera of the court...Y,
and ascertain upon what erma the road
could be purchased. •Th amendment,
after some discussion, wait adopted.
The Clerk was then instructed to nett.
fy Select Council that Common Council
was ready to meet In joint emotion for
the election of Water Comudeelonere.
After the adjournment or the joint
Session, C. C. resumed hi/slue..
The following bueVero.,, acted upon lo
Select Council at previous meetingii. wax
concurred Accepting remonatr•nce
against paving of Locust egoist. Ito
reale': to Monongabeln Wharf C0.,.i
mitten pelliTon to erect a wharf best at
the Point. Ittforrog p tub., for eaten
Lon of Laing avenue, Twenty-.second
ward. Accepting the report of Wooden
Building Committee. Referring to
Waaideu Building Committee William
Smith's petition for privilege to erect
an Iron clad building. --
}Warring to Fina nce Committee; with
power to act, petition of John Mitchell
for payment of jilllti amount or bond of
Lawreneevllle emptied by oily at con.
aolidatlon. Aoceogest remonstrance
against paving Thlrty.second agent.
Pausing resolution authorizing payment
of John Semple's bill of SIS for posting
City notices. listening ,to Survey COM--
mitts(' petition for newkoad Twenty.
third ward. Referring to Ordinance
Committee ordinance granting Arbuckle
& Co. privilege to erect an uncovered
Iron bridge over Church - alley. Pawing
finally ordinance for opening Tango
street. Accepting Controller's' report.
Pawing finally ordinance for opening of
Homewood avenue. Passing finally or
dinances for the opening .of Itsbecca
street, grading and paving Tustin 'greet,
paving Madison "greet, ohauging name of
Westminster avenue to Frankstown
avenue. Accepting reports of Rind and
Property Committees and granting latter
coalmittee power to sec in the mutter of
the Washington graveyard.
The ortlinanco in relation to liebl e i o
'Monsen, pasard by Solent branch, was
t■kenno. Afternoonliferablo disomelon
the yeas and nays were called on a mo
tion to concur, with the following re
Yeas—Messrs. Barton, Bwknian, Roy
rum, Bradley, roman, John Planning,
Jones, Kohne, Lyona,, Moorhead, Mor
fan, Moseley, . Nexhoy,lW. ii. Olivor, Sr.,
&blotter, lichnelder, I Stubert, Smith,
Verner and Preeidant 'ninth:MO n-20.
Nays—Menem Addison, Albeit z, Bolter,
Black, Booth, Cameron, Cl/ahoy, ChM.
mars, Croogan, DAUM, Dlninond,
Edwards, Faxon, Fodder. D. b. F lam
ing, Fulton, (Iszmin, . Dare, Jalm. Long,
Mutton:l. Moyer, Mitchell , Miller, Moore,
McCoy. McGann, McKelvey. W. H. .0:1-
nor, Jr., Pander, Preston, klaireirth, Boltz.
Sboob, Sims, Snodgrass and Wallace-37.
So the ordinance wall laid over.
In all other. Waimea; V. O. concurred.
Joint tfleu!on
Councils aseetn bled. In Nut KI1(11.100 for
the purpose or electing three Water
Commissioners in accordance with an
ordinariee recently passed.
President McAuley, of the. Select
branch. prodded, and after dating the
object, announced nominations In order,
The following gentlemen were nornins.
ted: Messrs. F. Slataper.J. K. Moorhead,
John P. Penns Jae. P. Harr , Goo. A.
Berry, W. 0. liughart, Wm. R. Brown
and Andrew hillier.
Before the vote had been announced, on
;notion, Abe three having the highest
number of votes were declared elected,
The following was the result :.*Blata•
23r, 81; v.ifoorhead, 70; *Barry M il l er, m,
: Brown, 23, Flughart, 21; 11;
Barr, 18.,,
The Johtt Soeeiou then adjourned
- Choke Heal Estate
Capitalists Interested In the purchase
of real estate would commit their Inter
sate by examining the advertisement of
Thomas Steele, Esq., Surveyor of Cue.
toms, in relation to the sale of a portion
of the Marino Hospital lot. Tho former
bide for this land, comprising between
two and threo acres, were rejected by
I Secretary MeHulloch and Sao property
will be offsred at public auction on Men.
day, April 4, 1870, at noon, at the Custom
House, Pittsburgh. It la rarely that
curb a lino piece of property for 'dolma
any paws° Is put upon the market. Al
a manufacturing ells It le uneurpeaced In
this vicinity. Two railroads and a river
sdhrd COLIV6PIGLICOII for shipment; to any
point, while its proximity to the cities is
an advantage which any manufacturer.
will readily appreciate. Tho terms are
Very easy. Putt particulars made known
on day of-sale. There is no better oppor
tunity for the investment of money In
the reel estate line. •
Henry Paulus, haring been burned
out at 124 0610 avenue, has' removed bin
boot and Idles, store and btelory to the
oorner of Fulton and 8601101 d streets,
Fifth ward, Allegheny, wheie from the
21st instant he will be glad to wait on his
friends sod customers as usual. d
he Fire illarahat's Report—Allegheny .
County's Lames In 111369 from Coatis
grattons--Important lifformation and
Yeeterday, iu the Common Pleas
Conn, Judge Collier presiding, George
Murphy, Etq., Fire Marahal for Alle
gheny County', presented his annual
ropOrt, of which the following is an
extended synopsis:
.The report commencas with a state
ment that the losses have been larger
during the year than any previous cor
responding period, save 1867, since the
dlice of Fire Marshall was created,
amounting in the aggregate to 1 632 . 1 7 3 ,
inaured to the amount of *449,496, dis
tributed as follows:
• 'atm Ins..
• ' Orvaa eaed GlAsa Foe •
. ... .. . . tome.. tro y
luauraout .•• vl Gil $ 1 . 4.1'..N X 2
dtOrcs and Dwell. Cotten.
...... 5141 51E:11
a r t . &
ftt: e;11°. $ 212
On which insurance has been effected
to the atuontit of 1952,526.
