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Office, Si and 86 Fifth Avenue.
/MOUS 1=
1011111 111111.
/IV MIL per you
D sli "nd b 7 carriers, eta
Etre Eit6lntrO Gaytte.
MA/. GM AUGUR IS in 0172/1.12.
MOKTUOUZRY, Ala., is to hire 'skating
&nom. teachers are In great demand in
MAII2IIALLTOWN, lowa, 12 to have the
Parsons College.
THYRY ITO five colored Aldermen at
Wilmington, N. C.
OMAHA has given Ole Bull magma&
cent' gold, watch."
AT Bt. Pollen, Germany, a rust has
just died at the age of -
Tnana were 8,1 2 1 Manliges in North
Una daring the pest year.
Tumult is an old colored woman In
Caldwell county, N. C., who's 110 years
Dm BRIORT, the inventor of Bright's
disease, died recently. His work cur•
Immune coal fields are said to have
been discovered in the Great Wind River
IN lowa City-the Republicans made a
clean sweep - at the city election, &log
the sham Democracy a most terrible
VIRGINIA CITY is to be the scene of .a
waltzing match for a puree of one thou
sand dollars for - the championship of Na-
roeuc school teacher' in Cali
fornia has been sentenced to six months
Imprisonment for cruel punishment of a
puplL .
Um. University of Georgia has one hull.
dred and seventy-five students_ proper,
and sevlnty.fiTe in the preparatory de
Tan Ban Franciscans are so well sa
tisfied with thorium= of the great musi
cal festival that they think of having-it
repeated annually.
TAZ number of students in Beloit Col
lege is 230; professors of religion, 83; con
versions during the year. 9; studying
with the ministry in view, 34.
WALKER, of New York, Is to pant
Joe Hooker's battle above the clouds on
Lookout Mountain, for $16,000. The
price to, of course, higher than for a bat
tle at the foot of the mountain.
Tux Sioux City Times says a . young
lady in that vicinity, only fifteen , years
old, was married Itss than a year ego,
and is now-the mother of three plump,
healthy infants, all girls. That will dot
A COMPAST has been organized to
build a coast line railroad in California,
connecting Ban Diego with'Los Angelo,
and Ban Bernardino. Over VlO,OOO has
been imbscribed to the Stock in Ban Diego.
Gist. 'Wersta reports that the Chinese
imported by him to work on the Texu
Central Railroad, .labor steadily witk
docility, and evince not the alightestln.
clination to strike. He is about to fend
for more. ...,...
AVrtsfr Alexander Smith coma back
from Glasgow to Edinburgh, a friend
met him in the street and asked: "Have
you come back for a change of err
"No," was the quick reply of the poet,
"I have only come for a change of
AMONG the recent graduates of the
Woman's Medical College at Philadelphia
were the following young ladles from
Western States: Miss Elbells T. Baker,
of lifinnesbta; Miss Jennie O. Brown, of
Illinois, and Miss Jennie L. Henderson,
of Missouri.
On the 11th inst. the Rev. James C.
Pratt, of Jersey City, died In ids 90th
year.. He bad been a member of the
Irish Wesleyan Cofifercrice upwards of
69 years. With three exceptions he was
the oldest clergyman in this country, and
excluding the Rev. Henry Boehm, the
oldest minister in the world.
J 0111144 'UM/MKS, the smelled per
son of his age in America, lives In Win
tenet, lowa. Ile is tweety•four years
old, thirty-six inches high, and weighs
Just thirty-six pounds. He was born in
Pike county, Ohio. His father and
mother are quite large. He Is not so tail
as Tom Thumb by six inches. He ceased
growing *five years of age. He refused
Barnum's offer to travel.
A win in. Sacramento City has sued\ ,
savings hank for one thousand dollars' '
deposited by his wife, who died recently.
The wife deposited the money in her own
name, with an order that in the event of
her death the amount should be paid to a
certain reverend father of the Catholic
Caurch, in trust for the bump of her
children. The bank refuses to pay the
money to the husband without an order
of the Coral. •
Tnst Bt. Oliimille (Ohio) Gaudio says:
"The many friends of Mr. B. g. Booker
and his accomplished wife, now residents
of lowa, bat formerly of this plane, will
no doubt be pleased William that, although
her youngest child was but thirteen
months old, she, on Monday week list,
presented her husband with triplets, all
three females, each weighing four pounds.
• The mother and two of the children are
doing well. The third is dead." • -
A JIMMY. at Sauk Rapids, Minnesota,
combines, with bit:judicial datiesthe bus
inets of a provision dealer. A newspaper
speaks of having seen nice fat beef bang
ing up in the Court room while a case
was on trial, besides bins of 'grain and
feed, and sacks of flour strewn about the
room. His Honor was often obliged to
leave the bench to attend to his customers,
the excited lawyers in the meantime
grinding their teeth while they waited
Impatiently for his return. -
an Exciting ace tie-Desperate Ricans.
ter With a Wnala la Provinceton,
Mass., Harbor.
(Promacetorra (Mr, of Yarmouth Iro aislar.l
Two "rights" whales were discovered
In theitarbor about three o'clock Monday
afternoon last The my of "there she
blows" was soon repeated along shore,
directly followed by hasty massing of
••• while Mats, and hurrying Into them, the
• weapons and gear for clue and capture.
Some half-dozes boats, equipped and
manned with six men each, soon started
in pursuit- After a chase of about three.
quarters of an hour, the whales all the
while deftly. eluding their partners by
soundings and *eviler sPotitiliP, •
boat steered by Mr. George Smith, and
"b ea ded" by Archibald McCurdy, both
experienced whalemenow ran rtpon th e
broadside of one of them; and McCurdy
to use his phrase, "seat his iron home to
than seizing into her bilge."
The scene now became exciting to the
actors, and hundreds of spectators who
were witnessing the proceedings from the
the town. : The wind at the time was
• blowing a giro from the north ; and so
cold that the spray froze as ft flew. The
whale ran sharply now to windward, now
to leeward, then following to shoal water
.back and forth along the west end of the
harbor, the loose whale all the time keep.
ing • close company with his wounded
Inge, and thosea s pray envelop the
crew, anti at dm s obscuring the boat
from view. The enraged whale, fa her
• frantic career, poised upon her nose, and
elevating her dukes 20 feet above water,
would again and again strike fearfully for
her invisible foe.
Every attempt to bard up and lance
was met by her flakes just clear of the
toil Thus the contest continued with.
_ out muck change ormaucenvre or Wean.
tag° Pined b 7 either antagonist, wall
a bout half past . e. M. when Um whale
succeeded in delivering tha boat a slight
blow with her tali, k noc ki ng ta e
o f the stern•Coakbreehint the eteering•
or into several pieces , an 'Meg tow to
itha. thwarts with water Another bold
near at hand took her tow.llns„ but o a f
.a abort time, the whale still lighting end
preventing any near aPProscb, and night
a wing in, the harpooner reluctantly cut
:the line and let her go. • Her wound Is
nbought to be mortal, as she bledprotneely;
And it Is expected site may be pickedep
in a few days in the bay. - •
The crew of the crippled boat on reach.
• ink the shore were completely enraged in •
toe, envelerleg even the head of Mr.
Smith, who had lost his bat Several of
She other crews were badly frost•bliten.
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....-..,-;: , . , .. - ..::4::,:,1= , :1 , ,:it-,t-.;-,,:;-;: , z•. , : ..:-,-:,7 ~•::•,;-., _ ,.:.::.., • ::.,:-:i:.•!::..-.:, , ' j...,, ; .• : ::• ; ,:g..,;;!..:v. : :•-,:.;:,.-i ~,., . ., , ,, : .,44,!;.', . :::•-)..=,.5.?:.:.•45- 4 - : ,,;:.- L i, . :..:,.,:.-- . ..,- . - - .,.,..::?,::i, , :•,.4, ,, ,c4., • :•,0...• •.i,••.:.:.-- -
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" "''''''a4- 1 ,;) 1 014 , , -- ifi 5 A4t' 4 -- 1 / 4 w''''' - "" r ' . '" - " --- - • -
. . :
.., - _ • ,
iv .4
vo . , T., XXX V.
