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    littsbutit Gaitttc.
The 'meteors are aware that the
pliant* of their rabeerlbera Ina portion
otAllegheby city has twen severely tried
by the brregolar delivery of the OA nen%
ibr Borne time pest. The meter ha. been
Oa arranod that It Is hopes, there will be
no farther muse of complaint. We will
thank our vat:seri bets to notify is Or Bay
failure delinquency.
Rev, V. P. 'Maw bu received a call to
%the Ualted.Preabyteflan_congregatlon of
Otero - Gist was flood -twenty dollars
and costs yesterday by Mayor Callow for
disorderly conduct.
i. N. alcCalleach, Esq.; Cameral Man.
war of the P. Fa,
go. W. &9. IL W.. left
ritiodri for Chica
Tao Pleasant Valley Passenger Rill
way matter is again attracting the attic
lion °ribs Leesistare.
Thus for issarllp four milllous oI bush
els ot out have been shipped to points
below on the present rise.
Yesterday Afternoon Mayor Callow
committal .to Jail John Utterly far
thirty days for whir/slo g him wife. John
• resident ante Booond Ward.
Bev; Tbos. U. Hansa deliTered a ibel•
tare hot enfesdnit In the town of Beaver.
It was en able prodaction,.ead was well
received bran appreciative audience.
frectstalllmg.—Market Constable Wrlg•
lei made tnexemstlim Wore the Mayor
=aseharglog Thomas Dillon with
Um market. A. warrant was
Dieppelstath—At scribbler of an ob.
seam utast published somewhere. circa•
WAD; nowhere - to any great extent, Undo
fault with our notice of the "blondes."
°Shoo, fly."
Groceries at law Prima—The attention
of the trade Is called to J. B. Dilworth d.
oo.'sannouncement on the first page of to•
day'. paper. Dealers can rely on Ibis
iirm'ftinic what they say, and supplying
them with the best In the market.
Magid lleetingi.—There will be an
adjourned meeting of the Water Mtn.
mitten on Friday evening at 7 o'clock.
Then wilt .1* be • meeting of the Com.
mitten on City Printing on Monday at
2 o'clock, at the Controller Mice.
Geerge IlltUemer, was charged, on
oath of Mary Spiess, before Alderman
Taylor. yesterday, or assault and batter
alleging thigh, struck her little &nigh.
tar on the Wed with some hard substance
end serereirWortuded her. A warrant
leataw weals the new Million House
of the P. F. W. U. Beltway at Now
Brighton will be opened. for the ammo
modation of travelers. The telegraph
ofßee will be transferred to the new
einUon, and trains will only have to make
one atop In the borough.
ehepleligh Anderson did without prov
ocation or Just cause, most ahantefully
saute Knidab Hamhey on Liberty street
yeetarday, for which, and (raring the
many threats' of Anderson, Haimhey
mane an information before Alderman
Tutor. A warrant for his arrest Was
tae IPtttabergis Conference of the
Evangelical laweciation will comtnenoe
Its eighteenth annual Benton this morn
leg at nine o'clock In the Evangelical
church on High street near Webster.
Bishop Esther of Cleveland. Ohio, will
preside, and It is expected about fifty
Ministers will be In attendantie.
Se Are Worsted or a beggar who
maks hie rounds over Liberty street.
dally, staking for money to tale him
home. He lives In Allegheny and judg•
trig from the brilliancy of his nose. we
should think the amount required to
take him over would depend to some cx.
tent on bow many bossism' he would
Pali* disgraceful row occur
red at Phtlo Mall at a dance, Monday
sight, and this pollee entered the Hall
arid arrested Jim Williams, who appear.
ad to be .the principal actor In the row.
Jamie wee conducted to the lock•up,
where he was Provided,with lodgings,
and yesterday morning the Mayor tined
him gas and costs, which were paid.
The New Code.—The Ordinance tom.
mine. of Allegheny Connell. - -held a
meeting Jut night. The new Ci Code
as it had pinned, the House wu tinder
eonsideration, abd the Clerk Ins Meted
to request ow Senators to hare 1 acted
wpm in the Senate as soon as poodble,
together with the Street Act, and the one
relating to the Directors of the Poor.
An Obstreperous Tenant.—Hugh GU.
ado rents a hciase in Spring alley from
E Radcliff; and a few days since Rid
oliff went to collect the rent from Hugh.
wheratipan - ITh silitimd Hugh kicked
him out of the house. Dhe rszutt - was
an injormatios Wore Alderman Keeper
for assault and battery, In which Hugh,
Is defendant, and he was held to answer;
Reath Zenaves.—Thls new military .
company, the only one In Allegheny
City, Is In a flourishing condition. About
eerventy.five members are now enrolled,
and the fall complement of one hundred
will. It is expected, loon be reached.
They have an armory In Behrhorat'a Hall
ockaanduaky street, and drill regularly.
WCharles Miller is commanding
mt ah r.'
Sprilyf .opeolog.—The aahllo Is in
vited to call at McFarland it Collins'
Carpet Rooms, Nos. 71 and TS Fifth
avenue, second floor, on the 000saion of
their opening of Now„Styles of Carpets
for the Spring trade, this day, Wed.
March 16th. They Intend
that this special - display of new goods
shall be the emit of the 1181111011 in the
Carpet trade. -
nalieliona llisthicf.—Bome ; evil din
posed persona; on Friday night or Bator.
day morning, out the fastening* of the
wharf bolt belonging to the Board of
Ilsidthiwtdeh was moored at the Point,
for the nee of . night pollen. The boat
RAM - down the river some twenty
miles, when it was caught and tied of.
It hie since been brought back, and now
Oceopiea id former position. .
Polared.—Patrick Hogan yesterday
Made hilkirmation before Alderman
Floyd, on Diamond street, charging A.
Reno with assault and battery. Reno
Is pilot on the steamer ' , Little Alps,"
and the prosectilor was employed on the
those, where they got Into a diffloolty,
wbia. It Is alleged, Reno struck Hogan
on the bead, with an Iron poker. The
shammed wss timid for a hearing.
IlIcw•. Frlnia—The !Irmo! Telford. Moore
& Job printers, has been. dlesolved,
Thomas Telford withdrawing. Mr. W.
J. Jackson has purchased the Interest of
the retiring partner. Mr. Jackson ban
been bra number of years in the este,.
Bailment -of W. 8. Maven & 00., and Is
thoroughly acquainted with the business.
The Arm la composed of ratable gentle.
men, who will no doubt be liberally pa
Reckless.—Adam Rapier wag In good
spirits yesterday. He wu riding on •
bores down Federal street, when the Idea
utddenly occurred that it would be ex.
osilent prune° to display his equestrian
abilities and test the speed of his animaL'
He tried the plan, and after swishing
the shone of a wagon, alarming all peace.
ably disposed and t imid pedestrians and
se his own neck, was &r
-and sent to the lockupfor cockles"
A Farther Heariag.—Jamea Johnson,
the alleged forger, who wea arrested In
Montana some five weeks ago and
brought tont& city, shim when be has
been confined In jell, waa h ear i ng, fore
the Mayor yesterday for a but
at the request of counsel a thither post.
ponennot WWI made. It.appeare that an
effort is being made to pay off the notes.
widish were alleged to have been forged.
but which Johnson Insists were genuine.
and thereby settle the matter.
Carbonic Acid Gas Perms Vlre.—The
Milers' Superintendent "of the Union
Fire Extinguisher Oompatiy.of PNladsi
phis, A. M. Ocean% Dip, will give an
ristiltdtion of the Iproved Fire
imbiber at the foot m of Smitheeld Extln.
sudsy at S p.ll.
In oars of fire this machine Is cilonlys
ready, selfacting and reliable. Steam.
boat man, manufacturers and ell property
creams should me this - exhibition. Mr:
OroBl3l/ it at the Mo nongahela Home.
11500 Reward M Gobil—Yews
ler & aforledeo the well known spice
deems, are offe;lng 5500 reward In gold
for an 7 adnltaratlon found In their mold
ed coffee. This ooffea la-named °Bawl-
Mor," and la pot up In half pound pack.
ages, full leftist, and Is the Oldit COUTO*
*-4/1 NO economical article ever
• Me market, lioneekoepaa
e •••• • aak for thlp
in airtight Imam
, r of the berry. For
She New lerlicol Ilesse.—The contract
Mr the erection of the new School Home
for the _Fourth ward. Allegheny, has
been let to Morn. B. McGraw ,t Co. for
142,017. It will not be completed until
July. 1871. Nowa. Barker. Irollock
and Brown are the Building Committee
of the Board. The new- building le to
be erected on a lot on Liberty street, and
will be a model structure.
John erlleb Is again In trouble. His
domestic relations seem to be of an on.
pleasant character. His wife Mary repo
ciallyapPreclate• thesitoation. Monday
afternoon she made information before
Mayor Callow, charging him with assault
and battery. Yesterday ahe appeared
before Alderman Bolster, and made in
formation against' him for assault aed
battery and surety of the peace. In all
these cues warrants have been leaned,
bat than fax he has eluded the police.
Alleged Larceiy.— Yisterdsy - ex-
Mayen . Drum made information before
Aldermen Bowden against Andrew Mc-
Mae for larceny of a game rooster. Mr.
Drum resides on the Perrysville Plank
road, near the Obeervatory. For some
time past be has been annoyed by &pre.
datbons upon his stock of poultry. The
thief escaped for some time, but nosily
the fowl in question disappeared and
the gentleman was Induced to make the
Inibrotation asi given belleving_the ac
cused to be the dep redator. Warrant
A Plistake.—Oar Mende on the South
Side have made a mistake In naming
their new village ”Allentown"—there is
a town of that name oNgthe Delaware
rive; in Pennsylvania, and where there
is mare than one postollicto of the same
name in a State, confusion of mails and
trdscuriaire of letters are sure to result.
