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Vffloe,B4. and 86 AM Avenue.
N. 7. =ID,
% P 1011111701,
.11turon5 ruorarreou
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Vie!leered by curlers. Der emelt—..
tte gittstnirgij Cla
Tim Oointhousii at Reading narrowly
escaped destruction by fire bait week.
Tee murderers of the Peigbtal family
will be hung at Huntingdon to-morrow.
lIKADLNO has iecured a good supply of
splendid icefrotn four to six inches thick.
• '4. AMIN ofcoal gaa three feet Gila has
been opened on the land of ltrinkam and
Roddy, in Somerset county.
INFORMATION Jls wanted of George
Lutz, whatAllitappeared from his boarding
place, on Church Run, Venange county,
oa the L'sth of Jan. last.
AT North Koff "revival" meetings
Lave bean held in the M. E. Church for
sine weeks past. Pifty•one persons have
joined the church, and upwards of eighty
have professed religion.
Tits Danville intelliiinesz states that
David Gibson was found dead in Kin.
tar's woods. Ho was last seen alive Peb.
15th, in Jerseytown,
and is supposed to
Lave been frozen to death.
Tuts school directors of Cambria
borough challenged the school directors
of Miheille borough to spell twolye pu•
pHs of each district against each other,
fir a $l2 unabridged dictionary. The
contest was to coined' on Saturday last.
A TLIIIILIG months old female child was
found on the piens of the house of .1..1.
Haws, in Johnstown, last week. While
..arrangetnefits were making to hand it
over to the Poor Directors, the mother, a
poor Working woman out of employment,.
giving her name as Mrs. Shaffer, called at
Haws' and told the oft-told tato of
betrayal and desertion ;by • young man
named Wilson, residing in Pittsburgh.
The mother and child way taken to the
. .
Tint Lewisburg C7tronkis says: Corn
In this Section (Union county) has found
a new market. It appears that in some
Porta of the West, la st autumn, the frost
was unusually early 'and severe, killing
the germ of the corn before ripening. In
consequence of this, the planters are
obliged to procure seed from other places,
where the corn ripened. As this county
was favored In this respect, hundreds of
bushels are being shipped to Illinois and
other parts of the West. This seems a
little like "carrying coals to New Castle,"
and it is, in- some respects, ing
"con;.to Egypt."
In Tim United Elates Court, utern
District, before Judge Cadwalla r, last
week, Wm. Courtney was put on on
the cliarge of robbing the mail. - Ile was
the mall carrier between Pennington.
villa arid Oxford; on December 18th there
was placed in his pouch a letter contain
ing a cheek for a, -citizen of Lancaster:
hew dayi after the check was toned on
the person- of defendant, together with
about seventy dollars which had been ab.
eireeted from another letter subsequently
given to the prisoner to be carried to the
bank at Oaford. No testimony was
offmed on the defence, and his counsel
argued that the check on the prisoner was
no evidence of the abstraction of it from
the mall pouch, no better etidcnce he
Um : eight than the finding of oyster shells
under the bed of a sick man, whose phy
sician bad forbidden him eating oysters,
was that the patient had swalipwed the
contents. • The ilistrict Attorney con
sidered the case so plain a one that he did
not make any remarks in conclusion, nor
did the Judge deliver a formal charge.
After the jury had been in consultation
about two hours they came Into court and
.rendered a verdict of not guilty.
Itifa4,4iotring In 'renita:
Naumann lugs gone to Europe sa agent
for Flak.
KALLOCII has fut 120,000 into ml
eatala In KllllBO9.
BXLIX BOTD hu gone home to her
mother in Virginia.
ODDS are offered that Prince Arthur
will be king of Canada.
Tango keepsup his voice with coffee
Indium while speaking.
Samwintheliew York Gold Exchange
MITE 001104 down 75 per cent.
A Caramels is worth tkirty dollars the
way alga hair ranges in price.
TxiSpolicea Rhiems, France, are on a
strike, but not with their billies.
VXMONT bee keepers will not be kept
quiet. bet talk of a Conrention.
Teorwild•est bullring mania at Naples
Las been killed by the Goeerement.
A. CONCERT he .id of ''Confederate
orphans" in Louisvilleonly paid the ex-
Tni lamed diamond plain this country
is worn by a fashionable Philadelphia
A. IL STEPHENS legetting better, and
has the s o coid volume of hamar history
in coma.
Nne. Soorr iiIDDONS has enjoyed a
railroad acciden; and escaped' acott•frco
from inktry.
Tar...queen at the panellera" In New
York is Addia Riley, who hae an income
of s'7ooo a year from that game.
!Success In selling out a patent right
made an ...4d man in St. Joseph so hippy
that he took to his bed and died.
Ismail, has been scientifically &hens
sink IS:petrified lallako, but now discovers
that it is only a tough pine root..
FM " ? 711017 BAND Sethi n ic to the square
hickory:muscle Was the matter with those
violints . of raw pork in Bridgeport-
cottages have been
tented and $200,000 worth of real estate
sold In Newport since January lst.
RICHMOND, Virginia, bas "Rosebud
Concerts," in-which one hundred chil
dren sing for the benefit of the urchins.
Tun champlidi corn shelter of Illinois
lea woman who has shelled 100 bushels hours. Mm. Stanton should go for
, .
Tun stedent who slashed young Bis.
mirk so badly ht that duel hiu been shut
np for three weeks in the University
A BILL to allow free banking is being
prepared, and ita friends say it his
strength enough in both Houses to carry
it through. • .
ONDAR doesn't reign air WaTiaw. A
dozen of high officiate there hate been
arrested .for complicity in the socialist
conspiracy.. '•
CHICAGO Is agitating to get a clock that
keeps correct time. • Chicago is _a .city
which makes good time, and It ought to
support no other:
AN old gentleman In Montreal correct
ed Ids grandson for smoking, using
knife for the, purpose, and the boj died,
being toolini3 cut:
Tug Belmont Iron Hill, Wheeling, cut
lad week five thousand , eight hundred
and eighty five keg! or sails, sad are
bragging about IL .
A Pluxcirrox coixxas student hu
been sent home for "tampering with the
affections of a young lady." Ha only
wrote letters to her.
BAnrwM, Ina public lecture; bits told
the Bostonians bow to be happy, by tom:
perste ; and bow to get rich, by
Cm-row-xi Jodie Lae decided that a
blow front a husband to a wife is sufficient
ground for a divorce. How is it when
the wife does the blowing?
Tax Chicago Times says that the single
chaste exhibition given by the blondes;
was when they were chased out of town
by an official with a warrant.
Tan ro.appralsement of real estate In
Ohio, under the law, is to tie made be
tween March let and Juno lst.- The ap
'; praisers will soon be at work:-
WITCH doctors still fiourliMalaniig the
colored voters of Virginia. One of them
'hash recently poisoned a woman with his
doses to qua her of witthcralt.
Voywo is going to set out
two hundred thousand fruit trees, al.
though we thought he had his hands full
of the nursery business already.
'Mt - entertainment ofihrid thibfficers
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• All
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VOL. rixxxv.
Cl the Monarch at lisitimere was the
sight or a irgro murderer Just before lilt
death t was read to him.
linw Jr. HY has a Inntor. Burglars
burnt • r 'lrishwoman in her own
house from 'exasperation that they could
and no tacire money In her possession.
It•wunots are supplanttn_g_parasols as
articles of female wear oat West. A. fe.
male book agent has now thrashed a
hotel keeper who gave her notice to leave.
Bonswr BoNnza has given another
thousand pound bell to a western churebt
apparently he is one of the New York
editors who have some regard fur the
I.'ira Cincinnati Red Stocking Base Ball
Club has elected A:* B Clutmpiot as
President for this year, and Harry Wright
bai been appointed Captain of the Fast
THE National Academy of Design, ut
New York, is to take the more advanced
pupils in drawing lrom the Cooper Imti•
lute, and also to open an art reading
SENATOR WILS3N has nearly COM•
pitted hie funding bill. The rate of in•
Wrest will be the same u Sherman's bill,
hue, does not allow one per cent." for
Tris English papers arc constantly
calling attention to the feet that General
Butler hasnerer repudiated hitimpudintion
doctrines, and that he 11 a Meesachusetts
AT Kansas Qlle n merchant detected a
thief who mblie,i his money drawer by
the testimony ern little four year old girl,
who saw him and recognized him when
he cane In again.
A avast. Vermont clergyman has &tal.
lobed the bass viol front his choir beetsuse
it made him think of dancing. A minis.
ter dancing to the airy netts of a bus
viol would Waren sight.
A. BLUNDERING friend emptied his
charge of shot into the leg of the Attor.
nay-General of England, while out rab
bit hunting the other day, and the effect
proved more serious than gout.
ONE of the young Agora, who is study
ing sculpture with Tadoiini, in Rome, is
said to display considerable artistic nudity
and Is mentioned in society as the
"American Marquis of Bute."
Stu lionenT Nomon'm house in Lon
don was rubbed of an immense amount
of diamonds and jewelry on the lath.