Another Raid on the Sinking Fand
riSmlslDlspateb to the eltteb , “*Zh 6eeette.]
HAHRIU3I764I, Marra 16,1670.
The proposition to rob the Sinking'
Fond of ten millions of dollen' was In.
traduced In the Senate to-day. -it Is the
culmhuaton of the scheme to rob the
Treasury of all het bonds. CUM%
Pennsylvania Legislature.
Huge Railroad Scheme—The
Poor - Directors' Unexpended
Balances —New Boroughs In
Allegheny County—Constrnp :,
tion of Bridges-Senate Com.
mutes and the Appropriation
[7ptcl.l Dlapatelb to tbe'rntsbarsh Clasetle.)
Hemusnono, March 15,1870.
smut PAINED.
Mr. WHITE Introduced a bill chang
ing the names of corporatora, capital
stock and extending the time forth°
organization of the Enterprise Ws Light
Company of Indiana. Pawed.
Mr. HOWARD called up the House
bill allowing appeal to the Supreme
Court ;from decision and order of COM.
mon Pleas of Allegheny, No.. 14, , June
term, 1884. Peened.
Mr. CONNELL. introduoed a bill regu
lating railroads; also, relating to the
transfer of 'stook of corporations, which
obllgos banks to pay dividend; to per
sons holding certificates without ques
Mr. OLMSTED introduced a bill to
facilitate the construction of a railroad
between the Susquehanna and great
lakes and canal'. This Is a project to
construct • line from Jersey Shore, in
a northwestern direction, to the city of
Buffalo, to develop the mineral resources
of Potter and adjoining counties, and to
direct the grain trade, which now flows
from Buffalo to New York, to the
city of Philadelphia. The bill pro
vides that the Jersey Shore, Pine Creek
and Buffalo Railroad shall Mane first
mortgage 'bonds to ..:the amount of six
million dollars, paying live per bent. In
terest, which shall be deposited 1n the
sinking fund of the State and applied
only to the payment - of public debt. In
consideration of this deposit the com
pany are to hare an hone of an equal,
amount of bonds belonging to the Penn
sylvania Railroad Company, now in
the State Treasury. In order to
secure the State from any lora, it is pro
vided that the new bonds shall be paya
ble at the same time and in the same
amounts, and shall bear exactly the
same Interest ai those belonging to the
Pennsylvania Company; neither shall
such transfer take place until a contract
shall be made for the construction and
equipment of the new road within three
years, and the contract dial be absolute
ly guaranteed by either the Catawisaa
and - Philadelphia. Reeding, Catawleas
and Lehigh Valley, Catawissa, Lehigh
and Susquehanna, or. Philadelphia and
Erie. Northern Central and Pennsylvania
Central Rahroada, which guarantee shall
extend not only to the payment of the
principal, but to the payment of three
hundred thousand dollars per annum
interest money to the State, and • the
franchises and roads of the par
ties making guaranty shall be liable
therefor. They shall offer the mast di
rect and shortest route from the Buffalo
and Western • Canals to Philadelphia.
The grades will not exceed over fifty feet
to the mile. The road will be about one
hundred and forty miles in length and
for sixty miles of its route will pass
through bituminous and semi bitumin
ous coal fields, the veins in which are
from two to seven f e et in thicknem. It
will also pa= through about a million of
acres of the DM hemlock and other tim
berlands. .
The Senate Finance Committee, com-
Ctof Messrs. Bilgriffon,. Brooke,
. Wallace and Mclntyre, have
been Induirtrionsly at work on the appro
priation hilt. .Last night the Committee
met in Chairman Mllingtelt's room and
labored till alter midnight. They e
to report it tomorrow. The total amount
will be nearly halt a million lam than as
pissed by the House. The Committal Is
harmonious and do not seem to be the
same Committee conducting the Treat
ivy exandneikm.
The following bills from the Sonata
ware passed :
Exempting Pittsburgh Ciurch Guild
from taxation.
Empowering Guardians of the Poor of
Pittsburgh to sleet a Trammer and m
otive Interest on all .unezpendsd balm-
HOVEN 1111.7.21 PAISIND,
Requiring committing magistrates of
Allegheny county to transmit the name*,
occupation and residence of decendants'
ball and witnesses in cameo to District
'Attorney within five days.
Changing Pittsburgh city elections to
the first Tuesday of December.
Incorporating llllidale is:hough,
gheny county.
Mr. Walton's bill regulating thiloon
struction of bridges over Monongahela,
Allegheny and Ohio rivers passed. with
Monongahela and Allegheny struck out.
Ss No:WM! to tai ritutrargt emits.)
bormainve, March 15.—ThetMouse
mimed the bill giving mttles, town
ships and cities authority to ualat in
constructing railroads. The tax for this
purpose is, not to ixoted ono-half of one
Per cent. litany year.
Or. Lcrcria, Mareb .15.—The Lower
House of the Legislature to-day refused
either to expel or censure W. Webb,
whom the Corruption Committee ro•
=as having been bribed. The
nee Is investigating other ease.
Gen. J. F. Sheppard, km:nasty of Bos
ton, has been appointed , Adjutant Gen
eralgne of
d.the Mate, vice Col. Children,
reid •
NEW JEasgr.
Taxwrow, March tha - Aaaembly
Mr. Brinkerhoff presented articles or Itn•
peaebnient against Justice John White,
of Hoboken. for having. tt ,
calved exorbitant feu In a cue over
Which ha had no Jurisdiction.
` Lontavit.t.a, March 1.5.—A blu paned
the Koine to-day making It a Wade.
meanor, punishable by a pretty - severe
penalty, to Import Texas cattle In the
grazing counties of Kentucky.
AuourrA, Much 115.—1 n (he Sonata to
day the bill to authorize Portland to loan
its credit to the Portland and Rutland
Railroad Company' was Indetioltaly
—A Wuhington dispatch states that
West Point is beooming an exceedingly
attractive point, and If Congress keeps
right on in Its. duty, it will soon becomo
a place to point at. General Butler has
nominated a negro cadet. Mr. Pruner
demands s ceitparative test among the
negro boys of Tentlinose, with a view to
following Butler's snit. Mr. McCormick
Is going to 'end an Arizona Indian. A
California Rommel:OMlTe promises - to
nominate a John Chinaman, end Mr.
DialltateNnekolls will send a Wyoming
gitL Could not Captain Hall; of
'notoriety, be Induoixt spare hi , Es.
qtanlini bey?
SENATE : Appropriation to Mrs.
Stanton Passed—Arms to South
em States—Effect of the XVth
Amendment—Special Commit
tee on Indian Affairs—The Geor
gia Bill. ROUSE Funding
_Bill Referred to Ways and
Means Committee—Bill to Ad
mit Texas to Representation
Reported and Passed—Defi
ciency Bill Farther Considered
in Committee.
Br Telegraph to the rittsburgh Oasette.)
Home resolution giving 'll, year's salary
as Justice of the Soprano Court to the
widow of Edwin M. Stanton passed. '
Mr. SUMNER presented a memorial
for an appropriation to Wilberforce Uni
versity, neer Xenia, Ohlo. .
Mr. CHANDLER, from Committee on
Commerce, reported adversely, the bill
authorizing the transportation of lm
ported merchandise from the port of first
arrival within the United States to Chi
nese, Cincinnati and St. 1.1311111 without
examination, inspection and • appraise
ment. The bill was indefinitely post.
Mr. ABBOTT introdnood a bill for the
distribution of arms to the Southern
'Pates In the same manner as If the act
of April 23d, 1808, had not been modi.
lied, Referred to tbmmittee on Mili
tary Affairs. -
Mr. CARPENTER introduced a bill
extending the previsions or ithe act of
' klatch 3d, 1883, to certain other judicial
Mr. SHERMAN Introduced a hill to
Incorporate and charter the Cincinnati
and Chattanooga Railroad Company to
connect a railroad between those points.
The Vice-President presented a memo
rial from the Society of Friends praying
for an appropriation to aid the civilisa
tion or Indians of toe Northern Superin
tendency of Nebraska. Refeared.
Mr. SHERMAN, from the Citizens
Committee, reported back various prop.
muttons referred to that Committee in
regard to the Increase of curreuay, which,
at his request, were tabled.