If the (attune of Lower St. Clair wish to
commemorate the name of Mr. Allen:
let them call their town Allenville, Allen,
berg or Allen City, and thus avoid the
' annoyances otherwise certain to be a
As Hugh Atkins' was returning from
church in the romantic town of Limerick
Sunday morning, he wan met by Wattle
Collins, Ed. Wahle and others, who at
tacked him, knocked him down and beat
hint severely over tha bead with &clinch
hammer,, afterwards relieving him .of
vs dran. Atkins brought suit yester
day before Aldernaasi McMasters charg
ing them with asaanit and battery and
robbery. At the hearing they were held
In ball of one thousand dollars for their
appearance at Court. .
More or It..—loseph V. Kerr, It would
Appear from the ritimber of prosecutions
against him by hie wife, hire. Catharine
Hoerr, and her dutiful sun, Alex. Riker,
has gotten himself into almost inextrica
DM difficulties by that little family MIK.
unity for which he was tried In the Quar
ter Sessions a few days slum. His head
wax beaten *Mort to a jelly at the time
with a poker by Alex. He was tried on
two indictments for aciault and battery,
and now Alex. hu made another infor
mation before Alderman Neeper in
which he alleges that Joseph committed
an assault and battery on him, on the
night in question, by choking him. Kerr
was held for a bearing. •
T lie Puri Cimuatislos
Last evening a meeting ef the Alle
gheny Park Commission was held, all
the members being in attendance. Sev
eratappliestions for police appointments
were received and flied. The bill of FL
and A. Murdock, ,f0r175, was presented
and approved. .
It was decided to make Rome changte
in the plan of the eastern section. below
Ohio street, and In South Commoti from
Unloe avenue to Federal street. These
changes are principally in the ornamen
tation and laying out 'of the grounds.
The City Engineer was also instructed to
proceed with the work on the South
Common u won as the new plan pro.
posed wu approved by the people.
Charge or rerjary
Before Alderman Taylor, John Wal'
diermado information against William
Burna,:otrarging him with perjury , . Wel.
her keeps a hotel on Penn street at
which Burns had boarded for Some
months last summer but paid his bill
and left the city, summer,
his trunk re.
maimed at the house of the prosecu-
tor. Returning not long since, Burns
called on the wife of Waidler for some
whiskey. She knowing his habits while
under the influence, refused, at which
the defendant became enraged and made
oath before Alderman Marron, charing
them with laroency of part of the contents
Of his trunk, which charge not beim:sub.
stantlatel, the present suit was brought.
A warrant was issued.- •_
anterince sculon
The eighteenth session of the Fitts
burgh Conference of the Evangelical
Association will convene on Thursday at
nine A. M., In the Evangelical Church on
WO street, between Wylie and Webster
streets. Bishop Esher, of Cleveland,
Ohio. will preside. About fifty clergy
men will bo in attendance. Thin Confer.
sore Is mainly . English. Eiders and
will be ordained on Sabbath.
The ministers, R. hiott, or the High
street Church, (German) and J. D. Hol
linger, of the Forbes street 'Mission
Church, (English) will be removed, as
their time of service has tired. Also,
B. ICrinz--Fvoilding El era the Dis
trict. The session wilfer on Tomas
or Wednesday of next
Carpet stealing seems to have been re
sorted to ass new game by the thieving
fraternity with which the two cities are
jut now Incumbered. We noted in yes
terday's issue several of their operations
and this morning' a new one is to be
recorded. About six o'clock last evening
a rolltitingrain carpet, veined at $lOO,
wu taken from an exprus wagon and put
down in front of Mr. H. H. Myers' resi
dence, 165 Ohio street, Third ward, Alle
gheny. The expressman bad hardly
gone away when the carpet mysteriously
disappeared. Some bold thief, appa
rently on the lookout, had carried the
roll away almost as soon as it had been
pieced there. lie managed to escape de
. ecticm and will donbtleas realise a pretty
good figure for the carpet,
Monde:) , afternoon, Mr. Caspar Wil
helm, proprietor of a clothing store, cor
ner of Ohio and East streets, Third
Ward, Allegheny, last myr
watch very
terlously. The time-It per was valued
at PO. •It was placed I a drawer of his
desk in the rear pare of the store. A - few
hours afterward Mr. Wilhelm bad once
Aden to look Into the drawer when he
missed the watch. The moat diligent
investigation only convinced him that It
had been stolen. He had not been out
of the store, and no person, es far as he
knew bad been near the desk except
himself. The watch was not' there how
ever. During the afterncent a number
of. acquaintance* and imetoixtens called
In, but It would be a rather serious
charge to accuse any of them with steal
ing it. It did get out of the drawer some
how, and the question is who took it.
The police are endeavoring to gel an an
swer but have not met with success as
yet, and In all probability will not.
The purchase and sale of real estate has
now become quite a large business In
Ibis city. The dim of meows; Croft a
Phillips, Real Estate - Agents and Bro.
kern, 128 Fourth street, Is doing quite an
=ISt:WV' business In the purchase and
sale of real estate. " These gentlemen
have the very best facilltimi for accom
modating their patrons, and have been
very succesfal since they commenced the
business. They are now publishing,
, each month, "The Pittsburgh Real
Estate Register," in which Is described
hundreds of thousands of dollars worth
of city and country property of every
description: Those who desire to pur
l:dome a city realdenoo, farm, grist mill,
or business stand of say kind, should
send to Messrs Croft and Phillips, and
met &Copy albeit!. Reel Estate Register.
Which is sent free to any one who may
desire R. The March number has 'been
laid on our table. It will repay. perusal
byany ono who has any bushieesto trans.
act hi their line.
Important to Houbdteepero.
The trine for moving and hour clean.
fug being at band It L important to
housekeepers to know where theft:an
got gods wkinh are lndispemeabls to •
well or even comfortably farniahed
house. Such goods can be !band at the
well. known carpet house- of Borard,
Roes Q Co., 21 Fifth avenue. Their
stock la the lamest they have ever offer
ed to the trade. embracing the newest
and beet styles produced by the leading
American and European mannfeetures.
Especially la this tree In roved to the
tapestry and body Brussels. Their stylist
in these goods cannot be sarpassed by
say house In the trade. The styles of
two and three-plyahavecbanied greatly
siooe last season, and embrace many
new and choice patterns, of which the
*hors arm bays a large selection. In
011 Cloths, Matting' and Window Shades
they show a fall llna. The recent de.
onus In Carpets kuuCput thero,eo low that
it plat= a good our"; within the roach
of all. 'Those needing goods in this lies
.annot do better than call on Bayard,
Boss it Co., 21rifth ayeass.
U. I. District Court—Judge McCandless.
.DAT, March 115.—1 n the MHO of
Barnes vs. Ake & Co., Previously re
ported; the jury found that the facts set
forth in the creditor's petition wire not
_J,Caln Wiley, aulunee of the estate of
D'lNerted Seibert vs. Kaieer steel. Action
to recover woods alleged to have been
fraudulently trausferred_by S. Seibert, a
tanlernpt to the defendant.. On trial.
Dlatrlct Attorney HeroFM Sled an infor
mation in Bees. vs. The brewery and fodr
hundred barrels of whisk 3r owned by
Catharine FLIPS!. of Erie: Writ of attach
ment and monition awarded, returnaole
the Ist Monday of May, 1870.
District Coart—J edge Kirkpatrick.
TUESDAY, March 15.—The case of Tru•
nick vs. Joloe, previously reported, was
resumed and had noV .been concluded
when Court adjourned.
1. Reed &Johnson vs. Stewart. •
4. Bonne & Co. vs. Ferguson it Beck
5. Logan vs. Johnson et al.
13. Gorney vs. Fischer tr. Heath.
10. Bedell vs. Payne et al.
17. Wilson vs. MoCormics.
18. Cablerlts vs. McFarland.
19. Com. for use vs. Clark.
M. Sams vs. Barker.
21. Thompson vs. Lance.
ciatirt of Common Pless—Judged ntoWe
and Collier. •
Tesstuv, March the ens of
Bawdy U. Beckam dcLong, previously
reported, verdict for the plaintiff in the
sum of $ll5.
The Best cue taken op was that of
Beeson's holm's. vs. The Allegheny In
surance Company, action to recover the
amount of a policy issued by the defen
dants la favor of the plaintiff on a steam.
boat. Oa triaL
Wm. P. Logan vs. Wm. Johnson, et el.
Action to recover commissions on the
sale of oil. The plaintiff le an oil broker
and it appears kid a quantity of oil for
the defendants on a certain commission
which it was alleged was due and on.
paid. On trial.
William Bonnie vs. Ferguson & Beek,
action to recover for work and labor done
in the erection of a house. Plaintiff takes
a non cult.
90. Nat. Rerg Q Eitor'g
,Co. vs. Haldeman
13. Uormly vs. Reicher, et at.
la. Bade•l vs. Payne, et al.
17. Wilson vs. hicCormick.
19. Com. for use vs. Clark.
20. Rams va. Barker.
21. Tllbmpeon Ta. Luta°.
V. Bailey et al. vs. Ross it Co.
23. Wallace as. Aeor.
24. Sellers va. Bhoiroaker
25. Slog, for use, Ti. Looeden.
27. .Logue vs. Madden, et
Quarter Saetons—Jude Sterrett.
TONSDAY, March 15.—The tint cue
taken up was that of the Commonwealth"
vs. Patrick Dunn, indicted for Lawny,
John Faas prosecutor. It appears that
Dann in the owner of some property In
the Fifteenth ward, Pittsburgh. which
was rented to the prosecutor by Dunn'►
agent, and there was a load of coal on the
premises,. left by a former tenant, who
was in arrears for his rent. This coal,
without Dunn's knowledge,, had been
Bold by hie agent to Faas. the prosecutor.
Dunn, not knowing this fact, went to the
house and removed a portion of the opal,
for which he wax charged with larceny.
Under the evidence It was impossible to
make a case of larceny, aa the essential
Ingredient of the offence was wanting;
there was no felonious I taking of the
property, but It was taken under a claim
of title and amounted toe trespass only.
The Jury returned a verdict of not guilty.
