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f Pittsburgh, Allegheny City
and Allegheny County.
0771Crs .
101130i10,810.1Y, FEB. 21, 1810
Boar.s at Fraxiktort 93i(g,94.
rrrBol3l7ll at Antwerp col
True validity of an Indiana divorce
having becn dhtputed in the Supremo
Court of the United States, has been
kmrmcd by.that - If valid tinder
the Indiana law, sash a divorce cannot
be disputed In another Butte.
_ •
• Tits flat State election to be held under .
the Constitution, u amended by the Xiirti
Arlie.* trill be in New ilampabize. But
In) distinction on account of color has
hitherto been made to that State. At the
Cannecticot election, to April, will be 0b..,
*erred the , fit?t itineration of the opera:
tion of the new Article. It willaddlrom
one jo Iwo thonaaud into! to the - poll:,
alarshinld increase as much - the Itepubll
Cin Strength. , .
Ir ts to be hoped that the House will,
itot'idopt the r erilution to expel "Hr.l
Whittemore, i . member from South Caro-;
Una. on the. charge -of having sold hie
nominations for cruletehips, wittiont eleari
woof of his guilt in the prenatal.' - That
gentleman is a native of 111133paliZell
• graduate of Harvard, an accomplished. ;
'choler, and hitherto always respected as
a men of high moral principle. Yet, if
he be really guilty, he should be dealt with
stainly, for an example.
Tare law of Congress prohibiting , the I
isle of coal.oll, or petroleum, for, pizat-4
tSithrg purposes, if,nuder the tire test of.
- 110 degrees, L s constitutlortsl Ace only
as to the territories. The Supreme Court,
holds it to ha an Indefensible Invasion of
the exclusive right of the States to freme
their own polioa regulations. We do not;
rinderstaxid that this ruling touches the
legality of restrictions upon the transport
tailors of the non•itandard article between
the States. Congress has clearly the
right, under the Constitution, to "I egnlatc
commerce among the several States." In
fees of this authority, it is to be presumed
.that the decision here alluded to does not
touch that branch of the' question, and
that the Court, upon a proper case:would
cce*nly sustain the, entotment regular
tins, In that ratted, the Interstate coin ?
Merce 7 This rusher Is one of considerable
lesportaace to the refining Interest, and
Should be properly nederstood.
mount ADD vsoura RAILROADS.
Cincinnati, In conjunction with the
peeplo - of Kentucky, is moving energett
catty in the wetter of having a great
trunk railroad running directly south
from that city, through Kentucky Into
'ffenneasee,' thus bringing .it Into union
with the great thoroughfares of the Booth,
embracing the Atlantic, the Gulf, and
the Niuluippl- States. Cincinnati, in
-this movement, is setting a good example
to .Pittsburgh, which ought to be moving
with equal vigor In a similar enterprhe,
through the valley of the. Idonoutudaln
into West Virginia, and, thence to t 1
fame great system of southern roads,
only at points two or three hundred Mice
farther esst.
When the lumber and mineral wealth
of the line south of Pittsburgh are drawls
_lnto the estimate, our southward road.will
be found superior to that in whlelf CIE pe4-
ple of Cincinnati are engaged; while the
connectiocus which it will give us with
the southern roads and oommercial centres
are quite asgood. .
- illentofore the great lines of the WWl
try have been from Etat toyest; but the
'time Eta coma - When lines running from
North to South will be felt to be equally
summary. Time wu when the widely
different sochd,conddioni of the free and
the slave States operated as a bar to n tich
- close relations as are now felt to be area.
wary; .bnt that Is all over. Reconstrne
,. Son • on the basis; of univerisl suffrage, is
the ;eel spring of thecmaterial Improve
masts. Iron , bands will Ihe added to
constitutional amsndmenti to eatsbilih
and - confirm - the. National Union, void
bielg in an Ms of goodd - feeling and briik,
reciprocal trade.
T e calmly.° yore.
Before the adoption of the X.Vth
Amendment-colored men were voting la
most of the States in which they are tie
most numerous; yet that . amendment will
confer the right of suffrage upon a veiy
large slumber, especially In the border
'Slates of Delaware, Marylsnd, liCenticky
, 'and litssourL The nuntben enfranchised
by that amendment in the following
nudes are about as follows :
Is Illarylnntl, N ODO Pennerlranl. We°
la , . CISCO ln New J.rem,i,tto '
• in.K.lnelty. 42. W) In Out+, I ILO
10 •
M a s i ttgal4, I,t®
-Bare are about 144,000 new Teton; and
'Kerney Safely cilealite that about Mtn
tege•twentleths of -them Will be Bepuhli
' esti.voters. What will be the, effect ?
.:;Delaware will be revolntionized;. for' the
. Democratic, majority, when
. none bat
whites Voted, hes not beta more thsothalf
the votes which will be handed in b$
colond LAM. In Maryland the Demo
-attic majority will be overwhelmed by
the colored voters, ,liCentuety, now
overwhelmingly, D emociatte, will become
. t debatable ground, and 12,000 new, votes
thrown into New, York will plaj the
mischief with "the party," unless_the
science of repeating shall be still more
extensively called into finance. We
have but little expectation, bowever, of
overcoming the Democracy of New York;
jar they seem to have the means ie.
oovirlng thst Stale, where they tare a
.... city in which a single Irishman sum cast
'num ballot. in II day than six whim Re
. publicans and four negroes. Wegive
rro New - York colored men vote un
der the present constitution II they can
- show* property quallticatlon of 1260. It
• Is estimated that there are In the Wine
Wk/0 who are unable to de that. but who
will now come in on the same tooting as
. • - The Pittsburgh Part " looks with ititer.
- est to the record that the DemoctucT of
• Perak shall make upon this question."
We : quote Its remarks upon the pending
proposition, with Its commendatory pref.
• erence for the While bUt :
Tim bill of Hon. D. N. White tOregti
• lb* administration of the Treaaury,
• 's Witch prised the House lest week, will
wonte before the Senate to-morrow,.
-r It provides for the loan of the
• plaided balance' while it remains In the
Treasury, to the highest bidder. for the
,' Itertelit of the State end tbr its rapid ap.
plleation to the payment of tee •
okebtoand bra len elap forward . int : betray
The proposi of Senstar Wallace. et for a SabTreavary
•• would be prefera r bl e. Bat gr. White's
bill has run the gauntlet of the Nouse
mutottestally. and half of - ite perils artr
over, for the =acclaim can eastreery re.
'fuse to eanctien the legislation which hi
has Moistly recoccseanded;:
II sufficiently evident, that theta le
Stay -sincere , tore for ti reform
•• , tterossiget the Republicans of the Lentils.
• The Canaoron•QueY-MookeY eonneo
pzi nip It, to path the State Venn=
' ' - -- • ' . - i.......- ....-,„ ..,.• ~,...,-..,,,,..-......--,,',...,, - ,-,-- , -.....:., ,, i,....,' --,, ,,, ....,..u.,, -
. ... .. .
~ . . , . , .. , . . . .. ; :i . ,.... .• , .