The burglars entered Luty Nepier's room
while the family were at dinner.
' °xenon HOGARTH, OGG of the most
noted musical critics in England, is dead.
Re was father• to Charles Dickens,
and belonged to the celebrated clique of
literary notabilities which included Scott,
Wilson, Lockhart and Hogg.
Mont...scent has affected Louisville in
this Wray t "We float with her through the
mates of the dance until we feel ourselves
not only elevated and electrified, but mud.
deftly subdued as willing worshippers at
the shrine of beauty and grace."
Elgin of the United Stela Senators
are natives of Ohio, to wit: Ross, of
Kansas; Warner, of Alabama; Horton, at
Minnesota; Drake, of Missouri; Tipton,
of 'Nebraska; Sherman, of Ohio; Fowler,
of Tennessee, stud Llowell, of lows.
- Some wretch shipped enough nitro
glycerine to blow up a dozen easels on
steamer from New York the other day,
and as the boa was not marked the oak
mu bad it opened with mallet and
It didn't 'explode, but it went off.
chastised her bristsind with Aerosette
lamp the other day. Having forgotten to
blow it out before Performing that pain
ful duty, the oil caught fine as the lamp
broke over his head, and not only her
husband, but the hourewris horned up... 4
' , Adrian,
Michigan, somewhat distinguished In
various parts of the State hut fall as a
"walkist" and rand to Weston, is now
pursuing her studies In the Philadelphia
Medical College. She perforated her
quite remarkable feats of walking for the
purpose of raising money to this end.
1n'1833 the Trade Minister of France,
in a speech delivered to the Chamber of
Agriculture, Commerce and Manufac
tures, said: "The Government will not,
therefore, forget that if manufactures re
quire liberty, they also require protection.
There is no example of a powerful and
wealthy manufacturing industry that has
not originated under a proketiee tarif."
"Lin mottle tidal:M.ll.Ln" area new futi•
ion in England. in which the gentleman
of each set all wear the same uniform and
the ladies fancy dresses to match. At a
recent fashionable ball at Brighton one of
them was called the navy quadrille, and
Inn all the gentlemen wore the full dress
of ths.Royal navy, the ladies being taste
folly attired to blue silk arid underskirts
which were trimmed with gold lace.
Another was called the deputy lieutenants
and militia, the uniform of the gentlemen
who danced therein being scarlet and
I •
silver; the tidies were all In the same
color. In the third quadrille (that of the
Royal engineeri and infantry) scarlet and
geld was the uniform, the ladies being at
tired in the same °clan The fourth and
last was the cavalry quadrille, the unl
fonns being blue, with gold lace, trimmed
With white. I n each quadrille were ten
TIM effect upon trade mid the interests
of the country when gold touches par is
beginning to receive the thoughtful con
sideration of business circles, and all are
surprised at the case with which the
downward movement is hastened. Gold
had no friends to day in Wall mica, and
the requirements of the prcc!'•us metal for
the pa:promo( trade have r. nred com
ical for many weeks. Wt learn that a
number of the leading b.inks have been
recently free purchasers of silver coin at
the counters of 1-1111cmttrokent, intending
next week to pa out silver in small sums
Instead of currency stamps as heretofore.
On the oilier hand, there are large
amounts of gold and silver coin being
Cent to bullion dealers, unlocked from the
hoarding of years, but now rushed to
market to secure the still remaining small
premium.' Th steady decline In the
gold premium has been followed by a
corresponding decline in the premium on
silver coin, which rules about three per
cent. below gold. This decline has led
many dealers to avail themselves of the
opportunity to creates sensation and gain
popularity by paying out the bright,
ringing coin over the counter, and thus
gladdening the eyes and hearts of their
The crime er the Oateda.
This vessel, whose ill fate has Just been
published, left home on :ilium, years'
cruise In May, 1867. She was deatlued
to the Asiatic squadron and was in com
mand-of Captain Creighton, who was
subsequently relieved by Captain Wil
liams. Up to the last casualty key voy
age bad been prosperous and successfeL
After leaving New York ahe stopped
drat at the Cape de Verde islands, and
then made for Rio de Janiero, where
Prince Alfred • bad just arrived in the
British &leaden:l. Hate the officers of
the Oneida participated in the grand ball
which was given in honor of the Prince.
From Rio the Onieds sailed for Cape
Town, where her officer, again met the
Prince and international festivities were
again renewed. After a few weeks' de
lay the voyage was resumed, and the
Oneida pan el 'into the IndiatiOcenn and
cruised along the coast of Java and Su
matra, touching at Mantilla, and thence
steering for Hong Yong. tier next '
course was to - Japan, and for more than
a year -she sailed from one Japanese port
to another, and then was dispatched on a
special mission to Siam. This having
been accomplished she returned to Japan,
and having made a voyage to Much
Wang, on the coast of China whence she
returned to Yokohama last November.
Up to this time she had cruised about
.25,000 imiles with graft success, and
with the exception of a fearful typhoon in
the Indian Ocean she had seen little
of the dangers of the deep. Tier crew
enjoyed excellent health, end less than a
half dozen deaths occurred . in .nearly
three years. After such pleasant ex
prdencu of naval life in the Eastern seas,
and while on its homward voyage, came
the terrific auk° which closes the history
of the unfottunate vessel.
Pennsylvania. Legislature
SENATE Not in Session. HOUSE:
Winding up Oil Companies
Macadamizing Saw Mill Run
Road—Sale of Goods by Sample
—East End Gas Company—Tax
ing Colored Citizens and Pro
tecting Their Right to Vote.
topeelal to the l'llttburtla Gstotte.) •
ilannianurto, March 7, 1870.
Not In aftoiloll.
Mr ELLIOTT called up the act au
than ing stockholder. In eil companies
to wt Id up affairs. Passed seetand read
ing a a laid over on ntollon of Mr.
By Mr. WHITE{ Providing for reporta
front all hoapitala, charitable and other
teidltuttone retied - I'o qpnrpriations
from the Commonwealth.
Ey Mr. HUMPHREYS: ror the lm
proyaraont Waahlnaton avenue,
known as the Saw MILL Itun road, Alle
gheny conoty, *Melt authorizes the
madadatutalng of. the road by a tax el
from elm to four dollars per acre upon
adjolntug property, secured by reflection
or toll.
By Mr. FLRIR Authorizing the Ott.
Rona and Peeples Museum Railway. of
Pittabargh to see steam Motu Boundary
street through the Fifteenth sod l'wem
Both wards. to Eaat 'Liberty, when
the cement of a majority of the property
owners and citizens along Paid route may
b 0 tiled In the Roglater'. ofAcia.
Relating to isle of goods by storieekoep•
era and their agents, allowing sale by
sample in cities and counties in ',bleu
the stores are P Ituatod without peddler's
Hawse. Urged by Thome, M. !Barnhill,
E . Sq.l Thomas J. Keenan, Lad., - anti
liv Mr. WALTON: Enabling the Fret
Rod Oita Company of Pittoeurgh to Issue
mortgage &man.
By Mr. MILLER.: Incorporating Miff
lin rileam Perry Coninany;
Supplement for Plasturgh Safe Depo
sit Company, authorizing raid ,orpora.
Lion to act in a caraway.
Sy Mr• Fur a zilmiument
In front of the Capitol buildings in mem•
my of Pennsylvania volunteers killed in
the war of the rebellion.
. .
By Mr. BUNN: Requiring easeseora to
levy a tar On all In. male citizens of
color titer twenty.ona year. of age the
same anon white raiz..., and punish
log any election oaken who refuse to
revolve lej nl entorell v.01e04.
Ity Mr. IIIICIN0111.: Por the arectlon
of ■ brouza Statue to Tlaaddtu aStatrena
at Washington:
Grind Jury oi Vrenien Stearn In IT,.
MUM —Addre. of the Cltler Justice on
tnc Oreasion.
107 Telegraph io ritisho•gii
Lartamis, March 7.—Toe Judiciary of
Wpm,'lug Holsteins the right of women to
Yervtifittirllre. All the ladies drawn as
grand )urvuu wore present at eleven
o'clock A. N. A motion made to quash
the parted wins not sustained. At 11:55 A.
N. the first panel of lady grand jurors In
the world were sworn. None asked to be
excused. A lady 'bailiff was appointed
far the grand Jurors. A iiplendid eddies'
was delivered by Chief J intim Hawes.
lie said: Ladies and gentlemen of the
grand jury—it is a novelty to see, as we
du today. ladles summoned to serve as
jurors. The extension of political rights
and franchise to women is a subject that
is agitating the whole country. 1 have
never taken an active part in the (Mole.
also, but have long seen that woman
was • victim to the vices, crimes and
Immorality of mai', with no power
to protect and defend herself from
these evils. I have long felt that
such powers of protection should be eon.