The lumen of the year en ing March 27,
an compared with prowl& s year.. Is ah
followt—frone August 24 to' March 29:
1145. MSG. 114)."
(boa loilsk..Y4, (24 4741 1...25 0118 NA ISIS SYJ 1= .42
rald..lMlls. X. 16,014 500,10 271,M4 31S
Nearly onehalf the amount bat was
occasioned by-two fires, viz: Forsyth
Bros.' relieety.'and the cotton factory of
A. H. Childs it Co. At the former there
Was a loan of 8205,950, and by the latter
1157,088. These are the most disastroue
Urea that have occurred. within thh:
county, of which I have any record,
since the great fire of April 10, 1845.
During the year the number of tbrea
and alarms of tire have been 221. Of
thane ICI were false, end 40 needless, on
Wioned by burning chininiee, etc.; 46
were attended with trlfllux lose, and 117
wore absolute Ores. Of the actual fires
19 wore the work of incendiarism, or
supposed to be after a careful and critical
examination of the feels, and 2'2 were
caused by defective lines, and only 4
from unknown mew. Originating from
defective duos, the most disastrous was
the burning of the Fifth ward school
house, of Allegheny city. I believe it
lea duty to the communitY to comment
freely upon this lire. Toot It was
caused by criminal earl:indices on the
part of those persona who made the duo
but four inches thick, and drove pieces
of wood in, to which they could attach
the 'wainscot, - is, to my mind beyond a
doubt. 'Argo quantities: of soot bad col
lected in the bead of this flue _over the
window, which being ignited, communi.
noted toe Ore to the pieces of wood driven
Into the due, and from thorn communi
cated to the wainscot. This would have
been the necessary oenecquence even had the wail of the due Seen thicker. •
But, In • tine with a wall only four inches
thick, an accumulation of snot once on
Ore, the heat would have been intense
enough to have tired the wainscot.
Although there have been incendiary
or :supposed incendiary fires since my
last report, yet after the closest InVestl•
valor: no clue could too found to the
parties committing the acts, and no
arrests he been made. Of the seven
persons under arrad for •arnon mention•
ed In my last report,-aix were trial and
Lam of tho opinion that if our author'
the would °flew a reward of lire hundred
dollars for the arrest and conviction of
incendiaries, it would deter many from
committing the crime. and the police
would hat•o some . object rather than
merely performing their duty, in bring
lug the guilty ;Barthm to lusting I earn
estly recommend that some 'such rand.
lug roward tie offered.
• .
A large number of the tires arise from
stovO olpee, ash boxes, heating apparatus
csrelissly put up, honey-combed chlus•
neys, riathage, de., I would recommend
the low governing the Fire Marahal be
amended so an to Ms, him power to sup.
prises ail nuissmee f this character.
I would further recommend granting
the Firs Marshal authority tq appoint
three depution fcr Pittsburgh, two for
Allegheny city, and t n o for the boroughs
on the Kauth side, one for McKeesport
and one for Elizabeth, giving them the
same power. the Marshal, but to report
each tire to him ea early as possible. It
-la impossible for the Fire Marshal to lie
at all area, and frequently while Invent.
gating One, others occur. McKeesport,
especially. needs • deputy. Las suf
fered vary heavily in the last three
years. •Nu lows than f 210.000 worth of
property hes been destroyed sines May,
180 7. 150.000 of which Was - within the peat
Teo Manliest comments at length on
the Paid , Fire Department question
Warming the benents or the system by
its working in Alirghony, and other
largo cities,
No death". Lave oceurrtel among tb
firemen cause.! by aecidont at • fir
but norerel wero neverely burned ■t th
oil refinery of Forneyibe Brother•.
- .
'Several death', have occurred, and
fumy persons have • been severely hi
pima by the overturning 0(011 lamps,
and by attempts made to kindle fires
with olr from cans. .
Mr, Murphy conclutire Ws lengthy
and comorehetnivo report by returning
thank. to cation. parties. who 'misted
hint In the diachargo of the &Me. per.
tabling to his office.,
lolletl States tilairlet Court— Judge
Mow?Ay, March 2S.—Peter Smith, In.
dieted for smiling °sake containing for.
mented liquor without having stamps
thereon. plead guilty and was sentenced
to one hour's Imprisonment and to pay a
tioe of ono hundred dollars and coats of
The case of the United States vs-Julius
Adler, Louis Rosenberg and Penrou
Fleisher; was rammed and occupied the
attention of lb. Court during the re.
malodor of the day; •
District Liourt—Judge Kirkpatrick.
MONDAY. March 28.—The came of Cald
well Jr Bros., vs. James Millinger, gar-
Mabee of Charles Goehrlug, owner of the
steamboat ••John F. Carr," sad same
plaintiffs vs. same defendant, garnishee
of. GOoßring, imploaded with jetties
Richardson, owners of the steamboat
"Col. Steele," wore taken up for trial to
gather. Those, rere attachmente In- the
nature of an execution, to recover money
In theltands of
.the defendant as gar
nishee of Mr. q sabring. The oases ere
still on trial.
188 Reinsenhauser vs. Keep of al.
189 fitidel vs. Baum.
131 Becton:to Bt. And. Ch. vs. ling.
154 Knitting et ux,
vs. Barker et al.
110 Citlacus Ref. Co. vs. Dilworth.
112 Jsooby vs. itSchoon et al.
120 Bartupee dc Co. vs. McDonald. .
178 Brown, aim, vs. H. B. c fleindeer."
180 B. a. nillrey Fox" vs. Milllngar,
Clay it Co. •
quarter &tautens—Judge Sterrett.
MONDAY, March 28.—T. Kennedy was
placed 013 trial on an indictmentcharglng
Mtn with the embezzlement. of money
belonging to Van (lorder and Sheppard,
The accused was the driver of an oyster
wagou belonging •to the above named
firm, and It la alged ha oolleated bills
and failed to hand the money over to his
employani. Jury out.
John Wood, who was sixteen year. of
age on the sixteenth day - of lest Novem
ber, was arraigned for trial on an Indict.
meat containing three counts, au follows;
let, aoduction; gad, seduction under
promise of marriage: 3rd, forts= ei eel.