Mr. WILSON introduced a bill to enable
the Secretary of War to revise the general
regulations for the government of the
Mr. RICE offered a resolution direct
ing the Judiciary Committee to report
the effect of the 11th Amendment upon
the Indian trines of the country, whether
by the provisions thereof Indians are
not citizens 'of the United States, and
whether thereby treaties between the
United Statecand Indian tribes are not
Mr. TRURMAN remarked that as:
there had not been any °facial notice of
ratiheation of the amendment, the remct
lotion was premature.
One objection being sufficient. the res.
olution was laid over.
Mr. KELIAXIO offered a resolution
directing the Postollioe Committee to
report upon the expediency of establish•
Mg daily mail service on the, Mississippi
River between New Ori • Cairo.
Tocroonenrrent resolution for c
pointment of a special joint oo
on Indian affaini was taken up.
Mr. EDMUNDS nagged toumend_it so
that the committee would have hilt one
'object to consider, to wit: the general
policy of the Government with reference
to Indian treatise._
Mr. DRAKE said he thought at erst
hostile to the resolution. Be would be
disposed to favor it, if the amendment as
proposed was adopted; believing that If .
restricted to the mare qt 14.20013 of policy'
no harm would rune from the organiza
tion of the committee; but he believed
no good would follow Jr the committee
went beyond that. He had already re
ceived an intimation that this propoff4
Lien for a joint committee was looked
upon as a acheme into the bands
of what was known as .•the Isdian
Ring." He would not charge the Senator
from lowa (Mr. Harlan) with any such
purpose, but each it was believed would
be the practical affect of the project.
Mr. BARLAN saia he would accept
the amendment, believing the powers of
the Committee might subsequently be
Mr. HOWARD preferred to leave the'
subject of our Indian relations where the
Constitution placed it, with the Kiexii.
Live. He thought the Proddent's polloy
would result In utter defeat and dlasp•
pointment, but he was willing to give It
• trial. B. thought the appointment of
the joint committee would remillin CCM
ftudon worse confounded.
Mr. WILSON expressed faith to the
humane and ehritelan policy which the
Preeldent bad %ought to inaugurate.
Mr. DRAKE moved to table the whole
Mr. HARLAN hoped the vote would be
oonslderat a test of the sense of the Sen
ate upon the resolution;
The vote resulted to a tie; but was de.
'ermined against the motion by the We
The morning hour expired end the
subject was laid aside and the Georgia
bill came up.
addressed the Senate upon the status of
affairs In Georgia. Mr. Bingham's'
amendment, limiting the terms of the
present legislature and governor, was
apposed and favored.
Mr. DRAKE, offered an amendment
providing that whenever any legislateree
of the late rebel, States or °overarm
thereof represent to the President that
organisations exist therein for the per..
petration of sots of violence against per-
sons and property, or to obstruct. the
laws of the Federal or State Government,
and it is unable to suppress Guth violence
or destruction, it shall be the duty of the
President to furnish United States troops
for the subjugation of such organizations.
Uptln the arrival of such troops In die•
trims In which these °menhaden' exist,
martial law shall be declared, a levy
made upon the inhabitants to pay the
expenses Of trawartation of such
troops. and they shall be subsisted upon
the inhabitants.
At 4 o'clock the Senate went Into Ex.
eentive session and afterwards . ad
After the presentation of a number of
unimportant petitions, the Funding bill
was called up by Mr. SCHENCK, who
tuovod its reference to the Committee on
Ways and Mea'vt,
Mr. GARFIELD moved to refer It to
the Committee on Banking andtkuvenoy,
as it proposed to revolutionise the whole
national banking system, and did not
propose to lame* public, debts or bor
row money to carry on the Government.
Mr. NIBIACII asked If there was any
reasonable prospect of an indium of the
Totowa of currency by the present Con.
Mr. GARFIELD did• not feel author.
Iced to make any atatement what the
Committee on Banking And. Currency
proposed to report, but would say that
for two.weeks. the Committee had had
under oottaidentilen thenecilio point base
beat to meet the very general demand,
especially In thewest and southwest, -for
enlarged blditing facilities " and the
Committee hoped to be able to report
very coon, but considered 'the question'
of a loan at a lower rata of Interest in
dlspensable to and Pallesaarily Connected
with any proposition to increase banking
facilities. The two should nscssaartly go
tnether, and the Committee would be
utterly unable to report • bill that did
not Include silo the Luna of bonds at
a lower rate of interest, on which to base
the entire banking facilities of the coun
r. NIRLACK Inquired whether RAY
Increase of the currency would take the
form 9f national bank bills or legal ten
notes?. .
Mr. GARFIELD replied the resolution
of the House did not state which farm
the Increase should take, and therefore
the Committee would leave the matter to
the decision 'of the House. making no
recommendation on the point. -
Hr. SCHENCK said the bill win one
that related, In its whole subject matter,
to the National credit, and as aneb should
lto to the Committee on Ways and Means.
He added, without claiming that it give
him only jurisdiction over the _sable*
that II part of this very bill relating to .
patina credit had been written by him
self, :(Mr. Schenck) In conference with
the Secretary of the Tammy within the
first week of the session. bathe certainly
should not have troubled himself with
any of the matters o3nnected with the
funding bill If he had not expected the
subject would In the mune of Wane 's
come before the Committee on Ways and
.Mr. JUDD, member of the Committee
on Banking and Currency, ar gu ed In
favor of referring the bill to that corn.
mittee. The entire bosh. of the banking
interest} of tbe entire country wu affect
ed by the lu 11. while It did not provide
for creating new debt.
After further dlecustdon by Messrs.
Wood, Randall - and others, a vote wee
taken, and the Florae, by 63 to 79, re
fused 'to refer the bill to the Banking
Committee, end then sent It to Ways
and Means Committee.
Mr. BENJAMIN, Mo., than addressed
the House in an hour's speech on the
subject of various bills proposing to
change the present mode of paying pen•
along, arguing against the plan of having
them paid by postmuters or by internal
revenue collectors. .
The subject was then postponed two
weeks, on Motion of Mr. DAWES—yeas
73. rimy' C.
Mr. BIJrLER, Maas., from Reconstruc
tion Committee, reported a bill to admit
Texas to representation In Congress,
statinrit was Identical with the Virginia
and MiseLselppl bills, with the_ exception
of an additional provision that its passage
should not affect the conditions ender
which Texas was originally admitted
Into the Union. •
Mr. WOOD,. member, of the Ream
at:nation Committee, Mined an addi
tional proviso, that Texas shall be ad.
witted with all the rights of all - other
States of the Union, without qtialification
or fundamental condition, except am
stated In the bill.
Mr. BUTLER Bald there was no objeo•
Lion to the proviso, except that it wee
Theamendment wee rejected by 'a party
vote, as was a substitute offered by Mr.
Beck, simply admitting Texas to repro.
sontation, and the bill passed.
The House then went into committee
of lb* Whole, Mr. Scofield in the chair,
on - the Deficiency bill.
On motion of Mr. DA.WE9, the item of
100,000 was inserted far a court house and
postofSce at Die Moines, lowa.
On motion of Mr. ATWOOD, the
item for court house at Madison, Win,
was Increased from 120,000 to 00,000.
Mr. OOBURN moved to add to the
item of 1100,000 for the New York poet,
°Moe, a proviso that no part of the money
be expended until the • plan and mat
are fixed by law.
After conaldentble dlscniolon the com.
mittee, without action on the amend
ment. took a recess till evening.
Evening Seranon. The dlacusalon on
the New York Poetoffice continued at
length. Finally Mr. Coburn's amend
ment was rejected.
Mr. LOUCIBBIDGE also offered a pro
vie) that tke work Khali not be carried
on so as to prevent the plan being re
modeled and clanged without additional
expante. • Rejected.
On motion of Mr. DAWES, ISOO,OOO
was appropriated for continuing the wbrk
on the Capitol grounds.
Mr. HAIGHT Inquired of the chairman
of the Committee on Appropriations bow
bush reconstruction had cost to the pros•
ens time?
Mr. DAWES replied about two and a
quarter millions.