(erred upon women, and It ha. fallen to
our lot here to act as the pioneer In this
movement and to teat the question. The
eyes of the world are today fixed upon
this Jury of Albany county. There is net
the slightest impropriety in any lady ee
-1 copying the position, and I wish loaners
you that the fullest protection of the
court shall be accorded to you. It would
be a mast shameful scandal, that In our
temple of. justice, and to our court. of
kw, anytbleg ahontd he permitted which
' the meat 'sensitive lady might not hear
with propriety and wimps'. And here
let mu add that It will be a sorry day for
any man who shall no far forget the mom
tesies duo and paid by every tine rican
gentleman to every American lady, me to
even by a word or act endeavor to deter
you from the exercise of thine rights, of
which the law has invested you.
I will conclude with the remark that
this is q question fur you to decide kir
yonmeryes. Nu man bas any right [elm.
terfere. It seems to to proper for women
to sit upon grand juries, which wilt give
them the 104 posailde opportunt
tie* to aid in eoppressing the dens Of
infiony which curse the country. I shall
be glad of your assistance In the accom
plishment pt this object.
I do not s nake these remark. from any
distrust or gentleman. On the eon-
trary. 1 me exceedingly plumed and
gratified with the Indications of the in
telligence, love of law and good order
and gentlemanly deportment which Ives
menifeeted. I will now listen to any
reason* which any J [norm make for being
State of the Thermometer at Various
. relate Yesterday.
Cu Immo, foggy; wind southeast. Thar.
tnorueter =degrees.
CI.NTELAND, cloudy; wind north.
Thermometer 32 degrees above.
Com:tarsus. cloddy and cool.
Lou ;syntax, overman: wind northwest.
Thermometer 32 degrees above
PutrAngtrnia, cloudy, snowing;
wind . northeast. Thermometer 33 de.
green above.
New„ - liona, cloudy, snowing; wind
northeast. Thermometer 32 degrees
t. CITY, mind and =Owing.
RALI !mond, cloudy - and - snowing.
Thermometer 34 degrees above.
CINCINNATI, cloudy and cold; wind
northeast. Tharmometcr 35 degrees
14+. Louts, clear' and cold, from bard
last night; wind northwest. abetment.
stet 21 degrees above.'
&NANA, clear, wind west. Thermom
eter 28 degrees.
Tothotrrg, cloudy and cold; avowing a
little. About three inches of snow-felt
hod night.
Sr. PAUL, cloudy and cold.
Attempted Massenetlen by an Insane
Man Near Ittpley,.olno.-
(My Teleitnott to tea PIM sbargit Uasett..)
liarmtr, March 7.—On yesterday morn
ing, Mr. Campbell Howard. living about
one and a half mile. from Ripley, while
on MS wav to church, was wet on the
road by Victor Pahl, with a Henry rifle
in Ida bend. Boon after passing, -PAM
turned and mhot at him three •or four
times. one ball taking effect in the elbow
of the tight arm. Upon receipt of the
news here the eonstable with one or two
other* curled with the intention of cap
turing Pahl. They found him entrenched
in a log bouce under the -bed with a
Henry ride, two revolvem and a big dog.
On raising the cover be oommerimod
shooting, and the party were forced to
retire. in order to alslodse him they
began tb fire through the door, when he
appeared at the window and tired several
ahots, one of them taking effect in the
arm of M. F. Courtney. and the other In
the hand of-Merlon:- Howard's-mother
appearing on t h e ground went In and
succeeded in prevailing on him giving
himeallup. It was found that he was
wounded In two places, one under the
left lower rib, and the other in the right
aide near the spine. Roth wounds are
very seem. It !evident that the man
is deranged.
SENATE: The Treaty with Cher
okee Indians The Fund
ing Bill Further Considered.
110CSE: Cadetships front the
XTlth Pennsylvania District—
The Resignation of Mr. Goat
'day—The Georgia Admis.siOn
Bill Discussed Without Action.
Ity Trlt,rsolt to We rlttsbursh ti•lette,)
WASII I tiltTON, March 7, WO.
A memorial of Nicholas P. Triat, fur
compensation for the negotiation Of a
treaty with Mexico, wee referred-to the
Committee on Foreign Relation.. '
One from the lowa Leg!Mature, favor
ing the removal of the National Capital
and petitions on ♦nrioeli aubjecta ware
presented and referred.
Tho Military Conunittee was ordered
o report the facto or the Indian maaaacre
Buck l e aurveying 'party last aumuter
a Nevada.
Mr. MiniTON introduced a bill to ad
,nit Texmt to representation ht lbtsgresa.
hupo.ea the settle conditions aa in tho
. •
ease of Virginia. Referred to the Com
mittee oh Judiciary.
Alto, Joint teaolutlon giving to officers
of the army detailed at literary Inalitu•
Pons the emus. pay and allowance aa
though on active ditty. Referred to
Conitoittea on Military.
IiARLAP.I. from Committee on
Indian attain., reported a bill to provide
for carrying into effect the prorisitindif
the treaty concluded -between the IJ I.
tcd States and Cherokee nation Imli
July 10th teal. It provide. for the pur
chase from the Cherokee nation of all
their lauds lying within the State, of
Kansas and known ...the Cherok eb strip,
and al., their lands in Indian Territory
wait of 00th meridian,' for the sum of
trio million dollars, tote placed to their
credit ou the books of the Treasury do
pertinent, Interest to be paid thereon at
tire per reel 'put annum. The lands in
KILI:111i1110 purchased are to be surveyed
and opened for sale town Oa reettlers at el,.
n:, per acre. The lauds purchseed in In.
titan Territory are apprnpriated
exclusively for homes for the Indiana.
The Fatidlng Mil Was takern up.
Mr. ItA,l RD spoke in opposition to
the retabllahment of foreign agencies for
the dietribution of, the debt. Ile at-
trlbuteil the .dlfficnlties affecting the
country to the .11nanclal higlalatiou of
the Republican party, in putting upon
the country a 'paper - currency of no. in.
trlusic value, and deprecated the con.
tinuoua abube of Osinoaatic policy and
the impeachment of motives of that party
in the Senate, believing the only effect
was to &nautili the credit of our ootu•
won country. when the Republican
party Ithollid hue the power they now
held by an accidental majority. He ob
jected to the exemption of the new bonds
fnim taxation sad to the expenditure of
i2,011c,0X10 In eonn,al,lo with their 1.1.141
as being grossly excessive; one-third of
the amount would bee liberal outlay.
Hr. HOW I- argued that both the prop.
oeitions submitted by him In his speech
to January Werra noutainal In the bill,
namely the displacement of legal tender
circulation with national bsith notes and
the ran nding of tbs.:toting bond debt.
Ile thought it unwise to attempt both
at OLICP, believing thou, as now, that the
tiltplarannerst ithould Mist he undertaken.
lie did not, hoWever, agree with the bin-
Wein* Court that the legal tender act
was unconstitutional. As to the bill
Itself, he thought the funding provision
a work of supererogation, as ail the au
thority ihat could be conferred on the
Secretary of the Treasury by Liongrfais
was given by the act of April 12, 1866.
lie oleo objected to the propagation of
compelling the now banks to take 4 per
cent bonds while the pilisting bank.
should have 414 par cent.
At 4..30 the beasts Wok mem until
Evening .Se' wriort.—The following San
ate bide were palmed :
Appointing manaterra for the Nattered
Asylum for disabled volunteer*.
Authorizing the Secretary of War to
take charge of the liettyaburg and An
tietam national cemeteries,.
Also, the House hill authorising the
Secretary of War to place at the dieposal
of the Soldiers' Monument Association
of Rock island, 11111nole, twelve pieces of
condemned ordinance.
The bill ePPrePrieLingsz, o o o for there.
Ile( of Gen. Chas.' F. Smith, who dls
,while acting as President of the Boar
to examine claims growing out of th
Mexican War, was also pasted.
The funding bill was proCeeded wale.
' • '
Mr. CORM CT advocated his proposi
tion fin• the' Issue of a thirty tiro year
bond, besuins interest the drat three
years at six per cent., the next air years
at live percent., the next all years at
four and.a half per cent, and the follow
ing twenty years at four per cent. Tots
would insure a uniform bond.' He also
favored the amendments tiimske bonds
payable in the United Mates and to
change other features of the bill.
Mr. COLN made some remarks upon
the necessity of the prompt extinguish
ment of the national debt, opposing any
postponement or Ito 'lold:ipso,
Mr. SCOTT said wnen a member of the
Rouse the Secretary of the Treasury
proposed a bill to regulate our finances,
the principal feature. of which. were,
drat, that in the dispoesl and lisle of
bonds of the Governinent no agent
should be appointed and no per centime,
commission or compeneatlon allowed,
but the work should be done altogether
by the officers of the Trawls ryrsecondly,
that public competition should- be in
vited by advertised propostala for the ox
change or sale of tends. Believing •
memos, of this kind would still meet
the approval of.the Secretary, he, gave
notice of -an amendment embodying
those propositions.
The Senate at 8:50 adjourned.
Bills were introduced and referred, in
cluding the following '
To provide for recluiniing tiwanip lands
in the Mississippi Valley; to facilitate
transportation on the Mississippi, river
and promote this commereeof the ilorth.
To mind the act aiding the oonstruo
tion of Iron Mountain Railroad.