The prosecuting witness In the cute, Miss
Annie Seibert, a young woman of about
seventeen summers, testified that the
offences - charged in the Indictment were
committal 00 or about the 24th of March,
1889. • Tho defense' called a number of
witncineonto prove that the preeeentrix
was a woman of bad reputation, several
of ahem teatined that her character for
chastity In the neighborhood of Hite',
elation,_ on the Weetern Pennsylvania
Italireal, where mho resided, was not
good. The case . was not concluded at
time time of adjournment.
202 Corn. Va. Prank Mora n .
204 J. Smltb.
20.5 Henry Bean, 2 ashes..
207 Prod. D 01102213. I
171 Darly Holland, CMOS;
lA2 I.llclisal Sharman. •
" George Muckier.
31 " " Abraham 0. Tilman
Cowman Pleas—Judge Collier.
Mon DAY. March 2&—The cue of Wen.
eel dt Helm vs. Moses Good was taken
up. "Maim an *akin In replevin for a
buggy. valued at one hundred and tweet.
ty.dve dollars.
Rt. Ranhin's Ex'r. vaL
49. Honorer et al, ve. Hamilton. •
P: & U. Olui and Coal Co. vs. Bailey.
SE. SAWS vs. Hartman.
:H. Hanle va. Henderson.
rws. Hoodgraas, use. vs. Snodgrose at aL
MI Thompson vs. Mooro et al.
67. Barrett h Bro. vs. Ewart.
68. Couraln vs. Holdings et al.
69. Sommer it Co. vi. Updegraff et trx.
62. Bonnen vs. Bterling.
Cala * Down—Rools and shoes Daiwa.—
sliver given In change to all purchasers
of Roots and Shoot. Infant's Fancy Shoes
only ton cents at 28 Fifth avenue.
A Little Lhlld Abducted—Strange Pro
reduro—Arrest of a Mae Arcuscd of
the Offense—No Trace of the Child.
Last Saturday evening a little girl was
stolen from the Wane of the Friendless,
Washington street, Allegheny, under
rather peculiar circumstances. Shortly
after school hours she was playing in
the yard with a number of oompanions
when a man appeared at tho railing
which encloses the premises. He had
In his hand ■ lot of candy, with which
he attacted the attention of the child.
In response to his Invitation she came
forward to receive the gift. When with
in reaching distance, the man suddenly
lifted her over the fence and started off
Her cries attracted her playmates, but
the man was gone before he could he
She was about eir yours of ago, and
the daughterof Mr. William B. Sterrett,
of the Atlas Works of this city. The
gentleman has one or . two other
children at the Rome Ae soon ae
he was' Informed of the occurrence he
set to work and by diligent search at
last discovered sufficient to lead him' to
make Information before Alderman Me.
Masters against Robert George Dear,
charging Min with child stealing or ab
duction. The accused was arrested and
brought before the Alderman. Ile to
fused to anewer auy questions and main.
Mined s sultan dogged Kilauea through
out the hearing. Es was committed to
jail In 'default of one thousand dollars
ball for trial. No Information in regard
to the child, and no trace of It has yet
been disonvered. It la said the evidence
pointing to him as the criminal le very
direct. Tho fatoof the child is as yct a
mystery. •
Large Auction sale of Shoes.—A. Leg
gate auctioneer will sell
.at. 159 Federal
street, Allegheny, this day, Tuesday and
to-morrow Wednesday afternoon. at two
o'clock, the stock of a city retell shoe
atom comprising all, sizes of boots, shoes
and gaiters to be Isola for whatever they
will bring. A rare chance for heads of
families to lay to a supply. •
Factory Nutidinga. Engine Am., at
Auction.—That large manufactory. on
North avenue,
near Irwin avenue. Alle.
gkony, former ly occupied by C. C. LMInD
Mid CO., will bo Sold on Wednesday 30th
inst., at three o'clock. Lease of ground
thirteen years. A. LEGOVIE.
3 Auctioneer.
C. C. Lightcap, of the Morgan Rouse,
would reepectfullythronn his friends and
the public generally that on and after
April 1, he will take charge of the ()RANI"
Honog, whore he will be happy to wale
all his old friends and patron, 3
The Spring !Week of Henry C. Hale,
Merchant Tailor, at corner of Penn
avenue and Sixth street, la now large
and complete. Monsieur Benpaine coo•
Swam to prealde at the cutting.- U
Yoti Want your hair dressed or
frizaled after the latest fashion, • a COM
fortabl;- shave, a luxurious bath or a
little e illful ...upping and leeching, any
or all, go to Williamson's popular saloon,
No. il9 Federal street, Allegheny. T
,cirer'. Farina forms a very agree
able light nutritive food, a auperlor arli
chi for i rddinge and Jellloa, and la highly
in e
reconded by physicians for invalids
and ch Wren. Sold by all grocers. • T.
-The 11.4.11ra' Soros*. club, of New York.
r.o..ntly chanted their eireusslons fro
.oman . 4 auffrage to flair preparation. and
Pimple Hanirrliers. They deem,. that *here
nature had not endowed them with beauty, It
cr4 their rlitht—yea, Ihrir ditty—to seek it
where they could. yi, they ail voted that *in
stills Rem overcame Maii.lollo, Rough Skin,
and itlectriarks , and cave to tat complexion a
03 at &ritual. Mr.lan) and marbie•zike Bp
beams, (dangerous [omen. no doubtli and that
Lyon's' natbalron made the lir:V.lllde thick,
soft Sod artful pretty, and moreover prevented
It from turning gray. If the preprietors of
these articles did not send the sisters an invoice
they are sot snarl.
NIESBIT-..1Y NIT WORTE—On the tillth
by kiA.. T. F. Busger. .t the restol :bee of the
brldee (Atha-, K... U. K.' NESBIT. of Alla
°Lamy city. sod Miss ALICE. W NITWORTII. of
hello, Eretstroug
No. i 9• VENN BTB2ti
Y Um Tumoral* Turnlobed
3 333 all Puorrsl •erol•hmeet .t
The gob lora.. has ellobllaraor a Salm Subic ot
the Wm. Cella Hotel. Allegheny. 'Mem be 011 l
have moronit S A L E S hd large moony or No I
Honer. ••1.1.L0 HAMAN r KED. Sally
tacit., loomed Jo all mom, and lr THE HollSlth
-51011.111P.J1 OP
Sevinth Avenue and Liberty St.,
11 on. Eve Botundaii Hold
rtr t. delLlnt teal!
