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Eittifiugt 4apth,
Route Per Sale.
. _
• good paytocroota on the Gentrrs.
Poitownl calling, owner leaving the
City. Apply today at Gessrre Count•
peensits meet to-night
The Allegheny Firemen yeelerds9
eetved their new belts.
Specie Payments were resumed at a
Nifth avenue shoe store yesterday.
Several I.lquer Saloons commenced
Paying specie In anise yesterday.
The school building. of Pittsburgh at
present 112 use will soommodatel6,ooo
Pittsburgh Couactlia—d. Special blest
he called far this (Thursday) after
noon at two o'clock.
Tbea. Ea@ was tined ten dollars and
00•12 for . Interiorlns with pacing
fiftilenth amendment.
A very Interesting loner, from "Our
Own (brrenpoudent,"wilt be round on
the Second page of to-dare paper.
damage to the Allegheny 'Fire
Alarm Telegraph am repaired yeater.
day,and the telegraph la m working or.
Aar niltirt
Conductor. on the street can are be•_
ghmlng,Ao handle coin. A considerable
amount *as taken up on the Allegheny
and Manchester line yesterday. •
-♦ greaten individual wallowing in
the mud on Liberty street yesterday was
all that wee passing strange or served to
snake an Item from that quarter.
sliver three, five and ten rent pleats
en In great demand, owing to Rovers& of
the retalimerchanta buying them, pro.
loantca7 to ming specie In change.
A meat wagon, while passing over
'Wag street, Allegheny, yesterday force.
won, mote to a madden halt by the
breaking of the axle. Damage alight.
Ten Dellars-James McCann was fined
tan dollars by the Mayor for striking Pat
Maehan, a fellow boardar with whom a
_miaunderstanding had occurred.
John M. Bann, cloirged Fides' Row.
Unger with having stolen two chisels and
sums files from his blacksmith shop in
Shahs township. Alderman Arent is•
sued a warrant for his arrest.
Te-day, ktiireh 10th, Is the last day of
l i
to given to make income returns.
day he Assessors. am directed
to add filly r cent. to all those who
&Li to comp y with the la*.
A wagon loaded with cinders took fire
while pusing alonr - Smithfield street
yesterday, and threatened to assume a
moving destructive *demerit, but for the
energies of some mid water men..
Another Notiry.—The cortunlislon of
Max. Bchamberg,• recently appointed a .
Notary Public for Allegheny county, bits
been received at the office of Thos. H.
Banter, Esq., Recorder for Allegheny
We beard of several owners of houses
who are paying ground rent being
served with notices yesterday that the
land owners would demand gold or Ito
equivalentt for their quarterly rent, due
next April,
"Mater Rivera arrested Thomas Martin
at Trlmble'i Varieties last night on a
charge of larceny, he having, it Is al•
lofted, stolen an overcoat at the Monon
gahela House last Thursday and dla•
posed of it at a pawnbroker's.
Thomas HaHi:Looser made information
before Alderman Mullen yesterday
charglngJohu Philips, a young man with
knocking him down, of course without
provocation. The accused was held for •
warhearin d. g Both parties reside in the Third
Officers Elected—PittbUrgh CoMMALI
dary No. 1, Knights Templar, elected the
following officers Tuesday evening: E.
C., George GUMS, G.; Geo. Neeld, C. C.,
Little, P., Getter, C. Shldls: S. W..
D. P. Ester,: J. W.. David Watt; T., Chu.
A. Colton: R., T. W, Wright. .
Mentors Elected—The annual election
for )Tractors of the Pennsylvania Rail.
road on Monday resulted as follows: J
Edgar Thompson, Josiah Bacon, Wide:,
Monks. George Black, Pittsburgh: Barn.
nel T. Bodine, Joseph B. Myers, Edward
0. Knight. Washington Thatcher, John
M. Kennedy and John Rice.
Before Alderman Taylor,George Cue.
'tidy made Information cha rging Christ.
Hell with assault and battery, alleging
That without cause or provocation the
defendant had attacked and beaten him.
The case having been held for a hearing,
was yesterday dlamissed on the non-
appearance of the prosecutor.
Corporal panishment u a means of dim-
Is almost abolished in the Pitts
burgh schools, since October last.. In the
year previous to that time it was esti
mated that the tctal number of floggings
adminlatered, aggregated over seventy
five thouund. A little investigation, by
the authorities proved wholesome.
Emmanuel Elwanger has a fast horse,
and likewise Ma neighbor, Wm. Part
ridge. As to whose was the most swift
of foot a dispute sues between the par
tial yesterday, whlch• finally resulted In
Emanuel bringing suit before Alderman
Bolster, of Allegheny, charging. Port.
ridge ith assault s and battery. A war
rant wu issued.
Temperance Lecture.—Dr. s. W. Pow
ell, of London, will deliver a lecture
before the Allegheny 'Temperance
League this (Thursday) evening at. 7!,‘
o'clock, In Dr. J. B. Clark'. chttrou,
comer of Sandusky street and Stocktbn
avenue. Ells subject will be, "The Ca
rear of a Drunkard or; the Life and
Character of the Gifted Edgar A. Poe."
Owed Wagner, a resident of the Sev
enth ward, Allegheny, brought suit to,
lOre Alderman Renter, charging Jerry-
Smith with assault and battery, the ,two
Mites participated In a mutual knock
down. A cross suit was entered by de.-
tandmit charging Wagner with
darly conduct, but further litigation was
stayed by each defendant paying his
- -
Before Alderman Bolster, of All&
A. Lelmbach made oath on yet?'
terday charging John Schutz with assault
and battery, enticing that defendant had
choked his little girl, but scarcely was
be done making hla charges when
• Schutz appeared, alleging that lahnbach
bad choked his little boy. The Parke,
oonsiderlng themselves now square set
tied the matter by sans defendant paying
the 00112 . / . ' •
field for Trtal.—tlaror Brush had doe
of those perplexing oases before him
yesterday in which Sarah Ann Wine
charged one Fannie Sweeny with adul
tery, alleging that the defendant hid
lured into her ways and pleasure Sarah
Ann*s eon, an the two Would mut am If
by magic; and as Fannie declared her
Intention of holding fast to the youn g
man even site , returning from pun
latiment, the cue wax held for Court.
ae i s P. lasers was yesterday arrested
and brought before Alderman Mclean
tern, on the oath of A. J. Young charri ng
him with having obtained goods under
false pretenses. The plaintiff keeps a
store In Port Peary, and &Hegel, that
Myers procured of him goods to the
amonst of 180, representing that he own.
ed property In Connersville, but was
yesterday arrested on board a boat abort
starting for New Orleans, the untruthfulz
nen of his statements having bun dis
covered. -He gave ball for appearance at
wormy Lecture.—At lefayette.Rall
this evening, Wendell Phillips will
deliver his celebrated lecture on that
distinguished Irish patriot, Daniel o'omi.
a subject that affords much COM.-
ment, and with Mr. Phillips' giant Intel
lect and grand oratorlal powers oar pee.
ids may expect to bear one of the beet
bating that hal been delivered under
the auspices of the Mercantile Library
damoolation this season: The advantage
'of this lecture is two fold and the hear
.erslf not pleased with the •seidiment,
cannot fail to be entertained with the
style of delivery and • beauty of hut. 1
gretharacteriaticofthispwit lecturer.
re e garved meats. Admis sio n dhy ants.
Saloon Flight.
Tuesday evening • fight occurred In
Chessemait's =loon, Lacock street, Alla.
showy. Among the princtpalswere Jas.
Cbrnellus and George Bowers. They
ware on opposite aides in the conflict and
•f course bad unpleasant feelings toward
•acb 'other. They resorted, to litigation
to equate up. Cornelius condo informs.
lion for Snotty 'of the pesos against
Bowen =Ore Mayor Callow. Bowers
entered a Crow snit before' Alderman
Bowden. In both eases the delinelants
rite =raided •nd held An I,lasaag•
, •
- • . '
.Ik/ "
Pltiale of the Petcbtal Tragedy—Exe
cution of Van Bordeoberff and Bohner
—Last litaternents of the Coutteinned
Mem. •
The erode scene in the Peightal tragedy.
was enacted at Huntingdon, Huntingdon
county: between twelve and one o'clock
'yesterday, at which time Gotleib Bohner
and Albert Von Bordenberg, who were
tried and convicted for the murder, on
the 17th day of November, 1869, of John
Peightal, Sarah Peightal, his wife, and
Scott Gardner, an adopted son, were
called, upon, as an atonement to the
obanded lasi, tcseurrendor their lives ac
the penalty f their crime.