Mr. HAIGHT inquired whether the
money had not been expended rather to
make men loyal to the party than to the
Mr. DAWES denied that, aed said the
only desire was to make men in th. South
obey the government and laws.
Mr. ELDRIDGE declaimed against the
word "loyal" aa a word be despised and
hated. It always reminded him of the
definition of It given by a contractor
during the war. When premed to ex
plain what ke Meant by eying he felt
"loyal," be said he felt as If he wanted to
Meal something or somebody. For him
self be was patriotic, not loyal. The
word did not
_belong to this country. It
only belonged to Massachusetts.
On motion of Mr. DAMES, an Item of
1147,786 was Inserted Or expenses of the
following committees: Elections, 1125,06;
Ware and Meane.16,772; Foreign Affairs,
$6.870: Judvolaty, KW: Deltas of Amer
ican Commerce, $2,000; Ninth - Census,
Mr. DAWES moved to insert an ap•
propriation of $200.11160 to enable the
alatorbocid of Ladle. of Mercy in Charles
ton, 8. C., to rebuild their orphan eap
lum, destroyed during the war, In
acknowledgement of services to Union
prisoner. in the beepital at Charleston.
Mr. BENJAMIN, of Mo., made the
taint of order there was no law author
ising the appropriation.
The Chairman suatained the point.
Me. DAWES appealed from the dee-t
-alon, bat it was sustained-60 to ISA
Mr. STILES moved to strike out the
8 op
Nem or $25.000 for repairing and mine.
climbing the President's house. Rejected.
Mr. LOUGURIDGE moved as an addi
tional section. that no money shall be
• xpended on buildings to cost more than
taro and • half million dollars; Rejected
asnot In order.
The committee rose and reported the
bill to the House withott final action.
.I.djeurned. •
Parlous' blare—Aeeldent au the Miles
(Ee'relesnaa to u• Milburn Quetta.)
Owans, Starch 15—The weather was
very severe yenterday. Wa had the
most furls= Atorm of the WW:ion. The
thermometer makes thirew degrees be
low zero. The tessourt river he Imposdb
tile. sad ell Irma Eastman stopped. Re• .
ports from all pots to west to Itiontanaare
to the some effect. , -
The Eastern expo= on the Union Pa
cific Railroad was th pawn from the track
at North Platte. Several persona were
injured, but none killed.
CHICIAOO, March 113—A. violent snow
storm commenced hero early this morn
ing and Is still raging, threatening to In-
terfere with the telegraph lines, many of
which have not yet recovered from the
effects of Saturday's storm. The snow
la now nearly six inches deep.
Sr. LC1.1113, March 15.—Alter another
heavy rain storm, secompanled by thun.
der, the, weather turned cold snow fell
several boars, and this morning It was
nearly as cold salt was during the Winter
—TM" committee of architects which
Investigated the falling of the roofs of
the wings of the Chicago Court-hones,
report that the truisms of the roofs, not
being of sufficient strength, bent and
allowed a portion of the structure to fill,
the diluter being directly treatable to •
defective plan of construction. They
recommend the strengthening of the
walls of the wrings.. The mein building
lattronueed safe, but In need of re
pa The judges end lawyers -who
oecupy.bits main building. not putting
Implicit trust In the committee of archl
tents. propose examining the edifice for
thennielves, to aseertain as to the safety
of its ['other tenancy.
—Vie Red River New Nation of Fab.
16th says the late threatening movement
of the English settlers for the release of
Canadian prisoners at Fort Garry has
subdded. President RIell; to prereat I
bloodshed; released all the prisoners,
whereupon the English force, number
ing sir hundred well organised
armed men, disbanded and returned
home. Dr. Schultz hes been declared
banished from the territory. Delegates
will shortly leave for Canada to conolqde
arrangements with the Dominion gov
ernment. it la understood that that
Government is willing to grant all the
demands of Me Red River people:
—The Chicago Common Connell • his
settled the fight which hae teen going
on between the Illinois Staab' Zeitung,
and the Illinois Yolks Zeiler's, for the
German city printing. The former claim
ed it under thb law that Council print.
log should be given to the paper having
Um largest circulation. and the latter
under • subsequent law that L at erus*
shotild designate the paper. night
they voted to ffiVe It to the Stoats Zeibmg,
It having the lamest circulation. The
other miper was started to uphold the
citizens' ticitet last fall on 'the promise
of receiving the printing which it now
C. Backer, a prominent inclines*
man of Clinton, lowa, died on Saturday
of paralysii. During the week previous
hena was engaged in defendi • mit
iad hien gsg la which twenty- ng llvetlacco
and dollies damages were dinned An
alleged face Imprizonment and wee
carded taloa:nut daily In a chair. nee
snit wag decided in his favor and heeled
two hours afterward'. His life was In.
eared for thirty-Ave Mouse:id dollars.
Concern About the Army Bill—
Conference on Indian A ffairs
- Railroad Trouble in Georgia--
Remoriar from Woolen Nana
facinrers Nomizations Con
firmed—San Domingo Treaty—
Belligerent Rights to Cuba, &c.
(By Telegratiti to the Pittsburgh Ussetlei)
WASHINGTON. March 15,1570.
The fact that Mr. Logan dot* aot give
his speech on the army bill to therprintar
for publication, excites conaideiable aut.
picion hire, and has a very bad irdract on
publici sentiment. It la said to have
contained so many grave error. that he
means io have it thoroughly revised and
oorre.sted before giving It to the people.
The more closely this sweeping bill Is
examined the more glaring do fie dan
gerous features appear. According to
leading army afloat. it Is said Gat it will
save to the people only a few thousand
dollars after all, while the injustice it
will do to many of the bravest and most
patriotic officers of the army cannot be
estimated by dollars and cents. It is
thought that the bill strikes Oland aims
to degrade such officers as Sherman,
abstinent, Thome, Hancock, Meade,
Park, Humphreys, Barnes, the Burgeon
General; Spires, of the Oommlstary
partment ; Dyer,
of Ordinances; and as
effectually dest roy. whatry ;they
gained for military power In 1p country
during the ware. the rebele i ctild rye
done had they been viotorio
A. meeting of &befriends &the Idd lans
was held at the rooms of the Indian Com.
zalsaloner today. Present! Secretary
of the Interior, Oommirdoiser Parker,
Felix R. Brune, Vincent Oollvar, and
the following Influnrdial members of the
committee of Elicksitiklatudrers: Benj.
Hallowell and Mary O. Mai% of Md.,
Samuel Willett', Edmund Willett.. H.
Williams, E. H. Macy, Charlie. Macy,
Thomas Foulk, Stephen Bakke, Frank
lin Haines, and Daniel Underhill, of N.'
York, Wm. Dorsey, John Saunders, De
borate F. Wharton and Susan D. Whar
ton, Pa., Wm. Parry, B. Stratton and J.
W. Plumber of Indiana. The present
being generally regarded as the crisis in
the affairs of the Indiana, the object of
meeting was onunitation on the situa
tion. The most cordial harmony exist'
between all bodies represented and a
prospect of other religious bodies taking
up the work of civilisation for the
Indians was reported. It was agreed
that If only a portion of the money now
annually expended for military purposes
was used for educating and christian
ising the Indiana, It would be much more
to the advantage of the western territo
ries in encouraging emigratkin and more
satisfactory to the whois country. Tee
Cosiminalon separated to vhdt the Capi
n:Wind endeavor to impress Boar views
upon Common..
The Senate to-day confirmed Chu. 11.
Lune, Vliginia, Minister Resident at
Portugal; John Russell J• 134111. of Illinois,
Minister Resident at Stockholm; Robes*
C. Kirk, of Ohio, Minister Resident if"
Uraguay: Gustave Jarrekleof
tania, Gamut at Aagglisang,--$llO It
Waltlems. Collector of Ctiedintia, Dankirk,
New York: Jacob Anthony, Surveyor of
Customs, New Albany, Ind.; G. D. Orner,
Collector Internal Revenue, sth Missouri
Dbitnot; Peter Rose do.. 18th Ohio;
Abraham H. Bowman, do., 7th Ken
tucky. Postmasters: Herbert A. Par.
ker. Kankakee, Ills.; Theo. C.. Phillips,
Bay City, Mich. Charles O: Crowe, Ala.,
Register. Land Moe, Wyoming Lend
District; Lafayette Carter, Surveyor
General, Idaho.