~- , ,:..1., . ..., , ,., , ., : ,,,,.., .„ ,,, , ,,,,, . ./. . .7,, , ,z.:3.- ; ,:q...4:qmi., , v,,;., , :,• ,: z- . 2x.4;.:.•,:z.:7:,- --4 - 5 , i r. ,. P7, . ;,iP.:''f(:- .1 ..::., E ., 4 -.:-, i ''s.:, ; ;'-'-'.1., L ,", k .R, , '0.:; f ;,5vg-4.:Lfg,Vf-r,Z :
~_ . .. •
._,„,,,.: . ;•::.v,.. . - -.,..'- - :. - • • -. '''.: , ...'.,;: . ...;, - ::..:.—....: „ :, ,- :- , -.?. , .„ ., -:. ,, -,. - , , . ,, j ,, .': - .7.: ,, , ,,, ''.r ,: ... 7 .i: ,- F;g - .Att.: , Tl :l :'.M- , i'.:•%.ZJA , .::;: : -..';10',i.' , ';. ,- '4A - It - '.i -, ': 2 i..K l .4.i:i.:'&Z -- i2:.4; , :'.::Y: : .s'Pgglt - ::lf';''i--Z51; 4, ' , 444:tf.T'Lkc , : y , .. , ;. :• -'''' .s4 ''''4 ll ' - ' 4 ' - ' - ' z '''' W ''''' ,s i'-4 . 4.tr1if , i;.'n0 . 4. - t4...,..,.....43i;',' , 5.1-. 7;
~,,,'''..'L..,l:----......,•••-..-'•,1::?:::;,.,,,z7--;,,,,....,,,,f,-.:.,...,...,••---.-.,:-:..7.:1t,..?...,...,-.F,..,,...=.,•;.,,...,.......-",,,•,..:.,;-;.,;,-,...i-.4,,...4,,,,,..,;;.....,,....,.:.:...;•;,..1-0.,::.,,,,,,!1i%krs.-i.,••?4,;:i4j?gifiL- • -.- . • - • 7. ...... ~.. ... .. ... ~.. .. ~.,...„. . ,
... ..•. • . , • .. . .
.... _
.. , .
~ . , . • .
.. . , . . • - -.'. . ...,,,,.',!rdmf4,1..;.,71,;ii.;.w.4.%•••ii.,.M.-ps
. . , . . .. .-....,
. . .
.}.A , 4q. %:-.----.,' 7' . .e';+.. ,- svai.T:7 - i , - - '- . 1, - t;: , t- t t .j?-i.'..-.:z-tsv4---,aLiagET,A,-*;;A,,,.v,..,,..,'A.,:-•,;•..4.,,,..,,,,,,,,..,,,i,..,,,,,,-,- - •
...,„,..,,,-...,,,....,..... - ..- . ,
~, ,
.: ~~?''
elect and his r who defeated the
nominee of their party cancan, and Irwin
and his forlorn trope apparently aectul.
ewe in it to Justify their profaintiona, but
surely will take advantage of any oppor.
tunny to defeat lt. Wo eresatistied that
the only path to a reform to the nnanelal
management of the State la throtigh the
prompt the
of Mr. White 's
through the Senate as it came from the
House. It is the duty and the plain
policy of Democratic Senators to speed it
on ha way.
—We wish that or neighbor's advice
might bo heeded.:-But it will do no good.
If .any bilL.relative, to th 6 _Tram" be
meted by this Legislature, It will be the
Blllingfeit shata, which can - effect no good ,
and will open a door for still greatermis
chief. ' That is the bill for which "Dem
ocratic Senators" and their Coalition
allies expect to vine.
rErtsnrING SCENES. •
In the Oszarra of Yesterday we gave
an extract from the eloquent surd truly
Christian report of the Board of Commis.
Menem appellate(' to co-operate with the
&doornail ation in .tho management of, In..
diau affairs, of which our excellent friend
and townsman, Faux B. BattliOT,EDL.,
is Chairman. We now copy the report of
the special Counniudoners, gess= Bth
- Bis hop _ and . Dodge, of their inter;
'DO with the assembled tribes of Aispa.
hoes and Cheyennes, at Camp Supply, on
theCamtasn river, In the western part of. l
the Indian : territory.. Two ladies, lira
Bmnot and Mrs. Dodge, accompanied
.theli husbands in this long and interest.
ing expedition, thus affording to the sat ,
agei the' _most
, striking pledge of peace
which it was peadirle for them to give,
and One with whteh the Indians were
very cinch pleased. The opening of the
:"talk" with a sheet and simple; prayer, in
which all could unite (for if was Inter•
prated to the Indians, sentence by sen
tence, as delivered) wee, as an Indian.
'could extinies it, a good thought. Vto9l
Mr. and lies. 'Brtmot hint 'graphic de
al:4l.ton of that scene, which was solemn
trninemiya' in the extreme—the few
white men and women. Chrtathina, with
huudreds or untutored savages, all rev
erently standing .ti ether. "
hands Invoking the blessing of their com
mon Father in Heaven. 'But we shall
add no more, our only object lxingto in
troduce this narrative, •
- .
Cute Soreta, August 10,1880.
The Committee of . the United States
special Indian commission arrived at - this
place on Saturday laic and to dey have
held a council with the Cheyennes, and
Arapahoes. The talk was In many re
spects more satisfactory than we intici.
'And, and the result we hope will be very
The Indians seem to have been expect
ing ns for some time, end. during the af
ternoon Medicine Arrow . , head chief of
the Cheyenne', and Little Raven, of the
Arapahoes, Cape to know when we would
have a talk. Monday was appointed;
and yesterday the Arapahoes arrived 1„, 1
full _force, but _the Ctieviennes did not
come. In the evening Medicine Arrow
came with several .other chiefs, making
excise that they were not notified. They
were made to iniderstend that the corm.
' ell would be held Tuesday, and the corn.
miesibn, would go. away 'Wednesday
morning. end did trot - care whether they
came or.not. ~. If they did pot relit to
come they could stay Levey. 'Medicine
Arrow then said they weild all come in
the - morning: Abont .ten they arrived,
I and by noon both tribes were aisembled.
, Mcst of the chiefs were present, the ate
' snit Mies being engaged in a ceremony 1
Which began three dais ago and would
end tomorrow. ' Mr. Bruen opened the
council by "eying: "God rtho..made the'
Plains, the buffalo; the white man, and the
Indian, is leaking into our heart s. When
the white men bold . a great fennel' eh
ask Mimeo make all our hearts right en a
eta tungabs good, and one words true
Wh want to ask God to make our hearts
right; end our- speech clear as the sun,
and straight es an arrow. Fie -- wouldask
one of the commissiven to pray for this."
...Mean .the" short, appropriate prayer. -,
during which the Indians 'toed reverent.
' ly,with ctatptd hinds, he rem - aril:
••• The Great Father at Weelitngton has '
sent na to shake hands with the Arapahoes
and Cheyennea. Re wants to know how
you do. ~Me wants to 'know if you like 1
you reeervatlon. If you will promise to
remain upon it and try. to do right, you '
Innow Ids brothers. Th white people
Kansas and Texas axe e
hls eons and
daughters. His brothers must not kill
his children. They must not steal their
ontle.and horses. .
..When the wolf prowls about the camp
he must be killed ; let not our brother',
the Cheyennesand Arapahoes, be like the
wolves. Let them be the white man's
brothers everywhere. The great Wash
legion Father told us to talk straight
from the heart and tell you be wants you
to be his children. Aiso,lie wants you to
livelikethe white man. _Whin, there is
much wood the camp fires burn bright
and high; when the wood is surely the
camp fires burn low; when it is all gone
the fire dies ont. Winn the ann "hints it
Is bright and warm; when It goes behind
thehlll it does not die—it is bright and
warm every day. It will never die out
The white man is like the sun. The red
man is like the camp Ire.
"The buff/doers getting *career every
day. . If you donot lrn to live like the
white man your natio n will die out like
the eampilres If you learn to be white
men you will always grow bright like the
sun. Thus are some bad white men; 1
you must' not be like - them. There are
good white men; the Great Father wants
you to be like them. He wants to send
you good agents and teachers to show you
how to live like good white men. Do
you wane to do this t. If you is ill lay, the
Great rather wilihelp you.' The commis
sioners sent by the Great Father have
come a long ways to weyou; we are your,
friends; I heir talked - straight from the
I heart. Whet do the Arapaho and Choy
enne chiefs •eV 1' Wo will terry your
words to the Great Father-at Washington;
' we want them Saba good:"
After some talk among the chiefs, Little
Raven spoke in reply with great earnest
ness, appealing first to the Cheyennes.
They had been beethme for a long lime;
they had camped, and made war,, and
hunted together._ He hoped -they would
listen to hie words and make them their
own. Rem lab white chiefs from Wash.