The sick log details of the horrible
nipple mu er for which they were con
demned to te, are doubtless still fresh
In the min a of many of our readers. ee
they were Oblished in full in those co t !,
th r er r e e lr d e e , ri f
of P
killingoi gh t t e h l
inmates ..7
mons. It I not our purpose,
again inn' them upon . 0
S th u e lleA nh it o t f ea , y,...t ha be t r :m lB6.9 t he ,
t e h v e s io n I n i t
e o n f
p °' ll ll ,r ied d k e rssH athne t b' e an° h7n r ee of over 14,000, and
then stterorted to cover up their crime
ey.tting fire to the house. Theypiled
1 the betiding upon the dead bodies and
after setting fire to it left, walked to the
nearest railway station, where they took
the train for Altoona. A gentleman pas
sing too house a short time after the
murder bad been committed, discovering
smoke issuing from the door and win
does, entered and found the dead
bodies in the center of the room under a
smouldering fire.
Simpleton at once attached to Von Bor.
denbergund Bohner, who had been seen
loitering In the community for a day or
two previous to the murder, and as It
was sacertaloed at the station that they
bad purchased tickets for Altoona, the
authorities at that Discs were at once
telegraphed to and they were arrested.
Ellitticient evidences; to fasten the crime
on them were found upon their persons,
- and they were committed to Jail, tried
at the Dieember term of Court, found
guilty and the sentence of death pro.
nounoed upon them. The Ehwernor
signed the death warrant, doing yeater•
day, March 17th, as the time for carrying
It into efllbet.
The eoridenined men, Albert Von Bor
denburg and Gottfried Von Bohner (or
efoore).idnce their conviction and sen
tence have been confined in the county
jail.. Bohner Is a muscular looking man,
witti sandy tiair, whiskers and mustache,
and would fail to create a favorable-im
pression._ He was about forty , years of
age, and claimed that he was never mar
ried. He had lived In the county previ
ous to the murder for which be suffered
death. He had been convicted ot rob
bing adore in Huntingdon. for which he.
carved two years in the Western Pont
tentiary. .Prior to the murder of the
Peightals, he bad worked In . Altoona.
and It was there be became acquainted
with hie companion In crime. During
his confinement, until within a few days
put. he has been hard to manage, and
made several ineffectual attempts to es
cape, the tut attempt being on Thursday
Bordenberg was in the thirtieth year of
his age, and was rather pleasant In ap•
pretence. He had dark browneyes, dark
hair, and was of medium height. Daring
an interview with him yesterday he in
furtnedyi?ur correspondent that homes
born in" Hanover and that became to title
country In 1866. He was a cabinet maker
by trade, and Brat worked in
New Jersey. He was afterwards em
ployed in Steinway's piano manufactory
In New York. He further stated that In
-1t67-8 he_ resided In Pittsburgh, and
boarded Air three menthe - at' "Sweitzer
Hall." on Penn street. He was employed
at deck hand on the steamer. Echo, run
ning between' Pittsburgh end Oil City.
After leaving Pittsburgh he went to Ty.
tone, and subsequently to Hollidays
burg, where he worked about a month.
He than returned to Tyrone, - tint was
shortly afterwards arrested on a charge
of, stealing carpenter tools In Holliday/1-
'burg, be was taken back, tried,-
convicted and sentenced to the
Weetene Penitentiary for one year, the
term commencing May 7, 1867, and ex
piring In 1868. After his imprisonment
he returned to Altoona, and after some
time became scquinted with Bohner.
He seemed to Mel his position more
deeply than his companion, and several
times daring the' Conversation repeated
the assertion that he had not participated
in the murder, and that he was Ignorant
of the deed until he was arrested. He
acknowledged that they had gone for
the purpose of robbery, bat that murder
was not intended. It is proper to say,
however, that thou statements are not
received with Much credence. Both
parties bad opportunities for religious in
struction. Rev. Mr. Steckel, 01 the Ger
man Reformed Church. was in constant
attendance, and both *maenad theft trust
In the future. Bordenbery partook of
the communion on Sunday last.
Since the' arrest of the encased men,
both before and after the trial, they have
made confessions and etatements, all of
which have teen pnblehed except those
last written, which were prepared a day
or two' prior to the execution. They
were written in German and were trans
lated by Rev. Mr. Steckel for publica
lion. They read as follow::
, NEE.
The last will of one about to die: Be
loved in the Lord! It is - a matter of
labor to collect my thought', to may unto
you my farewelL I pray all whom I
may havo offended not to treasure up
auger Against me, but to pardon me
mince lam about to recall, and I do now
recall all before I depart. - I depart thin
life with the much:mamma that I am at
peace with God. I therefore take this
cup of bitterness with comfort. I ;dace
myself immediately before the Judg
ment sestet God elf approach the snores
of eternity, attire I constantly pray and
commune with him silently. This causes.
me comfort and happinersi here and
hereafter. I speak In this manner to
God and not to man; I feel myself of
fended in this when men under
take to teach me. I have an
Germany myself led in prayer
meeting, and know to well that a man
can by himself be converted. I have
Myself. experlenced the 11AMsot:mom,
since I have walked the broad way and
. lefttbe."narrow way which leadeth unto
life." Whether man will pardon me I
know not, yet I hope that God will have
• ercy on me at the last day of judg
ment, Beloved citizens of Huntingdon,
by the-Untat you will have seen my lest
writing and my last words, I will likely
not be anymore, 'for the mewengerof
death stands at the door with hi. flaming
Sword and demands my Rout. Whether
amputfty or not peaty, I am unable to
je;therefore I leave It in the bands of
.. Ile Is the Righteous Judge, Ms
powerful word I will soon bear, and will
submit myself to-Rlai righteous punish
ment. Beloved friends, that I may so call
yem causes mepleasnre; I cannotby word
of mouth tell you; you may therefore re.
Celeult 'from my pon. The pain which
Duffer tlrevente the from telling you;
for I take nothing out of this world km
the empty pages whereon I make known
my teats and complaints. My tears flow
whlle I am ;writing; my tact tears real
• apart this page. Think of me here as I
will think In that happy, happy
world. I have no fears of the gray& I
rather long for It, because I shall there
find'rest from pains and troubles suffer
ed and endured. "Whoever fears the
grave is still lost In the world." Tne
crave - Is my resting place, to which my
body' leeks with joy, SitICO there all
trouble OSLO and leave me. Whoever
speaks in fear of the grave knows not of
Its rest. The grave removes all my bur
dens and cares from me. - Lot me, there
fore, here rest in peace. Great God, for
all this I thank Theo. Fromall that:mine
and terrors of sin, I shall likewlee here
also be freed. Beautiful rrrave ! dark
easy lap , here become fully
; freed faun - enfferlints, troubles,
Lord, re l a n t to t t e h r y .
f h a a v n o d rii s
my body.
el it In Ilatingdon, I say once
Mt 4 you all. in farewell, with the
hope, however, to see each other in the
region beyond, where pain. mid tears
and troublee shalt be no more; where
God will wipe away all tears from our
eyes; where we shall all bloom In evn i r r
,iprieg. I will- be s eech God ir;
your behalf; will consecrate to you my
last sigh; during my last thoughts nir
you, death will translate me Into the bet
ter life. 'Let -me here conclude. My
hand trembles; tears becloud my eye..
To the truth of this I seal it
With my death, and attest it with my own
signature.. Vary respectfully,
D . osozmnzacris STATEMF.ST.
Charley, the time is now getting very
abort for on to live. Then we will have
to spew before the judgthent seat of ,
God. We will there receive our reward
for the deeds done In the hody,- be they
good or evil. You have so often prom.
teed and me that you would
bring About my release; I therefore now
once moropray you in the name of God,
to tell the truth. If you cannot or will
not save my life, at least save your own
poor soul from /verbatim damnation.
There Is still some time.- Yon have no
right to may that a man dies like a beast,
or that when a man dies all is over. I
know only too well that something still
remaking in • your heart which tell' you
unmistakably enough that which you
say to be directly contrary to the truth.