Dispatches received here from Vice
President .t.kriant, of the Brunswick &
Albany railroad, Georgia, says the re•
cent disturbances on the road were not
caused by the nonpayment of wear;
which were paid in full to . February 15th,
and ready for payment again to•day,
being the regular monthly payday. but
because the demander some of the em
ployer for the dleplaosment of Colonel -
Hulburt, General SepWintendent. and a
rimier man, was not seceded to.
Thev i were paid and discharged at Bruns
wick. whereupon they seized some trains
and threatened the giver Judge Ovary,
Colonel Hulburt and other". Conant
save the Authorities sided with the men,
with the evident expectation of driving
away Northern employes. Gen. Terry,
upon investigation of the Gets, to-day
ordered more troop. to Brunswick.
A memorial has been presented to the
Committee on ' Ways and Means -, and
Committee on Manse, strongly endor
sing Oommisatoner Wells report,
signed by persons representing thirty.
three corporations, and two thousand in
dividuals, comprising nearly all the
great woolen manatacturemt, represen
ting a capital actually engaged in man.
uranium of woolen goods of over fifteen
million dollars, and owning upwards of
dye hundred seta of woolen machinery.
They pray the (Alining tariff may be
modified in such a manner that flue wool
may come into the country at as low a
duty am carpet wools.
Governor Safford, of Arizona, left to
night for that territory. Be wUI be
pined In Nevada and Colorado by puma.
Intending to *WI* in Arizona. Daring
hie visit here the Governarlmpreeeed the
Govornmant with the Importance of
affording additional facilltiee for protect
ing life and property, that encouraging
the development at the natural reeourom
of Admits.
Parties Just' from Tema state that
Supervisor Brigisnd within the . pest
thirty days has mind thirty-seven
Illicit. distilleries, princlaalb in the
iburth Dieted, end arrested General
Barton,- Armor, and George R. Spauld
ing. Deputy Collector of that district, for
collualon with distillers.
Minim Alf/AITUL
The Committee on Fore4u Affairs,
with the exoeption of Willed, of Vi.. is
in favor of .taking some motion in lavor
of the Cubans, and it le not Improbable
that a ennoble reeoltdicm will soon be
reported to the Home.
The Committee on Reeamitruetion to
day heard the colored men on Tonneau°
affair& Tomorrow they will examine
the presiding °Moira of the Legislature.
The Committee ham not yet prepared to
reporte bill.
It Is gild the Senate today confirmed
the nomination of George H. Butler as
Oanatd•General to Egypt: but that a MO-
Lion was Immediately thereafter made
lb immudder the vote, which le now
It ts reported tonight that the Mine
throonmee on Pbrelan Adana tom agreed
to recommend the peonage of a A m i n .
Uon according beingerabt rights to thi•
_ _
ban Insurgent
man boinnao TAXA:M.
T he s en a e committee on Foreign Af.
fain; to-day decided to :sport against the
ratineation of the Ban Mining° t r eaty.
the vote being two In favor and• five
It -
TlilloeoE BILL.
The friends of Goy. Bullock, who say
they have oinvaseed the Sonata, express
themselves confident that Body will Ma.
agree to the Blogtuun amendment to the
Georgia bill.
CONTIXTED 1111011021 CUE.
The Indications are that the Bnh•Com•
mitts, en Elections will report In favor of
Ettracter, Democrat, se °tattled to the east
from the Clocinnatt tlistrkt.
The Senators and Re atatleee sleet
hum Texas, =CM lid by SenaforWll
- of hhuseohnestik pald their impede
to the F.:addend to-day.
•The,Commlttie on Wars and Mans
one In to•dthe ay In leaking verbal
Disturbances in Ireland and Meas
ures for Repression Parlia
ment Proceedings—Events at
Rome Beeomhtg i Graver—The
War in Paraguay—Flight and
Pursuit of Lopei7Gon. Prim
Assaulted by a 10l in Madrid.
EyTelegraph to the lltesbargli Qatette.)
Lennon, March 15.—Arrangements zro I
making to strengthen the garrisons in
Ireland. There are Incendiary dreg and
disorders In Team. Large bodies of
troops ire being sent there from Galway
and Athlone. The Times -ernuddere the
manures the government proposes to.
wards Ireland will peeve little more.than
a monument of good Intentions. It will
not secure the desired object.
The Times *acreages its confidence in
the belief that the House of Commons
will exclude sectarianism but not relit
lon from the educational bill now before
that body. •
Letters received from Zanzibar, east
coast of Africa, mention that the preva
lence of cholera deters the movement of
the extadition which recently get out
to ascerteln the whereabouts of Dr. Liv
In the House of Lords- - to-day Earl
Granville explained that the disturbance
in Galway and Mayo bounties, Ireland
demanded . the presence of amps . and .
since their arrival quiet bag been re
stored. Adjourned.
In the Commons Sir Pakington said it
was reported the steamer My of Boston
left America loaded twenty inches deep
er than the underwriters allowed. He
gave notice be should ask the Govern
ment to inform the House if there was
any truth In the report. •
It was agreed the budget should be in -
Induced on the 11th proximo.
Mr. Tarrant announced a resolution In
(avow! colonial self government and of
enabling colonies, like lbreign States,
to snood their own interests.
The debate on the education bill was
resumed. Mr. Winterbottom expressed
dbosatisfaction with the measure, con
aidering it In advance of public needs
and wishes. Lard Robert Montague
denied the necessity of excluding relig
ious teachings from the schools.. Mr.
Tonsils said Mistletoe showed that most
of the perishes in England expended
large sums for drink and not for educe.
lion. "The absence of the conscience
clause made the title of national schools
absurd. The bill was In respect to the
education of pauper children somewhat
faulty. Mr. pauper
deprecated the
opposition at this stage. If it was con
tinued the masstus would over till
next session. -
..Mr. Herbert said the failure of the ex
isting system was owing to insulficiemoy.
The new measure was valuable because
of its provisions for compulsory attend
ance at school, boards and rates. In
other respects It was defective. He
especially objected to Its sectarian char
acter. Without taking action on the bill
the Commons adjourned.
Livgaroor.. March 16.—Robt.
leading bear in stoats, his stopped pay
ment. Liabilities heavy.
PARIS, March 15.—Two hundred Cana
dians, who have Served two years In the
Papal service, passed through this city
today on their way home. They have a
number of flags and medals presented
by Ilia Holiness the Pope In consider*.
don of faithful service. •
The Ocutois, Independent organ, etatee
that a well attended caucus of members
of the party of theieft -in the Corps Leg-
Selatif wu bald last *vernal& at which it
was decided that questions relative to the
Budget shall hereafter be controlled by
that body. Th. caucus also adopted a
resolution affirming its oppooltion to the
system of Executive creation of credits,
granting money, making war and pro
clyaiming neutrality Corpa , without the author-
f the Le
- Forty mombera h gaveislatiL
signed a demand
to the Praddent of the Email:deal Coon
, di that the order of deliberation bo
changed and the schemes relating to in
feintaftty Immediately discussed. Event,
In Rome are daily becoming mraver. It
le reported the Marquis - Banneville,
French Ambasaador, left to-day for Paris,
■nd that the Ambassador of Austria at
Rome nos received from his government
directions to sustain the demand of Count
Darn for the admisidon of the French
representative to the Council.
LISBON. March 15.—The steamship
from Rio Janeiro brings later news
from the allied array. Lopez has re.
treated northward to • point near Mir
anda, in the Matto Gramm, • province
of Brazil. Hs was ecoompanled by a
few followers who wars making every
effort to pass the frontier into Bolivia.
Prince D'Eu, allied commander, bad
made • Judiciona disposition of hie 00 Pa
and entertained strong hopes of mptruing
Lopez and his band, before they could
escape from the Brazilian territory. Now
the war is practically over. The first
division of the army of Brazil had re•
turned to Rio Janeiro, and was received
by the citizens with the greatest enthu.
Rio Jammu; February 23, Via Liston
16.—Lopes still eludes pursuit. Addi
tional troops from the Argentine prov
inces are concentrating In Paraguay.
