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1T61.11511ZD IST
Office 84 and 86 Fifth Avenue.
r. B. ?Mini.
T ‘s P: ,- )101:riTOH,.
`;‘) T.1)17011.9 ND PROPUIF:TI.I:24.
JCailkll %MO,
U 7 mall, per real'
Delivered tri carriers, per year
The Tiutb About the So-called
Piegan Slaughter—Board of
Trade and the President—Sun
botiiingo Tieuty Disetusion—
Hudson's Bay Claim&
(By Tee[, kph to to. Plltabutgh Gazette.]
WiesunirroN, March 28 , 1870. _
The fallowing was received tc-day at
army headquarters :
Port:A . 2l4; ktontens, llitarch 231--Gen.
P. H. Sheridan, commanding Military
Divbelan, Chloago: In answer to your tel
'egram 'received on the =I Inst., I report
that after having made every effort to get
the Judgment of the officers of the com.
nand, Lam satisfied the following num
bit' approximates nearly to the exact
truth aa possible:
The number killed at the .Plegan vil
lage was one hundred and aeventy.ffiree,
of whom one hundred and twtnty were
able bodied men, and fifty-three women
and children. Ono hundred - ond_forty
women end children were afterwards
captured and released. I believe every
effort wan made by the officers and men
to save the non-combatants and that ouch
woman and children as warn killed were
The report published in the eastern
papers Is-wholly and maliclimaly false.
It seems Incredible that the false seer
lions of two pinions, neither of whom,
Las made any effort to Inform Monett In
the matter, should outwelghthe reports
Of those ensued in the Itlyht, and who
feel that they have nothing to palliate
r conceal in their conduct.
All that the officers demand of the
authorities Is • full Investigation of the
campaign, and no leas than this can bi
conoeded to them.
(Slgoed) Paien,
I " L° " 1. U. 8 . A., Mai, 24 Cavalry
. The Executive Council of the National
Board ot,Trade,. tonalities of Messrs
Fridley, of Philadelphia, President, Hill,
of Boston, Secretary, and Messrs. Brown'
of Portland, Plummer, .of Boston, Tay-
Jer. - oi Bt. Paul, Trenholm, of Charlotteon;
and Gano, of Cincinnati, VICO Presidents, -
netted at the Executive Mansion MI&
morning for the purpose of paying
their respects • and at the same: time
stating to the President the views
of the organization repreteuted by hem
upon certain subjects of great importance
to the national interests of the country. •
The members of Connell were admitted
to the President's office about neon; and
its interview was of long duration. The
topics upon which the Prealdent.• atten
tion was most earnestly solicited were
those relating, :nod. to Interior ports
of entry; second, to the creation of a de
partment of commerce; third. civil
service bill, and - fourth, with reference to
American shipping interests. Thee.
matters were aiscuesed by different
gentlemen present,. while the President
listened with much Interest to the views
fald beforehim and at the close 'expressed
113 general terms his high appreciation of
the ip = . ll.4l/I .. : te L r la i tgl i p e re t ri o nT r d e. .
paid their re:Pp:lan to Secretary Boutwel I
and Special Commissioner Wells.
In the Benito executive session this
eflernoen Senator Schurz made a smell
Against the ratification of the San rondo
. go treaty. tweed on the ground -that we
do not need any moro southern territory
as necessary to our National intereste,
end that the adoption of thia mea cure
would lead to further absorption or for
ciao, territory, with Inhabitants unfitted
for republican institutions.
Senator Carpenter controverted to a
few remarks' the woad-on assure, d by
Senator Schu. z
- -
Sumter tole gave a description of the
couutxy from pe:sorial observations laet
summer, and dated feats regarding the
initiatory dep. In making the treaty.
lie expressed the tem bells“ that In tide
there wax no dlshoursty whatever.
eresident Baez and cabinet were actuated
try pure -ar.d patriotic motive., as they
desired to reclaim the country from the
disorders which afflicted it, and to enjoy
pesos and prosperity under .the flog of
dm United Mates.
Senator .Nye will speak le -morrow.
:Several other Senators have proposed to
drogue Im the debate, which It 1 sup
vocal will termleato to-morrow with the
lexparatien of the time Dud for the ex
change of ratification.
In the Supreme Court of the United
States to-day, the case of the First Na
lona! Bank of Louisville vs. the State
.Kontaek y. involving the once:lon
• whether a State may- levy a tax on the
shares of Um National Bank and onferce
eta collection through the book, was
decided, as. in the court of appeal.
of Kentucky, that the charm of a
bank. as property of the shareholders are
distinct from capital, and may be taxed
and the bank may be compelled to pay
the tax. The Chief J ustice dissented.
In the esie of the United States vs.
Baylon, a defaulter as receiver of public
mousy In Ran Claire District, Wisconsin,
tor recovery of - an official bond, It was
gsmided, ma In court below, that evidence
Of robbery was no defense. and jodg ,
meat for the Csvernuient affirmed.
- Tee wart also sitirmed the Judgment
of the Circoti Court of lowa, sustaining
• the validity of the municipal bonds of
Davemport, sod directing previa
hat for their payment. _
The Secretary of the Treasury to-day
neat a communication to the House, on •
closing a letter from the Secretary of
State, together with a draft of a bill
asking an appropriation of $450,000 iii
told in aarlsfaation of possessory rights
and claims Of the Dodson Bay Company,
and poo,ooci In gold on account of pow
• savory rights and claims of the Puget
. Sound Agricultural Company. -tlisie
enteanta having been agreed on by the
- rommiseleneni under the - convention
between the United BMWs and Great
Owe hundred and twelve men were
discharged . from the Washington Nate'
y.rd. About half the man emploveu
ander ordinance bureau will he dl4-
charged next Friday. The blackarnith
whop are entirety closed and In other
elerartmeres work le clack.
Tho &orblsry of the T:emitiry. In a
comanialeation the flows, madam,
the reoommendation Of the Osdlector or
la shit:sore_ for the estabilzhinent of an
Assistant Tressureretnp at' BsWtpore.
The National Banks were to-day noti.
Bad to forward immediately to the tromp•
troller of Carrency , a report of their con
dition at the clime of businem on the
Medal' proeinatstion Is wade of the
Conventicle between the United Widen
and illeiginea defining the rights, ins WU
wile,' and privileges of Consuls.
Darla; the storm yesterday morning
the east end alba ship house wee blown
out. The river rose Wetter than ever
known before, except In 1143 and 'dl.
lb. Prendient today nominated Peter
0. lieph Supervising. Inspector. of R 1.04111.
bona In the Eighth Deitrici.
Regatta .( Um Election
( By IN/femora to the rittaborgo Uttrit..)
Menrsits4 March 2 . 8 - - A. P. Curry,
Republican nendidats le elextod Morin'
by one hundred and eamenty thee.
majority. The Republicans alto elect
_the Tax Collector lad Clerk of the First
Circuit Court. Carry. Sheriff' elect, wee
• Colonel In the Federal army, and
Wright. bla opponent, was a Brigadier
General In the Confederate army. The.
'authority or a:islet:Con It Is veld will he
'.:1,-: , 4, , -.. - . 1 .7i , - - :':" -
- \ c
,:-.,1-1,"i.2[,.,„1..La :, •
4 - - 7 ,-
~ _ ,t..
7 4 - A. • ' " t"., J-)
. 1
r .
.. • . <i:.." ), 4
4., i 41, 4 : • -
1 • - ....- I
/ ) • b.
- .
, N.OO
The Cause of Delay in
Min scion of Texas --Miscella
neon !Business. MOUSE: Bills
and solutions—Bible in Com
mon chools Cuban Question
Made( Special Order for April
Ml—Tariff Discussion Con-
inued. •
WAhItINUTON, March 24, IS7J
.Mr. HOWELL presented resolutions
of the lowa Legislature in favorer Cabin
bellgerency. Referred to Committee on
Foreign Relations,.