Tour perverted - nazi • dee" not ad.
mit it. Your sins are too frightful
to allowyou power to tell the
truth. Seithereizt you humble yourself
before the throne of our Lord Jesus
Christ. I can assure you that you will
soon regret it. So fares lam concerned
you can do as you choose, but
me What pleasure this can be to you that
pray toll
Ibe hung with yen? I bare fortunately
not depended much on. you. You have
no feeling for your fellow man. It is
true I believed very confidently that the
th m e e llo t l o e p d u i e r
nor have I
o...i Co n u ce r o t lr w ws o uwe n n ld tinw n g ot i
tthhy rioi l d wi e o m nteh n y;
taken the life of any man; in Mil con
sciousnessyourefict of which
this chair: how terribly
also I can die. If
you battered this woman's head with the
;hovel; how beseechingly ahe begged_
you to Roue her life, you will per
ceive who *lll accuse you when we
shall appear before the tribunal of
God. I cannot consider It Just that you
should be believed more than myself,
since I told the truth from the first time
we came here, which appears not to have
been considered before the court. All
this I did not know In time, or else) I
would have told all myself at the time I
was naked whether I had anything to
say. I had the confidence that those
who had the law in hand, to whom I told
there things, would cause tame things to
operate In the proceedings, but t h is did
not happen - according as It appeared to
me afterward. When • man Zannot
confide In those who aro in authority
what can I do who am • priscmor. I
cannot speak English; do not ;know the
laws of this country, and have no friend
who could do anything in my favor.
Neither have I money wherewith to
make friends. I could do nothing more
for myself than what I did, vie:-to tell
the truth, which, as I said before, could
not condemn me to death; for in Ger
many the law is such that whosoever
does not take the life of any many cannot
be condemned to death. This also I
take for jostles. There Is, therefore,
no more left than the confidence which I
have in our Father which Is. In Heaven.
It will by this time have appeared who
the real murderer Is. However, the
word guilty has been pronounced upon
me, who will have to be executed. 1 re.
afire the answer now from every ono
that it Igloo late. (To nave nos unjustly
condemned! Is this Justice?) This
leave In the hands of Him who rules
over no, who established the powers that
be. Upon the consciences of those who
wield this authority may this Mapocudbli
ity rest. I will not, nor is it In my
power to prononnoe Judgment upon any
man. I commit all Into the hammed' the
Lord our God. He is the great Judge.
He says; "Vengeance Is mine; I will re
pay." In HIM I pl*ee nX7 trust; in Him
I five and die.
It is true only the few profess We
name; so it - falls to my lot, like unto Him:
every one cried °away with Ilim;" so it
le now; no mite takes mercy on me ex
cept One, our God. - It Is indeed a matter
of no small amount to nut to take leave
of Hie world in the best years of my lire,
and It may well be a matter of regret for
all inch as could have been of asalatance
to me. Many who think of me after my
death will see my spirit flit before their
It is true that I did what I should not
have • done, in this, that I shared the
money because I knew nothing of the
_Yet this cannot condemn me
to death. Men may think of MO what
they please; Iknom that I took (he life of
no man, and Almighty God is my witness.
I now return my sincere thanks to
each one who showed nie a kindneesdur
log the time of my imprisonment and to
At an early hour yestardny . morning
the streets of tho town wore thronged
with people, and the crowd continued to
Increase during the day. Sheriff Neety
had for several days been 'besieged by
persons for tickets of admission to the
execution, but owing to the wantof room
to the Jail yard- the number of ticketa
had to be limited. Enterprising Indi
'victuals had erected platform•on the hill
aide overlooking the jell yard, on which
standing room sold at a premium.
The spiritual adviser. of the con
demned men remained with them the
entire night Tuesday, and airline o'clock
Wednesday morning held religious set ,
cleat in the cells. A few minutes after
twelve o'clock the Sheriff accompanied
by his Deputy, entered ttie eella and an.
nounced to the prisoners that their time
had arrived. Alter the usual preparation
the solemn procession formed and
marched to.
THE scurrow,
The condemned ascended the scaffold
at half past twelve with firm steps and
took the positions assigned them on the
trap. After the preliminaries had been
arranged, prayer in German was offered
in behalf of the unfortunate men by. Rev.
.1. IL Sykes, of the Reformed Church.
After the prayer,
ono of the clergymen
asked Charley if be had anything to say.
He replied, "no." Von Bondenberg
then read the statement made Tuesday
and given above, and appealed to the
other to confirm it. truth. The paper
was read in German, but the tone was
earnest and foaling. Atter concluding,
Bohner said-uwe were both in the bonne
together, both helped to kill, and we
both are going to die together." Von
Bordenberg replied: "It is a shame.
You ought not to say that at the list
moment. It lainhumen." Rey. Steckel
then offered a prayer In German. The
last farewell was then said, and all des
cended from the platform except the
Sheriff. Von Bordonbergasld: "Cf Lord,
beyond the Skies, forgive my sins and
take my poor soul up into Thy Kingdom
Amen, Amen."
Black cape were then placed over the
Leads and the noose adJcutted, about the
necks or the condemned, Bohner„after
the cap had been drawn over his head,
made some remarks In German, bull they
could not be heard. The signal wee then
given, and In a moment the bodies of Ltie
wretched men were suspended between
heaven and earth.
The drop fell at fifteen minutes of one
o'clock. In ten minutes Albert died. and
four minutes later the oonculaive twitch.
Inge of Bohner's body ceased. At the
expiration of twenty•llve ininutos Dm.
Neely, Thompson, Mitchell and Bsum
baugb, wbo were in attendance, pro.
nouucefilife extinct. The bodice, were
slowly lowered and placed In plain black
coffins whichlad been placed below the
scaffold. After an examination the pby.
sicians stated that Bordenberg's neck
bad been dislocated, but that Bottum bad
died from strangulation.
An Embankment Caves in—A Citizen
Kilird—Diatreaaing Occurrence—Cor.
owes - request.
Yesterday about noon a very distrait!-
ing - accident occurred In Allegheny,
which resulted In the death of a respected
citizen... The victim was Mr. Charles A.
Hotchkiss, who resided on Franklin
street near Beaver avenue. He bad a lot
of earn engaged In grading Off a portion
of the lot in the rear of •the Sixth
ward school house, corner of Juniata and
Chartism streets. The embankment was
about ten feet high, and wan composed
in( gravelly soli, which crumbled
but no difficulty had been experienced
-in keeping it squared as the work pro.
greased. The men had gone to dinner,
when Mr. Hutchldu took up a new pick
which be had Just prirohatied, and struck
it Into the embankment at his feet;
Intending to leave It there for the
men. At this minute a large mass of
atones and gravel became loosened from
the top and rollover upon Mtn before be
could turn around. He was Instantly
crushed to the earth. A boy passing at
the time witnessed the arcidentand•Jm
mediately procured help. The Injured
man wu taken to his residence about •
square off and Dr. J. H. Grout! sum.
menet Upon examination It was dis
covered that his right aide Wu crushed,
his leg and arm broken and his spine
hurt. The physician at once pronounced
hi. Interim fatal. ffe lived In an nacon.
seicrue state about fifteen minutes after
being taken into the house, when death
came to his relief. •
The victim wax between forty-five
and fifty years of age and came to Alle
gheny a fow years ago from Wellington,
Connecticut. and wax In comfortable
circumstances. He leaves a wife and
two children. The family have no rela
tives In this part of the country and It Is
designed to take the body back to Wel
lington for burial, the friends there
having been notified of the sad occur
rence, and telegraphing they would be
hare to-day.• -
on T ly ho o
o d nrt deceased althou gh lntheity,
o hn had been
g d n ai . an nn d o w iluon sai n
inquest an ne pt u h e . a te d d m ti as r an an y n
thea ye r r re dli ri Cla wson
a.T a
t c
a d d al e . pith er
the w
lusts an
was rendered.
Duquesne way Business Property.
The 120 loot front on Dtiqueolio way, to
be sold at hicilwaine's datculon Dooms
next Tuesday evening, Is an unusual
'opportunity to secure valuable bualneas
property: It le the premises latelyoo,..,
pled by the Pennsylvania Salt Manufao.
taring Company, at the corner Birth or
Pitt Street. There will be also Ave ad
joining lots, each 20 feet front on RIR
street, and one lot of 60 feet front. The
contemplated extension of Fifth avenue
along alley to Duquesne way, and
erection of the Tripartite bridge at the"
Point, will In a very few years make this
among the most saleable locations in
our dry, telt already le for many present
ionic Account et the Standings and Oth.
•er Arrangements or the institution. •
. On Monday we enjoyed the opportuni
ty of a lien to Claremont Sprit:um, or
perhaps more intelligibly speaking, the
Work Howie, As our readers ale aware,
this heretofore much needed institution
Is located la Rota township, on the north
aide of the Allegheny river. The location
la niadonbtedly a healthy one, and
for this and many other reasons
the selection of the site Is to be com
mended. The building when completed
will have moat 1 350 ,000—perhips more,
but those who may take trouble to visit
and tweet it, and make themselves an.
outdated with its conduct, will feel that
the investment is good for the county.