For Ow speedy removal of politica
dissbilitisa of all citizens of Mississippi
To divide Caillornin into two indica'
Mr. CLARKE introduced a resolution
for the organization of a territorial gov
ernment fur. Indian Territory and full
recognition of the Cherokees, Choctaws
and Chickasaw. as citizens of the United
Stales: Marred to the Committas on
Mr. •WASEIBURN, of Wisconsin, of
fered a ussolialois authorizing the P ostal
Telegraph Committee to inquire into the
whole euldect of • telegraphing In the
United States and send for persons and
papers, but the Rouse refused to second
the previous question-41 to 75, and the
resolution went over under the roam
Mr. SA.WYERoffsred (for Mr. Comae)
a resolution Instructing the Committee
on Military to inquire why and by whom
Clarence A. Steadman, of Boston, was
lately appointed a cadet to the Military
Academy, and Jas. P. Kurhardt, N. Y., to
Naval Academy, and both credited to
the Sixteenth Congressional District of
Pennsylvania, and to allow - any persona
involved In improper or corrup t practices
in connection therewith a full hearing.
Mr. LOOAN mead' the resolution con
flicted with the action of the House Mat
POOR, RS it affected exmembers.•
The House refused to order the main
question—yeas 75, nays 84, and the rano.
lotion went over.
• Mr—JUDD introduced a bill for the
relief of ship builders, dm. •
Mr. BINGHAM offered a:reselotion for
the payment of conceal fees and expenses
incurred by Mr. Butler In defending the
salt brought against him by Charles W.
Wooley for hie action as a memberfol the
Rouse In sustaining hie rights and priv
ileges, not to exceed II 2,u00. Referred
to Judiciary Committee,
Mr. YOORHEF.S offered a resolution
Inquiring as to the alleged *toted= of
thetxtating treaty with the Cherokee
net n. - Referred to the Judiciary Com.,
Mr. WELKER Introduced a bill to
locorporate the Washlngtoa h Ohio Ralf
Road. Referral.-
Mr. ALLISON presented -various rot
elution' or the lows Legislature. Re
- CHURCHILL °armada resolution
asking the President fur information
to the deteradnedlon of the Canadian
authorities In regard to fisheries, and
whether stops have hood taken for the
protection of American Interests:
Mr. BOYD offered a resolution allow
ing the Coast Survey autkorities to co.
4 ,
Operate In the ohjatalus of honer te geo
logical eurveys and geological taps of
States bordering en the Ohio an Minis-
Mimi riVera. Referred to Coin ilea on
A rtN.T.
Mr. rogKilutrod . mull a ill regu
lating the form of onset lug and e.olving
clauses of acts alfd rrsolir Pert by COli•
gress. Referred.
Also, 41 resolution femme mg the
tknomittee on thti District of 4 Imelda
to reppoort. a hill repealing the el artere of
Washington and Oserztturra and to
Provide a system of goterinne t, bring
lug all that relates to the Cupl of the
ecuutry under the more direct utrol of
Congress and the Executive. dopted.
Mr. KERR, front the Jed' y ann
mine°, Made &report relative t the Mt.
'Vernon retire. Recommitted.
Mr. KNOTT asked leave boiler a rem.
lotion for the appointment of a Select
Committee on the Tice whisky metro.
Objected to.
Mr. KELLOGG. of Cormeetiont, asked
leave to otter a reaolutioll as to the repeal
or reduction of the Immo tax. Objec
tion wax made.
Mr.S rising ttelylleged gum.
lion, presented a topspin oi to' allow Mr.
tiolladay to althdFaw 411 •resignalion,
the Governor of Kentucky having re
fused to receive It. lie Admired the res
olution referred to the Judiciary UM-
The Speaker had reads letter from Mr.
Gollad■y, odatlig he had withdrawn his
reelgnation and luViting._the fullest. in
vestigatiou ipto any charges against him
in reference to the .moot cadetships;
also a telegram from GM'. Stevenson to
Mr. Golladay, atatiug he owed it to him.
self, his constituents and abate to demand
loch Inveittigntimi.
Mr. RINULIAM called attention to the
extraordinary fact that the blovat nor of a
State assumed to force pi the 11013.110 of
Repreeentativre a tuedther whose seat
had been "'scam., by his own act.
Mr. TRIM BLE remarked the telegram
from Gov. Stevenson did not admit of
such Interpretation. There wunb aplrit
of dictation in it. 'l-
Mr. BECK explained that Gov. Steven
ion acted ou the assumption that Mr.
Golladey bad net tendered hie resigna
tion to the !louse, but simply sent him
a comtmoniestion seising lint to accept
Ids resignation, which Gov. - Steveneon
for Wiry proper reasons declined to do.
Mr. BUTLER (Maws) regarded the
question simply ono whether the Execu
tive of the State had estiy control, medi
ate or Inlindiatb, %Aar the members of
the House, and all be could not entertain
such theory, he should Voto agaiwit the
reference of the resolution.
Afser further dissoultaion by Moser
Banks, Schenck and others against, an d
Moser. !how" Jones (Ky.) and utters
in favor of the remonittOn, the House do
tided in accordauce with the view ex
pressed by the Speaker, that the resolu
tion involved no question of privilege,
Mr. tiolladay being a stranger to the
House and no Muster a member. The
House therefore refused to entertain the
. .
The following, offered by Mr. DAVIS,
New York, wen adopted)
11 hereaa, h 1. of grave importance to
the constitution of thin House that it
should be determined whether a mem
her preseut during the emission may re
sign ills swat without the comment of the
house, and thereby evade his dudes and
reepcnsibllittes, therefore be It
Rewlved, That the Judiciary Commit
tee be Instructed to inquire, and report
what action or rule should be taken or
esetabliehed for the determination of that
tkcee o'clock resumed the
connideretton of the Georgia bill.
Mr. I'AINE offered en amendment
that nothssig In the bill ehould be can•
etrned to prolong or renew the term of
office of the Representatives from
Mr. IiEGE: wlthsltex hie ettbstltute
altogether, bellevingetedregialetlon emcees
Mr.-BINGHAM addressed the House
In opposition to the 0111.-and offered an
amendment that nothing 1 the bill
ehould be conetrued to Tacatb any offices
now tilled in Georgia, either y election
or appointment, nor to extend the
official term of any °Meer, florae deprive
the ' people of Georgia of the right to
elect Haunters and Representatives to
1670. He remarked . that the Amendment
suggested the oljectloue which he had to
the bill, except the further ollection that
there was no occselott for any legislation
In Congresm. He would count himself a
Ilehonored man, and a breaker of hie
oath, if be ever recorded hie vote in favor
of the bill without the limitation that he
Prc lar. mi llL . TTl.Ett, Massachusetts, asked
him whether IA would vote for the bill
with the amendment in it?
Mr.. BINGHAM. would reserve the pri-
Abate of deterininlng the question for
hlmeelf. Would the gentleman from
Massachusetts vote against the amend
Mr. BUTLER-1 certainly shall. •
Mr. tit:SW:UM—Then it is on, the
ground that Judicial officers there ere to
be discontinued, tram chief J notice down,
and a new set nominated by tiny. But.
lock, who would make a good thing of It
to putting Ili hie pocket all the proceeds
of the likate railroads, -,4,080,000 a year.
Hi declared hie oonviction that the pas.
sage of this bill would endanger the
Fifteenth' amendment, Fourteenth, and
for ought he know, the Thirteenth
amendment. '
Mr. DAVIS. of New York. wads •
speech In advocacy of the bill, In the
course of which he defended the char
acter of Guy. Bullock.
The hill went over until to-morrow.
Petitions were presented by Mr.
STEVENSON of the badness men of
Ohio for the repeal of the tax on sales of
cigar makers, relative to the tax and
tariff on cigars, and cf citizens of Gross.
took, Ohio, for the abolition of the
franking privilege. • '
The Speaker announced the appoint
ment,- of the following members on the
Committee on Indian affairs: Smith, of
Oregon, Adams, of Ky.,and Van Wyck. of
N. Y. Clalms—Ayer, of Va. Naval
Affairs—Platt, of Va.
District of Columbia-: Marin:le, of Va.
Reeonstruction—Dockery.of N. C., Por
ter of Va., and McKee, of Miss. Poet
office—Pox, of N. Y., In place of Smith
of Oregon, resigned, Trimble, 112 place of
• Adams, resigned, and,Van Wyck. of N.Y.
Education and Labor—Prince, of Mien.
..ExPenditures on Public Building—Nee
-1 wald, of N. Y. Freedmen's Affair._
Booker, Va. Accounts—Mllcies, Va.
Pacific It. IL—Atwood, Wl*. Ind Conde,
Pa. Public Buildings and Grounds—Co
ved', Pa., Morphia, Miss, and Ridgeway.
Vs. Agricultural—Oil:eon, Va. Enrolled
Bille—Piero, SIM. •
lie eat 6 o'clock adjourned.
Bible in Public Schools—Mr
Seward's Beception—Embez
zler Decam ped,
illy Telegraph to tbe Pittsburgh Gazette.) •
, Naw ',Coax, March 7, IVO.