VivOgglVE" TgittYir.7!
Oon. W/ /10 0 4 1.10 Me e . all stock ten
SOUR.. zr.r.trnmoir.
prrrsumiag, ra.
& J. T. McCANCE,
Ec f
.No . 1 6 Liberty Street,
, -
WHICH mu. Bs r
Made to Order at Reliaced Prices.
Bala HUNG OVIRCUATS for solo. meldarSZ
a. a. Wentascox. • c. 1.. anu.kitacure.
liferchait Tailors, No 10 SIXTH MUM?,
ed, M.
) we ha reeelre4 • tall• &Da
well selected Moot of Joshua& and mow faableu
able I,IJVAIL:g4:I6I. great loo;10.., of Innen
' Venn, coo:went of ..n• ability to en. perfect
uticract on. We nopectrally fr m you an
early examination of our noon of Plan Cloths,
Ve.t.lo•B •C.
No. JO Sixth'. mood.
♦ splendid Lew ' stern er
.lest - noshed 111CJIII7
set: Neralik t rulm. Ti Hmlateld street
W. De CANIP, •
Nat removed to No. 75 URA NT S TREILT. PIMA
.171=t0larte,"faile tali U.
8. efrt l u i
Omuta of Alohes7 cooto.s. " otto Mote maim eG
lo mom o ft m sdlocent emmUtem JIMMM
• •
Apr Prompt al Lestlon storm 10 ell 1.1021 of lei al
• 102 it.
ILDIRMAN A341/1121-0171E10 0/3T/02 01
gre," "= l , =LIM Ira
spood ar . 7"e lricage.
alatew.l INN Dashol. aUaoldo. to suoalvel,
.DSO Oak Nall Nem
NMI atone Nola; •
Wow UMW( Rap Illeamer Juniata. for We
167, 168, 169 and 170
Are now preeaxed t fa relah VINEUAR &Ulm
LOWEST MARKET RATER. lltentlon Is par.
tleelaMy called to oar
FOIIOTII LIST. 1 1 70, Arpm-
CATIONS to sell Ilgoor, tllottlo the Clot k's
1.111414 highs '
Martin Joyce:tavern, let ward. •
Mania I a wry. raven, Ist ward. .
P.C. Welhrund. tavern. rat ward.
Nova,. & e 61,111, tavern, tat ward.
crank Anderson. tavern. lst ward.
11. d. we. land, , Ist ward.
David Moo, . Ist ward.
11. cry Staler, tavern, lit ward.
(that. Willa tarn, Ist ward.
11. Fear', other gouda let war.,
Cass. lima., tavem, rid ward.
Fred. !!chute teller, rare' n. ;Id ward •
W. Reran wan, tare n 3d ward.
B. e 1 e l.lllm 4 , tavern. 31 ward
M. wenn., A Br o. tavern, 3d ward.
Wry. 41.1dett. tsvere, 3rl wa• d.
Irelultart U Intl,, macre. 31 ward.
Adam We•g tad. tavern, 3d ward.
limplle• Malatesta. tavern. 3•11 ward.
14. loans. aallng hum., 3d ward.
Mrs. 011 more. eating house, 31 ward.
N. Young, re her r•ode. 3d waool.
.Urn. M.eenneat a 'ether gaml, 3.1 wad
U. Malley, tams!, 411, ward.
Alergan Irryara. anve•o, 4111 word.
Fraotar. Kellernasn. tave.n. 4.6 ward.
Wm. Hauck. leen. tavern. 4.4 ward.
Hoerr •w.e nay, rarern. 41. h ward.
P. J. Flanol/an, . 5.1 ward,
John 11•171,1, tavern lath wa.d.
John Alarm. {acorn, Si,. ward.
J•en J O'ttrirn tavern. 5.1.4 ward.
Cara. Weluang, tavern, 5.0 war .
Tim PIG., a aver, 514 ward.
Win. Kn:h, tavern, 1514 ward.
A. !Lanark.. ot4. r amods. 6th ward.
Renee& Green, eating hoest. bob ward.
alter I ioderict, Lare n.' 7.h ward.
earalr Inglis, tavern, 7th wa d.
Henry little , tavern.ll h ward.
11 try Iliormbatn. racoon. Ulla ward.
Y.d.l. w
J. inr
Voe Parm er.r. ke tavern Ith wa
ward . V..
) rank link, ;accent OA ward.
ames reel, tr ward.
Val CH; V Wed. lit, Valera. 0.11 ward.
Chas. Hobart, I Crete, 0,1 want. -
Jot. Murat. r, key, r0..9. ward. •
Ca.. Milli:4m, eat., house thh w.r.l.
(Mat. Usnaorl'h. eating house. Ott ward.
John man., Gam.. lota ward.
Gudul a Wen, tavern; 10.14 ward.
Jonn Cron., tarern, ILitn ward.
• minivan. • It) Inward.
Morns Colllns, called t 0... 16. Ward.
P. 11. Maidart:•ly. other [odds. 1016 ward.
Meter is.a.teaborn, entrye home, 11;6 ward.
Joan Mar Cey..ivern,l4l6
John Metruckll. lavers. 111th w ud.
Ueo.llranle•- • raver., 19th ward, '
Ma hew, Caarth:ll. Inc an. lalth ward.
heed. triter, eating house. 111th wart.
o tlher4.n , *a log nouse. 16tri ward.
Edward lion a, Lavern, 14th ward.
Patric . < Me C arroll, I 14th • ard.
John Mnearthy, tavern 11 . 51.11 d.
Weldler, ...... 15 h ward.
It W•I lime, tavern. 15th ward.
1111yer, ta v ern
151 b ward.
Jae An Cloqueu. tave:n. 15th ward.