Vizarta, March 16.—Austria offers to
saelst, as an independent _power, at the
International oongren suggested by
President Grant for the protection or
over telegrap deliberation. tables, but declines to preside
Binturr, March 16. The Reichstag
ham enacted that political offences am
punishable only
ed: when criminal purpose
is demonstrat
MADAM, Mirth. 15.- I :Yeaterday Gin.
Prim was aaoaLled by an anti oonacrip•
Lion mob MUM. (My, but camped unhurt.
Efit Preansoutto, March 16.—The Clair
blui paid a ?Luther visit of oondoloabo to
bfloWar Barlingsmo's widow.
I =1:331!
Esser, Kirsh Is—The steamship St
Voirlent has arrived.
Bann, March 15 —The steamship St.
Laurent, from New York, arrived ..tsy.
Lormort. March 15.—Eoenkg—Oonao1a
for money lag; account 98. American se.
mantles buoyant: 'B2l. 91; 'Ms, 911,ti; TM,
89%; Ten.fortles 87; Brim 2111'• Minds
Ventral 118; Atlantic & Great Western 80.
Parmavoirr, Muth 15.—Bondi quiet
at 95%.
Pam& March 15.—Bonne dull at 74
francs 42 centimes.
Ltesurooc, March IL—Ootton steady
and unchanged* sales 12,000 bales. Man
chester adetnes'are favorable. .California
white Wheat fla sd; red western No. 2
13e ld 2d; red winter 8.10d®4111; re•
mints for thred days 12560 quarters, IL.
600 American. Western !lour Be Id.
Corn: No. 2 mined SIT• 9il; Cats 2a sd.
Barley 6s. Pau 375 Id. Pork 92a. Beef
1034 Id. Lard 641. Obsess 70a Id.. Ba.
eon 56.00mm0n fineln . sa. Spirita Petro•
leum la Id; reflood la 9Mdgia 10d. Tal
low 44.0 d. Turpentine WS- Linseed oil
Ilite 10d.
Lotuxut, March 16-Sperm 011 thin.
Sugar firmer. Whale oil qulet. Clover
13eakd 49.4. Unwed 011 active at en 10e.
'Tallow Arm At lea 9d.
AwfwEar, March 15,—Patrolatim Arm
at 67,if.
Xavas.„ Mar& IG-Cotton quiet. .
AddlUonal Markets by Telegrspb.
Niw Ommota, March 16. Cotton
cedes at full ream ego waddling at
21 ,1‘_@ 22 .e ree44ll, %MO bales : exports,
%me baleen Wm %POO bales. Flour: low
grades plenty and dull, Moto@ wades
warm and dm salta at 14, 1 1266,7640,03.
Oat' at Mo. Hay at vs. Pork: noes at
risjziaszisa. Lard firm at 12:10114o for
tiara% and 17N0117)0' for keg. Other
articles unchanged.
Ontzwirwa. March 14.--Cattle reeelpq
791 had; market lees active, with teas
et me lower; Wu of aura at 1112,600
MU; Ant qualli7er,6ool2,oo: esarelL
quality third quality mem.
sheep and Limiest reoelpta 11,578: prime
itaurialoara Mardi 15.—Yarnpork
Arm at Pd. Widaky doll at 97Q910.
Methodist Book Concern—Re
markable Slander Case—The
N• Situation in Cuba—The Van
derbilt-Erie B.allroad Fraud
Case—George Wilkes Cowhided,
&c., &c. •
BT. Telegraph to the Mttabnreb liaseLte.)
Naw Your. March 15,.1870.
In the New York Methodist Preachers'
Meeting yesterday, the Rey. Dr. An
drews presented resolutions indorsing
the report of the majority of the Book
Committee, in their newt Investigations.
These resolutions Balled forth consider
ble discussion, in which Rev. Drs. Ridge
way, Foster, Curry, TllLmy,Crawford,
and Messrs. Hermanos, Taylor, Ring,
and others participated. The general ex
pression was that the allegations of fraud
had not been and could not be sustained,
and that the verdict of ten against three
was sufficiently strong in itself to de
mead approval. The publication of the
minority report, and of Dr. Shires' paper,
in the Baltimore American, were denre
cited, and declared to have been 11legitl
mately ace uLred *and made known, and
that the Committee had their minority
report ready to be gent to the General
Conference, together with that of the
majority. The action.of the Baltimore
Conference In censuring the majority
and withholding Sunday School Union
fends, was also commented upon as un
just and hank, there being no proof
either before Confgrenoe or before the
community to sustain the allegations of
fraud, and alter careftil Investigation the
Book Committee had failed to nod proof.
Their action is final arid can only be re
versed by the General Conference. Her
mance moved to lay the ”wieolutions on
the table, which was lost, and they wore
adopted by a large majority.
The unprecedented atilt 'by Miss Della
W. Moore against John 8: Bonnet!, to
recover five thousand dollars damages
for alleged slander, was ohncluded year
terday. Borman claims that he was
married to - Miss Moore on the 26th of
November, 1884, by the late Rev. Dr.
McClintock, of the Si. .ranl Methodist
Church. On Friday nearly all the testi
mony was taken, aad during the trial a
copy of the church record of their mar
riage was produced In the evidence.
Notwithstanding all this, ther with
numerous letters written by Mina Moore
to Bonnet', claiming him to be her Deer
Jack, Dearest Darling, and other pet
names, she ewers she had never been mar
ried to him, and that she was never In Bt.
Paul's Church with him. The &andirons
words complained of are that Somali
said: ..She is either my wither miatreas."
Miss Moors's counsel recognize the
church record, but their main point is,
that the lady to whom Boanell was mar
ried upon the 26th' of November, at Bt.
Paul's Church, and giving the name of
the plaintiff, was some other than this
Della Moore. • Dr. McClintock, the offi
ciating clergyman, deposed and declared
positively that he married Bonnet', but
could not tell for indigo whether the
plaintiff waa the person to Whom he was
married or not, but had a faint mallet,
Lion of her features. After Judge Spen
cer's charge to the juryNthey were di
rected to bring in a mated verdict. The
Judge admonished them that there was
remarkable fraud and ingenuity, and
also perjury, in the calm, and that they
must endeavor to dud out where it wait.
The Jury being unable to decide, were
CUBAN ntsanitscriolt.
Gametal Jas. Watama Webb writes a
long letter to the sTratune from Havana
March sth, - favoring the accordance of
belligerent rights to the Cpbaia, add
If President Grant and Secretary.
Fish had been Permitted to know the
whole truth they would have been eon
coded six months ago. He nye the Cu•
bans have fifteen totwenty thousand well
armed troops and as many more carry
log pikes, scythes, do., and that on the
authority of a Spanish volunteer °Moor,
Hone hundred thousand arms could be
landed they would find Cubans to wry
them and 'Havana would fall in a fort
night. The omcer claimed that the gun.
boats built to the United States had so
guarded the Island that it was haposel
hie to land arm! and ammunition. Gen.
Webb says the cruelties perpetrated
upon Cubans actually exeasd belief. and
the cold blooded murder. and India
criminate butcheries perpetrated by
both Spanish soldiers and Spanlah vol.
unteen upon defenseless women and
children make one!' blood boll with
• The suit begun by. the Erie Railway
against Cornelius Vanderbilt, to recover
15,000,000 alleged to have been obtained
by fraud and collusion, was before Judge
Barnard in the 8111)I8M111 Court today.
Jay Gould testified that two checks of
8429,000 and g. 540,000 were passed to Van.
derblit with the understanding that the
sults against tns company, with which
Vanderbilt subsequently claimed to have
no connection, should be ellsoontlnued.
George Wilkes was cowbided thls atc
ternoon on Broadway by Major William
W. Leland, formerly of Bt. Julian Hotel.
A large crowd witnessed the' assault.
Wilkes was much cut. Leland was
taken into custody, but Wilkes declined
IA prosecute.
—Late Rlo Jane*, Widows stets the
punmit of Lopez Is twins continued.
—A new Democratic club, similar to
the Manhattan, has beau organized In
—A tornado pulsed over Greene oonnty,
Ohio, on Monday, doing an Immense
'amount of damage.