Ington and soldier Chiefs: . What they toy
is good. Here is the opportunity tor the
Cheyennes and Arapahoes. It ie..their
good chance; they must keep; t. (Then
turning toithe couimissionere:: We will
do . right. ,a ny bed. things had been
done; this de all the had Is washed out.
We arc here . ogether at peace; we will
thrall rem at peace; we wish our
children to Ilve and not perish. Tell: the
greatlYashirigton Father thla. -We love
one wives and our children. We do not
want any more soldiers to come hero to
- take away our wives and our children.
We *ill try and do all that our Great
Father wants us to do. As to the res.
'erratlon we want It to be along tide
stream, (the 'North Fork of Canadian, on
which Camp imply Is located,) not too
i far down from this, for we do not want to
be near bad men. We do not want to go
neer the Naga, who steal our harms,
and we do not want to go ferher north
on account of troubles; we want to stay
on thla stream. Another thing, we want
the traders to came with goods and they
will not co p e We axe prepared
to tradth them from this day in
peace. Ho wanted to tell the commis
sioners tint theyrlld not want to be un
derstood as Promising to make peace with
their enemies the. Pawnees and Utah..
We Itare made peace today In the pres
ence of the it, in the presence
of the Great Father 's chiefs, In the pro
once of the soldier chiefs, and of our own
soldiers. It will last alwayt. Oa r youeg
Men would like t6 be gl a d. ss
have a feast, they 'would like to CM with
them and be glad.
He asked abort their goods when they
would come. In reply, he wan told the
commissioners would only say their goods
-Wm tepfsway on account of the war.
They roue, expmt. the Great Father to do
right and send some goods as scion' as It
cad be doire. ,, Me wanted their rations of
sugar and coffee to be given, even if
bacon and wilt and corn were taken away.
fla - rep*, he was told we would' tell' the
g reat Father what he mid
'Mr: Smoot said : i'Do the Cheyenne* I
agree tq,. Ditto .Hayen's words I Does
Meltable - diroir. , agree? -.What„ does'
• Medicine Arrow inky t" _• • .
' Medicine Arrow; "Hie father always
lotted the white was. Ho wail nixxl
from hirchildhood.to_love the white man..
He was brought op' all his life holding
the white man by the hand. But the
white man, overzuntog his country, made
trouble. Only a short time ago, white
men at Medicine Itinffi—whits men—took
his hone, and only lately, op at the north,
the white men had destroyed a village of
his people. But notwithstanding all this,,
we have made peace this day. Whatever
words the Arapaho has said, the Cheyenne
takes them for his own. lam chief of all
the Cheyennes, but more than half my
people are ln the north. I think floc!
Rcome in, and I will try to get them'
to lime in and be at peace... They will
all/ come some time. When all come,
thely.may want some changes in the res
creation. Some of. his people were in
prisons he wanted ns to intercede for
them. He alio said - that now, havirtg
made a lasting peace l he . wanted the right
to trade fur ammunition. Theybad very
little and they wanted to. make their fall
hunt soon." The commie/dor:era replied,
in regard to the prisoners they had noth
ing to say, but they would carry the words
to the Great Father. As to the ammuni.
Moo, Colonel Nelson said they could not
have tt.
(Medicine Arrow) said they
were now ready to go with the Arapa
hoes.- They did not coma in as soon as
the Arapahoes, but as soon as he was
sent for he same to CQI. Nelson, sod
seemed strange , that as soon as the Chey
ennes came in the rations were changed.
Ile wanted the Commissioners to ask 'the
department to give them coffee and
Mr. Dodge said: Brothers of the Ara
paho and Cheyenne", we, the Commie
stoners from the President, the Great
-Fathir,,have come this long journey to
see you, and let you know that the good
white people love the Indians and want
them to be good. We have come to . see
you and take yon by the band and say
good wards to you. We know there are
smite bad white Men who have comp
among you Red chested you and Made
you think the white man is your enemy.
We want you to look at your present po--
'Mien and see that the white man is in
closing and suroundidg you, and that
railroads will be built through the coun
try, and will soon drive away the buffalo,
and soon you will have nothing to de,
pond on. Wo want you now to *Bale
to settle down in one place, and each to
seleet poor home, coltivilte the lend
and learn to supportyourselves and
.become part of the American peo-,
pie, and children of the Great Father.,
There are a great many people east who
love the Indians and - want to do them
good. They wish to save the Indian
tram ruin. They y emember that mini
moons ago, the red n - sin lived ..where the
white man now,llces, but-the are gone..
The great trine called the Narragansetts,
Mohicans, Mohawks, Stockbridge", the.
Delawares, the Oneidas, Senecas and
Tuscaroras hay,: passed away before the
white mats, while the Cticrokees, Choc-1
taws and Creeks who have gone on re
senfallong, have lived and prospered.
Now. we went you to begin to Dye like
the-white men. Cultivate your land, and
we will send good men to teach your
children to wink, to read and write; and
then theririll grow up able to support
themselves after the buffalo bee gone.
Yon must not drink whisky if you want
to do well. We are glad to ass you here
to-day, and hops all will be Peace."
Mr. Brunet said that hereafter the
Cheyennes and Araphoes mita: not regard
the stories of Lad white men, who come
to them with evil reports. They most go
to Col Nelson, nr the commander of the
post, or their agent, and they will always
tell them the truth.
The Commissioners invited Col. Nelson
to speak if he desired to do so.
Little Raven then said his young men go against their enemie", the
the,, to afew days. Would Col. Nelson
Lila ULM a paper, so that when. their
y unk men went to war againsttheir ene
mies they could show it, so as not to get
Into trouble with the whites.
Col. Nelson replied, that they must be
at psace with all men . while thsy- were
under the United States protection; the
:United States will not allow them
go to war with any one. and sill not to
low any ego to molest them.
Medicine Arrow 'poke: "It Is a scoot •
rule that will not work bah ways. Why
do your soldiers fight our Cheyennes in
the north Pi -
Col Nelson arid; "Became they light
our soldiers If they will adbmit, as you
have done, our soldiers will not tight
them." ...
Medicine Arrow said: "If the Wash.4ngton Father's- COmmissioners will
promise protection and peace to them, I
will briog all the noethatelL Cheyennes to
this place to give theraseivea up to the
United States authorities, rith the ledges,
women and children."
-AL paper to that effect was bmnedlitely
drawn up and signed by the three Commis
sioners and Colonel Nelson, end a copy
given to Medicine Arrow.
We earnestly hope that this policy ,
which ought to hive been adopted long
ago, will be followed ap, so-that the
bloody and disgraceful era of mutual out
rage and butchery on our western bor
der may be brought to an end. The Bar
timent so prevalent on the border that the
Indians must be exterminated is as false as
it is barbarous. :We have a few more
facts and observations to offer on this in'
teresting subject, but these are enough for
the present.
miraluvoiss ton anus° WORK.
The present is the firmer's time to ar•
range his plans for the coming year, and
on this being carefully donoi depends
greatly the success of future Or:aeons. -
Ile has the gathered experience of the
past to aid him; and if one or snore crops
limo failed, now is the time to consider
the canse. Has he been unprofitsbiy
stinted in the necessary amount of labor ?
too - any other - than the best seed been I
sown or planted ? bare weeds been al. I
lowed to grow cmcbecked4 Las work
been performed too much in a berry ?
have the most approved implements of all
kinds only been use-dt .
Trade and busineu in the-cities hare
been depressed the put season, es well as
the prices of produce In the country. Let
not the farmer be discouraged.
Is the working stock of the farm scat
"dent? baa three been false economy In
the use of manures t has there been room
to store the crops? . •
All three questions should now be asked
and answered; recollecting that the most
Improvident of all kinds of farming is the
raising of half crops, and that poor stock
la always the most expensive, be should
map out his plans for the year 1870, so so
to avoid all these errors; and with the eld
of agricultural pspers, to Introduce an
improved system of management. The
increase of railroad facilities may bring
his farm within market distance of large
cities or manufactories, so that his whole
system should be changed—and perisha
ble articles, such as butter; milk, email
fruits, vegetables, be cultivated instead of
beef and grain, with' which he has been
striving In an nnerinal Competition with
the cheap lands of the West.