Rev. Dr. Clarke, of the Rowed Street
Presbyterian Church, lectured tut even.
Ing on the subject of the Bible in the pub
lic schools. He made a severe arraign
ment of the Roman Catholics, and as.
sorted that the cause of this. sectarian
movement was that Papacy, which is
growing weak in Europe, leeks renewed
vigor on our aide. warned the peo
ple of the Divine thorium» in seeing
God's Word banished from the schools.
Mr. Hepworth, of the Church of hies-
Dish. preached last eveshig on the urns
subject. Previous to the sermon , a peti
tion to the Legislature egabist sectarian
grants, was circulated in the congregation .
for signatures. Mr. Hepworth consider.
ed that we were on the verge of & revo
lution, whose results would' be more im
portant than anything oceurring In
American history since tkieHediaration of
Independence. • He said that his principle
was, the L.3ttem dollar for the publia
schools, but not one cent for sectarian .
grants. •
John A. Phillips, an Englishman ' and
for a leng time Deputy Collector inFitet
Internal Revenue District, has abscond
ad to Europe, end it has been discovered
that during the put ten mouths he has
aettande4 the Government of mow.
The reoeptios otHOvernor Seward took
place in City Hall this afternoon. He
made a brier speech oomplimentary to
to the city as the metropolis or the west
ern continont. •
FOUR O'CLOCK, a. &11
Nom illations—Cotton Claini Judg
Ment Reversed—Railroad Pro
ject—Death of the Veneznelean
Minister—Territorial Govern
ment for the District.
liVealitzrrorr, March 7, /870
Tho following nominations were eont
In to-day James Pinkham, • United
States Marshal, Idaho; William Leliy,
Aasesigir of Internal Roeseno, Eighth
District, Virginia; John W. Sullivan,
Collector of Internal Revenue,. Twenty.
third District, Pennsylvania.
United Staten vs. Henry Groustneyer.
Appeal from Court of Claims. Gross
meyer prior to the rebellion was a cili
aen . of Few .Tork, and had claims fqr
loans and other indebtedness against one
Amdahl, A resident of Georgia, which,
after the war commenced, 'through a
friend who passed back' and forth, he
directed to be invested in' cotton for his
nee and benefit by Ilinstain, and it was
so done. didreequently the cotton was
captured by the army at Savannah,
where It was stored, said by the Cie,-
ernment and the proceeds paid into the
Treasury. The Court of Claims, finding
that Uroasmeyer had miller been with
in the rebel lines, and was loyal
through the war, gave him judgment
for the amount or the proceeds, #8,040 96.
This Codrt now' maned the Judgment
of the Court orCialtus, Justice Davis
delivering the opinion, holding that in
o4 abject, tarccume b e t the two sections had
closed and a Illegal upon the out
break q.(3he without the enactment
of a lair
gress, nos In ug there should be any
tuisappWrin among the people eon
cernin d expressly declared the
fact, yelishave been Unlawful,
thsrefbra, 911111rjtirosatneyer in per
son to have 'dons the acts claimed to
have been done by his agent '
If the act of the principal would Lays
been unlawful that of the agent must be
unlawful also, and it follows that there
was no authority for the purchase of the
cotton for claimant by Einstein, and
there being no authority for its purchase
of °ours* no title passed to him and he
was not owner of the property and has
uo rightful claim to the proceeds. The
opinion takes the ground there could
be no valid agency created after tLe
commencement pf the war to 'do any act
for or between citizens adhering to dlr.
fluent sections, and that the whole trans.
action was consequently void. •
In the ease of Hannah Riley vs. Wm.
R. Wells, the decialon of the Circuit
Cburt of lowa, which affirms the title of
the State and those holding it, was
In the case of the Board of Public
Schools of St. - Soule vs. Walker, error to
the Supreme Court of lowa, the motion
for rehearing was denied.
The House Committee ou Roads end
t aaais today agreed to repot t a bill au
thorising the ermetruntion of a railroad
from NorGilk via Louisville to Bt. Louis,
the . eapital stock belog forty million dol.
f. J. Paul, Minleter from 'Venezuela,
died-suddenly,, of apoplexy. He
arrived this morning end arrangements
bad Juin been made for an internew with
the Secretary of State. '
, The Senate Committee on the Dharlot
of Columbia ay heard a large dell
nation of chin. • In favor of a territorial
government fo thief/I/align.
We. Whittemore Defend. His sale or
Cadetehlps and Asko Re-election.
(By Telerrspa to too rinsberne Ossetic)
CH Antonio:l, March 7.—Non. B. F.
Whittemore tea nubliahed a letter do
fending hii sale of cadetships and an
nOUricing himself as a candidate for re
eletion. He says recentdevelopments
have satisfied him his resignation was a
hefty and unnecessary step, and adds: I
do not hesitate to nay Republicans and
Democrats regard the whole transaction
as unparalleled In haste and severity, and
furthermore I repeat, what Gen. Logan
himself said, the day after my resigna
tion, that he had reported a resolution
of censure instead of expulsion because
he did not tenets my intention was
wrong, and he did hope I would
be returned to Congress, and he
would be the first man to wet.
come my return. Such is the change
already, which of course brings a balm
to wounds Inflicted. The hope expressed
by eXery large number of_inembere of
the House that I may bireturned to
Outgrew Is evidence that while they were
pressed Into a seeming acquiescence In
this hasty action of a few bubtpurs, they
are still openly friendly and they express
every oontidenoe to my honesty and In-
tegrity In this whole matter. I shall
again appeal to my constituents, whose
confidence I have never violated. Isbell
ask them to give me • their votes and
rend me back to my place, made 'vacant
by no dishonest action.
Wangslist Returned—lindiclmentil:Soi.
ckle--Attenipt to Poison—loprotectutle
(By Telegraph to the ritisbargh (Wane.)
CINCINNATI, March 7—Rev. E. Payson
Hammond, the Evangelist, returned to
the city today. .
The Grand Jury today found true In
dictmenlitagainst Charles Morrison,
alias Steinititon, who dangerously stab
bed a polian a few days ago; two bills
were for au ling with intent to kill, and
the third f burglary. .
Ann Vankirk, an aged widow, lady,
committed suicide at Carthage today in
the canal, no doubt the result of disease.
Henry Paden, sexton of Portsmouth,
was arrested on Saturday on a charge of
attempting to poleou his wife. Milk
ho had prepared for her_was given to a
oat. which expired In twenty minutes.
'Sarah Jane Mason, recently found
guilty of opening letters at Columbus,
Ohio, was today sentenced to imprison
ment for one year. .
An esploelon occurred at. Diehl'm py
rotechnic works, Mount Adam., this
morning. ,The concussion was severe,
but the da ge vras alight and the bull.
ness will tbe interrupted.
Th EvangelleirAlltance.
thyTele,ra to the Mucous oucttr.l
Pitmen trivia, March 7.--Notwith•
standing e storm, there assembled In
Rev. Dr. viroo church, this evening,
large gathering at the first meeting of
the Philadelphia branch of the Evangel..
Ice! Alliance, Geo. H. Stuart presiding.
Addresses were Made by Rev. Dr. Schaff,
of New York, and President James
fdriCesh, of Princeton College. Hon.
William Strong, of the United States
Supreme Court, offered resolutions which
were seconded by ex Governor Pollock
and unanimously adopted, Other dig.
Unvisited clergymen of P.vengelloal
denominations participated In the exer
cises. Amongst the audience were at
least one hundred clergyman. Great
Interest Is Manifiested in the approach
ing meeting of the World's Evangelical
ADiance In Now York in September.
alurdera by Indiana—What Gen. bbeil-•
dan Maya.
ate Telegraph U, the rflusharen gazette.)
Catoaoo,March7.—ln correspondence
between Gernertis Sheridan and Sher
man, published hero, Sheridan asserts
that in the last eight years eight hand-
Tad persons have been murdered by In.
distil within the limits of his present
command, many being fearfully "tor.
lured and mutilated,' and some women
berm ravished fifty and sixty times ono
cosedvoly. Gen. Sheridan declares that
Vincent CoLlyer is undoubtedly in. the
interest of the old Indian ring, and Bays
that the problem to be decided is, who
Who ebeU be killed, whites or Indiana?
The Irish Land Bill—The In
fallibility Dogma—Recent Al
leged Conspiracy in Paris a
Police Intention—A Most Hor
rible Affair in Spain.
16) T6tge.pla to the rtttsbull 1 GU(IY.)
Lo:g pox, March T.—The raft Matt Ga
:elle approves of Uladatone.'s land bill,
but thinks the, repression of anarchy In
Ireland-le the first duty of the Govern.
Diapatchea from Rome report the an.
tegoniatii.of Papal infallibility In tho
Council, some of whom had threatened
to withdraw, have 1101* determined to
remain, in view of the growing opposi
don lo that dogma. .•
Tree French Whole's have se yet pro
duced no evidence of the existent's of a
plot agidnat the state and the life of the
Emperor. The report to new considered
a fabricatioh Of the ponds.