• 'rug narMaireas
stand parallel with the river, covering
live hundred feet in length, and distant
froth the Western Penna. Railroad about
two hundred feet The centre or main
building la fifty by one hundred feet and
three stories 'high, having also in addl.
I non d hendaome tower. Tho wings east
and west, which stand back about fifty
feet from the front of the centre build
ing, are two hundred foot in length,
fifty•three lad in depth, and (oneatory)
thirty.six feet In height to the
cornice. Each la • ornamented at the
front end corner by ■ handsome
tower, built fur the molt part of atone.
The Mums, doorways, window cape. cor
nice, dm, of the 'whole frOnt,of the buil&
ing are of cut atone, aid barring the
ehleids of the window■ of the wingv, the
establishment ban a pleasant. hospitable
look. In the rear of the center building
is a short wing, three atones high, with
kitchen and laundry on the first floor,
male and female hospitals, physicians'
room, sewing room, de., on the second,
end the chapel and library roomion the
third floor. A small building also stands
back, containing the engine, boilers, ,tc.
Two hundred feet in the rear
brilldinge are yet to be erected the work
shops, which wilt occupy a structure
four hundred feet long and forty feet
deep, and be divided Intosection Thin
building will be. two stories high, s.
the sections will be separated by brick
walla. All the brick and atone wont 'Of
the main bundling and wings bare been
completed, and the east wing le finished
within and occupied, there being now in
the - institution about seventy prisoners.
Mr. John McDonald, of Allegheny
City, is the superintendent of construe.
lion, to whom we are Indebted for infer
nation regarding the buildings. • • •
The main entrance to the centre build
ing will be reached by a abort flight of
broad atone steps, and from thence, the
Superintendent's room, or the Milos of
the lostltutiou, will be reached at will.
Tee chief (Aloes of the house will have
accommodations for their families in
this building. Within It is tastefully
finished with walnut and yellow pine,
and all modern conveniences are provi
ded. In thorax on the Brat floor is the
guard room, froth each aide of which
iron doors open into . the two
wings, from which all movement.
of Pritionere can be seen. On the
Remind floor la the library, a very pleas.
ant room, lighted from the centre above
and having a large circular opening
through the floor into the guard room.
rurther back on the first floor is the
kitchen, neatly arranged, and opening
Into It the laundry, Containing three
very large washing machines operated
by steam. Above these again are male
and female hospitals, ho., a handsome
chapel and office*. .
The last wing Is Intended for the
female prisonefa and the west -wing
for the male., the former, however, only
being completed, la now occupied by the
men, none of tho other sex as yet hav
ing teen admitted. A very great im
provement over any other prison in this
hero of the country has been Introduced
. We refer to the construction of
the cello along the centre instead of the
aides of the wings. There are four tiers
of cells - standing back to back, thus
affording ample light in each from the
windows in the aides of the building and
a tine board walk or • hell
around therm Tble wing has
one hundred and twenty separate
I cells, four by seven feet and seven feet
high, and four congregate cells. At the
extreme east end lea large store room,
and between It and the range of cells aro
bath and wash moms. The beds are
attached to the sides of the cella, and can
be let down and up as occasion requires.
Round each of the upper. tiers la a hand
some walk, with Iron railings, and a
stairway to them Is located at the west
end of the range. In the west wing there
will be two hundred and ideal
separate cells and right Urge cells.
Each cell Ii gentilsted by • duo:
The engine building, presided over by
Mr. W. E. Russell, is a model of neat.
nen. It; contains a Set o', holism and I
fine engine , built by Mclntoala, Hemp
hill A Co. From here an . abundance of
heat le furnbthed through the buildings
and !deem power is provided for the
laundry, tc.
The Work House land occupies fifty
acres. °noel' the most interesting points
to visit there is the spring, located on the
hill abOut eight hundred feet back of the'
buildings and ono hundred and fourteen
feet above the river loyol. The water is
clear and pure and In the greatest abun
dance. A neat reservoir of masonry has
been built and pipes laid, by which am
ple force is obtained to 'apply thabollers
and the whole of the buildings. Mr.
David McKinney has teen engaged as:
Titta eurEurresniurr.
It is but recently that the Board of
Managers of the Institution have been
able to engage a Superintendent who,
from experience and qualifications,
would In their opinion fill the position,'
The man selected Le Hon. Henry Oordier,'
until lately Warden of the Wiaconatu
-State Prison, and he is expected to ear..
rive here this week—today In fact. MY,
Cordler has been very highly rococo.
mended, but his best recommendation is
his able management of the prison
named, where, It Is said, the Income list
year was $25,000 over the expenses.
Mr. Peter Neil, Jr., of Sharpaburg,
Deputy Superintendent, hes had charge
of the Hones since Its °patting and has
given sedlefaation. He la - assisted by
G3o. W. Gillespie, of this city, and John
S. Edgar, of Allegheny, as keepers.
the finished and occupied part of the
buildings everything is clean and neat,
and the prisoner', especially those who
have had experience In our other prta
ens; are much pleased with their treat.:
ment here. Work, sunlight and air;
make them strong and healthy, and they
do not show the bleached features com
mon In our county Jail.. - •
In a board shanty some distance In the
rear of the east wing the party whom we
a rc
Freddy ompan Dle ied
hl." found the well known. 7 He Is "howl"' In the
soap factory and seems to erjoy
blinself. An Milker of the house
told Freddy that it was said that
there wart too much lye in his soap,
whereupon the n ine - citable' , Intimated
that there was more
in the assertion.
Ile pinked Up a large piece of soft, and in
exhibiting it claimed that Warden Scan.
drat never bad Inch soap at Me hotel.
On.leaving Freddy said that it was a
poor crowd that had no tobacco, where.
upon -a paw was handed him. Mr.
Diehl • then proceeded to his work con
The Result of a Dflascep—A Lady Se.
%Tray. Injured Almost Frozen to
Yesterday morning at an early hoar
Mrs. John Patterson, of Allegheny, met
with an accident which it Is feared will
be attended with fatal results.. She re.
aides on the Perrysville plank road, - at
the bead of Pedal al Street: a few doors
beyond the toll house. She rose very
early, In advance of any other member
of her family, and started out to
got a bucket of water from the
spring. In attemptiog to descend
a light of str ee t loading from the bowie
to the spring, abe missed her footing
and fell to the ground below, a distance
of twelve or fifteen feet. In coming down
sho struck her forehead above the left
eye against a step and wax thereby ren
dered senseless. In this condition abe
lay for some time until some of the
family awoke and observed her lying on
the.ground. She was Immediately car
ried Into the house and Dr. B. B. Smith
summoned. It was found that she
had suffered a severe contusion on the
forehead and apparently bad been other
*lee injured. From the exposure to the
cold she was almost frozen,. and when
picked up seemed as . if dead. Medical
attention revived her somewhat, but she
remained delirious during the dsy and
the physician consider' her recovery
doubtful. She a lady of middle age
and the mother of • large family. The
fact that she culotte, renders the cue
much more PrOCariOnr ' '
A gyre Dernedy.—Lovere of beef, tout
tan or veal are often vexed to End what
they have brought from market to be
tough and unsavory. Don't swear about
it, go or *end your servants to the
inPittsbu a b n ut e of J. F. Bellateln, No. 7$ Diamond,
market rgh, or SO Diamond, Allegheny'
, where none but the beat that
money buy la kept. Rego Yon will
find the remedy for all snob vexation.
Try it, t . ry ill and thank to for this ad-
I 312!
:11 Slates Dlatrlct Co'let—Judge Mc.
• • ..
W SDNENDAY, Mardi 9.L-11:1 the ease of
William Smith et al. vs. Wlghtman and
Anderson, the Jury found that the fact
let forth In the specifications Were not
C. M . Garrison and Sidney Fuller va.
C. 11. Fisher. On motion of Mr. Lucas
leave granted to withdraw specifications
of obJehtions to Bankrupt's discharge.
Alontto Inakeep Oat. va. Jenkins. Nlah
and Company. Ou motion of Judge
Shannon leave granted to withdraw spec
ifications of oNections to bankrupts die.
Charles Frisbee mt. W. R. Thomas,
case email/um:l and ordered on thoargn
went list.
• W. A. Crawfordd Co. vs. Wm. Buima;
Case continued by cennent to next term.
Unitnd States ye.' Harebell S. Clark.