• •Lei, the farmer now consider and digest
the tried capacities of bls soil , and its
adaptation to partici:Liar . crops. • Bea he
generally succeeded with corn or pots.
toes, or carrots, or cabbage, or hroota
' corn, or hops, gr pastnrssel - rlot him not
suddenly change his system on accooAtof
temporary depression In prima
" Time and chance happeneth to sli,"
and with patient lndistry !rid pewterer.
once, every man in his proper calling,
(not forgetting the performance of the
moral, social and, religious duties) will find
that for Mrs "seed time and harvest, cold
and heat, summer and winter, day and
night, shall not cusp, nor the early and
I the latter rain."--:
•Let. It. then bey* sad doing,
1 - 11111 1 4:14g1;
Ltar to lawr nstd vat:. • •
sszonta eTOt
P. young animal should be kept ate.adily
but surely growing matlllt shell arrive at
its full CO or be Rued for market, and
we Insist that this will prove the most
profitable emus?, and that the animal
thneted and reared will give the brat re.
tun. for Its care and • keep. A. great
many of our limners stop so far short of
this profitable liberal feeding In:the win.
tar, that the young antral} only Hsu but
does not grow any
,during a large part of
Meseta', sad thus, as we think, the food
is nearly loet. Certainly the time is lost,
and the young animal isturned to pasture
in 'the arcing with no,hicreaseof star,
andso.moch lighter ea *haloes of Ita dab
daily since the previous autumn taken to
anstalaits life would whic h
indicate, and:
should haveleen saved by
• Wore
liberal and perhaps careful feeding.
Again a very large part of the sheep
Wintered in the cotway have very little
increase of : wool from the fall until
spring, and not a few - actually have more
pounds ot wool the first of Deceinber
then at shearing time, as Instead of any
growth of wool, there is so much lout in
tae health and strength, that the amount
at shearing time will actually weigh leas
than the first of the previous December.
One reason - why a great deal of awaits
not wintered better is, the hay is often
cut too late. Two tons of hay cut before
the fifteenth of duly' is worth at least
three tons cut after the twentieth of the
ratnemonth, - the nutritive qualities of the
grass (manY Of - them)- turning to woody
Abu as _the._ ripeniag process. goes on.
Most of our best grasses have very little
really nutritive quillOr, when fully ripe,
and what they havd , ate not readily as
simdated by the aninialiconsuming them,
without: some otirer.feed.lika . grain or
roots fed at Um same time, and_ here.. we
probably find the greatest'value of roots
ea a feed for all kinds of . stook, notin the
amount of nutilmthit D:Ty Coktaln them
selves; but. In their ability to assist the
1 digestive organa .to assimilate or. appro
. 'pride the stionut 6f iintritive matter con
t tuned In the straw or hay fed to animals
. _
in col
mrawai. Or ekrtikr PM indiums.
Maas, when oonfined•for any consider-
able time to one kind. pf food, is more
liable) to disease than when We regimen is
varied. The diseases common among
tailors on long voyages is an illustration
of this. .
sow, What is true of man, is true of
the various species of domesticated 'ant,
- male. When confined for an undge
period of time to one kind of feed, they
sicken and die. For cattle, mature has
famished a variety. In summer, the dif
ferent kinds of grasses, with their rich
Juices, tempt their tastes and improve
their flesh. Tit, even then, we obtain
an argument for a variety of feed, from
the fact that • cattle, fed with grain, or
vegetables, put'on fink more rapidly than
when they are kept on grass alone. But,
te winter, our, ordinary dry food is
not h conducive to growth as are summer
..Fodder,". so It is termed, bas lost
much of its original moriernes
The defect, In part, may be supplied by
roots of variona kinds. Among these,
turnips, garrote, beets, and the like, have
their value, but these. or :something of
the kind, should he provided as a variety
to winter stock. Farmers should look to
this, and see if- the best cattle, and the
best folds of sheep, are not those which
are furnished with a variety of, fccd dew
ing the winter confinement: WOuld you
have good Stock! Then have a variety
of winter &ed.—Boston Criatioater.
At. the present price of the lower
grades ~of wheat (unsound)—about one
dolls/end ten cents for sixty pounds, In
New TOT: City—lt Is the glempest feed In
that market. It is estimated to be worth
one fifth more than corn, which Is worth
oaa dollar per busks!, or more, for fifty
six pounds. This gives the wheat the
advantage of tan cents in price and four
pounds, or cents in weight. For
working anima's, talich cows, growing
young stock, swine and poultry, it is an
excellent food, and seems to have the
same superiority for them over the other
grains that it has for man. It should be .
thoroughly soaked or ground, and In
either cue im mdue would be increased
by cooking. A. haltbarrel of boiling
water, with a bushel of wheat men
stirred into It, and then kept over night,
will cook itself into a most savory and
excellent mess for fattening pigs.
How long is It profitable to keep a
cow? I consider a cow In her prime
(all things considered) from Ave to ten
years old. one cows hold out much
better than others, as with men and
horses; and are really as young to ail in
tents and purposes at twelve years, as
others are at nine or ten. Never keep a .
cow through winter atter she gets to
I going doWa hill, or kill a superior cow on
acccunt of her age; if her' teeth are &pod
she is Iln riakt, without - any signs of oeto
tiotion. Cows should be milked regular.
ly and by steady mlikerk—Antierieen
Stock Journal.
Tie a rope around the hind foot, near
the hoof. with a slipknot, toe the COOT!.
nienee of untying. Make the other end
of the rope tut around the under jaw,
With the foot drawn a little down. Than
make her lack,.-untll she will raise the
foot and replace tt without a kick, which
will be In a few minutes, and the cure Is
complete. The plan is equally Efficacious
with horses and other frisky creatures.
Ltt milkers and others folly test this safe
and effectual remedy, arid I sm satisfied
they will neither need nor use any other.
TODD 11.013 ?MIL
A Highland county correspondent of
the Cincinnati G 417440 'meats for the
following as the best feed. to make the
biggest hog out of a pig in twelve
months: Take two parts Naley, two of
corn and one of oats. Grind' them to.
gether; then cook and feed cold. This
way of feeting is the cheapest way to
make begs keep fat from the time they are
pigs. Take any pig of a good improved
breed, and it can be .made in this manner
to gain one pound a day until a year old.
C1U111311% 6011.601.
The cure is very.simple and easily ap,
piled: Get some pulverivil cayenne pep.
per and sprinkle plentifully on the edge
of the trough to which - our butte is
hitched, so that be will tuck it up with
the first draught of air. If you ride or
drive out, carry some with you in a phial
and sprinkle a little on the top of the
poet to which you tie your horse, and he
will soon be cured. We have known this
remedy to prove sffectual.
DOYESTIO azczirsa.
Mot* Duck.—A. steak °floe well beat
en, a rich 'totting, such as is need for
ducks; spread it over the beef and roll
tt in the form of a deck; then bake.
Make a rich gravy with onto= and pour
over it.
To Prowl Kitehon Orioro.-111 boiling
OUiOns or cabbage, place a dish of vine.
gar on the stove at the same time. The
boiling Vinegar will. destroy the odor of
the veget"Lies. All who have near neigh
bors try it.
Chopping Dough.—Wo think that it Is
not generally known that wheat bread, at
least„ Is greatly Improved by chopping it,
at the end of the second kneading, and Ii
you want good becad, let there always he
o pond kneading, putting in all the flour
before that.—.T. J.
Puts that will Keep a Year.—Dissolve
a tesspoonfal of alum in a quart of warm
water. When cold; stir In as much fliur
as will give it the consistency of thick
cream, being
,Particular to beat up all the
lumps: stir in Its much powdmed main as
willlay en n dale, and throw la half a
dozen cloves to give tpleasant odor.
nave on the tire &teacup of boiling water.
pent the lair mixture into It, stirring It
well at the time. In a very few minutes
it will be the consistency of mush. POUT
'lt into an earthen or china vessel; let it
cool; lay a cover on, and put in a cool
place. illhen needed for nee, take oat 'a
portion and soften it With warm water.