Mr. URA RE inquired cf Chairman of
the Judiciary Committee the reason frr
the delay In melding the bill for the ad.
mission of Texas. -
Mr. TRLIMBULL liaid the Senate was
unaware that since the introduction of
the Texas bill and the ad inlesir n of Geri.
Ames, questions of the highest privilege
wore still undlepcsed of. He could not
understand the unusual haste In regard
to Tomas. When tilo 1,111 IRA 051110 from
tae Hewn) an , tfort was made by the
Sanalor front MatooteldiSette (Mr. Sum.
nee) h(conkillor it without reforonca to
the nnninittee at all.l Tao bill it.sulf
contained a °mum that it should not of
feet auy of tho otiuditioes , or guar
arittes union which Texas was originally
annexed or admitted as a State. Oae of
thew) conditions provided that States
that might thereafter be carved out of the
territory of Texas shoal,/ ba admitted
to the llelort with or without...l4,MT,
the ovopie of each Stet° might at the
time of their adui Minos denire. Thin
per n to admit slaves in Taxan, if
t thero ao desired. was ctmtraryto nstltullon of the United 'States.
The Judiciary-Committee therefore de
sired to amend the bill eo as to report It
!n proper shape.
Mr. DRAKE' suggested that the vary
fact of a difficulty should lead to an early
report In order that Texas • might be
speedily admitted. .
Mr. 'rHURMIN remarked .he was In
favor of the early restoration of Teiaa to
her rights, but in view of recrnt events
be feared such a report ',from the Judi
ciary tonolittee would ' only ensure the
hostility of the Senator from kilasocirl.
He thought the bettor plan would be-to
renn in ad adveiao report, than certain
Senders would be sure to vote to admit
the State.
Mr. DRAKE roam to reply, hut
Mr. SHERMAN called for the regular
ord.r, which wee proceeded with.
Mr. MORRILL, Vt.., from ComMittee
on Public Buildlege- reported, with an
amendtnent in the nature or • eubAllute,
the bill for the building of a poet ofllce at
Little Rock, Ail:antes&
Mr. NYE laltroduced a bill granting
lands to aid thimenstructlou of a railroad
from the Central Pacillo Railroad, to
Nevada, to Colorado river. Referred to
Committee on Public Lauda.
Mr. REVELS introduced a hill grant
lug lands and right of way to ald the
ennatruellon of the New Orloam, and
North- Eastern Railroad. Referred to
Committee on i 3 talc Lauds.
• Air. THAYER lutrodured a bill for the
pf preemption settlers on Weet
Point district, Nebraska.
Mr. SEIERMAIs: clfared a resolution
discharging. the Judiciary _Committee
Lom the further cousideration of the
Texan bill.
Objected to and 'the bill laid over..
—Mr. DRANK presentod a memorial of
one hundred and twenty-nine members
of the St. Louis bar in favor or a bill In
creasing the selectee of 'Judges of the
United State• Courts. bald ou the table
Mr ROSS Introiluced a jolut retain ion
explanami'y of the fourth article of the
treaty of Pehruary 23, it 67, with the
gummy, Shawnee and other Indians,
declaring the strip of land thereby ceded
to the United States open to entry under
the preemption laws. Karin red to-Cam
mlttee on Indian affairs.
P.esolutions 'were offered as Wedge:
By Mr. NORTON, calling upon the
Secretary of the Interior for Copies of ell
reports front the Northern - Pacific Itfil
road Company on file lu the Department
of the Interior. Adopted.
By Mr. SHERMAN: Rcrmeating the
Secretary of State to farnish coplea of all
papers addreased to the State Department
by .1. Randolph Clay, while Minhter to
Perth relating to the opening of the rivet
Amon m to Inc commerce of all Lationa
Adopted. -
'rho Senate at one o'clock went lot,
tocutive amnion.
Adjourned at half put four
Mlle were Introduced and referred as
follows :
To prevent the collection of Illegal
taws on pmengece, levied by State
authority. -
Incorporating the Southern Trane•Con
tlnontal Railroad Company, and granting
lands and right of war thereto.
Authorizing the conatriartlon of a
bridge across the Stissigaippl at St. Lonls.
Providing for the payment of popguns
In gold.
• Awl, rnsolutlong of the Wlsconslu
I.3glalature asking further appropria
tions for harbors on Lake Superior. and
memorial of Atlmmo:. Legislature for
the removal of certain Indiana from the
frontier of that Stole.
Mr. ABS ollirtd a resolution de
rlarlog that the Uhrlotion religion lea
part of the common law of the land, and
that therefore the use of Ilse Bible In the
public cc hoots of the country is eminently
whoa and proper, as tending to entasuroge
and foster virtue and morality. _
Mr. BROOKS. (N. Y. )—What have we
to do with that ?
jar..coX moved to table thezresolu.
lion. -
Tiro House refused to second •the pre
v lons question and the resolution went
I Mr. BECK offered a resolution in•
Crusting the Como:Oita° on Ways sod
Means to report forthwith a bill levying
a tax of at lout ten per cent. op the In.
terest of United States bond., to be
deducted by disbursing officers. U.
then moved the previous question. •
The House refused to scobnd It-45 to
Ir..—end the resolution went over.
- Mr. SOLIENCIL introduced .a ' joint
resolution authorlz!ng a supply of arms
for Instruction and practice to certain
colleges and universitiea. Ps-sed.
Mr. MillfGEN armed a ,solution
ontocalilrg ?resident for Informatiou •
relating to the Sae DoMittge
lying names cf perform and notilimelta
to whom land', mines, franrhises and
privileges of all kinds had been. given
by the Dotulnican Government, with the
amount paid by the United States Gov
ernment preliminary to and concerning
the negotladona of such treaty. Adopted.
Mr. BANKS. front. Coalmines on For
eign Affairs, offered &resolution granting
leave to the Committee to preempt
print for the consideration by the House
majority end minority reports on the
Cuban, (location April BM,. to be tie
special order for tint day and every min
needing day until disposed of. The roe.
Mutton rut adopted, the Speaker Meting
it would not interfere with the tariff or
any other matters having premdence.
Mr. made an ineffectual
effort to got the Washington and New
York Air -Line ltstiresui bill from - the
Speaker's desk.
Mr. EITOK.E.e, rising to a pt ravel ea
planation, corrected the testimony be
tied given befell) the Committee on Mil
Mary Aftdre in the matter of Mr. Becht., I
of Tennessee. He had found in locking
over - his papers that the sum paid by Mr.
Butler to the Chairman of the State Con.
tral Committed tar f ho Stale Jou, na4 was
not poi), as he bad tratilled, but 1300,
and the other 4WD had boon ;Sad in Ur.
Griswold, the editor of the paper.
FotiVons were presented me f 4 11. w. :
ily. Mr. MORGAN: Eighteenpollt.nns
of citizens of 01/10 asking Cob gnra to
abolish too National bongs, to lip.e floe
hundred mill ions in greenbacks, to nun,
them receivable and pat atie f r dues,
irourwts and taxes, and to pay tff
000,000 of F. 20 bonds.
By Mr. UAlt'fEi.D: Of citizens of
Newton Fails, Ohio, against any change
In the tariff laws, as suggested by the
force Trade Imago°, for
the reduction of
duty on tea, col fee, dc., and for the read
juAment or the duty on manufactures.
The House then went ipto tkimplittee
of the Whole on the tariff bill and was
addreated by Mr. ASPER against high
protective dutlea.
Mr. COX spoke on the same tilde. Ho
characteraad the bill tie the climax of
rapacity and audacity.
Mr. GILFILLAN followed an an advo.
cote of the interests of Puunrylvan's, as
of a protective tariff.
Mr. STEVENSON argued in favor of
admitting coal Dee of duty.
Mr. DICKEY inquired whether ha
thought the sidudieelou of Nova Svotio
coal free of duty would lemon the price
of coal in Our.innini?