The next case taken up was that of the
Commonwealth ea. Emanuel .Matchey,
Indicted for larceny, W. B. Shaffer, pros
It appears that John Wolf and Match
ey, the defendant, had come to the city
together on the Pittsburgh and Cleve
land Railroad, from the went, and Wolf
shipped several boxes and a trunk con
taining household goods, which were
consigned to himself at Pittsburgh.
When they arrived in the city Wolf
went to McKeesport, leaving the goods
at the depot. A few days after Matchey
called at the depot and represented him
self to be Wolf, demanded the goods,
describing them, paid the freight and
took tnem away. A few days 'subse
quent to thil Wolf called and presented
the bill of lading. An information was
made against Matchey. who was arrested
in New York and brought back to this
city on &requisition. A. portion .of the
'goods were found. it a home on Church
alley. lidatohny stated alter he was ar.
rested that he bid taken the .mods
cause Wolf owed him:mid Ire could not
get his money any other way. After the
defendant was brought back to this city
he gave officer Long a pawnbroker's
ticket for the wads, which were recov
ered at a pawnbroker!. on St. Clair street,
In this city. The Jury found the defend.
ant guilty to manner and form as In
The case of the Commonwealth vs.
John Hannah, charged with assault and
battery on oath of Wm. H. Green, was
settled on payment of costa by defendant.
Omairtionwealth vs. Joseph Broker,
surety of the peat*, C. 4 4,1,0 1 1, Prom"
rotor, was settled on payment of costs
by prosecutor-
Commonwealth vs. Charles Hartman,
c :e„-.Alksoasiblt. and battery, Joseph
Baker proaediiin7,-W,en nettled on pay
ment of costs by defendant:....
The next case taken up was that of the
Commonwealth vs. Andrew McPariiird;
Indicted for aggravated seasolt and bat
tery, Noah Cox prolocutor, the parties
worked at a rolling mill in the Twelfth
ward, and, It appears, got kilos difficulty I
about a bucket, when, it is alleged, the
defendant knocked the prosecutor down,
and then struck him with a piece of gas
pipe. The jury found a verdict of not
guilty, and directed that each party pay
one half of the amts.
Conrad Hack, against whom there
were two indictments, one for 'insult
and battery and the other for aggravated
wanit and battery, was placed on trial.
The prosecutrix in these cases was Mrs.
Frances Dietrich, who allegros that the
defendant attacked her son in the Eighth
ward, Allegheny, and threw him over a
bank, Inflicting serious injuries on him,
and when abeyant to protect her son the
defendant seized bold of her and shook
her rudely. Jury out..
The next case taken up was that of the
Commonwealth yin Patrick Campbell,
, Indicted for r litreeny, 'Thomas 'Wanton
prosecutor. The prosecutor 'resides In
Monongahela borough and he alleges
that some throe or four men lts since a
clock was stolen from the mantle fn his
room, and on the evening of the day on
which the clock was taken therdefentlant
was arrested in Birmingham with a clock
in bin poasesidon. The defendant was
arrested and kept over night In the lock
up, mad the clock retained. Sometime
afterwards Campbell was arrested aid
taken to the Hirmingham lock.up again,
the • facts published In the GapirFa
mentioning the clock. The owner of the
clock seeing the notice nailed at the
Burgess' ofiloro and Identified the clock
as having been stolen from him. Infor
mation was then made against Campbell.
who -was committed to jail to answer the
charge of• larceny. Jury out.
$O. Com. vs. John Waldier.
324. " John C. Heuchler.
62.' " Thomas Byrne.
57.' Washington Simpler et el.
6if " John A. Grinder.'
6.5. I. Wm. Grocer.
187. • " Michael Sherman, 8 cases.
310.. " James Johnston.
83. " John Lady.
" Grace Lee. •
" Benjamin W izard.
86. " Wm. Thompson and Jacob
87. " Simeon Fernier.
1. " Wm. McCully et al.
The homicide case egalnet Nicholas
and Stephen Hoffman waned .be taken
up until Thursday morning at 9J o'clock,
at which hour all witnesses must be in
Court. •
et PatrleVa Day
The arrangements for the celebration
of St. Patrick's Pay tomorrow aro
almost completed, and the affair promises
to be One In every way creditable to all
engaged and worthy the et:melon. At •
meeting of the various committees, Mr.
John A. Strain was chosen Chief Marshal,
with Thorou P. Hughes and A. B. Hay
den, assistants. The usual 'number of
aids has also been appointed. The Great
Western, St. Cecelia and Iron City
Bands have been engaged. The follow
ing Is the route of the procession:
gIAaL Pxocasstos.
Is h All Me or n ot of Irelad
expected leitant olat
pmriwioa will tam an Grant alraat Si 10S1
&Weak A. x.. ilebiacatitig as E.T.pta am.N.
kraeinaloa win move at 19 o'clock IL
307x20/ litOClss:on„
Rub, testing en Seventh 8,7112011..
mottop Wont street to Webster. op Weotter
to Wosiiingtoa. 21.00 Waehthgton to Wylie, op
wslie to Gogms. down Leg*2 to nab eeeeee
deem Finn own. to Wood. down Wood to
W*ter (net . aVoTn t
t le o riavozrvax=2., , g4 o c t - trq
to Meats citridge. Over to Penn. down g:n
to trot., up_ Iro: a to Stub , nixtb
arennote Wood, ellownWoOd to Latayetta Halt,
where an Oration mill todel e by a ells
tizindsbed member of the Pittsburgh He,
Ar nisu fliCoco ALI%
Matters Around "Mune Hul—Payette
seciety—eceturv.e. New so
cieties and other Berns or interest.
The "Fayette Literary Society" ha still
biasing In "Plinio Hill," like a very
bright star in a very dark sky. it has
been the means of firing up and bring
ing out a number of young men who
Will doubtless one day make a bright
mark In the field of oratory. At the
meeting on the 4th Irish, some excellent
selections were read. Mr. Samuel Dick
son read a Dutch letter from the Gagerrx
In relation to ground hog day, end he
read It in such a way as to create a great
deal of merriment among the audience.
Miss M. A. Leach read an amusing and
well worded essay on "Fact and Fancy,"
giving the romantic aide of various mat
tare and then diving down to the stern
reality. The essay was well received.
Wm. K. Thompson spoke on "Woman's
Righte," and gave the audience to under
stand that he tided with the 'Wyoming
ites and was decidedly in favorer allow.
lug the "fenieninites" the right to march
to the polls with a ballot in one hand
and the star spangled banner In the
other. G. A. Mcßride expatiated on
"Humbugs" and J. M. Dickson discours
ed on "Switches." Mr. Dickson non;
waxed the audience with laughter, while
relating a few anecdotes to illustrate his
position. A very amusing dialogue en.
titled "The Way They Kept a Secret,"
was performed by MAIMS M. A. Leech,
S. Emma Dickson, Maggie Stewart, Mag
i ate McCandless, Maggie Stonecipher and
Master Milo J, Dickson. The actors
wore hardly well enough up in their
parts to make the dialogue go off In an
easy style, yet it-wee well performed.
Master M. J. Dickson talked his part off
In an excellent manner and received
much applause. The debate on the quer
lion "Should parents be compelled to
send their children to school?" was ably
argued by W. N. Webster and Samuel
Dickson. The - reading of the Society
paper closed the performance for the
evening. An election of officers result
ed as follows President, Geo. A. Me.
Bride; Vice President, William N. Web-
star: Secretary, Miss S. Emma Dickson:
Treasurer, J. M. Dickson. Among the
Most noticeable performances at the meet
ing on the 11th Inst.,.were the declama
tions by two little girls, Minnie Reno
and Anna Crawford, an may by Mr. S.
C. Eaton and the Society Paper by Wm.
N. Webster. Mr.- Eaton's subject was
"The Harinonial Man," and the essay
throughout was oneof the inset we ever
listened to. The Society may well con
kratulate itself that Mr. Eaton has be
come a member. The Paper by. W. N.
Webster was rich and spicy, and contain
ed some severe dip at the follies of
"Platte Hill" and vicinity. The extern.
pore sous speaking class was sustained
by Will Whitmore, S. Dickson and W.
N. Webster, and the debating clan by
A. Pierce and J. M. Dickson. Mr. Pierce
arguing on the affirmative and Mr. Dick
son on the tiegative of the question "Can
total abstinence men consistently culti
vate and produce barley and rye and
sell them to be manufactured into in.
toxicating beverags?"
A Literary Society Is also in operation
at the Halicrown School House, Half.
crown Ran. and the Halfcrowu Runners
are said to be doing splendidly. At their .
last meeting. two little daughters of Mr.
S. P. Mevay attracted much attention by
speaking declamations In en excellent
style. Mr. Levi Gregg also won a great
deal of admiration by the manner in
which he delivered his oration. Miss
Alice Wilson read a beautiful essay and
Miss Cornelia Allison and Mr. J.H. Robb
delighted the audience by the reading of
an excellent paper, it would be Impow
obis to enumerate all the good things
that the Runners had in store for the
audience on that evening.
On Tueaday. evening, March let, Rev.
F. A. Hutchinson, lectured before the
"Fayette Literary • ;Society" in the Meth
odist Church, Feyettevllle, on the sub.'
Joel of "Prohibition." The lecture wits
able, sound and convincing, the speaker
taking the ground that the only way to
remedy the great evil of intemperance
was to strictly prohibt the sale of Intox
icating liquors. The speaker was very
eloquent a; times, and throughout his
lecture, he was listened to with the deep.
est attention.
'Rev. J. C. Castle, of Cement-nig wan
announced to lecture at the same place
on Tuesday evening, March nth on the
subject, "The Christer Common Sense."
The sleighing was flee and the house
was packed from pulpit to vestry, but
unfortunately the Ranger was unable to
be in attendance and the audience dis
persed feeling considerably diesatistiod.
Rev. D. A. Pierce of California. Wash
ington county, will lecture Tuesday
evening, March Yeth: Subject, "Country
Living and Country Thinking."