PO Ott thus rude' will test twelve months.
It Is better than gum, as does not gloss
the paper: and can be mitten on.
.Frytng OysteM.--When the oysters
aro taken from the csn; wrap them in a
dry cloth until thesuriace moisture of the
oyster ls -stoorbed; . then take from the
cloth, put them in the white of an egg—
slightly beaten—from that tutu puliertsed
stacker -lastly, for frying, heat together
an hi:d as possible; and not scotch, equal .
• parts of butter sod and frythem rap.
idly.- Mrs: .7: Ginrinnali Wife*.
deotiter.—The following la my.way of
frying oysters ; IVA spread out the oys
ters Intended to be fried, on a clean towel
or napkin, and roll them well to absorb'
1, the liquor, season and roll them In white
corn meal, fry them . in hot fresh lard, be
lug *carethl not to Imre too much lard In
I I,ll4:Verhe ( I - and serve_while hot, (balers
fried in this manner are good enmesh not
only for the plaid of a king or an d.meri ,
can' sovereign, but for any other msn.
0., in Oinetnnali Gesell*
Wirts.Whoy—Pet half a pint of sweet
milk over the fireand as soon salt begins
to boll, slowly on* into it a with:seam
of sherry wine edited with a teaspoonful
of sugar. Oritto" Into Irs little nutmeg,
and as soon -' as It comes to is ball again,
remove it .11 . 0 M the pee. When cool,
strain for use..
2'o Preserseool4 Ytowerr-I—ifourrauP
readers wish keep, a bonnet, fresh, let
them drop n tablespoonful or . powdered
thermal foto tbe.watzr .110m:idea for the
flower stalks, and they- will keep their
freshness and perfume for several
and look and smell the same as those test
gathered: The charcoal attics at the bot
tom of the - vase, the' . water remalnlng
31fW teeljkirmuds.— a ß t vr beef: it to
asserted, proves of the ore st. benefit as
a diet fOrpersonarif frail conatitution.. It
Is reported 'that physicist's, are now ad-
ministering to consumptives a diet of
finely:chopped raw beef, properly sea
zoned with salt, and heated by Placing
the dish containing it in boding water.
This food is given also in cases wham the
stomach rejects almost every other form
of food. It-assimilates rapidly and affords
nourishment. while patients learn to long
for and like it as much as Dr. Kane did
his Arctic dinners of raw seal and walrus.
THE 13C1300L FUND.
Prrrimunetu, Feb. 22, 1870
Enrrons GAZICITE:—The bill to pro
vide for the investment of surplus funds
of the Central School Board was intro
deiced by me in- the-Senate January 25.
'VI, and duly veported by the press. it
Passed the Senate . -rebniary 23. The
first letter from= Mr. G. H. Anderson,
protesting against the measure, of which
I had knowledge, was doted February
ilthfit was addressed to my colleague,
Mr. Graham, and Was first shown to me
February Bth. These facts speak for
themselves. TROILUS HOWARD.
[Nova.—At the date lot mentioned,
Feb. Bth, the bill in question was still
pending !lithe Goitee.—Ehrren.]
Mama. Fmn HITCII bate intro
anded uponthe market the • Loan of tho .
Chesapeake and Ohio. Railroad Cons-
PIPS', 'which has been welted for with
cousulerabte interest, as one of the moat
important financial undertakings connect
ed with thn current new railroad enter
prises. The object of the road, in open
ing a new roots from the West to the
A.tiantic—which promisee to coins in
formidable competition with the trunk
roads of the Atlantic coast—causes this
Loan to rank foremost among the many
now before the public. The scheme is
backed by the most prominent and sue:
cessiul railroad capitalists in the country,
and the negotiation of the loan la under.
taken by bankers who bare marketed the
largest railway,loans of past years—in.
eluding the Centnd Pacific and the West
em Pacific—and whose reputation for
caution, honor, and conscientious probity
la such as to conlmand "confidence in any
securities they may cffer. The intrinsic
merit of the bonds may. be ascertained.
from a prospectus in another column.
They are issued in denominations of
$lOO, 000, and $l,OOO, and are either
coupon. or registered, making them a
Peculiarly Popular loan. The be de run
thirty years, and , are 'payable, principal
and interest, in gold, in the city of New
York. They ounstltute a 'Fin% Mortgage
lAA OA the entire property and franchises
of the Company, and have the additional
I protection of a Sinking Fend of $lOO,OOO
per annum. Of the entire Loan of $15,.
000,00, only $13,000,000 iOOO s to be issued,
the balance of 0,00, being held in
trust. The hoods ere offered at 00 and
accrued interest.
JAMES E. MI MS & 00.
Drug/eats. corner of Penn and With
(old St. Clair) Streets.
ca!wd the larva and toast ai
t Of Madtterranaan gel era bronah
to th , selty. -
Flee Vd,ret Sponger. I'lleoltitntetr FPOritese
► the Velve..hoonger. biro Bettelorr Sp*or• B.
Flee Velret boraces• liter liathina 300.4.•
And two C.lll. Or Viet sPeotter for ro -, lrur..
and 010 one care nC rood' huh , event.. the
best bee' pdallti of Ord-Aare *rouges and Livery
crizole. .soar tut osery duality Adld by the rue,
bluer pound at single &plat, at me .1"7 low-
est price
J A.3.1E a E s 4r. co.'s
Thousands of weans angtr year In and year
of with a broken down sondlUon of the Veins
f the legs, sr bleh In our times are sadly re
weed and frequently sump:Tole .of core, and
tot on. oLly %meane at! do not know wt.x.
aad mho. to anoli for roller. Now. to St ,
the rec.:lf-11s format iOll In oases Ilk. 41s. rem
to to a proper diits , orritirt Of tie newspaper
pre...4 It rlruAmt greet plea.» to be able
to recommend ut etch t t r.ILIDOUt. OP let
WOOD BTFIEST. , reboic met P.n.s of sprat-
maces, nod bts grist an! In cereal , : Ala.. .see.
ambles him to afford the greatest snout of r• •
Ref ltr.t tee present theta of edemas ad afford.
Besides these Tarte!sa coadttloas to wttlett we
lave' nfufW ►hove, then an other •onreca
ineoaranienca and suturing. nen as smadings
And abnormal rowans, valet to Doctor,
Ida spplianesn, U sum to relLirn.
Shen again Lb: abdominal weaknesses - and
gnaing feeling ;sepals: to remain& U. sour.. of
wants suffering •o& sankSU foe the
IMetor less belts - and saiMorters watch as.
const.oeted to to insure at least ImmualiT from
[Merle{ win n they do not promise scertainty
Tbe lloclera ezretiesee.rovere s period
Tor Utlrty !tars, bt..BlAto, a wears! aptaii. foe
hks depattmeitt of hL profeulos, rakes Plat
ttPs ord The sutra 1.11 that
to' entitled upon fotori ifesirrotlooli by ow.
'cleat of Um proper moos. to comsat Do prop al
voila, ought of Wolf Des rolarlest mum'to
rung% not only 'too artrotlati of Pm"... team•
selree,lnit also that of antotelligoaireirtclorm ,
Dr. If.troer , i Woo sad Mediator atom , . 107
Liberty .tit et. , •
.I.LximtaT SS. 1670.
A 'mum() Nygren
Sometimes, without auk 'Wettable eaves. the
Vhf Meg strength , sat animal spirits glee way,
and • tosser* torpor falls alike ea the body and
intellect. There to Ulla et no vale. Seth...
bee the neural vigor tied elasticity of the nee
touts. Mu staler system seem to
.d I's 1, dtrerenec to the pleasures of life. and
evert of Its grave reepOesibl Ittes, taltr.lte pima
of thlt interest In boih welsh charse•
teems cell? well Wino. Wad when In It
healthy condltioe. •
TM. state of cartlal colaime le ate* the Pm
moallary symptoms of some ter ma maul , It
Ind leateru asuletakably the% the vital powers me
litursisittag sad strode silmelael. /a sae/taws
tics easel of an* dome of gostetter'a litoutseh
Blit•A Is wooderlullbeistclelal. The rest tonic
srh!he spitent from (tatter... 4. The a...