N. Maher. tavern. 1515 ward.
Matthew Noll, tavern, 15.0 Ward.
Joe. K. Menarche, tar -en. 15. h ward.
:•on. Yuan., o.her hoo•rio 15
John Fraonto's. lare.n, MOw a rd.,
Geo. W. Mush cr. tavern. 11311rwalor.
Morris 5)1 , 1, tavern lath ward.
'hos y leldevo raver, 17th ward.
Jacob •ar• ra. 10.1 ward.
Jacob Bele.l. tavern. 1416 ward.'
E. Meehlold o tave,n, let ward.
IL E. Lynch, Marren. I I ward.
Adam Hoyt thron e 211 d ward.
Wieder'. Lang, Inn ern. 31 ward.
1 CO. elot•heroi. tavern. 3d Ward.
&cranny Braise!, tavern, 3.1 war 1.
Joseph Stadele.l 1, taver.o r f ra ward.
Anna rveileb, tavern, 4. ward.
Jas. Mani homer, raverd, 4th (card.
Wan. Hen Mama, Mama. 4th award.
l •
oao ris ZLmttk, a
ea lag boom 6, t 5 tw awdr
I. Jba
mete, tavern. 4 0 wart.
J. C W. its. r tan rn 6 . 6 wa - d.
Fred. rrmat. tavern. 4.4 ward.
Jab" Bo materiel, lave.. (Ma ward.
Wm. Sonar worth, ravers, ern ward
Peter raverta (114 wa.d.
Valeedne Gentian!. tavern, GM ward.
Anthony Cleat, •areng home, eta ward.
Jos. Grenada. tavern. 714 ward.
herd. Stable, tavern, lilt ward
John Herb lew, tar ra. 7.1 ward r
Brant Siegel. tavern, Birm!unbar.
Wm. Rube . Blimlosbana
John N. Schafer. tavern, Dirminehate
Richard DM Bleb, . East Biwill-,,ham
• Kee It, tavern.toga!irmingham.
tavern. rank., h a
Thos. T. IticharJe. tavern. least Cirmlngbant.
John A. Lippert. taven, Cast Blewoogthato.
We,. H. Barri, tavern, gam itlemiegbarm
Jobe J. Reef. I • Cast Dirmlaa beim
Peer Schlegel. other goods. Kest illreitostiem
le Umber b Haim, Lavern, Mum • •
Henry Seitz, tavern, R n.,
v T .
Julto C. Hate, tavcree.l.otalt
Jot. 4. el ens, toiler goods. Mouth 1 . .1t a .
1.4 t. lo•N• ta , ern.
'rho, W. 1,. am, Unto•
Iliedtpath, tyre,. West Kllsabeth.
Leiria Aorta. aaaaa . West Pitts net.
fi l eit a . t (% 7 ; * Pirr?, " ea
J c Band roar. tav.. hia•bitb.
Jos Hartman, tarn me, Lower S . Clair.
Adam Heber, barren, Gowerell.Citalr.
gab r liar. tavern, Low. rSt . olalr.
St. Clair.
ItLeonard, I Lower St
R. It 11, tavern Lower a, Cosi,
Cleo W. Retro,. tavern. Marshall.
Peter Spellman. tavern, MBA h.
Cet.r gamin/. tavern. wilditt.
Julius Weber. tavern McClure.
Kvaline Ilreebsegh. tavern McClure:
Job henna, °the, gond., McClure.
Abram Moore, tavern. Nor b
Thos I aweoce tavern. North V•vaa Pee.
Patrick S teil re4v, tavern. North Veins 1i,,.
Jacobtare it, r.q.
L t r 6 . 1TY:t 1 :47:, , kg:
feet•rei t e.n, Kr•i.
.tuba H. Man
Marra, tavern, en,.
Diem *
'ft. License Beard will hear the aber• *pollen.
...on the Call DAY OF APRIL, MI U
'cinch A. as.
Plttaburith D.vislon No, 458. Sawa of Temper .
711,1;11'4:la a tones'
lilt .u? for Ma r e.o rlwre, will
trtrlZ..s: gant nr. .
Tue&day Moraiai, Match 19, at 10 a. In
1T_C0N.415:3 or
Orrau, (lassoed Plush Cover4d Chairs,
tal b o l :sTsra:cir Z111"-
eta VLivu . t. He es,
T.:garltirZu.rilltg, Sp"eht'.'
rt.AiltD WARE
A nice sleek lc.: or d alba Vlt I.TECT
EITYLtn, whicb we nil at g gr. A at Y
re 4 action
Irma gunner mice,. rleate give es a gall.
sit PUTS AVENUE, opooslielLts 1121 0 ffia.
1 . 1.CULUIIIII• 011. , and 8008 ACCOUNTM,
Ttj a t lat tli alNl i tk Marta Atka. at 7%
o'clock, 1.111 bo sold arcond Moor of Comma,-
oral !isles iteEtok 10a 8.1.11: "Pirgileur
! I t gig@ CITI "l 41:! * d o.. • fittaborath
A 0 thanes B. orca , do. •
10 ::=Z i ri:ototia 011 Co. do •
116 aaaaaa go Opel,. Immure Co.
Also. br order ot Artlane• to MaahroatOM, the
Book Aoroitala or C A . Co. a Bankrupt..
.01,10 A. MeILWAIN IC, Auctioneer.
ruuetivrl rußlL.—Siloated at Hat,
tan Station. ranhasdo Nalhowl. Conlain.. lUD
sCrux. 76 Of 001011 ate meat, d; all under good
fence; 50 seri:Aar Coal, The Improvements at•
• 3 mort /immix, Nil's, with el rue of awn, In
mod order. MITI nos a large toaloat; Din ole
era ion. College Hons. 6 roomt,Teumn Home
and /mint Barn, e ming Dreamt!. arum wishing
to go Imo the milling and coal bmittest.tbe above
Dement. a rare ornottonity. !Ilea log. fly
eneute elm. Apply to B. MCLAIN
.0108 104 rol32l.l.avenge.
T. P. EVANS, .
No. 42 Fifth Avenue.