Mr. rll E. thought it wonkilks
it would tend to tweak down the present
coal monopoly. Ho oleo argued against
the high tarittlioty on troll.. Ho pleaded
for an locrrased Use list, for cheaper raw
material. He upbraided Pennsylvania
with that spirit of monopoly' which or
ganises strikes among miners to make
coal dearrr; which gougoo into the earth
until villages .taro Me, and which allows
mineral,' be horded or maltreated In mines
rather than open additional abets; which
advises the oil producers to stop the
now in order to raise the price, and which
sails a cup of cold water at (iettyaburg.
He warned Pennsylvanian, beware. The
people would level monopoly and crush
her hydra bead.
Mr. M ()HOWARD spake in favor of a
revenue tank' aaopposod to a protective
The How - 4 then Looks rocas.% the eve.
fling ata‘lou to be foe - general debate on
the tariff-bill.
Reemirg Session — Mr. BUCK LEY
favored the sdniisriou free of duty of
machinery for epinuing yarn.
Mr. WELKER spoke in defence of the
present administration, Its financial
policy rind Ito economy. ' •
Mr. MeEENZER declared himself in
fovor of the protection of American
industry. but still adverse to a high
tariff pie particularly objected to the
duty on salt, anger, coffee and tea.
Mr. MOORE, of Illinois, claimed that
the legislation of Congress -ought not to
be for the purpose of building up vast
monopolies at the expense of
other In:
dustries. Us thought that without the
Immense protection afforded to Penn.
sylvonla iron that the interest could live
and prosper. All interests should be
considered alike.
- try Tei•l i er a•L t • the 1 :". 1111•Cumb li.allv )
P. nili, March 28.—Cardloal Antonelll's
reply t Darn'. dispatch has been more
public. It substantially denies the lu
terpret Con the Emperor places on the
policy ed pretensions or the Pope.
'''Tieiligh Court has oondemned Primes
Pierre Bonaparte to pay twentr-live
'thou* d francs to the family of Victor
,Noir, and also to pay the expenses of the
civil edit.
LONDION, March 28 —Tue Tionts, in re.
viewin* the proceedings of the high
Court oTours. pronounces Prima., Pierre
Renspa to a creature not to b, trusted
1 .
with a deadly weapon, but to be kept
like a madman under constant watch.
Stoll ill ill AMERICA.
Loolog, Marc 28—The mail steamer
from Ito de Janeiro arrived here yester
day. lie allies are still in pi:intuit of
Lopez, Nothing new from Paraguay.
Bars 4, March 28--The steamship Per.
lore b arrived. .
QuEstswromx, March 28.—The steam
ship Colorado, from New York, arrived
to-ds . y.l
1 •
LoNn:oN, March 28--Rvesisq,—Consuta
for mo ey, 93N; account, M%. Ronda
steadi: 6, PON: 66e, 899 f; 6;..89;: If
40s, 86 '. B:ocas steady:: Ede, 204:
lillisna Central, 116: "Great Weataro. W.
Losiir , s; March 28.—Tallow declining
at 455.
Paid March 28—Bourse closed steady
at 74r Itz-
flat at
at. 5534,
XPORT, March 28-13ondi opened
Marcic 211.—Cotton qutot and
on avat at 136.
'IMP, March :I. —Petroleum Hat
V. neat
Id; WI
Corn 21
RPOOT.. March 2S —Colton market
r; "middling uplands at 11,40;
54(r0115(d, male. 10,000 bales
tu ifs= fit tut r. California white
fir 11@ibi 4d; red wt titer!,
tar Si 101(gfi4 F.otir 194 tht.
L's 53. Pork Ohs rld
Lsrd NA. Cheers .70n.
it tiled Pe:roletim 1. thi.
e unchanged. ,
PRA ammo°, Maro:i -1,1%,)
George H. Thomas, command
D3pirtnient of the . Pacific, died
~ of apoplexy.
Ing 111
at. 8 r.
lo steamer Lily of Brooklyn; from
arrived at New Yorityester.
—Teernew Doily water works at Day.
ton, Ohio, will be oflialailv tested on
—The steamboat Jefferson was burned
and sunk at the mouth of Black near,
Sunday morning. Insured for ;18,000 In
eittaburkh offices.
—Michael Morin, while driv:nd a team
across the Illinois river, at Morris, late
Satan:ay night,'; was threvrn from his
wagon and drowned.
—Grace M. E.iburctb. al Cll3Olllll/ILI,
built at a coat of ;IC-0,000, _was dedicated
on Sunday. At .the dedication services
18,000 we' subscribed by the congrega
—The War Department rejects the
colored youth proposed by Der. Butler
fur appointment to the Military Aced °my.
on the ground that he is not of the re
quired age. ;
—Ueerge Hudson, son of John A.
Hudson of .Peoria, Illinois, a It dof sev
enteen years, was killed on Saturday by
the accidental dieeharge of his gun while
duck hunting.
—At Beaton, Yesterday, Vhemas L.
White, Indicted for the murder of Natio
A. Hobbs, plead guilty to inatuilanghter
and was euutencod to tifteeo years In the
State prison.
—The steam ship Oily of Cork, from
Liverpool, .for Now To*, artivexl
Halifax yesterday. She made ths south
ern passage 1p sew!? of time City of
Bestow, without nutcase.
—Tile mills or- the Hampden paper
Company at Holyoke, Mass.,
burned on Sunday night. I Ise 11260,000;
Insured for poopo. 0.3 e hundred and
filly hands are thrown out of work. The
Company will rebuild at onoe..
—Thomss Hogan,a Philadelphia ped•
dler, was decoyed ran a secluded place
and rob* and mutdored, la Kent
County. &tinware on the !nth lobt. Two
eolorsd men named LMer and Youngs
have been4rsted on suspicion, and It
Is said on thous has omfegsal.
• —Daniel K. Horne, an old tn 1 wealthy
citizen or tanclnnatl, died on Huntley,
aged eighty-two yews. Mr. Horne hair
been Identified with the bnalnew Mer
est., of that city for tiny years, having
settled there when Unc. ,
nosti had but
one brick tinuse—ln 1820 . - He was an
intimate ( Mead of - the late Nicholu
--A battalion of marinet me mod a I
large squad of revenue °Moors to the
F.fib Ward, Brooklln, today, whale
leveret Illicit distilleries warp wised and
Ito whisky emptied into the atreate A
i trim mob followed tae Invading forces
and a polieentan was knocked senseless
'with a stone thrown by an unknown
rug to.
'—gt Mono, on Sunday, Bair Robert
Laird Oollypr, a 1 the close of his morning
sermon, aboolanaed to Isle people that he
had under consideration a dell to 'the
pastorage of Unity church. Boston .
Thereupon Immoral members of the_con•
grogatlon rose, and In urgent Word.
urged Min, not tn leave. Many In the
ptuitrpb ware In tears, and Mr. Oollyer
'was so moved Opt he sprang op and Judd
that he wouldlive iladdie BO Mom.
—The annual report of the Missouri
Paratio Railroad Company shows the
gross earnings for the yeas ending Fob.
rummy - h, as follows: Papsengers,
ii. 397. 4 .5.111: frid_ht. g 1,699,307.06: ex
press company, witea 65; mallp, 152,
037 n 7; total, 13,211.631.24. An increase
over the previous yearof 1119,939 68. Net
earnings are Ilftlittil tat.. The road Jam
piny In use 1,111 cars of all deserliwßuss,
and 00 y-seven locomotives. i Also forty
one locomotive. which are Lying changed
1 from broad to narrow gauge... '
SEM Mifflin.