Mons MI the circulation meet. • new Impetus.
The relaxed nerve. rsoorer their elsetiedo7 wader
the operations of the r p,eme, like the elackecal
strength of A utualcal insmarernt jell. process
of foblog. JAthifigy lad 4001111 ahereptscad
by energy and rear, the eplel.s tise.aseSllso
that almost seemed • borclin while the lesson of
dryness; on lasted. theorems rhos more erloyab'S.
TWA such a &heal change should hi produced
be •remady entirmuSlorotd of the newel/al al•
kelolde sad ehterals w •Uelast•ely owl 19
practice. may s m teeredllis In those seas p , n
tbslr faith os It o ro.ietaal eMeeer or active
poisons, bet P these steppe:swill tate the trouble
to esquire Of those who Moe tested the storm.-
sea elteratles virtues of tae BILltrA under
tt.e eteenalstanees deirmth.d. theY w W bed the
stattraelaUlt* : • ' -
ay" OFF iCE Or. 1403 ONGAIIE-
Lk BM r COISPANY. — Ao aI , Won
for flame& 11lat allearers of , tall rosaDaor.
.111 be e , d at tart Tol ItovaaOIUNDLIN Narcb
Ilb, 1010,
I ALLICI4 Treseur•r.
PattObarla. No. a. 11110. • . •• - • 1.1
• VILLZT itArtmo , o Co.,
Ctiuoargu. Jau.ary HMO, •I
'Ma Ilegetax Annus; )fettles of thelStoelhold
ere of the L AlligbealYelleT ukurna C"IPP 7
,tUI r ho" hell! .at the OITICE Of TIM Coil-•
PLITT, No. 'slo' rite street, rlttsbargh, oil
WEDNESDAY, fibrilar, .23 , 11 1 070 , h , 11
o'clock A. Y., forth., porpolle of stet Unit • SDI] d
of Mareifers . tor the resoling tear, nod for the
tranaiettog of soeh - rither business ea may Dr
ore 0131.4.;
JAM. 103 rtittAivrnis, herroten.
Prfic bO;CFiIUs.
00, 92;64 94 Grand Street,.
f o
Forty-eight Piot - res . ,
I. ~vc i 1 bat, it' 1 of
The Prittefpai Poilitit'o Interts
tot . the Great /tett. tit,
Tranonneed tortbiplows ~ .ak.ebe*peit azd Most
• Ul6llllOll solaae ever ptallstad
P; WE. P.Xter P. - Watt 50 Conti; Cloth, SI.
D. APPLETON 'Bi CO.,publkbers,
90, 92 ancL94 Grand Street,
geld Tres. tir malt, 30 adthesioa
t L rac & BROTHERS,
Bankers and-Dealers
No. 5 Nassau Strebt,
FEBRUARY 16%1870,
Tke remarkable unease which bu attended
Olir r egothition of ibe Loans of the Mcrae!.
PACIFIC IRLILEOAD Coairaitir and the tViterans
Ruffin B.aithoLD Cenruer, and the popular.
Ity and credit which these Loans have thaintaiii
cd to theme:bete, both In tble conalrs ud Eu
rope. have Blown that the nut hicaidinte Bonds
of Aptly-located and ..... Bei
toada are reedit/ tails a • the meet imitable,
raft, and advanturecus form of Investmerd.
yle IMO more Ilhoralincoms thane= hereafter
be derived from Gove.rnment Bondi, and avails.
ble to take their ylaec•
Amerce test, In the *election end negotiation
of eweerlor IdaUroad Loan., we are iseetleg
- great peen, want, axe reiderina a veinal:goiter
National torte of Internal Improvement whose
lotraaetemrrlt ar 4 sub Attalla ebefeeter entitle
Mete to the use of Capital and the confidence of
i rs—we noW offer with epeetaleeendevoe
and eatiefeetton the
THE CHEBAYE►EE AND onioxiamsoir,
elneeettug the AUlet's coast audthe tenant ,
cent harbors of the Chesapeake Day,whis the
Ohio near at it pole% of reltalCe baallteCan, Sad
thins, with the entire Esttraad isttem of the
great Wait and Bastherest, FORMS THE AD
so lacperatwely demanded for the atcommodS•
Con of the Cancan and rapldlf•growlng trans
pertatlon between the Atlantic eastward and
Hurons on the one hand, and the mat Pro:
arming melons of the Old° and INtutadppl Va
lais on tho oth2r.
SEA maththea It Into one of national come-
queues, and Insures to It an esten.lYa through
male I,u the day of Its comtdetton; wale, In
the detelenatent of the extentive agrlealtural
sad mineral recounts of Virginia and West
Virginia. It DOCltßiti, along Its own line, the
elements of a large and preamble Meat bemlnese.
Thus the great Interests. both general and
keel, which demand the completion of the
Ohio River. afford the surest guarantee or Its
'success sled value. end RENDICII IT Trig MOST
Tins .000 NTILIi.
Its so per la ate iu an tut and West route, leg
the 3rorelse of an Immense sad Prr itt. l) l. tn.d.
.11tteg Its eautpletlov, bees drawn toll the
uttentiou .6 erperattou of prominent Coot•
talltts and Sett.. men of this Ctly of weed
ledgeseut she Isnot. Integrity. estrous mouse.
ttot with tog. ther with that of .tht.t
emus. end busineu tees of Vlrstate she
West Vlrgluls. IMBUE'S AN stactitorric,
nummiutx AND succranitn. M.A.SIAUS.
tlebsond t the selelesteg White notphss
PDrin[e of West Virginia. WIT sties, and the
"(main bet ZOO miles (now per tinily e onstracted.
to Do completed, to cari7ll. to the or,trtstd W
eltone too the Ohio slyer at, or sear, the mouth
01 the Big Sandy her, 150 tubes above Melt,
Patt, an 6 360 miles below Plttaho Db.
Vacs are now tnete dad ortetr n.
Otto and Kentucky to Hate point(whiehle Ico
Itivelnable Duetting andinspertoradvantaires
.111 place Da Czneursani AND. Oslo Bane
COD , Conr.DE Dame De Hamel and moot
powerfal end troaterotthy oornotatione of. the
. •
The desalts of the Loss have Wen !mussed
spa Ail reface mewl.* LW west. of enflames
f Isrestors, sod <outdo, the-Tuton4 -festoon
t lenell• gaiety. and protection witnit
The Bonds Ire In danomleallene or
$l,OOO, $5OO and $lOO
They will be Stmad u COUPON BONDS, PAT-
Ali 11 TO BL n:0. !Ll:id may be heldin that rani;
Tbi ell:pone may 'dttsebeg and i.e., lel,
'tbs Bonet meets • rasegAittxT.ltialrflaio
Bo,to. traostlrtable *all D. OW boo' , Of the
Company, widths In..enot node payable mly to
toeftglatared aerate or Ws attorney.
The three assn. will Oa known respectively
Ist. “COUPON BONDS • rAtAscs
osanra.. , • •
)I 4,i
.30. •9eIWi3VLB[D BONDS WItH CO3-
. 14111 El ATTACiED, ,, and should ha so designs.'
tad by Correspondents In sinolfying the elan Of
They - here TUMMY 11/1151 Mien fmue Yin.
eery li. 1111%; with halved at Mt per eon.
per sonata from braemeher 1: 111169. Ilinim'
rm. Aiwlarrizzre raTaIILD IN COLD IX Tux
Cele ay liaw Teem ' :'- -$-
The '<Also:lst Is payable le VAT !aid ovginatm
that It may tat* 1110 pleas at thitofi e euller
Imes of ilve•Tirmatlee, sad *Mt the imment.
eon, of Mende who already bold Central sod I
Wltitent Pea A: Hoods, elite Lateran , l'oohltin
JeloW7e. 4 July. and who my &AP?, In mat•
taf etlettlooal toreettoentsi to have thole Inur
ed *tearable at eittittent measoot of the yea.