Platte lad epreleleattuaa prepared with can ter
WI Wade of bolldl./.. NMI
13 boxtv troth Roll Butler;
barrel. H.
For loale by J. H. RANVIELD,
11/ 10.14 Aron.-
1100 70.rn;
10U Obit Clevel tad; te sale 11
4. B. OANr/I.LID. 101 71ra&A,enee
100 bote4 Clombeo bees.;
100 boxes /artery; for a/le by
J. B. CLNYIXI.U. 141 Vint • vow.
nEMENT.-1041 bids Louisville
Ilydrsolle emeat. by
J.B. CANFULtP. ISt Vint Avenue.
SODA ASH.-100 casks for sale
by J. B. 11ANFIX1.0.
PMAIRC ASII.--,15 casks for ale
•.I. e. CAN final.
if or al, stoootooll, on !Load. ror "i t b . ,
.A. 36. —ls bales to arrive •a ages., Ath u a.„.
rw.ale67 14 &LAB DIMLY a CU.
rum ♦PPLEB.—ISO sacks in
eNn far We by /KAIAK DICKEY 41k CO.
rll l l7 MITIP01:*
giir.Nol`loES--"To-Let." 44 1 , br Ma lt,
"Lost,"..Wats," 4, l , butut," "Boarding,'
d'e., not esscetling POUR LINK', %as
M inserted in these eohonns oneet fa,
TWRNTY-FIVR CKNTS?; use! addi,
titmal hole FI Vl7 CENTS?.
yWANTED.—A youti g gnian that
un Ciar•lvol nod earl of
H .... . dereTWOtandr
111K1.3 to O do 'formwork In
3 n
v v HERs to 'cola%cocotte.. Wares
111 75 per dal. Alto. 10 CAHN.
App!) at 163'
red .111 target. J&0 KM).
WANED.—Twoor- Three
ROOMS .nitahlc for
Ad ,XX Urn °Mc+. ' 11°'""
youne man In *Catholic (Awl,. willtt.
inlmre+ walk or the Academy of 3111,h1C. Ad•
alms, FII/INK PLO I . ll.7.burah 0. 3 24
WANTED. A Situation ai
ILK I u 3 Hoot aul bhm• /louse. by •
SGtt tig an, w 110 , n•ing at.q.e•1nt..,1.11. 1 the Wm
nest and havlug lame newt - tin..., can WOO.
c1,31. , 1 1t .. , OILY tett rkucva glut It. Ad.
diva. II /13 Filth totems, 2•r2
WANTED. -Fifty Coal at 41
Ore 3.lltirs. no r tdo. fon lo •n.trart
paid to the mine,. Girl, are i5.,11..1 rot
city 3...1 eon pnly F goloyment Ord,
No. 1 Sloth street, drat olvol•tm.unottla.
1131).000 in fa Iva. or kraal!
at a Air rate or Interert-
1110 MAN K. rerrY.
818, Bond sod Real Estate Broker,
No. 179 Sslikkeld stmt.
lIOST.—On Friday. March 25,
aJ•elvirte, Port rerly aou Monti at. I on the
tract of the Coorellienle lialltoad, o PUCK
rithag, cantaitilog &blot $3O In money awl a
wool! son/ Note on natuiwon Chl• li• for $OO.
.•oy flue no • bald 0 Let Kook will he liter
ally rewarded of writing to ItAOIO I. LVAN
Wastii,ie and Co.. l'a 3-rt
T1 0, T.--rPolicy No. 10,339 In
o ri.tlidelph,a. on lifn of W. f. LL
Not , . 1 5t...0 , Y give that spAlestlott hat bo.n
mad, fur s novo
:17 VPI:11 avriate. Pitt bwalt. Pa
rO.LET.-2 Furnished Haunts
st No. 311 exxv .Tlt PcF.T.
TO-LT.-1160M s--Fished
E ium or
U . ➢URN, Eli. wi th Orei.elsts to. rd.
I No. 37 A t.DCl.l,Olti STN, Kr.A
Atgo. • few DAY ROA leDElti oxeotomodat.a.
I oq,.lrr 4 , n Dor oremlbr.. 3•Z
ITO-LET.—No. 75 Wood street,
' mr11.14 141 the Fixture., 1:14.44 1!
. touliters, Se. kbe,ulre al 4 71"001) NT.3-111
TO- LET. — Rooms—Siugle or
c00ue , t4.41. fart,l6b. 41 or unturol.h4 41, vilb
WA:A eutolrel4l. 133 YOUIIIII KNIJ K.
pltquaut FRONT
ROOM on see-owl tluar , tollabit funthhed
fur two rmutl.w.ezt wt x pmplog mom. Inquire
lat ti.g. 31 NINTH nTit0.167..
rpo-Lrr.—A nousE contain
-1 tat S rooms, dn.. awl all: lota 01
eiljohilni the Pr. ebytedau I hareh,
Wools Iton. Koeulre of x. tittISLIN. 430 den
thoky stree t. AilexhooT haf.
3 D IIF Brfck House of 6
s And oup the O
WA M 101.2 0 or
c• ag ianike.
Euquirr or W. 0. Tr:ANTI:2, or No 27 l
street. AI ter hers. 018:WrAt
TOILET.- LE'l'.—A New HOUSE of 4
roo.• mil e s
re,. groupd at Fleming
Mlttuv. 7 miles In. rittal.Yrith. MI r.. Ys.
W. -4 C. Railroad.
.Inqultl. 159 'LUZ RM.
STREET, Atlegh. sty. 3.1.9
rI IO .LET.—T h e lane four-story
A. PRICK STOltElioUnr, No. LID rrottilitilu
area t. at pert ent neetiplinfurniture note
Ile: h.: barinius locution In the city. lequln
ma the preuil 2 .-nu:
3 9
FOR ItENT.—The Three fitory
oar of No. INU Wood strati, formerly o.:outdcd
Op, Alondorf & Co. as . . droom.ractour.
2.111• , No 7so i 04 SL.
' . ll T '
101 19 I, first-class STORE
. solth e Ilar.sllu•ted at No.