On motion of Mr. Butterfield, role to
show cause why Judgment should not be
opened and defendant let Into a defence,
upon him givin g ttecarity for "costa anti
The grand Jury found bilk of indict.
moot against tho following named per
Michael Diughorty, for emptying
packages of distilled Spirit. mithout de
facing stamps.
Taper BUneinger, distilling without
Palms:Mt of PIIKNIIXI . tax, with intent to
defraud tho Government.
Henry Horniatein, distilling without
payinentr. Bar of a ber n specodial
Ambtax. •
rosio flenderlson,
rectifying without paying. Special tax;
tilling cask. not properly stamped, and
keeping fraudulent book.. •
Phineaa P. Berber and Ambroae lien.
demon, [implying packages of distilled
spirits Without effacing clamps.
Max LEWD willing cigars and tobacco
without atamtu . .
Janson Mottrogan, emptying packages
of dintilled' spirit, without effacing
Joseph — Pease, emptying packagna of
tobacco without destroying stsuipa; soh
ling 'stamps that had been' once used,
and selling :stamped isortlone of packages
from which tobacco had been removed.
Lucius H. fitriCkland, John Faward
and Albert H. Platte, conspiring to de.
fraud the government of tax on tobiCco.
• •
District Court—Judge Hampton.
WEDNUDAT, the case of
Hutchinson fur himself and for nee of
others vs. : School District of Indians
township, previounly reported, the jury
found for the 'plaintliTa in the sum of
16,712 10, to be distributed between them
at the rate of eighty per cent. on the
amount of the obligations held by them,
subject to the opinion of the Court on a
question of law reserved.
The case of Bowers vs. Donnelly, pre
ylouely reported, was resumed, but had
not been - concluded when Court ad.
8 Krenzkatup vs. °ready.
62 Flanigan vs. Gibson e 1 al.
60 Kerr vs. McClelland of al.
6.7 Kendall TS. Bryson et al.
04 Rees vs. Morrow.
65 Caldwell de Bro.
66 Same va. Same.
75 Riddell vs. Duff.
89 Mestresoeys. McCullough & Co
Common Pleas—Judge 'Rowe.
WEDNESDky,IIreh 0.-ID the (*swot
'Ant vs. Bolinder, previously reported.
the Jury found for the plaintiff as against
John Bolinder Sr., In the sum of po and
for the defendant as -to John Bolander
The case of Cook vs. Mills, see. /a. on a
judgment, was then taken up. Verdict
for plaintiff m the sum of 14,338,00 paya
ble in gold and silver coin of the United
States. . •
Farmers and Mechanics Turnpike
Road Company, ea. The Oakland Paxson
ger Railway Company, action on a con
tract. Under the contract each party
were required to pay one half the ex
pence of keeping the road In repair.'
Jury out. t
Horn vs. Abbott, action on a prommiti
sory note. Verdict for plaintiff in the
sum of $227,00.
Steen vs. Hutchinson. Action to re
cover balance due on a male trade. The
plaintiff purchased a mule from defen
dant for 1276 which he afterwards return.
ed and exchanged for another because
the first one did not suit him. The mule
he received In exchange, he alleged, wee
only veined by defendant at laa, leav
ing a balance of 176 in his (plaintiff 's)
favor, which roam this stilt was brought
to recover. On trot, .
210. Parke et al. vs. PA. Salt Manufac.
taring Company.
187. Peeplea ya. McCune.
219; Bissell vs. McClure township.
269. Mo6r vs. Crone.
277. Smith vs. Trich.
287. Hazlett vs. Allegheny Insurance Co.
361. Rankine vs. Swan.
361. Reed Tay Clark.
398. Hallman a Balm vs. Poor dc Reed.
ituarter Seftleue—Judiree Sterrett and
WEDNESDAY. Mjrch --- ;.—COurt. opened
at ten o'clock A, M. judges Sterrett and
Collier-on the bench.
• The case of the CommenWealth vs. D.
P. Hatch and 'David Hatch, Indicted for
forcible entry and detainer, Mts. Mary
,A. Brett prosecutrix. The prosecutrix,
it appear; rented a house from . the de.
fandants on Willow street, In the Seven
teenth ward, Pittsburgh, a portion of
which was occupied by another family.
There was a small amount of rent due,
and the Messrs. 'Hatches, thinking the
occupant,' of the house were moving out
in order to avoid paying the.rsuit, took
possession of the house during the pros.
ecutrix's absence end detained her
household goods. 'The goods were re.'
covered by a writ of replevin. Jury out.
David Griffith, indicted for fornex ci
see, Margerot Cementer , : proaecutrix, was
arraigned and entered a plea of guilty.
The Court sentenced him to pay a fine er
150 to the Guardians of the Poor of Alio.,
gheny county, 130 to the.prosecntrix, the
further sum of 130 to the Guardians of,
the Poor for lying in expenses and the
oasts of prosecution.
The next ease taken up wax that of the
Commonwealth ye. Jacob Newmeyer, In
dicted for Incestuous fornication, Theresa
' Neymeyer, his daughter, protestant.
The case was tried at the September
term of Court and a verdict of guilty
rendered, and a new trial granted.
When the prosecuting witness was called
np to be sworn she said she did not care
about swearing any more; she had been
sworn several time, before, and if they
did not believe .her It- wel no nee to
swear any more. The Court informed
her that she would have to be
sworn and that she must be care
ful and tell nothing hut the truth.,
She at length consented to be sworn,
and after answering a few questions re.
hued to answer. The District Attorney
and Court both endeavored to get her to
answer but she persistently declined.
She said that she would rather take hetet
what ahe had said on the fernier trial.
What she said at that time was said In
madneas, and she did not want to send
him to the penitentiary. The Wart In
formed her that she would have to tell
all she knew about the matter. •
Mr. Etwartzwelder, counsel for th e de.
fondant, asked the Court to Instruct the
witnessed to the poeltient she occupied,
that she was not bound to answer any;
questions that eliminated herself, but
beyond that she • all that ' She
know, otherwise she would be Punished.
She then related her disgusting story,
entirety too disgusting for publication In
these columns.
The Commonwealth rested the case on
, the testimony of the prosecuting witness. '
Mr. Swartzwelder, in opening the case,
'said to the Quirt that an apology was
`necessary for his appearance in tee case.
both to the Court and jury, on account of
the unnatural, disgusting charge. And
was be not firmly convinced that the
charge was faiseand without foundation,
and that the man was innocent, not even
his profeasional oath oranyeonalderation
whatever would Induce him to appear In
his defense. He then addressed the jury
briefly. A number of witnesses were
called as to the character of the girl.
after which Court adjourned. The caw
will be resumed Ibis morning.
238. Com. vs. Wm. Lynch.
318 . Wm. Whighoth.
824. , John o..liuschlo.
24. • John Inblatre.•
. .
35. . Wm. Haley.
210: Jameci 'Johnson.
29. - Patrick Burk%
30. f. John Waldler.
31. .* Patriot Dann. •
.1 2 2 n Elisabeth Eisenbele.
P. H. Johnston et al.
34. Albert Keller.
• Jos. V. Kerr, 8 oases.
George A. Nelson.
.' Samuel Johnston et aL
MI Accounts Witt be nettled:
All perm= Indebted to J. W. Barker
tr. Co., 59 Market meet, on book amount
or in any other way. are reepeotfally re.
qUelgEd to settle their aoconnta on or be.
fore the eleventh day of March baidant,
as the busineu of the firm will be
wound up finally
. on that day. All
amounts remaining unsettled after that
date will be put In the hands of an
attorney for collection.
-floods will be sold until that, date at
Administrators , Sale at great reduction
in Floe% as enteryibtaf must be sold.
An Interesting Report—Progress of Our
Schools—Hew they are Managed—A
_Year's Review Same Interesting
The first annual report of Superinten
dent Luckey, of the City Schools, has
been received. It lea very neatly arrang
ed and printed pamphlet of ninety-nix
pages, containing a full account of the
schools for the year ending June, 1803,
together with a mass of atatletical infer-
Mallon of an important character, and a
resume of the history- of the schools
from their organization here. Accurate
lithographs of the principal buildings,
embellish and add to the attractiveness
of the pamphlet.