The fact la encouraging that sailing
Tamale which loft New York before the
City of Boston are Just arriving. The
stagers of the line think the 'donator's
engines broke down soon aftetmaailing,
and she *wild be obliged to depend on
Mill!, with which she was not very wel
supplied. r
In the House of Commons the attend.
soca in the galleries was unexpectedly
thin, though It was known the Irish land
bill was the 'special order. The tool°
seems to loose interest. Mr: Gladstone
opened the debate by stating that
measures for the protection of life
and property in Ireland would
follow : - the' land bill, and then moved
Its second reading. Mr Bryan, the
member from Kilkenny, In moving
the *wood reading of the bill to bike
place six months - hence, expressed re.
gret at the lnadequesey of tire measure,
and in this connection mentioned that
the lease tenure of thirty -years was in
sufficient for the emergency. Distress
for rent must, he said, be abolished, and
tenants must IQs direct from the owner.
Those changes In the bill he considered
indispensable. .
Mr. White, member from Tipperary,
while applauding the motives winch had
governed the Ministers and the general
outlines of the bill,loccinded the motion
of Mr. Bryan.
Sir H. IL Bruce, member from Colrain,
Insisted on material alterations - 1u the
Mr. &wire% member from Ctonwell,
hoped everything from the amendments
to be made in the Commons. '
M. Hergrde.. member from London
derry,lopoke in opposition to the bill and
demanded of the Government arepre
sentative instead of a concillatoripallay
on the Irish question.
The debate was monopolized by- the
Irish members.
M. Fortesque, Chief Secretary for Ire
land, defended the .bill as' the almpleat
and moat complete remedy yet pre
scribed for the ills of Ireland; fpr it
would greatly enlarge the pepprietary
interest among agricultural ciasles.
Mr. Ball, member from the Dublin
University, amid the bill perpetuated
vicious system, which violated the prin.
oleics political economy. The Ides of
compenaation was sound, but the raters'
too high. Ireland's only want was in-
.fitutions an beneficial sa those of Eng
The House adjourned.
A. meeting of the representailiga of
the Press Association is summoned to
consider what action Is required of pub.
tic Journals in consequence of the con
tinued mismanagement of the telegraph
eervlce_by the poirtal ituthorltles.
Strong evidence has been elicited
before the Chancellor that the claimant
to the. Earldom of Wicklow was 'found-
M. Finnan has been restored table Pro
fessorship in the tknlege4f Francs.
Dam.m, Merck 7.—Great preparation
Is being made in the north of rieland for
lawman), March 7.—ln the Constitu
ent Cortes, on Saturday, Gen. Prim
reaffirmed his opposition to the Duke of
Montpienaler, sod declared that the en
tire Minlatry, with the exception of Ad.
mist Topete, were anti-Montpensieriata.
His statement has given the latter gen
tleman offense. Ile has tendered hie
resignation, but It be. not yet been
accepted. The . Unionism are furious
against General Prim, and are doing their
utmost to encourage Admiral Topote.
A ministerial crisis is imminent.
• The Gaul-oil gives an account of a hor- I
rible and mysterious affair In Spain,
which It says It would not believe had
not the details been confirmed by a letter
from Its own correspondent. The story
Is that on February 17, a band of people
broke tato a holm at Alcira village, near
Valencia, In the morning, by making a
hole in the roof. The 0,111.1. of the
house was M. Saluda. He ww. In bed
with his wife. The murdeseis pulled
them out of bed and put gags In their
mouths, when they went to the room
where slx children were sleeping, wbom
they bound with cords, and than in sight
of their parents tore out their eyes and
tongues, afterwards they cut oft the feet
of N. Saluda and hie eldest son, named
'Ancient, hut purposely left the tendon
near the heel nnsevered: and then they
hung them up heed downward. After
this they ransacked the larder, made a
good breakfast, Jeering at their victims
all the time, and then left the home at
daybreak. Two of the yllialna have been
Havarti.. March 7—The second carol.
vat. celebration• took place .yesterday.
The' concourse of people and, carriages
was unprecedented. It is estimated
fully tllty thousand people were In pro.
cession. Contrary to former years, not
the slightest disturbance occurred.
'The Yew de Cuba publishes articles
today denunciatory of Masonry in
Cuba. The Masons lately arrested for
holding meeting* contrary to the Orders
of the Captain General are Mill In
BERLIN, March V.The weights and
measures are to bentunmilated immedi-
Maly. The coinage is also to be estab
lihed on a more coaventent basis.
LONDON. Marsh 7—.Evening.—Omsole
for money 92g; 6.20 bonds: 4.125, 90N:
6&, 90q; Vs,- 89; ten-forties, 863 g.
Erica, .12; Illinois Ventral, 11.130 Great
Western, 29.
raernsrour. March 7.—Boznis Arm
and active at 9634@9555. •
Pains, March 7.—Bonne heavy at 74
francs 67 centimes.
_ .
T.—Cotton quiet at
Livanroor., March 7.—Cotton—Mar
het *toady; middling .uplands Or.
limns ulna 10,000 Wes. California
white Wheat 9a Id; red western No 27a
104; red winter as Sd. Western &air
Cem—No 2 mixed 27. Oats 2s 6d.
Barley boo. Peas 34s 6d. Provhdona--
Pork flat Ms 6d. Beef 103 a 6d. aatd
63a. Bacon 665. Spirit' of Petroleum
Ls 7d. Relined Is 9,tidels 10d.
LONDON, March 7.—Relined petroleum
quiet. Sperm Oil 90@t91s. Sugar,' 395.
Linseed oil firmer at 81s 154@321. Tal
low dull at 40*. Calcutta linseed 69a 64.
Aiirwitne, March 7.--Petroleum firm
68%f. The steamer. Minnesota arrived
Lecture by Senator Revels
(IlyTelegrehh to the klt'sbuthh °awe.)
aLLTIIIOaII, March 7.--Seaster Revels,
of Blisalealppl, lectured to-night et Bethel
Church to an audience of four or five
hundred persons, one-fourth of whom
were white. The lecture was chiefly on
the Improvement and welfare of the
colored race, and was replete with prac.
tied, sound advice and admonition. Be
earnestly enjoined education and mum
my, and at the close of his address said
colored people must be true to the coun
try, to themselves and to the Republican
party. The Senator was frequently ap
plauded. •
eSteamboat Colihtlon at Memphis.
M=iasma, March .7.—Thia 'Ramon
the Great Republic. coining in, ran into
and capsized the tug Nettie Jones. -Bar
ney Denbo, dream, and Lewis, colored;
cook, were ,drowned. 'The tlaptaln and
two deck hands were saved by a Naiad
boat. The tug is probably a total leas.
The Republic, was disabled, and In COR
SI:Ig up was running on one wheel and
could not avoid the colliaion.
NO. 57.
How to Act In an Event or Burglary.
As burglary has become quite common
in our midst, we have thought the repro
duction of the following rules Might be
of some service to those who may receive
calls from midnight prowlers ;
1.. Lie very still, and draw the bed
clothes over your head.
3. Sit up and listen.
3. Pinch your wife and tell her she
ought to be ashamed of herself.
4. Tell her to go down stairs and see
what's the matter.
5. Call out the servants to order the
robbers off the premises.
S. If the burglars still persist in their
neferieus purpose, go to the leading and'
a.k them if they know what they are
7. If they don't desist now, make your
wife tell them that in your opinion they
are wicked men, and that you have a great
mind to be angry.
8. Say you are very dangerous when
you are once Moused.
9. Beg them to leave quietly,• and so
obviate the necessity of a disturbance in
the house.
10. Ask them If they wouldn't like
some cold meat and pickles, and &glass of
beer and a pipe.
11. Let them have what they like, do
what they like, and give them a dollar
each besides. When they are gone br'ng
out your pistols and send for a policeman.
12. On to bed again, and say that the
only reason why you didn't go down
stab's at first, punch all their heads, shoot
them, and take them prisoners, wan that
you eta not want to disturb the neighbors.
—The ship Glad Tidings; which arrived
at New York on Sunday night from
Gliu.gow, had a hard time between gales
and fields of floating Ice. She was
caught on the sth of February in a ter
rible Routh-west gale, and lost her fore
sail, main sail, foretop gallant wall, main
top mast, stay nail, throe Jibs and a cross
jack from the yards. On the .17th,' in
*Mud° forty eight degrees ten minutes,
she ran into large held. of Joe, with nu
merous email bergs. The bergs closed
up around her, and smaller masses of
ice crushed against her _hull. Further
progrosa seemed utterly impossible, and
the shin was headed to the south•east.
After hours of sailing In this direction
else had cleared the ice, and continuing
on the lame court° she panted through
another held of heavy broken masses,
with bergs in it forty feet high. She
forced her way slowly through the bergs,
which were eo near that her mattingste
was carried away. Once throne' this
field she experienced no further trouble.