Committee Meeting Lest Night—A New
Propwlllou—Tnd gnuharem for Our
Last nighty the Committee on City
Property of the Allegheny Councils
held • meeting. The meat Wiper
tent crater under 'consideration was •
petition from Captain Charles Miller, of
the Heath Zutavee, asking for some
provision for an armory. The company
claim that under the Military act legal
izing their , organisation, they am en
titled to a suitable armory, to be provided
by the municipal authorities. The mat
ter wee- diecusead at some length, ant
the paper finally referred-to the City
Solleitor. with instruction to him to re
portdbe liability Of the city in the case
In inalciant time to have the matter
heitughttip at the nest meeting of Coun
Thu disposition Of - the. CoMmittee
teems to be favorable to granting the re
quest nf the company, but as there Is no
suitable building under the control of
the city, an armory wopld have to be
rented. The toes' ion in relation to
the paying of this rent. There la no appru.
prlatiun- provided lby Councils for that
purpose, and it Is not understood from
whence the money could be raised.
There Is now an amendment to the
.military act pending before the Legisla
ture, which, if it becomes a law, will do
away with . this ditliculty. It provides
for tho organization of the State into
military divisions and the levying of
tax of fifty cents upon each person liable
to military duty. This fund will boon.
der the control of regular pap:Misters,
and will be expended in keeping up the
militia companies which ma y be crgan.
taxi in theativeral districts. Sach mem.
ber of a company will be allowed twelve
dollars per year, to be paid semi-annual.
ly. The tax will apply only to those
who are not membera of the militta, and
who do not tura out with them for drill.
The act haa already passed the Rouse,
and it Is thought will meet with no op
position in the Senate.
Trouble About • Grater) 11111—Contlle
Yesterday morning Mrs. Means made
Information before Alderman Bowden,
of Allegheny, against John Sullivan for
false protegee. The prosirmtrix,s widow,
keeps a small grocery store on Ohio
avenue, Filth ward. Sullivan la ern•
ployed at the Outer ilepol of the Pine.
burgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Rail
road. She alleges he obtained groceries
from her to the amotlt4 of IA and
promised on numerous messier, to pay
her when pald'olY, which she alleges be
did not d0.,,A warrant was Issued and
the accused brought to the Alderman's
office. Ile clime accompanied by another
°Metal, one of Allegheny 's Al.
uerdl:.T., whom he Introduced: as his
counsel Theeoutuieljmwever,imarcely
needed that.' He had hardly placed
his foot on the threabold of his brother
siderman4 Banat= when that generally
peaorsibly disposed preserver of the pub.
lie peace tecame excited, in fact exceed
ingly wrathy, and in an unmistakable
manner intimated his dulls that
the l'eouneel'i should retire. The
"counsel" , appreciated the situa
tion. Like Artemua Ward, he "was
invited to leave, and, pitying the
man, went." Perhaps a certain twitch
ing and uneasiness observable about the
irate inagistrate'd right pedal, induced
him to come to an immediate conclusion.
He made up his mind not a minute too
soon, but In this cue verily "a tales of an
inch wu as good as a mile." It saved the
retiring gentleman some phYalcial pale.
As egplanetory to the Interesting
scenelt should be stated that the "eon n
oel" alderman is not recognised hy the
fraternity as a particular honor to the
office. In fad the reverse, It Is said,
is the . estimation In which .he Is held,
Hence the virtuous indignation of the
magtstrate before whom the case was
to be heard. After the .excitement had
been calmed down the wined proceeded
without "Counsel," and at bat gave toll
for court.
The Continental
Notwithstanding the mud at the street
crossings, the people continue to cross
over and patronize that popular festatt.
nun of Holtzbsimsr, below the partake
whore the very beat of eatebles are serv
ed up in the eholoent style, and the esti*
faction given to those who Patronize It Is
general, as our finale's who have , been
the subject of hospitable treatment at
their well Vied tablas can testify. Mer
chants sod others dining down town will
Cud it advanlageoussa wall sa refreshing
to patronize Mr. Holtsbalmer, and need
not return to their homes andlstalliee
bearing that haggard appoint:We. COm'
mon tothe inmates of Andersonville. Hit
tables are lobe found in order at Allman
of the day—grosolog with the weight of
much goat things.
- Allegheny City nell)ool Funds.
A hill has been reported in the Leg's-
Ittnre, from the Committee on Educe.
tines, "enlarging the powers of the Board
of Controllers of the Allegheny City
School District." It provides that the
Board shall, within three monthi after
the plumage of the act, and annually
thereafter, deposit all school funds under
their control with such - bank or banking
Instltutioh as they shall select for the
highest r t e of Interest. they can obtain
on curre t balances of such deposits,
and Upon 'wearily satisfactory to the
Board, and with the farther condition
that the bank or banking institution
with which the funds are deposited shall
pay all checks, &c., ofthe proper officers
of said Board, on demand, out of money
so deomdted, and with such other re.
atrictions as shall be TirtaallY agreed
Mr. White, from the General Judiciary
Committee, has reported act relating
to pawnbrokers.' After a preamble,
"Wakeman, A clams of men, styling
themselves pawn brokers, have opened
houses in this Oommonwealth for the
purchase and receiving on deposit goons
of all kinds, and said pawn brokers not
being very 'particular from whom said
;Mechelen are made, or by whom the
deposits are - made, thereby giving en
couragement to youth to become thieves,
and also to the professional thief to ply
his vocation with renewed zeal, feeling
confident that ha will always find a wil
ling purchaser of his ill-gotten gains in
the person of the pawn broker; And
whereas, Said pawnbrokers seldom ad
vance more than a tithe of the value of
anything deposited with them; and from
the difficulty experienced in tracing
stolen goods they can well afford to rim
the risk of detection,"
The act provides that a citizen of the
United States years of age,
and of good moral character, these facts
being verified by his own affidavit and.
the ,certificate of twelve reputable rill=
rens of the election district in which he
resides, may obtain from the -tiourt of
Quarter Bouillonsdi the proper county a
beanie to engag In the buskins of
pawnbroking for- sum to be fixed by
the authorities of the district in which
the applicant resides. The persons en.
'gaging In the pawnbroking business may
receive on deposit ill kinds of goods.
which may be redeemed by the person
depositing them any time within • six
months from the date of deposit, and in
no case shall the pawnbroker receive or
demand more than at the rate of twenty
five per cent., per annum In addition to
the legal rate of interest, nor shall he re •
calve any goods from minors on deposit
Of otherwise.
Pownbrokers are required to keep
books in which shall be entered w fair
description of every article deposited,
with the name and residence of- the de
positor, the time when and the sum for
which the article was deposited, books
thus kept to be open at all times for in
spection of the Mayors of cities or by
any proper person appointed by them,
or by any ether person interested.
Pawnbrokers !shill cause to be sold at
public rude al. unredeemed goods in their
potesuudon at least once a year, giving
three days notice in two county news-
papers previocis to said sale, describing
the articles to be sold, and on demand
by the proper person or persons return
all excess over the amount advanced on
all articles sold attar deducting the usual
per centage for sale and Interest allowed
by this act. A record of each sale shall
be kept with description of articles sold,
and also the name of the person who de•
posited them, and this record kept open
for inspection by depositors whose goods
have been thus sold.
. . .
In no case shall geode be dtaposed of
at private sale, hot only at public sale
by a licensed auctioneer.
The penalty prescribed for violation of
this act is a tine of ooe hundred dollars
and imprisonment In the county jell for
three months, one half the floe to go to
the prosecator and the remainder to the
County Treasury. Any prosecutor shall
be a competent witness notwithstanding
his Interest in the tine. •
We remind our readers that by the
authority of Hon. George S. Boutwell, '
Secretary otthe Treasury, Thomas Steel,
Req.,' Surveyor of Cuetonia, will offer
at public auction, this day at twelve
o'clock, noon, It the Custom House, coor.
ner of dudtbileld street and Fifth avenue,
that portion of the groundi attached to
the Marine Hospital, which Is separated
from the Hospital building by Preble
Street, and running parallel with the
Pittsburgh and Cleveland Railroad. The
property contains between two and three
acres, and is adnitrahlwilarpted for man
ufacturing purposes, owing to Its close
proximity to the Ohio river, and the cilia.
of Pittsburgh mud Allegheny, and that
the Pittsburgh, • Fort Wayne ,t• Chiesuo
Railway forms its northern boundary,
while the Cleveland and Pittsburgh rail
road passes through It.
la a splendid chance for getting •
piece of clomp property and our cap&
tenets should not .forget to attend the
sale, as such an eligible manufacturing
alto is seldom offered at public auction.
-All bids made will be subject to the
approval of the Secretary of the Treasury,
the Department reservieg the right to
reject any or all nide.
The terms of sale are very easy; only
one filth nuh has to be paid at the time of
sale, the balance in four equal quarterly
payments, with Internet from the time of
aide. The that Instahnentwid have to
to paid on the likb of June next. For
farther particulars see
another ooltunn.
Neal lista
Tho following dc
record In the offlos • ii. bunter,
R•cordor for 4.useiliw county, Tiles
day, March 15, 18701
1•11' Pox to Dentin ratos; June I. 119; let
1(0 ft. oo 10, Bean t . co.rur. too, skip
tiourse Uocglry to U•orge 011000? August S.
DAC ‘Ot 0b ty IT on Greeostsarg Pike, 241.-
te• en wan, 11 .burgb
Wlllonm Halo) to Margaret teptellit?
XL 119: 44 De ones In Clinton On
Jonat. 0.1.00 IA William lrwin Horeb 7. Wel
ilbors lot 330 l
Lam 'Crean et. al 1.• Jawn Lars,. Murat 10.
WU: 4,. 21 by 70 Rotolo •Olattoeuth stunt, HI,
maagtottu 111
lobo T. TIM to P. Elelionald , Penman 4. 1170:
1 .ere ando pet dna In ita tosrattop....ll.4oo
0 Prattler' to Ciro. M. none. Penner) . 4
lint lot 21 by II) ft en boom .trees,
.......... .4 SS OM
/Roth,. U. Doha.. to JanlealtolltAt, Ikeenner
13. 191: sores sod mazes Of land In Plum
tow nil 100
P.ObOst i. Atlet.ou torsional Osrmlty, Mane
N. led; lot by 73 ft. A Hay atrett, Pltn.
Ct ' OMWEe . r . t . .; . iL .
we ll St. .......
lot TOO" Halt. as 1.417 Otreel, welllA •
Plttobilegu ..*021.54
Jame lir . toe. W. (inners. Jinn 1.