ETidence in the Oneida-Bombay
Investigation—The Democratic
Uproar—Tammany Hal l CI o ,e
Against the Young Unterrilied
—Collector Bailey Beard Froni
—Changes in the Tariff Dill—
Rumored Coup De Main in Vir
ginia—The Legal Tender De
The Tribunes Yokohama correspon
dent gives full reports of the evidence
given before the Naval °mat of Inquiry
and the decision of the Court in the cane
of Captain Eyre, of whiCh the telegraph
ban already announced the substance.
The facts of the else remain substan
tially ite &et reported. The testimony
of the officers of the Bombay shown the
the time which elapsed between the or
der to atop her engine, when 'the` col
Helen bec-suie imminent, and the orde
to go ahead and leave the Oneida to her
fate, wag only four minutes, and that the
Bombay her Self was not supposed to be
In danger; indeed she was making witer
In only one of her maven compartineirts,
as the captalo well know; that the Onehis.
after the collision, balled the_stourner
ahoy, and that the hvil was hoard and
reported to Captain Eire, wheiieverthe•
leas refused to atop.
Nobody on the Bombay Rooms Lo Its*,
heard the Oneida'a guns, but the Court
justly remarked that If Capt. Eyre had
kept a proper lookout after the accident
he could not have failed to eeo Limo dish.
There can be no quest:oil that the darn
age to the thielda was supposed to be
serious. Upon the question whether the.
Oneida or Bombay wee to blame fur the
collision, the (heart pronounced decided.
ly to Capt. Eyre's favor, but the C.14(1 le
by no Means clear. A further inquiry
has been Instituted by the COMllMllliing
officer of the tinged Stated squadron In
Asiatic wale:,,.
The Japan Ile applauda the deals
ion et the Court in the Eyre cane. It
thinks the sentence may henna heavy to
Capt. Eyre. but it may bo law than It
might have Loon bad the °eidetic:l bean
given on an inquest over Commander
Williams' Loiy. The Japan( la=ctic
wishes that the court could hero round
It compatible with their atria: FOL.{ oor
Justice to acquit Capt. Eyre allogoth. r.
Yet under too oircumata.ucos he could
hardly have hoped to get oil• as easily as
be haw- Ble error In leaving the Osuida
way ono or judg moo: rat her thou of ale
liberate heartleamess.
The-meeting of the Tammany Hall .
General Committee, announced far to .
night and the OX:Octed ellen of which
hoe been the out sem tl theme of censer
nation for the pant few clays, did net take
place. The Hall remalna closed, the en•
trancrai being guerdod by a large forC
of police.
It seems a tneeting of the Council 01
Sachems of the Tammany Society wan
held this afternoon. Joe. B. Nichadnon, of
the Connell, presiding, and the followlog
Sachems prowled: S It blarvan, A. Oakey
Hall, Mr. Brannan, - H Cara. Poser
B Sweeney, Nathaniel Ja rvia, Jr., Jno. J.
11 adley, Cherie. G. Connell, Isaac lb II
sad Joseph Pawling S schema 11.11 Cm..
natty and O. W. Mclean being &besot
A preamble and resolutions wore adapted
to In. effect that adore the movement far
the meeting originated with -John /dor
rieley and bin aseociates, and' bad for it
caplet to still forth! r foment diaturb
micas In the party which they inaugu
rated, and since threats ut• parerioat
violence were made sealant members of
the committal°, eulatitutlimpleynical yin
fence and terrorism and mob form fir
'eviler and ordelly action of the Dana.w
racy, they decide tin' t h e Hall shall Co
bas given up for any sock pnrpme. It
was further resolved Heat a Callltlthtec , ,
conalating of S. II Gamin. R. 11 Hart, M.
T. Premien. Nathaniel Jervia, -Jr., and
Jan. 11. ZileholliOn, he al p anted to a lop
such measures as will encore a pie: rep
resentatlon to the Democracy of the city
In the general committee and the harulo
Mons organic aloe of the party:
Great excitement pr walled In redard
to the action of the Sachem, among the
adherents of Morrissey and O'Brien, who
'assembled in great numberniln front of
the ball. So great were the . . apprehen
sions of ylolence that Bryant'a minstrels
decided to clew their theatre. The course
taken by the Sachems bee been twine
before adopted, In 18.51 and IMO. •
Theyoueg Demean acy Tamura
ny Hall wan °lewd on them, and a force
of about twelve lionised policemen an
Rambled In obodlonoo to a reaolutlon
passed to day by the Pollee Commis
alenira, who silage that from Informa
tion they had received they anticipated
violence on the part of the O'Brien-
Morrissey faction, belmik themselvea
to Irving gait, In the basement
of which they Laird = a Leta lug.
Nearly all the leaders in the recent
movemen, against 1 . 400 , 1 and Sweeney
were present, among them Creamer,
Norton, Genet, Rhona O'Brien, John
Morrisey, Street Clommiesloner McLean.
George H. Purser, la D. Klein an, Peter
Mitchell, and Juttices Cox, Hogan and
Qelnn. Senator Creamer WAS call.
ed to the chair. and Aasetnialy• -
man Mitchell called far an espre f
elon of feeling of members of the
General Committee regarding the
c ming against them of the doors of
Tammany Hall. Spembesansuslet/their
opponent/lot beteg In league with Super
intendant 4ennedy and the Radicals
were made by Dreamer and nlernan,
and resolutions puled exprosalve of the
condemnation of the neuetiag of the
closing of Tammany, and of the &tonal
.nitlarn or the young Datum:racy, to be
avenged for this ouleaked fir
A resolution was propased by Kiernan,
and carried, that a delegation headed by
the chairman - proceed to the entrance of
Tammany Hall iud formailt demand
admhs. lan. This was accoidingly 'dons
audio a abort time the delegation ro
Awned with a reply to the t item that at
a meeting of the 0 aid Schomer,- held
to-day, a resolution clueing the Hall, on
ground ofanticipateloiolenoe and Woat
shed, had been unanimously carried,
and that in refusing admission the
police were acting acoordlng to therm,-
lions from headquartere. This announo / •
WWI received with loud ex moutons of
diseatiaractiop nartleularly by. members
of the Dommittee, cdnidetlng oridaerlil
O'Brien, John Morrissey, Street Cow.-
missloner McLean, and others. An at
tempt was made, Mat failed, after some
stormy wrangling among the chiefs, to
agree upon a plan of operation'. 'Doe
pendently and Irresolution, however,
seemed to pervade the leaden, and the
meetimitilnally broke up without deter
mining upon anything further than that
members of the Committee should meet
at the call of the chair. •
Sheriff O'Brien stated privately that
out of three hundred cud thirty nee
members who compose the general corn
mines of Tammany Hall, one hundred
and sixty-two were present at the . al ter
noon assemblage of young Democracy,
sod that felts were entertained by the
other alid• thaf by • night this • ntnnber
might "Weir tuddelently to ' math a
mmenwa crowds had assemahled
""" TilioustlY Hall, the mucks being
largely to the majority. Tba over.
wheiming fame of police co ban-3
proved, however. sulliolcutt to maintain
The young Damociaey.clahn a victory
over Tweed, and aaservibat closing the
doors Of Teintnany la a virtual confession
of defeat by Milt bpponeuut. 5 , 410 or
the leaders say ono hundred araseventy.
four or the Gemara! Committee au.