Every topic of interest connected with
wheel management and prosperity and
progress la touched upon, and many new
and valuable suggestions thrown out,
some of which have recently been adop
ted with decided success: The Superin
tendent speaks with pleasure of the
Increased public interest taken In the
schools during the year. This is evinced
In the erection of new school houses, the
adoption of now plane looking to the
greater efficiency of the system, the pro
vision's for the erection of a High - school
building, and, more than all, the unusual
attendance of citizens as visitors. Of
the growth of the schools the report says:
"From a few rented rooms on unpleasant
al lays in 1835, our school accommodations
have grown to thirty-two buildings, meet
ly well located, having all the modern con
!affiances and capable of accommodating
over 15,000 pupils: Our new buildings
are erected on npaeloun grounds, properly
ornamented with trees and shrubbery.
The room. are large with high ceilings
end well illuminated. Bcquata of flow
ers in semen-adorn them, and many of
the school room walls are adorned with
beautiful and attractive pictures, making
the school room an attractive place of
resort. Especially during the past year
Progress has been made In this work of
beautifying the walls and grounds, and
the work le beingi numbed earnestly for
In the matter of school discipline a
great reforni has been made. In refer
ence to corporeal punishment this la
especially observable. Under the new
rule, requiring teachers to report all
each, this very objectionable practice
has been almost abolished, and the
teachers have been led to devise more
rational plaza for controlling, pupils.
This rule has had • most healthy effect
both on teacher and scholar.
Drawing and mimic have been intro.
duced as regular etudlea, and the reach
nem with which they are pursued by the
acholareevincee the practicability of such
a dimpling and cultivation of the le Shot-
Ical nature of the children. Groat 'pro
gress has been made in both these
branches, as well as In that of etallethen.
Ice, which, however, has not yet been so
generally adopted. -
The report further contains a complete
history of the Central Board of Educa
tion, Its organisation, membership, Ac.,
, and of the Central High School, and
all matters of 'lmportance in relation
thereto, together with a list of its pupils
and a record of its-graduates thus far.
Connected with the report is an appen
dix from which we glean a few interest
ing figures. During the year 204 Leech.
ere were employed in the schools, each
having on an average 43 pupils in charge.
There was an average daily attendance
of 7,121) scholars; 12,329 in all entered
during the year. The total amount paid
teachers was 11121,637 46. The coat per
pupil, estimating on the average daily
attendance, was #lO 78;, , on the total en
rollment. X 9,02. the pupils there
were 8,188 families represented. The
largest number wereAtnerican, the next
German and the third Irish
The High School coat e 14,089.73, and
the Colored Schools 11,1,0 rk0 0.40 during the
year. The school pro rty Ic valued at
1784.707,00. The. Retell:in aohool house,
corner of Penn and Fitt street, val
ued at 1102,000, in drat o the lint, Moor
head, corner of Greenville and Enoch
streets, is the lar--- -^' comfort
ably neat 1,100
The rep
ot interent
live conga
catty arrai
the readii
for the fah
marter In
"An Act
of an Snap
for the coy
reported It
&thee by t t.
It providea
mon Men
officer, wbr
to the Her
whose ter;
except thr
hta office t
of [Ma of
ber in aide
In the at , keel
on each at. iasured
the number amber
of inches dim. -.a raft the
name of the owner and numberthereof.
He shall Impact all timber before meas.
I urlng, and If any be (blind shakey or
decayed make due allowance thereof in
the lineal measure, denoting the number
of feet thrown oir by the mark XIX on'
I each atick at the point Of the defective
part, any stick wholly defective to be so
marked; shall boreinto any part of any
suspected stick to a ny
L l therein; shall attend •to such
measuring and Impacting when
j called upon; Abell give certificate for each
I raft or lot of Busher measured,
r deeignating the number, of raft or lot,
I.lengthe, diameters and cubical contents
of each stick. Before entering upon his
duties he shall be sworn and give bond
In 12,000 for the faithful performance of
I his duties; shall 4ave anrolut
deputies; shall keep! hoOk in which he
I shall aritZr all his measureMents separate
! ly, with the. Daum of parlous for . whom
the romunireni ants were made, Inch took
to be open for inspection at all times.
He shall receive for the performance of
the duties mentioned the inam of fifty
cents for each 1,000 thoiumnd cable feet of
lumber measured god Inspected by him;
i shall keep &coolant/of all fees received by
I him and his deputies, and payover to the
treasurer of the county twenty per cent
um thereof. He or his deputies shall not
1 be directly or indirectly interested In the
buying or selling of timber. under pen
; city of 1100 for each raft or part of a raft
bought or sold, onedialf to go to the
county and the other half to the informer.
Roles are prescribed In the bill for the
measurement of timber, and' the Com- 1
mon Pleas court Is direded to appoint a
committee of eve practical lumbermen,
lor dealers in Umber, who shall prepare
the lostnnuents necessary for the meas.
i nrement of hewn and round timber sold
within the county, and to make rules and
regulations as to the manner of using
said Instruments. The committee shall
make report to said court and deposit the
Instruments in the office of the , county
commiudoner. The court being itatildied
that the Instruments are proper for the
purposes and the rules j mit and equitable,
the same shall be taken and deemed to
be the standards of [ measurement of all
Umber sold within tbe 'county.
deal Estate Transfers.
The following deeds were admitted o
record in the offioe of Thee. H. Hunter
Recorder for Allegheny county, Wed
neaclay, March 9, 1870:
Frannie Moreau et al tn B. & W. P Morgan,
limit V, ISM)f tract of land In Bonin Fafattc
111.ra rortsr to Mari tn., Feb I I ~,..,1'.%."° .
1= fats In dbotuotown.Crereent Trt....'. . ....Itio
Jams. Taylor to Andrew Ball, Feb. FA Wu:tract
or lend
Oralboo To
William to Christian efraatt. Fes.l9, trfn
oac-.l,lrior an acre In Moon I p .430
/non Fa m tfg toaAndrew runowt, Aprlllo,lletn
a acre. lo Welt Dent Tp. ...... . ...... . . . Mel
James Mc oldlamy to Unmet Merroo, Fen. to/
.19171 11. acres of land lo West Deer Tp.• ~113 MO
peen. , glolgg to WZ. McDonald, March' 7. 117 . 0:
M aCres and 13 mobs. In UpPar lit. Illa/r1:01;
iqttr_4'. (11.1 :sTP 2 _ T Y ° ... r, E2 J ?).:1! hi l."Iirr • --.
- • _ .il;
iiI.T. lerlie;VVi. Ditn7ivitZ - _
d, pi,....3 .t: lin-a,1,11
enerlea P. aberle to Catharine Ander, P. 0..
1070; 17017 feat on Low. Wan. Pitt s [ . {,,...
clto,l3MlnyrAilAD tSaaxoWatyALanea Aileen....
Flat Mu, rannie Maui to John He.. r. 4. 1070. auove
W: oal
Jo. EL Haute, to Jacob Wilton. Nov. 1, mu;
Shin! feet on Laurel avenue, tato Want, Pitt,
01 ieo
Jacob Wllt•ett to Joba H. !tauter, 'lamb 4 liDo:
lot., .. . . ••• . . ~.. ....... .. ............ 111.250
Thom.: Y et toe, 14 1 Tvey aut.,. W. Itoberla,
tkt.... low. 00t44 rev I . Ell: t etb bur0...1.1.10
John S. Wlisoa et al to Was. anD Thow•Turuer,
Feb. 10. 1070: 105 ranee la Unto TD. ........ 0191
lame, toe feet on wart CO
John n W. Piller, March 17 'VA:
10.000 taVet, AulegbD,T,...eo3
shoo Erly,Sbew Bly,Shoe has
not been decided yet which of Ahem
throe words is «meet, but It is a decided
fact that Mr. !Ropy, 144 Smithfield street,
la calling his stock of goods at coat price.
By all means go and get a clothes
wringer before they are sold. at reduced
price.. The entire 'hick will be closed
out belbre the first of April,
Appleton , . Journal, monthly, Part
oomea to wi from the publishers. This
to. if possible, better than the pm
ceding. The Illustrations are of the
highest order of merit and quite profuse.
The platoon alone are cheap, as is the
loiter press at the price of the work. For
sale by 8. A. Clarke it Co., Wood street.
How True it is that people will soon
/earn where the beat amnia Is made.
Twice already have Pier, Dumas d t Co.
found it necessary to enlarge the Oregon
Brewery. end are now driven to the lat•
moat to !pith. dot:ends for areiym
OPERA House.—Mr. Mayo was greet
ed with a large audience at the Opera
House last evening to witness his third
rendition of "The Streets of New York."
He assumed five separate and Instinct
characters in the "Badger," all requiring
a different style, and which his versa.
tility of talent enables him to present lei
the bent possible manner. In the char
acter of the "Match Vender" he Is ex
tremely funny. General Grant, Jr. is a
youthful prodigy of great promise,. and
In the role of "Bob" the boot black, re.
calves a lion's share of the applause.