1270, al awn and 14 pen/sea In WI tins town.
anlp $4,130
Imlay J. Homan to Mc yuland Urea" J. ne 17,
160.. II AA:hale North Payette townaulp .44 142
Josegni Llp• Went to W. H. lin Hey ti 1400:
104 20 by 12 R. On liseond street, PlUstougb
r WAlati. 151. 1.. Itty, July 9, 119: 4
lots on lienney'a plan , it t0T.10 ,.1 9 .... 5 332 °
Yortlo L. ' , bran.. n . A. tialsenfenny,
Atireb 4, 1100; let 761 1 UM ft. on Bross/nay 11i
N a. Intin ward. Pt ........ • • _•• 4710
Alfren blank to Mary A. 111110ry,99.0 . 10, 1170;
1.121 be 112 ft. en Penn ittabunta..l3l
Jane reeler to Pat.l.o Hoene, Kann 1. 1270;
lot On be 106 ft. on dant*. etrskt, Thine. alb
warn Plttlen•qb ( ' 1/120
W. Legtn I. ulna 1.029, 1199. 1172; TY
sere. ends and V. per9ts to bier . I. 70. stn
' toweablp - n0
3000 D. Apes.... to Nult.o7 *.1. 001 ` .a .
bar 27, lam; let 9 by pelt. In npo ore town•
ship . . . 425$
Pleasant Surprise. -
- I f
'Another of those Miy`Decasions In
the life of man came ff last evening, at
No. 80Roblbson ett ' 012 WhiCbikeisioo
Rev. Joseph Haney, Istant Pester of St.
Peters Catholic' eh 13, Alleghen, wu
Presented with a m ye and neat ly gold
watch—the gift of slnumber of sincere
friends, as a token of their high apprect
ation of his Chtiathim 'character '
blameless walk an Conversation while
among them. The resantatlon speech
Was made by Rey. J ohn Scanlon, and.
wan briefs . Polino4 ' d ttappy, alluding
In .n feeling manner Me sundering of
Rustles about to take lass between pu.
tor end flock. • Rev. nerrepilled In an
appropriate and feel g manner, heartily
thanking the done for so kindly rs.
membering him on, his departure for a
new field of labor./ The watch la horn
the establishment o f Reed a CO, Fifth
avenue, and bean aitapproPrlate InseriP
Roo. - We may add that the Rem gentle.
man was the recipient during the even
ing. of • well filled ppm, also the gift of
hie Mende.
Rev. Raney gum to Parker's Landing
t° take charge of the parish of that place.
:ftirialnghast Cunene.
The Birmingham Councils hold a ape
dal meeting lut evening for the purpose
of oonaldering the borough finances for
the year ending March Ist, 1870.
Members present; Messrs. Atterbury,
Redmao,Yogly, Oliver, Ward, Mahwah',
Doyle, Behwertnger, and . Burgess Balls.
bury lb the chair.
The minutes of the last meeting were
read and approved. -
Mr. Atterbury of the finance commit.
tee submitted the report of expenditures
amounting to 04,M0e.
The chair than imbmitted a mart of
the paying assessment exoneration.
The sewer borehl and the bounty bonds
were examined, canceled and destroyed.
On motion an allowanceof twenty-fin
dollars was made to defray contingent
expenses of the Council chamber and
On motion of Mt. Redman, a warrant
was ordered to W drawn for the balance
due Bargain Balllsbnry. - -
A vote of thanks for the "Moloney in
which Burgess Salsbury had presided
wee tendered that retiring °Medal. -
.:'''''''TZ:i;:'-x4 , ;;;' , •. : ' , ..;' , • -, . 5Z ; , .: 4, ;. 4 . :-- ; ; ;' ,t•- . 1 z ,.-:a;- ' ,.;•;,,;.
Farther Particulars—Tee laquest,—The
Verdict—Lea Murderer Wilt at
The community in the vicinity of
Bridgeville, where the horrible murder
w ee perpetrated Monday afternoon, a
full account of which we published yes
terday morning, are in a high. elate of
'excitement over the affair. The cold
blooded villian who committed the min.
der has not yet been apprehended.
After tiring the fatal shot he walked
away from the hones leleurely, and the
last accounts had of him was at Mr.
Ira Walker's, about four o'clock, an
hour after the commission of the deed.
Alderman Joseph A. Butler yesterday
held an Inquest on the body of the mur
dered woman.
The first wittiest' examined was Dr. R.
L. Walker, who made • past mortar'
examination of the body - of deceased.
He testified that the pistol ball had en.
tared above the left breast, passed
through the left lung, heart and kidney
and lodged In the muscles of the- spine,
and that death resulted from the wound.
Maggie Tobin, daughter of deceased,
wax sworn. She was the only person
present who had witnessed the shooting.
Her mother and Reardon had been talk
ing together for some time, Reardon was
sitting at the end of the table on a bench:
The baby was working at the atoned
lire. Tobin 'packed ii which caused It
to cry Bile then took it up and sat down
on the bench on the opposite aide of the
table from Reardon to. quiet the child.
Reardon then got up walked around to
where the women wax sitting, stooped
over her, fired the pistol and th en started
walk toward the door. The woman then to
of up and followed Reardon, still hold.
ng the child in her arms, and when she
got near the door Reardon stopped,
pushed her batik and closed the door.
Mrs. Tobin then fell on the floor and
witness went out and screamed murder.
Reardon, who was walking tenuity
front the house, turned round and pointed
the pistol at her, when she ran Into the
house. She then watched hIELOVM the
window and saw him' go up the hill,
which is very steep, toward the Wash
ington pike.
lievend other witneuea were examined
but nothing new wu elicited from them.
The Jury found that the deeeued,
Miry Tobin, came to her death on the
MY day of March, 1870, from the effects
of a Wound Inflicted by a pistol bullet
fired from the hands of Thomas Reardon.
Alderman Butler, learning that the
murderer had gone In the direction of
StenbenTille, obtained a description of
him and telegraphed It to that place.
.1112 stated by these who knew Rear
don in Ireland, that he murdered his
wife there, and fled to this country to
escape punishment. He Is said to be a
desperate villain, which fact his action
In this recent tragedy fully establishes.
Rare and Valuable Moire at Half Price
Among which are Burritt r a Astronomy
with a _large Atlas. Mitchell's Atlu of
the World. Horse's Introduction, Sor
kin on the New Testament*, Wesley's
Sermons. 2 vols.. Collateral Bible S vols.
quarto, Lamarck's Concholowy, Secret
History rf Great Britain, 2 vole. quarto,
Cralg's History of Pittsburgh, Latin,
Greek, Hebrew, French Dalian, German
and onscollaneous works in every de
partment of Literature, Science and Art.
.Stationery of all kinds. For sale by
Colonel. John A Egan. No. 41, Sixth
avenue, below Skilthtleld street.
One responsible mechanic is wanted In
each State to make and sell the Ludy
(Patent) Washing Machine. They can
be made in any shop or factory where
wood is worked. Joiner, Cirponter,
Sub, Blind, Door, Cabinet, Carriage,
Agricultural Tools, ikc., Am. For papers,
• Pittsburgh. POEMS.
Go td Youngston'e, corner of Smith
field street and Diamond alley, to get a
delicious oyster stew or lunch at any
hour of the day. This is the popular
ladles and gentlemen's confecting estab•
ilehment. A choice and selected assort
ment of the finest sweetmeate, cakes,
pastry end articles of that character
always on hand for private or public
parties, banquets, tkc, Youngston's is the
Government !Wei
et Is a grand mistake to *appose that
there is anything to the line of ladles
fancy drew goods, trimmings and nasal
ties. for the toilet, which cannot be had
.at Moorhead's, No. el Market street. Mr.
Moorhead makes a speciality of. Mamie
his stock always fresh. fashionable an.
Of tho latest style. Ladles while not
chopping these bright spring days,
should call at RI Market street.
The luxury of it good smoke can only
bx enjoyod by those who know . where to
get tho proper quality of tobacco. Old
smokers hereabouts, however, are forth.
date In not having any difficulty on this
point. They know McGraw's, No. 45
Hand street, and that la where they alt
nigh. Strangers In the city and all who
love the weed should do likewise.
Soak., Book. Boots.—Same of the
Most popular bo oks of the day at half
price at Egan's, 41 Sixth avenue.
Standard works to every department. of
knowledge always on hand. Fare and
valuable publications, which can be had
nowhere else. A full 'leek on hand
and being sold at'half Floe. Egan's. 41
Sixth salmon,.
p.vprietara. 1.11 trio
Goode are manufactured from the beat
materlrL In appearance and durability
the queen■..are gannet be eacelled. The
prime are among the mast moderate...
Executer , " gale of Stockton' avenue
property. Sale to-morrow. Special
public attention IS invited to the highly
attractive sale to morrow. Thursday
morning, at ten o'clock; of that fine lot,
54 by 240, corner of Stockton and Sher,
man avenues, Allegheny. A. Leggett);
Lot 54X240 on ntockton Avenue.—A.
Leggett', auctioneer. invites special at.
ton - don to the Exotrator's Bale on Thurs•
day, the 17th inst., at 10 o'clock, of that
fine bul!ding lot,. corner of Stocton and
Sherman avaaues, First ward, Alle
gheny. Beg IttlVertilletnent op fourth
page. •
Quite Astonishing is the' amount• or
business the Old - Oregon Brewery la do.
log in these days. The cream ale which
Messrs. Pier, Donnas & Co. manufacture
has more than doubled its business of
former times.
Furniture at Atietbn. —A. • Lsagata.
auctioneer,' Will sell • to. morrow (Thurs
day) afternoon. at two o'clock, • lot of
household furniture, at the residence,
No. SZI Andereonetritet, Allegheny.