ewered to their roll call, and that a
large additional number subequently
veuartnd, -
Tweed is amid to bare returned to
biny. Re la vigoronaly dennur by
his - silvans:Us. Rumors which were
sMoat this afternoon, that the militia had
been ordered out by the Sheriff and also
by the Mayor, proved unfounded. The
StierifTto day - dispensed withthe services
alone of We deputies, a Tweed MILL
The Committees on Way. and Me acts
have altered the tariff bill lathe following
etnone other loss 'impertaut particulara,
viz: The act to take effeot on the Ist of
Octolisr; in lieu of tho.dutlet now Im
p mod e the Secretary of the Treasury Is to
preetcrilm and roquiro that sample. of su
gar be taken by inspectors eons to get
the true as ezago quantity of each pack<
tige,aud that 113iti eamplua ha -aavorally
preserved in 1:;1 vas battles and enseked
for futuro blentilicalion and reference;
ell Brutsolee and lakstey . Bruqtelei car
pots, twouty-eight cent:: per square yard,
nod in addition therotte thirty-dive per
cent. ad valorem; on oil cloths feirillone,
stsmped. painted or printed, forty per
cont. od valorem; on alt . Monate
tures of in.xed matorlak, silk ha
lug LIM companout materiel of. chief
value, and not otherwise. herein
provided for, slaty per teat. ad valorem:
on all niannfactures of .11k not he'rein
provided for, sixty per cent ad .vtiforern:
on flex straw, Ova - dollars per ton; ear
Manilla and ether subatituteo for hemp,
not heroin otherwise'. provided for,
twenty-live dolleu a per . ton: OD
jute sod Waal grass, fifteen dollars
per ton; oe rode <of wire, rodo
oral, half oval and half round, iron
leas than 5-Iti of an Inch In diamoter, or
square, one and throe quarter gents per
pound; In rods and wire rode oval, half
oval and half round iron, marathon 5-16
of an inch, ono anti a quarter cents per
per paunch; on award blades thirty five
per cant. ed valorem; ow sword,, lady
live per cent. ted valorevn.
Undoubted information has beon 're
ceived. that 104V13111110 question as to the
personal safety of ex. Collector Bailey.
Gen. Pleasanton, the present Collector,
has received a letter from Bailey 'with
out date or postmark, In which the
writer capremee his uratifibition at Gen.
Pleasanton's appointment, of which he
wax apprised by the New York papers.
tie also requested the present Collector
to retain as many of bls old subordinates
as possible, that they were all honest
men. and bad rm part In or knowledge
of his conduct. The letter was written
in his (Buloy'a) own haudwritinth, MOO
was dropped In the New York postall
It Is believed that Bailey Is - in . Cansca
• cont. UN MAIN IN V/110111111.
It in stated that trustworthy Inform.
lion has boon coutinuntbated to tho
Pnoidentto tho afoot that - the Virginia
I.4ighilature la preparing to abrogate ito
ratification of the Fifteenth Coastltu
llonal Amendment by a coup de mini.
and that the iip.mbers intend to rush the
ruptinl through hods nooses on the sawn
day, without notice and without debato.
The Prosldent has deolarcd that ho In
tends to Innboa proclamation announcing
thu adoption of the amendment no 11000
an Texan in admitted, and 'that he will
not wait for the itdmisalou of Georgia.
A list of some twenty buildings dam
agod by yesterday's storm Is vabllshed.
Four. Reline; A wore carried down the bay
in A smell building swept off Gevernora
Leland, but were TeSQUIti by a tug boat
A young women named Ella Creed wail
thrown violently nualnat a stoop. by the
wind, and died (rein the effects.
,Judes Barnard has denied a motion to
dismiss the complaint to the ease of the
Ens Railroad vs. Cornelius Vanderbilt.
The snit Involves Bye million dollars al
leged to have been obtained hum the
Company by the defendant through
fraud and collusion.
The family of .Ind. Llog, residing at
Ithlca, have been poisoned. Three have
died and the fourth Is at-the point of
dem h. A. ?dm litloner,whosediughter
INlti one of the vie.lms, Is suspected, as
fa also a Mrs. Allen, as the authors of
the crima, and are to be arrea:ed.
A Washington epode! to the rrieene
Intimates that the Supreme Ouurt
probably reverse Its roeer t t .,, t , jelial tender
decision other . tuts beard
involving. thaesetne- - the
Court, as now constituted. wands five to
tour against time previous action.
The American Womanl4 Educational
Awieclatlon, established In Itti3, but
Interiupted by the war; hie reeumed
operations. An address was delivered at
a mooting I - Icy by Henry Ward
has brau.narartainad that tho City of.
thou had 116.5-3ve cabin and tirt3-two
Eceraga paaaaugora and eight 3 -bur ”f
Collector • Buller Is reported to have
been seen at Albany last Thursday.
A case wee argued before tha Supreme
Court v-lay to test the power of the
Bock l2tchange to expel members for
failure tOnulnult disputed claims to ar.
bltrallon.• Ik.ralslon
Tb v personi eon Inoted of oleo:ton frauds
In finx,klyn ere. to Ye eentoqoed gut
Thursday. The outried autze nave gone
over to 1130 ne4t term.
President O'Neill. or the-Fenian sloth•
erLool, has deposed Slekerd MeCerstd,
Secretary of the Tremn7 and a Senator,
and expelled tdm from the order. Mc
Cloud will attempt O'Nell.'e Impeach
meal. •
.A motion to dlacontloue tho molt of
0•11 mown Bolos &salami John O'mtahoity
haa bead dented with costa. .
C3nrad Felser ha bren sent to the AO
bany Penitentiary three ye: re for mailing
counterfeit revennestamps: •
curTisti AFFRAY.
Illurderuye . AssavilOrLathi; Ttvellita Wac. 4
—lle Prfp. liator ai r -Large,
Sunday evening ' between eight and
nine o'clock an affray occurred - In front
of a cliurch In the Tweffth ward, la
whloh the murderous knife was brought
Into requisition with probably fatal re
sults to John Healy, a boy shout four
teen yea= of age, who was one of the
participants In the affray. A number of
boys were congregated in front of the
church, In whine services were being
hold, among whom were young Healy
and John Cornelius, who is &blot fifteen
years old. A quarrel arcs° between
Healy and Cornelia+, womb terminated
In a tight.. They had been fighting but •
few minutes, when Healy cried out that
be was eht and Cornelius 'itnufeillately
ran away. The latent inu'of aurae proem!.
wee directed to the Injured bor, audio the
excitement the morderons villain„who
indicted the wound which probably will
reedit In the death of young Healy, was
allowed to (soaps. Healy was at once
removed to the realdenoe of his oar- nta,
on Liberty street, near the Round House
of I. Pennsylvania Ittallrosd Company,
whore - be received prolm nietliparatten,
lion. , Attest aocounts the toy wog ins
very critical condition and the physicians
had alight hopes of his, re - overy. The
knife penetrated the abdominal wall In
the region of the stomach.
Linforroation was mado l afore lbe Ma; or
Hestekday morning by him Bridget
ealy, the mother of the Injured boy,
chargtoir - Conelloue With felonious as.
intuit and battery, and a warrant wea
lasneft for fps
Minable of a Boat ■ad a DWI and WI Ile
I =1
Gilbert Stewart and wife wore drowM
t. 4 while attempting to cross the Tough.
rbheny river Saturday evening. They
bad boo PR p ylsit to Connersville,
stopping with Mr. 'William &Tema, a
relation, and started for bane Saturday,
evening in employ with Byron Malone
and Harry Jacob, they embarked in a
small IleaW for the purpose of crossing
he river. Soon after they started the
boat commenced to leek, but thify pro.
eded, on their any tbe parties not im
aged in rdtilog
.balleq. the Water out.
The night 'bolos quite daik they lost
thtlr way and for over an hour they
managed to keen the fralt graft spat.
Thie water gunny gained on them so
rapid ly that the boat-sunk. Piro of the
men succeeded In swimming ashore, but
Mr. Stewart and wife were both drown.
ed.. Parties were engaged In dragging
the river fertile bodies, but up to 'Mt
evening the bodies had not been reams.
Brad. Mt• Stewed, was a' mat miner,
abd wee lbe rather of tbree swat) shit.
drem who were depot:UM upon hie 10.
tor Mr support.