Lke Loan le emend by ti toortgsse oyoo the
ogles Ltoeot hoed from Ittehotood to the Ohto
Slier, with the eqvlmeat eat , another e-
other pro!.
arty and apparteaancea eating area 4perswitb.
. A• SINZ UM /USD or 11100.000 PER
The mortgage to for $15,000.0130, of which
41,000.000 will be rrietwed and bold In troot
toy the ostsoptlon of satatendlog Bashi of the
Ittlrelnle Central Railroad Cowers% et:w seems
In the CO a tarsus AND Ole• a. •
1 Ot the resonant 110.000,000, .a oStobst
amount teLl be told to estuaete the road ho the
°ties's., swtret and Swore the portion now
to weapon, sue therenelllT equip the when
toe •Isege and .rime Sale.
Tn. pment Irate to r end sense Stems.
A L:oh smolt soured, se eereteltl rested.
sod so Dearth hunter tu swerneadahrmsnent
sts,.. 00000 Lbe ftrovite marls to the rt.
i r
heti, htth In this rooster awe orepe, will be
at. oset'athreserst awl qattllt a totted. '_ •
FISH & HA. CH.; '
_ - Baukers;:.
P. B.—We P•mphlita enetekteg
fill putleutsee. 'dietetical eeteils, map, etc.,
*bleb will to flatelebed upon •PPle 'Wu.%
<lrir'Wo buff ru:d sag Govern
mess Ronda, and receive the ne
()unto of Bet,oko, Bankcra.
iorations, and otherejsubjeet to
check at might. and
on daUy baiances.
3F° .E/ 31:11!CSC
Nos. 180 and 182 Federal Street,
Only Tep. Cases
MloarlS. Prints,
To Which He Invites the Attention of His
Numerous_ Customers, Feeling hunted
it is the Best Bargain that will be Of
fend this Beason.
Noa.lBo and 182 Federal Street,
AT 95.
Free of Qonromtot tax, lamed by the
Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Min
nesota Railroad Co.,
First 'Mortgage and convertible. and protected
by &liberal iiintlar Fund. Interest payable la
Coin at New York or Load on. ' Principal payable
In Coin In Pity Tears.
Penna. IL IL Co., CHAR. L. FROST, Presldent
Toledo. Peoria end Warsaw IL R. Co.
These Ronde, at present pelt.> of Gold, afield
over 9 per cent. Interest, and •4 an investment
they an Daly as r cam as D. 13. 6-80 s, which
now enly pay ON per cent. In ear...F.
They set only leaned neon each seniors of the
road as fan as the same Is completed and la our
metal operation. Over two cwt a half militons
or dollars have been expended on the Road.
.Kighty.three notes me about Completed and
equipped. and rerrady thaw large eerning. a mid
...remainder of the line le rapidly Praftt.tbit
toward completion.
The State of lowa, throes! , which ads Road
mate, Is one of the richest add:lll.ra' section.
Il America. Ito WS. Population, eateadlng
with surprising rapidity, and Its Immense yield
of gran pork, wool sod other agetealtural pro.
ducts, create a presslne demand for the contrite
tit. of this road, which MUMS the best pOielble
itu.rantee be tee bondetrders, especially as the
line en: a thrOulth the trialillest and moat Wetly
populated sectlan or the State. '
ence to the map of the Bolted Mate. will now
roams one Or AAAAA antari Leine to
CHICAGO ADD ST. LOOS. beteg to the latter
city 90 miles near... from Northern lowa and at
portions of the State of Illnaelota than by any
other road now btlit r projected, sad also flee
sonnet mute from Central and Montt... lows.
The read he Deuces fer local tralite se rapidly ae
cormoneted. and thus RICCEIV•II EARNINGS
or verses 7 rixDS la TIIitaX7OSIIGUARANTXLD,
IT • OnSAT Twits SRI AEA...DT IN lasts incaCs
NOW 01711.1150 T SaluelbloS. AND HAS SOT TO
WAYS Arrant. TOO °talon° or Roane IS •
A html od quantity al taus ;toads ate now of
fered al 03.
After • tharoesti Investigetkra of the atmve
eaten:wise. we recommend these Bonds as • Irate
clue Investment. ago 0105 absolute safety, and
Pallas an nom/illy /least rate of luterut. All
marketable securities at their full priee. free of
commieston an.l express chverSe• rsuleed I.
payment. Pamphlets and mays famished map
HENRY CLEWS & 00., 1
• Bankers, No: 32 Wall St, N. Y.
Thebellat Omitted Government veltitaaa
the o.foe lasts n 4 / 4 Per .eolk. lees .eeke.
It desirable (Jr Memnon. to leek for eame SAPS
LiIMCM.MII.I t►►t nay stood Usenet, ABOUT
WHICH THERE IS ES, civissTioar. for
which they eon exchants resit Goiensaient
bond.—C.Pliatleitag the premium and
set et Ittigtlter rate et Interest. laeldete
et 5-1110 beagle at market raw Meatier
get bat els Wad a 'waterier , par meat.
rotenone Interest, while the bond. we offer
We have had thus bonds earefelly woe
Mod. ted betel ismillar with the wealth and
reeesseree of the twenties, as will as the Mum.
dal standing and diciest management o
the part'. la•.eetrot of tbls -eater/dn. We
rweemscread theme bends as n Arsteclase
S. NeCLEAN & CO., Bankers,
No. 75 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.
P. 19.—0 n mount of our 14g017 incnimmd
home, and for the better accommodation of our
Mend. ant curtomen. me Dave ....n a ions I
Irate of larre frost .ofacca at No. 57 POIIIITH.
AVENVE, Mike am bonding of the Merchant.
and lianntacturera• Bant.trbere rit rcmove
after the lot of Marsh. ' felenr2.W.
-52 Wood Street, -
(roar desks moors St. Charles 'rote]
. Ventste7.lll•rebanti are Invited to
tail end enitnalse our sleek when 1*
ar n
orfhorir AOaM n &Wo
Obe . n ' ,
S Nall
comasay.. -
A lull sleek onNaehliolatie. BMW•
snatbs and Carpenter's Tools. Prow
ear's • Files, Leather Poltllnto , m/
Laatkar, dte.. &limns OR kaul• -
11anafteturers of war:T. Litt% BID LEAD.
and all colas► DRY AND ni OIL.
orricwerazo racrrony.
460, 461, 464, 466 nil 468, &beat lira
. .
• W. Wl:sting:Urn to the onarantee pasted ea
oroitrietly Pure White Lead: sad Weave sap
..purer carbonate or lcad." ereorens •.•Olosal
Calif.punk* that IS. tree froontostate
strate, sad therefore lAwhites and !merlon, both
In color sad evening propertr.
GUALPARTIED to be • purer Cerhornte of
Dead mid whiter than any to the rair enidf
will forfeit the Defoe or WI package IS contain•
lop the least sindteration.
rips ,Beiri.DX,llB,-liesies pro_
tli s it' u g e uiM T :g
• BUs., corner dld sal ?WM strteta.s.ULTllla
DAA, tan tat day a f Vara, for the ereetlon of • . •
Tani !line Story Brick 0111111'g buss, - . 1 • . .
• • • 59 T-BIL4k-lIIK
on the ear's , '" of Forty-1/4rd aad Dotter streets,. • .• •
•Sarrntean.h ward. silde meet testa the paw. Ws • - . - •• •.- •
Per thoessarat tor baster bitch. CarDenters for all . •• • .111 • , .• • ,
pmee sonnerratlona rad -be Rea th e .