. The Lidice *mak CIO% Of New York,
t'emeetli elelectel their , eiellaletalis
. ..from
weinsit•rAintrage to Hair preparstlons and
PIMPIe /Medi here. They deo , ars .that when
satin Dad not endowed them with beauty, It
wee their, debt—yea, their duly—to leak It
where they maid. no they ali Toted that gee.
oohs Balm amerces. sallowness. Rough Skin,
sad illegroarks, and saes to the sompiesion a
coact disli•sus (horadsn) and a
parses (ds.r.rous tomes. to 4 . l SO:end t et
i.yon.• Embalm's bind, the lair grow thl k,
rat sod swill pretty. and moreover ',wren d
It from turning gray. If . the 'pn,p,tetore of
these &Miele. did not seed the .later, as Inv :el,
they ars sot annul.
3:1': 1 0,1
1¢1,1114 RUSS NOriCSJI
mAltuiv.i t
IYHAVZR•oillitill6oll-.011 Tegfdaf. Tab
envy 16te, is,,. by liar. Z. s.Donoboo,RltN•
WZAVIR to MAUD E.'1171100507f.
bolt of Tlempf mot, • .
E “ ra d o y f
OotnineM aea 9.e 16 o Um
3lit4 yew of her age.
Ths funeral vent take blue from the rat Welke,
of - hersaother. Yn. PonelthY..No: 25 Oral!
street, at; o'c'eak to OAT. /deeds of the
family are Invited to attthd.
liigfiarr 1 1 .°.°41i, Ili I h 1 .1 44:
T dad /sante ►vlq. &d ad alxWara, ay
snanths add 6 days.
/mural on 7311111.11 DAY. Mal% 171 h, at SI
WeJock P. at.. from the residence of his parents,
N.. 303 Western avenue,. legiteop city.
•110fier childr.n to come onto me, and
thorn not, for of mob Is the llngdom or
ksi;p qiylti:tail:lll.ll
D A Eltrax End A4lll,altglt Er4r.LES
6 4.%7 1 1 115A lleg i graTPWrit i gardie
aataw2.ll &fa =Haan ly with tam a 1.4
1111411. ItotalrOod. Mwegaup gam
a.m., at plc. 11 , 171114 trod 11100. 80.
di" " k t I a ' sta.:a '''. ""
""" VAC 1/4/11,"'''''
rvi • c c.Pcn w. 41!
scla atom.
Ownlogos nu
Gu 007/Mix& sll /am) Parsi*mit at :a
FOIL 191111.E.—Valinable Dwela
LING HOUlli es TOW Btroet. ow Pen*
atm!, bY 15. CUTEIB WET A BNB,
ialla 39 IlLitti Amts.
—A dispatch from Si. Paul, Minn.,
states that that region 'is completely
snow bound. No railroads attempted to
run trains yesterday. There is over four
feet of snow on the level throughout the
upper country.
—John W. Collins, clerk in the office
of the City Treasurer of Boston. con
victed of being a defaulter to the Tree-
Miry In several thousand dollars, was
sentenced to' two yaws and six mouths
In the State prison.
—The vote In Indianapolis neon the
proposition to donate staty-five thousand
dollars the Indiana Central Railroad,
maulted to favor of the appropriation by
a majority . of one thongs/I four hun
dred and stxty-five.
—There was a crowded attendance at
court In Elizabeth, N. J.,on Monasy,
the trial of the notorious uint Otto Von
Bellow, for swindling, being expected to
proceed. The Countwee sick, import
ant witnesses were absent, and the case
was pat over.
—Another heavy snow storm has pre
vailed all over the Northwest since
Monday, and trains were more or lees
blockaded. It Is estimated that In Min
mesota the snow Is three feet deep on a
level and two feet In Wisconsin, and was
still snowing up to 6z. 11. yesterday.
—On last Friday, near Ellaville, Ky.,
Mr. R. G. King was stabbed to the heart
and instantly killed by a neighbor, Mr.
Chris. Taylor. Both parties were highly
esteemed by their neighbors, and the
'occurrence is revelled by all. The dif
ficulty 'originated about moving some
rails around the garden fence which di.
'sided their lota 1 Mr. King was burled
on Sunday with Masonic honors, ho be.
leg a member of that society. Mr.• Ta
ylor gave himself by to the proper author
ities and his examining trial was to have
come off on Monday.
167, 168, 169 and 170
Ara now prepared to Malik VINEGAR ante
LOWEST MARY= EATIm. /Montan II par.
Unduly called to oar
• 1870.
J. C. C. 1.. 110111.1.110811fi1.
Merchant Sailors, No. 10 PIM fll STREET.
lint, St. Clair.) We have recelvcd tau. •314
well melee' cdeltock of the test and most fashion
abis floods in our ilea a great portion or which
ave our own importailo,
/et ling C 0../ ent of ur 1011110 Ova perfect
satisfact CO. we respectful it Sr es von. an
early examination of one .tote of NO. Clothe,
Cassleie•ra. Vie tiara, de.
molt %No. 1001:1a street.
A N ORDINANCE authorizing
the Wading. Caring .04 Curbisg of Clara
t, from Crawford street to stmet.
floc. I. Be te Ordained and musets4 by the My
hf Piht.hurgh. fn sets asyl Cosmos Commas
arsestated, and tt fs hereby ordefeed and mad
at by the autherny of the same. Mat the City
ingtseer be and h :iambs authonsed sad db.
meted to advert!: e for the seeding. Dosing and
cur. log Cloak street, from Crawford street to
Miller stifle.. and to art the same Is the manner
directed by so cone-ming streets,
Treg AnguAt aLit, taut; also an AM, ewncern-
I Ist. ordt
nasce conflicting with the passe e of this ordt
tihnee at the preoent Um e,be and tbe same to hem
y, y . y . y . ey a y, . e y by revealed to far as the same affects thls oral
' LP " " L-T-FY
Corner of Penn and Sixth Streets
K.eps on baud
(Rothe,. Caasinsarea and Fading,
No. 93 1-2 Smithfield Street,
Miesairldent's (nothing made to order to the tstan
. • saiton
• wawa new stook of
Jut 'waved b 7 surality maivisa.
Ste, r. 7:
LlVlaly:. S A.ll, STiaajE
' il ii ‘4 - Lill: iiiiiiiiS fog HORSE'
The subwalber boa establlaTed . Bain Stable at
.the Wm. Nam Halal. Alleabeay, where be Will
rtge7 " 21. " 1. 17 811 1 1T ZS ?Mani% a!
heti. I nausea la all roan. and I r THE ttORBILS
I A&U D 1.1111,0011.
comma OP
Seventh Avelino
L and Liberty St,
prrrszintan, PL
Wai on Every' Saturday Hold
- Or
a l=nllll:= l ,llVar. l 4 tub
totem of oonelsomnt on or befira Tberedal of
urk "met In inlet for advertleteg.
Le uoa lag good tan Mx. loft
lOUS IL MIR . ”..7031t. PAITZBION.
. RAT..R. Ann
cOli. MEM Ml= h LlBB6ft 114.
Pim, French
Silver Plated GAOL
Tea Trays and Cutlery.
The best Import.• WHITE 61'0111C 1
st lom prices.
A large wortsieut anew patinas Old nem
inn received. Alfa I'Died awl Ware,
Vases and Parlay War. now, owing and ger .
*ale 1$ very low Pricer at
Ns. 189 LIMIT glltOrr.
~~,(►}a +i~~lK~r~
B ARB &mosEn,
riturr noun iussocumosr am:morel,
Poo. Pool OOL Clair Stmt. Finale:Wt. Po.
BDOalal stiontlas gm to the deltoids/ awl
bandit's of COURT HOUWMI sal YIIRLIC
~: n .w': ~. 1,.0 .-+:,:...y ++r:~n~ «J' v;rvt_ ,
.a-:r.3-.::.. __i i`Ml.v.:. xti'_~y:.:t:
6.N ORDINANCE authorizing
, a ,„ctio, or Wooden Buildings In the
Section 1. Be it °rota...strut essaeiese by the
City of P1tt.414,,A. in Setsct and Common Cone
assewOkft. and it a.reby ordatned and
enacted by ie. risoloviry of ins sams.lttat the
ordinance omit...tin., the action of Noodea
he amd tho satncl. hereby suspended
darn. the Tear 107 U. to so ter La It relates to
the llth ward.
Sim 4. an, oratnance in part of ordi
nance conflict.. with the n[ this anll•
mance at they resent time, be and the sane Is
hereby repealed so ler as the 4itte affects this OF
. .
Ordaload and evaded Into • lair In Conneils,
day of Marna. A. D. 1870.
J Ed 3lc UTLEY,
Prnaldent of Select Connell.
Attest: X. 8. Monne:ow,
Clerk of &sent Connell. •
President of Common Connell
Attest: H. IlclUsena.
pert or Co= Council. liable
AN OIIDLNANCE for opening
Clark streciarom enwrord to Ifilikr
ke litb
Inciting I. Is it ordained and enacted by the
City of Pittsburgh, in Sehret and Common (h as
cite assembled, orb ft is herrby ordainedd
enacted by the authority of Ow sa same. That t he
directs ineer
surreyd he ts
tt7 au t Street sad
to ant open ront
Cranford to Miller Mite. in the 9tb ward, and
James Merle, Andras, Sorer and Joseph Mar
shall are h•re by appointed In accordance nit tan
Act of As/viably, appro.. d J anti si yr 6. 1869.
888. S. That any ordinance or part ot ordi
nance contilcling with the Pntehhe or thin oral
mince at the present time, he and the name Is
hereby repealed so far se the same affects this ot -
Ordained and enacted into law In Coon°LLß
Ulla 10‘1 day or March ,•. D. 1810.
Prealdenapf Helene Connell.
Maine: Z. B. Kalman,
Clerk or Select Conell.
motA, Preal ., dent of Cominola Connell.