Pcrwoal.—ffr. James Andrews. wbo
lit% the contract for the nismon7 of the
Is t
groat bridge at L. I,oola, city,
looking well 'and hearty. We believe
W. Milner Roberts, the'assodate chief
engineer of 'the Simi Work,- Is also In
. emlnlacencta—[)W and
Goode House—lmmense
Ica,Ever3thing at Eastern
liable L 1
spring St
IS Is both pleasurable and profitable
soma:lmes j look back upon tho past, to
coostdor -w ithor and with whom wo
have been I. aveline. Tide thonght oc.
carrod to a :ow days sieve, as we
threaded ou way through the itillllollliB
shock of- spa igzoods, which now till to
repletion the extensive salesrooms of the
old and reliable ,whelesMo dry geode
establishment of Arbuthnot, Shourion
Cu., 115 Wool strata. Wo have been
acquainted personally with all the Illelll
- of the firm for more than twenty
year., and wb3thor our relations were of
a business or social character, they have
alwaya him most pleasant and agreeable.
Tho hones was established in 11513 , ou
the corner of Wood and Diamond street,
by Charles Arbuthnot, E q , who has
long been known not only in Pittsburgh
but many other cities, as a most liberal
Christian philanthropist, as wall as au
upright, persevering, and- succcestul
merchant. By uureffilttiog attention to
business, and honest dealing. Mr. Ar
buthnot soon commanded an extensive
patronage, and built up a large and 11 .nr
lehlnittrsile. Tho bustnesa of the house
grow into such proportions, that ho found
It necessary to call a partner to iffis aid.
Vila was not difficult to obtain. •
A molt suitable partner was found In
the parson of William T. Shanhou ' Esq ,
who for a number of years had been a
most faithful, ho was a moat popular
salesman. In the house. Mr. Shannon
became associated as a partner iu 1853.
He was a most vainablo acquisition to
the establishment, for there is no more
worthy or unassuming gentleman .to be
found anywhere, nor one that under.
stands the dry goods business better.
At this time the trade of the house had
Increased to 'such an extent that it was
found necessary to move into more
spacious quarters. Accordingly, the
firm of Arbuthnot & Shannon purchased
the old established dry good,, house of
Jas. E. Breading & CO., lib Wood street.
In leas than a decade after the Recession
of Mr. 1363011013, the Arm received another
valuable acquisition in the person of our
most excellent' young friend, John O.
Stephenson. Esq , who Is also one of Mr.
Arbuthnot's honorary graduates. For
years the firm of Arbuthnot 8:111111:1011
had watched the career of title young
gentleman, and being convinced trout t h e
tact, atoll and Round Judgment eviucnd
that lie psoessal superior qualifications
for the business, he was admitted as a
member of the Arm In 1852,when the name
and style of it was changed to Arbuthnot,
Shannon & Co. For commercial and
sock! qualities ho his few floats of hit
It would be difficult- to Ilnd a trium
virate of dry goods merchants In ore
establishment who comoino such varied
gala:tie/Wenn far. the business, and har
monize BO perfectly al those someone
who compose the firm. of Arbuthnot.
Shannon & oe. By unwearied applica
tion to business, the moat assiduous at.
tuition to their ever increasing patrons,
uprightness -and honesty In their mm
morals! dealings, they have risen to be
One of the leading establish mente
I .ur this city, and lu the amount
of their aides, we believe, are second
to none. In the Mereautlie Agency, if
We remember alight, they are registered
se having "unlimited credit," and well
they may, for they never purchase goofs
only von eAell. As they areautietantial
In resources, and purchase in such Ina
mouse quantities, they can buy ponds on
the most advantageous terms. They will
sell every article now In. their magnif
I bet eatabliehtuent, as cheap as dealers
and country merchants con buy them in
the imperil market. Arid when they fitly
so, there ISM, doubt of It.
Two members of the tirm have beep
In the list Ter about two weeks, and
have purchased, after personal temple
ttatiOnmaiit-the largest awl - moat carted
stocks of dry goods ever brought to this
city. Ho numerous are the boxes around
the door that It is almost impossible to
get near lt, and on the day of our - visit
we suggested that they should ask •the
Mayor to v.cile a square on Wood
street for a ahorttithe until they got their
stock stored
Ta attempt a catalogue of the goods
would be itumposalble, /Mahe It to nay
that they have everything In their lino.
and in the largest quantities, and the stock
will be eaustantly replenished to meet
thealsmandsof Ms trade. , ' .
. . .
We should add that the godda were
purchased at the time when gold was at
the lowest ebb tj io , which makes ama
ditfarence In the price*, add they
will be sold at corresponding low figures
The Sil(M11100 are all polite attentive.
and ac.mmruodatlng. Unless they were
se, they would not be employed In the
establishment. .Sverybody knows the
plane. Ariluth W.; Shannon it Lb., 115
WC id street. See advertisement on first
4 *lngotar eaae.
From the h trl Pruebee ITlbooe, )
IL would seem, from the • Frequent oc
ourrence of remarkable incidents, that
there Is certainly nothing of an 'mond,
able Saturn, Judging from the following
wonderfully' strange and hardly credit.
able story which came to our ears a few
days since :
• In the spring of whim the gold
foyer was at Its highest possible state of
excitement in California, there lived in
the State of Virginia, on the banks of the
york river, a few miles below yortstauto,
a gentleman of apart t whose parents
dere in moderate circumstances . It was
uring the gold excitement be lilt the
comforts of a home, his friends, relatives,
a loving wife whom be had led to the
altar bat a year limas, and an only child
—a daughter of two months Land took
up his lonely Journey to seek his fortune
in the wild, distant West, over and be.
yond the Rocky Mountains, where the
bright and golden son sinks down to rest
amid the blue waves of the grand Pacific.
After years of toil, drudgery and re
verses of fortune in the mines, he came
to this city and engaged 1p br,emeos, lie
Peixe-suOcasful, beton amassed an im
menseLleirtuno. His beloved wife bad
died during a prevailing epidemic while
on a visit to some relatives during the
yellow fever season at New Orleans, oat
the same time did a little girl of another
fancily, of the same name and age as hi;
little daughter, tie Yilitfid lh Sisiet,
gai coul d fe ud no eine to his d ecpaie d
wife's sis er; a thought, naturally, she,
too, had died. He tt tattled to tho, Golden
Soto, and time and the whirling excite-
ment of-business soon healed his sorrows,
and effaced, apparently, all recollections
of his old home on the banks of the placid
York. •
bhortly after the completion of the Pa
cific Railroad them arrived at this city
'gentleman, his wife, end %beautiful; Well
eriwcated, and graeeful young lady, Just
blebming into ma r tlen-hood, apparently
and really shout 18 summers. It was by
chance the young lady and aged widower
met—and to meet was to love. They
were duly married after a short acquaint
ance; the. eremony being celebrated with
gnat Mat, - and creating no little flatter
in the fashionable and wealthy circles of
our city.. The fact that both parties bore
the slime Qkrlstian ;mum efeltstl no avon.
'Mater hwidiry, tut it WAA one ahnoat
quite as common as that of Smith or
Brow n.
A. few weeks the marriage, as the
husband and wife naturally Inquired into
each other's past history sad antecedents,
mid were gradually becoming better ac•
quainted with each other, the denonment
dame—they were father and daughter—
mu; and wife; he legtinctiye love of the
EtTP.Ilt ( cc lleptildi Itaci the daughter for
his tether, Imo been superseded by the
strong emotional passion of sexual love.
Both inner-ant at heart, but foully crimin
al in the eyes of man and God.
His daughter- was not dead, ea ho
supposed, but after the death of his wife,
was kindly taken la charge by his stater-
In-law, by lied Itterriecl aid gloved to a
Wawa (itste, and' Who eta),. with her
husband; accompanied his wife's daughter
to this coast to meet as strangers, lovers,
and subsequently parent and child, as
they were, cultivated, paulonale love
chanced into 0 isl end parental devotion. Ttiondprfal atraige, Indted, are * the
forvitens circumstances which control
and guide the footsteps of erring and
susceptible mortals.