• • a_e..n! •
°Saw of Thos.. 8111 Aron. on awl after the isveni Sol. MIX urn' reuses '
28d Inst. The volt will be let tutu lowest sad. i• •
beDart bidders.
leuta43 • 222.0 W. , ;80 dee p.: omissive/I/for C
. .
Nos. 180 and in Federal Street,
Cassimeres and :Jeans.
Marseilles Quilts.
Pillow Cue Muslin,
flirting Muslin,
Irish Linen and Shirt Fronts
Shaw /a and fikirte,
No& 180 and 182 Federal Street,
S wines.
Frots3li.G. 4 ;:pc•as i
Iltaeetniors to Bates &MAL)
For 60. f;esda,
Good Style and Makes
Ladles' and Chlldien's Best Quality
One... Half Venal Prices
Meralmnts and Declare
78 and 80 Market Stmt.
Second Arrival of New Goods.
ROM 84/1188 SLT •1111BCCNNIT 17.AX18.
YIN 6 FRINCH ri..oarzas
Rxtrs gasiliy
Trash masts ttttt
Anotbse lAA
At the WM
Is Blsek sad Colon. and W Mans. •
VT Iti Itc.if.nucer
fts _
.7 : ORN T. -GRAY,
,flouss and Sign Painter,
eiCtlAtrrian arm
Aa sa Innis agree*,
is wig (Late Mad styleta Pittabartb. Pe.
NOTICE.—To the Citizens of
Complaint. bovine Manmade to too coteerolog
unsound meet sot I From Cottutal Watson., zed
other., to private tamlitea, thl. to to lire polka
ev e, o o.etopelou I dealers, that toy odde
to all persons who bey e been. et tan be, victim.
tied by
will be et the office or tee Stioerlotendent of the
Mr.when ell suet, elm
sboold be reported that justtee tool be rectod
out to such offender!.
.411011.A.9 W. LINDSAY,
Sint Intweiid.
f rais will be rtwelved at the °Mee or the
id alto Woo.. amen , pi..• sod riawierrtiota
can be teen. up MI noon. Mn eh 31. 1810. for
ionsvation and erection of a Pit and f Wort.
Medford (or Engine and Paulus at One Water Wort.
o n Oedford avenue. Bidders state the price
cut stone. rudder and common smarm ork try
the prrch • aLd wyards.
Cirr Excaszte , / orris
ALLIGEOMT Ctrl, feb. 39,1810,
Otreeis of Real Hstetr, west of . Yederal
suet t,utte hare fet:ed to e:00t9.7 wltb the /kg.
tstry 1;ror, are hereby aottfled That they trllt , be
regalrid toretuntdeeertetton..f 1 bete. oropertr
for registry (to present deed. or title VW.) to
tit!. °Mee ;ce Ride the zones f team deTslrcm
the dete7at this aireettsement; otherertee tiler
.111 be held 11sh1e to the henalUes stt form to
the clause of see hael9tlt appended
Slate Laws; 1869. Page 644.
• • Should the duty of registering itro;erie
be neglected or omitted, or not b t content d with
as promptly ss msy be deemol otems , ry to to
sore the early completion of lb; Vito', than liter
. . •
ow, month's notice, by publip advertisement In
the official papers of the city, in the own. ra
rat estate in said City not :teetered, and 11
written lon:listed notice shall Lave been served
on the owner et owner.. or delivered on the
;VonVIVI, should Orr fall to have 'net r e cord
made• then and In that ease .ther shall be sutdeat
to a flee of live Dollars for each month of such
itral!ct, dation from the termination of said ad
vertisement; and to ease the same be or-steeled
for the space of al: months, a lien fir the aecn•
slalsSzd does and costa shall be tiled and collet -
ad as municip,
• dial. are DOW or nay be Dirt.
der by lan collected; the rid finer to b laald
ti`, ellt, 'treasury; Oct rotted to p
fatant - to register prope!ty way be alien to an
to ensbrwe the property of any rutleolar ward
or Mc
ormay musib, , r of wards, or 'bedt y at
large. • • • • •
CITY EN01NT.2.11 .14 CYTICk,
ALLYGUINT CITY. Yet,. MI, 1410. _ 1
that the gltefettlelltiende by the Vleirers
for the opening of ilish stistt, s.ecutl ward,
hat born flied In Ibis °fees fcrensadestltu, d
can be wen litre at tll Is . , 11110, when
It will be returned to Councils for confirmation.
1'74 Federal St., Allegheny
An endless varlet, of oats aod besatlfot dei
stitts. from the cheapest kitchen to the finest
Stamped Bold. VotressWoo for Halls. P.r.ors.
• W e.. S, Dl Ve olna B o o m s , elesans tc. A Imlttilon
ll pa Velvpeets
atr r Lib
s fo ra
- 7-Acivcr 3Pricseis.
bat some Into at eery deeldati bargains. WIN
DOW SIDADIOI. plain Imid figured. s Isere ea•
Dety Weep.' /Icor. Stair a. d Table Olieloilts.
t tt l l e n geeeraiayll Wnvnnd our M n ad u r n at e te n e -
Ole stock. witlett. for beauty and nealnws of
style. dustily of trek. and lowness of pries,
testers to be ansurpaased either OW-
We always eon.ider It a piewure to show goods
and never ahead estomers by bur importunate
requesta to toy•
a' z
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2 Q
0 a fil A ,1
cO) II
° °I4 Zr
r AIS 0 00:115
am cD OI PI i
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go z wco d l
Pe4 al z
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-- , DEL •,- zt - 4 D 4-:
14 , 1,: ,
~ rl u.1.L!.H.n., Be . = v: s o li I: fotnall3 a
17 4V01freztV,A174,9Vtir...717,1;,
...".b...., other •eadssa sta. srbfe% in In --el
Wad of the followine Ciente, as Mounts, ' boil,
wastosess, indigestion, eareramptlon, aseralou 10
,nnep, taroaddluesra dread of More ItYCTItS.
1... OS ZAWOII. Indolence. mamma endeelon,
1141:,,i•adX0.. lar=
..TX: y rtt . sa = r an
,„,...e. r x = . 1 . z i....312.1.
glep%osdirsterniAtilyett to all Analt COM.
WAWA, Lanai:A:ea or Wblier . Yallln g, Warn.
ISIZISOU Or .131c-.1.1101“.Ltbo Womb, Owrltle,
'amrtrWl' Whefltrdttor. j"lCUhairrt=
ad ern. —ls greatest ruoeeis. - • '
It Is self-ellda9ttbal • Pbl/11Slaa Ina 661/111161
0111/911112031110.17 tO the suLayof a rertato class
af diseases and treat, Vionwode of eenas even
war Met Sentare Mater skill 11l that apeciaUp
;his meta emend M A po
aa era* P pabllehes PM m edical ar9blet Of
91 lamate slposituro of Trauma
. artndordatasehanst eara be had tree stereos
or tiy - mall for two stoma ha waled ravers.
11= add IndibUn .. . Zia= to ' d v e=aTtle h pro:
I . nr 'rtaillithinenZemilletrlag tea sable
reesur,ll erattal: , lt is not cremate= to
atilt 100 nlt!. Um , nottOr.6 opinion' contra ob.
sot Wind a mitten midterms% of th
read utedlolses east be forwarded by sun trot
In' tome 1/111.11100. DOWITOT. a Demo- 9
ftSUM •IA litylantar anneww7. wean 1
igin..0..1 Weal:lon Is teethed, so
.litn..........aorpor=oatterasti=re ars
. Wortt9 Ar a ! tegoldte ttlaS Is tar %.
= ,..... x .," t a p i...4..m .. ., , T e d= In ire
0.......1 ty, ond dierrsons
% min tor tyro t
011 P . tont.PbiertnitterethVOrig
tatted, rsadiro9 he esys. tg r 9 a.,to 9 to!,
0111 , MAT FINAL
0 0 13
Is No:r :in
City Ergleeer
XV . MI;7 O i7
No. 174
Progress at
d pr4te, and mad belsokl in