• Olean of common Connell. •
N e ORDINANCE authorizingAm Lber r y d iv g e an Pen a avouf . l3/ street.
ligertore I. lie a oedemaed ant sparred by to.
ottir af Pilbrbarga, en &Get and Common Coup.
PIM orsvoabbaL and if to hereby ordoined 004
enacted by ardAority of ilts von, Tbat the City
Engineer be and be Is hereby authorised and di
rected to %darer, for propo.a/s for the Ending
and paving of A 13,1
therom Liberty
rena avenue, and to let .ants ta Ibe
directed by an ertila erten acne-ruing attest..
passe • Ang.t 310, 1667; also so am ennosern-
Ing streets. approved January Eltb. IBIS.
Ss. O. East any ordmanee or pan orordiusnee
• • •
conflicting with the passage uf this unbosom •
thehresent time. be and affectse Is tweeby re
pealed so far as the same thls ordinance.
Ordained and enacted Into a law In Councils
Ws /UM day of La rob. A. D. 1870. •
President of &lest Council.
Attest: E. 8. YOnnow,
Out of select Connell.
President olCommon council.
Attest: H. MCMAreart.
Cleft of Common Council. _. mbl4
AN ORDINANCE appointing
Hewers to review the 000nIng r fth best
street. flow Centre arrous to lied ford street..
. . d
SECTION I. Be ft ordained an enacted by the
Oily of Pittsburgh. In Select and Common Vann
ettr assembled, and It Is hereby ordained and etv.
acted by the authority of the tame, 'that Jame.
'acetate...Thomas Rourke and Robert toiler. are
hereby appointed viewer. review Robert
att. et from Centre notate to Bedford street, in
sectatianeewith Lee of Assembly approved
January Ott, IVO*.an
. . .
Sac. 2. 1 hat any ordinance or part or cent
moe: cona.cting with the 'manage or this Ord
oe at the present time. be and the same I
hereby et pealed so Inn as the Bat. carets th
• •
Or4.lned .4 enacted lob • to. Io CoonoU.
tkL lOin day of Nor.. A. O. INTO.
ProolOent of ow. Council:
Attest: Z. 6. Monnow,
Link of Common Council.
Pre.ldene of Common Connoi.l.
Attest: H. 1104.7.,
la I==l
A NORDINANCE authorizing
the constenetlon of • Labile hewer on
aced shoe;.
IMC. I. 6. ft ordained and enacted ny
th. OratennEh. 0. sa.A ..a
sewn sells neserehied., pad it te here
by ordained and enacted by fAr authority
Me sawn That the City Engineer be and he to
within lied and tired. d to ad yen nice for prop.-
sals rur the COndllnCtiOn of a pa, be sewer or.
Diamondstreet, and to rd the coot of toe
came A. Miller, Minee ladle and A. 0 , 1 carer are
beech/ appoint to aceorda•oe reit. so ct of
Aenemb'y approved la nag) Ott. 1864.
bitc. A. Teat any ordinance or part of ordl•
[lance conflicting with the passage of this ordi
nance at the present time. be and the game le
hereby repealed so Der sa the sane affects this or
• • • ..
ordained and enacted Into • lave In Council
this 10th day of Mann. A D. INTO.
reeeldept or &Rat Connell.
Attest: E. el. Ifonaow,
Clerk or naleet Council.
• W.A. Tin![ANSON.
• Prosldent of Common Council
♦tk.t: H. IdolWr.o.
aer. Council
Ordained and enacted "into n la. In Councils,
thin 10th day of March. A. D. WlO.
Attest: IL B. Younow
Presid,nt of huicetCouncli.
b,61 t emtur
° " W. A)rsow,
Pretlaleilt of Commo omu n
Co s nnell
•ttestf U. Iltettmmtn.
inork ot Common Council
AN ORDINANCE authorizing
the breathe. Oaring and a urbane of 40th
etreet.lrom Sutler et Are enelmnr ilke.
biliCTlCor 1. Be 0 ordained and eluded by tat
Otty of Pittsburgh, to Sant cud Consume
tkasteits aurrabied, nod 0
y . annoy ordained
and emulat be e fte authvrfl-df Us rum. That
tke City Engi he and he le hereby .Th at
aad else ed to for prapos de lot the
trading. Varlet and curbing of 10.11 meet.
frt m Hotter nee. to the Greene:tam pike. guk.. ,
to let the lamb In the manner direct, d by an or.
of nonce ronoeinlng etrr ele, bass d August al t.
11131; elfilb. l eo. an
0 An:co...mans etreem. approyed
Julien 64.
' Sac. 9. That aoy ordinal:wear parlor ordlna - ce
col:dieting r ap the postageat this ordinance at
the yreeent time, be and the same is hereby re
pealed so bar as the same erects this ordinance.
Ordatned and enacted Iwo a In Commits
tale libtea day of Match, A. D.lOlO.
JAMitn ticAULZP.
President of Seism Connell.
Attest: 9. 8. 90IanoW.
Clerk of Select Council. -
President of Common Conned.
Attest: H. McliAsese,
Clerk of Common Council. nthle
ORDINANCE for Osading
nd Paving of Polder all. 7, teem P.m street
an 'treat.
One. 1. Be ft gardened and macron" te Otte of
PritteengripS, fa &Pet and Common Gaonnefle a.
maned. and ft to keret'', ordained and enacted
IS ...their)/ 4r Mt saran Viet the Cltv En Weer
be and he La hsreby euthorimd an . directed to
advertiser*. propoaals Par the Grading and Pav
ing or PolSer silty, nom Sim street to Logan
eared. aid to let the same In the manner directed
by' sa ordie•nre egetorreas streets. Wed
telt 311 mt. 1957: dw, an net ooze. mend Wee.
approved Js entry oth 3904.
Sze. S. That may ordinance or par t ofordinanee
enedleting • Itb the la sage of this ordimsece at
the en ter m be and the same Is hereby re
pealed as the sue affects this °real nee.
Ordszneo and enacted Into 16 10 ln ConneAnt
Mtn lota day at &rat. •• D. 1
fdliCe kicAULSY.
President of Select Connell.
Attest S. Mennow, •
Clerk of kleleet
• .
Attast: a. 111clitA.r
Presi sa, dent of Common Connell.,
• Clem of Common Connell. aditt
v4N ORDINANCE autboriging
the Oredleo. Posing and Carbine of I.Mt•
ma street., Tom 44th to 1111th streets.
NWT... T. 1 6 ar4anvaa.a tha
0610 Plol6h.h. M Bated and Comae* Vern.
nailed owl It te hereby ordained and
gemarW il ay Ifs smstamt/y or Ma num. That the
Cltyitnenneer be end he ereby euthcrlzeil
end directed to advertise (orneoposals the the
r~tUMW. pair Inc and corking of Davidson mere,
ream .14th to 48th street, end to let the same In
the manner directed by an ordlnenee eeheernleg
streets. passed Anew. 61lat, HUM also to
eon censing memo. epurom JIM. 6th, 1684.
roc. 9. Tr any ordinance or part or onft.
sante coallic tag with the PASJAire of this 011111-
:mem at the present tame, bed the same le
hereby repealed ao far as the same an affecte tote or.
Ordalead sad enacted tato . law tlds the 10th
day of Marth. A. L. 1810.
President of Ikleat Council.
Attest t I. B. lioasow.
c Clark of Select Connell.
W. A. Tobnameow.
new.ut.r 000.1011CoastaIL
Attsait 11. Nallartzw. . .
Clerk of Common Conn
AN ORDINANCE authorizing
t`g. stress. 1""'"
del r ev " Aw , 9l. wzra Tlf.= " retrogl:,
eft* ennobled, and U I. Aireby aoe
muted uathorllY tke rum. Thal the
iirl.rli•Vairto be s;e L geTru3 t h g e nliVnlVlV
tom Rill r street to trraenaners lie: ar d to
appralea damages and assets be•onts caused
tuerel, Wm. A. Herron. Thomas Rourke, and
C. olf•to are hereby matmletral• mmoltrenex
with lt 1•664 A ct concernlna Street.. ePPrortd Jan.
Bic. S. That any ordinance or part or ordi
nance eonnletlni with I hr pa sateof ale ordi.
Vanua at th e present time , te and Inn non In
barrhy repealed. ao farm the game &Setts tale
t Ned
Sad inward Into a law thla loth day
of Hapett, A. P. 111110.
Pr ardent of Select Cannel,
Attests 6.lloanoW,
(neater 6000 Correll.
Prealdent of Common Connell.
Atteatz H. NC/dASTraI.
Clain of Common Connell. ...ha
LN ORDINANCE authorizing W
the °ong. Peeing Vorbleg of Main
. from Butler street to the tirren.berg
Shermlit 1. Be ft ordained andenacted by
tee briV eLf Bideburyit,
_fit • Beton and Om.
most tonna teartimeeled, and St le herself
ordained and enacted by the authority of tee
mem& That the City Begmeer be sad Ls ewe
by mithorized and directed to &event. for
proposals for the landing. Parley end Curb•
leg of Male street. from Butler street to tn.
tireensbarg Pike.and to let the same la tee
manner directed byan online., concerning
street.. passed Augurt 31st, 11181: •Iso an Act
concerning etrreta.appr Ted .ll•nuarr
Sac. S. That any ordinance or put of ordi,
511211 e conflicting with the permagn of this Ordi
nance at the present time, be and the lame Is
hdinanc e ereby tepeu'ed so far tie th e same affecU Ws or
. d and enacted Into a law la Council.
Wm 10th day or March, A. 13..11071/.
President of Bel•et Connell
Attest, L. IL lionauw.
ChM of ne.eot ''ounen.
President of Common Causal.
U. mcm.yrsit,
Wert of common Commit. mbH
In lie latter of Opeateg bop Street
Notice Is bathe elves that the assesiaient 111
able by the Vlsesese Is the cochlea Of Bea/
street has bees lied to mg ale. for eolleilloat
that N the same he sot paid .11010 thirty den
from the date hereof: Mee wlB be died there.
'tbesiteleet theproperliessiseseed, tilthisterest„
belts mad Amy sad the some oollWtedkr.'