60 i , edsral street. Alleaherzy. he rause It well
lighted aed satiable for any usloe a. Apoly to
SS' 61. eIt.I.EN. n• et door ant's, The duel
0". he had with the store requirtd. ni
moderate. .
• 310
TO LET.—rour
on New Brick
1i0u:3.•;.t.‘, Iltuatrol ".611twell Slitti mar
01.10 P 1,11111.. A 1 1.40.1111', I's. Each house con
tains r and ha , h room. gar t hrt .ll atn , lttL
Itltellen rang nma
e. but and cold water In Ittgclten and
bath room. 'lapin, of JAMENUODYNICY. No.
44 0110 street, Allelleni. Pat'
EtT.— due good Store room
al II TELL, NO. • Nu. 45 Ohio. irret, 3
diTra front Dism. , n4 and next door to YE muslin
Savings Bank. One of the to at locations In the
city. dent uroltrate. Also, IS ROOMS la the
"it'agar.99ot:d "urlt.P.l./.1t.Z11".14111it,
13(1:LE P.—A Suit of Rooms
oznpripln dt Two Large, wet Ifghled fool
cr onTst:°44l, L;0,`.. ) ." 112:` r. ° 4:ll`.l l l l "itt
jilt (loor. lice Vlore N:ont .
hortrot 40,u, No. 84. lo lung lab's non
TO LET—A Tavern Maud, No.
143 Ttir.l nernue, notall Da. Iran , . O IRIi n
avenue, Vino lloti,lenon on Mt. Washlna .
TL. • IL/01, Naomi and offices on
tdreel. Lasentent Nor, 17 and 78 Toted
ATC6l.les ti AZZ A Co.,
Attorneys nt Late,
.88 11111. avenue.
._ Tie eircant stare roam 14 tae HeronsMe
Ltorary nutniltri l'ecn attest. near Math
.tenet, 419 be really rat occupa Lts about the ins
of bidet% an 4 are no. 'siert.' fur rent lo gest
ruble tet'ants. tine f the store. la especially
adapted for • Orst.ell r slaurant for Mabee and
gentl. wen., Assn, to-let, Ste oilier story of
building. Enquire c.f.i. Mernne, Union
National bank. turnerof Ituneitt
a•e,.no Clad
Market atrect, or of g 1.1.18 1111UNOT,
T O-I .E.T.9lSlory Brick Bowe
6 Itoomr,
u rh m me
ttle, Wash tiauaedias end Water.
allure N . 18 Acal-y sweet. one square from
asaat Valley Street Cars. Heat ow.
TO I.lCT7ttrelt 11.dta or 6 Poems. No 14t)
st.. y. near lisaapaYn .11.1, as 8.. d.
"TV443l'! 4 ° =r t y . ltrick Mo t e of 8 ROOM.
Hall, ea Water, - de. No. 140 Market Moe,:
tillt Ward, only one square from Street em.
Rent low.
?Or further lufotma lco , aPt;y. „ion.
111 llbunp+4..Aliegbenr.
One of toe finest houses lathe 44, um Isla Ina all
Water and tias throughout Thy hono will be
rented Ten low to a £.4,
Appl, at
SG PIM Amine.
For particulars
Olt SALE.-2 81101 N CASES
Enquire at No. 6166 HITIMICLI) LT. 3-NI
ornhin 3 mile. of l'lttabatab; tootalatog 3
rn and tuturootments. bo sold kno for
0040 or dlrldett Into smaller forma Osten par
dners. !ago rr. of 00110 111ELial•.'Attaroey
la Law. corner or 1f,..e plareand • greets, or
(AMMAN., 1117 lOcolne .beet. it.rrnlet
EOlt SALE.—The Stock aud
S. Toe Ilfaehloe Is •naw. 0 nod very
'rfrrd cheaper
iPokouVegtause • t
d ro!tlevtHood _ Vvlfor•` AdreutHve
IiACII IN f. Cuutcccl.i.ulllee. 323
"VOR SALE OR TO-I.E'r.--.lle-
01.7. MM Sores, 800 feet water Mom: could be
n.ed fur other porno... Low Petee...y teems
Mr cheap reel. Enquire of WM. UMW. I.a
ould Bank of Commerce, or 0:13. 8/LIMY. 8711110 ovetwo.
That three story BRICK DWIELLING
"tmt.', Ideated. No. ea Rivet avenue. ALM'
ay My, Cantata/ as tea rooms sad bate roots.
lirrold water In Orst and meow] statT.
the moms ramie to alleoes. Bean Mum
v ra=ol glel . 011.1. Is rzellllgbted
l 7? iVIIN ini t lV.:2Y 41 .
No. 1111 nrth avatar.
Fe%ti L legit t
teal. Uss. Rause. Itot sad C ol d . W•mr.. Lot 36
by MIT, mmate 00 11 to stn.. i This Is nue
oPPortualty for those therm • • asadseme rest
dear, . T. IL SILL SON.
roll RAWL—Yew 'BRICK 11UUert. room
rood.. 501.11, sa•me on 4 its street. P 044.-
then •I yea In dl A pr ll.
T. It. SILL. a SUN.
album. sem 30tb street. 0.1 ratalltaMs Strert.
Brier 09.900. dfasy terms. -
02051 Itorner LI; .trees.
!2ut as
iitiir.:l , i E . Ljta . G . 110111 SE roll
Porte atretM g : t r aila
dlaate On m'auo.• • Vant d ,ra l' al 4
ad une-tddf tuna 0001 Jalapa.%
AlO.l, to Inert awry,
30 A7040'
go. Si Vlll.ll,4 Lvsivis. Seco:4 /low,
Capital All Paid. VD.
N. J. 4.412/. ro'LlWoyT,' C.I4I;LEHIHT.
VAH l 4 l.l VellaCt. H Martman.l/1. ChliabtHl/4
LY 1131111atini,i.t!!'tgt:i 241.7'
11081Snr H. KlNtf. 1'6210.1t.
JNO. JENNINUS. lfice President.
T IL J ni t t A , T)NICeir A .T.
insurer orildbiral terms on rd Pin
and Mame MAIM
AM: ,r
S. M. KIER & CO..
)fanufzetnnn Le • .