—A liquor saloon at Chicano paid out
five hundred dollars to silver as change
on Saturday. It in announced that two
at least of the principal ratiroada In that
city will on April Ist make specie change
at all their amass. • •
PARDON C. 0.-7 he Froridmt and Mans,
ptra of this Company Inn do-land a Dividend
CENT.) per share, payabla to tha Stockholder..
r their taint presentittros.' at th• Banking
lion of N. Ho rr lm... A 'on,. forthwith.
Jh it ES M. -W mom, Treannr.
llttaborgb, March 7, )810. . loth OAT
Win deliver bls celebrated Lettere.
Thursday Evening, March 10, '7O.
AU hiIdSION 50 relate.
No reserved scats. Doors Open at TN. Leo-
lure coral:at aces at S. Tickets fee sate at the Ll
brair Norms, corner of Penn ant Sixth streets
retieae having tickets .can ...... Dem /earth
At Sewickley.
Itarla determined heron removing to my WU
e t the sett Ilf , .rks. hese T•rentase, I offer for
rale the property where I now reside. woolnleg
the bet °ugh ofrrew lean_ y. The grounds soeslsk
°rhea . Ite here. hotly dlverstned with grassy
elopes,. keel ael /amnia bank, A plena.
brook panes th ro ash the plow, ehwled by a ha a
det One ell toren trees of a dos:n varieties.
There an nearly ADO hearten — Pear trees sr
choicest irlectletw, nettles appresle. peach. plow,
cherry. .10. AI.o. pbertise, bleth
er-nits. St•awberetes nd other smaller fruit.
There is a large nice foe Tegstabte wanton. The
ornamental throb* •errgytete, rules and met
plants are ha &Whet!. feature. •ery
ht•ly giving the haute ••Tanglewood " to the
piste, wilst the views of the Ohl* river, the
tolls so tthe rat Ity.render this spot nnsup eased
I n picturesque Sweatt,
lite dwelling boon Is a lest elms Orlon,eel
beside attle 0.4 eennated eellse ender the whole
potalpa 141 room. sad washroom and, coal
noose In bum:neat, with rumen:ma large closets
for China. stores sad clothina. Them ma large
wd never-faihne atone -waliel cistern, filled
ith water Peas sia e roof.and pumas for hot
and cold water In bath room, kitchen and wash.
Mum, waste water la discharaed thermals pipes
mane ditto... fr. m the house. la an l e
e s
house and Comm , dioas cooling roan. •OW
horn. carriage abed and chicken yard. The tdaeo
is bounded peal sides trs highway.. and mama
is easv from rallnlad or turnpike. •
BewicaleTts 14 tulles Irma the city, oaths it.
Wayne Itallroad,and panesses many attractione
for • tabarbaa resideace. The numerous seem.
_ . .
mmatioa trains leave nothing to he desired Is
theway of communleation, and the railroad
ITIno tee rives all the way down, malesth e
elightlaty mores, legs Me moiety of the
Valley lamest desirable, Inc. besides Its worthy
rimers and artisans, here are Thema t 000000 tty
seats of many clty millers, protestor*. lativern,
hankers, lad other tombless men end torireof
march amis. Good schools sbooed, and Wm are
char - Myna of 'anon. dtnomlnaUona, baying taa
ablest tolnlsttra.
price and trrom •all at my Drag More, No,
193 Llbroy strati, elltabaratt. If not .14 ba
tom Anrll lot, tals propen7 1.121 n. 2.11.
thee sabtetiber tma eetabliebed • whentable at
W. Pens Hotel. Allenbeay h•teht
conetantly eo bend A Is inspOT Or No./
(.e11•0 Ineared In ell eases. and I V TNT HORNED)
CRT C! ki•LOWNILMT, Mara Itts. ISTO. 5
received at Ilia ones 00014 o'clock r. r.
TBUILIMAT, )(arab 1010.1670, for balding asS
Oe the Wet" , Work. ProPal]. algtith Word, se',
cording to plane sod eoecillestions lo De wen e'
the ogler or Messrs. Balph • Peebles; Architects
Federal street: ' • , .. •
The Ora Is reserved le Meet •117 or all We.
OW Controller.
• The
p TA p III3 d M T F p A L F L e CT SAILE a CAD I e
aI r *An d I e WETZ U I .
Far rates; apply to _
W. W. C. MBIUDITY. Freialit Agent.
Cozier Pike sad 11th street*. Flltaberes•
,Otheral Hamlet ***** t.
prrrsainton •
ea/Jammu ni hum.
OPEN • DAILY howl 9 to f o'clock, had op .
NATUICJAY .6317LN1N0, from May Lt to No.
vember Lc, from 1 to 9 *Woe; sod from No
vember Ist to Mal Lt, 6 to 90OW • Interest
paid at the rate or sis per cent.. tree ~
of tax,sall
tr not withdrawn moopountis seml.arntalll
January sadMo July. Boas a 8Y4.... 11. •hr
1 atodie°. - •
614./Paul of Managers-0.0..8. Burry. President .
O. H. Hartman. .I■•:PSzt: Jr. Vie* Presidaardi
D. K. IN , Rinter, &enter? noo Trealf.
A. prsdiev, Graham, A. 8. IL% 6. I.
N 1.1211 C ka John el: Dilworth. Bohm, Go slam.
Per.Jostm ith0ne5460.9939,9 , N6,0.
Christopher Zvi. • • 64127
Reis street, slltHh .
9c , .aext corner Soo and 'N th aroma.
I Steethajd aaltahtt hr saddlery, std.._
@tom 06 Wylie street; ItOre 1614 dwelling, /T .
Pena runt; dwelling to shamans's 6.dt:stela
Lawreneeralle; .65 Cams alley. *sit, all
Crawford We.
e. 065: 1011 Wylie .tort,
SOB Plantar,. .4lealenn_ll66o; Violin •
UMW; Room, In Co.n, Willa street and UO7 •
tartan Allegheny; Mare in Market Street, as
ronlitt "
OUTHEXIM • 5070.
wha Dull imams.
- •
, _
Is tea boil and ehroplaa commercial sad lam)
maratoper trabtlabral to Western Pa anslivaniar
Bo armor. medusas ar merainil 1h0n1 , ..1 b
Mule rob.ortbots
Clubs of Aro.--
• 0 0 P7 1. Ilan!shed ustttltotudy to t►o getter
DOf &club of too. roottruittly are tvgretted
to Set u meat•.
.Siv - NOTIL'ES—. 4 2II-1,64"
"Low." "1fw:.:4,,''. , 4k1.inti," .V3i;ardinsh"
dn., not exonnomi; POUR LINZ% wfli
be inserted rn theSe columns OM!, fur
TWENTY-PiVE. CENTS; olds addl.
Nonni inset P./ I"k7 ORNTS. •
young nom from• thy linst. an I'intk or
parkrepsr. In (set Is oilltog to do •nyttangt
also has Some e xperlocce In the linking husinuo..
Aatress, ' F. A. ht.,
Jald:cal I:asettoi2lller.
WANTED An experienced
thuroodnly se...Waled with Making IPA Lead
from the otg. None otht r Med aptiD. Enhnim
WANTED.—Fifty Coal and
Ore Milers, no ME, fee to My. and
for paid tbe Several (luta are wooed
pity mid country. • Apply at aspirin:nen:onel,
No. I htiali Hipp, drat door bum them...lon
{3U.000 Co Load 111 largo or small arovantL
at a Adr rate id Interest'e
•7110.41.1.3 IC. raavir.
am. Bond and Baal /tatato broker,
Igo. 179 Sodthael./ street.
T O LET.—One good litore room
fromIFELLINU. No. d o orh toren, 2
2. L oi l rsDiamond and al t o kirantla
daring, bank. On of the hest location In the
city. Ant moderate. Alto. I ROOMS In abs
ran Si and adore roam. Insult. of
marthdAt CARiguta.'46 tiblo atm°.
TO LET.—One of the best fur-
•ntirmy nen —wOntst ming 11 Moms. A 11011.0 of
rttoms and 1 acre of land at Mt. Albion, lath
ward. A Flu. towelling land 'awe Doom rtes,
car atstron. 1111, ward. Mouse of rooms on
Thirtywight6 Street. near Iron City Park.
Houses and Lots fur rode in different itmstlonir
at different price.
Lots In Bloomfield It, Pale—len years allowed
for payment. Iwo years allowed fur first pay
ment when:be iftraon wants to build. Farms
(..r sale.
Inquire of D. B. WILLIAMP, Beal Rotate and
larsuranee Agent. 17th ward, Butler- street,
near Cid attest
• _ marts Ds
T 0 LET.—The Large Store
Room No. SIB Wylie Avenue, corner of
arsi atreet. Pittsburgh. A. M.. BEOWN.
111 1 , 11 - th avenge.
FOR RENT .— The Three Story
BRICK WARP.IIoLoY. In. Church alley,
mar of No. ISO Wood ateeat. formerly occupied
by Wm. efundurt de Co. as a dru..m Factory.