1./. ELAckr.s. Cllr attoraey,
N 0.10 6 ru,b Amite.
friVeltntea, teb. A;1670. Male
rgirNEW OPERA EtailiE.
Lai% night but nree of toe worlJ•renewn(J
Lydia, Tbompeuc kturtturlite Troupe.
WRDWMSIIAN ETENING. las-ch le. 1070,
veal be precentor] the entirely new Ann or!. n o
bierieuque of
OS TUB T.o.r.a. /1.411 , AND TDL VILL4OIIII
Tbe performance recommence with the nevem
ng farce entitled •
011tillISO MIND
H• 11.
1711. WW !I
DAY, March 1415. and every evening dodos
he week. Um world renowned
Pantomime Troupe of 16 Persons
In Mel+ pleat London rantonstme
"Jaek and the'Beran Stalk,"
A.. 104.117 Performed with areat mac as 1
London. New Yorkd Washinatcas will be
pramsamt for tbs. first an lll ri in ibis ty, .1,1
TIONS. bUrititß and CTLY CribrUktitos
CRASTR AN.. El.itli ANT LANCE by the
rod SATURDAY at r. w.
Admissiost—Panmetto and Orem Circle Thal
Family Circle. sUreets; 115 s.
Rammed Seats tar Sala at Box Mice wit boat
extra same. mbrOmf
AN OIVDINANCE to authorize
the Grading and Paving of Willi allry.
Irons hay alley to Oelottrerl.
Sloe. I. Ben ordained and reacher One Se fret
and Cominow (hooch* ctllhe City qr lifpft.y.
aud 1f to hereby ordnown wad tented ty the
Sheehy of as ewe, Th. Ow Coresulthe
Streets be. and they ere ber.or ntbrins sad
dlvected lo lacier and recant prop oats for Om
Eroding and plying of Y.ble alley, as ahoy-
Slid, w six t sidewalk. and ostlers with
belck on enc. and•to c .ntrut thersfar 1.1.0 ma.
lowest and best bidder or bid& rs at Oleic disCrt•
" sac. 0. 'That far the purpose of defeat le . W.
wst and expense. of the said 'mere...mew. •
lb re bet and le ben by tenet!, a apeetal t• 0. to
be equally aswssed upon tee several lots hated•
In aent-tabottang Up.di the saidWbig alley.
pectively to proportion lo the fen hick to
it ,
re sp.chrely cemprisid, and boundis g and
Pie. 3. 'Feat as soon as the cost aed I keens..
of paid hew...v. meats holt be fatly asceentneb,
it nal. be tbe duti or the litreet ottalsaloaer
tnILISPCSS Shll apportion she tame among the sev
eral lots bound.); and emitting upon tad 10bIg
alley -espeetnels, to Ilse toll Meow
Indicated, and tbercupon ee,.l to odd e dw
mead and rollect the same, eceordlog to tbe grew
vlsiote of the Act of the- General As. [ably of
the Commonwealth of Pentsylesnia. entitled
"An hot dens!ng the manner s f collecting the
expenses or grading and poring of tilt WWII
Walleys of the City of All, abroy. zed for .
WA. r puts," paned the We...oh day of
March ISMS.rpor
bac. 4. Tattoo nitscb of sny ordinance as may
conflet whit or be slovens d be the finego too
be .11.1 the same Is hereby repealed
Ordained and enoesen 10wan..., this Ow tom
day of March, A. D. 1010.
President of Select Council.
Attest: J. It. 011.00,
' Clerk of belles Co
11.1•4 WAILNER.
1 4 resIdent of Common Connell. •
Attest j e rk tW
on Connell. melt
AN ORDINANCE to authorize
the .o:matron!. of Plank Sidewalk on
bac. I. Ile O ordafeed and nodal by th e Saga
and Common (bawd& of the thy or Allegheny.
sad sz I. &deft Loaded by flu eoshertn of lA.
sewn, Toot tbe CommOtee atreete be, and
the f are hereby authorized apd directed loinvlte
Ltd receive otoposats for the cowl ...hoe of
ptank bashwelk on Bell ay. nu. from Franklin
rood tb - Wlllis see. et, sad to centoht Wenn,
Wllt the 'wrest anti beat bidder or Ind", It
tb.le dlwrellon
Sat% 0. 'lbw fur the purpose of. dehoying the
east and xp. toc• of tile said InsPrWeeenn.
allyid Is hereby let led, a special tax, to
be equas waked upon the Several lota round
ing and abutting upon earn tile of the said Bill
oe e eee re.pectively In pqrportlon to the fet t front
In them re. pectively comprised. and baundlog
and slotting as'aforesald.
t ay. 3. 'lb It es soon as the coil and expense.
.‘lal ',tiptoes du ty o
he folly eseertatowl.
It 01011 he the duty of the City henbane to
news and apportion the fame among the several '
lots bonding and abottingepon said hell Av..,
se aforesaid. resontively, accorcing to the role
above indicated. stud thereupou proceed to make
demand and collect the same, according to We
111 . 01/1.10. of the Act of the General As sembly of
the Colptoorrwealth of P. uswy ed
••An Act relative to thirds Walks In thy et
Sae. 4. That sOmoeb of any onlmence arisen
of ordinances...a contlict wills or be sayeltsd
by the foregoing, to and the same Is hereby re•
Ordained and ermeted lota a law this the lOW
day of )(MITA* A. It 11111.
reroutes of Select Conlin.
Attest: J. E. OXLEY.
Clerk of Select Cooed!.
President of Common Coonell.
Clerked Common Council. Mill&
AN ORDINANCE to authorize
the Conetruction of a Main eewer.
a r d eCIM He ll
o d u a ncinlsd andeeeered hfty Baw
qf etw City of hew',
and U es hardy ordained au" exacted by author
ity of rho saes.. Tnat the NM.. Commission be.
iad th ey are hereby authorised and directed to
nvite and receive propoaste tor the conetractlow
era Bower located as lollowst !tearer arena.,
front Franklin Weet to near the line of Bayard
street, tee same to be built 1113014111111.0 wine
Plena to be approved by Peened.. and to con
tract therefer with the lowest nod beat bidder
or bidd en, at their discretion.
Sac. Tat as coon ao, the "fief and expense , '
of said ro we r shall be fully ascer the soma
shall be laidail.asaereed and co llected. prove.
dad Per, be an Act of assembly of the trommon
wealth of Pennsylvatta, entitled "a supplement
!rattled Mi . /Let relating to Allegheny City,'" ape
41 • th ectlula el all Kt
'dlggr4% .
Sac. 3. That co much Of ant)
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conflict with, or
b e et/palled by the foregoing, be
ordainede Is hereby repealed.
and enacted Into a law Ma the lilthe
day or March, 4.11. 18110. •
President of Selee.t Connell.
hiteet: J. B. Cesar,
Visit of gol.tCoonell
Proeldent of common Connell
mbli /1011sn. Drcerorml.
Clerk of Common Connell.
VITT iNGINIBL.Ins umcm. t
for We opening of LANE ALLEY. In the Seeenid'
War , . Wu been filed In this olloe far °manilla.
Mb, sad eln be uen Jere built 11.44 114tb,
1470, when It 4111 be /breed to Cotteelle for
C1L1111144.1141. •
411141•11.•• 11,11411
411.400141C1TT. PA..Sretll4. iS
that the aasesnuent made by the Vttwen
for the rOentneof IitU3SVICIL STREIT, Otb
ward, has been Sled to this elks for exams..
Use, and can be acts :here until Rush SOIL
INTO, when It will be returned to Cannella fat
Crrr Or ALLsCiasnr. March lath, VITO.;
I,IIiLLWD PROM/ALB w ill be recelved lt
t 1. alfee 'snot 4 weloec r. 0. TRUYSDAY„
Muth 171b,11170,10r
rotsly the Street Comuilasioxer far the ear.
..e rattles !Initial,. to bid aseartala
Um slue, quality, /he., b calllug at um ellee 4 f
111. Thomas lita me, !treat Cazialtssioner, City
The rlgbt Is resolved to'rrirot any or all bids.
W. Y. roSTML.
Con railer.
nOPOSAILS.—SeaIed Props..
BALE will be miv
otes] at the Water tnan
rte. Room until MARCH 111 . b, ter the
lag: 950,000 bushek of clean Nut Mar, to Ws
delivered at the Lower Water Were.; 110 01/10
bushels or elven but Cow, to be delivered at taw
Upper Water Works, and water pipes. intstralie
..... ilre plugs, and stop cock.. 7hw
above contract to commence April 1. 1170 MA
continue Oil March 31. 11 , 71. Tsa Committee
reserve the right tor,lcc all bldg.
- who atititrit PULS Clf, copertuteneat.
la the Halite of Opening et Itweed Street.
Vette. Is hereby elven :kit the summand Ilat
mode by the newt, In the opening of *Mead
street his been Sled ha my ones t>tr eollseUehe
abet If said ',less - meats a • COt "Mid ' . 14a6.4111
thirty days fn m the dash hexer. Mein werili
Aced ;befell against the brobertlea asseeisad.:
wtth leterest, -costs and fake, and the sa nti`etda
keted by !seal brassie: '
' J. 7. !MAGUS.
Cliy Attorney.
No. 106 71110 Avenue.
Frrrtincrin V. Feb. 23. 111713. fe24:010
Bell and Brass Founders, T .
Mode Promptly to Order.
Made and Kept on Hand.
rroptistors and Mazursetaren
J.M. Cooper's Improved Balance Wheal
fooadri• Con 17 th kgo Railroad Streets '
PrlTSTlOrtalf. Pt.
roamed UM one. to
tramp' ,F2ts new un)Bwoon nom
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I h tlikrir r a u ftte:
la recar 4 lau tr sAtml
lA= Ukri ur . „.1.°., zit us &Kw.. to •
'To w and Non Painter,
15111A1PIEJA AND GLAZ/33/16,
Is. 54 sloth Street,
1a21:13: (Late Euta stmt.) Plttabarab, pa,
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