—The question of reading the Bible in
publle schools will come before the LOOllll
- Council next week.
—There was another. Areat mow storm
At Chicago yesterday. It eztended:weet•
ward to the Missouri river.
—Judge Ingraham, at New York, has
decided that Impr isonment for non.
payment of militia dues ia unconstitu
—Michael Halle= ban been sent to
the New York State prieon`OWne year.
and a halt for attempting to eaddec hie
—Theilayor of Chicago has referred to
the Common Council an Immense peti
tion for closing the drinking uloone on
—The fins on all corporation bulldlop
at New York, were displayed yesterday
alteraoon, In honor of the birth of An
drew Jackson.
—Oen. J. W. Shaffer, of Freeport.
the newly appointed &minor of Arab,
has loft for tialt Lake City to enter upon
Ids official charge.
—Governor Alcorn, of lihrLaidppl, hie
offered a reward of one thousand dollars
for the apprehenaion of Yam' the
escaped murderer.
- —On amount of the prevalence of Ice
In the Atlantic, commanders of Euro.
peen steamers have teen Instructed to
keep the southern mune.
—ln Alton, 111., Monday night, Wm.
Bohlen, In attempting to enter burgMr
lenity the house Of W. W. Martin,,waa
shot vat - Med by the latter.
—The Indlatolle Board of Trade are
making quite atir to attract the atten-
lion Or appallits to the advantages of
that city as 'manufacturing point.
—lt Is said that .Yergir, the murderer,
who escaped from Jackson, Mira. • few
days ago, captured a horse near that city
and thereupon made good Ms flight.
—At the Woman's Rights Convention
at Pearls, 111., yesterdsy, about three I
hundred persons were present. Bonn
B. Anthony was among the smokers.
—A Temperince Convention will to
held at Albany, New York, to-day, te
take action to secure a thorough organi
sation of the temperance voter/ of the
—K *l7 Buckley, of New York city, ban
rearmed 10,060 from the Harlem Rail
road Oompanv fbr injuries immained,
being thrown from the platform of s car
by a conductor.
—The Board &Salmi Vteitrosof Noah
vine hen adopted the suggestion of Bu•
portutendent Iptb , prohibiting all roil.
la= exercises In the public schools.
Tide also excludes the Bilge.
—John Greencp, 'Ocularly steward of
the Hawkins a =Bon Bone, Coring.
NO. 64.
ton, Ky., committed suicide at Louisville
yesterdayovening by hanging himself to
a bed Post. No cause assigned.
--Slime last October, 63,000 emigrants,
blank and whits. have passed through
Nashville, of which 16,000 were foreign
ere, principally from the neighborhood
of Chicago, hunting homes In the cotton
States. The blacks were principally
from Virginia.
--Minion Richardson, alias Thomas
Johnson. colored, one of the murderers
of Wm. Boyles, In Prim% George county,
•Md.. In 1866, has been arrested at Boston
and sent to Maryland. Two of the mur
derers, of whom there were live, have
already been executed.
Commencing MONDAY IVININO, March 91,
Organized December 1947.
With one' bloater Mistral Oonmaa.
Ylrat apwara►ee I► 19 year► of la poDnt►r
►alloy, manlier ad ooze nth.,
Wbo wtll appur at tack pa:fon:mum la htsgrest
Riau Song .d Dance Ma mid Alabama Trioleta.
" The Groat BERNARDO swam:lcy Bal.
B:B02,10, oar Pattietio and Phoaay
realer.. - •
Change of Programme each cre.lag.
Prima alTarual. mikll:e4o
• to all isomers of Dram Card. Wagon,.
TeVeaa,rai than!. BagSlai ao.. Mat orly
of Sri TT (.0) Pia CZNT,,,toO Po tat do
of 00 c.a.. will be !Weed to an 'Glenna 0000010
on oATURDAY, Moroi 19 1 1. 1000.
.1. J. COCHRAN, City Treasurer.
PIT[BIIIROU, March 10, 11170. sable
°Trial Or CITY Richt/Ma AND Mill•MT011.
Pittabursti s March 16. 1610.
be rocelyed at this once ostil MARCH 24.
10. for supplyihr each of the Road Comae
*loners with el OkES, for keeping the itocds
Bid. district mod. pals daring tha year 1510.
most Os out for each district eantrs
&MIT. Any farther information can be obtained
Ly c.titot ni 011. Macs.
mhm B. J. Wools. CitY R.AtAe.r.
to the matter of C. C. MAMA. BealtraDt.
No. 1338' le B.kract<7. At Pittsburgh,. ea
the 14th of Mardi, A. I). 1810. •
• • • • . .
The underalened hereby glees EMI. that •
seated general meettne of the Creditors of meld
Beetroot be held •6 No. 110 rodent stmt. Al
legheny Otte. Da cold District otr the 31'1d• of
March. A. D. INTO, at IQ <Otto& A. at.. at the
oMea of JOHN N. PUBVIAJNOS. LlCeq.. one Of
the llegistere In Baskeeptey to cold Dlstrtet. tor
the purposes ens to the With seetton ef the
BankraptAet or March 9, 1107.
re• partnership heretofore existing bet , reis
THOMAS Titr.rOED. 8 H HZBBIT eadJ. t.
11808. Z. es Moore &Ile.. tou Mundt.
wired, Themes Trifontwithdreertsurrom tie
Moving 'foreland the Interact of THOMAS
TtLTOED in 10 e lon of Telford. Moore a Co.
wiwill continue the Job Printing Unwise..
der name and wt le of JACKSON, MOOKII
CO., 84 And 86 Fifth mune.
Formerly wtth W. S. Nero & Co.
Prrremniox. lable:•4B
Fine, Medium,
c~on Ma 41=0 iv
Our Stock is the largestsee have
ever offered to Me Trade.
. 4 ' AT
174 Federal St., Allegheny.
At 10 CENTS. 50 patterns Wart Paper. bright
colors, good at the once.
At /23i roots, MUTT 1121011 T NWT
WALL PAPERS, a blrgalo.
At 15 cents, PIN! WHIT! PA.P2115.
At 25 coots, yard wide WEITZ AND BUYS
HOLLAND tar Wlagow Shales, good at lb.
low prim.
YARD-WIDE /LOOS CLOTH; bright color..
45 ream
WIDN OIL CLOTH, cot to Albans, rdo*LAe.
PAPER, at Low Priem
No. 174
By authority of the Eon. OZO. d. BOUT.
WILL. Eecretery.of the Treas¢rf.l wIU PR.
at Pablle Anetton, on WROhRBDAT. the leth
Met.. at 12 X., at the Custom Boom aforesaid,
that portion of the Marine 'Regalia Lot widish
Is separated from nisi Hospital tralldleg by Prattle
atreet, running parallel with the Pittsburgh old
Cleveland Railroad. This property matslas be
tween two and tame arse, and Is located glom
to the Iles of Allegheny City and Is ansurpmsed
fee minafactaxiim 90e901101 Owing to MB pros-
Way to the cities of Pittsbargh and Al .eghouy
and its fsailltles for nioylag freight In any eine
sion—the Pittsburgh, Port Wants and Chicago
Railroad froming tlm Upon . line, and the Pita
harsh and Clenched Railway passing over the
ground; Foible street forma the lower boundary
while the Ohio river Is bat MTh or four hamtred
yard. oft.
Tntn—Ohs•oßb cash. the balance la four
equal quarterly payments. the Int of whirl
shall be made on the lettt of June next, with
intarrst from the day of tale until paid.
Pall detalle will Os gives at time and place of
All bids to be made subject to
to the approval of the Secretary of
the Treasury; the Department re-
serving the right to reject any or
all bids if deemed to. the - Meng
of the Government to, do SO.
Invite attention to. their Lax
G 0 C
Patrol:mica at the La
We Can and wil
By any Hous
Nos. 130 and 13
L Uu test Lea cheapest commerclal
BRIO 11111:r. 1011.1.&141 et imaranat iltoslii .
Mee sztemibers—;—...-- SI BO
Oils of Si
Chiba et —.—..-- 1
♦gm 1. fersigke4 Illalato4l7 to LS Wilt,
IP et dab et W.
tout as seat.