Inquire of' WAIT. Nli
2-5 No. 11:1
9 1 0-LEt—From April X 3141570,
that elegant two story ithiteß hiOUBIL
with outbuilding. and garden, altneted On the
corner of Mall and Nellefatreten. Sept Liberty.
at You.Onb ...Pied by W. P. Bldno, Eon.
lanttro et W.' USU. utiustni, •
3-7 No. SA lidera! St., Alleghtuy city,
me LET-11008E.—That desiVA
able Dwelling Donee No. 30. Hemlock
Street. eileginy, nearly wa t ernne T
mete. ba th , bet and a with irste ---
throughout. Fur term, he..ln, of .
N J 3 F
N 0.33 lietobek aaa ett .
or No. IND need ueky
rLE r.—A Suit of Rooms
omhOttog Two Large, welt lighted ftont
ma on hind flevr, One ge, Hallghted
front Room on alre floor. large • 114
two antwroonte on 4th floor, tine Store HOOOl4
'that floor, No. 108. - 1n Zng.lah'• o, .w bntldl Fourth avenue. For tenor Inquire of A. 11.
ENOLleff d CIL. No. NB Fourth armee.
.—A M in thWrear
T ° Das L iret ET tek beildlh ßOO
a. suite hls 'for Job Print
ing firhce. Inquire of C. BALD. on - the pre.
m Also. the COUNTINO NOON M. the Daffy
Erraing Malt. s..conil floor of front Marbles
bhifill tog. !squire on the prrooses. or of
MCA, J. IltDltN FOSlllit o
frZniM 202 'mob avenue, Al mai.) , CIL?.
10 -LET. iCTOILE 11200ME1.—.
The- •tegant note room in the Mercantil°
on Penn street, near Sloth
street, Will be ready tor occupancy about the Ist
of Ma: eh, and ate boa ollered for rent to deal
rabic tenants. One of ihe stores lau.peelally
allaPtOli for Karst-clash r•stanrant for ladles anti
gentlemen. AIM, to-let.. the; ripper story of
hiarkut street , or or FELIX it. BISUNOT,
T _
o LET.—llrick Rouse of 7
BOOMS, Hall. .org. ear. , , In good teem,.
"Art3.T h' — r itl h er, il Y t=e s o s r o u ' ittol,tl; tax, Ilea
and Water, both room, 80•. No. 1,67 Federal Et.
Ti) LET—ltrlck 110.0 e Room., .No. 140
Middle AVey, nekr Smut:woo Ht., only 010 per
6:: , LPIT—Nw Frown or/1 Rooms and Attie,
ter., 91 ot Water, with large t red, lie.ll/6 Mon-
Tkr LIST—New Ilrlek of 5 /looms fed Attic,
Um and Water, No. IS Ackley (late Carrot') ht.
TO LET-6yee. or 6 noon. au Robinson St.,
n Baudtiskryt., twly $4ll pertnonth.
TI) LET—S evrltntA t.t 8 rt., liar, hot 004
'mod water. hall, both. 0,0 0 b rick front mad In-
We abutters and I oLltt.d at 'dent style, No. 156
klerket 8... 6th voted. Ala gneny.
N T o. ' I ' 6ZI T II - a! ' lf i o ' t k 4. l , 4 lll l lr {Yard.
. 1". ""r,
TO LET—kratne or 4 erenua, No. 15 Salop
too tn., near Federal It. Itiut low.
The above property wall be rented low, li to
pnt claw. lucent.. and In gory , rep air. At illy
W. - ru c.
mkt{ St lilenmed. Alleghenyz.
'UM SALE.—Stock, Fixtures
a. a mood will of • deneta., Bakery anh
teareellonery. aloha. a good hostages, logy
heap. !aqalraat
M•OR SALE.-11 Brick Bousee,
334r;tit.gT3t..,1!";Tc'on•VI boo k
IoW (Cr ma:b. Maguire o r C. ItIAt.KETT, 107
Bedford avenue.
Oft PALE,--MABE and BOB_
One Mare ala Tears old, well broke
to saddle or harms*: good fur family me. Barmy
or 21...1.01 manufaitture and al oat aa rood ma
nem Inquire atlil9l Label ty street. or 1111lo . th
street. •
Fe" "
-4 SALIE.—S3.3OO will buy
TWO 11001X/RAMN 11011Ohf, tour moms
:P. Awl lot No. 19 110710 rtreot..Alleakettf.
avenue. Pens. uay ten Per cent.
Id taxer. Ttrom-11.11011 dopy. balance la
:openeta. Nagano on the pa miser.
FOR BALE.-1 Steam Engine
.0: 10 b r 30. In Fond feinting order. wltit
wattle Beam and ciente
INCH a.IIIT AND 11/114.13 rumva.
"Id It.. Eau be seen at Dee Woek.A( the
Youghloaheey Gas Coal (Anagehy, We.* Nine.
lath Pa
FFosSALE.—Stock and Fix.
TONES. LtALBE AND GOOD 14/1.1., of g
grgyglug Orogery. dog,' a good twangs.. Tgg
optlerslised bane mated I. otherboalow tg
reggos for aallloc. U. W. PIIgET, 49 Pod.
eta med. ADeshort. If.
'OM SALE.—tbat Desirable
save property @Sallied.= aloe comer of 11...t0t
st .14 13.41. avenue I . l.oatgh.skl l
la °rect..; a Lavine rolldtes eon one Two Story
Htlet D•vrillog it Toe Lyt t feu
Unlit taws sod TOWS°. &sib l
abn.. Tor
terror. .tte., towns or L. KIM, No lIIS ttres
flold•Airet, or stINEITT WE;SEL, Stith avenue,
sear the , • 4.1
JR SALE.—Good two story.
30 -Frae Hoare oral It tame. ball e ree nte r
cellar i n 20 fret 10% lavas wt.,.
we 71P. feat %natal foot ale , . •I gated lo •
Mad netahhoruood, •t. twly twelve .era
above the Althera Park. Price 13.080.
Pomatal. e Ap r. l Let. roe further tkfonnailon
opyy at the p Intlees, No. 201 Pendular
saint, Alletaray clty. A 1... • the stook led
taterra of• Retell tiroetry. Apply at at No.
236 Pacidavky wee A .
/11:Ilia II SAW HANGINGS eonplete. Inbuilt/If
YAW. Thew Hanglogs are acerb , new. Price
11122: Addr“a 1110112180 M k WANKS..
No. 386 Meer Aterlllo.,
—---- 1.91 Allegheny C 1,,.
EINSLDENCE —No. BSI Fran.. street.
Allegheny City: The Int I Hit nu Igig
ret h o ol tdings a
R tw m s: Hwy t w r i om. gwltsh b
. tAI ; .
Waterhas Matti'e Mantel*: med. atom.
Saloon. Barter, °I , Ids Hell. Slate Hoer. and
has been built on._ l7eer. Inquire of JOHN A.
COCIIIIIAN. No. 93011amilton atrert.
ny Clgr. Or at 900 Libertyetreet.Pitlebareh.
OR SALE—Engines and Soil
ElHllforr and Second Hand, of all kh.a.
conrinally on band.
llidert_from 411 parta of the mouttar promptly
Corner Marlon Avenue and r.; F. W. • C,U.V.,
ptradi , SALE. DWEL ING•..
- "nut th ree store MUCK DWELLININ.
asy landed. No. e 6 Nivel. , Atte-,
fbenyEtj a coLap toy ton roots and bail* tooth.
... w ,t 1 ern awe weed story: gas
In WI the rooms tzetteln klttboo. Beteg alttl
tied eseoreerel Grey it alley. It sellllebtell
ate reatfisied. ?matt/lon April Lt.
JOHN D. /MILEY a 11210;; -
1-11 . . • No. 110 ncarti . •
lICALLZO RENY CITY.-1 °IL s for sale
the moat delightful trolled:I g lots ellatembt le the
beeland ard, Allegheny, 04 Perry, vibe neon
Roan .0 4 00eetvatory %venue, adlolaleg _Ws
ONseldblary ItrOUOtit. These Loin are pen of
Ere and one-half (a.%) stns. A plan o f. three
!Ads mat be reen at my store, No. si Wttoo
NTRIBT... The plan ha+ also 1. en semanit
Rock Lot Is a front lot. treaties on Perryortre
road or Observatory arrant; ale, 114. feet Mgr
121131 dot.h. The tote ophomda the residence of
I Weablemen sod Islam Neel mere. -0.1...47
br 175 Orel.. bloat of the Lots gr. v, •
.Flve dwellings have been emoted slresit, r_tr:
eons des.roos to learn the men v_SLo_9•22.7 &L.!.
etook-y cals.; gas bete One as olnten..74_ - ff.!
loadtty Is one of the hotel Ilk• the
bet War Mettles , erell:J a rottal,
"niArd nerd nerre uanta re aro tt.
Brat IT
N" L " l oiri,.. mires/ow. 'Eh, tare of
etm b• 0 8. 8 0 It t le s es
• All penons tllsj
istrestme ma IS heal So-,
.tr a a r t i u lt .,g4 6 llon g
I.llte. 111.11)111ATI3
C.itt , Flllt. eLibo
A44...tiv,1 llianztl,