The piece will be repeated tonight.
are being spared to make the fancy dress
carnival and masquerade at the
Rink this evening, the "biggest
thing on Ice." All who go are promised
to be fully repaid in healthy and pleas
ant amusement. To say the very least
there never wan such ice on any rink as
there is today at the Keystone. The
action of the atmosphere has tended to
give It a gloss and smoothness which bard
freezing Invariably roughens .as those
who are better acquainted with the na
ture of the ice can testify.' Boys take
your girls, mothers send your children,
and we promise you they will come
home with rosy cheeks and much the
better of such escarole's.
Academy of Music, commencing next
Monday evening, the Zinfretta & Carson
troupe will perform the greatpantomlme
"Jack and the Bean Stalk," which prom
ises to be a very brilliant affair.::
This is the first appearance of the
troupe In this city, and they come well
recommended from other cities where
they have played with great credit. The
transformationsare new, the costumes
superb and pleasure seekers will find no
better place ofamusement than to - spend
an evening at the Academy next week.
No extra charge for reserved seats.
AOADEIIII - . OP Afteim:—Charley Shay's
Qulncuplexal Troupe performed before&
large audience, last evening. The "reg
ular Jubilee" gave satisfaction as those
present can testify, provoking much
laughter. The dog, Little Dot, dis
coursed the popular' Captain Jinks with
a grace that would have done honor to
more than a member of the Pinkie
!Medea. -
House. and Lob!
Mouses and Lola:
lionaeo and Lets!
Second Ward, Allegneny,
Orphans' Court Sale.
- -
On Friday, March 11th, at 2 o'clock,
will be sold by order of Court, on the
premises, the -property of the late George
Raynor, consisting of six iota of ground,
each 15 by 90 feet, situated on the west
aide of the Perrysville road, a short Ms
tense above the Federal street toll house,
on each of which is erected a frame
dwelling hones of five rooms.
Also, five vacant lots on the corner of
Carroll and Federal atreete,each 20 feet
wide. Terms: Ralf cash, alance In one
yew' with intermit. Persona in want ef a
cheap property will find this a rare op
portunity. Do not fail to attend, the sale
being positive. 'A. LEOOATE, Auct.
Lease of Tavern stand, 1,037 Penn
Sit.—A. Leggate, Auctioneer, will sell
this, Thursday, afternoon, at 8 o'clock,
the seventeen year lease of propertyl,o37
Penn street, Used for several years as a
tavern and dwelling. Positive sale.
Compositor it anted
A first rate, rapid and steady newr
paper compositor can obtain a perma
nent situation on a morning paper, at
highest wages, by addressing "Box A,.
Geearra office."
HASLETT—On March Ith. 1410, JNO. HAS
LET?. of toe am of rahnestock, Hulett A
reawerta. /a the 51st year of his age.
The funeral will leave hie late residence: No.
149 Hiller avenue, Allegheny. on TRIIIIADAT,
tlilC II 10th, 1070, at 9 o'clock P. Y. The friends
of the family are respectfully lurited to attend.
MEAN—On Tuesday morning, UarehV, ISTO,.
at 1 o'clock. JA WEIS N. BEAN, In the 6 521 year
of his age.
The (000.11 will take place from his late red
donee, No. 32 Colwell street, Tirttualt , ? AMR.
ewe. March 10th, at 2 o'clock. Friends of nil,
tarot, Ire respectfully invited to attend.
iimPeWeduesday, March 9th, EDWARD
PAYuON DR20121, see of Frank A. 11.
Sarah T. Keeps, aged X years, 2 mo a t hi S azd n Xo
pay at
a clear,
t praise
Zed late
• tom.
. onient
t, and
It bold
a duties
meet imd
unmet from the residence of his parents, No.
93 Monterey street, Allegheny, Tin( •ITia.
IfoOs. at 3 o'clock. The friends of the Madly
are respetsifullyi”lled to attend.
We know not now as we shall know,
Macs time , s thin yell le riven,
Our little Addle fires not herr,
But live. fora, In heaven.
STEINER--On Tionday eventher. March 1104
M•IVeAItET STEI3II3. wife of Joseph Mahler,
aged MO ;rare.
Feuer.] from her lac reeldruce. No. 319 Mc
oati area., ram •tranroos, at 1 o'clock P U.
the Mende or the family are respectfally Melted
to attend.
wra N ii ,9 . ° . l 3' .l 4llViu*Tirl. l l.llthketZn Y VJ
of her age -
The fauentl will take p'ace trom her Isle resi
dence on Thirzy.eight street, above Butler,
TSUI Arrest:cot/N. the 10th lest., at A O'clock
P. as. Triende of the faxellf are belted to at
- -
e ll i A r. jaat a rt V I 2 11 1. t
whet at e i gheny._City R. Z 4pittli D e4'&lll3
ROOMY ma °mg.., nip PLIOVR •~yyth foal ant
!zonation iloteirool. iitah....r • Ind W►lool
Stair at priezAreing fro tl¢pYm %a SUPO i Ito•
.I.4o:7l=lthea., wifr.
Lima 0.6..1na Map bum dm
Trzymomurrotvaaris o
No. 444 111171? !TUX,
Camases ler lriukeraL innralsbed
d .00117 . 1 ... 113 and all Tuners' Iraralnlimant airs
No. SS SIAS assaus. Swum& Moor,
Capital 41.11 Paid VD.
I N AAvnat,jpi:
ink. Hlll .l 3 . ... • sanry.
Wl' Ji l /HB se
o t l i AO
ftoUrsatibtl gn
am and Marine 11 1 '
The Tin Best Ia the Med Stile&
981 .Vorth Seventh Street,
Refereeees—All the leading Deities In
' J.25:04-rrai
No. 91 Federal St, Allegheny,
befog ddortotted Dot to cum over any Winter
b1000e..111 Dobbeely' moll, below toot, for the
next 30 One.
08EC04 . 8.
• . UNILDetEN , s HOSE. •
LaDl6B , APRONs.
New style KuBAIR SWITCH=
Lula .thrrrs.
sa., Ike
r01 . ! 1 0 =12;11? a l ari g V=7•lWal
JOHN lb 000PKR & CO.
Bell and Brass Founders,
Magic Promptly to Order.
Made and Kept on Hand.
PreighltOrf and ItoonOittoroni of
M. Cooper's Improved Balance Wheel
Office, 882 PENN ;
Pea•4l7, CordlOW Railroad Sties%
rssusysfigi ii'
167, 168, 169 and 170
Are now prepared to turaleb YINEGA/1 at t ► e
LONMIT DIAIMET RIM. Atlantic.* to par.
At Sewickley.
riaalilX determined upon removing to my rants
at the Bait Work. near T•rentum, I offer fur
tale the property wherein ew retitle, Attaining
he borough of tiewickle y. I The_ gron•da
oracle lpscres, finely diversifiedwith termer
slopes,level and abrupt panka. pleasant
brook p through tb• pint., ad A
shed by • hun
dred Poe old Sorest trees or a 400 en varieties.
There are nearly 200 bearing pear tree. of
cheinest selestiena, rerides •Pple. peach,
cheers. ic. Also. grape., raspberries. black
berries. at. &wherries end other mailer trait.
There la • large apt., ler vegetable {Arlen. The
ornamental, abrula eve rt tiers, tore. and rare
plant. are a attract!, e feature. very aupropel
git givingrt
tlii he e
name •• Tangiewesed •• to the
testplus and thk vallty.nnder this aped umutpa.sed
It class belch, and
beside attic and cemented cellar under th whole
—contatus 14 rooms and washroom arid closets house In basement. with numeron• laver closets
foe China. stores urt clothing. There la • large
sod eee e -falling eta:me-Walled elates. filled
with water from eta e roof, and pomp. for hot
and Cold water la bath mow, theme° and wash
house, waste water la dueharged through pipe.
esome distance from the house. Thin la an Ire
ase and commodiousnling Moll. a toed
barn, earriage abed and ch i c ken yard. The WA,.
le bonilded on Al aides tu r npike.. and screws
is ease from railroad or
Sewickley Is 1111 miles wont obesity, on the
m a -
odatloa trains leave nntlilaw to be desired In
the way of communication , the railroad
hn{Clog lse rive. ail. the way anti
own, makes the
r 1 lellghrul.7
The .lets nrthe
Valley Is most desirable, W . 1., besides Its worthy
Lem and artisans. here are found the cousdry
mats °Camay city ed I tors. prate-owns. law, ere,
bankers. and .other hamlet as man and retired
merchaute. need school. abound, and ti>re are
churl:ma of venous dshominadlons, bawls, toe
ablest ministers.