Queensware, Bristol Ware,
wk., and Ware - 1.0..363 STALILT
urders promm I L Gt.
..4.7 Fresh Late Herring:
•• Wham Flab; •
No. 11.2 an I 3 Markers' -all sat raga
lAttraaor Mackerel:
• hound llrrrlast:
Cal /lab; at •
. a. IVA awl 114 WllOO at.
84 - pit ultencus AND PleuDllalt DRAW*
o. 6 MIXTLI STUNIT, pitubAnb.
S.-01,d and last week or Mt Wit lam engage
TIII , ,IIAY FSKNINII, /Jamb litl. 1M74), wilt 0,, cola limed tall/x.lla vumedy.
THY. DUK h Morro.
Captain Henri Jr Latauer .. ..... t 1.. DavenpOlt.
ID pm:bar-alio:1,
Mr. P. 1.. Davenport as Sir a Des Demuth.
Will shortly he repeated—HAULMS'.
Davenport...Matinee on Saturday,
At Sewickley.
Having tint...lathed ate. .`moons to my Cam
at the Salt Works. nest Terenteran. I offer far
sale the . nroper:y why re 1 use.a lilt. a lioialag
O i l e n!V.
OL - lib graatr
level and abrupt baby
banes. A pleuut
Vass. Iltfueeh pla th •••••• iby ahem.
died to, a. tenet .eta of a doe it varieties.
There a. sea.) , 0 eing's. pear trees of
ehoteest seleettol, ltId;, appli, Verb.
b il l cherry, de. Al eo , grapes, rapt , reisa, black.
berries, et. awbet, lea and other lii alter flail.
There is a lama space Or ~ .,,,able go. den. The
ornamental rattan. "rarer era. , cora r draman
Masts sine an ara ra c.he Seniors, vary scopropri
araly giving the ume • • Tanclew.od " to the
place, wll ll l theera of his slyer, the
hills and tilt elnilty, cruder this spot Anew passed
la pleteresq. beauty. • •
rhe dwelling hoe , Is first class blink, and
beside attic andcement , .1 rest e r under the whole
—comae. 14 roe.. le d was. rtom and coal
hour In basenrat, with aurorae. large clorata
for China, stores end done,. Torre Is a large
and stgag•arangg chic., 49.4
a tilt
water r tan bi• e rout. and rust. for hot
and rod water in bath mow, Literal, and wash.
house. waste water is eh...bused I torah pipes
some distant e the hen.. litre Is au Ira
house and comment:ins cooling rcsdc, a good
burn. aarrirge aptd mad chicken ynd. ibetan.
I. bounded on sides s h y
hichwat s, and amese
Is cur tram raPront or turnpike.
be wieklry is 14 miles ineha the city. On the Wt.
Wattle I.llrOla.atot poartesse TOSII y attractions
for • so Linehan reeldeura. The nmmerse. areora.
modatios trains leave nothiut to be tinkled he
the way of communication. and the ratirud
bugging lac rive. all the way down, makes the
ride delighful y red , al leg. The racists Sr tilt
I, l ralley is most desirable, tor, bealdes IN worthy
firmer. and ara ham. here are found .14 esaatrg
haat. of many city editone , proferam a , lirarram,
nkers, and other bueine se m,n and Milted
oboe b, ~ e of ~ sepi a ,re gOn!l b raigilgtVa, ) 4. " .
ablest tato Isle..
For price steer fall at lay Drag Store.
he. 195 Lawny st, gitratourgio. If hot •old he.
fore Anti' at: tats property will ho toles.
IN ALLNUHENY ofee for We
molt dellgh•fiii bandit g iota klulatedlo the
Second ward. Mir:hour. Tir o e, CM.).
Rosa and lltieetvalory avenue, adjoining the
Obeervalory Articled.. Taut Lots 111.11 pan of
Live and enceihalf (6.igt acres. A Om of these
Lola can berein at my aloha, No. ea WOOL )
eiTIOSICT. The plan has Ito hen ' , corned:
Each Let la • ir..nt lot. greeting oa PeiTY•vilte
road or Observatory airet.• tae . 94 feet wide
by 131 Cei p. TOP T ina oppoauta t he tc.ldeare of
Weahhigion and Walter McClintock. K. M. /he
44 by 173 Get. - Most of thetit., are sold.
Five dwellings have been erected alr.adv. Per:
sons distraits to leave tha low emends mad
smoky <Mee can here Onit an opportunity. The
locality la one of the Lia r t to tAo two chit., and
but roar minutes' walk Trot tb• tears or Weaver
street: a board welt load. lathe premises. TN
great beauty of scenery and morn undltigs are do-
oglitral e
Term eakTt Wile. law. Eniiolrc of
_ .
GEO. . 11111
No 23 Wocd street, I t lttsbursh, sr. N /So. 1) i
20 11.
Aveuve, Alleihnly eILY. ys
A Penn Street , Residence.
That terve. tbrrr cloned BRICK RIMIDENCII..
No. 110 Plots :limier. Vlll.Pbureb. be
sold upon r. ssooator rtt, The Iloaseuteno
or the most robstantlal and Ptelrbont reside:sees.
the oily. It coots!. 99 /tOotta. 909 RPM.
Rooms. Ce lam, Pod Violated a ttlf.. mph all Um
TtV e l. n u'lMlTlN'eTiltrbrsti . . l lteireett; s t.
If detlrsd..d Immediate D0m..101l bevtletts.
For Intermesh/0, Inquire of C. 11. M. !WITH,
03 Dimond street. or or tbe uotlttplgoed,
011,01 100 W 0.19 113116 RT.
FUR PALM—Engines and Boil-
Az EMS, New, and kleeond Ilszel, at all Ueda
conetootly on bead.
Orden from dl' mete of the ealsotee Liwm•PNY
JA118.9 ILITA •
Comer Marion Menne end P:, P. W. • O. ILW
Allegheny. Ps.
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Tea Trays and Cutlery.
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Flour, Grain, Feed,Ray 'Seeds, Salk
Hydraulic Cement, Anthracite mai.
Nos. 261, 366;369 and 270 PBX
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