The Free Troder , s4laraet for Wheat,
The advocates for an almost exclusive
English market, and at the same time the
ready sueerera at the "home market." get
very little comfort from the great English
grain trade organ of a late date—the Mark
Lane Isigrees —since a single positive and
significant assertion in its views of the
situation, on the 7th of last month, is as
follows : "Bread goes a begging, while
many go a begging for bread; and while
some propose emigration es the great
source of relief to the country, no holder
of corn belie' , a that a diminished con
sumption will. increase the demand."
There we have it—that is the case of
eaters sought be relied upon by the illus.
iouists in regard to the exceeding value
of the. English market for the farmers of
Minnesota; for by this we learn that low
88 the mice of wheat is at present, the
ground down laboring population are too
poor to buy, and are recommended to ran
away from this very glut of foreign im
ports; this barren invitation to eat ex
tends to those who have no money. Let
us hear from the great English organ a
little further still : •
"The strange phenomenon is: Preyl
dence has made the earth teem with
plenty, that plenty instrumentally canard
by the baud of man, yet the laboring
Mon is destitute in the midstof abundance.
The Influence of English advicea has
every where been felt abroad. In France
they have rather cheapened, for wheat;
but not serioualy; and it Is the same It
Belgium, holland, Hsmbro, Stettin, Co
logne and Oltasa. The frost may Yet
hold on some time in Northern parts, In
Azor as well as in the lake ports and
Montreal; but then liberty to ship will
and very little encouragement without
an Improved range of 5, of which
there teems no immediate prospect"
That was the condition of the boasted
English markets at the last accounts,
and when we note that hardly one—thir
tieth of onr wheat crop ever gets over
there, that we eat up at home all but about
4 percent. of it; that of that grudgingly
admitted, the English paper admits the ,
the people are too poor to buy—and wr
have a condition of thinga so.very at
tractive that it is scarcely a wonder that
these partis ins of .England in thin coon
try seek to make its still more enamored
of their market for wheat.
And this is not all. While the free
traders are trying to make our peoph
fancy starvation and low pric2s, European
fas Lion, bemuse they propose "compel'
lion" with those people, 'one' of the re
markable features of the ease to look at,
Is the fact that tens of thousands of. these
same workers are fleeing front their own
happy condition to join us; to help eat
the bread they are denied a sight of on
the other side of the water.
Thine are cutalnly points for our pea ,
pie to consider, in casting about to ee
where they aro to obtain retie; but 11
demonstrates that wherever they look,
the Mark Lane Exprees seeks to shut the
door in the faces Many who propose too
earnestly to knock at it over there. Plainly
telling us that they'd° not want our little
swirls, they at the same time clamor h ,
toll to us for gold or war bonds, tie:
carpets, their railroad iron; their ten
thousand knick knacks, such as, perish.
tog with the usage, would leave us poor
to the end of time.— . Minneapolis Tribune.
How We pod for
There are people who think it a small
matter whether beef costs fifteen or thirty
cents per pound. What are fifteen cent.
to a lofty soul? But more thoughtful
persons find that the large results of the
fife of a civilised community are varied
by the sine of the fractions which are in
cessantly multiplied into each other. If
one moire it a personal question, it may
be laid down, as one of more than three
or four rules. for living, that one must
know Just how many cents there are in a
dol'ar. Or,to take Mr. Micawber's
Version:, Income, twenty pounds; ex.
penes, nineteen pounds and eleven
pence; result; happiness. Income,
twenty pounds: expenses, twenty
pounds and one shilling; result, misery.
Take yew hills for any wear, and look
through them (*teeny. The Items below
one dollar are not only the more n unser
ous.' but they, m .ke the largest MM. The
trifles spent for post.pmndial cigars and
like nameless elements cf expenditure do*
not get into bills at all; but twenty to
forty per cent. of our tontines dribbled
out of our purses is fraetional currency.
Must of us are engaged In a war al b
cents, and eternal vigilance is the peas of
liberty. Mankind will never be agreed
upon a list of neceashies. Rut, though
no general statemeat hi pees ble, It is easv
Kt get down the necessities of any people.
With the middle class—a class determined
by means only—these prima wants' are
meat, bread, vegetplales, !hats, coffee, tea;
sugar, and a few qthers. To this it must
be adied that house and furniture take
oni,third of our Ineonft. Clothing, fuel,
service, and items take another third, are
kept within that limit only by a very vlgi.
lent management of the bureau of the
interior. The mm who Lai a spendthrift
at the head of this office may as well go
under at once. In short, not more than
one-third of our Incomes con be saved for
the table; generally less is left (or this
purpose.—Western Xcntaisk
Sherman, Sheridan and the Indians
General Sherman has mitten the fol
lowing letter in reply to that received by
him from I,tecitene93t littoral Sheridan,
a ally of which appeared in the QSZEIia
of toe 2g.h.:
WASIIIIPOULY. D. U., March 20, 1870. f
General P, fl. Blies-al:In, Commanding
.Diois(on of the . Missouri, Chicago, Il
OBSEMAT.—Your letter of March 18 Is
received. I have shown It to the Secre
tary of Wer. It is of course to ho sup,
posed th t tome of our people prefer to
believe the story of the Piegan =se acre
as trumped up by interested parties at
Benton, more than one hundred callat off,
rather thigi the oMcial report of Colonel
Baker, Who was on the spot, and
is the responsible party. I prefer
to believe that the majority of the killed
of Mountain Chief s camp we:e warriors,
that tho firing cessul the moment NA.
lance was at an end, tit* quarter was
given to all who asked fox it, Ind that a
lundred women and children were al
owed to go free to join the other bands
of the same bltr, known to be camped
near by, tether than the absurd r( part
that' thus were only thirteen warriors
killed, and that all the balance were wo
men and children, more or less afflicted
arab small-pox. The Indians en the reser.
vations are exclusively under the uridec
Von of the Indian Bureau, bat the bureau
officers Ind ofleielly notified you of their
insafflity tit restrain those very Piegan
lodiana, and kid called on you to puntah
them for their repeated and them c miry
r.ibts ries aid murders; and yen had as
early as last October laid down the p'an
for a winter's surprise and attack, which
.was at once met to . the Indian Bureau,
eliciting no remonstrances; so that there
is no 4:Location at all of responsibility save
and except only as to whether Colonel
Baker wantonly Rod uruelly killed women
and ehildpm unrWitlng, and this I can
not belleVe.
The army cannot swat the tido of emi-
Fallon that is flawing toward these
radian hada, nor hlt or province to
determine the question of boundaries.
Wien called upon, we meet, to the extent
of our power, nrotect the settlers, and on
proper demand we have also to protect
the Indian landsagalnat the intrusion of
tee settlers. Thus we are placed between
,tw o gra, a most unpleaaant dilemma,
from which we cannot Lampe, and we
most Sustain the officers on the spot who
fulfil their orders.
I repeat, therefore, that you mast do the
best you can in each instance, and trust
to the sound judgment of the country
after all the ;truth is revealed.
I am trqll) inure,
W. T. SttiotAN, General.
mwron Lemur's Erie and &Ayer ea;
na S l scheme has had the ncese.knocked out
of It pretty effectually by the unexpected
disposition of bonds in the Sinking fund.
Idowerer, as the Senator proposas to
come back for another term, It is ttiolelY
a question of time, as he will doubtless be
able lu t a year or two ne get a subsidy or
sown of the new .bonds.
,1 NO. 75.
The Cart Cr or a D. mon
Thorium D. Carr, who, on the 24th, at
St. Cialrsville. 0., tottered death on the
gallows, for the murderer laaisa C. Pox,
made, before his death, a confiaision
which leaves no doubt -of his guilt.
Though still young—he was born in
184 C—Ilia life has been full of
crimes and atrocities. The story that he
himself tells is terrible in the extreme.
lie served in the army during the war.
' lie . was in Canthritlge for two weeks to
drill, and dm log that time be had five
fights, and he Is sure that the residents of
that town have not thrgotten - "Corduroy."