REED C 0. .&
UrNOTKlES—"2l)4.64''"ibeetafe .
ul,„ 0 0." Wangs.. siNaukstp/b~
da., not exceeding, FOUR LINZ% at
be inserted in Man columns aux /or
TWENTY-Find OEM'S; wed addl.
howl Una ..riva CENT &
13A1.1C811•N la to. Ilstat basla•sa.
Address U. W. W.. U•zsprs Orrws. its
WANTED.—It you want your
JOB PItINTINO dose cheap. go B o nd
•Ifro- AVENUZ, Wed Apo, over Di
►root Sloe Mont (SU) JOHN F. Dll/111.
TANTED. April first,
rR IN? ROOM. Isecond Mr,. sad 11coall
sujolulax (slerplog roma.) unfltrol.h...l.
cram 21•2120 loastlonspd terlsa, "J. L.." 211
Necund avenue, Plttablargb. 112
TO-LET.—A Brick House of 6
large room• and mittialldings. with. • or
au., 3 mitre out on the Wadulagion PIIt.
Enquire or W. TR eNTEIE or No. - 111 Otdo
street, Allegheny. . 3-11:WYM
LET.RoolEB—Single or
ueMed: forn , .hed or ostarnuord,witl
boord, enquire at 161 YOUSTII AVZ/CLIZ.
rrIO-LET.—The large (oar-star!
AL PRICK IiTnBZUOUBs. No. 136 l3 ld
street, St present occupies Ls • furniture store.
The best bosh: m.B location In the shy. Dohan
on the premises.
LET.—A large and hand.
ttil as T i ItLY FURNIttlihD HALL. with oats
roe pUos now. complete...a Fourth ova
tioe. on U. W. riII.PLY, TO Wood
Tiel--ET, --41. first-class STORE
-1,160011, 70,10, wlth cellar, Masud at 60,
60 federal street. Allegheny. 7he room Is well
V h "l.
W bad w/111 the
II required. Wont
rKO.LET.—Fonr New Brick
HOUBLS, Malted on Indwell! street:lmm
1./n MCI.. Allegneny, Pa. Itarh boom, een
talm 4 r oms and bath room. gm lbronaboal,
kitchen range. hot and cold water la kiloton at
bath room. Impure of .I•Mlti 110D1PladY No.
44 Ot le mapl e Aligh<llllY• Pa. 11.10
rLIF.T.—One good Store room
...DWILLI2.I.I, nexts 0510 stmt. 3
mars from Diamond sad door to 3556/U55
&Irmo Bonk. Use or the beet location. IS the
city.heat moderate. Also, N IttlOklS UM
rear of bald store roam. locale •or
mart:99n W. CAM:3ON. 46 Uhto
rLET-OIIPE.—That dale.
rabbi Dwelling Howse No. TO Hemlock
street, *flesh. ny, oeu:y new, costa steel
rooms, bath. hot sod eo'd water, odd k sae
throughoos. Tor term.tht.2f
jA v i ,ara n.
No. lisioloeir stmt. -
or No. 10 0 Oa: Washy street&
MO-LET—From A pril 15t,11.70,
that elegant two atm BRICK BOBU.
with ostballdlags and garden. .Masted' on the
earner og Roes and Neale, meets. gent Llbirtg,
at present occupied by W. P. Elden. Zan.
lamina of W. 610. GIBBON.; •
.No. Si leed.wal EL. Allegheny elm Pa.
frO-LET.--Brick of 9 rooins,
ZrAt f ro:LM' gt'Van.:Tni w . e• B :4 ;
of 0 Boom.. Na. 130 midden
•Pey. year Sampson et.. Ad warn, Alleglnety,
6110 per month.
of 4 booms. No. 111 Mop
hoz Bt., near Federal lit.
111 1 .
800 Frame of 8 Booms, Hall sad
41111., and Water. lareo •erd. NO. 100 Na..
1000 y Bt. one square from Mreet ears.
14t.I.ST—Prsase or 6 R00M5...4 Hall, No.lBl,
Shear Id street. b St
S rs.
Brlek of S mu, 8011, SsAle,
Not and Coed Water and On tAroughcsit,
lolebed In STell y res Pent. g 0. 160 Mutat IL.
OM ward, Allegheny. •
90-I.4T—Brle4 of l Room.. tun, Woo mull. •
No. 140 Marketlit., 6th Ward.
of .
Sta above proy le le goad repair. and will
be rented low., Apple to W. e. PIL CI. ,
mate Al Dimmed. Annetta%
BALE.—One No 8 PLAT.
at g 4 lollll SCALE (1600 1b..) for tale <lmp.
IS PiNN OULZWZ, Fittsbargh. 011
Fon SALE.—lfew House of
Rooms and good Cellar, oglo^u sterol.
oar Calowell meet. Indoln of W. WILTON.
at ago hos•e. Ten.. Clay. ID.
MNORS.ILLE.-3 Brick Bo
as No.. 13 and 75 Loran latent. ey sad cu l =
of 75 on Carpenters Wiry. ThWill be sold
low for cash. Inquire os O. SACKZTT. 751
Bedford avenue. • $llll-zWn
rim brick d.rellttig b0t=71 , 7 ""- o. 113; billy II
roma Ana cellar, yard. eta: maw ed
In good order. Immediate pommel.). ♦ ADOI7 to
atm .79
OUT - 11996T &sum.
'ooli BALE .— That Desirable
property snouted Oti the corner of Crud
etreet end Sixth avenue Pittsburgh, on Wide!
Is erected a (ibureb building sod one Tito Igor,
Mick DoellinglEinuse. Toe Lot is 00 lets oat
Grant stree inquireo tett on filial . Por
terce as.. of Is. II LW, Ole illlg
geld: reet, or alth MST Wr.55g1.0.61m.1i brenimi,
near the maim.
vloß BALE.—Good Iwo story
ltrame Nouse ofslx. rag.. halt WI goat
ar. Lot SO feet lon lathes true, mew.,
out TA% fee; to • tee Joel. oiler. .hated lea
good ortahbortrad, so* ma h
y .... dem
soave the All. gamy Part. Priem $11.103C
Po ..... lot Apr I lot. Per further talonaaWg
apply on the p I mile.. No. SPA eaalisay
oureet, All•theny city. Alto, Um stoat 4
Astores or a netall Woo:cry. Apply at a u t o.
2531 Sande. ty oty ee I. 34
FOR BALE .— Cottairßowe of. .
Male Street. beet of Union Peek. ooshilio
leg Flee Rooms. Tele is • beeetfAll ptomM.
eel MW be told vele cheap If railed tor goo. .
TOR El &LK—One or the bes t Tavern ham:boa
Peon street. %toe stand sad legation has SWF . •
to e be Nee to be •pprrelated. and to be regeveed
as alt invaluable oroherty for that game,.
Terms of payment ern easy. Aeply won. .
THOS. }LOU... II MUM. .•
Dealm le Teal lestme. Mortgsges aid ergetts.,e .
ton co Loans. Ofeee goner of Peon we MIT.efoL
Plttsber.h. sable
Eleven dots ,of , Fine Garde" .tr0"4 1 , 1 ,
WItII 110178 Z find BATIK ALEN. A 1111 4 ,1110 1: `: •
OSIOHAID and a. sbwidastat of 'Min
all kinds. Will MI an wy MO. 45 11 , 0 .4 1 .
eVarytilat beton:dog to the was. 4-
Tame—Onsqldrd clubs bsZsw Pi7IAIO WM*
yesnmllltk Lektarest. Aiderm .
Hr.:Moot'. rilld.l%
SIX sad WELL, Wasted aro alia hr Maps.
tiny. Oa the old lkMeunier doe& ladelie at
A. WILLI¢•d TAVERN, near the 01010. Tams
eYL• 114
AT $l.OO.
Extra Quality Kid Gloves.
The test to the market at that talea..„
AT 81.75.
Full !tufted all Celan
New Spring Gloves,
New Stockings. •
New Embroideries,
Nor. 78 and 80 ?dulcet -Eared.
Ulf & CO.,
ge end Well Seleetei Stock of
test Decline for C 4,004
1 Bell Them ; . at
e in the City. yi l
joES BEFORE IN v rung.
2 'Second Avenue:-