Cur prise and terms rail atm) , Drug Store, No,
105 Liberty stem t, Pittsburgn. If not sold bee
fore Ahrillgt, Ude property will be tont.
• . .
In the City of Allegheny.
By virtue of an order of the Orphans. Coon of
or Allegheny County, the undersigned, as True.
tee, under the wino( Esther Stockton, deceuml,
will offer at piddle see, on the premises, on
THITRSDAT, the 17 h day of March next. at 10
o'clock A, at.. a lot of ground belonging to the
estate of said decedent, &Undo on Stockton
weenie and Wenner street, fronting 54 feet on
Stockton avenge and preserving the same width
along Webster street northerardly 94U feet to
Water Street, on which is erected a two story
Ith;th Dueillog Containing 15 roonm and attune
Stable. This reopen, la so located that 11.0 be
sitholivided into lots fronting en the rarkondch
for beautjand convenience cannot be surpassed.
Than. or Sate — Otte-third of the purchase
money cash on COO drmatlon of the sale, the bal.
tome in two equal annual env:trots. Centred by
fuuditnd mortgage of the purchner.. •
For further information enquire of
tte Manchester harinligs°B isALk,UAPOSIIkaver
avenue, Allegheny, or or
W. A. SIPZ, Attorney.•llLaw,'
. 1, .. w6, 1 , 11 Diamond cruet, Pittsburgh
— Situate nearly adjoining the Bet ,
°nabs ogirailitgbato •nd &nub gittaberiti, and
tannin Aileen minutes Walk of Ciorn.• street
ears. . Beagle 500 lots haze lately been sold
bore. • good many , of labia kayo been bath
Ur a tle th g l y y the b efggl "M s:ratileft e,r
o UOM be bad
t y 1E:%1;:*77:+V 4 : 42 ..7,5;1"
p1Lt00 1,....i 0
• i s. IfoLALN • (loi,
fez 104 gaunt avenue.
o , :snaaj:t.l6l.litf . ,o:l:l
Corner of Penn and Sixth Streets,
Menne ennotantly on band'
Mar, Oassigneres and Vesting.
Na;. 93 1-2 Snettlalleld Street,
- ; rrrrestitioe. rti
apeilats. Clothing mule to order to theaSl aunt
weir rAmstooDs.
.. - LWOWIdId Lew 111.061101
Jut reached try . TIMMILT X/LIMPL.
sat , Ihiettant Tailor, Ti ElmltLdeld anat.
SPRING, 1870.
INCIIIIS wide tints at 1 / s a. oer
IT—a Mt. Variety Macoa. per roll.
tiLAZEP—.II kind, at Per roll. • -
ELIA Arer7resell &ad Ataerleap Paper BM' •
LP". :::17111ittarg'‘PTAT!!li b any
New: inoleaale and Retail Store,
291 Liberty Street.
At Greatly Reduced Priem
To mate
Without Bogard to Coet,
Alio, • lame iranortsmalit ofCIEDCAP PAPS/Mat
N 0.10 7. MARKET STREET, i '
Name !urn! Avraroi.
JO S. IL HUMES & into.
1 # f r•T:f:#llk# ## # ri l Er#oll VI 1:il
pc.DAlL , Toix , iyii)l>vo
CZEIN4 42(.0 GL4.1914;
Silver Plated Goods.
- Tea Trays and Cutlery.
The belt toper lea WHITZ RToRE
WARY and CakendOef 00008
at low prime
100 WOOD INTUE err
♦ large seaortanat eatterar mad itspee'
Jut received. Also Plated and Itrittawle Ware,
Vases and Perim, Ware. sow omelet Old Air
vale at very low prices at
i., Not Kum
Ileaen Half 0
N9llof 'tiff / b ;aPr./. 4 ].
WI night but two or tbe poynlar young Train
MR. FRANK Malro.
Cif I t's drama In Ova acts anu a pruulue.
undger Mr. Prang Naga
Ggsnt, Jr.,. ..... an —.Bon the BsOt Bieck,
• with Song and Dance. .
Trlday Mooning—MlNA/IT OT Mr. FRAME
. Prank Mayo 'Matinee on Salarday.
Thursday Evening, March 10, '7O.
Noreserved a... Doors oven at 7'46 'Lc , '"
tare commences at I . Tletets for sale a the C 1•
bray Roams. corner of Venn and Sloth area*.
Person. having tickets can eater from /oath
Potitively one week only. commencing
Family Matinee en Wednesday and Satutolay
afternoon. March Sib an/ 119th, at /1131 o•tdock.
Clear the track. Look out :or the bale. The
Ring Hen Hall Show A
of America. The orlainst
Qnd well known CO RLP.T SHAVe /sensor
lIIhCUI•LKZAI. T./LA/Pg. Molt pcwlticelv.
toe !arrest and hstt. 10 earth; lents/lug FIVE
Dollio Sat 111••• London Btoltique
Troupe, Zella Renard's French T. rti
tiCki.eWn Troupe. 3.1—• Ira Pitchia Condor.-
tomime Troupe. 41b—Mope. • ehton'a Acrobat
and tiemnaedo Troupe. 51k—Fraal elu. n's
ia2I::T M ik7I;VLT/: 0 11 0 2 . 14710 or xrrisic.
Robert Whoa'. Ilutodoe Brass Sand. Md.
Holden'. Excelsior Mier. SDI., Need
LITTLE, DOT, the tut' at Deg I laelst who
11114 TIMarr21'..'Vor .i r:ekt)::cietat
Toe Illuminated Clerteulur
II RI •be Comje Huriregne out / antes:dine.
NS Celebrated Star Perrot/DID.
• <emptiest/entire for the pcople,
Admla.lon—Pernuette and Dress Chyle, 50
cents. tdlery. 35ctt.,
Ghanian under Ile • cure, Sante.
Doors open at 7 oicloec. Commeuce at K.
cobandia Agent.
CARPETS. or . : 0.
Oil Cloths, Window Shades.
Ingrain Carpets,
At the rowest Prices rarer Ofered.
Are Fe Dow receiving our
sgt7llgratl:r.l - 1= A d ogr cd ' -
hatish and American Brauer& and
Tapestry Carpets,
Which we offer Tlrtran to Twenty.nre cents per
yard leas than the town price, of int year.
Ws bens the Ingest reeectln that hnbeen
wortheral years,
Dutchmen. New Stock.
the:tention off .
71 and 73 Fifth
Reduction in Prices
For a Short Time to Prepare;for
Haw matted thotr good. down below liatineo
aon'a proses. Pon llom of
CaPpeta. - •
Ott Cloths, -
DELMEer `" 11 ' 11:4 • 1 ' 41 " 71 :: 4 t
23 Filth Avenue.
(Lets Or Liberty street. 4)• • •
Has ...misted Mr. DAVID N. YITEDIMmtrif
with him In bottoms, sod takes the smoked
comma:nom storeroom
No. 64 Wood Street,
Where the new Arm will motioni the maeufee.
tore awl sale at the lowest vedette.) Mibel
Pure American., Confectionary.
L. D. D triinits Tr co.
_ft22m3.l !
Have:runosed 46m 41 SEMI MATT. tO
89 Fifth Aveauer.
untifneprovaments on old stand ass amp!".
: • :
nese de !MOWN . .I_ol ...1* tete etly dbeedved
gsVarert;=.4lMl fm:lO ß Y , liretrlggeg
eellrot the debt. and anebteirthe •I I the.
old eras.
Mittel,ln. Is7o
unaii.umnilriniretpliiii• continuo ne of
nand • 144 Foantal street,
J. C. B
________ •
1586L ETION.--The Pirtner.
ship heretofore existing barren• ,
KILL .1 SHUTTXRLY. •.. -- ;
in the Steal
Teed by metes' w.
Miters besto.. wee Oda . 1 ., 111 .
so teases._ - •
alew() 4w. .
Hlr R
S . 1114.,
l'itt.b.rlol ./Fb. 151 h. 1870. • .:
- Ttelti.
. State and Intonate.
Dog.% tb7l;grolige on LITZ sells i tli• L nt
ae4 23d etr..str. YroDassi
rose! Innord In • anon of IBM/ 0 to 411,(AN1, o a
CUM Mortgage,
:Fittsbargh. Feb. 11T1 11 1-o °B .l - 1 1 46, 811.1.4114136