Afterward he was sect down to Hunts
ville, afterward fighting limn in Wards
s ppi. Shortly niter this he was sent to
Columbue, to guard some prisoners. - He
says that, "instead of restraint', thought
I would stay in Cincinnati. I broke out
of Sycamore 13arracks, and in a few days
met Annie Whalen at the - Eighth street
Pork. I took her out to Carthage (a
small village north of Cincinnati,) where
we lived two weeks, when I sent her
back to Cincinnati and returned to my
command, alter an absence of sixty days.
When I reached it, near Deccard Sta.
tion, I was put in the guard-honse,
court-martialed, and sentenced to be
shot for desertion. One afternoon they
took me out to dig my grave, which I did,
making it four feet two Inches deep, and
two feet six Inches wide. Even then I
felt as unconcerned as over I did in my
life. God pity me I I didn't care, my
heart was so calloused and hard. I don't
even remember the date of Rut day,
because I cared so little about an event
that would almost craze some men. Bat
that Is neither here nor there. A petition
was sent l President Lincoln and I was
pardsned; was'rettuned to my regiment
with the welcome of the boys, who
treated can as well as ever.".
Joining afterward the IS:h
he deserted at Columbus, and only man
aged to secure a return to his own regi
meat by informing on a miasmata, who
was also a dourter. Ilia regiment was
Boon sent, to'N.,rtli Carona., There Le
became a plunderer. of the dead, gather
tog rings and money and watches from
the bodies of those who Lad fallen iu
He returned afterward to Columbus,
and there became engaged in a brawl In
a house of 111 fame; and he says he
knocked down one of the inmates and
loft her for dead. A. day or two after
he threw a bottle at a min In Newark,
and says he split his skull wide open.
The crime for which he was• executed
was the murder- 9k Miss Fox, a young
girl only fourteediteats of age, who had
refused to marry him. For this he was
tried, the evidence was found complete
and overwhelming, and he was convicted.
The case was afterwards taken to the
Supreme Court, but the decision of the
Court below was restarmed. When the
death warrant was read to him he laughed
loudly, and said "lie did not care a
d—n if it was to morraw."
Pittsburgh Gy mastic Association
MOM EVENING Much llst, 1870
A rare Progran me WIT! ae are ented. Doors
Stoen at 7. to col:menet. at N. 7 attts. 50e. To
Be had at the Musk and Dock S:o - es.
• Glorious, anal triumphant r. turn to Plitab
[te norgb
. the moo.emcee/ aro Opera Lour ou record of
Grand English Opera Company.
rARL ROSA. (Diners )- -, Ce Tien A Co.
B. Segorn `. .111••• San
Last apneas ee of She llgra ROSA. w
• oat
(LytleLt • r.•••or th e age, prior to nerd: pito
Arra rpe It June.
Corronsbelog kioNDAY • VENING. Atoll 4th
Tao Itrooto It Irbletrosiso ( 0 0111111 •N OIRL
Ti 0 JATOR , MART., rOloa Math/howl
(ntst tint I ItAltrtlAOß oF rtO ORO. It Igsro's
it wheels) MYSL OF CAS 11...5, and ye. Web
i's Ito—es, Was Moo la go. l 010
t K. - SCHUTZ.
Ro r rton+. Cal p•• •CO
e, i •rol II 50, aoroo go llor to 1 1.1.11li.;
Car It OD,.
• M•.• ral• of • •S: it Octets err/amounts on
TRIPSDAY s o u se. or. • al. be MM. on
or OW. Toe sale for el es seats on
Proposals for the ore: Con of lb. Alledbeaa
County Soldiers , Monument (to be erected ma
Seminary NII•, Alltgheoy.l wlll be - reeeirld at
the Mere of the onderMgood. No. S 4 Grat4
street. (where (beldam,. tprohle 116.1 and Spit-
Inn. of Moo. oan be men( ua to APIIIL 74 15,
SITU. Th. coo Meet to he awarded to tha 10 •eat
and P.m .lads.
'CAAVann of Building Con:wino*
' Brackets, Pendants,
Fcr Gas or Oil.
Re a-o mow reeetalas our 10 . 1 - 1 SO STOCK Or
VIZ rustics a tbe L embracing -FL:mit SOO mom Ito 10 Lights, ores SOO Illeari
eat . •telee v.1:I we are e I Ina S. ha DUULD
PIIICILI, Whaleitale aa.l Retail. • •
}gimbals and Gas Niles.
lU NOD STREET, n•ar Fin diem.
Krorden. Car Numbing, On and 00 . 5 Pit
ting riromr tie attendee te. ml 5
U. s
Ear , l= l :ll , l,7::l: 3 4l,l'Veling. 4 . I
" • ,
BY •Ul ROW. V UP :Hi
Secretary of She Treasury,
I will oder at public Auction, on MONDAY, the
4th day of Apiil. 111110, at 1511 M., at the Cur-
Tom 1101166 aforesaid, that portion rf the MA
NiNit BOHM TA I. T. Yr 171 ca:t. .am iheapper
*otter Ede Prehlo &tree t, atom teperattd rot, inn
FlomplLl Bul ding by said street, Thin properly
teat.!?. tweween two tad mlron acres, mod Is
located risse 13 it.e lot of Allegheny City, and
unsurpassed far inanorsetaring PatTertine,
swing to lot proxlmity to the eltli s of Oltta'wrgl
S 2 1 Allegheny and its [salt es far suoylng
freight in any d reeds* by lit I Pittsburgh, Vint
Walla* and Chicago Railroad, and the PlOmburelm
and MAY - eland tallromdg while, the Oahe itur
bat three or roar h , ndred mardm l fr. •
ThRMS- - ne• Ofth fho .halarea Ie• two
moll annual paymettlo, the Orel of which .hall
M ntsdioo the icy, or font nest, or:th In tont
from It o day of rale until paid.
Poll dettllohtll be given at the its. and place
of aaleb
All bids must b.) made . subleet to
the approval of the secretary of
the Treasury, the Deptrtmeat
TYillg the right to reldet any or
all bids if deemed to the interest
of the Goverment to do so.l
fromoclock, to
eemnez to" from leV
T.o d . rmax to to No
vember Ist to May Ist, 6 ." • 'Xk lat " f".°
PAW M the rate or per 'a
coat, N" 'fresi t. 1*""." .4
if not withdrawn Comm:mom tonal-ara ouy "''n—
JoollorY and Jolt. Hook. lly- Laws .-. tos
nished at the alnee.
B°. Hartman . otosmfleo. A. Berry PrealMenti
8. HJos.„Viee . Prestdeatin
Beeretary and IMlasurer.
A. Bradley, J. to firabain.A• IS. Hell. Win.
Naciek, Jobis M. lollerorth. P. Hobo, o'poitaim.
Christopher uff. •
' D. W• A. 11.8 all. Solleitmn •
T 8 THE BM /ID =mar
Committal "lid Family Newspal cr
. ATe foram laecitaxte, or iasschant, ohoild W .
without It. •
Slagle sabocrtbers
Club. of tee.:.....
♦ copy ta forolso.4 frlktallo.ty to
spot • ClaD of ten. Poatmoster. •re req..:
to set a. masts. Addro.s.
1111111111401% ,, 1. 11. 17131.11Vi1t.N
■. T. BUNKO'
C) I.Efiil7l_.l
We now offer our LARGE NEW
STORE, just arriving, comprlslbg
&fall Hue, In all departments,
Dress Goods,
White Goods,
Shawls, Skirts,
Linqns i
Ticks, •
Bleached & Brown
Shirtings and
Sheetings, ecc., &c.
New and Desirable
IN ,
Ribbons, Laces,
Trimmings, Corsets,
Staples, Nations, &c.
To the Pres..nt Low Prices
To Call and Examine Our
Blankets and Yarn,.
/ L
. 1113
. I'S